Alt Left: Many Girls with ROGD Have Autism

Anonymous: It would be interesting to talk about autistic people, and how high rates of transgender feelings might be due to gender dysphoria due to identity crises in teenage years.

Among ROGD girls, Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria, which now accounts for almost all FTM transsexuals and is almost certainly a social contagion mental disorder along the lines of anorexia nervosa, rates of autism and Asperger’s Syndrome are very high, as in 2

I saw a post the other day by a transman who has completely destroyed their health by transitioning from male to female. His health is shot and he almost died numerous times.

A teenage daughter of a friend of his insists that she is trans. Reason? She’s growing breasts and she hates that. She hates her breasts. Actually this feeling is very common among young teenage girls. Most grow out of it. Hatred of their genitalia is also very common among women.

I was involved with a woman for a while who went through a period in early adulthood where she taped her vagina shut with tape and walked around like that all day. I asked her why she did it and she said, “I don’t know.” She worked as a therapist if  you can believe that.

I saw a post on Reddit by a woman who said she hated her genitals for a good ten years since age 13. She couldn’t even bear to look at them.

Anyway, hating your body and hating your growing breasts does not mean you are trans, for God’s sake! Jesus, man.

Surgical Procedure Today

Hi folks, just had a surgical procedure in the hospital. Colonoscopy to be exact. Been ages since I had one and at 62, you need these things. Also I have been having rectal bleeding these days. The surgeon asked me how long I have had this bleeding, and I told him 20 years. He was a bit stunned but then he said we’ll look into it.

I never thought it was much of anything as I always just assumed it was hemorrhoids. Well, turns out I was right after all. I’ve got hemorrhoids! Piles! Or whatever you want to call those little buggers. I assume they are internal, not external. Any advice on how to get rid of these pesky critters accepted with gratitude.

I also have diverticulosis. You can look it up. Well, by age 50, 8

But they eat a very high-fiber diet, and we eat a low-fiber, high-fat diet which leads to diverticulosis, polyps, colon cancer and other cool diseases. Also their shit isn’t hard. Ever noticed those hard shits you have? Well, that ain’t normal. Africans don’t have those. Their shits look more like tapioca pudding, albeit brown tapioca pudding to be precise.

The shit is supposed to move through your intestines pretty quickly. Meat and high fat diets slow down the intestinal freeway so you end up with an intestinal traffic jam. Result is constipation, polyps, colon cancer and other groovy stuff. Eat a lot of fiber and the shit just cruises on through 55 mph with no slowdowns.

Anyway diverticulosis is nothing, everyone has it by the time you get to middle age, and it usually has no symptoms. However, diverticula can get infected, that is, something, say a watermelon seed, gets stuck in one of those darned pouches and can’t escape or even call for help. It’s just SOL and this can result in an infection, which is called diverticulitis. This is what my 84 year old aunt has now. It’s quite painful. Not sure how it’s treated. Maybe they cut it out.

Anyway spent a fun morning in the hospital today from 5:30 AM – 10:30 AM. They gave me a shot of something and I was awake and chirping like a bird and the next thing I knew, two seconds later, it was an hour later and I was waking up for a very weird short-long sleep thing. Actually I was unconscious.

Knocked out by Fentanyl. Yes, that Fentanyl, that’s killing thousands of Americans every year. And they shot it right into my vein like any self-respecting IV drug user does. Except I’ve never done needles, drug fan that I am.

Don’t know about this Fentanyl high. Doesn’t feel like much of anything really except I am pretty calm, happy, and friendly, but that’s generally the idea with mild doses of opiates. Also a lot of my chronic pains went away. Thank you, heroin! I mean Fentanyl. Oh well, it’s all the same, trust me.

They said don’t drink for 24 hours, but you really think that is going to stop a determined drinker like me? You kidding?

Die with your boots on! That’s my attitude, baby. And live dangerously!

A little research showed me that there’s no interaction with booze and Fentanyl, so here I am, drinking Tequila like a proper roue, or aging degenerate, pick your adjective. I don’t know about this Fentanyl stuff.

Good high if you want to go to sleep so fast you don’t even  realize it when you knock out I guess. But I go to sleep most every night anyway. Why take a drug that makes you go to sleep? What’s the point? It’s like taking a drug that makes you breathe, eat, or piss. With some things in life, we don’t have much choice you know. It’s pretty much do or die.

Oh well, over and out. Sitting here wasted on Tequila and Fentanyl and not feeling much pain in either my mind or my body.

Do  you want me to write about the Iran-US war situation? I can do it if you want. I have a lot of information, along with a journalist source who is close to the top levels of the Iranian and  Iraqi governments, Hezbollah, and the Houthis. And  what he told me is pretty much the exact opposite of the crap lies that the US government and  (((media))) is feeding y’all these days.

Alt Left: How Do Most Straight Men Feel About Male and Female Transsexuals?

I doubt if most straight men see transmen (female transsexuals) as really women because we wouldn’t touch one with a ten-foot pole. Sure, it’s got lady parts, but it looks like a man, often including a beard and mustache. That seems like gay sex to most straight men, so we won’t do it. A little known fact is that 9 Anyway all this means that though many have “top surgery” = a double mastectomy, bottom surgery is rare, with only 1 Some transmen have gotten pregnant and had babies. Which the trans lobby used to prove that “men can get pregnant too!” There were even headlines saying that men can get pregnant too now. If you are groovy and SJW, you are supposed to agree with that insane statement. Along the same lines, most straight men don’t see transwomen as real women, so most of us refuse to have sex with them, as we think that would be gay sex, and most straight men don’t want to do that. Most straight men who have sex with transwomen only do so under very secretive and paranoid circumstances. There is a lot of bashing of straight men going on now by groovy SJW’s calling us “transphobic” in refusing to date transwomen! This is similar to how some lesbians are being bashed and called transphobes for refusing to have sex with heterosexual transwomen.  

Newsflash: Many Surgeons are Controlled Sociopaths

A new trick among surgeons is to take one operation and chopping it up into four smaller operations and double their money. There are actually popular seminars for surgeons showing them exactly how to do this. What a sleazy ripoff! However, many other physicians frown on this scummy behavior. A physician who does this can lose their hospital privileges and get sued. When I worked as a paralegal, most of my time there was spent working on the defense of a sociopathic lowlife physician who did exactly that, and that was exactly what was happening to him. Local hospitals had revoked his privilege, and a number of his former patients were justifiably suing his crooked ass. And I was getting paid to legally defend this guy. It was morally trying to make a living defending slugs like this, but the money was good, and I sloughed off the guilt. Doubt if I would do it again though. Some jobs actually cause moral injury, in my opinion. This arrogant dirtbag was suing the hospitals who had revoked his privileges! And we were helping him do that, and getting paid from his unlimited money supply in the process. The arrogance. I see narcissism, and it looks like some sociopathy too. It’s not well known, but many physicians are controlled psychopaths. The field of surgery is full of them. And you wondered why so many surgeons have the reputation of being the worst arrogant physicians of them all. These professionals have learned to channel their sociopathy into quasi-legal avenues in order to become “legal criminals.” But these folks do a lot of damage. Look at our politicians corporate executives? Just how many are not controlled psychopaths?

Americans Are Pro-life!

Repost from the old site.

Yeah. Like Hell they are.

That’s why fully 91-9

This is where all those silly abortion polls mess up. No way are 8

And when it comes right down to brass tacks, a severely retarded or messed up fetus that will become a human child in months, that you will have to raise, painfully, for not just 18 years, but for its whole life, most Americans just swallow the bullet, pull the lever and say bye-bye.

This is why those polls can’t be trusted. A lot of supposed pro-life folks will have an abortion when all the chips are down, and there’s everything to lose.

A Strange Bioethics Case

A Bioethics site highlights a strange protocol engaged in by a pediatric urologist team. This team is involved in clitoroplasty of young girls. The girls have CAH (congenital adrenal hyperplasia), a condition that can produce an enlarged clitoris, among other masculinizing effects.

There is no evidence that an enlarged clitoris is harmful in any way, psychologically, socially or medically. Hence, there really is no need for the research. The surgery aims to reduce the enlarged clitoris to a normal sized clit. No one really knows what the effects of the surgery are, but the authors of the study aim to prove that nerve function is spared and the girls can have normal sex lives later on.

How they are proving this is rather strange. One of the doctors has the girls come in with their parents and strip naked in the office. Then she lies down on a table and he takes a vibrator-like object and places it on her clitoris. The girl is asked to report the intensity of feeling she experiences with the stimulation by the vibrator.

The gist of the article is that this study is bioethically dubious and should have at least gone before a committee for approval.

Some of the comments are saying that the doctor should be arrested for child abuse, but I think that goes too far. It would be best for the research to go before a committee to determine if it is appropriate. No one knows what long-term effects these girls will experience from this research.

Diddling lolis with vibrators in the name of research. LOL.

어마어마한 여드름 짜내기

[wpvideo lPymBw0E]

This post has been translated into Italian as Un Bisturi Una Cisti (traduzione in italiano) and into French as Un Bistouri Un Kyste (en Français).

This is a Korean translation of the One Lance, One Cyst post. Most people should be able to handle watching this post, though it is rather gross. It was translated by 넝근넝근, who does incredible work.

나는 단지 의학적 지식을 궁구히 하는 목적으로 올렸을 뿐입니다이 비디오는 정말 역겹습니다.

전 이걸 단지 의학 비디오로 보고있습니다. 아마도 진료실에서 촬영한것 같군요. 보기엔 더러운 낭종 (혹은 염증, 여드름 아니면 다른 어떤걸)을 채혈하고 있습니다. 외관상으로는 피지낭으로 보입니다.

전 중년이지만 여드름 터뜨리는걸 좋아합니다. 흉터를 남긴다는 건 알지만 솔직하게 말하면 특히 당신이 손을 깨끗이 씻고 샤워를 자주 한다면 여드름은 없어질 것이고 문제가 되지 않을겁니다.

여기에 나오는 건 역사상 가장 무시무시한 여드름 같군요. 계속 짜내자 서서히 줄어들어 끝날 것 처럼 보입니다. 의사가 막 끝낼거라고 생각하는 순간 이 여드름은 또 다시 우글우글 쏟아집니다.

당신이 내가 이 영상을 올린데에 불만스럽다면.

Un Bisturi Una Cisti

[wpvideo lPymBw0E] This post has been translated into French as Un Bistouri Un Kyste (en Français). This is an Italian translation of the One Lance One Cyst video by Natalie of France, my finest translator. Enjoy. Questo video è veramente disgustoso ! Penso si tratti di un film medicale. Pare sia stato girato in un ambulatorio. Si vede semplicemente l’incisione di una cisti mostruosa, o un brufolo o qualcosa del genere. Dal suo aspetto sembra una cisti sebacea. Mi piace molto schiacciarmi i brufoli, pure alla mia età. Lo so che poi possono rimanere delle cicatrici, ma onestamente è difficile, soprattutto se le mani sono pulite, dopo la doccia e che i brufoli sono pronti a scoppiare. Questa cosa nel video è il « più terribile brufolo che si sia mai visto ». L’apparecchio aspira sempre di più, sembra che il brufolo sia dotato di una produzione di sebo eterna. Proprio quando si comincia a sperare che il dottore stia finendo, quel dannato brufolo ressuscita e combatte di nuovo. A tutti quelli che mi malediscono di aver pubblicato questa cazzata, il mio intento è di far progredire la scienza, ecco.

Un Bistouri Un Kyste

[wpvideo lPymBw0E] This post has been translated into Italian as Un Bisturi Una Cisti (traduzione in italiano). This is a French translation of the One Lance One Cyst video by Natalie of France, my finest translator. Enjoy. Cette vidéo est vraiment dégoutante! Je pense qu’il s’agit d’une vidéo médicale. Il semble qu’elle ait été tournée dans un cabinet médical. Elle montre tout simplement l’incision d’un horrible kyste, bouton ou furoncle où quelque chose de ce genre. Vu son aspect on dirait un kyste sébacé. J’aime beaucoup me presser les boutons, même à mon age (mûr). Je sais que ça peut laisser des cicatrices, mais honnêtement, c’est difficile, surtout si vos mains son propres, juste après une douche et que le boutons est prêt à exploser. Cette chose dans la vidéo est « Le bouton le plus diabolique jamais créé ». L’appareil aspire encore et encore, cette chose semble un puits sans fond. Juste quand on pense que le docteur a réussi 0 terminer, ce satané bouton resurgit et livre le combat une fois de plus. Pour tous ceux qui me maudissent d’avoir posté cette connerie, je tiens à vous faire savoir que je l’ai mise pour faire avancer la science, voilà.

One Lance One Cyst

[wpvideo lPymBw0E] This post has been translated into Italian as Un Bisturi Una Cisti (traduzione in italiano) and into French as Un Bistouri Un Kyste (en Français). This video is really gross! I think it’s just a medical video. Looks like it was shot in a doctor’s office. It simply shows the lancing of some horrible cyst – boil – zit or whatever it is. From the looks of it, it appears to be a sebaceous cyst. I love to pop me a zit or two, even in middle age. I know it’s supposed to leave scars, but honestly, it hardly ever does, especially if your hands are clean, you’re just out of the shower,  and the zit is ready to blow. This thing in the movie is like the Most Evil Zit That Ever Was. The sucker just goes on and on and seems to have eternal life or something. Just when you think the doc’s finally got the last of it, this damn Zit Christ up and resurrects to fight once again. For all you who bitch about me posting this crap, I’m posting this in the furtherance of medical science, so there. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.


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