The Arab World’s Dirty Little Secret: Arab Racism

Great article on Arab racism against Blacks, especially Sudanese. There actually is a Black element in Egypt, but it is more of a mixed race element than a pure Black element, and they tend to be more towards the South. Anyway, Egyptian Caucasians themselves are about 9% Black.
Compared to White Americans, almost everyone on Earth is a racist. Compared to White Americans, Arabs are like some wild Arab version of the KKK. Arab racism has a very long tradition and no one on the Left will say one word about it. The Western Scum Left will not mention this. To them, it doesn’t even exist. This is because their PC insanity makes them fetishize the Arab as some pristine non-White non-Christian Third Worldist noble savage Other, whereas, White Western Christians are the sum total of everything vicious and evil about our planet rolled into balls of walking and talking White flesh.


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