34 thoughts on “Surveys and Brain Teasers”

  1. Lets see.. English (duh) Hindi, Urdu and basic Gujarati. I can read and write Arabic and Persian since they share the same script as Urdu, but my arabic and Persian accents are pretty fail lol

    1. Arabs do not share the same language as Punjabi Urdu speakers Dota.
      Urdu is similar to Hindi.
      An Omani would not understand an Urdu Punjabi.
      Crazy man.

  2. what right do i had to define myself if my landlord is trying to destroy me through harassment,slanderism wrondful trust passing what amendment should i be studing as a college student trying to pursue after law school
    or a degree at law.

  3. I speak English, Spanish and Beginning Thai now cause I live in Thailand, way far away and I have the best T Girlfriend!

  4. English, Polish, Russian, understands Slovac.Used to study Latin for four years ( grammar is a killer),forgot most of it,knows some Latin proverbs, and a few poems by heart, knows some minimal Spanish, ( would love to learn it).
    Loves sound of French, hates the sound of German.

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  6. Whoops sorry guys i made a mistake i was trying to configure the voice texter on my phone but accidently posred . The lyrics r frm lil wayne drop the world

  7. i know british french english ebonics creole danish german japanese chinese norwaygean irish viking roman celtic latin koreanese african arabic jewish canadian mexican hungarian portuguese spanish hondouran brazilian north korean russian mongolian turkian egyptian ethiopian indian pakistanian beat that.

    1. I am a monoglot…..speak and mostly comprehend English, and eccliastical Latin.
      Does anyone know if I can get my grubby fingers on a copy of Marjorie Scott Waldrop’s translation of ” The Knight in the panther’s skin” .

  8. I know 3 languages: English, AMS & body. I also understand about 30% of the romance languges (perhaps a higher % of written) thanks to an etymology teacher I encountered just before being ejected from high school. I’d love to test my mettle by being culturally submerged.
    I chose nonverbal communication for 10 days last year and it made communication a breeze. Non-intellectuals would treat me as though I were deaf (after reading my badge that said I was being silent) or begin to mime wildly and quickly leave me be, while my more intellectual and artistic peers had no problems understanding me. My 2 yr old daughter, whom I believe has a higher IQ than myself (I am a repressed and undereducated 146…I’m the dumbest smart person I know), understood me better than her extremely frustrated father (my guess is 120’s for him or he operates above himself) and her brother (110).

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