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  1. good afternoon
    i would like to announce you the creation in France of the ANTI-ZIONIST PARTY
    If you don’t read french, use the google translator to have an idea

        1. Hi Robert,
          I would like to email you, but my computer is not letting me for some reason. Can you possibly email me in regards to your counseling services?
          Thank You

        2. you are my hero and my inspiration and i would like to meet you one day and i think you should read mark watson romantic violence in r world and i live at 6795 black oak drive in walls mississippi.

    1. Hey Smarty pants. It’s easy to learn stuff, anyone can do it if they have the resources. IQ tests are a fugazi.They were made to create some sort of inferiority complex. Generalizations that you make are so dim coming from someone so bright. “You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects something you love or hate about yourself. Each reflection is an opportunity for growth.” Cherie Carter-Scott.

    1. Please give me your that i can report you to the authorities. living in India and bad mounting it is sedition mister..and here people go to jail for that…lekin teri gand me dum nahi hai re chooze

      1. Hi, you are correct. I am an Indian national born and bred in this shithole and I still live this Bharat India shithole. I am proud to be a traitor to my country. Please report me to the authorities as I am surely guilty of sedition.
        BTW, you are banned.

        1. And the win goes to: Robert! Robert, if you get kicked out of India, though I know it is your home and you love it so much and all,you know you can always stay here with me in Atlanta.I have food, indoor bathroom facilities, fresh running water and everything else India doesn’t have, except dirty-faced,starving children abuzz with flies. Door’s open, baby.

    2. hi i suffer horribly from this problem not sure if it is ocd or pedophilia and im scared… your email button doesnt work on the top…. can i have your email?

    3. u have so much power, bein able to ban someone from your site. lol, really? u say u have a high IQ, but u ban instead of debating.

      1. I have to agree with Patrick in this case. I notice instead of debating, you prefer to ban people who don’t agree even a little bit with you. The whole IQ being a true assessment of intelligence has actually been debunked. Anyway, now I’m sure I’m going to be banned for sharing my thoughts. Well this is your website so what can I do? You, however, can choose who you want around on this site.

        1. That is absolutely untrue. I have regular commenters on here who have disagreed with me more times than I can count. But they do so very nicely. They have never been banned. If you disagree, you have to do so pleasantly. People are banned due to hostile tone, etc.

    1. Why has G-d punished us with the East Indians, Pakis what have you. These people are like officious animals, wipe anal opening with bare hand and when manning call centers turn into the most frustrating scum. How do we get around using call centers that employ these animals, don’t the vendor shave an obligation to tell us that the call center for customer service is in India before we decide to buy the product, help, Brother

      1. Do they to tell you? Look around, they need intelligent people working. Companies don’t give a shit about you. Wouldn’t you want cheap labor? I’m thinking about looking into ordering 20 Africans to man my Ganga farm. “the customer is always right” days are over. What company are you going to? Monopoly… YOU’LL NEVER PASS GO..Whaoohahaa

  2. “What racist stereotypes? That Black women are aggressive? Why is that a racist stereotype? Isn’t it true that on average and as a group, they are more aggressive? Why is that even debatable?
    It’s also been my experience that too many of them were cynical, greedy, money-hungry, using and seemed to want to drain every nickel out of my wallet. Way worse than even White gold-diggers. If that’s my experience, why is that racist or stereotypical? My experience is my experience, right?”
    I read this comment of yours on one of Abagonds blog posts here
    I remember commenting on your blog posts and saying how I didn’t think you were racist. But this comment of yours kinda shocked me. Don’t you think it’s stereotypical? Cynical, greedy, gold diggers? A lot of women are greedy gold diggers believe me. It has nothing to do with them being black! I’m just tryna understand why you made such a comment.

    1. Are black women aggressive? Or are white men just weaklings? Maybe the ones on Youtube and TV. I think that many black women aren’t raised in LaLa land. They are straight forward, have opinions, and don’t mind if the guy has to take a hike. Can you imagine being someone who is touch reality and you would only be there with her if you are both getting your “REAL” needs met? They don’t have white picket fences, I would call it independent, white America made them strong, not aggressive.

  3. I dont know who you are..but I will be reading you. I am what you might call..a white sepratist. We have long held this theory about the corruption index. “Mexicans make Mexicos”.
    WE dont hate anyone. We just prefer our own kind to others. We prefer a perpetuation of a winning formula..WHITE LEADERSHIP. Isnt that what Washington, Jefferson, and our founding fathers had in mind? Or did they create this land for their slaves to inherit; SO that immigrants from 3rd world lands could reap our harvest, I have a son who just graduated form college. He is a bright kid but there will be no future for him. Wrong color.But I just wanted to find out where did your data come from? You see..we in the white movement like to have verifiable resources unlike our foes who rely on Hollywood for their proofs. But nevertheless I thouroughly enjoyed your article. Good stuff.

  4. Dear Sir,
    I have read your article concerning Maywood.
    I hope you will continue to do stories on Maywood. I am sure you are correct about the illegals living in Maywood. What we have is a Catholic Church that in 2005 told members to come to a church event. The event was a political rally for three candidates for city council. Father David Vasquez regristered illeal members of the church to vote. According to Father David you do not have to be a citizen to vote in local elections
    The three candidates where at the meeting. The three won the elections. At one time Maywood was a clean city with good government. Because of the illegal voters no one is able to run for city council. You can not win with the catholic church telling the members how to vote. If you are intereted in this story please email me back and I will give you names of people that where there. What concern me was that the Mayor at that time Sam Pena new about this and did not report this to the police, county recorder. The citizens of Maywood are afraid to speak up we are concern for our property. The city council now is very corrupt. There is lot more happening in Maywood.
    I understand if you or your boss does not want to get involved with the catholic church. We are aware that people are afraid of the church and do not want to get involved.
    Thank you

  5. i live in bombay india…lots of nigerians r comming here and doing wrong business…few days ago i saw on nigerian in bombay walking without slipeers on street…just yesterday i saw one carrying one big box on his head …looks like he was selling something or involved in some small labour..i dont mind them comming here …hope they get a little better life here in bombay atleast there is no crime here …

  6. Robert:
    I found your site fascinating and incredibly complete.
    In October 2007, I pulled out of my driveway at 4:30 a.m. to go the hospital in response to an emergency call. I live next to a 10 acre lake in a wooded area 6 miles from the center of Redding CA (population 100,000).
    As I turned onto the two-lane road that parallels my lake, I saw a full-grown wolverine walking up onto the side of the road, going onto a well-beaten animal path that heads directly to my lake.
    I saw it broadside, close-up, and had absolutely no doubt that it was a wolverine.
    Redding is of course a highly populated area, at the northern end of the Sacramento valley, but right out side of town, there are huge wilderness tracts and the nearby mountain ranges.
    Just thought you might be interested…

  7. Okay, I’m Yezidi and I’ve read what you’ve wrote. You are VERY WRONG. In my religion there is no such thing as the devil. The chief of Angels is the peacock angel Tawus Melak, who cried 7000 (I think) years filling 7 or 9 jars which extinguised the fires of hell. Therefore there is no such thing as hell. We worship God, NOT the fucking devil. Get your facts right before you write. You seem very ignorant to me

  8. My girlfriend and I spotted a wolverine recently between the canyon wall and the river from the observation area above the canyon at the Sanake River Birds of Prey area on the way to Swan Falls. We were looking over the edge with a pair of binoculars when I spotted something moving among the rocks below. My first thought was that it was a badger but the coloring and tail were wrong. After coming home still wondering what we saw we looked up mammals of the Snake River basin and there it was. We watched it for at least 20 minutes from where we were. No doubt about it, that’s what we saw.

  9. Had a chance to read some off your views on the raping of black women during and after slavery. Are you really saying that it was ok and that the women wanted it ? I don’t think you will post my comment but the question is have you done your research? Are you really informed on the subject or are you racist yourself? What’s your take on the Black Liberation Army?, the Panthers? the Willie Lynch Letter? Just wondering.

    1. Hi, the article says nothing of the sort. First, it questions how much rape actually occurred. Probably much less than we suppose. Second, much of the sex was probably not rape but consensual, to get favors from the Master, become a house slave, etc. In the few decades up to the Civil War, slavery was going out. In 1861, 40% of the people in the fields were White paid laborers, working alongside slaves. There was a Hell of a lot of sex going on between these White workers and the Black female slaves.
      So, no, I don’t say rape was ok. And I don’t say the women wanted to be raped.
      This is supposed to be an anti-racist blog, but you can characterize it any way you wish.
      I don’t like the BLA – they hated Whites. I don’t like the Panthers too much either because they hated Whites.
      I don’t know what the Willie Lynch letter.

  10. Hey Robert, great blog! Talk about an intellectually open-ended discussion forum! I hope I haven’t used up my warm welcome by making too many long and opinionated posts!

    1. No, not at all, Cyrus. You’re actually one of my favorite commenters. Your comments are all excellent, and it’s not really possible to be too opinionated on this site. I mean, we have anti-Semites, Nazis, Afrocentrists, all sorts of insane people on here.
      I’d say I love you, but I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. Well, from one str8 guy to another, you get the picture…

      1. No problem. I know what you mean. I ask simply because I have been banned from right “leaning” websites for simply stating what I state here, at least pertaining to the on-goings taking place in the Near East and Central Asia.
        I even had a forum owner try and track me down, for saying as little as I have said here. I was contacted by a fake attorney, amongst other things. It really opened my eyes to the nature of the political right in our country, and conservatives in general. The way their minds work, and their inherent thought processes.
        At any rate, I myself ran a pretty successful website relating to military matters, starting 2002. That is my background and interests for the most part. Sold the site off in late 2005. So, I have an idea of what you go through here.

        1. Yeah, they’re seriously nutty and insane. I don’t dare post on any rightwing sites. I infiltrated Free Republic for a while, but was banned for being “anti-American.” And I really tried to tone it down. I infiltrated Stormfront, but was banned for posting enemy propaganda (anti-racist material). I infiltrated Israelinsider, but was banned for “anti-Semitism and bigotry.”
          These idiots are all the same. They’re seriously nuts. Note that we accommodate the rightwingers here. They’re free to post their crap all they want to. We even let the racists post, but we encourage the antis to shoot them down.

        2. Hey Robert, have you ever tried to infiltrate one of those radical anti-racist blogs (Tim Wise, Stuff White People Do, etc)?
          Be careful, for anything you say that doesn’t conform to a “whites are overprivileged and oppressive, non-whites wonderful and wise” dogma will result in accusations of white privilege and racism!
          I once tried to infiltrate some anti-racist blogs, but was branded a “white supremacist” (you know, for posting stuff similar to what I post here).
          Extremists, whether they’re part of the Stormfront, pro-Israeli, or far left anti-racist crowd are just insane.
          That’s what I love about your blog. To me, you’re neither a lefty of a right winger. Even though you identify as a lefty, you’re certainly far more reasonable and intelligent than the vast majority of lefties out there.
          Unlike most lefties, who are trapped by dogma, you can actually think outside the box. Unlike most anti-racists, who drink the “whites are all oppressive and overprivileged” kool-aid, you are an anti-racist who also happens to love his people/be pro-white.
          I also enjoy the generally respectful tone here. Even when I disagree with people, the tone is respectful. You don’t get too many snarky commenters.
          Just want to say, keep up the good work!

  11. Hello Robert,
    I will be adding you to my blogroll. Although, I find you absurd – as most Americans are – you still manage to publish some interesting articles here, which, in a cybersphere so littered with nonsense, I thank you for.

  12. Dear Robert,
    It was my destiny to alight upon your blog on Fascism, and then checking out what you write about yourself, find that you hate gypsies.
    Do you not know how the gypsies of Eastern Europe are suffering terrible persecution?
    And on the radio as I have been writing, this there wass a Bosnian woman who said it took her three years to free herself from hate, despite having been raped.
    She said that she found that she was in danger of being consumed by hatred, reduced to the same level as the people who were using sexual abuse as a method of “ethnic cleansing”.
    BBC World Service “Heart & Soul””Bosnia’s War Babies” []
    Dae ye nae ken aboot thon curse agin’ the Lindsays north o’ Fife?
    That they ne’er may prosper there?
    Lindsays there are a clan o’ tinkers, gypsies, as in”The Gaberlunzie Man”, a Scots traditional song, as in “to jabber”.
    “Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.”
    1 Corinthians xiii
    Best wishes,

  13. Hey Robert, I couldn’t remember which email address I use here so my last 2 comments got stuck in moderation.
    This is the address I’ll use to post here from now on, so if you could set your blog to accept my comments, I’d really appreciate it.
    If I could get that little green square guy that was associated with my username before, that would be awesome, because I’m attached to him, but it isn’t necessary.
    (You don’t need to approve this comment, I just thought this was the best way to contact you. Thanks!)

  14. This is for the second beheading vid..!
    Im 13 Sorry robert…! =] but i felt horible when i saw this video.. You could imagine the familys who had to go threw that loss…! But i read the comments and find out that cheychna i beleive… waz also tortured by russians… that russians do the same… so i would understand why they are doing it I can feel there pain.. my father waz killed fighting for his country… so he did wat he had to do to win this war…! that iz wat chachans are doing.. But they are doing it in the most horrible way they can… But the reason they are is because they kno russians do the same…! If i had a chance to kill the man who killed my father, the same for u if u had a bad loss like a murder you wouldnt kill him? u wouldnt torture him? thats wat cheychan iz feeling…. I no longer feel bad…. Im only 13 and i can understand… Russians do they same they just dont record it… these people record it because they proably want to show there familys wat Horrible things they did so there family knows ThaT They have gotten revenge..!
    Robert thanks for posting this UP I have learned alot…! =)

  15. If the Genetic difference between the whole human race is around 5%. A matter of face most Genealogist state a black person may have far more in common genetically with a non black person, than with a black. Environment may play a far greater role than in race than gens does. Blood type and personality are things that cross racial barriers. There are historical pictures and drawings Filipino, and other Asian such as Indonesians, Hawaiians with what would be unmistaken Negroid features as those of the Australian, Fijian, aboriginals. If the difference between all the people of the human race is only one to five percent I can’t figure what is the mystery of Pilipino having Negro gens everyone does, all races share the same gens racist likes ignorance. Bull shit baffle brain, do the math, if it is, if it isn’t what difference does it make. I like the difference in the races how boring if we were all the same, attitude that is the fly in the ointment. Who so ever whatever you are be proud .

  16. Mister Robert Lindsay I must inform you that the Croatian languade and Serbian language are two different languages.
    Examples of differences languages:
    English language;
    1. If the gases in the exhaust air and Jerusalem, would be necessary measures to ensure safety!
    2. White salt for boiling is a chemical compound of sodium and chlorine.
    3. This station is located exactly at ten.
    4. Nominative: WHO or WHAT ?
    5. English official alphabet:A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
    Croatian language;
    1. Glede ispušnih plinova i zagađivanja zraka u Jeruzalemu, bilo bi potrebito poduzeti mjere sigurnosti!
    2. Bijela sol za kuhanje kemijski je spoj natrija i klora.
    3. Vlak sa željezničkoga kolodvora krenut će točno u deset sati.
    4. Nominativ: TKO ili ŠTO ?
    5. Croatian official alphabet: A B C Č Ć D Dž Đ E F G H I J K L Lj M N Nj O P R S Š T U V Z Ž
    Serbian language:
    Official and traditional serbian alphabet;
    1. У погледу издувних гасова и загађења ваздуха у Јерусалиму, било би потребно да се предузму мере безбедности!
    (alternative latin);
    1. U pogledu izduvnih gasova i zagađivanja vazduha u Jerusalimu, bilo bi potrebno da se preduzmu mere bezbednosti!
    2. Bela so za kuvanje je hemijsko jedinjenje natrijuma i hlora.
    3. Voz sa železničke stanice krenuće tačno u deset časova.
    4. Nominativ: KO i ŠTA ?
    5. Serbian official alphabet: А Б В Г Д Ђ Е Ж З И Ј К Л Љ М Н Њ О П РС Т Ћ У Ф Х Ц Ч Џ Ш
    (alternative latin) : A B V G D Đ E Ž Z I J K L Lj M N Nj O P R S T Ć U F H C Č Dž Š

  17. Egypt: Its irrational position on the equitable utilization of the Nile water.
    Ethiopia is blessed with abundant water resources and hydropower potential. Yet only a miniscule amount of this potential has been used to reduce poverty in the country. Realizing this obvious fact, the Ethiopian government is pursuing programs to develop hydropower to fight and conquer poverty. The Millennium Dam is one such project. When completed it will be the largest hydropower dam in Africa and the tenth largest in the World. Located in Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State, the dam is expected to hold 63.5 billion cubic meters of water, a reservoir almost twice the amount of water in Ethiopia’s largest natural lake, Lake Tana.
    Since the Millennium dam will be built in deep gorges in cool wet highlands of Ethiopia, evaporation is extremely low as compared to the desert hot weather conditions in the lower riparian countries. While it is clear that Ethiopia in its history has never taken any measure that hampers Egypt’s National interest and has no intention to do so in the future, Egypt is always hell-bent in distorting the real intentions of Ethiopia to develop itself and make poverty, history. The Egyptian government in its misguided and antiquated policy of unilateral use of the Nile water is opposed to the Nile Basin Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA). Ethiopia along with the other CFA signatories only demand for fair and equitable share of the Nile water.
    An authority on the subject, Dr. Yacob Arsano states, “The (CFA) negotiation has been to establish equitable and reasonable utilization of the shared water resources. No country in the upstream argues to reject Egypt’s needs and rights on the use of the Nile waters as long as it is based on equitable and reasonable arrangements.
    However, none of the upstream nations would endorse Egypt’s monopoly over the Nile waters. There is no justification for Egypt to hang on to a monopoly of the waters. Egypt’s water security can only be ensured through good will and cooperation of the upstream countries. By not cooperating with the upstream countries Egypt’s water security will be increasingly vulnerable.”
    In fact Dr. Yacob continues, “it is advisable for Egypt to concentrate on improving the knowledge of water management and protection in Egypt itself. Every year more water is wasted due to mismanagement and lack of protection in Egypt than all upstream countries together can possibly utilize. A huge quantity of water is wasted in Egypt due to evaporation from Lake Nassir, from furrow irrigation canals, from rice paddies, etc. For instance, ten billion cubic meter of water evaporates from Lake Nassir alone annually. That quantity of water is comparable to more than twice the annual flow of River Awash, or more than three times of the flow of River Wabe Shebelle”.
    In a manner that shows the incontestable correct Ethiopian stand and Egypt’s attitude built on a quicksand and irrationality, Fred Pearce an environment writer wrote, “behind the High Aswan dam Lake Nasser, Egypt’s water bank is an amazingly inefficient bank. Each year, between 10 and 16 cubic kilometers of water evaporates from its surface. That is more than a quarter of the river’s entire flow some years .The very structure that Egypt uses to control the Nile is also the biggest source of water loss on the river. This is not a new discovery. British imperial engineers always opposed building a giant dam at Aswan precisely for this reason. They wanted a series of dams in the mountains way upstream, probably in the deep ravines of the Blue Nile in Ethiopia, where reservoirs would have a smaller surface area and the evaporative power of the sun would be less fierce.
    It would be expensive, and a major concession for Egypt to allow the main faucet on the river to move to another country — particularly its regional rival, Ethiopia. But the fact is that it would massively add to the amount of water flowing down the Nile. So, just possibly, a grand settlement of the long dispute over who owns the Nile might create a more sensible solution, with common control of a single regulating dam in a place that makes the most hydrological sense. The shimmering edifice of the High Aswan — monument to hydrological folly — could be dismantled. And then there might be enough water left for nature, as well as for the people of the Nile”.
    Dr. Arsano adds, ”they may manage or mismanage the water resources when in their respective territories. But it remains a futile wish to control the flow of the Nile in the source countries. Egypt… must come out of the illusion that the upstream nations are going to seek permission from downstream nations for the water resources in their own sovereign territories. But arrangements are possible under the terms of mutually acceptable and agreed modalities. The best option for Egypt and Sudan would, therefore, be to sign the Cooperative Framework Agreement and strive to benefit from cooperation with upstream countries”.
    Without being willingly ignorant the best and rational step for Egypt to take would be to sign the CFA document as it is a win-win agreement and a basis for mutual benefit and refrain from its prehistoric destructive strategic approach which won’t work, and is contrary to the interests of the Egyptian people. To ask governments like in Ethiopia not to fight poverty is criminal and insane.
    Amu-Abu Mahla

  18. What the Hell’s your problem, baby? Do me a favor and go back to your high school. It’s not so bad there, and soon it will be summer vacation. In the meantime, you’re banned. Seeya.

  19. So…You sir, (referring to the ignorant excuse for a human named Robert Lindsay), are a completely disrespectful man toward those with a chosen faith and children and people with disabled children. You are the sorriest excuse for a man I have seen. You are resorting to using such words that are actually immoral and just downright wrong. Now going to the topic of Campus Life. Their local community and it being a Christian youth group is amazing because it gives an outlet to those without any and those who seek help or guidance in some way or another are able to get them. Their group staff and leaders are respectful, extremely nice, and embrace anyone and everyone no matter the circumstances. You being so disrespectful to one of the leaders for having disabled children shows that not only are you a horrible person, but are also a small minded, slow witted, egocentric human with a Napoleonic complex and feels that he is a “bigger” person because he is correct in his own mind. For my final note, I don’t care if you are “right” about something, the use of such disrespectful and demeaning language against others is wrong and unneeded.
    Someone who really wishes you would open your mind and actually SEE what the world is like today and not live in you fantasy world where such language is “respected”.
    You are a prick.

    1. What the Hell is your problem, you dumbass?
      I said nothing against Campus Life.
      I said nothing against the man leading the Campus Life kids in the woods.
      Are you hallucinating?
      PS, you’re banned.

  20. I believe that Bigfoot is real because I know what Bigfoot really is. The Patterson-Gimlin film of Bigfoot is real. Here is what they filmed on October 20 1967 at Bluff Creek, California.
    Several thousand years ago there were thousands of slaves that ran off around the world and started their own countries. When these slaves ran off there was a large group of men and boys that took off and ended up in Africa. Some of them were giants as tall as 9 ft. or even taller. The giant named Goliath that David killed with his slingshot was 9 ft. tall. Some of these men and boys went exploring to Borneo and used ropes to catch female orangutans and took them to South America. They had sex with them and eventually created the Indians. The men and boys that stayed in Africa used ropes to catch female gorillas and had sex with them and eventually created the Africans. When scientists found the bones in Africa they thought we evolved naturally from a female chimpanzee. But it wasn’t a natural evolution it was a man made evolution. That’s where all the Bigfoot and Orangutan creatures come from. They are half man and half gorilla and half man and half orangutan. They use to call the Indians the red man. The orangutan has reddish hair. When those men bred out the hair the Indian’s skin remained red. The gorilla has black hair and skin. When those men bred out the hair the African’s skin remained black. Some of the Indians and Africans are tall and some of the Bigfoot and Orangutan creatures are tall. They are tall because some of the men that created them were tall. Some scientists believe that we evolved naturally from a female chimpanzee. Have you ever seen an 8 ft. tall chimpanzee? I haven’t either. Bigfoot migrated up through Africa and came into the United States at the top of Africa when they were connected by land. The Orangutan creatures migrated up through Central America and came into the United States like the Indians did later on. These creatures were able to migrate around the world because some of the land was connected at the time. The first Europeans that saw the Africans said that some of the African women had genitalia that resembled that of a gorilla. If you look at the nose of an African you will notice that it is wide like the gorilla’s nose. The North American Science Institute said that the creature in the Patterson-Gimlin film had both human and gorilla features. That’s because it is a human-gorilla hybrid. The creature that Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin filmed on October 20 1967 was half man and half gorilla. It was a female Bigfoot that they named Patty. Patty was not a man in a costume, she is not our missing link and she is not a figment of our imagination. Patty was a creature that was created by men that had sex with female gorillas and orangutans a long time ago. Believe it or not, man created his own evolution. Some times the truth is stranger than fiction.

  21. Robert, The new evidence that all Non African Humans carry either cro magnon or neanderthal DNA, and asians carry a 3rd early human DNA “Denisovans”, Now Opens the Door to the Multi Origin Theory” of Evolution! Non Blacks are Hybrid Humans when compared to the African which descended from the Hominid -Homo Erectus- Post Ape (Australopetheus Africanus–Like “Lucy of Tanzania”). Therefore, the African is the original human derived from the evolutionary steps of the African Ape (they were never discovered on other Continents). Other humans have no Ape connection….

  22. Blacks are the only race that carry the ape gene and other humans Do Not, according to the Mainstream Science on Intelligence, 1994, The Wall Street Journal. We Humans have 2 theories of origin: the African Origin or the Multi Origin….

  23. Thank you for your article on POCD….I think part of my hell has just ended. The level of relief is enormous but still have more questions. But thank you, thank you, thank you.

  24. You really hate Indians.
    I mean, in one of the comments you said that this is an anti-racist blog, right? But you do seem pretty harsh towards Indians and disapprove of their culture at large. Granted, some of the Indian comments on here have been stupid ( like the ‘give me your address so I can get you arrested’ one )
    but still, is there any particular reason as to why you are racist towards Indians?

    1. Don’t like Hindutvas and Indian nationalists. We have a lot of Punjabis in this town, and I like them a lot. One of the top commenters on here is an Indian Muslim, and we are on great terms. I do have a number of Indian friends, including Indian Hindus and Indian nationalists. I really have nothing against Indian people per se, especially in real life. Just here on the blog, the Hindutvadis and Indian nationalists are provoking me a lot.
      Don’t think too much of Indian Hindu culture or Hinduism period. It’s frankly garbage.

      1. “Don’t think too much of Indian Hindu culture or Hinduism period.”
        Neither do I. But then I’m a Hindu and have to suffer it. But, what’s with you and Hinduism? Is there anything good about Hinduism in your view? Any culture out there that you think highly of ?
        ** Just some honest questions — not looking to get banned **

  25. the best religious idea ever is hindu…we are god…this is called advaita…gandhi was one
    other good ideas are recarn, akashic records

  26. im indian……and i did a shit on the street today which surprisingly looked like ur face mr Lundsay…….it resembled ur specs too..haha lol

  27. dr robert please help me asap im am 14 and my newest ocd fear is of being a pedo and i have never been atracted to kids or babies i have never gotten an erection and i’ve always liked women but noti cant get an erection to anything. help

  28. Hi Robert,
    I’m not sure if you check this website anymore but I would love to talk to you about OCD…you seem like you have a lot of knowledge about the disorder

  29. I read your article about Cuba and I laughed so hard…OMG…(sorry) …I spun and spun on my swivel chair and almost landed on my ass. Thank God I am a Cuban and have travelled in 60 nations, currently have lived in Asia for 12 years…you could write that crap for 95% of Americans who are basically ignorant, have read little or nothing about the world and are monolingual (pretty sure you are) …but you can’t fool me. Been there done that. No poverty in Cuba? Everyone eats? Everything in Cuba is hunky dory pink? Why don’t you move there then? I will say this about you, you have a fabulous imagination and you can write well. So well you have millions of stupid readers reading your crap. And now I better stop before I get angry which is what you want. Ha Ha Thank God you didn’t make me angry. You made me laugh. I am still laughing. Have a beautiful day! Hijo de la Tremenda Puta Amadis

    1. I am not sure if there is any poverty in Cuba or not. But everyone has a roof over their head, which is better than in almost every single country on Earth. There are no homeless, and there will never be any homeless. Yes, everyone eats, which is more than we can say for most countries on Earth. The malnutrition rate is basically zero – 2%, the lowest in Latin America. Everyone has plenty of food to eat in that place.
      BTW, you are not a Cuban, worm. You are a GUSANO. Now go back to Miami, gusano.

  30. dear Robert
    How are you? First i would like to say that i find your blog very interesting and important cause by this the world can see whats going on around the world. sorry for the my English, i’m from Holland.
    Last year i saw your site for the first time, it was linked with youtube( i think)
    I was watching your moving of the bullfighter and all other movies. But i was shocked by the movie part there a man was cut his head of by some south american gang. I know that its people’s own choce to watch the clips, but i wasn’t prepered for this.
    My question is: Can you anounce before someone enters your site/blog that they have to be atleast 18, like other adolt sites?

  31. Robert,
    I have wanted to ask you a few questions about BigFoot and thought this would be the best place to do it. Hope that’s okay.
    First, do you think BF migrate to the warmer climates here in the states during the winter? If so, the only routes of travel would almost surely be to follow the rivers and streams south. And that thought makes me wonder if spring and fall have the most sightings? It would be interesting to find out what season/month has the most. Summer is when WE are out the most, but is it also when most sightings occur? Just curious. I’ve believed in BF for many years but just recently started researching in earnest. I fear BF has become a bit of an obsession with me. lol
    I also wonder if they can sense a particularly harsh winter coming on. (Don’t expect an answer, just my own ponderings.) I believe animals and birds can sense a lot more than we realize and from what I’m hearing about the coming winter, it’s suppose to be a whopper. From what I’ve read their body hair isn’t extremely thick, so how the heck do they stay warm? No one knows the answers to these questions, yet. But I hope we find out in my lifetime.
    I enjoy your site, thanks for that.

    1. Yes, they do migrate in the winter for various reasons in various parts of the country. In Canada, they actually migrate from the plains (deciduous) to the foothills (evergreen), probably for cover. Yes, they use watercourses for cover as they migrate. Not sure when there are the most sightings. It is hard to say. Not sure if they can sense a harsh winter coming on, and I think they can stay warm somehow, but I am not sure how.

  32. I have some important info that I need to send to you guys in regards to Bigfoot and the Underground! Please send me an email. Sincerely, David Kenderes

  33. Wasn’t sure where to post this, sort of a shout-out question…
    On a couple of HBD sites I read, the issue has come up that most HBD discussion comes across as intelligent people or white racists who want to exclude lower IQ person from their lives, or set up a society with a priviliged place for them. Is there anyone who seriously discusses the belief that HBD-denial is bad for the minorities themselves; and sincerely wants to help them with problems like drugs, crime, STDs, unwed parenthood, and the economic marginalization of low-skill labor jobs, and that taking differential intelligence into account is a necessary component for doing so?

    1. Of course there isn’t any, because HBD’ers are all rightwingers. If more of them were liberals or Lefties, we might see more thinking like yours. I hold up the light of Liberal Race Realism, but it’s a lonely crusade.

      1. That’s what’s frustrating. People who want to help blacks don’t believe in hereditary differential intelligence (or least believe it’s a moral imperative to act like they don’t); and they ones who do, don’t give a crap about blacks.

  34. But hoiw do you plan to implement HBD to help other races? I can’t think of any way that does not involve limiting their right to make their own decisions.
    I’m goona draft Norman to serve in my army.

  35. You really write well. Your thought process is so clear and very few can write like you. To top it off, you look nice too. I am looking at dating a decent man in India. What is your email address?

  36. Dr Linday,
    Thankyou so much for raising this issue. I am a sufferer of both POCD and HOCD and was completely unaware of either condition until now. This condition is dominating my life and terrifying me at the moment. You have given me hope and stength to carry on.

  37. A blog-entry suggestion: Gypsies rob Syracuse, NY Vietnamese grocery of $38,000!(surveillance footage included). They really took horrible advantage of that little old lady– but same time the Vietnamese proprietors are likely ethnocentric tax evaders and, just wildly speculating here, potentially false insurance-claimants. I mean, thirty-eight thousand bucks under the counter!???

  38. Dear Mr. Lindsay,
    I’ve noticed that you’re still looking for translators of the text concerning the Russian Neo-Nazi Beheading vid.
    I’d like to offer to translate it into german, as there is no german translation available yet.
    I’d be grateful for a short reply.

  39. You seem to have a pretty disdainful attitude towards East Asians in general. Particularly the Chinese and Koreans. Even your jokes about E.Asians come off as needlessly cruel, IMO. Do you find any of this to be true?

  40. Robert, I’m sorry if I went off a little too aggressively on the Dnepropretrovsk maniac boys, I just saw the video. I have a degree in Criminology and Psychology and I still lose it. So maybe you’ll ban me :{

  41. Dr Lindsay,
    Thank you for raising the issue of ocd. It got me thinking about my own situation. I actually sent you a mail about it. I hope you’ll be willing to answer it.
    Thank you!

  42. “We may believe in Capitalism but we are not idiots, we recognize the historical and economic difference between the Capitalism that made our nation great, and the capitalism that converted Wall Street into a rigged casino system that no longer creates wealth, but instead consumes it. Our nation’s wealth is funneled daily from America’s Middle Class to the one percent by way of a giant Ponzi scheme, a Ponzi scheme designed to transfer enormous amounts of wealth in prejudice to the 99%. This must be stopped, for our nations survival hangs in our decision to either act on, or to continue ignoring the obvious, until America exists only as a third world country brought to its knees, not by a foreign enemy, but by internal greed!

  43. I have anxiety disorder which sometimes border on panic attacks. I seem to get them more so when I am reading or studying, especially if I am at the library. I get these rushes of anxiety and sometimes feel that my mind is disconnecting with my body. In any case, why does this seem to happen when I am reading or studying? Anyone have any good tips on how to control anxiety attacks?.

    1. I used to have anxiety attacks myself and a lot of more or less continuous high anxiety, but I don’t much anymore. You need to work at calming your body and also mind down, that’s all there is to it. It took me years to do it. You may need to take a drug also.

  44. Robert, I am writing here in reference of your post about the Holodomor movie post you made a while back. You disgust me. Your approach to a mass murder of 11 million Ukrainians, Poles, and Russian citizens (yes, douche, that many), deeply saddens me. You seem not to have a firm grip on what really happen, and you deliberately trash a whole group of people. I think you need to rethink that post, because it offends me deeply. You are a sick bastard with no heart, and are very cold on the inside. Ти це не можеш прочитати, але ти є Хора людина. Іди до пекла.

  45. First of all ur name is not Robert Lindsay
    Ur not an American
    U Dont have any degrees from California State University
    So who are u ??? … Well ur
    Ur a Pakistani who hates India
    Ur Jobless
    Ur a twisted fuck
    U bloody Dickhead… u don’t have any fucking rights to comment on India or any religion.
    U are a son of a bitch who fucking blocks every one who comments negatively on ur shitty blog. what a looser!!!! lol..
    And ask ur girlfriend how she likes the knot of her dog cos u don’t have time to fuck her.. ha ha ha… u only have time to right shitty stuff in ur shit blog and to block people …ha ha ha ..what a twisted fuck up…get a life u son of a bitch.
    And to all the son’s of bitches who supports this bullshit blog and him.. a Fuck U all !!!!! Drop dead !!!! hope u and ur supporters who hates India get killed by our Indian Army one day.!!!
    I know what ur going to do after seeing this post… so an advance reply.. Fuck U , u son of a bitch… Fuck off and drop dead …
    Hand!!!!! MF!!!!

    1. you’re in turbo troll mode eh? Once you find it within you the means to get laid, this bitter Lindsay diatribe will subside and a life shall unfold. Until then Ram and Hanuman are very disappointed in you!


    1. I’m sure Dandyboy is taking the time to formulate some justification for the recent anti-African race riot in Tel Aviv.
      He may find it a little harder to boast that Israel has a more progressive record than we white Americans when mainstream politicians are inciting mobs against African asylum seekers.

      1. Yes, especially as the diaspora establishment adopted “Darfur” as its pet cause to deflect criticism.
        Did you read Jew Among You’s post about the African refugees?

  46. robert I really need you’re help, I’m 17 year old male. I’m convinced I’m a paedophile but I know it’s POCD, its destroying my life, I can’t go on like this please get in touch asap!

    1. @ GSG
      If you go to the Stark Truth archives and click on one of them, his e-mail address is always at the bottom right of each archive.

  47. Mr. Lindsay, I read your essay about IRANIAN.I would like to inform you some of the information you gave are not correct.

  48. Keep up the good work Robert. You say the truth, and the truth hurts for Hindutvas. I am an Indian Muslim (chick) myself…and I have always been absolutely disgusted by these dirty brahmin rats who have been using the cover of their nasty religion to get away with the discrimination of Dalits for so long. PLEASE do a special on the horrendous abuse and mistreatment of Dalits who make up 1/4 of the Indian shambles society but are condemned to the most humiliating situation.
    Dalit women are routinely gang-raped, abused and murdered by Brahmins (including the Indian police themselves) but Indians never talk about it and it infuriates me! According to Brahmins, the law of karma only seems to apply to ”untouchables” who have obviously been born outside of the varna because of sins commited from their previous lives. These satanic Brahmins believe they are above the law of karma and that is evident because they have commited some of the most horrific crimes against Dalit women which would make a grown man cry!!! Google images of Dalit women – and you will find women old enough to be your mother drenched in blood!!
    The abuse of Dalit women is something very close to my heart. India is a country where Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and non-Hindus are all discriminated and considered ”’mleccha” by these Brahma vermin. The funny thing is that people from my own religion consider these Brahmins the true ”untouchables”’ for being depraved enough to bathe in the dirty Ganga! Long live the struggle for Dalit freedom. God bless you Robert x

  49. The Koch brothers were also behind the internet monitoring aka “cyber security” bills so they can keep tabs on their employees, clients and competitors. Hate doesn’t describe it.

    1. “The Koch brothers were also behind the internet monitoring aka “cyber security” bills so they can keep tabs on their employees, clients and competitors.”
      To think they pretend to be libertarians.
      While on the subject of speculating how much information powerful people have access to.
      Steve Rambam: Privacy is dead, Get over it

  50. Obama’s never really held a grudge, or tried to get back at his haters. Do you think thiss will change in the next term?

    1. Conservatives certainly think that without any evidence of it happening. They have been on a full scale war against him the entire time he’s been in office, this isn’t going to change in a second term.
      I’ll just say he should try to exercise his power in face of his haters. Otherwise nothing will get done. I’m kind of doubtful given he has looked beaten down for awhile now that he actually will.

      1. I’m torn. While I’ve enjoy watching the Messiah bow down and kiss butt, I know it’s not good for the country. I do hope he seizes the opportunity this term.

  51. Hi Robert, my name is Justin, lately I think (hope) I’ve been suffering from harm ocd and convincing myself that Im showing signs of being a serial killer or something…its been destroying my life for the past few months and i have been consumed by constant research of mental illness online, which is how i found your site. Every time i find evidence that it’s logically ocd i find ways to doubt it and prove its something worse. I’ve battled with fears of being gay or a pedo before but was able to fight them off, or at least just suffer from slight paranoia of it. I’d like to send a more informed email on what im dealing with if possible. You seemed to be well versed in this subject. Any response would be VERY appreciated.

  52. Claiming that Kosovo is the historical center of Serb culture is somewhat tendentious. The Ottoman Vilayet of Kosovo was larger than present-day Kosovo, and its borders shifted during the 19th and early 20th century.
    According to this logic France map would be like here:
    Otoman Kosovo is like Vishy France
    Anyway all your logic is screwed up. Try to predict something and you will see.

  53. You seem like an intelligent and interesting fellow. Too bad you don’t allow Libertarians on your blog. I don’t understand it, but as a Libertarian I honor your right to debate only with the like-minded That is really too bad though. I would have loved the chance to argue and debate for minimum government and maximum freedom for all. Even Libertarians, at least ones who have a brain, know that you need government for things the private sector can’t provide.
    The problem is at what standards do we provide social services. Example: Some think that those on food stamps should be able to buy whatever they want with the hard earned money that was confiscated from someone else and this is wrong. We do have a moral obligation to feed the poor, but what is wrong with feeding them with basic commodities like dried beans, powdered eggs, powdered milk, flour, sugar, puffed wheat, puffed rice, etc, etc? We could feed ten families for the price we are paying to feed one now. Beggars can’t be choosers and that is at the root of a lot of the problems in this country.
    You need to read “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith. You’re a smart guy and you would GET IT if you read it. You seem to be well read on everything else but economics. Too bad too; you are a great writer!
    History is not on the side of socialist or progressives, my friend. Time and again those schools of thought have failed and are failing. Greece, Spain and Portugal are good examples.

    1. Nope, not at all. The future, of course, will be some kind of socialism. Even Greece, Spain and Portugal are yet very socialist countries, and will continue to be so into the future. It was free market capitalism that collapsed those countries anyway, not socialism. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much socialism costs or what it does to the economy, good, bad or indifferent. Socialism is simply the right thing to do, therefore it must be done, and it will be done, one way or the other. And we socialists have our ways, you know. We are not against using the arms and violence. Study history.
      I already read that jerkoff Adam Smith. He was a government bureaucrat who worked for the government his whole life in a socialist job, working in the trade department managing tariffs and whatnot. Smith is much misunderstood. He himself said that pure free market economics was one of the greatest evils known to mankind.
      We used to allow your lot on here, but they quickly took over the site and ran off all the progressive minded folks. So here I had a socialist blog, and all of my commenters were rightwingers. Well screw that.

      1. Socialism is the only reason those countries are failing fiscally compared to their less socialist northern neighbors. Their over burdened system could handle the financial shock and brought about their demise earlier than it would have already. You really do have your head in the sand.
        The banking crises was caused by government meddling in the markets and not free market capitalism.There is a lot of blame to go around, but it started with the Clinton administration and incubated by both parties and the Federal Reserve. You confuse crony capitalism with free market capitalism. There would be no lobbyist if the government didn’t have the power to dole out special favors.
        And we Libertarians too have our ways and are not afraid to use arms and violence to throw out the war mongering Republicans and the Socialist Democrats. Study American history.
        What is right is owning your own person and not having to bow to anyone. Socialism is not the right thing to do because it is forced on people. Nobody owns you and should never be able to dictate how you live your life nor steal the fruits of your labor.

        1. Not so at all.
          The Northern European countries are much more socialist than the southern ones.
          It’s quite simple really. Those that have must share with those who have not. Those who have lots of money (= too much money) have to share with those who lack enough money. If you don’t have to worry about paying rent, paying your utilities, filling up your gas tank, buying enough food to eat or running your car clearly you have way too much money and you need to share some of that excess income with those who can’t afford basic things. If you resist, that’s ok. We socialists will just force you to share via our armed instrument, the state. That’s what we do best after all.
          But anyway, this conversation is over. As I said, I ban on this stuff. So I guess I am sending you on your way.

        2. I agree with the basic concept that due to the tremendous amount of wealth that exist in this country (USA) no one should ever go to bed hungry or be denied the basic essentials to live a decent life. The fact that it is indeed occurring is an appalling shame. Thats my 2 cents worth.

    2. a totally noncoercive society has never been tried but who knows the voluntary society might just work better than the coercive ones
      & how about not looking for or fearing the entire world building a voluntary society but just parts of the world trying the voluntary one

  54. im refering to you
    could it be that youre pretending to be a state grower in order to generate controversy & therefore traffic on your site
    which is fine w. me
    i think sarcasm is a fine thing in an era when people are as politically degenerate as they are today
    re smeja he contradicts himself saying that he shot the bigfeet from his truck & that it was too far to pack the carcasses or butchered flesh to his truck
    imo he didnt take the bodies because he was afraid of bf reprisals

    1. Nope I am a hardcore socialist. Of course we believe in the state. It’s a necessity. We like it. We like the state. We like Big Government.
      I am not too fond of any forms of anarchism and minarchism is simply Libertarianism, or more properly anarcho-capitalism.

  55. you look almost as i did at 30
    i cant believe anyone looking me could be a statist
    im not going to argue w. you because we are the prisoners of our childhoods unless we get depth analysis & can move past our childhoods
    id guess youre not a first child & you felt denied status due to the presence of your senior sib/sibs…thats if youre not faking socialism

  56. eldest tend to be nondistributionists cuz they are assigned to watch over their sibs & arent paid for it & get hell when the youngers f up
    eldest are the experimental children…the crash dummies
    we tend to be extremely neurotic if not psychotic…and perfectionist
    we get on best w. eldest cheerun cuz we understand each other
    you spoke of your likeness to mick jagger…are you bi
    im a celebate gay soon to be celebrated…my mum raised me to be famous
    you had hi status from both parents
    if so you escaped the edipal which i didnt
    my dad hated my guts from age 4 til his death & never repented
    i expect hell have many more lives to work thru
    im working on why life/the purpose of life

    1. No, I am completely heterosexual, but for some reason, a lot folks insist that I must be gay or more properly bi. Or I used to be gay. Or whatever. Females are a lot less stupid than males WRT to this, because any female with a brain can figure out if a guy is gay or not. Females often think I am bi, used to be gay, whatever. Males often say gay, but it varies.
      I never understood any of this nonsense because I don’t see myself as effeminate in any way, but supposedly it is all about the way I look, walk, talk, move, etc. I am a very soft man with a soft voice, a fluid way of moving and I am not exactly stereotypically macho.
      I haven’t heard much of this bullshit in recent years, but it never ended back in the old days. I really don’t like this talk, and it drove me half insane. I would tell people I was straight, and generally, they simply refused to believe it, and kept on endlessly asking me if I was bi or whatever. Very frustrating!
      I’m tired of all the questions about sexuality, and I’m tired of sexuality in general, partly as a result of all this bullshit.

      1. Dear Robert,
        You write so eruditely and eloquently about India. Despite having grown up in India, I am amazed to see how well you, an outsider, have distilled India’s problems into a single blog.
        It consoles me greatly that you are amply rewarded financially, for all these enlightening observations you make about my complex land. While other scholars have failed, you have succeeded in your rigorous analysis.
        Your softness and fluidity come across in your nuanced description of various facets of India, as also does your non-stereotypical machoness, indicative of your gaand being as soft, supple, accepting and progressive as your writing is.
        Best wishes,
        -Th. Eri. MakeLun

  57. Hey Robert…I’ve been following the BE site for a year now and every time u r mentioned,u get destroyed…why the fuck does everyone on that message board act like such douchebags is beyond me but I really enjoy reading ur Bigfoot updates…I like to form my opinions by hearing the arguments of both sides and although the PG film still has not been proven to be a hoax,every other video I have seen looks faked…saw one though that was by a guy named Harley Hoffman…do u know if that is fake? Also are u a believer in UFOs?

    1. Thank you very much.
      The Harley Hoffman video is absolutely a 100% true and positive Bigfoot.
      I believe in UFO’s, but I do not want to discuss it. I will be dead in 30 years, and by then we still will have not proven the existence of UFO’s or alien visitors.

  58. i think its your extreme sensitvity that makes one wonder
    im the same way
    when im testing someone for h’y i look for hysteria & silliness
    you lack the latter
    h’y in men & women comes from an intense desire to avoid the responsibility of being a spouse or a parent imo
    its puberty onset schizophrenia where maturity is frozen

  59. Hi Robert.
    I enjoyed your work looking into possible migration patterns and different racial backgrounds of various peoples. It was very interesting.
    You are quite condescending about ‘conspiracy theorists’. What is the problem with people asking questions of things that don’t add up?
    It’s the job of detectives and criminal pathologists to theorise about conspiracies. Do they get ridiculed?
    My point is that nowadays the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ has come to mean ‘kook’ or ‘don’t listen to this idiot’.
    It’s a meme that has mutated the true meaning of the words in isolation and paired together.
    To believe that history happens just as written in the history books is pretty naive. In most high schools the official texts say ‘JFK was assassinated by a lone nut with a bolt action rifle’. Do you believe that is so? Do you ever theorise about conspiracies? Do people ever conspire? When the truth is in question and many facts are obfuscated and hidden is it not intelligent to take the facts that are known, link them together with a theoretical proposition in order to paint a complete picture that makes sense?- and with this picture as a map, set out on a road of inquiry to find the missing pieces? Is it better to just create a list of facts that are known and stare at it, waiting for the unknown facts to fall in your lap?
    I admit that there is a lot of bullshizzle flying around the internet that is speculative, incoherent rubbish.( –>Such as ‘The twin towers were not really hit by planes and the whole event was a computer hologram’ = rustically pungent.) This doesn’t mean that serious questions about difficult subjects that are not commonly raised in polite company fall into this category.
    Did you know that the piltdown man was accepted as the missing link in textbooks for about 50 years? There was a conspiracy to fool people that went on and it was revealed. To bandy around the words ‘conspiracy theorist’ as a sleight is to reveal the limitations of your rational mind, in my view.

  60. Read your article about India …. And I would like to say , everything you wrote is true and being an Indian I accept your criticism and we know this wont change. You guys should attack India take over it we have some oil too ….

  61. There is too much injustice in India and its citizen are taking every blow for decades … Robert what would you suggest should be donw with India and us the citizen of this disgraceful country..

      1. That’s the problem here .. No one wants to clean this shit and when someone inexprienced stands up and starts doing this you criticise… Gandhi knew this country was shit and he was willing to clean it .. He applied those techniques which he observed living in a more moderate and cultured society came back and did what seemed impossible for the world and he is praised till date … People here need someone like you – a leader who can show them what life could be .. Your critisism shows how concerned you are about this fucked up country or else you could have just left it ignored like somalia or uganda … There are human beings living there too in much more worse conditions.. IDK maybe you see potential or want India to be something and trust me It won’t happen not untill someone like you stands up and shows the right path … People here can’t crawl to modernity they are all uneducated and unaware .. : they need to learn to breathe first … Show them how to breathe if you can’t let us rot and make peace with this fucking life … God bless you ass Aye!!

        1. Arise, Sir Robert! Take your sword of truth and vanquish the faithless and the venal. March throughout the sub-continent converting dark heathens, sail the Ganges and make it’s water pure again. Let your voice ring out, from the towers of the Himalaya, to the sandy shores of the Arabian Sea and the mangroves of the Bay of Bengal. Let your voice ring out.
          India needs you!

          1. gandhi made the mistake of allowing an indian gov to replace the british one
            if we are god as g. believed & if he believed also in the extreme pacifism of jainism why didnt he encourage indians to not have nation or state govs
            theres nothing pacifistic abt national govs
            esp in the south the people where often didnt have national or state govs & did just fine
            his interp of sutyagraha wasnt nearly broad enuf
            also he allowed the people to turn him into a special god
            there shouldve been thousands of gandhis to encourage the people to throw off their religious & political bondage
            On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 3:35 PM, Beyond Highbrow – Robert Lindsay wrote:
            > ** > Brengunn commented: “Arise, Sir Robert! Take your sword of truth and > vanquish the faithless and the venal. March throughout the sub-continent > converting dark heathens, sail the Ganges and make it’s water pure again. > Let your voice ring out, from the towers of the Himalaya, to” >

  62. While reading the stuff out there about Smeja’s DNA being on the bear meat, a new train of thought popped in my head. First, why in the hell would he be handling the sample with his bare hands. This led me to thinking about something I would love to see you write something up about. The effect that EURO people had on indigenous people as far disease kill off. And any new diseases they got from natives. And maybe the relation of Eurasion mammals coming to america around the time the american megafuana died out.
    I know some animals just dont mix, like whitetail and moose. When i was young we had moose everywhere, then in the 1990’s ALL the moose died out
    Because of disease picked up by deer. Then in the 2000’s bovine TB threatened the deer herd. There is still a special hunting zone for this reason in MN.
    Anyway, should these people be touching BF samples/body if one did come across it? I think this would make a great read that Nobody is writing about. I would like to see your thoughts on this. Thanks

  63. Hi. Thank you for responding me in the article about the subtypes of pure ocd. Again scuse me for my not great english. You told me:
    It´s OCD and
    This is a very common OCD type. Contact me via the Contact Page and we can talk about it.
    I dont know if you mean via this way or email, but I could not find your email here.
    Can you explain me why do you say that it is a very common OCD type? What type is it?
    Thank you very much!

  64. the call centers do more harm than good by frustrating customers
    babaji offers some insite into bharat assholism
    he bosses people around in order to break their shell & can be kind when they obey
    hes not into fascism for hes usually discarnate
    his kingdom is not of this world
    from a foto i can read character instantly
    hes a good guy afaik now discarnate
    to the indian we whites are outside the eternal religion sanatana dharma & therefore ignorant religionists

  65. northern Chinese are not pure mongoloids. A study by the Taiwanese shows that proto mongoloids are actually the Vietnamese. Other studies shows that northern Chinese have caucasiod genes. Somebody prove it please.

  66. The term Caucasian for black Indian national is not suitable. They need to be albanised if they want the name. If you think they deserved the name, please make chimpanzees and orang utans in your Caucasian trees. So the studies go wrong because they should match other apes if black and white not counted in the analysis.

  67. All caucasioans and mongoloids have their roots in Africa. Sorry but its true, there was no spaceship from mars that landed in Greece or China that somehow made chinese or europeans different from africans. Your mothers and farthers were Africans.Live with it.

  68. Hi Robert, I wanted to send you an email, but nothing happened when I clicked on the (email here) link.
    Do you have any suggestions?

  69. Hey Robert I was wondering if you could read my problem that I’m going through and can give me any advice I’m having such a rough time. Thanks
    Alright so I really need help with this major setback that I’ve had and I can’t get over it! So I’ve decided to just let it all out on how it happened, first off I’ve been dealing with anxiety since I had my first anxiety attack last January and ever since then I developed this huge fear of going crazy or having schizophrenia anything like that, I’ve done so much researched and googled so much I know everything about it and it’s like it’s imbedded in me I know all of the symptoms so it’s like I’m constantly questioning everything. Well over the summer I started to get over the fear with advice I took and not letting myself be scared of it and from July till October I didn’t have the fear I thought I was almost anxiety free, but that is when I had the major setback!
    It started in October, I was watching this horror movie and I seen a guy kill someone and he didn’t care at all about it and then I got the thought “could I do that” and that scared me so much! I dwelled on this for like a week and then I started to question myself like “do I actually think I could hurt someone” and whenever I did that it became so hard to answer it’s like I didn’t know what I thought?! But I read about violent intrusive thoughts and I got over that fear but I’ve always had the fear of having psychosis anything like that, but then one night I went to lay down I got a thought “what if someone going through my stuff” that freaked me totally out and then I told myself that’s ridiculous and went to bed but when I woke up in the morning it was back again and just like the violent thought I started to question it too I would ask myself “do I actually think someone going through my stuff” and then it would just make me doubt myself so much and it would become so abstract that I didn’t know what I thought about it again! So I started to fear that I was having delusions and made me so upset and since I know everything about schizophrenia it’s like my imagination creates all these delusional thoughts to test myself to see if I actually believe this crap and of course I always ask myself “do you actually believe it” and it always becomes so hard to answer! Do you know what I’m talking about? Can anxiety make you question your beliefs and not know what you think? I’ve read all these threads about if I was actually delusional I wouldn’t know it or like delusional ppl do not question their beliefs but it doesn’t help! I’m always questioning myself! So are these just intrusive thoughts is that what they do? Is this just anxiety and ocd or psychosis? I really need your advice and reassurance I just need to get through this fear!

      1. robert can i put you on the list for my letter which i send out whenever moved to do so
        On Sun, Dec 22, 2013 at 10:43 PM, Beyond Highbrow – Robert Lindsay wrote:
        > Robert Lindsay commented: “Hi email me, ok?” >

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          You can read what Lori is like above. How do you measure up to the competition, you dirty little girl?

        3. Oh yeah I’m cute. I look just like Katherine Hepburn, except with aquamarine eyes but you’ll have to come here to see.

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        6. I am not going anywhere until I get an email address, a phone number or something along those lines. Otherwise I could end up in that airport waiting for you forever and you never show up. You could stiff me and refuse to reimburse me and then I would be screwed hard.

        7. My mother’s old stomping ground? You mean Chicago? Iowa?
          Hey guess what kiddo. I found your Facebook page! Boy you sure try to hide your online presence, don’t you. Found your sister and where she lives and who her partner is. Found what looks your father but I am not sure, apparently in a nearby large city.
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        8. Sorry for blowing you off. I wasn’t intending sex, I wanted you to hold my hand as I died but am better now.

  71. With you leaving racial comments, how do you expect people to listen to what you are saying? You have no references and you jump on the defensive when people do not agree with you.

    1. all cultures have certain bad characteristix
      it is our job as humans to bring these to the attent of all so that the targeted evils are eradicated & humanity emerges perfect which is our destiny
      were all god in our true nature
      we need to actualise our true nature

  72. I saw a comment where you said you work in mental health. That’s got to be tough. My sister was a few credits away from getting her Master’s in Psychology. She wanted to help others like us – we both have Bipolar Disorder and I have too many other “disorders” to list. Anyway, she died in 2010 by suicide. I wrote about it here. I’d really like if you’d read it. Thanks! It’s called “Mental Health: Spirituality, Suicide and Salvation” and you can find it here.

  73. my mum was unipolar & on the 3rd attempt she got what she wanted. she was 81. i spent years w. her & didnt work. dr. said she shouldnt live alone. no one was willing to live w. her but me. if i had to do it over again i would tell her i know this is a deep seated affectation of yours to control others & get sympathy & to spew hatred. i shouldve told her the cure for your snits/darkies is simply a decision you would make. if only death pleases you go w. my blessings. right now mentally ill people have us by the throat if we believe they are simply victims. the psychiatric profession is dedicated to giving these people meds that will shorten their lives for this is the wish of the nwo. people need to learn sefl empowerment & christian science is the best way to learn it

  74. Ok you figured it out, the Nordics and non-afro mixed western euros know they we are better. That took you how long? Ha ha, ok this is really going to stump you,.. Why? Why do we feel that? I’ll give you a clue, we are direct defendants of “god”, but not JC, the creator of man. What you know is wrong and until you look at all your assumptions and figure out the medias skew on anthropology facts, you can not arrive at the solution. I’ve given you a hundred years of hints there and still you’ll never figure it out. I’ll donate one more clue: Out of Africa has been disproven, we are the beginning and the now, we are a direct line from the creator to us, with no African slave blood. It was always intended to be that way, the creator setup the world (laterally), there is no African in any of us, probably not even you and the reason is….
    There, work on that and if you ever figure out anything post it to your site and if you,re correct, I,ll tell you more than most of the separatists leaders know, and tell you who I am and by then you’ll be begging your way into the northwest state in order to survive your fellow “Americans” from the other groups of anarchy.

  75. i think advaita hinduism is the greatest of all religions but i believe in c’y too. were the aryans all white like the iranians of today. im told blue eyes originated fr. iran & iraq. shankara was on a level w. jc. i wonder what color he was

  76. Good afternoon. I apologize for the language because it is not perfect.
    I’m Polish. POCD in Poland is not popular or people do not talk about this. I found more information about this disorder abroad than in the forums in my country.
    I suffer from about 5 years. Now I go to a psychiatrist and participate in cognitive behavioral therapy. Even though I still have doubts about who I am. I’m afraid that I’m a pedophile. My illness began with the study. I studied pedagogy because I wanted to be a teacher. Everything changed after the class of social pathologies. Then came the obsessive thoughts about pedophilia. I started to check whether children excite me. I watched images of children, etc. My obsessions caused a strange feeling in my genitals. I read here that it is “groinal response”. Sometimes it was so strong that masturbated myself to have disappeared. This feeling appear in front of the children, and things related to children. I’m afraid these feelings and I do not want this. I want to have a family and children. I always dreamed about my own kids. Before everything was normal. Then I fell in love with my fiance and I felt better. Now I have a relapse. I compulsions that rely on tensing and muscle relaxation Kegel to see if the feeling is true and sexual. I’m scared that my behavior is bad and I hurting children. This obsessions and compulsions are freak me out :(.

  77. I have had contact with Yowies.They are
    Peaceful ,beautiful , intelligent creatures ,
    &speak fluent Latin !!! I did not get
    Irrefutable proof ,before insane humans
    Destroyed our friendship.Ilive in hope…
    Their faces are not human,but are similar
    To homo habilis reconstruction.

  78. You are an insanely prolific & vastly knowledgeable writer. I may not agree with all your points of view but the range of subject matter you post on is inspiring

    1. Thank you so much Hucipher!
      If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site. Donations are the only thing that keep the site operating.
      You are also free to stick around some of the other threads if they interest you. You do not have to only comment on Egypt posts. You can comment on anything. We discuss everything on here.

  79. With all of the controversial topics you cover, I wonder: do you ever come across online threats in the form of DOS attacks, attempts to access your accounts, etc? If so, how do you protect against them? Two-step authentication?
    Great blog by the way!

    1. Thank you very much!
      No DOS attacks, I did have one hack attack on my Google account from Taiwan. I forget what happened. Google told me about it and I had to get a new password. Somehow the hacker obtained my password and got in.

  80. Hello, I’m 21 years old girl and recently I have been having severe anxieties about becoming schizophenic. I can’t function it’s ruining my life, i suffers from hocd and pocd for sometime and now its turned to believing I have schizophrenia, I am worried sick I can’t sleep t night I wake up in the night and early morning eyes wide open, I have intrusive thoughts random thoughts about harming people I love, I talk to myself in my head ( always done this) but I figured normal? I am panicking I lictraclly have started to tell a story befor about a dream that I thought was real and stopped myself when I realised. I was brushing my teeth once and seriously thought what if that time I had my teethe whitening caused me to go nuts like the laser? And I have even changed my e liquid pen because of the same reason, I’m worried sick that this is getting worse and I’m going to become psychotic, and be schizophrenic. I am very depressed about this and do no not no how to cope please can you get back to me thanks

      1. Thanks for the reply does this sound like Schytsophenia to you? I also suffer at night the most I cant sleep I think voices to myself and get really upset at the fact that it’s happening to me because of the fear of developing Schytsophenia thanks

  81. Robert, I love your work. I would like to help you. You are a linguist and I am more a language learner/practioner. We could probably do a deal where you track down some books I want and I pay you a premium for that. At present though I can’t do much. I am completing treatment for tonsil cancer. There are two kinds of tonsil cancer and I have the easier to treat type, prospects are good, but the process of cancer therapy in China and then Taiwan is going to leave me with about 5 month income and about USD 20,000 in out of pocket cost. On top of that you have the loss of weight and strength that goes with the therapy – for me about 15% of my body weight in just 2 months. A lot of money and difficulty, but in the context of the value of my life for another 35 years should I fully recover as expected, USD 20,000 is a rounding error.

    1. Tonsil cancer?! Must be a type of throat cancer. Where you ever a singer? Did you ever drink tea? Did you drink alcohol? Did you smoke cigarettes or pot?
      I wish you the best of luck my friend.

  82. Hey Rob,
    I really liked your post India is a shithole.. Most Indians are living in denial ,and with the new BJP goverment coming in things are just worsening…But let me tell you it does pain me reading it.

  83. Robert Lindsay – viewed many of your comments – never a truer word said !!, we as a white nation, are under threat & have been for many years ?????

  84. Hello. I am writing to let you know that I have arrived. I am the liberator of the human species I am the 1st coming. I have the knowledge from the gods that exist in the outer systems and I am warning you genetically inferior monkeys that the Sun is going to start its next intense cycle and you crackers who are degenerate and unable to produce melanin will die on the earth’s surface. This is not racism, hate or anything. It is truth and science. That is why all ancient civilizations are BLACK. You crackers have done nothing for the planet so now its time for you to be taken of off it. (Like in times past). That is why you have no ancient society or civilization. You have to reemerge after every 26000 year cycle because you can’t survive. So the battle for your pink pale civilization is one you can’t win. sorry monkeys..With respect Friday Jones

  85. I have been reading your wondrous & luminous articles & research for several weeks since I so fortunately stumbled upon your website. It is so rewarding to finally read TRUTH after years of PC garbage everywhere. I have only read about 50% of your entire massive blog & but I will certainly continue until every last bit is revealed!! My main question at the moment is can you go ahead and expand the 4 major races to 6 by including Capoids, Congoids (I think that is better than “Africans”) and Pygmies??!!!

  86. Mr. Lindsay, I just want to say how thankful I am for you devoting your time to objective research. You’ve done a lot of controversial topics, a couple dealing with black people. As a black teen, finding this website I was initially troubled by the content and the people that it attracted (stormfront), and effectively impulsed by how I felt rather than seeing things objectively – I inappropriately associated you with a segment of your audience.
    I’ve done a lot of growing up from being a 16 year old to now 22, much dealt with my STEM degree being the drive for logic and reason. It’s odd, but despite the implications of the truth, whether positive or negative, I’ve become content. I’ve found no reason to act negatively towards certain attributes, or potential deficiencies of blacks, amongst other things. And honestly, it gives greater precedence to tackle these problems, such as the issue with black crime.
    I remember taking a Theory of Knowledge class in high school, which I didn’t put much effort into, and in my mind I arrogantly assumed that I understood how to be rational – the concept seemed so intuitive to me, but only academically.
    Anyways, just wanted to express my thanks.

  87. Hello Dr. Lindsay I have pocd i am in desperate need of your help. Please contact me at your earliest convenience i am suffering and I need to speak with you . Thank you.

  88. Hi Robert. First of all of like to say to that reading your article made me feel hopeful, it’s the first of its kind to address this horrible obsession fully and explain the symptoms thoroughly. So thank you for that.
    I was diagnosed with Pure-O in 2012 after having my son. However, I always knew that how my brain operated and my anxiety levels were abnormal. I’ve had obsessions over death, being a murderer and my health. But the worst has got to be my schizophrenia obsession. It’s hell because I convince myself that I should either be dead or in hospital and my son should be somewhere safe. I see things at the corner of my eyes daily and now the strangest ‘symptom’ of all is that whenever I put on music or my tv, I feel like I can hear whispers. It’s bizarre. I’ve attempted to rationalise it and suggest to myself that my senses are just heightened but it’s now constant. I can’t make out the whispers, in fact i am unsure if they are whispers at all. The only way to explain it really is when I hear music or a tv programme I can hear the back ground noise, every instrument, every voice, every sound affect, so much so I find it hard to concentrate.
    Another horrible symptom is that my mind won’t stop. All internal mind chatter about utter crap that has no relevancy. I analyse the hell out of why I can’t shut down and relax for a little while but that makes me worse.
    I’ve done all sorts of schizophrenia tears online, a couple have suggested I may have early symptoms – which has totally freaked me out of course.
    I just don’t want to lose it, nor do I want to be miserable and emotional all the time. I’ve had extremely bad days recently which has worried me, I felt like dying would be the only way to grant me peace. I’ve became antisocial as my friends would never understand and to be frank, their normal happy lives make me feel even worse. Any kind of insight would be nice. Thank you for your article.

  89. Hi Robert, do you still post on here or accept emails? I can’t seem to find your email. Hope to hear back from you soon

  90. Hi Robert,
    I love your posts about India and think they hit the nail on the head in diagnosing India’s problems. Great job!

  91. Lindsay,
    I see that in order to not anger the reader base you have renounced being 100% who you are on this blog.
    Most posts look like… they are for sale.
    I know you and I know you are avoiding something you would like to say, so as not to drive away readers.
    Maybe you need this, maybe you like this, it’s not my business.
    But I can take interest only in Robert Lindsay’s writing, not in Robert Lindsay’s persona’s, and this blog has, for some time now, not been what it used to be when Robert Lindsay wrote it.
    From time to time I’ll check if by some miracle things are back to how they were.
    bye for now

  92. Jewish person not listed on your WTC 9/11: Abe Zelmanowitz – who stayed with his Christian friend who was a parapeligic. Abe told Ed’s nurse to go and he and Ed would wait for help.
    The nurse got out.
    Abe and Ed called their families and said good-bye.
    President Bush deemed Abe a hero.

  93. So sir, I’m very good at feeling whether things are going negatively, so I tend to deflect the actions of others, aka warn and run away. However, this isn’t necessarily the case because it’s happened a handful of times because I work downtown in a rather populated areas with many bars and restaurants nearby. My biggest fear is someone going homicidal which means two things to me – run away or do something. I feel that since I’m a biology major and I know where all of the vital hit points are, I should hide and essentially wait and strike if such a thing happens. Is it wrong for me to imagine me doing the obscene if something happens before it does? If I hear my coworker calling bloody murder down the street, me as a tiny girl could never help out with girth unless I could hide and strike, I could only do so stealthily…. is that premeditated murder since I’m thinking about it now or am I just being safe in such an event?

  94. Hey Robert!…
    I know this is an old post but I’m just looking for some reassurance…so when I was around 15 years old my brother was diagnosed with(drug psychosis )and then after a few year was later diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia…witch I think was the onset to my anxiety/panic attacks witch then led me to have harm ocd witch was absolutely horrible being so young I thought something was really wrong with me so I also developed depression I was like this for quite a few months and then I started to feel like myself again!…started living a fulfilling life all though in between this I suffered a little bit from health anxity but nothing that really seem to bother me that much…anyway fast forward 15 years later I’m now 30 with to beautiful kids and a loving partner!…..about two and a half months ago I suffered severe health anxiety witch then after 15 brought me back to hocd witch was so horrible at the time I couldn’t eat or sleep I was having around five panic attacks a day and just not feel myself….now that those horrible thoughts have gone it’s turned into a fear of developing any serious mental illness(schizophrenia bipolar pychosis manic depression) it’s pretty much developing anything that involves psychosis my biggest fear is see/hearing things…and having first hand of someone with schizophrenia(my brother) it’s terrifying…and I’m always thinking I’ve got more of a chance of developing it because it is in my family….and also I am so awear of my surroundings it’s driving me crazy!…I’m constantly double checking what I’m hearing is actually there and asking the people I’m with at the time if they here it to and everything I see out the corner of my eye I’m constantly double checking it’s really there….and I’m constantly worried I’m showing signs of psychosis….I’m forever google every serious illness witch is making me so much worse it’s consuming my hole day….but the scariest thing happened to me the other night I was woken from a horrible nightmare and thought I seen something in my room and total freaked out with anxiety/panic I’ve got myself so convinced I’m in the early sighs of psychosis!…and if I’m not I’m feeling like I’m going to make myself have it with all this worrying about it….please help I want my life back…

  95. Hi Robert. I can’t help but notice in the suspect photos, one photo in particular appears to be cropped with a dark colored object in the left hand side of the frame. It could be another person, perhaps jacket, walking in front of him. It bothers me because it does not fit with the brush or surroundings. Could it be other people on the bridge, Libby? I’m curious no one has mentioned this dark sliver and explained what may be there. Have you asked any questions specifically around this? Do you have any thoughts? Thanks for your insight.

    1. Robert just sent you some money it said oakhurst technologies is that correct?
      Send me my PW suspense is killing me

  96. i dont know how to evaluate indians because they are so mercurial which isnt a bad trait. theyve an oceanic quality. theyre not into selfdefinition or specificity in general i dont think theyre intrinsically bad people generally though i imagine there are criminals among them which i didnt run into in my month in india or my 3 weeks in nepal. they could be called vapid since they defy classification. i think one has to be quite advanced prily in order to appreciate them. they appear to be very quick witted but thats because hinduism is huge making the hindu believe same is god which is explicitly taught in mainstream h’m & called udvet/advaita. perhaps one has to be a religion junkee to like the hindus. they dont relate much to details/specificity. in india constantly i was given items including money id dropped & my glasses & i dont think i was stolen from once. the lack of concern for specifics though leads to lack of cleanliness & lack of concern for prissyness such as when one walks past a cheesemonger in a bazaar & sees a man spitting into the simmering cheese pot in order to break down enzymes & hence produce cheese

  97. I live by Delphi and travel past often. I would lie to have the password? I will add knowledge as I receive it. Unfortunately I don’t know any of the players. I do have DOC experience. I posted how to look up release dates by going to the Indiana department of correction website. Look on the right side for offender locator.

  98. Dr Lindsay, I am quite sorry that you’ve been put through so much pain by people of Nigerian extraction and that even now, the effects of such evil activities are not appreciated by most people from this Country, Nigeria. I actually faced a situation like yours when I was studying in Russia and Ukraine. Based on all what I heard and saw, I initially drew the conclusion that EVERY RUSSIAN CITIZEN WAS A SPY.
    It took me quite a while to appreciate that that isn’t possible – I was confronted by evidence from such events as exiling of dissident scientists, the need to maintain labor camps for undesirable elements, the mass internal exile of members of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the exodus of Russian Jews to Israel, interactions with my Jewish lecturers, etc to realize that my initial assessment was wrong, way wrong. I came to the conclusion that even if so many are spies, people are still individuals with the choice to live by the stereotype or to reject it…I want to thank you for bringing into public view, the degenerative processes that have seized the people of this land (Nigeria)…
    Like a compatriot by the name Emmanuel said in his comments, Nigerians aren’t ‘raised’; most no longer know the straightforward way to live, do business, raise a family, act towards others; a succession of societal ills has destroyed the fabric of civility and cultural norms so we now have a nation apparently in a state of war with the consequences of war on families, youths, morals, but without an external aggressor; a situation akin to every-man- for-himself.
    I only have a favor to ask of you, Dr Lindsay: Please whenever you write about Nigerians or Nigeria, don’t forget to reserve 2 words of encouragement for the 2% who have to live with the rest of the mob. Thanks once more… Keep up your good work.

  99. Robert,
    I must be in the lower IQ range. Tried to send money through Pay/Pal. Kept saying info was missing even though I supplied full Visa information.
    Try again, later. I enjoy your blog, your writing style, sly wit, and the various subjects covered.
    I Wonder

  100. Hi there,
    I was trying to view the comments for the Delphi murders, but it password protected. I had my own theories but I know you have more info than the general public. I wanted to see if my theory still works by cross referencing it with the comments. I also believe this POI is a serial killer rapist.
    Have you looked into the Lyric and Elizabeth murders from 5 years ago? The info provided to the general public makes it seem like it’s the same serial killer.
    Can I have the password for the protected comment section?

  101. I’ve tried to email you for some reason the web is in working I’ve got some questions to ask by email I stumbled upon your website. The stories I’ve read happen to me and I’d like to get professional opinion on what to do. Post jail time.

  102. Rob, sent a blank $20 Money order 7-29. You should have it soon. Do you think the cops are throwing a “Grim Sleeper” move ( surreptitious DNA collection) on your boy, and that’s why this (an arrest), is taking so long? I’ll bet you this dude is being VERY, VERY careful with his trash (with his DNA on it.) I’m sure he saw how the LAPD finally nailed Lonnie Franklin as the Grim Sleeper, and he’s determined not to make the same mistake. -GR in L.A.-

    1. Surreptitious DNA collection cannot be used in court and probably is not even good enough for an arrest. All it will do is tell the cops who did it. Then they have to go and gather enough evidence for an arrest and trial.

  103. Saw you’re 10-6-17 post regarding some guy calling you a racist. Left the first comment about that. P.S.- I happen to be a black guy.

    1. Wow! You are a Black guy! Maybe it’s soft racism, but I simply assumed you were a White guy. Not sure why. You act like a White man. You don’t act Black in stereotypical ways, which honestly a lot of us Whites don’t like. Actually I assume that all of the men and women on my forum are White! Is that racism? I’m not sure.
      Anyway, yes, I try very hard to not be actually racist towards Blacks on this site. Believe it or not, my co-blogger is an anti-racist Black woman, and she actually watches over me and makes me act good. She’s sort of like my mother in that sense. Every time I write about Blacks, I always pretend she is looking over my shoulder and having to approve everything that I write. I hate to say it but if she was not around, I would act worse. Before she showed up here, my writing about Blacks and other non-Whites was sometimes worse than it is now. I am actually glad she is here because she forces me to be on good behavior.

  104. Hey Robert, I love reading your posts because it gives me hope and comfort, but here’s my issue, so recently I’ve been diagnosed with OCD, now the thing is I was expecting to have been diagnosed with a psychotic illness and here’s why, i had a panic attack over having voices in my head and that being due to schizophrenia, so I eso Internally that I don’t have a voice in my head, bad idea, because that also triggered me Into saying internally “yes you do” so I freaked out big time, even tho I knew it was me, but because of the panic it caused, I couldn’t stop replying to myself as if it were a voice, and now, it’s gotten to the point 4 months down the line where I am that scared it’s a voice that I believe that I am insane and have developed another thought process in my mind, while having said that, I still feel like it’s me doing it, and that it’s or totally out of my contrtol, I just can’t seem to stop doing it because it comes just like that, also I don’t believe I’m delusional as I know the only place this all comes from is my mind, no where else other than myself, even if my OCD tried to convince me it does ( once read that’s a delusion and got scared about believing it), so yes basically there is an internal thought voice that I kind of feel like it’s me doing it but get scared that it’s a voice of schizophrenia, so 50/50 on it, what I would like to know is, if I’m dealing with a thought voice like this, how do I only have OCD and differ from those with schizophrenia, also there are times where I’m fully emerged in something that it doesn’t happen because I’ll not obsessing over voices, but most of the time im always obsessing over it, even tho that’s the biggest problem in it’s self, thankyou.

  105. Just one tiny observation – to me this would have more sense if the chronology would be from left to right, meaning that the anatolians separated first and the indo-iranians in fact didn’t separate (they were the last ones) and became the second stage of IE, while the more European languages evolved differently. That impressed me so much at this map, but your explanations seem to contradict it. Not important, you might know better, only please tell me who’s the author.

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    But herе’s wherе thе ability соmes in…
    Сhris is соncentrating оn Amаzon, СlickBаnk & JVZoo internеt affiliate nеtwоrks…
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    Аnd that meаns it’s a FЕEDING FRЕNZY for smart аffiliates like us.
    OK, you аlmоst сеrtаinlу wish tо knоw why I’m so еxcitеd аbout this.
    Evеrything is explаined in this training vidеo…

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