The Merger of Judaism and Christianity in the Recent History of the West: A Civilizational Perspective Comparing Jews, White Gentiles, and Blacks

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I believe a lot of Jews (but certainly not all) act rather bad in certain ways.

Yet we all know Jews who don’t fit the stereotype, including all the Jews I grew up who were friends of my Judeophilic family. I also had some Jewish friends as a young man. The thing is that I never thought these thoroughly assimilated Jews acted any different from anybody else. In fact, I never thought of their Jewishness much at all.

There was one couple who I knew well for 30 years before I learned they were Jewish. I met a few Jews here and there who fit the negative stereotype, but they were uncommon. I didn’t get Jew-wise at all until age 45 when I started looking into the Jewish Question. I now realize that these Jews were a bit aggressive in some ways, though that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, and they usually didn’t act that way towards me. They were very intelligent and intellectually curious. They were also quite materialistic, though not excessively so.

However, if Jews are such an obvious bad thing for society, then why do they seem to act like just like everyone else here in the US? That doesn’t make sense. Surely a noxious influence would be behaviorally obvious, and it would not require a magnifying glass to ascertain its base behavior. Of course these Jews were extremely assimilated, and the unassimilated Jews in Israel and other places act dramatically worse.

Based on these experiences and the fact that Jews seemed to blend in well with normative White middle class behavior, I consider Jews to be basically White people. The ones in the Diaspora have lived in a Christian culture for over 100 years, and while they’d never admit it, it’s done them a lot of good. Being purely Jewish, especially in religion and in the Orthodox variety, doesn’t seem like a healthy thing.

The Merger between Jewish and Christian White Culture in the Jewish Diaspora in the West

It is important to note that Western culture is Christian culture. Even most agnostics and atheists in the West are nevertheless products of a Christian culture. This leads to phenomena like Western agnostics and atheists saying they are “cultural Christians.”

As the Jews became more Christianized – culturally if not religiously – they left behind the more unpleasant aspects of the negative stereotype of Jews, and they came to resemble their Gentile neighbors more and more. As we know, the more the Jew assimilates, the better he acts and vice versa.

However, most Jews would be loath to admit that they have been Christianized in any way. This is because most Jews don’t like Christianity, and some of them don’t like Christians. I think with assimilated Jews they could care less about Christians as humans but instead focus on the religion and simply dislike the religion. They definitely dislike the more fundamentalist Christians though, which is ok by me, as I don’t like them either!

Hence I believe there has been a merger of Christian and Jewish culture in the US. I believe this works both ways because as Jews have become culturally Christianized, Christians became culturally Judaized.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen anyone write about this merger of cultures and religions before.

Here in the US at least, there is such a thing as Judeo-Christian culture, as Reform Judaism meshes well with a culturally Christian society.

I noted that Christians became more Judaized. We see this in the fundamentalists with their emphasis on the Old Testament like the Jews.

It is also possible that the extreme materialism of the West may indicate a merger of less materialistic Christian culture with a long-materialistic Jewish culture. As the lapsed Jew Karl Marx noted in On the Jewish Question, the God of the Jews is simply money.

We also see Christians in general getting Judaized in moral and political terms as the society at large has gotten comfortable with liberated women, gay rights, civil rights for minorities, etc. This is a result of Judaization because Jews were at the forefront of many of these movements.

The Jews were reactionaries the whole time they lived in Europe before Napoleon liberated them in 1812. They came out of the ghettos, blinking their eyes like people emerging from darkness to light, and people didn’t like them very much because frankly, they weren’t very likeable.

Centuries in the ghettos under the dictatorship of the rabbis had left behind a seriously damaged people. The assimilation of the Jews became an urgent progressive  project as leftwing people saw a serious need to integrate these dysfunctional people into society. I think the assimilation of the Jews ought to continue to be a progressive project because unassimilated Jews don’t act very good.

When Jews came to the US in the early 1900’s, there was discrimination, and in addition, many of them worked low wage jobs in factories, etc. This was new for the Jewish people, as they hadn’t done this sort of work in a long time. Living in crowded tenements in poverty led many of them towards leftwing movements for the advancement of the interests of the poor. As they gained more money later in the century, the liberal views they acquired in the early 1900’s remained. They did not get more conservative with money as so many groups do.

Jews were discriminated against and they didn’t like it, so they developed the mindset of an oppressed minority. Later on this led them to promote civil rights for other oppressed groups because of what they went through. This caused them to be at the forefront of the civil rights movements. Jews played prominent roles in all of the great liberation and rights movements that came out of the 1960’s.

This is why so many well-off Jews are still liberals though on an economic basis, a group with that much wealth trends conservative, at least in the US.

This forward movement in society towards greater civil rights for oppressed groups has its basis in the type of “Christianized” Judaism and Jewish culture that has developed in the Diaspora. A lot of US Jews are liberals and buy into the aspect of Reform Judaism that says the Jews should be a shining light unto the Gentiles, leading them to a better world. It’s called Tikkun Olam and I think I think it’s a positive thing.

This leads us to the question of whether the Jewish religion became “Christianized” here in the West. An argument can be made that this is the case. Here in the US, Reform Judaism is very popular. It basically says you can look through all of the Jewish religious texts and pick and choose what you want out of them, accepting the things you like and rejecting the things you don’t like.

This has led to Reform Jews throwing out a lot of the more noxious aspects of Judaism, especially in the Talmud. I spoke to a rabbi in Israel once, and he told me that he admired Israel Shahak, a critic of the Jewish religion. He told me that Shahak had taught them a lot about their people and their religion. He said that there are a lot of things in the Jewish religion that are “sick and evil,” as he put it, and people needed to know this.

Anyway, Reform Jews also went through Judaism and picked out the more humanitarian aspects of it, one of which is Tikkun Olam. And if you look at it right on the surface, Tikkun Olam is almost Christian in its universalism and humanitarianism. Whereas in Israel, with no Christianization, we see pure, undiluted Judaism and Jewish culture, which a lot of Christians and Muslims find  offensive, objectionable, and antisocial as a religion and a culture.

Some say there has been a downside with the cultural changes wrought by Judaization of the West. For one thing, business ethics seem to have declined. In Old World Germany in the 1800’s, smaller towns would often engage in market division such that businesses would fill various market niches without a lot of competition. Prices remained low and service high quality because if the business slacked in these areas, people would complain and then a competitor might spring up.

The attitude was that there was a place in the world for everyone and every business. Therefore, ruthless business culture was often missing from these places. History records that Jews would move into these towns, form monopolies, and violate local culture by engaging in all sorts of seedy and dirty business tactics that tended to be avoided in these towns.

As we know, business is a zero-sum game with a race to the bottom, and the business that behaves worse will tend to outcompete one that tries to be a good guy. The reward for being an ethical businessman is bankruptcy. With their underhanded tactics the Jewish monopolies tended to run the Christian businesses out of town. This behavior didn’t win Jews any hearts and minds, and the result was usually a lot of antisemitism among the Christians.

In addition, in the late 1800’s well into the 20th Century, a similar business culture developed in the Upper Midwest, especially in places like Minnesota. These people were mostly recent Scandinavian immigrants. This ethnic group is not known for its ruthlessly competitive nature. In fact it is quite collectivist for a White culture.

Here a man’s handshake was as good as his word, business ethics were good, and businesses tried to be good citizens to their consumers, workers, and even towns and cities. This model was replicated in the Northeast, particularly in mill towns. You did end up with some company towns, but this tended to be a benign or even positive thing.

However, at least from this vantage point, we no longer see this sort of collectivist market division and businesses trying to be “good corporate citizens,” although that was the requirement for all corporations in order to be granted their charters when charters started being given out in the late 1800’s. A grant of a charter was a gift predicated on the corporation being an upstanding part of society that benefited the masses along with the owners.

Here in the 21st Century, I don’t see this old White Christian business culture. White Gentile businessmen seem to be about as crooked and sleazy as the Jews have always been. This is why I don’t pay attention to complaints about Jewish businessmen. We’re just as bad by now. So here White Christians have been Judaized in a decidedly negative way.

There have been other trends that many people think have been negative, especially the mainstreaming of porn. Jews have long had a more relaxed attitude towards sex than Christians. There has been loosening of sexual mores to the point where most young Gentiles watch porn, including almost every young woman and even some girls I’ve met for some time now.

On the upside though, as girls and women have become pornified, we men get to enjoy lots of perverted sex. I will say that the women I’ve met in the last 10 years are far more perverted and uninhibited than the women in my generation growing up in the 1970’s and 1980’s. A lot of men probably think that’s a plus. So pornification can be seen as having its pluses and minuses.

This is why I say that if every Jew took off tomorrow, US society would keep cruising right along, and all of these supposedly “Jewish” aspects of our culture, which some consider negative, would simply be taken over by Gentiles because Gentiles are now wrapped up in all of these beliefs and behaviors supposedly promoted by Jews.

Antisemitism suffers from this idea that Gentiles are morally upstanding folks. We’re not. We’re not that different from Jews, and once we get Judaized, it’s so fun and liberating to degenerate like that that a lot of us just stay that way.

Jews as “Whites on Steroids”

I do think Jews are White, much as most of them insist they are not. Jews are simply a White tribe that denies it’s White and hates all the other White tribes. On dating sites only half of Jews say they are White. The other half check “Other” or “Middle Eastern,” which in my opinion is a nonsense race.

Also though many Jews don’t act great, they are still extremely civilized. Jews live extraordinarily civilized lives as members of the middle to upper classes. They live in nice houses and neighborhoods and commit little street crime. Their behavior is classy and respectable in demeanor.

They tend to have good jobs which require a lot better behavior on and off the job than working class jobs. They are raised with exceedingly good manners. They dress well. Few of them live in poverty. In fact their upbringing reminds of me the typical way we middle class Whites were raised. Jews probably would not want to admit that either, but it seems true.

There is such a thing as White trash, but has anyone ever heard of “Jewish trash?” No such thing, is there? Perhaps in Israel? Russia?

In fact in this sense, Jews are arguably Whiter than White people as a whole. Their ultra-civilized behavior could perhaps be described as “Whites on steroids.” By that I mean Jews are “super-Whites” or “ultra-Whites.” Jews are as White as a White man gets!

A Comparison between Jewish (and White in General) and Ghetto Black Cultures

On the other hand, quite a few non-Whites, particularly Blacks, don’t act very civlized as groups. I wouldn’t say they are uncivilized. Instead I would call them less civilized groups. It would be even better to say that significant segments of these groups act less civilized.

With Blacks, I estimate that 5

I’ve had a number of interactions with Black women who acted ghetto to varying degrees, and they were all negative. They operate on a different and quite lower moral level. They feel little to no guilt for acting bad and throw it back on you as a bad person if you get angry at their sleaziness like not paying off small debts, something they are notorious for. They’re never on time and keep you waiting forever and then act like they did nothing wrong when they finally show up.

They come into your house and demand your stuff.

“Why don’t you give me that?”

Pointing to your couch.

I doubt if even the sleaziest, lowest White would do such a thing, but ghetto Blacks do this as a matter of course and see nothing wrong with it. In the White middle class culture I grew up in, that behavior would be so outrageous that you would be immediately ostracized as a freakishly rude person, and you soon might even be practically run out of town. People might start calling you a n_r because that would be seen as acting like one.

These “requests” are often tied to a threat.

So you might be on the street and a fairly scary-looking ghetto Black guy comes up and befriends you. After a while he looks at the boom box you are carrying and asks,

Why don’t you give me that?

He doesn’t order you to give it to him like a criminal. He simply asks. But the threat is implied and some terrified people simply give in.

Ghetto Blacks also come into your house and start demanding stuff, a drink of water, food, booze, anything. That’s also unspeakably rude in my White culture, as a man’s home is his castle, and you never demand anything from him. At most you may ask for a glass of water in a very nice way. Beyond that, if he wants to offer you something, he does, and if not, you dare not ask.

I’m not sure ghetto Blacks realize how incredibly offensive their basic day to day behavior is to us or if they do realize it, that it bothers them at all.

In my opinion, ghetto Blacks to any degree are simply thieves, petty thieves. I would say that within 24-48 hours of knowing them, they will probably have figured out a way to take you for some money, usually a small amount of anywhere from $5-70.

My experience has been all with the women, but I doubt if the men act any better, and I’m sure they’re a lot more dangerous. With the women, there’s often some sort of sex implied, for which you will need to spend some money on her. After you shell out the cash, she vanishes into thin air, you’re left holding the bag, and the sex remains an empty promise. Dangle the sex, get the money, run. Black women are absolutely notorious for this behavior, and they do it far more than any other race of women.

I’m not sure if these women were ripoffs because I was White or if they simply acted this way towards everyone.

“Middle Class” Blacks

The other half of Blacks act like us, and talking about mergers, I think this group has merged a lot with White Christian culture much as most of them would be loathe to admit. The Whiter a Black person acts, the better they act. There’s nothing wrong with Blacks emulating Whites or basing their behavior on White behavior. It’s either that or go ghetto, and for most Blacks there’s nowhere to go but up.

A Functional Black Culture in Small Towns in the Deep South

Blacks in the Deep South have created a deeply religious pure Black culture that actually functions pretty well, especially in the smaller towns. Statistics show that this group is a lot less dysfunctional than you would expect them to be. A similar group in more nothern or western areas would behave much worse. However, outside of the South, I’m not seeing a lot of this unless you want to call middle to upper class Black behavior a culture.


I will always prefer White Jews over the less civilized races, sorry. As much as I critique Jews, I respect them very much on a basic civilizational level.

I Will Be Deleting All Hardcore Racist Comments on Here from Now on

FuckallKikes: You jews are a disease and every last one of you kikes should be eradicated.

I got this comment today on a post about Jewish matters. I just thought I would tell all you guys that I am going to be deleting all such comments now. I used to leave them up, but that’s not the right thing to do. This is the equivalent of littering with words or language. It’s dirties up the landscape at the very least, and it’s wholly unnecessary, as there are trash cans for garbage and brains for verbal garbage. There’s no need to write it down and pollute the intellectual atmosphere.

I’m also not going to allow any real ugly anti-Black racism on here. We have had a lot of them come on here, calling Blacks n_rs, etc. I always left that stuff up. But now I’m taking it down. Why leave it up? What’s the point?

If you want to know what genocidal antisemitism is, well, here you go. Most of these people are neo-Nazis and White Supremacists. A lot of Arabs and Muslims are antisemitic, but they don’t usually talk in this genocidal way despite the attempts of pro-Israel Jews to construe it that way. However, Al Qaeda and ISIS have both stated that they are going to kill all non-Muslims. Al Qaeda will give us a chance to convert, and if we don’t, they’ll kill us. I’m not sure if ISIS will afford us that luxury.

We complain about Jews being obsessed with antisemitism, but come on. How many ethnic groups have to put up with this sort of homicidal and genocidal hatred?

No matter what they’ve done to make people mad, it certainly doesn’t deserve death or mass murder. Most of the sins of the Jews are not even against the law! They don’t even merit a traffic ticket. Their transgressions boil down to acting like assholes in one way or another. That’s not even against the law. Anyway, assholes are a dime a dozen. There are probably a billion of them in the world today.

Take a moment and look at the world from a Jew’s point of view.

When I Became “the Jew”

One time I went into a White Supremacist (Nazi?) chat room. I don’t know why. I just went in there. I started talking about Jews. We didn’t say much. Some people said they were sexually sleazy which is not something I mind. Somehow, at some point or another, they started thinking I was a Jew! I forget why. But they all turned on me and it seemed like they were snarling like animals.

I can often take angry people hating on me. Lord knows it’s common enough. But this one had this particular grinning, sadistic smile sort of sneering hate about it. I don’t know what it was but at that moment, I literally turned into a Jewish guy. That was my identity. I just took it on. And what I felt was sheer terror that I don’t usually experience. So I started getting what Jews worry about.

Later I was at a local coffee shop and I was talking to this working class Sicilian guy I knew. He was from New York and a bit coarse. You know how those guys are. Somehow or other, he started thinking I was a Jew. He asked me,

Are you Jewish?

It was that same smiling, sneering sort of joyful hate look. Once again, I turned Jewish and once again, it didn’t feel good at all. It felt once again like sheer terror, the kind that climbs up your spine.

I have no idea how Jews react to antisemitism, but if it feels anything like what I experienced – that creepy, discomforting, crawling up your spine sheer terror, I really do feel sorry for them and I’m sad they have to experience this.

On the other hand, if you’re Jewish, get over it. Antisemites exist. They’re not going away now or anytime soon. Like Blacks have to live in a world full of anti-Black racists, so Jews have to live in a world with quite a few antisemites running around in it. You have to make some sort of peace with antisemitism else you will be miserable your whole life.

Anyway you might try to see the world from other people’s point of view. You might just learn some interesting things.

Repost: Joel Patrick Courtney

This post was run quite a while back when I was running a lot of true crime posts. Someone commented on it after all this time and this caused me to go back and read it again. I decided it was so good that it deserved a repost. Enjoy, though the subject matter is gruesome, sorry to say.

Joel Patrick Courtney is a possible serial killer from Albuquerque, New Mexico who was convicted of the murder of Brooke Wilberger in Oregon and the abduction and attempted rape of a New Mexico female exchange student.

The disappearance of Wilberger shocked the town of Corvalis, Oregon when she disappeared in 2004. She was washing lampposts outside her apartment complex when she vanished. The crime scene looked as if a forced abduction had taken place. Soon afterwards, a green van was seen driving erratically in the area. That was the only clue. Her body would not be found for years.

The investigation soon focused on Sun Koo Kim, a 30 year old man living with his parents in Tigard, Oregon, 8 miles north of Corvalis. Kim had graduated from Washington State University with degrees in Genetics and Cellular Biology.

Kim had been arrested 10 days before for stalking a student at Oregon State University in Corvalis. The woman frequented the same apartment complex where Wilberger disappeared. Kim had a photo of the woman he was stalking, her bio, and a bag of dryer lint from the apartment complex.

Kim was a very odd bird. When they searched his house, they found 3,400 pairs of panties stolen from eight different colleges around Oregon. Apparently he had been breaking into women’s rooms and stealing their panties. Although this behavior seems innocent, it is a lot worse than it seems.

There are men who only break into women’s places and steal their underwear, but unfortunately that particular crime (breaking into women’s places and stealing their underwear) is also associated with men who abduct, rape, torture, and kill women and in some cases children.

Why so many killers are also fetishists is not known. Another common behavior with dangerous predators is peeping. Many peepers are pretty innocent, but it is common for a dangerous rapist type to start out his crimes in his teen years as a peeper and petty burglar. The violation of another person’s being, either their privacy or the actual violation of their space in a break-in, may be what is important here.

They also found 40,000 pornographic photos and 4,000 videos of women being tortured and raped. There are websites out there who have pics and movies like this, but I do not think that this is harmless.

Most very dangerous rapists or killer types also like to collect this stuff. If they have a pornography collection, it tends to be this sort of thing. They also often collect pornography of women who appear to be dead. Yes, there is actually a market for this sort of thing. Most serial killers have collections of this sort of stuff.

Most of Kim’s porn collection consisted of women being tortured, raped, killed, or dismembered. Collecting this sort of pornography, which is probably hard to find, is not an innocent pastime, anyone who collects this stuff is playing with fire, and in many cases is a dangerous person at least in their minds even if they are not acting it out.

It’s not ok to collect porn like that. It shows that you have a demented and bent mind at the very least and at worst you may be dangerous. No healthy person would collect porn like that.

Now, I have quite a large porn collection on my hard drive, but I do not think I have any videos of women being raped or tortured. That stuff is not my thing.

The men who like this sort of thing are sexual sadists. Being a sexual sadist is A-OK in the BD/SM community, most of which is made up of either sadists or masochists.

On the other hand, you do find some dangerous people in the BD/SM scene, especially males. Women in the scene have many scary stories to tell about sadistic men they met in that underworld, many of whom were psychopaths. And quite a few rapists, kidnappers, killers, and serial killers get involved in the swinging or group sex scene. They especially like the BD/SM aspect to it. The BD/SM scene is not as innocent as you think, and it attracts quite a few folks who are anywhere from uncool to dangerous.

He also had child porn.

On his computer, Kim also had a file called osu.doc which detailed a plan to abduct, rape, strangle, and then mutilate a woman.

Unfortunately, this is also pretty common with killers. They often keep detailed notes of their depraved fantasies. They collect notes and newspaper clippings of their crimes, including their rapes and homicides. Drawings and maps are often included. When they go to prison, they continue to produce drawings, maps, and stories about their morbid fantasies. In the computer era, it is not uncommon to find a file with a detailed plan to kill someone on the computer of a dangerous person.

It is not against the law to have fantasies or even plans to kill people in files on your computer. They have to prove that the person was actually going to carry out these plans, and that involves a conspiracy charge. Conspiracy is one of the hardest charges to make stick.

After Wilberger disappeared in Oregon in 2004, later that year a foreign exchange student was abducted at knife-point in Albuquerque. She was threatened with a knife and sexually assaulted. She managed to escape from him and ran screaming across a street and into a Mexican restaurant.

A teenage girl driving in a car with her mother saw the naked girl running across the street and pulled into a parking lot. No one in the restaurant would help her. She was coming out when the girl and her mother grabbed her and got her into their car. The abductor then drove very slowly by their car parked car.

Police went to the parking lot where the abduction took place and found a shoelace. People in the area said a man named “Joe” hung around there a lot. Based on information given by the college student, police arrested Joel Courtney.

Police had been called to Courtney’s place five months before for a report about him beating his wife.

Courtney also had a record of sexual assault dating from age 18. In this case, he had been drinking and using drugs with a female friend when they were driving home for the evening. He started kissing and fondling her while she was driving him home (bad idea in a moving vehicle).

She pushed him away and told him to stop. He flipped out and punched her. The car was stopped and he grabbed her and threw her down on the ground and stripped her naked. She stopped fighting him and he lost interest. She learned that he had done similar things to other girls her age, so she went to the police. He was arrested on sexual assault charges.

As a teenager, Courtney started getting in trouble at age 13, and at 14, he got interested in Satanism.

Already what I am seeing here looks like a budding psychopath and by adulthood, he appears to meet criteria for psychopathy.

His relatives reported sexual assaults during his teenage years. His sister and cousins reported waking up a number of times with him on top of them, sometimes straddling them and sometimes with his hands around their neck.

This sort of behavior is very disturbing in a teenage boy, but it is not uncommon to see this sort of thing in the background of rapists, killers, and serial killers. As boys and teenagers, they hide in their female relatives rooms and spy on them. The girls wake up to find the boy standing over their bed watching them.

A boy who is repeatedly assaulting his female relatives in their sleep, especially putting his hands around their necks, is one disturbed boy. Most boys simply do not do such things. What you have here is a budding rapist and  possible killer.

Somehow, the Corvalis police came up with evidence against Courtney for the Wilberger homicide. I have no idea what evidence led them to that conclusion. As part of a plea deal, Courtney told officials the location of her body and confessed to the crime, so he definitely did the deed. He was recently sentenced.

The FBI feels that he may have been involved in the homicides of three other women in Oregon, and they are seeking information about that.

He is a strong suspect in the murder of Kathryn Eggleston, a saleswoman abducted from an Oregon parking lot in 1993. She was last seen walking out of an elevator with a dark complexioned man wearing a blue blazer. Her body has never been found.

He was also a suspect in the murder of Stephanie Condon in Oregon in 1998, but another man is also suspected of that crime. He was recently acquitted.

Prosecutors say Courtney is a possible serial killer and may have left victims in New Mexico, Oregon, Florida, and Alaska, as he lived in all of those places as her traveled around.

Comments on My Unz Post: Ideological Inertia


Me: I’m starting to think that if all the Jews took off tomorrow not much would be different. The Woke movement would keep going full steam along with the degeneration of society. Porn? The Jewish porn companies would simply be taken over by Gentiles. A lot of this stuff may well have been kicked off by Jews but right now, it’s on autopilot so much that if the Jews left, nothing would change. Our policy on Israel would change though.

Commenter: What you’re describing has a name. It’s called ideological inertia. After the Jewish communists and Bolsheviks took over Russia they indoctrinated everybody into communism. At some point the Jews were mostly thrown out of power (largely by Stalin), but communist ideological inertia stuck around and was such that the USSR went on trying (and failing) to make communism work for another half century.

If all the Jews suddenly disappeared then Cultural Marxism (which Jews founded and foisted on the West to serve their interests just as the Jews in the USSR foisted Communism Classic on Russia to suit their interests there) may well stick around for awhile, sure.

True-believing gentiles would continue trying, and failing, to make Cultural Marxism (diversity and multiculturalism, etc.) work, just as true-believing communists like Khrushchev and Brezhnev tried to make communism work.

That’s just the nature of media conditioning and intrinsic to the nature of organizations which perpetuate themselves by promoting true believers within. The Soviet leadership spent decades promoting true-believing communists long after the Jews were mostly removed from power.

But at least the Jews who originally created and promoted Cultural Marxism would be gone and no longer in a position of power to cynically and dishonestly push an ideology which they know to not be in their host’s genuine interests (but only their own).

Hence, Cultural Marxism, like Communism Classic before it, would be able to eventually fall apart – as both ideologies are ultimately unworkable, based on lies, and are counter to human nature (human nature being self-interested and tribal and not like eusocial insects as communism assumes or non-tribal as Cultural Marxism assumes).

For a wound to heal, you must get rid of the root cause of the the infection which makes it fester – and, as Lindsay points out, even when you do, the patient dies anyways, as one might fear the West would regardless of whether we get rid of the Jews or not.

I definitely agree with his point here. He’s a very smart guy, he writes well, and this idea of his is an excellent concept. “Ideological inertia” – nice!

Commenter: But to have any chance at survival then the infection (Jews) must be removed – at least from positions of power in media, government, law, politics and academia – and then the healing process can occur. Thus, for a gentile to argue “but it might not work” and therefore “you should not give the patient antibiotics” is an argument born of either (1) stupidity or (2) maliciousness.

There are dramatic examples where Jews were expelled in a very deliberate way because the harm that they were doing was well understood, and it was seen as necessary to get rid of them to achieve recovery.

You see this in the expulsion of Jews from Spain in 1492, which is also the year that marks the beginning of the Spanish Golden Age.

You also see it when the Jews were removed from public life at the end of the Weimar period which resulted in an immediate and dramatic economic and cultural renaissance.

So, when Jewish expulsion is done in a very conscious manner – and when the jilted parasite doesn’t then lead a coalition of nations against you in vengeance – the recovery can indeed be rapid, dramatic and sustainable.

As you can see he’s also a very nasty antisemite like so many on that site. I certainly don’t advocate getting rid of the Jews in the West or the US. If the Cultural Left is truly unsustainable as he says, then it will die out at some point anyway, Jews or no Jews.

I don’t believe the Cultural Left was created by Jews, but there were some Jews who were prominent in it. Critical Race Theory was actually started by Blacks in academia as you might expect. The White-hating and White demonization comes straight from these radical Blacks. Blacks push White-hating far more than Jews do if you ask me.

The Cultural Left actually blossomed with the fall of Communism in the Soviet Bloc in 1989-1991. The Western Left was in chaos as Marxism was seen as a failed ideology. What to do? Turn Republican, go fascist, and vote Trump? Nope. Instead they tried to salvage what they could of Marxism by downplaying Marxist economics and instead substituting race, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, sexual identity, etc. with classic Marxist theory.

I believe that the same woman who invented CRT (Kimberly Crawford?) also invented Third Wave Intersectional Feminism. Law professor Derrick Bell was also prominent in this movement. The Woke movement or the Cultural Left is all seated in Third Wave intersectional feminism.

It posits that people suffer from more oppressions than one. For instance, a Black woman suffers from being Black and also for being a woman. That’s the intersectional part. There’s probably something to it but by now this theory has gone crazy and it’s not doing much good.

So if you want to get down to it, Crenshaw and Bell invented Cultural Marxism, though of course all of these things had their roots in the women’s, Black, Hispanic, gay, etc. Liberation movements of the 1960’s. There were some Jews prominent in these movements but it would be silly to call them Jewish movements.

Anyway, feminism is now run by mostly Gentile women, not Jews. Black antiracism is run by Blacks and not Jews. Hispanic rights is run by Hispanics and not Jews. Gay rights is run by gay Gentiles and not Jews. It doesn’t much matter who kicked off these movements if they’ve all gone automatic by now.

I don’t believe Jews “founded Communism.” That’s just bullshit. Most Communists were Gentiles. In 1917, 7

Only a small sliver of Russian Jews were Bolsheviks, no more than 1

Also I looked at the list of leading Bolsheviks early on and I counted as many Latvians as Jews! Latvians! Latvians are known as hardcore Commie-haters. Shall we blame Latvians for starting Bolshevism? The Bolsheviks’ supporters were mostly Russian Gentile urban workers and demobbed soldiers from the war. There was also some support in the countryside. Stalin fled to a remote village in Siberia inhabited by a different ethnic group. He found that he fit right as all of these Siberian ethnic types were already hardcore revolutionaries and communists!

I really get tired of this Bolshevik Jews arguments and at its core, it’s simply straight up Nazism. One of the main thing Hitler had against the Jews was that according to him, they were all Communists.

There had been some prominent Communist movements in Russia led by Rosa Luxembourg, Karl Liebneckt, etc. There was even a short lived Communist republic in Bavaria. Apparently these uprisings really freaked the German middle class out and hence led to an anti-Communist ideological fervor among the masses. So these revolutions probably informed Hitler’s view.

I think the whole argument is just bullshit and furthermore, it’s toxic because it’s not just antisemitism, some of which might be palatable if it’s true, but instead it’s full-blown Nazism, and I ain’t supporting any of that BS!

How on Earth did these early Jewish Bolsheviks found Communism to benefit the Jews? How did they benefit? A lot of Russian Jews probably had some money and lost most of it after Communism. They couldn’t be bankers or businessmen anymore.

I’m not seeing how their group and only their group benefited. Instead Communism was intended to benefit the vast majority of  impoverished Russian Gentile peasants and urban workers, probably very few of whom were Jews. The Russian Bolsheviks were actually very selfless. Communism screwed most Jews over but it helped the Gentiles immensely. They were the opposite of Jewish ethnic activists.

Furthermore, while we already decided that the Cultural Left was not started by Jews, it’s hard to make an argument that Jews started it to benefit their own kind and screw over the Gentiles. How on Earth do Jews benefit from the Cultural Left? It advocates for the rights of women, Blacks, Hispanics, gays, trannies, etc. the vast majority of whom are not Jewish. If anything Cultural Left Jews were selfless.

The bit about removing Jews from power in the US is something I cannot support. That’s exactly what the Nazis did before they started killing them. It’s also what Arab governments did to the Arab Jews after 1948. This was then followed by pogroms in which hundreds of Jews were murdered. So this sort of thing – removal from public life – not only has a bad history but it also seems to lead, probably inevitably, to Jews getting killed.

He’s really going to have to prove his case that throwing out the Spanish Jews (who hadn’t much power anyway) led to the Golden Age of Spain. They also threw out the Muslims at that time and that may have been the most important factor.

He’s also going to have to prove his case that the removal of Jews from power and the arts in Germany led to an economic and cultural renaissance.

If these things are true, I’ll definitely believe them though I don’t wish to. I believe all sorts of things I don’t want to that make me feel uncomfortable. But I’m committed to the truth and I have no desire to believe lies about worldly matters.

If anyone wants to chime in either way on this rather incendiary charge, go right ahead.

Comments on My Unz Post: Jews Are Whites on Steroids


Me: Before my mid-40’s, I didn’t even think Jews were different and I’d known quite a few as my parents were Judeophiles. These highly assimilated Jews didn’t act much different from any of the rest of us. Looking back on it though, there were a few things like the hyperethnocentrism which I didn’t notice until much later. They were also a bit aggressive, though I did not realize it at the time.

There was a couple who were friends of my parents. I knew them for 30 years before I found out they were Jewish. It simply never occurred to me that they might be Jewish. They didn’t act different.

I did think Jews were rude, loud, and obnoxious though. Even my family thought that. But I mostly thought that was funny.

I had a Jewish girlfriend for 5 1/2 years. I was even going to convert to Judaism for her. But I wanted to be one of those self-haters like Chomsky. She agreed with everything I ever said about Jews.You should hear how Jews talk about themselves!

They’re all antisemites! Anyway, she was just a regular White person, almost Christianized really. She was always talking about “paying it forward” which is a very Christian concept. I’d struggle to see how she was different than any of my White Gentile friends.

She was extremely nurturing though, and a very stand by your man type like in that country music song. Old fashioned in that sense.

Commenter: A few months ago, I commented on various spots here on Unz that Jews Are So White PPL, and now everybody’s sayin’ it. An idea floating on the zeitgeist, I suppose.

My other bright idea about Jews hasn’t caught on: see, Jews have the highest IQs, and their Bell Curve has long tails, stretching into the upper stratosphere of smartness.

So, somewhere sits right this minute the smartest person in the world. Statistically, if the long tail on the Bell Curve is true, there is a good chance this person is a Jewish man. Now, he could be a good person of high moral character, but on the other hand the whole world sadly being what it is, chances are equally good that this very very smart Jewish man is a sociopath high on Dark Triad traits. So all the conspiracies are true probably. Logically.

I don’t know if this guy is an antisemite, but I think he’s being very fair to Jews. He’s right! Jews are “so are so White People!” Jews are like the ultimate Whites, Whites on steroids, in many ways. There’s such a thing as White trash, but have you ever heard of Jewish trash? Jews are extremely civilized, live in nice houses and neighborhoods, learn excellent social skills, are actually very polite and well-mannered when they wish to be, and the ones here mostly just look like some type of White people. Some are a bit darker, but they could easily be Italians or Greeks.

I think he’s correct. The extremely intelligent could well be bad people. The smarter you are, the more money, power, and stuff you can get by acting bad because acting bad without getting caught and punished by society is an art forum. Successful people who act bad have learned how to act bad in precisely the correct way and refuse to act bad in the wrong ways. They keep their jobs and friends, stay out of jail, etc.

Addendum to My Piece on Unz

From here.

I’m absolutely fascinated by the Jewish Question and especially antisemitism. Why the Jews? Why do people seem to hate them all down through space and time? What’s it all about? What do they do that makes people mad? What do the antisemites charge them with? Are the charges valid? How on Earth do they accumulate all that money and power and for what purposes? I’m especially interested in whether what the antisemites charge Jews with is true. I’ve been studying this for decades and what you see are my conclusions!

Before my mid-40’s, I didn’t even think Jews were different, and I’d known quite a few as my parents were Judeophiles. These highly assimilated Jews didn’t act much different from any of the rest of us.

Looking back on it though, there were a few things like hyperethnocentrism which I didn’t notice until much later. I just thought it was a bit of an oddity or curiosity. They were also a bit aggressive, though I did not realize it at the time.

Some of them could even be mean at times, but I didn’t connect this to his being Jewish. This was a friend of my father’s and I believe he thought I was screwing up in life, and I have a feeling that Jews really hate that. They really want you to get your shit together and it makes them pretty angry when they see you screwing up.

But definitely meanness was not their main characteristic. We had a great time with one of these Jewish men when I was a boy. We got together with both fathers and our kids and their kids and did stuff like climb mountains. The Jewish guy was making a big joke out of all of it, but it was not in a mean way. It was just sort of funny!

I went on a trip to Mexico with my father, brother, and another of these Jewish men. He was a pretty interesting guy.

I remember I was catching fish after fish (surfperch) and no one else was catching anything. He was curious and came up to me and noted that I was the only one catching fish and he asked me why. I gave him some mystical answer that I put my mind into it and put out a vibe to the whole area that I’m going to catch fish and then I seem to catch them. It sounds like bullshit but he thought it was very interesting. He had a very curious mind like that.

He had an avocado orchard and used to ask for me Spanish words to speak to his field workers. He was very smart. He taught Botany at a local community college and I think he had a Master’s Degree. He was basically an ok guy all around and he mellowed out as he got older. I never thought much about this guy being Jewish to tell the truth.

I think I noticed the aggressiveness, but I never put it together that the aggressiveness might have been rooted in their being Jewish. On the other hand a lot of them weren’t that aggressive, and they could also be kind. One of the younger guys was a very good friend to me, loyal and understanding and even feeling sorry for me when I was down. He wasn’t really a bad person. I never thought about this guy being Jewish. He had a lot of Gentile friends and his Jewishness never meant anything to me.

There was a couple who were friends of my parents. I knew them for 30 years before I found out they were Jewish. It simply never occurred to me that they might be Jewish. They didn’t act different. In addition, I didn’t go around wondering who was Jewish and who wasn’t. It didn’t seem like an important question.

I did think Jews were rude, loud, and obnoxious though. Even my family thought that. But I mostly thought that was funny. And the Jewish friends we and I knew were not particularly like that.

I had a Jewish girlfriend for 5 1/2 years. I was even going to convert to Judaism for her. But I wanted to be one of those self-haters like Chomsky. She agreed with everything I ever said about Jews. You should hear how Jews talk about themselves! They’re all antisemites!

Anyway, she was just a regular White person, almost Christianized really. She was always talking about “paying it forward,” which is a very Christian concept. She was also extremely well-mannered, frankly too mannered for my tastes, especially about not wanting to invade people’s privacy. She was almost a “White person on steroids” in that sense.

I’d struggle to see how she was different than any of my White Gentile friends.

She was rather domineering though, but I’m not sure if that’s a Jewish woman thing. She was extremely nurturing too, and a very stand by your man type like in that country music song. Old fashioned in that sense.

The theory that Jews took over the newspaper and movie industries from 1880-1920 because they were afraid of the media becoming antisemitic comes from David Duke of all people! That’s his analysis. I don’t think David Duke would be making up lies to make Jews look good, but some of the things he has said about Jews were quite fair. For one he noted that while Jews ran the banks at one time, they didn’t really run them anymore, so it was a fake charge. There’s a streak of honesty about him.

In the late 1800’s, newspapers were quite racist. I’ve read a lot of California newspapers from the 1850’s-1860’s, and the racism was just off the charts! After 1880, according to Duke, the Jews were getting alarmed at the racism of American newspapers because they feared it was going to blow back on them. This was when the Ochs and Sulzbergers took over the New York Times, etc.

About Jews taking over the media to use them for their own ends, I never noticed that other than in their coverage of Israel, which seems to be the only thing US Jews care about. That and antisemitism.

Thing is, I’ve noticed newspapers and TV news stations that went from Jewish to Gentile controlled and the message didn’t change one iota! Not even on Israel-Palestine! That’s when I started getting dubious about the whole “Jewish media is brainwashing us” bit.

This is when I started thinking that there is a basic “US media” way of thinking that journalists, editors, etc. share. This cuts across Jews, Gentiles, etc. Their mostly secular liberals but they share views on the Israel-Palestine conflict because they are members of an elite. They’re basically “corporate Democrats” and “shitlibs.”

I’m starting to think that if all the Jews took off tomorrow not much would be different. The Woke movement would keep going full steam along with the degeneration of society. Porn? The Jewish porn companies would simply be taken over by Gentiles. A lot of this stuff may well have been kicked off by Jews, but right now, it’s on autopilot so much that if the Jews left, nothing would change. Our policy on Israel would change though.

I believe that Duke also said that the Jews went after the movies after Birth of a Nation because they feared that White racism would blow back on them. Unz has challenged that, noting that Jews helped distribute that movie, and the head of Metro Goldwyn Meyer got his start with profits from the movie.

I also don’t have any evidence that taking over the movies was a conspiracy. I do know that five Jews from a 50 mile radius from each other in Galicia took over the movie industry from 1910-1920. I always assumed it was plotted, but I don’t have any evidence of that at the moment, and Unz has challenged that.

Got Published on Unz Again

Why Jewish Conspiracies Fail Sometimes.

An earlier publication:

Persecutions and Expulsions of Jews in Europe Correlate with the Onset of Gentile-Hating Talmudic Judaism.

Head on over and comment if you want! Granted a lot of people criticize that site, and while to some extent the critique is valid, at least I’m getting published on a huge website. Nobody else seems willing to publish me at the moment, so I’ll take just about any outlet that will publish me. Beggars can’t be choosers.

Also being published on Unz may lead to offers to be published on other websites.

Besides, there are indeed some leftwing writers on Unz who are not the tiniest bit antisemitic (in fact one regular Unz author banned from his Substack permanently as an “antisemite”), so just because you are on Unz doesn’t mean you’re a raving antisemitic kook. Ron says he wants to publish new and refreshing views from the entirety of the political spectrum, especially those the MSM avoids, He’s a rightwing libertarian, but as I noted, he publishes some Lefties too.

No One Ever Said, “Gas the Jews”

Why Jewish Conspiracies Fall Flat Sometimes


First of all I would like to point out that it is not just Jewish machinations that backfire but that this may be the tendency of conspiracy in general. Several things may be at play. The law of unintended consequences. Blowback. Paybacks. Or perhaps simply karma and the laws of the universe which tend to reverse any extremes to steer them back to equilibrium, where nature wants everything.

Next, it is normal to conspire. Politics is nothing but conspiracy. So is the thing called “social skills.” So is “office politics.” So is dating. So is marriage.

So is seduction, which is so transparently a scam, a con, and a lie that one wonders how anyone can believe it’s not. It only works because a lot of women enjoy being fooled.

As people accumulate more money and power, they conspire more and more. I recently read an article about a woman who was a scion to a very wealthy family, and she said 10

So I’m not faulting Jews for conspiring. I just think they do it way too much, far more than is necessary, and it drives a lot of antisemitism. In other words, incessant Jewish scheming is not good for the Jews.

Extreme levels of Jewish machinations in the modern era are probably due foremost to their paranoia and support for Israel, which are closely linked. 

Jews conspire a lot more than most other ethnic groups, few of whom conspire at all because they are not a cohesive mass.

Why Do Jews Conspire So Much?

Jews conspire for several reasons:

Extreme clannishness and hyperethnocentrism. Jews are one of the most ethnocentric ethnic groups on Earth. A lot of antisemitism seems to stem directly or indirectly straight from this hyperethnocentrism and everything that flows from it.

A tight-knit group is much more likely to conspire than a fractionalized and splintered one, especially if they are broken into competing factions. Divide and conquer, right? Except it won’t work with the Jews because you’re never going to divide them.

High intelligence. Intelligence is not required for conspiracy, but it sure helps. Intelligent conspirators are a lot more successful than stupid ones. Other highly intelligent ethnic groups like Indian Brahmins and Chinese are also noted for being underhanded and conspiratory. In fact, both groups are often referred to as “Jews” – Chinese as “the Jews of Asia” and Brahmins as “the Jews of India.”

Paranoia. I think almost all Jewish conspiracy stems from paranoia. Antisemites say Jews conspire to acquire and consolidate wealth for the tribe so they can take over the world, which seems like a pretty evil thing to do. I’m not so sure. So every Jew on Earth gets a check from Jewish Central Control once a month? I don’t think so. Wealthy Jews care about themselves, not their tribe, else they would share their money a lot more, and they don’t.

I think Jews have in the past and may still at the moment conspire to control media outlets, but I don’t think they do this for nefarious purposes. It’s more to “control the message.”

The only use to which Jews direct their media power seems to be to protect the Jews and prevent the rise of antisemitism in society.

The Jews who conspired to take over most of US print media and Hollywood from 1880-1920 were quoted as saying precisely this. In particular, The Birth of a Nation panicked the Jews and led to a conspiracy of five Jews from a 50 mile radius in the Pale of Settlement taking over Hollywood.

The idea was to take over the movies to keep them out of the hands of the White racists who made that movie. Sure, it was about Whites who hated Blacks, but Jews aren’t stupid. They know that White anti-Black racism never stops with Blacks and that all White racism worms its way back to the Jews somehow. Hence they hate and fear it and who could blame them?

Of course all of this paranoia flows back to support for Israel, but support for Israel is based on paranoia more than evil. Jews don’t support Israel because:

He he let’s steal all of Eretz Israel from the river to the sea from these Arabs, murder them, steal all their stuff, put them in camps, mistreat them in every way, and finally throw them off their land so we can steal it for ourselves he he.

Most Diaspora Jews don’t support Israel so the Jews can conquer from the Nile to the Euphrates. Perhaps some do but it’s not common. Instead, they are driven first a lot by hatred of the Arab enemy, and let’s face it, the Arabs do kill Jews and not just ones in uniform. They don’t do it often but at times they kill and try to kill Jewish civilians inside Israel proper.

Over 9

In part the Jews mistreat Arabs because the Arabs are hostile and kill and try to kill Jews. Not that I blame them but still. The settlement project enables the Jews to destroy their enemies and steal land at the same time. Most of the support is driven by fear or paranoia of trying to keep Arabs from killing and hurting Jews. Fears of Holocaust Part 2 are prominent.

A paranoid and extremely cohesive ethnic group obsessed with its enemies is likely to be in a state of continuous conspiracy.

Underhandedness. You can’t conspire with dishonest communication, underhandedness, general sneakiness, and lying. Jews have been accused of this forever, and if the shoe fits, wear it. However, highly intelligent groups like Brahmin Indians and Chinese also get accused of being crooked, underhanded, and untrustworthy.

Humans are not a great species. There is a dark side of us that is very prominent even in everyday life. Sure, we have a good side that is glorious, but white can hardly exist without a black counterpart to differentiate itself from.

Perhaps as humans get more intelligent they get much better at lying and conning others, two things that are probably done better as intelligence rises.

Constant Jewish conspiring, deviousness, and underhandedness drives tsunamis of antisemitism.

Also, a lot of their conspiracies seem to blow back on them because they’re ill-thought out. They’ve scarcely hatched a new conspiracy before they are dealing with a blowback from an old one. How to deal with blowback from an old conspiracy? In the classic Jewish way of course: hatch a new conspiracy to stop the blowback from the old conspiracy!

The quote below is from a very interesting article by Eric Striker on Unz Review titled Jews are Defunding the Left – Or Are They? This is a superb subject for an article no matter if the author likes Jews or doesn’t cotton to them. I’m glad Striker wrote it.

Striker is an antisemite of course, but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong. The sad thing about people who hate you is that they’re often right about you. That’s why it hits such a raw nerve. Antisemitism, a form of hating people for picking the wrong parents, is wrong, but it’s easy to see how people get that way looking at the audacious, belligerent, aggressive, and abrasive behavior of so many Jews.

In other words, while a lot of antisemites are raving crazies, others are often correct to one degree or another about the Jews. Ad hominem won’t work. If your critic is telling the truth about you, it matters not if they’re Mother Theresa or Ted Bundy. The truth is still the truth, even when a bad person says it. Humans can’t seem to comprehend this for some reason.

The Latest Jewish Conspiracy to Fail and Blow Back on Them: The Cultural Left Woke Anti-White Project

The article itself deserves a good read but a comment on below in particular caught my attention:

Jewish elites have created an intractable problem for themselves. Since Trump came on the scene in 2015-16 and they hysterically perceived him as “literally Hitler” for daring to secure the border, they have intensified their anti-White propaganda into an all-out blood libel and 24/7 hate campaign.

Anti-White racial hatred and blood libel has now been institutionalized. Major media outlets owned by them are now filled with anti-White Julius Streichers.

But the sheenie elites are ignorant of how simpleminded and easily manipulated their goy plebs are because as a result of this Jewish campaign, these people have now come to see Israeli Jews as “White” colonizers and White racists who must be laid low just like European Whites.

Or the Jews were so desperate to craft a politically expedient and useful narrative to damage Trump and MAGA that they didn’t think through the consequences of it and how it might blowback on themselves, Jews, and Israel, since most Blacks and non-Jewish Lefty plebs view Jews as white or at least White enough to hate.

This is largely true. Some Jews indeed hate White Gentiles, and most Jews are terrified of White Gentile racism which colors their views of us. They have good reason to fear White Gentile racism and nationalism because whenever Whites go racist or nationalist against whomever and for whatever reason, sooner or later, they tend to turn on the Jews. The Jews know their history and they’re not stupid. Good for them.

However, I do not feel that Jews are the driving force behind the anti-White jihad in today’s society. The groups driving this are just the Cultural Left in general, which is probably 9

The biggest haters though are exactly who you would expect – the resentful Black, Hispanic and to a lesser extent Asian minorities themselves smarting from our blows and insults, real and imagined, and out for vengeance and paybacks. And as they say on the street

Paybacks are a bitch.

The entirely of the Left hates racist Whites, now conflated into White Supremacy and virtually married to Whiteness itself as an inborn taint from which we can never escape. The non-White minorities, for good reason, don’t like White racism one bit having born the brunt of a lot of ugly stuff from us in the past but not so much at the moment. They are correct to hate White racism, much as they blow it out proportion and hallucinate 8

All of these groups absolutely hated Trump anyway. I am a diehard Democrat. I wouldn’t vote Republican if you put a gun to my head. So of course I hated Trump too along with the rest of my people, not that I don’t have my differences with them. So it wasn’t just a bunch of Jews hating Trump as the article and comment imply. It was half the damned country.

But I always thought throwing him in with the White racists was a bit of an overreach, as Trump didn’t seem all that racist himself. The few records of Trump’s racism didn’t seem to be much more than things any White person who’s not blind and deaf might observe and note if they were honest enough.

I think he may well cynically use White racists as part of his base to acquire power, but that doesn’t mean he agrees with them or wants to implement their project. All of these White racists and White nationalists thinking Trump is their savoir are daydreaming and throwing good money after bad. He’s not going to come rescue you and your race. Get over it.

Or the Jews were so desperate to craft a politically expedient and useful narrative to damage Trump and MAGA that they didn’t think through the consequences of it and how it might blowback on themselves, Jews, and Israel,

That is indeed the best explanation of events. Never attribute to malice what can better be attributed to stupidity. Humans make this mistake all the time. It’s a major cognitive error of our species.

Jews also may incessantly conspire because they can’t do much else. In other words, they can’t help it. Pathological conspirators are like pathological liars. Neither one can stop. It’s a compulsion.

They both think they’re fooling all of us because we’re idiots, but they underestimate just how smart we marks actually are. You can conspire a little bit and lie a little bit. I surely do and encourage everyone here to do so also, with gusto. But be careful that you don’t conspire or lie too much.

Speaking from experience, sooner or later you will be caught in your lies. Also, you will forget your old lies and make up new lies that contradict them and look like a moron. I’ve experienced both things.

Problem with life is once you finally figure out how it works, you’re elderly, and you’re too old to put it to use and accomplish anything.

Too soon old, too late shmart.

as the Jews say.

Machinations? Same thing as lying.

When you are concocting conspiracies all the time, first of all, nothing you do is honest. However, many Jews may not be bothered by that.

Second of all, because you’re doing it all the time, you run the risk of falling quality via mass production. You’re rattling off too many conspiracies too fast, and the result will to be flood the conspiracy market with Made in China type cheap junk conspiracies that break too soon and are hard to fix.

What I’m saying is the Jews conspire too much so a lot of their machinations are poorly thought out. The result will be lousy conspiracies that fail badly because they never thought them though. Like pathological liars who lie just to have fun, sometimes I think Jews just conspire for no reason other than sheer kicks and because they can hardly do anything else.

Also, Jews seem at times to be incapable of long-term thinking. They’re too emotional and hysterical. Kevin McDonald says Jews are “emotionally intense.” I think it’s partly genetic. The problem with purely emo types like the emotionally intense is that they never think one single thing through to completion.

Everything they do will be a knee jerk, off the cuff, emo-driven decision. In a broad sense Jews are

Jews, being purely emotional creatures, sometimes seem to have you thought few things through to their consequences. At times, they seem to never think beyond tomorrow. In this way they are similar to their polar opposites in many ways, the ghetto Blacks.

What happens when Jews get caught in a lie? They feel guilty? Please! Surely you jest! What do you think they are? Christians? You know them not. They do exactly what you would expect a pathological liar to do once he’s caught in another of his lies.

They make up a new lie to cover up for the old lie!

And of course, they feel zero

Combine a purely emotional, completely illogical mindset with a tsunami of lousy conspiracies doomed to crash and burn, and there you have them folks, in center stage, right smack in the spotlight.

Meet the Jews!

The emcee enjoins the audience, arms to the skies:

Ladies and gentlemen, Give it up for the Jews!

A roar of cheers and a thunder of applause rock the theater.

Le Happy Merchant appears on stage, eyes gleaming, and, rubbing his hands together with glee, takes a bow.

The spotlight moves away and the show is over.

Until next time!

See ya then! That’s all folks!

Libertarianism in Latin America,” by Manuel Rodriguez

Long, 11 pages.

This post was written by guest author Manuel Rodriguez. It was perfectly grammatical but it still needed a huge rewrite because it was directly translated into English from Spanish and many of the sentences just seemed odd or off. I also had to delete certain references that only a leftwing South American would no. I had no idea what or who these guys were talking about, so I took it out.

Nico Guthmann: Maintaining that libertarians are a recent phenomenon would be like talking about sausages. Change the name of those mysterious and friendly sausages to sausageronis and start selling them as a totally new product, taking advantage of the fact that no one has the slightest idea what they are made of. Well, something very similar happens with libertarians because they take advantage of our lack of memory to sell us old ideas but with a new packaging.

The libertarian current has existed in American state politics since the second half of the twentieth century. But in the Trump years, the denomination gained strength to differentiate itself from the “progressive” party, the “Democrats” because Democrats there are popularly called liberals for their progressive position on “civil rights.”

But today, libertarian has become a label that brings together classical liberals, neoliberals, anarchocapitalists, minarchists, etc. All united in essence by Adam Smith, who in 1700 invented the idea of the invisible hand of the market. In other words, the state should not intervene because the state regulates itself. The market is a boss.

Libertarian economic doctrine is basically liberalism by another name. They are based on two great economic schools: The Austrian, where Frederick Von Hayek, a 20th century economist, stands out, and the University of Chicago, from where Milton Friedman, an economist who in recent years, taught his ideas.

Friedman’s theories, which today are repeated on all television channels by the most diverse people at the capillary level, are nothing new. They were already applied in the eighties in the United States by Ronald Reagan and in England by Margaret Thatcher.

In the name of freedom, they unleashed a cult of free markets and individualism. In these countries, a certain economic growth was generated at the cost of greater inequality and an increase in poverty and unemployment indicators, while they fueled wars and dictators who assured them international markets.

Friedman was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1976, and the year is no coincidence. What libertarians don’t talk about much is that their ideas have already been applied by governments in the region, and it makes sense that they don’t talk much about it because it’s not very marketable to go around claiming dictatorships.

When Augusto Pinochet ordered the assassination of President Salvador Allende to establish a de facto government in Chile, he appointed a group of young people trained at the University of Chicago as his economic team.

All disciples of Milton Friedman, the economists were received like rockstars. So in March 1975, Friedman himself traveled to Chile and met with Pinochet, to give his view on how he should implement the free market economy.

Friedman was full of praise for Pinochet’s liberal program, but he did not seem to care much about the freedom in more real terms of the Chileans who suffered from the dictatorship. And beyond this obvious contradiction, both Friedman and his liberal followers used the Chilean economic model as their greatest success story until recently, when it exploded into the air in the social outbreak that began in October 2019 and gave rise to the famous phrase from the wife of President Sebastian Piñera:

Cecilia Morel: We are absolutely overwhelmed. It is like a foreign or alien invasion, I don’t know how to say it, but we are going to have to reduce our privileges and share with others.

Nico Guthmann: Chilean policies generated sustained GDP growth for years at the cost of growing inequality that was hidden under a Made in USA rug. According to ECLAC, by 2019, Chile was the most unequal country in the region, with

And in Argentina there was a minister of economy who also applied the closest thing to libertarian liberalism. A minister who was very, very loved by the general population.

Woman: Avalo! You son of a bitch!

Nico Guthmann: Sorry for doing this, but we are in a very strange moment where we have to explain how ruinous Mememism in Argentina was because some Peronists feel that they have to go out and defend everything Peronist, and the libertarians took advantage of the confusion.

It is striking that old ideas already tried and failed return with such force and coordination. Who is behind this comeback?

While I was looking for information about the financing of libertarian groups, something caught my attention. Many of the videos of talks and interviews with the main figures of the Milei, Espartlajet, Etc. movement were sponsored by a small group of foundations.

What is striking is the enormous amount of money that they manages foundations that are practically unknown to the general public, but that function as virtual media outlets with numerous boards of directors, specialist  columns in the media for a ghostly public, a presence in large media and private universities, along with talks in five-star hotels with all the pomp.

And on top of that they get very expensive speakers like Mario Vargas Llosa interviewed by Marcelo Longovardi along with exclusive speeches by the Uruguayan president Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou.

Although the foundations intersect and sometimes share spaces and names with other foundations in Latin America, the one with the most presence in Argentina seems to be the ATLAS Foundation, which has offices in a building in Puerto Madero, and the Libertad Foundation, which bought a massive building on the black coast of Rosario.

If one enters the web sites of these foundations, one sees that while there are many Argentine companies that appear as “partners,” the majority are financial entities and banks or agribusiness, which are evidently very committed to the libertarian cause. But it caught my attention that the Libertad Foundation, among all the donor companies, gets top billing on each of their pages,  above even Vicentin and the ATLAS Network Foundation.

And this is key. So key that as a result of articles blowing the whistle on this sponsorship that appeared in the Argentine media, the pages with these sponsors have been removed. Today if you go their pages, references to the Atlas Network does not appear at all since they’ve been deleted. The Atlas Network went from star billing on their page to complete disappearance. Luckily, we already got screenshots of the page though.

And on the other hand, the Atla Argentina foundation, which has a name suspiciously similar to Atlas Network, gets very prominent billing on the new pages in spite of the fact that it is virtually unknown the only award it has ever received is from the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, which is part of the Atlas Network foundation.

Also when you go to the Atlas Network site, you learn that it is a United States foundation with a global presence and among its local subsidiaries, it lists the Libertad Foundation and the Atlas Foundation, among others.

Is this just a case of a terrible lack of originality in choosing names? Or is it that this American foundation, the Atlas Network, is behind the main Argentine libertarian foundations? It’s the latter.

Atlas Network is basically what Americans call a think tank. That is groups that are responsible for imposing ideas on society via their lobby. It was founded in 1981 by the Englishman Sir Antony Fisher during the Thatcher era with the aim of spreading the ideology of the free market throughout the world. In Fisher’s own words, the central objective was to influence economics worldwide but to keep his presence hidden. This explains why the Libertad Foundation deleted him from their page and he wasn’t bothered.

So behind the libertarians, there are Argentine foundations with a lot of money coming from companies, mainly from this huge American foundation. And the explanation for why Atlas has so such an influence in Argentina is because the historical brain behind the international foundation is  an Argentine.

He doesn’t like the spotlight much and does much better influencing from the shadows.

Hey, Nico, stop, stop, sorry. So, are you telling me that here there is a very powerful American foundation, possibly one of the largest, that finances libertarians all over the planet, and that behind that giant structure there is an Argentine?

His name is Alejandro Chafuen and he moved from Argentina to Washington DC where he amassed a large network of contacts and was appointed president of the Atlas Network by its own founder, Fisher. He served as the leader of Atlas from 1961 to 2018, and during that period he was in charge of spreading libertarian ideas throughout the continent.

To give some examples of how extreme Chafuen is, he refers to the last Argentine military dictatorship necessary to keep communists from taking power. That’s all. He has always defended Donald Trump, considering him a champion in the “fight against the state.” Hence he considers Trump to be either a libertarian or an ally of libertarians.

In 2019, he published an article in Forbes magazine, praising the overt fascist Bolsonaro and saying he was the best leader in the region. So Chafuen, like most if not all libertarians, supports all rightwing extremism, even rightwing authoritarian and openly fascist regimes. This is where libertarians drops its anti-state cloak and exposes itself for what it really is.

Where does Chafuen get the money to finance Argentine libertarians? According to investigations by Greenpeace and The Intercept, the Atlas network has always been financed since its inception by the most famous conservative or reactionary lobbyists in the United States, the Koch brothers, one of whom died in 2019.

Of all billionaires, the Kochs have put more money into US  political lobbying than anyone else, so they are the most politically active billionaires in the US. They are credited with the movement that helped the Republican Party go viral.

Greenpeace says the Atlas Network works in part as the Koch brothers’ political front to spread climate change denialist ideas in Latin America. The family made their fortune in oil and dirty energy, so they logically defend the values of conservatism which oppose fighting global warming as it is a threat to their interests.

They not only  deny climate change, they also oddly enough oppose feminism as Marxist, but their main bugaboo is the “regulatory state: with its regulations and taxes, the facto enemy of most if not all capitalists who are not reined in by the state as in China.

Notice that the Kochs have the exact same political project as Milei and the rest of the Latin American libertarians? Where do you think these Latin American libertarians are getting their money?

The Koch group openly influences American politics mostly at the state level, but they also secretly influence the world as a whole. They like to keep their influence hidden. So instead of operating with their best-known lobbying organization, The Heritage Foundation, the Kochs operate through the Atlas Network. Nevertheless, on the site of the Argentine Atlas foundation, one can see the name of the Heritage Foundation and Alejandro Chafuen is now with Heritage.

In case you got lost, I’ll give you a wrap-up so far. The Koch brothers give their ideas to Chafuen, and Chafuen parrots them to the Atlas Network Foundation. The Atlas Network provides the money to finance all the libertarian foundations in Latin America, for instance, in Argentina, Atlas funds both the Libertad and Atlas Foundations. US conservatives support the libertarian Milei.

The true agenda of these rightwing think tanks is to set the stage for a cultural war that will hopefully spread throughout the world. The culture war is to be fueled by extreme right-wing movements the world over with a very similar agenda, mainly a claim to defend “freedom,” which generally only means economic freedom, along with a project to return the country to its former greatness. The latter palingetic project is always fascist everywhere and at all times.

In a very skillful way, they took advantage of peoples’  discontent with the state of their nations and the dearth of solutions proposed by the existing parties. In this way, they positioned themselves as anti-system as Milei did. In fact, they are not anti-system at all, as they are simply conservatives, reactionaries, and fascists financed and supported by corporations intent on presenting a unified far rightwing message tailed to whatever part of the world they wish to see it unfold in.

The methods are the same the world over: verbal incontinence, atrocity-laden language, insulting and ultimately disqualifying or neutering their opponents, and the creation of a political environment of extreme permanent polarization. These were the precise methods used by the fascist Donald Trump, which were then replicated by the fascists Bolsonaro in Brazil, Mateo Salvini in Italy, Victor Orban in Hungary, Milei in Argentina, and the fascist VOX political party in Spain.

An odd and especially concerning aspect of these groups is that much of their growth at least in Latin America has occurred among young people. In the Southern Hemisphere, these are young White men frustrated for completely sensible reasons who see meritocracy and “freedom” as a way to defend their few remaining privileges in a world that seems to be shunting them aside in favor of women and non-Whites.

This is combined with the illusion of a return to better times in the past that in will never be resurrected.

I would like to impore to you, my Latin American libertarian friends, that the circa 1980 Argentine agro-export model that you defend and wish to return to will not only impoverish you but it will also take away the few freedoms that you think you have.

The main point we were trying to make with this show was first, to point out that libertarianism are nothing new, and second that its strong recent growth is no mere coincidence or chance happening but is instead part of a carefully managed long-term project with global implications.

There are very powerful people who are working to install various rightwing anti-state groups, including climate change deniers and opponents of the health measures installed to combat the COVID pandemic in different countries, all done under the rubric of freedom. And wherever these groups appear, they are marketed in the same way, as something new and unique, disruptive yet  modern, anti-system, and separate and in opposition to what they see as the bankrupt “old politics.”

But there is nothing new under the hood here. There’s not much new under the sun and the same applies to these groups in which old ideas are packaged with a shiny new design to trick people into thinking they are buying into some new project. —————————————————————- I personally found this material to be quite fascinating.

We on the Left are well aware of the typical Left explanation of fascism, elucidated especially by Trotsky but more recently by some excellent left political scientists, mostly in the US, where fascism is seen as a palingetic far rightwing revolution against the Left that occurs in a time of crisis due to a serious threat from the Left where the ruling class feels that their hold on power and the means of production is at risk.

Hence fascism is a last ditch effort by the ruling class to enforce its privileges at the point of a gun when all else has failed.

This is based on watching the historical patterns of fascism and who has supported. However, what we have so far lacked is a close perspective that shows the process of design, development, and financing of fascism, including relegating the process to third parties.

Researching stuff like this is quite fascinating in a way that can be quite hard to explain, sort of like a eureka feeling or an epiphany you get when you realize someone has a specific Cluster B disorder that explains their behavior, and you can finally come to grips with the mental mechanisms and desires of these malign creatures.

The process of discovering how people organize themselves for developing and directing fascist movements gives the impression of discovering at last after much research how an opaque organized crime gang actually functions.

If I were a Russian prankster, I would try to contact one of the surviving Koch brother and have a personal conversation with him. I would tell him I’m the Ukrainian Culture Minister (or something like that) and that I am here to discuss ideas regarding national leadership and formation of political leaders since in Ukraine, we are still trying to fully grasp and adapt to the virtues and mechanisms of Western styles of economic working and governance.

I would ask him how to give us tips about how best to create very popular politicians who are skilled at steering the country’s direction and economic management. Since Koch knows this sort of thing better than anyone, I would tell him that we need assistance with understanding this political and economic form of art. After all Zelensky was quite successful for a while, but he has become a liability in the last months, and we have to find a way to replace him with someone more convenient.

Persecutions and Expulsions of Jews in Europe Correlate with the Onset of Gentile-Hating Talmudic Judaism

Long, 13 pages.

This just got a massive rewrite, plus it’s being run on! If you want, you can follow me over there to comment or just comment here if you want. Their comment section is a little more lively. I thought this article was very fair-minded towards Jewish people and was not antisemitic at all.

Perhaps there are some lessons they might want to learn from this post, but I doubt if most of them will bother. It’s an attempt at a rather simple answer to a very complex question.

Why on Earth were the Jews so massively persecuted, pogromed, and thrown out of countries in Europe for 1,000 years when there had not been much of this before?

The Jews’ answer, which most Gentiles have swallowed, is that  Jews were dindus. They dindu nuffin. Everybody was just picking on and scapegoating them.

According to Jews, antisemitism is a mysterious illness that descends on Jews like a dark poison cloud with no motivation, rhyme or reason. It’s a mystery. Huge numbers of Gentiles just start hating Jews and often persecuting and even harming them for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Except just to be dicks I guess.

This is a very self-serving narrative for the Jews, but let’s not forget that it takes two to tango. Increasingly I have not bought this line, and in recent years I have thought more and more that these people must have done something bad that really pissed off the Christians.

Yet Jews en masse continue to recite this narrative to this day. I call it the mystification of antisemitism. Most students of antisemitism are Jewish. I can’t think of a worse group of people to study antisemitism than Jews. Hard antisemites won’t be good either for the opposite reason.

Both groups are far too attached to the Jews one way or another to be objective about them. Recently I have come to believe that groups cannot be objective about themselves and rational critique can only be done by outsiders stepping back from the problem. Scholars of antisemitism should be neither Jewish (except a few), Judeophlic Gentiles, or hard antisemitic Gentiles. They should be Gentiles who are neither Judeophilic nor strongly antisemitic. Only objective minds can answer historical mystery questions.

My answer: the Jews went from relatively open and expansive, proselytizing, and converting religion under Torah Judaism to a much more closed off, anti-prosyletizing, anti-conversion, walled-in Talmudic Judaism which contained a massive dose of hatred for non-Jews along with an extremely supremacist attitude among Jews themselves. Jews were not exactly good neighbors under this new religion and obviously they pissed off their Christian neighbors quickly.

The Christians often responded with crimes, murders, atrocities, pogroms, and expulsion. In short they deal with a group of rude, hostile, unfriendly assholish (none of which is illegal) neighbors by perpetrating some serious crimes and violations of their human rights. They hit a cloud of mosquitoes with a baseball bat.

As these crimes against the Jews increased, the Jews logically just got even more hostile and hateful towards Christians. It makes complete sense. And perhaps with the continuing off and on presence of unpleasant and mean Jews in their midst at regular intervals, Christians may have gotten angrier and angrier at the Jews over time also.

I feel that this whole period of the Jews’ stay in Europe was a massive tragedy. If the Jews wish to find some nuggets of good here and there, all the power to them. But to me it seems sad and especially tragic for both sides, the Jews and the Christians. Crimes were committed against the Jews and Christians were insulted and treated contemptuously by Jews.

Furthermore resorting to serious crimes when the Jews were guilty of little more than acting like assholes massively degraded the Christians themselves in a moral sense. The criminal degrades not only his victim but himself by becoming a criminal in the first place. There are no winners in crime. Some people think they are, but I doubt it. At the least there is moral injury.

It’s clear now that Palestinians are simply Israelites, Judeans, or Jews who converted to Christianity and then to Islam.

The Khazarian Empire converted to Judaism in the 800’s. These people were basically Turkic with an Asiatic component, so they would not look exactly like Europeans as the Khazarian Theory suggests.

I was an acquaintance of Kevin Brook, a Jewish man who wrote the definitive book on the Khazarian Empire. The genetics were hard to entangle, but 1

Ron Unz: …apparently being the descendants of a few hundred (presumably Jewish) Middle Easterners, mostly male, who settled in Southern Europe some time after the Fall of Rome and took local Northern Italian wives…

I concur. Ron notes that this group was very small and may have been mostly men. So of course they married local women. They also married Northern Italian women, who are quite fair. So this could be why so many Ashkenazi look so White or even Nordic. At the very least they do not look like Mediterranean.

In the first 500 years the Jews were in Europe in large numbers, they were in Southern Europe, primarily in Italy and to a lesser extent in Greece. They stayed there for 500 years and in that time for whatever reason (Perhaps they didn’t bring any women with them?) the men married heavily with pre-Christian pagan and Christian Gentile women. I assume that all of these women converted. So here Shlomo Sand’s hypothesis is validated, as a lot of Gentile European genes went into the Jewish gene pool.

This was before Talmudic Judaism with its hatred for the Other came in, as the Talmud did not start being written down until 600 AD in Jerusalem.

After the completion of the Babylonian Talmud in 900 AD and its adoption, Jews started to move up to Northern Europe, settling heavily in the Rhine Valley in Germany (although Jews were present here as early as 300 AD), which remained the heart of German Jewry until WW2. In fact, the dialect of the city of Spier in that region is actually intelligible with Yiddish, so this implies that Yiddish came from this region. But some Slavic and Hebrew has also gone into Yiddish.

At this time, Talmudic Judaism had taken over Judaism, and Jews were ordered to not make friends or certainly have sex with Gentiles. However, Jewish men continued to have sex with Gentile women with no real penalty. As in the South when White men had sex and children with Black women and the children were then lost to the Whites, these offspring were simply lost to the Jews.

There were strong prohibitions against Jewish women having sex with Gentile men. In Medieval Spain, the punishment for a woman having sex with a Gentile was to have her nose cut off! So the real idea was to keep Jewish women having children with only Jewish men. Guarding your women from sex and marriage with outsiders is a typical tribal trait. As far as why Jews trace their ancestry via their mothers, my mother said,

You always know who your mother is! Not so with your father.

It is also important to note that the Jews liked living in those European ghettos, and they typically had more money and lived better and longer in those ghettos than Gentiles did outside of them. In fact, the Jews even built some of those ghettos themselves to keep their own people apart the Gentiles. This is also when the anti-Christian prayers and behaviors like spitting in the direction of a church or priest if you saw one came in.

I noticed that prior to 1000 AD under Torah Judaism (still practiced by Karaites today), the Jews were not thrown out of a lot of places. After that time however, they were getting thrown out a dozen times a year from various locales.

This was not always a good thing. I recall in one case the king threw out the Jews, but then the economy went down. Within three years he was asking for the Jews to come back. This reminds me of Robert Mugabe asking the Whites to come back to Zimbabwe to farm after they were thrown out of the country.

I think it’s pretty clear that we can correlate the pogroms and persecutions of the Jews in large part due to their switch to Talmudic Judaism with its hatred and contempt for Gentiles. The Jews were always a minority. To be a minority who hates the majority with a passion is almost a death sentence. It’s no surprise that they alienated and angered the Christians.

One critique of this argument was made in the Unz forum where a commenter said to not make this all about the Talmud, and that the Torah itself is basically a “book of hatred and war.” Well, of course it is, but that’s different. It’s just about the history of the Jews fighting wars with most (though not all) of their neighbors and genociding them when they won.

But this was probably a pretty typical way to fight wars in those days, and it’s very similar to the histories of tribal groups in the Americas who were not infrequently involved in near-constant warfare with many if not all of the surrounding tribes. The tribes they were not at war with had sometimes been enslaved.

The only difference was that the Jews genocided their enemies, while the general trend at the time was to murder all the adult men and enslave all of the boys and women. Indeed many tribal wars even into recent times in the Amazon were done for the purpose of acquiring women for the tribe.

It is true that there were already prohibitions against Jews marrying out, but a lot of tribes, ethnic groups, and even religions have traditions like that even to this day in that part of the world. It’s tribal behavior, nothing new. Also, the Jews were allowed to marry into twelve different small Canaanite tribes around them, so the out-marriage rule was not total.

It is true also that the Jews of Jesus’ time already saw themselves as superior to non-Jews. They were after all the first monotheists, and monotheism is indeed an upgrade over barbarous polytheism. They looked down on their neighbors as worshipers of graven objects and idolators similarly to how modern Protestants call Catholics idol worshipers for putting Mary on a par with Jesus Himself. Nevertheless, the extreme Gentile hatred that came to characterize Talmudic Judaism was nonexistent at this point.

To this day, Orthodox Jews refer to Christians as idol worshipers. Technically, Talmudic Judaism says Christians as idol worshipers deserve to be killed for that practice, not that any Jews ever carry this out.

The extremists of Salafist Sunni Islam are also like this. One of the things they hate about the Shia is that they venerate Hussein and Ali nearly to the point of putting them on a par with Mohammad. In Shia culture, portraits of these men that look suspiciously like portraits of the White Jesus Christians are quite common on the walls of people’s homes.

Salafists also hate graveyards as they say the stones are idols. Is this where “graven objects” comes from? They also hate Sufism, especially Sufi shrines which are simply the tombs of Sufi saints. Sufis often pray at these shrines. Salafists say that the shrines are idols.

Along similar but different lines Salafists dislike intercessionary prayer, and it is also banned as being similar to idol worship. One is putting a third entity (the intercession itself) in between oneself and God, and this is a violation of the One God principle. Indeed Muslims and Jews seem to be in a contest to see who can have the most monotheistic religion of all.

Also, before and at least the first 500 years after the Fall of the Second Temple (where the religion became more Gentile-hating), Judaism was a proselytizing religion with an easy conversion process. Obviously a proselytizing religion seems to be making a mistake by being hostile towards nonbelievers. Surely you have to be nice to them in order to convert them, no? Although Islam adds a coercion factor that seems to go against this.

But there was a strong prohibition against Jews converting out. During this period around the year 300, a report from Cyprus about Jewish fanaticism noted that there were Christian attempts to force Jews to convert to Christianity by force. The Jews were so opposed to converting out that would often kill themselves and even their own children in ritual suicide to prevent themselves from being converted. To this day, Judaism is very much against converting out.

I have witnessed tribal Jews acting extremely hostile towards Jews who have converted to Christianity. Their attitude has a tone of outrage, as if this were the worst thing one could possibly do. An extreme ban on out-conversion could also result in hatred for the Other. Certainly it results in hatred for Christian proselytizers. This is illegal in Israel and fanatical Jews often attack Christian missionaries. There have been arson attacks on their mission buildings.

Of course Islam shares an even more extreme version of out-conversion which they call apostasy. It is a crime for which the punishment is death. Then again, Islam shares with Judaism considerable hatred of people outside their religion, referred to as infidels or kufr in Islam and goys in Judaism. A similar attitude in Christianity towards heretics has long since gone by the wayside.

All of this implies an extreme rootedness that Jews have for Judaism, almost as if they are locked into the religion or identity with rubber cement. Indeed, traditional Judaism always denied, like Catholicism, that out-conversion was even possible.

The doctrine was that if you were born of a Jewish mother, you were a Jew, period, for life, and your atheism or conversion to whatever other religion is irrelevant. Two Catholic priests recently tried to immigrate to Israel based on the notion that they were still Jewish. It was a very controversial case as their immigration was denied.

An extreme form of rootedness leads to extreme tribalism or ethnocentrism, which tends to lead to hatred of everyone not from the tribe or group. The correlation with nationalism and especially ultranationalism is no accident.

For the first hundred years after Christ’s death, Jews were still very rooted to Judaism.

In some ways, Jesus’ Judaism seems more a form of super-radical Reform Judaism than anything else. Jesus lived and died a Jew and kept kosher his whole life even at the Last Supper. During this period, only Jews were allowed to become Christians, so the idea of the Judaism of this time as a supercharged Reform Judaism seems to fit. After Paul’s Road to Damascus revelation, he became the first Gentile to convert to Judaism.

From 60-100 AD, non-Jews were slowly allowed to convert to Christianity, and it truly became a universalist religion like Islam, especially in its Catholic form. Notice that both religions mirror each other with their idea that conversion is really reversion, as all humans are born either Catholics in the case of Catholicism or Muslims in the case of Islam. In both cases converts are referred to as reverts.

Obviously the men who took Gentile wives in Europe had them convert to Judaism. It must have been a much more simple process than conversion is nowadays. My mother always said if you want to convert to Judaism, a rabbi will always look at you like you’re crazy and ask you incredulously,

Why do you want to be a Jew?

as if no sane person would want to become such a thing if they were not one already. I know because I considered converting for my long-term Jewish girlfriend a few years back. A religion that makes it very difficult to convert into would seem to be more hostile towards outsiders.

In the 300’s, a large kingdom in Yemen called the Himyarite Kingdom converted to Judaism. A king converted and then he forced all of this subjects to convert too. This was before the age of Islam, so like the converts in Mohammad’s time, all of the new Jews were coming from paganism to Judaism.

The Khazars mass-converted on orders from their king in the 800’s, so it looks like ease of conversion was still in effect this late. The Khazars seem to be lost to the winds of time, but perhaps after this Kingdom fell, there was mass conversion to Orthodox Christianity or even Islam.

There is a very old group of Jews in Crimea that may date back to this period who speak a particular dialect of Crimean Tatar, a Turkic language, called Krymchak. Krymchak is nearly extinct now with only a few speakers in their 80’s. The Krymchak language was a victim of the Holocaust as 7

It stands to reason that this group may be made up of the last remains of the Khazarians. There is a similar Turkic Jewish language called Karaim that is also close to Crimean Tatar.

It has three forms, a Crimean form which went extinct a hundred years ago, an East European Polish-Lithuanian one called Trakai, and a southwestern form spoken in Eastern Ukraine called Halich which has only a few elderly speakers. Halich and Trakai are so different that they can’t understand each other. The Karaim may also be the remains of the Khazarians and the East European Karaim may be Khazarians who moved from Crimea to Poland and Lithuania.

While the Krymchak fared very poorly in World War 2, the Karaim, also in Crimea but practicing Karaite or Torah Judaism, were spared as Nazi anthropologists decided that non-Talmudic or Torah Jews were not really Jewish for Nazi purposes, as Nazis only considered Talmudic Judaism to be the true Jewish religion.

This ease of conversion seems to tie in with lower levels of Gentile hatred. As Gentile hatred got worse, Judaism became more of a closed club, and converting in become more and more difficult as if they seemed to not even want any converts.

The idea that no one can convert into your religion would appear to also lead to isolation and hatred for outsiders, but it is still fairly common in the Middle East with Alawites, Druze, Yezidis, and Zoroastrians and in South Asia with the Jains all disallowing converts. I never understood this as it always seemed to me that a religion that banned converts would not be long for this world.

This also somehow seems tied in with an almost caste-like system between priests and non-priests. For instance, the Yezidis still practice casteism and have five different levels of caste. It also seems related to the hiding of Holy Books which can only be accessed by priests and are not available to average worshipers. Any religion that jealously guards its holy books even from its own people is set up for hostility to outsiders.

Indeed it was not until ~1900 that outsiders finally gained access to Yezidi holy books and tried to figure out this very confusing religion which seems to have a lot in common with Zoroastrianism, perhaps even resulting from a Zoroastrian split. A heavy layer of Sunni Islam from the early days of Islam via a heterodox Muslim preacher was then layered on top of that. Sycretism is common in all of these religions. The Alawites even include Jesus in their pantheon.

Similarly to these other Middle Eastern religions, in the Middle Ages, the Talmud, the holy book of Talmudic Judaism, was forbidden to be accessed by outsiders. The punishment for any outsider reading the Talmud or even accessing it was death. Any religion like that is obviously going to be very hostile to outsiders.

Meet the Cuckers

Polar Bear: Fuck a cuck, I’m not impressed.

I hate to say it but there is something disgusting about cucks.

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I felt the same way actually, but I felt very uncomfortable.

Before he married this hot Hispanic woman, he had dated other women in LA. He always picked women, often Hispanic women, who had a thing for getting fucked by older men. He always let them do it and got off on it. He was deep into this thing.

He sure was a nice guy though. Very nice person, not an asshole at all.

I felt like his whole sex trip was pathetic though.

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That guy was totally pathetic.

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I turned her down. I’m not into guys sucking my cock, though straight boys and men letting gay boys and men suck them off is really common. They don’t consider it to be gay as long as they play the male role.

Polar Bear: I’ve watched most all socially liberal documentaries and the men are typically weaklings.

I’ve met some of these guys.

I have to agree with you, though one was a Black guy* and he told me he was just playing a role.

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This has to be one of the stupidest lifestyle trips society has come up with in a long time.

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The Lies of (((Sam Harris)))

(((Sam Harris))) is an atheist and anti-religion crusader who’s about as secular a Jew as you could even find. He’s made his claim to fame as a crusader against the Muslim religion. Jewish identity dies hard even when it’s as obscured as his is. Just to demonstrate this, let us look at  the endless list of falsehoods that (((Sam))) dredges out in support of the Genocide Jews in Israel against the “jihadists” of Hamas.

Lie: First of all, he notes that Hezbollah is also “jihadist.” This moron who claims to be an expert on the Muslim religion actually knows nothing about at at all and he comes off as just as ignorant as any (((Israel))) shill out there. Hezbollah, whatever it is, is not “jihadist.” I’m not even sure what jihadist even means but he seems to be interpreting it to mean radical Sunni Islam that wants a global Caliphate, otherwise known as the Global Jihad crowd. Hezbollah has nothing to do with these people and in fact they hate them.

I believe Jocko Willink suggested something like this on his podcast (as many of you know Jocko is a Navy Seal who led the Seals in the battle of Ramadi. So he knows a lot about urban warfare and counterinsurgency).

One of Harris’ heroes is some maniac who fought the Iraqi people in Ramadi in the insane Iraq War which this crazy crusader Harris obviously supported. Apparently the Iraq War was a war against “jihadism” because Saddam was a “jihadist.” It wasn’t and neither was he, but it sure did a great job of jumpstarting the Global Jihad that Harris hates so much. Harris can’t see his own anti-Muslim jihad’s role in creating the very beast he rails against.

similar idea was recently described in an article by Bret Stephens in the New York Times, recommending that Israel provide humanitarian corridors for civilians to leave northern Gaza and safe zones in the South and perhaps in Israel itself where people can be protected.

(((Bret Stephens))) is a lousy rightwing neocon Jew who writes for the (((New York Slimes))). I guess this rightwing jerk is another of Harris’ heroes? Anti-jihadism makes the worst bedfellows. Also Israel obviously will not do anything of these things, so why petition them?

It would certainly take a long time, because Hamas has spent most of Gaza’s resources – billions of dollars in humanitarian aid meant for the Palestinians – building hundreds of miles of tunnels and fortifying them with food, water, and fuel so that they could wage jihad, all while the world holds Israel responsible for the deprivations of the Palestinian people.

This is apparently completely untrue. There are two separate budgets, one of the state and one for the army. They have different funding mechanisms.

The Palestinians of Gaza have been deprived of food, water, and fuel – and most other good things – by Hamas.

No it’s the deliberate sadism of the Genocide Jews in Israel who are responsible for all of this.

So, I can’t say whether this siege idea really is a good one. But if a siege of this sort were possible, it would have obvious advantages. It would signal a clear commitment to not harming innocent civilians –

Israel’s not doing this. They’ve opted for their specialty – genocide. Why ask them to be nice? They’re not going to.

because Hamas is using their entire society as human shields…

This doesn’t appear to be true either.

My friend Christopher Hitchens was extremely critical of Israel and openly supportive of Palestinian statehood. But he wasn’t even slightly confused about the problem of jihad.

Here we run into this endless problem that the Palestinian armed groups, in particular, Hamas, are “jihadists.” Notice elsewhere he discusses jihadists as Al Qaeda, ISIS, and their ilk. Every time Muslims take up arms to fight injustice, it’s an Islamic jihad or jihad. The conflict in Palestine is primarily nationalist in character. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are Islamists, but they are moderating all the time, especially Hamas.

Both are closely allied with Hezbollah and Iran, both Shia Islamic entities. Shia Muslims simply do not engage in the sort of Islamic jihad a la Al Qaeda and ISIS that he keeps referring to here. Shia Islam does not try to establish a caliphate. Shia Islam in all of these cases is nationalist and jihadism like Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the rest is never nationalist. In fact, they hate nationalism as they think it divides the umma.

And the Shia Islam of Iran and Hezbollah is remarkably moderate as far as Islam goes. Shia Islam feels that Islam must be updated to keep up with the times, like with the Catholic Church. Sunni Islam always has back to basics tendencies like Protestantism and there are always Sunnis who wish to dial back the clock and live in the year 700. You can go into the Hezbollah area in South Lebanon and order a drink in a bar. Jihadists?

The religious leader of Hezbollah issued a ruling allowing for female masturbation. It might seem silly, but I believe Islam even opposes that. The idea was that women need to satisfy themselves somehow if they are unmarried. In Iran prostitution is basically legal and allowed under the rubric of “temporary marriage.” The leadership is thinking of fully legalizing it under the same rubric mostly to protect the women. Jihadists?

Women actually have a good deal of rights in Shia Islam, more than they do in many Sunni countries. The hijab has been moving further and further back on women’s heads for a long time now, and many women don’t even wear one in Tehran. The last I heard was that nothing much is done about this.

Iran is extremely nationalist in its outlook as is Hezbollah, the pro-Iranian militias in the Iraqi military, Ansar Allah, and the Syrian and Lebanese governments.

There’s the pressing question of how America and our allies can support Israel while avoiding WW3. I certainly wonder whether a war with Iran is now more or less inevitable – and, of course, Iran is directly allied with Russia.

So he’s advocating war with Iran. Note that like all liberals, he hates antifascist Russia and instead sides with Nazi Ukraine.

There have been nearly 50,000 acts of Islamic terrorism in the last 40 years—and the French group that maintains a database of these attacks [] considers that to be an undercount. Ninety percent of them have occurred in Muslim countries. Most have nothing to do with Israel or the Jews.

He’s conflating the legitimate resistance against occupation in the West Bank and Gaza that Hamas and the rest are fighting against with “Islamic terrorism.” It’s nonsense.

and there is no question that some not-so-innocent civilians would arrive at humanitarian checkpoints as suicide bombers, and there would an infuriating loss of civilian life there even as Israel took great pains to protect it. But an approach like this would have denied Hamas a long series of propaganda victories based on the terrible imagery that has been coming out of Gaza.

Since when is Israel going to great pains to protect innocents? They’re waging a genocide, dammit.

And they totally discount the role that religious beliefs play in inspiring groups like Hamas and al-Qaeda, or even the Islamic State – to the point where it would be impossible for a jihadist to prove that he was doing anything for religious reasons.

Once again, conflating Hamas with Al Qaeda and ISIS. Hamas has been moderating for some time now. They cut ties with the Muslim Brotherhood recently. They rewrote their Charter to take out all the antisemitism and said their beef is with Zionist colonizers in Israel, not with Jews.

Everything I’m saying about the problem of jihadism is about the problem of jihadism – the triumphal belief by some percentage of the world’s Muslims that they must conquer the world for the one true faith through force, and that Paradise awaits anyone who would sacrifice his or her life to that end.

Once again, conflating Hamas with global jihad. Hamas is not part of the global jihad movement. They’re not out to conquer the world. They’re only concerned with Palestine.

In 2014, six jihadis affiliated with the Pakistani Taliban attacked a school in Peshawar. These jihadis came from outside of Pakistan – there was a Chechen, two Afghans, and three Arabs. They murdered 145 people, 132 of whom were children. They burned a teacher alive in front of her students, and then killed all the children they could get their hands on.

They didn’t take any hostages. They had no list of demands. They intended to die to achieve martyrdom. And they did die, so they got at least half of what they wanted. It is very difficult for secular people to understand how this behavior could be possible. They assume only madmen would do this sort of thing.

Conflating Hamas with the jihadist nutjobs in the Pakistani Taliban.

Human life only has value among you worldly materialist thinkers. For us, this human life is only a tiny, meaningless fragment of our existence. Our real destination is the Hereafter. We don’t just believe it exists, we know it does.

Death is not the end of life. It is the beginning of existence in a world much more beautiful than this. As you know, the [Urdu] word for death is “intiqaal.” It means “transfer,” not “end.”

Paradise is for those of pure hearts. All children have pure hearts. They have not sinned yet… They have not yet been corrupted by [their kafir parents]. We did not end their lives. We gave them new ones in Paradise where they will be loved more than you can imagine.

They will be rewarded for their martyrdom. After all, we also martyr ourselves with them. The last words they heard were the slogan of Takbeer [“Allah u Akbar”].

Allah Almighty says Himself in Surhah Al-Imran [3:169-170] that they are not dead.

You will never understand this. If your faith is pure, you will not mourn them, but celebrate their birth into Paradise.

Well this is how Muslims think, but it has nothing to do with “jihadism.”

Given the history of genocidal anti-Semitism, which persists even now, mostly in the Muslim world, given that the Jews have been run out of every other country in the Middle East and North Africa where they lived for centuries, if any people deserve a state of their own, organized on any premise they want, it’s the Jews.

In 1939, the SS St. Louis, a ship carrying over 900 Jews seeking to escape the Holocaust was denied entry into Cuba, and the United States, and Canada, and then forced to return to Europe, where many of those Jews ended up in the ovens of Auschwitz. In my view, that’s all the justification for Israel one needs. Never again should Jews have to beg to stand on some dry patch of earth, only to be denied one, and then be systematically murdered.

Jews still live in a number of Middle Eastern and North African states in significant numbers, especially in Iran, Tunisia, and Morocco.

I understand this argument for a Jewish state, and I don’t know what to say about it. The Jewish state doesn’t seem to protecting Jews very well these days though. I don’t think that any huge genocide of Jews is on the horizon in this world. The last go-round was a doozy, and I honestly think that most of the world simply doesn’t have the stomach for another huge massacre of Jews of any size. And no, 725 Jewish civilians killed on 10-7 was not another Holocaust or genocide, sorry. 725 Jews died. In the Holocaust, 6 million Jews died. Numbers matter.

If anyone has any answers about how we can assuage Jewish fears of another genocide, I’m all ears.

…literally tripping over themselves in their eagerness to demonstrate that they cannot distinguish between those who intentionally kill babies and those who inadvertently kill them, having taken great pains to avoid killing them, while defending themselves against the very people who have just intentionally tortured and killed innocent men, women, and yes…babies…

Hamas didn’t kill any babies, and Israel seems to be deliberately killing a lot of babies or at least engaging in acts that they know will kill a lot of them. And again, Hamas didn’t kill any babies.

If you are waving the flag of people who murder noncombatants intentionally, killing parents in front of their children and children in front of their parents, burning people alive at a music festival devoted to “peace”, decapitating others, and dragging their dismembered bodies through the streets, all to shouts of “God is Great.”

Palestinians didn’t burn anyone alive at a music festival. Israel did. I’m not aware of any dismembered body being dragged through the streets. Israel has been doing a lot of killing parents in front of children and vice versa in Gaza.

If you are recognizing the humanity of actual barbarians while demonizing the people who actually worry about war crimes and who drop leaflets and call cell phones for days in an effort to get noncombatants to leave specific buildings before they are bombed because those buildings sit on top of tunnels filled with genocidal lunatics…

Israel doesn’t worry about civilian casualties. They don’t drop those leaflets or do those cell calls anymore. They bomb without any warnings at all. That’s why they’re murdering so many people in this war. You aren’t going to hit a tunnel deep underground by bombing a building on top of the ground. At best you will collapse the building. There are tunnels under every building in Gaza. Hamas are genocidal lunatics? I don’t believe that the Palestinians have ever tried to genocide the Jews.

Gaza is only an “open air prison” because its democratically elected government is a jihadist organization that is eager to martyr all Palestinians for the pleasure of killing Jews. A rational government in Gaza that cared about the fate of its citizens could have made something beautiful out of that strip of land on the Mediterranean – or at least not awful. But Hamas has spent billions of dollars on terrorism.

No all of the underdevelopment in Gaza lies at the feet of Israel.

The line you keep hearing from defenders of Israel – that “if the Palestinians put down their weapons, there would be peace; if the Israelis put down their weapons, there would be a genocide” – happens to be true.

I doubt if it’s true. I read radical resistance sites all the time, and all they ever say about Israeli Jews is that they all have to leave. Iran has specifically stated that they have no intention of throwing the Jews into the sea. They only want a plebiscite on the future of the region.

We have LGBTQ activists supporting Hamas – when they wouldn’t survive a day in Gaza because Hamas throws anyone suspected of being gay off of rooftops. They’re directly supported by Iran, where gay people are regularly hanged.

I’m not aware that Hamas has ever thrown a gay person off of a roof. The only people who did that were ISIS. Iran did kill many gays in the early days, but they stopped in 2009. In recent years, two young men were hanged for raping teenage boys.

We’ve got feminist organizations like CodePink going all in for Hamas and accusing the Israelis of genocide. Do they understand how Hamas treats women? Did CodePink support the women of Iran who were thrown in prison and even killed for daring to show their hair in public? Do they realize that women are treated like property throughout the Muslim world and that this is not an accident?

How do Hamas treat women. Hamas has not implemented Sharia law in Gaza. They refuse to do so. No woman was thrown into prison or killed in Iran for showing her hair. That’s just a lie.

Hamas put its headquarters in Gaza under a hospital. Let me say that again: Hamas put its headquarters in Gaza under a hospital.

This isn’t true at all. This has been proven to be an Israeli lie.

Hamas is telling people to stay in Gaza and has even physically prevented them from leaving, so that they will be killed by Israeli bombs.

Hamas hasn’t prevented anyone from leaving Gaza. Israel and Egypt are preventing that.

No one cares less about Palestinian women and children than Hamas does.

This most certainly is not the case.

Of course, Israel should hold itself to the highest ethical standards for waging war. For two reasons: One, because it should. It is right for the IDF to do whatever it can to minimize the loss of innocent life. And, two, they should hold themselves to the highest ethical standards because the rest of the world will hold them to impossible ones.

Well, they are failing grotesquely on both grounds and they are waging an out and out genocide in Gaza.

But Assad has killed hundreds of thousands of his fellow Muslims in Syria.

“Assad” has not killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Syria. There’s a civil war which has resulted in 500,000 dead. “Assad” didn’t kill all those people.

However long it takes, members of Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda, the Islamic State, al Shehab, Boko Haram, Pakistani Taliban, and every other jihadist organization on Earth should be made to understand every day of their lives that the martyrdom they seek will be granted to them.

See, once again, he lumped in nationalists Hezbollah and Hamas with Sunni global jihadists Al Qaeda, ISIS, Al-Shehab, Boko Haram, and the Pakistani Taliban. It’s ridiculous.

Jihadism has to be destroyed in every way it can be destroyed – logistically, economically, informationally, but also in the most material sense, which means killing a lot of jihadists.

The Palestinian resistance, Iran, and Hezbollah are not “jihadists.”

Back in 2016, I released an episode of this podcast titled What Do Jihadists Really Want?, based on an issue of the magazine Dabiq, put out by the Islamic State.

Conflation of ISIS with Hezbollah and Hamas.

Now, jihadists themselves are not a unified front. There is a very deep schism between Sunni and Shia – despite the fact that some groups will collaborate across it, as we see with Hamas and the Iranian regime.

There are no Shia jihadists and Hamas are not “jihadists” either.

If you want a totally painless way to do this, watch Hotel Mumbai – it’s a great film that depicts the terrorist attacks in Mumbai in 2008, by the Pakistani group Lashkar-e-Taiba. If you’ve forgotten, around a dozen jihadists killed over 160 people in Mumbai, many at the Taj Hotel…

Those are LET Sunni global jihadists.

In any case, the Jews in Israel are “indigenous people.”

Not at all. The Zionists came with the explicit intention of colonizing that whole land to create a Jewish state and it was their intention throw all of the Arabs out from the very start.

There has been a continuous presence of Jews in what is now Israel for thousands of years.

So what? There have been continuous presences of all sorts of people all over the world as minorities for a very long time. It doesn’t give that minority a right to immigrate en masse to the place for the purpose of colonizing it, forming an ethnic state, and throwing out the natives.

Most of the recent immigrants – Jews from Iraq, and Syria, and Yemen, and Libya, and other Muslim-majority countries were driven from their homes by their Muslim neighbors after 1948 in collective punishment for the founding of Israel. Is anyone talking about their right of return?

They do have a right to return, at least in Iraq and Syria and most other places. Bottom line is none of them want to go back.

Incidentally, if a history of land theft and oppression were sufficient to produce genocidal terrorism, where are the Native American suicide bombers? Where are the Tibetan Buddhist suicide bombers?

The Tibetans didn’t get their land stolen. There was no genocide of Tibetans. The Native Americans laid down their arms in 1890. Anyway, Palestinians are not genocidal.

…jihadism is real; its intentions toward the Jews, infidels, and apostates are genocidal…

Perhaps, but Hezbollah, Iran, Hamas and the Palestinians are not part of the global jihad.

Because if the future is going to be remotely tolerable, the vast majority of Muslims have to disavow jihadism and unite with non-Muslims in fighting it.

Once again, there is no jihadism with Iran, Hezbollah, the Palestinians, or the Houthis.

It will also entail that the religious lunatics on the Jewish side get sidelined. As I said, the building of settlements has been a continuous provocation.

Yes, but Israel will never stop building settlements. Israel has been getting increasingly rightwing for 15-20 years now and the trend is accelerating. The pro-settlement faction of Israeli society has been growing for all this time and is now completely dominant. It is projected to get even more extreme with time. Furthermore, Jewish religious nationalism has also been growing in Israel for all this time. This trend is also increasing. So neither of these things he wants are going to happen. So what’s the point of advocating for them?

Just think about what happened at the Supernova music festival: At least 260 people were murdered in the most sadistically gruesome ways possible. Decapitated, burned alive, blown up with grenades…

No one at the music festival was decapitated or burned alive and I doubt if many or even any were killed with grenades. Israel made all this up. Also most people killed at that festival were killed by Israel.

Please absorb this fact: for the jihadist, all of this sadism – the torture and murder of helpless, terrified people – is an act of worship. This is the sacrament. This isn’t some nauseating departure from the path to God. This isn’t stalled spiritual progress, much less sin. This is what you do for the glory of God. This is what Muhammad himself did.

Yes there’s a problem with Islam in that whenever Muslims go to war, they tend to act like this. But that’s not global jihad. It’s just the way that Muslims naturally fight wars.

It’s too late for all of this “Why doesn’t Israel act nice?” stuff.

Well, can we ask them not to commit genocides?

But you have to understand that the people who butchered over 1,400 innocent men, women, and children in Israel on October 7th were practicing their religion, sincerely.

The fight is nationalist, not religious. Only 1,150 were killed and 450 of them were security forces. 725 civilians were killed, 475 by Israel and 250 by the Palestinians. So the Palestinians killed 250 innocent men, women, and children, not 1,400.

The Nakba: Anatomy of a Crime

There was no excuse for the Jews throwing the Arabs off the land in 1948. We conquered Germany and Italy in World War 2, right? So did we throw the Germans and Italians out of their towns and cities and annex them to the US?

We’ve fought plenty of wars since WW2 against all sorts of foes and we never threw the residents out of their towns so we could steal the land and make it part of the US. You don’t get to do that in wars! All wars of conquest were made illegal after WW2 at the Geneva Conventions. You can defeat an enemy, sure, but you can’t throw him off his land and then steal it for yourself!

I’ve been through a long list of Arab towns “depopulated” by the Jews in 1948. Bottom line is that in almost every single case, the Arabs were literally driven out of town at gunpoint. In a number of cases they were packed into trucks and taken to Gaza or Lebanon.

They only fled in a few cases, and in those cases, they fled because the Jews were committing massacres and then sending spies to Arab villages to tell them about the murders to get them to leave. So they terrorized them into leaving. And the ones who did leave voluntarily often tried to come back. Even the ones who were thrown out often tried to come back, in a number of cases petitioning the government to be allowed to return. Some Arabs were allowed to return to their villages, especially in the Galilee, but most were not.

Some cities were cleansed of Arabs, and Arabs were forced to march through the desert out of town. One famous march was out of Jaffa, where the Arab population was expelled. A number of Arabs died on the trek through the desert.

In most cases, after the Arabs have been thrown out, the Jews dynamited all of the buildings in the village. You can see that the Jews are doing exactly this in Gaza right now. What’s going on in Gaza right now is simply Nakba Part 2. There are even massacres and mass executions just like there were then. It’s the exact same project. Nothing has changed from 1948 until now.

Bottom line is the Jews fought this war for the expressed purpose of throwing all of the Arabs off of the land. Even all the way back in the 1890’s, Zionist Jews were saying that in order to make their Jewish state in Palestine, they would have to throw out all the Arabs.

There was obviously no way to make a Jewish state in a land full of Arabs. How in the Hell are you going to do that? So Zionism was a settler-colonial project from Day One.

However, it only officially started in 1917 with the Balfour Declaration. Furthermore, the Jews who came to Palestine up until 1946 didn’t steal an inch of land. This is where the Arabs are lying saying “the Jews stole our land!”

After 1947, sure they did. In 1967, even more. In 1973, more. With the West Bank settlements in the 1980’s, even more. All of the land taken in the 1948 war was absolutely stolen from Arabs.

However, in 1946, Jews owned

If someone comes to your country and buys some land, he didn’t “steal” it. He bought it. He’s not a colonist. He’s an immigrant.

A radical antizionist nut (also a raving antisemitic kookjob) runs the Telegram site Global Resistance News. He also runs an radical antizionist and wildly antisemitic site called something like Moqawama (Resistance). From what I gather, he’s an Iraqi Shia Arab immigrant to the US who speaks perfect English and has even mastered hip (especially hip hop inner city) culture slang.

This guy is flat out wrong in going all the way back to the 1500’s and calling every Jew who immigrated to Palestine from 1500-1890 a “colonist.” Immigrants aren’t colonists! These Jews simply moved to Palestine for all sorts of reasons.

There had been a small Yishuv there since Antiquity, and periodically, European Jews would move to Palestine to join the Yishuv. Some were of course motivated to immigrate to their ancient homeland, but that’s not colonization! If an Italian-American or Swedish-American wants to immigrate to Italy or Sweden (his ancient homeland), is he a “colonist?” For God’s sake no.

Everybody who moves to the US is a “colonist?” Every non-Arab who moves to an Arab land is a “colonist?” Any foreigner who moves to any foreign country is “colonizing” the place? Get real!

Recently some Jews have moved to Bahrain to join the small community already there. They were welcomed with open arms by the monarchy. This GRN loon described these Jews as “colonists.” I guess every time a Jew moves anywhere in the Arab World, he’s a “colonist,” eh? They’re immigrants, you idiot! They didn’t move there to set up some settler-colonial Jewish state.

Jews can’t catch a break with this guy. He even hates anti-Zionist Jews due to their Jewish religion, which he utterly despises. Granted there are serious issues with this religion in its Orthodox form as there is with most fundamentalist religions. He hates Code Pink and leftwing anti-Zionist Jews. I’m trying hard to think of a Jew this guy might find acceptable or get some slack from, but I can’t think of one. He probably hates antifascist Honest Guy.

As you might expect from a raving antisemitic kook, he’s a Holocaust Denier (natch). I believe he even lauds Hitler and the Japanese fascists in WW2 (!). He quotes a prominent Romanian fascist from the 1930’s who was very active in the murderously antisemitic Iron Cross on the Jews. I hate to call Arab antisemites Nazis because it’s not appropriate in most cases, but in some cases, the shoe fits.

About Those Massacres in the 1948 War in Palestine

Both sides were massacring each other, as you can see, so Palestinians screaming about Israeli massacres are being disingenuous.

Arabs killed 346 Jewish civilians and POW’s.

Jews killed 1,732 Arabs.

Jews killed 15,000 Arabs in the course of the war, fighters and civilians.

Before the war, both sides were already massacring and murdering each other. This had been going on since ~1921.

Polling US, Israeli, Liberal, and Young Jews

Polling US and Israeli Jews


However, the latest poll I saw showed that 8

US Liberal Jews

I haven’t seen many polls on US liberal Jews. Liberal Jews in the US and even in Israel have one thing in common. Almost to a one, they evince strong sympathy for the Palestinians, who they feel are being treated terribly. But I believe a recent poll showed that 7

Young US Jews

Some shocking polls found that 25-3

About the “Zionist” Slur

I really do get tired of antisemites using the word Zionist instead of Jew. Gets old real fast. Furthermore, Zionism is an extremely popular politics with both Jews and Gentiles.

Keep in mind that being a Zionist just means you support a Jewish state in Palestine. It’s a fairly reasonable position on its face. Sure, the Arabs hate Zionism, but they’re pretty alone on that score as most people in the rest of the world are probably Zionists by that definition. The two state solution that most of the world is converging on is a Zionist solution, so all two-staters are Zionists de facto. That includes Russia, China, and many Arab countries like Bahrain, UAE, and especially Saudi Arabia.

The Overwhelming Majority of Americans and British, Including Gentiles, are Zionists

For instance, in an up or down vote 9

Among the US public, the figure is less. 8

I oppose a Jewish state in Palestine. It’s been a complete disaster, bar none. Nevertheless, I will settle for a two-state solution if it comes down to that. I still think that makes me anti-Zionist.

Among the British public, 9

I don’t have figures for any other places. However, with 85-9

Time for Post-Zionism

One thing that all decent humans should be is post-Zionist. The Zionist project, whatever we thought about it, has to come to an end. No more Judaization of neighborhoods in Israel. No more settlements in East Jerusalem, the West Bank or now Gaza. No more stealing homes from Arabs and giving them to Jews.

No more stealing Arabs’ lands and driving them off their lands so settlers can take over. No more demolishing Arab homes, roads, water wells, olive orchards, and businesses for not having permits or whatever other fake reasons they can come up with. No more demolishing Arab homes and add-ons in East Jerusalem and Israel proper. The whole colonization project has to come to an end. As it is, Zionism is an ongoing colonization project. It’s never stopped since 1948 and now it’s even accelerating.

Banned for Hate Speech Again LOL

Just got another 24 hour ban on Youtube for hate speech. People were talking about beheaded babies, babies cooked in ovens, raped babies, murdered babies, raped women and children, Jews having their eyes gouged out in front of their families, on and on. Well, the Jews* made up all that crap. It’s all lies. There’s nothing to any of it.

So I started answering comments saying, “That didn’t happen. Those are just lies the Jews made up.”

I answered that a few times, and then I got a Hate Speech ban. Honest Guy likes hate speech laws, but I don’t know. I keep getting busted on this bullshit, so these laws don’t seem real cool to me. And I’m not much of a racist or an antisemite. Not only that, but I edit my comments very carefully to avoid hate speech bans. But I get them all the time anyway.

Apparently on Jewtube (or Youtube, except the parent corporation is majority owned by the two founders of Google), you can’t say the word “Jew” or “Jews” and then say anything at all after all. “The Jews made that up,” meaning of course, that Israel made up those lies, is hardly hate speech. How on Earth is that hate speech. They did make up all those lies. They’re even admitting it now on their TV.

I usually don’t like to use words like Jewtube because it sounds so antisemitic, but I’m wondering to what extent the ownership or Youtube plays a role in their insane censorship. Does that play any role or doesn’t it? Who knows? I know Youtube and Facebook are both much worse than Twitter when it comes to this stuff. It’s so hard to say what role Jewish ownership of the corporation actually plays here.

*I use Jews here to refer to Israel.

I’m not trying to marry all Diaspora Jews to Israel. Obviously all of the crimes done by Israel, including making up these awful lies, were done by Israel and Israel alone. The Diaspora Jews didn’t make up any of this crap. They helped spread it around, sure, but right now, it’s mostly pro-Israel Gentiles parroting this bullshit. Sure Israel is absolutely committing a genocide in Gaza. That’s obvious. But Diaspora Jews are not involved in this genocide. They haven’t killed a soul. Hell, they haven’t even hurt one Palestinian that I’m aware of.

Sure the US Jews control the US government on Mideast foreign policy via their Lobby and money, but at the moment, this policy appears to have US support or at least a 50-50 split**. 6

**Recent polling showed 6

Nevertheless, instead of listening to the people, Biden listened to the Jewish Lobby who signs his paycheck. It is on questions like these that we see the power of the Lobby and the fact that the Lobby, not the American public, controls the state on certain questions.

Election Disaster Coming Up: America as a Fascist Country

Trump will not end US democracy, but he will start us down the road:

Trump Won’t Be a Dictator, But He Will Set America on a Multi-Election Path to Tyranny

Commenter 1: Somehow we need to educate the majority of this country as to the permanent dangers of Republican fascism. This party ABSOLUTELY needs to be destroyed. For the survival of our very nation and way of life.

Commenter 2: They are not going to give up on their extreme goals. It is in their Republican DNA. No more repeating the cliche that “this is the most important election of our lives.” That will be true forever. We have to drill into people’s heads why the election is so important so that they understand the consequences.

Commenter 3: Brilliant diary!! This is EXACTLY what I have been saying! ANY of the fascists running would gladly implement Project 2025! And when Trump loses, it will become Project 2029! The traitors who wrote this shit need to be exposed!! I would prefer public political hearings on this! And we need to ensure that NO Republican EVER occupies the White House ever again!

Commenter 4: Agree wholeheartedly, and the army of true-believers elevates his threat. I go another step deeper. I believe that the individual threat of Trump pales in comparison to the threat of the mass of Trump voter (the vast majority of Republican voters). With his example, who else wouldn’t they voter for? And this crowd of nuts and bigots thrives in our system of minority party rule and hostage taking.

So this will take decades to combat, even in a best case scenario. We have seen the enemy and it is the Republican voter.

Commenter : Nothing but a MASSIVE repudiation of the Republican Party at the polls this November will suffice. We need to keep these people out of power until they finally give up on their extremist goals. This really is a fight for our lives.

I especially agree with the last comment. I’m not saying quit voting Republican forever. But we need to quit voting Republican as long as this fascist agenda is in control. If they lose enough elections, maybe they will back off, but I’m quite dubious. Anyway, no one should vote for this party ever again until they drop the fascist agenda.

So this will take decades to combat, even in a best case scenario. We have seen the enemy and it is the Republican voter.

I also agree with this comment. We are probably going to have to fight Republican fascism for decades, which is very sad right there. That’s because the fascists are not about to renounce fascism. If anything, as time goes on, more and more Republicans will hop on board the fascist train.

Excellent article on Daily Kos. Hey, sometimes they’re right. All of these out of breath pronouncements about this election being the end of US democracy are overwrought, not that there isn’t something there. Trump poses a very serious risk to democracy, but one Trump term won’t be enough to dismantle it. As the article notes, the turn to fascism in democratic countries tends to be a multi-year project. The author uses fascist Turkey as an example. Of course Erdogan is a fascist dictator, but Turkey’s been a fascist country since Ataturk. 8

Look, I really hate to use the word fascism. It’s abused by the idiot Left and the antifascist Left. They grotesquely exaggerates what fascism and Nazism is and how many people subscribe to it. They paint far too broad a brush. Nevertheless, fascism is a very real thing, and if we refer to fascism as any sort of rightwing authoritarian regime or dictatorship (my definition), it is an absolute fact that the Republican Party is a fascist political party. Sure there are the Liz Cheney’s, the antifascists. She’s been run out.

The whole party is on board with Trump from what I can tell. DeSatanist ran as Trumpism without Trump. Haley will inherit a fascist Republican Party and be controlled by it, so to me, she’s a fascist too, plus she plays the part very well. All of the other Republican contenders except maybe the fat boy from New Jersey were also fascists.

I’ve been watching Republicans my whole life and I’ve hated them since I was 18 or probably even sooner. I’ve never voted for a Republican in my life and I never will unless they’re more liberal than the Democrat. I’ve been a man of the Left my entire adult life and I’m not getting my conservative with age like most folks. Well, not to the point where I will vote fascist, I mean Republican. I’ve always noted a fascist tendency in Republicans and in Americans in general. I’ve known mostly Whites in my life and the fascist tendencies of US Whites have been obvious to me since the late 1970’s.

I grew up in hardline Republican White suburbs and it was clear to me as far back as high school that these people had fascist tendencies. Sadly, just about every White person I grew up with was a Republican. Even the Democrats were pretty damned conservative. The party has always worried me. I never considered the Republican Party to be an actual fascist political party until the onset of Trump. They were definitely getting there since the Contract on America in 1996, but like I said, I hate being promiscuous with the use of that term.

Trump is absolutely a far rightwing authoritarian, the most rightwing president we’ve ever had. All Republican politicians who support Trump are fascists. If you support fascists, you’re a fascist. If you vote fascist, you’re a fascist. There’s nothing else to add. The Never-Trumpers are generally speaking not fascists as that seems to be their major beef with him.

But they’re a tiny group as 8

The ones who left the Republican Party have almost all become independents. Polls show that a majority of Americans, by ~3 points right now, support Trump against Biden. Therefore, Americans are a fascist people, even if only by small margins. But in a winner take all system, small margins take it all home.

The press has been utterly against Biden since the start of his Administration. The press is simply capitalist, and it is always rightwing as all capitalist media is everywhere and and at all times. The media and the capitalists don’t care. They don’t care if America goes fascist.

The media only cares about money and the capitalist class. If capitalism allows them to continue to get rich, the media will all line up behind fascism like they are doing now. If the media were truly against fascism, they wouldn’t be beating up Biden like they are. The media portrayal of Biden bears no relationship to reality.

The capitalists care absolutely nothing about fascism and every time fascism comes to a country, 10

The coming election looks catastrophic. As I said Trump is up by 3 points, though some recent polls show him up to 1 point and a couple have Biden ahead by a point. Generally the polls show Trump up by 1-5 points, with a good 3 point average. Sure, Biden’s an awful candidate, but I’d rather have Biden than Trump. Speaking of dementia, Trump is starting to show some serious signs of dementia himself.

Biden’s advisors say he is very much on the ball, extremely intelligent and with it, and shows no signs of cognitive decline in terms of doing his job. However, we’ve all seen the videos where he looks completely lost (a sure sign of dementia), or where he tries to shake hands with people who are not there (another sure sign of dementia). So Biden does have some dementia, but it doesn’t appear to be effecting his actual ability to lead the country.

Much worse is when Kennedy and Cornel West run too. In those cases, Trump wins by 5-8 points. Obviously both Kennedy and/or West are drawing support exclusively from Biden and only benefit Trump. Both men need to drop out of the race at some point and simply endorse Biden. The very fate of our country lies in their impetuous and unthinking hands. It’s Biden or fascism. Which way will you choose, Western man.

The Republican Senate is also completely fascist at this point, though Romney may be an outlier. Polls show the Republicans favored by 5

The House is another disaster zone. The Republican House is even more fascist than the Republican Senate. Democrats keep saying that they’re going to take the House, but that’s a fantasy. Republicans are currently favored by 52.

Current polls have Trump winning the electoral vote 283-255. That’s not a bad prediction, however, I disagree with putting Michigan and Nevada in the Republican column.

Michigan has 16 electoral votes. If Michigan goes Biden, the vote will be 271-267 for Biden.

If Biden wins Nevada’s six electoral votes, that will be 277-261.

But Michigan is looking very scary with so many Arabs refusing to vote Biden over his support for the Jewish-led genocide in Gaza.

What bothers me about Kos and all the other sites of the Democratic base is that there is no idea of how to turn this election around and make it a Democratic victory. My question is what exactly does Biden and the Democratic Congress have to do to turn this around? Why are so many people supporting Trump and Republican fascism? What if anything can be done about this? Do we need to change anything? Are we doing anything wrong? Total silence on both questions.

Maybe ease up on the woke crap? Of course not.

Support for Israel isn’t a loser, and Trump will be far worse.


Fascist, Nazi, and White Supremacist Dogwhistles

Signs of Nazism!

Cultural Marxism: I don’t use that phrase. I use “Cultural Left” and these same idiots accuse me of being a Nazi because I really mean Cultural Marxism. But I’m not implying anything Jewish about the Cultural Left. Check?

Anti-Griffon: Scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

Noticing: LOL. Autistics are great at pattern recognition? Then why are their social skills such crap? I engage in Noticing, yes. Check!

109/110: Ok that’s funny. Coming up on number 110 are we? Well, we need to add another one. Jews are gone from Libya (pretty much driven out), and they’ve now been thrown out of Yemen. They’ve been gone from Afghanistan for a while, but they weren’t thrown out. They may be gone from Syria and Iraq, but they haven’t been thrown out. If anything the governments have been trying to keep them there, and there are still some in Kurdistan, which is a part of Iraq.

Hardly anyone is throwing Jews out of anywhere anymore, much to the Jews’ dismay because this sort of thing is their lifeblood for their victimhood complex. I won’t use it though.

13/52: Ok that’s funny. It means that Blacks are 1

14 words: That’s just terrible. Out and out Nazism. No way am I using that meme.

Anti-White: Sure, I refer to things being anti-White all the time. After all, it’s all the rage these days. I guess I must be a Nazi or a White Supremacist then. Check!

Anti-antifa: Yeah, I hate antifa. I guess I must be a fascist then. Check!

Anti-SHARP: Never even heard of this.

Blut un Ehre: Yuck. That’s some real Nazism for ya.

Blue Eyed Devils: Never heard of them.

Active Club: Never heard of it.

White Lives Matter: I get why people say it, but I won’t.

Crazy White Boy: Never heard of it.

Folkish: Really really heard of it.

More sings of Nazism!

Echoes ((( )))): Oh God, I love me some echoes! Too bad I get banned from every Leftist blog I put them on. But I use them to mean “pro-Israel” and put them around a lot of Gentiles, not that it matters for the Lefties. Anyway, they’re just funny. I’ll use them for Jews too if the shoe foots. Not cool Jewish people but the ones who are…I dunno…too Jewish? Check!

H8: Yuck. That sounds horrible.

Race over nation: Terrible idea always and you won’t catch me dead saying it.

It’s ok to be White: I get why people say it but I won’t.

Muh Holocaust: I won’t say this but it’s clear that Jews have weaponized their tragedy. But we knew they would.

Okay hand gesture: No idea what this is about.

Rock against Communism: Of course they’re fascists. Of course I hate them.

Seig Heil: Yuck.

The goyim know / shut it down / goyim: Well, Jews do use the term. I don’t say these things though for some reason.

ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government): Generally don’t like it but there is an Arab anti-Zionist (and anti-Semitic) blogger on Telegram who is using this a lot to mean any country that is strongly pro-Israel. In that sense, it makes complete sense. In the sense that the government is controlled by Jews though, not so much, but sometimes that makes sense too.

Zyklon B: Truly horrible Holocaust reference. Nope.

(Blank)Waffen: Well that is Nazi. Let’s ask US liberals. They’re the ones who have a hardon that won’t go down about the Ukrainian Nazis.

I Do Not Appreciate You: I feel like saying that about lots of people. But otherwise, I have no idea what this means.

White Boy Summer: Never heard of it.

Gnome hunter: Never heard of it.

Embrace nationalism: Well I don’t agree that all nationalist sentiments are fascist, I get where the idea is coming from. I’m very suspicious of nationalism as a result. On the other hand, anti-nationalism or internationalism is catastrophic.

Four checks and one possible check out of 31 (4/31 or 5/31): I check 10-1

The Completely Fake “Out of Control Border Crisis”

I admit that there are many things that I still do not understand about this issue. See this site here? That’s Biden’s base. Go to Daily Kos. They never met an illegal or an asylum seeker they didn’t love and want to let them stroll right in. Biden’s base in the pro-immigrant, pro-illegal, pro-asylum seeker, pro-refugee crowd. It limits what he can do, but he’s done quite a bit on this issue. Biden has issued 535 immigration-related executive orders. That’s more than the 472 Trump issued. I’m still very confused about this issue and if anyone could answer some questions for me, I would appreciate it.

All this crap you are seeing about an out of control US border is BS.

The Biden Administration is not “letting illegal immigrants come into the US.” They caught and expelled 2.4 million of them just last year. How’s that letting them go? Yes, 300,000 got through but that’s about normal for any given year.

The whole problem is with asylum seekers. 2.4 million people have been allowed into the US as asylum seekers under Biden. Granted, it’s a problem, but what are you doing to do about it. Also asylum seekers are not “illegals.” Republicans are lying!

Many would-be illegals are now claiming to be seeking asylum. I have seen reports that up to 9

Now granted Biden could put back in the wait in Mexico program of Trump. This was a new program as asylum seekers always got to wait in the US before. Now they had to wait in Mexico. But he won’t do that for political reasons.

Biden has not “lost control of the border.” It’s bullshit. We are instead simply being flooded with asylum seekers whom the law requires us to evaluate. We don’t know what to do about this very new problem. We are in new territory here. “There are millions of illegals crossing our borders!” The Republicans lie about this like they lie about everything. In order for an illegal to get caught, they have to cross the border. “2.4 million illegals crossed the US border last year!” So the Republicans scream. Yeah, but they all got caught. See how they are playing games with words?

Furthermore, last time I checked, the Republicans also refuse to fund the immigration courts where asylum claims are adjudicated. Hence there is a years-long backlog of 1.8 million cases and a lot of them never show up in court. The Republicans want the system to not work so they can blame the Democrats for a failed system.

They’ve done this same sleazy thing with so many other government programs. Defund it and then claim it doesn’t work. There’s nothing worse on Earth that a US Republican. As bad as an Israeli Zionist or a Ukrainian Nazi, lower than pond scum.

Commenter: IF a person claims asylum it must be done at the 1st safe country so your entire argument is shit.

That rule is optional. Countries don’t have to follow it. Some countries do and some don’t. The US has chosen not to follow that rule so asylees do not have to stop at the first safe country before they come to the US. If they did we could turn most of them away.

Commenter: If the system is so game-able by simply claiming asylum, then everyone will just claim asylum. Which is what they are doing.

But they’re not, We caught 2.4 million illegals at the border and sent em packing. The Republican lie and say “2.4 million illegals came into the country last year” implying that that’s how many made it past the Border Patrol. It’s a lie and they know it, but it looks like everyone is falling for it. 300,000 more made it past. So there’s 2.7 million who weren’t claiming asylum. We also let in 800,000 asylum seekers last year, but I don’t know what to do about that.

There’s a flood of people trying to come across the border for whatever reason and we are being swamped by the problem. We don’t have the resources to deal with it. That’s the crux of the matter right there. Without a lot more funding, this state of affairs will continue.

Of course the asylum thing is a scam for the most part. Many people who would have been illegals in the past are now claiming asylum. A lot of other people who would never have tried in the past due to being too far away are now claiming asylum because they think the doors are open.

The refugee asylum thing was not abused in the past. This is a recent scam on the part of would-be immigrants to the US that started under Trump. Of course it’s basically a scam, but these people will do anything to get in.

This is a brand new problem we never dealt with before. The Democrats are total idiots and are claiming that these people need asylum because they are fleeing “poverty and crime (violent crime).” Well those things are sad but poverty and crime, even violent crime, are not reasons to be allowed refugee asylum to the United States, and they never have been. If they were, we’d have 2 billion people on our borders in no time.

You have to have a valid fear for your personal safety due to threats. Maybe if your country is gang-infested and you are getting real and credible threats or attempts on your life from violent street gangs, you get in.

If you are a member of some persecuted ethnic or sexual minority or opposition political group who is seriously threatened with imprisonment on an unfair basis, you get in. Gays facing a real threat of persecution get in. So do persecuted minorities and political activists who are selected for persecution.

You have to document all this stuff and it’s not easy.

This is a brand new area of law, and it has nothing to do with “illegals.” We’re doing great when it comes to catching illegals at the border. There is no illegal immigrant crisis.

Another scam they tried was sending their minor kids to cross the border. As we were not allowed to turn away unaccompanied minors at the border for humanitarian reasons, illegal alien scammers started sending their minor kids across because they were assured of getting in. Trump started locking up these minors, and all Hell broke loose. Once again we are dealing with a whole new area here because no one had ever tried the unaccompanied minor scam before. We are treading in new waters and don’t know what to do.

Biden is screwed. He ought to be tougher on asylum seekers. Wait in Mexico would be great. Funding the courts would be great. But a lot of his base are Hispanics who love illegals. Many of the rest are liberals who never met an illegal alien they didn’t love.

If he cracks down, no matter how hard, the people furious about this issue will never vote for him anyway, so there’s no upside to cracking down.

And he risks a lot of his base staying home if he cracks down.

He can’t win.

Also if he cracks down in Texas, he looks like a dictator. If he backs down, he looks weak, so he can’t win there either.

Biden’s just a mushy Centrist. He’s not even a liberal. Most Lefties despise him.

I think it’s mostly the Republicans who want the system to fail. They obviously love illegal alien labor, and once they get into the US, Republicans usually don’t bother to deport them. Neither party ever raids businesses who hire illegals. Trump almost never did this although he bitched and moaned about illegals the whole time.

E-Verify was a great idea but liberal idiots shot it down. I hate DeSatanist but at least he put in E-Verify. I think the Democrats just love illegals because that’s what their base, heavily Hispanic, demands. Some of them love to go on about “jobs Americans won’t do” but that’s bullshit. There are no jobs Americans won’t do. Where I live, a lot of Americans and legal immigrants do farm work!

Both parties totally suck on this issue, and neither party wants to solve the illegal alien problem. The Republicans want to pretend they are doing something about it to get people to vote Republican, but then they never do anything about it because it will hurt their business base that relies in illegal alien labor.

The Democrats don’t want to solve the problem either because their base will massacre them if they try.

Also, contra this article, illegals can’t and don’t vote.

The reason they come here is simple economics. They’re coming from poor countries for the money. Pretty much. Some are fleeing violence but even those could stop in Mexico where the violence rate is much lower. Or they could go to Costa Rica or Panama. They won’t because they’re coming for the money.

Republicans keep saying that the asylum seekers are all criminals because a lot don’t have valid claims. But they’re not violating any laws, so they’re not criminals. 9

How Large Are the Palestinian Armed Groups? 98,000 Fighters

Hamas (Izz ad-Din Al-Qassam Brigades) is said to have 30,000 fighters, but my resistance sources told me it is 50,000+. Also has forces of unknown size in Lebanon. Small presence in the West Bank. Close to Iran.

I have also heard people say that “250,000 people are in Hamas,” or “Hamas has 250,000 members.” I don’t know what this means.

I know Hamas has a large militia. These people take up arms and fight sometimes and then at other times they drop their guns and take up jobs in the civilian sector. Then later they may go back and take up arms again. I’m dubious that they are included in the official fighters but maybe they are. If they are not, then Hamas is a lot bigger than we think.

The Mujahedin Movement is said to have hundreds of fighters, but my resistance sources told me it is in the tens of thousands! So 20,000+. Small presence in the West Bank. Fatah split.

Islamic Jihad (Al-Quds Brigades) figures vary from 11-13,000. I go with 13,000. Also has branches in Lebanon and Syria with separate names. Large presence in the West Bank. Close to Iran.

Popular Resistance Committees (Al-Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades): 5,000. Fatah split. Gaza only. Close to Iran. Secular, leftwing.

Fatah al-Intifada: 3,500. Old radical Fatah split, newly active. Small presence in the West Bank.

Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades is said to have ~300 fighters, but I think it is 2,000. Fatah rejectionist split. Strong presence in the West Bank, where it is most powerful. Secular.

PFLP (Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades) is said to have hundreds of fighters, but I would say thousands. So 2,000+. Also has a presence in the West Bank. Close to Iran. Very secular, leftwing.

DFLP (National Resistance Brigades) is said to have hundreds of fighters, but I say 1,000. Very secular, leftwing, has a women’s division.

A new Fatah split in Gaza named after a hero of the Arab revolt (don’t have a name at the moment): 800. Gaza only. Secular.

PFLP-GC (Jihad Jibril Brigades): 800, but many are in Lebanon and Syria. Small presence in Gaza. Very secular, leftwing.

Salafi-jihadist groups in Gaza: Very small and not very active.

All of the above groups have some presence in Gaza. But that right there gives us 98,000 fighters, albeit not all in Gaza.

What Does “Budding” Mean as Far as a Teenage Girl Goes?

Polar Bear: Developed breasts and ass.

Well, sure. That’s what any normal, healthy man is attracted to. The less developed she is, the less attractive she is to a normal, healthy man. Sure there are men who prefer less developed females but I don’t think that’s completely unhealthy. I wouldn’t say it’s disordered, but it doesn’t seem to be the norm for human males. Men want a female who looks like a woman, not a girl for Chrissake!

Fully developed breasts and ass probably occurs around age 16. I don’t think they change that much after age 16. The breasts change as far as the nipples go, but you can’t see that. They don’t grow much. I don’t think they become much more developed breasts and ass-wise after age 16, but I’m open to criticism. Around 18-19, the hips widen, but for most men, this isn’t really an improvement. It’s not a downgrade either; it’s just not an improvement.

However, she now has a natural, normal body, since most teenage girls do not have natural, normal bodies, as they are underdeveloped and not fully adaptive in terms of carrying a pregnancy to term. Before the hips widen, the body is not fully adapted to pregnancy, and there can be issues with carrying a child to term because the hips are too narrow to properly carry a baby.

There does seem to be an emotional maturation process after age 16 though, especially from 17-17 1/2 or 18. A lot of 16 year old girls sort of look like little girls and they definitely have a silly, girlish immaturity about them. Some might find it cute, but to me, it’s a turnoff.

By 17 1/2-18 most females are pretty much full-fledged adults. The contrast between high school seniors and those under them is quite remarkable in terms of maturity. I go to a coffeeshop where there are high school kids hanging out all the time, so I get to see them in their natural habitat.

And by age 17, especially age 17 1/2 (and up of course), I’m more than interested. She doesn’t seem too young, silly, or immature at all. In fact she reminds me of a lot of girls and women I used to date around that age as a young man.

Israeli Death Tolls for the October 7, 2023 Palestinian Attack on Israel (Fifth Update)

Another major revision in this ongoing tally. This tally is still extremely premature and so many things are unknown about it, mostly because the Israeli government has lied so much and no one in Israel has done a proper investigation of these deaths to determine who killed who, assuming that can even be done in the first place. A good tally of these figures may never be available due to war propaganda and a very poor investigation of this incident. This is the best I can come up with so far, but as usual, it is up for possible major revision in the future

Israelis Killed on 10-7

1,147 Israelis, soldiers and civilians, killed on 10-7.

Israeli Security Forces Killed on 10-7

340 Israeli soldiers killed on 10-17.

59 Israeli police killed on 10-7. Probably 30 of these were killed by the IDF at the Sderot police station by Hannibal Doctrine.

13 Israeli Shin Bet officers killed on 10-7.

12 Israeli first responders killed on 10-7.

84 other Israeli security forces killed on 10-7.

424 Israeli security forces killed on 10-7.

Israeli Civilians Killed on 10-7

723 Israeli civilians killed on 10-7.

Israeli Civilians Killed by Israel

275 Israeli civilians killed by IDF at the festival (estimate based on photos of burned out cars), partly by Hannibal Doctrine, partly by confusion.

192 Israeli civilians killed by IDF in kibbutzes by Hannibal Doctrine and general confusion, including:

97 killed in Be’eri. 70 by IDF.

52 killed in Kfar Aza. 3/4 killed by IDF (my estimate) for 35 killed by IDF.

21 killed in NetivHaAsara.

4 hostages in a vehicle as it was heading back to Gaza.

62 killed elsewhere by Hannibal Doctrine and confusion.

467 Israeli civilians killed by Israel.

Israeli Civilians Killed by Palestinians

89 Israeli civilians killed by Palestinians at the festival.

168 Israeli civilians killed by Palestinians in other places, including

46 at Nir Oz

27 at Be’eri

17 at Kfar Aza

16 at Alumim

14 at Kissufim

12 at Nir Oz

12 at Holit

5 at Nirim

3 at EinHashlosha

16 killed elsewhere.

257 Israeli civilians killed by Palestinians.


Civilians Killed in October 7 Attack

Israel 467

Palestinians 257

As you can see, Israel killed more civilians on October 7 than the Palestinians did.


15+ Israeli soldier POWs and civilian hostages killed in Gaza by Israel

210 Israeli soldiers killed since 10/7.

A Rundown on Teenage Girls, Mostly for Informational, Not Actional Purposes

Polar Bear: Whenever they start budding, which’s earlier these days. I was hardcore not into spinners in my youth. “Get your bony ass off me,” if one sat on my lap.

I believe Robert wants some budding, it’s natural. I work with a budder and she gets attention from every guy. That’s the obvious ideal, a young budder. There’s more excitement for that than anything.

All girls under 18 are illegal in my state, and I won’t touch them. I recently had a 16 year old girl begging me to have sex with her and trying every trick in the book to get me to cave in and do it, but I turned her down. So I’m just talking here about what I’m attracted to. It has nothing to do with who I would have sex with because they’re all illegal here, unless we are talking about someone in another state which I could possibly visit.

The bottom line is the more it looks and acts like a woman, the more interested I am. I’m also turned off by immature behavior. When I was young, I used to dump JB’s for this. I just couldn’t handle their immaturity. It drove me crazy and made me very anxious to be around them because a part of me really didn’t want to be there. I’d be stuck with this 16 year old girl, horny as Hell, crawling all over me, and my body would be rebelling and telling me, “Get me the Hell out of here!”

The result would be an anxiety feeling of dueling impulses and feelings. You’re being pulled in two directions at all, there’s a war in your head, and it doesn’t feel good at all. Plus you can also be impotent in a situation like that. The impotence is your body saying, “Get me the Hell away from this woman who is repelling me in some way.”

By repelling I mean there is a part of your body saying that this chick doesn’t turn you on at all, and your body wants to move away from her. You’re trying to stick around to get laid, but it doesn’t necessarily work, and you often end up with this weird, anxious, “get me out of here” behavior.

You’re trying to fight it off, but dueling impulses like that don’t really mesh, and the resulting feeling is quite uncomfortable, like trying to wear a suit that doesn’t fit, and you keep trying to shrug it off your shoulders, but you keep wearing it anyway.

“Get your bony ass off me,” if one sat on my lap.

They’re sticks. It’s a turn-off. They have the flat body of a boy at 13-14 for sure and even a bit at 15 still. We men like curves!

15 year old girls’ bodies sometimes just look funky like they are misshapen. They also often appear psychologically awkward too. The legs or arms seem too long for the rest of the body, and it looks odd. My Mom said the body doesn’t grow at the same rate, and some parts grow faster than others, so in a 15 year old girl, you might see body parts maturing at different rates, which gives the result of a strange body that’s put together wrong.

I like em around 16-17, to tell the truth. Of course, anything 18+ is awesome.

Too many 15 year old girls look and act like little girls. It’s a turnoff. Some of them are kind of cute though. A lot of 15 year old girls have small breasts. They’re not fully developed. And some still have those turnoff little girl faces*.

13 year old girls are ridiculous. That’s a little girl. Anyway, most of them won’t even talk to you, and if they do, I assure you they won’t have anything interesting to say. Typically they have absolutely zero sexual experience at all, nor do they seem interested in acquiring any. And those little girl faces* just wreck it for me.

I have no idea why older women seem convinced that we men are after these girls.

Sure, I wouldn’t mind have a few words with one some of the time, but I wouldn’t pursue any involved conversation. But older women are always swooping over them like hawks shooting dagger eyes at all of us men and herding these girls under their wings. It’s ridiculous how many idiot women think we men actually want to fuck these girls. Why don’t they lighten up and quit being so weird and paranoid?

Even 14 year old girls are underdeveloped and extremely immature. Turnoff. They also have those little girl faces, and I can’t stand that. It makes them seem like children and you’re turned off the same way most of us are to little girls.

Further, they don’t talk much and when they do, they seem very young, almost like talking to a little girl. It’s a bit cute but it’s also a huge turnoff. Anything that reminds me of a little girl is no-go. It feels pedo to me and that creeps me out and turns me off. 14 year old girls look like sticks and their tits are really small and lame. It looks and acts like a little girl. Not interested! Also, most of them won’t even talk to you, and they aren’t very interesting when they do.

I’m convinced that 13 and 14 year old girls are not nearly as horny as 16 and 17 year old girls, or maybe it’s just that the older ones are more confident about sex. Also, most 13 and 14 year old girls and even some 15 year old girls have very little sexual experience. Quite a few have never had sex, and you would be surprised how many have never been kissed. But nowadays you can meet 18 year old girls who have never been kissed. I dated one a while back.

13-15 year old girls are totally illegal anyway, so why even bother talking to them? What’s the point? On the other hand, 16 and 17 year olds can be interesting to talk to, and if she’s in another state, she may well be legal.

If a 15 year old girl looks and acts older, I like her. Some 16 year old girls are pretty immature, though others are not at all.

A lot of teenage girls, even say 17 or 18 year olds, hardly know how to flirt at all. They seem awkward and lame when they do it. It’s a bit cute but it’s also a turnoff in its lameness. They don’t seem to know what they’re doing.

Most 17 year old girls look fantastic. In particular, 17 1/2 year olds are very mature psychologically. 17-18 year old high school girls strike me as very mature compared to other high school girls. They’re basically adults. It’s a night and day difference between them and younger high school girls.

A female’s body is mostly fully developed by 16-17. There is an additional change that occurs at ages 18-19 in which the hips widen, but this doesn’t really make them more attractive.

However, there is something odd about a teenage girl’s breasts. They’re not quite developed like a woman’s breasts. They’re just as large, but there is a difference in the areola. I noticed it a long time ago but never made sense of it. What happens is that the areola gets raised in a younger teen but the nipple is not raised along with it, so the nipple is on the same elevation as the areola and is not raised above it.

You will probably see this most in a 15 or 16 year old girl. Later on, the nipple itself is raised and sticks out from the areola. I’m not sure when this occurs, but you can see it in some Tracy Lords movies, so the change may occur around 17, as she was 16 when she made her movies.

I wouldn’t say these underdeveloped tits look better. They don’t look bad but they look a bit weird if you are used to grown women. I think most of us men like a nipple that is raised above the areola. It looks hot.

*13-14 and even some 15 year old girls have “little girl faces.” This means that they still have baby fat on their faces. All little girls have baby fat on their faces, which is what makes them look like little girls. By age 15 or certainly 16, the baby fat has disappeared, and in its place, we start to see the more bony, sharply defined, often striking features of a grown woman. That’s much preferable to me.

Israeli Death Tolls for the October 7, 2023 Palestinian Attack on Israel (Fourth Update)

As you can see, I’m still working on this. One thing is for sure: the Palestinians killed a lot of people and committed a lot of horrific acts and horrendous war crimes during this attack. But Israel appears to have killed even more of their own civilians while fighting back. Some of this was simply confusion or crossfire but a certain amount of it was also the invocation of the Hannibal Doctrine. An awful lot of this is still very much up in the air. In particular, the Palestinian may have killed more and Israel may have killed fewer than my current figures.

We may never get to the bottom of this to where we can get a true estimate of  just who killed who.

Let’s go through the list:

Israelis Killed on 10-7

1,147 Israelis, soldiers and civilians, killed on 10-7.

Israeli Security Forces Killed on 10-7

340 Israeli soldiers killed on 10-17.

59 Israeli police killed on 10-7. Probably 30 of these were killed by the IDF at the Sderot police station by Hannibal Doctrine.

13 Israeli Shin Bet officers killed on 10-7.

12 Israeli first responders killed on 10-7.

Subtotal: 84 other Israeli security forces killed on 10-7.

Total: 424 Israeli security forces killed on 10-7.

Israeli Civilians Killed on 10-7

723 Israeli civilians killed on 10-7.

Israeli Civilians Killed by Israel

296 Israeli civilians killed by IDF at the festival (estimate based on photos of burned out cars) via Hannibal Doctrine, crossfire, and confusion.

154 Israeli civilians killed by IDF in kibbutzes by Hannibal Doctrine and crossfire, including:

97 killed in Be’eri. 90 by IDF.

39 killed in Kfar Aza. 52 killed, 3/4 killed by IDF (my estimate) for 39 killed by IDF.

21 killed in NetivHaAsara.

4 hostages in a vehicle as it was heading back to Gaza.

450 Israeli civilians killed by Israel.

Israeli Civilians Killed by Palestinians

68 Israeli civilians killed by Palestinians at the festival.

206 Israeli civilians killed by Palestinians in other places, including:

46 at Nir Oz.

16 at Kfar Aza.

16 at Alumim.

14 at Kissufim.

12 at Nahal Oz.

12 at Holit.

7 at Be’eri.

5 at Nirim.

3 at EinHashlosha.

274 Israeli civilians killed by Palestinians.


Civilians Killed in October 7 Attack

Israel 450

Palestinians 274

As you can see, Israel killed more civilians on October 7 as the Palestinians did.


15 Israeli soldier POWs and civilian hostages killed in Gaza by Israel.

216 Israeli soldiers killed since 10/7.

Very Interesting Psychological Case I Am Working With

I have been doing counseling with a girl and now young woman overseas (she lives in Germany in case you are interested)* for free for a long time now (off and on for eight years). I took her on because she seemed an emergency case.

She had seen an article about Harm Obsessions in which completely harmless people worry that they will commit violent acts, kill people, or go on a killing spree. She said she had thoughts of killing people. However, when I asked her if she resisted the thoughts, she told me no. She said sometimes she just gritted her teeth. Ok, that rules out OCD right there because the differential diagnosis was Harm OCD. If you’re not trying to stop the thoughts, forget it. It’s not OCD. It’s something else.

At age 6, she tried to murder her little brother by smothering him with a pillow. Her mother came in the room, otherwise she would have done it. Interestingly, she told me that she felt no guilt about trying to kill him and instead she thought it was funny. This got me thinking.

At age 15, she lunged at a girlfriend and tried to strangle her but pulled herself off at the last minute.

She also told me that she felt like she was the only person in the world and that everyone else was an NPC in a video game. This is the way a psychopath thinks. The narcissist thinks he’s the greatest person in the world. He acknowledges that others exist, but he just thinks they’re inferior, and he doesn’t care much about them.

The psychopath thinks he’s the only person in the world. The other people are just some sort of nonhuman objects. Being the only person in the world, there’s also some narcissism associated with psychopathy but that’s not the prominent feature. Also psychopathy has an odd self-destructive aspect to it that narcissism lacks. The narcissist is simply too great of a person to destroy himself. Why destroy the greatest person on Earth?

When psychopathy mixes with Narcissistic Personality Disorder with the addition of paranoia and sadism, you get Malignant Narcissism. This was Ted Bundy’s diagnosis. Ever notice how narcissistic he was? Other serial killers have also had this diagnosis.

Interestingly Donald Trump is also a Malignant Narcissist. So Trump has the same personality disorder as Ted Bundy! He’s just more socialized and Bundy was a lot less controlled.

Anyway the overall picture for this girl seemed to be a classic psychopath. But we can’t diagnose that in minors. Instead we diagnose Conduct Disorder, but she didn’t meet criteria for that either.

The best you could say was that she might grow up to be a psychopath. The one thing that I didn’t notice is that she did have some guilt or bad feelings about the thoughts. After all, she was worried enough about them to come to me. And as I told her what was going on with her and that it didn’t look very good from her point of view, she kept saying, “Sigh.” This implied she was not happy with her condition. I blew this off at the time, but I think it’s important.

I didn’t speak to her for a very long time until she came back at age 23. She told me that the feelings were by and large gone and anyway she had a very different attitude about them. She had guilty feelings about all manner of things.

I had no idea what she was, but she sure wasn’t a psychopath. The notion about other people being NPC’s in a video game was gone. I asked her about trying to kill her brother and her friend and how she had not cared about either incident, and she told me she didn’t remember either incident. She’s probably repressed those memories, which is interesting right there.

What was odd was that she seemed like a classic psychopath as a teenager but then aged completely out of it as an adult. This is why we do not diagnose personality disorders in adolescence. The personality changes too much. This also shows that being a fairly normal teenager with delinquent behaviors, thoughts, or feelings can completely mirror psychopathy but then vanish with adulthood, as so much delinquency does.

However, she still had these feelings. She told me that recently she ran up to a kitten and tried to strangle it, although she stopped.

She also thanked me for my “intervention” as she called it. As I said I worked with her for free because I was worried she was dangerous. She told me that without my intervention, she might have committed a violent crime, perhaps even attempted or actual homicide.

I asked her how I did it, and she said that I didn’t condemn her for the thoughts and tell her she was evil or a bad person. I had simply accepted them as a rather unfortunate part of her psyche that didn’t seem to be going away soon. Rather than trying to make the thoughts go away, which I considered a dubious exercise, I had told her to simply be “pragmatic” in her behaviors.

I told her she could think whatever she wanted to, but she needed to be careful her actions. I also said she didn’t need to act on her thoughts. Thoughts are just that: thoughts. I said I didn’t care about her thoughts. She could think about whatever she wanted to for all I cared. All I cared about was what she did.

Being pragmatic meant controlling your behaviors so you don’t do anything real stupid. I told her to think about the consequences if she acted on the thoughts. Regardless of morality, which I didn’t care much about and told her so, I told that it would simply be very, very stupid to act on one of those thoughts. So the pragmatic or smart thing to do would be to not act on them.

However, she does continue to have persistent homicidal thoughts, feelings, and urges. She doesn’t have OCD as that’s the differential diagnosis. A year ago, she became deeply depressed and went to an excellent psychiatrist in Frankfurt. The psychiatrist diagnosed Major Depression and put her on an antidepressant. She finally told her about the homicidal thoughts, and the doctor put her on an antipsychotic.

Oddly enough, the antipsychotic is making the urges go away. I have no idea why the antipsychotic is doing that as she isn’t psychotic at all.

The doctor diagnosed the homicidal thoughts as aggression stemming from Depression, but I’m not really buying it.

For one thing, other than the Major Depression she had fallen into a year ago, she had never been depressed. She suffered no depression when she tried to kill her brother or friend or kitten or when she had these feelings in high school.

Also aggression stemming from Depression looks a lot different. You are often looking at a very angry person, angry in a global sense. Even if her anger was masking depression, she would have been a very angry and mean person all those years from age 6 all the way up to age 22.

She told me that she had never felt any sort of global anger or rage towards the world, and indeed, she never seemed that way to me. Our counseling was quite noneventful and she was quite nice, kind, and cooperative. Any person with significant anger issues would have blown up at me many times by now, and I probably would left them as a client. Angry people simply are in general not very nice.

At the very least, you can see and feel the rage and hatred in them. She told me that instead she had simply felt numb like she was repressing her feelings for most of her life and suggested that this was masked depression. First of all, that’s not falsifiable, and second of all, it’s circular reasoning.

How do we know she’s depressed? Because she’s numb.

How do we know she’s numb? Because she’s depressed.

The argument is chasing its tail around the living room.

Also, the homicidal thoughts should have gone away with the antidepressant, and they didn’t. Instead, the antidepressant lifted the depression but didn’t touch the homicidal ideation. On the contrary, she needed a completely different drug for that which implies that it was a separate process.

I remain convinced that we are dealing with two separate processes here: the homicidal ideation and the Major Depression.

The problem with her is that other than Depression, there is no way to give her any kind of a psychiatric diagnosis based on those thoughts alone. Merely having those symptoms is not enough to qualify for any psychiatric disorder. You would need a number of other symptoms, and she doesn’t have them.

Psychiatrically, she’s “normal” or within the normal range, or at least she doesn’t have any diagnosable psychiatric disorder.

Her problem, which she shares with many criminals who act on these impulses, is more of right and wrong, good and bad, good and evil.

She had all sorts of other concerns revolving around alienation, worry about over-attachment to a girlfriend (she’s bisexual and in a relationship with another woman), and all sorts of other “problems in living.”

The more I listed to this stuff, the more I told her that she did not have a psychiatric problem. Instead she had the typical problems many to most people wrestle with in their lives. Hence her problems were “existential,” as in the concerns of existentialism and other philosophical schools. They could also be seen as spiritual. I advised her to go talk to a Christian preacher because she’s at least nominally a Catholic as most are in her part of the world.

If you read as many novels and short stories as I do, you will see that many characters wrestle with all sorts of symptoms of this nature. Some even take their lives. Dostoevsky of course is classic, but the interior monologues of Joyce Carol Oates or even Anais Nin are also very good, not to mention Fernando Pessoa of course. I told her to go read some of those writers and see if she could relate.

I am starting to think that a lot of our problems are philosophical and/or spiritual instead of psychiatric. Psychiatry only goes so far. We aren’t out to tell you the meaning of life, though many therapists keep writing books claiming that they unlocked the vault. And everything having to do with right and wrong, good and bad, good and evil, etc. is completely outside of the range of psychiatry. This is the purview of philosophers (especially moral philosophy), religious or spiritual leaders, and unfortunately, of law, the police, the courts and gaols.

I’m also starting to think that a lot of people who have something that looks like a psychiatric disorder are not really diagnosable as they don’t fit into any of our neat little boxes. We have to either give them some silly NOS (Not Otherwise Specified) diagnosis, which is basically a cop out, or we have to throw up our hands and say they simply don’t meet criteria for any mental disorder. Not that they’re healthy. They may well not be. But we simply don’t have a shelf to shove them into.

*She has given me permission to write this up, but I may well have changed certain things to disguise her identification.


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