Sorry for the Delays in Posts

The computer was down for 2 1/2 weeks. That got me out of the habit of posting and into the habit of doing other things instead.

I hate to say it, but I also have writer’s block. Most of us do. And not to blow my own horn, but the only writers I have ever known to get blocked unless they had some mental problem like my father were all pretty damn good writers. Poor writers don’t get blocked. And my Dad was actually a pretty good writer. He just had Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder which meant he spent two days writing a two page paper because it was never good enough.

Not talking about myself here again, but good writers are often perfectionists although some can really churn it out. It’s never quite good enough and deep down inside, many good writers have the terrifying feeling that they actually suck and are terrible writers. It doesn’t make sense, but our fears seldom do. But that doesn’t make them any less real.

So, I have been busy but busy doing other things rather than this. I’m also sleeping like a rock, usually minimum 12 hours a day. I’m not sure what is going on, but I do take hardcore sedating drugs before sleep so maybe that has something to do with it.

I need to get back into the swing of things though. Sorry about the delays!


Not Publishing

I know, I have not been posting. I worked so hard on that paper that I decided to give myself a vacation after I finished. So I am sleeping about as much as I damn well please. Which ends up being a very good part of the time, which is tragic but perhaps also a statement on the human condition.

Hopefully Jason will be filling in for a while. In the meantime, still lots of great comments coming through.

New Article I Am Working On

Here is a link to the article I have been working on lately. I spend a good part of every day on this thing. So far it’s 54 pages and I have no idea how many references. Maybe 150 by now. I’m going through putting in references and adding to the copy that’s already there because some sections are not well filled-out.

The subject is Historical Linguistics and it’s definitely specialist stuff. It’s headed for a peer reviewed academic journal. What I’m saying it’s not for everyone, and non-specialists might have a hard time understanding it. On the other hand, the subject matter is also pretty general for the general reader who’s interested in some rather intellectual arguments. There’s not a lot of really technical linguistics material in there.

Sorry, Folks, I’ve Been Very Busy

Hi folks. Sorry for no posts for a while, but I’ve been doing other things. In particular, I’ve been working a linguistics article for a peer reviewed linguistics journal. So far it’s 46 pages and over 100 references. They’ve told me that they want me to write it up. They saw a draft, but now I am going through putting in references and it’s taking forever. So if you want to know where I’ve been or what I’ve been doing, it’s that.

It was run on the site earlier as more of a draft than anything else. If you want to see how I am coming along, here is a link to the work in progress. Also, the title will be changed.

They Don’t Pay Me Enough to Do This Shit

You are a huge piece of shit and the biggest fraudster out there. You are a liar and no nothing. I paid for a background check on you. You were never an editor of any magazine. You say you are a therapist, but hold no credentials. You have been reported to the state boards for practicing and advertising psychological services without a license. This is a felony.

You are also too interested in the sexual nature of the crime. Therefore, you are a hebephile and pedophile. I learned how to accuse people with no evidence from reading your hit pieces. I also tipped off the FBI that you probably have child pornography on your computer, cause hey, you LOOK like a pedophile. Stop exploiting the families, the parents, the guardians, and this tragedy so you can get idiots to pay a premium for your nonsense. Beware of Karma, you pedo.

I get comments like this all the time.

I happen to know this particular person, a woman, incredibly enough. She seems to have a roving IP because I keep banning her IP’s, but then she goes and gets another one in the same range. So it’s really only one Delphi hater over and over. He keeps coming here leaving comments like this. Why is she so obsessed? I don’t get it. What’s wrong with these people? Why do they hate so much?

I had to deal with this with the Bigfooters too. Constantly reporting my site and trying to get it taken down, reporting me to the police and social services for welfare fraud, and constant hit pieces and comments.

Anytime you get wrapped up in the fanatic parts of the Net (true crime, Bigfoot) you attract legions of these cranks and haters. I’m not sure what happens if you stay out of the Crank Zone. Come to think of it, when I was outside of the Crank Zone, people were always reporting me and trying to get my site taken down. WordPress told me they got complaints about me all the time.

See what my enemies do?

They pay to do background checks on me.

They report me to state boards for practicing and advertising without a psychotherapy without a license (which is something I don’t do). She says it’s a felony, but it’s never prosecuted. The last guy was literally calling himself a psychotherapist, and not only that but he had a building with his name on it with employees, regular hours, and advertisements in the Yellow Pages. And they hardly did anything to him. Ordered him stop and he had to pay a fine. I was on Twitter recently until I got thrown off by some man-hating feminist twats. I think 10-15 feminists said they were reporting me to the state board for practicing without a license. Good luck with that.

I’m a peer counselor and a life coach. I do peer therapy and life coaching. We don’t need licenses. I don’t practice psychotherapy and I don’t call myself therapist, psychologist, marriage and family counselor, social worker, psychiatrist, MSW, LCSW, PhD, MD.

They report me to the FBI for having child porn on my computer (which is something I don’t have). This woman must be 40th person to say they’ve reported me to the FBI. The FBI haven’t contacted me yet, and they know who I am because they made a statement about me to a woman I know.

Also, I was a magazine editor of an important magazine, as in, you usually saw it on the drugstore shelves. Assistant editor, to be precise. 1981.

I admit they did get me thrown off WordPress but it wasn’t for all the lying reasons my enemies say. They say I was thrown off for the sexual nature of my posts. Not so. They won’t throw you off for that anyway. They say I was thrown off for making up lies. Not so. They won’t throw you off for that either.

I will now admit why I was thrown off. I was thrown off for inciting violence. That’s a violation of the TOS. I had no idea what their TOS was, and I had no idea I was violating it. If I would have known that was a violation, I would not have written that. A radical feminist is the one who turned me. A lesbian with an intense hatred of men. So I got thrown by some crazy man-hating dyke bitch. So what.

With all the trouble this damned blogging gets me, sometimes I wonder why I even do it. They don’t pay me enough to do this shit.

Alt Left: Request to My Black Readers

All my Black readers:

If you ever catch me using anti-Black racist language or tropes, go ahead and call me on it. I’m trying to be cool to my readers here. My Black readers are awesome people, and I’m not interested in hurting their feelings or making them uncomfortable. Just don’t be a PC woketard SJW about it, or I won’t even listen to you. But I don’t want to say ugly, hurtful, mean things to you all. I don’t like it when people say stuff like that to me. If you’d rather keep your critique quiet and private, feel free to email me with your concerns. Tulio and I had an agreement on this stuff, and he used to call me on my tropes every now and then.

Computer Went Down

Sorry folks. Hard drive failed. And then when I got it back, my keyboard and mouse were not working right. I went and bought a new mouse and it still wasn’t working. Then my brother monkeyed with it and now it works. I’ve lost a lot of my passwords though and all my old settings are gone. Also I lost all my add-ons to my browsers. Lucky I saved a lot of my passwords in another file or I would have been surely screwed. Fixing the hard drive cost me $200. Could have been worse I guess. I had ~200 bad sectors on there. On the bright side, I have a new wireless mouse. Anyway, I’m back, folks!

Anybody Getting Their Comments Eaten?

We just upgraded to the new version of WordPress, and we are having some issues. Comments by regular commenters are being sent to spam even though their names or IP numbers are not blocked. I click “Not Spam” on the comment, and it is supposed to restore it, but it recently ate a spam comment by a regular commenter that I unspammed. If any of you are having issues with the site eating your comments, let me know in this post.

Bring Back Trash and Miguel Bain?

Trash and Miguel Bain, former commenters who were banned for a variety of reasons, mostly for being disruptive and not getting along with other commenters, have returned.

I am willing to give both of these guys a second chance if they promise to be good boys. If they can’t promise that they’re not coming back.

Since you all sort of run this blog in a way according to my philosophy of radical democracy, I will throw this out to the other commenters. If you all want these guys back, I will bring them back. If you don’t, I won’t. You can either say your opinion here or you can email me with your opinion.

Neither of these guys has ever given me a nickel, and I don’t expect them to this time around either. A leopard doesn’t change its spots. On the other hand, they both use up a lot of comment space. This was the problem with Trash. I spent so much time reading his comments that I barely had time for anything else. And he wasn’t paying me for my time.

I think I am going to limit Miguel to three comments a day. With Trash, I am thinking of imposing a similar limit (3 comments a day) with him. I don’t mind having these guys back, especially Trash. He is intelligent and entertaining and he’s very smart. Also he fits in with this site here because Trash is absolutely Alt Left whether he recognizes it or not.

Jason’s on a Roll

Sup, @Jason? Dang, nigga. You done posted 14 whole posts in the last 24 hours. And I thought I was the graphomaniac.

Sheeit, I thought all along this was the Robert Lindsay Show, but now @Jason comes along, and it’s the Bob and Jason Show! Maybe we should invest in hand puppets?

Oh well, it’s all good times. Good times, good times. Good times and then ya die. And that’s if you’re lucky.

Sticky: Support Beyond Highbrow

If you value this site and the work I put into it, please consider a donation. Even a small amount would be nice. Donations motivate me to write more, and when they’re not coming in, I don’t want to write so much. So when you donate, you are keeping this great site going.

If you worry about making me rich and think I don’t need the money, don’t fret. I’m basically retired, and I live off a small fixed income. You are definitely giving to the needy here.

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Beyond Highbrow Birthday Fund Drive

Yes, it’s my birthday and I am another year older. You don’t want to know how old I am. Too old, that’s how old I am. How much longer am I going to hang around this insufferable planet? I am not sure. That’s up to God and my body. They will conference together at various times in the future until they decide when it’s a good time to kill me off. Unfortunately for all of my many enemies, I will probably not die soon. They say only the good die young, so I figure I’ll be around for a long time. Anyway, my rent has been raised 150 As it is, I run out of my money around the 6th of the month and I have $0 for the rest of the month. I’m not healthy enough to work at a regular full-time job otherwise I would do it like I have always done, so this is my only income stream other than counseling work, which I don’t get a lot of. I have a few other income streams but they are very sporadic. This actually is a pay site and regular commenters have to donate to stay on board. The only reason it stays up at all is because you readers keep it going. So anyway, this is my pitch to all of you to make a donation to keep the site going. Also if any of you donors want to see me write about something in particular, let me know, and I will see if I can write about it. We are trying to do something pretty different here in addition to promoting a brand new political project, so if you think it’s worth supporting, you ought to pitch in, especially if you are feeling rich. Thanks in advance for your continued support.

Should I Open Up a Patreon?

Apparently a lot of content creators, thinkers, public intellectuals, writers and video creators are setting up Patreons so people can pay them to write, create videos, and be public intellectuals. Jordan Peterson is making $80,000/month doing this. This is perfectly acceptable to me. After all, if the person is working 20-40 hours a week or more writing or creating videos, why in God’s name shouldn’t they get paid for their labor? I will never understand Normie scum who call this begging. If you are working 40 hours a week creating content, what’s wrong with asking to be paid for it? Further, many online magazines, journals, and even newspapers are asking for donations to fund their journalism. And why not? Say folks at NACLA or The New Internationalist people are working 40 hours a week  putting out their journal, are they somehow begging if they ask their readers to fund their work? How is that begging? They’re working 40 hours a week, working their asses off, and asking to be paid for working their asses off is begging? WTF sort of world do Normies live in anyway? Or is it just writers, unlike all other workers, who have to work for free like slaves while everyone else gets paid for their work? I will never understand Normies. Normies are shit. Pure shit. If every Normie on Earth died tomorrow, I would sing and dance for 100 days, that’s how much I hate them. More and more sites are going pay now or at least donation, and why not? Most online papers might let you read five articles a week and then they ask for a subscription. All of the larger blogs such as Moon of Alabama and Vinyard of the Saker have regular aggressive fund drives. And why not? It’s’ surely a full-time running such a large site. I think as time goes on there will be fewer and fewer free sites. Slavery just doesn’t appeal to most people. Thing is, you guys aren’t funding me here on this site, why should I expect you pikers to fund me on Patreon? I’m not getting this. Is there something magical about Patreon that will cause people to fund me as opposed to this site. One thing I could do is buy an upgraded WordPress subscription that would allow me to put a Patreon button at the end of every post. I think most people don’t realize that the site runs on donations. Asking regular commenters to donate $10 to keep commenting isn’t working very well. Lately, requests for regular commenters to fund the site have been met with the commenters simply going away. I think I have been embarrassing them in the threads by asking though, so in the future, I will ask by email. If I could ever get a Patreon stream going, I would quit hitting up commenters altogether. Alpha thinks it is terrible that all these commenters are taking off after I hit them up, but I don’t really care. If I quit doing hitting commenters up, I get even less money than I do now. And really, if you won’t pay ten bucks to comment here regularly, I’m sorry. You’re not my friend. Any friend of mine would gladly do such a thing. So you can go bye bye, and it’s not a worry of mine. Another part of asking regular commenters to contribute to the site is that by commenting regularly you are becoming part of a team that this site represents. The value of this site lies not only in my posts but in the many fantastic and brilliant comments that the posts generate from my gifted and learned commenters. The commenters and I, along with Alpha, are all part of a team that in effect produce this site. So if you don’t want to join our team, well bye bye. I’m not particularly bothered. One thing I would like to know is who is getting funded by Patreon? Are there any writers getting funded that way? Or is it mostly content creators like vlog creators? Keep in mind that these folks are essentially writers too. They are simply communicating via voice what others communicate with a keyboard. And a lot of vlogs are very smart and knowledgeable, often as good as the best journalistic prose on the web.

This Is Not a Free Website

Someone just told me that this is a free website and I am “charging people money to use a free website.” But that’s not true. This is not a free website. It’s a pay site that operates on a monetary model. Doesn’t it say that in the very first sticky post on the site? There are two tiers. First tier (Basic mode) is if you want to just read or comment sporadically. That’s free. Second tier (Enhanced mode) is if you want to comment regularly, join the crime forum, or be a guest author. In that case, you have to pay $10 -20 for lifetime privileges. How anyone ever got the idea that this is a free site is beyond me. I would like to point out that many paysites operate on a two tier model, one basic with limited features and the other enhanced with a full set of features.

Sticky: How to Access the Newest Posts on the Site

To access the latest posts on the site, please scroll pasts the first two sticky posts. 

The first post(s) on the site, including this one, are sticky. That means that they are always at the top of the page every time you come here. If you want to see the latest posts on the site, you have to scroll down past the sticky posts. So the newest posts on the site will always start where the sticky posts end.

For information on the new changes to the private Delphi Murders and Other Crimes Forums and how to join them, see here.

For information on how and why the site is going to a (partially) paid model, see here.

Sticky: Support Beyond Highbrow

This is not a free website.

Regular Commenters – $10 donation

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Reading this site is like reading a newspaper or a news magazine. If you give money to the site, it is like you are buying a newspaper or magazine copy or subscription. Think of it that way. Reading for free is like going over to the newspaper rack and opening up newspapers to read without paying for them. That said, no one has to donate, and people may read for free all they like, especially if they are poor. But even if you are poor, I would suggest that regular readers might want to donate $3 or so.

This site is independent media. We consistently go against the entire mainstream corporate media, and we regularly expose the lies and machinations of the media and the government. We also discuss the  lies and machinations of foreign governments. The motto here is, Let the Truth Shine. We are not going to knowingly lie to you about anything here. According to readers, this is the most “uncomfortably honest site on the Internet.” That’s the purpose of the site.

Although we are on the Left, and this is a socialist website, we will also expose the lies, machinations, and falsehoods being peddled by the Left. If the Right is correct and the Left is wrong on some particular issue, we may well side with the Right, as abhorrent and wicked as they are.

All controversial issues must be evaluated for their truthfulness. Truths need to be reported on even if they make my side look bad and the other side look good. All lies and misinformation needs to be called out, even if calling out the lies makes my side look bad and the other side look good.

Although this is not my only source of income, I do not have a regular job for health reasons. Nevertheless, I work for myself and earn money that way via various income streams, and this happens to be one of them. So this is one of the jobs I do in order to make money.

I don’t feel like writing for this site for free. If that’s the way it is going to be, I may well just shut down the site. If you don’t see me posting for more than a day, that means that I am on strike. On strike for more wages or any wages at all. By asking for donations from this site, I am requesting to be paid for more labor. I am a worker who is asking to be compensated for his labor and hard work. I am not a beggar. I work very hard on this site, and it’s very hard work to do.

You may worry that you are making me rich. I figure I got paid $5/hour at most to write for this site. That’s half of the California minimum wage. If you want to know my current financial situation and whether I am feeling flush or busted broke, email me and I will let you know what is going on. I don’t expect you to donate to a rich man, but that’s not what you are doing here.

Clearing up Some Things about the Move to a Subscription/Donation Model

Tulio: You can do as you please to monetize your site. I hope it works out for you. Just consider that some people just don’t expect to pay to read blogs and that may depress your readership. There are other ways to monetize a blog besides subscriptions. You can place ads on the site as well. If you get high traffic there’s also sponsored posts. There’s Patreon. You can self-publish a “best of” compendium and sell it as a book on amazon that people can read offline. This is the model these PUA types like Roosh with no real job do for income. They blog about what they like, people read it for free and they live off selling e-books. Not telling you what to do, just saying that requiring subscriptions in an environment that people expect to be free(and 99.9

I am not requiring subscriptions to use the site. I am requiring them to use the private password protected fora, and there is a huge response to that. I have had ~150-200 people sign up for that. The rest of the site, all 4,000 posts, is 100 On the contrary. It has been only six days since going to the subscription model, and traffic has not slowed down at all. In fact, it has gone through the roof. It has exploded from 7,500 hits/day to 12,000 hits/day, but that may be coincidental. I do not expect a major drop in readership just because people have to pay to comment all the time. Comments may drop off, but a lot of people will probably just read and not become regular commenters. How many people are going to refuse to read here just because they cannot comment all the time? Not many.

Website Going to a Subscription/Donation Model

To access the latest posts on the site, please scroll pasts the first two sticky posts.  I am really getting sick and tired of this endless bashing of me by scumbags for trying to make some money off my website. It is really quite incredible. So for now and into the future, the website will no longer be a free website. It will move to a donation model of many pay websites. However, like a lot of such sites, you will still be able to access a lot of content for free. For instance, all of the articles on the main site can be read for free forever! However, if you wish to comment on articles, there are now limits. If you become what I consider to be a regular commenter, you will have to give a minimum of $10 for a donation. After that, you can comment forever on the regular website’s thousands of articles forever!  You are certainly free to donate more than $10 if you wish, and many people do. I regularly get donations of $50, $100, $200, $250 and rarely up to $500. People who like the site often give quite a bit of money to keep it going. I do not have a high income, as I have made ~$14,000/yr for the last several years. By donating/, you are mostly just helping me to survive. Of course, when you go on those pay sites and read their free stuff, they hit you up to buy a subscription or buy whatever it is they are selling on a regular basis. It’s logical. Do you walk into a store and assume you are not going to buy anything? Of course not. You go into a store, and the owner assumes that you may well buy something. Same at the pay sites. So you get nag screens, pop-ups, limits on free viewing, etc. pretty regularly when you access their free content. And why not? Accessing the free content is like walking into a store fully intending not to buy a thing. The nag screens, requests to donate or buy a subscription, popups, etc. are like the owner repeatedly asking you if you want to buy something. The limits on free viewing are like when you spend an hour in some store not intending to buy anything, and the owner finally asks you to leave. As this is now a pay site, it’s perfectly logical that I should have announcements or comments seeking people to donate to our services. I am a journalist. I have a BA in Journalism from a good university. I have previously worked as an editor at a major magazine. I worked for a while as a freelance writer for money. And I am now a published author. Most authors don’t go to work for some newspaper or magazine and expect to work for free. They expect a wage or salary. Book authors don’t give their books away. No author who makes his living off writing gives his writing away for free. Why should he? Everyone else works for money. Why shouldn’t authors work for money too? Apparently my critics think I have no right to work for money! I have no right to offer my writing for sale instead of giving it away like an idiot. I am supposed to give all my material away for free and I guess starve or live on the streets and beg or something. So if you hear, “Lindsay’s always hitting people up for donations,” first of all, this vicious lie of my critics is not even true. I only occasionally ask for money on here. A few site services now cost money, and people are told that if they wish to access that material, they must pay a fee. Second, why they Hell can’t I ask people to give a donation? You go to the New York Times, Washington Post or Guardian, and they hit you up for money all the time. The Times and Post only let you read a few articles for free a month, and then you are cut off. If you wish to comment on the Times or Post, you need to purchase some sort of subscription. The Guardian hits you up for donations at the end of every single article you read. And why not? Are the Times, Post, and Guardian supposed to give their product away for free? Why? How are they supposed to stay in business? How are they supposed to survive? They run a business. Why do you expect businesses to give their products away for free? They will all starve and live in the streets if that is the case. Why should I be any different? This is also a news site run by an accredited, experienced, and published journalist/author. He doesn’t give his writing away for free. Not exactly anyway. It is quite amazing what you can read on here for free. On the other hand, like many pay sites, to obtain full use of the site, you must make some sort of a purchase. I am getting sick and tired of hearing idiots screeching that I ask for money. Damn right I do. This is a pay website, and like the rest of them, we will hit you up for donations like any other news outlet on the web. Why it is outrageous that I wish to work and survive and get paid for my labor in America is beyond me. This is something I will never understand. If you enjoy the hard work that goes into this website, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site. Donations are the only thing that keep the site operating.

Trash Is Being Banned Again


  • He derails threads all the time. He was banned for this.
  • He annoys the living Hell out of me.
  • He repeats himself endlessly, even word for word almost. He writes one post, and then he posts it again rewriting it somewhat.
  • He has these obsessions that he hammers on endlessly and always derails about.
  • Most of all, lately he picks fights with other commenters. I am not sure if he used to do that before. He starts fights with other men for no reason other than his insecurity or psychological stuff.
  • He uses the site as some sort of a stage to strut around on to gain fans or narcissistic supply.
  • I am not even sure if he is writing to write. I think he is writing to show off and to hear his own voice.
  • One more thing I just realized, and it makes me sad. The poor man has no sense of humor. I finally figured that out. He never laughs at jokes. I make funny posts, and he never laughs or cuts up. He reacts seriously to them. He never cracks jokes, even though some of his stuff is rather funny. He’s dead serious all the time. I don’t get it. I think it’s wrapped up in his psychological stuff.

Reason for banning: General annoyance. It says in the Rules that I can ban you for any reason or no reason if I feel like it. I almost never use that clause, but now I will. Recommendation: He needs to get his own site. Then he can peacock around all he wants.

New Policy on Donations

The waiving of donations for Delphi Murders commenters will continue. However, many donated anyway, and some have donated several times. Delphi commenters are under no obligation to donate, but it’s always nice. I am going to make an amendment to that. There are a number of Delphi commenters who I am emailing with a lot. Emailing with them is taking up a lot of my time. Bottom line is if you are taking up a  lot of my time, you need to pay me for that time because in my opinion, it’s work. If you don’t pay me, you are making me work for free. Not fair. Most of these people emailing me a lot have already donated, so this only applies to a few people. And if you only email me a few times asking for say a password, then the donation policy continues to be waived. Some of these people have done some work for me with photos and whatnot. That took some of their time to do that. I think I can waive the donation requirement for them as the work they did for me was an in kind donation. Thank you for your cooperation.

Financial Situation Update

I write these not to beg money. Instead I am just showing you that you are not making me rich. Every time I see a Donate button somewhere, I always worry I am making the guy rich. With a lot of these guys, I would love to see a financial situation update so I can see exactly what he needs. If I ever got to the point where I had lots of money, I might even take the Donate button down and work for free. I would have to think about it. Remember “To each according to their needs, from each according to their ability”? Marx. My Mom always hated that line and acted like it was very unfair somehow. The people who need money the most are those with the greatest basic needs. You give a rich person money, and all you are doing is helping buy a new yacht or or a $10,000 bracelet for his wife or pay for another night at a $300/night hotel. People either need money or they don’t. Rich people don’t need one more damn nickel, sorry. In case you are wondering how us Commies think, well, this is how we think.

Will 100 dollars be enough? Sounds like his financial situation isn’t great, so perhaps it is. Just asking the question.

Assuming this fellow is not a troll (I get a lot of trolls on here making posts like this) sure, of course. And I can prove it. Right now it is the end of the month, so I have to hardly spend any money. That is because I need $300 above my small trust fund check to even pay my bills and still be at budget. Budget is $15/day. Yep that is what I live on after bills are paid. Right now I have $255 over budget. Some of that will get spent over the next three days. So I am still $45 short of even what I need to pay basic bills next month and still be at budget and I pretty much have $0 spending for the next few days unless I wish to dip into that $255. Not to mention some rather pressing expenses, the main one of which is fixing my air conditioning at $90. It’s 90-100 degrees here some days. Driving with no air con is murder. You guys are not making me rich. You are just allowing me to function at a basic level, pay my bills and take care of some highly important expenses like car repairs that pretty much need to get done. The purpose of this post is to show you exactly my situation so you can determine what, if any, my needs are. That’s the only reason.

Privilege Theory and Trigger Warnings

Privilege theory. I am well aware that my race (White, you’re welcome), gender (male, you’re welcome again, and please call me sir next time, thanks), sexual orientation (you’re very welcome, ladies, thank you very much), and gender identity (Homo Superior cis, sorry trannies) offer me certain privileges, thank you. And I am quite all right with that, knowwhatImsayin? Trigger warnings. I don’t do trigger warnings on here. I would, but I can’t keep track of everyone’s triggers. You all are just going to have to tough it out, sorry folks! Actually it is worse than that.r warnings, I am actually trying to trigger you guys. Sucks or what? Nigger warnings. I don’t do those either. Yep, I refuse to use the n-word here, but then I never use the word nigger in a racist sense anyway. All you tough-minded, hardened cynics who almost have a heart attack every time you read the word nigger, remember help is just an ambulance away. Safe spaces. I don’t do safe spaces. This is most definitely not a safe space. Actually it is sort of the opposite, an anti-safe space. But that is the general idea. This space isn’t safe for anyone. Hell it’s not even safe for me. It’s probably not safe for work, and it might not even be safe for life. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!  

Photo of Phil

This is a photo of Phil, commenter and sometimes guest author on the site. A Black commenter named Chinedu got mad at Phil and said he’s not Black. Instead he’s a White man pretending to be Black. Phil got mad and emailed me asking to post his photo to prove to Chinedu that he was Black. Of course, I am well aware that Phil is Black. Only a Black male would write talk about Blacks the way he does some of the time.

Sorry for Lack of Posts

I have been very busy lately. I had to clean up the whole place for an inspection by the apartment complex (they have regular inspections and you have to pass in order to keep your lease). Then they canceled that inspection but scheduled another one a week later. In the meantime, I had to prep the place to get sprayed for cockroaches. Yes, I had a cockroach infestation and a pretty bad one at that. I had to get everything out of all of the kitchen cabinets, cupboards and drawers, pile it all on the coach and then cover it up with a sheet. I also had to get everything out of the bathroom including stuff under the sink and in bathroom dressers. Then I had to move everything one foot away from the walls so they could spray. This included a lot of heavy objects like bookcases, couches, beds,  and dresser drawers. Some of these things could not be moved without pulling out some of the drawers and removing a lot of books. In other words, it was a great big huge gigantic mess. Now I have to put everything back that I took out of the kitchen and bathroom and the cabinets, cupboards and drawers and put all the books back, so it’s not even over yet. The inspection will be on Monday and maybe after that, I will have some time.

New Comments Rule

No more attacking working class people, especially working class Whites, on here. This is a socialist website, and the last thing we should be doing is attacking working class people. There’s no such thing as a bad job. Maybe some jobs should pay more money, have better working conditions or a union, but no job is a lousy job just on account of its existence. So no more putting down people who work at McDonald’s or deliver pizzas or whatever. Those are both very good, honorable jobs for any human being. I respect any man who works for a living to the utmost. No man who works for a living should ever be disrespected or told that he works at a lousy job. There’s no such thing as a lousy job!

Computer Went Down

Sorry,  my computer completely went down the other day. At first I thought the Windows install was corrupted, but it turns out instead that my motherboard was failing.The motherboard is 10 years old, and I was told that the new keyboards do not last nearly that long. Planned obsolescence!

So I replaced my old XP, Sempron 1.66 GHZ, 2 MB DDDR-1 RAM and 75 GB drive with a whole new box – A Windows 7, 2.67 dual core CPU, 2 MB DDR-2 memory and a 160 GB drive. Also I got most of my old install transferred over. All for $112!

I still have the old box and the old drive as a backup, but I need to replace the motherboard before I can use it adequately.

So I am quite happy now. However, my old PS-2 MS curved keyboard does not work on the new box because PS-2 has been phased out and everything is USB now. So I ordered a USB to PS-2 connector cable. As I hate regular keyboards, I don’t like to type too much on these flat keyboards, so I may not be posting a lot until maybe Monday or Tuesday when the new keyboard.

Thank you so much for the donations! I still won’t be able to pay my bills this month, but I did keep my Internet from being tuned off. They were going to turn off my Internet if I did not pay my bill.


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