For Justice, a River of Blood

Repost from the old site. Basically an argument for the “just war” concept. Or at least a rivulet. Abimael Guzman, imprisoned leader of the Shining Path guerrillas in Peru, famously said that for the revolution to succeed, “Peru would have to cross a river of blood”. Much of the civilized world was horrified by this bloodthirsty statement, but was he onto something? I would argue that the vast majority of social progress achieved in the past 150 rivers has unfortunately occurred only after rivers of blood were shed. Or at the very least trickles. To but it bluntly, people had to die. They had to get hurt and die. It’s sad that it has to be that way, but it seems that that is just the way it is. Powerful people do not give up stuff just because they wake up in a good mood one day or go to church, find God and start feeling guilty. Here in the US, Blacks only gained their liberation in the context of a devastating Civil War in which 100,000’s of Americans shed their blood and lost their lives. Haitians only got rid of slavery by rising up and killing every single one of 25,000 Frenchmen on the island. For Algeria to blast free of colonialism and to shock the French out of the colonial habit, 1 million people, including 25,000 Frenchmen, died. Britain only chucked colonialism after British soldiers died in Malaysia, India, Palestine and other places. Does anyone think even a modicum of a Palestinian state would exist had Palestinians not taken up the gun? Without the armed struggle of the Iraqi guerrillas, US troops would have overrun Syria and possibly Iran by now. The Basque Country has the considerable autonomy it does today only after 800 Spaniards died in the ETA’s armed struggle. Land reform was only instituted in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan after the war to ward off the threat of Communism from North Korea and China. Apartheid is gone in South Africa and one man one vote democracy is in its place for the most part only due to an armed campaign by the ANC stretching over decades. US workers only got rights after bloody strikes in which workers were killed by goon squads. The social market that James Schipper praised in Europe in earlier comments is also the project of massive labor union mobilization in Europe. I would also argue that it was created by devastating the European Right, first by killing 10 million of them (10 million dead fascists in WW2), next by making rightwing ideology toxic for many years after the war, and finally by revolutionary pressure from the Far Left before and after the war, which led the business sector to seek out a class compromise and a social contract, mostly to ward off revolution. Even the Swedish model mostly came into play in the 1930’s when the nation was wracked by violent, radical and revolutionary labor actions all up and down the land. This so rocked the business and ruling classes that the Swedish model was created as a lesser evil alternative to ward off revolution. Most do not realize that Swedish society was not very liberal during the 1930’s. People are misled by the fact of Sweden’s neutrality in the war to think that Swedes themselves were neutral. Most of the middle classes and certainly the business classes were firm Nazi supporters. Furthermore, I understand that Swedish businesses continued to supply the Nazis well into the war. In Costa Rica, radical pressure helped create Costa Rican social democracy, now deteriorating after Reagan ordered the Costa Ricans at gunpoint in the 1980’s to get rid of it. After WW2, Costa Rica outlawed the Communist Party, killed 6,000 Communists, instituted a social democracy to buy off social unrest and got rid of the military as a rather interesting way to top it off. Without revolutionary pressure in 1946 and the bodies of 6,000 Communists, Costa Rican social democracy may never have occurred. Mexico today has some semblance of socialism and a land reform that enables to poor to own small plots and at least survive and eat if they cannot find work only because 20 million Mexicans died during Pancho Villa’s revolution that put Mexican feudalism in the grave forever. Most do not realize that Mexico was actually a horrible and truly feudal society as late as 1910. Yet it was. In the same way, in El Salvador now, one can at least farm a small plot, eat and survive, something often not possible before the Revolution started. For that meager reform, 70,000 people died and Salvadoran feudalism was crushed, possibly forever. Lenin said power never gives up without a fight. And most social reforms in capitalism have come on the heels, tragically, of a river of blood. Or at least a small stream. Without pressure from below by revolutionaries and radicals, it is uncertain how many of the progressive social contracts in place in the world would exist.

The Only Solution For Haiti

In the comments to the post about the new category, James Schipper argues against the morality of deporting anyone. One way we Communists really messed up was in killing so many people. If we don’t knock it off and quit killing people, no one will ever let us come into power ever again. I’m leery about living in a Commie dictatorship myself. Many of those persecuted were revolutionaries, and they were often killed or imprisoned. Why support a Communist revolution that may well kill or imprison me. This leaves the question of what to do with the counterrevolutionaries, especially the violent and incorrigible ones, of which there are many, who will never allow the system to work. I am convinced that many 3rd world countries may just need a Communist dictatorship. Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Haiti, India, Bangladesh and some other places come to mind. In some countries like Colombia, you have a choice between what is for all intents and purposes a rightwing dictatorship or the possiblity of a leftwing dictatorship. Democracy does not seem to be a possibility in a place like this. In that case I pick a Left dictatorship if it can end the civil war and make life better for the mass of oppressed people, which in Colombia’s case means the 8 Let us look at Haiti. Democracy is not possible. The Right simply overthrew it with guns and US help, even when Aristide got 9 The only way Haiti will achieve liberation is via a violent revolution. After the revolution, the Ruling Class that does not want to go along with the program will have to be repressed. The reason they need to be repressed is that immediately they will try to start up an armed contra movement, and they have all the guns and money on their side. They also have the whole Haitian media too. Their media will need to be shut down, its assets confiscated and given the supporters of the revolution. We have several options for these nasty people, who, along with their ancestors, have a waterfall of blood on their hands. Haiti has a life expectancy of 44 years and this is largely their doing. We can kill them (The adults will pretty much all deserve it anyway considering how much blood they have on their hands.), put them in prison (What a waste of money.) or just throw them out of the country. The Tonton Macoute types will simply have to be rounded up and killed very quickly, even if that means killing thousands of people. We could throw them out too, but why? They have so much blood on their hands. There really is no other solution for that country. Until such a solution occurs, there will be no justice for Haiti. I think that if Communist countries did more expulsion and less killing, Communism would not have such a black name as it has now.

Photos of Smithfield Foods' Granjas Carrol Site in La Gloria, Mexico

Dead pigs left out in the heat to rot. Scavengers have been feeding on these pigs.
Dead pigs left out in the heat to rot. Scavengers have been feeding on these pigs.
Dead pigs in a cart left out in the heat. It's not known if these pigs are supposed to be disposed of or made into food.
Dead pigs in a cart left out in the heat. It's not known if these pigs are supposed to be disposed of or made into food.
Dead pigs rotting away in the pig waste lagoon. The lagoon is filled with pig shit, pig piss, dead pigs, pig afterbirths, dead piglets stomped to death by their parents, on and on.
Dead pigs rotting away in the pig waste lagoon. The lagoon is filled with pig shit, pig piss, dead pigs, pig afterbirths, dead piglets stomped to death by their parents, on and on.
The famous pig shit lakes that bred the Swine Flu. The lakes are full of pig blood, pig shit, rotting dead pigs and other charming and delectable items. Note broken pipe. The smell from these lakes is so horrible that workers are sometimes overcome, pass out, and fall into the pig shit lake. Those who dive in to save them almost always die too. It sometimes takes weeks to fish the bodies out.
The famous pig shit lakes that bred the Swine Flu. The lakes are full of pig blood, pig shit, rotting dead pigs and other charming and delectable items. Note broken pipe. The smell from these lakes is so horrible that workers are sometimes overcome, pass out, and fall into the pig shit lake. Those who dive in to save them almost always die too. It sometimes takes weeks to fish the bodies out.
Aren’t these pig shit lakes just wonderful? Go capitalism go! Hat tip Cogitamus. From the Veracruz investigative reporting paper Enlace Veracruz 212. Of course, as is always the case in corrupt Third World capitalist hellholes, many of the people who complained about this mess have been harassed, detained, arrested, threatened, etc. by government officials whored out to the multinational. There doesn’t seem to be any getting away from this. All 3rd World capitalist states do this and there is no avoiding it. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. It looks increasingly like this facility is where the Swine Flu was birthed. It’s not true that the company cleared its operation of guilt; this is just a corporate lie being shopped around by the whored out corporate media. Whored out medias in bed with monopoly capital are quite common in most capitalist states, and the US is no exception. There doesn’t seem to be any getting away from away from it. The papers are always run by corporations themselves, and they usually back up their corporate brethren. Once again, it’s not a bug, it’s a feature, and it’s unavoidable under capitalism. Much is being made of the fact that the Swine Flu turned out to be a fake scare, but it’s strange that it did kill many very healthy people, over 200 at last count. This is unusual for the flu, which usually kills the very sick and elderly, and it makes this flu all the more tragic.

Mexico – 3rd World Hellhole or Relatively Wealthy Country?

Both. Confused? Read on. Olive notes in the comments that I have said that it is both. Indeed I have! It doesn’t seem to make sense but it does. Mexico is a rich country. It’s an upper middle income country at $14,500/yr PCI (by purchasing power parity, a fairer way to look at it), and it’s one of the richest countries in Latin America. It’s richer than Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile and most other places. Yet so many of its people are horribly poor; there are horrible shantytowns everywhere, there is no sewage for 2 Mexico has a PCI 1/3 that of the US. Based on parity with the US (And why not?) the minimum wage should be $21/day, not $4/day. A huge percentage of the population is in poverty and the poverty line is set way too low at $90/month. In Guerrero, the majority earn less than $90/month. That’s like $270/month in the US. The poverty line ought to be something like $300/month or 3 times that. But the Mexican state won’t adjust the levels, because then the majority of Mexicans would live in poverty. Already, by some estimates, the poverty rate in Mexico is 3 In Mexico City there is shit flying around in the air from all the toilet paper from when people shit on the ground and leave it there. There is so much shit and shitty toilet paper on the ground that it floats up into the air so you are breathing shit-air in addition to all of the other pollution all the time. Mexico is an example of the failure of an extremely rightwing and reactionary system. A tiny elite at the top and their upper middle class buddies steal just about every other nickel in the place and leave the rest of the population poor with pennies to show for it all. There’s no reason why a nation with a PCI of $14,500/yr should have such horrible health care, housing, employment, social security, disability, unemployment, road, school, or sanitation systems. The safety net seems to be pretty much nonexistent as it has always been. You don’t work, you don’t eat, but then there’s often no work. The health care is so bad that even though it is free, you might have to wait in line 24 hours to get in. The schools are underfunded, and in many villages simply nonexistent or only available for a few grades. To this day, huge numbers of kids drop out in 2nd or 3rd Grade to go work in the fields. There’s no regulation at all of business, and business and the multinationals are in bed with the state. Bribery and payoffs are everywhere; the system is corrupt to the core and there’s apparently no way to solve the problem. The cops and army are corrupt too, and the state often uses them to repress activists who go after it’s business buddies. Probably only 10-1 This is a case of lack of socialism; this is what happens when you have hardly any socialism in a system. You get a far-rightwing nightmare of a state, a hellhole. Why should we allow 20 million illegals to flood up here and wreck our nation just because the rich and upper middle class of Mexico won’t share? The place is a wreck because the rich don’t pay any taxes and live like kings and refuse to fund the state. There’s no money left over in state coffers to pay for the stuff that needs to be built. I remember when my family would go to Mexico in the 1970’s. On the outskirts of Tijuana, 5-10 miles from the border, was a vast shantytown stretching as far as you could see. The most horrible shantytown you ever saw. We have no such things in this nation – yet. We used to call it “the cardboard shacks.” It was terrifying and appalling to see such a thing. After that was the garbage, everywhere. Mexicans throw trash everywhere. They don’t believe in trash cans. It’s a national habit. Then when you got further south, you saw so much horrible poverty along the roads down towards Ensenada. After a while, there was red spraypainted revolutionary graffiti everywhere with red stars and “Revolution!” It seemed like Communist revolution was right around the corner. It was exciting, but it was also scary as Hell in a way. By importing these illegals by the tens of millions, we are basically going to recreate that wreck of a nation down there. Forget that! I don’t mind Mexicans coming here, but I only want top-quality Mexicans. There’s no reason for us to import the urban poor and peasants of the 3rd World by the millions to the US. How do they benefit us? They don’t. A first rule of a nation is you don’t import problems, or problem humans. Most nations have their hands full with their own problems and problem people. Importing problem people into your country has be the ultimate in insanity. That’s why the legal immigration policy is so strict. We want most people coming here legally to be more of an asset than a detraction to this country.

Photos of the Smithfield Foods Facility in Veracruz That Caused the Swine Flu

Follow the link to a translation of a Spanish language Veracruz paper with lots of photos of the wonderful Great Pig Shit Lakes, dead pigs floating in the glorious Great Pig Shit Lakes, dead pigs lying around everywhere decomposing in plain sight, carts loaded with rotting dead pigs, a winery with walls turned black due to being covered with flies, dead pig carcasses tossed in a biodigester to create energy (!). Whoa! That last one is almost like something out of Soylent Green. I would grab the photos and put them up here, but they are copyrighted, and I don’t steal stuff.

First US Death From Swine Flu

23 month old kid in Texas, a resident of Mexico visiting the US. There have been two deaths in California so far, one in Long Beach and another in La Mirada. I’m very familiar with both cities. The dead were two males, one 33 years old and the other 45. I’m guessing that they were Hispanics and possibly even Mexican citizens. The deaths are suspicious and the symptoms resembled Swine Flu, but there a dozen other diseases with similar symptoms. As of today, there are 91 confirmed cases in the US and many more suspected cases, including most of a school in New York where the students just came back from Mexico. I am afraid this thing is really going to take off. A friend of the family is a physician, smart as a whip, and he is stone worried about this Swine Flu. When the docs are worried sick, you know it’s not just paranoia. 10 more cases have just shown up in Spain, and 53 more are under investigation. Many Spaniards travel to Mexico. The WHO is debating whether to move the pandemic alert level from Stage 4 to Stage 5. There are six stages. Moving from 4 to 5 is a significant step up. United States, Canada, New Zealand, Israel, Britain, Spain and Germany have all confirmed cases of the flu. Germany is the latest, with two cases reported today. Naysayers are saying that 36,000 Americans die of the flu every year. Yes, but almost all of them are old or in poor health. It almost never kills young and healthy people. That’s what makes this flu so much different. Furthermore, even if it doesn’t kill you, this is one kickass flu. It’s likely you might be in bed for a week. What I mean is you pretty much cannot get out of bed period for a whole week. Now that’s one badass flu.

US Corporation Smithfield Foods Caused Swine Flu

Look no further than Smithfield Foods Corporation, the world’s largest pork producer. Since US environmental laws are too severe (shocking if one goes to any US town ruined by a nearby pig factory) Smithfield set up shop in Mexico, a 3rd World capitalist country that only the Heritage Foundation could love where anything goes and it’s Profits Uber Alles. Pan to La Gloria, a town in Veracruz, near Oaxaca, in a region where due to NAFTA Smithfield has set up shop. La Gloria is where this latest super swine flu originated. Five miles north and upwind, in Xaltepec, there are 15,000 pigs crammed into 18 warehouses. Nearby is Perote, Veracruz, where Smithfield, via its Mexican outfit Granjas Carroll (website) raises an unbelievable 950,000 pigs. Sane people have been warning for decades that the industrial and capitalist superexploitation of pigs for the international pork market was making swine flu virus evolution go into overdrive, with unforeseen consequences. In capitalist societies, anyone saying anything that hurts profits gets shut down or ignored, so these folks have been ignored for decades. Now the proverbial caca has hit the fan. A new virus, a combination of swine, bird and human flu viruses, is on the loose. It’s dangerous, and it kills about This is a mystery. It is peculiar and makes no intuitive sense. One suggestion is that the elderly have already been exposed to many such viruses and already have immunity. Another theory is that a healthy immune system is more deadly in a flu pandemic, where it’s advantageous to have an aging and more decrepit immune system. A young and healthy immune system overreacts to the pandemic flu, producing far too many white blood cells that flood the lungs, and more or less overwhelm and drown them. Pretty much pneumonia in a word. In La Gloria, Veracruz, where the ultracapitalist pig factory is, over half of the 3,000 population have symptoms of swine flu. Edgar Hernandez Hernandez, age 5, is Patient Zero. Two more kids are dead. Over half the population there works most of the week in Mexico City. This is how the virus could have gotten to the capital. A perfect storm has been created with the ultracapitalist pig factories, similar to the gay bathhouses and mad promiscuity of US gay culture that spread AIDS like mad in the 1980’s. Problem is that Swine Flu is easily contagious to anyone, while HIV is mostly transmitted in the West only to IV drug users and gay males. Under “liberal” Bill Clinton, NAFTA was shoved through Congress in 1992. Soon after, thousands of farmers were shoved off their lands in Veracruz and had their lands stolen from under them. The land was to be given to huge US corporations like Smithfield. This is the true genesis of the Swine Flu Pandemic. It was caused by neoliberal capitalism! There is no way to avoid that conclusion. When you thought that the horrible pig manure lagoons of North Carolina could not possibly be surpassed, Smithfield’s super caca lakes in Veracruz seem to have taken the gold. These were some of the worst pig poop lakes ever created by modern capitalism. Swarms of flies, blocking the sun and the sky, hovered over these ponds, feasting on the oceans of pig manure. It appears that from these flies came the Swine Flu, as the Black Plague came from fleas biting rats feasting on human waste tossed from second floor chamberpots all over Europe. These flies appear to be the vector for Swine Flu. So, while capitalism claims to advance us into the modern world, instead it merely transports us to Europe circa 1350. Over half the town is sick. The residents, like villagers with pitchforks and torches, are demanding an investigation. The ultra-capitalist Mexican government has refused to even begin one. Excellent overview of Smithfield’s corporate crime career from Rolling Stone. From the UK Independent comments section. “Luter” below refers to Joseph W. Luter, III,  owner of Smithfield Farms, a particularly repellent fellow even by US corporate standards who regularly rails against vegetarians. Luter is one of the masterminds of the modern pig superfactory.

So… once again the epitome of Western Capitalism (the US), and their “Pig Barons”, steal land, evicting those who live on and work the land. They then, through factory farming and shoddy treatment of their livestock, cause half a town, perhaps more, to contract a contagious and potentially fatal disease (I say ‘potentially’, but remembering that many people have already died). So… of course, they are handsomely compensating these people? And they are providing and paying for the necessary medical care..? They are changing their farming methods? … …Surely? It strikes me that the people who live in these places need to take back their land, by force if necessary. And we should all support them. “Legal” means will not work, since the law is designed to protect capitalism, and its conceptions of property, even in the face of clear facts demonstrating the extent of harm caused by these pig-people. For all of you who are too caught up in the spectacle to engage in revolutionary activities: at least employ your pathetic “consumer ethics” and boycott Luter products. Solidarity with the people of La Gloria.

Who Were the Most Advanced Amerindians?

Your choices: 1. Incas 2. Aztecs 3. Maya I’m going to rule out the Aztecs right away because though they built some really awesome pyramids, that’s pretty much about all they did. I believe that they did not reach the mathematical and astronomical advances of the Mayas. Some even say that the pyramids were built by the Olmecs who were there previously. Why build a pyramid? Note pyramids are the first huge buildings ever built by primitive folks. Start piling rocks, dirt, sand, whatever on a flat surface. After a while, what you do you have? Wa-la! A pyramid. It’s the most simple, basic and reasonable architechtural building. Building those straight up and down things like those 9-11 towers is way harder, plus they have much more tendency to fall over. So to me it’s down to the Mayas and the Incas. I want to say Incas, with their amazing cities, incredible irrigation systems, and advanced crop breeding. Further, the Incas made it out of the Stone Age 4000 years ago, when they started making stuff of gold, silver and copper and the Mayas stayed in the Stone Age through their entire classic period that ended in 900 or so. The Mayas are an incredible tale of an extremely advanced Stone Age society! They almost don’t make sense and seem like something out of science fiction. All that great stuff they made was built with stone tools! Why didn’t they work metals? If there were any nearby, maybe they would have, but the nearest iron deposits were 1,500 miles away. By the time the Spaniards showed up in 1500’s though, the Mayas were out of the Stone Age and were making stuff, most ornaments, out of gold, silver and copper (It’s not true that the Mayan civilization completely collapsed – this is myth). Some argue that to be really out of the Stone Age, you need to make tools of metal, but I think that’s a bit silly. If you’re working metal at all, you’re beyond Stone Age. Stone Age is rocks, sticks and bone. That’s your working material. True, gold and silver are fairly easy to smelt, but so what? Working metal remains a stupendous cultural advance for any group anywhere, and many never got there. Think the Aborigines. So it’s down to the Incas and the Mayas. The Mayas had great achievements in mathematics, written language and astronomy and built some pretty amazing structures. They also built roads of stone through the rainforest, yet they had no beasts of burden nor wheels to have the animals pull behind them. So why the fancy roads? No one knows. Although they never got the wheel, the Mayas did make children’s toys with wheels on them. One could argue, so why not take the next step and make a wagon? A wagon is not much use without beasts of burden to pull it. Humans don’t really want to pull wagons. That’s donkey, camel, cow, and elephant work. The Incas were the only one to come out of the Stone Age, and they did so long ago. Once again though, they mostly made gaudy stuff and not tools with the metals. In all their achievements, they never figured out how to write down anything about what they were doing, leaving their whole civilization a gigantic question mark. They did not seem to achieve as much in the way of mathematical or astronomical advances as the Maya did. Roll the dice and see what comes up? Heads it’s Mayas. I take the Mayas barely over the Incas. Thoughts?

Mexican Drug Gangs

I figure that the Mexican drug gangs or drug cartels, or whatever they are, could pretty much take the Mexican state anytime they want to. Nothing would really change, as I figure the state is already in the pay of the drug gangs anyway, right? Forget all the feel-good articles from Time and Newsweek and whatnot about “progress in the war against the drug gangs.” Truth, the “government” declared war on the “drug gangs” about 1 1/2 years ago. I put them in quotes because it’s hard to say where one begins and the other ends! Since then, there has been a horrible bloodbath in Mexico, with 10-20 homicides every day due to the Drug War. Everything was a lot more cool back when the government hadn’t declared war on the gangs and the gangs were just fighting it out among themselves. If you know anything about corruption and Mexico, you know the terms are synonymous. Many if not most of the cops are on the take and working for the drug gangs and not the “state.” Many members of the military are actually working for the drug gangs! They just take their uniforms and equipment and go work for the drug gangs instead, since they pay so much more. Most people in the West may find this confusing. As a native Californian, we went down to Mexico all the time on vacations. We don’t hate Mexico or Mexicans at all. Mexicans are part of the neighborhood, if not part of the family anymore. Nevertheless, we have no illusions about these people. We know what their culture is all about. It’s not the culture of the West! Corruption is endemic and has little to do with poverty. The richest are the most corrupt of all. It’s a corrupt culture, so about everyone is corrupt. The roots are very difficult to tear apart, but I think it has to do with the Arabized nature of Latin American culture. In addition, many Catholic societies are ridiculously corrupt. The Catholic Church has been corrupt from Day One and of course it is to this very day. If you can’t understand this about Catholicism, you don’t understand the religion and the culture it engenders. Forget the lies from Newsweek and all. Mexico is a wealthy version of a failed state. It’s always been a failed state, but now it’s a wealthy failed state. There is no way that this Drug War can stay on the Mexican side of the border, especially with Open Borders lunatics in the Executive Branch. It’s coming to the US in one way or another, like this damned Swine Flu. Which I will write on shortly!

“The Strange Saga of Sueli Guerros” by Joanna Woodhouse

Joanna Woodhouse is our latest guest author. She is a White woman who spent many years living in Brazil and now lives in Canada. She speaks fluent Portuguese and English. I believe she may have originally come from Britain. Since we have been writing on here lately about the silliness, immorality and extremism of Mesoamerican machismo in the US from a US White POV, it would be interesting to see that’s it’s as common in Brazil as it is in Mexico. It’s a well recognized thing in Brazil – it’s called a “crime of passion” where a man or a woman catches their husband/lover in bed with a person of the opposite sex, and in a fit of rage, grabs a knife and kills them both. There were a couple of families in Rio de Janeiro a while back that absolutely hated each other, a la Hatfields and McCoys. They were the Guerros and Ferreiros families. Well, a Ferreira son fell in love with and became engaged to a Guerros daughter. Her name was Sueli. His family were absolutely aghast and put all kinds of pressure on him to break the engagement. Finally he did, and Sueli, in typical Guerros rage, publicly swore vengeance and said she’d kill him. Very concerned, the young man, his father and uncle went to the local sheriff’s office to lodge a complaint against her. She turned up at the Police Station in a rage – and a huge argument ensued, during which she hauled out a gun and pointed it at her ex fiance. The sheriff decided to be a hero, and he grabbed her hand that had the gun in it and there was a struggle. During the struggle, three shots were fired: one hit Dad, one hit Uncle, and one hit ex fiance. Dad and Uncle were killed, ex fiance wounded but survived. Well, I attended her trial because I was very curious about what possible defense could be provided for her heinous act. When Sueli came into court, I and everyone else gasped. She was absolutely gorgeous – stunningly beautiful in fact. Long black hair down to her waist, slim, very busty, big liquid brown eyes, perfectly complexion, pouty mouth – well you get the picture! She was dressed in black, very demurely clad showing just a bit of cleavage but not too much, and she looked woebegone and very sad – she had been well coached. Her Defense Attorney wasn’t stupid. He saw to it that she got an all male jury, whose eyes nearly fell out of their heads as they ogled at her. You could see lust pouring out of their eyes. So what defense did her attorney put up? First of all, he told the jury that her ex fiance had “deflowered” her and had had a moral obligation to marry her. Back in those days, a virgin was considered untouchable unless a man had previously married her – because any man who deflowered her could expect a knife in his gut from her irate father and brothers. Mind you, a widow was fair game. Every man would think that, having gotten “it” on a regular basis, a widow was a mass of quivering lust and unbridled passion which any red blooded Brazilian male would feel it was his duty, nay his moral obligation to fulfill to the best of his ability, and he’d tell himself that his “ability” to do so was considerable (macho males in Brazil usually think they’re the best and hottest lovers in the world, if not the universe)! However, I digress. Sueli’s defense attorney also put up the defense that since the sheriff had grabbed her hand and struggled with her, no one could determine who’d actually pulled the trigger! He said it wasn’t “pre-meditated murder” she was simply avenging her lost “honour!” Well, that all male jury deliberated for around an hour and came back with a “Not Guilty” judgment! Brazilians understand crimes of passion, although of course, I don’t. There is no justification for taking a human life unless it’s in defense of one’s own life. So Sueli got away with a double murder – but she didn’t get away with it in the end. The Ferreiros family had Sueli’s favourite brother murdered. Notice, they didn’t murder her, but someone she dearly loved, and would therefore spend the rest of her life suffering for what she’d done to them! Of course, while everyone knew (including Sueli) that the Ferreiros family had orchestrated the murder, there was no way on Earth the justice system could prove it. As far as the Brazilian mindset was concerned, justice had been served. I think this possessive jealousy displayed by Mexicans and Brazilians isn’t a sign of how much they love their woman, it’s a deep rooted insecurity and macho stupidity. But it’s just as common in Brazil as it is down your way! C 2009 Joanna Woodhouse

Some Issues With Machismo Culture

I live with a bunch of Mexicans here and the thing is to be machismo. In a way I don’t mind that because I’m into masculinity myself. But there’s stuff that I really hate about it too, more that women are property, we get to beat them, and the Hispanics are psychotically jealous of women and will attack other guys for looking at or messing with their women. Who do they do this? Because she is his property! If you look at her, you are looking at his property with the intention of stealing it. If you mess around with her, you have stolen his property. Worse, I think you have completely humiliated him as a man, and attacking an Hispanic guy’s masculinity is cause for fights or homicide. White culture is just not like this and I think this aspect of Hispanic culture is backwards and regressive. White guys don’t go beating or killing other guys for messing with or certainly not looking at their women. We’re too civilized for that, at least the White culture I was brought up with. White guys don’t like it if you mess with their girl and might threaten you, but that’s about it. There’s a real phobia of physical violence in the White towns I have lived in. The White guy – he might hit the girl! The whole thing is turned around. She’s the one at fault, she slept around and cheated on him. She’s a whore, slut, bitch, etc. The cheated on guy does not blame the guy who messed with his girl – that guy is just doing what any healthy, red blooded male would do when his gf went for him. In White culture, it’s assumed if you have a beautiful woman, every other guy in town wants her. We don’t begrudge them that – that’s normal! It’s the responsibility of the woman to keep these wolves who endlessly pursue her at bay – to ignore them, to fend them off, to not encourage them. I don’t think White culture treats women like property anymore, though we sure used to. We’ve just evolved beyond that. Another aspect of machismo culture is that if an Hispanic woman is with her man, other males are not supposed to talk to her. So down in Mexico if she speaks Spanish and you don’t, the tour guide will ignore her and try to talk to you anyway. By talking to a woman who is with her man, you attack his masculinity. These are just some of my beefs with Hispanic culture. Why the Left wants to import untold millions of these folks and create new Latin American states in the US and thereby obviously recreate this regressive culture is just beyond me.

FARC Activates Urban Militias

Good for them. I am not sure why they are doing this. Propaganda has long said that the urban militias  are dead and FARC is a strictly rural insurgency. Although there is truth to this, it’s not the case that there are no urban militias. For the most part, they lie low and just collect intel. The FARC has a Hell  of a lot of power left in it, many thousands under arms, and a yearly income of probably around $500 million. There was an obvious rationale for bombing military and police targets, but I’m wondering why the businesses were bombed. They probably did not pay war taxes to the FARC. FARC charges “revolutionary taxes” to all Colombians (And there are quite a few!) with incomes of more than $1 million/year. Rich Colombians know this and most just pay their taxes every year. They drive out into the countryside, meet a familiar fellow, and pay up. Those who slide on paying taxes may be “kidnapped for ransom,” as US propaganda has it. However, what is really happening is that these people are being arrested by the FARC for tax evasion. They will be released when they pay their taxes. So I feel that this “kidnapping for ransom” of the execrable terrorist Colombian ruling class is completely justified. Considered the historical and current behavior of this murderous class, I think the FARC should get an international humanitarian award for even leaving these folks alive at all. The bombs in the recent attacks were set off in the middle of the night, and casualties were few. This is a good idea. FARC, after all, is not really a terrorist group. It’s an insurgency. They don’t set off bombs in markets and buses and whatnot. They don’t slaughter civilians at random. They don’t even wantonly use bombs to hit legitimate targets in such a way as to hit a lot of innocent people. Sure, the government’s offensive has hit them hard. Massive offensives have a tendency to often do that to small insurgencies. Keep in mind that the Colombian army has many more men under arms than the FARC does, much better equipment, much more equipment period, and a vastly larger operating budget. Until the Colombian state shows us that they can allow the FARC to disarm and run peacefully for election without being massacred like flies, the FARC has a right to continue in the way of the gun. The FARC isn’t really trying to shoot their way into power. They took up guns in self-defense after all, as most non-Maoist* Left insurgencies did. After a while, you get tired of waiting for the government to come out and kill you, so you decide that next time they come out, you will at least have some guns so you can fight back against them. That’s how nearly all recent non-Maoist Left insurgencies in the 3rd World began. And most of them can’t put down their guns because as soon as they do, the government slaughters them like bugs. That’s in the rare cases where the government even deems the insurgency to be worthy of negotiation at all – typically the state takes the “not worth talking to” line familiar to anyone who has watched the Israelis play that game. Despite a tsunami US propaganda lies, most Left insurgencies in recent years have not taken up arms against peaceful, stable, fair-minded democracies in order to subvert them and turn them into Commie dictatorships. Non-Maoist* theory says armed struggle is the last resort, to be initiated when all peaceful roads to power are deliberately blocked, or in self-defense when the state can’t stop killing a Left that isn’t even armed yet. How many Americans realize these clear facts about modern Left insurgencies? Almost zero.

  • It’s little known, but Maoists distinguish themselves in part by a willingness to take up arms even in cases where the peaceful road to power is not blocked, where there is a functioning democracy and where the government is not yet beating, jailing, torturing and murdering the unarmed Left.

Maoists consider an outrageously unfair state that kills countless citizens every year via poverty and neglect alone to be reason enough to take up arms (See Sendero Luminoso in Peru for example) but they get a lot of heat from non-Maoists for this “adventurism.”

FMLN Wins in El Salvador

Amazing news. After a sickening but predictable campaign, one more chapter in the novel called, Latin America Turns To the Left. I really wish these guys could do a Hugo Chavez for El Salvador, but I wonder just how much maneuverability they really have. The fact that Mauricio Funes says he is going to model his regime on Brazil’s Lula and Chile’s Bachelet is depressing. From a Left POV, Lula has been a catastrophic failure. I don’t know much about Bachelet. “Moderate Leftist” means a Leftist that can’t or won’t accomplish any meaningful socioeconomic change. “Radical Leftist” in MSM speak means a kick-ass guy like Chavez who’s actually doing some meaningful and positive things. If you drawing cards and you want a handful of hope and real tangible change, draw the “radical” cards. Funes is also going to make up with the charming death squad mass murderers and torturers in the US’ favorite party, ARENA. Good luck with that, buddy. ARENA ran a kinder and gentler campaign where they called the FMLN “Communists” and “terrorists”. The only terrorists in that war were the guys the US was supporting, ARENA and Duarte’s lame Christian Dems (darlings of even lamer Cold War liberals in the US Democratic Party). Unfortunately, Mr. Funes is no Communist. The party of the Death Squad Dictatorship has pledged to be ever watchful in case the FMLN turns “authoritarian”. Whew! I feel better already knowing those death squad guys will keep the papers running! Didn’t you know that all progressive governments on Earth are automatically “authoritarian?” Didn’t you know that all fascists in the opposition of any progressive regime automatically morph into “democrats”? More MSM-speak and US Empire-talk. The fact that the Salvadoran stock market dove as soon as the FMLN won was ominous but predictable. Stock markets hover over all of capitalist countries like the Grim Reaper with a scythe, threatening to lower the blade if any nation dares to do anything remotely progressive. This, and capital flight and inevitable reactionary coups or at least coup attempts, are two reasons why ultras like Maoists say that the peaceful road to socialism is hopeless. Sometimes I wonder if they are right. Why do we even need stock markets? Germany supposedly has a stock market, but almost all of the shares are owned by one or two huge banks, or at least that’s how it was back in the 1990’s. Sure, companies need to sell shares to raise money, but why have a private market where all the buyers are bunch of reactionary little capitalist shits? The stock market to me is just an Index of Evil. Don’t believe me? Whenever unemployment goes down, the stock market takes a hit. When unemployment rises, that’s great news for the damned market and stocks fly. Workers are Widgetco just formed a union or got raise? Stock takes a pounding. Health benefits at Capitalistbastardco just got gutted? Watch the stock head for the skies. Even worse is the way that the capitalists have tried to tie all of us into this diabolical bourse, as we are forced to have a monetary stake in an engine that works against everything we need and want in our working lives. This will make things even worse. When we workers do well, our 401K sinks. When we workers get screwed, our 401K jolts upward. Sucks or what? Whatever the FMLN does in power, they will have to suck up the US. Before the election, the US imperialist regime was threatening to cut off all money going back to El Salvador from Salvadorans in the US. El Salvador is one of those horrible 3rd World countries whose economy actually and absurdly depends on wages from their overseas US workers coming back home via transfers, because their own economy is so screwed and hopeless. Let’s hope they don’t wimp out like Daniel Ortega’s Sandinistas though. Major disappointment there. One last thing, reading the article here. Why is a monstrosity called a “credit default swap” even legal? That crap should be banned outright. Those are part of the arsenal called Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction.

A Reworking of German Language Classification

Updated June 27, 2016. This post will be regularly updated for some time. Warning! This essay is very long; combining all 3 parts together, it runs to 255 pages. This post has been broken into three parts: Part 1: Low German, Part 2: Middle German and Part 3: High German. This classification divides German from 20 languages to 137 languages based on the criteria of intelligibility. >9 The German languages, and German is not a single language, but, like Chinese and Italian, a family of languages, have been in need of a good reclassification for some time now. Ethnologue has done an excellent job, dividing German into 20 separate languages. However, Ethnologue’s treatment does not go nearly far enough, as they themselves admit in the entry for Standard German: “Our present treatment in this edition is incomplete.” The entry for Low German itself formerly stated that LG is made up of 20-30 separate mutually unintelligible dialects, although this has been revised to “differing intelligibility, depending on distance” in the latest edition. Hence, this treatment will attempt to expand the 20 German languages listed at present into a higher number. Many of the language divisions noted below are arbitrary, and admittedly based on more intuition than hard evidence. In many cases, intelligibility testing could clear up a lot of confusion. This treatment, like my prior treatment of Chinese, is best seen as a series of often very tentative hypotheses rather than a set of conclusions. The classification scheme (for instance, the decision to include Low Saxon as a part of Macro-German rather than a part of Macro-Dutch) is fairly arbitrary and is not the purpose of this treatment, which deals mainly with intelligibility. This treatment makes no statements about classification, generally just following Wikipedia and Ethnologue. There are others doing major work on classification, and I will leave that up to them.

The Frankish Kingdom and West Europe in general, probably around 700-900 or so. The Frankish Kingdom gave rise to the German, Dutch and French languages.
The Frankish Kingdom and West Europe in general, probably around 700-900 or so. The Frankish Kingdom gave rise to the German, Dutch and French languages.
So far, this classification expands German from 20 separate languages to 142 separate languages. It is incomplete, and it is also a pilot study intended to spur further research, analysis and especially evidence-based criticism. Criticism is welcome, as long as it is rational and evidence-based. Keep in mind that we have valid intelligibility data for a lot of these languages, so wild claims of widespread intelligibility are likely to be ignored. Further splitting is certainly warranted, and lumping may be too. Both will require evidence before proceeding. Method: Literature and reports were examined to determine the intelligibility of the various dialects of German. Native speakers of various lects were also interviewed, and the results of scientific intelligibility testing were examined. There was an appeal to authority – if states or the ISO recognized that a lect was a language, this determination was simply accepted. >9 The emphasis was on intelligibility rather than structural factors. Certain sociolinguistic factors also went into the calculation, but their use was minimized. Overtly political argumentation was ignored. This piece may be seen as a companion piece to my other similar pieces. A reclassification of Chinese expands Chinese from 14 languages into 343 languages. A reclassification of Catalan reanalyzed it from 1 language to 2 languages. A reclassification of Occitan changes it from 6 languages to 12 languages. A reclassification of Dutch changed it from 15 to 30 languages. As far as my qualifications for writing this, I have a Masters Degree in Linguistics, and I have been employed as a linguist for an American Indian tribe where I created an alphabet, ran the language program, worked on a dictionary and phrasebook and did fieldwork with native speakers. German, like Chinese, is a pluricentric language, with a standard version and many typically mutually unintelligible major dialects surrounding it. Interdialectal comprehension is achieved via the use of Standard German. Hence, the intelligibility estimates by the ignorant are going to be biased. What these people mean when they say that everyone in Germany can understand each other is that they can when they speak Standard German to each other. However, there are still a few older folks in Germany who cannot speak Standard German and can only speak their regional form of German. There are 27 main German dialect families, and all are considered to be separate languages. The German dialects exist as a dialect chain where dialects are normally intelligible to the dialect regions next door, but not to those more distant. At the same time, it is frequently stated that the major German dialects are not mutually intelligible. This makes delineating languages from dialects quite difficult and is why intelligibility testing is needed. Most German “dialects” have low intelligibility (below 9 Germany is awash in dialects. There are over 4000 (!) different dialect groups within Low German alone, and there are 150 dialects in Ripuarian Franconian that were different enough to have dictionaries written for them. In addition to not being intelligible with Standard German, the major German dialects are in general here, and an even better one is here.
A map of the major German dialects by their German names.
A map of the major German dialects by their German names.
Separate languages or suspected separate languages are bolded below. Dialects or extinct languages are generally italicized. Macrolanguages that do not deserve separate language designation are generally printed in normal typeface. All languages and dialects are spoken in Germany unless otherwise noted. Languages or dialects marked by an asterisk were definitely full languages 50 years ago, but whether they still are today is less certain. Some may still be languages, others may have dwindled to dialects and others may have disappeared. 50 years ago, those languages were still alive and well and probably even being taught to children. Most or all still have speakers, though the youngest speakers may be over 50 in some cases. These starred lects are very tentative additions to this classification.
The German dialects as they existed a while back, possibly about 150 years ago. This situation was still extant around World War 2. Note all of the isolated German speakers in the Slavic lands to the east.
The German dialects as they existed a while back, possibly about 150 years ago. This situation was still extant around World War 2. Note all of the isolated German speakers in the Slavic lands to the east.
This research takes a lot of time, and I do not get paid anything for it. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a a contribution to support more of this valuable research.

What the Future Hispano-Catholic USA Will Look Like

Like this. For everyone on the Left assisting with this idiot lunatic invasion of our land, have you ever stopped to think for just one millisecond about what an Hispano-Catholic USA will look like? Abortion is not really legal in any Latin American land outside of Cuba, and it’s hardly very legal in any Catholic country on Earth. Italy, supposedly the exception, has a very complex abortion law. In all Catholic nations, including the so-called Italian outlier, the Church meddles incessantly in the affairs of the state and society. Even in Italy, the political parties endlessly pander to the Church. My leftwing Italian friends despise the Church, though confessing  they are still Catholics. Turning your nation into a Catholic majority state is like tossing a hundred billion kudzu seeds into the fields surrounding your town and assuming nothing’s going to happen. Catholicism is a Kudzu Religion. Once it gets in, you have a Hellacious jungle-ivy like plant invasion that wraps its tentacles around everything in sight. It blocks the view and trips you when you try to walk. Not only that, but its ineradicable. How is it that the Left assumes we can go Hispano-Catholic in demographics without turning into just another Latin American country? We can’t. Hispano-Catholic people create Hispano-Catholic countries. What do those countries look like? Cast your eyes yonder down south of the border, down Mexico way…and beyond. I love Hispanics, but what I like even better is the idea of separate countries. One of the things that made this country great was that it was not founded by Iberian Catholics. One of the things that has made Latin America so fucked up in such a predictable, replicable and pattern-like fashion is because they were colonized and founded by Iberian Catholics. It’s why we have the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the 1st and 4th Amendments, and why most of Latin America never developed anything comparable to this very day. Spain was still fighting semi-feudalism in the 1930’s. It was so bad it needed an armed Left to try to take it out, and the Hispano-Catholic semi-feudalist fascists won anyway. As Spain is one of the Central Headquarters for the Catholic Kudzu Infection, Spaniards probably hate the Church more than anywhere else, while they remain of course conflicted. One of the most curious things about the recent history of Spain has been the peculiar yet regular outbreak of church-burnings. Whenever things get really weird in Spain, the Spaniards go insane and start attacking and burning down churches. No one knows why they do this, and my understanding is that both the Left and the Right engage in this mass nuttiness. Spaniards have this relationship with the Church like a serial killer has with his Mom. And yet they can’t let go. You can’t understand Hispanic culture via Iberia until you understand the Pakistan-Peruvian Axis. This is an axis of lands that were colonized by the Arabs and consequently by Islam. Over hundreds of years, the essentials of Arab culture, similar today as when they ruled Andalusia, were transmitted. So Southern Italy, Turkey, the Balkans, Spain, Portugal, Greece, all the way to Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan all became more or less Arabized. Those crazy Pashtuns we are fighting in West Pakistan and Afghanistan are a very Arabized people. And there is no way to truly understand Latin America until you realize that the Latin Americans also have been Arabized, via the Arabized Iberians who conquered and colonized them. Manically obsessive honor, extreme masculinity, profound sexism where women are chattel property, casual and unthinking cruelty, vast extremes of wealth and power that one may not challenge, and willful, even arrogant ignorance are just some of the Arab baggage these nations carry. An Arab male grows up in a home where his father is the undisputed King of all things. Everyone in the home knows this, no one talks about it, and there is nothing to be done anyway. As the male is the King of the house, so the boys are Little Kings in their own way. They are allowed to lord it over their sisters, cousins, female relatives and probably even their own mother. The Arab boy grows up a little dictator. He grows up into a cruel world with no justice, one that is rent with mini-fiefdoms that reproduce fractal-like, a land in which discrimination permeates everything. There is no unity, and “society” is nothing more than a warren of squabbling tribes. To the extent that they come together for any reason, it’s always a marriage of convenience. There is no ideology, there is not much politics, and there’s not much of a market. In place, there is religion and tribalism, rewritten as family-based clans. Even political parties are religious and clan-based. Ideology changes more often than styles in a 5th Avenue window, for the simple reason that it hardly exists. Different tribal, religious and clan-based parties try on new ideologies and toss them aside, always jockeying with the others for the only thing that matters, which is power. Hence, alliances are obsessively necessary, and these alliances, in their ever-shifting form, often absurd and unworkable from the start, still manage to putter along. With power comes loot. Loot buys you everything in the Arab World, and even enables you to escape the Ultra-Kudzu called Religion. In Arabia, no one has any morals or values when it comes to money and what passes for politics, everyone bribes everyone and is as corrupt as a human can be, and disputes are often settled with the finality of lead. None of this is seen by the Arab as the slightest bit remarkable. The Arab evolved in the desert, and so did his religion. His religion is as harsh and brutal as its desert birthplace. In the desert, survival is everything. There is no time for politics, for the market, for ideology. You can’t eat or drink that stuff, so it’s worthless. There are always too many humans for the harsh land to support, so it’s a Darwinian place. People are either friends or enemies, and there is no in between. Friends and enemies can be as effervescent as mirages, and can transform into the opposite in an eye-blink. The Arab is crafty and devious and has a 1000 plots, scams and conspiracies up his sleeve at any time. This is so he can survive in the desert. You can’t make it alone out there. Other cruel folks are always trying to take your land, livestock or life, and this fact is as simple and quotidian as the burning sun in the sky. Hence, alliances are essential. The desert is unforgiving, and mistakes can be deadly. Hence, survival itself is an endless challenge of scheming and conniving, and the Arab is an extremely clever fellow. I always felt that the stereotype of the tricky and sneaky Jew was due to their co-evolving with these Arab people. When the young Arab man goes out to get a job, he finds more cruelty and harshness. Fairness is not an Arab concept; there is none here. If he wants a job, something is expected from him in return. If you take or receive money from someone for anything, including employment, it always comes with strings attached. Everyone has an ulterior motive for everything, everything is underhanded and often unstated and nothing is up front. Fanaticism permeates Arab society as the sun tints our day. Fanaticism is as normal and unquestioned to the Arab as the sun that warms our bones and lights our way. The violence that typically follows mass fanaticism periodically rends Arab society. Thus, the Arab lives in terror of fitna, which means strife. The glue that holds Arab society together is cheap and doesn’t really work, so harsh social rules have to be laid down. The Arab is also obsessed with sex, and the idea of fitna is imbued with sex. One sense of fitna is that this is what will happen if men and women start fucking casually as they normally ought to be doing. The whole house of cards culture will come toppling down, and the deadly anarchy that periodically sweeps Arab lands will follow. Hence male-female relations are policed rigidly, and you have mass sexual frustration on the part of the men and probably of the women too. The Saudis, Gulf Arabs and Afghans are so terrified of fitna that they allow mass opportunistic male homosexuality in preference of breaking down the apartheid between men and women and the chaos that may follow. This has been a brief sketch of Arab society. Keep in mind that as Latin America has been Hispanicized, to some extent it has also been Arabized. With Hispanicization comes not only the baggage of 500 years of Hispanic culture, but that of the Ancient Church of Rome along with the time-stopped world of the backwards Arabs.

A Lie Called "Poverty-Stricken Mexico"

In the comments section, James Schipper points out that as Mexico gets increasingly unstable with the Drug Civil War, more Mexicans will come here due to safety fears. He also suggests that Mexico’s economy will decline in the future with the decline in oil prices. I respond, noting two things. First, that I am hardly aware of any Mexicans fleeing Mexico for safety reasons, and two, that Mexico’s economy is much wealthier than most people assume. Personally, I am not sure how many Mexicans are coming here out of fears to their safety. The ones I talk to act like Mexico is not that dangerous, and they have lived there a long time. The drug violence is generally limited to certain areas. Keep in mind that there has been a background level of political violence in Mexico for some time now. It’s clear in speaking with illegals, and I have spoken to many of them, that they are coming here strictly for economic reasons and for none other reason. The wage differentials are so great that at an average wage of $10/hr, an illegal can quickly send home enough $ to buy a house in Mexico. The wage differential here in California for many of the jobs illegals do is about 8-1 or 10-1. Now, average wage in the US is about $14/hour last time I checked. Supposing there was a country to the north of us where the  the average wage, was $112/hour, even if living costs were quite a bit higher than in the US. The minimum wage might be a bit lower, maybe around $73/hour. That means you could sweep floors or work at McDonald’s for $73/hour. Whoa! Hot damn! I think I might just have to move there myself, in a New York minute! This is the reality of what we are dealing with with Mexican immigration. In villages all across Mexico, there has been a housing boom ongoing for many years now, financed by wages from illegals working in the North. They are not starving back home at all. They are building fancy add-ons to their homes. Many illegals are heading home and bringing their nice American bought cars and stuff with them. The truth is that up here in the US they were cleaning up bigtime. A car is hardly affordable to an average $1/hour worker in Mexico, yet many illegals around here are driving nice, often brand new cars. Instead of starving or barely surviving, illegals here live extremely well by Mexican standards, accumulating mass quantities of what would be luxuries in Mexico. Mexicans are not starving down in Mexico. I asked one illegal Mexican Indian from Oaxaca what it was like down there. He said, “Comida si, dinero no.” Plenty of food, but no money. Ok, they are economic immigrants, and they are not even starving. The PCI in Mexico is now around $12-15,000/yr. That is higher than in some European countries, and I never hear screams about them starving. The problem with Mexico is a light-skinned elite that steals nearly every other nickel produced by society, leaving others with comparatively little. The revolutionary PCI party is socialist on paper only. A real socialist party, even socialist by European standards, would divide money up in Mexico such that living in Mexico was no worse than living in Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria, Chile or Argentina. Yes, Mexico has a PCI higher than Chile and Argentina. The only problem is distribution. No matter what you think of Mexico, it is no longer a poor country, economic-wise.

Border? What Border?

The pro-illegal immigrant crowd has crafted a very successful lie, but you can see through it pretty easily once you listen to them long and hard enough. One very successful lie of the more sophisticated crowd is that while they support mass amnesty now (Actually, the cleverer ones lie and say they do not support amnesty at all), after that, we will seal the border like glue, enforce immigration laws like hawks, and there will be no more amnesties. If you’re an idiot, you will fall for this scam, just like the gullible fall for any scam. This was exactly the same crap they fed us back in 1986 under Reagan. That mass amnesty was a catastrophe. I have dealt with those amestied in under this outrage, and while the adults are often decent enough people, huge numbers of their children are low-life, gangbanging, moronic, dropout, lazy, lying, thieving, Ghetto-Black aping sheer human garbage. The truth is that probably 8 This is what the pro-illegals crowd believes, in addition to no border: Once the illegals sneak in here, no one has a right to stop them from doing whatever the Hell they want, or to arrest them for breaking the law and ship them home, or anything. Well, Hell, if that is the case, then just tear down all the borders and get rid of all the immigration laws. Immigration laws and borders either exist or they don’t. If they state refuses to guard the border or enforce immigration law, then fuck it, tear down the borders and erase all the immigration laws. Obviously, this is what the pro-illegal immigration crowd really wants. Either illegals are ok or they are not. There is no such thing as these 12 million in the US now are ok, but we will stop all the ones coming in in the future, and we will throw out any who sneak in successfully in the future. It never works that way. Once they legalize the 12 million, the same crowd will scream and yell that the border patrol is still doing its job and catching border jumpers. That’s an outrageous crime right there to these folks. How dare we police our border! Once the new illegals get in, no one will be allowed to lay one single finger on them. The first workplace raid and the same crowd will foam and snarl like rapid animals. Soon we will have millions more illegals in the land, and the screaming demand for a mass amnesty will begin around. That’s exactly what happened last time around and that’s what will happen again and again. They have a very clever project, do they not? This is why I object to racists slamming Hispanics for being stupid. These folks are not dumb at all; Hell, they are downright brilliant. The only idiots are the non-Hispanic Americans who refuse to police the border or throw out the criminal invaders once they have infiltrated our sovereign lands. The notion that this 12 million is a temporary fix, and then we will get back to enforcing borders and immigration laws with gusto is clearly a fiction. The pro-amnesty crowd is a de facto Open Borders crowd. If you’re for amnesty, then you’re really for Open Borders. It’s really essential to understand this about the opposition. If you can’t grasp that, you’re missing the whole argument.

Obama Vows to Keep Insipid Cuba Embargo In Place

Idiot. That’s because, as the Republicans, White nationalists and Far Right insist, the guy’s a fucking Communist! No, wait, a socialist. No, wait, any socialist worth his salt would have chucked this BS long ago. I’m having a hard time figuring what the game plan is here. The Embargo has always been about US politics. Do the Dems really still need Florida to win the Presidency? What happens if they lose Florida? Do they lose? The Cuban Lobby is one kickass ethnic lobby, kind of like the Jewish Lobby. As Cuban policy has been always held hostage to this fanatics, so US Middle East policy has always been held hostage the Jewish fanatics. With the Cubans, it’s always been about electoral votes. They have said that if we don’t back their nonsense, they have enough power in Florida to throw the vote to the other candidate. Americans are more sensible, but not by much. I haven’t read any recent figures, but polls taken in the past decade showed that 5 This is very much a White thing. The Cuban exiles are Whites, and it’s Whites who always backed the stupid embargo. Blacks and non-Cuban Hispanics are generally hostile to it, and your average Mexican is pro-Cuban. The Mexican and Cuban governments have had a long alliance, based on the fact that Mexico’s PRI was originally a revolutionary party. On similar grounds, the PRI was allied with the Salvadoran revolutionaries, the FMLN.

Revolution in the Land of the Savior

In 1989, I was helping to run guns for the FMLN, the Salvadoran revolutionaries, Commie scumbag that I am and all. I would drive to MacArthur Park in Los Angeles and meet the FMLN agent guy in the bar or whatever and hand him the cash with a conspiratorial smile. I guess it was legal then, but now it’s 10 years in the slammer thanks to George Bush. The War on Terror in so many ways is just a War on Justice. I remember when I was going to USC in Los Angeles in 1983 at the height of the Salvadoran Revolution, there was a Salvadoran professor in our department who would periodically take off work and go down to El Salvador to actually put on a uniform and fight for the revolutionaries! I was eating at a Salvadoran restaurant in San Mateo, California, in 2001, and I talked to the waiter. He said he left El Salvador in 1969. His parents went to the slums of San Salvador and said there were 12 year old boys walking around with AK-47’s. Sometimes revolution is just in the air you know? His parents saw the writing on the wall and put him on a plane to the US. Ten years later, full-scale civil war exploded, after a decade of small-scale actions, mostly kidnappings for ransom and bank robberies by the revolutionaries to raise cash, and endless forays to the villages and slums by death squads to kill the people. It was the twilight of the 1970’s, and the people had a choice. They could sit in their homes unarmed and wait for the government to come out and kill them, or they could at least take up arms to defend themselves when the government came out to kill them. Not much of a choice there. And so the war was on. The Commie Moscow – Cuba – Banana Republic ratline conspiracy be damned; this is how most revolutions in Latin America started. If you’re gonna get killed anyway, you may as well go down in a hail of bullets trying to take some enemies down with you.

Public Suicide Fad Hits Argentina

[wpvideo MC5yaPEo] Note: Repost from the old blog. I am looking for a translator to translate this post into Korean. Email me if you are interested. Warning! Graphic footage! Do not watch if you are easily upset! An 8.4 MB version of the video with better resolution can be downloaded on this site here. The public suicide fad has spread to Argentina. Above is the video of the live TV suicide of Mario “Malevo” Ferreyra, an Argentine former police official. He killed himself on live TV in Tucumán Province, Argentina. Malevo Ferreyra was Chief of the Brigade of Investigations of the State Tucumán in Argentina in the late 1970’s at the height of the Dirty War. In 1993, he was convicted for murdering three robbers in 1991. He escaped from the courthouse clutching a hand grenade in each hand (!) and later turned himself in after the former governor of the province reduced his sentence. He served seven years for the killings. He ruled Tucumán with an iron fist before, during and after the Dirty War. A warrant was issued by the National Guard yesterday for his arrest for kidnapping and torture during the Dirty War. The crimes were committed when he served at a secret weapons-depot-turned-detention center during the Dirty War. Just before the police were coming to arrest him, he committed suicide in front of his wife and kids on national TV. He had just finished an interview the TV station Cronica on top of a water tank at his rural home in Tucumán. His home was surrounded by police and he would be arrested shortly. He protested his innocence, then said, “Hasta siempre, Maria (I will love you forever, Maria),” pulled out a .45 caliber revolver from his boot and shot himself behind the ear. He died on his way to the hospital shortly afterward. After he shot himself in the head, his son embraced him and his daughter panicked. Families of the victims say that the suicide was part of a pact of silence that would ensure that Ferreyra would not have to testify against his former colleagues. Argentine politics is nasty, and sometimes deadly, business, with a lot of impunity, but that seems to be changing.

A typical image if “El Malevo” with his usual sombrero. Looks like a hard-living fellow. The name may come from a famous silent movie by the well-known Argentine director Here is another photo of El Malevo. I’m not sure what is going on here, or who the woman is. He looks like a pretty rough character. So do those guys around him. Argentine provincial politics is nasty, hardcore stuff. Sort of a cross between Sicily and Mexico. Lot of tough guys in power throwing their weight around, not much of a rule of law, political arrests and attacks, harassment of and attacks on journalists, corrupt and venal judges. The usual stuff.

Tucumán is a somewhat backwards, “provincial” province in the hinterlands of Argentina. It’s mostly agricultural back there, with a lot of sugar cane cultivation. The cops and politicians in this part of Argentina are some of the most brutal, venal, clannish and corrupt in the country. There are still Indians living in this part of Argentina, and people are much more Mestizo here than in the rest of the country. It isn’t gaucho country, and it’s not the Pampas. More like the foothills of the Andes. In the mid-70’s, this province was the scene of a little-known foco revolutionary movement led by the ERP (People’s Revolutionary Army). It failed, as all foco-inspired movements did. The ERP was then devastated by the Dirty War – they were history 1 1/2 years into the counterinsurgency. The ERP has long since abandoned armed struggle and now exists as a political movement. Budd Dwyer, anyone? Video of Budd Dwyer’s live TV suicide here (warning: graphic). Jesus Christ man, the blood runs out of his nose like a waterfall. I found the case of Christine Chubbuck, another public suicide, this time of a newscaster on live TV during her broadcast (!) to be particularly poignant. I don’t like to diagnose the dead, but it looks like she had traits of Avoidant Personality Disorder . It’s something like social phobia, but a lot more pervasive. What’s odd is that she had such an extroverted job and most avoidants are serious introverts. The symptoms are there: the lack of romantic relationships despite a tremendous desire for one and her beauty, good job, education and brains; the unrequited love for a colleague at work who would not reciprocate. And at the same time, whenever people at work made friendly gestures towards her, she would blow them off. This is the “get them before they get me” mentality. I will reject them before they reject me. It’s perverse, but like a lot of perverse stuff, has its own crazy logic. Good overview of APD. I don’t think I have ever known one. The primary symptom is extreme hypersensitivity to rejection. I’ve known people who have some of the hypersensitivity though. If you criticize them, they look like they are going to burst into tears. Then they often get really angry. These are grown “adults”, say 40 years old. I think they are babies, but maybe I should be kinder, since I’m not exactly normal myself. I had a therapist once and I asked him if I was an avoidant. One of my games is “Psychiatric Medical Patient Syndrome” – going through the DSM and worrying I have every illness in the book. He said, no, because he had criticized me and I took it well. He said he had had 7-8 avoidants, and as soon as you criticize them in therapy, they get up and walk out of the office and never come back. That’s about the size of it. Truth is, I really don’t care if people like me or not, as long as they hang around with me. I would be perfectly content to have beautiful women coming over here every day, screwing my brains out, pretending to like me, but actually hating my guts. As long as they pretend to like me, it’s all good. I don’t care what’s in someone’s deepest soul. I’m also not freaked out by rejection. After about the millionth time, you pretty much get used to it. I figure if I freaked out about every little rejecting encounter I get, I’d probably be continuously suicidally depressed. You have to make it through life somehow. No one has to like you anyway; it’s a free country. Plus I’ve rejected lots of people myself, so what comes around, goes around. Chubbuck also seemed to be awfully regressed into an almost childhood state when off work, despite being an uber-professional on the job. Strange case. I had never heard of Dwyer’s or Chubbuck’s case until the Internet. There are no available videos of the Chubbuck suicide, but there are five seconds of Chubbuck footage here on Youtube. There is also a Chubbuck segment on Network (1974) “I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”, the lead, a TV newscaster, threatens to commit suicide on live TV.

The Five Hearths of Urbanization

I never really knew much about this, but a friend of mine was taking a course in Human Geography (WTH?) and this was one of the things that they dealt with in the class. What this really means is that these five areas were the first parts of the world to experience urbanization. Urbanization is very important. You cannot even make cities until you develop surplus agriculture. Moving agriculture from subsistence to surplus usually involves a move to some sort of large farms, orchards or plantations. These large agricultural outposts can then produce enough to not only feed the rural population, but to provide food for the urban population. The urban population must be fed by the rural because as a good rule, people in cities just do not grow food, or, if they do, they do not grow enough to sustain the city. As long as the urban folks don’t need to worry about starving and don’t have to grow food, they can do other stuff besides growing food. This is the beginnings of civilization. The five Hearths are the Nile River Valley in Egypt, Mesopotamia in Iraq, the Indus River Valley in Pakistan, the Mayan in Central America and the Yellow River Valley in China. No one has any idea of what the IQ’s of the dwellers of these regions were at the time, but right now they are Guatemala 79, Egypt 82, Pakistan 82.5, Iraq 87 and China 105 (I don’t accept Richard Lynn’s phony 100 figure for China). All but China are in what is the lower half of the human IQ range. Since White nationalists are adamant that IQ has remained unchanged in all of these places, and everywhere else for that matter, in the past few thousand years, it behooves to ask how is it that these dummies showed up Homo Superiorus in Europe anyway? Of the five, Egypt was far and away the most advanced. The latest thinking is that the pyramids were not built by slaves, but instead were built by relatively well-paid, middle-class workers. Whole cities that housed these workers have been uncovered near the pyramids. Egyptian cities are the oldest of all. I am not sure of dates, but it looks like Egyptian cities go back 6,000 years or more (YBP = years before present). It’s odd that the earliest cities were the best of them all. The majestic pyramids were unsurpassed in the other Hearths. Although Mesopotamia had stone obelisks as tall as a man, Egypt had incredible obelisks of solid stone up to an unbelievable 100 feet tall. People to this day still wonder how the Egyptians did it, and no one quite knows. King Tut appointed what seems to be the first, or one of the first, queens of a large society, so this was a feminist breakthrough too, not that you would know it if you went to Islamic and misogynistic Egypt today. The next one along was Mesopotamia at 5,500 years ago. This is very, very early. They had art, aqueducts and organized religion, but no pyramids or major architectural accomplishments. There was a Great Wall of Babylon, a beautiful structure fashioned of blue bricks. They had obelisks and statues such as the Style of Hammurabi, but that was only as tall as a man. Compare to the 100 foot obelisks of the Egyptians – no contest. The Mesopotamians were already smelting metal – this was the Bronze Age. Smelting metal is a serious advance in civilization, and it’s amazing that anyone was smelting anything 4,900 years ago, when Mesopotamian smelting began. It appears that Mesopotamia was influenced by the earlier civilization of the Egyptians. The next is the great civilization of the Indus. This was in Pakistan, not in India as idiot Indian nationalists claim. Not quite as impressive as the first two, it did have very large cities with aqueducts for irrigation. However, they had no pyramids or other great architecture, no art and no writing. They had big cities and little else. The Indus Civilization vanished without a trace for unknown reasons. The Indus was very old, 4,200 YBP. The fourth Hearth was the Maya Civilization in Central America. This actually goes back a long ways, all the way to 3,100 YBP at least and possibly earlier. It was characterized by a writing system, mathematics, pyramids, art and advanced astronomy. The Mayan pyramids were excellent structures. I am not sure how they compare to the Egyptian pyramids, but it is fascinating that early peoples in two completely different parts of the world both decided to build pyramids (Why?). The Mayans also smelted metal and had a very early irrigation system. What is odd is that neither the Mayans nor the Aztecs who came much later never managed to invent the wheel or to put it to good use. The wheel is absolutely essential for advanced civilization, and discovering it is considered a profound breakthrough for any culture. What is even more strange is that the early Central Americans did invent the wheel, but they did not put it to good use. We have found children’s toys with wheels on them from these cultures. On the other hand, there were no pack animals to be domesticated in Central America, so it’s dubious what use you could put the wheel to, although I guess you could make a rickshaw, a bicycle or a wheelbarrow. The early Central Americans are derided, especially by White Nationalists, for being horribly, even evilly cruel, especially in their mad, seemingly insane addiction to human sacrifice. It’s true that the Central Americans did take human sacrifice to frightfully vicious extremes, at times making it nearly an assembly line operation. However, many early cultures engaged in human sacrifice, including Homo Superiorus over in Europe. Why, we ask? Well, these were pre-scientific folks. They did have their Gods, but as cruel and meaningless as fate often is, the Gods must have been crazy, to paraphrase a movie title. For instance, these nutty and semi-wicked Gods would kill the hottest babe in the village along with the handsomest, smartest guy to boot, for no darn reason at all, while leaving alive the village dirtbag, who barely even deserved to be kept alive one more minute. None of it made sense. Human life is a caprice, so cruel a caprice that it can almost seem like folly or the blackest of jokes. These Gods were clearly nuts, but they ruled our lives nevertheless. What to do? Appease the crazy bastards. This was the meaning of human sacrifice and the more humane later animal sacrifice, taken to insane lengths of folly by the Jews of the Temple Period, where an assembly line of animals stretched for up to a mile or so, and animals were killed all day in a 9-5 operation, such that blood flowed from the Temple like a river. This is the mad period that the most fanatical Zionists wish to recreate. Anyway, the way to appease a powerful, crazy person is to humor him, be nice to him or even bring him gifts. This was the idea behind the human sacrifices, to try to semi-rationalize the ferocious whimsy of the Gods. The fifth Hearth is the Yellow River Valley of China. Actually, yo can’t say that anymore, as the PC-idiots take offense. Guess why? Yellow River sounds like yellow skin. Chinese are said to have yellow skins, but that’s racist and you can’t say that. So forget the Yellow River. Instead, it’s the Huang He River, which I think means yellow in Chinese, but since mostly only Chinese know Chinese, there’s nothing to get offended about, since Chinese equating Chinese = yellow is not offensive, but if Caucasians do it, it’s mean and evil and racist. Whatever. Anyway, the Yellow River civilization was about 2,200 YBP. I don’t know much about it except that they did have large cities and irrigation. They also had writing. One might reasonably ask what these five Hearths had in common. We can say that they were near the Equator, but not too near. That seems crucial. They were all in the Northern Hemisphere, but I doubt if that is meaningful, except that there  seem to be more humans and more land mass in the north. And, with the exception of the Mayas, they were all in lush river valleys. The Mayas are odd man out in the jungle. The question of YBP comes up. I don’t mind the term. Originally we had B.C. (Before Christ), and as a Christian, that’s just fine for me. Well, some folks got rid of that a while back and replaced it with BCE, (Before Christian Era), which always struck me as a cheap anti-Christian shot. I figure Jews probably had a hand in this, since Jesus isn’t exactly their favorite guy, nor is Christianity exactly their favorite religion. The atheists and scientist types must have had a hand in it too. It surely so infuriated these poor atheist souls to have to say and write that horrible word “Christ” over and over. Non-Christians all over the world probably nodded in approval or chimed in. YBP seems a good compromise. Neither Christocentric nor a slap in the face of Christianity, it just avoids the whole issue of Jesus and religion altogether and goes by a nice secular calendar. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

Interesting Piece on the Shining Path

Here from Al Jazeera. Includes a neat 11 minute minute. Here is Part 2 of the video. It’s basically a bunch of propaganda crap, exactly what you would suggest. I have some serious issues with Sendero Luminoso, to put it mildly (I always supported a group called the MRTA instead), but this time around, they claim to be doing it right. As usual, Sendero is portrayed as some kind of narco-traffickers. Barring the arrival of some sort of Chavez-type on the Peruvian scene, I can’t see why the vast majority of Peruvians have even one reason to support the Peruvian state. It’s a horribly racist society, with a completely evil socio-economic system. There’s only one way to get rid of it, I figure, and that’s through revolution. I don’t think the democratic road to power is going to work. The Peruvian economy has been growing like gangbusters for 10-15 years now, but it has hardly touched poverty one bit. The population in extreme poverty is still around 5 Easily preventable deaths by children from obvious malnutrition are easily around 120,000/yr, minimum. That’s why I yawn when they say that Sendero’s war killed 70,000 people. Hell, the system kills more than in half a year, year in and year out. Why focus on Sendero? Who’s the real killer? The Peruvian state! Sendero killed around 35,000 of those 70,000,  and supposedly the overwhelming majority were “civilians.” The “civilians” lie there is shown in the fact that almost all of those people were members of the rondas, press-ganged local militia that the state had directed to take up arms against Sendero. Sendero says it realizes how it screwed up, and this time they are going to do it right and not kill the people (they did kill the people a lot last time around). The US military is there, flying into poor villages and doing civic work, but that’s all counterinsurgency. The problems with the US military’s counterinsurgency civic ops is that they do some civic work here and there, but they never advocate the kind of deep structural changes that society really needs. It’s like a guy is starving, you have loaves of bread to give him but instead you tear off a few pieces and throw them to him so he will shut up and put away the gun for a while. As soon as he puts the gun down, you won’t even give him crumbs and he gets to die. That’s what civic ops is all about. Once the guys with the guns put them down, the counterinsurgency civic ops guys pack up and move on the next rathole threatened with armed socialism. The whole enterprise is just fake to the core. If the civic ops people were pressing the state to make deep structural changes to ward off revolution, that would be one thing. That might even make the guys with the guns put them down. But of course they never do it. That would be bad for business. If Sendero proposed to fight an NPA-style war and advocated a project similar to the Chinese state or the Nepalese Maoists,  I could go along with it. But they were always so radical and extreme!

Does Israel Deliberately Target Civilians?

In the comments section, Dano points out some of the Israeli crimes in the Gaza attack, including targeting the UN building and the use of white phosphorus. I am convinced that Israel was directly targeting civilians in this Gaza incursion and that they do so regularly. The UN seems to agree with me. Why? The reason is to make the civilian population pay for supporting Hamas, the PLO, Hezbollah or whoever. Are they trying to kill every civilian in sight? No way. If they were even halfway trying that, there would be 13,000 dead in Gaza in 2 weeks and not 1,300. So it’s complicated. They shoot at civilians, ambulances, journalists, hospitals, UN buildings, etc. sometimes, but not all the time. The message for targeting the places where the refugees were huddled is that “no place is safe.” This is what will happen if you support Hamas, Hezbollah or whoever. This is what happens if you let Hamas, Hezbollah or whoever shoot rockets at us or attack our troops. The message, as Marty Peretz says in The New Republic, is “don’t fuck with the Jews.” Peretz’ comment set off a lot of criticism, even amongst progressive Jews. If you let these armed groups attack Israel, we are going to invade you. Don’t think you are get away by being a civilian and hiding in the UN building and letting the armed guys take the heat. Forget that. There will be no mercy for civilians. As a civilian, you will be attacked, in any place you hide, no matter how safe or secure. So keep these damned armed groups on a reign or this will be your punishment. It sort of works, as you can see – Hezbollah has engaged in few, if any, attacks on Israel since the Lebanon invasion. For a long time, I did not believe that Israel was deliberately targeting civilians. Their whole thing is we are White and Western and most civilized army on Earth, so we don’t do that shit. But if you dig around, you find that they definitely do, but it’s in pretty judicial amounts. Do a lot of digging into the attack on the Qana Base in Lebanon in 1996 and it’s obvious that Israel deliberately hit it. There were no Palestinian fighters shooting from the UN school, the UN relief agency, the Islamic University, or lots of other places. In the case of the UN school where 40 civilians were killed, there were fighters, but they were a couple of streets away, not firing from the building. So, did Israel target the UN school? I’m not sure, but I am starting to think that maybe they did. There was no firing whatsoever from the UN relief agency either. It’s well known that Israel and its supporters despise the UN as anti-Semitic. This is a tragic statement. The UN is nothing more than all of the nations on Earth. If these Jews really think that almost all the nations on Earth hate them, then that’s sad and it’s getting into psychopathology, notably paranoia. Is it true? Does nearly every nation on Earth hate Jews? That’s an incredibly dubious proposition. But keep in mind that the Israelis lie like maniacs, too. First we never used White Phosphorus, now we did use it, but only to light things up. I doubt it. They used it to terrorize the civilian population into knocking off the rockets. Amnesty International has accused Israel of a war crime in using white phosphorus in a heavily built-up area such as Gaza. Amnesty International is a pretty subdued organization, so if they accuse you of war crimes, that’s pretty hard-hitting stuff. As far as DIME and depleted uranium, Palestinian physicians are saying that they are finding it in victims. I think it’s quite possible that Israel is using DU in Gaza. After all, their munitions come from the US, and many US munitions now include DU, because it is one kickass weapon. We have a lot of reports that civilians were shot as they were waving white flags and fleeing, that IDF troops stood there and shot civilians over and over as they stood near them. The response of Israel is always, “These Arabs are lying.” But I’m quite sure that these stories are true. Once that argument is demolished, the Israelis always say that “they missed.” In general, that doesn’t seem to be the case either. It’s classic counterinsurgency doctrine that you always arrest, beat, torture, shoot and kill the civilian supporters of any insurgency. Just about every counterinsurgency in the last 100 years has been fought this way. It’s never enough to get just the armed guys. You go after their civilian support base too. It’s called “draining the sea to kill the fish,” and it’s taught at US military schools, for sure at the School of the Americas. What does a state have the right to do in a counterinsurgency? They can pass laws that outlaw supporting the guerrillas. You can arrest people, take them to court and try to prove that they are supporting the armed group in some way or another. But that never seems to be enough. States almost always end up committing mass murder of civilians in any counterinsurgency. An exception is Spain’s war against the ETA, but that was not a very hot war anyway. What can a state do with fighters? Well, try to arrest them, if you catch them in civilian clothes and you think they are a guerrilla. Take them to court, charge them with terrorism, rebellion or whatever, and try to convict them. Typically, states just kill anyone suspected of being a guerrilla. Or they arrest them, take them into custody, and kill them. Typically, they utilize “non-state actors” like death squads to do this sort of nasty business. Death squads are typically state security forces in civilian clothes. Problem is it’s often hard to prove in court that someone was a guerrilla. So the rule of law usually gets suspended in a counterinsurgency, and lots of folks just get socked away on “no charges” for God knows how long, or “disappeared.” Sometimes the disappeared turn up alive, but mostly they are killed. When states do go the legal route and try to convict guerrillas in court, it’s not helpful that insurgents often threaten judges and witnesses in the cases. Peru is a recent example of a state that somewhat went the legal route (at the same time they were committing mass murder against civilians) in its war against the Shining Path. The legal route was not working, so Fujimori came in, created a dictatorship, abolished the rule of law, and crushed the insurgency. He arrested an incredible 1 If you strike enough terror into the civilian population, they won’t support the insurgency anymore. Tragically, this does work. Terror works. Nevertheless, it’s terrorism. You can make just as good of an argument for Al Qaeda’s attacking British, Spanish, Australian and US civilians in the London bus bombings, the Spanish train bombings, the Bali bombings and 9-11. Al Qaeda, as bin Laden has made clear, is attacking the civilian support base of the enemy forces. This is just as moral or immoral as any counterinsurgency on Earth attacking and killing the civilian support base any non-state armed group. Supporters of counterinsurgency, prove me wrong here! Show me you’re not just as bad as any terrorists out there? I will point out that Hezbollah, Hamas and the rest are obviously committing war crimes too. They’re deliberately targeting Israeli civilians, right? I would also note that hardly any armies fight fair in war anymore. Show me an army that is fighting a war or fought a recent war which fought fair and did not commit war crimes? We include counteringencies here. Pretty hard to find, huh?

Why White Separatism Will Never Fly In Brazil

In the comments to the Statement On Radical Nationalism post, Mark (not a White nationalist) asks if I would support a movement by Whites in Brazil or South Africa to split away from the nation and for their own state. I said, extracted later to a post, that I would not necessarily oppose such a move, and that it could even be considered in the national liberationist stream of nationalism as opposed to the national consolidationist (fascist) stream. Goyta, a brilliant new Leftist commenter from Brazil, has chimed in. Although Brazil is regarded with shivers of terror by US White nationalists (The future is Brazil!) it turns out that down in Brazil itself, the White nationalist project could not be any less interesting. Brazilians, “White”, or whatever they may be, simply cannot be bothered. It turns out that in South Africa too, Orania, a White separatist community, has not been very successful. So far only 1,500 folks have signed up. Goyta’s comments on why White separatism will never fly in Brazil are illuminating and fascinating and more or less what I always thought. I guess there is a lesson in here somewhere for WN’s but I am not sure what it is. Maybe it is that once your country starts looking like Brazil, your WN project is history. It does seem that the most ferocious White nationalists are in mostly White countries and nations. The more non-Whites, the less appeal to WN. Which runs contrary to WN theory, which is that increased exposure to non-Whites will make Whites flock to their project. Turns out it just makes them want to act like wiggers, listen to rap music, smoke blunts, date, screw and marry non-White women. I plead guilty to all of these charges, (except the marriage part, thank God!), even in middle age. This begs an interesting question. Why is it that the more homogeneous folks are, the more racist and “separatist” they are? And the more diverse a community gets, the more racism and desire for separatism declines and the more folks, make friends outside their group, have sex with and marry outside their group? I don’t know the answer, but I suspect we are more human than we think we are. It’s easy to hate “niggers” when there are hardly any around to fight back. Once we encounter those outside our group, often our horror stories about them are found to be exaggerated, and we start to befriend, have sex with, and marry them. As we miscegenate more, racism becomes less and less palatable. I will let Goyta take it from here: Being Brazilian I think the idea of a White supremacist (or worse, secessionist) movement here is so laughable it’s hard to even decide where to begin explaining. Not that there haven’t been people who tried to launch the idea – in a country with 190 million people, there is certainly room for all kinds of weirdos you can think of and then more. But they were not even met with scorn – they were deemed so insignificant that nobody listened. South Africa and the U.S. are countries with historic racial segregation. Brazil is exactly the opposite: a country where interracial miscegenation and social intermingling is the norm, not the exception. It all started because instead of real “colonists” or “pioneers” looking for a new land to call their own, the Portuguese who colonized us were really adventurers. They were overwhelmingly males who left their wives and kids back in Lisbon and came to Brazil intending to stay a few years, make a fortune, then go back to spend it at home in Europe. Many never returned in the end, but whether they did or not, they still had the urges of the flesh while here. So they satisfied their urges first with Amerindian women, later with African slave ones. That mixed offspring bred with other mixed offspring. And again and again, over 500 years, in complex fractal patterns. Add to that a big wave of European, Middle Eastern and Japanese immigration from the late 19th century to the mid-20th, and the result is that Brazilians probably have the most complex gene pool in the world. At first, such immigrants even tried to establish ghettos as in other countries, but they disappeared after a generation with complete assimilation into Brazilian society and the usual pattern of intermixing and intermarriage. Here you can see people with Caucasian features but dark skin, and vice versa, with all shades in between. You can even see mulattoes (or blue-eyed blondes) with Asian eyes. When we travel abroad, we are told to be extremely careful with our passports, because Brazilian passports are highly valued in the black market. Why? Because *any* physical type in the world can pass for a Brazilian. I have very light skin and look deceptively Caucasian myself, but I have a hard wiry beard to evidence my African genes – as if I didn’t know that my grandfather was the “white sheep” in his family… I have a friend here with dark skin and Arab features who could easily be taken for a Malian or Sudanese. Another one is of Italian and Japanese ancestry and is an almost obscenely hairy man with a dense beard coupled with almond eyes. We are the anti-Iceland – huge, tropical, and with the United Nations put in a blender and thrown into our genes. Few Brazilians (other than in the Southern states, but I’ll come back to this later) can say they are 1/4 this or 1/8 that. It’s more likely that we are some weird fraction like 29.87365 I’ve said it above, but it’s important, so I’ll repeat it: Brazil was never racially segregated. We have the same shameful record of poverty, low social indicators, high unemployment and crime among persons who are *visibly* black as in the U.S. and South Africa, mostly because of our no less shameful very late abolition of slavery (1888), but there is no such thing as a “black” or “white” neighbo(u)rhood in our cities. Racism exists, but in the end the divide is much more economical than racial. A poor neighbo(u)rhood is more likely to have a large proportion of blacks, but it will also have a lot of poor whites living next door to blacks (and still intermarrying with them). São Paulo and the Southern states are somewhat different, in that they have received the bulk of European immigration, and that was just a few generations ago, so there *are* people who can claim and trace pure European ethnicity. But even they live, work, socialize and intermarry with people with all sorts of ethnic backgrounds, more often than not with two, three or four of them at once in the same person. Some people in São Paulo – which produces 3 There are also a bunch of separatist advocates in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil’s southernmost state. It is Brazil’s richest state in proportional terms (per capita) and it has a very characteristic regional culture they are staunchly proud of. It was the last part of Brazil to join the country, and the Portuguese they speak there still has a very strong Spanish influence in pronunciation and vocabulary. It is also one of the “whitest” states due to heavy recent European immigration (Germans and Italians in particular) – Gisele Bündchen is from there. But most “gaúchos” (as they are called) are also heavily mixed with Guarani Amerindians (that scene in The Mission where they raid a Jesuit mission among the natives and destroy it portrays a real event that happened there in the 18th century). Still, not even the “gaúcho” separatists say they want to secede because they are “white” – first because they are not so as a whole, and second because their neighbo(u)r to the north, Santa Catarina state, is even “whiter” and has its own German dialect (based on Thuringian and Pomeranian), still widely spoken several generations after immigration. Yet RGS separatists don’t want to include Santa Catarina. Anyway, separatists are a tiny minority: most people from RGS shun secession and are as proud of being Brazilian as of being “gaúchos”. And thank God, RGS separatists are not violent or extremist (in addition to being very, very few). Apartheid and domination by a white minority were possible in South Africa chiefly because the white newcomers had an overwhelmingly superior technology, especially regarding weapons and agriculture, and segregation ensured that things would remain so. But Brazil is an established country with an unsegregated population of multiracial individuals, now chiefly urban and technological, even if with shocking extremes of wealth distribution. White supremacists don’t have a chance here, let alone white separatists. And we have lots of empty land here. If they want to take it, we’ll be glad to get rid of that scum.


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