No Conservatives Allowed on This Website!

We have had a few conservatives posting here in the past few days. These are US-style conservatives, which are the worst kind of all. US-style conservatives are absolutely banned from posting here in any way, shape or form. Conservatism means different things in different countries, so conservatives from much of the rest of the world (except Latin America and the UK) can continue to post. Even Canadian conservatives can continue to post, as I do not mind them. It’s not conservatism itself that is so awful. Almost every country on Earth has people who call themselves conservatives, and there are conservative parties in almost every country on Earth. But being a conservative just about anywhere outside of the Americas is more or less an acceptable position for me. I probably won’t like their politics much, but I could at least look at them and say that this is an opposition I could live with. US conservatives and their brethren in the UK, Latin America, the Philippines, Nepal and and Indonesia are quite a different beast. I have to think hard about conservatives in Eastern Europe, especially Estonia, Latvia and the Czech Republic. These fools had such a bad experience with Communism that they went 180 degrees in the other direction. I would have to see the positions of these conservative parties in those countries to see whether they would be OK or not. Just to give you an example, Vladimir Putin is considered to be a right-winger, and his party United Russia advocates a politics called Russian Conservatism. Looking at the party’s platform, this is not only a conservatism that I could live with but one I might even vote for! Conservatives in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, and most other places in Asia are acceptable. The conservatives in the Stans, Georgia, Ukraine, and Armenia can be rather awful, particularly in the nationalist sense, but I will not ban them. I dislike Indian conservatives, but I will not ban them. Conservatives from the Muslim World are all acceptable. In the Muslim World, conservatism just means religious and sometimes nationalist. I can live with that. Even the ones in Iran are orders of magnitude better than the US type. Conservatives in the Arab World are acceptable. They are mostly just religious people. Turkish conservatives are awful, but I will not ban them. They are just religious and a particularly awful type of nationalist. African conservatives are OK. Conservatives in Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany,  the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Italy, Switzerland, Italy, the Balkans, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and Romania are sometimes good, sometimes pretty bad, but they are all acceptable here. Conservatism in Europe mostly means nationalism. I am actually rather fond of the conservative running Hungary, Orban. LePen conservatives leave something to be desired, but they are acceptable. They’re mostly just nationalists. Hell, I might even vote for Marine LePen! If it was down to LePen versus Macron, I would absolutely support LePen! Conservatives from Indonesia, Nepal and Philippines are not OK. These are an “everything for the rich elite, nothing for anybody else” type of conservative. Some of them even hide under the labels of Socialist or even Communist. The word conservative has no real inherent meaning. It means whatever people say it means. Anyway, the conservatives in the US are pure garbage and recently they have become out and out fascists after moving in that direction for a long time. And a particularly horrible type of fascist at that, a Latin American/Filipino/Indonesian style fascist. I will not allow any US conservatives to post on this board. You all are lucky I even let you lurk here. That’s an idle threat as I can’t ban lurkers, but if they all stopped lurking, I would not mind frankly. You all really ought to go back to the gutters you crawled out of. PS This especially applies to Libertarians, the very worst of all the US conservative vermin. We shoot Libertarians on sight here, so you better watch out. *This applies only to economic conservatives. If you are not an economic conservative, and your conservatism is only of the social variety or you are only conservative on race, religion, guns, law and order, respect for tradition, American nationalism, the military, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity issues, you can stay. I’m not crazy about some social conservatives, but I can live with them. I will probably even let patriotards post as long as they are not economic conservatives. I am an American nationalist myself. I just don’t like patriotards. Of course, I very much dislike and even hate the country as it is right now, but I sure don’t want to make it worse! I have to live here too you now, and it might as well be as pleasant as possible as long I stay here. I want what’s best for my country. I don’t want to harm this country or screw it over. That will be bad for me! And believe it or not, most US patriotards do not want what is best for the country! I have dreams of a greater and better America. It’s not impossible, but we will have to undergo some serious cultural changes. One of the reasons I am so against illegal immigration is because it is ruining my country and making this place even worse. Also illegal immigration is terrible for US workers and I am for the workers. I am against H-1B visas for the same reason – they are wrecking my country. IT workers are workers too, so they are my comrades. I want what is best for America and American workers. I cannot live with economic conservatives. I like cancer way more than I like US conservatives. Cancer is much more decent and respectable.

What Is the Problem with South Asian Indians in America?

A commenter asks what is the problem with Indians in the US? The main problem is they are bringing their sewage culture over here to the US and infecting our country with it. Indians are insanely nepotistic. America is supposed to be all about getting away from Old World nepotism. Indians hire, fire, promote and demote based on caste, family and tribe. The rich ones are no different, in fact, they are even more nepotistic. This is especially true in the IT industry. Indians come into the IT industry and get promoted to manager. Soon all or almost all of the White IT workers are fired after first being forced to train the people who replace them. Some of these fired workers will walk out into the parking lot about training their replacements and blow their brains out. Soon the shop fills up with body shop Indians working for insanely exploitative Indian body shops like Wilpro. All of these are on phony, lying H1B visas that the media, the corporations and both political parties clamor frantically for based on a phony made up lie of an IT labor shortage. All Indians or almost all Indians practice caste and they will defend it to the death. Nearly every Indian I have met in the US defended caste to the hilt. Mysteriously, they were all high caste Indians, but I am sure that had nothing to do with why they like caste. Indian casteism is not going away once they step on our shores. By importing Indians, the US is importing caste and casteism, one of the most evil systems known to man. It’s like importing a cancerous growth into the nation. Why should we do that? Don’t we have enough problems with racist crap as it is? This is not a race thing. It’s a culture. I care nothing about Indians racially and I doubt if there is much wrong with the race in sociobiological terms. The only thing wrong with Indian people is Indian culture, which infects them nearly from birth. I believe we should let Indians come to our country if they are willing to renounce the lousy aspects of Indian culture. In that case, if they wish to embrace our American experiment in openness and Western Enlightenment values, I call on these Indians to come join us and help us to build and create a better country.

How the H-1B Job Scam Works

The H-1B scam is a scab-hiring scam engaged in by all US IT corporations, both parties of Congress almost bar not one Congressman, and the entire US media with no exceptions designed to create a fake IT job shortage in order to fire US workers and hire phony Indian “guest workers” at 60 This is how the phony scam works. A job is advertised. They interview a number of Americans for the job. All of them are mysteriously not hired. Then the company puts in an H1B application, lying and saying that they could not find an American to do the job. Then they import the lousy H1B worker who performs poorly and is paid 40 In fact, many White IT workers have left the Industry after being fired and replaced by Indians or having been driven out by Indians. Many White IT workers have given up on the industry and retired or gone into other fields. Others move around all the time from job to job. At many shops most to all of the American IT workers are fired by the new Indian manager. The new Indian manager comes in and replaces all the Whites with Indians from his caste, extended family, tribe or ethnic group. Whites working with Indians in IT report appalling behavior by high caste Indians in the industry. Casteism is rife among these high caste Indians and seriously disturbs many IT projects. Indians refuse to work with or deliberately sabotage the work of the other castes in the workplace. Many of these Indians are Indian nationalist Hindutavadis who have an extreme hatred of Whites, Westerners and Christianity. White IT workers have to listen to their hate-filled rants all day long. At one shop, an Indian IT worker kept threatening to dose the White workers’ drinks with HIV. Nothing happened to him. Usually nobody does anything to the Indians because the managers are Indians too. Quality of work usually falls off greatly because almost all Hindu 1B’s are lousy workers. Nearly all or all of them have phony degrees saying things like “Masters in Computer Science.” Supposedly this means an MA in Comp Sci, a highly prized degree in the US. In reality, India is full of phony, crooked, lying schools that are little more than sleazy degree mills. You enroll in the “nationally accredited  world-renowned Indian Computer University” with no background in IT whatsoever, take six months of Introduction to Computer Science courses, and you get a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. Pitiful. And the worst is that all of the US IT executive scum know full well that 99 The Hindu 1B thing has been a huge flop. Indians are notoriously lousy cut and paste coders, and most of them could not code their way out of a paper bag. The mangled, barely readable, never commented spaghetti code produced by Indians often doesn’t work or barely works at all. Typically it has to be sent to another IT shop full of American coders who have to spend a lot of time to fix it up and get it up to par. So apparently this wicked scam is not even saving much money. Many IT professionals say that the quality of computer code produced has declined markedly precisely in line with mass offshoring of IT jobs to Indian “programmers” in India and the replacement of quality American IT people with Hindu 1B scabs. Yet no one wants to stop the Hindu 1B fake guest worker scam. Both parties are 100 I am wondering if Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump mentioned anything about Hindu 1B’s. I think Bernie mentioned it early in the campaign before he went full Cultural Left retard, but whether he still holds to that position is uncertain. After all, Hindu 1B’s are these glorious things called immigrants. Immigrants, our new Gods. Immigrants, these special workers that we worship over and above all other workers, especially American workers, who all need to be replaced by these glorious holies called immigrants. I remember Counterpunch ran one article against Hindu 1B’s, and ultra Leftist (((Louis Proyect))) otherwise known as “Lou the Jew,” flipped out and wrote a piece having hysterics about Counterpunch’s “racism” for daring to attack these holy immigrant scabs. For Proyect, I suppose there’s no limit to the number of American workers who can be replaced by immigrants. I suppose he would just as soon replace every one of us with an immigrant.

About Those "Jobs Americans Won't Do"

William writes:

Robert- the point was, and I believe you said this, that the notion of “There are no Jobs White men won’t do”, is not universal. It’s a job, nonetheless. It verifies the “Mainstream Left” notion that illegals are doing the jobs the Whites won’t do TO AN EXTENT. It’s not universally true, of course, rather, it’s probably more often false than not true.

We don’t need these illegals for anything at all in my opinion. And if you cannot find Americans to do the job, I suppose you can always import some guest workers. I am curious about that chicken plant story though. If they upped the wage to $17-18/hour, do you think some Whites or even legal Hispanics might have bitten the bait? They were probably offering $8 an hour to work in the chicken plant. A lot of these places who “cannot find Americans” are just lying, as TJF points out. Silicon Valley screams that there are massive openings for programmers, and they demand more and more Hindu 1-B’s every year, but as TJF and many others have pointed out, the only reason they have a labor shortage is because they refuse to hire Americans. Where I lived in the mountains, there were no jobs that White people would not do because all there were White people. No other races. There were some Indians, but they don’t work anyway. However, some of the older Indians worked at jobs like logger. Whites were trashmen, dishwashers, roofers, painters, landscapers, construction workers, janitors, domestics (maids), you name it. My understanding is that these are all supposedly “jobs Whites won’t do.” But that’s a lie. I now live in the Valley, and we do not need illegals for one damn thing out here. Field work. Mostly done by legal immigrants and native born Hispanics. Yes, native-born Mexicans will work out in the fields. Actually I know some former bad boy gang associates/jailbirds/felons formerly headed in the wrong direction big time who are now working in the fields. It’s not uncommon for former Hispanic gang members to work in the fields. The work is a bit tiring, but it’s not really a bad job. It is just a hard physical job like construction or anything else. The farmers are always screaming for more and more illegals and crying labor shortage, but it’s pretty much a lie. The UFW has pointed out that there is no labor shortage in the fields except that a lot of farmers refuse to hire workers who are members of the UFW union. The farmers are instead are looking for nonunion illegal aliens they can exploit the Hell out of. There are illegals out there in the fields too, but they work right alongside native born Hispanics and Hispanic legal immigrants. A lot of the Mexican-Americans work in the fields because this is what they have always done. Illegals have now taken over many of the jobs here, but they also work alongside native born Hispanics. They are doing the same jobs that the Whites were doing up in the mountains. I can’t think of any of those jobs that we would need illegals for because the native born Hispanics will gladly do all that work. There are some packing plants in other areas around here. That might be sort of a nasty job, but I am sure that native born Hispanics would gladly work there. They will work just about anywhere. Mexicans and Mexican-Americans are not that particular when it comes to work.

Obama May Be Set for Massive Amnesty

Here. The horrifying Senate bill, a bipartisan adventure passed with both Republican and Democratic support, promises to do as bad or even worse. Up to 8 million illegal alien criminal invaders of our land could be granted work permits to obtain jobs in order to steal from from Native Born American People (NBAP) and up the unemployment rate about the NBAP’s. This lunatic bill actually doubles are already insane numbers of legal immigrants allowed to flood our shore. It also doubles the usually fake guest worker immigrants, who are mostly fraudulent cases, most notably Hindu 1-B job thieves who have utterly destroyed NBAP (mostly White) programmer labor market in the US. We Americans have ruined one of our finest talent pools – the White computer programmers – and replaced them with largely inferior and incompetent Hindu 1-B’s from fake, lying, cheating, fraudulent diploma mill “universities” in India. A very large percentage of Hindu 1-B’s have completely fake resumes, which employers never bother to check as they assume that if it’s a Hindu 1-B, they are obviously using a fraudulent resume. Usually these elephant jockeys say they have a Master’s Degree in Computer Programming. In most all cases, they certainly do not. For instance, at the largest Indian organized crime diploma mills, a “Master’s Degree in Computer Science” can be obtained in a mere six months of study out of high school. Fake! Generally these are for-profit colleges, and for-profit universities are pretty much garbage everywhere on Earth. This is such a hard and fast rule of education that it is nearly on the level of a mathematical corollary. The Hindu 1-B criminals form ethnic gangs at all of the places where they work. Soon a Hindu 1-B ethnic gangster is put in charge of Human Resources of Management. He quickly fires all White programmers under him and replaces them with his countrymen. Nepotism at an extreme level. Further, the Indians are engaging in blatant job discrimination that is nearly on a Jim Crow level. Yet such is the hatred for NBAP, especially Native Born American White Men, among our elites, that our elites gladly sell out their own people and their own homeland by siding with a group of vicious, bigoted, discriminatory and incompetent invaders of our shores. This war isn’t really natives versus immigrants, it’s Americans versus Americans. On one side, we have the country-sellers, the traitors. The higher echelons and nearly all elected officials of both parties, Republican and Democrat, are largely made up of extremely unpatriotic Americans. These are the country-sellers, the sellers of the homeland, the traitors to their own people and their own land. It’s often said that I am a traitor, but that is not true. I simply want the best for my country, which makes me much more of a patriot than any elected official in this country. Mass immigration is a catastrophe for my homeland and my people, so I oppose it with every fiber of my being. I am an American nationalist. What we hate more than anything are the country-sellers, the traitors to our great NBAP who built this fine land. Our elites are now citizens of the world. They long ago revoked their right to citizenship by their treasonous behavior. They have no loyalty to the homeland, and they would sell it down the river in a New York minute, as they prove every day of the year. If this law passes, or worse if Obama makes an executive action legalizing 8 billion illegal alien criminals who invaded our sovereign land, he will surely go down in history as one of the most treasonous Presidents who ever blighted our great land. Let’s hope, for the sake of all of us, that he doesn’t do it. I must say that on the issue of illegal immigration, I am with the hardline members of the Republican Party and especially with the Tea Party. Of course I dislike them on most other things, but I will ally with Tea Party folks on this issue, the defense of the homeland against the country-selling traitors.

How Long Will Caste Last?

Steve writes:

The two were brothers, and yeah their parents care but they don’t care at all. Isn’t that interesting? The parents really care, and just one generation later and they don’t care at all. What about in three more generations when there is no first generation influence? Personally, I’m not sure they will even be Hindu. As for when it will die out in India. Caste is a rural, pre-modern social phenomenon. In cities, lots of people will enter jobs and professions that don’t match their caste. People will be forced to mingle more. Knowing human beings, people will fall in love and date outside their caste. There will be a gradual weakening of caste plus a significant influence from outside India as more Indians come online. People will become more open minded. As there is very little biological basis for caste, there is less reason for people to maintain its importance. There will probably be popular ‘liberal’ type of movements against it when India is more developed. It basically makes no sense and it will be hard to make an argument in favor of it. It will last longer in rural areas but what happens in the cities will gradually spread to rural areas. I might be wrong but I don’t see caste lasting on a time scale of one or two hundred years.

India has existed for 66 years. Has caste died out in that time? How many Indians now are marrying outside their caste? Look at all these Indian Hindu monsters who came to this blog. How many of them spoke against caste or denounced it? Basically not even a single one except maybe ILOR. High caste Indians don’t want to give up caste! Is caste dying out in Indian cities? Word is that 100 I have spoken to quite a few Sikhs around here, and almost all of them practice caste. If they come from India, they practice caste, period. They defend it, and they don’t want to give it up. 100 Bottom line is about 100 As far as the second generation goes, I have no idea. They are pretty Americanized.

Project Middle Class Death: Leftwing Version

BAG suggest in the comments that the US Left cares noting about working class Americans anymore. This isn’t exactly true, and to the extent that labor struggles in the US exist at all, it is the Left that supports them. And in many other ways, the US Left supports US workers politically in opposing anti-worker projects and supporting pro-worker projects at the state level. So, the Left does support US workers, but they also advocate flooding the US with illegal aliens that have a catastrophic affect on US workers. They are also silent about the huge tidal wave of “guest workers,” – the Hindu 1-B’s and whatnot. The problem is that the Left has a phobia about attacking immigrants. It’s not that they are plotting to destroy US workers with immigrants – though some on the Far Left do seem suspiciously like that. Mostly they just don’t care, and they find the whole conversation unseemly and racist. For the most part, they will insist that mass immigration of illegals or even guest workers has absolutely no affect whatsoever on the earnings of US workers. Then they will whip out 10 “scientific studies” that actually show that, and also show how great hordes of illegals and guest workers are for the US economy. For the most part, the Left and liberals have simply drunk the Koolaid about immigrants. They really do believe the immigrants of all kinds are the greatest thing since sliced bread. In some ways, it seems that only workers that the Left loves in the US are the foreign workers! It’s not that the Left hates US workers. It is more that when it comes down to a conflict between US workers and foreign workers in the US, the Left will always support the foreigners and oppose the natives. This is a very anti-nationalist position and it is opposed to the interests of the Homeland. In this way, the Left is extremely unpatriotic. But if you point out that the Left supports foreign workers over US workers, they will get mad and say that there is no conflict in the first place and you are racist for suggesting that there is. So their support for the foreigners over US workers is more unconscious than conscious. People on the Left really are goodhearted people, but too many of them have just drunk the Koolaid of various flavors and they end up promoting nasty stuff more out of naivete and self-delusion than out of actual desire to do harmful things.

Modern Identity Politics Is Insane

Hizzle writes:

I ask because your stance on illegal immigration and George Zimmerman is pretty heterodox for a Leftist, and it’s part of what drew me into your orbit (and could make more conservatives amenable to the economic Left). The less identity politics the Left plays, I believe, the more amenable people become to economic leftism (which I have no problems with).

I am Left on economics, and I am basically a liberal, but the modern Western Left is simply insane on Identity Politics. None of it makes any sense. All of these people are insane. Modern feminism is lunacy, but women do deserve equal rights. Thing is that here in the West, they already have them. The Left is insane on the subject of race, first saying that there is no such thing as race (and violating modern science and common sense) and then saying that White people are evil and elevating Blacks and to a lesser extent Browns as permanent, bleeding, reeling victims of “White Supremacy” which has been fading for decades and now barely even exists. I do not agree that Black folks are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Instead, they cause a ton of problems in America, most of which are 100 I do not agree that White people are evil. I do not agree that mostly Blacks but also all non-Whites are reeling under horrific White Supremacy. I do not even think racism is very important in modern America. I do not think that women are brutally subjected to a Dictatorship of Patriarchy. It’s just not true anymore. I do not agree that men and masculinity are evil, and women are all that. I do not agree with female puritanism and a rejection of the sexual, which is the modern feminist agenda. I do not agree with man-hating, political lesbianism, lesbian separatism and other forms of psychopathology if not outright lunacy. As a radical environmentalist, the stupidest thing I can think of is flooding this country with millions more humans. Flooding millions of poor 3rd World peasants here is a terrible idea; they will just reproduce their failed 3rd World culture here in the US. 3rd World peasants and their offspring behave at a low level, cause a ton of problems, degrade functioning neighborhoods and cities, and cause an unholy mountain of gang and crime problems. They’re just lousy immigrants flat out. I am very much uncertain of flooding the US with backwards, reactionary, ultra-racist Indians who come from the most failed state on Earth. They come from a poisonous culture, and most Indians come out of their culture poisoned by it to one degree or another. We let these poisoned people into our culture, and they will start to reproduce their poisoned culture here in the US. Guest workers and illegal immigrants have caused massive job loss among Americans. Illegals nuked jobs for working class Americans, and now the guest workers are ruining the lives and livelihoods of countless upper middle class and even upper class American workers. I am pro-worker, and I say that mass immigration, especially guest workers and illegals, is a catastrophe for US workers. This is a project of the US rich and corporate America designed to use low wage immigrants to destroy US workers and their unions, ruining the American middle class and even upper middle class. The US elite and corporations want to reproduce some sort of feudalist, caste-like society via mass immigration, and incredibly the Left is going along in this project. The Left is on board with destroying working class, middle class and even upper middle class US workers by replacing them with foreign coolies and slaves. What we have here is a Left that is full of hatred for Western workers and pushes an anti-US worker project designed to destroy them. George Zimmerman is a hero, period. He killed a Black thug. The Left and the antiracist nuts have long since left real equal rights behind and now all they do is push extreme racism and discrimination against Whites in addition to promoting and defending Black criminals. All of the recent Black and antiracist heroes have been criminals, often very evil young Black men. The Left is basically cheering on Black crime. Black Marxists often see Black crime and rioting aa revolutionary acts of sticking it to the White man. That’s crap. Black people riot because too many of them act like a bunch of animals. Black people commit crime not because they are revolutionaries but because far too many of them are depraved, wicked, debased, sociopathic lumpen criminal-minded human beings who belong in jails and prisons and away from civilized humanity. It is painful for me to rebel against Leftist dogma like this, but the truth is that the modern Left is simply insane in many ways. In rebelling against them and taking “rightwing” positions, I am simply being logical and rational. I look out at the world commonsensically and see what I see, then I develop my opinions based on reason and basic common sense, Right, Left, Center and all the rest of the political BS be damned.

Reasons and Nonreasons for Right and Left Support for Mass Immigration

Marek writes:

For the record, I said, quote: “Strong enforcement of immigration laws are needed.” A ban for saying the word “Democrat party” as Republican propaganda? That not even propaganda strictly speaking. And note that I criticized the right as well. (“look in the mirror”) So let’s see: The slumdogs and other leftist racists are rising up from useful welfare recipient bread-and-circus voters to now demanding that the leftist white males give up their jobs and now you don’t like it. I’m sure you needn’t ban Indian race entitlement seekers. They’re more than happy to vote Democratic (note non-propaganda term) and as traditionally oppressed by people like you, they need only preferential treatment for themselves and 600 million others like them for the next 1000 years or so. Josef Stalin had a nice building in Moskva where he had a back door for each apartment unit so that GRU could come in the middle of night to take out-of-favor people away. Your turn has come. Welcome to paradise, Tovarisch! But at least in Soviet czasu, they knew how to use toilets.

The Right is just as horrific on this question as the Left is, and the capitalists are behind it 100 Also, I really doubt if “Leftist anti-White racists” are waging race war on White workers in order to replace them with foreign workers. First of all, “Leftist anti-White racists” are really not that common. Leftists in the first place are as rare as hen’s teeth, and I live in California. The Leftist White anti-White racist is a rare bird; if you ever meet one, consider yourself lucky. There are anti-White racists among the Blacks and Browns, but they are not common. Most Blacks and Browns, even the White-haters, would not be in favor of wiping out White workers with imported foreign invaders. These folks simply want a piece of the pie themselves. There does seem to be a project on the part of the elite, the 1 It’s all part of an effort to drive down labor costs – there is no other way to put it. Under neoliberalism, labor is an “externality,” and any way you can reduce externalities is a great idea. If you can reduce your labor costs, you are mandated to do so, and if your corporation is publicly owned, you can actually be sued or fired by your stockholders for your failure to maximize profits as this is your fiduciary duty to them. To some extent, the 1 This is all part of an unholy alliance between the corporate/capitalist Right and the pro-diversity Left. They are pushing this project for different reasons. The Diversitists mostly don’t care about US workers, and they believe all the lies that the invaders do not steal US jobs or drive down wages. Support for unlimited immigration is mandatory on the Left and in liberal circles, and if you object, your fellow Leftists and liberals will blast the Hell out of you in a frightening way. If you don’t back down, they call you terrible names and then end the friendship in a belligerent way. The whole thing is a great big ugly fight. Most people are wimpy and don’t like to get screamed at or lose their friends. Those of us on the Left and liberals like our fellow travelers despite their racial and immigration nuttiness, and it’s really painful to get ousted and blasted like this. The Diversitists also use shaming tactics on us by calling us Nazis, racists, Klansmen, etc. In my town, if you go against the illegals, people will tell you to shut up and act like they are going to hit you if you don’t. The Hispanics are really crazy on this question, and they hear you blasting illegals, they act menacing you start to worry if you’re going to get hurt. So many to most on the Left and liberals don’t so much believe in all this pro-immigrant junk as they are just bullied, harangued, coerced or menaced into going along. If you’re on the Left or liberal, you need to check the “I love immigrants” check-box. If you don’t, your good friends throw you out of your friendship circle, and now you are all alone. You can go make friends with some conservatives who share your views on immigration, but you need a barf bag most of the time you are around them, and every now then, they blow up at you and starting ranting at you for being a “Commie.” So if you take a line like I do, the world becomes a lonely place pretty fast. People are social creatures and don’t like rejection or solitude as it is painful.

America, RIP

Via the “Tunnel Rat”‘s excellent High Tech Insurgent website. Tunnel Rat is a fine US IT worker, currently slaving at a Hindu-infested US IT firm. His identity is a closely held secret. He is widely hated by Hindu Indian H-1B job thieves and their parasitical cheering section, which sadly includes much of the US Left, of all people. The US IT worker is an icon, a dying icon, dying like the buffalo exterminated on the US plains. A traitor class of US upper middle class and upper class managerial and corporate elite have conspired to kill the best and the brightest of US minds, our great IT workers, by importing vast numbers of Hindus to steal their jobs. Many of these great Americans were forced to train their replacements before they were fired. One man trained his replacement for some days, was summarily fired and then went out into the parking lot and put a bullet in his brain. Those are the remains of the US engineering elite, scattered on the asphalt like those splattered brains. While the first responders race to the scene to mop up the blood and guts, the rich and their henchmen and hired guns party it up in their mansions and yachts. They could as well by swilling the blood of US workers instead of the alcoholic spirits they down, for the effect would be the same. Americans, stupidly, worship the US high tech corporate elite as some variety of “cool,” “modern,” or “hip” capitalist. But a capitalist is a capitalist barring a few nonconformists rebelling into ethics or outdated noblesse oblige or whatnot. But I have always said that the IT capitalists are some of the worst capitalists of all, particularly the corporate software vendors, who sunk corporate evil to new dives. There is nothing cool or hip about them. They are not even modern, except where modernism has trashed a lot of the decency of old business culture and replaced it with a capitalism stripped of anything human or humanitarian at all. Noblesse oblige is so 1950’s. Fordism is is in the ground with Henry. All of that is outdated now. If you don’t believe me, go to Harvard Business School and ask around. The talk now is all profit maximization, globalism, outsourcing, privatization, deregulation, efficiency and externalities. An “externality” means the notion that a corporation should have any duty to anyone other than its shareholders. Their communities, consumers, workers or our shared environment or state be damned. Responsibility? What’s that? Revoke their damned charters already.

Alas, poor middle class Americans, I knew thee well!
Alas, poor middle class Americans, I knew thee well!
Many of the IT workers on Tunnel Rat’s site are very rightwing, as is typical among highly paid workers, who do not see themselves are real workers. They are hostile to unions and very pro-capitalist but anti-corporate capitalist, which doesn’t make a lot of sense. Much of their scattered and unfocused rage is misdirected into Libertarianism, neoliberalism, rightwing populism, the Tea Party, the get rid of the Fed movement and other nonsense. This is what happens when people don’t have a proper sense of class consciousness or understanding of economic systems. Nevertheless, I see them as allies. I would love to promote worker ownership of high tech firms as a possible way out for them: kill neoliberalism and even capitalism while promoting the cooperative movement, retaining rent-seeking and other forms of self-interest and allowing tech workers to maximize their salaries and other privileges even vis a vis other workers, which is the root of their rightwing politics – they see themselves as a “worker elite” that is better than other workers and hence they are not really workers somehow, but instead, bizarrely, they are “capitalists.” But a worker is a worker, and they are all exploited and easy fodder for MBA types looking to reduce “externalities,” no matter the worker’s salary. IT workers as workers should form unions, ally with other workers instead of with their enemies, the bosses and managers, and join the working class movement, which after all is a movement of all workers, high paid and low paid.

Tunnel Rat: C.Z. Nnaemeka has a great essay that touches on America’s obsession with worthless apps, Wall Street get-rich-quick schemes, and the hi-tech junta’s tendency to ship in indentured servants from India instead of training and utilizing the millions of veterans, single mothers, middle-aged, and Appalachian rednecks. She sums it up nicely here: …Meet the people who have the indignity of being over 50 and finding themselves suddenly jobless. These are the Untouchables of the new American workforce: 3+ decades of employment and experience have disqualified them from ever seeing a regular salary again. Once upon a time, some modicum of employer noblesse oblige would have ensured that loyal older workers be retained or at the very least retrained, MBA advice be damned. But, “A bas les vieux!” the fancy consultants cried, and out went those who were ‘no longer fresh.’ As Taylor Swift would put it, corporate America and the Boomer worker “are never ever getting back together.” Instead bring in the young, the childless, the tech-savvy here in America, and the underpaid and quasi-indentured abroad willing to work for slightly north of nothing in the kinds of conditions we abolished in the 19th century. For, in the 21st century, a prosperous American business is a soaring 2-storied cake: 1 management layer at top thick with perks, golden parachutes, stock options, and a total disregard for those beneath them; 1 layer below of increasingly foreign workers (If you’re lucky, you trained these people before you were laid off!), who can’t even depend on their jobs because as we speak, those selfsame consultants – but no one that we know of course — are scouring the globe for the cheapest labor opportunities, fulfilling their promise that no CEO be left behind… Tunnel Rat again: This is a great read, and I recommend it to all those interested in hearing a shocking indictment of Silicon Valley, Wall Street, VC’s, academia, MBA’s, and the rest of the collaborators that have colluded with the likes of Vikek Wadhwa to promote the denigration, displacement, and discrimination of the American IT worker.

Communist Shame

Repost from the old site. As the White comedian Gallagher says, “Sometimes White People embarrass me!” I agree. Also, as a Commie, I must say, sometimes Communists embarrass me! Communists are supposedly pro-working class. This is a video of a rally in Los Angeles that was due to be held by Ted Hayes of Choose Black America. Hayes is a radical Black man in many ways, maybe even a pan-Africanist (see the ANC style knit cap). Unfortunately, like so many anti-illegal immigrant activists, he is also a Republican. Voting Republican will never do a damn thing for the vast majority of Black Americans. There is a rational reason why Blacks vote Democratic – the party is more responsive to their needs than the Republicans. Hayes was a lifelong Leftist who just turned Republican the other day. He is a tireless advocate for the homeless and for US Blacks. He supports Malcolm X (but then in some ways so do I) and he also supports reparations for US Blacks (but then I might too, depending on the proposal). Yet he is dead set against illegal immigration, as are many Blacks. There was a counter-rally there against the Choose Black America rally of Communists and Anarchists and Raza types. Notice the disgusting Communists in this video screaming at anti-illegal alien activists (50 Apparently these Communist morons think that 95 The poor sods being abused by these Leftist idiots are simply asking that the US act like almost every other normal country on Earth – that we penalize those who sneak onto our lands and boot them back where they came from. For this simple and strikingly rational request, they are being called RACIST by a bunch of fools. Someone ask these Communist boneheads exactly how the US working class benefits from this illegal alien invasion. The invasion of America by illegal aliens has positively nuked the working class of America, especially in the West and Southwest. Look, I am not so stupid as to think that illegals have been the sole decline of the US working class. A number of factors have been involved, many of them deliberate conspiracies on the part of the US elite and business sector. But to leave illegals out of the equation, as almost all liberal and Left analyses of the decline of the American worker do, is just crazy, like just about everything about this insane issue. It’s not solely a problem of illegal immigration either. Unlimited legal immigration via H-1B visas has devastated the high-paying professional workers in the high tech industry. Why hire an American when you can hire an Indian for 1/2 as much? A US company now imports Indians on H-1B visas to drive big-rigs for 50 Every year, all of the the Democrats and liberals in the US Congress march off and vote for the wage- and job-wrecking H-1B visa program, amidst Bill Gates lunatic screeds that computer programming is a job that Americans just won’t do. WTF! Illegal aliens have driven up the cost of housing via overcrowding and excessive demand on the housing market at the same time they have sent working class wages into the gutter, a deadly combo. Since the poverty and especially the illegal status of illegal aliens means they use far more in social services than they pay in taxes, they have overcrowded and degraded many public services such as hospitals, schools, etc. Go into any school or hospital overrun by illegal immigrants and notice the falling-apart look everything has. There’s no money, no money, everyone says. A flood of users and a dearth of income equals a collapsing infrastructure. Hence, illegal aliens have not only created a low-wage, high cost (housing) economy, but they have devastated social services such as schools and hospitals for working class and poor American citizens of all colors. I’m not saying illegals should be denied medical care or their kids should be thrown out of the K-12 schools. I’m just saying that importing 12 million largely impoverished, uneducated and unskilled 3rd World peasants, is not a particularly rational move for many reasons, economic, cultural, and others. It’s not even a progressive move either. The Communist USSR, China and Cuba worked in overdrive to bring their nations out of underdevelopment and Third-Worldization and towards at least the health and development figures of the First World. Tell me how turning a First World country into a Third World country should be part of any progressive, not to mention Communist, project anywhere on Earth? In particular, the immigrants from Mexico are not a particularly selective class of immigrants. Racial stuff aside, bear me out. 40 Does this mean that Africans and Indians are smarter or even better educated than Mexicans? Surely they are not smarter. As far as education goes, I can’t answer that, but as a group, Indians and Africans are very poorly educated. Let the Leftist mush-brains rant and call me racist. But hear me out. It has nothing to do with race or IQ or even culture. We are simply being very selective about the Indians and Africans we are bringing in, and extremely unselective about the Mexicans we are bringing in. What are the Mexicans with advanced degrees doing? Staying put in Mexico and making lots of money. I usually do not deal with IQ differences between nations, not to mention races on here, but let’s go to that forbidden land for a moment. Looking at IQ, Mexico probably has a higher IQ nationwide than India (about 92 to 81). Although I have a hard time believing such figures, the quoted figures for Africa are around 70 IQ. So IQ-wise, Mexico is superior to both India and Africa. Yet the quality of Mexico’s immigrants, as we see above, is far lower, simply because we are not being selective at all about them. Even culturally, Mexico may have it up on India, where there are almost 3 million excess deaths per year due only to infant mortality and another million excess deaths compared to China (considering that China and India were in the same place in 1949, Indian capitalism causes 4 million excess deaths per year as compared to “communist” China). This was India’s penalty for not following a Chinese economic model. 14 million children starve to death (or die of malnutrition) every year on Earth – most of them in South Asia – in capitalist Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Africa is a slow-motion train wreck, with some of the lowest life expectancies on Earth. We can make the case that Mexico has a higher collective IQ and is more developed culturally than India or Africa. Yet the quality of Indian and African immigrants to the US has been much higher, and neither race nor culture has anything to do with their higher quality. If the vast majority of Mexican immigrants were legal, if 40 The difference is in large part due to selective legal immigration, which is somewhat rational, and utterly unselective illegal immigration, which lacks any rational basis at all.

Can't Make It Without Immigrant Scabs? Just Go!

Repost from the old site. We hear over and over again about all these businesses that supposedly are going to go out business if they can’t hire immigrant scabs. And that’s what every single illegal alien is in this country – a scab. Let’s make that loud and clear here. And H-1B “non-immigrant guest workers” that have totally destroyed the computer industry for US engineers and programmers are nothing but scabs too. Indian nationalists tell me that without H-1B’s, all US computer corporations will have to go out of business. Well, first of all, that is complete nonsense. It’s not going to happen. This is all based on the premise that there is such horrible competition from those great computer corporations in INDIA that are, you know, going to put Microsoft and Intel out of business. I’ve also heard it from a fish processing plant in New England that now hires all illegal aliens. Back in the 1980’s, this was a union shop paying high wages. Bottom line is they broke the union. Now they pay crap wages and the only people dumb or desperate enough to work there are illegals. I suppose they are treated just wonderfully too. So they need to hire illegals. As always, Americans will do the horrible, smelly and dirty work, but you need to pay them a good wage. This is what happened to our meat packing plants too, exactly. This is also what happened to the US construction industry. One by one, they broke the constructions unions. In the 1970’s and 1980’s, my friends were working union construction. It paid good money, enough to buy a home and raise a family. That’s all pretty much gone now. The jobs that once paid the equivalent of $30-45/hour in today’s wages are mostly history. There are still union jobs around, but not that many, and they have to wage continuous war against illegals. There’s also a serious problem with legal immigrants from Mesoamerica who we have insanely allowed to flood in here. The result has been a complete glut in unskilled labor, such that many legal Mesoamericans are happy to work construction for $10/hr. These jobs used to pay $30-45/hr. One would think that with a 30-75 I blame the Left in part for all of this. For the destruction of the US middle class and working class, for the crime and gang wave among young Americans in our cities (all the unskilled work goes to illegals, so young men turn to crime, gangs and dope). For the mad increases in inequality, for the decline in wages for US workers, for workers have to work two and three jobs to get by, for the entire rightwing and Republican revolution (created in part by the empowerment of a 20 There were many factors at play in the development of these sorry reactionary and backwards trends over 35 years, but the US Idiot Left cheering on mass legal and illegal immigration into the US, especially in the past 20 years, has played its own sorry and significant role. The American worker doesn’t really have any friends anymore. Both parties are supporting his total and absolute replacement by a never-ending tidal wave of immigrant scabs. There have been some posts lately about a particularly gratuitous, outrageous and in your face abuse of immigration law in a town called Postville, Iowa in a plant that was managed by Orthodox Jews. They came into Postville, took over the plant, got rid of all the Americans, and hired all illegal aliens. They are now polluting the water supply. I doubt they have paid much taxes either. Apparently they were also allowing the plant to be used to manufacture methamphetamine! How low can you go? This incident has been written up a lot, including a book by a Jewish author that was quite critical of these Orthodox Jews – Steven Bloom – Postville – A Clash of Cultures in the Heartland. They came into the town, would not talk to or be friendly with anyone not Jewish, filled the town with illegal Mesoamericans, and basically created a lot of havoc. This particular Jewish family – the Rubashkins – have been crooks for a very long time. They’ve been not only ripping off the Gentiles in the traditional Orthodox manner, but they have also specialized in ripping off their own people. That’s actually a violation of Jewish dual morality, and it may explain why they got some fellow Jews after them. The Jewish press, as usual, wrote glowing articles about this wonderful situation in this small Iowa town, and Jewish Hollywood made a stupid documentary narrated by Glen Close and sponsored by Hallmark that lied and said how wonderful everything was in Postville, Iowa. Here is Steve Sailer’s excellent article on this situation. The comments are also enlightening. There is a Jewish commenter (apparently) on there defending the Lubavitchers running the slaughterhouse (the Lubavitchers are the very worst of all ultra-Orthodox Jews). His line is that if they shut down the plant, it will be an economic disaster for Postville. I get to the point of my post. So shut it down already! Seriously, just shut down the fucking plant. They aren’t hiring any Americans anyway. Just move it to Mexico and take the 800 Mexican scabs with you. That’s basically my response to all these idiots who say we need to bring in Indian H-1B job thief scabs and illegals to do all this work that supposedly Americans just won’t do. Supposedly it’s going to harm US business too much to get rid of all the immigrant scabs, legal and illegal. Look man, if you can’t make it paying American workers the wages that they want (not too high, actually) just take the fuck off. Go overseas. Offshore. Move your damn business to a foreign country. What good is a business in the US that isn’t even hiring Americans anyway? Who’s making money off that, besides the criminal owner? A bunch of immigrant scabs, that’s who. And they are worthless. They add nothing to this country, they and their jobs can go in a NY minute without a tear to be shed. These businesses are nothing but parasites in our country. If all a business can do in our country is just be a parasite, then just move your damn operation offshore and get the Hell out of the country.

The Paradox of Capitalist Regulation

Repost from the old site.

James Schipper writes in the comments section:

The historical record shows that wage increases eventually follow productivity growth. For instance, in 1960 South Korea was dirt-poor, and naturally wages were extremely low. By 1990, SK had become a prosperous country, due to massive productivity growth, and wages were also much higher.

As workers become much more productive on average, they become more valuable to employers, who are therefore willing to pay them higher wages, for the same reason that a dairy farmer is willing to pay a higher price for a cow which gives 10,000 liters of milk per year than for a cow which gives 5,000 liters per year.

It seems to be true that wage increases in the US have not kept pace with productivity growth in the last 3 decades. I have no explanation for it.

It can’t be doubted that the transition to a market economy in Russia was handled very badly. Such major changes should be introduced gradually. Just compare China’s performance with Russia’s in the 1990’s.

The problem with Chile between 1973 and 1983 was that the country was completely opened to foreign economic influences almost overnight while the exchange rate was kept fixed. They liberalized the entire foreign sector, except the exchange rate. If they had also brought in flexible exchange rates, the results would have been less catastrophic.

I hate neoliberalism as much as you, but I’m a moderate economic liberal. I believe that durable prosperity is not possible without considerable private ownership of the means of production and free markets. The motto should be: the market when possible and the state when necessary.

The Chicago boys are like a doctor who always prescribes the same medicine and then argues that the medicine wasn’t taken properly when some patients get worse.

Inflation is not bad for all capitalists. As a rule, inflation, or at least unexpected inflation, is bad for lenders and good for borrowers. Most companies are borrowers. Inflation tends to reduce the real wealth of lenders and increase the real wealth of borrowers.

Suppose that I lend you 10,000 for a year at 5

It is a libertarian myth that big government equals oppressive government. In what way do I become less free because in Canada the state provides most health care for free? I can’t just demand any treatment that I like, but I wouldn’t be able to that either if I were privately insured.

There is something fraudulent about neoliberalism. They constantly talk about freedom, but what they really mean is that they are opposed to economic egalitarianism. The freedom that they are most interested in is the freedom to make lots of money. Still, hostility to neoliberalism should not blind us toward the virtues of free enterprise, which are considerable.

I respond:

I really dislike capitalism, but I am the first to admit that pure socialism has some very serious problems. Socialism has done great at building economies for a while, but after a few decades, it starts bogging down into bureaucracy. Furthermore, while alleviating poverty, we have only been able to provide a low standard of living for the people. Social capital only goes so far – people want stuff too.

My attitude is that some capitalism may be necessary, like death and disease, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing by any means. Lots of nasty stuff is necessary.

Class war is continuous under capitalism.

Owners are continuously waging war against workers to take more of the profits generated by their enterprises. If there is X amount of profits from an enterprise, owners must decide how much to take out for themselves and how much to give to workers. Clearly they wish to give as little as possible to workers. So there is a battle between workers and owners to divvy up the profits from the enterprise.

Owners oppose increased

During the period you mention, the South Korean labor movement emerged and became extremely combative. This is probably the reason for the wage increases you mention. Capitalists will never give a wage increase just to be nice. Their whole project, in part, is to screw the worker to the greatest extent possible and even kill him if they can get away with it.

Indeed, capitalists kill millions of workers every year in the world, which is exactly what their project is designed to do. Workers and management are de facto enemies in capitalism, and if workers do not organize, they don’t get much of anything.

I’m sure there were productivity increases in housing construction from 1975 to today and the prices of houses have certainly gone through the roof. At the same time, wages for construction workers have probably collapsed by anywhere from 50-80

Builders reaped massive benefits from declining wages and from increased prices for their homes. Many industries have seen declining wages in the US since 1980 due in part to the busting of unions and their replacement typically with illegal immigrant or H-1B guest worker labor.

During a 15-year period in Guatemala from 1948-1963, the economy grew by 5

This is how capitalism is supposed to work.

Every capitalist on Earth wants to live in a country like that – where owners, the rich and the upper middle class reap all or almost all of the benefits from economic growth and the workers get little, nothing, or even lose money. To avoid this, workers must organize into unions, since workers usually never get anything from capitalists without a fight. In the the 3rd World where murders of trade unionists are par for the course, it’s often a deadly fight.

I repeat, capitalism is evil, but pure socialism doesn’t seem to work very well.

I don’t have much issues with small businesses, who often seem to really care about their employees and consumers (customers) and even in some cases, the environment and the society they live in. But Organized Small Business is always profoundly reactionary.

But big business is just bad. Whatever benefits it gives us in terms of jobs and decent products, good service or reduced prices is typically vastly outweighed by the havoc it wreaks on society, the environment, the workers and consumers.

It’s true that regulation and organized workers and consumers can ameliorate a lot of this downside, but in capitalist nations, the capitalist classes buy all the media and institute a Gramscian cultural hegemony over society with their media and cultural control. At the same time, they use their money and media and cultural power to buy the state itself which ideally ought to be regulating them in the interests of workers, consumers, the environment and society itself.

So you have a state that will do nothing in the face of the bulldozer of capital. The result is a flattened social society, a wrecked public sector, slums, homelessness, disease, early death, environmental devastation, harmed consumers and crippled workers and nothing in government to stop any of this.

The housing crisis is a case in point. Contra your assertion that the New Deal failed (which is actually rightwing revisionism against the New Deal), in fact, the New Deal, in particular the financial reforms – the FDIC which restored confidence in the banks, the SEC that regulated the stock market and Fannie Mae to bring back the mortgage market – is what finally got the economy going again.

This was one of the greatest accomplishments the US government ever did, it was wholly socialist in nature, and it was opposed ferociously by the Republican Party and the entire US business sector at the time. After Roosevelt rammed it through anyway, the business class vowed to wage struggle, for decades if they had to, to overturn these things.

Finally, by the 1990’s, much of this regulatory structure had been whittled away.

Whittling away this structure had been a project of Capital since this regulatory apparatus had been put in place. Now that the regulation is a shadow of its former self, we have another Depression-like phenomena with the housing crisis, all the way to failed banks, bank runs, loss of deposits, etc. As one might expect.

This is the problem. The only way to keep capitalism from being completely nightmarish is to regulate it, and the capitalist sector reflexively fights to the death any attempts to regulate it.

Furthermore, they grab the media and culture itself to brainwash gullible workers and consumers to support their elitist agenda and to get the workers, consumers and society itself to oppose their own interests and support the contrary interests of Capital. Then they grab the state itself and prevent it from enacting those very regulations necessary for a civilized capitalism.

This is one of my primary problems with capitalism. Regulation is mandatory to keep capitalism halfway civilized, but the nature of the capitalist system, as described above, works in such a way as to make such regulation often extremely difficult or impossible.

Open Borders is Bad For Workers

Repost from the old site. Commenter James Schipper of Canada points out what any economics student or especially Marxist ought to be able to figure out: that open borders is terrible for workers in high-wage countries. That the Left in high-wage countries supports such an obviously detrimental to workers agenda means that it completely misunderstands the economics of modern capitalism. Nowadays, the Western Left can only be said to be worker-hostile towards native workers. They support immigrant workers, and it is a known fact that immigrant workers in many cases in the West have been shown to actually lower wages for native workers. The Left responds that this is a lie. Even worse, the Left calls any Western Leftist who opposes certain modes of immigration racist. At best, this is a grotesque abuse of the term similar to the way many objectively reactionary groups are overusing this word these days. At worst, it is slander and name-calling. The Left’s objective hostility to native workers in the West has resulted in historic losses in recent days in Belgium, Italy and the UK. It seems that only right-wing nativist parties are appealing to workers in these countries. Much of the vote for the rightwing is due to anger at uncontrolled immigration in these countries. The extent to which these rightwing and often fascist or proto-fascist parties will actually work for the interests of workers is not known, but historically, they have not benefited workers much and have tended to side with capital over workers every time. As the Left grows more and more irrelevant, it continues piping away at the same old losing tune. Things are much different here in the US, where both parties are 100 The election of either Obama or McCain would probably result in a renewed attempt at mass amnesty for 12 million illegal aliens, with resulting chain migration of up to 30 million of their often-hazy and not too cool relatives over the next 20 years or so. Such a monumental mass migration of poorly screened immigrants with a known tendency to form a vast underclass should at least be discussed by American voters. Instead, the entire elite supports this project as do all of their media. Most especially, 100 Studies show that up to 75-80 Anyway, take a look at James’ comments:

Let’s take two swimming pools, one with 6 feet of water and the other with 2 feet. If they are at the same level and connected with an underground pipe, what is going to happen? Obviously, water will flow from the first pool to the second, thereby lower the water level of the first and raising that of the second.Similarly, if there is complete freedom of movement of goods, labor and capital between a high-wage and low-wage country, the wage level in the rich country will fall and that of the poor country will rise. The magnitude of the change will depend on the relative size of the high-wage and low-wage country. If there are completely open borders between India and Australia, then wages in Australia will fall a lot, but they will barely rise in India. Conversely, if there are no barriers to the flow of goods, labor and capital between the US and Nicaragua, wages in the US will hardly go down, but they will rise a lot in Nicaragua. Numbers always matter. Another problem with free international migration is that it creates an open demographic system. Open systems have the advantage that they make the import of solutions possible but they also have the disadvantage that they allow problems to be exported. Suppose that Ruritania stabilizes its population, but that Slobodia’s population keeps growing. If there are open borders between the two countries, Slobodia will export people to Ruritania and Ruritania’s population will grow despite its demographic stabilization. Likewise, if Ruritania succeeds in raising the standard of living of its workers while Slobodia does not, then, if there are open borders, many Slobodians will emigrate to Ruritania, thereby lower the standard of living of Ruritanian workers. What is true of demographic open borders is also true of commercial open borders. If there is completely free trade between Ruritania and Slobodia, then any efforts to conserve non-renewable resources by Ruritania may be nullified by Slobodia. Under free trade, a country whose population remains below its carrying capacity may still experience starvation because a lot of its food will be exported to countries with populations above their carrying capacity. If there is complete freedom of movement of goods, labor and capital between countries, the fast breeders will export their problems to the slow breeders, the slow economic growers will export their problems to the fast growers and the depleters will export their problems to the conservers. Finally, a quote by Wouter Bos, the leader of the Dutch Labor Party: “We have to choose between a generous welfare state and restrictive immigration on the one hand and a stingy welfare state and liberal immigration on the other hand.” Sensible words! if only more leftists saw things that clearly.

World O' Crap, Meet World O' Lies

Repost from the old site. Super-commenter James Schipper responds to the Problems of Democracy Under Capitalism post with this insightful comment. My comments follow:

James Schipper: There are two serious restraint on capitalism: competition and the need to make a profit. Competition between capitalists insures that the power of capital over consumers and labor is limited. Capitalists have a common interests in the preservation of the capitalist system, but at the same time, capitalists compete against other for the favors of the consumer and to get the best employees. Always remember that what makes capitalism work is not so much private property but competition. Private property without competition combines the worst of socialism and capitalism. The need to make a profit sets a limit on what the corporate media can do. Newspapers have to find readers and radio and TV stations have to find listeners and viewers. This implies that they can’t be too overtly propagandistic, otherwise the readers, listeners and viewers will stay away. Commentators like Rush Limbaugh have a large following but only because they primarily discuss non-economic issues. If they spent most of their time defending business, their popularity would quickly plummet. Imagine the reaction of Limbaugh’s fan’s if he started to extol CEO’s who make stratospheric incomes while their companies lay off workers. It is far safer to extol the uniformed heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Plutocracy is a cause that can’t be truthful about its aims. That’s why the Republicans want ordinary working Americans to worry about college professors who have an elitist lifestyle rather than about executives and capitalists who have an elitist income. It is ridiculous to suppose that latte-drinking, opera-watching, Volvo-driving eggheads who read foreign novels and watch foreign films are somehow a danger to working stiffs. A party that represents the rich has to be deceitful or else condemn itself to insignificance. The Republicans are such a party.

Robert Lindsay: James makes some excellent points above, especially about how “pointy-headed intellectuals who can’t even park their bicycles straight”, as George Wallace famously put it, into a sort of populist enemy by the Republican Party, and also about how conservatism is always, by its very nature and necessarily, dishonest. Here the Republican Party is playing into the anti-intellectual nature of US populism. We have never been a European-style cafe society, and probably never will be. Also Republicans are taking an increasingly popular critique of their own sure elitism into a critique of fake elitists called “limousine liberals”. Problem with limousine liberals being, I guess, that they are hypocrites. Similar diatribes have been launched against something similar called the “Hollywood Left”. This point is superbly made by Philip Agre in a seminal 2004 essay, What Is Conservatism and What Is Wrong with It? As Agre succinctly and immaculately:

Q: What is conservatism? A: Conservatism is the domination of society by an aristocracy. Q: What is wrong with conservatism? A: Conservatism is incompatible with democracy, prosperity, and civilization in general. It is a destructive system of inequality and prejudice that is founded on deception and has no place in the modern world.

Increasingly here we have what are more or less monopolies, James. We have cable and telephone monopolies that were supposed to be regulated, but the government has basically given up regulating them. We have computer monopolies in the form of Intel on chips and Microsoft in apps and OS’s. Starbucks comes into a town, sells at a loss to drive all competition out of town and then jacks up prices. Walmart comes into town, sells at a loss to drive everyone out of business, and then keeps on selling at low cost. However, Walmart mostly sells crap. Here Walmart is violating the monopoly principle of driving up prices while adhering to the monopoly principle of selling crap. We are now having higher-end stores opening up that charge a lot more than Walmart but at least do not sell crap. As long as there is competition in a market, prices and quality are typically relatively good. However, the government now operates in the interest of monopoly capital, and, insanely, “free market” economics is opposed to all antitrust regulation. Traditionally, there was bipartisan support for antitrust legislation. The new bipartisan opposition to antitrust legislation is one of the legacies of Milton Friedman’s “Chicago School of Lies” free market fundamentalism snake oil that has created a Gramscian cultural hegemony in US economic thought in the past 35 years. The Friedmanites published all sorts of nonsense, lies and BS. They went down to Chile, used it as a testing ground for their insane theories, blew up the economy, and then covered their tracks and lie about it to this very day. They published papers and books on antitrust that overturned nearly 3/4 of a century of perfectly valid economic and legal scholarship that showed unequivocally that prices rise and the quality of services and goods nosedives as markets become more consolidated. These works made up a bunch of fancy-sounding crap that made a dishonest case that all of this proven science was not true. Monopolies do not produce high prices and crap service and goods. Everything we know is wrong. Instead, reality is inverted and monopolies cause low prices, great products and superb services. What we are seeing in the US is the move to more and more consolidated markets and more and more monopoly-type markets. The moves by Yahoo and Google and Microsoft on the Internet foretell an Internet that is increasingly monopolistic. The one good thing about capitalism is competition. Capitalists love to talk about how much they love competition, but the truth is that they hate it. Competition only benefits the consumer. All businessmen secretly want to be monopolists. All of those businesses dishonestly taking Microsoft to court for being a monopoly actually want to be monopolies themselves. There are natural monopolies. In the US, those include phone, cable, power, water and some others. Those natural monopolies must be regulated by the state, other wise they will turn into natural unregulated monopolies, which are disastrous for consumers and society. It’s highly dubious that corporations compete for the best workers anymore in the US, except at the highest levels. Corporations and business are perfectly happy to replace good workers with illegal aliens and H-1B and H-2B guest workers from other lands. Both types of workers are usually much inferior to native US workers, but business no longer cares about quality in the US. Computer companies and homebuilders are perfectly happy to produce crap code and homes that fall apart in a few years. No one really cares about quality anymore in the US, and no one cares about workers either. The whole culture is centered around getting rich, and that usually means being an employer and hiring labor. To be a worker is to be a schmuck, soon to be taken out by illegal aliens, machinery, a computer program or guest workers from India or Ecuador. Fordism is progressive type of capitalism named after Henry Ford. Ford found out his own workers could not even afford to buy his cars, and he was outraged. He resolved to pay his workers enough to buy his cars. This became a progressive strain in capitalism – to pay workers enough so that they would be well-heeled consumers able to buy plenty of products, while at the same time preserving high profits for business. Fordism is done and gone; it’s history. Everything is now globalized, and no one worries about whether or not people can afford to buy your stuff. If labor in one place costs too much, just outsource, move the plant overseas, hire illegals or bring guest worker scabs from India. If workers in one land can’t afford your stuff, ship it to some rich people overseas. As long as enough people somewhere can afford your stuff, there’s no need to pay workers enough to buy your stuff. Furthermore, James misinterprets the degree to which Rush Limbaugh is a reactionary. I believe he does extol high corporate salaries. You now have the phenomenon of the low income, working class or middle class, White, usually younger, male, who will defend plutocracy and the politics of the rich to the hilt, despite the fact that it is against his interest. In this way, the plutocrats have actually been honest about their project and have created a Gramscian cultural hegemony of “plutocracy is good” whereby tens of millions of suckers swallow this crap whole and spout it right back at you without thinking. They did this by saturating the media with pro-plutocrat messages and making it seem reasonable. They also did it by creating a Lottery mindset, which was unfortunately always a part of US culture (see the Horatio Alger books). Your average White male working stiff will tell you that he too is going to become rich one day. Anywhere from 25-50 The problem with James’ media model – that media outlets must compete for readers – is that there is no competition. There is no Left alternative to Time, Newsweek and US News and World Report. On TV, there is the ultraright Fox News and MSNBC and the rightwing CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC. All of these are corporate-owned and spout one pro-corporate line. It is true that CNN now has Lou Dobbs, who spouts a sort-of progressive populist line. It really is against CNN’s interests to keep Dobbs on there, but I guess he is there because enough folks want to hear the message. What you get instead is a pro-corporate message increasingly draped in fake populist clothing. On Fox News today, they went on and on with a fake populist message about lowering gas prices. Incredibly, they denounced speculation in oil prices, but of course, they did not offer the reasonable thing to do to remedy this – regulation of commodity markets. Instead, they argued for massively increasing domestic oil production – in the ANWR, in the oil shale of the US Rockies and in offshore deposits. They said that the increased production would so glut the oil market (!) with new supply that this would force the commodity market to drive oil prices downwards, and this would “beat the speculators”. What is interesting is that Fox News was forced to admit that the problem in oil prices is almost entirely due to speculation. What they left out is that increased oil supply probably would not do anything to drive down prices, because the price is not being set by supply-demand anyway. So here you see the fake populism of the Republican Party – sell a fake populist but actually wildly pro-corporate message – “Open up the oil fields!” Even if this project passed and we able to drill in all these new deposits, it would not put a dent in oil prices. But the US public is so stupid that they would have forgotten about that long ago. If a bunch of Republicans got into office on this fake promise, this is all that matters. The US public is like a kid with ADD – no attention span. Politicians are never held accountable to promises or projects because no one ever follows promises through for years to see if they come through or not. Politicians get elected on a pile of bull, and then no one is ever there to call them on it later on. Bush has substantially caused these oil prices by failing to regulate commodity markets (and they will never regulate those markets), but the Repubs are going to stick Obama with it. Bush caused the Iraq mess, but Obama will be stuck with that too. And both of those things are catch-22’s with few non-painful ways out.

The Republican Pledge to America Cannot Possibly Work

I’ve seen the Republican agenda, and I’ve heard them talking tonight on and on about what they are going to do. Trust me, nothing that they are going to do could possibly have a good affect on anything important, much less the economy. Tons of tax cuts. This will blow up the deficit they hate way worse than before. It won’t help the economy because the economy is suffering from lack of demand. Business is already sitting on a record mountain of cash. They don’t need any more of it. Giving them more won’t make them hire one more worker. The problem is lack of customers. More supply side (neoclassical) economics won’t do anything to solve that. The lack of demand is due to the economic crisis. It’s also due to a 35 year war that the Right has waged on working people via outsourcing, union busting, Hindu 1-B and other guest workers, and mass immigration, legal and illegal. They’re crushed the American worker, smashing his wages and income. It’s classical capitalist class war. As Fordists would argue, this is having its predicted effect in that workers can no longer afford to buy the stuff that business is selling. There has also been a mass transfer of income to the well off. The top 10 Cut government spending. This is retarded. In the US, government spending is 20 Pledge to work across the aisle. The Republican Party’s goal in 2008 was to do everything possible to make sure that Obama would not be elected in 2012. They will continue to do this. They will oppose everything that he will try to do. If he tries to do rightwing things, they may go along with him, but that’s dubious. Look forward to 2 years of total gridlock. The Capitalist Shit Market, I mean the Capitalist Stock Market, rallied on the elections not because Republicans were going to win but because a Republican win would mean a gridlocked government that is so paralyzed it can’t do anything. All of you who love the stock market or the US corporate class so much ought to think about that. The US corporate class, via its institution, the stock market, wants a gridlocked state that does as little as possible. So those of you who feel that the government ought to do something (like “create jobs”), ought to rethink your cheering on of the US corporate class or the US stock market. You heard that right. Business wants a government that does nothing. Capitalists are wonderful people! Get rid of regulations on business. Business is regulated, in general, in the interest of consumers, workers, society and the environment. By deregulating, you by definition harm consumers, workers, society and the environment. Because the economic crisis is due the financial mess, not lack of regulation, deregulation will do nothing to help the economy. The economy will not improve until the financial crisis is dealt with. The other aspect of the problem economy is lack of demand. All the deregulation on Earth will not put one more penny in the hands of workers and consumers. It will enrich business, but business is already sitting on an Everest of cash. This will fail to help the economy. Create jobs! The state cannot create jobs except through stimulus spending and deficit spending, which these shitheads oppose for ideological, not economic reasons. As we discussed above, all the tax cuts and deregulation on Earth will not create one job absent a solution to the financial crisis and/or measures to restart demand. The huge spending cuts they are advocating will by definition result in GDP loss and will actually cause loss of jobs, not job gain. Therefore, this will fail. The entire Republican project cannot possibly help the economy because it’s not economics. Or rather, it’s bad economics. Better, it’s politically driven economics. It’s economic policy in pursuit of political goals such as gutting the state for ideological reasons and waging the class war of the top 20

More Neoliberal Insanity

Another rightwing Libertarian who also happens to be part of the race realist and PUA/men’s rights communities (Who would have guessed?) has ventured into our comments section pushing insane neoliberal snake oil:

By the way, I’m in agreement with your argument as posed to Robert Lindsay. There is no concept of “evil capitalist” because if they were evil they would become uncompetitive as less evil capitalists took their productive workers from them. In short, the free market would beat the evil right out of these employers.Eventually, as economist Gary Becker has pointed out, these inefficient employers will shoot themselves in the foot. Tangentially, that’s the reason this legislation for the Paycheck Fairness Act – which hopes to eradicate discrimination against women by closing the mythical 23 cent pay gap between men and women – is illogical. Businesses and ultimately consumers don’t care who has jobs and makes goods and adds value. If a woman of equal education and equal ability made 77 cents to a man’s $1, a smart firm would come along and pay that woman 78 cents. This would continue until that gap was effectively closed.

More neoclassical insanity. This stuff works in theory, but not in the real world. In fact, I am amazed that you guys act like you actually believe this nonsense. You’re lying, right? You know this is all crap, right, and you’re saying it to sell the proles a good line that works great for the rich and screws everyone else? Because if you actually believe this nonsense, you are deluded. The real world simply does not work this way. With mass unemployment, firms do not compete for workers by offering higher wages. They don’t do this in the 3rd World either. They hardly do this anywhere. The general trend is for capitalists to pay less for labor. The capitalist always try to pay the least for his labor as he can possibly get away with. Let’s look at the construction industry. This used to be a high-paying industry with good jobs paying what would now be $33-40/hour. The work was all unionized. The capitalists, in order to pay less, broke all the unions, at least here in California. They went through the sectors breaking the unions one by one. Then the capitalists flooded the US with illegal alien labor. The capitalists started using the illegal alien labor to outcompete each other. This is still going on in California as I speak. Eventually, most of the unions were broken, the wages had fallen from $37 to ~$10/hour, and the field was flooded with cheap labor, legal and illegal. There are still some places around that pay good wages. There are painters paying $25/hour, but they are always in danger of being taken out by the illegals making $10/hour. My friends work for local White construction companies who treat their workers like shit and are always threatening to replace them with “Mexicans” = illegal aliens. I believe that construction workers are generally treated much more poorly here in California now than they were in the era of unionized construction work. There are zero, I mean zero, construction firms here in California in the past 20 years who are competing with other firms to pay workers more or treat them better in order to drive all the others out of business. It doesn’t happen. Let’s look at the meatpacking industry. These used to be high-paying jobs that paid around $17-25/hour. It was mostly working class Whites working at them. The unions were all broken and the jobs were filled with illegal aliens working minimum wage. Working conditions crashed and workers are seriously treated like shit. Not one meatpacking firm has opened up to pay workers and treat them better to outcompete the other firms. Let us look at the IT industry. This used to be a place where you could make a good wage. However, the industry was mad about workers being paid so well, so they started importing Hindu 1-B guest workers from overseas to drive down wages in order to maximize their profits. This crashed wages in the field to the point where no sane White American would go into this field. I’m not sure about working conditions, but I am told that many workers now work in Hindu IT “sweatshops,” for their Hindu scum bosses who treat them abysmally in the time-honored Indian way that the working man has always been treated in that blighted land. So apparently working conditions have taken a dive too. One would think that some enterprising firms would have sprung up to pay workers well and hire all the workers away from the firms hiring the Hindu 1-B invader-thieves, but this has not occurred. Why not? Taxi driver used to be a good job. For some reason, it’s not anymore. The field has been taken over by fly by night firms, mostly run by shady immigrants, who hire downtrodden immigrants to work very long hours for terrible pay, sometimes possibly below the minimum wage. The field has been nuked, worker-wise. Not one taxi company has sprung up to pay workers better and drive all the other firms out of business. Not one. Short-haul truck driver (not big rigs) used to be a great job. My working class White friends used to work in these jobs. The field is gone. It’s all Mexicans, mostly illegals. The firms are all run by criminals. The workers lease out the trucks, but they make so little (really below minimum wage) that they can’t keep the trucks up, so the trucks are always falling apart. This damages our roads and is a safety problem. The workers are overworked, downtrodden and poorly paid. Not one trucking firm has stepped in to drive the others out of business by offering the workers better wages or working conditions. Not one. All over the US, firms head to US South, where wages are lower and unions are scarce. Many states have anti-union right to work laws. Suppose I am in Ohio. I wish to compete with firms who moved to the South in search of non-union cheap labor. I open up my firm and say everyone come work for me as I will pay you and treat you better. How many workers are going to leave South Carolina to come up to Georgia and work for me? None. So this doesn’t happen. Firms don’t compete with firms who moved to the South by offering better wages. If companies competed on wages to hire workers, they would be happier with unions. Unions only want the best for their workers in terms of wages and working conditions. Most reasonable unions are not trying to drive the firm out of business in a suicidal gesture. Yet firms hate unions and do anything to keep them out because the union will try to force the firm to raise wages and improve working conditions. In the 3rd World, unionists are regularly murdered, to the cheers of the capitalist world, its media and its militaries. In fact, one of the main strategies of US imperialism in the 3rd World has been to encourage a “kill the unionists” campaign. US imperialism teaches this philosophy via its imperialist military, CIA and their institutions such as police and military training programs and the School of the Americas in Georgia. If firms were happy to compete on wages, they would embrace unions rather than kill their members. Most of the 3rd World is characterized by crap wages far below what the capitalists could easily afford to pay and abysmal working conditions. One would think that firms in the 3rd World would be competing by raising wages and bettering working conditions to drive each other out of business. Yet it simply does not occur. Why not? Nowadays, things have moved away from the field of the nation to the supranational playing field. So firms in the US compete by closing US plants and moving them overseas where labor is cheaper. Now suppose I have a firm in the US. I want to compete with these firms moving jobs overseas in search of cheap labor. I set up a plant here in the US to be the good guy and tell all the workers to come work for me because I have the best wages and whatnot. I will still be driven out of business because the worker pool I am competing with is physically overseas! The workers can’t exactly leave China to come work in my New York firm, now can they? In Europe, in the US, in the Developed World in general, what we see is firms competing by trying to drive wages and working conditions down as low as they can get them. In the US, unions and strikes are broken, illegals and Hindu 1-B and other guest worker job thieves are imported from overseas and hired, jobs are moved overseas and workers are always told to take pay and benefit cuts. One would think that some firms could open up to hire only American workers and refuse to hire illegals, and to pay workers and treat them better to outcompete the other firms. Yet this is not occurring. Why not? I am thinking of my town here. I can’t think of any firms in this town who are competing for workers with other firms by trying to pay them better or treat them better to drive the competition out of business. If anyone knows of any, could you please let me know? It’s really amazing how this nonsense has taken over the world of Economics. The truth is that if you want a job in Economics nowadays, all jobs (or 90 As you can see from the nonsense and insanity that the resident Libertarians in our comments section regularly, spout, neoclassical, Austrian or Libertarian economics is mostly a bunch of nonsense. It’s  more of a religion than anything else. Unfortunately, most economic schools are religions, because in general, economics only works on a small scale (microeconomics) and tends to fall apart when it moves towards a larger view (macroeconomics). Most of them just publish a bunch of crap that their audience or school wants to hear, and this is how the school builds itself on and on. Based on the blatherings of our neoclassical friends in the comments, we can see there’s little empirical basis for most of it. Adam Smith wrote some fine texts, but most of it seems to be nonsense. He was correct in one way in that he was writing against the Mercantile School of Economics. Most nations ran Mercantile economics, where most of the trade was run by the state – sort of a state capitalism. It doesn’t work very well, but it worked well enough for a long time. Mercantilism is monopoly economics. The state runs everything. It regulates the prices of the capitalists, etc., because the state is competing against other nations. When England is competing with France, it needs its capitalists to be in line with its competitive strategy vis a vis the French, not secretly working with the French against England. You can’t allow French firms to come in to England and set up shop and run all of the British producers of some industry out of business. However, Smith was writing in opposition to Mercantilism in favor of a free market. So Smith was anti-monopoly. Now all neoclassical economists are in favor of monopolies, although they usually don’t come right out and say so. This is because monopoly is the natural end result of capitalism. David Ricardo is the king of the neoclassical scholars. He was some Jew who didn’t even have much of an education. He went into the family business and got stinking rich, and then wrote up a great economic theory that told the rich everything they wanted to hear. It’s mostly a bunch of nonsense and crap, but it’s still taking the world by storm, because it’s what the elites want to hear, and in capitalist society, as Gramsci notes, elites make culture – the dominant culture or bourgeois culture is that of the rich. In other words, under capitalism, everyone, the rich and the upper middle class (who need no schooling), the middle class, the working class and the poor all adopt the ways of thinking of the rich. The rich replicate their culture across all of society. There used to be how many Mom and Pop stores in the US? Now there’s Walmart. There’s how many OS and major software makers? One, Microsoft. There used to be countless firms. There used to be countless media firms across the US. Now there are only a few. Less than 10 media firms, all rightwing, control almost all US newspaper, newsmagazine and TV news. There are how many firms making microprocessors? Intel and who else? There are how many car firms in the US? And how many in the world? As you can see, capitalism tends more and more towards monopoly. It’s a natural tendency in a free market, and it’s only arrested via government intervention. In a monopoloy market, most of the silly economic notions of the neoclassicals go out the window. There’s no competition, so firms charge the highest price they can, abuse their workers the most and make the crappiest products that they can possibly get away with. Sure, there’s no law forcing them to do so, the neoclassicals would say, I suppose. Sure you could have a monopolist that charged low prices, made great products, and treated their workers great. But it never works that way, and anyway, nowadays, any monopolist who tried to do that would be fired by his stockholders. Over the past 100 years, we have built up a huge amount of evidence that shows that monopolies are bad for consumers, workers and the industry itself. They treat workers poorly, abuse consumers, charge high prices, and make crappy products. They harm the industry by retarding its development. This scholarship is excellent and is beyond challenge. In the 1970’s, the late Jewish economist Milton Friedman developed his theory of neoliberal economics around an eager group of acolytes at the University of Chicago. He has since become a demigod in the field (most economists now are Friedmanites) and the mass media adores him. His school spent many years writing a cavalcade of books, journal articles, etc. overturning 100 years of scholarship on monopolies that proved all of what we discussed in the last paragraph. The Friedmanites “proved” via long tomes, complex mathematical models and a sea of “evidence” that monopolies to do not raise prices, abuse consumers and workers or produce crap products. In fact, they don’t even hinder competition. All laws against monopolies must therefore be overthrown. Exactly what the capitalists wanted to hear. It’s all crazy, and it’s a pack of lies as high as the day is long; there’s no truth in any of it. But his theories (LOL) about monopolies have since gained huge currency not only in the Republican Party (Oh really?) but in large sectors of the Democratic Party, including liberals (huh?). It’s very popular with journalists, including many liberal journalists. And it’s about as reasonable as believing in a flat Earth. Gary Becker is quoted by the Libertarian commenter above saying some nonsense about firms that try to lower wage costs as being “inefficient” (LOL). Gary Becker is an idiot who has somehow been awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics (LOL) for his stupid crap. He’s a Friedmanite, and much of what he writes is nonsense and crap, like all of them. But this guy won the Nobel Prize in Economics and is considered to be one of the world’s top economics scholars (LOL). That shows you what a joke this field is. Yet most economists nowadays are Beckerians. So are most capitalists (duh). More frightening, most journalists all over the world are Beckerians, as are the politicians running most of the countries on Earth. The world has gone insane.

Why Don't Capitalists Compete with Each Other by Paying Higher Wages Than the Competition?

Robert Taylor, resident anarchocapitalist in the comments section, asks a fascinating question: Why don’t capitalists compete with each to attract workers by raising wages? Good question! I don’t know why they don’t. But they don’t. Generally.

Robert, you’re talking about evil people here. You say that if they have their way, they would lower wages to the subsistence level. Meaning that they could afford to pay higher wages, but choose not to.My question is: what’s stops an EVEN MORE evil capitalist from paying just a little more to take the business away from the current controlling Capitalist? If he pays just a little more, clearly the labor force will go to him, and without labor, the subsistence-level capitalist has nothing, no matter how low he can drive prices.

We shall take this apart bit by bit here. Robert, you’re talking about evil people here. Yes, I am talking about capitalists, correct. You say that if they have their way, they would lower wages to the subsistence level. There really is no wage level that is too low for the capitalist to pay. If you don’t believe that, check out how many US corporations shut down their US operations and head to whatever place is currently paying the lowest possible wage. If that place lowers its wage, they move to someplace even lower. How many US corporations have moved to places where they pay ~14 cents an hour? Lots. In fact, many US corporations and of course businesses overseas deliberately pay people at wages that are not only at subsistence but are often below subsistence. I’m pretty sure they could afford to pay those folks more than subsistence or below subsistence wages, correct? Then why don’t they do so? If slavery was legal, capitalists would take it up in a New York minute. Child labor is great for business too. Slavery and child labor are epidemic forms of exploitation by capitalists in the 3rd World, in particular in South Asia – in Pakistan, India, Nepal, etc. After all, Austrian economics is all about efficiencies. Wages being one of the biggest inefficiencies of all, of course. Surely slavery and child labor must be much more efficient than wage labor? What is scary is that this “efficiency talk” has now taken over world economics. Just about every country on Earth now is talking in terms of economic “efficiency.” Yet I just showed how slavery and child labor are incredibly efficient. I think it’s time we trashed this efficiency fetish once and for all. My question is: what’s stops an EVEN MORE evil capitalist from paying just a little more to take the business away from the current controlling Capitalist? Interesting argument. How come it never works that way then? I guess I will just throw that question right back at the anarchocapitalists then, since they are the ones who says that anarchocapitalism is the best way thing since sliced bread for workers, consumers, society, and, oh yeah, as an afterthought, business. So…How come it never happens? The labor market is deliberately tight. There are way too many workers than there are jobs. So workers don’t have a lot of mobility. Sure workers might leave Capitalist A paying $8/hour to go work for Capitalist B paying $10/hour. A few might. Maybe. But probably Capitalist B would just fill up all his positions with new folks. His costs would be so high that he would soon be driven out of business by Capitalist A. Believe me, I would be overjoyed if capitalists competed like this. But they just don’t. I’ll leave it to the anarchocapitalists to explicate this thorny matter for us. In some industries, labor is very highly valued, and companies actually do compete for labor. Putting aside for a moment Hindu 1-B job thieves, IT is a good example of this. IT companies sometimes actually compete with each other by trying to offer higher wages and better benefits in order to get scarce talented labor to work for them instead of the competition. But this is rare. There is a hint of truth to Taylor’s comment, but it has to do with people  Libertarians hate worse than any other humans – labor union members. If one company in an industry is unionized, then the higher wages and bennies in that company will often fan out from that company to its competitors somehow. But this is increasingly rare now that unions are as rare as four leaf clovers, thanks to guys like Mr. Taylor.

L-1 Visas, Evil Stepchildren of the Hindu 1-B Visas

Due to crackdowns on Hindu 1-B visas, US corporations have decided to use another loophole called the L-1 visa. With the L-1 visa, the worker is simply hired overseas. Then the overseas worker is transferred to the US, where they work at 1/3 the wages of a US worker. The US worker, in the familiar scenario, is forced to train his replacement. Then he is fired and replaced by some clown from somewhere in Asia. These are the folks, the plutocrats, that James Schipper recently said in the comments section we should not be offending too much. We have to give them what they want. Otherwise? Otherwise they will stop investing. I really don’t know what to say about this. I want to get rid of most all of the Hindu 1-B’s. Then I want to go after all of the L-1 visas. The Tea Partiers never met a Hindu 1-B or L-1 Visa holder they did not love with all of their heart. We know this because the Tea Partiers support Corporate America to the hilt. Corporate America ruined the US and nearly the world economy. Corporate America is responsible for the economic downturn and the fact that standard fiscal measures are not working well to get us out of it. Stimulus spending and loose money will only have so much effect when corporations are not hiring Americans anymore, or when corporations have so destroyed good US union wages that consumer demand has been quashed by shit wages. The current downturn is demand-driven. There is a lack of consumer demand. The low demand is due to decades of Hindu 1-B and L-1 Visas, offshoring, hiring of illegal immigrants, and consistent smashing down of the wages of the remaining workers. Fordism said you paid your Ford workers enough so they could afford to buy one of the cars they were building. Fordism is dead and gone. Until there is a revival of US demand, that is, until high paying jobs come home from overseas or out of the hands of Hindu job thief invaders, or until wages of US workers start rising, the dead economy will continue to flounder. Republican economic policy is all supply side, all the time. This cannot possibly do anything to fix a broken economy. US businesses are sitting on a mountain of cash. We have had 30 years of supply side economics. It hasn’t worked in any one of those 30 years, and it’s not working now. It’s not going to work in the future either. Businesses are not hiring because they don’t have any customers. Giving them more mountains of cash to sit on is not going to bring one more customer into their businesses. So Republican economic plans cannot possibly do anything do bring back customers. It can’t work even on paper. The New York Times and other fonts of MSM evil have been writing a lot of articles lately saying essentially, “Get used to permanent 10 By the way, the stimulus did work as expected, so I am told. The degree to which even stimulus spending won’t work as expected anymore because no one is hiring any Americans anymore at living wages remains to be seen, but it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the stimulus spending model. Unlike neoliberalism, Keynesian economics actually works. It’s been proven over and over. I don’t have too many solutions on this blog. For starters though:

  1. Radically cut back, or get rid of, Hindu 1-B visas.
  2. Get rid of L-1 visas altogether.
  3. Look into R-1 visas (apparently another outrageous scam whereby foreigners are imported to do “seasonal” work that “Americans won’t do”).
  4. Keep deporting illegals, and start some major crackdowns on employers through the use of E-Verify program, which Obama has refused to implement.

Dumbass Of The Day

From here.

friendship and time pass rich woman June 6, 2009 by Anonymous, 19 weeks 10 hours ago Comment id: 37086


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* reply

I am really thinking of turning this into a pickup artist site along the lines of Roissy, et al. All I’ve got to say is that this guy has got what it takes. I’ve heard he’s been deluged with offers from women since he posted this PUA masterpiece on the Net. The PUA community has taken note of his swag and game and many posts have been written on how other Betas can replicate it.

He’s also got the write your own ticket thing in the job department down pat. Forget these fancy resumes. Just follow the approach above – it works! As evidence, I have been told that this bonehead has just been granted an H-1B Visa that every “liberal” in the US Congress insists is absolutely necessary. The job thieving settler was invited into our country by the US government.

A middle aged White man with kids, a mortgage and a family was forced to train this clown as his replacement and then fired. The White guy lost his house and his wife left him. She took the kids. This Hindu 1-B is filled with hatred for the US and especially for White people, but the Left in the US loves that, so no matter. After the White guy lost his house, the Congress of Traitors passed a resolution celebrating the man’s displacement, then the Congress of Crooks took a recess to go eat at $100 lunch Washington restaurants.*

*The whole post is a joke. He never got an H-1B permit. He’s currently in India.

Immigration – A Question of Quality

Repost from the old site. It is quite common in the US for the debate on immigration to be split into polar opposites. On the pro-immigrant side is an utterly insane Open Borders group that seems to more or less argue for unfettered immigration into the US. The overwhelming majority of the US business class supports this for the sole reason of cheap and easily intimidated labor. On the liberal side of the spectrum, many liberals simply feel it is cruel to keep anyone out of the US who wants to come here. Many others have swallowed the pro-diversity propaganda whole. There is a whole industry out there that is promoting diversity and multiculturalism. These things are human norms, and human societies have been diverse and multicultural since the beginning of time, so it is insane to argue that these things are unnatural, which is a typical White nationalist argument. The problem is that diversity, while normal, is not necessarily such a great thing per se. For one thing, various immigrant groups can be poor quality and create many problems for a society. Hispanic immigrants and their offspring are vastly more criminal and problematic that other immigrant groups, or than, say, White Americans. Long-term resident Hispanics often cause few problems, but the recent immigrants and their children have been a total nightmare. New evidence shows that diversity reduces trust at the neighborhood level. It is common sense that high-diversity societies are often more unstable that monocultural societies. I am not saying any of this to be a xenophobe. I am just pointing out that it makes little sense to shill for diversity as if it were automatically a good thing in and of itself. We also have minority groups, in particular Hispanics, who are now pro-immigrant simply out of ethnocentrism and for no other reason. On this, the Left is utterly bonkers. Black and Hispanic ethnocentrism is cheered on wildly, while Whites are forbidden to be ethnocentric themselves. This Identity Politics has been the curse of the Left since the 1960’s. It is now backfiring as a new White nationalist movement comes into being. This movement is nothing but the logical result of Whites creating their own Identity Politics movement after the Left fertilized society with this nonsense cult. Also, now that the Open Borders crowd has, in the past 15 years, cleverly conned society into thinking that anti-immigrant sentiment (even anti-illegal immigrant sentiment!) is de facto racist, you have many guilt-ridden folks, especially liberals and Centrists, who support even illegal immigration out of fear of being called a racist. Nearly the entire US environmental movement has gone over to Open Borders, including Earth First and the Center for Biological Diversity. Sierra Club lost its anti-immigrant battle long ago. Since CBD is focused on endangered species, their position seems particularly insane. Habitat loss by overpopulation is obviously one of the major causes of environmental damage and the extinction crisis. Anyone who cannot see this is blind. The environmental movement has come out for Open Borders simply out of terror of being labeled racist and for no other reason. On the opposite side, we have a lot of sensible folks, especially those who want to limit illegal immigration. Even 14 years ago, the debate was much more sensible. In 1994, 40 We also have lots of nasty racists, especially White nationalists, on the anti-immigrant side. These people simply do not want any non-White immigration whatsoever, though they are not opposed to the immigration of European Whites (However arbitrarily they may define that group!). Most of these folks actively dislike everyone who is not White; there are others who do not, but just want to “preserve the declining White race” as if it were an animal subspecies on the Endangered Species List. There are also the xenophobes. Vdare is a good example of these folks. They just don’t like any furriners period. Most people here are not White nationalists at all – they just oppose non-Americans coming to our land. In general, most of the hardcore anti-immigrant crowd is on the political Right. The Left has granted this entire field to the Right, even on illegal immigration, which, incredibly, almost the entire liberal wing of the Democratic Party seems to support. There may be less ulterior motives for this. Democrats need Hispanics votes to win, and the only way to get those these days is to support amnesty for 12 million illegals. More cynically, Democrats are supporting illegals as a way to get 12 million new Democratic voters into the US, since 80 Hence it is nice to see someone step out of the box on immigration, like this progressive, Randall Burns, on Vdare actually coming out against illegal immigrants, but focusing his anger on the businesses who hire them. He also makes an argument similar to the one I have made – that mass illegal immigration has been a major factor in both the screwing of the US worker and in the wild inequality gap of the past 35 years . We need some sense on the immigration debate. In particular, we on the Left and in the environmental movement need to open up some space for the progressives and environmentalists to take sane positions on immigration without fear of being called racists. First of all, not all immigrants are bad news. It is hard to make a case that legal immigration has been a terrible problem for this country, though we need to drop the numbers way down. The “limit” is now something like 1.1 million legal immigrants. There is not a lot of evidence that even this level of legal immigration has harmed wages, created crime waves, or done much of anything other than harmed the environment. It is dubious whether legal immigrants take jobs for less wages than US citizens. Most legal immigrants come here and want to work for US wages. H-1B and the gamut of other “temporary worker” visas are often simply outrageous. Businesses do indeed bring in foreign workers for just about every position imaginable generally for the sole reason of cheap labor. These visas are “non-immigrant temporary worker” visas and last for up to six years! The whole temporary worker visa BS game needs to be pretty much scrapped. There is little evidence of any labor shortage in any field anywhere in this nation. Most stories about such shortages are simply lies. Illegal immigration is a catastrophe because the immigrants are unscreened. With legal immigration, we have a very strict process that winnows out a large number of prospective candidates. The process is so long and drawn out that only those determined to assimilate make it through the program. Once in, they need to be on very good behavior and can be deported for the slightest thing. Legal immigrants in general are not a serious problem in our nation. With illegal immigration, you are simply importing entire slices of foreign countries wholesale. It’s madness. We have no idea who these folks are, and many of them are criminals and bad folks indeed. Their whole time they are in the US they are breaking the law every day in myriad ways. Their employer is breaking the law. They are using fake ID. When you import an illegal, you’ve just imported a criminal. Refugees are another problematic group of immigrants, also because they are unscreened. I do love SE Asians, but we have had quite a few problems here in California with Vietnamese, Lao, Khmu, Khmer and Hmong gangs. These groups also have huge rates of welfare use, even many years on. It’s clear that they are hardly paying for themselves. I think most of these folks will eventually work out. Yet even where SE Asian gangs are a problem, SE Asians have a low crime rate. Fresno is near here, and the city’s crime statistics are interesting. In Fresno, Blacks have a wildly elevated crime rate, the Hispanic rate is about 3 X the White rate, and the “Asian” rate is much lower than the White rate. But most Asians in Fresno are SE Asians. This implies that even with their gangs, SE Asians have a much lower crime rate than Whites. Nevertheless, there are reports of Liberian and Somali refugees in the US committing a lot of crime and using a lot of welfare. In Australia, Sudanese refugees have been a nightmare. In one town where many were settled, their crime rate is eight times the normal rate. At a meeting called by a bunch of liberal do-gooders to whitewash the problem of the Sudanese, a Sudanese refugee stole the briefcase of one of the top liberal presenters! It seems to me that African refugees can be adequately resettled in other African lands. I do not think that many of these people are going to fit in well with our modern society. It is interesting that other than some Caribbean and Mesoamerican immigrants, Hispanic immigrants have caused few problems. We have sizable numbers of Brazilians, Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, Panamanians, Costa Ricans, Hondurans, Colombians, Ecuadorians, Peruvians, Chileans, Argentines, Uruguayans and Bolivians in the US. Other than some Colombian drug dealers, most of these groups are causing few to no problems. The reason is that they are not flooding in here as refugees or illegals. They are coming in as legal immigrants, and we are probably doing a good job of screening them. On the other hand, Mexicans, Salvadorans and Guatemalans have been a nightmare. Vast numbers of all of these groups came here illegally, in the case of the Central Americans, as war refugees. So vast numbers of this group were simply unscreened immigrants. Unscreened means low quality, de facto. Cubans are a problem in that this is an example of an ingrate immigrant. Since we outrageously automatically let them in as soon as they set foot on land since they are fleeing evil Communism, they have little motivation to assimilate. Hence they have recreated 1958 Havana in Miami, complete with outrageous corruption, and insane gap between the rich and poor, a corrupt government serves only the rich and spits on everyone else, and a city where English is not necessary. One can go into nice stores and hotels in Miami and you will not find anyone who speaks English. The English language has for all intents and purposes disappeared from this vast city. One gets the impression that almost no other country on Earth would put up with this sort of insane bullshit. Unfortunately, Puerto Ricans and Samoans have been problem ethnic groups. This is because they are unscreened! Puerto Rico and American Samoa are colonies of the United States in a world that has decolonized. Because they are US colonies, just about any Puerto Rican and American Samoan gets to come to the US as easily as I can move to New York. Both groups have a high crime rate and have fallen into Underclass gang culture. The solution is to completely decolonize the US. American Samoa and Puerto Rico need to be set free and cut off the welfare gravy train and Puerto Ricans and American Samoans need to get into the normal immigration line like everyone else. After 1965, huge numbers of Dominicans from the Dominican Republic flooded into the US as legal immigrants. Now, I like Dominicans just fine and have known a couple of them, but the available information indicates that they have caused a lot of crime, ghettoization and an Underclass in Upper Manhattan – Washington Heights and Inwood – and in much of the Bronx, though legal immigrants. This is a case where mass immigration of a national group, in this case Dominicans, has not worked out well. The only solution is to get a lot stricter about which Dominicans we allow to immigrate to the US. It’s also true that mass legal immigration of Mexicans to the US has not worked out well. The available data show that even in the 4th and 5th generation, Chicanos have very high rates of high school dropout and gang involvement. They have very low rates of college graduation. We obviously are not doing a very good job of selecting legal Mexican immigrants to the US and we need to be a lot more selective. For Mexicans and Dominicans, studies should be undertaken to determine which ones are likely to work out well and which are likely to join the Underclass. Perhaps even IQ tests could be used to screen. This is a difficult area and I do not have all the answers. Immigrants to your country are like visitors to your house. If an immigrant group is causing problems, it’s time to evaluate our criteria for letting them in, the same way you deal with troublemakers in your home. By definition, legal immigrants should be a benefit to our nation. Groups are likely to create more problems than benefits are not good for America and need to be subject to a more selective immigration process. There are some Jamaican gangs, but in general, we do not have a Jamaican Underclass seething in our cities. I do not know much about Haitian immigrants. I am not aware that a teeming Haitian Underclass is a threat to the republic. White nationalist racists like to say that the problem with some immigrant groups is that they are a genetically low quality group. There is nothing to this. Perhaps if we let whole populations flood in unscreened, we could have this discussion. East Indians, Filipinos and Black Africans are three groups that do not have extremely high IQ’s. All of these places are steaming Third World wrecks. Yet Filipino, Black African and East Indian immigrants have been some of the most wildly successful immigrants of them all. The reason is simple – screening. No ethnic group is “low quality” per se. Certainly, properly screened, one can find immigrant gold in any race or ethnic group. This ought to be a principle of a sane immigration policy. On the other hand, letting Black Africans and East Indians flood in here unscreened would probably be a nightmare. They would simply tend to recreate Calcutta or Lagos in the US.

An Analysis of Different US Immigrant Groups By Nationality

Repost from the old site. This piece tries to look at all of the major immigrant groups that are currently immigrating to the US in large numbers in order to determine which ones are causing problems and which ones are being a net positive for society. When I say net positive, I do not mean to be pro-immigrant. I mean that they are positive above and beyond any inherent detractions is their mere being immigrants. The question of whether huge numbers of even good immigrants are good for the country is another one altogether and goes beyond the scope of this post. This post hopes to put across the idea of a points system for immigration. We need to quit importing low quality immigrants to the US. If they are to be imported at all (and I have no problems with say up to 400,000 immigrants a year) we should only import high-quality immigrants from the rest of the world. Importing problem humans to a country that already has its hands full with the problem humans already residing there has to be the ultimate in insanity. This article has been praised by a famous person, who shall remain nameless. We have quite a few folks coming to this blog who are opposed to immigration. To be honest, almost everyone in the US who is opposed to immigration is White, and to some extent, it’s associated with White nationalism. There are also anti-immigrant sites out there like Vdare, but they are almost always on the crazy end of the spectrum. Vdare is not White nationalist, but they do want to end all immigration altogether. On the far moderate end of White nationalism, we have American Renaissance. I do like to hang out there because it’s nice to hear real, honest talk on race for once. In general, the White nationalists on Amren want to end non-White immigration altogether. I’d like to point out that this is a crazy and extremist point of view. Furthermore, Whites are only 65 I suppose with a White population declining like this, we would expect to see wild and crazy proposals like this. It’s really just a sign of desperation. Few non-Whites want to limit immigration this strictly, and even many Caucasians don’t. Keep in mind that most White nationalists call only Europeans White. Arabs, Iranians, Turks, Indians – none of them count. So almost everyone who is not a European White in the US has recent immigrant roots and does not want to end immigration. We should feel lucky if they want to limit it at all. Arabs, Turks, Kurds, North Africans, Africans, Hispanics of all types (even White Hispanics), Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, SE Asians, Filipinos, Polynesians, East Indians, Central Americans, Caribbeans, Iranians, Afghans, Pakistanis – none of these folks are on board for an immigration moratorium. That leaves us the 61.5 Looking around the world, we would be very hard-pressed to find even one country that has banned all immigration. Someone find me one, please! Japan and Korea are always being brought up, but there are plenty of immigrants in both places. What may be a lot more difficult there is getting citizenship. But that’s not unusual, nor is it the point here. Germany had race-based citizenship until recently, and may still have it. Syria and probably other Arab nations has race-based citizenship (The Kurds have not even been allowed to be citizens, because they are not Arabs!) So White nationalists are really changing the subject here. We ask them to show us some countries who have been so crazy as to ban all immigration, and they point to Japan and Korea, who have merely made it difficult to be a citizen, while immigrants are fairly common (indeed, Jared Taylor, head of Amren, was an immigrant in Japan for years). So the truth is that there are almost no nations that have banned immigration altogether. Why are White nationalists promoting this then? Because they are nuts. At this point, this project isn’t going anywhere, like every White nationalist project. So I would say it’s time for those of us on the anti-immigrant spectrum to cut our losses and do some damage control. As immigration isn’t going to be ended, sensible folks ought to focus on limiting it. Negative Population Growth advocates an end to illegal immigration to the extent possible, a removal of all illegal immigrants, and a reduction in legal immigration to 200,000. This is reasonable, and I support that organization. Here is a good example of the White nationalist mindset from my comments section:

Why do Whites oppose massive non-White immigration?Because non-White immigration causes higher crime, declining standards in education and morality, more drugs, more economic degradation and economic inequality, more strife/suspicion/competition between ethnic groups, more welfare and big government, more overpopulation and pollution, and so on. ALL countries and empires have eventually fallen or balkanized after being swamped by millions of ‘immigrant’ invaders, even the non-White empires and countries — and the same is now happening in America. Those opposing massive non-White immigration to America are more opposed to the decline of America than they are against other races and ethnicities. If they are against other races or ethnicities it is because their presence hastens and is an obvious sign of this decline.

You will find this mindset all over Amren, and probably deep down inside Vdare, too. The problem with this is that it is in large part false. The notion that immigration leads to inevitable strife, group competition, environmental degradation in an already crowded nation, etc. is going to be true with any group of immigrants. However, White nationalists are pro-natalists who cheer stories about White women having 18 kids, so they really shouldn’t talk about overpopulation leading to environmental degradation. Furthermore, your average White nationalist is a hard rightwinger, and at least their voting patterns suggest that they are quite hostile to environmentalism. All of the other points are not true for non-White immigration in toto. There is no problem with “non-White” immigration per se, but there are problems, sometimes major problems, with select groups. As a good rule, less restricted immigration from US colonies, of refugees and illegal immigration is problematic because of a lack of a rigorous selection process that winnows out many applicants. Legal immigration with a rigorous selection process has been associated with few problems, except in the odd case of Dominicans from the Dominican Republic. Let us look at the “non-White” immigrant groups in the US: South Americans: No problems here. They are very well-screened, and with the exception of some Colombians in New York City, pretty well behaved. It’s not a large group. There are small Peruvian, Ecuadorian and Argentine enclaves in Los Angeles, and there are Venezuelan enclaves in Florida and Texas. Japanese: Always one of the best immigrant groups. There are enclaves in San Francisco and Gardena, California. The enclaves are safe as far as the Japanese go, but Gardena now has many Blacks. When I taught school in Los Angeles, the non-PC teachers used to joke, “Gimme a class full of Japs and Jews and I’ll never complain.” A teacher friend of mine was asked to fill out a form that idiotically said, “Ethnic preference”. He was White, but he put, “Japanese”. The principal called him in and asked, “What do you think you’re doing? You’re not Japanese.” He answered, “It said ethnic preference. I prefer to teach Japanese students.” I was amazed that Japanese students got a little squirrelly in 8th grade. All humans are horrible at age 13, but I thought maybe the Japanese transcended that. They didn’t, but they were the breeziest 8th graders I’ve ever taught. By 9th grade, they were back to normal, and by 7th grade, they were still ok. If all kids were like this, parenting could be done with your eyes closed. Chinese: See Japanese. There are many new immigrants with poor English who are are adding to already existing Chinatown enclaves in many large cities, but this problem will sort itself out. There is poverty in Chinatowns, but there is little crime. For some reason, poverty in Chinatowns is not a serious societal problem. There are also quite a few exploited Chinese illegal immigrants, but almost all are working in Chinatowns and speaking Chinese on the job. They are taking few, if any, jobs from Americans. Very low crime rate. Chinatowns are safe places in the daytime at least and generally pleasant at night. Koreans: More or less the same as Chinese. They are probably better assimilated than Chinese. There is a vast enclave in Los Angeles (Koreatown) and a large enclave in Garden Grove, California. The enclaves are safe both night and day. Very low crime rate. Vietnamese: Most came as refugees and got off to a rocky start. There are some gangs, but overall it appears that their crime rate is far below Whites. Their criminals generally prey on their own. Young Vietnamese in Orange County, California are becoming a new high-achieving elite. This is the highest scoring group in the CA school system and US Irvine is full of Vietnamese students. They have formed some ethnic enclaves, but the young ones are assimilating, and even their enclaves are pleasant, non-dangerous places in both night and day. One large ethnic enclave is in Garden Grove, California. There is an enclave in Richmond, California that has a high crime rate and is not doing well, but this seems to be anomalous. Khmer: Not a large group, but there are some enclaves, especially in Long Beach and Santa Ana, California. There is still heavy welfare use, but a new generation is coming up. There are some youth gangs, but overall, the crime rate seems low. Khmer enclaves are pleasant and not dangerous at least in daytime. Hmong: This group of refugees still has very heavy welfare use. There are also gangs, but the overall crime rate seems much lower than the White rate, at least here in Fresno. There are enclaves in California’s Central Valley and in Minnesota. The new generation is coming of age, going to school and doing well. Highly intelligent; they resemble Chinese. Their enclaves are not that pleasant and tend to be poor and rundown, but don’t seem to be all that dangerous. Their criminals generally prey on their own. Mien: There are enclaves in Northern California in Davis and Merced in the Central Valley. They are refugees that came in with the Hmong. In appearance and behavior, they are very Chinese like the Hmong. A friend of mine worked in Social Services in Davis and said she would go to these poverty-stricken, blighted, rundown, hellhole apartment complexes and visit the Mien welfare families. The parents would be sitting on the floor eating out of a rice bowl and did not speak a word of English. They seemed like they were fresh out of the jungle of SE Asia. The walls would be covered with the kids’ report cards – all A’s. Think about it. On balance, seems to be a good group. High welfare use is balanced by a crime rate probably way lower than Whites, and the kids seem to have a good future. Lao: This group of refugees still has high welfare use, and there are youth gangs. The young people seem to be doing well, going to school, graduating, moving on. Despite the gangs, the crime rate seems to be much lower than the White rate, at least in Fresno. There are enclaves in Fresno and Santa Ana, California. Their enclaves are poor and run-down, but not that dangerous for non-SE Asians. They are part of the high-crime, poorly-performing Asian enclave in Richmond, California that is so far pretty anomalous. Khmu: Khmu from Laos are part of the poorly-performing, high-crime Asian enclave in Richmond, California, along with Vietnamese, Lao and Samoans. So far, this situation is pretty anomalous. This seems to be a case of very poor Asian refugees moving into a horrible Black ghetto and aping the worst Black behaviors. I don’t have any data on Khmu other than the Richmond report, and on that basis, I’m inclined to mark them as a problem ethnic group, but to tell the truth, I lack good data on them, and they really are a miniscule group anyway. Thai: Not a large group, but there are some enclaves in Los Angeles. They seem to be doing well and are out of poverty. Little or no gangs or crime. Professionals, owners of shops and restaurants. Burmese: A tiny group that seems to be doing quite well, at least those I met. Tibetans: A very small group that is active politically. No known problems. Behaviorally resemble Chinese. Filipinos: A much-vilified group, even by other Asians. There are youth gangs. They form large enclaves in California in Carson, Wilmington, north of downtown Los Angeles and in San Fransisco. There are also a number in the Central Valley. I have no idea what the crime rate is, but their enclaves in the Harbor area are pleasant enough at daytime. I taught them in school for a long time and felt they were well-behaved and pleasant students. Some are quite intelligent. Filipinos may undergo high selection pressure by US immigration, because they are said to be one of the highest performing immigrant groups of all, and the highest performing of the Asian groups. Indonesians, Aborigines, Melanesians, Papuans, Malays, Mongolians, Nepalese: For all intents and purposes, these groups don’t even exist as immigrant communities in the US. I’ve never met an immigrant from most of these groups. I have met a few Indonesian and Malay students who were very well-behaved. Micronesians (Marshall Islands): There are a few of them in the US, but not many. Some have serious diseases, because the islands are a disease haven. As immigrants, they are totally unscreened, as the islands are still pretty much US territory. Overall, little problem. Warm, friendly, pleasant, easy-going people. I do recommend completely cutting these islands off from US colonization. Polynesians (Hawaiians, Tongans and Samoans): Samoa is still a colony of the US, so they get to come here totally unscreened. I taught them for years in LA, and I really don’t mind them too much, but some can be violent. Easy-going, warm, friendly, pleasant people who like to laugh and party. There are gangs, but Samoans are not a large community, so it’s dubious how much of a problem they are. They are reportedly causing major problems in Salt Lake City. There appear to be some problems with Tongan gangs, but it doesn’t seem to be serious because there are just not that many of them. This is one immigrant group that may on balance be a problem, albeit a small one. They are an issue purely because they are unscreened. Hawaiians are not immigrants in Hawaii, but they are a serious problem there, where they form a vast and teeming underclass. They are not violent so much as thieving. This is not an immigrant issue because Hawaiians are native to the US. Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans: This group more or less does not exist in the US. Never met one. East Indians: This is a fairly large immigrant group here in California. H-1B scab guest workers are a problem, but they are not immigrants, so they are best dealt with elsewhere. Here in this part of California, this group is mostly Punjabis. Punjabis are a very high-functioning ethnic group in the US who cause almost no problems at all. Punjabis in the US have surprisingly high intelligence, work extremely hard and commit almost no crime. Other Indians are not so common, but they tend to be very high-functioning also, and are often professionals. Mass immigration of this group would be a bad idea, but it’s not happening yet. Afghans: A very small group of very high-functioning immigrants. I have met some. Many professionals. Those here tend to be quite secular and even progressive or even Leftist. There is a small enclave in Fremont, California. Pakistanis: We have some here in California. Here again, a very high-functioning group with few to no problems. Many professionals, some shopkeepers and a few students. Tend to be seculars or even Christians. Iranians: This group is doing very well in the US. There is an enclave in Beverly Hills, California. The ones who are here are often the rich and secular supporters of the Shah. This group causes almost no problems at all. High education attainment and professional involvement. Kurds: A very small group that appears to cause minimal problems, but some in Tennessee have formed street gangs for some reason. Little known. Iraqis: Those here tend to be Chaldean Christians who cause almost no problems at all. We have a few in California. There is an enclave in Michigan. A very traditional group who do not mingle much with outsiders. Palestinians: We have some in my area. They run small stores, gas stations, bakeries, and cause no problems at all. A very high-functioning group. Most around my place seem to be pretty apolitical. Quite a few are Christians. Warm, easy-going, happy, talkative and very hard-working. A few are militant in a quiet way. Syrians: Mostly secular, often secular Muslims or Christians. Often well-educated. A small group. Lebanese: A small group that does quite well. A very large number are Christians. Often run small stores. An enclave in Michigan. Many have been in the US for a long time. Yemenis: There is a small group around me who run markets. They do very well, are extremely hard-working and cause no problems at all. Tend to be apolitical religious Muslims who are very conservative and traditional. Turks: A small group in the US who often run stores, dry cleaners, etc. Very well-behaved. Tend to be secular. Kuwaitis: There are some students here. Tend to be very, very religious Muslims. I’m not aware of any problems though. They seem to go home after school. This is a tiny group. Jordanians: Secular, often Palestinian, mostly students. I only met one, and she was a militant but secular Palestinian-Jordanian and was very well-to-do. A tiny group. North Africans: Honestly, I have never met one other than Egyptians. This must be a very tiny group. The US is not having problems with Kurds, Iraqis, Turks and North Africans like the Europeans are. Mass immigration of Turks, North Africans, Kurds and Arabs as the Europeans did would probably be a disaster – this entire whole group is extremely well-screened, and that needs to continue. Egyptians: Run gas stations or work in the professions. Many are Coptic Christians. Absolutely zero problems at all. Most here are apolitical, secular and divorced from Middle Eastern issues altogether. Often traditional, even the Copts. Often surprisingly intelligent and educated, as is the case with many Arabs in the US. Ethiopians: There are enclaves in California’s Central Valley and in Los Angeles down around the airport (LAX). This group seems to cause few to no problems. Many are students and are quite intelligent. They very much keep to themselves. Many are Christians. The women are often quite beautiful. Somalis: Apparently a disaster. They are also causing terrible problems in Europe, especially Norway and Finland. Almost all are coming to the US as refugees, and refugees are typically a more or less unscreened population. In other words, almost anyone gets in. Probably 99 There are not many of them here, but the few that are have quickly descended into an Underclass of chaos, crime, poverty, unemployment and heavy welfare use. These refugees are not appropriate for America. They come from Africa, and are not the sort of Africans who do well here (see the next listing). They can easily go to other African nations. It won’t be ideal, but I assume that in general, they won’t starve. There’s no reason to bring an African refugee all the way to the US. Sub-Saharan Black Africans: There are few in the country. There are some Nigerians, but they are often extremely high-functioning professionals. There are reportedly some Nigerian criminals in the US, but the number is not large. This group undergoes extreme screening (99.5 Uzbeks, Tajiks, Kazakhs, Kirghiz: Virtually nonexistent in general, yet there is now a large Uzbek community in New York City. They are mostly Bukharan Jews, but there are quite a few Uzbek Muslims moving there too. No problems to speak of. Armenians: Some White nationalists say they are not White, so we include them (Just for the record, I strongly disagree with that – in fact, I think Armenians may be the remains of some of the most ancient Whites of them all). A very high-functioning group. There are some street gangs in Los Angeles around Hollywood and Glendale, and there is some organized crime also, but overall, they appear to not be much a problem. There are enclaves in California in Los Angeles (East Hollywood), Glendale and vicinity and around Fresno in the Central Valley. The enclaves are quite safe. Most Armenian crime involves fighting amongst and preying on their own kind. Here in the Valley this is a very high-performing, intelligent group that is still quite traditional and often still keeps to themselves somewhat. They are farmers and run retail stores, restaurants and repair outfits, work in sales and the professions, and in general, do all sorts of things. Can be very warm and friendly. They have actually formed an elite in this area. Georgians, Azeris, people of the Caucasus: They barely exist in the US. Europeans: White nationalists seem to think this group is not a problem, and indeed they are not. Some formed highly criminal and impoverished Underclasses in the US for decades in the past, but they have moved out of that now. In my area, Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese, Greeks, etc. (Mediterraneans) form a White elite and do very well, despite some White nationalists who insist they are not White. Gypsies: Disaster. Fortunately, there are few of them in the US, and it needs to stay that way. They have adopted crime as a way of life. Very few should be allowed to enter the US. A small number are assimilated, out of crime and doing very well, but it’s not typical. Cubans: Hard to say. They have taken over Miami, turned it into a part of Latin America and virtually torn it off from the US. Many are arrogant and refuse to learn English. Miami as a city has virtually done away with the English language. They have formed a Latin American style White reactionary elite that has seriously corrupted Miami. Miami has one of the most extreme wealth differentials in the US, as the reactionary Cubans have transplanted semi-feudal Latin American economics to their pet city. The wet foot – dry foot policy needs to end, and this group needs to be well-screened at least. I feel that on balance this group is not positive, mostly because they are arrogantly refusing to assimilate and are recreating Batista’s Cuba in the US. Dominicans: Reports indicate that this group is on balance a nightmare. Some are educated and intelligent and doing very well – I know one who is a clinical psychologist. Many others have transformed New York City neighborhoods into crime-ridden Underclass hellholes. My understanding is that the vast majority of them in Washington Heights in New York came to the US as illegal aliens pretending to be Puerto Ricans, starting in the 1970’s. They gave birth to anchor babies who are now all US citizens. This group needs to be much better screened at the very least. This group formed an Underclass quickly after they came here post-1965, and in general this scenario has continued or even gotten worse. Puerto Ricans: Same as Dominicans – a nightmare. A colony of the US. As such, they get to immigrate unscreened. Some are highly intelligent, are doing very well and are even in the professions. Back East, they have formed crime-ridden, gang-infested Underclass hellholes, especially in New York City. We need to cut this colony loose and let them go their own way. Like Dominicans, they have formed long-lasting Underclass wrecked zones that have lingered or even gotten worse. This is one group that is not climbing out of the Underclass. Future immigrants need much better screening, but that will never happen as long as Puerto Rico is a US colony. As long as Puerto Rico is a colony, Puerto Ricans can go to the US the same way I can move from California to Nevada. Jamaicans: Tough call. There are supposed to be some drug gangs around, but I’m not sure how serious of a problem this is. I’ve met a few who were very warm, pleasant, friendly, hard-working and honest. It does not seem to be a large group. Mass immigration would be a mistake. Haitians: Although we turn most of them away, there are quite a few in the US anyway. One might think they would form Underclass hellholes, but that does not seem to be the case. I don’t know much about them. There are quite a few in New York and Florida. Other Caribbeans (Virgin Islands, Grenada, etc.): There are not many here. Those who are here are often professionals. I met two who were schoolteachers and were doing very well. Panamanians: Few, doing well. Very small group. Costa Ricans: Small group that is doing well in the US. Nicaraguans: On balance, seems to be a positive group, but little is known about them. Those that I have met were functioning well. Seems to be a small group. There is an enclave in Florida. Hondurans: This group seems to be a problem. Many are illegals, and are caught up in the usual Mesoamerican illegal immigrant scenario. Doesn’t appear to be a really large group. Needs much better screening and needs more research to be done on them – poorly known. Salvadorans: Disaster. Many came here in the war as refugees and eventually got legalized. Many are in street gangs, selling dope, living in barrios and ghettos, and not doing well. They have a vast enclave near MacArthur Park in Los Angeles that is probably quite dangerous at night. I have been there in the daytime, and even then it seems run-down, teeming, Third-Worldish, horribly overcrowded, impoverished, chaotic and somewhat Hellish, but I used to walk around there anyway, and nothing ever happened to me. The English language does not exist in this part of Los Angeles. This group is not working out at all. Needs much better screening at the least. Guatemalans: Nightmare. Huge numbers are illegal immigrants. Others are caught up in the gangsta thing. Many do not speak English well. This group is doing very poorly. Seem to have very high rates of criminality and gang membership. Needs much better screening at an absolute minimum. Mexicans: A very complex group that makes up the huge majority of Hispanic immigrants to the US. A vast number of Mexicans are illegal immigrants who have destroyed towns all up and down California and all over Arizona and Texas. They are now fanning out across the US, causing crime and chaos everywhere they go. Typically, cities with large numbers of Mexican illegals become run-down, dirty, trash-ridden (they don’t believe in trash cans), graffiti-covered, crime-ridden, drug-drenched, gang-infested, noisy, chaotic, dangerous and overcrowded wrecks. Sex crimes in particular seem to escalate. Petty thievery becomes epidemic. Spanish becomes the native language and English is sidelined. Services are quickly overrun, hospitals close and schools are overwhelmed. Very political, and many harbor irredentist and revanchist (in particular) aims on the US Southwest, which many claim as a part of Mexico. This treasonous mindset has also been adopted by the Left and is highly disturbing. Cities with many Mexican illegals may quickly become very corrupt. Mexican farm labor contractors utilize employer-employee relations out of the Third World. Cities taken over by Mexican illegals come to more resemble Tijuana than American cities. Many are hostile towards the US and especially towards Whites. This group, viewed as a whole, is a total catastrophe, and is the main source of immigration problems in the US today. At the same time, many older Mexican illegals are hard-working, pleasant, polite, generous, family-oriented, religious and very well-behaved, but their children are often a horror. There is also a large group of Mexicans who have been here a while, in some cases for over 100 years as the original residents of the US Southwest. In most cases, they are assimilated and doing very well. Another group of Mexican legal immigrants came more recently and has assimilated well, though they continue to speak Spanish a lot. Their English is also often good to excellent, and many are lighter-skinned. This group could be classed as the White Mexicans, and they tend to form a bit of an elite in these Mexican communities, although the extreme racial stratification of Mexico seems to be breaking down in the US. They are often very well-behaved and so are their children. There is another group of recent legal immigrants that are not necessarily White Mexicans, but are also also assimilating and doing very well. As you can see, this is a very complex group that is split in two huge classes, one a good-functioning and assimilating group that causes few to no problems and the other a vast Underclass that is a total clusterfuck. There are also many that are floating somewhere in between these two vast sets in a transition zone, or into one set and out of another, or back and forth into the transition zone. At the very least, illegals need to be tossed out or encouraged to leave, Mexican legal immigration must be lowered, and we urgently need to do a lot of research on which Mexican immigrants are likely to join the positive assimilating group and which are going to augment our Mexican Underclass horror. Continued mass immigration of this group will cause a continuation and vast deepening of the gang and Underclass horrorshow in the US, along with an increasingly radical and militant Mexican politics in the US. As they get into power in some states, Mexicans will tend to promote Open Borders with Mexico. If they ever get into power, expect to see Spanish made into an official language at the state level at least. If they get into power at the national level, expect Spanish as an official language in the US and an open border with Mexico. Abortion may be made illegal. Women’s rights may nosedive. We may develop a much more corrupt society. Human rights and basic liberties may go out the window in favor of the usual Latin American authoritarianism and lack of respect for the individual. Gay rights will take a nosedive. We may get a politics of either the Hard Left or Hard Right, as in Latin America. The result of open borders with Mexico would quickly be 1/2 of Mexico in the US, and the US would be transformed just another Latin American country. This endgame must be resisted at all costs and with all of our might. This is an issue that transcends Left, Right and Center and needs to be put front and center by US patriots of all ethnicities across the spectrum. Conclusion: There is an urgent need for more research on the immigrant groups that are performing poorly, or at least those have large sections that are performing poorly. Some of these groups, such as Mexicans, have large groups that are doing well, large groups that are doing horribly, and probably a large group drifting in between or in and out of the two main groups. It is essential to determine the characteristics of those sections of Caribbean and Mesoamerican immigrants that are causing so many problems for our society. This research will be difficult to do because the usual suspects will scream racism at the very mention of it. No one is talking about keeping certain ethnicities off of the immigration rolls altogether. We are only trying to determine a set of characteristics that winnows the successful from the unsuccessful and then hopefully allows us to proceed to a saner immigration policy from there. Problems with native citizens are bad enough, but you can hardly keep them out of the country – you are more or less stuck with them. Immigrants are guests at best; they are here at our whim and can be either expelled or denied entry in the first place as we see fit. It is sheer madness to import large numbers of persons who are bad for the nation. By that definition, America has been an insane nation for many years now. It’s time for some treatment. Time is of the essence and we have little to spare. We also need to seriously reconsider family reunification immigration. This research takes a lot of time, and I do not get paid anything for it. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a a contribution to support more of this valuable research.

SPLC Supports American Workers Against Fake Guest Workers

One of the last things the Bush Administration did before it left, among the other horrible rules it made, was a new rule dealing the H-2B guest workers. It made it easier to bring these fake workers into the country and it also made it much easier to abuse them while they were here. I am on the Southern Poverty Leadership Center (SPLC)’s mailing list, and I recently got a mail from them. It said, “Stop the Abuse of Workers!” Since the SPLC has never shown me that it cared anything about American workers, or Americans period, as long as they are White Americans, I figured this was some BS about stopping the “abuse” of arresting illegal aliens who have absolutely no fucking right whatsoever to be in my country. My surprise. On opening the mail, the SPLC detalied the new Bush Administration rule that is leading to some grotesque abuse of these guest workers, who shouldn’t even be in this country in the first place. That’s wrong right there, but what surprised me was next. The SPLC then said that the whole H-2B program is subject to outrageous abuses, in most cases being used to bring in fake “guest workers” after first firing the Americans, or brining in fake guest workers when there are plenty of Americans willing to fill the jobs. Along with Paul Craig Roberts’ post in Counterpunch that I detailed earlier that discussed how the Stimulus Bill allows businesses to use stimulus money to fire American workers and bring in fake guest worker replacements, these are the first times I have ever heard the Left in the US actually stand up for American workers against immigrants of any sort. There is definitely competition between US workers and refugees, guest workers and illegal aliens. In that contest, the Left has nearly always treasonously sided with the glorious foreigners against the real Americans. For a political spectrum that is supposed to be for American workers, I can’t hide my outrage at this. This is because the Left in the US is increasingly made up of non-Whites. Many non-Whites are either immigrants or their children, and they automatically side with a pro-immigrant position to the point where frankly most immigrants and their children seem to be out and out Open Borders and Mass Amnesty maniacs and traitors. So the glorious “immigrant” has become something of a sacred cow with the Left. Let’s keep in mind that most immigrants nowadays are non-Whites, and the idiot Left in the West is based on the notion perpetrated by what I call “Anti-White Studies”. Also note that most US workers are White. The US Left has a well-disguised contempt for White workers, probably because they think they are infected with “White privilege” or are a bunch of racist rednecks who need to be knocked down a few pegs. However, I note that no one on the US Left has dared to take on the precious illegals. Fake guest workers, who are after all legal, can be slammed, but the glorious illegal alien invaders are a protected class to be cherished and promoted at all costs. The day when the US Left lifts one finger against illegals will be an interesting day indeed.


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