Symptoms of an Illegal Alien Infection

1. Displays of Mexican flags (where’s Old Glory ?) 2. Gangs, gangs and more gangs 3. Drugs 4. Dirty streets 5. Tons of graffiti 6. Hospital closures that affect entire communities 7. Horrible school districts, dumbing down of curriculum that affect American children 8. Not paying taxes Explanation of symptoms: 1. Illegal aliens are loyal to Mexico, not to the US. Legalizing them will probably not cure them of their dual loyalty issues. 2. I am at a loss to explain the gangmania of the children of illegal aliens. However, children of properly selected, high quality Hispanic immigrants would probably not join gangs too much. 3. Illegals = dope. Dope and lots of dope dealers. Everywhere. On the streets, on the corners, you name it. At least in the White suburbs, we White dealers kept it out of sight and out of mind. 4. This is a fact. Hispanics in general, illegals in particular, litter like crazy, since they come from ruined countries where garbage is everywhere. Go to Mexico sometime if you don’t believe me. There’s more garbage than curbs or sidewalks. Anchor babies follow their illegal parents and continue to litter. I assume that higher-quality Hispanics are more civilized, but I’m not sure. It’s a continental problem, derived from their Arabic, screw the environment, patrimony. 5. One interesting thing about Hispanics is that they are good artists. My Mom had to teach a class of them one time back when we were living in Canoga Park. They didn’t care anything about book learning even back then (Nothing’s changed!) so my Mom devised some lesson plan whereby they were doing “sand painting” all day. The Chicanos could not get enough of it. Genetic or cultural, Hispanics are good artists. But their idea of art is ruining cities everywhere they exist in large numbers. Graffiti is intimately tied to gangs, but many taggers are just teenage gang wannabes, not real gang members or hardcores. I know these guys. They are just kids with their “tagging crews”. It’s a subculture. 6. No one dares discuss it, but California’s budget woes are in part due to the illegal invasion. If you have lots of illegals, all the local hospitals are pretty near nuked, especially the ones that are public hospitals in any way. 7. This is fact. I’ve taught Hispanics, and they are not bad to teach discipline-wise (light years ahead of Blacks), but don’t ask them to learn anything. Hispanics have a worse dropout rate than Blacks! This comes right from the illegals’ peasant culture that sees no value in education. More illegals, more dropouts. Real simple. More illegals, more teen pregnancies. This is an unmentioned one. Mexicans, like most peasants, start fucking their women at age 14. That’s natural and normal, but it’s not a workable thing in the modern Western US. If you’re going to do it, and I used to as a young man, at least don’t knock her up. Hispanics have the worst teen pregnancy rate of all, and I think it is even much worse than Blacks. In order to deal with lack of interest in school in Hispanic communities (It’s not IQ – I’m convinced they are smart enough, but they just see no value in school.) the curriculum is of course dumbed down endlessly in order to pass the incompetent and apathetic along. 8. In Mexico, probably about 15 If you live in an illegal-overrun town for a while, you figure out that just about everyone is cheating on their taxes in one way or another. It’s part of the territory and no one cares. As long as you are not running an open and obvious business, the law won’t touch you either. The defunding of the tax base by mass tax avoidance combines with extreme pressure on public services to produce the usual “no public services” catastrophe in every illegal-nuked town or city.

Who Cares About the Stinking 1800's?

When it came to bathing, the Romans showed us up once again. It took us 1,900 years to figure out what was elementary to the ancients. Romans had indoor plumbing, showers and baths, if you could afford it. That and public baths. After the Fall, at least the Muslims continued the public baths, and even Muslim women had their own bathhouses. The Muslims got this from the Romans. The idiot Christians, probably due to Christian puritanism, rejected the notion of public baths. Even in the US, for the first century or so until indoor plumbing, the idea was rejected. Idiot American women fretted that they could get pregnant by bathing in the same water that men had earlier bathed in. By the late 1800’s, indoor plumbing finally came to America. God knows who the first American President who regularly bathed was. For most of the 1800’s, all of our presidents were real stinkers. But everybody else was too, so no one cared a whit. Bathing was a luxury and a PITA. You had to use large buckets and boil the water on the stove. You then poured the water into the bath. Homes sometimes had baths, but had no plumbing running to them. You probably had to heat more than one bucket at a time. People would bathe, the whole family, one at a time, men first, then women, then kids, babies last. The water was so dirty at the end that you could barely see the baby. Hence the phrase, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.” My grandmother was born in 1890 or so. As a little girl, they had one of the only baths with indoor plumbing in her town in Afton, Iowa. On Saturday night, townsfolk would line up outside to take a bath at my grandma’s house. A bath on Saturday night, to smell clean and fresh for church on Sunday morning. One bath a week, that’s all you took, and everyone was a farmer working daylight hours in the fields. The 1800’s was one stinky century. You see these Hollywood westerns where the woman has been riding in a stagecoach for three weeks and finally arrives out West where there’s some cowboy waiting to greet her. He’s been on a cattle train for a few weeks, and baths are as scarce as the lawmen out here even in the towns. She gets out of the stagecoach, dress clean, white and barely ruffled, her makeup perfect. He rushes up to her and hugs her. It’s so fake. You know they both must have smelled awfully ripe!

My Mother the Prophet

At age 6, my mother enrolled me in Spanish classes when I was living in Canoga Park, California in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley. There were few Hispanics around back in those days. My school was pretty much all-White. I think there was one Black kid. I used to play with him, racist scum that I was even way back then. The classes were held at some park, I think. We learned it from some nice older Hispanic man. I still have a good accent to this day (and especially can roll my r’s) probably due to those very early lessons. When she enrolled me in classes at age 6, I asked her why. She had a crystal ball called California and she was looking into it even way back then. She got a serious look on her face. “This is the future,” she said. It was only 1963. The writing wasn’t even on the wall yet, and she could read the graffiti before the gangbangers had even spraypainted it. I didn’t take another Spanish clsass until age 12, so my Spanish is not exactly fluent. But I can get by in it. I’ve even had gf’s who pretty much could not speak English (here on Visas) and we conducted most of the relationship in Spanish. Got to learn all the dirty words that way. Here I am, 51 years old, and I’m still learning this damned language. I’ll be learning it on my deathbed. Lifelong project! It’s a creepy feeling here in California. So many of the streets, cities, towns, rivers, streams, mountains, hills, have Spanish names. Everyone knows this used to be part of Mexico. The evidence is all around us – all you have to do is look. On the ground here, the mass illegal alien invasion turning one town after another into Tijuana Norte feels bad. It feels like a reversion. The place is turning back into Mexico, what it used to be. It’s not a good feeling. Even the liberals and leftwingers here, if they have any sense of the history of this state, feel the chills. We feel it in our bones. It’s terrifying.

Interesting Blogs

First things first. White Meat – Dedicated to the beauty and splendor of the White Woman. At first I thought this was some crap blog put up by White Nationalists saying how White women are better than any other women on Earth, since, after all, they are White, and White folks are better than any other folks, especially those nasty Black folks. But read around a bit, and things get really interesting. This is a blog made by Black males who are dedicated to the beauty and glory of the White female. There is a corresponding Yahoo group called The Pedestal, meaning they want to put White women on a pedestal and worship them. Considering how many Black males treat their White female lovers like crap, I certainly think worshiping them is better than stealing from them, lying to them, locking them up like prisoners, raping them and beating them. I have known many White women with a thing for Black guys, and these are the stories you hear over and over. Heard so many times, you almost want to warn White women off. And yet. And yet. We have White Meat. If written by White men, it would come off as chauvinist or probably racist crap. From a White woman, more narcissistic chirping and posing, as if we don’t get enough of that. But from Black men, there is something charming here. It can’t possibly be racist, it can only be…worshipful. The comments are full of other Black men who worship the glory and beauty of our women, and from our unappreciated women smiling and warming in the spotlight. It’s an all-around feel-good, but it’s sure to make a White nationalist fume. A good companion to White Meat is Abagond. Not exactly an intellectual blog, but definitely smart enough. A Black man from the Caribbean, a dedicated anti-racist, marries a Black woman and starts a family with her. And makes a blog, the counterpart to White Meat, for Black men dedicated to the glory and beauty of Black women. Commenters are, once again in parallel to the other site, Black males who like Black women and Black women who love to be appreciated. This site is even more strange because it is full of Black women who are steaming, stomping and smoking mad at White men, yet they long to meet, marry and have kids with one. Most of them say that they really want a Black man, Black women being the most racially loyal of any group, but there are way too many Black women and way too few decent Black men, and a lot of, especially the educated and cultured, Black women are getting tired of waiting out their lives in spinsterhood. This sexual lopsidedness in the Black community has given rise to such peculiar institutions as “man-sharing”, degrading as it is to Black women. Though I have dated several Black women myself (and nearly married one of them), I am not sure if I will again. My experiences have been pretty negative. Cynical, using, gold-digging, steal your last dollar, whore mentality does not even begin to do justice. A lot of Black women are utterly cynical about men, think we are all no-good dogs, and think they should use their vaginas to milk every single last nickel out of our wallets. I had one Black girlfriend who would not even allow me to visit her unless I was going to take her out and waste some money on her, and often there wasn’t even any sexual payback on her end. She wasn’t’ even charging me for sex, she was charging me for her damn time. Black women in general like the extreme masculinity of Black men, and it’s true that macho as we can be, White men are just not as masculine as Black men. So Black women tend to see us as wimpy and even faggy. I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I sure don’t appreciate that. On the other hand, Asian women will treat the same guy the Black woman thinks is a disgusting, meek and wimpy queer like he’s Paul fucking Bunyan. Compared to Asian guys, I guess he is. I like women who make me feel like a man, masculinity being very important to my identity (I note this because I am convinced there are guys to whom masculinity is just not a big deal). Reading through the comments from the Black women on Abagond’s site, I wanted to run for the door. Yeah, they were scary. If that makes me a wuss, fine, I’m a wuss. The frequent comments about our small dicks and how having a White lover means a Black woman might have to forgo sexual satisfaction were particularly stinging. If that’s the way they feel, they’re losing my sympathy. Keep up with the man-sharing, buy a quality vibrator, or discover bisexuality.

The Fake White Slavemaster Black Slave Rape Epidemic

This about sums it up. Written by a Black Caribbean man. One of the conceits of the militant Black movement in the US (in practice, that means most US Blacks) is that they are convinced there was some evil White rape epidemic against Indians and Black women. According to this hate Whitey line, White men are the biggest rapists in the past 500 years, or I guess ever. The whole history of White men has been a history of rape of Indian and Black women. When a Black woman looks in the mirror, she sees centuries of violence, of rape, evil rape, in her veins, in her soul, in her genes. This was a sexist campaign of extermination against Black women. We White dudes conspired to pollute their illustrious and Nobel Prize winning Black gene pool! Such a crime against humanity! And we thought we were just “mejorando la raza” as they call marrying and breeding up-White in Latin America. What’s curious about all of this is that White dudes pretty much stopped raping Black chicks altogether in recent years. Most of you have seen the figures that drive White nationalists into conniptions. 37,000 White women raped by Blacks every year. Zero Black women raped by White men every year. So, the greatest rapists that ever lived have suddenly knocked it off for decades now. What happened? For one thing, it’s not legal anymore. At one time, it was about legal for a White to rape a Black woman, and maybe for a Black man too. No one cared. Black female victims did not count. An interesting figure is that by 1865, 75 There is a phrase in the South that women cringe at. It’s called “splitting the Black Oak”. It means that young single White guys, back in the day, before sex was free and all that, would go lose their virginity and become a man by sexing a Black girl or lady. They lived on the other side of town and no doubt could be had for a price. Women and girls have never given it away for free too much, sadly. At the time, loose White chicks were probably in short supply in the South, and most single White women were probably virgins. So you want to pop your cherry, you head over to the dark side of the tracks. Probably not much raping going on here. Black women were very poor and probably screwing White was moving up in the world, as it is to this day. White men offered money, favors, whatever men always do. Black women were happy to trade. Much of the fake rape epidemic occurred from about 1830 on. After slavery was outlawed, it was awfully costly to go buy yourself a slave. By 1830 or so, 30 The Civil War, like Sendero’s rebellion in Peru in the 1980’s, was a race against time. Slavery was dying anyway. By the Civil War, a slave cost $60,000 in today’s dollars. Few could afford one. We have many reports of owners distressed about White workers having sex with Black female slaves, often for money or various favors. These women were slaves, and they needed every break they could get. It’s well-known that many slave owners had mulatto mistresses, often to the wife’s consternation. She was a kept woman. For a slave, this was moving up in the world big-time. No doubt it was voluntary on the part of many female house Negroes. The same Black women who scream that we White guys are the Greatest Rapists That Ever Lived also fume that we say Black women are “unrapeable”. The ultimate insult. Cognitive disconnect anyone? These same Black women fuming about the White male as the most evil creature that ever stalked the Earth openly admit that they want to marry and have kids with a White man. Go figure. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

A Reworking of German Language Classification

Updated June 27, 2016. This post will be regularly updated for some time. Warning! This essay is very long; combining all 3 parts together, it runs to 255 pages. This post has been broken into three parts: Part 1: Low German, Part 2: Middle German and Part 3: High German. This classification divides German from 20 languages to 137 languages based on the criteria of intelligibility. >90 The German languages, and German is not a single language, but, like Chinese and Italian, a family of languages, have been in need of a good reclassification for some time now. Ethnologue has done an excellent job, dividing German into 20 separate languages. However, Ethnologue’s treatment does not go nearly far enough, as they themselves admit in the entry for Standard German: “Our present treatment in this edition is incomplete.” The entry for Low German itself formerly stated that LG is made up of 20-30 separate mutually unintelligible dialects, although this has been revised to “differing intelligibility, depending on distance” in the latest edition. Hence, this treatment will attempt to expand the 20 German languages listed at present into a higher number. Many of the language divisions noted below are arbitrary, and admittedly based on more intuition than hard evidence. In many cases, intelligibility testing could clear up a lot of confusion. This treatment, like my prior treatment of Chinese, is best seen as a series of often very tentative hypotheses rather than a set of conclusions. The classification scheme (for instance, the decision to include Low Saxon as a part of Macro-German rather than a part of Macro-Dutch) is fairly arbitrary and is not the purpose of this treatment, which deals mainly with intelligibility. This treatment makes no statements about classification, generally just following Wikipedia and Ethnologue. There are others doing major work on classification, and I will leave that up to them.

The Frankish Kingdom and West Europe in general, probably around 700-900 or so. The Frankish Kingdom gave rise to the German, Dutch and French languages.
The Frankish Kingdom and West Europe in general, probably around 700-900 or so. The Frankish Kingdom gave rise to the German, Dutch and French languages.
So far, this classification expands German from 20 separate languages to 142 separate languages. It is incomplete, and it is also a pilot study intended to spur further research, analysis and especially evidence-based criticism. Criticism is welcome, as long as it is rational and evidence-based. Keep in mind that we have valid intelligibility data for a lot of these languages, so wild claims of widespread intelligibility are likely to be ignored. Further splitting is certainly warranted, and lumping may be too. Both will require evidence before proceeding. Method: Literature and reports were examined to determine the intelligibility of the various dialects of German. Native speakers of various lects were also interviewed, and the results of scientific intelligibility testing were examined. There was an appeal to authority – if states or the ISO recognized that a lect was a language, this determination was simply accepted. >90 The emphasis was on intelligibility rather than structural factors. Certain sociolinguistic factors also went into the calculation, but their use was minimized. Overtly political argumentation was ignored. This piece may be seen as a companion piece to my other similar pieces. A reclassification of Chinese expands Chinese from 14 languages into 343 languages. A reclassification of Catalan reanalyzed it from 1 language to 2 languages. A reclassification of Occitan changes it from 6 languages to 12 languages. A reclassification of Dutch changed it from 15 to 30 languages. As far as my qualifications for writing this, I have a Masters Degree in Linguistics, and I have been employed as a linguist for an American Indian tribe where I created an alphabet, ran the language program, worked on a dictionary and phrasebook and did fieldwork with native speakers. German, like Chinese, is a pluricentric language, with a standard version and many typically mutually unintelligible major dialects surrounding it. Interdialectal comprehension is achieved via the use of Standard German. Hence, the intelligibility estimates by the ignorant are going to be biased. What these people mean when they say that everyone in Germany can understand each other is that they can when they speak Standard German to each other. However, there are still a few older folks in Germany who cannot speak Standard German and can only speak their regional form of German. There are 27 main German dialect families, and all are considered to be separate languages. The German dialects exist as a dialect chain where dialects are normally intelligible to the dialect regions next door, but not to those more distant. At the same time, it is frequently stated that the major German dialects are not mutually intelligible. This makes delineating languages from dialects quite difficult and is why intelligibility testing is needed. Most German “dialects” have low intelligibility (below 90 Germany is awash in dialects. There are over 4000 (!) different dialect groups within Low German alone, and there are 150 dialects in Ripuarian Franconian that were different enough to have dictionaries written for them. In addition to not being intelligible with Standard German, the major German dialects are in general here, and an even better one is here.
A map of the major German dialects by their German names.
A map of the major German dialects by their German names.
Separate languages or suspected separate languages are bolded below. Dialects or extinct languages are generally italicized. Macrolanguages that do not deserve separate language designation are generally printed in normal typeface. All languages and dialects are spoken in Germany unless otherwise noted. Languages or dialects marked by an asterisk were definitely full languages 50 years ago, but whether they still are today is less certain. Some may still be languages, others may have dwindled to dialects and others may have disappeared. 50 years ago, those languages were still alive and well and probably even being taught to children. Most or all still have speakers, though the youngest speakers may be over 50 in some cases. These starred lects are very tentative additions to this classification.
The German dialects as they existed a while back, possibly about 150 years ago. This situation was still extant around World War 2. Note all of the isolated German speakers in the Slavic lands to the east.
The German dialects as they existed a while back, possibly about 150 years ago. This situation was still extant around World War 2. Note all of the isolated German speakers in the Slavic lands to the east.
This research takes a lot of time, and I do not get paid anything for it. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a a contribution to support more of this valuable research.

Border? What Border?

The pro-illegal immigrant crowd has crafted a very successful lie, but you can see through it pretty easily once you listen to them long and hard enough. One very successful lie of the more sophisticated crowd is that while they support mass amnesty now (Actually, the cleverer ones lie and say they do not support amnesty at all), after that, we will seal the border like glue, enforce immigration laws like hawks, and there will be no more amnesties. If you’re an idiot, you will fall for this scam, just like the gullible fall for any scam. This was exactly the same crap they fed us back in 1986 under Reagan. That mass amnesty was a catastrophe. I have dealt with those amestied in under this outrage, and while the adults are often decent enough people, huge numbers of their children are low-life, gangbanging, moronic, dropout, lazy, lying, thieving, Ghetto-Black aping sheer human garbage. The truth is that probably 85 This is what the pro-illegals crowd believes, in addition to no border: Once the illegals sneak in here, no one has a right to stop them from doing whatever the Hell they want, or to arrest them for breaking the law and ship them home, or anything. Well, Hell, if that is the case, then just tear down all the borders and get rid of all the immigration laws. Immigration laws and borders either exist or they don’t. If they state refuses to guard the border or enforce immigration law, then fuck it, tear down the borders and erase all the immigration laws. Obviously, this is what the pro-illegal immigration crowd really wants. Either illegals are ok or they are not. There is no such thing as these 12 million in the US now are ok, but we will stop all the ones coming in in the future, and we will throw out any who sneak in successfully in the future. It never works that way. Once they legalize the 12 million, the same crowd will scream and yell that the border patrol is still doing its job and catching border jumpers. That’s an outrageous crime right there to these folks. How dare we police our border! Once the new illegals get in, no one will be allowed to lay one single finger on them. The first workplace raid and the same crowd will foam and snarl like rapid animals. Soon we will have millions more illegals in the land, and the screaming demand for a mass amnesty will begin around. That’s exactly what happened last time around and that’s what will happen again and again. They have a very clever project, do they not? This is why I object to racists slamming Hispanics for being stupid. These folks are not dumb at all; Hell, they are downright brilliant. The only idiots are the non-Hispanic Americans who refuse to police the border or throw out the criminal invaders once they have infiltrated our sovereign lands. The notion that this 12 million is a temporary fix, and then we will get back to enforcing borders and immigration laws with gusto is clearly a fiction. The pro-amnesty crowd is a de facto Open Borders crowd. If you’re for amnesty, then you’re really for Open Borders. It’s really essential to understand this about the opposition. If you can’t grasp that, you’re missing the whole argument.

From California: What Racism?

Uncle Milton makes an excellent response in the comments to an Iranian who was bashing White males. One of the things I liked about his comments was that he said if US Whites are such vicious and evil racists, why did we just elect Obama, and why did we elect Willie Brown and Tom Bradley mayors of large cities? And why did we just elect a Black man governor of Massachusetts? He also noted that in the US, Whites and Blacks do not in general overtly hate each other. This is an insistence of both White nationalists and Blacks. He said there may be some discomfort, but usually there is not overt hostility. I really do tire of White-bashing myself. It gets a bit ridiculous, though I am sympathetic to the strong anti-racist stance some of these White-bashers take, and they do force me, in a White Studies kind of way, to confront my own internal racism (which is considerable), so they are healthy like good therapy. Unc also notes that he has been all over the world, and did not find a lot of hatred directed at him for being an American. Latin America was fine, and in Asia he got a does of White privilege. Europe was ok, and he noted that in Africa, Whites are usually treated better than Blacks. I figure he is probably right on all this stuff. I have not traveled much, but I remember once in Tijuana we got lost late at night, and I guess we were in a ghetto, when we kept hearing these plinking stones, and we finally realized that we had been being attacked with rocks for 15-20 minutes just because we had US plates. I take it that your Unc’s experiences are about right. I meet Thai women on the Internet all the time who are looking for White American men. Why? Well, to support them. The thing to do for a Thai woman is to get a White American guy to take care of her financially. Then he comes and visits once in a while and gets some sex or whatever. There’s also a lot of this going on in the Philippines and a bit in Latin America. US White men have $, hence they are desired. One thing that I really tire of from both Blacks and White nationalists is this insistence that people always hate each other on a racial basis. I assume I must be blind or something? Because, as a general rule, here in this part of the US, I simply do not see much overt discrimination, racial hostility or even coldness or rudeness. Of course, I live in California; this place is the United Nations. WN’s assure me that all Punjabis hate all non-Indians, especially Blacks, and all Arabs hate all infidels, especially Blacks. I deal with Arab and Punjabi storekeepers all the time, and I just cannot see it. If they hate these people, they hide it extremely well. As a White, I deal with Punjabis, Chinese, Hispanics (especially!), Arabs and Blacks all the time here, and it seems like I almost never experience any anti-White racism from any of them. But hey, maybe I am blind. Further, no one treats Hispanics and Blacks worse either. Racism in this part of the US is much exaggerated. Many Black women, and I suspect some Hispanic women, around here are looking for White guys (Possibly even me!). Blacks say that all Whites are viciously racist, but I don’t see it in the Whites I talk to. In fact, if I ever bring up race, the conversation gets shot down just like that, with the White person spouting PC platitudes all the way. Around here, you can’t even talk about the insane illegal alien invasion all around us with most Whites. Bring it up, and it’s usually a social faux pas, or at least the conversation gets quickly shut down in some way or another. Even in the local all-White towns! I’m still trying to figure out how racism works in this part of the US, but it’s not as simple as any of the models. In this part of the US, overt racism in any way is seriously uncool, and most people won’t cotton to it. I do know of one overt White nationalist around here, but he’s anomalous. There’s another guy who tells nigger jokes and talks about “mud people”, but that’s sort of strange too. I understand that WN’s wish to separate themselves, especially from Blacks. To me, it makes more sense for them to do this to try to get away the higher rates of pathologies and very high crime rates that typically follow large Black populations, rather than to escape from amorphous “vicious Black anti-White racism. “Black racism against Whites” is mostly a WN fantasy. Am I missing something? I might add I’m not good at figuring out who hates me, because I’m sort of the anti-paranoid. Instead of assuming everyone hates me, I assume that no one does, even when it sort of seems like they might. I can’t bear the idea of people hating me or even disliking me, so I just say it’s not happening. I was recently told that all of the workers in a store I frequented despised me and wished I would never come back. I had never thought they were ecstatic about me, but I neither had I ever thought that they totally despised me either. They seemed to put on their “customer service happy faces” when I came in, and it was good enough for me. How can you even figure out if people like you or not anyway, or does it even matter?

More on California Hispanic Gang Culture

A commenter asks, in response to my comment:

It’s Norteno territory to the extent that I prominently wear my “N” tennis shoes a lot, and I just about claim Norteno myself. It’s not cool to root for the other side. Having about zero personal experience with gang culture, is it okay to wear a gang’s apparel on their turf if you’re not a part of that gang?

Sure, of course it is, as long as you are not an idiot about it. The thing you don’t understand is that just about everybody around here claims or represents one way or the other. People either claim Sureno or Norteno or maybe Bulldog. Even people not in gangs claim. Thing is, it is extremely difficult to figure out exactly who is really in these local ragtag kid gangs and who is not. There are the real hardcores, and the cops know all about them. But just about everybody else that age dresses and looks like a gangster. They wear colors and gang attire, but honestly, they are not in the gang the way the hardcores are. So just about everyone around that age is going to wear the colors and attire of that hood, even though most of them aren’t really in the gang at all. It’s like people in Boston wear Red Sox clothes. The gang is like the home team. I guess the others are called gang associates or something. It gets way hard to characterize. However, with me, no one cares, because I’m a 51 year old White guy. I can wear red, or an N on my shoes, or even flash 14 with my fingers and it’s just a great big stupid joke. I’m not in the gang; everyone knows that. If I go to a Sureno hood, people might see the N shoes and red shirt and I’m a middle aged White guy, so they know I’m not Norteno. But if I flash 14 gang sign at them, wow, that’s weird. What’s this older White guy doing flashing enemy gang signs at us? It’s not really a joke, but they wouldn’t know what to make of it either. It’s sort of criminal stupidity. They might just want to kick your ass so you don’t do anything so stupid again. Also, I can probably drive through full-on gang territory at 3 AM even with gang guys hanging out on their front porches and probably nothing would happen. If I was younger and Hispanic, they might want to know what I was doing there. But I’m a middle aged White guy, so they figure I’m irrelevant to the conflict. These guys are a lot smarter than you think. They aren’t idiots at all. You can joke around with these guys a lot and even threaten them if you know what you’re doing. I have threatened to kill a couple of them and nothing happened. You just charge at them with a really psycho but controlled look in your eyes and threaten to kill them unless they shut up. Don’t act angry or crazy. Just act like a totally cool, controlled, cold-blooded gangbanger bastard just like they are. I flip them off all the time and make obscene gestures at them, but it’s all a big joke and we are all on good terms. The main thing is to get them to respect you. If that takes getting in their face and threatening to murder them unless they shut up, they kind of respect that. That shows you’re not a pussy and you will stand up for yourself and fight. This is an extremely macho culture and they respect macho badass guys. One thing I cannot do is make fun of Nortenos. I used to call them “Busters” as a joke or when I was wearing a blue shirt, point to it and joke with them. “Busters” is what Surenos call Nortenos as an insult. Ok, that’s just not cool at all. They got really mad a few times when I did that and seriously acted like they were going to kick my ass. I thought for a bit and figured out that this is simply not acceptable. You can’t even joke about it. It’s just off-limits. These guys have very strict rules about what you can and can’t do. As I said, it’s impossible to know who’s in the gangs. One night we were joking around and someone pointed to my shoes and said I must claim Norteno. I said sure I do and everyone started laughing because it’s absurd. Then this one guy pulls up his shirt and there’s a t-shirt with “Nuestra Familia” on it. That’s a pretty hardcore Norteno symbol. He says, “Hey Bob! What do you say? Let’s go get down. Let’s go get a shotgun and kill some Scraps (insult Norteno name for Surenos). Let’s go!” I guess he was serious. He always seemed like a cool guy too, and I had no idea he was associated with a gang. It sounded kind of exciting, and Sureno gangbangers definitely deserve to get killed, but I’m not into capital felonies.

Interracial Rape Epidemics: A Thought Experiment

There is a well-known and fairly uncontroversial figure out there about interracial rape. In a recent year, Blacks raped 37,000 White women. 10,000 of those were gang rapes. So, there are 100 Black rapes of White women per day and 30 Black gang rapes of White women per day. White nationalists like to say that this is a war on White women, but I crunched some figures and discovered that Black women are about 4-5 times more likely to raped by Blacks than White women are. Appallingly, White women actually get off easy in the Black Male Rape Epidemic. It is Black females who are truly devastated by this human cyclone. As such, I don’t buy the White nationalist argument that this is some kind of racist terrorist war on White women by Blacks, although at first glance it looks that way. Nevertheless, the figures are outrageous and are sure to play into White anger and even racism against Blacks. There’s enough of that as it is, so the media buries these figures. But! Let us do a little thought experiment here: A White nationalist commenter cited figures of 100 White women raped by Blacks for every Black woman raped by Whites. The rape rates are way worse than what he cited. 37,000 White women are raped by Blacks every year. That is over 100/day. However, basically zero (or between 0-10) Black women are raped by Whites every year. Instead of 100-1, it is more like 37,000-1, or at best, 3,700-1. Even the lower figure is utterly mindboggling. Just sit back and think if the situation were reversed: if White men raped 100 Black women every day, 1/3 of which were gang rapes, and there were basically zero rapes of Whites by Blacks. The Blacks and all the rest of the non-Whites, and all of the liberal and leftwing Whites, including probably me, would be up in arms about the “racist rape epidemic” being perpetrated on Blacks by White racists to keep them niggers in their place. Black women would take extreme measures to protect themselves from White men, and no one would condemn them. Black men would occasionally rise up and pledge to defend their women’s honor with violence if need be, and the non-Whites and Left would all cheer. White men would cower and make excuses. “Well…I certainly don’t rape any Black women…but be careful! There are a lot of bad White men out there!” Blacks might even start demanding separatist housing and even residential locations or cities in order to protect the honor of their women from the evil White rape epidemic. The Left and non-Whites would probably cheer this racial separatism on. “Black women have a right to live in peace!” I can see the headlines on my favorite leftwing websites now. Sage liberals would squirm in their chairs yet nod sagely. Every now and then a Black guy or Black woman would take vengeance on the rapists and go psycho and kill a (probably totally innocent) White guy, or a few White guys, and the media, the Left and the non-Whites would all but cheer it on. If it was a few Blacks who did it, the same crowd would quickly name them the “Oakland 8” or whatever, and rallies would be held in their name across the land. Intrepid reporters would grant anguished interviews to the murderers. The Black men, tearful yet defiant, would say that they just could not take the sexual terrorism against their women any more, and they just snapped. The reporters would not their heads sadly. The broadcasts would begin, “While I can’t condone what Tyrone did – let’s face it, murder is always wrong – there are two sides to every story.” Johnny Cochran types across the land would rush to defend the murderers of the innocent Whites. The trials would go forward, and heavily Black juries would acquit all the killers. Defiant Black female jurors would say, “I just could not send another Black man to prison. This prison-industrial complex is genocide against our men.” Whites across the land would seethe, but there would be little violence and no riots. After all, Whites have hardly rioted since the Civil War, while Black riots, so regular you wonder if they riot because they nicked themselves shaving, is routinely elided and mistranslated by the usual suspects as “rebellions” even when innocent Whites are murdered in cold blood. Nice thought experiment huh? I see you squirming already. Good.

Permanent Gangland America

I hate to be a pessimist here, but the US gang problem will never be solved in the foreseeable future. That is because Hispanic and to a lesser extent Black gang culture is for all intents and purposes permanent, as is probably their ghettos and possibly their dismal scholastic performance. I am speaking of the Hispanic and Black Underclasses here. I don’t like Thomas Chittum one bit, but the italicized  sentence above was one great thought that I took away from Civil War II. Chittum is a nasty White nationalist bastard, but he is very intelligent and has an excellent mind. Further, he has extensive military experience. If you just want to read Civil War II as a novel alone, it’s quite a kick. You can download it on my blog here. It’s entertaining reading (thriller) if you like this sort of thing. The conceit here is that we think that we are going to get a handle on these gangs. This conceit is based on the notion that the Hispanics and Blacks are capable of morphing into Jews, Italians and Irish and doing the the ghetto to success number. Forget it. They are not the same and they never will be. The gangs and never going to go away. When everyone of us is on their deathbed, we will be to look out the window and see an America as overrun with gangs as ever. As far as why this is true, I am not sure. IQ’s of US-born Hispanics are rising at a dramatic pace, far more than US Whites or even Blacks. US born Hispanics have now cut the IQ differential between US Whites and themselves in half from 1960 to 2009. Where there was a 15 pt gap between the two, now there is a 6 point gap. They achieved a 10 point absolute gain over 50 years. In US born Hispanics have an IQ of 95 now to US White IQ of 101 (or 94 to 100 by the old system). A 94 IQ would seem to be perfectly adequate to cut it in this modern world. Hispanic IQ all told is 89 because non-US citizen Hispanics (probably 80 I don’t know why US born Hispanics have such a dismal rate of high school dropouts (40 The brains are there; it’s something else that is missing. Culture anyone? I speak from Ground Zero. I live in an apartment complex in Mexifornia overrun by the Hispanic Underclass and especially illegals. Many of them are not necessarily objectionable people once you get to know them. It’s Norteno territory to the extent that I prominently wear my “N” tennis shoes a lot, and I just about claim Norteno myself. It’s not cool to root for the other side. I’ve known quite a few of these gangbanger characters personally, and though many of them are likable, their effect on society is not good. Forget Permanent Democratic Majority. Get ready for Permanent Gangland America.

Up With Blacks, Down With Illegals

Via a comment on the fascinating American Renaissance site:

Illegal immigration is Economic Genocide against low-skilled African Americans. Currently only about 1/2 of African-Americans finish high school, and relatively few graduate from college. This means that there are millions and millions of under-educated African Americans who can only find work in low-skilled, non-professional jobs. But these jobs do not pay a living wage, because there are millions of poor and desperate illegal aliens from Mexico, who will work for virtually nothing, and hence drive down salaries. Why would anyone hire an African-American at $15/hr, when they can hire an immigrant at $7/hr? The surest way to keep USA Blacks unemployed is to bring in an endless supply of Mexican wage slaves. Imagine if all the illegals were suddenly sent home. Agricultural, construction, meat-plants, carpet mills, restaurants, hotels, factories, custodial services, landscaping business, etc. by the thousands would now be desperate to hire people, and at nearly any cost. Salaries for low-skilled workers would skyrocket, allowing even high school dropouts to earn a good wage. The millions of Black kids who fail to graduate from high school are healthy, energetic, strong, and can work, if given a livable salary. However Obama would rather keep millions of African-Americans unemployed for life than protect our borders. Obama loves Mexicans more than American citizens. Obama’s change: JOBS FOR MEXICANS — UNEMPLOYMENT FOR AMERICANS!

This issue is as obvious as the nose on my face. The truth is powerful and sad. Blacks don’t have a very good reputation in the workplace, and illegals, no matter that they are criminal invaders, at least have the rep of being good, submissive, hard-working employees who show up on time and put in a full days’ work. I was outraged after Hurricane Katrina. NOLA is normally flooded with unemployed and underemployed Blacks. After the hurricane, just about every other Black in town was out of work, if not more. Yet the locals so hate to hire Blacks that the Bush Administration incredibly brought in 1000’s or maybe 10,000’s of fake “guest workers” on H-2B visas (the biggest scam around) from Mesoamerica to do the jobs the NOLA Blacks were perfectly capable of doing. They also unbelievably issued proclamations that gave anyone taking government grants freedom from worry about immigration violations of their workers. What the state said was, “Hire all the illegal aliens you want and we will look the other way.” It was stupefying. Illegal aliens from all over the US poured into NOLA to do the work that NOLA Blacks and even many NOLA Whites could easily have done. Sure NOLA Blacks have lots of problems, but surely lack of work must be high on the list of causes for the catastrophe of Black NOLA. Why should we lift one damned finger for these damned illegals? We can’t even help our own often-pitiful and suffering Blacks, who have been here since 1619, when the first Blacks came ashore with the first settlers in the Virginia colony. Soon after, Anthony Johnson, a freed indentured servant, led a Black community of 12 homesteads and 200 acres in Northampton County. You can’t get much more red-blooded American than that. Help Americans first. Help our Blacks first. Putting foreigners, especially illegal alien criminals who invaded our land, above our very own citizens is high treason to me. The Black political leadership has formed a marriage in Hell with the traitor Hispanic leadership, true dual loyalists who put their own people above America. Where the interests of their own people slam into the face of the interests of the US, Hispanic dual loyalists treasonously support their own and condemn their country to misery. I am flabbergasted that Obama says he is going to push for mass amnesty of 12 million+ illegals in the Fall, in the midst of the worst economy since the 1930’s. Outrage! In a meeting before Black political leaders, Black construction workers lined up one after the other to tell how their dry wall and carpenter careers had been ruined by illegal aliens. The Black Congressmen listening refused to be moved by their own people and all but told them to sit down and shut up. What’s sad is the only Blacks bitching about this are rightwing Blacks. The Black liberals and Left are silent or cheering full speed ahead for the illegal alien enemies of Black America.

The Citibank Mafia

This article was written a year ago. How prophetic. And Citibank has been wallowing in the mud like this since 2001. The chickens are finally having a Homecoming party. As of today, Obama is seriously considering nationalizing this organized crime gang disguised as a corporation. Robert Rubin and Sandy Weill (photo) are more than anyone else responsible for destroying this bank and the collateral damage to the US and world economy. Anti-Semites may wish to note that they are both Jewish. As I noted earlier, I’m not into this Jewish Bankers Blew Up the World Economy thing, but the tribe is clearly not innocent, and they do have a role in the US banks, that, while not central, is less than trivial. We ought to distinguish here between investment banking and commercial banking. The Jewish role in US commercial banking is not prominent. However, they do play a significant role in US investment banking. With the insane destruction of Glass-Segall, investment banks and commercial banks can now be one and the same, the firewall having been torn down. I would like to ask you “Jewish bankers” critics just one thing. Sure, a lot of these Jewish bankers are a bunch of no-good crooked scumbags. But, honestly now, do you really think that Hank Paulson, Tim Geithner, Joe Biden and Phil and Wendy Gramm are any better? The whole damn financial “industry” (a classic parasitical industry in the true sense of the word because they create no real wealth) is up to their necks in this mess. The Gentiles are just as wicked as the Jews; no way are they any better. Anti-Semites please prove to me that your average US top Gentile banker is a smidgen less black of a soul than the Jewish bankster criminals. One’s as bad as the other, admit it.

Contra: Capitalism Always Improves Our Lives

Let us examine for a moment the unexamined notion prevalent in the US that capitalism automatically improves our lives. We examined earlier how US capitalism seems to be predicating its growth on forced and unnecessary upgrades of technology. If you don’t want to upgrade to the latest TV, you won’t be able to watch TV at all. In a later post, we suggested that US capitalism, increasingly desperate to sell to increasingly savvy consumers, is resorting to the only way to fool an educated, savvy consumer – outright lying, fraud, trickery, scamming and frankly theft, exemplified by the subprime crisis. Hence, US capitalism is becoming increasingly parasitical on the consumers it relies on. The “coercion principle” so beloved by libertarians seems to be inoperative in US capitalism anymore. If I can’t watch TV without being forced to buy the latest and greatest, that’s coercion. A thieving, fraudulent con is always coercive, as coercive as a pickpocket. Libertarians talk a great game when they are pining away on their blogs, but I haven’t yet heard any libertarians, except maybe Left Libertarians, attack the parasitical, coercive and nearly thieving aspect of present day US capitalism. When it comes time to apply arid theory to meatspace, libertarians are no-shows, which implies to me that their moralistic theorizing is a bunch of hot air. Some capitalist inventions are definitely improvements. Take for example stain-free and shrink-free garments. This is actually a good product. Capitalists are manufacturing something that humans actually want to buy and use, not only that but a useful product that will improve our lives. But look at how capitalism deals with this improvements. Let’s get real. A whole lot of capitalists are going to get hurt by the new garments described above. The dry cleaners industry will go out. Not only that, but staining and shrinking is one of the annoying methods of planned obsolescence built into the garments we buy. It’s these destructive processes that force us into continual and usually unnecessary upgrades of our garments. If people are buying fewer garments because they last longer, that’s bad for the garment industry. So a lot of capitalists are going to hate these new developments. Fortunately for us, capitalists are greedy and lack solidarity, so there will always be renegade capitalists who would go ahead with shrink-free and stain-free clothing even though it’s going to be bad for a lot of other capitalists. But capitalism has a very creepy tendency at least here in the US. Huge corporations watch the patent offices like hawks. Whenever a new product is patented that could improve things for consumers and possibly compete negatively with their products, in particular something that might cut into the planned obsolescence of their products, and typically if the inventor is a small fry, the corporation will try to buy out the improved technology. Then they will shove into a drawer and try to bury it forever! This happens all the time in US capitalism, but we don’t talk about it all that much. There is a clause in US patent law that says you cannot sit on a highly useful patent and refuse to market it to the public. This is sometimes applied to small inventors. The courts have forced small inventors to make their highly useful patents available to the consuming public in cases where silly inventors chose instead to stick the patent in the drawer and forget about it. If the guy refuses to sell the patent, the court decides what it is worth and demands a sale of the patent for that price. Hardline freemarketeers decry this Commie-style intervention in the market, but I think it’s a great thing. Use it or lose it. I feel the same way about copyrights. You can’t just let your songs, movies and books go out of print. If you do and someone wants to republish them, the courts can and do force you to license out your artistic creation to someone who wants to publish it. The courts have fallen down on the law in terms of software though. There are all sorts of idiot software patents, and the whole concept is highly abusive. IBM has been one of the worst at this. You see those little windows that fly up in so many of your software programs? I believe that IBM has a license on that tech and anyone who makes a program with a window in it, has to pay off IBM. This is ridiculous. You can’t patent intellectual property – forget it. That’s like patenting intellectual ideas. Can I patent the intellectual notions that I come up with here on Robert Lindsay. Great idea! Let me patent all these ideas I come up with on this blog and sue everyone who tries to say anything even remotely similar for patent infringement. You can see right now how stupid patenting intellectual property is. There are also cases where corporations have written some really great programs that were offered for sale. Then they took the product off the market. Not only that, but they refuse to sell it. Sad thing is that there are computer users who really want to use those programs. Forget that. Sell it or give it away! If you won’t sell your product, then you need to give it away. If you won’t sell it or give it away and it’s useful, I figure we have a right to steal your product. I’m talking software programs here. The whole idea that you can write a killer app and shove it in your drawer forever is nuts. So what you have here in the US is that US capitalism buries great products all the time, and I think that when corporations do it, the courts don’t seem to do much. Does this benefit our lives? Of course not. It hampers our lives and deprives us of much-needed technology to improve our lives, while saddling us with inferior junk that wears out or breaks or doesn’t even work. Why? So the capitalist can continue to rake it by selling us crap. So let’s bury once and for all the all the notion that capitalist products automatically improve our lives. Suppose someone invents a car that runs for 500,000 miles, rarely breaks down and gets 100 miles to the gallon. My understanding is that prototypes are already available that get anywhere from 50-300 miles to the gallon. There is solar car technology with a solar roof that gets all its energy from the sun and goes up to 55 mph! Clearly, all these cars are really bad news for lots of capitalists, from car repair shops, to auto parts stores and plants, to gas stations and oil companies. There are all sorts of huge industries that want to kill these ideas before the even see the light of day. And it would be interesting to see why cars that get 50-300 mpg are not on the market. There have been issues with making these hypercars safe in crashes (they are often quite light) but one would think that at least a few prototypes could be made. Speaking of forced upgrades, you know that US capitalists must truly hate radio. I can go find a radio from the 1920’s and maybe with a few repairs here and there, it will pick up every local station around. The tech still works. Not only that, but horror of horrors, it’s actually free. It really isn’t free because it’s supported by advertisers and we “pay for it” by having to suffer through commercials,  but we definitely don’t have to pay $50/month to turn on the radio like we do with the damned TV. This sends capitalists up the wall. They hate free anything. If capitalists could figure out a way to charge us for breathing air, they would buy up oxygen and start charging us right away. They are already trying to buy up the water and charge us for choosing to inject H2O in order to stay alive. They haven’t figured out a way to charge us every time we pee or crap, but I’m sure that capitalists would love to charge me 2 cents a leak and a nickel a dump if they could get away with it. The fact that capitalists pine for a world where virtually nothing is free anymore shows that capitalists have a strong parasitical streak that is not related to producing quality useful products that improve our lives. In some ways, capitalists are just like blood-sucking vampires. Capitalists already tried the cable TV scam with radio. The scam was to set up an alternative radio called digital radio (radio is now analog), put all the good programs over on digital and leave analog with almost no programs and a crappy signal, and soon everyone who wanted to listen to anything decent on the radio would have to shell out $30/month to Vultureco or whoever. Digital radio, exemplified by Sirius Radio, has been a total failure. The industry has a mountain of debt has yet to make a nickel. In other ways, new capitalist tech takes old older tech that is still quite useful. Though I love the Internet, I must say that I am sad about newspapers and magazines being taken out. Net nerds say what the heck, let the newspapers and magazines all go on the web. There are problems with this. First of all, we need to know what is taking the print media out. It’s advertising. No way can a paper or magazine make it on subs alone. Even with a steep sub price, they need to fill it up with ads or run it at a loss. Rolling Stone is pretty nice, but probably a good 50 I think the reason that the Net ads are taking out the print ads is that print ad sellers actually sell their ad space (their product) for a fair price. Ads in newspapers and magazines are not exactly cheap. As someone who has delved into the world of Internet ads for a while (we used to carry them on Robert Lindsay), I must say that I have hardly met a tighter bunch of bastards. Compared to what you pay for print ads, advertisers or ripping off online publishers something awful. It’s a buyers market, and the sellers are being taken to the cleaners. Not only can online publishers barely survive, but the advertiser tightwads are cleaning out the print media too. Keep in mind that there are advantages to print tech and that if we lose newspapers and magazines, we lose a valuable consumer reading experience. Can I take my computer with me to the bathroom, the next room, across the street, or in my car to the next city? In general, no. I can thumb through Time Magazine quickly and get a feel for about every article and decide if it’s worth reading or not. Can I digitally thumb through the online Time edition? Forget it. It takes so long it’s not even worth it.

The Recession and the Stimulus Bill

This is one nasty recession, the worst since the Great Depression. Truth is we are probably heading into a real Depression, not simply a recession. A Depression is when unemployment rises above 10 One thing we can do is what Hillary suggested earlier, an interest rate freeze. Why should we allow these criminal, fraudulent interest rate balloon payments to go on? It’s loan sharking. Loan sharking is illegal, or it ought to be. In the comments section, James Schipper suggests nationalizing the banks. This is an excellent idea, and even Alan Greenspan and prominent Republicans are advocating nationalizing some banks. Either that or do what FDR did, and declare a bank holiday with going to back to work only on certain conditions. It wasn’t really a holiday; FDR just shut down all the banks. Then he said if you want to re-open, you need to agree to the following regulations. As it is, we are shoveling something like $10 trillion at these banks (according to Katherine Austin Phipps and Greg Palast) and we are getting almost nothing in return. According to Palast, one bank was given $25 million of our money and almost immediately blew $15 billion of it on speculation. Would you give a gambling addict your life savings with no guarantees on how it would be spent? That’s what we are doing here. The stimulus bill is good, but it’s not nearly enough – it will only tide us over until October or November when things will really hit the fan. Commenter Iceman notes that tax cuts are no good in a deep recession, since people will probably sock the money away as savings instead of spending it. That’s probably a good analysis. On the other hand, taxes on the rich can surely be raised. The top end of the tax burden could be lifted from 35 Commenter David Kelsey notes that Republicans cut most of the mass transit money out of the bill, so some lines will probably just have to shut down. Great thing to do in the middle of a recession – shut down mass transit lines. I do know that something must be done soon. A friend of mine in Italy says his business is off by 70

Moronicans, Continued.

The evidence, no fossil record needed. I was hoping we were sort of evolving some more sense about this stuff, but I guess not. Particularly horrifying figures: Only 39 Unsurprising findings: The more you go to church, the dumber you are (the less likely you are to believe in evolution). Regular church-going seems to prolong life at the same time as it shrinks the brain. And the more education you have, the less stupid you are (the more likely you are to believe in evolution). It’s too bad that fundamentalist Protestantism in the US has drawn a line in the sand at evolutionary theory. The Catholic Church, more flexible than one might think, has said that belief in evolution is compatible with Catholic doctrine. This shows that Christianity and evolutionary theory are compatible. I don’t believe Jesus uttered a word on the subject of evolution, did he? Case closed. Hat tip to the Inductivist, an interesting, albeit rightwing blog.

A Look At Beavers

The other day, coming back from Fresno on Highway 41, about .6 mile south of the Bates Station Road turnout just below the 1000 foot elevation sign (photo of the terrain, it’s not exactly the place you would expect to find beavers. I’ve never seen a beaver up close before, and the size of it shocked me. These things are huge, and they are very fat. And the paddle is very large. I looked down and saw a small stream flowing under the highway (see the stream on the not even a wolverine, can get into them, and a wolverine can get into about anything less secure than a locked bank vault. And I’m not sure if this is urban legend, but water engineers supposedly marvel at beaver dams. They look at them and say, “I can’t believe they did that.” The beaver is an expert at his dam-building. Experiments have been done by poking tiny holes in the dams, holes that would be hard to find or even discover that they existed. By nightfall, the beavers quickly discover the hole and patch it up. Beavers are actually very beneficial, and ecosystems in North America and Europe probably evolved with them. It’s thought that much of the rich bottomland in the US was created in part by beavers over thousands of years. Beaver dams remove pollutants, clean the water, are good for flood control, and regulate the water cycle. Here in California, that’s important. So streams and rivers here with beaver dams on them have lessened high flows in the rainy seasons (fewer floods) and increased flows in the dry season (more likely to flow all year instead of being seasonal as so many streams are here). After a few years, beavers abandon their dams as they cut down most of the small trees in the area. After they leave, the dam breaks down and the area turns into a wetland. Then it turns into a meadow as grasses and forbs move in. Next it becomes a riverine riparian forest, by which time, the beavers are back and the cycle begins again. The result is a creation of a serious of rich bottomlands created by all of the decayed wood at the bottom of the beaver pond. Beavers in the US and Canada were decimated by the fur trade for beaver pelts. I guess they are pretty easy to trap. The beaver pelts had many uses, but many were made into beaverskin hats. In Europe, beavers were also trapped out, mostly for the camphor or camphorum, a medicine that comes from the beaver. This medicine comes from beaver testicles. The beaver is killed and the beaver balls are chopped off. Then the beaver nuts are dried and ground up into castoreum which is apparently consumed as a medicine. It ‘s used as an analgesic. The castoreum comes from the salicin in the beaver’s diet, which comes from the willow trees that it eats. Salicylic acid from willows is the source of aspirin. There are two species of beaver, the Canada Beaver in the US and Canada and the European Beaver in Europe. The paddle is used to slap the surface of the water to warn the other beavers of danger in the form of humans or predators. The beaver is not much active by day,  and it stays in the water if it is active. At night, it can leave water and wander. At this time it quite vulnerable to predators as it is slow-moving on land. Nevertheless, it is seldom taken by predators, and the beaver’s worst enemy is man. Beavers are now plentiful all over the US and Canada again after being nearly trapped to extinction in the 19th Century. They were transplanted to Tierra del Fuego, where they lacked predators and went invasive, devastating the landscape. The trees on the island do not coppice, so they can’t withstand the beavers’ depredations. Tierra del Fuego is now trying to get rid of its beavers. In Europe, wild beaver populations still exist in Northern Germany and in parts of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. They survived only in Norway, but from there they were reintroduced to Sweden and Finland. The Danish population was reintroduced 10 years ago, 1000 years after their extinction. It is now being transplanted to various other places in Europe, including England (see here and here), 500 years after their extinction. There are plans to reintroduce beavers to Scotland this year, 400 years after going extinct. As an aside, traditionally Catholics were not supposed to eat the meat of land animals on Friday, so Catholics often ate fish instead. There was a big debate in the Catholic Church about beavers. This was resolved by the Church concluding that beavers were fish for the purposes of dietary law. Catholics are idiots, but they are not that stupid. They know full well that a beaver is not a fish. But for dietary law, a beaver was considered a “fish” because any land animal that spends most of its time in water was regarded as a fish. Hence, Catholics could eat beaver on Fridays. I can see the dirty jokes now, commenters. Beaver, like skunk actually tastes pretty good if you clean it very carefully to keep the skunk-like musk gland from contaminating the meat. While skunk tastes like (Guess what?) chicken, beaver tastes like lean beef, but I’ve yet to take the plunge. However, with Vatican II, I believe that Catholics no longer have to abstain from meat on Fridays? Good overview of the beaver in California, but the map is wrong (the beaver ranges further than indicated).

The Digital TV Scam

Soon we all have to upgrade to digital TV here in the US. This is one of the most evil scams ever perpetrated on the ever-suffering American consumer. There’s a real problem here in the US. Too many losers like me refuse to fork over $50 a month for TV that I hardly ever even watch. A while back, TV was free. It still should be free. TV was free for the same reason radio was and is free. It was supported by ads. Then something evil happened. The cable companies, some of the most diabolical capitalist monstrosities of our age, were born. TV was going to go cable. At the beginning, it was about $30/month and you got Showtime, HBO and all sorts of other goodies. After a while, I got tired of paying $30/month to some capitalist cable TV scum, so I turned into a “criminal”. My friends dug up the cable TV box and jerry-rigged it somehow (don’t ask me how) so I got the cable for free. I got free cable for years that way. I don’t consider it a crime because it ought to be legal for ordinary citizens to steal from criminals (cable companies). One day the cable TV repairmen came out and at some point they dug up that box. The worker looked at me and gave me a funny look like, “Boy, you sure are smart,” and then put the box back in. I kept on getting cable for free. Sometime in the 1990’s, the price went up. Now, if you want even the most very basic, sucky cable, you have to pay like $50/month. That’s got to be one of the biggest ripoffs around. I bought some rabbit ears instead and demanded some free TV, as one of my rights as a US citizen. Most stations come in poorly, but I don’t really care, as I hardly watch to idiot box anyway (I might watch more with clear signal). What particularly infuriating is that those are the public airwaves. We own them. I own them. Those are my airwaves, dammit! The government took my damned airwaves, auctioned them off for pennies on the dollar to the lowest capitalist garbage on Earth (the cable companies) and didn’t give me one nickel of the proceeds. My property was given away to criminals who then turned around and charged me out the wazoo to access my very own property again. It’s like a criminal steals your car and then forces you to lease it in order to drive it to work and back, and if you complain, the cops take you to jail. People need to know that the cable companies are all monopolies, legal monopolies. There is nothing worse than a legal, unregulated monopoly. The local phone companies and electric companies are also legal monopolies, but they are regulated, so in general, they behave halfway decently. If they were not regulated, they would quickly degenerate into rats too. It’s amazing that the Chicago School defends monopolies are economically rational. They are surely not rational for the consumer. It must be an economic maxim by now that as monopolization increases, the consumer is increasingly shafted. The only way out of that argument is through lying, which I assume must be the Friedmanite position on monopolies. Anyway, here it is in the year 2000’s, and it’s $50/month for the most basic, sucky array of cable channels. Keep in mind that when the government first auctioned off the cable spectrum, there were a lot of worries about screwing the consumer. The cable companies were adamant that they were going to charge bigtime for the service. Well, in return, consumer advocates asked, I assume we get few to no ads, right? If consumers are paying for cable, there’s not much reason anymore for ads, and if cable is full of ads, it may as well be free or nearly free like the only ad-supported TV. The cable company scum assured us that there would be few to no ads on cable. This was touted as one of the awesome benefits of the New Cable World. Hurrahs went up across the land. Here it is 2009. Turn on most cable channels, and you will quickly be hit by a nearly-fatal mudslide of ads. There’s at least as many ads on cable as there are on my free rabbit ears TV. Somebody’s making a Godddamn killing. Now comes the forced upgrade to digital TV. For the life of me, I cannot understand why we need to do this. The only thing that I can think of is that American capitalism has become so sick and evil that one of the only ways it can figure out how to continuously grow is through endless forced and unnecessary upgrades. Everything that worked just fine 30 or 40 years ago, or, Hell, 10 years ago, has to go, no matter how useful it was or still is. We have to force everyone to get rid of their working-fine “outdated” stuff and replace it with new technology that is frankly unnecessary. Hence, after we spent a fortune on LP’s and the finest turntables, we were told they were out and we needed to move on to CD’s. Our vast 8-track collections and 8-track players were useless, and we had to upgrade them to cassettes and fancy cassette players. Then our mountains of cassettes and top of the line cassette players became useless, and we needed to move on up to CD’s. I still haven’t bought a CD player. After the 8-track player, the turntable and the cassette player I threw up my hands, sold all my media and players to my friends and my brother and switched to FM radio. My videotapes are useless and so is my VCR. I did upgrade to a DVD player (bought from some Norteno gang members, probably stolen, for $45), but I don’t have any DVD’s to play on it. So now we all need to move on up to digital TV. Why? Too many idiots like me are still on rabbit ears. So the forced upgrade is coming. But lots of jerks like me are going to refuse to fork the $300 for the digital TV. Not that the digital TV itself would be good enough anyway. Ever noticed that so many of the movies now are coming out in HD-only format? Try to play that DVD on a non-HD digital TV and you have a funny picture with big black spaces at the top and bottom of the screen. Those big black spaces are US capitalism’s way of screaming at you, “You loser! Why can’t you afford $800 for an HD-TV?!” That must be painful. Well, the government will sell you a box for about nothing that enables you to get a digital signal on an analog TV. But here’s the catch! It won’t work very well. Wink wink. The analog signal would work way better. If for some reason, the signal is weak, on an old analog box it just comes in fuzzy. But it’s watchable. Remember all the fuzzy signals you watched as a kid? Well, with the analog box and digital signal, it won’t work that way. It will either gome in great or it won’t come in at all. If it doesn’t come in all the way, you get a blank screen and a message that says, “Poor signal.” Or you will get pixellated blocks of nothing on the screen, blowing out whatever was there, and leaving some signal intact. But that  signal will be frozen, so the people on the TV show will be frozen in whatever position they were in when the signal went fuzzy. And when the signal goes a little bit bad, you might still get a decent video, but the audio is going to go clean out. No sound. Frozen screen with no audio. Hell, that’s not watchable at all, not on any drug. That’s not even watchable on PCP. One of the advantages of the new digital BS is that there is going to be something like 1,600 channels. I can see it now. 1,600 channels and nothing good on any of them. Anyway, I own all those 1,600 channels, you, me and the rest of the schmucks (I mean ordinary citizens) in the US. Well, once again, the government kindly took my property and sold it to the highest bidder. Turns out that the cable companies, and only like 2 or 3 or them at that – I think Comcast, Verizon and ATT – bought almost all of those 1,600 channels. So don’t expect to be picking them up on your rabbit ears anytime soon. So if you want to watch anything decent on any of those new 1,600 channels, you need to shell out for cable at $50/month for the minimum crap, and lots more for anything more. Not only that, but if you stick with the rabbit ears TV, you will have a terminally screwed reception. Solution? Fork over $300 for a digital TV. Once you buy the digital TV, you will be endlessly frustrated trying to watch the HD-only DVD’s you keep renting. Solution? Buy the $800 HD TV. See how American capitalism grows the economy? One more evil via the cable companies. The cable companies now have a very interesting power. Monopoly consumer power, or monopoly distributor power. This is a very interesting power. In general, consumers simply do not have monopoly power. If I walk into a store and see an item priced at $50 and say, “Screw that! $50? I’ll give you $20, take it or leave it!” The store help will just wave and say goodbye. There will always be some guy after me who says, “$50? No problem! Give me three!” As long as that next guy exists, I have no monopoly power as a consumer. Monopoly power of consumers only exists in rare situations where there are a limited number of consumers, buyers or distributors for products. Hence the buyer is in the unusual position of dictating sales terms to the seller. The seller can’t really go elsewhere to find new consumers or buyers because there aren’t any. This is the position the cable scum are in. The cable scum buys its product from the producers of video content. So far, thank God, the producers and distributors are separate. God help us when they merge! So, the cable scum have been paying say Disney Channel, say $5/per time unit X for Disney Channel content. Well, just recently, all of the cable companies got together (Legal? Dubious.) and dictated terms to the content producers. Instead of paying Disney Channel $5/per time unit X, they would pay Disney Channel $2/per time unit X. They content producers could not say, “Fine, bye,” because there are only a tiny number of consumers or buyers for their product. A large number of buyers (free competition among buyers) is essential so that capitalists can get a fair price for their products and not be collectively driven out of business. This area of economics, buyer monopolies, seems little explored. Monopolies are just crap all around. Buyer monopolies, seller monopolies, distributor monopolies, they’re not good for anyone but the monopoly.

How To Drive In Rain, Snow and Sleet

I visit and used to live in a part of California that gets lots of all three. For the past several days up here, it has been raining (mostly), sleeting (a lot less) and snowing (just some). Go up the hill a bit, and it starts sleeting and then snowing a lot more. I have front wheel drive (really necessary for driving in that crap) but I hate putting on chains. Here, we don’t salt the roads and no one has snow tires. People put on snow chains or snow cables instead. I think that’s a royal PITA, so generally I refuse to do it. I’ll just stay home and wait until the snow melts. At this elevation, the snow never lasts long anyway. I had to drive a bit in the snow on Friday in order to get home. They had a sign saying “Chains Required” at around 1,900 feet, but there were no cops around, so I kept going. The snow was very wet and slushy, you could pretty much drive in it, and there were road tracks cleared in the snow by car tires. I drove very slowly though, and I was pretty scared. Later, driving into the housing development, you were driving on pure snow, and that was more of a mess. One thing I noticed was that 15 mph was about the proper speed for driving in pure snow with no chains. When I slowed down to 10 mph, I started to bog down in the snow. Heading up more towards 15 mph was better because then I could sort of smash through the stuff. So it looks like it is possible to drive too slow in the snow. A similar theory must hold for driving in mud, which I do as little of as possible, as it is very easy to get stuck in mud. Drive too slow, and you may just get mud-stuck. You may need to speed up a bit in the mud to smash right through it. I’ve already run my car off the road three times in the snow in Oakhurst over 15 years. You get hit with a sudden snowstorm out of the blue and you are just stuck in the mess. Or it starts snowing and you think you can make it to where you want to go but you can’t. Both times caused me some monetary damage to my vehicle. I meet folks down in the Central Valley who say, “Wow, you were up in the snow! That must be so cool!” The Hell it’s cool. I lived in the snow for 16 years. I’ve had enough of the snow for a lifetime. Snow means I can’t drive my car. Snow means I have to be careful walking around or I might slip and fall on my ass. And around here, snow usually means the power goes out, over and over. Snow has caused me $100’s in car repairs. Who needs the snow? What’s so good about it? Around here, sleet is nothing. You just drive slower than in the rain but not as slow as in the snow. I haven’t crashed yet in sleet. It’s scary, but it’s drivable. I also drove in some hail the other day. That was pretty weird. After it hails for a while, the road and scenery starts looking white like it just snowed. I slid on a hail-slicked road once, but I didn’t crash. I’ve never crashed in hail either. Hail means really slow down. On Monday, I was driving about 35-40 mph in that messy hail, and the speed limit was 55 mph. Still I got idiot after idiot piling up behind me. What about ice? Ice is truly horrible. I crashed once on ice, in January 1976 in Snoqualmie Pass in the state of Washington. You couldn’t even see it, and there wasn’t any snow along the road. I guess the road looked sort of shiny, but it wasn’t obvious. The car just turned into an amusement park ride, and next thing I knew, my buddy and I were in a ditch. We were really stoned on Thai weed, so we thought it was hilarious. Truthfully, it wasn’t all that funny. On the other side of the road, there wasn’t any ditch. There was a mountain slope. We would have headed down that thing and probably run into a tree. Ever run into a tree in a car? You don’t want to do that. No matter how fast you’re going, you’re going zero miles an hour after you hit that tree. No fun. Rain is interesting. A friend of mine said the other day, “It’s really not possible to drive too slow in the (hard) rain.” That was one of the smartest things I’ve heard in a while! How can you drive too slow in the rain? You can’t. If it’s raining, slow down, idiots! Here in California, no one knows how to drive in the rain. Californians always speed in the rain. If you drive slow and sensibly in the hard rain (that means driving about 35-40 mph), you get endless trains of clowns piling up behind you, and you have to keep pulling over to let them pass. I’ve never crashed a car in the rain, and I’ve been driving in the rain my whole life. How do you crash a car in the rain? By being an idiot. Almost everyone who crashes in the rain is driving too fast. That’s all there is to it. What if there is a puddle or a pool in the road? Shouldn’t you speed up to go through the water so you won’t get stuck in it? If it’s not that deep, probably not. Why not? Because if you drive fast through puddles, the water can splash all over your windshield,  blinding you. Much worse, it can splash all over your engine and get in your distributor cap, stalling your car. And if it’s not that deep, you won’t get stuck anyway. What if the pool is really deep? Hey, if it’s that deep, you probably shouldn’t even try to drive through it!

The Failure of White Nationalist Theory: The Case of California

White Nationalists (WNs’) like to throw around figures showing that nationwide, few Whites breed outside their race. But those figures are only for one generation. 8 In addition, WN’s counter with various theories like Philippe Rushton’s Robert LindsayPosted on Categories Hispanics, Psychology, Race/Ethnicity, Racism, Regional, Sociology, USA, White Nationalism, Whites2 Comments on The Failure of White Nationalist Theory: The Case of California

Letter From Mexifornia

Well, the local wannabe Nortenos* just pulled a gun on the local wannabe Surenos* about 30 yards outside my front door, and someone called the cops. Now the complex is swarming with cops. I wish they would haul some of these idiots away. They’re all about 17-21 years old. When a town in California turns from White to non-White, things sure get a lot more exciting. Diversity is our strength! *They are wannabes because none of them have actually “earned their stripes.” There are a couple of levels of gangs here, the wannabe kids and the real hardcores, who are often older.

A Look at California Street Gang Structure

According to the FBI, there are 1 million gang members in the US, an increase of 200,000, or 25 That 1 million figure must be far too low. Who is and who is not a gang member is very hard to determine. For instance, in this area, there are three levels of the gang. There are the real hardcore Nortenos – level 1. Those are older guys and they are actually allowed to have Norteno tattoos on them. They have all been jumped in, probably in prison. Then there are younger guys who have “wannabe” gangs, around here wannabe Norteno gangs – level 2. The one around here is called something like 601 Kings. They claim territory, spray a little graffiti and sometimes fight with the other young wannabe gangs. But I told my neighbors about this gang and they started laughing and said, “That’s so stupid!” They said that’s not “the real Nortenos” and if these kids went to jail or prison and tried to claim Norteno, they would get beat up just like that. Plus no way are they allowed to be caught dead in jail or prison with an unauthorized tattoo. I’m dubious if you even have to be jumped in to be a member of a level 2 gang. These level 2 gangs are best thought of as just the local neighborhood kids from wherever forming a set, calling themselves the whatevers, and then trying to “make a name for themselves” so to speak. But the real hardcore Nortenos will just ignore them, laugh at them and have nothing to do with them. Level 2 is like the upstarts. No way are they the real deal. I know a lot these characters around here, and some of these young guys are actually sort of ok in a gangsterish way, but others are no good. Mainly, no way can you openly insult their gang or support the opposing gang. Some of them, if you respect them, they respect you, pretty much. Even below level 2 is level 3, which probably represents most of the characters around here. They wear Norteno colors and gangster attire, sometimes spray graffiti, and sometimes they fight with opposing gangs, but they aren’t really even level 2 gang members as far as I can tell. I guess they are what you call associates. Truth is that just about all the young Hispanics around here “claim” or “represent” Norteno. That doesn’t mean they are in any gang. This is a Norteno hood, so everyone here pretty much claims Norteno by default. That is, they sort of root for them at least or if not, at least don’t support the Sureno enemies. It’s sort of like rooting for the Dodgers if you lived in Brooklyn. They support the home team. Heck, I practically claim Norteno on that basis! The level 3 group represents a vast number of people, and if you include them, the figure must be dramatically higher than 1 million. Furthermore, I believe that most of the graffiti crews around here are at most these level 3 kids. As far as what crime they are involved in, level 2 gangs sell dope sometimes, possibly deal in stolen property, spray graffiti, and sometimes fight with rival gangs. That’s about it from what I can tell. You can actually live in a place like this, as long as you don’t get involved in the gang crap yourself and avoid making friends with these characters. Just choose your friends very carefully. For the most part, they don’t bother people who are outside the gang thing. These levels of distinction are not represented very well outside of gang insider clique circles, certainly not in the media.


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