Hollies, “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother”

Another incredibly great Hollies songs, this one from 1969. I do remember this song quite a bit because they kept playing it into the 1970’s after 1973 when I first started listening to rock music. Looks like it’s more or less some sort of a hippie song.

Back in the day, we called all of our fellow hippie men brothers and we called all of our fellow hippie women sisters. What’s weird is a lot of these hippies really did have a deep sense of love vibrating out of them. Further, they were pacifists, almost too much so. If things started getting wild, people would say, “It’s cool! It’s cool! It’s cool!” That meant calm down and quit fighting or quit bothering this dude or whatever. It really was a Brotherhood. A really special time. I’m not even sure if there are still people like this around, but it was a great time to be alive.

The road is long
With many a winding turn
That leads us to who knows where
Who knows where
But I’m strong
Strong enough to carry him
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother
So on we go
His welfare is of my concern
No burden is he to bear
We’ll get there
For I know
He would not encumber me
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother
If I’m laden at all
I’m laden with sadness
That everyone’s heart
Isn’t filled with the gladness
Of love for one another
It’s a long, long road
From which there is no return
While we’re on the way to there
Why not share
And the load
Doesn’t weigh me down at all
He ain’t heavy he’s my brother
He’s my brother
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother, he ain’t heavy

Alt Left: The Idiocy and Uselessness of Modern Anti-racism

The Nigger Word

I refuse to call it the n-word as I’m not a hypersensitive homosexual. I’m a real man, so I can handle real words, even not-nice words. I’m tough enough. I can deal. Throw it at me. All you got. I’ll sit here and take it like a man.

A 15 year old girl calls her White friends niggers on a video because that is what she and her friends call each other and her life is wrecked by the Fuddy Duddy Antiracist Left. You know, like Black people do?

A country singer calls his friend a nigger as they are going home on a weekend and his career is almost wrecked. He and his friends call each other niggers. You know, like Black people do?

A professor of Chinese discusses a phrase called nee gah in Chinese, which means something or other. Anyway it’s frequently used, whatever the Hell it means. Some sissy Black guys heard that word and wet the bed that night because they hallucinated that the professor he said “nigger.”What a bunch of homos.

A law professor puts a question on a test about discrimination law. It describes an incident where a White woman calls a Black women a nigger, among other things. Some Black girlyman sees it and says he almost had a heart attack. If he’s that much of a sissy, I’m sorry he didn’t have a heart attack! Last thing we need is more pussy men.

Various people have been fired from high-paying jobs and got their careers wrecked for having discussions along the lines of, “Hey, if Black people can say nigger, why can’t we Whites say it?” There is a reasonable answer to this from Black people – that it means one thing when Blacks say it and another when Whites do – but that’s not always the case and anyway, it’s a reasonable area of discussion.

We can’t even say the word or write it out because too many Black manginas might wet their pants. Oh poor babies!

Black Men Have Turned into a Bunch of Crybaby Sissies

Hey stupid Black people! We aren’t talking about you, you wet blanket, no fun, party pooper, crybaby sissies! I thought you Black men were tough. All I see is a bunch of crybabies anymore.

What the Hell, men? Black men act like girls now. Someone says one word and they piss their pants and say they’re having a heart attack. You all are acting like a bunch of faggots, man.

Knock it off and man up. That was one thing we White people liked about  Black men. At least you’re masculine! You’re masculine as Hell! Too masculine really. Well, that’s all gone now. You say one word to a Black guy and he says you broke his eardrum and he will need two months of therapy. Nothing but a bunch of girlymen. Pathetic!

Some guy says uses the term Black hole when discussing matters relating to a mostly Black city council and the NAACP, now an utterly worthless organization of morons and dipshits, has a shit-fit. These dumbass Blacks thought he was calling Black people “Black holes” when really he was using the term astronomically in some sense.

All of this shows useless, pointless, and ultimately insane modern anti-racism is.

Martin had a point. So did Malcolm. So did the Panthers. They were at least talking about some real shit. Now it’s nothing but a bunch of queers and screaming vixen who get offended and wet their pants 500 times a day. Oh poor babies! Need to go to your safe space now so you can cry?

The Problem of Hate Facts

James Watson the discover of the double helix DNA structure, tells the truth, that Black people simply are not as smart as White people, and his career is wrecked. Because everyone said he told a racist lie. But what he said is straight up pure scientific fact. No one who studies these matters regards this as a controversial statement anymore. The debate ended decades ago. But the word never filtered down to popular culture, which is still pushing the belief, moronic on its face, that the human races are basically equal. They evolved differently in different places, so why on Earth would anyone expect them to be equal.

Even the expectation is idiotic. It’s barely even a hypothesis worth testing as it’s so stupid that it almost blows it at the hypothesis level. Yet this retarded belief in the equality of the races in all things is the current view of mainstream US society. Deviate from it and tell the scientific truth at your own risk. If you tell the truth, you lose your job and your career. The only way to stay afloat in this dumb society is mouth a bunch of stupid lies that anyone with half a brain knows is wrong. It’s almost like Idiocracy has already arrived.

Jimi Hendrix, “Star Spangled Banner”

Jimi Hendrix, “Star Spangled Banner.”

This is the very famous version from Woodstock, 1969. Too bad I was too young for that at age 12, otherwise I should have gone for sure. It’s pure noise but I love it, so what! So sue me! I don’t believe this song was recorded before Woodstock but I might be mistaken.

The intro here is by Little Richard, yeah he was gay as Hell but so what, he was great anyway. The end is Jimi Hendrix on the Jimmy Carson Show. Anyone remember him? I do! Listen to how soft his voice is. And check out that hippie getup. Dig it, man, dig it! Love that peace sign at the end too.

I’m not sure if I met a lot of them, but from what I recall, most Black hippies were pretty cool. I think I met a Black hippie in 1978 when I drove my ice cream truck and of course sold pot and hash out of it on the side like the old Dragnet shows. One night after work, we were smoking hash in my car with this hippie dude with an “Eat the Rich” shirt and this Black hippie dude. The Black dude was playing a Parliament Funkadelic tape. That was funk, some sort of psychedelic post-hippie weirdness. You have to go look it up on Wikipedia. Those guys were too much. They were freaks!

Black hippies acted more like hippies than Black people. They didn’t act much different from the  White hippies. I’m not sure there were a lot of problems with them either. Maybe it was self-selection or maybe the  peace love dope hippie scene calmed them down, who knows? I’d much rather see Blacks wearing hippie getup, dropping acid, and flashing peace signs than acting like ghetto rappers and destroying cities and being pissed off for no reason over retard causes like BLM.

Ronnie Milsap/Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge, “Please Don’t Tell Me How the Story Ends


“Please Don’t Tell Me How the Story Ends,” by Ronny Milsap. Supposedly a big hit in 1974, except I’ve never even heard of it! There’s also a Willie Nelson version.

The song itself was written by Kris Kristofferson, the great songwriter. I believe he wrote it for Ronnie Milsap. Here’s Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge performing it live. What’s odd about this performance is that they performed this just as their marriage was ending. Look in Rita’s eyes. Hell, look in Kris’ eyes.  They both look sad, but Rita looks sad as Hell. It took her a long time to get over Kris Kristofferson. That’s why she was single for so long after she broke up with him. Wasn’t she beautiful though?

See how Kris is dressed? See how his hair is cut? That’s how we wore our hair and dressed in the 1970’s. Faggy shirts, faggy pants, faggy long hair, the whole faggy nine yards. We even sort of acted like fags. Well, just a little bit. More like Mick Jagger/Iggy Pop pure androgynes if you catch my drift. Women really went for pure androgynes like that bigtime.

The idea back then was dress like a fag, sort of act like a fag (but not too much), play your cards right, add in some good looks and killer game, and you’ll get lots of pussy! So that’s what we did. We dressed like a bunch of faggots, acted a little tiny bit faggy, and, well, some of us…got lots of pussy! And almost none of us were the slightest bit gay either! Because you know, that was a bridge too far back then. As it should be.

I swear men will do anything women demand they do to get laid. If women made us stand on our head for two hours while counting backwards from 100 in order to get laid, a lot of us idiots would probably just do it. The feminists have got it all wrong. The women have us by the balls, not the other way around. They write the rules, we play the game. They can change the rules all the want, and we’ll follow like pathetic puppy dogs. When you’re a pussy addict, the pussy dealers (the women) can play you like a fiddle. And most of us fool men will do anything for a fix, just like any old addict.

C’est la vie!

“Did You No Wrong,” Sex Pistols

Very nice! “Did You No Wrong” by the Sex Pistols. This song was never included on their most famous album, Never Mind the Bollocks, here’s the Sex Pistols, one of the greatest rock albums ever made that did more than any other record to kick start the punk rock movement. This song was only released as a B-side to God Save the Queen, which was released in May 1977.

The famous record jacket from the Sex Pistols very early single, “God Save the Queen.” The Virgin version had “I Did You No Wrong” on the B side.

The album was not released until October. It somehow went to #1 on the charts even though it caused a wave of outrage because it pretty much insulted the queen and by extension, the UK itself. It was actually banned by the BBC! After it was banned, the group rented a boat on the Thames River that flows through London and played the song at a very loud volume as the boat floated down the river. I remember when this song came out.

I believe either my brother or I purchased it in Summer 1978. Keep in mind that no one was into punk rock back then. Instead everyone was a pothead hippie, and this new punk rock music was universally reviled by such folks. I was a pothead hippie too of course, but I took to the new punk rock like a fish to water.

It was very unpopular to be a punk back then. You basically had just about no friends. Well, none of your friends agreed with your new music choice, let’s put it that way. Punks were basically reviled and  rejected by everyone, which is actually sort of the whole  idea of the movement, so in a way it was perfect! It was hard to be a punk though. I wore the buttons, cut my hair in an insane punk rock haircut with short hair but a long “tail” going down my neck. People would laugh at me and ridicule me when I went out.

Even though we bought the single a year after it came out, my brother and I were some of the only people into this new music. But we knew we had hit gold. The Sex Pistols were just rock roll, straight from Little Richard and  Chuck Berry through the Rolling Stones, the Velvet Underground and the Stooges to glam and the New York  Dolls all the way to the  logical next extension, punk rock. It was all a long, unbroken string, the same music being reincarnated and improved with each new generation.

At this time, rock had gotten away from rock music proper and was off into progressive rock like Genesis, Yes, and Emerson, Lake and Palmer (well, at least they rocked). Pretty much stoner music with lots of synthesizers. It was very nice, but rock and roll it wasn’t. Punk rock was supposed to be a rebellion against all that stuff and a straight, back to the basics approach. The Pistols had more in common with Chuck Berry than they did with Genesis.

Jimi Hendrix, “Purple Haze”

Jimi Hendrix Experience, “Purple Haze,” off their debut album, Are You Experienced? Look at him. He’s dressed like a hippie! Look at the album cover below? They’re all full-blown hippies. It was released in May 1967, only a month before the famous Summer of Love centered around the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco. This was peak hippie right around this time.

Album cover for Jimi Hendrix Experience, “Are You Experienced?” May 1967

I’m not quite sure what the lyrics are about, but Purple Haze was definitely a very strong brand of LSD that was going around at the time. You want  to know what “acid rock” was that all the parents back then were ranting about? Here you go. Acid rock, baby!

I believe Jimi Hendrix was a serious acidhead as were the other guys in his band. I knew a man who used to hang out with Hendrix and his entourage in the Seattle area where he came from. It was a group of about 200-300 people, mixed men and women, all full-blown hippies. Most of them were doing quite a bit of LSD too.

Black hippies were a thing back then, and Hendrix was absolutely a Black hippie. I’m sorry we hardly have any Black hippies around anymore. Either through self-selection or the general culture, Black hippies didn’t behave much worse than any other male hippies. This was the era of “Peace, Love, dope,” remember? Hippies freaked out if you even looked like you were getting angry. They tried to live their whole lives as free from “bad vibes” which included all forms of aggression and violence as possible. All of that was considered very “uncool.”

There were also some “Black hippie chicks” as we used to call them. Same thing, they acted pretty good too for whatever reason. The men and women both wore their hair in Afros. No Black women straightened their hair back then. An Afro was perfectly acceptable. The Black hippies lived hippie lifestyles, all the way down to the soft drug (pot and psychedelic) drug use.

I still have fond memories of Black hippies. This was a period when a group of both Blacks and Whites lived the same lifestyle without much bad behavior or racism. Racism was very frowned upon – keep in mind that all fellow hippies were your “brothers.” I don’t really like Black people having a separate culture. They’re not assimilating as long as they are doing that. And I would date a woman who was heavy into Black culture. All her friends and acquaintances will be Black and everywhere you go with her, it’ll be nothing but Black people and you’re the only White person around. Also I think assimilated Blacks act a lot better than the less assimilated, sort of like Jews in that regard.

I have no idea why Black people wish to have their own separate culture. I don’t get it. Isn’t ours good enough for y’all?


Purple haze all in my brain
Lately things don’t seem the same
Actin’ funny, but I don’t know why
‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky

Purple haze all around
Don’t know if I’m comin’ up or down
Am I happy or in misery?
Whatever it is, that girl put a spell on me

Help me
Help me
Oh, no, no

Talkin’ ’bout heart ‘n’ s-soul
I’m talkin’ about hard stuff
If everybody’s still around, fluff and ease, if
So far out my mind
Something’s happening, something’s happening

Ooo, ahhh
Ooo, ahhh
Ooo, ahhh
Ooo, ahhh, yeah!

Purple haze all in my eyes, uhh
Don’t know if it’s day or night
You got me blowin’, blowin’ my mind
Is it tomorrow or just the end of time?

Help me
Ahh, yea-yeah, purple haze, yeah
Oh, no, oh
Oh, help me
Tell me, baby, tell me
I can’t go on like this
You’re makin’ me blow my mind, mama
N-no, nooo
No, it’s painful, baby

Alt Left: Tammy Wynette, “Stand by Your Man”

Tammy Wynette, “Stand by Your Man,” from 1968! One of the greatest country songs ever written!

Lyrics, simple but just perfect:

Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman
Giving all your love to just one man
You’ll have bad times
And he’ll have good times
Doin’ things that you don’t understand
But if you love him you’ll forgive him
Even though he’s hard to understand
And if you love him oh be proud of him
‘Cause after all he’s just a man

Stand by your man
Give him two arms to cling to
And something warm to come to
When nights are cold and lonely

Stand by your man
And show the world you love him
Keep giving all the love you can
Stand by your man

Stand by your man
And show the world you love him
Keep giving all the love you can
Stand by your man

Tammy Wynette,  “Stand by Your Man” Live. A bit later in her career.

She wasn’t very famous before this, but after this, she was a superstar.

Tammy once said:

I spent 15 minutes writing this song and an entire lifetime defending it.


And isn’t that why this song is just so great?

In 2010, this song was selected by the Library of Congress to add to the National Recording Registry, for songs that “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.” In other words, that Registry is for the greatest songs ever written in America!

The Alt Left officially endorses this song, by the way. After all, we are the “Conservative Left” – liberals and Leftists who are at least somewhat conservative on social issues. I’m sure feminists hate the idea of this song, but they can go pound sand! I never knew how great this song was before.

Like most Leftists, I hated this song because it was anti-feminist and oppressed women and all that crap. It was a song for Republican social conservatives. Except it’s not and it wasn’t.

But that was before I had a few girlfriends who actually, literally, stood by their man, meaning me, that is. One was Jewish! Would you expect a Jewish woman to do that? Well, who knows?

The feeling of having a woman who will stand by your side through thick and thin and especially to live her life through yours is one of the greatest highs a man can experience in this life. Better than sex. Better than love. Well, it’s love with an extra helping of chocolate syrup on top, let’s put it that way. But what a syrup that is!

The strange thing is that a woman who truly loves you actually wants to be like this. She wants to stand by her man. She wants to live her life through you. She wants to be dead jealous of you.

I had one girlfriend who was so jealous of me that she used to say, “I will cut a bitch! No woman is getting near my man!” Stand by your man!

She told me she had a tattoo on her ankle, and I told her I didn’t like tattoos. She immediately resolved to remove the tattoo! If my man wants my tattoo off, it’s coming off! Stand by your man!

Hey, I like that! She wants to dress you in the morning, pick your clothes and cologne, watch you shave, iron your shirts, and listen intently to how your day went when you come home. Stand by your man!

I think most of you men on here really do want a “stand by your man” woman. Trust me, there’s no better kind.

This must be a deep-rooted need in women, in tandem with femininity, submission, a need to be dominated, ferocious jealousy in keeping other women away from her prized man. It’s got to be genetic.

If you have ever seen a woman dissolve into femininity (often because she is madly in love with you or very turned on by you sexually) you will see that she seems to melt in place right there. You can tell that she’s in her special place; she’s hitting her sweet spot. Deep down inside, this is where most women truly long to be.

Feminism is a lie. It tells women that femininity is evil and oppressive. Like Hell it is. It’s the life blood of womankind. Take it away and they go nuts. Look at modern women. Look at how nuts they are. They’re having their femininity taken away from them. Of course they’re going nuts. How else would they act? They think this is what they want because feminism lied to them and told them that and believed and fell for it. Of course it was a lie.

Once again, the Cultural Left goes to bat against Nature and the weight of 200,000 years. And once again, Mother Nature on the mound mows down another row of the Left’s pathetic pinch-hitters.

Mother Nature 200,000,  Cultural Left 0.

Village People, YMCA

Village People, YMCA. 1978.

This song was gay as Hell. Produced by Jacques Morali, a producer who was also gay as Hell. This represents what the gay scene in LA, San Fransisco and New York was like in the 1970’s. Cruising? Check. Short haircuts? Check. Little moustaches? Check. They all looked alike, which was why they were called The Castro Clones after San Fransisco’s uber-gay Castro District.

Each character plays a typical gay icon or stereotype. The muscleman, the leatherman, the construction worker,  the cowboy – these are all get-ups that gay men warp into when they go out cruising for sex. Like dress-up theater with lots of perverted sex.

It’s all fantasy, but then gay male life is mostly fantasy anyway, right? How much of it is actually real? Probably not much.

Gay life is all illusion.

The old ones comfort themselves by buying the young Peter Pans. No one wants the fat ones. Forget the ugly ones. You think straight women are superficial? They’ve got nothing on gay men.

You’re a gay man. By the time you’re 30, you’re nearly washed up, and you’re already not prime meat. Hit 40 and it’s over. Nobody wants the old ones. In your 50’s, neither you nor your friends are getting much. By old age, you’re already dead. Most don’t make it to old age. I saw one figure that said only 2% of gay men live past age 65.

Gay life is like a meteor. It burns white hot bright for a bit, then it’s over with cruel bang and a fade to pure nothingness.

This was a somewhat homophobic era, but it was more in the sense that homosexuality was the worst thing that a man could be, so no one would ever suggest that about you unless they had some pretty good evidence. The default was straight and everyone was straight until proven otherwise.

Effeminate men were not well-liked. I was in a class with the girlfriend who liked my scarf below, and she hated an effeminate openly bisexual man in the group. She said he gave her the creeps.

Mostly you never saw or even heard of gay men, so why talk about them? Homosexuality was the “unthinkable,” the “unspoken.”

Everyone makes fun of disco, but I was way off into it. People called me a disco duck. Velvet pants, silk shirts, corded belts, silk and cotton scarves, four inch high purple platform heels. I was all set to dance the night away.

Thing was back in the disco era, you could wear all that stuff, and no one would think you were gay.  Well, most people wouldn’t. Even back then, there were a few ugly homophobes, but they weren’t common. Most people weren’t like that.

Anyway, gay men don’t dress like that. Nor do women. No woman dresses like that. It’s like the Dolls, totally unique, the true pure androgynes of the disco, glitter and glam rock era.

I worked as a valet car parker at a disco in 1976. We were required to turn all of the tips in to the head valet for some stupid reason. My friend and I thought that was bullshit, and since we were both semi-criminals like any young man worth his salt, we devised a scheme to steal a lot of the tips from him.

My friend had hatchback truck, and we left the rear hatchback unlocked. We would go by his truck on our way back to the valet grounds and throw a certain amount of the bills into the back of the truck. Then we would give the boss a certain amount of the rest.

We monitored it all the time because he always called us crooks and suspected us of stealing from him, but he could never prove it, and that really pissed him off.

We figured out how to turn in just enough tips to make it seem kosher while still stealing as much as we could. We were always talking about how much to steal and adjusting the amount we gave back to him based on his suspicions du jour.

I told you being a criminal is fun, right? The rush is like no other. That wild excitement, combined with sheer horror! crime’s a blast. The thrill of getting away with it. The fear of getting caught.  Adrenaline junkies love it.

We ripped off that poor guy for months and he could never prove it! He kept grumbling that we were ripping him off while we swore with our best lying poker faces that we gave him every nickel.

We were revolutionaries in a sense. We thought it was disgustingly unfair that we had to turn all of our tips in to him. Don’t tipped workers usually get to keep all their tips? He represented the bosses and we were the poor afflicted proletarians. Valets of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your tips!

At the end of the night, we would open up the back of the truck, dive into the glorious pile of bills, and count the loot. It was usually a pretty good haul. Sometimes we got $5, $10’s, $20’s, even a $50. Disco ducks had money to burn and liked to throw it around for whatever reason.

Remember this was when a record album cost $4, and a ski lift ticket cost $8. A concert ticket was maybe $10. Everything was dirt cheap and more or less affordable. Now none of those things are affordable. Only if you’re rich. It was a special time.

The idea that being dressed like me above meant you were gay was a joke. Women loved outfits like that. I had women tell me that when they saw me with that cotton scarf on, they wanted to jump on me right there.

Back then a guy dressed I was above was the opposite of gay. He might drive a Porsche. There he was, sniffing lines of coke in the backseat of his sports car in the dirt parking lot of the damned disco itself with two gorgeous model types all slutted up, one ready to suck his cock before the other one fucked him. This is how men like that lived.

There was not a lot of homosexuality in the disco scene. I believe that discos were divided into gay and straight because the gay men sure had their discos all right. But so did we. The discos we went to were the straight discos. The men all disco ducks, the women all disco sluts. Pure hedonism, 1970’s style. We thought the night would never end. Then the 80’s hit, and it was all gone as fast as it started.

The Marriage of Drug, Black, and Jazz Cultures in the Earlier Days of Jazz Music

The jazz underground has always been associated with Black people and drugs even from its early days in the 1920’s.

The drug back then was mostly marijuana which was widely demonized back then because it was mostly used by Blacks and Hispanics. Whites who used it were more or less White niggers or wiggers so to speak.

The Pot Makes You Violent Bullshit

My Mom has believed this garbage her whole life. She keeps bringing it up. She got infected with this propaganda way back as a girl. This shows how strong propaganda is and how it has the potential to override all reason.

This is where the myth the crazed psychotic violent pot crazed murdering maniac comes from – the fact that most pot users were either city Blacks or low-skilled Mexican workers. These people were considered to be violent types – and they are more violent than Whites. They also used pot, so it was assumed that the pot and violence went together except that it didn’t and if anything it probably calmed them down.

There were also a few notorious cases in which unstable pot smokers went wild and committed some savage murders. The relationship of pot with these cases is unknown but back then, few people smoked pot, but one thing was for sure – almost all criminals, even White criminals, smoked pot. In fact it was seen as a drug of criminals which is why a lot of people didn’t want to use it.

The completely serious movie (now a so bad it’s great movie) Reefer Madness is emblematic of the anti-pot propaganda of the time.

A man named Henry J. Anslinger headed the Drug Enforcement Agency back then, and he had some sort of a hard-on for pot for some crazy reason. He led the anti-pot campaign in the US for many years starting  in the 1930’s. He was more of a brainwashed (and racist) fool than anything else, but he damaged the lives of a lot of innocent pot smokers.

Of course anyone who has smoked pot knows that it calms you down. I knew Jack Herrer, a famous post activist.

He told me that when he was in jail and prison, prisoners who smoked pot always calmed down a lot and became less aggressive and violent. He said some of the wardens even turned a blind eye to pot use for his reason. In fact, the passivity that this drug causes is one of its biggest problems, as people get lost in their bong hits and become apathetic as the world passes them by.

This amotivational syndrome is mostly an issue for teenagers and young adults and it is quite common among young potheads. However, I have hardly ever met an adult past age 23 who had amotivational syndrome, as most even very heavy pot-smokers develop the work ethic needed to survive in our society by that age.

Teenagers and young adults are notoriously apathetic and poorly motivated as it is, since they have not yet been beaten over the head with the Reality Stick of Life. Encapsulate such a young person in a perennial cloud of pot smoke, and it just makes the laziness and lack of guidance, direction, and purpose typical of this age group all the worse.

Anyway, the jazz scene lingered in mostly Black and rather sleazy nightclubs in ghettos where nevertheless a lot of lowlife White types who lived my sort of lifestyle liked to go to slum it up on weekends. White men have been slumming it up forever. There is a cool element to it as long as you do not get too taken in by it.

Ghetto Drugs and Non-Ghetto Drugs

Cocaine and heroin were also pretty widely widely used in this scene – cocaine all the way back to the 1920’s, when we were already getting warnings about the insidious nature of this drug. Heroin was always around too, as it’s always been in the ghettos. It got more popular in the 1950’s and many great Black jazz musicians become junkies.

Psychedelics were never popular, as not only were they not around then, but also people in the ghettos and barrios of big cities have never been big psychedelic fans.

Psychedelics actually do expand your awareness and exaggerate whatever environment you are in. This is great for self-exploration if you have a fairly cozy life, but if your life blows for any reason, you might just have a bad trip.

I kept a hit of strong LSD in my refrigerator for two years until I finally felt that my head was perfectly clear and sane enough to take the stuff. The importance of what is called set and setting is extremely important for drugs like this.  Psychedelics are not escapist drugs – they are the opposite.

As Blacks and Hispanics in city ghettos and barrios are usually living anywhere from a hardscrabble to nightmarish existence, the last they want to is to take a drug that makes that very existence about 10 times as powerful as it is.

On the other hand, PCP  was popular in the Black and Hispanic communities, but it is not a psychedelic per se, as it is more of an anesthetic – it was originally an animal tranquilizer, and people used to refer to it as “elephant tranquilizer,” which was exactly what it was used for.

Yes, that stuff was actually used to literally knock out massive elephants. Now think about a drug that is strong enough to put an elephant on its ass and try to imagine what it will do  to a comparatively puny human.

The PCP experience can be profoundly weird, but I suppose it is also a form of escapism, as when you use PCP  you are basically traveling to another  planet right here on Earth. Going all the way to another planet while never leaving your own is about as powerful as escapism gets, I would say.

Happy 50th Birthday Give Peace a Chance

The official video from the song, no less. Recorded in Montreal, Canada in Room 1742 at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in June 1969 with John and Yoko singing backed by the Plastic Ono Band. The song was released while John was still part of the Beatles.

The other Beatles hated that John was with Yoko. “That Okinawan witch,” Paul McCarthy referred to her. Yoko was a very avant-garde artist from Japan who speak English as a second language. The two were very much in love, though John used to beat her up in the 1970’s when they lived in New York.

One of the greatest antiwar songs of all time. From the anti-Vietnam War Movement of that time. I am wondering. Will we ever have another antiwar movement ever again in this blighted land? I think it will never happen again. Just one more way we have gone backwards in fifty years.

At 1:38, 2:05,3:38, and again at 4:50, guess who that is? None other than Timothy Leary himself! Every time I see Tim Leary,  he’s always got an ear to ear smile across his face.

I saw him once in a video store on Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood in 1985. He was renting a copy of Amadeus at 10 PM. My friend said, “Bob! Look! It’s Timothy Leary! The Godhead! And he put his hands together and prayer and started bowing to the Prince of LSD. He was smiling then too, same thing. His teeth lit up the room, and you couldn’t frown if you tried. I guess if you took as much acid as he did, you might have a perma-smile on your face too, right?

Who’s that at 1:52? Allen Ginsberg? Gotta be him. It can’t be anyone else.

Who’s that at 2:48? It’s got to be Tommy Smothers!

And the gorgeous Rosemary Woodruff Leary from the start off and on until :46 and then again in several places. Got to be her. Plus she’s sitting right next to Tim.

Derek Taylor at 1:22. The famous record producer and journalist known as “The Fifth Beatle.”

Tommy Cooper, the comedian and magician, in the background at 1:07 and again at 3:06? Could well be.

Now we have to find Dylan and Mailer, and we’re home free.

They don’t mention her in the song, but can anyone spot the woman at 4:02. I can. It’s Petula Clark, the famous actress!

Ev’rybody’s talking about
Bagism, Shagism, Dragism, Madism, Ragism, Tagism
This-ism, that-ism, is-m, is-m, is-m
All we are saying is give peace a chance
All we are saying is give peace a chance
Ev’rybody’s talking about
Ministers, sinisters, banisters and canisters
Bishops and fishops and rabbis and Popeyes
And bye bye, bye byes
All we are saying is give peace a chance
All we are saying is give peace a chance
Let me tell you now
Ev’rybody’s talking about
Revolution, evolution, masturbation
Flagellation, regulation, integrations
Meditations, United Nations
All we are saying is give peace a chance
All we are saying is give peace a chance
Ev’rybody’s talking about
John and Yoko, Timmy Leary, Rosemary Tommy Smothers, Bobby Dylan
Tommy Cooper, Derek Taylor
Norman Mailer, Alan Ginsberg
Hare Krishna
Hare, Hare Krishna
All we are saying is give peace a chance
All we are saying is give peace a chance
All we are saying is give peace a chance
All we are saying is give peace a chance

Happy 50th Birthday Midnight Cowboy

Midnight Cowboy starring Jon Voight (possibly the best of his career) and Dustin Hoffman in two of their finest roles ever. Released in 1969 to rave reviews.

One of the greatest movies of all time. Very popular with hipsters. I first heard of it from some of the local street guys, macho punk hustler pot and acidhead types, the first time I ever smoked pot, in 1973. It was a traumatic situation that I will not go into.

But I do remember one of those macho punk hustler delinquents told the other one that Midnight Cowboy was on the TV and to come inside and watch it. That’s what it was. A cult hipster hippie movie from the 1960’s with its own special unique charm. The movie had a bit of homosexuality in it, but that wasn’t enough to scare of these tough street punks.

If you have never watched this movie, you don’t know what you are missing.

And the final scene is sad as Hell. Really, the whole damn movie is sad as Hell, come to think of it.

Happy Birthday 1969!

I was only 11 years old, and I was a total nerd who hated hippies, was unpopular, always got picked last in sports, and wasn’t liked by any girls.

Except none of us were liked by any girls in 6th grade, so it doesn’t matter. I didn’t even know what sex was. That year my Mom read a book to me about sex but she lied to me, which was a bit annoying. I was walking home one day with my best friend and we were talking about sex.

He shook his head, “I dunno,” he said. “My Mom said she’s never done it!” A reincarnation of Jesus as an Hispanic woman! I mean his parents had separate bedrooms but obviously this had not always been the case, the last immaculate conception being a couple of thousand years ago, and even that one’s up for grabs. I’m a Christian and I think the IC is a load of hooey, sorry. Mary got laid by Joseph, just like any normal human woman, you know?

I had a ton of friends though with the local boys on and around my street. We all hung out all the time.

I actually played a lot of sports. I was just never good at any of them. All we did was play sports actually.

Don’t forget the antisocial behavior, the best fun of all!

We also had dirt clod wars. And berry wars, with these weird hard green olive-shaped berry things that grew on the plants around there. And play Kill the Man on the Hoppity Hop, otherwise known as Smear the Queer. And bully the faggots, psychos, and crybabies our age! Good times! Bullying is fun! Don’t forget the bullying!

And my two brothers and I, when we weren’t best friends, were busy teasing, tormenting, baiting and beating the crap out of each other. Oh Hell yeah!

Our backyard was undeveloped and a part of it was permanently flooded. That was called Mud River and was to be avoided. The rest of the yard was quickly turned into a series of forts. I think we each had our own forts.

There were construction workers out the backyard building a new tract, and like typical little shits, we stole wood, nails, chisels, you name it, from them. I must say it’s really fun to steal stuff! The rush you get from stealing stuff is almost like no other on Earth. Vandalism is close. I can see criminals do it. Crime is a rush like no other, even surpassing any drug.

We used to the wood the build forts. We used the nails for trading somehow or other. We transported them around in these toy trucks we bought. It sounds boring but it was a blast.

Oh, and we made Creepy Crawlers and had long marches around the house with them. My favorite was named Tim. He was a red spider who had one of his legs cut off. I think he was a General in the Creepy Crawler Army My brothers’ favorites were green horned toads called Horny and Hornet, a male and female. They might have been generals too.

I have no idea the purpose of these stupid marches around the house. My Mom marveled at the absurdity and idiocy of it all. “Don’t you ever get bored of this? The Creepy Crawler marches extended through much of the house, up and down both sets of stairs and winding through the hallways. We didn’t listen to her. What red-blooded 11 year old boy listens to their Mom? Screw that! Listening to your Mom is for girls, sissies and fags!

We also went hiking a lot and around this time. I joined the Boy Scouts and went on a number of trips with them, including multiday backpacking trips far into the High Sierra Mountains that lasted over a week.

My Dad went with us on a lot of these hikes and on a lot of these wild fishing expeditions, often involving deep sea fishing and fishing trips to Ensenada and San Felipe, Mexico. There were so many fish down there you could almost walk upon the sea on the backs of the fish. I have no idea what it’s like down there. I hear they didn’t have much of a commercial fishing industry, so it wasn’t fished out.

That was back when my Dad was a cool guy most of the time. Before he turned into a full-time asshole. He started having problems with his career, and he took it out on all of us kids, as men are so wont to do. That’s called Displacement, Psychology students.

At age 15, the Haircut Wars started, and I was “the ringleader of the rebels,” as he put it. Well, of course I was.

He would sit there and look at me at the dinner table with sheer hatred on his face and not say anything for long minutes. Then he would slam his fist on the table and say, “You look just like Veronica Lake!” I always thought that was funny. Veronica Lake was some hot actress back in the day who was famous for her curly hair. And yeah, I had curly hair. I guess that made me even more effeminate to him.

Men growing their hair as long as women was some sort of an absolute outrage for his generation. Men had short hair. Girls had long hair. And never the twain shall meet. I was never sure if he thought it meant I was a faggot or what. I think there was just something extremely unmasculine about long hair on a man. Like if your 15 year old son starts wearing dresses for no good reason. I’d probably slam my fist on the table too.

Funny thing though was that I was a complete washout with girls until I started growing my hair long, smoking pot, listening to rock and roll and being a typical degenerate teenager of my day.

After a while, I tried to explain to him that girls hated guys with short hair. We were actually growing our hair long to get chicks, Dad! Give us a break! He regarded this as one of the most utterly insane things he had ever heard. Growing your hair long so you look like a pathetic effeminate wuss girlyboy transvestite faggot gets you chicks because this is what babes want?

That does not compute!*

They called it “geek hair.” You could only get away with it if you were a jock or a good musician or a hot surfer. Otherwise you were screwed. We grew our hair long to try to get laid. Actually probably 50% of what sexually mature males do in their lives is nothing but an abject and pathetic effort to get laid. True fact. You don’t have to believe me.

Anyway, pretty incredible times. But things were always better back in the day. You all know that.

*A popular saying back in the day. You all probably never heard of it.

Happy Fiftieth Birthday, Easy Rider

Take the world in a love embrace!

I’ve always loved Steppenwolf. That’s one group of badass motherfuckers from the 1960’s. So was that movie too, by the way. One of the best hipster, outsider, hippie, and road movies ever  made. Basically giving the finger to the Establishment all the way, even at this late date, like all of us good rebels always should.

Full version here:


Get your motor runnin’
Head out on the highway
Lookin’ for adventure
And whatever comes our way

Yeah darlin’ go make it happen
Take the world in a love embrace
Fire all of your guns at once
And explode into space

I like smoke and lightning
Heavy metal thunder
Racin’ with the wind
And the feelin’ that I’m under

Yeah darlin’ go make it happen
Take the world in a love embrace
Fire all of your guns at once
And explode into space

Like a true nature’s child
We were born, born to be wild
We can climb so high
I never wanna die

Born to be wild

Born to be wild

NB: I never knew what this song was all about. I thought it was just about being a bad boy, which is my lifetime vocation from age 16-on. The only reason I do this rebel crap is that women eat up. Plus I still hate authority. I’m still rebelling against my father, the cops, the school authorities, my bosses, and all the rest of the jerkoffs who tried so foolishly to control and tame me.

Alt Left: Robert Stark Interviews Ashley Messinger about Retro-Futurism

Good stuff. Ashley Messinger is a new thinker from the UK who identifies with the Alt Left, in particular Brandon Adamnson’s Left of the Alt Right wing. It used to be called Left Wing of the Alt Right, but Brandon recently changed it to the Left of the Alt Right as he says he has abandoned the Alt Right for good and his Alt Left tendency is now completely outside of the Alt Right and more a part of the Alt Left proper.
Messinger is quite an intellectual and he can be dry and ponderous as such folks often are. But he is very smart and he has a lot of very interesting ideas. Messinger seems to be some sort of White Nationalist Lite along the lines of Adamson. Messinger even takes Adamson’s mild views further as he proposes a mostly White state that could be as low as 70% White but would include high IQ folks of certain other select races. Still not what I want, but it’s getting closer to a multicultural society or at least a White society with prominent minorities. There is a lot of talk below about all sorts of forms of Futurism, which I find fascinating but I know little about. I admit I am not a Futurist as I am a stick in the mud fogey. They discuss new genres of literature, films, architectural styles, musical genres. Fascinating stuff. Check out this interesting new Alt Left thinker.
Download here.

Robert Stark talks to Ashley Messinger about Retro Futurism

Robert Stark and co-host Brandon Adamson talk to returning guest ASHLEY MESSINGER. Ashley is based in the UK and writes for Brandon’s AltLeft.com. You can also find Ashley on Twitter.
A continuation on the topic of a “redpilled” SWPL culture and it’s viability.
The implicit Whiteness of progressive causes such as Environmentalism, Effective Altruism, and Transhumanism.
The importance of being technologically advanced in contrast to gun culture and “Becoming a Barbarian”..
Creating city-states based on shared interest.
BiopunkBiomorphism, and vertical gardens.
Brandon’s interest in 70’s Retro Futurism (ex. Logan’s Run).
Steampunk, Urban Fantasy literature, and the technology of Victorian England.
Decopunk; the film Dark City.
The lack of vision in new architecture and urbanism.
Roman Archeo-Futurism.
80’s Retro-Futurism, Cyberpunk, and Fashwave.
The Bearer of “Trad” News.
Hip to the Moon: Brandon Adamson Drops Out to Conquer the Stars.
Robert’s Journey to Vapor Island; Roger Blackstone’s “Neon Nationalism.”
The Man in the High Castle series; the alternative society portrayed and the Retro-Futuristic architecture.
Whether fascism was anti-modern or about creating an alternative modernity.
Ashley’s review of the film Call Me by Your Name.
Age of consent laws.
The film The Crush starring Alicia Silverstone.

Great Song from the Disco Era

Turn the Beat Around by Vicki Sue Robinson from 1976! She was a great mulatto singer from that era.
The disco scene was fairly multiracial. As long as you dressed up and danced, any person of any race could be part of the scene, and a lot of the best disco bands were Black, like KC and the Sunshine Band.
Most people think that all music from the disco era was horrible, but that is not necessarily true. I think there was some really great music being made in those times. Of course, I was a part of that era, so maybe I am biased, with my silk and cotton scarves, my velvet pants, silk shirts and four-inch blue platform heels. Unfortunately, there was also quite a bit of male homosexuality and bisexuality in that scene, which I am not too happy about. But mostly it was just all about rich young Whites flaunting their wealth at discos, and it was also wildly heterosexual.
When I was 18, a friend of mine and I worked as car-parkers (What is the name for that?) at a disco in Anaheim, California. We got lots of tips. However, we were required to give all of our tips to the asshole manager, and he said we were not entitled to one penny of those tips. We thought that sucked, so we started “stealing” tips. It wasn’t really stealing to us because we figured that we earned them fair and square. We would give that asshole Manny a certain portion of the tips (maybe 1/3 to 1/4) while keeping most of them for ourselves. He caught on real quick and insisted that we were stealing tips, but we always pleaded innocence.
My best friend M. and I would carpool to the job in Mark’s pickup truck with a camper shell on it (what do you call those?). We would lift up the camper shell and throw the money in the back. At the end of the night at around 2 AM, we would count up all the money and split it 50-50. We used to get some huge tips. Guys would pull in in Lamborghinis and give us $20 tips just to show off. We would take the really hot sports cars out in the back and race around in them. Manny found out about that and told us to knock it off. One time we found some disco chick out in a car in the back getting fucked by some guys.
It was good times, good times!
Unfortunately, M. had a bit of a homosexual problem (not uncommon in that scene) and that among other things (including the fact that I was selling pot to his younger brother) led to the ending of our friendship. But I will save that crazy story for another day!
What was funny was whenever I went around in those disco clothes, a lot of guys would call me a faggot, but some of those clothes drove women and girls wild. Especially those green cotton scarves and cowboy bandanas tied like scarves. Chicks went insane with lust when they saw those things!
Guys can call me a fag all they want. Just give me the pussy!

Save the White Race!

The problem with the White nationalists and White supremacists screaming about White genocide and saving the White race from extinction is that to be completely honest, there really is nothing much left to save anymore.
Back in the hippie era, we thought we were creating a whole new era of mind expansion and liberation. Instead we got mind reduction, idiocracy and a race to the bottom via the depravity of ghetto and anticivilizational culture. We were wrong to promote drugs and unlimited license. Woodstock was one thing, but from the soil of Woodstock inevitably grows something like this.
What White race? There’s nothing left. Look at the video.
White people RIP!

Pulp Fiction Soundtrack – Opening Theme (Dick Dale and His Del Tones – Miserlou)

A good overview here:

Pulp Fiction is a 1994 crime film directed by Quentin Tarantino, who cowrote its screenplay with Roger Avary. The film is known for its rich, eclectic dialogue, ironic mix of humor and violence, nonlinear storyline, and host of cinematic allusions and pop culture references.
The film was nominated for seven Oscars, including Best Picture; Tarantino and Avary won for Best Original Screenplay. It was also awarded the Palme d’Or at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival. A major critical and commercial success, it revitalized the career of its leading man, John Travolta, who received an Academy Award nomination, as did costars Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman.
Directed in a highly stylized manner, Pulp Fiction joins the intersecting storylines of Los Angeles mobsters, fringe players, small-time criminals, and a mysterious briefcase. Considerable screen time is devoted to conversations and monologues that reveal the characters’ senses of humor and perspectives on life.
The film’s title refers to the pulp magazines and hardboiled crime novels popular during the mid-20th century, known for their graphic violence and punchy dialogue. Pulp Fiction is self-referential from its opening moments, beginning with a title card that gives two dictionary definitions of “pulp”. The plot, in keeping with most of Tarantino’s other works, is presented out of chronological sequence.
The picture’s self-reflexivity, unconventional structure, and extensive use of homage and pastiche have led critics to describe it as a prime example of postmodern film. Considered by some critics a black comedy, the film is also frequently labeled a “neo-noir”.
Critic Geoffrey O’Brien argues otherwise: “The old-time noir passions, the brooding melancholy and operatic death scenes, would be altogether out of place in the crisp and brightly lit wonderland that Tarantino conjures up. [It is] neither neo-noir nor a parody of noir”.
Similarly, Nicholas Christopher calls it “more gangland camp than neo-noir”, and Foster Hirsch suggests that its “trippy fantasy landscape” characterizes it more definitively than any genre label. Pulp Fiction is viewed as the inspiration for many later movies that adopted various elements of its style.
The nature of its development, marketing, and distribution and its consequent profitability had a sweeping effect on the field of independent cinema. A cultural watershed, Pulp Fiction’s influence has been felt in several other popular media.

This is really a fantastic movie. It’s violent as Hell, and I don’t necessarily like movies like that, but it’s still excellent. Personally I think it is one of the finest movies ever made, and Tarantino is a genius. Travolta plays his best role ever, Samuel Jackson is incredible, the little known Uma Thurman was amazing.
I could watch it again and again. Like all great movies, it operates on all sorts of different levels, from quite lowbrow to the highest of highbrows.
I also love Dick Dale. I am not sure if he is still alive. He was arrested in his 50’s for screwing a 15 year old girl, but I don’t think he did much time. He was always a real surfer, I believe, and I think he was a pretty good one. I spent many years of my life in Huntington Beach, and I think Dale may have lived here. He was a legend, and his is music is as great as Pulp Fiction is in film.
There is a punk rock version of Miserlou out in the mid 1980’s by one of those antisocial beach punk bands that is totally kick-ass! I used to have it on tape. I was sort of into the Orange County beach punk scene, but it was awfully violent and antisocial.
I got jumped at a Black Flag concert by some maniacs wearing Nazi swastikas, but I didn’t get very hurt. The Alleycats were also at that show. If you can find any pictures of that hot Chinese chick and her husband from Redondo Beach who were the leaders of that band, check them out. I know that Oriental lead singer. She was nuts. She would slam dance at that Hong Kong cafe, and the bitch would actually break tables when she did it.
She completely came onto me at that Black Flag show even though her husband was there, but she gave me only seconds to make a move. I didn’t, and she moved right along. Class femme fatale. Later in the show, she saw me get jumped and she lost all respect for me after that. She would have been an interesting fuck, too bad I didn’t go for it!
That was one badass scene! It was really dangerous, but it was also one of the most exciting scenes I have ever been involved in. Danger and exhilaration = rush! Great fun for adrenaline addicts.

Offensive Interracial Sears Ad Pulled Off the Air

The video in question is here.
This is a Sears Christmas ad that has been running on TV lately. It shows a group of happy young people kissing each other and giving each other presents for Christmas. Of course they bought all of the presents at Sears. In the middle of the segment, a handsome Black man gives presents to a beautiful White blond three times and kisses her as he is doing it.
The video was uploaded to Youtube, where it got 15,000 views. It was flooded with negative racial comments from Whites. In many cases, anti-Black slurs and racist language were used by outraged White commenters. After the outpouring of rage at the ad on Youtube, Sears pulled the ad. Later the video disappeared on Youtube too.
The White nationalists are going nuts over this and saying that now corporations will have to listen to their complaints and boycotts too.
Problem is that the WN’s, like all such folks are reactionaries who are fighting a war against time. History moves forwards, not backwards, and the good old days were usually not so great.
In 1958, 96% of US Whites disapproved of romantic or sexual mingling between Blacks and Whites. By the early 1990’s, that number had dropped to 49%. In 1998, only 25% of Whites disapproved of such things. Between 1992-2008, the % of Whites disapproving of miscegenation was dropping precipitously by 1.5 points per year. If the freefall continues at this rate, within 15 years or so, the anti-miscegenationist Whites will be all but gone.
This is why WN’s are losers, and time is not on their side. Their agenda fades with each passing year.
My opinion of the video? I could care less; but then, I care nothing about interracial sexual behavior. I’m not opposed to it, but I’m not going around cheerleading for it either. It’s simply a freedom that folks should be allowed to have if they wish to indulge in such things.
Certainly Whites ought to be free to decline interracial dating with any race or ethnicity without being thought of as racist.
Increasingly, Whites are losing even that freedom, as White women who say they do not wish to date Blacks are pounded by their fellow Whites (and obviously by Black men, which figures) as “racists.” That’s simply PC run amok, and it’s got to stop. Sex is as intimate as human behavior gets. You have the right to do it or not do it, as much or as little as you like, with whichever consenting partners of either gender or whatever race or ethnicity you choose, and there’s nothing abnormal or racist about any of the choices that result.

"We Are Duh Federales! We Don't Need No Stinkin Patches!"

Actual line is something like:
“We are the Federales! We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!”
From The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, by John Huston.
Early in the movie, prospectors Dobbs, Curtain and Howard are still together. They encounter bandits, who pretend to be police, and they utter this line. Things degenerate quite a bit after this part of the movie.


Transcript of My Latest Interview on Voice of Reason Radio

This runs pretty long – it runs to 48 pages on the Net – so be forewarned. In case you didn’t listen to it, here it is. The audio is here, with some comments, mostly silly as usual.

Robert Stark: We’re going to be discussing something a little bit different. The topic tonight is The War on Men. Robert, I’ve just got to say that you’ve gotten a lot of slack for some of your views on this show.

Robert Lindsay: That’s true. I’m going a little easy on the Jews I guess.

Robert Stark: Kevin MacDonald uses the term, “a hostile elite” to refer to the elite, and he’s talking about the Jews, but you could say that the whole elite in general is dangerous when it has no loyalty to the nation-state whatsoever.

Robert Lindsay: The multinational corporations – and these White people in America, they love these corporations so much – they are a hostile elite. The elite is not just the Jews in America, it’s these hundreds of millions of very wealthy people – of rich people – all over the world. They are hostile not just to Americans but they’re hostile to their own people. They’re only out for themselves, and they’re sending the whole world down the tubes really.

You see, every one of them will sell out their own country. The elite of India will sell out India. The elite of Pakistan will sell out Pakistan. They will all sell their own countries down the tubes.

Robert Stark: I don’t think the elite in Israel has really sold out their country. That would be the one exception.

Robert Lindsay: Yes, they are patriotic in a sense I suppose. But what these elites will do is they will ruin their countries’ economies in the name of getting richer. They don’t care about their own country’s economy.

Robert Stark: The people who call themselves patriots, they often defend these sorts of people.

Robert Lindsay: The patriots, you mean the Tea Party types?

Robert Stark: Yes.

Robert Lindsay: The Tea Parties are simply an arm of the corporations. The Tea Partiers really are rootless cosmopolitans. They’re effectively all “Jews” if you want to put it that way. They’re a Judaized people; they’re infected with the Jewish spirit.

Robert Stark: Yes, Sarah Palin, she made some comments that she considered herself to be a Jew, and she has an Israeli flag in her office, and she’s the leader of the Tea Party movement.

Robert Lindsay: Sarah Palin is a Jew! All the Tea Partiers are Jews! And they’re also shilling for the multinational corporations too, so if you think about it, the Tea Parties are just the forward movement of these multinationals. They’re like the army of the multinationals, and they’re also shilling for the elite. They’re like this Brownshirt White army for the richest people in America, and I just fail to see how that’s a progressive working class movement in any way, shape or form, forget it.

Robert Stark: Yes, it’s definitely been co-opted. But let’s move on to our issue for tonight, the War on Men. So can you introduce us to our topic and talk about how feminism has really changed our society? You support equity feminism, but you are critical of the movement in a lot of other ways. You are saying that it has really destroyed marriage.

Robert Lindsay: It has in a way because we used to have mandatory marriage in America, and in most societies have mandatory marriage or especially mandatory early marriage. And what happens with mandatory early marriage is that just about everyone gets married in their early 20’s or so, and that takes care of the sexual problem. Here in the US, everyone got married, everyone. And then, in marriage, apparently, there was sex, I guess, or there was or there wasn’t – many women didn’t like it that much, but back then, I think they just put up with it.

And back then, most men got plenty of sex in marriage, or at any rate, there wasn’t a big issue about guys being sexually frustrated. You’ve got the Alphas, that’s like 15% of the guys, those are the guys who get all the women, and even they all got married. You’ve got the Betas, that’s like 70% of the guys, they all got married too.

Robert Stark: Yes, it was sort of like sexual socialism. You can talk about wealth, but when it comes to the mating market, it’s a zero-sum game, because there is one person of the opposite sex for every person of the other sex, and with marriage, you can distribute that evenly.

Robert Lindsay: Exactly. It is sexual socialism. There’s also a group called the Omegas. There are the Betas, who are like 70%, and they are just the ordinary guys, and then there are the Omegas, who are like 15%, and they are essentially getting no women at all. In the old days, even these Omegas would find a woman, maybe who was not all that attractive. These guys who nowadays are total losers with women, back then, they all got married!

Robert Stark: So they would marry a woman in their own league.

Robert Lindsay: Right.

Robert Stark: What’s happening now is that with the destruction of marriage, we are reverting back to caveman times when we had more of a polygamous society. The idea is that women are hypergamous, and they go for men who are above their status. Whereas biologically, women can only have a limited number of children, men can impregnate large numbers of women, so men want to impregnate as many women as possible.

I think in the past before feminism, women were not allowed to work. Women do have an advantage over men in the mating market. So in a society where men controlled the wealth, that sort of evened things out because women were dependent on men for money. Now, middle and upper class women have good jobs, and lower class women are taken care of by the welfare state, so they don’t really need men anymore. So we are reverting back to this really primitive system.

Robert Lindsay: If you study primitive agricultural societies in Africa and New Guinea, what you find is polygamous societies. You find the head man thing. African Blacks evolved in this polygamous society. There’s a Head Man and maybe his buddies – they get all the women. And then, a whole lot of the rest of the guys, apparently, they don’t get any. So with the African Blacks, they’ve evolved for 9,000 years with these Head Man type guys impregnating all the women, and so Blacks have gotten bigger and stronger, with high testosterone, etc.

Robert Stark: That’s probably a factor in why there is so much crime and violence in their societies because if they can’t have a woman and reproduce, they have no incentive to contribute anything to society, so they all just become criminals, and that’s probably why there is such a high rate of sex crime in Africa.

Robert Lindsay: Well, I’m not sure if the setup is like that anymore, with the Head Man thing, but the thing is they’ve evolved this big huge super-athletic bodies over time because it’s only been the most macho, masculine, roughest, toughest and most high testosterone man has been impregnating most of the women for like 9,000 years and so what we’ve ended up with is that Blacks have high testosterone, they’re really big, strong and aggressive because they’re all descended for 9,000 years from the biggest, baddest, roughest, toughest guy around.

Robert Stark: One of the main problems in the Black community, what happened was, in the past, even though they were poor, there was some level of decency because there was an incentive for Black men to go out and get a job in order to get a woman, recently what happened was the Great Society came in with the welfare state, and Black women were dependent on the government, so there was no incentive for the men to be decent.

And then their culture glorifies being a thug and a criminal. It’s seen a lot with rap culture, but it goes back a lot further than that. Well, the women favor the men who are criminals. So the whole system is subsidizing criminal behavior, and there’s no incentive to be decent anymore if you want to get a mate.

Robert Lindsay: Well, I’m a liberal, so I don’t agree with that analysis of the Great Society. I think the Great Society was a great thing. Furthermore, welfare was put in by FDR in the mid-30’s – AFDC. So we had welfare all through the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s and early 1960’s, and hardly anyone was on it because everybody had a job.

But it looks like what happened was the jobs all took off in the industrial areas of the North. All those Blacks had moved up to there to those cities, and then the factories started shutting down, and then the Blacks were out of work, and apparently the women started going on welfare. Welfare has always been there.

Robert Stark: You’re right that the best manufacturing jobs have all gone overseas. Then you have the sexual revolution, and men were lied to, like Playboy Magazine sold that idea to men that the sexual revolution would benefit them, but that turned out to be a total lie. You were at your prime during that era back in the 1970’s. Can you go over some of the trends that you saw and what it was like back then?

Robert Lindsay: Back then, that was the sexual revolution that we were growing up with, and there weren’t many sexual diseases. I think Herpes wasn’t really around that much. The worst STD seemed to be crabs. I never knew anyone who was catching anything other than that one. A lot of people were having a lot of sex. I went to a White high school, and all the girls were on the pill, every single one of them. Not one White girl at my school had a baby.

There were pregnancies – one of my girlfriends got pregnant, but it wasn’t me. It was some other guy. They would automatically have an abortion. Back then there was not much controversy about abortion, and the anti-abortion people were not around so much like they are now. If girls were pregnant, they automatically got an abortion, no ifs ands or buts about it.

We had a White society there and a White point of view, and where I was growing up, for a White high school girl to have a kid out of wedlock, that was like the lowest, worst, most disgusting thing you could possibly do. You were thought to be acting like a Black or a Mexican, and you just weren’t supposed to do that. So we had no girls with babies at my high school. There was a lot of screwing around back then, it’s true. This was the hippie era, and it was free love. I suppose there were guys that didn’t have a lot of fun, but I did.

Robert Stark: But you see the destruction of marriage as a negative trend?

Robert Lindsay: It has been, because that whole hippie free love thing seems to have gone out, and now, it’s been replaced by a sort of a consumerist sexual culture, and women have reverted back to Cavewoman tendencies. Now that we’ve gotten rid of marriage, and women can survive on their own, women don’t need men anymore. See, back in the old days, women needed men to survive.

So a woman would hook up with a guy, and the guy would support her, and she’d have kids by the guy. The truth is, she stuck around with him for the support. And in return for the support, she gave him sex. It was a trade-off. The guy was satisfied. He was getting the sex, love and companionship of marriage, and the woman was also satisfied, she was getting support and then the love and companionship of marriage.

And now, women can have sex, have babies and raise children. That’s what the single Mom’s are all about. They don’t need men to support them anymore, so they’re simply not marrying.

And so what you have is we are reverting back to Cavewoman times. In Cavewoman times, the Alphas get all the women. It was Head Man times, just like in Africa and New Guinea. The Alphas are 15% of all guys, and all the women want them.

He’s The Man With the Golden Sperm. He’s the guy with the best genes. See, women think biologically. At a very subconscious level, they all want the guy who has the best genes. They all want to have his baby, to have his kid and pass on his superior genes. Even if they are on the birth control pill, and they are not going to be having any babies, they are still thinking that way.

I mean, I knew guys in junior college…my idol in junior college, he would have say 3 or 4 dates in a day. He would have a morning date, then an afternoon date, then an evening date, then at midnight, he would climb into some girl’s window at her parent’s house. And he would have sex with all of them. And this was how he lived. And every girl and woman wanted this guy. They were basically lining up outside of his door, and it was like take a number. They would have sex with him, and they would walk out of the door with a big smile on their face, and they were quite satisfied.

He used to live on the beach in the summer, and those guys would go through like 3 different girls or women every single day. They would have a keg of beer, an ounce of Thai weed, and they would surf all day. That’s the environment that I grew up in on the beach in Southern California with a bunch of hippie stoner surfers.

Robert Stark: What effect do you see this having on society if as you say, a large portion of men are being kept out of the mating market? Society could collapse. For instance, that guy Sodini, I think he had psychological problems, but his situation is symbolic of this phenomenon. If you look at what’s happening in China, how there is this huge shortage of women in China, and you see rising crime there and other problems that this is leading to, due to the shortage of women. This could be problematic in the future if this trend continues.

Robert Lindsay: They are having a lot of Sodini-type mass killings over there too. A lot of these guys apparently are not married and not getting any women, and they’re going crazy with bulldozers, tractors, guns and knives and whatnot and mass murdering people. Just like Sodini. Probably because they aren’t getting any. Back in my parents’ generation, Sodini would have gotten married. There were no Sodinis, not really anyway.

So what’s going on nowadays is that these 15% of the Alphas, they are monopolizing all of the best women. And every woman now wants an Alpha. You see, when you get rid of marriage, then you take the brakes off. When you have institutionalized marriage, women still want an Alpha, but they realize that they can’t get one, and they all have to get married anyway. So they settle for a Beta or an Omega when they are 23 years old, and that’s the way it goes. But now that there’s no marriage, women are free to become Cavewomen. And they all want the Alphas.

Robert Stark: Some of them will settle for a regular guy when they are past their prime. In a sense, who wants someone else’s leftovers?

Robert Lindsay: So now they all want Alphas. At least the White women that I see around here, they are all looking for the Alphas. And the Alphas, they are all pretty much taken. And by age 30 or so, the Alphas are all just gone. And these women, they don’t want Betas. So you have all of the best women going for say 15% of the guys. And the Betas, they’re not really getting all that much. And the Omegas, these guys are just getting zero. The Omegas are the guys who are just not attractive to women at all. These are the Sodinis. So you have 15% of guys, the Omegas, who are getting absolutely zero.

Robert Stark: What’s ironic about this is that the feminists got rid of sexual socialism, and in other ways, the feminists aligned themselves with socialism economically, but at the same time, they don’t want the real free market to work in terms of sex. I know a lot of people have moral issues with prostitution, I can understand that. I’ve had concerns too, but with the current situation, I think it would be the fair thing to legalize prostitution but only based on the current situation.

Another thing, the feminist Senator from Washington, Maria Cantwell, she co-introduced this bill with this neocon Senator Sam Brownback which would make it difficult for men to find wives from overseas. So they use socialism and get rid of the free market in certain cases where it suits their agenda. So you don’t have a problem with feminism if it’s about gender equity. But they use the government to rig the system when it suits their own interests.

Robert Lindsay: Well, the problem is that radical feminism has become Female Rule. You can probably never have true equality in a society sexually. It’s probably the case that you either have Male Rule or you have Female Rule. And there are a lot of problems with Male Rule, which is Patriarchy, but at least it seems to work. It’s not very fair to women in a lot of ways. But it’s a zero-sum game.

Robert Stark: It’s the same with race relations. I think that very rarely will you ever have true racial equality. One group will always end up dominating the other. That’s just human nature.

Robert Lindsay: It seems that way. If the men don’t rule, then the women are going to rule. And that’s the way it is in relationships. I’ve concluded that in relationships, the man has to dominate the woman. I came out of the 1970’s, and we were into this hazy gender role thing, and we were all supposed to be androgynous, and we were the New Men and the Feminist Men. And we were into not being macho and all that.

Thing is, that stuff doesn’t really work, because women do seem to want a macho guy who takes charge and who frankly dominates them. Women get off on being dominated. They enjoy it. That’s an essential part of their sexual nature. The man must be the dominant partner, and the woman must be the submissive partner in marriage or in any kind of a sexual relationship or love relationship.

If you don’t wear the pants in the relationship, she’s going to take those pants right off of you and put them on herself. Either the man dominates the woman, or the woman dominates the man. And if you look around at marriages and relationships, you notice that that’s how it works. If the guy doesn’t dominate the woman – if he’s a really wimpy guy – have you ever noticed that the woman ends up playing the male role and dominating him. Then you have these situations where the woman is playing the role of the man and being really nasty to the guy and lording it over him and the guy being all cringing and wimpy.

Robert Stark: The social conservatives haven’t really tackled any of these issues. The problem with them is that they the two issues that they are obsessed with are abortion and gay marriage. Gay marriage is purely a symbolic issue – it doesn’t have any really strong negative effect on society. As far as abortion goes, I know that you are pro-choice…

Robert Lindsay: Definitely!

Robert Stark: The thing is that women no longer have responsibility, and they can be promiscuous and not depend on a man. Social conservatives focus on these two issues, but they are not really offering any alternatives. Then we have the conservative feminists. For instance, I believe that Sarah Palin calls herself a conservative feminist. They want the men to go back to being chivalrous and be the traditional men, but then the women will enjoy the perks that liberal feminism has brought them.

Robert Lindsay: Yes, they want it both ways, don’t they? Equity feminism is a good thing. I want equality for women in all of the important ways. I’m on the mailing list for many of the big feminist organizations in the US. I used to be a member of NOW.

The only thing that I don’t like about these organizations is that they’ve been taken over by radical feminists. And a lot of them are lesbians; a lot of them hate men. And there’s a real animus in this movement against male sexuality, towards what it means to be male. What they prefer is female sexuality. There are two types of sexuality. There’s female sexuality, and there’s male sexuality. I don’t really have to define them. Every guy around knows what male sexuality is.

Robert Stark: You’ve defined the War on Men as a War on Male Sexuality.

Robert Lindsay: Exactly, because females want female sexuality to be the dominant paradigm in society. Female society is ruled by female sexuality. That’s what females want; that’s what their lives are ruled by. Male society is ruled by male sexuality.

And typically, male sexuality has been privileged at least somewhat in society as far as our rules go. And most societies tend to be more or less dominated by male sexuality. On the other hand, most societies tend to temper male sexuality by instituting early marriage because if you totally allowed male sexuality to take over, most guys probably wouldn’t even get married.

But the feminist movement attempts to make female sexuality the dominant paradigm for all of society, for all of public space. So all males must live under the rules of female sexuality.

That’s why they hate what they call the exploitation of women in porn, in advertising. Any advertisement that shows a sexy girl in any way whatsoever is evil according to them because that represents male sexuality. To them, male sexuality is all about the objectification and the use and abuse of women. For instance, porn is all about the objectification of women and the use and abuse of women, and to guys, it’s just sex, that’s all it is. Porn is all about getting off.

Female sexuality hates pornography, they hate erotica, they hate any sexuality at all being displayed in the media, in advertising, or in movies or TV. They want a completely desexualized public space. They want to desexualize the media, advertisements, consumer culture, movies and TV. Female sexuality is basically puritanical!

Robert Stark: That’s true, but if you look at our popular culture, it has gotten a lot more sexualized over the years, so we have these contradictory factors in our society. But one thing that you have been talking about is this mass hysteria where all men are being viewed as potential sexual predators.

Robert Lindsay: Yes, that’s right. The radical feminists – that’s their thing. Male sexuality is all about rape! And males are all about rape, and we are all rapists. And they can’t stop talking about rape. You talk to these radical feminists, and they’re just rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape. And these are White women! And their claim is that the men who are the rapists are White guys like you and me. Well, if you know much about rape in this country, White guys like you and me, we don’t run around raping women.

Robert Stark: I don’t know what the statistics are, but Blacks are about 13% of the population, and they commit almost ½ of the rapes in the country.

Robert Lindsay: All I know is that they commit rape at about 6 times the White rate.

Robert Stark: So you are trying to say that a lot of the propaganda that they put out is to try to show White men as being sexual predators.

Robert Lindsay: The feminist movement never talks about the fact that Blacks and Latinos are six times more likely to rape a woman than a White man is. Their whole thing is that White men like you and me are these evil sexual predator rapists. And their definition of rape keeps on expanding and expanding. Now, if you have sex with a woman who is intoxicated in any way whatsoever, I suppose if she even has one glass of wine, if she’s high, if she smoked a joint, if she did a line of coke or speed or if she’s on acid, then that’s rape.

Well, then there must be hundreds of millions of instances of rape occurring every week in this country. Because lots of women are having sex when they are intoxicated. And I simply do not believe that that’s rape.

Robert Stark: So you think that they are promoting a lot of these false accusations.

Robert Lindsay: Yes, and to them, any kind of coercion that leads to sex, especially verbal coercion, really, seduction itself…The feminists are now claiming that seduction itself is rape because the seducers are supposedly brainwashing women and tricking and fooling them into bed. Well, that’s what seduction is all about. Seduction is all about brainwashing women and tricking and fooling women, casting a spell on them, and more or less lying to them, in order to get them into bed. And men have been doing this for 100’s, or probably 1000’s of years.

And the whole idea of being a woman…mothers and fathers are supposed to raise their daughters with the idea that guys are just dogs, they’re no good. Guys will say and do anything to get you into bed. And an aware and savvy woman knows that guys are like this, she’s aware of it, and she’s got all of her defenses up to keep this guy from putting one over on her and seducing her and getting her into bed when she doesn’t want to.

So, seduction is not rape. Seduction is just the normal human way of going about sex, and it’s normal male sexuality to seduce women. So when they say seduction is rape, they’re saying that all us guys are rapists. And most radical feminists theorists, not just Andrea Dworkin or Katharine McKinney, but really all of them, they all say that we live under a system of patriarchy, and under patriarchy, all male-female sex is rape.

Robert Stark: Another thing is that they vilify large age ranges in relationships such as an older man dating a younger woman. One thing that I noticed is that Alphas can get good-looking younger women early on, but other men who are not Alphas can build up their wealth and get them later on. Historically, women would often marry a much older man because they were dependent on them economically.

Robert Lindsay: Another thing about female sexuality is that women age quicker than men. They live longer than we do. I don’t know why it is, but if you have a woman and a man, and they’re both married, and they’re both around 50-60 or so, the woman is going to look 10-15 years older than the man.

Robert Stark: Women have a huge advantage in their 20’s, but once they get past 30, men have the advantage. That’s why the feminists are trying to pathologize men who are dating women who are much younger than they are.

Robert Lindsay: This has been going on forever and ever and ever. If you read literature all down through the centuries or even millennia, the theme over and over is that a man, as he’s aging, continues to want younger women. And an older woman has a hard time keeping her husband around because as she starts getting into her 40’s and 50’s, he starts wanting to chase younger women.

So one of the prime aspects of female sexuality is this hatred for this aspect of male sexuality in that aging males want to chase young women. And it’s hard for an older woman to keep her man around. How do you keep him around? And in many cases, middle-aged men leave their older wives and go for young women. And women hate that; female sexuality hates that, so feminism hates that. And that’s the reason for this law that Maria Cantwell and Brownback passed…is it Brownback?

Robert Stark: Sam Brownback is this social conservative…

Robert Lindsay: Right, so what’s going on is that American guys who’ve just had it up to here with nasty Western women are heading off to the 3rd World, and they are picking up younger 3rd World women, and they are marrying them.

Robert Stark: What’s really strange about this is that Cantwell and Brownback and both very much pro-immigration Open Borders types.

Robert Lindsay: Cantwell represents female sexuality, she represents feminism, actually radical feminism and the rage of feminists and aging women over the fact that a lot of White guys are shining on these nasty feminist witches here in America, and they’re going to get women overseas. And also middle aged guys are blowing off their older White spouses and going to get some young hottie overseas. This is all just about – “cut off the competition.”

And it’s the institutionalization of female sexuality in law. This is one of the things that the feminists are tying to do – they are trying to make law and the legal code that we all live under in our public space to be an institutionalization of female sexuality.

Robert Stark: Yet at the same time, they got rid of marriage, which was a fair form of socialism. I’ve analyzed these various movements, not just the feminist movement but also various economic movements, and it’s way too complex to say that this person is a capitalist and this person is a socialist if people pick and choose either free markets or government intervention when it suits their own interests. That’s why I object to these people who break everyone up into, “You’re either for free markets or you’re not.”

Robert Lindsay: And the sexual harassment thing, this is another one. The feminist movement, as I noted, wants to remove all sexuality from the pubic space because female sexuality hates sexual expression in the public space. If you’re a good-looking woman, apparently as soon as you walk outside the door, you have guys after you all day long. And women don’t like this. Female sexuality doesn’t like this hyper-aggressive nature of male sexuality in which we are always raping them with our eyes and chasing after them and all.

What they would really like, in their female sexual utopia, is to ban us from looking at them, they would like to have us arrested and sent to jail for “illegal looking.”

Robert Stark: This was targeted against pedophiles, but there was a law in Maine making it a felony for adults to stare at minors in public. I think what the radical feminists – I think the woman who introduced that law was a radical feminist – what they would like is to make it a crime to men to stare at adult women in public as well. So this looks like a slippery slope.

Robert Lindsay: This is one of the aspects of sexual harassment. Now, if you’re in a workplace, or even outside of a workplace, you can be accused of sexual harassment just for looking at women. A friend of mine, he’s an older guy, and he was in a coffee shop, and the young women didn’t like the fact that he was an older guy and he was looking at them so they complained, and the management told him to quit looking at the girls or they were going to throw him out.

So it’s not just happening in the workplace, although in the workplace, if you look at the women too much, if you check out the women, they call that sexual harassment and a “sexually hostile workplace.” I think they also want to remove all sexual commentary, sexual banter, sexual wording and flirtation from the public space.

But after all, people have a very strong sex drive, at least males, and the entirety of public space is where we spend most of our time. We go out in public all the time doing this or that, and the workplace is a large part our lives now, a lot of us are spending almost all of our time at work. And female sexuality and radical feminism wants to completely remove all sexual expression from the public space, where we are spending so much of our time.

I don’t think they even want us talking to women, honestly. They certainly don’t want us talking to them about anything sexual in any way whatsoever. For women, to remove all sexuality from the pubic space makes that a friendly space.

But I came out of 1970’s, remember, I came out of the hippie movement, I’m a liberal, I came out of the New Left, I’m a sexual revolutionary and a libertine. And I don’t believe in any kind of Puritanism at all. My attitude is, “Do it in the streets.” Not literally of course, but I’m very pro-sex. And it really bothers me how anti-sex the feminists are. And that they are trying to reproduce their view of female sexuality, which is very anti-sex, it’s very puritanical, onto the whole of society.

Robert Stark: What is strange is that if you look at some aspects of our society, they have become much more sexualized. If you look at commercials…I really don’t know what to make of the whole thing.

Robert Lindsay: This is strange, the extreme sexualization of our society – although the feminists would love to get rid of all that too, but they haven’t been able to yet…on the one hand, we have this hypersexualized society…

Robert Stark: One thing I’ve also noticed if that teen sexuality has been really glorified, like teenage girls, one the one hand, they are encouraged to act slutty, but on the other hand, if a man so much as looks at a teenage girl nowadays, they are being called pedos. So what do you think of these two polar extremes?

Robert Lindsay: Well, on the one hand, you have this hypersexualized media space in terms of advertising and consumer culture and the corporations and then in our popular entertainment…

Robert Stark: Yes, because sex sells, they want to make money.

Robert Lindsay: Music, TV, movies and all that, the sexual mores have been loosened down. So if you’re a person who is immersed in our consumer and entertainment culture, you are being bombarded with sexual messages all day long. And after a while, it’s probably going to make you pretty horny. If you’re a young man, you’re probably pretty horny as it is, but all this media sex stuff really gets you thinking about sex all the time.

And then as soon as you step out your front door and go out into the public space, now you’re out in this feminist world where the feminists are trying to put their Female Rule (matriarchy) over everything, and you can’t look at women, you can’t talk to women, you can’t say anything sexual, you can’t do anything sexual…

Robert Stark: What are some of your thoughts on the racial component of the dating market?

Robert Lindsay: Well, like I said, the White women, they all want an Alpha guy. And then by the time they’re 30, almost all of them, they didn’t get him, and so they’re angry. And then they either hook up with a Beta, and they’re not really all that happy about it, and they try to dominate him, and they’re aggressive and mean towards him. Or they get married, and then they get divorced at some point.

For instance, I have a Yahoo group for people who are fighting the Internet love scammers. The group is about ½ women. Most of the women are middle aged White women, and a very large % of these women are involved with Black men. What I did not understand for a long was that these women are filled with rage and hatred towards White men.

We’re macho pigs, we’re jerks…and they are filled with hatred towards male sexuality. We don’t treat them right, we’re mean, macho jerks. And all of them are radical feminists. And then at the same time…they’re all going for Black guys! And I didn’t understand that at all!

Robert Stark: The Black men would probably treat them a lot worse than a White man would.

Robert Lindsay: They will treat them a lot worse! But I finally figured it out, and I finally understand it. These White women who are going for Black guys, it’s a way of giving the finger to the White man. It’s a way of saying “F- you” to the White man, screw you to the White man. That’s the ultimate way of insulting a White man. Saying, “The heck with you, White men, here I am, I’m going to go for a Black guy!” And I think that Black males and White females share a common enemy. Remember that guy in Connecticut who shot up the beer factory when they accused him of stealing beer? And he said he “shot the racists?”

Robert Stark: I think you told me about it…

Robert Lindsay: He said he shot the racists, and he killed like 7 White people. He hated White people. We see over and over these Black guys who hate White people, and they’re attacking Whites, but then over and over, you see that this same guy has a White girlfriend!

Robert Stark: Yes! You’re familiar with the Knoxville Murders? They raped, tortured and killed two Whites, and their defense attorney tried to say that this guy’s not a racist because he had a White girlfriend.

Robert Lindsay: Right! Exactly! What’s going on there…I finally figured it out, is that the Black male and the White female share a common enemy. Their common enemy is the White man. So that’s how a Black man can hook up with a White woman and be happy, and they can have a common enemy, the White man, and how a Black man can have a White girlfriend and then go and shoot up 15 White guys at a beer distributing plant because they share a common enemy. These Black guys – they don’t hate White women. They hate White men.

Robert Stark: If you look through history at basic human tribalism, one tribe would try to steal the females from another tribe and yet be protective of their own women. And that’s why, to this day, a lot of men have double standards. They’ll date women of other groups, but they will get very defensive if someone tries to date their own women.

Robert Lindsay: Exactly! And in White society, the worst thing that a White woman can do is go out with Black guys. I know really liberal White guys, and they told me that if any White woman they know, if they find out that she dates Blacks, she’s through. She’s gone. They won’t even consider her. And a lot of White guys think this way. She’s history. She is basically evicted from the White race.

So this is a way that White males have of controlling and policing our women. This is how, just as you were saying, how we protect our women. We essentially banish them from the tribe, from the White tribe, for messing around with Black guys. Just like in the old days when tribal groups would evict you from the tribe for a transgression.

And at the same time, males of any race will have sex with females of the opposite race. Because then they are basically stealing the other tribe’s women, and if you impregnate them, you are forcing their women to bear your children. At the same time, you protect your own women, because your own women are your seed stock, and they are the continuity of your tribe. And you can’t allow them to be contaminated by the genes of these competing tribes because then your women are going to be raising the children of the competing tribes. And I still think that these ancient tribal ways are still ongoing in modern society.

Robert Stark: This is basic human instinct, but it’s not politically correct due to this Cultural Marxism has made these notions into something pathological to even discuss, but it’s still an essential human instinct nevertheless. So you see all of this as a part of the War on Men.

Robert Lindsay: It is, it is. It’s mostly a war on male sexuality. Even this sex offender thing and the pedophile thing, the Pedophile Mass Hysteria…have you noticed something? The pedophiles? They’re all men! And the victims are all women and girls.

Robert Stark: And the media portrays pedophiles as mostly White, which is also a myth. You were comparing it to Salem Witch Trials. There are dangerous people out there who we have to keep an eye on, but this whole pedophile hysteria, it’s gone way too far, and a lot of innocent people are being caught up in this and having their lives ruined. All men are being suspected that they are up to something no good sexually. This has just gone insane…

The Duck Face Epidemic


The Duck Face Epidemic is an epidemic of young women making this stupid looking face called a “duck face” in the photos they post of themselves online. Encyclopedia Dramatica explains further. The video is funny. Seems like a stupid fad if you ask me.

I do like those photos that young women take of themselves and put on Facebook and whatnot. I also like the photos they take of themselves with their friends where they all have their arms around each other or they are all putting their faces together. There’s an intimacy there – they really so seem to love each other and care about each other deeply – that’s frankly missing from even the closest male friendships.

I was watching these three young women talk the other day. They’re all freshmen in college. They were going on about their problems and they were listening to each other so intently, and the level of empathy was so high. It was amazing. We guys don’t really get. Female friendships are very deep and intense and I actually envy them for that.

Young women are so cute in a way. Vain and a bit airheaded, but there’s something wonderful about them that seems to go away as a woman ages. The main thing is that young women are really having fun! As women age, I think a lot of them are not having so much fun anymore.

Anyway, the video is pretty damn funny.

Great Movie Directors List

Not listed in any particular order. Feel free to add or subtract from the list. I should have listed their good movies after their names, but making the list took up enough time as it was. Feel free to add movies to the list if you wish. I’m obviously favoring Hollywood here, and I don’t know much about foreign films, so I’m obviously shorting those guys. There’s also an emphasis on the modern, so I probably gave short shrift to directors of the earlier era.

Anyone who made at least one damn good, and I mean damn good, movie, in any country, during any era, is on the list. That’s all it takes.

Feel free to discuss…You can add Youtube video clips in the comments if you wish to make your points.

  1. Oliver Stone
  2. Stanley Kubrick
  3. Francis Ford Coppola
  4. Orson Welles
  5. Bernardo Bertolucci
  6. Alfred Hitchcock
  7. Wes Craven
  8. George A. Romero
  9. John Malkovich
  10. Spike Jonze
  11. Frank Darabont
  12. Sam Mendes
  13. David Fincher
  14. Miloš Forman
  15. Paul Newman
  16. George Roy Hill
  17. Anthony Harvey
  18. Franklin Schaffner
  19. Mike Nichols
  20. Paul Schrader
  21. Sidney Lumet
  22. Brian De Palma
  23. David O. Selznick
  24. Victor Fleming
  25. Nicholas Ray
  26. William Friedkin
  27. Billy Wilder
  28. Dennis Hopper
  29. Alan Parker
  30. David Lynch
  31. Stuart Rosenberg
  32. Ron Howard
  33. Mel Brooks
  34. Woody Allen
  35. Alan Arkin
  36. Hal Ashby
  37. Roman Polanski
  38. Sidney Pollack
  39. Alan J. Pakula
  40. Carl Reiner
  41. Rob Reiner
  42. The Coen Brothers
  43. Fritz Lang
  44. Mike Nichols
  45. Warren Beatty
  46. Robert Aldrich
  47. Elia Kazan
  48. László Benedek
  49. James Brooks
  50. William Wyler
  51. Barry Levinson
  52. Ridley Scott
  53. Quentin Tarantino
  54. Arthur Penn
  55. Sean S. Cunningham
  56. Martin Scorsese
  57. Peter Weir
  58. Robert Altman
  59. Hal Ashby
  60. Tim Burton
  61. Peter Bogdanovich
  62. George Lucas
  63. William Friedkin
  64. Neal Israel
  65. Michael Cimino
  66. Frank Capra
  67. Gus Van Sant
  68. Robinson Devor
  69. Werner Herzog
  70. Terrence Malick
  71. Don Siegel
  72. Steven Soderbergh
  73. Jonathan Demme
  74. Roland Joffé
  75. Neil Jordan
  76. Alan Parker
  77. Amy Heckerling
  78. Tim Hunter
  79. Robert Zemeckis
  80. Wim Wenders
  81. Michelangelo Antonioni
  82. John Hughes
  83. Peter Shaffer
  84. Volker Schlöndorff
  85. Bill Duke
  86. Ingmar Bergman
  87. Sam Wood
  88. Michael Curtiz
  89. Steven Spielberg
  90. Luc Jacquet
  91. Alexander Payne
  92. Paul Thomas Anderson
  93. Andy Wachowski
  94. Larry Wachowski
  95. James Cameron
  96. Kevin Reynolds
  97. Michael Mann
  98. Blake Edwards
  99. Jon Favreau
  100. John Lasseter
  101. Cecil B. DeMille
  102. Joseph L. Mankiewicz
  103. Mel Gibson
  104. Vicky Jenson
  105. Andrew Adamson
  106. Danny Boyle
  107. Roberto Benigni
  108. Jean-Pierre Jeunet
  109. Aaron Schneider
  110. Ben Affleck
  111. Alex Cox
  112. Bud Townsend
  113. Gerard Damiano
  114. Radley Metzger
  115. Sam Peckinpah
  116. Samuel Fuller
  117. Jim Jarmusch
  118. Jean-Luc Godard
  119. François Truffaut
  120. Jacques Demy
  121. Agnès Varda
  122. Alain Resnais
  123. Jacques Rivette
  124. Claude Chabrol
  125. Éric Rohmer
  126. John Schlesinger
  127. Rainer Werner Fassbinder
  128. Alexander Kluge
  129. Margarethe von Trotta
  130. Hans-Jürgen Syberberg
  131. Ken Loach
  132. Peter Yates
  133. Peter Watkins
  134. Ken Russell
  135. Tony Richardson
  136. Nicholas Roeg
  137. Karel Reisz
  138. Joseph Losey
  139. Richard Lester
  140. Bryan Forbes
  141. Clive Donner
  142. Basil Dearden
  143. Jack Clayton
  144. John Boorman
  145. Jiří Menzel
  146. Ján Kadár
  147. Satyajit Ray
  148. Mani Ratnam
  149. Ritwik Ghatak
  150. Guru Dutt
  151. Akira Kurosawa
  152. Vittorio De Sica
  153. Jean Renoir
  154. Leni Riefenstahl
  155. Peter Jackson
  156. Kenji Mizoguchi
  157. Yasujirō Ozu
  158. Ernst Lubitsch
  159. Sergio Leone
  160. Stanley Donen
  161. Buster Keaton
  162. Andrew Stanton
  163. Nagisa Oshima
  164. Hiroshi Teshigahara
  165. Seijun Suzuki
  166. Shohei Imamura
  167. Yasujiro Ozu
  168. Susumu Hani
  169. Federico Fellini
  170. Roberto Rossellini
  171. Cesare Zavattini
  172. Luchino Visconti
  173. Giuseppe De Santis
  174. Suso Cecchi d’Amico
  175. Sergei Eisenstein
  176. Otto Preminger
  177. Gregg Araki
  178. Luis Buñuel
  179. Salvador Dalí
  180. Guy Debord
  181. Michael Haneke
  182. Georges Franju
  183. Henri-Georges Clouzot
  184. Andrzej Zulawski
  185. Jean Eustache
  186. Man Ray
  187. Jean Cocteau
  188. Tex Avery
  189. Robert Clampett
  190. Kenneth Anger
  191. Ralph Bakshi
  192. Terry Gilliam
  193. Alejandro Jodorowsky
  194. René Clair
  195. Just Jaeckin
  196. Wakefield Poole
  197. Artie Mitchell
  198. Jim Mitchell
  199. Jim Clark
  200. Jerry Gerard
  201. Herschell Gordon Lewis
  202. Sam Raimi
  203. Meir Zarchi
  204. Eduardo Sánchez
  205. Daniel Myrick
  206. Eli Roth
  207. James Wan
  208. Takashi Miike
  209. Rob Zombie
  210. Greg McLean
  211. Robert Rodriguez
  212. Tobe Hooper
  213. John Carpenter
  214. Robert Houston
  215. Terence Fisher
  216. Tod Browning
  217. David Cronenberg
  218. Oren Peli
  219. Richard Donner
  220. Tom Holland
  221. Jack Arnold
  222. Howard Hawks
  223. Val Lewton
  224. Rouben Mamoulian
  225. George Waggner
  226. James Whale
  227. Gaston Leroux
  228. Paul Wegener
  229. Robert Wiene
  230. F. W. Murnau
  231. Paul Leni
  232. Wallace Worsley
  233. Roland West
  234. Alice Guy
  235. Georges Méliès
  236. J. Searle Dawley
  237. Sylvester Stallone
  238. Michael Wadleigh
  239. John Landis
  240. Joe Dante
  241. Gene Fowler Jr.
  242. Richard Brooks
  243. Kevin Connor
  244. Joel M. Reed
  245. Pier Paolo Pasolini
  246. Charles Laughton
  247. Douglas Hickox
  248. Jonathan Demme
  249. John McNaughton
  250. Armand Mastroianni
  251. Robert Moore
  252. Jim Sharman
  253. John Jordon
  254. John De Bello
  255. Leo McCarey
  256. Alfred E. Green
  257. George Cukor
  258. Marcel Carné
  259. Wong Kar Wai
  260. Charles Chaplin
  261. Kátia Lund
  262. Fernando Meirelles
  263. King Vidor
  264. Krzysztof Kieslowski
  265. Edgar G. Ulmer
  266. Chia-Liang Liu
  267. Jackie Chan
  268. Kaige Chen
  269. Lee Unkrich
  270. Norman Z. McLeod
  271. Mohsen Makmalbaf
  272. Robert Hamer
  273. Merian C. Cooper
  274. Ernest B. Schoedsack
  275. Preston Sturges
  276. Josef von Sternberg
  277. David Lean
  278. Jean-Claude Lauzon
  279. Dziga Vertov
  280. John Frankenheimer
  281. Vincente Minelli
  282. Robert Bresson
  283. Jacques Tourneur
  284. Hamilton Luske
  285. Ben Sharpsteen
  286. Robert Pulcini
  287. Shari Springer Berman
  288. John Ford
  289. Gene Kelly
  290. Jon Amiel
  291. Alexander Mackendrick
  292. George Stevens
  293. Pedro Almodóvar
  294. King Hu
  295. Theo Angelopoulos
  296. Clint Eastwood
  297. Raoul Walsh
  298. Raj Kapoor
  299. Harold Ramis
  300. Tsui Hark
  301. Paul Gerber
  302. Peter Farrelly
  303. Roy Rowland
  304. Joseph H. Lewis
  305. John Patrick Shanley
  306. Jacques Doniol-Valcroze
  307. Philippe De Broca
  308. Bryan Singer
  309. Frank Darabont
  310. Terry Jones
  311. Robert Wise
  312. Franklin J. Schaffner
  313. Irvin Kershner
  314. Arthur Hiller
  315. Richard Fleischer
  316. Fred Zinnemann
  317. Robert Mulligan
  318. Jamie Uys
  319. Louis Malle
  320. Walter Hill
  321. Hiroshi Inagaki
  322. Norman Jewison
  323. Albert Hughes
  324. Allen Hughes
  325. Delmer Daves
  326. Michael Gordon
  327. Sydney Pollack
  328. Charlie Chaplin
  329. John D. Hancock
  330. Rob Minkoff
  331. Roger Allers
  332. Kevin Costner
  333. Byron Haskin
  334. Christopher Nolan
  335. Darren Aronofsky
  336. Bill Forsyth
  337. Philippe Parreno
  338. Douglas Gordon
  339. Stephen Chow
  340. Paul Crowder
  341. John Dower
  342. Gurinder Chadha
  343. Jafar Panahi
  344. Tom Hooper
  345. John Huston
  346. Robert Riger
  347. David Evans
  348. Ang Lee
  349. Baz Luhrmann
  350. Kathryn Bigelow
  351. Michael Moore
  352. D.A. Pennebaker
  353. Prince
  354. Charlotte Zwerin
  355. Albert Maysles
  356. David Maysles
  357. Adam Yauch
  358. Michael John Warren
  359. Nick Cassavetes
  360. John Cassavetes
  361. Stephen Frears
  362. Sofia Coppola
  363. Richard Linklater
  364. Jean-Jacques Beineix
  365. Scott Hicks
  366. Ed Harris
  367. Jodie Foster
  368. Todd Holland
  369. Wes Anderson
  370. Robert Altman
  371. Joel Schumacher
  372. Zalman King
  373. Robert Riskin
  374. Alan J. Pakula
  375. Michael Winterbottom
  376. Cecil B. De Mille
  377. David Greene
  378. Robert Elfstrom
  379. Carl Theodor Dreyer
  380. Victor Nuñez
  381. Alan Rudolph
  382. Barbet Schroeder
  383. Michael Cimino
  384. Stephen Daldry
  385. Isabel Coixet
  386. Richard Attenborough
  387. Mike Leigh
  388. Mabrouk El Mechri
  389. Gina Prince-Bythewood
  390. Oscar Micheaux
  391. John M. Stahl
  392. William Nolte
  393. Spencer Williams, Jr.
  394. Pierre Chenal
  395. Stanley Kramer
  396. Melvin Van Peebles
  397. Sidney J. Furie
  398. Mark Robson
  399. Russ Meyer
  400. Bill Condon
  401. Michael Schultz
  402. Charles Burnett
  403. Jeff Margolis
  404. Joe Layton
  405. John Singleton
  406. Kasi Lemmons
  407. John Boorman
  408. Adrian Lyne
  409. Jean Vigo
  410. D. W. Griffith
  411. Chantal Akerman
  412. Max Ophüls
  413. Erich von Stroheim
  414. Carol Reed
  415. Charles Reisner
  416. George Kuchar
  417. Kon Ichikawa
  418. Abbas Kiarostami
  419. Chris Marker
  420. Donald Cammell
  421. Claude Lanzmann
  422. Philippe Garrel
  423. Louis Feuillade
  424. Douglas Sirk
  425. Michael Snow
  426. Andrzej Wajda
  427. Marco Bellocchio
  428. Einar Hansen
  429. Alessandro Blasetti
  430. Marcel L’Herbier
  431. Clyde Bruckman
  432. W. C. Fields
  433. Alexander Hammid
  434. Maya Deren
  435. Abel Gance
  436. Leonid Trauberg
  437. Grigori Kozintsev
  438. Franco Zeffirelli
  439. Michael Powell
  440. Vsevolod Pudovkin
  441. Hou Hsiao-Hsien
  442. Joseph Cornell
  443. Todd Haynes
  444. Sam Taylor
  445. Fred C. Newmeyer
  446. Béla Tarr
  447. Terry Zwigoff
  448. Frank Oz
  449. Roger Corman
  450. Andrei Tarkovsky
  451. Frank Pierson
  452. Ken Jacobs
  453. Yuan Muzhi
  454. Frank Borzage
  455. Glauber Rocha
  456. Ousmane Sembène
  457. Kinji Fukasaku
  458. Hollis Frampton
  459. Larisa Shepitko
  460. Katsuhiro Otomo
  461. John Mackenzie
  462. Paul Bartel
  463. George Miller
  464. Tim Kincaid
  465. Robert Drew
  466. Joshua Logan
  467. David Mamet
  468. Freddie Francis
  469. William Wellman
  470. Ken Annakin
  471. Toshio Masuda
  472. Kinji Fukasaku
  473. Richard Fleischer
  474. Silvio Narizzano
  475. Slatan Dudow
  476. Jane Campion
  477. Bong Joon-Ho
  478. Mehboob Khan
  479. Zhang Yimou
  480. Sanjay Leela Bhansali
  481. Rolf de Heer
  482. Peter Djigirr
  483. John Woo
  484. Hideo Nakata
  485. George Sluizer
  486. Jacques Audiard
  487. Claude Berri
  488. Edgar Reitz
  489. Marjane Satrapi
  490. Vincent Paronnaud
  491. Walter Salles
  492. Ashutosh Gowariker
  493. Thomas Vinterberg
  494. Djibril Diop Mambéty
  495. Jiri Menzel
  496. Jacques Tati
  497. Oliver Hirschbiegel
  498. Jean-Paul Rappeneau
  499. Wong Kar-wai
  500. Hayao Miyazaki
  501. Jean-Pierre Melville
  502. Ari Folman
  503. Mathieu Kassovitz
  504. Ishiro Honda
  505. Lau Wai-keung
  506. Giuseppe Tornatore
  507. Michael Radford
  508. Wolfgang Petersen
  509. Elem Klimov
  510. Victor Erice
  511. Alfonso Cuarón
  512. Lewis John Carlino
  513. Park Chan-wook
  514. Tomas Alfredson
  515. Gillo Pontecorvo
  516. Guillermo del Toro
  517. Timur Bekmambetov
  518. Yuen Woo-ping
  519. Chen Kaige
  520. Marc Caro
  521. Bruce Lee
  522. Souleymane Cisse
  523. Paul Verhoeven
  524. Mamoru Oshii
  525. Wolfgang Becker
  526. Jules Dassin
  527. Aki Kaurismäki
  528. Tom Tykwer
  529. Christophe Gans
  530. Kim Ki-duk
  531. Juan Antonio Bayona
  532. Patrice Chéreau
  533. Susanne Bier
  534. Ben Sombogaart
  535. Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
  536. Gaspar Noé
  537. Rémy Belvaux
  538. Bimal Roy
  539. Bille August
  540. Jacques Becker
  541. Masaki Kobayashi
  542. Luc Besson
  543. Sylvain Chomet
  544. John Carney
  545. Vincent Cassel
  546. André Génovès
  547. Julian Schnabel
  548. Andrey Zvyagintsev
  549. Matteo Garrone
  550. Alejandro González Iñárritu
  551. James Marsh
  552. Auguste Lumière
  553. Louis Lumière
  554. Jack Gold
  555. Aleksandr Dovzhenko
  556. Maurice Pialat
  557. Jean Rouch
  558. Edgar Morin
  559. Tomás Gutiérrez Alea
  560. Geoff Murphy
  561. Barry Peak
  562. Cameron Crowe
  563. Philip Kaufman
  564. René Laloux
  565. David Elfick
  566. Christopher Guest
  567. Jean-Jacques Annaud
  568. Ivo Caprino
  569. Sergio Corbucci
  570. Kevin Smith
  571. Wong Fei Huing
  572. Steve James
  573. George Hickenlooper
  574. Fax Bahr
  575. Louise Pepe
  576. Keith Fulton
  577. Neal Israel
  578. Alfred Cheung
  579. Jake Kasdan
  580. Roland Joffe
  581. Jim Abrahams
  582. Jerry Zucker
  583. David Zucker
  584. Giulio Questi
  585. Kevin Macdonald
  586. Mike Judge
  587. Bob Balaban
  588. George Roy Hill
  589. Trey Parker
  590. James Mangold
  591. Ted Kotcheff
  592. Blake Edwards
  593. Bud Yorkin
  594. Takeshi Kitano
  595. J. Lee Thompson
  596. Carroll Ballard
  597. Gene Saks
  598. Mike Hodges
  599. Robert Harmon
  600. Edgar Wright
  601. Liu Chia-Liang
  602. Ivan Reitman
  603. Joe Carnahan
  604. Franklin J. Schaffner
  605. Rob Reiner
  606. David Miller
  607. Fred Schepisi
  608. Robert Frank
  609. Ringo Lam
  610. Joseph Sargent
  611. Les Blank
  612. Jeremiah Chechik
  613. Ermanno Olmi
  614. Edward Norton
  615. Peter Griffin
  616. Mark Waters
  617. Michael Lehmann
  618. Donald Petrie
  619. Ted Kotcheff
  620. Javier Fesser
  621. Jimmy Murakami
  622. Paolo Sorrentino
  623. Sergio Garrone
  624. Haskell Wexler
  625. Peter Watkins
  626. Wolfgang Reitherman
  627. Rudolph Mate
  628. John Farrow
  629. Benjamin Christensen
  630. G. W. Pabst
  631. Marco Ferreri
  632. Peter Greenaway
  633. Bigas Luna
  634. Juzo Itami
  635. Tinto Brass
  636. Ed Wood
  637. David Worth
  638. Stewart Raffill
  639. John Badham
  640. Stan Dragoti
  641. Frederick Wiseman
  642. Jim Muro
  643. Guy Hamilton
  644. Val Guest
  645. Ken Hughes
  646. Joseph McGrath
  647. Robert Parrish
  648. Peter R. Hunt
  649. Alberto De Martino
  650. Garson Kanin
  651. Emeric Pressburger
  652. Albert Lamorisse
  653. Alberto Cavalcanti
  654. Frank Launder
  655. Sidney Gilliat
  656. Bob Rafelson
  657. Edward Dmytryk
  658. George W. Hill
  659. Ramon Menendez
  660. Edward James Olmos
  661. William Castle
  662. Harold S. Bucquet
  663. Ben Holmes
  664. William Nigh
  665. Sean Penn
  666. Robert Flaherty
  667. Jason Reitman
  668. Allison Anders
  669. Lindsay Anderson
  670. R. G. Springsteen
  671. Kaneto Shindo
  672. Martin Ritt
  673. Robert Rossen
  674. Fred Coe
  675. Charles M. Jones
  676. Zoltan Korda
  677. Don Weis
  678. Henry Koster
  679. Edward Yang
  680. Atom Egoyan
  681. Lodge Kerrigan
  682. Aleksei Balabanov
  683. Pen-ek Ratanaruang
  684. Lars von Trier
  685. Shinya Tsukamoto
  686. Ron Fricke
  687. George Sidney
  688. Charles Walters
  689. Busby Berkeley
  690. David Butler
  691. W.S. Van Dyke II
  692. Edward Buzzell
  693. Edwin L. Marin
  694. Mark Sandrich
  695. Gregory La Cava
  696. David Leland
  697. Sidney Lanfield
  698. William A. Seiter
  699. Dick Richards
  700. Ivan Passer
  701. John Dahl
  702. Matthew Vaughn
  703. William Cameron Menzies
  704. William Dieterle
  705. Otto Brower
  706. Robert Z. Leonard
  707. Roy Del Ruth
  708. Edgar Selwyn
  709. Gregory LaCava
  710. Edward Sedgwick
  711. Arthur Dreifuss
  712. Vincent Gallo
  713. Nancy Savoca
  714. Henry King
  715. R.G. Springsteen
  716. André de Toth
  717. Louis King
  718. Kurt Neumann
  719. Jack Starrett
  720. John C. Champion
  721. Edward Ludwig
  722. Irving Reis
  723. H.C. Potter
  724. Norman Foster
  725. Mark Rydell
  726. Paolo Sorrentino
  727. Howard Deutch
  728. Mitchell Leisen
  729. Nicolas Philibert
  730. Alexander Korda
  731. George Fitzmaurice
  732. Victor Saville
  733. Ian Dalrymple
  734. David Hand
  735. Pete Docter
  736. Lee Unkrich
  737. David Silverman
  738. William Keighley
  739. John Busker
  740. Ron Clements
  741. Lewis Milestone
  742. Chris Smith
  743. Anatole Litvak
  744. Guy Green
  745. John Cromwell
  746. Clarence Brown
  747. Jacques Feyder
  748. Robert Florey
  749. Leo McCarey
  750. Gabriel Axel
  751. Frank Marshall
  752. Ginette Leclerc
  753. Charles Moulin
  754. Fernand Charpin
  755. Robert Vattier
  756. Diane Wood
  757. Jasmin Dizdar
  758. Eric Rohmer
  759. Edward F. Cline
  760. Milcho Manchevski
  761. Nic Gaster
  762. Kirk Wise
  763. Gary Trousdale
  764. Mario Monicelli
  765. Lawrence Kasdan
  766. Martin Brest
  767. Yakima Canutt
  768. Andrew Marton
  769. Marcel Camus
  770. Campbell Scott
  771. Stanley Tucci
  772. Paul Mazursky
  773. Paul Greengrass
  774. Bruce Beresford
  775. Luigi Comencini
  776. Kimberly Peirce
  777. Steve Rash
  778. Joe Berlinger
  779. Bruce Sinofsky
  780. Kristoffer Nyholm
  781. Carlos Diegues
  782. Ron Shelton
  783. Eugene Corr
  784. Bob Fosse
  785. Fernando Trueba
  786. Herbert Ross
  787. Hugh Hudson
  788. Wayne Wang
  789. Frank Lloyd
  790. Lasse Hallström
  791. Claire Denis
  792. Nick Park
  793. Peter Lord
  794. Rob Marshall
  795. George Lowe
  796. Daniel Mann
  797. Michael Apted
  798. Bertrand Tavernier
  799. Mikhail Kalatozov
  800. George Seaton
  801. Rowland V. Lee
  802. Edmund Goulding
  803. Nikita Mikhalkov
  804. Mike Newell
  805. George Abbott
  806. Tim Robbins
  807. Phillip Noyce
  808. Vincent Monton
  809. Jacob Brackman
  810. Jim McBride
  811. George Marshall
  812. Susan Seidelman
  813. Jerzy Skolimowski
  814. Laslo Benedek
  815. Charles Crichton
  816. Beau Marks
  817. John McTiernan
  818. Roy Rossotti
  819. Pietro Germi
  820. Erick Zonca
  821. William Hobbs
  822. Agnieszka Holland
  823. Diane Kurys
  824. Peter Markham
  825. Anthony Minghella
  826. Zacharias Kunuk
  827. Yoshimitsu Morita
  828. Nick Abdo
  829. Garry Marshall
  830. Rene Clement
  831. Abraham Polonsky
  832. Peter Cattaneo
  833. Teinosuke Kinugasa
  834. Frank Tashlin
  835. Bertrand Blier
  836. Henry Cornelius
  837. Agnes Varda
  838. Valerio Zurlini
  839. Jose Ferrer
  840. Joseph Reidy
  841. Sidney Franklin
  842. Gustav Machaty
  843. Barbara Kopple
  844. Todd Solondz
  845. Alan Oxman
  846. Michael Almereyda
  847. Laurence Olivier
  848. Gerald Cotts
  849. James Ivory
  850. Eleanor Coppola
  851. Richard Pearce
  852. Elaine May
  853. Hal Hartley
  854. Kenneth Branagh
  855. Vic Armstrong
  856. Lisa Cholodenko
  857. Jean Negulesco
  858. Marcel Ophuls
  859. Michael Dryhurst
  860. Peter Hall
  861. Ken Burns
  862. Todd Field
  863. John Boulting
  864. Mike Figgis
  865. Alan Crosland
  866. Richard Thorpe
  867. Frank Kowalski
  868. Yang Fengliang
  869. Robert Siodmak
  870. Robert Benton
  871. Hector Babenco
  872. Peter Brook
  873. Walter Lang
  874. Lamont Johnson
  875. Gianni Amelio
  876. Curtis Hanson
  877. Noel Howard
  878. Andre Smagghe
  879. Roger Vadim
  880. Penny Marshall
  881. Mervyn LeRoy
  882. Alfonso Arau
  883. Henry Hathaway
  884. Tom DiCillo
  885. Gillian Armstrong
  886. Mark Lewis
  887. Vassili Pitchul
  888. Philip Leacock
  889. Ray Ashley
  890. Morris Engel
  891. Ruth Orkin
  892. Dennis Stock
  893. Albert Brooks
  894. Karoly Makk
  895. Bernhard Wicki
  896. Delbert Mann
  897. Nicole Holofcener
  898. Patrick Carey
  899. Nicholas Hytner
  900. Tariq Anwar
  901. Gabriel Pascal
  902. Aki Kaurismaki
  903. Robert Stevenson
  904. Harry Horner
  905. Whit Stillman
  906. Evelyn Purcell
  907. Constantin Costa-Gavras
  908. Richard Boleslawski
  909. Ann Petrie
  910. James Flood
  911. Elliott Nugent
  912. Ildiko Enyedi
  913. Jim Sheridan
  914. Roy Ward Baker
  915. Gary McLarty
  916. Conrad Palmisano
  917. Sam Zebba
  918. Ettore Scola
  919. Irving Rapper
  920. Larry Peerce
  921. Carl Franklin
  922. Victor Schertzinger
  923. Harry Watt
  924. Robert Redford
  925. Donald Roos
  926. Michael Anderson
  927. Daryl Duke
  928. Roger Michell
  929. Bill Roberts
  930. Colin Englert
  931. Tay Garnett
  932. Jacques Doillon
  933. Leslie Howard
  934. Anthony Asquith
  935. Peter Glenville
  936. Stuart Gordon
  937. Michael Tolkin
  938. Michael D. Moore
  939. Franc Roddam
  940. Craig R. Baxley
  941. Paul Brickman
  942. Robert Ellis Miller
  943. Daniel Vigne
  944. Peter Medak
  945. Mira Nair
  946. Charles MacArthur
  947. Ben Hecht
  948. Roy Boulting
  949. Lina Wertmuller
  950. John Madden
  951. Gordon Parks
  952. Jonathan Glazer
  953. Alan Bridges
  954. Ross McElwee
  955. Jacques-Yves Cousteau
  956. Elmar Klos
  957. Arthur Wooster
  958. Perce Pearce
  959. Larry Morey
  960. Michael Ritchie
  961. Roger Donaldson
  962. Lloyd Bacon
  963. Joe Alves
  964. Nicholas Meyer
  965. Robert Enders
  966. Lew Ayres
  967. Janet Gaynor
  968. Ulu Grosbard
  969. Mariangela Melato
  970. Giancarlo Giannini
  971. Alexander Mackendrick
  972. Serge Bourguignon
  973. Bobby Bass
  974. Hercules Bellville
  975. Gary Capo
  976. Tim Whelan
  977. Ludwig Berger
  978. François Girard
  979. Herbert Coleman
  980. Peter Masterson
  981. Ronald Neame
  982. Danny DeVito
  983. Herman Shumlin
  984. Bob Ziembicki
  985. Michael Steinberg
  986. Ian Sharp
  987. Neal Jimenez
  988. Jerome Robbins
  989. Marcel Pagnol
  990. Andre Techine
  991. Kenneth Lonergan
  992. Chen Huai-En
  993. George Dunning
  994. Alfonso Cuaron
  995. James Young Deer
  996. Lois Weber
  997. Phillips Smalley
  998. Chuck Jones
  999. Elaine Bass
  1000. Saul Bass
  1001. John Emerson
  1002. Victor Sjöström
  1003. George Pal
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  1007. G. W. Bitzer
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  1170. Nathan H. Juran
  1171. Ruggero Deodato
  1172. Isao Takahata

Great Anti-Racist Show from Disneyland


From the highly racist and tumultuous year of 1964 in the USA, the “It’s a Small World” show at Disneyland. Of course, it’s a glorious show, and I’ve been on that ride many times. I probably even rode it in 1964.

After you watch the video for a while, you realize that it’s a great anti-racist and even anti-ultranationalist message. There’s no need to elaborate on it; it speaks for itself.

Sure, humans are different, but the more time you spend with humans from all over the world, you realize that they really are not all that different.

Men act like men, everywhere on Earth. Women act like women, all over the world. And humans act like humans, around the globe. To me, this implies that despite Communist idiot theory, maleness, femaleness and humanness are not really social and societal constructs and formations after all. Instead, these identities are probably coded heavily in our genes. If you don’t believe me, make a friend from or in another part of the world. You’ll be surprised how much they are alike the Americans around you.

This one video is worth 100 Tim Wise lectures and Abagond posts. If you’re talking anti-racism, what more is there to say than this simple message?

Conformism Versus Non-Conformism

Repost from the old site.

In the comments, Perry notes:

Your description of your youth – hippie, glam, disco, punk, goth etc – doesn’t strike me as ‘not normal’ or ‘fucked in the head’. Not an outsider, a reject or outcast.

Rather, it is the trajectory of the Ultra-Conformist, always clinging to the dominant cultural strand. What is called culture and ‘counter-culture’ are like the twin strands of DNA revolving around each other. If you can’t escape that, then you are cattle. You say you followed and adopted each culture, but then say ‘I never want to fit in, be normal or be accepted.’ That’s exactly what you wanted.

Allow me to differ here.

As far as hippies, OK, we had a group, but straight society treated us like serious shit, the older generation especially. I seem to recall I lost a number of jobs over being a longhair and suspected doper, and there was no end of warfare with my folks, all of their friends and all of my older relatives. It was generational war, but we had to get jobs from these older assholes, and they seemed to delight in firing us just for who we were.

There was no way to be a member of serious, normal, straight society when you looked like that. It was like one rejection after another, especially in the workplace.

I refer especially to dope. There was never a time when dope was accepted by straight or mainstream society, especially older folks. It did get close there for a bit around thirty years ago, but then Reagan came in, the War on Drugs hit, and it was out in the biggest way.

I can’t tell you how much endless rejection, hassle and general crap I got for being a doper, and all I was was a pot smoker. Vast numbers of people, even my own age, were just flat out not into it. Especially as you got to the university and then into good high-paying jobs in offices and whatnot.

Nowadays, dope is more condemned than ever. The honeymoon is over. A lot of kids hate all dope, and the older generation truly despises it.

A very large # of folks even my age never got into it and seriously look down on you if you did, even if it was years ago. God forbid if you still get high. This is especially true in the medical and psychiatry fields. Doctors won’t tolerate pot at all, and therapists and p-docs will all try to blame all your problems on it, even if it was 30 years in the past. It’s like a guilt trip that never goes away.

At this point, straight society seriously rejects dope in all forms, and I do include pot. I’m not talking the working class here. I’m talking older folks, and especially once you get into proper and respectable society, older folks who dress up for work, wear jackets and ties, make good money, work in an office, etc.

All dope is seriously out with that crowd, even past use. If you talk to most folks like that, even my age, they deny all current use and as far as the past, well, they smoked a joint once.

You can’t discuss dope at all in public (you’re liable to get tossed out of the establishment) other than to condemn it. You can’t even mention past use. At work, it’s pretty much off the table and it’s probably reason for firing.

Even a past history of drug use is thought to make you unqualified for many jobs. I speak in particular of education, as I was a teacher for years. If any of us told our classes that we so much as took a hit off a joint once, legions of parents would march down to the office and we would probably be fired.

The glam scene was not popular at all at the time and people who were into it were really treated like shit by most ppl for it. It was a fringe thing.

Disco was popular, but walking around with 4-inch blue platforms, velvet pants and silk scarves was not. People who did that really got hammered a lot, mostly people calling them queer.

Sure, punk is pretty normal now, but back then we were really outsiders and rejects. Most everyone really hated it. As an example, almost all of my old friends hated punk and weren’t impressed that I was into it. Punks got treated like serious shit all the time. It was serious fringe stuff. We also got called queer a lot.

I don’t remember the goth scene well, but in the early days, it wasn’t really normal to be into that stuff. Just one more reason for most everyone to think you were a fucking weirdo.

Furthermore, all of these were countercultural movements that were at odds with mainstream society in a serious way – but disco much, much less so. If you were into them and it was obvious, you got stared at a lot, pointed to a lot, and got treated like a general freak. You got called names like weird, strange, creep, etc all the time.

You had your sanity questioned all the time and it was just assumed that you must be mentally ill in some way. In most cases, you also got called faggot a lot for some reason. I guess to the macho straight society idiots, any nonconformist is automatically a “fag”.

I recall my father nearly punching my lights out one time for having long hair that according to him made me look like a fag.

No sane person went into any of this stuff to be accepted. Sure you got some acceptance by the scene people, but even for all of these, they were a serious minority. They’d be like 5% of the people, and the others (mostly haters) would be like 95%. You’d have to be a moron to go into most of these things to make gain acceptance. It was like hitching a ride on the Rejection Express.

And none of these things was “the dominant cultural strand” at the time. It’s not like nowadays, when punk, goth, hippie and whatnot are all mainstream aspects of youth culture. In the beginning of all these things (except disco), the first people really were outsiders.

More importantly, all of us got used to constantly being called weird, strange, bizarre, freaks, not normal, creepy, crazy, nuts, psycho and all that stuff. So if someone calls me something like that, that’s like a compliment.

Now how many normal society types get called stuff like that all time? And how many of them take it as a compliment to be called something like that?

So I’m not buying your argument.

Blast from the Past: Great Movie from 1969


Midnight Cowboy.

With Jon Voigt as Joe Buck and Dustin Hoffman as Ratso Rizzo in one of the greatest US movies of the past 50 years. Only X-rated movie to ever win Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Directed by John Schlesinger. Unfortunately, the movie is now largely forgotten, but those of us who lived in the era will never forget it.

If you’ve never seen it, do.

Good Shit from 1968


Ennio Morricone doing The Ecstasy of Gold, the soundtrack to Sergio Leone’s The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The ultimate spaghetti Western music to the ultimate spaghetti Western flick. These flicks and especially the music to go along with them were also very popular with us punks during the early punk era for some weird reason. You would often hear these tracks on the punk radio stations of the era and at wild hardcore punk shows. I don’t have a reason for that.

Edda Dell’Orso, Italian diva, does the killer Italian operatic solo wordless singing on the score.

Ennio Morricone, typical crazy artist, with a typical crazy artist look in his eyes. He looks pretty punk. I can see why the punks like him. I so want to be this dude.

Sergio Leone is next.

Sergio Leone. He looks like a punk too. Also shades of Francis Ford Coppola and how could we miss the Hemingway?

One more thing. Why don’t all your Nordicists just FOAD already? Who says Southern Europeans are inferior? They make more and better art in a century than you could in a millenia? Even your ultimate Nordicist heroes of all time, the Nazis, said so.

“Protest Song,” by Alpha Unit

The public image of Woody Guthrie captivates me.

It’s quite a romantic image, even though there wasn’t anything romantic about much of his life. He is known mainly for being a songwriter – particularly for This Land is Your Land – and for being a Communist sympathizer, the worst badge you could wear in this country next to “Communist.” Some of you may have seen photographs of him on stage, his guitar sporting a label that read, “This Machine Kills Fascists.”

He began his career performing traditional music on the radio in Los Angeles. The way he ended up in California was the same way many of his fellow Oklahomans had – escaping the Dust Bowl. These “Okie” migrants were the object of a lot of resentment and sometimes abuse from California locals.

Woody Guthrie’s music found a ready audience among California Okies. It was during his time in radio that he began writing protest songs, one of which got the attention of a newscaster named Ed Robbin. He brought Guthrie into contact with some of the socialists and communists in Southern California.

Although never a member of the Communist Party, Guthrie wrote a column for The Daily Worker, ensuring his status as a fellow traveler. Success found him, but his lifelong fondness for being on the road and his discomfort with the entertainment business kept his life unstable. But his legacy is intact: the outsider giving a voice to all the other outsiders looking in on the American dream.

The Woody Guthrie song I love the most is a protest song not against injustice or fascism but against grown-up seriousness. It’s about one of my favorite things to do as a child and even now – going for a ride in the car.


“Hurt Me…Again,” by Alpha Unit

Way back in the early seventies, when I began my life as a teenager, I used to hear a song on the radio that mystified me.

It was a hit record for a well-known R&B singer. In it, a woman is telling her lover how deeply she feels about him. Some of what she says to him:

First you take my heart in the palm of your hands
And you squeeze it tight
Then you take my mind and you play with it all night

You take my pride
And you throw it up against the wall…

You take my name
And you scandalize it in the streets
Anything you wanna do or say
Is alright with me

The chorus of this ode to joy is a declaration that what this man is doing to her hurts so good.

I seriously wondered as a kid, “How does something hurt so good?” To me, “hurt” and “good” didn’t belong in the same sentence.

Several years earlier another tale of female devotion had hit the airwaves. Some of what the woman of this song laments:

You’re out on the streets looking good
And baby, deep down in your heart you know that ain’t right
And you never hear me when I cry at night

I tell myself that I can’t stand the pain
But then you hold me in your arms and I say it again

So come on and take another little piece of my heart now, baby
Break another little bit of my heart now, honey
Have another little piece of my heart now, baby
You know you got it, if it makes you feel good


Both of these records make a good matching set with another popular “love song.” The singer tells her man:

You’re a no-good heartbreaker
You’re a liar, and you’re a cheat
And I don’t know why
I let you do these things to me

My friends keep telling me
That you ain’t no good
But oh, they don’t know
That I’d leave you if I could…

The way you treat me is a shame
How could you hurt me so bad?
Baby, you know that I’m the best thing you ever had

And the chorus? The singer informs us in her marvelous, breathy way:

I ain’t never loved a man
The way that I love you.

Each of these songs is a work of art. And works of art don’t have to be politically correct or provide comfort to those listening, viewing, or reading. Each of the women singing these songs did so with great artistry and conviction of her own.

I used to wonder what songs like these say about the female psyche. I mean, the female protagonists of these songs sound like masochistic losers. “Oh, it hurts so good. Keep doing it, if it makes you feel good. Don’t ever say we’re through.”

But none of these songs was written by women. All three came from the imaginations of men.

Did these guys have some kind of inside information on the way women think and feel? Were the songs just fantasies of the ideal woman – you know, a submissive?

I can’t tell whether these songs say more about the male mind or the female mind. But each one of them resonated with the music-loving public, and are still loved.

Can you imagine a hit song in which a man is saying this kind of stuff to a woman?

Nope. Wouldn’t sell.


Franklin, A. 1967. I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You. On I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You [Record]. New York: Atlantic Records.

Franklin, E. 1967. Piece Of My Heart. On Piece of My Heart [Record]. New York: Sony Records.

Jackson, M. 1973. Hurts So Good. On It Hurts So Good [Record]. UK: Spring/Southbound Records.


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