The More Distant – The More Distrust

Abe Lincoln was known for freeing the slaves, but what not is known as much – was he was just a “run of the mill” white supremacist – supporting black freedom, only as some way to help white workers.

Anyway, of course, he held barbaric attitudes on race, cause US blacks in his day – were “more black”.  They weren’t mixed – and they weren’t integrated in US culture at all.  They were like illegal aliens (in the US) are now.

O.K., well white supremacists now – want to bring back mass distrust (of blacks) – even though, time is way passed for it!  That’s why they dig up all the articles they can – showing every negative thing they can (crime rates etc..).  Well, those things are happening – but the WN solution, as mentioned in other articles – won’t work.  In fact, simply spreading out a few blacks among many whites is the only thing that works.

No Interest in Improving the Social Environment (WNs, Republicans etc.)

Quote: @Robert Lindsay

Whether crime itself would go up or down is somewhat up in the air as Latin America shows that mixed race populations such as Black-White or Black-Indian-White can have some of the highest crime rates on Earth, even higher than full Black populations. When it comes to the causes of crime, there is a lot more than genes going on.

End Quote—–

Quote by @Jason:

Well, half-ness improves blacks etc.. – but if the environment is not improved also – well, that will be a problem! See, in Brazil, for instance, the crime rate is huge – and much of the population is mixed – but the environment is crap.

Anyway, WNs have Nooo interest in improving the environment, none – nor or they interested in mixing the races.

As mentioned in the above comment, they have zip interest in real improvement of the environment – and WNs don’t want racial mixing either.  But what is this going to lead to?  Well, this sort of is pointing toward genocide – cause, honestly, their plans to with racial minorities (Well, what are racial minorities now, lol.) don’t work.

Well, they’re always saying “The Holocaust didn’t happen.” – but, honestly, “Who are we kidding here?”, “I wasn’t born yesterday.”.  Obviously, the situations in World War II lead to the same chaos which – would happen if WNs controlled the world now.

Anyway, the capitalist economics expressed by right wingers simply doesn’t work – and especially not with the racial groups they loathe/hate.

But where’s the fucking compassion?

More typical White supremacist rants, but these are not from some idiot but seem to be highly educated person of the William Pierce variety.

Anyway, no shit – these facts are true – and they’re always on “heavy repeat” on any White Nationalist forum, but let’s discuss things outside the box for a change.

O.K, as @Robert Lindsay noted, A Black a Block works, but can you see most are of the mindset to send them to Africa. That’s funny because Africa’s population is exploding anyway, so what will that lead to?

The further alienation and discrimination of White persons will lead to a brain drain as Whites leave the country. This will lead to even further decline. Another scenario is some kind of armed conflict where Whites defend themselves against these radical Negros (like Planet of the Apes?).

But dysfunction, poverty, tyranny, violence, and misery is the norm in Africa since there is such little intelligence on the continent -certainly insufficient intelligence for creating any lasting prosperity or peace. It will take 1000s of years for any evolution or change – maybe longer.

I have a proposal.  The USA should allow White South Africans to immigrate here, and we should  simultaneously create a financial package that encourages US Blacks to relocate permanently (irrevocably) to South Africa!!

To a great extent, the US government’s student loan program is a giant welfare program to occupy young adults and keep them off the streets.  It’s especially true of Black kids.
By the time Black kids reach Grade 12, some 50% have already flunked out. Of the remainder, only 7% and 17% of those kids perform at “proficient” levels in math and reading, respectively.
So less than ~10% of Black kids can perform at Grade 12 levels, but 70% are going to college thanks to “free” US Government students loans!!  And virtually none of these loans to Blacks will be paid back. You can safely bet that $Trillions of these loans will be forgiven and put on the taxpayer’s debt load, and a disproportionate amount of those loans forgiven will be those made to Blacks. 
Overall then, only 3.5% to 8.5% of all Blacks can do school work expected of 18 year old high school seniors. This is entirely consistent with Black IQ distributions where less than ~10% of the Black population has an IQ of 100 or more (100 is the White average).
A score of 100 signifies a mental age of 18 years old or that of a high school senior. One half of Blacks are basically stuck at or below the mental age of a 9th grader or age 14 for their entire lives (median IQ of 85). And every other standardized test says the same thing. Latinos are slightly better off but their High School performance and graduation rate is similar to Blacks, and they too are taking advantage of the US government.
This explains nearly everything about the Black cultural divide in the US. It’s not much different for Arab or other minorities either. After all, only N. Europeans and E. Asians have median IQ’s of 100 or greater. Everyone else’s median is MUCH lower at 80 to 90. It’s the basis of the cultural clashes with Whites and Arabs in Europe and with Whites and Blacks in the US.
And it explains why Blacks would be happier living in all-Black communities, since they wouldn’t suffer the humiliation of trying to compete with White kids and failing at it. Perhaps segregation was a natural and peaceful way to coexist? That said, the legal leveling of the playing field had to done, but busing and desegregation were pet projects of judicial activist judges who will NEVER be held to account for their failures.

White/Black Racial Intermarriage

Got nothing against this and in fact, it’s a great help to Blacks, even if the Black man doesn’t stick around!

However, there are some critics with valid arguments against it.

One is the fact the Black men don’t stick around, but I’ve already shot that one down.

Now another argument is that these women are getting back at the world – at their Dads. O.K., maybe they are! But that’s a positive evolutionary thing I think, assuming the women don’t live in Black neighborhoods (over 30 percent Black or something).

Another criticism is they claim these women are unattractive by society’s standards or they’re low in morals. Well, maybe they are unattractive or have low morals by society’s standards, but who cares? Fuck em! Who cares about things being dictated by normie snobs, racists, etc? They don’t have any real power anyway, and they have the nerve to judge things like beauty or morals!

Asian/White Interracial Marriage

I got nothing against it – as with other types. However, though, I’m highly suspicious of it – cause I suspect it appeals to misogynists and racists. Well, when I say racist, I mean in a different sort of way. This would be idiots – actually believing Asia exists to suck their dick. 😆

I mean, there are seriously guys living in this delusion. Well, that’s fine and dandy by me – but they sound so dorky when they explain this stuff to me (Really? You gotta be joking?) – because I’ve been there and done that.

The World Doesn’t Owe You Anything

This is this slogan by these normie and/or macho cunts.   But really, have we truly examined this – or would only a pussy take the time? 😆

Anyhow, the people saying this slogan are often the people picking on everyone! However, though, actually another group saying this are repressed people – giving in to machismo.  In other words, anything before crying.However, though, is that psychologically healthy?

Well, actually, it’s very tough for many to get over it   – because they don’t have the background to overcome things.  They don’t have the strong religious background, the strong parental background – there are probably numerous reasons.


Bossy, Mean Female = Bad Parent = Terrible Boy

Well, some are saying these boys are mean because “they were picked on for being different”.  However, I’m guessing, across the board, “boys raised by bitches” – even ones without features to pick on, are these wussy monsters.

Now when I say monster – I’m speaking of a male version of the villain on Snow White.   These are effeminate AND mean boys.   They are kids that nobody wants to be around – cause they’re just flat out psychos.

Now, don’t get me wrong I have some sympathy for these types – because it wasn’t their fault they were different, not saying different is bad, though – and it wasn’t their fault they were born to these super-douchebag women.

Is Trump a racist?

Well, there’s been much talk recently – as the media is dissecting his “New York Street Talk” – the same talk – that given by ordinary guys, who are not important – would never be given attention, lol.

Well, anyhow, we do know who real racists are – there are thousands of examples – just on this forum.  These racists are not joking!  They are as dead serious as Hitler.  However, Trump is just some “way richer version of your typical working class ying-yang”.  I mean, if some dude in random zip code USA – tells Polish jokes – who really cares?  Is it even worth any time to dissect it by professionals?  Well, there was attempt to make fun of these types – starting with Archie Bunker, next King of the Hill – and finally Kenny Powers (of Eastbound and Down).

Looney Tunes – Where are they – lol?

Not that I’m a kid or anything, but as with The Dukes of Hazzard – we see more popular icons hid away from sight.  However, just how offensive is Looney Tunes (or similar stuff like Tom and Jerry)?  Well, when I was a kid (in the 80s) – like most normal kids – I didn’t really take the violence or whatever un-PC stuff on there, seriously.    I mean, anyway, in real life – animals (animals are portrayed on the show) are actually that violent!  However, few people or kids try to mimic these animals.  In fact, few humans – even after watching these shows – believe animal violence is justified for humans – in fact, TV is just entertainment!


The Dukes of Hazzard

This is the epitome of PC overkill – The Opposition to The Dukes of Hazzard!  Myself, I’ve not seen anything offensive about the show.

Now, don’t get me wrong – as with Trump – racists like The Dukes of Hazzard – but that doesn’t mean The Dukes of Hazzard is racist, just like it doesn’t mean Trump is racist.

Seriously, what sissies are actually offended by the rebel flag on the car – and assume Bo and Luke are Klan members or something?


The Up-side of Trustafarian

O.K., I admit. I was a little tough on them in one article I made.   I mean, some of them are pretty cool, to be honest!  Well, I am most familiar with musical artists like – say, Adam Duritz of Counting Crows (Mr. Jones song), David Lee Roth, James Taylor.  All these guys had very rich folks.  Well, actually, all three of these are sons of doctors.  In fact, James Taylor’s dad was actually one of America’s top doctors.

Anyhow, OF COURSE, these guys can easily front a band  (as in cash) – and while that’s sort of unfair – these people produced awesome music!  Music, that say, had come from poorer people, may never had been heard.

On another thought, being a trustafarian affords people the cash to be wild and crazy – cause to be honest, working class people can be dull, mainly because they have to work, LOL.  I mean, who doesn’t love the crazy antics of Adam Duritz, David Lee Roth, 0r Arthur (the rich playboy on that movie)?  Well, the last is a fictional character.

European Tribal Wars

On Cry Freedom (the movie) – Denzel Washington makes the claim that Europeans have fought tribal wars for centuries, yet they arrogantly claim blacks are savages.  Well, that sounds about right – or is it?

Well, for sure, wars started by Europeans are more deadly – kind of the “thorn in the pride” thing for “the superior”.  I mean, did Africans invent nuclear weapons.? How could we possibly compare African tribal (or Amerindian, whoever) conflicts to World War I, II or III?

What freedom?

A big deal is made about freedom, but freedom is only as large as your paycheck!  That’s conclusion so many, like Karl Marx and others – have came too.  I mean what freedom is there to a starving “free man”?  Anyway, in the Civil War, some of the Pro-Slavery movement (Oh, THAT’S FUNNY) made this argument – claiming the Northern wage slaves were “free” in name only – and the “slaves” (as in Negroes) had more freedom cause they had less worries  (THAT’S FUNNY.).

But they’re just losers (opponents of capitalism)!

Well, in one comment, I mentioned that people with humanities degrees don’t have it “as bad” as it seems.  In fact, 20 K in advertising (thrown at a social media list) could allow them to get money/fame via a blog (assuming they do a good job writing it).  O.K., in that case, could we say that opponents of capitalism would change their mind – if they knew how to win?

Let’s debate in the comment section.  However, I’m sure leftists like @Robert Lindsay have interesting comments.

The Fantasy World of Such People!

😆  (Warning some commercial material here)

There is a thread where the OP is arguing that these comics are a good reason – why Nazis should be punched:

During this conversation one of the Anarchist gave the argument that the purpose of such attacks on fascists like this one and other done by antifa is in order to make supporters of fascist afread to speak there opinions. Now I retorted that would be better not impede the free speech of anyone in order to make terrible ideas become ridiculed. After a few minutes of of jokingly accusing me of being a liberal the supporters of the previous claim gave the reasoning that it’s better to taking a risk and smother such ideologies in the crib, in doing so preventing fascist from being able to organize and then assert power over society through violence. They further elaborated that by the time that fascist dogs are going around with Violet mobs purging the streets it’s too late. Citing the rise of power of fascist groups in the past.

That brought to mind the world the Erenish Comics. Of what the outcome of allowing such a cancer and society to spread could be.

Comment by author:

I’m all for punching bullies, but punching the village idiot makes you the bully.

I have been and will continue to stay out of real world politics in this forum, as much as I can. I occasionally engage in discussions of political nature of course, and I suspect you all have a pretty clear idea about my place on the spectrum, but I don’t want the real world to seep into my own universe and stories without any subtlety.

So I will adopt the Hollywood style disclaimer:

“The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in my stories are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, or male-chauvinistic/authoritarian/theocratic/fascist organizations is intended or should be inferred.”

When Cluster B Gains Sympathy

Some of these crazy folks are simply giving the finger – to really snooty jerks.  They’re giving the finger to gossipers, backstabbers, self-righteous.  I mean, @Robert Lindsay goes on about lyin, cheatin  whores – but a lot of times, I can see where these women are coming from!  I mean, who are the real bad folks here?

Anyhow, as mentioned, the southeast USA – like anywhere else, has it’s share of stuck-up douchebags – and also it’s share of wild women/men rebelling against them!

Sorry to sound like Jesus talking about tax collectors – but I would trust a stripper any day over a typical southern Christian!

Teenagers are terrible employees

This isn’t a right-wing view.  It’s just a fact.  In fact, teenagers would work horribly – even in the most merciful left-wing nation.

Now, the reason they’re terrible – is cause they’re spoiled.  They think everybody owes them something.  They don’t want to work their way up.  They want “king/queen status” from the start.

Anyway, I was mentioning in the thread about Dixie Bitches and The Dixie Bitch Cafe – and no doubt, the smart-ass robotic employees are dumb teenagers or at least those who haven’t escaped the mindset – that coupled with a racist/homophobic BS culture – that is the south.

Well, what are good reasons for teens to bitch?  I’d assume bitchy customers – but, mark my word, a lot of the “customer victims” are not bitchy people.  Instead, they’re just targets for “spoiled teen bullying”.

The Dixie Bitch Cafe

Well, myself, I’m always wanting to eat at independent restaurants – but in my area, they seem to have a high percentage of smart-ass teenagers (both genders) working at them.  I suppose it comes from nepotism.

Anyway, they’re all being nice taking your order – and then ten seconds later they’re mumbling “cocksucker” “queer” “nigger lover” 😆 – loud enough where you can hear – of course!

Always, these types cannot make meaningful chit-chat -besides robot-ically taking your order – and then being a bitch afterwards.

Well, let’s not be surprised if tons of people hate their dumb restaurants – but it’s often not enough to make them fail – because I suppose they get enough normie slime to come there.

Anyhow, the fact remains nobody owes these pukes anything.  It’s not my fault their life sucks, that they’re being paid minimum wage, when they think they deserve manager pay or tips.

With such service, you’d think they’d spit in your food, but they don’t – BUT they might as well!

Snooty Dixie Bitches

Enough said with the title!  Well, they’re just one variety of snooty bitch.  There is Afro-American snooty bitches, Yankee snooty bitches, Canadian snooty bitches, Korean snooty bitches – every area in the world has them!

Anyway, I am mostly familiar with the Dixie type – since that’s where I’m from, of course.

Now these women – as with other snooty people, have a male equivalent – known as the passive/aggressive asshole.  They smile in your face, and then mumble mean things under their breath.  They gossip behind your back.  In fact, I wonder why @Robert Lindsay focuses on women so much.  I mean, it’s kind of an equal amount.

Anyway, nothing good enough for the Dixie bitches, unless you’re a cool person they like – and they even like cool black people – BUT – they will still have a cool black lynched – along with the geeky ones.  What an irony!  😆

Reasoning with Someone in Drug Culture

Can’t be done.  It’s a waste of time!  Basically, the person gets into this environment – because of abuse, something the OTHER person doesn’t understand.  Anyway, I can’t think of anyway to reach someone in a drug culture.  Maybe @Robert Lindsay – the therapist can give me advice.

Anyway, in my family – just a cycle of self-righteous jerks, often in a higher economic class – always bitching about drug users.    Sound like your family?  Please comment below.

Military – Prison – Schools – Psycho Environments

Especially prisons are full of Cluster B psychos.  That’s why there is so much racial segregation, obsession with power, gangs etc..

Anyway, the military seems to be lighter version of prison – but still unwelcoming to gays, misfits of all sorts.

Now, schools, they’re pretty much bullying hell-holes – but never like prisons or the military.

O.K. where can misfits find refuge?  I suppose BY HIDING – LOL.  Well, being mousey etc.. is advantageous for misfits for sure.

Jim Crow – Cluster B White vs Cluster B Black

They’re both psychos.  Well, I am speaking of some of each group.  Basically, the bad blacks piss off the crazy whites.  Also, unfortunately, in the mess – a lot of normal people, of both races, get harmed – and that’s where you get your VICTIMS from.

Well, in the case of Emmet Hill, lynched for whistling at a white woman in 1955 Mississippi, I don’t feel he was probably cluster B – just another VICTIM.

Well, anyway, this is the way it is worldwide. I mean, law enforcement, authorized or not – is bat shit crazy – and often in response to an oppressed group who is the same!

Of course, ideally speaking, so-called oppressive societies are designed to humanely and justly control the oppressed group – but it never works out that way – cause of assholes in the oppressors and oppressed – OF COURSE.

They can’t shut off the Cluster B!

Some job fields are actually good for Cluster B personalities.  I mean, looking at TV, for instance, I’ve seen at least two shows (Beevis and Butthead, The Simpsons) where they make fun of the fact “nice guys/gals” cannot succeed in teaching.  For instance, Ned Flanders is no comparison to Mrs. Iron Whip first grade teacher and the Hippie guy on Beevis in Butthead is no match for Colonel Buzzcut!

Anyway, the problem, though, as stated in the title, is many of these psychos – cannot shut off the bossiness, sadism while off work.  In fact, they treat everyone in their life as their student and/or employee – causing massive resentment.  Now, due to politeness, they often get away with much – but it can boil over.

Anyhow, I’m sure people without 70 to 100 percent Cluster B can make it as prison guards, drill instructors, teachers – and maybe society should screen out the really mean people.

I mean, the drill instructor in Stripes (the movie) – wasn’t the one on Full Metal Jacket.  I believe the first one is more representative of real instructors.

Joe Biden – The best candidate?

He’s vulnerable to hypocrisy attacks.  It’s a good guess it will do him in – if nominated.  But wasn’t he – even VP under the first black president in US history?  Well, it doesn’t matter!

As I’ve argued before, Biden’s gaffe-prone behavior and his reactionary impulses on a wide range of issues, make him uniquely vulnerable to “gotcha” trolling. That’s where conservatives attack a Democratic politician sorta-kinda from the left, accusing them of racism or sexism or anti-Semitism.

That’s why the Washington Examiner and other conservative publications are so keen on running stories about Biden being sexist or racially insensitive. For conservative audiences, such stories read as, “How dare those Democrats tell me to be ‘politically correct’ when they’re just as bad?!”

But those stories will also reach liberal audiences, causing them to feel demoralized and less excited to vote, give money or volunteer for campaigns. It’s a brilliant strategy, frankly, in that it simultaneously energizes right-wing resentment while stifling progressive hopes.

There’s every reason to think that Biden will be undermined by this strategy going into the November 2020 election, if Democrats are foolish enough to nominate him. He has been relatively cloistered from the press compared to the other candidates, yet he can’t seem to go a week without saying or doing something that feeds into this “hypocrisy” narrative.

Annoying Suburbanite People

We all know the type.  They’re very clean – to the point it would annoy the Marine Corps.  They’re very fake – flaky, and dweeby.   They are too harsh on their kids – regarding schooling, health, sports – often causing backlashes (kids becoming the next Andrew Anglin or something).

Anyhow, some might see this resentment as jealousy – but that’s not always the case.  ALWAYS, and this is the case with elites everywhere – the snooty attitude – is what drives enemies over the edge!

More like this shallow, consumerist attitude that is sickening plus the obession with ‘things’ & ‘labels’ plus this obsession & lust for trends or whatever NY Magazine or the Times says is the latest trend with neighborhoods or restaurants.

yuppies are only “hateable” when they are not humble and see differnces before similarities between them and other people. Others may find them annoying because their concerns (ie inheritance taxes) aren’t the same as less fortunate (financial aide for school, paying back student loans.)


How insane are white supremacists?

The Alt-Right wants violence!

Not sure if alt-right is the correct label – cause average Trump supporters are not that extreme.  Anyway, from what I’ve seen on Facebook – there is surely a lot of bat-shit crazy WNs out there.  They are very violent.  In fact, I have a friend, oddly enough a cool popular type who was never bullied in school – actually trying to stand up to these loons.  It’s actually quite admirable – cause he has nothing to gain from it – only loss.

Well, my friend certainly isn’t an SJW – just some dope smoking cool guy.  He is certainly more on the center – and especially being in Tennessee, he is less influenced by SJW thinking probably.

What are some memes these Facebook people are putting out?  Well, a lot of them are massively violent – and they’re VERY preachy.  But, hey, it’s America – a free country – and nobody’s stopping them – but it makes you think – “When will this stuff go from talk to violence?”.

The Alt-Right wants violence!

The site below is obviously a very biased SJW site – but they are correct in this article.

Indeed, the statements in the article are true – and the alt-right wants a civil war.  Now, this is far different than what the alt-left wants – racial harmony among races already in the US  (a black-a-block etc..) – but an end to mass immigration etc..

Anyway, the alt-right has no plan for racial minorities – only to separate from them – after their fantasy civil war.  And, definitely, there would be a war in such a case, given that welfare would end for non-whites (northeast Asians etc. exceptions).

The danger is that extremists will begin to take it upon themselves to complete the tasks Trump has failed to execute. Since his campaign began, Trump has riled his supporters with fantasies of punishing everyone from Democratic politicians, anti-fascist activists, immigrants and the press to black athletes. Extremists wanted Trump to ethnically cleanse the country and rebuke those who stood in opposition to his agenda. Charging that he appears only interested in maintaining the status quo, they now feel betrayed.

With what army?  This is the fantasy – but no chance in hell of ever accomplishing it.  Bottom line, the vast majority of Trump supporters do not support true white nationalism.

Some of the most extreme neo-Nazis see this as a positive development specifically because they hope that frustration will be channeled into violence. That includes the hosts of “Bowlcast,” a podcast whose hosts glorify mass killers like Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof (the name is a reference to Roof’s haircut) and encourage copycats. “I voted for him and it’s worked out beautifully,” host Vic Mackey said of Trump on a recent episode, “because all these alt-right people who were hoping he was gonna be the next Fuhrer are totally disappointed and they’re black pilled. Now they’re much more likely to do radical things.” Trump “is going to create more Bowers and more Roofs that any other event in recent history,” Mackey predicted.

“There’s gonna be a lot more kike, n***** school shootings,” he continued, “because Trump is completely dissipating the hope that he built his whole campaign around and it’s beautiful.”

A lot of room for terrorism – and it’s scary – but a fat chance of a real civil war!


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