New Incel Site: Lookism


They are claiming that they are better than Sluthate, but I am not so sure. So many posters there seem angry. It almost seems as if they hate everything. The general vibe of both sites is one of contemptuous hostility, apathy, boredom, depression, hopelessness, futility and I am not sure what else, but it is a lot worse on Lookism than on Sluthate. A vague sense of suicidality lingers over both sites. It seems like they just want to tear everything down to the lowest common denominator, and they don’t see much value in anything. I go there, and I want to leave due to all of the anger and negativity.

If these guys aren’t getting any women, it’s not doing them any favors to be so pissed off like this.

If you want to know why I go there, I am getting really into this Game stuff now. Yes, you can go to standard Red Pill/Game/PUA sites, but the crowd there is so awful that it feels like a punch in the face. I do not like the hyper-aggressive, super-competitive, bragging, ultra-macho, snarky, mean, vicious cockbreaths that infest those sites.

You can also go to PUA gurus’ sites, but those also bother me because I don’t like to read sites written by Joe Cool who’s got his shit together and has life dicked. Hyper-confident, cocky super-optimists get on my nerves. They hardly seem human.

I would actually rather read Game stuff at the incel sites because those folks are mostly just pitiful, and they don’t seem too aggressive or arrogant. Yes, they are pitiful, but they are also humble.

Those of you who couldn’t care less about the subject of male/female relationships might want to leave because this is something I want to explore for a while now. Not just Game but the whole dynamics of male/female romantic sexual relationships, what each gender likes, what attracts and turns them on and even more importantly, what turns them off. How to succeed and blow it with women and why things work or fail.

Women’s minds are all about relationships, so they might find interesting fodder here. Of course, I am mostly interested in how men can get women and not the other way around, but I suppose female commenters can discuss what they like or don’t like in a man.

I have long felt that there needs to be Game for Women or Women’s Game sites, all about what men are like, what we are all about, what we like and don’t like, how to turn us on and off, how to blow it or succeed with us, etc. I know young women who tell me that they have been failing in relationships with men forever, and they haven’t a clue why. At Game for Women sites, women who are having problems attracting or keeping good men around could lay out their situation, and the other women could brainstorm to try to give them some good advice.

I would rather write about this than the toxic race stuff that gets people screaming racist at me all day long. That’s very tiring, and there’s not much to be done about America’s racial problems anyway except maybe quit importing more of the problem. Beyond that, I throw up my hands like I do about a lot of things.

Most societal problems have no real solution!

Change in Comments Rules Regarding the Case of Donald Trump

This is a socialist website and generally we do not allow too many rightwingers on here. They can post, but they are closely monitored and often they are on moderation. Most of them leave sooner or later or get banned.

Part of the Comments Rules is that you cannot support the Republican Party over the Democratic Party. You cannot attack the Democratic Party from the right. You cannot praise the Libertarian or Republican vis a vis the Democrats in a partisan fashion.

I am going to moderate these rules somewhat and allow my commenters to support Donald Trump. I do not think much of Trump. He is just another rightwinger to me.  I went over and looked at his policies and I do not like them. Standard rightwing claptrap down the line. However, I do support him on trade, immigration, and taxes. He’s pretty much running as a rightwing populist. Rightwing populism is troublesome given its history and typical trajectory, but I am finding it hard to see how a rightwing populist could be worse than what we have now. Sometimes I pick up the paper and read some of Trump’s positions and think, “My God! Trump’s running as a socialist!” And in a way, he is. Trump and Sanders are a lot more alike than either one wants to admit.

I am not happy at all about the prospect of a Trump Presidency, but I think I might survive. At any rate, even though I do not want him to win, he is sufficiently less awful than almost all other Republicans that I think it is a reasonable though lamentable choice to support him.

So go ahead and support Trump, but try to do so in a nonpartisan fashion please. Don’t make it like Republicans = good, Democrats = evil. It’s pretty sad that Trump is a reasonable choice for a lot of working class people, but that shows you just how sick and stupid our politics have become.

Bottom line is that support for Trump is the exception to the Comments Rules.

Position on Racist Comments

I have been through this before, but some of the reactionary Bigfooter nuts are trying to use this to smear me as “racist.”

There is no prohibition against racist commenting on this site, nor on sexist, homophobic, nationalist or whatever commenting. You can say anything you want here as this is a free speech zone. And specifically, racist comments are not a reason for banning or even deleting comments.

However! There is a certain amount of moderation on the site. That is, the commenters themselves moderate the site. Some commenters who go over the board with racist comments, in particular using racist slurs and insults like “nigger,” etc. may run afoul of their fellow commenters.

When I notice that a commenter has gone over the top with racist comments, especially slurs, I ask Alpha if she wants them banned. She gives me an opinion of whether or not they have violated the rules and even if they did not violate the rules, whether they should be banned anyway just for being obnoxious. I also might ask a few other commenters I am very close to whether they want the person banned.

Then I wait until other commenters start calling out for the commenter to be banned. Once a certain number of commenters call for the person to be banned (there is a formula but I will not tell you what it is for fear of abuse), the person is gone. The banned can petition the ban of course, but the type of folks who use racial slurs a lot are chaotic and emotional people who simply cannot seem to control themselves! So once they are reinstated, they tend to get banned again soon after due to lack of self-control which is apparently characteristic of most hardcore racist types.

So in other words, of course I do not like racial slurs. Racist comments that are not slurs are interesting, and while I am not wild about them, they are instructive in that they show us how a very large number of people continue to think in racist ways in our society.

I do not think that those who oppose racism should shy away, run away from or ban racist comments on sight. If you want to fight racism, leave it the nasty stuff up there and go take it on!

These comments are also helpful to remind people, especially Blacks, that we are hardly living in a post-racial era and that there is still quite a bit of anti-Black racism around. Not that Blacks need to wallow in that, but I think it is important for Blacks to realize that and not be in the dark about such things.

For the racist comments that do not use slurs, I often let the people who are offended take them on. The strongly anti-Black commenters are usually taken on by Alpha, Tulio, Jason or maybe some of the others at some point. This seems to shame a lot of them, and they often knock it off.

This site is intended to represent the world as it actually is. Sadly, there are still virulent anti-Black racists out there, and we need to see them for what they are and hold them up to the light. Hiding from reality does no one any good.

New Donate Button Up

I just put a PayPal Donate button on my contribute page. It was a bit complicated. I don’t think I could see my Mom putting one up, but my brother probably could. You need to know at least something about HTML, webpages and the like. Also the instructions are a bit confusing. You know what that means, right? It means all you pikers are finally going to start kicking down! PS. If any of you are worried about getting me rich, don’t worry. All these donations have been doing is paying my bills. A good donations month just means a month where I pay all my bills and cover some of my lesser expenses ($less than $150) versus what used to be a typical month where I didn’t pay all my bills and those lesser expenses were often covered by friends, girlfriends, etc.

Manny Was Banned

The notorious Hindutvadi spammer Manny has just been banned. I have been wanting to ban him for a long time, but I needed to wait until I got a certain number of complaints about him. That is how it works here. The commenters basically decide who to ban and who not to ban. Manny was a spammer, and spamming the blog is a violation of the Comments Policy. You cannot be a one-noter and endlessly spam the blog on your favorite subject. In other words, no matter what the subject was, butterflies or Icelandic literature or the weather in Timbuktu, Manny always jumped into the Comments and redirected to conversation away from something topical back onto his favorite subjects. Manny was really making a lot of people mad so the site will be a lot better with him gone.    

A Crazy Hindu Is Trying to Destroy My Blog

This person is a woman, a Hindu from India. She has vowed to destroy my blog and delete it 900 times if she has to. I just caught her trying to hack into the blog. She also set up a blog just to bash me and libel me. Here is her post. What else did you expect from a person that is crippled ( both physically and mentally), has no job, lives on welfare, hustles in the food stamps line, thinks of himself no less than Stephen Hawking (some likeness you see) and has 24 hours on hand for…? I stumbled upon this blog just last night and he has banned me already, (thinking he could really ban me) and I’m just one step from taking his pathetic blog down, but I’m really interested in knowing what US citizens have to say about this parasite living (and hopefully breeding) in their society. Okay, let’s do a poll. I can take this moron’s blog down in a heartbeat. I want to see a 3:2 majority in favor in replies to this comment. Reply with Yes or No. Should I take this moron’s blog down? P.S: Robert, come on, start backing up your files! Oops, you’re an idiot; even that won’t help as I’d destroy your blog a 1000 times if needed, just thinking that I’m serving my nation. (See, I’ve used the same nickname and email so that it doesn’t get difficult for your diseased brain).

Hacienda Was Banned

I just got too many requests to ban him and I have people who will no longer come to the site as long as he is present. He made a lot of good contributions, but he also antagonized many people and he fought with just about everyone. If you start getting a lot of people calling for you to be banned, your days might be numbered on this site.

Computer Crashed

Had a power surge that wrecked my Windows 2000 install, so I had to take it up to the shop to get Windows XP loaded back on. I was without a system for a few days there. Also the surge shifted Windows from G: partition over to F: partition. Not a good thing. I used to have a UPS, but the battery on it died and I never got another one.

Huax and Xera Were Just Banned

There have been persistent calls to ban these two regular trolls, and I finally decided to take action. Last straw for Xera was derailing a post about incels into another one of his terminal race war threads by attacking Asian men for being weak, soft, wimpy, unattractive to women and having small dicks. He’s only said it 2000 times already! There have been many calls to ban this guy, and that was the last straw. I am getting tired of all the race-warring in the comments, but I am not going to ban on it unless people start complaining. But getting rid of two of the worst trolls on the site should clean up the Comments a bit.

Arab American Vedantist & Idol Worshipper Was Banned

Look folks, you cannot come here and spam the blog with endless one-note posts. A lot of people do this, and I have a lot of tolerance for this, but this guy just went too far. In particular, you cannot make endless off-topic posts about your one-note theme. No matter what the subject of the post was, this guy somehow found a way to tie it into his obsession with the New Age Eastern religion he was pushing. You can’t do that. If the post isn’t about New Age Eastern religion, don’t make comments about New Age Eastern religion. I also note that his endless spamming was starting to make a lot of the other posters pretty angry. I felt that he might have been driving off other commenters too. This is a problem with these off-topic, one-note spammers – they tend to drive off most of the other commenters and soon all you have left are trolls, one-noters and spammers of various types. Most of you regulars are ok, so don’t worry about this.

Should I Leave My Notes Up on the Site?

Here. I accidentally put my Blogging Notes up on the Net and published them. Formerly, they had been a draft. I am wondering if I should keep them up there. It is all supposed to be turned into posts at some time or another, but it is just that I am too lazy to do so. One worry I had was that people would steal my stuff and make their own posts out of it and beat me to it so to speak. But no one ever steals my stuff anyway, so I am not sure this is a big worry. I may copyright it just in case. So weigh in. Should I leave this up there or not?

Dota Added to Guest Posters Page

Here is Dota’s bio on the page:

Dota is an Indian Muslim from the mercantile Bohra community. He was raised in India and Dubai but migrated to Canada in his early twenties where he also completed his undergraduate degree in Business Administration. He writes mostly about India and Islam by critiquing their value systems from a historical perspective. His economic views lean towards socialism whereas he leans right on social issues. He passionately believes that Christianity is essential for maintaining a moral equilibrium in North American society whereas a strong white identity is required to maintain North America’s European character. He opposes multiculturalism and is a fierce critic of Israel and organized Jewry. He is a Canadian citizen and speaks English, Hindi/Urdu, and Gujarati.

Bhabi Was Banned

A lot of you are probably happy about that, but I was putting this off for a long time and giving her one chance after another. Although she was a disruptive influence on here for quite some time, I can’t really ban on that. She was banned for hostile tone. She was also derailing a lot of good threads with tangential stuff about her one note themes, emo and frivolity. She destroyed a lot of good threads with her obsessive and off-topic posting. Not that I ban on that, but it’s not so great. Regular posters, please don’t worry and continue posting away. None of you are anywhere close to getting banned.

How I Deal With Commenters

In the comments section, a commenter named Jake is trying to get me to ban an Indian nationalist named Jaipal. I told him that I go to great lengths not to ban Jaipal because I want to keep him on here. One of the ways I do that is by simply not engaging with Jaipal or not fighting with him.

Well then I’m curious then, why don’t you want to “fight” him? There were many other threads where you just banned Black commentators without them even attacking you or personally disagreeing with you one bit. Are there too many Indian nationalists that you have to handle on a daily basis that it gets tiring?

Wrong Jake! Are you Black? I have not banned any Black commenters who did not attack or personally disagree with me! I generally will never do that. There are not so many Indian nationalists that I can’t deal with them all. Anyway, almost all of them get banned almost immediately. Jaipal has played his cards very well, and I compliment him for that. He’s a good contrary voice, and I am happy to keep him around. Almost all commenters get banned for attacking me personally in a hostile manner. A few others get banned for things like hostile tone. Others get banned for constantly disagreeing with everything I say and being contrary, but that’s not common, and I give them a lot of slack. I let a lot of them ride on this ice for a while because at the end of the day, I want to ban as few people as possible. Some commenters take a persistent contrary tone because that’s their agenda, but I don’t mind that so much. We had some Black nationalists on here, and we have Indian nationalists now. As I don’t want to ban them, I often just don’t engage them that much because I don’t want to set them off and get them banned. A lot of other commenters I personally like a lot, and I deliberately don’t engage them when they disagree because I don’t want to get into a big tiff with them. I just sit back and let others take them on or just let it die. There’s a real downside to banning too many commenters, and that’s that it makes people afraid to comment. It’s also shameful in that it makes me look bad if I ban too many people. And it’s also a bit painful to be banning people all the time because it’s such a hostile thing to do on my part. I don’t really feel very good about it, and it can make the site look bad.

Commenters Who Always Disagree with Me

We have some commenters on here who only comment in order to disagree with me. You really can’t do that on here. You can’t be “contrary.” You can’t comment on here only to disagree with everything I say. That’s not acceptable or permissible and it’s frankly a sign of hostility. I am letting it go for now, but you can’t keep on doing it. You can disagree with me, but not with everything I say. You can’t make every single post only to disagree with me.

Ferdinand Bardamu Calls It Quits

In Mala Fide and In Bona Fide are shutting down. Shocking news for the Manosphere. I actually like Ferd a lot, and he thanked me (along with many others) in his farewell post. I don’t have time to go into my conflicting feelings about the guy and what he writes, but I do like him as a person, he’s an excellent writer and thinker, and I actually enjoy a lot of his prose too. He’s quitting because he has a new opportunity that will take up a lot of his time and also because he is no longer the voice of the blogger he started out as. In other words, he can’t keep being Ferdinand Bardamu, so he’s killing him.

"Update to Comments Policy," by Alpha Unit

The Comments Policy has been updated. As stated in the policy:

No threatening commenters with physical violence; no threats of any sort. No attempts to violate the civil rights of other commenters.

We try to keep the policy as minimal as possible, and we don’t anticipate any problems of this kind. But we decided to make it a rule that it’s not okay for people to threaten each other on the site. That’s going over the line. We don’t want you to worry about it, though. Just relax and keep commenting.

Clarification on No Advocating Rightwing Politics

We are starting to have some commenters advocating rightwing politics. You can’t really do that on here, with some caveats. One commenter attacked the “National Socialist Democratic welfare plantation” and said that welfare causes crime and welfare destroyed the Black family. He then called for the abolition of “welfare” whatever that means. I don’t agree with either of those notions, and you can’t say that. You’re also not allowed to call Democrats “National Socialists.” That’s Tea Party talk. You’re not allowed to call for the abolition of any social programs at all, including welfare. Another commenter talked about “liberal social engineers” and their “soul destroying social programs.” You’re not allowed to call liberals social engineers. We support social engineering on this site, to the hilt. And you’re not allowed to falsely characterize social programs as soul-destroying, which is not true. You’re also not allowed to bash the Democratic Party from a conservative POV by calling them national socialists, social engineers, etc. Otherwise, of course, we don’t care where you are on the political spectrum as far as race, gender, sexual orientation, culture, etc. Hell, you can even advocate fascism, I don’t care. Just no advocating conservative slash and eliminate the government/social spending. Violations will result in a warning, then a ban.

Update on New Comments Policy

It only applies to economics. You are not allowed to support or promote rightwing economics in any way, shape or form. In general, this means you can’t promote laissez-faire economics, Reaganomics, Milton Friedman, the Heritage Foundation, the Republican Party, the Libertarian Party, the Cato Foundation, the Tea Parties, etc. Now that Obama seems to have thrown in his lot with some of this crowd, admittedly things are a lot more complicated. You are only allowed to support and promote politicians or parties in the US which promote leftwing economics. You are however, allowed to promote or support any Democrat, even the neoliberal Obama and Clinton types. After all, they are part of the coalition. Unfortunately. You are also be allowed to promote No Logo and Third Way types like Michael Bloomberg. Unfortunately. I basically want this comments section to look like Daily Kos or Democratic Underground at least on economics anyway. Over there, all Republican types are immediately banned. Violators will probably be banned immediately.

More on the New Comments Policy

This is a progressive website, a socialist website. I will leave the racists on for now. Problem is, if we remove all the racists, we won’t have any more commenters LOL. Anyway, there is going to be a real problem in identifying the racists. Most of the Liberal and Left Blogosphere boycotts me on the basis that I’m a racist, sexist, anti-Semite, homophobe, etc. It’s ridiculous, but be that as it may. So who am I to call out others on this basis, and on what basis or using what rating scale will I make these decisions about who is and who is not being a bigot? The policy will violate vagueness rules. Commenters won’t want to comment because they won’t be able to tell when they are violating the policy or not? Furthermore, I don’t think race, gender and orientation are important. Identity Politics is stupid, and so is bigotry. But both of them are meaningless to me. They’re just not important. What’s important is Economics and Politics. Like twirling strands of ivy, they are each part of one another. All the rest just gets in the way. Almost all the real ugly racists (9 I want the comments section to be peopled by friendly people who think like we do. Alpha, Jacob and I are all progressive people. Our commenters should be too, at least on economics. Why I have my comments section littered by trolls who only piss me off? It should be a place where like-minded friends gather to hash things out. My own comments section shouldn’t drive me livid with rage. That’s crazy. It’s my section. I should control it.

New Comments Policy

This isn’t going to be a Free Speech board anymore. I’ve made some changes – see here. I am no longer going to allow those openly and passionately supporting the Republican Party and rightwing economics (the Dittohead – Fox News type you see on Free Republic, rightwing blogs and news comments boards all over the net). Those folks can continue to post here, but they may be banned at any time for any reason or for no reason, at my discretion. All present commenters are good folks and may continue posting. We are wasting way too much time here with rejoinders to the pro-Republican and Supply Side Economics, Small Government, Libertarian Friedmanite crowd. Why bother to argue with them? It takes away so much precious time, and there is none to waste. This is a socialist and progressive blog and the comments should reflect that. Any rightwing stuff outside of pro-Republicanism and pro-rightwing economics is probably going to be allowed, in particular the talk about race, gender and sexual orientation.  None of that stuff is important anyway. We will continue to allow bigots and racists to post, although we are not wild about that. Identity Politics is not important, and neither is it’s opposite, bigotry in its various forms. Race, gender and sexual orientation are essentially irrelevant matters outside of economics, so we really don’t care how you feel about them. Anyway, I am pretty un-PC myself.

Did Michael Bloomberg Just Show Up on My Site?

I just received this comment on my site, signed by Micheal Bloomberg, mayor of New York City, with a link to his website and his purported email. Is this really him? Would a professional politician really use such language where he could be quoted on it? It’s either him or someone pretending to be him.

Mr. Lindsay, My name is Michael Bloomberg, BloomBERG you fucktard. My friends call me Mike, but it is Mr. Bloomberg to you, piece of shit commie. Further, with my hard earned $18 Billion, I could buy you into slavery and sell you to the gypsies you worthless prick. So next time you call out America’s 4th most generous philanthropist on your pitiful site, try to get my name right.

5 Million Hits a Year on Robert Lindsay Sites

In the last year, the two Robert Lindsay sites received an amazing total of 4.9 million hits from visitors, 1.7 million on this site and 3.2 million on the video site. The number of visitors is not known, but there were probably 1.9 million visitors to the video site and possibly 1 million visitors to this site. All in all, a pretty amazing performance. Of course, the two sites combined still barely make a nickel. The video site brings in ~$10/month in syndication fees, and this site makes no money at all, since advertising is not allowed on WordPress yet, if it will ever be allowed. There are no advertisers at the moment on the video site. The fact that two sites with combined traffic of 6 million hits/year still make almost no money to the lie of “build a high traffic website and make big money.” There may indeed be money to be made on the Internet, but it’s through selling products or services, not selling ads.

No Death Threats and Stalking Please

This comment recently appeared in the comments section:

As the commentary above PROVES, Lafayette IS a Nazi – and Nazis should be KILLED! That is the only appropriate response from any genuine adherent of the left and supporter of human equality and freedom worldwide. Nazi fascist vermin such as Lafayette Sennacherib must NOT be allowed to preach the “socialism of fools” to divert the GENUINE left’s struggle with their attempts to incite murder and genocide as he preaches above. Nazis are NOT human beings and they therefore have NO “human rights” – including the “right to life”. As the commentary above PROVES, Lafayette IS a Nazi – and Nazis should be KILLED! That is the only appropriate response from any genuine adherent of the left and supporter of human equality and freedom worldwide. It is my dearest and fondest hope that a genuine and well-armed anti-racist and anti-fascist will hunt down such “people” and give them a PERMANENT AND IRREVERSIBLE taste of their own medicine.

I know who this guy is. He used to stalk an old friend of mine named Wendy Campbell on Indymedia, and Wendy was terrified of him. I think he is the same guy who used to come to the site periodically and leave various weird comments along the lines of saying, “Good job Robert! I agree! Kill the Jews!” Even when I was not advocating anything of the sort, of course. In other words, he’s trying to paint me as a Nazi and say he agreed with me. At the time, he was trying to paint the pro-Palestinian movement as Nazis and trying to get us to say, “Kill the Jews! Up the Palestinians!” or things along those lines. He also threatened to kill me once too for “going easy on the evil kike scum” LOL. He’s apparently a young male Jewish college student who is in New York City, upstate New York and Chicago at various times. I’m banning him, and I’m going to amend the comments policy to not allow any more of these types of death threats or stalking behaviors.

Hate Mail of the Day

I get these hate mails all the time, maybe not every day, but often enough anyway. At this point, I’m used to them. This is from Silver, this character, who was banned here twice.

I noticed you’re “banning rightwingers ‘right and right.'” So easy to censor when you can’t answer, isn’t it? Most “evil reactionary rightwingers” — ie the rank and file, not the fat cats — would be ALL FOR the basic kind of liberalization of society that liberals originally embarked on, ie appreciating that not all get the same start in life and could use a hand getting off on the right foot, basic workers’ rights etc. The problem is you fucking leftwing assholes are never, ever, ever, ever,ever satisfied. Look at you: a complete and utter leftwing asshole — the very worst, mentally deranged kind of leftwing asshole. Wants to “dilute” (ie set on the road to extinction) whites for the imperative of more leftwing society wrecking bullshit. Actually, no. You want to do it for the mere possibility of more society-wrecking leftwing bullshit; the mere possibility of more leftwing crap is enough for you destroy everything in your path. That’d be totally lolworthy if the consequences weren’t so grim. And then, and this where it gets simply delicious, the leftwing cockroach piece of shit has the gall to whine that he just wants to live in a decent society. FUCK YOU leftwing cockroach. There’s no possibility of a decent society coming from sharing living space with a pack of fucking nigger animals running riot and unable to be contained thanks to the entitlement mentality you leftwing cockroaches have so successfully addled them with (not that it’s hard to convince a worthless nigger piece of shit that society must “do more” for its lazy nigger hide). And I’m just using “niggers” as a stand-in term for the shit of the earth, though the effect of coddling the scum is of course most pronounced among Negroids, including genetic offal like Australian Abos and pacific islanders. But I tell ya, it can be awfully satisfying to sneer supremely derisively at leftwing excrement like you. I hope with all my heart you meet a nasty end at the hands of the human dogshit whose proliferation you have done such fantastic work of ensuring. And nope, you won’t get you “decent society” either, so you can suck on that too, cunt.

The rightwingers broke the comments rules, but they’re not really wanted anyway. After all, this is a socialist website. I can answer those clowns no problem, that’s one of my major tasks here since they’re not banned outright. You can see what wonderful people these guys are. White nationalists are wonderful people! Oh yeah! Really nice folks. I suspect that most of the American Renaissance crowd is more or less like this guy too, and they’re on the moderate end. Makes you shudder to think what the VNN’ers are like. I usually don’t print private emails, but I’ll make an exception for this guy.

RR and Reality Check Just Got Banned

Boy, RR sure didn’t last long, did he? Rightwingers never last long here anyway. Reality Check is the Super Jew named Angela, formerly of the East Bloc. She got banned before, but then she got a new name and came back surreptitiously, and then got banned again. Reality Check has been over at Jacob Bauthumely’s blog, asking similarly snarky questions and making a nuisance out of herself, so I guess she just gets off on being unpleasant. It was difficult of me to make these two decisions, and I worried about causing an uproar among readers, but I actually think most of you will be smiling or even jumping for joy. I get the feeling that neither of them is well-liked around here. Please don’t let it inhibit the rest of you. These decisions are undertaken only after serious deliberation and we don’t like to do it, since it inhibits and frightens everyone else.

Addenda to Comments Policy

1. Saying, “America, love it or leave it,” or anything along those lines to the authors is now banned. It’s unfortunate I had to put this in, but the rightwingers started doing that like they always do. Do people do this “love it or leave it” crap in any other country? 2. Unfortunately, we are implementing our first ban on content not directed at authors. Persistently disruptive commenters who engage in endless personal feuds in the comment threads that contribute nothing of any value to the overall conversation will now be banned. This is unfortunate, but some recent antics on the Open Topic page have resulted in this. You can still fight, I suppose, especially if it’s funny like the wars fpy was having with Mort Goldman a while back. But we don’t encourage it.


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