Is Wikipedia a CIA/Deep State Project?

Nominay writes:

If the truth is blotted out, how do you come by it Robert? Have you tried editing the wiki entry with irrefutable sources, as to not have the revisions reversed so quickly? Is there independent media you can reach out to more to spread the word?

Editing Wikipedia is hopeless. Wikipedia is basically a project of the US Deep State and US imperialism. Whether Deep State entities control Wikipedia or not is not important. What is important is that the editors of Wikipedia are deeply aligned ideologically to the US Deep State, the US Foreign Policy elite and especially to US imperialism. That doesn’t mean that Wikipedia is a project of the CIA, but it might as well be. If the CIA owned Wikipedia outright, the articles would not look 1% different from what they are now, since Wikipedia’s editors support the CIA view of society. Wikipedia has been a fanatically reactionary from the very starts. My friends who were early editors said that almost all of the top Wikipedians are “Libertarians.” The Libertarian bias is extremely strong on any article having anything to do with economics. Jimmy Wales is an extreme Libertarian, a diabolical monster of a man as all Libertarians are. After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, this millionaire Hannibal fulminated about how the government should not have spent one penny or moved one man to help save people or clean up the mess in New O themrleans. Everyone was just supposed to fend for themselves. Of course this was pretty much the response of the somewhat Libertarian Bush Administration. So you see Wikipedia has been a fanatically reactionary institution since its earliest days. Wales also, like all reactionaries, has deep ties to Zionism and ultra-wealthy Zionist circles in America. He has appeared at pro-Israel fundraisers where he helps raise money alongside his uber-rich Jewish pals.
I am pretty good at analyzing a lot of different sources and figuring out what it truth and what is lies. The truth is not that hard to come by. Just assume that the US and allied world media is lying to you a good part of the time, especially about certain things, and go on from there. Mostly just quit reading the paper. Quit reading newsmagazines. Turn off the news on TV or the radio. Get all your information from Truth sites on the Net in the Alternative Media.
There are lots of writers out there who write stuff along my lines. Quite a few have more hits than I do. It’s just that all of that is tiny compared to the MSM and the voices of the two big political parties. Most Americans are lined up either with the stupid Democrats or with the stupider Republicans. They simply parrot whatever lie the Democrats say or the bigger lie the Republicans say, depending on which side of the toast they spread their butter. The MSM more or less parrots the views of both of the parties in one way or another.
Since WW2, there has been a “bipartisan consensus” on foreign policy. The two parties agreed to the same basic contours of an imperialist, wicked foreign policy. The Democrats chose a somewhat milder version of imperialism while the Republicans chose a more extreme, hyper-militaristic version. Democrats are always being pushed into militaristic positions because Republicans always scream that Democrats are weak because they hesitate when the Republican order them to slaughter thousands to hundreds of thousands of people. Not wanting to massacre tens of thousands of people for any no good reason means you are weak. The % of Americans who believe in this sociopathic “whoever murders the most is strongest; whoever hesitates to slaughter tens of thousands of humans is weak” is very high – tens of thousands of mostly conservative Americans believe in this “the biggest murderers and the best people” philosophy.
Bottom line is most Americans really don’t care about foreign policy, but what little they do know is generally a repetition of extreme brainwashing by the Deep State. Persons deeply interested in US foreign policy are usually hopelessly brainwashed by the Deep State as the more US media you partake in, the crazier and more brainwashed you get and the fewer facts you know and the more lies you believe to be true.

Glory to the Heroes, To the Heroes, Glory!

Pregnant woman murdered by US proxy Nazis forces in Odessa.
Pregnant woman murdered by US proxy Nazi forces in Odessa.

This woman was murdered by US-supported Nazi forces in the Odessa Massacre. This massacre was planned in advance. The Nazi forces attacked a peaceful camp of pro-federalism demonstrators in front of the Labor Ministry. The demonstrators ran into the Ministry for safety. Their camp was then set on fire.
The Nazis, along with their allies in the Odessa Police, then attacked the building with firebombs and guns. The people inside the building did not fight back at all, as they had no weapons. They had no guns and no firebombs, and they certainly did not throw any of the firebombs back at their attackers.
The Nazis pumped some sort of a poison gas into the building which debilitated a a lot of those inside. Then they broke in. They murdered everyone they could get their hands on inside the building. All women were raped and then shot in the head or beaten to death. The woman in the photo above was simply a Labor Ministry employee who happened to be working in the building on that day. She was eight months pregnant. America’s proxy Nazi forces strangled her with a cord. Most of the people who were killed were set on fire. In general, only their upper bodies were set on fire before the fires were put out with fire extinguishers. The purpose was to destroy their faces and hands so the victims could not be identified.
The investigation of this crime by the Ukrainian Nazi government was a complete farce. 100% of the violence that day was blamed on Russia and the pro-federalist demonstrators. The Nazi street thugs were not mentioned at all. The only people were arrested were the federalist victims of these Nazis. All were charged with terrorism offenses and sentenced to 10-20 year prison terms. Many other federalist protestors who escaped are on “Wanted for Terrorism” lists. Quite a few have fled the area, some for Novorussia and others for Russia itself.
I honestly think that the US Deep State, mainstream media and CIA must control Wikipedia. If you go to the Wikipedia article on this Odessa Massacre, you will read not one single true sentence there. All you will read are the lies about this incident perpetrated by the US government, the Nazi government in Kiev, and the corrupt, lying using MSM.
It is quite a long article and what is amazing about it is that there is not even one single sentence in that article that is true.
Wikipedia is completely controlled by The Hegemon and it is nothing but a mouthpiece for US imperialism and the American Empire. Worse than useless.

Is Wikipedia a Front for Fascism?

Repost from the old site.

Check out this crap article. Not that such a thing does not exist, but in the true sense, it doesn’t really. Communists usually don’t go around blowing up markets and whatnot. I can’t believe Wikipedia even has an article like this – it’s blatant anti-Communist propaganda.

There used to be lots of BS articles like this – Kurdish Terrorism, Palestinian Terrorism, on and on, you get the picture. Of course, they were created and maintained by nationalist assholes, in the first case, Jewish nationalist assholes, and in the second case, Turkish nationalist assholes. Most of those articles have been deleted.

You really need to understand how Wikipedia is supposed to work. The very idea of an article called “______ Terrorism” is virtually an Neutral Point of View (NPOV) violation right there.

I am not saying that Wikipedia is complete crap. When it works as intended, it’s actually pretty nice. NPOV is often properly invoked, and articles are tempered down to be as objective as possible. The whole problem with Wikipedia is there are all these evil little cabals running around. In most cases, proper Wikipedians simply deny the cabals the opportunity to infest the site with their propaganda crap and lies.

Problem is that a few cabals have been allowed to run amok on Wikipedia – specifically, Jewish nationalists, Ukrainian nationalists and Indian Hindu nationalists. The anti-Communist cabal is apparently also being given free reign.

Problem here is that the top end of Wikipedia is completely overrun by conservative to libertarian types. The Jewish and Hindutva cabals have also been allowed to penetrate into the highest echelon. The anti-Communist line probably just goes along with the hard rightwing philosophy of the top Wikipedians.

It’s notable that Ukrainian, Hindutva and Jewish nationalism are all far rightwing ideologies that are frequently accused of being fascist movements. When you combine this with the extreme anti-Communist line that was often used by fascist movements, the frightening possibility here (And I do not mean to exaggerate, really!) is that Wikipedia is actually a front for various forms of fascist ideology.

It’s really too bad that this nice encyclopedia is so corrupted like this. The flaw is in the design. I have never seen a World Book or Brittanica article anywhere near as propagandistic as the worst Wikipedia stuff. In this sense, Wikipedia is never going to kill the best encyclopedias. The real encyclopedias’ criticism of Wikipedia is correct – in too many cases, it simply is an unprofessional joke.

Wikipedia Jews Attack James Petras

Repost from the old site.

James Petras is a fine man of the Left who has long been interested in Latin America and especially revolutionary movements down there. He has long supported the FARC revolutionaries in Colombia (as does this blog) and lately he has been supporting the Movement of the Landless in Brazil.

He’s a great labor organizer who goes down to Latin America and works with the people, getting his hands dirty with the workers and peasants themselves. He’s a towering intellect, and has often criticized Left movements from a Far Left perspectives, accusing them of being sellouts. For instance, he has gone after the FMLN in El Salvador lately for pursuing a half-hearted effort at reform.

I believe he was going after Evo Morales in Bolivia lately. He’s great for tearing the masks off these Latin American Leftists who the US press is screaming Commie Bloody Murder about, showing us that many of them are not even very far to the Left and the proposals they are offering are quite moderate and unlikely to seriously shake up socioeconomic relations in these places.

It’s always great to read him on anything having to do with the Latin American Left.

Lately he has sort of gone off on a bender against US Jews and particularly the Israeli Lobby and Israel. He has received some criticism for this from the Left, especially the anarchist Left (see Three Way Fight) and Maoists. Maoists and anarchists (Three Way Fight critique here) are among those on the Left who are particularly sensitive to charges of anti-Semitism and go to great lengths to avoid such.

This despite the recent rightwing Jewish – Zionist rewriting of history that shows the entire 20th Century Left as being anti-Semitic. See Why the Jews? The Reasons for Contemporary Anti-Semitism by Dennis Prager and Joseph Telushkin for more on that – it’s actually an excellent read and I recommend it.

The ADL has recently weighed in against Petras, accusing him of fomenting some kind of “New Anti-Semitism” (this means an anti-Semitism focused mostly on Israel). All of this crap is a rather minor sideshow to Petras’ excellent corpus and career, but as you can see in his Wikipedia entry, most of the entry is given over his tussle with the Jews.

On the discussion page, the Wikipedia Jews have gone nuts, accusing him of being an “anti-Jewish racist” and other bullshit. There’s the usual crap about Israel Shamir on there, straight from the UK Spotlight Trotskyite antifa loonie-tunes accusations – Shamir as a Swedish neo-Nazi living in Norway.

In fact, Israel Shamir, whatever one thinks of him (and he surely has his anti-Semitic moments) is a Russian Jew, son of a famous rabbi, who immigrated to Israel, fought in the Israeli military, wrote for some Israeli papers, moved to Japan where he translated Japanese haiku books, moved back to Russia where he got involved in some dubious anti-Semitic far right Russian publications, moved back to Israel, where he currently resides in Jaffa (in fact, you can probably even visit him there – lots of folks do).

It’s really sad that this “Swedish neo-Nazi” bullshit has been allowed to gain as much traction as it has. Yes, his Wikipedia page says that too. I know what you were thinking. Chip Berlet is one of the leaders of the Israel Shamir Lynch Mob. Berlet, the strange “Marxist” who is in deep with the radical right libertarians that rule Wikipedia.

Looks like the Wikipedia Jews got pretty much thwarted on this one. Maybe someone is finally starting to reign them in over there. Note that “Humus Sapiens” is one of the most notorious Wikipedia Jews, active for years now. Still at it, I guess.

Check out the article history. Real food fight.

Links to some Wikipedia nasties.

Wikipedia Jews: Jayjg, one of the worst Jewish POV-pushers on Wikipedia. Humus Sapiens, a Russian Jewish immigrant to the US. Izak, one of their sidekicks.

Slim Virgin , one of the worst ones of all. I understand that SV is not even Jewish (!); she’s just some Gentile philosemite. She’s obsessed with 1. The Jews, 2. 9-11. SV is one of the most horrible and abusive administrators on Wikipedia. She was so abusive that the Wikipedia Review undertook an investigation of her.

She was very hard to track down as she covers her tracks very well, but they eventually determined that she is a former Cambridge University graduate student named Linda Mack who was hired by investigative reporter Pierre Salinger and John K. Cooley to investigate the Lockerbie bombing.

Two Libyans were eventually convicted of the bombing, and Ghaddafi was ordered to pay a huge fine, but there is good evidence that Libya had nothing to do with the bombing. There is also evidence that UK law enforcement knew this but went after Ghaddafi anyway because they hated him and wanted to wrap up the case.

It is still not known who was behind the bombing, but the Iranian regime was probably the author of the attack. The attack was probably a payback for the US shooting down of an Iranian airliner during the Iran-Iraq War, an act that the US said was accidental. Iran refused to accept the accidental shootdown theory.

Linda Mack was instrumental in steering Salinger and Cooley towards the Libyans. Salinger and Cooley eventually decided that Mack was a spy with the UK’s notorious MI5 intelligence agency (the British CIA). Linda Mack is now reportedly living in Alberta, Canada under the name Sarah McEwan.

Antifascist, who uses the same handle and has the same obsessions as a notorious Jewish Zionist who used to stalk anti-Zionists on Indymedia, often issuing them horrible death threats. He’s obsessed with Wendy Campbell and Gilad Atzmon.

His name is Ketlan Ossowski ( blog here) and he is described as an obsessive Jew who uses Leftism and anti-fascism as a cover to promote Zionism. I strongly suspect that he is the same guy who stalked and threatened Wendy Campbell. Zeq, long-notorious, the lone Wikipedia Jew busted in the CAMERA fiasco, now banned.

Others: Roland Rance, a Jewish Marxist (Jewish first, Marxist far distant second) from London, famous from the wars over Gilad Atzmon and Mary Rizzo’s Peace Palestine blog, apparently active in the Socialist Workers Party and in with the Lenin’s Tomb crowd. I’m not going to comment on this guy much as he’s written me civilly via email.

Just another frothing Trot about sums it up though.

Wikipedia on Hoxha and Stalin

Nice job on the Wikipedia article on Enver Hoxha, hardline Communist leader of Albania until his death in 1985, whereupon he was succeeded by Ramiz Alia, who led the country to multiparty elections and a move to a market economy.

Hoxha’s record is definitely mixed, and when he died in 1985, there were permanent shortages of even the most basic foodstuffs. That doesn’t seem like any way to run an economy.

On the other hand, Albania had little trade, since Hoxha had alienated or been alienated from the entire capitalist world and most of the Communist Bloc, who, since Mao’s death, he regarded as impure Communists or revisionists. I don’t really go in for this autarchy stuff.

There were quite a few significant accomplishments made during Hoxha’s rule, which are outlined in the Wikipedia piece. The article previously was the predictable hatchet job, but a user named Mrdie did a nice job of fixing it.

I really do not think than an encyclopedia, which is what Wikipedia claims to be, should be the place for standard rightwing anti-Communist hit pieces, which is what this Wikipedia article on Stalin reads like, by the way.

Stalin was a very controversial figure, as most well know, but to call him the biggest murderer of the 20th Century is perverse.

Stalin set a world record in doubling life expectancy in the shortest period of time for any country. The death rate under the Czarism so beloved by Alexander Solzhenitsyn was fully three times higher than even under Stalin. So the “worst murderer of the 20th Century” was responsible for 70% reduction in the death rate for Russians. Tell me how that works?

A good book on Stalin, through from a sympathetic author, is The Stalin Era, by US Communist journalist Anna Louise Strong. At one point in the book, describing the development of the USSR up from nothing in the 1920’s and 1930’s, Strong notes, “Never before in history had so great an advance occurred so swiftly.”

Although it was at quite a cost, I would think that that is worth something at least. I have the book on my drive and I need to make it available for download on my download site. Remind me if you want to look at it.


Strong, Anna Louise. (1956). The Stalin Era. New York: Mainstream Publishers.

Best Explanation Yet For the Holodomor

Repost from the old site.
First of all, we really ought to note that there was no “Holodomor” as the Ukrainian nationalists and Ukrainian Nazis have it. According to them, there was a man-made famine in the Ukraine in 1932 and 1933 that led to 6 million Ukrainians dying.
The harvest was excellent, but the evil Stalinists confiscated all of the grain to starve the people due to their resistance to collectivization. This is the view that Americans have been fed their entire lives by the controlled US propaganda media (There is no free press of any consequence in the USA).
Most historians now completely reject the notion that the USSR intentionally starved anyone to death in order to punish them for resisting the state’s directives. There was a famine in 1933, and it continued for a few years afterward, but it extended over most of the USSR and was not confined to the Ukraine. The government was not happy about the famine and took severe measures to curtail it.
Most died of disease after being weakened by famine, not of starvation itself. Poor decisions were made by the state, but historically, this is often the case during famines. One can argue that the famine was caused by state policies, in particular an effort to jump-start collectivization and do it very rapidly.
A similar effort in China in 1959-1962 also caused a famine and led to 15 million deaths, again, mostly from disease. There seems to be a pattern of too-rapid collectivization of agriculture causing disastrous famines in Communist countries (something similar happened during Pol Pot’s reign).
There was also an armed struggle going on, with bands of kulaks taking up arms against party officials, collective farms and farmers, etc. In the course of this armed struggle, the state killed 390,000 people, mostly Ukrainians. If you want to call this mass murder or genocide or whatever, you’re entitled to do that, but that’s not what the Holodomor crowd is arguing.
Also, there was widespread sabotage in the USSR around this time, mostly in the Ukraine again, whereby those resisting cultivation destroyed 50% of the livestock in the USSR and a good part of the grain crop too.
The reasons for the famine and the story of the famine itself are quite complex and go beyond the scope of this post. For now, this review by Mark Tauger of a recent book by Davies and Wheatcroft perhaps sums up the famine in the USSR during this period to the best of our knowledge. Instead of summarizing this complicated review, I will just link to it and let you go read it yourself.
On a related note, it appears that the Ukrainian Nazis (Holodomor crowd) have taken over an article called “Holodomor Denial” and pretty much ruined it. Most of the people accused of being Holodomor Deniers do acknowledge that there was a famine in the USSR during this period that killed at least 1 million people.
Walter Duranty, the famous New York Times columnist, acknowledged at least 3 million deaths from famine. Douglas Tottle, Mario Sousa and Jeff Conlon, all supposedly Holodomor Deniers according to this outrageously biased article, all agreed that from 1-2 million died of a famine in the USSR during this period.
The reason the Ukrainian Nazis have even come up with the phrase Holodomor Denial is to parrot the Jews’ Holocaust Denial. The Holodomor was given that name in the late 1980’s by Ukrainian nationalists in Canada, most of whom supported the Nazis and often fought beside them in WW2. Anti-Semitism and Holocaust Denial are rampant amongst these fascist supporters.
Just to show you how wicked Wikipedia is, take a look at the talk page for the article. The talk page was taken over by Ukrainian Nazis, I mean Holodomorists. Check out this entry.
The person who wrote that, Jeff Peters, was subsequently permanently banned from working on Wikipedia merely for opposing the Ukrainian Nazis’ Holodomor lies. Here is his talk page with all the dirty details. Looks like he was also a supporter of Hezbollah and the Palestinians and ran afoul of the Wikipedia Jews.
This is par for the course on Wikipedia. Most articles on Communism are seriously ruined by the Wikipedia Cabal. The Cabal, which takes orders from Jimmy Wales himself, is heavily loaded with libertarians who are quite hostile to any kind of socialism or social justice.
Jimmy Wales himself is a wild and extreme libertarian who argued that the federal government should not have lifted one finger to help the Hurricane Katrina victims in any way.
It’s amazing that not one single article in the “US free press” about Wikipedia or its corrupt founder has ever mentioned the extreme corruption and intellectual dishonesty at Wikipedia, the propaganda cabals that are allowed to run amok, or even Wales’ own extreme political views themselves. A free press in the US? It would be a great idea!
Was there famine? Yes. Was there a Holodomor? No.
The most responsible estimate of deaths due to the famine range from 1.5-6 million over a few years across much of the USSR.
It is interesting that in private correspondence, Robert Conquest, who for decades insisted that the famine was intentional (his view is now the received wisdom on the subject in the West) admitted in private correspondence with Davies and Wheatcroft that the famine was not intentional.
It’s truly sad that what is now regarded as settled fact among responsible historians is still regarded as wild, unheard-of propaganda in much of the West. But then we get back to that wonderful American “free press” again, right?


Coplon, Jeff. January 12, 1988. In Search of a Soviet Holocaust. The Village Voice. Douglas Furr’s website.
Coplon, Jeff. March 1988. Rewriting History – How Ukrainian Nationalists Imposed Their Doctored History on High School Students CAPITAL Region. Douglas Furr’s website.
Davies, R. W. and Wheatcroft, Steven G. 2004. The Years of Hunger: Soviet Agriculture, 1931-1933. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.
Souza, Mario. Lies Concerning the History of the Soviet Union. North Star Compass website.
Tauger, Mark B. 1991. The 1932 Harvest and the Famine of 1933. Slavic Review 50:1, pp. 70-89.
Tottle, Douglas. 1987. Fraud, Famine, and Fascism: the Ukrainian Genocide Myth from Hitler to Harvard. Toronto: Progress Books.

Wikipedia on Mao

Repost from the old site.
Granted, he’s a controversial fellow all right, but this hit piece is just an outrageous travesty of anti-Communist propaganda. The discussion page shows the details of the travesty, including the banning of anyone promoting an opposite point of view (a typical smarmy Wikipedia “Neutral Point of View” practice).
My 1990 World Book article on China< and my Time-Life book, China, from 1962 (height of the Cold War) are vastly more fair than this. World Book is hardly pro-Communist and Time-Life was always fanatically anti-Communist.
Fact is, Wikipedia is run by a bunch of little libertarian shits. Jimmy Wales is a wild-eyed, fanatical libertarian crazy person, and he’s using his evil website to try to poison the mind of a planet in favor of his libertarian nightmare.
That’s his right, but the US “free press” (there is no free press in the US) really ought to call him on it. I’ve seen all sorts of MSM bullshit about Jimmy and his jerk-off webcyclopedia, and every single one of them has been a fawning valentine (as we call such pieces in the journalism field).
Never once has even one article hinted that Wikipedia is grossly unfair, or that it is run by various cabals that are all tied in with the super-cabal of ultra-right libertarian Hindutva-Zionists around Wales. It might be nice to let the world know exactly what the politics of him and his creepy followers really are.
Let them know that Wales was furious that the federal government had done anything whatsoever to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina before, during and after the storm in any way whatsoever. Can you imagine?
In Wales World, there is no role for a government to play in a world-class hurricane. Need to be rescued? Call your friend who obviously has a helicopter, or pay $1000’s for some Israeli-cum-Halliburton mercenaries to come rescue your ass.
No government help to put up victims afterwards, to clean up the mess, or even to collect the fucking bodies. Let the epidemics come. No government help to rebuild the city afterwards. Let it stay underwater oozing gators, toxic waste, mold, decaying flesh and ruined structures. All of this is the proper domain of the private sector! Can you imagine how many people would have died?
I mean, this is what we got anyway under Libertarian Lite George Bush, but in Jimmy World, things would have been incalculably worse.
Look. If that’s Jimmy’s worldview, no problem. Hell, there are still dedicated Pol Potists out there. But the world really ought to know what Jimmy Wales’ fanatical ultra political views are so they can decide whether or not they agree. They should also be told how he uses his fake unbiased Webcyclopedia like Rupert Murdoch uses his media empire, to push reactionary politics in the name of “fair and balanced” bullshit.
That the “liberal media” MSM refuses to do this is worrying. It makes me wonder how reactionary they really are. Is the MSM as ultra-right as Wales, or are they just scared to talk about it? What’s up?


1. Here is some text from my World Book article on China. Note how the very rightwing World Book encyclopedia is able to acknowledge that Mao did many great things:
The Communist government has achieved an impressive record of economic growth. The Communists have provided widespread job opportunities, job security and a more even income distribution to the workers…China’s farm output has expanded greatly under the Communists…Production of chickens and livestock has improved significantly since 1950…
Under the Communists, industrial production has grown at an average rate of 12% per year…Since 1950, China has made great progress in educating its children. The number of children in both elementary and secondary school has increased sharply…Communist have conducted mass literacy campaigns so that now 75% of the population is literate…
All of the Communists’ health programs have resulted in a population that is much healthier than before. The Communists have almost wiped out cholera, typhoid and many other horrible diseases that used to kill millions of Chinese every year.

James von Brunn's Wikipedia Page

James von Brunn was also a Wikipedia user. However, his user page has been scrubbed by Wikipedia since he did his deadly deed, although a copy of it is being held in case the police want it.
However, here is a copy of the page before it got scrubbed for those who might be interested:
User:James von Brunn
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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PLEASE DELETE MY ENTRY & LOCK THIS PAGE ASAP Billbrock (talk) 18:13, 10 June 2009 (UTC)
User: James W. von Brunn, b.1920, attempted to place the Federal Reserve Board of Governors under legal, non-violent citizens arrest, 12-7-81. Von Brunn charged the FED with treason and other high crimes. The FED, a private stock-company, owned by International bankers, financed the construction of manufacturing plants in the Soviet Union during the “Cold War.” War materials produced by FED financed plants were used by the Enemy against American military forces in Viet Nam and elsewhere.
Von Brunn was tried and convicted by a Washington, D.C. kangaroo court, then sentenced to eleven years in federal prison by Judge Harriet Rosen Taylor; the sentence was confirmed by a racially motivated Appeals Court. Von Brunn was imprisoned for 6.5-years.
Von Brunn champions Western Culture and the practice of Eugenics. He states that Marxism-Multiculturalism-Judaism is the Enemy of Mankind, citing Talmudic quotes to “Kill the Best Gentiles !”
Von Brunn was president of his college fraternity, SAE. He served as PT-Boat captain, USNR, during WW2, earning 4 battle stars and a Commendation Ribbon. His early business career was in NYC as copywriter, art-director and film producer, later as a real-estate broker and lastly as a writer-artist.
Pls see attachment: FED CAPER.

Israel Shamir On The Wikipedia Jews

Repost from the old site.
Although Shamir is an anti-Semite, he still has many excellent insights into the Jews and is often correct or half-correct in his analysis of them. The sad truth is that just because someone is an anti-Semite does not mean they are always wrong about the Jews. This is just a lie spread by Jews and Judeophiles to shut down all debate. Someone is an anti-Semite if they dislike Jews, but, in spite of their dislike for them, they may still have accurate insights into the folks they dislike.
Same thing with racists. Anti-racists and minorities like to shut down all debate in the same way by saying so and so is a racist so don’t listen. That’s a logical fallacy. Tragically, racists are often correct or half-correct in their critiques of the races and groups they dislike.
It’s a logical fallacy to say that animus towards a group automatically poisons reason and makes all of your conclusions about them null and void. Don’t believe me? Run it by your Logic 101 prof and get back to me.
I think Shamir probably does the best job so far in explaining the phenomenon of the Wikipedia Jews that we have been over a lot on this blog. I would like to point out that this blog was one of the first outlets to pick up on the Wikipedia Jew phenomenon and report on it.
Now, three years later, lots of others are finally starting to figure out what everyone editing Jewish-related articles on Wikipedia knows. He also goes into the nefarious “Leftist anti-racist” character known as Chip Berlet, who works as a spy for the ADL and some say for the CIA. I had some run-ins with this idiot when I edited the Israel Shamir article on Wikipedia, which is a travesty.
This is not true. Shamir is a Russian Jew who immigrated to Israel. His father was a rabbi. He served in the Israeli military and wrote for the Israeli press for a bit. He lives in Israel and owns a home in Jaffa where he entertains visitors every day.
The liars centered around Berlet and cohort of “antifas” centered around the Searchlight Magazine in the UK have launched this insane campaign against Shamir. This nonsense suggests that Shamir is not Jewish, has never lived in Israel and does not live there presently, never wrote for the Israeli press, and never lived in the USSR. Instead, he is a Swedish neo-Nazi who is pretending to be all of these other things.
The nefarious Roland Rance, mentioned in connection with the war on Gilad Atzmon, once again plays a big role here. Some pro-Palestinians, including Nigel Parry, Hussein Ibish and Ali Abunimah, have joined in. Stephen Pollard has also chimed in.
It is true that Shamir, like many authors, has maintained many fake names and has written under those names. He has even set up fake identities for his names, including addresses and histories. If you are controversial, I actually recommend that you do just this if you want to rewrite. Get yourself a nom de plume right now!
Jews are often accused of hatching or engaging in this or that conspiracy to further the interests of the Jews. Shamir does an excellent job in this piece of explaining the phenomenon of the Jewish conspiracy, what it means, and why it occurs. It’s useful to note that many so-called Jewish conspiracies are nonexistent and that any sensible group or individuals connected to power or money form cabals to further their interests.
The rich in any society are constantly conspiring. They conspired in order to obtain wealth, and they need to conspire in order to maintain wealth and not lose to competitors. The rich and the powerful conspire all the time and so do the rest of us probably. Many males have conspired to get a woman into bed; I certainly have. I could go on and on here, but I think you get the picture.
This is an excellent piece by Shamir and is mostly or wholly free of anti-Semitism.

Wikipedia, Ziopedia or Judeopedia?

Repost from the old site. This is actually one of the more famous articles on the old site, and it got lots of reads. Indeed, a whole website, Ziopedia, had its name inspired by this piece. I’ve now dissociated myself with them due to their extreme anti-Semitism.
The post is an account of my time at Wikipedia. I did not last long. I started editing articles on anti-Semitism, Israel and Palestine and only made the most reasonable of edits. Some Jewish and Judeophilic psychos came through and simply reverted all of edits for no reason, then they went through all my other edits on totally extraneous subjects and reverted most of those too. I wasted something like 12-24 hours out of my life.
All of the pages on Jews, Israel, Palestine and areas related to anti-Semitism were protected by militant Jews and their Judeophilic allies. I don’t know what Wikipedia is like these days, but it was corrupt as Hell back then. I have seen many Palestinian and pro-Palestinian editors go to work on the site and to my knowledge, most or all of them have been banned for no good reason within only a few months of posting. The place is just hopeless.
Militant Jews and their Gentile defenders infiltrated Wikipedia very early on (With a motto like “We are trying to be the sum total of all the world’s knowledge, how could they refuse?) and have never left. Many quickly wormed themselves in to high places, especially administratorships. Truth is, for certain subjects anyway, Wikipedia is a sickening joke.
Militant Jews, possibly more than any other ethnic group, seem to be compelled to “control the message.” I figure it is Jewish paranoia of anti-Semitism that drives such things. We see this in Jewish media cabals of the past century or so.

The Wikipedia Jews are also an excellent example of an actual Jewish conspiracy in action. All you have to do is open your eyes if you want to see it. If you can’t or won’t see it, it’s because your eyes are closed for some reason.
Jewish conspiracies do in fact exist, but their existence is wildly overblown by anti-Semites, and they tend to operate more informally than the closely planned conspiracies involved in, say, carrying out a huge guerrilla attack in a war.
In addition to Wikipedia Jews, Wikipedia is now blighted by Wikipedia Hindus, mostly Hindutvas or Hindu fascists, who have made a strong alliance with the Wikipedia Zionist Jews or Jewish fascists. Every single pro-Pakistani editor who has tried to edit Wikipedia has gotten banned on phony grounds by these crazies.
Whose fault is it that Wikipedia sucks? None other than the malign and petty little man Jimbo Wales, ultralibertarian creator of the whole mess. Cabals of various are continuously trying to operate on Wikipedia, but thankfully, the admins block most of them from operating. However, the Wikipedia Jews and the Wikipedia Hindus are allowed to run amok like a bunch of maniacs. The only reason must be because Jimbo agrees with them.
The article is very long, so be forewarned. I did cut it down to size quite a bit with this posting.
I recently got an account at Wikipedia and after a while, I started editing some pieces. I got really excited about it. I was one of the wonderful Wikipedians. I talked to people about what a wonderful site it was. I started spending a lot of time on there editing articles. It was fun. Yaay! I loved Wikipedia .
There was something kind of weird and cultist about it, but, if you understand the theory of cults well, you will understand how I found that appealing, as I felt I had become an adept – one of the anointed ones.
Another thing you will realize if you understand cult theory is that people like me will tend to get thrown out of most any cult, organization, political party, and God forbid, corporation. I shudder to say workplace, though I have improved now in that it usually takes them about a year to fire me for insufficient brown-nosing and chronic rebellion.
Thus, alas, my induction into the Wikipedia cult was doomed from the start. The fatal blow? I branched out from editing non-controversial stuff and one day I decided to edit some articles dealing, peripherally, in one way or another, with Jews. You know, like Jews, Israel, Palestine, the enemies of the Jews (the designated “anti-Semites”), stuff like that.
Why? Cuz those are some of the most outrageously sucky articles in the whole suckathon called Wikipedia, that’s why. I lasted about two days, carefully making only the most minor, cautious and reasonable edits.
Then, disgusted and enraged, I penned this gorgeous spitwad of a F-you missive, like a rock through a window, and left it up on my homepage to see how long it would take before the Wikipedia Cops showed up to haul me off.
Took about 12 hours before one of the worst sociopathic militant Jewish ethnocentric nationalists on there (a former member of Oingo Boingo, no less) did his tribal duty and murdered my membership in Wikipedia. I am now permanently banned (permabanned) from editing Wikipedia, till death do us part.
Update:I am pleased to report that two noble Wikipedia administrators have opposed my permabanning on jpgordon’s talk page. Details here. I’d like to throw a shout to Wiki admins Jahiegel and Everyking for their very principled stand.
Note that jpgordon is continuing to call me a “virulently anti-Semitic bigot”. Also note that a casual perusal of Gordon’s talk page clearly reveals him as a sociopathic, militant Jewish ethnic activist.
Kevin MacDonald, a brilliant modern thinker, makes clear in his works, especially the brilliant span style=”font-style: italic;”> Understanding Jewish Influence – Background Traits For Jewish Activism, that militant, highly ethnocentric Jews simply cannot distinguish between those who criticize them in the tiniest way and the people who want to throw them in the ovens.
Any criticism harkens the threat of another genocide, and all non-Jewish humans are divided into two halves: the obsequious pro-Jews who slavishly shower praise on the tribe, and the “Nazis”, ranging from everyone who ever utters one peep of criticism of the Jews to those who want to finish Hitler’s work.
Quoting psychologists Albert Ellis and Aaron Beck, the “irrational beliefs” at work here (in cognitive therapy speak) should be quite obvious.
As far as being banned from Wikipedia…it feels…good! It’s an honor. All decent progressives should strive to get banned from Wikipedia. It’s like getting thrown out of the Republican Convention.
In case you are wondering, here is the gigantic “fire me” letter I shoved up on my homepage:

Smash Ziopedia!
Hello, my name is Robert Lindsay, an independent Leftist journalist and blogger in California. This is my Wikipedia (actually Ziopedia) page. My popular blog, which has received over 50,000 visitors in over a year and currently gets about 150 visitors a day, can be viewed here.
First, I would like to point out that Wikipedia is an illusion and probably does not exist. There is, however, a bizarre entity known as ZIOpedia, which masquerades as Wikipedia. Ziopedia means that Wikipedia has been taken over by Zionists, Jewish ethnocentrists and their Gentile supporters.
Most articles having anything to do with Jews or Israel exhibit Jewish or Zionist bias, despite noble efforts by many Ziopedians to promote the Wiki farces of Neutral Point of View and other types of scientific and scholarly discipline.
Most of these people are militant Jews, but some are liberal and Leftist Judeophilic Gentiles. This has wrecked much of the quality of many of such pieces. Make the tiniest edits to any of these pieces and the militant Judeophilic gatekeepers immediately spring into action to “protect the tribe”, and all of your edits will be reverted within hours with no discussion given.
Try to discuss and you will be met with silence or the usual dissembling, sophism, lawyerese, nonsense, BS, diversion, nitpicking, ad hominem, red herrings, false comparisons, and trivialism, along with and every logical fallacy known to mankind.
Not only that, but you will be put on Ziopedia’s very own Neo-Nazi watch list”! LOL! Can you believe it? Object to Ziopedia’s control freaks, and you’re automatically a Nazi – even Commies like me.
The founder of Ziopedia is a sleazy porn merchant named Jimbo Wales. Jimbo has deep links with powerful US militant Jewish interests. He is also a passionate Zionist. The vast majority of Wiki admins, arbitrators and top staff are also Zionists and Judeophilic. A vastly disproportionate number of them are also Jewish.
Jimbo Wales runs this fraudulent website with an iron fist, along with his Wiki-fascist PC brigades. Go against Dear Leader Zio-Jimbo and watch yourself get slowly banned from the Ziopedia Travesty.
Please come to my talk page to discuss the outrage called Ziopedia or anything else related to my contribs.
If you are opposed to Jewish ethnocentrism and Zionism receiving preferential bias on Ziopedia, please become a contributor (non-monetary!) to Ziopedia and help fight the Zio brainwash. It’s probably hopeless, but at least there is strength in numbers. If you have a blog or post to Usenet, please spread the word about how Wikipedia is really Ziopedia, or maybe even Judeopedia.
Above all, do not contribute one nickel to this Ziopedia Joke in its present form. Starve the beast. There is no point contributing to Ziopedia, a website that blatantly promotes imperialism and racism while pretending to be anti-racist, liberal and particularly unbiased.
The parts of Ziopedia not dealing with Jews and Israel are often remarkably unbiased, scientific and professional and adhere to scholarly standards. This stands in naked, painful, embarrassing contrast to the Ziopedia’s Alternate Universe of anything even slightly Judaic. Feel free to contribute to the non-Judaic Ziopedia Universe and feel pride in what it is and shame and what Ziopedia could have been.

Nice, huh? Actually, I was stupid enough to think that they believed in free speech there (they claim they do), and I actually thought I would get away with flipping a great big huge verbal bird like that. Ah, but I am so naive.
For the uninitiated, on first glance, like a lot of evil things with pretty faces, pleasant manners and diabolical cores, Wikipedia looks pretty neat. It’s an open-source encyclopedia, created by anyone in the whole world who wants to help work on it. Kumbaya! Let’s all communistically hold hands together and work for free on the free encyclopedia for the whole world. Yaaay.
And what’s more, anyone can edit most any article. Even you. Or me (well, not anymore). Wikipedia has this neato New Age touchy-feely aspect about it, with a hardcore dollop of nerd tossed in. It feels nice, groovy, fun, smart. They have all sorts of neato sounding rules and sayings that they like to bandy about. That’s part of the culty thing, but you don’t see it at first.
The rules are really de facto garbage nonsense, like “no original research” or “no personal blogs cited” or “neutral point of view”. And the sayings are Chairman Mao-like stuff like “Be Nice”, “Wikipedia is not therapy”, bla bla.
Only after you dive into the black heart of the beast do you realize that the rules, like Lenora Helmsley’s taxes, are only for “the little people”, i.e. everyone not in with the Wikipedia Elite Cult. After a while you figure out that all the Mao-like dictums are the products of so-called “benevolent dictator of Wikipedia” Jimbo Wales.
You realize that the sayings are not neato or groovy, but instead cultist aphorisms from super-creepy “Dear Leader” Jimbo. Jimbo likes to say stuff like, “We want Wikipedia to be the sum total of human knowledge”, and “We are creating a free encyclopedia for every poor child in Africa”.
That, along with his comments along the lines that Wikipedia is an alternate source of information to the corporatized media, is sure to warm the hearts of Leftists, liberals and progressives. Except that…Jimbo is none of the above!
After a while on Wikipedia, you start shaking your head wondering what kind of politics the Cult Leaders of Wikipedia espouse. And like any good Maoist commune, groupthink pervades Wikipedia. Except you can’t figure it out at first. Are they liberals? Yes and no. Are they conservatives? Yes and no. Are they Zionists? Yes. Are the religion-hating (except Judaism), science-worshiping, atheist skeptics? Yes!
So you go read up on criticism of Wikipedia. Leftists say they are Rightists. Rightists say they are liberals. And yet…they are neither. Finally you crack the puzzle. Wikipedians are…”computer geek libertarians”.
Dear Leader Jimbo, a self-proclaimed libertarian, stated that no aid whatsoever should be given the victims of Hurricane Katrina. He called that government aid “fascism”. Wikipedians love that word, along with “Nazi” – both reserved for anyone Wikipedians don’t like.
See here how Dear Leader Jimbo is willing to suspend any and all “rules” (they already selectively enforce or suspend them anyway) on Wikipedia in order to keep “Nazis” from editing articles. Well, that’s nice, but who is a Nazi? According to Wikipedia, I am a Nazi, since one of the militant Zionist Jews on there put me on the Wikipedia Neo-Nazi Watch List.
Could it be that Jimbo is a reactionary who deliberately tries to chase Leftists off Wikipedia and is hostile to all progressive and Left viewpoints? Dear Leader Jimbo doesn’t think that corporations should pay one nickel in taxes and doesn’t think that government should do anything to help its citizens.
His pet peeve in recent years is apparently “government-sponsored health care”, surely a dire threat to mankind. Almost all of the top-levels of the Wikipedia Cabal are Objectivists, or libertarians, if not Fox News conservatives.
Almost all of the administrators are conservatives or libertarians, and one is a Moonie. It’s a white-collar, conservative neocon, White American point of view. Wikipedians oppose the minimum wage, any and all social programs and, sharing Jimbo’s view, any and all aid to Hurricane Katrina victims.
A very large number are also militant Jews.
Alas, the gatekeepers are everywhere.
The huge over-representation of militant Jews on Wikipedia is one of those aspects of Wikipedia that is not immediately obvious, but kind of creeps on you after a while. With time, you start to realize what it is and it knocks you out of your chair when you do.
For what you see in this aspect of Wikipedia is a full-blown Jewish Media Control Conspiracy, operating right in front of your very eyes, in full view to anyone willing to look.
The perpetrators of this conspiracy even brag about what they are doing as they cavort through Wikipedia on their psychopathic mission to defend the tribe. They gleefully call themselves names like “The Cabal”, “The Jewish Cabal”, and the like. But woe to anyone who points out the obvious. If you do, you will be immediately banned from Wikipedia as a “hate-monger” and a “Nazi”.
The size of this cabal is not large – maybe 20-30 militant Jewish tribal activists (actually, doing more research into Wikipedia, I think it may be far, far larger than that) but they also have the backing of the huge, largely rightwing Judeophilic Gentile Zionist cheering section behind them.
Having said that, I assume that Wikipedia is probably full of Jews dutifully editing away at linguistics or math or computer languages or biology or whatever, who have no relation to the Cabal. They just write about their fave subjects, and don’t write about anything having to do with the Jews.
And some Jews write about Jewish subjects in a non-militant, fair, balanced, NPOV way. I should point out that moderate Jews, moderate Zionists and Jewish dissidents on Wikipedia are also ferociously attacked by the militant Cabal.
So, probably the vast majority of Jews editing on Wikipedia have nothing to do with the Cabal, and probably don’t even know it exists. They are innocent. And the Wikipedia Jewish Cabal has the total support of a huge number of Wikipedia Judeophilic Gentiles, who back the Wikipedia Jewish/Zionist Cabal agenda 100%.
Which, when you think about it, is a pretty good example of how your average Jewish Media Control Conspiracy works in real life.
A few militant Jews converge on a media enterprise or enterprises with the goal (usually independently, and not necessarily conspiring with other like-minded folks) of gaining enough influence over the enterprise or even taking it over completely in order to “protect and promote the tribe” (mostly to protect).
90% of Jews don’t have anything to do with this conspiracy and aren’t even aware it exists. They are office workers and students, shopkeepers and librarians, who worry about getting enough sleep and their love life and paying their bills and who is mad at or in love with who today.
The worldly affairs of the tribe are far away. If they know about the conspiracy, they either angrily deny it, or shrug their shoulders, or even oppose it. They are innocent.
I think, right there, with the Wikipedia example, we can explain a lot of the Jewish Media Control Conspiracy Theories bandied about, restrict the more florid theories, and answer most of the silly rejoinders to the theories too.
Keep in mind, too, that most conspiracies are done by individuals who share the same goals without necessarily elaborating them and working together to carry them out. That’s all you need to pull it off. You don’t need smoke-filled rooms, game plans, scrimmage lines on chalkboards at halftime, false identities or secret handshakes.
And actual conspirators love to project. In the midst of a media control conspiracy, conspirators will rant and rave about how their ideological enemies actually control the media that the conspirators themselves control. Don’t ask me to explain such Rube Goldbergian defense mechanisms. Consult a psychology text instead.
See here where the Wikipedia Jewish Cabal got so worked up over “anti-Semitic bias” at the same Wikipedia they actually had under lock-down control themselves that they actually set up a page dealing with the subject. Oh, my head is spinning.
Also see this archived user page from 2003, where a typical fanatical activist “ Wikipedia Jew” (a teacher at a Jewish school) was actually on the verge of being banned from Wikipedia due to his unrelenting hostility, rudeness, paranoia, sociopathy and promiscuous flailing of the “Anti-Semite” and “Nazi” epithets.
For instance, this fellow was convinced that 2/3 of Wikipedians were anti-Semites. He also referred to Wikipedia as “Nazipedia”.
The Wikipedia Jewish Cabal, while quite powerful (see Fear Ireaan’s comments on the page here), seems to have been less dominant back in 2003 then it is now.
Do note, however, how long this criminal-type Jewish user, RK, was allowed to get away with his antisocial behavior before he was finally (sort of) disciplined. And note below how nowadays, with the Cabal so deeply in control, pro-Palestinian editors are banned quickly for behavior that is meager in quality in longevity compared to RK’s.
Typical of fanatical Jewish activists, RK felt that he was 100% correct in all of his wild, baseless, bizarre accusations and behavior. Even more disturbing is his claim that his fellow teachers at the Jewish school shared his strange, near-delusional views.
One more thing: actual conspirators usually get extremely angry when exposed, and one of their favorite epithets is, “Conspiracy theorist!” In the dumbed-down yet nevertheless conspiracy-riven USA, that is actually a put-down. Kind of like, “Jews do NOT control Hollywood, dammit! And if you ever say that, you will never work in this town again!”
You think I make all this crap up, in my deluded mind? Heh. Here is the talk page of one of the highest-ranking members of the Wikipedia Jewish Cabal, Izak, w+ho has disgustingly been allowed to run amok like a criminal through Wikipedia, trashing much of the site. Just read the talk page; I will say no more.
Here is a poor pro-Palestinian editor, Alberuni, banned for fighting the Jewish Cabal on articles relating to the Israel-Palestinian Conflict. He was banned for “POV” (point of view violations).
What that means in Wikipedia Jewish Cabal 1984 double-speak is that he was trying to make some of those articles slightly more fair and unbiased. Here is his sad talk page, documenting the crimes committed against him on Wikipedia.
Here is the pitiful Sanhedrin Ziopedia Kangaroo Kourt proceeding against poor Alberuni. Read it and weep. This page also lays out in disgusting detail the depredations of the militant Zionist Jewish crooks who are destroying Wikipedia.
Here is the tragic talk page of Yoshiah, a decent Wikipedia Jew who is going against Jewish groupthink on Wikipedia and catching the full, ferocious brunt of Jewish Wikipedia militants for his transgressions. Yoshiah is a Jewish convert to Christianity, a type of Jew traditionally despised by militant ethnocentric Jews.
Here is the excellent homepage of HistoryBuffr, who also rants against “Ziopedia” like I did, but for some reason has not yet been given a targeted assassination by the Wikipedia militant Jewish bullyboys. Matter of time, I guess.
But look here! Just recently, while I was editing this article, poor HistoryBuffr, an eminently fair editor, has been banned from editing Wikipedia for two months, and has been banned from editing articles on the Israel-Palestinian Conflict for one year!
Here is the laughable, pitiful, Kafkaesque “decision” to kill HistoryBuffr on Wikipedia by the preposterous Wikipedia Kangaroo Court hanging judges in all its gory outrage.
You have to understand Wikipedia a bit to realize what a ludicrous joke this decision is. On Wikipedia, if you are fair-minded and oppose Jewish chauvinism and militant Zionism, it’s just a matter of time before the militant Jewish Zionist creeps nail you up too.
This insipid copy of a Wikipedia talk page shows you just how insane and stupid the 8th-grade-playground-on-acid called Wikipedia really is.
Note halfway down where the Zionist thugs that run Wikipedia can’t decide if the Occupied Territories are really occupied. Except that international law is unanimous that they are. Wikipedia Thought Police think they should be called “disputed”, a view rejected by 100% of all experts in international law.
Here is another travesty, concerning the Wikipedia article on Marwan Bargouti.
See here for a take on Wikipedia as a Jewish Media Control Conspiracy from an unfortunately blatantly anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi site. Despite the disgusting nature of the site, it’s still an intelligent, albeit much exaggerated (as many such sites are), take on the matter.
I don’t know about the sayanim stuff and about the monitoring by Hillel, SPLC, and ADL types, but I would not put it past the Wikipedia fanatics at this point.
For a radical critique that pretty much avoids the anti-Semitism above, while dredging similar waters, see this brilliant, gorgeously written critique from the blog Americans are Ambitious Wolves.
Hey, where does Wikipedia get all its money anyway? Good question. No one seems to know, and Jimbo won’t answer any questions. Hmmm.
This long, intelligent article, titled Swastikapedia, gives a detailed overview of many of the problems that plague the Wikipedia disaster zone.
A much more recent article by the same author, The Great Failure of Wikipedia , rambles quite a bit, but nevertheless makes some excellent points, the most important of which is that Wikipedia does not believe in majority rules.
That is, in a vote of 74-1, the losing side can win the vote if the lone vote against was an administrator. Or a vote of 75-45, the 45 losing votes can win because they were “of a better quality”. And on and on. He also points out, as I have in this piece, that there is a group of people who are dedicated to destroying Wikipedia.
Wikipedia-Watch has a lot of great critical stuff on Wikipedia.
The site was founded by one of the Wikipedia pioneers, who subsequently left and turned into a Wikipedia-hater, apparently because he is a decent person and was offended by the Wikipedia sewer.
The author of Wikipedia Watch is also a very active contributor to Wikipedia Review. The Wikipedia Cabal and Cultists have initiated a vindictive campaign against this dissident, in true cultist fashion.
If you are a Zionist, a conservative, a neocon, a libertarian, or just a person with a serious lack of ethics, head on over to the Wikipedia mud puddle and wallow away to your heart’s content.
I am going to argue that all progressives, liberals, Leftists, Muslims, Arabs, anti-Zionists, pro-Palestinians, and basically all decent people in general, should just avoid editing on Wikipedia at all costs. If you go there, the gangsters are likely to rake you over the coals and you are probably going to get really angry. Sooner or later, you will be banned.
You may spend a great deal of time on excellent edits only to have them “reverted” (destroyed) instantly, with no comments at all, by one of the creepy Wikipedia Warlords. If you are already editing happily on Wikipedia, by all means keep on doing it. But I will also advocate that none of us should give one nickel to this highly ethically-challenged enterprise.
If you think you can just avoid this mess on Wikipedia by not messing with Jewish-oriented stuff, you are probably mistaken. Although my info is sketchy, I have been told that the Jewish Cabal is not the only cabal on Wikipedia. Reportedly, there are all sorts of other gangs and cliques and mini-cabals sociopathically running amok on Wikipedia in many other areas of the site.
There probably is no avoiding the revert-wars, edit-wars, flagrant power abuses and other BS if you edit a lot on Wikipedia. And no matter where you edit, sooner or later you are doubtless going to run into the Ayn Randian Objectivist Libertarian Cabal types who basically run the place. If you are progressive at all, I doubt you will find that a pleasant experience.
Down with Wikipedia! Down with Jimbo Wales! Down with Ayn Rand! Down with sociopathic militant Jewish ethnic activists!
Update: This piece was linked at a major New Zealand magazine called The Listener in a piece called Cuts Both Ways by Russel Brown. Brown refers to this article, noting:

Bizarrely, a freelance journalist who disengaged from the project accused Wales of leading a cabal of right-wing Zionists intent on giving the site’s political content a particular slant.

As usual, when one talks about certain things that are so painfully obvious that they hit you in the face with a left hook, even when, like me, you would love not to see them, one is thrown in with the tin foil hat crowd. God forbid that any ethnic conspiracy, or any conspiracy, had ever taken place on this good, green Earth. To suggest this, one must be off one’s meds, no?
This post was also linked at the Wikipedia Review, which I still regard as an excellent resource.
Predictably, “Selina”, the administrator who reflexively shuts down any topic that mentions the word “Jew” and bans the user as a “Nazi”, accuses me, a pan-humanist universalist, a homicidally anti-Nazi, deeply anti-racist, fanatical anti-fascist Leftist of “Nazi-like racism against Jews”. She also calls me a “f*****g maniac”, which is arguably true, but you would have to check with my girlfriend to make sure.
What’s important is that Selina’s behavior, like the fanatical Zionist reaction to the Walt/Mearshimer landmark paper on the Jewish-Israeli Lobby in the US (see Juan Cole’s great but futile petition to the Conference of Major US Jewish Organizations for more), serves to shut down debate about an important topic.
Worse, the terror of anti-Semitism that makes so many Americans so censorious and self-censorious about The Jewish Question creates the scenario where the only people in America discussing such Questions are anti-Semites and militant ethnocentric Jews and their Judeophilic allies like Selina.
In this “debate”, the pro-Jewish side is not really having a discussion so much as they are standing in the bleachers trying to shout down the whole conversation. The anti-Semites are just calling names and trying to pick a fight with the other side. Everyone other than these two parties is standing in the corner, silent and terrified.
Because such Questions never get discussed, we end up with a very bad situation.
A scenario whereby Hollywood and the US media are heavily under the domination of militant members of a tiny, ferociously ethnocentric ethnic group that uses these means of communication to brainwash the US public into going along with the ethnic group’s politics, and then uses an “anti-racist” sledgehammer to bash anyone who dares to point out this obvious, demonstrable fact in mixed company.
You also end up with an ethnic lobby that has Congress, most state governments and the Executive Branch by the short hairs, to the point where the Lobby is able to give lawmakers marching orders on US foreign policy.
You end up with disastrous wars like the clusterf**k in Iraq and a threatened nightmare in Iran. You end up with 9-11, oil embargoes, the tragedy of the USS Liberty and the bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon.
While ethnic warfare may be the norm in the Middle East and much of the world, it needs to be roundly condemned as anti-American in the melting pot USA. Certainly all ethnic warfare, Jewish or otherwise, needs to be seriously slammed by all principled progressives as antithetical to both our universalist ethics and to basic norms of human decency.

Photo of Slim Virgin of Lamerpedia

This is one of the most obnoxious and evil members of the Wikipedia Cabal, Slim Virgin.

Slim Virgin in all of her glory. She's actually kind of hot for a psycho broad. This photo is interesting because it seems to be one of the only photos of Slim Virgin known to man.
Slim Virgin in all of her glory. She's actually kind of hot for a psycho broad. This photo is interesting because it seems to be one of the only photos of Slim Virgin known to man.

She is an incredibly interesting human being. I don’t have time to go through the whole story of her role on Wikipedia; it’s worthy of a novel. But her arrival on Wikipedia has been one of the most regrettable things that ever happened to the online Enpsychopedia. Here is a pretty good summary of the sorry state of affairs on the online Enpsychopedia:

Particularly around the period discussed (2006ish), the Wikipedia “community” was a total disgrace. People like SlimVirgin wielded way too much power in a grossly uneven fashion, and used the farcical policies (in this case the Conflict of Interest policy) at a whim to attack or ban opponents.
As a result, numerous people were mistreated, and these people were not going to take it lying down. A myriad of long lasting disputes developed, which Slim made no attempt to relinquish or resolve. This made SlimVirgin arguably Wikipedia’s most regrettable arrival, alongside people like Grawp, JzG, WillyonWheels etc.
Anyone disagree with that?
The exception I would have to take is to the implication that Wikipedia is now or ever will be different than it was then.
The dynamics that we watched being played out in this particular trajectory is built-in, generic, and persistent. It pollinated the blooms and germinated the seeds that flowered again and again as o relinquish or resolve.

All of the folks listed here, Essjay, FeloniousMonk, Jayjg, KillerChihuahua, SlimVirgin, um yeah, they’re Jews. They’re a bunch of Jews. They have horns behind their ears, they drink kid’s blood on holidays, and when they pass, they are buried standing up. The only one I don’t know about is KillerChihuahua. The rest I think are part of the notorious Wikipedia Jew Conspiracy.
I’m getting tired of writing about this crap because I get called an anti-Semite every time I do. Also, all of these people are assholes, and my life is way too full of familiar assholes as is without having to write about complete stranger assholes. Right now I want all the assholes, including the Wikipedia Jew assholes, to jump in a spaceship and make a failed attempt to colonize a nearly planet.
Anyway, back to the story. Why the Wikipedia Jews? I don’t know. Jews are great conspirators; well, some Jews are great conspirators. Nobody really knows why, but I suspect that hyperethnocentrism is involved.
Wikipedia was tailor-made for Jewish conspirators. They might as well have hung a billboard outside advertising the place and telling them to all swarm on in. The temptation of controlling one of the world’s major fonts of information, to a certain type of Jew, is like a cookie jar to kid. No way can they keep away from that.
Every time I write about this I always have to discuss whether or not this mean Jews R’ Evil. I don’t think so. I think it means Jews R’ Smart and the rest of us are a bunch of dumbfucks. Any ethnocentric ethnic group or sociopolitical interest group with an agenda to push should try to grab the horns of Information and ride them into the sunset, brainwashing the hoi-polloi all the way to the bank.
Anyway, Slim’s career is very interesting. She is extremely intelligent, and I think she went to Oxford or some great school like that.
She is extremely fragile. When you see her, you know this. She looks like she’s going to fall apart if you look at her wrong. And that’s what she spent most of her time at Oxford doing – falling apart. She liked some guy, but I guess he didn’t like her back, or something. She fell apart again, this time for good. She left college and moved back to Canada where she lives alone. She is reportedly extremely shy and is still very fragile emotionally.
She’s skinny, and that’s why she’s called Slim. She’s a vegetarian and as her name implies, she’s into celibacy. That means she doesn’t like to fuck other humans. This is possibly a good thing as at least her genetic line will cease.
There is a lot of talk over whether or not this woman is a Mossad spy. She’s too much of a flake and an emotionally not ok person to be a Mossad spy. There’s a lot of talk over whether she’s one of dem Jews or not. I guess she’s a Jew.
She lives alone in Canada, eats bean sprouts, never gets laid, and spends all of her time on Wikipedia. She has no life. Her life is Wikipedia. On Wikipedia her story is one of endless corruption and drama and weird, bizarre entanglements, deceits, conspiracies, abuses of power and just general evilness. She is a master of the Net and has more sockpuppets and aliases than you can imagine. The stories of her endless conspiracies are more confusing than a Thomas Pynchon novel.
You can start here if you’re bored, but it goes on for 37 years (I mean pages) and you’ll probably die of natural causes or boredom before you finish.
The moral to the story? The moral to the story is lameness. Slim Virgin is lame. The Wikipedia Jews are lame. Wikipedia itself is way lame.

Oh, screw Dikiepedia anyway.
Oh, screw Dikiepedia anyway.

Wikipedia Corruption Continues

This time it’s the pro-Hindutvas.
Wikipedia Jews still up to their tricks, this time in an article about Palestinian Arabic. The Wikipedia Jew referred to part of the West Bank as “Samaria” and the Pallies got pissed. Sheesh. Talk about erasing the Palestinians out of existence. Referring to their land as “Samaria” in an article about their language, for Chrissake.
The truth is that reactionary Hindutva fascists and Zionist Jewish fascists are allowed to run amok on there because Jimmy Wales is an ultra-rightwinger who sympathizes with them.


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