Aztlan and Zionism: Dueling Idiocies

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In this post, we will take a look at two nationalisms, Zionism, the movement to (re)create the ancient Jewish homeland in Palestine, and Aztlan, the Mexican and Chicano movement that says that part of the Western US is actually part of Mexico, and more importantly, was the homeland of the Aztec people.
As with most forms of ultra-nationalism, both movements are exercises in lying and nonsense. And both are similar in other ways, too.
Both propose that, because the area in question (Western US, Palestine) was the ancient homeland of the people some 2,000-5,000 years ago, that they have a right to move en mass into the region and even to annex it or possibly make their state there (the Aztlan movement is divided on whether Aztlan should be annexed to Mexico or whether it should be its own state).
Both are based on some highly questionable claims of ownership. There is serious question whether or not Aztlan (an area covering part of the Western US – map here) is actually the ancient homeland of the Aztecs, as this article claims, supposedly with authoritative sources.
Let us examine the article, by Patrisia Gonzales and Roberto Rodriguez, a writing team that somehow got UPI to syndicate their ultra-radical Chicano nationalist nonsense for many years.
The authors found a map in the National Archives in Washington from 1847 with a notation near the Four Corners Area in the US referring to The Ancient Homeland of the Aztecs.
This scribbling on a map somewhere by God knows who purportedly “proves incontrovertibly” that all Mexicans and all Central Americans have a right to move to the USA tomorrow, because the US Four Corners is their “ancient homeland”.
The authors also note a tradition of the US Pueblo, Hopi, and Lakota (!?) Indian tribes that Nahuatl speakers were their former relatives. There are major problems with this. How would these tribes describe these “Nahuatl” speaking people, since back then, there is no way that they called their language or themselves by that name?
Since they called themselves and their language something else, how did these tribes know that they were “Nahuatl”-speakers? And why the Lakota? They are located far from this fake homeland, way up in South Dakota.
Further, as one who worked with an Indian tribe on a government grant doing linguistic and anthropological field work, I assure you that Indian legends and oral history need to be taken with a gigantic grain of salt, to say the least!
The authors quote Cecelio Orozco, an education professor at my alma mater, California State University Fresno as saying this lines up with his research also putting the Aztec homeland in southern Utah. Professor Orozco has published two books of apparent pseudoarcheology on this subject.
Here is how Orozco discovered this homeland (try not to laugh when reading this):

Orozco said he came upon the site through a process called “archeo-astronomy.” He saw a photograph of four rivers in Utah in 1980, and based on previous research, recognized a mathematical formula in the photo that led him to believe that this was the place of origin of the Mexicas’ ancestors. Subsequent trips and research has confirmed his thesis… 

After reading this fascinating article on archaeoastronomy, I still do not see how that science relates to a photograph of four rivers in Utah. Does anyone have any idea how a photograph of four rivers anywhere on Earth contains some hidden mathematical formula?
He also found a painting on a wall in Utah from 500 BC that he says he claims corresponds to the the codec containing the Aztec calendar. Those of us familiar with the field realize that finds all over the world look like other finds, or resemble other peoples, or bear this or that passing resemblance to whatever. None of that usually proves anything; much more work needs to be done.
According to the article, because Aztecs have a homeland in Utah dating back 2500 BC, Mexicans and Central Americans are no longer foreigners or aliens or even immigrants in the US, but they are simply in their homeland.
By that lunatic thinking, all White Americans get emigrate back to Europe and live there, since that was our homeland at some point in the past. The Europeans have no right to stop us, and we can even call it Euroamland or whatever and carve out our own damn country out of several European countries, make English the official language and even sideline the several non-English European tongues spoken there.
Then we can demand to be united with the US across the sea or just up and make our own country, dissolving several European countries in the process.
It is this sort of nonsense that makes me wonder just how smart your average Mexican Reconquista type really is. On reflection, they are obviously bright people, it is just that ultranationalism, or even often just nationalism, damages people’s brains and makes them incapable of rational thought. It does this across the board to any ethnic group – there is no reason to single out Mexicans or Chicanos.
Let us examine some of the other insane suppositions of the Aztlan crowd. We have already delved into this a bit on this on an earlier post.
First of all, the Aztecs (Mexicas) had only taken over the Mexico City area about 200 years previous to the Spanish Conquest. The empire reached its peak only about 40 years before Cortes landed. Further, the Mexicas only lived in the area around Mexico City! That’s it. All of the rest of Mexico was not Mexica territory and the tribes (even those colonized by Mexicas) who lived there cannot be said to be Mexicas!
As an analogy, let us consider the Roman Empire. Its headquarters were in Rome. The rest of the empire were just colonies, conquered areas paying tribute to Rome. Can we say that everyone in the Roman Empire was a “Roman” or an “Italian”? By the same logic, do those residing in Rome today have a right to claim all of the former Roman Empire as their land?
This is what would happen if we applied “Aztlan”-logic to that situation. Do you see how stupid this Aztlan nonsense-lie is? The Aztecs did conquer quite a bit of land in the center of Mexico (map here), killing lots of folks and enslaving others.
As noted below, the homeland of the Nahua, according to prominent Mexican archaeologist Eduardo Matos Moctezuma was probably somewhere around Guanajuato, Jalisco, and Michoacán* . From this area, 2,000 years ago, various waves of Nahua speakers radiated out through Mexico and even Central America. This is why we have 28 living Aztec (or Nahuatl) languages today.
By the way, Wikipedia is wrong that these languages are almost dead. Most are quite vigorously used, and there are 1.5 million speakers of all Nahuatl languages.
27 of these 28 tribes are not, and were not, Mexicas, anymore than everyone speaking a Romance language today is a “Roman”. Follow?
A somewhat more rational take on the Aztlan lie can be found on the Reconquista site here. Apparently real anthropologists put the Aztec homeland somewhere around Nayarit on the west coast of Mexico. That’s a lot more reasonable, but it’s probably not true either. This comes from Mexican anthropologist Alfredo Chavero’s theory in 1887. Moctezuma’s locale is probably better.
The piece also argues that since Nahuatl is an Uto-Aztecan language and many Uto-Aztecans either lived in or traveled through “Aztlan”, that there is something to the Aztlan notion in that sense. Fair enough.
In fact, the homeland of the Uto-Aztecans in my opinion is in southern Arizona or northern Mexico. But all Native Americans traveled through Siberia on their way to the Americas. Does everyone with Indian blood in the Americas get to go back to Russia and take over the place because their ancestors strolled through it sometime in the past 20,000 years?
Looking at the linguistic contacts of pre-Nahuatl would be a good way of trying to find an Aztec homeland. We can see that they had contacts with languages spoken around Veracruz, on the east coast of Mexico. As you can see, the situation is complicated.
The authors in the first article make an even more ludicrous point. First, as usual, they conflate the “Aztecs” a single tribe called the Mexica, amongst Mexico’s over 200 tribes, that only lived around Mexico City, with all Mexicans.
According to idiot Chicano nationalists, all Mexicans with Indian blood are Mexica or part Mexica! That’s nuts. As noted, there were tribes all over the land, and the Mexica were only one of 200 or so. It’s as if one said that every Italian comes from Rome.
Next, they say that all of the tribes related to the Mexicas were “Mexicas” because they spoke Nahuatl languages. They certainly were not! It’s nonsense. Are all speakers of Indo-European languages the one and same group because they all came out the Indo-European homeland in Southern Ukraine 8,000 years ago?
Even worse, these fools claim that all Central Americans were Aztecs and get to go invade the USA because it’s home sweet home.
Ridiculous. There is only one tribe, the Pipil in El Salvador, that still speaks a Nahuatl language, and there are only 20 speakers left. There were a few other Nahuatl languages in Honduras, Panama and Guatemala, but these are long since extinct. They were not “Aztecs” anymore than English-speakers in the US are “Germans”.
However, the Pipil did come from the area around Mexico City around 1000 years ago; they were related to Olmecs, but also to the Nahuatl. In general, they were an Olmec grouping. Anyway, at that time, there were no such thing as Mexicas or Aztecs – that group came later. Another group of Pipil had come to Central America 5000 years ago and came under the influence of the Maya.
This is around the time when Proto-Uto-Aztecan itself was born in the southwest US. Both of these groups, by 1000 AD, became the Pipil, who came under even more Maya influence.
The Pipil are almost extinct culturally and linguistically today, an end result of the Matanza, when 10,000-30,000 Indians were slaughtered in only a few weeks in El Salvador in 1932, while US warships patrolled off the coast in case the victims of the genocide tried to fight back.
After that, most Salvadoran Indians took off their Indian clothes and quit speaking Indian languages, especially since Pipil was outlawed. They also intermarried heavily with non-Indians, so that to this day, only 1% of El Salvador’s population are Indians. The area of the Matanza became one of the most conservative, pro-government parts of El Salvador, little effected by the Civil War from 1980-1993.
The leader of the rebellion that set off the Matanza was Farabundo Marti, head of the Salvadoran Communist Party. The rebels that fought in the Civil War later on took their name, Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front, from him.
The cult surrounding Zionism is much the same as the Aztlan nonsense. True, Jews ruled the area long ago, but only for a brief time, similar to the Aztecs. Further, similar conflations are made about the Judean Empire and the Aztlan Empire, Judean language and religion and actual Jews and Jewish religion and the relevance of ancient Judean religion to the Jewish religion today.
Also similar is the outrageous notion that some group has a right to go back to its ancient homeland of 2000-5000 years ago, settle there at will, and even make a state there. Some of the radical Atzlanistas, similar to Zionists, also suggest throwing out the natives (in the case of the Aztlanistas the Whites, who came starting 400 years ago) since they are “invaders squatting on the true homeland”.
In this same nonsensical way, Zionists project their own invasion of Palestine and squatting on Palestinian land off onto the victim. The Arabs, who came 1450 years ago, are the “invaders”, who have been squatting on “Jewish land” since then. Never mind that the Jews left 2000 years ago. They owned Palestine in their hearts in the intervening 1900 years, and Zionism claims that that trumps a property deed!
Zionism’s proponents are Jews, the smartest folks on Earth, who ought to know better. But ultra-nationalism can easily make a fool of the finest man.
See Joachim Martillo’s site, Ethnic Ashkenazim Against Zionist Israel, for more. In particular, his superb Issues and Questions In the Historiography of Pre-State Zionism (90 pp.!), is a piece which deserves much wider reading. Martillo has some tendency towards fanaticism (but this also drives him to produce), can be an ideologue, and is sometimes guilty of trying to make facts fit theory as opposed to otherwise.
However, these (especially making the facts fit theory) are chronic problems with most all social scientists, as Kevin MacDonald has observed.
At the least, the brilliant Martillo should be more widely read, if only to subject his interesting theories to the critical light of peer review to separate wheat from chaff. And the 90 page link above is just sublime, in particular in the way that it takes apart the primordial nonsense of Zionism in the same way we attacked the similar primordialism of the Atzlanistas in this post.
*Eduardo Matos Moctezuma, The Great Temple of the Aztecs: Treasures of Tenochtitlan, New York: Thames and Hudson, 1988) 38.

Debate With an Aztlanista Traitor

Frederic, apparently an Aztlanista reconquista traitor who has listened to one too many Latrino Studies lectures, comments. His comments are in the blockquotes.

But I guess if Mexico gets it shit together and becomes a first world, thriving country somewhen in the future, then a political reconquista will probably be the inevitable.

This will never happen. Mexico will always be Mexico because it is full of Mexicans. Nothing can change this reality.
Anyway, if it did happen, the US would hopefully attack Mexico. Any sane US government would send in the army and secure the area. We should also probably start deporting the Chicano traitors who sided with the enemy if this ever came up. As you can see, I am not an America-hating traitor at all. In fact, I am a patriot and these Reconquista weenies really bring out the flagwaver in me.
This is why I say that Aztlan theory is dangerous, and Aztlanistas are worse than assholes. They are traitorous assholes. And if Aztlan theory ever catches fire and gains mass support, we will be in a world of shit and God help us. Luckily, there is no sign of that occurring.

This would especially happen if Mexican Americans educated themselves and found out the shit Mexican Americans went through and the broken promises for those Mexicans who stayed in US gained lands after the U.S.-Mexican war.

I assume they have all been brainwashed about this stuff in classes, but almost none of them seem to care. Honestly. I know these people very well.

They’d probably feel alien and disillusioned with the country of the US (especially if they remain unassimilated).

Won’t happen. Once Latinos get to be a majority anywhere, they are happier than pigs in shit, except for professional radicals and complainers. And after 2-3 generations, 100% of them assimilate. By the 3rd generation, most do not even speak Spanish anymore.

As a matter of fact Robert, your city is an example of reconquista.

Not really. Whites still run this town. I think the Latinos like it that way.
We know how to run municipalities.
They don’t.
Once a city goes all Latino, it’s government goes all Latino, and the place basically falls apart turns into “Little Mexico.” The Mexicans with any brains and sense take note of when the last White person packed up and start packing their bags themselves. If you ask them why they left, they will say the place went to Hell when all the Whites left.

Most Hispanics will probably be united by the same idiocy that plagues the common American mind: the notion of a “Hispanic” race.

They already are, and they’re some of the stupidest humans I have ever met when it comes to race. They have no understanding of biological race whatsoever. Anyway, they’re already all united under “Latino,” and the loony Aztlan notion has no support.

There is No Atzlan; There Will Be No Reconquista

AJ asks:

Robert Lindsay, do you support La Reconquista? I know your conflicted on immigration, but are you OK with millions of Mexicans taking the Southwest and turning it into Aztlan? 

Ain’t gonna happen. Mexicans are not that stupid. Even Mexicans are not stupid enough to annex this place with Mexico or create a new state. They came here to flee Mexico, remember. Mexico sucks. USA is cool. So they leave there and come here.
Aztlan crap is just an indulgence for often-ignorant bourgeois Chicanos who went off to the university and “got some of those funny ideas” as my great grandmother used to say. They took some Latrino Studies courses taught by some idiot racist Marxist Brown Beret overeducated asshat bigmouths.
Your average Chicano never even graduates from high school. They’ve never even walked onto a college campus. I talk about this Aztlan crap with local Chicanos, and 90% don’t even know what I’m talking about. I explain it to them, and they still don’t know what I’m talking about. These are phenomenally ignorant people, keep in mind. This is a culture that utterly celebrates ignorance and the Idiocracy.
Those that know about it simply shrug their shoulders or have no opinions.
A few gangbangers say they are going to take this place back, but they are just worthless assholes with the IQ’s of hedgehogs shooting off their GED-less potty mouths.
Aztlan is much ado about nothing. Chicanos like living with the White man. White man makes a good society for Chicanos to live in. White man leaves, it all reverts back to Mexico-in-USA. Chicanos ain’t that dumb. They want us to stick around, and deep down inside, they know that they need us, and most of them don’t even hate us anyway.
Hell, millions of them are more or less White themselves. What’s a White? What’s a Latino? It’s getting pretty confusing here in California.
See, I could turn into a Latino automagically just by lying about my ancestry. Now I’m one of them. See how easy that is? It’s not like the White-Black thing at all.

The Left Supports Racial Separatism in the US

Just not for Whites!
I dig this blog, but I have issues with Western Maoists guys for the usual reasons. White nationalists may be interested to note that they support ethnic secessionism in the US! Just not for Whites. They support the execrable Aztlan Chicano secessionist movement in the US and the Black secessionist movement in the US South, which aims to create a state out of the US Black Belt (map here).
They support these absurd causes because supposedly Blacks and Hispanics are both oppressed minorities in the US, hence have the right to self-determination according to Marxist (specifically, Leninist and Stalinist) theory.
I figure if you’re going to give Blacks and Chicanos the right to secede, why not give Whites the right to secede too? Some other questions remain unanswered. Would the Blacks and Hispanics have the right to throw all the Blacks and Hispanics out of the Black and Hispanic states?
I assume these guys are completely hostile to White nationalism, but it’s interesting that they see both US Blacks and Hispanics are members of oppressed nations. I guess Whites don’t get to secede because they are not an “oppressed minority?”
The independent Black state in the South would be a disaster. The whole place would probably turn into some combination of Detroit plus the Mississippi Delta.
Being an oppressed minority in the US is the best thing that’s ever happened to US Blacks. We’ve gotten rid of slavery and Jim Crow, and racism has been declining for 45 years since the Civil Rights Act. Anywhere else on Earth, they would be worse off.
Want to go back to Africa? Didn’t think so. Want to move to those wonderful Black countries in the Caribbean? Nope. How about moving to that wonderful state of Brazil, where they got rid of racism once and for all? Guess not. Blacks in the US and the rest of the West have it better than anywhere else on Earth. Granted, we could certainly treat them better, and that’s a task that anti-racists at their best moments continue to hammer away at.
But Blacks and Whites in the US evolved in a symbiotic relationship. I don’t know about Whites needing Blacks, but I’m convinced that US Blacks need US Whites. They’d fall apart without us. An independent Black state in the South would be a massive fail.
Segregation in the past did not work for Blacks. Ask how many Blacks want to go back to segregation? The independent Black state would in effect be a return to segregation. What happens when you pull all the Whites out of a city and return to an effectively segregated Black ghetto? No matter what it’s called, Oakland, East St. Louis, the Bronx, Harlem, South Central LA, South Side Chicago, Newark, Gary, Hammond, Baltimore, Washington DC, New Orleans, the result is much the same. A Black ghetto, with sky-high rates of crime and every other social pathology you can think of.
We can argue on and on about why Black ghettos end up the way they are, but the fact is that they are what they are. When Blacks are more spread out and not living in heavily-Black communities, it seems obvious to me that they do better, though I haven’t seen any studies yet.
For example, my city is 4% Black. A lot of these Blacks are pretty ghetto, and a lot of them are low income. Nevertheless, the Blacks here cause few problems if you ask me. You do see them getting arrested a lot, but it’s for stuff like driving on a suspended license, pimping, prostitution, domestic violence, stuff like that. The local Blacks do not commit much street crime. There is no wave of thefts, beatings, rapes and murders attributable to them. For one, their numbers are so small that Black gangs have not taken hold, but crucially neither has Black “culture”, which with these folks would just be ghetto culture.
But could you imagine what this city would be like if it was 67% Black and not 4%? I would not even want to live here! The Black crime rate would be much higher than it is. Integration is great for Blacks. Segregation is so bad for them, it’s downright deadly. Hence the Black state is doomed to fail.

Dual Loyalty Mexicans Versus Dual Loyalty Jews

Granted, both are a problem, but to me, the dual loyalty Mexicans are vastly worse, by orders of magnitude. The brilliant, and Jewish, Steven Steinlight of the Center for Immigration Studies, lays it all out below. It’s incredible, but predictable, the way the mainstream Jewish community has turned on this poor guy.
The Jewish community has always been influenced by its radicals, as the brilliant Kevin McDonald has pointed out in his great essays, Understanding Jewish Power (available in three parts).
The radicals seize the moment and begin pushing a radical project. They quickly frame all Jews opposed to the project as “enemies of the Jews.” Jews are so hyperethnocentric and tribally loyal that such appeals to refuse treason to the tribe are very powerful. It really hurts even seriously deracinated Jews to be accused of tribal disloyalty. That’s one Hell of a sting.
But the radicals pound and pound away, accusing the sane Jews of being Jewish traitors. Gradually, the fear of being labelled a traitor and cast out of the tribe overweighs sanity, and more and more Jews start going over to the radicals’ wild positions. Soon the wild-eyed fringe opinions of the radicals are pretty much mainstream Jewish opinion.
It worked this way in 1800’s Galicia and it works this way now with neoconservative normalization of previously beyond the pale ideas to the point where they represent the Jewish mainstream.
So it is that the Jews are uncommonly subject to radicalism and extremism.
The mainstream Jews and SPLC hatchet men know full well that Steven Steinlight and his organization are not White nationalists and White Supremacists. The very notion is insane. Steinlight has impeccable liberal credentials as a long-time activist in the Civil Rights movement. But the SPLC liars know how a charge like that stings, especially with fellow Jews. White nationalist – White supremacist = Nazi. You do the math.
Listen to Steinlight make sense on Mexican illegals. He compares dual loyalty among US Jews with dual loyalty among US Mexicans and concludes that there is no comparison, Mexicans are way more treasonous than Jews:
The comparison alleged between the genuine dangers posed by mass Mexican immigration to US social cohesion and sovereignty and pernicious allegations of “Jewish dual loyalty” is wholly false. There is no parallel. First, one must consider the historically unprecedented scale of Mexican immigration, legal and illegal, which dwarfs all other immigration.
If we took the 10 next largest immigrant groups, their combined total would be less than that of Mexicans.  Mexico also shares a 2,000 mile border with the US, the longest on earth between a First World and a Third World economy.  The most worrying matter, irredentist sentiment, is a burning, powerful issue for Mexicans and totally inapplicable to Jews.  I was not aware that Jews harbor territorial claims against the US! The very idea is Monty Python-like.
But polling by Zogby International reveals some 62% of Mexicans believe the American southwest is Mexican, not American.
If the goals of “Progress by Pesach” were met and we amnestied 11.5 million illegal aliens, by far the greatest part Mexican, and passed “comprehensive immigration reform,” whose main goal is doubling legal immigration, not promoting amnesty (amnesty is what is known on Capitol Hill as a “weapon of mass distraction”), within a decade or so we’d see huge Mexican majorities in all the border states of the southwest, a majority that rejects American sovereignty there.
This is a recipe for social unrest, at the very least.  In addition, Mexican “immigrants” (I prefer the term “transnational population” because they are living in two societies simultaneously and haven’t decided to which they belong) have naturalized at a shockingly infinitesimal rate.  Under 20% of this huge demographic has bothered to become US citizens, suggesting their sense of national belonging to the US is extremely tenuous, to put it mildly.
On top of which, the last three Presidents of Mexico have pushed a program for a “Greater Mexico” and have asserted the claim that they “represent” Mexicans living in the US.  Indeed, President Vincente Fox went so far as to assert he speaks on behalf of all Hispanics/Latinos in the US, regardless of national origin.
The Mexican government has also stated it is the “protector” of Mexicans within the US. Mexicans in this country legally require no protection (they might well in the brutally corrupt oligarchy that is Mexico), and the US in not the dying Ottoman Empire: we don’t need to grant “concessions” to outside powers to safeguard minority populations.
Such arrogant, outrageous intervention in US internal affairs is reflected in the conduct of the vast Mexican consular system within the US engaged in massive violation of the Geneva Protocols regarding the activities of consulates: they have inserted themselves into our domestic affairs in the context of labor relations, health care provision, law enforement, etc.
When the largest immigrant group in America, one that will increase by some 66-100 million within 20 years if “comprehensive immigration reform were to pass, fails to naturalize, regards US territory in which they reside as belonging to their country of origin, and are encouraged by the government of Mexico to regard Mexico as their home — all Mexicans are dual citizens as a matter of Mexican law –we face a serious problem.
The American-Jewish community, on the other hand, represents perhaps the single most successful example of patriotic assimilation of any group in the history of American immigration.  Unlike other immigrant groups in their early days in the US, Jews brought no loyalty to their countries of origin because they had been persecuted there.
If Jews were to come today under the same conditions that brought them here during the “Great Waves” they would be called refugees, not immigrants. Jews were also the only immigrant group that migrated in one direction only.
They embraced Americanization fervently because it was the best thing that had ever happened to them.  They learned English within two years of arrival, not two generations (the norm for other groups), and because Jews were alone among immigrants in having virtually universal male literacy within only a year or two of arrival they were earning wages comparable to natives.
(Current immigrants make an astounding 23% less because of lack of education: some 60-63% of Mexican and Central American immigrants lack a high school diploma. Their poverty has nothing to do with legal status.)
The charge of “dual loyalty,” suggesting American Jews are torn between allegiance to the US and to Israel, is an anti-Semitic canard.  The very small number of Jews who see themselves primarily as Zionists make aliyah.  Undoubtedly a tiny fraction of Jews living in the US may feel authentically torn, but even they seek to square those loyalties by arguing that American interests and values are congruent with those of Israel.
The great majority of American Jews, however, hardly feel as if they are living in the Diaspora.  They are fully at home in America.
The great majority of American Jews are patriots (it’s a good way to define oneself when one lives in the freest society on earth: I’m appalled by those who see “patriotism” as somehow “fascist”) who have achieved the ideal balance between their particularistic identity (which appropriately involves deep concern about the security and well-being of Israel) with a much stronger sense of national belonging.
There is no “dual loyalty” within the American-Jewish community that is a cause of concern to any but paranoid anti-Semites.
On the other hand, the fact that the fastest growing demograhic in the nation regards a huge expanse of US territory as belonging to its country of origin (to which we are geographically contiguous), has in essence refused to join the polity by failing to naturalize, has resisted learning the language of the dominant culture, and is strongly influenced by an interventionist Mexican government are causes of deep, legitimate concern.

La Raza Uber Alles

An Hispanic commenter on the Some Issues With Machismo post takes issue with some of the comments in the post.
First he suggests that Hispanic culture is not regressive, putting the adjective in quotes. And yet it is.
Next he suggests that we only noticed this after our apples got picked and our buildings cleaned. Once again, jobs Americans won’t do.
Finally, he says I should not complain about importing millions of Hispanics, as the millions are already here and you can’t import what is already here.
But we continue to import them, and most of them aren’t even legal anyway. Without amnesty, at least they are not legal. And theoretically we could throw them all back to Mexico at some point if they are illegal.
With amnesty, another vast flood of illegals will begin, since amnesty spurs confidence that in the US it’s legal to be an illegal alien and future amnesties will be forthcoming. Further, there will be a birthrate explosion in the vast sea of low-quality Hispanics already legalized in the amnesty. This is what happened last time.
The children of the newly amestied will be low-quality like their parents, and will create a new round of graffiti-taggers, gang-bangers, school dropouts, teen pregnancies, wrecked schools, trashed and run-down cities, welfare cases and custodians of the criminal justice system.
Illegals are low quality Hispanics from Mesoamerica. When you legalize them, they are still low-quality Hispanics from Mesoamerica. The urban poor and peasants of Mesoamerica simply do not make quality American citizens.
What do they do instead? They recreate Mesoamerica everywhere they go in the US. They don’t seem to be able to do anything else. They don’t stop recreating Tijuana after they get legalized. Legalization changes nothing.
It doesn’t help much with labor either. A newly legalized illegal does not suddenly demand a union and $20/hour. He is still a compliant, easily manipulated Mesoamerican peasant who will work for the lowest dollar available. He will outcompete real Americans for low-wage labor everywhere he goes.
As commenter James Schipper has pointed out, legalizing a mass flood of low-skilled workers will simply flood those occupations with an ocean of excess labor, further driving wages and probably working conditions into the gutter.
Illegals lower wages. They will continue to lower wages after they are legalized.
Further, legalization does not change the problems of field labor.
As far as working in the fields, with bad economic times many legal Hispanics are now doing this.
And we could always have a guest worker program.
But as soon as we legalize 12-20 million criminal invaders, most of them will decide that farm work is too good for them! This is what happened last time. And so we will need many more illegals.
There are legal workers in the UFW, but the farmers here in the Central Valley don’t want to hire them. Why? They have a backbone, a union, they fight back, and demand minimum wage. The farmers need illegals because they won’t hire the UFW!
Last time I checked, 80% of farm workers are paid below the minimum wage here in California. Yet the “farmers” control all of the press and politics in this region. “The farmers” are held aloft as if they are some glorious object of reverence. My opinion of these crooked labor-abusing capitalists is much lower.
The crowd pushing amnesty is pushing a lie. According to the lie, once we legalize X million illegals, we will seal the border forever and we will immediately arrest all illegals found in the US and deport them. Workplaces will be raided continuously to keep the new illegals at bay, and employers who hire illegals will be vigorously fined or possibly even imprisoned.
The lie is, Just let us do this amnesty once, and then we will end illegal immigration once and for all and forever.
It’s a lie! This is extremely important to recognize.
The illegal alien supporters do not want to temporarily fix a problem by amnesty and then put in a permanent crackdown that allows no further illegals. But this is the lie that they sell to us!
Look closely at the pro-illegal crowd, especially the openly treasonous Hispanic organizations.
They don’t believe in enforcing our southern border! They don’t believe in militarizing the border, they oppose more agents, they oppose the wall, they oppose more money for border patrol agents. What do they think we should do instead? I don’t know! I think they believe that anyone who wants to walk across that border ought to just be able to do so unhindered. That right there is an extremely radical position and an utterly insane notion and right off the bat ought to make the Hispanic organizations unwelcome in polite company anywhere in our land.
How about the line that once the new illegals get in, we will quickly arrest and deport them. Forget it!
Read the Hispanic organizations very closely. They oppose any and all arrests of any illegal aliens who are in the US for whatever reason. I guess they think that illegal alien criminals should be deported, but that’s not a very controversial opinion. The line of the Hispanic organizations is once you sneak past the Border Patrol and keep your nose clean, you are home free.
Workplace raids? They oppose any and all workplace raids. I have yet to see one workplace raid that the Hispanic organizations supported. Once the new illegals come in and are home free, they are safe in the workplace too.
E-Verify could easily stop this. E-Verify simply tries to enforce the law by making it almost impossible to “accidentally” hire an illegal alien who “you really and honestly thought was legal.” This is the typical lie that the employers use to justify hiring illegals. Implementing E-Verify would be trivial and enforcing it would be easy. It’s a no-brainer.
The Hispanic organizations have been in the forefront of the fight against E-Verify. They don’t think anyone should have to prove that they are a US citizen to work at any job in America. Unbelievable. That right there is such an incredibly radical position that there shouldn’t even be much of a debate about it among any sane Americans.
What about crackdowns on employers? Even Obama seems like he might be doing this, when he is not busy running around screaming amnesty at the top of his lungs. It seems almost everyone supports crackdowns on employers. Polls show up to 80% support for this. Yet we have few workplace raids in America. Once again, a tiny minority lords it over the vast majority of Americans and enforces minority rule.
The Hispanic organizations? They even oppose cracking down, fining and imprisoning the employers! I am serious, they really do. Nowadays, unbelievably, the Hispanic organizations, usually “leftwing” and “liberal” ones, are often found voicing rightwing lines about how illegal alien cheap labor is great for the economy. I am serious. I have heard Hispanic “Leftists” say this over and over on my “progressive” radio station.
This shows that when it comes to politics, race and ethnicity trumps class politics for Hispanics. It’s La Raza Uber Alles. La Raza comes first, everything else comes second. If “Leftist” Hispanics have to toss class politics in the trash can and embrace a reactionary line to advance the cause of La Raza, they will do it in a New York minute.
So once the new illegals flood across the border, and flood they will in the wake of a new mass amnesty, they will not only be home free once they sneak past the agents, they will find secure jobs doing whatever the Hell they want, and their employers can rest free knowing they can hire all the illegals they want and never go to jail.
After a while, guess what? Soon we will have millions more illegals in the US, and a whole new “illegal alien problem.” With mass amnesty, the Hispanic voter bloc will grow so large that at some point we may have to foreclose all enforcement of our Southern border forever.
This is a roundabout way of saying that all of the Hispanic organizations are de facto Open Borders advocates.
Do they want all of our borders open? Probably not. As true ethnic nationalists, they care first and foremost about La Raza, with everyone else plays second fiddle or is not in the race at all. They probably only want the Southern border open so their ethnic family can continue to flood in. It’s ethnic politics, pure and simple. I don’t think the Hispanics shed one tear about Chinese illegals or Bosnian illegals. The only illegals they care about are their racial brethren.
Regarding janitorial jobs, when I was coming of age in the 1970’s, White people and sometimes Black folks did all the janitorial work. It was a respectable job and positions never went open for lack of workers. I worked proudly as a janitor for many years. There were never any illegals working with us.

Hate Crimes Legislation: The View From the Ground

People talk a lot about hate crimes legislation, but we seldom know what it looks like on the ground. This British diplomat was arrested in the UK for violating hate crimes laws for shouting a few things here and there at the gym while watching the latest Israeli outrage in Gaza. I don’t really dig people yelling racially offensive stuff in public, but…
Really, now.
The poor guy could get 7 years in public for “inciting religious hatred.” My God. Isn’t this just going a bit too far? Are people getting arrested for writing stuff too? I’ve been arrested a few times myself, and no way do I want to see cell bars again.
My understanding is that hate crimes legislation has been one of the top things on the ADL’s agenda for some time now. It’s a testament to the fact that Jews do not, in fact, run America, that it’s never passed despite all the efforts of Organized Jewry. I believe that the Hispanic Lobby and the Cultural Left anti-racists like the SPLC are also pushing very hard for this. I don’t know about Black groups.
This stuff creeps me out. Hard.

SPLC Supports American Workers Against Fake Guest Workers

One of the last things the Bush Administration did before it left, among the other horrible rules it made, was a new rule dealing the H-2B guest workers. It made it easier to bring these fake workers into the country and it also made it much easier to abuse them while they were here.
I am on the Southern Poverty Leadership Center (SPLC)’s mailing list, and I recently got a mail from them. It said, “Stop the Abuse of Workers!” Since the SPLC has never shown me that it cared anything about American workers, or Americans period, as long as they are White Americans, I figured this was some BS about stopping the “abuse” of arresting illegal aliens who have absolutely no fucking right whatsoever to be in my country.
My surprise. On opening the mail, the SPLC detalied the new Bush Administration rule that is leading to some grotesque abuse of these guest workers, who shouldn’t even be in this country in the first place.
That’s wrong right there, but what surprised me was next. The SPLC then said that the whole H-2B program is subject to outrageous abuses, in most cases being used to bring in fake “guest workers” after first firing the Americans, or brining in fake guest workers when there are plenty of Americans willing to fill the jobs.
Along with Paul Craig Roberts’ post in Counterpunch that I detailed earlier that discussed how the Stimulus Bill allows businesses to use stimulus money to fire American workers and bring in fake guest worker replacements, these are the first times I have ever heard the Left in the US actually stand up for American workers against immigrants of any sort.
There is definitely competition between US workers and refugees, guest workers and illegal aliens.
In that contest, the Left has nearly always treasonously sided with the glorious foreigners against the real Americans.
For a political spectrum that is supposed to be for American workers, I can’t hide my outrage at this.
This is because the Left in the US is increasingly made up of non-Whites. Many non-Whites are either immigrants or their children, and they automatically side with a pro-immigrant position to the point where frankly most immigrants and their children seem to be out and out Open Borders and Mass Amnesty maniacs and traitors.
So the glorious “immigrant” has become something of a sacred cow with the Left. Let’s keep in mind that most immigrants nowadays are non-Whites, and the idiot Left in the West is based on the notion perpetrated by what I call “Anti-White Studies”. Also note that most US workers are White. The US Left has a well-disguised contempt for White workers, probably because they think they are infected with “White privilege” or are a bunch of racist rednecks who need to be knocked down a few pegs.
However, I note that no one on the US Left has dared to take on the precious illegals. Fake guest workers, who are after all legal, can be slammed, but the glorious illegal alien invaders are a protected class to be cherished and promoted at all costs. The day when the US Left lifts one finger against illegals will be an interesting day indeed.


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