“High Ridin’ Heroes,” by Tanya Tucker

Daylight or midnight
Red eyes and that old hat
Whiskey-bent and busted flat
She’s a credit to her flaws
She’s a bad risk, but a good friend
Small change and loose ends
She only regrets that she might’ve been
A little faster on the draw

Those old high ridin’ heroes
They’re anywhere the wind blows
She’s been to hell and Texas
And she knows how it feels
To be ridin’ that hot streak
And drunk on some back street
Falling off the wagon
And under the wheels

Time was when she was queen
Now the rodeo’s just this old girl’s dream
The highs are few and far between
The lows get the rest
These old hard times ain’t nothin’ new
Once you’ve done the best you can do
You just tip your hat to the wild and blue
And you ride off to the West

Those old high ridin’ heroes
They’re anywhere the wind blows
She’s been to hell and Texas
And she knows how it feels
To be ridin’ that hot streak
And drunk on some back street
Falling off the wagon
And under the wheels

Those old high ridin’ heroes
They’re anywhere the wind blows
She’s been to hell and Texas
And she knows how it feels
To be ridin’ that hot streak
And drunk on some back street
Falling off the wagon
And under the wheels

Very, very nice.

This is some real country music. I mean the real thing. If you hate country music at all, there’s no way you will like this song.

The singer is Tanya Tucker. She’s a hardcore country artist. I never got into her music too much, but this song is out of this world. It actually sounds like the Flying Burrito Brothers! Even more than that, it sounds like Texan Country Rock. Think Doug Sahm. Or maybe, if you can imagine it, ZZ Top.

Although this album is very Texan and Tucker has a very country voice, she never lived in Texas. She was born in Arizona and her family then moved to Utah. Later they moved to Nevada. None of the people in those places have country accents last time I checked.

This song was written by country singer David Lynn Jones. It was actually written about a female rodeo rider that he knew, but Tucker reinterpreted it to weave it into her own life, quite nicely too.

Waylon Jennings guested on Jones’ album Hard Times on Easy Street. Waylon’s son, Shooter Jennings, via his wife Jessi Colter, is a Southern Rock singer-songwriter who has produced several excellent albums. He has also produced Marylin Manson and Guns n Roses bassist Duff McCagan. Shooter produced Tanya’s new album.

This song is off of Tucker’s latest album While I’m Livin’. Tucker is one of country music’s famous female outlaws, in part for her hard-partying ways. She inspired other female outlaw types like the Dixie Chicks.

Her first album was Delta Dawn in 1972, released when she was only a teenager. Although the cover by Helen Reddy is better known, Tucker’s version is fantastic. She has always had an awesome gritty southern voice, and her storytelling is legendary. Tucker did well through the 70’s and 80’s, and she is a 10-time Grammy winner. But the country scene started leaving her behind already when she adopted a much more country rock sound in 1978.

For the last few decades her star has faded quite a bit. People wonder who she is. Is she still alive or what?

Shockingly, this could well be the best music of her career. And she’s over 60 and has been singing for 40 years. This is odd as rock musicians tend to peak quite early, in the late teens to 20’s. They make great music for 10 years or so, typically burning out by 35-40 just when novelists hit their peak (Gravity’s Rainbow, Ulysses and Moby Dick were all written between ages 32-40).

In this sense, rock musicians are like classical music prodigies, who also peak young and mathematicians, who of course peak young. Perhaps music and math genius are down to fluid IQ, which is frankly a measure of pure brain speed. Fluid IQ peaks at age 23, which is just coincidentally when we have the maximum number of brain cells.

Not that IQ tests measure intelligence or anything like that. It’s mere coincidence that IQ peaks at the very same time we have the most brain cells!

So a singer-songwriter making her best album at age 60 after a 40 year career is a pretty amazing thing.

She lived quite the hard life when young. As a teenager, she was a chart-topper and award-winner who ended up going broke eight years later and moving back in with her parents. She had a wild one year affair with Glen Campbell of Rhinestone Cowboy fame, a tabloid year full of drinking, cocaine and crazy spats.

During the 80’s, Tanya had a blast. She drank like a fish and sniffed up half of Peru. She bragged that she would out-party any man. By 1988, it was all over and she was checking into the Betty Ford Clinic. That’s probably the only reason she’s still alive.

This song harkens back to the time around when she was checking into the Ford Clinic only two years after her chart-topping Girls Like Me album. She was at the top charts of music and at the bottom of the wells of addiction, both at the same time.

The highest of highs and the lowest of lows, dancing off together, gripped sickly tight in hate and love and life and death, across the stage of the fame as it all crashed down around her to the roars of adoring crowds as she fell down drunk in the aisles.

We’re waiting for you, on the edges of our chairs, ears tilted to the anxious sky.

Come on. Come on back home again.

Welcome back, Tanya.

Happy 50th Birthday Give Peace a Chance

The official video from the song, no less. Recorded in Montreal, Canada in Room 1742 at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in June 1969 with John and Yoko singing backed by the Plastic Ono Band. The song was released while John was still part of the Beatles.

The other Beatles hated that John was with Yoko. “That Okinawan witch,” Paul McCarthy referred to her. Yoko was a very avant-garde artist from Japan who speak English as a second language. The two were very much in love, though John used to beat her up in the 1970’s when they lived in New York.

One of the greatest antiwar songs of all time. From the anti-Vietnam War Movement of that time. I am wondering. Will we ever have another antiwar movement ever again in this blighted land? I think it will never happen again. Just one more way we have gone backwards in fifty years.

At 1:38, 2:05,3:38, and again at 4:50, guess who that is? None other than Timothy Leary himself! Every time I see Tim Leary,  he’s always got an ear to ear smile across his face.

I saw him once in a video store on Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood in 1985. He was renting a copy of Amadeus at 10 PM. My friend said, “Bob! Look! It’s Timothy Leary! The Godhead! And he put his hands together and prayer and started bowing to the Prince of LSD. He was smiling then too, same thing. His teeth lit up the room, and you couldn’t frown if you tried. I guess if you took as much acid as he did, you might have a perma-smile on your face too, right?

Who’s that at 1:52? Allen Ginsberg? Gotta be him. It can’t be anyone else.

Who’s that at 2:48? It’s got to be Tommy Smothers!

And the gorgeous Rosemary Woodruff Leary from the start off and on until :46 and then again in several places. Got to be her. Plus she’s sitting right next to Tim.

Derek Taylor at 1:22. The famous record producer and journalist known as “The Fifth Beatle.”

Tommy Cooper, the comedian and magician, in the background at 1:07 and again at 3:06? Could well be.

Now we have to find Dylan and Mailer, and we’re home free.

They don’t mention her in the song, but can anyone spot the woman at 4:02. I can. It’s Petula Clark, the famous actress!

Ev’rybody’s talking about
Bagism, Shagism, Dragism, Madism, Ragism, Tagism
This-ism, that-ism, is-m, is-m, is-m
All we are saying is give peace a chance
All we are saying is give peace a chance
Ev’rybody’s talking about
Ministers, sinisters, banisters and canisters
Bishops and fishops and rabbis and Popeyes
And bye bye, bye byes
All we are saying is give peace a chance
All we are saying is give peace a chance
Let me tell you now
Ev’rybody’s talking about
Revolution, evolution, masturbation
Flagellation, regulation, integrations
Meditations, United Nations
All we are saying is give peace a chance
All we are saying is give peace a chance
Ev’rybody’s talking about
John and Yoko, Timmy Leary, Rosemary Tommy Smothers, Bobby Dylan
Tommy Cooper, Derek Taylor
Norman Mailer, Alan Ginsberg
Hare Krishna
Hare, Hare Krishna
All we are saying is give peace a chance
All we are saying is give peace a chance
All we are saying is give peace a chance
All we are saying is give peace a chance

Was George Michael Gay or Bisexual?

George said in some interviews that he had had sex at first with many women and some men and because of this he identified as bisexual. But around 27 he fell in love for the first time – with a man. And then it was clear for him that he was (mostly) gay.

He is free to identify that way, but he was strongly attracted to women’s bodies. He stated this numerous times. However, he did say that he realized he could only fall in love with a man. I find it hard to classify a man who is strongly attracted to women’s bodies as gay. That doesn’t really work for me. I’ve never met a single gay man who was attracted to women’s bodies at all, I mean even 1%, in a real sense. Furthermore, it’s very weird for a gay man to have sex with many women. That’s what players do. Gay men do have sex with women at times, but few if any of them are players.

Who Is This Woman, and What in God's Name Happened to Her?

And what in God’s name happened to her? How do you go from the most beautiful woman on Earth to this? She looks like she’s been carpet bombed by a B-52 called “Time” for a while now.
The thing is, no matter how beautiful or handsome you are, there will come a day when you are old and ugly, assuming you are lucky enough to make it that far in the first place.
Time heals all wounds, but it also wounds all heels, and before it kills us, first it makes us ugly as sin, just to rub it in.
Golden years my ass!

When you bet on the body, you bet on a losing horse.
– Buddhist saying.


Something terrible happened here. I don’t know what it was. I think an Ugly Bomb got dropped on her poor face!

Well, she’s 83. Who looks good at 83? On the other hand, I have an aunt who is 82 and she is actually smoking hot! And I met a woman recently at a dinner at the clubhouse in my Mom’s retirement village and she looked good! My Mom said the woman was as old as my Mom, and my Mom’s 85. Even at 83, she should look better than that. Gloria Steinem is in her 80’s, and she’s hot!

Who Is This Woman?

Believe it or not, the hottie on the left somehow transformed into the landwhale on the right. No one knows how this alchemy occurred, but age and sweet tooth may have had something to do with it.

Who is this woman? What was her occupation? What was she famous for? If you can fathom that the woman on the left is the same as the one on the right, what in God’s name did the wages of time inflict on this poor soul. She looks like she swallowed a whale.

Can You Be Androgynous yet Be Heterosexual/Straight?

Answered on Quora.
The best definition of an androgynous man is a man who has strong masculine and strong feminine characteristics going at the same time. Remember glam rock back in the 1970’s? Many of those male rockers were quite androgynous, and most of them were very heterosexual or at least leaned straight.
Another definition of androgynous means a man who looks and acts so much like a woman that you can’t tell if he is a man or a woman. Or the opposite in a woman. Almost all if not all such cases of extremely feminine men who appear to be women and extremely masculine women who seem to be men that I have studied are in fact homosexuals. In fact they are very gay.
Now if you include men like Prince as androgynes, there are indeed some straight men like this, as Prince was completely heterosexual.
Honestly we straight men had a lot more leeway in terms of true androgyny back in the 70’s. A straight man could wear scarves, velvet pants, silk shirts, short kimonos, smoking jackets, tight jeans, dancing shoes, and four inch blue platform heels without most people suggesting you were gay. People would just say you were “styling it.” You can act a lot softer, gentler, or more androgynous. You could have a strong feminine side, especially if you matched it with a strong masculine side.
Back then, people were assumed straight until proven otherwise, and there were not many out gays anyways. Accusing a man of being gay was a very serious matter, as this was seen as a horrible insult if he was straight. So most men were simply assumed, correctly, to be straight until proven otherwise. If you wanted to accuse a man of being gay, you had better have had some pretty damn good evidence to back it up.
I am actually nostalgic for those days. I had so much more freedom back then in terms of both clothing and behavior.
Now that gays are so out, we straight men can no longer wear those wild clothes I talked about above nor can we act the way I did back then. If I tried to wear any of that stuff now that I wore back then, people would automatically assume that I was gay or bi. If I told them I was straight, no one would believe me, and they would all accuse me of lying. Compared to back then, acceptable behavior and garb for straight men has become dramatically restricted.
It’s not been a positive change. We have gone backwards in a huge way.

What Percentage of Transsexuals are Heterosexual before Transitioning and Remain Oriented to the Same Sex after Transition?

Answered on Quora.
Early onset transsexualism is usually an extreme form of homosexuality. 90% of early onset male to female transsexuals were gay men before they transitioned, so after transition, they remain attracted to men. Nearly all early onset female to male transsexuals were lesbians before they transitioned. After they transition, they remain attracted to women. Heterosexual early-onset transsexuals are rare, especially among women. In the older literature, early onset male to female transsexuals are referred to as Classic Transsexuals.
Late onset male to female transsexualism is probably related to autogynophilia and is almost certainly not organic. In the older literature, these people are called Fetishistic Transsexuals.
Autogynophilia is a paraphilia that is developmental as all paraphilias are. These men are turned on sexually by the image of themselves as a woman. Bruce/Caitlin Jenner is almost certainly this type of transsexual.
However, these men differ from traditional fetishistic transvestites in many ways, as they have cross-dressed more and for longer, and they are much more likely to see themselves as women.
Of late onset male to female or Fetishistic transsexuals, 1/3 are gay, 1/3 are bisexual, and 1/3 are straight. Oddly enough, many late onset male to female transsexuals have been extremely masculine in their lives before they became transsexual.

Is Paul Stanley Gay or Bisexual?

Answered on Quora (Stanley is the lead singer of KISS):
Thank you! That’s an excellent question. I have studied this question for an article I wrote about gay and bisexual rock stars.
Paul Stanley is one of the most legendary womanizers in all of rock and roll. He has probably had sex with hundreds of women. No gay man does that, nor has any gay man ever done that. Any man who does that cannot possibly be gay, and he almost always leans straight. These men are frankly the most heterosexual men of us all.
Some people have said that he is effeminate, and he does have some effeminate behaviors. At least one groupie said his effeminacy creeped her out – she didn’t like it. I do not think Stanley is strongly effeminate, but he has a few behaviors like that, in particular the way he holds his hands when he sits.
Despite his reputation as a womanizer, he has long been rumored to be bisexual. Groupie boards report that he is bisexual. Ace Frehley and Ace’s wife have both stated that Stanley is bisexual. I think he is much less interested in men than he is in women. We can see this by his legendary womanizing. That is an indication of how he leans sexually. Paul Stanley is a predominantly straight man with some minor bisexual leanings in my opinion.
He is now married with children for some years.

Cat Stevens, "Morning Has Broken"

Cat Stevens, Morning Has Broken, 1976.
That sure is great music, isn’t it? I used to love Cat Stevens, and I think I still do. I don’t see why you can’t love Cat Stevens and the Sex Pistols both at the same time. After all, there’s really only two kinds of music, good music and bad music. All the genres are pretty useless, especially when people get chauvinistic about them.
He later converted to Islam and became Yusuf Islam, moved to the UK, and idiotically got on the US government’s No Fly List. Is Cat Stevens a terrorist? Come on! He made some lousy statements about Salman Rushdie, suggesting that the ayatollahs were right to put out a death threat on him. Shows what happens when you convert to Islam. A decent man can convert to Islam and become a monster because even a normative interpretation of Islam (apostates must be killed) is brutal, extreme, and homicidal. I’m not saying that this is always what happens, but Islam is hardly a religion. The rule about dealing with apostates shows right there that this is no peaceful religion. No sir!

R. Kelly, Scumbag

This is bad. I knew this guy was bad, but I never knew he was this bad. I doubt if he is doing anything illegal here. It’s not illegal to be a controlling sociopathic POS. It’s not illegal to control your women’s movements, tell them what to do and when, ask for permission for anything, etc. It’s not illegal to run a cult.
I do not think any of these things should be illegal.

Chris Cornell Is Dead

Chris Cornell, legendary guitarist from the band Soundgarden, etc. is dead. He died on May 17, three weeks ago, but I just heard about it today. Apparently out of the grunge scene in Seattle in the 1990’s. I do not know much about this band, having stopped following rock and roll sometime in the 1980’s, but apparently he and his band were huge in that scene. The Space Needle in Seattle went dark between 9 and 10 PM after his death. Death was suicide by hanging. Apparently he had been depressed and had suffered from depression and drug abuse in the past, although he was clean at the time other than some prescription benzos, which he did not take enough of to kill him. He was 52 years old.
Chris Cornell presente!

Robert Stark interviews Tila Tequila

Look, Robert Stark is one of my best friends in the whole world, and I really do mean that, but this interview…I don’t know what to say…well, it’s the silliest one he has ever done. It’s not his fault actually because the person he interviewed here is a Certified Idiot. Yes, she is beautiful and a hottie and bla bla bla all that, but she is also an idiot. A real, true blue, dyed in the wool idiot.
I do not mean to insult her intelligence as some have done. She is 3/4 Vietnamese and 1/4 White from good stock on both sides, so that leaves one with at least a 100 IQ. I did not get the impression listening to this interview that she is unintelligent. Actually, for someone with a reputation for being a slut airhead, I thought she was rather smart comparatively. Viets are smart. They are about as smart as Whites (Viet IQ = 99, White IQ = 100), but they seem to achieve even more, which I do not understand. Perhaps this is down to extra-IQ factors that I discussed before.
Instead of being unintelligent, she is merely a fool. A nut. A kook. A whackjob. You get the picture. Go the SPLC site and read about all of her insane transformations down throughout the years – her most recent one being a Vietnamese Hitler-loving Nazi (no, I am serious). The one thing I get out of all of this nonsense is that she is some publicity loving celebrity who learned in Hollywood that all publicity is good publicity (not really true by the way) and is now trolling the world based on this noble concept.
Either that or she actually is nuts. Or she is just another crazy broad in the MRA sense that “all bitches are crazy.” Or…or…or…I think maybe this is all just a big troll, but she is too dumb to figure that out. Anyway, intentional or not, it’s a great troll. Good job Tia! You are tied with the Donald in the Trolling IRL category. Yay!

So I offer this interview. Nothing in this interview makes much sense, but then it is just some ditzy airhead broad anyway. She used to be a totally stoned-out Hollywood whore who even made porno flicks. Yep, she made a great lesbian porn flick with two very hot porn stars, and all you perverts (males) on here really need to go search for that and go watch it right this minute. That’s an order! Just make sure you are somewhere where you can whip it out while you watch it because you may have to. It’s hot! Tia is a hot lesbian porn star! Yay!
A typically perpetually confused modern woman, Tia has trendily changed her sexual orientation all over the place down through the years for no particular reason except I guess to be groovy. She came out as “lesbian” or something a few years ago, but she has always loved the cock, so that’s a lie.
Now she’s a Mom, off drugs and done slutting around on the Cock Carousel or Pussy Carousel or whatever, had a baby with some White dude, and she’s a nice, conservative Mom, I kid you not. No really. A nice girl you want to bring home to Mom. Against porn and slutting and doping and all that degenerate stuff. Yet another reformed sinner that found redemption, except this time in the Alt Right instead of Our Lord.
The silliest part of this whole interview which takes up most of it is that Tia Tequila, who is not even White is actually a gook, is all down with White nationalism or White supremacism or whatever the Alt Right does. So she’s a Viet Nazi. Actually a Viet Nazi who is psychotic and harbors the delusion that she is White.
I knew Asian girls had an inferiority complex, but come on. She goes on through most of this interview talking about being White, the White race, White genocide, bla, bla, all the White nationalist talking points. Tia the White nationalist! Except for that one trivial thing, you know, her not being White and all that. But no matter, hand wave. She thinks she’s White, so she’s White. I think I’m a giraffe, so tomorrow I will start eating leaves off trees. I hope they don’t arrest me.
Preposterously, the interviewers, apparently entranced by the pussy, go along with this facade of Gook as White Woman. Look Tila, I love Viet women, I really do. But they ain’t White, ok?
I have no idea why she is doing this.
The whole Alt Right is going along with this silliness. “Yes!” they scream with their dicks in their hands, “Tila is White!” I think the only reason they say this is because they are caught in a perpetual masturbatory trance about this bimbo, but hey. Any real White nationalists know that’s she’s obviously a gook, yeah, a hot one, but a gook fish-head nonetheless.
Gooks are pretty cute, but they ain’t White. If you let the gooks identify as White, your White genocide with happen faster than a bullet train, as most White guys will trade in your typical BPD/NPD/ASPD White woman for a Dragon Lady/China faster than a Manhattan minute. So I guess these Alt Right guys are cool with a White/Asian super-race extincting the White race? I would be, as the Asians would improve the stock, but it does run into the usual genocide question.
I asked Robert about this ridiculous interview, and he told me that Tila says her skin is White so she says she is White. Sorry, homegirl, that line don’t play with the Nazis. They ain’t fooled by such sophistry. Gooks are as much of a treat to the integrity of the White race as Mestizos or Blacks or whoever. Probably worse due to the White man’s tendency towards Rice King transformation.
Anyway, for your entertainment, the most preposterous interview Robert ever did with his silliest guest ever. Tia Tequila, Presente!

Robert Stark interviews Tila Tequila

Robert Stark and co-host Alex von Goldstein talk to Tila Tequila
Topics include:
How Tila was the first person to catapult social media into what it is today.
How Tila became disillusioned with the degeneracy and emptiness of Hollywood.
Tila’s response to people who say she is a hypocrite for speaking out against degeneracy.
Blackmail, character assassinations, and censorship in Hollywood.
Drug addiction.
Meditation and spirituality.
Conspiracy Theories & The Green Pill.
How Tila was the first celebrity to openly endorse Donald Trump.
The Japanese Vaporwave Donald Trump Commercial.
How Tila’s views have evolved and her interest in the Alt-Right.
How Tila’s original fans have reacted to her views and her new fans on the Alt-Right.
How becoming a mother has changed her outlook on life.
How Tila’s Normie friends have reacted to her views.
Trolling and Meme Culture.
Tila’s upcoming appearance at the National Policy Institute in D.C.

Repost: Which Rock Stars Are Gay?

This has long been one of the most popular posts on this site, which is a bit shameful, but then again, you can’t compromise success. This post got ~1,700 hits today, which is very high for a single post. A lot of them were coming in from search engines with the words “Kenny Chesney gay.” So there must be something floating around ab out whether Chesney is gay or not, but Chesney is a very problematic case and he is almost certainly not a gay man although the rumors never seem to stop. I added some new  stuff to the post and anyway, a post this popular deserves a repost.
I think this post is one of the most accurate posts on this subject anywhere on the Net. I spent a of time on this, and many cases of false rumors are noted. Readers criticize this post on the basis of “Who cares whether some star is gay or not!?” However, the hard truth is that many people are very interested in this sort of thing along with the lives of celebrities in general.
The question is not necessarily anti-gay either because the people most fascinated by this question seem to be gay men and lesbians themselves, who I might note are also some of the best at sorting out the true versus untrue rumors.
I have heard charges that gays are bad sources for this sort of thing and that they will often make things up out of thin air just to increase their numbers, but that is just not true. If you want to know the lowdown on whether someone is gay or not, go to gay and lesbian boards, and they will have the dirty on just about everyone. And if the gays say that some rock star or politician has been seen in gay bars, is known to have a boyfriend or if some gay man claims to have sex with the person in question, the charge is almost always completely true.
Sure, a lot of people have said I was gay in my life, but they never presented any evidence to that effect.
No one has ever said that I frequent gay bars or named a bar that I frequent. This is because with the exception of one occasion, I have never been in a gay bar, although I did go to a gay rock concert though but that was because my semi-famous rock star girlfriend was playing at the show (they had straight bands playing too).
No one has ever said that I have a male lover except for my Grandma who accused my roommate of being my boyfriend! Some very nasty idiots have made ugly accusations that some of my male friends were actually my lovers, but they never offered any evidence to back up the charge because there is no evidence to offer as I have never had sex with any of my male friends, almost all of whom were heterosexual when I was hanging around with them anyway.
One of my best friends turned bisexual one me, and it made me so angry that I pretty much ended the friendship right then and there. I don’t want to associate with guys who do that sort of thing, and it never works anyway because gay and bi men cannot really be friends with straight men. I will leave it to you to guess why that is so, but I’m sure you can come up with some obvious theories. Perhaps I will discuss this in another post.
No gay man has ever come forward anywhere and claimed that I had sex with him and that is because there is no one to come forward because such a man does not even exist .
Especially in the case of politicians, gays are very cautious about doing the research needed to out anti-gay politicians.
Groupie boards have also been criticized as inaccurate but in general, reports about the sexual habits of various rock stars from groupies are usually very accurate. They simply do not make up lies about the sexuality of various stars.
As far as invading their privacy, these rock stars forfeited their right to privacy as soon as they got famous. This is pretty much true about anyone who is in the news a lot.
It might seem hard to believe that any of them are, but there have long been rumors about a number of them. Let’s go through the list.
A word about bisexual men. Unfortunately, bisexuality is very common, and I would say that after 40 years of observing males from even the point of view of a straight male that male bisexual behavior is much more common than nearly any straight person realizes.
I figure that for every one gay man, there are eight men with a bisexual orientation of various types and varieties. It is a truism with bisexuals that most lean one way or another. Very few men with a bisexual orientation are completely 50-50 in their attractions – only 5% could be described that way. Furthermore, only 16% of men with a bisexual orientation lean gay. 70% lean straight, and 75% of bisexual men are maximally attracted to women.
So for men with a bisexual orientation, the chart looks like this:

Maximally attracted to females: 75%
Lean Straight:                  70%
Lean Gay:                       16%
Maximally attracted to males:   15%
Full bisexual (50-50)            5%

50 Cent: Lil Kim’s boyfriend says he is on the downlow.
Damon Albarn (Blur): Possible bisexual tendencies.
Phil Anselmo (Pantera): Persistent rumors of bisexuality.
Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day): Openly bisexual.
Lance Bass (‘N Sync): Either openly gay or deeply closeted, depending on who you talk to.
Marc Bolan (T. Rex): Supposedly out bisexual, truth unknown.
Bono (U2): Rumored bisexual, huge pussy hound, but another male musician claims he had sex with Bono once. Basically heterosexual.
Roddy Bottom (Faith No More): Openly gay.
David Bowie: Former bisexual, now identifies as straight. Massive pussy hound, basically heterosexual.
Boy George: Openly gay.
Kenny Chesney: Reportedly long known to be gay, but deeply closeted due to his country music fanbase. Renee Zellweger was his beard, but she divorced him after only four months of marriage due to “fraud.” On the other hand, in interviews, he says he is straight, is hurt by gay rumors and claims to have had sex with over 100 women, which, if true, is certainly not the behavior of a gay man. Very strange case in much need of further research.
Sean “Puffy” Combs: Unknown. What a bizarre rumor.
Warren Cuccurullo (Missing Persons): Probably bisexual. Has made several porn videos for the gay market (!?), including a few where he is jerking off and one where he is shoving a pink dildo up his ass (!?). He also posed on the cover of the Brazilian gay magazine G (!?).
Dave Davies (Kinks): Openly bisexual.
Ray Davies (Kinks): Basically heterosexual, experimented with men a bit.
Jonathan Davis (Korn): Bad rumor.
Ronnie James Dio: Straight, bad rumor.
Dr. Dre: Said to be gay and deeply closeted for years.
Ghall (Gorgoroth): Reputed to be gay and said to have a boyfriend who is a male model. Probably true.
Jay Gordon (Orgy): Bisexual tendencies.
Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam): Widely rumored to be a closeted bisexual.
Perry Ferrell (Jane’s Addiction/Porno for Pyros): Openly bisexual.
Ace Frehley (KISS): Straight, experimented with homosexuality a bit.
Rob Halford (Judas Priest): Openly gay.
Kirk Hammett (Metallica): Reportedly out bisexual. Swinger, frequents sex clubs with his wife.
Michael Hutchinson (Xtasy): Straight but said to have experimented with men.
Billy Idol: Basically a straight poon hound, but once he was seen in a bed having sex with a man.
Enrique Iglesias: Unknown.
Michael Jackson: Definitely a gay pedophile or hebephile.
Mick Jagger: Heterosexual, huge pussy hound, rumored to have sex with men one or more times.
Jay-Z: Lil Kim’s boyfriend says he’s on the downlow.
Elton John: Openly gay.
Holly Johnson (Frankie Goes to Hollywood): Known to be gay.
Al Jourgensen (Ministry): Said to be probably bisexual.
Anthony Keidis (Red Hot Chili Peppers): Rumored to be bisexual, false rumor.
Little Richard: Often thought to be gay and frequently calls himself gay, but actually probably bisexual.
LL Cool J: Lil Kim’s boyfriend says he’s on the downlow.
Loon: There is said to be an underground sex tape of him having anal sex with another rap star, P. Diddy.
Marilyn Manson: Reportedly out bisexual, however evidence is lacking. Basically heterosexual.
Paul Masvidal (Cynic): Openly gay.
Ricky Martin: Openly gay.
Maxwell: Rumored to be gay. Latest album was shelved by his record company because they were upset by all the gay references.
Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray): Bisexual.
Meegs (Coal Chamber): Possibly bisexual.
Freddie Mercury (Queen): Supposedly bisexual, actually gay.
Method Man: Rumored to be gay. Q-Tip is his possible boyfriend.
George Michael (Wham): Openly gay.
Brian Molko (Placebo): Openly bisexual.
Steven Morrissey (The Smiths): Obviously gay but closeted.
Bob Mould (Husker Du): Openly gay.
Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers): Openly bisexual.
P. Diddy: There is said to be an underground sex tape of him having anal sex with another rap star, Loon.
Mike Patton (Faith No More): Widely rumored to be bisexual.
Joe Perry (Aerosmith): Rumored bisexual, false rumor. Pussy hound. Basically heterosexual.
The Pet Shop Boys: Openly gay.
Iggy Pop: Supposedly an out bisexual, but that is actually a completely false rumor.
Prince: Completely heterosexual, even if many find that incomprehensible. Insatiable pussy hound. Continuous gay rumors are due to his gender style, not his sexual orientation.
Q-Tip: Reputed to be gay. His rap lyrics are supposedly full of gay references. Boyfriend may be Method Man.
Redman: Reputed to be gay.
Lou Reed: Out bisexual, later identified as straight.
Sean Reinert (Cynic): Openly gay.
Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran): Rumored to be bisexual, said to share his male lover with his wife. Probably true.
Busta Rhymes: Reputed to be gay.
Ricki Rockett (Poison): Rumored bisexual, false rumor.
Henry Rollins (Black Flag): Bizarrely enough, there have been rumors about him for years. Unknown, but he has had many girlfriends over the years. This may just be a bad rumor, but people who knew him back when he was a starving musician in the New York East Village music scene in the mid to late 1970’s say he was well known to be bisexual to the point of being out about it. The rumors appear to stem from this period in his life. Definitely a mystery.
Gavin Rossdale (Bush): Rumored to be bisexual.
Rostam (Vampire Weekend): Openly gay.
David Lee Roth (Van Halen): Longstanding, persistent and wide rumors that he is bisexual, however these may be false rumors and have more to do with his gender behavior than his sexuality. Says he is straight in interviews. However, his bandmates, when asked if he is bisexual, say, “Dave is into a bit of everything.” Heterosexual poon hound who stages orgies at his mansion and often holes up there with a small harem. Was known to take on mother-daughter groupie teams!
Ja Rule: Lil Kim’s boyfriend says he’s on the downlow.
Fred Schneider (B-52’s): Unknown.
Pat Smear (Germs, Foo Fighters): Openly bisexual.
Robert Smith (Cure): Rumored bisexual, unknown.
Billy Squier: Unknown.
Paul Stanley (KISS): Married, two kids, but is apparently bisexual. He was also one of the biggest pussy hounds in all rock and roll. Although some vigorously dispute the charge, Ace Frehley, Frehley’s wife, the rock groupie site on the web (which is almost always correct), and two people in the music industry have all said he is bisexual. He is very much in the closet about it. I would say he leans straight though, looking at all of his womanizing.
Al Stewart: Unknown.
Rod Stewart: Bisexual rumors, never proven but suggestive. Major pussy hound. Basically heterosexual.
Michael Stipe (R.E.M): Openly bisexual or maybe gay.
Justin Timberlake (‘N Sync): Rumored to be bisexual.
Pete Townshend (The Who): Supposedly out bisexual. Strange rumor.
Steve Tyler (Aerosmith): Rumored bisexual, false rumor. Huge pussy hound. Basically heterosexual.
Luther Vandross: Long known to be gay in the Black community and of course with his band-mates. Deeply closeted.
Phil Varone (Skid Row): Bisexual.
Sid Vicious: Supposedly out bisexual, but once again looks like a bad rumor.
Scott Weiland: Rumored to be bisexual.
Yogi (Buckcherry): Rumored to be bisexual.


Christina Aguilera: Open bisexual.
Joan Armatrading: Either lesbian or bisexual, possibly true.
Joan Baez: Bisexual, probably true.
Toni Braxton: Lesbian, closeted. Had an affair with Courtney Love.
Tracy Chapman: Out lesbian.
Sheryl Crow: Bisexual, apparently true.
Ani DiFranco: Out bisexual.
Melissa Etheridge: Out lesbian.
Marianne Faithfull: Out bisexual.
Whitney Houston: Straight but experimented with women.
Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders): Rumored bisexual.
Janis Ian: Out bisexual.
Janet Jackson: Definitely bisexual, closeted.
Joan Jett: Definitely lesbian, but she does not discuss it.
Grace Jones: Out bisexual.
Janis Joplin: Out bisexual.
Wynona Judd: Unknown.
Alicia Keys: Closeted lesbian, tries to deflect rumors by making homophobic comments, has a male beard.
K. D. Lang: Out lesbian.
Courtney Love (Hole): Openly bisexual. Had an affair with Winona Ryder.
Madonna: Out bisexual. Has had affairs with other celebrity women.
Me’shell N’Degeocell: Out bisexual.
Joni Mitchell: Out bisexual.
Queen Latifah: Lesbian, deeply closeted.
Olivia Newton-John: Rumored bisexual.
Stevie Nicks: Well known to be bisexual, closeted.
Sinead O’Connor: Bisexual or lesbian, apparently true.
Dolly Parton: Lesbian, closeted.
Bonnie Raitt: Straight-leaning bisexual, apparently true.
Rhianna: Rumored bisexual.
Linda Ronstadt: Lesbian or bisexual, apparently true.
Winona Ryder: Confirmed bisexual. Had an affair with Courtney Love.
Dusty Springfield: Openly lesbian.

All Men Are Pedophiles

Pic related.
Pic related.

Brooke Shields, age 16, from one of her famous movies. According to a vast number of idiotic females and mangina/White knight/Save-a-ho gender sellout “men,” if you as a man get turned on by the girl in this photo, that proves that you are a “pedophile.”

This is because the female in the photo above is supposed a “child,” and that means you get turned on by “children.” I have been looking at that photo for some time now, and whatever it is that is in that photo, it sure as Hell isn’t a child. I have no idea what that female Homo Sapiens is.

She’s not a child. Is she an adult? She doesn’t look much different from many adults 2-3 years her junior, so she sure looks like an adult. What about her mind and maturity? Well, that female is probably as mature as a male of at least 20, because adolescent and college aged females are often dramatically more emotionally mature than their male peers. I am going to pass on whether or not she is an adult. In the UK, for certain things, she sure would be. For instance, in the UK, this female would be judged a woman, and she could have legal sex with any male adult of any age, and she might just want to do just that.

But I know for sure that she’s not a kid.

I don’t know if she’s an adult either to be honest, but she sure is getting there. Party of me wants to call that female a woman. A very, very, very young woman for sure, but a woman nevertheless. And many people would agree with me. Note the widespread use of  “young man” and “young woman” when adults address adolescents around this age, as well they should. Do we call little boys and little girls young men and young women? Of course not, or you shouldn’t because it’s silly. A kid is a kid. Don’t call kids adults. It’s idiotic.

Is the female above mature? Of course not. This is about as young as a woman gets, you know. The very youngest women of all are of course the least mature. That’s always the case.

Probably the best way to describe this female is to say that she’s not a child, and she’s not exactly an adult either. She’s somewhere in between, floating around.

I think whether or not this female is a child, adult or in between is not really a scientific question. It is probably more in the realm of sociology or even philosophy. Science cannot answer such things very well, despite the widespread idiotic notion that it can.

Anyway, 80% of US society says if this chick turns you on, you’re a pedophile.

Not if you print out her picture and jerk off to it. Not if you try to fuck her. Not if you do fuck her. But instead if you think about her in some illegal way. Indeed, society is so stupid nowadays that most “adults” believe in the existence of thought crimes.

Let me tell you something. Every single man on Earth is turned on by this female.

If he’s not, he must be at least one of the options below:

  • Lying
  • Blind
  • Gay
  • Dead

So I guess any time any of us men sees a female like this, we have to start up the lie machine. Or we could whip on dark glasses and start calling our seeing eye dog. Or we could always just pretend to be gay. Or we could lie down on the ground and pretend to be dead. Otherwise the thought police are coming.

There’s another way to look at this. If getting turned on by this little hottie is indeed pedophilia, then I must say pedophilia is looking better and better all the time.

Some Powerful Violations of Red Pill

According to Red Pill philosophy, everything is down to masculinity. It took me a while to figure this out, but this is how I see it:

Alphas: The most masculine of all.

Betas, etc.: Much less masculine.

Omegas: The least masculine of all by far.

If you study Red Pill philosophy it is all about masculinity, masculinity, masculinity! “Don’t be Beta” just means don’t be a pussy, a faggot, a bitch, a wimp. Everything is down to how masculine you are.

Now it took me a long time to figure out the sad truth that so many place such an extreme value on masculinity, though virtually none of them will admit it, even those who elevate it to the most extreme level. This is because the nature of women is to blind themselves to what they are doing and why they are doing it.

The problem is that there are multiple violations of Red Pill philosophy that elevates hypermasculinity above all other values.

First of all, exhibit A: David Bowie.

Let’s get real now, certain at the height of his fame in the 1970’s, David Bowie wasn’t exactly the height of masculinity. In fact, if you see pictures of him from that era, he is an out and out androgyne, and an extreme one at that. He is a complete violation of the Red Pill command to be ubermasculine.

The problem is that Bowie was sexy as Hell back in the day and maybe even afterwards. You can chalk it up to being famous, but I think it goes way beyond that. Iggy Pop lived with him for a while in Berlin, and Iggy said he never saw a man who got as much pussy as Bowie. “From heiresses to waitresses, he got them all,” Iggy said.

If you go look at Bowie’s videos on Youtube, you see many women and girls of all ages swooning over him and say how bad they want to fuck him. There is no way on Earth that you can chalk all that up to fame. There are also many men on there swooning over him too and saying how badly they want him. So he’s heavily desired by both sexes. But if what women really want is hypermasculinity, David Bowie completely violates this theorem. And Bowie is Alpha as fuck; let’s get real here. Some women have said, “Well, Bowie is sexy.”

Total red pill violation: But this makes no sense either, as Red Pill says sexy = Alpha = ultramasculine. Bowie is an outrageous violation of Red Pill.

I can give you some other examples too.

DN, one of my best friends, who was a complete sissyboy, somehow got masculinized on the way to manhood. This is actually what happens to almost all heterosexual sissyboys. Research has been done on sissyboys. It turns out that 75% of sissyboys turn out gay, but another 25% of them turn out heterosexual. But on followup, researchers found that the 25% of who were straight had “masculinized” somewhere along the road and could no longer be said to be sissies.

Anyway, even though he masculinized, people continued to call him gay everywhere he went. I have no idea why dipshits did this because he wasn’t even 1% effeminate, and the only gay behavior is effeminacy. He simply wasn’t a macho guy. He also had a very soft voice and he was very pretty. He was also pretty sensitive. Most straight people are so retarded that they think that every man who isn’t macho is automatically gay. Actually, most men who are simply not macho (but not effeminate in any way) are completely heterosexual. Most straight people are also so retarded that they think all soft men, or men with soft voices, are gay. Actually the overwhelming majority of soft men and soft voiced men are completely heterosexual. Many straight people are also so retarded that they think that any men who is pretty or has a feminine face is gay. Now I have no idea why some men have pretty faces. But how on Earth does having a pretty face make you gay? Is it some sort of mysterious process?

Anyway, I was friends with him and I never for one second thought he was gay because faggots don’t hang out with me, period. Or if they do make friends with me, they start flirting with me and trying to fuck me the instant they meet me and they never stop until you end the friendship. So if a guy is my friend and he didn’t try to fuck me on first meeting, of course I assume he’s not gay. Why in Hell would a gay man hang out with me anyway? What on Earth for?

Well, during this entire phase that he was a young adult and the whole world was insisting that he was gay, he was fucking a small army of women. I have no idea who many women and girls this guy fucked, but I’ve hardly seen one man screw so many females in so short a time. He was simply incredible. A guy who the whole world insists is a faggot is fucking half the females in town. Makes no sense.

Total red pill violation: Red pill says Alpha = ultramasculine and DN  was basically an androgyne or at least a very soft guy. He wasn’t effeminate at all, but he wasn’t all that masculine either. DN is an utter refutation of Red Pill.

Another friend of mine was named DJ. DJ was almost worse than DN in that DN was not a wimp, but DJ was pretty damn wimpy. Once again, many people insisted he was gay, and they would never believe you if you said he wasn’t. He had a very soft voice, was extremely pretty and was quite sensitive. He was also a great big wimp. Nevertheless, I was amazed at how damn well he did with women and girls. And they were often quite good-looking too.

Total red pill violation: Red pill says all wimps are Betas if not Omegas, and it also says that success with women = masculine. The less masculine you, the less well you do with women. DJ is a total violation of Red Pill.

I could give you some more examples but you get the picture. When I was in Hollywood, I met a couple of men who were frankly just total faggots. They were both extremely good looking, and of course they both came onto me very hard the instant they met me (that’s the “gay test”).

One I met in a nightclub. DJ and I had free tickets to record company promo show where all the drinks were free. There were two couples at a table, and DJ and I sat down. The queer immediately leaned across the table and asked, “Can I buy you a drink?” to me in a very effeminate voice. His gorgeous blond girlfriend giggled. Apparently she found his homosexuality hilarious. You will find this is the case with a lot of gorgeous women hooked up with faggoty guys. They think it is cute and very funny whenever their boyfriends try to screw guys and they can’t stop giggling at it. Anyway, this very good-looking young blond-haired man had a total knockout blond with him. Go figure.

Another one was at my work. He wasn’t effeminate as much as he was an extreme wimp. Of course, the vast majority of wimpy men are completely heterosexual. I meet a wimpy guy and I think “straight” immediately. However, some gay men are not so much effeminate as they are wimpy. But the difference is that the wimpy gay men often take wimpiness to the most wild extreme. The first time you meet them, you almost fall out of your chair thinking, “Jesus Christ! This is the wimpiest man I have ever met!” They are extremely passive, display extreme aversion to aggression and violence, are incredibly picky and finicky, and often have such tiny wimpy voices that you almost can’t even hear them.

This guy’s name was Arthur. When he first met me, he acted like he had seen a Greek God and he stopped frozen in his tracks and said, “Hi there,” in this stunned and ultrawimpy voice. I immediately got extremely suspicious of him. After a while, I started to really hate him because he wouldn’t leave me the Hell alone. He was sort terrified of me because I was a quite menacing (during this era, people often told me how frightening I looked) looking punk rocker who wore leather, spikes and a snarl all the time, but that didn’t stop him. Maybe he liked it rough?

He was also my married bosses’ best friend (!?), so I couldn’t exactly tell him to go to Hell. I went to a New Years Party at my bosses’ house though, and there was Arthur, with the most beautiful blonde you have ever seen. Once again, this knockout was giggling away, apparently because she found his fagginess to be amusing.

Total red pill violation: Both of these men violate Red Pill in the most extreme way. They were not only not masculine, but they were out and out gay in a very faggoty, effeminate way. Red pill says only Alphas get the girls, and Alphas are masculine as Hell. These guys were so unmasculine they were out and out effeminate and girlish. And each of them had one of the most beautiful blonds I have ever seen. If they were effeminate and straight it would be one thing. But these guys are seriously queer and apparently they were both actively fucking men, possibly with their girlfriends’ knowledge.

I could give you some more examples, but I think you get the picture. The main point here is that the Red Pill formulation of Alpha = extreme masculinity seems to be wrong. Sure there is a lot to it, but some Alphas are not very masculine at all, others are wimps and there are out and out girly faggots with the most beautiful women you have ever seen.

I think that Alpha = masculine, Beta = less masculine, and Omega = least masculine simply doesn’t explain the whole picture.

Clearly there is more to being sexy than masculinity, and some unmasculine, androgynous and even out and out faggoty men can do outrageously well with women.

I would point out that all of these men were extremely good-looking. They all had very pretty faces, and I believe all of them were also blond. According to one theory, what women most value is looks. They simply want a good-looking man. Masculinity takes a back seat to looks. The best looking 20% of men are called “Chad.” So maybe if you are not ultramasculine, you still might do all right as long as you are Chad. This also shows that some women could care less about masculinity or are even perfectly happy with quite unmasculine men so the Red Pill formulation that female sexuality is all about masculinity has to be rewritten. It’s clearly not true in many cases.

Robin Williams Repost

I am sorry if you folks find this in bad taste, but in commemoration of Robin Williams’s suicide, I am going to repost my prior article, The Impossibility of Dealing with Suicidals.
I always loved Robin Williams, and I am heartbroken that he decided to take this step. I am usually opposed to people killing themselves. I generally think it is the wrong thing to do. I say stick it out. I have been through a lot of pain myself, and I never tried to kill myself, though for a whole year there, that was all I thought about.

The Impossibility of Dealing with Suicidals

Depression is not really “insanity” but it is extremely common, even in regular, ordinary people like you and me.
I work as a counselor, and trust me, depression is everywhere. And many ordinary, regular people like you and me are actually secretly suicidal. I deal with suicidals all the time, and in recent years, I know three people, all around age 50-55, who either attempted it or seriously threatened to do it. I am guessing that maybe 50-55 is a tough age, no?
Depressives are hard enough to work with (Personally, I find them impossible and often refuse to work with them or flat out tell them that I cannot help them) but suicidals are absolutely impossible. I can’t work with them at all, and they don’t want me to work with them because I usually get mad at them for being suicidal. I do not know how to deal with people like that, and I much admire anyone who can deal with such folks. They demand that you feel “compassion” for the fact that they are suicidal, but how can you do that without cheering them on? Truly a no-win situation.
True suicidals are utterly determined to take their own lives and they are 100% ok with that idea. They get furious if you try to stop them, and they are enraged if you find them half dead, call an ambulance and save their lives. I have had suicidals scream at me in their hospital beds, cursing me for saving their lives. I hate to say it, but they are impossible to deal with.
Fortunately, a lot of suicidals come out of it and don’t want to do it anymore, so that is a cure I suppose. But while they are in the midst of it, it is truly a nightmare. I am not opposed to hospitalizing them frankly. In a very real sense, a suicidal is truly out of their minds in a way, and at any rate, they are surely a danger to themselves if not to others, and actually some of them are dangerous to others too.
If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site. This is my only job.

Robert Stark Interviews Dick Smothers, Jr.

Richard Smothers is actually a good friend of mine. A girlfriend and I had lunch and then dinner with him a while back when he stopped by my town. He is also a sometime commenter on this blog. He is also the son of Dick Smothers of the famous Smothers Brothers.
Here are the list of topics:

Robert Stark interviews former porn star Dick Smothers Jr.

Topics include:

  1. Growing up the son of Dick Smothers of the Smothers Brothers and how he had a fairly normal childhood.
  2. Why being a porn star was not his main dream growing up.
  3. His rock band Kamikaze and his 80′s tribute band.
  4. Why he likes to create what he performs.
  5. The corporate environment of the music franchise.
  6. Why there’s more independence in the porn Industry.
  7. Why the porn industry resembles the publication industry rather than the film industry.
  8. How his first porn debut was in a Showtime softcore series My First Time.
  9. The softcore genre.
  10. His preference for couples scene and the genres he refused to act in.
  11. Abusive and degrading genres of porn and how girls are often coerced into those films.
  12. How guys like Max Hardcore harm the industry.
  13. How the porn industry includes both kind and abusive individuals.
  14. His appearance on Howard Stern’s show.
  15. Luke Ford and his observations on individuals in the industry.
  16. People who are traumatized or have long term psychological problems from porn.
  17. Dating women in porn.
  18. A dominatrix film he refused to act in.
  19. Why he was considered straight-laced by the standards of the porn industry.
  20. Why he wanted to be a positive male representative of the industry.
  21. The interview with Reuters were he said he wanted to be the Orson Wells of porn.
  22. Why there needs to be more creativity in porn.
  23. How porn becoming more accessible has harmed the profits of the industry.
  24. Why there’s a mean streak in America and how that influences its porn.
  25. Why he left the industry.
  26. The AIDS Scare and how the industry is regulated for STD’s.
  27. The types of men who act in porn.
  28. The culture of narcissistic celebrity culture in America.
  29. His advice to someone looking to get into porn.

11 Mentally Ill Rockers

From here.
Usually these diagnoses are all wrong, but most of these seem to be correct.
Jim Gordon, Derek and the Dominoes: schizophrenia. Never heard of him, but the dx sounds right.
Roky Erikson, 13th Floor Elevators: schizophrenia. Definitely a correct dx, and I have read some “interviews” of him that make that clear.
Gary Glitter: pedophilia/hebephilia. Something along those lines. He likes way too young girls way too much.
Peter Green, Fleetwood Mac: hallucinogen abuse, schizophrenia. However, he is still playing a lot now and has made a near complete recovery, which makes me question the dx.
Jaco Pastorius, Weather Report: alcohol abuse, bipolar disorder. Beaten to death in a fight with a bouncer, ruled justifiable homicide.
Bud Powell, jazz pianist: unknown, alcohol abuse, other unknown issues. Schizophrenia dx seems wrong. Dead of cirrhosis at age 41. Got beaten badly over the head by cops and his mental stuff started right then.
Per Yngve Ohlin, Mayhem: Depression. Suicide in 1991. Slit both wrists, then flew his face off with a shotgun. There is a bootleg out there with a photo of his dead body on it. Do not look it up as it is very gross. His brains are everywhere.
Sid Vicious, Sex Pistols: Heroin addiction, other unknown issues. Would be interesting to see what sort of a dx you might give this guy. Depression? Antisocial personality disorder? Who knows. Girlfriend Nancy Spungen died in their room at the Chelsea Hotel of a knife wound. Sid might have done it, but maybe he didn’t. No one really knows. He did confess. She is said to have had a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, but that seems all wrong. Bipolar disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder are the new updated dx’s and they seem a lot better. Why not throw in Antisocial Personality Disorder while we are at it. She is a perfect candidate.
Skip Spence, Moby Grape: Hallucinogen abuse, schizophrenia. Dead in 1999. Last time someone tracked him down, he was living under a freeway overpass in San Diego. There are some recent photos of him, and he didn’t look very good.
Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd: Hallucinogen abuse, schizophrenia. Excellent dx, 100% correct. Died at his mother’s house a few years back.
G. G. Allin: Drug abuse. I haven’t the faintest idea what dx to give this nutcase, but if you say he was normal and don’t dx him, the word normal then loses all possible meaning. Sort of a Sid Vicious type except he was a lot worse. Antisocial personality disorder seems about right, and God knows what else. He didn’t appear to be psychotic in my opinion, but you don’t have to be psychotic to be seriously whacked in the head.

Tammy Wynette, "Stand by Your Man"

God I love this song. When it first came out in 1968, the feminists went crazy, saying it was an anti-feminist song that encouraged women to stay with abusive husbands. Tammy thought the controversy was over until Hilary Clinton brought it up in an interview shortly before Bill was elected President. Hilary told the interviewer, “Well, you know, I’m not exactly a stand by your man type.” That brought the controversy back.
Six years later, Tammy died, possibly of a drug overdose. She had led an interesting but painful life, married five times with a famous affair with Burt Reynolds. Her most famous love was George Jones, the great country singer. A legendary drunk, once she hid his car keys so he could not go to the bar. He got on his motorized lawnmower and drove 12 miles into town to drink in the bar! That shows some determination!
I love a stand by your man type woman. I have had a few of them in my life, more in recent years than in the past. These are the best women in the whole world, devoted to their man. There is something special about that and what it does for a man’s ego. If you are a man, consider yourself lucky if you ever get a woman like this. The more “alpha” a man is, the more “stand by your man” the woman will be. It’s evolution at work. So that’s another compliment.

David Bowie, "Scary Monsters (Super Creeps)"

From the same album in 1980, Scary Monsters. Great stuff. The original punk psychedelic music!
Check out these lyrics:

She asked me to stay and I stole her room
She asked for my love and I gave her a dangerous mind
Now she’s stupid in the street and she can’t socialize
Well I love the little girl and I’ll love her till the day she dies

Oh yeah! Moar!
I get tired of the whole “David Bowie is gay” argument.
Though he was into that for a while. In 1974, I met a guy who said he knew a groupie who had had sex with Bowie. The groupie was female, and she said there was a another male there with them (it was a threesome). She said Bowie seemed more interested in the guy than in her!
In recent years, Bowie blows off the question. He says he was just into bisexuality because it was some sort of a fad at the time. However, it is true that Angela Bowie caught David and Mick Jagger in bed together at one point. The Rolling Stones song Angie is said to be about her.
Iggy Pop lived with Bowie for a while in Berlin, I believe in the late 1970’s when Bowie was way out there on cocaine binging for a while. He nearly got psychotic from heavy use of the drug.
Pop also blew off questions about Bowie being gay or bi by saying it really wasn’t important.
The following is a paraphrase of his words:
“That man got more pussy than any man I have ever known. From waitresses to heiresses, they all wanted him. They wouldn’t leave him alone. The phone was always ringing, and it was always a woman on the other end wanting David.”
If living like that makes you a “fag,” I might just have to be a “fag” myself! Sounds like a lot of fun. You go David!

Johnny Cash, "God's Gonna Cut You Down"

This interesting music video is full of cameos by many of the world’s most famous rock stars and movie stars. See how many you can identify. I will start in the Comments section.
From the video: “Well, you know, Johnny always wore black. He wore black because he identified with the poor…and the downtrodden.”
A great proletarian singer, a working class hero!

Andy Kaufman Died For the Lulz

Repost from the old site.
On May 16, 1984, one of the finest comedians and performance artists of our time, Andy Kaufman, reportedly died at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.
Or did he? A blog, Andy Kaufman Returns, appeared right around the time of the 20th anniversary of his death. The blog was reportedly written by Kaufman himself. He describes how he faked his death, faked his supposedly having cancer, and arranged for another dying man to placed in his hospital bed in his place.
He then described what he has been doing since he faked his own death and has been living in hiding. The blog is actually pretty hilarious, and after the most recent post, there have been over 900 comments.
Soon afterward, a new blog, The Real Andy Kaufman, appeared accusing the previous one of being a lying, cheating fake. The new blog claimed to be from the real Andy Kaufman. Tony Clifton, the abusive Vegas lounge singer who was one of Andy’s comedic personas, also has two new blogs up. It appears that he did not die either.
There is an entire elaborate website up called Andy Kaufman Lives. It has quotes from many of Andy’s friends saying that Andy told them how he planning to fake his death and how exactly he would go about doing it if he did.
Some of them then describe how he did indeed fake his own illness and death as they watched. He shaved his head and went on a starvation diet to look like a cancer patient. Then he got some dying guy to fill in for him at the last moment to take his place on the deathbed.
There are reports from witnesses who spotted Kaufman soon after the faked death in Jamaica, a report from someone in Taos, New Mexico, who says that Andy is actually living there quietly incognito, a report from someone else saying that Andy was pretending to be a Venice Beach bum in the late 1980’s, quotes from his nurse, who confesses that Andy was not really ill at all, quotes from friends who were at his bedside admitting that his death was a fake, on and on it goes.
The site claims that searches of Kaufman’s death certificate online reveal a blank record and that Kaufman’s Social Security number has continued to be used in the 20 years since his death in a variety of places in the US. The site is also looking for witnesses to testify that Kaufman is still alive for reasons of some insane lawsuit that I could not figure out.
Apparently, all of this is just a gigantic put-on by some of Andy’s old friends on the 20th anniversary of his death. It’s apparently true that Andy did discuss faking his own death with some of his friends as the ultimate prank. He realized that if he did it, he could not tell anyone, as faking your death is apparently a crime.
The Snopes site reveals that Andy Kaufman actually did die on 5-16-84 in Los Angeles and offers persuasive evidence that this is in fact what really happened.
Andy Kaufman would have been quite at home in the Internet Age. He was a great troll, and he just about invented trolling IRL. In fact, that was his signature style. And everything he did, he did it for the lulz.

"Good-bye, Jerry Leiber," by Alpha Unit

Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller wrote a song first recorded in 1956 that’s become an R&B classic. It expresses something that might just make the Modern Cynical Guy shake his head with contempt.

I love a girl and Ruby is her name;
This girl don’t love me, but I love her just the same.
Oh, Ruby, Ruby, how I want ya.
Like a ghost I’m-a gonna haunt ya.
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, will you be mine?

He doesn’t have her, but his song is full of sweet optimism that one day he will. She’s worth it.
Jerry Leiber died Monday at the age of 78. He and Stoller are included among those called the architects of rock & roll. They wrote “Stand by Me,” “Hound Dog,” “Young Blood,” “Kansas City,” “Spanish Harlem,” “Jailhouse Rock,” and numerous other songs, including the one I cited above, “Ruby Baby” – one of my favorites.
Music journalist David Fricke summarizes the influence of Leiber and Stoller this way:

More than any other top writing and production team in the Fifties, Leiber (words) and Stoller (music) initiated mainstream White America into the sensual and spiritual intimacies of urban Black culture that fueled the birth of rock & roll. Their songwriting captured the essence and nuances of Black music and language with a melodic invention, narrative ingenuity and cool hilarity that were true to the source while transcending it – heavy-duty R&B with a pop sensibility and lyric universality.

But words couldn’t capture what David Fricke is describing. You hear it and feel it when you listen to the songs. Songs like “Ruby Baby.” Now, that song captures devotion. Unrequited devotion, maybe. But devotion doesn’t sound so bad.