Statement on Radical Nationalism

This is the first post on my new site!

We don’t like any kind of radical nationalists, ultranationalists or Far Rightist nationalists here at Robert Lindsay.
We don’t like real German Nazis, Jewish Nazis (Zionists), Indian Nazis (Hindutvas – Indian nationalists), Islamo Nazis (global jihadists), Arab Nazis (Arab nationalists), Serb Nazis (Milosevic Chetniks), Turk Nazis (Kemalists), Croat Nazis (Ustashe Tudjmanists), Italian Nazis (Mussolinist fascists), Spanish Nazis (Francoists), Indonesian Nazis (Suhartoists), Russian Nazis, Sri Lankan Nazis (Sinhalists), Ukrainian Nazis (Banderists), North Italian Nazis (Pandanianists), Romanian Nazis (Iron Cross), Estonian Nazis (Estonian Nationalists) or Chinese Nazis (Chinese nationalists).
Unfortunately, there are also seem to be folks who act like Albanian Nazis (Kosovars), Kurdish Nazis (In the new Kurdish Zone in Iraq, everyone who is not a Kurdish Sunni Muslim has been attacked, overtly discriminated against, jailed or even killed.), etc., but I don’t want to go overboard with this analogy, and I’ve already piled up a Mount Everest of enemies here as it is. The sad cases of the Kosovars and the South Kurdistanis show that emancipatory or progressive nationalism can quickly morph into the Nazi-fascist oppressive nation-building type just as soon as the national revolutionaries grab themselves something looking like a state.
I usually don’t support killing people, but if you’re going to kill anyone, you might as well kill people like this. I can’t put into words the amount of hatred I feel for radical nationalism. It’s completely opposed to everything the Left stands for.
Progressive nationalism should be distinguished from nation-building, national consolidation, integrationist, fascist national chauvinism.
Progressive nationalism, ideally, is about liberation and emancipation. This is why we support separatist movements all over the world. Progressive nationalism supports the emancipation of all cultures, peoples and languages, and their further support and development, if they so wish. This could go so far as cultural and linguistic autonomy to varying degrees. The main point is nations controlling and to one degree or another ruling their own affairs and preserving their cultures and tongues.
Rightwing nationalism refuses to allow for the emancipation and liberation of nations within the state. All nations, tongues and cultures within the state are smashed together into one nation, the nation of the nation-state, assuming they are not destroyed altogether.
I can’t think of anything more anti-progressive than forcing people to be part of your state who want no part of it. In what way can this possibly be construed as a progressive value? It’s almost the same as kidnapping on a personal level. You’re forcing someone to stay in a house or room at gunpoint when they want to leave.
White nationalists in the comments have suggested that I am referring to them in this post.  I am not!
You guys are going to have to think real hard now. Ethnic nationalists are not the same as ultranationalists and national chauvinists who are actually running huge states with vast armies, preaching Greater Whatever, threatening and attacking their neighbors, repressing and killing minorities within the borders of their state, etc.
Now Nazis are another matter, but they don’t have a state either, so at the moment, they are pretty harmless too. All of the characters I have listed above have been killing people for a long time. US Nazis haven’t.
But yeah, I do support killing real Nazis – the kind that model themselves on the German variety – anywhere on Earth they infest. Why? Because they deserve it, because I bet it’s fun, and just because.
Please try to understand the difference between a White nationalist and a Nazi! Not necessarily the same thing, guys. Some White nationalists are Nazis, and others are not. Put on the thinking cap.