James von Brunn Was an Obama Birther

The Obama Birth Movement, like many US conspiracy theories, is dominated by a bunch of political whackjobs, mostly on the Far Right. It is based on the rather crazy notion that Obama is not who he says he is. In particular, he is not even a US citizen. He was born in Kenya, or he is still secretly a Muslim. All of his records have been lost, sealed or covered up in an elaborate paper trail covering Obama’s past. The general conclusion is that Obama is some kind of a Muslim Communist installed by Commie New World Order types to bring about One World Government, which means World Communism controlled by the UN and the loss of all national sovereignty. If this were true, you would think that the Commies would be the first ones to support it, but the truth is Commies laugh if you bring this up. That shows right there that there is nothing to it. The bottom line of the Obama Birthers is that Obama is a totally illegitimate President who has no right whatsoever to be in office. There is also the implication that Obama has been installed by some shadowy forces in some sort of a coup against US democracy.He needs to be removed from office and tried for treason at best, or I guess assassinated at worst (this is the unstated implication of the movement).  It’s a really incendiary movement. Since the election of Obama, Fox News and the whole rightwing hate machine have drifted far to the Extreme Right, and nonsense like the Obama Birth Movement has become standard fare among so-called “mainstream conservatives and the lines between conservatism and the hardcore nutjob fringe has increasingly blurred. Here is a link to James von Brunn’s Obama Birth Movement post at some obscure Norwegian website. It was then reposted last December on the Free Republic, and what’s scary is the hundreds of positive comments von Brunn’s nutty list received from the “normal” Freepers. The thread is still up. Found via Democratic Underground, where they are mistakenly saying that von Brunn was a Freeper. von Brunn was not a Freeper. I don’t know enough about the Obama Birth Movement to comment, but it sounds pretty whack. von Brunn’s post is reproduced below:

Obama is missing!

Skrevet av Sigurd Mellqvist (Gjest) 02.12.2008 18:47 The American People Demand to Know: WHO SENT YOU??? Obama has lived for 48 years without leaving any footprints — none! There is no Obama documentation — no records — no paper trail — none — this is no accident. It is being done on purpose with Media help – but to serve whom & why??? MISSING-HIDDEN DOCUMENTS: Original, vault copy of Certificate of Live Birth in the USA — Not Released (1 version hidden in Hawaii, Original found in Kenya) Certificate of Live Birth — Released – Proven Counterfeit (www.ObamaFiles.com) Obama/Dunham marriage license — Not released Soetoro/Dunham marriage license — Not released Soetoro adoption records — Not released Fransiskus Assisi School School application — Not Released Punahou School records — Not released Selective Service Registration — Released – Proven Counterfeit Occidental College records — Not released Passport (Pakistan) — Not released Columbia College records — Not released Columbia thesis — Not released Harvard College records — Not released Harvard Law Review articles — None (maybe 1, Not Signed) Baptism certificate — None Medical records — Not released Illinois State Senate records — None (Locked up to prohibit public view Illinois State Senate schedule — Lost (All other Illinois state senators’ records are intact) Law practice client list — Not released University of Chicago scholarly articles — None WHY DON’T WE SEE ONE WORD OF THIS IN ANY OF THE MEDIA? Love him or hate him, we all remember how the press went to great lengths to find out every move that President Bush made … finally unable to come up with anything factual, so they created it! When their accusations were proven empty, they refused to retract one word of the fraud they perpetrated on the American people. Dan Rather lost his job over fraudulent documents, because common people like you & me reached out and ripped CBS to pieces. They couldn’t stand the loss of sponsors OR viewers! The same Media went to great lengths to scandalize & destroy Sarah Palin. She maintains a 9 NOW ——- The Supreme Court has scheduled a Conference for Dec 5th about Obama’s U. S. Citizenship. STILL, not a word about any of this from the Media. If it were not for the Internet and talk radio, American citizens would become the servants of a dishonest & conspiratorial Media. THINK ABOUT IT. IT DIDN’T USED TO BE THIS WAY! How much longer are we going to sit on our hands & say not a word? AND DON’T THINK THE MEDIA SIMPLY DOESN’T KNOW – THEY ARE GETTING POUNDED WITH EMAILS ABOUT IT!!! Obama could not get a simple security clearance with the information the government has on him —- NOBODY COULD! NOW he is privy to every top secret America has! What is going on??? WHERE ARE THE GOOD PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY – ARE YOU OUT THERE??? Submitted by: James W. von Brunn

James von Brunn Biography

The cleansing of James von Brunn’s online activity continues. von Brunn is the guy who shot up the Holocaust Museum yesterday. Here is his biography from the Askart.com site, which has since been pulled. It is interesting in that it provides some clues to his anti-Semitism. When he worked in New York as an ad man in the 1960’s, he was repeatedly told to change his German name, since he would never get far in the industry with a German name. A number of ad men with German names had changed their surnames to non-German ones to try to get ahead. The suggestion was that Jews in the heavily-Jewish ad industry were discriminating against those with German names. von Brunn refused to change his name. In 1968, Abe Fortas, Jewish, was nominated to the US Supreme Court. von Brunn was watching in a bar and made an unfavorable comment about Fortas. A Jewish executive made a snide remark in return. A few minutes later, the Jewish businessman sneaked up behind von Brunn and tried to punch him. von Brunn ducked, turned around, and knocked the guy to the floor. The police came, and a fight ensued with the cops. von Brunn was arrested. von Brunn was convicted of drunk driving and resisting arrest and sentenced to 2 years in jail. He also had his license pulled. Later he moved to California and remarried, this time to a young woman. In 1975, he and a female friend published a book called, “The Zionist Rape of the Holy Land,” authored by George Robnett. He received several threatening phone calls, apparently from Jews, warning him not to publish the book, but he published it anyway. Soon after, unknown arsonists burned down his house while he was in it. von Brunn barely escaped. von Brunn suspected that Jews opposed to his publishing the anti-Zionist book had burned down his house. The wife became very upset after the arson and died soon after, apparently of stress brought on by the arson. von Brunn’s famous assault on the Federal Reserve building was glossed by himself as an attempt to get back at his enemies, apparently the Jews, as the Board for some strange reason is almost all Jewish. He served a sentence for that crime, and was released early. In Maryland, local galleries would not show his art, which is apparently high quality. The media is portraying this guy as some desperate loser and “failed artist,” reminiscent of the “failed artist” smear on Hitler. Hitler, whatever his bad qualities, was not a bad artist, and most artists by that definition are “failed” anyway, as they do not hit the bigtime. It appears that instead of being a loser in life, von Brunn led a rich and rewarding life as a successful man in a variety of occupations. He made good money and managed his own businesses. He married well and raised a family who remained close to him throughout life. Rather than being a failed artist, he seems to have been quite talented. Other than his anti-Semitism and racism, which apparently got worse with age, he was not a failure by any means. It’s bad enough what he did. Why pile it on? The following is from the artist: James W. von Brunn (JvB) Born: 7-11-20 in St. Louis, Missouri Studio: Easton, MD Subjects: Scapes, Portraits, Illustrations, Graphics Style: Realist Methods: Oil, mixed media. BIOGRAPHY The von Brunn/Wenneker families migrated from Germany/Austria c. 1845, settling in St. Louis, Missouri. James von Brunn’s father, Elmer, was superintendent of Scullin Steel Mill. During WWII he designed, and supervised a 40mm shell plant for the U.S. government in Houston, Texas. His wife Hope Wenneker von Brunn, educated at Hosmer Hall, was a homemaker and accomplished pianist. They had two children, James (JvB) and Alyce. The family spent summer months at Piasa. Illinois, where JvB roamed the limestone bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River, hunted snakes and turtles in the willows along its banks, and collected Indian artifacts. His grandmother Wenneker (grossemutter) gave him an oil paint set for his 7th birthday. His inspiration to paint came from Scribner Illustrated Classics and painters such as Pyle, Schoonover, and Wyeth. But his painting, because of his love of athletics, was confined to days of inclement weather. During the hiatus between high school and college he hitchhiked through Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. JvB was educated in public schools. He matriculated at Washington University in 1938. He became president of SAE and played varsity football. The coach got him a Structural Bridge, Steel and Iron-Workers union card. During the summer months JvB worked as a punk hauling coal for forges perched high-up on steel-girders – buildings being constructed for the war effort. As experienced men were drafted into the Sea-Bees JvB quickly graduated to rivet-bucker and finally riveter. Either you conquered your fear and walked the beams or you quit. The other option was a long way down. At the University JvB was in the Liberal Arts program. He enrolled in art classes where he learned that Marxist/Liberal concepts dominated the program. Anatomy studies were discarded along with perspective, drawing and old master techniques. Western Culture was replaced by “expressionism.” We see the results today in expensive art produced by monkeys, elephants, Pollack and pianists who play with their elbows. JvB changed directions, graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism. The following day he was inducted into the U.S. Naval Reserve. As an Ensign he was shipped overseas in 1943 to “destroy the German disease,” just as his family before him had been sent to “save the world for Democracy.” JvB became a PT-boat captain, serving in the Med and Pacific theaters. He was honorably discharged in March 1946 as a Lieutenant with 3-battle stars and a Commendation from Admiral Hewitt. While in the service JvB painted watercolors of the passing scene. JvB moved to New York City in 1947. He studied figure painting at the Central Park School of Art, located on Madison Ave at 57th Street, Manhattan. To make ends meet he worked in a bank vault at night. He attempted to crack into the newspaper business but all doors were closed to conservatives. Instead, he found a job in big-league advertising on Madison Avenue where he started as paste-up boy at $35 per week. He attended evening classes at the Art Student’s League where he studied color and design under Howard Trafton. At that time the so-called “Holocaust” burst upon the scene. JvB was asked to change his German name by several companies during his 20-years New York career. Eric Sloane (Heinrichs) advised JvB to do as he had, “You’ll never make it in New York if you don’t.” JvB exhibited his easel paintings at the Commodore Hotel, Hotel Biltmore, Abercrombie & Fitch, and the Eastside Gallery. He illustrated for Wm. Morrow Publishers, and for two art studios. As an agency art-director JvB was asked to create story-boards for television. This took him to the set where he learned film techniques. Eventually he became an advertising executive film- producer-director and eventually producer director for two prominent film/tape production companies. In 1951 JvB and Patricia Beverley-Giddings were married. Her father, creative director and novelist, was a Sandhurst graduate and an RFC pursuit-pilot, WWI. He survived being shot down by von Richtofen’s Flying Circus. During WWII he was a member of British Intelligence. Bev owned a manor house on Maryland’s Eastern Shore where the family gathered for holidays and for the shooting season. Tidewater country presented a wealth of subject matter ranging from watermen and their rigs to sporting scenes, and scapes. This was grist for JVB’s paint brush. In 1951 Patricia gave birth to a baby boy, Jim “Bim” von Brunn. Pat was unable to have any more children. Bim attended the Church of Heavenly Rest, and Trinity, in NYC; the Country School, in Easton; St. Andrews prep-school, and University of Miami, Florida. While in New York, Gen. Pedro del Valle, Gen. Mac Arthur’s commander of Artillery in Korea, presented JvB with John O. Beatty’s famous, “Iron Curtain Over America.” This book had a tremendous affect upon JvB’s life and career. Von Brunn became an historical-revisionist, committed to the belief that the true histories of WWI and WWII had been hidden from the American People. JvB moved to Easton, MD where he established an advertising agency. He was elected president of the Academy of the Arts. His friend Lee Lawrie, renowned sculptor, was co-founder of the Academy. Meanwhile JvB’s political posture placed a burden on his marriage. Patricia and JvB parted company. The divorce was a tragedy for all concerned. On his 48th birthday JvB, at a local bistro, celebrated his acquisition of the City of Cambridge Economic Development account. JvB had a few beers with friends at the Cambridge bar where they watched a TV broadcast of a Yankee baseball game. A newscaster suddenly interrupted to announce Lyndon Johnson’s nomination of Abe Fortas to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. JvB made an unfavorable comment about Fortas, which drew a crude response from a prominent Jewish business man. A few minutes later JvB saw this guy in the mirror sneaking up. When he swung JvB ducked, turned around and knocked the guy to the floor. Shortly, thereafter JvB was arrested. One thing led to another and a fight broke out with the police. At the trial the brilliant Gen. Pedro del Vallee, testified in JvB’s behalf. This infuriate the jury and the Judge, who’s chief accomplishment was a lucrative speed-trap operation on Route 50. JvB was convicted of resisting arrest, drunken driving, etc., all highly exaggerated, and sentenced to two-years in jail. He lost his driver’s license. The business man who started the fight never appeared in court and disappeared into the woodwork. Shortly thereafter Abe Fortas was convicted of embezzlement and sentenced to 5-years in a country-club prison. He served 1.5 years and, like Boesky and Miliken, kept most of the loot. Von Brunn – when he wasn’t with the road-gang maintaining the judge’s home and grounds with State-owned material – completed the design and copy for a 4-color brochure produced for Frank Perdue, the chicken king. JvB also painted the harbor as seen through the barred window of his cell. Fortuitously von Brunn developed a serious staph infection in the nape of his neck. Doctors persuaded the Judge to release him. Upon recovery von Brunn migrated to Florida where he became a real-estate broker and stock-broker. While there JvB painted Florida scapes, cloud formations, and a few portraits. He exhibited at Las Olas Galleries. With money earned in Florida Real Estate, JvB took his new bride, Pat Taylor, twenty years his junior, a night-club singer, and her young daughter to California. In 1975, JvB purchased 10-acres of pasture east of Redding near Mt. Lassen, with a view of Mt. Shasta, and the Sacramento River valley. JvB and his friend Florence Robnett, 83, former Dean of Women at Northwestern University and native Cornhusker, cooperated to build a home which JvB designed, containing the amenities plus an art studio, music room, large library and office space. Florence and JvB published a paper-back, “Zionist Rape of the Holy Land” (formerly titled “Conquest Through Immigration”) written by George Robnett, deceased, with the Forward by Millar Burrows, Dean Emeritus, Yale Divinity School, and illustrated by von Brunn. JvB received several threatening telephone calls warning him not to distribute the book. Meanwhile Pat gave birth to a baby boy, they called Erik. While giving the baby his bottle at 2 AM, JvB looked through the window into the pasture. The moon-mist was bathed in a red glow. He rushed outside to find the roof was ablaze. The house, which they had lived in for only 4-months, burned to the ground. The mournful chord of the grand piano crashing into the basement and the shriek of the quarter horse are sounds not easily forgotten. A neighbor told von Brunn that he had gone outside to quiet his boar-hounds He heard what sounded like the pop of a flare-gun, then car doors slamming and a car squealing down the black-top. But no evidence was ever discovered to prove arson. Florence died soon thereafter of shock. Fearing for his family’s safety, JvB returned to Maryland where he devised a scheme to expose his enemies. He planned and conducted a legal, non-violent, citizens arrest of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, in Washington, D.C. He accused them of treason. The FED, a private corporation, conceived by the Rothschilds, had financed the construction of manufacturing plants in the USSR that produced war materials used against U.S. forces fighting in Korea and Viet Nam. Money is the source of all power. JvB was convicted for attempted kidnapping, robbery, burglary, carrying a weapon (not loaded), etc, in a kangaroo court. JvB served 6.5-years of an 11-year sentence. While in federal prison JvB designed brochures, etc., and painted three large murals (18 x 35) and many portraits. In 1989 JvB was released from prison with $50 and shoes 2-sizes too big. His sister Alyce, dependable and staunch as a rock, provided him a place to reside in her duplex. His wife remarried. His two sons live out-of-state but telephone frequently and visit from time to time. Pusillanimous Eastonians, hiding behind political correctness refuse to display JvB’s paintings, nor will they engage in business with him. However, von Brunn continues to exhibit under assumed names away from the Shore. In small towns across America the blind and cowardly scramble, push and shove getting and spending while their homes are burning and their complexions grow progressively darker. Von Brunn paints and plots.

Exclusive Correspondence From James von Brunn

I have come across some exclusive correspondence from James von Brunn and I am going to publish on the blog until the cops tell me to take it down. This was forwarded to me from a person who wants to remain anonymous. This letter was written only 27 days to Sylvia Stolz, Ernest Zundel’s German attorney, who is herself in prison for breaking Germany’s Holocaust Denial laws while defending Zundel. I will publish more of this material as I come across it. First letter: From: James W. von Brunn Subject: CATHOLICS & “HOLOCAUST.” To: “JAMES VON BRUNN” Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2009, 9:08 AM Hello Sylvia Stolz (in prison), Thanks for your courage and insight. ALLEGEDLY, Chancellor Adolf Hitler issued orders that resulted in the murder of Six-million (6,000,000) or more JEWS, plus additional heinous “crimes against Humanity.” HOWEVER, for over 60-years the VATICAN HAS REFUSED TO EXCOMMUNICATE ADOLF HITLER – thus, DENYING THE “HOLOCAUST.” CONSEQUENTLY, millions of Catholics the World over honor Adolf Hitler at Mass; light bright candles in Adolf Hitler’s memory; and venerate Adolf Hitler – their Aryan Hero. By so doing Catholics defame JEW “Holocaust” victims; harm the victims’ extensive, suffering families; and trivialize JEW artifacts: shoes, hair, lampshades, brothel-condoms, swimming-suits, and soap. THEREFORE, 🙂 pursuant to its policy of imprisoning “Holocaust Deniers,” the German Government must immediately incarcerate ALL GERMAN CATHOLICS. VERDICT: Should the German government fail to incarcerate all German Catholics then the German government itself must be incarcerated for tolerating, aiding and abetting “Holocaust Denial.” Pax Vobiscum. Thank you Sylvia Stolz for promulgating the TRUTH. High regards to thee, James von Brunn www.holywesternempire.org Hitler’s worst mistake: He didn’t gas the JEWS. Second email: From: James W. von Brunn Subject: 9-11 COMMISSION To: vbrunn@hotmail.com Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2009, 8:58 AM 9-11 COMMISSION was an exponent of USA-ISRAEL (Murder,Inc.). Lee H. Hamilton is a traitor to his family, race and Nation. He has long pimped for JEWS. NO INFORMED INDIVIDUAL BELIEVES in the Clinton, Bush, Neocons, JEWS, FOX NEWS versions of the 9-11 false-flag atrocity. As the “Holocaust,” 9-11 has become a sacrosanct, non-debatable, religious lie. See: “Kill the Best Gentiles!” (Talmud) www.holywesternempire.org http://www.9-11commission.gov

Azmi Bishara, “Ways of Denial”

Repost from the old site. Azmi Bishara, an Israeli Arab Parliamentarian and university professor, published an excellent article in the Egyptian paper Al Ahram Weekly in 2007. It’s dated, but it’s very much worth a read. It’s about Holocaust Denial and Zionism and the way that they intertwine.

If I am not mistaken, Bishara was charged with treason for visiting Syria on some sort of a peace mission during or around the time of the Lebanon War. The charges appear to be trumped up. He fled Israel in order not to be prosecuted, and I think he lives in Syria now.

It deals with some issues that continue to confuse many people to this day. What was the cause of the Holocaust?

Why did the Nazis and other Europeans kill the Jews – what made them so angry? What were the essential components of Nazism, and to a lesser extent fascism? What was the response of the Arab Left to the Holocaust? Why has Holocaust Denial taken such a baffling and disturbing root in the Arab and Muslim World?

This work by Bishara is a bit of a tough read in spots, but if you slow down and think about it as you read it, I think most will be able to glean the gist of it. My comments appear in bold. They deal with ultranationalism, ethnic nationalism and its German expression in Nazism, anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, Zionism and the ways in which these things tangle together.

Ways of Denial

By Azmi Bishara

The Nazi Holocaust aimed to rid Europe of its “Jewish taint”. By this was meant banking capital as opposed to industrial capital and the moral degeneracy, lack of patriotism, scorn for national values, heritage and other such ills caused by the “worm” that ate away at all that was noble and pure in the Germanic people.

That worm was the racial strain that never belonged, that was intrinsically alien and that nevertheless insisted on remaining in order to wreak its pollution; it was European Jewry and its various manifestations including capitalism, communism and liberalism, and its mere presence, according to this diabolical system of thought, that were a scourge to racial purity.

[RL: These lines here are very important. The nationalism that arose in Central and Eastern Europe in the late 1800’s and married itself to emerging racial science was unique. Previously, nationalism had generally not been racial. Often, anyone could marry into a tribe and become a full-fledged member – in fact, this has been a well-known norm of tribal societies.

The only nations were either tribes or empires, and empires were not racial. A Roman was anyone who lived in the Roman Empire. If you wanted to cross the Mediterranean and move to Rome and speak Latin, you could become a full-fledged Roman. It had nothing to do with any notion of an Italian race of people.

The Persian Empires were made up of individuals of a variety of ethnic groups, only one of which was Persian. The new nationalism changed all of that. The nation was seen as being only made up of one ethnic group, organically linked to the land through blood, soil and religion, and, tragically, all other groups on the land, including those who had lived there for centuries, were said to be aliens, as they were not part of this organic whole.

The nation was now an area with lines on a map – a territory with borders. Within this area – the nation – a vision formed of the nation as being akin to a human body. Its rivers and lakes were akin to the blood and water in our bodies, and its solid parts were akin to our flesh. The nation had a mind, a soul and emotions, as a human body does.

As we alone – our pure selves – have lived in our human bodies our whole lives, a notion was created that only one ethnic group, a pure ethnic group without outside admixtures, had lived in the national territory for all of recorded history. This people was an organic part of the land, the same as the rivers, rocks and trees.

Indeed, this organic national race was seen, mystically, as almost as much a part of the geological features of the land as the features were likewise seen as a part of the people. A religion and a set of cultural values, always glorious and perfect, was married to this pure people. Their religion and culture was obviously superior to those of their neighbors, if not of everyone else.

The pure people had died and fertilized the soil with their blood, flesh and bones, often in defense of the sacred land. Hence the dirt itself was impregnated with the glorious ancestors of the people.

From this blood-drenched soil sprang the plants and the animals that fed on them. And the soil sprouted crops, and the crops provided food for the animals, and the crops and animals sustained the life of this pure people.

As we prefer our bodies not to be contaminated by poisons, viruses and other unnatural interlopers, so the pure people tended to see the other ethnic groups on the land as akin to viruses coursing through the bloodstream of our bodies.

As we take medicine to rid our bodies of harmful contaminants, so the nation-race suggested “medicine” to rid the “body politic” of those “contaminating” peoples resident on the land who were not part of the pure people. I have striven to paint a rather elaborate picture here, but if you will try to picture this word-painting in your mind, you will begin to understand the essence of Nazism, and indeed all ultranationalism.

In this way, Jews who had lived in German lands for centuries were still defined as aliens.

The notion of the Jew as representative of banking capital – or “parasitic” capitalism was an old one, but it was married to new organic notions of nationhood that defined industrial capital with “national” capitalists. That is, industrial capital was of the land and the soil; i.e., it was “organic” and “natural” (see above) and was run by true Germans (the pure people).

Industrial capital could not migrate at a whim to other lands, and hence was rooted in the land as a plant is rooted in the soil (this was before outsourcing and offshoring). The Jew was seen as a “rootless cosmopolitan”, having no real (“organic”) ties to the land, and hence, a sort of a suspect traitor by default.

The connection of Jews with lack of patriotism, moral degeneracy, scorn for national values, etc. is another long-standing charge. Diaspora Jews tended to be rebels and were often hostile to their host nations, regarding such nations, often rightly so, as hostile to Jews. Furthermore, Jews regarded societies with strong national values, especially religious values, as bad for the Jews, again often rightly so.

The connection with Nazism refers to 1920’s Germany, when many liberal Germans were questioning the nation’s values, which they felt had led them into a disastrous war that had ruined the land. Amongst this group were a number of prominent Jewish comedians, actors, filmmakers, play directors, authors, etc.

As Jews were only

Many German Jews had actually fought bravely for Germany in World War 1, and even in the US, US Jewry largely supported the Germans until the US got into the war, because so many US Jews had German roots, and because Germany was regarded as the cultural center of World Jewry.

Those questioning German values were de facto defined as being unpatriotic. Actually, they were the finest of their generation, and their questioning spirit was right and proper.

Moral degeneracy refers mostly to 1920’s Berlin, teeming with artists, writers, actors, playwrights, directors, drug users, drinkers, prostitutes, and especially homosexuals and bisexuals. Christopher Isherwood comes to mind. Surely most of these folks were Gentiles, but once again, Jews being prominent in the arts, they were overrepresented among this group, and it came to be associated with Jews. Most Germans were still quite conservative, and the antics of the Berlin crowd outraged a traditional population.

The association of Jews with both capitalism and Communism is one of the mysteries of Nazism. Yet Nazism promised to transcend both capitalism and Communism. The newly emerging capitalism was vicious and brutal and seemed to lack all morals, and traditional people regarded it with alarm.

Communism was regarded by the German middle class as a direct threat. In particular, Communism, being explicitly opposed to ethnic nationalism, was regarded as Enemy Number One by nationalists of every stripe – and still is to this day.

Jews were prominent in both German capitalism and Communism, and in the early development of both systems in general. The rational explanation for this is that “Jews lead movements.”

But the Nazis looked at the Jewish factory owner locked in savage conflict with the radicalized Leftist union currently striking his plant and concluded that the owner and his workers must be in cahoots, part of a conspiracy to tear the land apart in order to seize power for the Jews.]

Late capitalism, as forcefully imposed by the centralized bureaucratic state, converged with a fanatical and rabidly xenophobic and very ideological late nationalism of the “Vesrspaeteten Nationen” with a history of religious anti-Semitism dating back to the Middle Ages and the crusader expeditions that attacked Jewish villages in central Europe en route to Palestine, a religious exclusionism that targeted both Muslims and Jews in Andalusian Spain and that shaped part of European identity in terms of both an external determinant — the Muslims — and an internal determinant — the Jews.

But the Nazis’ obsession with the annihilation of the Jews was also fired by an ideology that incorporated totalitarian social engineering, founded upon social Darwinism and assorted recent biological discoveries that were applied to human beings, together with a populist romantic socialism that was hostile to communism, democratic socialism and liberalism, all regarded as alien to the “Volksgeist”, “the spirit of the people”.

[RL: This explains how Nazism could have espoused a strange fake socialism “rooted in the land” while opposing everything on the Left as being de facto unpatriotic. The fact that the Nazis targeted the entire Left shows how bizarre the notion that Nazism is a leftwing movement really is.]

This form of pseudo-scientifically justified and coldly carried out mass extermination would not have been possible without a strong ability to compartmentalize between the bureaucratic functionary and the duty to obey orders, on the one hand, and the individual and his private moral sphere on the other, a phenomenon that is one of the characteristics of the modern state apparatus.

Nor would it have been possible without all the business of documentation, recording and archiving, which is also a characteristic of the modern state.

The irony of all this pseudo-scientific human taxonomy and the obsessive documentation of the names, addresses, confiscated possessions and physical details of the people who were rounded up and freighted to the concentration camps and from there to the gas chambers is that this paperwork has become the most important primary historical source for the Holocaust and the most important instrument with which to refute the claims of those who deny it occurred or belittle its magnitude.

[RL: Yes, the Nazis, in their bureaucratic zeal and German thoroughness and work ethic, pretty much wrote everything down, even if only in code. Thus making Holocaust Denial an even more trying task and ultimately an exercise in absurdity in the face of the mountain of contrary documentation.]

It is not so much the sheer numbers of victims that distinguishes the Holocaust. As unique as it was in the 20th century, millions of native inhabitants were exterminated en masse in the Americas over the course of previous centuries.

Nor is it just a question of scale: many more millions died in the course of World War II, alone, than in the Nazi gas chambers and these included Russians, Germans, Poles, French, Italians and many other nationalities.

The true horror of the Holocaust resides not only in the deliberate singling out of entire peoples — Jews and Gypsies — for extermination and in the scale of this crime, but also in the totality of the target and the “rational” way in which it was carried out.

[RL: This is apparently accurate, but I am very wary of the typically-Jewish efforts to make the Holocaust into the ultimate massacre of all time, such that we cannot even use words like Holocaust for other genocides. To do so, according to perverse tribal-nationalistic Jews, is somehow…get this – anti-Semitism! Ridiculous.]

Jews were snatched from their homes amid the general silence of their neighbors, a silence interspersed by hatemongering by anti-Semitic groups and by the active complicity of informers. Most of the Jews who died in the concentration camps were not Zionists; in fact, many may not have even heard of Zionism.

[RL: This is an important point, and seeing as it is the case, how is it now that the super-racist Zionist state has appointed itself Ultimate Spokesman for these largely anti-Zionist Jews, anyway?]

Moreover, the role of the Zionist movement in saving Jews, or in conspiring with the Nazis, was very marginal, regardless of the number of studies that have been produced on both cases and regardless of the fact that most of their findings have been corroborated.

[RL: This is a good point. Zionism did collaborate with the Nazis in various ways. For the most part, they were only interested in saving those Jews who were Zionists and all the rest could just die. Zionists actively worked to keep Jews from fleeing to places other than Palestine.

Zionists believed that Jews should be cut off from all escape routes except for Palestine, thereby forcing the European Jewish refugees into Palestine, where they were surely not wanted. This history is almost unknown to the vast majority of Americans. Lenni Brenner’s books are a good place to start your digging into this sordid history.

Such was, and is, the insanity of the doctrine that undergirds the Jewish state. On the other hand, the anti-Israel crowd has made much too much of this collaboration. This group, many of whom are out and out Holocaust Deniers and sadly even Nazi sympathizers, make much of the fact that “evil Zionists worked with the Nazis.”

Worked with the Nazis to do what? Apparently to help kill Jews. Except the Nazi “good guys” never killed any Jews because the “Holohoax” is a gigantic fraud! The wildly ironic discrepancies of these mutually contradictory lines is embarrassingly clear.]

Zionism did, indeed, have two faces; it was the perspectives and aims of the researchers that were and remain at odds. The Zionist movement began, and had set its sights on Palestine, long before the Holocaust.

[RL: Precisely! Let us chant this over and over, every time some misguided US liberal tells us that “Israel was created due to the Holocaust.” How many times have you heard that line?]

Zionists only used the Holocaust to justify their national project in hindsight, even if that justification is what drove some Arabs to deny the existence of the Holocaust.

Yet, while there are people who have felt that by minimizing or even refuting the Holocaust they undermine Jewish claims to a state in Palestine, the majority of educated and informed Arab opinion has never denied the Holocaust or the existence of anti-Semitism in Europe.

[RL: This would be news to me, but I am not an Arab. Most of the Arabs that I have known were Holocaust Deniers, including, I am ashamed to say, Arab Communists.]

In the anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist movement, Holocaust Denial and Revisionism in its various insipid formations is spread out like ivy on an overgrown lawn. As a believer in the traditional Holocaust story, I have often felt like I was odd man out.

Rather, they have argued – correctly – that since this horror took place in Europe the Palestinians should not have to pay the price.

Although it vaguely existed as a blend between the residue of a religious culture and extremist nationalist ideas imported from Europe even in early stages,anti-Semitism in the sense of hostility towards the Jews only began to spread significantly in the Arab world in the form of cultural and intellectual output after 1967.

[RL: I don’t agree that anti-Semitism was a marginal factor in the Arab World before 1967, but I agree that it exploded after 1967. After 1967, also, many previously rather apathetic US Jews finally came around and starting supporting Israel full bore, and it was after that war that the Israeli Lobby in the US really exploded, as it was not really that powerful before.]

Clearly, the rise of this phenomenon coincided with the rise of a metaphysical attitude that sought to explain the overwhelming Arab defeat of that year in terms of the confrontation with an absolute evil bent on a global conspiracy of the nature of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, which has been proven to be an invention of the Russian secret service at the end of the 19th century but which nevertheless found many gullible ears in the Arab world in the wake of the 1967 defeat.

[RL: How tiresome is it to hear the line that The Protocols may indeed be a forgery but they still accurately describe the agenda of the Jews? The curious are urged to read the Protocols. Don’t worry, you won’t catch a disease from reading it. It’s a pretty short document and you can read it quickly online in a number of places.]

Reading it, one is struck by how silly and paranoid this document really is. Nor does it have much relation to reality, except that I agree that various wealthy Jews have indeed conspired to control the media in various Western countries in the 1900’s, more to create an environment that is safe for the Jews in that country than for any nefarious means.

Holocaust denial similarly emerged during this period and in the same spirit of a fantastic conspiracy theory that ascribed to an international Jewish cabal the power to invent and dupe the entire world into believing a stupendous set of lies.

I would like to suggest that there are two types of Holocaust denial. One, espoused by elements of the European traditional right and neo-ultra-right, is to deny it happened. This form has not acquired sufficient roots to become a determinant of the behavior of nations and societies.

The other form of denial is to ignore that the Holocaust occurred within a particular historic context and, hence, to deal with it as some fiendish aberration that somehow occurred outside the bounds of time and place.

[RL: I think this is very important. Jews and their allies have worked very hard at the mystification of the Holocaust, along with the mystification of anti-Semitism. In practice, the two are simply tied together. Why did the Holocaust happen?

According to the Jewish line, it was an outbreak of sheer evil that occurred for no reason at all, other than “pure hatred”. Why were these folks seized by such “pure hatred” anyway? Because they were simply evil. How do we know they were evil? Because they were anti-Semites. How do we know anti-Semites are evil? Well, because Jews say they are. Starting to get the feel for the inane circularity of this approach?

Did Jews do anything to make any of these anti-Semitic nasties mad? Nope. Well then, why did the ugly little anti-Semite devils hate Jews, other than the fact that the were just lil’ balls of evil in human form and all that? A very typical Jewish response is…get this – no reason! Ok, now please, try to stop laughing. Jews actually believe that millions of folks hate Jews for absolutely no reason whatsoever . Does it make sense? Nope. Does it serve Jewish ego-defensive needs? Sure.

Or, sometimes, the truly ludicrous Jewish chauvinist argument is offered that because Jews represented good (with a capital G), this infuriated the anti-Semitic beasties so much that they tried to wipe out the Jews. This profoundly disturbed way of thinking is actually very common, especially amongst more militant Jews.

Well, other than being evil, why were these folks anti-Semites anyway? The answer given is…they were always that way. Or, is is said about the Poles, “The Poles learn anti-Semitism at their mothers’ breasts.”

This seriously depressing analysis offers us neither hope nor understanding and merely serves Jewish needs for ego-defensive theories about their history.

The truth is that the only fraud about the Holocaust is the Jewish mystification of it. The sad fact is that the Holocaust was rooted in normal human tendencies that lie within all of us, and if we do not work hard to nip these tendencies in the bud, Holocaust-like phenomena can occur over and over again.]

Some regular, ordinary Nazis, people just like you and me, except that they had fallen into the trap of ultranationalist genocidal racism, play with a kitten they found. As you can see, these folks are not the pure evil people Jews make them out to be. Evil people don’t play with kittens – that’s what folks like you and me do. These are just regular folks who took a really, really wrong turn.
Yet they could be you and me, and you and me could be them. If you don’t believe that, toss it around in your head and see if it starts to make sense for a while.
Photo via Robert John, a colleague. His website is here. John is one of the pre-eminent scholars on the Middle East, especially Palestine.


One major consequence of this approach is that it inhibits the study of the Holocaust as a historical phenomenon and as a sobering primer on the dangers of racism, extremist nationalist chauvinism and totalitarian social engineering in modern mass societies.

[RL: Exactly. See my comments directly above.]

But Holocaust denial can assume another face, which is to reduce it to an instrument for realizing political ends. The Zionist movement has excelled in this, its rituals and rhetoric in commemoration of Holocaust victims far outstripping its concern for the victims and its activities to combat the phenomenon when it occurred.

[RL: See Norman Finkelstein’s “The Holocaust Industry” for more on the nauseating “Shoah Business” aspect of Jewish politics.]

In fact, the subject was not even on the agenda of the Jewish organized community, the “Yeshov”, in mandate Palestine during the war years and many Zionists at the time found it embarrassing to hear of Jews being dragged off to be slaughtered without putting up a resistance; it conflicted with the nationalist fighting spirit and the image of the new man they were trying to inculcate.

[RL: Exactly. And Holocaust survivors arriving in Israel were often regarded with open contempt and hostility by the abrasive “Jews with an attitude” Sabras.]

To some extent, this line continues to this day, as bad-ass Sabras attack Diaspora Jews, especially those in the US, as some species of traitorous wimps. The friction between Israeli and non-Israeli Jews is little known outside of Jewish circles.

It was not until the Eichmann trial that the embarrassed silence was broken and emotions suddenly gushed out.

In the course of Zionism’s attempts to portray the history of the entire Jewish people as one uninterrupted stream of oppression and persecution that culminated inevitably in the Holocaust.

[RL: I refer to this as the “false pogrom and persecution view of Jewish history”. It is extremely deeply rooted, even amongst liberal, secular, assimilated US Jews. Actually, it is mostly associated with Ashkenazi Jews and was traditionally not part of the worldview of Sephardic and Mizrachi Jews, although many non-Ashkenazim inside Israel have sadly taken this up. Students of ultranationalism will note that there is nothing unique about the Jewish craving to be a victim. It is simply a component of ultranationalism.

There is even a perverse human need to be a victim, which can be observed as a psychopathological symptom in many people, including those you know. On the individual level, ultranationalism is represented as egocentrism, and ultranationalism is simply egocentrism writ large across the face of the nation, with the tribe standing in for the ego.

Students of psychology are aware that egocentrism is associated with feelings of persecution, and grandiosity (manifested as ultranationalism on the tribal level) is associated with paranoia. Hence we can see that psychological processes that work on the ego level also manifest in aggregations of humans, including entire tribes and nations.]

Holocaust history has been transformed into an exclusively Israeli property.

Victims of the Nazi gas chambers have been nationalised and converted, in spite of themselves, either into an episode in the Zionist struggle to create a state or into an instrument for blackmailing others into supporting Zionist aims or for justifying the crimes the Zionist state perpetrates against others. It is as though the magnitude of the crime entitles Israel to play the victim par excellence or the victims’ sole proxy, placing it beyond accusations of wrongdoing because it is the victim by definition.

The Zionist casting of all Jews as victims of Nazi atrocities has given rise to two curious phenomena. The first is that any Israeli can speak and act as the victim even if he has more in common ideologically and psychologically with the offender or the “Capo” — the Jews who cooperated with the Nazis in the concentration camps.

In other words, the mere fact of being born to a Jewish mother somehow gives license to represent all victims, including in front of those who actually are more victims than he is and those who are more hostile to Nazism, racism and its offshoots.

The second phenomenon is the monopoly claimed by the Israeli ruling establishment to speak on behalf of Jews and Jewish history in general, which largely translates into soliciting, and pressuring for, political and financial support for Israel.

[RL: Feeling bad about the Holocaust? Sure you are. So fork over that donation to the Israeli Lobby today!]

In the first instance, the challenge of truly understanding and learning lessons from the Nazi phenomenon is reduced to something akin to a therapy session in which those in the role of victim help those in the role of perpetrator purge their guilt by satisfying the psychological and material demands of the former.

There is something morally repugnant in this passing of the sins, or innocence, of the fathers to the sons, as opposed to engaging in an objective process of historical investigation with the aim of combating racism in all forms and in all societies. After all, the main victims of European racism today are not Jews, and in Palestine Zionism is not the victim but the perpetrator.

Unfortunately, the Israeli-German therapy sessions ignore such stark realities and, in so doing, offer both the Israelis and the Germans carte blanche to vent their racism on others, as though the Holocaust were a purely German-Israeli concern and the greater phenomenon of racism something else entirely.

It is as if through their mutual catharsis with regard to the former they exonerate themselves from responsibility for the latter. Meanwhile, Zionism’s unwarranted, illogical and historically unsubstantiated monopoly on the role of Holocaust victims’ spokesperson sits well with Europe. Most of Zionism’s aims and demands do not require Europe to engage in a serious process of introspection in order to uproot the deeper causes that gave rise to the Holocaust.

Contrary to what one may logically expect, this suits Zionism’s purposes because it keeps the monolithic discreteness of the Holocaust intact and diminishes, in comparison, the significance of Europe’s other crimes. The upshot is to toss the entire Jewish question outside Europe and dump it in the Middle East. It may come as a relief to European officials to be able to exonerate themselves for the Holocaust by placating Israel with anti-Palestinian, anti-Arab and even anti-Muslim sympathies.

[RL: Have you ever wondered what is behind the Europeans’ curious support for Israel? This is it – Holocaust guilt, and Jewish Zionists never dare let them forget it.]

If anything, however, this form of behavior confirms the continuation of the underlying syndrome, a syndrome that is nevertheless glossed over with a fresh bill of moral health, authorized and stamped by Israel after every visit of atonement a European leader makes to the “Yad Vashem” Museum in Jerusalem.

[RL: Surely it is a legitimate question to ask when radical, racist, nationalist and militant Jews will finally cease their never-ending demands for apologies from Europeans for this crime, even though those asked to apologize are typically now not those present at the scene of the crime, but their offspring.]

It is for this reason that all victims of racism across the world should campaign to break the Zionist hold over the role of spokesman for victims of the Holocaust. Conversely, the Arabs and Palestinians who deny the Holocaust offer European and Zionist racism no greater gift than this denial of the occurrence of the Holocaust.

[RL: I have always said that anti-Semites are the greatest gift that Zionists ever received.]

What possible Arab or Islamic interest can it serve to even offer to exonerate Europe of one of the blackest pages in its history? To do so is not only to absolve Europe of a crime that was, in fact, committed, but also to earn its contempt and to wake up one day to find Europe and Israel joining forces against Arab or Muslim Holocaust deniers with such venom that one might imagine that the Holocaust had occurred in Egypt or Iran and that Holocaust denial is a far graver crime than the perpetration of the Holocaust itself.

Holocaust denial is just plain stupid, also as a political argument. But Israel will be no less expedient in turning the provocation against its regional adversaries who had nothing to do with the Holocaust.

On the other hand, the Holocaust is a phenomenon that merits proper scholastic study, the purpose of which is to sort fact from fiction, and myth form reality. No incident in history lies beyond the realm of historical research.

[RL: Here Bishara delves into the all-too-typical, and silly, line we hear so often these days – that the research into the Holocaust is somehow banned! The many diligent Holocaust scholars toiling for years and decades would be very interested to learn that their studies are forbidden.]

In fact, the entire corpus of the Holocaust story is up for grabs, including the incident itself. The fact that Revisionists are reviled is because they are historically illiterate or deliberate historical forgers, not because inquiry is somehow banned.

This said, Tehran can hardly be said to have a tradition of Holocaust studies; the subject does not rate very high in Iranian academic priorities.

And a conference in Tehran that was proceeded by a political speech denying the Holocaust cannot be said to be an academic conference; it was a political demonstration, one that harms the Arabs and Muslims and serves only the ultra-right and neo-Nazi forces in Europe and the Zionist movement.

During World War II, when some Arabs and other Third World peoples were rooting for Germany because it was fighting the colonial powers France and Britain, the Arab and Third World left, which had allied with the Soviet Union, argued that it was wrong for the victims of racism to side with the racist Nazi regime. Their position was correct.

Today, there is not even a pragmatic immoral justification whatsoever for siding with European racism. Holocaust denial does not undermine the moral justifications for the existence of the state of Israel, as some imagine.

What it does, however, is hand the European right and Israel a convenient enemy upon which to unload their problems. This enemy comprises Palestinians and Arabs, specifically fundamentalist Muslims, those Bush is fond of calling “Islamic fascists”.

The initial Arab reaction to the Holocaust was simple and straightforward and much more rational. The Holocaust occurred, but it was a tragedy for which the Europeans, not the Arabs, should assume responsibility. This is the opinion that prevailed throughout the 1940s and 1950s, the sense of normalcy that survived in all of us continues to hold it.

Jews Who Pretend To Be Nazis

Repost from the old site. This post has been accused of anti-Semitism, but I disagree. I agree that anti-Semitism exists, and should be opposed, my definition being an irrational fear or hatred of Jews. Perhaps we have some warring definitions going on here. My site also has a no anti-Semitism policy and two posters have been banned for incessant anti-Semitism. A Jewish fellow just came by this blog and left me this Nazi-like message, urging the killing of all Jews, implying that I support such insanity, and trying to claim that my blog promotes the notion of the extermination of the Jews. This fellow is well known and either acts alone or as part of a group. He used to live in Chicago but recently has relocated to New York. He or his group now operates out of Jamaica, New York and a university in New York. He or his group usually writes comments and emails under the names Tom Phillips or Sam Jones. He is also a strong supporter of Israel (Zionist) and has strong feelings against the Palestinians. Hence, he typically writes about how the Palestinians are Nazis and are trying to carry out Hitler’s Final Solution and how the Palestinians’ supporters need to cheer them on in this endeavor. Here is what he wrote in my comments:

[name withheld] wrote the following: Robert, thanks once again for helping to convey the message of white patriots like myself. The subhuman degenerate Jews are indeed a hideous cancer in our midst -and it is excellent to see the awakening of people like you and your readers on this issue. Hopefully, this will lead to enough people taking the necessary (or should I say “final”?) actions to see that this situation is PERMANENTLY reversed. If ever a race of so-called people DESERVE to be “gassed to death in ovens”, it’s the Jews! If this ever comes to pass, we will have blogs like yours to thank.

Note the Nazi-style nature of the anti-Semitism that he is writing here. He’s obviously a smart fellow and he has tailed his fake anti-Semitism to mirror well the particular anti-Semitism of the Nazis, their allies and their modern-day supporters. His objectives are various:

  • To tag me as a Nazi-style anti-Semite bent on the extermination of Jews.
  • To promote Nazi-style exterminationist anti-Semitism amongst me and people like me – supporters of the Palestinians, critics of Israel and critics of the Jews. As persons in these groups move towards Nazism, it will be easier to destroy them through the classic Jewish technique of character assassination (no one does it better). In this, he is serving as the Jewish version of an agent provocateur – the equivalent of the guy who shows up at the Communist Party meeting saying, “Hey let’s go set off a bomb!”
  • To associate me and my blog, which merely criticizes Israel and Jews in a most mild manner (in addition to critiquing just about everything else on Earth) with Nazi-style exterminationist anti-Semitism.

There are quite a few Jews who engage in this sort of profoundly perverse behavior, and they have been doing so for at least 100 years. Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism, reportedly encouraged Cossack gangs to destroy Jewish property in Russia in order to fan anti-Semitism and encourage Jews to support Zionism. Israeli agents attacked Jewish targets in Iraq to encourage Jews to flee to Israel. Israel bombed a synagogue in Beirut during the Civil War, probably on purpose, probably for the same reason – to encourage Jews to flee. The former head of the World Zionist Organization famously remarked around 1960 that any serious decline in anti-Semitism would seriously endanger Israel. The implication was that anti-Semitism in the Diaspora was good for Israel. The more anti-Semitism in the Diaspora, the more Diaspora Jews will want to come to the Jewish state to escape anti-Semitism. Jews (particularly young Jewish males) are often arrested for writing gross anti-Semitic graffiti – KILL THE JEWS!, vandalizing Jewish cemeteries and even faking anti-Semitic assaults. Is there any other ethnic group on Earth that fakes attacks on itself? Do Hispanics write graffiti saying, “Kill the Spics!”? Granted, there have a few scattered cases of Blacks faking racist attacks on themselves. Do Asians write “Kill the Gooks!” all over their own neighborhoods? Do Arabs write emails saying, “Kill all Arabs now!”? Can anyone find any other ethnic group, anywhere on Earth, that engages in such perverse behavior to any significant degree? I wonder what your ordinary, fairly sane Jewish person thinks of Jews who do this? Do they think they are good for the Jews? Do they think it’s understandable? Do they deny that it exists? Do they lash out and attack anyone who brings it up as an anti-Semite? Just wondering… Seeking out answers, the $64,000 question is, how did the Jews survive in the Diaspora for 2000 years? It’s the racism, stupid. They did it by cultivating racist attitudes towards the surrounding non-Jewish communities. This was particularly true in Europe, where the Ashkenazim were under a virtual dictatorship of the rabbis for 1000 years (This was the so-called Golden Age of Orthodox Judaism.). Elaborate strictures were put into place to keep Jews from mingling with Gentiles. Not that such mingling was bad per se, but if left unmolested, it could lead Jews marrying non-Jews, and at some point, the Jews would simply breed themselves out of existence. The only way to survive was to keep Jews breeding amongst themselves. In Medieval Spain, the penalty for a Jewish woman who had sex with a Gentile was to have her nose cut off. Many of the infamous Jewish ghettos were actually built by Jews themselves to keep themselves from mingling much with Gentiles. Until the early 1800’s, no religious European Jew would think of eating with a non-Jew, nor would he even have tea with a Gentile. While Christian hatred of Jews in Europe was substantial and sometimes deadly, on the other hand, Jewish rabbis, for their part, preached hatred of Christians and Christianity in Europe for many centuries. It’s quite probable that the desire of this group to remain apart from others did quite a bit to stimulate distrust and anti-Semitism amongst the Gentiles. From AD 200 to the early 1800’s, a religious European Jew was required to spit in the direction of any church he walked past. On Christian holidays in Europe, a Jew was required to pray for Jesus to suffer in Hell. Even recently, the ceremony to convert to Judaism in Israel, given over to the ultra-Orthodox of Kibbutz Sa’ad and financed by the Israeli government, required spitting on the cross. In the 1950’s. there was a major furor in Israel when an Israeli postage stamp had a drawing of Bethlehem with a church and a tiny cross visible on top. The government eventually had to redo the stamp to wipe out the cross. A similar crisis occurred when it was revealed that Jewish children were forced to write a cross when they wrote a plus sign in math class. In the early 1970’s, the government then decided that, in all secular schools, in most Hebrew elementary and some Hebrew high schools, Jewish Israeli children, alone on Earth, write an upside down “t instead of a cross for the plus sign. In order to keep the Jews from outbreeding, it was also important to remind the Jews that all Gentiles harbored permanent metaphysical hatred of Jews inside themselves. In those Gentiles who seemed friendly, this hatred had merely not been revealed yet. Thus a Jewish culture of paranoia and masochism, a culture that needed and cultivated enemies for its own survival, was created and nourished. Hence, large number of Jews are afflicted with what Jewish psychologist Stanley Rothman calls a paranoid-masochistic character. Here is Rothman and Jewish co-author S. Robert Lichter, quoting Jewish psychoanalysts Jules Nydes and Theodor Reik on this character:

[Jewish psychologist Jules] Nydes argues that such individuals [representing the “paranoid masochistic character”] tend to see themselves and groups within which they identify as victims who are being persecuted. This sense of persecution derives partly from unconscious feelings of guilt. The paranoid masochistic person engages in aggression against others because he or she expects to be attacked. His aggression, which is accompanied by feelings of self-righteousness, is rarely satisfying. Indeed, he can often achieve gratification only when he is punished, and the punishment is interpreted as confirming his preconceived sense of persecution…The typology is suggestive. [Jewish psychoanalyst] Theodore Reik, who was Nyde’s teacher, suggested that a ‘paranoid masochistic’ personality structure is modal among Jews.

Rothman on the Jewish need for anti-Semitism:

For some Jews and perhaps some of the Jewish leadership, the fear is that if anti-Semitism completely disappears then the Jewish community might erode or dissolve.

Rothman is presently Director of the Center for the Study of Social and Political Change at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. With those two fine Rothman quotes, we leave you to intertwine them with the mysteries of so many things: the behavior of the Jewish state and its Israeli Lobby in the US, the baffling behavior of many Jews towards the often largely hallucinated phenomenon of anti-Semitism, and the behavior of young Jewish men, who, in ultimate perversity, mimic Nazis.

More on the Fake "Holodomor"

This just never ends. Ukraine is considering filing genocide charges against Russia for the fake Holodomor that never happened in 1932. The Holodomor is a Ukrainian word for a man-made famine, the hallucinatory man-made famine of 1932 that was supposedly directed at the Ukrainian nation for their resistance to collectivization. But there was no Holodomor. It never happened. There was no man-made famine. There was a famine, but no Holodomor. Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies. There was a famine harvest in the USSR in 1932. Famine harvest means the crop failed. That’s what happened. Now, we can argue about why the crop failed, but the truth is that it failed. One of the reasons was a wheat rust epidemic that spread through the area all the way to Bulgaria. The crop failed all over the country, and people starved all over, including 1 million in Siberia. The USSR took less grain from the Ukraine than they have ever taken before or since. The state faced a terrible choice of whether to feed the cities of the villages. It’s true that there was more starvation in the Ukraine than in most other places, but that is because the crop failed worse there than anywhere else. Anyway, there was just as much starvation in the Lower Volga. The starving there were Russian peasants, and they had not been resisting collectivization. Do the Holodomor liars wish to say that the evil Communists deliberately starved Russian peasants in the Volga. What on Earth for? Further, the Ukrainians killed 5 Most people died of disease, not starvation. They were weakened by lack of food. People started fleeing the famine zones, and it is true that after a while, the state tried to stop them from fleeing, because they needed people to stick around to harvest the grain crop the next year. If they would have let everyone flee the famine zones, there would have been no one around to harvest the crop in the next year. It was damned if you do, damned if you don’t. The next year, the crop was good. Figures of 7-10 million dead in the Ukraine alone are routinely tossed around by the Ukrainian liars. It was a terrible time to be a Soviet citizen. As noted, many people died, mostly of disease, not starvation, but they died nevertheless. The 7 million figure was invented after World War 2 by Ukrainian nationalists, many of whom had fought with the Nazis and killed many Jews by participating in the Holocaust. The 7 million figure was invented by these people to be higher than the 6 million Jews killed by Hitler in the Holocaust. In other words, Stalin was worse than Hitler, and Hitler was right to go to war against Judeo-Bolshevism. Get it? Also, the Ukrainian Nazis (Excuse me, Ukrainian nationalists!) to some extent wash their hands of their own evil. Ukrainian Nazis (Oh, I mean Ukrainian nationalists, why do I keep confusing them!) especially the exiles, are notorious for their rank anti-Semitism and pro-Nazi sentiment. The correct figure may never be known, but 5.5 million may have died across the USSR of the famine and its effects. 1 million died in Siberia. There even many deaths in Moscow. I guess this is because evil Commies were trying to kill urban workers or something. Whatever. The death toll was very high in the Lower Volga. I don’t know how many died in the Ukraine. Possibly 3.5 million? With the opening of the Soviet archives, tens of thousands of pages have been diligently sifted through. Nowhere, not even a footnote on a single page, is there any mention of any orders given for a man-made famine in the Ukraine. These were people who wrote everything down, crossed every i and dotted every t. The Ukrainian liars and their buddies keep searching the documents for the evidence they can never find, and they keep coming up empty handed, even though they pull up fake evidence all the time and wave it around, assuming we are idiots. That’s because there’s nothing to find. The Holodomor never even happened. You can’t find evidence for an even that never occurred. Compare to the Nazi archives, where huge piles of evidence documenting the Holocaust have been uncovered, despite the Nazis’ determined efforts to cover it up. One would think that if a deliberate famine was ordered in the Ukraine, evidence would be available in the archives. It is true that there was a Civil War going on in the Ukraine at the time over collectivization. At one point, Ukrainians were carrying out up to 20 armed attacks a day. They raided collective farms, destroyed crops, killed livestock and killed collective farmers. They also raped a lot of women. The counterinsurgency was ferocious and horrible, some would say downright evil. Millions of Ukrainians were deported to Siberia, and there were many executions. When it was all over, 390,000 Ukrainians were killed by the state. If you want to argue that’s a genocide, be my guest. But there was no artificial famine. I’m really getting tired of writing about this, but the Ukrainian liars and their buddies the anti-Semite liars just won’t shut up about this. One man, Robert Conquest, probably did more than anyone else to popularize the Holodomor lie. Conquest now says that there was no Holodomor, no intentional famine. He still tries to blame the state for causing the famine by screwing up, but he admits there was no intention to starve people. Here is a good source of material on the latest, most up to date scholarship on the fake Holodomor. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

Anti-Zionist Site Posts Nazi Propaganda

This is the usual “Judeo-Bolshevik”, Jews caused the Holocaust, variety. What’s next? Holocaust Denial? From Palestinestinktank, run by anti-Zionist Jews Gilad Atzmon and Mary Rizzo, with a lot of help from Jordanian Haitham Sabbah. This site is just getting worse and worse and more and more into rank, raw anti-Semitism. Way to go guys! Sooner or later, a vast number of anti-Zionists fall into this stinky anti-Semitic mud puddle. Why, I’m not sure. The behavior of Zionists in Palestine is pretty terrible and their buddies in the West control a lot of the media and a few of the governments. To be an anti-Zionist is to feel very helpless. It’s like you’re fighting a war against space aliens or something. The Palestinians don’t seem to have a chance, and the Zionists hold all the cards. It’s a very frustrating and enraging experience, and I guess the end result for a lot of folks experiencing this kind of frustrated rage is just to go anti-Semite. I can understand it, but adults ought to have more self-control. As for an analysis of the article itself. The article in question is quite good, and in general is not anti-Semitic, except where it echoes the Judeo-Bolshevik, Jews caused WW2, Jews caused the Holocaust crap. That article even outrageously implies that Jews gave Nazis the idea for the Holocaust! The poor innocent Nazis! They never wanted to kill all those people. But they developed their evil Nazi ideology from those wicked Jews! Poor Germans! Poor Hitler! My God. The main premise of the article is simply false. The premise is the typical Nazi and fascist accusation called Judeo-Bolshevism. Hitler set off the Holocaust in the name of this phantom. That is why Hitler tried to kill every single Jew on Earth – because Jews were Communists, and Communism was Jewish. The headquarters of World Communism was in Moscow in the USSR.When you run propaganda echoing the Judeo-Bolshevik line, you wittingly or not serve the interests of Nazi propaganda. I do not know if you know this. I have a policy on my blog that I do not run anti-Semitism. Also, my blog is officially pro-Jewish. I would like to point out that in addition to the Judeo-Bolshevik crap, that article also says Jews caused the  Holodomor. A Holodomor which never even happened. There was no Holodomor. There was no deliberate famine. Almost all scholars now agree on this. Even Robert Conquest, who singlehandedly did more than anyone else to promote the Holodomor lie, now agrees. The article also flirts with another lie. That the JewSSR (this is the lie that the article promotes – a lie called the JewSSR) killed tens of millions of Russian Christians. It is true that Communists killed 1.6 million people in the USSR, if we do not include the war. The overwhelming majority of Russians were Christians. In killing 1.6 million Soviets for whatever reason, it is clear that the overwhelming majority would be Christians. This is like accusing Mao of being a Buddhist-hater or Confucionist-hater for the deaths of millions in China. That the millions killed were Buddhists or  Confucionists is mere historical accident. Communists presided over the famine. Communists caused the deaths of 1.6 million people during peacetime over 32 years. Not Jews. Communists. The Jewish era in the USSR, such that it even existed, was over by 1927. Super-Jews even accuse Stalin of being an anti-Semite. Stalin was a reaction against the Jewish era in the USSR and he instituted a kind of Orthodox Christian very conservative Great Russianism. During the 1930’s, these evil Christian-hating and Christian-murdering Jews killed a very large number of the top Jews in the USSR. Funny how evil Jews even kill their own kind. Surely there was some evil Gentile-hating and Christian-hating conspiracy behind the self-immolation of those Judeo-Bolsheviks in 1937! This is a classic degeneration. Almost all anti-Zionists degenerate into this gutter European anti-Semitism at some point or another. Almost all of them either start echoing Nazi propaganda, or defend Nazis, or blame Jews for starting the war or setting off the Judeocide against themselves. Almost all of them at some point start flirting with some species of Holocaust Denial. Gilad Atzmon is an intellectual anti-Semite, and he and Mary have been flirting with anti-Semitism and fascist terminology, apparently ignorantly or unwittingly, for some time now. I do not know why they are doing this. Atzmon’s anti-Semitism gets worse by the year. Gilad is not a Nazi. Certainly Mary is not. I guess Haitham is not. But the whole Judeo-Bolshevik line, which this piece promotes, is anti-Semitic, and it does echo Nazi propaganda, whether they want to believe it or not. These people are just foolish. They are running anti-Semitism, promoting the most rank kind of anti-Semitism and in fact knowingly or not, fascist and even Nazi propaganda. I realize that they do not know what they are doing, but it’s still just wrong. These people are just idiots. Irresponsible idiots. What do they think they are doing?

A Short History of 20th Century Poland

Repost from the old blog. More dealing with Jews, Eastern Europe, WW2, ethnic conflict, etc etc. Eat it up antisemites. One thing I realized in writing up this stuff was how monumentally complicated all of this was. Even the history of Poland in the 20th Century left my head spinning. Great thread on the UK Guardian’s comment page about Poland’s enormously complex recent ethnic history, with Poles, Ukrainians, Russians, Jews all fighting with, killing and making nice with each other. I don’t begin to understand it all, but I can grasp the outlines. Pay attention to the anti-Semitic and anti-Russian Polish nationalists and their usual distortions, generally along the lines that Stalin was far worse than Hitler. Ukrainian and Belorussian nationalists were cut out of similar cloth during this war, and most of them are still wearing these silly clothes. Their anti-Communism and hatred of the USSR is leavened heavily with anti-Semitism, and most of them fought alongside the Nazis during the war. This is what this crap about the “Holodomor” (or man-made famine – falsely named because there was no intentional famine) and the Katyn Massacre is really all about – trying to make the Soviets seem worse than Hitler in the interest, in effect if not in intention, of furthering Nazi propaganda. The alliances shift back and forth, Poland invades the USSR in 1920 and anti-Communists blame Soviets for starting the war (!!). Russia conquers eastern Poland early in the war, not a nice thing to do, but those under Russian occupation fared far better than those under German annihilationist occupation. The theme of Polish anti-Semitism runs through the whole thing. Jews were resented for a variety of reasons, principally the fact that Poles were Catholic and Jews refused to convert to Catholicism. Many Jews also supposedly refused to learn Polish. There were also allegations of economic competition that surface wherever Jews exist in large numbers. Holocaust survivor and Israeli resident Israel Shahak’s much-derided book, Jewish History, Jewish Religion is a great read. It’s not that long, and the whole thing is up on the Net. The late Shahak is accused of anti-Semitism, mostly by other Jews. Unfortunately, most of his fine works can only be found on anti-Semitic websites. In Chapter 4, there is a section on the history of Poland. During the 1600’s, many Jews were serving as tax collectors for the Polish Roman Catholic nobility. The peasants they were collecting taxes from were Orthodox Slavs. The Cossacks revolted against the Polish Roman Catholic overlords and their Jewish agents. The revolt resulted in the severing of Ukraine from Poland. Russians and Ukrainians view the rebellion positively and Poles have tended to view it negatively. Khmelnitsky is regarded as the Father of Ukraine, similar to our George Washington. Given this difficult history, you can understand why Jews and Ukrainians have had such a hard time. This rebellion, called the Chmielnicki Rebellion, lasted from 1648-1656, and resulted in the deaths of many Jews, but the numbers have been exaggerated. Chmielnicki is seen by Jews as an anti-Semite, but he called upon the poor Jews to join him in his rebellion, which was just a peasant rebellion against feudalism. The poor Jews refused, citing ethnic solidarity to stand alongside their brethren fighting alongside the feudalists. The Soviet Union created the Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky (Chmielnicki) for heroism during the Great Patriotic War. There were three classes of the order. Altogether, over 8,423 Soviet citizens were granted this order. Some Jewish soldiers were upset when they heard they were going to be granted the medal because Khmelnitsky is regarded by Jews as a vicious anti-Semite. Jews focus on the 20,000 or so Jews killed during the rebellion – 1/2 of the Jewish population in the Ukraine (not 100,000 as some Jews say) but during this horrible period in the mid 1600’s, Poland was invaded by multiple nations at once, including Sweden, and was riven with horrible wars all across the land. In the context of the typical human deprivation caused by feudalism itself, an incredible 1/3 of the population of Poland died. Yet the Jews see only 25,000 dead Jews and turn their eyes from the larger genocide. Typical Jewish myopia. The Jews welcomed Stalin’s forces with open arms early in World War 2, then Germans overran Soviet forces a year later, and eastern Poland was under the slaughterhouse of German rule. In 1944, the Soviets “re-invaded” (according to Polish nationalists!) and whatever Jews that remained, along with many Poles, thought the Soviets were just fine as they were fighting Germans. Yitzhak Shamir once said that Poles suck in their anti-Semitism with their mother’s milk, a nasty thing to say, but yes, there is truth to it. The Polish Communist government had quite a few Jews in it, and this also fed anti-Semitism along with Polish nationalism and pro-Catholicism. It’s true that Stalin put a lot of Jews in the Polish government because he did not trust native Poles to run the new Communist state very well, as Communism was so unpopular. After a while, there were plenty of Poles running the Polish Communist state and few Jews; by 1970 or so, the Polish state was officially anti-Semitic, running campaigns against “rootless cosmopolitanism” and “Zionology” in tune with the now anti-Semitic Soviet state. But not all Eastern Bloc states mirrored this anti-Semitism from the USSR, which was rooted in the Jews’ mass flight to Zionism and the new Israeli state, aligned with the West, so there must have been some uniquely Polish animus at work there, even in Polish Communists. The Israeli state has since become most famous as being the World’s only single race-religion state, a most dubious distinction. Someone asked why Stalin was persecuting Jews after the war, and he blurted out, “But you don’t understand! They are all Zionists!” Stalin was also afraid of East Bloc and Soviet Jews spying for the West in tandem with the Israelis’ turn towards the West in the late 1940’s. In this he was partly correct, as we now have some evidence, via Terry Kollek, Jewish CIA agent, that a number of Eastern Bloc Jews followed their loyalty to the pro-West Israel by spying for the US against the Soviets and their allies, beginning as early as 1946. Jews in the Eastern Bloc were helping to implement Communism and at the same time working for the CIA to stop it. As usual, there were Jews on both sides of a major issue. To call Stalin an anti-Semite is wrong, but he did turn into one late in life. Stalin persecuted all sorts of minorities, not out of racial supremacism as is often alleged (a sort of hyper Georgian nationalism), but generally only those minorities he saw as disloyal to the USSR. Yet early in its history, the USSR laid down a new model for the best treatment of minorities by a state, a model that is mirrored now in many progressive states the world over. The paradoxes go on and on like funhouse mirrors. The Jews are coming back to Poland, which is very heartening. The anti-Semites are re-awakening too, as we would expect. It’s not correct to be either excessively optimistic or pessimistic about Jewish prospects in Poland today. Nationalist Jews will usually sneer at any notion that things are any better there – as they see Poles as some sort of metaphysical eternal anti-Semites, corrupted probably in their very souls with nary a hope of salvation. Neither is it correct to cheer these events on too much. But in Polish-Jewish relations, any forward progress should be cheered, as it should in most any other arena of life. Deborah Lipstadt, a whole thread and found it fascinating. It’s very long, but you may wish to dip in if you have any interest in the history of Poland in the past century. Note the nationalist Jew or Jews on the thread throwing the anti-Semite epithet around promiscuously. There are some excellent comments by readers at the end of this post on the old blog.

Who Were the Real Terrorists in Kielce 1946?

This is a repost from the old blog by a guy I used to publish as a guest author – the mysterious Eastern Orthodox expatriate US academic Stojgniev O’Donnell (a pseudonym). I kept warning the guy about his anti-Semitism (we don’t publish anti-Semitism here and we deny the Jews and Judeophiles who lie and say we do) but you know, these guys just can’t seem to knock it off. He’s basically coming from the POV of an Orthodox Christian Polish or Pan-Slavic nationalist. I believe the guy was an academic or was a grad student in the US, had bad experiences Jewish colleagues, and they either tried to run him out or fired him, I forget. Anyway, he left the US and has been holing up in, I think Poland lately. He’s afraid that Jews are out to destroy his career in the US, and I guess they are. I have no contact with him anymore. He writes pretty well. Unfortunately, this mindset is very common among many Poles, Russians, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Romanians, Serbs, etc. It’s a combination of Pan-Slavism and Pan-Orthodoxism and it is best on display in Russia with nationalist types. It’s not going away! This essay is anti-Semitic and I put lots of comments in there. Still, because the history of Jews and Poles has been so tragic, it is useful to publish the Polish side of the affair in an effort to try to understand the roots of the problem. This essay deals with a pogrom of Jews in Kielce, Poland, in 1946, after World War 2 was over, from a Polish nationalist point of view. Although I have not read it, Jan T. Gross’ Fear – Anti-Semitism After Auschwitz is supposed to be an excellent work that deals comprehensively with the terrible Kielce pogrom. Out of a pre-war Jewish population in Kielce of 25,000, only about 200 Kielce Jews survived the war. The surviving Jews returned from the forests and camps and found that Poles had stolen their homes. This was the setting in which the famous pogrom took place. It is fascinating how Jewish Zionists can rage beet-red about “Poles stealing the homes and land of Jews”, while being oblivious to the nightmarish Jewish state occupying Palestine, which has stolen every inch of land it illegally claims. Although only 39 Jews were killed in the pogrom (relatively few compared to other pogroms), the Kielce Pogrom had great significance for Polish history. After WW2 ended, many Jews had hopes of continuing to live in Poland. For many of them, Kielce ended all of that. As Stephen Pollard notes, Kielce convinced many of them of the need for a Jewish state (this is actually a dubious assumption on the part of Zionist Pollard). Debate about the Kielce Pogrom and the Polish role in it has continued in recent years. A Polish commission in 2000 concluded that a mob of local Poles spontaneously attacked and killed the Kielce Jews as a result of “unfortunate coincidences of an historical nature”, and dismissed a conspiracy theory that the pogrom was instituted by the Soviet Union. Last month, on July 6, a memorial to the victims of the pogrom was laid in Kielce on the 60th anniversary of the pogrom. The Polish President’s office read a statement at the ceremony describing the pogrom as “a great shame and tragedy for the Jews and Poles”. This blog concurs completely in that sentiment. The essay below deals with an article by Adam Michnik, the Jewish editor or Poland’s largest newspaper. This article also sheds light on current Polish affairs and indicates that, alas, all is still not well between the Poles and the Jews. The piece makes some pointed critiques, which are commonly made, of secular, liberal Jews in the media using that forum to aggressively push a particular type of Jewish tribal agenda onto a non-Jewish population. Note the anti-Russian and anti-Soviet sentiment in O’Donnell’s piece, typical of Polish religious nationalism. Suffice to say that O’Donnell’s views are pretty typical of Slavic Eastern Orthodox Christians in Poland, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia and to a much lesser extent among Orthodox Christians in Greece and the Arab World. Socially conservative yet anti-imperialist and to some extent anti-Western, these Orthodox have also had a tempestuous relationship with the Jews. These difficulties, and the reasons behind them, have of course been shrouded in fog by the Politically Correct theory of anti-Semitism, which holds that anti-Semitism is a form of mental illness, is not understandable by anyone but a psychiatrist or a prison warden, and occurs for no known reason at all. I call this the mystification of anti-Semitism, and while it serves ego-defensive purposes for the Jews and philo-Semites who have contrived this nonsense, it surely sheds little light on anti-Semitism. Furthermore, by promoting Zionism and the Jewish state (one of the worst mistakes the Jews have made in recent years) this mystification serves more nefarious ends. For it is Zionist dogma, elucidated by Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism himself, that the Gentiles will always hate the Jews, everywhere the Jews are, for eternity. Such it has been, such it is, such it will be. Hence the need for the armed gangster-state ghetto (It even has a wall around it!) called Israel. A further elaboration is that worldwide, an eternal epidemic of anti-Semitism has occurred, continues to occur, and most importantly, will always occur, ever since the Jews appeared on Earth, for no intelligible reason whatsoever other than merely a manifestation of evil. The insidious and disgusting sentiments working here? All Gentiles are anti-Semites. Anti-Semitism is incomprehensible other than as an infection of evil. Putting the two together, we realize that many ultranationalist Jews actually believe that all Gentiles are evil people. Hence, apparently on some level, they hate us (Israel Shahak said a majority of Israelis had a deep hatred of all Gentiles). And they accuse us of being “haters”. In truth, Jewish suffering has not been particularly unique. Throughout most of the history of feudal Europe, Christian serfs would have gladly traded places with Jews. Certainly there were pogroms and other forms of prejudice and racist hatred, but serfdom for the serfs themselves was one centuries-long pogrom. If one reviews the history of any ethnic group, tribe or nation, one will find that they have often been in conflict, often armed conflict, with various neighbors for various reasons. Wars have been ongoing, and many members of the tribe or nation were killed. The land was often overrun by invaders, often repeatedly, much of their land stolen, and many of their people killed. Painful as it may sound, the history of the Jews (until the 1940’s anyway) is probably not that much more painful that that of many tribes and nations. Even the extermination attempt in the 1940’s was not unique, sadly, as there have been many attempts to exterminate various ethnic groups. The Tutsis lost possibly 7 I am not an expert on Slavic Orthodox Christian anti-Semitism but in Poland, in general, Catholic anti-Semitism was religiously-based, or more accurately based on confessionalism (religious bigotry without religious belief). In a nutshell, the Poles wanted Jews to convert to Catholicism and intermarry with Poles. The Jews would do neither, and hence anti-Semitism ensued. The Chmielnicki Rebellion in the Ukraine from 1648-1654, during which about 20,000 Jews and 100,000 noblemen were killed, has achieved permanent victimology status amongst Jews as merely an outbreak of murderous anti-Semitism, and nothing else. That it was, but many Jews had formed a middle class that allied itself with the brutal feudal lords. The Jews were often the only face of feudal rule that the serfs ever saw. The rebellion was probably mostly just a peasant rebellion of serfs against the feudal lords and their allies. Many people were killed on all sides. Chmielnicki, who led the rebellion, actually implored the Jewish poor to join the fight against their brethren who were allied with the feudal classes. The Jewish poor refused. To this day, Chmielnicki is seen as a hero in the Ukraine, while Jews regard him as some kind of Hitler and see his fame as emblematic of anti-Semitism in the region. Chmielnicki is probably more akin to, say, Tupac Amaru, who led the Inca against the Spaniards in the late 1700’s, or Mao Zedong, or Ho Chi Minh, or Desallines in Haiti in 1804, or other leaders of peasant rebellions. It is useful to note that peasant rebellions, whether involving Jews or non-Jews, are typically bloody affairs. For example, in 1804, in the Haitian Slave Revolt, the Haitian slaves rose up against French slave-holding families in Haiti and killed most of the 25,000 population of them. This blog regards that wild massacre, as, in general, a great day for humanity (though the children of the slaveowners could have been spared). Another interesting aspect of the Chmielnicki Rebellion is that the Jews look at the rebellion and the 1600’s in which it occurred, as one of, as noted above, an insane outbreak of murderous anti-Semitism, and little else. From the Jewish point of view, this was the century in which people went nuts in the Ukraine and slaughtered Jews for no reason. Not much else happened of consequence in the region at that time. Never mind that the Jews killed were the public face of inhuman feudal brutality, as noted above. We need also to note that during this same period, Poland was wracked another terrible outbreak of anti-Semitism, but this occurred in the context of general chaos, wild warfare and multiple invasions of Poland by various foreign powers. During the period in which Jews narcissistically mourn their own losses as the only salient tragedy of the time, an incredible 1/3 of the population of Poland (the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth) was exterminated. This is a population loss equivalent to the Jewish Shoah. So, while Jews were definitely being killed in Poland during this time, the Poles themselves were also being slaughtered like flies. Whether Jews were being killed to a greater extent than Poles is open to debate. The critical point here is that this was not so much only another wild outbreak of incomprehensible Nazi-like slaughter of Jews (the myopic Jewish view) but instead, it was simply a period of mass slaughter of the population at large by various actors for various reasons. The number of dead in the Chmielnicki Rebellion has also been exaggerated, which has been a general tendency of Ashkenazi Jews who have cultivated a victimhood epic. Exaggeration of one’s own losses, and the resulting embrace of victimhood, is probably a general human tendency and not limited to Jews. Jewish sources originally said that 2.4 to 3.3 million Jews were killed during Chmielnicki, and modern-day Jewish sources put the figure at 500,000. An Israeli historian has produced a more accurate figure of about 19,000 Jewish dead out of a population of 40,000. Nobles suffered much more, as they were virtually exterminated from the Ukraine – scarcely one survived. Nevertheless, one gets the impression that Jewish activists look at Poland in the 1600’s and see only dead Jews and no other corpses. A useful book that deals peripherally with Polish-Jewish and Ukrainian-Jewish relations is Primo Levi‘s “ If Not Now, When?” (review here) about a group of armed Jewish anti-Nazi partisans operating behind enemy lines in Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and Germany in World War 2. They meet up at one point with a group of Polish resistance fighters. The Jews air their grievances about Polish treatment of Jews to the Poles, who retort with a history of equally lamentable treatment of Poles at the hands of all sorts of invaders and local abusers. The Jews end up concluding that the Poles have been just as abused as the Jews have, but in their twisted way, many of the Poles took out their rage on the local Jews instead of on the real abusers. Both sides leave with a refreshed understanding of each other. By the way, I enjoyed Levi’s book and recommend it. With that background, we can move on to the piece. As usual, my comments, if any, will appear in bold brackets: I am no expert on the history of the events that took place in Kielce, Poland in July 1946 and resulted in the death of a group of Jews. And I have no intention of becoming an expert, for several reasons. First of all, I am convinced that the version of the Kielce events which is promoted by Jews as historical reality is, in fact, a clever distortion of the truth. [RL: I do not think that this is completely accurate, though the standard Jewish line includes various inaccuracies.] The aberrations include that 80, or 50, or however many, Jews were killed – no, it was 39 – and that the Polish army and police and gleefully joined in the killing – in fact, the Polish army fought off the mob for some time, and took the wounded to the hospital, although some other soldiers joined in the pogrom.] The Jewish version of the notorious “pogrom” has been crafted by Jews because of the propaganda value of its symbolism. Kielce is one of those shticks with which Jews love to thrash Poles. (Always the Jews glorify their distinctiveness. They can’t speak German unless it becomes “Yiddish.” They can’t get their butts kicked unless it’s a racist “pogrom”). [RL: For the record, Yiddish and German are distinctive languages. Yiddish is not even a dialect of German; it is a separate language altogether. Yiddish is actually a sort of a German-Slavic creole with many Hebrew words mixed in.] Life is too short to be distracted by what happened in Kielce. Some Jews were murdered by Poles. A Polish boy mysteriously disappeared for awhile (though he turned up unharmed after the violence) and there were rumors of ritual murder. Substantial evidence suggests that the Kielce “pogrom” was engineered by Soviets in Poland, who used the incident to slander postwar Poland in the international press, while at the same time shoring up and legitimizing the unpopular Soviet occupation, which was bitterly opposed by the vast majority of the Polish population. [RL: This view is quite popular in Poland, especially with Polish nationalists. A major Polish commission reviewed all evidence about this Soviet conspiracy theory and rejected it out of hand as unproven. There are many problems with the theory. The main one is that there is little, if any, hard evidence supporting it, only a cui bono theory that suggests that the Soviet Union could have benefited from it. Another mark against this theory is that, despite the blatherings of Jewish ultranationalists, the Soviet Union was not anti-Semitic at the time or prior, and was not until the disappointing “rootless cosmopolitan” campaign of 1948.] The reason I raise this topic is because of an interesting article on Kielce by Adam Michnik, the notorious Jewish “dissident” and contemporary media magnate. Michnik’s article appeared in his newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza: “Pogram Kielecki: Dwa rachunki sumienia” (3-4 July 2006, pp. 12, 13, 14 and 10-11 July 2006, pp. 22, 23, 24). How did Michnik (real name: Adam Szechter) go from poor dissident to publisher of the most powerful daily in postcommunist Poland? I leave it to the reader to draw his own conclusion. Michnik’s newspaper is a source of rabid anti-Polishness; anti-Christianity; political correctness; strident support of homosexuality, love parades, and social deviance; and propaganda for all of contemporary America’s and Western Europe’s wickedest nonsense on relativism and multiculti. Michnik occasionally and strategically writes with sympathy about the Catholic Church, which enjoys the backing of the great majority of the Polish population. [RL: Jewish hostility towards Christianity, to one degree or another, is often seen in even very assimilated US Jews, and is most pointed towards Catholicism, and not so much towards Protestantism. Jews have long memories, and Christian anti-Semitism in Europe was, for the vast majority of its history, Catholic.] We see this Catholic anti-Semitism in Latin America also. Typically, it took the form of a complaint that “Jews killed Jesus”. Hence the furor when Mel Gibson, a deeply conservative Catholic, made the movie,”The Passion”. Protestants in general have never cared much about Jews one way or the other, though lately many Protestant fundamentalists have become passionate Zionists.] Michnik’s people will pen some insignificant article on a minor religious celebration, illustrated perhaps with a color photo, while in the same issue publishing a couple of deeply ideological articles which seek to compromise the Polish Church. [RL: I confess it is beyond me why the secular, liberal, Westernizing Jews that tend to own media outlets so often play with fire in this way. We have seen so many reports like this of Jewish ethnic activists in the media aggressively pushing a particular secular, liberal, Westernizing Jewish agenda onto a non-Jewish population that it cannot possibly anti-Semitic fantasy. However, to dislike Jews due to the activities of these “media Jews” is a mistake. Many Jews, especially Orthodox Jews and particularly in Israel, are deeply conservative on social issues like multiculturalism, abortion, homosexuality, etc. They don’t have much in common with the species of liberal “media Jew” described above. Contrast the “media Jew” behavior with the mindset of Overseas Chinese, another minority very similar to Jews in that a tiny minority has often achieved huge economic power in a number of societies. Yet the Overseas Chinese tend to keep their heads down, assimilate, and not provoke the majority. Pogroms have occurred against the Overseas Chinese, as they have against Jews, which suggests an economic basis for at least some of these violent uprisings. Yet perhaps Jews could learn a thing or two from the Overseas Chinese about how to not go out of one’s way to provoke a majority population.] In the article on Kielce, Michnik demonstrates his mastery of the Jewish art of propaganda. He goes so far as to quote long passages about the Kielce “pogrom” written by Kielce Archbishop Czeslaw Kaczmarek and later delivered to the American ambassador in Warsaw (international Jewry at that time was agitating the West to defend Poland’s helpless, innocent Jews against racist Polish anti-Semitism). Archbishop Kaczmarek eloquently explains the Poles’ suspicion of Jews:

Here after the large-scale murder of Jews committed by the German government in recent time in Poland, also in Kielce, there was no negative antagonism towards Jews and there was no anti-Semitism. Everyone sympathized with the Jews, even their most determined enemies. The Poles had saved many Jews, and without Polish aid, not a single Jew would have survived” Jews are unpopular, even hated, throughout Poland. There is no doubt about that. Jews are hated by those Poles who belong to no political party, but also by those who belong to the ruling [communist] party – The origins of that antagonism are well known, but certainly they have no racial basis. Jews in Poland are the chief propagators of the communist system, which the Polish nation completely rejects.” Jews are everywhere in the government, in [Polish] institutions outside of Poland, in industry, in administrative offices, in the military, and everywhere in the most important, most influential positions. They control the nation’s press; they control all censorship today in Poland. They control the security apparatus and they are responsible for arrests (p. 13).

Something similar took place in other countries of the postwar Soviet bloc, as Jews in the name of communism and the brotherhood of nations with violence and terror “settled their accounts” with Christians. [RL: The Cardinal’s account is self-contradictory and problematic. As a Leftist, I don’t necessarily have problems with Jews being Communists. It was true that there were many Jews among the Communists in Europe and the Soviet Union, especially in leadership roles. These Jews were often outside of normative Jewish culture, religion and even mainstream Jewish identity. The notion that Jews in the Communist movement may have unfortunately used their power to attack their ancient enemies is a long-standing complaint of anti-Semites that deserves examination. Certainly in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s in the Soviet Union, the abuse of the Christian religion was almost taken to the form of a fetish. But note also that the institutional Christian churches in these Eastern Bloc states often opposed the Communist regimes. Jews as part of these regimes (and other government officials) consequently attacked these churches, as they attacked any other dissidents. The notion that Jewish Communists were attacking dissidents not as Communists first, but as Jews first, is problematical and remains to be proven. Many Communist Jews in the Eastern Bloc were probably trying to put into practice the noble Jewish tradition of being a “light unto nations”. They may have been misguided, but they were probably sincere about wanting a better world. Furthermore, many Eastern Bloc Jews probably saw Communism as a remedy for long-standing, often irrational anti-Semitism in the region. Note that in the 1960’s, the Polish Communist government could no longer be considered Jewish-dominated, and even orchestrated a disgusting anti-Semitic campaign called the Polish 1968 Political Crisis.] Here I should remind those foolish and naive Poles who worship America that the latter country does not allow any discussion or investigation of the Jews’ role in the communist terror. [RL: This is simply not true at at all. There are no laws against it. However, there is a taboo associated with the subject. The Nazis made much of the association between Jews and Communism, so anyone equating Jews with Communism since then has been, partly properly, seen as treading in Nazi footsteps.] According to the American academy, there was no collaboration between Jews and communists (I was recently told that point blank by one American professor). Michnik (along with a handful of other Jews) occasionally admits, however, that Jews truly were responsible for communist terror. [It’s not proper, as I have noted above, to ascribe all Eastern Bloc Communist repression to Jews. I believe that Jews were a minority even amongst, say, the Polish Communist Party. In the early days, even in Poland, Communism was actually fairly popular, despite what O’Donnell implies, especially among working-class Poles. Initially, conditions for workers and especially peasants were dramatically improved. Recall that Polish feudalism did not truly die until 1945, and it was the Communists who put the stake into feudalism’s dying heart once and for all. But the Polish Communists made a number of stupid mistakes, especially very heavy-handed repression, and by the mid-1950’s or so, much of their popularity had evaporated.] It is permissible in America for a Jew, but not for a non-Jew, to point out parallels between Jews and communists. The main point of Michnik’s article is that the Catholic Church is to blame for the murder of innocent Jews in Kielce. (The ultimate implication, then, is that such an institution cannot be legitimate). Michnik quotes other Poles in the Catholic hierarchy and points out the moral failings of their political incorrectness. And yet Michnik is so daring in his propaganda, so convinced of his skill at selling his “buy-one-get-one-free” illusion, that he is willing at times to argue the side of truth, i.e. the Polish point of view. Archbishop Kaczmarek’s explanation, as quoted by Michnik, is a balanced, unemotional explanation of the Jewish role in the postwar communist terror in Poland. Reading Archbishop Kaczmarek’s text, one understands that, for historical reasons, Poles will never ever trust a Jew. [RL: I think that is dubious. People have short memories, and Polish Communism is dead anyway.] Michnik quotes some words delivered by a certain Rabbi Kahane in Kielce at the ceremonious burial of the Jewish victims of “Polish terror.” Michnik doesn’t provide background information on Kahane, but I have in my mind a definite, colorful snapshot of a spiteful rabbi puffed up with pride and venom. Michnik, confident in his skill of disinformation, asks:

Polish reality, obligated at that moment, in 1946, to appeal publicly to the Jewish public for [Jews] to avoid cooperation with the communist regime imposed upon Poland, and especially with the security system, which was in fact for Poles a system of persecution? Was not the rabbi obligated to condemn the violation of human rights [in Poland], the persecution of people [from the non-communist, anti-Nazi underground], the excesses of censorship, the fake elections?

[RL: On the other hand, the only proper attitude of the Polish people towards Kielce itself is the statement of the Polish government at the July 7 ceremony discussed above – that it was a shame and a tragedy for both the Jews and the Poles.] In attempting to appear impartial, Michnik raises some legitimate, essential questions. Why were Jews silent when Jewish communists were arresting, persecuting, and murdering innocent Christians? [RL: We have dealt with the “Jewish Communists persecuted Christians” bit on this blog before. Recall that over 9 This essay of O’Donnell’s seems to be an example of a Polish phenomenon called [RL: It is interesting to note that 3 million non-Jewish Poles were killed in WW2. Poland lost an incredible 1/3 of its total population. That is 1/2 of the Jewish Shoah right there. 22 million Russians died in WW2. That is almost 4 times the number of deaths in the Shoah. Where are the “Russian Holocaust” Museums in America?] We live in a time of struggle with Jews. The inclination of the Jew is to lead the world to Armageddon. [RL: This is just rank anti-Semitic nonsense, but as far as the gangster, thuggish state of Israel goes, combined with its determined and often-fanatical opponents, there seems to be some truth in this. Which is another reason that state should have never been created.] As I have noted before, a great virtue for the Christian is knowing when and how to ignore Jews. [RL: I think it is important to note the ethnic biases which may be lurking in the propaganda of various ethnic groups. At that point, one can at least choose to ignore that propaganda or decide that it has an ethnic basis that may not be relevant to one’s own group.] One should never permit one’s life to be directed by Jews. Those non-Jews who spend their life in hatred of Jews are foolish, for their hatred is exactly what the Jew thrives upon – it confirms the Jew’s ethnocentrism. [RL: Unfortunately, I conclude that this is true. Anti-Semitism indeed feeds Jewish ethnocentrism, which then feeds further anti-Semitism, which then…get it? Albert Einstein, who was Jewish himself, noted that Jews were determined to be at war with the whole world and then were surprised when the world did not react favorably to them. Hostility towards outsiders, along with xenophobia and accompanying paranoia and a victimization fetish, go hand in hand with ethnocentrism. All ethnocentric groups (that means all humans, really) have the potential to display such tendencies. As a group becomes more ethnocentric, they will tend display these qualities more. Jews, being perhaps the most ethnocentric tribe on Earth, would be expected to display xenophobia and accompanying paranoia along with a penchant to see themselves as eternal victims, in spades. The solution, as noted by progressives from Marx on, is simply the assimilation of the Jews and the tearing down of all ghettos, physical and mental. Such is the road to liberation.] I pity those Americans who have, in contempt, adopted the pejorative name “kike.” Never have I heard a non-Jew use that word in conversation. I have encountered “kike” only among Jews, who are hoping and dreaming that someone would legitimize their ethnocentricity by calling them a “kike.” The name “Jew” is enough. Jew says it all. When a Jew mentions Kielce or Jebwabne, I simply smile and comment on the weather. I refuse to allow a Jew to dictate my thoughts. The point of this article is this: as the Jews become more powerful, they become more daring in their allusions. [RL: As Kevin MacDonald notes, as Jews increase their power over non-Jews, anti-Semitism seems to increase. It is this, not some incomprehensible sickness of the soul, that holds the key to our understanding of much anti-Semitism. The question then is, which way forward? Is there something to be said for the Overseas Chinese tendency to keep one’s head down and be discreet? Belligerence and overreach have caused the Jews untold heartache through time. Minorities prosper and live in peace at the whim of majorities, like it or not. Hence, pragmatism mandates reasonable discretion on the part of any minority.] Adam Michnik and other Jews have come to believe that Poles are so simple-minded that they can be persuaded that Kielce is proof of the inherent evil of Polish society and the Polish Church. The reality is that Michnik, in particular, and Jews, in general, are deceiving charlatans. It is in their nature to deceive non-Jews. Comments: I was taught somehow, possibly through the standard pro-Jewish Holocaust line, that Polish Jews had heavily collaborated with the Nazis in killing Jews. Let us note that the degree of Polish collaboration with Nazis in Occupied Poland is controversial. For some alternate views on the Nazi occupation of Poland that show that many Poles collaborated with the Germans and, more commonly, delightfully helped themselves to Jewish property after the Jews were gone, contradicting my general tone in this post, see here, here and here. It is true that some Poles participated in 22 massacres of Jews during the Holocaust and a number of Poles collaborated with the Nazis. But one point of view is that, unlike Lithuania, Ukraine or other East European states, Polish enthusiasm for collaboration and pogroms during the Holocaust was less than other East European nations. In fact, most Poles did not cooperate with the Nazi persecution of the Polish Jews at all, and most of the Jews who were killed in Poland were killed by Germans alone (with some exceptions such as the Jebwabne Pogrom). In the cases where the Nazis had “local” collaborators, it is more accurate to describe them as the Polish Government in Exile did in the famous letter below, as “the dregs of Eastern Europe”, rather than only Poles. In other words, Nazi collaborators in Poland came from a variety of East European nations. There are more Poles listed than any other national group in the Righteous Among Nations Award given by Israel for those who helped to save Jews during WW2. In Nazi-occupied Poland, hiding Jews was punished by the death penalty. Poland was the only Nazi-occupied country that formally instituted the death penalty for sheltering Jews. Nevertheless, as we noted above, more Poles saved Jews than any other national group. The Polish government in exile was the first government to tell the world of the existence of concentration camps and the Nazi policy to exterminate the Jews (a copy of that famous document is here). Anyone who insists, as one of my commenters did at the end of this piece, that the vast majority of Poles collaborated with the Nazi Final Solution, or that the Poles have always been some of the worst anti-Semites on Earth, needs to carefully read this remarkable 15-page historical document. This document, describing the reality of life in Nazi-occupied Poland in stark, brutal terms, focuses on the plight of the Jews, and describes the Nazi destruction of Polish Jewry in rich, detailed terms. The document could have been written by the ADL or the Israeli government. We should also note that the Polish government in exile was the only government that set up an organization specifically dedicated to saving the Jews of Poland – this organization was called Witold Pilecki, was the only person who volunteered to be imprisoned at Auschwitz and the first person to organize a resistance organization there. Those few Jews who survived (a horrifying 9 The reality of the Polish-Jewish dynamic in Occupied Poland was, as elsewhere in Nazi-occupied lands, more complex than the sound bites the propagandists feed us. Some Poles collaborated but many more did not. Some Poles killed Jews, and many more worked night and day to save them and fight Nazism. In that light, Jewish chauvinist propaganda depicting Poles as super-Nazi collaborators and the worst anti-Semites on Earth is not only erroneous but it is also disgusting and unfair. And this is the misguided agenda of Organized Jewry (exemplified here by Mr. Michnik). This agenda needs to be condemned alongside Poland’s historical anti-Semitism and the refusal of many Poles to take responsibility for Kielce. Kielce happened, 60 years ago, but it’s all over now. It’s time to put it to rest and move on towards Polish-Jewish healing instead of this endless, divisive pummeling of dead beasts. In that context, Jewish obsession with Kielce and other Polish horrors seems misplaced. The latest philo-Semitic notion is that “the world was silent” after Kielce – that seems highly dubious to me. Instead, Poles should be commended for refusing to collaborate in the Judaicide. Michnik’s harping on aberrations like Kielce would not appear to be conducive to rebuilding Polish-Jewish relations.

Poles, Ukrainians and Russians Versus Jews

Repost from the old site. More red meat for you anti-Semite lions and tigers. This post is in response to a commenter who commented that Ukrainians, Russians and Poles are the biggest anti-Semites of all because Jews dominated their economies for so long and because of the Jewish role in implementing Judeo-Bolshevism on the backs of an unwilling people.

Z comments: But the most antisemitic people in the world are Romanians.” I’d actually say that the Ukrainians, Russians, and Poles are actually more antisemitic that Romanians, if only because there were so many more Jews in those countries as compared to Romania. So many of the citizens in all of these Eastern European countries are antisemitic because Ashkenazi Jews dominated their economies for so long (as a non-native ethnic minority) and played such a major role in the repressive form of Communism that existed there…so can you really blame them for harboring ill-will toward them?

I respond: Ok, first of all, it’s not all Ukrainians who are anti-Semites. It’s much more prevalent amongst Poles. It’s true that Poles are anti-Semites for a variety of reasons: 1. They wanted Jews to convert to Catholicism. 2. Catholicism was doctrinally opposed to Judaism. 3. Jews refused to assimilate to Polish culture. 4. Jews often refused to learn Polish (though this has been overblown as many Jews did learn Polish). 5. Competition between poor Jews and poor Poles. 6. Role of Jews in Communism, which most Poles really hated. As Stalin said, bringing Communism to Poland was like putting a saddle on a horse. The main reason Poles opposed Communism was not that they were wonderful people or anything, but it was due to their Catholicism. The business about Jews promoting Communism mostly applies to the postwar period, so Poles can hardly use it as an excuse for their behavior during the war. Jews never dominated the economy of Poland at any time to my knowledge, unless you want to go way back in time 100’s of years. By the mid to late 1800’s, there was a massive population explosion of Polish Jews and this ended up impoverishing a large number of them. Let this be a lesson to all of those racialists, racists, nationalists and ethnic nationalist pro-natalists who say that having lots of babies is wonderful for the economy! Many Ukrainians are anti-Semites, but note that there was mass volunteerism when Germany invaded Ukraine. There were quite a few fighting with the Ukrainian Nazis (nationalists), yes, but there were vastly more fighting with the USSR and then in partisan bands. These partisan bands were full of Jews. Nowadays, many Ukrainians are anti-Semites because many are nationalists. The nationalist-Nazi line has gone over pretty well, but that’s mostly in the Western Ukraine. In the eastern Ukraine, there is not much anti-Semitism and they are pro-Soviet. This is part of the Holodomor crowd. It’s not really known how nationalist or anti-Semitic Ukrainians were from 1945-1990. The Ukrainian nationalists blow things way out of proportion. Keep in mind that many more Ukrainians joined partisan bands and volunteered for the Red Army than joined the nationalist bands. Note that the Red Army and the partisans were in a war to death with the nationalists – a terrible and gruesome war with atrocities on all sides. The Holodomor – Ukrainian nationalist crowd is associated with the nationalist bands who fought alongside the Nazis against the Red Army and partisan bands in WW2. To say that the overwhelming majority of Ukrainians still line up with the nationalist – Nazis against the partisans, or that it was always this way, is completely mistaken. Many Ukrainian peasants were quite happy to be rid of those kulak bastards, and peasants were the overwhelming majority in the Ukraine, not kulaks. Yes, there was a famine in the Ukraine, but life expectancy exploded in the Ukraine before and afterwards. This was a time of hardship, and people were just taking a lot of this horror in stride. I would guess that the vast majority of Ukrainians felt or later figured out that the Nazis were far worse for the Ukraine (and had an infinitely worse plan for the future) than Stalin ever did. During WW2 and even afterwards, most Ukrainians did not believe in this Holodomor bullshit, and most felt that about 2 million died. Ukraine lost 2 Russians do not hold it against Jews that they played a role in Communism. Communism is actually pretty popular in Russia right now, or at least it is not unpopular. The Russian nationalist fascists like Solzhenitsyn are not that common and even the Russian Nazis are usually socialists and even pro-Stalin. Stalin is positively regarded by most Russians today. There is resentment against Jews by Russians, but Jews never dominated the economy in either Ukraine or Russia except for now with the return to capitalism, so there is now some resentment due to their role in looting the USSR. Russians started hating Israel because the Israelis lined up with the West after WW2. That’s what that was all about. Also E European Jews (Zionists) were caught spying for the US over and over. The USSR always disliked Jewish nationalism so that was another reason they opposed Israel. But initially Stalin supported Israel when it looked like they were going to be pro-Soviet or even neutral. They turned pro-West real quick. This explains Stalin’s anti-Semitic turn in the USSR after the war. At one point in the late 40’s someone asked Stalin why he was persecuting the leaders of the Jewish organizations in the USSR and he said, “But you do not understand! They are all Zionists!” So he wasn’t going after them because they were Jews but because a lot of them were thought to be lining up with the West in the Cold War.

"Jewish Bolshevism"

Repost from the old site. I’m sure you antisemites are going to eat this post for breakfast, lunch and dinner. An excellent article by well-known Israeli Jewish columnist Sever Plocker (also known as Sever Plotzker), chief economics editor and deputy editor-in chief of the Israeli paper Yedioth Abaronot, recently appeared in the Israeli internet publication Ynet. Ynet is the website of the Yedioth Abaronot newspaper. The piece, Stalin’s Jews, is one of the best things ever written on the subject of the relationship between Jews and (European) Communism, particularly the Bolshevik and Stalinist variety practiced in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. The subject is tendentious and very difficult for a sane progressive, let alone anyone else, to analyze and dissect. It is not commonly known that Hitler’s main beef against European Jews was that they were Communists. In fact, European Communism itself (Bolshevism) was regarded as merely a Jewish plot. There was a certain amount of evidence in favor of this theory, as is often the case, but the Jewish = Communist equation has always been problematic. Let it be known that this was Hitler’s (and his allies, including rightwingers in the US) principal beef against European Jews. Bolshevism was seen as a Jewish plot to conquer Europe in the service of the Jewish-controlled Soviet Union. Hitler was seen as a hero by many anti-Communists for his role in WW2. This is glossed as Hitler trying to save Europe from imminent Bolshevik takeover via the Soviet Union. The fact that Nazism (and all fascist movements) was first and foremost a ferociously anti-Communist (and by extension, anti-socialist, anti-liberal and anti-trade unionist) movement makes the sickening rightwing claim that Nazism was a leftwing socialist movement all the more painful, insulting and dishonest. The entirety of the World Left (with the shameful exception of Trotsky, who held that fascists were just as bad as any other capitalists and that Communists should be neutral in the war) mobilized against what they called The Great War Against Fascism. The Spanish Civil War, pitting Leftists, Communists and anarchists against fascists, was an early version of World War 2, and Hitler supported the fascists. All, or almost all, anti-Nazi and anti-fascist resistance movements in Occupied Europe during wartime were either led by Communists, or Communists played a major role. The Hitler-Stalin Pact of 1939, ignorantly portrayed by anti-Communists as a marriage of ideological allies, was nothing of the kind. Stalin knew that Hitler was going to attack the Soviet Union, and Stalin was simply trying to gain time and obtain a buffer zone. The fact that, as Eric Hoffer noted in The True Believer, in Germany in the 1920’s and 1930’s, various folks moved between the Nazis and Communists, is misleading. Anti-Communists use this anecdote to say that Communism and fascism are both forms of political fanaticism, and Communism and fascism are really just different forms of the same thing. This analysis ignores that for a long time before the Nazi Left purge with the Night of the Long Knives, the Nazis attempted to portray themselves as a left wing, or even socialist, movement, in order to divide and co-opt the Left. Hitler himself later admitted that this was all a cynical ploy in order to con workers into voting for the Nazi Party, which had no interest in them at all. To this day, if you spend much time around anti-Semites, the “Jewish Bolshevism” meme continues to ring very loud amongst a particular type of anti-Semite, especially those in the US and Europe. In Russia and Eastern Europe this is one of the principal forms of modern anti-Semitism. Since the “Jewish Bolshevism” theory has caused so much tragedy in our world, it is essential that we analyze it with clear minds. Truth is, many Jews were associated with Bolshevism and Stalinism in the Soviet Union. Centuries of 3rd class citizenship, pogroms and Czarist anti-Semitism caused many Russian Jews to be enthusiastic about the revolution that overthrew Czarism. The evidence of a significant Jewish role during one phase of the early Stalinist regime and in certain areas of government, is available in Plocker’s piece. In particular, during some of Stalin’s murderous purges in the 1930’s, Jews played a very large role, though they were mostly absent from the worst of the killing in 1937-38. It is true that the three heads of the NKVD, or Stalinist secret police, were Jewish. Under Genrikh Yagodha , who served from 1934-1936, Jews became briefly dominant in the NKVD, when 3 It was during the reign of Yezhov that the Stalinist purges entered their most deadly period. Any analysis that attempts to place Soviet Jews as predominant during Stalin’s Great Terror is simply false. Stalin, himself denounced as an anti-Semite by Trotskyites and militant Jews (Stalin’s so-called anti-Semitism was a major reason for the Stalin-Trotsky split in 1927, yet whether or not Stalin became anti-Semitic later is much more controversial) was surrounded by Jewish women during this period, yet he still purged many Jews from the party, mostly because so many of them were aligned with Trotsky. Jews were wildly overrepresented amongst Stalin’s worst executioners during a certain period in the 1930’s, even while they were not extremely overrepresented among Stalin’s regime in general. But after that period, Jews were only Initially, the Bolshevik Revolution was heavily Jewish. Here are some facts (keep in mind that Jews were The Bolshevik Party Central Committee had 9 members in 1917, of which 3 were Jews (3 In 1922, of the 44,148 members of the Bolshevik Party that had joined before 1917 (the Old Guard, as Lenin referred to them), 7. As you can see in the example above, non-Jews made up 6 In spite of the fact that many of Stalin’s top killers were Jewish, the role of Jews in the party began to decline dramatically after 1927-28. Some authors have termed 1917-1927 as the “Jewish era” of the party, since Jewish ideologues played a major role in the party’s thinking, and the party was involved in wild experiments in the areas of sexuality, the family, etc. For instance, divorce was made ridiculously easy. Attempts were made to get rid of the family unit via communal housing, child care (the communalization of child-raising) and dining halls, since the family unit was seen as bourgeois and the source of capitalism itself. Children’s rights were elevated to the point where kids were encouraged to rebel against and even to defy their parents. Homosexuality was legalized, and for a while, there was a freewheeling free love scene amongst party members, predictably abused by male party members as such scenes usually are. The Afghan Communist regime saw a similar and little-known freewheeling sex scene amongst party members, an amazing feature in such a deeply conservative society. Many of the conservative peasantry, many of whom hated the Russian Czarist ruling class for its abuse of them and were therefore attracted to the Communists, were appalled by the free love and anti-family features of the early Bolshevik Party. Stalin, though an atheist, came from a conservative Russian Orthodox background. As soon as he came into power, he started reversing the radical (“Jewish”) experiments in marriage and family life. Within a few years, all of that was all reverted and socially regressive legislation was in its place. Concomitantly, the role of Jews in the Communist Party began to decline. In the 1930’s, even where in one period, many of the leading killers were Jews, many of the victims were also Jewish. As noted above, many of those accused in Stalin’s show trials were Jewish and by the end of the 1930’s, Jews had been almost totally purged from the party. Only notorious Politburo member Lazar Kaganovich (a favorite bogeyman of anti-Semites) remained. Some Jews have noted that saying that Stalinism was good for the Jews is about as honest as Stalinist propaganda in general. These Jews say that Stalinism was only a little bit better for the Jews than the Holocaust, though that is surely an exaggeration. It is important to note that the Jews who committed terrible crimes under Stalinism had left the Jewish religion and were operating first and foremost as Communists, not as Jews. This is an essential point, because anti-Semites say that Communist Jews were killers because Jewish religion, culture or genes contains inherent and unchangeable murderous tendencies. We can rule out Jewish genes being murderous for now since we there is no evidence for this. Further, for centuries, Jewish culture has been represented more by murder victims than murderers. Likewise with Judaism. Granted, Judaism was associated with a lot of killing 2000-3000 years ago and at the moment, but in the interim, once again, it more a religion of the killed than a religion of killers. Further, almost all Communist Jews renounced both Jewish culture and surely Judaism in favor of Communist culture and Communism as a belief system. In fact, many agitated against “Jewish particularism” (Jewish cultural chauvinism) and there is no evidence that temples fared any better than churches. Leon Trotsky, asked if he were Jewish, said he was a citizen of the Soviet citizen and an internationalist – i.e., he refused to identify as Jewish. This was a typical mindset of Soviet Jewish Communists. Critics say that these Jews nevertheless retained a strong Jewish identity that informed their behavior but this is hard to prove. This makes the anti-Semitic rant that “Jewish Communists killed 20 million Russian Christians” particularly vicious. Considering that so many of the killers’ victims were Jews themselves, it is dubious how much, if any, killing was being deliberately targeted at “Christians” merely for the fact that they were Christians. In the Ukraine famine of the early 1932-33, about 110 million Soviet peasants were pitted against 10 million wealthy kulaks with a lot of peasant blood on their hands, who had been viciously and murderously exploiting feudal peasants for centuries. Land was collectivized, to the benefit of long-suffering peasants just released from feudal bondage. Kulaks reacted with violent, “Contra”-like attacks on the collective farms, killing peasants and farm animals, raping women and burning crops. The attempt here was to destroy Russia’s breadbasket and starve the peasants and by extension the nation. In this conflict, Soviet Jews lined up with 110 million peasants versus 10 million kulaks, one group being as “Christian” as the other. The Ukrainian famine in 1932-33 was a tragedy, to be sure. 1.5 million people died. But the kulaks, deliriously supported by the West, were trying to starve 120 million Soviet citizens. Would that have been better? A principal cause of the famine was Ukrainian peasants hoarding, withholding and possibly destroying the grain harvest from the state. In the years in question, ⅔ of Soviet grain production was not making it into national coffers, a prospect that harbored serious consequences for feeding the nation. It is only fair to note that there were also terrible weather conditions in 1932-33 in the Ukraine, and similar weather conditions had caused previous famines in the area. The number of Stalin’s victims has been grossly exaggerated by anti-Semites and anti-Communists. A mountain of lies, starting with William Randolph Hearst and the White Army, going to Hitler, Robert Conquest and Alexander Solzhenitsyn, extends in a logical line. Wild figures such as 20-110 million are tossed around. Even more outrageously, the Right argues that Stalin, and Communism in general, killed more people than fascism! Hard figures are tough to come by, but possibly 225,000 political prisoners died in labor camps from 1921-1953, another 900,000 were executed in the same period (an incredible 700,000 of those were in the purges of 1937-38) and 389,000 died in the resettlement of the Kulaks. That leaves about 1.5 million. A summary of those figures is here. All of those numbers are quite controversial, with a number of researchers, especially those associated with Robert Conquest, vociferously arguing that the real numbers are much larger. This historical debate may or may not be settled in my lifetime. Adding in the 1.5 million who died in the Ukrainian famine of 1932-33 gives us a figure of 3 million. This includes most of the Leninist period in addition to almost all of Stalin’s reign. The purges in 1937-38 were not 10 As the conspiracy progressed, Trotsky’s clique negotiated with Nazi Germany in order to get their support for the counterrevolutionary coup that the Trotskyites were planning – a plan to kill the entire leadership of the party. In order to gain the Nazis’ support for the coup, the Trotskyites offered up the large parts of the USSR, including the Ukraine, which is what the Germans demanded for their support. What would have awaited the Ukrainians after they were handed over to the Nazis as part of the Nazi Lebensraum? The picture is here, and it is not pretty. The Ukrainians were better off under Stalin. The regime uncovered the plot in 1937-38 and at least some of those executed were involved in the plot. So the Western line that the purges were just a wild murder spree by Stalin “to consolidate power” is at least partly false. Based on what we know know, Stalin’s assassination of Trotsky in Mexico City in 1940 (now condemned around the world as an act of insane cruelty) was a completely reasonable act. Those figures are summarized here, from a report based on 9,000 pages of Soviet archives published by a large team of US and Russian authors between 1990-1993. The best-known of the authors were the Russian historians V.N. Zemskov, A.N. Dougin and O.V. Xlevnjuk. This groundbreaking report was subsequently met with an avalanche of refutations in published books, articles and reports from the anti-Communist Western media machine, all of which recycled the same piles of lies written previously. About 1.5 million died of famine in the Ukraine, a description of which is provided above. The 1.5 million figure is based on USSR archives. A higher figure of 4.5 million is arrived at by outrageously including as “deaths” people who were never even born. ½ of those who died in labor camps died during WW2, when there were mass shortages of food and medicine throughout the country, in a period where 24 million Soviet citizens died outside of labor camps in the War itself and ½ the country was in flames. At minimum, 1.6 million people died via political repression under Stalinism. 1.6 million dead is an awful lot of people, but it is not 110 million. Furthermore, under Czarist feudalism, so loved by the West that we actually poured money into the White Army to maintain this insane killing system, fully 3 times as many Russians died per year per capita, year in and year out, as died under Stalinism, even in its worst years. So Czarism was three times deadlier than Stalinism at its worst. Yet we hear not one word of Czarist killers or feudalist killers – all we hear is of Stalinist and Communist killers. By a reasonable accounting, even with all the Stalinist deaths, Stalin was still saving 1.5 million lives a year, or about 35 million lives by the time he died (the figure needs work, and any progressive who wants to work on it can email me). This was done by doubling life expectancy in the Soviet Union, which set a world record for a nation doubling life expectancy in the shortest period of time, a record broken only by Mao in 1976 with the doubling of life expectancy in China, who did the same for China with a much larger population. Both Stalin and Mao saved far more people than they killed. The present discourse about the Soviet Union under Stalin is simply insane. It’s true he killed many people, and there is no excuse for that. With Mao, the number of lives saved must be much greater than 35 million, even counting the disastrous famine of the Great Leap Forward that killed 15 million people. Anti-Communist pathological liars who reduce Soviet and Chinese rule to mass deaths are mass liars. Capitalism killed, and kills, far more than Stalin and Mao combined. Both rulers saved vastly more lives than they took. There is a reason for this distortion. 35 million lives saved, net, under Stalin should properly be contrasted with 15 million dead, net, by 2004 alone, in the transition to capitalism in Russia since in 1991. 13 years of transition to capitalism was far deadlier than 28 years of than Stalinism. Yet we hear not one word of capitalist killers, only of Communist killers. The dead person does not really care how he dies, whether of starvation, disease or a bullet. One thing that is clear is the outrageous injustice of anti-Semites continuing to bash present-day Jews with the “Commie killer Jew” label, a label with deep origins in Nazism. A look at the comments following Plocker’s article shows that the vast majority of Jews today reject and condemn the Jews who killed in Stalin’s name.

Schipper on Racialism, Ethnocentrism, Nationalism and Decolonization

James Schipper has always proven to be one of the most thoughtful commenters on this blog. He chooses his words carefully, and as EB White suggests in the Manual of Style, scarcely wastes a word. This comment was in response to the Mystery Solved post, and it is so great I am going to post it. I am curious why he calls White nationalists raci(al)sts. I assume he is trying to say that they are at once racists and racialists. That makes sense to me. WN’s are continuously saying that they don’t hate any other races; all they do is love their own kind. If that were the case, perhaps we would not mind. But the non-racist WN is a rare bird indeed. I know one fellow who might qualify, but he refers to Whites breeding with Blacks as “cross-species breeding.” That’s seems like a pretty racist thing to say. I will admit that some WN are more racist than others. I’ve met a couple that don’t seem to dislike Blacks, but that is rare. A fair number of WN are Asiaphiles, but they are always being denounced as traitors. Even Jared Taylor is something of an Asiaphile. Some have Amerindian in them, but they’re constantly being threatened with being thrown out of the movement. In short, the vast majority of them are quite racist individuals, and many are savage racists. That’s just a fact. Schipper suggests that ethnocentrism has nothing to do with race, but I even feel that Punjabis and Yemenis are members of my family, albeit distant cousins, yet Mexican Indians and Hmong are not. Am I mentally ill for thinking this way? I’ve recently expanded my view of my ethnic group to include most Caucasians, and it feels nice to include 1.5 million+ humans in your ethnic family. As far as the Mexican Indians and the Hmong, well, there’s friends and theirs family, right? Oaxacans and Hmong may be friends, but they can’t be family. It seems to me that a narrow ethnocentrism that focuses only on one’s nation leaves something to be desired. If I were a Slovenian, I would rather be a Pan-Caucasianist and count 1.5 billion relatives than be a Slovenian nationalist and only count 2 million. Schipper’s explanation of the rejection of White ethnocentrism as a rejection of White colonialism is an excellent one, and his summary of the crimes of White colonialism is chilling. I think most other ethnic groups would have done the same thing had they had the means, and they probably would have been crueler about it, but that doesn’t let us off the hook. One of the disgusting things about White nationalists is that they usually cheer on the worst excesses of White colonialism and imperialism. Either they think it was a great idea, or they can’t admit they were ever wrong. Anyway, it’s stomach-wrenching. His analysis of Hitler is excellent also, and I agree it’s bizarre to say that Jews aren’t White. Of course they are White! I agree that Hispanic is a nonsensical category. Around here, a huge number of them have lots of White ancestry. Many are anywhere from mostly White to about as White as I am. The internal racism of US Hispanics is much exaggerated by WN’s. WN’s insist that Hispanics are obsessed with race and love to be White. Truth is most of them don’t seem to care, and the whole subject is pretty touchy. The really White ones, if they have some money, are often proud to admit to Spanish ancestry, and you often hear Hispanics bragging about having ancestors with blue eyes or blond hair. When my Mexican-American neighbor was growing up in Morenci, Arizona in the 1930’s and 1940’s, she said whenever a baby was born, the first thing everyone asked was, “Que blanco?” “How White is it?” Among this particular group of rural working class SW US Hispanics in that period, Whiter skin was valued like gold. Nowadays, brown pride is all the rage. In the bars and all over town, you see Whiter Hispanics hanging out with, befriending, dating and marrying darker ones. At the lower end of the income spectrum, no one cares. Maybe at the higher end, people get touchier, but even there, you don’t hear about it much. I would surely consider any mostly-White Hispanic to be part of my family, and there are millions like this. Asians are not really a race, it is true, but there is a huge Macro-Asian race, along with smaller NE Asian and SE Asian races. I’d love to see Pan-Asianism take hold in Asians. If they could embrace 2 million or so humans as family members, what an interesting world it could be. Unfortunately, they probably dislike each other too much to do that. I myself never cared about White ethnocentrism until I moved to a majority-Hispanic town and was an obvious minority. Since then I’ve embraced White ethnocentrism thoroughly, and I feel so much better than in my previous deracinated state. Ethnocentrism of any kind definitely feels good, and deracination feels like crap. It’s like the difference between getting a religion and being an atheist. Even if atheism is scientifically rational, it surely feels terrible. Schipper: Let’s not confuse race and ethnicity. WN are not ethnocentrists, they are raci(al)sts. Of course, ethnocentricity and racialism are psychologically similar because in both cases our own group is put first and at the top. In one case it is our ethnic group and in the other it is our race. I’m white and so are Vladimir Putin, Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel and Silvio Berlusconi, but I certainly don’t think that they belong to the same ethnic group as I do. Ethnocentrism is indeed very common, but it doesn’t have anything to do with race. Until recently, Europe was an all-white continent and also filled with various ethnocentrics and chauvinists. The French liked to feel superior to the less civilized boches, the British felt superior to crazy continentals, the Poles thought that they were so much better than those half-Asian Russians, etc. Even smaller nations could be pretty chauvinistic. I have met plenty of smug ethnocentric Dutchmen. However, none of this had anything to do with race. White racism existed mainly in Western Europe and it arose in a colonial context. Since 1492, white racism became one of the ideological underpinnings of colonialism. By 1939, the white racists from Western Europe had conquered the entire Western Hemisphere, nearly all of Africa, Oceania and large chunks of Asia. Of course, not all colonialists were believers in white racial superiority. Some believed in the superiority of the Christian religion or the cultural superiority of Europe. It is this close relation between white racism and colonialism that made it contaminated. To some extent, the relentless denunciation of white racism is a reaction to colonialism. Decolonization was indeed necessary because it was a system of domination and privilege. Attacks on white racism are a form of mental decolonization. As to Hitler, he was a combination of anti-Semite, Aryan racist and German nationalist. Since Jews are white and most whites are not Aryans, it is quite wrong to see Hitler as a practitioner of white nationalism. All of Hitler’s crimes were committed against other whites. I don’t listen to people who tell me that Jews aren’t whites. Racism and nationalism are antithetical in multiracial countries. WNs in the US should feel more affinity with Russians, Frenchmen, Georgians, Greeks, Serbs, etc than with fellow American who are of a different color. People who put race above the nation are bad nationalists. WN in the US are bad Americans for the same reason that Catholics in the US who feel more affinity with Polish, Portuguese and Argentinian Catholics than with Americans of a different religion are bad Americans. If Jared Taylor feels more affinity with me than with Obama, then he is not a very good American Nationalists worthy of the name put their national identity above their religious, racial or other identities. WNs don’t do that. They don’t deserve to be called nationalists and should start calling themselves raci(al)sts. As to Hispanics, they are a totally artificial category of the American government. In Latin America, people see themselves as Colombians, Chileans, Cubans, Argentinians, etc, or racially they see themselves as white, Amerindian, black, mestizo, etc. More educated Latin Americans may feel part of a broader Latin American nation, but Latin Americans who see themselves as members of a Hispanic race don’t exist. That only happens after they arrive in the US. Do you really believe that Néstor Kirchner, Álvaro Uribe, Fidel Castro or Hugo Chávez see themselves as members of a mythical Hispanic race? Asians aren’t a race either. They certainly aren’t an ethnic group, even if we confine the term Asian to East Asians. It is just as absurd to believe that Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Filipinos and Thais will all see themselves as part of one happy East Asian family as it is to believe that Poles, Swedes, Germans and Spaniards see themselves as members of one European nation. Just because people have the same type of eyes doesn’t make them one race or one ethnicity. I’m indulgent toward mild ethnocentricity as long as it is not combined with gratuitous hostility toward members of other ethnic groups. Somebody once said that the best friend is someone who is slightly inferior. Since he is only slightly inferior, we can feel affinity with him while still enjoying the sinful pleasure of feeling superior. Maybe it is the same with many ethnocentrics. They like to feel superior but also to be friends with people who aren’t co-ethnics.

National Socialists For Israel

This is a pretty outrageous document, but ultimately it makes a lot of sense. He’s trying to get his fellow fascists off the Jew Thang by arguing that Muslims are a way greater threat to Europe than Jews will ever be. He also argues that Jews are at least culturally European, unlike Muslims. In addition, he supports the European cultured Israel in its war against the Palestinian Muslims. Israel, of course, is a National Socialist, or fascist state. I’ve been saying this for years now. Thus fascists and National Socialists everywhere should support their fellow National Socialists and fascists in Israel. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. National Socialism and fascism is potentially for everyone or its for no one. A principled fascist ought to allow that each and every state be able to set up their own fascist regime, oppress their own internal minorities, create their own BS nationalist myths, and whatnot. Of course blaming Jews for Europe’s idiot race replacement immigration policies is retarded. There are only a few Jews in Europe anymore. WW2 changed that situation in a huge way. Sure, a lot of Euro Jews push mass immigration to Europe, but they could never have done without the support of tens of millions of Gentile allies. And if Gentiles are so stupid as to be led around by the nose by a silly little insignificant pissant tribe like the Jews, they pretty much deserve what they get. Geez. If the Jews are so bad for their fellow Whites, just don’t listen to them. It should be easy enough. He is correct on Islam. Muslims in Europe are eventually bent on taking over Europe at some point and turning it into Eurabia. They do this everywhere they become a majority. It is a supremacist religion, possibly worse than Judaism, that has domination as its goal and oppression of non-Muslims as its means. They play the minority rights card as long as they are a minority, then as soon as they get majority status, minorities rights go out the window. In short, the Muslim project everywhere Muslims are a minority is a great big fat lie, dishonest at its core. Of course German Nazis supporting Zionism. Fascist parties and projects tend to support one another.

Operation Barbarossa Revisionism

Operation Barbarossa (OB) was the Nazi invasion of the USSR. OB revisionism takes many forms, the most outrageous of which is the Nazi line that OB was a pre-emptive strike because the USSR was getting ready to attack all of Europe! The Nazis were trying to save the world from Communism! This is clearly completely insane, but German nationalists, pro-Nazis, Nazis, Holocaust Deniers, neo-Nazis and anti-Semites (in practical terms, the same thing!) love to rant on about it. I don’t know one political scientist who takes it seriously. Much other OB revisionism has come out of the West, generally from the CIA and MI5 and allied intelligence services during the anti-Communist Cold War. That the USSR caused 8 Some pigs actually tally up the 27 million as more of countless murders committed by Stalin. The gall! This sort of BS is common on the Far Right in the West. A few of these folks even have university degrees, but that doesn’t mean anyone takes them seriously. Milder forms are taken by the Time Magazine crowd, still Cold Warriors and cheerleaders for US imperialism. This holds that Stalin was a crappy general and military who nearly lost the war due to his ineptness, and that he obtusely and idiotically refused to listen to his own intelligence reports warning of an upcoming OB. This nearly cost him Moscow – yes, the Nazis almost overran the capital of the USSR early on. The truth as usual is much more complicated. There were 80 reports of imminent invasion of the USSR by Germany over 8 months – one every three days. Many of these reports were being fed to the USSR from US and British intelligence (!), who, believe it or not, were eager to see the USSR and the Nazis go at it for a variety of reasons. In part they hoped that the Nazis would kick the USSR’s butt and destroy it, but they also hoped that the Nazis would be weakened in the process. Both the USSR and Germany were seen as enemies of the US and the UK, and the West wanted to see the two destroy each other. Stalin did consider that the invasion was happening when it did, and Molotov, the foreign minister, took appropriate action right away. It is very important to note the reasons for Stalin’s caution – Stalin did not want to start the war for no reason, and it had almost started many times in the immediate past. Tragic and horrible as it is, the Holodomor due to Ukrainian and Soviet mass collectivization and the purges of 1937-38 helped the USSR win the war. Never had any society in the history of mankind accomplished so much in so little time as the USSR did in the 1930’s. So much for “Communism doesn’t work.” From a backwards peasant nation, the USSR was built up into a major world-class industrial power. A piss-poor military was built into one of the most powerful armies on Earth. This could not have happened without the mass collectivization of the early 1930’s, which enabled the countryside to produce enough food to feed the rapidly growing urban working class needed for mass industrialization. The purges, horrible as they were (1 million were killed, not 10 million or 30 million or however many) were also effective. By the time of the invasion, there were almost no high-level traitors left in the USSR, and there had been quite a few in 1936. In the 1930’s, there was a huge conspiracy in the upper echelons of the USSR involving Trotskyites. The Trots knew even back then that Hitler was dead set on conquering the USSR and the Trots had made a deal with the Germans to conduct a coup during the invasion to unseat the Stalinists and hand the country over to the Germans. In return, the Trotskyites would get to rule the rump Soviet puppet state and would hand over the Ukraine, White Russia and Western Russia to the Germans. What a bunch of traitors! People wonder why some of us hate Trotskyites so much. The Trots were so nuts that they were ready to hand over the USSR to the Nazis due to their psychotic hatred of Stalin. During WW2, Trotsky argued that Communists should be “neutral” during the war. He said that the Western capitalists were just as bad as the Nazis. That was before his most excellent murder. Speaking of which, never was an icepick put to better use! As part of the milder OB revisionism, we have the line that “Stalin was unprepared for OB.” Hell. Stalin used the Good overview here.

Stalin Was a Jew

Bla bla bla. So says a deranged anti-Semite named E. Thomson (pseudonym), a byline I have been seeing a lot on anti-Semitic sites lately. Since the only links are to a Turkish nationalist site or Alex Linder’s Nazi site, I’ll just reproduce the nonsense here for kicks and so as not to give those idiots the traffic. All of the hallmarks of severe pathological 20th Century European anti-Semitism are on display in this short piece: Judeo-Bolshevism; the USSR as a Jewish-run country; pro-Nazism; Operation Barbarossa revisionism (Operation Barbarossa revisionism refers to the theory that the Nazi invasion of the USSR was pre-emptive war because actually the USSR was getting ready to invade all of Europe!); ethnic, organic or blood and soil ultranationalism; opposition to multiculturalism; USSR as a genocidal platform to murder millions of “Russian Gentiles; extreme anti-Communism; Jews as “Khazars”, not Jews; and the new capitalist Russia as a Jew-run entity. It adds a few interesting twists. Anti-Semites are nothing if not inventive! Stalin as a Jew (!!??); Cold War as a fake diversionary war between Jews on both sides to keep the Gentiles down and in check; Putin as a Jew (!?); the USSR as a continuation of the Jewish (!!??) Czars’ imperialism, in particular their desire to conquer all of Europe (!?), rich US Jews gave the USSR the atom bomb in the 1950’s (!?), and last but not least, a huge fake German Nazi army being guarded by Jews (WTF!) on the shores of France waiting to invade Britain as a feint to fool Stalin into invading Europe. Interestingly, he caps Khazar but leaves “Jew” lowercase. What’s the point? Jews don’t exist, only these weird Khazar-thingies do? He also refuses to cap “Bolshevism.” Why not? To show how much he hates them? Stalin was studying for the Orthodox priesthood, Russian Orthodoxy not being known for being Jew-friendly, but never mind! Lots of nice Jewish boys study for the priesthood, especially to be priests of anti-Semitic religions. Really! I am wondering if the DSM should add an Anti-Semitic Psychosis disorder to the list of psychotic disorders on Axis 1 in the next edition.

The Myth of Stalin’s Nationalism

by E. Thomson

The Germans have an erroneous saying that “lies have short legs”. The reality is that lies are like camels, they have exceedingly long legs and survive the hottest, driest, most brilliant light of criticism. A recent newsletter has once again revived the Big Lie that Red Russia, the former Russian Empire of the non-Russian Tsars, had been ‘liberated’ from Khazar (jew) rule by Djugashvili (Jewson) “Stalin”, a Khazar from Tiflis, Georgia, whose mentor, Kaganovich, was of the same nationality: Khazar. As a matter of definition, a multi-national entity is not “a nation”, therefore when people prate about “nations”, they fall into the jew-Boas’ trap of equating “nation” with territory. Nations are biopolitical entities, not geopolitical, and members of a nation can exist anywhere on earth. On the other hand, no amount of crowding and cramming of nations into a given territory can produce a nation, merely an unstable, multi-national empire, such as Russia and North America. Who did the Khazar emperor, “Stalin” liberate the disparate Gentiles of the Red Russian Empire from? “The jews!” say the myth-mongers. Not only that, but “Stalin” declared “Communism in one country! The name, COMINTERN was duly changed to COMINFORM. Wiser scholars know that “Stalin” was merely changing tactical labels, for he was continuing the Khazar imperial policy of expansion which his congener, “Trotsky” (Lev Davidovitch Bronstein) had failed to carry out previously. Moreover, the jews remained in all important positions in the Soviet state, particularly in the police apparatus. Top-ranking military officers were either Khazar (Ashkenazim) or married to Khazars, like Brezhnev, whose jewish wife I’ve seen a picture of. Even now, I shudder when I recall that gargoyle! I suspect that Brezhnev volunteered to go to the battle of Stalingrad so he didn’t have to look at his Khazar wife, who would have made The Wicked Witch look like a beauty queen. “Stalin” purged several thousand Khazars and he replaced them with fellow Khazars. He did the same with millions of his Gentile subjects, whom he did not replace, but simply tightened the conditions of terror and enslavement of the survivors. The head of the Cheka/NKVD/KGB, propaganda (Ilya Ehrenberg), and every government department remained Khazar. “Stalin” continued to expand Khazar imperialism with military might and terror in Spain and Finland, but his main goal was to achieve what his rival, “Trotsky”, had failed to achieve in the 1920s: the conquest of Europe! We need not take into account the reports I have obtained from German high altitude aerial reconnaissance observers, that Red Russia was completing its preparations for the massive invasion of Europe in 1941, a few weeks too late. One observer told me that the territory of the Khazar Soviet Empire looked like a huge sand table model from his altitude: “The smoke of endless trains revealed that the Russian (sic) rail system had been converted into a gigantic conveyor belt. Trains brought military equipment from east to west and took farming and factory equipment, along with grain and livestock from west to east.” Former Soviet Military Intelligence officer (GRU) “Suvorov” substantiates this statement in his book, “The Icebreaker”, in which he includes the names and numbers of the Red Army units en route to the west, when the German attack caught them on the hop. “Stalin” apparently believed that Operation Sealion (the touted German invasion of Britain) was genuine, whereas Operation Barbarossa (the invasion of Red Russia) was the ‘real thing’, and the German units which were, according to bogus intercepted radio traffic, standing on the French coast, were really under the large noses of Khazar observers. “Stalin” changed nothing about jew-bolshevism, except some names and propaganda labels. The Khazar rulers remained and their policy of imperial expansion was intensified. Another indicator that the jews remained in control of Red Russia was in the fact that the jews of Britain and North America continued their staunch and substantial support for the Stalinist regime, before, during and after World War II. The jew-bolshevik policies had made the rich Russian Empire into a financial and agricultural basket case, so overseas jews made sure their Red Monster was given continual life-support in the form of funding, food and technology, such as the atom bomb. The myth that Red Russia became “jew-free” and “nationalist” under “Stalin” was part of the other hoax called “The Cold War”. The fact that Mr. Posner of Moscow and Mr. Posner of Washington DC report the ‘news’ to each other’s Goyim should provide another clue. Former KGB/FSB jew, Putin, and his Khazar congeners still rule the remnants of the former Soviet empire, which his fellow jew bandits continue to loot, along with recycled ‘aid’ funds from the jews’ western dominions. The jews still rule Russia, and they do not have Russian interests at heart! ORION!

Commies Killed More Than Hitler Redux

We went over this quite a few times on the old blog, but since this crap keeps recrudescing on the Right, we may as well continue to hammer away at it. From an interesting, but disgusting, article by Steve Sailer, effectively ruined, as are most of his posts, by his inability to turn off the rightwing talking points no matter what he is writing about. Sailer is like the Christian kooks, who, no matter what the conversation is about, always manage to return the conversation to their evangelical bullshit within 10 minutes. Steve just can’t shut the rightwing trap. Here is the poop:

Lenin, Stalin, and Mao slaughtered even more tens of millions in the name of equality than Hitler murdered in the name of inequality. And, as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn has pointed out, the doctrine of “class origins” transformed “egalitarian” mass murder into ethnic genocide since there is no sharp line between family and race.

Boy, rightwingers just can’t shut up about this, can they? Never mind that he’s quoting the fascist Solzhenitsyn (and he spelled his name wrong), but this whole line has a particularly nasty genesis. After the war, in trying to prove that Hitler was no big deal and Stalin was way worse, Ukrainian Nazis (Excuse me! Ukrainian nationalists! Wait. Is there a difference?) developed a lie called The Holodomor, a lie that was originally started by the Nazi Randolf Hearst and his Nazi buddies in Germany in the early 1930’s. The lie stated that Stalin deliberately killed 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, no wait, 7, 8, oh forget it, God knows how many Ukrainians by deliberate starvation. It’s not true. Nobody was deliberately starved to death. There was indeed a famine in all of the USSR, especially the Ukraine, in 1932 and 1933. The number of dead is not known. The state made many errors, including initially denying that it was happening, to a chaotic response to the tragedy. The Ukrainians were rebelling against the state. They destroyed 5 The USSR did seize the grain crop, because the country needed to eat and the Ukrainians were destroying everything in sight. Ukrainians were mass deported to Siberia, and 390,000 died. It was a bad time. The people were weakened by hunger and there were disease epidemics due to primitive sanitation and lack of effective drugs. This is what killed most of the people, not starvation. Most of the pictures of “starving Ukrainians” were faked, and those photos were actually from a famine in 1921. Mark Tauger has also presented good forensic evidence of a wheat rust epidemic. There was also a terrible famine in China during the Great Leap Forward that may have killed 15 million people, mostly due to disease once again. Once again, this was not intentional, unless idiocy is intentionality. The primary cause of the famine was overprocurement by the state. Capitalism kills 14 million people ever year by direct starvation and attendant illnesses all over the globe. Shall we tally up these body piles and compare them to Hitler, Stain, Mao and whatnot? The chips are down, capitalist punks. That means you, Sailer. Leaving aside famines, we really need to look at direct killings.

Leader         Deaths     Period      Years
Hitler          52M*      1933-1945   12
Lenin/Stalin    2.5M**    1921-1953   32
Mao             2.4M?***  1949-1976   27

*Figure from here. Hitler also started a war for no reason that ended up killing ~45 million people. Whether you want to count that or not is up to you. I count 12 million dead in camps and 40 million dead in a war that he started. **See Getty 1993 for the most accurate estimate to date of deaths under Stalin. In 1990, the USSR archives were opened up. The Soviets had kept track of everyone who died due to executions, population transfers and in the camps, year by year. The deaths in the camps include 900,000 common criminals, but I guess the anti-Communists want to throw those in too. There is no academic consensus whatsoever for 20, 30, 40, 43, or 110 million deaths under Stalin. Furthermore, these figures usually include “10 million” for the fake “Ukraine intentional famine” that never happened. As noted below, capitalism starves 14 million people to death every year. If we can’t tally these against the capitalists, we can’t tally them against Stalin. The Sovietologists are currently fighting it out in the academic journals. Those arguing for a higher figure are basically saying, “Commies lie.” There never was any rational basis for the figures of tens of millions killed under Stalin. Those figures were produced by Nazis and Nazi sympathizers, the CIA and the MI6. They were just pulling figures out of thin air. By the way, that wonderful 110 million figure comes from the fascist Solzhenitsyn, a man lionized by the West. Peacetime figures for political deaths in the USSR 1921-1953 are:

Executions:                 900,000
Deaths in the gulag:        1.2M
Dekulakization Ukraine:     390,000
Totals:                     2.5M

***2.4 million is my estimate for Mao, and those are just known deaths. The Chinese have not yet opened up their archives, and unfortunately it is possible that deaths under Mao were a lot higher. Mao himself admitted that 700,000 landlords were killed in the early years. The Party allowed the local peasants to put them on trial and the people sentenced many of them to death. Many were horrible criminals who had been abusing the peasants for many years, but one can argue whether they needed to die. There were 1 million excess deaths in the Cultural Revolution. We have no accurate figures for deaths under Mao from 1953-1966, although 700,000 is a good minimum. We also have no accurate figures for deaths in the Chinese gulags. We will have to wait until the Chinese open their books in order to find out the real number who died under Mao. The 77 million figure tossed around lately, the product of a lunatic new book, has absolutely no basis in reality whatsoever. Furthermore, it includes famine deaths in the Great Leap Forward, listed as an incredible 39 million. As I note below, capitalism starves 14 million people to death every year. Shall we count these deaths against the capitalists? Ok, as you can see, the evil Commies absolutely did not kill tens of millions of people. Who did? No one, unless you count the European War that Hitler started that killed ~45 million or so. Hitler killed 42 million in 12 years or 3.5 million/year. Mao, Lenin and Stalin combined killed 4.9 million over 59 years, or 83,000/yr. Ok, now who is the worse killer? Who killed more? Hitler. Mao, Stalin and Lenin combined were not able to exceed Hitler’s totals, and they had 10 times more years to do it again. Hitler was 42 times worse of a killer than Mao, Stalin and Lenin combined. The crap like Steve’s above is usually followed by some jibe about “more being killed in the name of equality than were killed in the name of inequality.” Of course, rightwingers, lovable and cuddly folks that they are, just can’t get enough inequality. They consume inequality for breakfast, lunch and dinner and they’re still hungry. What they hate more than anything else is anyone trying to even the score just a tiny bit. Making the world a little more fair than the cruel hand of fate fetishized by the Right supposedly “goes against human nature.” That’s dubious right there, and Adam Smith himself disagreed. In his book, The Theory of Moral Sentiments, Smith noted that capitalism was incapable of providing for essential aspects of human society, such as compassion towards one’s fellow man, sympathy, mutual sympathy , and any type of fairness or justice in society. Since the market could not provide these things, their provision was left up to politics, or the state. Politics is only unnatural; it’s deadly, genocidally deadly. Any attempts to create a little justice or fairness in the human jungle are apparently doomed to end up in mass murder. So don’t you dare mess with that invisible hand of the market. If it’s market versus politics, the market wins hands down. The same market that starves 14 million people every year. The same market that kills 10 million kids a year. The same market that blew up the US economy and is threatening to take the world economy down with it. The blind faith of the Right boggles the mind.


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