Lenin on the Socialism of Fools


Lenin himself on the socialism of fools. Are you listening, fools? C’mon, listen closely, it’s The Man himself speaking.

Anti-Semites say he was Jewish himself. He was 1/4 Jewish on his father’s side. That’s not enough to be a Jew in either the Orthodox nor the more modern Reform tradition. He had a bit of Jewish ancestry. So what? A lot of us have ancestry of this or that, and it means nothing. At the time, Orthodox Judaism was the only real Judaism in Russia. So, Lenin was not seen as a Jew by anyone, neither Jews nor Russians. Lenin himself did not see himself as a Jew. Why should he, as Judaism at the time in Russia was defined religiously, not racially?

Karl Marx’s On the Jewish Question is brought up by many anti-Semites as evidence that Marx was an anti-Semite. Marx was fully Jewish and cared nothing for anti-Semitism. He renounced Judaism and condemned it as he condemned all religion.

In OTJQ, Marx attacks the Jews for demanding liberation for themselves only, when no one is Germany is free except for the rich. He saw this as self-centered. He also felt that Germany was still a feudal state, and was not going to give liberation to anyone anyway, Jews or not. That’s all the essay is all about, though admittedly it is very hard to understand. He also attacks Judaism as a religion, and says that anymore, the religion of Jews is simply capitalism itself, and that any real religion as since fallen by the wayside. This is an attack on Judaism as a religion.

The “JewSSR” folks need to explain why synagogues were closed all over the USSR the same way that churches were. The Jews were granted a state in Siberia to shut them up. Hebrew was forbidden there as the language of the Jewish religion, and Yiddish was promoted as the proper language of the Jewish people. It was an attempt to deal with the incessant demands of Jewish nationalists by giving them a state of their own. Still, I feel that giving them a piece of Siberia was a bit shitty.

The Judeo-Bolshevik crowd has some ‘splainin to do. The ethnic Latvians were just as prominent as Jews, in fact, more, from 1917 all the way through World War 2. Sure, many Latvians hated the USSR,  for some reason, lots of Latvians also joined the Red Army, NKVD, etc. No one quite knows why this is. I urge you to come up with a theory about Latvio-Bolshevism as quickly as possible.

Save the White Race!


Now! I mean it! Because if we don’t, these chicks will all go extinct! Forever!

I mean, there’s always hair dye and bottle blonds, but that’s not quite the same now is it?

The Go Blonde Parade in Riga, Latvia, 2010.


This was last year’s parade, comes with a cool soundtrack even.

Who Are the Smartest White Europeans?

A commenter suggests that Russians are the smartest Whites.

It’s not the case. Russians are not at all the smartest Whites. Here are some recent scores. There is a North-South cline, but it’s not perfect at all. Italian is a very much a Med state, and it’s IQ is very high. France is mostly a Northern state, and it’s IQ is not so hot. Spain is a Med state with a high IQ. Ireland is a Northern state with a lower IQ than the rest.

Notice I title this piece White Europeans, because as a Pan-Aryanist, I not only believe that most all Caucasoids of Europe are White, but I also believe that there are Whites outside of Europe who are just as White as those of Europe.

Germany        107
Netherlands    107
Poland         106
Sweden         104
Italy          102
Austria        101
Switzerland    101
UK             100
Norway         100
Belgium        99
Denmark        99 (median)
Finland        99
Americans      98 (for comparison purposes)
Czech Republic 98
Hungary        98
Spain          98
Ireland        97
Russia         96
Greece         95
France         94
Bulgaria       94
Romania        94
Turkey         90
Serbia         89

I don’t have much to say about these scores. If France can produce such a great nation with an IQ of 94, then others with similar scores can do well too. Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Hungary and the Czech Republic should be able to create some fine modern societies. They are surely smart enough to. These others listed below are certainly intelligent enough to do well for themselves. IQ is certainly not holding them back at any rate.

Mongolia                              100
Vietnam                               99.5
Estonia                               99
Latvia                                97.5
Ukraine                               96
Belarus                               96
UK East Indian                        96
Uruguay                               96
Moldova                               95.5
US Mexican-American (2nd generation)  95
Argentina                             94.5
Lithuania                             94
US Filipino                           94

Even Serbia has created an excellent modern society with an IQ of only 89. If you go to Belgrade, you would think you are in any modern US or European city. Even the countryside is not really backwards. Its health, education and development figures are excellent. There’s nothing inferior about the place other than their morals. If we take Serbia as the IQ at which one ought to be able to create a fine, modern, European-type society, things get a lot more interesting, and a lot more countries have the brains to do well.

Armenia                 93.5
Georgia                 93.5
Kazakhstan              93.5
Malaysia                92
Macedonia               92
Brunei                  91.5
Cyprus                  91.5
Chile                   91.5
Thailand                91
Albania                 90
Bermuda                 90
Croatia                 90
Costa Rica              90
Bosnia and Herzegovina  90
Cambodia                90
Cook Islands            89
Laos                    89
Suriname                89

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Interesting Website

Note: Repost from the old blog.
It looks like a big Latvian site. Took me a little while to figure this linguistic puzzle out.
Click here and you get the Latvian version of the page, and click here and you get the Russian version of the same page. What I found very interesting was the very large number of commenters on the Russian version of the Latvian page.
It’s well known that all of the Baltic states have been hostile to the Russian population (unfortunately seeded in the Baltics as settler-colonists in order to flood out the native Baltic peoples and water down Baltic nationalism) and the Russian language.
I believe that upon independence, Latvia was as much as 40% Russian and Russian first language speakers. No doubt it’s declined since then, but this dual webpage implies that Russian-speakers are still pretty common in Latvia, no?
Wikipedia to the rescue. Looks like Russophones and native Russians were 40% at independence and only down to 28% now. That’s a great big fat demographic that can’t be ignored by any major website. Interesting fact – in Latvia, 81% know Russian, and only 79% know Latvian!
Wow. No wonder Latvian nationalists are pissed. Obviously this goes back to the USSR when Russian was the national language of Latvia and a lot of native-Latvian speakers also speak Russian too. With 80% of the population speaking either Russian or Latvian, damn right you better make that website in both languages! The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says:

“The Russian language is robust in Latvia, as Russian-speakers are a majority or plurality in many cities, almost all Latvians speak Russian as well as Latvian and culture and media from Russia have a strong presence in Latvia. Indeed, the legacy of Soviet Russification policy was still evident in the results of the 2000 census in Latvia, which showed that knowledge of Russian is still more widespread than knowledge of Latvian in Latvia: 81% of all inhabitants know Russian, while only 79% know Latvian.”


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