Israeli Verus US Models For Terror War Detainees

Repost from the old site. There has been a great deal of controversy over the Bush Administration’s theory of “illegal combatants” in its Terror War. The Obama Administration appears to be continuing this practice. This post compares the Israeli treatment of guerrilla combatants and terrorism suspects with the US treatment of such and suggest that the Israeli model seems superior and ought to be adopted by the US. First of all, just to clarify a few things. There is simply no such thing in International Law as an illegal combatant. The despicable US media has done a terrible job in conveying this fact to the American people – that is, they have simply not told us this fact. Our understanding of the classification of detainees in modern warfare comes from the post-World War 2 Geneva Conventions. According to these conventions, one is either a civilian or a combatant. There is small exception granted for spies, which the pro-Israelis, neoconservatives, latent fascists and all those who despise International Law have made much hay over. According to these fascist-type individuals, everyone “who is not in a uniform and following the rules of war” may be “considered a spy” under the Geneva Conventions and simply executed. According to an email exchange I had with Francis Boyle, this is a blatant abuse of the Geneva Accords. Spies are simply spies, and the Geneva Conventions, especially in its later 1976 amendment covering guerrilla fighters, covers all other combatants. The 1976 was and is furiously despised by US rightwingers, especially pro-Israeli neoconservatives. Think about that for a second: One is either a combatant or a civilian. Combatants, in general, are to be treated in accord with the Geneva Conventions, that is, they are to be granted POW status. In cases of internal civil wars, many combatants are tried for violating the laws of the land under anti-terrorist statutes. That is pretty much legitimate. However, in order to treat any Terror War forces as such, we would have to catch them committing acts on US territory. It is outrageous and improper to arrest and try under anti-terrorist statutes enemy combatants captured in an overseas war, unless they are planning attacks in your country. Therefore, there is absolutely no legitimacy whatsoever for the utterly outrageous trials we have had in our country in which people who fought for the Taliban were charged with “murder” and “attempted murder” of US troops during wartime in Afghanistan! Once again, the vile US media has simply refused to convey this incontrovertible fact to the public. If, during wartime (or especially afterward) you wish to try enemy combatants for violating the rules of war (war crimes), this can be done, but it’s best done at the International venues such as The Hague, since, for example, for the US to try combatants for war crimes for acts committed in overseas wars seems like a violation of neutrality. If this were allowed, any nation involved in a foreign war could grab any and all enemy fighters, bring them back to the home country and concoct BS “war crimes” charge against them. This is why neutral venues like the Hague are preferred. The Bushies had a problem. All, or almost all, of the combatants in Afghanistan and Iraq were, and are, subject to the Geneva Conventions, and need to be treated as POW’s. That means you can’t interrogate them, you must treat them well, you have to let the Red Cross visit them, etc. It is because the enemy fighters in question at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo MUST be treated as POW’s that their treatment caused such a stir. Once again, the repulsive media has failed to inform us of this. The Geneva Conventions forbids torture and even really unwanted interrogation of POW’s. So the Bushies had a dilemma. They really wanted to interrogate and in many cases to torture these guys to get information out of them. This could not be done if the fighters were classed as POW’s. Nor did the Bushies wish to bring the fighters to trial on terrorism charges in the US because in most cases there was not enough evidence to charge them. So…the utterly bogus category of “illegal combatant” was invented out of whole cloth. The sickening US media simply went along with the charade and to this day continues to act as if “illegal combatant” is some sort of a legitimate category. It is not. As I mentioned above, one is either a fighter, a civilian, or in rare cases, a spy. There is no fourth category called “illegal combatant”. It doesn’t exist. Nowadays, most countries fighting guerrilla wars do not like to be hamstrung by the Geneva Conventions, as they usually want to torture detainees. In this respect, the US is typical. Since the US seems committed to the crime of “illegal combatant” designation, is there a better way to go about it? Let’s look at, of all cases, the Israeli experience. In this case, the Israelis are acting better than we are. Since the US is not going to give up the illegal combatant designation anytime soon, I suggest we follow the Israeli “illegal combatant” model as a way of at least making a bad thing less bad. What is the Israeli model and how is it different? The Israeli model differs in some important ways from the outrages allowed by a Congress that has abdicated its Constitutional prerogatives in the Military Commissions Act, passed in late October 2006 amidst much outrage, and the Detainee Treatment Act of 2005. The Israeli model, under its own Unlawful Combatants Act of 2002 allows:

  • Immediately upon detention, the detainee has a right to a hearing before a military officer
  • Within 14 days of arrest, judicial review of the detention must take place in a district court; this review must be repeated every six months thereafter
  • The detainee may appeal his detention to the Supreme Court. The Court must revoke the detention if it finds that the detainee is not a national security threat
  • The detainee has rights to: medical treatment, food (including right to the buy food items in a cafeteria), clothing, outdoor exercise, religious observance, correspondence with the outside world, cigarettes, visits by humanitarian agencies, including the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), among other things The top Israeli general may allow other visitors, such as family members
  • Israeli officials are not granted immunity from prosecution for mistreatment of prisoners

The differences between the Israeli and US bills are striking. Where the Israelis allow judicial review, the US only allows military commissions, which tend to be grossly unfair. With the latest bill, one may appeal to only one court in the entire land, the US District of Colombia Circuit Court of Appeals and this court is forbidden, outrageously, from applying international humanitarian law in judging the detainee’s case. As far as who is the final arbiter of international humanitarian law, Congress has incredibly given the President of the US the right to interpret what exactly international humanitarian law really means. He is free to come up with any outrageous interpretation he wants to. US officials are granted immunity from prosecution from all but “grave breaches” of humanitarian law. The Israelis are not. Whereas the Israelis allow visits by the ICRC, the US does not mandate such visits. Where it does allow visits, the US acts as if it is doing so out of the goodness of its heart. Palestinians are usually tried under terrorist laws or else just put under administrative detention. The Israeli bill was intended to cover mostly foreigners, especially Arabs, who violated terrorist laws. The purpose was to put them into unlimited detention without having to bother to put them on trial for anything. That’s not ideal but as long as we are going to play by the charade of illegal combatants, we can choose to do so with more dignity and decency than we are now. And we can look to Israel, not exactly a paragon of human rights, for an appropriate model. The Israeli solution, while providing much more individual rights than the US model, has not caused any security risks for Israel. It is important to note this because the conservative ultra-liars who were pushing the fascist US laws never stopped beating the drum of “security risk”. The nauseating US media played right along with this joke, acting like folks who protested the outrageous and fascist Republican bill were “endangering the lives of Americans”. With the Israeli experience, not only has this been shown to be a lie, but we now have a model for a better way of doing a bad thing.

Bad Place to Visit, Wouldn't Want To Live There

Repost from the old site. This article has produced a tremendous amount of controversy, angry comments, and even, oddly enough, virulent hate mail. I guess I hit some raw nerves. I stand by my comments that these cities are some of the worst in the world, and, in doing further research on the Net, have found only further support for my thesis. Some of these cities, such as Bogotá, for instance, have large wealthy districts that are apparently quite pleasant. If one is rich, one can make a nice life just about anywhere on the globe. But this is not important – what is important is how the majority live. The title is a play on the line, “Nice place to visit, wouldn’t want to live there”, said about many less-than-desirable tourist locales. This post is about the worst places on Earth to visit, and probably to live too. The ratings were based on research done on the Internet in various places, including here and here. I’m going to focus on the places that are dirty, smelly, crime-ridden, trashy, rip-off havens, unsanitary and dangerous (Third World), and avoid places that are merely depressing, unsightly, rude, etc. (First World). Why? Because I live in the US, and those Third World qualities are going to be the most disturbing to me. I’m also avoiding active war zones because everyone knows they are horrible. To be fair to the “Third Worldists” out there, I noted that many people slammed various places in France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Finland, South Korea, Ireland Italy, the US, Great Britain and Australia for various reasons, mostly because they are said to be unfriendly, depressing, tacky, cheesy, boring, etc. Detroit seemed to top the list as worst US city, along with Newark (though it had one fan), East St. Louis and New Haven (though some liked New Haven) were runners-up. Various small towns in the Rockies (especially Idaho) and Texas also were listed. For some reason, a lot of people hate Vancouver, BC in Canada. To my thinking, many of the horrible cities below point out the catastrophe of Latin American, Indian, Indonesian and Philippine capitalism. In much of Africa, capitalism doesn’t seem to working very well. For all its faults, impoverished Cuba certainly does not resemble any of these Latin American hellholes in any way, shape or form. I don’t think that capitalism in the First World is failing, but looking at many of the cities below, it’s hard to argue that capitalism is doing anything but failing in those places. Some of the winners in the Loser Destination Contest: Colon, Panama: A dirty, crime-ridden disaster of a city. The most dangerous city in Latin America, full of residents who seem like they would just as soon knife you as say hello. Other than the free trade zone, the entire city seems to be sprawling slum. Colon has no redeeming qualities. This city topped many worst lists. Guayaquil and Quito, Ecuador: Guayaquil is horrible. A stinking, steaming, downright dangerous heap of a city with miles of slums. With armies of glowering gang members, this place is dangerous even in mid-day. There are garbage dumps everywhere with corpses laying out in plain sight and guns going off all the time. Quito is similar. Guayaquil topped many worst city lists. Johannesburg, South Africa: How sad that this country now has one of the worst violent crime rates on Earth. Although popular with tourists, this city is downright dangerous. This city also topped many worst lists. This blog supports the Mandela government, but the problems of this tragic nation seem insurmountable. ***** Lagos, Nigeria, or the whole country: This city, and even the whole country, seems to top everyone’s list. Garbage is everywhere, the city stinks, the poverty is horrible, animals are slaughtered on the streets, and it seems that at least half the population wakes up every morning thinking, “Who can I rip off today?” Up to 9 Nigeria has what must be the worst government on Earth and the country is rated the second most corrupt on Earth. The national airlines are dangerous and not recommended. The ripoff attempts often start as soon as you land at the airport and won’t let up until you leave. It’s best to assume that most, if not all, Nigerians you meet in Lagos are out to rip you off in some way or another and then proceed from there. The city is full of impostors, and you really do not know if anyone is really who they say they are. The police and Customs officials are all crooks and so is 9 Most bank and post office employees are also crooked. Imagine waiting in line at the post office, and a group of swaggering gangsters with fake ID’s strut in to pick up their stolen goods reshipped from overseas. They go straight to the front of the line ahead of everyone else, pick up their stolen property, and walk away laughing, having paid off the Post Office clerks. Welcome to Nigeria. There are Internet cafes all over the city, where 150,000 full-time Internet scammers ply their trade in plain view of anyone to see, and the government doesn’t bat an eye or lift one finger to stop them. In many cafes, 8 The scammers started out with the famous 419 email scams but have now branched out into lottery, romance, auction, roommate, orphanage and check-cashing scams. The scams are continuously evolving, and Nigerian con artists are widely acknowledged to be some of the best in the world, as they have been practicing the art for decades now. On highways outside of Lagos, you can see numerous vehicles wrecked on the side of the road, or even in the middle of the road, some with dead bodies still in them or beside them. Thieves pick through the wreckage and rifle the corpses looking for stuff to steal. All of the roads are dangerous, as armed robbers often set up roadblocks to shake down travelers. Nigeria is now a world center for counterfeit pharmaceuticals, credit card fraud and drug dealing, and a district of Lagos, Oluwole, is now a world center for top-notch forgery. The FBI and the US Merchant Risk Council recently came to Nigeria and inspected 40 packages coming into the country from the US to check for stolen goods. 39 of the 40 packages contained stolen property. When the agents arrived at a Lagos neighborhood and tried to arrest an 18-year-old boy for reshipping scams that targeted US merchants, much of the neighborhood – up to 100 people – rushed out of their homes to defend the local punk from Big Bad Whitey. Although the country is awash in oil, the power goes out all the time because the government power company is so crooked. The power company has either stolen all of its own budget money or the power comes in, but the crooked company resells it on the side. As with elsewhere in Africa, Whitey is blamed for all the troubles here. Hatred of Whitey is higher in Nigeria than in much of the rest of Black Africa and the White visitor will definitely feel it. The degeneration of Nigerian society is complete, and the culture appears near collapse. Mobs lynch thieves in the street and kill them in public for as meager a crime as stealing a cellphone, yet crime rages on anyway. Anyone can just up and say they own your house, put it on the market and sell it and you are out a house. Law enforcement, courts and anything resembling government seem to be nonexistent. ****** ****** Lima, Peru: When they tell you to visit Peru, they don’t mean the nightmarish capital. There are teeming slums as far as the eye can see, horrible crime (although not a lot of violent crime), pickpockets everywhere, and on top of all that, the sun never comes out. The fog mixes with the smog and the filthy streets to make a toxic brew. Lima made many worst lists. But it has its fans, and the upscale Miraflores district is said to be nice. The execrable Shining Path took up their nihilistic, deranged war in this country for a reason – because Peru is a rotten heap of a country. ****** ****** Medan (Sumatra), Jakarta, Surabaya, Indonesia: Jakarta is a reeking city with terrible pollution, open sewers and wrenching poverty. Medan seemed to top many lists for worst city on Earth, though it has a few fans. It’s hot, dirty and polluted, with factories, thieves and leering, menacing men everywhere. There is also nowhere to stay, not that you would want to stay anyway. Besides Medan, the rest of Sumatra is much better. The river running through Surabaya is so polluted you might vomit walking across the bridge. As you suppress your gag reflex, you will look down and notice that people are actually washing their clothes in this river. ***** ***** Mumbai, Patna (Bihar), Calcutta, all large Indian cities, India: Indian cities are very dirty and teeming with some of the most miserably poor and wretched people you will ever see, but at least there is not a lot of crime. The Hindu religion keeps crime down because believers fear they will be punished by returning in the next life as something terrible, like one of the huge rats you see scurrying about. Mumbai has pollution that is so bad that people actually get lung cancer from breathing the air. Mumbai, a stinking and sometimes dangerous city, made many worst city lists. Patna is the sorry capital of Bihar, the poorest state in India. It’s dirty and miserable, and it’s almost impossible to even get a taxi to get you out of town, which means it’s hard to leave the place. Calcutta is generally agreed to be one of the worst cities in India. ***** Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang, China: Deadly pollution, mostly from coal. Bucharest, all of Romania: Stalinist pollution covers the whole country and everyone seems depressed. Bali (in particular Kuta Beach), Indonesia: Hopes so high, reality so low. It seems everyone is out to rip you off. Surly locals hungry for money. Dangerous roads, nightmarish traffic, rude, leering men. When it rains, the sewers flood into the streets. Very high crime rate, hustlers everywhere. Most of the rest of Indonesia is pretty nice. Kuta is a tourist trap gone to Hell. **** Manila, Philippines: A crime-ridden hellhole. There are armed guards everywhere, especially in front of banks due to constant bank robberies. Their nemeses, criminal gangs armed to the teeth, roam streets filled with prostitutes and transvestites. It’s a town where everyone seems like they are out to rip you off in one way or other, and the hotel workers and cab drivers are all crooked. The latest advice is to have your Filipino friend meet you at the airport and head straight to their place, thereby avoiding all the ripoffs and con artists that seem to descend on every tourist. Traffic is horrible, and pollution is so bad it kills people. But some people don’t mind it. **** Gdansk, Poland: Combine a high crime rate and daylight robberies with totally crooked, thieving officials, and you get this Polish city. However, a number of others said it’s just fine. **** Mexico City, Villahermosa, Mexico: Mexico City is a dirty, polluted city suffering an insane, surreal epidemic of street crime, especially violent crime. Add 20 million people, stir well, bring to a boil, cover with a lid of otherworldly smog, and simmer. Reportedly, tons of human waste are blown into the air every day, and much of the population has constant respiratory infections. The sewer system is reportedly above ground and more or less runs through lots of neighborhoods where many people are residing. Villahermosa is a Mad Max-style, violent, crime-ridden disgrace of a city. There are stabbings and shootings galore here, even with a 10 PM curfew in place. ***** Tangier, Morocco: This is a dangerous place with lots of street crime. That’s unusual for a North African country, but Tangier is so close to Europe that it is almost a part of Europe. ***** Cairo, Egypt: Cairo has horrible pollution, smells terrible, there is trash everywhere, nothing works, there are armies of miserably poor people and it boasts some outrageously awful traffic. In the souks there are huge rats and wild, mangy scavenging dogs running about in plain sight. There seems no escape from aggressive, pestering hawkers. On top of all that, all the Customs officials are criminals. The crime rate is fairly low, though. Thank President Hosni Mubarak. 25 years ago, Cairo was one of the great world cities. ***** Bangkok, Thailand: This gigantic city has pollution so bad you need to wear a mask over your face. However, some folks like this city and say it has many positive attributes. ***** Brindisi, Naples, Italy: No one seems to like Brindisi. It’s a sad, dirty, polluted and ugly city, with hostile, brawling, drunken locals, hungry stray dogs, belligerent drivers, horrible traffic, and miles of soul-killing tenements. You would think that despite all of that, being genuine Italians, they could still manage to make a decent pizza. Forget it: even the pizza is terrible. Brindisi topped many worst lists, although it has a couple of fans. I had never even heard of Brindisi and had to look it up on a map. It’s located in southern Italy on the East Coast, southeast of Naples. Naples has a great deal of crime, and many think this city is overrated as a tourist destination, although others say that, despite the drawbacks, it has its joys. All of southern Italy has a lot of crime, but it’s mostly property crime. ***** ***** Athens, Piraeus, or the whole country, Greece: Greece, especially Athens, gets mixed reviews. A lot of people really hate Athens; others don’t. The detractors say the city is dirty, ugly, depressing, polluted, and covered with garbage and traffic. I was surprised that Athens made the list, as I had always thought it was a wonderful city. The port city of Piraeus is a nasty place. The whole city smells like a giant sewage treatment plant, and the ocean offshore has a sickening color to it. ***** **** Suburbs of Paris, France: These tragic towns, full of hostile Arab immigrants angrily refusing to assimilate to French culture or join French society, are a sign that the French model is not working well, at least for some folks. There is a terribly high crime rate here, and cops and firemen often won’t go there because they get attacked as soon as they show up. These mournful towns are packed with angry, unemployed young Arab men who like to seriously riot every year or so, or even more often if the mood strikes them. Lately, they have been staging mini-riots every night. If only 100 cars are burned, that’s a good night. Otherwise, Paris, of course, is one of the world’s great cities. But that doesn’t mean you might not walk into a subway station reeking of urine and see junkies shooting up in plain sight. But still, Paris is a must on any serious travelers’ list. ****** Brussels, Belgium: As with Paris, the districts with many Arab immigrants are quite dangerous and unpleasant, but the rest of the city is as nice as any big city. Abidjan, Ivory Coast: With one of the worst crime rates in Africa (although it has plenty of competition), this city topped many worst lists. ***** Bangui, Central African Republic: One of the worst cities in Africa, as bad as Lagos. The crime rate is totally insane. The locals will try to steal everything you own and even a contingent of armed guards will not be enough to protect you. Your hotel room will feel like a war zone. This fiendish city made a number of worst city lists. Lonely Planet’s guidebook more or less tells you to avoid this city altogether. Here is a harrowing report of a visit to Bangui. ***** Bamako, Mali: Mali has one of the worst governments in Africa, admittedly a race with a lot of competition. Bamako is a sick joke of a town, where the tourist surcharge is rigorously enforced, and the ridiculous, potholed streets are undriveable by any vehicle. Guatemala City, Guatemala: A totally dangerous, dirty, polluted, terminal patient of a city, full of scary, heavily armed teenage soldiers. The soldiers are there to keep the teeming, crime-ridden slums that stretch as far as the eye can see, from overrunning the place. But this city has a few fans. Belize City, Belize: This sweltering, miserable, impoverished, crime-ridden, very dangerous city is built on a swamp, with a jungle for a backyard. The beggars are aggressive and even menacing, and shady characters shadow you on the streets as you walk about. Cops are nowhere to be seen. This is one of the worst cities in the Americas. But the rest of the country is a great place to vacation. ***** Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Sao Paulo is the industrial engine of Brazil. This major city is full of garbage and very dangerous. There are hustlers as far as the eye can see, chaotic streets that render maps useless, not enough cops and Godawful traffic. Rio de Janeiro, the popular tourist destination with the killer skyline perfect for any postcard, is a deceptive place. It’s a very dangerous city with lots of violent crime. Street gangs armed to the teeth regularly shoot it out in military-style wars with the cops. Death squads of off-duty cops funded by local businessmen roam the streets at night, murdering homeless, drug-addicted street kids and petty criminals with impunity in a sickening “social cleanup” campaign. There are pickpockets and muggers all about, often in menacing, youthful gangs (especially on the famous beach) and they frequently operate in broad daylight. A dystopian horrorshow of a city. ****** Nairobi, Kenya: Unfortunately, this city is seriously crime-ridden. Even locals admit that violent crime has reached catastrophic proportions. Caracas, Barquisimeto, or the whole country, Venezuela: The crime is very bad here, sadly, and there is garbage everywhere you look. This blog supports Hugo Chavez, but crime in Venezuela is a tragic, long-standing problem with no quick fixes. Guinea-Bissau: There is no water, no electricity, no place to stay, and the only hotel is half-demolished. San‘a’, Yemen: In a Dickensenian touch, children are actually chained up here in order to beg! Moynaq and Nukus, Uzbekistan: These two cities broiling in a merciless desert have been ruined and turned into ecological dead zones by Stalinist pollution. ***** San Pedro Sulu, Honduras: This sad town has a horrible amount of crime. Swarms of locals will attack you on the bus, trying to steal your luggage. You will have to fight them off if you wish to retain your suitcase. Like the rest of this wreck of a country, it’s full of US gang members gone home to Honduras. People here are very poor and desperate. If you can make it to the nice part of town and afford to stay there, though, you can be quite safe. ***** ***** Dakar, Senegal: According to some, this large West African city has horrible street crime – it is very dangerous. They say if you don’t have armed guards with you, don’t even go outside your hotel room. However, others report that they spent a week there and found it to be safe, in fact safer than many American cities. Violent crime is reportedly rare, and the country is one of the most stable in Africa, and has been that way since independence. ***** Port Au Prince, Haiti: This filthy, degraded, extremely dangerous and desperately poor mess of a city is best avoided at all costs. It sports open sewers, enslaved children, riots, killings and lots of other fun things. This blog did support President Aristide’s efforts to improve the tragedy of a nation called Haiti. Lome, Togo: Criminals are as common as mosquitoes here, walking around fearlessly in broad daylight in this terrible city full of miserable people and crooked taxi drivers. ***** Istanbul, Turkey: The 20 The rest of the country is a great place to visit, has many fans and is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Best bet for Turkey is just to head to the tourist spots and blow off Istanbul altogether. ***** Phnom Penh, Kampuchea: This city has become a very dangerous, crime-ridden place. The gangs of little girl prostitutes add a particularly poignant touch. ***** Bogotá, Colombia or really the whole country: Bogotá is one of the most dangerous places in the Americas but there seems to be agreement that Colon, Lima and Guayaquil are worse. Really, all of Colombia is dangerous as Hell, to be honest. This comment about Bogotá was recently rebutted by a Bogotán blogger, with more comments here. His post aggressively taking issue with this entry is in Spanish, but my Spanish is good enough to get the gist of it. Also I am getting a lot of comments coming in from Bogotáns on the Internet aggressively objecting to the content. The sole issue that these Defenders of Bogotá are taking issue with is my contention that the city is a very dangerous place. To be honest, Bogotá used to have a truly horrible reputation for crime, but in recent years, there has been a huge effort put into cracking down on street crime. For some more agreement that Bogota is dangerous, see Bogotá is scopolamine. This drug is used by crooks to disable their victims so they can rip them off. It is sprayed in the face, dumped in your drink or spiked into a cigarette. Bogotá hospitals receive an incredible 2,000 scopolamine victims every month, or an astounding 66 a day. The drug knocks you out and can cause medical problems. Colombia has one of the world’s worst road systems. Many roads are not even marked. Drivers are reckless and many cars don’t have headlights at night. Cows have a tendency to wander into the road. Taxis are totally dangerous and are best avoided, if possible. Women are advised to avoid all taxis at night. Anyone is advised to avoid any taxi that already has someone in it. In many cases, this is a criminal accomplice of the thuggish driver. In addition to getting scopolamine sprayed in your face, another popular scam is the “jump-start”: you are told that the taxi has stalled and asked to get out and help push. As you do so, the taxi driver leaves with your luggage. Buses are also best avoided. Thieves haunt the buses, waiting for you to fall asleep, at which point, they rip you off. Certain bus lines are frequented by thieves offering drugged gum, sweets, food and cigarettes. After the drug knocks you out, they rob you blind. In addition to theft and druggings, kidnapping and extortion are also rife on buses. In view of all of the above, it is nothing short of amazing that all of these Colombians are angrily protesting my characterization of their country as dangerous. Or perhaps they doth protest too much? ***** Managua, Nicaragua: This dirty, crime-ridden, dangerous disaster of a city has a bombed-out look about it. This blog supports Daniel Ortega and his Sandinista Party and prays that they can ameliorate this mess. ***** San Salvador, El Salvador: See Managua. Full of dangerous former LA gang members. Death squads roam the streets, slaughtering gangsters by the dozen, but for every one you kill, it seems five more pop up in his place. This blog supports the FMLN’s efforts to reform this ruined land, but the crime here has become so terrible, one wonders if anything short of an act of God could make things better. In fact, I used to make contributions too the FMLN’s weapons fund via an FMLN agent in Los Angeles during the 1980’s. ***** ***** Detroit, New Haven, Newark, Gary (Indiana), Hammond (Indiana), USA: Detroit topped all lists as the worst city in the US. An ugly, dangerous, depressing and filthy city with a downtown that looks like a war zone – a despairing district surrounded by miles of crumbling, abandoned industrial buildings, torn-down fences and rusting cars. Newark is similar, with few to no redeeming qualities. It’s a frightening, polluted city with a postwar look of miles of weedy, trash-strewn vacant lots where crumbling apartment buildings have been torn down. It’s also a dangerous city with a high crime rate. New Haven, despite the presence of Yale University, is similar. There are legions of homeless, begging drug users clogging the streets, and the crime rate is very high due to hordes of crack-dealing gangs shooting it out on the streets. Congress and Columbus Avenues are notorious for drive-by shootings, drug dealing and muggings. It is reportedly the HIV capital of the East Coast due to IV drug use. A lot of the more respectable people have been moving out for some time now. Although much of the city is quite ugly, New Haven does have its bright spots, thanks to Yale. There are nice parts of town, parks, trees, etc. Gary is yet another postindustrial Rust Belt train wreck of a town. A grimy town full of abandoned factories, overgrown lots, rusting fences, graffiti, barred windows and vomit. Go downtown and see tall buildings all boarded up, with no vehicles in sight and unhinged stoplights swaying in the wind – for all practical purposes, a ghost town. This was once a vibrant, working-class city, and now it looks like Road Warrior. Hammond is similar, a suicidally depressing city lined with shuttered factories on the shores of Lake Michigan. Yet another Rust Belt post-industrial ruin. ***** Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: A collapsing, dirty, crime-ridden hellhole. Osaka, Japan: I never would have thought that this city would make the list but according to my friend Tumerica, she says it is the worst city she has ever lived in. I tagged her with the title of this story. In blogging, tagging mean you are supposed to write on the topic – kind of like, “Tag, you’re it.” I will let her explain why Osaka is such a crappy place in her post here.

For Justice, a River of Blood

Repost from the old site. Basically an argument for the “just war” concept. Or at least a rivulet. Abimael Guzman, imprisoned leader of the Shining Path guerrillas in Peru, famously said that for the revolution to succeed, “Peru would have to cross a river of blood”. Much of the civilized world was horrified by this bloodthirsty statement, but was he onto something? I would argue that the vast majority of social progress achieved in the past 150 rivers has unfortunately occurred only after rivers of blood were shed. Or at the very least trickles. To but it bluntly, people had to die. They had to get hurt and die. It’s sad that it has to be that way, but it seems that that is just the way it is. Powerful people do not give up stuff just because they wake up in a good mood one day or go to church, find God and start feeling guilty. Here in the US, Blacks only gained their liberation in the context of a devastating Civil War in which 100,000’s of Americans shed their blood and lost their lives. Haitians only got rid of slavery by rising up and killing every single one of 25,000 Frenchmen on the island. For Algeria to blast free of colonialism and to shock the French out of the colonial habit, 1 million people, including 25,000 Frenchmen, died. Britain only chucked colonialism after British soldiers died in Malaysia, India, Palestine and other places. Does anyone think even a modicum of a Palestinian state would exist had Palestinians not taken up the gun? Without the armed struggle of the Iraqi guerrillas, US troops would have overrun Syria and possibly Iran by now. The Basque Country has the considerable autonomy it does today only after 800 Spaniards died in the ETA’s armed struggle. Land reform was only instituted in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan after the war to ward off the threat of Communism from North Korea and China. Apartheid is gone in South Africa and one man one vote democracy is in its place for the most part only due to an armed campaign by the ANC stretching over decades. US workers only got rights after bloody strikes in which workers were killed by goon squads. The social market that James Schipper praised in Europe in earlier comments is also the project of massive labor union mobilization in Europe. I would also argue that it was created by devastating the European Right, first by killing 10 million of them (10 million dead fascists in WW2), next by making rightwing ideology toxic for many years after the war, and finally by revolutionary pressure from the Far Left before and after the war, which led the business sector to seek out a class compromise and a social contract, mostly to ward off revolution. Even the Swedish model mostly came into play in the 1930’s when the nation was wracked by violent, radical and revolutionary labor actions all up and down the land. This so rocked the business and ruling classes that the Swedish model was created as a lesser evil alternative to ward off revolution. Most do not realize that Swedish society was not very liberal during the 1930’s. People are misled by the fact of Sweden’s neutrality in the war to think that Swedes themselves were neutral. Most of the middle classes and certainly the business classes were firm Nazi supporters. Furthermore, I understand that Swedish businesses continued to supply the Nazis well into the war. In Costa Rica, radical pressure helped create Costa Rican social democracy, now deteriorating after Reagan ordered the Costa Ricans at gunpoint in the 1980’s to get rid of it. After WW2, Costa Rica outlawed the Communist Party, killed 6,000 Communists, instituted a social democracy to buy off social unrest and got rid of the military as a rather interesting way to top it off. Without revolutionary pressure in 1946 and the bodies of 6,000 Communists, Costa Rican social democracy may never have occurred. Mexico today has some semblance of socialism and a land reform that enables to poor to own small plots and at least survive and eat if they cannot find work only because 20 million Mexicans died during Pancho Villa’s revolution that put Mexican feudalism in the grave forever. Most do not realize that Mexico was actually a horrible and truly feudal society as late as 1910. Yet it was. In the same way, in El Salvador now, one can at least farm a small plot, eat and survive, something often not possible before the Revolution started. For that meager reform, 70,000 people died and Salvadoran feudalism was crushed, possibly forever. Lenin said power never gives up without a fight. And most social reforms in capitalism have come on the heels, tragically, of a river of blood. Or at least a small stream. Without pressure from below by revolutionaries and radicals, it is uncertain how many of the progressive social contracts in place in the world would exist.

An Analysis of Different US Immigrant Groups By Nationality

Repost from the old site. This piece tries to look at all of the major immigrant groups that are currently immigrating to the US in large numbers in order to determine which ones are causing problems and which ones are being a net positive for society. When I say net positive, I do not mean to be pro-immigrant. I mean that they are positive above and beyond any inherent detractions is their mere being immigrants. The question of whether huge numbers of even good immigrants are good for the country is another one altogether and goes beyond the scope of this post. This post hopes to put across the idea of a points system for immigration. We need to quit importing low quality immigrants to the US. If they are to be imported at all (and I have no problems with say up to 400,000 immigrants a year) we should only import high-quality immigrants from the rest of the world. Importing problem humans to a country that already has its hands full with the problem humans already residing there has to be the ultimate in insanity. This article has been praised by a famous person, who shall remain nameless. We have quite a few folks coming to this blog who are opposed to immigration. To be honest, almost everyone in the US who is opposed to immigration is White, and to some extent, it’s associated with White nationalism. There are also anti-immigrant sites out there like Vdare, but they are almost always on the crazy end of the spectrum. Vdare is not White nationalist, but they do want to end all immigration altogether. On the far moderate end of White nationalism, we have American Renaissance. I do like to hang out there because it’s nice to hear real, honest talk on race for once. In general, the White nationalists on Amren want to end non-White immigration altogether. I’d like to point out that this is a crazy and extremist point of view. Furthermore, Whites are only 6 I suppose with a White population declining like this, we would expect to see wild and crazy proposals like this. It’s really just a sign of desperation. Few non-Whites want to limit immigration this strictly, and even many Caucasians don’t. Keep in mind that most White nationalists call only Europeans White. Arabs, Iranians, Turks, Indians – none of them count. So almost everyone who is not a European White in the US has recent immigrant roots and does not want to end immigration. We should feel lucky if they want to limit it at all. Arabs, Turks, Kurds, North Africans, Africans, Hispanics of all types (even White Hispanics), Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, SE Asians, Filipinos, Polynesians, East Indians, Central Americans, Caribbeans, Iranians, Afghans, Pakistanis – none of these folks are on board for an immigration moratorium. That leaves us the 61. Looking around the world, we would be very hard-pressed to find even one country that has banned all immigration. Someone find me one, please! Japan and Korea are always being brought up, but there are plenty of immigrants in both places. What may be a lot more difficult there is getting citizenship. But that’s not unusual, nor is it the point here. Germany had race-based citizenship until recently, and may still have it. Syria and probably other Arab nations has race-based citizenship (The Kurds have not even been allowed to be citizens, because they are not Arabs!) So White nationalists are really changing the subject here. We ask them to show us some countries who have been so crazy as to ban all immigration, and they point to Japan and Korea, who have merely made it difficult to be a citizen, while immigrants are fairly common (indeed, Jared Taylor, head of Amren, was an immigrant in Japan for years). So the truth is that there are almost no nations that have banned immigration altogether. Why are White nationalists promoting this then? Because they are nuts. At this point, this project isn’t going anywhere, like every White nationalist project. So I would say it’s time for those of us on the anti-immigrant spectrum to cut our losses and do some damage control. As immigration isn’t going to be ended, sensible folks ought to focus on limiting it. Negative Population Growth advocates an end to illegal immigration to the extent possible, a removal of all illegal immigrants, and a reduction in legal immigration to 200,000. This is reasonable, and I support that organization. Here is a good example of the White nationalist mindset from my comments section:

Why do Whites oppose massive non-White immigration?Because non-White immigration causes higher crime, declining standards in education and morality, more drugs, more economic degradation and economic inequality, more strife/suspicion/competition between ethnic groups, more welfare and big government, more overpopulation and pollution, and so on. ALL countries and empires have eventually fallen or balkanized after being swamped by millions of ‘immigrant’ invaders, even the non-White empires and countries — and the same is now happening in America. Those opposing massive non-White immigration to America are more opposed to the decline of America than they are against other races and ethnicities. If they are against other races or ethnicities it is because their presence hastens and is an obvious sign of this decline.

You will find this mindset all over Amren, and probably deep down inside Vdare, too. The problem with this is that it is in large part false. The notion that immigration leads to inevitable strife, group competition, environmental degradation in an already crowded nation, etc. is going to be true with any group of immigrants. However, White nationalists are pro-natalists who cheer stories about White women having 18 kids, so they really shouldn’t talk about overpopulation leading to environmental degradation. Furthermore, your average White nationalist is a hard rightwinger, and at least their voting patterns suggest that they are quite hostile to environmentalism. All of the other points are not true for non-White immigration in toto. There is no problem with “non-White” immigration per se, but there are problems, sometimes major problems, with select groups. As a good rule, less restricted immigration from US colonies, of refugees and illegal immigration is problematic because of a lack of a rigorous selection process that winnows out many applicants. Legal immigration with a rigorous selection process has been associated with few problems, except in the odd case of Dominicans from the Dominican Republic. Let us look at the “non-White” immigrant groups in the US: South Americans: No problems here. They are very well-screened, and with the exception of some Colombians in New York City, pretty well behaved. It’s not a large group. There are small Peruvian, Ecuadorian and Argentine enclaves in Los Angeles, and there are Venezuelan enclaves in Florida and Texas. Japanese: Always one of the best immigrant groups. There are enclaves in San Francisco and Gardena, California. The enclaves are safe as far as the Japanese go, but Gardena now has many Blacks. When I taught school in Los Angeles, the non-PC teachers used to joke, “Gimme a class full of Japs and Jews and I’ll never complain.” A teacher friend of mine was asked to fill out a form that idiotically said, “Ethnic preference”. He was White, but he put, “Japanese”. The principal called him in and asked, “What do you think you’re doing? You’re not Japanese.” He answered, “It said ethnic preference. I prefer to teach Japanese students.” I was amazed that Japanese students got a little squirrelly in 8th grade. All humans are horrible at age 13, but I thought maybe the Japanese transcended that. They didn’t, but they were the breeziest 8th graders I’ve ever taught. By 9th grade, they were back to normal, and by 7th grade, they were still ok. If all kids were like this, parenting could be done with your eyes closed. Chinese: See Japanese. There are many new immigrants with poor English who are are adding to already existing Chinatown enclaves in many large cities, but this problem will sort itself out. There is poverty in Chinatowns, but there is little crime. For some reason, poverty in Chinatowns is not a serious societal problem. There are also quite a few exploited Chinese illegal immigrants, but almost all are working in Chinatowns and speaking Chinese on the job. They are taking few, if any, jobs from Americans. Very low crime rate. Chinatowns are safe places in the daytime at least and generally pleasant at night. Koreans: More or less the same as Chinese. They are probably better assimilated than Chinese. There is a vast enclave in Los Angeles (Koreatown) and a large enclave in Garden Grove, California. The enclaves are safe both night and day. Very low crime rate. Vietnamese: Most came as refugees and got off to a rocky start. There are some gangs, but overall it appears that their crime rate is far below Whites. Their criminals generally prey on their own. Young Vietnamese in Orange County, California are becoming a new high-achieving elite. This is the highest scoring group in the CA school system and US Irvine is full of Vietnamese students. They have formed some ethnic enclaves, but the young ones are assimilating, and even their enclaves are pleasant, non-dangerous places in both night and day. One large ethnic enclave is in Garden Grove, California. There is an enclave in Richmond, California that has a high crime rate and is not doing well, but this seems to be anomalous. Khmer: Not a large group, but there are some enclaves, especially in Long Beach and Santa Ana, California. There is still heavy welfare use, but a new generation is coming up. There are some youth gangs, but overall, the crime rate seems low. Khmer enclaves are pleasant and not dangerous at least in daytime. Hmong: This group of refugees still has very heavy welfare use. There are also gangs, but the overall crime rate seems much lower than the White rate, at least here in Fresno. There are enclaves in California’s Central Valley and in Minnesota. The new generation is coming of age, going to school and doing well. Highly intelligent; they resemble Chinese. Their enclaves are not that pleasant and tend to be poor and rundown, but don’t seem to be all that dangerous. Their criminals generally prey on their own. Mien: There are enclaves in Northern California in Davis and Merced in the Central Valley. They are refugees that came in with the Hmong. In appearance and behavior, they are very Chinese like the Hmong. A friend of mine worked in Social Services in Davis and said she would go to these poverty-stricken, blighted, rundown, hellhole apartment complexes and visit the Mien welfare families. The parents would be sitting on the floor eating out of a rice bowl and did not speak a word of English. They seemed like they were fresh out of the jungle of SE Asia. The walls would be covered with the kids’ report cards – all A’s. Think about it. On balance, seems to be a good group. High welfare use is balanced by a crime rate probably way lower than Whites, and the kids seem to have a good future. Lao: This group of refugees still has high welfare use, and there are youth gangs. The young people seem to be doing well, going to school, graduating, moving on. Despite the gangs, the crime rate seems to be much lower than the White rate, at least in Fresno. There are enclaves in Fresno and Santa Ana, California. Their enclaves are poor and run-down, but not that dangerous for non-SE Asians. They are part of the high-crime, poorly-performing Asian enclave in Richmond, California that is so far pretty anomalous. Khmu: Khmu from Laos are part of the poorly-performing, high-crime Asian enclave in Richmond, California, along with Vietnamese, Lao and Samoans. So far, this situation is pretty anomalous. This seems to be a case of very poor Asian refugees moving into a horrible Black ghetto and aping the worst Black behaviors. I don’t have any data on Khmu other than the Richmond report, and on that basis, I’m inclined to mark them as a problem ethnic group, but to tell the truth, I lack good data on them, and they really are a miniscule group anyway. Thai: Not a large group, but there are some enclaves in Los Angeles. They seem to be doing well and are out of poverty. Little or no gangs or crime. Professionals, owners of shops and restaurants. Burmese: A tiny group that seems to be doing quite well, at least those I met. Tibetans: A very small group that is active politically. No known problems. Behaviorally resemble Chinese. Filipinos: A much-vilified group, even by other Asians. There are youth gangs. They form large enclaves in California in Carson, Wilmington, north of downtown Los Angeles and in San Fransisco. There are also a number in the Central Valley. I have no idea what the crime rate is, but their enclaves in the Harbor area are pleasant enough at daytime. I taught them in school for a long time and felt they were well-behaved and pleasant students. Some are quite intelligent. Filipinos may undergo high selection pressure by US immigration, because they are said to be one of the highest performing immigrant groups of all, and the highest performing of the Asian groups. Indonesians, Aborigines, Melanesians, Papuans, Malays, Mongolians, Nepalese: For all intents and purposes, these groups don’t even exist as immigrant communities in the US. I’ve never met an immigrant from most of these groups. I have met a few Indonesian and Malay students who were very well-behaved. Micronesians (Marshall Islands): There are a few of them in the US, but not many. Some have serious diseases, because the islands are a disease haven. As immigrants, they are totally unscreened, as the islands are still pretty much US territory. Overall, little problem. Warm, friendly, pleasant, easy-going people. I do recommend completely cutting these islands off from US colonization. Polynesians (Hawaiians, Tongans and Samoans): Samoa is still a colony of the US, so they get to come here totally unscreened. I taught them for years in LA, and I really don’t mind them too much, but some can be violent. Easy-going, warm, friendly, pleasant people who like to laugh and party. There are gangs, but Samoans are not a large community, so it’s dubious how much of a problem they are. They are reportedly causing major problems in Salt Lake City. There appear to be some problems with Tongan gangs, but it doesn’t seem to be serious because there are just not that many of them. This is one immigrant group that may on balance be a problem, albeit a small one. They are an issue purely because they are unscreened. Hawaiians are not immigrants in Hawaii, but they are a serious problem there, where they form a vast and teeming underclass. They are not violent so much as thieving. This is not an immigrant issue because Hawaiians are native to the US. Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans: This group more or less does not exist in the US. Never met one. East Indians: This is a fairly large immigrant group here in California. H-1B scab guest workers are a problem, but they are not immigrants, so they are best dealt with elsewhere. Here in this part of California, this group is mostly Punjabis. Punjabis are a very high-functioning ethnic group in the US who cause almost no problems at all. Punjabis in the US have surprisingly high intelligence, work extremely hard and commit almost no crime. Other Indians are not so common, but they tend to be very high-functioning also, and are often professionals. Mass immigration of this group would be a bad idea, but it’s not happening yet. Afghans: A very small group of very high-functioning immigrants. I have met some. Many professionals. Those here tend to be quite secular and even progressive or even Leftist. There is a small enclave in Fremont, California. Pakistanis: We have some here in California. Here again, a very high-functioning group with few to no problems. Many professionals, some shopkeepers and a few students. Tend to be seculars or even Christians. Iranians: This group is doing very well in the US. There is an enclave in Beverly Hills, California. The ones who are here are often the rich and secular supporters of the Shah. This group causes almost no problems at all. High education attainment and professional involvement. Kurds: A very small group that appears to cause minimal problems, but some in Tennessee have formed street gangs for some reason. Little known. Iraqis: Those here tend to be Chaldean Christians who cause almost no problems at all. We have a few in California. There is an enclave in Michigan. A very traditional group who do not mingle much with outsiders. Palestinians: We have some in my area. They run small stores, gas stations, bakeries, and cause no problems at all. A very high-functioning group. Most around my place seem to be pretty apolitical. Quite a few are Christians. Warm, easy-going, happy, talkative and very hard-working. A few are militant in a quiet way. Syrians: Mostly secular, often secular Muslims or Christians. Often well-educated. A small group. Lebanese: A small group that does quite well. A very large number are Christians. Often run small stores. An enclave in Michigan. Many have been in the US for a long time. Yemenis: There is a small group around me who run markets. They do very well, are extremely hard-working and cause no problems at all. Tend to be apolitical religious Muslims who are very conservative and traditional. Turks: A small group in the US who often run stores, dry cleaners, etc. Very well-behaved. Tend to be secular. Kuwaitis: There are some students here. Tend to be very, very religious Muslims. I’m not aware of any problems though. They seem to go home after school. This is a tiny group. Jordanians: Secular, often Palestinian, mostly students. I only met one, and she was a militant but secular Palestinian-Jordanian and was very well-to-do. A tiny group. North Africans: Honestly, I have never met one other than Egyptians. This must be a very tiny group. The US is not having problems with Kurds, Iraqis, Turks and North Africans like the Europeans are. Mass immigration of Turks, North Africans, Kurds and Arabs as the Europeans did would probably be a disaster – this entire whole group is extremely well-screened, and that needs to continue. Egyptians: Run gas stations or work in the professions. Many are Coptic Christians. Absolutely zero problems at all. Most here are apolitical, secular and divorced from Middle Eastern issues altogether. Often traditional, even the Copts. Often surprisingly intelligent and educated, as is the case with many Arabs in the US. Ethiopians: There are enclaves in California’s Central Valley and in Los Angeles down around the airport (LAX). This group seems to cause few to no problems. Many are students and are quite intelligent. They very much keep to themselves. Many are Christians. The women are often quite beautiful. Somalis: Apparently a disaster. They are also causing terrible problems in Europe, especially Norway and Finland. Almost all are coming to the US as refugees, and refugees are typically a more or less unscreened population. In other words, almost anyone gets in. Probably 9 There are not many of them here, but the few that are have quickly descended into an Underclass of chaos, crime, poverty, unemployment and heavy welfare use. These refugees are not appropriate for America. They come from Africa, and are not the sort of Africans who do well here (see the next listing). They can easily go to other African nations. It won’t be ideal, but I assume that in general, they won’t starve. There’s no reason to bring an African refugee all the way to the US. Sub-Saharan Black Africans: There are few in the country. There are some Nigerians, but they are often extremely high-functioning professionals. There are reportedly some Nigerian criminals in the US, but the number is not large. This group undergoes extreme screening (99. Uzbeks, Tajiks, Kazakhs, Kirghiz: Virtually nonexistent in general, yet there is now a large Uzbek community in New York City. They are mostly Bukharan Jews, but there are quite a few Uzbek Muslims moving there too. No problems to speak of. Armenians: Some White nationalists say they are not White, so we include them (Just for the record, I strongly disagree with that – in fact, I think Armenians may be the remains of some of the most ancient Whites of them all). A very high-functioning group. There are some street gangs in Los Angeles around Hollywood and Glendale, and there is some organized crime also, but overall, they appear to not be much a problem. There are enclaves in California in Los Angeles (East Hollywood), Glendale and vicinity and around Fresno in the Central Valley. The enclaves are quite safe. Most Armenian crime involves fighting amongst and preying on their own kind. Here in the Valley this is a very high-performing, intelligent group that is still quite traditional and often still keeps to themselves somewhat. They are farmers and run retail stores, restaurants and repair outfits, work in sales and the professions, and in general, do all sorts of things. Can be very warm and friendly. They have actually formed an elite in this area. Georgians, Azeris, people of the Caucasus: They barely exist in the US. Europeans: White nationalists seem to think this group is not a problem, and indeed they are not. Some formed highly criminal and impoverished Underclasses in the US for decades in the past, but they have moved out of that now. In my area, Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese, Greeks, etc. (Mediterraneans) form a White elite and do very well, despite some White nationalists who insist they are not White. Gypsies: Disaster. Fortunately, there are few of them in the US, and it needs to stay that way. They have adopted crime as a way of life. Very few should be allowed to enter the US. A small number are assimilated, out of crime and doing very well, but it’s not typical. Cubans: Hard to say. They have taken over Miami, turned it into a part of Latin America and virtually torn it off from the US. Many are arrogant and refuse to learn English. Miami as a city has virtually done away with the English language. They have formed a Latin American style White reactionary elite that has seriously corrupted Miami. Miami has one of the most extreme wealth differentials in the US, as the reactionary Cubans have transplanted semi-feudal Latin American economics to their pet city. The wet foot – dry foot policy needs to end, and this group needs to be well-screened at least. I feel that on balance this group is not positive, mostly because they are arrogantly refusing to assimilate and are recreating Batista’s Cuba in the US. Dominicans: Reports indicate that this group is on balance a nightmare. Some are educated and intelligent and doing very well – I know one who is a clinical psychologist. Many others have transformed New York City neighborhoods into crime-ridden Underclass hellholes. My understanding is that the vast majority of them in Washington Heights in New York came to the US as illegal aliens pretending to be Puerto Ricans, starting in the 1970’s. They gave birth to anchor babies who are now all US citizens. This group needs to be much better screened at the very least. This group formed an Underclass quickly after they came here post-1965, and in general this scenario has continued or even gotten worse. Puerto Ricans: Same as Dominicans – a nightmare. A colony of the US. As such, they get to immigrate unscreened. Some are highly intelligent, are doing very well and are even in the professions. Back East, they have formed crime-ridden, gang-infested Underclass hellholes, especially in New York City. We need to cut this colony loose and let them go their own way. Like Dominicans, they have formed long-lasting Underclass wrecked zones that have lingered or even gotten worse. This is one group that is not climbing out of the Underclass. Future immigrants need much better screening, but that will never happen as long as Puerto Rico is a US colony. As long as Puerto Rico is a colony, Puerto Ricans can go to the US the same way I can move from California to Nevada. Jamaicans: Tough call. There are supposed to be some drug gangs around, but I’m not sure how serious of a problem this is. I’ve met a few who were very warm, pleasant, friendly, hard-working and honest. It does not seem to be a large group. Mass immigration would be a mistake. Haitians: Although we turn most of them away, there are quite a few in the US anyway. One might think they would form Underclass hellholes, but that does not seem to be the case. I don’t know much about them. There are quite a few in New York and Florida. Other Caribbeans (Virgin Islands, Grenada, etc.): There are not many here. Those who are here are often professionals. I met two who were schoolteachers and were doing very well. Panamanians: Few, doing well. Very small group. Costa Ricans: Small group that is doing well in the US. Nicaraguans: On balance, seems to be a positive group, but little is known about them. Those that I have met were functioning well. Seems to be a small group. There is an enclave in Florida. Hondurans: This group seems to be a problem. Many are illegals, and are caught up in the usual Mesoamerican illegal immigrant scenario. Doesn’t appear to be a really large group. Needs much better screening and needs more research to be done on them – poorly known. Salvadorans: Disaster. Many came here in the war as refugees and eventually got legalized. Many are in street gangs, selling dope, living in barrios and ghettos, and not doing well. They have a vast enclave near MacArthur Park in Los Angeles that is probably quite dangerous at night. I have been there in the daytime, and even then it seems run-down, teeming, Third-Worldish, horribly overcrowded, impoverished, chaotic and somewhat Hellish, but I used to walk around there anyway, and nothing ever happened to me. The English language does not exist in this part of Los Angeles. This group is not working out at all. Needs much better screening at the least. Guatemalans: Nightmare. Huge numbers are illegal immigrants. Others are caught up in the gangsta thing. Many do not speak English well. This group is doing very poorly. Seem to have very high rates of criminality and gang membership. Needs much better screening at an absolute minimum. Mexicans: A very complex group that makes up the huge majority of Hispanic immigrants to the US. A vast number of Mexicans are illegal immigrants who have destroyed towns all up and down California and all over Arizona and Texas. They are now fanning out across the US, causing crime and chaos everywhere they go. Typically, cities with large numbers of Mexican illegals become run-down, dirty, trash-ridden (they don’t believe in trash cans), graffiti-covered, crime-ridden, drug-drenched, gang-infested, noisy, chaotic, dangerous and overcrowded wrecks. Sex crimes in particular seem to escalate. Petty thievery becomes epidemic. Spanish becomes the native language and English is sidelined. Services are quickly overrun, hospitals close and schools are overwhelmed. Very political, and many harbor irredentist and revanchist (in particular) aims on the US Southwest, which many claim as a part of Mexico. This treasonous mindset has also been adopted by the Left and is highly disturbing. Cities with many Mexican illegals may quickly become very corrupt. Mexican farm labor contractors utilize employer-employee relations out of the Third World. Cities taken over by Mexican illegals come to more resemble Tijuana than American cities. Many are hostile towards the US and especially towards Whites. This group, viewed as a whole, is a total catastrophe, and is the main source of immigration problems in the US today. At the same time, many older Mexican illegals are hard-working, pleasant, polite, generous, family-oriented, religious and very well-behaved, but their children are often a horror. There is also a large group of Mexicans who have been here a while, in some cases for over 100 years as the original residents of the US Southwest. In most cases, they are assimilated and doing very well. Another group of Mexican legal immigrants came more recently and has assimilated well, though they continue to speak Spanish a lot. Their English is also often good to excellent, and many are lighter-skinned. This group could be classed as the White Mexicans, and they tend to form a bit of an elite in these Mexican communities, although the extreme racial stratification of Mexico seems to be breaking down in the US. They are often very well-behaved and so are their children. There is another group of recent legal immigrants that are not necessarily White Mexicans, but are also also assimilating and doing very well. As you can see, this is a very complex group that is split in two huge classes, one a good-functioning and assimilating group that causes few to no problems and the other a vast Underclass that is a total clusterfuck. There are also many that are floating somewhere in between these two vast sets in a transition zone, or into one set and out of another, or back and forth into the transition zone. At the very least, illegals need to be tossed out or encouraged to leave, Mexican legal immigration must be lowered, and we urgently need to do a lot of research on which Mexican immigrants are likely to join the positive assimilating group and which are going to augment our Mexican Underclass horror. Continued mass immigration of this group will cause a continuation and vast deepening of the gang and Underclass horrorshow in the US, along with an increasingly radical and militant Mexican politics in the US. As they get into power in some states, Mexicans will tend to promote Open Borders with Mexico. If they ever get into power, expect to see Spanish made into an official language at the state level at least. If they get into power at the national level, expect Spanish as an official language in the US and an open border with Mexico. Abortion may be made illegal. Women’s rights may nosedive. We may develop a much more corrupt society. Human rights and basic liberties may go out the window in favor of the usual Latin American authoritarianism and lack of respect for the individual. Gay rights will take a nosedive. We may get a politics of either the Hard Left or Hard Right, as in Latin America. The result of open borders with Mexico would quickly be 1/2 of Mexico in the US, and the US would be transformed just another Latin American country. This endgame must be resisted at all costs and with all of our might. This is an issue that transcends Left, Right and Center and needs to be put front and center by US patriots of all ethnicities across the spectrum. Conclusion: There is an urgent need for more research on the immigrant groups that are performing poorly, or at least those have large sections that are performing poorly. Some of these groups, such as Mexicans, have large groups that are doing well, large groups that are doing horribly, and probably a large group drifting in between or in and out of the two main groups. It is essential to determine the characteristics of those sections of Caribbean and Mesoamerican immigrants that are causing so many problems for our society. This research will be difficult to do because the usual suspects will scream racism at the very mention of it. No one is talking about keeping certain ethnicities off of the immigration rolls altogether. We are only trying to determine a set of characteristics that winnows the successful from the unsuccessful and then hopefully allows us to proceed to a saner immigration policy from there. Problems with native citizens are bad enough, but you can hardly keep them out of the country – you are more or less stuck with them. Immigrants are guests at best; they are here at our whim and can be either expelled or denied entry in the first place as we see fit. It is sheer madness to import large numbers of persons who are bad for the nation. By that definition, America has been an insane nation for many years now. It’s time for some treatment. Time is of the essence and we have little to spare. We also need to seriously reconsider family reunification immigration. This research takes a lot of time, and I do not get paid anything for it. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a a contribution to support more of this valuable research.

US Paper Runs Ad Calling For Obama's Assassination

This is the personals ad that appeared in the Warren, Pennsylvania Times-Observer.
This is the personals ad that appeared in the Warren, Pennsylvania Times-Observer.
From a blog called SNAFU-ed …. Situation Normal, a case of a US paper that unwittingly ran an ad in the persons section that slyly called for the assassination of President Obama. The personal ad said, “May Obama follow in the footsteps of Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley & Kennedy!” It’s pretty amazing that the editors did not pick up on this, but given the knowledge base of today’s young people, it should not be surprising. The Secret Service is investigating the case right now. No, you do not have a free speech right to say things like that. At the least, you might get 72 hour observation by the Secret Service. I read an article a while back about Secret Service agents. In most big US cities, there are nuts who periodically threaten the President. Most of the time, they are just insane people, and they often have Paranoid Schizophrenia. The Secret Service doesn’t want to bother locking up nuts, so what they do if the President is headed to the city is find these guys and pay them a visit. They keep them under observation the whole time the President is there. What this boils down to is a few SS agents camping out in the guy’s apartment for a while for the duration of the visit. Other than the fact that they are nuts, these guys are mostly harmless. So the SS agents just camp out in the guy’s apartment until the President takes off, ordering pizza and watching movies and whatnot. Interesting.

"Don’t Write Off the Liberals" by Melinda Jelliby

This is a very interesting article that appeared in the White nationalist journal American Renaissance eight years ago. I’m not a White nationalist, and in fact as an anti-racist, I am dead set against them, but nevertheless, there are many truisms here. First is that real liberalism only works among Whites. This may indeed be the case, though the verdict is still out on East Asians. Only Whites have adopted environmentalism, animal rights, anti-racism, multiculturalism, women’s rights, gay rights, etc. That is, everything we hold dear. Probably only Whites are civilized enough to break up a country without massacring each other in a manner that should shame the basest of lower animals in the process. Hopefully, a post on this in the future. This is why the White Nationalist movement always seemed to be so strange to me in its hatred for liberalism, but this article sheds some light on the reasons for that. One of the things that I think is so great about White people is how liberal we are, how we founded and led all of the major liberal movements all over the world, and how we are presently probably the most tolerant and altruistic ethnic group on Earth. Sure this is a recent development, but so what? White-created liberalism has been exported to much of the rest of the world, where in general it has found little favor, though things are improving somewhat. White men treat women better than any other ethnic group on Earth, and what do we get for it but flying crockery and kicks to the balls. Whites treat gays better than any society on Earth, but the gay rights movement is part of the White-hating Left. Nowhere on Earth is the environmental movement more cultivated and altruistic than among Whites. What other ethnic group on Earth would deign to save bugs, beetles, weeds, minnows, field mice and flowers? There is not one. The PC Movement, horrible as it is, has some positive aspects. For one, it is incredibly altruistic. PC must be one of the most altruistic movements on Earth. It is so altruistic that is nearly insane, and this is why it arouses such contempt among sane people. Like Christianity, it asks us to be better than most of us are capable of being. Like Christianity, it arouses the rage of those of us who cannot be as good as these ideologies demand of us. Our moral failings shame us, and in rage we lash out at the ideology that demanded of us such rectitude. The article is also correct that welfare probably only works in a racially homogeneous society, otherwise it turns into ethnic warfare and/or a spoils system. That many liberals, socialists, Communists, etc. of the past were also White racists is little known. This is more to be mourned than to be lauded. Anyway, check it out, interesting read.

Don’t Write Off the Liberals

A real racial movement cannot be exclusively conservative.

by Melinda Jelliby

I am a liberal. I am also a white woman committed to my race and civilization. I am in favor of much of what is called “big government,” I think the Second Amendment is an anachronism, and I have been reading American Renaissance for more than five years. This may appear to be a shocking contradiction but, as I will show, it is not. Nor am I alone in my views. Admittedly, there are not very many of us liberals-cum-racial nationalists, but I predict there will be more. The white consciousness movement needs friends — from across the political spectrum — if it is to succeed, and it should not structure itself in a way that discourages potential allies needlessly. To read American Renaissance (AR) is to get the impression that racial consciousness is a package deal based mostly on opposition; opposition to welfare, gun control, big government, women’s liberation, homosexuals, the United Nations, free trade, and maybe even public schools and social security. There is no logical reason racial consciousness has to be tied to these things, and to do so as explicitly as AR does risks failing to be — dare I say it? — inclusive. It is true that a clear understanding of race is today more likely to be found among people who also take certain positions generally called “conservative,” but there is nothing inherent or inevitable about this.

The Historical Perspective

As AR is fond of pointing out, until just a few decades ago, virtually every aspect of what is today called “racism” was part of the unquestioned fabric of American society. It should not be necessary to note that that fabric has always been made up of competing schools of thought, many of which were “liberal” by today’s standards. “Liberalism,” in that sense, was perfectly compatible with a healthy understanding of the meaning of race. Although it probably saddens the hearts of most AR readers, it is possible to view American history as the steady triumph of “liberalism,” defined as the steady dismantling of tradition, hierarchy, and inequality in the search for equality. The very establishment of the country as a republic rather than a monarchy was in this sense liberal, as were a long list of Constitutional and legal changes: abolition of the property qualification for voters, direct election of senators, abolition of slavery, voting rights for women, compulsory education, the income tax, social security, organized labor, inheritance taxes, etc., etc., all the way up to the Americans With Disabilities Act and homosexual marriage. It is racial nuttiness that is our enemy, not liberalism, and they are not the same thing. Whether one sees this as the march of progress or the march of folly, my point is that however bitter the debates may have been over these policies, up until just a few decades ago neither side doubted that America was a European nation that could not survive if it ceased to be European. The suffragettes, for example, wanted votes for women — a radical idea at the time — but they were not “liberal” about race. And of course, many abolitionists, including Abraham Lincoln, wanted to free the slaves and then expel them from the country. In that sense, he was more “conservative” on race than the supporters of slavery; he didn’t want blacks in the country under any circumstances. My point is that ever since the founding of this country, it has been possible to work for far-reaching, even revolutionary change without upsetting race relations or losing sight of the racial identity of the nation. It is easy to find “liberals” from America’s past who were also “racists.” Take William Jennings Bryan (1860 — 1925), certainly no reactionary. He thought blacks should be prevented from voting “on the ground that civilization has a right to preserve itself.” At the 1924 Democratic convention he spoke strongly against a motion to condemn the Ku Klux Klan, and helped defeat it. His Populist Party running mate in 1886, Tom Watson (1856 — 1924), went even further, calling blacks a “hideous, ominous, national menace.” In 1908 Watson ran for public office “standing squarely for white supremacy.” “Lynch law is a good sign,” he wrote. “It shows that a sense of justice yet lives among the people.” When he died, the leader of the American Socialist Party Eugene Debs (1855 — 1926) — certainly no conservative — wrote, “he was a great man, a heroic soul who fought for power over evil his whole life long in the interest of the common people, and they loved and honored him.” The common people, certainly as represented by the Socialist Party, were not liberal on race. The socialists reached the height of their power during the early part of this century and at one time could claim 2,000 elected officials. They were split on the Negro question, but the anti-black faction was probably the stronger. The party organ, Social Democratic Herald, argued on Sept. 14, 1901 that blacks were inferior, depraved degenerates who went “around raping women and children.” The socialist press dismissed any white woman who consorted with blacks as “depraved.” In 1903, the Second International criticized American socialists for not speaking out against lynching and other violence against blacks. The Socialist National Quorum explained that Americans were silent on the subject because only the abolition of capitalism and the triumph of socialism could prevent the further procreation of black “lynchable human degenerates.” At the 1910 Socialist Party Congress, the Committee on Immigration called for the “unconditional exclusion” of Chinese and Japanese on the grounds that America already had problems enough dealing with Negroes. There was a strong view within the party that it was capitalism that forced the races to live and work together, and that under Socialism the race problem would be solved for good by complete segregation. In their racial views, American socialists were in complete agreement with Karl Marx. He and Friedrich Engels both despised blacks and used the English word “nigger” in private correspondence even though they wrote in German. Marx called his rival for leadership of the German socialism movement, Ferdinand Lassalle, “the Jewish nigger,” and described him thus, in a letter to Engels:

It is now entirely clear to me, that, as his cranial structure and hair type prove, Lassalle is descended from the Negroes, who joined Moses’ flight from Egypt (that is, assuming his mother, or his paternal grandmother, did not cross with a nigger)… The officiousness of the fellow is also nigger-like.

Samuel Gompers: “American Manhood Against Asiatic Coolieism”

Samuel Gompers (1850 — 1924) epitomizes old-school American liberalism. He was a Jewish immigrant who found-ed the American Federation of Labor and worked constantly for “progressive” causes, but when it came to race, he was firmly in the white man’s corner. In a 1921 letter to the president of Haverford College explaining the AFL’s position on immigration, he wrote: “Those who believe in unrestricted immigration want this country Chinaized. But I firmly believe that there are too many right-thinking people in our country to permit such an evil.” In an AFL monograph entitled Meat vs. Rice: American Manhood Against Asiatic Coolieism , he wrote, “It must be clear to every thinking man and woman that while there is hardly a single reason for the admission of Asiatics, there are hundreds of good and strong reasons for their absolute exclusion.” The author Jack London (1876 — 1916) was, in his day, the best known, most highly paid, and popular author in the world. He was a committed socialist but also a white supremacist. He wrote that socialism was “devised for the happiness of certain kindred races. It is devised so as to give more strength to these certain kindred favored races so that they may survive and inherit the earth to the extinction of the lesser, weaker races.” There were, however, some races that were not going to go quietly extinct but would have to be taken firmly in hand. In a little essay called “The Yellow Peril,” London worried about what would happen if the 400 million Chinese were ever taken in hand by the 45 million Japanese and led on a crusade against the white man:

Four hundred million indefatigable workers (deft, intelligent, and unafraid to die), aroused and rejuvenescent, managed and guided by forty-five million additional human beings who are splendid fighting animals, scientific and modern, constitute that menace to the Western world which has been well named the ‘Yellow Peril.’

The English philosopher Bertrand Russell, (1872–1970) was another well-known socialist free-thinker, and eternal gadfly to all things conservatives hold dear — well, almost all things. On the race question he was entirely on Jack London’s side. In a 1923 book called Prospects of Industrial Civilization he wrote:

[The] white population of the world will soon cease to increase. The Asiatic races will be longer, and the Negroes still longer, before their birth rate falls sufficiently to make their numbers stable without help of war and pestilence… Until that happens, the benefits aimed at by socialism can only be partially realized, and the less prolific races will have to defend themselves against the more prolific by methods which are disgusting even if they are necessary.

These people were socialists, but that did not blind them to race. They were for socialism and progress but whites came first. It is also worth noting that a certain central European politician who had considerable influence on mid-century events was a National Socialist. The most famous racist in world history was no libertarian friend of big business. He was a typical rabble-rousing lefty who got his start in beerhalls, not in boardrooms.

Woodrow Wilson … League of Nations and Segregation, Too.

Woodrow Wilson is on the enemies list of many conservatives who see his love affair with the League of Nations as a precursor to national capitulation and One World Government. But he, too, was a committed racialist who kept Princeton University all white when he was in charge, and made sure, as President, that white bureaucrats did not have to sit next to blacks. After a private showing of D.W. Griffith’s movie, Birth of a Nation, attended by selected senators, congressmen, and Supreme Court chief justice Edward White, he remarked admiringly that the film wrote “history with lightening.” Not even feminism, which is today closely associated with anti-racism, had origins of which it can today be entirely proud. Margaret Sanger (1883 — 1966) was an early advocate of women’s liberation and was the founder of what is now Planned Parenthood. She was a militant advocate for female suffrage, published articles on sexuality in a socialist magazine named The Call, and in 1914 founded her own feminist journal, The Woman Rebel. Sanger was a revolutionary — but not when it came to race. She liked the racial hierarchy exactly as it was, and was friends with Lothrop Stoddard, who contributed to her publication. There is nothing illogical or inconsistent about any of these examples of liberal “racism.” The natural human perspective is that of the tribe. Within the tribe there can be libertarians, socialists, Christians, atheists, and any number of antagonists who are nevertheless loyal tribesmen. Politics is supposed to end at the water’s edge, meaning that whatever differences Americans have among ourselves are set aside when we face the outside world. Although it never became a catch-phrase, it used to be that politics ended at the race’s edge too. There is no reason why it should not continue to do so. There is no contradiction between virtually every traditionally liberal position and racial consciousness. In fact, many liberal policies require an understanding of racial differences. For example, I think government has an important role in helping look after people who cannot look after themselves. But I also think people support welfare programs only when there is a shared feeling of social obligation, which cannot be felt across racial lines. Just as Americans resent it when aliens go on welfare, they resent it when people who are visibly not their kin — but happen to be citizens — take public charity. As well they should. And no one should pretend that it is only whites who feel this way. If it turned out that whites were getting scholarships from the United Negro College Fund the black outcry would be deafening — even though most of the funding comes from whites. I think welfare benefits at a certain level are a natural reflection of the way whites build societies. Every white nation, without exception, has moved in this direction. If the nanny state goes too far, as it did in Scandinavia, voters will rein it in, but the record suggests that welfare programs are inherent to white societies. It is only when non-whites who do not feel the same reciprocal web of obligations to society are included in welfare that we get abuse and degeneracy so flagrant that we are tempted to throw out the whole system. But it is silly to think that just because blacks and Hispanics make a mess of welfare that welfare itself is wrong. The emancipation of women and the loosening of sexual restraints must also be understood in a racial context. It has opened up opportunities for many white women but has condemned huge numbers of black and Hispanic women to wretched single-motherhood. Here again we see racial traits that do — or do not — make “liberalism” possible, and it would be a mistake to condemn liberalism itself because of the havoc it has wrought on certain groups. It is true that in Scandinavian countries illegitimacy rates are high — 65 percent in Iceland, 49 percent in Norway, and 54 percent in Sweden — but this does not mean for the Nordics what it means for Harlem. Swedes may not be marrying but they are cohabiting in exactly the kind of stable relationship that is necessary for children and which marriage is designed to ensure. High rates of black bastardy and its attendant horrors are the price Americans pay for “liberalism,” but in Sweden high rates of bastardy are essentially benign. There are many “liberal” movements — animal rights, environmentalism, ecumenicism, homosexual rights — that have virtually no following among non-whites, and that unmask liberalism’s best-kept and most embarrassing little secret: only whites can really be liberals (the verdict is still out on north Asians). Try explaining women’s liberation to Africans, or telling Honduran millionaires there should be income redistribution, or arguing for religious freedom with Muslims, or telling Japanese to be nice to homosexuals, or even asking American blacks to recycle beer cans. To repeat: A far-reaching liberalism involving redistribution of wealth requires, first of all, a homogeneous society in which people think of their nation as an extended family. Those feelings do not easily cross the racial divide. Second, liberalism succeeds only with whites. Although they refuse to admit it, the frustration of so many of today’s liberals comes from trying to make their policies work in a multiracial society like our own and from trying to export them to places like Haiti. Liberalism is no different from so many other practices and institutions that sprang up among whites and are not appropriate for others. Our country keeps mindlessly trying to push democracy, rule of law, freedom of the press, etc. onto people for whom these things are meaningless. But it would be a mistake to note the racial aspect of the mismatch only when a “conservative” idea or institution fails to take root among non-whites. Liberalism deserves the same analysis. Let me explain. It seems to me that AR has come very close to suggesting that private ownership of firearms is appropriate for whites but not for blacks. In effect it is saying it is superficial to conclude, as liberals do, that guns are to blame for our rates of violence. AR loves to go the NRA one better and argue that not only do people rather than guns kill people, it is certain people who kill people. Don’t throw out the Second Amendment, says AR; wake up to race. Likewise, in the November 1999, issue there is an O Tempora item about the disproportionate number of non-whites who fall afoul of the University of Virginia honor code. AR writes that if non-whites succeed in junking the honor code, “one more institution built by whites for whites will have been set aside because non-whites could not meet its demands.” Once again, the AR argument is that we must not consider institutions or ideologies to be failures just because non-whites wreck them. AR should judge liberalism by the same standards. It should be open to the argument that, like private ownership of weapons and the UVA honor code, liberalism is perfectly sound when practiced by the people among whom it originated and for which it was designed. To expand distinctively white institutions to include others is like putting a saddle on a cow. Do not be unfairly selective in this insight and apply it only when non-whites destroy “conservative” ideals. They destroy “liberal” ideals, too. A dedicated liberal with any sense of the practical should be a dedicated separatist. It is racial nuttiness that is our enemy, not liberalism, and they are not the same thing. You may disagree all you like with Margaret Sanger, Jack London, Tom Watson, and the turn-of-the-century socialists, but they had no illusions about race. The fatal mistake was when liberalism jumped the tracks and went soft-headed about blacks. Two very important things happened as a result. First, liberalism became hated as never before. To be sure, there were fights over women’s suffrage, the League of Nations, the New Deal, and all the rest, but only in recent times have large numbers of Americans thought of something called “liberalism” as pure poison. They hate liberalism because of its association with affirmative action and non-white immigration but also because of liberalism’s very evident failure when applied to non-whites, particularly blacks. Liberalism became associated — unnecessarily and illogically in my view — with racial idiocy, and at the same time, because its programs were being applied to non-whites for whom they could not possibly work, liberalism appeared to be inherently defective. People also hate liberalism because it was only when racial equality became one of its central goals that liberalism grew spiteful and incapable of gentlemanly disagreement. It was only when anti-racism became its central project that liberalism started using police-state psychology and began to excommunicate opponents. There were no jokes about the tyranny of “political correctness” until liberalism was poisoned by racial idiocy and became snarling and sanctimonious. It should be possible to mount a reasoned, libertarian attack on the welfare state without being called a Nazi and driven from respectable society. One should be able to argue for indirect election of senators, raising the voting age, restoring the property qualification for voters, or even establishing a monarchy without being considered much more than an eccentric. However, as soon as any of these ideas can be seen as hurting non-whites today’s liberalism requires that their advocates be banished to outer darkness. Racial foolishness has made liberalism so small-minded and intolerant that it can no longer muster wide support for the genuine benefits it has to offer.

Possible Future Allies?

The second thing that happened was that when liberalism and then the country lost its nerve on race and set in motion trends that could reduce whites to a minority, it meant that liberals had written their own death sentence. If the country really does become an Afro-Caribbean-Hispanic mish-mash it is not going to meet either the racial or economic requirements for liberalism. You cannot have European-style welfare in a country with a Third-World population or a Third-World economy. It is all very well to pass laws that guarantee universal medical care, but if large parts of the economy are off the books, everyone cheats on taxes, and the doctors are on the take, you end up with private medicine anyway. In its new, anti-white incarnation, liberalism will destroy liberalism. In order to survive, liberalism must reverse course on race. Believe it or not, some of us liberals understand this.

Was Anti-Racism Inevitable?

In objection to everything I have written so far, some would argue that “anti-racism” is inherent to liberalism, that it was only a matter of time before the leveling impulse that characterizes so much of liberalism would eventually get around to race. This may sound plausible but it is wrong. Turn once again to the historical record. Marx, Engels, and the rest of the most determined levelers drew the line at race, as did virtually every historical figure who was “liberal” by today’s standards. They were not cleverly hiding an anti-racist agenda; like everyone else, they knew that politics stops at the race’s edge. What’s more, liberalism always draws lines and will always be beaten back when it fails to draw lines. The greatest defeat of the leveling impulse was, of course, the collapse of Communism, but there have been other defeats: The states refused to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. The hippie movement, communes, and Israeli kibbutzes have come and gone. Everyone now recognizes that capitalism creates wealth and competition stimulates efficiency. No one thinks foreign aid will cure the world’s problems. But perhaps the most powerful argument against the view that anti-racism is inherent to liberalism is that not even passionate liberals are true anti-racists. There is no end to liberal hypocrisy about race. The judge who orders school busing but sends his children to private school, the “diversity” advocate who lives in a white neighborhood — these are now stock figures in the American comedy. Not one college official or corporate executive has ever offered his own job to an underqualified non-white in the name of “diversity.” And this, of course, is why two aspects of the anti-racist movement — affirmative action and school busing — are on the ropes. Not even liberals are willing to send their children to school with blacks or be elbowed out of jobs. I would add that it is only on race that liberalism is so offensively hypocritical. The people who want stronger gun laws, no tariff barriers, world government, high taxes, and more government look forward to living in the world they wish to legislate into existence. They genuinely don’t want gun laws for everyone else but concealed carry for themselves. There can still be honest, sincere liberalism — except when it comes to race. I wish I could say that liberals were soon going to wake up from this anti-racist nightmare, and that Democrats will eventually become so ashamed of saying one thing and doing another that they will stop saying anything at all about race. Alas, not so. At one level my liberal friends know that they and their associates are hypocrites, but this doesn’t bother them. They are like Christians who thrill to the gospel of charity and humility but ignore it in their daily lives — and who still consider themselves strong Christians. When everyone is a hypocrite there are no penalties for hypocrisy, and when there are no penalties there is no pressure to change. At the same time, most liberals make the same mistake about race that AR does: They think anti-racism is inseparable from liberalism. Their commitment to “social justice” (within the tribe) is far stronger than their commitment to non-whites, but they think they must give up the former if they abandon the latter. Finally, liberals have so great an investment in anti-racism they cannot possibly write it off now. It is hard enough to change intellectual course in middle age; for most people it is impossible if it means conceding that people they hate were right after all. Can you imagine a Kennedy or a Clinton making even the slightest concession if it meant he agreed — if only in part — with David Duke? Not even the most overwhelming proof can drive men to that kind of humiliation. The battles over race have been too vicious for liberals to admit gracefully that they were wrong. So what are we to do? First of all, it can be useful simply to understand that liberalism and anti-racism are not permanently linked, and to bear in mind which is the real enemy. Just because you meet someone who is “liberal” on some issue, do not assume he could never be an ally. If we are trying to build a movement for our people, it is counterproductive and wrong to think it must be exclusively conservative. If this is to be a larger movement, we should not tie racial consciousness to any political positions. We need all the friends and help we can get, and dear though they may be to the hearts of conservatives, the Second Amendment, outlawing abortion, and prayer in the schools count for nothing compared to a common position on race. For the time being, it is undoubtedly true that our allies are more likely to read National Review than Nation or New Republic, but there is no logical reason why race cannot eventually become like the war in Kosovo, opinions on which cut across the usual divide. I predict that some day this will happen, and AR and other “conservative” whites should not prevent or delay this. In order for racial consciousness to reach anything like the critical mass necessary for us to change this country we need a lot more people who are willing to take a stand as whites. The people who make that happen are not all going to be gun-toting government-haters. They are not all going to be members of the Council of Conservative Citizens. They are going to be proud, healthy-minded white people who disagree on a lot of things, but who see eye to eye on the only thing that really matters now, and that is race.

Final Katrina Death Toll at 4,081

Repost from the old blog. I received a lot of criticism for this, but this is still probably the best death toll for direct and indirect deaths for Hurricane Katrina out there. I used my own total of 1,723 direct deaths combined with testimony about a study done after the hurricane that showed a huge increase in excess deaths in the period after the hurricane was over. The resulting total of 4,081 is probably the most accurate total out there for direct and indirect deaths from the storm so far, unless someone has added in some more indirect deaths. This figure came under some criticism, but it is based on the solid epidemiological theory of excess mortality. My official death toll of 1,723, representing deaths due to immediate and direct effects of the storm, has not changed since August 22, 2006. However, we now have a fascinating document that comes from testimony delivered to Congress, which has caused me to raise the total deaths from Katrina due to direct and immediate plus delayed effects to 4,081. For those who are interested, a list of 1,195 people who were killed in the hurricane is available here. The testimony was part of a hearing titled Post Katrina Health Care: Continuing Concerns and Immediate Needs in the New Orleans Region given before the House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations on March 13, 2007. The list of speakers is here. Of particular interest in terms of the Katrina death toll was the testimony given by a physician, Dr. Kevin Stephens, Sr., Director pf the New Orleans Health Department. In his testimony (pdf), Stephens points out that New Orleans already had serious public health problems before the hurricane, including large numbers of poor and uninsured people. The number of doctors has been reduced by 7 In some areas such as the Lower Ninth Ward and New Orleans East in Orleans Parish and Chalmette and other places in St. Bernard Parish, residents have no access to health care whatsoever. Mental health is another serious problem: even last year, 2 Yet the number of mental health inpatient beds has been reduced by 8 These anecdotal reports caused Stephens and a team to undertake a study to count the number of death notices in the New Orleans Times-Picayune and compare it to a reference year which would serve as a baseline. 2003 was chosen as a reference year. The data can be seen on page nine of the testimony linked above. In the first six months of 2003, 5,544 deaths were counted. In the first six months of 2006, 7,902 were counted, an increase of 2,358 deaths over baseline in the post-Katrina period. Based on this, we will assign 2,358 deaths as caused by the accelerated death rates that occurred in New Orleans even long after the storm. Although the population of New Orleans is only 1/2 what it was prior to the storm, the obituaries covered not only New Orleans but also included many of the refugees tossed about to various parts of the country. Based on this new information, we can add the previous toll of 1,723 to the new post-Katrina figure of 2,358 to posit a new unofficial death toll of 4,081. Possible causes of the excess deaths in 2006 include stress, suicide, pollution, contamination, impoverishment and the devastation of the heath sector after Katrina. For instance, the suicide rate tripled in the first 10 months after Katrina. Thanks to Ezra Boyd of Louisiana State University for sending me this information.

Louisiana 20061: Tue., Mar. 13, 2007: 2,358
Louisiana:       Mon., Aug. 2, 2006:  1,464
Mississippi:     Tue., Jan. 24, 2006:   238
Florida:         Mon., Jan. 9, 2006:     14
Georgia:         Mon., Jan. 9, 2006:      2
Alabama:         Mon., Jan. 9, 2006:      2
Ohio2:           Wed., Aug. 31, 2005:     2
Kentucky3:       Wed., Aug. 31, 2005:     1
Total:                                4,081

Footnoted totals are controversial. Explanations for controversial totals follows: 1The explanation for the 2,358 excess deaths in the first six months of 2006 as compared to the baseline of the first six months of 2003, presumably due to various effects of Hurricane Katrina, is above. This total reflects deaths due to delayed effects, whereas the other figures all represent more immediate and direct effects of the storm. 2The two Ohio victims are Cassondra Ground, 19, of Monroeville, Ohio, and Thelma Niedzinski, 84, of Norwalk, Ohio. Both were killed in a car accident near Monroeville, Ohio on August 30, 2005. The Ohio State Highway Patrol felt that a wet road caused by Hurricane Katrina caused the car accident. See Ohioans Focus on Helping Katrina Victims, Jay Cohen, Associated Press, August 31, 2005. 3The Kentucky victim was Deanna Petsch, 10, of Hopkinsville, Kentucky. On August 29, 2005, she fell into a Hurricane Katrina-swollen ditch in Hopkinsville and drowned. See Storm Surge: State Gets Soaked, City Avoids Major Flooding, Homes, Life Lost in Hopkinsville, Sheldon S. Shafer and James Malone, The Louisville (Kentucky) Courier-Journal, August 31, 2005. Update: This post has been linked on the always-excellent blog Majikthise and criticized in the comments there. The comments question how the 2,368 excess deaths after Katrina can possibly be attributed to Hurricane Katrina. Answer: They cannot. But using that number is perfectly in accord with the Theory of Excess Mortality. That theory is widely used by epidemiologists, and was used by Les Roberts’ team to come up with the figure of 655,000 excess deaths in Iraq since the US invasion. Dr. Gideon Polya has done a lot of work in the area of excess mortality and avoidable mortality, some of which has been published in peer-reviewed journals. Examples of his work are here, here and here. Can we prove that anything in particular is causing excess mortality in any particular place, absent disaster or war? Nope. But something is killing people in various places at various times at an excessive rate. Anecdotal evidence indicated that many more people than normal were dying in New Orleans in the three to nine months post-Hurricane Katrina. Something was killing them. They just didn’t up and decide that 2006 was a nice year for dying. Barring other reasonable factors, we may assume that Hurricane Katrina had something to do with the excess deaths in New Orleans. The theory and methodology used in my Katrina excess deaths post in no less rigorous than that used by Roberts, Polya and epidemiologists everywhere. This comment in the same thread on Majikthise backs up my comments quite well. This research takes a lot of time, and I do not get paid anything for it. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a a contribution to support more of this valuable research.

Final Katrina Direct Death Toll At 1,723

Repost from the old blog. This is my tally of the final death toll from Hurricane Katrina from a number of sources. I am not sure if it differs a bit from the official toll, but if it does, I am confident that my total if the better one. It was quoted as the official toll on Wikipedia for a long time. Update: The indirect Katrina death toll has risen from 1,723 to 4,098 as of March 13, 2007. See my post, Final Katrina Death Toll at 4,081 for details. A list of 1,195 people who were killed in Hurricane Katrina is available on this website here. For what it’s worth, Seth Abramson, an attorney/poet blogger, has been hammering away at the discrepancies in Mississippi’s death toll for some time now, making various allegations that Haley Barbour is hiding the real death toll in Mississippi. It is true that the suicide rate in New Orleans went up after Hurricane Katrina for a number of months, but the only figures available are per 1000,000 population figures, and until we can determine the population of New Orleans month by month post-Katrina, there is no way to figure out what that number is. It is helpful to look at a couple of overviews of what Hurricane Katrina actually was. First, a timeline, and then a fact sheet (both the timeline and the fact sheet are from the producers of Surviving Katrina, a promising documentary directed by Phil Craig and produced by the Discovery Channel. This film will be showing on August 27 at 9 PM across the US:


Tuesday, August 23, 2005 Hurricane Katrina starts forming over the Bahamas and is identified by the National Hurricane Centre at 5 PM as Tropical Depression 12. Wednesday, August 24 Tropical Depression 12 strengthens into a tropical storm and is named Katrina. Thursday, August 25 Katrina strikes Florida as a Category 1 hurricane with winds of 80 MPH. Long-range forecasting predicts Katrina will make landfall in the Florida Panhandle, well to the East of New Orleans. It is expected that Katrina will move immediately in a northward direction. Friday, August 26 At 5 PM, Hurricane Katrina moves into the Gulf of Mexico and quickly grows into a category 2 hurricane with 100 MPH winds. As Hurricane Katrina enters the Gulf of Mexico conditions are perfect for a hurricane to rapidly intensify: 1) Warm ocean temperatures 2) Moist atmospheric conditions 3) A lack of wind sheer (winds that disrupt the motion of a storm) High pressures over the Gulf drive Katrina further west. Katrina is moving in a westerly direction and the National Hurricane Center forecast track shifts towards New Orleans. The Florida Panhandle is no longer in Katrina’s sights and landfall is now expected somewhere in Mississippi or Louisiana. Saturday, August 27 At 4 AM, Katrina is now a Category 3 storm and continues to move in a westerly direction. Katrina also continues to rapidly intensify due to the sustained conditions for hurricane growth in the Gulf of Mexico. The hurricane forecast track has Katrina moving northwest over the next 24 hours towards New Orleans at a speed of 7 MPH. Katrina is roughly 435 miles south of the Mississippi River. A Category 5 hurricane is a very rare occurrence; typically we only see one every two years in the Atlantic. Conditions in recent years, however, have been ideal for the fueling of massive Category 5 hurricanes. Sunday, August 28 At 1 AM, Katrina is upgraded to a Category 4 hurricane with winds of 145 MPH. Six hours later, Katrina is upgraded to a Category 5 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 160 MPH. The National Weather Service issues this Advisory at 7 AM:

A Hurricane Warning is in effect for the north central gulf coast from Morgan City, Louisiana eastward to the Alabama/Florida border – including the City of New Orleans and Lake Pontchartrain – preparations to protect life and property should be rushed to completion.

At 4 PM, the National Weather Service continues to update on the potential threat to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast from storm surge:

Coastal storm surge flooding of 18 to 22 feet above normal tide levels – locally as high as 28 feet – along with large and dangerous battering waves – can be expected near and to the east of where the center makes landfall. Some levees in New Orleans area could be overtopped. Significant storm surge will occur elsewhere along the central and northeastern Gulf of Mexico Coast.

Monday, August 29 In the early hours of Monday morning, Katrina begins to weaken and by 2 AM is already classed by the National Weather Service as a Category 4 storm. At 5 AM, one hour before Katrina’s first landfall, Katrina’s associated storm surge begins to cross Lake Borgne from the Gulf of Mexico and starts to batter the eastern flood defenses of Greater New Orleans. The storm surge is also carried towards the city’s Industrial Canal and Lake Pontchartrain along the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway. Storm surge heights at landfall peaked at around 25 feet as they came ashore – the largest recorded in U.S. history – breaking the previous record set by Hurricane Camille in 1969. Storm surges can be the most devastating part of a hurricane and in Katrina’s case, the storm surges proved much more destructive than the hurricane winds. Hurricane Katrina makes landfall over the Mississippi Delta as a near Category 4 storm and then makes another landfall on the Mississippi-Louisiana border as a Category 3 hurricane. Hurricane Katrina’s core winds hit the Mississippi Coast and New Orleans experiences the weaker winds on the western side of Katrina. These winds, moving from the North to the South, create a second storm surge on Lake Pontchartrain – about 11 feet high – which races towards the northern flood defenses of the city, ultimately leading to the breaches in the 17th Street and London Avenue drainage canals that flood Metropolitan New Orleans. By 2 PM Katrina has weakened to a Category 2 storm as it continues to move inland. By Tuesday, Katrina weakens to a tropical depression.

Hurricane Katrina Fact Sheet

Hurricane Katrina was one of the deadliest hurricanes in the history of the United States, killing over 1,700 people.

  • The confirmed death toll (total of direct and indirect deaths) stood at 1,723, mainly from Louisiana (1,464) and Mississippi (238). However, 135 people remain categorized as missing in Louisiana, so this number is not final. Many of the deaths are indirect. It is almost impossible to determine the exact cause of some of the fatalities.
  • Katrina was the largest hurricane of its strength to approach the United States in recorded history; its sheer size caused devastation over 100 miles (160 km) from the center. The storm surge caused major or catastrophic damage along the coastlines of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, including the cities of Mobile, Alabama, Biloxi and Gulfport, Mississippi, and Slidell, Louisiana.
  • Katrina was the eleventh named storm, the fifth hurricane, the third major hurricane, and the second category 5 hurricane of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season. It was also the sixth strongest hurricane ever recorded, and the third strongest landfalling U.S. hurricane ever recorded.
  • New Orleans’ levee failures were found to be primarily the result of system design flaws, combined with the lack of adequate maintenance. According to an investigation by the National Science Foundation, those responsible for the conception, design, construction, and maintenance of the region’s flood-control system apparently failed to pay sufficient attention to public safety.
  • Hurricane Katrina was the costliest hurricane in U.S. history, with estimated damages resulting in $75 billion (in 2005 US dollars).
  • > As of April 2006, the Bush Administration has sought $105 billion for repairs and reconstruction in the region. This does not account for damage to the economy caused by potential interruption of the oil supply and exports of commodities such as grain.
  • More than seventy countries pledged monetary donations or other assistance. Kuwait made the largest single pledge, $500 million; other large donations were made by Qatar ($100 million), India, China (both $5 million), Pakistan ($1.5 million), and Bangladesh ($1 million).
  • The total shut-in oil production from the Gulf of Mexico in the six-month period following the hurricane was approximately 2
  • The forestry industry in Mississippi was also affected, as 1.3 million acres of forest lands were destroyed. The total loss to the forestry industry due to Katrina is calculated to rise to about $5 billion.
  • Hundreds of thousands of local residents were left unemployed, which will have a trickle-down effect as lower taxes are paid to local governments. Before the hurricane, the region supported approximately one million non-farm jobs, with 600,000 of them in New Orleans. It is estimated that the total economic impact in Louisiana and Mississippi may exceed $150 billion.
  • The American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, Common Ground Collective, Emergency Communities, and many other charitable organizations provided housing, food, and water to victims of the storm. These organizations also provided an infrastructure for shelters throughout Louisiana and other states that held thousands of refugees.
Louisiana:   Mon., Aug. 2, 2006:   1,464
Mississippi: Tue., Jan. 24, 2006:  238
Florida:     Mon., Jan. 9, 2006:   14
Georgia:     Mon., Jan. 9, 2006:   2
Alabama:     Mon., Jan. 9, 2006:   2
Ohio1:       Wed., Aug. 31, 2005:  2
Kentucky2:   Wed., Aug. 31, 2005:  1
Total:                             1,723

Footnoted totals are controversial. Explanations for controversial totals follows: 1The two Ohio victims are Cassondra Ground, 19, of Monroeville, Ohio, and Thelma Niedzinski, 84, of Norwalk, Ohio. Both were killed in a car accident near Monroeville, Ohio on August 30, 2005. The Ohio State Highway Patrol felt that a wet road caused by Hurricane Katrina caused the car accident. See Ohioans Focus on Helping Katrina Victims, Jay Cohen, Associated Press, August 31, 2005. 2The Kentucky victim was Deanna Petsch, 10, of Hopkinsville, Kentucky. On August 29, 2005, she fell into a Hurricane Katrina-swollen ditch in Hopkinsville and drowned. See Storm Surge: State Gets Soaked, City Avoids Major Flooding, Homes, Life Lost in Hopkinsville, Sheldon S. Shafer and James Malone, The Louisville (Kentucky) Courier-Journal, August 31, 2005. This research takes a lot of time, and I do not get paid anything for it. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a a contribution to support more of this valuable research.

List of Hurricane Katrina Victims

Repost from the old blog. This is to the best of my knowledge, the best and most up to date list of the victims of Hurricane Katrina that available. It was very hard to find, hidden in an obscure corner of the Net, and soon after I grabbed it, the professor who put it up there took it down. To my knowledge, he has not reposted it. If there is a better one out there, let me know. Finally, at long last, we have an accessible list of victims of Hurricane Katrina. It’s not complete at all, as it only lists 1,195 victims, but it’s a start anyway. The Louisiana Health Department has released a list of 828 victims, but I don’t know where to find that list, and it’s incomplete anyway. Listing of victims has been quite haphazard. Mississippi listed those directly killed by the storm, while Louisiana chose to list indirect deaths. John Mutter, a professor of geophysics at Colombia University’s Earth Institute, was frustrated by the seeming lack of an accurate death toll, so he decided to try to tally up his own. Mutter wants a complete list of everyone killed by the storm, directly and indirectly. His list is now pretty much hidden and very hard to find, but in March 2007 I did manage to track it down to an obscure website on Mutter’s homepage. However, he has now removed the list and is not responding to emails about it. I have placed the file here. The file is an Excel spreadsheet and you need to have a program capable of reading Excel spreadsheets in order to read the document. I also have a large and detailed report in pdf that breaks the deaths down into all sorts of categories. It is available here. The list has 1,195 victims listed on it, with a few facts about each victim included in their entry. Mutter’s list is dated October 26, 2006 and there does not seem to be a more updated list. Mutter’s list contains names that are not on the official state tallies. Here is the website for Mutter’s project at Colombia. You can also send him data on any hurricane deaths that may not appear on the list from a form on the site. As this article makes clear, it seems there are storm victims who have not made it onto either list. Some are well-known, such as Sgt. Paul Accardo of the New Orleans Police Department, who committed suicide a mere six days after the storm. Others include Jerome “Slim Rome” Spears and his fiance Rachel Harris. Spears shot Harris to death and then killed himself in a rental home in Atlanta, where they had moved as unemployed refugees after the storm. Some are elderly, such as Dorothy and Sam Cerniglia and Yvonne Aubry. All three saw their health begin a rapid slide to death after the storm hit, dying of conditions that previously had been well-managed. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

Pedophile Mass Hysteria, Part 1


In an obscenity first, a U.S. comic book collector has pleaded guilty to importing and possessing Japanese manga books depicting illustrations of child sex abuse and bestiality. Christopher Handley, described by his lawyer as a “prolific collector” of manga, pleaded guilty last week to mailing obscene matter, and to “possession of obscene visual representations of the sexual abuse of children.” Three other counts were dropped in a plea deal with prosecutors.

Those are pictures, for Chrissake. I wonder what they look like? There’s all kinds manga porn on the Internet with young-looking girls and girls having sex with creatures like octopi and whatnot. I’ve seen tons of that stuff, though it is not my thing. I always thought that was legal. What’s next? Pedo stories? There are pedo stories all over the Internet. They’ve been legal up til now? How long will that last? I have no interest in this stuff, but this is going too far. By the way, this stuff is everywhere in Japan. It’s not like like there’s a pedophilia epidemic there. If you want to see what Japanese “lolicon” manga looks like, click here (Adults only! I guess…But I’m not even sure if it’s legal for them either. I just looked at it and I’m not worried about cops coming over here.). I’m not into this stuff, and I find it disturbing and upsetting. There is something about it that is just wrong. But you can see for yourself. I don’t know if it’s legal or not. It’s just drawings anyway.

Clarification on Modern White Separatism

There has been a lot of confusion about what these White separatist folks really want. There are of course crazies who want forcible separation. But what the more moderate White separatists are proposing is a more voluntary model. In the formations of the saner ones, some areas of the US will be set aside for Whites. It’s all voluntary. If you’re White and you want to give live there, go for it. Some proposals also carve out areas for Blacks and Hispanics. Incredibly, these are actually pitched by the Far Left, typically Maoists. Some Black Supremacists also want a Black homeland in the US South. The rest of the country, I think, would just be mixed race and any White who didn’t want to go to Whiteland, any Black who didn’t want to go to Blackland, or any Hispanic who did not want go to Aztlan could just go live in Mixtopia. Neverthelesss, I think the whole idea sucks, and it is segregation in a sense, let’s face it. Some of the Whites would just be segregating themselves, just like they used to. Supposedly any White enclave that tried to do this would be declared illegal by the US government for some reason, and I believe it would be illegal. Violation of the Civil Rights Act and the Fair Housing Act, among other things, come to mind. I believe that “housing covenants” were ruled illegal after the Fair Housing Act of 1968. There are still some towns in the US South that are effectively Sundown towns for Blacks and few if any Blacks live there. No one seems to be doing anything about it.

"You're On Your Own," by Alpha Unit

Another great post by Alpha Unit. This post touches on White nationalism, White separatism and the notion that the White race is an endangered species similar to lower animals that needs to be preserved like environmentalists preserve plants and lower animals. I’ve shopped this idea around to the Whites that I know too. I told them that White nationalists are worried about Whites going extinct and that this is one of their driving forces. One person, a Communist believe it or not, actually agreed that this was a serious problem. On the other hand, this guy, like many White Californians, has friends of all races and has dated women who are part-Japanese and American Indian. Interracial dating is epidemic here in California, especially since so many Californians are not so much non-Whites as mixed races. I grew up with, was friends and best friends with, and dated 1/2 Mexicans, Mexicans, 1/2 Cubans, 1/2 Navajo Indians, 1/4 Mexicans, 1/4 Chinese, Puerto Ricans, 1/2 Blacks, 1/4 Cherokees, 1/2 Panamanians, Japanese, 1/2 Japanese, Filipinos, Chinese, Blacks, all Californians. Back in those days, all these people pretty much acted White, that is they assimilated to the dominant White culture, so their race was pretty much irrelevant unless you were a racist dick. The other people who I tell that too act like it’s a semi-disturbing idea and typically start shaking their heads and laughing. Ideas about White preservation just do not go over here.

You’re On Your Own

by Alpha Unit

I believe the natural impulses of human beings reveal who they really are.  They tell me how the natural world really is beneath the cloak of civilization. As far as Nature itself is concerned, a human individual is an insignificant speck.  And “race” is meaningless against the backdrop of Nature, which couldn’t care less if there were a White race. Human beings have an innate drive toward species preservation, and species preservation trumps “race” preservation, which will get no assistance from Nature whatsoever.  Genetically, “Whiteness” is easily subsumed by “Darkness,” so evidently Nature doesn’t put too high a premium on it. Some Whites may think they’re the shit, but Nature doesn’t, and neither do many non-Whites.  Non-Whites have gotten to know the good, the bad, and the ugly of interacting with Whites, and even a non-White with a blonde dye job and blue contacts has no difficulty denouncing Whites for the sins of the past. In the past, Whites have been able to use force to “preserve” themselves, but are non-Whites going to quietly get with any program for White self-preservation now or in the future?  I doubt it–not if these non-Whites think it’s going to happen at their expense. Nature has also given each individual a will.  People are not going to be herded like animals into special racial “preserves” without some serious incentives for doing so–and for toeing the line once they’re in.  The idea of any kind of separatist state has deeply totalitarian implications, and I wonder if those who push such ideas are willing to be upfront about it.

Schipper on the “Black Hunter’s Mentality Against Whites”

La Griffe Du Lion, otherwise known as Robert Gordon (I know it’s controversial that’s that’s who La Griffe is, but that’s who I say he is, after lots of investigation), claims, after crunching lots of figures, that Black killers or violent criminals seek out White victims “with a hunter’s mentality.” Gordon is worse than an academic racist; he is actually a White Supremacist to boot. Most of the others are not really White Supremacists because they often say that NE Asians are superior to Whites.

There has been endless debate about Gordon’s number-crunching, and it does seem to have lots of problems. I have always thought that this theory was preposterous, but evidence seems to be mounting. Super-commenter James Schipper throws in his two cents, and I think he makes a good point:

Blacks commit about half the murders in the US. If all murderers in the US selected their victims randomly, then 5

What he means is that 9

I have tossed this argument out to a few White people (that Black criminals prey on Whites with a hunter’s mindset), and they usually look puzzled, think for a while, and they say, “No, that’s not right, but it’s an interesting question.” Obviously there is little support for this notion among ordinary Whites. Another argument is that Blacks commit 5

Dual Loyalty Mexicans Versus Dual Loyalty Jews

Granted, both are a problem, but to me, the dual loyalty Mexicans are vastly worse, by orders of magnitude. The brilliant, and Jewish, Steven Steinlight of the Center for Immigration Studies, lays it all out below. It’s incredible, but predictable, the way the mainstream Jewish community has turned on this poor guy. The Jewish community has always been influenced by its radicals, as the brilliant Kevin McDonald has pointed out in his great essays, Understanding Jewish Power (available in three parts). The radicals seize the moment and begin pushing a radical project. They quickly frame all Jews opposed to the project as “enemies of the Jews.” Jews are so hyperethnocentric and tribally loyal that such appeals to refuse treason to the tribe are very powerful. It really hurts even seriously deracinated Jews to be accused of tribal disloyalty. That’s one Hell of a sting. But the radicals pound and pound away, accusing the sane Jews of being Jewish traitors. Gradually, the fear of being labelled a traitor and cast out of the tribe overweighs sanity, and more and more Jews start going over to the radicals’ wild positions. Soon the wild-eyed fringe opinions of the radicals are pretty much mainstream Jewish opinion. It worked this way in 1800’s Galicia and it works this way now with neoconservative normalization of previously beyond the pale ideas to the point where they represent the Jewish mainstream. So it is that the Jews are uncommonly subject to radicalism and extremism. The mainstream Jews and SPLC hatchet men know full well that Steven Steinlight and his organization are not White nationalists and White Supremacists. The very notion is insane. Steinlight has impeccable liberal credentials as a long-time activist in the Civil Rights movement. But the SPLC liars know how a charge like that stings, especially with fellow Jews. White nationalist – White supremacist = Nazi. You do the math. Listen to Steinlight make sense on Mexican illegals. He compares dual loyalty among US Jews with dual loyalty among US Mexicans and concludes that there is no comparison, Mexicans are way more treasonous than Jews: The comparison alleged between the genuine dangers posed by mass Mexican immigration to US social cohesion and sovereignty and pernicious allegations of “Jewish dual loyalty” is wholly false. There is no parallel. First, one must consider the historically unprecedented scale of Mexican immigration, legal and illegal, which dwarfs all other immigration. If we took the 10 next largest immigrant groups, their combined total would be less than that of Mexicans.  Mexico also shares a 2,000 mile border with the US, the longest on earth between a First World and a Third World economy.  The most worrying matter, irredentist sentiment, is a burning, powerful issue for Mexicans and totally inapplicable to Jews.  I was not aware that Jews harbor territorial claims against the US! The very idea is Monty Python-like. But polling by Zogby International reveals some 6 If the goals of “Progress by Pesach” were met and we amnestied 11.5 million illegal aliens, by far the greatest part Mexican, and passed “comprehensive immigration reform,” whose main goal is doubling legal immigration, not promoting amnesty (amnesty is what is known on Capitol Hill as a “weapon of mass distraction”), within a decade or so we’d see huge Mexican majorities in all the border states of the southwest, a majority that rejects American sovereignty there. This is a recipe for social unrest, at the very least.  In addition, Mexican “immigrants” (I prefer the term “transnational population” because they are living in two societies simultaneously and haven’t decided to which they belong) have naturalized at a shockingly infinitesimal rate.  Under 2 On top of which, the last three Presidents of Mexico have pushed a program for a “Greater Mexico” and have asserted the claim that they “represent” Mexicans living in the US.  Indeed, President Vincente Fox went so far as to assert he speaks on behalf of all Hispanics/Latinos in the US, regardless of national origin. The Mexican government has also stated it is the “protector” of Mexicans within the US. Mexicans in this country legally require no protection (they might well in the brutally corrupt oligarchy that is Mexico), and the US in not the dying Ottoman Empire: we don’t need to grant “concessions” to outside powers to safeguard minority populations. Such arrogant, outrageous intervention in US internal affairs is reflected in the conduct of the vast Mexican consular system within the US engaged in massive violation of the Geneva Protocols regarding the activities of consulates: they have inserted themselves into our domestic affairs in the context of labor relations, health care provision, law enforement, etc. When the largest immigrant group in America, one that will increase by some 66-100 million within 20 years if “comprehensive immigration reform were to pass, fails to naturalize, regards US territory in which they reside as belonging to their country of origin, and are encouraged by the government of Mexico to regard Mexico as their home — all Mexicans are dual citizens as a matter of Mexican law –we face a serious problem. The American-Jewish community, on the other hand, represents perhaps the single most successful example of patriotic assimilation of any group in the history of American immigration.  Unlike other immigrant groups in their early days in the US, Jews brought no loyalty to their countries of origin because they had been persecuted there. If Jews were to come today under the same conditions that brought them here during the “Great Waves” they would be called refugees, not immigrants. Jews were also the only immigrant group that migrated in one direction only. They embraced Americanization fervently because it was the best thing that had ever happened to them.  They learned English within two years of arrival, not two generations (the norm for other groups), and because Jews were alone among immigrants in having virtually universal male literacy within only a year or two of arrival they were earning wages comparable to natives. (Current immigrants make an astounding 2 The charge of “dual loyalty,” suggesting American Jews are torn between allegiance to the US and to Israel, is an anti-Semitic canard.  The very small number of Jews who see themselves primarily as Zionists make aliyah.  Undoubtedly a tiny fraction of Jews living in the US may feel authentically torn, but even they seek to square those loyalties by arguing that American interests and values are congruent with those of Israel. The great majority of American Jews, however, hardly feel as if they are living in the Diaspora.  They are fully at home in America. The great majority of American Jews are patriots (it’s a good way to define oneself when one lives in the freest society on earth: I’m appalled by those who see “patriotism” as somehow “fascist”) who have achieved the ideal balance between their particularistic identity (which appropriately involves deep concern about the security and well-being of Israel) with a much stronger sense of national belonging. There is no “dual loyalty” within the American-Jewish community that is a cause of concern to any but paranoid anti-Semites. On the other hand, the fact that the fastest growing demograhic in the nation regards a huge expanse of US territory as belonging to its country of origin (to which we are geographically contiguous), has in essence refused to join the polity by failing to naturalize, has resisted learning the language of the dominant culture, and is strongly influenced by an interventionist Mexican government are causes of deep, legitimate concern.

Evil Black Criminals Prey on Innocent Whites!

This is regarded as near Biblical truth by all White nationalists and even some paleocons like Lawrence Auster.

Dey niggaz be preyin on us po White folks!

The truth is that this is not the case at all. Black criminals prey on any human they can get their hands on, and there is no evidence at all that they preferentially select for White victims out of sheer racism, as the racist White nationalists always claim, projecting away their own super-racism in the process, of course.

Let’s look at some facts for once:

From 1976 to 2005:

8 9

If you are White and you are going to be a homicide victim, your killer will be a White man. There is a 1

There are some caveats here.

Black criminals, like all criminals, prey on folks with money. Whites tend to have more money than Blacks. So there may be some preferential targeting merely on the basis of income. It’s known that Whites are wimpier and fight back less than Blacks. Considering the ferocious defensive reputation of Blacks and the wimpy reputation of Whites, it’s incredible that Black criminals continue to target dangerous Blacks as victims while leaving the White easy targets relatively alone. Yet this is what they do.

White nationalists love to rant about how oversexed Black men are committing a rape epidemic against unsullied (LOL!) White womanhood. According to my albeit crude calculations, Black females are 4-5 X more likely to be raped by these sexual psychopaths than White females are. Hell, White women get off easy in the Black rape epidemic. They should count their lucky stars.

A Cancer Called the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)

I go on a lot about the White nationalists on here, but the truth is that these racist characters are seriously irrelevant to US politics. Even most White racists in the US, I am certain, want nothing whatsoever to do with them. From the veneration or apologia for Hitler, to rampant anti-Semitism, to insane proposals like deporting all non-Whites, setting up White separatist enclaves, states or whatever, to worship of Nordicism to the detriment of all the other Europeans, to opposition to miscegenation, friendship and dating with non-Whites, the movement has been a serious failure from Day One and will continue to be one, since its ultra-radical ideas simply do not resonate with most Whites in the US. In fact, most US Whites are ethnocentric and do believe that US White culture is worth saving. A recent poll showed that 7 One would think that a pro-White movement would be so moderate as to represent the views of this 7 One would think a logical movement could appeal to this 7 Forget it. No pro-White movement will ever be sane enough to appeal to these folks. The problem is not just the fact anyone in the US that stands up and says they are pro-White nowadays is probably a ferocious racist. The problem also lies in maniacal organizations like the SPLC, named in the title. Any expressions of White ethnocentrism are immediately pounded by SPLC attack dogs as White Supremacism. Not only that, but the SPLC hearts illegal aliens. Seriously, passionately. I think the leadership actually wants to invite the illegals under the sheets with them, such is their love for the criminal invaders, the dregs of Mesoamerica. Every single organization that has tried to fight against illegal immigration has been slammed by the SPLC scum as “racist” and “White supremacist.” Their acolytes in the elite media echo along. Such that even reasonable Whites now think anti-illegal immigration means dangerous, wild-eyed nativist racism. Why do they think this? The elitists in the MSM told them so. Check out this sorry story here. Your average US Jew is sane, and many of them are open to the sane notion that millions of illegal aliens in the US really sucks. The Jewish elite in the Organized Jewish Community won’t have any of that. The message is so popular with ordinary Jews that they are shutting it down. The illegal immigration debate has always shown a vast elite – commoner disconnect in the US. Ordinary, working class and middle class Americans totally hate illegal immigration. Surveys show that adds up to 70-8 The mainstream anti-illegal organizations go to extreme lengths to keep their noses clean. They try to ferret out all the racists in their organizations. On their websites, racist commentary is deleted and the commenters are banned. They try very hard to make this an anti-racist movement. Sure there are racists in the movement. Of course racists hate illegals just like anyone else. Who would have thought otherwise? The truth is that while White nationalism is ludicrous joke in the US (Thank God!) the PC Nazis in the SPLC have essentially colonized American thought with their Cultural Marxist poison. It’s spread to the entire White West. The SPLC’s line is that some ghost-like White racists threaten the US. That’s hilarious. The truth is that assholes like the SPLC and their Identity Politics buddies are more dangerous to, and have done more harm to, this nation that the White nationalists could in countless centuries.

ACLU Hearts Illegal Aliens

I used to be a card-carrying member of this organization but I don’t think I will ever join it again. Most of their litigation makes sense in a constitutional sort of way. But they are clearly on an ideological jihad for the illegal alien criminal invaders and against the enforcement of our immigration laws. Their arguments are weird, convoluted and don’t make sense. There are abuses in the system, therefore we need to trash it. Wow. Innocent people get arrested all the time, so let’s do away with all of our laws! Innocent people regularly get arrested for murder, so let’s just make homicide legal and remedy the fucking injustice! E-verify is flawed, so we can’t use it. What can we use? Nothing. Every program we come up with is going to be “flawed and error-ridden.” Well fuck me. Their rationale for overturning local anti-illegal ordinances is on good Constitutional grounds. Apparently only the Feds can enforce immigration laws, and locals can only do it when they get a Fed waiver. Turns out that the Federal government is run by two treasonous political parties that have decided 20 million illegal aliens ain’t nearly enough and we can hardly deport even one of them. So the Feds refuse to enforce the law. The locals aren’t legally allowed to enforce the law. The law is therefore not enforced. Why bother to have laws then? I guess I don’t understand the ACLU. Why all the love for the illegals? Other than that this is a Cultural Left organization and love of illegal aliens is part of the whole Cultural Left package, and they just dish out the poison Cultural Left kool-aid to the rest of us hapless Americans.

Against Sandra Sotomayor For Supremes

My mailbox is being flooded with mails urging me to support this woman for Supreme Court. She leaves me cold. The main reason is because she is Hispanic. Most Hispanics in the US are frankly traitors, and we don’t need any traitors on our highest court. They are traitors because they support the illegal alien criminal invasion of our lands. It the insanity of this group and their lobbies, operating with profound ethnocentrism and in promotion of group interests to the detriment of other groups, that has created the madness of Sanctuary cities, essentially non-deportable or non-reportable illegal aliens, US benefits, in-state college tuition and driver’s licenses for illegals, and other acts of utter insanity. You don’t have to read Kafka to figure out that no sane country would let itself be invaded like this and then sit back and write a bunch of policies that totally defy the laws of the land and demand that the laws are not enforced. I don’t know her position, but it’s clear to me that Sotomayor is probably an Open Borders nut, as are about 8 She’s Puerto Rican, so that softens things a bit (I’m not sure if Puerto Ricans give a damn about Open Borders since the border’s already open to them), but she has made some strange statements, including the profoundly ethnocentric statement that Hispanic women make better judges than White men. Imagine if a White man had said that White men make better judges than Black women. Can you believe the furor? So Sotomayor represents the leading edge of Identity Politics that hijacked the Western Left in the 60’s and for all intents and purposes ruined it. Identity Politics meant a move away from an emphasis on class analysis (as LS in the comments section notes, the only really scientifically valid way to formulate a coherent Left analysis) towards the typically ferociously ethnocentric rights of Hispanics, gays, women, Blacks, Asians, American Indians, and I guess one-legged fucking lesbian Micronesian midgets in wheelchairs. The movement has since expanded to disabled folks, crazy people (I actually support this one – Go Mad Rights go! And I think words like crazy, weird, strange, eccentric, etc. are often hate speech, as I don’t use them.), transsexuals and other freaks of nature, and every ethnic group under the sun. East Indians, Arabs, Muslims and other super-reactionary groups have jumped on the bandwagon. A logical Left critique of their reactionary, fucked up, misogynistic and backwards societies in the finest Marxist tradition is banned on the grounds that to critique their backwardness and cultural idiocy is racism! A corollary to the love of all non-White ethnic groups, females, non-heterosexuals and genitally abnormal humans was the hatred of Whites, males, straights and people with their dicks and pussies where they ought to be. Those bearing most of the wrath were the White males. The ethnocentrism and promotion of one’s interests at the expense of others, championed by the Identity Politics nuts for everyone else, was denied to us. That means we White guys were unilaterally disarmed while everyone else got to wage ethnic and gender warfare against us. Not that I have anything against ethnic or gender warfare – it’s the way of man, especially under capitalism. But it’s no fair calling a war and then taking the guns away from one side. It is such a hole that the Western Left has dug for itself. Sadly, with the election of Obama, the Identity Politics idiots have won the day. Who can blame the Hispanics, women, Blacks and whatnot for supporting Identity Politics? It’s a winner for them. But no sane White male should support such self-abuse. As an example Sotomayor’s outrageous Cultural Left mindset, she ruled, incredibly, to throw out the promotions of White firefighters in New Haven because only Whites had passed the test. The Black candidates had all failed. If this is where our Civil Rights laws are headed, then I actually supporting clipping them in the wings. Equality of outcome must not be legislated. I believe it’s actually unconstitutional and probably violates the 14th Amendment.

Gilad Atzmon, Jewish Assimilation and the Roots of Jewish Hatred

Gilad Atzmon continues to post in the comments section. The following is the most recent exchange:

Lafayette: So, Gilad is not an anti-Semite, and is not against Jews or Judaism, but is against Jewishness? That’s a bit of a mouthful already – we’ll be tying ourselves in more knots with that one. Why not be an antisemite until Jews join ‘ Jews against Zionism’ or ‘Jews against Jewishness’ organisations in their millions, i.e. make some effort to dissociate themselves from the Zionists and the elite financial mafia Gilad: 2 reasons I can think of a. to expect Jews to operate politically and collectively is to assume that Jews are a ‘collective’ after all and this in itself is an approval of the Zionist philosophy. b. Jews against, X , Y or Z is in itself a tribal and racially orientated mind set, thus it must be opposed. The bottom line is very simple. There is no collective or a national solution to the Jewish problem. The only possible solution is personal and individual, joining humanity for real rather than imposing yourself on humanity.

When Gilad Atzmon says Jews need to join humanity, he only reiterates the progressive project vis a vis the Jews since the Jews left the ghettos. The need for the Jews to assimilate and that the progressive solution to the Jewish Question is the assimilation of the Jews. That this is still a problem today is highlighted by Gilad’s call. Let us recall that when the Jews first came out of the ghettos 200 years ago when they were liberated by Napoleon (all Jews today are Napoleon’s children as much as Abraham’s – most people do not recognize this), progressive European opinion felt that they were a mess. They were backwards, tribal, inward-looking, given to superstition and stupidity, and consumed with fear, suspicion and hatred for non-Jews. Centuries in ghettos had not been kind to them. Progressive, anti-racist forces felt that the best remedy for these messed-up people and advocated the progressive solution of the assimilation of the Jews. This is really what Marx’s “On the Jewish Question” (a very difficult read) is in part about. It is really not an anti-Semitic document, though the anti-Semites love to claim it as their own. In truth, it is allegorical, whereby “Judaism” stands for “capitalism.” Over 200 years, the debate about Jewish assimilation has raged in the Jewish press, but most of the rest of us know nothing of it. Out of this debate came Reform Judaism. A reaction to it, Modern Orthodox Judaism, actually only began in the late 1800’s in an attempt to revive the old ghetto religion. The resurrection of Orthodox Judaism was in more ways than one a return to the ghetto. So, in a similar way, was Zionism, the ultimate Jewish rejection of assimilation. To this day, the least assimilated Jews, and those who behave in the most unpleasant Jewish stereotypes, are in Israel and the Orthodox community. Antisemites make much of Jewish hatred. There is nothing new here. It’s just human tribalism. An allegory would be the racial hatred of the White nationalists. Yes, the Super Jews and the White nationalists are mirrored reflections of one and the same. The Jews were not stupid. As a minority tribe living surrounded by a majority, they were determined to prevent the extinction of their tribe. They probably learned what the WN’s are figuring out. Mere exhortations to not marry with the Other are futile. In order to truly maintain your line and prevent extinction, separation is probably necessary. In some cases, the Jews built those damned ghettos themselves to prevent assimilation. To prevent intermarriage, strong rules were set up to prevent Jewish women from marrying out. In Spain, a Jewish woman who had sex with a Gentile was sentenced to having her nose cut off. The solution for wandering males was that their offspring were lost to the tribe. Hence, the Jews were able to maintain their genetic line and tribal existence for centuries in a hostile Europe. But nasty laws could not always be enforced. Telling your people to only marry another Jew was not good enough. Children are rebellious and especially young women like to defy their fathers by marrying the Other. To prevent sex with Gentiles, it was necessary to prevent friendship with Gentiles. You can’t say you can be friends with the Gentiles but you can’t have sex with them. We are mammals. Friendship leads to sex, there is no stopping it. In the 1800’s and certainly before, an Orthodox Jew would not eat with, nor drink tea with, a Gentile under any circumstances. To this day the Yemeni Jews refuse to eat with their Gentile neighbors and have little to do with them. Eating together leads to friendship, friendship leads to sex, sex leads to tribal extinction. It’s all so rational. But you can’t just forbid people to make friends. Kids and others are rebellious. You have to give people a good reason not to befriend the Other, or they will do just that. So Jewish Hatred was cultivated. The Jews promoted hatred of Gentiles in their customs and religion in order to keep their people apart from them, in order to prevent tribal extinction. Along with hatred comes fear, as usual. If the Gentiles were portrayed as genocidally murderous, rising up to Final Solution the Jews with every generation, as the idiot Jewish religious saying goes (“Every generation they rise up against us…”), you don’t want to associate with them anyway, even if you are a rebellious adolescent. This is the unalterable reality that the WN’s are discovering. Just telling Whites to mate with and befriend their own kind doesn’t work. White people are doing it anyway and you can’t stop them. In order to keep Whites from befriending non-Whites, which leads to having sex with them, which leads to White extinction, the WN’s cultivate incessant hate propaganda against any and all non-Whites. Just check their websites. That’s the reason for all the hatred. The hatred is all about prevention of extinction. In this way also we see that Jewish hatred is not unique at all, but corollaries of it can be found in tribes all over the world. Jews are evil only in that human tribes are evil.

Why Civil Rights Laws Are Necessary

In the comments section, James Schipper makes several comments against civil rights and anti-discrimination laws, elaborating a libertarian argument for getting rid of them. Although I’m sure he is not a racist personally, advocating getting rid of these laws unfortunately is advocating for a de facto racist project that is bound to harm certain ethnic groups. So in this case, Schipper is a non-racist or anti-racist who is promoting a racist agenda. I know that sounds weird, but life is pretty confusing. He has the entire libertarian and anarchist community behind him in this regard too. Here is his argument:

In Canada, only a minority of adults are now smokers, and I suppose that in the US it isn’t any different. It is therefore nonsense to say that all businesses in the hospitality sector have an incentive to offer the right to smoke.

If all bar and eateries were forced to choose between being totally smoke-free and allowing smoking, then probably 2/3 of restaurants and 1/2 of bars in a larger North American cities would opt to be smoke-free.

I quite agree that non-smokers should not be forced to become passive smokers, but they won’t have to be if they can choose between smoke-free and smoking establishments. As to workplaces, I don’t see why smoking should not be allowed if there is consent of all employees. Anti-smoking laws reveal a Procrustean mentality which seeks to impose the same for everybody. As to anti-discrimination laws, there is such a thing as economic association. Employers and employees have to work together and employees have to work with other employees. Many may prefer to work with their own kind. Anti-discrimination laws don’t work for small firms anyway. If Peter has 10 employees and they are all white, how does one prove that there is discrimination. The sample is too small. Many small companies are ethnically and racially homogeneous simply because the employer hires his relatives and friends. Large firms do not have an incentive to antagonize public opinion. If the vast majority of the population is opposed to racial discrimination, then a firm that openly practices racial discrimination will lose clients. When most people are against racial discrimination, then anti-discrimination laws aren’t necessary. When most people are eager to practice racial discrimination, then anti-discrimination laws, apart from being anti-democratic, are unenforceable. Anti-discrimination laws lead to surreptitious discrimination, which is very hard to prove. As a result, people who are in charge of enforcing anti-discrimination laws will almost inevitably resort to quotas, at least when they operate on the assumption that ability is equally distributed among all populations. Look at the dilemma in which employers in the US find themselves. To avoid discrimination in hiring, they use tests, but when different groups have different average scores on these tests, they can’t be used. Anti-discrimination laws would make more sense if no equal ability between groups is assumed. However, how do you devise tests for all the jobs that are out there? Wouldn’t life be much easier if there were no diversity within countries?

I think they already tried that with bars here in the US, James. Almost all bars just went smoking and said screw it. There were just about zero, or maybe zero, non-smoking bars. Drinkers smoke. As far as restaurants, I guess we had non-smoking restaurants here in the US. Restaurants generally opted to have smoking sections. Most restaurants had separate sections. In 1992, I ate out in the Bay Area and generally the restaurants had smoking sections. And yes, you could breathe the smoke. The problem with workplaces going all-smoking is that a number would do just that, especially working class jobs for guys. Some of these guys don’t smoke, and they would be locked out of those workplaces. In parts of the US with high smoking rates, many businesses would go all-smoking. It doesn’t matter if folks wish to be around their own kind. As a statist, I want to force them to associate with folks they don’t wish to be around in the workplace. This was the old segregationist anti-integration argument by the way. As far as large corporations go, a lot of them now have diversity goals and whatnot. It seems to be working out pretty well. They are satisfied with the quality of the employees they are getting, and they are rarely getting sued or taken to court. Managers are under strict orders to not discriminate in hiring. The reason they adopted these goals was to not run afoul of civil rights laws. The problem is that here in the US, discrimination goes on, particularly in home sales and renting. Less in employment, but still it exists. I assure that if the Fair Housing Act were overturned, rampant discrimination would return to renting and home sales. It doesn’t happen so much now because there are agents all over the place pretending to rent places and the government will sue you good if they can prove you discriminate, and proving it with an agent is pretty easy. Most apartment managing firms are under strict orders not to discriminate and not to work with clients who demand that. Also a lot of folks would stop selling homes to Blacks too. So, while discrimination is not rampant in the US, it’s a problem enough, and the laws have done incredible work towards remedying the problem. The WN’s admit this and are furious about the laws because they know how well they have worked. So the argument that the laws won’t work in either case (your argument) doesn’t seem to make sense. I don’t agree with the testing being thrown out due to differentiating scores, but I doubt that that has to do with Civil Rights laws. I’m sure if there was racial differentiation on test score outcome, it would not be a violation of civil rights laws properly interpreted. It’s not really a huge problem in the US, employers hiring all of these unqualified minorities just to avoid a civil rights lawsuit or prosecution. The only time the DOJ goes after these guys, it’s a pretty blatant and obvious case of illegal discrimination. The enforcers don’t rely on quotas. They work really hard to build great cases, and win almost all of them. They don’t prosecute that many cases anyway, so they choose them very well. I think the number of firms unfairly taken to court over reasonable discrimination must be small.

A Rich Man Threw A Party, Invited the Whole Town, and Never Asked Anyone to Leave

Good news for once. What it really means is that there number of illegal criminal invaders has slowed by 2 The Mexican elite and even upper middle class and probably middle class share the blame for all of this. Mexico is as wealthy as Romania, Lithuania and Latvia. It is wealthier than Chile and Argentina, the jewels of Latin America. Mexico has a higher per capita income than almost all non-colonial Latin American states. What’s the problem? The elite, the bourgeois and their petit bourgeois allies are utterly despicable people. Mexico has nothing resembling a social democracy like the East European states mentioned above. It’s just another caste-like Latin American kleptocracy where the rich steal it all, the bourgeois and petit bourgeois line up with their rich enemies like they always do, and everybody else is SOL and poor. In other words, Mexico is a reactionary shithole of a country. The rich steal everything and leave most of the people with nothing, so the oppressed proletariat comes up here. When did Marx ever say the way to Communism was for the poor of the 3rd World to invade the 1st World? He never did. Marxism called for revolution in the oppressed countries of the 3rd World, not slacking on the job and just invading the rich countries to avoid the painful tasks of revolution. The logical solution is for the 3rd World nations to find their own revolutionary paths to liberation. Anyone who thinks the revolutionary path in the 3rd World involves leaving the reactionary 3rd World wrecks in place and invading the 1st World instead needs to have his head examined. The 1st World cannot invite all of the 3rd World to come here like the idiot Western Left wants. 1/3 of the world’s population wants to come here. That’s 2 billion people. Add 2 billion 3rd World people to the US and the country will go under in more ways than you can count. The whole place will turn into a combination Lagos – Calcutta – Lima. It’s like a rich guy throwing a party. That’s what the West is doing. We are like a bunch of rich people throwing a lavish party and inviting the whole town in, especially the most ghetto people in town, since they are most “oppressed.” Then we never even ask them to leave. We just let all the ghetto people sleep on our couches and on the floor and let the party go on forever. Then we expand the party to all the neighboring mansions, just to be nice. Now the ghetto people are having 24-hour parties in our houses, they’ve eaten all our food, stolen everything not locked down, and still keep inviting their ill-behaved buddies over. After a while of this shit, the rich people finally just have it and move out of the nice, rich neighborhood with all the mansions. They abandon the mansions to the ghetto people, who quickly turn the wondrous mansions into a terrifying ghetto, because that’s what ghetto people do everywhere they go. No sane rich people anywhere on Earth would do such a thing. So why are we? Because we are insane. If you’re not paying attention, this is an allegory about the United States.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Statement on Smithfield's Pig Factories

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s statement published in the Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper in Poland in October, 2003. It kind of goes on and on, but you get the picture. Modern US neoliberal capitalism really is a pile of steaming pig shit, is it not? those capitalist apologists who say, “The problem is corruption” need to answer some questions. Why almost 10 n most capitalist countries, even the most advanced, and certainly in the less advanced, it is completely impossible to regulate Smithfield’s factory farms. As the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Freedom would note, to regulate Smithfield’s sickening factory farms is de facto if not de jure anti-capitalist. It’s bad for capitalism and it’s bad for he economy. Truth is that it simply cannot be done in most cases. Apologists for capitalism need to address the issue of why under most forms of capitalism it is simply impossible if not unthinkable to regulate Smithfield. Why is this? Capitalist apologists say it’s a bug, not a feature. It’s the other way around. Capitalism’s inability to regulate Smithfield is a feature, not a bug. You can also see by reading this that capitalism is completely destroying Poland. Fuck off Solidarnosc. Fuck off Lech Walesa. The article also lays bare the oft-repeated lie that Communism destroyed Poland’s environment. The opposite is true. Compared to capitalist West Europe, Poland’s environment is in excellent shape. 9 Storks have been almost exterminated in Europe, especially West Europe. There are only several pairs left in all of Denmark. The waters of capitalist West Europe are so polluted that the fish have been so poisoned that it has killed off all the storks. Relatively unpolluted Poland has a full 2 Communist Poland left us with the horrible legacy of Europe’s last clean-flowing rivers. The horrors! Poland has the cleanest soil in all of Europe. The horrors of Communism! It leaves nations with clean rivers, pure soil and lots of fish and birds! It’s clearly a failed system. Whatever the problems of Communist Poland, horrible pollution was clearly not one of them. Whatever the Veblenesque conspicuously consumable delights of modern Polish capitalism, a whored, corrupted and bought and paid for elite of politician-sluts was not one of them. ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR. ON SMITHFIELD FOODS CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR: I am President of Waterkeeper Alliance, an environmental group and a leader of a national coalition of family farmers, fishermen, environmental and animal welfare organizations, religious and civic associations, and food safety advocates who are fighting Smithfield Foods in the United States. During the past eighteen months, I have come to Poland twice to alert the Polish people about the dangers of allowing Smithfield a foothold in this country, most recently at the request of the Animal Welfare Institute. Smithfield is one of a handful of large multinationals who are transforming global meat production from a traditional farm enterprise to factory style industrial production. Smithfield is the largest hog producer in the world and controls almost 3 Smithfield and its cronies have driven tens of thousands of family farmers off the land, shattered rural communities, poisoned thousands of miles of American waterways, killed billions of fish, put thousands of fishermen out of work, sickened rural residents and treated hundreds of millions of farm animals with unspeakable and unnecessary cruelty. Four years ago, in 1999, Smithfield began buying slaughterhouses and state farms in Poland. On July 22nd of this year, I sat in the crowded Senate Conference Room in the Polish Republic’s Senate Building in Warsaw listening as Smithfield’s Vice President Gregg Schmidt promised the senate agricultural committee that Smithfield will “modernize” Polish agriculture and bring prosperity and jobs to rural communities. For the past two decades, Smithfield Foods and its allies have made identical promises to the people of North Carolina, one of America’s rural states. After listening to these promises, the state Senate passed laws to make it much easier for Smithfield to do business in North Carolina. With encouragement from these politicians, Smithfield built the largest slaughterhouse in the world in Bladen County, North Carolina. The plant butchers 30,000 pigs each day. By building this pig slaughter plant, Smithfield set off explosive growth of a new way of producing hogs in North Carolina — factory-style production.

Factory Farms

Although Smithfield, a Virginia-based meat packer, never before owned a farm, its CEO, Joe Luter, began buying up farms so that the company could control, as he likes to boast, all aspects of pork production “from piglets to pork chops.” Luter who describes himself as “a tough man in a tough business” lives in a $17 million Park Avenue mansion in New York. He is known for a ruthless style that maximizes profits by industrializing agriculture and eliminating both animal husbandry and the family farm. Smithfield builds football field-sized warehouses in which the company crams thousands of genetically manipulated hogs into tiny metal boxes where they are deprived of sunlight, exercise, straw bedding, rooting, and social opportunities. A hog is as smart and sensitive as a dog. Under these crowded stressful conditions, they must be kept alive by constant doses of antibiotics, and heavy metals. Antibiotic resistant bacteria and residues of these additives naturally end up in their waste.

Industrial Style Pollution

Since a hog produces ten times the amount of waste as a human, a single hog factory can generate more fecal waste than Warsaw. One of Smithfield’s factories in Utah houses 850,000 hogs and produces more fecal waste than New York City’s 8.5 million people. Hog waste falls through slatted floors into a basement where it is periodically flushed into giant outdoor pits called lagoons. While cities must treat sewage before discharging it, Smithfield’s meat factories dump their liquid manure untreated onto fields which quickly become saturated. The manure then percolates into groundwater or is carried by rain into nearby streams or lakes. Waste from industrial pork factories contains a witch’s brew of nearly 400 dangerous substances, including heavy metals, antibiotics, hormones, deadly biocides, pesticides, and dozens of disease-causing viruses and microbes. Antibiotic residues in this lethal soup foster the growth of deadly “super bugs” — disease organisms that are immune to human antibiotics.

Polluted Water Supplies

Millions of tons of fecal stew produced by the meat factories has poisoned groundwaters in 34 states with deadly nitrates that can kill infants and cause severe mental retardation in children. Disease epidemics caused by meat factories have sickened and killed thousands of Americans. In 1993, for example, a meat operation’s microbes were suspected to have tainted a water supply sickened 400,000 people in Milwaukee (half the population!) and killed 114 individuals.

Sick Rivers

Fifteen years ago, the state of North Carolina had some of the purest waters in the United States. Today, it has some of the most polluted waters. A spill from one hog lagoon killed one billion fish in the Neuse River in 1995. North Carolina had to use bulldozers to plow the fish onto the shores of Pamlico and Albemarle Sounds. Today, as a result of Smithfield’s invasion in North Carolina, hog industry pollution has poisoned the Neuse so badly that a hundred million fish die every year die in that river.

Pfiesteria; the “Cell from Hell”

Hog factory contaminants have also fostered outbreaks of a previously unknown microbe, Pfiesteria piscicida, in America’s coastal waters. Pfiesteria kills billions of fish and causes open sores that won’t heal, severe respiratory illness and brain damage in humans who handle fish or swim in the water. Pustulating sores cover the bodies of fishermen from the Neuse River. Some of them have trouble recalling basic information like the route home due to brain damage from Pfiesteria. Pfiesteria has appeared in Maryland where my sister, until recently, was Lieutenant Governor. The state had to close the famous rivers of the Chesapeake Bay to protect public health.

Bad Odors

Hog factory stenches defy description. Neighboring farmers choke, vomit and faint from the fetid gases as they ride their tractors or work their fields. The smell cannot be removed from skin or clothing — even with the strongest soap. Food eaten even a mile downwind of a hog factory can take on the odor and flavor of hog waste. Neighbors can no longer sit on their porches in the summer, open their windows, hang their laundry or enjoy their meals. Factory odors can be so strong that they nauseate people flying in airplanes as high as 3,000 feet above these facilities!

Dangerous Gases

The fumes inside hog buildings are so strong that when the twenty-four hour ventilation systems fail, all pigs inside quickly die from asphyxiation. Hydrogen sulfide, methane and ammonia gases emanating from these factories also harm human health. Numerous studies show that factory farm workers and downwind neighbors contract lung disease, nausea, eye infections, nosebleeds, gastrointestinal illness, depression and even brain damage. Every year, hog factory workers become seriously ill and die from deadly gases emanating from liquid manure pits. Recent scientific papers by the U.S. government indicate that toxic air discharges from hog factories are so poisonous that they violate the federal health and environmental laws and endanger the health of neighbors. One study shows that millions of antibiotic resistant bacteria move by air from hog factories every day, threatening public health and neighboring herds. Another study shows that some meat factories emit seven times the particulate matter allowed under American Clear Air laws. Particulates can cause asthma attacks.

The End of the American Family Farm

Each hog factory puts ten family farmers out of business, replacing high quality agricultural jobs with three or four hourly wage workers in degrading jobs that are among the lowest paying and most dangerous in America. Because animals are given almost no husbandry, as few as two workers may tend a factory of 10,000 hogs! Conditions are so miserable that employees seldom endure these jobs more than a few months. Major slaughterhouses, including Smithfield’s, have a 100 The situation in North Carolina, America’s second largest hog producer, is typical. Two decades ago there were 27,000 family hog farmers in North Carolina. Today, there are almost none. North Carolina’s hog farmers have been replaced by 2,200 hog factories; 1,600 owned or indentured to a single multinational — Smithfield Foods. Smithfield now controls 7 As a result of factory farms, Iowa lost 45,000 independent hog farmers in recent years with half of the remaining 10,000 already controlled by Smithfield and a few other large corporations. Joe Luter told the Washington Post that Smithfield will turn “Poland into the Iowa of Europe.”

Contract Farmers; How to Become a Serf on Your Own Land

As I listened, Mr. Schmidt told the Polish Senate that Smithfield would bring employment to Polish farmers by giving them contracts to produce hogs. I can tell you that any farmer who signs a contract with Smithfield will become a serf on his own land. Here’s how Smithfield took over the family farms in America. Smithfield signed a few contracts with large producers to produce tens of thousands of hogs for its slaughterhouse. Then it swallowed those producers who had to take Smithfield’s price for their farms because they had nowhere else to slaughter their hogs. Once Smithfield owned these large farms the company began overproducing hogs so that the price of pork dropped from 60 cents per pound to 8 cents per pound. Since it costs 36 cents per pound for a farmer to raise a pig, most pig farmers had to go out of business except the ones that Smithfield signed contracts with. The contracts are never negotiated. The desperate farmers will sign the contract the way Smithfield writes it. Typically the contract requires the farmer to use his farm for security and borrow approximately $200,000 to build a warehouse according to Smithfield’s specifications. The company promises him approximately $20,000 per year. The farmer owns the warehouse and pays the insurance and interest to the bank. Under the contract, Smithfield owns the feed and the pigs, but the farmer owns the manure. Smithfield does not pay him enough to legally dispose of the manure. That’s his problem and soon it will be the problem of his community as he pollutes the air and water with the excess manure. Smithfield’s contract is typically good for only one-year even though it’s going to take the farmer twenty years to pay off the mortgage. When it is in Smithfield’s interest to buy more land, the company has the power to make future contracts so burdensome that the farmer goes bankrupt. Smithfield can then buy his hog house and land from the bank for pennies on the dollar. Since the farm is valueless without a Smithfield contract, there are no other bidders. It was in this way that Smithfield came to control pork production in North Carolina. The company is already using the same practices in Poland. Any farmer who signs such a contract will be a slave on his own farm. Now when the price of pork drops to 8 cents per pound, Smithfield continues to make money because the price the consumer pays for bacon at the grocery store stays the same. Since Smithfield owns the slaughterhouse, it can still make money while it squeezes the farmer until it has a monopoly or farm production. This is one of the reasons that the United States Senate today is considering national legislation, and many states as well, that will ban the ownership of farms by slaughterhouses. Smithfield’s “integration” system puts the farmer at a catastrophic disadvantage.

Economic Impacts

There are many studies that show that factory farms have a devastating impact on rural economies and quality of life. There is not a single empirical study showing net benefits to rural communities. Studies show that property values in counties hosting pork factories fall, on average by 3 If you drive through America’s rural communities, you will see bankrupted hardware and feed stores (factory farms don’t buy locally), boarded up main streets and closed banks, churches and schools. America’s heartland and historic landscapes are being emptied of rural Americans and occupied by large corporations.

Political Corruption

Hog factories produce far more manure than is needed to fertilize fields around them. The costs of properly treating and disposing this waste would make meat factories uncompetitive with traditional farms unless they violate numerous environmental laws. Traditional farms are exempt from these laws since manure, for them, is not a waste product but a valuable fertilizer spread on fields to grow crops. Because factory meat producers must break the law in order to survive, the industry’s business plan relies on the assumption that pork factories will be able to evade prosecution by improperly influencing government enforcement officials. Smithfield uses its wealth to buy politicians, paralyze regulatory agencies and break health and environmental laws with impunity. In North Carolina, Smithfield made business partnerships with both powerful state senator Wendell Murphy and powerful United States Senator Launch Faircloth, who protected the company’s interests in local and federal legislatures. Using adept campaign contributions and such cunning alliances, the hog industry has been able to corrupt and control the North Carolina State Senate. The state’s largest newspaper, Raleigh News and Observer, won the Pulitzer Prize for its five-part investigative report disclosing how the factory hog industry had captured and corrupted the state senate. Politicians who oppose the hog barons are punished. When North Carolina’s Duplin County State Assemblywoman Cynthia Watson began speaking out against Smithfield’s impact on her farm community, the hog industry launched a savage multimillion dollar attack, spending as much as $10,000 a week for two years to destroy her reputation. As a result, she lost her election and the hog barons sent a message to all the senators in North Carolina that if you speak out against this industry or this company, we will punish you! Citizens who protest get the same treatment. Typically, the industry launches its occupation by removing the democratic rights of local communities who refuse to site these facilities in their communities. In Iowa, North Carolina, Michigan and many other states and Canadian provinces, public officials have stripped local governments of their decision making powers over these facilities. Similarly, we have seen that in Poland, local officials who opposed Smithfield’s facilities have been overruled by national authorities. The industry routinely uses bullying lawyers and illegal intimidation, threats, harassment, and violence to terrorize and silence its critics including its own workers. A group of Nebraska citizens who made comments during a public hearing on a hog factory permit were sued by Nebraska’s largest livestock producer. Neighboring farmers are routinely sued for participating in public hearings or speaking out against the hog industry. Contempt for our laws and bullying are part of industry culture.

Criminal Behavior

Smithfield’s own records show that it has committed tens of thousands of violations of state and federal environmental laws. Indeed, recent court decisions indicate that hundreds of Smithfield’s facilities around the country are in almost daily violation of federal environmental laws. In 1997, a federal judge ordered Smithfield to pay $12 million dollars, one of the largest Clean Water Act penalties in history. The court determined that a single Smithfield plant had violated the Clean Water Act over 6,000 times and that company officials had intentionally lied to federal regulators to cover up its violations. In 2000, a National Labor Relations Board Judge found Smithfield guilty of serious labor law violations. The judge found that that Smithfield managers conspired with local police to physically intimidate and assault union supporters. He also found that Smithfield attorneys suborned perjury and that company witnesses lied under oath. Again in 2002, Smithfield was found guilty of significant labor law violations, this time by a federal court, which ordered the company to pay $755,000 in damages to workers who the company had wrongfully imprisoned.

Smithfield Invades Poland

In 1999, Smithfield announced its plans to move into Poland and began purchasing slaughterhouses that year. Animal Welfare Institute (AWI), one of our allies in the battle against Smithfield, brought a delegation of Poles over to tour the farm landscapes of America to see what they were in for. AWI took the Poles to Missouri where you can drive 50 kilometers without leaving company land and then to Duplin County, North Carolina, where they were enveloped in an unbearable stench. During this trip, one lady in North Carolina, Mrs. Carr, pleaded with the visiting Poles, “I’ve never been to Poland, but for God’s sake, don’t let them do to you what they’ve done to us.” The Polish delegation promised that this would never happen in Poland. Unfortunately it is happening now. Just as Smithfield used North Carolina to launch its takeover of American pork production in 1980, Poland is Smithfield’s platform for launching its bid for monopoly control of pork production in Europe. In 1999, Smithfield purchased Animex, the state-owned conglomerate of giant communist-era farms and nine slaughterhouses that export Polish sausage and ham to the United States. The deal was a bargain, Luter paid only $55 million just after Animex, at state expense, made extensive renovations. For example, the government’s Constar plant brought ultra modern equipment from the U.S. just before the Smithfield takeover. Estimated value of the company following these improvements was $500 million. Luter boasted that he paid, “only 10 cents on the dollar.” Gaining monopoly control of the country’s slaughterhouse capacity is more difficult in Poland because there are over 4,000 slaughterhouses in this country. Smithfield’s strategy was to get the government to do its dirty work by closing down the competition. At Smithfield’s request, the Polish government began closing hundreds of small slaughterhouses after Joe Luter had a three-hour meeting with President Buzek. Buzek’s Minister of Agriculture promulgated regulations that would put up to 5 The government justified these new rules under the fraudulent pretense that small slaughterhouses must be shut down to comply with the EU regulations. However, EU regulations clearly state that small slaughterhouses may be kept open to serve regional markets. In fact, Germany, France and Sweden fought to keep their small slaughterhouse and milk plants open and even subsidize them knowing that those are the core of local markets and food distribution. Once the small slaughterhouses disappear, local markets quickly follow. Furthermore, large high-tech slaughterhouses do no make a safer food supply. In the U.S. and in England, the closure of small slaughterhouses actually coincided with an increase of meat-borne disease by 30 This is because large centralized slaughterhouses force pork production onto factory farms where disease is rampant and because of long transport distances, stress the animals and spread disease. Furthermore, technologies that increase line speed inside the slaughterhouse multiply worker errors and make proper inspections impossible. (Now the big slaughterhouses are insisting on the controversial technology of irradiation in order to solve their problems of diseases vectors.) The Polish government took a number of other steps to facilitate Smithfield’s takeover of Polish agriculture. For example, the government legalized liquid manure and tried to dismantle the Animal Welfare Act. The government allowed Smithfield to buy and lease farms in Poland despite official policies forbidding foreigners to purchase agricultural land. In addition, the government gave large pork export subsides to Smithfield amounting to 55 cents per kilo. These subsidies are intended to benefit Polish farmers but since Smithfield imports both its pigs and the feed, there is not much benefit to Poland. With this help, Smithfield has converted as many as thirty-five state farms to hog factories. One of these, in Nielep, West Pomerania, already houses 30,000 hogs. To circumvent Polish laws, some of these are owned by front companies wholly owned by Smithfield. Typically Smithfield has only one of several directors in each but the company charter requires unanimous votes. Prima Farms, for example, is officially owned by two Poles but every important decision must be signed by Mr. Griffith of Smithfield. In this way, Smithfield can capture subsidies from the EU intended for Polish farmers.

Polish agriculture

In mid-July, I spent a week touring the agricultural areas of northern Poland. I learned that you have in Poland something that we’ve lost in the United States and something we miss very much. Poland is an oasis of traditional farming in a world dominated by agribusiness multinationals. Poland has over two million farmers — as many as the half of Europe put together. About 1 In Poland, you don’t see the vast monocultures of row crops that we are now accustomed to in the United States. Polish farmers rotate a variety of crops, in the traditional way that fosters healthy soils. I was thrilled that many farmhouses had occupied stork nests on their roofs. Poland hosts 2 Poland has large stands of timber and Europe’s last clean flowing rivers. Poland has purer soils than anywhere else in Europe. Its land is uncontaminated by pesticide and fertilizer residue, and according to Professor Andrzej Mocek, Dean of the faculty of agronomy in Poznan, an astounding 9

Polish Foods

One morning, we ate breakfast with the Kornilo-Jarzyna family at their farm near the village of Nowodwory. Agrotourism is a growing business in Poland, where farmers take in tourists who come to fish, hike, pick berries, or just eat great food. Great slabs of traditional Polish sausage and meats, open jugs of homemade honey of acacia or linden smothered our breakfast table. We slapped pork fat onto plum rolls like butter and ate pierogis filled with buckwheat, homemade cheese and  mint and sweetened with berries and spices. My favorite was bigos stew which Polish hunters invented by adding various meats to a perpetual pot of boiling cabbage — delicious! This farm family makes their own butter and cans their own jelly. The house is surrounded by hives, orchards of cherries, apples, pears, and plums with understories of black currants, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. I was full as a tick! It’s no wonder that people from Lublin and Warsaw and all over Europe come here to indulge in chemical-free foods with real farm flavor. I thought about the poor taste of food in the United States where there has been a dramatic decline in meat quality due to factory farming of pigs and poultry. Many American chefs, food writers and home cooks have entirely abandoned cooking pork raised by industrial meat companies like Smithfield because they find it dry and flavorless. These deficiencies are apparently due to the manner in which confinement pork is bred and raised. Millions of years of natural selection have endowed hogs with back fat to regulate body temperature. But Smithfield gets more money from meat than from fat so the company has bred its own strain of super-lean pigs born with almost no back fat. They are high strung and unable to survive normal outside temperatures. According to food professionals, this extreme leanness has dramatically diminished the eating quality of American pork. An article in the April/May Saveur Magazine describes the pigs of modern confinement agriculture as being so skinny that they looked “like dachshunds.” And an article in the May 4, 2003 New York Times Magazine applauded the old breeds and traditional farming methods of the kind used in Poland, pointing out that “the pork industry has managed to engineer a pig with almost no fat at all. And this is why most modern recipes for pork involve some kind of liquid — putting the meat in a marinade before cooking, basting it while cooking or braising it in broth. If you simply grill a mass-market pork chop, it becomes inedibly dry.” The Times then observes that free-range pork, in contrast, “is rich when sliced and sautéed, fine textured and robust in flavor. It needs nothing more than seasoning with salt.” The dryness and poor taste of confinement pork have gotten so bad that many major pork companies are now “enhancing” their pork — adding water, flavored liquids, or even stock to their tray-pack and prepared meats and using red food coloring to improve its drab appearance.

North Carolina Comes to Poland

Smithfield is already putting its trademark on Polish farms and rural communities. On July 19th, I visited the town of Wieckowice, a beautiful village with shrines and wooden and brick homes with tile roofs and long barns of brick and stone. We ran across several dozen local activists carrying signs outside a former state farm owned by Animex where Smithfield reportedly houses 17,000 hogs. The facility has permits for only 500 cows and 500 hogs. Governor Nowakowski of Poznan told me that all the local citizens are adamantly opposed to Smithfield Foods and that he refused to give the company permits when it bought the farm two years ago. But 6 months later the Environmental Ministry overrode him. The Animex farm is 40 yards from an elementary school where, according to the residents, children get sick and vomit from the hog odors. Among the protesters was a dignified woman, Irena Kowalak, who served as village mayor for 35 years. She told us she had resigned recently because of intimidation by Smithfield. Thanks to the governor, Smithfield is not able to get permits for liquid manure, so the farm uses straw bedding and has not yet devised a plan for disposing of its waste. Fields of wheat surround the hog barns but they are never harvested since Smithfield is not interested in agriculture. To Smithfield, these fields are a place to dump the notorious wastes of industrial meat production. A convoy of indignant Wieckowice residents drove me out to see the giant pile of hog manure. On the side of a 1,000 acre wheat field, I saw a mountain of hog waste 150 meters long, 12 feet high and 50 meters wide. “Seventeen thousand hogs for 6 months,” a young man said nodding at the pile. Local authorities have been ordering Smithfield to move the illegal pile for six months, but the company has refused. The night before my visit, Smithfield covered its pile with a giant black tarp, which was already inflated and writhing with the internal pressure of methane gas. Six hundred meters downhill from the pile, villagers had created a public beach on a 1,500 acre lake where umbrellas shaded dozens of families swimming and playing on a steamy 90ş day. Manure residues fester on the shores of a nearby embayment into which Smithfield’s waste pile drains. An old man with twinkling blue eyes sticks his hand into the water, smells his fingers and offers us a whiff. “Smithfield Foods!” he says. Governor Nowakowski told us that another Smithfield factory in Sedziny with 4,500 hogs only has a permit for 1,000 cows. The governor said his assistants were now inspecting the facility. “But,” he said, “the legislation is very difficult for the local government to enforce [without support of the state].” Unfortunately, the federal government is not supporting him. He is not the only local politician begging for federal help. Zofia Wilczynska, a member of Parliament, has complained to the government that a Smithfield operation in Polczyn Zdroj is endangering the village’s 400-year old health spa. Another health spa in Goldap is also threatened by pollution from a Smithfield facility. The following day, I met with the deputy of the Agriculture Committee of Parliament who told us that the Agricultural Ministry has recently conducted an investigation of sixteen Smithfield farms — fourteen owned by Smithfield and two farms owned by front groups controlled by Smithfield — and found that all Poland’s veterinary and health laws and construction standards had been broken at every one. Even when Smithfield lacks proper permits or breaks the law, the company gets laughable fines of a few hundred dollars for their lawbreaking. Not all local officials are opposed to Smithfield’s operations. One hundred sixty kilometers north of Wieckowice in western Pomerania, the mayor of another village, Wierzchowo, gave Smithfield permits for two enormous farms after Smithfield paid his wife approximately $4,000 to perform the Environmental Impact Assessment for the company. We witnessed firsthand not only Smithfield’s lawbreaking but the economic impacts of its production methods on local communities and markets. When Smithfield took over Animex, the company’s three principal farms in northeastern Poland, near Goldap, employed sixty workers. Now, following the farms’ conversion to automated hog factories, only seven workers remain. Smithfield says it wants to produce six million pigs per year in Poland. Polish peasants now produce 20 million pigs per year and a quarter of them will have to lose their jobs to make way for Smithfield. Smithfield is already squeezing the small farms. In Pomerania, we found that the small slaughterhouses had already been closed and that the remaining slaughterhouse, which was owned by Smithfield, would not slaughter hogs from the small farms. The rest of Poland will soon follow. Once Smithfield controls the slaughterhouses and has eliminated local markets from farmers, it will be able to control prices and it will soon control the farms.

The Tyranny of Monopoly Capitalism

When I told Polish audiences about Smithfield’s behavior in the Unites States, Poles were absolutely astounded that an American company could behave so badly. There is such an enduring faith in America and American capitalism and such a hunger for capital investment in a nation left behind after the Second World War when the rest of Europe was feasting on the Marshall Plan, German reparations and free market capitalism. The Polish people’s love for America and faith in our system made me doubly determined not to allow Smithfield to take advantage of them. POLES, DEFEND YOUR PIGS, DEFEND YOUR COUNTRY! (Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland October, 2003)

"In The Name of Love," by Alpha Unit

This is an excellent piece by Alpha Unit, who is a Black woman. When I asked her to contribute to the site, I told her that I wanted pieces that in which the author was saying something completely new and different, not the same old stuff everyone else writes about. I also prefer stuff that is disturbing and provocative. Something that really makes you think. I don’t know if she normally writes that way, but pretty soon, she started producing exactly those kind of pieces. In this piece, she has moved a long way along the road to liberation – she has learned exactly how her enemies think, and she has been able to put herself in their shoes. Most humans never reach such a high state of internal development. May she continue to grow and learn.

In The Name of Love

In the spring of 1961, I was assisted into the world by a black midwife, in a town in Mississippi known for its antebellum mansions and for a cemetery with rolling tracts of crosses marking the final resting place of scores of Confederate soldiers. In 1961 not only was Mississippi the poorest state in the country; it was probably the worst place in America to be black. Men like my father and grandfather had no rights that any white man was bound to uphold. For crossing a white man you could end up dead. And no white person would give a shit if you did. A few years later, in the summer of 1964, three young men ran afoul of white rule in Mississippi–as others had before them. They didn’t make it out of Neshoba County alive. James Chaney was black; his companions, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner, were Jewish. James Chaney had been born and raised in Mississippi. These three young men were there to help local blacks organize in defense of their constitutional rights, including the right to vote. They came to Neshoba County to investigate the arson of a church that had been used as a meeting place for civil rights activists. And in 1964 Mississippi, this was an attempt to subvert the natural order of things and put blacks on equal footing with whites. This was, therefore, a threat to whites. And the blood of Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner would have to be shed that white blood could remain pure. This made perfect sense to some. In order to demonstrate my love and loyalty to my Family, don’t I have to make sure that your Family never catches a break? Don’t I have to make sure that your Family suffers unrelenting humiliation and abuse? Grinding your face into the dirt on an ongoing basis is my way of protecting my loved ones. This had to have been what deputy sheriff Cecil Price was thinking as he ordered the three men out of their car and into his own. The carloads of other men were, likewise, thinking of their parents, siblings, and children. Olen Burrage, who offered his farm as the ideal burial place for the bodies, was also defending his own. As they beat James Chaney within an inch of his life and shot him, they did it with the full knowledge that they were protecting themselves and their families. And as they shot Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner point-blank through the heart, they knew it was for the common good. What these men sought was to cleanse the state of Mississippi of this pollution being brought in by outsiders, this challenge to what was self-evident: that in no way was a black man as good as a white. They were upstanding Christian men. Love guided their actions. Love of God, of country, of family. Love of their people and their race. Who among us would have acted differently?

Corporate Pig Factories Produce Massive MRSA Outbreaks

One more reason these sickening pig factories suck. They’re leading the charge for the MRSA brigades. And the pig factory killed the main doctor who was complaining about it. From Nicholas Kristof, the take-home quote:

The larger question is whether we as a nation have moved to a model of agriculture that produces cheap bacon but risks the health of all of us. And the evidence, while far from conclusive, is growing that the answer is yes.


First US Death From Swine Flu

23 month old kid in Texas, a resident of Mexico visiting the US. There have been two deaths in California so far, one in Long Beach and another in La Mirada. I’m very familiar with both cities. The dead were two males, one 33 years old and the other 45. I’m guessing that they were Hispanics and possibly even Mexican citizens. The deaths are suspicious and the symptoms resembled Swine Flu, but there a dozen other diseases with similar symptoms. As of today, there are 91 confirmed cases in the US and many more suspected cases, including most of a school in New York where the students just came back from Mexico. I am afraid this thing is really going to take off. A friend of the family is a physician, smart as a whip, and he is stone worried about this Swine Flu. When the docs are worried sick, you know it’s not just paranoia. 10 more cases have just shown up in Spain, and 53 more are under investigation. Many Spaniards travel to Mexico. The WHO is debating whether to move the pandemic alert level from Stage 4 to Stage 5. There are six stages. Moving from 4 to 5 is a significant step up. United States, Canada, New Zealand, Israel, Britain, Spain and Germany have all confirmed cases of the flu. Germany is the latest, with two cases reported today. Naysayers are saying that 36,000 Americans die of the flu every year. Yes, but almost all of them are old or in poor health. It almost never kills young and healthy people. That’s what makes this flu so much different. Furthermore, even if it doesn’t kill you, this is one kickass flu. It’s likely you might be in bed for a week. What I mean is you pretty much cannot get out of bed period for a whole week. Now that’s one badass flu.

No Jail For Subprime Crisis Criminal Scum

Let’s get one thing straight here. The crooks who engineered the Subprime Crisis are criminals! They are criminals the same way that your average street ghug is a criminal. It’s only that the financial crooks are regarded as “successful men” in the sickening capitalist system, rewarded with all the beautiful women (pussy), money, social status, political power and everything else that capitalism rewards financially successful men with. I am by no means arguing that all financially successful people in capitalism are as low as the dirtiest street thug garbage, though it is certainly an interesting argument! Let’s leave it for another day! Surely the Subprime crooks are crimanals. If what they did wasn’t against the law (and it most cases it apparently was) it should have been. No decent or moral society (Yet another argument! Can a capitalist society ever be either? How and why? And give sources.) would allow allow to be legal the moral crimes that the Subprime Crooks committed, whether proscribed by law or not. The real news is that the Subprime Crooks are off the hook. The FBI has said so, and they said so many months ago. Late last year, the FBI said that there would be few to no arrests in the subprime affair. Because almost all US politicians were intwined with them? Not only that. But as the FBI said, a huge section of the FIRE (Finance, insurance and real estate) had broken the law and the FBI simply lacked resources to go after all them. Not enough agents, not enough money, not enough federal prisons. Almost all of the financial criminals would have to go free, even though they are surely as worthless as your average Black thug who holds up a mini-mart with ski mask and a .38. In other words, they would have to throw probably half of Wall Street in jail. Clearly this cannot be done, but I for one think it would be pretty cool!

Nationalize the Federal Reserve Bank

It’s a great idea, and not only that, but the anti-Semites might even love it too! How often can you promote a great progressive project and get most of the anti-Semites on board too? Not too often. In other words, chance of a lifetime for an Alliance Made In Hell. Truth is, Jewish domination of the Federal Reserve makes no sense from any progressive standpoint. What benefit does International Jewry get from it (and there is an ethnic network, almost synonymous with International Zionism)? I don’t know. Maybe someone can clue me in. But Jews are Gentiles can’t be Fed Reserve governors? Why not, we are too stupid? C’mon. What does your average Jew get out of Jewish domination of the Federal Reserve? Does he get a check from Jewish Central Control every month? C’mon. So why support it? Ethnic nationalism, ethnic loyalty? Why? If you don’t get a cut, and it isn’t really “good for the Jews” anyway, why bother? Jewish domination of the Fed does one thing very well. It sends the anti-Semites into a mad feeding frenzy and gives them tons of solid evidence to back it up. Put the Jews in charge of all the money in the US! Great job! What’s the point, from the Jewish POV? How is putting the Jews in charge of the US money supply good for Jews? It’s good for the anti-Semites, no doubt, but is it good for the Jews? Jewish readers, have the Federal Reserve Jews issued you a check yet? Ok, so why support them? Aside from the whole nauseating Jewish thing, there is an excellent progressive argument for just nationalizing the whole Fed anyway. The Fed is up to their stinking armpits in this latest mass corruption/Organized Crime Spree called the Subprime Crisis, and there are some excellent reasons for nationalizing the Fed, a quasi-nationalized, but not nearly nationalized, institution.

La Raza Uber Alles

An Hispanic commenter on the Some Issues With Machismo post takes issue with some of the comments in the post. First he suggests that Hispanic culture is not regressive, putting the adjective in quotes. And yet it is. Next he suggests that we only noticed this after our apples got picked and our buildings cleaned. Once again, jobs Americans won’t do. Finally, he says I should not complain about importing millions of Hispanics, as the millions are already here and you can’t import what is already here. But we continue to import them, and most of them aren’t even legal anyway. Without amnesty, at least they are not legal. And theoretically we could throw them all back to Mexico at some point if they are illegal. With amnesty, another vast flood of illegals will begin, since amnesty spurs confidence that in the US it’s legal to be an illegal alien and future amnesties will be forthcoming. Further, there will be a birthrate explosion in the vast sea of low-quality Hispanics already legalized in the amnesty. This is what happened last time. The children of the newly amestied will be low-quality like their parents, and will create a new round of graffiti-taggers, gang-bangers, school dropouts, teen pregnancies, wrecked schools, trashed and run-down cities, welfare cases and custodians of the criminal justice system. Illegals are low quality Hispanics from Mesoamerica. When you legalize them, they are still low-quality Hispanics from Mesoamerica. The urban poor and peasants of Mesoamerica simply do not make quality American citizens. What do they do instead? They recreate Mesoamerica everywhere they go in the US. They don’t seem to be able to do anything else. They don’t stop recreating Tijuana after they get legalized. Legalization changes nothing. It doesn’t help much with labor either. A newly legalized illegal does not suddenly demand a union and $20/hour. He is still a compliant, easily manipulated Mesoamerican peasant who will work for the lowest dollar available. He will outcompete real Americans for low-wage labor everywhere he goes. As commenter James Schipper has pointed out, legalizing a mass flood of low-skilled workers will simply flood those occupations with an ocean of excess labor, further driving wages and probably working conditions into the gutter. Illegals lower wages. They will continue to lower wages after they are legalized. Further, legalization does not change the problems of field labor. As far as working in the fields, with bad economic times many legal Hispanics are now doing this. And we could always have a guest worker program. But as soon as we legalize 12-20 million criminal invaders, most of them will decide that farm work is too good for them! This is what happened last time. And so we will need many more illegals. There are legal workers in the UFW, but the farmers here in the Central Valley don’t want to hire them. Why? They have a backbone, a union, they fight back, and demand minimum wage. The farmers need illegals because they won’t hire the UFW! Last time I checked, 8 The crowd pushing amnesty is pushing a lie. According to the lie, once we legalize X million illegals, we will seal the border forever and we will immediately arrest all illegals found in the US and deport them. Workplaces will be raided continuously to keep the new illegals at bay, and employers who hire illegals will be vigorously fined or possibly even imprisoned. The lie is, Just let us do this amnesty once, and then we will end illegal immigration once and for all and forever. It’s a lie! This is extremely important to recognize. The illegal alien supporters do not want to temporarily fix a problem by amnesty and then put in a permanent crackdown that allows no further illegals. But this is the lie that they sell to us! Look closely at the pro-illegal crowd, especially the openly treasonous Hispanic organizations. They don’t believe in enforcing our southern border! They don’t believe in militarizing the border, they oppose more agents, they oppose the wall, they oppose more money for border patrol agents. What do they think we should do instead? I don’t know! I think they believe that anyone who wants to walk across that border ought to just be able to do so unhindered. That right there is an extremely radical position and an utterly insane notion and right off the bat ought to make the Hispanic organizations unwelcome in polite company anywhere in our land. How about the line that once the new illegals get in, we will quickly arrest and deport them. Forget it! Read the Hispanic organizations very closely. They oppose any and all arrests of any illegal aliens who are in the US for whatever reason. I guess they think that illegal alien criminals should be deported, but that’s not a very controversial opinion. The line of the Hispanic organizations is once you sneak past the Border Patrol and keep your nose clean, you are home free. Workplace raids? They oppose any and all workplace raids. I have yet to see one workplace raid that the Hispanic organizations supported. Once the new illegals come in and are home free, they are safe in the workplace too. E-Verify could easily stop this. E-Verify simply tries to enforce the law by making it almost impossible to “accidentally” hire an illegal alien who “you really and honestly thought was legal.” This is the typical lie that the employers use to justify hiring illegals. Implementing E-Verify would be trivial and enforcing it would be easy. It’s a no-brainer. The Hispanic organizations have been in the forefront of the fight against E-Verify. They don’t think anyone should have to prove that they are a US citizen to work at any job in America. Unbelievable. That right there is such an incredibly radical position that there shouldn’t even be much of a debate about it among any sane Americans. What about crackdowns on employers? Even Obama seems like he might be doing this, when he is not busy running around screaming amnesty at the top of his lungs. It seems almost everyone supports crackdowns on employers. Polls show up to 8 The Hispanic organizations? They even oppose cracking down, fining and imprisoning the employers! I am serious, they really do. Nowadays, unbelievably, the Hispanic organizations, usually “leftwing” and “liberal” ones, are often found voicing rightwing lines about how illegal alien cheap labor is great for the economy. I am serious. I have heard Hispanic “Leftists” say this over and over on my “progressive” radio station. This shows that when it comes to politics, race and ethnicity trumps class politics for Hispanics. It’s La Raza Uber Alles. La Raza comes first, everything else comes second. If “Leftist” Hispanics have to toss class politics in the trash can and embrace a reactionary line to advance the cause of La Raza, they will do it in a New York minute. So once the new illegals flood across the border, and flood they will in the wake of a new mass amnesty, they will not only be home free once they sneak past the agents, they will find secure jobs doing whatever the Hell they want, and their employers can rest free knowing they can hire all the illegals they want and never go to jail. After a while, guess what? Soon we will have millions more illegals in the US, and a whole new “illegal alien problem.” With mass amnesty, the Hispanic voter bloc will grow so large that at some point we may have to foreclose all enforcement of our Southern border forever. This is a roundabout way of saying that all of the Hispanic organizations are de facto Open Borders advocates. Do they want all of our borders open? Probably not. As true ethnic nationalists, they care first and foremost about La Raza, with everyone else plays second fiddle or is not in the race at all. They probably only want the Southern border open so their ethnic family can continue to flood in. It’s ethnic politics, pure and simple. I don’t think the Hispanics shed one tear about Chinese illegals or Bosnian illegals. The only illegals they care about are their racial brethren. Regarding janitorial jobs, when I was coming of age in the 1970’s, White people and sometimes Black folks did all the janitorial work. It was a respectable job and positions never went open for lack of workers. I worked proudly as a janitor for many years. There were never any illegals working with us.

"Barack Obama Wants To Cut Off Your Balls, White Man!" by Alpha Unit

This is another guest post by Alpha Unit, a Black female guest poster. Biographical information for Alpha Unit can be found here. Barack Obama is a menace. People on TV keep saying so. He’s going around making nice with dictators and Europeans. He’s apologizing all over the place for the imagined sins of America, when everybody knows that America doesn’t sin. He’s endangering us all by releasing highly classified Justice Department documents, when no matter what America does and no matter how many times in a month it does it, it isn’t torture. The damage Obama has wreaked on the international stage must give way, nevertheless, to the damage he has done to the best and brightest of America. With scalpel (or hatchet) in hand, Obama has the White Man by the scrotum. The worst fears of Thomas Dixon, “Pitchfork” Ben Tillman, and other grave-ridden defenders of white sovereignty have been realized: the primacy of The Black Phallus is nearing its apogee. And once The Black Phallus has stood aloft, the shadow it casts will cover over half the country and even parts of central America and Canada. The nation is in crisis. The Washington Monument, a proper and venerable salute to the alabaster manhood of The Real America, stands forsaken as Lady Liberty, much in the way of a certain president’s mother, lifts her skirts to be at the receiving end of the dreaded instrument of white annihilation. And how do I know this? Why, I read it. On the Internet. If the White nationalists and race realists are to be believed, America as we know and love it, is dead. And the demise of the White race is not far behind. After the election all the weeping and gnashing of teeth was on full display. “Whites in America just volunteered to be slaves for a few years, providing for Blacks and Mexicans,” one typed fervidly. “After that, it’s a trip to the gas chambers.” Another looked in horror at images of “young people of all races on college campuses and bars all over the nation yelling, screaming, shouting and hugging and kissing one another when it was announced that Barack Obama had won the presidency,” concluding that “we are done as a nation.” One especially stricken soul even suggested that many White women voted for Obama out of fear of the hordes of raping Black males that would be unleashed upon them if Obama lost! Yet another, sounding as if he had materialized out of the Reconstruction-era South, declared balefully that he now looked upon the White House as if it were a daughter, girlfriend, or ex-wife who had slept with a Black. “No matter the contrition, the apologies, the expressions of guilt, they are forever stained and cannot be restored.” But two gentlemen summed it up most vividly: “I feel wounded.” “I feel emasculated.” Not just upset. Not just angry or appalled. EMASCULATED. Each of them apparently feeling that someone had taken a knife and swiftly severed his balls, leaving a bloody, gaping and ultimately mortal wound. Who knew the Creator and Guardian of Western Civilization was so…vulnerable? Forget socialism, communism, fascism, and Islamoterrorism. What wakes The Superior Male in the middle of the night, gasping and clutching his chest, is the specter of The Black Phallus plunging into receptive white crevices. And now that Obama is in charge, the specter looms. Never mind that White women overwhelmingly prefer White men and probably always will. The crisis of confidence in the White male, unleashed by Obama, will inflict performance anxiety on untold numbers of them. Those who CAN get it up will be infertile. Out of frustration, White women will abandon their White boyfriends and husbands, scouring the inner cities for sub-Saharan DNA. They’ll be popping out brown babies by the boatload. And let’s not get started about what this is going to do the White man’s morale. His demoralization will reach critical levels, to the point where he will only be able to sit helplessly by while White America is overrun by these traitorous White women, their mulatto progeny, and the uncles, aunts, and cousins of their mulatto progeny. Once quiet suburbs will be rattled by the migraine-inducing sound of blasting car stereos. Gathered on previously pristine porches and steps all over his neighborhood will be loud-talking women with frightening hair, guzzling from 40-ounce bottles and screaming “Get over here ‘fo I whup yo’ ass!” at infants. To get from his car to the house, he’ll have to run a gauntlet of leering parolees. “We in the White House now, BITCH. Don’t go nowhere tonight. I’m-a be over there to tap that ass.” The Real America will be unrecognizable. Yes, the White Man evolved in harsh northern climates to be resourceful and intelligent, the race realists are more than happy to point out to us. He has had the fortitude to survive in a world where he is in the minority. His Caucasoid genetic heritage has lifted him–and the rest of mankind with him–to social and technological heights once undreamed of. And yet…it’s not enough. None of it can stand in the face of Barack Obama. A Black guy (with Caucasoid genes) hemmed in, checked, and balanced by White guys. Doesn’t matter, though. That Negroid DNA is powerful enough to wipe out everything the White Man–over millennia–has established. Oh, the humanity.

The Recrudescence of Lake Aggasiz

Why is Fargo, North Dakota flooding? I’m not happy with the current explanation, that a massive snow melt combined with ice jams in the Red River have combined to put the river 22 feet above flood level in a frighteningly flat and painfully wide flood plain. The result is bizarre – a huge prairie lake with with sunken civilization islands here and there, dotted with towns and cities somehow barely spared behind towering dikes. But historically speaking, such a vast lake of the prairies is something the land knows too well. Hence, my preferred explanation. Not meteorology and hydrolics, but instead, a haunting. From 8,400 years ago, the ghost of the greatest lake that ever existed returning to stalk the frozen plains.


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