PUA/Game: Some Women Simply Want to Be Mistreated

Polar Bear: Some women like meanness. Women out of abusive relationships often want that abuse repeated. Robert has mentioned a girl forced to wear diapers by an uncle developed a diaper fetish. Rape victims I’ve met want a man to take charge even more.

Many women like Ashley Bennett from Ink Master let their emotions takeover. I’ve met many women like this, they often want a man to stabilize them.

Being too good is a turnoff for many women. I know a guy who does everything women say they want and many women are encouraging him. Yet, none of these cheerleaders step-up and date him.

A woman’s ideal can do whatever he wants. Women tend to understand weakness more than strength. Weak men are exploited by women often, and even a very weak man can overpower most women physically. Being weaker does give some women a foxy cleverness.

You know how many young women, as in 18-20 years old, have dumped me recently for being too nice, or really for not being mean and evil enough? There have been a number of them! I keep wondering if I should start acting evil and mean just to screw some barely legal hotties, but I just can’t do it. I don’t have it in me.

They seriously wanted to be mistreated. They literally wanted a guy who treated them like shit.

It’s no secret that women eroticize their abuse. Lots of females who get raped develop rape fantasies and even rape fetishes. They only like sex is it’s rapey-type sex. And a lot of girls who got molested eroticize their experiences and develop older man fetishes. They often become promiscuous too.

I knew one who’s uncle had started molesting her when she was 9, he brought these friends in to join him when she was 12, and then it went on until she was 18. A lot of gangbangs. They took a ton of photos and movies of it too. She was all screwed up from it for a while, but then she decided, “Hey, I need to get over this. I’m just going to say it was fun and I liked it to help me get over it.”

So she did just that. When I met her she was 24 years old and hot, and her sex life was having sex with all these different older men, and I mean 20+ years older. She was a bit of a robot but I guess she was healthy. As she had eroticized all of those experiences, they were part of her fantasy life. She had even become fascinated with all the photos and video they took of her and she had gone on a quest to find some of it.

Obviously it would be totally illegal but how many cops would arrest you for having child porn of yourself where you’re the minor having sex with the adults? A number of people had sent her stuff that they thought might have been her, but none of it was. I guess it was “teenage girl” CP but that’s typically hard to prove because with a lot of them, you can just say she could have been 18. Perhaps some of it was with teenage girls who were obviously too young.

A lot of girls who get molested develop older man fetishes, and the men are often 20+ years older.

And a lot of normal women want to play age-play games in sex. You know how many women have asked me to act out that stuff with them? “Ok, I’m the teenage girl, and you’re my father…” Do teenage girls really want to fuck their Dads? If not, why do so many have this weird fantasy?

Alt Left: Does Getting Molested and Raped Always Cause Intrinsic Severe Long-Term Symptoms in Females?

Polar Bear: What would you do if your perfect little angel, that you love more than anyone, is violently raped by a grown ass man?

Child Molestation and Child Rape Are Two Completely Different Crimes

Most child molesting isn’t violent rape.

That’s usually a different crime called child rape. And child rape does occur. It happened to my sister at age 11. Guy pulled a knife on her and her little friend while they were walking in this fairly wild area. We never heard that this had done anything bad to her. Certainly she never talked about it. But she flips if you say the words “rape” or “molestation” and shuts down the conversation. So I spell the words out sometimes when I’m around her. But other than that, I’ve never heard that she suffered any long-term harm from this very violent rape.

Much child molesting is more or less consensual. That is, the kid goes along with it. Of course kids can consent to sex past a certain age. Psychologically they can. They can’t legally though. I think 90

What If My Daughter Got Molested or Raped by Some Man?

It depends. If it was actually child rape via a stranger and a weapon, sure it would be bad, and I don’t really know how I would deal with it. If he was molested with coercion, that’s also very bad. I’m not sure how I would deal with that either. But if she was molested consensually and had a neutral or even positive attitude towards it, I would act differently. And believe me, it’s very common for kids to react to consensual child molestation by saying it was fun of pleasurable. Neutral actions are also extremely common.

Not every kid flips out and gets horribly traumatized by getting molested. I think I would tell her that I didn’t want her letting any more grown men to do that to her. I would say it’s weird, strange, and not right. You really need to stop. If you keep doing this, it could be harmful to you. Mainly I would want her to start resisting if a man did this to her.

If she had a neutral or even positive attitude towards getting molested, I would be very happy because there’s usually no long-term harm in those cases.

I would say:

Look it’s not bad or awful or horrible or anything like that. It’s nothing! It’s no big deal. It’s not something you should make a big deal out of. That’s just something weirdo men do. Ever seen weird men doing weird stuff with kids, like yelling stuff at them or doing creepy stuff? Well, it’s like that. Weird idiot men are everywhere and they often try to do weird, stupid things to kids.

I would tell her not not see it as a trauma and freak out and make a big deal out of it because that what causes the harm. I would just brush it off with a great big attitude like this:

It’s nothing, forget about that stupid idiot, let’s move on. Don’t even think about it anymore. It was just a stupid thing some weird idiot man did to you. But it wasn’t harmful.

But I would tell her to be careful who she told about it. I would also tell her not to feel guilty about it as she did nothing wrong. I would tell her that girls who freak out about getting molested and adults who run around screaming how horrible it is is what causes the harm in cases of consensual molestation.

If it was consensual and she had a positive or neutral attitude towards and did not incorporate any negative feelings about it, by college she would be completely over it. Maybe even a lot sooner.

In a sexology book, I read that consensual child molestation used to not cause much harm back before 1950. They treated it like it was no big deal, brushed it off, and told the girl to forget about it. My mother told me that my aunt got molested as a girl when she was ~7. This might have been ~1940. I will have to check. I told my Mom about how people used to treat it like it was nothing, and the kids suffered little harm. She said my aunt had gotten molested at age 7 and everyone just brushed it off, told her it was nothing and to forget about it, but to not let any man do that to her anymore. My Mom said my aunt suffered no long-term serious harm from getting molested. In fact she may have suffered little to no harm at all!

Most of the Harm from Consensual Child Molestation Comes from Everyone Freaking out and Making a Big Deal out of It

In cases of consensual molestation, everybody running around screaming:

How horrible! You got ruined! You’ll never be the same! He stole your innocence! He committed a terrible crime against you, a horrible violation! He violated your body! Your personal space! You need to go to the police and then go to court to testify against this evil man who did this evil thing to you! You got abused!

He abused you! You got molested, one of the worst crimes of all! Pure evil! You got raped! He raped you, the worst crime of all! He’s the worst evil maniac on Earth! Here, we have to send you to a psychologist right now because many or most women who got molested as girls can suffer long-term lifelong harm, and we don’t want that to happen to you!

Then they shuffle her off to a bunch of therapists. I’m not sure they would even say the last sentence because the popular nonsense nowadays is that child molestation causes intrinsic and automatic harm to any kid who gets molested:

It causes trauma! And the trauma lasts a lifetime! No woman who ever gets molested as a girl is ever over it! It effects her for life!

First of all, this is not true. It’s not automatically and permanently harmful, and up to 50

Four Women Who All Got Over Being Raped, Molested, Beaten Up, Imprisoned, and Horribly Abused by Men

I knew four women around age 50 who all got molested as little girls.

One was a 50 year old woman who I got involved with for a short bit who was molested at church at age 8, church youth leader, apparently a pedophile. She told me she was totally over it. She said, “It’s weird because it feels so good but it’s wrong.”

Another was a 50 year old woman who I dated for a bit. She got molested by an uncle or a family friend, probably a pedophile. She was a little girl. She told me she was totally over it.She’d also been raped violently a few times. One time the guy broke in and almost killed her. Another kind was a date rape gone bad. She was over the molesting and she told me she was over the rapes too.

She’d also had a number of men pull guns on her in cars and burst into her house with guns pointed at her. She had a husband who beat the shit out of her for years. She told me she was pretty much over all this abuse men had done to her in her life. Weird thing was she still totally loved men.

And when she talked about a particularly horrific rape where she was beaten, imprisoned, tied up and raped for hours, she had a weird twinkle in her eye and a sly sexual smile on her face as she talked about, like it turned her on! I thought, “What the Hell is wrong with this chick?” Women tend to eroticize their sexual abuse, either molestations or rapes. That’s just the way they are.

Another was 55, a girlfriend for 5 1/2 years. She was 11 and a 13-14 year old boy on her street had sex with her. I don’t think that even counts! That’s practically childhood sex play. She also got raped at age 18-19. Almost date rape. It wasn’t violent. Black guy in Jamaica. She told me she was over both of the incidents.

One was a 52 year old woman, a  girlfriend with 1 1/2 years, who had a brother who had sex with her when she was 5-8. I think he was 13-17. It was their “little secret.” Unfortunately this crap goes on a lot. They usually don’t even call it molesting if it’s another minor doing it.

She was into really perverted, dirty sex where she liked to be totally dominated and even degraded. She liked to be “treated like a slut” as she put it. Pretty quickly after I met her she referred to herself as a slut and a whore casually.

She liked the idea that I “owned her” as property like she was some sex slave. She wanted me to “mark” her or “leave my mark on her” to show that “I owned her and she was my property.”

She told me she was over the molestation but she had had a very rapey, weird, and sick relationship with a sexual sadist with serious sociopathic tendencies who was definitely dangerous to women over a 5 year period. She said she got raped every day over 5 years. How is that even possible? And she didn’t even try to stop him. “It would be no use,” she said. She claimed that this was a time of horrific rapes but she always talked about all the extremely dirty sex they had and she had this look of fondness in her eyes as she talked about the sex. And she always talked about the sex during the five years of horrible rape when we were having sex. I think she eroticized her abuse.

I told her I liked to hear about the dirty sex she had with this guy, and she flipped out and told me I was fantasizing about her being raped! That’s bullshit. No one lives with someone and gets “raped” every day for 5 years if you’re not even fighting back or protesting. Fight him off! Resist him! Hit him! Call the police on him! And for God’s sake, leave him!

Also he had some very dirty sex acts she liked to practice and she was always asking for me to do that stuff with her. So she had basically eroticized getting “raped” over 5 years. That relationship turned abusive and he turned very mean. She told me there might be five good minutes in a month. The rest was just pure evil, living with a hostile monster. Yet there was still continuous sex!

She had a bad bone condition where she needed regular operations or her joints might literally fall apart. Once she needed an operation so she told him to go easy on part of her hip. Well, he started specifically making the sex where he singled out this hip area and almost attacked it during sex. If the joints would have broken, she might have died. She said he was basically trying to kill or at least seriously harm her.

She ended it after 5 years and had to move back into her Mom’s house to put herself back together.

I don’t think she was over this trauma, but she didn’t seem all that screwed up by it and she never talked about any bad symptoms she had from it. In fact, she had eroticized it and she often talked about this horrible monster rapist maniac with an attitude of fondness in her face, eyes, and voice.

She did suffer from depression and had attempted suicide before I met her. And she was suicidal part of the time I was with her. But I could never make any connection between her depression and suicidality and this rapey relationship. I never asked her if she had any trauma symptoms from this relationship, but I knew her for 1 1/2 years and she never mentioned having carry-over trauma symptoms even one time.

Sociopathy and Psychopathy as They Relate to LE Officers

From an anonymous commenter: Many law enforcement officers have strong Antisocial Personality Disorder (sociopathic) tendencies. It makes parts of their job easier. It is also why there is domestic violence in up to 40

It is often excused as job stress and either kept in the home or behind the “blue wall.” Unlike the hardcore sociopath, the vast majority do have a conscience and sometimes that gets to be too much or they realize they are going to get caught in some nefarious deed, and they kill themselves. There has been an unusually strong stigma for LEO’s to seek mental health help when they get depressed or PTSD symptoms worsen. That is changing slowly.

I believe that sociopaths are created and have a small conscience. Psychopaths on the other hand do not.

Most psychopaths never spend a single day in an institution. Our former president is a good example. Controlled psychopaths are a dime a dozen. LE, the military, business, law, and even medicine (particularly surgery) are full of psychopaths. One study found 10

I have seen figures like 1

Female psychopaths are a lot different and are mostly dangerous to your wallet. They are just stereotypical “thieving whores.” The various sex industries are full of these women. 45

Not very smart at all but in some ways, she had a genius IQ in manipulation, scamming, and lying. She was not a prostitute at the time but had been one in the past. Even former prostitutes are usually bad news. As my Mom says, “You can take the girl out of the whorehouse, but you can’t take the whorehouse out of the girl.”

Whores see men as walking ATM’s. Of course most date men and have boyfriends, but they also drain your bank account and I would advise all men to not date or get into relationships with prostitutes, having had the misfortune of dating a few whores in my life. The porn industry, stripping, etc. is full of women like this. The porn industry is also full of male psychopaths, who are much worse.

On the other hand, male psychopaths are out and out dangerous to your life and limb because they often engage in physical violence.

On most negative variables, the male variety tends to be more virulent and is often a menace, while the female variety is more moderate and is mostly dangerous to your ego, spirit, and sanity. Women just aren’t as “florid and  extreme” as men. Men are like the desert, blazing hot in day, and freezing cold at night. Women are the Mediterranean, more moderate all year long  with few extremes in weather.

For instance, there are more male geniuses, but there are also more male retarded.

Women attempt suicide 5X more than men, but men are 3X more likely to complete it. With women it is often the stereotypical cry for help. But men don’t mess around. Also women use pills, which are notoriously unreliable for suicide. Men don’t fool around like that. They use a gun and get it over with.

The male versions of mental disorders such as Bipolar Disorder tend to be  more virulent, aggressive, violent, psychotic, and wild as they specialize in wild manias. Whereas the women of course tend to be depressed with fewer and more attenuated manic episodes.

Sociopaths are created by society and are hotheaded and not usually very successful. They tend to act on impulse. They do sometimes feel a certain amount of remorse for their acts because they do have a conscience, albeit a weak one.

Psychopaths on the other hand appear to be biologically created perhaps with an additive factor of abuse and head injuries in childhood determining whether one becomes a controlled versus uncontrolled psychopath. Psychopaths are cool-headed, cold and calculating. In contrast to the sociopath, they have no conscience at all. Psychopaths are probably more dangerous but I’m not quite sure. It seems like you might be able to work with sociopaths, although it would be very hard. They give off this “salvageable” vibe to me. I doubt if you could do much work with psychopaths at all.

Having been arrested and thrown in jail twice and having spent a whole six hours in jail, I am quite familiar with psychopathy in LE officers, though they don’t all have it. For every crazy asshole violent sadistic cop, there’s one who’s a lot nicer and more toned down.

One thing I noticed was some prominent sadism in the police who arrested me. They really got off on throwing me into walls, etc. And they loved calling me a faggot. Really got off on that and wouldn’t shut up about it, although I’m not gay. After those experiences, I’m not much of a fan of cops, though I take them as individuals and some are really cool. A lot of others are huge assholes. I think police are best avoided in your life because any time you have police anywhere near your life, there’s probably something bad going on. The further they are from my life, the better.

I don’t care anything about cops or ex cops like detectives, especially if they just work homicide or robbery. I’m probably not real keen on narcs or narcotics officers. I’ve talked to a few of them and they were all self-righteous, sanctimonious dicks. They weren’t very nice either. To them, drugs were evil and they were doing God’s work.

Most detectives probably don’t give two shits about most crimes other than their specialty, especially the chickenshit stuff I got arrested on. Why should I hate a cop who just tries to catch murderers?

I did an interview for a possible attempted homicide with three homicide detectives, two from New Jersey and one from my city.

They were really nice to me but they weren’t going to let me fuck around. Also they didn’t care about other crimes. They asked me if I had committed other crimes. “Like stealing stuff.”

What can you say to that? Of course I’ve stolen a thing or two in my life, but I don’t make a habit of it. I said that and one smiled and said, “Oh, you stole things out of cars, for instance?” like this was the most innocent thing on Earth. If I said yes they were not going to hold it against me. I found that absolutely amazing. I asked about drugs and they said, “We don’t care about your drug history. We’re not interested in hearing about it.”

To tell the truth, they were very nice, warmhearted and congenial guys! I would not want to be in their custody though. I’m think they could turn on the bad cop pretty quick.

Game/PUA: How the Patriarchy Oppresses Womyn: All Their Money’s for Them, and All Their Money’s for Them

I am womyn, hear me whore In numbers too big to ignore

Variation on lyrics from a popular song by Helen Reddy, “I Am Womyn” 1971, long ago in another world.

From a comment from our illustrious co-blogger:

Alpha Unit: Biologists, anthropologists, and the like have written for a long time about the practice observed across animal species of giving nuptial gifts. From an article by the Royal Society:

“Nuptial gifts are widespread in the animal kingdom. Snails, squid, crickets, ladybirds, bedbugs, butterflies, fireflies, and humans have all been known to deliver gifts to their prospective mates in attempts to improve mating success.”

It is almost always the male of the species who presents the gift. Males seem to realize instinctually that sexual access is going to come at a cost to them.

As far as humans are concerned, I think women have evolved to expect or demand something in return for sexual access. As these anthropologists and others will tell you (and as we all can see), the burden of reproduction falls mainly on women. She’s the one who has to carry a child to term, deliver that child (sometimes at risk to herself), feed the child from her own body, and spend most of her day tending and watching over this defenseless child.

Giving a man sexual access was a huge deal for a woman, with the potential for a huge downside for her. I think women evolved to secure something from a man in exchange for it. And nothing has really changed. When a woman is sexually involved with a man, she naturally expects his favor, time, attention, help, resources, etc.

Some women are open about the transaction they’re making with a man. They specify right upfront that it’s his money they want. And plenty of men are okay with that!

“All women are whores” is a very blunt, crude way of acknowledging these things.

Typical woman. You’re defending it. But I believe you told me you don’t do this stuff? If it’s so great, why don’t you do it? You’re defending the scam because your tribe (the womyn) is making out like bandits on it.

My Mom defends it to the hilt too, even though she thinks whores are lowly, disgusting women, assuming they weren’t coerced into it. She also thinks they’re incorrigible. “You can take the womyn out of the whorehouse, but you can’t take the whorehouse out of the womyn,” is one of her favorite sayings. She also says the the prostitute with a heart of gold is a lie made up by Hollywood.

I told her that actual prostitutes, including porn stars, strippers, etc. were basically the worst women on Earth, and she nodded her head and said, “Well, of course.” 45

As a rule with humans, once a group of humans gets in on some sort of a scam, they defend it to the hilt. Almost all the Punjabis around here are high caste – jats or landowners. I’ve asked many of them about caste. As a general rule, all jats – nearly 100

Nowadays they make just as much money as we do. But if we want to get laid, we have to give all our money to them. I they want to get laid, they had a pocketful of cash. Must be awful tough to be a womyn, huh?

All their money’s for them. All our money’s for them*. The evil patriarchy sure is oppressing those womyn!

Screw that noise.

I’m an older man and I’m supposed to have a bunch of money. I don’t, but maybe I’m an aberration. Anyway, I may well have more money and resources than a young woman. I’ve dated young women aged 18 and 19 recently who had no car, no money, no real job, and no place to live other than their parents’ house. Neither knew how to drive a car. We would go out to eat or for coffee and I always paid for everything. On the other hand, there was a 40 year age difference between us and they didn’t have a dime. And I did have more resources than they did. I had my own place and a car at the very least. And I knew how to drive.

I don’t mind the idea of an older man with resources sharing some of them with a very young woman just starting out in life who doesn’t have a nickel.  That’s just socialism, the people with money sharing it with the people who don’t. Also with a 40 year age gap, I’m aware I’ll probably be paying at least some money. I’m willing to  pay for dates, but $400/week? “Give me $100 so I can buy a new outfit?” Hell with that. I can buy a real whore cheaper than that instead of a pale imitation who doesn’t even know what she’s doing in bed.

Are you familiar with the Ache? Primitive tribe in Paraguay living in the Chaco, a near uninhabitable region of nasty jungle. In the 1950’s, they were still living primitive lives and had had barely any experience with civilized life.

There were no STD’s. Everyone screwed everyone, all the time. Note that the prior two sentences may be connected.

Mom typically had a few kids by her 30’s, usually from a few different men. I’m not aware if they had any abortifacients. All of the different men helped raise all of the kids. None of the kids was the slightest bit damaged by being raised by a single Mom or not particularly knowing or caring who his father was. Of course all of the men helped raise the kids, so it’s not like there wasn’t a father around.

But I’m not sure about the best family environment being one man and one woman in a family structure. Maybe a village can raise a child after all. However, notable attempts by socialists and Communists to destroy the family structure in kibbutzes and communes in the USSR in the 1920’s and in Israel didn’t seem to work very well for whatever reason.

Couples would take off and go into the jungle to have sex all the time. Adultery was commonplace. Monogamy was rare. None of the women charged the men a nickel for sexual access.

*To be clear though, in recent years, women my age haven’t charged me at all, and in fact some of them even paid my way everywhere because they had more money that I did. But that never lasts long. And recently women my age (60’s) don’t demand money. I had a date with a 63 year old woman a few weeks ago, and she insisted on buying her own coffee. They usually insist on paying their own way for some reason. I guess when you can’t really sell your body anymore as it’s past its sell-by date, a lot of womyn quit charging.

Repost: A Look at the Cluster B Personality Disorders: Narcissistic, Psychopathic, Borderline and Histrionic Personality Disorders

This is an old post that people are commenting on. I just reread it and it’s so good that I thought it was good for a repost. I’m actually shocked at how good it is. I’m reading it and I’m thinking, “Wait. I wrote this? No way, forget it. I’m not that good.” But maybe so, eh?

Rahul: Have you met someone with multiple Cluster B personality disorders?

Nope. I have never even met one person with a diagnosed Cluster B disorder, much less multiple ones. Each disorder is its own syndrome, and I doubt if many people get diagnosed with multiple Cluster B disorders.

But I have met people who I thought were psychopaths or had psychopathic traits or Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD).

I’ve met people with obvious Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

I’ve never met anyone with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), but I have met people who I believe had it, and my friends and relatives knew people who had it.

I’ve never met a Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD) or anyone who I thought had it.

These are the “Insufferable Asshole/Total Fucking Bitch” Personality Disorders. They can also be called the “Satanic Monster Straight from Hell” Disorders. For the most part, from my vantage as an introvert, most all of these people are anywhere from lousy to out and out horrible people. All the men are assholes. And all the women are psychobitches.

The common denominator in the Cluster B disorders is drama and chaos. All of these disorders generate large amounts of both. Another common trend is profound selfishness or self-centeredness. A lot don’t care much about most other people. And even when they do, they typically don’t treat them very well.

Cluster B types are extremely crafty, and many hazy Borderline women with Borderline traits without the full disorder are able to function quite well in society, albeit their personal lives are typically mired in drama and chaos, the two hallmarks of BPD.

These women are called “High-Conflict Women,” and they are literally everywhere, walking landmines stalking our society in plunging necklines and yoga pants. They’re bait, the flashing lure of the femme fatale darting through the human current, daring you to bite.

A female psychologist runs a website warning men about these psychobitches. The page I saw ran to 500 pages. These women typically hook up with good, decent, nice men. These men are very good people. I suppose you could call them nice guys except that the term has been so abused nowadays. These bitches attach to these men like remoras and literally suck the life out of them like any parasite does.

The therapist states that there is basically no cure for High-Conflict Women, or if they do get cured, you never know when it might happen, so you should not hang around suffering for a day that may never come. Recovery, if at all, may be decades into the future.

Why they attach to these good, kind, decent men is unknown, but they probably think these guys are suckers or doormats for their abuse. Face it, very few hard masculine men are going to cotton to these harridans. These women don’t end up with typical macho men because most of these guys would probably just kill these fucking bitches.

These Cluster B types can be very crafty and are often able to control their behavior very well. They are like the boss who sucks up to her superiors and then turns around and beats up her underlings.

Many Cluster B’s are “controlled” Cluster B’s such as “controlled psychopaths,” etc. The controlled psychopath type spends their life riding on the edge of the law, sometimes barely slipping over. Yet old studies show that most psychopaths never spend a day in a jail or prison. Instead they are what I would call “legal criminals.” They’re slippery as eels and oily as kerosene.

“Legal criminals” as in, say, our President for instance, who is absolutely a case of severe NPD. In fact he has a malign variety of NPD called Malignant Narcissism, the most extreme type of NPD. This is narcissism that has gone so far off the rails that it is moving out of narcissism and heading off towards psychopathy.

One famous clinician from the psychoanalytic days described Malignant Narcissism as “pure evil.” Indeed, a few serial killers have been Malignant Narcissists. I think the best diagnosis for Ted Bundy is not psychopathy but Malignant Narcissism, and I am not alone.

So our great MAGA president has literally the exact same mental disorder as Ted Bundy has. Let that sink in. Donald Trump is Ted Bundy. Granted, Trump is a controlled variety, a “legal criminal,” and Bundy was a severely uncontrolled variety, but they both have the same disorder.

Oh one more thing. It is universally acknowledged among clinicians that if Malignant Narcissists are anything, they are dangerous. Every one of them, no exceptions. So Mr. Trump is a dangerous man, but most Americans can probably figure that out by now.

The two disorders, narcissism and psychopathy, are on a continuum, with one view having psychopathy as an extreme version of narcissism.

Histrionic PD has typically been thought of as “psychopathy in the female.” This is correct as psychopathy in women is not nearly as bad as it is in men, and it typically results in this lousy woman called “the whore.”

Indeed, 45

They’re the bitches you go out on a date with, and when it’s over, you are $50 poorer (which you had no intention to spend – she just weaseled it out of you), and you didn’t even get laid. And yes, that sentence is autobiographical.

An argument has been made recently that BPD is simply psychopathy in the female. Traditionally it was thought of as “narcissism in the female.” Men get NPD, women get BPD, but it’s the same disorder just presenting differently between the sexes. As I alluded above, HPD has often been thought of as “psychopathy in the female.” Men get psychopathy, women get HPD,  but once again it’s the same animal varying by gender. This HPD female psychopath is the femme fatale or the basic “whore” personality.

They’re bad human beings, but psychopathy in the male is so much worse because psychopathic men are so much more physically dangerous, whereas women are not particularly violent physically. Psychopathic men cause far more damage to society than psychopathic women do. Women can be verbally and spiritually violent, and they can kill a man’s soul if he doesn’t toughen up enough, but they are typically not physically violent. Women almost seem to have an inborn aversion to physical violence. They nearly recoil at the mention of it.

Whores just lighten your wallet, often unsuspectingly. Male psychopaths, at least the uncontrolled type, are often literally monsters who commit a tremendous amount of aggression; abuse other humans wantonly, callously, and habitually; and feel not one iota of guilt about any of it. A female psychopath might take your money, but a male psychopath might take your life.

Cluster B folks are extremely manipulative, so they are often able to hide their disorder while at work. Narcissists are experts at this, and psychopaths are always hiding their illness by the very nature of the condition. They don’t call it the “mask of sanity” for nothing. Poor functioning BPD’s often cannot work at all. But some very bad ones are able to control the illness the whole time they are at work, yet the minute they get home, the psychobitch comes out to play, and they abuse, manipulate, gaslight, and generally drive insane any other main person in their lives, typically a husband or boyfriend.

I had a female physician client like this. She had an extremely kind face, and she rescued stray animals, especially cats. She was a good doctor and a model of sanity at the hospital, but the minute she got home, the human black widow spider leaped out and sucked her husband into her devious crazy-making nightmare of a web.

That’s why I don’t have a lot of sympathy for these “Asshole/Bitch Disorders.” When I realized that they could control it completely for eight hours at work only to unleash their terror and entropy the moment they walk into the front door to come home, I lost sympathy for them.

I thought, “They can control it. They’re just choosing not to.” And indeed, most Cluster B’s very much enjoy being horrible. They get a kick out of it.

Narcissists love to be assholey jerks. It’s entertainment to them.

Psychopaths of course live to prey on other humans, often abusing them sadistically for sheer kicks.

BPD women can be profoundly mean, and I think they might get off on being superbitches. They also seem to actually enjoy being crazy. I had a BPD client, the most severe case of BPD I have ever seen, who honestly didn’t want to give up her disorder. I finally concluded that she actually enjoyed being nuts. Maybe it’s exciting? My sister knows BPD’s very well, as she has dealt with many of them as part of an outpatient program she goes to. She affirmed to me that BPD women very much enjoy being crazy.

Female Histrionic PD femme fatales and Mata Hari types exploit, manipulate, connive, con, and in one way or another steal from others, particularly their male partners who are driven to Hell and back. I’ve never known one, but I imagine they get a lot of kicks out of this wild, sadistic, exploitative, and at times psychotic condition. They certainly lead “wild lives.” They probably get about as much fun out of being wicked HPD’s as male psychopaths get out of being sociopathic. Apparently a sociopathic lifestyle is quite a kick.

I believe that what women want most in life is “peak emotional experiences.” So I just answered Freud’s baffled question. The emotions can be good, bad, or ugly; up, down, or all around, this way or that way; forwards, backwards, or standsill. It doesn’t particularly matter.

They’re all peak experiences, either good or bad, and this dramatic feral behavior seems to provide women with what they desire most in life.

If you think about it, women are like drug users. What are “peak emotional experiences?” They are “rushes.” So the woman lives for the rush, up or down doesn’t particularly matter, it’s all wildness and living life to the fullest as they see it.

And what happens when we take drugs? “Rushes.” They can be good, bad, or six ways from Sunday, especially when you get into the hallucinogens, but face it, it’s always a rush one way or another when you are high on dope. Without the rush, dope isn’t even dope. It’s nothing, a handful of leaves, sand, or water in your hands. Dope is literally the rush itself.

Rushes don’t have to be good. Even bad rushes can be good if you like it wild. The fear of the bad trip is part of the rush. Live dangerously. Roll your own cigarettes. Drink your scotch straight. Die with your boots on. These are the ways that men live wild lives, but women have their own version, which is more based on wild emotions themselves as described above.

Bottom line is that Cluster B people get along great in our society because they are extroverted and often successful. Many have excellent people skills. They are expert manipulators and they can get a lot done and achieve a lot of things, albeit sometimes via nefarious means. I would say that our culture itself is essentially a Sociopathic or Cluster B Culture. So America is a Cluster B country then.

Despite their success it’s obvious to me that almost all Cluster B’s are either an insufferable assholes, sheer monsters, or psychobitches from Hell at least part the time if not most of the time. They’re not very nice people, to put it mildly.

But our society likes angry, aggressive, Type A extroverted assholes. We are an “asshole society.” Look at our president. Real close. Trump is is us, me and you and him and her. He’s our reflection in the mirror. He’s all around us every day, everywhere we go. Trump is the quintessential American – the good, the bad, and the ugly, the whole nine yards.

You would think that being a total bitch or a huge raging asshole would get you fired from a few jobs here and there, and sometimes Cluster B’s do lose jobs.

Borderlines can be so disturbed that they can’t work at all.

Almost all narcissists can work and they often rise to high levels in society.

Controlled psychopaths can work and often rise to very high levels. They do tend to get fired more than average, but they usually land on their feet and bounce right back like nothing happened.

Histrionics can definitely work, albeit often at shady jobs. Many prostitutes, porn stars, cam girls, strippers, and so on have Histrionic PD. And if you study the life history of a lot of these women, many of them are lousy people.

Never get involved with a whore or a prostitute. It’s one of the worst mistakes you can make as a man. Some strippers are ok, but even those are often moody and nutty. And they tend to be huge prick teasers. A lot of HPD’s have the callous exploitative character of the prostitute.

A lot of female porn stars seem to be horrible human beings. On the other end, I’ve never known a female porn star. But reading around, many act very bad, and they are often arrested and are in and out of jail, especially after they leave the industry. Many have serious drug problems while working and afterwards. Suicides are surprisingly common. I would not get involved with a porn star if I were you.

Many prostitutes, strippers, and porn stars are low level thieves. Callous, hard, cold thieving bitches. All of these prostitute types are exploitative, mercenary women who regard men as walking ATM’s, and, like all “whore” types, are out to drain your wallet and bank account, run up all your credit cards, and then leave you high and dry, spinning in a circle, feeling like a hurricane just hit you, and thinking, “What was that?” This is exactly the experience many victims of male psychopaths also describe.

Game/PUA: Females Hate Nice, Decent Men and Love Angry, Mean, Aggressive, Violent, Criminal and Evil Men

Look at women. The angriest, meanest, ugliest, most criminal, antisocial, psychopathic, sociopathic get more women and girls than all the rest of us put together. Women love criminals. They love evil men. They love monsters. They love bad men.

However, I don’t think they all do. A girlfriend told me that 1/3 of women love bad or evil men. That’s probably about right.

This is why all of the PUA advice down through recent time has always been “act like an asshole,” “treat them like shit,” etc. This never made much sense to me, as it’s never really worked for me – they just yell about what a dick I am and take off. But I guess it works for a lot of guys.

That’s why nice guys get rejected. It’s not the stupid feminist lie that “they’re not really very nice after all.” That’s laughable. As if women hate guys who aren’t nice.

The real reason is that women think niceness is pussy. They think nice guys are unmasculine pussies. They’re just not mean and evil enough.

I had a date a few years back with a woman who lived 90 miles away. She dragged it out for six months before I got even one date, and even then I didn’t get laid. What’s the point? Why expend all that effort? Why do we go through all this trouble to get even one date?

Anyway, this woman had a long history of getting with violent men who pulled guns on her; broke into her house and pointed weapons at her; raped her (several times); kidnapped her, tied her up, and raped her over an 8 hour period; beat the shit out of her; and most recently, dating a former Marine who tried to strangle her in his sleep.

My Mom said, “You’re too nice. She only likes bad, aggressive, mean, especially violent men. You’re not like that, so she dumped you.”

She’s right. I just wasn’t psycho enough for this woman.

Masculine and Feminine Styles of Going Crazy

Borderline Personality Disorder manifests in different ways according to sex and gender. Borderline women turn a lot of their rage inwards into pain in the feminine style, while Borderline men turn their pain outwards into rage in the masculine style.

In both cases what is being internalized or externalized is something I would call different things: Pain, hurt, negativity. Possibly pain fits best. So in that sense all outward rage is simply inner pain directed outwards. And all inner pain is simply outward rage directed inwards.

Also a very high percentage of Borderline men are gay or bisexual. This makes sense as BPD is a female or feminine disorder. Borderline is simply the way that the Feminine Spirit goes crazy, and in that sense, all women are a bit Borderline.

Females go crazy in histrionic, borderline (both dramatic), and depressive (inwards) ways.

Males go crazy in psychopathic, narcissistic (male styles of dramatic, which are often quite aggressive), and manic (outwards and not uncommonly aggressive) ways.

  • Narcissism in the male or masculine person = Borderline in the female/gay man  or feminine person.
  • Psychopathy in the male or masculine person = Histrionic in the female/gay man or feminine person.
  • Mania in the male or masculine person = Depression in the female or feminine person.

I have argued before that male and female psychopaths or criminals are different, hence, we have masculine and feminine criminal styles:

  • Generalized criminality with a lot of aggression and even violence in the male = Prostitution and thievery in the female.


NSFW: Some Women Actually Enjoyed Getting Molested As Girls


Warning: This post contains a lot of highly disturbing material adults having sex minors, including the child molestation of little girls. If you find this sort of thing disturbing and upsetting, then don’t read. If you do read don’t come back and tell what a horrible person I am for writing about this sort of thing.

Also, a caveat: I am not saying it is a good thing for men to molest girls when they are young. Clearly, many girls are harmed by this practice. In quite a few cases, they get over it quickly, but one can argue that there was still harm. If someone robs me and I get over my trauma soon enough, but I still got harmed, let’s face it. And many girls are harmed long term by being molested, and in quite a few cases, the damage lingers into adulthood.

Some of the sequelae of getting molested are Borderline Personality Disorder, involved in the sex trade, masochism, addiction to abusive men, low to zero desire for sex, difficulty in maintaining sexual relationships, and PTSD.  There may be others but these are the only ones I can think of. Some studies have even visually mapped this damage on brain scans.

Now it’s quite obvious that women who get molested vary. Many suffer long term damage, but for many others, the damage is short term. An unknown group of others actually regard the experience as positive.

For those who regard the experience as positive, the sequelae are nonetheless similar to those who got harmed: involved in the sex trade, masochism or a desire for abusive sex, addiction to older men, and the most prominent of all – promiscuity, often extreme promiscuity.

It’s not PC to say that some women liked it and were not harmed at all, but that’s the science, so that’s the conclusion that we need to go with. Such outcomes may have discussed in the famous paper by Judith Reiner et al around 1999 which said that harm from molestation stemmed whether it was consensual or not.

Girls who went along with and agreed to it experienced short term or no harm at all. Those who were coerced (the majority) often experienced long term harm. Pedophiles have been using  this study to justify the molestation of children, which was to be expected. Nevertheless, the science is the science and we must support the truth in all cases, which by the way is an Alt Left position.

The fact that even many women who were harmed nevertheless enjoyed the sex is well-known and this is part of the therapy of the problem.

I knew one woman who was molested at age 8 and got over it. However she said the experience was confusing because it felt good but it was wrong.

Girls and later women wrestle with this internal contradiction. Many of those seriously harmed often experience extreme guilt over the fact that they felt pleasure in being molested. This is one of the main issues that needs to be addressed in  any therapy.

Any man who intends to molest a girl, regardless of the legality of the matter, ought to think of the consequences for the girl. That girl may well be harmed very long-term, for decades or maybe for life. In that sense it is like stealing from her, beating her up, or out and out raping her. Maybe you should think twice about that.

Besides, if you get caught, your life will be pretty much ruined. If you go to jail or prison, you will be in serious danger there and may well be attacked or possibly even killed. You will be on the Sex Offender List for the rest of your life with all the consequences that flow from that. I would say think about it.

This nonsense has been going on too long. Earlier we could plead innocence of cultural values, but now we know better.

The practice is widespread across cultures and is very common even in some primitive tribes in places like Australia and New Guinea. It was very common in ancient Rome and among the poor in  the West during the 18th and  19th centuries when it was associated with crowded conditions. Even today in India, 53

My own position is that we men have been having sex with those little girls forever now. Isn’t about time that we knocked it off! It’s a human rights issue.

Some women who were molested as girls found the experience positive. Not only were they not harmed but they claimed it was positive and beneficial.

I know it goes against everything you heard, but it’s true.

Some molesters are simply extreme libertines or trysexuals. They have no particular interest in kids and instead are just the types who “try anything” sexually.

I have talked to a couple of women who were raised in “loving families.”

I talked to one who spent half the year in Hong Kong and the other half in the Caribbean and started having sex with her mother and stepfather at age 6. This continued all through teenage years when she was known as the blow job queen at the local junior high (White boys only).

She was a Black woman with a White man fetish, as her stepfather was White, and her Mom was Black. She continued to have sex with her stepfather and maybe Mom to this very day. These “pedo families” are fairly common. It was all a big secret, and she didn’t want to give me too much information, as she was worried I might go to the police and get the mother and stepfather in trouble.

I also talked to an 18 year old girl from the US Northeast who was in one of these families. I guess it was the cousins and the uncles or just the males in the family. They started having sex with her at age 8. She had two sisters, one 14 and another…I forget…9? Both of the girls were also having sex with each other and with the males. It  was all a big secret. I am not sure if any of these men were actual pedophiles or not.

I talked to a British woman age 24 who started getting molested by her uncle at age 9. They apparently “trained” her to be a total slut. From age 13-on she regularly had sex with the uncle and his older man friends, including gangbangs with groups of these older men. She told me about one gangbang when she was 13. They made her recite some line from “Harry Potter” when they came on her.

At some point she got really fucked up about all this as is typical, but then she decided that if this happened, I may as well make the best of it and learn to enjoy it and label it is a positive experience.

She now had a serious older man fetish, and she regularly has sex with older men in hotel rooms, etc. Other than that, her sexual interests were pretty normal.

These older men who had sex with her as a teen took a ton of photos and videos of her getting gangbanged and whatnot. She admitted that it would turn her on to see this stuff and she had been asking around the underground community to try to find the videos of herself, if they ever got distributed that is.

She said people had sent her a bunch of teenage girl CP, and she had looked at it but didn’t find any of herself. She wasn’t really worried about getting caught.

She called me “Mister” and had sort of a strange robotic, emotionless way about her. I saw her pic and she is really hot. Apparently neither her uncle nor the other older men were pedophiles.

I met another woman about 40 who had grown up in one of these “sex families,” and she thought it was a very positive experience. Her father had started having sex with her at age 5. Her sexual interests were pretty normal. Her father was apparently not a pedophile.

I met an 18 year old girl college student from the Midwest who worked as a stripper. She was really nice but she didn’t talk all that much. Her uncle raped her when she was 12.

After that he turned her into some sort of a total sex slave. He trained her to deep throat, and she was also a toilet slave (yuck). She liked some one aspect the latter but not the other part of it.

He tied her to the bed all day when he was gone and put diapers on her if she pissed or shit when she was tied up. He also made her wear diapers when they went out. That’s all pretty gross to me, but she told me that now she had a serious diaper fetish as a result.

He also stuck a dildo her in mouth and taped it in, and she would have to have this thing in her throat all day. This was deep throat training. I asked her if she vomited but she said if that thing is in your throat you can’t puke, which is probably correct. This was all to train her to deep throat.

He also made her have sex with another 12 year old girl at age 12. I asked her why she continued this abusive activity for years, and she said she felt she did not have a choice, and she thought he owned her, which I guess is what he told her.

The uncle also took a ton of photos and film. He got caught when she was 17, and after a trial was sentenced to a long prison term. I asked her what she thought of that, and she had no opinion. All of the photos and videos were confiscated, and there was a ton of it.

Mom was a severe alcoholic and the girl had a lock on her door as a teenage girl to keep the raging mother from coming in and beating her. I guess the mother either allowed the sex with the uncle to happen or she was too wasted to care. The uncle was not a pedophile at all, as he started having sex with her at age 12 and continued til age 17.

She was a total submissive into perverted, abusive sex involving degradation, humiliation, etc. She wanted to be dominated or dommed big-time. I actually liked her and thought she was a good person. She was vaguely bisexual but mostly into men.

I met another who was as Berber woman from Northeastern Mali. Her Dad had started having sex with her at age 9. She and her father were in love. She was 23 years old now and still having sex with the father.

The father pimped her out as a prostitute, and this is what she did all day – got fucked by men. She was into some sort of male worship and said she was put on this Earth to serve and be a slave to men, and she didn’t want any pleasure herself. She was also heavy into degrading sex – the more degrading, the better.

She had sex with women but considered herself straight because she got no pleasure from it. Some of the johns would bring in a girl or a woman and pay for a lesbian show. She told me that she had been “cut” via genital mutilation, and she said all the girls there got cut this way.

I argued that this was bad, and she was very defensive of it and thought it was great because she thought females should just be slaves to and serve men and not get any pleasure themselves.

She was a rather curt and unfriendly person with a list of 100 rules about stuff you could not talk to her about or what sort of tone you had to have with her. She was pretty arrogant about this and quit talking to me after I complained. She was bitchy, difficult, curt, short, and in a chronically annoyed mood.

She thought she was better than other people – she had some narcissism. She got a college education in London and then went back to Mali. She said it was a difficult neighborhood around there with Al Qaeda Islamist types out and about.

She most of these people were apolitical. There were all sorts of warlords and organized crime/smuggler types who were in the area, and these Al Qaeda guys were just another group of gangsters and warlords and really had no particular political or even religious philosophy. Her father was not a pedophile.

Lousy Women Part 1: Worst Date Ever

Onto my worst date ever. Only maybe six weeks ago. The latest one was just a thieving quasi-whore. I matched her on Tinder and she wanted to date immediately and I am sorry but that really is a huge red flag right there.

I have had a couple of dates off Tinder and neither one jumped me right away. It took four days conversation with one and a month or so with the other until I got a date.

The only women who want to fuck you immediately are whores, thieves, scammers, these quasi-whore thieving bitches. The ones who wanted to fuck either stole money from me or tried to steal money from me. If they want to fuck right away, they are probably thieving scammers.

So I go down there, pick her up and it’s automatically scammy. She’s from Texas and out here all alone. She’s not living at a regular pad but instead she is saying at some Home for Wayward Women Drug Addicts.

She was on meth really bad and got put into this drug program somehow. She was telling me about how her father and grandmother both hated her guts and I was sympathetic. Now I see why they hated her. She’s an evil psychopathic thieving cunt from Hell.

Female readers: I am not calling all women bitches and cunts, but clearly quite a few women are bitches and some are even out and out cunts. But many women are neither. I am talking about a certain species of shitty women. I am not talking about women in general.

This is already getting weird. Finally I see her and she’s dragging a suitcase. Can she stay at my place for a few days as she is completely homeless? This completely takes me aback and once again this is very suspicious and scammy.

She is all alone, broke and homeless in a strange city and she tells me she is thinking about whoring to get the money she needs to get by. Red flag!

Not only are whores and all of the other camgirl whores, amateur porn star whores, picture seller whores, porn star whores, and stripper whores mostly all horrible women, but wannabe whores and ex-whores are also terrible.

The real whores you can use for sex, you can watch the strippers or the camgirls perform, you can buy amateur porn videos or the nude photos, but do not get involved in a dating relationship with any of these types of women.

They are basically thieves who live their whole lives to steal from us men by promising or giving out sex. To her you are a human credit card or a walking ATM.

We go into a store and I buy her some smokes. She doesn’t want to be seen with me because “people will talk.” This is a huge scammy red flag as these thieving cunt types often don’t want to be seen in public with you.

Later we go to a Starbucks but she won’t come in with me. We go to a drug store to buy her a bottle and she ditches me in the store.

Men if you are ever involved in any dating situation where the woman acts like she does not want to be seen in public with you, it is a huge red flag and she’s possibly trying to scam you.

We agree to my place and have sex. Earlier I had bought her a sex toy at an adult video store because she wanted one to masturbate with.

I also bought her some female horny pills. Well the pills start working and she’s getting really horny. If I don’t want to fuck her, she is going in my room, lying down on my bed and using the toy to get herself off. That’s how horny she is. I get a tit feel for a minute or two, which is nice.

Transactional dating. If you want to go out with them, you have to spend money on them. I paid a bill for her, bought her a sex toy and some sex stimulant pills and a bottle of booze. Basically the deal was you buy me this stuff and then I will fuck you.

Actually she was technically homeless and she said she wanted to move in with me for a while. She brought a suitcase to my house. She refused to come into my house with me, once again not wanting to be seen with me. Huge red flag again. She wants to stay in the car awhile.

I go in and later she comes in. She talks for an hour or so a bunch of weird babble and recites some great poem she wrote that is going to be a hit song except it is truly an awful poem.

My brother is over there and we chat for an hour or so. Her suitcase is in my room. All of a sudden things get really weird and she has to leave for no intelligible reason.

I told her she stole $70 from me and I called her a thieving whore. I said you ripped me off. She gave me her ID as collateral and said she would pay me back.

She shows up the next day and wants her ID back. I say give me the $70. She tries to pay me $25 of it, then we fight over the card for a while and things get weird because I won’t give the cunt her ID until she gives me some money.

Somehow she got the card out of me without paying any money. Somehow I followed her outside the house but then she took off running to a waiting Uber driver. She’s just a thieving cunt. She’s not even a proper whore.

So $70 for a titty feel. Something tells me that’s not worth it.

Unbelievably she calls me back a few days later and has her own place and invites me over. But she needs $70. Heard that song before. Blocked her.

Cunts like that have as their sole purpose on this Earth to steal as much money as they can from us men. This one was a certified psychopath. These bitches are the enemies of all of the men.

Sometimes I dream of a world where we men would get together and just kill cunts like this. In a truly patriarchal society like Arab society, she would have been killed a while back. That’s one good thing about patriarchy. It keeps the women in line.

Are Psychopaths Evil?

I am not sure if any of you readers have ever dealt with a true, pure hardcore psychopath, male or female. I’ve met maybe two in my life and a couple of others who had traits but maybe not the full disorder. They were bad news too and even the ones with traits ended up damaging me.

If you have met them did you get the feeling that they were evil? I do not like to use the word evil, but I can’t think of a better way to describe psychopaths, male or female.

In addition to the  woman described below, I have also dealt with a male true psychopath, and he also could be described as evil for lack of any better word. Like her, he was also mixed race – in this case half-Black and half-Hispanic. His background was Cuban. He was simply a monster or better yet a devil. Pond scum who frankly ought to be deleted from the planet.

In a way psychopaths are almost what I would call pure evil. We know what evil is in a vague sort of way, and we run into bits of it on a daily basis. But when we finally deal with a true psychopath for a long enough period of time (often only a few hours), we finally see what we now recognize as our concept of pure true evil manifested in a single human being. In other words, when you look at a psychopath, you are seeing the face of pure, true evil.

Psychopathic women are also monsters just like psychopathic men, but they are usually a lot less aggressive, destructive and violent. Instead they are just lying, thieving cunts from Hell. While male psychopaths are much worse than the females, we should not kid ourselves: there are absolutely some women out there who are pure evil.

Portrait of a Type: The Psychopathic Woman or “The Whore”

I recently dated one – a Black woman. As you might guess she was more or less a whore like far too many Black women. Actually, to be fair, the woman was actually 50

I had some very unfortunate dealings with this evil cunt, and she was absolutely a female psychopath. I had never actually dealt with one up close. This was also the most manipulative woman I have ever met. In addition, she was a pathological liar, in fact she was one of the most brilliant liars I have ever met. She was basically a con artist and a very skilled one at that. In a way her social skills were absolutely brilliant. And that was on top of a not particularly high IQ of ~80.

Female psychopaths are similar to male psychopaths in a lot of ways, but they are not particularly violent or even aggressive. They’re just more or less charming thieves, or thieving whores is more like that. These diabolical cunts exist on this planet for the sole reason of stealing from us men.

I used to wonder why men killed whores, but I am starting to get it. About half of whores are the most evil bitches of all. This is as bad as a woman gets – a whore, a thieving, conniving Goddamned whore.

And “whore” is the typical outcome of the female psychopath. On the other hand in my opinion, male psychopaths are much worse than the female ones. The males are much more aggressive and dramatically more violent. The females are a bit hard to spot, as their basic demeanor is seductive, so they seem friendly at first. This is what makes them such brilliant con artists because initially they are quite attractive, especially in a sexual sense.

I have never met an actual White female psychopath, but I have met a pretty psychopathic Hispanic woman. Actually I dated her too. Her and her evil little sister. Yeah, I dated two women at once, a first for me! And they were both hot too, 23 and 29 years old. And I was ~58.

The date was a catastrophe but at least I did it, and a good part of the date was spent with the older one flirting with me when she wasn’t try to out and out grab my dick. She and her wicked bitch sister were both quite skilled liars. They were liars but they were not pathological liars like the bitch above. But they were pretty good liars. They both stole $20 from me somehow or other.

The thing about these women is that like most psychopaths they are brilliant at thinking on their feet and instant decision making. Often their words, decisions, and behavior don’t seem to make sense at all and you are left wondering, “Why the Hell did she even do that? Why did she say that? How weird.”

Their behavior initially seems strange, unfathomable, and even incomprehensible. The emotion that they leave in their wake and impart on their victim is mostly chaos and confusion. Everything seems to happen very fast, and things are changing all the time. They basically wrap you into some sort of a spell with their charming lies.

My brother was visiting me at the time when I showed up at my place with this evil bitch. I ended up taking the bitches ID (well, she gave it to me) as collateral for the money I spent on her which I argued was fraud because I gave it to her on the condition that she would have sex with me, and as usual, she didn’t fulfill her end of the deal. The number of “thieving whores” like this out there is very high and it would blow your mind to know how common they are. My co-blogger Alpha Unit told that those are the worst women of all. She also said that they all have an extreme hatred of men.

The next day she came back to get ID, but I kept it and insisted she pay me back for the money I wasted on her that she stole from me. What followed was a whirlwind of behavior that was baffling and hard to follow. It threw me off my toes and was an absolutely brilliant performance.

She somehow ended up getting her ID back from me and giving me zero dollars of the money. How she did it was diabolically complex, and in fact she tried a number of plans until she found one that succeeded. Her plans and lies changed on the spot. She would figure out one set of lies or a plan was not working and she would switch on a dime to a new plan and a new set of lies. It was almost a masterpiece performance.

After the bitch left it was like I had been hit by a hurricane that whirled into my life, caused a lot of very weird confusion and destruction, and then whirled away like a tornado before I could blink an eye. The main emotion I was left with was, “What in the Hell was that? What in God’s name was thing on two legs I just experienced?”

The conclusion is that this was a female psychopath, and the feeling after they use you and vanish is the same feeling you get after a male psychopath does the same thing.

People who deal with male psychopath also describe a charming man who magically appears in their lives followed by a lot of very weird behavior that someone sucks you into it. They end up harming you in one way or another, usually to get something out of you, and then they also whirl away like a funnel cloud while you are spinning in your room asking, “What the Hell was that thing I just experienced?” That “thing” was a male psychopath.

So both male and female psychopaths whirl into people’s lives in similar ways, cause a lot of somehow charming chaos and drama, and then vanish as soon as they magically appeared, leaving you used, burned, and harmed in some way or other. Not to mention bitter and out for vengeance.

And with both types you are left spinning asking yourself what the Hell you just experienced. You are asking this because ultimately the behavior of a true psychopath is quite strange, and they are extremely different from most humans to the point where they almost seem like aliens.

It took a couple of days of conversation with my brother until we decoded all of the weird things she said and did. What seemed incomprehensible and baffling and counterintuitive at first was actually all part of a fiendishly brilliant master plan if you will. I assume that all psychopaths act something like this.

And the plots and dialogues of the average psychopath’s master plans are so complex and hard to comprehend that I assume a lot of people never really figure what the meaning was behind the words and behavior of the psychopath who just harmed them. Psychopaths almost have a PhD in con artistry.

Male and Female Psychopaths: Some Differences

SHI: Just as there are evil men, there are evil women, and it’s very hard for these creatures to disguise their intentions. They should not be shown any mercy or grace. It is usually safer to avoid them, but if you are forced to interact, make it very clear that you understood who they are and protect your boundaries.

In the Medieval Ages, such women were beheaded for sorcery or conspiracies. They are bad news and have no soul.

Basically evil bitches from Hell! I’ve been running into a lot of these lately. Mostly young women who are gold-diggers. To sum up, they are basically trying to steal money from me. They are worse than whores because at least whores give you something in return for your money. These monsters just steal your money and give you nothing in return. They are almost all young women. I think it is because I am an older man.

I lost $80 to one of these harridans not long ago. She was 1/2 Black, 1/4 Hispanic and 1/4 White. She was pretty ghetto, was basically a whore (prostitute), and had the personality of a The Whore (the worst female personality of them all).

I am convinced that she was a female psychopath. Indeed, 45

When a woman goes psychopathic, she basically turns into a whore and a thief. She can be very psychologically and spiritually violent, but not physically violent because women are just not like that. Physical violence is a trait of men only. These women are about as bad as a woman gets – a whore and a thief – typically both at the same time.

However, male psychopaths, while not usually whores (except for gay men, and yes, a lot of gay psychopaths are gay whores when young), are typically thieves, and they can get a lot worse than that. That is because the male psychopath is often physically violent, and that is downright menacing and dangerous as Hell.

Females, even female psychopaths, are just not violent. It’s simply not in the character or soul of the female to be like that. Women almost seem to have an inborn physical revulsion towards physical violence, like the very thought of it physically repulses them and makes them nauseaous.

The most evil women I have ever known definitely drew the line at physical violence. I have heard evil women discussing how they are going to get back at their enemies, and the subject of homicide came up, and every one of those women would draw back and put a line in the sand, “Well, wait. We can’t kill them. We just can’t do that.” Any other evil women within earshot would nod their heads.

If you think about it, it’s not adaptive for females to be physically violent. For one, she might kill her own kids! The trait’s not going to get passed down that way. For another, think back to caveman days to those Alpha Psychopathic Caveman who were monopolizing all the women with harems while making sure via terrorism that most men were not able to breed.

Picture one of these maniacal cavemen if you will. Now think of whether these caveman psychos would put up with any physical violence from the women they were lording it over. Hell no. Any physically violent women back then would probably be promptly murdered by those dangerous men.

And as SHI notes, physically violent or murderous women were killed as sorcerers, witches, or conspirators by men back in the Middle Ages when humans were not nearly so civilized and kind-hearted as they are now.

You can have society with murderous men, and we have exactly that all over the world. But you can’t have a society where 100

Women Who Live to Beat Up the Men in Their Lives

SHI writes: “Women respect integrity…”

There are douchey women with absolutely no integrity whatsoever. I think they share every bit of contempt for good honest men as their douchey male counterparts.

If you want to score with them, you have to be a sick perverted man and lie through your teeth. They absolutely hate a man with integrity because in a relationship, such men would not satisfy their whims. The pesky moral conscience gets in the way.

These asshole women are like gold-diggers but not all of them are after money. They simply gain pleasure out of controlling the men in their lives, through sex or whatever. It is important for them to be the abuser in the relationship while playing victim to the hilt. These bitches are promiscuous and easily get bored of their husbands.

Being an ASSHOLE is a choice, not restricted to any specific gender.

I’ve had some girlfriends like that! I swear some women are just sick. They look for men who they perceive as weak or soft so they can beat the Hell out of them, mostly verbally, in the relationship. They insult you and have a sadistic gleam in their eyes when they do it. They insult you in front of groups of people. They insult you when they first meet you.

When they first meet you, they will laugh in your face, insult you, and then basically proposition you by asking you to come stay with them for a couple of weeks! It’s a bit jarring, like “Does this crazy bitch like me or hate me or what?!”

I still meet women like this to this day on dating sites. I met one a while back. She was arguing with everything I said and shooting down all my comments as “inappropriate” or “immature.” I basically wasn’t allowed to talk about anything, as I guess everything I said was not proper somehow. She was almost laughing while she was talking to me.

These women are very condescending towards the men in their lives. I have a pretty soft voice and generally come across as a pretty soft-spoken, soft sort of man. I’m not a wimp at all, but I am not the most masculine guy in the room, and a lot of people mistake that for wimpiness.

However my Mom pointed out that wimpy means a man who won’t fight back, and I absolutely fight back. In fact, I fight back so hard that I am quite proud to call myself a psycho. I don’t attack, rape, rob, and kill innocent people, but you mess with me and you’re going to be awful sorry! You screw with me and I’ll kill you is my attitude.

These bitches make a beeline for me, and their eyes light up when they see me. When they talked to me, it seemed like they were almost laughing under their breath the whole time, making fun of me.

Unless you are some crazy masochist who likes to get beat up by his woman, you need to avoid these women at all costs. They’re sick. They’re basically sadists.

A Brief Look at Histrionic Personality Disorder

Rahul: Have you ever been acquainted with someone with Histrionic Personality Disorder. Is so, can you describe your experience?

I never known one of this particular variety of human monster, thank God for that. Very, very bad. HPD is the personality of “the whore.” Pornstars, prostitutes, strippers, sexworkers of all types. One reason not to date or get involved with prostitute-type women is because this is the personality that most of them have. Get involved with a prostitute and you get involved with a monster, female version. Mata Hari was the original HPD. The HPD woman is the “femme fatale.” She’s a black widow. She will draw you into her web and kill you one way or another. A lot of people think that HPD is how psychopathy manifests in the female or feminine character. Men become psychopaths; women (and effeminate men) become HPD’s. ~75 Basically, they’re monsters. Just another group of Cluster B psychos that will ruin your life like the Borderlines, Narcissists, Psychopaths, and the rest of the motley crew. Similar to other Cluster B personality disorders, Histrionic Personality Disorder forums are often tumultuous and frequently have to be either policed or shut down due to HPD’s coming in, starting fights and making huge scenes. And also similar to other Cluster B forums, HPD forums usually have few to no HPD’s (because they don’t think there is anything wrong with themselves) and instead are full of the victims of HPD’s, sort of like how Borderline and Narcissistic PD forums are mostly full of the victims of these particular type of monsters. Antisocial PD forums instead are full of psychopaths because psychopaths love being psychopaths and like to run around on stage shouting to the world how cool it is to be a psychopath. Psychopaths literally think being a psychopath is fun. Antisocial behavior is actually their idea of a good time, believe it or not.

Feminists Are Vile Scum Part 35,027

The thing is that all feminists react exactly as this woman is doing. I have some feminists close to me and I brought up the notion of crazed, out of control, psychobitch women which all of us men have to deal with, and I was met with this precise response: That the very idea of calling women out of control meant that women should be controlled by men. No, women should not be controlled by men. They should also be controlled by women, kids, society at large, the police, their employers, Hell, even God I suppose. There is one of most persistent notions of feminism: That women have a right to be as evil and insane as possible, that this is good, it’s empowerment, it’s fighting back, and anyway, women have a right to blow up and go insane all the time! And if you try to stop them, you’re a misogynist. This is generally followed by a completely contradictory argument that women are no crazier or more emotionally unstable than men, or in fact, as many feminists insist, that men are more nuts and unstable than women. At age 83, my feminist mother finally admitted to me that women are more emotional than men. Much more emotional. She looked completely deflated when she admitted that. She’d been upholding this lie her whole life, and finally now in old age when she’s got nothing left to lose, she can finally let go of it. And my Mom’s not even a crazy type feminist, at least not on the surface. God knows how she feels deep down inside. Actually I shudder to think about that, having some insight into her deep psyche. Feminism is pure poison. It’s cancer. It’s mental illness. It’s brain rot. It’s blood poisoning in the very veins of human society. It’s got to go. Feminists are the enemy, pure and simple.

Libfems Versus Radfems

Interview with Gail Dines, radfem, about her anti-porn book Pornland. The interview was written up on the site of the New Left Project, so apparently both libfems (such as the author, Sarah Ditum) and radfems like Dines are both part of the Left. I do not think men should blanketly oppose feminism as much of the reactionary Manosphere wants us to. However, choosing to support libfems and to oppose radfems seems to be a rational thing to do. In opposing radfems, we avoid the trap saying, “We oppose feminism,” or a cryptic, “We oppose some feminism.” We lay out exactly which feminism we oppose (radfems) and which we support critically (libfems). Radfems strike me as mentally ill people. As someone who works in mental health, I do not see why I should support a movement full of mentally disturbed people who seek to impose their mental illnesses on society.

Female Prisoner Too Violent to Ever Be Let Out

Here. She obviously gets some sort of a DSM diagnosis. So what do we give her? Antisocial Personality Disorder (sociopath)? I am not so sure about that due to all the self-harm, although she is vicious. Since when do sociopaths display all this self harm? Sociopaths hurt others, not themselves, and they only kill themselves when the jig is up. They commit suicide to avoid arrest or in prison to avoid the pain of imprisonment, but only rarely in other cases, though some get alcoholic, depressed and suicidal in middle age as the sociopathy starts to burn itself out. I think she has some psychopathic traits though and would score fairly high on Hare PC-L test. She mostly looks like a Borderline. Borderlines can be quite violent, even female borderlines. And borderlines are notorious for horrific self-harm, suicide threats and suicide attempts. They are not usually this violent though. This crazy bitch has murdered a fellow inmate and attacked guards several times, carving up one’s cheek. Is there a syndrome called Borderline-Sociopath or Sociopathic Borderline? If there is, she might be something like that. Whatever she is, she sure is awful evil for a female. Females are not usually this bad. Females can be evil, but their evil is more annoying and infuriating than dangerous. Male evil is much worse because it is menacing, violent, dangerous and homicidal. I have dealt with some evil females in my life and while I wanted to kill most of them at the time, obviously I never did it or even tried or plotted. On the other hand, none of them were really dangerous to me. They were just trying to be as infuriating as possible to provoke the maximum possible violent and crazed reaction from me. I call it “trying to get murdered.” I will take female evil over male evil any day though. Evil men are terrifying. Evil men have tried to kill me, and I say that with all seriousness. I have had scenes with evil males where it was literally kill or be killed. “I either try to kill these guys, or do nothing and let them kill me.” Others have not tried to kill me but instead beat me very badly, even with heavy objects. As long as humans are not physically dangerous, they can sort of be tolerated no matter how wicked they are. But violence and the threat of injury or death via attack is a whole other matter.  

Crazy Women Ahoy, Pull Up the Anchor and Leave

Repost from the old site. Ah, crazy women! I suppose if I were really nuts, I would not mind a crazy woman. After all, I would probably deserve her, right? Sad thing is, I am hopelessly prejudiced against crazy women. I don’t like em. I discriminate. I also require that all females be no more than 10 Women find out I am fat-prejudiced, and they go nuts, I mean ballistic. Beggars can’t be choosers and all that. Hey, look, I have to have sex with this creature, so I have to be able to tolerate your unclothed appearance enough to be able to do that, and at 50, it ain’t a walk in the park anymore, baby. I have enough problems of my own to deal with without crazy women on top of everything else. I remember this one crazy woman, I broke up with her, and she goes and punches a hole in the wall! Whoa, baby, hold onto your horses! I broke up with you? Hell, you should be happy! She used to swallow handfuls of acid tabs (like five hits at once) when we went out on dates. She drank like a fish. She would smoke any kind of weed you gave her and probably take any kind of drug too. All her friends were fags, and she specialized in the sickest fags of them all, the ones in Hollywood who loved masochism. She regaled me with their tales of how these guys require welts raised two or three inches before they were satisfied. Her idea of a good time was going to an LA fag bar. That was what she did most of the time, as she was almost a full-time fag hag. She also had straight boyfriends, apparently, as she did like men and sex. Going to an LA gay bar is not my idea of a good time. One night she was drinking like a maniac, and she grabbed four or five tricyclic antidepressants and tossed them down. I protested, and she cried out that this was all of the misery that she was in. So she was deeply psychiatrically ill, as you can see. Diagnosis: borderline schizophrenia, which nowadays goes to Borderline Personality Disorder for the most part. She had a weird way of talking, and when we would go out, it seemed that she would act so crazy and weird in public that I would be embarrassed to even be seen with her. She spoke in weird metaphors, and it really started annoying me. I’m kind of like neurotic, staring off into space like a weirdo nuts, but I’m not stark raving acting out bats like that. Forget it. I told her, “Hey, look, you are just too nuts for me,” and she freaks. I wonder if she is still alive. She was also quite a masochist as far as sex went, but I could not really get into that too much. Anyway, most females are like that to some degree or another, let’s face it. It goes hand in hand with being female. She was always telling me about stories where she was meeting guys who would pull knives on her, rape her, threaten to kill her, torture her, etc. One time it was a whole group of guys and she gangbanged them all. Whopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Except they were all pulling knives on her and trying to torture her and threatening to kill her at the time. She was quite proud of her gangbanging experience, but my best friends heard about it and were totally freaked out and appalled, saying she was a disgusting slut pig whore. That was true, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing in a female. In fact, one could knock on my door right now and even at age 50, I might not even mind too much. She also liked women a little bit, but only a little. She really loved young boys, as she called them, and delighted in having sex with teenage boys, especially around 13 years old. Her Mom was schizophrenic and had tried to stab her to death in her sleep when she was a little girl, and I guess it was all downhill from then on. She had all these weird seemingly different personalities that she would fade in and out of all the time. Now, I’m into channeling myself, but this sort of thing really ought to be controlled in order to work best, otherwise you just seem like a street person or a potential maniac. Later she accused my best friend of hitting a baby in the EEG lab where he worked. According to everyone else, it never even happened, but she insisted and insisted. I think maybe they fired her, but I forget. I saw her once later, she came over to my house in the daytime, and you know how that goes. I was 27 years old, graduated USC with post-BA degree, teaching school full-time, smoking lots of dope, going nuts. The culmination of the sex act on my end left her all pissed off, but I thought it was funny that when I kissed her goodbye at the car, I swear some of the middle aged neighbor ladies were laughing and smiling and giving me the thumbs up? One housewife even sneaked outside and gave me a great big beaming smile. Who says women don’t like guys who score? Women ain’t all bad.

Just Kill Yourself and Get it Over With

Seriously, you sick bitch. Borderline personality disorder, apparently. She’s a cutter. I knew some cutters once. They actually formed a club called Oakhurst Cutters. Bunch of stupid, sick, fucked up young White women. She told us that at a table with a bunch of other people and started laughing. I stood up, pointed at her, told her she was a sick bitch, and walked away. In modern society, that’s considered impolite. I think it’s impolite to use your own living body as a med school cadaver, sorry. Why don’t we just line these people up and shoot them and get it over with? I’m not serious, but that’s what I often think about these BPD types. Just line em up and shoot em!  

He Said He Would Lend Her an Ear

But this not what he meant.

A truly bizarre story. What in the Hell is with this chick anyway? The White nationalists are going nuts over this story as proof of Black depravity. True, Blacks can be depraved, but this is not an example of such. If anything, this chick appears to be not right at all in the head. This is about a crazy person more than anything else.

She only got 60 days? Damn.

She apologized profusely? Well, that’s nice, but you still need to do the time. She’s apparently dangerous, and 60 days ain’t long enough to let her think it over.

She lost her junior high school teaching job? This chick was a teacher? Jeez.

Pretty nice looking chick though. Too bad she’s a fuckin cannibal.

Anti-Racist Idiot Goes to Haiti, Gets Raped, Is Thankful for the Experience

The White nationalists just love this stuff. They can’t get enough of it.

But it does seem to show the sheer idiocy of some White anti-racists.

Amanda Kijera, a White liberal anti-racist (Facebook page here), went to Haiti to volunteer to help the Haitian people. After a few months there, she was raped one night by a Black Haitian man on a rooftop. After the rape, she says she feels grateful for having had this experience (Huh?!) and blames Whites for so screwing up Black guys all over the world that they do fucked up stuff like raping women. It’s all Whitey’s fault. You know, we’re forcing all these Black guys to rape women by oppressing them and all.

As she was being raped on the rooftop, she pleaded with her “brother” to stop and told him she was a Malcolm X scholar. I doubt if the illiterate punk even knows who Malcolm X was. As you might expect, this had no effect on the rapist.

If this woman goes back to Haiti without an armed guard, I say she’s an idiot.

Amanda Kijera, silly White woman from the Tim Wise School of Anti-racism, goes to Haiti, gets raped by a Black guy, then blames Whites, like a good anti-racist should.

Haiti’s rape rate is off the charts. I recently heard on the radio that 70

After the earthquake, there were widespread reports of Haitian men raping Haitian women and girls, even in the temporary camps set up to house them. That Haitian men have about a 6

This reminds me of the Amy Biehl case in South Africa during apartheid. This young liberal White woman went to South Africa to show her solidarity with the oppressed Blacks. At some point in her visit, she was surrounded by a mob of South Africans, including females, and stabbed to death. A radical group, the Azanian People’s Liberation Army, claimed responsibility for the murder. Apparently their revolutionary style was to murder any Whites in South Africa at random. They were responsible for a number of terrorist attacks on innocent South African Whites.

There was another fairly famous case of a young leftwing White woman who moved alone to a US ghetto to work with the oppressed. She was not there long when one night she was murdered by a crowd of young Black men by being set on fire in an apparent hate crime.

I’m not trying to make a case here that young Black males are so dangerous that all White females should avoid them. But there are some places a young White woman should not go to alone, like Haiti, a US ghetto at night and a South African Black township.

A lot of White liberals are actually secret race realists who are cynical about Blacks. They are non-racist to anti-racist in their views and politics, but nevertheless, they are frightened of Blacks and generally try to avoid them.

They live in White towns and send their kids to White schools. I admit I’ve been afraid of Blacks most of my life. That certainly doesn’t apply to all Black people, but it’s a general feeling. No doubt the standard anti-racist view is that this fear of mine makes me a racist. Well, fine, perhaps it does. OK, I’m a racist then. I’m comfortable with that, and I’m also still alive at 52.

Paranoid Schizophrenia: Exhibit A

From an incoming link to a Twitter page and then to a Myspace page. I will say that he is an excellent artist. At first he seems like a very smart, sane person who is putting you on or doing some kind of a parody. Either that or he has some really fancy and elaborated thinking process going that’s well thought-out and coherent, but most of us are not onto it. The more you read, the less that seems to be the case.

Preoccupation with religion (the Bible) and especially the Devil (you can see he has shaved his head and grown a Devil goatee so he looks like The Evil One himself).

He does look like Satan, doesn't he? He also looks seriously nuts. He's got that crazy stare in his eyes. I wasn't going to divulge the guy's name, but if you try to download his photo, the paranoid motherfucker sends you a virus! So fuck you, Steven Pyle. And get help.

There’s also some complex stuff going on about Black Israelites and how Whites are evil invaders in America and need to be expelled. It’s like he’s incorporated whack Black and Brown Nationalist cant into his delusional project. LOL.

So I guess he’s a Cultural Marxist Multicultural Paranoid Schizophrenic. I figured it would come to this. Cultural Marxism and multiculturalism is so nuts on its face that you often wonder how it is that so many White people buy it. Answer I guess is hardcore brainwashing. It’s funny that Radical Multiculturalism is so nutty that even the crazies are incorporating it into their delusional systems, where it fits quite nicely.

But on the other hand, he has also seriously got into Tea Party “Obama is Evil” stuff and he parrots all the latest conspiracy theories about Obama. Once again this is risible because it just shows just how insane the Tea Partiers really are. When the schizophrenics start using your theory as material for their delusions, you’ve got to start wondering about the soundness of your theory.

I kept trying to go easy on the guy. He went to good schools, he went to art school in the US and Paris, and he’s a kickass artist, but he’s got to be out of his mind.

He’s also apparently a heavy cannabis user. As I make clear in the next post, in many cases, heavy cannabis use dramatically worsens the course of schizophrenia. I figure it’s probably making this guy a whole lot crazier.

You can also see that the personality is pretty well preserved in the paranoid subtype of schizophrenia, which tends to come on later in life, often in the late 20’s to early 30’s. But that’s just when they get dx’d. Typically, there is a 5-10 prodromal phase that precedes the dx. This guy is 31 years old, right around the age for full-blown paranoid schizophrenia to hit. You can also see that he’s got it together enough to produce a fancy webpage, along with some really cool artwork.

This is because paranoid schizophrenics, even when unmedicated, can often function at a fairly high level. The preservation of personality may be due to it hitting later in life. That is, the illness hits after the person has already developed a substantial personality. Other types that hit earlier in adolescence are worse because they hit while the personality is not yet well-formed. Many of these folks are said later to be “41 years old going on 16.” This is because the illness hit so early and their personality basically stopped developing after the illness hit.

Just the writing itself gives it away. If you study this stuff long enough, you can diagnose based on a writing sample alone. In this case there is no other possible diagnosis but Chronic Paranoid Schizophrenia. After 5 years, it goes chronic and the delusional system gets very well systematized and laid out. Yet the person has deteriorated quite a bit, and you can see the deterioration in the writing – you read it and you think it sort of makes sense, then you think again and say, “Huh?” That’s characteristic of schizophrenia.

We Get Fan Mail

Well, now I know what rock stars and movie stars must go through. I got one of my first star-struck fan mails the other day, of course from a young woman. Or, to be more precisely, a teenage girl. I’d been communicating with her a bit because she was trying to get to my other site, which is censored by her South Korean government. At one point, she sent a mail that went something like, “You are handsome! I love you!” On and on like that for a while.

She was 16 years old.

It could be someone playing a practical joke on me, but I doubt it. For one thing, it came from halfway around the world, and English is not her first language.

What I think is funny about this is that we recently had a big shitfit on the blog where some idiot teenage girl-children and some of their fool older woman buddies showed up here and called me names, pedophile among them. One of the things that they insisted was that no teenage girl could possibly be interested in a guy my age, which is 52. It’s true, most of them aren’t, and most guys my age ain’t got it going on anyway. But some are and some do.

And if you get to be my age and still attract teenage girls, thank someone above for that. It’s a tribute to looks, charisma, health, or something.

Sean Connery is regularly voted in the Top 10 Sexiest Men in polls of US teenage girls. I’m not sure when the last survey was done, but Connery is 78 years old! Another couple of famous actors, now around 45, also rank high.

This should not surprise anyone. Sophia Loren and Raquel Welch still look great to me at age 72-74. I imagine they look damn good to a lot of teenage boys too. And surely there are plenty of women in their 40’s and 50’s who have lots of teenage boys lusting after them. Sure, we all get old, if we are lucky enough, but if you’ve got it, you’ve got it, and some can keep dealing good hands far past age 40.

What’s funny is that if I write this girl back and play games with her, verbally that is, I guess I can go to jail. There are now new laws on the books called “sexual communication with a minor” (That one scares the shit out of me.) and “grooming a minor,” in addition to the old standby “annoying a child,” – child in this case even being a girl age 17 and 11 months. The same girl, yet a moon away from full womanhood, can also be “groomed,” I guess if you talk to her the wrong way.

“Grooming” is a phrase that creepy child molesters use for molesting little children. It involves winning the child’s trust through friendship before you move to the next stage, sex. It’s insane to conflate their sicko behavior with teen-adult sexuality, which is a whole other ball of wax.

Really, any of these laws ought to be thrown out on grounds of vagueness. I am talking to a teenage girl. At what point am I “grooming her”, “annoying her” or “communication sexually with her?” WTH man? Probably best never to say two words to the little hotties. Even if she asks directions, just walk away.

Oh well, we can still look. No wait, the Femcunt Scum and their White Knight Mangina buddies are about to make that illegal too. What’s the punishment? Teetering on a secondary ledge in Purgatory with the other pervs, eyes sewn shut with a falconer’s steel lids for decades of penance?

Makes you wonder what rock stars and movie stars have to deal with. They probably get bombed with out and out propositions, probably nude photos, you name it, all the time. Surely some of them are teenage girls. What do you do? Burn them in the fireplace? Call the cops? What if you write her back? You’re now going on a Sex Offender List for life?

Fuck this shit, man. This has gone way too far.

Tom Leykis

Continuing on with our Game/PUA theme these days (LOL, is this turning into a Game/PUA blog?) check out these three videos by Tom Leykis. He’s a radio shock jock here in the US with an explicitly pro-male POV.


This first video is somewhat disturbing. It’s called Tom Leykis Talks About Women Over the Hill. In it, he says some smart things, but also some disturbing things. Like a lot of these Game/PUA guys, Leykis promotes Asshole Game and comes off rather misogynistic.

I don’t see the point. The whole male critique of feminism is that these bitches hate us, they hate us guys. We are understandably upset about that. So our response is, what? To be misogynists and hate all women? Forget it. If hating us men is wrong (and we say it is) then hating all women is wrong too.

The truth is that the best of us really love women, or we should anyway. That’s where I’m coming from. Sure women are sort of nuts, but I love em anyway. They’re lovable nuts, well, most of the time anyway. Anyway, who says guys are better. We guys are psycho and dangerous. That’s better than being nutty? Why? At least a wacky woman won’t try to kill me.

And what kind of woman do we like? The feminists who hate us? No. Or the women like Alpha Unit who unabashedly states, “I love men!” Sure, she slams us in some of her pieces. She makes it clear that we are congenitally dangerous and as a class, have rape tendencies. So we’re brutes. But we’re lovable brutes, AU would say.

So AU and I are coming from the same place. I love women, and she loves men. We both tell it like it is about the opposite sex and have no illusions about the other, but we love em anyway.

Leykis is Greek, and may be coming from a Greek POV. A commenter notes that his Greek parents ordered him never to go down on a woman. “Don’t you ever get on your knees and do that for any woman!” “No vasectomy…Make her get surgery!” His aunts were emphatic that all women were skanks and trash and never stopped warning him about women. An interesting culture. The misogyny has been accepted as fact by both sexes!

Leykis gives some disturbing advice.

Don’t ever compliment her, not on her looks, not on her intelligence, not on anything. Wow…Don’t ever sleep over at her place. Pretty soon she’ll start asking you to move in. Get off the phone! Quit calling her all the time, quit texting her all the time.

This is more or less Asshole Game. It’s depressing that this crap works at all with women. You mean the less I call her and the less I text her, the more she likes me? How depressing. My opinion of women just fell another 99

The real womanizers I’ve known did not ignore women. They chased women fulltime. It was almost a fulltime job for them. They didn’t get success with women by ignoring them. Sexmaniacman told me that he used to call women all the time, and it never bothered them. But mostly for dates, not just to talk. And here we may have the crux. Women despise weakness. The player is goal-oriented. He’s calling her all the time with a goal in mind. A guy who calls her all the time just to talk about nothing seems sort of, well, wimpy?

AU says that women don’t mind guys who fall all over themselves for women, complimenting them, praising them, calling them, giving them gifts. Just not at the start of the relationship. Deep into the relationship, it feels great. But at the start, it seems like the guy is trying too hard or being self-abasing.

He also says to stop taking women’s calls. I don’t agree with that at all, but hey, maybe I’m wrong? Sexmaniacman regularly answers the phone for women, and he’s done all right.

He is right in a way that women like a guy who seems to be wanted by other women. If no women want the guy, he’s a loser and no women want him. Once you get a woman, now all the others want to take her away from you. Even a steady girlfriend often wants to feel like you are desired by other women, but you are not going for them out of duty to her. Basically, everyone loves a winner. This stuff applies more to younger women and not to older women. For us older folks, it’s not uncommon at all that we have nothing going on Friday night.

Not complimenting the woman is Asshole Game. They’re against it because it builds up her self-esteem. The Asshole Gamers want a woman with low self-esteem.

I don’t know, man. I’m going to disagree. Sexmaniacman usually tries to build up women’s self-esteem. That’s what they use him for, and that’s what they love him for. Women often lack self-esteem, but they like a strong man to encourage them and give them the self-esteem that they lack, to build them up. That’s what makes her secure and less nutty. A secure woman is a mellow woman, as AU says.

Anyway, Sexmaniacman has had great results complimenting women. It works great! It fact, it makes them melt in your hand, and maybe even in your mouth. You just have to say it right. The reason showering her with compliments often doesn’t work is that too many guys are too liberal with the compliments, so a lot of females just think it’s stupid or a line.

Thing is, be honest. If she doesn’t look that great, Sexdude would not say much. But if she’s hot or even beautiful, he would say so. But he would say so clearly, honestly and shamelessly, with no hint of dishonesty or charlatanism. Say it like you mean it, and do mean it. Then it works. Women love compliments properly done, and compliments have led Sexman to lots of sexual situations, including with some really beautiful women.

Another issue is more humanistic. If I have high self-esteem, don’t I want to be with a woman who has high self-esteem too? Why not? Self-esteem feels good, in men and in those who associate with me.

He also says not to have women over at your place, because then you can’t get rid of them. That’s not necessarily so. Women are independent actors these days, and Sexmaniacman said it was pretty common for them to take off in the morning, often a little ashamed at what they had done. Some took off in the afternoon. What’s wrong with sleeping with a woman anyway? Is it really so bad?

He also says not to sleep with a woman at her place either. Well, it can be a bit difficult sometimes in a new bed or place that you’re not used to, but it’s not so bad.

Leykis also says not to cuddle or spoon with women. Come on! That’s what they love more than anything; some say they like it more than sex. Sexmaniacman has been cuddling with women his whole life and they love it.


The next videos are downright disturbing. Leykis notes that he went to some seminar with pro NBA players where they revealed that women were taking the sperm out of condoms after the NBA guys had sex with them and then using it to impregnate themselves. Some guys were being hit with paternity suits afterward. This seems to hard to believe, but I guess it’s true. I always thought it was an urban legend.

So Leykis gave advice to his listeners to put Tabasco sauce in the condom after they threw it in the trash in the bathroom afterwards. Sure enough, the bitch took the sperm out of the condom and put it up her and got burned in her pussy. Then she sued the guy for damage to her pussy! I don’t think Tabasco sauce would actually injure a vagina though. Anyway, the judge apparently laughed it out of court.


The next one is similar. Another guy listening to the show did the same thing, but this time he put horseysauce from some restaurant in the condom. Same thing, bitch went in the bathroom afterwards, used to turkey baster thing to shoot it up her, and started screaming like a banshee. Same thing again, the crazy bitch sued the guy for damage to her vagina (GMAB! There’s not going to be any permanent injury down there.) The case is slated to go to trial soon, but it will probably be thrown out soon.

Is this a new thing, females tricking guys into getting them pregnant? Or has it always been going on? Good Lord. It’s really appalling. Makes you almost want to swear off sex. I think we need to change the laws to where this is fraud and at the least, the guy’s not responsible for the ensuing kid.

Feminazi Rape Laws Gone Berserk

Here. From 2008.

Two boys, 15 and 16 years old, were with an 18 year old woman and another young woman. The second woman sees the bad vibes surrounding the situation and gets the Hell out of there fast. The 18 year old sticks around, but things get ugly.

First boy apparently date-rapes the girl. Second boy asks, “Me next?” Woman says fine, but you need to stop when I tell you. As soon as he’s in, she says, “Stop!” Guy pounds a few more pile-drivers for five more seconds, then pulls out.

Later the ditzy broad goes out to MacDonald’s with the two guys. She makes out in the restaurant with the first “rapist” and gives the second “rapist” her phone number. Later she files rape charges against both boys.

*The facts around this case are quite a bit murkier than the site I linked to made out. Please see the comments for details. However, the fact remains that under the Female Rule that the feminist crazies want, men will go down on rape for continuing with initially consensual sex for five seconds after she tells you to stop. That’s the take home point here.

The Latest Salvo From the Feminist Enemy

I don’t know what it is with radical feminists. They just seem to get nuttier and nuttier.

Denise Romano, M.A., Applied Lunacy, M.A. Advanced Feminist Batshittery, touched on earlier. Females have always been censors. Males tend to be civil libertarians. A society based on Female Rule will not be a civil libertarian one, because at their core, most females simply do not believe in basic civil liberties.

They love to censor and ban speech, especially hate speech (whatever that is), pornography and God knows what else. Females are just natural born censors; that’s all there is to it. Which is one more reason that Female Rule must be opposed with all of our might.

Crazy feminazis like Denise Romano claim that any sex with a “drugged or drunk” female is rape. Well, maybe so, but maybe one guy in 500 billion cases goes down on this charge, if that. In general, all of these charges are laughed out of court, when they are even filed. Women “raped” in this way never even bother to file.

Truth is, lots of women like to drink. Plenty of women are heavy drinkers, and many of those are alcoholics. It’s reasonable to assume that many bar-hopping, heavy drinking and alcoholic women can never consent to sex, since they are probably loaded most of the time they are in bed.

Many females nowadays like to take drugs, especially cannabis, cocaine and methamphetamine. Ecstacy, LSD and other hallucinogens are very popular. Quite a few women use heroin. Female users of all of these drugs very commonly have sex when they are flying on this or that illicit substance. Many find this drugged sex experience quite rewarding. I’ve never in my life heard of a guy going down on rape for having sex with a stoned female.

Recently, the UK, which has recently started to come under some serious Female Rule, has decided that any sex with any “drunk” female is rape. There have been a few charges here and there, but most have been laughed out of court, as should be the case. In one recent case, a judge said that just because a woman was drunk, it doesn’t mean she was raped. Well, of course.

Now it’s another thing to see some chick who is falling down drunk at a bar or a party and hone in on her and take advantage of her just because she is wasted. That’s a dishonorable thing to do for any man.

If she’s so wasted she is on the verge of passing out, why are you targeting her? To get laid? Sleazy.

I must say, I’ve never been seduced in my life. I’ve been drunk off my ass more times than I can count, and I’ve been blasted out of my skull on just about every drug known to mankind more times than I can count.

Plenty of women have made plays for me when I was totalled, and a lot of the time I said no. Sometimes I agreed, but it was something I wanted to do at the time. I had buyer’s remorse in the morning, but that’s not a crime on her part. Gay men have made plays for me many times too, often when I was pretty wasted. Of course I never let them seduce me. Why are women so stupid that they allow themselves, like children, to be seduced?

Denise and Raine complain that PUA is teaching men how to hypnotize and brainwash women into sleeping with guys. They say this is rape. No it isn’t. It’s seduction. I’ve been trying to brainwash and hypnotize women and girls my whole life into getting sexual with me, although I never thought of it that way before. “Hypnotism” and “brainwashing” is just Seduction 101, always has been. What of it?

I’ll make you an offer. Any woman I find unattractive or even any man can try to brainwash me or hypnotize me all they want to to try to get me into bed. It’s not going to work, especially for the guys. No guy can use mentalism to get me into bed, and if I don’t like the woman, it’s going to be hard for her too.

I’m having a hard time understanding the feminist hysteria about rape.

I’ve been beaten over the head with a baseball bat so bad I had to go to the neurology ward.

I got my lights punched out repeatedly.

I got jumped and pummeled by five guys in a nightclub.

I got assaulted at a party, fought back, picked the guy up and threw him onto a table, smashing the table to bits.

After a party, another vehicle accused me of cutting them off. They chased us in their car, drunk, throwing loaded cans of beer at us. Somehow they cornered us on a street and I was lugging the gears. They were out of their car and attacking us on foot, kicking the car, beating it with their fists, trying to pull the doors open. If they would have gotten the doors open, we would have been seriously beaten or maybe even killed.

I finally put the car in first gear and floored it. A maniac was running headlong at my car from the side. “Watch out!” my friend yelled. I didn’t care. I floored it. The car hit the guy and he went flying like in the movies, maybe 5-10 feet. I hit him with my car. On purpose. I don’t know if I killed him, but I hope I did.

This is normal Growing Up 101 for guys. How many guys have been pummeled, robbed, mugged, assaulted, etc in their lifetimes? Most of us. Is rape really worse than this? Why? Prove that it’s worse than the typical life-threatening or life-terrorizing beatings, attacks and tortures many or most of us males experienced when we were young men.

Even more, I’ve been raped (or sexually assaulted), by feminist definitions. I picked up a sociopathic hitchhiker, he commandeered my vehicle, tried to destroy the engine, sexually fondled me, pummeled me and poured beer over me, all while I was driving on a freeway. I was a psychological wreck for 3 1/2 weeks, then I said, “Screw it, I’m moving on.” Isn’t that as bad as what a lot of female rape victims experienced? Was what they experienced worse? Why? Prove it.

Hey, come on. Life’s tough for everyone. Women get raped. So do some guys. And lots of guys get kidnapped, pummeled, gang-beaten, beaten with objects, often over the head, robbed, mugged, threatened with death and, by the cops, arrested, brutalized, beaten, threatened with death and imprisoned in the Hell of incarceration, on and on. Who says females have a Pain Monopoly anyway?

No one gets out of this shit called life unscathed. No one. Females have not patented Victim Status.

“Are All Men Rapists?” by Alpha Unit

New Alpha Unit. Good stuff. I agree with her though, we men are basically dogs, it’s true. But that’s the way we are supposed to be. It’s natural, normal.

By my own reasonable definition of the word, I’ve never raped a woman. Yet I’ve been accused of rape by a woman, actually a girl, Hell, a 14 year old girl at that! It didn’t happen. I had sex with her all right, but I sure didn’t rape her. She was drunk, but so was I. So what?

By the daffynitions of Lady Raine and Denise Romano, I’ve been raping women all my life. I don’t agree with that daffynition, but hey, if that’s the newfangled Feminazi daffynition of rape, so be it. In that case, I’m a rapist. And much worse than that. As far as their redaffyning seduction as rape goes, in that case, speaking of seduction-rape only, I also say that rape is fun! Put that in your pipe and smoke it, feminists.

I’ll have more to say about this in a bit.

Clint Eastwood, whose name I brought up the other day in one of the comments threads, has always been one of my favorite actors – at least in his Westerns. He played a number of roles in which he is this stranger who rides into town and sets things straight. He’s tall, lean, rugged, laconic – his entire demeanor says, “I don’t know you. And I don’t need to know you.”

His name? What do you care?

In 1973 he appeared in a film called High Plains Drifter. Critics praised it; audiences enjoy it to this day. But as you might expect, some people have a problem with a particular scene that occurs at the beginning of the movie. The Stranger drags a woman into the stables and rapes her.

What’s even more appalling is that after a while, she seems to enjoy it.


What is this scene doing in this film? Were the writers misogynists? Was Clint Eastwood a misogynist?

Some people who comment on this scene call it “disturbing.” I think people find it disturbing not because of what it suggests about men but what it suggests about women.

In another scene, he grabs the hotelkeeper’s wife to force her into bed with him – in the presence of the hotelkeeper! She fights and resists and calls out to her husband to stop what’s happening. But later she is seen lazing about in the bed in which she has been raped, quite contented.

There is no doubt about it. The Stranger is a rapist.

The first woman he raped is the stereotypical Bad Woman – the town tramp. In fact, it’s clear from the beginning of the scene that she sets her sights on The Stranger and deliberately makes a play for his attention. She runs into him on purpose and proceeds to insult him. He tries, in fact, to walk away from her, more than once. But she won’t let him.

The second woman is the Good Woman. The only person who tried to intervene in a lynching – a pivotal incident that is shown in flashbacks.

Both women get raped. Both apparently derive enjoyment from it. And the rapist is presented as The Good Guy.

Do good guys rape women? Or is that something only done by bad guys?

This is a difficult question, only because there are men out there who consider themselves good guys, in spite of the fact that they have raped. There are ostensibly good guys out there who feel that it’s okay to rape under certain circumstances. Some male college students who have been surveyed in the United States and elsewhere report not only that in some situations a woman is “asking for it,” but if there were no chance of getting caught, they would definitely rape!

Many of these young men are “good” guys. With good upbringings in good homes. But if they could get away with rape, they’d go for it. Are we to believe that there’s something abnormal about them?

As I’ve mentioned previously, armies throughout history have engaged in the systematic rape of female civilians during war. Military commanders have at times encouraged it. Aren’t some of the soldiers who succumb to this pressure “good” guys?

There are many men who report that under no circumstances is it okay to rape. If some wholesome-looking young man were to say to me, “I’d never do something like that,” I’d admire his sincerity. But I’d probably be thinking to myself, “Never say never.”

"Are All Men Rapists?" by Alpha Unit

New Alpha Unit. Good stuff. I agree with her though, we men are basically dogs, it’s true. But that’s the way we are supposed to be. It’s natural, normal. By my own reasonable definition of the word, I’ve never raped a woman. Yet I’ve been accused of rape by a woman, actually a girl, Hell, a 14 year old girl at that! It didn’t happen. I had sex with her all right, but I sure didn’t rape her. She was drunk, but so was I. So what? By the daffynitions of Lady Raine and Denise Romano, I’ve been raping women all my life. I don’t agree with that daffynition, but hey, if that’s the newfangled Feminazi daffynition of rape, so be it. In that case, I’m a rapist. And much worse than that. As far as their redaffyning seduction as rape goes, in that case, speaking of seduction-rape only, I also say that rape is fun! Put that in your pipe and smoke it, feminists. I’ll have more to say about this in a bit. Clint Eastwood, whose name I brought up the other day in one of the comments threads, has always been one of my favorite actors – at least in his Westerns. He played a number of roles in which he is this stranger who rides into town and sets things straight. He’s tall, lean, rugged, laconic – his entire demeanor says, “I don’t know you. And I don’t need to know you.” His name? What do you care? In 1973 he appeared in a film called High Plains Drifter. Critics praised it; audiences enjoy it to this day. But as you might expect, some people have a problem with a particular scene that occurs at the beginning of the movie. The Stranger drags a woman into the stables and rapes her. What’s even more appalling is that after a while, she seems to enjoy it. What? What is this scene doing in this film? Were the writers misogynists? Was Clint Eastwood a misogynist? Some people who comment on this scene call it “disturbing.” I think people find it disturbing not because of what it suggests about men but what it suggests about women. In another scene, he grabs the hotelkeeper’s wife to force her into bed with him – in the presence of the hotelkeeper! She fights and resists and calls out to her husband to stop what’s happening. But later she is seen lazing about in the bed in which she has been raped, quite contented. There is no doubt about it. The Stranger is a rapist. The first woman he raped is the stereotypical Bad Woman – the town tramp. In fact, it’s clear from the beginning of the scene that she sets her sights on The Stranger and deliberately makes a play for his attention. She runs into him on purpose and proceeds to insult him. He tries, in fact, to walk away from her, more than once. But she won’t let him. The second woman is the Good Woman. The only person who tried to intervene in a lynching – a pivotal incident that is shown in flashbacks. Both women get raped. Both apparently derive enjoyment from it. And the rapist is presented as The Good Guy. Do good guys rape women? Or is that something only done by bad guys? This is a difficult question, only because there are men out there who consider themselves good guys, in spite of the fact that they have raped. There are ostensibly good guys out there who feel that it’s okay to rape under certain circumstances. Some male college students who have been surveyed in the United States and elsewhere report not only that in some situations a woman is “asking for it,” but if there were no chance of getting caught, they would definitely rape! Many of these young men are “good” guys. With good upbringings in good homes. But if they could get away with rape, they’d go for it. Are we to believe that there’s something abnormal about them? As I’ve mentioned previously, armies throughout history have engaged in the systematic rape of female civilians during war. Military commanders have at times encouraged it. Aren’t some of the soldiers who succumb to this pressure “good” guys? There are many men who report that under no circumstances is it okay to rape. If some wholesome-looking young man were to say to me, “I’d never do something like that,” I’d admire his sincerity. But I’d probably be thinking to myself, “Never say never.”

Statement on Game/PUA Community

The “Game” and PUA (Pickup Artist Community) guys is a movement of guys who are trying to teach other guys how to get women. More crudely, you can say they are teaching them how to get laid. However, some married men with no interest in cheating are just using game to try to control their out of control wives, or as one man put it, “to deal with the insanity of the typical American wife.”

Game teaches you how to manipulate and control women in order to get them to do what you want them to do. Women use Game on us all the time. They constantly try to manipulate and control us to try to get us to do what they want us to do. Each sex is entitled to use Game or any other legal techniques to try to get their partners and love interests to do what they want them to do, assuming everything is legal.

There are no moral issues here, because all’s fair in love and war. Tell you what, women? You first. You stop fighting dirty first (Women are the ultimate champions at fighting dirty; men are just cheap penny pikers), then we’ll follow suit.

What the PUA community does and the techniques it uses go for beyond the scope of this post.

Some of their techniques involve phrases like ASD, LMR and bitch shield. When a woman is not giving you sex or physical affection, she is said to have her bitch shield up. Ok, that’s kind of funny. Me? I just might not call her back unless I have a chance soon. I go to work real soon, and I am manhandling and getting physical by the first date. I get slapped down a lot, and it doesn’t always get me into bed, but in general, it works great. You have to get physical with these women!

ASD and LMR stand for anti-slut defense and last-minute resistance. This is when the woman is holding out on you. Ok, that’s kind of funny too. Usually in my case she has already gotten really physical with me but is now holding out on the best part of the game. Of course I have utilized all sorts of psychological techniques to wear down these common defenses. I recommend other guys do too.

These PUA guys also do stuff called “negs,” and “refusing to validate.” I don’t see the point. Negs is where you insult her, often openly and in front of others. It’s testament to the extremely low moral quality of the female in general that this disgusting technique makes them want to mate with us.

“Refusing to validate” is similar. To some extent, this makes sense, but I’m not going to do it in that callous PUA way. Problem is that most guys fall all over themselves like puppy dogs or babies when they are with women, kissing women’s feet, showering them with stupid lines, gifts, compliments and adoring, puppy-like affection. Reasonably enough, many women find such self-abasing behavior disgusting.

My technique is to act like, “Hey look, I’m too busy to chase women! What the Hell do you want anyway?”

Another one is to act like you have women after you all the time.

“Oh boy, here’s one more, just what I need? So impress me babe. Realize you’re competing with hundreds of other females for my overwhelmingly desired attention? How are you going to show me you’re better than the rest? How are you going to beat all these other women.”

Another thing is to never let a woman know you’re not dating anyone. Traditional women don’t mind hearing it, but American women are psycho. He not dating anyone means, “He’s a loser.” Women only want what others want or better yet have. Never let them know at the beginning that they are the only one. Never let them know that you aren’t getting any. Always give them the impression that you have an easy return no questions asked policy and she can be replaced with a better model anytime.

Never let a woman know you’re lacking in sexual experience. Never let a woman know you’ve been celibate for any length of time at the present. A history of many women works better than a history of few to none. Women say they hate studs, but they can’t stop sleeping with them.

As soon as women figure out you haven’t been getting any, or you lack sexual experience, or haven’t had many women in your life, they will start running their own Game on you, and boy! You think the PUA guys’ Game is evil! Wait til you see this Game she’s about to run on you! The only way to deal with women is from a position of strength. Women see weakness, grab the ball and make a 90-yard dash to make a touchdown in your territory, then throw the ball to the ground and dance a little jig right on your balls.

It’s sad that we have to act this way, but really, these somewhat shitty techniques work great.

Anyway, that’s my version of Game. It’s worked quite well for me in life.

I don’t like the PUA or game community all that much. They say to get women you need to act like an asshole and treat women like shit to some extent. They’ve tested these theories as scientifically as you can, and they’ve proven that they’ve worked. They throw out theory that doesn’t work and try new things all time. It’s a very science-based approach.

This just reaffirms my increasingly low opinion of women. I see. So…the way for me to get women is to be mean to them, do “negs” on them, treat them like shit, “refuse to validate them,” on and on.

Well, nothing new here. I’ve noticed for 35 years that the assholes get most of the women, and the rest of the guys don’t get crap, or get evil carping bitches. Worse, the women are nice to the assholes, and seem to enjoy being treated like shit by a bunch of near sociopaths.

Well, that’s just wonderful, isn’t it? Want to be successful with women? Just act like a quasi-psychopath, treat ’em like crap, insult them, cheat on them, psychologically abuse them, because the damned bitches are masochistic freaks and get off on being treated like shit by a modern day Caveman with a club. And the nice guys get kicked in the balls and then kicked to the curb.

Wonderful, just wonderful. Game isn’t telling me anything new. If mentally ill masochistic females reward the most callous, cruel and sociopathic males with the most love, sex and obedient behavior, while the nice guys always lose, who can blame guys for giving some of these crazy biatches what they want? I won’t.

But it’s not for me. If I have to “invalidate,” “neg,” treat like shit, insult and abuse women in order to get laid, Hell, I’ll just stay home. I have a hard drive full of porn, and that’s all I need, but at least my conscience will be clear.

Lunatic, Psycho Feminists Say Seduction is Rape

And of course, demand prison time and civil liability for men who succeed in talking silly or drunk women into bed. I don’t have time to go into it in depth here, feel free to read on at the site, although it’s very long.

Denise Romano is some kind of academic, and a therapist to boot.

Therapists area always trying to get us to act too nice to succeed in American society. I’ve had quite a few therapists openly call me a scumbag. I usually assume that means they are just calling me a man, so it’s a compliment. I openly refuse any and all female therapists anymore and am regularly raked over the coals in their “community” for being sane in this regard.

Therapy is a kick, and it’s really helpful, even for quite sane people. If you can get it for free, go for it, assuming you have problems in living, which all humans do. I’ve had years of it, and I’m about through. I learned all about myself (Cool!) and all about most everyone in my past, especially the assholes (Mega-cool!) and now there’s not a whole lot left to learn. But it was a very neat experience, and I’m much healthier and happier as a result.

No man should ever do therapy with any female therapist. Your therapy probably involves sex, and all female therapists are insane about sex, since they are females, and come from the Female Paradigm.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with radical feminism. It’s the enemy of all men, but so are women in a way, so that’s right in tune with the circle of life.

Radical feminism is simply the logical anarchy and madness that occurs when males of any society lose control of their women. The women go insane and try to institute Female Rule. Radical feminism is what happens when you give women the power to institute Female Rule over society. It sucks for men, and really for most women too, but it’s what most women want deep down inside. Which is why we need to control these biatches!

I repeat that neither Male Rule or Female Rule should be legally coded. The state is a neutral party in the War Between Men and Women. The War is natural and normal; it is remarked upon in all ethnographies of all primitive societies. It exists because males and females want different things in many respects. Each gender has a right to pursue their own interests to the detriment of the other within the framework of law and society.

The state needs to stay out of this mudfest and be as neutral as possible. Like at a party, where the strong guys hold everyone back and say, “Let em fight it out!” hoping the cool guy kicks the despised idiot’s ass.

In a previous post, I remarked that Male Rule at least functions, though it sucks for women. This is because it is concordant with Natural Law. Female Rule doesn’t even work at all. It causes anarchy and confusion, because it violates Nature.

Anyway, this is the natural result of Female Rule. Everywhere on Earth it’s been tried, the same chaos and idiocy resulted. What was the first thing they did when we granted these silly dames suffrage? They banned booze! Probably one of the stupidest things thing country’s ever done, except invading Iraq. Mega-stupid X10.

But everyone on Earth Female Rule is instituted, this is what they do. In Maoist ruled-India, the fool Maoists put women in charge. What happened? Guess. They banned booze, prostitution, gambling and porn. The four things that keep most guys halfway sane and prevent them from shooting up the fuckin post office. Way to go, chicks!

Everywhere you allow Female Rule, this is what they do: ban booze or dope, prostitution, porn and gambling. Females are a bunch of party-poopers, and they need to be kept in line and not allowed too much power or we’re all living grey Puritan lives.

Even worse, they may even ban adultery.

The Shining Path instituted Female Rule in areas of Peru, and in addition to the death penalty for whiffing coke (Please!) they instituted corporal punishment, up to public execution, for men who sampled the greener grass of their female neighbors. This is what these bitches will do if we let them rule us: they’ll execute you for cheating on your wife.

There are also references in the link to some crazy attention whore named Lady Raine. Whatever she is, she represents how far our Western White women have gotten out of line since we let them off the leash. She’s a former stripper who lectures men about morality. As if this whore has a leg to stand on. She’s furious at men, and she’s raising a son all alone, because she prefers it that way.

Anyway, the less said about Lady Cumstain the better, and if she comes here, I will probably have to ban her.

Guys! This is what happens if you let women rule you! The crazy bitches will make seduction illegal! Damn!

Women must be controlled!


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