Still Watchin’ That Gay Porn?

They say if you look at gay porn, then you’re gay, but that’s a bad argument.

I assure you that all straight men who look at porn have seen some gay porn, obviously photo stills, but a lot of them have seen some videos. Sometimes that stuff just sneaks up on you while you are trying to watch straight porn.

You load the video, and “Oh no oh my fucking God get that fag shit out of here gross!” and you can’t close out the video soon enough. Other times you’re watching some, uh, straight porn, except it’s not completely straight. Two men on one woman, fine, we’ve all seen that a million times. But whoa, one guy’s fucking the woman, while the other guy…

“Whoa! Wait a second there buddy! Hooold your horses, pal! WTF have we here? The other guy…is…sucking the first guy’s cock! Queers! Faggots! Oh gross! Oh noes! I mean I love threeways but not this fag shit get outa here no way ew gross faggots faggots fags fags fucking fags I hate fags I swear dammit!”

That’s your thought process. So my thoughts are un-PC. So fuckin what?

Fire me, if I even have a job. Ban me, if there’s even a site I haven’t been banned from yet. Destroy my career. No whoops I don’t have one! Dox me! Whoops we can’t find Robert Lindsay anywhere because he’s not in any public records! What is he, a ghost? Nope, he’s a mere man who has mastered the art of disappearance in this all so Big Brotherly modern wired up Internet digitalized you’re being watched, listened to, recorded and monitored everywhere dystopia we call Late Capitalism.

I refuse to watch that stuff because to me it’s horrible, however I do like to watch incredibly fucked up shit like a gay man shitting on another gay man’s face and mouth while the other guy eats the shit.

That’s so fucking gross and sick that I just have to watch it.. Why? Because I’m a sick fuck, that’s why! Not because I’m gay. Those are the only gay videos I can handle – the ones where gay men are being disgustingly sick fucks. Even then, I’m watching it because it’s gross, not because they’re gay.

I admit to being a bit of a homophobe too, so I like to make fun, mock, laugh at, and insult the gay men in these videos and call them insulting names. It’s not PC, but it’s my private thoughts, so so what? The SJW’s haven’t made having certain thoughts illegal. Not yet anyway. I’m sure they’re working on it.

All the Ways That IQ Is Relevant to Society

Intelligent Mouse: By “relevant for society” i meant relevant for economics. IQ can matter for many reasons, like for example just being interested in any form of scientific rigor in understand behavior could make it relevant to an individual as the person would seek for all (or at least most) alternatives in models. But lets investigate some of the potencial usage of intelligence meassurments and see how IQ tests meassure up. Measuring potential school performance: Some small amount of years in school will already give the teachers or parents ample information about their prospects, but also traits that make IQ more productive in synthesis: Job performance: Well, IQ correlates around 0.3 with job performance, but the measurement is subjective so it might capture some things that correlate with social-class and therefore IQ. Eugenics: Pleitropy and polygenic structures makes eugenics by swapping SNPs impractical. Breeding programs can only do so much without further molecular biology knowledge. Twin studies seem kinda ridiculous: Twin Studies, Adoption Studies, and Fallacious Reasoning And i also agree with: Behavior Genetics and the Fallacy of Nature vs Nurture and (which is what GWAS interested behavioral geneticists like Steven Hsu agree on): Height and IQ Genes making eugenics very hard. If we already knew the mechanisms behind Testing mental health: This is actually the best use of IQ, as decreasing IQ is indicative of loss in brain stuff. Criterion validity and correlation: I also think that IQ´s criterion validity lies on shaky grounds when its founded on correlations that are only tested in narrow environments, essentially just creating the same correlation again and again without testing the methodological validity by testing the correlation appropriately. to test correlation appropriately would find anomalies in the pure environmentalist approach (or any level of conviction to environmental explanations) or finding causal IQ relationships (which Environmentalists have done). I’m not really an IQ denier though, i think there probably is an range of IQ that any given person can inhabit, but the fact of individuals sticking around the mean makes it hard to know who could be where, especially in such large and genetically similar groups like economic classes and races. Some people are obviously extreme, but as previously stated, we don’t need IQ tests to know that. And whats to say that smart people have high IQ? IQ is contingent on G, but all of my criticisms on IQ are pretty much equally (for better or worse) valid against G. I see no use in IQ if not for future developments. Its an unfinished project at best.

  I do not think that people realize what they are criticizing when they attack IQ. For IQ is simply the best measure we have for measuring intelligence in human beings. No better test has ever been devised. So when you criticize IQ as a concept, you are actually criticizing human intelligence itself. Do you IQ critics who say IQ is not that important really want to say that human intelligence is not important for human beings? Because that is exactly what you are saying. You realize IQ correlates very well with all sorts of things, right? Percentage of country that are college grads. Grades in college, SAT. Good correlation between college grades, SAT scores and IQ. Wealth of society. As IQ rises, societies tend to become more wealthy. As IQ falls to a low level, you can end up with extreme poverty, a lot of crime and chaos, rampant disease, and sometimes even a failed state. State of the infrastructure of society. Infrastructure of society improves as IQ rises. People and society are more likely to maintain things. When IQ falls to a low level, people often do not know how to fix broken infrastructure and there is a tendency to jerry rig or do temporary quick and dirty fixes to problems that last for a bit but then fail again. Civilizational level of society. As IQ rises, societies appear more civilized. As it drops to a low level, countries can appear downright barbarous. Crime rate of society: As IQ rises, the nation’s crime rate falls. Whether or not you will go to jail or prison and how long: As IQ falls,  you are more likely to be imprisoned and for longer. Whether you will go on welfare programs. As IQ falls, welfare use increases. Whether you will get an advanced degree. As IQ rises, advanced degrees become more common. Income (up to a certain level). Income rises in tandem with IQ up to 125-130, after which it falls Accident rate. As IQ falls, people get into many more accidents, some fatal. Includes car crashes, recreational accidents, accidents at home, etc. Hospitalization rates. As IQ rises, people are hospitalized less often. Rates of alcoholism and serious drug abuse. As IQ rises, rates of drug and alcohol abuse fall. The environment you create for your children. As IQ rises, parents create better environments for their children. Stability for chaotic nature of your surroundings. Even if you look at it on a neighborhood level, as IQ rises, the neighborhood becomes calmer, sometimes nearly to the point of being boring. Yet only three miles away, a large group of apartment complexes housing many low wage workers has a lot of noise, a general chaotic atmosphere, frequent police calls, a lot of yelling and screaming coming from homes, more frequent and more chaotic parties, more violence, more residential crime, and more drug and alcohol abuse. Domestic violence rates. Domestic violence falls precipitously as IQ rises. Men at the highest IQ levels seldom beat their wives. As IQ falls down to a low level, domestic violence becomes commonplace to the point where most men are beating their wives.

Repost: What Are the Odds of a Human Surviving a Wolf Attack?

This is a repost of a very nice earlier post from four years ago that is being posted around the Net right now. From the Internet. Fascinating stuff.  A number of respondents said they would bet on the human or said that a smart human can indeed take out a wolf, although your odds are a lot better if you are armed with anything. However, many other respondents said if you a wolf attacks you, and you are unarmed, get ready to die. You’re gone. Overwhelmingly, your chances of survival are near zero. First thing to note is that they are extremely intelligent, far smarter than a dog.

I raised many hybrid wolves, mostly German Shepherd breeds, and one 80 The thing with wolves is the intelligence and the chess match you are involved in from first encounter. They are always thinking two steps ahead and know what to do, even as youngsters… …If you are in a fight with a wolf, I’d give you less than the minute it took for them to down a pig, and unless you’re some kind of ninja, you’d never remember what happened. They know where and when to strike you, know how to do it, and are so smart.


Maybe if you knew some kind of special wolf triangle choke where you could incapacitate the wolf, but just like everyone else says, you’ll lose that fight 99 times out of 100.

A wolf is not a dog.

You wouldn’t stand a chance in Hell against an adult wolf. Oliver Starr has dozens of accounts of living with wolves, including several on this very subject, and one thing that is quite clear is wolves are not just wild dogs.

Wolves chew right through solid metal objects. Think of what they could do to your measly flesh.

My friends had a part wolf dog. The most noticeable difference was the mouth. That wolf dog was very friendly, but he had a long head and was all teeth. Having read Oliver Starr’s story I would not give myself good odds of surviving if he had ever tried to take me down. He once chewed through a metal cooler to get some lunch meat and routinely chewed open food cans. Wolves are not dogs, and it only takes two dogs to kill an adult human.

Even if you do live and kill the wolf, you might wish you had not survived:

If you do manage to fight the wolf off, you could be hurt really bad, possibly sustaining life-threatening wounds. A bite can tear open major veins, crush bones, and rip open your abdomen or throat.

Police are allowed to use deadly force against even large dogs that seriously attack them. It is considered a deadly force encounter.

That is why I as an officer am allowed to shot a wolf or dog that I feel is going to attack me. It is considered a deadly force encounter.

If you don’t have a gun, the best thing to do is to climb a tree, but that probably won’t work, as wolves are fast as lightning.

A wolf will kill most adult humans easily. That is why if  you fight a wolf, you must always presume it will be a fight to the death, and you had better want to live. Yes, some people have hysterical/psychotic strength, but that happens rarely and cannot be depended on. Best advice is to climb a tree (if you get the chance, good luck with that) if unarmed, otherwise shoot it if you have a gun.


What Weird or Gross Things Would You Confess To?

Here. This is off of a teenage girl and young woman site. I will probably never date another young woman again, and underage teens are illegal and nowadays they are immature and silly as Hell and sadly they all look like little girls now too. But due to all the fun I had with them when I was younger, there will always be a tiny place in my heart for the God-created being known as the teenage girl. The teenage girl is certainly a very interesting creature. If you don’t realize this, you either don’t like females or you never had female children. List of gross or weird confessions:

–          I used to pee the bed –          I also used to pee my pants –          I’ve peed outside multiple times(probably pooped too I don’t remember) –          I still pee in the shower, pools, ocean etc. –          I always used to pick my nose and eat my boogers –          I still sometimes eat my boogers haha –          I used to have bad habits of grinding my teeth and crossing my eyes –          I rarely used to shower (it is more frequent now but still not like everyday) –          I never wash my hands after I use the bathroom at home (sometimes even in public) –          I sometimes sleep with tampons in –          I used to always wear a panty liner until recently (mostly cause I would sometimes wear the same underwear for days, but change the liner) –          I used to wear dirty clothes pretty frequently (still sometimes but rarely) –          When I first started shaving I tried to shave my arms because I thought everyone did –          I shave between my eyebrows –          I used to be so paranoid of getting raped I wore everything to bed including shirt, bra, panties, jeans, belt etc. (even though we live in the country and it wasn’t likely) –          I’ve seen all kinds of real messed up videos (animal abuse, police brutality, murder, necrophilia, bestiality etc) –          I’ve done other drugs besides just pot –          I never had my first kiss or anything until I was almost 18 –          I’ve been watching porn and masturbating since I was 13 or 14 –          I’ve cammed with random strangers on the internet –          I even sent one guy pictures and videos even though I never saw him –          I put naked pictures of myself on the internet –          My first “paycheck” was 100 bucks from a cam girl website that I did for 3 days –          I’ve never had an actual job, and I’m 20 years old –          I went to pre-1st (a grade in between kindergarten and 1st grade) because I wasn’t quite ready with my reading and writing etc (I still hold a pencil unlike most people because of the way they taught us) –          I’m dropping out of college –          I’ve never got in trouble at school or with the law –          I probably stole a few things but normally just candy when I was little lol –          I once drew a yiff picture of a tiger and lion but got embarrassed and threw it away –          I like the taste of blood (like little amounts of my own) –          Bad habit of picking stuff my nails, scabs, cysts etc –          I rarely brush or floss my teeth (maybe once a week, normally just before I go to my boyfriends or a job interview or something like that) –          I have a horrible gag reflex (it is getting better), but I still don’t take any medicine besides my birth control –          I unprotected sex for 14 months before I got on birth control –          I’m submissive (and I hate 50 Shades of Gray) –          My favorite porn star is James Deen –          My only other celebrity crush is Machine Gun Kelly –          I have a tube in my body that runs from my head to somewhere inside me (I had hydrocephalus when I was little because I have Basal Cell Nevus Syndrome) –          I normally masturbate with all my clothes on and just use my heel against my crotch –          I’ve never had an orgasm –          I don’t like touching my clit when masturbating or having sex because it makes me feel like I have to pee (probably because I linger to long down there when I go to the bathroom) –          My showers are always really long generally 30-50 minutes most of the time just spent standing the in the water or fingering myself (this is a guilty pleasure as I am all for conserving water and such but as I said early I don’t take showers everyday or anything either so it evens out I guess) –          I’ve had anal sex –          The first time I had anal sex we didn’t use lube and I ended up with an anal fissure for 6 months afterwards (ow) –          I’m the pickiest eater ever (no lie haha) and a vegetarian (want to be vegan) on top of that –          The saddest deaths I’ve went through in my life were my two dogs (even though I have gone through deaths of people and other animals too) –         I burp and fart like a man

Let’s go through these here with a reference to my own life. Some won’t apply as I am not a female. If I don’t list something, that means I have never done it.

  1. I have peed outside many times, of course. I often do it when I am driving. When I lived in LA, I even used to go in alleyways at night.
  2. Of course I always pee in the shower. I used to pee in pools a lot but haven’t been in one for a while, and I always pee in the ocean.
  3. I still pick my nose but hopefully only when I am alone and most hopefully when I am not in public. There is not much in there anymore anyway.
  4. In the wintertime, I have to wear a fancy bandage on my foot due to a foot condition. If I shower, I have to take the bandage off every time I do it and put a new one on. Great big expensive hassle. Bottom line is I do not shower a lot in the winter, but I don’t sweat much either so no big. In winter, I do the smell test and when I start to smell, I jump in the shower. No smell, no shower, no problem. In the summer, I wear sandals so no need for bandages (bandage is to protect shoe from holes), and I shower every day or nearly every day. I also sweat a lot.
  5. I wash my hands after the bathroom (only after shitting) the majority of the time (usually 15 seconds with soap and hot water), but I would not say every single solitary time.
  6. I often do not change shirts, pants, etc. for quite some time. Just keep wearing them over and over. I wait until they start to smell or get dirty, and then I change them. I do change underwear and socks very regularly though.
  7. I have seen a lot of messed up videos, but I have not seen any necrophilia, thank God. I hardly watch this stuff anymore as I have seen enough.
  8. I have done most of the major drug types, and I do not feel guilty for one second.
  9. Been jerking off and reading porn since age 13 or so, but all boys do that.
  10. I haven’t had much of a real, day to day type regular or as the haters on Randy’s site say, “real” job in 16 years. I do not feel the tiniest bit bad about this.
  11. Got in trouble at school (somewhat, not too much) and have been in trouble with the law. I am somewhat proud about getting in trouble as that makes me a “bad boy.” Three arrests on my record and six hours in jail total. Two convictions, one period of one year probation. I don’t feel bad about any of this, and I still don’t think I did anything wrong. Considering how many times I have broken the law, I got away with it 99.999
  12. I have stolen a few things here and there, mostly shoplifting and mostly when I was younger. A few times, I “accidentally” shoplifted. I got out of the store and into my car, and wa-la, there’s an item in my pocket that I had no idea was there. Most of the time I just figure I got away with it and go ahead and rip it off. I have stolen from a few of my enemies and a couple of employers who I totally hated. All of this was for revenge. I do not feel bad about this one bit, and if those employers treated me right, I would not have ripped them. They got what they deserved. But I am not much of a thief, and for the most part, I am a lousy thief. I do not enjoy stealing (Although it is an incredible rush!), and I am mostly too scared to do it. I started stealing very early in life as a boy of 10 or 11 when we used to steal from the construction workers in the back of my home.
  13. Pick at things on my body a bit but try to not to do it too much. Bad habit.
  14. Sometimes I go a while without brushing or flossing, but I don’t eat much so I don’t worry too much. I should do it more often, but I am too lazy.
  15. I continue to have unprotected heterosexual sex and could care less about it.
  16. I have rubbed my dick through my clothes before but hopefully not in public. Now that I am older and my drive is down, it’s not necessary.
  17. I have taken a few very long showers, but I hate to do it as it is against my environmentalist ethics. Showers are 10-15 minutes or so and are pretty thorough.
  18. Have had anal sex but not much of it.
  19. I hate to say it, but I have felt worse after one of my pets died than after some humans I know died.
  20. I burp and fart a lot but usually when I am alone. I also sometimes do it around girlfriends as a joke. I had a girlfriend a while back, and we used to have fart contests to see who could do the best ones. She also used to call me up on the phone, say nothing, fart into the phone, and then hang up. Even though that is totally juvenile, I thought it was hilarious. I also really love to smell my own farts. When I fart under the covers of my bed, I always stick my head under to smell the fart. I hate the smell, but I like to smell it anyway for some weird reason.

Extreme Porn

Sam writes:

Maybe you would like to promote or say all this gagging puking porno is ok? Slapping, choking? Feel free to ally yourself with this.

Sam just listed some of the extreme porn out there. Let’s go through these one by one. Keep in mind that I see myself as a pretty dominant guy in bed, but even I can’t get behind a of of this stuff. Gagging: Ok, this is when the woman is deep throating a penis. It’s hard to do this because your gag reflex kicks in. The gag reflex exists to keep you from choking on objects in your throat. If an object is stuck in your throat, your gag reflex kicks in to repel the object out of the throat with some sort of vomiting-type action. Vomiting is pretty gross, but it beats choking to death on a piece of steak. Actually, a number of people choke to death every year in the US. This often occurs in a restaurant and the food in question is often a piece of steak. The steak gets caught in the throat and the person dies right there in the middle of the restaurant. A doctor named Heimlich invented a maneuver called the Heimlich Maneuver to pull the piece of whatever out of the person’s throat and save their life. I believe he discovered this while saving someone’s life at a restaurant meal. You can avoid this by cutting your food into small pieces and chewing it well. Don’t try to swallow too much food at once. Wash down your throat periodically with water to keep it clear and lubricated. Eat slowly; don’t eat too fast. To tell you the truth, most women can’t seem to deep throat my cock, at least in recent days. They can only get it halfway down. So I don’t know much about this deep throating business. However, some women are able to pull it off. I must say it’s a remarkable achievement for any woman who can do it. In a lot of porn now, the guys shove their penises down the woman’s throats and hold them there as the woman starts gagging. I honestly do not see the turn-on here. It sounds a bit disgusting actually, and it’s also violent. Puking: Yep, puke porn is back. The guy shoves his penis down the woman’s throat so far and for so long without letting her come up for air that she starts gagging and also vomiting anywhere from a little to a lot. Um, I really do not think I want a woman puking on my cock! I do not want a woman to give me a blowjob only to pull off and then vomit all over wherever we are having sex. Vomit is disgusting; I hate vomit. Even the smell of it makes me want to vomit myself. There are quite a few times when I feel like I could vomit but I try not to do so because vomiting is the last thing on Earth that I want to do as it is so disgusting. I do not understand why I am supposed to get a hard-on and jerk off wildly because I just saw some woman vomit. Puke is a turn-on? Vomit gets you hard? What’s wrong with you? Color me mystified. Slapping: I’ve never done this either, but I might not mind it if she wanted me to. I always clear everything with my female partner. I say, “Do you want me to do this to you? I am not sure I really want to do that to you.” For instance, “I am not sure I want to spit on your face. Do you really want me to spit on your face?” If I slapped her really lightly, perhaps it might be ok. I have slapped women in the face with my cock though, and it was pretty fun. They usually like it too. In some of this slapping porn, they are hitting these women pretty hard. That just seems like violence and hate. If I’m having sex with a woman, it’s generally because I like her or even love her. Lately most of my sex is in relationships, so I usually love the woman I have sex with. If I love my girlfriend, why the Hell should I slap the Hell out of her. That’s an act of contempt, hatred. Screw that. Choking: That’s just messed up period. The only men who choke women while they are having sex with them are rapists and sex murderers. In fact, strangulation is a typical way that sex killers dispose of their victims, possibly because it’s easy and it won’t leave any prints. So if you are having sex with a woman and choking her, you are pretending to be a sex killer or a rapist. I do not know about you, but I do not like to pretend I am Ted Bundy when I am having sex with a woman. It also seems like an act of violence and hatred, to say the least. If you love your girlfriend, why the Hell are you pretending to strangle her to death? In a previous article, I noted that the medical opinion is that you should never choke anyone during sex. There is no way to know if it is safe or not. You may get away with it, or you may not. If you don’t get away with it, the person being choked may get a TIA stroke or even a heart attack. And there are a lot of other injuries that go along with this too.

I Am Breathing a Sigh of Relief

Whew! Now I can breathe easy! I really dodged a bullet with that one. I’m on a really tight budget you know, and this month has been particularly bad, so I’ve had to, um, improvise when it comes to what I eat. And there’s one thing that’s always around no matter how broke you are. But seriously though, I think you probably really could eat your own shit. You might puke because it’s such a disgusting thing to do, but I really don’t see how you could get ill. What you are consuming is something that came from your own body anyway. How the Hell do you catch a disease from yourself? I don’t see how it’s possible. Along the lines of this question, I went and checked out the some links about this subject. I came up with lots of links for coprophagists (a sexual fetish) including one huge forum. There are actually a number of folks out there who actually like to eat shit. I will write more about this delicious subject later on! Anyway, one thing that I learned from the dirty-minded coprophagists is that eating a lot of shit can cause a problem. A common risk was said to be that if you eat a lot of shit, it’s pretty hard on your liver. This would make sense as this stuff was supposed to be moving out of your body every time you drop a toxic waste dump in your toilet. Your body is trying to move this trash out of your system, and you keep putting it back in. Your liver processes toxins, and you are overloading the liver with mini Love Canals. Your liver’s not going to be happy with the increased workload and unpaid overtime. It might even go engage in work slowdowns or possibly even strikes. These clean-living coprophagists guys don’t eat their own shit – instead they eat other people’s shit, especially from their spouses and lovers. So I do not know if the liver overload thing is a problem for only other’s people’s shit or if it’s a problem for your shit too. A good rule of thumb is to mind your own shit. Just deal with your own shit, and leave other people’s shit alone. Messing with other’s people’s shit can get you in a lot of trouble. Literally and figuratively. Some websites say that eating your own shit may be harmful in that you are introducing bugs that are used to living in your intestines into your stomach. I really doubt if that is much of an issue. Your saliva kills lots of stuff anyway, and what it doesn’t kill, the stomach often makes short work of. The main problem with bugs like this is if they get into your bloodstream, as they are not allowed to go there, and they cause all sorts of problems if they immigrate into your bloodstream like shitty wetbacks. However, your stomach is extremely strong such that just about anything edible you put in it can’t get past the border guards in the walls of your stomach. Those migras don’t even bother to deport, they shoot to kill! Assuming your shit you just ate moves out of your stomach in some form, it now heads down into your intestines, which is like migrating back to your homeland. These bugs have been living down there all along with no issues and now they are coming home to meet the Poop family, Mom, Pop and the little shits. On the web, a lot of people are saying that your shit has E. Coli in it, and if you eat it, the E. Coli superbug will kill you. Not so. Mr. E. Coli hangs out in your gut all the time and doesn’t cause a bit of trouble. In fact, that’s his regular hangout. There are certain parts of your body that do not like Mr. E. Coli. If E. Coli gets into your male urethra, it can cause a UTI. Most of that is from other people’s E. Coli, but is probably even applies to your own. One of the ways this occurs is if you are the  insertive partner in anal sex (if you fuck someone in the ass), but this is not common. One way to avoid this is to urinate right after you fuck someone in the ass. It’s probably also a good idea to wash from above your waist down with warm water and soap. If your own shit gets into your vagina, it can cause a UTI in the female. What happens here is that the shit upsets the normal flora of the vagina. A vagina is full of all sorts of girly microbes and they generally get along fine like a great big coffee klatch. It’s like a big pussy party with all the nice ladybugs kissing, hugging,  commiserating and crying on each other’s shoulders when they are not gossiping, sharing coffee or tea, complaining about male bugs, talking about sex or telling silly ironic jokes. The girls are all getting along just fine aside for some minor cattiness when along comes Mr. Shit, double-holstered bad-ass from the Wild Ass West. He whips out his shitguns, starts shooting and ruins the whole hen party. In addition, your shit cannot get outside of your body into any open wounds in your body. Your bloodstream is protected by the Clean Bloodstreams Act, lives to flow clean and free and doesn’t tolerate any shit very well. This can cause a serious issue of blood poisoning. Also if there is a break in the wall of your intestine, your shit escapes from the intestinal jail where it is confined. The broken out inmates can cause a lot of damage to the society of your peritoneum while they rampage around causing major mayhem. Fecal peritonitis is typically a health emergency and it can be fatal. Other than keeping the shit out of your peritoneum, bloodstream, and sex organs, I do not think your own shit is an issue. Truth is we are probably eating tiny bits of our own shit all the time. Now personally, I’ve been eating shit my whole life. In fact, it’s pretty much my life story, eh? Since we are consuming tiny bits of our own shit all the time, I doubt if ingesting tiny amounts of our own shit is a problem. We are probably also eating tiny bits of other people’s shit. Recent studies have confirmed that money truly is the root of all evil, and the proof is that your average currency bill has shit all over it. It’s in very tiny amounts, but it’s there nonetheless. Doorknobs, public restrooms, water fountains – Hell, there’s shit everywhere. Most of the time this causes no problem probably due to the tiny amounts that are consumed. Think about something else. If eating your own shit was a serious or fatal exercise, none of us would even be here because we all would have died when we were two years old! It is interesting that people who live together for six months generally find that the nature of their intestinal flora equalizes. In other words, their gut gardens all start growing the same crops. Probably what has happened is that after six months of living together, two people eat enough of each other’s shit that their shit plantations start looking identical. Whatever your housemate has in their gut, after a period of time, it’s loitering in your own gut too and vice versa. I realize this is a pretty shitty subject, but inquiring minds want to know the answers to these vital questions! I have been thinking about this subject a long time as my mind is in the gutter, but I always put off writing it as writer’s block made me mentally constipated. Finally I told myself, “Hey, shit or get off the pot!” And so here is your article!

Player Killed, Ref Decapitated and Dismembered in Brazilian Soccer Match

Video here. In a soccer match in the Brazilian state of Maranhão, a referee ejected a player from a game. The player and the ref got into an argument, and the ref pulled out a knife and stabbed the player to death. The players friends and relatives then stormed onto the field and beat the ref to death, later decapitating him and dismembering his body. This video does not show the actual fights and mayhem on the field. Instead, it shows the aftermath at the hospital, with hospital stuff pulling the ref’s head off his body (it was not attached anyway). You can also see the results of the drawing and quartering. Hard to watch but it’s basically a medical scene in a hospital, nothing ER doctors don’t see.

Anal Prolapse

Photo and video of anal prolapse here. This is pretty terrible. What has happened here is that this person has had their asshole turned inside out. Not a pretty picture! Anal prolapse is most common in the elderly, mostly in women. It seems to be related to childbirth. However, it can also be caused by anal sex, but this is not too common. People who work in hospitals, including nurses, say they have seen an increase in anal prolapse cases among gay men in the last decade or so. Nevertheless, it seems that most gay men do not get anal prolapses. There are partial anal prolapses and there are full anal prolapses. With a partial prolapse, the asshole comes out of the anus, but you can always push it back in. It might come out if you sneeze, etc. With a full anal prolapse, it won’t go back in. Your asshole has basically fallen right the Hell out of your anus and it’s not going back in. Surgery is needed to put it back in. I joined this really sick porn site once for the Hell of it, just because it was totally sick. It was called Rosebutt Board or something like that. The site was all about what they call rosebutts, prolapses and other distended asshole stuff. I really have no interest in this sort of thing to be honest, and I certainly don’t want to do this to my body. I just saw the site and I was like, “Wow! This is the sickest site on the Net! I have to join LOL!” I am not sure exactly what a rosebutt is. It might be some sort of a slight or partial prolapse. It was almost all men on the board, and only a few of them were gay! Quite a few were these sort of masochistic straight men. But after a while, I figured out that some of the “straight” guys were also pretty bisexual. Some of these guys were dying to get a prolapsed anus! You saw all these posts like, “How do I get a prolapse! I want one so bad!” Then there would be all these responses saying more or less, “Hey, you really don’t want one you know. It’s actually not a good idea and it can cause medical issues.” And the poster would be like, “I don’t care! Prolapses are so cool and beautiful! I just have to have one!” What it boiled down to was that a prolapse was not so easy to acquire. Some of these masochistic guys had understanding girlfriends who were shoving dildos, often fairly large ones, into the guy’s asses on a regular basis. The general advice seemed to be that if you stuck a big dildo in your ass for several hours a day for 3-4 years, well, you just might get yourself a brand new prolapse for Christmas! There were also a lot of links to really sick websites of these crazy female anal freak porn stars who stick large objects up their asses on a regular basis. Some of them have even acquired prolapsed anuses in the process of doing this and now they are using this as a selling point (I am not kidding!) on their websites. There were also links to videos of female porn stars getting fucked in the ass to the point where their anus prolapses a bit. The girl usually freaks out and shoves it back in her ass. Ava Devine has a funny video of doing exactly this. There was a crazy Russian porn star named Mila Shlegol a while back who was always sticking stuff up her ass, and I think she eventually got a prolapse too. However, in straight porn, even among females who do anal sex, prolapsed anuses are not common. Even among gay men, they tend to more a result of such things a fisting (having another guy stick his whole fist up your ass) and sticking very large objects up your ass and less associated with normative anal sex. Fisting and sticking large dildos or other objects up your ass is not recommended but it is quite common among gay men, sadly enough.

Excellent News! Bigfoot Hoaxer Killed!

Here. Good! Thank God! I am generally not happy to see people die, but I have so much hatred in me for these scum that I practically won’t be happy until we are knocking off about one hoaxer a day. I’m surprised one of them hasn’t been shot yet, and I fully expect one of these clowns to get shot sooner rather than later. When that happens, I definitely hope the hoaxer dies and the hunter gets off scot free. Sometimes deaths are the only thing that puts a stop to dangerous nonsense. This is both God and Darwin here, working in tandem. Oh, the glorious ways of the Universal Spirit! Moar dead hoaxers! Moar! Moar! Moar!

How To Cook a Crab

Well, first you have to kill it.

How to kill a crab. Gross!
It was sickening to watch this gif. I turned away, winced and made a gagging sound as I watched. It takes a lot to make me puke, so it didn’t make me nauseous. This is one of the ways you kill a crab. First you freeze it in a freezer. Then you take it out and chop its head off. As it’s immobilized and unconscious from being frozen, it doesn’t feel anything. You can always drop it in boiling water. A lot of people say that this is cruel because lobsters and crabs scream when you throw them in. This is not true. First of all, these creatures do not have lungs, so they cannot scream. Second of all, the boiling water kills them so fast that they don’t have time to feel anything. Lobsters do not even have a real brain (how is that possible!?) and crabs can’t be far ahead of lobsters. So I doubt if it suffers much in any case. The “screaming” you hear is not screaming. First of all, the thing dies as soon as you throw it in the water. The “screaming” is simply the sound of fluid escaping from the creature as it is boiled. The fluid leaves the body rapidly, producing a squealing sound. There’s nothing to worry about. All the same, I think I would rather drop a crab into boiling water than saw its damned head off. Gross!

One Maniac, One Icepick

I am sorry I did not get to this story earlier. I started on a draft of it 3 weeks ago, but the story was so upsetting that I could not bring myself to write about it. Every time I would think about writing about it, I would get very nervous and would not be able to follow through on it. Finally, 3 weeks later, here is the story. There really is more to the story, but this short piece should be enough for now. You may have already read about the Luka Magnotta case. Magnotta was the male model/porno star who murdered his gay male lover, chopped him into pieces, had sex with his body parts and his dead body, and ate his dead body, recording all of it on video. He uploaded the video and titled it One Maniac, One Icepick. Then he cut up his gay lover’s body and started mailing parts of the body to Canada’s political parties and to the Prime Minister. An APB was put out for him after the body parts were found in a trash bag near his abandoned apartment in Montreal, Canada. He took off for Europe, stayed in Paris for a few days, part of the time with a gay man, then took off for Germany where he was caught in an Internet cafe reading stories about himself. Magnotta had previously made a video in which he killed a kitten. Animal rights activists were trying to get him for that one. He was reportedly linked to psycho Karla Homolka, girlfriend of a Canadian serial killer who served 12 years in prison. However, these reports were in error, and it appears that he tried to link himself to Homolka as an act of sick publicity. He claimed to be mostly straight in his private life and only “gay for pay” but that does not appear to be the case. Instead, he seems to have been mostly gay, hanging around in many gay bars and clubs, having a gay boyfriend who he killed in addition to staying with other gay men. He traveled all around the Northern Hemisphere and spent time in Europe. In his male model photos, his eyes always look very cold and mean. He never looks nice or friendly. He’s apparently a sociopath, but he also has extreme narcissistic traits which are apparent during an interview with him for a Canadian newspaper. The interview was done before the killings. He set up number of very narcissistic webpages all about himself. On one of them named after his moniker, there is a great deal of psychologically aberrant material detailing resembling paranoia. He’s definitely one sick cookie. The movie is probably hard to find, and it’s one of the sickest movies ever made. Watch it if you dare. I haven’t the faintest idea where to find it, but you might look here, who knows?

Why Would Anyone Do This?

[youtube=] What the Hell is wrong with this chick, Veronica Moser, the famous Austrian scat star? She’s been eating shit on camera for a good 18 years now. Why? And why doesn’t she get sick? She’s eaten the shit of a lot of people over her career. And she really eats it too, no fakery. She also puts it in her pussy, and that has to be a terrible idea. How does she get away with doing that? I don’t think this is something I want to try, to be honest. Why do people eat shit? I don’t get it.

Is There Something Wrong with Gay Men?

See here, here and here (NWS! Actually, not safe anywhere!) Careful, those links are really gross porn that will make you want to hurl. This is actually a great big huge scene with gay men. 4-8 The more you read about the prevalence and intensity of extreme perversion among gay men, the more you start wondering if there actually isn’t something wrong with them somehow. What the Hell is the matter with queers? It’s like they are fucked in the head or something. Why are queers so sexually twisted? I don’t get it.

Many New Sick and Evil Videos and Photos at the Video Site

One cheer for sick! Two cheers for evil! Three cheers for sick and evil! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Sick sick and evil! Sick sick and evil! Sick sick and evil! Yay! Gather round, boys and girls from 8 to 88, we have have lots of great new twisted videos and pics available on the video site. Man Swallows His Own Face: The first is a photo of a man in China who appears to be swallowing his own face! This is known as “girning.” I’m not quite sure why some folks can girn and others cannot, but it sure is weird. Leanne Holland Death Photos: These are photos that were obtained by a website called Viral Death showing the crime scene photos of a young girl named Leanne Holland who was brutally raped and murdered in Australia. A man who was staying with the family was arrested and convicted of the crime, served a number of years in prison, but was then released due to lack of evidence. It appears that he is innocent after all, and the real killer was a known predator who lived a few miles away. The photos don’t show nudity, so there is no child porn. Their release caused quite an outrage in Australia. Kurdish Teenager Stoned to Death in Iraq: The famous case of the Yezidi girl Doa Khalil Aswad, stoned to death in a crowd of 10,000 men in a village near Mosul. This post has already been published to this site. Car 1, Motorcycle 0: Shows the aftermath of a car-motorcycle crash somewhere in China, followed by photos of the victim, apparently a prominent politician, meeting with his constituents. By the way, the car won. Black Man with Split Face: This poor Black guy has had his face nearly split in two but is somehow still alive. Photo. Some say this is fake, but it appears to be genuine. The Man With No Face: A very strange set of photos of a man who suffered a horrible injury that resulted in the loss of most of his face, including his eyes and nose. As you don’t need these organs, he’s still alive. The surgeon then amazingly constructs an artificial face for the guy with fake eyes and nose and somehow sticks it onto his real face with metal pinnings. Incredible set of heartbreaking photos, but I don’t know the details of the case. Drunk Girl Knocked Out by Dive: A drunken girl dives off a high cliff into the Colorado River and is knocked unconscious due to the height of the dive. Guys jump in and rescue her. Dive Gone Wrong in Oregon: Similar video, in this one, another young girl dives off a 90 foot cliff into Lake Oswego in Oregon, which was a totally insane thing to do. She too is knocked out and rescued by guys. It’s amazing she did not die. She was in bad shape for two days but came out of it ok. Three Men Electrocuted in Iran: This video is amazing, Good Samaritanism gone wrong. An idiot is stuck way up on a high tension pole and is getting shocked. A large crowd has gathered and is screaming. One guy climbs up to rescue him, but he can’t get him down. He starts getting shocked too. Towards the end, a third guy climbs up the pole very fast and grabs the other two guys. Quickly the whole pole blows up in a huge explosion as the guys go flying and the crowd goes nuts. Details not known. Tire Blows Up under Russian Man: A very strange video. Three young Russian men are drunk in a tire shop. Two guys put an air bag under a tire, cover it with a towel and then encourage a third guy to sit on the tire. The victim apparently knows what is going on and does so willingly. After a short wait, the air bag blows and the guy goes flying in the air. Lots of drunken laughs all around, but this guy could have gotten seriously hurt in this incident. Chicken with Its Head Cut Off: Laughing rednecks grab a chicken and chop off its head. The headless body runs around a bit, and the other chickens freak out and attack the ghoul chicken. The guys laugh their heads off. Lunatic Dives into a Burning Car: This is one of the creepier videos I have seen. Guys are filming a burning car by the side of the road somewhere in the US, possibly in the forested northern US. A crowd has gathered to watch the car burn. A fire engine pulls up. Then a guy in his late 20’s suddenly breaks from the crowd towards the car and dives into the burning vehicle. It’s hard to see, but you can see it if you slow the video down and pause it. He has a weird and disturbing expression on his face. Gang of Teens Attack Elderly Man in Cleveland: A gang of young Black teens is in front of the home of a man in his 70’s. The man and his friend, a man in his 50’s, confront the teens and tell them to get out. Then the two men, both White, drive to a nearby liquor store, apparently to call cops. The gang follows them there and beats both men. The man in his 70’s was beaten badly. The teens run away. Man Stabbed to Death in New York: It is 3 AM on a street in a bad part of New York City. Video is taken by a security camera. A young woman walks by, and a thug jumps out and tries to rob her. A man runs up to the thug to try to prevent the crime and the thug stabs him with a knife. The guy staggers away and falls down on the sidewalk. For about an hour afterward, people come and go and no one tries to help him. Firemen come after a bit, but he’s already dead. Crazy Russian Jumps from Building to Building: Amazing video of a young Russian guy engaging in parkour jumping in Russia, where they jump from the roof of one apartment complex to another roof below. Jump may well be 50-75 feet, broken only by a mat below. Very risky sport. Insane Bungee Jumping off a Waterfall: Young people line up to bungee jump off a waterfall. It’s a long ways down! Footage possibly shot in India. Amazing video. Idiot Jumps Off Building and Walks Away: A very mysterious video taken off a Danish video site. A young man or teenager is on the roof of a tall building, several stories high. He leaps off the building and lands flat on the ground below, stomach first. There is blood coming from his head. He picks himself up and there is blood dripping off his head. He walks towards the camera and the video ends. I don’t see how this guy survived this fall to walk away, but the production is way too cheap for it to be faked. This video doesn’t really make sense. Man Commits Suicide at Hoover Dam: Amazing video. Guys are videotaping the face of Hoover Dam and suddenly an idiot jumps off the edge and tumbles down the front, killing himself. The top of his skull appears to come off as he tumbles down the concrete. Cow Loses Face in Train Crash: There has been a train crash in India, and a cow has been seriously hurt. Most of its face has been torn off, but somehow it is still alive and standing there like nothing is wrong. Scene shifts to the side of the train where people are laying flowers by wreaths. Girl Throws Live Puppies into River: This is the famous video that was discussed quite a bit on this blog. Video recently went wildly viral. A wild dog in Bosnia gave birth to puppies in the backyard of a home. The dog was very sick. Grandmother found the puppies and feared they were as sick as the mother. She put the puppies in a bucket and gave them to a teenage girl, telling her to throw the puppies in the river and kill them. Video shows girl doing just that. The video resulted in a hunt for the girl. Bosnian authorities tracked her down, but did nothing to her due to her age. Man Commits Suicide in a Police Station: Famous video of an illegal alien who shot a cop and was then arrested in San Bernardino, California. For some reason, he was never searched. Video shows the man in the interrogation room. Detective leaves to go get some coffee. Criminal reaches into his pocket, pulls out a huge gun and shoots himself in the head, killing himself. Chinese Fishing Boat Collides with a Japanese Coast Guard Vessel: This was previously published on this site. Tarzan Swings into a River and Crashes: Two young American guys have fashioned some sort of a rope from a bank out to a river. The distance from launch site to river is about 50 feet or so. One guy goes to the launch site and launches towards the river, then crashes hard onto the bank instead. Looks like he got hurt. Horrible Injuries and Infections: Series of photos of some very nasty injuries and infections. Everyone survived and is doing ok though. Brazilian Man with Infected Shoulder from Shooting Steroids: A gruesome operating room video of a Brazilian guy with a massively swollen shoulder from an infection acquired by shooting steroids with a dirty needle. They endless drain the horrible pus from the wound. Really gross. Farmer Hay Bales Himself: Crazy video. Farmer tears off his clothes and jumps in his hay baler. His friend turns it on. The guy gets packed into a bale of hay and ends up being shot out the chute at the end. He stands up and its a human hay bale with arms and legs sticking out. Really ridiculous. Bum Eats Rats: Weird video of a bum in Brazil. He reaches down, picks up either rats or mice one by one, puts them in his mouth and munches them down while smiling. He pauses a couple of times to drink some water. Man with a Shovel Stuck in His Head: Crazy video shot in Brazil. A gang of young men in a favela were roaming around robbing people in their houses. At some point, a posse of angry residents caught up with them and attacked them. One guy was shot several times and someone took a shovel and hit him in the head with it so hard that it stuck in his head. Video shows the crook writhing on the ground, shot by bullets with a shovel stuck in his head. Disturbing. Guy Has Tongue Splitting Operation: This shows the operation to give you one of those body mod forked tongue things we showed in a gif a while back. File under Don’t try this at home. The incision is made and his mouth is full of blood. Afterward, shows the guy smiling with his new weirdo forked tongue. Really gross video with tons of blood. Budd Dwyer Suicide Video: The very famous live recorded suicide of Budd Dwyer, former Treasurer of Pennsylvania, recorded before a crowd of reporters taping the whole thing. Detailed here. Serbian Dogcatcher Chokes a Dog: Previously described on this site. Foolish Dancer Creamed by Ice Cream Truck: Previously posted on this site. Weightlifter Tries to Lift Half-ton Barbell, Nearly Dies: Previously posted on this site. Skateboarder Has Serious Accident and Hurts His Balls: A young boy, maybe around 13 or so, is skateboarding with some other boys. He goes off a staircase with 11 stairs on it and crashes at the bottom. He jumps up and starts screaming that he’s hurt his balls. Eat My Engine Block!: Previously posted on this site. Al Jazeera Releases Photos of Sri Lankan Genocide: Previously described on this site. Bullfighter Gored in Throat by a Bull: Previously posted on this site. Swedish Man Commits Suicide Live on the Internet: In October 2010, a young Swedish man with Aspergers killed himself live on the Internet while a large group of people watched helpless to do anything about it. Video shows time lapse photography of the man setting up a rope to the ceiling, then fastening his neck to it until he slowly hangs. At the end, the firemen bust down the door and try to rescue him, but he’s gone. Really disturbing. Black Female Fried Chicken Eating and 40 Oz Drinking Contest: Previously posted on this site. Ukraine Air Show Disaster 2002: A truly disturbing video of a terrible accident at an air show in the Ukraine in 2002 that killed 92 people when the plane crashed into the crowd. You see the plane doing its maneuvers, then the camera goes nuts as the plane crashes to the ground. The cameraman runs to the scene of the crash, filming all the way. He comes upon injured people, dead people, parts of dead bodies, people missing limbs, people running everywhere to get away or try to help and cops and military personnel everywhere. Curiously, no one tries to stop him filming. Really disturbing stuff. Pakistani Troops Execute POW’s in Swat Valley: Described on this site earlier today. Criminals Chase Cops from a Banlieu in France: Recently posted on this site. Cow Death Row: Previously posted on this site. Plus lots of new translations into French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, German, Korean, Norwegian, Tagalog, Polish, Finnish and Swedish. Have fun sickos!

Porn Kills

Porn Kills Recipe


1 porn movie 1 dildo


Remove your pants and underwear and sit on the bed. Turn on the porn movie. While watching the porn movie, casually pump your pussy with the dildo. With the other hand, slowly rub your clit. Continue slowly for 10-15 minutes, or until orgasm.


Death. Best served cold.

Eating Pussies Can Be Bad for You

If there are too many of them, if they are starving, and if you are already dead that is.

This article really ticked me off. Where do they get off simply removing those feline offenders from the home? Why no charges? I would think mutilating a corpse would be the minimum. Justice system falling down on the job again.

Gore-y Photo

Spanish matador Julio Aparicio gored and nearly killed by a bull in a recent bullfight in Spain.

See that thing in his mouth, like he’s trying to swallow a thick beef jerky stick all at once? Believe it or not, that’s the bull’s horn. The bull’s horn went into his tongue and straight out of his mouth. Damn, nasty stuff.

This incident got a lot of play recently. The matador, Julio Aparicio, slipped, and that’s where he messed up. I hate these bullfights, so I should probably root for the bull in this case, but I did feel sorry for the guy. He survived the attack, but he was in extremely bad shape in the hospital right after the attack. He was back in the hospital on June 29, 2010 from an infection following surgery to reconstruct his throat, mouth and palate. His condition was listed as grave but stable. I don’t have any further updates on his condition.

This guy’s lucky to be alive.


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