Alt Left: The Amount of Pedophilia, Child Molesting, and Child Porn Trading on the Internet Is Almost Too Vast to Even Contemplate

That doesn’t even get to the teenage girl bullshit. Screw that. We need to do triage. De-emphasize the teenage girl bullshit and go after the actual predatory pedophiles, child molesters and child porn traders who are doing something vastly worse than men fucking Jailbaits (JB’s).

The Net is flooded with teenage girls (14-17) trying to have cybersex and trade pics with grown men. They have come to me many times trying to do that and send me pics. I’m not keeping those pics on my drive.

On Tumblr, once I somehow stumbled down a CP-ish rabbithole. A lot was profoundly disturbing and I ended up reporting a lot of it to Tumblr.

Most of it was “borderline content,” which is legal. If she has clothes on and she’s not having sex, it’s legal. So they dress these little girls up in lewd outfits and put them in dirtiest poses. These are called “clothed models.” The Blackcat scans come to mind. Only  25 million men all over the world downloaded that stuff. Why don’t you go get them, FBI, you petty pests? It should be simple for you feds to arrest 25 million people, right? Don’t you fed clowns ever think maybe there’s some times you should just give it up? Like 25 million people commit some harmless crime, so you don’t bother arresting even one of them? That’s what sane people do.

There were also a lot of comics, drawings, stories, and 3D posts. It’s legal because it’s fictional. They push the boundaries on all this stuff, and it is extremely disturbing.

There were also a lot of self-shot teenage girl JB photos and videos. I didn’t care about that, and for most you could make a case that she could be 18.

There was a video of a 13 year old girl masturbating on cam for some boys. She looked and sounded pretty damn young and she probably could not have been 18. It had 373,000 likes or comments. There were probably millions of people who viewed the video.

I watched it but I really didn’t like it. She was too much of a little girl. It seemed pedo and creeped me out. I thought about reporting it, saw the 373,000 likes and decided not to. See how dumb these laws are? Hey FBI, why don’t you go arrest those millions of men who watched that video. I mean you’d only have to arrest millions of men. Should be simple, right, you trivial fussbudgets.

The pages were often run by pedophiles but there seemed to be some pages run by non-pedophilic molesters.

There were countless “pedo Mom” posts – women being or wanting to be a pedo Mom and pedophile looking for pedo Moms. A pedo Mom has little kids, probably little girls, and for a good amount of money, she lets the pedophile have access to them, maybe by moving him in. Almost all men looking for such an arrangement would probably be true pedophiles. Non-pedophilic molesters are not as driven and would not go to these extreme ends.

There were endless posts by pedophiles giving handles on some very secure platform that is the new child pornography trading platform. Most people trading CP are probably pedophiles but some may be non-pedophilic molesters. I had some pretty normal seeming people send me CP unasked for on the Net before. Some were very goodlooking young men with hot girlfriends. And there they are, sending me some pic of a 9 year old girl with a man’s cock up her ass.

I was pic trading with this guy and I remember when that pic came in. As soon as it came in, I almost immediately flung backwards in my chair so hard I almost got whiplash. And I could not delete that thing from my screen fast enough. It was only up there a second or two. It also left me a bit traumatized afterwards.

It’s hard to describe my reaction to the pic. “Fucked up” and “wrong” is probably the best way to describe it. Like something that’s not supposed to be there. Ever seen those kid’s puzzles where they ask, “Find the objects that do not fit in this picture and you find things unicorns up in a trees and elephants hiding in some rock? That’s what that pic reminded me of.

I thought, “That’s not supposed to be there.” I guess I meant 9 year old girls with men’s cocks up their asses is something that is not supposed to exist in this world. It’s out of place. It belongs somewhere else, on some other planet or galaxy or universe. In this world we inhabit such things are so strange they are almost incomprehensible. We almost cannot even formulate the idea in our minds to imagine that such a thing might be here. It’s “that which cannot be comprehended and that which cannot even begin to be comprehended.” Like the God of the Jewish Kabbalists.

Many of these  pedophiles, child molesters and pic traders people were deep into methamphetamine use and Satanism, which were both strongly associated with CP and child molesting. Once again we find the association of child molesting and pedophilia with Satanism. But why?

I reported 40-50 CP violations because I know what’s legal and what isn’t, anything that looked under 13. There was some really fucked up stuff on there. I’m not even going to tell you what it was because it was so disturbing.

I left the pedo Mom stuff, CP hawkers, and teenage girls alone. You gotta triage in this world and I’m not a cop.

I was stunned at how many people were in on this. Probably no one is investigating the pedo Mom people or the men sharing CP. And that’s not even getting to the people downloading or viewing CP and the girls posting their cam videos. Everyone posing the hazy borderline stuff is obviously being left alone.

There are easily a million+ people in the US deep into CP or molesting kids. I came away thinking that police and FBI must be swamped by all of this CP/molesting. There’s no way that the cops could even begin to deal with it. They’d have to work 24-7 and quit everything else, and within a year, they would have 100,000’s of men behind bars.

It was very sobering. I don’t think anyone realizes how huge this problem is or that most of these people seem to be getting away with it.

Game/PUA: Women Deal with Loneliness and Lack of Sex Better Than Men

Women can definitely deal with loneliness and lack of sex better than men can, and it’s all down to that unfathomable entity known as the female sex drive.

The thing is that while women have an extremely strong sex drive in a sense (provided someone turned it on in the first place – preferably Chad!), it differs from the male in that women can simply take sex or leave it if so desired. We are now starting to see some women say:

Damn, I need some cock!

You didn’t hear that so much in the past, but I had 18 year old girls telling me things along those lines back in 1975:

Damn I am getting so horny these days, I swear I’m going to have to shove a bottle up there.

But she had a very strong sex drive in addition to being an extreme slut, bless her whorish heart.

In men, sex is quite different. It’s like an itch that you can’t scratch when you do without it. Sure, we can always jerk off to deal with the physical problem, but that’s often not satisfactory, and it’s hard to do if you live with other people. Furthermore, masturbation doesn’t take care of the urge.

Of course, in the Current Year, women also masturbate like crazy, while it seems they didn’t so much back in the day – we have created a society of female masturbating maniacs! God bless my depraved generation!

They masturbate but they need sex too, just like men. I had a female best friend who used to tell me things like:

Damn, I am so horny these days, I’m just going to have to grab some guy and rape him!

And she masturbated all the time. I would be texting her and she would say:

Excuse me, I’m going to go masturbate.

Can you imagine a woman saying such a thing?!

She’d come back in 45 minutes and say:

Damn, that was good!

On a sex subreddit called Stupid Sluts Club (highly recommended!) a young woman described how she was horny as Hell. She was masturbating all the time, but that wasn’t cutting it, so she started having sex with her female roommate, though she was basically straight.

And while things are changing somewhat, women are sadly not turning into men. Women can still take sex or leave it without a lot of pain or damage.

The sex drive is not so much physical in men, though the physical aspect is undeniable. For instance, a young man who does not ejaculate for a few days starts to experience actual pain in his testicles (blue balls).

Women don’t seem to experience such a thing, though there have been reports of women feeling some sort of a “female blue balls” in their abdomen above the pubic area if they go without orgasm for too long.

But at least back in the day, many women were non-orgasmic or rarely orgasmic. Back then it was ~30

Almost no males are non-orgasmic. There’s virtually no such thing.

Much more important than the physical aspect of sex is the psychological one. A man without sex has a huge hole in his life psychologically and perhaps even more importantly socially. The longer it goes on, the more they deteriorate. We see the logical result of this in the incel phenomenon. The incels are not evil like the cucks and soyboys say. Incel behavior is simply the natural and normal consequence of what happens to large groups of men who are denied sex over a long period.

Many become depressed and withdrawn, quite a few become very angry in a seething sort of way, and a few of those become explosively violent, often resulting in serious massacres. To show it is not a unique Western problem, long-term incel Chinese men have been going on murderous rampages for a long time now, even massacring large numbers of kindergartners!

So, tl/dr: Women love sex but ultimately a lot can take it or leave it. Men have a much more insistent sex drive and cannot take or leave sex. They have to have it and if they don’t, serious psychopathology results.

97% and 82%

97 The other 3 I would imagine that most men are currently doing it too. That’s one thing I don’t like about living with male roommates. Soon or later, you catch the guy jerking off, and it’s really embarassing for both parties. Either that or you can hear him doing it in the next room, and that makes me uncomfortable. I figure that all single guys who are not living with a woman are jerking off. It’s just obvious. There’s no point discussing it. Most married men are too, if truth be told. That’s a bit more of an interesting subject, but most men will just laugh if you bring it up. A lot of stupid women think that male masturbation is absolutely hilarious. In the past, I’ve had some of them ask me if I did it. The answer was DUH. She started giggling. I felt like slapping the stupid bitch. Guys don’t sit around and have conversations about, “Hey you do jerk off or not?” It’s like asking if you take a crap or eat. What’s there to discuss? On the other hand, the subject is somewhat taboo in that most guys don’t openly admit to doing it, say, “I just jerked off,” or discuss different ways of doing it. It’s all sort of taboo. I knew a young guy once (age 21), who told me that he would go to guys’ houses and they would all sit around and watch porn and jerk off, but not do it with each other. I asked him if he thought that was gay, and he said no. It’s a pretty wild thing to do, and I don’t think I could handle it. Gay guys have jerkoff parties too. Not sure exactly what goes on there, but I guess it’s fun and doesn’t give you AIDS. If you go into those adult book stores, there are movie stalls. It’s obvious, if they have locked doors, that about 100 I was in this one in Garden Grove, California, once. It was run by Vietnamese who had the same attitude towards sex as a restaurant would have about food, which seems healthy. There were locked doors on the stalls, and obviously guys were jerking off in there. The Vietnamese guys were going up and down the aisle with a mop and a bucket, mopping the floor with soapy water all the time. A door would swing up, a guy would leave, and the Vietnamese guy would wisk his mop in there and mop around. They didn’t act like what these guys were doing was gross or horrible. They had the most bored, flat expressions on their faces. This was completely banal as far as they were concerned. The ones that are run by White guys are a lot weirder. Even if they have locked stalls, if a guy stays too long on a stall, they conduct a raid on the stall and unlock the door. Guess what the guy insidie is doing! Then they act like cops when they catch him in the act. Fuck that. These guys are running a porno movie arcade, dammit. Guys are jerking off while watching the movies. LOL, duh, no kidding. Instead of admitting that they do it, guys engage in endless jokes about masturbation. The hand in the air jerking off motion is a typical component of male conversation. Everyone knows what’s being said. But there’s no reason to admit to anything. Every now and then some idiot will insist he never does it or has never done it. This is met with an appropriate chorus of catcalls and “Liar!” 82 You go, girls!

Do Women Like Sex As Much As Men Do?

I know quite a few grown women who masturbate a lot. Some do it every single day (age 45). She has a teenage daughter and she encourages her to do it too. I knew a teenage girl (age 16) who used to steal her Mom’s vibrator. She like to suck on it and pretend it was a cock. She asked if I thought that was weird. I said Hell no! When I was young, for a while we had some young girl relatives living with us. There was an electric toothbrush in the bathroom that kept disappearing. After a while, I figured out they were stealing it. They treated that thing like it pure 24 karat gold. At the time, I never exactly got it, but I always wondered. I don’t wonder anymore. Our relatives were around ages 13, 10 and 7! I know women who surf porn for hours at a time, masturbating (age 30). I know another one who surfs the male webcams for hours on end, looking at the cocks as she puts it (age 23-27). I not sure if she’s masturbating, but she may well be. I used to talk to this Russian woman online. One time she said she had to go for a bit. She came back online and said she just masturbated herself to a great orgasm (age 35). I congratulated her on her awesome achievement. All of this sounds like something a man would do. Masturbation is the purest form of sexual pleasure and it’s a good way to measure inherent sex drive. In females, sexual desire is often tied in with emotional and psychological factors, but masturbation needs none of that. If women really didn’t like sex nearly as much as we do, you shouldn’t see all this Mother of All Female Masturbation Epidemics. The uncertainty you are seeing in real life sex is women who have lost interest in partners due to psychological and emotional factors. In my life as a sex addict, I found that quite a few women were more than willing to accommodate my sex addiction. They were overjoyed to do it for hours a day (up to 6-8 hours a day), hours at a time (up to 2-3 hours), or 3-4 times a day. They were often the ones who were asking me for it 3-4 times a day. In general, they ranged in age from 18-34. I’m not sure if older women get into it like this. I figure they were just normal. A woman is like an old machine that you wonder if it even works anymore. Once you flip that switch, it’s hard to shut it off unless you actually go to the wall and yank out the damned plus physically. Otherwise, it will keep humming away all day long. As I age, I can’t really do it with young women (say age 23 or so) that much. Why? They always want to do it again, dammit! I’m 53 years old. “Do it again” is not part of my vocabulary, if it ever was. If you made it through all of this hot text without reaching for your groin, it should be apparent that the notion, very popular among prudish women and men of all types, that women don’t like sex nearly as much as men do, is a theory that leaves much to be desired.

OCD Versus Sexual Sadism, Pedophilia and Sociopathy

I’m not sure if I should post a link to this topic, because I don’t want people flooding over to the OCD forums to bother these people. These folks are suffering from a form of OCD that focuses on worrying that they are a pedophile. I will quote the site later on in the post after some expository material.

I wrote some articles about the subject, so I get a lot of emails from these folks, and I do a lot of counseling with them.

Not bragging, but they often tell me I’ve done a better job than their licensed therapists.

One guy was a millionaire who had been hiring the best psychologists and psychiatrists in the country. He was paying some guy $500/hour 3 times a week for a year or so. A couple of hours with me on the phone, and he got better than he had with the super-priced therapist in a year. Also, the psychiatrists had dx’d him as psychotic and put him on antipsychotics. I quickly figured out he was psychotic and told him so. All I saw was OCD plus some depression.

He had developed a particularly nasty form of OCD called “Harm OCD” where they worry that they are going to commit an act of violence. I don’t know if they ever act on it. Maybe there was a case or two, but I’ve never heard of a real case. So I just assume that they are harmless. Most folks are seriously freaked out about this OCD form too and think these folks are dangerous. The statistics show that actually people with OCD are the least likely to commit any act of criminal violence.

I just treat them like they are harmless and let it go at that. I even laugh at them when they tell me they are afraid they’re going to kill someone. It’s ridiculous. The millionaire, after two hours with me on the phone, finally got out of his house for the first time in four years. Actually, that’s an exaggeration, but you get the picture. I simply told him he was harmless, was never going to act on it, and to quit worrying.

I think I also gave him the Knife Therapy. I told him to put a legal knife in his pocket and go into a bunch of stores and whatnot, walking all around town with the knife. After a while, you’re not whipping out the knife and killing anyone, so you start to get over the fear.

I had one guy with Harm OCD who was a dwarf. I used to make fun of him and say, “What are you going to do, reach up and stab someone in the knee?” It’s good to ridicule the disorder and make fun of them because most people, including therapists, are freaking out on these people, and that just makes them worse.

This guy was also starting to get sadistic and pedophilic fantasies and imagery interfering with his masturbatory fantasies. He didn’t have a partner, so he masturbated. As he did so, fantasies of murder, torture, pedophilia, etc. intruded as intrusive thoughts.

Unfortunately, this is a pretty common complication, especially in young men. The main thing is that the OCD stuff is intrusive, that’s how you can tell it’s not normal. But they get upset about it because now the weird stuff is getting tied in with sexual arousal, and they can’t figure out if it turns them on or not.

There are lots of folks who get off on sadistic stuff. We call them Sexual Sadists. They’re quite common, especially in the gay male community. For straights, sexual sadism, like all paraphilias, begins in adolescence. They enjoy it and get off on it, the same way normal guys get off Raquel Welch or whoever. It feels natural, normal, like it’s a regular part of themselves. The fantasies are not intrusive. They feel just like any guy’s normal sexual fantasies. Do you try to stop those?

They like it! They don’t really want to stop thinking about it, because it’s too much fun. Sexual Sadism is a problem of desire. OCD is a problem of fear.

That’s the difference. Most sexual sadists are not dangerous, but a few of them are. Sometimes it escalates, and the sadist might start worrying that it’s getting out of control and he’s really going to hurt someone one of these times.

The differential diagnosis between Harm OCD and sociopathy is quite simple.

The sociopath loves to think about hurting or killing people. Serial killer types go around all day long thinking about little else. They don’t feel bad about the thoughts, and they never try to stop them. If they are out around the town all day, and if they like to kill say young women, they will be looking at every young woman they see and fantasizing about how they are going to capture, torture, rape and kill her.

They may not carry the acts out, mostly because they’re afraid that they might get caught. But they can’t see anything wrong torturing, raping and murdering people for fun. It’s simply their idea of a good time. Since they don’t see anything wrong with mayhem, they never show up in therapy and never ask for help. Sociopathy is a problem of lack of morality. OCD is a problem of fear.

Pedophilia is a tough case because it’s so confusing. Most child molesters are true pedophiles, that is, they prefer sex with children over sex with adults. Most of them don’t like sex with adults at all or at least not much.

There’s a website that profiles pedophiles here. It’s clear, looking through those histories, that this once again is a problem of desire. Pedophilia is a problem of desire. OCD is a problem of fear.

These guys have almost all gotten off preferentially on kid stuff since adolescence. They’re interested in adults only a little, or not at all.

They are almost all extremely happy to be pedophiles – that is, they love it! It’s what gets them off. I have no objection to their orientation, and I realize that they can’t help it, and there’s no cure for it. However, they do have to be celibate. This is going to be a problem, because how many of us are good at being celibate? So we need to watch these people all the time to make sure that they don’t act on their orientation. As long as they don’t act on their orientation, I think we need to respect them.

I don’t really know what to do with pedophiles. Maybe we should throw them on islands where everyone is over 18.

To the pedophile, pedophilic fantasies feel natural, normal, healthy, right, a part of you. They’re not really bothered by them, and they don’t try to stop them.

A lot of these POCD types start going round and round because there are some pedophiles who are not happy with their orientation. That’s not really the best way to put it. More that they are not happy with the way that society treats their orientation.

I tell people to imagine this: If you are heterosexual and repulsed by the idea of homosexuality, try this fantasy. Suppose that homosexuality was the same as heterosexuality is now. Suppose it was just normal to be gay. Suppose heterosexuality was treated the same way as pedophilia is now. Suppose straights were treated as evil, sick fucks who need to be tortured in prison forever.

Straight sex was illegal, and even straight porn was illegal. Revealing that you were straight meant you might get your ass kicked or even killed; or at any rate, massive societal rejection would ensue. I ask them how they would feel? This is how the pedophile feels.

Most straights would refuse to engage in gay sex and would continue to fantasize about straight sex. They would masturbate to it and enjoy it. Despite all the societal propaganda, they would collect straight porn even though it was illegal. They would form networks with other persecuted straights. They would campaign for changes in the laws to make straight sex legal.

Societal propaganda would try to say that straight sex caused serious emotional harm, but the straights would refuse to believe that. And in spite of severe legal penalties, they would probably try to engage in straight sex. They would not feel bad about being straights, but would only be mad at society for persecuting them.

With this analogy, you can imagine what it’s like to be a pedophile in straight society.

If you go to Wikisposure, you can see that almost all pedophiles are utterly unapologetic about their orientation, believe that kids are sexual and have sex drives (dubious), and think that adults having sex with kids is good, fun and helpful to both the kid and the pedophile.

There’s a lot of evidence now that this is not the case. For whatever reason, a lot of kids who get molested have problems later on. Why they have problems is not known, but I don’t think it’s relevant. It’s a great reason not to do something like that – chances are, you’re going to hurt the kid.

Things get complicated when some of the POCD types start testing out their POCD by masturbating to pedo fantasies. They usually just masturbate to fantasies, as child porn is illegal. They are often seriously freaked out when they find that often it’s pleasurable. This opens up a serious dx difficulty. If the person enjoys it, they’re a pedo, right? Well, not really.

At least 26

This is a pretty typical case that I deal with below. As you can see, he is complicating matters by masturbating to pedo fantasies as some kind of “testing,” but that’s only going to make him even more crazy.

At any rate, recent research shows that all normal straight males react to females all the way down to age 7. Maximal response it at age 16+. Below age 16, the response curve rapidly descends down to age 7 where it extinguishes. So really any normal male has a reaction even to prepubescent girls. It’s just not very strong is all, and it’s easily ignored.

Just spent a relaxing couple of days at a friend’s house, and started to feel ok, decided maybe I did have POCD after all and it was all in my mind, then started spiking really bad in the afternoon about various paedophilia-related things, including feeling a sudden surge of arousal when testing to see if I was aroused by paedophilia, when I had trouble getting off to normal pornographic fantasies, though managed to eventually.

I started feeling better later on after writing down my worries but then at the end of a walk in the park two young (pre-pubescent) girls walked close to me, and I thought one was cute and felt a vague groinal response, maybe a partial erection.

Then I thought, it must just be the anxiety, but then I couldn’t dismiss the feeling of finding the girl cute, and thought, ‘I never find young girls cute’, it must be sexual attraction, and ‘I must be sexually attracted to young girls’, and at this I felt a sudden intense arousal, and I couldn’t stop thinking about this, my arousal growing, then I thought, ‘If I give in and get myself off to this, it proves I’m a paedophile and I’ll end up looking up pictures of children on the internet to get off to and then that’ll lead to me molesting a child’, and horribly these thoughts made me even more intensely aroused, but I don’t think these thoughts were due to my OCD making me think of the progression of actions, it was maybe more a series of escalating sexual urges.

At the time of these thoughts, to make it even worse, I was only resisting slightly, but my anxiety grew, and I started worrying about these thoughts, but the arousal was still there strongly, and when I got home, despite my anxiety and decreased arousal, I gave in to the arousal, unable to resist, and ended up getting off to images of the two young girls ‘together’ if you know what I mean, though not in a particularly explicit way, which I think makes it even worse that the arousal and orgasm were so intense.

Immediately after, I felt shame and deep depression, realizing I must almost certainly be a paedophile, with OCD, rather than someone with POCD as all these events fit the symptoms of paraphilias and not POCD at all.

I only post here in the vague hope this can be explained as POCD, but the fact that even now in my depression and anxiety I still feel the arousal combined with the events described means there isn’t really any hope of it being POCD rather than paedophilia.

I guess now I need to work out how to fix this, if that’s even possible. For past details, see my previous post. Very depressed…

UPDATE: I now seem to be blocking out this incident as I have great trouble accepting that it happened and this blocking out serves further to convince me that I am a paedophile in denial as someone in denial would block things out like this, things which show they are a paedophile (and the omission of the word might when I wrote this seems to confirm I’m blocking this out due to denial and deep down believe I am a paedophile) whereas I think someone with OCD would not block these things out, especially not so easily (denial=easy to block out OCD=hard and thoughts recur from past experience) but would worry about them constantly and their implications.

FURTHER UPDATE: I now remember there was anxiety ‘during’ the arousal after the initial intense arousal, which like the later anxiety decreased my feelings of arousal I think, which suggests the intense arousal was not caused by anxiety, maybe just from the thought of acceptance, which as I typed just caused a feeling of arousal, but now when very anxious I only have mild feelings of arousal, though not thinking paedophilic thoughts.

This is really messing me up…I also now remember at the conclusion of the thoughts thinking ‘I’m a paedophile’ and getting a rush of excitement and arousal rather than disgust like I do now at the thought. Anxiety might have come straight after this but I’m really not sure…

Other than the run-on sentences, I can’t see anything wrong with this guy, besides the anxiety issues that he is torturing himself with. As you can see, this person is going round and round about anxieties in his head, and his mind is chasing its tail. He’s trying to think his way to a correct solution of this problem, but that’s not going to be possible.

A concise picture emerges from this case study. Although there are some variations, this is the classic picture that I see in most every case. I tell them that it seems like they are reading off the same script.

The OCD preys on whatever you are most afraid of. There’s ridiculous and insane mass hysteria about child molesters nowadays, and being a child molester is about the worst thing that you could be. OCD tells you your worst fears are going to come true. Since people are terrified of pedophilia, we are seeing a lot of OCD playing into this fear. A while back, there was a wave of AIDS OCD. It plays up whatever fears are floating around in society.

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Porn Kills

Porn Kills Recipe


1 porn movie 1 dildo


Remove your pants and underwear and sit on the bed. Turn on the porn movie. While watching the porn movie, casually pump your pussy with the dildo. With the other hand, slowly rub your clit. Continue slowly for 10-15 minutes, or until orgasm.


Death. Best served cold.

Modern Women Have No Understanding of Males Whatsoever

Modern women have no understanding of the male sex drive and what it means to be a male whatsoever. My Mom’s generation and Third World women understand us very well. They’re not wild about our sexuality, but they figure boys will be boys, that’s just the way men are, and what can you do about it?

The feminist generation is the first one to actually declare war on male sexuality and pathologize it. It’s also led to profoundly disturbed views among females about male sexuality. Modern women seem the extremity of a young man’s sex drive. He almost literally has a fucking hardon all day. If not, all it takes is a breeze and he’s got one. And often no place to put it at that.

Hence the epidemic of situational homosexuality among young males (at least when I was growing up). Most of these guys were not the slightest bit gay, but they just were not getting laid. For a young guy, that’s a damned five-alarm fire. If there’s a queer around who will jerk you off or give you head, hey, any port in a storm. I’ve followed up on a number of these guys. Most of them got married, had kids, live in the suburbs, and as far as I can tell, knocked off the situational bisexuality crap.

I once had a friend who was a bisexual guy. I don’t like these guys too much because they always try to screw me, but anyway, after I turned this guy down at his place, he started confessing. The guy was basically gay, but he liked women too. He brought out a collection of pics of young guys, head shots. There must have been 40-50 pics in the collection. They all looked like young, macho construction workers around 20-25. They’d all let this queer suck them off, and not a one of them looked queer themselves.

A friend of mine served on a ship as a young man.

“There was this fag on the ship,” he told me once over some wine and weed. “He was going around sucking guy’s cocks on the ship.”

I winced. I didn’t want to hear that.

“I guess he sucked a lot of cocks,” nodding his head with dead seriousness in his eyes.

“I guess so,” I said, wincing again, this time twice as hard.

Modern women don’t understand how often a horny young guy will jerk off. A young man with no partner may well jerk off every single day, often more than once. I know guys who told me they did it for hours a day, for weeks and months on end. Modern women think there is something sick, weird, strange, or stupid about that. There’s an attitude that only losers jerk. No, you silly dames, only men jerk off.

In marriage it’s even worse. Apparently even most young married men keep on masturbating. Modern women think this is horrible and consider it perversion and infidelity.

Same with porn. Young single males nowadays often look at tons of porn. I know guys who have hard drives full of the stuff. Even young married men probably look at the stuff. Modern women are freaked, once again consider it cheating (LOL!) and are divorcing men for looking at porn, accusing them in court papers of sexual perversion and “pedophilia” for looking at porn. There are a few cases right in my town.

A surprising number of modern women think that single guys can have sex anytime they want to. They don’t get it. Who can have sex anytime they want to? Females! Attractive females spend every day swatting away horny males. Surely it must be the same for guys.


I’ve had women repeatedly tell me that any single guy can get as much as he wants, anytime he wants. There are all these women out there who want to make “sexual arragements” with you, you know. You know, you fuck her, she fucks you, no wedding bells, no babies, no mortgage, everything’s cool.

Yeah right.

Hell, women are ringing my phone off every day here asking for these sexual arrangements. At least 10 a day. I’m gonna need to change my number!

Well, if there’s no women around, a guy can always buy it, right? That’s not an option for most middle class White males. I know very few men who ever admitted to me that he bought sex. As a rule, if a young middle class White guy admits he bought sex, all of his idiot friends are going to pound him for him. “I’ve never paid for it!” They will all exclaim. Yeah right. Like Hell you haven’t.

Funny thing is I’ve never heard any man over 40 give me that line, “I’ve never paid for it.” You always pay for sex, one way or another. All men know this. That’s what is so retarded about the, “I never pay for it,” line.

I know one guy who had sex with a lot of whores. He also did it with a lot of women. I figure he’s had over 100 partners easily. He’s a great looking guy, sort of Alpha, and he’s horny as Hell. He just never got married, that’s all.

He’s screwed a bunch of whores, but he’s done a ton of so-called “non-whores” too (who also charged him). Back in the 1980’s, he used to buy high class call girls in Hollywood. Going price was around $65 if you were lucky. In addition to getting laid, you also got a Herpes infection. As he already had it, he didn’t give a fuck, but he kept getting new infections in different places, from both prostitutes and non-prostitutes, but the whores were the worst.

He also went to Oriental Massage Parlors a lot. You can get seriously get laid in these places, but they are also a serious bust, since they operate with open signs, advertisements, you name it. The women in these joints are Asian, often young and very often attractive to extremely beautiful. Going rate was $65-85+ for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Thing is, you often had to seduce the masseuses. They make a decent wage just giving massages, and a lot don’t want to go to jail or screw every client, or any client. If you’re not Joe Slick Alpha, you might never get laid. Even this guy, who is Joe Cool with chicks, often struck out in massage parlors. In that case, you just get a nice $55 massage. The sex is extra, tipped directly to the girl.

If you’re slick and cool, you can often seduce them. Then you get handjobs, blowjobs, even eat pussy and 69 if you like that sort of thing. Sex is rarer. The women are very clean, and he said he never caught a thing.

He also sampled street whores, who he said were a disaster. Often Black, often on drugs, often with very bad, sleazy attitudes, and yes, they have lots of diseases. They were cheap, $20 back then, but no sane guy goes there.

Here it is 20-25 years later, and the price must be around $150 for Oriental Massage and $130 for call girls, or possibly much more. Even street whores must be $40 at least.

There is another thing to consider. Prostitution is against the law. You can be busted as a john for trying to buy a whore. Oriental massage joints are often busted. The cops take over the joint and send in Oriental female undercover cops. You go in there, offer the chick $40, and you’re cuffed for soliciting.

My friend made good money, but even back then, he could only afford whores maybe once a month. That’s not enough sex for a typical young man. At the going price of ~$150 a shot, how many young guys can afford to buy whores?

Even if, as a single man, you find a women willing to give it to you, she’s charging. Dinner, movie, bar afterwards, is what? $100. I don’t know, it’s been forever since I did it. If you’re getting it regularly, she probably wants to be taken out once a week, if not 2-3 times a week. Figure $100/week easily for the girlfriend. I paid my dues as required, but my memory was endless bitching about how I needed to start making more money. And how the women I was dating were always making more money than I was, but would never even so much as pay the fuckin tip.

At $100/week for a girlfriend, how many guys can afford that?

Don’t forget anniversaries. It’s our one month anniversary, our two month anniversary, our one year anniversary. Don’t forget holidays. Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, on and on. Fork, fork, fork. Now you’re going to be asked to actually buy some stuff. Jewelry, outfits, cellphones, computers, Hell, even cars!

Yeah, free love, right. What were we fighting for back then anyway?

Statement on Game/PUA Community

The “Game” and PUA (Pickup Artist Community) guys is a movement of guys who are trying to teach other guys how to get women. More crudely, you can say they are teaching them how to get laid. However, some married men with no interest in cheating are just using game to try to control their out of control wives, or as one man put it, “to deal with the insanity of the typical American wife.”

Game teaches you how to manipulate and control women in order to get them to do what you want them to do. Women use Game on us all the time. They constantly try to manipulate and control us to try to get us to do what they want us to do. Each sex is entitled to use Game or any other legal techniques to try to get their partners and love interests to do what they want them to do, assuming everything is legal.

There are no moral issues here, because all’s fair in love and war. Tell you what, women? You first. You stop fighting dirty first (Women are the ultimate champions at fighting dirty; men are just cheap penny pikers), then we’ll follow suit.

What the PUA community does and the techniques it uses go for beyond the scope of this post.

Some of their techniques involve phrases like ASD, LMR and bitch shield. When a woman is not giving you sex or physical affection, she is said to have her bitch shield up. Ok, that’s kind of funny. Me? I just might not call her back unless I have a chance soon. I go to work real soon, and I am manhandling and getting physical by the first date. I get slapped down a lot, and it doesn’t always get me into bed, but in general, it works great. You have to get physical with these women!

ASD and LMR stand for anti-slut defense and last-minute resistance. This is when the woman is holding out on you. Ok, that’s kind of funny too. Usually in my case she has already gotten really physical with me but is now holding out on the best part of the game. Of course I have utilized all sorts of psychological techniques to wear down these common defenses. I recommend other guys do too.

These PUA guys also do stuff called “negs,” and “refusing to validate.” I don’t see the point. Negs is where you insult her, often openly and in front of others. It’s testament to the extremely low moral quality of the female in general that this disgusting technique makes them want to mate with us.

“Refusing to validate” is similar. To some extent, this makes sense, but I’m not going to do it in that callous PUA way. Problem is that most guys fall all over themselves like puppy dogs or babies when they are with women, kissing women’s feet, showering them with stupid lines, gifts, compliments and adoring, puppy-like affection. Reasonably enough, many women find such self-abasing behavior disgusting.

My technique is to act like, “Hey look, I’m too busy to chase women! What the Hell do you want anyway?”

Another one is to act like you have women after you all the time.

“Oh boy, here’s one more, just what I need? So impress me babe. Realize you’re competing with hundreds of other females for my overwhelmingly desired attention? How are you going to show me you’re better than the rest? How are you going to beat all these other women.”

Another thing is to never let a woman know you’re not dating anyone. Traditional women don’t mind hearing it, but American women are psycho. He not dating anyone means, “He’s a loser.” Women only want what others want or better yet have. Never let them know at the beginning that they are the only one. Never let them know that you aren’t getting any. Always give them the impression that you have an easy return no questions asked policy and she can be replaced with a better model anytime.

Never let a woman know you’re lacking in sexual experience. Never let a woman know you’ve been celibate for any length of time at the present. A history of many women works better than a history of few to none. Women say they hate studs, but they can’t stop sleeping with them.

As soon as women figure out you haven’t been getting any, or you lack sexual experience, or haven’t had many women in your life, they will start running their own Game on you, and boy! You think the PUA guys’ Game is evil! Wait til you see this Game she’s about to run on you! The only way to deal with women is from a position of strength. Women see weakness, grab the ball and make a 90-yard dash to make a touchdown in your territory, then throw the ball to the ground and dance a little jig right on your balls.

It’s sad that we have to act this way, but really, these somewhat shitty techniques work great.

Anyway, that’s my version of Game. It’s worked quite well for me in life.

I don’t like the PUA or game community all that much. They say to get women you need to act like an asshole and treat women like shit to some extent. They’ve tested these theories as scientifically as you can, and they’ve proven that they’ve worked. They throw out theory that doesn’t work and try new things all time. It’s a very science-based approach.

This just reaffirms my increasingly low opinion of women. I see. So…the way for me to get women is to be mean to them, do “negs” on them, treat them like shit, “refuse to validate them,” on and on.

Well, nothing new here. I’ve noticed for 35 years that the assholes get most of the women, and the rest of the guys don’t get crap, or get evil carping bitches. Worse, the women are nice to the assholes, and seem to enjoy being treated like shit by a bunch of near sociopaths.

Well, that’s just wonderful, isn’t it? Want to be successful with women? Just act like a quasi-psychopath, treat ’em like crap, insult them, cheat on them, psychologically abuse them, because the damned bitches are masochistic freaks and get off on being treated like shit by a modern day Caveman with a club. And the nice guys get kicked in the balls and then kicked to the curb.

Wonderful, just wonderful. Game isn’t telling me anything new. If mentally ill masochistic females reward the most callous, cruel and sociopathic males with the most love, sex and obedient behavior, while the nice guys always lose, who can blame guys for giving some of these crazy biatches what they want? I won’t.

But it’s not for me. If I have to “invalidate,” “neg,” treat like shit, insult and abuse women in order to get laid, Hell, I’ll just stay home. I have a hard drive full of porn, and that’s all I need, but at least my conscience will be clear.

Weirdo Kill Bill Actor Dead in Kinky Sex Game in Thailand

Damn, what a freak. Was Kwai Chang Caine really found dead in a closet in Bangkok with shoelaces tied around his nuts and his neck? “Yes, grasshopper,” said Master Po, nodding his head sagely. I think he got what he deserved. Goddamned perverted old man. No wait, that’s a subset that includes me. At least I don’t hang myself until I pass out and nearly die. You’d think evolution would have weeded out auto-erotic asphyxiation long ago. Talk about non-adaptive.


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