Yet Another Traffic Record Set on Robert Lindsay July 11

Incredible as it sounds, yet another traffic record was set on Robert Lindsay yesterday, July 11. This time a new 3rd highest traffic record was set of 3,300 hits/day. The previous record was probably set on June 6. Saturday is traditionally a slow day, and things slow down a bit in the summer, as people are running around having fun instead of dicking around on the Internet.
The surge can be chalked up to a huge pulse form East Indians researching They are looking at a few pieces, especially The Major and Minor Races of Man, The Peopling of India and The Birth of the Caucasian Race.
These East Indians are very polite and quite intelligent, a good summary of their race. Most of those coming in were young East Indian females, mostly from South India. They were trying to find out if they were Blacks (Africans), Whites (Caucasians) or Asians. To be honest, I got the impression that they wanted to be Whites.
I know White Nationalist idiots insist that all these folks hate White people, but I am serious, these East Indians, I mean, man…they really wanna be White, ok? European is like tres cool over there. They love being associated with Europeans, especially with European features and in particular light skin.
This is a long-standing fetish over in India, and it mostly applies to the females. They don’t hate White folks at all. Like all cool people everywhere on Earth, they want to either be White or act White. As an ethnocentric White man, I say, “Right on!” White is a club with a welcome sign out front. You look White and you act White and you are White, come on in, and by the way, that was mighty White of you.
In the midst of the endless onslaught against Whites from the PC hate-Whitey crowd, it’s heartwarming to see that there are all these folks out there who want to claim White like the most die-hard gangbangers want to claim MS.
Shout out to all the East Indians out there. You’re Caucasians, just like us, and welcome to the (country) club.
Many of these poor East Indians are confused. Afrocentrists tell them that they are Black. Tragically, they don’t want to be Black. They have no experience with Blacks, and racism against Blacks in India is like 1940 in the US, or worse. To pile it on, they have their own caste system that devalues dark skin. They are not Black. They’re as Black as a Chinese.
A few are Australoid by skull shape, but not many. They look different from European Whites because they are such an ancient White tribe. They are fairly dark due to melanin protection in the hot clime.
Going back 39,000-52,000 years, the East Indians helped to birth the Caucasian race. A large group of them are part of the same Indo-European spurt, originating in Southern Russia and going east and west, 8,000 years ago, that gave rise to modern European phenotypes in both East India and Europe.
The East Indians are part of our White and European heritage, whether we wish to acknowledge it or not. We say, welcome aboard to this great and ancient culture.

Yet Another Visitor Record On Robert Lindsay

The site’s popularity, inexplicable given its bizarre and seemingly self-contradictory POV, continues to grow. On July 7, we set a new record for second highest number of hits in a day of 4,018, breaking the 4,000 mark for second time. Including 177 visitors on the old site adds up to 4,195 hits. This broke the old record of 3,111 hits set only two days before on June 5.
Much of the traffic was coming in from the Patrick Burris Gaffney Serial Killer case, but quite a few were also coming in to read offensive jokes about Michael Jackson.
High traffic is a very sleazy game. You can probably either try to high traffic, or you can write about the important stuff you want to write about. Like most things in capitalist society, success generally means sleazing out and sacrificing your principles to one degree or another and turning into somewhat of a dog in order to grub in the mud for the cash with the rest of the snorting bovines.
Once again, thanks to all of my readers, especially to my new readers!

July 6 Sets a New Highest Traffic Record on Robert Lindsay

A brand-new record for most hits in a day was set yesterday, July 6. There were 4,674 hits on July 6, smashing and greatly exceeding the previous record of 3,193 hits set on June 10. That’s 46% increase over the previous record. In addition, there were 183 visitors to the old site, for a total of 4,857 hits to both sites. Most of the new hits flowed from the coverage of Patrick Tracy Burris, the Gaffney Serial Killer.
Thanks to all of my readers, especially my new readers!

New Weekly Record Set on Robert Lindsay for June 28-July 4

A new record for weekly hits was set on Robert Lindsay last week of 16,784 hits/week, breaking the previous record of 16,004 hits/week set on the first week of June. That averages out to an average of 2,398 hits/day for the week. In addition, there were 1,161 visitors to the old site during the week. Taken together, there were 17,945 hits to both sites for the week, or an average or 2,564 hits/day for the week.
Thanks again to all my readers, especially my new readers.

New Record Set On Robert Lindsay July 5

A new record for second highest number of hits in a day on this site, 3,111 hits/day, was set yesterday, July 5. It broke the old record set only the day before of 2,890 hits/day. In addition, there were 167 visitors on the old site, so the combined total was 3,278 hits/day for the combined sites.
Thanks to all of my readers, especially my new readers. If you like the site, poke around a bit. I think you will find that, if nothing else, this is one of the sui generis sites on the Net.

New Traffic Record Set on Robert Lindsay on the Fourth of July

A new traffic record for second highest traffic in a day, 2,890 hits/day, was set yesterday on the Fourth of July. There were also 422 visitors to the old site, making the total actually 3,312 hits/day. That doesn’t break the old combined record for both sites of 3,370 set on June 10 though.
Thanks to all of my readers, including all of my new readers! Feel free to check around. This blog is definitely very, very different, that’s for sure.

Five New Traffic Records Set On Robert Lindsay

This blog continues to set new traffic records as traffic goes through the roof for inexplicable reasons. At 2,286, or nearly 2,300 hits/week, the site’s traffic is approaching the traffic of the old site, which was at 2,700 when it was pulled by Google. Traffic on Blogger is at 286 visitors/day, so combined between the two sites it is 2,572 hits/day. That’s only 130 hits/day below the peak. So things are moving right along.
After a new daily record of 3,193 hits/day was set on June 11, several new records were set: 2nd highest hits/day: 2,511 on June 12, 3rd highest hits/day: 2,355 on June 14, 4th highest hits/day: 2,255 on June 15 and 5th highest hits/day: 2,250 on June 13.
It’s interesting to ponder at what traffic point advertisers actually start buying ads. The Hungarian site discussed in the Roma/Hungarian girls video just below this post gets 75,000 visitors/day. They also have eight banner ads on the site. But 75,000 visitors/day for a small audience like the Hungarian speaking Net must be a lot bigger slice than 75,000 visitors/day for say US English speakers.
Bottom line is almost all bloggers at under ~6,500 visitors/day are either seriously panhandling or don’t care about money. Steve Sailer, Half Sigma and others in that category panhandle on a regular basis. Not that I blame them. If they didn’t, they’d make pennies an hour, if that.
Even American Renaissance, where traffic figures are not available but seem to be at least 20,000 visitors/day, seems to have its hand out a lot.
Google “make money on the Internet” and you will probably get a million hits. Not to bitch but for those of us in the game, it seems like some kind of a joke. The only way is having a pay site, and that’s a tough row to hoe. Consider if I charged people to read my stuff. No one would read.

New Weekly Hit Record Set on Robert Lindsay June 7-13

A new weekly hit record was set here on this site in the past week of 16,002 hits. That’s an average of 2,286 per day. That beat the previous record set only the week before of 10,296 or 1,471 per day. So last week broke the old weekly record by almost 6,000 hits. Pretty amazing stuff.
To be honest, you still can’t make much if any money on a blog even at 2,300 hits/day. More on that here.

The Sorry Reality of Internet Ad Revenue For Publishers

Although my traffic is up to 2,300 visitors/day, you still can’t make money off that. I have no idea how much traffic you need to bring in before you can start making money off ads. Internet advertisers are disgusting pikers, and the offers they make (They dictate terms to you, not vice versa.) are so low it’s laughable. If you try to jack rates up to something reasonable, they say buzz off and pull the ads.
Part of the problem is idiots like Craig Newmark of Craigslist, whose brilliant business model consists of giving his product away. He “sells” most of his ads for the incredibly low discount price of $0.00. When Craig yells, “We’re giving it away!” he’s actually serious. It’s hard to compete with a competitor who is selling product for zero dollars. You could always pay your customers to utilize your service or walk away with your product, but that doesn’t sound very profitable.
How does Craig make money? He charges $10-25 for ads in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Everything else is five finger discount. He makes enough off that to bring in $20 million/year, which he uses to employ a whole 20 employees. Yet his model has helped to knock back or take out how many daily newspapers and weekly newsmagazines?
You can bitch about capitalism all you want, but we live in a capitalist society. If you’re pro-worker, you need to be pro-business to some extent. That is, businesses need to make a profit. When they lose money, all the workers get laid off, and unemployment is not pro-worker. Even when businesses take a hit, they lay off lots of workers and cut back wages and hours on the rest. That means lower incomes for workers, which is anti-worker.
I wonder if this giving your product away stuff should even be legal. Should I be able to set up a stand outside the supermarket and give away free fruits and vegetables, just to be an anarchist and spread the love baby? I mean it feels groovy and all, but what about all those unionized checkers and boxers working inside the market?
I’m going to give my product away! What kind of business model is that anyway?
You can also get syndicated. Yes, I am syndicated. Not to badmouth my wonderful syndicator here, but I’m lucky that ain’t my only source of income. They act like they are doing me this wonderful favor by tossing some pennies my way every month. In a month, they usually pay me something like $20. That adds up to a yearly income of like $250 or so. You probably do way better collecting cans and dumpster diving for chow.

June 11 Sets New Daily Record of 3,193 Hits on Robert Lindsay

Yesterday, June 11, a new record number of hits was set, an incredible 3,193 hits, smashing the old record of 2,101 set only the day before. Reasons for the new record were the James von Brunn posts and many Nigerians who came to scream at me about my thrashing their lousy country in this post.
They say I’m racist for blasting their hellhole of a nation. Actually, I am not wild about most of West Africa, including Ghana and Benin. Most of the problems there come from the Nigerian Scammer Disease spreading over to new lands. It’s true, I hate Nigeria, and I have a low opinion of most folks over there.
It seems like the Nigerian scammers have declared war on us Americans. They’re ruined most of the Internet. Dating sites, auction sites, chat rooms, social networking sites, even instant messengers are practically ruined by Nigerian fraudsters.
I don’t care much about the rest of Africa as it does not affect me personally. Honestly, I hardly care about US Blacks either since their problems and pathologies, while lamentable, simply do not affect me. That’s selfish, but that’s the way it goes. Yes, there are lots of Black ghettos, pimps, street whores, welfare queens, criminals. But none of that really affects me. Many are victims of Black crime (mostly Blacks) but the criminals don’t target me, so I don’t care that much. Maybe I should?

June 10 Shatters Yet Another Hit Record For Robert Lindsay

Just one day after a previous record for hits per day was set on this website, a new record was set. Yesterday, June 10, the previous record of 1,898 hits was broken by a new record of 2,101 hits. Not only are new records being set every day or every other day, lately they are breaking the previous records by about 200 a day. I don’t really understand why this is happening, but it is good news nonetheless.
Thanks to all of my wonderful readers. Shout out to all of you!

Yet Another Daily Hit Record On Robert Lindsay

Yet another record was set for number of hits per day on this site yesterday, Sunday, June 7. 1,595 hits came to the site, breaking the previous record of 1,556 set only two days prior on Friday, June 5. What’s unusual about that is that traffic usually declines on weekends and Sunday is usually the slowest day of them all. Last week, new traffic records were set on five of the seven days of the week.
I really don’t know why traffic is exploding so much, but thanks to all my readers anyway!

Friday Sets Another New Record For Hits on Robert Lindsay

Yet another record for number of hits was set on Friday, June 4 on this website. The new record was 1,556 hits, breaking the old record set only the previous day of 1,436. This week has seen the setting of five new records for hits per day, almost one new record every day.
Thanks to all of my readers!

New Category on Robert Lindsay

Under Race – Blacks – I have a new category called “Back to Africa Candidates.”
I know that’s horrible and racist and this is an anti-racist blog.
There is only one article in the category so far, and that is the article about the human rabbit, a Black “man” named Desmond Hatchett, who, at age 29, already has had 22 kids by at least 11 different women and is not able to support any of them.
The category is pretty much of a joke, and I am open to criticism about it.
Let me explain: Few things make me so angry as the oft-heard suggestion by White nationalists that we send all of the Blacks in the US back to Africa.
Most Blacks have deeper roots in this place than we Whites, and in California, they were some of the very first citizens – the first settlers to Los Angeles were almost all non-Whites – mestizos, Indians, Blacks, Zambos (Black-Indian mixes), mulattos and Black/White/Indian mixes, whatever the heck that is called. The Indian mixes were generally from Mexican Indian stock.
So clearly, mestizos, mulattos, Blacks, Mexican Indians, Zambos and Black/White/Indian mixes are part of the founding stock of this state, and assuming they are here legally or citizens, they surely belong here as native Californians or justified immigrants and are not out of place.
It is quite common even on moderate White nationalist boards to hear calls to throw all of the US Blacks back to Africa, along with calls to evict all non-Whites from the US. Although a few have said it’s not feasible so quit talking about it, I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard one say that it’s ipso facto immoral, which it is. So anyway, “Back to Africa!” is not some fringe view. There are a fair number of Whites who feel this way. It’s a wicked point of view, and it pisses me off.
Nevertheless, I argue half-jokingly that we make an exception for Mr. Hatchett. It would be wrong to send our worst Black criminals, or any of our Black criminals, back to Africa. The place has enough problems as it is, and they don’t want our crooks anyway.
But Hatchett, even though he is headed to jail, isn’t really a criminal anymore than a dope smoker is. He’s just a rabbit inhabiting the form a human.
And most African nations would be pleased as punch to have this guy, since his behavior is widely practiced by males over there, especially if they have some money. I recall a recent article about a Nigerian man who has fathered 150 kids and is not supporting any of them. I wonder how that’s even possible. You think at some point your dick would just drop dead from overwork.
What was almost as disturbing as Hatchett’s one-man baby factory were the frequent comments after the article, apparently from local Black females, who saw little or nothing wrong in what he did. To them, this was just acting normal. They don’t call thinking like that ghetto for nothing.
It’s a fact that many Japanese, in this country and in Japan, dislike Blacks very strongly. This may be changing as the fetish Japanese porn series (Adults Only! And I mean it, dammit!) involving petite Japanese women masochistically submitting themselves to being gangbanged by groups of large (in more ways than one) Black men takes the nation by storm, but the cultural bias is still pretty profound.
A lot of has to do with behavior like Mr. Hatchett’s.
Japanese men may be perverts, but the society is very orderly and civilized. They see behavior like Hatchett’s, which, on a lesser scale, is quite widespread among US Blacks, and the Japanese, probably especially Japanese men, feel overwhelming disgust.
To them, making eight babies by eight females and then not supporting any of them is not what male humans do. This is what male dogs do. When Black guys act like that, to the Japanese, that’s just acting like a dog, and to them, dogs are pretty low animals.
In the future, if I can find similar non-criminal US Blacks who are also stranded on the wrong continent, I may add them to his playful category.

Gilad Atzmon is Continuing to Post Here

A celebrity, Gilad Atzmon, is continuing to post on this humble blog abode, on the Fuck Off Israel thread. He may be here for some time, at least on that thread. Background on Atzmon is in this post. I never thought this silly little blog would attract real live famous people. If you are interested in what he has to say, you can head on over there.

Gilad Atzmon On Robert Lindsay

It’s not very often that we get celebrity commenters on the blog, but Gilad Atzmon stopped by the other day to comment on the Fuck Off Israel thread, which seems to be breaking all records with 182 comments so far.
If you do not know who Atzmon is, he is an author and a jazz musician. This Wikipedia article should sum him up well. He is Jewish and is a former resident of Israel, now an expat living in the UK. He is quite controversial, and there has been a big fight about him on the British Left concerning whether or not he is a Jewish anti-Semite.
It’s clear that he is not an anti-Semite at all on a personal level as he has Jewish members in his band. This alone sets him apart from most anti-Semites, most of whom simply dislike most to all Jews period on a personal level. This is one of the lies of the Super Jews – that there are all these horrible anti-Semitic neo-Nazis running around saying, “Some of my best friends are…” Forget it. I know these people. They don’t like Jews – any Jews.
I think that primarily Atzmon is just an anti-Zionist Jew who is trying to figure out why Jewish Zionists act like they do, and his analysis has taken him into some funny places.
I would suggest that if Atzmon wants to find out what motivates his fellow Israelis, he should consult anthropology texts. There is nothing unique about Zionist behavior. It’s simply normal tribal behavior for human beings. This is the way that human tribes act, the way they have acted for thousands of years and the way they will continue to act until we detribalize mankind.
The more ethnocentric the tribe, the more likely it will display these typical tribal behaviors. There is nothing uniquely evil about the Jews only in that there is something uniquely evil about mankind. This is a major flaw of anti-Semitic critique.
For those unfamiliar, the Bund was one of the original Jewish trade union political formations in Russia. It was very leftwing. I always liked them, but I knew an Arab Communist member of the PFLP who really hated the Bund.

Terminology wise, ….Rather than being an anti Semite, which is a very misleading title, I am anti Jewish (ness), I oppose Jewish ideology right left and centre.I do not have a problem with Jewish people and I tend to agree that a Jewish cab driver or my Jewish band members have nothing to do with the crime committed in the name of the Jews.
I refrain from criticising Judaism, though I expose some inhuman narratives within the biblical context. It is actually the current implementation of these thoughts that is so devastating.
It is the transformation of the Bible from a spiritual text into a land registry which I oppose.
Jewish nationalists in the Left and in the Right are complicit in a similar racially orientated tribal activism.
This applies to Zionists and to the Bund!!!
The crime of Zionism is well established. The problem with the Bund had been explored by Lenin in 1903.
The relevant text are available on line.
I am actually far from being an opponent of Marxism or Bolshevism. I do differentiate between ideology and praxis.
I can live in peace with Marxism as long as it promotes brotherhood and universal thought.
I believe that materialism and class politics are far too restricting. Both are failing to explore the complexity of humanity and human landscape.
The danger with left ideology is the product of some dogmatic tendencies.
I believe in humanity, I believe in the spirit of freedom, I believe in philosophy as in love of wisdom.
I do not find much of it in the institutional left discourse.
Thus, I operate alone, and I am rather happy.

Position on Race

Repost from the old site.
Well, they are doing it again. Like the trash trucks that roll around on schedule, come rain or shine, this blog gets bashed as racist on a regular basis by people whose brains don’t work right.
Since it gets tiresome to write separate posts answering these charges all the time, I will just write one position post on race and constantly refer to it.
First of all, this blog is to some extent a race realist blog. It holds that race exists and is not some fake construct, that there are real differences, both genetic and cultural, between population groups, and we aim to explore those differences in a frank manner.
We also discuss how to divide up various ethnic groups genetically and historically, their relations with other groups, their history and prehistory, their cultures, appearances and genetic makeup, among other things. If any of that bothers you, you shouldn’t even be reading this blog.
Nowadays, anyone who discusses race at all gets called racist, because the entire topic is shut down. This censorship causes more harm than good. It forces matters underground.
Why be racist?
Any given individual of any race or ethnic group, no matter their particular mix of genes, culture, choices and life history, may possess the moral character and decency that one desires in a friend, acquaintance, contact, or even, if you find that race or ethnic group attractive, a lover or spouse.
Therefore, people of all races and ethnic groups should be treated respectfully as individuals as long as one feels they are good people, lacks evidence that they are not, and is willing to take chances on strangers.
Most of us probably have racist tendencies somewhere; after all, we are human. I don’t mind people who are racists and accept them completely as long as they are aware they have a problem and struggle against it. It may well be a lifelong journey, but it’s well worth it. If you are racist and proud, I think I understand you, but I’m sorry you took that road.
Peoples’ feelings are sensitive. We should temper our words and prose in a reasonable way to make them less hurtful to others and also to not indict ourselves. People who are excessively sensitive to every little petty hurt need to grow up and act their chronological age.
I have dated many women of all ethnic groups all through my life. White Supremacists, or even White Nationalists, do not do this. What is interesting is that many White Nationalists consider that I am one of their most hardcore anti-racist enemies.
This blog takes an official stand against all racism and this blog is officially pro-Jewish and pro-Black. Whether we live up it or not is a matter of opinion. If you feel we engage in racism anyway, email me and point out the wording in question. All wording that could be considered racist by reasonable people is monitored when written, during editing and afterwards, and the wording is often changed, sometimes more than once.
Two guest posters have already been banned for continuous anti-Semitism and we are prepared to ban some more.
The Left says there are Good Facts and Evil Facts. Good Facts are any supposed facts that feel good to the Left, no matter whether they are facts or not. Any fact having to do with race or ethnicity is automatically an Evil Fact, that is, it is not a fact at all.
At the same time, the Left says that there are Good Lies and Evil Lies. Good Lies are the lies the Left tells about race and a million other things. Evil Lies are things like Holocaust Revisionism.
In so doing, the Left promotes a blatantly anti-scientific project.
There are no good and bad facts in science. There are only facts.
There are no good and bad lies in science. There are only lies.
Like everything else in life, we ignore the facts and swim heedlessly in the lies at our peril. Denial, whether in the form of a charging elephant or a bottle of Scotch, can kill.


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