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This is my other site on Blogger. It hosts mostly videos, but it has a lot of great posts too.
My old site on Blogger is currently shut down, having been shut down by Blogger about around December 15, 2008. I got too many complaints on Blogger, and Blogger took me down for 4 days, then put me back up with a content screen warning you have to click through about objectionable content. Then they took me down again, and now you can’t get in at all. To this day, we do not know what folks were complaining about.
So I reluctantly decided to move platforms over here to WordPress.
Anyway, if you are looking for my old Blogger posts, you might just check here, who knows what you might find?
If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

29 thoughts on “My Other Site on Blogger”

  1. Hi Scott.
    ATM, I do not have the faintest idea why they have taken down my site, I do not know what is offensive, etc.
    So there is apparently no way for me to clean it up, nor is there any way for me to find out from the Blogger clowns.
    I will try to import most of my old articles.
    Were there any subjects in particular that you were interested in? Anything involving race, WN, etc.?

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      1. Hi there Hindu! That’s MISTER Piece of Shit to you sir!
        And I am going to have to ban you, Gunga Din. Back to Bharat Mata with you. Make sure to put on a Hazmat suit for that dip in the Ganges!

  2. wow – I was shut down by Eric Schmidt, head of Google- think the new era of brown shirts,
    the way to get your blogger back open kinda is to set it on adult content, and then a warning will come up.
    I was shut down for anti obama stuff a week after the faux election.

    1. How do you know Eric Schmidt personally shut you down?
      Sorry to hear about your censorship problem.
      And welcome to the blog! Nice to see your face there too. You look like a mountain man. 🙂

  3. thanks for the welcome!
    I dont know that eric schmidt shut me down personally. its just that he is a friend of Obama and a lot of blogs that critized OBama disappeared on election day about, on or before.
    google censors and bans. thats why I am a wordpress kind of person now and many people are keeping shadow blogs in case they get yanked so they can upload their blog again.

  4. I’m glad that a variety of different mediums for people to engage in free speech exist. I didn’t know until now that there was this free speech issue that WP is doing better.
    I gotta admit though, the subscribability of google’s products is a bit easier, so I will sub your old blog in case I lose this 🙂
    While I do find some of your views a bit extreme and overgeneralizing, instead of overreacting to them and ignoring everything you say, I look past and see you make a lot of good points and criticisms too.

    1. That’s sort of the idea of the blog, to be deliberately extreme and overgeneralizing, mostly just to piss people off. Why? I dunno, because I feel like it I guess. LOL. In a certain sense and on a certain level, this blog is kind of not really serious. It has a tongue in cheek aspect running through a lot of it.

  5. I just wanna air my feelings about the Falcon and the Snowman, that novel made me angry, and wanna smash something like no other thing did. what happened to the CIA fools, the FBI idiots, and the incompetents that allowed Chris to go break out of prison. I think when America shall be destroyed it shall be by the hands of such monolithic incompetents like the security personnels you had during the time of Lee and Boyce.

  6. As a Canadian I say look what we have created in N.America (U.S.A. and Canada fuck Mexico),the most well to do in the whole bloody world!
    This is due to our multi-cultures mixing together and the fact that our natural resources are plentiful. AS FOR PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT “We are the chosen ones” BULSHIT!

  7. Your site is not really shut down. Google just shows a warning, saying users were complaining, and asks if you want to go on. If you agree, it opens the site. Nothing else is required.

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