Hot Black Women: Trinidad and Tobago

Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago. The woman on the lower left is incredibly beautiful. She also has African features and dark skin.

The woman next to her actually looks Asian. Many of the guys appear Amerindian, but a friend of mine who lives in Trinidad and Tobago (T &T) told me that they are mixed with East Indian, Black and White. Strange. How do you mix those three and come up with an Amerindian look?

How could any White man look at that Black woman and not think she is beautiful? You know, growing up White, we were all socialized to think that all Black women are ugly. The socialization continues into adulthood. A lot of us never bought it, but it kind of sinks in anyway.

I suspect that this woman may be mixed race? Some of the most beautiful Black women of all are fairly mixed. We have some Black women around here who look like this woman. A couple of them are part Black, part White and part Indian, creole from Arkansas. One of them also has Filipino. Her sister won a beauty contest here in the Central Valley. She’s a knockout!

Creoles from Louisiana and Arkansas do have more White in them than other Blacks. I’ve known a few of them and they take great pride in this. It’s kind of funny actually. They think they are better than other Blacks because they have more White in them. Creoles also associate with Whites a lot, and often seem to get along with them pretty well. One Creole woman I know refers to other Blacks as “niggers,” but it’s like she’s not one herself. She’s Creole! She’s better! It’s funny.

The Trinidadians are said to be some of the most mixed race people on Earth. Black Trinidadians are 45% Black, 25% White, 25% East Indian and the other 5% is Asian and Amerindian.

There are two schools of thought about mixed race people. The White nationalists say that mixed race people are automatically ugly mutts. There is another group who thinks they often look better than the purer races. I suppose it’s possible to get the worst physical qualities of both races. The Whites used to say that about the “half-breed” Indian-White mixes in the Old West – they had the worst qualities of the White man and the Red man.

But just as often or maybe more often, mixed race people seem to be better looking than purer single race people. Let’s face it, the purer races have their beauties, but they also have harsh features in the extreme.

With Whites, they can look like Neandertals at the extreme. Asian men often say they find White women to be too masculine looking. I never thought of it before, but when I started looking, lo and behold! Our women are somewhat masculine looking, especially as compared to Asian women, who are ultra-feminine.

Pure Asians can have high cheek bones and almost look like aliens.

Pure Blacks can be prothagnous.

On and on.

But when you mix well, you often tone down the harsher qualities that you find in the purer folks and it seems, paradoxically, that they more subtle qualities of beauty are heightened. I don’t know how that works.

Sort of like a recipe, I guess, like of this, little of that, fantastic. Too much of this, too much of that, overwhelming.

Animal and plant breeders of ten breed all sorts of strains together to get the ultimate strain of this or that.


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