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  1. Lindsay,
    I see that in order to not anger the reader base you have renounced being 100% who you are on this blog.
    Most posts look like… they are for sale.
    I know you and I know you are avoiding something you would like to say, so as not to drive away readers.
    Maybe you need this, maybe you like this, it’s not my business.
    But I can take interest only in Robert Lindsay’s writing, not in Robert Lindsay’s persona’s, and this blog has, for some time now, not been what it used to be when Robert Lindsay wrote it.
    From time to time I’ll check if by some miracle things are back to how they were.
    bye for now

  2. Jewish person not listed on your WTC 9/11: Abe Zelmanowitz – who stayed with his Christian friend who was a parapeligic. Abe told Ed’s nurse to go and he and Ed would wait for help.
    The nurse got out.
    Abe and Ed called their families and said good-bye.
    President Bush deemed Abe a hero.

  3. So sir, I’m very good at feeling whether things are going negatively, so I tend to deflect the actions of others, aka warn and run away. However, this isn’t necessarily the case because it’s happened a handful of times because I work downtown in a rather populated areas with many bars and restaurants nearby. My biggest fear is someone going homicidal which means two things to me – run away or do something. I feel that since I’m a biology major and I know where all of the vital hit points are, I should hide and essentially wait and strike if such a thing happens. Is it wrong for me to imagine me doing the obscene if something happens before it does? If I hear my coworker calling bloody murder down the street, me as a tiny girl could never help out with girth unless I could hide and strike, I could only do so stealthily…. is that premeditated murder since I’m thinking about it now or am I just being safe in such an event?

  4. Hey Robert!…
    I know this is an old post but I’m just looking for some reassurance…so when I was around 15 years old my brother was diagnosed with(drug psychosis )and then after a few year was later diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia…witch I think was the onset to my anxiety/panic attacks witch then led me to have harm ocd witch was absolutely horrible being so young I thought something was really wrong with me so I also developed depression I was like this for quite a few months and then I started to feel like myself again!…started living a fulfilling life all though in between this I suffered a little bit from health anxity but nothing that really seem to bother me that much…anyway fast forward 15 years later I’m now 30 with to beautiful kids and a loving partner!…..about two and a half months ago I suffered severe health anxiety witch then after 15 brought me back to hocd witch was so horrible at the time I couldn’t eat or sleep I was having around five panic attacks a day and just not feel myself….now that those horrible thoughts have gone it’s turned into a fear of developing any serious mental illness(schizophrenia bipolar pychosis manic depression) it’s pretty much developing anything that involves psychosis my biggest fear is see/hearing things…and having first hand of someone with schizophrenia(my brother) it’s terrifying…and I’m always thinking I’ve got more of a chance of developing it because it is in my family….and also I am so awear of my surroundings it’s driving me crazy!…I’m constantly double checking what I’m hearing is actually there and asking the people I’m with at the time if they here it to and everything I see out the corner of my eye I’m constantly double checking it’s really there….and I’m constantly worried I’m showing signs of psychosis….I’m forever google every serious illness witch is making me so much worse it’s consuming my hole day….but the scariest thing happened to me the other night I was woken from a horrible nightmare and thought I seen something in my room and total freaked out with anxiety/panic I’ve got myself so convinced I’m in the early sighs of psychosis!…and if I’m not I’m feeling like I’m going to make myself have it with all this worrying about it….please help I want my life back…

  5. Hi Robert. I can’t help but notice in the suspect photos, one photo in particular appears to be cropped with a dark colored object in the left hand side of the frame. It could be another person, perhaps jacket, walking in front of him. It bothers me because it does not fit with the brush or surroundings. Could it be other people on the bridge, Libby? I’m curious no one has mentioned this dark sliver and explained what may be there. Have you asked any questions specifically around this? Do you have any thoughts? Thanks for your insight.

    1. Robert just sent you some money it said oakhurst technologies is that correct?
      Send me my PW suspense is killing me

  6. i dont know how to evaluate indians because they are so mercurial which isnt a bad trait. theyve an oceanic quality. theyre not into selfdefinition or specificity in general i dont think theyre intrinsically bad people generally though i imagine there are criminals among them which i didnt run into in my month in india or my 3 weeks in nepal. they could be called vapid since they defy classification. i think one has to be quite advanced prily in order to appreciate them. they appear to be very quick witted but thats because hinduism is huge making the hindu believe same is god which is explicitly taught in mainstream h’m & called udvet/advaita. perhaps one has to be a religion junkee to like the hindus. they dont relate much to details/specificity. in india constantly i was given items including money id dropped & my glasses & i dont think i was stolen from once. the lack of concern for specifics though leads to lack of cleanliness & lack of concern for prissyness such as when one walks past a cheesemonger in a bazaar & sees a man spitting into the simmering cheese pot in order to break down enzymes & hence produce cheese

    1. Hello, my new dear friend! I read your articles. I liked them. Thank you for existing!

      Bye for now,

      Ali Hagi from Iran.

        1. I’ve been trying to contact you. I found you on the web during research I guess you could say. I live in Indiana. Wherever your mind goes let it stay. I’m having trouble registering! Please email me. I think we could help each other!! Five years is long enough!

          1. What would you like to register for? I sent you an email with my # and you sent me an email. So maybe we can talk after 11 AM your time.

  7. Robert,
    Enjoy your blog. You have pulled me in. How to I get into VIP room. My pass word won’t work.

  8. I live by Delphi and travel past often. I would lie to have the password? I will add knowledge as I receive it. Unfortunately I don’t know any of the players. I do have DOC experience. I posted how to look up release dates by going to the Indiana department of correction website. Look on the right side for offender locator.

  9. Dr Lindsay, I am quite sorry that you’ve been put through so much pain by people of Nigerian extraction and that even now, the effects of such evil activities are not appreciated by most people from this Country, Nigeria. I actually faced a situation like yours when I was studying in Russia and Ukraine. Based on all what I heard and saw, I initially drew the conclusion that EVERY RUSSIAN CITIZEN WAS A SPY.
    It took me quite a while to appreciate that that isn’t possible – I was confronted by evidence from such events as exiling of dissident scientists, the need to maintain labor camps for undesirable elements, the mass internal exile of members of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the exodus of Russian Jews to Israel, interactions with my Jewish lecturers, etc to realize that my initial assessment was wrong, way wrong. I came to the conclusion that even if so many are spies, people are still individuals with the choice to live by the stereotype or to reject it…I want to thank you for bringing into public view, the degenerative processes that have seized the people of this land (Nigeria)…
    Like a compatriot by the name Emmanuel said in his comments, Nigerians aren’t ‘raised’; most no longer know the straightforward way to live, do business, raise a family, act towards others; a succession of societal ills has destroyed the fabric of civility and cultural norms so we now have a nation apparently in a state of war with the consequences of war on families, youths, morals, but without an external aggressor; a situation akin to every-man- for-himself.
    I only have a favor to ask of you, Dr Lindsay: Please whenever you write about Nigerians or Nigeria, don’t forget to reserve 2 words of encouragement for the 2% who have to live with the rest of the mob. Thanks once more… Keep up your good work.

  10. Robert,
    I must be in the lower IQ range. Tried to send money through Pay/Pal. Kept saying info was missing even though I supplied full Visa information.
    Try again, later. I enjoy your blog, your writing style, sly wit, and the various subjects covered.
    I Wonder

  11. Hi there,
    I was trying to view the comments for the Delphi murders, but it password protected. I had my own theories but I know you have more info than the general public. I wanted to see if my theory still works by cross referencing it with the comments. I also believe this POI is a serial killer rapist.
    Have you looked into the Lyric and Elizabeth murders from 5 years ago? The info provided to the general public makes it seem like it’s the same serial killer.
    Can I have the password for the protected comment section?

  12. I’ve tried to email you for some reason the web is in working I’ve got some questions to ask by email I stumbled upon your website. The stories I’ve read happen to me and I’d like to get professional opinion on what to do. Post jail time.

  13. Rob, sent a blank $20 Money order 7-29. You should have it soon. Do you think the cops are throwing a “Grim Sleeper” move ( surreptitious DNA collection) on your boy, and that’s why this (an arrest), is taking so long? I’ll bet you this dude is being VERY, VERY careful with his trash (with his DNA on it.) I’m sure he saw how the LAPD finally nailed Lonnie Franklin as the Grim Sleeper, and he’s determined not to make the same mistake. -GR in L.A.-

    1. Surreptitious DNA collection cannot be used in court and probably is not even good enough for an arrest. All it will do is tell the cops who did it. Then they have to go and gather enough evidence for an arrest and trial.

  14. Saw you’re 10-6-17 post regarding some guy calling you a racist. Left the first comment about that. P.S.- I happen to be a black guy.

    1. Wow! You are a Black guy! Maybe it’s soft racism, but I simply assumed you were a White guy. Not sure why. You act like a White man. You don’t act Black in stereotypical ways, which honestly a lot of us Whites don’t like. Actually I assume that all of the men and women on my forum are White! Is that racism? I’m not sure.
      Anyway, yes, I try very hard to not be actually racist towards Blacks on this site. Believe it or not, my co-blogger is an anti-racist Black woman, and she actually watches over me and makes me act good. She’s sort of like my mother in that sense. Every time I write about Blacks, I always pretend she is looking over my shoulder and having to approve everything that I write. I hate to say it but if she was not around, I would act worse. Before she showed up here, my writing about Blacks and other non-Whites was sometimes worse than it is now. I am actually glad she is here because she forces me to be on good behavior.

  15. Hey Robert, I love reading your posts because it gives me hope and comfort, but here’s my issue, so recently I’ve been diagnosed with OCD, now the thing is I was expecting to have been diagnosed with a psychotic illness and here’s why, i had a panic attack over having voices in my head and that being due to schizophrenia, so I eso Internally that I don’t have a voice in my head, bad idea, because that also triggered me Into saying internally “yes you do” so I freaked out big time, even tho I knew it was me, but because of the panic it caused, I couldn’t stop replying to myself as if it were a voice, and now, it’s gotten to the point 4 months down the line where I am that scared it’s a voice that I believe that I am insane and have developed another thought process in my mind, while having said that, I still feel like it’s me doing it, and that it’s or totally out of my contrtol, I just can’t seem to stop doing it because it comes just like that, also I don’t believe I’m delusional as I know the only place this all comes from is my mind, no where else other than myself, even if my OCD tried to convince me it does ( once read that’s a delusion and got scared about believing it), so yes basically there is an internal thought voice that I kind of feel like it’s me doing it but get scared that it’s a voice of schizophrenia, so 50/50 on it, what I would like to know is, if I’m dealing with a thought voice like this, how do I only have OCD and differ from those with schizophrenia, also there are times where I’m fully emerged in something that it doesn’t happen because I’ll not obsessing over voices, but most of the time im always obsessing over it, even tho that’s the biggest problem in it’s self, thankyou.

  16. Just one tiny observation – to me this would have more sense if the chronology would be from left to right, meaning that the anatolians separated first and the indo-iranians in fact didn’t separate (they were the last ones) and became the second stage of IE, while the more European languages evolved differently. That impressed me so much at this map, but your explanations seem to contradict it. Not important, you might know better, only please tell me who’s the author.

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  18. The link is dead. I have no idea which of your photos, if any, are on this site. Therefore, I cannot work with you a the moment. Also I cannot and will not discuss this matter with you on the website for all to see. If you wish to discuss this with me, please email me at the address posted above on this very page and I will do my best to assist you.

  19. Hi Mr. Lindsay. I’ve donated via paypal to Oakhurst technologies. How do I proceed to view the private Delphi board?


  20. Robert,

    Having trouble accessing the Delphi Forum after I donated and emailed you several times. When I use the “Forgot Password” function, I never receive an email to reset it. Am I missing an important step? I would appreciate your time and assistance in this matter.

    Many thanks!


  21. You are clearly a racist, yet you are fascinate by Black women. Maybe Black women are arrested for prostitution more often,simply because they are profiled by White male police officers that think like you. Please stop commenting on social issues within the Black community. We neithe need nor want your help.

  22. Hello Mr. Lindsay,

    Many years ago you wrote an article called “India: Hell on Earth”.

    You were very right in your assessment and I am very sorry that so many of my fellow Indians cannot handle the truth. Because they cannot take criticism, India will never improve. I am guessing that the mob of Hindu bigots made a stink and had the WordPress gods suspend your account or delete the article.

    Would it be possible for you to email the article to me?

    Thank you.

    1. No, the article is still up I think. The Hindutvadis didn’t get me shut down and they didn’t get the article pulled. I may just republish it, ok?

  23. Please don’t refer to bi-racial, mixed race, or multi-racial people as “mulattos.” That term is outdated and derogatory, like calling someone the “N” word. Please change that term, it is offensive.

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