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Add your suggestions for possible future posts here as comments and either I or one of the guest posters may get around to posting on the subject.

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  1. A post on how race relations differ by region might be interesting. Based on what Bay Area Guy and others write here, it seems like racial tensions may be greater in Calfornia than most other places. Is this a continuation of the conditions that existed in the state in the 90s (e.g. alleged police brutality, Rodney King, LA riots, OJ, etc.)?

    1. Well, the more diversity you have, the more racial tension you’ll have.

      And since California is the most diverse state, well, bingo.

      Can’t imagine there being much racial tension in places such as Iowa, Oregon, or West Virginia (even though our CRT/afrocentric friend Ank Mie lives there).

      1. It’s kind of scary to think how much of a nosedive California has taken. I remember when I was quite young, everyone seemed to consider that the premier state in the Union.

        1. Yeah, California’s a mess. Nowadays, California’s considered a laughing stock.

          Still, I would much rather live here than many other states.

        2. It’s still a great state. It’s better than any other state in the US. Nyuck, nyuck. Two fingers poke your eyeballs.

      1. I’ll get something like an addiction to certain musicians until I listen so much to them they wear out for me.

        So in high school I wore out Beethoven. I used to listen to one of his symphonies almost everyday my junior year. Then I lost my feel for them. Now I need to wait several years between listenings to get much of anything. But still he’s astounding. He composed the 9th Symphony when he was deaf. He may just be the greatest white man who ever lived.

        Similar thing with The Who. The Who are like rock and roll’s version of Beethoven. Anthemic, climactic, macho, powerful. But haven’t listened to them with real focus in 20 years.

        Vangelis. Stravinsky. Sibelius. Went through intense periods of listening to them. But again, there’s the burn out.

        Now I’m into Korean girl groups. Girl’s Generation “Genie”, Kara “Lupine”, Wonder Girls “I’m So Hot”.

        Kpop is getting popular in the US apparently. Taeyang’s “I’ll Be There” is itunes 2 in US.

        1. For me, if I hear a song I really like on the radio or at sporting events, I’ll listen to that song for a while until I wear it out.

          I’m not very consistent when it comes to music.

        2. You can’t do much better than Beethoven. You could listen to that your whole life and nothing else and not miss a thing.

          Need to check out the K-girls. Koreans are brilliant, anything they come up with should be good.

  2. Well theres Judy Steinberg, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. And lots of jewish professors at UVM and Middlebury College.

    No Im in Vermont temporarily but Im originally from Massachusetts which has a big jewish population.

  3. Hey, I think you should maybe do a post on Noam Chomsky.

    Everyone on the far left worships at this guy’s altar.

    They frequently quote him on social, political, historical, and foreign policy issues. And yet Chomsky is a linguist! He’s no foreign policy expert or historian.

    Yes, he’s obviously intelligent and has a background of activism, but I honestly don’t get what all the Chomsky hype is about.

    1. And yet Chomsky is a linguist! He’s no foreign policy expert or historian.

      Meh, specialization is more of a 20th century notion than anything.

      As far as politics and history goes, I feel that they are accessible to most anyone with a bit of intelligence and the diligence to go read the sources. It’s not like modern mathematics or physics or something where you need years of study to even master the basics.

      1. Okay, but still, why Chomsky?

        His views are not particularly insightful or brilliant. He even came up with the boneheaded theory that oil, and not the Israel lobby, had the most to do with the Iraq war.

        Okay, perhaps it’s not boneheaded for a lay person, but a scholar who’s supposedly a genius when it comes to foreign policy should know better.

        Walt, Mearsheimer, and Stephen Sniegoski have all debunked that myth.

        I honestly just don’t see what’s so amazing about Chomsky.

        1. It’s also standard Left view to deny the existence of a Jewish Lobby in the US, to deny that Israel controls the US and not the other way around, etc. The Left says that Israel is a colony of the US, the attack dog of US imperialism. It’s asinine. The Left hates anything that smacks of anti-Semitism, and they think that’s what this Lobby talk is.

        2. The Left says that Israel is a colony of the US, the attack dog of US imperialism.

          Even Norman Finkelstein makes that argument. In fact, I think he even compared Jewish Zionists to Nazi collaborators (or something to that effect).

          In their view, if it weren’t for the wicked U.S, Israel would be a peaceful country. It’s wicked U.S. imperialism that drives Israel towards aggression, and its American Jewish supporters are just going along with the program.

          You’re right. It’s asinine.

          Now how Jews are still a victim group and achieve leftist victim status is beyond me.

          I honestly do not see how Jews are still considered victims.

          Kevin MacDonald pointed out how even anti-Zionists like Chomsky engage in subterfuge by denying the Jewish lobby and instead blaming oil. Jews like Chomsky STILL see themselves as advancing Jewish interests.

          ie. We’re not the bad guys. It’s U.S. desire for oil and imperialism. We Jews have nothing to do with it. And to the extent that we do, we’re just going along with massa.

          I think Stephen J. Sniegoski writes an excellent article debunking the whole “the Israel lobby doesn’t exist” myth.

          This Sniegoski guy writes some excellent stuff. He’s a one-stop-shop when it comes to U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

        3. This Sniegoski quote, discussing why the left is in denial about the Israel lobby is great.

          Also important is the fact that Jews, categorically, are considered to be victims; and it is hard for the Left to criticize an officially recognized victim group. In terms of left-wing psychology the ideal is to strike a radical, nonconformist pose without really alienating the powerful, thus avoiding any negative consequences as well as the cognitive dissonance that results from chiding designated victims. The process can go so far as to turn a man into an unintentional apologist for Israel.

        1. Robert, I’m not saying that you need a degree in something to write about it.

          I just don’t understand why so many people worship Chomsky as if he were a god.

          He’s really not that special.

  4. (Does Jewish guilt work on philosemitic, Judeophilic wannabe-Jew Gentiles?)


    Although I don’t think Robert’s really philo-Semitic. He’s said as much.

    No intelligent and informed white person can be truly philo-Semitic.

  5. Damn, Guy White still hasn’t posted anything new since July 18.

    Did Abagond find and kill him? 😉

  6. Robert, you’ve got to do a post on what Lafleur recently brought up in the watercooler.

    Even Tim Wise getting criticized by the Abagondosphere! Man, I love it! Serves him right!

  7. How about your thoughts on the “Kill Whitey” experiment? Seems germane, seems like it’s backing up something you’re criticizing liberals for…their silly tendency to sell out their own race.

    The basic premise is a study where participants answer something along the lines of “if you had to kill one person to save ten, would you do it?” Then they give the person-to-be-killed a name, either Tyrone or Chip (black and white) and the answers you get from libs vs convers are different.

    more here:

    1. Wow! That just shows you how brainwashed white liberals are in a racial sense.

      (white conservatives are also brainwashed in a racial sense [as evidenced by their pathetic pandering] as well as in other senses, but that’s for another topic)

      That’s why I have a hard time thinking of Robert as a liberal, even though he says he is. He just has too much sense and healthy racial consciousness to be a liberal.

      Most white liberals (at least those I know) are not like him at all.

      1. And of course, these white liberals are STILL wicked, sociopathic racists, according to blacks.

        Heck, as Lafleur’s pointed out, even Timmy Wise has been attacked.

        There’s just no use trying to talk to these people.

  8. I’d like a post on the relationship between Yezidis and early Hebrews, given that both seem to originate in northern Iraq, and Hebrews are so close to Kurds genetically.

  9. Hey Alpha, I’ve asserted several times that racist simply means a white person, and that in the minds of blacks and CRT’s, ALL white people are racist, and ONLY white people can be racist.

    Several times you’ve disagreed with me, and several times I haven’t bought your arguments.

    Perhaps a guest post fully debunking my assertion would be interesting, if for no other reason than to put this whole debate to rest.

    1. Do you think that blacks and CRTs include Jews in their definition of whites?

      They certainly do. Hence, all these references to “white run Hollywood,” the “white media,” etc.

      This is why I think Jews are crazy to try to constantly undermine whites through open borders, Cultural Marxism, etc.

      If Jews think that the emerging non-white majority is going to give them a pass and welcome them into their coalition, they have another thing coming.

      To non-whites, blacks in particular, Jews are just white. Powerful Jews and Jewish controlled organizations are seen as white.

      Jew Among You and a few others seem to see where I’m coming from and adopt a pro-white standpoint.

      If only more Jews were like him.

      1. So you admit that Jews are considered white when it’s not in their benefit?

        By non-whites, yes, as well as all those CRT Castrated Crackers.

      2. Well, white CRT’s and white leftists are the exact opposite.

        While Jews are still officially an recognized victim group, whenever Jews do something bad, they do so as whites.

        As far as the white masses are concerned, they see Jews as white first, Jewish second. I don’t think that too many make the connection between Jews and Hollywodo, neocons, etc.

        As far as white nationalists are concerned, Jews are not white, for better or worst, with the rare exceptions of people like Paul Gottfried.

        I don’t want to presume to speak for all whites.

        For me, personally, I see Jews as white, but not white white (as in, normal white).

        They’re technically white, but I don’t think of them as white from a psychological standpoint.

    2. agreed. i would also like to hear what Alpha thinks about this.

      to me, “racist” is a negative judgement which implies the opinion should be disregarded.

      but things like “98% of gun crimes committed in NYC during 2009 were committed by blacks and latins” is just plain fact (sure with some wiggle room).

      on the other hand, i don’t want to put Alpha into a position of being the person that fields all these questions just because she’s black.

        1. agreed.

          i’m just saying that NYC is a special case. it really is a nation inside of America.

          the things I say about NYC are only for entertainment, until it shows up in other parts of the country. which happens frequently.

      1. Let me try…

        As a black male mid 30’s…What is Racism?

        Let me start with what is often mistaken as racism: racial insensitivity.

        Just because someone is racially insensitive simply does not make them a racist. I blame this mislabeling on the ultra PC world we live in. I think Blacks are as racially insensitive as Whites but the difference is we rarely have the power to affect the life of a White person, not hire, etc… so it doesn’t have much real world impact.

        It is just ubsurd for anyone to think white = racist. I personally try hard to recognize the difference between racial insensitivity and racism when dealing with Whites and almost always, I let racially insensitive things go. The intent is just not there and to make an issue of it would only hurt me in the long run because it would only serve to alienate them.

        In addition, I’ve found that racism tends to be defined very differently by Whites and Blacks. For Whites, it seems that motive and intent must be present for something to be labeled ‘racist’. For Blacks, motive and intent need not be present. A situation only needs to favor one racial group over another in order to be considered ‘racist’ by Blacks. For me I think both the presence of motive/intent as well as outcome should be considered when evaluating a situation. I would classify something that favors one racial group over another without a racist motive/intent as a type of ‘unconscious racism’ and view that differently from a situation where intent was involved. And even when intent is involved, I try to split that between prejudging and just plain old hatred. Prejudging I’ve gotten used to and have learned to handle from the days of college. I just wish more Whites would give some of us a chance to prove otherwise. I’ve learn to accept “guilty until proven innocent” but “guilty don’t matter” is just too much to bear and makes me sick! People like that are just sucky human beings.

        For the folks that just hate, I try to stay as far away as I can and have very little contact. Nothing good can come of it.

        So how did I do?

        1. Good job. We like you here, lookingforanswers. At least I do, anyway. Welcome aboard. This is an officially anti-racist blog, BTW, but we define that a little differently than your usual PC anti-racist nut. We define it more or less like you just did above.

          I agree “guilty doesn’t matter” is crap. I ain’t down with that. I’d love to see better relations between the races, and AFAICT, the less racism here in the US, the better place it is to live! For me as well as others.

          And BTW, welcome to our White community! I heard you moved to a White town. Well, we are glad to have you as a member of our White community and hope you will fit in. Blacks like you are always welcome. Problem is the others that are not like you, and they are not so welcome, but there are not that many of them in White World anyway.

          You are absolutely correct to try to fit into the White community you have moved to. It’s the right thing to do! White culture can be boring, and White people are horribly uptight, but there’s little crime, and everyone more or less gets along.

          The thing is to get along as much as possible as much of the time as possible. Everyone gets along on the surface. Liberals, conservatives, bla bla, we put all that behind us. White World is all about avoidance of conflict! Also about reading signals. Tons of nonverbal communication going on all the time. Smile, open up and be friendly and most Whites will make your acquaintance.

          Main thing about White World is everything is hidden. You don’t wear your feelings on your sleeve. You’d be surprised that most residents of that White town you live in are probably not that racist in any real way towards you. White racism doesn’t work that way anymore. It’s not so personal. If you’re cool, they’re probably cool with you. But it depends on where in the country you are.

        2. Lookingforanswers, I can safely add you to my list of reasonable black people.

          You’re no Uncle Tom, but no white hating Critical Race Theorist either.

          You have a very scientific and complex way of looking at things, which I like.

          Too many people, white and black, let their emotions get the best of them in many instances.

          (I myself am hardly a saint in this regard, though I have been getting better lately)

  10. Damn, I’m now sounding super vicious and nasty just as I did a while back.

    I stopped reading Abagond and other black blogs in order to stop getting so worked up and vicious.

    But alas, it seems as if the Abagondosphere has migrated here.

  11. GG Allin. As a guy who was into punk, I want to know what you think about GG, if you know about him in the first place.

    1. Weird. What am I supposed to say? Are they lesbians? They want to live apart from all men? Strange. We have some idiots like that here in the US. These insane people are called lesbian separatists. They wish to live their lives as much as possible completely separated from men. There are some colonies of these fools in gay communities around the country.

      AFAICT, this is just a form of extreme bigotry along the lines of the extreme misogyny you see in so many male cultures around the world. They’re like female versions of the Pashtun males. It’s ridiculous. Sexism is sexism. If it’s wrong for men, it’s wrong for women.

      1. I can get with the self-improvement and self-defense aspect, especially since abuse and forced prostitution are so common there. The separatism thing? Not so much.

    2. I wonder what happens if a male trespasser gets caught.

      Perhaps they cut of his dick or something as punishment.

      I was going to post the Futurama Amazon women episode “Death by snu snu” clip but I couldn’t find it on YouTube.

  12. You should do a post on psychopaths especially those in power.

    Of course DeNugent puts it into a WN perspective which apparently Hitler is not a psychopath (LOL) but it is an interesting subject based on research and books by professors in the US.

    Some of the most obvious ones are of course are Islamic terrorist leaders Khattab, Bin Ladin, Zarqawi, etc and international crime bosses like Moglevich.

    I would include:

    The Saudi regime one of the most psychopathic regimes today.

    Pakistani tribes and intelligence services.

    Arab regimes


    Islam a psychopathic ideology

    Judaism a psychopathic ideology

    Freemasonary (?)




    Stalin probably

    Mao probably


    Rothschild dynasty

    International bankers

    George Soros.

    Marxist Communism

    George W Bush NOT a psychopath.

    1. This is so nutty I am not even sure if I want to reply to it, John. I’m sorry. All governments in power, pretty much, are sociopathic and Machiavellian to one degree or another. The right much more than the rest.

      1. Would you say the Founding Fathers were psychopathic?

        So you say those that strive to dominance are psychopathic in nature?

        Do you think who ever leads Iraq after the US leaves will be a psychopath?

        What about guerrilla leaders in Latin American countries you have praised before who use violence are they not psychopaths?

        I don’t think all governments are psychotic in nature with the exception of countries like Britain, US, etc on foreign policy not domestic.

  13. I suggest a post dissecting the hagiography (mostly U.S.) Conservatives have built up around Margaret Thatcher. In particular, how she manipulated the trumped up Falklands “War,” the true effect of her anti labor and anti human policies on the average Briton, and the way in which UK citizens mostly view her and her legacy today.

  14. A post on Benny Morris would be interesting. I’ve been reading his most famous book “Righteous Victims,” which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

    This was over a decade ago, before he became a shameless Zionist apologist, and was actually a more objective historian attempting to scientifically analyze an issue.

    Of course, Finkelstein criticizes him, even before his turn to shameless Zionism, but the more I’ve looked up on Finkelstein, the more I’m skeptical of him.

    The problem with him, like all polemicists, is that they believe it’s more important to put the proper rhetorical “spin” on history than to actually know what happened.

    (see the praise and criticism section of wiki entry. Most of Finkelstein’s criticism revolves around the fact that Morris puts the wrong “spin” on history)

    While I’ll probably order Finkelstein’s book to see his criticism of Morris, I think that “Righteous Victims” is a good, non-polemical book for those who want to understand the Jewish-Arab conflict in the Middle East.

  15. I think you need to do a post on why some people have such a hard time seeing white Latinos are white. I’m on this forum having a debate about Colombian singer Shakira and I said she is white and everybody is coming down on me saying how on earth can I look at her and say she’s white. And it’s so obvious she’s a non-white by her features, I can tell by a mile away that she’s “hispanic and not white!” Now some Latin women sit on the border of being a light-mestiza and white like Jessica Alba, but if you google some pics of Shakira, I can see no obvious features that look indigenous or black to me. I’m sure she’s at least 90% Caucasian.

    Trying to explain this to people is just maddening. I don’t get why people(even many Latins themselves) are so uneducated on race in Latin America.

    1. I’ve heard that Shakira is half Lebanese (that’s where the belly dancing comes from I guess) and also has a little Afro-Columbian heritage. But she looks plain white to me.

      1. I’m so tired of this one-drop rule stuff. Let’s be like the Blacks. Your average Black person in the US is 82% Black, yet they are fully accepted by Blacks are Black all the way.

        For sure, folks who are 85% White and above should be welcomed to our White Party.

        If you look White and you act White, you’re White!

        1. It’s kind of interesting how “near-white” people , like Alba, or those who look it, like Angelina Jolie, have started to dominate the entertainment world. That might deserve a post of its own.

        2. It’s not a coincidence. I read an article once about how acting casters are looking more for people who are brunette and somewhat racially ambiguous. People like Alba, Kim Kardashian, Jolie who straddle the line between white and kind of “ethnic” looking. I guess this helps to widen the market of whatever products they are selling.

        3. I never thought of Angelina Jolie as near white and assumed both her parents were white like her famous father.

          Actually I didn’t know that Wonder woman Lynda Carters mother is Mexican.

          “Carter was born Linda Jean Córdova Carter in Phoenix, Arizona.[2] Her father, Colby Carter, is an art dealer of Irish American descent. Her mother, Juana Córdova, is a Mexican immigrant who previously worked in the telephone industry”

        4. I think extreme phenotypes are out of style generally in Hollywood. The major white stars like Jolie look kind of ethnic. The major black stars are light-complexioned (leading to accusations of “colorism”). Stereotypical Hispanic chicks like Salma Hayek are big. Etc.

        5. You what just occurred to me after thinking about this is that for Hispanics, it’s great to “look white” but not to BE white. I think that’s where the source of the confusion lies. Hispanics think white people look great. They love white features and white countries. But they think white people(WASPs in particular here) are gringos and even if a Latino is white, he wants to think of him as different from the gringo. To them to be white is to be gringo. Thus you get the “I’m not white, I just look white” thing from white Hispanics.

      2. Hasn’t that changed over time, though? It used to be the case that Mexicans considered themselves and were often considered by others a white ethnic group (even though many of them are quite brown). They were supposed to check “white” on the Census too.

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