A Lot of Scandinavians and Dutch Fought Alongside the Nazis in World War 2

Well, that’s interesting. I never realized that so many Scandinavians and Dutch were Nazi sympathizers and supporters and even volunteered to fight alongside the Nazis.

Found on the Net:

A significant number of Scandinavians and Dutch populations either sympathized or identified with, supported, worked for and even fought alongside the Nazis in WW2. And unfortunately yes, it is true that they had their own battalions.

In fact, the Nordland Division, I believe also called or part of the 11th Panzer Division (mechanized armor) was a well trained, seasoned, and dedicated fighting unit throughout the war. They consisted almost exclusively of Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian soldiers who had volunteered after Himmler had initiated the campaign to recruit soldiers from other “Germanic” countries as they were regarded by the Nazis.

And the Nordland division fought bravely from the Gates of Moscow in 1941 to the last minutes in the battle of Berlin in May 1945. They actually fought on defending the Reichstag building well after Hitler had already committed suicide.

“Rightwing” Populism: An Infantile Disorder

Commenter: First of all, you are lumping all conservatives into the dinosaur Republican bucket.

Trump, for all his many flaws, is not a card-carrying PMC promoter or neocon. His support base isn’t oil tycoons and CEOs, it is the the rural population, the small business owner, etc etc.

He is not the Republican party but he definitely has an outsize role in it; similarly the dinosaur Republicans still dominate some of the RNCC structures but don’t dominate the electoral outcomes any more. The presence of a growing number of populist Republican senators and house reps is proof of that.

So while I agree that the Republicans overall are not clearly pro-worker – it is far from clear that they could not be given that there are people in it who are not dinosaur cons and/or neocons. This doesn’t mean the Republican party will change; I said the opportunity was there but the elephant still has to drink.

And another:

It is not clear that this is “social engineering” so much as typical “winner take all” dynamics.

“Winner Take All” dynamics are why you always end up with 2 sides in such scenarios because the population winds up splitting into the 2 most powerful messages. The idiocy of the Democrat party today is shifting from Working Class Champions as its previous generation core message to “Diversity” – thus alienating its original power base in favor of its new PMC supplemented by the African Americans.

These morons fail to understand that Bill Clinton doing this was fine because the Democrats were still. more or less, able to count on the working class for support due to historical reasons but that ongoing betrayal of working class interests in favor of their new PMC/bankster/MIC donors was going to lead to erosion of its base. Note this affected the dinosaur Republicans as well: a significant number of PMC/bankster/MIC types switched over; the idiocy of the dinosaur Republicans is that they fail to understand that the role of Working Class Champion is there for the taking.

RFK Jr is trying to bring the Democrats back to their roots, but he is going to fail just as Sanders and Gabbard failed, and for exactly the same reasons (DNCC fuckery).

My response: Here we have the classic problem that so many regular Americans think that Trump is a different king of Republican – he’s not for the corporations and the  very rich but instead for the average guy and the workers. I think Trump has worked very hard to consolidate this image.

On the other hand, all Republicans say they are for the workers in various ways: the opposition to illegal immigration and mass immigration in general is sold to the public on a pro-worker basis. The Republicans have had to go against their donors in the rich and corporations who are wildly pro-immigrant in order to take this stance. I agree that this part of their project is indeed pro-worker, but the whole rest of their project is not. Their endless efforts to cut Social Security and Medicare testify to that.

“Rightwing” Populism: An Infantile Disorder*

Trump is a rightwing populist. The thing about rightwing populism is it isn’t really pro-worker. It’s a sort of “fake populism” in that sense. The Mussolini and Hitler regimes were populists of this sort. In fact, rightwing populism has a very strong tendency to become fascist.

Nevertheless, it appeals to the petit bourgeois (middle class) by telling them that their enemies are both the idle rich above them and the similarly idle, listless, criminal, and parasitical poor below them. A lot of middle class people feel they are being squeezed from both sides like this. Nevertheless, I’m not aware of a successful “middle class state” in the world today or ever that attacked both the rich and the poor. Someone can enlighten me if I’m wrong here.

Rich Boys North of Richmond”: A Rightwing Populist Song

A good example of this sort of rightwing populism in a redneck sense is the recent country music hit, “Rich Boys North of Richmond,” in which the singer attacks the rich, who he wrongly claims are the federal government (rich boys north of Richmond) and the poor (lines talk about 300 pound welfare leeches).

All of the Republican hopefuls have rallied around this song. De Satanist (De Santis) agreed that the “rich elites” are in fact the federal government itself, not him and his uber-wealthy buddies. Vivek Ramaswami, another rightwing populist, has chimed in.

Their solution is not only a war on the poor – a perennial task of the Republican Party – but an additional war on the “rich” (the federal government), which would entail gutting it. He also complains about taxes, a continuous middle class complaint that the Republicans have always championed as pro-worker. The truth is that most workers get a lot more in government services than the pay in taxes. The upper middle class and wealthy do not, of course, so they rightly see taxes a ripoff.

Typically, rightwing populism is the politics of the confused. The elites pushing it are not confused at all and tend to know what they are doing, which is selling the workers a shitburger and claiming it’s a filet mignon steak. The ruling class is typically very smart and it’s nothing if not devious.

The workers who go along with it are just politically confused and spouting an incoherent politics because they are promoting something that not only does not benefit them but actively harms them. Unless you want to argue that workers of this sort are masochists (some US workers are actually like this), their politics is simply convoluted and insensible.

Good luck ever getting the Republican Party to be a pro-working class party. It is written in the very genes of the party that they are pro-rich, pro-business, and anti-working class. Class struggle is a thing. Class consciousness is a think. Class interests are a thing. Have you guys even read one page of Marx? He used to be mandatory reading in Economics classes.

Sure, the Republican Party could change if being a party of the rich and the corporations was no longer enough to win elections, but that day seems far off.

And then the rich and the corporations would have no party to advocate for them, although in Europe, these groups have gone along with a variety of social democracy via a lack of other options. There may come a time when the Republican Party will have to go this route if they ever expect to win an election again.

Neoliberalism: Nobody Wants It but the West Keeps Shoving Down Everyone’s Throat at Gunpoint

Although in Europe, the rich and corporations have simply made a social contract with the workers in order to stave off Left revolution in which they settled for high taxes and an extensive welfare state in order to stay in business and continue making profits. What is interesting is that if you go to Europe, you will find that even highly paid corporate executives absolutely love the social programs – the free medical care, the long paid vacations, etc.

The Republicans have figured out that once you put these universal social programs in, it’s very difficult to get rid of them because they quickly become very popular.

All efforts at rolling back programs like this around the world have been catastrophic.

The ending or dramatic cutting of state medical care in the Global South has only resulted in collapsing health figures and an increased death rate. It is estimated that this aspect of the neoliberal globalization project alone has resulted in millions of deaths in the Global South.

Severe cuts in education simply resulted in the collapse of education figures in the nation. In Nicaragua, the Right demanded that parents buy their kids school uniforms and cut back drastically on public education. Many parents could not even afford the ~$50/year to buy the uniforms, so the coming of Violeta Chamarro resulted only in tossing hundreds of thousands of kids out of school. The gutting of education funds in neoliberal Chile resulted in collapsing schools with soggy roofs that leaked whenever it rained.

The Chicago Boys Friedmanite privatization of Social Security was a disastrous failure. Even (((Milton Friedman))), the father of neoliberalism, realized that these programs were extremely popular, and there were few ways to get rid of them via democratic means. Therefore, he actually stated that a rightwing dictatorship was necessary in order to put a neoliberal project in.

The mass rejection of neoliberalism in Latin America after two decades of failure is what led directly to the Pink Tide Left governments in the region.

Of course the US either can’t or won’t figure it out, and the US and EU (the West) continues to try to shove neoliberalism down the throats of Latin Americans at gunpoint or via out and out starvation and disease (sanctions).

To admit that the region rejected neoliberalism would be to admit that it is hated in the vast majority of nations; in other words, that it is a failure because nobody wants it. To do so would probably mean the death of the project. As such, neoliberalism has become a dirty word, and rightly so. The response of the US has been to never mention the word. So they’ve simply repackaged neoliberalism as “freedom and democracy” and continue to force it down everyone’s throats.

*With apologies to a fellow named V. I. Lenin, of course.

The Republican Party Must Either Liberalize or Die

Sure, it’s possible for the Republican Party to turn into a sort of right wing of social democracy sort of party along the lines of the Christian Democrats in Europe, although that would mean rejecting everything they have ever stood for and leaving their donors – the rich and the corporations – politically homeless and without a voice.

The rich and corporations of Europe and in many other places have simply run up the white flag and taken what they could get, but the American version are ruthless, murderous, and do not shy from wickedness or the most devious trickery. I doubt if they will take this sitting down.

There’s also a very real possibility of a military coup in the US to prevent the establishment of any sort of social democracy. Most people don’t realize that the Pentagon has a class consciousness and the US officer class have class interests.

As we can see unfolding before our very eyes, if push comes to shove, the Republicans will simply become an authoritarian dictatorship to maintain corporate and wealthy rule into perpetuity.

It Is Normal for Straight Men to Be Repulsed by Gay Male Sex

Commenter: I don’t hate gays. I am repulsed and disgusted by their degeneracy:glory holes, public toilet lurking, and the sick acts they perform within, and their pederasty which is more common than most believe. The mincing faggots that bare their arse cheeks in public in their sick parades…maybe I do hate them.

Well, I don’t like that either. I think a lot of straight men don’t like that. It’s also normal for straight men to be repulsed and disgusted by gay male sex. However, apparently said revulsion is homophobic. Therefore, it is completely normal for straight men to be homophobic in that sense.

To tell the truth, the only way I can have a positive attitude about gay men is by refusing to think about the things you just described.

and their pederasty which is more common than most believe.

Yes, teenage boy fucking is practically a normal part of their culture, much more than teenage girl fucking is in straight male culture now that there is a huge and pretty crazy backlash against it going on – the ‘Pedophilia’ Moral Panic. Pederasty has been a pillar of gay male culture since Antiquity. I don’t think it’s going away.

Eurocoms (European Parliamentary Communists) and Western Ultraleft Communists

China and Cuba are not Communist! They are both capitalist!

This is the typical crazy Commie in the West, especially the Anglosphere and they are completely out of step with the Left in the whole rest of the world.

Shades of Lenin, Ultra-Leftism: An Infantile Disorder.

This is typical of Left Libertarians and Left Anarchists in the West. This type of ultraleftism is quite popular in the West, but it hasn’t much power anywhere else other than in Kurdish-controlled Eastern Syria. In the West, it’s utterly irrelevant of course, though they do like smash stuff up a bit now and again. So not only are they idiots which is bad enough, but they are dangerous idiots, and this is a bad thing indeed.

This is also typical of Trotskyites, probably the most common type of Commie in the West. Please note that Trots never won a single revolution except the October Revolution. But they haven’t won one since. Trotskyites might amend the above to say that China, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, and Eritrea are “Stalinist.” “Stalinist” means any existing Communist country that’s not Trotskyite, which means all of them after 1927. They call them Stalinist because the name Stalin has become an epithet because, well, he did kill millions of people, let’s face it.

In addition, in the West, we also have these strange creatures we call Maoists. They say that all existing Communists and most of the recent ones are “revisionist.”
That means they’ve strayed so far from Communism that they’re not even really Communists anymore. Hoxhaites, followers of Enver Hoxha, the Communist leader of Albania, are similar, as he took a pro-Chinese and anti-Soviet line after the Sino-Soviet split. He was also a radical atheist.

Maoists led a successful revolution in, yep, you guessed it – China! They also led a successful revolution in Cambodia. Yep, the Khmer Rogue were Maoists all right. Which shows what a dangerous philosophy it can be.

They’re tried in some other places like India, the Philippines, Peru, and Turkey. They had a fair amount of success in Peru, the Philippines and India, but they never took power.

Bottom line is most Commies in the West, especially in the Anglosphere, hate and have hated for some time every existing Communist country because…they’re not Commie enough!

This is a common fallacy of ideologues everywhere called “letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.” Politics is the art of compromise. Do you strive for perfection in your personal life? Of course not, unless you are a miserable fool. You strive to do as best as you can or as best as the material conditions allow. Same principle in politics, which is really just the motivations of groups of people as opposed to one person. But the goals of group politics and the individual man otherwise don’t differ much.

For instance, I assure you that the official Communist Parties of every nation supports both China and Cuba and say both are Communist. It is for this reason that the Western Left, particularly in the Anglosphere, is utterly irrelevant and has been for some time now.

Not only that, but have they ever had a succesful revolution? Nope, unless we count Eastern Syria and Cambodia, both of which are rather dubious examples of success.

The Syrian PKK owes its entire state and existence to the reactionary US Empire and it is dead set against the Bashar Assad’s popular and Resistance Bloc state.

The Khmer Rogue were an example of what happens when Commies go insane. Part of it is because we bombed every inch of their land and killed 500,000 civilians when we bombed Cambodian from 1970-1975. That’ll drive anyone nuts.

Another part was that they went into exile in the 1920’s and took off for Paris, where they stayed for the next 40-50 years, isolated from the affairs of the land, talking only among themselves with little peer review for feedback and consequently getting crazier and crazier via sheer theory not tested in the field.

So it’s also an example of how a bunch of isolated and out of touch radical intellectuals, without peers to reality test or check them, can go completely bonkers via pure theory that’s only ever been tested on paper, not in reality. Beware the egghead with his head in the sky who speaks only to Gods and not men!

Another part of it was the horrific caste politics on steroids of Cambodia, with the logical result that the rural lower castes wanted to literally murder the urban higher castes and ended up doing just that.

In other words, it was a typical peasant rebellion of the kind the world has seen many times over the centuries. Peasant rebellions can be very bloody. Beware the bloody wrath of the oppressed! It has few equals!

The Khmielnicky Rebellion in Poland in the mid-1500’s, a typical anti-feudal peasant rebellion, ended up killing 1/3 of the population! That’s worse than the Commie Khmer Rogue peasant revolution. So the Khmer Rogue were nothing new. Even genocidal Communism was not some evil new development for mankind. Like so many things, it had its barely disguised predecessors if we only dare to peek into the past to find them.

Libertarianism Is Far Right, Period

All Libertarians are Far Right with the exception of the Left Libertarian crowd who are almost Commies. Actually, they are all full-on Commies, but they are “freedom-loving Commies,” and they are very hardline Commies indeed! As in “China and Cuba are not Communist anymore. They are capitalist.” That kind of moronic Commie.

Of course the Right and Left Libertarians hate each other. This whole “Libertarians are neither right nor left” BS is just another one of their lies. Ask anyone left of center where Libertarians are. They’ll all say Right or even Far Right.

A commenter suggested that economic and political libertarianism is not necessarily rightwing:

libertarian economically/politically

See that part? That’s called rightwing economically and politically. With the exception of Left Libertarians, but probably 1% of Libertarians are the Left variety, if that. Talk about political irrelevancy! Though they did claim to have a successful Left Libertarian experiment in the PKK-controlled and US-occupied area of Eastern Syria.

I think some Libertarians know they’re lying about this, and they’re trying to get naive Lefties to vote for them.

However, I think a lot of US Libertarians are just politically confused, have a typical American incoherent politics and as such, they actually believe that Libertarianism is neither Right nor Left. I heard one of them say,

All Libertarians want to do is dismantle the state. How can that possibly be rightwing?

LOL some people have a lot to learn. What can you say? Economics 100 should be requirement for every social science BA from a university.

Modern Gay Rights Is Aggressive, in Your Face, Blatantly Obscene in Public, and Worst of all, Targeting Kids

Me: Gay Russian men drafted into the army just keep their mouths shut and they do all right. If they announce they’re gay, they’re in a world of hurt.

Commenter: Up until 2011 the US military had the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy. In the military even more so than in regular society, people should keep their sexual preferences to themselves. Most straight people don’t go around telling everyone about their sex lives or worse yet demonstrating to kids the delights of vanilla or BDSM sex.

Some things you just keep to yourself and only share with your intimate partner(s), yet there’s a top-down push to turn everything private, taboo, or sacred into a public display of obscenity and profanity. This is not a natural development, but plenty of damaged, confused or misguided people fall for it and go along with the depravity.

Other commenters follow:


I work as a private tutor in a local school and have seen this menace develop in real time over the last few years. With a new head teacher there is now “Gay Pride” Month and teachers whom I once respected running bake sales to raise money for “oppressed gays” in Africa – all in full view of junior school kids. This and transgenderism is also woven into every topic – even design and chemistry. It’s demonic.


This homophobia as you call it, has been almost 100% caused by the LGBT movement on their own in last 20 or so years; before that, nobody cared if you were gay, bi, or whatever until the LGBT community started forcibly pushing their sex life into our everyday lives.

When they started marching every week in the pride marches first with their asses hanging out and escalating from there to today’s disgusting drag performances where genitals are being literally rubbed into underage kids’ faces, it’s no wonder it creates a backlash.

I still don’t care what you do INSIDE YOUR OWN HOME, be gay, trans, or wear furs for all I care, but do not parade your genitals in the main street or force kids to see perverted drag shows.

If opposing people marching constantly at some public venue in sex attire half-naked or dangling genitals in front of underage children in drag shows is homophobia, then yes, I’m homophobic…

And again:

Spot on. The aggressive actions – especially the attempts at recruitment in schools – have created a lot of animosity towards the homosexual movements. Most homosexuals I know are against this militant propagandizing.


As for homophobia, perhaps some people would rather not have other people’s sexual issues thrown in their faces day after day or dragged into our public schools to influence our kids.

There is already too much sexuality in every aspect of American life, and it is pushed by “celebrities” and the entertainment industry. I for one do not want a government telling me how I should view anything at all.

And everywhere:

But I also agree that activist gays brought on the problems. I remember being appalled when they forcibly turned Boston’s St Patrick’s Day parade, a clearly family style event, into a Gay Pride event. That to me was the start of the craziness.


I don’t care what consenting adults do in privacy. I don’t want anyone’s sexuality shoved in my face. Goes for TV & movies too.

And they have zero business in education. NONE. NADA. NYET.

Has Homophobia Recently Gotten Worse in the West?

Commenter: This ‘homophobia’ as you call it, has been almost 100 % caused by the LGBT movement on their own in last 20 or so years; before that, nobody cared if you were gay, bi, or whatever.

I haven’t noticed any increase in street level homophobia or homophobia in my family. If anything it lessened over the period and to tell the truth, my more liberal family members are pretty insufferable in how pro-LGBTQIWTF they are. Plus it’s all a bit fake. It’s more like:

Hey, nobody cares! So don’t mention it or bring it up!

LOL not real ok with it.

As a straight man, I thank my lucky stars I didn’t get wired up gay. That sounds like a nightmare to me. If you pointed a loaded gun at me and said have gay sex or we will shoot you, I would say pull the damned trigger.

For one thing, every one of my friends would probably abandon me were I to turn up gay. Not that I blame them! I grew up in the 1970’s, and the straight community was pretty damn homophobic. The 80’s were not much different.

I’m in the unfortunate position of being one of those straight men who is at times mistaken for being gay, bisexual, formerly gay, etc. Usually women opt for the last two because any woman has this figured out way better than a man; that is, they’re figured out which men like women, and they know those guys aren’t gay. Men are much stupider in that regard.

This crap started in high school just a bit, but it got a lot worse in the early 80’s and on. I experienced quite a bit of homophobia, so I know how it feels. It’s probably one of the worst feelings I’ve ever experienced. It terrifies you to your very bones. And I got it from all sorts of people, liberal, conservative, you name it. Straight women are some of the wildest homophobes of them all.

I never saw this “no one cares” era. I don’t think it’s true even know, except these young folks are different.

Countries Are Naturally and Normally Homophobic All Over the World

Commenter: I despise how homophobia has become normalised in support of conservatism which, in turn, is associated with Trump, Putin etc.

LOL when have conservatives not been homophobic? Never. There’s nothing new here.

Actually it is not so bad in Russia as you think.

I’ve read about homosexuality in Russia. For instance, gay men were barred from the army. Around 2012, they got rid of it because too many straight men were claiming to be gay to get out of service. Now all Russian gay men serve in the army. But the army is crazy homophobic. Gay Russian men drafted into the army just keep their mouths shut, and they do all right. If they announce they’re gay, they’re in a world of hurt.

Yes, Russia is a homophobic society. Putin has to deal with that!

Russian society is very bad for young gays and lesbians due to the new law. They don’t get the help they need at all.

On Quora someone asked about homosexuality in Russia. A number of Russians responded that if you simply never discuss it, nobody much cared. Russian gay men said much the same thing. They just keep it on the down low. They said everyone knew and no one cared as long as they didn’t talk about it. St. Petersburg and Moscow are full of gay bars, and nobody much bothers them to my knowledge.

The arts in Russia are full of gays and always have been. It’s a cliche in Russian society.

In fact there is a joke that a man goes to the doctor and says he thinks he’s a homosexual. The doctor smiles and asks,

Well, are you an actor?


Are you a dancer?


Are you a singer?


Are you a classical musician?


Doctor keeps his smile the whole time.

What are you?

I’m an electrician.

The doctor looks angry.

Well then! You’re not a homosexual, you’re a Goddamned faggot!


Not only is Russia homophobic, but so are other countries in the region. So is Ukraine. So is Poland, Hungary, Latvia, on and on. Lots of East European societies are homophobic. They’re just very socially conservative is all. The pro-West and anti-West East European societies are both homophobic.

Incidentally, all of those Muslim and Arab states we all root for like Iran are pretty damned homophobic too. Pro-Western? Anti-Western? It matters not.

Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba are homophobic, although the laws may speak otherwise. That’s just the nature of Latin American hypermasculine culture. The pro-Western and anti-Western societies are both homophobic, though the latter may have better laws.

Africa? We’re all rooting for Black Africa now, right? Well, guess what? Black Africa is crazy homophobic! Probably among the worst on Earth. But we’re for them, right? The pro-US Black African societies are homophobic. The anti-US Black African societies are homophobic.

Note that this may have also been covered in this earlier piece:

To tell the truth though, male homosexuality in the Arab World is pretty damn rife, but you might want to have a wife at the same time.

Most Saudi gays are married up. I knew an Arab woman who told me that Saudi women being married to gay men is a big problem. She told me:

Half of all Saudi men are gay.

I have no idea what she means by that! And that figure seems pretty extreme.

That said, there are gay cafes in Saudi Arabia, but it’s only that they are on the down low. Don’t ask, don’t tell, all over the region.

Saudi schools are sex segregated, and though I’ve never heard of a lot of gay male activity at boys’ schools, the girls’ schools are plagued with epidemic lesbianism, including the usual drama + chaos that is part of the essential nature of the Feminine Character, supercharged with the normal stormy and mercurial ways of the moody teenage girl. The love affairs blow up or splinter into jealousy, and the resulting chaos causes all manner of problems in the schools.

A gay man recently traveled around the Arab World. In Lower Egypt, Nile boat boys repeatedly hit on him. He met a long term gay couple in Cairo. They said everyone knew but nobody talked about it. But they busted a riverboat full of gay partiers in the Nile recently and sent them to prison for a few years. That’s because in Egypt, it’s don’t ask, don’t tell, and keep it on the down low.

There’s plenty of homosexuality in Morocco. William Burroughs and Paul Bowles lived there for years fucking Arab teenage boys. Burroughs said some of the locals cursed him for his behavior, but he was never arrested.

All across North Africa, there’s quite a bit of male homosexuality because the women are all pretty much off-limits unless you are married, and in a lot of places, it costs too much to get married. So you have all these horny 18-29 straight man.

What’s a guy to do? Well, a lot of those men have gay sex. A few young men are actually gay, but there are not a lot of them. Those are the “fags.” All of the men who have sex with them are the “straights.” The fags play the female role in gay sex. The straights play the male role. Basically the real men, the masculine straight men, fuck the fags, the effeminate gay men, as they are obvious female substitutions. In addition, the straight men may well despise the “fags” they are fucking. Sure, they’re fucking them, but they also hate and have contempt for them.

It is similar in Afghanistan and maybe Pakistan.

In fact, all over the world, whether a man is gay or not is often portrayed in this way, as it is in US prisons. Remember, straight men are not just turned on by women. They are turned on by objects that look and/or act like women. Sculptures and paintings. Women and teenage girls. Male MtF trannies. Transvestites. And femmy gay men, who act like women! People don’t understand that orientation is towards “any object that resembles a woman” not to “a woman” per se.

The gay man we mentioned above went to Syria. He said men seemed to figure out he was gay and they were hitting on him everywhere. They’d slow their cars down and a couple of men inside would invite him in. He walked on the boardwalk and man after man came up to him. This in a country that arrests gay men and makes them have sex with each other in front of laughing, mocking police.

Then he went to Kuwait. A school principal there, married man, propositioned. He went to the beach and midnight and saw men having sex with men. Not a cop in sight.

Based on much disgusted observation and sad experience witnessing this bullshit, the capacity for homosexuality in young men in their early to mid 20’s is extremely high, although most want to play the male role and fuck the “fag”, who they often rather despise. In fact it is a very bad idea to deprive young men this age of sex with women because if you do, they will fuck guys! Later they get married and deny the whole thing!

Lesbian Relationships Are Dramatic, Chaotic, Crazy, and Violent

Lesbian relationships tend to be quite chaotic. And they beat each other up more than:

  • Women beat up men (least serious)
  • Men beat up women (moderately serious)
  • Gay men beat up men (very serious)

I found it shocking that gay men beat each other up more than straight men beat up women! Incredible. On the other hand, you put two horny testosterone-fueled monsters together and you’re asking for an explosion.

The femininity of women actually tones down male aggression because they seem weak and we feel sorry for them. In addition, a lot of us do not want to attack weak objects. A lot of men still think that is pussy behavior. I agree in a sense.

Go pick on someone your own size!

Where do you think that saying comes from?

With two lesbians, you have the usual drama + chaos of the woman without the stabilizing and frankly feared object of the masculine man to stabilize her, calm her down, and perhaps most importantly of all, to make her feel protected. Now combine this with the masculine, testosterone-mimicking behavior of the lesbian.

In fact, there are lesbians who have bailed on lesbianism altogether and married men because they say relationships with women are insane.

I knew a woman who was bisexually active but who refused to ID as bisexual because she refused to have relationships with women because she said they were crazy.

Relationships with men were much more stable to her. One lesbian said lesbian relationships drove her nuts:

You would get these long angry silences and silent treatments, sulking, and passive aggressive. What caused it? Was it something I said? Something I did? I never got a response who I was left going nuts playing a guessing game. Sometimes I figured it out and it was the pettiest little thing. Eight hours of pouting silence for that? Ridiculous!

Words Often Don’t Mean What They Literally Mean

Words don’t mean what they literally mean. They mean whatever the people who use them think they mean. However they are used, that is what they mean, in other words. Pot smokers got “paranoid.” It was generally just “panic,” not actual paranoia. Antisemites are those who hate Jews, not those who hate all Semitic-speaking people. Homophobes are those who hate, dislike homosexuals, not just those who are afraid of them, though a lot of homophobes are also frightened of gay men.

Prigozhin’s Plane Goes Down

Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of Wagner PMC, was killed in a plane crash along with Dmitry Utkin, the founder of the organization. No one quite knows what happened. It couldn’t have been a bomb because planes hit with bombs break up normally. In this case, a wing tore off. There’s doesn’t seem any good evidence yet that it was shot down with AA. Of course it could have been taken down by the Nazis, but it’s hard to see how they could have pulled this off.

At the moment, the FSB is calling it a “terrorist attack.” They wouldn’t be doing that if the Russian state killed him. Just forget it.

The best analysis of the situation at the moment is that the cause of that plane crash is a complete mystery. We’ll have to keep on this into the future to see what plays out. One thing is for sure, Russian journalists won’t accept any crap from the Kremlin. Even pro-Putin journalists will blow the whistle on the state if they are lying. In that sense, Russia has far greater press freedom than the US does. You ever hear one prominent journalist call out the US government on its endless foreign policy lies? Well of course not.

I think their elections are freer too. Elections in Russia are completely fraud-free. Putin’s wins closely match pre-election polls and exit polls. Of course here in the “land of the free” the Republicans have been stealing elections with voting machines since the year 2000. The Democrats refuse to believe it because it’s “conspiracy theory.” They need to get over this fear of theirs. So even elections in Russia are vastly freer than they are here in the land of freedumb and demogogueracy.

Our press is less free than Russia’s?! Our elections are less free than Russia’s?! I’m sorry but that’s pretty damn weak because neither elections nor the media are completely free in Russia.

Not buying at all that Putin took that plane down. All he had to do was arrest him. Besides, I don’t believe that Putin offs his opponents. He’s killed a few double agents, but those were spies. All the rest of the “Putin kills” are just lies, although I am still looking into some of these deaths. And many more journalists were killed under Yeltsin than under Putin.

If Putin did this, he’s one of the stupidest people alive.

My Mind’s Made Up: Don’t Confuse Me with the Facts

That’s basically just about every human you will ever meet in your life right there. I don’t mind people lying about personal matters, their personal lives, the personal histories, etc. That’s a very sensitive area and we all lie to ourselves all the time about that stuff anyway, otherwise we’d all be buying it with a gun. A lot of the time in life, you have to lie to yourself to keep from blowing your brains out. Now, I would say that if that’s why you’re lying, you’re doing it for a pretty good reason.

On the other hand you can go completely overboard with this too to where you believe your own lies and get angry and defensive when challenged about your own alternate facts. Some people are lying to themselves too much and much potential for growth is arrested right there because they won’t come to terms with their past, accept responsibility, and quit blaming other people.

On the other hand, with just about everything else outside of my personal life and world, I’m simply interested in the truth. What on Earth do I want to believe a bunch of things that aren’t even true! Why do any of you want to believe a bunch of crap that’s not even true? Well, people do this because they can’t handle the truth.

The truth messes up their view of the world, which is constructed not as the world is but as they wish it to be. You got that right. Hardly anyone wants to see the world for what it really is. They just about all want to believe that their little dream world is in fact the truth.

To me, that’s pussy. A man, a real man, can handle the truth about most things that are not personal. If the truth conflicts with your ideology, what does that say about your ideology? It says it’s crap, that’s what it says. Why do you want to have a crap ideology that’s not even true?

Because it makes you feel good, that’s why. Because it aligns with  your fairy tale, made-up view of the world. Now if my ideology is based on a bunch of bullshit, I don’t feel very good about that. Why should I advocate for things that aren’t even true and don’t even work? Why should I have an ideology that’s based on lies and bullshit?

My enemies claim all the time that I deliberately lie on here. Truth is I don’t.

The whole purpose of this blog is a search for the truth about our world, a search for uncomfortable truths and painful facts, to talk about things we aren’t supposed to talk about because taboos are weak, pussy, and irrational.

If my side loses, I’m going to say so. If my side is wrong, I’m going to say so. If my enemies are right or are winning, I’m going to say so. Why this makes people so uncomfortable is something I will never understand. That seems to be a child’s way of looking at the world. If the truth hurts, so be it. Fasten your belts and take it like a man.

So whenever anyone tells you that I deliberately lie on here, they’re flat out wrong. I’m never going to do that? Why should I? Because my guys are losing? Hey, in my opinion, life sucks anyway, so that’s to be expected. Because the bad guys are right and my guys are wrong? Well, if that’s so, am I even on the right side? Maybe I will switch sides and go over to the enemy if they’re right after all.

If any of you get anything out of this website, I would like it to be this. The purpose of this website is to shock you and upset your whole world and all the silly little facts you believe that aren’t even true. In that sense, I’m trying to piss you off. I am trying to make you challenge every non-personal thing you believe, to put it all up for grabs. I challenge my beliefs all the time.

Of course I have my side and the other side, well, I often see them as the enemy, correct. Nevertheless, I am throwing my views up against the enemy’s all the time. I’m often taking the enemy’s line and asking myself, “Well, are they right or what?” Then I test it against my belief, “So is what I believe true or what?” It’s a pretty painful process (often it’s excruciatingly painful!), but I don’t see why I should believe a bunch of bullshit.

Whatever the facts of our world are, they’re surely not so unpleasant as to make life here impossible and necessitate suicide. Living life properly is a matter of constantly adjusting to the facts of the world as they change around us. If you can’t do that, you’re stuck. You’re not moving. You’re not growing. You’re like everyone else. You chose the comforts of pretty lies over the grueling endurance tests of the truth.

Anyway, the truth isn’t so bad after all except it makes you an outlier because you quit believing bullshit like all the other two legged monkeys around you. But why do you want to be like them? They’re clearly idiots for believing in bullshit. Why succumb to the peer pressure of morons? Are you a moron? No? All right then. Stand on your own two feet, dammit.

What’s the matter? You too pussy to make it on your own? You’re such a wimp that you have to go along with what everyone else believes because you can’t take their rejection?

Oh boo hoo. Are you done crying?

A man stands up for what he believes in, come Hell or high water. He believes in the truth, even when it’s infuriating everyone around him. He doesn’t need other people anyway, especially if they’re idiots.

Repeat this to yourself:

These people around me are all total idiots, but I need them!

Doesn’t that sound weak and gay? How can you be proud of yourself if that’s what you believe?

A real man (or real woman) only needs themselves, like Nietzsche’s ubermensch. When you reach this point, you know you’ve risen above the herd.

This is what I want for all of you. Are you man enough (or woman enough) to handle it? If I can do it, so can you. Come on, it’s not so hard.

Doble Twins


Our resident hebephile asked me what I thought of these girls who are famous reality TV stars in some Spanish-speaking country. They’re both 14 years old.

On first looking at her, my brain told me, “Too young!” Of course she’s attractive, and she has the body of a woman, so it looks good to me, but…there’s something wrong. I think when I was a very young man I would have found her a lot more attractive. I’m maybe half as turned on by her as I would be by a grown woman.

I see high school girls all the time and my brain tells me this about a lot of them. There’s something “wrong” with them. They’re “too small,” “too short” I think that is my brain telling me that they’re not fully grown, and indeed many are not. And at my age, a lot of them are childish as Hell, and that’s a huge turnoff.

Of course they’re hot, especially from sophomores up, and they turn me on almost as much as a woman, but at my age, I’m just not interested. They seem “way too young.” My brain says:

It’s too much of a girl.

I was certainly into girls at one period of my life, but that time has passed. Now “girl” is a turnoff. The only thing that gets me off is “woman.”

The other day I was in the coffee shop, and the shop was full of teenagers from the local high school who had gotten out early. I talked a bit to a couple of hotties in front of me, and they told me school had gotten out early. I asked them when a normal school day started and finished and compared it to my memories of when my high school started and finished.

They looked better than just about any of the other girls in the room. I realized that they must be older. I figured they were 17, maybe even 18. They must have been seniors. A friend of theirs came over and I couldn’t stop looking at her. She didn’t like that too much and looked a bit outraged. What can I say? I may be old, but I’m not dead!

Not only did they look older than the rest, but they also acted older than everyone else. So I figured they must be seniors. To me this shows that by senior year of high school, most young folks not only look like adults but they’re also acting pretty damned adult. What is this bullshit that they’re children? Nonsense! That’s a grown-up! I think this means that I’m as turned on by a 17 year old girl as I am by an adult. I’ve also noticed that at age 17 1/2 they’re even more mature and even more like an adult. They sure mature fast when they’re young!

It’s not as if we men can turn off our caveman brains. Sure we have frontal lobes that butt in and say, “Wait a minute dude! She’s not legal!” but that only goes so far and your caveman brain keeps forcing you to look at them.

Bottom line is once a girl starts looking like a woman with that curving body, big ass and tits, every man on Earth wants to fuck them, no exceptions. Our caveman brains look at them and say, “Breed it!” It’s just…you’re not supposed to do it.

The sex fascists can’t seem to figure out that thoughts and actions are two separate things. That’s called magical thinking and it shows how disordered their thinking us. A sex fascist thinks that if you look at a high school girl and think, “I want to fuck that girl!” (a perfectly normal thought), they think that that’s the same as literally having sex with her. And they want to put you in jail for illegal thoughts. You guys wonder why I hate these sex fascist scumbags.

The two seniors were talking with the new girl and a friend and I couldn’t stop looking at them fixing my coffee. They all looked about 17-18 and they were all smoking hot.

Basically they reminded me of when I was in my senior year of high school. They reminded me of some Mexican girls I used to hang out with back then.

These were the unassimilated “lowriders” who were sort of a gang but not really. They fought other gangs but not really, just fistfights. They drove souped up cars. The boys all looked sort of sad most of the time. The girls looked that way too and they wore way too much makeup. This was old-time “Chicano” culture in California.

They only hung out with each other, but for some reason, those girls took a liking to me and befriended me. They didn’t like me in a dating sort of way, more like just friends.

Anyway, I was reminiscing back to senior year in high school days when I was looking at those girls. The one kept giving me outraged looks every time I looked at her, but I was just thinking of the old days. These silly girls don’t understand men at all, do they? Didn’t their parents ever give them the,

This is what men are like! You either accept it or there’s always lesbian separatism


Somehow I think back in my grandparents’ day (they were both born in 1900), we as a society were so much saner about this. Modern day sex fascists were probably pretty much nonexistent back then.

The other day I saw a couple of quite young boys horsing around in the back of the store. At first I thought high school freshmen, but then I thought 8th graders. I was going to ask them whether they were 8th graders, but they took off. You can generally ask teenagers questions like that if you do it right. I ask high school girls what year they are in pretty regularly, and no one seems to care. As a matter of fact, they seem delighted to tell you. Their faces light up with these beaming smiles. But the conversation seems to end there.

I wonder if these young people and the idiot sex fascists realize that when we adults are looking at teenagers, we are not necessarily thinking we want to fuck them. Well, maybe we are sometimes, but that’s not the point, and that’s perfectly normal anyway. Instead we are often just thinking that these teenagers simply remind us of our own youth, and we are reminiscing about own our adolescence way back when. If I could have talked to those boys, I would have told them, “You know, I used to horse around like that myself.”

Instead we just get looks of outrage and I guess the sex fascists want to call the cops on us or ban us from stores. But a lot of the time we are just thinking of the old days. You can’t fuck most high school girls in this state anyway, so there’s nothing to worry about. What’s wrong with looking at teenagers because they remind of us our own teen years? The sex fascists claim it’s a capital offense, but I’m just not seeing it.

A Rightwing Conspiracy Theory: Population Reduction and Human Genocide

So what is the common denominators in Ukraine, Niger, COVID, Maui, New Orleans, Flint, Michigan, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, homelessness, zombie drug, the utter destruction of Europe, and California under Gavin Gruesome and whatever disaster I failed to mention, that exists in your perspective?

The answer is planned and unmitigated slaughter, and stress generation.

The slaughter is for thinning out the human herd. Let’s face it, many of you know this to be a true and a stated goal of the Malthusian Anglo-Saxons.

The stress is a killer from within and from without. Inner stress causes all kinds of disease in the human body and soul. Stress from without causes groups to eliminate each other. Chickens stressed by tight confinements kill each other. How many of us will be shoved in 15 minute cities?

It is all about LIQUIDATING US.

The problem with this theory is that it’s simply not true.

The elites, government, globalists, Jews, or whoever, are not organized or even smart enough to conspire their way out of a paper bag, much less hatch all these plots to stress us out and reduce our population. Obviously a lot of conspiracy theory is true. We have only to look at this Russia/Ukraine  war here to see that the state/media line is often straight up false, and the “conspiracy theory” or “Russian disinformation” is the actual truth.

Population reduction is an old paranoid rightwing conspiracy.

Obviously a lot of conspiracy theory is true. We have only to look at this Russia/Ukraine  war here to see that the state/media line is often straight up false, and the “conspiracy theory” or “Russian disinformation” is the actual truth.

  • Yes, there were conspiracies to kill RFK, JFK, and MLK.
  • Assad never used chemical weapons one time.
  • The M17 jet was shot down by a faction inside Ukraine, and then there was a massive coverup on the part of the West resulting in the framing of some Russian rebels.
  • Ukraine killed those people at Bucha and blew up that drama theater and dam, not Russia.
  • The US blew up the Russian Nordsteam pipelines, not some jokers in a sailboat.

But population reduction? Nope. As a radical environmentalist, I almost wish we had a population reduction agenda, but alas, it is not so .

So what is the common denominators in Ukraine, Niger, COVID, Maui, New Orleans, Flint, Michigan, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, homelessness, zombie drug, the utter destruction of Europe, and California under Gavin Gruesome and whatever disaster I failed to mention, that exists in your perspective?

I think these people are overthinking it. Most of these conspiracies are a result of overthinking things. The events which the conspirators are said to be plotting typically have rather mundane origins.

The reasons that the above are killing people are twofold. It’s simply

  1. Neoliberal capitalism (and its uncaring small government state) and
  2. US imperialism

just doing what they normally do, which is, yeah, kill people.

One by one here, taking apart the theory:

The destruction of Europe is a plot by US imperialism to weaken the EU economy as it is a threat to our economy.

The riots in France were caused by importing lots of cheap labor from the Global South to “do the jobs Frenchmen won’t do.” These Southerners happened to be North African Muslims who have since formed a crime-ridden underclass. They also imported a lot of African Blacks from French Africa with the usual attendant problems from the mass unselected importation of Africans to any Western country – they form a crime-ridden underclass. There may also be some anti-Arab racism going on. None of this is intentional.

Homelessness and the zombie and other awful drugs are just an out of control drug culture which no one in power wants. We’ve taken the harm reduction route because the Drug War was a failure. But now the harm reduction isn’t working either. Nobody seems to know what to do about this problem, and everyone is throwing up their hands. But it’s not intentional.

Homelessness is due to our uncaring small government here in the US. A lot of states would like to deal with it at the local or state level, but there seem to be problems with funding. Once again there are no easy solutions. But I doubt if mass homelessness was planned by anyone. It’s just a byproduct of neoliberal capitalism.

COVID leaked out of of a US bioweapons lab. That’s 100% clear by now. Now, whether the leak was accidental or intentional, I don’t know. I tend to think it was intentional, and it was leaked in China and among high-ranking Iranians. We were obviously trying to kill off our Iranian enemies, and we were trying to ruin the Chinese economy and probably kill a bunch of Chinese people too. But once again, this is just the US trying to kill civilians or government officials in designated enemy states. There’s no desire to massacre humans in general.

Maui was caused by global warming, which is our fault. No one is trying to ruin the planet on purpose. Instead a lot of people are in denial about global warming, but they’re not trying to blow up the planet, they’re just saying it’s not happening. Others would like to do something about this, but solutions, even partial ones, are hard to come by, and  further the planet is addicted to fossil fuels. You know how hard it is for addicts to get off their drugs, even when the drugs are killing them.

It was also caused by Hawaii Power and Gas corporation being a mostly privatized entity run by Black Rock, Vanguard, and the usual neoliberal capitalist thugs. So of course they’re been avoiding doing the necessary maintenance to reduce the likelihood of fires because that cuts into their profits. Of course, in typical neoliberal fashion, the electric company regulators are all in bed with the electric company and folks cycle back and forth between the two.

In addition, there was a failure to sound the alarms. The alarms are intended for tsunamis, and the fear was that if they set them off, everyone would think it was a tsunami and head away from the ocean right smack into the middle of the fire.

The ridiculous and deadly “shelter in place” order given out in the fire was just a screw-up. People don’t know what they are doing in these deadly emergencies, and they tend to panic and get very emotional. Dumb decisions tend to get made because, well, errare humana est plus you throw in the overemotional environment and the general panic which tend to amplify that saying..

No one tried to kill anyone in Maui though.

Are any of these actors simply out to kill people just to reduce the human population? Of course not.

The capitalists just don’t care if you live or die and can’t be bothered to spend the money to save you if you fall. But are they acting trying to kill people, much less kill as many people as possible? I doubt it.

US imperialism simply has agendas which involve a lot of wars, though I’m sure it would be perfectly happy if its enemies capitulated without a fight. US imperialism doesn’t see any benefit in killing humans per se. We do like to kill our enemies though. But most humans are like that.

Extermination and population reduction? Hell no.

Mainly, it’s bad for business. No capitalist supports it. US imperialism is simply the defense of the US rich and corporations who have an interest in endless growth and the endless growing population it entails, so it’s not interested in population reduction either. Also, it would probably see a declining US population as a national security threat, as our influence in the world would wane.

The US Lies Again

New York Slimes: Russia’s military casualties are approaching 300,000, including as many as 120,000 deaths and 170,000 to 180,000 injuries, the newspaper reported. Ukrainian deaths were close to 70,000, with 100,000 to 120,000 wounded, it added.

This is ridiculous. Russia has 300,000, while Ukraine has 200,000. The New York Slimes is a paper of lying snakes, like all major US news outlets. I would call it the (((New York Times))), except I’m not sure how much their pathological lying has to do with their being Jewish so much as it has to do with their being the stenographers and paid whores of the Deep State.

In other words, the Gentile handmaidens of the US Empire lie about as much as the Jewish ones. In geopolitics, non-psychopaths and pathological liars need not apply, and that applies to the journalist stenographers.

Furthermore, they only printed this because the Deep State, the people who really run this country, gave them the go-ahead.

In other words, the CIA or the State Department gave the New York Slimes permission to run this piece, possibly by releasing the figures themselves. The US media are nothing but handmaidens of the Deep State or National Security State. They will never do anything that goes against the Deep State in any way, shape, or form.

The people who really run this country are called The Foreign Policy Establishment of the United States. They’re not Jews, or elites, or wokesters, or liberals, or conservatives, or the media, or Hollywood, or any of that. The Foreign Policy Establishment of the United States is the Deep State. Period.

They killed JFK and probably RFK too. There were massive coverups of both assassinations by the handmaidens of the Deep State in the FBI and the local police.

The press is aghast at the 500,000 casualties figure, but in truth, it’s far worse than that.

The first figure is the real figure for people, who, you know, believe in the truth (Westerners need not apply). The second figure is the fake figure from the lying New York Slimes. It’s for, you know, all you suckers and marks out there (in other words, Westerners).



Killed: 400,000 (not 70,000). Reduced by 5.8X. Source: Survey of Ukrainian graveyard expansion.

Wounded: 1.2 million (not 110,000 LOL). Reduced by 11X. Source: 3X the KIA figure.

Permanent losses: 60,000. Source: US media.

Missing: 40,000? (unknown). Source: Scott Ritter.

Total: 1.6 million (not 180,000). Reduced by 8X.


Killed: 35,000 (not 120,000 LOL). Exaggerated by 3.4X. Source: Count of obituary notices by Mediazona.

Wounded: 140,000 (not 175,000, though they did get this one fairly close). Exaggerated by 25%. Source: 4X the KIA figure.

Permanent losses: 8,000? (unknown).

Missing: Few to none? (unknown).

Total: 175,000 (not 290,000) Exaggerated by 66%.

Both sides:

Killed: 435,000 (not 190,000). 44% of actual figure.

Wounded: 1,375,000 (not 285,000). 17% of actual figure.

Permanent losses: 60,000+ (unknown).

Missing: 40,000+? (unknown).

Total losses: 1,770,000 (not 500,000). 29% of actual figure.


Ukrainian losses: 9.5X Russian figure (not .61X LOL). Ratio reduced 16X in Ukraine’s favor.

Ukrainian KIA: 11X Russian figure (not .58X LOL) Ratio reduced 20X in Ukraine’s favor.

Ukrainian WIA: WIA 9X Russian figure (not .63X LOL). Ratio reduced by 14X in Ukraine.

Ukrainian permanent losses: 7.5X Russian figure? (unknown)

Ukrainian missing: 80X Russian figure? (unknown).

Are the Jews Truly an Ingrate Race?

Polar Bear: That’s what people get for going around with Jews. Ingratitude from them all the way from the Far West to the Far East.

The English elite were very much in bed with Jews, and England has nevertheless been treated as far less sacred than Israel has, perhaps less sacred than any European country.

In a way Israel is a lady and Western European countries are whores and treated as such. England’s a reverse Cinderella story. It had everything and now she’s the most mistreated of the lot.

Jews even whine about the English after they gift-wrapped them Israel. In movies they talk about fighting English and Arabs to get their land. Is their history just a lie to make themselves look better? Jews show no meaningful loyalty to their friends and bite the hand the hand that feeds them the hardest.

Why is almost every nationalism in Europe antisemitic?

Even Irish Nationalism seems to blame Jews more than English for running their countries,  banks, etc.

Jews, while impressive in their own right, are at their core parasitic ingrates.

Why are almost all European ethnic nationalists antisemites? It’s a complicated question! The last person to give you a correct answer on that question would be a Jewish person, but I can try my hand as I’m outside of that milieu. I’ll try in another essay.

Yes, the Jews did indeed turn on the British, but they don’t hate them anymore. That was a temporary hatred by way of nationalism. What happened was that the British birthed Jewish nationalism and then appeared to stand in the way of its realization with loaded guns. Anyway a lot of Jews don’t think much of those maniacs who bombed hotels full of British people.

About half of those Jewish militias were Leftist, almost proto-Communist, and the other half were full-bore all-out fascists. It is the descendants of these fascists that have held power in Israel for decades now. Indeed, the father of Jewish fascism, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, author of the classic The Iron Wall, is also the godfather of not only Revisionist Zionism itself (all rightwing Zionism is revisionist Zionism), but he is also the man who birthed the Likud Party. He is their hero and eternal leader, like Mao in the CCP.

So, yes, the Jews turned on their British friends, but maybe for a good reason, and after 1967, they buddied up to them again.

Oftentimes you need to go outside the group to find an accurate critique of them or their predicaments as if you go to the group itself, all you get is a bunch of “We’re dindus!” and “We’re 100% good and they’re 100% evil” BS. This even applies to men and women. Want to know the truth about men? Ask a woman. Want to know the truth about women? Ask a man.

I don’t really like to call Jews parasites because I’m not sure that they are. Last time I checked they were involved in a lot of productive capital with their mitts in every industry out there. I’m not even sure what a “parasitical” entity or nation would even look like!

However, one can make the case that Jews are “parasitical” in terms of economics in that at least in the past a lot of their economic activity was in banking, finance capital, stock market, insurance, and even real estate. None of this BS is productive capital.

It’s pure speculative capital and it’s not an exaggeration to say it’s a gigantic casino in the sky. So it makes sense to call the FIRE economy “parasitical,” I suppose. It’s surely not productive. However, all Gentiles involved in this sector are all “parasitical” too. I’d prefer to avoid the terms same as I’d avoid calling Jews any of the terms below simply because they’ve become contaminated by Nazi use of them:

Germs, viruses (a common one):

These two are foreign bodies that invade our own body and cause an infection that needs to be genocided to leave our body. The virus theory is also tied into the rootlessness of the Jews having no home so they must, virus-like, roam from body to body “infecting” them for a while.

Israel Shamir wrote an article calling Jews a “virus-like people.” That was a pretty bad use of words on his part. He’s also called them “parasites” on the basis of their presence in the FIRE economy above. He likes to play around with ugly antisemitic stereotypes though. The problem is he’s Jewish. What will he do when they come for him? Say I’m one of the good ones so spare me?

Rats, or vermin: Clearly rats and  vermin are things to be exterminated at least on a local level.

All of these words have a pedigree that goes back a mere 150 years to the birth of modern racial antisemitism in the 1870’s in Germany with the onset of Wilhelm Marr’s League of Antisemites (Antisemiten-Liga)*.

I’m not sure if the Arabs calling Israel a “tumor” or a “cancer” applies, but to me, it seems like it’s getting there. What do with a cancer? Poison it, irradiate it, etc.

I’m not sure that Jews bite the hand that feeds all that much or that they are not loyal to their friends, although there is something to the last one. Jews are quite simple, really:

They’re paranoid!

That’s all there is to it. Not to mental disorder levels but surely to levels that are unhealthy, though I suppose it’s in part the paranoia that allowed to them to stay glued together through those long centuries. This is why (see below) they spy on us ridiculously, they have taken over our Homeland Security enterprises to an absurd level, etc. It’s not to fuck us over or due to hatred. It’s because, first, they’re paranoid, and second, like idiots, we let them do it!

Like with the US. Do Jews really bite the US harder than any other? Do they really show no meaningful loyalty to us? They actually do a lot for us too just as we do for them. Read their press some time. They regard us as the best of friends, the lone rock they can count on in a swirling see enemies, homicidal and otherwise. They love us to death!

One more thing? Who the Hell likes Jews, especially those scary monsters in Israel. Practically no one! The Jews are right. In a way, nobody likes them and everybody hates them, although that’s hyperbole. But they surely don’t lack for enemies! That a lot of this can be laid directly on their own desk as a result of their behavior eludes them, but since when does any human see their own role in the persecution by their enemies? Our egos won’t allow us to do that.

In their case it’s worse because in the mind of the Jew, saying, “It was partly our fault,” seems like you are saying that all of the massacres and genocides, especially the doozy of a last one, were for very good reason. In other words, they deserved to get murdered, massacred, and genocided. That’s not what it means of course, but it’s hard to get them to see it that way. Once again, Jews are paranoid! If you want to understand Jews, you must understand this one thing about them: their all-encompassing paranoia.

As Jews often don’t have a heck of a lot of human friends (though of course they have some), similarly, Israel doesn’t have a lot of nations on its side. The US is about the only big country that sides with them. India does too but they’re weak. They have some new Arab friends but the citizens of those countries oppose this friendship. Russia is a bit friendly but not too much. Some of the most rabid antisemites in Eastern Europe don’t like Jews but love Israel. Go figure! Anti-Zionists have been pointing this out forever.

Israel must therefore grasp and hold tight to any powerful friend it can find. Yes you see a lot of panicked articles in  the Israeli press (I read it a lot!) worrying about declining US support for Israel. Mostly it’s the usual Jewish chicken little stuff that they always do, but underneath it is a real fear:

The US is just about the only real friend Israel has, and if they lose us, they are well and truly on their own. Sure they will have their fair weather friends, but they only come out when the sun does. When the clouds move in, they grab an umbrella and run inside and leave Israeli in a downpour with barely an overcoat. The notion that the US-Israel friendship will even decline significantly strikes terror in the heart of every Israeli and many US Jews.

Sure, they penetrated all of our national security institutions to a ridiculous degree. Those guys searching you at airports? Outsourced to an Israeli firm. Homeland Security outsourced all wiretapping and Internet snooping to an Israeli firm. We have sat still while they penetrated us at all with their spies. But then a lot of their “spies” are simply US government officials and Congressmen!

With the Jews, it’s more of a case of “Give us an inch and we’ll take a mile.” Of course they love to use our country in this way but they don’t think we are stupid or hate us for doing this. Instead they love you as you love a gullible friend who gives you access to his bank account and tells you to withdraw as much as you want.

We, the Americans, have enslaved ourselves to these people on the issue of the Middle East and internal National Security. Of course they are related because of this Jewish scammery in US National Security is all because of Israel and not 1% of it is due to anything else.

All of the malign influence of Jews in the US (and I would argue that they do have a malign influence while also having influences that are neutral and positive) is all wrapped up in the shitty little country over there. Otherwise I don’t think Jews have much influence here in the US. Literally all they care about is Israel! They can’t agree on anything else.

This is our fault. We handed the Jews the keys to the castle and told them to let themselves in, take anything they want, and don’t worry, we’ll just grab a tent and pitch it outside and hunt and gather for our food, thank you very much. America is playing the role of a supplicant, self-hating masochist in this dyad. Israel’s just smiling and taking advantage of an idiot but well-meaning friend like a lot of us would.

Yes the Jews bit the Soviet hand that fed them and was kinder to them than any other country, but believe it or not, many Western Jews were pro-Soviet in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Pro-Trotskyism was particularly common. This was easy to find if you lived in, say, New York. And those Jews hated antisemites and certainly didn’t go to bed with them to my knowledge.

The thing that happened here was this little thing called the Cold War. I can’t speak to Jews in the rest of the West but here in the US, 95% of them became the most rabid Cold Warriors. And to a one, they were all liberal Democrats.

I know this because my father was preposterously Judeophilic even though he hated businessmen and greed. He grew up with Jews and some of his best friends were Jewish. My Mom was the same. She even went to school with a bunch of Jews. Thing is I’ve met all of their Jewish friends.

They’re all completely assimilated and one had even pretty much left the Jews. Except you never really leave and he certainly hadn’t. They had all purged the “ugly Jew” antisemitic stereotype from themselves (especially the Jew who left the Jews, a world-famous science fiction writer who lived with me for a bit near the end), with the possible exception that they could be a bit aggressive.

But they were never too aggressive with me. And some of this aggression was simply a demand that I get my shit together, and at that time, I surely had not. I can hardly blame him and Jews are not real nice to the fuckups in their midst, even among their own kind. I went to a forum of the Jewish Defense League and there were lots of poor, failed, and homeless Jews in there ranting away at their people’s contempt for their unfortunate status. “You’re a loser. Get out of here. You’re on your own,” was the message they got.

The JDL are awful people but once again, like Israelis, I respect their honestly. They’re not dindus. They rake their  own kind over the coals! I respect members of any ethnic group with balls like that.

All of these people were liberal Democrats. And I believe they all, like my father, were ferocious Cold Warriors.

Israel went over to the West early on though both sides had supported them at first. Many Jews in Eastern Europe and the USSR ended up turning traitor and spying for the CIA! With this, all of the Western Jews in tandem went anti-Soviet even to the point of sucking up to Nazis, except looking at my father and his Jewish friends, most of them would probably angrily deny that the US was supporting Nazis ever since WW2.

So here, the Jews turning on their friends was simply a matter of US politics and them being creatures of the West first and Jews second.

It is interesting that Israel, where the Jews are far Jewier, is a place where you will find many more Jews who liked the USSR and even praised it to the skies. And here is the only place in the Jewish world where you will find Jews who know who the Ukrainians really are and hate them as genocidal antisemites.

You see, the Jews in Israel are really Jewish. They really understand Jewish history, however much they distort it. In a way, though I hate them, I very much admire them for having a fair and reasonably correct view of their history.

It is also here where you will find Orthodox Jews saying all these bad things happened to us because we sinned and this was God punishing us. That’s gross but I like it better than the Western Jews and their Dindu crap.

Of course in Israel the hardline rightwing Jews are also unbelievably paranoid and this “we are guilty” stuff is all mixed in with nationalistic “We dindu nuffin!,” and yelling “Nazi!” every ten minutes, so it’s complicated. But these same people have the utmost hatred for their own seculars and for the “Israeli Left,” whatever that means anymore.

If you can read Hebrew you should read the Hebrew pages of the Israeli papers. They really go at the Jews! They criticize the Hell out of each other. Those are probably the worst of the Israeli Jews in those sections but I respect anyone with the bravery it takes for that much self-insight  and reality-testing. Lord knows it’s not easy.

Of course Israeli politics is replete with the standard Jewish BS of calling anyone they don’t like a Nazi. Did you know that in Israel, the Right calls the Left Nazis and vice versa? It’s true. They say it so much that you get deaf to the term like the boy who cried wolf.

*Marr married and divorced three Jewish women before he went full-bore antisemite. I always think, chuckling, that this may have motivated his antisemitism. We sympathize, Wilhelm. Those Jewish chicks can be a handful! He also coined the word antisemitism.

He wrote a book towards the end of his life but was not published until 20 years ago when it was published with the help of an Israeli professor (see what I mean how they’re honest?), Testament of An Antisemite. In this book he completely renounced antisemitism and begged complete forgiveness from the Jews. They’ll never give it to him (see above under paranoia), but the Israelis might. There’s a special nuance about their thinking that I really like.

Towards the end of his life he completely renounced antisemitism and said that before his conversion, he had actually been a philosemite (180 degree turns not being rare amongst fanatics). Marr condemned “the beer drinking leaders, the gay ‘Heil’ shouters of modern anti-Semitism” (note: These resemble early Nazis, no?) and crude prejudice against Jewish writers and thinkers.

Get Rid of “Sexual Assault, Rape, Etc.” Descriptions for Crimes That Do Not Involve Those Things

I’m getting sick and tired of this bullshit that the sex fascists are doing of conflating rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, etc. with child molestation and statutory rape. I suppose in the case of child molestation it makes sense, but why on Earth should we call child molestation sexual assault, abuse, or rape? Why not just call it molestation? Doesn’t that describe the crime a lot better?

In many cases, molestation is none of these things. The child consents or even likes it and wishes to continue, so it can’t possibly be rape because you can’t rape a consenting person. You can’t assault or abuse a consenting person either, and fully 50% of women who were molested as girls say

I don’t consider that to be abuse

probably because they went along with it and were either neutral or positive about it.

How on Earth can you abuse someone who is loving the experience and having a blast? Fun, enjoyment, and pleasure are now abuse? How does that even make sense? What on Earth have we turned into? A society or dour nuns and church ladies? Why don’t we just call our sex fascist culture the no-fun-, pleasure-hating-, Puritan-, Victorian-, party pooper-, turd in the punchbowl-, or sex-hating-culture? Because we are all of those things.

So that’s just dumb. Even the people who get molested insist they were not “assaulted” or “abused!” How on Earth can you insist that someone got assaulted or abused when the victim doesn’t even see it that way? It’s ridiculous.

However, the term child molestation is excellent. We always used this term for every instance of adult-child (under 13) sex back in the day when I was growing up. The stupid words “pedophile” and “pedophilia,” which ought to be banned as harmful to the human brain, were rarely or never used. Everyone called a “pedophile” nowadays was just called a “child molester.” All acts of “pedophilia” nowadays were called “child molestation.”

Dipshit American sex fascists nowadays insist that the verb “molestation” just isn’t eeeeeeeeeeevil enough to describe this horrible crime in which fully 50% of the victims insist that they weren’t even harmed. Hence we need to misuse all these other words like rape, assault, pedophilia, and pedophile because they sound so much more eeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil.

This is not thinking. It’s not human cognition. It’s pure  emotional reaction on the level of your flaky cat or dog housepet. You’re on the level of a lower mammal when you are thinking like that. You’re basically subhuman. So we are now a society of subhumans. Congratulations, idiots!

Contrary to modern hysterical sex fascists, back in the day, just about the worst thing you could be called was a child molester. Not one person thought the description wasn’t eeeeeeeeeevil enough. It was considered the worst of worst.

Similarly, the one thing you don’t want to be accused of was child molestation. It was the worst crime on Earth. Not one person thought the description of that crime let the offenders off the hook by not being eeeeeeeeeeeevil enough. But this was back when people were sane and sex fascists hadn’t even been created. Instead we had an antifascist or anti-sex fascist society, and it was very pleasant to live in it.

The thing is I want to know what sex crime some guy went down on. I read about sex crimes all the time, and from the insane sex fascist description of the crime, you can’t possibly tell what the Hell even happened. I just saw a Youtube video recently with some stupid sex fascist cop warning residents of a Denver neighborhood that a “sexually violent offender” had moved into their neighborhood.

I looked up his record and he was a petty criminal all right with a long rap sheet. As best I could tell, he went down on “Sexual Assault of a Child (15-18 Years Old) by Person in a Position of Authority.” The sex fascists have insanely decided that the “child” in this silly crime is a 15-18 year old person. Yeah. The sex fascists say 18 year olds are little kids. How idiotic is that?

This guy apparently had sex with a 15-18 year old girl, possibly when he was working  as a schoolteacher or something of the sort. The weird thing is the female may well have been an 18 year old woman! So let’s say this schoolteacher has completely consensual sex with an 18 year old female student of his and somehow the sex fascists say this is “Sexual Assault of (an 18 year old) Child” and the guy who did it is a “Sexually Violent Offender” who is on the stupid sex fascist Sex Offender list for the rest of his life!

This bullshit is absurd. How on Earth do the sex fascists figure he is a sexually violent offender for having consensual sex with an 18 year old woman? I’m not getting it. That itself is an abuse of language.

The crime is nothing of the sort. Almost every time, this is a thoroughly consensual matter. Now, if you want to call it statutory rape or illegal intercourse, I at least have an idea of what you were talking about. From way the crime was described, I thought this guy was a violent raping maniac.

I’m getting sick and tired of that stupid list too. It’s been proven many times that that list does not reduce sex crimes even one bit. So what purpose is it, for God’s sake? Only two other countries bother to have a Sex Offender list. All the rest of the world thinks it’s retarded and has decided to act like people with a brain and not make one.

If some guy banged an underage teenage girl consensually, I want to know just that when I read about the crime. I want the crime listed as “statutory rape,” or “intercourse with a minor” as it is in some states. When sex fascists call these crimes “rape,” “assault,” and “abuse,” I get very confused. My mind conjures up a violent rape via force or the threat of force with an unwilling girl. That’s a very different offense than consensual statutory rape, but to the sex fascists, they’re all the same!

Also, I want to know if “Sexual Assault of a Child” was of an actual child, in which case it’s child molesting, or if it’s of a fake child, a teenager (teenagers are not children), in which case it’s statutory rape. Don’t you think banging a 17 year old girl is just a slight bit of a different crime as molesting a 7 year old girl child? To my mind, they’re very different, but the sex fascist newspapers throw them all together in one big pile.

But now everything is conflated by the sex fascists:

  • The violent with the nonviolent.
  • The consensual act with the nonconsensual attack.
  • The 17 year old with the 7 year old.

The sex fascist concept is “they’re all the same.”

Anyone with a brain can see that that’s not true.

Sorry, rant of the day is off.

Jews and Their “Russian Pogroms” Bullshit

You’ve heard all about the horrible “Russian pogroms” of Jews, right? Everyone’s heard about them. And guess why Western Jews hate Russians so much? The Jews say, “The Russians pogromed us!”

Guess what? It’s bullshit! Jews are lying again, just like they always do, this race of pathological liars.

Here is the problem. Indeed there were many pogroms in this part of the world. But the Jews get the perpetrators all wrong. They also mix in street fights and ethnic warfare between Jews and other groups as “pogroms.” Riot where one Jew died are called “pogroms.” Disturbances where not even one Jew died but some got hurt are somehow “pogroms.” And all of the pogroms happened against 100% innocent Jews, were perpetrated by 100% evil non-Jews, and occurred supposedly for “no reason.”

This is all bullshit. The problem here is that in this part of the world there were indeed many extremely cruel anti-Jewish riots. Jewish men, women, and children were massacred across the region, not for no reason because nothing happens for no reason but instead for “no good reason.” There were indeed many terrible sad and horrific tragic murders of more or less innocent Jewish people in this period. This is a tragedy!

But you see what the Jews do? They mix in a bunch of non-pogroms that were just ethnic riots with mass fistfights between Jews and others, riots where one Jew died, and riots where Jews were only hurt and not one of them killed – they mix all of these bullshit pogroms in with the real pogroms.

The tragic effect is that non-Jews see Jews like the boy who cried wolf and when the wolf actually comes to town and kills some Jews, everyone yawns and says the boy’s imagining things again. They mix in so many lies and fake crimes in with the unspeakable real crimes that the effect is two dramatically lessen the effect of the horrors and render the listener towards cynical disinterest and even disbelief.

I wish they wouldn’t do this. They’re so hysterical that it really hurts their cause and makes people yawn and bored when Jews talk about real crimes against them. “Here we go again. These liars are probably making stuff up again.” I don’t know why they do this. I think it is because they wish to be eternal victims.

Every group like this massively exaggerates or even imagines many crimes against them and mixes in a ton of bullshit with the real harms that were done to their people. The Jewish drive for forever victimhood causes would be allies to brush them off and tell these annoying people to go away and talk about it to someone else.

It’s Jewish self-harm but then they’re experts at this. I wish they would change but I don’t they ever will. As long as Jews are hyperethnocentric, they’re going to lie like madmen, make stuff up out of whole cloth, exaggerate everything, and never take any responsibility for anything bad that happened to them. Jews are like little boys who are always screaming,

He started it! He hit me back!*

*My mother told me that I actually said this once as a boy. I will definitely take credit for this ingenious and early use of a the defense of projection.

Ok, here’s what happened. There were indeed many pogroms in this region, but almost none of them happened in Russia. They almost all happened in Ukraine! Yep. In almost every single case, it was Ukrainians murdering Jews! Different kinds of Ukrainians, sure. In some cases, Greek Ukrainians, in other cases Russian Ukrainians, and in many cases, Ukrainian Ukrainians, especially in the West.

How do Jews react to this? By falling in love with the Nazi, pre-Nazi, proto-Nazi, and basically ferociously antisemitic Ukrainians! Western Jews just can’t love these Nazi bastards enough!

Why is that? Because Western Jews reserve their worst hatred for people called “Russians” because “the Russians pogromed us.” Not only did it not open, but in fact, the Russians saved their ingrate asses.

With the October Revolution, antisemitism was made into a capital offense! It’s the only country on Earth that had a law like that. Jews lived very well in the USSR. Yes, Russians were and are antisemites, but they had to tone it down during the USSR. There was indeed a period of so-called antisemitism in the USSR. What happened was Jews were 6 times overrepresented for their population at the universities.

The “antisemitism” resulted in them being “only” three times overrepresented! Oh poor babies! Boo hoo! Boo hoo Jews! I

read a quote from a Jewish professor at a Soviet university during this “antisemitic” period. He said that in his huge department of ~300 professors, maybe 3-4 of them were Gentiles. All of the rest, 296-297, were Jews! He said nobody gave two shits about Jews and in the USSR it was considered almost rude to ask someone about their ethnic identity, especially about whether they were Jewish or not. Even if they found out someone was Jewish, most Soviet citizens acted like they could care less!

There were some bad things that happened during this period. There was a fuss about mathematics students and professors at the universities, and the Soviets were limiting the number of Jewish math students and professors. It’s considered now to be an antisemitic policy.

However, today in Russia almost no one supports this policy. I read a long article by a very antisemitic Russian math professor recently. He touched on this period and this quite antisemitic fellow said it was a terrible crime to limit Jewish math students and professors. He felt very bad about it. So you see, in Russia, even a lot of the antisemites are fairly mild.

One more thing is that Jews in Russia came quite late, around 1820, only coming in larger numbers later, possibly fleeing pogroms.

Many Russian Jews assimilated at a high level, especially during the Soviet period. It is not uncommon at all for your average “ethnic Russian” to have some Jewish ancestry. The notorious Prigozhin is half-Jewish. No one cares. The notorious and probably antisemitic Zhirinovsky was probably Jewish himself, except that he hid it. So Russian antisemites are not only fairly mild but many of them are actually Jewish themselves!

In recent years, the KPRF (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) introduced a law condemning the Jewish religion. This law was very antisemitic and I’m sorry that they did that. The KPRF probably has plenty of Jews in its membership. Certainly a lot of Jews were Communist Party members in the USSR.

Putin himself has nothing against Jews at all. In fact, he is a bit of a philosemite. And there is excellent evidence that Putin has some sort of Jewish ancestry, possibly a great grandmother. He even went back and changed her name in the records to a less Jewish-sounding name. This is unfortunate, but Russia is still a rather antisemitic country and perhaps he did not wish to shoulder that burden and have to deal with antisemites targeting him.

The “First Anti-Jewish Pogrom” in Odessa in 1820 Wasn’t Even a Pogrom

The very first actual pogrom took place in Odessa in 1820. The Jews make a big fuss about this. Here is what happened: An Orthodox priest was murdered in Turkey. I think he was even killed by a Jew! Anyway, there were many Greeks in Odessa at that time.

The Greeks brought this Orthodox priest’s body back to Odessa and marched with the body through the streets in a typical funeral march that you see a lot. The idiot Jews in Odessa came out and lined the parade route, disrespecting the dead priest, calling him names, insulting the marchers with epithets, and throwing objects like vegetables and stones.

I call that “trying to get murdered.” Sorry but it just is.

Well, predictably, the Greeks got mad and a “pogrom” occurred, except it wasn’t really a pogrom. The Jews just made that part up for their victim fetish.

What ensued was more like mass street fighting between Greeks and Jews. Yes, Jewish men are not necessarily wimpy and some of them can fight pretty well, at least back in the day. Men are still men, Jewish or not. These fights spread throughout the city. Five Jews were killed and the Jews make a big fuss about the “pogrom where five Jews got murdered.”

Except that’s not what happened. Instead there was just mass street fighting between Greeks and Jews who were trying to get murdered by picking a fight for no good reason. Greeks were also killed and quite a few were injured. Many Jews were also injured. As you can see, this is nothing but an ethnic brawl that the Jews started by picking a fight with some non-Jews!

Anyway, that first pogrom in 1820 is bullshit.

However, many more pogroms, some fake and no doubt quite a few real, occurred throughout Ukraine in the 19th Century. In every single case, it was Ukrainians killing or injuring Jews. Not one pogrom occurred in Russia proper!

I don’t have a lot of information on these pogroms, but some of them are just bullshit. In one pogrom, one Jew got killed. Now perhaps this was unfortunate, but how the Hell is one Jew getting killed a pogrom? That’s bullshit! In other cases, not even one single Jew got killed, but some of them definitely got injured. These events too are called “pogroms.” Look that’s bullshit! If no one died, it’s not a pogrom! I don’t know what it is but no deaths, no pogrom, sorry.

I didn’t read deeply into these pogroms and no doubt many or perhaps most of them were actual pogroms where non-Jews were just picking on Jews and marauding their homes and neighborhoods and killing Jews for no good reason.

Odessa, 1860

I know in Odessa a lot of it had to do with economics. In the 1850’s-1860’s, Jews in Odessa somehow managed to corner the grain trade and formed a Jewish monopoly in grain. They also somehow got monopolies in a number of other industries. All non-Jews were driven out of these industries as the Jews only hired other Jews. Jews also became ubiquitous middleman and if you wanted to buy a home, a horse, or many other things, you had to deal with a  Jewish middleman.

Many non-Jewish businessmen and the non-Jews who worked for them were driven out of their businesses and jobs and were reduced to immiseration. I suppose all’s fair in love, war, and business, but it does seem like these Jews were not exactly trying to win friends and influence people. You can see that this sort of behavior (quite common in many places were large numbers of Jews moved into) might make formerly well-to-do, middle or working class non-Jews reduced to utter immiseration by Jewish takeover of their industries angry, do you not?

Anyway, this is cited as one reason for pogroms during this period. I don’t know what to say. I’m against killing innocent people and all of those Jewish businessmen were innocent as they committed no crimes. However, it definitely looks like the Jews went out of their way to infuriate a Hell of a lot of people. When you piss people off, they might come and try to steal from, hurt, or even kill you. This is a sorry truth about humans.

Jews always say they were completely innocent in every one of these “pogroms” because Jews are the original Dindus.

We dindu nuffin! Dey killed us for no reason!

Blacks ain’t nothing on Jews.

And of course the Jews say the non-Jews are always 100% guilty and they always harmed and killed Jews “for no reason.” LOL I don’t think so. People don’t go around murdering some group of humans for “no reason.” They do kill people for “no good reason,” and that’s why every time I use that phrase, I always write “no good reason” instead of “no reason.”

There’s a reason for everything. That’s one truth I learned about humans. Quit saying this or that happened for no reason. It’s not true. I guarantee it happened for a reason but you just don’t want to admit the reason.

The pogroms definitely took a turn for the worse after 1900, but nevertheless, still it was almost all Ukrainians pogroming the Jews. The first pogrom in Russia happened in 1905. One happened in Belarus a bit later. Between that time and 1917, there were a few pogroms here and there in both places.

The Russian Civil War

When the Civil War started, the Whites and the Greens committed countless pogroms against Jews. I think in 1919 there were 1,000 anti-Jewish pogroms in Ukraine! 20-30,000 Jews died, so the pogroms were actually fairly low level, with perhaps 20-30 Jews dying in each one. But no doubt all or most all of these pogroms were absolute crimes against poor innocent Jewish people, men, women, and children. Once again it was all Ukrainians killing them.

However, during the Civil War, the Whites and Greens (both rightwing anti-Communists) pogromed many Jews inside Russia proper. So this is the first time that Russians actually killed Jews en masse. But the people who did it had the full backing of the West. In fact, most every Western country sent soldiers to fight on the side of these mass murdering antisemite proto-Nazis (which is possibly a good description of them). We supported these Jew-genociding antisemitic armies to the hilt!

A British journalist went to cover the war and he made camp with the Whites, the Royalists. He said they were wildly antisemitic, with most of them believing in elaborate anti-Jewish conspiracy theories that saw the Jews as behind every bad thing in the world.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Keep in mind that these are the people who published the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

This was said to be a true account of a meeting with the world’s top leaders of the Jews in which they plot world domination and control over non-Jews. Many people believe it was a true document but it’s later been shown to be a fake, a forgery. There was no such meeting among any of these men and the statements they made in the book were never uttered. Russia did indeed have an antisemitic Czar around 1880 and I believe it was his secret police who wrote up this fake document, for what purpose I have no idea.

This journalist with the White Army was shocked and appalled by their ferocious antisemitism. Mostly he found it humorous as it was so over the top that it was ridiculous.

Western Jews are Rooting for the Genocidal Antisemites Yet Again, All Because of Their Ridiculous Russophobia

Just like right now, the entire West is flooding the Nazis in Ukraine with the billions of dollars in weapons so they can kill as many Russians as possible. Of course the Western Jews can’t get enough of this, and they love to use their Ukrainian Nazi pals (who have conveniently dropped the antisemitism for now) to slaughter these Russians who these Jews hate so much for no good reason.

In this war, the Red Army, the Communists, were the saviors of the Jews. When the Red Army came to town, all of the Jews in the town would flood out to the Central Square to throw a party and greet them. Many Jews fled to “safe cities” controlled by the Red Army and quite a few Jews volunteered to fight on the side of the Reds.

Western Jews: Hating Their Friends and Loving Their Enemies

How do Western Jews react to this? By hating the Communists, the very people who saved their sorry ingrate asses and created the most pro-Semitic country the world has ever seen!

Get Over It, Bitches*: Yeah, Men Are Turned on By 14 Year Old Girls

Note: Just read through this and read 600 comments and the comments on this post are not what I expected. I’ll write up another post about this post later on today. I’m actually somewhat sympathetic to what they are complaining about because it isn’t exactly normal male sexuality.

Here. From TwoXChromosomes, one of the worst and most viciously man-hating feminist subs on Reddit.

Now, onto the post. I think these men should have been a bit more circumspect about checking out a 14 year old girl. Look at her all you want, but don’t stare. I’m not particularly interested in girls this age anymore, not that I ever meet any girls who can be filed into that age group.

Can we move on now, cunts*?

For God’s sake. This is just the way men are!

If you want the science behind it, fully 83% of normal men are significantly turned on by 14 year old girls in the lab. In other words, almost all normal men are significantly aroused by 14 year old girls. On the other hand, we should consider how aroused they are. Your average normal man is aroused by 14 year old girls, but only 51% as much as they are by mature women. So, yes, almost all men are turned on by those girls, but only half as much as they are towards mature females.

By the way, bitches, in the lab, “mature women” includes 17 year old girls. Yep, men react more strongly to 17 year old girls than to all women age 25+. In other words, in the lab, men cannot tell a 17 year old girl from a young woman. They look exactly alike to men and those girls produce extreme arousal in all normal men.

In addition, there is a group of men called “Undifferentiated” in terms of chronological sexual orientation. People have chronological orientations just like people have other types of sexual orientations. This group includes 23% of all men. The men in this group show extreme arousal to 14 year old girls. They are just as aroused or more aroused (mostly equivalent arousal) by them as they are by grown women.

I’m convinced that chronological sexual orientations are wired up at birth somehow, either in utero or more dubiously in our genes. The chronological sexual orientation of average men who are half as aroused by 14 year old girls as they are by grown women appears to be genetic.

Perhaps it is left over from our hunter-gatherer past where adult men continue to have sex with girls this age as a natural and normal occurrence. Furthermore, up until 75-100 years ago, men marrying 14 year old girls was a trivial thing. Indeed, it was actually quite common! Based on hunter-gatherer lifestyles and the record of nearly all human history up until very recently, it seems clear that moderate but not extreme attraction to 14 year old girls is coded into our genes.

What about the undifferentiated men, 23%? Many of them are turned on by most all females, the under 13 little girls, the 12-14 year old pubertals, the 15-16 year old adolescents, and the mature females 17+ at an extreme level. In other words, most any female other than a very little girl turns them on to an extreme degree.

I’m not sure what’s going on with this 23% of men. I know that pure pedophiles seem to have a developmental disorder like homosexuality created in the womb. More specifically, they appear to be somewhat brain-damaged. It would make sense that true pedophilia (a preference for children under 13) being quite odd and abnormal, would be caused by some form of brain damage.

In addition, a small number of men (3%?) have a hebephilic chronological preference. These men are maximally attracted to girls aged 12-14 or 12-15 and have lesser, little or no interest in older females. And the evidence here shows that hebephiles resemble pedophiles in that they seem to have a developmental disorder created in the womb too. However, they have a significantly milder case of it than the pedophiles do. In other words, hebephiles also show signs of brain damage but they are not nearly as brain damaged as pedophiles.

And the 23% of men who are undifferentiated? I have no idea what’s going on here. Is this genetic? Is it once again created in the womb? I have no idea but the number appears to be steady through time via surveys over several recent decades. If it’s genetic, it’s clearly a leftover from our hunter-gatherer past but the genes for this are not nearly as common as the genes for a preference for matures and only a moderate arousal to pubertals.

I’m not prepared to say that 23% of my brothers are sick, evil scum who need to be put in a woodchipper. I’m not even prepared to say that 23% of men (the undifferentiated) are sexually abnormal. Once large numbers of people start doing something, we stop calling it abnormal because one definition of normal is “common, typical.”

Cunts and bitches applies to feminists and all over the other retarded shrews who think these men are “PEDOPHILES.” Any of you women out there who recognize that this is a natural and normal way for men to think, well, I’m not talking about you!

How Feminism and Other Forms of Identity Politics Literally Make People Crazy

Obviously, almost feminists hate men or at least have significant anger, rage, resentment (perhaps most common), etc. towards men. Also almost all feminists I have met are female supremacists. They are guilty of the same sexism they accuse us of – thinking they are superior to the opposite sex, and they are guilty of the same sex-based hatred that they accuse us of – they basically hate men.

They accuse us of thinking we are superior to women while at the same time, almost all of them think women are superior to men.

They accuse us of hating women while at the same time, they hate us men!

It is in these irrational senses that all identity politics is guilty of both of these forms of irrationality. As we can see, Identity Politics itself is basically irrational. Sure, people need their rights, but most rights-based movements are crazy, rely almost exclusively on lies, false data, mythology, and most important unfalsifiable theory.

Further, all Identity Politics promotes extreme hatred towards the group labeled as the oppressor. At the same time, it promotes strong narcissistic love for the identity they advocate for. If Identity Politics were correct in its analyses, I might even sign on, that is, if they weren’t so full of hate. But IP is simply false! The things they say are just not true! Give me one reason why I should sign to an identity theory that not only says I am an evil oppressor but is based almost exclusively on falsehoods and fake theory.

Furthermore, IP tends to cause psychological deterioration in those who get involved in it. For one thing, there’s a huge decline in happiness, and increase in paranoia, a marked trend towards hostility, snappishness, and pre-emptive self-defense, a serious embrace of a victim identity which is never helpful, and some other things.

And since IP is generally false, once you start believing in your IP theory, you’re now spouting off lies and false theory all the time. So in a sense, you are delusional. IP also has an odd quality about it to where it becomes obsessive, addictive, and all-embracing. A lot of IP people seem like they’re not having fun anymore. They’re too busy being angry to enjoy life.

Obviously these women are projecting, but all IP movements project wildly. In fact, projection seems to be the typical psychological state of any IP movement. As projection can only be based on lies, once again IP people have tumbled into a well of psychological defenses and lies (because defenses are basically lies we tell ourselves).

I work in mental health as a peer counselor, and IP does not strike me as adaptive. It almost behaves like a mental disorder. It surely makes its proponents miserable. And the decline in mental health is causes is palpable.

A Bit about Wolverines

I’ve never seen one either, and I’ve been in the woods and wilds my whole life. On the other hand, I have been hiking in California where they didn’t exist until just a while ago. So I’ve never really hiked much in wolverine country other than a bit in Canada.

You’re never going to see one. They avoid people. It’s a wilderness creature.

However, there is a woman in Alaska who has befriended a wild wolverine who comes around her house. She picks it up, puts it on her shoulders, etc. And in the Yukon they are often seen on the outskirts of towns rummaging in garbage pits.

So the human-hating thing might not be so true.

They were notorious for raiding fur trappers’ lines. They would go down the lines and rip the catches out of the traps, tear them to pieces and eat them. I believe they also destroyed traps somehow! It seems like they hated fur trappers too because they used to raid fur trappers’ cabins when the trappers were not there. They would tear their places to shreds and spray their weasel skunk gland smell all over the place.

Most weasel-like creatures have a sort of a skunk gland at their rear that they can use to spray enemies or I suppose mark territory.

These wolverine motherfuckers are vicious. I have seen videos of caged ones, and as the camera approached the cage, the wolverine lunged at it inside the cage, snarling and showing its fangs. It was scary as Hell! You wouldn’t want to mess with one.

Even a fisher could rip you up good if it got a hold of your face. All animals like that have big and sharp claws.

I have seen dead badgers and you would not believe the claws on those things! They’re massive! They look as big as bear claws, and you don’t want to mess with those bear fuckers either. Even a black bear can kill you dead. Doesn’t happen very often but don’t pick a fight with one if you know what’s good for you.

What Mammals Have You Seen?

I’ve failed to see lots of wild animals when living in or hiking in the woods, especially predators.

Never Seen

Marten: Though one raided the campsite of my father, my brothers and me and stole and ate the fish we caught. It had to be one of them because we were very high up in the mountains in Chilnualna Lakes in Yosemite. Otherwise they are rarely seen.

Fisher: Nope. I’ve hiked in areas where they live too. You’ll never see one of those things.

Wolverine: But then I’ve never hiked in wolverine territory except in Canada.

Moose: I’ve only been in their territory in Canada.

Wolf: Once again, only been in their territory in Canada. Supposedly you never see these either, and if you do, it’s only for max 20 seconds and then it’s gone.

Sierra Nevada red fox: But they’ve only recently been rediscovered.

Sierra Nevada snowshoe hare: Hard to see them.

Dusky-footed woodrat: They’re all around all the time, but for some reason, you never see them.

Otter: They’re not common where I hiked.

Mink: Not common where I hiked either. I don’t think we have many here.

Mountain beaver: You never see these.

Marmot: Not sure if I’ve seen these or not, but I’ve been in their territory a lot. Call this a maybe.

Muskrat: I think I might have seen one in the delta once, but maybe I didn’t. Call it a maybe.

Pocket mouse: They’re very tiny and not often seen at all.

Harvest mouse: You never see these either, but my brother saw a Salt marsh harvest mouse once in SF Bay.

Jumping mouse: You never see these either.

Spotted skunk: For some reason, I’ve never seen one of these!

Mountain lion: I’ve hiked in their territory my whole life, and I haven’t seen one yet. One was seen 1/2 mile away from my house in the mountains though. If you live in the wilds, these things are around all the time, but you never see them! My Mom saw one running across a road in the Sierras and my aunt was the one who saw one near my house.

Yes, Actual Child Sex Trafficking Exists, but It’s Not Common

Look, these kiddie sex rings do exist. It’s more the case that they’re pretty rare as far as crimes go. That and they’ve probably been going on at the same rate they are now (if not more so) since at least the 1970’s. So this awful stuff has existed for 50 years of my life at about the same rate with no sign of any major increase. Horrible crimes exist. Horrible crimes always exist. As long as you are alive, there will be horrible crimes uncovered.

What I don’t understand is why we are making such a huge Goddamned fuss about this right now.

Has the rate of this awful stuff skyrocketed? Has it gone up at all? Even 1%? If so, prove it.

Yes, there’s a ton of child porn out there –  Italian police found hundreds of thousands of sex videos involving 5-12 year old children just last year – but there probably isn’t any more molesting than there ever was, and the explosion in CP is because we now have the Internet, a very convenient way to store and trade this stuff with little risk to the user.

Keep in mind that 3% of men are primary pedophiles. The disorder is a developmental disorder caused in the womb. These men don’t choose this orientation and it’s lifelong and incurable. You can’t catch it like a cold. You can’t turn yourself into a pedophile just because you want to. The rate has been the same probably for the last 50 years. It’s not going up, down, or anywhere.

That’s 3.3 million men in the US alone. I doubt if they’re all using CP, but it’s a good guess that more than a few of them are. So there’s a market out there for this stuff.

These men will exist whether you “normalize” them, “defend” them, or whatever. If you “defend” them there will be 3.3 million of them. If you “oppose” them, there will be 3.3 million of them. What difference does it make?

There was a very famous case out of Belgium called the Dutroux case, and some very high-ranking figures were involved. It makes for some pretty horrifying reading. I’ve also seen some censored photos of some of the kids who they used. The kids are naked but their personal parts and faces are blurred. Even those photos are pretty terrifying. You can go read about it if you want, but I warn you, it makes for some pretty scary reading.

There was another case out of Oklahoma (I forget the name of the case) where dirty, disheveled, and confused little kids were picked up in a park, but the cops were ordered to let them go because “it was an intelligence matter,” in other words, CIA. Apparently the CIA was using these little kids (trafficking them) in brownstones where they were offered to pedophilic prominent politicians who were secretly filmed and then blackmailed by the CIA to go along with US foreign policy objectives else the spooks would release the tapes.

This crazy incident in Oklahoma sounds too insane to be true, but I’ve seen the police reports on the incident and it’s 100% factual. Logically, all attempts to follow up on this mess via the legal system have been shut down (plus ca change…)

Everyone knows that the CIA has been running “brownstone houses” all over the world for decades now. They stock these houses with teenage boys and girls a la the Epstein Mossad blackmail ring and get high-ranking figures to have sex with these minors (typically teenagers).

There are cameras hidden all over these houses (cue Epstein again) and these men are videotaped having sex with underage minors (that means below the age of consent, not under 18 like everyone thinks). These men are then blackmailed by the CIA and ordered to follow US government foreign policy or the CIA will release the tapes. There are rumors that the US has blackmail material on many European politicians  and that’s why they are terrified to go against us.

There are rumors that Mossad did this to top US politicians too. After all, the Epstein ring was a Mossad spy ring. No one ever told you that, did they? It was also CIA because the Mossad and the CIA work hand in hand. I’m sure glad the Jews (Israel) don’t run our country (on Mideast foreign policy) or anything like that!

There were rumors a while back that the Mossad had a video of Bill Clinton having sex with a 13 year old girl and Israel was using it to blackmail him.

These Dutroux people were all definitely pedophiles. At least two of them were prominent physicians. One girl survived and now tells her story on the Net. She said they mostly wanted them as kids and I believe at age 16, they were too old and these girls were simply murdered. A lot of the sex involved sadism and torture.

Actually quite a few kids were rescued. It’s interesting that almost all of these poor kids had developed severe dissassociative disorders, as in multiple personalities, in order to deal with this, let’s call a spade a spade, abuse. So there seems to be some evidence that severe child abuse can indeed cause dissociative disorders such as MPD. There was a big hullabaloo over this case. To this day, hardly anyone has been arrested save the pedo maniacs who were running it.

The investigations kept getting shut down and they cops kept getting threatened with death if they investigated. I think some of the cops may have even been killed. It was said that high-ranking members of society were involved and this is why the investigation went nowhere.

There was a very similar case here in the US called the Franklin Sex Scandal. There are some pretty shocking allegations that came out of this scandal and there were reports that the investigation kept getting stalled because high-ranking members of society were involved. In this case it was mostly or exclusively boys, often teenagers but sometimes younger. The man running it was a Black homosexual.

There was another case out of Australia involving something called “The Family” murders. They arrested a couple of these maniacs, homosexual men again (quelle surprise) of course, sexual sadists, and murderers. One of the most prominent ones had a Dutch surname as I recall. They were picking up teenage boys off the streets, taking them to safe houses, torturing them for days on end, and then dumping their chopped up bodies in fields.

There were continuous allegations that high-ranking figures were involved in this that were never proven, however, the investigation kept running into explained roadblocks. Once again the only people who ever got arrested were the pedo maniacs running the ring. None of the rumored prominent members were ever touched.

So, yes, there is some “child sex trafficking” (the previous video showed that kids from infants to age 12 were being pimped out to men in Georgia, often by their own prostitute mothers!) but it’s not common at all and the vast majority of this is just teenage girls or even very young women whoring just like grown women always do. After all, a teenage girl isn’t a little kid. It’s a young woman, a little woman, a junior woman. It acts a lot more like a woman than a little kid.

Let’s try an experiment.

Ever talked to a 15 year old girl? I did just the other day. Anyway, you know how they act. Now let’s put them five years apart forwards and backwards. Does a 15 year old girl act more like a 10 year old girl (five years back) or a 20 year old woman (five years forwards)? A 20 year old woman by a mile, huh? Yes, they are immature but they are best seen as very immature young adults, junior adults, or little adults.

Rightwingers Pushing a Stupid “Child Sex Trafficking” Movie

I forget what’s it’s called but you can read about it. The people pushing it are rightwing idiots, Trumpist fascists. They are in deep with the Pizzagate BS whereby an elite group of pedophiles (in the US they just so happen to be high ranking members of the Democratic Party) traffic in “children” all over the globe.

They supposed harvest “adrenochrome” from these kids’ adrenal glands and most of them are Satanists. Problem is I’m not aware of any evidence that any of these maniacs ever harvested this “adrenochrome” from any kids’ adrenal glands and I’m not aware of any cases of any humans using this human chemical as some sort of a drug to get high. Anything’s possible but you know, extraordinary claims…etc.

The rightwing psychos who made this movie are all over the Net saying that “Hollywood tried to stop us from making this movie” I guess because Hollywood is the “child sex trafficking hub” of the world or something. I’m not sure how true that is. Anyway this Pizzagate BS has exploded to the point where a vast percentage of Republicans think that “Democrat” is synonymous with “Satanist pedophile.” No, really. I’m not kidding.

The movie is supposedly based on this “child sex trafficking case” down in Colombia that sounds a lot scarier than it really is.

Yes they had kids, boys and girls both, all the way down to age 11. Yes they were kept as prisoners or sex slaves and not allowed to leave. However, if you watch the undercover video of the “kids” at a (cop sting) sex party that was supposed to go down (but got raided by cops before it started), you will notice that almost every girl you can see in that video (though their faces are blurred) more or less looks like a woman or at least an older teenager.

Few if any look like little children. The video explains via weasel words that 54 “kids” between ages 11 and 18 were at the  party. Never mind that an 18 year old isn’t a kid in Colombia or anywhere else, but have no fear, the feminists are working on it, and soon these shrews and hags will make it so 18 year old girls will be little children too!

Anyway, the fine print. I was confused because those girls looked more like women than little girls. Turns out that 25 of the 54 were 18 years old! See, the drew the line up to 18 for a reason – to make it sound scarier and more evil! There are photos of these girls after the place got raided and they all look like very young women or at the very least, older teenagers.

So there’s nothing here but bullshit. Yes, a bunch of very young women, age 18, were apparently kept as sex slaves and trafficked to men. That’s lamentable but it’s nothing like this “little kiddie sex trafficking” bullshit that they’re peddling it as.

The “Child Sex Trafficking” Bullshit


There really isn’t that much of it. Really most of this sex trafficking stuff is just crap. Everything that used to be called “pimping” is now called “sex trafficking” because the pigs thought “pimping” didn’t sound eeeeeeeeeeevil enough so they had to invent a new crime with this BS emotional language. Bullshit, huh? Pimps have always held their women on a short reign and threatened them if they tried to leave. That’s what pimping is all about.

Sex trafficking is really about women who are held as literal sex slaves. Often they are tricked into going to a foreign country on the offer of jobs waitressing, etc. They get there and they are shoved into a brothel and ordered so have sex with men to pay off their debt for amount of money it cost to send them over to the new country. Obviously, it’s lamentable.

But at this point, almost all prostitution is being called “sex trafficking.” Not only that, but the pigs have decided that any man who buys an underage prostitute, knowingly or not, somehow managed to “traffic” her while he was having sex with her. Look, that’s bullshit, ok? I don’t mind a crime called “Buying a Minor Prostitute” or something along those lines, but you’d have to prove that he knew she was underage. As far as pimping out minors goes, there ought to be a crime along the lines of Procuring a Minor for Prostitution. There’s no need for all this bullshit emotional language.

The funny thing is that if you are in, say, New York, any man of any age can have sex with a 17 year old girl. Perfectly legal as 17 is the AOC. However, according to the pigs, if you pay her for the sex, you have now somehow “trafficked” her. What kind of bullshit is that?

Why is paying her worse than not paying her? I agree. Paying women for sex in any way whatsoever is far worse than not paying them and just fucking them for free. And that includes dinners, ladies. I say we extend this to all women. If you screw them for free like they’re meant to be fucked, it’s not a crime, but if you pay them, you’re “trafficking” them. Watch the prostitution rate collapse.

Not only that, but this “sex trafficking” bullshit is a federal crime! The fed pigs put in by some bullshit hysterical federal law that got passed in 2012 that called all minor prostitution “sex trafficking.”

What’s worse is that a lot of these minor prostitutes are in business for themselves or so I am told. Guess what? When these girls have sex with men for money, according to the pigs, they are literally sex trafficking themselves. Bullshit or what?

Matt Gaetz and his buddies were having sex with a group of prostitutes. They practiced due diligence and demanded to see ID’s for all of the women. One had a fake ID and they ended up having sex with her. She was a no-good lousy teeny whore, and she was in business for herself. Not only that but she was screwing half of Florida, men and women both, for free on the side. Hardly a fine upstanding young lady! She was nothing but a whore!

Anyway, this lousy whore used a fake ID to have sex with Gaetz, etc. This means every time those guys had sex with this little whore, according to the pigs, they were “trafficking” her. Dumb, huh? Worse, Gaetz bought her tickets on an airplane once, fully believing she was 18. The plane flew across state lines and now according to the fed pigs, he was violating a fed pig law called the Mann Act which prohibits “bringing a woman across state lines for immoral purposes.” What the Hell kind of bullshit law is that?

This law was actually passed on 1911 to prevent Black men from having sex with White women. It wasn’t illegal but if the Black man brought her across state lines, now he was committing a federal crime! Why on Earth is this crazy racist law still on the books? So anyway, buying this little whore a plane ticket, according to the pigs, somehow Gaetz was “trafficking” her. Bullshit, huh?

Now we get to the “child sex trafficking” which is all the rage now. If they are talking about little kids under age 13 (that’s the definition of a child), then that means talking about trafficking or pimping out little kids for sex, keeping them as sex slaves, moving them around, not letting them leave. I’m sure that this goes on, but it must be pretty rare. Almost all minor prostitutes are teenagers.

So every time you see this BS about “child sex trafficking” realize that this is pretty much bullshit. It’s quite rare. In fact it’s so rare that there’s little point in talking about it. They’re making a great big huge fuss over nothing just to get people all riled up over some ultra-emotional issue.






More Bullshit Teen Sex Charges, This Time for a Cop

Anti-porn activist Donny Pauling.

Looks like he got a lot of hot young pussy, 16 year old girls. And he fucked one of their moms at the same time! This guy is the Man!

On the other hand, he broke the law. He took pictures of the girls (which idiotically is “child porn”) then like a total fool, uploaded the “child porn” to the Internet. He also kept the “child porn” on his phone like a fool.

All of the girls were completely willing to fuck this guy and they all testified to that effect. Doesn’t matter, he’s going down anyway.

I’m thinking that with men and 16 year old girls, the pigs should only do something if the girl complains. If she’s fine with it, they can go to the parents. If they’re fine with it, carry on and keep the damn pigs out of it! This is how they used to do it back in the 1970’s when cops were cops instead of the pigs they are now. If the girl and her parents are ok with it, where on Earth is the Goddamned crime? The “state has an interest.” No it doesn’t!

I would say that the state has an interest in stopping child molesting even if the girl or, Hell, her parents are ok with it, which is the case more often then you think. I’d say that the state, acting in the interests of society, has a right to arrest adults for having sex with little kids because we don’t want this bullshit in our society. It might even be true with 13 and 14 year old girls. Society might have an interest because they’re so young.

But for 15-17 year old girls, the pigs should get involved only if the girl or her folks complain. Actually, even in those cases, they should tell the man to knock it off or else. I think they used to do that back in the day. Don’t touch that girl again or you’re going to get it. Then if he keeps having illegal intercourse with teenage girls, I’d say it’s ok to take him down, but the sentences are ridiculous. The sentence for illegal intercourse with girls that age should be no more than three years in prison. Anything more than that is absurd and insane.

This idiot also screwed up by threatening to post the girl’s nudes online if she went to the cops. That’s not cool. A cop got involved. The girl told this cop that she wanted to seduce Pauling. She seduced him! The cop set them up and watched them have sex while jerking off. Apparently that’s illegal though I’m not sure it should be.

If the girl is fine with it, I’d say leave him alone. But you can’t be jerking off in front of those girls! You might want to keep that in mind. I think you can’t even sex in full view of them if I’m not mistaken. I guess you can walk around naked around minors, even little girls, because there are nudist families who do just that.

Pauling was arrested Dec. 1 by the Sutter County Sheriff on three felony sex charges, including Unlawful Intercourse (Statutory Rape), after a 16-year-old female told law enforcement that Pauling had ongoing sexual contact with her for the past three years.

Ok, this makes sense. Statutory rape crimes should indeed all be rewritten to say Unlawful Intercourse or Illegal Intercourse because that’s exactly what it is. The idea that girl gets raped when she seduces a man for sex and loves the sex she has with him is insane. How on Earth is that possibly rape?

She told detectives Pauling had told her that if she ever told officers about the relationship, she should tell him first so he could kill himself. She also said Pauling told her he wasn’t like other child molesters because he loved her.

LOL. This guy isn’t a child molester! You have to have sex with someone under 13 to be a molester. He was a perfectly normal man engaging in perfectly normal behavior. He’s also manipulative as Hell by threatening to kill himself if the girl turns him in.

Pauling first made inappropriate comments to the first victim about her lips and bottom. The comments turned into sexual acts, and Pauling first had sex with the girl in the summer of 2014. She said he used a condom until he had a vasectomy…

The girl told him that Pauling bought her lingerie — which detectives discovered in his bedroom — and photographed her in erotic and sexualized poses. She said Pauling uploaded the photos to Reddit.com. Deputy District Attorney Anu Chopra submitted 10 photos of the girl into evidence. Some of the photos included the girl posing topless, exposing her bottom, and some included other minors.

LOL inappropriate comments! Oh noes! Those comments were certainly not inappropriate because the girl appreciated them enough to have sex with the man. He was insane to upload “child porn” to the Net. What an idiot.

According to Brokenbrough, the teen told authorities that Donny Pauling had once video-recorded her in the shower, which she only realized after she discovered the hidden device.

You’re not supposed to do that either. Men do that a lot to girls and maybe women. I’m not sure what law they are breaking but it’s uncool to videotape naked people without their knowledge.

He said a mother of a friend of the girl’s once saw a photo of the girl’s crotch on Pauling’s phone.

He’s got the photos on his phone. Idiot.

On Dec. 17, Pauling claimed in a jailhouse interview that Sutter County Sheriff’s Captain Lewis McElfresh Jr. had urged him to have sex with another 16-year-old girl.

That’s probably not against the law. I assume anyone can “urge” anyone to do just about anything except kill themselves. You can’t go around arresting people for “encouraging” others to break the law. There are laws against it, but they are almost never enforced.

On Dec. 18, the Appeal-Democrat reported, the Sutter County District Attorney pig charged McElfresh with five felonies: two counts of felony child molestation, willful child cruelty, burglary and misdemeanor charges of annoying or molesting a minor and indecent exposure. McElfresh is accused of masturbating while, allegedly, watching a minor being sexually violated by Pauling. McElfresh, is being held with bail set at $5 million.

This is where it gets crazy. Let’s look at these bullshit laws the pigs are charging him with breaking.

Felony Child Molestation: This is bullshit. He jerked off and watched a man have sex with a 16 year old girl. No way on Earth is that “molestation.” Obviously there’s no molestation unless you touch the person. No touching, no molestation. Also men having sex, vicariously or otherwise, with a 16 year old girl isn’t “child molesting.” That’s bullshit! It’s illegal intercourse if it’s anything but here it’s not even that.

Willful Child Cruelty: LOL! How on Earth is it “child cruelty” to watch a 16 year old girl have enthusiastic sex with a man while you jerk off? It is cruel to the girl somehow to jerk off while she’s getting fucked? This is idiocy. I can’t believe the pigs charged him with this.

Burglary: These pigs are insane. Is there something we haven’t been told here? How is it “burglary” to accompany a man and a 16 year old girl into a home and watch them have sex while jerking off? Ridiculous.

Misdemeanor Charges of Annoying or Molesting a Minor: This is a fake pig crime if there ever was one. Number one, it’s vague! All vague laws are unconstitutional, period. You have to know when you are breaking the law and when you are not, otherwise there’s no way to obey the laws! This is California’s bullshit pig “grooming” law.

Well you can’t groom a teenage girl or a woman for that matter. You can only groom a little child.

Does anyone know what “grooming a minor” constitutes? Nope! It means whatever the pigs want it to mean! I assume you could be walking down the street, see a 15 year old girl, and smile, wink, and say “Hello” to her and that’s probably “grooming.”

A man talked to two 15 year old girls in a pet store, and the pigs arrested him on this bullshit law. God knows what they talked about. Last time I checked, talking is legal. You can pretty much talk to anyone about anything really with a few notable exceptions. When we start making “having a conversation with another human” illegal, we’ve really crossed the line.

Indecent Exposure: This is the one that might make sense. But how do you know when you are breaking this law? If you have a nudist household where the adults walk around naked in front of the kids all the time, are they guilty of indecent exposure?

You can go to a nude beach, get naked and look at nude humans of all ages. This isn’t indecent exposure. Why isn’t it? I guess they’re arguing that you can’t be whipping your hard cock out in front of 16 year old girls and jerk off in front of her. That’s indecent exposure. I suppose that’s a reasonable offense for this matter.

Bail was set at $5 million: Ridiculous. For consensual jerking off in front of a 16 year old girl (perfectly legal in most of the world), the pigs set the bail at $5 million? Get out of here! See the Criminal Injustice System has gone nuts. Bail is way too high, people are ridiculously overcharged with offenses, sentences and fines are preposterously high, and as a consequence, logically the jails and prisons are filled to overcrowding. Set it at $50,000.

The “Kids Can’t Consent to Sex” Bullshit

The idea “kids can’t consent to sex” is bullshit.

First of all, this always referred to child molestation, and it’s true in a sense. Of course little children can consent to sex with adults and often do. They can also enjoy sex with adults and often do. However, we as a society say that small children cannot “legally” consent to sex for various reasons, perhaps that we don’t want adults screwing kids, perhaps that children don’t even understand what sex is so they are naive, and as naifs, they can’t really consent in a rational way.

However, this notion has now been migrated up to teenagers. Apparently all teenagers, male and female, somehow “cannot consent to sex!” That’s faggoty bullshit and all the men pushing this nonsense are a bunch of homo girlymen. No real man says anything that stupid.

Teenage boys somehow cannot consent to sex! That’s bullshit. Of course they can consent to sex, and many teenage boys love to have sex with girls. The male sex drive peaks at ages 16-17, and it seems criminal to deprive boys of their right to sex at the age when they are horniest of all.

Can teenage girls consent to sex? Well, of course they can! They can and do so all the time. A lot of teenage girls are as horny as a woman, and that’s pretty damn horny! The sex drive does not appear to come on slowly in the male or the female. Sure the male drive peaks at age 16, but at 13, it is also very high.

The female sex drive is very hard to measure and seems to peak at ages 33-39, oddly enough. However, teenage girls and young women often have raging, near-uncontrollable sex drives. How can you ridiculously say they can’t consent to sex? Most of them understand what sex is if they’ve had a proper sex education. Also, if you have a sex drive, you usually figure out about sex.

Certainly teenage minors below the AOC can consent to sex with other teenage minors! Doesn’t that seem reasonable? How on Earth can you throw teenagers in jail for having sex with each other? Sex between teens is often legal or at least not prosecuted much.

But how is that a teenager can consent to sex with someone their age but somehow cannot consent to sex with an older person? That’s bullshit and it’s crazy in terms of logic. It literally makes no sense at all.

The truth is that society doesn’t like older men having sex with young teenage girls. They think the men are taking advantage of the girls, and they want to protect the girls. I don’t agree but it’s fine for society to have this attitude and to code it into laws. A lot of people also think that older men having sex with young teenage girls is morally wrong. I disagree but I respect that opinion. Society has a right to its morals about this matter, and it’s all right for society to encode its morals into laws.

But “teenagers can’t consent to sex?” LOL that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! It’s also a very disturbing philosophy to have towards teenagers, who of course deserve full human rights, including the right to have sex either with themselves or with other minors or with adults if it’s legal.

Got Involved with an Extremely Perverted Woman Recently

I got involved with a really perverted woman recently. She was 29 years old and she had a severe older man fetish. She got involved at age 16 with an older man in his 60’s. It was all perfectly legal as the AOC was 16 in that state. She wanted me to come live with her and the girls but didn’t want to, and also she was fat, and I’m not into fatties.

When I first talked to her on the Net, she talked about her two young daughters, nine and 13, who were outside sunbathing. She referred to them as “a couple of tarts.” That seemed pretty weird to be sexualizing her young daughters that way, but you would be amazed at how many perverted women are into quasi-child molestation. They usually have a thousand kinks and this is just one more perverted kink for them.

This woman had been filmed in a gangbang with five men.

The had been double penetrated quite a few times.

She wanted me to fuck her ass just as much as her pussy because she was an anal sex freak. I’m really dubious about that sex act unless they clean themselves out first and this woman refused to clean herself out, so I wasn’t into it.

She was into all sorts of insane perverted stuff.

She wanted me to piss all over her and even piss in her mouth so she could drink it. She referred to herself as a “human toilet.” She wanted me to piss in her ass and in her pussy, which I think it really weird.

She was as submissive as they come, a total filthy slut (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) She was also bisexual and had had sex with women a couple of times, mostly to turn on guys. But she was basically a straight woman.

She and her two daughters, nine and 13, walked around the house naked all the time and laid on the bed naked relaxing. I assume that’s all perfectly legal. the mother “gave the girls baths” in the bathtub. However, she told me that she “washed the girls all over.” I have no idea if that’s legal or not. They also routinely showered together. If one was in the shower, usually one more would join them. I’m not going to say if I got in the shower with either of those girls. Is that legal? I have no idea.

You’d walk into the bedroom and she and the 13 year old would be sprawled out on the bed naked. I was definitely over there when they were all walking around naked and I assume that’s legal. Right?

I’m not going to say if I took my clothes off too and participated in their nudist household. For one, I’m not even sure if that’s legal. If you get involved with a woman with a couple of young daughters who has a nudist household, do you get to walk around naked in front of all of them?

I’m not going to say anything else about this except that I didn’t have sex with those girls and I was very careful not to touch them in illegal ways. Of course I touched them, patted them on the back and on the top of the head and even hugged them a few times. I assume that’s perfectly legal.

The mother wanted me to bathe the girls in the bathtub. I’m not going to say if I did that or not, but if I did, I was real careful where I touched them, though their perverted mother instructed me to bathe them “all over.”

I also went to a nude beach with the mother and her daughters. That’s certainly legal.

The mother said she wanted me to “break in” the 13 year old, but I said we needed to wait until she was 16, the age of consent in that state. She agreed. WTF. She wants me to “break in” her 16 year old daughter, that is, instruct her in how to have sex? Probably while the mother is watching? LOL it sounds like a dream. That’s like something right out of a porno movie.

Look at the lives we Chads get to live, even in our 60’s! I would have done it too because the AOC in that state was 16. I have no qualms about having sex with a perfectly legal 16 or 17 year old girl, even at my age!