The Marriage of Drug, Black, and Jazz Cultures in the Earlier Days of Jazz Music

The jazz underground has always been associated with Black people and drugs even from its early days in the 1920’s.

The drug back then was mostly marijuana which was widely demonized back then because it was mostly used by Blacks and Hispanics. Whites who used it were more or less White niggers or wiggers so to speak.

The Pot Makes You Violent Bullshit

My Mom has believed this garbage her whole life. She keeps bringing it up. She got infected with this propaganda way back as a girl. This shows how strong propaganda is and how it has the potential to override all reason.

This is where the myth the crazed psychotic violent pot crazed murdering maniac comes from – the fact that most pot users were either city Blacks or low-skilled Mexican workers. These people were considered to be violent types – and they are more violent than Whites. They also used pot, so it was assumed that the pot and violence went together except that it didn’t and if anything it probably calmed them down.

There were also a few notorious cases in which unstable pot smokers went wild and committed some savage murders. The relationship of pot with these cases is unknown but back then, few people smoked pot, but one thing was for sure – almost all criminals, even White criminals, smoked pot. In fact it was seen as a drug of criminals which is why a lot of people didn’t want to use it.

The completely serious movie (now a so bad it’s great movie) Reefer Madness is emblematic of the anti-pot propaganda of the time.

A man named Henry J. Anslinger headed the Drug Enforcement Agency back then, and he had some sort of a hard-on for pot for some crazy reason. He led the anti-pot campaign in the US for many years starting  in the 1930’s. He was more of a brainwashed (and racist) fool than anything else, but he damaged the lives of a lot of innocent pot smokers.

Of course anyone who has smoked pot knows that it calms you down. I knew Jack Herrer, a famous post activist.

He told me that when he was in jail and prison, prisoners who smoked pot always calmed down a lot and became less aggressive and violent. He said some of the wardens even turned a blind eye to pot use for his reason. In fact, the passivity that this drug causes is one of its biggest problems, as people get lost in their bong hits and become apathetic as the world passes them by.

This amotivational syndrome is mostly an issue for teenagers and young adults and it is quite common among young potheads. However, I have hardly ever met an adult past age 23 who had amotivational syndrome, as most even very heavy pot-smokers develop the work ethic needed to survive in our society by that age.

Teenagers and young adults are notoriously apathetic and poorly motivated as it is, since they have not yet been beaten over the head with the Reality Stick of Life. Encapsulate such a young person in a perennial cloud of pot smoke, and it just makes the laziness and lack of guidance, direction, and purpose typical of this age group all the worse.

Anyway, the jazz scene lingered in mostly Black and rather sleazy nightclubs in ghettos where nevertheless a lot of lowlife White types who lived my sort of lifestyle liked to go to slum it up on weekends. White men have been slumming it up forever. There is a cool element to it as long as you do not get too taken in by it.

Ghetto Drugs and Non-Ghetto Drugs

Cocaine and heroin were also pretty widely widely used in this scene – cocaine all the way back to the 1920’s, when we were already getting warnings about the insidious nature of this drug. Heroin was always around too, as it’s always been in the ghettos. It got more popular in the 1950’s and many great Black jazz musicians become junkies.

Psychedelics were never popular, as not only were they not around then, but also people in the ghettos and barrios of big cities have never been big psychedelic fans.

Psychedelics actually do expand your awareness and exaggerate whatever environment you are in. This is great for self-exploration if you have a fairly cozy life, but if your life blows for any reason, you might just have a bad trip.

I kept a hit of strong LSD in my refrigerator for two years until I finally felt that my head was perfectly clear and sane enough to take the stuff. The importance of what is called set and setting is extremely important for drugs like this.  Psychedelics are not escapist drugs – they are the opposite.

As Blacks and Hispanics in city ghettos and barrios are usually living anywhere from a hardscrabble to nightmarish existence, the last they want to is to take a drug that makes that very existence about 10 times as powerful as it is.

On the other hand, PCP  was popular in the Black and Hispanic communities, but it is not a psychedelic per se, as it is more of an anesthetic – it was originally an animal tranquilizer, and people used to refer to it as “elephant tranquilizer,” which was exactly what it was used for.

Yes, that stuff was actually used to literally knock out massive elephants. Now think about a drug that is strong enough to put an elephant on its ass and try to imagine what it will do  to a comparatively puny human.

The PCP experience can be profoundly weird, but I suppose it is also a form of escapism, as when you use PCP  you are basically traveling to another  planet right here on Earth. Going all the way to another planet while never leaving your own is about as powerful as escapism gets, I would say.

Happy 50th Birthday Midnight Cowboy

Midnight Cowboy starring Jon Voight (possibly the best of his career) and Dustin Hoffman in two of their finest roles ever. Released in 1969 to rave reviews.

One of the greatest movies of all time. Very popular with hipsters. I first heard of it from some of the local street guys, macho punk hustler pot and acidhead types, the first time I ever smoked pot, in 1973. It was a traumatic situation that I will not go into.

But I do remember one of those macho punk hustler delinquents told the other one that Midnight Cowboy was on the TV and to come inside and watch it. That’s what it was. A cult hipster hippie movie from the 1960’s with its own special unique charm. The movie had a bit of homosexuality in it, but that wasn’t enough to scare of these tough street punks.

If you have never watched this movie, you don’t know what you are missing.

And the final scene is sad as Hell. Really, the whole damn movie is sad as Hell, come to think of it.

Happy Fiftieth Birthday, Easy Rider

Take the world in a love embrace!

I’ve always loved Steppenwolf. That’s one group of badass motherfuckers from the 1960’s. So was that movie too, by the way. One of the best hipster, outsider, hippie, and road movies ever  made. Basically giving the finger to the Establishment all the way, even at this late date, like all of us good rebels always should.

Full version here:


Get your motor runnin’
Head out on the highway
Lookin’ for adventure
And whatever comes our way

Yeah darlin’ go make it happen
Take the world in a love embrace
Fire all of your guns at once
And explode into space

I like smoke and lightning
Heavy metal thunder
Racin’ with the wind
And the feelin’ that I’m under

Yeah darlin’ go make it happen
Take the world in a love embrace
Fire all of your guns at once
And explode into space

Like a true nature’s child
We were born, born to be wild
We can climb so high
I never wanna die

Born to be wild

Born to be wild

NB: I never knew what this song was all about. I thought it was just about being a bad boy, which is my lifetime vocation from age 16-on. The only reason I do this rebel crap is that women eat up. Plus I still hate authority. I’m still rebelling against my father, the cops, the school authorities, my bosses, and all the rest of the jerkoffs who tried so foolishly to control and tame me.

Alt Left: Do Men Enjoy Hurting and Terrorizing Women?

To radical feminists, it is an article of faith that all or almost all men enjoy male violence against women. They either like it when other men are violent against women or they are violent against women themselves. They also enjoy portrayals of violence against women in literature and film.
I beg to differ. I’ve been a man most of my life. I don’t get off on violence against women. Never have, never will. I saw a movie with a long rape scene in it once and it was one of the most horrible things I have ever experienced. I never watch rape porn. Just to experiment I searched hard on the Net for rape porn recently.
It is actually very hard to find, contrary to the radfem lie that it is everywhere and easily accessible. Most large porn sites like Xhamster and Pornhub have policies against rape porn and few if any porn movies portray rape or even hardcore BD/SM. Hardcore BD/SM is a specialty niche in porn. However, I remember back in the 1970’s in the golden age of Porn that rape scenes were very common in porn and hardcore BD/SM was too.
Anyway, I found a site that had rape porn. It’s hardcore porn with rape scenes in it. I tried to watch two of them but never got to the one minute mark. It was utterly horrifying and repellent. Just the screaming of the woman revolted me almost physically and I had to turn it off. It was just horrible.
Most men probably don’t get off much on male violence against women at all. Most of the men I have known do not get off on portrayals of violence against women in film or reports of such in the news. I’ve never known one man who enjoyed rape scenes in cinema or rape porn. Most men I have known think violent rape is literally sickening. In fact, most men that I have known  react with extreme outrage to news reports of violent crimes against women, especially violent rape, torture and homicide. The reaction is along the lines of, “Don’t put him in the jail. Put him under the jail.”
I’ve never met a men who reacted with pleasure to news that a man beat up a woman. Most are outraged by such behavior. Men do joke sometimes about killing out of control crazed psychobitches, but we are not serious about it. A man will be discussing his insane psychobitch girlfriend and one man who say very casually, “Just kill her.” This causes uproarious laughter but it’s not said in a serious way. The man who said it and the man with the crazy woman both act like this is not a serious option.
And to be completely honest, men say they same thing about crazy, hyper-aggressive, hostile and combative men. I took a three-day trip recently with a relative. It started off good but it degenerated into utter Hell pretty quickly. When I came back, I said to some family members, “Boy, I’m sure glad that trip ended when it did. If it went on much longer, I would have had to kill him.” This prompted a big round of laughter. Men joke about killing any extremely hostile and belligerent person, even an old lady. But I have heard women say similar things about extremely combative women who are driving them crazy.
I am sure there are men out there who like to read about violence against women in the news and watch it on screen either in cinema or in porn. I’ve just never met one, and I’ve met a lot of men. Obviously some men enjoy hearing about violence against women, but it’s a minority. The tendency of a man to get off on violence against women is wrapped up in masculinity.  The more masculine the man, the more likely he is to enjoy violence against women. However, sexually violent media, especially violent pornography, probably makes more men interested in violence against women by showing it to men, repeating it to where it becomes normalized, and then priming the pump so to speak.
Another radical feminist article of faith is that we love it that women are afraid or even terrified of us. Supposedly we have created this Patriarchy of Terror to keep women and line and we like it this way.
I doubt if most men think it’s cool that women are terrified of us. I will admit that it’s good in a way because they are a lot less hostile and aggressive when they are afraid of us. When women are afraid of us, they act nicer and more feminine and are more deferential to us, which is the way you are supposed to act around any potentially violent creature. But I have never thought once in my life, “Boy, it sure is great that we men set up this Terror Dictatorship over the women!”
On the other hand, most of us men would rather women be a lot less afraid of us because then we could get more sex. So many times you try to approach or talk to a woman, and she takes off because she’s afraid of you. We would love it if you could walk up to a woman walking on the street after dark and have a pleasant conversation with her.
And a lot of us get really sick and tired of being treated like killers and rapists all the time. It really gets on our nerves.

Alt Left: Robert Stark Interviews Ashley Messinger about Retro-Futurism

Good stuff. Ashley Messinger is a new thinker from the UK who identifies with the Alt Left, in particular Brandon Adamnson’s Left of the Alt Right wing. It used to be called Left Wing of the Alt Right, but Brandon recently changed it to the Left of the Alt Right as he says he has abandoned the Alt Right for good and his Alt Left tendency is now completely outside of the Alt Right and more a part of the Alt Left proper.
Messinger is quite an intellectual and he can be dry and ponderous as such folks often are. But he is very smart and he has a lot of very interesting ideas. Messinger seems to be some sort of White Nationalist Lite along the lines of Adamson. Messinger even takes Adamson’s mild views further as he proposes a mostly White state that could be as low as 70% White but would include high IQ folks of certain other select races. Still not what I want, but it’s getting closer to a multicultural society or at least a White society with prominent minorities. There is a lot of talk below about all sorts of forms of Futurism, which I find fascinating but I know little about. I admit I am not a Futurist as I am a stick in the mud fogey. They discuss new genres of literature, films, architectural styles, musical genres. Fascinating stuff. Check out this interesting new Alt Left thinker.
Download here.

Robert Stark talks to Ashley Messinger about Retro Futurism

Robert Stark and co-host Brandon Adamson talk to returning guest ASHLEY MESSINGER. Ashley is based in the UK and writes for Brandon’s You can also find Ashley on Twitter.
A continuation on the topic of a “redpilled” SWPL culture and it’s viability.
The implicit Whiteness of progressive causes such as Environmentalism, Effective Altruism, and Transhumanism.
The importance of being technologically advanced in contrast to gun culture and “Becoming a Barbarian”..
Creating city-states based on shared interest.
BiopunkBiomorphism, and vertical gardens.
Brandon’s interest in 70’s Retro Futurism (ex. Logan’s Run).
Steampunk, Urban Fantasy literature, and the technology of Victorian England.
Decopunk; the film Dark City.
The lack of vision in new architecture and urbanism.
Roman Archeo-Futurism.
80’s Retro-Futurism, Cyberpunk, and Fashwave.
The Bearer of “Trad” News.
Hip to the Moon: Brandon Adamson Drops Out to Conquer the Stars.
Robert’s Journey to Vapor Island; Roger Blackstone’s “Neon Nationalism.”
The Man in the High Castle series; the alternative society portrayed and the Retro-Futuristic architecture.
Whether fascism was anti-modern or about creating an alternative modernity.
Ashley’s review of the film Call Me by Your Name.
Age of consent laws.
The film The Crush starring Alicia Silverstone.

Robert Stark Interviews Author Ray Harris

First Stark broadcast I have run in some time now.
This man Ray Harris is a true intellectual. Stark suggests that he also may be considered Alt Left, and I would agree with that.
A lot of interesting discussions going on here with a lot of it centering on nudity, social nudity, and our very nutty hangups about nudity. The Anglophone world is extremely uptight and Puritanical about social nudity in contrast to most of Europe. Germany and Spain in particular are quite wide open about this subject. There is also a lot about nude minors being portrayed in art. In recent years, the controversy has been mostly about naked teenage girls in movies.
Most of these movies were produced in Europe. Louis Malle’s Pretty Baby features a nude 12-year-old Brooke Shields. This clip is out there on the Internet for all to see because nudity is not necessarily child pornography. You can have all the pictures of naked kids all you want I guess.
Nudism sites certainly do, and they are all over the Net. They show humans including minors of all ages, wandering about in the nude on beaches, forests, etc. It’s honestly not very erotic, and the younger teenage girls are not as hot as you would think. They mostly appeared underdeveloped to me, and I wasn’t very into them. Of course the naked kids are not arousing at all, and I fail to understand why we flip out about this stuff. I mean, I can’t think of anything less interesting than a naked kid of either gender. So why do we have a heart attack every time we see one!? I mean it’s a naked human being. Is that evil or something? Color me mystified. What the Hell’s the matter with you hysterical  Puritans anyway?
Of course I have seen the Pretty Baby clip, and I must say, I can’t see why anyone would be turned on by 12 year old Brooke naked in her shower. I watched it and I thought, “Lame,” and “Why would anyone get turned on by that?” Nevertheless, the hysteria rages on out of control, burning minds to a crisp all over the land.
There’s a long history of painting naked minors, especially females, and in centuries past, it was quite common to paint young naked children. I believe Harris says it’s not done much anymore because artists are too paranoid.
The work of photographers Jock Sturges, David Hamilton, and Bill Henson is gone over. These are modern photographers whose work focuses on naked teenage girls.
Henson likes them real young, like age 13. I’ve seen some of that, and it’s not a turn-on at all. In fact, it’s a huge turnoff. You want to look away because you are thinking a girl that young is too young to be sexualized. It’s not erotic to me in the slightest. Instead it is shocking and weird. They have no bodies at all, no tits to speak of, their bodies look like boys’ bodies (I call females like that “sticks”), and at this point of my life, they really look like little girls. They’re not little girls anymore, but they look like they are.
I think we need laws to keep men and 13 year old girls from having sex. These girls need to be protected from us men, and we men need to be protected from ourselves. It would not be right for this to be legal. That’s practically a little girl.
Hamilton and I think Sturges focus on teenage girls, so that’s a lot more promising. Hamilton’s shots are in outdoor locations, often in groups. The photography is spectacular, and the girls are very beautiful.
On the other hand, at least Hamilton focuses like Henson on young teenage girls. I think most of those girls are 13-15, but correct me if I am wrong. I would have to loved to have looked at them earlier in adulthood because girls that age turned me on a lot more when I was younger like 18-30, but at my age, they just seem too young. It’s too much of a young girl. They’re not even much of a turn-on. Physically they are somewhat of course, but then they seem like too much of a young girl, and they are so underdeveloped and girlish, and that part of it is a turnoff and wipes out the physical part.
I know they are not little girls, but even 16 year old girls are starting to seem like little girls to me now. They are perfectly developed, but it just seems like way too much of a girl, and they seem very immature. I see them, and I think they are in junior high. I figure they are in 7th or 8th grade. I ask them if they are in junior high, and they get offended. Anyway, yes, I have seen Hamilton’s stuff and it is all over the Net if you want to go looking for it, and I assure you that it is all 100% legal. After all, nudity is not child porn. I’ve already seen it, and I have no desire to go looking for it again.
I forget Sturgis’ focus, but I think it was young teenage girls also.
I also worry about these men. What’s with the obsession with 13-15 year old teenage girls? I don’t get it. Sometimes I wonder if these guys’ sexual interests are completely OK. It’s not normal to be obsessed with young teenage girls. You are getting into hebephile territory, and hebephiles are not normal.
This subject has aroused some of the worst lies and libels about me of all. I have tried to address these lies, but I just dig the hole deeper. This is all based on some retarded thinking that people of normal intelligence always engage in. It’s called, “If you write about it, then you do it,” or “If you write about it, then you are one.” There’s also, “If you talk about it, then you do it,” and “If you talk about it, then you are one.” All of these are logical fallacies. Take this arguments to your Logic professor and see what he says.
These are examples of very stupid ways of thinking and almost 100% of the population with average intelligence thinks like this all the time. Now you see why people like me think people of average intelligence are retarded.
The Robert Lindsay Brush Fire about this matter was set off long ago. The fire is 0% controlled and is expected to rage into the foreseeable future. As long as that’s the case, I figure I will pour gasoline on the flames and sit back and watch the devastation. It’s rather entertaining to be a social arsonist. If you can’t beat em, join em.

Robert Stark Interviews Author Ray Harris

Cover of Ray Harris’ newest science fiction novel.

Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater interview writer Ray Harris. He is based out of Australia and is the author of Paradise Reclaimed which is available on e-book.
Link here.
Ray’s science fiction novel Paradise Reclaimed about the story of the first interstellar colony.
Warnings about dystopia on Earth and creating a utopia from scratch.
Transhumanism, the idea of both genetic and social engineering, CRISPR Gene Editing, and the influence of Julian and Aldous Huxley.
Ecotopia, Solar Punk, Soleri’s Arcosanti, and combining the primitive and futuristic.
How we have the technology to advance civilization, but corporate and political corruption stands in the way.
Aldous Huxley’s Novel Island.
Jungian archetypes.
The upcoming sequel to the book The Golden City about the colonists returning to Earth after being isolated.
Social nudity, it’s place in the book’s space colony, and whether our aversion to it is rational.
The historic of social nudity, attitudes in Europe and Japan, and the Freikörperkultur Movement in Germany.
Different cultural attitudes towards sex in America, Europe, and Japan.
Developmental vs. chronological age.
The history of attitudes towards sexuality in the West, age of consent laws, and how they affected the arts.
Nudity in art; French Rococo painter François Boucher’s Leda and the Swan; works by Edgar Degas, Vincent van Gogh, and Jean-Honoré Fragonard.
Japanese Shunga art.
The debate about what is art and what is erotica.
Controversial nude photographers Bill Henson, Jock Sturges and David Hamilton.
The film Louis Malle’s Pretty Baby (1978), Eva Ionesco, and Natalie Portman in Léon: The Professional.
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Robert Stark Interviews Rabbit about Futurism

Great interview. Rabbit is now a regular co-host on Stark’s program, which is great because it gives the Alternative Left more publicity. Also it seems to imply that Stark himself is identifying as Alt Left! Yay! And maybe more of Stark’s guests will start identifying as Alt Left. Wow, looks like we could really start to grow a movement here. I have noticed that Stark’s guests have become more Third Positionists or even “Alt Left-like” in recent months. It’s a great trend!
Really cool interview with Rabbit. Rabbit and Stark discuss me in the last 10 minutes of the show. Rabbit says he thinks that I am afraid to take much of a stand on race because I am afraid of being called a racist. You know what? He is right! I do not want my Alt Left wing to be associated with any sort of real, hardcore racism at all. Forget it. On the other hand, race realism, cultural critique and just straight up honest talk about race is fine.
If it’s just SJW’s calling me racist, I don’t care because they call everyone racist who doesn’t buy the lunatic Cultural Left line on race. And the modern anti-racist movement can burn in Hell. That said, racism does exist and at some point, you are just being a flat out nasty, ugly racist. That sort of thing is wincingly repellent and unacceptable in my book.
Rabbit’s Alt Left wing is much bigger on race, especially being pro-White, than I am. Rabbit for all intents and purposes is some sort of a leftwing White nationalist, or at least he is not afraid to hobnob with such folks. That’s fine for him, but I am going to have to pass. I am not into primarily emphasizing race and I am not a White nationalist. If you are more into being Alt Left in a ore explicitly pro-White sense, then  maybe you want to identify with Rabbit’s wing. Sadly, he does not have a comments section.
In his favor though, I will say that I think Rabbit is a brilliant thinker and a fine writer, and he’s doing something that has needed to be done for a long time.
To me, Alt Left means more left on economics and moderate on social issues (in between the insane Cultural Left and the regressive social conservatives). However, I would still accept people who are economically left and socially conservative. That actually describes a lot of the working class right there and we need to quite turning these people off and shoving them towards the Republican Party.
Rabbit blogs at
Topics include:
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti & Italian Futurism.
Marinetti’s Manifesto of Futurism.
How Futurism emphasized speed, technology, youth, and violence, and objects such as the car, the aeroplane, and the industrial city.
How Hitler’s exhibition on “degenerate art” included Marinetti and other futurists’ work.
Italian Futurism’s connection to fascism and how that led to its marginalization.
How despite that, Italian Futurism had a major influence on culture, art, and architecture, including Cubism and Art Deco.
Antonio Sant’Elia and his Futurist urban vision which inspired the films Metropolis and Blade Runner.
Constantin von Hoffmeister’s National Futurism.
Guillaume Faye’s Archeofuturism.
A Short Trip through the Long View.

Cuba’s Major Innovations

Santo Culto writes:

But the USSR could live without the West for most of its years. There are no excuses for creativity and wisdom.

Cuba for example has great territory, good natural resources, not to mention they could manage population growth. There are so many things they could do. The only explanation for not doing is that the Communists are too stupid to think of it. It is very psychopathic to think about the well-being ‘of the people’ and scare away the most creative people (specially the problem-solvers) when they take power in a nation.

Zbigniew Brzezinski is right in saying that communism eliminated the creative classes via exile or extermination from the former Soviet Union.

The USSR’s innovations in weaponry were legendary.

I know someone who owned Soviet products, and he told me that they were very well made. He still had an excellent radio that lasted 40 years. They often produced good products that lasted a very long time.

  • Cuba has made tremendous innovations in agronomy and biotechnology.
  • Cuba has more agronomists per capita than any other nation. They have also made some dramatic innovations or organic farming lately.
  • Cuba is now a world leader in biotech.
  • Cuba made dramatic innovations in the mining and manufacture of nickel.
  • Cuba also made major innovations in the planting, harvest, and manufacture of sugar cane.
  • Cuba has the best educated population in Latin America.
  • Cuban medicine is some of the best in Latin America. In fact it is so good that very rightwing rich people from all over the continent have been flying there for years to have sensitive operations done that they did not trust their own native doctors to do.

Few Cubans were exiled. Some writers and maybe artists and musicians were.

Cuban art, cinema, and literature are now very good. Cuba has always had some of the most fantastic musicians on the continent.

Few dissidents have been killed, and none have been killed since 1970. Even now dissidents are mostly left alone. Last time I checked there were 250 dissident groups on the island. Most are very small.

At the moment, some of the most prominent dissidents are openly funded from abroad and go to the US to give anti-government speeches. They run their own blogs that publish every day and have a large following, mostly off the island.

The most famous one is a young woman with her own blog who gets written up a lot in the media. She is a drama queen. Recently she was carrying on and on about how horrible the system was because it was impossible to get Blu-Ray disks on the island. This is the sort of thing that she bitches about. She gets arrested from time to time, and they typically put her in jail for one or two days and then release her. What a monstrous dictatorship they have in Cuba!

The dissidents are very unpopular in the island and have almost no support. Most people want change but support the present government, especially after recent reforms.

Naked 12 Year Old Girls Are Evil

If you ever want to see a naked 12 year old girl, here’s how to find one. Go look up the video of the scene with Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby. It’s on the Net. For some reason apparently it’s not child porn yet. Brooke is working or living in some whorehouse and someone walks in on her in the bath. She stands up and tries to cover herself up with a bath curtain.

This video scene is considered very underground and it’s much whispered about as some sort of “hard to believe it’s legal” shock video on the Net. But a funny thing happens if you go and watch it, which you can do, perfectly legally too I might add.

You watch it and you think, “Wow. Is that all it is? Why is everyone so excited about this. This is nothing. This is bullshit. This is stupid. Why would anyone get turned on by this?”

That’s because even though it’s Brooke Shields, yes, to any normal man who sees that video, it doesn’t look like much anything. You can’t see a whole lot and there’s not much to see anyway. She has no breasts. No body hair. Her body is shaped like a stick. The long legs are nice because that’s starting to look like a woman, but the rest is just a joke. It’s not exciting. It’s not a turn-on. It’s actually stupid. You watch it, shrug your shoulders and say, “Meh? What’s the fuss?” Because there’s nothing even slightly erotic about that video.

I will confess to something now. Some put a link to what has to be classed as “child porn” in my comments section. They uploaded it to Youtube and linked to the Youtube video on my site. I followed it to Youtube, was disturbed and wanted to check out just what this highly dubious and maybe illegal video was that this guy linked to. He said he shot the video in the back of a bar in Colombia, and the girl was 12 years old.

So I watched. It’s a 12 year old Colombian girl doing a striptease in the back of the bar. The camera angle is pretty lascivious, so that’s legally child porn. She seems to be enjoying herself as she is doing this striptease. She’s finally all the way naked, and there’s not much there. Her breasts are there, but they are so small it is ludicrous. Nothing attractive. Her body is stick-like. She has a little girl face, and she acts like a kid. She has a tiny bit of pubic hair, but they’re shaving that off now anyway.

After she does her little show, she gets in the shower and washes off. A teenage boy maybe 14 years old joins her in the shower. Later they retire to a bed where they mess around a bit but don’t have anything resembling sex.

I watched it and the whole time I was thinking, “This isn’t even erotic. This girl doesn’t even turn me on. Why would anyone get turned on by this?” and most importantly, “Why is this evil? Why is this horrible? Why is it sick, vile and diabolical?” because that is what everyone tells us “child porn” is.

The video is not sick, evil, diabolical, horrific or awful. Mostly it’s just boring. You’re lucky if you can stay awake.

But more importantly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with what this girl is doing. Yes, she is doing a striptease. At that age, her sex drive may well be coming on, and surely teenage girls probably like to do stripteases in their bedrooms? Or for their boyfriends? Or with their girlfriends? Is that evil? Why is a pubertal girl doing a striptease and obviously having a blast “evil?” How did she get harmed by doing this striptease? We need to know this because anti-CP folks insist that this girl was obviously “harmed” by this video. How did the video hurt her? How did the striptease hurt her? Was the striptease harmful in some way?

Why is it evil to show a 12 year old girl in a shower? 12 year old girls get in the shower every day, right? Is that evil or something? Is it sick? It’s “sick” for 12 year old girls to take showers? Why? Did this girl get hurt by taking a shower (because anti-CP folks say she got hurt by this filming so apparently the shower was harmful)?

Yes, she plays with the boy in the shower. A couple of pubertal kids having some sex fun.Yes, later they retire to the bed and mess around sexually a bit, like 12-14 year old’s do all over the damn world every single day. Is it “sick” for her and the boy to mess around in the shower? Is “sick, evil and horrible” for them to play around in bed? Why? Was she harmed by playing with the boy in the shower or the bed (because anti-CP folks say she got hurt)? How? How did messing with the boy hurt her horribly, perhaps irreparably?

Ok, so after I watched the video, what did I do? I reported it to Youtube as child pornography, as is my duty as a citizen. I checked back in a day, and it was gone.Then I banned the idiot who put that on my page and blasted him in the comments for putting CP on my website. He apologized profusely and soon circumvented the ban. I let him stay because he promised to be good.

But I was still disturbed. Yes I watched it, determined it was CP and turned it in, but did I break the law by doing just that? Once you see it, you break the law, right? Ok, so how is anyone supposed to turn this stuff in ever, considering that by merely seeing it they are committing a serious crime?

Are there not anti-CP groups who range around the net finding CP and reporting it? Indeed there are, and I have been to some of these pages where  you can sometimes follow their links to what they call “CP” (really just naked young girls). But everyone in that vigilante group had to look at that page in order to turn it in, right? Did they break the law by looking at the page, even though they had to in order to turn it in?

Society acts like a video of a naked 12 year old girl is the most evil thing on the planet, and anyone who sees one is a diabolical pedophile scum. We all must be shielded from the Satanic evil videos of naked 12 year old girls, the sickest, most vile, most disgusting and perverted and twisted photography on Earth!

Can someone explain to me why society is so freaked out about this sort of thing? There’s nothing to get excited about, there’s nothing even to get interested in, but if some man glimpses this ultimate abyss of boredom, we act like he needs to be shot on site, beaten to death or sentenced to 50 years in prison? What for? For looking at one of the least interesting things known to man? What’s wrong with people?

I do not think this sort of thing should be legal, but is is really sick, evil, horrific, monstrous, diabolical, and vile? Why? It’s a naked girl. So what? Is that a bad thing?

Greatest Comic Series Ever?

This city is afraid of me…I have seen its true face. The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout “Save us!”… and I’ll look down and whisper “No.”
They had a choice, all of them. They could have followed in the footsteps of good men like my father or President Truman. Decent men who believed in a day’s work for a day’s pay. Instead they followed the droppings of lechers and communists and didn’t realize that the trail led over a precipice until it was too late. Don’t tell me they didn’t have a choice. Now the whole world stands on the brink, staring down into bloody Hell, all those liberals and intellectuals and smooth-talkers… and all of a sudden nobody can think of anything to say.
Walter Joseph Kovacs/Rorschach

While we are at it with the superlatives, how about greatest graphic novel ever too?

Robert Stark Interviews T. J. Parsell

T.J. Parsell is an author, filmmaker, and human rights activist dedicated to ending sexual violence in prison and ending the practice of sending juveniles to adult jails and prisons. His passion stems from the years he spent in prison as a teenager and young adult.
This interview discusses T.J. Parsell’s experience in prison, the U.S. prison system and its defects, racial realities inside prison, and his current film project.

Robert Stark Interviews Dick Smothers, Jr.

Richard Smothers is actually a good friend of mine. A girlfriend and I had lunch and then dinner with him a while back when he stopped by my town. He is also a sometime commenter on this blog. He is also the son of Dick Smothers of the famous Smothers Brothers.
Here are the list of topics:

Robert Stark interviews former porn star Dick Smothers Jr.

Topics include:

  1. Growing up the son of Dick Smothers of the Smothers Brothers and how he had a fairly normal childhood.
  2. Why being a porn star was not his main dream growing up.
  3. His rock band Kamikaze and his 80′s tribute band.
  4. Why he likes to create what he performs.
  5. The corporate environment of the music franchise.
  6. Why there’s more independence in the porn Industry.
  7. Why the porn industry resembles the publication industry rather than the film industry.
  8. How his first porn debut was in a Showtime softcore series My First Time.
  9. The softcore genre.
  10. His preference for couples scene and the genres he refused to act in.
  11. Abusive and degrading genres of porn and how girls are often coerced into those films.
  12. How guys like Max Hardcore harm the industry.
  13. How the porn industry includes both kind and abusive individuals.
  14. His appearance on Howard Stern’s show.
  15. Luke Ford and his observations on individuals in the industry.
  16. People who are traumatized or have long term psychological problems from porn.
  17. Dating women in porn.
  18. A dominatrix film he refused to act in.
  19. Why he was considered straight-laced by the standards of the porn industry.
  20. Why he wanted to be a positive male representative of the industry.
  21. The interview with Reuters were he said he wanted to be the Orson Wells of porn.
  22. Why there needs to be more creativity in porn.
  23. How porn becoming more accessible has harmed the profits of the industry.
  24. Why there’s a mean streak in America and how that influences its porn.
  25. Why he left the industry.
  26. The AIDS Scare and how the industry is regulated for STD’s.
  27. The types of men who act in porn.
  28. The culture of narcissistic celebrity culture in America.
  29. His advice to someone looking to get into porn.

"A Cup of Tea"

Looks like some folks are trying to raise money for a short film called A Cup of Tea.
Looking over the photos and the storyline, I like it already. The part of Italy where the film will be shot is in Liguria, near Genoa in the far northwest of Italy. This particular part of Liguria is in the La Spezia area, a particularly beautiful part of Liguria. And within La Spezia, this particular stretch of coastline is called the Gulf of Poets. This area is pretty much the French Riviera stretched to the east into Italy, or the Italian Riviera if you will.

The Gulf of Poets, La Spezia region, Liguria, Italian Riviera.
The Gulf of Poets, La Spezia region, Liguria, Italian Riviera.

It is very beautiful indeed, but to be honest, the coast of Croatia, Corsica, Sardinia and Greece do not look a whole lot different. That whole part of the world is fantastic. One reason Liguria is so beautiful is because in this region, the mountains come crashing down right to the sea. A bit to the west just over the French border is the city of Nice. It seems like a great place to retire, or even to visit!

"The Apartment"

This is a short movie which is actually starring a friend of mine named Yossi Rosenberg. His friend Josh Freed made the movie. It’s about Yossi trying to get a roommate for his apartment. A girl named Terri ends up moving in and after a while, she ends up being Yossi’s girlfriend. This doesn’t seem to last long and she breaks it off with him. Then Yossi catches her kissing his roommate and best friend in the living room and he loses it. Terri takes her stuff and moves it out of Yossi’s room and into Ivan’s room. A short while later, Yossi evicts both of their asses. Ivan and Terri take off and go get an apartment and move in together.
Interesting story. Any comments on this soap opera here. I was thinking, in terms of PUA/Game theory, what do you have to say about this story from a PUA/Game point of view?

Bigfoot News October 14, 2013

Wildlife conservation organization has had the body of an Orang Pendek for 17 years! The Wildlife Conservation Service out of New York is a conservation organization that works to protect habitat and wildlife all over the world. One of the places they work is Sumatra. In Sumatra, one of the places they work is the Barisan Mountains in southern Sumatra.
There is a large national park here. Here they try to save the Sumatran tiger, the Sumatran rhinoceros, the Asian elephant among many other species. There is a team of tiger biologists working in this area who have been working here for quite some time. Apparently these tiger biologists came across the body of an Orang Pendek somehow. Either it was shot by the team or else they got in from local villagers – this much is not certain.
Although it may seem amazing that they have been sitting on this body for 17 years, this is apparently the truth. These people are tiger biologists, and all they want to do is study tigers. They wanted nothing to do with a “hairy man.”
They felt that this creature was radioactive, and it was buried and not dealt with for a long time due to political reasons. There were concerns that their funding might be affected or cut off if they were to come out with this new great ape. Furthermore, they did not have the faintest idea what it is. The truth is that they and others have spent the last 17 years studying this thing and trying to figure out exactly what it is. They plan to publish their findings in 2016, but that assumes that they will get through peer review.
One might think it odd that they sat on this body for 17 years, but if you recall, the team working on the Olinguito worked on this animal for 10 years before finally bringing their findings forward in a scientific journal. That is, they discovered that it existed 10 years ago and then it took 10 years after that to get their findings together in a publishable format to bring it to the scientific world. You see it can take some time to bring a new species to science.
Adam Davies, the British explorer who is also working on trying to find the Orang Pendek, stated that he had never heard that anyone had a body, and he said he is pretty well connected. However, my source told me that the WCS biologists are hiding this species not only from Davies from from the world as a whole. I asked my source what would happen if someone called the WCS to see if this story is true, and he said they would probably deny it.
The Orang Pendek is most probably a hominid, possibly related to Homo Floresiensis or Flores Man on the island of Flores. Flores Man seems to be a very early Erectus or possibly a very late Australopithecine. Many think that the Orang Pendek is some sort of an ape or pongid such as an orangutan which also lives in the area. However, it is bipedal and only Homo is bipedal. It is unlikely that any of the great ape lines outside of Homo (chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans) have evolved bipedalism.

Some say that Orang Pendeks are just misidentified gibbons, but I doubt if this is true. There are gibbons that live in the area also, but villagers insist that the two are different creatures.
Some say that Orang Pendeks are just misidentified gibbons, but I doubt if this is true. There are gibbons that live in the area also, but villagers insist that the two are different creatures.

My source is a scientist who studies DNA. He told me that he saw three photos of the Orang Pendek on a WCS computer at a WCS office and was told that the body was acquired in 1996. He also learned something of the back story on the body. He told that there was no way that the photos of the creature could possibly be obtained. As a scientist, I consider him to be an extremely credible individual.
Very nice drawing of an Orang Pendek.
Very nice drawing of an Orang Pendek.

Bigfoot photos from Brenda Harris. Harris is apparently out of the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico and she has worked closely with JC Johnson on Bigfoot samples. In June, she revealed a photo of a possible Bigfoot, probably taken on the Navajo Reservation. The photos are below.
The real photo from Brenda Harris, probably from the Navajo Reservation.
The real photo from Brenda Harris, probably from the Navajo Reservation.

Same photo zoomed in. This photo is very odd, but the size and shape looks a lot like a Bigfoot. In addition, Harris' contacts are probably good and I doubt if there are a lot of sophisticated hoaxers on the Navajo Reservation.
Same photo zoomed in. This photo is very odd, but the size and shape looks a lot like a Bigfoot. In addition, Harris’ contacts are probably good and I doubt if there are a lot of sophisticated hoaxers on the Navajo Reservation.

More on the Matilda photos. One thing you will notice about the Matilda photos is the dramatically protruding lower jaw. In the video, the whole face moves and the muscles in this jaw and mouth area can be seen very well. Now in order for this to be a person wearing a mask, that person would have to have a jaw that is as prognathous or protruding as Matilda’s. Such humans are rare or nonexistent. Otherwise the wearer’s face will not fit properly into the mask and efforts to move the face inside the mask will not look realistic.
In addition, Matilda has an underbite, quite a large one at that. It moves when she opens and closes her mouth. I would think that would be very hard to do with a mask. The person wearing the mask would have to have the same underbite as Matilda’s to make it look realistic.
Interview with a Hollywood special effects expert. According to special effects expert Doug Hudson, almost all Bigfoot hoaxes use only 3-4 different masks and costumes. Custom masks and costumes are few and far between. The only ones I have seen were in hoaxes perpetrated by independent movie directors and Hollywood special effects experts. Even the best of these hoaxes looked nowhere near as good as this Matilda footage.
Most of them were easily identifiable as hoaxes. I have also seen quite a few Bigfoot suits and masks that have been used in Bigfoot movies. They are all quite obvious, and I have yet to see a mask or costume in a Bigfoot movie that looks anywhere near as good as this Matilda footage. If the Matilda footage is a hoax, it is the finest fake Bigfoot footage ever done, surpassing anything done in any Hollywood Bigfoot movie and beyond any Bigfoot hoaxes done by movie directors or special effects artists.
Hudson also makes the claim that just the raw materials alone for a custom Bigfoot suit and mask would run you $10,000 and to purchase one from a special effects guy would cost $40,000. The masks and suits used in the hoaxes and movies above probably cost between $60-80,000 to produce and would probably require at least 100 man-hours. Idiotic human garbage in the comments threads and on skeptard sites like JREF have been calling those figures ludicrous and laughing at them. Hey, they didn’t come from me. Take it up with Doug Hudson, the expert!
I consider this expertise far beyond Roger and Sissy, the owners of the property. In addition, they did not have the savvy nor the means to purchase custom Bigfoot suits and masks from Hollywood special effects people.
Therefore, I do not believe the Matilda footage is hoaxed.
Problems with the Kentucky footage. An expert from the Smithsonian I consulted told me that the main thing that bothered him about the Matilda footage was the nose. He stated that Bigfoots all have noses that look human, and Matilda’s nose looks canine. However, recall that Justin Smeja’s description of the young Bigfoot at the Sierra Kills stated that the juvenile had a nose like a Boxer dog. The nose may be somewhat canine in the young Bigfoots but only develop a human form when they mature. And keep in mind that Matilda was immature.
The Sleeping Bigfoot footage is good, but the expert I talked to said that the hair could be either real fur or fake fur. This is because it is very tousled and tangled. Tousled, tangled fur can look a lot like fake fur. He also said that the fur did not look like that of any known animal.
In addition, some think that Adrian Erickson is somewhat gullible. For instance, Adrian thought that Fraud Standings hoaxed Bigfoot tiki dolls were real Bigfoot footage. Adrian was ready to buy Fraud’s footage until his friends stopped him. Adrian simply lacks the expertise to determine hoaxed from real Bigfoot footage, in general.
In favor of the Sleeping Bigfoot footage. It is said that this footage is either a carpet, a dog or a human wearing a suit. However, keep in mind that Dennis Pfohl notes that the creature was breathing only 6 breaths per minute. A dog breathes at the low end no less than 10-15 breaths per minute. Furthermore, dogs’ bodies do not go up and down when they breathe like this thing. Could it be a human in a suit? It is very hard for a human to naturally breathe only 6 breaths per minute.
It can be done with a lot of practice, but bottom line is it is just not normal. Perhaps if you gave a human some morphine, their breathing might go that low. Furthermore, human’s bodies do not slowly go up and down when they breathe the way the creature’s do. Another argument is that it is Hollywood special effects. However, Roger and Sissy did not have the means or the savvy necessary to pay a Hollywood studio to create a fake breathing carpet.
Complaints about the owners of the Kentucky property. Roger and Sissy, owners of the property, have been described as being “somewhat shady,” “crazy,” and “opportunistic” by some of the Bigfooters who were aware of them. I am not sure how much of this is true and how much is not. However, I do know that at least the man was able to go through money pretty quickly.
Young Bigfoots may have grooming claws. From Justin Smeja comes word that the juvenile Bigfoot he shot had a grooming claw on its thumb. Some ape and monkey species have grooming claws. You can see one in the photo below.
lemur claw
This lemur has a grooming claw on its thumb. The baby Bigfoot was also said to have a grooming claw.

Dr. Brian Sykes Bigfoot DNA project will air on British TV on Patty Day. Patty Day is October 20. October 20, 1967 is when Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin shot the famous Patty footage at Bluff Creek, California. Is it interesting that he is going to release his earthshaking DNA data on Patty Day? Hmm.
Todd Neiss reports Sykes has “blockbuster findings.” Neiss runs some sort of a Bigfoot research organization in Oregon. He recently stated that although he has been sworn to secrecy, the Sykes DNA study has some blockbuster findings. We have been hearing this sort of thing for a long time now, and it sounds very promising.
Sykes has acquired samples of purported Yeti and Orang Pendek material. A source has just informed me that Sykes has acquired purported Yeti hair and purported Orang Pendek hair. Should be most interesting to see if these samples are valid, how they come back DNA-wise. Adam Davies reports that the Orang Pendek sample comes from him. They are from either an Orang Pendek, a tapir or a tiger. Those are the three animals that he and Cliff Barackman were tracking at the time in Sumatra last year.

Bigfoot News October 2, 2013

Dr. Melba Ketchum and Adrian Erickson dual release Ketchum’s DNA paper and Erickson’s video at a press conference! It was covered on local news in Dallas and other places and and on an ABC news blog. It was also covered on Fox News.
A 3-minute news video of the press conference including shots from Erickson’s footage, is available at some of the links above. You can also see it on Scott Carpenter’s superb blog here.
The press conference is being ripped to shreds all over the Bigfoot community, but I do not think this is valid. Also there is a lot of commentary about whether or not the photo of Matilda was someone wearing a Chewbacca mask. I have no idea if that is a Chewie mask or not. One thing is for sure, the Erickson Project, including Adrian, Dennis Pfohl and Dr. Leila Hadj-Chikh, are not hoaxers. They did not hoax anything in the course of the project.
However, my understanding that is that the “Chewie” videos were taken by the wife of the husband and wife team that owned the property and were not taken by the Erickson team.
You can see some good night footage of a Bigfoot walking in the woods on the news clips, and in my opinion, that clip is excellent, and it is a real Bigfoot. Look closely at how it walks exactly like Patty in the Patterson film. That must have been taken by the Erickson team, probably by Pfohl. There were no trespassers on that property ever as it is well fenced. Furthermore, in the night footage, the trespasser would have had to have been walking in a very thick and deep woods in the middle of the night with no flashlight!
There is other footage, taken in the daytime, of a large adult Bigfoot slowly moving through the woods. That is also excellent footage, and I think that is a real Bigfoot. That also must have been taken by Dennis. If it was taken by the EP, then that is a real Bigfoot for certain. If it was a hoax, someone would have had to have put on a Bigfoot suit and walked around that property day and night hoaxing Pfohl and the rest of the team. The EP doesn’t hoax, and no one was hoaxing them on that property.
Kentucky project researcher was within arm’s reach of a Bigfoot! On the Kentucky project, at at least one point, one of the people working on the Erickson Project ended up within arm’s length of one of the large adult Bigfoots. He was so close to it that he could have reached out and touched it. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to reveal more about this incident.
Dr. John Bindernagel saw a Bigfoot at the Kentucky property. I believe he saw it in the daytime. Bindernagel says he either saw a Bigfoot or a human running around in a Bigfoot costume. There were no trespassers on the property ever, and there were certainly never any trespassers running around the property with Bigfoot suits on. Obviously, Bindernagel saw a real Bigfoot.
Truly unfortunate coverage of the Erickson Project conference around the Web. Of course it is to be expected that the execrable Sharon Hill of Doubtful News would trash it to Kingdom Come. However, our own Bigfoot blogs have also been tearing it to pieces.
Are Erickson and Ketchum enemies? I have reported in the past that these two were fighting for quite some time. The nature of that warfare is old hat by now and is not particularly interesting anymore. However, reports on Facebook groups are saying that the two hate each other and that Erickson acts like he is not too happy to be sitting next to Ketchum by looking at his body language. I agree that his body language looks uncomfortable, but I doubt it is because he was seated next to Ketchum, who he no doubt elected to sit next to.
My understanding is that Ketchum and Erickson have somehow made up and at the moment, they get along with each other one some sort of level. I can tell you for sure though why Erickson was uncomfortable at the conference – he didn’t want to be there in the first place. I have been reporting for some time now that Adrian is sick and tired of all things Bigfoot, and that opinion is ongoing. Erickson looks uncomfortable because he is sick and tired of everything related to Bigfoot and wishes it would all just go away. Bit late in the day for that.
Many hits coming in to the site from the ABC news blog story. Apparently from a link via the comments to the post, but with 5,000 comments, I was unable to find the one that was linking to me.
Contentious Rhettman Mullis quote appears on Facebook. In Dr. Matthew Johnson’s Bigfoot Facebook group, the following post appeared on September 13, 2013:

Was at Dr. Johnson’s dinner last Friday. Rhettman Mullis spoke about the Sykes study. Said the DNA study is on track for, I believe, a March announcement. Warned us to ignore any and all speculation until then. The legal gag order everyone involved is under is draconian. Anyone leaking would essentially kill the project. So ignore anything that doesn’t come from Sykes himself. Unlike · 1 · 6 hours ago Sep 13 From Team Sasquatch USA September 13 Dr Johnson’s site.

A friend of mine notified me about it and I wrote it up on the site. However, Mullis became very angry with me and ordered me to take down the libelous post. Soon after I published this Facebook post above, it was removed from Johnson’s group, followed by a bizarre tirade by Johnson accusing me of making the whole thing up. I didn’t make the whole thing up. It was a post on his group.
Mullis insists that he never said such a thing. Fair enough.
The following are the possibilities of what occurred.

  1. Mullis said the study will be delayed, but caught huge heat when his comment was reported and he was ordered to shut me up and deny he made the statement. In my opinion, Mullis, like many top Bigfooters, does lie sometimes. Specifically, he engages in “denial-lying,” which many in the community do. Someone will report something and then the denial liars will angrily insist that they never said such a thing or the thing that was reported is not true.
  2. Mullis never made the statement. Well then why did someone who was obviously at the dinner say he did?

At the moment, there is no good hard evidence that Sykes study release will be delayed until March. Someone said Mullis said it would be delayed, but Mullis denies making the statement. Prior reports said that the Sykes study will be released in mid-October.
We do not know when the Sykes study will be released. However, looking at how Erickson and Ketchum rushed into their press conference on October 1, 2013, one would assume that they knew Sykes was going to publish soon and were trying to beat him to the punch. A good guess is that the October 15 publish date is still on.
Interesting Scott Carpenter report on the contentious Justin Smeja Sierra Kills case. Scott has an interesting take on Justin’s Sierra Kills story. It rings true with many people, possibly even including me.
Timbergiant video gets cheers. I talked a very good friend of mine who is an expert on Bigfoots (he works at the Smithsonian on the displays) and asked him about the Timbergiant video. He was raving about it. He said, “That is definitely a Sasquatch.” I asked him why and said because of the way the hair was laying, the texture of the hair. He is able to identify these things simply by the way that their hair looks, and he is a total expert on animal hair as per his job. I agree with him, and I think that Timbergiant  really did shoot a real Bigfoot in this video.
Sasquatch Ontario videos get kudos. This same fellow from the Smithsonian also gave raves to Sasquatch Ontario’s videos. Lately the Bigfoot community at large has generally rejected his videos as hoaxes. However, my friend said he did not think the fellow was hoaxing. I asked him why and he pointed to the Bigfoot hand print that SO found. He said, “That is exactly how a Bigfoot hand print looks. I can’t see how he faked that.” He even liked the much-derided vocalizations.
I told him about the gifts that SO claimed that the Bigfoot gave him, including a tiny intricately weaved object made out of reeds. My friend said, “Well you know, Albert Ostman was the first to report that Sasquatches weave. Remember that they wove the beds that they lay on.” This is correct. The Bigfoots in the Ostman story did indeed weave their own beds. I agree with my friend, and I doubt that this fellow is hoaxing, though he is a subject of much ridicule in the community.
All of his videos can be seen on his channel here.
First report on Hank’s penis! Hank is the Bigfoot that Rick Dyer probably shot and killed in San Antonio, Texas, on September 6, 2012. There have been many descriptions of Hank’s body, but we have not yet had any descriptions of Hank’s penis. I have received many mails from female and gay male Bigfooters telling me that they were dying for this lurid information. I recently spoke to two persons who have seen the body, and they both gave identical descriptions of Hank’s penis. Here it is:

Hank’s penis was a sight to see. It was 10 inches long, huge, black and ugly as sin.

Well, there you have it, folks. The news you have all been waiting for!
Video below related, actually not really. For entertainment purposes only.
Rick Dyer selling sponsorships for his Bigfoot tour in 2014. Dyer is selling sponsorships for his US tour when he will tour the country with Hank. One question though is what if the Bigfoot on tour is not really Hank but instead is a replica of a Bigfoot. Rick is selling sponsorships on the basis that the tour is of a real Bigfoot, but if it is a fake instead, one would assume that anyone buying a sponsorship could sue him for fraud.
After the Shot DVD has a gorilla hand on it. Dyer’s After the Shot DVD is said to include 40 minutes of HD footage of Hank the Bigfoot’s dead body. However, on the reverse of the DVD is a hand that looks like it could be a Bigfoot’s hand. Unfortunately, a clever blogger has discovered that that is a hand of a gorilla taken off the Internet. So Dyer has a gorilla hand on the back on his DVD which he says has footage of a real Bigfoot. That does not exactly inspire confidence in the DVD!
Adam Bird’s review of Shooting Bigfoot premiere in the UK.


Since September 2012, a story has dominated the Bigfoot community, whether you believed in it or not. Love him or hate him, Rick Dyer has been the name everyone has been talking about. A video appeared online that showed an alleged Sasquatch filmed from about twenty feet away, from inside a tent. A lot of people were impressed with the footage, ourselves included. It featured a Bigfoot with a large head set on high shoulders, with a coned head, large dark eyes, thick neck muscles and hair surrounding an ape-looking face. It was a very good video, there was no doubt about that.
But soon enough the name of Rick Dyer, the man behind 2008’s infamous ‘Bigfoot in a freezer’ hoax was associated with this video. Many in the Bigfoot community hate Dyer with a solid passion. But instead of doubting this realistic looking footage, we gave Dyer a chance; a second chance. Through our original page Bigfoot: The Evidence, we supported him, backing him all the way, alongside Facebook/Find Bigfoot.
Soon after Dyer claiming that this video was shot during the making of Shooting Bigfoot, British director Morgan Matthews’ feature length documentary about men who hunt for Bigfoot in the US. Dyer then claimed that the Bigfoot in his film footage was dead, and that it was he who had shot and killed it.
People were quite rightly skeptical about this tale. After all, Dyer had said back in 2008 that he had a Bigfoot body, and that turned out to be nothing more than a $99 costume filled with animal organs and entrails! But when prominent online skeptic Musky Allen, whom I had been friends with for sometime, became involved and Dyer invited him out to Vegas to view the actual dead body, things got more exciting.
Musky Allen indeed went to Vegas and he confirmed the body was real. We were now convinced that Rick Dyer was telling the truth. Shooting Bigfoot was said to feature clear HD footage of the Sasquatch that was shot.
The documentary was released in April 2013 to an expectant audience. But what was promised wasn’t delivered. We did not see full footage of a Bigfoot, nor did we see it being shot. Many of Dyer’s supporters were disappointed. The more the story went on, the more it became obvious that this seemed to become all about Dyer making money. Memberships into Team Tracker, Dyer’s Bigfoot creation, costing hundreds of dollars, were offered, as well as promised insights into the dead body.
But then not long after the documentary was released, Stacy Brown, Florida Bigfoot researcher, came forward with pictures of a costume that resembled closely the Bigfoot in Dyer’s tent footage. This was sort of the final straw for us and we, under our new group name ‘BIGFOOT: BELIEVERS ONLY’, decided to turn our back on Dyer and his tales. It was becoming more and more obvious that this was a hoax.
Then it was announced that Shooting Bigfoot was to premiere in Edinburgh in June 2013. We knew we had to see the night-vision footage that Morgan Matthews had filmed of the Bigfoot that Dyer claimed he shot. So Adam and Paul arranged to spend the weekend at Edinburgh to catch the UK premiere. That brings us now to today.
We went to the premiere and were surprised and excited to see that the director of the film, Morgan Matthews, was at the showing and that he would be doing a question and answer session at the end of the documentary. The film itself is not a pleasant one for a Bigfoot believer and enthusiast to watch. In fact it can feel quite brutal at times.
Matthews’ sole purpose was to make the Bigfoot community, and all those who have had the privilege to actually see this magnificent creature with their own eyes, look foolish, irrational and downright dim-witted and unintelligent. This is pretty much obvious because of the fact that he picked characters such as Dallas and Wayne, who may not come across as the most intelligent of individuals, instead of other respected researchers such as Cliff Barackman.
The film is beautifully made, no doubt about it. Morgan Matthews spent a lot of times with the people featured in the documentary, including Rick, Dallas and Wayne and Tom Biscardi. But the main theme of the film, that people who research and believe in Bigfoot are just slack-jawed, redneck types of characters, still keeps hitting you square between the eyes and leaves a distaste in the mouth. You cannot help but feel insulted personally, so much so that Paul almost left early.
But the most important part was seeing the footage of the alleged dead footage and the actual shooting itself. This part of the film is right at the end, within the last ten minutes.
The first sign of something is when Matthews is in his tent and something is making vocalizations outside. Suddenly something, or someone, crashes the sides of the tent, scaring Matthews. He jumps out and Rick is creeping out of his tent, gun in hand. In the glare of the gun’s light beam we see a retreating figure. We see high shoulders and a bowed head, covered in hair. Rick takes over in pursuit, Matthews shouting him to come back. We then hear shots being fired and Matthews goes into panic mode, shouting and screaming for Rick to stop shooting.
Next thing we see is a very quick glimpse of the creature as it rushes at Matthews, lashing out and grunting in anger with its’ right arm. Matthews falls to the ground and we hear another gunshot ring out in the darkness. Matthews is then helped to his feet by Rick, who is demanding to see the footage. But Matthews, angry at Rick, refuses and they argue back and forth. We then cut to Matthews showing the injuries that were inflicted during the attack.
And that is how the documentary ends and the controversy begins. And to our opinion on the actual footage.
At one point the tape is rewound and we get a view of the face of the Sasquatch, the same picture that was illegally circulating around the net a couple months ago. This picture does no justice to what can be seen watching the film. What we see is an ape-looking face, with a heavy brow ridge set over deep eyes which move. The nose is human like, just not as pronounced.
There is a receding hairline, with dark hair swept back over the back of a rounded skull. A long upper lip is turned down over the mouth. We could almost be looking at a cross between a chimp and a human. On first glance this thing looks extremely real. To see the eyes moving in the sockets, it did make you take a deep breath. But on looking back at the visualization emblazoned in your mind, you can start to see that this could be a very good make-up job.
When you see the couple of fleeting glimpses of the back of the creature, it does not look particularly tall. The creature looks wide but not out of the realm of human height. We have discussed it over and over. The fact is that it is very difficult to come up with any conclusions based entirely on the footage alone. Does the Bigfoot in the footage look real? In our opinion, yes it does.
But…that does not mean it is real. It just means it could be a very real looking suit. But there is more. Afterwards there was a question and answer session with Morgan Matthews. At one point during the session one lady asked about the Bigfoot attack and Matthews’ opinion. He states that at the time it happened, Matthews instantly came to the conclusion that it was a man in a suit that attacked him, not a real living and breathing Sasquatch.
He also insinuated (but did not outright accuse) that Dyer was hoaxing this whole dead Bigfoot tale. Our conclusions are that it is very hard to make a decision on what we saw. But our gut instinct tells us that this is a hoax, despite the footage and how good it looked, in our opinion. We really really do hope that Rick Dyer proves beyond all reasonable doubt that Bigfoot exists. But based on all the evidence, we do not think he has a dead Sasquatch in his possession. We hoped we are proved wrong and remain open-minded but we find it very unlikely…

Accusation that I am part of the “Rick Dyer Bigfoot Hoax.” I am seeing this more and more, that I am “part of the hoax.” What is amazing is the sheer number of folks who have been accused of being “in on the hoax” by now. And now I am too.
What is fascinating is not even one of the people who are “in on the hoax” have yet to come forward and confess. Bigfoot hoaxes typically consist of only one person, possibly two, but generally no more than two. And usually the hoaxers come forward fairly quickly or they are busted somehow. This Dyer “hoax” is amazing because of the sheer number of players said to be involved and not one of them has come forward yet. Further, the skeptics have not yet proven that this is a hoax, and the story is going on one year now. I edited out many misspellings.

Michael J. Littrell put this in a perspective that even you IDIOTS should be able to understand .Lets not forget that Robert Lynsey started this HOAX on or about Dec 12-2012. How long did it take Richard Traylor Chuck Dyer to come out with his part…. (let the pawns get it out there first) Hmmm. Robert Lynsy is just another player in this HOAX like Musky ( who the fuck is he ??)& all the rest …sung to the tune of the opening of Gilligan’s Island.. Robert, hope you got paid upfront !! SQUATCH IS REAL …THIS SHIT AIN’T..

Very stupid anti-Bigfoot article published in a “science” publication. This typical skeptic nonsense makes the astonishing claim that the existing evidence for Bigfoot makes it even more likely that it does not exist. The fact that there have been 40,000 sightings in the US must mean that they are relatively common. If they are so common, it ought to be relatively trivial to capture good photo, video or other evidence of them, in particular, some sort of a body. That no evidence has been forthcoming when it should have considering the massive number of sightings makes it exceedingly unlikely that this thing exists. Well, that is certainly some creative theorizing!
I am writing too many Bigfoot posts. As you can see, I am slowly turning into a Bigfoot. This is getting embarassing. Maybe I should cut down on the Bigfoot reporting.

Bigfoot Bob: The transformation.
Bigfoot Bob: The transformation.

Bigfoot News September 30, 2013

Happy birthday to me. Thank you very much!
Justin Smeja stirs furor over pro-kill post on Facebook. On a Bigfoot Facebook group, Suzy Matiash asked Justin Smeja what his position was on the pro-kill/no-kill debate in the community. Justin left a lengthy answer that said he was still pro-kill. He was then promptly tossed from the group by Suzy because the group has a strict no-kill policy for posters.
Cindy Bowers did a great job of writing this up on the Crypto Crew blog.
Recently Justin Smeja was asked a tough question by Suzy Matiash, administrator of the Facebook group Bigfoot Community.
The question was:

Mr. Smeja, I mean this question with no malice toward you. But this is a no kill group. And given the chance, would you kill another Sas? Or have you changed your views and would not do it again.

Justin answered:

I believe Bigfoots are some sort of people – a wild man or archaic human if you will. They are not just some other animal to be hunted like deer – its immoral. They are intelligent.
For the greater good of the species whether it be in life or death or even extinction, I will pursue killing one. I do not love the species or the individuals. I feel it’s wrong to take a Sasquatch’s life, but who among us does everything right? You worry about the person you see in the mirror, and I’ll take care of me.
I will try to kill another Sasquatch to prove their existence.
The truth is most in the Bigfoot community are liars, especially when it comes to the subject. They preach this no kill gospel and pretend to be disgusted by the thought of killing one publicly, but behind closed doors I’m often (very often) approached by these same individuals – many of whom are highly respected pillars in the community – with a new strategy, location or idea on how to kill one. They often even offer to help fund an expedition to bring back a dead one.
Derek Randles was never like that. He always hated the idea of killing one. I respect him for that. He’s a better man than I am.
I’m not here to play politics, to be politically correct or to save face. I’m not looking for a place in the Bigfoot community. When I research, I often have a rifle, and if I see one, I will most likely shoot it. However, I also often research with no rifle at all. Make what you will out of that. My only goal is proof to validate my story.
This is a stupid argument – to kill or not to kill – if you’re that worked up about it, you have too much time on your hands. DNA is no longer good enough. Especially in this field. Let’s just assume that I know more about DNA results findings and protocols then 98 percent of you. I’ve worked first hand with countless labs and doctors on this subject over the last 3 years. If a body’s drug in by a researcher tomorrow, the blood of that individual is partly on Melba’s hands. It is because of her that we need a body. We need a body, not a sequence.
The truth is I waver back and forth and some days I’m 100% no kill. I’ve lost more sleep on the subject because of my actions then any of you. But I’ve made peace with my actions other than the occasional nightmare.

Rick Dyer will get $27 million on January 1, 2015. Late the other night on his show, when hardly a soul was listening, Rick revealed that his investor has not given him any money at all yet (hence the continuous grubbing and hucksterism), but that Rick will receive $27 million on January 1, 2015 if he delivers the body to the new owner (probably the casino owner) “completely intact.” That means he has to keep the body intact for all of 2014, during which the first half of the year will be spent touring with the Bigfoot body and the second half of the year will not. But Rick will retain possession of the body during the non-outing portion of the year.
This sets up a very interesting scenario. Suppose someone – haters, skeptics, rivals or anti-kill activists – damaged the body by say removing the head and whisked the head off somewhere. Then Rick Dyer would not receive his $27 million. In fact, he would not receive one thin dime.
New owner may be Steve Wynn. He’s one oily, slimy Vegas casino owner. He recently hosted a morbid exhibit on the Titanic. A source who went to that exhibit said it was very disturbing. He’s just the fellow to host a morbid and tacky Bigfoot body display.
Criticism of Rick’s 19th Century “dead body on tour” sleazefest. This sort of thing was popular maybe 200 years ago. One wonders how many creatures have been revealed to science by traveling side shows, but actually there have been a number of them, mostly around 200 years ago. The problem is that what was acceptable in the 1800’s is now incredibly tacky to say the least.
Personally, I am not too happy that this dead body is going to be trucked around by a bunch of ghoulish profiteering capitalist hucksters. It is slimy, disreputable and morbid. Suppose I died tomorrow, and some people bought my corpse from someone else, embalmed it, and then trucked it around the country as a freak side show attraction. This is more or less the same thing.
Here are some of the comments that I received complaining about how the body is going to anything for a buck capitalists instead of the government, a museum or a university where it belongs.

If there was a Bigfoot body it should be going to a museum of natural history not some freak show tour with RD and then some tacky casino!! I don’t have a problem with a Bigfoot tour, but not in flea markets and gun shows.
If this thing is a relict hominid, it should be displayed with dignity, a la’ the Treasures of Egypt tour or the tours of great artists, something like that. But as something akin to a carnival sideshow…terrible.
Frankly, I am mostly a no-kill mindset. But, if one is killed, then science needs to be involved, to find out just exactly BF stands within our human family, and then try not to hurt them any more than have been hurt.
If there is a casino owner involved, he could very well be Steve Wynn. He hosted the Titanic exhibit at the Bellagio. I do have to say, I saw that exhibit and it gave me the creeps.

The “Christopher Noel lied” accusation. Via Randy Filipovic, who seems to be getting more and more shrill lately to the point where it looks like he is going off the deep end:

Chris Noel’s opinion means squat. He destroyed any credibility he had when he asked Steve Kulls to lie.

Noel responds:

When Kulls maliciously outed the identity of my friend Jack Barnes, I wrote him and told him to post a retraction saying he’d been mistaken, to try to correct his immoral act. Then Kulls promptly posted our PM conversation with the headline Christopher Noel Wants Me to Lie!!!!! Delightful fellow.

I agree with Noel. I am tired of all of these malicious outings. People are entitled to a bit of privacy. Noel did the right thing to ask Steve to retract his story and say he was mistaken in order to protect Jack’s identity.
Why so many awful people in Bigfootery? A commenter, new to the game, asked me in the comments why there were so many horrible people in Bigfootery. Here is my response:
Although I do not think the Dyer story is a hoax, Dyer is himself a hoaxer; not only that, but he is a serial hoaxer! He was hoaxing in a major way as recently as May 2012 and he has hoaxed even in the course of this story (Bigfoot baby hoax). In addition, he has lied shamelessly all through this nevertheless true story, and even before the story, his track record shows that he is a pathological liar.
The problem is not Rick Dyer. The problem is the fringe nature of the subject. The fringe nature of Bigfootery means that a very large number of those attracted to it will be jerks, idiots, scumbags, nutcases of all types and varieties, criminals, thieves, liars, con-men, narcissists and sociopaths.
Hopefully once we get this thing proven a lot of the sane and decent humans will come rushing in as it will be as mainstream a subject as studying gorillas, chimps or even wolverines or mountain lions. The general public will flood in which there are plenty of good folks mixed in with the bad, and in particular the science crowd will move in, most of whom are cautious, decent, fair-minded, emotionally controlled folks.
There are so many out and out horrible people in this field that I would not advise anyone to get into it. It is actually a somewhat dangerous hobby. Why are Bigfooters so horrible? I think it is because many of them are simply fanatics. Fanatics tend to be horrific human beings. Or at least their behavior is horrific. Their monstrous behavior stems from their fanaticism.
Morgan Matthews’ clever wording. Matthews has been virtually speaking in riddles about his movie Shooting Bigfoot for some time now. But a commenter notes something very interesting:

Its interesting as there is nowhere in that interview with MM where he denies there is a real Bigfoot in his film. He apologizes for the incorrect rumors that he is in possession of a Bigfoot body or that he personally moved the body and that the film contained footage of a dead Bigfoot. He makes a particular point of not having footage of a dead Bigfoot in his film.

Morgan Matthews makes the following correct statements which nevertheless have interesting possible explanations in back of the weasel words. Morgan’s statements in normal text, explanations in italics following.

  1. I am not in possession of any Bigfoot body. But maybe someone else is!
  2. I did not personally move any Bigfoot body. But maybe other folks did!
  3. The film does not contain footage of a dead Bigfoot. But maybe it contains footage of a live one!

What sort of a person is Hank Williams III? I believe that Hank Williams III is the owner of Rick Dyer’s dead Bigfoot, Hank. But what sort of a person is HW3? This music video of his may give us some clues:
That video is called Three Shades of Black. It is full of all sorts of dark, evil and even Satanic imagery. Obviously this fellow is deep into the bad boy game and he is trying to give off the impression that he is “badass” or even “evil.”
A commenter wonders what sort of person would hire another person to kill a fellow hominid and then ghoulishly retain the body. First a commenter posted the video above and asked, “Is this guy evil or what?” To which the other commenter responded:

Eh? Well, which is it? Either it’s “This guy is evil enough to pull the strings of Rick Dyer (to intentionally ridicule the Bigfoot community with a vast hoax)” or “This guy is evil enough to pay for a Bigfoot hit-man and demand a Bigfoot body?”

I would say the latter, no?
Rick Dyer steps down as President of Team Tracker. More of Rick’s wild, impulsive and unpredictable behavior. In this case, he is stepping down as president of his group, apparently to spend his time getting ready for his roadshow. In his place, Frank Cali will step in as President. I think Frank will be a lot easier to get along with. Frank has said that he will not tolerate TT members badmouthing either me or Christopher Noel on his show. Frank will take over the running of some of the shows. The shows should be a lot more sober and serious with Frank at the helm.

Save the White Race!

The problem with the White nationalists and White supremacists screaming about White genocide and saving the White race from extinction is that to be completely honest, there really is nothing much left to save anymore.
Back in the hippie era, we thought we were creating a whole new era of mind expansion and liberation. Instead we got mind reduction, idiocracy and a race to the bottom via the depravity of ghetto and anticivilizational culture. We were wrong to promote drugs and unlimited license. Woodstock was one thing, but from the soil of Woodstock inevitably grows something like this.
What White race? There’s nothing left. Look at the video.
White people RIP!

Saul Landau, Presente!

Comrade Saul Landau has died. He wrote a lot of great articles on Cuba, which is mostly what I remember him for. His views of Cuba were not starry-eyed, and he really told it like it is. He also made a number of movies, none of which I have ever seen. He was a great man.
Below is a fairly decent article from the horrific New York Times. I was expecting a hatchet piece, but apparently that was not to be.

Saul Landau, a determinedly leftist documentary filmmaker and writer whose passion for asking what he called “the most intrusive questions” yielded penetrating cinematic profiles of leaders like Fidel Castro and Salvador Allende, died on Monday at his home in Alameda, Calif. He was 77.
The cause was bladder cancer, his daughter Julia Landau said.
Mr. Landau aspired to marshal art and literature to illuminate social and political problems, and his point of view was almost always apparent. In the 1980s, he wrote essays berating the administration of Ronald Reagan for trying to depose the leftist government in Nicaragua, and recently he urged the United States not to become involved in Syria.
He said he saw no difference between documentary and fictional films. In both, he said, a director manipulates light and sound to put across a vision. “One has to simulate reality,” he said in 2005 in an interview with The Capital Times in Madison, Wis. “The other one says, ‘Here’s reality,’ whether it is or isn’t.”
Mr. Landau emerged from the roiling New Left politics of the 1960s to make more than 40 documentaries, including six about Mr. Castro. One of them, “Fidel,” released in 1969, was a rare intimate look at the Cuban leader. It shows him arguing with a finger-wagging peasant woman, visiting his nursery school and playing baseball and striking out.
“I found Fidel a sympathetic figure and a hell of a good actor,” Mr. Landau told The Washington Post in 1982.
His most acclaimed film was “Paul Jacobs and the Nuclear Gang,” which he directed with Jack Willis in 1980. With cinematography by Haskell Wexler, the documentary, broadcast on PBS, told of the cover-up of health hazards from a 1957 nuclear-bomb test in Utah. The film won an Emmy Award and a George Polk Award.
The title referred to Mr. Landau’s friend Paul Jacobs, a journalist who died of cancer — believed to have been caused by radiation exposure — before the film was completed.
Other films by Mr. Landau portray poverty in big-city slums, the destruction of indigenous Mexican culture, the inner workings of the C.I.A., torture in Brazil and life inside a San Francisco jail. Most have a leftist political edge that some saw as propagandistic, but Mr. Landau characterized the films as educational.
“All my films try to teach people without preaching too hard,” he said. “I try not to be too tendentious.”
Mr. Landau released two films relating to Mr. Allende, the Chilean who had become Latin America’s first democratically elected socialist president the year before. One was an interview with Mr. Allende.
The other film, “Que Hacer!” (1970) — the title is a translation of the title of Lenin’s book “What Is to Be Done?” — is a fictional movie, a playful spy story with music concerning a C.I.A. case officer in Chile. There are two casts: a Chilean one directed by Raul Ruiz and an American one directed by Mr. Landau and Nina Serrano, his wife at the time. Country Joe McDonald performed and produced the music. The film won awards at film festivals in Cannes, Venice and Mannheim, Germany.
Orlando Letelier, Chile’s ambassador to the United States, invited Mr. Landau to screen it at the Chilean Embassy in Washington, and they became friends. A few years later, Gen. Augusto Pinochet overthrew the Allende government and imprisoned Mr. Letelier.
Mr. Landau worked with other international supporters to win Mr. Letelier’s release and to arrange a job for him at the Institute for Policy Studies, a left-wing research organization in Washington Mr. Landau had joined in 1972. In 1976, Pinochet agents used a car bomb to kill Mr. Letelier and another institute worker. In 1980, Mr. Landau and John Dinges published a book about the case, “Assassination on Embassy Row,” documenting the Pinochet government’s ties to the killings.
Mr. Landau was at least as prolific a writer as he was a filmmaker. He wrote 14 books and thousands of newspaper and magazine articles and reviews.
Saul Irwin Landau was born on Jan. 15, 1936, a few blocks from Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, and grew up playing stickball in the streets. His father was a pharmacist who had fled pogroms in Ukraine to come to New York in 1920. His mother was a teacher.
As a youth, Mr. Landau once abandoned school to hitchhike across America. When he returned, his mother urged him to take the test for the academically elite Stuyvesant High School. He passed, and went on to perform brilliantly there.
The summer after he graduated, he met Ms. Serrano at a camp in the Catskills, where he was the fry cook and she the drama teacher. Ms. Serrano, who became a published poet, encouraged his interest in leftist politics and a bohemian lifestyle, according to their daughter Valerie Landau.
Ms. Serrano also accompanied Mr. Landau when he went to the University of Wisconsin. When a dean found out that they were living together, he threatened to expel Mr. Landau (Ms. Serrano was not a student then) if they did not marry. They did.
At Wisconsin, Mr. Landau got involved in a so-called Joe Must Go club, which advocated the recall of Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin over his demagogic attacks on people he accused of being Communists.
After earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees in history at Wisconsin, Mr. Landau became a researcher for C. Wright Mills, the sociologist, traveling with him to Western Europe, the Soviet Union and Cuba.
Moving to Northern California with Ms. Serrano, he worked toward a doctorate at Stanford but did not complete the studies. In San Francisco, they gravitated to the Beat poets and the emerging New Left movement. Mr. Landau joined Students for a Democratic Society and helped organize the leftist magazines Ramparts and Mother Jones.
He also joined the San Francisco Mime Troupe, for which he wrote a parody of a minstrel show, “A Minstrel Show, or Civil Rights in a Cracker Barrel.” Performers in the show, which satirized racial perceptions, appeared in blackface. The show traveled to New York and elsewhere.
“Through the entire evening there is really nothing to laugh at, no matter how funny it is,” Richard F. Shepard wrote in The New York Times. “There is the ominous theme of what hypocrisy and oppression breed.”
In 1966 Mr. Landau got a job as a reporter at KQED-TV, San Francisco’s public television station, and a year later went to Cuba to make a news documentary. Mr. Castro liked it, and invited Mr. Landau to return to do an in-depth documentary about him. Mr. Landau’s marriage to Ms. Serrano ended in divorce. Besides his daughters Valerie and Julia, he is survived by a son, Greg, and two other daughters, Carmen and Marie; his second wife, Rebecca Switzer; seven grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.
“You want to do what you can while you’re on this earth,” Mr. Landau said in 2006. “Otherwise the alternative is to go shopping.”

Bigfoot News September 6, 2013

Anniversary of the day Rick Dyer shot and killed a Bigfoot in San Antonio, Texas. This is the 1-year anniversary of the most famous deed in Bigfoot history. And yes, I do now believe that Rick killed a Bigfoot on that day.
The following events are true beyond a reasonable doubt:

  • A Bigfoot was present with Rick and Morgan in San Antonio.
  • Rick shot the Tent Video of the Bigfoot earlier in the day. You can hear Morgan whispering in the background to wake him up.
  • The Bigfoot came back later than night to eat more ribs.
  • Rick saw and came out with his gun. Morgan came out of his tent with a camera. They both chased the Bigfoot.
  • Rick shot live bullets and the Bigfoot.
  • The Bigfoot ran into Morgan and knocked him over.
  • At some point, Rick shot and killed the Bigfoot. The details are unclear.
  • Video of the dead Bigfoot was later shot with Rick’s cell-camera that night or early the next morning. More on that later!

However, what happened after that? I am much less sure. Does Rick have the body? Does anyone have the body? Who knows? Maybe Rick took the body and set it on fire. Maybe he ground it up and sold it as horsemeat to a pet food factory. Maybe he stores it in his freezer and has carnal knowledge with it once in a while. Maybe the whole story about it being stored at a US government research lab is true. Anyway, I haven’t the faintest idea what happened to that body after it was shot. The story gets much murkier after that, and few if any things are proven beyond a reasonable doubt.
Video of Hank the dead Bigfoot exists! On September 7, 2012, a strange video appeared on Youtube. It was private and needed a password to get in to see it. Only a few people close to Rick Dyer were invited to see it. Rick sent out invites with the words, “What do I do now? Give me some advice?” The video was very short and was shot on Rick’s cellphone either late at night or early the next morning. The video showed Hank, shot dead, lying on the ground. I know one person who saw this video and they have been 100% convinced that this story is true ever since. Unfortunately, I cannot give you their name.
A strange message from Morgan Matthews to Loren Coleman of Cryptomundo (italics mine).

To all at the Cryptomundo team, We are contacting you from Minnow Films Limited, the production company responsible for the “Shooting Bigfoot” documentary. The reason we are contacting you is we have seen that photographs that were illegally obtained in the movie theater have been uploaded onto your website. I also understand that you may intend to upload clips of the film that were also obtained illegally.
Whilst we appreciate your interest in the film and are very aware of the importance of this footage to the Bigfoot community, uploading this material nevertheless breaches our copyright. We will not take action with regard to the uploading of the photograph, but we would have to take action if any clips are uploaded. Could I therefore request, on an amicable basis, that you do not upload or otherwise publish any of our copyright material? Thank you very much for your co—-operation. Minnow Films

Ok, if this is nothing but than a 2-bit fraud or a joke, why would it have any importance whatsoever to the Bigfoot community? It wouldn’t. But if it was some of the Bigfoot footage ever shot (which it is) would it have any importance to the community? Well of course it would.
Shooting Bigfoot still in production? This oddity was found on the Minnow Films website. As you can see, Shooting Bigfoot is listed as “still in production.” In addition, the title is only a working title and has not been decided on yet. Why is that? I thought the movie was done filming. Is it common for a movie, when it is done filming, to be listed as still in production? Why would it be? What director would make a movie, release it for awards and then go back and re-edit it or produce it again. Why would they do that unless it was, for example, a documentary that was going to change the course of history, which this movie may possibly do?
Dr. Brian Sykes project due to be released in 6 weeks? This is what I have heard, that they are done with all their testing and are going to release their findings in about 6 weeks. No one knows what they have found yet. More here.
Three videos from the movie Dead Bigfoot. The movie has apparently been finished. This is a documentary by Ro Sahebi. It stars Justin Smeja and Bart Cutino among others. Ro is a great filmmaker and it should be quite nice!
I now own some Bigfoot hairs. I have my very own Bigfoot hairs, gathered in the Northern Peninsula of Michigan. I also have a magnified photograph of the hairs. They look like human hairs, but they are different in some interesting ways. They are kinky and curly, almost like pubic hairs, and similar to some of the other photos that have been floating around.

The Fabulous Stains, "Join the Professionals"

From the 1982 hit movie, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains.
This is a version of the song by the all-girl band The Stains. Lead singer is actress Diane Lane in a very early role.
Scene at the mall where the girls steal the boys’ hit song and perform it in their own band:
They go onto to great fame with their ripped off song. Those little sluts! Closing credits for the movie:

The Looters!

The Looters are not a real band. They only appear only in a movie, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains! released in October 1982. Although it got poor reviews, this has evolved into a minor cult hit. It starred Diane Lane and Laura Dern in early roles along with British tough guy Ray Winstone, along with Fee Waybill of the seminal band The Tubes. Paul Cook and Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols and Paul Simonon of the Clash appear, along with Winstone on lead vocals, as a band called The Looters. They are actually pretty damn good! Directed by the great Lou Adler and written by famous screenwriter Nancy Dowd.
Lead guitar – Steve Jones!
Drums – Paul Cook!
Bass – Paul Simonon!
Vocals – Actor Ray Winstone!
Join the Professionals
La la la
That great Jones Cook sound!
Don’t Blow it All

Bigfoot News August 1, 2013

Why do I believe Rick Dyer? This is a bit of a problem. Believing Rick Dyer is frankly ruining my life due to all of the problems it is causing. Almost no one else believes him except for a few of us. However, I am happy that Christopher Noel still believes Rick.
Truth is I can’t stand Rick, and the feeling is mutual. He has libeled me pretty seriously on his website. Of course I get no money from Rick. I would not take any money or gifts from Rick even if offered because that would taint me. I also get no money from writing about the Rick Dyer story, not that it matters. It is said that I am writing this up just to get hits from my blog.
Problem with that is that I am too much of a moral person to do something that sleazy. I am so morally finicky that I think that is part of the reason I have little money. I simply refuse to sleaze out for money. I also in general don’t tell any lies about anything substantial on this with regard to Bigfoot. I do sometimes muddy the waters about sources, mostly to protect them. Sometimes if I get material 2rd hand from a source who got it from someone else, I will say that instead I spoke directly to the source instead of getting it hearsay. I am not in a court of law, so none of this matters.
I could never knowingly participate in any hoax, much less a Bigfoot hoax.
On the other hand though, this is a great story whether it it true or not. Even if it’s a hoax, it’s one of the greatest Bigfoot hoaxes of all time, and that’s a great story and a great reason to follow it right  there. There are now whole blogs, forums and Facebook groups dedicated to the notion that this is a hoax, and they are often updated every day. They are milking the hoax angle the same way some of us are milking the believer angle. I really do not see what the difference is.
At any rate, hits hardly do me any good here since WordPress does not normally allow us to put our own ads up. They have their own ad program for selected blogs, but I have not yet applied for it. So I make almost nothing off of this website – maybe $10/month. Labor of love.
So there you have it folks! My reasoning for milking this story.
Morgan Matthews’ telling comments after the Edinburgh showing of Shooting Bigfoot. After the UK premiere of the movie, Morgan took questions, which he answered very gingerly. However, one answer was very interesting. Morgan said that Rick had a real gun with real live bullets loaded in it. Rick fired the live bullets at the Bigfoot, and possibly, if the story is correct, nearly at Morgan too. It’s very hard to believe that Rick was firing live bullets at his stunt man or would shoot live rounds right in the vicinity of his stunt man and Matthews. If Dyer isn’t that reckless.
More theories on where the body is stored. In addition to two different agricultural research labs, one named in Maricopa, Arizona and another unnamed 90 miles from Las Vegas, we now have two more locations.
From Chuck at Bigfoot Buzz we hear that Chuck heard that the Bigfoot was being stored in an icehouse somewhere outside of Las Vegas.
Via a Team Tracker member, I hear that the Bigfoot was not stored at a US Department of Agriculture research station, but was instead stored at a building owned by a private contractor that does a lot of business for the US government. Even the guards and security would make sense in that case as US government contractors can have a lot of security around their buildings too. For some reason, this almost makes more sense as it seems so hard to believe that the US government would store this body for months. However, this person said he had not talked to anyone would had seen the body.
On whether this story is a hoax or not. In favor of the believers, it is true that this story has gone on for 10 months now and it has never been proven to be a hoax yet. On the other hand though, neither has it been proven to be true. So neither side is winning on that score.
Musky Allen putting out a lot of lies about the location of the Bigfoot body. It is true that Musky and other Team Tracker members have been deliberately putting out false information about the body location in order to throw people off the trail. However, this causes problems because Musky and the TT members are now proven to have lied in the course of this story. Rick Dyer is of course a congenital liar. If you want to be believed as a good source for a story, the first thing you should do is stop lying.
Both sides of the story. I do run both sides of the Rick Dyer story on this site, both the hoax theory and the believer theory. I give equal time to both sides.
New rendition of the Bigfoot shooting in San Antonio. I originally heard that Rick shot the Bigfoot in the back, the Bigfoot circled back around and knocked over Morgan, and then Rick shot the Bigfoot in the head to drop it.
But now there is a new story. Rick shot the Bigfoot in the back at a distance from Morgan, then the Bigfoot circled around and attacked Morgan, and then it ran on. A few minutes later, Rick found it on the ground 20 or 30 feet from where it had attacked Morgan, and he then either did or did not finish it off with a bullet to the base of the skull, depending on whom you listen to.
The Bigfoot did have a shot to the head, verified by Musky Allen. The head shot was either delivered as a coup de grace while it was lying on the ground or it after the Bigfoot dropped Morgan and was running along. Once again, we deal with the problem of changing and conflicting narratives.
Melba Ketchum speaks up on the Matilda photo from the Erickson Project. From Bigfoot Evidence, we get a statement from Ketchum on the Matilda video.

Matilda the sleeping Bigfoot.
Matilda the sleeping Bigfoot.

OK, the Matilda questions. Her mitochondrial DNA was tested by Disotell with human results like all of our samples. He said it had to be human contamination and threw the sample away according to Adrian Erickson. Fortunately, he kept back some of the sample. He then sent some of it to Paleo Labs where they also got human mitochondrial DNA. When we got the remainder of the sample, we got the same results.
But, we then tested the nuclear DNA where the differences are in the Sasquatch. First, the DNA was female and we had very few females in the study. Some of the individual genes we sequenced on this sample were human while others failed even with universal mammalian primers. This sample behaved just like the rest of the samples. To add credibility and link the sample to the videos, we tested the MC1R gene for red hair color. She sequenced human for this gene and had the mutation for red hair.
We ran the 2.5 million human SNP array on her sample. Even a degraded human sample will have greater than ninety five percent of the SNPs run successfully and our degraded human control sample ran 97%. Matilda’s DNA was pristine but only ran at 83%. So, her DNA was obviously not completely human. I also spoke with all three members of the Erickson team and am totally convinced that the videos are legitimate. This is especially true since the DNA findings matched her sex and hair color.

The video below has been bashed to Kingdom Come by skeptics. However, a friend of mine saw the whole 6 minute video and was impressed by it. Another person who saw the video said that Matilda wakes up at the end of the video. The Bigfoot in the video breathes at 6 breaths per minute, which is quite unusual. The people who say this thing is faked have never shown how the Erickson people faked this video.
I can assure you that Erickson is not a hoaxer, however, this video did come from one of the owners of the property and was not shot by the Erickson people themselves.
I believe that this video really shows a sleeping adolescent female Bigfoot in a forest in Tennessee.
Story about the death of Fox the Bigfoot. Interesting video from Reverend Jeff about the death of Fox and the Bigfoot at the Janice Carter farm. Jeff references my site a couple of times in the telling of this story. However, I no longer believe this version of the story. Sally Raines said that they did hear that Fox was dying, and she and Janice went out to the forest to try to find him, but they were unsuccessful in locating him. However, they did hear some wood knocks when they were out there. Jeff also includes a fanciful tale about the death of Fox lifted from the comments section of a Bigfoot blog. It was written by someone with quite an imagination.
Jeff’s Bigfoot stories are very well done, and Jeff is a great guy and a friend.

Bigfoot News July 27, 2013

Possible location of US government building where Dyer’s Bigfoot was housed revealed. This is actually a good source, and it checked out very well. The file is from someone on the Dyer team who leaked it back in March. The place is called the U.S. Arid Land Agricultural Research Center in  Maricopa, Arizona.
The problem is that someone who had been to the facility described it as a “US Agricultural Research Station 90 miles outside of Las Vegas.” Then we get this photo of the Maricopa station which is 277 miles outside of Las Vegas. Doesn’t add up. Further, Musky said he was blindfolded and driven for hour hours out of Vegas to the place where the Bigfoot was held. It would seem that four hours driving out of Vegas would not be enough to get someone to the Maricopa station.

Here is a photo of the US U.S. Arid Land Agricultural Research Center, Maricopa, Arizona. It is 277 miles south of Las Vegas.
Here is a photo of the US U.S. Arid Land Agricultural Research Center, Maricopa, Arizona. It is 277 miles south of Las Vegas.

Skeptic argument that the Bigfoot in Shooting Bigfoot was someone on the Dyer team. The argument is that the Hispanic fellow on the far right is the guy who wore the suit for the Bigfoot that attacked Morgan Matthews in Shooting Bigfoot. There is some resemblance, but I do not believe this theory. In my opinion, the creature in Shooting Bigfoot is not a human being. It is either the best costume ever made or it is a real Bigfoot.
The Hispanic fellow on the far right is said to resemble the image of the Bigfoot from Shooting Bigfoot. Not sure if I believe that though.
The Hispanic fellow on the far right is said to resemble the image of the Bigfoot from Shooting Bigfoot. Not sure if I believe that though.

Dyer afraid of going to jail for manslaughter for killing the Bigfoot (Hank). People are saying that Dyer is afraid that he might be prosecuted for manslaughter for killing Hank since Hank is close to a human being. There has been no confirmation of this yet and it came from a Dyer skeptic, who as a group are not very reliable.
Controversy about the $19,000 check offered to Dr. Jeff Meldrum by Facebook/Find Bigfoot. It is said that this check was offered to Jeff by FB/FB as a condition of seeing the Bigfoot, and Meldrum turned it down, asking for $15,000 instead. However, Jeff offers another version of that story that seems to make a lot more sense.
A post on Dr. Meldrum’s Facebook page states:

The truth is while trying to persuade me to come to LV, saying that Dyer was like a little kid seeking approval from me, Jack Barnes offered to send me a cashiers check of some unspecified amount to hold onto and keep if it turned out to be hoax. He was so certain (short of seeing the body) that Dyer was telling the truth that he was absolutely confident that I would be returning it.
I asked for several conditions:
Naturally I was going sight unseen so 1) pictures posted on secure webpage and give me the password
Since they already alleged to have experts experts involved. 2) provide names and affiliations and contacts for said experts and assurance that I could independently confirm their identities and testimony
And since I was likely going to have to sign an NDA, 3) Dyer would sign an agreement that if it was indeed a hoax he would not use my name or likeness in any way and he explicitly acknowledged financial liability for libel and defamation.
All reasonable requests if he was on the up and up. None of my conditions was acceptable, but Barnes offered me the cashiers check with the understanding that I returned it if the body was real, in the amount of $10K. OFFERED — didn’t send me anything. When I didn’t take that OFFER, he upped the OFFER to $15K, plus a plane ticket to LV. Still not interested.”

This version of the story actually sounds a lot more sensible than that first version about Jeff demanding $15,000 instead of $10,000.
Bottom line on Rick Dyer and Hank. Soon Hank will be revealed to the world as the first Bigfoot body the world has ever seen. The main question after that is, whither Rick Dyer?
The truth is Rick Dyer was just the instrument, the rifle, and after his trophy corpse is released, all of the world’s attention will focus on the body itself and the scientists who have been exploring its secrets. Rick Dyer is nothing in himself, because someone was bound to gun down a Bigfoot eventually, and it doesn’t matter who ended up pulling the trigger.
This man and his inflated sense of self-importance will instantly vanish from the conversation, and to the extent that he continues trying to insert himself into the spotlight, he will only succeed in further reducing and caricaturing himself.

Rick Dyer: Portrait of a Caricature as a Young Man.
Rick Dyer: Portrait of a Caricature as a Young Man.

He loves to call himself “the greatest Bigfoot tracker in the world,” yet he himself has admitted that on his first 88 expeditions, he had no luck whatsoever, and then the documentary Shooting Bigfoot clearly reveals his impressive “tracking methods”: Sitting by the campfire with his rifle and waiting, and waiting….and waiting. If the San Antonio specimen had not been careless enough to wander into camp that night for a free meal, Dyer would still be batting 0.00%.
Musky Allen thrown off Facebook and thrown out of Bigfoot Warz by Rick Dyer haters. The lunatic Rick Dyer haters, who are about as nutty as Rick himself, reported Musky Allen to Facebook for having an underage profile. That means that Musky is under 13 years old, clearly not the case. They also reported Cathiee, a Dyer believer, for having an underage profile. She is clearly an adult.
Bigfoot Warz taken over by Dyer haters. This used to be one of the best Bigfoot groups on Facebook. Not sure how it happened, apparently a coup de etat. Musky was the administrator of the group, and after the haters threw him off Facebook, they invaded this group and took it over. The group is now ruined, taken over by haters and full of nothing but anti-Musky and anti-Dyer posts. Sad story.
Skeptic line that Facebook Find Bigfoot said the movie Shooting Bigfoot was a fiasco. This is not true. It is true that the first review said the movie was a disappointment, but later when they got home and looked over the 65 stills they shot from the movie, they were convinced that the movie shows a real Bigfoot. Not only that, but they said that the Shooting Bigfoot footage was better than the Patterson Gimlin footage. In other words, it is the greatest Bigfoot footage of all time.
They showed HD video of the Shooting Bigfoot footage to Musky Allen, and Musky confirmed that the Bigfoot in Shooting Bigfoot is the same dead Bigfoot that he saw near Las Vegas.
Skeptic argument that Hank would have decomposed by now or by the time that Musky saw it. The truth is that the Bigfoot was frozen by the time Musky saw it and it had been cut into pieces and then put back together, possibly as part of an autopsy. He was not allowed to disclose that information at the time because people might be able to figure out the location of a facility that could freeze such a large object.
Many questions about Morgan Matthews and Shooting Bigfoot finally clarified. The mysterious, paradoxical and quizzical behavior of Morgan Matthews, his evasive answers and his curious editing of his film have caused many to shake their heads in wonderment. They simply can’t figure Morgan Matthews or his movie out. Why not? Because neither Morgan Matthews nor his movie “make sense” to an ordinary mind.
The final shots were definitely caught on film even though Morgan was knocked down by the Bigfoot. Morgan followed Rick as he gave chase to the Bigfoot, but then they lost the creature. They were heading back to the tent when they realized that the Bigfoot had circled back around and was coming back in their direction for some unfathomable reason. This was because the Bigfoot had somehow run in a full circle and was now behind them.
Was Morgan aware that Rick intended to shoot the Bigfoot? Both Rick and the crew had seen the Bigfoot that morning, and Rick said that if the Bigfoot came back to the camp for the crew to stay behind him because he was going to shoot at it.
Why does Rick carry a gun? Due to his investors. Rick’s investors want a Bigfoot body. The best way you get a Bigfoot body is to shoot one with a gun. Gun = body.
Why the silence from Minnow about Shooting Bigfoot in the months before the release of the film? The truth is that Minnow Films was under strict orders not to say anything about what happened in the movie as far as shooting the Bigfoot. Dyer would have been very happy if Minnow could have clarified what happened in the movie, but they were not allowed to do so.
Who made Minnow be quiet? There are lawyers who are fighting each other on behalf of their clients over the ownership of the body. They issued Minnow Films a gag order not to say anything about what really happened in the movie due to possible confiscation of the film. Minnow actually had to fight hard to even be able to release the film in the first place. There was no actual risk that the movie could be confiscated if Minnow played by the rules. Minnow had a right to release the movie as long as there was no statement given about the shooting of the Bigfoot. If they talked about the killing of the Bigfoot, the movie may have been subject to confiscation.
Who owns the movie? Who owns the body? Minnow films has 100% ownership over the movie Shooting Bigfoot. They have no ownership over the body of Hank. That is owned by Rick’s investors.
Frank and Dallas see a Bigfoot on one of Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot expeditions. On the recent trip to Las Vegas that included the hike up Mt. Charleston where Frank Cali had a heart attack, something strange occurred. 100 yards up the trail, Frank had a heart attack. Dallas helped him back to the camp, and Frank sat down on a tree stump covered in ants. Dallas said he was going to get help, but first he stopped and gave one of his trademark Bigfoot whoops that you can hear in the Shooting Bigfoot movie to great comedic effect. Right at that point, Frank had his eyes closed and he said suddenly he saw a vision of a Bigfoot in his mind’s eye.
Just then, Dallas asked, “Did you see it?”
Frank asked, “Did I see what?”
“The Bigfoot,” Dallas replied.
“Yes I did,” Frank said. His eyes were still closed. What he meant was he saw a Bigfoot in his mind, not with his eyes.
“Open your eyes,” Dallas said.
Frank said he opened his eyes and looked up at a nearby ridge, part of the Mt. Charleston system. On top of the ridge, he saw what could only be a Bigfoot, swaying back and forth for 12-15 seconds before it quickly moved behind a tree.
What have Team Tracker Gold memberships received for their membership so far for their $99? Basically nothing at all.

  1. The August 15 “release date” for the body, which was made public knowledge a week later and which is no longer valid;
  2. A jpeg of the frame from either Jack or Jeff’s cell-phone bootleg taken at the Toronto premier of Shooting Bigfoot, which was also available to everyone on the Internet a week later;
  3. A self-shot iPhone video of Rick in a restroom which he claimed to be just outside the room in which Hank’s body was kept and which he promised was “just the first” of more to come (there have been no others).

In other words, Gold members have been completely shafted by Rick.
Additionally, about 2 months ago Rick announced that Platinum Memberships would be available for $75.00 for a short time and that existing Gold Members could upgrade to Platinum for an additional $39.00. When someone commented in chat during that week’s Blogtalk show that it was hardly fair for someone to pay 25 dollars less and get more than someone who paid $99.00, especially not when the existing Gold member would wind up having to pay almost twice the amount to get the same thing, Rick made an asinine analogy about how Costco could change the prices for their memberships anytime they wanted.
The commenter made words to the effect that, with a Costco membership, you can start buying stuff right away, you don’t have to wait outside for the doors to open for an indefinite period only to have other people show up late and get a spot in line in front of you for less than what you paid months ago.
Rick got testy and said words to the effect, “It’s my site, and I can do whatever I want. If you don’t like it, you can fuck off, and I can cancel your membership for you.”
A TT member who I am friends with told me that TT is turning into a huge joke. He described it as:

a redneck’s-only club, like a really boring cross between Honey Boo-Boo and The Howard Stern Show.

Bigfoot News July 25, 2013

New clue to the location where Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot was kept. I have just learned that the US department or agency which housed Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot was the Department of Agriculture. It may be this branch of the DOA. This specific subbranch may be the best one of all. On the other hand, the Forest Service is also part of the DOA, and the FS also runs research stations. As I know that it was a research station that housed the Bigfoot, it must have been at one of the Department of Agriculture’s research stations. There are 100 such stations in the US. Just look for one near Las Vegas, and that’s the building.
I realize that it is possible that this information could be part of the false info that Musky Allen and others are putting out about the body location, but I do not think this is part of that distraction. Instead, I think this is the truth. Get cracking, sleuths!
Rick Dyer is going on a camping trip! These expeditions that Rick is always touting are getting ridiculous. Really now, let’s get real. These are nothing more than “camping trips with Rick.” There will be a special 3 hour episode on Rick’s radio show talking all about Rick’s latest camping trip! Make sure you don’t miss it!
Skeptic argument that Rick used two different costumes during the shooting of the Shooting Bigfoot movie, from the comments:

About the two different costumes: apparently Matthews states in the movie that he was not aware of the Tent Video that Dyer kept it from him. So there is no proof that the Tent Video was shot during the same trip. (Also, apparently the “Rick, Rick” that Matthews supposedly says during the audio can be heard in another context during the film.)
There is an excellent enlargement and enhancement of the tent creature online that Adam Bird, who was once a believer in Dyer’s story, posted on Dyer’s fan page.
The face has perfectly human proportions and appears to feature a modern version of the old-school Lon Chaney-style collodion build-up. This would be a much better way to go than a mask in building a real-looking face, and would be a good method for amateurs.
The still image that was taken during the documentary bears a strong resemblance to one of Dyer’s earlier Tracker members or filming crew, if you allow for make-up built up the same way. They have similar bone structure, facial creases, and wide area under the nose. I would like to find a better picture of this individual, but this is enough for a hunch:
The movie face:
Look at the guy on the right:
The point is not that it IS him, but it certainly COULD be, more likely than being a real Bigfoot. (And he wasn’t available when the Tent Video was shot, so Dyer just found someone else.)
Remember Occam’s Razor when looking at these “Bigfoot” photos…there’s a simple explanation to these photos, whether it’s this particular answer or not.

I do not believe that there are costumes in either the Tent Video or the movie. If those are costumes, those are the two greatest costumes ever made.
Theory on why Morgan Matthews is being so quiet, from the comments. This is a pro-Dyer theory.

As to the whole Morgan Matthews angle. How about this for a theory? Rick’s investor(s) are the ones who in actuality own this body. They have to be rich to be investing in something like a possible Bigfoot capture to begin with, and if one was indeed captured, they would have a lot of power.
They went to Morgan after the filming and said he could still release his movie with the SA Dyer footage but had to remain ambiguous about whether the creature filmed was indeed real. This way the body reveal would still hold all the clout, but in hindsight the movie will still go down in history as documenting the event. This is the only explanation (if this is indeed real at all) that I can come up with for Morgan’s strange editing decisions and evasive answers. Just a thought. Keep up the reporting Robert. Some of us appreciate it greatly.

Another person agrees with the above commenter, adding:

This has been my theory too.
Rick Dyer lost complete control of the Bigfoot when he made the call to the investors. They came in and took over.
Rick said Morgan Matthews stopped filming after that night. (I believe the Bigfoot being real now would ruin his concept of the movie).
So Rick and his Investors got a film crew of their own to film the transportation to Nevada.
Rick’s investors approached Morgan and had him sign a NDA with them about any video proof of the killing and after stuff. They understand Rick’s past and need to make sure they have all the ducks in a row when releasing this so people will look at the Bigfoot, not Rick. Rick I believe understands this and has been milking what he can get now.
I think the people who don’t believe this take so much of what Rick says. Even though they say they don’t believe what he says, they take it as fact.
Rick doesn’t control the body or the presentation of it. I think once you see this, you can understand much of what has been going on.
Rick leaks enough info out to make you understand this.
I read on Racer X’s blog that people are trying to start a letter/e-mail campaign to Morgan Matthews to try to get him to admit it was a hoax.
I have to also wonder why all these people who seem to believe they KNOW for fact Rick didn’t shoot the Bigfoot and it is a hoax spend so much time making blogs about it. If they really truly believe he didn’t do it, they would just let the whole issue drop, and Rick would fade away if it is true. Not a single person has been able to prove the Tent Video or the movie creature were hoaxed. They make up more stories up than Rick does now. WHY?
Robert I may be a Team Tracker supporter at times. But I believe your insight is very good, and I like your reporting – please keep up the work.

Bigfoot News July 2, 2013

Not looking good for Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot. Mata Hari posted this in the comments section:

Robert Lindsay-
How is it that you can lend any validity to the Dyer story whatsoever? David Durrett, Rick’s closest confidant and the guy who wrote his book, is quitting and I will say this – he DOES NOT believe Rick has a Bigfoot. This is shown because when David quit he announced that he would be handing over all book rights to Rick as he has no need for them anymore. Now think about it – if Rick actually had a body, David would want to hang onto those book rights for dear life because they would be worth a small fortune if Rick had a real body.
As for people being flown out on Rick’s dime to Las Vegas – I suggest you check your sources a little better because this Is not true. Also, Rick did not show a body to anyone the last weekend. Rick SAID he showed the body to two people and would not tell anyone in TT Vegas or anywhere who those two people were and made them all sign NDA’s so they couldn’t talk about it. Rick is very smart to do this – this way his team thinks two members saw a body, but because of NDA’s, they cant ask around to see who it was that saw it.
The story that Rick had national reporters there is also totally bogus. Whoever your source is is just repeating what Dyer told them and not seeing things firsthand, I can guarantee that.
If Rick has a body, it’s definitely a fake behind some glass that no one is allowed to touch.
Morgan Mathews is calling it a hoax now saying Rick is running a profiteering con and if Mathews doesn’t believe it, then Rick’s entire story doesn’t even work. This is because Mathews was there when Rick’s baloney Bigfoot was shot. According to Rick’s version of events, Mathews saw the dead Bigfoot and was there until the body shipped off to Rick’s top secret Bigfoot lab in Vegas.
So you see with Mathews not on board with Rick’s hoax, it basically negates Rick’s entire story. With Durrett not on board, freely handing over his book rights of his own accord, it puts another massive hole in Rick’s story. What are we left with? A con man with a story about a Bigfoot he shot almost a year ago and a story that doesn’t make any sense at all.

Durrett does not say that there is no body. Durrett says that he is uncertain if there is a body or not. That is his latest statement. We have some other supposed statements from both Pinkfoot and Durrett, but those come from Don Boucher, and everything from Don is tainted unfortunately due to his constant hoaxing and extreme bias. Pink and Durrett left Team Tracker after Rick pissed on Meldrum’s book and set it on fire. I believe a number of others left after that incident too.
Morgan Matthews is not calling it a hoax, and he does not say that Rick is running a profiteering con job. He simply refuses to answer any questions about the Bigfoot.
So neither of those things are true.
Also Musky Allen was apparently allowed to touch the Bigfoot, and he said it was not behind glass.

Thanks for your response Robert,
The reason that Chris Sands was in Vegas on the 14th is the same reason that all of the TT people were in Vegas that weekend. Rick offered up a ‘free’ for TT members expedition to Mount Charleston in Las Vegas to hunt Bigfoots. Basically the expedition was free, but each TT member including Chris Sands was to pay one ‘all inclusive’ fee of around $900 (to Rick) that included accommodations, food – to include executive chef on the expedition, transport to and from the airport AND airplane tickets.
So while Rick DID provide the airplane tickets to the 12 TT members that attended, each member had to pay the all-inclusive fee to Rick, who I am sure made a good fat profit off of as part of his scam. Here is a good description I will cut and paste for you:
========START OF PASTE=========
Just thought I would take a minute to write a summary of Team Tracker Las Vegas’ awesome (lol) weekend:
What was promised:
THE ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE: The Hike is FREE to all members, but the rest will be an all-inclusive package for $1000. An incredible weekend of Bigfoot hunting led by pro tracker Rick Dyer! For this price, you get a professional camera crew, high tech tracker equipment, plane tickets, accommodations in one of Rick Dyer’s 5 bedroom Vegas homes! Eat like kings when our executive chef will cook for the team during the hike! You also get to see HANK!
Airport: Rick bought all tickets out of people’s money. Guaranteed a super fat skim on this.
Friday what was promised: That the TT Vegas crew get to see Hank!
Friday what they got: Rick apologizes for not being able to show Hank to the team because something came up, but I need you to all sign these bogus NDA’s so I can show him to you on Sunday instead.
Friday afternoon: Was supposed to be at top secret Bigfoot facility.
Instead: Rick took the flock of sheep downtown in his wrapped vehicle on the Las Vegas main strip with the windows down and country music blaring! Man that guy in the TT car must be soo cool, look at all his supporters!!
Friday night what was planned: a party after everyone got to see Hank.
What they got: an early night in Rick’s shithole $50,000 home in the ‘little Mexico’ part of Las Vegas slums. This IS a dangerous neighborhood. As for the awesome sleeping arrangements: Rick had literally NOTHING planned. 12 guys sleeping on the floor with no pillows, no blankets, no TV…NOTHING. They used t-shirts and shoes for pillows, and Rock gave them pink garbage bags to use as blankets (as seen in the photograph Rick put on his website).
Saturday promised: Was to be a hike 6 miles into the desert forest foothills of Mount Charleston to the first camp site.
Saturday what happened: This is a total HELL HIKE uphill up a mountain in the desert sun. The group of 12, which for some reason did not include the chef as Rick says he is going to meet us up there, (haha ya OK Rick!) The hike could have clearly been made by professionals, as it is hardcore hiking uphill, not designed for 5 people over the age of 70 and a mix of out of shape, overweight individuals. Dallas was smart enough to stay with his Oxygen tank and camp at the car.
A few miles into the grueling hike, one of the men decided he could no longer go on and walked back down, quitting the entire thing. An hour later, one of the women did the same. A little later on, Frank, who is a senior citizen, started getting dizzy due to this insane punishment and passes out with a heart attack. He is taken down and out along with Rick and 3 others.
The remaining 4 or so continued on alone for the rest of the hike without the MIA chef or their illustrious leader Rick. TOTAL Disaster! Master Tracker my ass, any good hike leader would look at his group and plan the difficulty of the hike around the people involved – Rick basically destroyed them all with this punishing hike from hell!
Saturday night promised: full course meal served by their camp executive chef with ribs and ‘surf and turf’ before an intense night of stalking Bigfoot around the desert foothills of Las Vegas.
Saturday night what they got: Half the team in the hospital with Frank while Rick is off packing his bags for Mexico as he was expecting Frank to possibly die. In truth I don’t know if he was packing bags, I just know on the radio show Rick was planning for Frank to possibly die, whatever that meant.
The executive chef was nowhere to be seen, and no one ever saw this guy. Rick said he was going to meet them up the mountain…ya sure. The team on the mountain were so exhausted dead from sunstroke that after canned beans and hotdogs, they crashed for the night early.
Sunday what was promised: Day 2 spending the day hiking to campsite #2 about the same distance as yesterday, even further up the mountain to the next site.
Sunday what they got: Air was so thin at this altitude that breathing is hard, it’s hotter than hell and the remaining hikers are sore as hell from the day before. They hiked not very far…
Sunday evening promised: An amazing spread of food with fresh frozen fish and filet Mignon before going into another night where Rick will have a conversation with a Bigfoot using his master tracker abilities
Sunday night what really happened: Frank is OK, so they leave Frank in good hands, and Rick and the guys with him head back up the mountain. The chef is still nowhere to be seen. Funny how Rick says the chef tried to climb the trail, but it was too hard for him, but wouldn’t those who were camping in the parking lot have seen him at least if he tried? NOPE. Rick and friends make it to the other group in time for a glorious spread of hotdogs…again.
After dinner, they go out and try to hunt Bigfoot in the dark. Using the thermal imager, they spot someone far off in the bush running from tree to tree hiding. At first it was thought this was a Bigfoot, but it was quickly determined to be Rick running around NAKED trying to hoax the group. Once he was caught, he said he was trying to imitate some hoax or other that is a line of shit. You got busted Rick!! This DID happen, as per radio show and what I have heard from our contact.
The night investigation being a total bust did not stay out very long and still tired and beat yet another fairly early night.
Last day promised: Remember Rick promised that he would take them to see Hank this day? Well after they get back to Ricks ghetto home Rick surprises them all by saying, I was only able to take SOME of you to see Hank this weekend, but those of you who saw him are not able to tell anyone else because of the NDA you signed. This trick worked on some, but not others. Bottom line NO ONE saw Hank. Frank turns out to be OK after all. The weekend is a POORLY planned disaster.
Evening: Like in the 2008 hoax, Rick does the same book burning again, except this time he whips out his junk in front of everyone to piss on the fire. His wife leaves in disgust; the faces on TT members are of pure horror. Now Rick states that ANY comments on his website that have sexual content will be removed. That’s fine Rick, but it’s then OK for you to post a picture of your cock in a video on the internet? You didn’t even blur it out one bit for heaven’s sakes. REALLY CLASSY
Conclusion: Now you may think that because we all saw that video where Everyone is happy saying how much fun they had right? Well they are at Rick’s home, and Rick is pressing them to talk about how great a weekend it was even though it was a complete disaster and the reason they flew down was to see Hank. What are they going to say in front of everyone – that they had a shit time? Nope, these people follow and won’t speak up about it.
Since then I hear there is MASSIVE dissension in the ranks at TT. Also this huge video crew that Rick said was a big part of their all inclusive cost, well it was really a joke. This video they are also going to have to fork out another $30-$50 just to get a copy. Wow what a hoax.
==============================END OF PASTE=============
So in a nutshell, this was the next level in Rick’s scam, and it was a disaster. Most of Rick’s ‘marks’ are retired folks with money to spend, so he picked them well. Rick is making lots of cash off his scam still from stuff like this. Hope this helps, I know a lot of information like this doesn’t get out to the public.
That post is from under the current news section In the comments. The entire website is comprised of people upset with Rick. There are a lot of ex-TT members there that are angry over paying memberships and getting nothing. There is more info in the current articles comments. I believe there are over 400 comments on the recent news posting.

These comments unfortunately look much, much worse. It looks like this whole expedition out to Las Vegas was a total disaster. In addition, Rick was caught hoaxing once again. Rick is definitely a hoaxer, and has done some hoaxing things even after he supposedly shot this Bigfoot. It seems that hoaxing is in Rick’s blood. Plus it looks like this whole trip to Vegas was nothing but one gigantic hoax. On the other hand, just because Rick hoaxes doesn’t mean he didn’t shoot a Bigfoot, but it sure doesn’t look good for his reputation. Rick Dyer’s very worst enemy is himself. As a PR man, he is a complete disaster.
Chris Sands did not go to see the body on June 14. He went the next weekend. We still have no word yet on how that went. I do trust Chris Sands.
No one knows whether reporters saw the body on the June 14 weekend or not. Rick said they did, but that is all we have to go on. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t.
However, I did talk to one TT member who told me that he saw the Bigfoot on or around that weekend. He said he was “very, very impressed,” that “it was the same thing that Musky Allen saw,” and that he was not the only one there, as there were also others present, including TT members and other people who he could not identify.
In addition, the guy who drove Rick’s truck with the Bigfoot to Vegas has now come forward and said that he saw the body in the storage facility. He remarked that it smelled bad. People were commenting on why it might have smelled bad.
So we now have 3 people who say they saw the body at the storage facility and have all come forward:
Musky Allen
The driver of Rick’s truck
The unknown TT member
We also have some other problems with the hoax theory.
My original contact at Minnow Films was a woman who I have verified as working there. She told me that Rick Dyer shot and killed a Bigfoot in San Antonio, Texas, and it was filmed by a BBC crew. I know that this woman told me this. Now if this is a hoax, why did this Minnow employee lie to me? What’s the motivation?
Musky Allen. All of the attacks on Musky’s character have not amounted to a hill of beans. Musky is a friend of mine, and I believe him when he says he saw the Bigfoot. Musky’s description on video seemed very real and was quite detailed. Musky is confirmed as being a skeptic up until the point when he saw the Bigfoot. Musky has lost almost all of his friends because of his position on the Bigfoot, and he seems to have gotten absolutely nothing out of it. What was his motivation to lie and ruin his life? He hasn’t made one red cent off this thing, if indeed it is a hoax. There does not seem to be any motivation for Musky to lie and ruin his life like this. It makes no sense.
Facebook Find Bigfoot has 65 stills from the movie Shooting Bigfoot. They have been reviewing them for a long time now and a friend of theirs told me that FB/FB is convinced that Matthews’ footage is the best Bigfoot footage that has ever been taken. Sure, they might have been fooled, but how could they have been fooled that badly. Did Rick Dyer really create the greatest Bigfoot costume in the history of the world just to show it in this film? How did he manage to do that?
Morgan Matthews continues to refuse to answer questions about whether or not a Bigfoot was shot during Shooting Bigfoot. Why is he being so coy? It makes no sense. If no Bigfoot was shot, why doesn’t he come out and say so?
Morgan Matthews as party to a hoax? Would Morgan Matthews really hoax his viewers by faking the shooting of a Bigfoot? One would think that being a party to a hoax would ruin Matthews’ reputation.
Matthews’ beat up face. We see that Morgan was beat up very badly during the shooting of this movie. If he was beat up this bad by Rick’s Bigfoot stunt man, wouldn’t Rick have been sued by now?
On the other hand, there continue to be lots of red flags being thrown up by Rick et al. If he has a Bigfoot body, he isn’t doing a very good job of convincing people of that.
Dyer press conference to be announced. Rick Dyer has said that a press conference will be announced soon, presumably about the Bigfoot that he shot. Via this very interesting new blog here. Anyone know who runs it?
Bad news for Melba Ketchum’s study. A team attempted to replicate the study, and came up with the result that her findings were “opossum plus other known animals.” Supposedly this is the death knell for the study. The author is correct that no one has presented any evidence that this is a hoax or it is real. There’s no good, hard evidence one way or the other yet. That’s really the best assessment of the Rick Dyer story right now.
For the skeptics, it is correct that Dyer had a press conference during his last hoax also.
However, Ketchum responded thus:

In response to the latest round of criticism.
1. We did give these folks access to the genomes.
2. They only pulled random sequences and did not look at the whole genomes. The person from UT that did our analysis told me that he never got all of the raw data uploaded to the second lab due to computer problems on the receiving lab’s end.
3. I offered raw DNA to this lab so they could extract and sequence themselves. They would not even give the courtesy of a reply.
4. They refused to even speak with me on the phone. The entire thing was completely and totally unprofessional.
5. They never tried to check the analysis done at the University of Texas even though the bioinformatics person put himself at their disposal.
What findings they gave were impossible since both of our labs would have had to extract feces to obtain these results. If it had been feces, we would not have been able to obtain the preliminary results that we got prior to the genomes. After all, they were the same extractions. You can’t get feces from tissue, blood and saliva. If we did extract feces, the quality scores would not have been this high. That is in the literature.
This leads to a couple of possibilities. One, there is a conspiracy to suppress our findings. Two, they just didn’t care and didn’t believe that there is even the possibility that Sasquatch exists and therefore just wanted to be done with it because they had other projects. Three, they themselves suppressed it for fear that their careers would be damaged.
The things that I know for sure are that it was not an adequate analysis, they did not even try to double check or recreate our findings. If they really had an interest, they would have jumped at the chance to re-sequence the raw samples. Funny thing, I offered the samples to three other places also and nobody was willing to test.
Something is just not right. I also offered several people an opportunity to visit a habituation site including this reporter and his lab people so they could have a sighting. Of course they didn’t want that either. Bottom line, nobody except a few of you here even care about the truth. Most would rather perpetuate that BF is a myth or an ape.

They did not test raw samples as the article says. She offered them raw samples, but they refused to take them. They only pulled out random samples of the genomes and did not test the entire genomes. In fact, the entire genomes could not be tested because they were not even uploaded to the tester’s computer. They never even returned her phone calls. They never talked to the man at University of Texas who did Ketchum’s work for her study.
The results are only possible if they were testing scat. There was no scat in Ketchum’s analysis.
Ketchum has offered samples to 3 other testers, but they all refused her offer. She has also offered to take various people, including news reporters, to a habituation site, and they all refused.
Seems the skeptics have not been doing a very good job of refuting Ketchum’s study.
This refutation, which is making headlines around the Web, does not add up to much and is really not much of a story at all.

Bigfoot News June 25, 2013

Morgan Matthews Shooting Bigfoot premiers in the UK. The movie premiered in the UK only just very recently, in the past few days. A UK researcher who is somehow associated with the Finding Bigfoot guys, went to see it with a friend of his. There was a post about it in Bigfoot Research UK, but he has taken down the post. However, it is still available at the link above. It is not known how he felt about Rick Dyer’s reported shooting of a Bigfoot before this took place, but after seeing the movie, he now feels that the shooting of the Bigfoot was faked by Dyer.
In the movie, we see Morgan in his tent. Suddenly something large rustles his tent in a very aggressive way. Morgan comes out of his tent just in time to see Rick emerging from his tent with a rifle. Next we see a very large creature, hunched over and with extremely wide shoulders, running away very fast. Rick fires a few shots at the creature, and Morgan starts yelling at him to stop shooting. A big scene ensues. In the glimpse we see of the Bigfoot running away, it looks more like a part-ape, part-man. The apey component is quite prominent, however, it has a human nose.
Next, at some point, the Bigfoot has circled back around. Next thing we see is the Bigfoot crashing into Morgan and Morgan falling to the ground. We hear more shots ring out. Then we see Morgan and Rick arguing inside of a tent. Rick is belligerently demanding that Morgan hand over his film, but Morgan does not want to hand it over. A big argument ensues.
Later we see Morgan very badly bruised up on a plane heading back to the UK. The scene with the Bigfoot running into Morgan is replayed.
It appears that this new cut may have more footage in it than the previous cut that was shown in Toronto.
Afterwards, there was a question and answer session with Morgan. Morgan was asked whether he thought a Bigfoot was shot in the movie, and he said, “My first thought when I got knocked down was that a human had knocked me down.” He also said that the force with which he was knocked down was about what he would expect from a human. But that was all he said. Once again, he basically refused to answer the question.
In addition, the UK researcher said that looking at the figure in the film, it seemed to be about as tall as a person (6 feet or so). Therefore, he concluded that Dyer had hoaxed the shooting of a Bigfoot in the movie, and he said he felt there was no Bigfoot in Las Vegas. He also said that when Dyer started selling Team Tracker memberships for $100/head, he  felt that there was now a profiteering motive that one might expect with a hoax.
A number of Team Tracker members were flown out to Las Vegas on June 14 to view Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot boy. I know for a fact that at least two of those people were flown out to Vegas by Rick. I spoke to one TT member who saw the body. I asked him if he was impressed, and he said, “Very, very impressed.” I asked him if he had seen the body and what he had to say about it, and he said, “Yes I saw the body. I believe that what I saw was the same body that Musky Allen saw.” He also said that other TT members were there when he was viewing the body in addition to “other people” who he could not identify.
One of the people who was flown out to see the body was Chris Sands, who is a very good friend of Christopher Noel. I asked Christopher if he trusted Chris, and he said he trusted him completely, 100%. However, Christopher said he would not reveal to me what Christopher had seen in Vegas, if he had said anything to Christopher at all.

A photo of Chris Sands with Rick Dyer in Las Vegas on June 21 of this year. I believe that Chris was definitely with Rick in Las Vegas on that date, and that is when and where this photo was taken.
A photo of Chris Sands with Rick Dyer in Las Vegas on June 21 of this year. I believe that Chris was definitely with Rick in Las Vegas on that date, and that is when and where this photo was taken.

In addition, also on June 14, two reporters (identities unknown but possibly national reporters) also saw the body. They were carefully selected and will get the first story out when the press embargo on the Bigfoot body story will be listed. On June 21, even more people saw the body. All who saw the body are under NDA’s to not reveal what they saw until the press embargo is lifted, which according to Christopher, will be soon.
I have a hard time seeing why all of these TT members would be lying for Rick. What are they getting out of it? Is he paying them? There is no evidence that any TT member is getting any money for being in on any hoax. So why lie for Rick? What is the motivation? Also many TT members have been suffering a serious loss of confidence lately due to Dyer’s constant antics and crazy, obnoxious behavior and just a general doubting of the story. So even TT members are not hardcore Dyer followers anymore, and quite a few of them have left the team in disgust either due to doubting Rick’s story or due to disgust over Rick’s behavior.
Dyer freaks out over Dr. Jeff Meldrum book. In his website recently, Rick wrote that he first urinated all over one of Meldrum’s books, and then he set it on fire. This is some pretty whacky behavior on Rick’s part, but it all sort of adds up.
Revelations about Musky Allen’s criminal record. The Dyer skeptics have been trying to dig up any dirt they can on Musky because they think he is in on a hoax with Rick Dyer. However, I do not believe that Musky is in on any kind of a hoax. It had previously been revealed that Musky had a drunk driving conviction on his record. There is a new story out that Musky has a “conviction for beating women.” This probably means a domestic violence charge where Musky got into it with a wife or girlfriend. Unfortunately, this sort of thing is quite common even in modern US society, and many men who do this are not necessarily criminal types. And I fail to see how these charges prove that Musky is lying about the body. Ad hominem fallacy: Musky has a minor criminal record, therefore, he can’t be trusted when he says he saw Rick Dyer’s dead Bigfoot. A guy with a criminal record is obviously a liar. Fails the Logic 100 test, sorry.

Movie About Incels

It is called Shy Boys: IRL. This documentary was made as a student film by a young female film student. I actually thought it was pretty well done. She goes out to find and interview some guys from one of the most notorious incel sites on the Net. Basically, of these guys are young men who have never kissed a female, never been on a date, and needless to say, never been laid. One guy had had a girlfriend in high school (we meet her at the end of the movie) but apparently he was too shy to do anything with her.
All of these guys are shy, some of them extremely shy. What you get off of all of these guys is overwhelming nice guy syndrome and passivity. I would say wimpiness, but I am trying to be kind. Most if not all of these guys seem like very good people. They just can’t get laid is all. This movie shows why it is true that “nice guys finish last.” It’s well known that women, especially young women, love bastards and even criminals, and they often treat nice guys like dirt. Men who are seen as wimpy or pussy are treated with particular contempt.
There is a lot of talk about this movie on Tumblr, and the conversation is very depressing. Most of the women are feminists, and they are raking these poor shmucks over the coals, accusing them of being dangerous and of misogyny. Really, there is very little misogyny in this movie, and considering the contempt with which females have treated these guys, what is amazing is more their relative lack of misogyny than anything else.
These guys simply don’t do aggression and they certainly don’t violence. They are nice guys with a capital N. Any aggression is directed inwards at themselves if it exists at all. There are many scenes of the guys together, and they are all very nice to each other. You don’t sense any hostility at all towards the other men. They’re basically the nicest guys in the whole world. They are not dangerous in any way, shape or form, but women always think that sexual losers are dangerous “creeps,” while they swarm all over the truly dangerous men and serial killers in prison get sacks full of mail from adoring women.
The men on Tumblr are hardly kinder. These are “feminist men” who are lining up with the feminist women to pile on these poor shmucks. All of the men on Tumblr are ripping these guys into a thousand pieces.
I will always support my fellow males when it comes down to men versus women. In the case of the incels, I can either line up with these evil bitches or I can feel sympathy for these forlorn souls, trying to get laid as best they can. In cases like this, it will always be bros before hos. I am with the men and against their enemies!