Being Dumb Isn’t the Problem; Being Dangerous Dumb or Dangerously Ignorant Is

I don’t hate lower IQ people. A lot of the people I hate have high IQ’s too. I hate stupid people. Stupid people who don’t think properly. It’s more like ignorance and what I call a “dangerously stupid” attitude. By ignorant I mean it is completely opposed to science and driven more my mass hysteria and emotional societal panics.

Being stupid is one thing. If you are just stupid but you are not dangerously stupid so you might harm me, I don’t hate you 1%. You could have an 85 IQ but if you are smart enough to not get taken in by societal bullshit and intelligent enough to think for yourself and come up with your own answers instead of being a sheep, I love you to death.

An 85 IQ  person need not be an ignorant moron with repulsive and dangerous views. He’s a lot more likely to but that’s not guaranteed. On the other hand, it’s perfectly possible for someone to be high or very high IQ and be dangerously ignorant to where they have attitudes that are dangerous to me and others. A lot of these types are wrapped up in fanatical movements like feminism and SJWism that tend towards wild irrationality or no rationality at all, and contempt for science and logic in favor of emotional reasoning.

It might be hard to connect with you, but IQ’s no reason to hate a man. I guess I should say that what I hate is dangerous ignorance, but ignorance and dangerous, emotion-driven ignorance does tend to be more common as you go down the IQ scale. As you go up the scale, people can shut off their emotions more and see issues in the clear light of pure logic, in which case, they usually arrive at an answer that’s compatible with science and reasonable policy-wise.

Most People Are Simply Incapable of Arguing Fairly or Using Logic in Argumentation

Let me tell you something. Most people don’t believe in fair argumentation. It’s just too male, and humans are too insecure to engage in pure male thinking. Nietzsche was onto this. In fact his strong man was not a fascist but someone strong enough use cold hard logic and live with the results without dissolving in emotional insecurity like a little bitch. In other words, an ubermensch.

So most people argue in a very dirty way. Everyone I argue with takes the black and white position. My guys/my side 100% good, 0% evil. They won’t admit to one bad thing about their side. The other side 100% evil, 0% good. You can say anything good about the other side. If you say 99 bad things about them and one good thing, you have gone over to the enemy.

Sometimes I will praise Trump. Of course I hate him as much as any Trump hater, but now and then, he does the right thing, especially on foreign policy, where he is actually halfway different from the usual bloodthirsty imperialist maniac US president. But whenever I point out that I support some one thing Trump did, my idiot Democrat friends smile and say, “You going to vote for him?” Other times they will positively scream at me, “Don’t praise him! Don’t say anything good about him!”

Well, I hate Trump 98%. A few times he’s right. Because I think he’s right 2% of the  time, that means I’m going to vote for him! Because if you don’t oppose someone 100% (99% is never good enough) that means you support them!

Nice Guys Can’t Get Sex

Yeah, they can’t but they could if they married and better yet married many women. But now we have a society where polygamy is illegal, so the most horny guys who can attract fortification simply have illegal polygamy. However, imagine a society where all men can simply find many wives. Look at all the problems that would solve.

Again, our society hates polygamy because much of its morality flows from Judeo-Christian teaching which is corrupted, not true to its roots. There’s nothing in the Bible saying polygamy is wrong, which implies that Western civilization shouldn’t hold it in contempt.

Where can nice guys find wives? Maybe these types can’t get so-called laid, but they might find it easier to get a wife/wives and if they can’t even do that, beautiful Filipinas, etc. would gladly marry them for money.

Sex in Heaven, Bible Permitted Polygamy?

Much of Christianity has an anti-sex obsession just like it has an obsession with torturing people in Hell eternally. However, have people really examined the Bible to see what it really says?

Everything on earth is analogous to something in Heaven. Heaven neither simply removes nor simply continues earthly things. If we apply this principle to sexual intercourse, we get the conclusion that intercourse on earth is a shadow or symbol of intercourse in Heaven. Could we speculate about what that could be?

It could certainly be spiritual intercourse–and, remember, that includes sexual intercourse because sex is spiritual. This spiritual intercourse would mean something more specific than universal charity. It would be special communion with the sexually complementary; something a man can have only with a woman and a woman only with a man. We are made complete by such union: “It is not good that the man should be alone.”[25] And God does not simply rip up His design for human fulfillment.

The relationship need not be confined to one in Heaven. Monogamy is for Earth. On Earth, our bodies are private.[26] In Heaven, we share each other’s secrets without shame, and voluntarily.[27] In the Communion of Saints, promiscuity of spirit is a virtue.

The relationship may not extend to all persons of the opposite sex, at least not in the same way or degree. If it did extend to all, it would treat each differently simply because each is different-sexually as well as in other ways. I think there must be some special “kindred souls” in Heaven that we are designed to feel a special sexual love for. That would be the Heavenly solution to the earthly riddle of why in the world John falls for Mary, of all people, and not for Jane, and why romantic lovers feel their love is fated, “in the stars”, “made in Heaven”.[28]

The Bible is full of God-approved polygamy. Why might it be a good thing:

Men are Naturally Polygamous

We know that when men are stuck in a traditional western marriage of only one woman, that many times he will cheat behind his wife’s back. To be realistic, most men would cheat on their wife if given the opportunity, if he felt very confident that his wife would never find out. God created men with very intense, natural sexual desires that are very difficult to control, especially with all of these women walking around in very short skirts/shorts and showing much of their breasts.

74% of men say they would have an affair if they knew they would never get caught. Source: Associated Press, Journal of Marital and Family Therapy. Date research was conducted: September 7, 2016. The same study said 57% of men admit to have already committed infidelity in a relationship. But the truth is, the same study said that 74% of men would cheat if they knew they would never be caught, therefore the other 17% are lying. This is confirmed by a study conducted in India, which says that 75% of all men cheat on their wife. Source

Of course, just because 75% of men are having sex with multiple women doesn’t prove that it’s the will of God. But nevertheless, it does prove the natural instinct of men. Most men desire to be with more than one woman. That’s not because of the devil but rather because God created men to have a very powerful sex drive. But most women want to be with only one man. These natural differences were created by God.

Alt Left: Conservatism (Neoliberalism) Tends Towards Fascism Almost as a Mathematical Law of Political Science

Conservatism tends to always dissolve into fascism. Show me anywhere on Earth where conservatism, especially conservative, neoliberal economics has been sustainable? It’s not. If it were sustainable it would not have to go fascist but neoliberalism and its monstrous 3rd World cousin is never sustainable? Why? Because despite conservative lies, neoliberalism is generally shit for the lower 80% of the population. Under neoliberalism, the top 20% get richer, usually a lot richer and the bottom 80% lose money. And this setup never changes.

Neoliberalism always causes a crisis or a crash sooner of later (see the 2008 Crash, caused 100% by neoliberalism). It was in fact a Neoliberal Crash, like most economic crashes. This 2020 Crash in the US has been caused by the Coronavirus, but US neoliberalism has made it so much worse.

Furthermore, since neoliberalism is without fail horrible for the bottom 80% of the population by its nature, it always engenders a Left backlash.

Except in places that have already had some sort of a revolution and social contract has been reached, neoliberalism will often put up a huge fight against any threat from the Left at all. The less the regime tolerates the Left, the more radical and extreme the Left gets because extreme conservatism tends to cause extreme Leftism via a law of nature, sort of like a scale that must be balanced or better yet, the Balance of Nature itself.

Pretty soon you’ve got Latin America or even Southern Europe, where the Left is socialist or Communist and the Right is fascist, with little in between. This tends to be the case especially in Catholic countries because Catholic countries tend towards collectivism and tend to despise individualism, which is itself only a product of Protestantism. See Weber on that. He’s immaculate.

In  a collectivist society, all political movements are collectivist. Left collectivism is always socialism or Communism. Right collectivism is always fascism. So in these Catholic societies you tend to end up with Socialists/Communists versus Fascists, in other words, a chronically violent tinderbox in which both Left and Right will tend to get more authoritarian because that’s the only option left to you in a place like that.

Democracy’s not sustainable in an environment like that. In a place like that, democracy just means a lot of unrest, often violent, and eventually the overthrow, violent or otherwise, of your government, lawfully elected or not. Most governments don’t want to get violently overthrown, so in order not to do so, they have to become less democratic.

Fascism is properly seen as a rightwing revolutionary movement of capitalism that rises due to a threat from the Left. Fascism is a palingenetic popular dictatorship against the Left. Therefore, there cannot be any Left fascism. If it’s on the Left, it’s not fascism. Period. And fascism, being a popular dictatorship against the Left, is necessarily not particularly socialist or great for workers. Why would it be? Why would a popular dictatorship against the Left institute leftwing policies?

Game/PUA: For the 800th Time, Why Women Hate Nice Guys and Love Abusive Assholes Who Treat Them Like Shit

As I mentioned previously, I’m a nice guy, and really there’s no reason on Earth I should have gotten laid even one time in my life, but nice guys never get laid, anyone knows that. Why? Because women refuse to fuck them. Why? Because women prefer extroverted Alpha assholes and pieces of shit who abuse the living Hell out of them to nice guys. Why? Because they find nice guys boring and wimpy. They think they’re pussies.

On a more fundamental level, it is absolutely essential that you dominate your woman. Female sexuality is such so that if you’re not dominating her, she won’t be turned on. You have to dominate her in order to turn her on at all. That’s why putting women on a pedestal, simping, etc. doesn’t work.

Women have 10,000 lies about why they don’t like nice guys and prefer assholes. The biggest lie of all is that most women say that’s just not true. So they deny it out the starting gate. Obviously we’re not getting anywhere here. After they deny it exists, they say why they do this. You see the fundamental flaw with this argument. As with so many female arguments, it contradicts itself laughable almost before it even starts, so we don’t even get to hypothesis. We are stuck with tautologies and unfalsifiable arguments, which makes up most of women’s thinking.

Ok, now that they get honest, they say that they hate nice guys because most of them are not even nice. Well, that’s obviously a huge lie, although it’s true of Nice Guy (TM) types. So they’re not nice. They’re really assholes in disguise. Except that women actually preferentially select assholes and no even that but they prefer the biggest assholes of all when they do so. Who are far worse than your average nice guy, I might add.

Next argument is entitlement. I get very tired of this argument. If women had to live like men, they’d blow their brains out in a year. There’s no way they could handle this. They’re too pampered. Male life is so awful that women wouldn’t be able to take it. They’d break down, flip out, go neurotic, suicide out, who knows? It’s women who are entitled. Entitled every single day from the day they are born. Women are addicted to entitlement because it’s all they’ve ever known. Take it away from them and  they’re gone.

Of course men are not entitled to sex. Everyone knows that. But women think that every man on Earth out to be perfectly happy or better yet ecstatic about the possibility that he might live his entire life without ever having sex.

Women to a one insist that this is no big deal and that every man ought to just prepare himself for this possibility and be ok with it. Well, most men are not going to be very happy about that to say the least.  A certain number of them are going to go ER (go Elliot Rodger). That’s terrible, but that’s just the way it is. If you deny men sex, a certain number of them will flip and go on massacre sprees. Incels in China have been doing this for some time now.

Women can bitch till the cows come home, but this is simply a law of nature. It’s the natural, normal, expected reaction when huge numbers of men are denied sex for much of their lives. Yeah, no one’s entitled to anything. But you women are therefore not entitled to live a life free of the fear of being massacred by maniacs that you created by the policies that you set up. Fair is fair.

Furthermore, ha ha. Alphas aren’t entitled? Players aren’t entitled?  Macho guys aren’t entitled? Don’t make me laugh.

The guys who have sex with the most women are the most entitled assholes of all. They commit 50 times more sexual harassment than nice guys. They are 50 times rapier than nice guys. But women don’t really mind because behavioral or better yet statistical Alphas get to be about as rapey and sexual harass-y as they like.

Women don’t mind being raped and harassed by Alphas. They mind it but they never go to the cops. They never try to get them fired. They let Alphas hit on them annoyingly all night long and try every sleazy trick in the book  and women just say, “Tee hee,” and let them get away with it because Alphas get away with everything forever. Until they don’t. But at least they get a nice long run.

Meanwhile the nice guy of behavioral Beta gets in trouble for looking at women. Literally looking at them! He’s not even allowed to look at them! For a woman, a Beta looking at them is exactly as bad as an Alpha date-raping them. It’s literally the same thing.

A Beta gets in trouble and gets fired for mildly flirting with a woman even one time, for asking a woman for her number or out on a date. Meanwhile, Mr. Alpha POS acts 100X worse and he gets away with it forever, drowning in pussy the whole time until life caves in. Even then he’s only out temporarily and you check back in a bit and he’s back on his feet again, doing the same dick moves as ever.

Another one: Nice guys are only being nice to us to try to get into our pants! Yeah and Alphas aren’t? Anyway, most men are only being nice to you to try to get in your pants. If you women didn’t have vaginas, most of us men wouldn’t even give you the time of day.

Yeah. This is the world, ladies. Most men are trying to fuck you. Terrible, isn’t it? Get used to it. It will this way until your looks go and you turn ugly and then you will brag and swoon every time a man flirts with you or checks you out. The same attention that made you suicidally depressed when you were pretty will be sorely missed and painfully missed when your looks are shot.

Also, Alphas are only being nice to you to get into your pants too, and they are much worse about it than nice guys. They do something called the Honeymoon phase. That’s when they don’t just callously pump and dump you by showering you with love until you give it up and then dumping you out with the trash afterwards.

If they bother to try to have a relationship with you, you get the Honeymoon phase, typical of all Cluster B scums. They shower you with love and devotion as part of a scam to wind their way into your heart. It’s all completely calculated in the most cold-blooded way. And then once they are in and have you nice and trapped and cut you off from all your friends and support and have no where to go and are at his mercy for a place to stay, the abuse begins. And gradually gets worse.

Because all Cluster B’s can do is abuse people, especially in sexual relationships. They literally cannot be any other way. Relationship = abuse for Cluster B’s. That’s how they play it.

Would You Like to Have 20 IQ Points Fewer or More?

Do you sometimes wish you had 20 fewer Iq points? So you can relate to people better. Or 20 points higher? But you may think 95% of people are dumb and end up like Ted Kaczynski.

20 points higher would be very interesting. I love my brain, I love thinking. I’m in love with my brain. We’ve been carrying on a love affair for a long time now. It’s like the most wonderful toy you ever got to play with. 20 points more seems like a total blast, but no doubt it would alienate me from everyone even more.

At 147, I have a hard time (statistically, anyway) with everyone under 117 IQ, which is 85% of the population. So I’m already alienated from 8-9 out of every time people I deal with on some fundamental level. At 167 I would have a hard time with everyone under 137 IQ (statistically, anyway), which is 99% of the population.

What’s important here is the meaning of alienation. If you asked me if I were alienated from everyone with an IQ below 117, I would say of course not! Don’t be ridiculous.

But maybe that’s not what’s important. Maybe what’s important is that everyone with an IQ below 117 is alienated from me! I just now thought of it that way. Of course there’s no way to test that out without doing a very uncomfortable study that is very hard to do, but if you are asking me intuitively, yes, it does seem to be correct.

People just seem to be weirded out and disconnected from me on a fundamental level. That’s been much more the case as I got older, but maybe it was always the case on some level. It’s hard to describe but it’s like there’s some sort of a massive disconnect on some fundamental level. Like there’s a wall up between other people and me and can’t be breached no matter what. I have no idea what the wall or why it is there or anything about it or or whether it has anything to do with IQ.

Perhaps I’m just a freak, but I think it’s deeper than that. For instance, the smarter the person is, the more fascinated they are by me, the less they think I’m a freak and the more they think I’m an especially desirable and valuable person. They’re not alienated from me at all usually. The smarter someone is, the less of a wall or disconnect there is with them.

This is all boiled down to my intelligence because that’s what smarter people find fascinating. But I probably have other pleasant aspects to my personality too. I’ll never fight with you. I’m the least irritable person you will ever meet. I’m funny and I can be quite warm and loving if you ask me. I am actually very kind and  considerate. I’m the stereotypical nice guy.

I guess there’s more to that list even. The funny thing is most people just see that exterior and they say, “Damn, he’s weird,” and they never look under the hood to see what’s there. They’re just as capable as seeing how smart I am as anyone else is, and I probably ought to blow them away more than people near my level.

But it seems like the more you blow someone away mentally, instead of being fascinated by you, they’re either bored or repelled. The boredom and repulsion increases as IQ goes down. And people at my level who should be less impressed by my brain (because it’s near their level so it’s nothing special) are actually the most fascinated by it.

I have no solution to this conundrum. A theory suggests, however. Perhaps the only people who can appreciate the wonder of people with very high IQ’s – the most intelligent people of all – are other smart or very smart people.

Maybe I could have gone somewhere in life, but more probably I would have ended up like those people in The Outsiders – living alone at 40, no friends, celibate or incel, extremely introverted, job paying minimum wage. That’s the typical endpoint for a man with an IQ over 160.

20 points less would give me 127. I say now that I don’t want that but if I had been that way my whole life, maybe it would have been just fine. Most people I know at that level are happy, and people with 127 IQ statistically do much better than people with 147 IQ.

The Elite Obsession with IQ

They’re obsessed with it because they don’t like the common people. It’s as plain as the nose on Pinnochio. Elites like Ted Turner, etc. are sick creeps, and their narcissism, vanity, and arrogance has pushed them toward wanting a final solution, ultimately.

Much is made about how many Cluster-B psychos there are in White Nationalism, but honestly SJW’s or any other elitists aren’t any different.

Does IQ matter?

I don’t think it means much. Again, this is elites expressing their hate for real people.

The US Has Always Mirrored the Third World

The problem with the Philippines, a place I lived for a time, is that it is full of beggars, and you don’t find that in the US due to the vast safety net.

What is the dark side of a social net? The US is over-medicated, over-obese (no offense to the decently fat), and inhibited toward supporting a family, all leading to family breakdown.

The end scheme of a safety net by the elites is slaughter because they don’t like the common people anyway.

In this case, pick your poison. A place like the Philippines is full of no love from the government, while the US has a government that loves its people, but it’s all a scheme/trap.

The Elites Despise the Common People

I mean elites of any type – Left, Right, etc. In the end, they just want to slaughter them. How is this different from a God promising annihilation, or worse – everlasting torment? I don’t believe in either, preferring a purgatory. It’s more in line with God’s character.

You can despise God, the Bible, whatever, but no doubt, the elites don’t like you. Now they might toy around with you like Jeff Epstein before a Satanic ritual murder, but in the end, you get it!

Blacks Have a Thing for God

They sure do! That’s probably why African-descended areas are plagued with the worst demonic oppression. Haven’t you ever noticed Blacks are either angelic and holy or quite the opposite!

It makes me wonder even if Blacks are chosen people like the Jews. That would explain a lot! I don’t believe that but certainly the Devil wants his teeth in African people.

Again, the Left Radicals Are in a Bubble, Just Like Their Opponents

They’re defacing and tearing down statutes in big cities. Big deal! Would they do that in the rural South? No chance! They’d get mowed down with shotguns! So where’s the bravery? If they’re the tough heroes they think they are, then why not go to where there’s real opposition?

It would be like Klan people picking on everybody locally but not willing to do it in Harlem.

The Birth of a Nation Come to Life

What else is all this rioting and looting? Gun sales are through the roof, and that’s not shocking!

I never liked the original movie because of its Klan anti-miscegenation propaganda. Nonetheless, its portrayal of societal breakdown at the least is dead on. It’s what’s happening now!

Sinister forces have brainwashed lots of people – mostly non-Black – to terrorize our cities with anarchy. My dad’s head would be spinning (he was a Fox News conservative)!

Final Thought

I never dreamed society breakdown would happen like in that movie. It seemed to be U.S. rightwing propaganda. You know, Red Scare stuff. It was a joke. Come on. I didn’t think hippies/college radicals could bring on the stuff Richard Nixon wet-dreamed about. But look at what’s going on now.

Africa and African Descended Areas: Demon Controlled Hell

I don’t want to be self-righteous and racist and say they’re the only places like that. Nonetheless, this provides an understandable reason why African/African-descended areas are full of poverty, violence, and crime.

I’m making generalizations as I can’t say all US Blacks are in a nightmare situation. Many are doing quite well and are normal.

Rap Music

Listening to this as a Christian, one needs the power of exorcism. It’s that evil! With music this evil, is it no wonder demons have an enslaved the African race?

What is it telling Africans and others? Be a ho, a pimp, indulge in outrageous sexuality. Probably that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Christian Africa

Great strides have been done in Africa, but it’s not been enough.  It’s because as mentioned in the Liberation Theology article, either God provides or he doesn’t. If a place is this Hellish, then there’s some disconnect to the Almighty.

Therefore, I take it that a great many Africans are still pagan, or they simply embrace very weak Christian beliefs.

The African-American Church

There are dedicated holy members, but the faith simply hasn’t taken a hold on enough African-Americans to make Stormfront shut up, or even Fox News.

What About IQ?

Either God provides an abundant  living or he doesn’t.

Plenty of Unbelievers Exist in White/East Asian Nations Too, but Those Places Are Fairly Stable

There could be real differences in African IQ, and rest assured, demonic forces exploit them.

Liberation Theology – The Real Story

The Bible does speak of economic oppression, but Liberation Theology throws it into hyper-drive. Seriously, if God truly provided, then wouldn’t prayers, etc. make Liberation Theology unnecessary? Well, either God is lying or he isn’t. He said he would provide our needs.

If a whole Latin American nation truly did pray to God, I’d figure all their problems would be gone. Well, the people might not become rich, but they would be happy and content.

Now as for individuals stuck in a Hellish Third World situation surrounded by many that don’t believe, I think they can be pulled out to something better.

Am I Supporting Capitalism?

Nah, no way. I don’t think the Bible espouses Communism, fascism or  anti-people capitalism, and they all have the high potential for evil.

Anyway, there has been a trend in churches known as Prosperity Theology – endorsed by Joel Osteen and the like – but it’s a heresy because considering The Book of Revelations, there isn’t much a future anyhow.

Alt Left: Conservatives Say That Inequality in Latin America Is Caused by Socialism

Transformer (to Jason): I notice you don’t write about Latin America a lot.

I was hoping for Robert to respond to this article but would like your thoughts. I think the issue of inequality in Latin America is very deep. Conservatives like to blame the left and Communism (think Fidel Castro and the current Venezuela government under Maduro), but the situation is more complex.

Conservatives say inequality is caused by socialism and Communism? See what liars they are? Conservatives are the biggest shmucks. See? They can’t even lie properly. The best liars are at least somewhat believable. Conservatives are like the 13 year old pathological liar. He’s just a kid and you can safely dismiss almost everything he says. Seeing as they are such awful liars, why do so many people fall for their laughable, pitiful lies?

It’s the greed, right? Conservatives sell greed. They say support conservatism if you want to make lots of money or keep all the money you have. Support liberalism is you like being poor and having most of your money taken away and wasted on boondoggles and ne’er do wells, many of them disgusting criminals, and the rest at least repulsively amoral and stupid.

I guess if you are selling greed, stupid humans will believe everything you say. Tell him if he wants to be rich he will realize it’s pitch dark outside when it’s 95 degrees and high noon, and he’ll go outside and insist it’s true. Tell them he can keep all his money if he’ll only acknowledge that the sun comes up in the west and sets in the east, and he’ll swear they knew it along.

The truth is the opposite. The more socialism you have, the greater the economy. Venezuela before the crash was the most equal country in Latin America. Belarus and the Scandinavian countries are some of the most equal countries on Earth, with GINI indexes of 25-30, which is about where any country should be.

I admit that conservatives have their good points about their Latin American capitalism, but saying that Latin American inequality is caused by socialism isn’t one of them.

The more rightwing economics you have down there (or anywhere else in the world, for that matter), the more unequal things get. This is because capitalism is exactly how Marx said it was. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer is the natural, typical, expected, and totally ordinary outcome of any pure capitalist system. You could almost write a Goddamned mathematical law about it. I know you can plot it on a linear chart.

The only countries that split up their wealth in any sort of fair way other than, “Everything for the top 20%, and nothing for anybody else!” are societies that have seasoned and moderated their capitalism with ample helpings of socialism. Capitalism is great for growth and crap and distribution. Social is bad at growth and great at distribution.

I think it’s clear that some sort of mixed economies with private, cooperative, family, and public enterprises work best of all. And the commanding heights of the economy must be ruled by the state. This is one thing the Chinese got right. And incidentally, in Japan and even South Korea, it is much the same. And both of the latter countries model their economies in part on, believe it or not, Nazi Germany. There were a lot of terrible things about the Nazis, but their economy was not one of them.

In such a system, the state owns the commanding heights and has the last say in everything. And both quite-capitalist countries use state economic planning to guide their economy. So it’s not true that a planned economy does not work. When state and private actors work together to guide the economy of the country forward, the results are very good.

I Admit I’m a Misanthrope and It’s One of my Worst Flaws

I’m pretty disgusted by humans. I don’t even really like them. Actually, I hate to admit it but I am a misanthrope. And I hate to say it even more, but the majority at least here in the US deserve every bit of my hatred. I hate them because they are stupid, and stupidity itself is a little bit dangerous by its very nature, so they frighten me.

They’re idiots. I hate idiots. Actually they’re worse than idiots. They’re dangerous idiots, and that’s the worst kind of idiot of all.  So, yeah, I hate most Americans because they are goddamned dangerous idiots who threaten my peace of mind, well-being, reputation, and maybe even ability to earn a living.

If you study people with very high IQ’s around my range and up, you will see that they almost all feel this way.  Worse, as IQ rises, misanthropy seems to rise in tandem just like clockwork.

Above IQ 160, it’s not to find a complete misanthrope. They hate people because they think people are stupid. And to them, most people are stupid.

When you are up here in the stratosphere, every people with average intelligence almost seem literally retarded. It’s disgusting but you feel bad about it for hating them and keep beating yourself up and trying to be nice to them and turn off the misanthropy. Which can  be done.

But when it comes to close friendships or meaningful relationships, about 30 IQ points is the limit. If someone is 30 IQ points above or below you, you will have a very hard time communicating. Some say that meaningful communication is either very difficult or even impossible. Yes, you can become friends, but it will be quite difficult. Leaders who have IQ’s30+ IQ points above those below them are poor leaders. Their underlings don’t listen to them, and rebellions are common.

The best leaders are not geniuses. The best leaders for White people would have an IQ below 130. Above that and you will not be able to connect with  your followers.

Conservatism Is Turning Off the Young

Churches are empty in part because “for some young people, Christianity is associated less with love than with hate,” writes columnist Nicholas Kristof. Their unwillingness to address political issues such as climate change and racism, their stubborn refusal to work with the social justice movement, and their eager acceptance of Trump and his policies have all contributed to the growing unpopularity of Christianity – specifically Evangelical Christianity – among the younger generations, Kristof claims.

I’m distrustful of those sects also. But how can conservatives communicate about why they distrust these sects without rubbing people the wrong way?

Political hypocrisy is certainly a problem, but it’s not the reason young adults are fleeing the church. Kristof and many others on the Left would like to think so because then, finally, the narrative that Christianity is incompatible with conservatism would be true.

Christianity, just like any other religion, is full of hypocrites and blowhards. Some of them are politically liberal; others are politically conservative. Political affiliation in the church isn’t that important. What does matter is genuine faith, theological soundness, and personal ministry. A church that lacks these things will act as a repellent to believers in search of a faith that matters, regardless of whether the pastor is a Republican or Democrat.

For Kristof’s sake, perhaps we should add one little caveat to Jesus’s teaching in Matthew 7:16: “You will know them by their fruits” — not by their voter registration.

What people see via the media does affect their views.  If the media portrays the bad apples over and over, people get the idea that religion is about the bad apples.

Even my conservative father saw hypocrisy in the church when he was young and it seemed to have stayed with him for the rest of his life. Therefore, to his dying day, he preferred drinking a six-pack to religion – LOL.

Rock and Rap Have Been a Major Force in Creating the Cultural Left

As Eminem said, “Where are the parents?” An interesting video series on YouTube called They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll is right on the money about this, other than the fact that they fail to discuss the parent question. They simply blame everything on society but not the church. They don’t blame parents either.

Who can blame dark forces for taking advantage of the enemy’s weakness in a war? That’s just War 101.

I see these people, many of them young, making a raucous in Seattle or other large cities lately, and it shocks me how many of these lives have gone down the toilet. Nonetheless, I realize this didn’t come out of nowhere.

Tons of Cultural Left Drones Were Created Because They Weren’t Given an Alternative

Every action has a counter-reaction. Since churches especially haven’t been on the forefront of portraying a message of sane diversity and acceptance, the Cultural Left has taken over.

There is more to it than that. For instance, if some woman becomes a lesbian because of an alcoholic wife-beating father, that wasn’t the fault of the church directly, but it could have made more of an effort.

Now the Cultural Right anti-government types are in an orgy because things have hit the fan. Nonetheless, they’re still massively arrogant, blind to the fact that conservative institutions have promoted the very alienation causing the Cultural Left.

The pride projected from “the superior,” obviously irritates the Other. How can you communicate a message of sane tolerance without being a jerk about it? Why are the conservatives that way? It’s because they get off on being superior.

The Snowflake Thing

While understandable, it’s mostly a distraction from the fact that arrogant conservatives have failed to promote sane tolerance.

The Obsession with Race in These End Times Is a Joke

Well, we know why BLM exists- it all plays into the globalist depopulation scheme. People on the outside of this are fools to still be engaged in racist obsession because it serves no purpose.  Nonetheless, they probably are probably doing this because they don’t really believe there is an egalitarian genocide in progress and being racist, etc. is fun.



People Screwing and Having Many Babies Is Perfectly Normal

It should motivate the father to work harder. Now, in a minority of trashy guys, there are some who won’t work. That’s despicable. The idea is that the man should go get a blue collar job – something discouraged by the NWO, so they can feed the young-uns.

On the flip-side, what glamorous life have white-collar guys got?  A lot of them haven’t achieved their college dream, and on top of this, they don’t have kids until they’re in their 30s. My brother didn’t even have any until his 40s! Now, he’s no nerd.  He’s just part of the “NWO age”.

Can the Earth handle more people?

They could do some creative things, but the actual plan of the Satanic NWO is simply to kill most of the population – no joke.

Now, they are doing test runs on White and Black Americans via abortion. The next step is the most brutal – targeting the groups eugenicists have always despised.

Why Does the NWO Push Non-White Overpopulation and Homosexuality?

Non-White overpopulation overruns the world, creating the chaos needed for more NWO control, and homosexuality further reduces the population in groups targeted now like White and Black Americans.


Disabled Americans Love the Deep State

They simply aren’t going to challenge it because of all the benefits they’re getting. Not only disabled Americans but also African Americans and others.

I remember getting trashed on this forum full of these autistic types, and I mentioned Alex Jones got banned from YouTube. One commented that it was great that he got banned.

My position was that I just simply felt a healthy distrust of government was normal and often good.

To sum it up, autistics and others lead hum-drum lives of doing one or more of the following: watching movies or TV, playing on cellphones, or making hobby forums. Can they get jobs or are they exaggerating their illness?

If China/UN Global Police Took Over the US

LOL, they could care less just as long as nobody is interrupting their routines that I mentioned above.

The Irony

Types like Bill Gates are eugenicists, and certainly what they see as “worthless eaters” are in the extermination line despite the fact they enthusiastically vote in pro-global candidates.

The Christian God, As Interpreted by Many, Is a Monster

There’s no doubt about it, and it’s no wonder the followers are often self-righteous and cruel, just like who they worship.

They believe in eternal damnation and in the “humane” end of the spectrum, annihilation (Jehovah’s Witnesses and some other denominations). Whose to say those views are correct? It’s all about interpreting words. Millions of Catholics have believed the Pope is a real entity for thousands of years, but suddenly in the Reformation, a huge number of Christians said, “Hey wait, that’s not the correct interpretation.”

Of course, there are some who believe hell is purgatory, and I think that’s more correct and in line with God’s actual character he claims to possess. People go to prison not to be destroyed, not to be tormented eternally for no reason but to be reformed.

Everyone Thinks They Know It All Regarding Bible Interpretation

I don’t really know what to say about this, except I would want to take an overall examination of the Bible in light of God’s supposed loving character.