Major and Minor Research Pieces

Research Pieces


The Major and Minor Races of Mankind. Divides mankind into 4 macro-races, 11 major races and 115 minor races, generally on the sole basis of genetic distance, with only a few exceptions. 83 pages.

Get Small Or Die Explains the development of small and compact humans in the tropics. 7 pages.

The Development of Agriculture in Africa Traces it back to its origins up to 12,000 YBP. Africans may have been the first agriculturalists on Earth. 11 pages.

Black Males and Testosterone: Evolution and Perspectives Africans (Negroids) seem to have specifically evolved high testosterone, aggression and body strength in tandem with agriculture and polygamy. 18 pages.

The Birth of the Caucasian Race Traces the birth of the Caucasians from their movement out of Africa 45,000 YBP to their genesis in Southern Russia 40-45,000 YBP onward. 28 pages.

The Peopling of Indonesia Analysis of the peopling of Indonesia from prehistoric to modern times. 26 pages.

The Peopling of the Philippines Analysis of the peopling of Philippines from prehistoric to modern times. 49 pages.

Update to Races of Man Post 36 pages.

New Cavalli-Sforza Gene Maps 35 pages.

Australoid Genes in Southeast Asians Suggests that modern SE Asians possess few Australoid characteristic, either in skulls or in genes. 28 pages.

Genes and Language Match Well 14 pages.

Are Southeast Asians Australoids? Follow-up to the other post. Modern SE Asians in general are a separate race and cannot be thought of as Australoids, whatever their Australoid origins. 14 pages.

The Origin of the Amerindians Traces the origins of the Amerindians back to the Altai region and the mouth of the Amur River in Russia. 38 pages.

Are Amerindians Related to Polynesians? Apparently they are not related, however, the Paleoamerindians did resemble modern Polynesians. 5 pages.

A Little Black in All of US Most, if not all, White ethnic groups have a small amount of Black in them. Other Caucasoid groups have more than a small amount. 36 pages.

A Few Observations About Race 37 pages.

The Racial Makeup of US Chicanos The notion that Chicanos are either mostly White or mostly Amerindian is rejected. Modern Chicanos traditionally were mostly White with a smaller amount of Amerindian, however, they are becoming less White and more Amerindian with time. 15 pages.

The Racial Makeup of Hispanics Looks at the White-Amerindian or White-Black ratio in a number of Hispanic groups. Most cannot be characterized as pure races, as most if not all Hispanics are now mixed to some degree. 30 pages.

US Hispanic Racial Dynamics  How White, Amerindian and Black are US Hispanics? A look at the evidence. 12 pages.

More Race in Latin America 6 pages.

Modern Hunter-Gatherers in Africa and Elsewhere Pours water on the notion that modern Africans were hunter-gatherers. There were and are a few hunter-gatherers in Africa, but their numbers are small. Africans have been agriculturalists for thousands of years. 18 pages.

Berber Genes in Europeans Many Southern Europeans especially also have Berber genes. In some groups, these genes are very prominent. 11 pages.

The Purest Whites of Them All The purest Whites of them all are Jews and the people of the Caucasus. That is, they have little or no Black in them. Choke on that, Aryans. 6 pages.

The Peopling of India 44 pages.

Some Nepalese Racial Types 9 pages.

Why Are Filipinos So Dark? Delves into the question of why tropical groups evolved a melanin layer on their skin. 10 pages.


A Reworking of Chinese Language Classification. Expands Macro-Chinese from 14 languages into 633 languages on the basis of mutual intelligibility. Praised by some of the world’s leading Sinologists (they have Wikipedia entries). 250 pages.

A Reworking of German Language Classification. Expands Macro-German from 20 languages into 137 languages on the basis of mutual intelligibility. Praised by top Germanists. 243 pages.

In 3 parts:

Part 1: Low German 63 pages.

Part 2: Middle German 79 pages.

Part 3: High German 101 pages.

A Reclassification of the Occitan Language Expands Macro-Occitan from 1 language into 23 languages on the basis of mutual intelligibility. 65 pages.

A Look at the Catalan Language Expands Macro-Catalan from 1 language to 2 languages on the basis of mutual intelligibility. 15 pages.

A Reclassification of the Dutch Language Expands Macro-Dutch from 15 languages to 31 languages on the basis of mutual intelligibility. 126 pages.

What Are The Hardest Languages To Learn? Analyzes 115 different languages to determine which languages are harder or easier to learn for an English language L2 learner. Rated on a scale of 1-5, easiest to hardest. 356 pages.

Part 1: Indo-European 42 IE languages examined. 180 pages.

Part 2: Non-Indo-European 73 non-IE languages examined. 176 pages.

Mutual Intelligibility of Languages in the Slavic Family Examines the languages of the Slavic family to determine to what extent they can understand each other. Figures are arrived at. Further, a number of new languages are added to Slavic based on this metric. 39 pages. Note: Now massively expanded to 247 pages!

Mutual Intelligibility Among the Turkic Languages Praised by major Turkologists, this piece was massively expanded into a 134 page document was published as an 83 page chapter in a recent peer-reviewed book series out of two universities in Turkey and Kazakhstan, The Handbook of Endangered Turkic Languages. A shorter version was published in English and Turkish in  the peer-reviewed Journal of Endangered Languages. 11 pages.

Mutual Intelligibility in the Romance Family Examines the languages of the Romance family using the criteria of mutual intelligibility. 7 pages.

Some Scientific Intelligibility Studies It is often said, nonsensically, that intelligibility between various different lects cannot possibly be measured due to a variety of red herrings and straw men. This paper gives the lie to that notion. 11 pages.

Anthropological Linguistics

The Proto-Indo-Europeans and Their Early Descendants: Proto-Languages and Homelands 27 pages.

Where is the PIE Homeland? 5 pages.


Final Katrina Death Toll at 4,081 Final toll is much higher than usually given because I counted indirect deaths via elevated mortality rates after the storm. 14 pages.

Final Katrina Direct Death Toll At 1,723 This toll is the generally agreed upon toll for direct deaths caused by the storm. 14 pages.


Secular Rise in Black IQ and Head Size: Evidence For a Eugenic Effect US Blacks have been breeding eugenically for 100 years now, selecting preferentially for more Caucasoid and progressive features and for higher IQ’s. At the same time, Black head size has increased dramatically, and Black IQ’s have gone up tremendously. All of these phenomena are related. 13 pages.

New Flynn Effect Study 5 pages.

Flynn Effect in North Africans/Turks Migrated to Western Europe Examines Flynn Effect IQ rises in North Africans and Turks who have migrated to Western Europe, showing up in the second generation. 5 pages.

A Couple of Challenges to Rushton’s Theories 4 pages.


Crime Rates For Hispanics, Polynesians and Amerindians 7 pages.

Art History

A Brief Look at the History of Art in the West, 300 BC – 1350 AD 27 pages.

Immigration Studies

An Analysis of Different US Immigrant Groups By Nationality 44 pages.

Comparative Religion

Do the Yezidis Worship the Devil? 42 pages.

The Yezidis – A Mysterious Kurdish Religious Sect 14 pages.

Political Science

Joseph Stalin, World’s Greatest Humanitarian? 15 pages.

I Don’t Hate the Jews; I Hate Everyone Postulates the existence of a British analogue to the US neoconservatives – the Pro-War Left. 29 pages.


The Key to Understanding US Behavior in Iraq An examination of some aspects of Medieval Sephardic Jewish Greece. 26 pages.

The Jews of Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Lebanon 41 pages.


The Greatest Great Books List Ever, in two parts, A-M and N-Z . An attempt to list the greatest books every written or translated into English from 1400-present. Emphasis on the modern era. Includes works from all of the Western canon lists, all of the classic great books lists and all of the world canon lists.

An attempt was made to be as selective as possible. Includes literature, poetry, and literary criticism, along with great nonfiction works in history, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, political science, travel, biography, autobiography, art criticism, art history, etc. Extremely long; the two parts combined are 1,076 pages!

82 thoughts on “Major and Minor Research Pieces”

  1. One thing I never hear discussed is the difference between hating a race and hating a cultural or certain facets of a culture. I maintain that race is nothing or next to nothing; 99% of the DNA from one race to the next is indistinguishable. Culture is in some ways arbitrary to the degree that it represents “beliefs of convenience” anyway. Is there such a thing as a “culturalist?” Probably not catchy enough as a term. I think all cultures have flaws, but if you discuss them, you run the risk of being accused of racism, when in fact racial markers are scientifically very unimportant overall.
    And cultures can, and do change, just as values change. Principles do not change however, because they by definition cannot (when contrasting their
    differences. Casually, the terms are often used interchangeably which can unfortunately lead to some very sloppy thought patterns).
    – Peter J

  2. I used to subscribe to the 4 race model: Caucasoids (including South Asians & middle Easterners), Mongoloids (including Amerindians & Eskimos), Australoids (including southeast Asians) and Negroids (including bushmen & pygmies). However I have decided to merge Australoids and Negroids into a single Black race on the grounds that Australoids have genetically preserved the ancestral phenotype of black Africa, even if the two groups split apart long ago (and thus differ in non-functional selectively neutral DNA). That’s one thing the Africentrics got right.
    Thus there are only 3 races: The new and improved Mongoloids, who evolved from the less evolved Caucasoids, who evolved from the ancient primitive Blacks.

    1. “I have decided to merge Australoids and Negroids into a single Black race on the grounds that Australoids have genetically preserved the ancestral phenotype of black Africa”
      If you think Australian Aborigines look ‘Nigroid’, then you need to get your eyes checked. Hell, even the negritos don’t look Negroid. And the Bushmen look more East/Southeast Asian than they do Negroid. Seriously, replace their peppercorn hair with straight hair and see what you get.
      In light of decades of studies demonstrating just how difficult it is to group people into races, physically or otherwise, you seem to be going backwards.

      1. Anyway, Caucasoids evolved from 1/3 ancient Blacks (Bushmen) and 2/3 ancient Chinese proto-Asians (Ainuid Australoids).
        Mongoloids evolved from Australoids, Ainuids in the north and Melanesian and Negrito types in the South.

        1. Black Bushmen or Black Horn of Africans?

          42,000 YBP, Black Horners we don’t know what the Horners looked like. The Horner race is a pretty new deal. It’s a Caucasoid/African mix.

        2. This is where being an IQ fetishist will get you. Absolutely nowhere. I know the history of all of these races. Mongoloids most assuredly did not come from Caucasoids. They didn’t even breed with them. The only breeding occurred in very recent times in the Caucasoid/Mongoloid frontier regions of the Stans, Afghanistan, Northern South Asia, Nepal and surroundings, Mongolia, East Turkestan, Siberia, the Urals, Scandinavia, Hungary, Turkey and Russia.

          Pure Mongoloids like the vast majority of folks in Asia have frankly ZERO Caucasoid in them, ancient or modern. This includes Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Eskimos, and all of the SE Asians.

          Mongoloid race is a new thing. Go back in time and all of Asia was Australoid forever. Asia was Australoid from 63,000 YBP on. Australoid-Mongoloid transition occurred in NE Asia 9,000 YBP and in SE Asia ~2-5,000 YBP.

          Without a doubt extremely high IQ’s can evolve from probable low IQ bases in a very short period of time, only a few thousand years.

          Far South Chinese have sky high IQ’s. 5,000 years ago, they were all a Negrito/Melanesian type. 2-5,000 YBP, they transitioned to Mongoloid, and now some of them have IQ’s ranging from 105-111.

          Selection is a powerful instrument and dramatic genetic change can occur very quickly not only in lower animals but in humans as well.

        3. “Caucasoids evolved from 1/3 ancient Blacks (Bushmen) and 2/3 ancient Chinese proto-Asians (Ainuid Australoids)”
          Black Bushmen or Black Horn of Africans?
          “Mongoloids evolved from Australoids, Ainuids in the north and Melanesian and Negrito types in the South”
          And the two evolved groups have been mixing ever since, even in China, Korea and Japan.

        4. I doubt Mongoloids evolved from australoids. Mongoloids split off from caucasoids in a superior form and then invaded australoid territory, absorbing some australoid genes, especially in southeast Asia.

      2. Robert,

        This seems to be the modern mainstream consensus on the origins of the race.

        Modern humans arose in East Africa around 200,000 years ago (as you probably know). It looks like there were 2 major migrations of those modern humans out of Africa and the Levant in ancient times.

        Around 70,000 years ago, the ancestors of the present day Australian Aboriginals and Melanesians left Africa and traveled along the south coast of Asia. It is thought that many of the darker-skinned peoples of South Asia and Southeast Asia are descended from the same migration – the Australoid or “Dravidian” peoples of India, Andaman Islanders, and Negritos of SE Asia.

        Around 40,000 years ago, a second group of humans migrated out of Africa, this time heading north. These are the ancestors of today’s Europeans and Asians. Europeans and West Asians are closely related genetically and are really a single group (what is sometimes called ‘race,” although that’s a controversial term), the Eurasians.

        Another part of the same group underwent adaptations for cold, dry weather, probably somewhere on the Tibetan Plateau, around 30,000 to 20,000 years ago. These are the ancestors of the current East Asians, Siberians, and indigenous Americans.

        1. But ask yourself this, Objectivity, after sitting in South and Southeast Asia for thousands of years, what would stop the first wave from swinging north to Southern China, Japan, etc? Isn’t it plausible that they would migrate north? Think about all the fauna they would have been greeted with. Cold? Yes but a lot of food.

          Very decent living, I say.

        2. The first wave was probably already in NE Asia long ago. Japanese and Korean genes go back 105,000 YBP. I know that’s not really possible, but apparently the OOA types bred in with pre-OOA types (archaic Sapiens) in NE Asia.

          There’s no evidence that humans in NE Asia were anything but Australoids pre-9,000 YBP.

          All Asians were Australoids.

          In the North, they went to some sort of Ainuid type (cold- adapted Australoids), and in the south, we had more heat- adapted Australoids like Aborigines, Papuans, Melanesians, and Negritos.

          Mongoloid race probably begins in SE Asia, with a transition in the north from Ainuid Australoid -> Mongoloid 9,000 YBP. The transition in the south was much later, with warm-adapted Australoids transitioning to the new Mongoloid peoples 3-5,000 YBP the south.

        3. Robert,
          “I know that’s not really possible, but apparently the OOA types bred in with pre-OOA tyes (archaic Sapiens) in NE Asia.”
          How is not that possible? If Europeans and even Asians (including East Asians) have Neanderthal elements, it’s not far fetched to think that that these early East Asians absorbed a very remote archaic Sapien group. An isolated, cold-adapted Homo Erectus population, perhaps?
          Also, I will reiterate by belief that some Negritos types in the South migrated to the North, became cold-adapted and then mixed with the Ainuid and, possibly, pre-Sapien types.

        4. There is a very famous cave in North China with skulls going back many 1000’s of years. The name escapes me now. I think it starts with a Z. The finds are called Z1, Z2, etc. Zhounjian or something.
          According to the finds from that cave, North Chinese skulls look Australoid until 9000 YBP, and only then does the Mongoloid race first appear.
          Understand that all the races are new. The modern European Caucasoid race goes back only 11,000 YBP. Before that, they look like Arabs, and if you go back ~22,000 YBP, they look like Amerindians from NW North America (they most resemble the Makah Indians of Washington State).
          When we go back in time, we are *talking about races that don’t even exist anymore.*

        5. Car Guy, you are probably correct. The Asian race was birthed in northern Vietnam and southern China 53,000 YBP. No one knows what those folks looked like back then, but they may have looked like Negritos. The general consensus is that the proto-Asians birthed here in northern Tonkin then spread out in many directions, in particular to the north, where they apparently become the NE Asians.
          Surely they must have mixed in with some archaic Sapiens types who were already up in that area 100,000 YBP. Check out the Red Deer Cave People.

        6. Robert,
          It’s an interesting theory that mongoloids are just cold adapted australoids, and caucasoids are just cold adapted negroids, however the former is probably not true. Even if north china was australoid 10,000 years ago, then doesn’t prove they evolved into Mongoloids. Why would such an extreme cold adapted phenotype evolve so rapidly just when the ice age was ending? More likely, there were non-white caucasoids living in eurasia. Some of them went to northern Europe and evolved into whites. Others went to northeast Asia and evolved into an entirely new race: Mongoloids. The Mongoloids then headed to northern china where they found australoids who were camped out because the end of the ice age made it possible for them to live there, but the Mongoloids (who had their wits sharpened by the last ice age) were so superior they exterminated or chased all the australoids away.
          We know that Mongoloids evolved before the last ice age ended because they’re the most cold adapted phenotype and because both native Americans and East Asians are mongoloid despite splitting apart over 12,000 years ago. Obviously the mongoloid ancestor that gave rise to both of these populations predated this split.
          If you look at a genetic tree, it shows that the first split was between negroids and non-negroids. Then among the non-negroids, the next split was between australoids (first wave out of Africa ) and Eurasians (second wave out of Africa ). Finally the Eurasians split into 2 different races: caucasoids and mongoloids:

        7. All Asian skulls look Australoid prior to 9000 YBP.
          There were no non-White Caucasoids in Asia 9000 YBP. In fact, no one even knows what non-White Caucasoid looked liked 9000 YBP. The Caucasoid race as we know it doesn’t even go back very far. If you go back 20,000 YBP, “Caucasoids” look like Amerindians!
          The birth of the Caucasian race occurs in the Caucasus, with various movements back and forth between India, North Africa, the Caucasus and Europe over the last 40-45,000 YBP. In particular, the Caucasus, the Middle East, North Africa and India have been the birthing grounds of the Caucasians.
          The Mongoloid race as we know it by skulls only appears at 9000 YBP. Before that, they look like Aborigines, maybe like Ainuids.

        8. Robert, the first negroid skull appears on the fossil record 160,000 years ago in Ethiopia:

          The first caucasoid skull appears about 30,000 years in the Czec Republic.
          And the first mongoloid skull appears about 10,000 years ago in the Americas.
          Negroids are an extremely old race and thus are superior on primitive traits like testosterone, aggression, genitalia, breasts and buttocks, and personality. Mongolids are the new and improved race, and thus are superior on advanced traits like brain size, intelligence, law abidingness and mental stability. Caucasoids are just the missing link, an intermediate stage of evolution between the sexual athletic negroids and the intellectual nerdy mongoloids.
          Mongoloids are descended from caucasoids who crossed over to the Americas and experienced extreme cold. Amerindians are the first mongolids which is why they are the mongolids with the lowest IQ and who most resemble caucasoids. As the mongoloids became more advanced, they spread out to East Asia.

        9. Idaltu is not a Negroid. It’s not even Homo sapiens sapiens. It’s a different race altogether. Negroids only go back 6-12,000 YBP.
          That Caucasoid from 30,000 YBP looks nothing like a White person. It looks like a Bushman.

        10. Robert, Idaltu is not a different species; it’s not even a different subspecies, it’s an anatomically modern human just like us. The reconstruction clearly shows it has the Negroid phenotype: dark skin, broad nose, big lips, woolly hair, well defined muscles.  

          And actually there were even older anatomically modern human remains from 195,000 years ago that were probably Negroid too. Basically all humans were Negroid until about 40,000 years ago, but by 35,000 years ago, mulatto-looking people started appearing in Eurasia. They weren’t real mulattoes but they looked like them because they were Negroids slowly evolving into Caucasoids:

          By 30,000 years ago they were fully Caucasoid. The world was nothing but Negroids (including Australoids) and Caucasoids until about 10,000 years ago when Caucasoids finally began evolving into Mongoloids in North America.        

      1. Check out all the photographs of Australoid types in this article:

        With the exception of occasional blonds, they are almost indistinguishable from sub-Saharan Africans.

        Although they left Africa tens of thousands of years ago becoming genetically isolated from Negroids, they remained in an African-like climate, and thus did not evolve into a new race.

        In craniofacial anthropology, no distinction is made.

        Australoid skulls are classified as Negroid. There’s a reason the short Australoids are called Negritos.

        1. Australoid skulls plot similar to Black skulls, but they are definitely different, but you can see how they plot differently on a skull chart. There’s no overlap.

          Ainuids and Aborigines are for sure part of a new race from Africans. Personally, I feel Tamil-type South Asians are too. Those people look nothing at all like Black folks. They look like Australian aborigines!

        2. Objectivity,

          Melanesian – the people shown the in photos linked to – are just one subset of ‘Australoid’. Yes, they may be the most Negroid-looking people of the bunch, but even they have their own distinct look, as if they were a mix between Negroid and Caucasoid, although they are not.

          Personally, I could tell a Melanesian from a full Negroid any day or time. It helps that their isolation and inbreeding make them all look almost alike.

          That said, Australian Aborigines and most of the Negrito groups (minus features such as dark skin and curly or nappy hair) look very little like Negroid. They’re also part of the great, very confusing, and complex Australoid race.

        3. Robert,

          “Ainuids and Aborigines are for sure part of a new race from Africans. Personally, I feel Tamil type South Asians are too. Those people look nothing at all like Black folks. They look like Australian aborigines!

          I’m with you on that. I have always contended that Australian Aborigines should be a race of their own. The Ainu are just cold-adapted Australian Aborigines.

        4. Well perhaps they look like a mix between Negroid and Caucasoid because both modern Negroids and Caucasoids evolved from archaic Negroids, and australoids are just archaic Negroids. Yes many australoids are easily distinguishable from sub-Saharan Africans but native Americans look different from East Asians yet both are still Mongoloid. Nordics look different from Arabs yet both are Caucasoid. There’s enormous diversity within the 3 macro races.

        5. Objectivity,

          “…but native Americans look different from East Asians yet both are still Mongoloid. Nordics look different from Arabs yet both are Caucasoid. There’s enormous diversity within the 3 macro races.”

          I get your point, but Inuits/Eskimos and Amerindians don’t look that different from East Asians. However, some Native Americans look like they are mixed with something else.There is speculation that they could be Proto-Mongoloid, possibly Ainuid. But many of them look very Mongoloid. Also, with all three group, there is no debating where they came from.

          Arabs are tied to the greater Caucasian race both physically and genetically. Not only do Australian Aborigines not look like Black Africans, they’re not even related to them genetically.

  3. Arabs are tied to the greater Caucasian race both physically and genetically. Not only do Australian Aborigines not look like black Africans, they’re not even related to them genetically.

    However, as we’ve discussed Australian aborigines are very genetically related to Melanesians who look almost identical to Black Africans.

      1. I believe we can channel racial memory through symbols, objects, ect. our ancestors saw. It’s why certain symbols are more powerful and used more. Visit an ancestral grave, pick up a sword, and perhaps have a flashback of sacking or defending a village.

  4. Exactly how would that work, it would take a ridivilous amount of dna additions to achieve that. Or maybe memory is passef down in some other molecule, but wouldnt it increase exponentially w each passing generation? How would that be possible

  5. I just looked it up. An engram is a (hypothetical) storage for memory. You said you (maybe) believed in it, which i take you are either still researching it, or you believe in the validity of such a theoRy, but believe it is underdeveloped. Can you explain your curremt knowledge of it?

  6. Yeah, thats what i thought. Although if it was true, it would explain a lot of things, like why black males crave big asses, why white people develope complex systems of government, why asians are sumbissive to whites but not to blacks, who are physically much more robust than whites, etc. Of course,
    all these things could be genetic, but the fact that it is universal sheds doubt on that. For example, how did the Mongols, with only 14% white, shed their submissiveness and massacre shitloads of Caucasoids?

  7. Maybe if the racial memory of a full white ancestor was passed on to them, and the asian memories sumbitted to it, maybe the mongls had the fighting vigor of a full white and defeated all white populations.

  8. What i meant was, maybe each ancestor donate a portion of their genes, but their full memories. So sice asian memories are sumbissive to white ones, the memories of their white ancestors completely took over the mongols.

  9. Im sorry, i just realized i am making no fucking sense at all. Sorry robert, my personality fluxtuates wildly throughout the day.

  10. What i meant was if each ancestor donates their full memory to the offspring, then the most dominant ones will express itself. I am 21 yrs old. I sound younger because of my low iq. Alfo i make no sense because i f

  11. For example i believe the Starchild skull isnt fully human. I dont believe its ET, but a more divergent line of human. Skeptics say its hydrocephaly, but the skull shows normal suture, and hydro would cause wide sutures.

  12. Sutures are rifts that separate the plates of the skull. Hydrocephaly pushes these sutures apart very wide. The skull has normal suture distance.

  13. Alright Robert i admit it i am only 15 years old. The rest of the stuff is true though. I am sorry, i thought none of you guys would take me seriously if i said i was a teen.

  14. Oh and i made it sound as if i was pure blood black. Sorry, i lied about that too. I am black on my fathers side and white on my mothers side. I currently live w her cuz the courts took me away from dad. I am a 9th grader. My dad was the one who mentally pushed me, but mom is the genius. I stay high, drunk, and drugged up, and add that to my predisposition to schizo, thats why i sound wierd.

  15. You r right, i have never taken an iq test, i took the black average and assumed i was around it, because i act like my dad, who is a dumbass trying to act smart.

  16. My mom looks like Hitler’s wet dream: ginger, blue eyes, dolichocephalic face. My dad looks like a straight up throwback NIGGER: prognathous jaw, shitskin that gets ashy, significant browridge, sloped forehead, and the most hilarious Ebonics ever because he tries to sound White while speaking Ebonics. He is a fucking reyard.

  17. My dick is also closer to the white category, 7 inches, as opposed to my full black brother of the same age, who is 9 inches.

      1. Most Blacks aren’t well endowed. Amateur or lower level porn casters sift through many Black men to find a King Kong dong.

  18. By the way, Robert, what do you figure is the iq average for posters on this site? I know a lot of people here have a extensive knowledge of human haplogroups, anthropology, demographics, etc. How many average ppl know this? Maybe this site contains a bottleneck of high iq ppl. Of course, dumbasses troll here too, and hopefully they say something worthy of their iq and get banned.

  19. By the way Robert, in addition to being 15 and mulatto, i will admit one more thing. Former Self Hating Ginger was me posting on my school computer using a fake email address. Since i forgot that email address, i will prove my validity another way. You got three posters named Eminem, Busta Rhymes, and Robert Lindsay II who sumbitted some shitty raps from the same ip address. That was me too. I am really sorry for deceiving you guys. You too, Swedish shit.

    1. I have morphed three times. Once bollywood star, then australoid negroid and now Swedish shit. People do it all the time. Really Ugly Nordic Female is a possibility.

  20. Please by the love of God and the dick of Zeus do not ban me. I just really wanted attention. I am sorry for lying.

    1. I thought this was about Henry Louis Wallace…where is the site for this? There is a national true crime syndicate that is doing an episode on him…to be released in the first quarter of 2014…where am I here…I want to only converse with HLW bloggers.

  21. Do you always get sources when discussing about phenotypical and genetical human races; and why are the Neomongoloids the most advanced race in phenotype, IQ, etc.? Where can I find those sources?

    1. No source is going to prove that they have the most advanced phenotype. I just say they do because it’s common sense if you look at them. There is a lot of data on Chinese, Koreans, Japanese and Vietnamese IQ.

      1. Are the Neomongoloids the most advanced phenotypical race is it because they are the least Australoid looking compared to Caucasoids, Paleomongoloids, Negroids, etc(having larger eyes, more protruded browridge, wider nose and lips, etc)?

        1. No, the lack of body hair, the small size, the high intelligence, the low aggression, the neoteny, the lack of a strong difference between the sexes, the late maturation, the calm, cool, and collected babies, the low extroversion and high introversion, all of these would imply that they are the most advanced race. This is probably what humans would look like as they get more and more advanced.

          1. Mongoloids were kept in the fridge longer ie. they are more adapted to the cold. East Asians are the most mentally advanced on average. A small percentage of Whites have an alien shaped head which I believe is the most mentally advanced human form. I know one, most likely never see one.

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