The Madeline McCann Disappearance Has Apparently Been Solved

The German police has a suspect in custody, who is already in prison on the related crime of rape, who they are quite sure if the kidnapper of Madeline McCann. Furthermore, they are quite certain that Madeline is dead. This man is a pedophile, a misophile to be exact. He also had relationships with women and he raped a 72 year old woman. This may be a case of a nonpreferential pedophile. They are not common but sometimes they exist. Some pedophiles can have sex with adult women just fine. It’s just that it’s not their preference. Their preference is for little girls. Their attraction to women may by up to 70

This man lived in Portugal for some time and was living there at the time that Medeline disppeared.

And as I said, he’s guilty all right. On one of his properties they found a lot of videos of various things, including some of his crimes. The videos apparently show him molesting and possibly torturing and murdering little girls. They obviously show him doing that to least one murder of a little girl. That girl must be Madeline.

The German police say that they are sure that Madeline is dead, and they think he’s their guy. He probably kept her alive for a while, raped her, and tortured her because that was his fantasy from an Internet record of a conversation he had with another pedo about his fantasies. And after that he seems to have killed her. They also have an idea of where he might have disposed of the body at a campground 20 miles away. It’s being searched right now.

In more incriminating evidence, his phone was traced to right outside the McCann hotel right around the time she disappeared.

They have found the destroyed remains of his home in Portugal where he probably killed her. It’s 1/2 mile away from the hotel. A news team showed the ruins on video.

Around the time Madeline disappeared, he broke into a 72 year old woman’s house, bound her, beat her, and raped her over hours. He was arrested for this crime and this is the crime he is in prison for. This lady lives 1/2 mile away from the McCann’s hotel.

The Germans have witnesses of a drunken confession of murdering Madeline this man made one evening while drinking with a group of men. He was a suspect very early on, and on the first TV show about the murder, his name was turned in. On the next TV show, his name was turned in again by a different person.

The way I read it is that Madeline is on this guy’s tapes. She’s probably alive on some of the material. He probably videotaped the rape, torture, and murder of this girl, possibly over days. Obviously he killed her and the homicide itself is no doubt on one of those videos. And probably photos of her body in which she’s obviously dead (But how do they determine that?).

He’s guilty. He did it. He’s the guy.

Not only that but he appears to be guilty in the disappearance of an 8 year old girl in Germany. He was living right by where she disappeared. I think he abducted, tortured, and raped her over a period of time before killing her.

He killed at least two little girls and maybe more. When they found a van he lived in, they found several little girls’ bathing suits in the van.

Bigfoot News May 27, 2014

Apology. I am very sorry there have not been any updates in a long time. I am extremely tired, and I can barely even function at all these days. The only thing that helps me is allergy shots. This is a very bad time of year for me. Ray Crowe book review of David Paulides’ latest Missing 411 book.

Book Review, 4th Paulides Missing 411-The Devil’s in the Details

Once again Dave Paulides has published a blockbuster of a book about the sad stories of missing people. Disappearances seem to occur in clusters, and Dave has included a large United States wall map showing where the poor people vanished. It’s revealing – the east and west coasts are almost darkened with missing cluster tags. This time around, Dave has gone international, including lists of missing people from six continents. As in earlier books, the little preteens seem to be the largest group targeted by some entity that concentrates on kidnapping and leaving the victims often either dead or alive, and missing articles of clothing or shoes without any indication of molestation. Usually the victim has no idea what occurred, is dazed, or can’t communicate what happened to them. Dave mentions that the last-in-line of hiking groups often disappears, and comments on the number of missing people found at the base of steep cliffs, near water or swamps, in brier patches (victims often found with horrible scratches), having traveled many miles or having unknowingly traveled uphill. Often their pets disappear with them and either come back confused or never do return. Search dogs cannot find their scent of the missing, and bloodhounds and cadaver dogs appear baffled. And in so many cases, an area previously searched multiple times eventually turns up a victim that’s in plain sight. The first book chapters cover another large batch of missing people, running the total from the 411 books up another 174. On May 18th, the release date of the book, Dave was a guest on George Knapp on Coast-to-Coast radio, and he mentioned that his total was up to 1,240 now. I wonder what that would amount to in the number of gallons of shed tears? Look at “Devil’s Detail,” an introductory page that has a long listing of place names with the word devil in them. Other significant detailed charts and statistical information elsewhere in the volume highlight fascinating cases that boggle the mind: Little 7 year old Jack who in two days managed to get 50 miles from where he was lost. And he was found in good condition! How can that be? Another 11 people were found 20 or more miles from where they had disappeared. Not all of them were as lucky as Jack. Many other interesting listings are tabulated: Weather conditions turn inclement when lost; occasions when the first or last in a line of hikers vanishes; there are those that turn up missing and were last seen inside of a home (in one case a house alarm failed to ring) or from a locked car with no inside door handles (go-figure that one out), the puzzling cases of the disabled who go missing, and the “climbers”-those that when lost go uphill, often being found on top of a barren peak (20 in four books climbed 1,000 feet or more). These and several other “Devil’s Detail” categories are listed under Dave’s final “Conclusions” chapter. Impossible cases are cited, like 2 year old Ryan, sleeping with his sister Shawna next to the wall. On awakening, his family discovered that he was gone, only to be later found dead under a dock at a nearby lake. And then there was the mystery of Megumi. Hiking on a well used trail in New Mexico, when lost she simply dialed 911 on her cell phone (needed to triangulate). She was forwarded to the non-emergency dispatcher…not once but seven times! Unbelievable! It has never happened before or since! Finally routed correctly, search teams found Megumi. It started to snow! A helicopter was called in for evacuation of the cold and weak graduate student in physics, nanotechnology and optics. The tail rotor of the helicopter hit a tree! In a debris field 800 feet down the 12,000 foot mountain, the bodies of the pilot and Megumi were found. It appears that at times the well-educated are targeted! What’s happening to all these people? Dave wisely doesn’t speculate. It’s just too crazy. In one case you think a Bigfoot kidnapped them. Then in the next a UFO abducted them, or they vanish into a dimensional hole or orb, or the culprit is an entity that reaches through from a black hole, grabs them and transports them for miles, dragging them unmercifully through briers. I can only scratch my head and ponder. Don’t know how much just plain old bad luck is involved either. One can only offer a silent prayer for all the unfortunate missing people, past and present, especially the children…the poor little babies, Amen. And those left behind to suffer: wives, siblings, mothers, grandparents, girlfriends…all of those and more. I feel saddest of all for them. Ray Crowe, May 26, 2014

Bigfoot News September 3, 2012

Dr. Melba Ketchum is working with National Geographic Corporation on a Bigfoot media project. This is great news, and I am 100 This was originally reported me that “National Geographic” was the name of the journal she had submitted to, and that National Geographic was part of the Nature Group. However, National Geographic is not part of the Nature Group, and National Geographic at any rate is not a peer-reviewed journal; instead it is more of a popular magazine. I was also told to look for a journal associated with National Geographic, but there are none. In addition, I was told to fish around with sources associated with National Geographic try to flesh out more about this. I don’t know anyone associated with National Geographic, so I can’t do that. But I will just throw this out to the Bigfoot community. If you can dredge up any sources associated with National Geographic, you may be able to elaborate on this scoop, which I am 100 What is the nature of Ketchum’s work with National Geographic? I am not sure. She is either working with the magazine or with National Geographic TV show or possibly with both. There has long been a rumor that Ketchum had a deal with National Geographic TV show lined up, and now that appears to be proven at last. How did I find out this information? Well, I can’t tell you that! But the source is a young woman with a postgrad degree with deep ties to the Ketchum study. The question is why National Geographic would work with her on this absent a peer reviewed study published in a reputable journal. The answer is that they must know somehow the results of this study. I assume they are awaiting publication until they run the story in either the magazine or on TV. As a reader of the magazine, I can tell you that National Geographic Magazine will not run any cutting edge science story that has not been run through first level science publications first. National Geographic is not an academic journal! What journal is Ketchum’s study at? I still do not know that, but the one thing I keep hearing over and over is “Nature,” and “the Nature group.” Whether that adds up to anything more than a hill of beans is anyone’s guess. Adrian Erickson sold out of the Bigfoot business? I haven’t been hearing much about Erickson’s financial troubles, extensively documented both here and eventually in the popular press, lately. Instead, the meager information coming out seems to be that he is not in deep and dire financial straights at the moment. Now how he got out of hot water, I don’t have the faintest idea, but I do have a guess. My guess is that Erickson has simply sold out of the Bigfoot biz. It was worrying him sick anyway for the longest time, and now his mind seems quite clear and calm about the subject. At the same time, his financial deluges seem to have subsided. Put it all together, and I figure Erickson sold out of Bigfootery for a pricey sum. And who paid him? Probably none other than Melba Ketchum. By way of whom? Probably by way of Wally Hersom. In other words, Ketchum got Wally to buy out Erickson in order to get her hands on Erickson’s video, which will add so much weight to her project. Why did Erickson deny that his movie was being extensively edited in Hollywood earlier this year? Probably because it was not his movie anymore! It was Melba’s movie. Now whether he sold out altogether or just sold out rights, I am not sure. But if Wally’s money is involved, the movie will not be buried and will see the light of day at some point. I also do not believe Melba would buy the movie just to bury it. She’s too committed to Bigfoot to do that. So the movie is in good hands. Even if it is with Melba, Melba will probably not release it before her study is done. Why not? Because one is hardly very good without the other, that’s why. This also explains other things. Ketchum and Erickson have simply never gotten along, pretty much from Day One. That’s been documented extensively here for a long time. They were even threatening to sue each other back and forth for a long time, which often degenerated into questions of jurisdiction: “You can’t sue me. You’re in Canada and I’m in Texas…” and vice versa. At any rate, all of this animosity is history now, and Ketchum and Erickson are getting along swimmingly for the first time, like old best friends from high school, and that makes no sense to me. However, if Erickson simply sold out to her, all basis for animosity is gone, and they can both be BFF’s. As far as Erickson’s finances, I do not know, honestly. But I do know he is back guiding hunts again, which is what he loves to do. When he was underwater with financial woes, he didn’t have time to do anything but work and worry. Now a load is off his chest, and he’s back getting paid handsomely to have a hobby. He is also going hunting again in Africa soon. This implies he has a lot of time on his hands. As in the past he was working nearly 6 days a week, 12 hours a day to keep his head above water, it would seem that with all this free time, his financial problems have lessened a lot. Anyway, it’s good news for Erickson any way you cut it. Affirmation that Ketchum’s Bigfoot is a relict hominid that is known from the scientific record. I told you this earlier, then I had to backtrack on it a bit as I clarified things further, but now I can go back to the original story. It seems that there is a known relict hominid, well known to science and studied for some time, that has some sort of a relationship to the Bigfoots. The way it was said to be was that the Ketchum team was looking at this known relict hominid as “something to compare the Bigfoots to.” This means that the Bigfoots either are this known hominid, or they are related to it somehow. Now which hominid this is, and how the Ketchum team has related it to the Bigfoots, I have no idea. It could be through bones, if they have any, or it could be via genetics. If it is genetics, then we only have genes from Denisova and Neandertal. But we have bones from many others. But what Bigfoot bones, if any, does Ketchum have? Ketchum team Dogman discovery confirmed. Talking with a woman in her 30’s who works for the Ketchum team, I have determined that I was correct in an earlier posting about the Dogmen. This source told me she agreed that “The DNA shows that the Dogmen are a separate species from Bigfoots, related but not very close.” The only way this source could have known this was if the Ketchum team found this out somehow via DNA. The source also expressed incredulity at this DNA finding, and stated that she simply did not believe it as the idea of a Dogman is just too crazy. I also confirmed, via another source, this time a young man who works closely with Ketchum, that the Dogmen are not even very closely related to Bigfoots. They are a separate species, related but not closely. RL: A separate species? Closely related? Source: Well…no! Not very closely related at all, actually! But they are related, yes. RL: How are they different? Source: Well, the Dogmen are just Bigfoots with some variations. They have more of a snout for a nose, that is the main thing. They also spend a lot more time on all fours than the Bigfoots do. They are not as tall, only about 6 feet tall. They have fangs. And they are said to be a lot meaner. If Ketchum has Dogman DNA that is a different but related species, where did she get it? Possibly from Scott Carpenter. Scott is a researcher in Tennessee, much derided because his videos and photos don’t show much of anything, though he insists it’s a photo or video of a Dogman or Bigfoot. He often describes the creatures he is researching in the Smokies as “Dogmen.” Despite all of the derision, Carpenter is said to have a successful sample into the study – a hair sample. It’s possible that this may be a Dogman hair sample. It tested presumptive for Bigfoot, but possibly it was so different that Ketchum concluded that Dogmen were a separate entity. It’s being reported that I said that the Ketchum paper will report on Dogmen. I am told that there will be nothing about Dogmen in the forthcoming paper, but there may be something in a later paper, as there are a series of papers planned later on. When will Ketchum study come out? I really need to stop making these predictions, as it is making me look very bad. However, don’t blame me. Most if not all of these predictions came to me from 3rd parties, but the source was always said to be Ketchum herself. So I was wrong, she was wrong. If you want to yell at me, yell at her instead, or yell at both of us if you will. I know that the Ketchum team was working very frantically on a lot of materials for the media and public to prepare them for a release. You could call it public relations materials. The workers were often under heavy deadline, and the pace of the work was described as frantic and frenzied. Then, about two weeks ago, suddenly all of the work stopped for no apparent reason, and everything went quiet. My source thought this was very strange. Furthermore, on July 10, Ketchum’s paper passed peer review. I learned this from four separate sources. Ketchum stated publication would occur 6-8 weeks after. So here we are, 7 weeks later, and nothing is going on. At this point, I have been burned so many times that I am giving up. I’m not sure if she will ever publish anything, but my sources are quite certain she will. Everyone is sick and tired of this waiting game. We all know these Bigfoot things are real, and we know we have evidence, but we can’t put it out there, so all we have are rumors and talk. In the meantime, the skeptics and scofftics pound away at us and make us look like fools. A lot of us feel like a heist just occurred, and here we are, standing there holding the bag, waiting for the cops to come grab us and ruin our innocent lives. We have an alibi, but it may never see the light of day. The frustration level among Bigfooters is extreme. Sykes study. There is a parallel study being done out of Oxford by an excellent geneticist named Brian Sykes. He already has a journal lined up to work with him, and he promises publication by the end of the year. At the rate is he is going, he may well publish before Ketchum. He is trying to test the hypothesis that Bigfoots and Yetis exist as a separate entity, possibly a relict hominid related to man. One wonders where he got this idea. One theory is that he caught wind of the results from the Ketchum study, and that is what set him to work on this. Rhettman Mullis and a woman named Dr. Anna Nekaris are said to have prodded Sykes to work on this. Later over lunch with Dr. Jeff Meldrum, he is said to have decided to do the study. Mullis recently stated on the radio that he knew the results of the Ketchum study, and that they were very interesting. Sources have told me that Meldrum also knows the results of the study, but he is awaiting publication to see about revising his Ape Hypothesis in favor of a Relict Hominid hypothesis. In recent months, Meldrum already seems to be changing over to the Relict Hominid hypothesis. So either Mullis, Nekaris or Meldrum or some combination thereof, could have told him about the results of the Ketchum study, which spurred him to try to replicate it. Bigfoot hoaxer shot at! A man doing a Bigfoot hoax was recently shot at by someone who witnessed the hoax. A few shots were fired, all of them missed, but one came close. The hoaxer’s friends witnessed the shooting too as they were in on the hoax. The hoaxer was so terrified they could barely get him out the woods. There is much more to this story, but unfortunately, I am not allowed to go into it at this point. Hopefully I will be able to elaborate soon. So people who say no one has ever shot at a hoaxer, well, it’s not true. I have another report of a hoaxer who was confronted by an older man who came out of his house at night and pointed a rifle at the hoaxer. So far, there is no evidence that any hoaxer has yet been shot, either fatally or non-fatally, by anyone, but I figure it’s just a matter of time. And I am happy that both hoaxers above were not hit by bullets. I am calming down from my anti-hoaxer rage earlier. There is no end to hoaxing, and it even appears to be happening at record levels, possibly due to shows like Finding Bigfoot. The dead hoaxer in the road recently isn’t going to slow down any of this. A hoaxer’s going to get shot, fatally or otherwise, probably sooner rather than later. There is no other possible outcome. More Bigfoot shootings. The Justin Smeja story is not the only shooting story I am working on. I also have three other Bigfoot shooting stories, some dating back a ways. I am trying to get more details on them, but at the moment I am not allowed to report on them. I also have two stories of Bigfoot graves in the north of the continent. One of them people are still trying to locate as it is from the 1930’s. The other is much more recent, and many people know where the Bigfoot is buried, but no one is willing to tell where. It’s a widely held secret in an extremely closed and almost paranoid traditional community. People are working hard to try to find out where this Bigfoot is buried. One of my sources told me, “People shoot at these things all the time, and people shoot them all the time. The Bigfoots usually get hit and run away.” The source also said she knew a number of people who were actively hunting Bigfoots in the hopes of killing one. She implied that the number of active Bigfoot hunters running around the woods dead set on killing a Bigfoot was larger than you might think. How to kill a Bigfoot? Not so easy. Most Bigfoot hunters have no plan. Idiot hunters, rednecks, out to “Bag me a Bigfoot, durrr.” Truth is you need a plan. Come on. You need a team, and it needs to be ready like a doctor on house calls, ready to go 24-7, 365. You somehow shot a Bigfoot, and now it’s down on the ground. Now what? You need a team to figure out how in the Hell you are going to get the Bigfoot out of the woods. Worse, there are now some other angry Bigfoots around who just witnessed you killing one of their family. While you are standing over the dead Bigfoot, the others may charge and try to kill you. All in all, it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it. The problems are greater than the rewards. Surely the federal government could figure out a way to kill a Bigfoot and get it out, possibly with a helicopter, but as of now anyway, I see the private sector as falling down on the job on this one. Bigfoots appear to have large eye sockets deeply sunk into their heads. This is quite apparent in some recent Bigfoot photos and videos. I haven’t seen a hoaxer yet get this right. The appearance is such that it makes the Bigfoots seem to have large eyes deeply sunk into their heads. Whether their eyes are really that large or sunk into their heads is not known. At any rate, this may be some sort of an illusion due to the brow ridge. A heavy brow ridge might give one the impression of having large eyes sunk deeply into the head. Sierra Kills site may be a Bigfoot wintering area. Based on evidence that I can’t reveal, one of my sources felt that the Sierra Kills site may be a Bigfoot wintering area. I asked her why they would winter up so high, and she said that they often winter in the deepest, thickest, most inaccessible stuff you could possibly imagine. She also said she thought they wintered at very high elevations like wolverines. In the West, some think they winter at very high elevations that are deep with heavy snow. Almost no one goes into high elevations in the West in winter other than skiers of various types. I also have a report of snowmobilers who saw a 10 foot Bigfoot at a very high elevation in the deep of winter in the north of the continent. Who are the best Bigfoot witnesses? I believe the best witnesses are those who “do not want to see a Bigfoot.” The less reliable witnesses are those who “want to see a Bigfoot.” This is because among the people who go out looking for Bigfoots, you do have quite a few nutter types. If you find a story that doesn’t pan out, it’s often from someone who wanted to see one. Whereas, among those who do not want to see one, especially hunters and fishermen, their reports are among the best as they are devoid of distorting expectations. I was also told that hunting and fishing forums are the best for great unvarnished reports from those with no expectations who know the woods and its creatures well. Boy nearly killed by a Bigfoot. I have a report from the northern part of the continent from a while back from a man who had an intense encounter with a Bigfoot as a boy. He was walking along a river, armed with a pistol, when he saw a Bigfoot. For some reason, the Bigfoot came at him (attacked him). The man said it’s intent was nothing other than to kill, as he saw it. The boy drew his weapon and fired at the creature three times. This was enough to turn the creature. The man felt that if he did not have a gun with him, he would have been dead, with no trace to be found. Missing 411. The book by David Paulides may be onto something. A number of folks have disappeared without a trace in areas where many Bigfoots are thought to reside. People in the know often say that when a Bigfoot gets you, it will kill you, and you will disappear without a trace – not a trace of you will be left. Why a Bigfoot killing a person would leave no trace is uncertain. First of all, the Bigfoot would kill you simply by tearing you to bits very quickly. But what about afterwards? People have told me that the Bigfoots will probably simply bury you in the ground after they rip you to shreds. Most Bigfoots are passive and nonthreatening as long as you do nothing to them, but a few of them are not (more or less like humans in that regard). A few of them are described as simply “evil, pure evil.” Why they vary like this is unknown, but they may have different personalities. Bigfoot tree structures. No one quite know what these things are, but it’s possible that they may simply be markers of some sort or another. Some think that they mark “gathering places” or wintering zones. What significance they have to the Bigfoots is not known. They are known to make geometrical designs out of these things, and in quite a few cases, the designs include crosses, but a Christian religious significance is dubious (many fundamentalist Christian Bigfooters insist that Bigfoots are Christians!). I really doubt if they are, but I think Jesus would have loved them all the same. Bigfoots take large trees weighing up to 200 pounds, grab them at the 8 foot level or so, and impale them either into the ground or into other trees. When they are thrust into the ground, they are put upside down with the force of about 1000 pounds pressure. No human could possibly do that, and such an event would probably not be natural either. I am also told by people with intimate knowledge of tree structures that these things do not appear natural either.

More on Joran van der Sloot


Pretty amazing find. Joran van der Sloot made a video of his coffee shop in Thailand and posted it to Youtube!

He went to Thailand and opened up his own coffee shop very quickly. You can see him at 2:43 in the video, surrounded by friends, holding a drink, wearing a baseball cap backwards, with a white shirt and green shorts. He made a bunch of good friends very quickly after landing in Thailand. Typical of a psychopath. They can make many friends very quickly anywhere they go. Their friends often like them very much and hang around with them due to the confidence and charm of the psychopath and the fringe benefits hanging around him gets you.

He bought the coffee shop with money he made trafficking Thai girls. Students hung out there, and he used the coffee shop to recruit new girls to prostitution.

In Thailand, he apparently enrolled at Rangsit University as a cover, then set up a company called DD Consulting, a fake modeling agency apparently designed to recruit underage Thai women into prostitution. By day, he played the role of a student, complete with a student visa, but it was all fake. At night, he prowled the bars with his business cards finding girls to prostitute. He even had business cards printed up with his company on them.

He then apparently trafficked them to the Netherlands on fake promises of being strippers in the best clubs in the Netherlands. He told the girls they would get $15,000/month once they were in the Netherlands. They never saw a dime. Once there, they were trafficked as sex slaves. He received a $13,000 finder’s fee for each one. In Thailand, he went by a fake name, Murphy Jenkins. So the man is also a sex trafficker.


Here is a video of him trying to trick two Thai women into prostitution. He has two Dutch male accomplices with him.

Two of the Thai women that he trafficked have vanished, and no one knows where they are. They may be dead.

Thai police are investigating him in relation to the two disappeared Thai girls and have requested access to him in the Peruvian prison where he now resides.

Dutch police investigated him for sex trafficking, but dropped the investigation due to lack of evidence. This is typical of a true psychopath, almost worming away from the law. They are very good at covering their tracks and can often lie their way out of trouble. They pay off people, change their story so much that even the cops can’t think straight anymore, do whatever it takes. Then they dash to other parts of the globe, get a fake name and vanish again.

He spent most of 2009 flitting around the globe playing in poker tournaments. He won $12,000 at a tournament in Macau. He met a young woman in the casino and invited her back up to his room, where he assaulted her. Sound familiar? She is now cooperating with Macau police, and the Macau cops are working with their colleagues in Peru.

Here is Joran van der Sloot’s Youtube page! Amazing. Criminals have their own Youtube pages. Too much, man. There are plenty of comments on the page, including some from beautiful young women telling him how much they like or love him. These charismatic psychopaths often have hoards of female followers, and they can get women anywhere they go. If you go to Ted Bundy videos on Youtube, you will see many comments by young women saying that they love him or that they would have sex with him if he were alive. One said she would do him, but only if she had a weapon with her.

Is Joran van der Sloot a psychopath or a sociopath? He is clearly a psychopath, not a sociopath. His psychopathy is a result either of being born that way or a combination of that and something in his early environment.

Let’s look at his Youtube page for clues about his psychopathy:

If I would have to describe myself as an animal it would be a snake however I want to be a lion and one day I will be a lion.

Of course. A snake, then a lion. Psychopath. Sure he’s a snake. All psychopaths are. Sure he wants to be a lion and rule the roost. All psychopaths do.

Favorite TV shows are crime shows. Of course. Favorite music? Gangsta rap. Sure. If you read the short intro, you will see that there is a certain slickness, phoniness, and lack of depth to his prose. This is a characteristic of the psychopath. They literally make it up as they go along, and they are about as “deep” as any other wild animal.

In the Peruvian case, it looks like he slipped her a date rape drug, GHB. An empty packet of the drug was found in her car. Then he probably led her up to his room and tried to assault her. She was just coming out as a lesbian, and she probably did not want to do it, so he probably got furious and killed her. He may have also killed her for her money, since she won a lot gambling that night. The story about her finding stories about him on his computer and locking him out of his room are probably just more in the endless series of Joran lies.

I figure with Natalie Holloway, it was the same MO. Met her at a casino, got her drunk and slipped her a date rape drug. On the beach, she may well have gone into seizures from the GHB combined with the alcohol. Then she died on the beach. He freaked out because he caused her death by slipping her the GHB when she was drunk, so he disposed of the body at sea with the help of his buddies. She’s sleeping with the fishes and will never be found. The ocean is a damn fucking good place to dump a body! Can hardly think of a better one. Large lakes like the Great Lakes are pretty good too.

He didn’t exactly murder Natalie, but he’s responsible for her death by slipping her the dangerous GHB which killed her.

Filipino Spree Killer, Efren Valdemoro, Kills 4 People, Shot Dead

Weird story. I am having a hard time making sense of all of these crimes and putting together a timeline of what this guy did. I don’t know what’s wrong with him either. Apparently he went off the deep end in recent days.

Victims are mostly women, Filipinas or Vietnamese. Two older Filipinas were killed and an older man, possibly also a Filipino, was also killed. The older man was beaten to death. The two women went missing a week ago.

In addition, he killed his middle aged Vietnamese girlfriend with a meat cleaver after taking her prisoner in his car. He kidnapped her from her hair salon, took her prisoner in her car, and, incredibly, strangled her to death in the vehicle with a rope at some point during a high-speed chase. He was driving with her dead in his car when he was shot dead by Highway Patrol in a strip mall in Richmond, California, not far from where the matter started in Vallejo. He had attacked cops with a meat cleaver.

Bomb-making materials were found in his storage shed. The son of the murdered elderly man is also missing and probably dead, which would up his total to 5 killed. The killer was 38 years old.

He Killed Again

First Natalie Holloway, now a 21 year old Peruvian woman, dead in a bloody hotel room in Lima.

The killer? Same guy we all thought killed Natalie, rich Dutch punk Joran van der Sloot. He’s 21 now, and he was 16 when he killed Natalie. Incredibly, he killed the Peruvian woman on the exact 5 year anniversary of the death of Natalie. Celebrating an anniversary? Taunting Interpol? Who knows.

A private investigator with deep knowledge of the case said he knew that van der Sloot would kill again, and he did. He’s now an international serial killer. Looking at footage of van der Sloot, he’s a tough call. He’s clearly a narcissist. Is he also a sociopath? I’m not sure. He’s one cocky, swaggering bastard, a real lady-killer in more ways than one, and he obviously thinks he can do anything he wants to. He’s now on the lam in Chile, two days after the murder. He will be caught and tried for murder for the third time.  But this time he will be found guilty.

Possible narcissist-sociopath Johan van der Sloot, with his two victims, Natalie Holloway and Stephany Flores.

The Pig Farm Murders

Warning: Adverse reactions – vomiting – have occurred from watching the video and even from reading this post. Please read or watch with caution.


I’m not sure I had ever heard of this case before, but it’s really bizarre! Robert Pickton and his equally bizarre brother owned a pig farm in British Colombia. They had a building built next to it for “charity events” hosted by the “Piggy Palace Good Times Society.” These events were actually wild booze-fueled bacchanals with up to 1,800 partiers and “entertainment” by plenty of prostitutes from Vancouver’s raunchy and drug-ridden Downtown Eastside district.

The Downtown Eastside has one of the West’s most concentrated populations of drug addicts, mostly using crack and heroin, but increasingly also meth. Most of the female addicts there support their habits by prostituting themselves. There are an estimated 5-10,000 drug addicts living there at any given time. Despite a vigorous needle exchange program that hands out 2-4 million of free needles a year, the population has one of the West’s highest HIV rates: 1/3 of the population and 80

Around 1983, three years before the Olympics, prostitutes started disappearing from the area. They continued to disappear until Pickton’s arrest in 2002. In 2007, Pickton was tried and convicted of six homicides, all Downtown Eastside prostitutes. He was charged with 21 more homicides of more Downtown Eastside prostitutes, but he may never be tried for those deaths.

He is also implicated in another five homicides of young British Colombian women. He claims 49 murders. He really wanted to hit 50, but he says he got careless and got caught. He really regrets not hitting the big 5-0.

Some of the testimony coming out of the case is outrageous:

The star witness in the trial of accused Canadian serial killer Robert Pickton testified on Monday that she walked into the barn at his suburban pig farm to find him covered in blood and a woman’s body hanging from a chain.

“There was blood everywhere,” Lynn Ellingsen told the court.

“He told me if I was to say anything, I would be right beside her.”

Good Lord! Ellingsen, a prostitute and crack addict, lived on Pickton’s property for a month. Earlier on the same night when she saw the horrible sight, she and Pickton had gone to Eastside Downtown to pick up crack and a prostitute. They went back to Pickton’s place and smoked crack.

Ellingsen had fallen asleep when she heard a noise. She went into the barn and saw Pickton, covered in blood, with a woman hanging from the same chains he used to hang up his pigs when he slaughtered them. The woman on the chain was the prostitute they had picked up earlier than night. Pickton was skinning the woman when she walked in.

The arrest was not his first brush with the law. Five years earlier, in 1997, a young woman had barely escaped with her life. A drug-addicted prostitute named Wendy Eistetter was handcuffed and stabbed by Pickton. In a wild melee, she somehow got out of her cuffs, disarmed him and stabbed him before escaping. A motorist found her by the side of the road at 1:30 AM, wearing only a coat, with multiple stab wounds and took her to the hospital. Charges were mysteriously dropped.

While the investigation into the charges was going on, an acquaintance came forward and fingered Pickton as a suspect. His description of Pickton was riveting. Pickton spent most of his time downtown picking up whores. His farm was a bizarre and creepy place, patrolled by vicious dogs who roamed the property with a 700 pound boar. The dogs and the boar would all attack you if you came onto the property. Good God. Then there was Pickton’s trailer. What were all those women’s pursues and ID cards doing in there anyway?

Pickton’s brother, David, was also a strange guy. In 1992, he was arrested on sexual assault charges. He had attacked a woman in his trailer at the pig farm, but she managed to escape. He was given a slap on the wrist. He looks menacing in his photo.

Police found all sorts of horrible things in their investigation. Women’s heads were found in the freezer, sawed in half vertically. Female hands and feet had been stuffed inside the severed heads. The body parts were sharing freezer space with unsold pork.

Female remains were found in a wood chipper. Women had apparently been chopped in the machine and the meat was fed to the pigs on the farm! In 2004, it was revealed that some of the women were ground up and their flesh was mixed with pig meat from the farm. Thankfully, it was not distributed commercially.

A .22 pistol with a dildo on the end was found, apparently a murder a weapon. The dildo was used as a makeshift silencer. Blood-stained clothing was found in the trailer where Pickton lived. A woman’s remains were found in a trash bag at the bottom of a trash can on the property. A woman’s jawbone and teeth were found near the slaughterhouse on the property, where more than pigs were slaughtered. Another jawbone was found in the mud of one of the pigpens.

Night-vision goggles, Spanish fly, fur gloves, .357 ammo, and a syringe with blue windshield wiper fluid inside were also found. Pickton had injected some of the women with windshield washer fluid to kill them. Pickton had told a friend that women were stripped, handcuffed, gagged and taken to a bed where he had sex with them doggy-style. Afterward, he strangled them on bed using a looped wire. Then they were bled and gutted with the main body parts being fed to the pigs and the rest mixed up with pork offal and taken to a rendering plant to be disposed of.

Prostitutes and other guests were invited to the farm. There Pickton cooked for his guests, offered them drugs and hosted wild, never-ending parties. It now appears that some of the food he was cooking for them involved pork mixed with ground up female victims.

He had taken the remains of some of the women, mixed them with pork offal, and taken them in barrels to a rendering plant, where the rendering machines like this one were used to grind up his victims’ remains.

After a huge investigation involving 54 anthropologists and huge earth-moving machines, the DNA of 30 different women (some say the figure is now up to 80), was found at the site. 27 were identified, all prostitutes.

It now appears that Pickton, aged 52 when arrested, had been killing women for at least 11 years before he was caught. His first known victim disappeared in 1991, when he was 41 years old. However, as early as 1988 and 1989, he was already regarded as dangerous to women. In 1988, women were warning other women to watch themselves around him. In 1989, people were warning women not to go home with him, admonishing them with terrifying tales.

He had apparently grown to hate prostitutes, whom he had been using for years, after as he put it, they infected him with Hepatitis C, attacked him with a knife, stole from him and used him. His rage at prostitutes did not develop until relatively late in life, which is why he did not start killing until age 41, which is quite late to begin a serial killer career.

There are other unconfirmed aspects of the case, with Ellingsen accusing Pickton of having sex with a dead woman’s corpse. Ellingsen and other drug addict-prostitute, Dinah Taylor, lived with Pickton for a while and helped him to pick up prostitutes and bring them to the farm. There is also a possibility that Taylor may have been involved in some of the killings, but she has never been charged. Pickton told his brother David that Taylor had killed some of the girls.

Good overview of the case here.

Portuguese Translation of Russian Neo Nazi Video Is Up

A Portuguese translation of the Russian Neo Nazi Video post is now up at the Blogger site. It’s titled Vídeo Decapitação Neo Nazi Ruso .

Philip Garrido's Blog

Here is the very strange blog of Philip Garrido, titled Voices Revealed. Philip Garrido is the California pedophile, rapist, kidnapper and sex offender who abducted Jaycee Lee Dugard off the street in 1991 when she was 11 years old and kept her in a tent in his backyard in Antioch, California until she was finally discovered this year at age 29. She had had two children by him, both girls, named Angel and Starlite, one 11, the other 15.

Angel (left), 11 and Starlite (right), 15, at a neighborhood party several days before Garrido's arrest. After his arrest, they were set free.
Angel (left), 11 and Starlite (right), 15, at a neighborhood birthday party thrown by Cheyvonne Molino for her 16 yr old daughter several days before Garrido's arrest. After his arrest, they were set free. This is the only known photo of the girls on the Web that I could find.
Garrido was apprehended when he appeared at UC Berkeley to try to make some bizarre public demonstration. He was passing out strange flyers and had two young girls with him. The girls appeared “robotic” and the officer become suspicious. The cop ran Garrido’s name and found out he was a registered sex offender. She contacted his parole officer and it turned out he was violating parole. An investigation of his home revealed Dugard, whom everyone had assumed was dead, and the two girls she had had, now 11 and 15, both by Garrido. Garrido’s wife was in on the whole mess as an accomplice (she was in the car when he abducted Jaycee 18 years ago. Curiously, cops had been called to the house several times in the past by suspicious neighbors, but they had never bothered to look in the backyard. Over the years, Dugard came to see Garrido as her husband and fell in love with him. Garrido got a record when he was 25 years old when he abducted a casino worker, Catharine Calloway Hall, in the parking lot of the casino where she worked in South Lake Tahoe. He took four hits of acid and her to a warehouse which he had set up as specifically for his sexual fantasies . There was wine, porn, sex aids and stage lights. He kept her in their for some time, raping her, until a cop making a routine check noticed lights on in a warehouse. The cop drove up, knocked on the door and Garrido appeared. A naked woman then ran out screaming. Garrido was arrested and sentenced to 50 years in prison but he was released early. He married his second wife, Nancy, in Phil Garrido and Nancy Bocanegra at the wedding in 1981. Nancy was born in the Bexar, Texas, to a Mexican-American family in 1955.
Phil Garrido and Nancy Bocanegra at the wedding in 1981. Nancy was born in the Bexar, Texas, to a Mexican-American family in 1955..
Three years after his release, he abducted Dugard. After his release in 1988, he stalked his former victim at her casino job, freaking her out . Rapists come in all varieties, but Garrido was particularly creepy. Abducting a victim and transporting her somewhere in your car, especially to weird warehouse set up for sex crimes, is a particularly dangerous escalation beyond the usual rapist stuff. Keep in mind that lots of guys rape women, in this country and all over the world. We can’t kill all convicted rapists (We’d be executing 1000’s or over 10,000 guys every year) and we can’t even keep them up all locked up forever. I’m no expert on rape, but I assume that most rapists don’t re-offend, since if they did, the statistics would be much higher. For instance, I’m familiar with the guys on the local sex offender list (and I know a few of them). In all the time I’ve lived here, I’m not aware that any of them re-offended. However, serial rapists and certain rapist subtypes are particularly dangerous. The type that abducts women and takes them off to strange places is particularly dangerous – these guys can turn killer. Setting up a place especially for your weird sex games in a serious escalation – once again, these guys can go killer too. Phil Garrido was Christine Marie Perreira, had a Portuguese last name. She describes him now as a monster. There are also quite a few Spaniards in this part of California.
Garrido's mugshot from his 1976 arrest in Lake Tahoe. He's definitely a White man, not an Hispanic like commenters are saying. I think he's Portuguese.
Garrido's mugshot from his 1976 arrest in Lake Tahoe. He's definitely a White man, not an Hispanic like commenters are saying. I think he's Portuguese.
At age 7, Garrido was exposing himself to neighbor girls, so he got an early start in the sex offending game. By high school, he had already been accused of raping a teenage girl.
Phil Garrido in high school. He was already a rapist at this time.
Phil Garrido in high school. He was already a rapist at this time.
This is a pretty typical childhood for these guys. They start young – kids or certainly adolescents. By his teenage years, he had a bad motorcycle accident and suffered a serious head injury.
Philip Garrido as a handsome young man.
Philip Garrido as a handsome young man.
He had to have brain surgery, and afterward, he was completely changed . After that, he began using LSD very heavily, every day for a long time. At some point, he become psychotic and said he was hearing voices. He continued to hear voices for the rest of his life. Although articles and his family are blaming the acid, I’m dubious. It appears that the acid just triggered schizophrenia in Garrido. It’s dubious that LSD causes long term or permanent mental illness in anyone due to damage to the brain for the simple reason that 60 years of testing have yet to find any damage to the brain from LSD, either in humans or any other animals. It does appear hypotoxic to the visual system, and HPPD seems to be the only proven long-term effect from LSD (I have it myself, and I only took LSD 9 times, which isn’t very much). If LSD doesn’t damage the brain, how can it give you permanent schizophrenia or any other mental illness? It can’t. On the other hand, some individuals who have taken LSD many, many times seem to be mentally ill. In some cases, the mental illness was permanent. If Garrido took acid every day for 5 years as he says, that’s a lot of acid – 1,825 trips. For the next couple of years, he took lots of acid, but not every day. It looks like Garrido took acid maybe 2,200 time or more. Further, he often took multiple hits when he fried – up to 4-10 hits at once. Timothy Leary probably took LSD over 2,000 times in addition to using many other drugs. In interviews with him in the 1980’s, I felt that he appeared damaged. A woman who took LSD over 4,000 times is still chronically mentally ill 30 years later. A man who took acid every day or nearly every day for a couple of years became mentally ill and had to be hospitalized. He recovered, but soon began very heavy LSD use again and had to be rehospitalized. We still lack a proper theory or explanation for these bad reactions, as the drug does not appear to damage the brain, as noted above. Until we know more, very heavy LSD use seems like a very bad idea. Looking at Garrido’s blog, there is only one possible diagnosis based on an examination of his writing: chronic paranoid schizophrenia. Garrido functioned very well, running a printing business, marrying, owning a home, but he’s clearly ill. From 1969-1975, Garrido was often dropping acid every day. It’s said you can’t do this since the effect wears off, but actually you can. The high is different, but it’s still there, just much more subtle. By 1976, he had been drinking, smoking dope, sniffing coke and dropping acid every day for several years. He was also jerking off compulsively (often in public – in restaurants, bars, drive-in movies and outside windows of homes) and spending lots of time hanging out in front of schools watching the schoolgirls. He specialized in girls aged 7-10. Once again, this is pretty much classic behavior for a quite dangerous type of sex offender. It looks like he’s a pedophile, and 7-11 or so is AoA (age of attraction) but it also looks like he’s non-preferential in that he also loves sex with older girls and grown women. The guy’s just a first-class weirdo. His neighbors in Antioch called him “Creepy Phil” because he was also ranting about what a drag it was to be a registered sex offender and talking about the voices that he heard. Police now suspect that Garrido threw wild orgy parties in which he offered up Dugard to his drunken buddies. At one time he tried to gouge out his first wife’s eyeball with a safety pin.

DOE Network

Here. Definitely one of the weirder Internet sites out there. It only deals with missing persons (in general, it is assumed that they are missing and endangered) and unidentified dead bodies. In many of the cases, the bodies are those of homicide victims. In other cases, they may well be homicide victims. Some are not homicide victims at all. In many cases, there is clothing, jewelry, a tattoo or more, personal accessories, etc. that was found with the body. The circumstances of a lot of the missing persons cases are downright disturbing and in a lot of cases, just out and out strange. Covers all of the US, Canada, Mexico and parts of Europe. There are more cases than you can shake a stick at. Once you start looking through them, you may start to get hooked and not be able to leave for hours.


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