Mystery Solved

One thing has never made sense to me. I’ve known people all over the world. They tend to have one thing in common. They’re all ethnocentric. They all love some combination of their race, ethnicity, tribe, nation or culture. They tend to think their culture is better than anyone else’s, and they probably think their people are better than anyone else too. At PC Anti-White Brainwash University where I recently obtained a Master’s Degree, a liberal professor actually told me that this is normal. We all think we’re better than everyone else. It’s probably genetic and left over from our tribal past. At the same time, most folks I have met like people from the other races, ethnicities, tribes and nations too. They are willing to make friends with them, work with them, live with them and in many cases even date or marry them. This seems to be the natural way of humans, even though it’s contradictory. We all sort of think we’re better, but we still like the other people enough to get along with them and maybe even fall in love with them. This is probably a leftover from our tribal past too, since tribes that would not outbreed probably inbred to the point of going extinct. Anyway, it adds up to the kind of healthy ethnocentrism you see in most folks on Earth. In the US, you find it in almost all Hispanics and Blacks. They’re all proud to be Hispanic or Black, yet most are not racist at all towards all non-Hispanics or non-Blacks and are willing to live with, be friends with and maybe even date or marry some of them. Problem is that with Whites, as soon as they start feeling the tiniest bit good about themselves, it seems like they go bonkers. As soon as a White person says, “I’m proud to be White,” they’re typically gone. Most Whites who say things like that are seriously racist towards most or all non-Whites, do not want to make friends with them or live around them and for sure don’t want to date or marry them. In the vast majority of cases, they wish to completely separate from them. Which begs the question. Why can’t Whites just say, “I love you,” to that White face in the mirror without turning into total racist assholes? It seems like a mystery, but there’s an easy answer. In World War 2, a serious asshole in Germany killed millions of people more or less in the name of White power. A distorted vision of White power, but White power nonetheless. Nevertheless, after WW2 in the US, White pride was pretty much still the thing, especially in the South. After the victory of the Left in the civil rights battles 40 years ago, White pride was associated not only with genocidal Austrians but also with segregationist cavemen with Mississippi drawls. With the victory of the Left came the first buds of Political Correctness which blossomed to its full bloom of idiocy that we see today. A bunch of people, lots of Jews but also plenty of liberal Gentiles, along with Blacks and even Hispanics, decided that White pride sucked. Jews thought it sucked because some maniac practically wiped them off the planet under the banner of White pride. Blacks thought it sucked because it was under the flag of White pride that they were so viciously oppressed for so long. Hispanics experienced a milder version of the same crap that Blacks did. Liberal Whites looked at all the sorry shit that White people did while shouting White pride and they said screw that. So it was that White pride in all of its manifestations was outlawed. We Whites were and are not allowed to feel good about ourselves in any way whatsoever and all statements to that effect were and are seriously punished. As in, you lost your job, your career was over. Stuff like that. In its place was substituted White apathy and White self-abasement. Whites were expected to say, “I don’t care about being White.” Or, better, they would say, “I’m White. I’m inferior. Haha,” while listening to Lou Reed singing “I Want to Be Black.” The net effect was that all the sane White people dropped their ethnocentrism. The only Whites left with the balls or craziness to say they were ethnocentric were the true racist crazies who just didn’t care. Just like when they say, “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” And so another mystery is solved.

Bitches Heart Wimps

As a woman ages, her looks head out. Such is a truism for the males too. Let us say that one’s looks decline at 5 Yet in the real world, this is not the case. In middle age, as ones youthful beauty crumbles amid the dust, the personality, instead of rising to meet the challenge, heads into the mud puddle itself. This is not workable. Growing up, we knew that the homeliest girls had the best personalities. The better looking the girl, in many cases the nastier they got. Why? The beautiful young thing can afford to be a Hellaciouis bitch. Silly young men will fall all over themselves to compete for the raging ice queens, personality be damned. There is impunity; there is no downside to being a female piranha swimming in the swan song of youth. So we come to middle aged women. I notice something. After 45 or so, many single women just get more and more unpleasant. Before 45, they are pretty nice. Young women are quite nice. Why? They are happy. No woman is happier than a young woman. Sure they blow up and spout like volcanoes from time to time, but that’s only if you have sex with them, and then it’s sort of worth it. Most of the time, young women are pleasant, sweet and kind. Most of all, they are happy. Aging is not kind to anyone’s psyche. I am told that men get nastier too as we age. This is sad. We lose our looks and kill our personality too. A double edged sword to the heart. One wonders why middle aged guys should bother with a lot of these older ladies, huh? Give us a reason, one reason? In general, the looks are heading out, this is normal as the tides. Yet the personality must recompense; instead, it often resembles a pit bull. Are there are redeeming features to such a woman? Truthfully, there are none. Such a walking defect has no redeeming value whatsoever. There is nothing of value, zero. No looks + no personality =  zero zero zero. Many such women take pride in breaking balls and being bitches, yet they go psycho when anyone has the guts to point this out. It must be kept secret! In my mother’s generation, God bless her soul, to be a bitch was to be evil. My mother hates bitchy women and prides herself on being a real woman. She will never undermine a man, and she never attacked my Dad’s masculinity – she told me in her own words she would never do such a thing. To her generation, this is beyond the pale. Let’s hear it for the Greatest Generation. The woman is middle aged, her looks are headed out, she needs a personality instead. Yet in many cases, all we have is a female rattlesnake, not attractive to any real man. Only a wimp will go for such a Godzilla Woman. You ever see this? The women who “loves to be the bitch ha ha ha”, “I am a strong woman, bla bla bla bla,” who wants her? No one. No one. Not one man in his right mind will touch such a beast. I will not touch such a creature with a 10 foot pole, an 11 foot extension and a Hazmat suit. If I see one come my way, I will break all 100 yard dash records ever made running away, with my tail beneath my legs. All real men are terrified of these Hellish beings. So, such a woman…she goes for the wimp! You see this? The bitch loves the wimp. She seeks him out. The bitchier the woman, the more she deliberately seeks the wimpiest and sissiest of men. Why? Who knows, this is her illness. The result is catastrophe, because no woman is happy as a bitch, and all women really want to be feminine and ladylike. The wimp is wretched; she destroys him as a casual hobby, and if you look closely, the wimpier the man, the more wretched and miserable he is. So, we want to know, why does this Monster Woman chase the wimp? She has no choice. No real man will touch such a beast. All real men will fight such a genetic defect, to the death if necessary. They run from them, or if cornered, stand their ground and fight this female grizzly to the bloody end. If a real man goes with her, he will soon leave. Otherwise, he will kill her. Why? He has to. She cannot get a real man, so she needs the wimp, and together they are wretched. Feminism made Wormboy, and she’s been stomping her foot ever since.

Who's Afraid of Virginia Bitch?

The phone rang. It was nighttime, close to midnite. I leaned over and picked it up. It was Sexmaniacman again. He was on a rant, stoned and drinking wine, on his fourth glass. I let him go on. A minute in, I started laughing and didn’t stop until he finished and hung up. Here is what he said: BITCH! It’s their word, Bob, their word. Just like the Blacks and their n-word, excuse me, their nigger word. They can say it til their tonsils come out, but we whisper it less audibly than a dog whistle and the whole house falls down. Women just freak out when they hear that word, don’t they? How dare a man utter the b-word, the n-word for women. The audacity. He stole our favorite word from us. Death penalty! Normal, nice women are not afraid of that word. I was talking to this 50 year old lady the other day, not bad looking, few extra pounds. I said, “Wow, you’re not a bitch. How come? That’s amazing.” I said it like I just found a gold nugget worth $10,000. She beamed and lit up the whole room. “I know, Sexcat, I know..” She was purring. “I’m not a bitch; I’m nice. I’m good looking. Young guys check me out all the time and I love it! I make special trips out shopping just to let the young guys check me out, Sexbro.” She was moving back and forth like a human ocean wave. “I get a rush that lasts the whole day when those young studs check me out, Sexboy.” Now she was sad. Her lips down down and stared into her wine glass. “I’m not a bitch, I’m smart! I have a good job, I’m pretty hot for 50! So why am I alone?” “Do you want these hot young studs?”, I just had to ask. “Oh no”, she said. She was swaying now. “I want a man my age.” She looked like she was drunk, but she wasn’t, she was just rocking on the floor. “I want you, Sexman. I want you, baby.” Whew! I’m mopping my brow, Bob! The room’s getting hot just thinking about that. You know the rest, haha! I know this young woman, Asian chick, 30 years old, hot little spinner. I told her a while back, “You know something, you’re not a bitch.” She said, “Yes, I am, Sexguy.” I asked, “You are?” She said, “Yep. I’m a horny bitch, Sexdude!” Atta girl! You know the rest! This is another one of the lies women tell to us. We men are banned from using that word! Despite the fact that the world is full of bitches, sadly enough, and all women act this way from time to time! Bitchiness is as normal as sunshine and the moon, Bob, what’s the big deal, man? Bitchiness is like the weather, the rain and the sun, the clouds and the wind. It’s part of the rhythm of life, man. Man up and deal with it! If you don’t like bitchiness, move to a monastery. Tragically, some women are just bitchy all the time, and that’s who the word was made for. Every time we men use that evil word, we’re referring to all women! What a joke. No we aren’t. I mean, sure, some guys refer to all women or women in general as bitches, but that’s ugly and another matter all together. That’s nasty and misogynous to the extreme. I would never do this, Bob. C’mon man, how could I? I love women! Hell! I’m Sexman, the Sexmaniacman. I don’t hate women; I’m a woman addict. Bob, listen: Can we guys say, “Wow, my girlfriend was really being a bitch last night!”? No! If we say that, we are secretly referring to all women, and probably plotting to murder them too. Can we say, “Wow, I hate that woman, she is such an fucking bitch.” There are women like that, you know. Too many, as a matter of fact. No! We can’t say that, and if we do, we are Ted Bundy’s evil twin. It’s their word. They own it. We can’t have it. Ridiculous. You know what, Bob? You know who uses that word more than anybody else. Women! They use it about other women. They always calling each bitches. Even women my age*. I know, I hang around women a lot. I’m a ladies’ man, right? I ain’t no man’s man. All my friends are women! And I hear them talking, Bob, you listening? They’re always calling other women bitches. And my friend just told me that young women use that word even more than the ones my age. It’s part of their daily vocabulary. Who do they call bitches? Their own female sisters, that’s who. No fair. They get to use the word and we don’t. They say it and it’s meaningless; we say and we are evil sexist misogynous dogs who are secretly referring to all women, and plotting to rape and murder all of them, too, for good measure. Here’s how it is, Bob. Listen to me, man! I am Sexman, my words are golden! Feminism teaches women to be a bunch of bitches, and then creates a fantasyland where that reality somehow does not even exist (although it does), then pours scorn, hatred, abuse and contempt on any man (But not any woman!) who dares to point out the obvious. Man power! I am a masculinist! *Sexmaniacman, although apparently a permanent adolescent, is chronologically 45 years old. He likes women of all ages and all races, though he confesses that he never tried an Aborigine chick. He keeps bugging me to find him one. I’m at a loss.

Hate Crimes Legislation: The View From the Ground

People talk a lot about hate crimes legislation, but we seldom know what it looks like on the ground. This British diplomat was arrested in the UK for violating hate crimes laws for shouting a few things here and there at the gym while watching the latest Israeli outrage in Gaza. I don’t really dig people yelling racially offensive stuff in public, but… Really, now. The poor guy could get 7 years in public for “inciting religious hatred.” My God. Isn’t this just going a bit too far? Are people getting arrested for writing stuff too? I’ve been arrested a few times myself, and no way do I want to see cell bars again. My understanding is that hate crimes legislation has been one of the top things on the ADL’s agenda for some time now. It’s a testament to the fact that Jews do not, in fact, run America, that it’s never passed despite all the efforts of Organized Jewry. I believe that the Hispanic Lobby and the Cultural Left anti-racists like the SPLC are also pushing very hard for this. I don’t know about Black groups. This stuff creeps me out. Hard.

Housing Discrimination, the New York Post Cartoon and the Oscar Grant Killing

It’s illegal to discriminate against non-Whites in housing. It’s an endless lament of White nationalists that Whites are not allowed to do this anymore. As soon as there is a hint of housing discrimination, the evil Feds will swoop down on you, fine you, take away your real estate license, or whatever. Tim Wise (not my favorite guy) informs us that there are only about 6-12,000 incidents of racial discrimination in housing occurring every single day in the US. Of course, in every single one of these cases, the Feds swoop down on the racists and haul them away, right? Who’s doing the discriminating? Wise does not say, but it is probably mostly Whites. Who are they discriminating against? Probably mostly Blacks? Are there Hispanics and Asians discriminating against Blacks? Maybe some Hispanics. Asians? Dubious. Why does it go on? Your average homeowner selling his own home could care less who buys it. Money’s money. The only people discriminating are going to be landlords renting our apartments and real estate agents selling homes, apartments or condos. A few Whites might not sell to a Black just to keep the neighborhood pure, but I doubt if that many are so racially conscious. If there’s this much discrimination going on every day, the Justice Department is definitively falling down on the job of enforcing the Fair Housing Act. Wise also says that when Blacks first started moving into White neighborhoods, Whites started bailing immediately due to sheer racism. There’s more to it than that. The fear was that the place would turn Black and the well-known deterioration would take place was surely involved. Many Whites stuck it out as the neighborhood slowly turned. As the area got Blacker and Blacker, things changed in a lot of dramatic ways. Most importantly, various Black pathologies, in particular violent crime by Blacks, mostly young Blacks, preying on Whites, often older Whites, is the thing that really freaks Whites out in these cases. Schools start to change too. Many young Black males are highly aggressive, see White boys are weak and soft, and preferentially target and bully them for that reason. These same boys also target and bully their fellow Blacks, but the Whites are definitely attacked because they are seen as soft and weak. Quite a few liberal-minded Whites have turned into raving racists due to some really unpleasant experiences going to school with Blacks, like getting attacked by feral Black males for years while attempting to get an education. There are other changes that occur when a neighborhood starts turning Black, but crime and deteriorating schools, especially attacks on White boys by Black boys, are probably the real game changers, two things that send Whites fleeing more than anything else. Blacks have only themselves to blame for this behavior and the resulting White flight, which,while lamentable, is perfectly reasonable. Personal safety is about the #1 issue for most folks. It tends to trump anything else. It’s not racism to seek to avoid crime and violence. Wise points out logically that the famous New York Post cartoon of the cop shooting the ape “who wrote the stimulus bill” was transposed by the Post next to a picture of Obama signing the legislation. That is racist crap on the part of the Post; not the cartoon, but the transposition. If you can’t figure that out, think hard. Real hard. The execution of the young Black man Oscar Grant by White BART officer Mehserle in the Bay Area recently has aroused lots of controversy. Blacks in Oakland spent a few days rioting about this incident, but US Blacks are always rioting about this or that. Yawn. The Left and the Blacks say this is cold-blooded murder, but I doubt it. Mehserle was issued a new stun gun just two weeks before. He had a gun on one side and a stun gun on the other. Obviously he was reaching for the stun gun to stun Grant with, grabbed the gun instead, and shot him instead of stunning him. For Mehserle to deliberately execute Grant while lying on the ground would be totally insane. We don’t do that in the US, not anymore. Who does it? Oh, cops all over the world. In Africa, the very racial brothers of US Blacks would obviously execute a criminal in cold blood like that. The only places on Earth where cops have quit openly and deliberately executing people in large numbers is in the White West. You know, those evil racist White folks? Yeah them.

SPLC Supports American Workers Against Fake Guest Workers

One of the last things the Bush Administration did before it left, among the other horrible rules it made, was a new rule dealing the H-2B guest workers. It made it easier to bring these fake workers into the country and it also made it much easier to abuse them while they were here. I am on the Southern Poverty Leadership Center (SPLC)’s mailing list, and I recently got a mail from them. It said, “Stop the Abuse of Workers!” Since the SPLC has never shown me that it cared anything about American workers, or Americans period, as long as they are White Americans, I figured this was some BS about stopping the “abuse” of arresting illegal aliens who have absolutely no fucking right whatsoever to be in my country. My surprise. On opening the mail, the SPLC detalied the new Bush Administration rule that is leading to some grotesque abuse of these guest workers, who shouldn’t even be in this country in the first place. That’s wrong right there, but what surprised me was next. The SPLC then said that the whole H-2B program is subject to outrageous abuses, in most cases being used to bring in fake “guest workers” after first firing the Americans, or brining in fake guest workers when there are plenty of Americans willing to fill the jobs. Along with Paul Craig Roberts’ post in Counterpunch that I detailed earlier that discussed how the Stimulus Bill allows businesses to use stimulus money to fire American workers and bring in fake guest worker replacements, these are the first times I have ever heard the Left in the US actually stand up for American workers against immigrants of any sort. There is definitely competition between US workers and refugees, guest workers and illegal aliens. In that contest, the Left has nearly always treasonously sided with the glorious foreigners against the real Americans. For a political spectrum that is supposed to be for American workers, I can’t hide my outrage at this. This is because the Left in the US is increasingly made up of non-Whites. Many non-Whites are either immigrants or their children, and they automatically side with a pro-immigrant position to the point where frankly most immigrants and their children seem to be out and out Open Borders and Mass Amnesty maniacs and traitors. So the glorious “immigrant” has become something of a sacred cow with the Left. Let’s keep in mind that most immigrants nowadays are non-Whites, and the idiot Left in the West is based on the notion perpetrated by what I call “Anti-White Studies”. Also note that most US workers are White. The US Left has a well-disguised contempt for White workers, probably because they think they are infected with “White privilege” or are a bunch of racist rednecks who need to be knocked down a few pegs. However, I note that no one on the US Left has dared to take on the precious illegals. Fake guest workers, who are after all legal, can be slammed, but the glorious illegal alien invaders are a protected class to be cherished and promoted at all costs. The day when the US Left lifts one finger against illegals will be an interesting day indeed.

"Anti-White Studies" at California State Universities, 2009

A friend of mine is doing undergrad work at my alma mater, Fresno State University, right now, and almost all of his classes, from Geography to History to English to Literature, are what he calls “Anti-White Studies”. They are mostly taught by non-Whites or ultra-liberal Whites. Some of the non-White profs can hardly even speak English well enough to teach the class. Fresno State, a mostly White campus when I was there in 1991-1994, is now described by my friend as “the United Nations.” He says it is profoundly alienating, and he feels like a despised minority. The professors teaching “Anti-White Studies” use the bully pulpit to launch into various lies and diatribes against Whites, and the mostly non-White students just sit there and eat it up. The only White authors allowed in Lit classes are gay, lesbian, mentally ill, dopers or alcoholics. His Lit book explicitly states that the book was specifically designed as an attack on those horrible Dead White Male authors that litter modern US literature. As the White majority declines in the US, this anti-White, PC crap seems to increase. I don’t get it. The less of us there are, the less oppressive we are, right? Or is it more a manifestation of growing non-White power in US, throwing their weight around and baring their fangs of frustration? Jesus Christ, will you read what I just wrote? I’m a Leftist, and I’m starting to sound like a paleoconservative Buchanonite rightwinger. God help us.


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