“Time to Rekindle the UN Spark,” by Eric Walberg

New article by my friend Eric Walberg.

Time to Rekindle UN Spark

Eric Walberg

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon recently held a commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the squashing of UN resolution 3379, equating Zionism with racism. It was passed in 1975 by a vote of 72 to 35 (with 32 abstentions). The festive event this year was attended by US Secretary of State John Kerry and head of the Israeli Labour Party and Zionist Union Isaac Herzog, son of Chaim Herzog, president of Israel from 1983 to 1993, and star of the 1975 UN session.

The 1975 vote took place approximately one year after resolution 3237 granted the PLO “observer status”, following Yasser Arafat’s “olive branch” speech to the General Assembly in November 1974. It succeeded only because the Soviet Union and its allies were there to support the Arab and Islamic majority countries.

It was revoked in December 1991 by UN resolution 46/86. At the commemoration this year, Ban Ki-moon recalled Chaim Herzog’s words in 1975, “I appeal to the community of nations to always act to uphold the principles of the United Nations Charter to practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbors.” Such nice platitudes coming from the Israeli ambassador—community, principles, tolerance, peace…

It is odd that this year’s festivities actually celebrate the passing of the resolution, rather than its demise, commemorating the chutzpah of Israeli UN representative Herzog, who stole the show, recounting how magnanimous Israel is with its Arab citizens, who apparently held the same rights as Jews, worked in border and police defense forces, were elected to parliament, studied at universities…

He pointed to Arabs coming from elsewhere for medical treatment, and to “the fact that it is as natural for an Arab to serve in public office in Israel as it is incongruous to think of a Jew serving in any public office in an Arab country.” The UN ambassador finished his tirade by ripping up the resolution and defiantly stating he would have UN Avenues in Haifa, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv renamed Zionism Avenues.

Herzog didn’t mention how traditionally Jews lived freely under Muslim rule and often served Muslim leaders as advisers, how Arab anger today is directly due to Israel’s murderous, illegal actions against the rightful citizens of what was once the Roman province of Syria Palaestina. He didn’t mention the millions of Palestinians denied their basic rights because Israel is apparently free of racism.

At least the 1975 gathering had some punch. There was no substance in the commemoration in 2015. Kerry waffled, despite a weeks-long wave of violence that has claimed the lives of at least 77 Palestinians along with 10 Israelis. No mention of that. He said that a two-state solution in the Middle East was “not an impossible dream” but would require courage. Yawn.

Kerry called the 1975 resolution “ominous” because it gave “a global license to hate” the state of Israel. But then “hate” covers just about any word of criticism of Israel. After all, election fever is rising in the US and the Israel lobby is alive and well.

Bush Senior’s Half Truths

It is more instructive to deconstruct the speech by US President HW Bush, who introduced the UN motion overturning resolution 3379 in 1991, which he said “mocks this pledge and the principles upon which the United Nations was founded. Zionism is not a policy; it is the idea that led to the creation of a home for the Jewish people, to the State of Israel. To equate Zionism with the intolerable sin of racism is to twist history.”

He was half correct. Zionism is an idea, one that turned into a policy of racial exclusion and victimization of the Palestinian natives, whose land and property the new immigrants stole, even as they conducted a state policy of terror against the natives. Bush made no explanation of why Zionism is not a policy. But the Soviet voice was gone by 1991; only the US voice was heard defending the pious hope that Israel would one day make peace with the Palestinians based on the original 1947 UN Resolution 181 to partition the territory.

Bush’s claim that Zionism is not a policy of racism simply flies in the face of reality. But then the US itself was founded on an idea much like Zionism. The Puritans, Quakers and many other religious groups immigrated intending to establish an ideal Christian society modeled on the Bible, an idea which also was a policy of genocide of the American natives.

The 17th philosopher Francis Bacon penned a utopian novel New Atlantis based on his enthusiastic support for establishing the British colonies in North America, depicting the creation of a utopian land where “generosity and enlightenment, dignity and splendor, piety and public spirit” are the commonly held qualities of the inhabitants of the mythical Bensalem.

The idea of a “new Jerusalem” is the bedrock of the US idea.
Even such a respected philosopher was able to disregard the racist policy of genocide against the American natives in the name of “generosity and enlightenment etc.” No one noticed that, from the start, that the idea of the US (Bensalem) was a racist idea, just as its policies were. Only in the 19th century did international opprobrium finally push the US to abolish its most glaring racist policy—slavery.

But by then, the idea of a Jewish state in Palestine was already being mooted by British politicians such as Lord Shaftsbury, and Israel was finally forced down the UN throat by FDR and Truman. For Shaftsbury et al, it was merely a logical development of western ‘civilization‘.

Bush lauded the crushing of the racism resolution in 1991 as “a real chance to fulfill the UN Charter’s ambition of working ‘to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person’.” Yet he was unable to see that the emperor (himself) and his offspring were wearing no clothes, that it is Israel that is the scourge of war, the violator of human rights and human dignity.

Bush stated that the UN “cannot claim to seek peace and at the same time challenge Israel’s right to exist.” Again a half truth. No one intended to wipe Israel off the map, as long as it was a nation that followed international norms, in particular human rights of the peoples who live there or who will return there from refugee camps when a peaceful solution to the stand-off is agreed. But this is only possible if we address Bush’s other half truth that lies at the heart of Zionism, both as idea and policy.

Bush’s other mistake was to define the State of Israel as “a home for the Jewish people”. This makes Israel racist by definition, just as Hitler identified Germany as the home of the Aryan people, a similarly vague, racist definition of the state.

Bush’s Lesson: Don’t Cross Israel

There is a bitter irony in Bush’s kowtowing to Israel in 1991. In September he had asked Congress to delay Israel’s request for $10 billion in loan guarantees to help settle Soviet Jews, trying to force Israel to stop its illegal settlement construction and negotiate a real peace. He no doubt was recalling how Eisenhower had made Israel bend to the US game plan in 1956. Ford/ Kissinger/ Carter had too, though just barely in the 1970s, curbing somewhat Israel’s colonial ambitions. Both times, ironically, US leaders relied on the Soviet ‘threat’ to give them some backbone.

But ‘in victory, defeat’. The Soviet ‘threat’, providing the US some leverage with Israel, was no more, and in the meantime, the Israel lobby in Washington had become too powerful for a president to counter. The Zionists were in no mood to swallow their pride and obey a newly holier-than-thou imperial Washington.

Bush senior found he had no allies for his plan to bring Israel into line. He scurried to the UN to burnish his credentials, but to no avail. The Israel lobby mobilized, found their ideal candidate in Bill Clinton, and Bush suddenly was being attacked in the media. Incessant negative publicity as election day approached did the trick. He lost his re-election bid, going from a 90% approval rate following the Iraq invasion to 37% on election day.

It is time for a new resolution 3379, something with teeth that will wake Israel up and push it to admit its sins. There is no hope to find a sponsor in Washington. However, the support for Palestinians struggling for their rights continues to grow. The EU, BDS and others boycott settlement goods are having their effect. Israel‘s neighbors continue to resist. As US power wanes, there is hope that the UN will once again find some backbone.

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The Saker On the Anglo-Zionists

Saker keeps using this word for the people who are fomenting trouble in Ukraine, Syria and really all over the world. It turns out that Anglo-Zionists simply means “the US Deep State.” So why not just call it the Deep State? Is Zionism really so important? What exactly is the role of the Jews or Zionists in this Ukraine conflict? I cannot yet figure it out.

I refuse to use this word as I consider that not only is it ridiculous, but it is also borderline anti-Semitism. And as one who gets called that all the time, I am not one to throw that word around lightly.

I also refuse to use the term “the Ukraine” to describe the country called Ukraine as Ukrainians really hate that phrase. They seem to think that it denies them their right to a national identity. As one who believes that a Ukrainian state with deserves to exist (but not with the borders it has now), I will not use that word. Also, as a linguist, I refuse to repeat the Russian lie that Ukrainian is not a real language but is instead some corrupted dialect of Russian. Obviously Ukrainian is a real language.

Yes, Zionism sucks. Yes, Judaism is as lousy as any other religion, and in fact, it may be one of the worst religions out there. But how is the religion of .3% of mankind so important to the rest of us? I don’t get it.

What do you think of using the term Anglo-Zionist do refer to the US elite, foreign policy elite, or Deep State?


AngloZionists: Short Primer for Newcomers

by the Saker

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”

 – Voltaire

Dear new-to-this blog friends,

Why do I speak of “AngloZionists”? I got that question many times in the past, so I will make a separate post about it to (hopefully) explain this once and for all.

1) Anglo:

The USA in an Empire. With roughly 1000 overseas bases (depends on how you count), a undeniably messianic ideology, a bigger defense offense budget then the rest of the planet combined, 16+ spy agencies, the dollar as work currency there is no doubt that the US is a planetary Empire. Where did the US Empire come from? Again, that’s a no-brainer – from the British Empire.

Furthermore, the US Empire is really based on a select group of nations: the Echelon countries, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and, of course, the US. What do these countries have in common? They are the leftovers of the British Empire and they are all English speaking. Notice that France, Germany or Japan are not part of this elite even though they are arguably as important or more to the USA then, say, New Zealand and far more powerful. So the “Anglo” part is undeniable. And yet, even though “Anglo” is an ethnic/linguistic/cultural category while “Zionist” is a political/ideological one, very rarely do I get an objection about speaking of “Anglos” or the “Anglosphere”.

2) Zionist

Let’s take the (hyper politically correct) Wikipedia definition of what the word “Zionism” means: it is “a nationalist movement of Jews and Jewish culture that supports the creation of a Jewish homeland in the territory defined as the Land of Israel“. Apparently, no link to the US, the Ukraine or Timbuktu, right? But think again.

Why would Jews – whether defined as a religion or an ethnicity – need a homeland anyway? Why can’t they just live wherever they are born, just like Buddhists (a religion) or the African Bushmen (ethnicity) who live in many different countries? The canonical answer is that Jews have been persecuted everywhere and that therefore they need their own homeland to serve as a safe haven in case of persecutions.

Without going into the issue of why Jews were persecuted everywhere and, apparently, in all times, this rationale clearly implies if not the inevitability of more persecutions or, at the very least, a high risk thereof. Let’s accept that for demonstration sake and see what this, in turn, implies.

First, that implies that Jews are inherently threatened by non-Jews who are all at least potential anti-Semites. The threat is so severe that a separate Gentile-free homeland must be created as the only, best and last way to protect Jews worldwide. This, in turn, implies that the continued existence of this homeland should become an vital and irreplaceable priority of all Jews worldwide lest a persecution suddenly breaks out and they have nowhere to go.

Furthermore, until all Jews finally “move up” to Israel, they better be very, very careful as all the goyim around them could literally come down with a sudden case of genocidal anti-Semitism at any moment. Hence all the anti-anti-Semitic organizations a la ADL or UEJF, the Betar clubs, the network of sayanim, etc.

In other words, far from being a local “dealing with Israel only” phenomenon, Zionism is a worldwide movement whose aim is to protect Jews from the apparently incurable anti-Semitism of the rest of the planet. As Israel Shahak correctly identified it, Zionism postulates that Jews should “think locally and act globally” and when given a choice of policies always ask the crucial question: “But is it good for Jews?”.

So far from being only focused on Israel, Zionism is really a global, planetary, ideology which unequivocally split up all of mankind into two groups (Jews and Gentiles), which assumes that the latter are all potential genocidal maniacs (which is racist) and believes that saving Jewish lives is qualitatively different and more important than saving Gentile lives (which is racist again). Anyone doubting the ferocity of this determination should either ask a Palestinian or study the holiday of Purim, or both. Even better, read Gilad Atzmon and look up his definition of what is brilliantly called “pre-traumatic stress disorder.”

3) Anglo-Zionist

The British Empire and the early USA used to be pretty much wall to wall Anglo. Sure, Jews had a strong influence (in banking for example), but Zionism was a non-issue not only amongst non-Jews, but also amongst US Jews. Besides, religious Jews were often very hostile to the notion of a secular Israel while secular Jews did not really care about this quasi Biblical notion. WWII definitely gave a massive boost to the Zionist movement while, as Norman Finkelstein explained it, the topic of the “Holocaust” became central to Jewish discourse and identity only many years later.

I won’t go into the history of the rise to power of Jews in the USA, but from roughly Ford to GW Bush’s Neocons it has been steady. And even though Obama initially pushed them out, they came right back in through the back door. Right now, the only question is whether US Jews have more power than US Anglos or the other way around. Before going any further, let me also immediately say that I am not talking about Jews or Anglos as a group, but I am referring to the top 1% within each of these groups. Furthermore, I don’t believe that the to
p 1% of Jews cares any more about Israel or the 99% of Jews than the top 1% of Anglos care about the USA or the Anglo people.

So, here my thesis:

The US Empire is run by a 1% (or less) elite which can be called the “deep state” which is composed of two main groups: Anglos and Jews. These two groups are in many ways hostile to each other (just like the SS and SA or Trotskyites and Stalinists), but they share 1) a racist outlook on the rest of mankind 2) a messianic ideology 3) a phenomenal propensity for violence 4) an obsession with money and greed and its power to corrupt. So they work together almost all the time.

Now this might seem basic, but so many people miss it, that I will have to explicitly state it: to say that most US elites are Anglos or Jews does not mean that most Anglos or Jews are part of the US elites. That is a strawman argument which deliberately ignores the non commutative property of my thesis to turn it into a racist statement which accuses most/all Anglos or Jews of some evildoing. So to be very clear:

When I speak of AngloZionist Empire I am referring to the predominant ideology of the 1%ers elites which form this Empire’s “Deep State”.

By the way, there are non-Jewish Zionists (Biden, in his own words) and there are (plenty of) anti-Zionist Jews. Likewise, there are non-Anglo imperialists and there are (plenty of) anti-imperialists Anglos. To speak of “Nazi Germany” or “Soviet Russia” does in now way imply that all Germans were Nazis or all Russians were Communists. All this means it that the predominant ideology of these nations at that specific moment in time was National Socialism and Marxism, that’s all.

My personal opinion now

First, I don’t believe that Jews are a race or an ethnicity. I always doubted that, but reading Shlomo Sand really convinced me. Jews are not defined by religion either (most/many are secular). Truly, Jews are a tribe. A group one can chose to join (Elizabeth Taylor) or leave (Gilad Atzmon). In other words, I see “Jewishness” as a culture, or ideology, or education or any other number of things, but not something rooted in biology. I fully agree with Atzmon when he says that Jews are racist but not a race.

Second, I don’t even believe that the concept of “race” has been properly defined and, hence, that it has any objective meaning. I therefore don’t differentiate between human beings on the basis of an undefined criterion.

Third, being Jewish (or not) is a choice whereby one to belong, adhere and endorse a tribe (secular Jews) or a religion (Judaics). Any choice implies a judgment call and is therefore a legitimate target for scrutiny and criticism.

Fourth, I believe that Zionism, even when secular, instrumentalizes the values, ideas, myths and ethos of rabbinical Judaism (aka “Talmudism” or “Phariseeism”), and both are racist in their core value and assumptions.

Fifth, both Zionism and Nazism are twin brothers born from the same ugly womb: 19th century European nationalism (Brecht was right, “’The belly is still fertile from which the foul beast sprang”). Nazis and Zionists can hate each other to their hearts’ content, but they are still twins.

Sixth, I reject any and all form of racism as a denial of our common humanity, a denial of the freedom of choice of each human being and – being an Orthodox Christian – as a grievous heresy. To me people who chose to identify themselves with, and as Jews are not inherently different from any other human, and they deserve no more and no less rights and protections than any other human being.

I will note here that while the vast majority of my readers of Anglos, they almost never complain about the “Anglo” part of my “AngloZionist” descriptor. The vast majority of objections focus on the “Zionist” part. You might want to think long and hard about why this is so and what it tells us about the kind of power Zionists have over the prevailing ideology. Could it be linked to the reason why the (openly racist and truly genocidal) Israeli Prime Minister gets more standing ovations in Congress (29) than the US President (25)?

Some objections:

Q: It makes you sound like a Nazi/redneck/racist/idiot/etc.
A: I don’t care. I don’t write this blog for brainwashed zombies.

Q: You turn people off.
A: If by speaking the truth and using correct descriptors I turn them off, then this blog is not for them.

Q: You can offend Jews.
A: Only those who believe that their ideas cannot be challenged or criticized.

Q: But you will lose readers!!
A: This is not a popularity contest.

Q: Your intentions might be good, but they are easily misinterpreted.
A: This is why I define my words very carefully and strictly.

Q: But why are you so stubborn about this?
A: Because I am sick and tired of those in power hiding in the dark: let’s expose them and freely challenge them. How can you challenge something which is hidden?

Q: But I am a hasbarachnik and I need to get you to stop using that expression!!
A: Give it up and find an easier target for your efforts. You will still get paid.

A: I have a much better term.
Q: Good! Use it on your blog then

That’s it for now.

Actually no, there is one more thing, while I am at it:

Open message to those objecting to my use of the article ‘the’ in front of the word “Ukraine“: before lecturing others, learn Russian and learn a little something about the history of the Ukraine


The Saker

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Jews Lie, Part 1,530,961

Yes, Jews lie. They do it a lot. I don’t necessarily hate Jews. They have a good side and a down side. The down side is the lying, among other things. A lot of times, I think the good side outweighs the bad side, and a recent long-term girlfriend was Jewish. I do not think being a liar per se makes you a bad person. It has to be weighed against the good side of the person to see how it all balances out.
Jews mostly lie about themselves. They are not capable of being objective about themselves, hence, anytime Jews are saying anything relating to themselves as a group, you need to be careful, because they lie constantly about this sort of thing. This is unfortunate as a lot of our sources about the Jewish people and especially their conflicts with others were written by Jews, hence they are very suspect.
For instance, most work on “anti-Semitism” is written by Jews. A lot of this work is complete garbage. In fact there is a whole institute set up in Israel that does nothing more than study anti-Semitism. I think it is called the Steven Roth Institute. Almost nothing they write can be trusted. Anti-Semitism is a complex phenomenon and it would be better if disinterested parties wrote about it.
The biggest Jewish liars of all are Jewish nationalists – Zionists. The problem with Jews is that almost all Jews are Jewish nationalists or Jewish ultranationalists. Nationalist lie. Ultranationalists lie. Not just Jewish nationalists and ultranationalists, but all of them.
Jews have a great deal of power in US media. This is not necessarily a horrible problem except that having one ethnic group have so much power over one’s media is always troubling, whether they are Jewish-Americans, Swedish-Americans or whatever. It is not exactly democratic to have one ethnic control so much of a nation’s propaganda network.
Jewish media power is not as important as most make it out to be. Jewish media barons are simply US imperialists who work in tandem with large corporations, the Pentagon and the State Department exactly as their Gentile colleagues do.
If anything, Jewish media barons are a better class of the 1% as they tend to be fairly progressive for rich people. If we tossed out all the media Jews and replaced them with media Gentile moguls, the media would not be much better. In fact, it might be worse because Gentile 1%ers are very reactionary and they are not nearly as progressive as Jewish 1%’ers. Furthermore, Gentile 1%’ers might not differ much from Jewish 1%’ers on the Israel Question.
However, on the subject of Israel and US support for Israel, Jewish media power is a very bad thing for America and this is where the lying comes in.
Jewish nationalists have been very active lately screaming and yelling about “growing anti-Semitism” in Europe and the West. There really isn’t any growing anti-Semitism in the West. There is growing sentiment against Jewish nationalism – Zionism and Israel – but beyond that, anti-Semitism is not very high. Jewish nationalists need to do this because they have an extreme hatred for White Christians and especially White European Christians.
Lamentably, White European Christians do have a long tradition of anti-Semitism. The subject is extremely complex and the reasons for it go beyond the scope of this essay. This phenomenon culminated in the Holocaust, in which the Germans received a lot of assistance in the Jew-killing from European Christians, primarily in Eastern Europe. On the other hand, many European Christians saved Jews and many others effectively laid down their lives to save the Jews by fighting the Nazis. Tarring all European Christians with the Nazi brush is ridiculous, but Jews, especially Jewish nationalists, have been doing this ever since the 1940’s.
Jewish nationalists need to do this since Zionism is predicated on the notion that Gentile (especially European Christian Gentile) anti-Semitism is perennial and eternal in that it will never go away.
This can be seen in the preposterous Jewish nationalist saying that begins, “Every generation they rise up to kill us all…” The Zionists need to see the Gentile World as full of raving, genocidal anti-Semites, and they are always working on this propaganda meme. All nations in the Diaspora must be seen as savagely anti-Semitic and not safe for Jews. In order to be safe, all Jews must go to Israel (except don’t hitchhike and watch out for missiles landing on your head). Hence every anti-Semitic incident in the Diaspora receives breathtaking coverage in the Israeli media. Leading Israeli politicians then go on TV and urge the Jews of the nation where the incident occurred to high-tail it to Israel right this minute.
In the Jewish nationalist media in both Israel and in the US (including huge media networks like CNN that have been effectively taken over by Jewish nationalists) a recent meme is that the Jews of Europe are no longer safe due to rising anti-Semitism in Europe. They single out Sweden, France and the UK for particular abuse. This is a clever lie since like most propaganda, it’s not completely false. In fact, there is rising anti-Semitism in Europe, including the three nations listed above.
However, the problem is in how the story is told. Jewish nationalists tell the story as if Sweden, France and the UK have been raving Nazi countries full of White Christian Nazis ready to kill all the Jews at any moment. All of these reports also conflate the anti-Israel movement in Europe (often a project of the Left) with the rising anti-Semitism. In fact, the Left anti-Israel groups are committing few if any anti-Semitic acts. Beyond that, White Christians are committing few if any of the grotesque anti-Semitic attacks in Western Europe. Nevertheless, Jews are in danger in these nations, but it’s not from Nazi Whites.
Who are they in danger from? Simple. Arabs. Arabs and other Muslims, such as Pakistanis and Iranians. There are indeed quite a few very ugly anti-Semitic attacks occurring in France. Jews are assaulted on the streets, synagogues are attacked and there was recently an anti-Semitic murder at a Jewish Museum.
The US media cleverly lies about all of these attacks to make it look like evil, Nazi anti-Zionist leftwing French Whites are doing this vile things. But it’s not true. Almost 100% of the anti-Semitic attacks in France are being done by North African Muslim Frenchmen, immigrants and sons of immigrants. These people come from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. The recent homicide at the Jewish Museum was by an Arab member of the ISIS group in Mesopotamia.
There are some anti-Semitic attacks in the UK, but not many. Almost all of these are being done by Pakistani Muslims. None or almost none are being done by White Britons.
Sweden is becoming a dangerous place to be Jewish due to an increasing number of frightening anti-Semitic attacks. All or almost all of these assaults and threats are being committed by Arab and Iranian Muslims, particularly in Malmo, where many of them reside. White Swedes are committing few to no anti-Semitic attacks.
In conflating European White Left anti-Zionism with White neo-Nazis and Muslim anti-Semites, Jewish nationalist liars create an effective yet devious propaganda piece.
In suggesting that White European countries are “turning Nazi” by suggesting that Muslim anti-Semitic attacks are actually being by White Nazis, Jewish nationalists get to lie about ancient enemies (White Christians) and modern ones (Left anti-Zionists), resurrect the hoary image of the Holocaust as an eternal part of White Europe’s personality, and bash innocent White European nations as Nazi countries (such as “Nazi France”).
The most troublesome part of the equation is the notion of anti-Semitism itself.

  1. Jews (especially Jewish nationalists) act terrible.
  2. Good people notice Jews acting horrible, get upset at their bad behavior and protest it.
  3. Good people protesting bad behavior are called evil. They become evil people – anti-Semites, Nazis, etc. – merely by being good people protesting bad behavior.

It seems there is no way out of the rigged anti-Semitism game that the Jewish nationalists have set up.

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Palestinians Leaving Israel Due to Racism

Very nice article. Israeli propaganda often says that Israeli Arabs have it better than any Arabs in the Arab World. That’s a dubious proposition to say the least. Furthermore, they experience a lot of overt and not so overt forms of discrimination of the sort that would be illegal or even unheard of in the US.
For instance, in many towns and cities, Arabs are forbidden from expanding their municipalities. In addition, Arabs are often forbidden from adding to existing homes. It’s either legal or very common to discriminate against Arabs in housing, schooling, employment, accommodations and many other areas.
Many jobs require one to have served in the Israeli armed forces, and most Arabs don’t serve. Also many companies do business with the IDF, and those companies usually don’t want any Arabs working with them on sensitive issues.
There has been an ongoing Israeli project called the “Judaization of the Galilee.” This involves deliberately building all-Jewish towns and cities throughout this Arab part of Israel. In addition, it involves surrounding Arab municipalities with these Jewish towns.This project is completely uncontroversial in Israel and even liberal publications like Ha’aretz write about it unapologetically.
Can you imagine if the US government was involved in a project called “The Whitening of Mississippi,” which involved surrounding Black towns with White towns, building up all White towns to weaken Black influence and forbidding Blacks from expanding the size of their towns and from expanding the size of already existing dwellings?
Many Israeli military bases were deliberately constructed very close to Arab locales for the reason that during a war, attacks on the bases that missed would hit neighboring Arabs and kill and hurt them instead of killing or hurting nearby Jews.
Can you imagine if the US government deliberately built military bases near Black communities on the grounds that if the enemy attacked them, misses would hurt and kill nearby Blacks and at least White folks would be spared?
So it is that Israel is so lousy for Arabs that many are leaving to head for the Palestinian territories, especially the West Bank. There, the Arabs experience no prejudice, and they say that there are many more opportunities for them than there are in Israel. Many of the Arabs leaving are the best and the brightest. That’s Israel’s loss I suppose.
We really need to cast aside the Hasbara line that says, “You ever seen any Israeli Arabs leaving to go live in the Territories, or in the Arab World?” Well, now you do. More Hasbara bites  the dust.

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Auster Acts Stupid

Lawrence Auster is a pro-White Jew who may or may not be a White nationalist. He’s a member of the Alt Right.
His pro-White views stem almost overwhelmingly from his dislike of Blacks. This dislike is common among many East Coast urban Jews. They grew up in older Jewish districts that turned heavily Black. Many grew up with Blacks. Others left but had older Jewish relatives or friends, often parents or grandparents, who stayed.
Some of the worst and most up-front racists I ever met in the 1970’s were Jews from back East. One was from Jew York. The others were from Detroit.
Once I was going over to the Detroit guy’s place in Newport Beach to buy some pot. He was a drug dealer, first pot and then cocaine. I had a Black guy with me, friend of mine from university, who wanted to buy some pot. The Jewish guy, JE, heard that a Black guy was coming and started laughing his ass off. He said no Blacks were allowed in his apartment.
I told the Black guy, and he looked crushed, then sighed and said, “It’s ok,” and sent me in to buy the pot anyway. I got in there and tried to talk to JE, but he would not stop laughing. He was alternately laughing and talking about niggers.
I got back to the car and tried to explain JE’s position to the Black guy, and he tried to understand. JE was from Detroit, a great city that more or less got ruined when Whites (and Jews) moved out and Blacks moved in en masse.
Back in the 1970’s, such unapologetic racism was rare among the Whites I hung out with around LA and Orange Counties.
I assume that this is the same thing that is going on with Auster. Auster is  a Christian convert from Judaism, and he is on board with the Christian Right against the Degeneration of America. He’s also a Libertarian, of course.
Nevertheless, he’s still very much an ethnocentric Jew, and of course he’s a Zionist. He’s quite the Islamophobe. Like the Catholics, the Jews tend to take a bite out of you, almost from birth. I used to date this lady lawyer down in Orange County. She was active in the left wing of the Democratic Party, and so was I. We were both members of the Campaign for Economic Democracy (CED), Tom Hayden’s left Democratic Party thing he set up with Jane Fonda. I met a lot of nice, cute chicks in that group. Left politics is a great place to meet women. One time we were over at this guy’s house at a meeting. The guy said he was Catholic, but he wasn’t praciticing. The lady lawyer started laughing. “You can never leave the church. She said. They take a piece of you. You’re always a Catholic. It gets in your blood.”
Judaism is much the same, as my Irish Catholic doctor suggested. “They take a piece of you then,” he chortled. “Just like the Catholics!”
That’s about it. You can take the Jew out of the Jewish community, but you can’t take the Jewishness out of the Jew. Even converts out of Judaism or atheist Jews often retain a very strong Jewish identity and resulting ethnocentrism. You often wonder why they even bothered to convert as they haven’t really left the Jews at all!
Here he is acting dumb about Islam, talking about Pat Buchanan:

Buchanan cannot acknowledge the true nature of either Nazism or Islam, because Nazism and Islam both require the destruction of the Jews, and therefore for Buchanan to oppose either Nazism or Islam would put him on the same side as the Jews, which would make Buchanan cease being Buchanan.

Islam requires the destruction of the Jews? The Jews lived under Islam for 1,300 years and they managed to survive. Some Jews live under Islam to the present day. Don’t see much destruction going on. On and off violence, yes. Destruction? No.

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Why White Nationalists Hate Communists

Repost from the old site.
I’m going to use the word White Nationalist for White racist, but it’s true – 99% of White nationalists are racists. On the other hand, many WN’s are not neo-Nazis. The neo-Nazis are one end of the spectrum and the American Renaissance types are at the other hand. Whatever you say about the Amren guys, they’re not Nazis.
I gave WN’s the benefit of the doubt and studied them with an open mind for a long time, assuming the null hypothesis that they are not racists, but it’s true. Most WN’s don’t like anyone who isn’t White. A lot only like Europeans. There are some who like NE Asians, and some others who like SE Asians too.
I don’t think any of them like Arabs or North Africans, Afghans, Pakistanis, or Indians. Some like Iranians, but usually only a few. All WN’s really hate Black people. If there is one thing that holds WN’s together, it’s their hatred of Black people.
I finally realized, too, that a lot of WN’s are just not really very nice people, so in that sense, the whole “hater” thing is sort of true.
But I always objected to calling them “haters”, because I don’t think there is anything wrong with hating per se. I’m a Leftist; we hate all kinds of stuff! But a lot of these White racists really are just mean, nasty people deep down inside.
I think that whole “hater” term was thought up by the anti-racists, and I would bet most of them were Jews, just to make these guys look way more evil than they are.
Truth is that whole huge swaths of societies all down through time have been very racist and therefore “haters”. One could argue that American society up until the 1960’s was a racist, and therefore a “hater” society. Does that make any sense? If you see pictures or movies of Americans from the pre-1960’s era, do they look like horrible, mean, ugly, nasty, cruel, “hater” people? Well, of course not.
Probably all societies up until our modern era have been “hater” societies, since some degree of racism was probably the norm in historical human societies. Tribal societies were typically racist “haters” too, since most were locked in tribal war with, or at least despised, their neighbors. The typical Amerindian word for the tribe next door means something like, “Those no-good scumbag wife-stealing bastards over the hill”.
So we ought to quit calling these people “haters”, quit calling their groups “hate groups” and quit waging insane, Hollywood and ADL (Jewish) paid-for “wars on hate”. The Jews should talk anyway. Israel isn’t exactly a hate-free zone. It’s more like the land of the KKK version of the Jews. It’s a Jewish mirror of the KKK, except instead of being White supremacists, they are Jewish supremacists.
Let’s just call these groups what they are – racists. Racists can seem like very nice people, and their societies can be warm, friendly and caring, towards the people they like that is. But they’re still racists.
One thing I noticed after a while is that almost all these White nationalists really, really, really hate Communists.
It took me a while to figure this out. I think this is because in the US the civil rights movement was always said to be led by Communists. If you were for civil rights, you were a Commie. Period.
Also, Communists really are fairly egalitarian, and White nationalists, and racists of any kind, hate any form of equality. They are very much into inequality and hierarchy. Fascists also are very much against egalitarianism, are into hierarchy and actually worship inequality, though they do their best to lie and say they don’t.
After Communists, White nationalists hate socialists and liberals. So, really, White racists just hate the whole Left. I can’t see why any self-respecting leftwinger would want to defend these clowns too much. They’re basically our enemies, you know?

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My Wikipedia User Page

As you can see, I have a permanent “community ban” from Wikipedia. Reason? “Hatemonger.” LOL, “hatemonger” means anyone that the Wikipedia Jews don’t like. The banner was Super-Jew jpgordon, one of the biggest assholes on all of Wikipedia and one of the leaders of the Wikipedia Jews, a small cabal of super-Jews and hasbara types who run amok on Wikipedia, policing it day and night for “anti-Semites,” “hatemongers,” and “Nazis.” All you have to do to get a ban on those grounds is edit pages in a pro-Palestinian manner.
As you can see jpgordon is still slaving away, chasing down dirty anti-Semite wabbits and keeping Wikipedia safe for Jewish Demogogueracy.
One more thing. Before I got banned, I was very surprised to find myself on a “Wikipedia Neo-Nazi List.” This is some pitiful list the Wikipedia Jews keep all the time. To get on the “Neo-Nazi List” is pretty easy: all you need to do is piss off the Wikipedia Jews. Wa-la!
Here’s a list of my contributions. See any hatemongering in there? Didn’t think so. I spent a number of hours working very hard on those contribs, then those scumbag Wikipedia Jews went through and reversed all of my changes for no reason. Then they went back over my old stuff on things like rock music, languages, ethnic groups, geography, uncontroversial stuff, and reversed all of those changes too. Quite a few hours of hard work totally down the drain.
The problem with the Wikipedia Jews is that they are such assholes that many non-bigoted folks, after having been abused by these clowns, might just want to go join a Nazi party!
I wouldn’t advise anyone to go work on Dikipedia. So many better ways to waste your time. Listen to music. Read a book. Meditate. Do some yoga. Or whatever. Anything but that.

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Soviet Anti-Semitism

Exhibit A: Zionology.

Exhibit B: Anti-Zionist Committee of the Soviet Public.

A touchy subject, but it’s clear that Stalin became anti-Semitic at the end of his life. He outright murdered leading Yiddish writers for no legitimate reason that I can think of. There’s controversy about whether or not he was going to purge the Jews to Siberia (population transfer) around the time of his death. There’s also controversy about whether or not there was something to the Doctor’s Plot, that is, some Jewish doctors may indeed have poisoned him, but no one knows this for sure. The impetus for their killing him was presumably his planned Jewish population transfer.

After Stalin died, most agreed that the USSR entered an anti-Semitic phase. The theory of Zionology and the persecution of “rootless cosmopolitans” and “rootless cosmopolitanism” was the low point in this shameful episode for a Communist state committed to anti-racism.

Similar nonsense went on in Poland in the 1960’s, where in the previous 20 years, Jews had played a major role in the revolution. Yitzhak Shamir said Poles learn anti-Semitism at their mother’s breast, and I guess that applied to Polish Gentile Communists too. Too bad. If the Left is anything, it’s anti-anti-Semitic.

The refuseniks, etc. were probably just a reaction of Soviet Jews to the increasing anti-Semitism of the state. It’s clear that the formation of Israel screwed up everything for Soviet Jews and pretty much led to the end of the dinner party they were having. Did wonders for those Arab Jews too. More pogroms than you can count.

Such a liberatory project for the Jews, that Zionism!

Interesting that even during the worst years of anti-Semitism, Jews continued to win the vast majority of Soviet chess competitions, even though there was doubtless discrimination against them. Just goes to show that the Jews seem to rise above everything, even anti-Semitism, to succeed. Amazing people. That’s why I get tired of all the Blacks “Da White man is keeping me down” BS. Grow up.

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Growing Fascism in Israel, Part 3

Like I said earlier.

According to the article, Israeli National Socialist Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman (no relation to the US National Socialist Senator from Connecticut Joe Lieberman) wants most Israeli Arabs to be stripped of their citizenship and evicted from Israel.

Well, of course. This has been the trajectory of the conflict from Day One back in 1947, has it not? Lieberman is a nasty fellow, but he’s a Zionist through and through, just continuing the path first trod by Ben-Gurion, Dayan and the rest, on a trail first hacked from the wilderness by Herzl (“We shall spirit the penniless population over the borders…”, etc.).

It’s been a long, slow hike, with lots of twists and turns along the way, but in general, it’s been a path headed from Point A (Palestine full of Arabs) to Point B (Palestine with no Arabs), just as any reasonable journey does. The bits of backtracking here and there were mostly just temporary corrections, as the path from Point A to Point B is inherent in the very long of Zionism itself.

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Helen Thomas Tells It Like It Is, Is Forced Out


Helen Thomas, the doyen of White House press crew, was captured on videotape saying something naughty and abruptly resigned her position as a journalist for Heart Newspapers. A Jewish rabbi who was out to get Thomas got her on camera saying that the solution to the crisis in the Holy Land is for the Jews to “get the Hell out of Palestine.” She suggested that they could go to Poland, Germany or the US instead.

For those comments, she was condemned across the board by various past Press Secretaries, including the Bush Press Secretary Ari (Ratfink) Fleischer, a man who cheerled for the invasion of Iraq that has left 1.2 million Iraqis dead, and the Clinton Press Secretary Lanny (Scumbag) Thomas, who has recently been hired by the Honduran Government that came to power in a military coup that overthrew the democratically elected government of Honduras.

So these guys are not exactly standing on a high moral ground.

Time magazine columnist Joe (Joe the Jew) Klein predictably said she should be pulled from the White House Press Corps.

Thomas called her an “anti-Semitic bigot” (What else?). Fleischer also implied she was an anti-Semite.

It seems clear that Hearst forced Thomas out, an amazing move considering what a famous journalist she is, with an illustrious career going back decades. It just goes to show you that the Jewish Lobby still has a lot of kick in it here in the US.

Thomas is 89 years old. Hell of a thing to do to an old lady. Interestingly, Thomas is Lebanese, so she may be coming from this from an Arab Christian POV. Thomas has since apologized, but that’s never good enough for Jew Know Who.

Abe Foxman (Who else?) is all over the news, accusing Thomas of bigotry (He’s actually calling her an anti-Semite).

Check out this photo in CBS News article on Thomas. I doubt if she looks like that all the time. That photo is part of a hit piece on Thomas by CBS News.

From 1995-2000 it was owned by Lawrence Tisch, who is Jewish. Tisch stacked the management of CBS News with Jews before he left, and he himself owned 25% of the stock. After it was sold to Westinghouse, CBS News continued to be run by Eric Ober, who is Jewish.

Before Tisch came in, CBS News was run by William Paley, Jewish, for many years. Westinghouse sold out in 2000, and since then, CBS News has been run by CBS Corporation. That company is owned by Jewish mogul Sumner Redstone. The CEO is Leslie Moonves, who is Jewish. The corporate board is stacked to the rafters with Jews, possibly 80% Jewish.

Thomas, set up by a Jew, then roundly condemned by a bunch of Jews. This is looking more like a tribal squabble than a real sin on her part. The Jews have their backs to the wall with the latest Israeli shenanigans and are going all out in their finest style.

Truth is that people who have known Thomas for decades insist she has no anti-Semitism in her. Is saying that the solution to the crisis is for the Jews to take off an anti-Semitic statement? Not necessarily, though many of the people who say such things are anti-Semites (or more typically anti-Zionists), there’s nothing objectively anti-Semitic about the observation.

Should the Jews get the Hell out of Palestine? Sure. Are they going to? Hell no. So, while that’s a truthful observation, it doesn’t really lead us anywhere. There have already been enough expulsions and ethnic cleansings in the region. We don’t need anymore of them.

A reporter who just came back from the Occupied Territories and spoke to many of the top members of Hamas said that even Hamas leaders were not insisting on Jews leaving the area. They were quite clear that all the Jews can stay. What they were insistent on was the Palestinians “getting their rights,” as they put it.

He did meet some people who had been sitting in refugee camps for decades who said that the Jews needed to take off, but even these folks said that all of the Jews who came from 1948 could stay, but the ones who came afterwards had to leave. Even in the camps, this was a minority viewpoint.

The notion that the Palestinians are determined to drive the Jews into the sea and commit a 2nd Holocaust is overwrought.

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“The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment,” by Peter Beinart


This is an essay that first appeared in the New York Review of Books. It’s generating a lot of passionate debate around the journals, mostly among Jews. It looks like it’s going to become a pretty important work. Anyone passionately interested in the Jewish Question as it relates to the US and Israel and the symbiotic relationship between the two might want to read it and think about it.

I agree with Beinart’s essay.

I’ve been thinking a lot along these lines myself for some time now. This setup has never really made sense. Zionism is nothing but Jewish fascism, hence we on the Left oppose it. Nevertheless, the super-liberal US Jews, committed and impassioned liberals all, support this fascist state that in so many ways opposes everything they stand for.

Well, it’s tribal thinking. They’re supporting their people. But US Jews won’t let Whites do the same thing: support our people.

This was always a foundation made of clay, and it’s starting to crumble. Young Jews are increasingly estranged from and apathetic about Israel. They act like the less they hear about it, the better. And it makes sense, since Israel represents the polar opposite of the liberal values that young American Jews uphold.

Jewish liberalism in Israel is also dying, as it never made sense anyway. Liberalism in a fascist state? Come on. What’s happening now is that Zionism’s logic is finally starting to manifest itself. Zionism has always been fascist, but at the same time Israel has always prided itself on being some kind of liberal democratic state. The two views of course are incompatible.

Hence, in recent years, Israel has been moving further and further to the Right and towards a fascist politics more in line with the founding logic of the state. Sure this makes sense. A society founded on fascist ideology would seem to logically support a fascist politics. So lately the Orthodox, the settlers, and out and out fascists like Avignor Lieberman and Benjamin Netanyahu have become increasingly powerful in the Jewish state.

Orthodox Jewry is profoundly illiberal, and Jewish fascism would seem to go over well with the Orthodox. So the Orthodox play an increasing role in Israeli society. In the US, the strong supporters of Israel are increasingly the Orthodox as the secular liberals sit on their hands, close their eyes or put fingers in their ears. A recent pro-Israel rally in Washington DC attended by Paul Wolfowitz drew 10,000’s, 70% of them Orthodox.

The Jewish Establishment, including punks like Abe Foxman of the ADL, still cheers for Israel nonstop, even as it moves increasingly towards a fascism repellent to most liberal Jews. The Establishment deals with this conundrum by denying Israel’s move towards fascism, cheering on the fascists, or redrawing the fascists as democrats.

It isn’t working, and young liberal Jews can see through it.

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Why Zionism is Uniquely Dangerous

A new commenter, a Zionist of uncertain heritage, has appeared on this anti-Zionist blog. I will first unveil his comments below, then I will explain how they encapsulate the unique menace of Zionist thinking.

Hi there.

Interesting set of comments; some intelligent, others less so.
I’m particularly interested in land claim rights, myself. The whole debate over “Ashkenazim Jews are fakes… they’re really Khazars” rests on it.

As you point out – and others have since – Ashkenazim Jews are most genetically identical with Palestinian Arabs and Kurds… and no-one is suggesting for one second that Arabs are Khazars!

But the Jewish claim that they have a right to return to Israel because of genetic descent is refuted because…well…because it’s been too long since they’ve been away.

Alright. What makes a fair and acceptable right to return to, control or own any bit of real estate on this ball of dirt?
Q: By what right did the Muslims conquer and thereafter rule Palestine in 638 AD? I mean, back then it was part of the Christendom empire of Byzantium (having previously been part of the Pagan empire of Rome… previously ruled by the Jewish Hasmoneans…)

A: Oh, that was ages ago! Why bring that up!? Palestine is Arab land, Palestine is Arab land, Palestine is Arab land… ‘cos, like, it was Arab before it was Jewish and I don’t like it being Jewish. So f*** off!


Okay. There are 300 million citizens of the USA. About 500,000 of them descend from First Nations.

Q: By what right did the Europeans effect a conquest upon the Americas and wipe out 95% of the indigenous population?
A: Oh come on! That was over 500 years ago! Why bring that up? This is totally irrelevant! Who cares what the Europeans did!? We’re criticising the Jews here ‘cos that way we don’t have to look at the sh** in our own history.

Let’s try one more time…?

Q: By what right do the Chinese invade and conquer Tibet – kick out its sacred ruler, the Dalai Lama, slaughter the people, destroy their culture…

A: The Chinese had always laid claim to Tibet, and were merely regaining a rebel province. They’d never rescinded that claim even though Tibet was partially or totally autonomous since 1350AD…like, over 600 years of “disputed territory” If China’s got it back, that’s okay. ‘Cos, like, there’s 1.3 billion Chinese and there’s only 13 million Jews…so it’s easier to shove Jews around…and, besides, China’s got a seat on the UN Security Council and Israel doesn’t.

All this is important because it sets a precedent for The United Nations to determine a new set of ‘rights’ – Rights of Land ownership, Rights of Possession, Rights of Return…that sort of thing.

To suggest that a two thousand year old Land Claim is somehow not valid because…because it’s, like really old…is logically indefensible and hypocritical in the extreme.

The Zionist claims are as honest or as fraudulent or as questionable as those of any other people.

In the Jewish case, it works like this:

1. Every other country we’ve ever lived in has hated us, persecuted us, been jealous of us and then kicked us out. They don’t want us to live anywhere. Frankly, they’d rather see us all just die out as a people to make a convenient solution to their Judenfrag. That ain’t gonna happen.

2. Israel is our ancient Land – we never gave it up. We’ve come back. Anyone wanting to stay has two choices – share or move out. You Arabs don’t seem to understand the meaning of the word “share”. (Remember 638AD… you know.. .that conquest thing…? “Once Islam, is always Islam”…? Yeah, right!)
2. You tried to wipe us out in 1948. You lost.
3. You tried to wipe us out in 1967. You lost.
4. You tried to wipe us out in 1973. You lost.
5. Anyone see a pattern here….?

This is a new commenter here. I haven’t the faintest idea if he’s Jewish or not. The arguments and the furious passion behind them are typical of Jewish Zionists, but Gentile Zionists often use these arguments too, and there are hundreds of millions of very dangerous Gentile Zionists on this planet too.

These ideas are so toxic that they demand to be confronted head-on and full-force every time they lift their heads out of the swamps where they reside.

This is typical Zionist crap, but it’s an exceptionally poisonous worldview.

The world has moved beyond the principle of conquering, annexing, ethnically cleansing and settling foreign lands via warfare, especially since the Geneva Conventions of 1947 and the establishment of the United Nations.

The fact that the Geneva Conventions and the UN threaten to end once and for all the principle of conquest, annexation, cleansing and settling of foreign lands via war is one reason that Zionists have singled out the UN and the Geneva Conventions for particular contempt. The Conventions and the UN stand in the way of their whole barbarian project.

The Zionist game says that this is the way it’s always been for humans (true) so this is the way it’s going to be. Further, as this fellow suggests, any and all aggrieved parties the world over now have a right to fight irredentist and revanchist wars to reclaim ancestral land that was stolen. Can you imagine the chaos?

Conquering and stealing land is the way that every nation on this Earth got formed. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the indigenous have renounced their rights to their land and agreed to share it with the invaders. The Arabs have not done this.

American Indians. Zionists always bring up the Indians. Americans acted like shits, so hey, Jews can be shits too. Anyone else can be shits to boot, forever and ever I guess.

Yes, in a less enlightened age, we conquered the Indians, they surrendered, and now we share the land with them. This is not a mirror of Israel – a State For the Non-Indians of the World. This is a state for all of us. The Indians can go anywhere in US, buy up any land, Hell, they can buy the whole place back if they want to. Indians are not second class citizens. In fact, they are super citizens. They have rights well above those of the rest of us. The comparison between Indians and Arabs is invalid.

As the boundaries of most nations are just lines drawn by invasion and ethnic cleansing, we have say that there is a time frame to get your land back, and once you renounce it, it is gone forever.

Otherwise, the Jews’ example means that everyone gets to go fight revanchist and irredentist wars all over the globe to reclaim all of their ancestral lands. No, the Jews do not get to go back to Palestine 2000 years after the fact and reconquer the land. Why? Because Arabs conquered it in 636? So? They didn’t even conquer it from Jews. Jews were long gone. They conquered it from Christians. Are Jews Christians? Didn’t think so.

Granted, the Jews are not the only such scumbags in the world today, but they are some of the worst.

That’s why there are so many UN resolutions against Israel. If you look at those UN resolutions, you will see that similar international outlaws as the Jews have also been slammed over and over by the UN on similar grounds.

The scofflaws: Indonesia over East Timor and West Papua. India over Kashmir. Turkey over Cyprus. Iraq over Kuwait. China over Tibet. Morocco over Spanish Sahara.

And Israel.

Notice anything about these outlaw countries? They all conquered other nations’ land in wars, annexed the territory to their state, and then conducted massacres and ethnic cleansing of the conquered peoples.

They are international outlaws, the state equivalent of the criminals you see on Wanted posters in the post office.

The Indians, the Indonesians, the Moroccans, the Jews, the Turks, the Chinese. All nationalist barbarians, every single nation. Twisted menace molded into state form.

China and Tibet? Most of us anti-Zionists also oppose China’s bullshit in Tibet too.

Anti-Semitism is a tragic thing, and it’s the cause of this whole mess. The anti-Semites created Israel. It’s their baby, they made it. The more anti-Semitism, the more the Jews cling to Israel and the last refuge in a murderous world. Obviously, more anti-Semitism is not the solution the mess in the Holy Land! The anti-Semites are as guilty in this outrage as the Jews. The Jews didn’t try to wipe themselves off the face of the Earth. The anti-Semites did.

The pogrom and persecution line of Jewish history is not very accurate. For one thing, Jews here in the West and the Anglosphere live extremely comfortable lives. There are some problems in France, but that’s all due to the Zionist Problem. There are problems in Russia, but Russians and Jews have never gotten along.

This group is .3% of the world’s population and they how much of the world’s wealth again? They control how much of the world’s media again? They even have the most powerful nation on Earth, with the biggest military, the US, utterly by the balls and totally controlled, no?

Oh, those poor, pitiful helpless Jews! Shivering in their hovels in the muddy streets of the Pale, waiting in terror for the Czar’s next pogrom! Please. Playing the pogrom and persecution “poor Jews” game with this elite of all elites ethnic group in 2010 is like sick comedy. Spare us.

Portraying this outrageously powerful group, which is now a major faction of the Oligarchy of the World, as latter day residents of the Warsaw Ghetto is ludicrous. Much worse: it’s a horrible insult to the starving, doomed Hebraic fighters in 1944 Poland.

One reason that the Jews are particularly dangerous with regard to Zionism, as opposed to the other barbarians who have been pursuing similar projects, namely Iraqis, Indonesians, Indians, Turks, Moroccans et al, is that those other primitives have no power in the world to speak of. They have little wealth, military power or media power. They’re flies in the Earth’s horse barn. They’re nothing.

So it is the power of the Jews combined with the menace of their barbaric conquest and annex project that makes them so uniquely dangerous.

Jewish minds sit in the world’s top think tanks, swarm the world’s weightiest corporations, fill the halls of law schools, crowd judges’ chambers and flood the Bar. They reign supreme in the most powerful government on Earth. They and their Gentile Zionist allies hold stupefying media power worldwide. None of that is necessarily a bad thing, except that they use this otherworldly power to push their Zionist project with Mach force.

And it’s not so much the project itself – a tussle of a tiny sliver of land – that is so nasty. It’s no worse than Morocco and Spanish Sahara. It’s more that the power of the Jews means that they have the potential to shred world governance and norms and the other scofflaws don’t. Further, if Zionism is ratified, as the poster above notes, logically, we have to open up the entire planet to a hornet’s nest of irredentism and revanchism based on claims going back at least 2000 years. How the Earth will be torn asunder!

But this is how it works. Jewish legal minds, the best on the Earth, pen brilliant defenses of the principles of conquest, annexation, ethnic cleansing and settlement of foreign lands via conquest and publish them in the world’s premiere legal journals.

Via their weighty think tanks, confetti of position papers and endless legal argumentation, they attack the UN and the principles of International Law like termites on speed. They’ve long ago set their scopes on the UN, the Geneva Conventions, the World Court, the whole thing. With their brains, power and money, they can blast holes in the Legal Fabric of the planet like no other group.

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Business As Usual

In the shitty little country, the Jews’ little hate state.

This is in East Jerusalem, mind you. Not the West Bank. East Jerusalem is not even considered to be part of the West Bank. It’s part of Israel, you know, the only democracy in the Middle East and all that shit. This is the way Israeli Jews treat humans inside their very own beacon of democracy, the City on a Hill. You know, the place where the “civilized Western Judeo-Christian (White) values” of the Jews is most starkly contrasted with the sheer animal viciousness of the Arab primitives. Or so the Jews would have it. Yeah right.

What I don’t get is how Israel gets the support of all these US liberals. I mean, the place is the living embodiment of a contradiction to so many values that we libs hold dear to our hearts.

The whole Israeli project reminds one of the Jim Crow South.

Can you imagine this in the US?

White cop calling an ambulance: “There is someone injured…” White ambulance dispatcher: “White person or a nigger?” White cop: “It’s a nig.” White dispatcher, sneering: “Call the SPCA. We don’t pick up injured animals.” White cop: Laughs. Black boy continues lying bleeding in the street while cackling Whites with evil smirking grins prance around and throw stones at Black people. “Nigger go home!” They yell gleefully as the Blacks, faces clouded in shame, scuttle away.

Now, just replace White with Jew and nigger and Black with Arab and you’ve got the Israeli project in a nutshell.

And the same liberal Whites who recoil in horror at the Jim Crow South squirm their reluctant praise for Israel, all because it’s Jews being the shits, and not White Gentiles. And you know, the Jews got killed in the Ho-lo-caust and all that. So they get to be shits for decades, or centuries, or until we forget the Shoah.

I was talking to a nice White liberal the other day. I told her that the Palestinians believe in Replacement Theology, because it implies that there’s no religious justification for Israel in Christianity. She sighed and said, “They’re all nuts.” I said, “Well, they got their land stolen. They don’t agree with that. What are they supposed to do, pack up and go to some other Arab country?” She gave a disgusted sigh and said, “They might as well.”

This wouldn’t be ok if anyone else but Jews was doing it. This particular White liberal is Judeophilic like so many millions of US White Gentiles, and this leads her to excuse in Jews what she would condemn in anyone else.

I can’t see any liberal supporting Israel.

I can see rightwingers supporting them. They eat oppression, imperialism, colonialism, land theft and discrimination for breakfast every morning. Those are practically conservative values.

If you object to that, then they are surely fascist and racist values. The behavior of those Israelis in that piece above is typical of many fascist states. It’s also typical of racist societies around the world. If we are anti-fascist and anti-racist liberals, what in God’s name are we doing supporting Israel?


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Why Are All Racists and Sexists Reactionaries?

This is something I don’t really understand.

Lots of Black people act bad. Before you say Whites do too, there’s way more bad Blacks actors than bad White actors, percentage-wise. Living in a poor all-White town was instructive, as was moving to a poor Hispanic town. It finally made me realize that this fucked-up behavior doesn’t have much to do with economics. Sure, there were idiots in the White town. But it seemed like in the Hispanic town there were 3 times more of them per capita, and the bad actors acted about 3 times worse than the White bad actors. Of course I’m guessing here, but that’s my perception.

I figure in a poor Black town, there will be 8-9 times more bad actors per capita, and I figure they will act 8-9 times worse than White bad actors.

So really it’s not a case of bad actors. Kids of every race act like shits. But to us Whites, it seems like the Hispanic and Black bad actors are way worse than our own and there’s way more of them to boot.

It’s pretty clear that once a White city turns Hispanic or Black, there’s a decline in all sorts of variables. It’s much worse in the case of a White city turning Black, and this process has been viewed in realtime by millions of Americans. As a general rule, the city turns into a crime and squalor ridden Hellhole.

Given these obvious facts, I really don’t understand why the only White racists are reactionaries. Aren’t there any White liberals who are tired of Blacks and Hispanics too?

And why are racists so reactionary in every other way, too? They usually hate all of modernity – modern art, modern literature, modern music, modern culture, recreational drugs, the Sexual Revolution, the works. I don’t get it. If you’re a racist, you don’t like to rock out, get high and fuck your brains out? Why not? Aren’t there White dopers, rockers and sex freaks that are tired of minorities too? Aren’t there any Whites who dig David Bowie, Thomas Pynchon, Marcel Duchamp and Picasso, yet can’t stand Blacks? If not, why not?

Why do most White racists support Israel? Because, Arabniggers being an inferior race and all, it was cool of the superior White Jews to steal their land, kill them and ruin their lives? Why was that an ok thing to do? Because one is a superior race and the other is an inferior race? Really? So the superior races just get to kill the inferior races, ruin their lives and steal their land, everywhere on Earth, simply due to their superiority? Is there anything that is not ok for the superior to do to the inferior?

Anyway, why, just based on religion or test scores of whatever, does one race get to deliberately fuck over another one anyway? On what basis? Superiority? If so, wow, what an appalling mindset!

I’ve noticed something else. Sexists are all reactionaries too. There are plenty of woman-hating sites all over the Net. They’re pretty entertaining, but they’re all reactionary. I don’t get it. Women are a pain in the ass, and lots of normal humans end up having had quite enough of them. Hell, I know women who don’t like women. Aren’t there any liberals who’ve had it up to here with female shenanigans too?

Racist and sexist ideology aside, the more you learn about racists and sexists, the less appealing racism and sexism is based, if not on ideology, then at least on the reactionary assholes who are attracted to it.

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KKK's of the US and Israel

Repost from the old site.
A good joke – the notion that Nazis, White Supremacists, White nationalists, White pride types, etc., give two tenths of 1% of a shit about Palestinian Arab “muds”, “mud-people”, “sand niggers”, “non-Whites”, etc.
You’ve got to be kidding. You guys just use the Palestinian thing as a stick to beat your hated Jews with.
The only people who make sense on this are White nationalist racists who are logically allied with more or less White, more or less European, civilized, Judeo-Christian, Israeli Jews against Arab, Muslim, Palestinian non-White barbarians.
These White nationalists see the US as a White nation and wish to marry ethnicity with nationality. They wish to deny non-Whites the full rights of citizenship in the US. They support segregation, Jim Crow, the South in the Civil War, apartheid South Africa and getting rid of anti-discrimination laws.
Israel is the state of all of the Jews of the world, not the state of its citizens. In other words, non-Jews in Israel are not full citizens of the state and are possibly not even philosophically members of the state at all. The notion of racial or ethnic separatism, the backbone of White nationalism, reverberates throughout the Jewish state.
There are Jews-only towns, roads, cities, schools, you name it. 93% of state land is reserved for Jews-only, almost all of it stolen from the native Arabs.
No matter how you look at it, the Zionist project has much in common with the White racialist one today and yesterday. Principled White racists ought to support Jewish racism (Zionism) the same way they support Black separatism. Principled non-racists and anti-racists ought to oppose Zionism the same way that they opposed segregation and Jim Crow and supported civil rights and anti-discrimination law.
Too many Nazi types don’t make sense. Jews are terrible because they ended legalized White racism in America (that is, they are faulted for being the leading edge of anti-racism in the West), while at the same time they are faulted for creating a racist Jewish state in the Middle East.
What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Racism is either good or bad. You’re either for it or against it. If you’re for it, you need to reserve everyone the right to practice it, in their own separatist communities to be most consistent. If you’re against it, you need to oppose it all the time, not just oppose it when Jews do it and support it when US Whites and German Nazis do.
Israel is the corollary of the KKK dream for America; it’s the state of the KKK-Jews. Principled White racists ought to look on Israel as a model for the exclusionary vision that they purport to pursue.
If we oppose KKK racist White types in the US, progressives really need to oppose the KKK-Jews in Israel too. This political formulation is not too difficult, folks. Think about it.

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Time To Apologize For The Deicide?

In a comment on the We Killed Jesus and We are Proud Of It! post, a Colombian commenter says that I am wrong for suggesting that the Jews apologize for the Deicide:

Apologizing for Deicide? that’s outright moronic. Deicide charges were leveled against the Jews by the early Church fathers, who were conveniently oblivious to the fact that the very first Christians were Jews themselves. And were consistently used as an excuse to persecute the Jews in Europe for centuries. It sounds to me like a lame PC attempt to create a Jewish counterpart to white guilt.

Some of the usual arguments are laid out here. Jesus himself was Jew, and so were those who killed him, so the charge is absurd on its face.
However, Talmudic Judaism, or modern-day Judaism, is clearly the spiritual descendant of the Pharisees. It was the Pharisees and Phariseeism that Jesus and his disciples were fleeing in terror from. Recall the NT sections where the Disciples say, “The Jews are after us!” as they run and hide all over the Galilee.
Any honest Rabbi will tell you that they were hiding from the followers of the Pharisees. The same honest Rabbi will also tell you that Talmudic Judaism is the spiritual descendant of Phariseeism. In fact, a Conservative Rabbi admitted both of those things to me.
Super-Jews make a big deal about Christianity being de facto anti-Semitic by the very nature of the New Testament.
Making Christianity safe for the Abe Foxman crowd would mean excising the entire NT. That leaves Christians with the OT, at which time all of us Christians may as well just to convert to Judaism and get it over with. The fundamentalist Protestants are very Judeophilic, and we can see this in their fetishism of the decrepit and frankly Jewish Old Testament. In that sense, paradoxically, they are less Christian than an NT-only “Jesusist” like me.
In a way, the Super Jews are right. Let’s not kid ourselves. Jesus, as Reform a Jew as ever lived, came, said, “I’m the Messiah, and the Law is abrogated.” The law is the Hebraic Laws and Rules that the Jews live under.
In his revolutionary overturning of this archaic and reactionary code, Jesus offered a new code, one of Mercy. Mercy is clearly absent from much of the OT. The God of the OT is clearly not one of Mercy either; he’s a cruel and capricious fellow, but He’s the God of the Jews, so they can have him.
The God of the NT is a different fellow altogether. He’s forgiving and kind, and the fire and brimstone, the genocides, the wars, the ethnic cleansing, the leveling of cities with fire and turning humans into Dresden-like fried pillars – that’s all under the dam, past and gone.
The Jews were offered a choice – to follow the new Messiah or to be passed over. They didn’t follow him, so their religion was abrogated, and the torch was passed to the new religion, the Christianity. To us Christians, Judaism is old hat. At one time, sure, it was the law of the land all right, but we’ve since moved on.
To us, Judaism is spiritual roadkill. Sure it’s part of our heritage, but so was Homo Erectus. We’ve moved along now. There is no Judeo-Christian religion anymore than there is a Judeo-Muslim religion or an Islamo-Christian religion. They’re just not the same thing. Pat Robertson and all are on theological thin ice shilling for the Jews of Israel. Why not shill for the Hindus or the Muslims? It’s makes about as much sense theologically.
This leads us to Replacement Theology. I’m a follower of this. The Jews have been replaced by the Christians. Judaism has been replaced by Christianity. Further, the Jews no longer get Israel either. After the NT, the (Christian) Church is the New Israel. The Jews contract with that land was abrogated also. Sure, God gave the land to the Jews, but the NT abrogates that deed of title.
Another argument against the Deicide charge is leveled by Jews. Even if we did it, they say, it was a good thing, as the Deicide was necessary for the unfolding of Christianity. Well of course. But that’s not why I say apologizing is a good idea.
The Jewish religion, in particular the Orthodox, has traditionally taken the position that Jesus was a Jewish heretic who was tried in a Jewish court, convicted, and received appropriate punishment. The Talmud is full of hostile references to Jesus. It’s true that Jesus was a Jew, but it’s also true that Talmudic Judaism is the spiritual heir to the Pharisees.
The Jews want it both ways. According to their religion, they state that Jewish was a Jewish heretic who was tried by the Jews and got what he deserved. Then, to the Gentiles, they deny this. Some Orthodox are honest and say, “Hey, we did kill him, and it was a good thing!” This happens quite a bit in Israel, by the way. The usual response of the other Jews is the typical, “Are you trying to start a pogrom?” screeching.
I don’t really care. What’s done is done. But I think it is grossly unfair for the Jews to demand that other religions like the Catholics amend their anti-Jewish teachings while at the same time, the Jews refuse to amend their anti-Christian teachings. But then, it’s just typical Jewish hypocrisy du jour. Hypocrisy goes with Jews like lox goes with cream cheese. Jewish hypocrisy is related to Jewish hyperethnocentrism in that all nationalists are hypocrites. Think about it.
Sure it’s dumb to hold folks responsible for something their ancestors did 2000 years ago, but if the Jews are still crowing about it (the Orthodox are) and if the Jewish religion still stubbornly states, “We did it and what about it?”, an apology certainly makes sense.
As a philosemite, in a way I’m interested in what’s good for the Jews. One thing that’s bad for the Jews is anti-Semitism. My position is that Jews promoting anti-Semitism is bad for the Jews, so don’t do it, Jews. It is in this sense that I advocate an apology and some official amending of Judaism (Is that even possible?) as the Jews demanded of the Pope at Vatican II in 1965.

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Beyond The Pale Is Where You Want To Be

Reacting to my recent post about the Net Left basically refusing to link to me (I don’t necessarily give a damn really, and most of the folks who would show up I would probably have to ban sooner or later from the Comments), Lafayette Sennacherib posted the comment below, which I am posting.

And they are such hypocrites about this ‘no platform for fascists’ bit (It also includes no platform for anyone who claims that Jews have anything to do with Israel). Take the British Leftie bloggers (I don’t know the US ones apart from the mindnumbingly pompous Jewish agent Louis Proyect) Socialist Unity (Andy Newman) or Lenin’s Tomb: They would bar you for life for linking to David Duke, but both link to Harry’s Place.
Now, David Duke opposed the war in Iraq and advocates nothing more extreme than racial separatism (which I disagree with), like black leader Louis Farrakhan, and pointedly dissociates himself from White Supremacism (of course he is a racist but…).
Harry’s Place on the other hand, claims to be Left (‘humanitarian’, ‘decent’ left – you know the rest), but is a blatant Jewish race-hate site, hosting the most vile anti-Islam and anti-Arab filth, masses of it and constantly; and they supported, justified and lied to support and enable, advocated for the US policies that have so far killed at least 3 million (US arming of Saddam during the Iran-Iraq war, the Gulf war, the sanctions, the Iraq invasion, the ongoing genocide in Palestine), and deprived the whole of Iraq and Palestine of education, healthcare and adequate food and housing.
The Harry’s Place lot are as guilty of this as Goebbels and Streicher were for Hitler’s sins. But the Lefties have no problem linking to HP; many of them post there regularly; and they allow the vile pervert David T. (who runs the shithole) and others to post on their own blogs. So what has David Duke (or Robert Lindsay) done to compare with this? Who have they killed?
Chomsky, in his essay which was used (without his permission) for the intro to one of Robert Faurisson (Holocaust revisionist), in his defense of Faurisson’s free speech talked about the ‘Left’s’ “… ongoing commitment to totalitarian and Stalinist practices…” [ ok, I disagree with him about Stalin]. They’re no different now.
They are committed to a top-down vanguardist structure, where the leaders (unelected and mostly Jews of course) decide what can be said. This is exactly the opposite of ‘the working class in power’ that they claim to want; it is the opposite of the effective, informed democracy that most of us would like to see.
These weirdo Trots and the career bureaucrat trade unionists who still call themselves Communists – these are not a ‘Left’; as Chomsky (again) said, “The Leninists have done nothing in recent years but disrupt populist movements.” That’s it. Dishearten and discourage. Mystify, bewilder and bore.
These people are an obstacle standing between the working class and an effective Left movement. There can be no doubt whatsoever that they are infiltrated to the point that their policies are effectively decided (or at least vetoed) by the secret security services of the capitalist states and the Zionists of course.
Beyond their pale is where you want to be.

I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says here, but there are many good posts.
First, Proyect is not a Jewish agent; instead, he’s Jewish, 500 years kosher as I see it.
Duke is definitely a White Supremacist, and I don’t like his type one bit. He’s one nasty piece of work. All these White nationalists are White Supremacists in one way or another. There are a few who think that Northeast Asians are better than Whites, but that’s a rare bird. The racial separatist impulse is automatically based on supremacism, which is one reason I can’t stand any racial separatism.
For a case in point, look at Zionism. A racial separatist system. Let’s look at some more: Apartheid, Jim Crow, sundown laws, restrictive covenants, redlining, ethnic cleansing, “population transfers.” This is where racial separatism leads, right into the sewer. Think about it. Racial supremacism must logically lead to either apartheid, expulsion or extermination. There are no other alternatives; that’s the only road it can head down.
That said, I have nothing but contempt for any of the individuals above, and by the way, Louis Proyect has also pre-emptively banned me from his Marxist Mailing List, even though I’ve never applied to join. If I ever do, I’m already pre-banned. The banning grounds were that I’m a racist and a fascist.
And it’s true that the British Net Left has apparently banned links to me under some “no platform for fascism” crap.
This fascist stuff cracks me up. I hate fascists. I’m a fascist? What the Hell, man?

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The Jews Threw the Blacks Out of the Pool

The recent imbroglio over the private swim club renting out space to a summer day camp for Black kids and then revoking the membership when 65 Black kids actually showed up to swim has been in the papers a lot lately.
What you don’t hear is that the suburb, Lower Moreland, is significantly Jewish (the Jewish population is 8% – four times the national average), and that some members of board of the private club who voted to revoke the membership of the Black kids’ club were also Jewish (One board member’s name is Amy Goldman). The next suburb over is Wilmont Heights, now a heavily Russian community. Most of those Russians are actually Russian Jews.
For links to the significant Jewish community extant at the club in question (the Valley Club),  see here from Web Archive – The Silverman Community Day, April 30th, Bryn Athyn Hockey Rink.
So basically the Jews threw the Black kids out of the pool. The President of club, ethnicity unknown, could be a stand-in for a typical liberal Jew. He voted for Obama, feted Martin Luther King recently, and made a show of renting out space to inner city summer camps. Then when the Black kids actually show up, it’s NIMBY time.
As usual with Jews, it’s do as I say, not as I do. Jews are the most wonderful friends the Blacks ever had, until a Black family moves in next door.
Hypocrisy, thy name is Jew. I haven’t yet figured out all the mental meanderings, defensive structures, complexes and whatnot are lurking behind the Jewish Hypocrisy Structure, but Jewish Hypocrisy is probably a major driver of anti-Semitism. I generally like Jews pretty much, but their hypocrisy really sends me up the wall, or maybe even through the wall, sometimes. If it does that to a Judeophile, think of what it does to your average semi-Judeophobe fence-sitter.
The Jews are always promoting the ideas of non-Whites having sex with Whites*, mass immigration to White countries**, Blacks are just fine, go ahead and move into their wonderful neighborhoods***.
What we ought to say to the Jews is, “You first!”
How many Jews think it’s cool that their precious JAP is dating some thuggish Black guy with gold chains, rims and a grill?
How many Jews think it’s cool that we just go ahead and flood their shitty little country with, say, 50,000 assimilation-hostile, crime-prone Gentiles a year?
How many Jews are just itching to leave their lily-White upscale neighborhoods and move into a majority-Black town?
You first, Jews.
*I am not opposed to Whites dating, breeding with or marrying non-Whites. I’ve been dating non-White women since I was 16. Most of my friends have done this too, a brother has married an Asian woman and has a Hapa daughter and a cousin married a Black woman and has a mixed-race son.
**I am not opposed to non-White legal immigration to the US, but I want to reduce all legal immigration to the US to possibly 350,000/yr., initiate a points system and eliminate chain and family reunification immigration. I want to end illegal immigration and revoke the anchor baby nonsense in the Constitution.
***I am an integrationist, but nevertheless, tragically, White flight is often justified.

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Jews and Anti-White Activities – A Puzzle

It’s pretty well-known that Jews are behind a lot of PC nonsense, and much of the anti-White propaganda that constitutes multicultural studies seems to be written by Jews. Cultural Marxism, the Godfather of Political Correctness, was formulated by a Jewish Marxist named Herbert Marcuse. Whiteness Studies, an interesting field that unfortunately is Ground Zero for anti-White propaganda, seems to have been invented by Jews.
It’s well-known that Jews were behind the rewriting of the 1965 Immigration Act which opened the floodgates of non-White immigration to the US*. Since then, they have been one of the leading supporters of continuing mass non-White legal immigration and even illegal immigration to the US.
Affirmative action seems to have been a heavily Jewish project, though most Jews seem to oppose it now.
A friend of mine is taking a sociology class now that he calls “Anti-White Studies.” The professor is Jewish. He’s been gone recently, and another professor came in to sub for him. The sub professor was Jewish too.
The worst White self-hating anti-racist PC loons and nutjobs are often Jews or half-Jews, such as Tim Wise (half-Jewish) and Noel Ignatiev. Given all this, it’s no wonder that White nationalist types often don’t like Jews. Who could blame them?
There is a big debate going on about why Jews do this. One side of the debate, the philosemitic side, says they do it out of out of liberalism or for other reasons, or anyway, they are not “acting as Jews” when they do it. Instead, they are, say, “acting as liberals, not Jews.” The other side says that yes they do do it as Jews, and that they have specifically Jewish reasons for doing this. Various reasons are then listed.
It’s an important question, and I have wondered about it for a very long time. I still don’t have all the answers, because I still can’t figure out a lot of Jewish behavior.
First of all, who are the Jews? The Jews are White; they are a White tribe. They are best seen as a strange White tribe that refuses to identify as White and is hostile to all the other White tribes! They are sort of like a traitorous White tribe, as opposed to being non-Whites. A friend who is on Match.com says maybe 50% of the Jews there do not even identify as White. Instead they check something stupid like “Middle Easterner.”
It’s clear that Jews have it in for the rest of the Whites.
Before I continue any further, I would like to say that I don’t blame Jews for feeling this way, and if I were Jewish, I would feel this way too. That said, I feel that this Jewish mindset is ultimately self-destructive and hence bad for the Jews.
Jews fought with all or most all other White tribes the whole time they were in Europe, so they don’t like any other White tribes. This is an historical battle, and most Jews have not forgotten it and continue to carry on this fight. Further, the last time a bunch of Whites got together as ethnocentric Whites, they tried to wipe every Jew off the face of the Earth (I’m no Holocaust denier).
So for the Jew, White ethnocentrism simply = genocide. That’s all there is to it. In addition, every time the other White tribes got nationalistic, they always said that the Jews were not part of the nation, and they attacked them as aliens. So Jews are hostile to the independent nationalisms of all of the other White tribes because historically, it has been bad for the Jews. Once again, who can blame them?
Now, we do have some records of US Jews saying that White race replacement in the US will be good for the Jews. One prominent Jew is on record as saying that once US Whites get below 50%, it will be a great day for the Jews. Why? Because then a Nazi-type White ethnocentric political party can never rise in the US after that. Their worst worry will be over.
Now, it’s possible that some Jews in other White countries may be working for the same agenda, but we don’t have any direct evidence.
So the goal behind some Jews promoting White race replacement would simply be “Never again!”
Now, how many Jews promoting mass non-White immigration to White countries actually think like this? Who knows? You don’t often hear them come out and say it anyway.
Keep in mind that Jews were typically immigrants to many White nations. So they see anti-immigrant stuff as hurting Grandma Esther on Ellis Island. Personally, I think Jews are bonkers to be importing all these millions of super anti-Semitic Hispanics, but I guess their other commitments blind them to that.
Also, Jews see immigration restriction as automatically feeding back into nativism and nationalism, which sooner or later has a tendency to come back around and bite the Jews on the ass. So there may be a knee-jerk reaction to it on that basis.
Jewish promotion of mass non-White immigration seems to go hand in hand with anti-White politics in general. When you look for the craziest, most whacked out White self-hate movements, it always seems like there are a bunch of Jews leading the charge. Jews do not make up all of the membership of these movements by any means, but they seem to be the major part of the spearhead forging away at the bow of the movement.
Similarly, Jews scream racism constantly at other Whites, and are usually incredible hypocrites at the same time. I am starting to think a reasonable mathematical equation is Jew = hypocrite. A couple of Jews called me racist recently for particularly stupid reasons, and I’m still mad about it. Both of these idiots make good money and live far away from The Diversity. Both are very ethnocentric Jews and one married another Jew. Yet they deny the right of ethnocentrism to me.
So, no, these Jews are not promoting the non-White immigration wave due to their liberalism or whatever, and it’s not correct to say that they are not acting as Jews. They are acting as Jews, period and in a whole host of other objectively anti-White activities.
*I do not support ending all non-White immigration to the US like most other White advocates. However, I would like to end illegal immigration for good, reinterpret the Constitution to get rid of the anchor baby madness, and reduce legal immigration to maybe 350,000/yr. I’m not opposed to non-White immigration to the US, and most of them may make fine Americans. My position is that anyone of any race can be an American.

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"We Killed Jesus and We're Proud of It!"

Repost from the old site. This video shows what I call the Jewish Nazis, these ones from Israel. This is basically a Commie antifa blog, and we hate Nazis and fascists both pretty much. I mean, every time they get into power, we are the first people who they come kill. Recall that the Jews were the fourth to be persecuted by the Nazis – first the Communists, then the socialists, then the trade unionists, and finally the Jews. So we hate Jewish Nazis, and really all Nazis for that matter.
This video is often hard to find, and it tends to keep disappearing from wherever it shows up on the web. My old copy went dead a while back. This one just went up on Youtube 5 days ago, and it will probably get pulled pretty soon. Youtube’s getting pretty PC-awful about pulling videos on the basis of “racism.” Super-Jews are going to complain that this video is racist against and I guess Youtube is going to pull it after that.
This fascinating video from the Tel Rumeida district in Hebron in the (West Bank) shows outrageously arrogant Orthodox Jewish Israeli settlers threatening Christian peacemakers – threatening to break their cameras, threatening them with death, and cursing Jesus.
The words are shocking: “We killed Jesus and we’re proud of it! We’ll kill you and the Palestinians both! This is our land – God gave it to us! Fuck you and your Jesus!”
As usual with ultranationalist Jews (and all ultranationalists of all groups), when they attack other races, they project their chauvinism and racism onto the victims of their own supremacism. In this case, note how the settler refers to the peacemakers over and over as “Nazis”. The only people that even remotely resemble Nazis in this video are the Jewish settlers.
Keep in mind that the settlers are amongst the most militant and crazy of the Jews living in the Territories (admittedly, a tough call). Many are associated with the illegal Kach movement associated with Meir Kahane. The Israeli government has designated parts of Eastern Hebron as part of settlement enclaves for radical Jews who have moved into the area.
There are three small Jewish settlements in Tel Rumeida, spaced apart. But these Jews are in the process of trying to force out the remaining Palestinians in the area. The Palestinians have become prisoners in their own districts to a greater degree than anywhere else in the West Bank. More on this in a future post.
Let us note that not all Jews act like these militant settlers. Probably many American Jews, and some Israeli Jews, might be outraged by this behavior. So it’s wrong to use the behavior of these settlers as a reason to hate Jewish people in general.
I found this video terrifying. This is the kind of crap that the Palestinians have to put up with every single day of their lives.
It’s perfectly legitimate for Palestinian freedom fighters to wage armed struggle against both the adult settlers who stole their land and the Israeli military that protects them. It’s just as legitimate as the armed resistance of Geronimo or Sitting Bull. If the settlers don’t like getting shot at, they can move back inside the Green Line.
Note that this radical Jew takes pride in killing Jesus. This is a longstanding theme of many Orthodox Jews. Those who are angry about the Deicide have a right to be upset at those particular Jews who openly take credit for it.
But at the same time, I agree it is wrong to blame, hate and attack Jewish people at large for killing Jesus, a Jewish rabbi, something that happened 2000 years ago, and for which both the Jewish leadership and the Roman occupiers were responsible.
But if Jews really want to significantly reduce the Deicide charge (echoing Gilad Atzmon), why don’t they apologize on behalf of their ancestors? After all, the Jews have demanded apologies of everyone else for their anti-Jewish behavior. If such a move stood a chance of significantly reducing anti-Semitism, wouldn’t it be a risk worth taking?
But that’s not the Jewish way – never has been. Along with “never forgive” and “never forget”, let us remember, is “never say you are sorry”. And so the sorry cycle continues.
As the brave Israeli humanist Israel Shahak noted in Jewish Religion, Jewish History, The Weight of 3000 Years (A great read!), the other side of the coin of anti-Semitism is Jewish chauvinism. Until and unless there is a diminishment of Jewish chauvinism, anti-Semitism is likely to be a serious continuing problem in our world.

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Jews Who Pretend To Be Nazis

Repost from the old site. This post has been accused of anti-Semitism, but I disagree. I agree that anti-Semitism exists, and should be opposed, my definition being an irrational fear or hatred of Jews. Perhaps we have some warring definitions going on here. My site also has a no anti-Semitism policy and two posters have been banned for incessant anti-Semitism.
A Jewish fellow just came by this blog and left me this Nazi-like message, urging the killing of all Jews, implying that I support such insanity, and trying to claim that my blog promotes the notion of the extermination of the Jews. This fellow is well known and either acts alone or as part of a group.
He used to live in Chicago but recently has relocated to New York. He or his group now operates out of Jamaica, New York and a university in New York. He or his group usually writes comments and emails under the names Tom Phillips or Sam Jones. He is also a strong supporter of Israel (Zionist) and has strong feelings against the Palestinians.
Hence, he typically writes about how the Palestinians are Nazis and are trying to carry out Hitler’s Final Solution and how the Palestinians’ supporters need to cheer them on in this endeavor. Here is what he wrote in my comments:

[name withheld] wrote the following:
Robert, thanks once again for helping to convey the message of white patriots like myself. The subhuman degenerate Jews are indeed a hideous cancer in our midst -and it is excellent to see the awakening of people like you and your readers on this issue.
Hopefully, this will lead to enough people taking the necessary (or should I say “final”?) actions to see that this situation is PERMANENTLY reversed. If ever a race of so-called people DESERVE to be “gassed to death in ovens”, it’s the Jews! If this ever comes to pass, we will have blogs like yours to thank.

Note the Nazi-style nature of the anti-Semitism that he is writing here. He’s obviously a smart fellow and he has tailed his fake anti-Semitism to mirror well the particular anti-Semitism of the Nazis, their allies and their modern-day supporters.
His objectives are various:

  • To tag me as a Nazi-style anti-Semite bent on the extermination of Jews.
  • To promote Nazi-style exterminationist anti-Semitism amongst me and people like me – supporters of the Palestinians, critics of Israel and critics of the Jews. As persons in these groups move towards Nazism, it will be easier to destroy them through the classic Jewish technique of character assassination (no one does it better). In this, he is serving as the Jewish version of an agent provocateur – the equivalent of the guy who shows up at the Communist Party meeting saying, “Hey let’s go set off a bomb!”
  • To associate me and my blog, which merely criticizes Israel and Jews in a most mild manner (in addition to critiquing just about everything else on Earth) with Nazi-style exterminationist anti-Semitism.

There are quite a few Jews who engage in this sort of profoundly perverse behavior, and they have been doing so for at least 100 years. Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism, reportedly encouraged Cossack gangs to destroy Jewish property in Russia in order to fan anti-Semitism and encourage Jews to support Zionism.
Israeli agents attacked Jewish targets in Iraq to encourage Jews to flee to Israel. Israel bombed a synagogue in Beirut during the Civil War, probably on purpose, probably for the same reason – to encourage Jews to flee. The former head of the World Zionist Organization famously remarked around 1960 that any serious decline in anti-Semitism would seriously endanger Israel.
The implication was that anti-Semitism in the Diaspora was good for Israel. The more anti-Semitism in the Diaspora, the more Diaspora Jews will want to come to the Jewish state to escape anti-Semitism. Jews (particularly young Jewish males) are often arrested for writing gross anti-Semitic graffiti – KILL THE JEWS!, vandalizing Jewish cemeteries and even faking anti-Semitic assaults.
Is there any other ethnic group on Earth that fakes attacks on itself? Do Hispanics write graffiti saying, “Kill the Spics!”? Granted, there have a few scattered cases of Blacks faking racist attacks on themselves. Do Asians write “Kill the Gooks!” all over their own neighborhoods? Do Arabs write emails saying, “Kill all Arabs now!”?
Can anyone find any other ethnic group, anywhere on Earth, that engages in such perverse behavior to any significant degree?
I wonder what your ordinary, fairly sane Jewish person thinks of Jews who do this? Do they think they are good for the Jews? Do they think it’s understandable? Do they deny that it exists? Do they lash out and attack anyone who brings it up as an anti-Semite? Just wondering…
Seeking out answers, the $64,000 question is, how did the Jews survive in the Diaspora for 2000 years? It’s the racism, stupid. They did it by cultivating racist attitudes towards the surrounding non-Jewish communities. This was particularly true in Europe, where the Ashkenazim were under a virtual dictatorship of the rabbis for 1000 years (This was the so-called Golden Age of Orthodox Judaism.).
Elaborate strictures were put into place to keep Jews from mingling with Gentiles. Not that such mingling was bad per se, but if left unmolested, it could lead Jews marrying non-Jews, and at some point, the Jews would simply breed themselves out of existence. The only way to survive was to keep Jews breeding amongst themselves.
In Medieval Spain, the penalty for a Jewish woman who had sex with a Gentile was to have her nose cut off. Many of the infamous Jewish ghettos were actually built by Jews themselves to keep themselves from mingling much with Gentiles. Until the early 1800’s, no religious European Jew would think of eating with a non-Jew, nor would he even have tea with a Gentile.
While Christian hatred of Jews in Europe was substantial and sometimes deadly, on the other hand, Jewish rabbis, for their part, preached hatred of Christians and Christianity in Europe for many centuries. It’s quite probable that the desire of this group to remain apart from others did quite a bit to stimulate distrust and anti-Semitism amongst the Gentiles.
From AD 200 to the early 1800’s, a religious European Jew was required to spit in the direction of any church he walked past. On Christian holidays in Europe, a Jew was required to pray for Jesus to suffer in Hell. Even recently, the ceremony to convert to Judaism in Israel, given over to the ultra-Orthodox of Kibbutz Sa’ad and financed by the Israeli government, required spitting on the cross.
In the 1950’s. there was a major furor in Israel when an Israeli postage stamp had a drawing of Bethlehem with a church and a tiny cross visible on top. The government eventually had to redo the stamp to wipe out the cross.
A similar crisis occurred when it was revealed that Jewish children were forced to write a cross when they wrote a plus sign in math class. In the early 1970’s, the government then decided that, in all secular schools, in most Hebrew elementary and some Hebrew high schools, Jewish Israeli children, alone on Earth, write an upside down “t instead of a cross for the plus sign.
In order to keep the Jews from outbreeding, it was also important to remind the Jews that all Gentiles harbored permanent metaphysical hatred of Jews inside themselves. In those Gentiles who seemed friendly, this hatred had merely not been revealed yet. Thus a Jewish culture of paranoia and masochism, a culture that needed and cultivated enemies for its own survival, was created and nourished.
Hence, large number of Jews are afflicted with what Jewish psychologist Stanley Rothman calls a paranoid-masochistic character. Here is Rothman and Jewish co-author S. Robert Lichter, quoting Jewish psychoanalysts Jules Nydes and Theodor Reik on this character:

[Jewish psychologist Jules] Nydes argues that such individuals [representing the “paranoid masochistic character”] tend to see themselves and groups within which they identify as victims who are being persecuted. This sense of persecution derives partly from unconscious feelings of guilt.
The paranoid masochistic person engages in aggression against others because he or she expects to be attacked.
His aggression, which is accompanied by feelings of self-righteousness, is rarely satisfying. Indeed, he can often achieve gratification only when he is punished, and the punishment is interpreted as confirming his preconceived sense of persecution…The typology is suggestive.
[Jewish psychoanalyst] Theodore Reik, who was Nyde’s teacher, suggested that a ‘paranoid masochistic’ personality structure is modal among Jews.

Rothman on the Jewish need for anti-Semitism:

For some Jews and perhaps some of the Jewish leadership, the fear is that if anti-Semitism completely disappears then the Jewish community might erode or dissolve.

Rothman is presently Director of the Center for the Study of Social and Political Change at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.
With those two fine Rothman quotes, we leave you to intertwine them with the mysteries of so many things: the behavior of the Jewish state and its Israeli Lobby in the US, the baffling behavior of many Jews towards the often largely hallucinated phenomenon of anti-Semitism, and the behavior of young Jewish men, who, in ultimate perversity, mimic Nazis.

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