What about “meh poor whites”?

With such emphasis on starving third world children and Black Lives Matter – what about the pre-fame Axl Rose/Ozzy Osbourne – wallowing in some Indiana trailer? 😆

Well, this “sympathy thing” is often used by white nationalists to paint the “only assholes” as being liberals – not themselves etc..

However, the truth of the matter is that all the poor deserve pity.   However, identity politics has played different groups against each other – making blacks, liberals etc. have no pity for poor whites – assuming they’re supposed to be richer.  But isn’t that racist- against blacks and browns?  Yes, it is – because it’s assuming whites are superior – ironically!

Also, of course, I’ve already mentioned the thing where WNs constantly bring up “meh po white bros” whenever poor blacks, browns are brought up – people they have zero empathy for!

Snob Behavior as a Block to Racial Progress

Something in human nature is inherently snobby. I suppose religious people  (some of them) would claim it’s the “fallen nature”.  Anyway, this snobby-ness IS such a problem – that as recently as the 1950s – it was considered normal – in America – to shun interracial marriage or association.

However, though, it’s this “shunning” which has driven groups into isolation – and they simply cannot function isolated.  However, though, racists are always claiming: “Let them stay among their own kind and they can build their own wonderful civilization.”.  Well, outside of Northeast Asians – frankly – I’ve never seen it!

Well, the commentator EPGAH (a past one who has disappeared) said “Let Lord Darwin take care of the mess.”.   Well, that’s pretty much a recipe for no – or worse change.  I mean, who said we had to operate according to Darwin?  I mean, look at Cuba and how simply removing snooty assholes has made such a difference.  But then again, why did they need Communism to create that?  Well, maybe because the Latin American rich are such snobby bastards that simply will never give an inch!

“A Black a Block, Spread ‘Em Out and Civilize ‘Em!”

Jason Y writes:

Towns full of low class Whites are not ruined, but they’re full of swindler types, thieves. Also, they’re full of drug addiction (pain pills specifically).

But you can live there. But you don’t want to get too close to many of them, and you need security.

Hispanic neighborhoods are much the same. They’re not wrecked at all really, and you can absolutely live there. Maybe you will think they are not much fun, but no man ever died of boredom.

But Hispanic neighborhoods are full of lousy human beings, not all Hispanics. There are some ghetto Blacks there too, and they are pretty lousy. The lousy Hispanics will generally leave you alone, which peace you won’t get in a ruined Black city. As long as you don’t make friends with them, you are ok.

Even the ghetto Blacks act far better in my city than they would in your typical ruined Black hellhole. That is because they don’t have any numbers, so that right there makes them act a lot better for some reason. They are still absolutely ghetto Blacks with all that that implies, but these ghetto Blacks are far better behaved than the ones in Detroit or whatever.

The reason is that when ghetto Blacks are only a small minority, they don’t ruin places and they act a lot better. The Hispanics and Whites here act a lot better than ghetto Blacks, so perhaps being around folks who act better causes these ghetto Blacks to improve their behavior via good examples the way the Talented Tenth used to provide good examples for behavior and hold down the fort in Black neighborhoods of yore.

Also for some other reasons they tend to act better. Perhaps they feel completely outnumbered, so they get a lot less bold and try to constrain their behavior due to fear. Any bad behavior gets their asses called out way more around here than in Baltimore. Whatever the reason, small populations of Blacks of any kind don’t seem to cause a lot of mess. They still cause problems, don’t get me wrong. But they don’t cause mayhem, which is what they do in Newark.

Avram Davidson was a well-known science fiction writer. You can look him up on Wikipedia if you wish. He was a friend of my fathers. He was my friend too. I knew him quite well. He was an Orthodox Jew but I hate to admit that he didn’t like Blacks. Part of it was due to fear. He was terrified of ghetto Blacks especially in his old age, which is a reasonable fear.

He used to say, “A Black a block. Spread em out and civilize em!” It sounds nasty but there’s a decent argument to be made. Arguments are not bad because they have an ugly sound. Ugly noises never hurt anyone, and hurting feelings doesn’t count, snowflakes. Arguments are bad is they produce ugly outcomes. And this argument does not produce an ugly outcome.

I understand that Portugal, 4% Black, did just this, and concentrated on spreading Blacks out and not letting them congregate in huge numbers in any one place, which, upper and upper middle class Black neighborhoods aside, just seems to bring out the worst in Black people. If it works, do it. Who cares about people’s petty feelings? You don’t refuse to engage in a good project because a few babies are going to get their feelings hurt.

And yes, a Black tipping point exists. This is good for a couple of reasons. First it shows that even ghetto Blacks are not horrible per se. They are only bad when they concentrate in large numbers and start dragging each other down like crabs in a barrel. Like all human beings, they imitate other humans for good and for ill, and they are indeed capable of imitating others for good and acting better.

Second, even ghetto Blacks are not genetically doomed to horrific behavior. Even if there is a genetic component to ghetto Blacks’ acting lousy, genes are never the whole story. Environment effects human behavior too, and a better environment improves outcome of even people who may have a genetic tendency to cause problems.

Indeed, in some cases a superenvironment might even completely wipe out a genetic tendency to act bad. This is how we have African tribes of 1 million population where Blacks literally turn into Japanese people, something I always said was impossible. But superenvironments are hard to create.

Back to the tipping point. I looked into it, and it’s 20%. Detroit was fine with a small Black population. I did the research. As long as the Black population of Detroit stayed below 20%, there were few if any noticeable problems, and it was still a decent place to live. I noted that at 20% things started to decline, and the decline accelerated as the Black population increased.

The increase and behavioral decline also drives out Whites and probably better behaved Blacks who might otherwise constrain these people’s bad behavior by example or negative reinforcement. So the decline accelerates.

Not only do people who previously acted pretty good start acting worse and worse, but as the city declines, the better behaved folks of any race start taking off. Of course this makes everything all the worse, as these better behaved folks were holding down the fort so to speak.

Although this Black a Block argument sounds too awful to implement, nations have already done so, and we are already doing so right here in the US.

Under the Obama Administration, liberals at Housing and Urban Development (HUD) employed precisely this argument when they started getting rid of housing projects and instead giving ghetto Black residents vouchers to go anywhere they wanted to. Many took the opportunity to move to better neighborhoods which were often Whiter. Of course this caused a huge backlash because crime did go up in those neighborhoods as ghetto Blacks moved in.

However, a curious thing happened. Those ghetto Blacks who previously lived in projects in concentrations of poorly behaved people indeed started acting better when they were shifted out to White neighborhoods and sprinkled around. They did not act dramatically better but they did act somewhat better. And whatever people say about the crime rate, these ghetto Blacks’ crime rate indeed went down.

So the Cultural Left can scream all they want that A Black a Block is an evil racist theory or project. But the thing is, it’s already being implemented. And the people who are implementing are very liberal and progressive people of various races, including very liberal Black people.

And regardless of its ugly name, the project works. It’s better for ghetto Blacks and it’s better for society as a whole. One wonders why SJW’s would object to a project that improves ghetto Blacks, everyone else, and society but these people are hung up on words and feelings, not results. And that’s called having bad priorities.

One more reason why SJW’s suck.

Black KKKlansman – More Identity Politics Garbage

Whose seen the movie?  Well, no doubt, from a movie POV, it’s a good one.  I mean, Spike Lee makes good movies.  Look at “Do the Right Thing”,

However, though, from a progressive POV – his movies are NOT making progress.  The fact remains that, the more people “talk about racism – the more racism doesn’t go away!”.  In fact, it seems to be a linear distribution.

I mean, come on, no better way to get angry white males on the path – then another “bitchy” Spike Lee movie!

Too Harsh on Poor Whites?

Well, I have been accused of it, even called a Yid – ha ha.  However – the fact remains that a lot of poor whites are simply thieves and swindlers.  But I can’t really blame them.  It’s just a tempting option to the poor – considering they’re pretty much locked out of the richer “white normie world”.

Anyway, I never advocate the harshness on poor whites that the former commenter Trash (now using another name) engaged in.  For one thing, it was massive over-generalization and also – what if you need the help of a poor white – like say, your car breaks down in nowhere?  I mean, even if you hired a normal auto mechanic (normally fairly middle class), they still have the spirit and culture of poor whites.

Anyhow, poor whites are indeed somewhat racist to varying degrees – but it’s not without justification – but that’s not supporting or encouraging it.

Bringing Back a Scary (Racist) Past

Lousy Arguments the Left Uses to Counter “Racist Facts”

Even though, whites are rapidly becoming a minority in the world – it simply doesn’t change the fact – that the past was racist – and it was mean.   And I’m not talking about Care Bear mean  (modern cultural left’s high-end definition), lol – I mean, really mean.  No non-white person wants to go back to the days of Jim Crow, or how about slavery??

So anyhow, @Robert Lindsay listed why he thought he could not “speak the truth about race”.

Well, there’s another reason above why.  O.K. so if blacks, especially, piss in their panties about racism, why are we shocked here?

Childish Autistic Grown-ups

Now, I realize some are into meaningful projects that require massive work.  However, even in those cases, it’s often a “mouse on a treadmill” – as they simply don’t have enough capital to do anything beyond “a hobby website”.

So, anyhow, these autistic people (maybe this could be expanded to other disabled folks) have loads of time for video games and for farting around web development forums.    They have plenty of time, as noted, to develop hobby web projects.

Well, the cultural right – assholes as they are, are probably quick to condemn them as babies, but the attitude isn’t totally without justification, though.

In fact, the disabled do very little toward meaningful progress and some literally play on cell phones and chat with mom all day!

It seems to me to be a case of “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest”.  It’s a bunch of people – not living up to their full potential – trapped in a “disabled ghetto”.

Lousy Arguments the Left Uses to Counter “Racist Facts”

A repost of a previously posted article that is being reposted because it is being linked in a very stupid Cultural Left feminist site run by some cucked male feminist soyboy. This article is said to make me a huge racist even though every single fact I report here is 100% scientific truth. How facts can be racist is beyond me. Maybe someone can explain this to me.

Below is a list of the “racist facts” that I listed in a previous post. But first of all, a look at some great progress. Some good news for once.

Blacks Have Made Much Progress in Ameliorating Black Problems and Discrepancies

Yes, Blacks have closed the achievement gap by 1/3, which shows it was not purely genetic. However, 2/3 of the gap remains. Blacks in the UK have closed the achievement gap completely according to scores on the latest high school achievement tests.

Yes, the Black crime rate can go down and has gone down dramatically in the last 25 years. But that occurred at the same time as the crime rate for everyone dropping dramatically. It’s definitely true that you can have large swings in the Black crime rate. Black violent crime is down 40%. That wouldn’t be the case if it was all down to genes.

Nevertheless, crime reduction becomes an arms race as the White rate declines concurrently with the Black rate so the Black 6X discrepancy remains.

Yes, there are Black societies in Africa with over 1 million members who have homicide rates as low as the Japanese. This shows that a high Black crime and violent crime is not a genetic inevitability. And it shows that genes are not destiny.

An excellent environment which does not occur naturally very often (I call it a superenvironment) can wipe out the entire Black tendency towards crime and violence (which I believe is genetic). The problem is that replicating these “superenvironments” Blacks need to get these problems down to low levels seems to be quite difficult to achieve.

The Black IQ gap has closed significantly among Black children, among whom it has closed by 40%, and in places like Barbados and Bermuda, where it has closed by 50%. Nevertheless a significant gap remains. Blacks have closed the standardized test score gap in high school in the UK. Such scores can be seen as proxies for IQ.

The Black single parent rate was quite low in the 1950’s when 80% of Black children lived with a mother and father. So single parenthood is not a genetic inevitability.

There are wealthy Black areas like Baldwin Hills and Ladera Heights that reportedly have low crime rates. They are the opposite of rundown, slummy, blighted, dangerous Hellholes. Apparently if you get a lot of wealthy Blacks in one place, they can create a well-functioning metropolis.

However, in general, it seems that not a whole lot can be done to ameliorate the Black problems and discrepancies below. This is why most of the people talking about such things resort to extreme solutions such as bringing back Jim Crow and legal discrimination or forming a separate White state.

They advocate such extreme solutions because those are the only real ways to deal with the problems below. The problem here is that the solution is immoral. Immoral solutions are not acceptable no matter the problem.

Now we will look at why there is little point harping on and on about these discrepancies unless you can do something about it. If you don’t have even a partial solution to a problem, why talk about it?

Why Bother Writing about “Racist Facts?”

If there’s no solution, and if writing about this just gets me called racist, makes Blacks and liberals hate me, and stimulates a lot of White racism, why bother to write about this stuff unless I want to use these facts as a stick to beat Black people with? See what I mean? That’s why I don’t bother often to write about these things. I write about them once in a while, but I don’t like to harp on and on about them.

What’s the point? There’s no way to fix them, and all writing about them does is cause a lot of bad vibes, exacerbate hostility and racism in society, and make even more people hate me. Why do it?

Now we will look at the absolutely awful rejoinders that the liberal/Left uses as rejoinders against “racist facts.”

Bad Arguments Used by the Left to Counter “Racist Facts”

Nevertheless, the Left still has no arguments or very poor arguments for all of the facts below. I would like to point out first of all that the Left gets away with calling all of the above facts racist because they say they are lies. So we need to determine if these are lies or not. If they’re not lies, then the facts below are not racist. How can you have racist facts? It’s weird.

Even things like “Black schools tend to perform more poorly,” they will say is a lie because it’s a generalization. They will say, “Lots of Black students do very well in school, so that’s a racist lie!” This argument is a logical fallacy, but never mind. The rest of the allegations, they will just say they are not true.

I will list the previously stated facts below along with the bad arguments that the liberal/Left uses to try to refute them. I would like to point out that all of these liberal/Left rejoinders are very bad arguments. All are illogical or do not even attempt to counter the original statement. And in general, they rely in a huge way on all sorts of logical fallacies.

  •    Black people are less intelligent than Whites as measured accurately by IQ tests. They will say that’s a lie. However, it is simply a 100% fact. It’s not even 1% controversial.
  •     Black people impose considerable costs on society. They will say that’s a lie or White people impose costs on society too, so therefore the statement is a lie. This is factually true. Black people per capita impose much greater costs on society than other races.
  •     Your average Hispanic has an IQ of 90. They will say that’s a lie. But this is a straight up pure scientific fact. There’s no debate about that figure either. It’s accepted across the board.
  •     Blacks commit 6X more crime than Whites. They will either say that’s a lie, or it’s due to poverty (which means it’s still true) or that Whites commit just as much crime except they commit corporate crime. Those are all very bad arguments. First of all it is true. Second of all it’s not due to poverty. West Virginia is the poorest state in the country and it has the second lowest crime rate. The kicker? It’s almost all White. As far as corporate crime, so what? Does it effect you personally? Anyway it goes on constantly no matter who’s in power and there’s no way to reduce it. Since it’s always at the same level, isn’t it a good idea to lower street crime then? Are individuals truly and obviously harmed by corporate crime the same way they are by street crime? I say no. When I am walking in a shady neighborhood at midnight, and there is a guy in a suit and tie walking behind me, I will not start running away because I’m afraid he’s about to violate a health and safety code. Get it?
  •     Blacks are 13% of the population but commit over half the violent crime. They will say that’s a lie, or resort to the poverty non-argument, or talk about Whites and corporate crime, imperialism, or White historical crimes like settler-colonialism or slavery. But it’s true. And White settler-colonialism, slavery, and whatever is all in the past. Imperialism doesn’t affect Americans. Corporate crime is always at high levels, but it doesn’t effect people much at the micro level in a brutal way like Black crime does. Anyway, Blacks commit white collar crime at levels much higher than Whites do anyway, so if corporations were run by Blacks, corporate crime would be vastly worse.
  •     Large cities with high percentages of Black people tend to be slummy, dangerous, rundown, blighted hellholes. They will ask you to define those terms, say there are nice areas in all of those cities, say it is due to discrimination (which means it’s still a fact), or say White cities are slummy too. The terms are obvious. So what if there are nice parts of those towns? Does that obviate the places like look like they just got leveled in a WW2 bombing run? Discrimination doesn’t cause heavily Black cities to turn into slummy, dangerous, rundown, blighted hellholes. You know what causes those cities to be like that? Black people. Black people created those cities in precisely that way of their own free chosen will for whatever reason. There are almost no slummy White cities in the US. Haven’t seen one yet and I’ve been all over.
  •     Blacks tend to be more impulsive than Whites. They will say that’s a lie and demand evidence. Never mind the candy bar test originally done in the Caribbean and redone in the US and elsewhere in the Caribbean now replicated ~15 times. These tests showed conclusively that at least Black children are vastly more impulsive than White children at off the charts rates. And it has to be genetic. Those kids were only six years old.
  •     80% of Black kids are born to a single mother. They will say that’s because of racism or because Whites took all the jobs away. Neither of those things are true. This is true because so many Black men of their own free will refuse to stick around and take care of their kids for whatever reason. I’m not sure why this is but this behavior is also very common in the Caribbean and Africa, so maybe there’s a genetic tendency, no idea.
  •     Many Black men do not stick around and take care of their children. Same thing. Racism makes them do it, or Whites stole all the jobs. Neither of those things are true. Black men do this, it’s a fact, they do it far more than other races, and they do it of their own free will for whatever reason.
  •     Most prison rape is Black on White. Almost none is the other way around. They will say it’s a lie and demand proof. Or they will bring up some weird case of a White raping a Black and say it’s a lie because Whites rape Blacks too. Those are terrible rejoinders. Black men rape White men in prisons all the time. White men almost never rape Black men in prisons. Those are facts. Those Black men in prisons rape those White men of their own free will at insanely disproportionate rates for whatever reasons they have to do that.
  •     Blacks have quite high rates of STD’s. They will say Whites get STD’s too or it’s due to poverty or racism (which means it’s still true). Whites get STD’s at much lower rates than Blacks. Black STD rates have nothing to do with poverty or racism. Who knows what causes it but Blacks are far more promiscuous than Whites on average, so there’s a clue.
  •     Heavily Black schools tend to perform poorly. First they will say it’s not true, then they will say it’s due to poverty and racism. It’s not due to poverty or racism. There is a considerable intelligence gap between Blacks and Whites on average. This average lower intelligence would be expected produce poorly performing schools.
  •     Blacks tend to be poorer than Whites at postponing instant gratification. See the candy bar studies. Liberals reject all of those candy bar studies as flawed even though they have been replicated 15 times. And they were done with little six year old children, so there’s little cultural influence. And many were done in the Caribbean, where there is zero racism against Blacks.
  •     One of the main reasons so many Blacks get shot by police is because they commit so much crime. They will say that Whites commit crime too. Sure, but they don’t commit nearly as much! Unarmed Whites are more likely to get killed by police than unarmed Blacks, so Black Lives Matter is based on a fraud, and obviously the high rates of Black killings by police are simply due to Blacks committing six times as much crime.
  •     Black people tend to be louder than White people. They will say that Whites are loud too and bring up some example of loud White people. Ever taught in a Black school? Ever taught in a White school? Hispanic school? Asian school? Pacific Islander (Filipinos and Samoans) school? I have taught all of those races of students countless times over many years. Blacks are much louder than any of those groups. It’s most horrifically noticeable in primary and junior high, but it can still be heard in 9th grade and even up to 10th grade. 11th and 12th grade Black schools even in the heart of the ghetto are rather subdued because all the bad ones are either dropped out and on the streets, in juvenile hall, or dead.

“Blacks Couldn’t Even Build a Boat to Madagascar”

The title is very misleading. There is a theory put out by White nationalists that Blacks could not even build a boat to get to Madagascar. Yet is appears that they did just that. Very short. Download as pdf for best experience.

Blacks Couldn’t Even Build a Boat to Madagascar

An Analysis of the Difficulty of Learning Various Foreign Languages for English Speakers – Non Indo-European Languages

Another of my massive works. This one is 113 pages. Enjoy. Download as pdf for best experience.

An Analysis of the Difficulty of Learning Various Foreign Languages for English speakers non IE languages

An Analysis of the Difficulty of Learning Various Foreign Languages for English speakers – Indo-European Languages

Another of my major works. This one is 100 pages. Download as pdf to enjoy.

An Analysis of the Difficulty of Learning Various Foreign Languages for English speakers IE languages

A Reworking of Chinese Language Classification

This is a huge work that I have lost track of. Really need some Chinese informants to work on this one some more. I look at this work and get a headache just looking at it. It’s 211 pages. This is one of the most extensive overviews of the Chinese languages ever published in English though, I will say that. Work in progress for ten years now. Download as pdf for best experience.

A Reworking of Chinese Language Classification

Cool, slick people get away with murder!

This is no surprise – as I’ve always known rednecks are creeps, sexual predators – who hide behind funny jokes, alcohol (Well, not in Ted’s case.) and machismo.



Imagine for a moment that Ted Nugent is not widely known as king of the inbred. Imagine, instead, that he is an attorney in Manhattan. Or Bono. Or that, instead of Courtney Love, he was accused of receiving oral sex from a 12-year-old boy. And then recording a song about how he’s really into that. After adopting a 17-year-old so he could have sex with her.

Would governors and congressmen hit the campaign trail with that guy? Would they send their children to his “Kamp for Kids” — and professional snipers? What would they say about almost any other man? They wouldn’t call him a creep or a redneck. They’d call him a pedophile.

Instead, Nugent is embraced as some sort of down-home firebrand. He’s a redneck rock star; sex with kids is just part of the package! Sarah Palin says that if a candidate “is good enough for Ted Nugent, he is good enough for me!” Congressmen invite him to the State of the Union. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is attacked (in a fairly convoluted way) for associating with Ronan Farrow.

O.K, oddly enough, some of Ted’s views – I actually agree with  (against factory farming, anti-gun control)!  Nonetheless, it doesn’t change the fact – he’s a person not held accountable for pedophilia – and to top that off – he’s campaigning to make sure pedophiles get the worst punishment – well, probably, like so many other hypocrite Facebook comedians, – basically – calling for harsh punishment – on himself!

Pro-Gay – A big platform of the Nazis?



Lively and Abrams also take up the subject of Nazism in America and discuss the Boy Scouts. They state that many leaders in the German Nazi regime, including Adolf Hitler himself, were homosexual and that eight of the top ten serial killers in the US were homosexuals.[4][5] They claim that persecution of homosexuals was only directed towards feminine homosexuals.[6] One significant source for The Pink Swastika was Samuel Igra‘s Germany’s National Vice, which Lively refers to as “the 1945 version of The Pink Swastika.”[7]

Well, you have to be plumb blind – to not see the extreme homo-eroticism in Nazi propaganda.  Who are we kidding here?  😆

Some opposing thoughts:

Erik N. Jensen regards the authors’ linkage of homosexuality and Nazism as the recurrence of a “pernicious myth”, originating in 1930s attacks on Nazism by Socialists and Communists and “long since dispelled” by “serious scholarship”.[8] Jensen sees the book as coming about in “the aftermath of an Oregon measure to repeal gay rights“.[8] Dorthe Seifert cites it as a response to increasing awareness of Nazi persecution of homosexuals.[9] Christine L. Mueller argues that the historical record does not support Abrams’ assertions.[10] Bob Moser, writing for the Southern Poverty Law Center, says the book was promoted by anti-gay groups and that historians agree its premise is “utterly false”.[11]

Jonathan Zimmerman, a historian at New York University, wrote that the claim that gay people helped bring Nazism to Germany “is a flat-out lie.”[12] Zimmerman, points out that “Between 1933 and 1945, the Nazis arrested roughly 100,000 men as homosexuals. Most convicted gays were sent to prison; between 5,000 and 15,000 were interned in concentration camps, where they wore pink triangles to signify their supposed crime.”[12] He further notes, “To win their release from the camps, some gays were forced to undergo castration. Others were mutilated or murdered in so-called medical experiments by Nazi doctors, who insisted that homosexuality was a disease that could be ‘cured’.”[12] In addition, “Hitler authorized an edict in 1941 prescribing the death penalty […] for SS and police members found guilty of gay activity.”[12][13]

But could that have been a cover-up?  OK, this sounds like a dumb stereotype – but wasn’t Hitler an artist?


Nature vs Nurture


The Five Laws of Behavioral Genetics

The five laws of behavioral genetics are:

  1. All human behavioral traits are heritable

  2. The effect of being raised in the same family is smaller than the effect of the genes.

  3. A substantial portion of the variation in complex human behavioral traits is not accounted for by the effects of genes or families.

  4. A typical human behavioral trait is associated with very many genetic variants, each of which accounts for a very small percentage of the behavioral variability.All phenotypic relationships are to some degree genetically mediated or confounded.

If so, then why did the fall of the family, starting in the 60s and 70s, destroy black America so much?  This seems like some scheme to say – “Well he’s just a nigger,” 😆



Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street – gay?


What??  😆  Well, I heard Mad Magazine making fun of this in an old issue.  They were saying that the Religious Right believe that.

The puppets, Mr. Saltzman said, are an example of love, meant to help preschoolers through the issues of their young lives. A child going on a first sleepover. A boy in foster care who is sharing a bedroom with another boy. And, yes, a preschooler learning what it means to have gay parents.

“It’s like poetry,” he said. “It’s what you need it to be.”

Well, aside from the gay parents thing – I agree with the above post!  But why is society so perverted now – that people would EVEN THINK Bert and Ernie are gay?

Donald Trump and the NZ Massacre


This reminds me of the Charlottesville thing where he also refused to take a bold anti-racist stance.

Anyway, I feel like Donald is a little willing to show sympathy to Blacks (He was at Mississippi Civil Rights museum.) or Jews, but nobody else. Well, his targets tend to be Latinos and Muslims.

What’s his motive here?  Is he trying to appeal to his base?

Afraid to go to a real gym? – Anti-Bullying Hysteria

Is this hysteria or not.  Well, @Robert Lindsay, the owner of the blog – seems to think bullying weeds out the idiots and sissies etc.  so maybe he would hate the gym franchise I’m about to speak of:


  1. Planet Fitness: The gym for people who don’t really want to get in shape, owned by people who really can’t afford for the members to be there.

  2. A survey of over 20 different Planet Fitness locations in 12 different states revealed that they provide no nutritional guidance. They do however supply candy and pizza.

  3. Planet Fitness seems to promise that health and fitness will ultimately be comfortable and not involve any real effort.

  4. Planet Fitness is a big, purple-colored adult daycare marketed to people afraid to go to an actual gym.

  5. Many Planet Fitness members do want to make progress of course, but the gym’s own rules and operating guidelines seem to dissuade this.

Myself, I’ve seen no hard, pun intended 😆 , evidence of these statements – or at least, I can say it’s an exaggeration.  Well, what the article fails to mention is how gym faggoty – gyms have gotten since the dawn of the “health and fitness” scene – starting with Arnold Shwarzenegger.  I mean, not everybody is into body worship.  Not everybody wants to be gawked at.  Not everybody is interested in looking at some fucking show-off.

Who ever said that being bullied increased motivation?    In fact, I would make the guess that it drives people off, first of all, and 2nd, it makes the work way less productive than otherwise would have been.

OK, I’m not for people being lazy at the gym – or whatever they’re doing!  However, I seriously doubt if most of those goobers would hang around anyway.

So I say that this gym franchise is a revolution in finally saying – “We’ve had enough of alpha male dipshits monopolizing certain industries.” 😆

I’ve also seen the commercials, which try to instill fear into the average person and scare them away from other gyms. According to the TV ads, all non-Planet Fitness gyms are filled with “gymtimidating” meatheads and beautiful women who’ll make you feel bad about yourself by fat shaming you with the mere presence of their perfect bodies.

The problem with this article’s quote – is that the stereotype is true!  Average people are not welcome – and especially not nerds.  The only people welcome are meatheads and biker types.


Nazi = National Socialist?

@Robert Lindsay – the main blog writer, would disagree – but it’s pretty obvious they were one brand of strong socialism.  Of course, even if your left-wing – that’s not necessarily dissing your brand of socialism, though.

OK, well, the Germans pretty much robbed other nations and the Jews – whom they claimed robbed them first – to fund their German Welfare State.  It’s was a pretty good one – cause the Germans stuck strongly with Hitler to very far in the war.

Music is bad compared to the late 90s or earlier.

Yep, no doubt about it!  Well, country/western isn’t so bad nowadays – but I cannot stand new music in more other genres.  What’s the reason?  Is it music downloads taking away the incentive to create?  Is it mixing of genres (ut oh — some racist connotations here!)   What’s the problem?

Well, I’d say it’s due to incentive – but this is a socialist blog, so I have to can that kind of talk.  Well, I don’t think musicians getting fair pay is anti-socialist – but just workers rights.

SNL Terrible?

Saturday Night Live – Down the Tubes

Some say it’s due to the writing being done by the cast – not pros.  Others have claimed it’s due to the cultural left.  Anyway, it cannot be denied – except for certain Trump bashing episodes – that’s it’s horrible.  In fact, having to bash Trump as the only way to get comedy is very pathetic.

However, though, not only SNL bad – but also music is nothing compared to the late 90s.  Aside from country/western – it’s too terrible to listen to.  There’s nothing breathtaking like U2 or Stone Temple Pilots.