Chavismo Must Stop the Economic Bleeding

This is one of the most sensible articles I have read on the Venezuela economic crisis yet. The first three proposals will be bitter pills to swallow, but they need to be done. Apparently those subsidies, put in as popular redistribution methods by the government in which the government enacted subsidies enabling many things to be sold below cost with the state making up the difference, can no longer be afforded. They were great at a fantastic growth in the standard of living (before the economic crisis) of the lower classes, but they have to go.
The problem will be getting it through the Opposition controlled Legislature. The Opposition’s screams about the terrible state of the economy ring hollow because every time Maduro goes to the Legislature to offer plans to deal with the economic crisis, the Opposition refuses to enact any of them. That is correct. The Opposition refuses to do even one tiny thing to try to deal with the economic crisis. This is highly suggestive that they are part of the crisis themselves and that in part it is manufactured.
Obviously the Opposition wants the economy to tank as much as possible and for the crisis to go on as long as possible because they see the crisis as good propaganda that “Chavismo doesn’t work.” Also the crisis offers them a perfect chance to throw out the government. In this way, they are similar to US Republicans who blocked everything Obama tried to do apparently in an effort to make his Presidency fail.
You guys wonder why I hate capitalists and rightwingers. Well, the Venezuelan Opposition are capitalists and rightwingers. The US Republican Party are capitalists and rightwingers. If you ask me, capitalists and rightwingers are literally the worst people on Earth. I do not care how well capitalism works. That is not my concern. My problem is not so much with capitalism as with capitalists, the people who engage in the activity. The system can work reasonably well with a lot of socialism to make it go down easier, but the people who run the system are simply pond scum. They’re horrific and despicable human beings. I’m starting to see why Stalin shot them.

Chavismo Must Stop the Economic Bleeding

By Joe Emersberger – Telesur English
July 20th 2016

A special economic team convened by UNASUR, part of its effort to promote dialog between the Venezuelan opposition and Maduro’s government, has put together a detailed plan to lead Venezuela out of its worsening economic crisis. The key features of the plan are listed below:

  • A unification and clean float of the currency that should be implemented immediately.
  • Gradual lifting of price controls over an 18 month period.
  • Gradual lifting of all energy subsidies (not just gasoline) over an 18 month period.
  • Implement direct government subsidies to consumers, preferably universal subsidies, through an electronic discount card.
  • The indexing of all salaries to the monthly inflation rate for 18 months or until single digit inflation is achieved if that happens first.
  • A thorough and transparent audit of government assets so that non-strategic assets can be sold to finance the plan but also so that options for external financing become available.
  • The introduction of financial transaction and wealth taxes.

Implementation of an employment program to help people whose informal work (for example standing in lines to buy then resell price-controlled products) is eliminated through this plan. It would cost about 1 percent of GDP and would be financed with the taxes proposed above.
The first three proposals eliminate indirect subsidies which make certain products (and U.S. dollars) cheap for those lucky enough to get them. UNASUR’s team advises that the government support people’s incomes directly instead.
The first three proposals would be the most controversial to the Chavista base and to the Venezuelan left. The plan would be denounced by many as an IMF-style “paquetazo” as the IMF’s destructive policy recommendations have come to be known in Latin America. The left gained power throughout the region in the twenty-first century primarily because of the devastation caused by governments that followed IMF orders during the 1980-2000 period. It is not hard to see the huge political risk of doing things that look like backsliding or betrayal, but this plan is not in any way a return to IMF imposed neoliberalism.
Over the past three years, the costs of Venezuela’s indirect subsidies have not only skyrocketed, they have also largely failed to protect the poor, especially after oil prices collapsed near the end of 2014 but even for about a year before oil prices plummeted. UNASUR’s economic team estimates that Venezuela’s indirect subsidies cost the government anywhere from 11 to 17 percent of GDP.
To get a sense of how huge that is, consider that the United States presently spends about 3 percent of GDP on the Pentagon budget. The Venezuelan economy is being bled dry by massive indirect subsidies that do not work. UNASUR’s plan would stop the bleeding. It would replace outrageously costly and inefficient indirect subsidies with vastly more effective direct subsidies.
The UNASUR team does not address long term problems with Venezuela’s economy that have tended to confuse people about the immediate crisis it faces. Venezuela, like all developing countries, needs to diversify away from oil, and increase productivity generally in order to achieve the living standards of developed countries – at least key features of those living standards that should be strived for, like very low infant mortality.
In the Chavista era, the government has only had control over its state oil company, its main source of export revenue and hard currency, since about 2003, four years after the late Hugo Chavez was first took office. It took South Korea, a country not regarded as an ideological threat to the imperial powers, about 40 years to achieve the living standards of a rich country. It took Cuba about forty years to achieve a lower child mortality rate than the United States – a rich country that is a notorious laggard by that measure.
No “solidarity economy” that seeks to develop local production is going to begin to offset the hemorrhaging of 11 to 17 percent of GDP. There are many factors that go into successful long term planning and development, but no country striving to develop in the long term can afford incredibly wasteful and destabilizing polices in the present – especially in the context of a balance of payments crisis and low oil prices. Admonishing the Venezuelan government about long term planning and diversification is like talking to person with a serious stab wound about diet and exercise. The priority must be to stop the bleeding.
Venezuela’s Vice President has recently made remarks indicating that he understands and supports the nature of the UNASUR plan. It has never been totally clear if the government has allowed things to get so far out of hand as a result of political fears or from lack of understanding. People who have years of experience among grassroots Chavistas do not report that pressure from the government’s base will make them implement UNASUR’s plan. The base, it appears, do not know about the plan and would be probably misled about it by many grassroots leaders who would see it as a betrayal of Chavismo.
The government relies heavily on grassroots leaders during elections but that is no excuse for inaction. Moreover, as the UNASUR team points out, Venezuela has already made painful adjustments over the past few years through a huge reductions in imports. It could therefore very quickly deliver the benefits of implementing this plan, which is the best way to convince people that is necessary.
All around the world, people must really struggle to get any semblance of economic literacy. This is not a problem unique to Venezuela or to the left in Venezuela. The global economy was tanked in 2009 by massive housing bubbles in rich countries that “experts” failed to warn people about. Governments and big financial interests then took advantage of public ignorance again to make working people pay for the disaster.
People who care about the success of progressive change in Venezuela – and in Latin America – must do all they can to ensure that huge self-inflicted problems are avoided. Progressive governments will face extreme hostility abroad and at home during the best of times. They can least afford to make such serious mistakes.

More on Venezuelan Economy

TJF writes:

If it’s not economic warfare, then what the Hell is causing the shortages?
When a country’s inflation rate exceeds certain levels, especially in Venezuela’s case where they have to import food and a substantial number of goods, economic systems start breaking down. The country went from 50% inflation in early 2014 to 180% last year with expectations of 500% this year, indicating that prices double every 2 months. With such high inflation no one wants to accept the currency for any sort of goods, services, or wages. Of course one could easily argue that economic warfare is the cause of the inflation, I know little of Venezuela beyond what I have read in the conventional press.

1.The mass shortages are causing a lot of the inflation obviously. Supply and demand.
2. But most of the inflation is being caused by the unequal exchange rate. 1 government dollar = 40 black market dollars.
3. Lots of people are making plenty of money in Venezuela. The business sector is not going out of business or anything like that. When they sell products on the black market and smuggle them to Colombia, they make huge profits. Also a lot of them are playing the currency markets where they get a government dollar for 1$ that is worth at least $40 on the black market. The wildly inflated dollars on the black market are causing a lot of the inflation right there. The inflation is coming right out of that black market in dollars.
The stores in the rich areas are stocked to the rafters. They have no shortages of anything. All of the shortages are in the poorer or working class areas. The rich are not suffering at all. They can buy anything they want.
There is still a huge amount of capital flight going on. ~$50 billion dollars goes out of the country every year due to capital flight.

Various Schemes That the Opposition Has Tried to Get Rid of the Chavistas

Bottom line is the Opposition has tried everything in the book to get rid of the Chavistas, so why wouldn’t they try economic war? They already tried economic war twice before, once with a lockout strike and another time with the oil company strike/sabotage, both of which brought the economy to its knees. The Opposition has shown no qualms about using ruining the economy if it means getting rid of the Chavistas.
Further, serious shortages have appeared before every election for over 20 years now. ~1-2 months before every election, serious shortages of all sorts of things occur and many products become unavailable. So the Opposition has already shown that the4y are willing to create artificial shortages to try to get rid of the Chavistas. If they’ve created artificial shortages 18 times before, why wouldn’t they be doing it now?
Capital flight: Capital flight has been a problem from Day One of the Chavistas, and the currency controls were originally put in to stop the capital flight. You have to get a handle on capital flight, or your economy will collapse. So currency controls were put in limiting how many dollars you could take out of the country. This was a good idea, and it had to be done anyway. The business sector never cooperated with the Chavistas.
Military coup and oil company strike: The capital flight started from Day One, then a military coup, then the oil company strike, then a business lockout of workers strike where most of the businesses in the country simply closed up shop and locked out the workers.
Lockout strike: It is called a lockout strike because the workers show up every day wanting to work but they are locked out of the building. And there is no reason to shutter the enterprise because it is going fine. The businesses are not going out of business. They are just going on strike. The lockout strike lasted a year and caused huge damage to the economy.
Constant rioting for over a decade: After that, they tried all sorts of things including continuous rioting in the upper class and middle class areas that has been going on for almost 10-15 years now. For a long time, the Chavista police just stood off the side and let them riot because they knew that if they tried to arrest the rioters, the US would start screaming human rights violations of the brutal police thugs, and they would put sanctions on the country.

If It's Not Economic War, What Then Is Causing the Shortages in Venezuela?

RL: “The shortages of these goods is occurring because the private sector is refusing to make/import them or make/import enough of them.”
Tulio: I’d need further proof of that. The free market should handle such issues. If one manufacturing of widgets is withholding production that’s an opportunity for another to open up and take his market share.

Well, why isn’t the Venezuelan free market operating as it should then? Does the commenter have any theories on what is causing all of these shortages? If it’s not economic warfare, then what the Hell is causing the shortages? You can’t just shoot down theories you don’t like. You have to shoot them down and then offer another theory instead. What does the commenter think is causing all of these shortages in a capitalist-run economy?
Got any theories?
Hint: The business class is trying to take down the Chavistas by creating an economic crisis and using that crisis to take out the Chavistas.
Has the commenter studied what happened when the US got together with the Chilean business class to wage an economic war and make the Chilean economy scream in order to create an economic crisis that they could use as an excuse to stage a coup against Allende? If you study what happened during the economic war that was waged on Allende, you will see that what is happening in Venezuela is almost exactly the same thing that was done in Chile.
Further, members of the Bolivian business community are quoted on the record as being furious that Evo Morales came into power and vowed to take him out with any means they had. Reporters asked them how they would take down the Morales government, and the business leaders stated that they would wage economic war, stop or slow down all production, create massive shortages and an economic crisis, and then use that to take down the Morales government.
So with the evidence from Chile 1970-1973 and the recent comments by Latin American capitalists in Bolivia, we see that economic warfare to get rid of leftwing governments is very much part of the playbook for the Latin American ruling classes and business sectors.
There are price controls on a lot of the goods. You can make a modest profit on the price controlled goods, and the government keeps raising the price controls all the time under pressure from business. But ever since those price controls went in, the entire business sector has refused to produce or import any price controlled products. Only some basic products are price controlled. Most things you find in the stores are not price controlled.
They would produce something similar to the price controlled product but not quite the same. Rice was price controlled, but the capitalists started importing some special rice products that were not controlled where they could make a huge profit. Chicken was price controlled, but the capitalists just started producing some other sort of chicken (rotisserie chicken?) that was not controlled that got a much larger profit.
This caused terrible problems for a while, but finally the state said, “Ok, you capitalists do not want to produce these price controlled products, then we the state will import them.” So for quite a few years, the state used oil money to import all of the products that were price controlled. This worked very well for a long time, and the shelves were full. The capitalists produced or imported more expensive high profit goods, and the state imported price controlled staples.
However, this all came crashing down with the oil price crash. The state is now broke and can no longer import all of the price controlled staple goods. And the business sector has refused to produce or import price controlled staples ever since the controls went in. So there’s a big reason for the shortages right there.
If the capitalists import products, they can make much more money smuggling the goods to Colombia or selling them on the black market as opposed to selling them on the shelves of Venezuelan stores, so that’s what they do with a lot of imported goods. And any goods they produce may also be smuggled to Colombia or sold on the black market because you can make a much higher profit that way instead of selling them to legitimate outlets.
Also the capitalists need dollars to import products. So they get dollars from the state to import things. So the businesses are always going to the state asking for these cheap dollars saying they want them to import things that are in shortage. So the government gives them the dollars to import things, but instead of using them to import the products in shortage, they play money games with the cheap dollars on the currency markets in the black market.
Also a lot of capitalists have simply stopped making much of anything and instead are playing games with money by speculating in the currency market in the black market, where huge profits may be obtained by selling cheap state dollars at the black market price.

TPP Ignores Global Warming and Allows Murder of Labor Union Organizers

I plan on posting a number of articles abut this catastrophic TPP agreement that sadly looks like it is going to become law. I can’t even begin to tell you how horrific this trade agreement is. In a nutshell, it does away with all governments and makes it so corporations rule the world. Any government that passes any law that limits current or future profits of a corporation could be sued on the grounds that that law was a “trade barrier.” The corporation can sue in a kangaroo court made up of corporate types for damages,and the corporation will always win and the governments will always lose.

Government have had to pay out many millions of dollars to corporations for passing laws that limited their profits under NAFTA. And yes, all laws dealing global warming can also be challenged by this Frankenstein of a bill.

As you can see, it encourages the murder of labor leaders, union members and organizers because killing union members would not be a violation of the Labor Section of the agreement. The parts of the TPP dealing with labor and the environment are written in boilerplate and are entirely voluntary, while the sections that allow corporations to rule our lives in written in very strict legalese.

It’s worse than a catastrophe. It’s an out and out nightmare, and it’s the end of representative government as we know it. All governments will become irrelevant, and in their places, we will all be ruled by corporations. In other words, multinational corporations will become our de facto governments. It is stunning how crazy that is.

All the Republicans are for it.

Of course the Democratic Party is down with this agreement all the way. Obama is pushing it like crazy. There was a brief uprising a few months ago when it looked like the bill might not get through the Congress because so many Democrats were against it. This was followed by maniacal lobbying on the part of corporate lobbyists and an all-out propaganda blitz by the US media, 100% of which (note that we have a “free” press) supported the bill.

The “liberal” New York Times came out very strongly in favor of it and said that Obama’s legacy would ride on whether he could get this bill through or not. In other words, according to the “liberal” New York Times, if Obama could not get the bill through, then that would mean that his Presidency was a failure. So the Times threatened Obama with complete humiliation and damage to his mark in history if he could not get the TPP through.

Note that the entire “liberal” media came out in favor of this monstrosity. Note that “liberal” Obama came out in favor of it. I know some Democratic Party stalwarts who seem to support this nightmare bill. They think that people who oppose it are “extremist nuts.”

These people support anything that Obama does. If Obama is for it, then they support it. He can push the most reactionary stuff you could imagine, and these stalwarts will never oppose Obama or any other Democrat for one second. We really need to get away from this insane partisanship, as it is irrational.

To these folks, everything Republicans do its bad and everything Democrats do is good. Unfortunately, once you take that POV, Democrats are free to act as rightwing as they want to, and their moronic stalwarts will support everything they do because it’s treason to oppose a Democrat.

I will be posting more abuo9t this awful and insane trade agreement in the coming days, but this will be good for a starter.

TPP Ignores Global Warming and Allows Murder of Labor Union Organizers

by Eric Zeusse, from Global Research

U.S. President Barack Obama’s capstone to his Presidency, his proposed megalithic international ‘trade’ treaties, are finally coming into their home-stretch, with the Pacific deal finally being made public on Thursday November 5th.

The final Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) proposed treaty would leave each signatory nation liable to be sued by any international corporation that objects to any new regulation, or increase in regulation, regarding climate change, otherwise known as global warming. In no terminology is that phenomenon even so much as just mentioned in the “Environment” chapter.

Regarding labor issues, including slavery, the “Labour” chapter of the TPP contains merely platitudes. (Obama allowed Malaysia into the compact despite its notoriously poor record of non-enforcement of its ban on slavery, because he wants the U.S. to control the Strait of Malacca in order to impede China’s economic and military expansion; it’s part of Obama’s anti-China policy. Almost everything that he does has different motives than the ones his rhetoric claims.)

Throughout, the treaty would place international corporations in ever-increasing control over all regulations regarding workers’ rights, the environment, product safety, and consumer protection. But the environmental and labor sections are particularly blatant insults to the public — a craven homage to the top stockholders in international corporations. The World’s Richest 80 people own the same amount of wealth as the world’s bottom 50%; and Obama represents those and other super-rich and their friends and servants in the lobbying and other associated industries. But he also represents the even richer people who aren’t even on that list, such as King Salman of Saudi Arabia, the world’s richest person. It’s people such as that who will be the real beneficiaries of Obama’s ‘trade’ treaties. The public will be harmed, enormously, wherever these treaties become law.

The full meaning of the terms that are set forth in the TPP agreement won’t be publicly known for at least four years, but the explicit terms that were made public on November 5th, and that will be presented to the 12 participating nations for signing, are entirely consistent with what had been expected on the basis of Wikileaks and other earlier published information.

The 12 participating nations are: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, United States, and Vietnam. Three countries were excluded by U.S. President Obama, because the U.S. doesn’t yet control them and they are instead viewed as being not allied with the main axis of U.S. international power: U.S., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and Israel. Those three outright-excluded countries are Russia, China, and India. (India, of course, has hostile relations with Pakistan, which is Sunni and therefore part of the Saudi-Qatar-Turkey portion of the U.S. international core, basically the Sunni portion of the core. By contrast, Russia and China have been determinedly independent of the U.S., and are therefore treated by President Obama as being hostile nations: he wants instead to isolate them, to choke off their access to markets, as much as possible. This same motivation also factored largely in his coup to take control of Ukraine, through which Russia’s gas passes on its way into the EU, the world’s largest gas-market.)

6 nations that Obama had invited into the TPP were ultimately unwilling to accept Obama’s terms and so were excluded when the final text was published: Colombia, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, and Indonesia.

The phrases “global warming” and “climate change” don’t appear anywhere in the entire TPP document, nor does “climate” nor “warming” — it’s an area that’s entirely left to international corporations in each one of the separate participating nations to assault as much as they wish in order to gain competitive advantage against all of the other corporations that operate in the given nation: i.e., something for each corporation to sacrifice in order to be able to lower the given company’s costs. That raises its profit-margin. This also means that if any international corporation claims to be subjected in any participating nation, to global-warming regulation or enforcement which poses a barrier or impediment to that corporation’s profits, then that corporation may sue that given nation, and fines might be assessed against that nation (i.e., against its taxpayers) for such regulation or enforcement. National publics are no longer sovereign.

The “Labour” chapter is a string of platitudes, such as, “Article 19.7: Corporate Social Responsibility: Each Party shall endeavor to encourage enterprises to voluntarily adopt corporate social responsibility initiatives on labor issues that have been endorsed or supported by that Party.”

President Obama’s Trade Representative, his longtime personal friend Michael Froman, organized and largely wrote Obama’s proposed trade treaties: TPP for the Pacific, and TTIP and TISA for the Atlantic. Froman told the AFL-CIO and U.S. Senators that when countries such as Colombia systematically murder labor-union organizers, it’s no violation of workers’ rights — nothing that’s of any concern to the U.S. regarding this country’s international trade policies or the enforcement of them. On 22 April 2015, Huffington Post, one of the few U.S. news media to report honestly on these treaties, bannered AFL-CIO’s Trumka: USTR Told Us Murder Isn’t a Violation, and Michael McAuliff reported that, “Defenders of the White House push for sweeping trade deals argue they include tough enforcement of labor standards. But a top union leader scoffed at such claims Tuesday, revealing that [Obama] administration officials have said privately that they don’t consider even the killings of labor organizers to be violations of those pacts.”

In other words: This is, and will be, the low level of the playing-field that U.S. workers will be competing against in TPP etc., just as it is already, in the far-smaller existing NAFTA (which Hillary Clinton had helped to pass in Congress during the early 1990s). (Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, all campaigned for the Presidency by attacking Republicans for pushing such ‘trade’ deals. Their actions when they gain power, contradict their words. America and virtually the entire world has become rule of a suckered public, by perhaps as many as a thousand psychopathic aristocrats who own the international corporations and ‘news’ media, and who regularly do business with each other though they wall themselves off from the public.

Typically, at their level, it makes no real difference which country their passport is from.) “Trumka said that even after the Obama administration crafted an agreement to tighten labor protections four years ago, some 105 labor organizers have been killed, and more than 1,300 have been threatened with death.” The Obama Administration is ignoring the tightened regulations that it itself had managed to get nominally implemented on paper. “Pressed for details about Trumka’s assertion that murder doesn’t count as a violation of labor rules, Thea Lee, the AFL-CIO deputy chief of staff, told HuffPost that USTR officials said in at least two meetings where she was present that killing and brutalizing organizers would not be considered interfering with labor rights under the terms of the trade measures.”

Furthermore: “’We documented five or six murders of Guatemalan trade unionists that the government had failed to effectively investigate or prosecute,’ Lee said. ‘The USTR told us that the murders of trade unionists or violence against trade unionists was not a violation of the labor chapter.’”

That U.S. Trade Representative, Michael Froman, is the same person Obama has negotiating with foreign governments, and with international corporations, both Obama’s TPP, and his TTIP & TISA.

The most important chapter in the TPP treaty is “Dispute Settlement,” which sets forth the means by which corporations will sue countries for alleged violations of their stockholders ‘rights’ to extract profits from operations of those corporations in the signatory countries. The underlying assumption here is that the rights of international stockholders take precedence over the rights (even over the sovereignty rights) of the citizens of any participating country.

Instead of these suits being judged according to any nation’s laws, they are allowed to be addressed only by means of private arbitration “Panels.” The Dispute Settlement chapter contains “Article 28.9: Composition of Panels.” Section #1 there is simply: “The panel shall comprise three members.” Each of the two Parties will appoint a member; one for the suing corporation, and the other for the sued nation; and both of those members will then jointly select a third member “from the roster established pursuant to Article 28.10.3”; and this third member will automatically “serve as chair.”

Article 28.10.3 says that anyone who possesses “expertise or experience in law, international trade, other matters covered by this Agreement, or the resolution of disputes arising under international trade agreements” may be selected for the roster, so long as the individual meets vague criteria such as that they “be independent of, and not be affiliated with or take instructions from, any Party.” No penalty is laid out for anyone on the roster who lies about any of that. Basically, anyone may become a person on the roster, even non-lawyers may, and even corrupt individuals may, especially because there are no penalties for anyone on the roster, none at all is stated.

Then, “Article 28.19,” section 8: “If a monetary assessment is to be paid to the complaining Party, then it shall be paid in U.S. currency, or in an equivalent amount of the currency of the responding Party or in another currency agreed to by the disputing Parties.”

There is no appeals-process. If a nation gets fined and yet believes that something was wrong with the panel’s decision, there is no recourse. No matter how much a particular decision might happen to have been arrived at in contradiction of that nation’s laws and courts and legal precedents, the panels’ decisions aren’t appealable in any national legal system. Whatever precedents might become established from these panels’ subsequent record of decisions will constitute no part of any nation’s legal system, but instead create an entirely new forming body of case-law in an evolving international government which consists of international corporations and their panelists, and of whatever other panelists are acceptable to those corporate panelists. Voters have no representation, they’re merely sued. Stockholders have representation, they do the suing, of the various nations’ taxpayers, for ‘violating’ the ‘rights’ of stockholders.

The roster of authorized panelists available to be chosen by any corporation’s panelists in conjunction with by any nation’s panelists, is customarily composed of individuals who move back and forth between government and private-sector roles, through a “revolving door,” so that on both ends of that, the ultimate control is with the owners of the controlling blocs of stock in various international corporations. This is the newly evolving world government. It will not block any nation from legislating protections of workers, or of consumers, or of the environment; it will simply hold a power to extract from any participating nation’s taxpayers fines for ‘violating’ the ‘rights’ of stockholders in international corporations. Citizens will increasingly be held under the axe, and the top stockholders in international corporations will be holding it. This isn’t the type of world government that was anticipated by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, the founders of the U.N., and by the other early (pre-1954) proponents of world government. But, since 1954, the plans for this anti-democratic form of emerging world government were laid; and, now, those plans are the ones that are being placed into effect.

Thus, on 26 October 2015, the United Nations Independent Expert on the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order, the international legal expert Alfred de Zayas, headlined, UN Expert Calls for Abolition of Investor-State Dispute Settlement Arbitrations. That’s the system, otherwise called “ISDS,” which already exists in a few much smaller international-trade treaties, and which is now being introduced on the largest scale ever in TPP and in Obama’s other proposed treaties. The U.N. press release, calling for its “abolition” or explicit outlawing, said:

In his fourth report to the UN General Assembly, Mr. de Zayas focuses on the adverse human rights impacts of free trade and investment agreements and calls for the abolition of Investor-State dispute settlement mechanism (ISDS) that accompanies most of these agreements.

“Over the past twenty-five years bilateral international treaties and free trade agreements with investor-state-dispute-settlement have adversely impacted the international order and undermined fundamental principles of the UN, State sovereignty, democracy and the rule of law. It prompts moral vertigo in the unbiased observer,” he noted.

Far from contributing to human rights and development, ISDS has compromised the State’s regulatory functions and resulted in growing inequality among States and within them,” the expert stated.

Earlier, on 5 May 2015, I headlined, “UN Lawyer Calls TTP & TTIP ‘A Dystopian future in Which Corporations and not Democratically Elected Governments Call the Shots’.” I close now by repeating the opening of that report:

The Obama-proposed international-trade deals, if passed into law, will lead to “a dystopian future in which corporations and not democratically elected governments call the shots,” says Alfred De Zayas, the UN’s Special Rapporteur on Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order.

These two mammoth trade-pacts, one (TTIP) for Atlantic nations, and the other (TTP) for Pacific nations excluding China (since Obama is against China), would transfer regulations of corporations to corporations themselves, and away from democratically elected governments. Regulation of working conditions and of the environment, as well as of product-safety including toxic foods and poisonous air and other consumer issues, would be placed into the hands of panels whose members will be appointed by large international corporations. Their decisions will remove the power of democratically elected governments to control these things. “Red tape” that’s imposed by elected national governments would be eliminated — replaced by the international mega-corporate version.

De Zayas was quoted in Britain’s Guardian on May 4th as saying also that, “The bottom line is that these agreements must be revised, modified or terminated,”because they would vastly harm publics everywhere, even though they would enormously benefit the top executives of corporations by giving them control as a sort of corporate-imposed world government, answerable to the people who control those corporations.


That’s what this idiot is. They’re called anarcaps, but I call them anarcraps.

This Stefan Molyneux is an anarcrap. They’re supposed to be groovy and granola and health food and hipster and cool and with-it because they have “anarchist” in their names, but the vast majority of anarchists hate them and won’t even speak to them, which is the right plan.

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Capitalism 101: Want a Loan? No Problem!

Loans are very easy to obtain in a free market system. The relationship between the lender and the borrower is a contract entered into voluntarily by two equals. LOL yeah right.
Loans are very easy to obtain in a free market system. The relationship between the lender and the borrower is a contract entered into voluntarily by two equals. LOL yeah right. Can you believe capitalists actually believe that crap?

Great system.

But really, have you seen the laws on usury in your state? I mean what laws? Payday loans anyone? Seen all those payday loan stores popping up everywhere? Isn’t capitalism grand? You would not believe the perfectly legal rates those scumbags are allowed to charge.

Many major religions forbade usury for a damn good reason. They weren’t just a bunch of uptight primitives. They had a good handle on universal moral philosophy.

Uber Is One of the Worst Companies in America


Fuck Uber.

But then, the whole taxi industry sucks, as the article makes clear.

Some argue, like former New York taxi driver Graham Hodges and author of Taxi! A Cultural History of the New York City Cabdriver, that the taxi industry is a kind of utility, similar to public transportation, water and electricity and needs to be dependable, meaning there needs to be regulation to ensure safe cars, honest drivers, and a fair payment scheme. What consumers need, according to Hodges, is avoiding “hyper competition, [and] we don’t want reckless driving, we don’t want drivers about whom we don’t know very much.”

I agree. This whole industry is just horrible. And it is similar to a public utility, a necessity. Call it a public utility and regulate the living Hell out of it. PG and E has a great business model. Public utilities do just fine. They almost never go out of business.

Amazon Is Evil

I have been hating for a very long time now, and for some very good reasons. Be assured that they deserve every microgram of my hatred. They earned it well.

Anyway, I always knew that Amazon sucked. It’s a prime example of just how shitty your typical capitalist enterprise is. There’s nothing hip or groovy about tech or net capitalists. Actually the sad truth is that most of them are much worse capitalists than typical brick and mortar businesses which at least tend to have very well done and arranged stores, excellent customer service, a fair returns policy and products that are not blatant ripoffs or scams. Further, most brick and mortar joints are not actual criminal enterprises.

The sad truth is that tech and net businesses tend to have shit products, zero return policy, either zero or horrific customer service, and catastrophically arranged stores that look like they were put together by little children. As if that were not enough, a lot of them (dating sites for example) are simply out and out organized crime.

The number of businesses that are actually criminal enterprises is simply stunning. The fault of this lies 100% with the Tech Scum themselves, as almost all of them are “Libertarians.” Being Libertards, their motto is “Don’t regulate the Internet!” So the Net is utterly unregulated. What happens when an industry goes totally unregulated? Wa-la! The criminals swarm in like termites! Duh!

So next time you get fleeced by some crook, thank the nearest Tech Scum Libertard hipster! Aren’t techy hipsters cool? They’re helping criminals loot your bank account! Is that groovy and hip and tats and piercings or what?!

Anyway, Amazon has always sucked, mostly because their store is complete and utter shit, and they can’t be bothered to even fix the damn thing so it functions at all because, you know, if they had a functioning and working store, then they wouldn’t be able to sell to you so cheap! Nothing illustrates the depravity and sleaze of that mindset better than Amazon.

Welcome to Future Shit, where store owners won’t even bother to arrange their stores for you and you won’t be able to find anything! But hey, having a non-functioning store will be so hipster and groovy and techy and future because you will get your products really cheap dude! That is if you can find them!

So anyway, I have always known that Amazon blows, to put it mildly. But it’s actually much worse than that.

It turns out that Amazon is much worse than shitty.

They are actually stone evil.

Welcome to the Workplace of the Future, brought to you by your nearest groovy hipster, where cubicle farms resemble the factories of the 1890’s! Back to the Future!

Really, Amazon is to business as Roosh is to PUA. Roosh is Amazon. Amazon is Roosh. They’re both sociopathic. They both suck. They’re both evil. They are both widely loved by fools who worship psychopaths as the rock stars of the new millennium.

They’re the Future.

Roosh is the Future of Dating.


Amazon is the Future of Business.

I don’t have much more to say except maybe pray you don’t live long enough to see much of this World O’Shit. I’ll be checking out in 30 years if I’m lucky, and I’ll see you all later then. I won’t be missing this damn planet for one second, thank you very much!

Why Capitalists Are Always Suicidal

Dear Robert

The right is almost certainly wrong in their denial of the causal connection between CO2 emissions and global warming. However, they are right about one thing: decarbonization is going to be expensive. There is a reason why fossils fuels became the chief source of energy for mankind. They are very energy-dense, not very expensive to produce and can easily be stored. The enormous rise of prosperity among most humans since 1750 would not have been possible without fossil fuels.

The left often talks about other sources of energy as if they are an economic boon. They are nothing of the sort. If you have to replace your furnace for a green source of heating, then that is a cost, not a benefit to you. It may be a necessary cost, but let’s not pretend that it will make you richer. Similarly, if mankind has to abandon fossil fuels, this will be very costly.

The argument that green energy creates jobs is pathetic, not because there won’t be new jobs in that sector, but because we can’t only look at jobs that are being created but also have to look at jobs that are being destroyed. If coal mines, oil refineries, gas stations, etc all have to close, then that means job losses. This green argument is on the same level of stupidity as the argument that increased military expenditure is good for the economy because it creates jobs in the arms industry and the armed forces. Yes, and it destroys in the civilian sector.

Sooner or later, mankind will have to be weaned off fossil fuels, but let’s not pretend that it will be cheap and easy. regards. James


We have to go off fossil fuels no matter the economic costs. This is the insanity of capitalism. Capitalists that we have to blow up the whole damn planet in order to save the economy. In other words, if it’s a choice between a hit to the economy and destroying the planet, the capitalists say, fine, let’s destroy the planet.

Are you starting to see why we socialists hate capitalism so much?

Argentina, Iceland, Greece, Etc.

From the Internet, regarding money owed by sovereign nations to the banksters:

The banking corporations expect full payment for this debt. This money will be funneled into the International Bank of Settlements to the delight of the ultra rich families. If a country chooses to not pay its debt then war is imminent. Also, if a country is unable to pay their debts, then that nation is then asked to hand over its physical wealth including seaports, oil reserves, gold and copper and gas and fisheries and clean water and tracts of lands. This situation is occurring in Greece where banker heads received islands of Greece as partial payment of Greek debts.
However in countries like Iceland the bankers were rounded up and jailed. In response, international bankers promised to divest from Iceland and they did so in hopes Iceland would begin to feel the financial pressure. Luckily Iceland pulled through and is now experiencing steady economic growth despite the economic blockade promised by the grumpy bankers.
I foresee a war against Iceland in decades to come, or perhaps some sort of other action by the bankers/industrialists who are still very displeased with Iceland’s course of action. History shows that nations who don’t conform with central banking and paying of those debts end up being targets of war and destabilization by the ruling families who don’t take being dismissed as acceptable. Otherwise all nations will begin to not pay their debts. I hope Iceland remains vigilant as the bankers are vengeful indeed.

I think it is quite clear that the banksters are the enemies of all mankind. Why we villagers with torches have not put their heads on pikes yet is beyond me. There are quite a few books that have been written on the lines of “banksters control the world.” A great one is Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope. His theme is that the whole world is controlled by a group of banksters, mostly Anglos, and mostly operating out of New York and London. I am not wild about conspiracy theory, but this one has legs. A similar thesis is: All wars are bankers’ wars. A bit simplistic, but there is something to that one too.
The very idea that nations pay off their debts to banksters by selling off sovereign national territory to the banks is insane. This is war of aggression and imperial conquest by Finance Capital, all done without firing a shot. Incredible.

Computer Software Capitalists Are the Worst

Rantus writes:

Oh boy oh boy. Look, Microsoft sucks, it always has. Google at least innovates and Facebook was founded BT a backstabbing rat that double crossed two trust fund kids and stole their ideas.
The software industry, and computing in general is still very, very primitive. You show me one emerging industry that wasn’t horribly ruthless at its inception. Once the industry evolves then it will at least become somewhat more equitable, but that will take some time.

There are lots of emerging industries in this land that are not run by scums. Software is a natural monopoly. That’s the whole problem right there.
Show me one other industry that forces you to use their shit.
Show me one other industry where competing products refuse to work with each other and try to actively sabotage each other. Could you imagine if you went to turn on your microwave and it refused to work or worked very poorly because it detected that you had a coffeemaker from a competing company? Could you imagine if Ford cars could only use “Ford gas” and “Ford oil” and “Ford parts” and would only run on “Ford roads?” This is what the world would look like if all the other capitalists were as scummy as the software capitalist criminals.
Show me one other industry that forces you to upgrade your product even when it is working fine. Could you imagine if your microwave was working fine and then one it just stopped working by some preset mechanism and you were forced to go spend $500 to buy a new one? With all other products, you simply use them until they stop working, and even then, you can nearly always repair them to make them work again.
Name one other industry where such a thing as abondonware exists at all?
Name one other industry where you purchase a product that you cannot resell, and you can’t even see it in your hand nor can you fix it when it goes bad (Microsoft preinstalled OS).
I used to be in newsgroups with these scums. I met a few decent people in the industry, but most of them were just pure garbage. I met a lot of the people who ran these companies. I thought a lot of them were nothing more than criminals.
These are some of the shittiest human beings on Earth.
A solution for the software industry:
Open source is a model for the software industry that will force software makers to make money by being decent human beings and will prevent them from making money by being scums, which is what they have done all along.
Notice I do not have much of a beef with the hardware industry except Intel, which is an illegal monopoly. In the hardware industry we have no forced upgrades, no abandonware, no planned obsolescence, no products you can’t hold in your hand, resell or try to fix, no products that refuse to work with competing products, no forcing you to use their stuff.

Computer Software Capitalists Are Some of the Worst Capitalists of All

There is the mistaken belief, promoted by dishonest magazines like Wired, that there is something cool or hip about these new corporations, the IT corporations. This goes along with a reverent portrayal of the coders in the software industry as some sort of ultra-hipster type workers. I got fooled by this for a long time until I did a lot of reading, especially of the horrible Wired Magazine, and I came to realize that there was nothing cool or hip about these folks at all, and in fact they were just capitalists like any other.
They hate the working class, low income and poor people…They are really just Republicans with groovy clothes, cool haircuts, tattoos, piercings and other neato hipster attire. In fact they are actually much worse than your average US capitalist because many American capitalists, especially the Old Money types like George Bush Sr., always believe in a sort of noblesse oblige towards the rest of society. They were not ostentatious, and it was considered rude to flaunt money or even to talk about it. I have met millionaires from this group who had complete respect for working class and even poor people and had no sense of snobbery or elitism at all.
When the New Money folks came in, all that went out the door. Gratuitous waste of and flaunting of money is in. Light your cigar with a burning 100 bill, the one you just sniffed a line of cocaine with. Bragging is cool. Showing off is cool. Contempt towards working class, poor and low income people is hip ever since Ronald Reagan decreed it was when he created the new and more monstrous Republican Party. This new party is not your father’s Republican Party.
As an example of the callousness of these new software capitalists, we can note that many of them are engineering or STEM types. STEM type males do not show their feelings much and some are almost on the autistic spectrum. Engineer types have always been conservative, and STEM males are overly male and typically highly lacking in empathy as excessively male phenotypes seem to be. Hence the correlation between STEM types, the software industry and Libertarianism, probably one of the most evil, cruel, callous and non-empathetic forms of socioeconomic systems ever designed by man.
The God of these phony hipsters is a man named Bill Gates. Let us examine him.
Bill Gates is probably one of the evil businessmen in the US today. Microsoft tore up the contract of every company they partnered with, and then they stole their stuff. Almost all of their products are made of stolen tech. They backstabbed and betrayed everyone they ever did business with. Most Microsoft partners have sued Microsoft at one point or another.
And the whole time Microsoft has existed, they were always an illegal monopoly. I believe they are probably still an illegal monopoly, but I would need to check on that. The government’s lawsuit against Microsoft was settled on terms ridiculously favorable to the company. Illegal monopolies are illegal in the USA.
Microsoft destroyed the computer industry by forcing everyone to use their crap products when we could have had a choice of using the best product available like with any other product.
The software industry operates on the monopoly model, and the software scum are the only capitalists who actually force you to use their products. There is no other product that I can think of where you are actually forced to use the product of one particular company, and you don’t have a choice of a number of competing products to choose from. That is an evil that I will hold against them until the day I die
The US software capitalists are some of the worst capitalists in the US. The Internet capitalists (the dotcommers) are not far behind.
What have the software capitalists given us?
1. Forced upgrade. You are actually forced to buy the newer model and get rid of the old one. Can you think of one other product for which this is true?
2. Forced product use. These are some of the only capitalists who actually force you to use their products because of the natural monopoly nature of the industry.
3. Refusal to cooperate with other products. Software products refuse to work with each other and often try to sabotage each other’s products when installed on the same computer. One application will try to sabotage another application, or an OS will try to sabotage an application. If you put competing applications on your system, they will often attack each other.
Imagine if Ford cars would only go on “Ford roads.” If you wanted to drive “Ford roads,” you had to buy a Ford. If you drove any other car on the road, the road would attack your tires and try to destroy them or the car would not be able to drive on the road at all without causing damage or a very unpleasant drive. This is what the world would look like if other capitalists were as wicked as the software capitalists.
4. The total destruction of the concept of customer service and help lines. Most other industries still have various help lines, and most brick and mortar businesses have excellent customer service. Software customer service is often nonexistent. When it exists at all, they often charge you per incident, and it’s crap anyway even when you buy it. When the customer service is not nonexistent or crap, then it’s often downright evil. For software customer service, you have a choice between nonexistent, crap and evil products. Some choice.
5. Destruction of human jobs. The software industry has tried to destroy as many human jobs as possible. The notion of automated service where you call a company and instead of talking to a human being, you talk to a stupid robot that can’t understand you was an actual creation of the software industry. Now this lousy “no human beings” model of “customer service” has been adopted by a number of other crappy corporations.
I personally have all sorts of tricks up my sleeve to use in order to talk to an actual human being when I deal with these automated systems. The only way to get any sort of service is to deal with a human because the robots are still too stupid. It is also very insulting to call an enterprise on the phone and be rudely forced to speak to a robot instead of a human being. It is as if they are saying that you are not good enough to speak to a human, instead you are so unworthy that you deserve only to speak with a machine.
Computer software companies are so evil that I want all computer software to go open source. That way you will not be forced to use anyone’s product, and everything will be easily fixed. In addition, open source in general will destroy the software industry profit model. They can still make money – I understand that Open Office and Firefox are profitable – but they will have to be forced to make money by being decent companies instead of the equivalent of corporate serial killers.
The software companies had their chance to be good businesspeople, and they blew it. Instead they turned into one of the most evil industries in recent memory.
Death to the Software industry!
With Open Source, we can destroy this evil industry once and for all!

Jeff Bezos is a Vile, Loathsome, Scum

More evidence, as if you needed anymore. Like Walmart, he’s been destroying local economies and Mom and Pop businesses all over America. How? With his sick tax scheme. Local economies and Mom and Pop businesses have to charge retail taxes, but Jeff Bezos, the Godhead, doesn’t! It always nearly made me vomit when Internet capitalist hipsters went on and on about, “No Internet sales tax!” Yeah, every other business in the US has to charge sales tax but you pieces of shit do not? How’s that fair? How’s that fair to other businesses?
Personally, I like Mom and Pops, brick and mortars and local businesses way better than Internet capitalist punks. At brick and mortars, I get real customer service. Every store I walk into, I’m the king because I’m the customer. If there’s ever a problem (with few exceptions) it’s sorted out right on the spot.
We can thank these glorious Internet capitalist hipsters for such things as voice mail robots that go on forever and let you never speak to a human, software patents, abandonware, Hindu 1-B scabs, the total destruction of the White American programmer as a profession to be replaced by incompetents from overseas, forcing you to buy their products, forced upgrades, the complete and total destruction of customer service, false charges, overbilling, lying sales pitches resulting in illegal oral contracts, the inability to return a product, the inability to own a product that you buy yourself, and other insanity and evil.
It always disgusted me when Internet capitalist rags like Wired pitched Internet hipster capitalists as the greatest hipsters on Earth. It was forever a fraud. There was nothing hip about these Net dirtballs at all; they were simply capitalists just as nasty as any other profiteer, except that Internet hipster capitalists were often a lot worse than your ordinary capitalist! Internet hipster capitalists have set a new standard in capitalist evil. These people are not hip or cool or any of that. In fact, there some of the worst capitalists on the face of the Earth.

Bill Gates, Humanitarian

Yep, Bill Gates owns about 5% of Monsanto's total shares.
Yep, Bill Gates owns about 5% of Monsanto’s total shares.

Bill Gates, meet Monsanto. Evil, meet evil.
Gates made a big deal out of donating all of those computers to schools, but really it was all just a big charade to get more people hooked on his Windows-Intel or Wintel (dual monopoly) scam. This guy just never has enough money. He always needs more.
Gates seems like a real nice guy, but the Devil hides behind smiling faces so he can trap you. His Vice President, Steve Ballmer, is not only evil himself but actually looks and acts evil. If Ballmer isn’t a sociopath, I’ll eat my hat.
What Gates did to computers, Monsanto is doing to food. Monsanto is proof that Satan is alive and well, living right here on Earth.

Right Wing Corporate Lie: Environmentalists Won't Let Us Build New Oil Refineries!

Woodchucker writes:

Oil sands are refined here and the product sold to – eyup the US. What isn’t refined is shipped in various levels of refinement. Costs to build new refineries at current Environmental standards are too much of a hit on the profit margins. Better to export to an old grandfathered refinery ( out of Country even better ), plus the by products become someone else’s “asset”.

Unless Woodchucker is speaking of Canada about which I have no information, it is just not true that oil refineries are a net loss.
Here is the sleazy, slimy lying game that the dirty oil companies and their oily backers in the Republican Party play:
The oil companies and their Republican whores are always yelling that environmentalists are keeping us from building new oil refineries. Every time there is a spike in gas prices, these scums all start screaming and yelling that we need to get rid of all the regulations on oil refineries so it will be profitable to build new refineries.
Here is the truth. The regulations are no problem at all for building new refineries. They have built new ones in recent years and most of the older ones meet current emissions standards. Oil refineries make money. They are a good investment. The reason oil companies have built so many oil refineries is because they make a lot of money off the refined oil from these refineries which they then market all over the world.
The truth is that the oil companies could build new refineries any time they want to, but they have chosen not to build any new ones for quite some time now. The reason that they have deliberately chosen not to build new refineries is because the oil companies want a permanent refinery shortage. With a permanent refinery shortage, there are frequent bottlenecks in supply that cause prices to be artificially high. So they maintain as few refineries as possible in order to keep prices as high as possible. If they built more refineries, they would still make money, just not as much.
But they hate those regulations that they have to go by because it costs a lot of money to install new anti-pollution equipment. So in order to try to get rid of these regulations, they lie and say that the regulations are what is causing your gas prices to be so high and if it weren’t for those evil environmentalists, your gas would be a lot cheaper.
The corporate media generally goes along with those disgusting charade. For many years, I thought that environmental regulations kept us from building new plants. There are only a few scattered voices in the media who actually tell the truth about the oil industry. The rest of the media are bought off corrupted whores are 100% in bed with the oil companies.

The Satanic Cable Companies

A great article on one of the most evil industries in the US today, the unregulated natural monopolies known as cable companies. I haven’t been writing about them because masochistic Moronicans simply make no sense when it comes to the secular Corporate Gods whom they pray before as supplicant, neutered slaves. Apparently Moronicans love being slaves, as long as a private corporation is their master.
What is incredible about this piece is the level of actual sanity that it shows among the American people. Instead of taking it up the rear and grinning while corporate pickpockets loot them penniless, the people are in an actual rebellion against a group of some of the most diabolical corporations of all – the cable corporations.
There are fewer and fewer of these monstrosities all the time, and ridiculous mergers that are horrible for workers and consumers and only good for the bottom line are endlessly improved while a castrated Antitrust Division in the Attorney General’s office fiddles among the flames. As they get bigger and bigger, of course they simply get more and more evil. It’s hard to establish laws of business as hard-fast as those of physics, but we can try.
The larger the business, the more evil it is.
As a business grows larger and larger, it gets more and more evil.
The smaller the business, generally the more decent, moral and proper it is.
Consumers seem to be best served by smaller businesses, who seem to exemplify everything positive about capitalism. Consumers and society are typically horribly reamed by large corporations which represent everything evil about capitalism.
The news in the piece is startling:
53% of American cable subscribers are radical leftwing Luddites who said that they would leave their current cable company if they could, but many felt that they had nowhere to go for an alternative. That’s a clue you are dealing with a monopoly: consumers have nowhere to go as there’s no competition. You either buy the product from Beelzebub Corporation or you do without the product as they are the only ones selling it.
73% of Americans are apparently Leftists who believe that cable companies are predatory in their practices and take advantage of consumers’ lack of choice. Lack of choice = monopoly.
72% of Americans are apparently socialists who worry that the bigger cable companies get, the worse off the consumer is. Wow! Americans have finally figured out basic facts. The question here is about as basic as, “What is 1 +1?”
The problem here is that both political parties are the sworn deadly, hate-filled enemies of the 72-73% of the Americans who consider the cable companies to be Satan transformed into office buildings.
Both the Corporatist “Democratic” Party and the Ultra-Corporatist “Republican” Party are 100% behind the serial killer cable companies and their murder of America. At the same time, both parties are 100% dead set against 73%, or the vast majority, of Americans who think the cable companies are pond scum.
This is because both parties are completely controlled by the massive cable monopolies, who have systematically bribed both parties at the national level and also control every state legislature in the US once again via massive bribery.
So we have two political parties who are basically the sworn, deadly enemies of the vast majority of  Americans.
Which political party represents the 73% of Americans who believe that Klebold and Harris should have shot up a Time-Warner office building instead of the local high school? No one.
There is no political party to represent the interests of the vast majority of Americans (~75%).
That is truly stunning, but most Americans are too stupid to figure that out.

Jeff Bezos, POS

In my own little corner of the world, which is to say American fiction, Jeff Bezos of Amazon may not be the Antichrist, but he surely looks like one of the Four Horsemen. Amazon wants a world in which books are either self-published or published by Amazon itself, with readers dependent on Amazon reviews in choosing books, and with authors responsible for their own promotion. The work of yakkers and tweeters and braggers, and of people with the money to pay somebody to churn out hundreds of five-star reviews for them, will flourish in that world …
But what happens to the people who became writers because yakking and tweeting and bragging felt to them like intolerably shallow forms of social engagement? What happens to people who want to communicate in depth, individual to individual, in the quiet and permanence of the printed word, and who were shaped by their love of writers who wrote when publication still assured some kind of quality control and literary reputations were more than a matter of self-promotional decibel levels?
As fewer and fewer readers are able to find their way, amid all the noise and disappointing books and phony reviews, to the work produced by the new generation of this kind of writer – I’m thinking of Rachel Kushner’s The Flamethrowers, Adam Haslett’s You Are Not a Stranger Here, Sarah Shun-lien Bynum’s Ms. Hempel Chronicles, Clancy Martin’s How to Sell – Amazon is well on its way to making writers into the kind of prospectless workers whom its contractors employ in its warehouses, laboring harder for less and less, with no job security, because the warehouses are situated in places where they’re the only business hiring.
Jonathan Franzen, The Kraus Project (2013)

Actually, Bezos is The Antichrist. Perhaps you are following the latest nonsense whereby the Amazon monopoly is strong-arming publishers. I am not exactly sure what is going on there, but a lot of authors are really angry at Amazon over it.
Bezos, of course, is a Libertarian. What else could he be? He has positioned himself as one of these Web 2.0 hipsters, but he is just a corporate goon like all the rest of them. These Net billionaires are no different from any other corporate POS’s, and in a lot of ways, they are actually worse since so many of them are monopolists and because of the way that they have destroyed things like customer service, refunds, actual humans answering telephones, and the like.
Bezos, as might be expected, exploits the Hell out of his workers. His warehouse workers are worked nearly to death like field slaves in overheated warehouses where they are paid a pittance with few or not benefits. He prefers to hire elderly men because he can treat them crappier and get away with it.
Bezos is a slimy little turd of a man.
P.S. What do you think of Franzen? He is supposed to be one of our greatest new writers, but he has his critics who say he is an overrated, arrogant, annoying little twerp. Granted, he probably does have a lousy personality. He’s a Jew, not that it matters.
Of the books listed above, Kushner’s The Flamethrowers is supposed to be very good.

"Online Thieves and Corporate Puppets," by Alpha Unit

A musician spends time and energy creating a work of music – time and energy he or she can never get back. What is his effort worth? How do you place a value on what a musician has created?
The argument over this question goes back for years – probably to the beginning of commercial music, actually. I’m sure plenty of you can remember the battles over file sharing with companies like Napster, Limewire, and Grokster that have lost court battles over copyright infringement. While musicians are serious about protecting their intellectual property, many of them point out that they have no beef with their fans. The fans aren’t the enemy. Corporate America is. As Ellen Seidler puts it:

Online piracy isn’t about altruism, it’s about income. Today’s technology allows web pirates to steal content and monetize that content with a click of a mouse. Meanwhile, “legit” companies encourage and facilitate this theft while also profiting from it (ad service providers, advertisers, and payment processors).

Ms. Seidler explains that companies like Sony, Radio Shack, Pixar, ATT, Chase, Auto-Zone, and Netflix are generating an enormous amount of income by placing advertising on websites featuring streams and links to pirated content.
Of course the ads also generate income for those operating the pirate websites. Says Ms. Seidler:

This dubious connection to piracy is not limited to the companies whose ads appear on various pirate sites. Even more problematic are those companies, like Google (via AdSense), that generate their own robust revenue stream by providing the interface for the pirate-site pop-up ads themselves. In this equation everyone except the actual content creator makes money from this theft.

According to The Trichordist, this piracy isn’t about fans sharing music. It’s about illegally operating businesses making millions of dollars a year from the exploitation of artists’ work and not sharing any of the revenue with artists.

To the uninitiated, it might seem odd that what seems like a simple question of right or wrong is even being debated, but these sites that exploit artists are supported and promoted by faux civil liberties groups opposed to protecting creators’ rights – and internet giants are happy to throw their support behind them.
Together they have crafted a narrative of creator rights as quaint and outdated, offering artists a brave new online world where they can throw off the shackles of labels (or publishers, or studios, etc.) and give away their work to find fame and fortune. However, after a decade of half-baked ideas, faulty business models, and outright lies, we know this is simply untrue.

The artists at The Trichordist say they might not always be a fan of record labels, but at least the labels negotiate contracts, pay advances, market and promote artists, and are contractually accountable for wrongdoing. A musician has no such enforceable rights in what they call the Exploitation Economy.
As for the view that the internet is a powerful tool for distributing music more cheaply, these guys are adamant that pirate sites have no place in this scheme. They say that nothing is stopping musicians from sharing or giving away their music through legitimate sites like SoundCloud and Bandcamp. As far as they’re concerned, there simply is no justification for the existence of pirate sites.
Major companies such as American Express, Citibank, Direct TV, Levi’s, Macy’s, Princess Cruises, Target, United Airlines, and dozens of others have been cited as placing ads on sites that are receiving notices for copyright infringement. David Newhoff points out that this is about large American corporations supporting and legitimizing the exploitation of American workers.

I’ll say it again without equivocation. These sites are in the business of exploiting workers. Period. Don’t let’s get distracted by the fact that copies of files don’t cost anything to produce or distribute or that you think WMG is evil or you don’t like the RIAA. That’s all that bullshit again, and it has nothing to do with the way in which these sites generate revenue. All that “free” media represents hours or years or even decades of labor, either by one person or by hundreds of people.

And the idea that by downloading files illegally you’re “sticking it to the Man”? The truth, he says, is that the ardent file sharer is a corporate puppet that has no idea which companies are pulling its strings.
If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site. – RL

Disaster Capitalism

I will never understand people who love capitalism. This is capitalism in the modern era. Heck, capitalism has probably always operated like this. What do the capitalism-lovers say to this? Disaster capitalism bad, regular capitalism good? How can you get rid of disaster capitalism and retain the real capitalism? Disaster capitalism is just part of capitalism. It’s how it operates. It has probably always operated like this.
So many of you are mystified at why people like me call ourselves socialists. Well, it’s because of stuff like this. We have seen quite enough of capitalism, thank you very much!

America, RIP

Via the “Tunnel Rat”‘s excellent High Tech Insurgent website. Tunnel Rat is a fine US IT worker, currently slaving at a Hindu-infested US IT firm. His identity is a closely held secret. He is widely hated by Hindu Indian H-1B job thieves and their parasitical cheering section, which sadly includes much of the US Left, of all people.
The US IT worker is an icon, a dying icon, dying like the buffalo exterminated on the US plains. A traitor class of US upper middle class and upper class managerial and corporate elite have conspired to kill the best and the brightest of US minds, our great IT workers, by importing vast numbers of Hindus to steal their jobs.
Many of these great Americans were forced to train their replacements before they were fired. One man trained his replacement for some days, was summarily fired and then went out into the parking lot and put a bullet in his brain. Those are the remains of the US engineering elite, scattered on the asphalt like those splattered brains. While the first responders race to the scene to mop up the blood and guts, the rich and their henchmen and hired guns party it up in their mansions and yachts. They could as well by swilling the blood of US workers instead of the alcoholic spirits they down, for the effect would be the same.
Americans, stupidly, worship the US high tech corporate elite as some variety of “cool,” “modern,” or “hip” capitalist. But a capitalist is a capitalist barring a few nonconformists rebelling into ethics or outdated noblesse oblige or whatnot. But I have always said that the IT capitalists are some of the worst capitalists of all, particularly the corporate software vendors, who sunk corporate evil to new dives. There is nothing cool or hip about them. They are not even modern, except where modernism has trashed a lot of the decency of old business culture and replaced it with a capitalism stripped of anything human or humanitarian at all.
Noblesse oblige is so 1950’s. Fordism is is in the ground with Henry. All of that is outdated now. If you don’t believe me, go to Harvard Business School and ask around. The talk now is all profit maximization, globalism, outsourcing, privatization, deregulation, efficiency and externalities. An “externality” means the notion that a corporation should have any duty to anyone other than its shareholders. Their communities, consumers, workers or our shared environment or state be damned. Responsibility? What’s that? Revoke their damned charters already.

Alas, poor middle class Americans, I knew thee well!
Alas, poor middle class Americans, I knew thee well!

Many of the IT workers on Tunnel Rat’s site are very rightwing, as is typical among highly paid workers, who do not see themselves are real workers. They are hostile to unions and very pro-capitalist but anti-corporate capitalist, which doesn’t make a lot of sense. Much of their scattered and unfocused rage is misdirected into Libertarianism, neoliberalism, rightwing populism, the Tea Party, the get rid of the Fed movement and other nonsense. This is what happens when people don’t have a proper sense of class consciousness or understanding of economic systems.
Nevertheless, I see them as allies.
I would love to promote worker ownership of high tech firms as a possible way out for them: kill neoliberalism and even capitalism while promoting the cooperative movement, retaining rent-seeking and other forms of self-interest and allowing tech workers to maximize their salaries and other privileges even vis a vis other workers, which is the root of their rightwing politics – they see themselves as a “worker elite” that is better than other workers and hence they are not really workers somehow, but instead, bizarrely, they are “capitalists.”
But a worker is a worker, and they are all exploited and easy fodder for MBA types looking to reduce “externalities,” no matter the worker’s salary. IT workers as workers should form unions, ally with other workers instead of with their enemies, the bosses and managers, and join the working class movement, which after all is a movement of all workers, high paid and low paid.

Tunnel Rat: C.Z. Nnaemeka has a great essay that touches on America’s obsession with worthless apps, Wall Street get-rich-quick schemes, and the hi-tech junta’s tendency to ship in indentured servants from India instead of training and utilizing the millions of veterans, single mothers, middle-aged, and Appalachian rednecks. She sums it up nicely here:
…Meet the people who have the indignity of being over 50 and finding themselves suddenly jobless. These are the Untouchables of the new American workforce: 3+ decades of employment and experience have disqualified them from ever seeing a regular salary again. Once upon a time, some modicum of employer noblesse oblige would have ensured that loyal older workers be retained or at the very least retrained, MBA advice be damned.
But, “A bas les vieux!” the fancy consultants cried, and out went those who were ‘no longer fresh.’ As Taylor Swift would put it, corporate America and the Boomer worker “are never ever getting back together.” Instead bring in the young, the childless, the tech-savvy here in America, and the underpaid and quasi-indentured abroad willing to work for slightly north of nothing in the kinds of conditions we abolished in the 19th century.
For, in the 21st century, a prosperous American business is a soaring 2-storied cake: 1 management layer at top thick with perks, golden parachutes, stock options, and a total disregard for those beneath them; 1 layer below of increasingly foreign workers (If you’re lucky, you trained these people before you were laid off!), who can’t even depend on their jobs because as we speak, those selfsame consultants – but no one that we know of course — are scouring the globe for the cheapest labor opportunities, fulfilling their promise that no CEO be left behind…
Tunnel Rat again: This is a great read, and I recommend it to all those interested in hearing a shocking indictment of Silicon Valley, Wall Street, VC’s, academia, MBA’s, and the rest of the collaborators that have colluded with the likes of Vikek Wadhwa to promote the denigration, displacement, and discrimination of the American IT worker.

Walmart: Enemy of the People

Walmart is a ripoff. It kills good jobs with good wages. It kills towns, cities and small businesses. And all it sells is cheap crap made by slaves in China. Walmart is an enemy of the people.
Walmart is a ripoff. It kills good jobs with good wages. It kills towns, cities and small businesses. And all it sells is cheap crap made by slaves in China. Walmart is an enemy of the people. The largest employer in the US is one of the most evil companies in the country. USA! USA! USA! We’re#1! We’re #1!

Actually that photo above is from a report and it is somewhat incorrect. The cost for all social programs for that store was $900K/year, not the cost just for food stamps.
According to the report, Walmart had more workers enrolled in the state’s public health care program in the last quarter of last year than any other employer, with 3,216 people enrolled. When the dependents of those workers were factored in, the number of enrollees came to 9,207.
“When low wages leave Walmart workers unable to afford the necessities of life, taxpayers pick up the tab,” the report says.
After accounting for the total number of Walmart stores and employees across the state and the per-person costs of BadgerCare, as the state’s health care program is known, the report’s authors estimated that the cost of publicly funded health care comes to $251,706 per year for a 300-employee Supercenter.
The authors then added up the projected costs of other public-assistance programs available to families on BadgerCare, such as reduced-price school meals, Section 8 housing assistance, the earned income tax credit and energy assistance. Assuming all those workers avail themselves of those additional programs — granted, an unlikely scenario — the report extrapolates that the final tab would top $900,000.
From the website where I got this:

Wal-Mart is the number one employer of welfare type program beneficiaries because very VERY few people make more than minimum wage. They make such a low paycheck because the corporate profit of Wal-Mart is not only put ahead of the people who work there (which is normal), but it is also put ahead of these employees well being (ability to thrive and pay for life).
The fact that this is not only a tolerated social norm, but also one that society supports by buying things from Walmart is kinda terrible.
If we want to lower the national deficit, and increase the quality of living in this country then companies like Walmart should pay for the cost of living of their employees. Instead of the govt paying these employees way because the employer is a cheap ass hole.
My thing is that if Walmart wants to build a solid base of loyal hardworking employees, why would they not pay them well? And why would they now implement some kind of profit sharing system for their bottom tier employees.
Statistic is not surprising when you take into consideration that Wal-Mart is also the biggest private employer in the United States.
Therefore, it is an unfortunate nessecity that we must regulate business practices for the benefit for society as a whole and not the companies themselves. From a theoretic stand point, many would argue that the free market does regulate itself but since the free market is a non-existant myth, there is no self-regulation to make sure that employees are treated humanely – especially not when supply far exceeds demand in terms of jobs.
In other words: There needs to be much higher minimum wages and more control on corporate employment like Walmart so that people are secured a pay they can live on and have a doctor they can see if they get sick. Capitalism insists that this would come by itself due to the free market but since that does not exist, government must take over responsibility for regulations and are doing a piss poor job at understanding that.
Capitalism is based on the assumption that wealth and power distribution obey linear laws; in reality they obey power laws.
Capitalism is also based on the idea that humans act (individually AND collectively) with “rational self interest” when nothing could be further from the truth.
tl;dr: capitalism is a delusion built on a heap of lies.
Corporate America makes me SICK. This idiots rake in BILLIONS while abusing and exploiting employees. Ban Corporate America NOW.
The point is, people think its capitalism (Walmart’s success that is). And in ways it is, but, when employees are paid shit wages, and your profits are through the roof because your govt pays the rest of their cost of living, you are, at that point, a beneficiary of corporatism.
Fuck that. Just start tariffing the shit out of China.
Cost to get it to US shelves just went up 400 percent. Bam. Now china has to make top notch goods, worthy of that price point, or we can shop American.
If you paid them a better wage they could afford better food, and have fewer lifestyle related health problems, and the amount of money they would have to spend on healthcare would go down.
Or we can start tariffing china, and actually put a shit ton of money in the government’s pocket, all while restoring America into a nation of makers, instead of resellers and middlemen.
I used to work in a Walmart Tire center. They purposefully under-trained their employees and didn’t provide any services that could be used as experience in getting an ASE cert specifically to stop the people working in the shop using their experience to get a better job.
Social equality is the only way to fix the SLEW of current American social problems being thrown around here by petulants, idealists, and imbeciles.
Pay people a decent wage. Give them opportunities. There are people who want to do just about any job you can think of, but people feel forced to get ‘good jobs’ (read: jobs they can make a decent living doing). So, people end up in jobs they hate, or in jobs they can’t thrive in.
Denmark, Norway, those countries are doing it right.
Tax high, provide for you people, allow people to do jobs they love, without having to worry about things.
Costco pays about $20 an hour on average per employee. At a minimum, they pay $10 per hour. How come Wal-Mart can’t do that?
this is why there is welfare. unless something is created for these people to do, you have to give them the basics or they will kill you and take from you. it’s that simple. so, people much smarter than most of you realized this many moons ago and decided that welfare, while vile, is necessary for society to exist. so , blame the douches that only cared about making $ and moved our work to china. find a way to fuck them over. stop buying their Chinese garbage. jobs will come back here. less welfare for you assholes to bitch about.
Right, cheap food is healthy. That’s why the poor in America are dying left and right of diabetes and heart disease.
The problem with Wal-mart and the companies like it is that all of their production is done in China for pennies, taking all of those jobs away from hard-working Americans. Tax and tariff the shit out of imports from China and force these companies to move their businesses back to American shores. Yes, prices would also increase somewhat to compensate for the higher wages they’d be paying American workers, but at least the money would be in AMERICA and would be spent by AMERICANS. Increasing the minimum wage is only going to send MORE money overseas instead of keeping it here in America where it needs to be spent.
America is known for its income inequality, because the top 400 people own 40% of wealth in the USA. You wealthy fags will pay one day, nothing ever last. Ask the French royalty.
The problem is the Corporations, and the government. The Corporations bribe the politicians for passing laws that favor the wealthy jerkoffs, and their companies. They own the textbook companies, and test that educate the rest of the population. So they are making Americans dumber, so they won’t vote against corporate interest.
LMAO outsourcing is good. This nigga believes neoliberalism works. Companies sent jobs overseas to make a quick bucks for the execs themselves. This one giant pharm company starting with the letter M, I think its mercer. They bought back jobs in 2004 or 2005 and what they did they fire 3000-5000 R&D and other staffs. The money bring back jobs would of increase company profits, but instead they gutted jobs, and the execs gave themselves bonuses. You have been brainwashed by neoliberalism.
but there is a difference between a company being ethical and fucking you in the ass because they just see you as a walking pile of cash that could be in their pockets instead of yours instead of another human being. but hey humans gonna be humans.
Typically a median income for a family of four yearly to make ends within reason is 25-30k assuming both parents work. For a family of 1-2 it’s halved.
In American I think the lowest minimum wage is $7.20/25. Unless you’re working a lot of overtime it’s not really possible, especially paying for insurance and car, etc bills.
Not only welfare guys, but a lot of kids in our schools can’t even eat proper meals or are in the free lunch program.
And what do you think would happen if that 900k were to just disappear? Do you think Wal-mart would cover the difference?
You’re confusing cause with effect. Social services are getting more use because of the poor economy, not the other way around.
We already have economic regulations. Things like laws concerning child labor, minimum wage, etc. I don’t see why adding a few more to ensure livable wages for Walmart employees is so unthinkable. People think regulation will ruin capitalism but they don’t realize that we aren’t completely capitalist anymore. We have a mixed economy which combines aspects of capitalism and socialism and that’s a very good thing

Obama Up By 8-9 Points in Pew Poll

A new Pew poll out today has Obama up by 8-9 points among likely and registered voters, 8 points for likely voters (51-43) and 9 points for registered voters (51-42). It covered the period of September 12-16, beginning right after the Democratic Convention.
This covers Mitt’s terrible gaffe on the attack on Libya and the anti-Mohammad movie released by anti-Islam activists in California.
I’m not sure if it covers the period of Mitt’s latest mess-up in which he told a room full of $50,000/plate plutocrats that Obama voters, 47% of the population, are socialist leeches and bums, sucking the blood out of hard working plutocrats and refusing to pay taxes. I am not sure what Willard has against paying taxes since apparently he didn’t pay taxes himself for ~10 years.
Anyway, it looks like Obama is starting to open up a wide lead.
Mitt Romney looks like a terrible candidate. I am trying to be completely fair here and not be partisan at all. Even if I were a Republican, I would be embarrassed by this guy.
I mean, do Romney voters really think it’s acceptable that Romney:
Is worth $275 million yet never paid taxes for 10 years in a row?
This out of touch plutocrat refuses to even release his tax returns to clear matters up, apparently because the accusations are true.
Stores most of his cash in tax-free offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland.
Thinks your “average middle class American” makes $250,000/year.
Thinks half the population are welfare-leeching socialist bums, and he told this to a room full of $50,000/plate plutocrats.
Changes his position on issues so much that he’s a virtual human weather vane?
We have no idea whatsoever what Willard will do once he gets in office, other than enrich his plutocrat pals. Romney voters say this is a selling point. A selling point? This guy is such a loose cannon, he’s taken every position possible on every issues, and we have no idea what he’s going to when he gets in office, and you think that’s good? I think it’s terrifying!
Went to the UK and insulted the whole country.
Went to Israel/Palestine and insulted the Palestinians by saying they had a lousy culture.
Went to Israel and made Jews feel uncomfortable by telling them that they were great at making money.
Says he won’t even try to get Israel and Palestine to make peace since the Palestinians don’t want peace. They just want to destroy Israel.
Has taken every position possible on abortion, and then some, but seems to have settled on a Constitutional amendment banning all abortions.
Says that Russia is our number one enemy? Our number one enemy? What’s he going to do? Start a war?
Praised sweat shops, then said that they don’t exist anyway.
Says once you are born in the US, 95% of your life is made in the shade right there.
Claimed he was poor and near starving in college, a period during which his father gave him $500,000.
Loves nothing on Earth more than firing people. It’s gives him a great thrill. Really? This is his favorite thing to do on Earth.
Practiced sociopathic capitalism in which many good US firms were bought out in LBO’s, loaded up with a ton of debt, had all of their assets sold off, and then stuck with the bill. The companies were then forced to mass fire their workforce and get rid of benefits to pay off the raiders who wrecked the company. They also had to pay Mitt’s Mafia millions in consultant fees.
Eventually, Mitt sells the firm for a hefty profit and ships the jobs out of the country. In some cases, the firm goes bankrupt. Mitt’s gangsters strew the nation with a post-WW 2 landscape of wrecked towns, cities and factories as firm after firm was hollowed out and destroyed, its workforce fired and the jobs shipped to China. That isn’t even capitalism. It’s Organized Crime. That’s what Mafioso do. Mitt Romney is no better than a Mafioso don.
Told Detroit to go to Hell and urged the government to refuse to bail out our autoworkers, which would have ruined the US auto industry.
Spends most of his time partying with millionaires and billionaires on his Cayman Islands chartered yacht.
According to people who have met him, “Everyone’s a peon to Mitt.” He’s every spoiled rich brat you hated in high school and college, cubed.
Claims he will get rid of the deficit with massive tax cuts on the rich and corporations. How does huge tax cuts fix a deficit problem? It only makes it worse.
Unveils a tax plan in which he will pay only .84% on his multimillion dollar income.
Claims to be “unemployed” trying to gain sympathy by painting himself as poor, while he is worth $275 million.
Called Obama a traitor for having the Egyptian embassy release a statement that Mitt said gave aid and comfort to the attackers at the Libyan embassy. Actually the statement was released the day before, was released by the embassy itself and was more along the lines of  “Please don’t kill us, Muslims,” in response to the video provocation and as such was perfectly reasonable.
Supports wiping Medicare off the face of the Earth. The elderly will be forced to buy their own insurance on the open market. Why would anyone support this? What’s in it for them. By wiping Medicare off the face of the Earth, Mitt says he is “saving it.”
Supports wiping Social Security off the face of the Earth.
Supports cutting Medicaid by 50%.
Supports massive cuts in all social programs, cuts so large that eventually all such programs would be phased out entirely.
You Romney supporters, you think that’s ok? I can’t see how you think the above is ok.
This guy reminds me of Gordon Gecko and Leona Helmsley.
He’s the snooty rich guy looking down his nose at 99% of population. He turns to his fellow plutocrat as they relax in their mansions.
“Aren’t these servants so annoying?” Romney asks, referring to almost all of us. “Could you please pass me some more caviar?”

Uncle Saddam (2000)

Pretty poorly done movie that is probably nevertheless one of the best movies ever done about Saddam Hussein and his sick, screwed up family. The same sort of epic corruption and horrific abuse of power was seen with Ben Ali in Tunisia, Gaddafi in Libya and Mubarak in Egypt, though Saddam was more murderous than all of them.
I do think that Saddam tried to take care of his people pretty well at the end of the day, but that’s down to his philosophy of Baath socialism more than anything else.
The hospitals were ruined and the people impoverished mostly due to the UN sanctions. The sanctions killed at least 1.5 million Iraqis, mostly via untreated water. The parts to fix the water treatment system were deliberately denied by the US and UK crackers on the UN committee. The only possible reason apparently was to slaughter as many Iraqis as possible.
In addition, imports of most medical treatment was denied under “dual use” rules which were horribly abused by the US and UK. Turns out he already got rid of all of his WMD’s anyway. The sanctions were to make him get rid of his WMD’s, and he already got rid of them long ago. Then followed the fake inspections, the fake lies about the WMD’s cooked up by the imperialist worms in the US and UK and Zionist dogs in Israel.
After that, the fake war, the criminal, Nazi like war of aggression against the Iraqi people launched by the imperialist dog Bush.
Saddam was the scum of the Earth, but things are way worse with him gone. The war was nothing but a colonialist war of aggression. In true colonialist fashion, the Anglo imperialists and their mostly White lackeys attempted to take over the Iraqi economy and siphon most of the wealth out of the country under the flag or “free market capitalism.”
Up to $9 Billion was simply flat out stolen from the Iraqi people’s oil revenues. The theft was accomplished in plain site, and the imperialist US media simply refused to report on it.
In addition, much of the Iraqi people’s property was stolen at the beginning of the invasion right under the approving eyes of the Anglo imperialist dogs. A lot of it was shipped straight to Kuwait as revenge war booty. Anglos aren’t the only thieving colonialist criminals in the area, and the Arab mind is primitive and brutal, unwashed with modernist and civilizing pretensions.
Nevertheless, that’s no excuse for outdated colonial wars of aggression and thievery. It’s shameful that most Americans are not sickened by the criminal conduct of their state in that war. The only conclusion is that apparently most Americans are simply down with US imperialism and neocolonialism.
Thank God for the Iraqi resistance, horrific though they were, for driving the imperialist conquering army out of the land.
Regarding Western colonial/imperial invasions and conquests, along similar lines, after the Western imperialist conquest of Libya, the Western criminals, who had frozen most of the Libyan people’s money in their banks, apparently just flat out stole hundreds of billions of the Libyan people’s money.
War under capitalism is always about the booty, the loot. Just forget everything else. All the rest is jingoistic bull and political lies, but the yahoos fall for it every time.

The Banksters – Enemies of Mankind

Richard Smothers writes:

I agree wholeheartedly. If someone makes 100 mil and you take 80, he’s still got 20. His cost of living is the same as everyone else’s, despite the fact he may enjoy a more expensive lifestyle, so a higher tax percentage for the wealthy than for the middle class and poor is supremely ethical.

They can afford it! Plus the rich don’t spend their money very well. They either sock it away or buy yachts and gold jewelry and other luxuries. Very little if any wealth actually trickles down. Even a lot of the investments of the rich are not very worthwhile. It is estimated that only 1 out of 133 dollars invested in the stock market is actually productive capital. The rest is simply speculative investment.
Speculation is not real wealth creation. You only create real wealth through productive investments – making something. If you make something that people buy – say widgets – that is a productive investment. Even if you make yachts or gold jewelry, it’s productive investment because you make something that people buy.
Speculative investment creates nothing whatsoever. Wealth is derived from the creation of products which consumers buy.
Speculation is essentially a casino. Do casinos create any wealth for those who gamble in them? Are you kidding? Placing bets on this or that is just playing games with paper money and frankly creates no real wealth at all. And any parasitic wealth that is created by speculation falls almost 100% into the hands of the top 10% if not the top 1%. Little or none of that trickles down to those below.
When the casino fails, as we saw in 2008 during the Great Crash caused by banking and securities fraud, a tremendous amount of productive wealth and real wealth in the hands of the lower and middle classes is destroyed. Billions or even trillions of dollars in lower and middle class wealth was destroyed when the rich placed the wrong bets in their Securities Casino.
The Casino Crash wrecked the economy of the entire world, and the world is still feeling the effects of it. In addition, many middle and lower class people lost their homes, their jobs, and quite a few went broke or become homeless. In the rest of the world, many went hungry or even starved.
In addition, all over the world, programs for the people funded with the people’s money (state welfare safety net programs) were destroyed. These programs fund education, health care, housing, disability, pensions, unemployment insurance and food for the people. They are paid for by the people themselves in taxation into insurance funds which can then be drawn by the people if and when they become needy enough.
The rich hardly felt any pain from their losses. They are still rich. But the lower and middle classes were stuck with a huge bill for the bad bets of the rich in their casino.
Since speculative capital creates no real wealth, is essentially parasitic, the wealth it creates goes exclusively to the rich and none trickles down, is extremely unstable and has tendencies towards horrific crashes that destroy incredible amounts of the people’s wealth, it makes sense to put some proper limits on the shenanigans of the shysters and the banksters, who are really the enemies of all of mankind.

One More Reason Capitalism Is Shit

Gene patents.
Incredible as it sounds, you can actually patent a naturally occurring gene or genetic variant or allele that occurs in nature. Most of the patents generated so far have been on human genes. The BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes have been patented, and the Alzheimer’s Foundation has patented a genetic allele that predisposes one to Alzheimer’s.
Lawsuits have been filed by temporarily decent capitalists against capitalist scum who have patented human genetic variants. The lawsuits argue, in accordance with the philosophy of the commons, that the isolated genes are “unpatentable products of nature.” How the Hell can you patent a gene. If I discover a rock, plant or animal out in the wilds somewhere, can I patent it because I was the first to find it. Can you patent a waterfall if you were the first one to find it? Can you patent certain types of clouds or dirt because you figured out how they function and operate.
Patents have been granted for other things. A company made a purified form or adrenaline and marketed it. Since this is a modification of a natural product and not the product itself, I’m not necessarily opposed to this.
A company made a newly-created organism, a bacterium that eats oil to clean up oil spills. As a purely man-made product, though a living thing, I have no objection to this.

An Overview of US Private Education

At the K-12 level, my experience is that private schools provide a vastly inferior education to public schools. I know this because my father worked for some of these capitalist private school rats for a while. It was a sickening experience.

Teachers were horribly underpaid and overworked, and the school scrimped on everything. Textbooks were very out of date. The school bought almost nothing. My Dad had to pay for many of his classroom expenses out of his pocket. He was constantly pressured to pass on failing students and to award A’s and B’s to C and D students. This is because these well-off Whites were paying big bucks for their private school education, and they were going to get good grades for their kids out of it come Hell or high water.

The owners of the school exploited the labor of the poorly paid teachers to the extent that they flew around in Lear Jets. The whole thing was just sick.

I worked for a bit for some private education capitalist worms in Venice. I drove down there, got my textbooks, and they gave me the names of the Hispanics who I was going to teach English to. They did pay me quite well, but they didn’t care one bit about whether or not their students learned anything.

That’s what was clear: they cared nothing about their students whatsoever. The slimeballs running it were young Yuppies who were parodies of disgusting little capitalist punks. They sat around in meetings all day talking about money, wore fancy clothes and drove nice cars. It was a revolting situation.

One of my students was a Colombian man who was obviously a drug dealer. He fired me because he didn’t like the way I was teaching him, so I called up the DEA and turned him in as a probable drug dealer, possibly cocaine (this was 1985 in Los Angeles). Haha.

I was so mad at my empolyers that I stole their set of textbooks at the end and quit. Then I gave the textbooks away to the Sandinistas in Nicaragua.

I received a teaching credential at USC. I must say that the education I received there was very, very good.

My perception is that private school education in the US is basically shit. It’s a ripoff. The only reason it exists is so Whites can fork over tons of money so their kids won’t have to go to school with Blacks and Hispanics. As far as the unregulated tutoring like I was doing, that’s along the same level. It’s a ripoff. Private schools frankly don’t care whether their students learn one damned thing. It’s all about the money, always the money, and only the money. It’s bullshit.

However, my experience at USC taught me that many private universities may indeed offer high quality education. This may be because they are competing with public schools and possibly other private schools. If they give you a shit education, after a while, word is going to get out, and people will just stop going. Besides, White people actually go to private colleges to get an actual education, not just to get away from the beaners and niggers.

The Ultimate Uselessness of “Freedom” under Capitalist Democracy

Look. At some point, the concept of “freedom” is complete bullshit.

Are you “free” to reinstate feudalism? No, you are not. If you try it, we will kill you.

Are you “free” to set up some Nazi-like fascism? No, you are not. If you try to do it, we are going to kill you.

Are you “free” to perpetuate an evil system like caste? No, you are not.

Are you “free” to reinstate segregation and legal racial discrimination? You must certainly are not. If you try to do it, we are going to kill you.

Are you going to set up your White state and throw all the non-Whites out? Try it and we will have to kill you.

None of these are any kind of freedoms at all. These are the sort of things that people rave about when they talk about “freedom.” These are the glories of democracy. I am not saying that democracy per se is bad, but whenever some idiot starts raving about freedom, think about this. Freedom isn’t necessarily great.

Capitalism offers people the freedom to starve, the freedom to sicken and die, and the freedom to lose your home and end up homeless on the streets, where you will sicken, starve and die.

In return for these glorious freedoms, I have the right to march off to a polling booth. I can print up a useless sign and wave it around. I can write useless rants on the Internet. None of these expressive freedoms will do anything to mitigate the real deadly and mortal freedoms above. In return for my useless expressive freedoms, I have the freedom to have the system end my life. Expressive freedoms don’t negate or render useless mortal freedoms. On the contrary, mortal freedoms render expressive freedoms preposterous.

In return for the right to sicken, be shelterless, starve and die, I get the right to wave a sign around. Why would I trade the former for the latter? If you offered to pull my sign-waving rights for the right to food, shelter and a doctor, I might just take you up.

I’m not arguing for gulags and bullets in the head. I’m giving you something to think about the next time some moron starts shouting “freedom” at you.

Do you see what a joke it is when capitalists start ranting about “freedom?” Do you really think that the master and the serf are independent agents confronting each other and making “contracts” on an equal footing, each “free” to make this or that decision about what to do or what not to do? This is what the capitalists want you to believe. Do you really believe that?

The Stupid Party

The Republican Party has been anti-science for a long time now, since Reagan in 1980 at least. Part of the problem is due to capitalism. Capitalists simply reject science when it gets in the way their profits. That’s why the state always has to run science research. Science is too important to let smarmy capitalist liars get their mitts all over it. Science run by capitalists, when it was done at all, would come up with exactly those findings that the capitalists running the science would want to come up with.

Note I said when it was done at all. Much basic science simply would not be run by the private sector. The private sector would only fund science that they thought they could make a buck off of, or else they would fund fraudulent science designed to protect their profits from regulators.

The Republican Party has been getting more anti-science since 1980. In fact, recent studies have shown that watching Fox News actually makes you stupid, in a dose response fashion. The more Fox News you watch, the stupider you get. That’s because Fox News lies to you about the truth all the time. There are many truths that Fox News will not admit because they are ideologically bad for the Right. And there are many lies that it continues to peddle because those lies are good for the Right.

Fortunately, the Left in the US, or what’s left of it, doesn’t have the same problem.

New information has just come out that proves that a majority of Republican voters, at least in Iowa, may well be retarded. Of Iowa Republicans:

79% do not believe in global warming.

65% do not believe in evolution.

Rick Perry has chimed in. He doesn’t believe in evolution either, but he believes in fucking beautiful young men, in quantities even. Rick Perry doesn’t believe in global warming either, but he believes in fucking scores of hot young hookers, stripper and call girls, often while doing lines of cocaine.

Perry has a particularly bizarre theory about global warming. He says that there is a gigantic conspiracy on the part of tens of thousands of climate scientists all over the world to cook the books and make up this fake scientific theory. Why are they all lying like this? For the money, he says. To keep the dollars rolling into their projects. Amazing, and not one scientist has blown the whistle about this.

Never mind that 97.5% of climate scientists believe in anthropogenic global warming. Never mind that even mainstream scientific groups are sounding ever shriller warnings lately about this looming crisis. Never mind that in the past few years the debate in climate circles has not been on whether global warming exists, but on whether or not we are underestimating it. The worried consensus is that we may well be.

Mitt Romney has chimed in idiotically, saying that he is not sure if the planet is warming or if humans are to blame. Way to have it both ways, Mittens.