No Mercy For Russians!

The video has been removed following discussions with WordPress staff. Try here instead. This post has been translated into other languages. French version, Pas de Pitié Pour Les Russes: Les Tchétchènes Sont Des Coupeurs de Tête! (en Frances). Portuguese translation, Piedade Zero Para Os Russos! (em Portugues). Italian version, Video Shock: Nessuna Pieta Per I Russi – I Ceceni Sono Tagliatori Di Teste! (traduzione in italiano). This is one of the sickest, most messed up videos I’ve ever seen. I watched it once all the way through and I’ve seen bits of it since, but I don’t think I can watch it clear through again. I really advise my regular readers to think twice before watching this video – it is so fucked up you won’t even believe it. Originally titled Six Russian Conscripts Beheading, I renamed this post No Mercy For Russians! after the name of the Italian translation. WARNING! This video has very gruesome content! Extreme viewer discretion is advised! If you think you are going to get upset or worse by this video, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT watch it! If you are underage, do NOT watch this video! If you are a parent and are concerned about your kids viewing this post, please either supervise and/or restrict your children’s Internet use or invest in a blocking program. Bad reactions have been reported by those watching this video. So far, nausea (lasting up to an entire day), fear, rage, feeling disturbed and upset (in one case for months), inability to stop thinking about the video, flashbacks, facial flushing, shivering, chills, vomiting, nearly fainting, neck pains, crying, and depression (lasting up to a few days) have been reported. One person said they will never be the same after watching this. Another was so traumatized by this video that they nearly had to go see a therapist. Hospitalizations have occurred due to this video. When it was first shown on Dagestani TV, several people were admitted to the hospital with heart problems after watching the video. All were apparently released later. If you think you are going to have a bad reaction, please reconsider whether you really want to watch this. I am posting this video because it is related to the neo-Nazi beheading video that created such a storm on the Internets. A lot of people, even some who have seen the worst videos on the Net, are not able to watch this video. A much more important question is why the Russian neo-Nazis chose to execute the first man by (an admittedly botched) beheading. The answer lies in this video. Although most Americans know nothing of these videos, they were widely released in Russia, probably around the time they were shot. One very famous video, chechclear, was shot in 1996 at the end of the first Chechen War. The video above was shot on September 5, 1999, when a Chechen rebel group of 200 men raided from Chechnya across the border into Dagestan. A contingent of this group, numbering about 40, found a village, Tuhchar, or Tuhcharom, that was guarded by 13 poorly-trained Russian conscripts. Various sites on the Web claim that this group was led by named Salautdin Temirbulatov (photo), but that does not appear to be the case. Instead, Temirbulatov is the man who beheaded the unknown Russian conscript in the famous chechclear clip. This group was actually led by Emir Umar Karpinski, associated with the Basayev and Khattab factions. Clearly outnumbered, seven of the 13 managed to run away and hid in the village, but another six were captured. Five of them were beheaded*; a sixth got up and tried to run away but he was shot dead. The sixth one was a 17 year old, and the rebels offered him the charming choice of converting to Islam or being killed. He refused to convert and was then shot. Here is the audio, translated from the Russian and Chechen dialogue, from the section of the tape dealing with one victim, Aleksey Lipatov, who pled for his life, and was then murdered:

Russian prisoner, just a kid, is lying on the grass…. Chechen with knife: “Turn around.” Kid moves a bit sideways… Chechen off-camera: “LIE DOWN!” Chechen takes the knife out and bends towards the kid… Lipatov: “You don’t have to cut me…I’ll tell you everything…” Chechen with knife: “What are you gonna tell me?” Chechen off-camera: “Go ahead, talk…” Lipatov: “I’ll tell you where it’s located.” Chechen off-camera: “Where is it located?” Lipatov points towards a hill with houses: “There, in that house.” Chechen with knife: “What?” Chechen off-camera: “What is in that house?” Lipatov: “Weapons and ammo.” Chechen with knife: “Where? In that house?” Points. Lipatov: “Yes from there.” Chechen with knife looks at his comrade. Chechen off-camera: “Hes lying…” Chechen off-camera: “Lie on the ground.” Chechen with knife: “What else can you tell us?” Chechen off-camera: “Where are the weapons?” Lipatov: “What?” Chechen off-camera: “The weapons and the ammo.” Lipatov: “On the top of the mountain.” Chechen with knife: “Where?” Lipatov: “There on top.” Points. Chechen with knife: “Are you sure?” Lipatov: “Yes, yes.” AK shots fired…Chechen with knife backs off and doesn’t want to cut him…feels sorry for the kid: “What do you want me to do?” in Chechen. Chechen off-camera: “Just cut him.” Lipatov: “There, it’s right there.” Points. Chechens yell: “Leave him alone and come back!” A bunch of them yell at once. Gunshots fired from AK. Chechens keep yelling: “Leave him alone…come back already.” (They are referring to the other kid that ran.) Chechen with the knife: “Turn around.” Chechen: “Take off your belt.” Chechens off-camera: “Come on, cut him up.” Lipatov: “You don’t have to.” Chechen off-camera: “Just cut ‘im up already.” Lipatov: “You don’t have to, please…” Chechen scum hits him with the belt. Chechen: “All right, come on!” Chechen with Adidas jacket: “Hands back!” Lipatov: “Please don’t.” Chechen (Adidas): “Hands back!” Chechen (Adidas) hits Lipatov in the face: “I said hands back!!” Lipatov gets hit with an AK. Chechen off-camera: “Quickly, quickly.” Lipatov: “Please, let’s talk…” Chechen with camera: “HANDS BACK! You fuck.” Chechen: “Fuck the belt.” Rifle hits the kid. Chechen off-camera: “Just fucking cut him already!” Lipatov: “Please, I don’t want to.” They wrestle. Lipatov screams: “I DON’T WANT TO DIE! PLEASE!” Chechens: “Cut him.” Lipatov cries. Lipatov: “I DON’T WANT TO DIE, PLEASE!! You are very good people, please!” Cameraman: “Yes, we are very, very good people…THE BEST.” Chechen: “Get the knife.” Chechen punches the kid in the head a few times. Chechen with the knife: “Stop fucking hitting him.” Cameraman: “You’re gonna live in Grave City.” Lipatov: “MOMMY! MOMMY!” Cameraman: “Torture him.” Lipatov: “I WANT TO LIVE!” Cameraman, sarcastically: “He wants to live!” Lipatov screams…3 on 1, the Chechens attack him. Lipatov: “Come on fellows…I just want to live.” Chechen: “CUT HIM NOW.” Lipatov: “Leave me alone!” A Knife goes through Lipatov’s throat. Lipatov kneels while getting butted in the head with an AK. Chechen with knife to the guy with the AK: “What the fuck are you doing? Fuck off.” Chechen with knife: “I’ll do this myself!” A Chechen cuts Lipatov’s neck, stabs him in the neck…over and over and over…Lipatov is dead.

A few months later, the group was decimated in a Russian-Chechen operation. Two Special Forces groups took place in the operation, the recently disbanded Chechen Vostok Brigades from the puppet Chechen government, and Russian Spetznatz special forces. The video released by the Chechens was used as evidence against those who committed the crime in order to track them down. Some say they were killed in Russian aerial bombings. All of the Chechens seen in this video were killed sooner or later, so everyone you see in this video is dead. This video is in four or five parts, and this is apparently part four or five. This video goes by various names around the Net, and it is usually found on a Russian forum, but all the commentary is in Russian. It goes by names like Dagestan, Dagestan Massacre, Execution of 6 Russian Conscripts in Dagestan, Rebels Brutally Execute Soldiers in Eastern Europe, Chechnian Beasts, etc. This particular video, though shot in 1999, seems to have only made it onto the web in a significant way about July 2007, a year ago. Anyway, these videos were released on the Net and widely viewed by the Russian public. This served to arouse even more rage against the Chechens, especially due to the fact that these guys were conscripts. Chechen apologists argue that Russian conscripts have done all sorts of terrible things to Chechens, both fighters and civilians. They also say that this was just one commander and doesn’t reflect the views of others. That’s probably true, but none of that avoids the conclusion that these wars, which started out being relatively fairly fought, are now descending into unspeakable brutality on both sides. Chechen apologists say that this is what happens to you when you lose your whole family, or at least some members, to the Russian military. There’s probably hardly a Chechen family that has not had a relative killed or brutalized by the Russians. The logical consequence is a bunch of guys with mountains of rage and nothing to lose, combined with an increasing emphasis on radical Islam. The horrible Beslan School Siege was also an expected outcome of this Hellish war. The Chechens have also blown up some airliners full of civilians. Prior to the school siege, some Chechen women in suicide vests, all war widows and clearly distraught, staged a hostage crisis in a Moscow movie theater. It ended with Russian agents storming the place and spraying knockout gas into the theater, killing a number of hostages. Tony Ward’s The Case For Chechnya, from the New Left Review, is highly recommended and sums up my position. Despite the horrible descent into terrorism (to be honest, on both sides) the Chechen cause of national liberation should still be supported. Sadly, the Russians have killed most of the more moderate leaders, most recently Aslan Maskhadov, who was actually a reasonable fellow. But even Maskhadov had been getting more militant as the horrific war dragged on. The Russians never had a right to conquer Chechnya in the first place, and it took them about 60 years to conquer the place – they started around 1805 and finally defeated the Chechens around 1863. During this period, Shamil was the legendary Chechen commander. Even then, Chechens never accepted Russian rule (which was originally mostly just nominal) and there were repeated rebellions, even during the Soviet Era. When the Nazis invaded Russia, many Chechens, along with most of the other people of the Caucasus, went over to the Nazis, not due to a love of Nazism, but because Hitler cynically promised them independence, although we should also note that many people of the Caucasus did fight for the USSR. Whether Hitler was really going to give them independence is much in doubt, as Hitler used this same ruse with the Ukrainians, and they were clearly intended to be genocided in Generalplan Ost, not given independence at all. In 1944, Stalin reacted to this with fury, deporting whole ethnic communities on trains away from the front near the Caucasus. Conditions on the trains were horrible, with little food or water available. Whether this was intentional or not is not known, but many Chechens – men, women and kids – died en route to Siberia. When the Chechens were finally allowed to come back over a decade later from the labor camps (where they were reportedly the most rebellious spirits of them all) they found that much of their property had been taken over by their Christian neighbors. This is part of the homicidal backdrop to the seizure of the North Ossetian Beslan School by Chechen and Ingush terrorists. Christian North Ossetians had seized much of the Ingush’s property during the decade in which they were deported along with the Chechens. Memories are long in this part of the world. Although the war has tapered off considerably with the installation of a new pro-Moscow government in Chechnya, it continues to sputter on. There are only about 8,000 Russian troops in Chechnya, down from 60,000 as late as 2005. There are probably about 2,000 guerrillas still running around in the mountains. Most Chechens are probably still pro-independence. In recent years, fighting has spread across the whole of the North Caucasus to Dagestan, Ingushetia, North Ossetia, Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia. There have also been many attacks in Southern Russia just north of the Caucasus. What does all this have to do with the neo-Nazi beheading? As I said, those beheading videos aroused immense nationalist rage in a wide spectrum of Russian society (The Russian peace movement to end the Second Chechen War is very small, unpopular and often persecuted) and clearly it drove the ultranationalists into a frenzy. The videos and the war itself probably drove the whole ultranationalist movement, giving them fire and legions of new members. In the communique attached to the Russian neo-Nazi video, the group demanded that all Caucasian natives be thrown out of the Caucasus and that the Caucasus then be granted independence. They also demand that all people of the Caucasus and “Asians” be thrown out of Russia proper. Seeing how whipped up and crazy Russian Slavs got over these videotaped beheadings, I’m sure that the Russian neo-Nazis in their famous video beheaded Shamil Odamanov, a Muslim and a Dagestani (from the Caucasus) as retaliation for the beheadings of Russian conscripts by Chechen Muslim Caucasian guerrillas. Otherwise, I’m not aware that Nazis had much a thing for beheadings. It’s pretty much a Muslim thing, and their preference for it goes all the way back to Mohammad (It was his favorite way to kill people). It’s kind of sad that people are so worked up at the Chechens for chopping POW’s heads off. To the dead person, it really doesn’t matter how he died. The Russians regularly murdered all sorts of Chechens in cold blood – 12 year old boys, relatives of rebels, on and on. They did sweeps through whole parts of the country, rounded up every male of fighting age and sent them to camps where they were tortured, often to death. There are mass graves all over the country, and some estimates are that Russia has killed 20 For this reason, many young Chechen males joined the rebels because they figured the Russians were going to come after them sooner or later anyway. This is an interesting discussion of these beheading videos, comparing them to child porn and asking why child porn is illegal to so much as look at it, but this stuff is not, considering that brutal homicide is arguably worse than child sex abuse. *In this video, the Chechens are laughing, carrying on and yelling “Allahu Akbar!” the whole time. They slowly slit the soldiers’ throats halfway, so the victims remain alive and suffering for some time. Even with their throats partway cut, some are still moving around, trying to crawl, flopping around on the ground, moving their heads around, wiping their eyes and making weird noises out of what’s left of their vocal tracts. The victims’ are screaming, “Stop! Let me go!” in Russian. 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Human Beasts – Massacre in a Russian Forest

The video has been removed. Try here instead. Repost from the old site. I am looking for translators to translate this post into German, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Serbo-Croatian, Czech, Bulgarian, Turkish and Indonesian. Email me if you are interested. This post has been translated into other languages. In Italian, it goes under the name Video Shock: Pariolini Russi Massacrano Un Barbone. Italian translation here. The French translation, Massacre Dans Une Forêt Russe, is here. Spanish translation, Bestias Humanas – Masacre en un Bosque Ruso, here. Polish translation, Ludzkie Bestie – Masakra w Rosyjskim Lesie. Hungarian translation, Vadállati Ember Mészárlás Egy Orosz Erdőben, here. This is an incredibly evil video, one of the worst ever put up on the Internet. Though our title is Human Beasts – Massacre in a Russian Forest, this diabolical video also goes by many other names and variations. Some of those names are 4 Men 1 Hammer, Four Men One Hammer, 4 Guys 1 Hammer, 3 Guys 1 Hammer, 3 Guys 1 Hammer 1 Screwdriver, 3 Guys and 1 Hammer, 3 Guys and One Hammer, 3 Guys One Hammer, 3 Guys and a Hammer, Three Guys One Hammer, 3 Men 1 Hammer, 3 Men 1 Hammer 1 Screwdriver, 3 Men One Hammer, 3 Men and One Hammer , 3 Men and a Hammer, Three Men 1 Hammer, Three Men One Hammer, Three Men and a Hammer, Three Men and One Hammer, 1 Hammer 3 Guys, Three Russians and a Hammer, Three Russians and the Hammer, 2 Guys 1 Hammer, 2 Guys One Hammer, Two Guys One Hammer, Two Men One Hammer, 2 Men 1 Hammer, 1 Hammer 3 Men, Russian Murder Video, Russian Hammer, Russian Hammer Video, Russian Massacre, Russian Forest Massacre, Murder in the Woods, Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs, Murdered in the Woods and Hammertime . The title Hammertime is because a hammer is used in the taped homicide. This is the latest sicko reality video that is making the rounds of the Intertubes. Unlike previous homicide videos released on the Net which were war crimes committed during recent wars, this video instead is a depiction of a purely criminal homicide during peacetime. The video surfaced briefly on December 3, 2008 for the first time, apparently leaked onto the Net, but it was quickly taken down. The next day, it was back up again. Most of the information about this case on the Net is in Russian, but there is a bit in English. Three young Ukrainian men from Dnepropetrovskwent, Ukraine, all age 19, went on a thrill-killing month-long murder spree in Summer 2007. The three, Igor Suprunyuck, Viktor Sayenko and Alexander Hanzha, are known as the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs. They started out killing cats and dogs for practice, as these psychos often do, then of course they moved on to humans. They killed kittens by nailing them to crosses like they were crucifying them, and then shooting them with B-B guns. They taped the kittens’ mouths shut to cover up their screaming. One of the killers, Suprunyuck, was apparently a neo-Nazi. He had neo-Nazi paraphernalia in his room and on his cellphone. Over a one-month period, they killed 21 people, young and old, male and female, adults and children. They tailed the victims, followed them, or offered them rides in their car as the victims were walking down the street. They did not pick on anyone in particular, but instead just chose people who looked like they would not fight back. All came from well to do families. They killed a pregnant woman, cut out her now-dead fetus, and left it at the home of the dead woman’s mother. They killed a 14 year old boy who went fishing with a friend (the friend somehow escaped). At some point, these two idiots made a movie out the brutal murder of a man. He was a 48 year old man who had just gotten over throat cancer and was learning to talk again, a father and a grandfather, a husband with two kids and a grandkid, who was taking care of his ill mother and helping people in his village – a good man. He lived in a village called Taromskoye. He was bored with not being able to work so he spent his time doing favors and odd jobs around the village. He did small construction projects, took on odd jobs, fixed cars, weaved baskets and cooked for his family. On the day of his murder, July 12, 2007, he took off on a motorbike to visit his grandson, but he never got there. I will not divulge his name here out of respect, but you can find it if you search around. He is killed via hammer and screwdriver, tortured for a long time, and finally dispatched. He lingers for some time while they slowly kill him. He doesn’t make much noise while they are killing him, possibly because he can’t speak well due to his throat cancer. They are laughing and carrying on while they are doing it, having a grand old time. One of the murder team,  Sayenko, holds the video camera and tapes the whole sordid affair, while Suprunyuck actually commits the homicide. After it’s over, they wash the blood off their hands with water in the gutter. His body was found four days later. They filmed two of the homicides so they could have something to remember the killings with in old age. Although this video was somehow leaked to the Internet, another video was presented at trial also, also shot by the killers. This one shows them gutting the pregnant woman. Thank the Lord that one was not leaked to the Net too. A 40-minute video also exists, but it has not been released afterward. It is not known what it contains. The third member of the 3-man team, Hanzha, only participated in some armed robberies at the beginning and refused to take part in the animal killings due to a fear of blood, so got cold feet and dropped out of the group. Sayenko and Suprunyuck then go on their murder spree. They also attended the funerals of the victims and took photos. Detectives should go to homicide victim’s funerals and take photos more often. You could catch quite a few killers that way. At some point, they got arrested. The tape was confiscated and used in the trial to convict the three young fiends. All three pled guilty. On February 11, 2009, Hanzha received nine years, and Sayenko and Suprunyuck both got life. A recent photo from jail shows all three men, and one looks out and out like a ghoul. What a scary guy. Watch a video of the trial here. It’s a video from their trial shown on Ukrainian TV. You can see photos of the three killers in court along with some terrible photos they shot and collected along the way. There are photos of dogs they killed, including one that is strung up in a tree. There are photos of them at the funerals and beside the grave sites of their victims. They often giving the finger to the victims. They sneak into a room where a victim’s body is lying in wait to be buried and give the dead body the finger. They give the finger to one of the headstone graves of a victim, scattered with flowers. The take a photo of a body being lowered into the grave in its casket, and give the casket the finger too. Good God, these guys are depraved. These morons were so stupid that they didn’t even cover their faces in the video where they are killing the guy. How dumb can you get? Despite the documentary evidence of their guilt, the parents of the accused still refuse to believe that their kids are killers and say the confessions were coerced. Here is a translation of the Ukrainian dialogue in the video:

“Hold on, hold on. Be neater, fuck!” Likely meaning to be careful of all the blood. *Laughing*

“Hold on, hold on, hold on, don’t hit him, don’t hit him. Watch him…” The rest of the sentence is indistinct, but he’s likely telling the guy to watch for the blood as he’s zooming in to capture the close-up. The following audio is unclear. [After the screwdriver stabbing] “What? With what?” the cameraman responds to the boy who stabs the victim. “What, he’s still alive?” asks the guy stabbing the victim. “He’s still moving his arms after I ripped up his intestines…” The cameraman then muffles indistinctly. “He’s having a fucked up day,” says the stabbing guy after he steps on his stomach. *More muffled talk as he proceeds to stab him in the eyes with the screwdriver* “Get over here fast. Kill him already.” “What?” asks the stabber. “Kill him already.” “I already put the hammer back. He’s already dead.” “I poked out his eyes and he’s still not dead,” says the cameraman. “Get the knife,” the cameraman continues. *Proceeds to bludgeon him, then interrupts by saying something indistinct.* “More, more.” The cameraman is telling the other guy to keep bludgeoning him to make sure he’s dead. “Hold on, hold on.” *They start walking back to the car.* More muffled talk from the blond killer. “Wash your hands,” the cameraman says and tells the other guy to spray cleaning chemical on the hammer. “I’ll hold it.” *Muffled talk from the guy washing the hammer.* *More muffled talk from the guy washing his face and walking back from his car.* “I stuck the screwdriver in his brain,” says the cameraman. *Muffled talk from the guy washing his hands* “I got him in the nose from his eye,” or something along those lines. “I don’t understand how he was alive? I felt his brain,” says the cameraman. “I was holding the screwdriver like this…” *muffled/don’t understand the rest.* Before the video ends the blond guy says, “Alright, let’s get a picture.” There was a similar case recently in Italy. Four young men attacked a homeless man, Andrea Severi, age 44, by burning him. He received burns over 50 They were Italian Mussolini-type fascists from good families, aged 18. Just four bored rich kids with nothing better to do than to burn a poor homeless guy for fun. They got convicted in early December 2007, and the story was all over the Italian media. Left wing antifascist site about the killings, but it’s all in Italian. This type of fascism is still quite popular in Italy – the neo-Nazi kind not nearly so much. There is a misconception about Mussolinism in that it is not supposed to be racist or anti-Semitic, but my Italian friends tell me that fascists are fascists. They also say that Mussolini was a racist, an anti-Semite and an anti-Slav. He also persecuted all speakers of anything other than Standard Italian. This “He made the trains run on time,” stuff really needs to be challenged. In Northern Italy, the fascists are quite popular, but the anti-Semitism seems to have died down. 2008 is not the 1930’s. Up there, they are mostly anti-Slavic. The important thing to note is the hate, the fascist hate. All fascists have this inside of them. Fascist fathers teach this hate to their sons, plant it in them and water it like sapling trees. Italian fascism started out as social nationalism, but now it’s quite common among the rich. The Italian middle class traditionally tended to be more Centrist and oriented to varieties of political Catholicism (Christian democracy). But now many are voting for quasi-fascist Berlusconi. It’s important to note that in Italy, there are racists who are not fascists. The Lega Nord, the northern autonomists, are racist against southern Italians, but they are not fascists. Fascists are Italian ultranationalists. They believe in the centrality of the Italian state. There are neo-Nazis in Italy, but they are not nearly as numerous as Mussolini fascists. There are many in Central Italy in the Lazio Region (where Rome and the Vatican are located). They are quite a few of them in Verona, Vicenza and Padova in the northeast Veneto Region. There are also some in Trieste. There are no Nazis to speak of in Southern Italy. The famous Compulsion was based on a novel by Meyer Levin in 1956. Meyer Levin later became famous for being one of the first authors to realize the potential of the tragic diaries of Anne Frank. He was convinced that he had a personal interest in the rights to the diary, and ended up in a 30-year legal battle over those who performed the hit play based on the diaries, while Levin’s play was rejected. This book, said to be the first non-fiction novel, set the standard for a style later famously popularized by Truman Capote in In Cold Blood. I’ve never read the Capote novel, but it is supposed to be one of the greats. Hitchcock also made a movie, Bobby Franks, was also Jewish. I really do recommend that my regular readers do not watch this video under any circumstances unless you are into stuff like this. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

Video Shock: Pariolini Russi Massacrano Un Barbone

Repost from the old site. I am looking for translators to translate this post into German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Serbo-Croatian and Bulgarian. Email me if you are interested. This post has been translated into other languages. Our title,Human Beasts – Massacre in a Russian Forest, in English, is here. The French translation, Massacre Dans Une Forêt Russe, is here. Spanish translation, Bestias Humanas – Masacre en un Bosque Ruso, here. Polish translation, Ludzkie Bestie – Masakra w Rosyjskim Lesie. Hungarian translation, Vadállati Ember Mészárlás Egy Orosz Erdőben, here. Polish translation, Ludzkie Bestie – Masakra w Rosyjskim Lesie. The video has been removed. Try here instead. This video is getting pulled all over the place all the time, so it’s location is often shifting. [wpvideo kdhb8prx] This is an Italian translation of one of the most evil videos available on the Internet. It goes under various names and variations. Some of the names are 4 Men 1 Hammer, Four Men One Hammer, 3 Guys 1 Hammer, 3 Guys 1 Hammer 1 Screwdriver, 3 Guys and 1 Hammer, 3 Guys One Hammer, Three Guys One Hammer, 3 Guys and a Hammer, 3 Men 1 Hammer, 3 Men 1 Hammer 1 Screwdriver, 3 Men One Hammer, 3 Men and One Hammer, 3 Men and a Hammer, Three Men One Hammer, Three Men and a Hammer, Three Men 1 Hammer, Three Men and One Hammer, 1 Hammer 3 Guys, Three Russians and a Hammer, Three Russians and the Hammer, 2 Guys 1 Hammer, 2 Guys One Hammer, Two Guys One Hammer, Russian Murder Video, Russian Hammer, Russian Massacre, Russian Forest Massacre, Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs, Murdered in the Woods and Hammertime. I really do recommend that my regular readers do not watch this video under any circumstances unless you are into stuff like this. This is an Italian translation of Human Beasts: Massacre in a Russian Forest. The translation is by “Paolo from Trieste.” The title is translated as Shock Video: Russian Pariolinis Massacre a Bum . The title recalls a famous massacre in Italy, the Circeo’s Massacre. In this case, the killers were from the Parioli Zone in Rome. Parioli is a very wealthy part of Rome – think Beverly Hills in LA. In Italy, the word “Parioli” implies extreme wealth, wild sex, drug and alcohol orgies, etc. The killers were Italian Mussolini-type fascists. They kidnapped, raped and tortured two local girls, and one of the girls died. The other miraculously survived only by the grace of God. This case is still very popular in the Italian imagination – think the Tate-La Bianca Manson killings in Beverly Hills in 1969. Rome is full of fascists, and they are certain to be upset by the title of this video equating them with thrill-killers. The man who was killed in this video was not a bum; instead he was just a middle-aged guy suffering from cancer. Questo è un video che stà facendo scalpore nel Web. La rilevanza del caso ha fatto sì che unitamente alle cronache in lingua russa si siano aggiunte ulteriori informazioni in Inglese. Nell’estate del 2007, tre 19nni ucraini hanno brutalmente seviziato a morte un povero barbone. Sono conosciuti come i Maniaci di Dnepropetrovsk. Dopo i primi esperimenti e sevizie sugli animali, questi maniaci hanno fatto il salto di qualità…cacciare la preda più ambita: l’uomo. A tutt’oggi sappiamo che hanno fatto almeno 21 morti, uomini, bambini, donne, senza distinzione di sesso, età e status sociale. E’ triste sapere come in Russia i senzatetto (e in futuro anche i poveri?) siano oggetto di caccia spietata. Neonazisti, giovani annoiati dalla monotonia della vita, psicopatici…assassini di tutti i tipi si stanno accanendo su poveri esseri umani. Tranne casi eclatanti, come questo, il ritrovamento di cadaveri non fà nemmeno più notizia. I russi amano bere molta Vodka, ci sono tanti ubriaconi in giro… I serial killers hanno avuto la bella pensata di immortalare le loro gesta…sono 7 minuti incredibili…siamo in un bosco e si vede un barbone disteso tra le piante; sembra stia dormendo o è ubriaco. Il ‘commando’ si avvicina ed inizia la ‘festa di morte’: il primo ‘eroe’ gli spacca la testa a martellate, il volto della vittima è completamente sfigurato e sanguinante, ma respira…respira ed allora interviene il camerata che inizia la tortura con un cesello (o un cacciavite)…ha la pancia scoperta: perchè non infilzarlo, perchè non colpirlo dappertutto, penetrare sotto la pelle e sbudellarlo, divertendosi un mondo?? Sì, sono eccitati, l’odore del sangue li eccita…una faccia da bravo ragazzo (quello del martello) sfoggia un bel sorriso al ‘cameraman’, il terzo si stà divertendo un mondo…e tutti ridono felici…maledetti!!! C’è un povero cristo che viene letteralmente umiliato, massacrato, lo prendono a calci, continuano a sbudellarlo, viene spietatamente infilzato ad un occhio, urla, urla di dolore…(le urla non si sentono, per fortuna), ma è ancora vivo! Mi pare di sentire una delle loro voci: ”Vieni,’bravo ragazzo’ dal sorriso smagliante, vieni a finirlo con il tuo glorioso martello, sei come Thor adesso…finisci quel miserabile! Prendi bene la mira, mi raccomando, tre belle martellate sono sufficienti? Quel porco è ancora vivo? Fà niente, andiamo via, ragazzi!” La camera si allontana, il prode giovanotto pulisce l’arma in una pozzanghera, ha l’acqua in una bottiglia di plastica per ‘decontaminare’ il suo martello dal sangue dell’impuro, si lava la faccia, le braccia, le mani…e la sua coscienza? E la coscienza di suoi camerati? Come potranno mai pulire la loro coscienza?? Ma hanno una coscienza? Dopo aver filmato un’altro omicidio, il ‘cameraman’, temendo di essere scoperto dalla polizia, ha abbandonato i suoi amici. Gli assassinii sono continuati, uno stato di delirio di onnipotenza si è impadronito dei due pazzi facendoli commettere l’errore di presenziare ai funerali delle vittime per fare foto delle esequie. Fortunatamente, proprio in quelle occasioni sono stati individuati da esperti detective russi, muniti a loro volta di macchine fotografiche!! Sono stati arrestati e la polizia ha trovato questo video, prova sciacciante della loro colpevolezza. Sono in prigione e sono tutt’ora in attesa di giudizio. Recentemente ho visto una foto degli assassini in cella…impressionante! La faccia, lo sguardo di uno di loro è spaventoso…è il volto di un demone uscito dall’inferno (ndt in originale il testo menziona Ghoul, che sarebbe un mangiatore di cadaveri…). Apparso ieri per la prima volta nel sito, questo video è stato ritirato immediatamente. Nel mio sito c’è spazio per la politica, per l’informazione, la cultura, l’umorismo e la satira. Posso pubblicare immagini e commenti di vario tipo, mi piace il dibattito, il contraddittorio. Talvolta vi ho presentato filmati estremamente violenti, brutali e sconvolgenti per denunciare fatti e realtà del nostro mondo contemporaneo. Questo video mi ha fatto star male, ho pianto, mi sono sentito impotente davanti a tanta ferocia, ho urlato il mio odio per quelle belve. Avete mai sentito parlare del famoso caso Leopold-Loeb? E dei film di Orson Welles ‘Frenesia del delitto‘ e ‘Nodo alla Gola‘ di A. Hitchcock tratti da quella storia? Beh, come vedete In America abbiamo avuto casi simili. Non potevo non inserirlo!! Non è un fenomeno isolato!! Non posso dimenticare i diversi attacchi ai senzatetto, ai poveri emigranti, agli emarginati avvenuti in questi anni in alcuni paesi dell’ Unione Europea. Come non ricordare le molteplici aggressioni ed i roghi avvenuti in Italia? Quanti campi nomadi, alloggi di extracomunitari sono stati dati alle fiamme? Quanti sono stati veramente accidentali? Chi ha dato fuoco al barbone polacco di Ostia? E questo? E il barbone di Genova? E per finire, cosa ne pensate del tentativo di bruciare vivo il barbone ADREA SEVERI? Non era mica un negro, un cinese o un mussulmano o… era un ITALIANO!!!! E chi sono gli indagati che hanno ammesso la colpa? Quattro giovanotti di circa 18 anni, di buona famiglia (e sicuramente di idee fasciste)!! Hanno dichiarato di aver provato a cacciare il barbone altre volte, di averlo schernito e maltrattato, alla fine han voluto fare il fuochetto…e perchè? Mah, si annoiavano, non c’era nulla da fare…ed allora olè, bruciamo il barbone, che bello, che divertimento!!!

Public Suicide Fad Hits Argentina

[wpvideo MC5yaPEo] Note: Repost from the old blog. I am looking for a translator to translate this post into Korean. Email me if you are interested. Warning! Graphic footage! Do not watch if you are easily upset! An 8.4 MB version of the video with better resolution can be downloaded on this site here. The public suicide fad has spread to Argentina. Above is the video of the live TV suicide of Mario “Malevo” Ferreyra, an Argentine former police official. He killed himself on live TV in Tucumán Province, Argentina. Malevo Ferreyra was Chief of the Brigade of Investigations of the State Tucumán in Argentina in the late 1970’s at the height of the Dirty War. In 1993, he was convicted for murdering three robbers in 1991. He escaped from the courthouse clutching a hand grenade in each hand (!) and later turned himself in after the former governor of the province reduced his sentence. He served seven years for the killings. He ruled Tucumán with an iron fist before, during and after the Dirty War. A warrant was issued by the National Guard yesterday for his arrest for kidnapping and torture during the Dirty War. The crimes were committed when he served at a secret weapons-depot-turned-detention center during the Dirty War. Just before the police were coming to arrest him, he committed suicide in front of his wife and kids on national TV. He had just finished an interview the TV station Cronica on top of a water tank at his rural home in Tucumán. His home was surrounded by police and he would be arrested shortly. He protested his innocence, then said, “Hasta siempre, Maria (I will love you forever, Maria),” pulled out a .45 caliber revolver from his boot and shot himself behind the ear. He died on his way to the hospital shortly afterward. After he shot himself in the head, his son embraced him and his daughter panicked. Families of the victims say that the suicide was part of a pact of silence that would ensure that Ferreyra would not have to testify against his former colleagues. Argentine politics is nasty, and sometimes deadly, business, with a lot of impunity, but that seems to be changing.

A typical image if “El Malevo” with his usual sombrero. Looks like a hard-living fellow. The name may come from a famous silent movie by the well-known Argentine director Here is another photo of El Malevo. I’m not sure what is going on here, or who the woman is. He looks like a pretty rough character. So do those guys around him. Argentine provincial politics is nasty, hardcore stuff. Sort of a cross between Sicily and Mexico. Lot of tough guys in power throwing their weight around, not much of a rule of law, political arrests and attacks, harassment of and attacks on journalists, corrupt and venal judges. The usual stuff.

Tucumán is a somewhat backwards, “provincial” province in the hinterlands of Argentina. It’s mostly agricultural back there, with a lot of sugar cane cultivation. The cops and politicians in this part of Argentina are some of the most brutal, venal, clannish and corrupt in the country. There are still Indians living in this part of Argentina, and people are much more Mestizo here than in the rest of the country. It isn’t gaucho country, and it’s not the Pampas. More like the foothills of the Andes. In the mid-70’s, this province was the scene of a little-known foco revolutionary movement led by the ERP (People’s Revolutionary Army). It failed, as all foco-inspired movements did. The ERP was then devastated by the Dirty War – they were history 1 1/2 years into the counterinsurgency. The ERP has long since abandoned armed struggle and now exists as a political movement. Budd Dwyer, anyone? Video of Budd Dwyer’s live TV suicide here (warning: graphic). Jesus Christ man, the blood runs out of his nose like a waterfall. I found the case of Christine Chubbuck, another public suicide, this time of a newscaster on live TV during her broadcast (!) to be particularly poignant. I don’t like to diagnose the dead, but it looks like she had traits of Avoidant Personality Disorder . It’s something like social phobia, but a lot more pervasive. What’s odd is that she had such an extroverted job and most avoidants are serious introverts. The symptoms are there: the lack of romantic relationships despite a tremendous desire for one and her beauty, good job, education and brains; the unrequited love for a colleague at work who would not reciprocate. And at the same time, whenever people at work made friendly gestures towards her, she would blow them off. This is the “get them before they get me” mentality. I will reject them before they reject me. It’s perverse, but like a lot of perverse stuff, has its own crazy logic. Good overview of APD. I don’t think I have ever known one. The primary symptom is extreme hypersensitivity to rejection. I’ve known people who have some of the hypersensitivity though. If you criticize them, they look like they are going to burst into tears. Then they often get really angry. These are grown “adults”, say 40 years old. I think they are babies, but maybe I should be kinder, since I’m not exactly normal myself. I had a therapist once and I asked him if I was an avoidant. One of my games is “Psychiatric Medical Patient Syndrome” – going through the DSM and worrying I have every illness in the book. He said, no, because he had criticized me and I took it well. He said he had had 7-8 avoidants, and as soon as you criticize them in therapy, they get up and walk out of the office and never come back. That’s about the size of it. Truth is, I really don’t care if people like me or not, as long as they hang around with me. I would be perfectly content to have beautiful women coming over here every day, screwing my brains out, pretending to like me, but actually hating my guts. As long as they pretend to like me, it’s all good. I don’t care what’s in someone’s deepest soul. I’m also not freaked out by rejection. After about the millionth time, you pretty much get used to it. I figure if I freaked out about every little rejecting encounter I get, I’d probably be continuously suicidally depressed. You have to make it through life somehow. No one has to like you anyway; it’s a free country. Plus I’ve rejected lots of people myself, so what comes around, goes around. Chubbuck also seemed to be awfully regressed into an almost childhood state when off work, despite being an uber-professional on the job. Strange case. I had never heard of Dwyer’s or Chubbuck’s case until the Internet. There are no available videos of the Chubbuck suicide, but there are five seconds of Chubbuck footage here on Youtube. There is also a Chubbuck segment on Network (1974) “I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”, the lead, a TV newscaster, threatens to commit suicide on live TV.

Decapitato Vivo!! Urla, Uomo, Urla!

The video has been removed following discussions with WordPress staff. Try here instead. Note: Repost from the old blog. I am looking for translators to write this post up in Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish. Email me if you are interested. Hello folks, this is an Italian translation of the Chechclear Video post. My translator, Paolo From Trieste, is a huge horror fan, so I think he actually likes watching this stuff. Regular readers don’t even want to watch chechclear. It’s legendary for being one of the most fucked-up videos that ever appeared on the Internet. Dopo la decapitazione dei 6 soldati russi in Cecenia (vedi video), dopo la decapitazione dei ‘neri’ da parte dei neo-nazi russi (vedi video), eccovi l’ultima parte della Trilogia del terrore…il video chiamato CHECHCLEAR, uno dei più orrendi ed impressionanti mai apparsi in Rete. Ne abbiamo già parlato, è un’esecuzione durante la Guerra in Cecenia. Quando? Nel 1996 o 1999. Dove? Nella Repubblica del Dagestan. Gli esecutori? Dei ribelli Ceceni Il condannato? Malgrado i Ceceni abbiano confermato che il prigioniero decapitato fosse un Mercenario al soldo del nemico, non ne è mai stata appurata la vera identità. Qualcuno (e penso siano stati i filo-russi) ha ipotizzato che era un soldato di leva. Che i Ceceni abbiano più volte espresso il loro odio per i mercenari, è cosa risaputa. Che non abbiano provato, almeno nelle fasi iniziali della guerra, dei particolari risentimenti (li ammazzavano e basta…) nei confronti dei soldati di leva russi, questo è anche vero. Nessuno ha mai stata fatto chiarezza sull’episodio. Alla fine, dobbiamo solo constatare che l’orrore parte da lontano e che la guerra russo/cecena, inclusi gli episodi di terrorismo, è stata una delle pagine più sanguinarie di questi ultimi vent’anni (A dire il vero, anche in Jugoslavia ne hanno combinate di nefandezze…!) Non desidero farvi vedere il video nel mio sito, scaricatelo qui. Sono 16 secondi, solo 16 secondi di orrore. Molti lettori mi hanno scritto che è praticamente impossible reperire su Internet il filmato. E’ vero. Questa è l’ultima versione ‘riveduta e corretta’. Ma, e fate bene attenzione, queste sequenze sono tratte dal FILMATO ORIGINALE della durata di ben 5 minuti!!! Non riesco ad immaginare cosa possa contenere quel filmato. La depravazione umana, la bestialità dell’atto compiuto visti in questi pochi secondi mi hanno sconvolto…mi vengono i brividi solo a pensare cosa possa contenere un filmato di ben 5 minuti!! Non crediate di poterlo trovare in rete: è sparito dalla circolazione. Penso di aver individuato dei siti particolari, protetti, dove poterlo scaricare, ma non è un’operazione facile, ci sono ostacoli di vario tipo. Ne volete un’anticipazione? Ve la dò, non sono così cattivo da non soddisfare la morbosa e perversa curiosità di alcuni di voi…sono solo 16 secondi: un uomo, di razza slava, un russo probabilmente, è disteso a terra, su un fianco, un anfibio nero gli schiaccia la testa a terra. Ha una collana dorata al collo, non riesco a vedere se ha la piastrina di riconoscimento (Anche i russi ce l’hanno? Penso di sì). L’uomo è giovane, sulla trentina, è vivo, per adesso…per poco. Una mano guantata…un coltello…inizia il taglio…urla…urla… il macellaio taglia…urla…gorgoglìo…alla fine…un trofeo?? Allora, volete ancora vederlo??

Chechclear Video

The video has been removed following discussions with WordPress staff. Try here instead.

This post has been translated into Italian. Italian version (traduzione in italiano). French version (en Frances). Regular readers, you don’t really want to download this file or view this video at all.

Chechclear is one of the most horrible videos ever made available on the Web. It involves the execution of a Russian soldier during the Chechen War.

There is a lot of controversy about it.

Chechens say he was a mercenary, and that is why he was killed. It took place in 1996 in Chechnya. The best information from many former Russian soldiers on forums is that the man executed was a a Russian contract soldier named Alexei Shcherbatykh. He was a contract soldier, not a mercenary, meaning he continued his service after conscription. He was picked up with other soldiers you see in the the video that proceeds Chechclear (see below). They went into town to pick up vodka. It was a bad mistake, as you can see what happened to them.

Some say that the man being beheaded is Yevgeny Rodionov, age 19. However, this is incorrect. Rodionov was captured at age 18 and beheaded at age 19, but his beheading was not captured on film.

Another story from is that it is possible that it is not Alexei in the video and that the person was not a soldier but a civilian hostage named Yuri who was killed to make a point to the other hostages.

Some think that the man’s throat was cut by Khattab, the famous Saudi jihadi who fought with the Chechens until he was killed by a poison letter.

However, the killer is actually most probably Salautdin Temirbulatov (known as The Tractor Driver), or at the very least, the man was executed by his gang. Photo here.

The chechclear execution is one of three carried out that day by Temirbulatov’s men. His men captured the four contract soldiers outside the town of Komsomolskoye on April 12, 1996.

There is videotape of Temirbulatov questioning the four men. He and his men then shot two of them and beheaded the a  third. It is not known what happened to the fourth man. There is an old videotape of very poor quality that is very hard to find that shows Temirbulatov questioning the four men. Then he and his accomplices shoot two of men each in turn, next someone saws the third man’s head off. However, this tape is not a part of chechclear.wmv.

According to Movldy Khasanov, an arrested Chechen rebel and member of the same Temirbulatov gang, the beheader was actually a man named Daddy or Batya in Chechen. He was reportedly killed in a Russian mortar attack one month later. However, Khasanov may be lying to cover up for his boss who was arrested for the crime the year before. Temirbulatov was arrested on March 20, 2000 and charged with this murder and three other murders of Russian contract soldiers. He was indicted on February 15, 2001. One of the videos used to convict him was chechclear.

This video was purchased by Russian media in 1999. Channel 2 is the only station that played the media in the full version. They played this video to make Chechens appear to be brutal maniacs and drum up support for the Chechen War.

Temirbulatov was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. There are rumors that he was killed in prison by Russian Orthodox prisoners and that they beheaded him as revenge for his crimes, but there is no confirmation of that.

There is supposedly a much longer, 5-minute, unedited version that is much worse but is either almost or completely impossible to find anymore. In that video, his captors beat and humiliate this man for several minutes before they behead him.

Yet another version shows Temirbulatov kneeling on the victim’s back, then beheading him, then holding the severed head up in the air and laughing. This one is also almost impossible to find anymore.

Appuntamento Con la Morte: La Decapitazione di Daniel Pearl

The video has been removed following discussions with WordPress staff. Try here instead. Note: Repost from the old blog. I am looking for translators to translate this post into Spanish, Korean and Turkish. Email me if you are interested. This is an Italian translation of a previous post, Appointment With Death: The Beheading of Daniel Pearl, done by my super-translator “Paolo From Trieste.” This post is pretty popular so I decided to have it translated. French translation here (en Frances). He added a lot of stuff relating to Italy such as the extremely strange Aldo Moro killing, supposedly done by the Red Brigades but probably done by the SISMI, the Italian intelligence service, and the CIA. Nota: La visione è adatta solamente ad un pubblico maturo e decliniamo ogni responsabilità per eventuali conseguenze psico/fisiche. Ovviamente, tenete alla larga i minori!!! Potrei riempire questo Blog di ogni sorta di video-shock, anche rarissimi. Ne trarrei vantaggio in termini di visibilità, ma non è questa la mia intenzione. Ne ho presentati solo alcuni, molto popolari, come la…Dua Khalil, l’impiccagione di Saddam Hussein, la decapitazione di ‘neri’ effettuata dai neo-nazisti russi ed il presente video. Come da mia abitudine, i video sono accompagnati dal mio commento ed analisi storica. Questo video, già diffuso in rete negli anni scorsi, è intitolato: la decapitazione di un giornalista/spia, l’ebreo Daniel Pearl (scarica il video in questo sito). I titoli di testa sono in lingua Urdu (praticamente sconosciuta alla massa). Contrariamente alle ‘leggende metropolitane’ ci viene risparmiata la visione del momento dell’esecuzione. Non si vede D.Pearl pronunciare le sue ultime parole ‘Mia madre era ebrea, io sono un ebreo’ e poi il boia Khalid Sheikh Mohammad (KSM) avventarsi e tagliargli la gola. Sono visibili invece le immagini successive che ci mostrano l’efferato scempio (la decapitazione e l’esibizione della testa mozza) fatto al cadavere dal boia KSM. Al video è stato dato un taglio (e mi si perdoni la parola…) giornalistico, curando preminentemente il messaggio propagandistico ed i dettagli politici. In effetti, nella prima parte Pearl elenca brevemente le domande alle quali dovrà rispondere, evidentemente ‘sotto dettatura’. Le frasi hanno un significato dispregiativo: sono chiare le parole di Pearl quando si definisce ebreo, la sua tradizione religiosa e famigliare, il suo Sionismo accentuato dal fatto che ad un suo avo sia stata intitolata una strada in una città d’Israele etc. Quando Pearl parla trascorrono le immagini di truppe israeliane in azioni contro i palestinesi, morti… Ma per il popolo islamico non basta un ‘mea culpa’…ci vuole il sangue…ed allora la scena cambia ed il corpo esanime di Pearl, la gola squarciata, viene decollato da un esperto incappucciato (KSM), la testa viene esibità trionfalmente. Quest’orrenda immagine farà da sfondo alla parte finale del video. In sovraimpressione compare la sigla del NMFPS e l’abituale elenco di richieste.. Liberazione di tutti i prigionieri da Guantanamo (Pakistani in testa), la consegna dei bombardieri F-16 acquistati e pagati dal Pakistan e mai forniti dagli Usa (questa sì che è uno Scam…) e la fine della presenza militare Usa in Pakistan. Ecco la minaccia finale: americani…non sarete mai al sicuro nel sacro suolo islamico del Pakistan, se non acconsentirete alle nostre richieste, questa scena si ripeterà ancora, ed ancora…per sempre! Se volete una cronaca dettagliata del video. Da parte mia, mi sembra che all’inizio Pearl sia composto e tranquillo, direi anche orgoglioso e fiero delle sue origini ed idee Sioniste. Ma poi si vede la paura…la paura di essere in ostaggio e non conoscere il proprio futuro. Quando deve ‘recitare’ la propaganda anti-Usa, la sua voce si spezza, è nervoso, impaurito, il suo volto non è più lo stesso: è evidente che il video è stato girato in tempi differenti. Sì, in quel istante mi faceva molta pena: era un uomo impaurito ed io sapevo già qual’era la sua fine, ma poi, un attimo prima della sua fine, ecco che si trasforma in un’altro uomo ed inizia a parlare come un laureando…un altro uomo ad alcuni secondi dalla morte…interessante. Ma chi era Pearl? Reporter o Spia o forse entrambi? Ufficialmente lavorava per il WSJ e stava preparando un reportage sull’intreccio tra i servizi segreti Pakistani (ISI) e le cellule terroristiche di Al Qaeda in quel paese. Ma, provate ad immaginare un giornalista (Pearl) ebreo ed americano, andare in giro per il Pakistan a fare domande di quel tipo, beh, non vi sembra una situazione inverosimile? Il giorno della sua scomparsa, il 23 gennaio 2002, Pearl doveva incontrare un emissario di Al Qaeda. Il gruppo NMFPS ha rivendicato il suo rapimento; millantando l’ammissione di Pearl di essere un agente CIA ha presentato le proprie richieste. Ad ulteriore conferma di avere in mano Pearl, è stata inviata alla stampa una foto del prigioniero: mitra puntato alla testa e quotidiano con la data in evidenza. Il 1° febbraio 2002, Pearl è stato ucciso e decapitato. Il suo corpo è stato ritrovato il 16 maggio successivo (mmm che brutto giorno…vi ricordate Moro?) in un cimitero di Karachi (probabile luogo della sua uccisione). Smembrato in 10 pezzi…orribile! Della sua barbara uccisione sono stati incrimanti Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh …ed altre 3 complici. Ahmed è stato condannato a morte ma la sentenza non è stata ancora eseguita. E’ qualcuno che gode di una certa protezione, evidentemente CHI E’ AHMED OMAR SAEED SHEIKH? E’ un Anglo/Pakistano da un passato a dir poco equivoco o sconcertante. Si vocifera che fosse un agente o un infiltrato del MI-6 (tipo James Bond, per intenderci) dal 1994, ma anche un agente dell’ISI nel 2001. Insomma una personalità talmente discussa che perfino il Presidente Pakistano Musharaff ha detto la sua: era un agente che faceva il doppio gioco! Già, sembra che nell’attacco alle Torri Gemelle l’Isi fosse ben coinvolto e che Sheik ha avuto un ruolo chiave in tutta la vicenda. Ovviamente l’allenza Usa-Pakistan non ha permesso il diffondersi di voci relative ad un possibile coinvolgimento dei servizi segreti Pakistani all’attacco dell’ 11 settembre. La mia ipotesi è questa: l’ISI ha messo a tacere Daniel Pearl che stava indagando sul loro collegamento con Al Qaeda. Gli esecutori del piano erano KSM e Sheik. Gli USA, per calmare l’opinione pubblica interna, hanno fatto formidabili pressioni sul Governo Pakistano per avere un colpevole, et voilà, trovato il colpevole! Povero Sheik…fottuto, ma non ancora giustiziato. Sicuramente deve avere qualche ‘Padrino’ Politico (oppure ha qualche documento top-secret ben nascosto…). Se Daniel Pearl era solo un bravo reporter americano di origine ebrea, beh, scusatemi, era un candidato al suicidio! Dopo l’11 settembre, nessuna persona di buon senso sarebbe andata in un posto come il Pakistan, indagare sui servizi segreti Pakistani, indagare sui loro rapporti con Al Qaeda, organizzare un incontro con un terrorista mussulmano.. Ufficialmente Pearl aveva anche una famiglia!! Ecchecazzo! (ndt: scusate, la parolaccia è mia). Badate bene, non difendo i merdosi bastardi che lo hanno ucciso, dico solo che qualcosa non quadra!! Da allora la comunità ebraica mondiale ha creato il mito dell’impavido, leggendario giornalista. Robert LindsayPosted on Categories Anti-Semitism, Beheadings, Crime, Evil, Italian, Pakistan, Racism, Regional, Reposts From The Old Site, Sick and Evil, South Asia, Translations, Zionism2 Comments on Appuntamento Con la Morte: La Decapitazione di Daniel Pearl

Appointment With Death: The Beheading of Daniel Pearl

The video has been removed following discussions with WordPress staff. Try here instead. Note: Repost from the old blog. I am looking for translators to translate this post into Korean and Turkish. Email me if you are interested. Italian version (traduzione in italiano). French translation (en Frances). Note: This is intended for a mature viewing audience. It contains graphic footage and should not be viewed by minors. By viewing this video, you hereby agree that you are doing so of your own free will. This is the actual Daniel Pearl beheading video. It’s titled The Slaughter of the Spy-Journalist, the Jew Daniel Pearl (download the video on this site here), but I think the title is in Urdu at the beginning, so most won’t be able to read that. This video is easier to take than you might think. The actual beheading is thankfully not shown, but we do see the severed head afterward. It is said that in this video, Pearl says, “My mother was a Jew. I am a Jew,” and just then Khalid Sheik Mohammad (KSM) comes up behind him, pulls out a knife, and slits his throat. That never happens. What really happens in this video is, Pearl gives a little pre-prepared speech listing some of the demands of his captors. Pearl also makes some impromptu remarks about his Jewish ethnicity, that of his family, his family’s Jewish religion, the fact that his family are Zionists, and a town in Israel that is named after his great-grandfather, a famous Zionist. While Pearl is making all these remarks about Israel, Zionism, Judaism, etc., there are interspersed photos of Israeli troops hassling and arresting Palestinians, of dead Palestinians, etc. Then it shows Pearl on the ground, already dead thank God, apparently with his throat slit, while an unknown man, possibly KSM, easily saws off the head and then holds it up. The severed head stays up for the rest of the video while the group names itself – the National Movement for Pakistan Sovereignty, and lists a number of nationalist demands – the return of all Pakistani prisoners from Guantanamo, the release of all prisoners from Guantanamo, the release of F-16’s that Pakistan bought from the US and never received, and an end to all US presence in Pakistan. Then it says, “We assure Americans that they will never be safe on the Muslim land of Pakistan.” This is followed by, “And if our demands are not met, this scene shall be repeated again and again and again…” A good play-by-play of the video is here. The first part of the video is not that hard to take. Pearl is unusually composed and assured while he talks about Judaism, Zionism, Jewishness and Israel. It’s almost as if he is proud. But then he talks about how hard it is to be kidnapped – “The most difficult part is not knowing where you are or what is going to happen to you” – then he recites what is apparently a scripted propaganda anti-US screed about US foreign policy. His voice breaks, he seems nervous, stressed and frightened. He also looks a lot more haggard. It’s as if the two separate speeches were shot at different times. At that time, I felt sorry for the guy because he seemed so scared, and I knew what was going to happen to him. But right before he gets killed, when he’s talking about the Jewish stuff, he’s a whole new man, and he may as well be speaking at his college graduation. And this is seconds before his demise. Interesting. Pearl was a reporter for the Wall Street Journal investigating, of all things, the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI – this is the Pakistani FBI-CIA combined) and their possible links with Muslim terrorism and in particular Al Qaeda. I can’t believe this guy was running around Pakistan, a Jew and an American, openly asking questions like that. On January 23, 2002, he made an appointment to meet some Al Qaeda guy, and then he went missing for a while. The group announced his kidnapping, said he was a CIA agent (dubious) and made a list of demands. They also released a photo of Pearl with a gun to his head holding up a newspaper with the date on it. Pearl was killed on February 1, 2002 by beheading. On May 16, his body was found cut up in ten pieces in a shallow grave in Karachi. He was most probably murdered in Karachi. Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, a British Pakistani with a most interesting history, was eventually charged along with three others with the killing; Sheikh was sentenced to death. The death sentence has yet to be carried out. Sheikh is a most interesting fellow. He was apparently an agent or asset with the British MI-6 (the British equivalent of the CIA), beginning in 1994, and possibly up until his arrest. He also appears to have been an ISI agent at some time, at least in 2001, and possibly until his arrest or even afterward. Pakistani President Pervez Musharaff says he was a double agent. It seems that Sheikh, and apparently also elements of the ISI, played a key role in Al Qaeda’s 9-11 attacks on the US. This has never been adequately followed up by the US due to the US-Pakistani alliance. My personal opinion is that the ISI, using KSM and Sheikh, kidnapped and killed Pearl for looking into the ISI-Al Qaeda link. I think that then, under pressure from the US, they gave up Sheikh and sentenced him to death, but the sentence has not yet been carried out. I think that for Daniel Pearl, a Jewish reporter, to go to Pakistan soon after 9-11 and the US invasion of Afghanistan and wander around Pakistan openly investigating ISI-Al Qaeda links to the point of meeting with Al Qaeda guys was pretty much suicidal. I’m not defending these scumbags who killed him. I’m just saying it wasn’t a very smart thing for Pearl to do. Pearl has since been lionized, in particular by the World Jewish community.was killed in part for being a Jew, and his killers were surely virulent anti-Semites, but there’s more to it than that. I bet if he were a Jewish butterfly collector wandering around Pakistan netting butterflies, nothing would have ever happened to him. Other Jewish reporters have since gone to Pakistan and even openly interviewed heads of madrassas with no problems at all. Pearl was on a virtual suicide mission. At the very least, he was living very, very dangerously. People who choose to do that in our world sometimes end up injured or even dead. Happens all the time. The Daniel Pearl story is sad, but there is less here than the popular myth that is developing around the man. Pearl was an excellent student, graduated from a top university and was a superb journalist, breaking some of the biggest stories of the late 1980’s and 1990’s. He was not a bad person, and he had many exemplary traits. May he rest in peace. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

Russie – Vidéo Décapitation Néo-nazi

The video has been removed following discussions with WordPress staff. Try here instead. This is a French translation of the Neo-Nazi Beheading Video post. It was done by “Natalie from France.” This post has been translated into other languages. Italian version (traduzione in italiano). Bulgarian version (Българска версия). Romanian version ( Versiunea română). Spanish version (en Español ). Portuguese version (em Portugues). I am looking for translators to translate this post into Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, German, Finnish, Russian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovenian, Serbo-Croatian, Greek, Turkish, Japanese, Mongolian and Bahasa Indonesia. Attention! Cette vidéo comporte des images choquantes, il s’agit d’une décapitation. Si vous êtes mineurs ou sensibles, ne regardez pas . Cette vidéo se prend une large partie du trafic, surtout en provenance d’Europe. Cet article américain, a été traduit en italien, nous recherchons des personnes parlant d’autres langues européennes ainsi que le japonais. Si vous êtes intéressés écrivez-moi une email à l’adresse en haut à droite. Préface Nous avons déjà vu des vidéos de décapitations effectuées par les disciples de Al Qaeda et nous savons ce qu’il se passe en Tchétchénie. Mais que savons-nous de ce qu’il arrive en Russie? De la montée en puissance du Nazisme dans cette vaste région? C’est pour cela que la vidéo que je vous présente est vraiment horrible, non seulement pour la cruauté de l’exécution, mais aussi pour son aspect politique. AVERTISSEMENT IMPORTANT! Vous êtes mineur ou sensible? Il vous est absolument interdit de regarder cette vidéo!! Bien que initialement elle est été définie truquée, cette vidéo est malheureusement vrai. Le prisonnier décapité, Shamil Odamanov agé de 23 ans, originaire du Daguestan, a été reconnu, à la fois par son frère, Kistaman Odamanov, et par ses propres concitoyens. Shamil a disparu de Moscou, où il résidait depuis 2005 à la recherche d’un travail et d’une épouse, au mois d’avril 2007. Bien que les autorités russes aient déclaré avoir pu identifier la zone des exécutions (localité et lac qui apparaissent au début du film), il n’y a pas encore d’informations concernant des preuves trouvés dans la zone. La police russe a toutefois arrêté un homme accusé de la diffusion du document-choc. En Allemagne il y a aussi une enquête en cours, où l’on soupçonne des liens entre le groupe russe et certains groupes néonazis allemands. Ceci est une véritable exécution par décapitation. Les assassins sont des néonazistes russes, les victimes (par eux définies “nègres”, car originaires du Caucase) sont deux hommes blancs: un du Tajikistan et un du Daguestan. La vidéo, diffusée sur le réseau russe début aoùt 2007, a provoqué un énorme tollé et a été en tête des moteurs de recherche et des blogs/forums. En Russie un âpre débat a commencé immédiatement après sa diffusion. Un groupe inconnu des autorités russes, autoproclamé Socialisme National/Pouvoir Blanc (ou nationalsocialistes de Rus ) s’est attribué la responsabilité des exécutions et la “paternité” de la vidéo/document. Rus est le nom de l’ancien état Viking situé dans la zone de Kiev (la Rus de Kiev). C’est le premier état constitué dans la région russe. Le terme Rus est couramment utilisé par les nationalistes russes pour définir la mère patrie. Par exemple, un autre noyau de néonazistes, le parti nationaliste russe , a diffusé des vidéos de propagandesur Youtube. Toujours les mêmes saluts nazis, svastikas, entrainement, etc etc mais aucun meurtre. Réalisé soigneusement, sur fond sonore de rus-rock déjanté, il nous demontre cependant que ce cancer est bien présent en Russie. Le film remonte à début aoùt 2007, peu avant sa diffusion sur Internet. Paru à l’origine sur l’édition russe du “Live Journal” et inséré par un expéditeur qui se signe “Anti-Gitans”, le film s’est répandu sur de nombreux sites néonazis de langue russe. Là où c’était possible la censure russe a retiré la vidéo et obscuré le site “NationalSocialisme/Pouvoir blanc ” (les auteurs de l’assassinat). Le document débute avec le drapeau naziste et des coups de mitraillette en fond sonore, puis une inscription et une voix qui s’exclame “Gloire à la Rus!”. La musique commence (une sorte de adagio solennel) et l’on voit le panorama d’une bourgade rurale et un lac entouré de forêts. Zoom dans la forêt: deux hommes attachés et bâillonnés sont couchés par terre. Un d’eux a les yeux écarquillés et il est absolument terrorisé! Changement de scène: les nazis ont tendu des fils entre deux arbres puis ont monté leur infâme drapeau, les deux hommes sont en-dessous, attachés et à genoux. Depuis leur bâillon on entend des mots avec un fort accent russe “nous avons été arrêtés par les Nationalsocialistes Russes”! L’exécution est confiée à un bourreau en treillis mimétique, cagoulé. Au cri de “Gloire à la Rus” il se jette sur lui avec un couteau…un cri prolongé, étranglé, puis le silence. La scene horrible se prolonge durant 90 secondes: l’assassin n’est pas un boucher professionnel, il a du mal à couper la tête de la victime. Quelqu’un a mis en doute l’auteur du cri? Le bourreau ne connait pas son “mêtier”, ou la victime? Quelle importance, après avoir vu la suite? Le bourreau n’a certainement pas la dextérité des disciples de Al Qaeda, spécialistes de l’égorgement et de la décapitation, comme on la vu pour le malheureux Paul Johnson (passager d’un hélicoptère Apache tombé en Iraq)! Une fois le macabre rituel terminé, l’assassin dépose la tête sur le corps du malchanceux, comme une sorte de moquerie et de trophée, mais la tête roule à coté du cadavre. Ensuite on voit le second prisonnier à genoux qui, après le même cri délirant du bourreau, est exécuté d’un coup de revolver à la nuque. La vue sur la fosse, les saluts nazistes des deux assassins cagoulés, les inscriptions sur les murs, concluent la vidéo. Fin. Quelques réflections, comment est-ce possible qu’en Russie il y ait un sursaut nazi? Un pays qui a eu environ 27 millions de morts durant la 2ème guerre mondiale à la suite de l’impitoyable invasion des nazis et des fascistes? si nous pensons que l’Holocauste a provoqué “seulement” 6 millions de morts environ, (4,5 fois moins) c’est une question inquiétante! Le projet des nazis est bien connu, en bons burocrates ils l’ont planifié et mis par écrit: les Slaves (sauf les Caucasiens, Cosaques, Turques, Ouzbeks, Kazakhs, Turkmènes, Azéris, Tatars, Kalmouks, Karatchaïs, Arabes, Arméniens et Géorgiens) étaient des êtres inférieurs: ils devaient être déportés, tués, réduits en esclavage, exterminés et leurs terres repeuplées par les Ariens. Les Juifs devaient être exterminés et les Ariens devaient prendre possession de leur patrimoine considérable. Durant la 2ème guerre mondiale il y a eu 6 millions de morts polonais (dont 50 Bien qu’il y ait eu un avantageux et cinique pacte auparavant (aux détriment de la pologne), la Russie et l’Allemagne étaient destinées à se battre jusqu’à la mort. Les impitoyables épurations staliniennes , à la fin des années 30, étaient une volonté évidente d’éliminer des ennemis intérieurs, de plus elles peuvent être interprétées comme une ferme intention de combattre les nazis. Bien que cela semble invraisemblable, les partisans/disciples de troskites et buchariniens étaients non seulement sympatisants des nazis, mais souhaitaient carrément l’invasion allemande en Russie. Ainsi, nous pouvons insérer ces massacres, pour la plupart d’innocentes victimes, dans le contexte qui précède l’invasion naziste de la Russie. Sans Stalin et le peuple russe, nous avons de sérieux doutes que l’Amerique (les alliés) aurait pu vaincre l’Allemagne (l’axe). L’Allemagne a perdu 89 Au début Stalin ne pouvait rien faire d’autre que de mettre en oeuvre des replis stratégiques de ses troupes devant une force d’une telle ampleur. Dans les territoires conquis par les Allemands (Lettonie, Lituanie, Estonie, Ucraine, Biélorussie), au nom de l’anticommunisme et antisemitisme, une bonne partie de la population soutenait les nazis. Il y a eu de nombreux cas de désertion, d’entières divisions soviétiques, comme cela s’est produit durant la battaille de Stalingrad, où 50.000 volontaires russes combatirent aux cotés du monstre allemand. Nous ne devons pas oublier que le destin de la nation et de ses habitants était en jeu. Ce n’était donc pas le moment pour de stériles discussions sur les droits de l’homme. Les traitres russes, les collabos d’autres pays et les criminels nazis furent éliminés sans pitié, exécutés sommairement d’une balle dans la tête. Vous pouvez parler tant que vous voulez de droits de l’homme, la guerre c’est la guerre. Et celle-ci était bien une guerre. Le peuple russe n’a jamais autant approuvé, suivi le régime et lutté désespérément que durant la 2ème guerre mondiale. Définir Stalin un antisémite durant la 2ème guerre mondiale (comme le disait la propagande de juifs paranoïaques et ultranationalistes et de fous furieux ultracommunistes) était inutile, le destin était en jeu. Un écrivain soviétique a bien défini la limite: “tu es antinazi, oubien antisémite” (pas les deux) Au début de la guerre, la population juive de la Pologne orientale, accueillit avec joie l’Armée rouge. Un fait que les nationalistes polonais n’ont jamais pardonné à leurs compatriotes. Mais les Juifs n’étaient pas stupides, ils savaient qui était leur ennemi, et il ne s’appelait certainement pas oncle Joseph. Il avait une petite moustache, le pas rigide et le bras droit levé. L’Urss était le sauveur potentiel des Juifs, et ils le savaient. Aujourd’hui, n’importe quel Juif un peu cultivé, sait combien il doit à Napoléon. C’est dommage qu’il n’y ait pas les mêmes sentiments envers J.Stalin. Sans Stalin peut-être qu’il n’y aurait plus de Juifs dans le monde. Sans Stalin peut-être que le monde serait dominé par le nazisme! à présent examinons les groupes néo-nazis russes: Avec la chute du communisme et la conséquente catastrophe économique qui a créée un vaste malaise parmi la population, il y a eu une importante prolifération de mouvements clairement néonazis. La guerre en Tchétchénie a fait empirer la situation: les cruelles décapitations de soldats russes opérées par les rebelles tchéthènes, filmées (voir la vidéo dans ce blog) ont probablement donné un prétexte pour l’horrible réaction des nazis. Les constantes attaques des musulmans en Russie rendent la situation encore plus explosive. Les “nègres” ou habitants du Caucase, sont détestés en Russie et sont constamment victimes d’exécutions barbares. Plus récemment il y a eu des actes violents même sur des “noirs” africains, asiatiques et des populations mélangées. Les autorités russes font peu ou rien pour arrêter les homicides, comme s’il y avait une tacite approbation de ces actes. Le racisme néonazi est si répandu en Russie qu’il est difficile de le comprendre et de l’insérer dans le contexte des U.S.A. Jusqu’en aoùt 2007 il y a eu plus de 50 meurtres de nature raciste: autant de Caucasiens des républiques de l’Asie centrale que d’antifascistes et d’étrangers. Une hausse de 25 Pourriez-vous imaginer une telle situation aux états unis, avec autant de groupes néonazis et de tels crimes? Les fascistes russes sont évidemment utiles à V. Putin, ils bouleversent l’opinion publique qui réclame de l’ordre et de la sécurité. Putin n’est pas, comme on le pense, un néo-communiste, nous personnes de gauche nous nous en sommes toujours doutées! Putin est une sorte de fasciste russe (et aussi un des hommes les plus riches du monde…) Avec le film, on a distribué une affiche élogieuse pour l’expulsion de Russie de tous les Asiatiques et les “nègres” (Caucasiens) de la Russie et (curieusement) pour l’indépendance des Républiques Russes du Caucase comme l’Ingouchie, le Daguestan, la Tchétchénie, l’Ossétie du Nord, la Karatchaïevo-Tcherkessie. Voici le texte de l’affiche (reçu par le centre Affiche du parti national-socialiste russe

Notre parti est à l’avant-garde militaire de la lutte nationale-socialiste


1. Notre parti annonce le début de la lutte armée contre les Nègres colonisateurs et leurs collaborationnistes russes.

2. Nous considérons nécessaire l’expulsion des Caucasiens et Asiatiques du territoire russe.

3. Nous retenons nécessaire de garantir l’indépendance à toutes les Républiques Caucasiennes (Tchétchénie inclue) conjointement à l’expulsion de toute la population de race Caucasienne.

4. Nous demandons la libération de tous les National-socialistes détenus en Russie et la fin des persécutions contre Maksim Martinevich.

5. Nous demandons que le président putin (en minuscule sur l’affiche) démissionne de ses fonctions et donne le pouvoir au gouvernement National Socialiste, qui sera conduit par Dimitry Germanovich Rumyantsev, leader de la Société National-Socialiste de Russie.

6. Nous reconnaissons le guide politique de la NSS Société National-Socialiste. Nous sommes la branche armée, opérant de façon indépendante.

7. Nous combattrons jusqu’à la constitution du gouvernement National Socialiste.

Martsinevich est le chef d’un groupe appelé Format18 (18 est l’abréviation nazi des iniziale de Hitler – méditez!). Il est en prison depuis juillet avec l’inculpation de incitation à la haine et à la violence raciales. La violence néonazi en Russie est hors de contrôle. Elle est très forte en Pologne, UK, Rép. Tchèque, Slovaquie, Allemagne, Hongrie et Estonie. Par rapport au nombre d’habitants, il y a beaucoup plus de violence que dans les Etats-Unis. La croissance de la violence naziste est une menace dans plusieurs parties de l’Europe. Quelqu’un doit faire quelque chose, et vite! If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

Video Shock: I Neo Nazisti Russi Decapitano Un Prigioniero Caucasico

The video has been removed following discussions with WordPress staff. Try here instead. Note: Repost from the old blog. This is an Italian translation of the famous Russian Neo-Nazi Beheading Video post. French version (en Frances). Bulgarian version (Българска версия). Romanian version ( Versiunea română). Spanish version (en Espanol). Portuguese version (em Portugues). The translator added in some stuff about Mussolini, Italian fascism and especially Mussolini’s language policy. The translator is “Paolo from Trieste”, and he speaks Italian, Venetian, French, German, Friulian, Slovenian, Croatian and English. This post is extremely popular and gets huge traffic from Europe. If anyone wants to translate it into other European languages, let me know. I am looking for translators into Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, German, Finnish, Russian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovenian, Serbo-Croatian, Greek, Turkish, Japanese, Mongolian and Bahasa Indonesia. Premessa Abbiamo già visto filmati di decapitazioni effettuate dai seguaci di Al Qaida e sappiamo cosa succede in Cecenia. Ma cosa conosciamo di quello che avviene in Russia? Del crescente insorgere del Nazismo in quella vasta regione? Ed è per questo che il filmato che vi presento è veramente orribile, non solo per l’efferatezza dell’esecuzione, ma anche per la sua valenza politica. AVVISO IMPORTANTE! Siete minorenni o persone sensibili? Vi è assolutamente VIETATA la visione del video!! Malgrado inizialmente sia stato definito un falso, questo video è vero, purtroppo. Il prigioniero decapitato, Shamil Odamanov di 23 anni, originario del Daghestan, è stato riconosciuta sia dal fratello, Kistaman Odamanov, che dagli stessi suoi concittadini. Shamil è scomparso da Mosca, dove risiedeva dal 2005 in cerca di lavoro e moglie, nel mese di aprile del 2007. Sebbene le autorità russe abbiano dichiarato di aver potuto identificare la zona delle uccisioni, (cittadina e lago che appaiono all’inizio del filmato), non si hanno ancora notizie di reperti trovati in zona. La polizia russa ha comunque arrestato un uomo con l’accusa di diffusione del video-shock. Ci sono indagini in corso anche in Germania, dove si sospetta un collegamento del famigerato gruppo russo con gruppi neonazisti tedeschi. Questo è una vera esecuzione mediante decapitazione. Gli assassini sono Neonazisti Russi, le vittime (da loro definiti ‘Negri’, perchè originari del Caucaso) sono due uomini bianchi: uno dal Tagikistan e uno dal Daghestan. Il video, diffuso nella rete russa ai primi di agosto del 2007, ha provocato un enorme clamore ed è stato al top dei motori di ricerca e dei blog/forum. Un aspro dibattito è iniziato in Russia subito dopo la sua diffusione. Un gruppo, sconosciuto alle Autorità russe, autodenominatosi Socialismo Nazionale/Potere Bianco (o nazionalsocialisti di Rus) si è attribuito la responsabilità delle uccisioni e la paternità del video. Rus è il nome dell’antico stato Vichingo situato nella zona di Kiev (la Rus’ di Kiev). E’ il primo stato costituito nella regione russa. Il termine Rus è comunemente usato dai nazionalisti russi per definire la madre patria. Per esempio, un altro nucleo di neonazisti, Il partito nazionalista russo, ha diffuso videos di propaganda su YouTube. Soliti saluti nazisti, svastiche, addestramento, etc. ma nessuna uccisione. Realizzato accuratamente, con con uno sguaiato rus-punk di sottofondo, ci dimostra comunque che questo cancro è ben presente in Russia. Il filmato risale all’inizio dell’agosto 2007, poco prima della sua diffusione in Internet. Originariamente apparso nell’edizione russa del ‘Live Journal’ e inserito da un mittente firmatosi ‘Anti-Zingari’, il video si è poi diffuso in vari siti neonazisti di lingua russa. Ove possibile, la censura russa ha rimosso questo video ed ha ‘censurato’ il sito ‘NazionalSocialismo/Potere bianco‘ (gli autori dell’assassinio). Il filmato si apre con bandiera Nazista e colpi di mitragliatrice di sottofondo, poi una scritta ed una voce che esclama: ‘Gloria alla Rus’! Parte la musica (una specie di adagio solenne) e si vede il panorama di una cittadina rurale ed un lago circondato da boschi. Zoom dentro la foresta: due uomini legati ed imbavagliati sono sdraiati a terra. Uno di essi ha gli occhi sbarrati ed è assolutamente terrorizzato! Cambio della scena: i nazi hanno teso i fili fra due alberi e hanno montato la loro infame bandiera e i due sono sotto ad essa, in ginocchio e legati. Dai loro bavagli si sentono delle parole in forte accento russo ‘siamo stati arrestati dai Nazionalsocialisti Russi’ ! L’esecuzione è affidata ad un boia in tuta mimetica, incappucciato. Al grido ‘Gloria alla Rus’ si avventa sulla vittima con un coltello…un grido prolungato, strozzato poi, il silenzio. La scena orribile si protrae per 90 secondi: l’assassino non è un ‘macellaio professionista’, fà fatica a tagliare la testa della vittima. Qualcuno ha messo in discussione l’autore del grido? il boia che non conosce il suo ‘mestiere’, o la vittima? Cosa importa, dopo aver visto il seguito? Il boia non ha certamente la ‘maestria’ dei seguaci di Al Qaida, specialisti dello sgozzamento e decapitazione, come si è visto anche per il povero Paul Johnsons (membro di un elicottero Apache caduto in Iraq)! Finito il macabro rituale, l’assassino depone la testa sul corpo dello sventurato, a mò di scherno e trofeo, ma la testa rotola a fianco del corpo. Si vede poi Il secondo prigioniero in ginocchio che, dopo il solito delirante grido del boia, viene giustiziato con un colpo di pistola alla nuca. La visione della fossa, i saluti nazisti dei due assassini incappucciati, le scritte sui muri, concludono il video. Fine. Alcune considerazioni: come è possibile che in Russia ci sia un rigurgito nazista? Un paese che ha avuto 27 milioni di morti nella 2a guerra mondiale a seguito della spietata invasione dei Nazisti e Fascisti? Se pensiamo che l’Olocausto ha provocato ‘solo’ 6 milioni di morti (4 1/2 volte in meno) è un interrogativo inquietante! Il progetto nazista è ben noto, da bravi burocrati è stato pianificato e messo per iscritto: gli Slavi (tranne Caucasians, Cosacchi, Turchi, Uzbeki, Kazaki, Turkmeni, Azeri, Tatari, Calmucchi, Carachi, Arabo, Armeni and Georgiani) erano esseri inferiori: dovevano essere deportati, uccisi, schiavizzati, sterminati e le loro terre ripopolate dagli Ariani (lebenraum). Gli ebrei dovevano essere sterminati e gli Ariani dovevano prendere possesso dei loro cospicui beni. Durante la 2a guerra mondiale sono morti: 6 milioni di Polacchi (ed il 50 Sebbene avessero fatto prima un conveniente e cinico patto (e a farne le spese è stata la Polonia), Russia e Germania erano destinate a combattersi mortalmente. Le spietate purghe staliniane, alla fine degli anno 30, oltre ad essere un evidente eliminazione dei ‘nemici’ interni, possono essere anche interpretate come la ferma intenzione di combattere i Nazisti. Per quanto inverosimile possa sembrare, I seguaci di Trotzischi e Buchariniani non solo erano simpatizzanti dei Nazisti, ma si auguravano anche l’invasione Tedesca in Russia. Possiamo così anche inserire quelle stragi, per lo più di vittime innocenti, nel contesto che precede l’invasione Nazista della Russia. Senza Stalin ed il popolo russo, abbiamo dubbi che l’America (gli Alleati) avrebbero potuto sconfiggere la Germania (l’Asse). La Germania ha perso l’89 Inizialmente, Stalin non poteva fare altro che attuare ritirate strategiche delle proprie truppe davanti ad una tale forza d’urto. Nei territori conquistati dai tedeschi (Lettonia, Lituania, Estonia, Ucraina a Bielorussia), in nome dell’ anticomunismo ed antisemitismo, una buona parte della popolazione appoggiava i Nazisti. Si sono avuti molti casi di diserzione di interi reparti sovietici, come avvenne anche durante la battaglia di Stalingrado, dove ben 50.000 volontari russi combatterono a fianco del Moloch Germanico. Il destino della nazione e dei suoi abitanti era in gioco, non lo dobbiamo dimenticare. Non era il tempo di sterili discussioni sui diritti umani. I traditori russi, i collaborazionisti di altri paesi ed i criminali nazisti furono spietatamente eliminati, giustiziati sommariamente con un colpo in testa. Parlate di diritti umani quanto volete, la guerra è la guerra. E questa era una guerra. Il popolo russo non ha mai approvato, seguito il regime e lottato disperatamente come durante la 2a guerra mondiale. Definire Stalin un antisemita durante la 2a guerra mondiale (come propagandato soprattutto da ebrei paronoici ed ultranazionalisti e da pazzoidi anticomunisti) lascia il tempo che trova il destino era in gioco. Uno scrittore sovietico ha ben delineato il confine: ‘O sei antinazista o sei antisemita.’ All’inizio della guerra, la popolazione ebrea della Polonia orientale, accolse festosamente l’Armata Rossa. Un fatto che i nazionalisti polacchi non hanno mai perdonato a quei loro compatrioti. Ma gli ebrei non erano stupidi. Sapevano chi era il loro nemico e non si chiamava Zio Giuseppe certamente. Aveva i baffetti, il passo rigido ed il braccio destro teso. L’URSS era il potenziale salvatore di quegli degli Ebrei, ed essi lo sapevano. Al giorno d’oggi, qualsiasi Ebreo dotato di un minimo di cultura, ogni sa quanto deve a Napoleone. E’ un peccato che essi non abbiano anche gli stessi sentimenti per J.Stalin. Senza Stalin forse non ci sarebbero più Ebrei nel mondo. Senza Stalin forse il mondo sarebbe stato dominato dal Nazismo! Esaminiamo ora i gruppi neo-Nazisti russi: Con la caduta del comunismo e la conseguente catastrofe economica che ha creato un vasto disagio fra la popolazione, c’è stato un notevole proliferare di movimenti di chiaro stampo neonazista La guerra cecena ha peggiorato la situazione: le crudeli decapitazioni di soldati russi ad opera dei ribelli ceceni, anche filmate (vedi video in questo blog), hanno probabilmente dato il pretesto all’orribile reazione dei Nazi. I continui attacchi dei mussulmani in Russia rendono la situazione ancora più esplosiva. I ‘Negri’ o abitanti del Caucaso, sono odiati in Russia e sono continuamene vittime di barbare uccisioni. Più recentemente ci sono stati brutali atti di violenza anche su Negri Africani, Asiatici e popolazioni di sangue misto. Le autorità russe fanno poco o niente per fermare gli omicidi, come se ci fosse una specie di tacita approvazione al loro operato. Il razzismo neonazista è così diffuso in Russia che è difficile da comprendere, contestualizzare negli USA. Fino ad agosto 2007 ci sono stati più di 50 omicidi di stampo razzista: sia di Caucasici provenienti dalle Repubbliche dell’Asia Centrale, che antifascisti e stranieri. Un aumento del 25 Potreste immaginarvi una situazione del genere in America, con così tanti gruppi di Neonazisti e tali crimini? I fascisti russi sono evidentemente utili a V.Putin, scuotono l’opinione pubblica che chiede ordine e sicurezza. Putin non è, come si pensa, un neo-comunista, noi gente di Sinistra lo abbiamo sempre sospettato! Putin è una specie di fascista russo (ed anche uno degli uomini più ricchi al mondo..) Unitamente al video, è stato distribuito un Manifesto inneggiante all’espulsione dalla Russia di tutti gli Asiatici e Negri (così vengono definiti i Caucasici) dalla Russia e (curiosamente) per l’indipendenza delle Repubbliche Russe nel Caucaso come Inguscezia, Daghestan, Cecenia, Ossezia del Nord, Caracievo-Circassia. Ecco il testo del manifesto (ricevuto dal Centro Caucaso dei ribelli Ceceni):

Manifesto del Partito Nazional-Socialista Russo

Il nostro partito è l’avanguardia militare della lotta Nazional-Socialista


1. Il nostro partito annuncia l’inizio della lotta armata contro i Negri colonizzatori e i loro collaborazionisti Russi.

2. Consideriamo necessaria l’espulsione di Caucasici e Asiatici dal territorio russo.

3. Riteniamo necessario garantire l’indipendenza a tutte le Republiche Caucasiche (inclusa Cecenia), unitamente all’espulsione di tutta la popolazione di razza Caucasica.

4. Chiediamo il rilascio di tutti i Nazionalsocialisti dalle carceri russe e la fine delle persecuzioni contro Maksim Martsinevich.

5. Chiediamo che il Presidente putin (nel manifesto scritto in minuscolo-KC) si dimetta e rimetta tutto il potere nelle mani del governo Nazional Socialista, che sarà guidato da Dmitry Germanovich Rumyantsev, leader della Società Nazional-Socialista di Russia

6. Riconosciamo la guida politica della NSS Società Nazional-Socialista. Noi siamo l’ala armata, operante con indipendenza.

7. Lotteremo fino alla costituzione del governo Nazional Socialista.

Martsinevich è il capo di un gruppo chiamato Format18 (18 è l’abbreviazione Nazista delle iniziali di Hitler – riflettete!) E’ in prigione da luglio con l’accusa di odio e violenza razziale. La violenza neonazista in Russia è fuori controllo. E’ molto forte in Polonia, UK, Rep. Ceca, Slovacchia, Germania, Ungheria ed Estonia. C’è molta più violenza pro-capite in questi paesi che negli Stati Uniti. L’aumento della violenza Nazista è una minaccia in molte parti d’Europa. Qualcuno deve fare qualcosa, e presto! ALCUNE CONSIDERAZIONI FINALI Nel 1938 a Trieste, Mussolini promulgò ufficialmente le leggi razziali in Italia: ebrei e slavi erano i principali destinatari di quelle leggi. Ma già negli anni ’20 i fascisti avevano attuato la ‘pulizia etnica’ nelle zona orientale dell’Italia e nei territori dell’Istria e della Dalmazia. Come? Espellendo decine di migliaia di slavi dall’Italia peninsulare, confiscando le proprietà (zona Gorizia e Altopiano Carsico), infoibando (gettare nelle Foibe, sì. Il termine Foiba è stato usato per primo dai Fascisti!), obbligando gli slavi a italianizzare il cognome (a Trieste il problema è stato molto sentito, considerando i numerosi abitanti di origine slava), confiscando i beni e le proprietà degli ebrei. Non dimentichiamo che il ‘maestro’ di Hitler era Mussolini. Dopo il 2° conflitto mondiale, la guerra fredda ha cancellato i morti russi. Come se non esistessero. Il sangue versato dall’eroico popolo russo non contava più niente. La resistenza russa all’invasione Tedesco/Italiana ha probabilmente cambiato le sorti della guerra. Se Hitler avesse conquistato la Russia il mondo sarebbe stato veramente sull’orlo del baratro, con i soli Americani a combattere l’Asse. Per fortuna Hitler ed i suoi alleati sono stati sconfitti, ma Stalin ed il comunismo, dopo il 1945 erano il nuovo nemico dell’Occidente. L’America è responsabile di questo oblio. Tutto il resto dell’Occidente si è adeguato a questa impostazione della Storia, alimentando solamente l’anti-comunismo. Il fascismo ed il Nazismo, dopo Norimberga sono stati messi da parte, non sono più stati presi in considerazione. Erano morti, no? Il comunismo era vivo, ed era il nuovo nemico da combattere. Ed ecco che, dopo la caduta dell’Impero del Male (R.Reagan), il nazi/fascismo torna ad agitare il nostro sonno, le nostre coscienze. Ovunque in Europa, dal 1989, i neo nazi/fascisti hanno ripreso coraggio, si stanno organizzando sempre di più. La globalizzazione, la crisi economica occidentale, i flussi di immigrazione legale o clandestina, stanno creando una mentalità di pura intolleranza, di ‘caccia’ al diverso, allo straniero. Il terreno è molto fertile, di questi tempi, per il rifiorire del Nazi-fascismo. Le nuove generazioni, senza lavoro stabile, insicure per il proprio futuro, sono dei ‘pascoli’ perfetti per il reclutamento di nuovi adepti alle bande naziste. Hanno campo libero: i vecchi comunisti sono in pensione o morti, i nuovi comunisti…? Non sono più comunisti: sono ormai preda del materialismo capitalista e sono senza una guida ideologica credibile. Il fallimento del Socialismo reale è stato evidente. Quale modello potrebbero ora prendere in considerazione? L’ideologia nazi/fascista non è (mai) morta. Ce ne sono ancora tanti, di fascisti e nazisti, anche in Italia. Sono mascherati, mimetizzati…Alcuni di essi sono al Governo del Paese. Assolvono il Fascismo e la Repubblica Sociale Italiana in chiave nazionalistica e anticomunista. Disprezzano gli immigrati, gli ‘stranieri’ in nome della ‘razza’ padana. Non sono ancora degli assassini, ma…chissà? State in guardia! If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

Russian Neo-Nazi Beheading Video

The video has been removed following discussions with WordPress staff. Try here instead. Repost from the old blog. I am looking for translators to translate this post into Dutch, German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovenian, Serbo-Croatian, Greek, Turkish, Japanese, Mongolian and Bahasa Indonesia. This post has been translated into other languages. Italian version (traduzione in italiano). French version (en Français). Bulgarian version (Българска версия). Romanian version ( Versiunea română). Spanish version (en Español ). Portuguese version (em Português). Bad reactions have been reported by those watching this video. They are: Vomiting, loss of appetite, rage, sadness, nausea, dry heaves, stomach pains, nightmares, feeling suicidal, fear, shaking, trembling, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, chills, headaches , inability to move, spinal chills, churning stomach, anorexia (weight loss due to not eating), flashbacks, insomnia, crying, laughing and crying simultaneously, agoraphobia (inability to go outside), anxiety, depression , loss of consciousness (passing out), urinating on oneself or feeling one is about to urinate on oneself and inability to stop thinking of the video. Many viewers have said that they were sorry they watched it in the first place and are warning everyone else not to watch it. Be careful if you email the video link to others – people have reported angering their friends by sending this to them. Other fears were more spiritual: some feared that watching this had permanently harmed their souls. More commonly, people said that they would never be able to forget this video as long as they lived. One person has said that they will never be the same after watching this video. Another said they will be frightened for the rest of their life. Others are saying that they will be scarred for life. A few long-lasting reactions, including reactions that look like anxiety, depression or a combination, lasting rarely for months but generally for a much shorter duration. One hospitalization has occurred due to this video. A worker watched the video in his office, was so upset that he went outside to have a cigarette, and was shaking so hard, he could hardly smoke it. He then fainted and hit his head on the sidewalk, knocking out some teeth. If you faint easily, do not watch this video! If you think you may react in any of these ways, please reconsider whether you really want to watch the video. This horrible video seems to be a Russian Nazi reaction, in part, to horrible videos made by Chechen rebels recently in which they behead Russian soldiers. One of the worst of those videos ever made is Six Russian ConscriptsItalian translation (E’ disponibile la traduzione italiana di questo articolo, intitolato Nessuna Pietà per i Russi!). French translation (en Français). Portuguese translation (em Português). In my opinion, it is much worse than this video. New information has just come out proving that this video is real and not a fake. Kistaman Odamanov, a Dagestani, saw the video on the Internet and identified the man who was beheaded as her brother, Shamil Odamanov, 23. Furthermore, the rest of Shamil’s family and many acquaintances in his village also recognized him in the video. Shamil went to Moscow to find work and possibly a wife in 2005. He disappeared in mid-April 2007 and has not been seen since. This implies that he was kept alive for three months somewhere before he was killed in mid-August. Kistaman recognized Shamil by his face and the clothes he was wearing. Russian law enforcement has found where the opening scenes of the video were shot, but they have not found where the executions took place, nor have they found any bodies, blood or other forensic evidence. Nevertheless, authorities are now treating this case as a homicide. German law enforcement is also involved, implying a German neo-Nazi angle. The Tajik in the video, who appears to have been executed by shooting, has yet to be identified. Much more on the story that the video is real and not fake on my blog here. Many have asked the name of the song in the video. The song is “Rus” by the Russian folk-pagan metal band Arkona. This is the Russian neo-Nazi decapitation execution video that took the Russian Internet by storm in early August 2007 (the video topped search engine and blog hits for Russian sites). The video is titled The Execution of a Tajik and a Dagestani. It’s a video of Russian neo-Nazis executing two “Blacks” – that is, two White men – one from Dagestan and one from Tajikistan . For an inquiry into whether or not reasonable people would consider Dagestanis and Tajiks to be White, see my meditation on the subject here. This video aroused tremendous controversy on the Net for a short while after it appeared. A group called either National Socialism/White Power or National Socialists of Rus claimed responsibility for the video, but authorities said they had never heard of either group. Rus is the name of the ancient Viking state centered around Kiev – the Kievan Rus. This was the first Russian state, and the name Rus is widely used by nationalists instead of Russia. A similar neo-Nazi group, the Russian Nationalist Party, can be seen in Youtube videos here and here . The latter video at least has some great music. This video is well done at least, with some great heavy metal music playing in the background. It was shot in early August 2007, soon before it was released on the Internet. The video was originally posted on the Russian version of the Live Journal website by a user named vik23. Western news reports say it was originally posted there by a user named “anti-Gypsy,” but he was just one of the ones who reposted it later. It subsequently appeared on many Russian-language neo-Nazi internet sites. It was quickly removed from most of the sites where it was found, and the National Socialism/White Power site (the name of the group that committed the murders) was overwhelmed with hits. The video opens first with a Nazi flag and a machine gun sound in the background, then a shout in Russian of “Glory to Rus!”. Then it shows a pan of a Russian town in the countryside. Next it shows a lake surrounded by a forest. The camera zooms in on the forest and shows two men bound, gagged and hogtied on the ground. One man is clearly terrified. Next it shows the two frightened men apparently saying, unprompted, in heavily accented Russian, through their gags, “Russian National Socialists arrested us,” as they are bound by hands and legs, kneeling, in the forest. There is a large Nazi flag in the background. The video then shows an extremely unskilled executioner – a masked man in combat fatigues – coming up behind one of the captives and grabbing him to the same shout of “Glory to Rus!” He then starts sawing the poor guy’s head off, but does a lousy job of it. The poor guy screams a bit at first. Yet the incompetent executioner spends far too long – 90 seconds – sawing the guy’s head off. There is controversy about the grunting and gasping sounds you hear as the guy’s head is being sawed off. Some say it is the executioner panting in frustration as he tries to saw off the poor guy’s head. Others say it is the victim himself inhaling blood through his throat or lungs. I’m not competent to judge who is making those horrible sounds. Finally he chops the poor sod’s head off and then tries to put the head on the decapitated body, but the head keeps rolling off the body. He needs to take lessons from Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, who did an excellent job of balancing US Apache helicopter engineer Paul Johnson’s decapitated head on the rest of his body. Finally, we are shown the other hostage bound and gagged. There is the same shout, “Glory to Rus!,” and he is quickly dispatched from behind with a shot to the head, whereupon he topples into a freshly-dug grave. The video then shows two Nazi bastards, completely covered from head to toe, giving the obvious salute in front of a Nazi flag. Originally, Russian law enforcement was divided on whether or not this video was real, then they decided it was fake, but recently there is proof that it is real, and Russian LE is now treating the video as evidence in a homicide case. I never thought it was fake because you can’t fake a video like this unless perhaps you are a major motion picture company with a large budget. One man was arrested for distributing this video. For more on him, see my post here. Some wonder how any Russian could possibly support Nazis, given that they invaded the Soviet Union, an action that resulted in 27 million Soviet deaths, 4½ times more than were killed in the Jewish Holocaust© that gets drilled into our heads day and night. To understand how a Russian could be a Nazi, one needs to understand the nature of the bloody fascist-Communist struggle in the 20th Century, a history covered up by anti-Communist cant for the simple reason that the fact that no one fought fascism like the Communists would make Commies look good. Study the history of the 20th Century from a real historian, not a professional hack like so many nowadays, and you will see that Communists and Nazis had one of the worst hate-fests of the past century. Those 27 million Soviets did not die in WW2 because the USSR so loved the Nazis that they gave the world 27 million of their only sons and daughters. The same tapestry was played out everywhere in Europe during WW2 – every time the Communists and Nazis faced on the war-field, the bodies piled to the sky and the atrocities – on both sides – were too numerous to count. This was no lovers’ quarrel. The mad, lunatic Nazi invasion of Russia was genocidal in intent and praxis, especially towards the Slavs, whom Hitler considered to be untermenschen. They were seen as an inferior race, a weak “slave race” unable to defend themselves. In particular, Hitler, in his manic and crazed anti-Semitism, felt that (Russian) Slavs had allowed themselves to be enslaved by Jews. He meant the “Communist Bolshevik Jews” who Hitler felt ran the USSR. Since only a bunch of no-good Commie human beings were being genocided during the Nazi invasion of the USSR, this episode has been widely ignored by Western history books. Would Stalin have lost, probably 10’s of millions more people would have died in the USSR and elsewhere, Nazism would have been much more successful, would have menaced the world, and may well have conquered it. The Nazi project was clear; as bureaucrats, they wrote it down. The Slavs (yet not the Estonians, the Caucasians, Cossacks, various types of Turks, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Turkmen, Azeris, Tatars, Kalmyks, Karachays, Arabs, Armenians and Georgians) were inferior, to be replaced by Germans through starvation, murder, enslavement and deportation, with the resulting depopulated lands to be given to the Germans for their lebensraum. During World War 2, 6 million dead Poles (only 50 Stalin’s mad purges of the late 1930’s were to some degree wild attempts to stave off the emerging Nazi threat by purging and even executing Trotskyites and Bukharinites who were not only openly sympathizing with the Nazis but were also advocating a Nazi invasion of the USSR, if you can believe that. So the Stalinist purges, criminal and insane as they were, must be seen in the context of the looming Nazi invasion. Yet most of the victims of these purges were innocent people. Without Stalin, it is dubious whether or not we could have defeated Germany. For instance, 89 Stalin’s initial retreats were completely sensible. Behind Russian lines, in occupied Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine and White Russia, a good number of people supported the Nazis. They gleefully joined in the Jew-killing and Commie-killing and fought alongside the Nazi beast. Entire Soviet units went over to the Nazis, especially during the Stalingrad siege, where 50,000 Soviet volunteers fought alongside the German monster. The fate of the nation and many of its residents was at stake. This was no time for namby-pamby talk of human rights. Justice was swift for Soviets who defected to the Nazi enemy, just as it was for the collaborators from other lands, and as the Soviets pushed the Nazi criminals back in the East, many a traitor and collaborator got a swift bullet to the head. Wail about human rights all you want. This was a war. A war to the death. Yet never had the Soviet people supported the regime in greater numbers and with greater passion than during WW2. The notion that Stalin during WW2 was an anti-Semite (parroted mostly by paranoid ultranationalist Jews and crazed anti-Communists) may be laid to rest. As one Soviet author put it bluntly at this time, “You are either an anti-Nazi or an anti-Semite.” The line was drawn. When the Red Army came into Eastern Poland early in the war, they were wildly embraced by the Polish Jews, an action that Polish nationalists have forever condemned them for. But these Jews were not stupid. They knew their enemy, and he was not named Uncle Joe. He had a little mustache, a jerky walk and an outstretched right arm. The USSR was a potential savior of these Jews, and they knew it. Every educated Jew nowadays knows how indebted he is to Napoleon. It’s too bad they don’t feel that way about Joseph Stalin too. Joseph Stalin may have saved all of today’s Jews from Nazism. Joseph Stalin may have saved all of today’s world from Nazism. On to Russian neo-Nazis. With the fall of Communism, the Russian neo-Nazi movement came into full bloom as the economy collapsed, and the search for scapegoats began. The Chechen War made this worse, and the cruelties of the madder Chechen rebels probably drove this incident – they have beheaded some Russians on and off-camera. And Muslim terrorist attacks continue in Russia. “Blacks,” or people from the Caucasus, are hated throughout Russia, and there are regular murders of them. More recently, there have been attacks on African Blacks, Asians and mixed-race people. The authorities do little or nothing to stop the killings, since they support the mindset behind them. Neo-Nazi racism is so big in Russia that it is hard to comprehend in a US context. Already by August 2007, the time of the video above, in Russia there were over 50 racist murders of Caucasians – people from the Central Asian Republics , anti-fascist activists and foreigners – 25 Can you imagine such a huge Nazi movement and attendant crimes in the US? The Russian fascists serve as shock troops for Vladimir Putin, giving the lie to the notion that he is a neo-Communist, and proving, as we Leftists long suspected, that he is just some species of Russian fascist. Distributed along with the video was a manifesto calling for the expulsion of all “Asians” and “Blacks” (people from the Caucasus) from Russia, and then, curiously, for the independence of all of the Russian republics in the Caucasus such as Ingushetia, Dagestan, Chechnya, North Ossetia, Cherkyo-Kabardino, etc. Here is the full text of the manifesto (from the Chechen rebel Kavkaz Center):

Statement of the National Socialist Party of Rus

We Are Part of an Armed Faction of the Party

1. Our party announces the beginning of armed struggle against the Black colonists and those Russian officials who support them. 2. We consider the expulsion of Caucasians and Asians from the territory of Russia to be a necessity. 3. We feel it is a necessity to grant independence to all the republics of the Caucasus (including Chechnya), along with the expulsion of the entire Caucasian population there. 4. We demand the release of all National Socialists from Russian prisons and a halt to the persecution of Maksim Martsinevich. 5. We demand that President putin (in the statement the name was written with lowercase – KC) resign and hand over all power to the National Socialist government, which should be led by Dmitry Germanovich Rumyantsev, the leader of the National Socialist Society of Russia. 6. We recognize the political leadership of a National Socialist Society (NSS). We are the armed wing, operating independently. 7. We will not stop struggling until power is handed over to the National Socialist government.

Martsinevich is the head of a group called Format 18. He has been jailed since July on charges of fomenting ethnic hatred and threatening violence. Neo-Nazi violence in Russia is out of control. It’s also very high in Poland, the UK, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary and Estonia. There is much more neo-Nazi violence per capita in these places than in the US. Growing neo-Nazi violence is a menace to parts of Europe, and especially to Russia. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

Руснак Neo – Нацист Обезглавявам Виж

The video has been removed following discussions with WordPress staff. Try here instead. Note: Repost from the old blog. Note: To regular readers: This is a Bulgarian translation of the famous Russian Neo-Nazi Beheading Video post. Italian version (traduzione in italiano). French version (en Frances). Romanian translation (Versiunea română). Spanish version (en Espanol). Portuguese version (em Portugues). Shout out to Alexander Sokolov from Bulgaria for this excellent translation. We are still looking for translators to translate this post into into Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, German, Finnish, Russian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovenian, Serbo-Croatian, Portuguese, Greek, Turkish, Japanese, Mongolian and Bahasa Indonesia. Regular readers, you really do not want to watch this video. It’s really horrible. Броят на умрелите лица от урагана Катрина може да бъде видян на сайта тук. ВНИМАНИЕ! Този клип е с много страшно съдържание! Екстремни гледки самостоятелна преценка е препоръчително! Ако мислите, че ще се разстроите или по-лошо от това видео, НЕ, НЕ, НЕ, НЕ го гледайте! Ако сте непълнолетни, НЕ гледайте това видео! Ако сте родител и сте загрижени за децата си, не разглеждайте този пост, моля родителски надзор и / или да ограничите вашата детска интернет употреба или инвестирайте в блокиране на програмата. Лоши реакции са били съобщени от тези гледам това видео. Те са: Повръщане, загуба на апетит, гняв, тъга, гадене, стомашни болки, кошмари, усещане за самоубийство, разклащане, треперене, бърз пулс, световъртеж, студени тръпки, главоболие, неспособност да се движи, тръпки по-гърба, стомаха разтройство, ретроспекции, безсъние, плач, смях и плач едновременно, agoraphobia (неспособност да излезем навън), тревожност, ретроспекции, депресия, загуба на съзнание (преминаване изход), уриниране върху себе си или чувство е на път да уринират върху себе си и неспособност да спра да мисля за видео. Тези реакции са били забелязани от геодезични коментари за бюлетин табла и YouTube, където филма и реакциите към нея са публикувани. Мнозина наблюдатели смятат, че те са били причинени от гледания на първо място и са предупреждение всеки друг да не го гледате. Бъдете внимателни, ако сте пратили имейл видео връзка към други хора ,те могат да се чувстват гневни на човека изпратил им това. Други опасения са по-духовни: някои опасения, че им се налага постоянно да гледат клипа и това води до трайно увреждане на техните души. По-често, хора, казват, че никога няма да можете да забравите този видеоклип, доколкото сте живи. Един човек е казал, че той никога няма да бъде същият след като е гледал това видео. Друг каза, че ще бъде уплашен до края на живота си. Други казват, че те ще бъдат помрачени за живот от това видео. Нежеланите реакции обикновено са продължила няколко часа, но някои може да продължат един ден или повече. Двама души докладвали кошмари за седмица, още един човек припаднал от гледането и трябваше да си остане вкъщи един ден от работа, но освен това все още не е имало трайни, сериозни или фатални нежелани лекарствени реакции. Ако смятате, че може да реагира във всеки от тези начини, моля преразгледайте дали наистина искате да гледате видеото. Този видеоклип вече е бил забранен достъп до огромен брой интернет форуми. Има силен призив да го махна от Интернет или не и да го обявят за незаконен. В крайна сметка, това е реален филм, и хората са тези, които да преценят. Това е почти толкова зло като детска порнография, защо хората тайно копнеят да видят такива ужасни неща ,те мразят толкова много. Гледай сега, ако си посмял, преди ченгетата във вашия регион да забранят клипа сега и завинаги. Тази публикация е преведен на различни езици. Италианската версия (traduzione в Italiano). Френската версия (EN Франсис). Това ужасно видео изглежда е руска нацистка реакция, в отговор на д ужасните клипове, направени от чеченски бунтовници наскоро, в които те обезглавяват руски войници. Един от най-лошите от тези видеоклипове, направени някога, шест руски наборни, може да се види в този блог тук (италиански превод, озаглавен Без милост за руснаците (Е “disponibile ла traduzione Italiana Di questo articolo, intitolato “Nessuna Пиета на I Руси“!),  френски превод (EN Франсис). По мое мнение, е много по-лошо от това видео. току що излезе нова информация, доказваща, че този клип е реален и не е фалшив. Kistaman Odamanov, A Dagestani, видях видеото в Интернет и идентифициран човекът, който е бил обезглавен, както моят брат, Shamil Odamanov, 23. Освен това, до края на Shamil семейството и много познати в селото също признават смърта му във видеоклипа. Shamil отиде в Москва да си намери работа и евентуално за жена през 2005 година. Той изчезна в средата на април 2007 г. и не е виждан от тогава. Това предполага, че той е бил жив, отглеждан в продължение на три месеца някъде, преди да е убит в средата на август. Kistaman познава Shamil с лицето му и дрехите, с които той е бил облечен. Руските правоохранителни органи са уведомени , когато когато са показани сцени от видеото. Не бяха открити съдебномедицински доказателства, нито са намерени всички органи, кръв и други . Въпреки това, властите приемат този случай като убийство. Немски правоприлагащите също участват, което означава,че има немски нео-нацистки връзки. Таджиките във видеоклипа, който изглежда, че са били убити от снимките, все още предстои да бъдат идентифицирани. Много повече за историята,за това че видеото е реално, а не имитация на моя блог тук. Много хора искат името на песента във видеото. Песента е “Rus” от руската народно-езическа метъл банда Arkona. Можете да гледате видео на песента в този блог тук. Имате нужда от широколентова връзка за видео да го гледате добре. Това е руско нео-нацистко изпълнение на видео обезглавяване, което поде бури из руския Интернет в началото на август 2007 г. (видео гарнирани търсачката и блог хитове за руските сайтове). Клипът е озаглавен изпълнението на таджикски и Dagestani. Това е видео на руския нео-нацистите изпълняващата две убийства на мъже – един от Дагестан и един от Таджикистан. За проверка на това дали разумни хора биха помислили ,че дагестанците и таджиките са бели хора виж ми размишленията по този въпрос тук. Това видео направи огромни противоречия в мрежата за кратко време, след като се появи. А група, наречена Национална бяло социализма / Бяла мощност или национален социалисти на Рус твърдеше, че има отговорност за видеото, но властите казват, че никога не са чували за тази група. Рус е името на древно Viking състояние центрирано около Киев – на Киевска Рус. Това е първото име на Русия, както и името Rus е широко използван от националисти, вместо на Русия. Подобна нео-нацистката група, руски националистическата партия, може да се види в YouTube видеоклипове, тук и тук. Последните видео поне има някои много музика. Този видеозапис е добре направено най-малко с някои много тежки метъл музиката свири във фонов режим. Той е заснет в началото на август 2007 г., скоро преди това клипа да ее пуснат в Интернет. Видеото беше първоначално афиш на руската версия на живо вестник сайт от потребител на име vik23. Western новини доклади казват, че първоначално е бил там, публикувани от потребител на име “анти-цигански”, но той е само един от тези, които reposted по-късно. Той в последствие се появили много руски език нео-нацистки интернет сайтове. Тя бързо се отстранява от по-голямата част от местата, където е установено, и Националната социализма / Бяла Power сайт (името на групата, която извършени убийствата) бе претоварени с хитове. Видеото се отваря първо с нацистки флаг и картечница звук във фонов режим, след това възклицание на руски на “Слава на Русия”. Тогава той показва план на руския град в провинцията. Напред той показва езеро заобиколено от гора. Камерата увеличава в по гората и показва двама мъже. Един човек е ясно ужасен. Напред той показва двете уплашени мъже, очевидно казва с силен руски акцент, “Руски национал -социалисти ни арестуваха”, те са с обвързани ръце и крака, на колене, в гората. Налице е голям нацистки флаг във фонов режим. Видеото след което показва изключително неквалифицирани палач – маскиран мъж в идва зад един от пленниците и сграбчвайки го казва същия възглас “Слава на Русия!” След това започва да му реже главата. Горкото момче издава крясъци малко по-рано. Но некомпетентният палач муй реже главата прекалено дълго 90 секунди. Има спор относно някои звуци, които се чуват според едни е от палача мъчейки се да му отреже глава, според други от самата жертва. Накрая той се опитва да сложи главата на мъртвото тяло, но държи главата подвижния от тялото. Той трябва да се вземат поуки от Ал Кайда на Арабския полуостров, които не отлична работа на балансирането САЩ Apache хеликоптер инженер Пол Джонсън на decapitated главата на останалата част от тялото му. И накрая, се показват останалите заложници обвързани. В съшото време се извиква, “Слава на Русия!”, и обвързаният е застрелян и пада в изкопан гроб. Видеото след това показва две нацистки копелета, напълно покрити от главата до петите, които очевидно поздравяват пред нацистки флаг. Първоначално, руските правоприлагащи са разделени по въпроса дали, това видео е истинско или не, тогава те решават, че е фалшиво, но напоследък има доказателства, че е истина. Никога не съм си представял, че е фалшиво, защото вие не можете да снимате фалшиво видео така, освен ако може би ако не сте кино компания с голям бюджет. Един човек е бил задържан за разпространение на това видео. За повече информация за него, виж моя пост тук. Чудно е как всички руснаци евентуално биха могли да подкрепят нацистите, като се има предвид, че те навлизат в Съветския съюз, действие, което води до 27 млн. съветски смъртни случаи, 4 ? пъти повече, отколкото са били убити в еврейския Холокост. За да разберете как руснак би могъл да бъде нацист,първо трябва да разберете естеството на кървавата фашистка-комунистическа борба в 20-ия век, история, обхванати от анти-комунистическа невъзможен за проста причина, че фактът, че никой няма да воюва като фашизъм на комунистите ще направи да изглеждат добре. Изследване на историята на 20-ти век от историка реална, а не професионални рязка рана като мнозина наши дни, а вие ще видите, че комунистите и нацистите бяха едни най-мразените на миналия век. Тези 27 милиона руснаците не умряха в WW2, защото СССР толкова възлюби нацистите, които те дадоха на света 27 милиона само от техните синове и дъщери. Същото гоблен е фалирал навсякъде в Европа по време на WW2 – всеки път, когато комунистите и нацистите са изправени на войната-област, на органите, прибрана към небето и жестокости – и от двете страни – са твърде много да се разчита. Това не е любовна кавга. The Mad, лунатични нацистката инвазия на Русия бе genocidal при намерение и практика, особено по отношение на славяните, които Хитлер счита за untermenschen. Те се разглеждат като лоши раса, слаб “славянски раса” не може да се защитават сами. В частност, Хитлер, в неговото маниакално луд и анти-семитизма, почувствах, че (руски) славяни имали право сами да бъде поробен от евреи. Той разбира “комунистическа болшевик евреи”, които Хитлер почувствах се завтече СССР. Тъй като само няколко от не-добри Commie човешките същества са били genocided по време на нацистката инвазия на СССР, този епизод е бил широко пренебрегвани от Западните история книги. Бихте Сталин са изгубени, може би 10 години на милиони повече хора ще са умрели в СССР и на други места, нацизма би била много по-успешно, ще имат menaced света, и може добре да го завладява. В нацистка проект беше ясно, както бюрократи, те написах го. Славяни (още не е естонци, на бялата раса, Cossacks, различните видове турци, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, туркменски, Azeris, татари, Kalmyks, Karachays, араби, арменци и грузинци), са били лоши, да се замени с германците чрез гладуване, убийство , поробването и депортиране, получената обезлюдени земи да се обърне внимание на германците за тяхното lebensraum. По време на Втората световна война 2, 6 милиона мъртви поляците (само 50 Сталин на луд purges на късното на 1930 бяха до известна степен див опити да отклонявам очертаващия нацистка заплаха от прочистване и дори изпълняващата Trotskyites и Bukharinites, които бяха не само открито sympathizing с нацистите, но също бяха застъпничество в нацистка инвазията на СССР, ако Вярвам, че мога. Така Stalinist purges, наказателни и луди, тъй като те са, трябва да се разглежда в контекста на looming нацистката инвазия. Но по-голямата част от жертвите на тези purges са невинни хора. Без Сталин, е съмнително дали не бихме могли да имат победена Германия. Така например, 89 Сталин първоначалното retreats бяха напълно разумен. Зад руските линии, заети в Латвия, Литва, Естония, Украйна и Русия на бялото, добра броят на хората, подкрепени нацистите. Те се присъединиха gleefully в юдеина-убиване и Commie-убийството и воюва заедно с нацистки звяр. Цяло Съветския единици преминаха на нацистите, особено по време на обсадата Stalingrad, където 50000 съветски доброволци воюва заедно с германския чудовище. Съдбата на нацията, и много от неговите жители бе поставено на карта. Това не беше време за лигав говорим за човешки права. Правосъдие е бързото за руснаците, които defected с нацисткия враг, както беше за сътрудници от други земи, както и на руснаците избута на нацистки престъпници обратно в Изток, много предател на родината и трябва бързо куршум в главата. Лелекайте за правата на човека всичко, което искаш. Това е война. А войната до смърт. Но никога не са имали съветски хора поддържат режима с по-големи номера, както и с голяма страст, отколкото по време на WW2. Идеята, че Сталин през WW2 е анти-семит (parroted най-вече от параноидна ultranationalist евреи и луд анти-комунисти), могат да бъдат предвидени за отдих. Като един съветски автор да я тури bluntly в този момент, “Вие сте или анти-нацистки или анти-семит.” Линията е изготвена. Когато Червената армия влезе в Източна Полша в началото на войната, са били wildly прегърна от полски евреи, за действие, че полските националисти са завинаги осъден за тях. Но тези евреи не са глупави. Те знаеха си враг, и той не беше наречена Чичо Джо. Той имаше малко мустак, A цвърчащо пеша и простряната дясната ръка. В СССР е потенциален спасител на тези евреи, и те са знаели това. Всеки образован евреин днес знае как той е задължен да Наполеон. Това е твърде лошо те не се чувстват по този начин за Йосиф Сталин също. Йосиф Сталин може да са записани всички от днешните евреи от нацизма. Йосиф Сталин може да са записани всички днешната света от нацизма. На към руския нео-нацистите. С падането на комунизма, Руската нео-нацистки движение влезе в пълен разцвет на икономиката срива, както и търсенето на scapegoats започна. В чеченския война направи това лошо, а cruelties на ализарин чеченски бунтовници, които вероятно изпъди този инцидент – те са обезглавени някои руснаци и изключване-камера. Вижте една от най-ужасни от тези видеоклипове, ако можете да го носят, за този блог тук. И мюсюлмански терористични нападения продължи и в Русия. “Черни”, или хора от Кавказ, са мразени цяла Русия, и там са редовни убийства от тях. По-скоро е имало нападения срещу африканската Черни, азиатци и смесена раса хора. Властите направя малко или нищо за спиране на убийствата, тъй като те поддържат нагласи зад тях. Нео-нацистки расизъм е толкова голям, че в Русия, че е трудно да разберат в САЩ контекст. Още от август 2007 година в Русия е имало над 50 расистки убийствата на бялата раса – хора от Централна Азия републики, анти-фашистка активисти и чужденци – 25 Можеш ли да си представиш такъв огромен нацистки движението и съпътстващи престъпления в САЩ? Руските фашисти служи като шок войски за Владимир Путин, като в лъжа схващането, че той е нео-комунистическа и доказване, тъй като ние Leftists дълго подозира, че той е просто някакъв вид руски фашист. Разпределени заедно с видеото е манифест призовава за експулсирането на всички “азиатци” и “Черни” (хора от Кавказ) от Русия, а след това, с любопитство, за независимост на всички от руски републики в Кавказ като Ингушетия , Дагестан, Чечения, Северна Осетия, Кабардино-Cherkyo и др Ето пълният текст на Манифеста (от чеченски бунтовник Kavkaz Център):

Декларация на Народното Социалистическата партия на Rus

Ние сме част от въоръжено крило на партията

1. Нашата страна, обявява началото на въоръжена борба срещу Черно colonists и тези руски служители, които ги подкрепят. 2. Ние считаме за експулсиране на бялата раса и азиатци от територията на Русия, че е необходимост. 3. Смятаме, че е необходимо да се предостави независимост на всички републики от Кавказ (включително Чечня), заедно с експулсирането на целия кавказки населението там. 4. Настояваме за освобождаването на всички Национален социалисти от руските затвори и да се спре преследването на Maksim Martsinevich. 5. Настояваме, че президентът Путин (в изявлението на име написани с малки букви – KC) подаде оставка и власт над цялата страна до Народното социалистите правителство, който трябва да бъде водена от Дмитрий Germanovich Rumyantsev, лидер на Национално дружество на социалистите Русия. 6. Ние признаваме, на политическото ръководство на Национална Социалистическа общество (НЗК). Ние сме въоръжени крило, работещи независимо една от друга. 7. Ние няма да спрем, докато се борят мощност не е предоставен на Народното социалистите правителство. Martsinevich е начело на група, наречена Формат 18. Той бе арестуван след юли по обвинение в fomenting етническата омраза и насилие, застрашаващи. Нео-нацистки насилие в Русия е извън контрол. То също е много високо в Полша, Обединеното кралство, Чешката република, Словакия, Германия, Унгария и Естония. Има много по-нео-нацистки насилието на глава от населението в тези места, отколкото в САЩ. Нарастваща нео-нацистки насилие е заплаха за части на Европа.

Neo-Naziste Decapitare Video

The video has been removed following discussions with WordPress staff. Try here instead. Note: Repost from the old blog. This is a Romanian translation of the Neo-Nazi Beheading Video post that was so popular on the old blog. This excellent translation was done by Loghin Alexandru from Romania. This post has been translated into other languages. Italian version (traduzione in italiano). French version (en Frances). Versiunea Italiana (traduzione in italiano). Versiuna franceza (en Frances). Acest video oribil pare sa fie o reactie a nazistilor rusi catre filmarile groaznice facute recent de catre rebelii ceceni in care decapitau soldati rusi. Una dintre cele mai oribile inregistrari facute vreodata Six Russian Conscripts poate fi vazut aici.In opinia mea e mult mai grav decat acest video. Noi informatii tocmai au fost au iesit la iveala demonstrand ca acest video este REAL si nu un fals. Kistaman Odamanov un Dagestan a vazut acest video pe Internet si l-a identificat pe acel om care a fost deapitat, ca fiind fratele ei, Shamil Odamanov, 23. Mai mult , restul familiei si multe cunostinte din sat l-au recunoscut in aceasta inregistrare. Shamil a plecat in Moscova pentru a gasi ceva de munca si posibil o sotie in 2005. A disparut in aprilie 2007 si nu a mai fost vazut de atunci. Acest lucru implica faptul ca a fost tinut undeva timp de 3 luni inainte de a fi omorat in milocul lunii august. Kistman l-a recunoscut pe Shamil dupa faţa si dupa imbracamintea pe care o purta. Politia rusa a descoperit locul in care s-a filmat scena , dar nu a aflat locul unde s-au desfasurat executiile si nici nu a gasit sange, trupurile barbatilor sau alte dovezi. Cu toate acestea autoritatile trateaza acest caz ca homicid. Politia germana este de asemena incurcata in acest caz, implicand o legatura neo-Nazista. Barbatul persan din acest video, care a fost executat prin impuscare inca nu a fost identificat. Numele melodiei din acest video este “Rus” si este compusa de grupul de muzica metal folk Arkona. Acesta este video-ul neo-Nazist rus al executiei ce a luat cu asalt Internetul rusesc. Acest video este intitulat The Execution of a Tajik and a Dagestani. Este un video in care sunt executati doi “negri” adica doi oameni albi unul din Dagestan si unul din Tajikistan. Pentru mai multe detalii despre etniile din Dagestan si Tajikistan click aici. Acest video a starnit controverse enorme pe net pentru o scurta perioada de timp dupa ce a aparut. Un grup numit fie National Socialism/White Power fie National Socialists of Rus au revendicat responsabilitatea pentru acest video, dar autoritatile au spus ca nu au auzit niciodata de aceste grupari. Rus este numele vechiului stat viking localizat in jurul Kievului – Rusia Kieveană. Acesta a fost primul stat rus si numele Rus este utilizat pe scara larga de catre nationalisti in loc de Rusia. Un grup neo-Nasist similar “Russian Nationalist Party ” poate fi vazut pe Youtube aici si aici. Video-ul a fost postat prima data pe un website rus (gen Live Journal) de un user numit vik23. Rapoartele de stiri din vest spun ca initial video-ul a fost postat de un user numit “anti-Gipsy” dar el era doar unul din cei care au repostat mai tarziu. Ulterior a aparut pe mai multe site-uri in limba rusa neo-Naziste. A fost repede eliminat de pe site-urile unde a fost postat initial, si site-ul grupului National Socialism/White Power (cei care au comis crimele) a fost destul de vizitat. Video-ul incepe cu un steag nazist si un sunet de mitraliera pe fundal, apoi un strigat in rusă “Glory to Rus!”. Apoi arata o portiune de tara dintr-un oras rus. Camera schimba unghiul de vedere si arata doi oameni legati la picioare si la maini . Un barbat este in mod clar ingrozit , apoi ii arata pe amandoi speriati ce spun aparent cu un accent rus : “Socialistii Nationali Rusi ne-au arestat”, unde sunt ingenuncheati si legati la picioare si la maini. In fundal se vede un steag mare nazist. Video-ul arata apoi un “călău” extrem de prost calificat – un om mascat in haine de lupta – venind din spatele unui prizonier, apucandu-l si in acelasi timp urland : “Glory to Rus”. Apoi incepe taierea capului saracului om, dar face o treaba destul de proasta. Bietul om tipa un pic la inceput. Cu toate acestea călăul incompetent petrece prea mult timp – 90 seconds – pentru ai taia capul omului. In cele din urma reuseste sa-i taie capul si incearca sa-l puna pe corpul decapitat. Dar capul cade in repetate randuri de pe corp nefind fixat intr-un fel. Ar trebui sa ia lectii de la Al Qaeda din Peninsula Arabica care au facut o treaba excelenta in decapitarea lui Paul Johnson , un inginer de elicopter. In cele din urma ne este aratat celalalt ostatic legat . Acelasi salut “Glory to Rus” apoi este impuscat din spate si aruncat intr-o groapa proaspat sapata. Video-ul ii arata apoi pe cei doi nazisti salutand in fata unui steag nazist. Initial autoritatile ruse nu stiau daca acest video era real sau nu, apoi au decis ca este fals, dar recent exista dovezi ca este foarte real. N-am crezut niciodata ca acest video este fals pt ca nu poti falsifica asa ceva poate in exceptia cazului in care esti o companie de filme cu buget mare. Un om a fost arestat pentru distribuirea acestui material. Pentru mai multe detalii aici. Unii s-ar intreba cum ar putea rusii sai suporte pe nazisti, dat fiind faptul ca au invadata Uniunea Sovietica, o actiune ce a dus la 27 de milioane decese, mai multi decat in Holocaustul Evreiesc. Incearca sa studiezi istoria sec. al 20-lea de la un adevarat istoric, nu de la un nestiutor, si o sa vezi ca nazistii si comunistii au avut una din cele mai sangeroase lupte din ultimul secol. Acei 27 de milioane de sovietici nu au murit in Al Doilea Razboi Mondial pt ca URSS îi iubea asa mult pe nazisti incat le-au dat 27 de milioane de oameni. Acelasi exemplu a fost folosit in Europa in timpul celui De Al Doilea Razboi Mondial , de fiecare data cand comunistii si nazistii se confruntau pe terenul de lupta, cadavrele erau infinite si atrocitatile-din ambele tabere- erau prea numeroase pt a fi numarate. Invazia nebuna a nazistilor din Rusia a fost necrutatoare in special fata de slavi, pe care Hitler îi considera a fi untermenschen (oameni inferiori). Ei erau vazuti ca o rasa inferioara, o rasa slaba de sclavi care nu se putea apara singura. In special, Hitler în a sa lupta nebuna nebuneasca impotriva evreilor, a fost de parere ca slavi rusi si-au permis singuri sa fie inrobiti de evrei. El s-a referit la evreii comunisti bolşevici. Proiectul nazist era clar : ca birocrati, ei l-au scris pe hartie. Slavii ( caucazieni, cazaci, turci, uzbekistani, tătari, arabi, armeni, georgieni) erau inferiori, si aveau sa fie inlocuiti de germani prin infometare, ucideri, deportari; pamanturile depopulate urmand sa fie cedate Germaniei pt lebensraum (in germana inseamnă habitat sau spatiu de locuit). In timpul celui De Al Doilea Razboi Mondial, 6 milioane de polonezi (50 Inlaturarile nebune ale lui Stalin din anii 1930 erau la un anumit grad incercari salbatice de a intarzia amenintarea nazista prin inlaturarea su chiar executarea lui Trotskyites and Bukharinites care nu numai simpatizau cu nazistii dar si sustineau o invaziei a URSS. Asa ca inlaturarile lui Stalin, criminale si nebune cum sunt ele, trebuie vazute in contextul procesului de aparitie a invaziei naziste.Totusi cele mai multe victime ale acestor inlaturari au fost oameni nevinovati. Fara Stalin este nesigur daca am fi putut sau nu invinge Germania. De exemplu 89 Retragerile lui Stalin erau destul de sensibile. In spatele linilor ruse ocupate in Letonia, Lituania, Estonia, Ucraina si Rusia Alba nazismul a fost sprijinit de un numar mare de oameni. Ei s-au alaturat cu bucurie in uciderea comunistilor si a evreilor si au luptat alaturi de nazisti. Toate unitatile sovietice au napustit asupra nazistilor, in special in timpul asediului din Stalingrad, unde 50.000 de voluntari rusi au luptat alaturi de Germania. Soarta natiunii si a multor din rezidentii ei era in joc. Nu era timpul pt o conversatie lacrimogena despre drepturile omului. Justitia a fost rapida pentru sovietici care s-au alaturat nazistilor, asa cum a fost si pentru colaboratori din alte tari. Si cum sovietici îi alungau pe criminalii nazisti inapoi in est, multi dintre tradatori au fost impuscati. Cand Armata Rosie a sosit in Polonia de Est, erau primit cu bratele deschise de catre evreii polonezi, o actiune in care nationalistii polonezi au fost condamnati mereu. Dar evreii nu erau prosti. Ei isi stiau inamicul. URSS era un potential salvator pt ei si stiau asta. Fiecare evreu stie acum cat de indatorat îi este lui Napoleon. Pacat ca nu simt asta si pentru Stalin. Joseph Stalin probabil i-a salvat pe evreii de azi de nazism. Inapoi la rusi neo-nazisti. Odata cu caderea comunismului miscarea neo-nazista a intrat in forta odata ce economia s-a prabusit si cautarea caprelor ratacite a inceput. “Negrii” sau oamenii caucazieni sunt detestati in Rusia si exista crime regulate. Mai recent au fost atacuri asupra negrilor africani, asiatici. Autoritatile fac nimic sau deloc pentru a oprii aceste asasinate. Neo nazismul rusesc este asa de mare in Rusia incat este greu de inteles intr-un context american. In august 2007 au fost peste 50 de crime rasiste , 25 Iti poti imagina o miscare nazista asa de mare si asa de multe crime in SUA? Fascistii rusi servesc ca trupe de soc pentru Vladimir Putin, ideea fiind ca el e un neocommunist, si demonstreaza ca el este doar o specie de fascist rus. Alaturi de video era si un manifest ce facea apel la expulzarea tuturor “asiaticilor” si “negrilor” din Rusia si independenta tuturor republicilor rusesti din Caucaz precum: Ingushetia, Dagestan, Chechnya, North Ossetia, Cherkyo-Kabardino. Acesta este intreg manifestul (de la centrul rebel cecen Kavkaz):

Declaratia de la Partidul National Socialist din Rus

Suntem parte a unei factiuni armate a partidului

  1. Partidul nostru anunta inceperea unei lupte impotriva colonistilor negri si a tuturor oficialilor rusi care îi suporta.
  2. Consideram ca este necesara expulzarea caucazienilor si asiaticilor de pe teritoriul rus.
  3. Credem ca e o necesitate sa acordam independenta tuturor republicilor din Caucaz (incluzand si Chechnya) si expulzarea intregii populatii din Caucaz.
  4. Cerem eliberarea tuturor natinalistilor socialisti din inchisori si oprirea executiei lui Maksim Martsinevich.
  5. Cerem ca presedintele Putin sa demisioneze si sa cedeze toata puterea guvernului national socialist care ar trebui condus de Dmitry Germanovich Rumyantsev liderul Societatii Nationale Socialiste din Rusia.
  6. Recunoastem conducerea politica a Societatii Nationale Socialiste.Suntem o putere armata ce opereaza independent.
  7. Nu ne vom opri pana ce puterea nu va fi preluata de guvernul National Socialist.

Martsinevich este liderul grupului numit Format 18 (18 este o prescurtare nazista a initialelor lui Hitler).A fost inchis din iulie pentru incurajarea uri etnice si pentru amenintari cu violenta. Violenta neo nazista in Rusia este scapata de sub control. De asemenea este foarte mare si in Polonia, Anglia, Republica Ceha, Slovacia, Germania, Ungaria, Estonia. Este mai multa violenta neo nazista pe capitala decat in SUA. Violenta neo nazista care creste este o amenintare pentru unele parti din Europa. Ceva trebuie facut si repede.


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