The FBI: Agents of Sleaze, Framers of Innocents, Accessories to Murder

Everyone reveres the FBI, but people need to think again. If you think we have a Police State here, nothing resembles that more than the FBI. You never want the FBI to come knocking at your door. Here’s a dirty secret. If the FBI wants to get you, they will get you.

If they think you’re a scum who needs to go down, if they can’t bust or file on you for the charges that they want you on, I assure you that they will dig through your entire life and find some BS to run you up on. “The FBI always gets their man.” Not quite and it’s worse than that. If they want you for some reason, you’re going down. If not for what they want you on, you will go down on something that has nothing to do with it. Few of us are angels.

The FBI covered up for many of the Deep State murders of witnesses to the JFK assassination.  They covered up the police assassination of MLK and helped frame an innocent man, James Earl Ray, for his murder. They murdered a lot of 60’s radicals in cold blood, including a number of Black Panthers. They smeared and slandered others and tried to destroy their lives and careers.

Can’t Find the Real Killer? No Problem! Just Go Frame Some Scumbag!

There are times when there’s a horrible murder or series of murders and the police can’t catch the guy.

Everyone thinks that this means that the police are incompetent, but that’s not necessarily true. People get away with murder all the time, sometimes for decades and sometimes for an entire lifetime. Quite a few have yet to be caught even in death. Not only can we not catch killers, but we cannot even catch the ghosts of  killers.

I suggest that anyone who thinks  that this is easy work as an armchair detective on a famous unsolved case.

If you really dive into the rabbit hole, you will come out later with your head spinning. Nothing will make sense. Nothing will add up. Everything will be wrong. It will seem like everyone is lying. Every great theory and bit of evidence will have gone nowhere. Excellent theories being passed around widely by word of mouth will turn out to  have been made up out of whole cloth.

I have worked on cases like this for years, and I came out of wondering how the police ever catch any murderer. Or armed robber. Or burglar. Or most unknown criminals. I don’t understand how detectives solve cases. I have watched these guys in action and they are amazing, almost like magicians who pull rabbits out of hats. I have no idea how they do it.

Because there are 333 million people in the country to sift through and some killers are very good, a number of killers simply get away with murder, even multiple murders. Just think. You only have to sift through 333 million human beings to find the killer! How hard could that be?

When a killer or multiple killer is not found, it’s not typically due to bad policework. In many cases, detectives put in tens or hundreds of thousands of hours. There might be a small room packed with evidence boxes. And they still never caught him.

But the average person is an idiot who thinks with his gut and his retarded snake brain. He doesn’t know what higher thinking is, much less engage in it. But you get enough of these morons together and they can make a lot of noise. A roar, a great big huge stink. One we are obliged to listen to.

The people will start screaming at the top of their lungs that the police are incompetent for not finding some master criminal. They will demand that sheriffs, police chiefs or district attorneys be fired. Such folks come under withering pressure to solve the case.

There have been a number of recorded cases where haggard and harried police were being so browbeaten about not solving a case that they simply went out and grabbed some local scumbag, often a real scumbag.

A convict with a long record who’s been released. Someone who has done some bad to terrible things  – murder, rape, child molesting, child rape, torture, you name it – but served his time and paid his debt, and now he’s walking free. He’s hate-able. He’s so hate-able you want to lynch him on the spot.

Well, the cops just grab this guy (who keep in mind is just a total scumbag anyway) and simply frame him of the murder or murders just to shut everyone up.

Incredibly, the public doesn’t even seem to care that some schmuck, albeit a scumbag schmuck, got framed for a crime. A lot of  people will put their fingers in their ears and start yelling. “I don’t want to hear about it!” If you imply that they got the wrong guy, people will actually say, “So what! He’s a scumbag anyway! If he didn’t do this, he definitely did a lot of other bad things!”

At the end of the day, people just want the case solved. Getting down to brass tacks, they don’t even care that the real killer got away with it. They just want someone, anyone, preferably a total dirtbag, to be convicted of the crime so everyone can finally sleep well at night.

TPP Ignores Global Warming and Allows Murder of Labor Union Organizers

I plan on posting a number of articles abut this catastrophic TPP agreement that sadly looks like it is going to become law. I can’t even begin to tell you how horrific this trade agreement is. In a nutshell, it does away with all governments and makes it so corporations rule the world. Any government that passes any law that limits current or future profits of a corporation could be sued on the grounds that that law was a “trade barrier.” The corporation can sue in a kangaroo court made up of corporate types for damages,and the corporation will always win and the governments will always lose.

Government have had to pay out many millions of dollars to corporations for passing laws that limited their profits under NAFTA. And yes, all laws dealing global warming can also be challenged by this Frankenstein of a bill.

As you can see, it encourages the murder of labor leaders, union members and organizers because killing union members would not be a violation of the Labor Section of the agreement. The parts of the TPP dealing with labor and the environment are written in boilerplate and are entirely voluntary, while the sections that allow corporations to rule our lives in written in very strict legalese.

It’s worse than a catastrophe. It’s an out and out nightmare, and it’s the end of representative government as we know it. All governments will become irrelevant, and in their places, we will all be ruled by corporations. In other words, multinational corporations will become our de facto governments. It is stunning how crazy that is.

All the Republicans are for it.

Of course the Democratic Party is down with this agreement all the way. Obama is pushing it like crazy. There was a brief uprising a few months ago when it looked like the bill might not get through the Congress because so many Democrats were against it. This was followed by maniacal lobbying on the part of corporate lobbyists and an all-out propaganda blitz by the US media, 100% of which (note that we have a “free” press) supported the bill.

The “liberal” New York Times came out very strongly in favor of it and said that Obama’s legacy would ride on whether he could get this bill through or not. In other words, according to the “liberal” New York Times, if Obama could not get the bill through, then that would mean that his Presidency was a failure. So the Times threatened Obama with complete humiliation and damage to his mark in history if he could not get the TPP through.

Note that the entire “liberal” media came out in favor of this monstrosity. Note that “liberal” Obama came out in favor of it. I know some Democratic Party stalwarts who seem to support this nightmare bill. They think that people who oppose it are “extremist nuts.”

These people support anything that Obama does. If Obama is for it, then they support it. He can push the most reactionary stuff you could imagine, and these stalwarts will never oppose Obama or any other Democrat for one second. We really need to get away from this insane partisanship, as it is irrational.

To these folks, everything Republicans do its bad and everything Democrats do is good. Unfortunately, once you take that POV, Democrats are free to act as rightwing as they want to, and their moronic stalwarts will support everything they do because it’s treason to oppose a Democrat.

I will be posting more abuo9t this awful and insane trade agreement in the coming days, but this will be good for a starter.

TPP Ignores Global Warming and Allows Murder of Labor Union Organizers

by Eric Zeusse, from Global Research

U.S. President Barack Obama’s capstone to his Presidency, his proposed megalithic international ‘trade’ treaties, are finally coming into their home-stretch, with the Pacific deal finally being made public on Thursday November 5th.

The final Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) proposed treaty would leave each signatory nation liable to be sued by any international corporation that objects to any new regulation, or increase in regulation, regarding climate change, otherwise known as global warming. In no terminology is that phenomenon even so much as just mentioned in the “Environment” chapter.

Regarding labor issues, including slavery, the “Labour” chapter of the TPP contains merely platitudes. (Obama allowed Malaysia into the compact despite its notoriously poor record of non-enforcement of its ban on slavery, because he wants the U.S. to control the Strait of Malacca in order to impede China’s economic and military expansion; it’s part of Obama’s anti-China policy. Almost everything that he does has different motives than the ones his rhetoric claims.)

Throughout, the treaty would place international corporations in ever-increasing control over all regulations regarding workers’ rights, the environment, product safety, and consumer protection. But the environmental and labor sections are particularly blatant insults to the public — a craven homage to the top stockholders in international corporations. The World’s Richest 80 people own the same amount of wealth as the world’s bottom 50%; and Obama represents those and other super-rich and their friends and servants in the lobbying and other associated industries. But he also represents the even richer people who aren’t even on that list, such as King Salman of Saudi Arabia, the world’s richest person. It’s people such as that who will be the real beneficiaries of Obama’s ‘trade’ treaties. The public will be harmed, enormously, wherever these treaties become law.

The full meaning of the terms that are set forth in the TPP agreement won’t be publicly known for at least four years, but the explicit terms that were made public on November 5th, and that will be presented to the 12 participating nations for signing, are entirely consistent with what had been expected on the basis of Wikileaks and other earlier published information.

The 12 participating nations are: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, United States, and Vietnam. Three countries were excluded by U.S. President Obama, because the U.S. doesn’t yet control them and they are instead viewed as being not allied with the main axis of U.S. international power: U.S., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and Israel. Those three outright-excluded countries are Russia, China, and India. (India, of course, has hostile relations with Pakistan, which is Sunni and therefore part of the Saudi-Qatar-Turkey portion of the U.S. international core, basically the Sunni portion of the core. By contrast, Russia and China have been determinedly independent of the U.S., and are therefore treated by President Obama as being hostile nations: he wants instead to isolate them, to choke off their access to markets, as much as possible. This same motivation also factored largely in his coup to take control of Ukraine, through which Russia’s gas passes on its way into the EU, the world’s largest gas-market.)

6 nations that Obama had invited into the TPP were ultimately unwilling to accept Obama’s terms and so were excluded when the final text was published: Colombia, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, and Indonesia.

The phrases “global warming” and “climate change” don’t appear anywhere in the entire TPP document, nor does “climate” nor “warming” — it’s an area that’s entirely left to international corporations in each one of the separate participating nations to assault as much as they wish in order to gain competitive advantage against all of the other corporations that operate in the given nation: i.e., something for each corporation to sacrifice in order to be able to lower the given company’s costs. That raises its profit-margin. This also means that if any international corporation claims to be subjected in any participating nation, to global-warming regulation or enforcement which poses a barrier or impediment to that corporation’s profits, then that corporation may sue that given nation, and fines might be assessed against that nation (i.e., against its taxpayers) for such regulation or enforcement. National publics are no longer sovereign.

The “Labour” chapter is a string of platitudes, such as, “Article 19.7: Corporate Social Responsibility: Each Party shall endeavor to encourage enterprises to voluntarily adopt corporate social responsibility initiatives on labor issues that have been endorsed or supported by that Party.”

President Obama’s Trade Representative, his longtime personal friend Michael Froman, organized and largely wrote Obama’s proposed trade treaties: TPP for the Pacific, and TTIP and TISA for the Atlantic. Froman told the AFL-CIO and U.S. Senators that when countries such as Colombia systematically murder labor-union organizers, it’s no violation of workers’ rights — nothing that’s of any concern to the U.S. regarding this country’s international trade policies or the enforcement of them. On 22 April 2015, Huffington Post, one of the few U.S. news media to report honestly on these treaties, bannered AFL-CIO’s Trumka: USTR Told Us Murder Isn’t a Violation, and Michael McAuliff reported that, “Defenders of the White House push for sweeping trade deals argue they include tough enforcement of labor standards. But a top union leader scoffed at such claims Tuesday, revealing that [Obama] administration officials have said privately that they don’t consider even the killings of labor organizers to be violations of those pacts.”

In other words: This is, and will be, the low level of the playing-field that U.S. workers will be competing against in TPP etc., just as it is already, in the far-smaller existing NAFTA (which Hillary Clinton had helped to pass in Congress during the early 1990s). (Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, all campaigned for the Presidency by attacking Republicans for pushing such ‘trade’ deals. Their actions when they gain power, contradict their words. America and virtually the entire world has become rule of a suckered public, by perhaps as many as a thousand psychopathic aristocrats who own the international corporations and ‘news’ media, and who regularly do business with each other though they wall themselves off from the public.

Typically, at their level, it makes no real difference which country their passport is from.) “Trumka said that even after the Obama administration crafted an agreement to tighten labor protections four years ago, some 105 labor organizers have been killed, and more than 1,300 have been threatened with death.” The Obama Administration is ignoring the tightened regulations that it itself had managed to get nominally implemented on paper. “Pressed for details about Trumka’s assertion that murder doesn’t count as a violation of labor rules, Thea Lee, the AFL-CIO deputy chief of staff, told HuffPost that USTR officials said in at least two meetings where she was present that killing and brutalizing organizers would not be considered interfering with labor rights under the terms of the trade measures.”

Furthermore: “’We documented five or six murders of Guatemalan trade unionists that the government had failed to effectively investigate or prosecute,’ Lee said. ‘The USTR told us that the murders of trade unionists or violence against trade unionists was not a violation of the labor chapter.’”

That U.S. Trade Representative, Michael Froman, is the same person Obama has negotiating with foreign governments, and with international corporations, both Obama’s TPP, and his TTIP & TISA.

The most important chapter in the TPP treaty is “Dispute Settlement,” which sets forth the means by which corporations will sue countries for alleged violations of their stockholders ‘rights’ to extract profits from operations of those corporations in the signatory countries. The underlying assumption here is that the rights of international stockholders take precedence over the rights (even over the sovereignty rights) of the citizens of any participating country.

Instead of these suits being judged according to any nation’s laws, they are allowed to be addressed only by means of private arbitration “Panels.” The Dispute Settlement chapter contains “Article 28.9: Composition of Panels.” Section #1 there is simply: “The panel shall comprise three members.” Each of the two Parties will appoint a member; one for the suing corporation, and the other for the sued nation; and both of those members will then jointly select a third member “from the roster established pursuant to Article 28.10.3”; and this third member will automatically “serve as chair.”

Article 28.10.3 says that anyone who possesses “expertise or experience in law, international trade, other matters covered by this Agreement, or the resolution of disputes arising under international trade agreements” may be selected for the roster, so long as the individual meets vague criteria such as that they “be independent of, and not be affiliated with or take instructions from, any Party.” No penalty is laid out for anyone on the roster who lies about any of that. Basically, anyone may become a person on the roster, even non-lawyers may, and even corrupt individuals may, especially because there are no penalties for anyone on the roster, none at all is stated.

Then, “Article 28.19,” section 8: “If a monetary assessment is to be paid to the complaining Party, then it shall be paid in U.S. currency, or in an equivalent amount of the currency of the responding Party or in another currency agreed to by the disputing Parties.”

There is no appeals-process. If a nation gets fined and yet believes that something was wrong with the panel’s decision, there is no recourse. No matter how much a particular decision might happen to have been arrived at in contradiction of that nation’s laws and courts and legal precedents, the panels’ decisions aren’t appealable in any national legal system. Whatever precedents might become established from these panels’ subsequent record of decisions will constitute no part of any nation’s legal system, but instead create an entirely new forming body of case-law in an evolving international government which consists of international corporations and their panelists, and of whatever other panelists are acceptable to those corporate panelists. Voters have no representation, they’re merely sued. Stockholders have representation, they do the suing, of the various nations’ taxpayers, for ‘violating’ the ‘rights’ of stockholders.

The roster of authorized panelists available to be chosen by any corporation’s panelists in conjunction with by any nation’s panelists, is customarily composed of individuals who move back and forth between government and private-sector roles, through a “revolving door,” so that on both ends of that, the ultimate control is with the owners of the controlling blocs of stock in various international corporations. This is the newly evolving world government. It will not block any nation from legislating protections of workers, or of consumers, or of the environment; it will simply hold a power to extract from any participating nation’s taxpayers fines for ‘violating’ the ‘rights’ of stockholders in international corporations. Citizens will increasingly be held under the axe, and the top stockholders in international corporations will be holding it. This isn’t the type of world government that was anticipated by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, the founders of the U.N., and by the other early (pre-1954) proponents of world government. But, since 1954, the plans for this anti-democratic form of emerging world government were laid; and, now, those plans are the ones that are being placed into effect.

Thus, on 26 October 2015, the United Nations Independent Expert on the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order, the international legal expert Alfred de Zayas, headlined, UN Expert Calls for Abolition of Investor-State Dispute Settlement Arbitrations. That’s the system, otherwise called “ISDS,” which already exists in a few much smaller international-trade treaties, and which is now being introduced on the largest scale ever in TPP and in Obama’s other proposed treaties. The U.N. press release, calling for its “abolition” or explicit outlawing, said:

In his fourth report to the UN General Assembly, Mr. de Zayas focuses on the adverse human rights impacts of free trade and investment agreements and calls for the abolition of Investor-State dispute settlement mechanism (ISDS) that accompanies most of these agreements.

“Over the past twenty-five years bilateral international treaties and free trade agreements with investor-state-dispute-settlement have adversely impacted the international order and undermined fundamental principles of the UN, State sovereignty, democracy and the rule of law. It prompts moral vertigo in the unbiased observer,” he noted.

Far from contributing to human rights and development, ISDS has compromised the State’s regulatory functions and resulted in growing inequality among States and within them,” the expert stated.

Earlier, on 5 May 2015, I headlined, “UN Lawyer Calls TTP & TTIP ‘A Dystopian future in Which Corporations and not Democratically Elected Governments Call the Shots’.” I close now by repeating the opening of that report:

The Obama-proposed international-trade deals, if passed into law, will lead to “a dystopian future in which corporations and not democratically elected governments call the shots,” says Alfred De Zayas, the UN’s Special Rapporteur on Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order.

These two mammoth trade-pacts, one (TTIP) for Atlantic nations, and the other (TTP) for Pacific nations excluding China (since Obama is against China), would transfer regulations of corporations to corporations themselves, and away from democratically elected governments. Regulation of working conditions and of the environment, as well as of product-safety including toxic foods and poisonous air and other consumer issues, would be placed into the hands of panels whose members will be appointed by large international corporations. Their decisions will remove the power of democratically elected governments to control these things. “Red tape” that’s imposed by elected national governments would be eliminated — replaced by the international mega-corporate version.

De Zayas was quoted in Britain’s Guardian on May 4th as saying also that, “The bottom line is that these agreements must be revised, modified or terminated,”because they would vastly harm publics everywhere, even though they would enormously benefit the top executives of corporations by giving them control as a sort of corporate-imposed world government, answerable to the people who control those corporations.

Jihadists Mass Executing Christians in Syria


Apparently ISIS has been executing Christians for refusing to convert to Islam – they were ordered to convert or die. The phrase “Islam was spread by the sword” refers to how Islam spread. Many non-Muslims were offered the choice of “convert or die.” If they refused, they got the sword – they usually got their heads chopped off. This is how Islam spread – by the mass murder of non-Muslims, often Christians.

We now have proof of an incredible 100,000 Georgians beheaded or burned alive because they refused to convert to Islam. The martyrs of Otranto are 813 Italian Christians beheaded because they refused to convert to Islam. In 1389, there was a mass slaughter of Copts in Egypt. Many had been converted at the point of the sword, but later they marched into Cairo, stating that they were returning to Christianity. All of the men were seized by the Muslims and beheaded in an open square in front of their women. This was done in order to terrorize the women, but the women refused to be fazed, so all of the women were then killed.

The most recent case involves 12 Christians – men, women and a 12 year old boy – who were seized by ISIL in Aleppo and ordered to convert in front of a crowd. They refused. The boy had his fingertips chopped off. He was then badly beaten. The three men were then badly beaten. Then all four were crucified, causing their deaths.

Next eight Christians, six men and two women between the ages of 29-33 were brought before the large crowd and ordered to convert. They refused. The two women were then raped in public. While they were being raped, the women prayed which caused their captors to beat them even harder. Then all eight were beheaded. After they were killed, their headless bodies were then crucified and left up for two days.

Glory to the Heroes, To the Heroes, Glory!

Pregnant woman murdered by US proxy Nazis forces in Odessa.
Pregnant woman murdered by US proxy Nazi forces in Odessa.

This woman was murdered by US-supported Nazi forces in the Odessa Massacre. This massacre was planned in advance. The Nazi forces attacked a peaceful camp of pro-federalism demonstrators in front of the Labor Ministry. The demonstrators ran into the Ministry for safety. Their camp was then set on fire.
The Nazis, along with their allies in the Odessa Police, then attacked the building with firebombs and guns. The people inside the building did not fight back at all, as they had no weapons. They had no guns and no firebombs, and they certainly did not throw any of the firebombs back at their attackers.
The Nazis pumped some sort of a poison gas into the building which debilitated a a lot of those inside. Then they broke in. They murdered everyone they could get their hands on inside the building. All women were raped and then shot in the head or beaten to death. The woman in the photo above was simply a Labor Ministry employee who happened to be working in the building on that day. She was eight months pregnant. America’s proxy Nazi forces strangled her with a cord. Most of the people who were killed were set on fire. In general, only their upper bodies were set on fire before the fires were put out with fire extinguishers. The purpose was to destroy their faces and hands so the victims could not be identified.
The investigation of this crime by the Ukrainian Nazi government was a complete farce. 100% of the violence that day was blamed on Russia and the pro-federalist demonstrators. The Nazi street thugs were not mentioned at all. The only people were arrested were the federalist victims of these Nazis. All were charged with terrorism offenses and sentenced to 10-20 year prison terms. Many other federalist protestors who escaped are on “Wanted for Terrorism” lists. Quite a few have fled the area, some for Novorussia and others for Russia itself.
I honestly think that the US Deep State, mainstream media and CIA must control Wikipedia. If you go to the Wikipedia article on this Odessa Massacre, you will read not one single true sentence there. All you will read are the lies about this incident perpetrated by the US government, the Nazi government in Kiev, and the corrupt, lying using MSM.
It is quite a long article and what is amazing about it is that there is not even one single sentence in that article that is true.
Wikipedia is completely controlled by The Hegemon and it is nothing but a mouthpiece for US imperialism and the American Empire. Worse than useless.

Top NRA Second Amendment Attorney is a Convicted Murderer

After previous armed robberies, one night Robert J. Dowlut shot and seriously wounded a jewelry shop owner in a robbery. Later he went to the home his girlfriend Camille shared with her mother Anne Marie Yocum. Dowlut had never gotten along with his girlfriend’s mother, and the mother did not approve of Dowlut dating her daughter. He walked into Anne Marie Yocum’s house. She looked up, startled. He shot her once and then shot her again, this time dead, on the stairwell. Then he ditched the murder weapon, a Webley Mark VI revolver, in a cemetery.
The investigation was botched, his right to an attorney was repeatedly denied, and he was repeatedly threatended with physical harm if he did not confess. It’s amazing they did not beat the conviction out of him. He was convicted and served six years in prison but was released when a judge voided the conviction due to massive prosecutorial misconduct in the course of his interrogation. The DA declined to try the case again as much of the evidence revolved around his confession after he was arrested, evidence which would now not be allowed in court.
Dowlut went on to become a successful attorney. At age 68, he is one of the NRA’s top attorneys and is recognized as one of the country’s leading experts on the Second Amendment and state gun laws.
As you can see, he has a very good reason to believe in the right to bear arms.

Derek Medina Kills Wife, Posts Photo of Her Dead Body on Facebook

In an incredible story, a Florida man, Derek Medina, murdered his wife, took a picture of her dead body and then posted the photo on his Facebook page (photo of Jennifer Alfonso here) under a Status Update confessing to the murder.
Here is his confession:

I’m going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife love you guys miss you guys take care Facebook people you will see me in the news. my wife was punching me and I am not going to stand anymore with the abuse so I did what I did I hope you understand me.

After he did that, he drove to the nearest police station and turned himself in. The photo got posted around the Internet before it was removed from Facebook, but the photos are rapidly disappearing and even earlier this afternoon, August 8, 2013, they were very hard to find. Apparently people are receiving orders to take down the photos.

Undated photo of Derek Medina from Facebook. The couple were married last year.
Undated photo of Derek Medina from Facebook. The couple were married last year.

The woman’s name is Jennifer Alfonso. That came out earlier, but it has subsequently been removed from most stories about the killing.

Player Killed, Ref Decapitated and Dismembered in Brazilian Soccer Match

Video here.
In a soccer match in the Brazilian state of Maranhão, a referee ejected a player from a game. The player and the ref got into an argument, and the ref pulled out a knife and stabbed the player to death. The players friends and relatives then stormed onto the field and beat the ref to death, later decapitating him and dismembering his body.
This video does not show the actual fights and mayhem on the field. Instead, it shows the aftermath at the hospital, with hospital stuff pulling the ref’s head off his body (it was not attached anyway). You can also see the results of the drawing and quartering. Hard to watch but it’s basically a medical scene in a hospital, nothing ER doctors don’t see.

USraeli Terrorists Murdered Yasser Arafat

I don’t usually use bullshit words like terrorists and murder for political assassinations, but as our Judeo-controlled and Judeo-aligned US media routinely utilizes the propaganda of Israel, the 51st state of the United States, as its own, I will simply reverse the role here and use the language of “USrael” when describing the Israeli assassins who killed Arafat via poisoning him with polonium in 2004.
Israel had a right to assassinate Arafat the same as the Palestinians had a right to assassinate Israeli leaders like Rehavam Ze’evi (shot down by the PFLP in 2001). Fair is fair in war after all. As usual, those who killed the outrageously nicknamed Gandhi” are in Israeli prisons for life while those who killed Arafat are walking free or dead of natural causes. The Israelis always win and always get their way, every time.
This was apparently the hand of Ariel Sharon and the head of the Mossad, Meir Dagan.
At the time, Ghada Karmi, a PFLP allied Palestinian activist and physician, said that Arafat had been poisoned via his cook, who was hired by the Mossad. There were all sorts of BS rumors that he died of AIDS. His Palestinian enemies outrageously refused to do an autopsy, and his crooked widow, Suha, who along with Arafat stole many millions of dollars from the Palestinian people, went along. At the time, I opined on my site that Arafat had been assassinated via poison by Israel.
Only Israel had the motive and means to assassinate Arafat, so they did it. Israel has a huge nuclear weapon and up to 200-400 nuclear weapons, which it has never acknowledged. Outrageously, the US Jewsmedia also refuses to acknowledge this nuclear stockpile, obeying the orders or their Jewish masters and allies.
Traces of polonium up to 10X the normal were found in Arafat’s personal effects, strongly hinting at poisoning. The Palestinians will have him exhumed to determine once and for all whether he was poisoned or not, which an examination will be able to determine for certain.
Arafat deteriorated markedly and rapidly over 1 month with a bizarre and unexplained illness that doctors were never able to diagnose, though some French doctors thought he may have been poisoned. His deterioration was so rapid and strange that people felt it either had to be AIDS or poisoning.
Excellent work via an 9-month investigation by Al Jazeera to scoop the story.
Addendum: It looks like Ariel Sharon asked for permission from George Bush to kill Arafat. Bush granted it to him. So it looks like instead of the Israel killing Arafat on its own, it was in some way a sort of dual killing by the fused-state known as USrael or sometimes as Jewmerica.

The East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker

Voice recording from the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker.

His known criminal career ranged from 1976-1986, though he was also the Visalia Ransacker active in Visalia in 1973-4. The Ransacker also committed a homicide.
The EAR mostly raped, but he did kill one couple who were out for a walk in the Sacramento area. The crimes began with a rape spree in the Sacramento area in 1976-78. Then he moved around to Modesto, Davis, and the Bay Area for more attacks in 1978-79.
During his wild spree in the Sacramento area, community meetings were held. He went to at least one of these community meetings and sat in the audience. We know this because a man spoke at the meeting and said, “What kind of man would sit back and let his wife get raped like that without doing something about it?”
Three months later, this man and his wife were attacked in their home. The man was tied up, and the woman was bound and raped. EAR was at the meeting, and somehow he knew who the man was or he followed him home from the meeting. Creepy as Hell!
He left the Sacramento area after two composites were released of possible attackers in the killing of the couple out for a walk, so those composites are probably good. He was 31 years old when he started as EAR.
He may have been in the military at the time of the original rapes. He drove a dark colored VW.
His career as EAR ended when he moved to Southern California in 1979 where he turned into the Original Night Stalker and escalated to homicides of both males and females in the Santa Barbara and Irvine/Laguna Niguel area from 1979-1986. In a number of these cases, via prowling, he noticed a couple having sex. Then he quickly broke in and blitzed them while they were having sex. In these later homicides, he tied people with ligatures but removed the ligatures before he left to remove evidence. During this phase, he was 34-41 years old.
He was still on the loose as of 1991, when the extremely creepy voice recording above was made. The recording is of the suspect making a taunting call to one of his original EAR rape victims who survived. He made these calls to several of his previous victims, but this is the only one that was recorded. The drawing at the beginning of the video is how he looked in his attacks. The gritted teeth are correct because he typically spoke through gritted teeth. At the time of the phone call, he was 46 years old.
The EAR MO was to stalk and maybe even burglarize in the area and gain a great deal of intelligence about the victims through break-ins and prowling. He often targeted areas that had homes for sale. He probably looked at a couple of homes for sale, posing as a prospective buyer and/or a fake real estate agent.
He would later return to the area, sometimes by vehicle, sometimes on a bicycle, and sometimes on foot. Attacks were typically made next to an open area from which he could make his escape. Telephone lines were usually cut before entering. The woman was bound with special knots and raped over a period ranging over up to three hours.
During this period, she would be raped, sodomized, and forced to have oral sex. He also wandered the house, eating and drinking items from the fridge. He wandered in and out of the house, eating and drinking, apparently looking for people to come home. He ransacked through the house, only taking a few items of value.
If a male was in the house, he was bound and gagged and placed on the bed face down with a plate on his back and told that if he moved, he would die. At some point, EAR left, but the victim often could not tell when he left because he was wandering around so much. It often took the woman half an hour or so to get free of her bonds and get help, and by that time, he was long gone.
In some cases, he was seen fleeing and pursued, but he always got away somehow. One time police saw him on a bicycle with a ski mask and pursued him, but he escaped once again.
Several composites were made but they do not look much alike. The original attacks were by a young White male aged 18-33, with sandy blond hair and blue eyes, 5’11 tall, muscled but with a thin body like a swimmer. He favored military green clothing but had a wide variety of clothes that he wore. He always wore tennis shoes with a herringbone pattern. He used a new ski mask in every crime and sometimes made his own masks. He had a wide variety of handguns and knives which he used in his attacks.
He was 72 years old when he was finally caught. Up until then though, he definitely got away with an incredible crime spree – countless break-ins and burglaries, over 50 rapes, and 13 homicides.
He was very, very good. Good at what he did that is, one of the best. One of the best at getting away with his evil crimes. He’s one sick man right though.
This site is an excellent resource on this master criminal.

What OCD Is Not

First of all, let us look at the case of Jack Harrison Trawick. Trawick is truly one sick puppy! He was executed in 2011 in for the rape and murder of a 22 year old woman in 1992. His defense attorneys said he had a lifetime history of schizophrenia since age 11, but he sure planned his murders well.
He had long been preoccupied with sex and violence and treatments were rendered to him to try to cure him of these preoccupations. He also murdered a 26 year old woman, for which he was also convicted. For decades, he committed burglaries to terrify women he saw as attractive. He cut up their underwear and left menacing messages on their mirrors in lipstick.
A man set up a website dedicated to him, vowing to turn him into an international superstar. Trawick sent the website many of his sick drawings and letters, including imaginary conservations with his last victim, sicks jokes and threats to famous women such as Brittney Spears and Jennifer Lopez.
The author says he has been fascinated with serial killers since he was a young boy. He also says he has OCD, apparently with the harm theme. He gets thoughts about killing his cats. “I’ve always been an animal lover,” O’Connor said in the telephone interview. “I have four very cute cats. The cutest of the cats a lot of times I just think about stomping on it until her eyes pop out of her head.” The website supposedly alleviates his symptoms somewhat.
The problem is that this guy seems to love violence. He seems like he likes to think about killing his cats, and he loves to think about serial killers and all of the horrible things that they do. He relishes this stuff and wallows in it.
There are plenty of people like that, but folks with Harm OCD are usually terrified of their thoughts. Many stop reading, listening to or watching video of murders or any kind of violence because it sends them into a panic. Quite a few said they used to like horror movies or violent video games but they stopped enjoying these things after the thoughts came on.
Now I am not saying this guy doesn’t have OCD, but his fascination with the subject of violence doesn’t seem to be normal for these people and paints a false image of people with this problem as some sort of maniacs or sickos.
It is true that some folks with this problem expose themselves to violent material as a therapeutic tool, but I assure you that it’s a painful and anxiety-ridden process for them.
I am not going to reprint the killer’s letters here, but if you go to the site and read them, they are really sick!
On this site, a woman writes that her mother knew the killer as he delivered furniture to a store she worked at. She said he was also so nice and kind that she simply refused to believe that he could do such a thing.

One Maniac, One Icepick

I am sorry I did not get to this story earlier. I started on a draft of it 3 weeks ago, but the story was so upsetting that I could not bring myself to write about it. Every time I would think about writing about it, I would get very nervous and would not be able to follow through on it. Finally, 3 weeks later, here is the story. There really is more to the story, but this short piece should be enough for now.
You may have already read about the Luka Magnotta case. Magnotta was the male model/porno star who murdered his gay male lover, chopped him into pieces, had sex with his body parts and his dead body, and ate his dead body, recording all of it on video. He uploaded the video and titled it One Maniac, One Icepick. Then he cut up his gay lover’s body and started mailing parts of the body to Canada’s political parties and to the Prime Minister.
An APB was put out for him after the body parts were found in a trash bag near his abandoned apartment in Montreal, Canada. He took off for Europe, stayed in Paris for a few days, part of the time with a gay man, then took off for Germany where he was caught in an Internet cafe reading stories about himself.
Magnotta had previously made a video in which he killed a kitten. Animal rights activists were trying to get him for that one. He was reportedly linked to psycho Karla Homolka, girlfriend of a Canadian serial killer who served 12 years in prison. However, these reports were in error, and it appears that he tried to link himself to Homolka as an act of sick publicity.
He claimed to be mostly straight in his private life and only “gay for pay” but that does not appear to be the case. Instead, he seems to have been mostly gay, hanging around in many gay bars and clubs, having a gay boyfriend who he killed in addition to staying with other gay men. He traveled all around the Northern Hemisphere and spent time in Europe.
In his male model photos, his eyes always look very cold and mean. He never looks nice or friendly. He’s apparently a sociopath, but he also has extreme narcissistic traits which are apparent during an interview with him for a Canadian newspaper. The interview was done before the killings. He set up number of very narcissistic webpages all about himself. On one of them named after his moniker, there is a great deal of psychologically aberrant material detailing resembling paranoia.
He’s definitely one sick cookie.
The movie is probably hard to find, and it’s one of the sickest movies ever made. Watch it if you dare. I haven’t the faintest idea where to find it, but you might look here, who knows?

Video: Syrian Soldiers Massacre Civilians in Deraa

Video here.

This is a very nasty video. Extreme viewer discretion is advised. It shows Syrian forces on a rooftop in Der’a in the South of Syria, where the rebellion began. They are standing among a group of civilians, who have all been killed by the soldiers. Many of them have head shots, and the footage is very gruesome (Ever seen half a guy’s head blown off?).

The soldiers are apparently all Allawi from a special brigade led by the President’s brother, sent because the regime was not sure whether or not the regular army was down for the job. But this special brigade is all Allawi and very loyal to the regime, so they are down for about anything. The soldiers do have Allawi accents. The soldiers are joking about the dead bodies, posing with them, etc.

The men were bringing food to the city or the fighters in the city after the city was blocked off. Apparently the food was mistaken for weapons and this is why the men were killed. However, the head shots suggest execution at close range. If they were only bringing food, why execute them? This is a pretty serious crime on the part of the regime.

Exciting video, you can hear the sounds of battle – gunfire, etc. in the background.

Many New Sick and Evil Videos and Photos at the Video Site

One cheer for sick! Two cheers for evil! Three cheers for sick and evil! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Sick sick and evil! Sick sick and evil! Sick sick and evil!
Yay! Gather round, boys and girls from 8 to 88, we have have lots of great new twisted videos and pics available on the video site.
Man Swallows His Own Face: The first is a photo of a man in China who appears to be swallowing his own face! This is known as “girning.” I’m not quite sure why some folks can girn and others cannot, but it sure is weird.
Leanne Holland Death Photos: These are photos that were obtained by a website called Viral Death showing the crime scene photos of a young girl named Leanne Holland who was brutally raped and murdered in Australia. A man who was staying with the family was arrested and convicted of the crime, served a number of years in prison, but was then released due to lack of evidence. It appears that he is innocent after all, and the real killer was a known predator who lived a few miles away. The photos don’t show nudity, so there is no child porn. Their release caused quite an outrage in Australia.
Kurdish Teenager Stoned to Death in Iraq: The famous case of the Yezidi girl Doa Khalil Aswad, stoned to death in a crowd of 10,000 men in a village near Mosul. This post has already been published to this site.
Car 1, Motorcycle 0: Shows the aftermath of a car-motorcycle crash somewhere in China, followed by photos of the victim, apparently a prominent politician, meeting with his constituents. By the way, the car won.
Black Man with Split Face: This poor Black guy has had his face nearly split in two but is somehow still alive. Photo. Some say this is fake, but it appears to be genuine.
The Man With No Face: A very strange set of photos of a man who suffered a horrible injury that resulted in the loss of most of his face, including his eyes and nose. As you don’t need these organs, he’s still alive. The surgeon then amazingly constructs an artificial face for the guy with fake eyes and nose and somehow sticks it onto his real face with metal pinnings. Incredible set of heartbreaking photos, but I don’t know the details of the case.
Drunk Girl Knocked Out by Dive: A drunken girl dives off a high cliff into the Colorado River and is knocked unconscious due to the height of the dive. Guys jump in and rescue her.
Dive Gone Wrong in Oregon: Similar video, in this one, another young girl dives off a 90 foot cliff into Lake Oswego in Oregon, which was a totally insane thing to do. She too is knocked out and rescued by guys. It’s amazing she did not die. She was in bad shape for two days but came out of it ok.
Three Men Electrocuted in Iran: This video is amazing, Good Samaritanism gone wrong. An idiot is stuck way up on a high tension pole and is getting shocked. A large crowd has gathered and is screaming. One guy climbs up to rescue him, but he can’t get him down. He starts getting shocked too. Towards the end, a third guy climbs up the pole very fast and grabs the other two guys. Quickly the whole pole blows up in a huge explosion as the guys go flying and the crowd goes nuts. Details not known.
Tire Blows Up under Russian Man: A very strange video. Three young Russian men are drunk in a tire shop. Two guys put an air bag under a tire, cover it with a towel and then encourage a third guy to sit on the tire. The victim apparently knows what is going on and does so willingly. After a short wait, the air bag blows and the guy goes flying in the air. Lots of drunken laughs all around, but this guy could have gotten seriously hurt in this incident.
Chicken with Its Head Cut Off: Laughing rednecks grab a chicken and chop off its head. The headless body runs around a bit, and the other chickens freak out and attack the ghoul chicken. The guys laugh their heads off.
Lunatic Dives into a Burning Car: This is one of the creepier videos I have seen. Guys are filming a burning car by the side of the road somewhere in the US, possibly in the forested northern US. A crowd has gathered to watch the car burn. A fire engine pulls up. Then a guy in his late 20’s suddenly breaks from the crowd towards the car and dives into the burning vehicle. It’s hard to see, but you can see it if you slow the video down and pause it. He has a weird and disturbing expression on his face.
Gang of Teens Attack Elderly Man in Cleveland: A gang of young Black teens is in front of the home of a man in his 70’s. The man and his friend, a man in his 50’s, confront the teens and tell them to get out. Then the two men, both White, drive to a nearby liquor store, apparently to call cops. The gang follows them there and beats both men. The man in his 70’s was beaten badly. The teens run away.
Man Stabbed to Death in New York: It is 3 AM on a street in a bad part of New York City. Video is taken by a security camera. A young woman walks by, and a thug jumps out and tries to rob her. A man runs up to the thug to try to prevent the crime and the thug stabs him with a knife. The guy staggers away and falls down on the sidewalk. For about an hour afterward, people come and go and no one tries to help him. Firemen come after a bit, but he’s already dead.
Crazy Russian Jumps from Building to Building: Amazing video of a young Russian guy engaging in parkour jumping in Russia, where they jump from the roof of one apartment complex to another roof below. Jump may well be 50-75 feet, broken only by a mat below. Very risky sport.
Insane Bungee Jumping off a Waterfall: Young people line up to bungee jump off a waterfall. It’s a long ways down! Footage possibly shot in India. Amazing video.
Idiot Jumps Off Building and Walks Away: A very mysterious video taken off a Danish video site. A young man or teenager is on the roof of a tall building, several stories high. He leaps off the building and lands flat on the ground below, stomach first. There is blood coming from his head. He picks himself up and there is blood dripping off his head. He walks towards the camera and the video ends. I don’t see how this guy survived this fall to walk away, but the production is way too cheap for it to be faked. This video doesn’t really make sense.
Man Commits Suicide at Hoover Dam: Amazing video. Guys are videotaping the face of Hoover Dam and suddenly an idiot jumps off the edge and tumbles down the front, killing himself. The top of his skull appears to come off as he tumbles down the concrete.
Cow Loses Face in Train Crash: There has been a train crash in India, and a cow has been seriously hurt. Most of its face has been torn off, but somehow it is still alive and standing there like nothing is wrong. Scene shifts to the side of the train where people are laying flowers by wreaths.
Girl Throws Live Puppies into River: This is the famous video that was discussed quite a bit on this blog. Video recently went wildly viral. A wild dog in Bosnia gave birth to puppies in the backyard of a home. The dog was very sick. Grandmother found the puppies and feared they were as sick as the mother. She put the puppies in a bucket and gave them to a teenage girl, telling her to throw the puppies in the river and kill them. Video shows girl doing just that. The video resulted in a hunt for the girl. Bosnian authorities tracked her down, but did nothing to her due to her age.
Man Commits Suicide in a Police Station: Famous video of an illegal alien who shot a cop and was then arrested in San Bernardino, California. For some reason, he was never searched. Video shows the man in the interrogation room. Detective leaves to go get some coffee. Criminal reaches into his pocket, pulls out a huge gun and shoots himself in the head, killing himself.
Chinese Fishing Boat Collides with a Japanese Coast Guard Vessel: This was previously published on this site.
Tarzan Swings into a River and Crashes: Two young American guys have fashioned some sort of a rope from a bank out to a river. The distance from launch site to river is about 50 feet or so. One guy goes to the launch site and launches towards the river, then crashes hard onto the bank instead. Looks like he got hurt.
Horrible Injuries and Infections: Series of photos of some very nasty injuries and infections. Everyone survived and is doing ok though.
Brazilian Man with Infected Shoulder from Shooting Steroids: A gruesome operating room video of a Brazilian guy with a massively swollen shoulder from an infection acquired by shooting steroids with a dirty needle. They endless drain the horrible pus from the wound. Really gross.
Farmer Hay Bales Himself: Crazy video. Farmer tears off his clothes and jumps in his hay baler. His friend turns it on. The guy gets packed into a bale of hay and ends up being shot out the chute at the end. He stands up and its a human hay bale with arms and legs sticking out. Really ridiculous.
Bum Eats Rats: Weird video of a bum in Brazil. He reaches down, picks up either rats or mice one by one, puts them in his mouth and munches them down while smiling. He pauses a couple of times to drink some water.
Man with a Shovel Stuck in His Head: Crazy video shot in Brazil. A gang of young men in a favela were roaming around robbing people in their houses. At some point, a posse of angry residents caught up with them and attacked them. One guy was shot several times and someone took a shovel and hit him in the head with it so hard that it stuck in his head. Video shows the crook writhing on the ground, shot by bullets with a shovel stuck in his head. Disturbing.
Guy Has Tongue Splitting Operation: This shows the operation to give you one of those body mod forked tongue things we showed in a gif a while back. File under Don’t try this at home. The incision is made and his mouth is full of blood. Afterward, shows the guy smiling with his new weirdo forked tongue. Really gross video with tons of blood.
Budd Dwyer Suicide Video: The very famous live recorded suicide of Budd Dwyer, former Treasurer of Pennsylvania, recorded before a crowd of reporters taping the whole thing. Detailed here.
Serbian Dogcatcher Chokes a Dog: Previously described on this site.
Foolish Dancer Creamed by Ice Cream Truck: Previously posted on this site.
Weightlifter Tries to Lift Half-ton Barbell, Nearly Dies: Previously posted on this site.
Skateboarder Has Serious Accident and Hurts His Balls: A young boy, maybe around 13 or so, is skateboarding with some other boys. He goes off a staircase with 11 stairs on it and crashes at the bottom. He jumps up and starts screaming that he’s hurt his balls.
Eat My Engine Block!: Previously posted on this site.
Al Jazeera Releases Photos of Sri Lankan Genocide: Previously described on this site.
Bullfighter Gored in Throat by a Bull: Previously posted on this site.
Swedish Man Commits Suicide Live on the Internet: In October 2010, a young Swedish man with Aspergers killed himself live on the Internet while a large group of people watched helpless to do anything about it. Video shows time lapse photography of the man setting up a rope to the ceiling, then fastening his neck to it until he slowly hangs. At the end, the firemen bust down the door and try to rescue him, but he’s gone. Really disturbing.
Black Female Fried Chicken Eating and 40 Oz Drinking Contest: Previously posted on this site.
Ukraine Air Show Disaster 2002: A truly disturbing video of a terrible accident at an air show in the Ukraine in 2002 that killed 92 people when the plane crashed into the crowd. You see the plane doing its maneuvers, then the camera goes nuts as the plane crashes to the ground. The cameraman runs to the scene of the crash, filming all the way. He comes upon injured people, dead people, parts of dead bodies, people missing limbs, people running everywhere to get away or try to help and cops and military personnel everywhere. Curiously, no one tries to stop him filming. Really disturbing stuff.
Pakistani Troops Execute POW’s in Swat Valley: Described on this site earlier today.
Criminals Chase Cops from a Banlieu in France: Recently posted on this site.
Cow Death Row: Previously posted on this site.
Plus lots of new translations into French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, German, Korean, Norwegian, Tagalog, Polish, Finnish and Swedish.
Have fun sickos!

Pakistani Troops Execute POW's in Swat Valley

The video discussed in this piece is available on my other site here.
This amazing video of Pakistani troops executing Taliban POW’s in the Swat Valley of Pakistan during heavy fighting there in Summer 2009 appeared on the Internet uploaded to YouTube by a user named ‘drjack20061’ on October 1, 2010. The footage was claimed by the Pashtun International Association. It is over 5 minutes long.
The Pakistani military says that the footage is fake and intended to defame the military. There is no proof that the tape is real, but the available evidence suggests that it may well be. For instance, there have long been reports of mass executions of young Pashtun Islamists in the Swat Valley during the Swat Rebellion in Summer 2009.
Especially towards the end of the campaign, large numbers of fighters were rounded up and disappeared by the Pakistani military. Many of their bodies reappeared later by the sides of roads, blindfolded and bound, with bullet wounds and signs of serious torture. It was for all intents and purposes the Salvadorization of the Swat Valley Rebellion.
This mass murder of the Swat Valley guerrilla army POW’s seemed to have put an end to the rebellion for some time, though residents were in a state of high outrage mixed with impotent terror.
But some time after the Swat Rebellion had been stomped, a peculiar recrudescence arose again, Phoenix-like, from the bloodied bones this fall. The Swat Rebellion is starting to look like a zombie. You knock it down and even think you kill it, and it just gets up again and keeps coming at you.
A snapshot from the video as the men are lined up to be executed.
The video is shot with a cellphone and is very poor in quality. It seems to have been taken clandestinely under conditions of extreme risk. The photographer may have been under risk of be punishment if he was caught filming the incident.For the first few minutes of the video, we see several young Pashtun men wearing traditional garb, blindfolded and bound, slowly being moved into a line that eventually reaches six men. On the other side, fully equipped Pakistani soldiers are lining up and fixing their automatic weapons. Their garb looks like what the Pakistani army wears. A bearded officer appears to be in charge.
In the background, you can sometimes hear what sounds like automatic weapons fire ricocheting in the air and artillery shells slamming away. We are obviously in the midst of a war zone.
The men, silent, are lined up. The bearded man goes from one to the other, saying making a very short statement that is inaudible. Then he moves back and the soldiers begin to speak. We can hear what they are saying, and they speak in Urdu. Urdu is the language of Pakistani army and is little spoken in Swat.
The soldiers ready their weapons and fire and all of the men fall down. Soon they are moaning horribly. The creepy and awful sound reminds one of sheep baying or children wailing. The soldiers then advance forward and empty their weapons into the wailing bodies. The guns are very powerful, and the bodies lift off the ground with each hit. Soon the bodies are silent, and the horrible baying has stopped.
The video ends.

Al Jazeera Releases Photographs of Sri Lankan Genocide Against Tamils in 2010

The video referred to below can be seen at my video site here.
Yesterday, Al Jazeera released a video of unknown provenance that showed what appeared to be war crimes committed by the Sri Lankan state against Tamil Tiger rebels and Tamil civilians during the routing of the Tigers in Sri Lanka this spring.
The Civil War in Sri Lanka is highly controversial. A good neutral overview is here.
I have always supported the just struggle of the Sri Lankan Tamils for self-determination in Sri Lanka. That doesn’t necessarily mean support for the Tamil Tigers, whose tactics were often horrible. But do not the natives have a right to resist settler-colonization, ethnic warfare, ethnic cleansing, extreme, Nazi-like fascist racism and genocide?
Sure they do.
Do we quibble about the just nature of the struggle of the Native Americans, the Black slave revolts, the various anti-colonial wars, the anti-Nazi resistance, the Allies’ war against Nazi Orcs in WW2, the Chechens, Kashmiris, Basques, Acehese, East Timorese, South Sudanese, Darfurians, Polisario Front, PKK in Kurdistan, Tibetans, Uighurs, various self-determination struggles in Burma and India, just because we disagree with their tactics?
Of course not.
And the Tamil struggle was just as valid as that of the Native Americans or any of the rest of the above.
Briefly, after Sri Lanka achieved independence, the Buddhist Sinhalese instituted a ferociously racist project against the minority Hindu Tamils that culminated in repeated pogroms. It was like Christallnact from 1947-1983. The Tamils, after decades of petitioning peacefully for change, took up arms in self-defense in 1983. For some time, they achieved great success to the point of having a near-autonomous area in the North.
In the last few years, serious errors on the part of the Tigers, including attacks on all of their Tamil political rivals, combined with huge arms purchases by the Nazi Sri Lankan state, mostly purchased from Tony Blair in the UK, allowed the government to pursue a major offensive against the Tamils.
The area controlled by the Tamils shrunk more and more, until gradually they were cornered in a small area. As the state closed in, they unleashed genocide against the Tigers and the civilians who supported them. Surrendering Tigers were bound and tied and executed in huge numbers. Soldiers and plainclothes death squads in white vans roamed the area, picking up Tamil civilians, often young men. Many disappeared and later turned up dead.
Fleeing civilians were forced back into the Tamil-held area, and then mass-shelled. Overflowing Tamil hospitals were deliberately attacked over and over. Waves of Tamil refugees moving across the land were deliberately attacked from air, land and sea.
The entire Western world and much of the developing imperialist states of the 3rd World such as India stood back and cheered. They could hardly contain their glee at this shocking mass slaughter.
By this Spring, the Tigers were defeated. They have not yet resurrected. Tamil refugees were put in concentration camps, beaten, starved and mass-raped. Gradually, many of them were released. The repression is ongoing.
Though all resistance has stopped, death squads and the Sri Lankan military continue to arrest young Tamil men. The jails are full of Tamils and Tiger fighters wanted on terrorism charges. Tigers who laid down arms and went back to civilian life are constantly hassled by death squads.
The state has moved huge numbers of Sinhalese, Tamil Muslims and other non-Hindu Tamils into the area, where they steal Tamil lands, evict Tamils from their homes, steal their property and usurp their fishing areas. It’s like Palestine with Racer’s Edge additive poured on.
It’s absolutely revolting the way the entire West lined up behind this modern-day Sinhalese Nazi regime, but it goes to show that states have no moral principles, only practical ones. But that’s what psychopaths have. Every Western state supported Sri Lanka because most states will support any state, no matter how evil or Nazi, in their fight against separatists. They are all thinking, “There but for the grace of God go I,” and “We may be next.”
Good background on the crisis from a Left, pro-Tamil POV (the only moral position to take) is in three articles by Ron Ridenour on Counterpunch. Tamilnet has excellent reporting from the Tamil POV.
The Indian Maoists were one of the few large parties in India to support the Tigers. Even the “Marxists” in power in West Bengal supported the Sri Lankan state to the hilt, as did the “Dravidian” parties in the south of India who represent Indian Tamils, among others. Talk about selling out.
I’ve met some Indian Tamils. Every one I asked said that they supported the Tigers, and there are 10’s of millions of Tamils in India.

H. H. Holmes, Serial Killer

Amazing I have not heard much of this guy before. He killed from 27-200 people. I think the correct figure is closer to the high one. He did so in a specially constructed murder castle that he had had built over a number of years. It had over 100 separate small rooms, doors opening to brick walls, stairways to nowhere, doors that could only be opened from the outside, strangely configure hallways, and all sorts of strange and labyrinthine architectural shit.

After they were killed, the bodies were dropped by chute down to the basement, where they were skinned, stripped of flesh with acid and turned into skeletons. He sold the skeletons to medical schools. Some bodies were burned in a crematorium and others were dissolved in lime pits. He killed just about anyone, including kids, but he preferred young women, especially blonds.

After he moved, neighbors noted that many young women had been seen accompanying him into the Castel, but none had been seen leaving. He quit Chicago and moved to Texas, where he tried to build another Killing Castle. That did not work out, so he roamed around the US and Canada, probably killing the whole time, though we can only dredge up a few victims from the time.

Fate finally caught up with him. He was hung, but God punished him on the scaffold. He twisted and twitched for 15-20 minutes on the noose. His wish was to be entombed in concrete so he could not be dissected as he had done to so many of his victims. The wish was granted.

He was a physician, a graduate of medical school. While in medical school, he stole cadavers and mutilated them, claiming that they died in accidents and then pocketing the insurance money. While in the Castle, he performed hundreds of illegal abortions. Some patients died and they were given the same treatment as his other victims. One of the worst Killer Doctors of all time, up there with Mengele.

And I think he was clearly a psychopath, not a sociopath.

How come no one has ever heard of him? Hollywood so needs to do a film about this guy.

Top Maoist Leader Killed in India

Azad, one of the top leaders of the CPI-Maoist party leading the insurgency in India, was just killed in Andra Pradesh by the government. The state said that they killed him in a shootout, but as in so many cases, they simply murdered him. They arrested him several days ago, then took him out in the forest handcuffed and blindfolded, then shot him.

This is how they murder many Maoists who they capture. Like Colombia, El Salvador or Guatemala during their civil wars, the Indians don’t take a lot of POW’s in their insurgencies. If you’re going to be captured by the state in these conflicts, you may as well kill yourself or go down fighting. Arrest means death in most cases.

Another top leader, Chandranna, was also captured in Andra Pradesh.

It’s a blow to the rebels, but they should handle it ok. They have a chain of command, and there are folks waiting to step in in case any top official is captured or killed.

The group has not made its leaders into folk heros as the Peruvian Sendero Luminoso did with their leader, Abimael Guzman. In the case of Sendero, the capture of Guzman at the peak of the group’s power led to the collapse of the group. But it should not end any well-organized insurgency.

In the Algerian Civil War, the French kept capturing and killing “the top leadership” of the insurgents so many times that it got ridiculous. The Algerians just replace them with other folks, and the war went on.

Tony Blair’s Government Killed David Kelley

I have been studying this case since as soon as it happened several years ago, and I always thought there was something fishy about it. Obviously, intelligence services “suicide” people on a regular basis. I don’t know how it’s done, but I don’t have to, as I’m not a professional killer.

The latest evidence makes things quite clear. Dr. David Kelley was murdered by Tony Blair’s government. There can be no other explanation for the facts surrounding the case. It’s amazing at how many people in the government got in on it too. I guess they were just following orders in most cases, and at the same time, most of them had no real evidence that he was killed. They were just given weird orders to do this or that strange thing, or orders to cover up the case with no explanation given.

Who did it? I assume the MI5. They are very, very, very good at killing people. A top-notch intelligence service, up there with the Mossad, CIA, ISI, RAW, GRU, the Syrians, Egyptians, Algerians, Saudis, Iranians and North Koreans.

He Killed Again

First Natalie Holloway, now a 21 year old Peruvian woman, dead in a bloody hotel room in Lima.

The killer? Same guy we all thought killed Natalie, rich Dutch punk Joran van der Sloot. He’s 21 now, and he was 16 when he killed Natalie. Incredibly, he killed the Peruvian woman on the exact 5 year anniversary of the death of Natalie. Celebrating an anniversary? Taunting Interpol? Who knows.

A private investigator with deep knowledge of the case said he knew that van der Sloot would kill again, and he did. He’s now an international serial killer. Looking at footage of van der Sloot, he’s a tough call. He’s clearly a narcissist. Is he also a sociopath? I’m not sure. He’s one cocky, swaggering bastard, a real lady-killer in more ways than one, and he obviously thinks he can do anything he wants to. He’s now on the lam in Chile, two days after the murder. He will be caught and tried for murder for the third time.  But this time he will be found guilty.

Possible narcissist-sociopath Johan van der Sloot, with his two victims, Natalie Holloway and Stephany Flores.

Leanne Holland Death Photos

The famous Leanne Holland death photos have been published on a gore site called Viral Death. We can’t post that stuff here, and they are copyrighted by the site and cannot be republished elsewhere without violating the copyright, but we will link to them for all you sick bastards on here.

Photos here.

Leanne Holland, a beautiful 12 year old girl, was murdered in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, in 1991. A man who lived with her family at her home in Goonda, Queensland, Graham Stafford, was arrested and convicted of the crime on what seemed to be good evidence at the time. He served 15 years, proclaiming his innocence the whole time.

He was finally released on appeal by a judge who decided that he was likely innocent. Based on new evidence, it appears that Stafford is innocent of the crime and the killer instead was another man, known by Leanne, who lived nearby.

He was an informant in the case and may have killed another 12 year old girl in the area two weeks later. He had crime scene photos of the death scene and his daughter is now accusing him of committing the crime. His daughter also said that he tortured her as a young girl in the same way that this girl was tortured.

Leanne had been tortured to death, in some cases sexually, by the killer. The killer was apparently a sexual sadist.

The photos have caused a lot of controversy and a lot of people want them taken down. They have not yet been removed.

You can’t really see that much in the photos. Mostly just looks like a child’s corpse in the woods, but she’s mostly clothed.

American High School Girl Beaten to Death in Mexico

Elizabeth Mandala, an 18-year old high school girl from Sugar Land, Texas, went with two Mexican men, age 38 and 43, old enough to be her father, on a trip to Mexico to learn how to be a coyote and smuggle illegal aliens into the US. Smuggling illegals is a very good paying business. At the time, she was also working as a stripper in a local strip club. She was said to be “smartest girl in her class.”

Elzabeth Mandala, 18 year old US high school girl, beaten to death in Mexico.

I guess not too smart though.

She and the two men were found near the small town of Mina in a Toyota pickup truck that had crashed into the back of another truck. All three had been beaten to death. The killers then apparently staged the car accident. There was a cement block on the gas pedal of the crashed vehicle.

The two Mexican men were Dante Ruiz Siller, 38, and Luis Ángel Estrella Mondragón, 44.

Siller, a merchant, and Mondragon, a cab driver, were from a small town near Mexico City.

Comments are wide-ranging, many asking why Texas allows 18 year old girls to be strippers (All US states allow this). Many others asked why her mother allowed her to be a stripper and to go off to Mexico to learn how to smuggle illegals. I would say that she’s an adult and she can do whatever she wants, but that’s just me.

Her classmates at Kempner High School were shocked.

There is a lot of commentary about this on the White nationalist sites, much of it retarded, of course. Much of it is centered on the WN’s notion that Elizabeth was a mestiza, not White. However, the last name Mandala is Sicilian:

Mandala Name Meaning and History1. occupational name for a seller of scarves, from Greek mandilas.

2. altered form of Mannalà, a name of Arabic origin, derived from mann Allah ‘grace of Allah’. The surname is characteristic of the Palermo region and eastern Sicily.

Looks like Arabic -> Greek -> Sicilian language. The Sicilian language has a ton of Greek and Arabic words in it.

A number of Mandalas moved from Sicily to Houston, Texas around 75-125 years ago. All came from the same small village of 919 people in Sicily. Santa Cristina Gela is actually an Arbëreshë village in Sicily near Palermo. The Arbëreshë are colonies of Albanians who moved to Italy around 800 years ago. They speak dialects of Arbëreshë, which at this point is now a separate language from Italian.

Further, some of the Arbëreshë dialects in Italy are now so divergent they are separate languages from each other. The Arbëreshë of Santa Cristina Gela is currently an endangered language, as the young people are abandoning it. Residents of Santa Cristina Gela also speak Italian and Sicilian in addition to Arbëreshë.

The Arbëreshë in this part of Italy came there around 1492 after the Turkish Ottoman Muslims attacked the Byzantine Empire, overrunning much of it. These Arbëreshë came mostly from

The Arbëreshë were predominantly Greek Orthodox. They fled to Sicily, asking permission from the Sicilians to settle there in response to religious persecution. The Sicilians, no strangers to Islamic imperialism, granted them permission to settle.

They had come from the towns of Himarë, Albania, a bilingual Greek-Albanian town populated by Greeks living in Albania, and Koroni in the far south of Greece. Koroni was overrun in 1500. Although the surrounding area was conquered, Himarë continued to put up a valiant fight against the Ottomans that lasted for decades. Many residents of Himarë fled to Sicily in 1482. The Greek community in Himarë dates back to antiquity.

Elizabeth is from Sugar Land, which is near Houston. She is plausibly related to these Mandalas from around Houston, Texas:

Mandala`, Salvatore, Born Feb 15 1835 in Santa Cristina Gela, Sicily, Died Sep 20 1935 in Houston, Texas

Mandala`, Giuseppe, b.1873, Born Jan 26 1873 in Santa Cristina Gela, Sicily, Died Mar 20 1960 in Houston, Texas

Mandala`, Giuseppina Maria, Born Dec 18 1874 in Santa Cristina Gela, Sicily, Died Sep 14 1960 in Houston, Texas

Mandala`, Mercurio, Born Feb 15 1899 in Santa Cristina Gela, Sicily, Died Jan 17 1948 in Houston, Texas

Mandala`, Francesco, b.1877, Born Jan 23 1877 in Santa Cristina Gela, Died Dec 05 1957 in Houston, Texas

If you look closely at her phenotype in this video, that’s a classic Sicilian phenotype, one of many, but I’ve seen it before. I’ve known some Sicilian Italian-Americans who look very much like this girl. Around here, we have lots of mestizas, mostly Mexicans, and we also have quite a few Italian-Americans, all Sicilians. After a while, you get so you can sort of tell them apart.


Many photos of her can be found at this CBS photo gallery.

Furthermore, on her Facebook page, she has several friends with the same last name Mandala, quite possibly relatives. These Mandalas are all Italians living in Italy right now. The second one seems to be some sort of a Greek-Sicilian, which is possible, as there are Greek-speaking communities in Sicily. Furthermore, she is a fan of a Facebook group that is entirely in the Italian language, so it’s possible that she speaks Italian.

Two Top White Nationalists, Richard Barrett and Curtis Maynard, Killed

Maynard by his own hand, Barrett by the hand of another.

Probably better to call both of these guys White Supremacists than White Nationalists, because they really were more the Stormfront type than the American Renaissance type.

The first case, the death of Richard Barrett, a famous White Supremacist from Mississippi, is being widely reported in the press. Barrett, age 66 when he was killed, was quite a character. Originally from New York, his family supposed moved out of there when a lot of Puerto Ricans moved into the neighborhood. They relocated down to Mississippi. Barrett got a BA, served in the military where he rose to officer, then came home and got law degree, passed the bar and became an attorney.

Richard Barrett, aging White Supremacist queen, couldn't seem to reconcile his racist politics with his jungle fever, an itch that finally left him dead, full of knife holes in a house of flames. This is as weird as it gets!

In subsequent years, he formed his own White Supremacist grouplet called the Nationalist Movement. He was also a leader of the skinhead movement. His skinhead site is here, and his Nationalist site is here. If you look closely at both sites, you get a homoerotic feel from them. That’s no accident, but we will get to that later.

He organized a booth at the Mississippi State Fair for the public to shake hands with Edgar Ray Killen, on trial for the famous 1964 murder of three civil rights activists.

On Thursday, April 22, 2010, Barrett was found dead in his home, stabbed to death. He appeared to have tried to escape his assailant. His home had been set on fire after he was killed. Police soon arrested Vincent McGee (Facebook page here), a Black man who had just been released from state prison after serving a 5-year term. Later, Vickie and Michael Dent and McGee’s stepfather, Alfred T. Lewis, were also arrested and charged with being accessories. At least one of them set the fire in Barrett’s home.

At first police said that the motive for the killing was a wage dispute, similar to the case of Eugene Terreblanche, also murdered by Blacks he had hired to work. Barrett had driven an hour to pick up McGee and bring him back to Barrett’s place to mow the lawn and do some yardwork. McGee thought he was going to get paid $60-70 for the work, but he only received $26.

Mississippi and four other Deep South states are the only US states that have no minimum wage. Isn’t Southern conservatism cool?

The story did not seem to make sense. Why would arch-segregationist Barrett hire a Black man, especially one as shady-looking as McGee, to work on his yard? Soon other motives started to crop up. Neighbors said McGee and Barrett had had a relationship, whatever that means. This morning, McGee said that Barrett made a sexual pass at him, sending McGee into a homicidal rage that ended with Barrett’s death. But McGee, in addition to looking like a gangster, also looks queer as a 3 dollar bill.

Vincent McGee, after five years of being punked out by Black toughs in prison, looks about ready to star in a gay porn flick. Let's call it "Behind Gay Bars." The strange love story of hot gay prison sex followed by the bizarre love affair between an aging White Supremacist queen and his Black prison bitch boy toy. Sure to be a bestseller.

Which is something he would have in common with Barrett.

On the WN scene, Barrett had long been regarded as a flake and a nut. His website appeared homoerotic. He meet young, confused White teens, turned them into skinheads and then invited them to stay at his home. He also made them shave their eyebrows! Images of shirtless skinhead males copied from gay porn magazines adorned his site.

Most people on the scene described Barrett as “an old queen.” So it appears that this strange White Supremacist was also a queer who was having sex with young Black punks. Weirder than weird!

Barrett was also hated on the scene for being part-Jewish on his father’s side. Barrett always tried to hide this part of himself, but it’s true he was not big on anti-Semitism. He required his skinhead followers to not wear Nazi tattoos.

Barrett fought with everyone on the scene, and he could not get along with anyone. He was constantly either suing or being sued. A real crank. His WN views were also beyond weird. Only Hellene-Aryans were the real Whites with a right to the US. Everyone else needed to take off. Like Hitler, he hated Slavs. He also worked as an FBI informant and ratted out various people on the scene.

He will not be missed either on the scene or outside of it. I shouldn’t say these folks should be killed, though. We can’t generally say people should be killed for their politics. A lot of folks find my politics infuriatingly repugnant, and I wouldn’t want them saying I should be killed.

The other White Supremacist death is that of Curtis Maynard, another WN nutcase, just like Barrett. I had read Maynard’s blog a few times, and it was really over the top! Ranting, raving, screaming, yelling and racist as all get out. He struck me more as a raving nut as opposed to your often cool-headed White racist. It turns out, incredibly, that Maynard, like Barrett, was also sampling some interracial sexual forbidden fruit (What is it with these guys, anyway?)

His ex-wife was Hispanic. They had a big messy divorce and breakup, and the other day Maynard went over to her house with a shotgun and chased her around the yard. She hid, terrified, with her young child, in the bushes.

Maynard found her and shot her dead.

Then he ran to his truck and drove away. A neighbor came out with his rifle but decided it was too dangerous to engage Maynard. The police quickly caught up with him and pulled him over.

Maynard pulled out his shotgun and blasted a round in his skull.

The strange saga of Curt Maynard was over.

I must say I don’t understand these guys. If they hate non-Whites so much, why can’t they stop fucking them? Fucking’s about as intimate as you can get. If you as a White person want to screw non-Whites of your own, the opposite, or both sexes, by all means help yourself, but why be a White Separatist at the same time? Something tells me a lot of these WN types are just not right in the head.

It’s a common line these days, mostly promoted by anti-racist Jews after the Holocaust, that racism is some sort of a mental disorder, and racists are all mentally disturbed, if not stark raving nuts. They’re all portrayed as dysfunctional fuckups and societal outcasts. I doubt if this is true. It’s understandable the Jews want to get back at their enemies for what was done to them, but there’s no reason to lie. A lot of this stuff is coming out of the Frankfurt School in Germany, where Jewish sociologists recast anti-Semitism and racism as a mental illness.

The Old South was extremely racist, and much of the rest of the US was too. Racism against Indians, Blacks and others was simply normal. Even in most of this century, casual White racism was the norm. In Germany, an entire nation went over to wild racism during World War 2. The Arab and Muslim World is furiously anti-Semitic.

I seriously doubt that the majority of Southerners, Germans, Arabs or Muslims are mentally ill, dysfunctional societal fuckups and losers. Racism isn’t all that healthy, but a society seething with racism is not a society of the mentally ill losers, outcasts and fuckups. Forget it. Many people can be well-adjusted in spite of their virulent racism.

The reason so many WN”s are whacked-out mentally disturbed loons nowadays is that White Supremacism is proscribed, thanks to decades of hard work by us anti-racists. As a condemned and disparaged philosophy, most normal Whites will shy away from it, whether they have tendencies that way or not. A society of outcasts will tend to attract a lot of flaky people who are already on the margins of society in addition to more normal folks.

This is the reason there are so many kooks and whackjobs on the WN scene.

Goodbye and Good Riddance

Eugene Terreblanche was just murdered by Black farm workers in a wage dispute. A few years back, Terreblanche got into it with a Black guy at a gas station and severely beat the guy. The Black guy suffered serious brain damage as a result. I don’t know the details of the incident.

Eugene Terreblanche made racial hatred his whole raison d’ etre, and he reaped the hatred that his karma sowed. What comes around, goes around; paybacks are a bitch; you get out of this world what you put into it. Insert favorite aphorism here.

See that swastika-looking AWB insignia in the background? That’s not an accidental design. If being a White advocate means sticking up for bastards like this, I’d almost rather throw in with the Abagonds, but it ain’t much of a choice.

Terreblanche was a White nationalist hero, and there are a lot of comments on White nationalist sites about the White farmer murders. It is a very serious problem. 8% of the White farmers in South Africa have been murdered in the past 16 years.

But it’s not some extermination campaign because they are White. As with most rural violence, it’s tied up in land tenure. If those White farmers had as much land as your average Black farmer did, they wouldn’t be getting killed any more than anyone else in South Africa. Those few White farmers have most of the farmland, and almost all of the good farmland, in the country.

The Blacks were removed from the land, banana republic style, to squatter “homelands” which quickly become overpopulated, overfarmed and badly eroded. But it was shitty land anyway (Malan 1990). Meanwhile, ~5% of the farmers (all White) owned 90% of the good farmland. Switch continents and it could be the Philippines, Colombia, Brazil or El Salvador 1980. Sometimes geography and even racial dynamics are irrelevant, but a White nationalist will never understand this simple truism.

Obviously, there needs to be some kind of a land reform, but it’s been stalled. The Black farmers are landless or have tiny and infertile plots, and they are attacking the White farmers to kill them and take over their land. Were a decent land reform done, none of this would be happening.

By the way, if you want to read an awesome book by a White South African that is coming from something like the Liberal Race Realism of this blog, check out the reference.


Malan, Rian. 1990. My Traitor’s Heart: A South African Exile Returns to Face His Country, His Tribe, and His Conscience. New York: Atlantic Monthly Press.

Human Kebabs

Shades of Murder in a Russian Forest in this story, except the motive was hatred, not fun, and the perpetrators were fellow bums. But it does look like Russian forests are great places to kill middle aged guys with sharp and blunt objects. I would think that all the serious killers around the globe ought to be migrating to Russia to enjoy the prime killing grounds.

Does it ever seem to you that murder with a blunt or sharp object is more “intimate” than murder by throwing a switch or shooting someone? I know that seems horrible, but that is what I thought a while back. I was into homicidal fantasies, but they weren’t really fantasies, they were more harmless neurotic phenomena if you get my drift.

Anyway, you really did need to get up close and personal with the victim in order to stab or bash them to death, so there seemed to be an “intimacy” there as opposed to say, some chickenshit driveby shooting. I mean, you’re on top of the victim. Hell, you’re almost making love to them while you are bashing and slashing the mortal coil off of them. Thoughts?

A little cannibal touch there. Sorry, no cannibal vids on Robert Lindsay yet. Hopefully, we will be getting some shortly! So we have murder in a forest, plus they ate the guy, probably because they were bums and they were hungry. Afterward, being enterprising bums, of course they sold the tasty bits to the local kebab shop to make some money off the homicide and let other hungry people have some nutritious meat to consume in the hard Russian winter.

They were caught. I love the last line though.

It was not immediately clear if any customers had been served.

I actually laughed when I read this story. I don’t know if that means there is something wrong with me or what.

Derrion Albert Beating Death Video

The video has been removed following discussions with WordPress staff. Try here instead.
This video shows the melee on the south side of Chicago in which groups of Black youfs from two different schools, all future NFL players, engaged in a fight in the streets which resulted in the death of Derrion Albert, a 16 year old boy said to be an honor student. The fight occurred on Thursday, September 24. The video is not that bad; it just shows a fight. After Albert goes down, his prone body is blurred out.
This sort of thing happens all the time in Chicago, but the fact that an honor student bought it this time has promoted a spate of articles.
Albert is said to be an innocent bystander who just accidentally strolled into the middle of the brawl or was accidentally caught up in it. That is certainly possible. The brawl took place as students were getting out of school and the streets were blanketed with students. When a brawl takes place in such a situation, obviously a bystander could happen to get caught up in it.
However, I have reviewed this tape extensively, and I conclude that Derrion Albert may not have been so innocent after all. Although the cellphone video is not the best and I don’t have the necessary tech to slow down videos or review frame by frame, after repeated viewings, it seems that Albert deliberately ran into the middle of the fight and then participated in some sort of fighting. The fighters on the other side seem to have retaliated against him for this. One hit him in the head with a large plank of wood.
After that, he falls to the ground, but gets up quickly. As soon as he gets up, he is immediately punched in the face and hit again with the railroad tie and goes down hard. This time he stays down. At least one person comes up and kicks him in the head several ties when he was down. Somewhere in this rain of blows, he suffered enough injuries that he was killed. Bystanders quickly surround him, keep people away from him, and then cover his prone body with some sort of a white sheet.
I don’t think this kid deserved to get killed, and he may well have been an honor student. But I’m not so sure, looking at the video, that he’s so innocent. Right before he gets hit with the board, it looks like he tries to punch a member of the opposing faction.
The fight occurred in SW Chicago in the 300 block of West 111th Street. My mother grew up around 65th Street in the 30’s and 40’s. Back then, the area where the fight occurred was White and safe, but not anymore. It’s now a heavily Black ghetto, but there seem to be a lot of Whites and Hispanics in the area too. The fight occurred around Fenger High School. This is a notorious ghetto school with tons of problems and lots of violence.
The fight was between two groups of youths from different areas, one from the Altglen Housing Project and one from an area known as the “ville.” Altglen is a notorious project. This is where Obama did some of his earlier community organizing work. His claim to fame there was asbestos removal at the project. This area is not far from where Chicago wants to host the 2016 Olympics. At this rate, they may as well call it the Gladiator Games.

Bestias Humanas – Masacre en un Bosque Ruso

El vídeo se ha eliminado. Pruebe aquí su lugar. Este video es dejarnos llevar por todo el lugar todo el tiempo, por lo que su ubicación es a menudo cambiando.
This is a Spanish translation of Human Beasts – Massacre in a Russian Forest. The translator is Santiago Fortes of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is also a documentary filmmaker. A trailer of his latest documentary, Cain y Abel Documental Marplatense , is on Youtube here.
I am looking for translators to translate this post into German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Serbo-Croatian and Bulgarian. Email me if you are interested.
This post has been translated into other languages. In Italian, it goes under the name Video Shock: Pariolini Russi Massacrano Un Barbone. Italian translation here. The French translation, Massacre Dans Une Forêt Russe, is here. Polish translation, Ludzkie Bestie – Masakra w Rosyjskim Lesie. Hungarian translation, Vadállati Ember Mészárlás Egy Orosz Erdőben, here.
The video has been removed. Try here instead. This video is getting pulled all over the place all the time, so it’s location is often shifting.
[wpvideo kdhb8prx]
Estoy buscando voluntarios para traducir este Post al Aleman, Holandes, Sueco, Danes y un Bulgaro.
Envienme un Correo electronico si estan interesados.
Este es un Increiblemente Malicioso Video, uno de los mas horrorosos que se hayan subido a la Internet.
Se le han puesto muchos nombres como “Bestias Humanas,” “Masacre en un Bosque Ruso” y muchisimas otras variaciones. Algunas de estas son, Por Cada Hombre un Martillo, 3 Chicos y un Martillo, 3 Chicos un Martillo, 3 Hombres y un Martillo, 3 Hombres 1 Martillo y un Destornillador, 3 Hombres un Martillo, 3 Hombres y un Martillo, Tres Hombres y un Martillo, Tres Hombres 1 Martillo, Tres Hombres un Martillo, 3 Hombres y un Martillo, 3 Hombres 1 Martillo, Tres Hombres un Martillo, Tres Hombres un Martillo, Un Martillo y 3 Chicos, Tres Rusos y un Martillo, 3 Rusos y el Martillo, 1 Martillo 3 Chicos, Tres Rusos y un Martillo, Tres Rusos y el Martillo, dos Chicos 1 Martillo, Dos Chicos un Martillo, Dos Chicos un Martillo, Video Ruso del Asesinato, Martillo Ruso, La Masacre Rusa, La Masacre Rusa del Bosque, Dnepropetrovsk Maniacos, Asesinado en el Bosque y Tiempo de Martillazos.
El titulo tiempo de Martillazos es por que un Martillo es usado en el homocidio.
En Italiano, tiene el nombre de Video Shock: Pariolini Russi Massacrano Un Barbone. Traduccion Aqui.
La traduccion Francesa, Humain Bêtes – Massacre Dans Une Forêt, esta aqui.
Traduccion Polaco, Ludzkie Bestie – Masakra w Rosyjskim Lesie, aqui.
Traduccion Hungaro, Vadállati Ember Mészárlás Egy Orosz Erdőben, aqui .
Este es el ultimo video Snuff que esta siendo revolucionar a los internautas.
A diferencia de los anteriores videos de homocidios que ocurrian en trasfondo belico, este video es una cruel demostracion de Puro Homicidio Criminal durante epocas de Paz.
Advierto incluso a mis lectores regulares que no miren este video.
Este es uno de los videos mas retorcidos en la internet.
Mirarlo es tu responsabilidad, por que realmente es uno de los videos mas enfermos jamas puestos en la internet.
Mientras mire el video, me la pase teniendo arcadas, dandome vuelta en algunas escenas y retorciendome por el contenido de la cinta, pero sobrevivi.
Las siguientes reacciones han sido reportadas despues de ver este video.
Depresion, Nausea, vomitos y episodios de Distress.
Mucha gente dice que este fue el video mas cruel disponible en la internet.
El video aparecio en un trascurso corto en el on , el 3 de diciembre del 2008 por primera vez y se disperson por la red, pero lo dieron de baja rapidamente.
Al siguiente dia reaparecio.
Como este sitio ocasionalmente reproduce Peliculas Gore (nota del perfil), ademas de toda la politica, el humor y otros escritos y fotografias, Vamos a alojar el video.
La mayoria de la informacion acerca de este caso en la internet esta en idioma ruso, pero aqui hay un poco en Ingles.
Tres Jovenes Rusos de Dnepropetrovskwent, Ucrania, todos de 19 años, iniciaron una oleada de asesinatos el verano del 2007.
Los tres, Igor Suprunyuck, Viktor Sayenko y Alexander Hanzha, son conocidos vulgarmente como “los maniacos de Dnepropetrovsk.”
Empezaron al principio matando gatos por practica, como la mayoria de los psicopatas hacen, luego decidieron subir al proximo nivel.
En casi un mes, mataron a 21 personas, Jovenes y Ancianos, Mujeres y Hombres, Adultos y niños.
Ficharon a todas las victimas, siguiendolas, ofreciendoles aventones en sus autos cuando las victimas estaban caminando en la calle.
No levantaron a nadie en particular, solamente personas que suponian no poder defenderse.
Estos jovenes son de familias ricas.
Estos dos idiotas hicieron una pelicula del brutal crimen de un hombre.
No sabemos quien es y cuales fueron las circustancias.
Solo podemos ver que es asesinado con un martillo, un destornillador, torturado por un largo tiempo y finalmente ejecutado.
Permanece vivo durante un tiempo mientras ellos lo matan lentamente.
Se rien y se burlan, pareciendo estar pasando un gran momento.
Uno de los asesinos sostiene la camara y graba todo lo que sucede.
Despues de haber terminado con el pobre hombre, lavan sus manos con agua.
Graban el video, admitiendo cruelmente querer verlo mas adelante cuando sean viejos.
Una gran demostracion de Insanidad.
Uno de los tres miembros, parece impresionarse con la masacre y deja momentaneamente de lastimar a la victima, pero los demas prosiguen.
Tambien han ido a los funerales de las victimas y tomado fotos.
Los detectives deberian ir mas seguido a los funerales de las victimas, quizas puedan a rapar a un par de asesinos espiando.
Sin embargo, son arrestados. La cinta es confiscada y utilizada en el juicio para procesar a los chicos diabolicos. Se declaran culpables.
Estan presentes en el juicio pero todavia no se cual es la sentencia.
Una foto reciente muestra a los 3 chicos y uno de ellos tiene una mirada atemorizante.
Mira el video del juicio aqui.
Este es el video del Juicio mostrado en Ucrania Tv. Puedes ver tambien fotos de los tres asesinos en la corte y tambien algunas fotos terribles que han recolectado durante su accionar.
Hay fotos de perros muertos, incluyendo una donde hay uno atado contra un arbol.
Hay fotos de los funerales y las tumbas de las victimas.
Entraban a los cuartos donde los cuerpos de las victimas estaban esperando y le daban al cadaver el dedo que le habian cortado.
En una ocasion le dieron el dedo decorado con flores a unas de las lapidas de las victimas. Tomaron una foto del cajon bajando para ser enterrado y le pusieron el dedo al cajon tambien.
Que personas crueles, realmente eran unos depravados.
Estos chicos fueron tan estupidos que no cubrieron sus caras en el video donde estaban matando al hombre. ¿Cuan estupido se puede ser?
A pesar de la evidencia documentada que prueba su culpabilidad, los padres de los acusados todavia se niegan a aceptar que sus hijos son culpables y alegan que sus confesiones fueron forzada por las autoridades.
Aca esta la traduccion del dialogo en Ucraniano.

“Aguanta, Aguanta, se mas limpio carajo.” Como quejandose acerca de toda la sangre y riendose.
“Espera, espera no le pegues, miralo”
El resto de la sentencia es indescriptible, pero parece que le esta diciendo al chico que mira toda la sangre mientras le hace un zoom.
El siguiente Audio es muy poco claro.
Despues de haber sido apuñalado con destonillador.
“¿Que? ¿Con que?” El camerama responde al chico que apuñala a la victima.
“¿Que acaso todavia esta vivo?” Pregunta el chico apuñalando a la victima.
“Sigue moviendo los brazos, despues de que le arranque los intestinos”
El camerama dice muy poco claro.
“Esta teniendo un dia jodido” Dice el chico que tiene el destornillador mientras se le sube encima del estomago.
Muchos murmuros y procede a apuñalarle los ojos con el destornillador.
“Matalo de una vez”
“¿Que?” Pregunta el chico con el destornillador.
“Que lo mates de una vez”
“Ya le di con el martillo, ya esta muerto”
“Le apuñale los ojos y todavia sigue vivo”
“Agarra el cuchillo” Dice el camerama.
Procede a martillarlo, pero interrumpe diciendo algo que no se entiende.
“Dale mas, mas” Le dice al Chico que lo sigue martillando.
“Espera, Espera”
Empiezan a caminar hacia el auto.
Mas murmuros del asesino Rubio.
“Lavate las manos” Dice el camerama y le dice al otro chico que le ponga Limpiador en Spray en el martillo.
“Voy a sostenerlo”
“Murmuros del chico que lava el martillo”
“Mas murmuros del chico que lava su cara y camina hacia el auto”
“Le enterre el destornillador en el cerebro” Dice el camerama.
“Murmuros del chico que se lava las manos”
“Lo tengo desde la nariz hasta el ojo” o algo entre lineas.
“No entiendo como todavia esta vivo, Senti su cerebro” Dice el camerama.
“Estaba sosteniendo el Martillo de esta manera”
Murmura como que no entiende por que.
Antes de que el video termine, el chico rubio dice: “Esta bien tomemos una foto”

Hubo un caso similar recientemente en Italia. 4 hombres jovenes atacaron a un vagabundo, Andrea Severi, 44 años, quemandolo.
Recibio quemaduras sobre el 50 por ciento de su cuerpo, pero sobrevivio.
Esta alojado en serias condiciones en el hospital de Padova.
Eran típicos fascistas italianos de la rama de Mussolini de buenas familias, solo tenían 18 años.
Solo chicos ricos aburridos con nada mejor que hacer que quemar vivo a un vagabundo por diversión.
Fueron procesados unos días atrás y la historia repercutió en los medios italianos.
Hay un articulo de la rama izquierda antifascista pero esta todo en italiano.
Este tipo de fascismo es bastante popular en Italia, al estilo neo nazi pero no tan parecido.
Hay un mala concepción acerca del Mussolinismo donde se piensa que no son racistas o antisemitas, pero mis amigos italianos me dicen que los fascistas son fascistas.
Tambien me dicen que Mussolini era un racista, antisemita y antieslavo. Realmente se tiene que hacer algo con el impacto de estas ideologías.
En el Norte de Italia, los fascistas son muy populares, pero el antisemitismo parece haber muerto. El 2008 no es 1930, en esa región son mas antieslavos que otra cosa. No se trata acerca del odio, es acerca del odio fascista.
Todos los fascistas tienen esto muy arraigado por padres fascistas que se lo han inculcado como una forma de pensamiento aceptable.
El fascismo en Italia comenzo como un Social Nacionalismo, pero ahora parece que es bastante comun en la clase alta. La clase media italiana tradicional tiende a ser mas centrista, orientada hacia variedades de politicas del Catolicismo (Democracia Cristiana). No obstante muchos estan votando por el casi fascista Berlusconi.
Es importante remarcar que en Italia, hay racistas que no son necesariamente fascistas.
El Lega Nord, los Autonomos del Norte, son racistas respecto a los Italianos del Sur, pero no son fascistas.
Los fascistas son los Italianos Ultra nacionalistas, ellos creen en la centralidad del Estado italiano.
Tambien hay Neo Nazis en Italia, pero no se acercan en numero a los fascistas que siguen las ideas de Musollini.
Hay muchos en la Italia Central, la region de Lazio (Donde Roma y el vaticano estan ubicados).
Hay unos cuantos en Verona, Vicenza y Padova en Noroeste de la region de Veneto.
Tambien hay algunos en Trieste.
No hay ningun Neo Nazi para hablar en el sur de Italia.
El famoso caso de Leopold and Loeb en Chicago en el año 1924 y su famosa pelicula, Compulsion (1959).
Protagonizada por Orson Welles and Dean Stockwell (Una pelicula excelente) siguio un particular y muy famoso caso similar en Estados Unidos.
Compulsion fue basado en una novella de Meyer Levin en 1956. Meyer Levin antes de volverse famoso por ser uno de los los primeros autores en darse cuenta del potencial diario Tragico de Anna Frank.
Tenia un interes persona en poseer los derechos del diario, pero despues de una batalla legal de 30 años contra los otros interesados, los derechos no le fueron cedidos.
Este libro, dice que fue el primer estilo de una novela no ficticia, creando el estandar para que Truman Capote volviera el genero popular con la aclamada novela A sangre fria.
Todavia no he leido la novela de Capote pero se considera una de las mas relevantes.
Hitchcock tambien hizo una pelicula basada en el caso, Rope (1948) pero tampoco la vi.
A los antisemitas les encantara aprender que tanto Leopold como Loeb eran Judios.
Bobby Franks de tan solo 14 años, victima del asesinato, tambien era judio.
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Vadállati Ember Mészárlás Egy Orosz Erdőben

[wpvideo kdhb8prx]
The video has been removed. Try here instead. This video is getting pulled all over the place all the time, so it’s location is often shifting.
This is the first Hungarian translation ever to appear on this site. This is a Hungarian translation of Human Beasts – Massacre in a Russian Forest. The translator is Gyula Sindeles of Serbia. He does excellent English-Serbo-Croatian, English-Hungarian, Hungarian-Serbo-Croatian and Serbo-Croatian-Hungarian translation work. Contact me if you are interested.
I am looking for translators to translate this post into German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian and Serbo-Croatian. Email me if you are interested.
This post has been translated into other languages. In Italian, it goes under the name Video Shock: Pariolini Russi Massacrano Un Barbone. Italian translation here. The French translation, Massacre Dans Une Forêt Russe, is here. Spanish translation, Bestias Humanas – Masacre en un Bosque Ruso , here. Polish translation, Ludzkie Bestie – Masakra w Rosyjskim Lesie .
Fordította Gyula Sindeles.
Keresek fordítókat következő nyelvekre – Német, Holland, Dán, Svéd, Finn, Portugál, Bulgár. E-mailt küldhetsz ha szeretnél fordítani.
Ez egy hihetetlenül gonosz videó, egyike a legrosszabb amit valaha is felállítottak Internetre.
A mi videónk cime Emberi Vadállatatok – Mészárlás egy Orosz Erdőben, de ez a ördögi videó sok egyéb néven is megtalálható.
Olaszul, Video Shock: Pariolini Russi Massacrano Un Barbone néven található. Olasz fordítást itt. A Francia neve, Humain Bêtes – Massacre Dans Une Forêt Russe, fordítás itt. Lengyel fordítás.
Ez a legutóbbi beteg videó amely interneten körözik.
Más előttelévő emberölés videókat kitürülték a hálórol, különosebben amelyek háború és haborúbűntény elkövetéseket mutatnak.
Figyelmeztetem állandó olvasóimat inkább ne is nézzék ezt a videót. Ez a video legvéresebb, lehet legfelháborítóbb videó Interneten. Saját kockázatodra nézzed – legbrutálissabb dolog amit valaha láttam, én is cask egyszer láttam.
A következő reakciók jelenhetnek video nézés után: depresszió, sírás, álmatlanság, lidércnyomás, fóbia idegenektöl, őrjöngés, paranoja, émelygés, félelem, hideg rázás, okádás, anorexia (étvágy elvesztése), dysphoria, sápadtság, agoraphobia (képtelenség elhagyni a házt), képtelenség elfelejteni a videónak tartalmát. Néhányuknak e video miatt életfogytiglani kár teremt.
Némely esetekben fenti félelmek, paranoia, és többi reakciók 2 napig is eltarthatnak. Lidércnyomás egy hétig is eltarthat.
Sokan azt vélik lehetséges hogy ez a legbrutálisabb, leggonosszabb videó ami elérhető az Interneten.
Egy személy epilepsziarohamot kapot. Reakciók potenciálisan ártalmasak. Elájulás és elkobzás is eredménye lehet, söt, rosszabb dpolgok is. Ha gondolod vagy azt hiszed rosszul lennél, ne nézzed ezt a videót.
Ha gondolod rossz reakciód lehetne, kérem gondold meg kétszer vajon valóban akarod e nézni a videót.
A video napfényre talált a, December 3, 2008-ban először, internetre is utat talált de gyorsan levették. Másnap, újra felrakták.
Alkalmilag döbbenetes és véres filmek is szoktak lenni ezen az oldalon a többi politikai, humor és egyéb tulajdonságu videók mellet.
Legtöbb információt amit interneten lehet találni oroszul van, de egy rész van angolul is. Három fiatal Orosz ember Dnepropetrovskwentböl, Ukrajna, csak 19 évesen, elindultak egy hónap hosszú gyilkos kirándulásra 2007 nyarán .
Ők hárman, Igor Suprunyuck, Viktor Sayenko és Alexander Hanzha, ismertebbek a Dnepropetrovski Mániákusok néven. Macska és kutya öléssekkel gyakoroltak, mint ahogy pszihopaták gyakran szoktak, és persze embereket is kezdtek ölni. Kismacskákat keresztre vontak, kínoznták őket és légpuska fegyverrel kivégezték. Egyikölyük nyilvánvalóan egy Orosz neo-nazi, mert neo-nazi holmit és dolgokat találtak szobájaban és mobil telefonján.
Egy hónapon át, megöltek 21 embert, fiatalt, oreget, férfiakat és nőket, felnőtteket és gyerekeket. Követték az áldozatokat, vagy ajánlattak autójukban fuvart. Nem voltak vállogatósak, de általábban olyan embereket vállasztottak melyek legvalószínüebben nem birnak védekezni. Az összes álldozat rendes, jóálló családokbol származtak.
Megöltek egy terhes nőt, eltávolították halott magzatát. Megöltek egy 14 éves kisfiút aki halászni volt egy barátjával (a barát valahogy megszökött).
Egy nap, ez a két idióta készitett egy filmet a brutális gyilkosságrol amit egy emberen végeztek. Az áldozat egy 48 éves ember volt, aki éppen felépülésben volt torok ráktól és beszélni kezdet újra, egy apa és egy nagyapa, egy férj két gyermekkel és egy unokával, aki beteg anyjának segített – egy derék ember.
Egy faluban élt, Taromskoye-ban. Unatkozott mert nem volt szabad dolgoznia és így szabad időjében segített a faluban. Építtett, vállalt alkalmi munkákat, autókat javított és családja szakácsa volt.
Halála napján, Július 12, 2007, motorkerékpárján volt meglátogatni fiúunokáját, de soha nem érkesett meg. Nem fogom kifecsegni nevét, tiszteletböl, de megtalálhatod ha keresel egz kicsit.
Halálát kalapács és csavarhúzó okozta, hosszú gyötrelem után halt meg végül. Lassú és fájdalmas halál. Nem kiabál és nem csinál zajt mialatt ők gyilkolják, talán mert nem tud még beszélni a torok ráknak köszönhetően.
A gyilkosok nevetnek e cselekvés alatt, és úgz látszik jót tréfálgatnak. Egyikölyük a csapatbol, Viktor Sayenko, tartsa a kamerát és filmezi a teljes mocskos ügyet, mialatt Igor Suprunyuck végzi az emberölést.
Amikor végeztek, lemosták a vért kezeikröl csatorna vízzel. A testet négy nappal később találták meg.
Kettő gyilkosságot vettek videóra, hogy megmaradjanak emlékül.
Habár csak ez a videó terlyedt el az interneten, a masikat birósságon használták fel ellenük, amelyen a terhes nőt ölik. Hála az Úrnak hogy ez a második video nem jelent mag a Hálózaton. Egy 40 perces videó is létezik, de az nincs kibocsátva. Nem tudni mit tartalmaz.
A csapat harmadik tagja, Hanzha, résztvett néhány fegyveres rablásban kezdetekben és nem akart részt venni az állatkínzásokban mert fóbiája volt vértöl és emiatt kiesett a csoportbol. Sayenko és Suprunyuck folytatták a, nekik mulatságos, gyilkosságokat. Áldozatnak temetéseire is jártak és képeket készítettek a temetésröl.
Nyomozóknak gyakrabban kellene ellátogatni gzilkosság áldozatok temetéseire. Igy biztos tudnának jó pár gyilkost elkapni.
Végül letartóztatták öket. A szalag konfiszkálva volt és a gonosz fegyencek ellen lett használva. Mind a hárman bűnösnek minősultek. Február 11 2009, Hanzha kilenc év börtönt, és Sayenko és Suprunyuck mindkét életfolytiglani börtont kaptak. Egy nemrégi fotón lehet látni mind a három embert, az egyik agyafúrt szemekkel néz, mint egy vámpír. Ijesztő egy hapsi.
Nézd meg a bírósági eljárás videót itt.
Ez egy videóklip Ukrán TV-röl. Vannak fotók a három gyilkosrol a bíróságban, és rettenetes fotók melyeket ők maguk csináltak.
Fotók kutyákrol amelyeket megöltek, fotók az áldozatok temetéseiröl.
Gyakran a középső ujjukat mutatják az áldozatoknak. Sunyin belopakodtak helységekbe ahol az áldozat teste várakozásban van hogy el lehessen temetve és a holtaknak a középsö ujjukat mutassák, áldozatainak sírjuk mellett is állnak ugyan ezt a gesztust ismételve.
Milzen rohadékok! Te jó isten, ezek a srácok betegek.
Ezek az idióták annyira ostobák voltak hogy az arcukat se fedték le a videóban amelyikben gyilkolják a hapsit. Ettöl butáb lehet valaki? E bizonyíték mellet melyik bűnösségüket mutassa, a vádlottak szülei tagadják az egészet, nem hiszik el hogy kölykeik gyilkosok és azt állítsák hogy a gyerekeik beismerései kényszer alatt lettek adva.
Itt a fordítása az Ukrán társalgásnak a videóban:
“Várj, várj. Óvatosabban bazd meg!” Valószínűleg azert mondja hogy óvatos legyen hogy ne vérezze össze magát. *nevetés*
“Várj, várj, várj, ne verd, ne verd. Nézzed…” A többi nem érthető, valószínűleg arrol van szó hogy a hapsi nézze a vért még közelebröl filmez egy kicsit.
A következőket nem lehet megérteni.
[a csavarhúzó szúrás után]
“Mi? Mivel?” a kamera mögül válaszol a fiú a másiknak a szúrás utá.
“Mi, ez még él?” kérdezi a hapsi amelyik szúrja az áldozatot.
“Még mozgassa kezeit miután feltéptem beleit…” a kamerás kacag.
“Szar napja van a faszinak” mondja a szúró hapsi miután a gyomorra lép.
*nem érthető beszéd amig a csavarhúzoval szúrja az áldozat szemeit
“Gyere ide gyorsan. Öld már meg.”
“Mi?” kérdezi a szúró.
“Öld már meg.”
“Már vissza tettem a kalapácsot. Már halott.”
“Kiszúrtam a szemit és még nem halott,” mondja a kamerás.
“A kést” tovább mondja a cameras srác.
*a verés és ütögetés folytatódik, leáll valami miatt de nem érthetö mit mondd.*
“Még, még.” mondja a srác a kamerával a másiknak hogy folytassa a verést hogy biztosak meghaljon.
“Várj, várj.”
*Vissyaindúlnak a kocsihoz.*
Több érthetetlen beszéd a szőke gyilkostol.
“Mosd meg kezeidet” a cameras srác mondja a másik hapsinak hogy veggyel tisztítsa meg a kalapácst.
“Tartom én.”
*érthetetlen beszéd a hapsitol amelyik mossa a kalapácsot.*
*még érthetetlen beszéd a hapsitol aki mossa az arcát és visszasétál az autójatol.*
“Belenyomtam a csavarhúzót az agyába” mondja a kamerás.
*érthetetlen amit beszel a mosakodó srác*
“Az orrát eltaláltam a fent a szemétöl” vagy valami hasonló
“Én nem értem hogyan maradt élve? Éreztem az agyát” mond a kamerás.
“Igz tartottam a csavarhúzót…”
*Nem érteni a többit .*
Mielőtt a videónak vége lenne a szőke csávó mondja, “Rendben, csináljunk egy képet.”
Egy hasonló eset volt mostanában Olaszországban. Négy fiatal ember megtámadt egy hontalan embert, Andrea Severi-t, 44 éves, felgyújtották. Teste 50% meg volt égve, de túl élte. Per pillanat nehéz állapotban van egy kórházban Padovaban.
Olasz Mussolini féle fasisztak, jó álló családokbol származnak, 18 évesek. Négy unatkozó gazdag kölykök, semmi jobb dolguk nem volt mint felgyújtani egy szegény hontalan hapsit tréfa kedvéért.
Kora Decemberben lettek elfogva, és a történet egész Olaszországban a mediákban volt. Bal szárnyas antifasiszt internet lap létezik de az összes Olasz nyelven van.
Ilyen fasizmusnak típusa egészen népszerű Olaszországban – a neo-nazi-zmus nem annyira.
Van egy félreértés melyröl Mussolini-sták nem rasszisták, de Olasz barátaim mondják hogy a fasiszta az fasiszta. Úgy szintén, azt mondják Mussolini egy rasszista, anti-szemit és egy anti-szláv és hogy üldözte az embereket melyek nem szabvány Olaszok voltak. Ezt a féle víziót tényleg le kellene dönteni verge.
Észak Olaszországban, a fasizmus egész népszerű, de az anti-semitság úgy tűnik kihalt. 2008-ban élünk, nem a 1930-ban. Odafenn, ők leginkább anti-szlávok. A fontos tényt amit meg kell érteni az a gyűlöletet, a fasiszta gyűlölet. Összes fasisztának ez beszülött. Fasiszta apák tanítsák a gyűlöletet fiaiknak.
Az Olasz fasizmus társadalmi nacionalizmusbol indult ki, de egészen közös a gazdagok között. Az Olasz burzsoázia tradicionálisták inkább centristák és irányult választékuk a katolikus (Keresztény) demokrácia. De sokan szavaznak kvázi fasisztákra – Berlusconi.
Fontos jegyzet hogy Olaszországban vannak rassyisták melyek nem fasiszták. A Lega Nord, az északi autonomisták, rasszisták déli Olaszok ellen, de ők nem fasiszták. Az Olasz fasiszták ultranacionalisták. Ők a Olasz centralizmusban hisznek.
Vannak neo-názisták Olaszországban, de közel sem olyan sokan mint mint Mussolini fasiszták. Sokan Központi Olaszországban a Lazio Területben vannak (ahol Róma és a Vatikán kötött). Sokan Veronabanban, Vicenza és Padovában az északkelet Veneto Területbenen élnek. Ugyszintén léteznek Triesteben is. Déli Olaszországban nincsennek nácik.
A híres Leopold és Loeb eset Chicagoban 1924-ben, és a híres film, Kényszer (Compulsion) (1959), főszerepben Orson Welles és Dean Stockwell (Kitűnő film!), egy figyelemre méltó és nagyon híres hasonló eset Amerikában.
A kényszer kiindulópont egy regény volt – Meyer Levin 1956-ban. Meyer Levin később híres lett mert első volt a szerzők között aki észre vette Anne Frank tragikus naplójainak fontosságát. Meg volt győzve hogy neki személyi érdekei voltak és jogok ezekben a naplókban, és 30 év jogos csatát létesitett azokon akik a napló által végrehajtottak színjátekokat, mialatt Levin’s szinjátékját visszautasították.
E könyv, azt állitják hogy az első nem fikciós regény, amely standardokat állítot be. Szabványban és stílusban később remekül népszerűsítődott Truman Capote – Hidegvérrel (In Cold Blood) regényében. Soha nem olvastam Capote regényt, de állítólag ez egy nagy novella.
Hitchcock szintén készített egy filmet, a Kötél (Rope) (1948), ez eset által, de én magam nem néztem.
Anti-semisták izgatottak lehetnek ha tudják hogy Leopold és Loeb Zsidók voltak. Leopold és Loeb’s áldozata, 14 éves Bobby Franks, szintén Zsidó volt.
Valóban azt tanácsolom szabályos olvasóimnak hogy ne nézzék ezt a videót ha csak tényleg érdekel ilyen téma.

Ludzkie Bestie – Masakra w Rosyjskim Lesie

[wpvideo kdhb8prx]
The video has been removed. Try here instead. This video is getting pulled all over the place all the time, so it’s location is often shifting.
This is a Polish (!) translation of Human Beasts – Massacre in a Russian Forest, otherwise known as 3 Men 1 Hammer. This is my first Polish translation. The translator is Bartłomiej Wiechnik. He definitely banged this out quickly. His email address is below if you need an English-Polish translations. He’s probably pretty cheap too. This video is seriously evil, and I really advise regular readers to not watch unless you really know what you are doing.
I am looking for translators to translate this post into German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Serbo-Croatian and Bulgarian. Email me if you are interested.
This post has been translated into other languages. In Italian, it goes under the name Video Shock: Pariolini Russi Massacrano Un Barbone. Italian translation here. The French translation, Massacre Dans Une Forêt Russe, is here. Spanish translation, Bestias Humanas – Masacre en un Bosque Ruso, here. Hungarian translation, Vadállati Ember Mészárlás Egy Orosz Erdőben, here.
Bartłomiej Wiechnik
Tytuł Hammertime odnosi się do młotka użytego w nagranym mordzie.
We włoszech wideo znane jest pod nazwą Video Shock: Pariolini Russi Massacrano Un Barbone . Włoskie tłumaczenie. Francuskie tłumaczenie 3 Hommes 1 Marteau – Humain Betes – Massacre Dans Une Foret Russe.
Jest to najnowsze chore, prawdziwe nagranie, które obiega internetowe kanały.
W przeciwieństwie do poprzednich nagrań morderstw znajdujących się w internecie, które były zbrodniami popełnianymi podczas niedawnych wojen, to nagranie przedstawia czysto kryminalną zbrodnię popełnioną w czasie pokoju.
Ostrzegam moich stałych czytelników by nawet nie oglądali tego wideo. Jest to najgorsze, lub jedno z najgorszych nagrań znajdujących się w internecie. Oglądacie na własne ryzyko – jest to jedno z najbardziej popieprzonych jakie kiedykolwiek widziałem. Przez większość czasu płakałem, odwracałem się i jęczałem, ale przez nie przebrnąłem.
Następujące reakcje zostały zgłoszone po obejrzeniu tego nagrania: depresja, mdłości, wymioty i dysphoria. Wielu ludzi powiedziało, że jest to jedno z najgorszych wideo dostępnych w internecie.
Wideo pojawiło się na krótko na 3 grudnia 2008 roku po raz pierwszy, najwidoczniej przeciekło do sieci, ale szybko zostało zdjęte. Następnego dnia znów wróciło.
Na tej stronie okazjonalnie przedstawiamy szokujące i krwawe filmy (adnotacja w profilu) wśród politycznych, śmiesznych i innych tekstów oraz zdjęć. Mamy zamiar hostować to nagranie.
Większość informacji o tej sprawie w sieci jest po rosyjsku, ale jest też nieco po angielsku. Trzech młodych Rosyjskich mężczyzn z Dniepropetrowska przybyło na Ukrainę, wszyscy w wieku 19 lat, gdzie rozpoczęli przerażającą, trwającą miesiąc serię morderstw latem 2007 roku.
Ta trójka, Igor Suprunyuck, Viktor Sayenko i Alexander Hanzha, a znana była jako Maniacy z Dniepropetrowska. Dla treningu zaczęli od zabijania kotów, jak tego typu psychopaci czynią, oczywiście przeszli wrescie na ludzi.
W przeciągu jednego miesiąca zabili 21 ludzi, młodych i starych, kobiet i mężczyzn, dorosłych i dzieci. Śledzili ofiary, szli za nimi lub proponowali im podwiezienie swoim samochodem, kiedy ofiary szły wzdłuż ulicy. Nie wybierali nikogo szczególnego, tylko ludzi, którzy wygłdali tak jakby nie byli w stanie siê broniæ . Wszyscy pochodzili z dobrych rodzin.
Z jakiegoś powodu tych dwóch idiotów nakręciło film z brutalnego morderstwa mężczyzny. Nie wiemy kto to jest i jakie były okoliczności zdarzenia. Mężczyzna zostaje zabity przy użyciu młotka i śrubokrętu, torturowany przez długi czas i w końcu pozbawiony przez nich życia. Przez pewien czas mężczyzna zachowuje świadomość, kiedy jest powoli zabijany.
Śmieją się i dobrze bawią kiedy to robią, spędzają razem miłe chwile. Jeden z morderców trzyma kamerę i nagrywa całe plugawe przedsięwzięcie.
Po wszystkim zmywają krew z rąk przy pomocy wody z rynsztoka. Nakręcili dwa spośród morderstw, więc będą mieli coś co będzie im je przypominać na stare lata. Jak miło!
Trzeciemu członkowi spośród 3 osobowego zespołu marzną stopy, więc wyrzuca narzędzie zbrodni, lecz dwóch pozostałych kontynuuje zabijanie. Zabójcy pojawiali się także na pogrzebach swoich ofiar i robili zdjęcia.
Śledczy powinni częściej chodzić na pogrzeby ofiar morderstw i robić zdjęcia. W ten sposób mogliby łapać kilku morderców więcej.
W pewnym momencie zostają areszstowani. Taśma zostaje skonfiskowana i użyta w procesie by skazać trzech młodych maniaków. Wszystkich trzech uznano winnymi. Obecnie przebywają w więzieniu, nie wiem na jak długo ich osadzono. Ostatnie zdjęcia z więzienia pokazują wszystkich trzech mężczyzn, jeden z nich wygląda jak upiór. Co za przerażający koleś.
Obejrzyj wideo z procesu tutaj.
Jest to nagranie z ich procesu pokazywane w ukraińskiej telewizji. Możecie zobaczyć fotografie trzech morderców w sądzie, a także kilka wstrząsających zdjęć, które zrobili podczas swojej podróży.
Znajdują się tam zdjęcia psów, które zabili, uwzględniając tego, którego rozciągnęli na drzewie. A także zdjęcia ich samych z pogrzebów ofiar oraz z ich grobów.
Często także zwracali palce ofiarom. Wkradali się do miejsc, w których ciała ofiar oczekiwały na pogrzebanie i kładli przy nich palec. Jeden z palców położyli na grobie ofiary, rozrzucając z kwiatami. Zrobili zdjęcie ciała opuszczanego do grobu w swej trumnie i tam także podrzucili palec.
Co za dupki! Dobry Boże, oni są kompletnie zdeprawowani.
Ci durnie, byli na tyle głupi, że nawet nie zakryli swoich twarzy na filmie, na którym zabijali człowieka. Jak głupim można być? Mimo dokumentacji dowodowej ich winy, rodzice oskarżonych ciągle nie wierzą, że ich dzieci są mordercami, a ich przyznanie się do winy zostało wymuszone siłą.
Oto tłumaczenie ukraińskich dialogów na filmie:
“Czekaj, czekaj. bądź dokładny, kurwa!” jakby mając na myśli by być ostrożnym o całą tę krew. *Śmiech*
“Czekaj, czekaj, czekaj, nie zabijaj go, nie zabijaj go. Patrz na niego…” reszta wypowiedzi jest niewyraźna, ale jakby mówił koledze, by zwrócił uwagę na krew, wtedy ten zoomuje i robi zbliżenie. Następująca część ścieżki dźwiękowej jest niewyraźna.
[Po dźganiu śrubokrętem]
“Co? Czym?” odpowiedź filmującego do chłopaka dźgającego ofiarę.
“Co? On ciągle żyje?” pyta chłopak dźgający ofiarę.
“Ciągle rusza ramionami, po tym jak rozprułem mu wnętrzności…” wtedy kamerzysta mruczy niewyraźnie.
“Ma popieprzony dzień.” mówi dźgający chłopak, po tym jak staje ofierze na brzuchu.
*Więcej niewyraźnej mowy podczas gdy kamerzysta zaczyna dźgać ofiarę śrubokrętem w oczy*
“Chodź tu szybko. Zabij go już.”
“Co?” pyta dźgający.
“Zabij go już.”
“Już odłożyłem młotek. On już jest martwy.”
“Wygrzebałem mu oczy i ciągle nie jest martwy.” mówi kamerzysta.
“Weż nóż.” kontynuuje kamerzysta.
*Kontynuują tłuczenie go i przerywają, mówiąć coś niewyraźnego*
“Więcej, więcej.” mówi kamerzysta drugiemu chłopakowi by tłukł go dalej by upewnić się, że jest martwy.
“Czekaj. Czekaj.”
*Zaczynają iść spowrotem do samochodu*
Więcej niewyraźnej mowy blond mordercy.
“Umyj ręce.” mówi kamerzysta do drugiego chłopaka i mówi by ten umył młotek.
“Ja go potrzymam.”
*Niewyraźna mowa chłopaka myjącego młotek*
*Więcej niewyraźnej mowy od chłopaka myjącego twarz i idącego spowrotem z samochodu*
“Wbiłem mu śrubokręt w mózg.” mówi kamerzysta.
*Niewyraźna mowa chłopaka myjącego ręcę*
“Dostałem się do jego nosa przez oko.” czy coś w tym sensie.
“Nie rozumiem jak on mógł żyć? Czułem jego mózg.” mówi kamerzysta.
“Trzymałem śrubokręt w ten sposób…” *Niewyraźne/nie rozumiem reszty*
Zanim nagranie się kończy blondyn mówi “Dobra, zróbmy sobie zdjęcie.”
Podobna sprawa miała miejsce we Włoszech. Czterech młodych mężczyzn zaatakowało bezdomnego, Andrea Severriego, 44 latka, podpalając go. W wyniku czego miał poparzone 50% ciała, ale przeżył. Obecnie przebywa w szpitalu w Padova i znajduje się w stanie ciężkim.
Byli Włoskimi faszystami w stlu Mussolinniego, z dobrych rodzin, w wieku 18 lat. Po prostu czterech znudzonych dzieciakiów, nie mających nic lepszego do roboty niż spalenie żywcem biednego bezdomnego mężczyzny dla zabawy.
Zostali aresztowani kilka dni temu, a sprawa opisywana jest szeroko we wszystkich włoskich mediach. Lewicowa antyfaszystowska strona o zabójstwach, ale w całości po włosku.
Ten typ faszyzmu jest ciągle popularny we Włoszech – neo-nazistowska odmiana już nie tak bardzo.
Istnieje błędne mniemanie o Mussolinizmie, że nie powinien być rasistowski lub antysemicki, lecz moi włoscy przyjaciele powiedzieli mi, że faszyzm to faszyzm. Powiedzieli także, że Mussolini był rasistą, antysemitą, nienawidził słowian. “Spowodował, że pociągi były na czas” to głupstwo także powinno zostać zakwestionowane.
W północnych Włoszech faszyzm jest dość popularny, ale anty-semityzm zdaje się, że wymarł. 2008 rok to nie lata ’30 ubiegłego wieku. Jest tam wielu ludzi pałających nienawiścią do Słowian. Warto zwrócić uwagę na nienawiść, faszystowską nienawiść. Wszyscy faszyści mają to w sobie. Faszystowscy ojcowie uczyli nienawiści swoich synów. Sadzili ją w nich, a następnie podlewali jak drzewo.
Włoski faszyzm narodził się z nacjonalizmu, ale jest całkiem powszechny wśród bogatych. Włoska klasa średnia tradycyjnie konserwatywna i zorientowana na różne rodzaje polityki katolickiej (chrześcijańska demokracja). Ale teraz wielu głosuje na quasi-faszystę Berlusconiego.
To ważne by zwrócić uwagę, że we Włoszech, są rasiści, którzy nie są faszystami. Lega Nord, północni autonomiści, są rasistami względem południowych Włoch, ale nie są faszystami. Faszystami są Włoscy ultranacjonaliści. Wierzą w centralizację włoskiej państwowości.
We Włoszech są również neo-naziści, lecz nei tak liczni jak faszyści. Wielu jest w centralnych Włoszech, w regionie Lazio (gdzie znaduje się Rzym i Watykan). Jest ich całkiem sporo w Veronie, Vicenzie i Padovie, w północnym regionie Veneto. Jest także trochę w Triestrze. Brak czynnych nazistów w południowych Włoszech.
Znana sprawa w Leopolda i Loeb’a Chicago w 1924 roku i znany film Complusion (1959) z Orsonem Wellsem i Deanem Stockwellem (Świetny film!), który opowiadał o słynnej i podobnej sprawie w USA.
Compluson oparty jest na powieści Meyera Levina z 1956 roku. Meyer Levin stał się sławny przez to że był jednym z pierwszych autorów, który zda³ sobie sprawê z potencja³u tragicznych pamiêtników Anny Frank. Był przekonany, że miał wyłączność w prawach do pamiętnika i stoczył 30 letnią sądową batalię o przedstawianie wydarzeń opartych o pamiętniki.
Książkę uznano za pierwszą nie fikcyjną powieść, która ustaliła standardy dla późniejszego stylu spopularyzowanego przez Trumana Capote’a w Z zimną krwią (In Cold Blood). Nigdy nie czytałem książki Capote’a, ale jest uznawana za jedną z najlepszych.
Hitchcock nakręcił film Lina (Rope) (1948), oparty na sprawie, ale nigdy go nie widziałem.
Anty-semici będą podnieceni, wiedząć, że obaj Leopold i Loeb byli Żydami. Ofiara Leopolda i Loeb’a, 14 letnia Bobby Franks rónież była Żydówką.
Naprawdę nie polecam, by moi stali czytelnicy oglądali nagranie, pod żadnym pozorem, chyba że jesteście przyzwyczajeni do podobnych rzeczy.