Post Suggestions 3

Add your suggestions for possible future posts here as comments and either I or one of the guest posters may get around to posting on the subject.

448 thoughts on “Post Suggestions 3”

  1. I have several suggestions for posts:

    1. A post that seriously scrutinizes and deconstructs anti-racist lunacy and dogma, written from mainly an ideological standpoint.

    2. White self-hatred and loathing. I think an analysis that details why exactly whites become consumed by self-hatred would be interesting. I could add some insight based on my own experience, but such an analysis from you would be great.

    3. A defense of the West. I think a thorough beatdown of the far left’s notion that Europeans/whites are uniquely heinous and evil would be valuable. An analysis on the brutality and sickness of various non-white civilizations/cultures throughout history, and before contact with Europeans, would be excellent. A post that celebrates the virtues of the West/whites would also be good.

    3. Moving away from race or politics, an analysis of masochism and self-hating/loathing tendencies among all people.

    Well, that’s all for now!

  2. A post refuting afrocentrism would be good.

    Over at Abagond, he just did a post on Cheikh Anta Diop, and of course he asserted that the ancient Egyptians were black.

    Tulio happened to comment on that post, agreeing with someone that the Egyptians were brown, and not black.

    I wonder if he’ll be branded a self-hating black posing as a white person (as he did before for stating a similar position).

  3. A post on Fred Reed would be humorous and interesting.

    While he comes across as crass, and his analysis seems a bit ignorant at times, most of his views resonate with me.

    While he might not have the details, he has common sense on his side.

    Also, a post on liberal race realism is needed.

  4. Perhaps a post on whether intelligent people are more likely to be atheist and less intelligent people more likely to be dogmatic. I’ve always found that issue fascinating.

    1. I second Tulio’s suggestion.

      Last time I checked, atheists/agnostics were around 15% of the population.

      That certainly wouldn’t have been the case 6 decades ago.

      An analysis of atheism/agnosticism would definitely be a great post.

      1. Mean to add that I’m not implying religion is for the dumb. There are many smart people that have a faith and practice it. I’m willing to bet though that once IQs start getting above 150, religious belief starts dropping off quickly as the curve moves further right. I could be wrong though. I’m just postulating.

    2. John Derbyshire (one of my favorites) has written about this. He says the mechanism is: almost no one with in IQ under 100 questions the religion they inherited from their parents; half the smart people do, and 70% decide they still believe. Hence, atheism can correlate with intelligence, even if no intelligence group is majority atheist.

      I agree about IQs over 150, though. That’s about the point at which “I give up and admit some things must be magic” becomes an unsatisfying answer to anything.

  5. I think that intelligent people that have faith believe in a different way. A more abstract way. For example, whereas your standard Christian believes in a definitive Creator; an identifiable being, the intelligent may believe that God is simply a metaphor for the good side of human nature (however rare it is to see nowadays). Many people believe that God and Satan are within all of us.

  6. This whole debate over Communism warrants another post.

    A post discussing the differences in ideology and methods between Communists and Socialists would be interesting.

    What are the differences between Communism and Socialism? What exactly do they advocate? What’s the diversity and conflict within those two ideologies?

  7. I’m just thinking out loud and randomly musing now, but I’m in a pretty depressed mood due to the Lakers winning the championship (although I’m sure Tulio is thrilled!).

    As Tulio once said, L.A. is willing to shell out money to pay for NBA championship celebrations, and even security for demonstrations by Hispanics supporting illegals.

    Well, I guess Tulio’s assertion will be validated.

  8. I don’t know about high IQ correlating with atheism, perhaps it’s the times we live in. We’ve just moved into an era where atheism itself has almost become a religion whereas a few centuries ago even the brightest in society did not question God. Today, even many mere mortals (with IQs well below 100) do not believe in God. It has a lot to do with the culture of a society. In China, the very brightest to the retarded do not believe in God because atheism dominates their culture.

  9. Considering the conclusion of the NBA finals and the great failure of African teams in the World Cup, I think a post on race and athleticism would be very interesting.

    Majority black teams in the World Cup have all done very poorly, including France getting its ass kicked by Mexico (I hardly consider those black players on France “Frenchmen,” but that’s another debate).

    1. The theory goes that the transatlantic slave trade had a eugenic effect on blacks. Only 1/3 survived the trip so the ones that made it to the Americas were the fittest of the fit. West Africans aren’t too good at sports. East Africans though seem to have a natural talent for track though, but African Americans aren’t descended from them. Their soccer teams are not good and African basketball teams suck balls, Europeans clean house against African B-ball teams. However African Americans are the best at sports of all. Even better than Latin blacks. So I think you have selective genes meeting America’s high standard of living and good athletic nourishment.

      I think African Americans would also make the world’s greatest soccer players if they were interested in the game, which they currently are not at all. Brazil has the best team in the world and they always have lots of black Brazilians on the team like Ronaldinho, and the greatest footballer in the history of the sport was a black Brazilian guy named Pele. If our Kobe Bryants and Michael Jordans decide to play soccer instead of basketball, the USA would be winning the world cup almost ever year. And think about this too, soccer and basketball are almost the same game, just one played with the hands and the other with the foot. The rules are very similar and so is the court layout and game play. Really, the only reason America is not successful at soccer on the world stage is because not enough African-Americans are interested in the game. They prefer basketball. The day black Americans start taking an interest in soccer, look out! We’ll become another powerhouse like Brazil.

      Hey, your statement about black Frenchmen is interesting. Under what cases do you view a black person in a European country as a European? Do you consider British blacks to be British? Do you consider black Americans to be American? What if it’s a French mulatto, do you consider that person French? I was talking to a S. African white guy I used to work with. And he was joking around with me saying “I’m more African-American than you are. I’m actually from Africa.” He said white S. Africans view themselves not as a European, but as Africans. It’s not a race thing to them, but simply a matter of where you are born and what country you identify with. If you’re a white in South Africa or Namibia, you’re African. They’d probably look at you funny if you called them Europeans. There are even Miss World pageant contestants from southern African countries that are white.

      So I’m curious about this issue too. Maybe Robert can do a post on his thoughts about it. Why is an black born in America considered American, but a black born in Ireland is not “really” Irish. Is it just a factor of race? Is it that they just have no long established history there? I feel like England is more similar to America where a black born in English is considered a Briton just like a white, or maybe I’m wrong?

      1. It’s not a race thing to them, but simply a matter of where you are born and what country you identify with.

        For white South Africans?! Seriously?! I’m not trying to insult or belittle you, but that just surprised me.

        Unless white South Africans magically developed a sense of colorblindness and postracialism following the termination of apartheid, then I have to disagree with that one.

        Obviously, white South Africans are still living in their gated, electric fenced, all white communities and live in fear of blacks.

        Race certainly does matter for them.

        That caught my greatest attention, but I’ll address your other points.

        Under what cases do you view a black person in a European country as a European? Do you consider British blacks to be British?

        Blacks can never be truly European. They can be honorary Europeans. To the extent that they are European, they cannot be European like white Europeans.

        Could a black woman play Queen Elizabeth in a film? Could a black man play William Wallace? No, they couldn’t.

        Of course, Europeans might see things as differently and what I’m saying might be dismissed as a stupid white American projecting his own racial hang-ups onto other parts of the world.

        But let me put it this way: If the Japanese soccer team were majority white, and even if those white players could speak the language and understood the culture, you wouldn’t consider that Japanese soccer team truly representative of Japan, would you?

        Heck, look at Amren’s founder Jared Taylor. He’s originally from Japan, is fluent in Japanese, and has a better understanding of Japanese culture than just about any American out there.

        But even if he were to live in Japan as opposed to Virginia, would you consider him truly Japanese?

        Do you consider black Americans to be American? Why is an black born in America considered American, but a black born in Ireland is not “really” Irish.

        I think a lot of it has to do with old world countries versus new world countries.

        I do consider black Americans to be Americans, just as I consider whites and Asians to be Americans. I even consider many Hispanics and Muslims to be American, though much less so than whites, blacks, and Asians.

        However, in European and Asian countries, you have long established ethnic and racial groups established within a nation state. Thus, while Americans can be any group, I expect the Japanese to look Japanese, the British to look British, etc.

        One of the U.S’s problems is that everyone can be an American. Since the U.S. is multiracial and everyone is an American, then who really is an American?

        That’s why we have so much racial conflict that other countries don’t have to deal with.

        But anyway, that’s my answer.

        1. BAG, I’m not sure you understood what I mean on the whites of S. Africa. I’m not saying by any means they are color blind. I’m saying that they view Africa as THEIR home. They don’t feel like they are foreigners in Africa or that they don’t belong there because they are white. It’s not different than the way whites see themselves fully as Americans, even if they have no Native American blood. They don’t see themselves as Europeans who happen to be living in a place that was originally non-white, they just see themselves as Americans period and for all intents and purposes feel that they’ve been there so long that they might as well qualify as indigenous at this point. Neither white Americans nor white S. Africans view themselves as colonies.

          That’s what I meant.

      2. How come the French soccer team is 50% Black then? Those are Africans, not US Blacks. I’m not sure I buy your theory tulio.

        Well, Blacks have been a large and essential part of this country (13%) from Day One in 1779. When you think of an American, it’s easy to imagine a Black person. They’re an essential part of the US from the very beginning.

        Blacks are a very recent part of Ireland and France and were not there from the start or for 100’s of years.

        When you think of an Irishman or a Frenchman you get a certain picture in your head, and it’s definitely not a Black person!

        But I do think that a Black can be a Frenchman or an Irishman for sure. Whenever I find out that any immigrant is now a citizen, I reach out and shake their hand and say, “Welcome to America.” To me, they are as American as I am. I like loyal Americans of any ethnicity.

        1. How come the French soccer team is 50% Black then? Those are Africans, not US Blacks. I’m not sure I buy your theory tulio.

          Hmm, good challenge. I don’t know. Maybe they are recruiting the top players from Africa just like the the Africans that go study in France are the best and brightest of Africa? A lot of South American and African players get recruited by European teams.

        2. We’ve had blacks in Britain since 1504! Staying Power by Peter Fryer is a great history of the British blacks.

      3. The whole idea that a Black can never be a Frenchman or an Irishman, or its corollary, that a Black can never be an American, is a White Nationalist POV. It is one of the core POV’s of the WN’s, one that 100% of them share. Citizenship is based on race to them, period. This needs to be rejected in the strongest terms.

        1. Sorry Robert, but not buying that.

          While blacks in Europe may technically be citizens, they are not truly European on the same level that white Europeans are.

          When I think of a British man, I see a picture of Michael Caine, not some African or West Indian.

          Similarly, would you consider a non-Asian citizen of Japan to truly be Japanese?

          I don’t think so.

          You may not like WN’s, Robert, but you have to admit that they sometimes get it right.

          Besides, the U.S. (new world) is different from Asian and European countries (old world).

        2. And I’m not saying that non-whites in Europe should be forbidden citizenship (though I do think that Europe needs to cut down immigration and expel many troublesome immigrants).

          All I’m saying is that they’re not truly European, just like a white person in Africa is not truly African.

        3. The WN’s are assholes, and this is one of the most incendiary and wicked ideas that they have. Of course a non-White can be British, particularly if they are assimilated. Sure a non-Japanese can be Japanese, especially if they are assimilated.

        4. Yeah, try telling that to the Japanese themselves.

          No. At least as far as Old World nations are concerned, race and ethnicity are important.

          And since we’re talking about the World Cup and sports, it’s especially important.

          Yeah, I know, what could those Amren WN assholes possibly know?

          While I have my reservations about Amren and don’t agree with a decent amount of what they say, this article nails it.

        5. It’s one of these tough issues where I can see how both sides make sense. In Japan, your blood is what makes you Japanese. End of issue. Even a Korean that may look indistinguishable from Japanese to western eyes won’t be considered Japanese, nor will his kids even if born in Japan.

          Hell even Brazil of all places doesn’t accept anyone as Brazilian if you weren’t born there. In their case, it’s not based on race, but on nationality. They use the word gringo to describe everyone that is no Brazilian no matter what your race. And you can spend the rest of your life in Brazil and assimilate to the language and culture and you’ll still be considered a “gringo”.

          In America, we pretty much define our identity by culture. Even Canadians are pretty much honorary Americans and no Canadian that moved here would have any trouble be accepted as American if he wanted to become one. All we require here is speaking good English, embracing democracy and western ideals, preferably a western religion or philosophy and adopt American cultural norms and that’s pretty much it. You’re American.

          I guess every society gets to define for itself what makes you part of the in group or a perpetual foreigner. Some countries seem to be stuck in between like France. You have a lot of Arab youth that were born and raised in France yet aren’t considered French and are discriminated against. They live in ghettos on the outskirts of Paris. They have no place to call home really. They were born in France and they grow up just as French as any white, yet they are seen as foreigners. Tough situation to be in.

        6. BAG, that article sucks. It’s crap. An appeal to the blood. WTF. You do realize that this is what fascism is all about, no? The blood? The soil? The blood and the soil? That’s fascism, right there, and it’s also ethnic nationalism. We Leftists figured out a long time ago why this stuff sucks, and that’s why we are dubious of nationalism and why we hate fascism. We want nothing to do with this blood and soil crap. NOTHING.

        7. Robert, what exactly is so horrible about identifying certain nations by ethnicity or race?

          Seriously, if I were to move to Japan, naturalize, and have kids who spoke Japanese, would anyone seriously consider my family Japanese? Or would they consider us white foreigners living in Japan?

          When I think of a frenchman, I’m thinking of someone who looks French.

          Sure, he may go overboard with blood this and blood that, but he makes very valid points.

          Besides, I’m not as inflexible on this issue as you think.

          I do recall stating that I regard black Americans as Americans.

          I just don’t see Europe or Asia in the same way.

        8. If your kids become Japanese citizens, yeah they are Japanese. Sure they are.

          Come on, Robert! That’s hogwash and you know it. Try actually telling that to the Japanese and see how they respond.

          BAG all of that is breaking down now due to massive migration.

          Well, massive immigration is exactly what we’re trying to avoid, isn’t it?

          Robert, you’ve made it quite clear that you oppose most immigration to western nations.

          Obviously, you wouldn’t be horrified by European countries wanting to keep their countries European. Or Japan Japanese.

        9. Fuck the Japs, BAG. They don’t even think Korean-Japanese are Japanese, and they have been there a long time.

          If the Japs want to keep their country Japanese, that is their right.

          I do not oppose most immigration to White countries. I’m opposed to illegal immigration to the US. As far as Europe, things are taking care of themselves. There is too much legal immigration coming to the US also, but we can’t even stop illegal immigration, so let’s work on first things first.

          We are entering the era of mass migration. People are moving all over the globe nowadays. There is not much you can do to stop it.

        10. Robert, you really need to do a post on liberal race realism and where you stand politically.

          I’ve been reading you for a while, but even now it’s hard to completely pinpoint your views.

          You’re certainly not like most leftists and anti-racists, yet you classify yourself as such.

        11. Well, I am Left mostly on economics and in a broad sense, that is, I oppose imperialism, I am against the US and its allies and institutions, I am opposed to colonialism and support anti-colonial movements, etc. Sort of the old USSR line.

          But I am not Left on race, simply because the Western Left is stark raving nuts bonkers on the subject of race. I am also not Left on gender, because the Western Left is stark raving nuts bonkers on the subject of feminism (they’re all radical feminist crazies). Bottom line is that the Western Left hates:

          1. Men!

          2. Whites!

          3. White men! (the combination)

          There’s no reason for this nuttiness and this certainly was not the position of the USSR, China or any of the big socialist states. Nor is it the position of Cuba, Laos, Vietnam, Venezuela, etc. It’s a particular fetish of the crazed out of its mind US Left, a Left which is so hopeless and failed that it has never won anything in decades of struggle.

          Supposedly the problem with the US is that it is a racist, sexist capitalist society. I think that’s crazy. The capitalists are in charge, and the US state only operates for the rich and against everyone else. That’s the problem, not men or Whites or any of that shit.

          Well, we are anti-racists because that is how the White nationalists who dx’d White Race Realism have dx’d us. To them, we are anti-racists. And they are correct, we are. But we reject most of the anti-racist movement because they’re a bunch of lunatic Tim Wise clones who spend all their time ranting about White people. I’m not into that because I’m White.

          We’re against racism. We support civil rights and anti-discrimination laws and legal rulings. We don’t dig people who hate whole ethnic groups. We don’t like the White nationalists. We don’t agree with the facsists that citizenship is based on ethnicity. We are integrationists, not segregationists. We supported the Civil Rights Struggle as one of the Great Human Emancipation Projects.

          The problem is that White racism has declined to such a low level that the lunatic antis have to look really hard to find it anymore. Hence we have all these nutty inventions like institutional racism (it’s in the air), liberal racism, White man’s burden racism, scientific racism, colorblind racism, and other nonsense.

          All of these things are very minor thought transgressions that hardly rise to the level of traditional racism. But the real deal is an endangered species these days and the nutcases need something to scream about, so they have to keep rooting around to find all these petty, wimpy, fake, measly forms of mini-racism for the sake of something to rant about.

          Anti-racists really ought to focus on the real deal. White racial politics. White nationalism. Hardcore White racism. And even non-White racism.

          Tim Wise and Robert Jensen are classic examples of how useless standard anti-racism is getting. It’s basically a marginal movement, and most Whites just laugh at that shit.

        12. I can sorta relate to BAG’s article. I’m guilty of it myself. When Ghana goes against Germany today, I’m rooting for Ghana. I’m number one for the USA all the way, but after that, I’m in favor of the team with more blacks on it.

        13. Tulio, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

          Although my personal case is interesting. I rooted for France against Italy last World Cup, but I think that’s because I was still a self-hating white back then (I was also going through my wigger phase, which, contrary to popular belief, I didn’t pick up from BET or some imaginary media stereotype). I even rooted for Ghana against Italy, but that could have been because of a potential upset more than anything.

          However, those self-hating days are over! Now, I root for the white teams. I was thrilled when Greece beat Nigeria.

          You know the African teams are in trouble when they lose to Greece. Greece wasn’t even supposed to score a single goal, let alone win the game.

          That being said, I too am U.S.A all the way. After that, though, I root for the white teams.

        14. Don’t get me wrong, race isn’t the only thing or even the main thing I care about here. If the U.S. team was all white or all black, I’d be for the U.S. first. But when it comes to two countries I’ve never visited and have no emotional attachment to, and one is black and one is white, I have to pick a side and I’ll go for the black team.

          Whatever the case, amazing win for the U.S. today and Donovan is my hero right now.

        15. Sweet, they won?

          I was at a community college course to fulfill a breadth requirement, so I missed it.

  10. I think a satirical post on how not to get attacked as racist by a black person would be humorous (similar to your hilarious “Imaginary Conversations About White Privilege” post).

  11. Madera, CA is only 3.85% black according to Wikipedia:

    The racial makeup of the city was 48.15% White, 3.85% African American, 2.79% Native American, 1.43% Asian, 0.10% Pacific Islander, 38.01% from other races, and 5.66% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 67.75% of the population.


    Why aren’t you demanding more blacks move into Madera? Aren’t you a liberal niggerlover?

  12. Hey Robert, you should do a post about National Bolshevism and Francis Parker Yockey, who I’m a fan of.

  13. To follow up on the immigration issue, I just read that the Obama administration is suing the state of Arizona for its immigration law.

    Guess he’s trying to go for the monolithic Hispanic vote, eh?

    Well, he’ll be lucky if he gets more than 30% of the white vote come 2012 if he keeps this up.

  14. You should do a brief post about the website, which lets you link to other sites anonymously. You definitely need to start using these links in your posts about radical groups whose websites have been blacklisted by US government agencies.

  15. Hey Robert, you should do a post on the characteristics of radical anti-racist, using a list similar to the WN one.

    I can already think of several.

  16. I think a post on how to hook up with an attractive girl would be good.

    It just seems that so many guys (myself included), have no love life and are reduced to jacking off (pardon me for getting graphic).

    It seems that dating and sex are at an all time low, and yet we’re being bombarded with media images of sex and dating.

    I think Chic Noir could do a guest post on this.

      1. I’ve got the funny and smart down.

        I’m not exactly the most polite or proper type, though.

    1. think Chic Noir could do a guest post on this.

      Why thank you BAG
      *chic noir blushes*
      *chic noir curtsies*

      It seems that dating and sex are at an all time low, and yet we’re being bombarded with media images of sex and dating.

      I strongly suspect this is the case.

      fun fact: almost every friend of mine who has used hormonal Bith control has complaned about it taking away her desire to

  17. It would be interesting to see a post on the topic of why no other animal besides humans have evolved higher intelligence.

    All other animals evolve as well, but I don’t understand why man keeps getting smarter and smarter while dogs and cows are just as dumb as they were a million years ago.

  18. I think a post dealing with Israel, whether or not Jewish power is real or perceived (I think everyone knows where I stand on that), and our destructive role in the Middle East orchestrated by zionist neocons would be interesting.

    1. Inspired by my conversations with Asian anon, I definitely think that a post that deals with Jewish power and influence, coming from neither a WN nor Jew such as yourself, is definitely in order.

    1. Keep in mind, it says poverty is MORE a factor than race, not that race isn’t a factor at all.

  19. Hey Robert, you should do a post about the Battle of Khalkin Gol in 1939. This battle is not well known but it was decisive in how it affected World War II.
    The Japanese troops stationed in Manchuria had their asses handed to them by the USSR and from then on, the Japanese decided not to pick a fight with the Soviets ever again, and thus, they did not join Hitler in attacking the Soviets. At the same time, their decision to expand southwards led them to inevitable conflict with America and Britain.

    1. That’s strange, because the Japanese kicked Russian ass in the Russo-Japanese war.

      1. I think that’s because the Russo-Japanese war was primarily naval, which was Japan’s strong point. The Battle in 1939 was a ground battle involving tanks and massive infantry.

  20. To follow up on that VDare article you posted, I think an analysis of the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism is needed.

    If you don’t want to do your own analysis, then you can just provide a link to Kevin MacDonald’s work.

    Of course, Asian anon would be very interested to know that many of the members of the Frankfurt School, such as Walter Benjamin, Herbert Marcuse, Erich Fromm, Ernst Bloch, Wilhelm Reich (although he points out that he wasn’t raised Jewish, doesn’t think of himself as Jewish, and even rejects Jewish chauvinism, I’m not buying that, but that’s another story), Max Horkheimer (the founder of Critical Theory), as well as non-Frankfurt School member but influential Hungarian Cultural Marxist Georg Lukacs were, surprise surprise, Jewish.

      1. Could anyone provide a specific link to an article by Kevin MacDonald that specifically deals with Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School?

      2. Hey did you know that Kevin MacDonald IS PART JEW!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????

        I swear to God it’s true, but the fucker won’t admit it. I can prove it too.

  21. Hey Robert, I think a post highlighting the divisions/tensions/even similarities between white Americans and white European would be good.

    Many black anti-racists (such as our friend Ank Mie. I know, I know, I’m going to try to stop listening to them from now on, but this caught my interest) claim that white Europeans absolutely despise white Americans and even have a higher opinion of non-white Americans.

    (I just find incredible how she slams white Americans but not Europeans, considering it was Europeans who colonized and oppressed Cameroonians, not us, and considering that her family has been able to enjoy various opportunities here. I think she also hates Europeans, she’s just using them as a stick with which to beat white Americans, but I digress)

    I think an analysis of European WN movements, politics, racial issues, and relationship with white Americans would be excellent.

  22. I think a follow-up on Arizona and the immigration issue would be good.

    All of this open borders nonsense and hypocrisy just makes my blood boil.

    1. I hear you. It’s hard to contain my outrage as well. Listening to Doug Mcintyre right now, it’s like therapy.

      1. Is he really that good?

        Maybe some MSM organization ought to invite him. That might make a difference.

        1. Yeah, he’s really is the most articulate voice in mainstream syndicated radio on the anti-illegal immigration side. Many of my arguments come from him. He’s been a big influence on my thinking on this topic. He’s always very logical and knowledgeable and also does it in a non-racist way.

    2. This makes my blood boil too.

      The thing is, they’ll call you racist for using the term “open borders”, but they either advocate just that, like Tim Wise, or refuse to define their terms, like Nezua.


      The idea that conservatives merely want to crack down on those who enter the nation without proper documentation–i.e., they only want to stop illegal as opposed to legal immigration–is demonstrably dishonest. After all, if it were merely a matter of process (as in, “we don’t mind if you come, but do it the right way, legally”), there would be an easy solution: just make coming to the nation legally as easy as filling out a postcard, mailing it in, waiting three days for a background check, and then you’re legal. Voila, no more undocumented crossings. But no one ever suggests this solution, indicating that the problem, in their mind, is less about the distinction between documented and undocumented migrants, and more about the mere fact of brown-skinned migration in the first place.

      This is fucking ridiculous, as is the whole article. He is dodging economic issues and hiding behind race, just like Nezua. Wise doesn’t mention the fact that there just aren’t enough jobs for the people who are already here. This isn’t 1900, when there were more unskilled jobs like construction and factory work than workers, right? In a country with a real unemployment rate of at least 15 – 20%, open borders are insanity. Wise is cloaking a right wing argument in PC dogma. And it isn’t just conservatives who have a problem with illegal and unchecked immigration! Wise is using the teabaggers and accusations of racism to prevent working class people from discussing their interests. There’s nothing leftist about that. He’s just a neoliberal with a white guilt complex.

      From what I’ve heard, black working class people don’t like unchecked immigration any more than white working class people do. It’s been a disaster for them. Let me know if I’m wrong about this.

      1. Wow, just wow!

        So the solution to illegal immigration is to make it easier for these potential illegals to legally come here?

        Translation: open borders and no immigration restrictions.

        Of course if we were to decide to make coming here legally easier, then all these illegals would not technically be illegal immigrants.

        But the thing is, we don’t want them here in the first place. And we don’t like the fact that they come here illegally, spit in our face, wave Mexican flags, etc.

        We’re hardly going to reward them by making it even easier for them to come here and allowing them to enjoy legal status.

        Okay, I will admit, race certainly does play a role in this, at least for me. I don’t want to be overrun by Hispanics in the future.

        Hear that Timmy? Race does play a role, I admit this.

        But so do issues of national sovereignty. Every other country in the world wouldn’t put up with this immigration crap. Every country has the right to determine who can enter and who cannot.

        I say it’s time we start exercising that right.

        I mean, just wow! Even for Timmy, this is something else.

        1. So I guess the anti-racist solution to illegal immigration is just to make it super easy for them to come legally.

          So the problems that come with illegal immigration won’t change, only their technical status.

          I mean, that’s the thing with anti-racists in general. The solution to immigration problems is to allow even more immigration, and in fact make it easier (ie. Hispanics here and Muslims in Europe).

        2. For me it’s mainly a class issue. I don’t give a shit if they want to wave Mexican flags and never learn English. Perhaps if I was surrounded with that culture I would feel differently. I just want to be able to make a living!

          It absolutely infuriates me when people like Wise attempt to stop me from fighting for my own class interests as a working class person! How dare that asshole tell me that if I want more than $3 under the table that I’m a racist!

          It’s quite simple. I’m a leftist and he is not, despite his claim to the contrary. If you’re not economically leftist, you’re not a leftist. Liberals like him are the class enemy.

          I’ve never met one of these whiteness studies assholes, but if I ever meet one, I’m going to tell him that their censorship of class discussion is why I refuse to have anything to do with them.

        3. Also, allow me to add that it isn’t specifically Mexican immigration I have a problem with – it’s all excess, unneeded immigration like H1Bs etc. that makes me angry. If there are qualified Americans, they should get first crack at the jobs.

          There is a video on YouTube of a conference where scuzzy immigration attorneys advise employers in running classified ads with the goal of NOT finding any qualified applicants in the US:

          It’s the race to the bottom that makes me angry. Before the economy crashed, you heard liberals use that phrase. You don’t seem to hear it any more.

          So despite what the libertarian South Park assholes say, it isn’t just the Mexicans who are “takin’ err jerrrbs”.

      2. LaFleur you are fucking ace. I’ve had too much wine but fuck me if you don’t hit the nail on the head every time. UK Commie, signing out…lol.
        Send Tim Wise a big dildo with my regards lol.

      3. Lafleur This is fucking ridiculous, as is the whole article. He is dodging economic issues and hiding behind race, just like Nezua. Wise doesn’t mention the fact that there just aren’t enough jobs for the people who are already here


        There are two sides to the anti-immigration coin. Some people prefer to play off of the race issue but I think most Americans are worried about how they are going to feed their families.

        None of you should forget that Wise makes his living on racism. So he will say/ do what it takes to keep money in his pocket.

        1. Yes, as of 2005 Wise was making $4000 plus expenses for one speech. I’m sure his fee has gone up since then. There have been many people in the “whiteness studies” field, but Wise has really cornered the market over the past few years. It’s been a funny thing to watch.

  23. Okay, I was actually thinking of something specific regarding the immigration issue, forgot it, and now just remembered it.

    I think a post on Mexico’s laws regarding immigration would be good.

    I think we should all know whether or not they have any damn right to bitch and moan about our desire to secure our borders.

  24. Since we’ve been talking about Timmy the Unwise lately, who loves to frequently rant against “white privilege,” and since many Jews like him (ie. Noel Ignatiev and the late Susan Sontag) have similar views, I say it’s time someone wrote a post on Jewish privilege.

    Funny how Jews are willing to publicly flagellate themselves on account of their white privilege, but get nasty when you point out their Jewish privilege.

    1. I think their motivation for self-flagellation over being white is the same as that of gentiles like Peggy McIntosh. They can censor discussion of their class privilege.

      Ignatiev has a cushy job at MassArt. Reading his Wikipedia profile, I see that he was accepted into a Harvard master’s program without a bachelor’s degree. Does that happen very often? A lot of nutty class warfare stuff like the Maoist Internationalist Movement came from Harvard.

      How do you define Jewish Privilege? Do you possibly mean using the Jewish identity to establish themselves as a persecuted minority, and deflect discussion of class privilege? Wise works both sides of the street – he gets to claim membership in the white “club” but also outsider status as a Jewish person.

      1. They can censor discussion of their class privilege.

        Exactly. So do all these bourgeois black and Hispanic anti-racists.

        How do you define Jewish Privilege?

        In a nutshell, this:

        -Their grossly disproportionate influence in Hollywood (which they completely control), the media, finance, government, etc.

        -The fact that they can publicly bash white Americans and lecture them on the evils of their whiteness, promote immigration and multiculturalism for whites, and yet at the same time have the right to practice Jewish ethnocentrism.

        The state of Israel is a perfect example.

        -They want to have it both ways. In front of white people, they identify themselves as white and want to be part of the “club.” And yet when they want to identify with blacks or curry favor with them, they always bring up their Jewish background.

        A perfect example of this is during Tim Wise’s debate with Jared Taylor. When explaining how oppressed groups think, Tim Wise pointed out that he’s Jewish, and thus can understand.

        So when they want speak of white people as if they are native informants, they’re white. But when when they want to fit in with blacks, then they’re Jewish.

        When Jews do something bad, they’re white. But when they do something good, they’re Jewish.

        They’re like shape shifters in a way.

        (ie. We always hear about how it was Jews who marched during the Civil Rights Movement. And yet when Jews are behind something bad, such as Hollywood perversion, porn, or neoconservatism, then we always here about white run Hollywood, white perverts, white imperialists, etc)

        Now why is that? Why is it that the only place where we can have these discussions is on non-mainstream blogs/publications like Robert Lindsay, VDare, Counterpunch, etc?

        Jewish privilege.

  25. It’s interesting.

    There are over 6 million google results for white privilege, but under 2 million for Jewish privilege.

    Anyone want to guess why that is?

    I’m beginning to better understand just where FPY is coming from.

    1. I think a lot of misunderstanding comes from the fact that a lot of jews claim:”they are just a religion”. They would have us believe they are just descneded from European gentiles who converted to judaism along the way. Total BS. They are a distinct ethnic group with genes markedly different from the host European population they lived with.
      THink about it like this, most jews in America are Ashkenazi, so they hail from eastern Europe. Yet they don’t look anything like Slavs. I wonder why?

      1. I think a lot of misunderstanding comes from the fact that a lot of jews claim:”they are just a religion”


        Even though Tim Wise is not a religious Jew, he still clearly sees himself as ethnically Jewish. Same with many other secular Jews.

        Also, is Judaism really were “just a religion,” are you telling me that if American Jews converted en masse to Christianity, they would no longer be susceptible to Tay Sachs disease?

        1. You said the jews you’ve seen look white, and that seemed kind of strange to me because in NYC for 4 years, I’ve seen jews left and right and they all had a noticeable Middle Eastern/Mediterranean appearance.
          They don’t exactly look Arab, more like Turkish or Armenian? You know what I mean? A lot of em look like they just stepped off an filming session of the Godfather.

      2. Distinct from Slavs, yes. Judaism was an evangelising religion at the time of Christ. I think there are two distinct ethnicities among Jews. Chinese, Indian and Ethiopian Jews are unlikely to share any genetic material with either group. Ashkenazi origin is a bit of mystery to me. Are they originally a Turkic people who moved West? The Palestinian geneticist Mazin Qumsiyeh sees a genetic affinity between Mizrahi Jews of Arab origin, and Palestinian Arabs, but none between Mizrahi Jews and Ashkenazi Jews: review here of his book here –

        1. I think the Khazar theory of Ashkenazi origins has been completely debunked. Ashkenazis are, on the paternal side at least, most closely related to Anatolian Turks, Armenians, and Kurds, which most people would not consider European ethncities.

  26. Agreed, but Ashkhenazis need not be Khazars, not more than 5 to 10% anyway. Turkic peoples covered a much vaster area than ancient Khazaria, which I believe was near the Caspian sea, from Anatolia through to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan. Are Armenians and Kurds considered Turkic?

    1. Armenians and Kurds are considered Indo-Iranian peoples. And when it comes to Turks from Turkey, they speak a Turkic language, but their genes are basically East Mediterranean/Near Eastern. The real, genetically Turkic peoples live in the 5 former Soviet Central Asian states, and they are usually a mix between Caucasoid and Mongoloid populations.

        1. I’ve seen one too. I don’t have any doubt in my mind that we are hardly alone in this universe and there are civilizations out there so advanced they make us look like knuckle dragging primitives. Have you ever heard of a guy named Bob Lazaar? He may be full of shit, and some evidence leads me to think he may be. But he claims to have seen crashed UFOs that the government captured. I looked up one of his videos on youtube and he was going into great detail about the propulsion systems they use and how these UFOs are able to accelerate from standstill to mind-boggling speeds instantaneously within the inertial forces killing everyone onboard. He may be full of it, but what if he isn’t?

  27. Hey Robert, have you done a post on Omar Thornton yet?

    And blacks are essentially defending what he did, even if they claim that they’re not.

    And here’s one of her quotes:

    I think the families of the deceased – Thornton’s included – should unite and sue the company into the ground for negligence, incompetence, and overall irresponsibility.

    I mean, fuck. This guy is a freakin’ workplace shooter and this Africunt has the nerve to claim that the family ought to sue and make some cash off of this?

    Seriously, Robert, I don’t know how you can classify yourself as an anti-racist, pro-integrationist type. I don’t know how you can even remotely like black people.

    These blacks absolutely hate us and will kill us when actually given the opportunity. Far from denouncing this behavior (in spite of giving lip service to denouncing it), they seem to subtly be encouraging it.

    No, this isn’t one of those whiny “why do they hate us?!” type of rants. I’m just pointing out the obvious.

    It’s time for us white people to unite and fight. It’s time for shit like this to end.

    Yeah, I’m pissed off right now. And I just said some really racist and offensive shit. But I don’t give a fuck.

    1. Ankhesen Mie is an idiot. Both the CRTers and the white racists are missing the point of this story. It sounds like another case of someone going postal after being bullied and abused at work. Much like Michael McLendon, who went on a rampage at a Pilgrim’s Pride plant in Alabama:

      The only difference is that Thompson was black, and the bullying had the added dimension of being racist. The American workplace is a savage realm, and not only for black people. That’s what capitalist twits like Mie and Tim Wise don’t want to discuss. They obsess about the inequities between the races under capitalism, rather than the fact that employers can and do abuse and exploit all workers at will. Employers are often indifferent or even encouraging of the abuse coworkers direct at each other.


      White male shooters do what they do because they experience a loss of privilege, a loss of being in control, and a loss of complete assurance about their social, financial, and professional security.

      What the fuck is she smoking? Most white men never have anything near “complete assurance about their social, financial, and professional security”. The guy with the shitty job at the chicken factory had none of those things. Mie is just so bitter about her lack of access to the pig trough that she won’t consider this. She and her readers think that white people and white people alone are the source of all their problems, and don’t question capitalism itself.

      Mie and her readers need to read Mark Ames’ Going Postal.

      POC don’t have that type privilege, control, or security to begin with. So when the shooter’s a POC, it’s for other reasons (subtle pun intended).

      Bullshit. Most American workers don’t have much privilege, control or security. POC have even less, but the system is shit for everyone. Omar Thornton and Michael McLendon probably had more in common than not. Neither one of them was justified in what they did. People who shoot up their workplaces are sick people.

      Just to clarify once more, this is not about absolving Omar Thornton, but that his employers are to blame as well.

      Maybe they are, but then possibly so are the employers of other workers who go postal. Possibly.

      The thing that is dangerous is that the media will discuss the effect of racism on a workplace killing, but won’t discuss the endemic violence and exploitation of capitalism itself. Then white people get riled up, because they know they are abused at work too, and the media suggests that it is only a real problem if you’re a POC. Divide and conquer.

      Remember that old skit on SNL where Eddie Murphy got on a bus disguised as a white person? There was only one black person on the bus with a bunch of white people, who remained silent and uptight as long as he was there. After the black guy got off, the white people started dancing around and smoking and having a wild party.

      I get the idea that people like Mie and Abagond think that that’s what life is like for all white people when they’re not around, a fucking party.

      1. I get the idea that people like Mie and Abagond think that that’s what life is like for all white people when they’re not around, a fucking party.

        Pretty much.

        They think everything is peaches and cream for ALL white people, even poor or working class ones.

        Of course, they never bother to analyze their CLASS PRIVILEGE, now do they?

        But someone, even the lowliest white person is super “privileged” and must deconstruct his whiteness.

        What the fuck is she smoking?

        Beats me, but as she herself admits, she is weird. Yeah, no kidding.

        Then white people get riled up, because they know they are abused at work too, and the media suggests that it is only a real problem if you’re a POC. Divide and conquer.

        Well, yeah.

        The more they castigate whites and suggest that everything for them is ice cream sundaes, the more alienated they’ll become.

        Hey, keep demonizing white people anti-racists, because that just makes these whites more inclined to embrace white nationalist movements!

        Makes our job a helluva lot easier.

      2. You see, it’s shit like this that makes me a white nationalist.

        I mean, I understand that white nationalism has its flaws and that there are alternatives, but I honestly don’t see what they are.

        If you’re a white person, you’re either:

        A) Loser liberal
        B)Rush Limbaugh style conservative.
        C) Self-loathing radical leftist
        D) Simply oblivious

        Out of all the non-white nationalist whites out there, I must say that you and Robert make the most sense.

        Although I still cannot get on board with Robert’s Liberal Race Realism yet.

    2. “These blacks absolutely hate us and will kill us when actually given the opportunity. Far from denouncing this behavior (in spite of giving lip service to denouncing it), they seem to subtly be encouraging it.”

      I don’t hate you and I definitely don’t want to kill you. I bring you love. Seriously, I see where you’re coming from, but don’t you think you’re being a bit too paranoid?

      1. Seriously, I see where you’re coming from, but don’t you think you’re being a bit too paranoid?

        Yeah, I admit, I am a bit.

        Much of this has to do with my negative personal experiences with blacks in middle school, and to a smaller extent high school.

        I just came away with the impression that blacks are aggressive, confrontational, and in your face, and are always looking for ways to fuck with white people.

        For example, a while back, I was simply standing in line at the mall waiting to order something at burger king, and this black guy in front of me randomly yells, “the fuck you lookin’ at!”

        I was startled, and later he actually laughed and said he was just joking, and just did that for giggles. But incidents like that registered with me.

        Also, reading what blacks themselves (such as various bloggers, professors, and activists) has also made me harden my racial views, especially as they pertain to blacks.

        Reading Ankhesen Mie always puts me in an especially hostile and vicious racial mood.

        What’s funny is that during the week I was away from these blogs (visiting relatives in the Midwest), and when I didn’t have internet, while I still thought about these issues, I wasn’t as edgy or angry.

        I don’t know. Maybe I just need to sever my internet connection permanently. But I can’t and don’t see myself doing that anytime soon.

        I don’t hate you and I definitely don’t want to kill you. I bring you love.

        Not saying that you do. Well okay, I was generalizing about blacks, so I guess my previous statement did include you.

        But yes, it’s good to hear that.

        I don’t want to kill you either.

        As a white American, I have enemies all over the place, both here and abroad. Everyone wants a piece of me. I’ve gotten used to that, but it’s also made me very racially edgy.

        You may find this hard to believe, but I wasn’t always like this.

        It really started a couple of years ago, near the end of high school. I had gotten into some especially heated racial arguments with the non-whites in my friend group.

        While I can espouse intellectual white nationalist theories, in all honesty, what it really comes down to is my personal experience.

        1. Yea, I was about to tell you lay to off such topics a bit — it’s consuming you. I’ve noticed your transformation from the relatively calmer BAG to the “I’m not going to hold-back anymore” BAG.

          I need to get my ass off such topics too. I can feel the anger in me stirring up.

        2. I’ve noticed your transformation from the relatively calmer BAG to the “I’m not going to hold-back anymore” BAG.

          Yeah, over the past month or two, I have gotten a bit nastier.

          I think online blogs that deal with racial issues bring out the worst in me.

          I need to get my ass off such topics too. I can feel the anger in me stirring up.

          Have my edgy comments somehow contributed to that?

          Man, I’m just one SOB! 🙂

          But in all seriousness, yeah, I do need to lay off. It’s just once you start thinking about these things and articulating your thoughts, it’s tough to go back. Besides, in a race obsessed society like this one, avoiding race is too difficult.

          Well, okay, I guess whites who live in homogenous bubbles have the luxury of not thinking about race. But up here in Cali and the Bay in particular, I can’t. My cousin in the Midwest, on the other hand, can, as she lives a very sheltered life in an all white bubble.

          I don’t know. Race is an addictive drug.

        3. Just to clarify, I wasn’t trying to come across as a sarcastic smart-ass with that SOB remark.

          I was just wondering, because you seem like a pretty calm guy.

          It would take some really in your face and offensive racial comments to get you worked up.

        4. It was a poor attempt at humor nonetheless.

          Usually, I’m much funnier than this. Honestly.

          I guess being in an angry mood drives the funny out of me.

          Yet another reason to get off the racial drug.

        5. “It would take some really in your face and offensive racial comments to get you worked up.”

          I see myself as a pacifist seeking social-economic equality for everyone, so you can imagine that my obsession over race (yes, I admit, I am obsessed), anthropology and race-realism has made it very difficult for me to envision this utopia of mine. Ignorance is bliss sometimes.

          Plus, there is simply too much not-so-good stuff going on in my life right now that I can’t afford to stress myself further.

          “Just to clarify, I wasn’t trying to come across as a sarcastic smart-ass with that SOB remark.

          I was just wondering, because you seem like a pretty calm guy.”

          Don’t worry, I didn’t take any offense to what you said. Being the pacifist that I am, I have come across some of the worst people you can image, and from all races:

          A racist Italian teacher in elementary school who downplayed my school project in front of the whole class (he claimed I had someone help me do it); an aggressive Jamaican co-worker who tried to fight me for no apparent reason; a half Nigerian/half Jamaican classmate who tried to choke me to death a few times; a Latino bully; a foul (racist)-mouthed Chinese classmate; foul-mouthed Portuguese classmate; and, finally, an unbelievably EVIL (I mean every letter of that word) Pakistani guy. The list goes on, even extending to family members….

          In other words, I can in many ways relate to what you went through with those blacks. Plus, you can now see why I have such thick skin (admittedly, tolerance is in my blood, though). I have seen the worse of people.

        6. Man, I can now see why you’re so patient and tolerant.

          Compared to the people you’ve had to deal with, I’m child’s play.

    3. I think the families of the deceased – Thornton’s included – should unite and sue the company into the ground for negligence, incompetence, and overall irresponsibility.

      Someone might jump on me for misreading this previously, so I should correct my own error.

      I guess I somewhat misread what she wrote.

      She meant Thornton and the families of the deceased.

      Okay, I guess that makes her position somewhat more reasonable. I agree with her about the families of the deceased.

      However, to me, Thornton’s family doesn’t get shit. You don’t get to shoot people up and then have your family rewarded, regardless of the “reasons” for the shooting.

      Okay, I guess I was reading a little too fast and the only thing that stuck out was Thornton’s name.

      A mistake on my part.

    4. Dude, you need a nice long trip to Tahiti or something. Get a massage, surf, smoke some week and chill out. You’re losing it.

  28. Okay, I realize that to counter my argument, blacks might bring up the serial stabber who’s been targeting black men.

    Although this so-called “white male” is actually an Israeli-Arab.

    But nope, that didn’t stop the lamestream media from initially making the killer out to be a KKK type white racist.–Video

    1. I mean, isn’t it incredible? When I saw the story first break out on the news, they described him as a “white male” who targeted blacks. And of course, the implication was made that it was racial hatred that drove his rage.

      But now that we know he’s an Israeli Arab, all of a sudden the motives as “unclear,” and he’s simply a “disturbed guy.”

      Why is it that non-white serial killers/shooters get a pass (mainly when it comes to interracial killings) but white ones are automatically racist?

      Yeah, so much for all that “white privilege.”

    2. Although this so-called “white male” is actually an Israeli-Arab.

      Interesting. Tim Wise had a blurb on his Facebook page, complaining that the news wasn’t discussing the stabber because he was white. He has since deleted it.

      Wise hasn’t mentioned Thornton.

      1. I agree with Tim Wise that White people are evil. And the best way for Wise to make a teachable moment out of that would be for Tim Wise to just shoot himself, preferably onstage at one of his expensive anti-racist pep talks. I would laugh so hard if he did that! I might even turn into a real PC anti-racist nut for a day just for laughs. Then after I’d like to go to his funeral and start laughing until they were forced to eject me from the services.

        I love you Timmy! Muaaaaaaaaah!

        1. No, since he has taken the sins of the white race upon himself, I want to see him ride into Nashville upon an ass, and be nailed to a cross at the Grand Ole Opry.

          Only then will we be cleansed of our sins.

      2. Interesting. Tim Wise had a blurb on his Facebook page, complaining that the news wasn’t discussing the stabber because he was white. He has since deleted it.

        Guess he didn’t want people to call him on his bullshit, huh?

        Guess he didn’t want his whole argument that the media favors white criminals and white victims over black ones to be challenged, huh?

        By the way, that fuck has a new website and the featured quote is that “he’s one of the most brilliant thinkers of our time” (paraphrase) by none other than the amazing afrocentrist Molefi Asante.

        This guy really is a black-ass kissing piece of work.

        1. I love how all his pictures show him in oration mode. He’s never just sitting there or smiling into the camera. He really thinks himself the Great White Savior.

    1. Interesting video.

      The problem with certain white nationalists such as Jared Taylor is that they would never associate themselves with working class whites.

      At least with WN’s such as Metzger and white populist talk show host James Edwards, they care about reaching out to the average white.

      And that’s exactly what WN’s need to do if they want to win. They don’t need to win me over. They need to win the average, “raceless” white guy over.

      Preaching to the choir doesn’t do a lick of good.

  29. Cool video LaFleur, but it ain’t communism. It’s a commune. It doesn’t pose a threat to capitalism, but it’s a great way to opt out of capitalist mores. My sister lived in communes for over twenty years. I’ve stayed with her on two of them. She’s an anarchist. It’s a great way to live.

      1. He’s an eminently mockable character, much like other certain Korean eccentrics who shall remain nameless.

        1. I didn’t mock him. I would like to know more about the Enver Hoxha of North Korea. Commie videos sound funny nowadays because they’re very stilted, and full of patriotic music. Also the accent was great. Is that a Russian or a Korean accent?

        2. Actually I think it’s a mix of Korean and Russian accents. I’ve never heard a Korean or Russian accent that sounds like that separately.

    1. Hmm…I followed the link the entire article, entitled ‘The World in Flames.’
      Mr Yockey has this to say about General de Gaulle:

      “De Gaulle is not a great man, but if he is able to gain French independence, he will immediately find himself the spiritual leader of all Europe, pygmy though he is. De Gaulle is a cretin, but people will follow even a cretin if he embodies their deepest, most natural, instinctive feelings.”

      How dare he call the man who rallied the French against the Nazi occupation of their country a “cretin” and a “pygmy”? Is Mr Yockey looking in the mirror when he writes this? For surely he is the same. Did he ever lead anybody?

  30. Forget about Friday the 13th. Many on Wall Street took to whispering about an even scarier phenomenon—the “Hindenburg Omen.”

    The Omen, named after the famous German airship in 1937 that crashed in Lakehurst, N.J., is a technical indicator that foreshadows not just a bear market but a stock-market crash. Its creator, a blind mathematician named James Miekka, said his indicator is now predicting a market meltdown in September.

    Wall Street has been abuzz about whether the Hindenburg Omen will come to bear, with some traders cautioning clients about the indicator and blogs pondering all the doom and gloom. But Andrew Brenner, managing director at Guggenheim Securities, told his clients: “Personally, it sounds like [people] are starting their weekend drinking early.”

    Technical indicators, with names like “The Death Cross” and “The Bearish Abandoned Baby” have been attracting mainstream attention in recent months. Amid an increasingly volatile market, investors have been searching for any clues about stocks’ direction, especially this past week where major indexes fell more than 3%.

    “We always love good conspiracy theories,” said Joseph Battipaglia, chief market strategist of the private-client group at Stifel Nicolaus. But he noted that market watchers sometimes make too much of what could be mere coincidences. “I for one dismiss all these things because they usually erupt most numerously during bear markets.”

    Mr. Miekka came up with the Omen in 1995 as a way to predict big market downturns, developing a formula that parses data like 52-week stock levels and the moving averages of the New York Stock Exchange. He said the Hindenburg Omen’s name was coined by a fellow market technician, Kennedy Gammage, when they found out the name “Titanic” already had been taken.

    The confluence of data used by the Omen was officially tripped this week. There were 92 companies that hit new 52-week highs on Thursday, or 2.9% of all companies traded on the New York Stock Exchange. There were also 81 new lows, or 2.6% of the total. Each number must exceed 2.5% for the Omen to occur, according to Mr. Miekka.

    Other criteria include a rising 10-week moving average for NYSE and a negative McClellan Oscillator, a technical indicator that measures market fluctuations. Mr. Miekka said the appearance of one signal is usually an indication of a market top, but the Omen becomes more accurate when there are two or more close together.

    The Omen was behind every market crash since 1987, but also has occurred many other times without an ensuing significant downturn. Market analysts said only about 25% of Omen appearances have led to stock-market declines that can be considered crashes.

    “The Hindenburg Omen does show some deteriorating internals, which signals some major concerns,” said Ryan Detrick, senior technical strategist at Schaeffer’s Investment Research. “But it isn’t a reason to move to 100% in cash. We’re taking a wait-and-see approach, but considering its recent history, we’re considering it more than other indicators.”

    Mr. Miekka, who writes a Wall Street newsletter called “Sudbury Bull & Bear Report” out of his homes in Maine and Florida, wasn’t even aware that his own Hindenburg Omen indicator was activated. The 50-year-old former physics teacher, who is an avid target shooter, said he was “taken by surprise” after he plugged the data into his model.

    He didn’t say whether it is a good time to bail out of the market, but he isn’t exactly in a bullish mood when it comes to stocks. “I’ll be dancing close to the door,” he said.

    —Donna Kardos Yesalavich contributed to this article.…=googlenews_wsj

    A few of the other HINDENBURG articles here:

    ‘Hindenburg Omen’ foreshadows imminent FTSE crisis, warns BGC’s David Buik
    Will the stock market crash or will it soar to new highs?…David-Buik.html…-hindenburg.htm…cm_ven=GOOGLEFI

    1. Hmm.

      Out of all the white nationalists out there, I’ve never really been a big fan of David Duke. For some reason, I’ve never been a fan of his.

      The list of WN’s that I’m not too big on are:

      1. Pat Buchanan
      2. David Duke
      3. Steve Sailer
      4. Ted Pike
      5. Skinheads


      The ones I do like (even if I don’t always agree with them):

      1. The late Sam Francis
      2. Jared Taylor
      3. Tomislav Sunic
      4. The people at Alternative Right (including Alexander Kurtagic and Paul Gottfried)
      5. James Edwards and The Political Cesspool

      (although they can be a bit hit and miss for me. Sometimes they’re really good, but other times, they get into all this religious conspiracy theory nonsense, such as having Hutton Gibson on calling the pope a homo. I also don’t like Ted Pike that much, but I digress)

      I like many of Duke’s policies (though I’m not too big on him wanting to abolish the IRS, which comes across as reactionary Libertarian economics). I like his views on outsourcing/insourcing, ending the wars, anti-immigration, breaking up the monopolistic media, ending political greed/corruption/special interest lobbies, etc.

      But I don’t like the way he’s trying to compare himself to the late Robert Byrd (ie. I used to be a Klansman, but I’m now a respectable guy just like that redeemed ex-Klansman and Democrat Byrd). I also don’t like the way he sleazily claims to be for fairness and equal treatment. He might as well just come out and say that he’s for whites.

      (although I acknowledge that such a move would be suicidal, since most whites are not racially conscious and would only be willing to get on board with an implicitly white movement. Okay, so I guess he’s just being practical. Same with the Robert Byrd comparison. That’s a pretty practical and clever move. Okay, I guess he should do whatever it takes to win)

      In other words, he’s being an implicit white nationalist, but not an explicit one. This is bound to cause him trouble during the campaign. If for no other reason than him being dishonest.

      But yes, if a viable white nationalist were able to wage a successful presidential campaign, I’d vote for him. If David Duke were to made some noise, he’d get my vote. At the very least, he’s better than any of these lame Democrats or Republicans, that’s for sure. He would also look out for someone like me.

      With the Tea Party movement and cries from grassroots whites about “wanting their country back,” I can sense some implicit white nationalism going on.

      Of course, most white people are too scared of the word “racist” to come out as explicitly pro-white, but there is an implicit white movement going on, as evidenced by the Tea Party (which I’m not a huge fan of, since they say dumb things and try to get as many Uncle Tom’s on stage as possible), Arizona and the popular support its enjoyed among whites throughout the nation, etc.

      I sense that more and more whites are becoming racially conscious and ethnocentric, as they begin to realize that they’re being displaced and attacked from all angles.

      I’ve never asked you this, FPY, but just out of curiosity, which Asian nationalists/thinkers do you admire the most?

      Also, since when did David Duke become “Dr” David Duke?

      1. Kim Il-sung, Ho Chi Minh, Mao. Frankly, other than national leaders, there have not been many nationalist thinkers in twentieth century Asia, because of Cold War communism coming right after the defeat of Japan in 1945 and the break up of British, French etc. colonies in Asia.
        He became Dr. David Duke because I believe he received an honorary degree from a university in the Ukraine somewhere around 2004-2005.
        What do you think of Kevin MacDonald?
        When what do you not like about Ted Pike and Steve Sailer (who I’m not too keen on myself)? The Tea Party has been pretty much co-opted by the neocons, hence the retarded noise coming from their rallies, such as “more wars for Israhell!”

        1. What do you think of Kevin MacDonald?

          I like him, because he’s been on the front lines. But he wouldn’t make my top five.

          When what do you not like about Ted Pike and Steve Sailer (who I’m not too keen on myself)?

          For one, one of the things that distinguishes me from other white nationalists is that I do not believe in racialist biology/”scientific racism.”

          Having actually studied race and anthropology in college, the proponents of scientific racism just sound anti-intellectual and backwards.

          Jared Taylor falls into this trap, but he’s not strident in this regard, and his other strengths compensate for this. In general, his smooth demeanor, polished appearance, and intellectual background are essential to any serious white nationalist movement.

          While I am critical of disproportionate Jewish influence, I don’t like Pike because he goes on these rants about how Jews are really a bunch of inferior Khazar peoples who are not really Jews, white Europeans are the real Hebrews, etc.

          Pike basically sounds like those loony afrocentrists who believe that the Hebrews were really black.

          I’m really not into these religious conspiracy theories (ie. the Jews aren’t the real Hebrews, etc).

          As for Sailer, I just think that he’s a pseudo-intellectual masquerading as a mainstream pundit/thinker.

          I like my white nationalists educated and unapologetic/not trying to be respectable mainstream figures.

          (like Pat Buchanan, who’s also on that list. I also don’t like Buchanan’s defense of Hitler, whom I consider to be the greatest historical enemy of white people, for various reasons)

        2. The Tea Party has been pretty much co-opted by the neocons, hence the retarded noise coming from their rallies, such as “more wars for Israhell!”

          Pretty much.

          James Edwards has discussed this frequently.

          I also think it’s really pathetic the way they recruit as many Uncle Tom’s and Tio Taco’s as possible, in a vain attempt to prove that they’re not racist.

          I mean, they might as well go all in as a white/white nationalist movement, because the Tea Party is 99.9% white.

          And yet they keep trying to win over blacks, 95% of whom voted for Obama, and will NEVER vote Republican in large numbers anytime soon.

          All the pandering and denial of their whiteness sickens me.

        3. What do yo think of the other writers on the Occidental Observer website such as Edmund Connelly, Christopher Donovan. Kutargic and Sunic are also frequent contributors of course.

        4. When did Buchanan defend Hitler? In what regards?

          Well, perhaps I should clarify.

          He didn’t defend Hitler per se, but in many ways he was a defender.

          From what I’ve read, he wrote a book, which basically claims that WWII was unnecessary, and that if it weren’t for the aggressive, in your face actions of Britain and France, there never would have been a war. In other words, Hitler wasn’t really a bad guy, he just got provoked into war.

          Also, during the late 70s, he apparently said something to the effect that Hitler was a great individual on account of his personal qualities.

          I don’t know the specific quote and I confess that I don’t have any solid evidence off the top of my head, but in a nutshell he thinks Hitler was misunderstood and wrongly attacked by others.

        5. Donovan and Connelly are almost geniuses. It’s amazing how sharp and incisive their writing is, and they are able to pound home a point without getting too verbose.

      2. All this talk of whites “wanting their country back” is pretty amusing. In two centuries of history every damn President has been lily white. We get one non-white president and these guys go apeshit. On top of that, I see no other non-white potential future candidates currently in the pipeline. Obama is pretty much a fluke. It’s unbelievable.

        Whites like to think blacks are a bunch crybabies over racism, but American whites can be some of the most spoiled crybabies on the planet. Whites own virtually all the land in America, all the fortune 500 corporations, probably 98% of the wealth, whites control the media and military, have made up all but 3 Supreme Court justices in 2 centuries, virtually all the governors and the floor of Congress is a sea of white male faces and whites think they’ve lost the country. It’s literally nauseating hearing these guys whine! I think some of these guys need to get a serious grip. I don’t know WHAT THE HELL they would do if they woke up tomorrow and they were black. I guess they’d just commit suicide if they think it’s so tough being white.

        Yeah, whites have it SOOOOO bad!!! I know Tim Wise isn’t loved around here, and I don’t even agree with him all the time, but the guy acknowledges white privilege. He can kiss black ass or not, I don’t care, but he ACKNOWLEDGES white privilege while 99% of whites are in denial. The man sees through all the bullshit.

        1. I know Tim Wise isn’t loved around here, and I don’t even agree with him all the time

          You don’t agree with him at times? Really?

          Since when does a black person not agree with him? He basically kisses your ass.

          Anyway, I’ve already had a million debates with you on this whole idea of “white privilege,” so I’m not even going to bother this time.

          All I know is that the white elites who run things are not doing a damn thing to help the average white person.

          White elites will fuck over anyone, including their own people.

          I would much rather have other whites run things than these liberal/neocon elites.

          My interests have not been looked after for quite some time, and that’s a fact.

        2. Let’s see, The Simpsons:

          Homer Simpson: “I’m a white male age 18-49, everyone listens to me, regardless of how dumb I am.”

          Family Guy (as American colonist flashback episode): “Everyone has equal rights. Except blacks, women, Hispanics, Asians, and gays. Just straight white men.”

          I can come up with others.

          But no, contrary to popular black beliefs, these discussions of white dominance and “white privilege” are not largely absent from the discussion as you would have it.

          You have two mainstream, widely watched shows going into it.

          Tim Wise is hardly courageous just for regurgitating what black activists and various leftists have been saying since god knows when.

        3. Also, there’s not a SINGLE WASP on the Supreme Court.

          Our president: Black man
          Attorney General: Black man
          Chief of Staff: Jewish
          Senior Adviser: Jewish
          Secretary of State: White woman

          Obama’s overall cabinet: 9/21 people are non-whites, which actually makes them over-represented.

          The mayors of various major cities throughout the country: Non-white (mainly black).

          The chancellor of my UC: Black man.

          Hollywood: Jewish

          The two senators of our own state: Jewish women.


          Not exactly seeing the hegemonic white gentile male dominance that everyone speaks of.

        4. Have you noticed how Cultural Marxist leftists generally do not talk about jewish power and influence? They still act as if white Gentiles were still running things. This shows you who’s really behind these clowns.

        5. They still act as if white Gentiles were still running things.

          All I know is that when it comes to the highest echelons of power, guys like me aren’t really there anymore.

          And Tulio, just think about this for a second: A black president able to successfully nominate and have confirmed a fat Jewish Lesbian to the Supreme Court.

          Just let that sink in for a second.

        6. I mean, minorities have it better here than minorities in any non-western/non-white country in the world.

          I mean, yeah, whites can sound like spoiled brats in public with their cries of “reverse racism,” (a dumb term, in my opinion), but so do blacks.

          Blacks think that they are the most oppressed people in the world, and that no one can every truly “understand the black experience.” When it comes to oppression olympics, they’re the undisputed gold medalists.

          And if you ever point out the problems of other people, they scream “oppression olympics!”

          Just look at the hysterical reactions to Thad’s comments over at Abagond, and you’ll witness just how bratty and absurd blacks can sound.

        7. “a fat Jewish Lesbian to the Supreme Court. ”

          What exactly does Kagan’s weight, religious background sex and sexual orientation have to do with her ability to interpret the Constitution?

        8. What exactly does Kagan’s weight, religious background sex and sexual orientation have to do with her ability to interpret the Constitution?

          That wasn’t my point, Tulio.

          The point is that her being a Supreme Court Justice wouldn’t even have been conceivable a few decades ago.

          The point is that things have indeed radically changed, and that this is no longer the Jim Crow era. The point is that the so-called “hegemonic white male power structure” is not so hegemonic.

          Besides, based on reading what some BLACK scholars have to say, Kagan is unqualified.

      3. I just find them to be a misanthropic, selfish, parasitic tribe that exercises too much power and influence considering their miniscule numbers. I also find them hypocritical in their dealings with non-jews and how they deal with each other.

    2. (although they can be a bit hit and miss for me. Sometimes they’re really good, but other times, they get into all this religious conspiracy theory nonsense, such as having Hutton Gibson on calling the pope a homo. I also don’t like Ted Pike that much, but I digress)

      That was in reference to TPC, not Francis, Taylor, Sunic, etc.

  31. I can’t believe Kagan is now confirmed to the Supreme Court. That fat, fugly Jewess dyke would’ve been laughed off in the 1950s. Shows you how much things have degenerated.

    1. And yet, the Cultural Marxists would have you believe that this country is just as racist, sexist, and homophobic as it was in the 50s.

      In other words, in their minds (and in the minds of blacks as well), things haven’t really improved since Jim Crow.

      And yet here you have this ugly looking Jewish Lesbian being nominated by a black president to the Supreme Court, and being confirmed by that “sea of white faces” Tulio frequently decries.

      And I’m still being told that white gentile males like me dominate everything and run the show.

      Yeah, riiight!

        1. I like Elena Kagan, with reservations. I think she is a good liberal pick for the Supreme Court. And I am very glad she’s a lesbian. It’s so cool to have the first gay person on the Supreme Court!

    2. Fpy3p- so being good-looking is important to how good of a supreme court judge she is? What if she had been good-looking, then what?

      or what if Obama was using the Berlusconi method of appointing female law makers.

  32. What, whites running the show? Gosh what a fate worse than death! They’d never be able to treat anyone fairly.

    The problem with this analysis is that as usual Silver, you are insincere. For instance, in the White America that you envision, non-Whites will certainly not be treated fairly, right?

    So, yeah, Whites can treat non-Whites fairly, except when they are Whites like you, right Silver?

  33. bay area guy All I know is that when it comes to the highest echelons of power, guys like me aren’t really there anymore

    So when you subtract Thomas, Kagan,Sotomayer, and Ginsburg the rest of the supreme court justices look a lot like you. Well maybe you can subtract Scalia cause he’s Italian and dark. Scalia of the brown eyed variety.

  34. BAG I mean, minorities have it better here than minorities in any non-western/non-white country in the world.

    So do White Americans but if you’re talking about new immigrant minorities then I get your argument.

  35. Bay Area Guy All I know is that the white elites who run things are not doing a damn thing to help the average white person.
    White elites will fuck over anyone, including their own people.

    If you waiting around for the white elites to do something for you simply because you share the same skin color, you’ll be waiting a very long time. Just ask under class blks who are still waiting for W.E. Dubois talented 10th.

    BAG Also, there’s not a SINGLE WASP on the Supreme Court.
    So it’s true you don’t like Scalia. How did I guess 🙂

    1. If you waiting around for the white elites to do something for you simply because you share the same skin color, you’ll be waiting a very long time

      Oh I know that, Chic Noir.

      Hence, the reason why I believe in white unity and activism. If we don’t raise hell, nobody will take our REAL concerns into account.

      The liberal/neocon elites certainly won’t.

  36. Hence, the reason why I believe in white unity and activism.
    again bag, look at the blk underclass.

    If we don’t raise hell, nobody will take our REAL concerns into account.

    Who has taken their REAL concerns into account. Just a whole lot of BS over the last few years.

    These are the days of dystopian capitalism and rabid individualism at their finest for you. Tim Wise & Ant Mie are living within the system just as you are.

      1. that might be it BAG. We must buy american made products whenever we see them even if they are more expensive. We should support mom&pop when we can.

        During slavery and immediately after slavery, I think poor and working class whites were united. I’m not sure it did much for them during slavery since the elites still preferred owning slaves to hiring poor whites to pick their crops.

        One person I think it was T aka Ricky Raw wrote that the elites are addicted to cheap labor. That’s why African-Americans are here, that’s why so many new immigrants are here and that’s why many American jobs are being outsourced.

        1. I like what you’re saying, chic noir, but North American shoppers aren’t the smartest cookie in the cookie jar. They don’t know a good American product even if it slapped them in their face. To them, all American goods are crap and will always remain crap (there are a few exceptions, though). I think that like the Japanese and European shoppers, American shoppers need to give their American-made products a preferential advantage, but they’re probably the only people on this planet that don’t.

          Take American cars for example — aside from maybe Chrysler, today’s Detroit automakers (GM and Ford) have been making world-class cars for the past few years. Sure things were bad, but great improvements have been made to the point where they lead in many industry segments. However, North Americans buyers refuse to even acknowledge this, instead opting for the overpriced Japanese and sometimes German vehicles.

          They believe that all Japanese cars have good quality, even though it’s only Honda and maybe Toyota (the company has been going backwards, though) that can claim that title. The reliability of the others — Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Suzuki — have been worse than those of American automakers for a very good part of history. To North American buyers, they are Japanese companies, therefore they automatically make better products than American companies.

          But the Government needs to also support its industries, which I don’t think it does too much of. The Japanese government has practically locked-down its country’s market from foreign competition, giving Japanese companies breathing room in their domestic market to improve the quality of their products before they sell them in other markets. American companies aren’t afforded such liberty. Quite frankly, I don’t know why Western governments tolerate this from Japan. That country doesn’t play fair at all.

        2. I think poor and working class whites were united. I’m not sure it did much for them during slavery since the elites still preferred owning slaves to hiring poor whites to pick their crops.

          Good point.

          One of the problems I have with other white nationalists is their embrace of the South/Confederacy loving nonsense.

          If they truly cared about their fellow whites, particularly white workers/peasants, there is no way in hell they could have supported a government that supported slavery.

          Slavery undercut white wages and bled the South dry. Is it any coincidence that the poorest states today, where white males have higher homicide rates than any other part of the country, are in the South?

          I’ve said this before, but I think that WN’s need to drop all this Libertarian economics crap.

          They also need to stop embracing the Confederacy, which supported a system that screwed whites.

          We must buy american made products whenever we see them even if they are more expensive.

          Good proposal.

          Do you have a list of products that are American made (and thus we should buy) and foreign products (which we should avoid)?

          I’m also interested in a list of all companies that do business with Israel, so I’ll know to avoid them.

          Hey Robert, that could be a post.

          What to buy and what to boycott.

    1. Hey chic noir, what’s going on? You’re starting to write very well these days. That’s some damn fine writing you’re doing. What’s up?

      I can’t figure this out. A lot of average type writers/thinkers come on the site, and then after a while, they start writing and thinking like geniuses. I think the site stirs them up and gets their brains moving.

      1. Haha, why thank you Robert. My weird mind may indeed be slowing down a bit so that I can now write a half decent sentence.

        *chic noir curtsies to Robert*

      2. BAG I’ve said this before, but I think that WN’s need to drop all this Libertarian economics crap.

        I’ve not been convinced that Libertarianism will work for people living in large cities who own no land. People who depend on corporate America to pay their bills can be true Libertarians.

        BAG Do you have a list of products that are American made (and thus we should buy) and foreign products (which we should avoid)?

        Beyond cars and a few fashion lines, I don’t.

        I just look at the tags. It’s hard to find anything American made now. At least if I buy something that’s made in France or Italy, I can tell myself that the workers were paid a fair wage and treated fairly.

        don’t be fooled by American Apparel. Yes their clothes are American made but they also employ a large number of illegal residents . American Apparel is also changing the way they’re paying their workers. They are going to start paying them by the piece which means you will have people working themselves to the bone to make a few extra cents.

        I’m sure this leads to burnout in the long-term and carpel tunnel syndrome and other sorts of bodily injuries but it’s good for the higher ups bottom line. Remember this was how the slaves* were treated too. Push push push as hard as possible for a larger profit for as a long as possible. When they fall apart, just get a replacement.

        I find myself looking at the tags more and more these days thought. The other day I was in some store looking at a t-shirt that I thought was pretty nice looking. then I looked at the price tag , 60 bucks. I said to myself,

        1. These people must really think I’m a fool.

        2. Why the hell would I pay 60 dollars for a shirt that was made in a country where the labor cost .89 cents per hour and this shirt took the maker no more than 10 minutes.

        3. I not sure this t-shirt would hold up for 6 months.

        * I keep using the slave references because it’s important to see how people will use, abuse and discard “workers” because of greed.

    1. Excellent article.

      Thank you for this insight!

      That reminds me. I cannot wait until TPC gets Brother Nathanael on the show again. I mean, he’s a bit nuts and makes some factually incorrect statements, but you will never be bored listening to him.

      1. By the way, I looked up Francis Parker Yockey in greater depth, and I find him interesting.

        He’s a paleocon/WN who isn’t afraid to be an independent thinker who makes common cause with the left when necessary.

        What I know of him mainly comes from a wikipedia search.

        Hey Robert, maybe FPY could do a guest post on Francis Parker Yockey and his beliefs.

        1. Actually Yockey would consider paleocons as “conservatards”. He’s way more radical than that. He’s a Third Positionist, which some people would call fascist.

        2. Interesting. I guess you could say Tom Metzger is pretty similar.

          By the way, from a purely WN perspective, why did he want to support anti-colonial/3rd world movements?

          He was a pretty enigmatic figure throughout his life. You could never place him in any strict ideological category.

          But yeah, if you have extensive information about him, that would be awesome. Like I said, maybe a guest post, if Robert permits it.

        3. You could say I’m a bit of a 3rd positionist.

          White nationalist, but economically leftist.

          My views are very complex.

        4. I guess Yockey’s stance on anti-colonial movements was that he would realize that imperialism screws everyone over, both the colonized as well as the citizens (not the elites of course) of the imperialist power.
          I guess he’s against “invade, invite the world”.

        5. I guess Yockey’s stance on anti-colonial movements was that he would realize that imperialism screws everyone over, both the colonized as well as the citizens (not the elites of course) of the imperialist power.
          I guess he’s against “invade, invite the world”.

          Excellent points.

          For example, only European elites really benefited from imperialism. The average white European was screwed by the deal, as evidenced by them now having to put up with racial diversity.

          Similarly, American imperialism does not help the average white guy like me. Far from it.

          I’m tired of people hating the U.S, the wasteful military spending, poor priorities, and other ills just because a few neocon/liberal/conservative elites want some extra cash for themselves.

        6. The problem though is that, as long as Americans remain silent, the world will simply assume that the imperialist elites have the consent of and speak for the American citizens.

        7. as long as Americans remain silent, the world will simply assume that the imperialist elites have the consent of and speak for the American citizens.


          Though at least based on Europeans I’ve talked to, they distinguish between the actions of a government and the people of a country.

          But yes, anti-Americanism exists for a reason. We cannot let these elites keep pillaging in our name, or we’ll be left with a permanent sea of enemies.

        8. Patriotards from the Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh school don’t help either. Can you think of a people as moronic, vile, and evil as mainstream neocon Republicans?

        9. Can you think of a people as moronic, vile, and evil as mainstream neocon Republicans?

          Cultural Marxists and anti-racists.

          Although, to their credit, they are not the ones who have bankrupted this country, gotten it involved in costly wars, etc.

          But yeah, the neocons/conservatards such as Limbaugh annoy the hell out of me. The fact that so many whites listen to him disturbs me and makes me ashamed.

          If more white people listened to TPC as opposed to Limbaugh and Hannity, they would be in much better shape.

        10. That’s a good point BAG. Cultural Marxists, while wrong and annoying, don’t really have real world power and thus are not that big of a problem. Frankly I think they exist simply as a way for the ruling elites do divide and conquer the populace. Neocon warmongers and greedy bankster on the other hand, fuck up everything they touch and their actions effect EVERYBODY.

        11. Frankly I think they exist simply as a way for the ruling elites do divide and conquer the populace.

          That’s interesting, because I remember you bringing up the parallels between the false left (Cultural Marxism) and false right (Neoconservatism).

          In many ways, they exist as a way to distract people from the true left (economic justice) and true right (paleocons/WN’s).

          But good point. While on a personal and emotional level, I despise the Cultural Marxists more, I also recognize that neocons and mainstream conservatards such as Limbaugh have done FAR MORE damage.

          As Paul Craig Roberts once said, I would gladly accept thousands of illegal immigrants from Mexico, if they were to replace every single neoconservative.

    1. Oh yes, just saw that video.

      I await the glorious day when neocons are tried as the war criminals and arbiters of destruction that they are.

    1. Rather hypocritical coming from him, but that being said, it raises an important point.

      As long as we continue to permit American imperialism, our enemies will use it as a stick with which to beat us, and we’ll continue to be denounced as hypocrites, and rightfully so.

      And how to help end American imperialism?

      -Buy only American made goods and boycott non-American products.

      -Completely boycott, divest, and sanction Israel.

      -Oh, and on that note, let’s get rid of all neoconservatives.

      Hey Robert, a post on what to buy and what to boycott would be good.

      1. Yeah but take a look at a map of how far Britain is from its own colonies, both geographically as well as culturally, and how close Germany was, in both respects to its own conquests. The British have always been the most hypocritical, as well as the most willing to accomodate jewish interests.

      2. So few things are made in American now that you’d probably have to do a general strike, like Larry Flynt was calling for a while ago. It didn’t go anywhere. I think it’s a great idea, though I spend so little it would be pretty easy for me.

        The question is what would be the living standard in post-empire America? I’d be willing to live pretty simply in order to live in peace, myself. However, I’m surrounded by people who can’t bear to think of a future without shopping for crap they don’t need as a pastime. Most of my relatives have only television and shopping to keep themselves occupied with when not working.

        1. You’re still a young woman, right? Under 30, maybe even under 25? You sure write and think well for such a young woman. Most young women don’t write and think as well as this. Often they don’t even seem to think much at all. 😉

          Why don’t you go to university?

        2. LaFleur The question is what would be the living standard in post-empire America?

          Fewer two car homes, people will drive their cars for a lot longer. people will live in much smaller homes. Maybe a return to the extended family where grandma & grandpa acts as babysisters. Hey they are much better than daycare . Less expensive college educations. An end to degrees that are more expensive than homes.

  37. I would like to go back to school, but I am terrified of taking on a lot of non-dischargeable student loan debt and being unable to find a job. I know people who have basically given up on ever paying back their loans, and have resigned themselves to having their wages garnished for the rest of their lives. It’s actually cheaper for them to let the .gov take 10% of their paychecks forever than to pay their loans back, considering what their incomes are.

    I’ve thought of getting a teacher’s certificate, but schools around here are trying to get rid of teachers rather than hire them. I’m just at a loss as to what field is worth going into. I guess I could take some food courses at my local community college, since that interests me. I have never liked math or science, unfortunately.

    1. La Fleur, go into health care(nursing,physican assitant, or mediacal billing at home). People will always get sick. The number of 2&300 hundred punders in America means there will be many people whose body will start to break down once they hit 50. Esp the younger generation whose bodies are overfed but malnouried and underexercised.

      To keep cost down, try to take as many of your courses at a lost cost Community College before transfering into a four year school. Keep your GPA above 3.0 perferably 3.5.

      fyi, If you’re a red head, left handed, have German,Irish or Jewish ancestors, there are schoolarships for you.

      1. The number of 2&300 hundred punders in America means there will be many people whose body will start to break down once they hit 50.

        Yeah, I’ve always dreamed of spending my days wiping baby boomer ass. 🙂

        That’s some sound advice, though, chic noir. I’ve thought of that too. Though I know someone who was told that she’d need all As to get into her desired nursing program.

        Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll add them to the list of things to consider.

        1. As a nurse and certainly as physican assitant, you won’t be wiping boomer butt lol. That’s what techs& nursing assistants are for.

          Though I know someone who was told that she’d need all As to get into her desired nursing program.

          That’s because the programs are becoming competitve. Everyone wants to go nursing school because of the nursing “shortage”.

          You can also fo the route of working for a hospitol* that is willng to pay your tuition. In exhange that you work for them 1 year for each year they paid.

          * any job like nursing assistant, custodian, laundry room etc..

      1. Did you ever write anything that seemed sympathetic to China? I think they’re really paranoid about China now.

        1. You’ve got to be joking Matt. Expressing sympathy with China is illegal now? Even though plenty of scum express sympathy with Israhell?

    1. Nope, people post that stuff all of the Net anyway though.


      There are whole Internet forums that are dedicated to bringing back Nazism and killing all the Jews, at least the ones in the US anyway. They haven’t been shut down yet. It’s amazing the kind of shit you can say in this country.

      There’s shit like that all over the Internet. You just can’t say, “Kill Obama.” You can’t threaten other big public officials either. But people do it all the time anyway, even though it’s illegal. The SS is getting so many threats to Obama that they can’t even keep up with all of them.

      1. Sure, just look at any thread on a right wing forum like Free Republic. The feds know that most people are just howling into the ether.

        Seriously, fp, you have nothing to worry about.

  38. Just finished listening to Edmund Connelly. I’ll never look at Hollywood films the same way again.

      1. I just find it strange the way he uses the term “African American.”

        I mean, what’s a white nationalist doing using such a PC term?

        But otherwise, his insight on Hollywood is excellent.

        1. True, but still.

          When I wish to distinguish between different blacks, I say American blacks, African blacks, or West Indian blacks.

          To me, “African American” just sounds awkward.

  39. Hey, just so all of you know, China has now officially eclipsed Japan as the world’s second largest economy.

    1. But their per capita earnings still sucks. It’s not hard to be such a large economy when you are 25% of the world population.

      1. True.

        Numbers certainly do play a role. That’s why I think all this analysis about how successful and efficient the Chinese are is a bit misleading.

        That being said, I wonder why China has enjoyed success, but not India, which has similar numbers and enjoys linguistic advantages (ie. its knowledge of the English language as a result of the British colonial legacy).

        I agree with you. I certainly would not want to be an average Chinese person. I enjoy my comfortable standard of living and individual liberty, thank you very much.

        However, for those of us OUTSIDE OF CHINA, this is certainly big news. Also, considering that China buys our debt and possesses a huge trade surplus advantage, that doesn’t bode well with me.

        The American economy is running on fumes.

        1. Well if Africa was one united country, with a population matching that of China, I still strongly doubt they would be able to pull off what China did. Of course numbers matter, but that’s not all.

        2. With regards to India, I think a comparison of national IQ averages between China and India would go a long way of explaining the discrepancy.

    1. I confess, my knowledge of WWII is weak, but something tells me that the war would have happened whether Churchill was a dick or not.

      Still, it’s something worth analyzing.

    1. Yeah, makes that Louis CK fellow seem more like a self-righteous dick.

      What disappointed me about that article was that it didn’t mention 3rd world immigration as one of the reasons, you know, that we’re becoming 3rd world.

      As James Edwards once said, “you can’t have a 1st world country with a 3rd world population.”

      1. Good catch, BAG. Wonder why they left that out, huh?

        Other than that it’s a good summary.

        7. Disappearing middle class: During the last presidential debate season, they argued that a family income of $250K was solidly middle-class. Well, Census data shows less than 15% of families make over $100K, and only 1.5% of families make over $250K. The income gap between the rich and poor has increased at a staggering pace, while many more middle-class folks join the ranks of the poor every day. Cavernous income gaps may be what Third-World nations are best known for.

        I don’t know anyone who thinks 250K is middle class! Holy shit, that’s more than 20 grand a month.

        For some more hardcore economic doom, try the good people of Zero Hedge:

        The coming hyperinflationary depression and the credit and asset implosion that is likely to follow will most probably lead to the end of a 200 year era of growth for the Western world. If only the excesses from the 1970s were corrected we might have a circa 20 year decline. But more likely we will correct the era all the way back from the industrial revolution in the 18th century and this could take 100 years or more.

        So after the tumultuous and very painful times that we are likely to experience in the next few years, the West will have a sustained period of decline. All the excesses in the economy and in society must be unwound. These abnormal and unreal excesses are not just corporate executives, bankers, hedge fund managers or sportsmen earning $10s to $100s of millions but also a total collapse of ethical and moral values as well as a breakdown of the family as the kernel of society.

        Most people believe and hope that this major trend change could not happen today with all the measures that governments have at their disposal. But very few people comprehend that it is precisely the government interference, controls and regulations as well as money printing that have created the problems in the first place. Power corrupts, and the more pressure a government is under the more they intervene. Because they believe that their interference in the economy will save the country – read Obama, or the world – read Gordon Brown. Little do they understand that each interference, each regulation or each dollar or pound or Euro printed will exacerbate the problems of the economy manifold.

        Governments now have two options; continue to spend and print money like the US or introduce austerity programmes like Europe. Whichever way they chose will not matter since they have reached the point of no return. The economy of the West cannot be saved by any means. But governments both in the US and in Europe will still apply the only method they know which is to print money.

        Yikes! Cue Iron Maiden:

        Run to the hills! Run for your lives!

        1. This is some good doom too:

          Whether rightly or not, President Obama, having come to power at the dawn of this crisis, will be blamed for it by over 50 percent of the population. He will be a one-term president. In response to his perceived socialization of America, there will be a swarm of secessionist and extremist activity, much of it violent. Militias and armed sects will be more prominent than in the early 1990s. Stand-off dramas, violent score-settlings, and going-out-with-a-bang attacks by laid-off workers and bankrupted investors—already a national plague—will become an everyday occurrence.

          For both economic and social reasons, millions of immigrants and guest workers will return to their home countries, taking their assets and skills with them. The flow of skilled immigrants will slow to a trickle. Birth rates will plummet as families struggle with uncertainty and reduced (or no) income.

          Property crime will explode as citizens bitter over their own shattered dreams attempt to comfort themselves by taking what is not theirs. Mutinies and desertions will proliferate in an increasingly demoralized, over-stretched military, especially when states can no longer provide the educational and other benefits promised to their National Guard troops.

          There will be widespread tax collection issues, and a huge backlash against Federal and state bureaucrats who demand three-percent annual pay raises while private sector wages remain frozen or worse. In short, the “Tea Parties” of tomorrow will likely not be so restrained.

          Finally, between now and 2012, we are likely to see another earth-shaking national embarrassment on the scale of the 9/11 attacks or Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. This will demonstrate conclusively to all Americans that their government, even under a savior-figure like Obama, cannot, in fact, save them.

          By 2012, there will be a general feeling that the nation is in immediate danger of blowing up or coming apart at the seams. This fear will be justified, given that the U.S. has always been held together by the promise of a continuously rising material standard of living—the famous “pursuit of happiness”—rather than any ethnic or religious ties. If that goes, so could everything else. We were lucky in the 1930s—we may not be so lucky again.

    1. Too bad, I was hoping for a fight.

      That pussy white guy said he was from 8 mile?! Please!

      Eminem would have beaten Steve Wilkos’ ass! 🙂

      He may be small and Steve big, but Eminem’s one crazy fucker.

  40. Wow, Newsweek released its top 10 countries list.

    The U.S. is number 11. I can certainly understand that. The U.S. has been increasingly turning into a shithole over the years.

    But Finland as #1?!

    Where did that come from? Why Finland, of all places?

      1. I really don’t like how Jared Taylor cowers from discussing the jewish question. It’s almost as if he believes that kissing their ass will make them more sympathetic to his cause. Jews will never support nationalism for any Gentiles, so I don’t know his point of putting his head in the sand when it comes to the elephant in the room.

        1. Well, I think that it needs to be made clear that NOT ALL Jews are enemies to nationalistic causes.

          I do believe that WN movements should seek all the help they can get. Therefore, if there are Jews who are sincere in helping the WN cause, I say accept them.

          Although, yes, your point is well taken. Tomislav Sunic warns how nationalist political organizations in Europe could be/have been derailed because they attempt to hide their nationalistic agenda behind Jewish concerns.

        2. What’s ironic is that most jews who oppose neocon warmongering and Israhelli barbarism tend to be on the Left. If that’s the case, I’ll take commie jews or pseudo-rightwing jews who support that filthy country and wars for it.

      2. If you guys don’t like Jews, I don’t see how you can stand that guy, just physically. He looks like a character from a Woody Allen movie.

        1. In what ways does he look Ashkenazi?
          And his haplogroup is very rare among German/Austrians but very common among Berbers, Jews, and Arabs.

  41. And his haplogroup is very rare among German/Austrians but very common among Berbers, Jews, and Arabs.

    Cool. Hitler was a wog or better yet, a non-White mongrel. This gets better and better all the time.

    1. If Jews are as Anatolian as you say, why would they share a significant amount of paternal genes with North Africans? And how does Hitler look Ashkenazi?

      1. If Jews are as Anatolian as you say, why would they share a significant amount of paternal genes with North Africans?

        Dunno. I’ll need to consult the Oracles about that one. Be back in a bit after I talk to Delphi.

        And how does Hitler look Ashkenazi?

        He doesn’t. Joke. Damn, fpy, do you have any sense of humor at all man? If you were over here right now, I swear, I would bend over and fart right at you, just to see if you laugh.

        1. To some extent. But watch Japanese gangster flicks from the 1970s for some “emotional expression,” to put it mildly.

  42. Don’t NE Asian cultures suppress emotional expression?

    They do, but fpy’s not normal. He doesn’t get it. He doesn’t get jokes, doesn’t get subtle suggestions, doesn’t pick up on cues. He’s basically lacking in ordinary social skills. I recommend Emotional Intelligence to him.

    Hacienda is a more normal type Asian guy. Notice how hard he laughs and how great a sense of humor he has.

    It’s true Asians can seem stoic, but once you get them alone in all-Asian groups, they seriously cut loose, laugh, cut it up, get extroverted, etc. Asians are just regular people, you just need to get to know them. And having dated many Asian women, I can tell you that they definitely express emotions, just like any woman. They’re pretty controlled for women outside of intimate situations though. Asian women are frankly more SANE than say White women. They just don’t seem so nutty and sheer flat out bonkers.

    Though I was with this Thai woman for a while, and she was really emotionally up and down. I love you, I hate you stuff. But that’s more normal femininity. White women nowadays are just flat out insane. A lot of them seem like they have Borderline Personality Disorder in some way or other.

    1. What do you mean I’m not “normal”? I have a great sense of humor. I found a lot of what you wrote about ball-busting bitches hilarious.

      1. You don’t pick up on social skills. Bad bad bad. You need to work on that. For one thing, it’s utterly deadly when it comes to women.

        No one’s a social expert. Hell, I fuck up all the time. Social skills is a lifelong course that never ends. I am always analyzing my social interactions to try to figure out how they went over. Much of the communication is not even verbal. It’s almost non-verbal. Sometimes people “forget,” “develop amnesia,” “can’t hear you,” ask you to repeat things, etc.

        It’s not easy to figure out at all. But to get good at it is an excellent skill. If you’re a smart person, you might want to get into this fascinating and mysterious part of human relations. I think a smart person could do pretty well there, because so much of it is so hard to figure out. It’s like trying to put together a crossword puzzle.

        1. Much of the communication is not even verbal. It’s almost non-verbal.

          Sometimes it terrifies me how much of human communication is non-verbal, or implied, or context-based. It’s insane.

  43. I’d be interested in seeing Robert do a post on the subject of cougars. I’m sure he’d have something funny to say about them.

      1. Lol. Why did Billy Bats have to rub it in Pesci’s face that he used to be a shoe shiner? And that guy had a lot of cojones talking to DeNiro that way; hence the pen to the neck.

        1. Well, Billy Bats was a made guy, while Pesci’s character wasn’t.

          Later in the film, Pesci was wacked because he killed Bats, who was made.

        2. It was still a reckless move on the part of Billy Bats. Even if you’re made, if you insult one that deeply, you just might not make it through the night.

    1. Wow! If that article is true, this is truly disturbing.

      Who exactly is responsible for this, and how are they going to continue implementing the police state?

    1. Lol!

      If, for some random reason, I were to be facing death at the hands of Sicilian mobsters, I would use that line!

      Nah, I see Italians as my fellow whites. I couldn’t say that with a straight face.

      1. Did you notice how jewish these swarthy Sicilians look, especially the two guys near the end at the refrigerator? It’s because Sicilians themselves have lots of Arab and North African genes.

        1. Well the actor who played the mob boss, Christopher Walken, is a typical white man (Scottish-German).

          The other two, I don’t know.

  44. Hey Robert, how come Occidental Dissent links to your blog? You’re not exactly a fellow WN.

    1. Go over there and ask him.

      He liked Liberal Race Realism and considers it to be a positive trend. Plus, he doesn’t mind me. He knows I hate illegals.

      I love my race, and he respects that. He thinks it’s interesting in a liberal.

      He knows full well that I’m not a WN. That in fact I totally hate it. But he keeps linking to me anyway. He removed some people like Guy White for their excessive philosemitism. Hunter also likes my attitude on the Jewish Question. In fact, many WN’s do. They think it’s a trip that a liberal is so Jew-wise.

        1. No, I’m Jew-hip, but I’m not an anti-Semitic loon.

          Go over to OD sometime. If you’re a liberal and you’re Jew-wise at all, they consider that amazing. I mean, I know what they are up to all, but I don’t particularly hate the either. A lot of OD types don’t really hate Jews either. But some want to ban them from their White state.

          OD is not really all that Jew-obsessed. They’ve had a lot of debates on the Jewish Question and most of the authors don’t consider it all that important. They see US Whites as simply suicidal and not needing Jewish assistance to kill themselves.

        2. Hate it to break it to you Rob, but being Jew-wise is the same as being a “loon”, as you put, in the eyes of Mr. Foxman and Co.
          As long as you’re not a naive, obsequious ass-kisser, you’re an anti-Semite.

        3. Hate it to break it to you Rob, but being Jew-wise is the same as being a “loon”, as you put, in the eyes of Mr. Foxman and Co.
          As long as you’re not a naive, obsequious ass-kisser, you’re an anti-Semite.

          He’s got a point, Robert.

          I mean, with you, me, FPY, aredguy, heg, and others making either critical or disparaging remarks about Jews, I’m surprised the ADL hasn’t listed your blog as a hate site yet!

          I truly mean it!

        4. What’s interesting is that certain Jews such as Norman Finkelstein argue that philo-Semites are really just closet anti-Semites.

          The theory is that Jew haters cannot stop talking about Jews, so in politically correct societies such as Germany, since Jew haters cannot publicly disparage Jews, they instead kiss their ass.

          To me, there’s no such thing as a non-Jewish philo-Semite. My dad comes close, however.

        5. Why do you think there’s no such thing as a Gentile philo-Semite? And if Finkelstein really said that, I’m disappointed. So even ass-kisses are now closet anti-Semites? One thing I’ve learned is it’s not enough to be anti-Zionist like Finkelstein. You have to go all the way like Brother Kapner. Kapner views Zionism as just one aspect of jewish supremacism, and so he rejects jewish identity as a whole, not just Israel.

        6. Because, only a completely deluded and pathetic non-Jew (be it whites such as Rush Limbaugh or blacks such as Larry Elder) could sincerely believe in their ass kissing.

          I don’t think any honest white conservative/liberal can truly believe that Jews are the greatest thing since apple pie.

          Similarly, I don’t think that Uncle Tom’s like Larry Elder truly believe what they’re saying when they kiss white (or Jewish) ass and bash their own people.

          Both Larry Elder and Rush Limbaugh, philo-Semites and Uncle Tom’s alike, are establishment types who get paid good money to toe a certain line.

          Anyway, yeah, Brother Nathanael’s pretty awesome. I don’t mind Finkelstein, though. Anyone opposed to Israel and the Israel lobby is all right in my book.

          (Tim Wise also opposes Israel, but he’s an overall piece of shit, so he’s not all right by me)

        7. Guy White for instance is a very pathetic kind of creature, he is a philo-Semitic WN!
          Talk about a fuckin loser! As if mainstream politics didn’t have enough of these cocksuckers.

        8. I wouldn’t call Guy White a white nationalist.

          I see him as another typical conservative along the lines of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

          The only difference is that he’s an anonymous blogger, as opposed to a well-paid mainstream figure.

          I’m sure he has neocon tendencies, and no WN will have ANYTHING to do with neocon policies.

      1. They think it’s a trip that a liberal is so Jew-wise.


        In general, what I respect about you is that you’re a lefty with a brain.

        1. Guy White’s a philo-Semite?

          Is he Jewish?

          I think that Guy White is Abagond’s greatest nemesis. Whenever Abagond wants to make a point about white racism and racist arguments, he always uses Guy White as an example.

          By the way, Guy white hasn’t written a new post for almost a month.

  45. Guy White’s a philo-Semite?

    Guy White is so philo-Semitic it’s ridiculous. But then he really hates Blacks. I don’t understand Guy White. He says he’s met me in meatspace, but I don’t recall.

    1. Guy White is so philo-Semitic it’s ridiculous.

      How so?

      It’s interesting, because so is No Slappz, former Abagond troll and now a commenter over at Guy White’s blog.

  46. I think that Guy White is Abagond’s greatest nemesis. Whenever Abagond wants to make a point about white racism and racist arguments, he always uses Guy White as an example.

    Abagond is such a fuckin tool. As far as White racism goes, Guy White is pretty mild stuff.

  47. For a look at how insane the real estate prices are in Vancouver, BC, try this fun game: it’s called “Crack Shack or Mansion.”

    Can you tell the difference between a ‘crack shack’ in Vancouver or million-dollar house listing? I only batted a little over .500 myself. I’m stunned at the shitholes that are going for over a million dollars there. And their median income is lower than Windsor, Ontario!

  48. Rob, you should do a post on the state of the First Amendment these days. And when speech, reading, and thought is criminalized as opposed to actual action. The Obongo regime is now supposedly keeping tabs on non-Muslim “domestic extremists”, whatever the hell that means.

    1. And when speech, reading, and thought is criminalized as opposed to actual action.

      Happens in Europe with Holocaust denial and promotion of Fascism, does not really happen at all in the United States. The United States actually has one of the most liberal free speech policies in the world. Problems with free speech in the United States are due to social norms and control of media conglomerates, not any legal restrictions.

      The Obongo regime is now supposedly keeping tabs on non-Muslim “domestic extremists”

      The FBI and CIA has been keeping close tabs on domestic political opposition (both on the left and right) for maaaany years now (at least since the late 1940s). Obama isn’t doing anything differently than the last 10 guys in office.

  49. Has anyone noticed the strange phenomenon of America moving steadily to the left on cultural issues since the 1960s while moving steadily to the right on the issues that matter ( economics, foreign policy)? No wonder the American left is so pathetic; they can’t seem to protect workers’ interests or put a stop to wars and imperialism, but they sure no how to kiss up to fags, feminist freaks, and privileged whiny blacks and Hispanics. If this is what left is, can you blame people for moving towards right-wing populism or quasi-fascism?

  50. “Much of the communication is not even verbal. It’s almost non-verbal.”

    Sometimes it terrifies me how much of human communication is non-verbal, or implied, or context-based. It’s insane.

    You have good social skills on this board, so that’s a good thing. You’re very smart and you’re quite sane. It’s all about being smart and sane. Once a smart person puts their mind to this stuff, you can start to figure it out. It’s a lifetime project though, and you’re always fucking up. I often ask people who are good at this stuff how I should act in given situations.

    Like right now, I’m at total war and Cold War with some of the Mexiscum low life trashy gangbanger types and their associates around here, and I really need some good advice. I’m reporting one to the police as he just ripped me off. But I don’t want to escalate too much.

    What’s weird is that often average to even some pretty dumb people can be quite good at this stuff. These lowlifes and bangers around here are often quite good at the social skills, all the way to nonverbal and context, even better than I am, which is strange considering what idiots they are.

    You know who are masters of this stuff? Low class Whites, like bikers and guys who have been in prison. Prison is all about social skills, even nonverbal and context. You get good or you’re getting fucked over.

  51. Robert,

    I just wanted to say thanks for writing such an interesting blog with eclectic topics. I’m definitely addicted.

    1. I think a post on poor people in general, without sensationalized caricatures would be good.

      I think that in general, poverty is invisible in this country.

      That’s why I think the CRT’s are dead wrong when they insist that they can somehow magically end racism and “white privilege” without addressing the wealth gap and income inequality.

      To me, eliminating poverty among all races, but particularly among blacks (ie. improving black neighborhoods and schools), would go a long way towards eliminating racial stereotypes about blacks.

      Likewise, eliminating white poverty would get rid of an embittered right wing voting class.

      In general, getting rid of poverty in general would make our nation more productive and civil. Racial tension and other tensions are less pronounced when people are making money and enjoying themselves.

      But I digress.

        1. How would you eliminate poverty?

          If I had an answer, I would be a well paid pundit, as opposed to a random commenter!

          But to me, ending costly wars and American imperialism abroad, ending outsourcing AND insourcing (ie. preferences to foreigners with H-1B visas), pushing for a more progressive tax (ie. no more Reaganomics and tax breaks for the wealthy).

          Also, pushing for a healthier American diet would help. Our ridiculous health care costs and heavy use of health care services in many ways is a result of our poor diet and lifestyle choices.

          Those are just a few proposals.

      1. BAG, a good number of blk people admit that the people from Appalachia have it very tuff possibly worse than blks from the projects.

        I agree 100% with what you wrote.

        1. BAG, a good number of blk people admit that the people from Appalachia have it very tuff possibly worse than blks from the projects.


          If only CRT’s would admit the same. Actually, you know what? Screw the CRT’s! Like I said before, who CARES what they think?

      2. Well, true, but wealthy people are not the majority of the country, so there’s no way the Republicans could have won so many elections just by winning the votes of people making between 100-150 thousand dollars.

        I mean, look at the “Southern Strategy.” The majority of white Southerners are not rich, so the fact that Republicans have consistently won Southern states, in spite of the monolithic black vote for Democrats, shows that your average white bubba in the South is more likely to vote Republican than Democrat.

        I mean, without this almost monolithic white Southern vote, the Republicans would not have won so many elections.

        Perhaps I’m wrong, and if you could provide a link to a Gelman article, that would be great.

        That is, if you can actually trust what a Jew writes.

        Lol! Touche!

        Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had excellent Jewish history professors, and Jews have made many significant contributions in intellectual pursuits.

        I’m just skeptical of their intentions.

        But if Gelman argues in a way that I deem persuasive, Jew or non-Jew, I’ll respect his opinion.

      3. Well, in California, I lived in Huntington Beach. Not everyone in Orange County is rich, but if they’re White, they’re Republican. Then I moved to Fresno. Poor and working class Whites, mostly voting Republican due to their deeply conservative nature.

        Then to the Sierra foothills. Full of poor and working class Whites living somewhat like a little Appalachia. Just about everyone you meet is conservative, and everyone votes Republican. Then to Madera. I don’t even want to ask.

        All my time here in California has taught me that White = Republican. I can’t tell you how many low income and poor Whites I have met who vote Republican. Republican politics is in the air in these places, and it’s almost dangerous to be a Democrat. The foothills ones are rural Whites, like in the Red states. I can’t remember the last time I White person told them that they voted Democrat out of their class interests.

        Usually these people have conservative values. For instance, almost everyone is anti-abortion. Also there is an “I work!” aspect of hating the Dems as the party of the loafers who leech off your tax dollars.

        Everyone listens to Rush Limbaugh and everyone goes to a fundamentalist church, if they go to one at all. It’s the God and guns crowd.

        At this point, I am terrified to bring up politics to any White person, because I am afraid of what they will say. Seems like 90% of the time, they’re conservatives, and you’re sorry you asked.

        Being a Dem in those places is seriously uncool. Republicans hassle you like you’re the enemy, and there’s a lot of peer pressure to conform. A lot of people just vote Republican out of peer pressure and the local cultural environment. Most people don’t want to be rejects, and Dems are rejects in those places.

      4. Rob, didn’t Nixon grow up in rural California? Do the rural Californians you know speak like he does? Nixon seems to have had a very quaint sounding American accent.

      5. Isn’t it ironic that Jews (mischaracterized as the hostile elite) are often accused of having contempt for poor (presumably only Gentile) Whites, yet here I am, defending poor Whites?

        Well, I’m not attacking poor whites. I’m not demonizing them or saying that they’re bad people.

        I’m just pointing out that many of them DO indeed vote Republican. And yes, this isn’t an attack on them, but the South is indeed one of the poorest and least educated regions in this country.

        Of course, that doesn’t mean that the people are mostly poor hicks living in trailers. But there’s a reason why the Republicans win the South, even though the South has a very large black population that monolithically votes Democratic.

        Obviously, they’re winning the votes of poor and working class whites. Logically, that makes sense.

        I’m not saying this to score points. Logically, that’s what I believe.

        And logically speaking, you defending poor whites (admirable as it may be) does not all of a sudden make Jews as a whole sympathetic to whites (poor whites in particular).

      6. You know what? I spoke too soon. I’ll read your links and then come up with a more informed opinion.

        I just didn’t feel like reading them all at the moment.

  52. Robert what type of music do you like?

    I would you to write a post your favorite types of music.

    Are there any rap songs that you like?


    1. I’m an old school rocker from the 1970’s and 1980’s. Heavy metal, rock n roll, 60’s rock, folk rock, country rock, electronic rock, glam rock, punk rock, gothic rock, speed metal, death metal.

      All that stuff. The only Black stuff I was into was old Black music from the 1960’s and 1950’s and then funk in the 1970’s. Parliament-Funkadelic, etc. I also got into disco music like Kaycee and the Sunshine Band. And I love soul. Rick James was great too.

      I’m not into this new rap stuff too much, though some of it is pretty good. I left off with Grandmaster Flash.

  53. Rob, what’s your opinion on Nixon and Kissinger? There one of the very few Republicans that I have a high regard for.

    1. I don’t see how you can have a high opinion of Nixon, considering he launched secret attacks against Cambodia and Laos and thus killed your fellow Asians?

      1. Well frankly almost every post-war President has done something of that nature; with Johnson actually starting the whole Vietnam carnage. He however opened relations with China, the most populous and important Asian nation, and he pursued detente with the Soviet bloc.

  54. Terrorist events on a per capita basis…
    Terrorist events by Jews per million Jews / by Christians per million Christians/ by Muslims per million Muslims. Also, in warfare

  55. ..or civilian deaths inflicted by majority Christian, Muslim, or Jewish countries. I think the Christians might win on that one.

  56. Hey Robert, a post on the upcoming film “Machete,” and the propaganda it promotes would be good.

    Ever think that Hollywood will make a film about a Palestinian vigilante who kills xenophobic and oppressive Israelis? Nah.

    Leave it to Jewish run Hollywood to promote open borders.

    I’m not going to scream “reverse racism” or any of that nonsense. I’m just going to put my money where my mouth is and refuse to see this film. And so should all other white people.

    I mean, it seems that the film is also meant to b a goofy vigilante film, but the political/racial message is undeniable.

    1. There are some advance user reviews of Machete here:

      None of them mention any calls for race war. Sounds like Alex might be overreacting slightly.

      He says that Mexico has triple the wealth of the United States. I’ve read that Mexico is the world’s 10th largest economy, so I don’t know where he gets that. I do agree that the Mexican elite is disgusting and the Mexican people should deal with their own country’s corruption. Apparently Mexico takes in only 12 percent of its gross domestic profit in taxes, as opposed to 25-28 percent in the US. Even Brazil taxes itself at twice the Mexican rate.

      I’m sure I won’t see this at the theater. I’ll probably wait until it shows up at the library, or maybe I’ll download it, LOL.

      1. Yeah, I don’t know where Alex got the idea that Mexico has a ton of wealth.

        I guess you could say it’s more of a vigilante movie.

        But that whole “we didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us!” line does sound a bit reconquista-ish to me.

        1. Oh, I expect the movie to be full of lines like that. He knows his audience for this flick.

          I don’t think it’s gonna start any riots though. It’s just Mexsploitation. I had to laugh when Alex talked about all the white people in the movie being evil and racist. Remember all the evil whiteys in those Pam Grier movies?

          I have to wonder what side Alex is really on though. He sounded kind of excited at the prospect of violence.

        2. Just to clarify, I’m no fan of Alex Jones. One, I think he goes too far in his beliefs. And from what I’ve read, he’s a friend of the Zionist lobby.

          At least Pam Grier was a hot!

          As opposed to a gruff, mean looking Mexican guy.

          I don’t think the film will start any riots. I just think it’s interesting that Hollywood and the MSM would promote such a film.

          Like I said before, there would never be any film about a Palestinian vigilante who takes on oppressive Israelis.

          Tells you something about who runs Hollywood.

          I also predict that the radical anti-racists will find SOMETHING about this film that is racist. Well, to them, EVERYTHING is racist.

          Still, even though it is the Mexican version of blaxploitation and not necessarily kill whitey, I’m not going to see this open borders propaganda.

        3. I never assumed you were a fan of Jones. I agree that he sometimes makes interesting points. But everything has to fit in with his grand conspiracy theory.

          I wonder if we’ll ever know about the extent of CIA involvement in Hollywood films. I’m sure there’s money in the black budget for movies that send the right message.

        4. Knowing our government and elites, I wouldn’t be surprised if the government got itself involved in ANYTHING just for money.

  57. A post on how race relations differ by region might be interesting. Based on what Bay Area Guy and others write here, it seems like racial tensions may be greater in Calfornia than most other places. Is this a continuation of the conditions that existed in the state in the 90s (e.g. alleged police brutality, Rodney King, LA riots, OJ, etc.)?

    1. Well, the more diversity you have, the more racial tension you’ll have.

      And since California is the most diverse state, well, bingo.

      Can’t imagine there being much racial tension in places such as Iowa, Oregon, or West Virginia (even though our CRT/afrocentric friend Ank Mie lives there).

      1. It’s kind of scary to think how much of a nosedive California has taken. I remember when I was quite young, everyone seemed to consider that the premier state in the Union.

        1. Yeah, California’s a mess. Nowadays, California’s considered a laughing stock.

          Still, I would much rather live here than many other states.

        2. It’s still a great state. It’s better than any other state in the US. Nyuck, nyuck. Two fingers poke your eyeballs.

      1. I’ll get something like an addiction to certain musicians until I listen so much to them they wear out for me.

        So in high school I wore out Beethoven. I used to listen to one of his symphonies almost everyday my junior year. Then I lost my feel for them. Now I need to wait several years between listenings to get much of anything. But still he’s astounding. He composed the 9th Symphony when he was deaf. He may just be the greatest white man who ever lived.

        Similar thing with The Who. The Who are like rock and roll’s version of Beethoven. Anthemic, climactic, macho, powerful. But haven’t listened to them with real focus in 20 years.

        Vangelis. Stravinsky. Sibelius. Went through intense periods of listening to them. But again, there’s the burn out.

        Now I’m into Korean girl groups. Girl’s Generation “Genie”, Kara “Lupine”, Wonder Girls “I’m So Hot”.

        Kpop is getting popular in the US apparently. Taeyang’s “I’ll Be There” is itunes 2 in US.

        1. For me, if I hear a song I really like on the radio or at sporting events, I’ll listen to that song for a while until I wear it out.

          I’m not very consistent when it comes to music.

        2. You can’t do much better than Beethoven. You could listen to that your whole life and nothing else and not miss a thing.

          Need to check out the K-girls. Koreans are brilliant, anything they come up with should be good.

  58. Well theres Judy Steinberg, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. And lots of jewish professors at UVM and Middlebury College.

    No Im in Vermont temporarily but Im originally from Massachusetts which has a big jewish population.

  59. Hey, I think you should maybe do a post on Noam Chomsky.

    Everyone on the far left worships at this guy’s altar.

    They frequently quote him on social, political, historical, and foreign policy issues. And yet Chomsky is a linguist! He’s no foreign policy expert or historian.

    Yes, he’s obviously intelligent and has a background of activism, but I honestly don’t get what all the Chomsky hype is about.

    1. And yet Chomsky is a linguist! He’s no foreign policy expert or historian.

      Meh, specialization is more of a 20th century notion than anything.

      As far as politics and history goes, I feel that they are accessible to most anyone with a bit of intelligence and the diligence to go read the sources. It’s not like modern mathematics or physics or something where you need years of study to even master the basics.

      1. Okay, but still, why Chomsky?

        His views are not particularly insightful or brilliant. He even came up with the boneheaded theory that oil, and not the Israel lobby, had the most to do with the Iraq war.

        Okay, perhaps it’s not boneheaded for a lay person, but a scholar who’s supposedly a genius when it comes to foreign policy should know better.

        Walt, Mearsheimer, and Stephen Sniegoski have all debunked that myth.

        I honestly just don’t see what’s so amazing about Chomsky.

        1. It’s also standard Left view to deny the existence of a Jewish Lobby in the US, to deny that Israel controls the US and not the other way around, etc. The Left says that Israel is a colony of the US, the attack dog of US imperialism. It’s asinine. The Left hates anything that smacks of anti-Semitism, and they think that’s what this Lobby talk is.

        2. The Left says that Israel is a colony of the US, the attack dog of US imperialism.

          Even Norman Finkelstein makes that argument. In fact, I think he even compared Jewish Zionists to Nazi collaborators (or something to that effect).

          In their view, if it weren’t for the wicked U.S, Israel would be a peaceful country. It’s wicked U.S. imperialism that drives Israel towards aggression, and its American Jewish supporters are just going along with the program.

          You’re right. It’s asinine.

          Now how Jews are still a victim group and achieve leftist victim status is beyond me.

          I honestly do not see how Jews are still considered victims.

          Kevin MacDonald pointed out how even anti-Zionists like Chomsky engage in subterfuge by denying the Jewish lobby and instead blaming oil. Jews like Chomsky STILL see themselves as advancing Jewish interests.

          ie. We’re not the bad guys. It’s U.S. desire for oil and imperialism. We Jews have nothing to do with it. And to the extent that we do, we’re just going along with massa.

          I think Stephen J. Sniegoski writes an excellent article debunking the whole “the Israel lobby doesn’t exist” myth.

          This Sniegoski guy writes some excellent stuff. He’s a one-stop-shop when it comes to U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

        3. This Sniegoski quote, discussing why the left is in denial about the Israel lobby is great.

          Also important is the fact that Jews, categorically, are considered to be victims; and it is hard for the Left to criticize an officially recognized victim group. In terms of left-wing psychology the ideal is to strike a radical, nonconformist pose without really alienating the powerful, thus avoiding any negative consequences as well as the cognitive dissonance that results from chiding designated victims. The process can go so far as to turn a man into an unintentional apologist for Israel.

        1. Robert, I’m not saying that you need a degree in something to write about it.

          I just don’t understand why so many people worship Chomsky as if he were a god.

          He’s really not that special.

  60. (Does Jewish guilt work on philosemitic, Judeophilic wannabe-Jew Gentiles?)


    Although I don’t think Robert’s really philo-Semitic. He’s said as much.

    No intelligent and informed white person can be truly philo-Semitic.

  61. Robert, you’ve got to do a post on what Lafleur recently brought up in the watercooler.

    Even Tim Wise getting criticized by the Abagondosphere! Man, I love it! Serves him right!

  62. How about your thoughts on the “Kill Whitey” experiment? Seems germane, seems like it’s backing up something you’re criticizing liberals for…their silly tendency to sell out their own race.

    The basic premise is a study where participants answer something along the lines of “if you had to kill one person to save ten, would you do it?” Then they give the person-to-be-killed a name, either Tyrone or Chip (black and white) and the answers you get from libs vs convers are different.

    more here:

    1. Wow! That just shows you how brainwashed white liberals are in a racial sense.

      (white conservatives are also brainwashed in a racial sense [as evidenced by their pathetic pandering] as well as in other senses, but that’s for another topic)

      That’s why I have a hard time thinking of Robert as a liberal, even though he says he is. He just has too much sense and healthy racial consciousness to be a liberal.

      Most white liberals (at least those I know) are not like him at all.

      1. And of course, these white liberals are STILL wicked, sociopathic racists, according to blacks.

        Heck, as Lafleur’s pointed out, even Timmy Wise has been attacked.

        There’s just no use trying to talk to these people.

  63. I’d like a post on the relationship between Yezidis and early Hebrews, given that both seem to originate in northern Iraq, and Hebrews are so close to Kurds genetically.

  64. Hey Alpha, I’ve asserted several times that racist simply means a white person, and that in the minds of blacks and CRT’s, ALL white people are racist, and ONLY white people can be racist.

    Several times you’ve disagreed with me, and several times I haven’t bought your arguments.

    Perhaps a guest post fully debunking my assertion would be interesting, if for no other reason than to put this whole debate to rest.

    1. Do you think that blacks and CRTs include Jews in their definition of whites?

      They certainly do. Hence, all these references to “white run Hollywood,” the “white media,” etc.

      This is why I think Jews are crazy to try to constantly undermine whites through open borders, Cultural Marxism, etc.

      If Jews think that the emerging non-white majority is going to give them a pass and welcome them into their coalition, they have another thing coming.

      To non-whites, blacks in particular, Jews are just white. Powerful Jews and Jewish controlled organizations are seen as white.

      Jew Among You and a few others seem to see where I’m coming from and adopt a pro-white standpoint.

      If only more Jews were like him.

      1. So you admit that Jews are considered white when it’s not in their benefit?

        By non-whites, yes, as well as all those CRT Castrated Crackers.

      2. Well, white CRT’s and white leftists are the exact opposite.

        While Jews are still officially an recognized victim group, whenever Jews do something bad, they do so as whites.

        As far as the white masses are concerned, they see Jews as white first, Jewish second. I don’t think that too many make the connection between Jews and Hollywodo, neocons, etc.

        As far as white nationalists are concerned, Jews are not white, for better or worst, with the rare exceptions of people like Paul Gottfried.

        I don’t want to presume to speak for all whites.

        For me, personally, I see Jews as white, but not white white (as in, normal white).

        They’re technically white, but I don’t think of them as white from a psychological standpoint.

    2. agreed. i would also like to hear what Alpha thinks about this.

      to me, “racist” is a negative judgement which implies the opinion should be disregarded.

      but things like “98% of gun crimes committed in NYC during 2009 were committed by blacks and latins” is just plain fact (sure with some wiggle room).

      on the other hand, i don’t want to put Alpha into a position of being the person that fields all these questions just because she’s black.

        1. agreed.

          i’m just saying that NYC is a special case. it really is a nation inside of America.

          the things I say about NYC are only for entertainment, until it shows up in other parts of the country. which happens frequently.

      1. Let me try…

        As a black male mid 30’s…What is Racism?

        Let me start with what is often mistaken as racism: racial insensitivity.

        Just because someone is racially insensitive simply does not make them a racist. I blame this mislabeling on the ultra PC world we live in. I think Blacks are as racially insensitive as Whites but the difference is we rarely have the power to affect the life of a White person, not hire, etc… so it doesn’t have much real world impact.

        It is just ubsurd for anyone to think white = racist. I personally try hard to recognize the difference between racial insensitivity and racism when dealing with Whites and almost always, I let racially insensitive things go. The intent is just not there and to make an issue of it would only hurt me in the long run because it would only serve to alienate them.

        In addition, I’ve found that racism tends to be defined very differently by Whites and Blacks. For Whites, it seems that motive and intent must be present for something to be labeled ‘racist’. For Blacks, motive and intent need not be present. A situation only needs to favor one racial group over another in order to be considered ‘racist’ by Blacks. For me I think both the presence of motive/intent as well as outcome should be considered when evaluating a situation. I would classify something that favors one racial group over another without a racist motive/intent as a type of ‘unconscious racism’ and view that differently from a situation where intent was involved. And even when intent is involved, I try to split that between prejudging and just plain old hatred. Prejudging I’ve gotten used to and have learned to handle from the days of college. I just wish more Whites would give some of us a chance to prove otherwise. I’ve learn to accept “guilty until proven innocent” but “guilty don’t matter” is just too much to bear and makes me sick! People like that are just sucky human beings.

        For the folks that just hate, I try to stay as far away as I can and have very little contact. Nothing good can come of it.

        So how did I do?

        1. Good job. We like you here, lookingforanswers. At least I do, anyway. Welcome aboard. This is an officially anti-racist blog, BTW, but we define that a little differently than your usual PC anti-racist nut. We define it more or less like you just did above.

          I agree “guilty doesn’t matter” is crap. I ain’t down with that. I’d love to see better relations between the races, and AFAICT, the less racism here in the US, the better place it is to live! For me as well as others.

          And BTW, welcome to our White community! I heard you moved to a White town. Well, we are glad to have you as a member of our White community and hope you will fit in. Blacks like you are always welcome. Problem is the others that are not like you, and they are not so welcome, but there are not that many of them in White World anyway.

          You are absolutely correct to try to fit into the White community you have moved to. It’s the right thing to do! White culture can be boring, and White people are horribly uptight, but there’s little crime, and everyone more or less gets along.

          The thing is to get along as much as possible as much of the time as possible. Everyone gets along on the surface. Liberals, conservatives, bla bla, we put all that behind us. White World is all about avoidance of conflict! Also about reading signals. Tons of nonverbal communication going on all the time. Smile, open up and be friendly and most Whites will make your acquaintance.

          Main thing about White World is everything is hidden. You don’t wear your feelings on your sleeve. You’d be surprised that most residents of that White town you live in are probably not that racist in any real way towards you. White racism doesn’t work that way anymore. It’s not so personal. If you’re cool, they’re probably cool with you. But it depends on where in the country you are.

        2. Lookingforanswers, I can safely add you to my list of reasonable black people.

          You’re no Uncle Tom, but no white hating Critical Race Theorist either.

          You have a very scientific and complex way of looking at things, which I like.

          Too many people, white and black, let their emotions get the best of them in many instances.

          (I myself am hardly a saint in this regard, though I have been getting better lately)

  65. Damn, I’m now sounding super vicious and nasty just as I did a while back.

    I stopped reading Abagond and other black blogs in order to stop getting so worked up and vicious.

    But alas, it seems as if the Abagondosphere has migrated here.

  66. GG Allin. As a guy who was into punk, I want to know what you think about GG, if you know about him in the first place.

    1. Weird. What am I supposed to say? Are they lesbians? They want to live apart from all men? Strange. We have some idiots like that here in the US. These insane people are called lesbian separatists. They wish to live their lives as much as possible completely separated from men. There are some colonies of these fools in gay communities around the country.

      AFAICT, this is just a form of extreme bigotry along the lines of the extreme misogyny you see in so many male cultures around the world. They’re like female versions of the Pashtun males. It’s ridiculous. Sexism is sexism. If it’s wrong for men, it’s wrong for women.

      1. I can get with the self-improvement and self-defense aspect, especially since abuse and forced prostitution are so common there. The separatism thing? Not so much.

    2. I wonder what happens if a male trespasser gets caught.

      Perhaps they cut of his dick or something as punishment.

      I was going to post the Futurama Amazon women episode “Death by snu snu” clip but I couldn’t find it on YouTube.

  67. You should do a post on psychopaths especially those in power.

    Of course DeNugent puts it into a WN perspective which apparently Hitler is not a psychopath (LOL) but it is an interesting subject based on research and books by professors in the US.

    Some of the most obvious ones are of course are Islamic terrorist leaders Khattab, Bin Ladin, Zarqawi, etc and international crime bosses like Moglevich.

    I would include:

    The Saudi regime one of the most psychopathic regimes today.

    Pakistani tribes and intelligence services.

    Arab regimes


    Islam a psychopathic ideology

    Judaism a psychopathic ideology

    Freemasonary (?)




    Stalin probably

    Mao probably


    Rothschild dynasty

    International bankers

    George Soros.

    Marxist Communism

    George W Bush NOT a psychopath.

    1. This is so nutty I am not even sure if I want to reply to it, John. I’m sorry. All governments in power, pretty much, are sociopathic and Machiavellian to one degree or another. The right much more than the rest.

      1. Would you say the Founding Fathers were psychopathic?

        So you say those that strive to dominance are psychopathic in nature?

        Do you think who ever leads Iraq after the US leaves will be a psychopath?

        What about guerrilla leaders in Latin American countries you have praised before who use violence are they not psychopaths?

        I don’t think all governments are psychotic in nature with the exception of countries like Britain, US, etc on foreign policy not domestic.

  68. I suggest a post dissecting the hagiography (mostly U.S.) Conservatives have built up around Margaret Thatcher. In particular, how she manipulated the trumped up Falklands “War,” the true effect of her anti labor and anti human policies on the average Briton, and the way in which UK citizens mostly view her and her legacy today.

  69. A post on Benny Morris would be interesting. I’ve been reading his most famous book “Righteous Victims,” which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

    This was over a decade ago, before he became a shameless Zionist apologist, and was actually a more objective historian attempting to scientifically analyze an issue.

    Of course, Finkelstein criticizes him, even before his turn to shameless Zionism, but the more I’ve looked up on Finkelstein, the more I’m skeptical of him.

    The problem with him, like all polemicists, is that they believe it’s more important to put the proper rhetorical “spin” on history than to actually know what happened.

    (see the praise and criticism section of wiki entry. Most of Finkelstein’s criticism revolves around the fact that Morris puts the wrong “spin” on history)

    While I’ll probably order Finkelstein’s book to see his criticism of Morris, I think that “Righteous Victims” is a good, non-polemical book for those who want to understand the Jewish-Arab conflict in the Middle East.

  70. I think you need to do a post on why some people have such a hard time seeing white Latinos are white. I’m on this forum having a debate about Colombian singer Shakira and I said she is white and everybody is coming down on me saying how on earth can I look at her and say she’s white. And it’s so obvious she’s a non-white by her features, I can tell by a mile away that she’s “hispanic and not white!” Now some Latin women sit on the border of being a light-mestiza and white like Jessica Alba, but if you google some pics of Shakira, I can see no obvious features that look indigenous or black to me. I’m sure she’s at least 90% Caucasian.

    Trying to explain this to people is just maddening. I don’t get why people(even many Latins themselves) are so uneducated on race in Latin America.

    1. I’ve heard that Shakira is half Lebanese (that’s where the belly dancing comes from I guess) and also has a little Afro-Columbian heritage. But she looks plain white to me.

      1. I’m so tired of this one-drop rule stuff. Let’s be like the Blacks. Your average Black person in the US is 82% Black, yet they are fully accepted by Blacks are Black all the way.

        For sure, folks who are 85% White and above should be welcomed to our White Party.

        If you look White and you act White, you’re White!

        1. It’s kind of interesting how “near-white” people , like Alba, or those who look it, like Angelina Jolie, have started to dominate the entertainment world. That might deserve a post of its own.

        2. It’s not a coincidence. I read an article once about how acting casters are looking more for people who are brunette and somewhat racially ambiguous. People like Alba, Kim Kardashian, Jolie who straddle the line between white and kind of “ethnic” looking. I guess this helps to widen the market of whatever products they are selling.

        3. I never thought of Angelina Jolie as near white and assumed both her parents were white like her famous father.

          Actually I didn’t know that Wonder woman Lynda Carters mother is Mexican.

          “Carter was born Linda Jean Córdova Carter in Phoenix, Arizona.[2] Her father, Colby Carter, is an art dealer of Irish American descent. Her mother, Juana Córdova, is a Mexican immigrant who previously worked in the telephone industry”

        4. I think extreme phenotypes are out of style generally in Hollywood. The major white stars like Jolie look kind of ethnic. The major black stars are light-complexioned (leading to accusations of “colorism”). Stereotypical Hispanic chicks like Salma Hayek are big. Etc.

        5. You what just occurred to me after thinking about this is that for Hispanics, it’s great to “look white” but not to BE white. I think that’s where the source of the confusion lies. Hispanics think white people look great. They love white features and white countries. But they think white people(WASPs in particular here) are gringos and even if a Latino is white, he wants to think of him as different from the gringo. To them to be white is to be gringo. Thus you get the “I’m not white, I just look white” thing from white Hispanics.

      2. Hasn’t that changed over time, though? It used to be the case that Mexicans considered themselves and were often considered by others a white ethnic group (even though many of them are quite brown). They were supposed to check “white” on the Census too.

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