Comment on the Child Porn Laws Post

ChangeIt: 100% of heterosexual men would love to see pictures of 13 year old girls masturbating because that is a normal desire of a heterosexual men as it always has been throughout history.

It is astounding this even needs to be said, but they are trying to erase the statement above from existence, so I am happy to repeat it.

The truth is that current Anglosphere sex laws make highly illegal anything that creates jealousy in neutered, repressed men and their feminist old hags who live in the burned-out husk of America. And nothing creates male jealousy and threatens the power of old women like young teen girl sexuality and those who pursue it. So anything that references its existence, even fictional stories, is immediately deemed haram by the lunatic Anglos.

At this point, if a 13 year old girl decided to publicly masturbate on the street, any man caught watching would be arrested for “viewing CSAM.” A society like this is deeply sick, and the sooner it falls by the hand of Russia and China, the better for the entire world, as this sick society spreads its disgusting extreme male heterosexual repression culture to other cultures through use of NGO’s.

The bizarre thing about woke culture is that it combines extreme depravity and sexual degeneration of all sexualities and gender identities other than normal male heterosexuality and the masculinity inherent in its expression. Hence the wild repression and hatred for heterosexual men simply acting having normal male heterosexuality.

This is because an essential part of woke Globohomo bullshit culture is feminism. In fact, feminism started woke, SJW, and PC culture with its “intersectional” theory. All woke, SJW, PC, and Identity Politics bullshit owes its imprimatur to 3rd wave intersectional feminism.

Feminists have always had extreme hatred for normal male heterosexuality, which they think is sick, evil, violent, and dangerous to women. Feminists have always felt this way because sadly this is female thinking in a nutshell.

However, under Patriarchy, most women are absolved of this ridiculous thinking and enculturated with the view that normal male heterosexuality is actually a good thing.

Feminism is nothing more than female thinking or the Feminine (Female) Character reified and set into stone in thinking, custom, rule, and law. When installed in society in this way, we say society is under what I call Female Rule. The West is now under de facto Female Rule and I don’t think it’s good for either sex because women (female thinking) can’t run societies.

Normal female thinking and the Female Character are extremely screwed up and crazy in all sorts of ways.

I suppose you could argue that normal male thinking and the Masculine Character are also highly pathological. One only has to look at Patriarchy on Steroids cultures like Afghanistan to see how sick, violent, and unfair normal male thinking is.

Since the basic pure essential thinking of both sexes is extremely screwed up, civilization must step into the fore and mandate that both males and females repress the crazier aspects of their thinking in the best interests of society.

Generally this works out quite well. Women are quite under Patriarchy to junk their Female Character thinking about the toxicity of male heterosexuality. It’s much more for women to think that normal male heterosexuality is a barrel of fun for women.

Furthermore, most of us men are perfectly happy to junk the toxic and misogynist aspects of the normative Male or Masculine Character. We actually take pride in not act like Guatemalans, Pakistanis, Iranians, Saudis, South Africans, and Afghans.

Civilization is comproming in nature. Each sex is asked to get rid of toxic aspects of their essential natures for the good of all. By refusing to make this compromise, the modern West, with its elevation of the Female Character as the essential governing spirit of society and the basis for all thinking, rules, customs, mores, and laws, creates chaos, as I have noted many times.

The portrayal of the insane West above indicates exactly how this chaos plays out in practice.

Roxy Music, “Virginia Plain”

This sure is some fine music. I think this album came out in 1972. Glam rock all the way, baby!

Make me a deal and make it straight
All signed and sealed, I’ll take it
To Robert E. Lee I’ll show it
I hope and pray he don’t blow it,
‘Cos We’ve been around a long time
Just trying to make the big time

Take me on a rollercoaster
Take me for an airplane ride
Take me for a six day wonder
But don’t you throw my pride aside
Besides, what’s real and make believe?
Baby Jane’s in Acapulco
We’re all flying down to Rio

Throw me a line I’m sinking fast
Clutching at straws, can’t make it
Havana sound we’re trying
Hard edge the hipster jiving
Last picture shows down the drive-in
You’re so sheer, you’re so chic
Teenage rebel of the week

Another Stupid Starbucks Ban

This is a continuation of a previous post. Read that first to get a background.

So I started going to a new place. This place went south real fast. Once again, I never flirted with a single woman ever. Things just got worse and worse, and I had no idea why. Keep in mind that at this new place, I spent all my time trying not to be creepy. I tried to not to say and do anything creepy, ever. I was terrified almost the entire time I went there and I watched everything I said and did. I’m shy anyway, so this just makes everything worse and I get even more paranoid.

The scumbag manager took me outside one time when I went in. I started yelling in his face right away. He took me outside and told me that workers and customers had been  complaining about the way I looked at them and talked to them.

Now this tells me absolutely nothing whatsoever.

You are making people uncomfortable with the way you look at them and talk to them. How the Hell is anyone supposed to change based on shitty advice like that? They can’t. Your typical shithead Normie says, “Just quit acting weird, dammit!” But the person being told this hasn’t the faintest idea what he is doing wrong. He has no idea how he is being weird, what he is saying or doing that is weird. He thinks his behavior is fine. In fact, he’s been working 10X harder than most anyone else to not act weird.

Someone tells me I look at people in a weird way. How the Hell am I supposed to change that? You haven’t even told me what I did wrong! Someone tells me I talk to people in a weird way. How the Hell am I supposed to change that? You haven’t even told me what I did wrong! There’s no way to get even 1% better.

Then he smiled and said, “Those glaring eyes.” So I apparently have “glaring eyes.” I don’t even know what that means. I went and looked it up and it means angry, scary, mean, threatening, or menacing eyes. Thing is I never feel angry, scary, mean,  threatening, or menacing when I’m in those places. I’m not that kind of person anymore. I go to all sorts of places all the time, and I’m never the slightest bit angry in any place I go to ever.

Another thing. What kind of a lowlife piece of scum-sucking shit complains about other people’s behavior in the first place. I’ve worked at many different jobs my whole life. Ive never complained about one customer or person I dealt with on a day to day basis. Why would I complain about someone? I’m not on this planet to bust people like a faggot narc and ruin their lives.

I’ve been a customer in all sorts of places all my life. I’ve never complained even one time about any other customer in any establishment I went to. Why should I? I’m not some creepy narc, pig, faggot type of person who tries to get other customers banned from the stores I go to. I suppose if someone was really out of line, I might complain but if that were the case, it would be obvious to the people in the store and they would already be dealing with it.

What sort of a person complains about their customers and tries to get them banned from stores? I would never do that! I’m a good person. I’m not a piece of shit who would do something awful to another person like that.

I’ve never tried to get anyone banned from anywhere for doing anything. Why would I do that. Only pieces of shit do things like that without any good reason, and I’m not a piece of shit.

I think the real problem here is a single problem following me around through life. The woman who tried to ban me in Store # 4 had worked at Store #3 where I had been banned. So she saw me as a problem from the get go and was just waiting the whole time – years even – for me to make the tiniest mistake so she could ban me again.

The guy at Store #5 had been the manager at Store #3  where I had been banned. I suppose he had been the one who banned me before. So he saw me again and had it in for me from the very first minute and just waited for me to make one tiny mistake so he could ban me again.

This is a major problem with life and people.

One more think. Five fucking bans and threats of bans from one Goddamned store. As my Mom said, “It’ just this one store that you have all these problems at!”

Yes I have a terrible record at Starbucks. But I can’t recall that I’ve ever been banned from any other store anywhere at any time for any reason. So the problem is just with this one shit establishment and it’s not with me in general. If there was something truly wrong with me, I would be getting threatened with bans in a lot of other places too, and that’s not what’s happening.

I’m now going to a new Starbucks store and there have not yet been any significant problems. I’ve modified my behavior even more and I’m even more paranoid about being creepy than I’ve ever been. I really wish this shit corporation would get some competition so I dealt have to deal with their woke faggot asses again. What a gay, pussy corporation this is!

Your Problems Follow You Around Through Life Like Ghosts

Nobody believes in second chances for anyone, ever, and no one’s going to give you one single second chance ever, for anything. If people find out you got in trouble in a previous place, they think you’re bad, and now they’re going to try to get you in trouble at your new place.

If an employer finds out you got fired from a previous job, he’s automatically going to figure you’re bad, and he’s going to start trying to fire you from the new job right away.

Your problems follow you around through life.

No one thinks, “Ok this guy got in trouble before. Well, what for? Maybe the people who got him in trouble were wrong.”

No one thinks, “Ok this guy got fired from this job earlier. Well maybe the employers were idiots and he got fired for no good reason.”

Nobody gives you a second chance in life, ever.

Don’t tell your present employer about any previous firings or any problems whatsoever you may have had at a previous job. Your present employer will think you are a problem person and will start looking at ways to fire you from your present job.

If you go to stores, don’t tell people you’ve been banned from any other store anywhere for any reason. The people will think you’re a problem customer and will start looking for ways to ban you from their store.

I’m not sure if this is an American thing or if it’s different in other countries.

Permanent Ban from Twitter

I am permanently banned from Twitter. Elon “the liar” Musk’s amnesty program did not include me. Why even have an amnesty if people aren’t going to be let back on.

I’ll tell you now what I did to get the ban. I know my haters are going to run amok with this bullshit, but let em do it.

A South African White rap star, a wigger is there ever was one, is a member of a band consisting of him and a woman. I’m not sure if the woman is his wife or not. He wears his hair in dreads. This is typical when Whites become a small minority in a vastly majority Black society.

The few Whites left start acting like Blacks, and they usually act like the worst Blacks of all, ghetto Blacks and their ilk in Jamaica, South Africa, or wherever. In Jamaica, the Whites even speak Jamaican patois. Truth is that these people aren’t even White anymore. We respectable Whites ought to evict them from our great White race. What’s the definition of who’s White? How bout this.

1. You are White if you:

a. Look White, and

b. Act White.

By that measure, wiggers are not even Whites anymore. They should just move to Detroit and make it official.

Anyway, this idiot didn’t just imitate ghetto Blacks, he imitated R. Kelly! The allegations are that he raped a woman, pimped her out to other men, imprisoned her, abused the living Hell out of her, beat her, and sent her pornographic photos and videos to his friends against her will (revenge porn). The pimping boils down sex trafficking because she was kept there against her will.

I read about this and I thought this guy was one huge piece of shit.

I tweeted that for this crimes, he deserved a punch in the face! Notice I just said he needed a punch, not to be arrested, charged, and imprisoned, which is a lot worse than getting hit.

For advocating that a rapist, abuser, pimp, and sex trafficker deserved a punch in the face, I was banned permanently from Twitter! Lifetime ban! The ban was for “advocating violence.”

Excuse me, but this is absolutely ridiculous. All rapists, abusers, sex traffickers, and pimps deserve a punch in the face, and I might even throw in the revenge porn pricks too. Why is this such a horrible thing to say?

These sites have gone completely insane with their stupid censorship. In particular, lifetime bans are bizarre. Back in the day, few people got lifetime bans of anything for much of anything. Sure professionals could get their licenses pulled. But there was not much else. Much better would be series of temporary bans with increasing length. If the person won’t shape up after multiple chances, they get the lifetime ban.

The “lifetime ban for first offense” model is female thinking. This is how the woman thinks. Women don’t believe in redemption or rehabilitation. Those are male concepts. Women are weak, so they want to keep the rule-breakers down forever. They don’t trust them to ever act good again.

In Man World, men are strong, so they’re particularly worried if bad people act bad again. They figure they will just deal with it as best they can. Furthermore, a rational view (the view of Man World – logic versus emotion) supports redemption. An emotional view supports permanent bans in life for petty violations with no hope of redemption. Ever heard of, “Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned?” Have you ever noticed that women hold grudges far worse than men do?

In Man World, if you hold grudges forever, you’re seen as a bit of a pussy. You’re supposed to get over it. Not all men give people second chances but if someone genuinely wants one and is remorseful about their behavior, a lot of men will give them a second chance. Mainly, in Man World you are not supposed to stay mad at the your old enemies for ever. That’s pussy. It’s female thinking. Real men don’t think in that pussy way.

As you can see, Identity Politics, SJWism, and woke culture is female thinking reified and set in stone as societal rule. Notice that they go back decades looking for sins? Who the Hell does that? No Christian does, I’ll tell you that. Sure, you used to act bad. So what? Now you cleaned up your act and you’re acting good. A man gives you a second chance. A woman never does.

One sad thing about woke culture’s hatred of redemption is that there is no motivation for changing behavior for the good. If I’m going to be fucked forever because of some mistake I made 30 years ago, why bother to get better? Why not just keep being a racist, sexist, homophobe, or whatever. What benefits do I get for acting good. None. So why quit acting bad? There’s no motivation to.

Societies that adapt female thinking as the dominant mode for society are all doomed to failure. Female thinking as the dominant mode for thinking, rules, mores, standards, and standards leads to nothing but endless chaos because it goes against human nature. Female thinking believes in utopias and strives for utopianism. But utopianism is impossible with humans, so societies set up on utopian models will always fail and result in total chaos.

The West has now been conquered by female thinking in the form of Woke Culture. Of course it is causing complete chaos because that is all it ever does and can possibly do. It literally cannot do anything else. It follows that men in  the West are completely pussified and have succumbed to female thinking themselves because no society of real men allows female thinking to take over and run things. All societies must make their basic thinking, mores, rules, standards and laws at least in part on male thinking (logic takes precedence over emotion).

All societies than base their rules, laws, mores, standards and laws on female thinking (emotion takes precedence over logic) are doomed to endless chaos. The chaos and insanity in the modern West is an example of this. It’s time we Western men, assuming there are any real one’s left, took back our societies by the horns from the devastation of Female Rule (female thinking in power). If we do not, the current chaos will either continue or get more extreme. There won’t be any way out.

Repost: Alt Left: The Chameleon-Like Nature of Fascism

Really cool old post. More relevant now than when it was published.

I wrote this in objection to a paper under review right now on Academia by a Left professor of Somatic Psychology, a PhD and a very smart man, who quotes Wilhelm Reich, a Jewish pro-sex and anti-fascist writer, as saying that fascists are out of touch with their bodies. Presumably antifascists are in touch with their bodies and not repressed. Apparently sexual repression and being out of touch with your body is part of the genesis of fascism. I don’t agree. Here is my response, in part.

I think that quoting Reich on fascism is not the greatest idea. He’s not the best person to ask about fascist theory. The modern intellectual descendants of Reich (the Cultural Left) don’t have a very good view of fascism.

Further, Reich was an extreme sexual libertine who may have molested his sister and raped his maids as a boy. Reich’s sexual libertinism was rejected by all Communists in the last century and is still condemned in existing Communist countries. So Reich’s critique is ill-formed, as the Communists were just as bad as the fascists when it came to Reich’s libertinism.

Fascists are sexually repressed? I don’t know. I’ve run into some MAGA women lately who are ridiculously libertine to the point of being degenerate or depraved. They’re about this far from becoming out and out porn stars. Yet fascists they are. A friend used to be an actor in the porn industry. He told me that the industry is full of conservatives. I’m aware of a few pornstars who were basically White Supremacists.

Donald Trump’s fascism was nearly a “pornographic fascism.” He cavorted with pornstars, cheated on all of his wives, made lewd remarks about his own daughter and the teenage underage daughters of his friends, attended sex orgies, and raped a 13 year old girl and forced a 12 and 13 year old girl to have sex with each other. He’s as libertine as Reich, yet he’s a fascist.

Better definitions are coming out of serious scholars of the Left. There area number of modern scholars who are trying to pin down exactly what fascism is. Almost all are operating from the Left. Among these superb modern theorists of fascism are David Neiwert who blogs at the Nazi-loving liberal site Daily Kos, the authors of a blog called Three Way Fight (not sure if it’s still up), along with excellent political scientists working out of the universities.

Better older analyses of fascism also come from Lenin and especially from Trotsky, who wrote some of the best essays on fascism ever written.

A “popular dictatorship against the Left” seems to be the best definition. “Palingetic nationalism” is another, referring to the bird that rises from the ashes in mythology. Fascism appeals to “the everyman,” “the man on the street” – “the shirtless ones” of Peronist fame. That’s the appeal – to your “basic man” and “basic woman.” It also appeals to strong primitive drives of aggression, violence, projection of failures onto outsiders, expansionism, often imperialism, an opposition to liberalism and democracy. It also opposes equality and in favor of hierarchy.

Fascism involves a reverence for sacred violence bordering on the religious, a worship of “the greatness of the ancestors,” a dialogue to restore “the glory days of yore” from the ruins of the “degenerate present,” ruined by liberals, democracy, anti-nationals, nation-haters, and traitors. Fascism has historically supported a return to traditional values and a rejection of degenerate modernism, but as we can see in the “pornographic fascism” of Donald Trump, that’s not necessarily the case anymore.

Fascism also always advocated a return to traditional male female role models, but that need not be a hindrance to basic equal de jure rights for women, as seen in the many successful MAGA women and the many often-religious MAGA men who love and cherish their wives.

Fascism has typically targeted minorities and has been racist. People think that fascism is inherently anti-Semitic, yet many early Zionists such as Jabotinsky were open fascists and supported the fascist movement in Europe. Some of the early Israeli guerrillas were Jabotinskist fascists.

I’d argue that Israel has been fascist from Day One, but certainly with the coming of Sharon and Netanyahu, the ideological descendants of Jabotinskyist fascism, Israel became literally a fascist country. Jacobinsky is the hero and spiritual founder of the Likud Party. He was an early Zionist who wrote a book in 1921 called The Iron Wall. He and his followers were strong supporters of the fascist parties in Europe in the 1920’s and 30’s. Some of the early Zionist guerrilla organizations were Jabotinskyist fascists.

In Lebanon, the Gemayalist Phalangists, named after a general named Gemayal, are an actual literal fascist party. Even their name is fascist, as phalange is a popular name for fascist parties. They are Christian Maronites who see themselves as transplanted Europeans, descendants of “Phoenicians,” who despise Arabs and Islam. They are also the most pro-Israel party in Lebanon. This founder of this party had photos of Hitler in his school locker when he was in high school, and the party’s ideology is modeled on the classic European fascism of the 30’s.

Israeli fascism is not anti-Semitic at all, and many White Supremacists actually support Israel as the model for the racist state they wish to set up. Many dislike Jews in the Diaspora who are seen as anti-national, but have no problem with the fascist Jews in Israel and see them as fellow fascists.

A number of the anti-immigrant Right parties in Europe are pro-Israel, including the National Front in France, the AfD in Germany, and the neo-Nazi party in Austria! They often like Israel because of its strong anti-Muslim orientation. Along the same lines, the Muslim-hating Hindu nationalist fascists ruling India in the form of the BJP party are very pro-Israel.

Arab nationalists have always been quite fascist despite their Leftist trappings. Saddam was a fascist, as was Hafez Assad. Some think Bashar Assad is a fascist.

The North African leaders, all Arab Nationalists, were fascists in the sense that they tried to destroy the Berbers’ identity and make everyone into an Arab. The Assads and Saddam also attacked Kurds and Assyrians, in both cases in attempts to turn everyone into an Arab. Saddam also attacked Turkmen. And he discriminated against Iraqis of Iranian background in the South so much that he threw hundreds of thousands of them out of the country.

The Moroccan fascists are even expansionists, having invaded Spanish Sahara. The Indonesian fascists committed genocide in East Timor and Aceh and in the entire country against Communists when they unleashed a genocide in 1965 that murdered 1 million Communist in less than a couple of months. It was as bad as the Rwandan genocide.

All of these are examples of “Muslim fascists,” so fascism and Islam are quite compatible.

There seems to be a view in the West that fascism must be White Supremacist and of course it must be anti-Semitic. None of the above were White Supremacists. They were all non-Whites, and none were self-haters. Also as you can see above, fascism need not be anti-Semitic.

I also listed a number of fascist and anti-Islamic movements, rightwing dictatorships along with the post-fascist conservatives in Spain and Italy. The former fascist followers of Mussolini and Franco simply melted into the rightwing movements of both countries. In Spain it was the Conservative Party, a party with fascist roots. The Francoists simply changed clothes and melted into the Conservative Party. Francoism is still extremely popular, mostly in the form of anti-separatism, these days. I’ve been to their very popular websites.

Burlusconi in Italy has inherited the descendants of fascism in Italy. A fascist and racist separatist and somewhat White Supremacist movement has formed in Northern Italy. They are White Supremacists in the sense that they claim they are Celts or “pure Whites,” and they despise Southern Italians as de facto “niggers.”

A friend in Italy told me that fascism was still very popular in Italy to this very day, although it was also widely hated, as the Left in Italy is often Far Left or almost Communist. There are cities in Sicily were the leftwingers are all Communists and the rightwingers are all fascists. They engage in street battles all the time.

My friend told me that the Red Brigades, an anti-fascist Far Left group of Communists that attacked the state, was extremely popular in Northern Italy, particularly in Vicenzia Province where he lived. His sister was a strong supporter of the Red Brigades, and she came from a normal middle class background in Trieste.

Fascism is said to be anti-Muslim, yet we have Islamic fascism in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Brunei, Morocco, and probably the Taliban in Afghanistan. Turkey and Azerbaijan are classic fascists of the 1930’s type, however they have married this to Ottoman imperialism and Islamic jihadism, particularly the genocidal variety that held sway in Turkey from 1880 until 1940.

That the Taliban are a new sort of fascism was an argument of the Leftists at Three Way Fight. I’m not sure I agree with that. Other Muslim fascists used to rule in Indonesia,  Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Iran. Above I listed more Muslim fascists in the Arab World, who might better be described as rightwing dictatorships.

Fascism is chameleon-like and changes shape endlessly to mirror and capture whatever times it is in. I can even see chameleon-like fascists adopting yoga, meditation, and bodywork – the “Left” body psychology mechanisms the author refers to. Hitler was a vegetarian and a good animal rights supporter, if terrible in so many other ways. This aspect of fascism of what makes this political mercury blob so hard to pin down. Indeed, many fascists pose as anti-Nazis and anti-fascists and accuse anti-fascists of being fascists! I’ve seen this with my own eyes.

Problem is the Modern Left starts talking about fascism, and it immediately degenerates into propaganda and nonsense where we push views that line up whatever biases our Left formation is pushing du jour.

The Cultural Left, which is almost devoid of intelligence or intellectual honesty of any sort, in particular cannot be relied upon, as almost everything coming out of there is propaganda and a lie in some form or another. For instance, the Cultural Left argues that White Supremacists, anti-feminists (or what feminists would call misogynists), homophobes, and transphobes are all “fascists.”

That’s utter nonsense, as none of this Identity Stuff has anything to do with the Left in the first place, since the Left is only about economics, and many Communists of the last century were in fact social conservatives described under the epithets above. Many of the antifascist fighters fighting in the Allies in World War 2 were White Supremacists, racists (in particular, racist against Blacks), “misogynists” (or at the very least strong sexists), and virulent homophobes. Trannies didn’t exist back then, but they would have been hated much worse than gays.

The very racist White Southern Democrats of that time absolutely despised Hitler, Mussolini and the rest of the European fascists along with the Japanese, who were promoting a sort of “fascist militarism.”

The Cultural Left would have us believe that Stalin, Mao, Castro, Hoxha, Deng, Ho Chi Minh, the Bulgarian Communists, etc. were all fascists because they were social conservatives. Homosexuality was banned as a bourgeois vice in the Eastern Bloc. The Shining Path executed homosexuals and cocaine abusers (another bourgeois vice). The Khmer Rogue were terribly racist. I don’t think anyone will deny that they were Communists.

Even Strasserites are Communists, granted they are odd ones. Further, Strasser had no biological race-based objection to Jews. He had an economic objection. And he wasn’t the best anti-Semite. He kept asking the others why they were so overboard on the Jewish Question. Stalin wasn’t the best on women’s rights. The Bulgarian Communists had opinions on race that would be considered Nazism nowadays.

As noted, homosexuality was banned in all of the Communist World. Castro put them in labor camps. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation even today doesn’t have the best policy on gays nor on Jews for that matter. I’m pretty sure they are Communists. Trans people were not even acknowledged by any Communist country ever.

We have to completely rethink our view of fascism.

It is perfectly possible to have a libertine fascism in a porn-drenched society, which is what we just went through with Trump. MAGA folks are not repressed at all in my observation. They’re not out of touch with their bodies. The Sex Revolution of the 60’s which I was a part of took care of that.

MAGA fascism even allowed for equal rights for women. MAGA women do not appear to be discriminated against legally. A lot of them have made a lot of money and held high positions.

Fascism has always been homophobic, yet the Nazi brownshirts were full of homosexuals. I assure you that there are gay MAGA folks. I’ve talked to a number of them. Mitch McConnell is a lifelong homosexual. He’s as fascist as they come. The Republican Convention welcomed an open fascist, the founder of Ebay, to their convention. They gave him a standing ovation.

I’m aware of Neo-Nazis to this day who are open homosexuals. James O’Meara was one. A number of White Supremacists have been outed as closeted gays. One was murdered by his young Black boyfriend. A friend used to be involved in these groups, and he told me that was a LOT of homosexuality in this scene.

Brazilian fascist integralism was multi-racial and formally anti-racist, populist to the core. But Bolsonaro does not come from this milieu; he represents an actual throwback in some ways to classical European fascism of the 1930’s.

Fascism has traditionally been racist, but Black and Indian fascism is a real thing. I believe that fascism knows no color. The Tonton Macoutes of Haiti were Black fascists. The Black Hutu government in Rwanda was fascist, as was Mobutu in Zaire and Samuel Doe in Liberia.

A fascist indigenist Indian rights activist is running for President in Ecuador. He’s pulled support from Cultural Left morons who support his Identity Politics while overlooking his fascism, a typical error of IP types, who are the a scourge of the Left.

Obviously modern fascism opposes transsexualism, but that will not necessarily the case into the future. Caitlin Jenner, a fully-transitioned transwoman, is MAGA. In the future we may see even forms of fascism that offer equal rights to gays and maybe even transsexuals.

Repost: Alt Left: Is It True That Some Old Gay Men Wear Diapers Because of Anal Sex?

This is, shockingly, one of the most popular posts on my site! I guess it’s a popular search term. I don’t have a referral tracker, so I have no idea where anyone is coming from when they come here. But almost everyone comes to this site from search engines.

This is something that no one talks about but everyone is interested in. As usual on any gay issue, science, including medical science, is completely out to lunch on this issue, especially now that gay men are a  protected class, if not a preferred sexual orientation (don’t worry – that’s coming soon!).

Everything I read about this issue from a medical point of view was a lie, so I had to defer to anecdotes. Anecdotal evidence is not as bad as the sciencetards (scientistic types) say it is. There is a difference between scientific people and scientistic people. Scientistic people have elevated science to a fundamentalist religion.

They won’t believe anything unless it’s been proven by 20 controlled double blind studies and even then they won’t buy it if their supposedly nonexistent bias comes into play. How they get out of bed in the morning is beyond me. Have they read 20 controlled double blind studies proving that there’s not a serial killer hiding under their bed waiting to kill them? Of course not. Then how dare they assume that’s not true! How unscientific!

Scientistic people insist that we must reject all anecdotal or even commonsensical evidence unless it is backed up by endless studies. Obviously, in the course of a day, we make thousands of decisions based on little more than common sense and anecdotal evidence.

Scientistic types of sciencetards say that all of those decisions were irrational and should not have been taken. Anyway the anecdotal evidence is in about this subject and here it is below.

Hi Presto Magic.

Absolutely! How common it is, I am not sure. I’ve been researching this for years though because it fascinates me. You will see references all over the web saying that this is a myth. A published study attempted to answer the question and came up somewhat affirmatively, but the study just led to more arguments.


This man certainly did. His name is Joseph Scambria.

Scambria was a very sexually active gay man for only about 10 years. He contracted a number of STD’s in his anus, which among other things apparently led to a lot of anal scarring. Due to anal sex, he also developed hemorrhoids which became large and inflamed. Soon they protruded externally, and later he developed an anal prolapse.

All of this was from straight up anal sex (although a lot of it with countless partners) over a 10 year period. Finally he was vomiting blood and bleeding anally. He was in hospital care for four months. He dripped blood when he walked around the hospital and lost control of his bowels before he could make it to the bathroom sometimes.

Due to the scarring, he had multiple surgeries on his anus, and a section of it had to be removed. His sphincters were stitched into a narrow channel, but the stitches soon broke. Somehow or other this left him somewhat incontinent, and at the age of 30, he was already in diapers. Two gay male commenters on his site, one 41 and the other 61, both said they have to wear diapers now due to decades of anal sex.

Scambria notes that the bodybuilders he knew wore diapers when they lifted because the strain could cause incontinence.

Scambria also said that he spent a lot of time in the protologist’s office due to anal complaints before he became incontinent. He said that many gay men in San Francisco went to proctologists for one reason or another. He often saw his friends at the office. He also said that quite a few gay men bottom for 10–20 years and then develop some sort of anal issues, so they quit bottoming and switch to being mostly tops.

Obviously this is a potential but possibly uncommon outcome from a decade or decades of very frequent anal sex.

The question is how often this happens. There are many reports of gay men who have been having anal sex for decades with few to no problems.

This can also occur with women who have a lot of anal sex, but my perception is that anal incontinence in women from anal sex is much less common than in gay men.

That said, for a gay man to get this, you might have to have a lot of anal sex for 10–40 years with many partners, get multiple anal STD’s, develop terrible hemorrhoids or a prolapse, and get a lot of warning signs before this happens to you. This issue of anal sex and incontinence in gay men is covered up and handwaved away or out and out denied by a PC media and gay community. As chronic anal incontinence is an outcome for at least a few gay men, I think this issue should get a lot more publicity and research.

Take the (LOL) Antisemitic and Anti-Israel Survey

Let’s go through the list, with my answers afterwards.

14 anti-Jewish tropes.

Jews stick together more than other Americans. Mostly True. Obviously true. +1.

Jews share my values. Not sure, but I could see why a lot of people, including conservatives, might say no as Jews tend to be quite liberal.

Jews always like to be at the head of things. Mostly True. Well there does seem to be a tendency for this, perhaps driven by paranoia to keep the antisemites down or due to extreme “tiger parent” attitudes among Jewish parents. +2.

Jews are more loyal to Israel than to America. Mostly True. The dual loyalty charge is broadly true, and it has probably always been true in most places. +3.

Jews have too much power in the business world. False. Their power in the business world is vastly higher than their power in the population. I’m not sure if this statement is true. It depends upon how you feel about Jewish power in the business world. I’m not sure that that outsized power is so malign, so I say no.

Jews have too much power and control on Wall Street. False. Well they do have a Hell of a lot of power there, that’s for sure, but they don’t run the place. Still, I’m not sure it’s so malign after all as I can’t see how this outsized power harms the country.

Jews are just as honest as other businesspeople. False. This is actually demonstrably true. Look at the people who get convicted of white collar crimes. Jews are 2% of the population and they commit 1/3 of the worst white collar crime, 15% of the second worst type, and 7% of the most minor type. I doubt if you can argue that this is simply because they have more money. Jews have been known as sleazy, lying, cheating, thieving businessmen forever, and there’s a lot of truth to it. As far as I am concerned, Jews are a race of white collar criminals. +4.

Jews don’t care what happens to anyone else but their own kind. Somewhat true. There is a tendency to think like this and it is most prominent amongst Israelis and the Orthodox, but I don’t believe it’s true overall. It’s like they’re the only ones that count. Other people and their problems either don’t matter or are not important. +5.

Jews have too much power in the US today. Mostly true. Of course this is true, but it is only important about the Israel issue because that’s the only thing that a majority of Jews agree on and push hard for. +6.

Jews in business are so shrewd that others don’t have much of a chance at competition. False. I don’t know how they excel this way. Perhaps it is all down to higher IQ. Anyway anywhere you have Jews, they always rise to the top of the business world and I’m not sure what you can do about it. They may well do this by playing fair and square. I happen to believe that Jews simply outcompete Gentiles in a lot of ways and this is how they get their outsized power.

Jews are more likely than others to use shady practices to try to get ahead. Mostly true. Sure, lying, cheating, thieving Jews, especially in business. Problem is that Gentile businessmen have been in a race now for a long time to see if they can be as lying, thieving, and cheating as Jews, but I still think that Jews win by at least a horse’s nose here. Also the Jews in politics seem to be remarkably dishonest. But Gentile politicians are lying snakes too. I’m not sure which is which. +7.

Jews have a lot of irritating faults. Somewhat true. Well, they have some irritating faults. Do they have a lot? I’m not sure. They can definitely get on your nerves all right. A lot of male Jews especially in business and academia are belligerent, aggressive, have a chip on their shoulder, believe in pre-emptive self-defense, and often have a thuggish quality about them. But they aren’t all like that. I’m not around them very much these days enough to comment, thank God. +8.

Jews in business go out of their way to hire other Jews. Mostly true. Oh, they absolutely do this! And many of them are on the record as saying just that, too. Amazingly the EEOC lets Jews get away with blatant discrimination. +9.

Jews are warm and friendly. Somewhat false. Hey, a lot of them are just not, ok! They can be rude, aggressive, and very unfriendly. This is particularly the case with the Orthodox and Israelis, but it is seen among the less religious too. Religious Jews are not very nice people! +10.

LOL, I get 10 out of 14. I’m actually pissed I didn’t get a perfect score. It’s obviously a Jewish conspiracy to keep me from getting a perfect anti-Semitic score! According to the survey, this means that I have “significant” antisemitic attitudes, but you can see how dumb this survey is. All you have to do is notice things that are obviously true about these people and then, especially with lumping the somewhat true in with the mostly true, you get a much outsized view of antisemitism in the US.

Now let’s take the anti-Israel survey. Eight measures of anti-Israel sentiment.

Israel and its supporters are a bad influence on our democracy. Mostly true. They’re catastrophically bad. +1.

Israel can get away with anything because its supporters control the media. Somewhat true. The media is starting to turn on Israel to some extent and for the most part, the media just doesn’t even touch the subject. But the Gentiles in the media and the Gentile media outlets support Israel as much as the Jewish ones too, so I’m not sure this is a Jewish matter. Anyway, most Americans support Israel and few support the Palestinians. Palestinians have only ~16% in the US, and this figure has been flat for a long time. +2.

Israel treats the Palestinians like the Nazis treated the Jews. Somewhat true. If we want to see that it resembles how the Nazis treated Jews until 1938 (from 1933-1937) in Germany, I would be ok with that. After that, the Nazis get so much worse and the Nazis are more murderous by orders of magnitude than Israel is. +3.

Israel out and out murders only a few Palestinians a year, and the Nazis murdered an average of over 1 million Jews a year from late 1940 until 1945. So in terms of murderousness, we are looking at a matter of ~10/year versus 1 million/year for populations which are about the same size. So the Nazis are worse by several orders of magnitude (four to be exact).

I am comfortable spending time around people who openly support Israel. Mostly true. Haven’t spent time with them in years, so it’s so hard to say. My father was a strong supporter and it didn’t make me not want to hang around with him.

Israel makes a positive contribution the world. Mostly false. Whatever good they do in terms of research and development, industrial technology, medicine, science, etc. is vastly outweighed by the negative, sorry. +4.

Israel has a right to defend itself against those who want to destroy it. Mostly true. How could one argue against that question. Every nation has that right, including Nazi Germany.

Israel is a strong ally of the United States. Mostly true. Isn’t this just obvious? Whether they are a good ally is another matter.

Israel is a technology leader. Mostly true. Much as I despise that shitty little country, this statement is self-evidently true.

Ok, I got four out of eight. Turns out you need to agree with five out of eight statements to be significantly anti-Israel. I only get four, so I’m not significantly anti-Israel. LOL. And I really, really hate that shitty little country like you wouldn’t believe. That means that people who score higher than I do are real scary indeed. And I’d also wager that they’re not good for the Jews either.

The Fuss about Increased Anti-Semitism in the US, Part 2

Jews are making a huge fuss about a wave of antisemitism in the US. Really though not much has changed. Most of the serious antisemitism is being committed by Arabs, mostly Palestinians and Blacks in New York. No surprises in either case as both groups have long been very antisemitic.

Perhaps there are more Arabs in the US these days. Perhaps Blacks are more antisemitic than before. Who knows if these are true statements? Some White nationalist types have gotten more active, but there are not very many of them. Perhaps there are more than in the past. Perhaps they are more agitated than they used to be. Who knows? But they’ve always been antisemites anyway.

It seems more the truth that existing antisemites have gotten louder and more animated and aggressive, but they’ve always been antisemites anyway. So people who were already antisemitic simply got more so. Big deal. This is an interesting subject for conversation about the radicalization of bigots, but that’s not the conversation paranoid and insane Jewish nationalists want to have. They want to make it out like your average American is now a raving antisemite. LOL, hardly.

There have been anti-Zionist marches on college campuses chanting, “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free.” Another sign said, “There Is Only One Solution.” Parallels to the Final Solution of the Nazis are evident. This is scary stuff, but the Palestinians have been talking like this forever. It’s not like they are saying this anymore than they used to. Some anti-Zionist protestors (all Palestinians) have assaulted and threatened Jews, mostly in New York but to some extent in LA too.

This is a political problem more than a racial problem. What if one of those Jews would stand up and say he’s an anti-Zionist? What would these Palestinians do? Probably leave him alone. So is it really a racial conflict or a political one? Sounds like a political fight between two nationalist ethnic groups, which are never pretty. The fact that they would leave an anti-Zionist Jew alone shows that this is not an anti-Semitism problem but instead a political problem over the Zionist political project. If they hated Jews, they would beat up the anti-Zionist Jews too.

The people in this demo at the University of Michigan were Palestinian Arabs who’ve always hated Jews anyway. Perhaps they are more animated nowadays. Who knows? But the only people marching and saying this stuff are Palestinian Arabs. No one else is marching around saying this.

Yes, there are some non-Arabs in on this pro-Palestinian project too. Some of these folks are remarkably anti-Semitic. The British Union of Students had a member who made some extremely antisemitic statements. Turns out she was apparently a Pakistani Muslim. So this is just the usual Muslim antisemitism that has been a banal fact of life for a long time in this world.

We are hearing about it more in the US as more Muslims move here, but it’s always been there. There’s no increased anti-Semitism. There are just more Muslims in the West, so Muslim antisemitism which has raged for decades is more visible.

The rest of the anti-Semitism epidemic is fake. It’s mostly about people justifiably criticizing the shitty Jewish state for its shitty behavior. Israel shows that Jews aren’t very good people. One way to figure out if a group of people is any good or not is to fill a whole country full of them and see how they act. Israel acts awful because it’s full of Jews.

Same with Turkey, Ukraine, the Gulf States, Afghanistan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Georgia, on and on and on and on. I’d actually put most of the depraved Nazi-loving West in this category too. Why does the West suck? Because it’s full of Westerners!

Jews are also freaking out about antisemitism amongst Normies. A recent Twitter post by a Jew complained that they heard two college women recently complaining about Jews. The women said Jews think they’re better than everyone else and it seems like they want to control everything.

It is obviously true that a supremacist and superior mindset is deep in the minds of many Jewish people, stemming directly from the Jewish religion which tells them that they are better than everyone else. Do they all believe this? No, but it’s quite a common belief. They think they’re chosen, so they’re better.

Three things you can say about Orthodox Jews are:

  1. They’re rude.
  2. They’re tight.
  3. They don’t like non-Jews.

Those are simply facts and it is impossible to argue against them. Clearly all of these attitudes stem from the Jewish religion, which in its fundamentalist form has all sorts of issues as most fundamentalist religions do.

Non-Orthodox Jews are less religious, but religion forms part of culture and cultures retain their religious nature long after the group is not very religious anymore, so these things are sadly true among a number of non-Orthodox Jews too. Comments that a lot of Jews think they’re superior and that they have an insatiable desire for power, money, and control which is unnverving to non-Jews are simply facts. Jews can argue against them by not feeling superior to others and not having insatiable appetites for control and power.

Overall, those comments did not strike me as particularly antisemitic. This is just stuff that everyone has always known and said about Jews. Looks like the word is getting out about the Jews and the truth about them. Obviously the Jews are upset about this. I have no problem with people pointing out obvious truths about Jewish people, as long as all they do is talk. Jews can protest these statements by not acting like the stereotype. Real simple.

Rashida Talib, a Palestinian Congresswoman from Michigan, recently attacked the act of moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, saying that they put it on stolen land. No one knows if that land in West Jerusalem is even stolen. Perhaps Jews owned it before 1948. Who knows? This is supposedly horrible antisemitism, but the US has long opposed putting the embassy in Jerusalem because the Palestinians have always wanted East Jerusalem as their capital. So the embassy was kept in Tel Aviv as a political decision.

Moving it to Jerusalem by the fanatically pro-Jewish President Donald Trump was simply a slap in the face at the Palestinians. Anyway, Palestinians refer to all of 1949 Israel as stolen land. Sure a lot of it was stolen. Of course it was. But that’s water under the dam at this point. Anyway, it’s hardly anti-Semitic to point out that the Jews stole almost all of that land at the point of a gun.

The reason we hear this in Congress now is that Arabs, Muslims, and Palestinians are increasing their power in the West, including the US. That’s all it is. These people always felt this way. There’s nothing new here. There are just more of them here in the West now making a fuss, so we see them for the first time on our shores.

Yes there are now non-Arab, non-Muslim Lefties chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” But do they even know what that means? How many of these Lefties really want to kill all the Jews in Israel? Come on.

Fake antisemitism surveys. The Jews put out these fake antisemitism surveys every year. It lists a number of arguably true stereotypes about Jews that are true, like all stereotypes, at least in part. So there’s a fair amount of truth to most of these antisemitic “canards.”

If you happen to answer yes on any of these arguably true antisemitic stereotypes about Jews, you’re an antisemite! Well, it turns out maybe people are getting a bit more honest about Jews lately because more of them are answering yes on these questions. But these surveys are fake anyway, so who cares what they say? Let’s put out some surveys about real antisemitic views and see how people answer.

I generally score somewhere between antisemitic and extremely antisemitic on these stupid surveys simply because I’m honest about these folks.

The Fuss about Increased Anti-Semitism in the US, Part 1

Reportedly there is a huge wave of antisemitism screaming across the land. Examples are everywhere, supposedly.

It is true that a couple of White Nationalists, or White Supremacists if you will – as they are the same thing – shot up a couple of synagogues. Their complaints were that the Jews were responsible for flooding the US with immigrants. This view is wrong on all sorts of levels.

Yes, Jews do support immigration for a variety of reasons, one of which is indeed to weaken the US White majority to prevent the rise of Nazi state in the US. The other is that Jews supposedly always support immigrants because they were once immigrants and refugees. However, they sure don’t support immigrants and refugees to Israel, now do they? So the Jews are hypocritical once again, as usual. No surprises there.

However, majorities in the US support increased immigration levels including illegal immigration. Many support unlimited immigration, legal and illegal, that  is, open borders. In fact the pro-illegal alien amnesty project is for all intents and purposes a non-White project mostly being supported by Hispanics and other minorities.

Basically, every minority in the US supports unlimited immigration to the US for all of their people. Hispanics want unlimited Mexican immigration to the US. Koreans want unlimited Korean immigration to the US, same with Chinese, Jamaicans, Indians, Pakistanis, Cubans, Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, Muslims, Arabs, on and on.

Every group wants unlimited immigration for their own group into the US. This is a serious problem with mass immigration as you end up importing vast numbers of what are to all intents and purposes a bunch of traitors committing to flooding your country with every single person from the old country. And it’s a good reason why immigration should be very seriously limited in this country. These people never change their minds and chain migration brings more and more traitors to our shores.

I don’t have a solution to this problem other than a very strict control over immigration policy, an elimination of illegal immigration, a very strict vetting of immigrants, and a crackdown on fake asylum claims because 90-95% of them nowadays are fake. Also asylees should be required to apply for asylum at the first country they pass through as per international law.

For one thing, I would mandate a minimum IQ of 98 to immigrate to the US as that is the average IQ in the US. It’s obvious that uncontrolled legal immigration and illegal immigration is lowering the US IQ. In particular, most illegal immigrants are pretty low IQ. I would estimate that most have IQ’s of 85, if that. Why the  Hell are we importing 85 IQ people into our country? What’s the point?

In addition, solid majorities of Americans support traitorous policies such as legalization of all 11 million, or 22 million, or 33 million illegal aliens in the US. This figure doesn’t seem to be changing much even with Trump’s election. And most Americans continue to support sky-high levels of legal immigration. So the average American supports amnesty for tens of millions of illegals plus sky-high levels of legal immigration.

Even “anti-immigrant” Republicans like Trump supported vast levels of legal immigration. Trump said he wanted to increase legal immigration levels to 2 million and many “anti-immigrant’ Republicans supported him. In fact, the Republican Party has always supported high levels of legal immigration.

Both parties are drinking the immigration Kool-Aid. Jews no longer play a significant role in US immigration politics. A study of US media outlets owned by Jews versus those not owned by Jews shows that the ones who are not owned by Jews drink the immigrant Kool-aid as much as those owned by Jews.

Bottom line is that the Jewish view on immigration has simply become the Normie view on the subject. This is how everyone thinks. And the vast majority of those promoting mass immigration are not Jewish – instead they are non-Whites down to increase the numbers of their co-ethnics. Get rid of the US Jews and nothing changes in US immigration politics. If all the US Jews took off tomorrow, not one thing would change in US immigration politics. The role of the Jews here is vastly overestimated.

There has also been a wave of violent antisemitism against Jews in New York City, most all of which is being committed by ghetto Blacks. The Blacks and Jews have been at war in New York for a while and the causes are not clear. Orthodox Jews are not very nice people, and New York is full of them.

New York is gentrifying and Orthodox Jews are moving Blacks out and Jews in. They hard pressure Blacks to sell their homes and if they do not sell them, the Jews buy houses on either side of them and move in horrible renters to try to pressure the Blacks to sell. Typical Orthodox Jewish sleazy bullshit.

Many landlords in New York are Jewish, often Orthodox Jews. They are often slumlords. In fact, a survey in New York of the worst slumlords found that 19 out of 20 worst slumlords in New York were Jewish. Some things never change. Orthodox Jews who rent out places come around and are often very unfriendly to renters and tenants, often refusing to speak to them altogether. Orthodox Jews are often quite unfriendly to non-Jews. Anyway, 97% of violent attacks against Jews in New York are by Blacks. What does this have to do with your average American? Nothing.

There is also an increased pro-Palestinian movement in the US, which has led to some rowdy demonstrations. Although Jews freak out about the “wave of antisemitism” among pro-Palestinians, the truth is that almost all of these attacks are by Arabs themselves, and the Arabs are often Palestinians.

Yes, they have beat up some Jews in the streets. But what does that have to do with your average American? Nothing. These assaults are unfortunate and sad, but what does it have to do with the average White American? This is a tribal war between Arabs and Jews, the Arabs being primarily Palestinian.

So there are some White Nationalist/Supremacists (for the two are the same – every White Nationalist is a White Supremacist), some ghetto Blacks in New York, and some Palestinians in a few places around the country. Sound like a wave of antisemitism sweeping the land? Of course not.

The Ye or Kanye West affair blew up a bit. This needs to be seen in context along with the basketball star who also got cancelled. The basketball star is a Black nationalist and so is Ye, though he’s an odd one. Black nationalists and Afrocentrists are anti-Semites!

They’ve been this way for some time now. Look at Farrakhan. The reasons for this are hard to figure. Jews ran shops in the ghetto and reportedly preyed on ghetto Blacks by overcharging them and being mean to them. Now that they are being replaced by Koreans, the same charges are being leveled at the Koreans. For the rest of it I just can’t see it. Yes, Jews were highly involved in financing of the slave trade ships. Big money was involved and Jews had the big money. Meanwhile, the vast majority of White Gentiles supported slavery.

.3% of slave owners in the South were Jews. Whoop dee doo. It seems ridiculous to go after Jews for financing the slave trade ships when all the rest of the White Gentiles were involved in all the rest of slavery.

In other words, the Black nationalist hatred against Jews is irrational, like general nationalist hatred of Jews, which rarely makes much sense either. It’s just nutty. Black nationalists are basically loons anyway, and the antisemitism just goes along with the general lunacy. Perhaps the antisemitism is down to general dislike of Jews by nationalists in general.

Mexican nationalists don’t like Jews either. Nor do White nationalists. Nor do nationalists of most White nations. Nor do nationalists of Muslim countries, nor nationalists of Arab lands or Arab nationalists in general. Japanese and Chinese nationalists don’t like Jews, nor do Korean nationalists. Hindu nationalists like them, but that’s because they both hate Muslims. Nationalists in South American lands don’t like Jews because they think they’re Communists.

The basketball player linked to a Black nationalist movie about Black Hebrews. They hold that Blacks are the real Jews, and Jews are some evil impostors. These are basically just crazy people who believe in an insane ideology. So that’s why the basketball player got called an antisemite.

The powerless Jews got upset at people for pointing out that they were powerless and then proceeded to threaten to destroy these men’s careers, which belies the notion that Jews are powerless and in fact implies that they are extremely powerful outside of their numbers. This is the problem Jews always get into any time they fight “antisemitic canards,” which typically have a lot of truth to them. They fight “canards” that say Jews have a lot of power and money by throwing their extreme money and power at their enemies, thereby validating the “canard.”

Ye had Jewish managers in Hollywood as do most Black music stars. Musicians have been complaining about their shitty Jewish managers forever. There’s nothing new here. Of course most of them are total crooks and scumbags who ripped off musicians mercilessly. It’s unknown whether White Gentile managers ripped off bands less than Jewish ones did.

Nor is it known if Black managers, assuming they exist, would rip off Black stars any less than Jews do. So we don’t know if this is a Jewish thing or just a general “ripoff manager” effect. Ye complained that his Jewish managers had screwed him over and ripped him off.

One completely “powerless Jew” who brags that he owns Hollywood as an utter dictator, threatened to have Ye hospitalized against his will and to make it so he could never see his children again. Amazing what pull these powerless Jews have! Of course if you mention that this Jew who said he owned Hollywood was a symptom of the problem in the first place, you get called antisemite. Obviously this monster ticked off Ye quite a bit and it seems that this Jewish goon set him off on his rant.

He said he was going “‘Death’ Con 2 on Jews” and ranted about how they screwed him over in his music career. He also said that Blacks can’t be antisemites because Blacks are Jews, thereby paying allegiance to Black Hebrew views, which makes sense, as Ye is a Black nationalist. Then he went on about Jewish power in media and Hollywood, which is substantial. This was the 3rd rail that you never touch.

Later he bashed Jews some more, saying that Hitler was a great man. So Ye is a Black nationalist of the Farrakhan variety. He’s a nut, a kook. Why are people so freaked out about this. “Powerless” Jews then got so freaked out about Ye’s outbursts that they used their extreme corporate and financial power to more or less cancel the guy and wipe out a billions of dollars of his wealth, thereby proving that the “canard” of Jews having lots of corporate, financial,  and political power is not a canard at all.

Ye later posted some charts showing Jewish power in Hollywood and the media. Jewish liars tried to take these charts apart but they didn’t do a very good job about it. Jewish power in Hollywood has been substantial for a very long time since a Jewish conspiracy captured Hollywood in the early 1900’s to keep White racists from taking over. Birth of a Nation had upset the Jews and they saw the writing on the wall and assumed the racism would come back on the Jews at some point.

Five Jews who all came from a 100 square mile area in Galicia got together with big Jewish money and grabbed Hollywood to keep it out of the hands of the antisemites. This is traditionally the reason why Jews grab the movies, press, etc. They’re just paranoid. They want to keep these brainwash media out of the hands of the antisemites. That’s really all it is. There’s no nefarious agenda behind it.

Jews no longer run Hollywood, though 20 years ago, they were still very important there. For one thing, Italians have become very big there, especially as directors, and many have set up their own studios. The charts dealt with Hollywood and the media as best I could tell.

The  combined total of Hollywood + media showed Jews with 41% of the top positions in both industries. The Jews had 60% of the top positions in the media 25-30 years ago when the book Jewish Power was written. Now it’s down to maybe 41%, but it’s hard to tell as Hollywood and the media were combined.

Jewish power in Hollywood is greater than in the media. I’m very happy that Jewish media power has dropped 33% in recent years. That’s a great thing. There’s no reason why 2% of the population should have that much power over people. Why on Earth should they? Anyway, Jewish power in Hollywood and media doesn’t have much effect on the US because the only thing they care about is Israel. They really don’t push any other agenda as far as I can tell.

The whole idea that woke or SJW culture, feminism, antiracism, gay or trans rights, etc. are Jewish projects is ridiculous. Look at the Gentiles in the media and Hollywood. They act just like the Jews. I have no doubt that if all the Jews in the US left tomorrow for other lands, woke, SJWism, antiracism, anti-White ideology, feminism, gay and trans rights, etc. would keep rolling right along. Jews are only 2% of the population.

The vast majority of folks pushing all of this stuff are not Jews. They’re just Gentiles. And Blacks and other minorities are huge in Critical Race Studies, which has been much more of a Black than a Jewish project. Sure, Jews may have started a lot of this stuff, but right now, they’re all on autopilot.

There are so many Gentiles deeply involved in this stuff that they don’t need Jews to tell them what to do anymore.  The idea of “just get rid of the Jews” and SJWism, CRT, gender madness, gay rights, feminism, woke bullshit, anti-White garbage, BLM, and all the rest of the cultural bullshit will immediately right itself is risible. Keep in mind that 98% of the people wildly invested in this stuff are Gentiles.

And it gives too much power to Jews and makes Gentiles look like idiots. Like Gentiles can’t make up their own minds without a bunch of evil Jews telling them what to do! I have watched several media outlets change ownership from Jewish to Gentile. I wondered if anything would change now that the “bad guy” Jews were out of the picture and the “good guy” Gentiles were in charge.

Nothing changed! Even the coverage of Israel did not change. Nothing at all changed in domestic or foreign policy. Nothing changed as far as the Culture Wars. The Gentiles in the media industry and Hollywood think exactly the same as the Jews do!

Yes, coverage of Israel is starting to change a bit, but it’s changing just as much at Jewish publications like the New York Times as at non-Jewish outlets like CNN. The role of the Jews in US media and Hollywood power is vastly exaggerated to the point of absurdity. Bottom line is get rid of the Jews and put Gentiles in charge in either Hollywood or the media, and not one thing changes!

A common charge is that Jews are pushing interracial marriage. However, this is a mainstream value now. Only 9% of American Whites oppose interracial marriage. So much for White Supremacy. Another charge is that Jews push interracial porn between Whites and Blacks. But trust me there are many Black men pushing this too.

And a lot of White Gentiles are fully invested in this stuff, including lots of White women who want that big Black cock. They’re not all being led around by the nose by a bunch of sleazy Jews. Yes, Jews run some big interracial porn companies, but Jews have always run a large part of the porn industry anyway so they will be promoting all genres. Anyway, if enough White Gentiles want interracial sex, pornographers will push it.

What to Do About Minor Peer Sexual Activity and Incest

Someone correct me if I’m wrong here, but is this not true in many states in this lunatic Clown Country? I believe here in California, it’s illegal for minor teens to even have sex with each other. Really it should be extended to all minors because otherwise you end up arresting a lot of prepubescents for engaging in childhood sex play, which many children do.

In Scotland, and possibly a lot of other countries, the AOC is 16. It is not illegal for persons below age 16 to have sex, period. This sounds like a reasonable law. For instance, here in California, we could have a law saying that it is not illegal for minors under 18 to have sex, period. Do you really want to put minor teens in jail for having sex with each other? Are we really that insane?

The usual sex fascist response will be what about rape, sexual assault, child molestation, etc. but those are already against the law. Anyway, few minors break laws against child molestation. I’m not sure exactly what to do about minors who do that.

I had a client, a 13 year old girl, who was in therapy. She was terrified that she was a pedophile because she got in trouble for holding an 8 year old boy’s penis. She had no abnormal desires for little boys. I asked her why she did it, and she said she didn’t know. Obviously this is a very young person who had no idea what the Hell she was doing. I have no problem with putting her in therapy. You sex fascists really want to put her on the sex offender list for life? What?!

I’m not aware of any recent cases involving minors literally molesting little children who were not their relatives. Few teenage minors are literal pedophiles who have a preference for small children and have sex with them. That usually shows up in adulthood. Even there, I’m not sure what I would do. If it’s a male in the family, I would prefer to handle it in the family. Otherwise, perhaps the Juvenile system is appropriate. Honestly, it’s not very common so it’s hardly something to worry about. I can’t see why any minors are on the Sex Offender list.

Why not keep them all of the list? They’re minors after all. Why not wait until people are adults before putting them on that insane and insipid list? I have heard that in Delaware, there 512 people on the list for things that occurred when they were below 12 years old! I have also heard that fully 1/3 of the people on the list are there for things they did when they were minors. I’m not sure the truth of either figure and anyone who wants to enlighten me can go ahead. What’s the point of all of this?

However, older brothers molesting their young sisters is quite common, and most of these boys are not pedophilic at all. They are no more into little girls as you, me, or anyone else. They are best classed as non-pedophilic molesters. Consensual inter-family sex of this sort between two minors is generally much less harmful than adults having sex with little kids.

Nevertheless, I think parents need to step in to stop the boy if he is molesting his sister. If he won’t stop, authorities need to be notified. Social services needs to get involved, not the goddamned pigs. They shouldn’t be anywhere near this crap. The pigs have made a complete cock-up of our sex laws due to extreme overzealous enforcement.

Social services counselors need to get involved and counsel the boy and the girl and the parents. The boy needs to commit to not molesting the daughter anymore. The girl needs to be told that what happened was no big deal but to please not let the brother do that anymore. Actually I’m not sure if we should involve the little girl at all. Maybe best to just keep her out of all of this.

If the boy keeps on molesting his sister, he needs to be removed from the home and placed in foster care. The boy needs to be removed to protect the girl. She shouldn’t have to put up with her brother molesting her like this. This will motivate the parents to read him the riot act to leave his sister alone.

In the case of childhood sex play, I suppose parents should try to stop it if they see it going on. But I’m not quite so sure of that. For the most part, it’s simply exploratory and it only happens a time or two.

What is much more common is consensual sex between sisters. On a recent look around the web, I found a forum of 13-15 year old girls talking about sex. It was interesting but I originally went there because I was trying to figure out when the female sex drives comes on because I was studying pedophilia for my counseling work. Turns out female sex drive comes on at age 13 in the US, which is about the time of average actual menarche.

There are cases of early puberty now, but my female doctor told me that those are cases of “false puberty” so it looks like that’s not the real menarche with the sex drive onset and the ability to get pregnant.

Sex drive onset in the female is characterized by a dramatic increase in vaginal secretions (what women call “getting wet”). Little girls do not experience this phenomenon nor do they experience any aspect of physical female sexuality. Girls simply have no sex drive whatsoever prior to actual menarche at age 13.

One thing that shocked me from this survey was that 5% of 13-15 year old girls admitted to either masturbating with or having sex with their sister of around the same age. Incredible! Granted this was just one little website, and maybe that figure is an outlier. But maybe it’s correct and sibling sex really is that common.

Brother-sister sex during adolescence is reportedly extremely common as is sex between male and female cousins during the same period. A surprising number of these siblings continue to have sex with each other into adulthood! As long as no babies are made out of this activity, I am not against it. The problem would be what to do about it if parents find out. Maybe they need to tell them to stop, but I’m not sure.

Incest as a crime is rarely prosecuted, especially against minors, and it’s dubious why it should be against the law anyway. I would favor a law making it illegal to have a baby via first degree relatives, which does not include cousins. That’s the real problem here. I’m not sure if cousin sex is covered by incest laws because many Muslims marry their cousins. But perhaps we should outlaw these pregnancies too.

The solution is real simple. You get pregnant via incest, you better abort that kid. If you don’t, you can be arrested. I would arrest the woman and not the man unless he agreed to have the kid. If the man said to abort the baby, then I don’t see how he’s responsible if she carries it to term. First degree relatives should also be forbidden from marrying. I’m ok with that.

Get Rid of All Police Stings – They’re All Entrapment

The Crazy Statutory Rape Sex Stings

Further, pigs have run amok with these insane stings where they entrap men into agreeing to meet fake teenage girls for sex and then throw the book at them. It should be illegal for pigs to do all stings, sexual and otherwise. Stings are automatically entrapment and anyway, no crime is usually committed.

The man in these cases agreed to meet a 27 year old female pig who was lying about her age and pretending to be a teenager. If I meet a 30 year old woman in a bar and she lies and tells me she’s 14 when it’s obvious she can’t be a year under 25, and I take her home for sex, what the Hell kind of crime am I guilty of? I’m guilty of fucking a 30 year old crazy, lying woman who told me a stupid lie that obviously wasn’t true. How the Hell should I go to jail for something that stupid? How on Earth could that possibly be a crime?

I would be ok with using real girls of whatever age (12-14) as bait on these stings. In this case, it might not even be a sting. There’s a real 12-14 year old girl on the other end chatting up guys. If you go over to have sex with her, there’s a real 12-14 year old girl at the door to see you (along with a room full of cops). Now, granted, the girl doesn’t really want to have sex with you, but that’s no matter.

If some guy even makes an arrangement with a minor female to have sex with her, it’s illegal here in California. You don’t even have to drive over and see her. You just have to make an oral agreement somehow. Even this might be somewhat problematic as the girl doesn’t really want to have sex with the guy, but it makes me a lot more comfortable.

Why do we even have these stupid stings in the first place? is there really some epidemic of men having sex with 13-14 year old girls they meet on the Net? How often does that even happen? Is there some society crisis going on here. I really doubt if any girls are harmed by this sort of sex, and it’s not abnormal behavior on the part of either the man or the woman.

But it’s “normal” behavior that might just get you 10 years in prison, so I’d think twice about doing this! Just because something is “normal” in an anthropological sense doesn’t mean it’s a good idea, morally correct, or legal. In these cases, it may well be all three, depending on your point of view.

I can’t see the purpose of these stupid stings. If we are so upset about this behavior, how about waiting until someone actually breaks the law before you arrest them? If we find out a man had sex with a 12 year old girl, we arrest him for child molestation. If we find out a man had sex with a 13-14 year old girl, we arrest him for statutory rape, though I’d favor making it legal for 18-21 year old men to have sex with 14 year old girls on a Romeo and Juliet basis. After that, go ahead and make it illegal.

Drug Stings

In drug stings, pigs sell dope to buyers and then arrest buyers for possession. Screw that! How the Hell can pigs sell drugs? Selling drugs is illegal! How can pigs break the law? Screw that! Want to arrest someone for drug possession? How bout waiting until someone actually possesses some dope, and then arrest them instead of having pigs pretending to see people dope?

Bribery Stings

In bribery stings, pigs arrest people for trying to pay bribes to people who aren’t even taking bribes! They’re just pretending to! If my next door neighbor comes up to me and says, “Hey Bob, pay me $100 and I’ll be sure the cops don’t arrest you this year” and I pay him, what the Hell am I guilty of? He has no power over the police to determine whether or not I get popped. He just stole $100 from me. I should be arrested for Stupidity, but that’s not against the law.

Suppose I try to pay him the $100, and then the pigs rush in the door and cuff me for “trying to pay a bribe.” But I didn’t bribe anyone to do anything. I paid a guy for pretending to take a bribe. How the Hell is it illegal to pay somebody for pretending to take a bribe? How is it illegal to pay anybody for pretending to do anything?

Why do we even have bribery stings? Why don’t we just wait until someone actually takes a bribe or bribes someone? What’s wrong with that? Is bribery really some society crisis in the US? Hardly.

The Insanity of Child Pornography Laws

The pigs have already catastrophically wrecked sex law with regard to what used to be called statutory rape and it has now gone over to Sexual Abuse, Rape, Sexual Assault, and Child Molestation with penalties that are absolutely insane.

Let’s move on to some other areas.

“Child Pornography” Laws Are Insane

Now, granted, CP actually exists. Material showing adults having sex with little kids is gross and depicts a crime and harms the kid having their material distributed. That needs to be illegal, though some of the sentences seem a bit harsh.

Material showing kids and pubescents engaging in lascivious display on the genitalia is gross and weird to put out in society for all to see. Minors can do this stuff all they want to, but you can’t take pictures of it because as a society we don’t want to live in a place where you open up your web browser and there’s a perfectly legal photo of a 13 year old putting a dildo inside of her. That needs to be illegal too, though once again, the sentences are pretty extreme.

All sorts of things that are not child porn at all, for instance a teenage girl or even a child that is merely naked, gets rounded up by the pigs and prosecuted as CP. But nudity is not necessarily CP. There are nudist sites all over the web. You can go look at them if you want. There are artistic nude photographers who work with young teenage girls, for instance, David Hamilton. His work is legal. Medical textbooks are full of nudes, little children, teenager, and adults. All of those photos are legal.

The basic rule for CP. In order for something to be CP, there must be “lascivious display of the genitalia” or actual sex. That’s been the law for a long time now. Nevertheless it is my understanding that adults are going down for simply having nude photos of the perfectly legal minors they are having sex with. She’s just standing in front of a mirror naked. That’s it. How the Hell is that CP? And if it is, why isn’t a nudist site, a medical textbook, or David Hamilton’s pics illegal?

However, every time you turn around, the pigs are blowing up CP law to create whole new categories of CP that were legal until all of a sudden the pigs decided they were illegal. Pigs don’t get to redefine laws on the spot. The definition of CP isn’t “whatever the Hell the pigs happen to think it is.” You can’t be arrested for something that was legal the whole time you were possessing until the pigs arrested, redefined the law on the fly, and decided you were breaking the law after all!

Yet this is happening all the time with CP laws, and of course it’s the worst pigs of all, fed pigs (FBI) who are guilty of all of this.

The Black Cat Scans Case

Clothed models such as the Black Cat scans were legal for a very long time. The people running the website researched the law carefully and made sure they were following the law. The scans were weird, erotic pics of young girls around pubescent age from 11 and 12 to possibly older. They were wearing clothes though the clothes were pretty sex.

They were posed in some pretty sexual though not overtly sexual ways. Photos showing girls that age mimicking masturbation through their clothing, for instance, may well be illegal, though no one really knows. For a long time, the FBI said, “If they have clothes on, it’s not CP.” This was the law that the Black Cat guys (a couple of Jews by the way) operated under.

The owners of the site were a couple of Jews. I’m sad to say that back when CP was legal or quasi-legal in the 1970’s, most of the distribution was being run by Jews operating out of Hollywood. Some were Orthodox Jews!

Suddenly the pigs arrested the Black Cat guys on CP! They took them to court and redefined CP law on the fly in the courtroom by deciding that if they have clothes on, perhaps it is CP after all. So at one point does a photo of a young girl become CP? Who knows! The pigs get to decide! Bullshit! The owners went down and the photographer went down too. 30-40 girls (mostly grown by then) and their mothers (who went along with it for the money) testified on tape that they were not harmed by these model shoots and in fact, they enjoyed them a lot.

They all protested the arrest of the photographer, who they all admitted was a very good man. But he went to prison anyway. One wonders why these clothed models are even illegal. It’s not like the web was flooded with them because almost all website owners refused to carry the photos for whatever reason.

The Black Cat site got 25 million visitors from all over the globe. According to the pigs all 25 million of those men are guilty of possession of child porn! So why didn’t they arrest them? Why don’t they throw them all in prison? See how insane these laws are? One wonders who exactly is harmed by the clothed models. Granted they’re gross, creepy, and disturbing (even I found them so).

But are we going to make every photograph that is gross, creepy, and disturbing against the law? Or only some of them? If so, which ones? Now that girls with clothes may be illegal, exactly which girls wearing exactly what clothing in exactly what poses are illegal? No one knows! It’s a vague law! You have no idea if you’re breaking it or not because the law’s not even defined. All vague laws are unconstitutional.

One wonders who is harmed by these scans. The usual argument against CP is that it depicts a crime. Actually it doesn’t. If it shows an adult and a child having sex, it indeed records a crime. However, if it merely records a girl posed alone erotically, that’s CP even though it does not depict a crime.

After all, it’s not illegal for girls of any age to take their clothes off, expose their genitalia and masturbate. Don’t beheading videos also depict a crime? Don’t assassination videos depict a crime? Doesn’t the George Floyd video depict a crime? So how come none of that is illegal?

We need a new rule. The argument is that not only does it depict a crime but the kid doesn’t consent to it and it shows a kid being victimized for all to see. Children being molested shouldn’t have to put up their molestations being recorded for all to see. Fine.

The “Every Time Someone Looks at CP, the Kid Gets Harmed” Bullshit

Then there is an insane argument that every time someone looks at some particular CP video, the kid in the video is harmed again. How the Hell does that work? Does the kid know someone just looked at the video? Do they know if 10, 100, 1,000, or 10,000 people looked at it? Of course not. Do they somehow get magically a bit more harmed every time someone looks at the video, even if the kid has no idea they’ve done so? Of course not.

As far as children engaging in lascivious display of the genitalia (often pubescent girls masturbating from what little I’ve seen), the kid isn’t being harmed. In the single photo set (the only one I’ve seen) of the kind, I saw ~20 Lolitas diddling themselves with fingers and dildos. They all appeared more than happy to put it mildly. And they didn’t seem to mind being photographed either.

So here, the photo is not a recording of a crime. No one got molested so there is no kid having to put up with their molestation on video for all to see.

We need a new rule! In this case, society has decided that we don’t want nudes of kids and pubescent with lascivious display of the genitalia simply because it’s creepy, weird, and gross. You’re not allowed to have those pics, though I guess you can have them if you are a kid and took them yourself.

Though a 19 year old boy was arrested for CP for having a video of himself jerking off as a minor! This strikes me as a reasonable law. It’s an actual minor in the photo diddling herself. We don’t want that crap floating around in society, and especially we don’t want it legally on the Net.

Now, I’m actually ok with having these two rules to decide what is CP.

But let’s move on. Two rules are not enough!

Erotic Stories CP

Recently, the Mr. B site went down. Granted it was pretty sleazy but it was all just written erotica. Sadly, much of the content was straight up pedo stuff with adults having sex with kids. These stories, who obviously harm no one at all, were always legal until just very recently, the pigs decided that written child erotica was illegal after all!

There is no recording of a crime, as the stories are made up. There is no real kid who has to worry about their molestation going public. There is no society value in keeping creepy photos of minors illegal, as there are no photos of minors. Even the stories aren’t about real minors. It’s all completely made up!

So how the Hell is this illegal? I suppose you can argue that society doesn’t like it, but those stories are pretty hard to find. Most sites don’t carry them and it doesn’t look like many people read them. Sure, they’re creepy but the only people who see them are those who want to, so what’s the harm?

Now we have to make up a new rule! It turns out that those stories turn on pedophiles, which supposedly makes them more likely to commit molestation crimes. However, it’s long been shown that violence on TV and the movies leads to violent criminal behavior, including murder. So looking at that stuff makes people more likely to commit violent crimes too, even homicide, the worst one of all.

In addition, rape porn is legal, though it is extremely hard to find. I’ve watched a ton of porn on mainstream porn sites, but I’ve never seen this flood of rape videos the lunatic feminists are wailing about. Turns out I had to search and go to special creepy rape porn pages to find the stuff. Those videos were very upsetting to me but they were legal.

It’s been proven that exposure to this type of porn is dangerous and makes it more likely that men will commit violent sex crimes against women, including rape. So why the Hell is it legal? Rape and murder are groovy, but child molesting is the height of evil?

So why isn’t it illegal for the same crazy reason? There’s no argument! I guess we don’t care if people get jazzed up to commit violent crimes against each other, including murder, but we really do care if people get jazzed up to molest kids.

Simulated Computer Generated CP

Lately the laws have gone even more insane. Now simulated CP is illegal. This is fake CP done with computers that looks (sort of) like a real kid and real adult having sex. Except it’s fake, probably obviously so. For a while there, 2D fake videos like this were illegal. Now maybe 3D fakes are too. There are not even any humans depicted in this material.

It’s all just fake pictures made by computers. The argument here is the same BS. The fake videos of computer-drawn fake people get pedophiles riled up to go out and molest kids, so they’re illegal. I’m not sure I’ve seen this stuff. I’m sure it’s gross and disturbing, but it’s not even real! The fake computer-generated CP is very hard to find because most sites refuse to carry it even it might be legal.

Cartoon CP

Now we get even weirder. There is child erotica with cartoons, pretty much cartoon CP. It shows cartoon pics of little girls having sex with cartoon pics of adults. This won’t even be slightly mistaken for a real photo. It’s all just made up BS. But now there are suggestions that the pigs have decided that this is illegal too, though last time I checked, they had only arrested a couple of the artists.

They hadn’t yet arrested anyone for possession cartoon CP. I’ve seen some cartoon CP (not much) and it’s weird and gross and disturbing, but I can’t see why it should be illegal. This stuff is very hard to find as almost no host in the US will host cartoon CP whether it’s legal or not. You have to look around to very special sites that no one ever goes to. Once again the argument is that this stuff gets pedos riled up.


There’s also CGI CP. Last time I checked that was legal. It’s like cartoon CP but it looks even more fake than that. The adults and kids look like robots.

Starbucks Bans

Not sure if I should write about this as my enemies will eat it up, but it happened to me so I might as well. I have had nothing but endless problems at Starbucks stores.

The one in the mountains tried to ban me for “looking at the baristas” LOL. Really? You cucks are going to ban men for checking out the cute baristas? Geez. I got myself reinstated there by complaining to management.

I moved and in the new city, I started running into some problems at the new place.

I ran off some copies of my posts here and gave them to a couple of people there. A young Amerasian woman was very interested in them and read them avidly. The manager saw one, completely misunderstood it and thought it was racist (it wasn’t) and banned me from distributing my stuff.

My Mom told me to quit giving people copies of my work because she said they won’t understand it and they will just think it’s weird and start hating my work and me. Usually when I give someone my stuff, the response is bafflement. They can’t make heads or tails of it. And they look disturbed and upset. I’ve quit giving people copies of my stuff. Lesson learned. No one gets it. They don’t understand it, so they think it’s weird, creepy, and dangerous – the typical Normie response to anything they don’t understand.

Then one of the workers there came to the website, told me everyone at the store hated me and thought I was creepy, and ordered me not to come in anymore. I kept coming anyway. I switched partly to another one but I got in trouble for “talking to humans.” It’s true that I used to go up to people and talk to them a lot. I talked to a lot of women too. And yes, young women. But I think I violated a lot of social rules when I did that. It took me a while to figure out that I was violating rules.

Basically, I don’t approach anyone for conversation anymore unless they act like they’re in a mood for talking. Otherwise you’re often just asking for trouble. You end up talking to someone who acts like, “Why the Hell are you talking to me anyway?”

And then when I got that reaction, I often kept talking. I took me quite some time to figure out all of these very complex rules. Don’t approach a woman if she’s with a guy. Don’t approach a woman if she’s with a friend. Be very careful about talking to young women at all unless you get a very clear signal.

Don’t strike up conversations with people who are giving you vibes like they don’t want to talk to you (ignoring you). I got complaints from young women that I was harassing them by, literally, talking to them. Talking to humans is harassment now. There have been a lot of articles lately telling people to go up to strangers and start talking to them. This seems like catastrophic advice.

It’s never harassment (it sounds like they were charging sexual harassment) for anyone to try to talk to or talk to anyone.

It sounds really sad but I don’t think I ever flirted with one woman the whole time I went to that store. What’s even more sad that if I said that I had flirted with women, much less asked them out or for their numbers, people would automatically say that’s why I got banned because flirting with women and asking them out and for their numbers is automatically creepy under all circumstances. Which is precisely what #metoo says. You wonder why I’m against it. How the Hell are we supposed to get laid, anyway? Or even get dates? Or even make friends?

I did flirt a bit with an older woman. Actually when she told me she was married, I said, “Darn, I was thinking of asking you out.” Just to show you how toxic and insane things have gotten, I fully expected her to totally freak out after I said that and accuse me of harassment.

Instead she said in charmed voice, “Oh, how sweet.” I didn’t even ask her out! I just told her I might if she was single. I would have liked to have asked some women out at that place, but I never really got any “green lights” telling me to go ahead. If I don’t get some sort of a green light, I don’t advance. Real simple. I go there for 10 years, never really ask out or flirt with even one woman, and I’m banned for (sexual) harassment? That’s insane!

If I got vibes like they didn’t want to talk to me, I often shut down the conversation pretty quickly, though still, I often persisted too long. I still do this sometimes. But I tend to shut it down a lot quicker now.

It’s so hard to label people as unfriendly, hostile, or even basically enemies. Yes, enemies. Someone who is going to be hostile to you merely for trying to talk to them is for all intents and purposes an enemy. You may argue that I use the word promiscuously, but take my word for it, anyone who is so hostile that they object to you even talking them is simply not your friend. They can and will get you in trouble in all sorts of ways at any moment. That’s just the way they are.

I wish I could say that they just want to be left alone and don’t hate you and aren’t enemies, but it’s just not so. You need to totally avoid these people altogether and treat them like the plague. Just have nothing to do with them. And quit trying to win them back. All that’s going to do is cause more problems because they’re most likely never going to start liking you.

After I got banned, I switched to another store. I had no piled up three ban orders at three different stores. Curiously, no other store or locale anywhere on Earth has ever banned me. Not one. Anywhere. Ever. So I think it’s just this store.

I went to the new store for a long time, and things seemed to be ok. The guys at least were friendly, especially the masculine guy. I often don’t get along with gay or wimpy/pussy men, but I get along very well with masculine guys, especially Hispanic men as they tend to respect older men. It’s those evil old values, you know?

I suppose I am naturally flirtatious. I think it’s gotten to the point where it’s just gone automatic. After a while, it seemed like every young woman in the place either hated me or didn’t like me. I never quite figured out why that was. I tried to make small conversations with them sometimes, even ones that seemed hostile from the get go. I’ve now stopped doing this altogether and I am much more wary and much more likely to label people as hostile, enemies, or at least unknowns. Once I think that about them, I don’t talk much to them at all.

But hope springs eternal. I kept hoping that enemies would come around if only I was nice enough to them. But it never happened. If anything, it digs the hole even worse. I kept going anyway, though things seemed to be deteriorating. There was this one extremely wimpy idiot who I was sure was gay. Turns out he wasn’t. He was just a total pussy!


Ukraine-Russia Is Really Globohomo Versus the Sane World, Led by Russia

The American military in a nutshell. Actually that’s the military of the entire West, in other words, NATO. NATO is literally the army of Globohomo! Russia doesn’t want any part of this nonsense, obviously. So in part this is a war between the Globohomo West and the rest of the world, led by Russia, fighting for a more traditional world.

This is what you are fighting for, people! This is what Russia is fighting against! Go ahead and take sides. I’m with Russia. I’ve had it with the decadent West!

I would like to point out that in Russia, generally, gay men are not barred from serving in the Armed Forces. At least they are not supposed to be by official pronouncement. However, there is confusion around a law which has not been updated for a long time. Hence, a lot of young men in Moscow and St. Petersburg got out of the draft by pretending to be gay.

However, no one in the provinces ever tried to use an excuse like that because out there, it’s so taboo to be gay. Putin himself said that gay men are not exempt from the Armed Forces. And all Russian men between ages of 18-27 must serve at least one year in the army. It follows that most gay men in Russia serve their time in the military. However, Russian society is very homophobic, so most gay men in the military no doubt stay closeted. This isn’t an ideal situation, but it seems that the West has gone a bit out of control.

Russia/Ukraine War January 17, 2022, Part 3

One way to figure out if you are being fed propaganda is to look at what sort of articles the media is running about the particular country. Have you ever noticed that all articles about the governments and countries of Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Russia, North Korea, Belarus, China, Cuba, Nicaragua, Serbia, and Venezuela are utterly and resolutely hostile?

That’s because all of those countries have been deemed enemies of the US! So anytime you see that every single article about a country is negative, you know you are being fed a bunch of crap and lies. Why keep reading that stuff? You’re going to get nothing but total bias. Can’t Americans figure this out?

Another thing to point out is that our media is as controlled as the media was in the USSR under Communism. On regular cable news, you will never, ever, ever see one article that is positive in any way about any of those countries above. Not one! Not ever! In other words, there is not one single dissident media outlet among large US newspapers, magazines, TV or cable TV news shows. All of the US news are in lockstep with US foreign policy. All of them! Not one even differs 1%.

There do seem to be some differences emerging on Russia on right-wing news like Fox News, but the news is still pretty negative. And that’s mostly Republicans going against Biden’s Ukraine policy because it’s being done by a Democrat. Presumably if a Republican were in, they would be fully supporting it. Anyway, Fox News is a single news outlet and it is very hard to find pro-Russia and anti-Ukraine news on there. There is only the occasional Tucker Carlson show.

And look at the backlash against Carlson. The FBI was apparently looking into him. There are constant accusations against him of treason and being a traitor. There are calls to have him arrested for treason and locked up. Guess who’s making these calls? Shitlibs! Liberals! Guess who demanded the Russia Today, etc. be taken off the air? Shitlibs! Liberals! Supporters of “freedom of speech.”

Who, by the way, are now working hand in hand with the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security to censor and remove posts and posters critical of US foreign policy on social media sites. Shitlibs, liberals, are working with the feds to get the federal government to demand that social media sites remove posts against US foreign policy! That really ought to be illegal, but how are you going to enforce it?

Even the “dissident” media is in lockstep. All of the left and shitlib or liberal media in the US fully supports the Nazis and opposes antifascist Russia. In fact, shitlibs are the biggest supporters of the war!

Every single person on this insane Russia/Ukraine War thread, almost all of them woke rainbow-haired Globohomo shitlibs, literally believes that Ukraine is winning and Russia is losing! Crazy. Also note that the woketard shitlib mods remove any and every post supporting Russia! Way to have a debate! The threads say “Russia-Ukraine war.” They don’t say Russia-Ukraine War from a Pro-Ukraine POV.”

By the way, the mods on r/worldnews in general apparently do not allow any pro-Russian posts or even pro-Russian commenters! That’s on r/worldnews, one of the biggest subreddits on Reddit, with 30 million members!

There is also a column on the Globohomo shitlib rag The Guardian every day. Every single commenter on there thinks that Ukraine is winning the war! Wow the West really is living in an alternate reality!

Ok, first of all, 70% of the traitors who left at the beginning of the war have come back. Russians are willing to forgive most if not all of them for their temporary treason. It’s understandable. The problem is that all these Russian IT people went overseas, especially to the US, where they were promptly denied employment simply because they were Russians.

There are many reports of Russian IT folks trying to get jobs in the US and other places in the West and being turned down simply because they were Russians. That they were pro-Western Russians is of no matter. And by the way, almost all US shitlibs support total job discrimination in the US against all Russians, whether they are pro-Western or not. So these fools realized that the West that they love so much actually hates them.

Prigozhin is continuing to undermine faith in the Russian MOD. However, the piece then goes on to explain that he is doing so by not undermining faith in the MOD! It’s nonsense. Anyway, Russians say there are no problems between Wager and the Kremlin. Keep in mind that Wager has very close relations with Putin.

Ok, first of all, there was no terrorist missile attack in Dnipro. The missile that hit the apartment complex was a Ukrainian (Nazi) anti-aircraft missile that went off course.

Nazi air defense system is to blame for the Dnipropetrovsk tragedy because the X-22 missile could not have destroyed the building – “War on Fakes.”

A fallen Nazi air defense missile of the C-300 system, which is in service with the AFU, caused the tragedy in Dnipropetrovsk, the Telegram channel “War on Fakes” writes. According to their analysis, the footage showed the C-300 missile falling or veering off course, which did not have a self-destruct device.

The information that the impact on the entrance of the building was from an X-22 cruise missile cannot be confirmed by the footage from the traffic cams of passing cars. Not at all; if we compare the recordings taken from the vehicle, which was 820 meters in a straight line from the destroyed entrance, and take the house 400 meters away as a reference point, we can calculate the height of the frame as 200 meters.

If, as the experts of the “War on Fakes” point out, we relate this to the size of the frame using trigonometry, it turns out that the missile enters the frame at a height of about 200 meters or less.

So there is no way it could have been a cruise missile because its speed is at least 1000 m/s; the missile simply could not have entered the camera lens for 0.52-0.56 seconds, assuming the footage is taken in 25 frames – the standard shooting frequency for vehicle recorders, writes “War on Fakes.”

One of the arguments may also be the statement of the recently dismissed advisor to the head of the Ukrainian President’s office, Arestovich, who, on the day of the terrible tragedy, stated that a Ukrainian air defense missile caused it and that he received the information from a source close to the AFU.

As you can see, shitlibs are furious at the prospect of a multipolar world. They love a world where the US is the sole superpower. This is what US liberals want. Not conservatives but liberals! Liberals want the US to be dictator of the world! Shitlibs!

No! The Nazis lost 10,000 soldiers in Soledar. Russian losses including Wagner are not known, but a good guess would be that they lost 1,000 troops.

I haven’t seen any evidence that Wagner took 80% casualties in Soledar. I would be shocked if that were true. The lines in Soledar are not static at all. In fact, Russia just took the Sil Railroad station in the northeast corner of Soledar.

Wagner has 50,000 men under arms. There’s no way that they’re down to 7,000 men!

This is ridiculous! Russia never shelled any nuclear power plant, especially the one that they are occupying. It has been the Nazis shooting at that plant all this time, and every time they do it, the Nazis and the West scream that Russia shelled its own plant! And the shitlibs in the West actually believe this crap. Shitlibs will believe anything! See? Every time the Nazis do something criminal or evil, they say that Russia did it. And the shitlib Globohomo West believes them!

That is another flat out lie. Russia has never “hid” in that nuclear power plant. The plant is occupied by the Russian National Guard. The nearest Russian position is some distance away.

Yes, those partisans are killing the people who are taking positions in the local government administration in Berdansk and Melitopol. However, support for Russia is lower here than in other places. 75% of the population supports Russia as repeated polls showed. And they just voted by about that much to join Russia. So the vast majority of the people there wish to join Russia. But 25% are with the Nazis, and they are the ones that are causing all of the problems.

Yeah they’re not condemning it because they didn’t do it! That was a Nazi air defense missile that went off course and hit that building.

Problem here is that repeated polls have found that 85-90% of Crimeans want to be part of Russia, as Crimea has always been Russian. The fair vote showed that ~92% of Crimeans voted to join Russia. So the overwhelming majority of Crimeans want to be part of Russia. As soon as Ukraine declared independence, Crimeans had a vote and said that they were seceding from Ukraine.

There has not yet been one credible report of a Russian soldier raping a Ukrainian. All of those stories were made up. The Nazi woman who made them up admitted it and was fired.

See? The Nazis are collecting evidence for international courts for an attack that never happened! It was their own AA missile that hit the building. Arestovich even admitted it and was fired for telling the truth.

LOL! The US government, as in the Pentagon, is lying through their teeth! The Russian military has not lost 60-8,000 KIA. The last count, which was verified by Western fact-checkers, was 9,300. Perhaps it is higher now. Who knows? The LDNR republics have lost 5,500 soldiers. Their figures are published. Last we heard was that Wagner had lost 1,200 men. That gives us 16,000.

And this insane figure was published by the lying Pentagon in October, when the real figure may well have been ~6-7,000 for Russian troops and ~5,000 for the republics. So the real figure for that date was probably more like 11-12,000!

The entire West, and of all the Western shitlibs, actually believe this bullshit! Watch. It’s going to make it into Wikipedia as “official history.” You just wait. Much of recent history in terms of US enemy states on Wikipedia is nothing but flat out lies written up by the CIA. Actually, it’s been revealed that the CIA designated a huge team to work on Wikipedia.

As Wikipedians, the quintessional Western Globohomo shitlibs, believe every single word that the CIA says, I’m sure they just went along with it. It’s quite possible that most of the articles having to do with US foreign policy of enemy states in recent years on Wikipedia was literally written by the CIA itself!

In fact, much of US foreign policy for the last ~30 years that you will read on Wikipedia is out and out made up bullshit. Wikipedia is just “history according to the CIA.” Westerners literally believe in a recent history that is largely made up and fake. The implications are breathtaking. Westerners are literally living in a fake, made-up, fictional world, like something out of the Matrix! The world of the West nowadays to a great extent is simply Fake World. They literally do not believe in obvious reality and instead reject for a wholly made-up fake version of it!

LOL! Russian sources have confirmed nearly 100,000 Russian KIA? Who? The traitors at those two TV stations – Medusa and another – that got shut down by the government and moved to Latvia of all places. Yeah, I’m sure they would print that. They’ll print any lie about Russia that they can think up. I’m so glad Russia pulled their licenses.

LOL the front in Kremina has not moved in quite some time. However, some Russian posters like Russians with an Attitude are worried the Nazis making a move on that front there. But it has been significantly reinforced lately.

Svatove will definitely not fall. A huge number of reinforcements have been placed there and the Nazis are making no gains on that front at all.

None of that is true. Russian troops do not have rotten weapons. They have plenty of winter gear. Russians excel at that, although some units were not well equipped. They have plenty of food and more supplies than they know what to do with. I have no idea where they are stationing their troops.

All of the mobilized were in the Russian reserve forces. All had at least one year of military service during which they trained almost every day. And most have actually had 3-8 years, so they have trained almost every day for 3-8 years! Not only that but most also have combat experience. Further, they have all been through an extensive three month refresher course. The logistics are fine in Russia and in Ukraine. They have not called up more reserves from minority groups than from anyone else.

Jesus! Shitlibs think Stalin killed more than 27 million people! Total deaths during peacetime during the Stalin era come to 2.5 million. Not 30 million! Shitlibs actually believe that crap!

All right, that’s crazy. No way did Wagner lose 20,000 men taking Soledar. Hell, the Nazis themselves only lost 10,000, and their losses are running 10X that of the Russians.

Video Shows Ukrainians Executing Four Schoolteachers in Kupyansk for “Collaborating” with Russia!

In this first video, a woman, apparently a female schoolteacher, is being led up a hill by two Nazis.

In the next video, at first we see four bodies in the pit (which turn out to be four female schoolteachers from the town), and then it pans up to show another schoolteacher being shot and rolling down the hill to join the other bodies.

Identity of the victims

The people shown in the horrific execution video are believed to be teachers from Kupyansk. This was reported to RT by former Ukrainian Rada deputy and presidential candidate Oleh Tsarev, who now supports the Donbass republics. He explained:

“The people in the video were recognized by teachers living in the Russian-controlled parts of Zaporozhye Oblast. I asked subscribers to my Telegram channel to let me know if anyone recognized the people in the video. They wrote to me and said that there were teachers from Kupyansk. They were recognized because the teachers from Zaporozhye worked with them. I forwarded this information to the investigators.”

Sadly, almost every copy of these videos on Twitter is by Ukrainian Nazis and their Nazi-supporting fans, mostly liberals or shitlibs in the West. It says that these are Russian soldiers executing civilians in Kupyansk before the Nazis took over. The Nazis and their Nazi-supporting majorities in the West have done this every time the Nazis have committed an atrocity.

The Nazis commit an atrocity, they film either it or the aftermath, and then they blame the Russians and say it is footage of Russians executing civilians in the cities they have taken over! However, this video was uploaded on the city of a Ukrainian nationalist Nazi battalion (I believe Kraken) with the headline that these were civilians who had collaborated with the Russians.

It then warned that this would happen to all of the collaborators. Further, examination of the footage shows that it was filmed only several hours before being uploaded. The Russians had already been gone for 7-10 days. In addition, as noted below, the killers are wearing Ukrainian Nazi uniforms (look at their pants).

It’s pretty sad that almost every copy of this video out there lies and says it’s Russians executing civilians, something they have never done.

Here it can be seen that the Nazis have used Photoshop to put a red band on one of the men leading the woman up the hill to make it look like he’s a Russian. However, that other man is wearing a Ukrainian Nazi uniform!

The band has been Photoshopped on because we can see it floating in the air as the man moves. Not to mention it looks fake as Hell.

It is an absolute fact that these are Ukrainian soldiers executing civilians after they captured Kupyansk. The video originally appeared on the Telegram of a Ukrainian Nazi battalion with a message saying along the lines of, “This is a warning to all collaborators!” The men are wearing Nazi uniforms. And the foliage indicates that it occurred after the Russians left.

On October 9, a brutal video appeared on social media showing bodies in civilian clothes being buried in a sand pit. The hands of the dead were bound behind their backs. The former commander of the neo-Nazi Azov battalion Maxim Shorin published the recordings in his Telegram channel. He supplemented the publication with the text:

“Still occupied Kupyansk, Kharkov region. Civilians. Retribution will come!”

Some time later changed Azov officials reviewed the video description, blaming the execution on Russian military personnel. The video came from the mobile phone of an “occupier,” he wrote.

Nevertheless, according to the disclosed metadata the video recorded on the day of publication. This fact was pointed out by Russia’s investigative committee:

“The video’s metadata confirms that it was recorded on October 9. The facts shown bear witness to new war crimes by the Kiev regime.”

By October 9, Kupyansk had already been occupied by the Ukrainian military, so Russian soldiers were unable to record the video. The surroundings shown in the video also speak against the latter assumption, according to the investigative committee.

Anyway, Russia doesn’t line up civilians and execute them in pits like this, ever. They’ve never done it even one time.

Incidentally there was another “Russian atrocity” that occurred in a village west of Bucha. It showed the mayor and her family executed in a pit just like this. Apparently they were leading them up a hill and then shooting them and letting them fall into pits just like this. One wonders why this woman’s family was executed.

She was in charge of distributing humanitarian aid to the village.

Ukraine has said repeatedly that anyone running the aid distribution projects under Russian control is a collaborator. They have also reiterated that anyone taking humanitarian aid during the Russian takeover is a collaborator. Ukraine has repeatedly stated that anyone guilty of collaborating with Russia, that is, even taking humanitarian aid, will be killed.

Right after the Bucha mass murders, Zelensky the Nazi Jew went on TV and told his people, “We warned you not to collaborate! This is what happens when you collaborate! You will be killed!” So obviously this Nazi Jew knows all about these murders of “collaborators,” and he has put his stamp of approval on them. They have occurred en masse everywhere that Russia abandoned and the Nazis took back over.

The SBU and the Nazi militias go on searches for “collaborators.” In Bucha, did you notice that all of the murdered people had white armbands on? They put those on to show Russian troops that they were “friendly” so they would not be shot.

We have video of Boatman of the Kraken Nazi battalion and his men with SBU forces combing Bucha the day before the murders. You hear a man ask, “He has a white armband on? Do I kill him?” The other man answers, “Fuck yes!” Then, if you turn the volume up very high, you hear a man screaming, “No please don’t!” Then you hear a gunshot and dogs barking. So one of these executions was caught on tape.

Keep in mind that the forefathers of the Nazi Ukrainians, their heroes the German Nazis, often dug huge pits and shot people, often Jews, at the  top of a hill and let them roll down into a pit. They also dug trenches and shot people and let them fall into the trenches.

We also have information from Izyum. Most people left before the Nazis took over, but some were stuck. The Nazis executed a number of people right on the streets. They got on loudspeakers and announced that everyone in the city who had stayed while the Russians were there was a “collaborator” and could be killed at any time for any reason.

The Nazis stopped accepting rubles at the local stores and said they would only accept hyrvinas. They said anyone who tried to use rubles at the local stores would be shot. Supposedly at least one person was shot for this reason.

A man in Izyum reported that terror took over the village and that two men had been executed near his home, one in front of each of the houses on either side of him. They were shot for “collaborating.” The Nazis took away 2,000 people and disappeared them, including 93 schoolteachers. We have no information on the whereabouts of any of these people. The suggestion is that they were going to be killed.

I have just learned via a Russian website that these women being executed in this clip were female schoolteachers in Kupyansk.

After a brutal online execution of civilians, the head of the Russian investigative committee, Alexandr Bastrykin, has ordered criminal proceedings to be instituted. The photo was posted by one of the former commanders of the neo-Nazi Azov battalion. Soon after publication, the neo-Nazi changed the description.

The video was allegedly recorded in the city of Kupyansk by Russian military personnel. However, the metadata testifies that the photo was taken after Kupyansk had already come under the control of the Ukrainian military. As the investigators added, this is also evidenced by the environment shown. According to RT’s source, the victims were believed to be local teachers.

We also have reports that teachers were arrested in Kupyansk after Ukrainians took over the town. Only teachers of the Russian language imported from Russia were arrested. There are many other reports in addition to the linked one, including reports from Radio Free Europe. Although the reports say that punishments were being considered, it looks like they were executed.

It looks like the Nazis took away schoolteachers in Kupyansk also just like they did in Izyum. And it looks like those 93 schoolteachers in Izyum may well have been murdered in that city if this is what happened to schoolteachers in Kupyansk, a nearby city. Why schoolteachers?

The Nazis have repeatedly stated that anyone who continues to be employed for the local government when the Russians are there would be considered a collaborator. Teachers in particular were singled out. The Nazis passed legislation in their Rada mandating 15 year prison terms for schoolteachers and others who stayed at their government jobs while the Russians were in control. So it looks like they are serious here.

In Kyiv, Sergei Gorbachev, the education ombudsman, issued a stern warning to teachers in the occupied zone, urging them to avoid “the slippery slope” of cooperation with the Russians. The topic is particularly sensitive because the accusation of “treason” is evaluated differently depending on the professional group.

Firefighters, doctors, and civil servants are considered “essential” workers and cannot be prosecuted for having worked under the occupation. On the other hand, Ukrainian law puts teachers in a unique position, as it considers teaching a curriculum that denies Ukrainian national identity a crime.

Adding weight to the theory that these are Ukrainian civilians executed by the Nazis for collaboration is this video which was released shortly before the execution video above. The Nazis never bothered to deny this one. Both of these men were murdered by the Nazis in Kupyansk for the crime of “collaboration.”

The Katyn Massacre Was Done by Nazis, Not Soviets

Katyn was a Nazi atrocity, not a Soviet one. The Soviets never executed the leading lights and ruling classes of occupied territories such as politicians, officers, intellectuals, etc. This is what the Nazis did in many places they seized. This was done to “decapitate” civilian society. The theory that the USSR killed those people rests on the following notions:

Three lines of evidence were cited:

Firstly, the Polish corpses were in such an advanced state of decay that the Nazis could not have killed them, as they had only taken over the area in 1941.

Secondly, none of the numerous Polish artifacts, such as letters, diaries, photographs and identification tags pulled from the graves, were dated later than the spring of 1940.

Most incriminating was the relatively good state of the men’s uniforms and boots, which showed they had not lived long after being captured.

However, recent evidence showing that all of the bullets – German bullets from German guns by the way, were from 1941! Therefore the men had to have been killed in 1941 by Germans.

The advanced state of decay has been called into question. Anyway, if all of the bullets were German bullets from 1941, then the men had to have been killed by Germans.

Further, Katyn took place about eight miles behind Soviet lines. It was always German territory. How did the Soviets go to German territory and kill Poles?

The theory is that the Soviets got a hold of many German revolvers and German bulllets, put them in the hands of Soviet troops, and used them to execute the Poles in order to frame the Germans! Who on Earth would they do that? As soon as I heard that all of the bullets and all of the guns used were German, I knew it was a German atrocity. Soon after they did it, the Germans uncovered the bodies and blamed the Soviets for a massacre that they themselves had done.

Further, the bodies were lined up in front of a ditch, executed, and then the bodies fell in the ditch. The Soviets never lined people up in front of ditches and executed them, letting the bodies fall into the ditch. That was exclusively a Nazi style.

Further, the bodies were stacked in the ditch in a “sardine” fashion. Nazis liked to line up the bodies that way in the ditches where they executed people. In particular, the German commander in the Katyn area in 1941 was fond of this method of execution. It was one of his specialties.

All of the Soviet commanders in the area denied that they committed the Katyn Massacre, and they all went to their deathbeds insisting on this. None of the Red Army officers who would have had to have done the massacre ever admitted to doing it. Once again, they went to their deathbeds. So all of the Soviet commanders and troops in the area denied committing the massacre, and they all went to their deathbeds insisting on this.

One would think that at least someone in the Red Army would have fessed up to it.

I have no idea why Putin took credit for Katyn. He was around back then. Anyway, he just took credit for a German atrocity.

Russia/Ukraine War Update January 17, 2022, Part 2

Why Russians support Putin.  1, 2, and 4 are great from a socialist perspective. I saw a recent article that called Putin a “conservative socialist,” and I think it is right.

The above is not true and is typical of Western propaganda. Although Russian losses are not known, there is no way that they lost 20,000 men there. Combined Russian forces have not lost 20,000 soldiers in the whole war!

Ukraine has lost 23,000 soldiers KIA in just Bakhmut and  Soledar. In Soledar alone, they lost 10,000 soldiers. Corresponding Russian losses are unknown, but they are running at a 1-10 ratio against Nazi losses, so a good estimate is that they lost 2-3,000 soldiers, and in Soledar, they lost 1,000 soldiers. MSM lying about Russia’s huge losses are just that.

See, they’re just lying. I don’t know what they mean by 100,000 Russian losses. If they mean KIA, then we are talking about Nazi losses, which are approaching 150,000. They’re also not losing 500 a day. More like 80. Still a lot though!

aimed at the building or hit it on purpose or even accidentally. In fact, they did not hit it at all. Instead, the missile was shot down by anti-aircraft and landed wherever it happened to have landed.

First of all, the Bradleys will not be available for ~3 months, and there are only a few Challengers being sent. The Bradleys are excellent fighting vehicles, but we will see how they fare against Russia. The Challenger is an excellent tank, but same thing – we will see how it does against Russia.

The above did not happen. Instead a building where 200 Russian soldiers were hiding was hit by Nazi artillery. It was identified by men using cell phones. 89 Russian troops were killed and 100 more were wounded. There were only a couple of hundred in the building. All of the high death counts are Nazi lies.

This is not true. These are paranoid fantasies. Russia has no plans to conquer a corridor via Romania to link up to Serbia and Russia will never conquer most of Ukraine anyway. Russia does not want to rule over all of those hostile Nazis. However, Russia and Serbia have an Orthodox-based alliance that goes back for 200 years.

There should be similar alliances with Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Macedonia, and Montenegro based on Orthodoxy and in Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Montenegro on pan-Slavism, but that’s not in the cards. So much for Pan-Slavism anyway.

If there was such a thing, Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Poles, and Ukrainians would all be pro-Russia. Czechs do not see themselves as Slavic. Probably more as Germanic. It’s the same with Slovenes. Also the Catholic religion gets in the way in both places and in Poland, Slovakia, and Croatia. The war of Orthodoxy versus Catholicism is a big deal. There is not one Catholic country that allies with Russia.

Czechs, Slovaks, Croats, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, and Romanians all had states that allied with Nazism in WW2. Romanians don’t speak Slavic.

Bulgaria is an odd duck as it is Slavic and Orthodox, but there is a lot of a pro-Russian sentiment in Bulgaria, though perhaps not a majority. Moldova is split between pro- and anti-Russian sentiment. They are Orthodox but they speak Romanian. Nevertheless they were part of the USSR and hence were always close to Russia.

But part of the USSR was no shield either. Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Ukraine were part of the USSR, but they all hate Russia now. Mostly this is due to nationalism and the idea that the USSR thwarted their nationalist aspirations.

This is a lie. Those are standard issue Wagner uniforms. There’s no good evidence that Wagner ever dressed up in Nazi uniforms. The reference is to a video where two Nazi soldiers refuse to give up their weapons to a Russian soldier who captured them. He shoots both of them when they refuse to drop their weapons. It was not an execution. One was raising his weapon.

The “Russia is a state sponsor of terrorism” lie has been thrown at Russia. A number of countries are trying to make laws saying Russia is a state sponsor of terrorism. The mechanism came out of the US, so it’s obviously a complete lie anyway, just political bullshit, but what it originally meant was that the state sponsored guerrilla groups outside the country that engaged in terrorism.

It has never been used against a country because we don’t like the way they fight wars. If it was used like this, many countries would end up on the list anyway. The list has always been fake and a lie as only designated enemies of the US ever got on the list and designated allies of the US never made it on. But the whole idea of putting Russia on the list is fake.

The real aims of the war in Ukraine are here:

1. Destruction or eviction of all Russian forces in Ukraine’s territory. Never going to happen. Russia will never leave those lands and it cannot be evicted.

2. Creation of a 200 km buffer zone inside Russia. Not only cannot this not be done but it would be very risky as it would run into Russian nuclear doctrine.

3. Russian reparations. Russia will never pay one nickel of reparations for this war.

4. International tribunal for Putin’s government. This is never going to happen either and there is no reason for it to happen as the war was justified and it has been fought in an extremely civilized manner.

5. Formal apology to all nations who experienced Russian aggression. This will never happen either and there haven’t been many such countries anyway.

6. Independence referendum for all republics in Russian territory. As you can see the ultimate plan is to break up Russia into many different pieces. None of the people supporting this war have even been shy about this being one of the main aims of the neocons in pursuing this war. Based on this, this war is an existential one for Russia and of course they must fight this to the end.

Russia simply does not deliberately target civilians in this war as per Putin’s explicit instructions. Civilian targets like the electric grid are targeted but there is a good military reason for that. Even there, civilian casualties are very light.

In contrast, the Nazis have killed many civilians. Recaptured areas are subject to roundups of “collaborators.” 100 of these civilians were murdered in Kherson and 200 more disappeared. One older man was seen being brutalized for having a USSR ID from his time in the service long ago. That’s all it takes to get accused of collaboration.

Up to 2,000 people were disappeared in Izyum, including 93 schoolteachers. A number were simply murdered on the streets. One man told me that a man had been killed on the streets in front of the houses to the right and left of him.

In Kupyansk, it appears female schoolteachers were executed at the top of a hill and rolled down into a pit. I may have video of that event for you. Anyone who works for the state in any way during Russian occupation is considered to be a collaborator. There is also evidence that deserters are being executed by the SBU, hence the Ukrainians are afraid to desert. They would do better to surrender.

The front from Toretsk to Adviivka to Pisky to Marinka has been pretty static for a long time, although there have been some advancements lately. Nazi fortifications here are massive and have been built up by the US for eight years. Ukraine is the most fortified area on Earth except for North Korea. The front in Marinka has been frozen in the center of town for some time. In fact, it has been frozen at a single street!

The front in the Ugledar area is pretty stable, although Russia recently took a couple of towns.

The front in the Zaporozhye region is pretty stable but Russia recently took a couple of towns there. There is a lot of talk of a possible Nazi offensive in this region as they have built up a lot of troops there.

The front in Kherson is also frozen, although there has been some fighting over some islands in the Dnipro River.

The Nazis have been terror shelling Donetsk cities for years. They simply shoot at civilian areas of the cities, usually not even trying to hit anything and there aren’t any military facilities there anyway. They kill and would many civilians this way. Russia has never done anything of this sort at any time in the war.

They often use US HIMAARS shells for this shelling. They have also shelled these cities with “petal” antipersonnel mines. These look like ordinary objects but if you step on one, you can lose your foot. These mines were made in the US. It is supposed to be illegal to use them in populated areas.

Russian POW’s continue to be abused. A number have been returned from the Nazis missing limbs, joints, and even testicles. Russia has refused to publicize this because they fear a wave of Russian rage against the Nazis.

Ukraine is not going to restore territorial integrity. They are not going to win this war. Those are false hopes.

It is not true that the war is declining in popularity in Russia. Latest polls showed that 87% of the population supported the war.

It is not true that Putin is declining in popularity in Russia. Latest polls show ~75% support or higher for Putin.

The northern front in Siversk to Kremina to Svatove to Kupyansk has been stating for months. Tales of Nazi success in Kremina are just that – tales. However, Siversk is now at risk at Bakhmut has fallen.

Russia/Ukraine War Update January 17, 2022, Part 1

As noted this is a complete lie. The Nazis project. Russian losses are on the order of 16,000, not 160,000, or 10% of the Ukrainian losses which are now approaching 150,000. Also no way that Russia lost 870 men in the last day. Those are more like Nazi losses. The Russian losses were more like ~80 or 1/10 of that.

You see, this is one of the biggest lies. Nazi losses are not 1/3 to 1/2 of Russian losses. Instead they are 10X Russian losses. It’s amazing how many people believe this crap. Instead of 40-50,000, which is more like Russian total losses, Nazi total losses are ~450,000.

The Russian people are ok with it because the numbers are false and the Russian people know it. On the other hand, why are the Nazis putting up with such massive losses among their troops?

I can’t speak to the Russian losses in Afghanistan, though Russia has now lost 2/3 of the whole total for Afghanistan. Russia is not losing 140,000 or 20% of potential draftees every year. Instead is it losing less than 1% of that number.

We don’t know that Putin ordered Gerasimov to seize Donbass by March. That’s just something the Nazis are saying. Who knows if it is true or not?

Exactly. 12 battle tanks will make almost no difference. I believe that Russia has already destroyed 2,700 Nazi tanks so far in this war.

I am stunned by the number of US shitlibs who are demanding that the US send Ukraine nuclear weapons. Yes, nuclear weapons.

Tempest in a teapot about Prigozhin and Putin. Yes there was a bit of a dust-up. Wager did the frontal assault in Soledar but the Russian military helped with artillery and attacks to the north and south of the city. So both forces liberated the city. Prigozhin has a good relationship with Putin. There is no rift, bottom line. It’s all been blown up by Western propaganda.

Much is made of the fact that some Wagner troops are recruited from prisons. However, they are under strict discipline and they are not allowed to steal or loot. They are also banned from not only not raping local women but also not having sex with them period.

Yes there is corruption in Russia, but there are arrests all the time, and the corruption in the army, which was serious, has been rooted out with this war with a complete reorganization of the armed forces.

Wagner steals supplies from the army, so the army is left with shit and is weakened. Wagner, on the other hand, is a rag-tag army of criminals, a prison gang, that may be bloodthirsty, sure, but seem to be better at dying than being soldiers.

Wagner doesn’t steal from the army. Instead, the army gives them lots of stuff. They are also a very good fighting force. Even Nazi troops praised them.

This isn’t true at all. This has been recited like a mantra since the earliest days of the war, but there’s no truth to it. Russia does not have serious problems with strategy and logistics.

The incident in Dnipro was not due to a Russian missile. It was due to a Russian missile being shot down by Nazi air defense. The missile was downed and landed on the apartments, killing 40 people. As you can see, the commentary is fake. There was no “Russian strike on an apartment building.” That implies that they

This is simply not so. People in Melitopol strongly support Russia. The area has 75% support for Russia. However, the 25% non-supporters have been enough for a substantial insurgency.

This is a lie. Russia feeds Ukrainian soldiers very well. None of them are suffering malnourishment while in custody. A number are wounded, yes, but all of them are treated in Russian hospitals.

Yes it is possible because Russia is taking lots of prisoners and the Nazis are taking very few prisoners.

“Are Ukrainians Russians?” by Andrei on The Vineyard of the Saker

Very nice article by Andrei from The Vineyard of the Saker. I agree with most but not all of what he says. It is important to read this to learn about the current Banderist Ukrainian nationalist identity embraced by ~70% of ethnic Ukrainians.

As he notes, it is not an identity. It is an anti-identity. Everything about it says “not Russia.” Every aspect of Ukrainian nationalism is about rejecting anything Russian and embracing anything anti-Russian.

Furthermore, Ukraine as a national idea only appeared in the 1890’s in Western Ukraine. I have seen birth certificates from 1900 stating birthplace as Kiev, Russia.

Ukrainian nationalism really got going in the early 1920’s when the first actual Ukrainian nationalist forces were created.

From the very start they have been about a pure Ukrainian Ukraine whereby all the non-Ukrainians such as Greeks, Russians, Hungarians, Poles, Gypsies, Jews, and Rusyns are all either assimilated to Ukrainian identity or killed if they refuse to assimilate.

As soon as these Ukrainian formations were created in the  1920’s, Ukrainian nationalists were leading pogroms against Jews, Gypsies, and other non-Ukrainians. One of these early pogroms killed 30,000 people.

Are Ukrainians Russians?

Seems like a simple question, but in reality it is immensely complex. I will try to outline a few of the issues, assumptions, and implications this question involves.

Well, for starters, we might want to ask “What is a Ukrainian?” After all, no such nation or country can be found in history books. But we should not stop here, and we also need to ask “What is a Russian?”. Yes, there was a Russian nation and a Russian country recorded in history books, but does that really help us?

French history books used to begin with the sentence “Our ancestors the Gauls” which even kids on the French colonies had to learn. Some ridiculed the fact that sub-Saharan Africans or the children of Guadeloupe had to learn that and that it was self-evidently ridiculous.

But what about Metropolis French, those who lived in France proper?

Where their ancestors really Gauls, and, if so, how much continuity, if any, is there between Vercingetorix and Macron or the people from ancient Gallic tribes to the modern French?

What we often overlook is that nationality is a very modern concept born out of the post-1789 ideology of nationalism. In the more distant past, people built their identity around

  1. Their place of birth/residence
  2. Their religion and
  3. Their ruler.

Keeping all that in mind, let’s begin by asking the question “What is a Russian?”. But before we go there, I need to mention another pesky issue: the English word “Russian” can mean one of two things: a member of the Russian ethnic/cultural group, in which case the Russian term is Pусский (Roosskii), or a citizen of the Russian Federation, in which case the Russian term would be Pоссиянин (Rossiianin).

Before 1917 you could be a “Russian Chechen” or “Russian German” because the distinction between Rossiianin and Roosskii did not exist then, or, should we say, it was less common and used differently. Russia being the cultural, political, and spiritual heir to the Eastern Roman Empire, it had multi-ethnicity built into her from the moment Russia appeared.

For the time being, let’s ignore the second meaning and focus on the ethnic/cultural Pусский (Roosskii). What is a Pусский (Roosskii)?

To try to find a good definition, let’s being by spelling out what a Russian is not.

This is not somebody who speaks Russian. There are plenty of folks out there who speak Russian and who are not Russian.

This is not somebody born in Russia, because there are plenty of non-Russians born in Russia.

How about somebody born from Russian parents?

Here we run into a logical problem: if we define as Russian somebody born of Russian parents without defining what Russian means in the first place, this is a completely circular definition.

Also, is Shoigu Russian? This father is an ethnic Tuvan. So 50% Russian max?

How about Czar Nicholas II? His ancestry was mostly German and Danish.

How about Lenin? He had only 1/4 “Russian” blood (whatever that means).

Here we need to keep three crucial elements in mind:

  1. Russia was always multi-ethnic, even in the 10th century!
  2. Russia has no natural borders.
  3. Russia was invaded by innumerable ethnic and religions groups, and many of these groups acculturated into the Russian society, adding their heritage to the common Russian one.

Thus the “ethnic definition” does not work at all.

For countries like Japan or native people like the Mapuche, ethnic categories might make sense, but for a country with a history and geography like Russia it is utterly meaningless (hence the reason why patriotism is a very positive force in Russia and nationalism a very toxic one).

But it only gets even more complicated.

Just like, say, France or Italy, Russia went through very different moments in history, and the Russia of, say, the 15th century and the Russia or the 19th century had very little in common.

Now this is highly subjective, but I would submit that at the very least, we can roughly break up the historical Russia into the following periods:

  • Russia before Peter I
  • Russia between Peter I and 1917
  • Soviet Russia between 1917 and 1991
  • US colonized Russia between 1991 and 2000
  • Putin’s Russia 2000-2021
  • Russia after 2022

And even this is a much simplified categorization, as each period should also be further subdivided, but that would take too much space here.

Next I would also argue that how Russians defined themselves over these periods also changed, and this why pre-1917 Dostoevsky thought that one cannot be Russian unless one is Orthodox first (which might have make sense before 1917, but surely makes no sense at all in 2022). My point here is not to discuss the best possible definition of “who/what is a Russian” but to show that this apparently simple question is also very complex and, at best, a moving target!

Now, in the case of the Ukraine, it gets even more complex than that.

When I wrote above that there was no “Ukrainian nation” or “Ukrainian state” in history, I did not mean to say that because there were no such phenomena in history there is no such thing as a Ukrainian today.

To be clear, I do not believe that in order to consider yourself as belonging to an ethnic or cultural group you must have a historical basis for your claim. Nations can be created; in fact, I would argue that all of them are created at some point in time. Ethnogenesis is something we can observe among all continents, nations, and ethnic groups: this is the emergence of a new and distinct identity, usually followed by the creation of “founding myths” which might or might not have any real basis in history.

In the case of the Ukraine (I mean this term geographically here: the southwestern frontier/border lands of Russia), it is simply undeniable that these lands lived under Polish/Latin yoke for many centuries and that this occupation had two direct results:

  • The people of the Ukraine had experiences that the rest of the Russian nation did not (such as being under Latin occupation or having Orthodox communities submitted to the Greek and not the Russian Orthodox Church).
  • The people of the Ukraine did not experience some of the most crucial events in Russian history (such as the Old Rite vs New Rite crisis which deeply shattered Russian society in the 17th century and after).

Such differences in experience left deep marks on the identity of the people it affected. It would be foolish to deny this, and it would be dangerous to deliberately ignore it!

So, to sum up what I have tried to show so far, we could say that:

  • History is not a useful tool to measure some supposed “legitimacy” of any one group’s claim of identity.
  • Ethnic/cultural identities can arise both spontaneously and even artificially.
  • In the case of the Ukraine, it is a mix of both. Primarily, the “Ukraine” is a creation of the Latin Papacy. But like it or not, the Latins did eventually trigger a Ukrainian ethnogenesis, albeit with varying degrees of success (roughly the further West and the longer the Polish yoke, the stronger the Ukrainian identity).

But even if none of that had happened, it would make no difference.

Even if we assume that there was absolutely nothing on our planet which could be called “Ukraine” or “Ukrainian”, and even if the people of the post-1991 Ukraine had ZERO historical basis for their claims, it is still a fundamental human right to choose your identity (or, more accurately, identities, plural).

If tomorrow the people of Japan decide that from now on their identity will not be Japanese but, say, Martian, we could laugh all we want, but we could not deny them that right or force them to give up their newly adopted “Martian” identity.

Furthermore, is it not silly to tell a person who absolutely hates Russia and all things Russian and who sincerely believes that he is from a totally different ethnic and cultural group that this person has no right to his opinion that this person must accept that he is Russian?

That would create a “Russian Russophobe”.

Actually, there are PLENTY of Russian Russophobes out there. Even if by any imaginable definition you are Russian (or any other nationality), you still have the free will to reject that heritage and choose another one (even a fictional one).

There is even a special term for these folks: вырусь (Vyroos‘). In my experience, most (but not all!) folks who voluntarily emigrated from Russia fall into this category.

This is why my first thesis here is this: those Ukrainians who chose to identify as Ukrainians and who reject any Russian heritage (whatever we may mean by that) have the moral right to do so, and nobody has the moral right to deny them this choice. And while historical arguments can be used to debunk the founding myths of the Ukronazi ideology, they still cannot be used to deny anybody what is a deeply personal choice.

It is my personal belief that identities can be cumulative and that they don’t have to exclude each other. While I personally consider myself culturally a “pre-1917 Russian”, I am 50% Dutch by DNA, I was born in German-speaking Switzerland and lived most of my life in French-speaking Geneva, and I also feel even more cultural identities inside me, including an Argentinian one. I speak five languages well (albeit with many typos when I write, as you all know!) and another two reasonably.

I currently live in the USA. And just to add yet another element, I am a member of a Greek Orthodox Church, not the Russian one. I also think of myself as a Jazz guitarist and the Russian one. So even my hobbies form part of my identity. Why should I have to limit myself to only one, “pure,” identity when I am so clearly a mongrel? In fact, I embrace and enjoy all this diversity of influences which all have contributed to shape the person I am today. And if I claim that right to cumulative identities, how could I deny it to anybody else?

And then there is this undeniable fact: while about 80% of россиянин (Rossiianin) are русский (Roosskii), 20% are not.

In fact, there are 193 ethnic groups in Russia and 35 languages which are considered official languages in various regions of Russia along with Russian, plus there are over 100 minority languages. And while Chechens are not Pусский (Roosskii) they are most definitely Pоссиянин (Rossiianin), that is to say that while Chechens are a distinct ethnic group, they are also part of what I call the “Russian civilizational realm”. One could reasonably argue that the Chechens of 2022 are the most patriotic of all Russians!

This makes a lot more sense to me that to dig into past clades, tribes, or local native groups and seek some “biological identity.”

This is, by the way, one of the most striking and profound differences between the Russian and Ukronazi cultural models: Russians want and enjoy the immense diversity of their nations. Ukronazis want a racially pure, Russenrein, Ukraine, hence their constant talk about Russians being “subhumans,” “cockroaches,” and “biomass.”

Let’s leave the idiotic concept of “pure race” to the Nazis, Zionists, and their likes.

I would immediately point out if that historically the lands which we now call the Ukraine were very much exposed to or even part of the Russian civilizational realm. But that is absolutely not true of the current, Ukronazi/Banderista cultural identity which, in fact, was created as an anti-Orthodoxy identity and which nowadays sees itself as an Anti-Russia.

I personally know that identity very, very well: not only have I met plenty of Ukronazis in my life, I also monitored the Ukronazi propaganda on VOA and RFE/RL for years, and I know that Ukronazi nationalism has no positive content whatsoever, as it is only a pure and total negation of everything Russian with a few truly ridiculous (and comical) claims about some “Ukrainian antiquity.”

In other words, even if you live in Odessa or Kharkov and you are from 100% pure ethnic Russian stock (no such thing, but bear with me), you still get to reject that identity and adopt any identity you want, including the Ukronazi/Banderistsa one.

At this point, I want to list all the criteria which are plainly not helpful to discuss identities:

  • Genetic makeup.
  • Place of birth.
  • Mother-tongue (or languages).
  • Religion.
  • History in general and historical borders (which constantly shifted) specifically whether we personally approve of an ideology or cultural claim or not.
  • Political ideologies.
  • Identities embraced in the past.
  • The difference between a language and a dialect
    Similarities and differences with other identities.

And yet, every time I hear people discuss whether the Russian are liberators or occupiers of the Ukraine, I see these criteria used, and used by both sides!

This makes absolutely no sense to me.

In fact, I strongly believe that the choice of being Ukrainian, Russian or both (yes, that is a choice!) depends on each individual person. Period.

But here I want to add something crucial: having to make such a personal choice is not specific or unique to the Ukrainians. All Russians also face the same question too!

I submit that objectively the “Russian” 5th column and the Atlantic Integrationists are de facto not Russians. Why do I say that? Because

  1. They serve foreign masters
  2. They seek to harm Russia.

And I don’t care how their actions are packaged (heck, Navalnyi tried really hard to impersonate a nationalist!).

Thus, to “be Russian” means in my opinion that you have made a deliberate choice to identify with and become part of the Russian civilizational realm.

Put simply: You cannot be Russian and hate Russia.

How many people in what is left of the Ukraine today consider themselves Russian?

I don’t know, and I don’t think anybody else knows either.

But I think that it is fair to say that most people in Russia were shocked by the number of Ukrainians who chose to not only adopt a Ukrainian identity but even to fight and die for it! Many did sincerely think of Ukrainians are “brothers”.

Today this “brotherhood” looks increasingly like the “brotherhood” of Cain.

Even more amazingly, most of these Ukronazis don’t even speak Ukrainian properly and mostly speak to each other in Russian. Some even consider themselves as Orthodox Christians. Yup, these Russian speakers, many from the central and eastern Ukraine still sing “Батько Hаш — Бандера, Україна — Mати, Mи за Україну будем Bоювати!” (Our Father is Bandera, our Mother the Ukraine, we are ready to wage war for Ukraine).

I would note with some glee that if Bandera is their father, then the Ukraine was born no earlier than the mid-1920s since Bandera was born in 1909!. And I won’t even go into the Ukie hallucinations about being “pure Aryans” as opposed to the Moskals whom they see as Finno-Ugric-Mongols), which is an ideology developed even later.

So, 2,163 words later, did we even being to answer the question of whether the Ukrainians are Russians?

No, not really.

And here is why:

Taken by themselves, the terms “Ukrainian” and “Russian” are highly ambiguous.

We know that in the past, many of those whom we call “Ukrainians” today had ancestors who lived and were part of the Russian civilizational realm. But that does not at all mean that modern Ukrainians want (or even could!) join the Russian civilizational realm, especially since what this realm was, is, and will become is also highly complex and even controversial.

Furthermore, I think that we need to pay special attention to what is happening in Russia today: the SMO has had a huge impact on the Russian society and that society is quickly and profoundly changing.

That by itself begs the question of what kind of civilizational realm Russia is offering to the peoples of the Ukraine today?

One thing is certain, the Russia of, say 2023-2025 will be profoundly different from the Russia of 2000-2022.

First, the Russian ultimatums to the West of 2021 then the 2022 SMO have truly revolutionized (in a literal sense) Russia: 5th columnists and assorted liberals have fled by the thousands (mostly to Poland, Israel, and the three Baltic statelets), the Atlantic Integrationists have either given up or are keeping a very low profile. Foreign agents (folks paid by foreign interests) must now register, are listed as such, and can be fined or even imprisoned for breaking Russian laws (finally!).

Russia has also completely and categorically rejected the entire Woke ideology promoted by US Hegemony worldwide.

Most importantly, the reality of a Anglo-Zionist Empire which wants to subjugate, colonize, enslave, and break-up Russia has now become pretty hard to ignore. In fact, this war (against the collective West, not just a few Ukronazis!) is as much an existential war for Russia as WWII, so those Russians who complain about the lack of Spanish jamon serrano in Russia stores need to wake up and compare their current “hardships” with what their parents and grandparents suffered during WWII (besides, you can still find Spanish Jamon Serrano in Russia, just at a higher price than before; there are also superb local substitutes!).

Here I want to express my deepest thanks to the US Neocons, EU lemmings, NATO Nazis, Latin Papists, and all the other Russia-haters who have generated one of the biggest hate-waves in human history and who have now forced all Russians into a basic yet vital choice: resist or perish.

Unlike the folks in the West (until recently) and unlike the folks in the Ukraine (again, until recently), many Russian people have gradually switched their mode of thinking from “peacetime” to “wartime”. In fact, I would even argue that the so-called “Russian defeats” in Bucha, Kharkov, or Kherson have only poured more fuel onto the raging fire of Russian anger: in February of 2022 very few Russians would have supported to switch off the lights in the entire Ukraine. But by late summer, they were demanding it!

So, the next time you hear about “Russian defeats” consider the following:

  • The massive wake-up effect these “defeats” have had on a (rather spoiled) Russian society.
  • The comparatively minuscule price paid by Russia for these tactical retreats (economy of force maneuvers really), the huge costs of these “victories” for the NATO side, and decide for yourself if Putin is weak and indecisive or very smart and cunning.

Nobody really knows what Russia will look like in 2023-2024-2025 etc. So nobody really knows what kind of “Russian civilizational realm” the SMO is “offering” to the people of the Ukraine. It is therefore impossible to ascertain whether Ukrainians (Which Ukrainians are we discussing anyway? They are still a diverse group.) will ever become Russians again or not. Some probably will. Many will probably won’t.

One thing for me is axiomatic: Russia should not occupy even a single square meter of “Ukrainian” land if that land is mostly populated by Ukronazis. In fact, I see no need to “go to the Polish border” or any other such grand plans. Yes, NATO might well not give Russia any choice (Just as NATO forced the SMO upon Russia!), but then I hope for a swift “in and out.” Russia should only free those who want to be freed. Period. The rest she can either ignore (if they leave Russia alone), or kill (if they threaten Russia).

Does Russia want/need millions of Ukronazis inside her borders? Nope!

Can Russia afford to pay for the destruction of country 404? Nope!

Do Russian authorities really want to be in charge of not only pensions and social programs, but also law and order in a land populated by (armed!) people who hate Russia with a passion? Nope!

But I do agree that Banderastan needs to be fully demilitarized and denazified.

The former can be achieved without having to put forces on every square meter of the Ukraine, while the latter will happen as a natural consequence of the former: if all you have is police and SWAT forces, what is the point of playing Nazi or talking about “liberating Crimea next year”? And if some residual Ukronazis want to read Mein Kampf and can stay awake while reading it, then let them. Who cares?

And then there are population movements. Millions have left for the EU and millions have left for Russia. Millions have also “left” when Crimea and the LDNR joined Russia. And now that the lights are out, millions more are leaving (and only 20% plan to return according to Ukrainian estimates).

Add to this the 100,000 KIA of Ursula von der Lugen, multiply it by a safe factor 2 and we probably already have 200,000 KIA and, therefore, about 300,000-400,000 wounded in action. True, “Ze” & Co. can continue to mobilize wave after wave after wave of civilians, and NATO can even get most of them through some sort of basic training (including advanced training for some), but that is not a sustainable strategy: Russia has many more artillery shells than bodies the Ukrainians, Poles, Brits and all the other crazies can throw into the Russian meat grinder.

You might wonder what the current US neocon plan is. Simple: to get as many Ukrainians killed as possible and then accused Russia of genocide and also ruin the EU economies to remove a competitor.

BTW – Neocon Plan A was to attack the LDNR, trigger an overthrow of Putin, place a puppet in power, and dismember Russia. That plan failed.

So what we see today is the USA’s Plan B, executed by NATO and a few megalomaniacal idiots with imperial phantom pains.

One more point: This all also applies to Belarus, Kazakhstan, and all the other Russian limitrophes. So far, not single one of them has shown the capability of being a viable, stable state. ALL of them have chosen what some call “multi-vectorness”, that is: you beg Russia for protection and the USA for money.

Does Russia needs such “friends” or “allies”?

Are Iran, China or even Algeria not infinitely better friends and allies by any measure?

I say that they all these limitrophes get their act together and make a basic choice because if there is one thing which the Euromaidan has proven beyond reasonable doubt that is that the West will never allow any country to be a good neighbor or partner to both the West and Russia.

Now, especially following the wave of total hatred against all things Russian in the West, this obligation to chose one side or another has become a fact of life for at least as long as the (already dead) AngloZionist Empire maintains its (still very real) momentum and its ability to suborn the comprador elites ruling over countries with no sovereignty or agency (the entire EU for starters). This is why both Russia and China seek a multi-polar world in which all countries are truly sovereign and the relations between these countries determined by the rule of international law.


This is not about the Ukraine and Russia. This is about a full reorganization of our entire planet, including international trade and finance, political alliances, and cultural/spiritual values.

The following two images sum it all up nicely I think:

Right now, both Russia and the Ukraine are moving targets undergoing tremendous changes. And I am not saying that Russians and Ukrainians cannot be brothers or even be one nation again. All I am saying is that making such an assumption would be extremely dangerous and costly.

Somewhere, further down the road, there could be a Ukraine and a Russia living in a not-too-comfy relationship like, say, Pakistan and India today, but with a fully demilitarized Ukraine (never mind one threatening Russia with nukes, which both Pakistan and India have, so that parallel only goes so far).

I am pretty sure that the Poles will bite off a chunk of the Rump-Banderastan and maybe the Hungarians too.

Finally, I consider it very likely that one way or another, Russia will liberate the Ukrainian coast and lift the current blockade of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR) were about half a million Russian citizens live. So you can pretty much visualize what the Ukraine will look like when the Russians decide to stop.

But, when all is said and done, it will be for the people of the Ukraine to decide which civilizational realm they want to embrace. Russia should not liberate those who embrace their slavery.


Losses in the Ukraine War on Both Sides

On the Ukrainian side, the losses are catastrophic. They are now approaching 150,000 killed and probably another 300,000 wounded. Ukraine is running out of room at its morgues, and it has had to set up makeshift morgues in places such as hospitals. In some places, the morgues are overflowing, and the bodies are piled outside in the snow. Rats are starting to eat these bodies, and a public health crisis may be on the horizon. There are many videos of vast Ukrainian cemeteries from the war. Many Poles went to fight as volunteers for Ukraine. Already, Polish losses in this war are 1,200 soldiers.

In contrast, Russia has not suffered nearly as many casualties. The Russian military has lost 9,300 soldiers. The DNR has lost 3,500 and the LDR has lost 1,500. Losses among the Wager forces are hard to come by, but a while ago, a good estimate of losses was 1,200. The total losses for Russia and its allies then are ~15,500. Keep in mind that these figures are somewhat out of date. There may be 30,000 wounded.

As you can see, there is no basis for the claim that Russia has suffered horrific losses in this war. At any rate, you can see that Ukraine loses 10 soldiers for every one Russian soldier. A 10-1 casualty ratio is catastrophic in a war of attrition like this.

There is no evidence for massive Russian losses in Bakhmut or Soledar among Wagner or other Russian forces.

A Ukrainian soldier said Ukraine has lost 30,000 troops in the fight for Soledar. Russian losses in taking Soledar or in the battle for Bakhmut for that matter are not known.

There is also no evidence that the Wagner Group private military corporation engages in suicide charges in either place. In fact, the suicide attacks are a Ukrainian specialty.

The Wagner Group, or the “Musicians” as Russians refer to them, are not mercenaries. They cannot be mercenaries. Look up the definition of mercenary. Mercenaries cannot come from one of the parties to a war. In any war, to be a mercenary, you must come from one of the countries that is not party to the conflict.

There is also no evidence that the leader of Wagner has been promised the salt and gypsum mines in Soledar as a prize for taking the city.

It is not true that the battle for Soledar is still going well for Ukraine. In fact, they have evacuated most of their forces and the ones who refused to surrender were killed, up to 500 in number. There is still fighting on the outskirts of Soledar at the Sil Railroad Station and at Salt Mine #7 where the Ukrainians continue to hold out. An attempted counterattack by Ukrainian forces was stopped by Russia.

There is as yet no good evidence that Wagner forces are putting on Ukrainian uniforms to disguise themselves as Ukrainians.

There is also no good evidence that Wagner uses “enforcer battalions” in the rear who shoot anyone who tries to retreat. However, the Ukrainians have used these “punisher battalions” with SBU intelligence agency officers or one of the Nazi militias such as Azov as enforcers.

In addition, there is no evidence that Wagner forces are required to fight to the death instead of surrendering.

There is no evidence of a rift between Wagner forces and the top Russian military figures.

There is also no evidence that the current shakeup of leadership in the Russian forces is due to internal fighting or people being punished for poor performance. Gerasimov, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has taken over the operation. Surovikin was removed from heading the operation and is now head of the Air Force. This was not a demotion as Surovikin was already under Gerasimov in the first place.

General Alexey Kim is now deputy chief of the Russian General Staff. He was wounded in Chechnya. He is regarded as a shrewd and clever man. Oleg Salyukov is now the head of the Russian Ground Forces. He is a strict disciplinarian who is probably appointed to whip the operation into shape and ensure cohesive discipline. Instead of what is reported in the West, this realignment probably means that a huge operation, as in an offensive, is coming soon.

Ukraine has lost an incredible amount of soldiers in Bakhmut. Russian losses are not known but are not considered to be as disastrous as Ukrainian losses. Wagner occupies some of the suburbs of Bakhmut around the eastern industrial area. The Ukrainians have set up heavy fortifications every 30 feet, so it is very slow going for the Russians. In addition, Ukraine has 30-50,000 troops in the city.

There is no evidence that the Russian military has performed poorly in this war. Keep in mind that Ukraine has the second biggest and one of the best trained and equipped armies in Europe. Furthermore, Russia is not fighting Ukraine but instead is fighting against all of NATO, as Ukraine gets most NATO’s best weaponry. In addition, intelligence agencies of all the NATO countries, especially the UK and the US, are helping Ukraine. The US helps with satellite imagery. In fact, the Russian military has performed quite well in my opinion.

There is no evidence that the Russian military is poorly equipped, although that has been the case with some of the mobilized units. 300,000 troops were mobilized, of which 200,000 are now at the front, and 100,000 are still undergoing training.

The 300,000 troops were not conscripts a the Western media insists. Nor were they poorly trained. In fact, they are all reservists who have served at least one year in the Russian military. In fact, most of them have served for 3-8 years in the reserves. In Russia, most men have served in the military. Russian men serve one year between ages 18-27. So they all have one year of heavy military training. After that, they are in the reserves until they are in their 50’s.

Hence the Russian military’s reserve forces who could be called into combat at any time include 25 million troops. So the vast majority of the “poorly trained conscripts” are in fact members of the Russian Army Reserves with 3-8 years military training and experience.

It is not true that the Russian army has communications problems.

Problems with logistics are hard to figure out. Generally, logistics works well, however, some of the mobilized units are being sent out under-equipped. For instance, there is an artillery unit that has neither artillery nor artillerymen. They also lack a couple of types of weapons like grenade launchers, and they do not have enough Kamaz trucks.

There have been some problems with the mobilization, but mobilizations always have problems. Russians made a huge fuss about all of these problems (which shows that Russia is not a dictatorship), and most if not all of them have been resolved. However, problems remain. A mobilized group near the front complained recently of a lack of stoves and heaters. In addition they had to dig trenches themselves instead of having engineering units do it.

It is not true that certain ethnicities were mobilized more than others. Some ethnicities do have disproportionate numbers in the military such as Dagestanis, Yakuts, and Tuvans. This is not because Russia hates these minorities and is trying to genocide them.

The actual reason is that these areas are rather poor, and hence military service, as one of the few good-paying jobs, attracts many of the local men. Tuvans are Buddhists and they even have Buddhist monks to lead them in religious ceremonies in the rear. Furthermore, there are Muslim preachers for the Muslim forces and Orthodox priests for the Orthodox forces.

In Praise of IRL Trollers, Whatever Their Politics

Sometimes I think that Kant, like Hitler, Houdini, Donald Trump, Duterte, Matt Gaetz, Roger Stone, Jeff Epstein, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Laura Boebert, Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin, Bolsonaro, Zelensky, Qaddafi, Yasser Arafat, Mullah Omar, Osama bin Laden, Father Coughlin, Pol Pot,  was trolling IRL (in real life), that is, like the others above, his whole life was a gigantic troll on humanity.

I hate all of those people above except for Houdini, but one must give them their due as consummate trolls, whether purposely or not.

At the end of the day it matters not whether someone who trolls IRL is doing so purposely or in camp movie seriousness. Trolls are judged by their product, not by their intentions. Intentions are never any consequence about anything, and they often lead to Hell anyway, so why judge IRL Trollers on what they were trying to do? Does it matter if a funny person is funny because he’s a natural humorist or because is a walking butt of all jokes stolling with hard-faced sincerity at a world he will never catch onto?

But you have to admit that these right-wing jokers have their comic value, even if it is only in the fascist style of a cruel, pathetic joke being played on Humanity itself. Nevertheless, I do reserve a tiny place in my heart for that most contrarian of all comic souls, the IRL Troller.

And in fact, I’m a bit of one myself.

Can Anybody Make Sense of This?

The terrifying emptiness of the human is the horror of Europe and the USA which have rejected Man. Ethics, morality, responsibility, care and respect are no longer present there. Instead there is a terrifying abyss, which is not supported and cannot be supported by God. God will not support and will not protect this idiotic Evil that has become a law that has forbidden Good.

Reason was created to condemn what is unreasonable. When it fails, the tragedy of Consciousness arises, which cannot be destroyed because it is the essence of the Universe. Europe and the USA cannot be supported by Consciousness because their actions are truly disgusting.

Of course I understand it in a broad way though I do not agree with it. Of course I love it because it bashes the West. But I’m not sure I’m really grasping what this person is really getting at here.

Anyone want to make a go at this. Let your metaphysical and even religious or spiritual flag flay. I’m sure Moral Philosophy or the Philosophy of Morals enters into this. I detect something Kantian in the this line:

Reason was created to condemn what is unreasonable.

I’m not sure what he was getting at, but even professors of Kant can’t understand A Critique of Pure Reason themselves. I wonder if Kant himself understand his own confounded self. Sometimes I wonder if Kant was just trolling all of us, a giant shitlord who wrote nonsense so he could sit back and laugh as we broke our brains figuring it out.

Hitler as a Giant Troll

Look at Hitler. Look at that stupid moustache. How can you not laugh at that? Look at that moronic goosestepping. Look at those huge torchlight rallies with a crazy man ranting up front. Look at the search for the origin of the Whites among the Hindus of the Himalayas. Look at that idiotic movie Triumph of the Will.

How could these clowns have possibly been serious? How could this have been anything other than a pathetic though highly elaborate mean joke?

Look at the asinine invasion of Russia. Didn’t Hitler study history? Every hundred years the West tries to conquer Russia, and every time the God of Winter bites them on their asses. Like Hitler, like Napoleon, like NATO. Doomed, all of them. Destined for the nuthouse, if not the short bus.

Look at their boneheaded rejection of Christianity has having Jewish roots. Get out. Christianity, in essence, is the religion of Anti-Judaism. Judaism is the religion of Anti-Christianity and vice versa. Jesus brought Mercy, a concept lacking among the eye for an eye Jews.

Instead, these clowns played around with worshiping skulls (death worship), the Devil Himself, and uber-cruel, death-worshipping heathen Norse Gods who were probably huge trolls themselves.

In the end, they fought to the doomed last, even enlisting literal boys to defend the six year Reich. And in the end, both for themselves and for their enemies, Nazism was indeed a worship of death over life and evil over good. In life and in death, in existence and in extinction and in resurrection, Nazism has never been anything other than a giant Death Machine with the Deity as the Death’s Head Moth itself. Buffalo Bill should have been cast with a German accent.

Of course Nazism was horrible to say the least, but at a distance, it looks almost comical and idiotic, like a very stupid and cruel joke. How could these people not have caught onto how moronic they looked with their Charlie Chaplin leader and and men walking like punters who never stop kicking the ball?

Nazism was stupid! It was a very bad and very mean joke. A practical joke on themselves, on all of us, on the world itself, even on Reason itself with its championing the force of the irrational. A tragicomic assault of all against all. Even Hobbes was never this bad. Nazism seemed to almost strive for the extinction of Man ourselves, such was its all-encompassing lust for death and destruction.

Worshiping death and evil? How irrational. But I guess a lot of cynical humans like that just fine. The appeal of evil over good is obvious when one sees how we reward the evildoers in this world while the good people are stomped contemptuously underfoot like snails on a sidewalk. We are yet animals, and the human world is only a jungle, much as we convince ourselves the opposite is the case.

Hey, why not? Bow down to chaos and immiseration. Party in the ruins. Celebrate the decline. No one gets out alive anyway. Life is a brief spark blown out by a cold and cruel wind, but death is forever. Life can’t hold a candle to death’s staying power. Which is more lasting and therefore more important and even great? Why not bow down to the Reaper himself? Will there be a more important deity in any of our lives? Of course not.

Lulu, “To Sir, With Love”

Great music from 1967! They also made a movie with this name starring both Lulu and Sidney Poitier. Lulu was supposed to play a minor role bu the director saw her with the Beach Boys. The movie is about a teacher in a tough neighborhood who is able to calm down his unruly students. Lulu plays one of his high school students. She sings this song to him towards the end.

The Modern Lovers, “Roadrunner”

This is from all the way back in 1972. The original beat was based on the Velvet’s “Sister Ray,” but this song is much more upbeat. It was released as a single in 1972, but was not released on their long-awaited self-titled album, The Modern Lovers, until 1976. The original single was produced by John Cale of the Velvet Underground!

This was one of the original proto-punk bands. Or actually they were an out and out punk rock band. Excuse me! Later covered by the Sex Pistols on their Rock and Roll Swindle album.

Joan Jett during her version. I knew people who knew her when she was in the Runaways in 1977. I knew this long-haired hippie guy who managed them for a while. He said that all of the girls in that band were bisexual. He was shaking his head as he said it. So I guess Joan identified as bi back then.

And I had friends who knew her in 1981 when she was in her own band. I was told by a 23  year old hot woman scenester I was dating at the time, “She likes girls.” That had been the dirt on her for quite some time and it wasn’t the first time I’d heard that. What I’ve heard is that she’s not bisexual. She’s full-blown lesiban.

She’s never admitted it though, probably because she’s worried it will hurt her career. However, she is very friendly to men! She just doesn’t want to have sex with them. A member of the San Fransisco punk band The Avengers lived with Joan Jett in Sweden for a while. He was on heroin at the time. Not sure about her. He said that they used to go out to clubs and they would both pick up women and bring them home.

People who have met her say she is very down to Earth and friendly! Supposedly she gets a lot of really hot lipstick lesbian types that most men would kill for. This chick gets the best women around! People who went to see her at a recent concert say that near the stage were several rows of hot lesbian/bisexual women wearing “Wett for Jett” t- shirts. LOL!

Joan Jett is one of the original punk rockers from the late 1970’s. She’s in her 50’s nowadays, and she’s still punk as Hell! Hell with all these goody-goods, church ladies, choir boys and sanctimonious idiots. Screw these goody two shoes! I’m into being bad! Even as a senior citizen! Rock til you drop! I will die a punk!

The lyrics are quite simple:

One, two, three, four, five, six
Roadrunner, roadrunner
Going a thousand miles an hour
Gonna drive past the Stop ‘n’ Shop
With the radio on

I’m in love with Massachusetts
And the neon when it’s cold outside
And the highway when it’s late at night
Got the radio on

I’m like the roadrunner

I’m in love with modern moonlight
128 when it’s dark outside
I’m in love with Massachusetts
I’m in love with the radio on

It helps me from being alone late at night
Helps me from being lonely late at night
I don’t feel so bad now in the car
Don’t feel so alone, got the radio on

Like the roadrunner
That’s right

Said welcome to the spirit of 1956
Patient in the bushes next to ’57
The highway is your girlfriend as you go by quick
Suburban trees, suburban speed
And it smells like heaven, I say

Roadrunner once
Roadrunner twice
I’m in love with rock and roll
And I’ll be out all night
That’s right

Well now
Roadrunner, roadrunner
Going a thousand miles an hour
Gonna drive to the Stop ‘n’ Shop
With the radio on at night

And me in love with modern moonlight
Me in love with modern rock & roll
Modern girls and modern rock & roll
Don’t feel so alone, got the radio on

Like the roadrunner

O.K. now you sing Modern Lovers
(Chorus: Radio on!)
I got the AM
(Chorus: Radio on!)
Got the car, got the AM
(Chorus: Radio on!)
Got the AM sound, got the
(Radio on!)
Got the rockin’ modern neon sound
(Chorus: Radio on!)
I got the car from Massachusetts, got the
(Chorus: Radio on!)
I got the power of Massachusetts when it’s late at night
(Chorus: Radio on!)

I got the modern sounds of modern Massachusetts
(Chorus: Radio on!)
I’ve got the world, got the turnpike, got the
(Chorus: Radio on!)
I’ve got the, got the power of the AM, got the
(Chorus: Radio on!)
Got the, late at night, hit ’em wide, rock & roll late at night
(Chorus: Radio on!)
The factories and the auto signs, got the
(Chorus: Radio on!)
Got the power of modern sounds
(Chorus: Radio on!)

(Chorus: Radio on!)

Right, bye bye!