From California: What Racism?

Uncle Milton makes an excellent response in the comments to an Iranian who was bashing White males. One of the things I liked about his comments was that he said if US Whites are such vicious and evil racists, why did we just elect Obama, and why did we elect Willie Brown and Tom Bradley mayors of large cities? And why did we just elect a Black man governor of Massachusetts? He also noted that in the US, Whites and Blacks do not in general overtly hate each other. This is an insistence of both White nationalists and Blacks. He said there may be some discomfort, but usually there is not overt hostility. I really do tire of White-bashing myself. It gets a bit ridiculous, though I am sympathetic to the strong anti-racist stance some of these White-bashers take, and they do force me, in a White Studies kind of way, to confront my own internal racism (which is considerable), so they are healthy like good therapy. Unc also notes that he has been all over the world, and did not find a lot of hatred directed at him for being an American. Latin America was fine, and in Asia he got a does of White privilege. Europe was ok, and he noted that in Africa, Whites are usually treated better than Blacks. I figure he is probably right on all this stuff. I have not traveled much, but I remember once in Tijuana we got lost late at night, and I guess we were in a ghetto, when we kept hearing these plinking stones, and we finally realized that we had been being attacked with rocks for 15-20 minutes just because we had US plates. I take it that your Unc’s experiences are about right. I meet Thai women on the Internet all the time who are looking for White American men. Why? Well, to support them. The thing to do for a Thai woman is to get a White American guy to take care of her financially. Then he comes and visits once in a while and gets some sex or whatever. There’s also a lot of this going on in the Philippines and a bit in Latin America. US White men have $, hence they are desired. One thing that I really tire of from both Blacks and White nationalists is this insistence that people always hate each other on a racial basis. I assume I must be blind or something? Because, as a general rule, here in this part of the US, I simply do not see much overt discrimination, racial hostility or even coldness or rudeness. Of course, I live in California; this place is the United Nations. WN’s assure me that all Punjabis hate all non-Indians, especially Blacks, and all Arabs hate all infidels, especially Blacks. I deal with Arab and Punjabi storekeepers all the time, and I just cannot see it. If they hate these people, they hide it extremely well. As a White, I deal with Punjabis, Chinese, Hispanics (especially!), Arabs and Blacks all the time here, and it seems like I almost never experience any anti-White racism from any of them. But hey, maybe I am blind. Further, no one treats Hispanics and Blacks worse either. Racism in this part of the US is much exaggerated. Many Black women, and I suspect some Hispanic women, around here are looking for White guys (Possibly even me!). Blacks say that all Whites are viciously racist, but I don’t see it in the Whites I talk to. In fact, if I ever bring up race, the conversation gets shot down just like that, with the White person spouting PC platitudes all the way. Around here, you can’t even talk about the insane illegal alien invasion all around us with most Whites. Bring it up, and it’s usually a social faux pas, or at least the conversation gets quickly shut down in some way or another. Even in the local all-White towns! I’m still trying to figure out how racism works in this part of the US, but it’s not as simple as any of the models. In this part of the US, overt racism in any way is seriously uncool, and most people won’t cotton to it. I do know of one overt White nationalist around here, but he’s anomalous. There’s another guy who tells nigger jokes and talks about “mud people”, but that’s sort of strange too. I understand that WN’s wish to separate themselves, especially from Blacks. To me, it makes more sense for them to do this to try to get away the higher rates of pathologies and very high crime rates that typically follow large Black populations, rather than to escape from amorphous “vicious Black anti-White racism. “Black racism against Whites” is mostly a WN fantasy. Am I missing something? I might add I’m not good at figuring out who hates me, because I’m sort of the anti-paranoid. Instead of assuming everyone hates me, I assume that no one does, even when it sort of seems like they might. I can’t bear the idea of people hating me or even disliking me, so I just say it’s not happening. I was recently told that all of the workers in a store I frequented despised me and wished I would never come back. I had never thought they were ecstatic about me, but I neither had I ever thought that they totally despised me either. They seemed to put on their “customer service happy faces” when I came in, and it was good enough for me. How can you even figure out if people like you or not anyway, or does it even matter?

Permanent Gangland America

I hate to be a pessimist here, but the US gang problem will never be solved in the foreseeable future. That is because Hispanic and to a lesser extent Black gang culture is for all intents and purposes permanent, as is probably their ghettos and possibly their dismal scholastic performance. I am speaking of the Hispanic and Black Underclasses here. I don’t like Thomas Chittum one bit, but the italicized  sentence above was one great thought that I took away from Civil War II. Chittum is a nasty White nationalist bastard, but he is very intelligent and has an excellent mind. Further, he has extensive military experience. If you just want to read Civil War II as a novel alone, it’s quite a kick. You can download it on my blog here. It’s entertaining reading (thriller) if you like this sort of thing. The conceit here is that we think that we are going to get a handle on these gangs. This conceit is based on the notion that the Hispanics and Blacks are capable of morphing into Jews, Italians and Irish and doing the the ghetto to success number. Forget it. They are not the same and they never will be. The gangs and never going to go away. When everyone of us is on their deathbed, we will be to look out the window and see an America as overrun with gangs as ever. As far as why this is true, I am not sure. IQ’s of US-born Hispanics are rising at a dramatic pace, far more than US Whites or even Blacks. US born Hispanics have now cut the IQ differential between US Whites and themselves in half from 1960 to 2009. Where there was a 15 pt gap between the two, now there is a 6 point gap. They achieved a 10 point absolute gain over 50 years. In US born Hispanics have an IQ of 95 now to US White IQ of 101 (or 94 to 100 by the old system). A 94 IQ would seem to be perfectly adequate to cut it in this modern world. Hispanic IQ all told is 89 because non-US citizen Hispanics (probably 8 I don’t know why US born Hispanics have such a dismal rate of high school dropouts (4 The brains are there; it’s something else that is missing. Culture anyone? I speak from Ground Zero. I live in an apartment complex in Mexifornia overrun by the Hispanic Underclass and especially illegals. Many of them are not necessarily objectionable people once you get to know them. It’s Norteno territory to the extent that I prominently wear my “N” tennis shoes a lot, and I just about claim Norteno myself. It’s not cool to root for the other side. I’ve known quite a few of these gangbanger characters personally, and though many of them are likable, their effect on society is not good. Forget Permanent Democratic Majority. Get ready for Permanent Gangland America.

Liberals Forced Kind, Loving Bankers to Give Loans to Niggers and Beaners

Evil, scummy Big Government Liberals forced kind, loving, sweet, puppy-cuddling ultra-rich White bankers to loan out their hard-earned White cash to deadbeat idiot niggers and beaners, knowing full well that the loans would never come back, all in an insane Commie effort to help the undeserving genetically inferior minorities buy homes that they could never afford. So the lie goes. This is another of the big fat lies that the racists like Sailer, the Republicans and the White Nationalists are pushing. Now, once again, if it was true, that would be one thing. Hey, the government does all sorts of stupid stuff, including liberals in government. I blast liberals on here all the time. But this time the  charge is just flat out wrong. It’s a great big fat WN and Republican lie that affirmative action government folks demanded that minorities be given homes they did not deserve. It never happened. There is a government program that banks can enroll in that is designed to reduce the discrimination that minorities face in housing. The banks in this program have a much lower foreclosure rate than the banks that were not enrolled in this program. No one can force a bank to give a loan to someone who does not deserve it, and the government has never done this. The banksters gave out these loans not because they are sweet, kind and lovable and the evil liberal government forced them to, but because they could give out loans, make a bundle off each one, and not give a damn if the loan was going to go bad or not. That’s why this whole mess occurred. Moral risk was eliminated in those who loan money for homes. It didn’t matter to them whether the loans went bad or not, and they made a ton of money off each loan, so they deliberately gave out bad loans to lots of people who could not afford to buy a home, further with the use of fraudulent and loan-sharking balloon payments that for all intents and purposes made the loans unpayable to many buyers. It is true that liberals, including Democratic Party liberals, specifically multibillionaire real estate mogul Penny Pritzger of Chicago, the woman who more than anyone else made Barack Obama the politician and groomed him for power, were deeply involved in the very creation of these maddening subprime vehicles which should never have been marketed in the first place, but that is another matter altogether. Pritzger may have played a larger role than anyone else in devising the mad, fraudulent formulas that bury the subprime balloon payments in the principal itself and make it nearly impossible to figure out without a Degree in Finance. Other Democratic Party fat cats like Robert Rubin of Citigroup, his protege Lawrence Summers, both Cabinet officers under Clinton, and the catastrophic Timothy Geithner under Obama, are up to their necks in this catastrophe. Not that the Republicans ever raised a little finger in opposition. It’s probably true that Clinton did more to create this mess than Bush by deregulating the banks. Bush just clapped and cheered after the fact and took advantage of the Clintonian deregulation. Especially important here was the horrible destruction of Roosevelt’s Glass-Segall Act. However, Republican Phil Gramm (and his Korean wife Wendy Gramm) is the point man here for financial deregulation here, having played the starring role for three decades. Anti-Semites may wish to ponder that Rubin, Summers and Pritzger (photo here) are all Jewish. I don’t believe in the Evil Jewish Bankers Blew Up the Economy bit, but the Tribe is definitely not innocent in this matter. In particular, the bankster Jews around Clinton more or less deregulated the banking sector all by themselves, with the help of the Gentile Gramms and to the cheers of the Wall Street Gentiles. Further, the programs that attempt to address the still significant discrimination in selling homes to minorities, especially Blacks, date all the way back to the 1970’s. These laws have never created any economic problems or excessive foreclosure rates. The laws stipulate that the minorities still must be credit worthy and able to pay off their loans. The explosion in foreclosures, some of which do involve minorities it is true, began quite recently, just a few short years ago. In order for this nutty theory to work, the 1970’s laws have to work as some sort of weird time bomb and have effects for 30 years before they suddenly destroy the economy. Yeah right. It’s shameful that this racist swill is still being peddled, but I guess racists will believe just about anything about the people they hate.

Niggers and Beaners Caused the Recession, Continued

Lies are funny things. No matter how matter times you demolish them, the liars just keep on resurrecting them with new flimsy excuses. I don’t have anything against racist theory, fact or even science that makes, say, Blacks and Hispanics look bad; after all, facts are facts. But I do wonder what the utility of it is. It seems no one but a bunch of racist assholes cares about most of this. Most everyone else doesn’t want to hear about it. The race realists protests that facts must be discussed. Oh really now? You know, I take craps just about every day for my whole life now. That’s over 50 years worth of shits I’ve taken, and I’ve neglected to document them for posterity. Yet historians couldn’t care less about my negligence. I could have taken pictures, conducted studies, made drawings and paintings, written non-fiction, poetry, song lyrics, short stories and Hell, even novels all about my glorious Robert Lindsay turds. Actually, I’m fascinated about my shits like most neurotics, and I probably could write a novel about them (Hmm, well, they aren’t that interesting, so maybe a novella). But who would want to hear about it? No one in their right mind. Are my shits not factual events, and their documentation a matter of science? Sure. Same things with racist stuff that makes Blacks and Hispanics look bad. For the most part, this stuff says that their sub-par genes are making them screw up or act bad in this or that way. So there’s nothing useful to be gained out of this. If it was something that Blacks and Hispanics could change, there would be a point to it. We could publish it and urge them to change. But it’s set in their genes and there’s nothing to be done. First of all, Blacks and Hispanics don’t want to hear about this, no matter how true it is. They don’t want to hear about it now, and they won’t want to hear about it in the future. The Steve Sailers of the world preposterously wail about this, but that’s just the way people are. Most White people don’t seem to want to hear about it either. Hardly anyone other than a bunch of racist shits wants to hear about it. So what’s the point of it? There isn’t any. That doesn’t stop racists like Steve Sailer (Yes, he’s a racist all right.) from pushing their crap. One of the worst lies lately is the Blacks and Hispanics Caused the Recession Lie. All of the racialists and White Nationalists across the board are pushing this lie, which is not surprising considering their low moral level, but I was surprised that more mainstream types like Sailer and even the Republican Party and Wall Street Journal would try to sell this racist sewage. The point is that the foreclosure rates by ethnicity simply do not matter, but allow me to explain why they don’t matter. This is what the debate hinges on. Supposedly Blacks and  Hispanics have higher foreclosure rates, though maybe they do not. The figures seem to be contradictory and confusing. Let’s assume for a moment that the racists are right and Blacks and Hispanics do have higher foreclosure rates. According to the racists, this is because (Genetically!) stupid and irresponsible minorities deliberately took out loans that they knew full well that they could not pay. Then they stuck the poor, innocent, angelic, mostly-White, ultra-rich bankers with the bill. The result has been disaster for the super-rich White bankers. Some have even had to sell a few of their spare yachts. There seems to be no end to the depths of the tragedy. Look, dammit. This is the truth. I don’t have figures for Hispanics, but for Blacks, 7 The racists’ argument is that the dumb niggers and beaners, excuse me, the minorities, were supposed to be smart enough to figure out the loan terms. But the truth is that the loans were being peddled almost exclusively by criminals. When a criminal offers you a deal, he’s often pretty dishonest about it. If what the mortgage lenders did wasn’t against the law, it should have been. The terms of the subprime mortgages were so confusing you nearly needed a degree in Economics to figure them out, and even then, you might get fooled. The subprime loans were a flat-out scam, a case of fraud, whether legally provable or not. The formula was so maddeningly complex that the balloon interest rates (and that’s what they were) that were set to blow up in your face in the next few years were somehow factored into your principal. That’s right, your interest was somehow stirred into the casserole of your principal to such an extent that you couldn’t even see it anymore. Those who were genius enough to figure out the balloon interest rates were nearly always assured, “Oh, don’t worry. We’ll just refinance your loan before that happens, so you won’t have to worry about it.” This was fraud, scamming and frankly loan-sharking on a massive scale. Huge corporations like Countrywide (Why are they still in business?) were really just criminal organizations, and most or all of their loan officers were criminal foot soldiers of some sort, like the foot soldiers of the Mafia. It’s appalling that people like Sailer want to blame scam victims for getting scammed, especially when the scam was so complex that it was almost impossible to figure out. Why did the bankster-crooks do this? Because there was no longer any risk in loaning money. Normally, banks had to be concerned that the money was going to come back. If it wasn’t repaid, the bank took a nasty hit and lost money. Now, the work was farmed out to mortgage loan companies, who were separate from the banks. That way the banks cut their risk out of it. The loans were then repackaged as securities (This crap has been going on for about 40 years now, and probably ought to be illegal.) to Wall Street, thus taking the mortgage loan companies’ risk out of it. Wall Street took them, and with the help of a bunch of criminals called accounting corporations, who gave these garbage loans repackaged as securities AAA bond ratings, sold them to investors all over the world, thus taking Wall Street’s risk out of it. The investor-suckers were then left holding the bag. Corporations like AIG then sold insurance policies on mortgage loan securities (That probably ought to be illegal too.) so the buyers of the painted turds took out insurance policies on the securities in case they went bad. Go bad they did, as anyone with half a brain could predict, and the holders of the insurance policies rushed to AIG to cash in their policies. Insurance operates on the basis that the company will fail if everyone tries to cash in their policies at once, since they don’t have the capital on hand to cover the claims. AIG did not have the cash to pay out all of the claims, so it was about to go under. That’s why AIG got $300 billion from the US government is now a socialist institution owned by the USA. It’s important to note that everyone along each and every step of the way here made a massive bundle of money, except maybe the investors at the held who were holding the bag. The FIRE (finance, insurance, real estate) sector of the economy had an outrageous wild party for a decade or so while this crap was going on, and any tears shed for these crooks are just wasted.

The Failure of White Nationalist Theory: The Case of California

White Nationalists (WNs’) like to throw around figures showing that nationwide, few Whites breed outside their race. But those figures are only for one generation. In addition, WN’s counter with various theories like Philippe Rushton’s Robert LindsayPosted on Categories Hispanics, Psychology, Race/Ethnicity, Racism, Regional, Sociology, USA, White Nationalism, Whites2 Comments on The Failure of White Nationalist Theory: The Case of California

A Look at California Street Gang Structure

According to the FBI, there are 1 million gang members in the US, an increase of 200,000, or 2 That 1 million figure must be far too low. Who is and who is not a gang member is very hard to determine. For instance, in this area, there are three levels of the gang. There are the real hardcore Nortenos – level 1. Those are older guys and they are actually allowed to have Norteno tattoos on them. They have all been jumped in, probably in prison. Then there are younger guys who have “wannabe” gangs, around here wannabe Norteno gangs – level 2. The one around here is called something like 601 Kings. They claim territory, spray a little graffiti and sometimes fight with the other young wannabe gangs. But I told my neighbors about this gang and they started laughing and said, “That’s so stupid!” They said that’s not “the real Nortenos” and if these kids went to jail or prison and tried to claim Norteno, they would get beat up just like that. Plus no way are they allowed to be caught dead in jail or prison with an unauthorized tattoo. I’m dubious if you even have to be jumped in to be a member of a level 2 gang. These level 2 gangs are best thought of as just the local neighborhood kids from wherever forming a set, calling themselves the whatevers, and then trying to “make a name for themselves” so to speak. But the real hardcore Nortenos will just ignore them, laugh at them and have nothing to do with them. Level 2 is like the upstarts. No way are they the real deal. I know a lot these characters around here, and some of these young guys are actually sort of ok in a gangsterish way, but others are no good. Mainly, no way can you openly insult their gang or support the opposing gang. Some of them, if you respect them, they respect you, pretty much. Even below level 2 is level 3, which probably represents most of the characters around here. They wear Norteno colors and gangster attire, sometimes spray graffiti, and sometimes they fight with opposing gangs, but they aren’t really even level 2 gang members as far as I can tell. I guess they are what you call associates. Truth is that just about all the young Hispanics around here “claim” or “represent” Norteno. That doesn’t mean they are in any gang. This is a Norteno hood, so everyone here pretty much claims Norteno by default. That is, they sort of root for them at least or if not, at least don’t support the Sureno enemies. It’s sort of like rooting for the Dodgers if you lived in Brooklyn. They support the home team. Heck, I practically claim Norteno on that basis! The level 3 group represents a vast number of people, and if you include them, the figure must be dramatically higher than 1 million. Furthermore, I believe that most of the graffiti crews around here are at most these level 3 kids. As far as what crime they are involved in, level 2 gangs sell dope sometimes, possibly deal in stolen property, spray graffiti, and sometimes fight with rival gangs. That’s about it from what I can tell. You can actually live in a place like this, as long as you don’t get involved in the gang crap yourself and avoid making friends with these characters. Just choose your friends very carefully. For the most part, they don’t bother people who are outside the gang thing. These levels of distinction are not represented very well outside of gang insider clique circles, certainly not in the media.


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