Blondie, “Dreaming”

Blondie, “Dreaming” from the album “Dreaming,” 1979.

My God, isn’t this a great song. I can’t believe I was around when this music first came out. Let me tell you, it was a special time.

Isn’t she sexy as Hell, too? Damn I can’t believe how sexy this chick is. She’s raw, pure, 100

When I met you in the restaurant You could tell I was no debutante You asked me what’s my pleasure “A movie or a measure”? I’ll have a cup of tea and tell you of my dreamin’ Dreamin’ is free Dreamin’, dreaming is free

I don’t want to live on charity Pleasure’s real or is it fantasy? Reel to reel is living verite People stop and stare at me We just walk on by We just keep on dreamin’

Beat feet, walking a two-mile Meet me, meet me at the turnstile I never met him, I’ll never forget him Dream dream, even for a little while Dream dream, filling up an idle hour Fade away, radiate

I sit by and watch the river flow I sit by and watch the traffic go Imagine something of your very own, something you can have and hold I’d build a road in gold just to have some dreamin’ Dreamin’ is free

Dreamin’, dreamin’ is free Dreamin’, dreamin’ is free Dreamin’, dreamin’ is free

Baby Metal and Rob Halford Live, "Painkiller, Breaking the Law"

Lob Harufoludu of Judas Pliest makes an onstage appearance with Baby Metal performing two Judas Pliest classics, Painkirrer and Bleaking the Raw. I love Bleaking the Raw. That was always one of my favorite songs. In 1979, I did an interview with this band in Century City at their record company offices. They were pretty fun to interview, albeit somewhat caustic. I also saw them live and Cal State University Long Beach in 1979. It was a very small venue in the auditorium but they filled it up. They were great! This video is excellent. Lob is 64 years old and he still can’t be beat. I can’t believe what a great voice he still has. There are not too many singers in metal who can match his voice. And I hate to say it, but this 64 year old guy sings better than those Baby Metal chicks. For Bleaking the Raw, two of the Baby Metal chicks come out and play guitar! I love it! Sexy Jap chicks play heavy metal guitar! Incredible. The world is turning into a sci-fi novel.

Here they are again playing the same song, Breaking the Law, before a huge crowd at some unknown festival. There must be 100,000 people in that audience! I am not sure when this was but it was probably the early 1980’s because that is what Rob Halford looked like back then. The lead guitarist and the blond bass player are the same guys that I interviewed

Here is Motorhead covering the same song. I almost like this cover better than the original! At least I can hear the lyrics on this one.


Where’s the band? All I see are the Nip chicks (pronounced Nippochikko). So who’s playing the music? God? The Emperor? Ok here’s the band below. It’s pretty of hard to play music without a band. The lead singer chick’s name is Moa. She’s hot! Gimme Moa! God I love Nip chicks! Those have got to be the sexiest women on Earth. Don’t you find the sexiness of them rather disturbing though? I mean they look like little girls? Neoteny. And then they act like little girls too. And that is apparently why we find them so sexy*. Good God. We are all pedophiles now! *However, it has been shown throughout the world that women tend to have a a more neotenous look than men, and this is apparently why men find them so attractive. Not because men are naturally pedos (though that is possible) but more because neoteny implies youth.

Test to See if a Man Is Gay or Not


There are huge numbers of men in our society, millions to tens of millions, who would insist that they are not turned on by that female at all. They would also insist that a man who is turned on by this female is a “pedophile,” a “predator” who needs to be beat up, killed or imprisoned.

I have some news for you. All of you men who say that female doesn’t turn you on and say any man who likes that pic is a pedophile…guess what? You’re all gay! Every single man who thinks like this is gay. Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay! Only a gay man is not aroused by that female.

We need to start attacking all these idiots running around screaming “Pedophile!” at every man who looks at a teenage girl. Next time a man says that to you, laugh in his face and call him a faggot. Tell him he’s gay. A homosexual. A queer. A nancyboy. A fruit. A swish. A girl. A woman. Tell him he’s not a man. We need to start shaming these men who are working for the enemy – the women.

Sure women say any man aroused by this female is a pedophile, but what does that prove? It proves that on certain subjects, the vast majority of females are dumb cunts. But you already knew that. Nothing to see here, move along.

Interesting South Asian Phenotypes

This young woman or teenage girl is named Amoolya. She is a South Indian.
This young woman or teenage girl is named Amoolya. She is a South Indian.
As you can see, Amoolya is very much a Caucasoid, although her rather Indian looks would prevent most from thinking she is a European Caucasoid. Clearly there are a lot of Caucasoid genes in South India; not all of South India is Australoid.
A South Indian bride all dolled out in her bridal garb.
A South Indian bride all dolled out in her bridal garb.
She is extremely beautiful. Her features remind me of Raquel Welch. She also has a very exotic phenotype. She could be a Latin American or certainly an Arab. She is probably out of the range of most European women due to her exotic features, but there are definitely some Italian women who look like this. Her genes and phenotype are also primarily Caucasoid.

Beauties from Around the Globe

A beauty, Paromita Mitra. She was Miss Bangladesh. She could easily be a Med European White.

Paromita Mitra, apparently from Macedonia.
Paromita Mitra, Miss Bangladesh.
Next up, we have a Macedonian, Miss Macedonia. A Mediterranid type.
Stefani Borsova, Macedonia.
Stefani Borsova, Macedonia. Med European White.
Next up, some sort of a Miss France and its colonies competition held in the Maldive Islands.
Competitors for the title of Miss Maldives.
From France and its colonies. Left to right at top:Miss Martinique, exotic mixed race type from a Caribbean Island. Miss Limousin, from the mid-south of France. Miss French Guyana, another exotic mixed race type from South America. Miss Cote D’Azur, from the beaches of the French Riviera. L to R, bottom, Miss Franche Compte, from the region in Central France near northwestern Switzerland. Miss Languedoc, from southwest France near the border with Catalonia. Miss Lorraine, from northeastern France, near Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. Miss Guadelupe, Black woman from the Caribbean.
Extremely exotic woman from Bashkortia.
Extremely exotic woman from Bashkortia, Russia.
Bashkortia is a Russian republic near Tatarstan. The people there are Turkic and speak a Turkic language. The area is located near the south end of the Ural Mountains. The Bashkirs and Tatars are mixed race Asian-Caucasoid types like many Turkic peoples. They have a very exotic beauty to them. Really much of Central Asia is made up of mixed Caucasoid-Asian types.

Helen Shapiro, "I Don't Care"

[youtube=] Fantastic song from 1962. What’s odd is she was Jewish and performing under her Jewish name. Jews in show biz have always changed their names to Gentile names, especially back then. She’s such a cute little doll in this video, I almost fell in love with her. Then I went and read up on her and almost fell out of my chair. She was only 15 years old when she recorded this song. You’re looking at a 15 year old girl in this video. She later became a Messianic Jew. Messianic Jews are still Jews, but they say that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah (he was of course) and they are following him. So they are not completely Christians either. Some call them Christian Jews. This is not the same thing at all as a Jewish convert to Christianity. Jews don’t like Christian converts, but I believe they hold a particular contempt and rage for Messianic Jews. However, Messianic Jew are covered by the Law of Return and area allowed to make aliyah to Israel. I can’t believe I missed out on this singer all these years.

Hot Black Chicks: The Rapper Eve

Eve, beautiful Black rapper, with her White British boyfriend.

Good God this chick is hot. Whoever says all Black women are ugly needs to have their head examined. She has taken up with this wealthy British guy, who was probably born into money. She’s also been with other White guys in the past. This has caused a big to-do in the Black community as many are accusing her of treason for dating White. The idea is that she rode her Black race to fame, coming in on the coattails of some big Black rappers, then abandoned the community for a White man. She’s basically a treasonous, race-mixing whore, in other words.

That’s all pretty silly, but she sure is a babe!

So How Do I Get Me a North Korean Chick?

Repost from the old site.

A gorgeous yet deadly North Korean babe surveys the landscape for feral capitalist lowlifes, male and female, trying to infringe on her territory. She’ll bite your head off guys, and soon you will die smiling, but you will be so in love you will keep on fucking her headless-chicken style, then when she has her last of her many Asian female orgasms, she will devour you whole, as Commies are known to be cannibals, just read accounts of the Cultural Revolution. There is something about a Suzie Wong type Commie cannibal chick who could kill me at any time that I find irresistibly hot. Yeah, I got yellow fever, what about it? And if that makes anyone mad, go drown yourself in a bowl of sharkskin soup already. Older American women are furious at Asian women for stealing all the older guys. Too bad. Asian chicks are nice, and with you ladies it’s the new Bitches Gone Wild DVD on endless replay. Try being nice and we won’t eat the fortune cookies. Woman!? Do you understand me!? You are talking to a man, woman! You will lower your voice when you talk to a man! There, now I don’t feel so wimpy. Now excuse me while I go write a check to NOW and NARAL. God I love cognitive dissonance.

Dang they are hot. Oh baby! Come to papa. I’m even a Stalinist, come on, don’t be shy. Notice that as anti-Communist propaganda, excuse me, the whole US media, tells us, this babe is obviously malnourished, diseased and starving to death. Soon she will be dead, no doubt, like all of her countrywomen. And we shall not shed a tear, as they were all Commie biatches, and your usual capitalist “What’s your net worth, baby?” female, who is obviously not any kind of whore at all, is oh so superior. She look like a Confederate concentration camp victim to you? Come on, man, quit reading that New York Times crap already.

Genocide in Australia

Repost from the old site. Looks like it was way worse than the genocide of the Amerindians in the US. The wiping out of the Amerindians was done mostly by disease. The much-repeated story of blankets poisoned with smallpox apparently occurred in once, back East. There was a large poisoning of maybe 200-300 Amerindians in the Shasta area of California in the 1800’s, and there was a massacre of 200-300 Amerindians near Eureka at the same time. California was actually one of the worst places of all. There was an all-out war against the Amerindians here. I spent months going over old newspaper archives in a library as part of work I did for an Indian tribe here in the Sierras (now doing great with a casino). In the 1850’s and 1860’s, the California Indians were fighting back. The governor himself was making wild proclamations about how this war a war of one race against another, a war that had to lead to the extinction of one or the other. For 15-20 years or so, it was more or less legal to kill any Indian you wanted in the Sierras and Northern California and for any reason. You could rape an Indian woman too if you want to, and take an Indian child captive. All of this was more or less legal. Of course this was taking place against the backdrop of the utterly insane mass criminality and homicide of the California Gold Rush, a crime wave the likes of which the state has never even come close to seeing since. Too many young unmarried men, hardly any women, few to no families, lots of money in the form of gold, little law enforcement, all the ingredients were there. The law that existed was a brutal one, and men were hanged right and left in the Gold Rush for all sorts of things, but preying on Indians was not one of them. On Sundays, the men would all go to church, then they would head back to the camps to drink, take drugs, steal, fight, kill and just in general act like animals. There were regular hangings at the camps, and these were well-attended. Folks would go watch the hangings, then head back to camp to commit more crimes later that evening. Sometimes, even capital punishment just doesn’t cut it. Recall the stories of the pickpockets that roamed through the crowds in England at the hangings. This was when pickpocketing was a capital offense. Until 1870 or so, an Indian in this part of the state kept his head down and his mouth shut and hoped to stay alive. Epidemics and disease took their toll. By 1890, 95 That’s interesting to folks who insist that genetic change in humans takes a long time. Not necessarily, when something happens that kills 95 Those who tally such things say that ultimately, Whites killed 7,000 Indians and Indians killed about 11,000 Whites. It’s true, the Indians were could be brutal and women and children were at times killed, but they also often kidnapped them and made them members of the tribe. There are a couple of stories in my family about encounters with Indians. These all stem from one line of my family, who actually came over with the first invaders on the Second Ship of the Mayflower. Sometime in the 1640’s in Massachusetts, Indians attacked the village where all the men were off hunting. They rounded up the women and children and prepared to set fire to them. Some of the women started singing a pretty song, and the Indians stopped to listen. Well, this was long enough for the menfolk to return, chase off the Indians and save the day. Two of my ancestors were in that group, a woman and her young child. Later, in late 1700’s Virginia, one of my relatives was taken captive by Indians with his friend. They made them run the gauntlet, a popular thing that Indians liked to do with captured Whites. As you ran the gauntlet, the Indians beat on you. Well, the friend was apparently killed in this process. My ancestor, though, when prodded to run the gauntlet, started jumping around and squawking like a chicken. The Indians all started laughing and decided he did not have to run the gauntlet. I’m not sure if it’s the same story, but one of my ancestors at one point was either captured by Indians or joined them. This in late 1700’s Virginia again. His family just gave him up for dead. Well, 10 years later, the son returns home, about 30 years old, and he’s walking up to his father’s house all dressed like an Indian. His father got out his gun and was ready to shoot his own son until he recognized him. Back in those days, if an Indian was coming onto your property, you shot him. My family goes back to 1600’s Virginia and it’s said that if you can trace your line back that far, you have a 50 The first two stories are probably apocryphal. If you notice the themes: clever Whites use their ingenuity (and common human nature) to fool the Indians by disarming them and appealing to their sensibilities for comedy and appreciation of music. As the Indian is a barbarian savage in both tales, at the same time, he is a fellow human, revealed by his ability to appreciate a clever joke or a beautiful song. At the end of the day, there is really no way to figure out if such stories are true or not. But they got passed down through the family for years for a reason that is at once egotistical and at the same time a warning: our line is a clever line, able to cheat death by our wits. Remember this, and use this lesson in the close calls you may experience in your own dangerous times. The treatment of the Aborigines looks like a real genocide. There were sterilization attempts, deliberate attempts at “breeding them out”, mass imprisonments for minor infractions, infantilization throughout life by being confined to child-care like institutions where even their shit had to pass muster. In these homes, both sexes experienced mass sex abuse, and this went on for decades. Single women were not allowed to have sex, and males were punished for being a “menace to White women”. Half-breeds were taken away to be raised by Whites, and many Aboriginal children were stolen from their families. There was a conscious attempt to make this race fade into history. There are not many full-blooded Aboriginals left. There are not that many in cities, and most are in remote areas. They still have very serious problems, but they are hardly any kind of threat to the rest of Australians in any way. At the moment, alcohol and drugs are the worst problems, and fetal alcohol syndrome is epidemic among them. The damaged children are petty criminals and find it hard to function on their own. When the Whites first showed up, Aboriginals were waging their own war of extinction on the Negritos of Australia, who may have been there even before the Aborigines showed. The Negritos are the first people out of Africa 70,000 years ago, who moved along the Indian Ocean to SE Asia, leaving trace populations (or relatives) behind (possibly) in Yemen, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the Andaman Islands, Malaysia, the Philippines and New Guinea.

The journey taken by early man out of Africa 70,000 years ago. As you can see, one line goes to Australia. Negritos, not Aborigines, were probably the first people in Australia.

The first Whites witnessed Aborigines hunting Negritos the way man would hunt wild animals. They were killed just for the pleasure of it, and because they were small. Early investigations A photo of Australian Negritos from the Cairns rainforest, taken in 1890, found by Tindale in 1937. He went looking for some Negritos in the area and found a few of them. I haven’t seen any genetic studies on these people, since there are few if any of them left, but studies did seem to show that like most Negritos, they are most closely related genetically to the people around them, in this case, the Aborigines.

Native Tasmanians are now apparently extinct. They were also hunted like animals for decades. The people that we commonly know as Aborigines (or at least one group called Carpentarians named for the Gulf of Carpentaria in Northern Australia) seem to have come much later from Southern India (and seem related to the Veddoids) and largely replaced the Negritos, a genocide that was in its final phases when the Whites showed up.

Indo-Melanid Yanadi boys in Southern India. Note the resemblance with Aborigines. Unfortunately, cranial studies do not show a relationship with Veddoid types and Aborigines. However, genes did seem to show a link a while back. Nevertheless, cranially and surely genetically, these Yanadis are Caucasians. They may be some of the most ancient Caucasians of them all. It’s fascinating to think that the Aborigines as we know them are the original people, but were actually later arrivals from India and the Pacific Rim respectively.

The Carpentarians showed up about 15,000 years ago, were darker and had little body hair. A classic Aborigine, probably a cross between an Ainu type and an early South Indian type. These types were generalized across India and SE Asia about 24,000 years ago. Another group, called Murrayians, are apparently related to the Ainu, and arrived 20,000 years ago. The Ainu are thought to be the remnants of the original people of Northern Asia. They were stocky, wavy-haired, hairy, and fairly light-skinned.

A photo of Ainu Yasli Adam in traditional garb. I love this photo. Note that he could be mistaken for an Aborigine or a Caucasian. Anthropological studies suggest that Ainu types showed up in Australia about 20,000 years ago. There seems to be evidence of them in Thailand around 16,000 years ago, and about this time they went to Japan to form a very early Japanese culture called the Jomonese. There is a suggestion that proto-Jomonese people were also in Thailand around this time. At the same time, the Americas were being populated by types that best resemble the Ainu. These are the Paleoindians, and the Amerindians today are no relation, no matter how much they scream. The famous Kennewick Man is also a Paleoindian most closely related to an Ainu or a Maori. He only appears Caucasian because the Ainu types do look Caucasian. However, in facial structure, they are Australoid, and genetically, they are Asians. Complete moron White nationalists claim that Kennewick Man is a White Man, and this proves that Whites were here before Amerindians, and therefore the whole continent is ours. Stupid or what? I’m going to do a whole post taking these clowns to task over this. In traditional early anthropology of the Philippines, a group called the proto-Malay is postulated. They arrived after the Negritos and after an Australoid group called Sakais, who seem to resemble Veddoids or the Senoi of Malaysia. The proto-Malay are described as short and very hairy. A hairy Asian sounds like an Ainu, and indeed, there were Jomon types in Thailand, and Ainu types may have settled Australia 20,000 years ago, and the Americas 12,000 years ago. In short, Ainu types were on the move around the Pacific Rim from 12-20,000 years ago, and may even have settled in the Philippines. This is real cutting-edge stuff here and I am totally going out on a limb. Feel free to dive in.

An Australian fossil called Kow Swamp from 20,000 YBP curiously looks more like Homo Erectus than Homo Sapiens. The Negritos were least advanced, then the Murrayians, then the Carpentarians. Tindale and Birdsell did the best work on the peopling of Australia long ago and much of it stands to this day. In between the 1960’s saw such idiocies as pan-Aboriginalism, which mandated that all Aborigines had to come from a single source. Ridiculous theories postulated Negritos not as ancient remnants of the first modern humans in their regions, but as the result of microevolution (in particular, to living in a rain forest) and evolutionary drift. This same scenario plays out in Africa, where Bantus kill Pygmies just for the fun of it, and take special pleasure in eating them. This old habit has come back with the horrible civil war in Zaire that has killed 5 million people. In the Philippines, Negritos have been murdered by settlers for their land for decades now, with few legal consequences. The remainder are a defeated people, their lands stolen by Filipinos, working for Filipinos on their former lands as agricultural labor, living in squatter villages, families falling apart, riven by alcohol, dope and even pornography.

A full-grown Ati woman. The Ati, a Philippines Negrito group, live on Panay Island, where they number about 1,500. The Filipinos have been stealing their land and killing them when they resist for decades now, and the government could care less. The Negritos of the Philippines are starting to look like a defeated race.

On the Andaman Islands, most of the Negritos have gone extinct due to disease. The few remainders, for some odd reason, are afflicted with very low fertility, that is, the women seem to be unable to bear children. Is this nature’s way of marking the extinction of a race?

Andaman Islands Negritos. Contact with advanced civilization is fatal to them. They have some immunity to malaria, but none to Hepatitis, venereal diseases or even the common cold or the flu. They quickly succumb to venereal disease, violent crime, beggary, and sloth upon contact with modern civilization. There is a group on the Sentinel Islands that attacks all researchers who come near. Indian nationalist fuckheads keep sending expeditions to “bring them into civilization” but every Andamans group that has come to the modern world has been destroyed. Long may the Sentinelese prosper in the Paleolithic glory. I actually think these Stone Age chicks are kinda cute. Hell with modern woman anyway. Every one I meet wants to know my net worth. Think these babes care? Hell with Late Capitalism, how do I get me one of these Negrito chicks anyway?

Somali Girls Vs. Ethiopian Girls

[youtube=] I say the Somalis look better in this video, but Ethiopian women are very very beautiful. There are many of them in Fresno. However, they are pretty much untouchable, as I think they only go for Ethiopian guys. One of the Ethiopian women in this video (2:16) looks like a White woman (an Arab)! Some of the Somali pics are duplicates of the model Iman, but I don’t think they all are. I don’t think Iman is the only Somali big name model out there. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

I Can Die Happy Now


I just watched some Korean girl group stuff, K-pop. That’s it. I don’t need anything more out of life. I watched that, and now I’m happy. Lord come take away.

Kind of reminds me of mid 1970’s disco music. Everyone loves to hate it, but it was a great scene while it was going on. All the hot chicks were into it, and what more do you need for a fad, right? I mean, if all the hot chicks were into eating live eels, I would probably do that too, right? The chicks make the scene. There was also a lot of sex going on. Disco was all about sex. Most folks don’t realize that, but it’s true. What else is music like that good for, besides dancing, and dancing is just fucking on two legs anyway.

Hot Black Chicks: Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall, Black anchorwoman on MSNBC.

Alpha was wondering when I’m going to start posting some hot Black women pics a while back.

I wasn’t sure, because my concept of Black female beauty is so screwed up. At first glance, a lot of them look pretty damn good, but then you look again, and think, “But she’s Black,” and you automatically take 50

Anyway, now and again, I find a Black woman who looks pretty killer and doesn’t set off my Stupid Filter that I was socialized with.

Tamron Hall, anchorwoman for MSNBC, is one. Damn this woman is beautiful! Just out of curiosity, how much White does she have in her? About as much as the average Black?

Where do White nationalists get off saying all Black women are ugly anyway? Fuck them!

Miss Norway 2010

The White nationalists/White supremacists are in arms over this, but I think it’s pretty cool.

Wow! Looks something like David Bowie's girlfriend.

A mulatto woman, Melinda Elvenes, has been selected as one of the entrants for Miss Norway in the Miss World contest. The other woman is a typical White Norwegian.

Full body shot in a bikini. Nice! Who says Black immigration to Scandinavia is all bad? She may have some Khoisan in her. Look at the eyes.

Elvenes is ½ Botswanan and ½ Norwegian. And boy is she hot!

The Female Genius at Different Life Stages

Discussion of the nature of the female genius can be found in previous posts.

Let us look at the female genius at different phases of life. Probably not so pronounced in the male, the female genius changes in different stages of the female life. The young female genius is full of light and bright things and probably love and sex. To pound a cliche, it’s “innocent.” There is pain, but there is pain and light with energy and hope.

Pain is always there, because it’s painful to be a woman. I was stunned in my life to learn intimately how many women like pain, physical, mental, etc. or enslavement, domination, etc. One would think that sexually women are sick masochist fucks. One time I called a female friend and asked her why all these women I knew wanted pain with me in bed. She thought for a bit and said, “Well, being a woman is painful, physically and emotionally. As a woman, you either learn to love pain or you don’t have much fun.”

Here we see the archetypal complex female genius, Nico of the Velvet Underground.

First interview is at age 34 after the Velvets split up, so she is a bit older than the girl genius Faithfull in the other videos. She has taken up with experimental French filmmaker Philippe Garrel. We see the typical unconscious (life of the emotional mind) and amoral (calculating and petty) female nature that Weininger spoke of.

Interview is in French, but it doesn’t matter, because you can feel the genius anyway. Here is a rundown of the French, but I don’t understand French very well:

Before speaking about her new movie, the journalist says that other than the albums, Vu, C.Girls and two others, she has not recorded anything else since the Velvets, so he asked her if she was going to release another album. She responds, “You don’t think I’ve recorded enough already?”  She says that she would like to play in the opera some time and that when she makes music, she thinks about theater and cinema, and she thinks her music is very visual.

She explains how one the day she met Lou Reed and John Cale, she was really impressed, and it was the most beautiful day of her entire life until then. Then she met Andy Warhol at Castel where they went dancing. She then says something about Marquis de Sade dancing and perverted dances. I’m not sure what she means there.

I’d say her French is very good for a German first language speaker.


Ten years later at age 44, apparently high on heroin, and ten years before her death falling off a bike at Ibiza, things are a lot of different. Nico was the archetype of the blase, ultra-cultured, world-weary European continental.


Here we have Marianne Faithfull again in a reprise from the earlier post. This is from the same sessions in the 1965 for As Tears Go By. She was 17 years old. It’s great! You almost wish you could preserve folks at a certain age and keep them there forever, and I guess you can, on video and audio, but it might be nice to clone a forever 17 year old Faithfull too. She has such a natural beauty about her, unlike these moderns with layers of makeup pancaked on.


She recut the song much later in life and released it, her voice shot by decades of cigarettes, booze and cocaine, it speaks of quiet resignation, or the female genius in later life, this one around age 50+. Curiously, if you look at her facial expressions as she sings, she looks and feels similar to how she did at age 17. Perhaps one’s soul does not change much through life?


The female genius is the same the world over, as the female brain is pretty much the same vis a vis the male brain regardless of race. This is a great version by a totally beautiful Japanese singer, Keiko Terada, singing with a session band on Japanese TV.

Keiko was formerly the lead singer for an all-woman hard rock and heavy metal band called Show-Ya, since broken up. She has a great voice and has been compared to Bette Midler. Might be nice to find out when this was done. She’s 47, and she was recording this song as long ago as 1994 at age 31. She’s looks closer to 31 than to 47 in this cut, but who knows?

She sings very well in English. It’s too much! Damn this chick is beautiful! That’s why I’m a rice king. Simply a Japanese version of the female genius.


Hot Black Chicks – SWV


Alpha was wondering a while back why I don’t do posts on beautiful Black women. I think it’s because I have eclectic tastes in Black women. Some of them look fantastic to me, but a lot of others just do not. A lot of times I look at a Black woman and I think, “Wow! She looks hot!” Then I start wondering if she’s really good-looking or not, since I was raised White on the “all Black women are ugly” thing, and unfortunately, that’s still a part of me.

Anyway, this band is called SWV. It’s a hip-hop R & B band from New York, a trio of three females. They are about 22-23 years old in this video.

Looking at stills of them, I still start going round and round with the, “Are they really beautiful?” thing, but in this video, I must say that all three of them are incredibly hot. I don’t know if it’s makeup, hair, cameras, who knows? Who cares? They don’t look quite as good underwater.

It’s a common theme in White society that all Black women are ugly. If you protest, like I do, you get, “Yeah, some of them are! If they have some White in them!” You know, the pure Black is so ugly. Well, check out SWV. How much White are they? 15

White nationalists are insistent, against all reasonable evidence, that all Black women are naturally ugly. Looking at this video, I say, “Fuck you White nationalists!”

ID the Med Hottie

For 20 points, ID the Med hottie above. Hint: She's still alive, she's 74 years old, and she's still very beautiful.

#1 reason why Nordicism will never fly. Nordicism says that chicks like the above are members of some inferior, mongrel race. Further, it states, against all obvious evidence, that the chick above is not even White! What is she then? Who knows?

But that’s not the reason why it won’t work. Sure, Nordic guys evolved in a cold climate, but evolution retained a supercharged male sex drive nevertheless, maybe to keep warm and not freeze to death at night. Anyway, Nordicism tells Nordic guys that no way can they ever, ever touch chicks like the one above, in fact, they can’t even think about it. Because she’s, like, inferior, you know.

Nordic men will fall all over themselves, commit deadly stampedes, start wars, commit serious felonies and do all sorts of fucked up shit just to get a chance at chicks like that.  They will collectively shout, “Fuck your racial theories,” as they fight Hell and high water for a shot at Miss Lovely above.

LOL! Won’t work tards.

Thanks for playing though!

Save the White Race!


Now! I mean it! Because if we don’t, these chicks will all go extinct! Forever!

I mean, there’s always hair dye and bottle blonds, but that’s not quite the same now is it?

The Go Blonde Parade in Riga, Latvia, 2010.


This was last year’s parade, comes with a cool soundtrack even.

If People Can Drink Cow’s Milk…

Why can’t cows drink human milk? Seriously. Good question, no?

I'm not one to don calf's suits just for the Hell of it, but I might do it for an occasion like this.

I assume you are wondering just who this chick is? I don’t know her name, but she is some kind of an activist against dairy products, and this is one of her strange stunts.

Rima Fakih Crowned Miss America

Rima Fakih, a former Miss Michigan, whose family are Shia Muslims from Southern Lebanon, was crowned Miss USA recently, the first Arab to ever win the prize. The neocons have gone insane, among other reactions, they are being led by some Jew named Debbie Schlussel, a blogger from Michigan. There are still a lot of Jews living around Detroit. In addition, many Arabs, mostly Shia Lebanese, have moved into the same area in recent years.

Rima Fakih in a bikini at the Miss USA contest. Hezbollah does not approve, and they said so.

No one knows whether or not Fakih sympathizes with Hezbollah, but 83

Excellent photo of Fakih after winning the prize. She has an interesting phenotype that I can't quite put a finger on. Italian? Armenian? Something like those Georgians? The closest thing she resembles at all is a former girlfriend, who was part Lebanese Maronite and part Greek, among other things.

The thing about Lebanon is that just about everyone hates each other. The Shia, the Sunnis of the North, the Druze and Maronites from the Center, there is no love lost with any of them, unfortunately. There are temporary alliances, but they fall apart a lot. The Greek Orthodox seem to get along with others better than the others, and they are not aligned with the Maronites in any way. The Orthodox have long lined up with Syria. Many of the first suicide bombers in Lebanon in the mid 1980’s were Greek Orthodox, often Communists or Leftists.

Rima Fakih photo in the dark, making her skin look a lot darker. I don't know what she looks like in this picture. Almost like a North Indian?

Fakih’s family varies. Some support Hezbollah and the more secular but still religious Shia Amal. Others are secular Shia who have no particular love for the religious parties. Some of these secular folks are even Communists. Communists are not unusual in Lebanon – there are still quite a few of them for some reason.

Here she is in her gown. A good look at her phenotype here, which seems pretty unique. These people probably are the remains of the ancient Phoenicians, and that was pretty distinct group of folks. Of course, now their genes are scattered about the Mediterranean. After Lebanese and Greek, my next suggestion would be that she looks something like some of the Mizrachi or Arab Jews in Israel, although their looks vary somewhat. I once met an Iranian Mizrachi Jew who looked something like this. A commenter has noted that she looks something like a famous Israeli Yemeni Mizrachi Jewish transsexual Dana International.

There is much misunderstanding about Hezbollah and Lebanon. Hezbollah is not trying to create a fundamentalist state in South Lebanon. They understand the secular nature of the multicultural Lebanese state. In interviews, Hezbollah said that they would only push for a religious state if they could get say 80-85

Here is another look at her, this time with much lighter skin, probably due to the heavy bright lighting. Notice that her skin is about the same color as the White women on either side of her, especially the one to the right.

The beach in Beirut is full of women in bikinis and downtown Beirut is full of women in skimpy clothing. Downtown nightlife is popping, with lots of bars, drinking and even call girls. Nothing much is done to crack down on any of this, and Hezbollah could care less. Down in the South were Hezbollah holds sway, things are a bit different, but I think booze is still legal, and you don’t need to wear a hijab, though it’s preferred.

Here she is pole dancing from two years ago. She won the contest. I think it's safe to say she's not a Hezbollah fanatic. I don't think that the Lebanese Shia, or any Lebanese, have much Black in them, but I am not sure. Syrians are about 5

Homosexuals are beaten, it is true, but that’s about as bad as Hezbollah gets. Beaten and turned over to the cops, as homosexuality is still illegal in Lebanon and it’s pretty taboo. Gay rights groups have tried to organize, but it’s not going anywhere.

The religious leader of Hezbollah, Fadlallah, has issued some very interesting rulings lately, including one that sanctioned female masturbation, especially if the female is unmarried and has not outlet.

Keep in mind that the Shia are somewhat like Catholics in that doctrine is allowed to be continuously updated to keep with the times, as opposed to the set in stone philosophy of the Sunni, whose Christian analogy is the Protestants. Like the Protestants, the Sunni have no real head religious authorities issuing rulings. Like the Catholics, the Shia have religious leaders (Popes or Ayatollahs) whose job it is to continuously interpret doctrine in the face of changing reality.

The Ayatollahs, including Khomeini, have even allowed transsexualism, and a famous Ayatollah has had a sex change, is now a woman, and is married to another Ayatollah! Then there is the temporary marriage feint which allows for somewhat casual sex outside of marriage. A famous Iranian Islamic religious scholar, a woman, recently authored a book in which she recounted her temporary marriage affairs with 40-50 Iranians, often top Ayatollahs and religious scholars. No one much batted an eye in Iran.

Lebanon is simply a conservative Middle Eastern country, with life centered around families and extended families.

Georgian Girls


Interesting video of some very beautiful women from Georgia, not the peach state but the nation in the Caucasus. They have a most interesting phenotype, and there is a particular phenotype running through this whole series of women, which is quite interesting. They look pretty unique!

I guess their language is so Hellaciously difficult that they hardly get any immigrants!

They are quite dark, and at first you think they are some sort of Med types, but I think anthropologically, they are either Armenids or Caucasids It’s really hard to say what the look like. The one phenotype that hit me over and over was “Chechen.” I’ve seen a lot of Chechen guys, and I talked to one on webcam once. Obviously, you don’t see the women much. When I was talking to that guy on cam, I was tripping on his phenotype. I’d never seen a White person who looked quite like that!

I kept thinking “Turkish,” over and over. If you look carefully, they can seem to resemble Armenian women. If you use your imagination, you might seem something Jewish in them. One girl looked like a Lebanese Christian type.

I kept looking for Iranian, but I could not seem to see it. However, curiously, over and over, I seemed to see the same “Iranid” Caucasian type that you saw in the video of the Kazakh women. Whatever Caucasoid element went into those Kazakhs looks a lot like these Georgian chicks.

Obviously, these chicks are White? Where do White nationalists get off anyway. Well, fuck em, we Pan-Aryanists will gladly claim these chicks. Welcome aboard, ladies!

Kazakh Girls


These are some of the most beautiful women on Earth. Their genetics is very complex. On some charts, they make it barely into the Caucasian square as Northern Turkics, yet on others, they look quite a bit like Mongolians.

Genetically, they average 2/3 NE Asian (mostly Mongolian and Turkic) and 1/3 Caucasian. The Caucasian is of Iranic element. Take a nice dose of NE Asian girl and add a healthy lesser mixture of Eurasian Caucasoid, and you end up with these startling beauties.

It’s hard to say what they look like.

They seem to resemble Japanese women a lot to me, but Mongolians say they look a lot like Mongolian chicks. If you use your imagination, you can even see Amerindian in them. Looking around some more, some look Korean, and others seem to look something like Thai or Cambodian women. Many of them seem to be simply unclassifiable, since you’ve never seen women who look quite like this. Probably more than anything else, they look like some of the Cantonese-Caucasian Amerasian mixes you see around here in the US.

We Whites, even us Pan-Aryanists, can’t really claim them, but the Asians seem to claim them as fellow Asians. They’re a tribute to hybrid vigor!


The ones in the video above are models from beauty contests, but the picture quality is sort of crappy. The girls in the first video are more ordinary looking.

Here’s to Kazakh girls!

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Funny Motivational Posters

Repost from the old site.

The problem with the PC Left is they have no sense of humor. Most humor is sexist, racist or just plain cruel in some way or another. PC humor is pretty much an oxymoron. In the spirit of offending everyone without getting this blog a content warning, check out some great motivating posters. There’s something here to offend just about everyone.

From the Pirate 4X4 ORV Forum, a lot of Photoshop work in the spirit of motivational posters. You will need to click each pic to enlarge it and see it better.

My favorites so far are the Boobs and Seal posters. Runners up – Myspace, 58 Drunk and Horny, Sometimes, Rope and Bathroom Mirror.

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