James von Brunn's Federal Reserve Caper and Precedents

This is the strange document from James von Brunn’s website, Federal Reserve Caper and Precedents, in which von Brunn discusses his caper at the Federal Reserve Board in 1983, where he attempted to place the Board under citizen’s arrest. He was armed with a rifle, a pistol and a large knife at the time and he had a fake bomb in his car. He was apprehended by police in the hallway outside of a room where the Board was holding a meeting. I have not yet read this document, but I hear it is pretty entertaining. I enjoy this guy’s writing style. He’s an excellent writer and we can see a fine mind at work here, despite the whacky politics. If not for the deadly antics at the Holocaust Museum, the guy’s practically engaging in Life as Performance Art. Well, I guess even the Holocaust shootout could be seen as a Performance Art performance, albeit a deadly one. Other than the fact that he killed some poor guy for no reason, I think James von Brunn is pretty damn funny. And when you think about it, that Federal Reserve caper is downright hilarious, especially since no one got hurt. He should have charged admission for that one. Check out this line from his correspondence I posted earlier: THE ONLY THING HITLER DID WRONG WAS HE DIDN’T GAS THE JEWS! Is that funny or what? I italicized the punch line in case some of you are too slow to get the joke. I think that’s pretty funny, albeit in a sick way since I believe in the Holocaust. When I read that line, I could not stop laughing, but then I’m a sick bastard. Here is a cached snapshot of the page, or you can download my pdf version of the page on my site here. It’s 22 pages and I have not yet had a chance to look it over.

James von Brunn Was an Obama Birther

The Obama Birth Movement, like many US conspiracy theories, is dominated by a bunch of political whackjobs, mostly on the Far Right. It is based on the rather crazy notion that Obama is not who he says he is. In particular, he is not even a US citizen. He was born in Kenya, or he is still secretly a Muslim. All of his records have been lost, sealed or covered up in an elaborate paper trail covering Obama’s past. The general conclusion is that Obama is some kind of a Muslim Communist installed by Commie New World Order types to bring about One World Government, which means World Communism controlled by the UN and the loss of all national sovereignty. If this were true, you would think that the Commies would be the first ones to support it, but the truth is Commies laugh if you bring this up. That shows right there that there is nothing to it. The bottom line of the Obama Birthers is that Obama is a totally illegitimate President who has no right whatsoever to be in office. There is also the implication that Obama has been installed by some shadowy forces in some sort of a coup against US democracy.He needs to be removed from office and tried for treason at best, or I guess assassinated at worst (this is the unstated implication of the movement).  It’s a really incendiary movement. Since the election of Obama, Fox News and the whole rightwing hate machine have drifted far to the Extreme Right, and nonsense like the Obama Birth Movement has become standard fare among so-called “mainstream conservatives and the lines between conservatism and the hardcore nutjob fringe has increasingly blurred. Here is a link to James von Brunn’s Obama Birth Movement post at some obscure Norwegian website. It was then reposted last December on the Free Republic, and what’s scary is the hundreds of positive comments von Brunn’s nutty list received from the “normal” Freepers. The thread is still up. Found via Democratic Underground, where they are mistakenly saying that von Brunn was a Freeper. von Brunn was not a Freeper. I don’t know enough about the Obama Birth Movement to comment, but it sounds pretty whack. von Brunn’s post is reproduced below:

Obama is missing!

Skrevet av Sigurd Mellqvist (Gjest) 02.12.2008 18:47 The American People Demand to Know: WHO SENT YOU??? Obama has lived for 48 years without leaving any footprints — none! There is no Obama documentation — no records — no paper trail — none — this is no accident. It is being done on purpose with Media help – but to serve whom & why??? MISSING-HIDDEN DOCUMENTS: Original, vault copy of Certificate of Live Birth in the USA — Not Released (1 version hidden in Hawaii, Original found in Kenya) Certificate of Live Birth — Released – Proven Counterfeit (www.ObamaFiles.com) Obama/Dunham marriage license — Not released Soetoro/Dunham marriage license — Not released Soetoro adoption records — Not released Fransiskus Assisi School School application — Not Released Punahou School records — Not released Selective Service Registration — Released – Proven Counterfeit Occidental College records — Not released Passport (Pakistan) — Not released Columbia College records — Not released Columbia thesis — Not released Harvard College records — Not released Harvard Law Review articles — None (maybe 1, Not Signed) Baptism certificate — None Medical records — Not released Illinois State Senate records — None (Locked up to prohibit public view Illinois State Senate schedule — Lost (All other Illinois state senators’ records are intact) Law practice client list — Not released University of Chicago scholarly articles — None WHY DON’T WE SEE ONE WORD OF THIS IN ANY OF THE MEDIA? Love him or hate him, we all remember how the press went to great lengths to find out every move that President Bush made … finally unable to come up with anything factual, so they created it! When their accusations were proven empty, they refused to retract one word of the fraud they perpetrated on the American people. Dan Rather lost his job over fraudulent documents, because common people like you & me reached out and ripped CBS to pieces. They couldn’t stand the loss of sponsors OR viewers! The same Media went to great lengths to scandalize & destroy Sarah Palin. She maintains a 91 NOW ——- The Supreme Court has scheduled a Conference for Dec 5th about Obama’s U. S. Citizenship. STILL, not a word about any of this from the Media. If it were not for the Internet and talk radio, American citizens would become the servants of a dishonest & conspiratorial Media. THINK ABOUT IT. IT DIDN’T USED TO BE THIS WAY! How much longer are we going to sit on our hands & say not a word? AND DON’T THINK THE MEDIA SIMPLY DOESN’T KNOW – THEY ARE GETTING POUNDED WITH EMAILS ABOUT IT!!! Obama could not get a simple security clearance with the information the government has on him —- NOBODY COULD! NOW he is privy to every top secret America has! What is going on??? WHERE ARE THE GOOD PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY – ARE YOU OUT THERE??? Submitted by: James W. von Brunn

James von Brunn Biography

The cleansing of James von Brunn’s online activity continues. von Brunn is the guy who shot up the Holocaust Museum yesterday. Here is his biography from the Askart.com site, which has since been pulled. It is interesting in that it provides some clues to his anti-Semitism. When he worked in New York as an ad man in the 1960’s, he was repeatedly told to change his German name, since he would never get far in the industry with a German name. A number of ad men with German names had changed their surnames to non-German ones to try to get ahead. The suggestion was that Jews in the heavily-Jewish ad industry were discriminating against those with German names. von Brunn refused to change his name. In 1968, Abe Fortas, Jewish, was nominated to the US Supreme Court. von Brunn was watching in a bar and made an unfavorable comment about Fortas. A Jewish executive made a snide remark in return. A few minutes later, the Jewish businessman sneaked up behind von Brunn and tried to punch him. von Brunn ducked, turned around, and knocked the guy to the floor. The police came, and a fight ensued with the cops. von Brunn was arrested. von Brunn was convicted of drunk driving and resisting arrest and sentenced to 2 years in jail. He also had his license pulled. Later he moved to California and remarried, this time to a young woman. In 1975, he and a female friend published a book called, “The Zionist Rape of the Holy Land,” authored by George Robnett. He received several threatening phone calls, apparently from Jews, warning him not to publish the book, but he published it anyway. Soon after, unknown arsonists burned down his house while he was in it. von Brunn barely escaped. von Brunn suspected that Jews opposed to his publishing the anti-Zionist book had burned down his house. The wife became very upset after the arson and died soon after, apparently of stress brought on by the arson. von Brunn’s famous assault on the Federal Reserve building was glossed by himself as an attempt to get back at his enemies, apparently the Jews, as the Board for some strange reason is almost all Jewish. He served a sentence for that crime, and was released early. In Maryland, local galleries would not show his art, which is apparently high quality. The media is portraying this guy as some desperate loser and “failed artist,” reminiscent of the “failed artist” smear on Hitler. Hitler, whatever his bad qualities, was not a bad artist, and most artists by that definition are “failed” anyway, as they do not hit the bigtime. It appears that instead of being a loser in life, von Brunn led a rich and rewarding life as a successful man in a variety of occupations. He made good money and managed his own businesses. He married well and raised a family who remained close to him throughout life. Rather than being a failed artist, he seems to have been quite talented. Other than his anti-Semitism and racism, which apparently got worse with age, he was not a failure by any means. It’s bad enough what he did. Why pile it on? The following is from the artist: James W. von Brunn (JvB) Born: 7-11-20 in St. Louis, Missouri Studio: Easton, MD Subjects: Scapes, Portraits, Illustrations, Graphics Style: Realist Methods: Oil, mixed media. BIOGRAPHY The von Brunn/Wenneker families migrated from Germany/Austria c. 1845, settling in St. Louis, Missouri. James von Brunn’s father, Elmer, was superintendent of Scullin Steel Mill. During WWII he designed, and supervised a 40mm shell plant for the U.S. government in Houston, Texas. His wife Hope Wenneker von Brunn, educated at Hosmer Hall, was a homemaker and accomplished pianist. They had two children, James (JvB) and Alyce. The family spent summer months at Piasa. Illinois, where JvB roamed the limestone bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River, hunted snakes and turtles in the willows along its banks, and collected Indian artifacts. His grandmother Wenneker (grossemutter) gave him an oil paint set for his 7th birthday. His inspiration to paint came from Scribner Illustrated Classics and painters such as Pyle, Schoonover, and Wyeth. But his painting, because of his love of athletics, was confined to days of inclement weather. During the hiatus between high school and college he hitchhiked through Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. JvB was educated in public schools. He matriculated at Washington University in 1938. He became president of SAE and played varsity football. The coach got him a Structural Bridge, Steel and Iron-Workers union card. During the summer months JvB worked as a punk hauling coal for forges perched high-up on steel-girders – buildings being constructed for the war effort. As experienced men were drafted into the Sea-Bees JvB quickly graduated to rivet-bucker and finally riveter. Either you conquered your fear and walked the beams or you quit. The other option was a long way down. At the University JvB was in the Liberal Arts program. He enrolled in art classes where he learned that Marxist/Liberal concepts dominated the program. Anatomy studies were discarded along with perspective, drawing and old master techniques. Western Culture was replaced by “expressionism.” We see the results today in expensive art produced by monkeys, elephants, Pollack and pianists who play with their elbows. JvB changed directions, graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism. The following day he was inducted into the U.S. Naval Reserve. As an Ensign he was shipped overseas in 1943 to “destroy the German disease,” just as his family before him had been sent to “save the world for Democracy.” JvB became a PT-boat captain, serving in the Med and Pacific theaters. He was honorably discharged in March 1946 as a Lieutenant with 3-battle stars and a Commendation from Admiral Hewitt. While in the service JvB painted watercolors of the passing scene. JvB moved to New York City in 1947. He studied figure painting at the Central Park School of Art, located on Madison Ave at 57th Street, Manhattan. To make ends meet he worked in a bank vault at night. He attempted to crack into the newspaper business but all doors were closed to conservatives. Instead, he found a job in big-league advertising on Madison Avenue where he started as paste-up boy at $35 per week. He attended evening classes at the Art Student’s League where he studied color and design under Howard Trafton. At that time the so-called “Holocaust” burst upon the scene. JvB was asked to change his German name by several companies during his 20-years New York career. Eric Sloane (Heinrichs) advised JvB to do as he had, “You’ll never make it in New York if you don’t.” JvB exhibited his easel paintings at the Commodore Hotel, Hotel Biltmore, Abercrombie & Fitch, and the Eastside Gallery. He illustrated for Wm. Morrow Publishers, and for two art studios. As an agency art-director JvB was asked to create story-boards for television. This took him to the set where he learned film techniques. Eventually he became an advertising executive film- producer-director and eventually producer director for two prominent film/tape production companies. In 1951 JvB and Patricia Beverley-Giddings were married. Her father, creative director and novelist, was a Sandhurst graduate and an RFC pursuit-pilot, WWI. He survived being shot down by von Richtofen’s Flying Circus. During WWII he was a member of British Intelligence. Bev owned a manor house on Maryland’s Eastern Shore where the family gathered for holidays and for the shooting season. Tidewater country presented a wealth of subject matter ranging from watermen and their rigs to sporting scenes, and scapes. This was grist for JVB’s paint brush. In 1951 Patricia gave birth to a baby boy, Jim “Bim” von Brunn. Pat was unable to have any more children. Bim attended the Church of Heavenly Rest, and Trinity, in NYC; the Country School, in Easton; St. Andrews prep-school, and University of Miami, Florida. While in New York, Gen. Pedro del Valle, Gen. Mac Arthur’s commander of Artillery in Korea, presented JvB with John O. Beatty’s famous, “Iron Curtain Over America.” This book had a tremendous affect upon JvB’s life and career. Von Brunn became an historical-revisionist, committed to the belief that the true histories of WWI and WWII had been hidden from the American People. JvB moved to Easton, MD where he established an advertising agency. He was elected president of the Academy of the Arts. His friend Lee Lawrie, renowned sculptor, was co-founder of the Academy. Meanwhile JvB’s political posture placed a burden on his marriage. Patricia and JvB parted company. The divorce was a tragedy for all concerned. On his 48th birthday JvB, at a local bistro, celebrated his acquisition of the City of Cambridge Economic Development account. JvB had a few beers with friends at the Cambridge bar where they watched a TV broadcast of a Yankee baseball game. A newscaster suddenly interrupted to announce Lyndon Johnson’s nomination of Abe Fortas to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. JvB made an unfavorable comment about Fortas, which drew a crude response from a prominent Jewish business man. A few minutes later JvB saw this guy in the mirror sneaking up. When he swung JvB ducked, turned around and knocked the guy to the floor. Shortly, thereafter JvB was arrested. One thing led to another and a fight broke out with the police. At the trial the brilliant Gen. Pedro del Vallee, testified in JvB’s behalf. This infuriate the jury and the Judge, who’s chief accomplishment was a lucrative speed-trap operation on Route 50. JvB was convicted of resisting arrest, drunken driving, etc., all highly exaggerated, and sentenced to two-years in jail. He lost his driver’s license. The business man who started the fight never appeared in court and disappeared into the woodwork. Shortly thereafter Abe Fortas was convicted of embezzlement and sentenced to 5-years in a country-club prison. He served 1.5 years and, like Boesky and Miliken, kept most of the loot. Von Brunn – when he wasn’t with the road-gang maintaining the judge’s home and grounds with State-owned material – completed the design and copy for a 4-color brochure produced for Frank Perdue, the chicken king. JvB also painted the harbor as seen through the barred window of his cell. Fortuitously von Brunn developed a serious staph infection in the nape of his neck. Doctors persuaded the Judge to release him. Upon recovery von Brunn migrated to Florida where he became a real-estate broker and stock-broker. While there JvB painted Florida scapes, cloud formations, and a few portraits. He exhibited at Las Olas Galleries. With money earned in Florida Real Estate, JvB took his new bride, Pat Taylor, twenty years his junior, a night-club singer, and her young daughter to California. In 1975, JvB purchased 10-acres of pasture east of Redding near Mt. Lassen, with a view of Mt. Shasta, and the Sacramento River valley. JvB and his friend Florence Robnett, 83, former Dean of Women at Northwestern University and native Cornhusker, cooperated to build a home which JvB designed, containing the amenities plus an art studio, music room, large library and office space. Florence and JvB published a paper-back, “Zionist Rape of the Holy Land” (formerly titled “Conquest Through Immigration”) written by George Robnett, deceased, with the Forward by Millar Burrows, Dean Emeritus, Yale Divinity School, and illustrated by von Brunn. JvB received several threatening telephone calls warning him not to distribute the book. Meanwhile Pat gave birth to a baby boy, they called Erik. While giving the baby his bottle at 2 AM, JvB looked through the window into the pasture. The moon-mist was bathed in a red glow. He rushed outside to find the roof was ablaze. The house, which they had lived in for only 4-months, burned to the ground. The mournful chord of the grand piano crashing into the basement and the shriek of the quarter horse are sounds not easily forgotten. A neighbor told von Brunn that he had gone outside to quiet his boar-hounds He heard what sounded like the pop of a flare-gun, then car doors slamming and a car squealing down the black-top. But no evidence was ever discovered to prove arson. Florence died soon thereafter of shock. Fearing for his family’s safety, JvB returned to Maryland where he devised a scheme to expose his enemies. He planned and conducted a legal, non-violent, citizens arrest of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, in Washington, D.C. He accused them of treason. The FED, a private corporation, conceived by the Rothschilds, had financed the construction of manufacturing plants in the USSR that produced war materials used against U.S. forces fighting in Korea and Viet Nam. Money is the source of all power. JvB was convicted for attempted kidnapping, robbery, burglary, carrying a weapon (not loaded), etc, in a kangaroo court. JvB served 6.5-years of an 11-year sentence. While in federal prison JvB designed brochures, etc., and painted three large murals (18 x 35) and many portraits. In 1989 JvB was released from prison with $50 and shoes 2-sizes too big. His sister Alyce, dependable and staunch as a rock, provided him a place to reside in her duplex. His wife remarried. His two sons live out-of-state but telephone frequently and visit from time to time. Pusillanimous Eastonians, hiding behind political correctness refuse to display JvB’s paintings, nor will they engage in business with him. However, von Brunn continues to exhibit under assumed names away from the Shore. In small towns across America the blind and cowardly scramble, push and shove getting and spending while their homes are burning and their complexions grow progressively darker. Von Brunn paints and plots.

Weirdo Kill Bill Actor Dead in Kinky Sex Game in Thailand

Damn, what a freak. Was Kwai Chang Caine really found dead in a closet in Bangkok with shoelaces tied around his nuts and his neck? “Yes, grasshopper,” said Master Po, nodding his head sagely. I think he got what he deserved. Goddamned perverted old man. No wait, that’s a subset that includes me. At least I don’t hang myself until I pass out and nearly die. You’d think evolution would have weeded out auto-erotic asphyxiation long ago. Talk about non-adaptive.

Ralph Peters Advocates Killing War Journalists

Figures. He is affiliated with JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs). This is definitely one of the most evil organizations on Earth. If you want to know who drummed up the Iraq War, look no further than to these maniacs. This place is Neoconservative Central. These are basically rightwing super-Zionist and Cold Warrior Jews with lots of Gentiles, especially former and current US military, sprinkled among them. For instance, Dick Cheney is a member. They have a very subversive program that sends US military officers to Israel in order to more or less tie the US and Israeli militaries together by an umbilical cord. After the tours, the officers usually become strong supporters of the Israelis. One of their journals is called the Journal of International Security Affairs. This where Peters’ screed appeared. Peters has said many a crazy thing in recent years, and he was recently behind a neocon “thought experiment” in which the regime change was accomplished in many Middle Eastern states and states seen as hostile to US and Israeli interests were chopped up into bite-sized chunks.

The borders of the Middle East redrawn by neocon maniac Ralph Peters.
The borders of the Middle East redrawn by neocon maniac Ralph Peters.
The map is a bit difficult to follow. Basically, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Syria, and Pakistan have all gotten chopped up to one degree or another. A hatchet especially has been taken to supposed US ally Saudi Arabia. Iran has been lopped up good and Pakistan doesn’t have a lot left of it. This map is indicate of the fears of the Pakistani, Syrian, Iranian, Saudi and Turkish states and it shows why they won’t acquiese to separatist movements in their borders. The map actually makes sense in a way, but since it is being drawn up by US imperialism and International Zionism, no country in the region should go along with it. If the place ever settles down, maybe it might make sense. A big problem here is that Saudi Arabia and Iran lost most of their oil and gas fields to something called the Arab Shia State. It will be a cold day in Hell when either country lops off their prime natural resources that their whole economy is based on. Jordan and Yemen gain territory at the expense of the Saudis. New states called Free Baluchistan and Free Kurdistan impinge on Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Azerbaijan grows and takes a bite out of Iran. Gaza is donated to Egypt, who doesn’t want anything to do with it. A Sunni Iraqi state is lopped off, seen as a terrorist entity, and hence denied any real resource base in oil and gas, all of that going either to Free Kurdistan or the Arab Shia State. It’s funny how US imperialism opposes all separatism except when it involves enemies of the US. Then we become separatist advocates. Realpolitik was always the most cynical and disgusting kind of game, with no morals anywhere in sight. Figures Kissinger thought it up. The guy is basically a functioning psychopath. Sublimination is nothing new. Winston Churchill could have been Charles Manson, but for some self-controls. Peters is a former US ,military intelligence officer who served for many years, but he never saw any combat. That doesn’t stop him from calling real vets serving in office “war virgins” for not attacking whoever he thinks they ought to attack today.

Anti-Zionist Site Posts Nazi Propaganda

This is the usual “Judeo-Bolshevik”, Jews caused the Holocaust, variety. What’s next? Holocaust Denial? From Palestinestinktank, run by anti-Zionist Jews Gilad Atzmon and Mary Rizzo, with a lot of help from Jordanian Haitham Sabbah. This site is just getting worse and worse and more and more into rank, raw anti-Semitism. Way to go guys! Sooner or later, a vast number of anti-Zionists fall into this stinky anti-Semitic mud puddle. Why, I’m not sure. The behavior of Zionists in Palestine is pretty terrible and their buddies in the West control a lot of the media and a few of the governments. To be an anti-Zionist is to feel very helpless. It’s like you’re fighting a war against space aliens or something. The Palestinians don’t seem to have a chance, and the Zionists hold all the cards. It’s a very frustrating and enraging experience, and I guess the end result for a lot of folks experiencing this kind of frustrated rage is just to go anti-Semite. I can understand it, but adults ought to have more self-control. As for an analysis of the article itself. The article in question is quite good, and in general is not anti-Semitic, except where it echoes the Judeo-Bolshevik, Jews caused WW2, Jews caused the Holocaust crap. That article even outrageously implies that Jews gave Nazis the idea for the Holocaust! The poor innocent Nazis! They never wanted to kill all those people. But they developed their evil Nazi ideology from those wicked Jews! Poor Germans! Poor Hitler! My God. The main premise of the article is simply false. The premise is the typical Nazi and fascist accusation called Judeo-Bolshevism. Hitler set off the Holocaust in the name of this phantom. That is why Hitler tried to kill every single Jew on Earth – because Jews were Communists, and Communism was Jewish. The headquarters of World Communism was in Moscow in the USSR.When you run propaganda echoing the Judeo-Bolshevik line, you wittingly or not serve the interests of Nazi propaganda. I do not know if you know this. I have a policy on my blog that I do not run anti-Semitism. Also, my blog is officially pro-Jewish. I would like to point out that in addition to the Judeo-Bolshevik crap, that article also says Jews caused the  Holodomor. A Holodomor which never even happened. There was no Holodomor. There was no deliberate famine. Almost all scholars now agree on this. Even Robert Conquest, who singlehandedly did more than anyone else to promote the Holodomor lie, now agrees. The article also flirts with another lie. That the JewSSR (this is the lie that the article promotes – a lie called the JewSSR) killed tens of millions of Russian Christians. It is true that Communists killed 1.6 million people in the USSR, if we do not include the war. The overwhelming majority of Russians were Christians. In killing 1.6 million Soviets for whatever reason, it is clear that the overwhelming majority would be Christians. This is like accusing Mao of being a Buddhist-hater or Confucionist-hater for the deaths of millions in China. That the millions killed were Buddhists or  Confucionists is mere historical accident. Communists presided over the famine. Communists caused the deaths of 1.6 million people during peacetime over 32 years. Not Jews. Communists. The Jewish era in the USSR, such that it even existed, was over by 1927. Super-Jews even accuse Stalin of being an anti-Semite. Stalin was a reaction against the Jewish era in the USSR and he instituted a kind of Orthodox Christian very conservative Great Russianism. During the 1930’s, these evil Christian-hating and Christian-murdering Jews killed a very large number of the top Jews in the USSR. Funny how evil Jews even kill their own kind. Surely there was some evil Gentile-hating and Christian-hating conspiracy behind the self-immolation of those Judeo-Bolsheviks in 1937! This is a classic degeneration. Almost all anti-Zionists degenerate into this gutter European anti-Semitism at some point or another. Almost all of them either start echoing Nazi propaganda, or defend Nazis, or blame Jews for starting the war or setting off the Judeocide against themselves. Almost all of them at some point start flirting with some species of Holocaust Denial. Gilad Atzmon is an intellectual anti-Semite, and he and Mary have been flirting with anti-Semitism and fascist terminology, apparently ignorantly or unwittingly, for some time now. I do not know why they are doing this. Atzmon’s anti-Semitism gets worse by the year. Gilad is not a Nazi. Certainly Mary is not. I guess Haitham is not. But the whole Judeo-Bolshevik line, which this piece promotes, is anti-Semitic, and it does echo Nazi propaganda, whether they want to believe it or not. These people are just foolish. They are running anti-Semitism, promoting the most rank kind of anti-Semitism and in fact knowingly or not, fascist and even Nazi propaganda. I realize that they do not know what they are doing, but it’s still just wrong. These people are just idiots. Irresponsible idiots. What do they think they are doing?

Ladies Love Psychos

Like babies love stray dogs… Riffing off a popular Waylon Jennings song here. This always mystifies the sane people in the world. Nice guys can’t get laid, and even when they do, their women try to dominate them, emasculate them, call them wimps, pussies and fags, laugh in their faces, ridicule them and try to fuck around on them, often rubbing their blatant affairs in the poor guy’s face just to humiliate him and try to get herself murdered. On the other hand, the psychos get tons of sex. The more psycho you are, the more the ladies want to sex you. Serial killers who did unspeakable things to women are deluged with mail from insane women (Oxymoron?) trying to marry them. Idiot women are always complaining about their macho boyfriends who treat them like shit, beat them up, cheat on them, steal all their money, run up their credit cards, on and on. When the women leave, the guys stalk them and follow them around. “You need to be careful!” she whispers. “I have a psycho ex-boyfriend!” “What did he do?” You want to know, mildly amused. “He pulled a knife on a guy and got five years probation.” There’s sexual desire flashing in her crazy eyes. She’s getting excited just by the thought of it. It never fails to crack me up when women complain about “psycho” guys, domestic violence, violence against women, or even rape. What the heck, ladies? These are the guys you love the most, come on! Precisely how psycho do they have to be before you stop sleeping with them and finally report them to the cops? The solution to psycho and violent guys is to quit spending your whole lives screwing them, you morons. There are several explanations for this senseless behavior. The first one, quite appealing, is that women are simply insane. For instance, it’s a rare guy who would be sexually excited by the fact that his girlfriend is a homicidal maniac who can snap at any time and cut his balls off and then slit his throat. But women see murder, mayhem and violence in a man and they cream their jeans. It sounds like something out of the DSM. But this doesn’t go far enough to explain it. A better explanation: women are female monkeys walking on two legs, and their psycho boyfriends are just male chimps gone bipedal. We think we’re so damn metrosexual and sophisticated and postmodern, but we may as well be living in a cave in France, painting on the walls, and hunting mammoths for food and fun. To make my point clearer, let us look at this tidbit about the Afar, a tribe in Ethiopia:

Afar culture emphasizes a man’s strength and bravery, and prestige usually comes from killing one’s enemy. The strikingly beautiful Afar women will usually not consider a courtship with a man who has never killed another man. They hope for a husband who wears the iron bracelet indicating he has killed 10 men… …Afar marriages are monogamous, and traditionally, an Afar man was not allowed to marry until he had killed another man.

See what I mean?


Minahan, James. 2002. Encyclopedia of the Stateless Nations, Illustrated Edition, p. 42. Westport, CN: Greenwood Publishing Group.

What's Dumber?

What’s dumber than reading a book about a pet goat while your nation is suffering the worst terrorist attack in its history?

George Bush, as commander in chief, defends his nation from its worst terror attack in history by reading an upside down 5th grader's book about goats. Profiles in courage!
George Bush, as commander in chief, defends his nation from its worst terror attack in history by reading an upside down 5th grader's book about goats. Profiles in courage!
Reading it upside down while either pretending you know how to read upside down, or not caring that the book is upside down, or not knowing the difference, or whatever.

"Playing Hard To Get"

For some obscure and totally bizarre reason, a lot of females think it is really cool to “play hard to get.”. That means, if you like a guy, you don’t show it. You ignore him, walk away from him, act like he bothers you, etc. Only when he pesters, bothers, harasses and bugs you in the most extreme way do you bother you give him your number and maybe if he’s lucky, go out with him. These are the same destroyed by feminism beings that pass for females all over the US. The same idiots that are screaming and yelling about sexual harassment at the top of their lungs. The hallmark of the Puritanical sexual harassment feminist jihad against men is, “No means no!” Except that, clearly, when psycho females are “playing hard to get”, no doesn’t mean no. No means yes. Sometimes. Sort of. Well maybe. Um, I’m not sure. Can you come back and ask me again tomorrow? No means yes, except when it doesn’t. In which case, you’re a sexual harasser, and you’re going away in cuffs to the Feminazi Police Station. I got news for you, crazy Western women. One or the other. Both can’t be ok. As long as you think playing hard to get is cool, you need STFU about sexual harassment. Most sane males think avoidance is a bad sign. In the playing hard to get world, it means harass her that much more. If sexual harassment is wrong, then quit the playing hard to get bullshit. Sexual harassment has always been a crock of shit anyway. How do you get laid? Well, you “sexually harass” her in some way or another. You ask her for her number. Yes, in the feminist-destroyed mind, asking a woman for her fucking phone number is often sexual harassment! I remember once an entire workplace freaked out because this guy I knew gave a woman a business card with his number on it. He didn’t even ask her for  her number. They acted like he was going to murder her. I guess he was! I mean, giving a pretty young thing your phone number! That’s so…Ted Bundy! You ask her out. I remember once I worked at a place with about 80 workers. One time, this guy asked out a female co-worker. I guess he thought he had reason to do so. The whole office was up in arms. The evil pig! I guess he was! Trying to get laid or something, are you? How dare you, you pig! Off to the Feminist Gulags! We can’t have guys, like, trying to get laid or anything like that. The guy was a little weird, but I always thought he was harmless. What was saddest about it all was that the guy seemed like he hadn’t had a date in months. If a poor man looks at a good looking young woman or (God forbid!) asks her out, that’s probably sexual harassment in our modern Feminist Dictatorship. If a rich man does the same thing, the same pretty young thing is probably going to compete in the Slut Olympics for this guy and see how much cash she can walk away with. That’s always been the farce about sexual harassment. It’s always just been a class crime against poorer and low-income guys, while rich guys can always say whatever the fuck they want and no one cares, or even if they do, the girl at the next booth will be the slut that this one won’t. The Feminist Left needs to get a fucking clue and figure out that the whole War on Men and the Sexual Harassment Game is just a class fraud to keep low income and working class guys from getting laid and having fun. It’s the same as drug laws. The rich have always been decadent. I’m not into the swinging scene, but I’ve checked it out on the Internet and I had some friends who were into it. Guess what? Guess who the swingers are? A bunch of rich people! The swingers are not the poor festering in their steaming ghettos; the organizers of the gangbangs and orgies are the globe-trotting upper middle class and rich. The rich have always loved drinking and doping, and no one has ever cared. The rich get to get high all they want, and mostly they never do time, nor do they get the cuffs. What was the Drug War always all about? The poor, low income and working class folks daring to get high. How dare they! How dare they have some fun! The rich have always done this shit. They’re the most decadent people on Earth, but they preach the most dreadful, no-fun Puritanical crap to the lowly hoi-polloi.

I'm Not On Welfare

I have some Internet enemies out there spreading lies about me. In this case, it’s a Sinocentric Black guy (I know him, he lives in Japan and used to live in China) taking Chinese racist POV that Hong Kong Chinese cannot possibly be closely related to Filipinos. The Chinese can’t handle this because to them, Filipinos are inferior niggers* and of course Chinese are Supermen. China is actually the center of the World, didn’t you know? This is where all of the winds of the world start, I guess including the hurricanes. Thanks a lot, Chinks*! Anyway, I run my own business, but my health is usually so bad that it’s more or less dormant. It’s registered with the county and we have made some money in the past. I can’t tell you the name of the business right now, but we do writing, web design, graphics, web programming, etc. I mostly live off a trust fund from my maternal grandfather. He set it up so that if you are not working, you only get a little bit of money. This to encourage you to work. There are some pricks called trustees who control the fund and they are pretty weenie-like about how they dole it out. There’s lots of money in that fund for me ($500K), but they just trickle it out bit by bit I think to torment me. Not all us trust fund kids are living big. A lot of trust funds are only like $200-300/month. A lot of people don’t realize that. So bottom line is no way can I access all that $500,000. I don’t live in poverty, but I don’t have a high income either. It’s best described as low income. I’d love to work but I have not been able to for the last 13 years. Last time I tried to work I almost killed myself with stimulants trying to stay awake, and I’m not going back to that. I also do not live in a predominantly Hispanic ghetto in California. Hispanic neighborhoods, even the bad ones, are not really ghettos. This one certainly is not. It’s a barrio. It’s just a typical poor, mostly Hispanic city in California. If you don’t know what they look like, come out here and see sometime. To compare it to a Hellish Black ghetto is completely mistaken. *Used sardonically.

Photo of Slim Virgin of Lamerpedia

This is one of the most obnoxious and evil members of the Wikipedia Cabal, Slim Virgin.

Slim Virgin in all of her glory. She's actually kind of hot for a psycho broad. This photo is interesting because it seems to be one of the only photos of Slim Virgin known to man.
Slim Virgin in all of her glory. She's actually kind of hot for a psycho broad. This photo is interesting because it seems to be one of the only photos of Slim Virgin known to man.
She is an incredibly interesting human being. I don’t have time to go through the whole story of her role on Wikipedia; it’s worthy of a novel. But her arrival on Wikipedia has been one of the most regrettable things that ever happened to the online Enpsychopedia. Here is a pretty good summary of the sorry state of affairs on the online Enpsychopedia:

Particularly around the period discussed (2006ish), the Wikipedia “community” was a total disgrace. People like SlimVirgin wielded way too much power in a grossly uneven fashion, and used the farcical policies (in this case the Conflict of Interest policy) at a whim to attack or ban opponents. As a result, numerous people were mistreated, and these people were not going to take it lying down. A myriad of long lasting disputes developed, which Slim made no attempt to relinquish or resolve. This made SlimVirgin arguably Wikipedia’s most regrettable arrival, alongside people like Grawp, JzG, WillyonWheels etc. Anyone disagree with that? The exception I would have to take is to the implication that Wikipedia is now or ever will be different than it was then. The dynamics that we watched being played out in this particular trajectory is built-in, generic, and persistent. It pollinated the blooms and germinated the seeds that flowered again and again as o relinquish or resolve.

All of the folks listed here, Essjay, FeloniousMonk, Jayjg, KillerChihuahua, SlimVirgin, um yeah, they’re Jews. They’re a bunch of Jews. They have horns behind their ears, they drink kid’s blood on holidays, and when they pass, they are buried standing up. The only one I don’t know about is KillerChihuahua. The rest I think are part of the notorious Wikipedia Jew Conspiracy. I’m getting tired of writing about this crap because I get called an anti-Semite every time I do. Also, all of these people are assholes, and my life is way too full of familiar assholes as is without having to write about complete stranger assholes. Right now I want all the assholes, including the Wikipedia Jew assholes, to jump in a spaceship and make a failed attempt to colonize a nearly planet. Anyway, back to the story. Why the Wikipedia Jews? I don’t know. Jews are great conspirators; well, some Jews are great conspirators. Nobody really knows why, but I suspect that hyperethnocentrism is involved. Wikipedia was tailor-made for Jewish conspirators. They might as well have hung a billboard outside advertising the place and telling them to all swarm on in. The temptation of controlling one of the world’s major fonts of information, to a certain type of Jew, is like a cookie jar to kid. No way can they keep away from that. Every time I write about this I always have to discuss whether or not this mean Jews R’ Evil. I don’t think so. I think it means Jews R’ Smart and the rest of us are a bunch of dumbfucks. Any ethnocentric ethnic group or sociopolitical interest group with an agenda to push should try to grab the horns of Information and ride them into the sunset, brainwashing the hoi-polloi all the way to the bank. Anyway, Slim’s career is very interesting. She is extremely intelligent, and I think she went to Oxford or some great school like that. She is extremely fragile. When you see her, you know this. She looks like she’s going to fall apart if you look at her wrong. And that’s what she spent most of her time at Oxford doing – falling apart. She liked some guy, but I guess he didn’t like her back, or something. She fell apart again, this time for good. She left college and moved back to Canada where she lives alone. She is reportedly extremely shy and is still very fragile emotionally. She’s skinny, and that’s why she’s called Slim. She’s a vegetarian and as her name implies, she’s into celibacy. That means she doesn’t like to fuck other humans. This is possibly a good thing as at least her genetic line will cease. There is a lot of talk over whether or not this woman is a Mossad spy. She’s too much of a flake and an emotionally not ok person to be a Mossad spy. There’s a lot of talk over whether she’s one of dem Jews or not. I guess she’s a Jew. She lives alone in Canada, eats bean sprouts, never gets laid, and spends all of her time on Wikipedia. She has no life. Her life is Wikipedia. On Wikipedia her story is one of endless corruption and drama and weird, bizarre entanglements, deceits, conspiracies, abuses of power and just general evilness. She is a master of the Net and has more sockpuppets and aliases than you can imagine. The stories of her endless conspiracies are more confusing than a Thomas Pynchon novel. You can start here if you’re bored, but it goes on for 37 years (I mean pages) and you’ll probably die of natural causes or boredom before you finish. The moral to the story? The moral to the story is lameness. Slim Virgin is lame. The Wikipedia Jews are lame. Wikipedia itself is way lame.

Oh, screw Dikiepedia anyway.
Oh, screw Dikiepedia anyway.

Nadya Suleman Is An Arab

Nadya Suleman, idiot, freak, welfare moocher, now revealed to be a psychological case to boot.
Octomom Nadya Suleman, idiot, freak, welfare moocher.
This post is in regard to the idiot woman, Nadya Suleman, who gave birth to the 8 babies after she already had 6 babies. I was (Of course!) wondering about her ethnicity, remarked that she looked White, and someone told me, “She’s not White.” Well, whatever that means. So I had to research it. She’s an Arab. Well, half-Arab. Her Dad’s an Iraqi who served in the Iraqi Army, and her Mom’s Lithuanian. She’s Protestant, probably a fundamentalist like most US Protestants – she says her church is behind her – so maybe her Dad was a Iraqi Christian. If her father was a Muslim, she would have been raised Muslim. Further, he’s an Iraqi refugee in the US, and most of those are Iraqi Christians. He’s also heading back to Iraq to work as a translator for the US military, and it’s mostly Iraqi Christians doing that job for some reason. Of course she’s a walking baby factory. Most all Arab women (outside of North Africa, where the women are more Berber than Arabian) are, right? Yasser Arafat himself said the best weapon the Palestinians had against the Jews was the Palestinian woman’s womb. Even in the great “genocide” that the Israeli invasion committed against the Gazans at the start of the year, in which 1,400 Gazans died over 3 weeks, incredibly enough, the population of Gaza actually increased over the period. Palestinian women were popping out babies even faster than Israel was dropping white phosphorus. A Hamas representative bragged about this fanatical natalism at a recent conference. Hey, it’s not every day when a “genocide” results in a population increase! Recall the half-Jewish narcissist-sociopath freak John Paul Rosenberg who very weirdly changed his name to the Nazi-sounding Werner Erhard, and then promptly invented a fascist-like organization called EST? Nadia Suleman, whose father is probably an Iraqi Christian, almost all of whom are anti-Zionists, put down a fake name on the birth certificate of the twins as their father. The father was really the Hispanic boyfriend who donated his sperm because her Fallopian tubes were blocked. She changed her father’s Iraqi Arab name, Doud Suleman, to the extremely Jewish-soudning name David Solomon. She’s probably a Zionist too, since almost all fundamentalist Protestants are.

Moronicans, Continued.

The evidence, no fossil record needed. I was hoping we were sort of evolving some more sense about this stuff, but I guess not. Particularly horrifying figures: Only 39 Unsurprising findings: The more you go to church, the dumber you are (the less likely you are to believe in evolution). Regular church-going seems to prolong life at the same time as it shrinks the brain. And the more education you have, the less stupid you are (the more likely you are to believe in evolution). It’s too bad that fundamentalist Protestantism in the US has drawn a line in the sand at evolutionary theory. The Catholic Church, more flexible than one might think, has said that belief in evolution is compatible with Catholic doctrine. This shows that Christianity and evolutionary theory are compatible. I don’t believe Jesus uttered a word on the subject of evolution, did he? Case closed. Hat tip to the Inductivist, an interesting, albeit rightwing blog.


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