Jewish Materialism and Success and Anti-Semitism

Regarding the Twain article, I think Twain is just tellin’ it like it is. Jews outcompete White Gentiles and they are really, really, really, into money. This is in large part why so many people don’t dig em. Even many philosemites agree that Jewish success breeds anti-Semitism.
Ask any Jew. If they are honest, they will agree.
If you go to the Jewish Defense League (JDL) website, there is a forum there with emails from readers. There are lots of emails from Jews who don’t have a lot of money, or even poor Jews. They rail about how US Jews are totally into money. They go to family gatherings and it’s all, “How much money do you make? He makes more than you do. You’re a loser! Start making some money.”
US Jews are simply ruthlessly materialistic and competitive people, and even a lot of their own people hate it.
Poor Jews, low income Jews and homeless Jews wrote into the JDL site telling about how their relatives treated them like shit because they didn’t have much money, or refused to help them when they were homeless, or practically disowned them because they didn’t have much money.
A lot of them said they refuse to go to family gatherings anymore because they are so tired of being called losers for not having pockets full of loot.
I have to agree with that.
Most of the Jews I’ve known in life were really into money. A lot of them were really nice people, but I never bring up money around them due to the response. If you tell them how much you make, or how successful you are in any way, shape or form, usually they immediately one-up you and make you feel like a loser.
For instance, I told a Jewish friend of the family that my site got 300 visitors a day. He brushed me off, “That’s nothing. Ours gets 3,000.” That didn’t feel so good!
I met a Jewish guy at a Democratic Party gathering (a real asshole – solipsistic, narcissistic and seriously full of himself in that way that quite a few Jews are) and told him I had Google Adsense ads on my site, but it was hard to make money off them (It is hard to make money off those ads, trust me.)
The guy took two steps back, looked shocked, and said, “No way! LOTS of people make money with Adsense. My friends make $100/day with Adsense ads!”
Whoa. He burned me. I felt like a total loser.
I don’t know anyone who $100/day off Adsense ads, but hey, he’s a Jew. I’m sure his Jewish buddies might have figured out a way to do that.
I may add that all of these Jews were really liberal people, all liberal Democrats. With US Jews, very liberal politics often goes hand in hand for ferocious materialism. Many of these people were really honest too. I’d almost trust them with a large sum of money, to give to them and have them return it later on. That’s how honest they are.
Anyway, that’s just the way it is with Jews. They’re like the worst Gentile yuppies on steroids to the nth power when it comes to being ferociously competitive and engaging in one-upmanship. A lot of the Jews above are really nice people, good people in general (and I generally like Jews pretty well), but I know very well to stay away from any conversations about money or success, since it seems like they immediately try to one-up you and make you feel bad.


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