Jews Don't Run the Banks Anymore

Repost from the old site. For Chrissake people, even David Duke says the Jews don’t run the banks anymore. What more of an authority do you need? Unfortunately, anti-Semitismphobia (irrational fear of anti-Semitism) has kept scholars from researching this question. I’ve done some research on my own. Jews largely ran the banking system of Europe from the late 1800’s into the 1900’s. Their dominance of this profession seems to have come to an end in the 1930’s and 1940’s. I guess that means that they got taken out by the Holocaust. According to Henry Ford’s The International Jew, Jews made a run for US investment banking and consumer banking in the early part of the 1900’s in the US. Ford describes how Jews during this time made a play for investment banking in the US. They worked together to try to buy up as many investment banks as they could for the tribe. That’s how Jews were back then – they worked together to acquire Jewish monopolies. They made significant penetration until the whistle was blown on them and Gentiles quit selling investment banks to the Jews. Smart move! Ford says they then made a play for commercial banking in the US, but the whistle was blown early, and they were stopped in their tracks, as commercial bankers refused to sell to Jews. Jewish ethnic warfare is no good. The only way to fight it is anti-Semitism, and that’s not good for Jews or Gentiles. The International Jew is actually a pretty good book if you can ignore some of the bullshit about The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. I don’t think that Ford, at the time he wrote that book, was an anti-Semite at all. Those who are not convinced maybe ought to actually read the book? US Jews at that time were extremely tribal, clannish and ethnocentric, and were waging ethnic warfare in order to corner and control various US professions. Jews have assimilated dramatically since then, and it’s not appropriate to compare the clannish Jews of 1908 with US Jews of today. It was during this period that Jewish dominance of the US media and Hollywood occurred. The Jewish impetus for acquiring these assets originally was not to give more power and money to the Jews, but to fight anti-Semitism. Many large US papers were in the hands of White Gentile anti-Semites and so was Hollywood. Large Jewish financiers met with concerned Jewish leaders, and plots were hatched to buy out large US papers. This is apparently the genesis of Jewish control of the New York Times. It’s all pretty much water under the dam now. Jews do wield quite a bit of power in US media and Hollywood. In addition to being due to extremely high Jewish verbal IQ (Possibly as high as 125!) and the extra-IQ factors that result directly and indirectly from that, Jewish power in the media and Hollywood is largely a legacy of hypertribal US Jews from the dog eat dog world of Eastern Europe in the early part of the 1900’s. I think Jewish power in Hollywood is on the decline. Looking over a large section of movie ads recently, of course I saw Jewish names, but I saw a Hell of a lot of Gentile names too, in particular Italians. In some cases, those at the very top were Jews, but not always. It’s no secret that Italians have moved into Wall Street, Las Vegas and the movies bigtime. Are Scorsese and Coppola Jewish? Come on. It’s also important to note that some of the biggest Hollywood Jews were awfully detribalized. Stanley Kubrick was a great director, but for all intents and purposes, he had left the Jews behind. He barely considered himself Jewish anymore. It seems unfair to deviously make up lists of Jews and include the deracinated ones right alongside the SuperJews. Looking at the credits on a typical TV show is much more instructive. The list of Jewish names, in particular the all-important names of the ultimate producers and directors running the show, is stunning to behold. It seems that Jewish power is much greater in TV than in the movies these days. Jewish media power is a tough one. The Los Angeles Times is one of the biggest papers in the country, and for decades was run by an ultrarich Whitebread WASP family named the Chandlers. They weren’t anti-Semites, but the Times was their baby. Where were the Jewish hands secretly running the Times? One of my Jewish commenters noted that the Ochs Sulzbergers (owners of the New York Times) have been marrying Gentiles for a while now and are considered by ethnocentric Jews to have “left the tribe.” I don’t know what to make of such comments, but perhaps we should take them into consideration. Anti-Semites say the Washington Post is “run by Jews”, but it’s run by a woman named Katharine Graham. Her father was a Jew. She’s not even Jewish by Jewish law! Since when is she some kind of secret Jew? Since when is everyone with some Jewish ancestry a secret part of the tribe? That’s getting pretty silly, people.

The Role of Iran in Arab -Islamic Resistance to Imperialism and Zionism

This post will provide an overview of why the Iranian regime is hated so much by US imperialism and Zionism, and why they plotted a Green “color revolution” to throw out one of the last holdouts of Arab – Islamic resistance in the region. Except for Iran, Syria, Hamas-Gaza and Hezbollah, all of the rest of the Arab and Islamic World has folded in the face of the Zionist onslaught or been bought off by US imperialism. Saddam was another rejectionist, but the Zionist traitor neoconservatives engineered an illegal invasion to bring him down. Ghaddafi was threatened with invasion by the same folks, and promptly folded. The Palestinians now effectively have no outside support. Egypt collaborates with Zionism to police the Gaza border and assists in the starvation and deprivation of the Gazans. Egyptian police prevent guns from flowing to the Gazans for their noble resistance to the Zionist enemy. Jordan was captured long ago. Elections are not allowed in Jordan, because the 65 Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco are bought off and sold to the US. Anti-US and anti-Israel demonstrations are regularly crushed with brutality in Tunisia. None of these states are democracies, because democracy would allow an anti-Zionist and anti-US regime to be elected. In Arabia, there are no democracies. All of the regimes are sold out to the US. There are US military bases in all nations, for the sole reason of policing the Arabian peoples. The effect is that the Arabian peoples are under a dictatorship of US military bases combined with local satraps and Quislings. It’s true the Saudis allow fighters to go to Arab lands, but only to Iraq to fight the Shia that they hate so much. Lebanon has been under imperialist-Zionist assault for years now. With the election of a French Jew to head the French state, France is now firmly in the Zionist camp. This, along with a colonial attachment to the Lebanese fake state that never died, explains why France has gone along with imperialism-Zionism in Lebanon. Iraq is now occupied by imperialism-Zionism in the form of the US military and will be occupied into the forseeable future. Iraq was attacked because it was one of the only Arab holdouts that stood steadfast against imperialism and Zionism in the region. Also, they allowed no bases and opened up their oil to non-Americans. The invasion, in collaboration with the Zionist enemy, was planned to remove the holdout Saddam of the Arab resistance, to remove the competitors of US oil companies from the oil fields they were developing, to take over Iraq’s oil for the US, to use Iraqi oil to flood the oil market and lower the price, killing the Saudis and Gulf states of their oil weapon (the Gulf Arabians, while US allies, are distrusted by International Zionism, and they hatched the Iraqi invasion). With permabases in Iraq and the biggest US embassy on Earth in Baghdad, US control over the region was seized by force. It was only due to fortitude that the Iraqi resistance soon led an insurgency against the invaders. If they would not have done this, we know for a fact that the US military would have done a “left turn at Baghdad, and headed for Syria”, as their Zionist masters were ordering them too. With Iraq out of the way, Libya was quickly subdued with threats of force. Arafat was murdered by the Israelis. They placed a Mossad agent as his cook and poisoned his food. The Abbas clique went along with the poisoning since they hated Arafat. Getting Arafat out of the way was a long-standing goal of the Zionist agenda. Then elections were held in Palestine, but the results came out wrong and Hamas won. The Abbas forces were trained by the US to be the shock troops of Zionism in Palestine. Indeed, Abbas forces are utilized primarily against those Palestinians in Hamas who still dare to resist the Zionist enemy. A plot was concocted to oust the pro-Syrian regime in Lebanon, but it failed. Syria probably killed Hariri, but Hariri was selling out Lebanon to imperialism and Zionism, and Syria would not stand for that. What does Syria want? One thing and one thing only. They want the Golan back. For this, they will sacrifice everything, the Palestinians, Arabism, you name it. The only card left that Syria holds to enable it to get back the Golan is their auxiliary force in Lebanon, Hezbollah. This is why Syria must not allow Hezbollah to be dismantled. If Hezbollah is dismantled, Syria has lost their last cards too get the Golan back, and they will never be able to get their land back. The killing of Hariri resulted in international pressure against Syria, including sanctions. There was also an international effort made to disarm and dissolve Hezbollah. The effort to get rid of Hezbollah seems to have failed, although pro-Hezbollah forces won 45 A few years ago, with the connivance of US imperialism, US neoconservatives along with Israel concocted a plot to attack Hezbollah in Lebanon. The purpose here was to decisively defeat Hezbollah and wipe out their substantial missile stockpile. This invasion largely failed to accomplish this mission. The UN was then given the task of occupying South Lebanon to enforce Zionist and imperialist rule on sovereign Lebanese land. This effort has largely failed, as Hezbollah has restocked their missiles and they are now better armed than before the invasion. This background shows you that Ahmadinejad is one of the last holdouts in the region against total dominaton by US imperialism and Zionism. This is why the Iranian regime is being targeted so forcefully.

James von Brunn Biography

The cleansing of James von Brunn’s online activity continues. von Brunn is the guy who shot up the Holocaust Museum yesterday. Here is his biography from the site, which has since been pulled. It is interesting in that it provides some clues to his anti-Semitism. When he worked in New York as an ad man in the 1960’s, he was repeatedly told to change his German name, since he would never get far in the industry with a German name. A number of ad men with German names had changed their surnames to non-German ones to try to get ahead. The suggestion was that Jews in the heavily-Jewish ad industry were discriminating against those with German names. von Brunn refused to change his name. In 1968, Abe Fortas, Jewish, was nominated to the US Supreme Court. von Brunn was watching in a bar and made an unfavorable comment about Fortas. A Jewish executive made a snide remark in return. A few minutes later, the Jewish businessman sneaked up behind von Brunn and tried to punch him. von Brunn ducked, turned around, and knocked the guy to the floor. The police came, and a fight ensued with the cops. von Brunn was arrested. von Brunn was convicted of drunk driving and resisting arrest and sentenced to 2 years in jail. He also had his license pulled. Later he moved to California and remarried, this time to a young woman. In 1975, he and a female friend published a book called, “The Zionist Rape of the Holy Land,” authored by George Robnett. He received several threatening phone calls, apparently from Jews, warning him not to publish the book, but he published it anyway. Soon after, unknown arsonists burned down his house while he was in it. von Brunn barely escaped. von Brunn suspected that Jews opposed to his publishing the anti-Zionist book had burned down his house. The wife became very upset after the arson and died soon after, apparently of stress brought on by the arson. von Brunn’s famous assault on the Federal Reserve building was glossed by himself as an attempt to get back at his enemies, apparently the Jews, as the Board for some strange reason is almost all Jewish. He served a sentence for that crime, and was released early. In Maryland, local galleries would not show his art, which is apparently high quality. The media is portraying this guy as some desperate loser and “failed artist,” reminiscent of the “failed artist” smear on Hitler. Hitler, whatever his bad qualities, was not a bad artist, and most artists by that definition are “failed” anyway, as they do not hit the bigtime. It appears that instead of being a loser in life, von Brunn led a rich and rewarding life as a successful man in a variety of occupations. He made good money and managed his own businesses. He married well and raised a family who remained close to him throughout life. Rather than being a failed artist, he seems to have been quite talented. Other than his anti-Semitism and racism, which apparently got worse with age, he was not a failure by any means. It’s bad enough what he did. Why pile it on? The following is from the artist: James W. von Brunn (JvB) Born: 7-11-20 in St. Louis, Missouri Studio: Easton, MD Subjects: Scapes, Portraits, Illustrations, Graphics Style: Realist Methods: Oil, mixed media. BIOGRAPHY The von Brunn/Wenneker families migrated from Germany/Austria c. 1845, settling in St. Louis, Missouri. James von Brunn’s father, Elmer, was superintendent of Scullin Steel Mill. During WWII he designed, and supervised a 40mm shell plant for the U.S. government in Houston, Texas. His wife Hope Wenneker von Brunn, educated at Hosmer Hall, was a homemaker and accomplished pianist. They had two children, James (JvB) and Alyce. The family spent summer months at Piasa. Illinois, where JvB roamed the limestone bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River, hunted snakes and turtles in the willows along its banks, and collected Indian artifacts. His grandmother Wenneker (grossemutter) gave him an oil paint set for his 7th birthday. His inspiration to paint came from Scribner Illustrated Classics and painters such as Pyle, Schoonover, and Wyeth. But his painting, because of his love of athletics, was confined to days of inclement weather. During the hiatus between high school and college he hitchhiked through Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. JvB was educated in public schools. He matriculated at Washington University in 1938. He became president of SAE and played varsity football. The coach got him a Structural Bridge, Steel and Iron-Workers union card. During the summer months JvB worked as a punk hauling coal for forges perched high-up on steel-girders – buildings being constructed for the war effort. As experienced men were drafted into the Sea-Bees JvB quickly graduated to rivet-bucker and finally riveter. Either you conquered your fear and walked the beams or you quit. The other option was a long way down. At the University JvB was in the Liberal Arts program. He enrolled in art classes where he learned that Marxist/Liberal concepts dominated the program. Anatomy studies were discarded along with perspective, drawing and old master techniques. Western Culture was replaced by “expressionism.” We see the results today in expensive art produced by monkeys, elephants, Pollack and pianists who play with their elbows. JvB changed directions, graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism. The following day he was inducted into the U.S. Naval Reserve. As an Ensign he was shipped overseas in 1943 to “destroy the German disease,” just as his family before him had been sent to “save the world for Democracy.” JvB became a PT-boat captain, serving in the Med and Pacific theaters. He was honorably discharged in March 1946 as a Lieutenant with 3-battle stars and a Commendation from Admiral Hewitt. While in the service JvB painted watercolors of the passing scene. JvB moved to New York City in 1947. He studied figure painting at the Central Park School of Art, located on Madison Ave at 57th Street, Manhattan. To make ends meet he worked in a bank vault at night. He attempted to crack into the newspaper business but all doors were closed to conservatives. Instead, he found a job in big-league advertising on Madison Avenue where he started as paste-up boy at $35 per week. He attended evening classes at the Art Student’s League where he studied color and design under Howard Trafton. At that time the so-called “Holocaust” burst upon the scene. JvB was asked to change his German name by several companies during his 20-years New York career. Eric Sloane (Heinrichs) advised JvB to do as he had, “You’ll never make it in New York if you don’t.” JvB exhibited his easel paintings at the Commodore Hotel, Hotel Biltmore, Abercrombie & Fitch, and the Eastside Gallery. He illustrated for Wm. Morrow Publishers, and for two art studios. As an agency art-director JvB was asked to create story-boards for television. This took him to the set where he learned film techniques. Eventually he became an advertising executive film- producer-director and eventually producer director for two prominent film/tape production companies. In 1951 JvB and Patricia Beverley-Giddings were married. Her father, creative director and novelist, was a Sandhurst graduate and an RFC pursuit-pilot, WWI. He survived being shot down by von Richtofen’s Flying Circus. During WWII he was a member of British Intelligence. Bev owned a manor house on Maryland’s Eastern Shore where the family gathered for holidays and for the shooting season. Tidewater country presented a wealth of subject matter ranging from watermen and their rigs to sporting scenes, and scapes. This was grist for JVB’s paint brush. In 1951 Patricia gave birth to a baby boy, Jim “Bim” von Brunn. Pat was unable to have any more children. Bim attended the Church of Heavenly Rest, and Trinity, in NYC; the Country School, in Easton; St. Andrews prep-school, and University of Miami, Florida. While in New York, Gen. Pedro del Valle, Gen. Mac Arthur’s commander of Artillery in Korea, presented JvB with John O. Beatty’s famous, “Iron Curtain Over America.” This book had a tremendous affect upon JvB’s life and career. Von Brunn became an historical-revisionist, committed to the belief that the true histories of WWI and WWII had been hidden from the American People. JvB moved to Easton, MD where he established an advertising agency. He was elected president of the Academy of the Arts. His friend Lee Lawrie, renowned sculptor, was co-founder of the Academy. Meanwhile JvB’s political posture placed a burden on his marriage. Patricia and JvB parted company. The divorce was a tragedy for all concerned. On his 48th birthday JvB, at a local bistro, celebrated his acquisition of the City of Cambridge Economic Development account. JvB had a few beers with friends at the Cambridge bar where they watched a TV broadcast of a Yankee baseball game. A newscaster suddenly interrupted to announce Lyndon Johnson’s nomination of Abe Fortas to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. JvB made an unfavorable comment about Fortas, which drew a crude response from a prominent Jewish business man. A few minutes later JvB saw this guy in the mirror sneaking up. When he swung JvB ducked, turned around and knocked the guy to the floor. Shortly, thereafter JvB was arrested. One thing led to another and a fight broke out with the police. At the trial the brilliant Gen. Pedro del Vallee, testified in JvB’s behalf. This infuriate the jury and the Judge, who’s chief accomplishment was a lucrative speed-trap operation on Route 50. JvB was convicted of resisting arrest, drunken driving, etc., all highly exaggerated, and sentenced to two-years in jail. He lost his driver’s license. The business man who started the fight never appeared in court and disappeared into the woodwork. Shortly thereafter Abe Fortas was convicted of embezzlement and sentenced to 5-years in a country-club prison. He served 1.5 years and, like Boesky and Miliken, kept most of the loot. Von Brunn – when he wasn’t with the road-gang maintaining the judge’s home and grounds with State-owned material – completed the design and copy for a 4-color brochure produced for Frank Perdue, the chicken king. JvB also painted the harbor as seen through the barred window of his cell. Fortuitously von Brunn developed a serious staph infection in the nape of his neck. Doctors persuaded the Judge to release him. Upon recovery von Brunn migrated to Florida where he became a real-estate broker and stock-broker. While there JvB painted Florida scapes, cloud formations, and a few portraits. He exhibited at Las Olas Galleries. With money earned in Florida Real Estate, JvB took his new bride, Pat Taylor, twenty years his junior, a night-club singer, and her young daughter to California. In 1975, JvB purchased 10-acres of pasture east of Redding near Mt. Lassen, with a view of Mt. Shasta, and the Sacramento River valley. JvB and his friend Florence Robnett, 83, former Dean of Women at Northwestern University and native Cornhusker, cooperated to build a home which JvB designed, containing the amenities plus an art studio, music room, large library and office space. Florence and JvB published a paper-back, “Zionist Rape of the Holy Land” (formerly titled “Conquest Through Immigration”) written by George Robnett, deceased, with the Forward by Millar Burrows, Dean Emeritus, Yale Divinity School, and illustrated by von Brunn. JvB received several threatening telephone calls warning him not to distribute the book. Meanwhile Pat gave birth to a baby boy, they called Erik. While giving the baby his bottle at 2 AM, JvB looked through the window into the pasture. The moon-mist was bathed in a red glow. He rushed outside to find the roof was ablaze. The house, which they had lived in for only 4-months, burned to the ground. The mournful chord of the grand piano crashing into the basement and the shriek of the quarter horse are sounds not easily forgotten. A neighbor told von Brunn that he had gone outside to quiet his boar-hounds He heard what sounded like the pop of a flare-gun, then car doors slamming and a car squealing down the black-top. But no evidence was ever discovered to prove arson. Florence died soon thereafter of shock. Fearing for his family’s safety, JvB returned to Maryland where he devised a scheme to expose his enemies. He planned and conducted a legal, non-violent, citizens arrest of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, in Washington, D.C. He accused them of treason. The FED, a private corporation, conceived by the Rothschilds, had financed the construction of manufacturing plants in the USSR that produced war materials used against U.S. forces fighting in Korea and Viet Nam. Money is the source of all power. JvB was convicted for attempted kidnapping, robbery, burglary, carrying a weapon (not loaded), etc, in a kangaroo court. JvB served 6.5-years of an 11-year sentence. While in federal prison JvB designed brochures, etc., and painted three large murals (18 x 35) and many portraits. In 1989 JvB was released from prison with $50 and shoes 2-sizes too big. His sister Alyce, dependable and staunch as a rock, provided him a place to reside in her duplex. His wife remarried. His two sons live out-of-state but telephone frequently and visit from time to time. Pusillanimous Eastonians, hiding behind political correctness refuse to display JvB’s paintings, nor will they engage in business with him. However, von Brunn continues to exhibit under assumed names away from the Shore. In small towns across America the blind and cowardly scramble, push and shove getting and spending while their homes are burning and their complexions grow progressively darker. Von Brunn paints and plots.

I Don't Hate the Jews; I Hate Everyone

Repost from the old site. This piece was written 3 1/2 years ago, but it was one of the most popular pieces on the old blog. It begins with me getting banned by Richard Seymour from Lenin’s Tomb, a British Trotskyite site that anyone on the Left out to be proud to be banned from. The piece lays out the development of a British analogue to the US neoconservatives, what I call the British Pro-War Left. Both movements are led and dominated by Jews, and both are largely animated with Jewish hyperethnocentrism and Zionism. As this movement is about as important as the neoconservatives, it is interesting that little has been said about it. The blog Harry’s Place is Ground Zero for these noxious characters. I edited this for length. This piece was read and praised by Kevin McDonald, the famous US critic of Jewish influence in America. I left some comments recently on a comment thread on a post on one of the sites I frequent, the Leftist Lenin’s Tomb. I went back to check them the next day and three of the four had been removed by Lenin, party-line style, with the notation “anti-Semitic comment removed”. After that were more comments of people appalled at my “anti-Jewish outburst”, saying I believe in the Vast Jewish Conspiracy, etc. This particular sub-thread started out when I misremembered Tony Cliff’s relationship to Israel. As the former leader of the British Trotskyite Socialist Workers Party (SWP), I thought I had read he was Jewish (he was) and had taken a very wimpy, almost pro-Israel line on the Zionist question. I suggested that he took such a pro-Israeli line due to his being Jewish (duh). It turned out that I was totally wrong on Cliff’s Zionist line – he was a very hardline anti-Zionist to the very end, and good for him. After some research on Trotskyism, I apologized for my error. I then posted a brief history of Trotskyism and its relationship to the Jews from the site of a Jewish professor in Canada, Werner Cohn. I said Trotskyism had been largely Jewish in the 1920’s, 30’s and early 40’s. It was still a heavily Jewish movement up until 1967, when Trotskyism started to mark US imperialism and the Zionist entity as prime targets. At this time, coincidental with the 1967 War, which caused many Jews, especially in the US, to rediscover their roots and passionately promote Israel’s cause, many other Jews also left Trotskyism in disgust due to the movement’s intensified anti-Zionist stand. I then noted that Israel is often an Achilles heel for many Jewish Leftists. I pointed out that in my studies of the neoconservative movement in the US and the “Pro-War Left” (PWL) movement in Britain, one thing struck me – so many of them were Jewish. That US neoconservatism is a Jewish-led and Jewish-dominated movement is clear as air with enough study – see, for instance Kevin McDonald’s superb work on Jewish-neocon link. The British PWL Movement is a movement that I just recently became aware of, exemplified by such blogs as Harry’s House, Johann Hari, Norman Geras, Oliver Kamm and such authors as David Aaronovitch, Harry’s Place are Jewish, as are Kamm, Geras, Cohen, Phillips and Aaronovitch. Hari says he is not Jewish, but has Jewish relatives, whatever that means. Kamm, Geras and the Harry’s Place folks are Marxists or former Marxists. Hari appears to be a social democrat. Philipps is a progressive along the same lines as I am. Cohen and Aaronovitch seem to be “Tony Blair liberals”. Over and over, as I delved into the PWL, went to their websites and read their stuff, I got suspicious. They wrote excessively about the Jews, Judaism, Nazism, Muslims, the Holocaust, Israel, anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. They reviewed many books and other works by Jewish authors and playwrights. They also reviewed books about Jews, prominent Jews, Judaism, anti-Semitism, Nazism, the Holocaust, the “Muslim threat”, Israel, and endless combinations of these themes, such as this book by a Jewish author about Jews and Nazism. Or this look at a book by a Jewish author on slavery with a perils of evil Islam reference tossed in. They often discussed Jewish movements, leaders and thinkers and the role of the Jews in this or that movement, trend or school of thinking. They wrote poems and haikus about Jews. All of this cross-referenced eternally in the familiar solipsistic sense of the Jewish tribal activist or the hyperethnocentric Jewish person. Here are some examples of this odd (to me) solipsism: Here Norman Geras writes a post on the famous French novelist Emile Zola and elides discussion of Zola’s writing, instead focusing on the peripheral issues of Zola’s relationship to the anti-Semitic trial in the Dreyfuss Affair (note: Jews, Zionism and anti-Semitism references all tossed in here) and Zola’s obscure Jewish wife. Here Geras writes another post on the death of the unknown Jewish copy editor at the New Yorker, and mentions the great author James Thurber, the magazine’s most famous author (who had his writing edited by the Jewish copy editor) only in passing. Here Harry’s Place accuses an innocent man of anti-Semitism and throws in some Islam-bashing for seasoning. Ah, such lexical and thematic dexterity. How to work so many obscure references to Jews, Nazis, Judaism, Zionism and anti-Semitism into one post without doing somersaults? Despite their liberal-Left leanings, oddly, all of the Pro-War Leftists were Zionists, often hardline Zionists, with the usual obsessive, paranoid focus on the poor Zionist entity and its interminable sufferings. They bashed Christians in the usual Jewish chauvinist style while never uttering a single unkind word about Judaism. There was the expected obsession with the Terror War and the evils of the big bad Muslims and the familiar near-pathological hypersensitive obsession with anti-Semitism. As expected, they obsessed on the swarms of anti-Semitic hobgoblins, real and imagined, infesting the planet, lurking under every bed and jumping out at the Jews from around every corner. As usual, they sensationalized even dubious of reports on anti-Semitism. Of course, most of the people they called anti-Semites were innocent of the charge, including the sublime Jewish prophet howling in the wilderness, Noam Chomsky. Chomsky is a noble, brilliant Jewish runaway slave, fled to the “North” and criticizing the happy life of the Jewish slaves on Master Organized Jewry’s plantation. Oliver Kamm in particular has made almost a full-time job of Chomsky-bashing on a wide range of subjects. The obsessive venom and condemnation of Kamm’s missionary War on Chomsky strikes me as absurd. Worst of all, Kamm makes the outrageous insinuation that Uber-humanist Chomsky is a Holocaust denier! Hey Oliver, what’s all the furious energy expenditure really all about here, anyway? In other words, all the hallmark signs. A lot more suspicion and a little more digging and I slowly confirmed that many of the British PWL were British leftwing and liberal Jews moving Right with the War on Terror. In fact, the PWL Movement may be a parallel, later movement in tandem with the Left-to-Right drift amongst US Jews that spawned and fed the neocons. Something similar seems to be taking place with some of the French Jews since the Terror War onset. We see the same trend in the US, and not just with the neocons. Within the broader US political sphere is a Rightward movement within a heavily-Jewish faction of the US Liberal-Left and Center towards “neoconism” that adopts some of the neocons’ rhetoric but not the rest. It is exemplified by blogs like Michael Totten, Meryl Yourish, and Winds of Change, authors like Paul Berman and Mickey Kaus and the heavily Jewish socialist journal Dissent. Whether or not the Jews at Dissent will go all the way to the Right as the proto-neocon Jews at Commentary Magazine did during the early 70’s remains to be seen. All of the bloggers and authors above, many authors in Dissent, and at least one of the main posters on the Winds of Change blog are still “Pro-war liberals”, and Dissent remains Leftist. Mickey Kaus is a centrist Jewish Democrat associated with the most conservative elements of the Democratic National Committee. Kaus is associated with Martin Peretz’ ultra-Zionist, morally bankrupt Centrist abomination, the New Republic magazine. Peretz is yet another former liberal Jew moving Right into diffused, morally confused Centrism since at least the early 80’s. Mush of the rest of the staff of the New Republic is Jewish and seem to have made similar ideological journeys as Kaus and Peretz. Meryl Yourish, who has a nice blog, is a Jewish media worker from New Jersey, a former liberal, repulsed by the Left for its “hostility towards Jews” and racing towards the mushy center. Although many US Gentiles have been making similar ideological shifts, I noted repeatedly that US liberals and left-wingers moving to the Right were often Jewish, much more than one would think by chance. All of the US Jews moving to the Right profiled above are, obviously, passionate Zionists. Another example, starting further to the Left this time, is Jonathan Edelstein, New York Jewish Leftist Zionist blogger at the superb blog Head Heeb. I have been watching his blog for a couple of years now, and though he denies it, Jonathon has been moving slowly to the Right on the question of Israel. When I first saw his blog he said that he didn’t want to write much about the Terror War because he was tired of it. Jonathon said his occasional posts on the Israel-Palestine conflict would take a balanced view. He wrote, “Sometimes I will support the Palestinians and sometimes I will support Israel”, which is not something Zionist Jews often say. His vision of a humanitarian Zionism almost made Zionism seem acceptable. A recent visit showed that Jonathan has moved much to the Right on Zionism and Terror War issues, although he seems blind to it. Yet he remains on a Leftist and a progressive Zionist. In the thread, I said what we were seeing in so many of these Jewish neocons and the Jewish PWL movement was that the advent of the War on Terror was causing them to deepen or recover their previous Jewish identification, and consequently, causing them to deepen or sprout their Zionist ideology and support for Israel. Here is Norm Geras confessing that this is precisely the process he underwent after 9-11. Here is another similar confession by a US Italian Sephardic Jew, John-Paul Pagano, a former Leftist in his youth, who moved rightwards in college, then transformed into all-out neocon after the 9-11 experience. He now runs a nice blog, Fightin With Grabes, a US version of the Harry’s House blog noted above, focused primarily on the “anti-Semitic Left” and the “New Anti-Semitism” bugaboo. Pagano, a fine author, is still proud to be a liberal, and to his credit, he is willing to take on the more fascist-like elements in the neocon ranks like the rabid yahoos at the Little Green Footballs blog. As a side note, Pagano is apparently an ancient Sephardic Jewish name that may mean “pagan”. Since I doubt the Jews called themselves pagans, I suspect that the anti-Semitic Christian neighbors of the ancestral Paganos bestowed the name on them. There were actually communities of “Pagano Jews” in the Mediterranean at one time. As noted above, a similar process of increased Jewish identity and deepened attachment to Zionism occurred in most US Jews after the 1967 War (Chomsky has noted this), gave rise to the Jewish-Israeli Lobby in US politics, and caused a tectonic shift in US support for Israel, beginning under Henry Kissinger in the 1973 War. The German-born Kissinger was (and remains) a strong Jewish tribal activist and passionate Zionist. Since then, US support for Israel and the power of the Jewish-Israeli Lobby in the US have both continued to increase, off and on, to the present day. We are now at the bizarre point under Bush where we are so close to Israel that we may as well make it a state, except no state gets anywhere near such lavish benefits as Israel does. Or perhaps we should just merge the two states in our minds as “USreal” like some of my Arab nationalist friends do. In the thread, I said these Jews moving to the Right in these pro-war movements were taking sides in the Terror War, and picking their tribal identity over their human identity – they were choosing to be Jews first and humans second. Which of course is not particular to Jews but is the case with many tribes, clans, nations, states, and religions everywhere and through time. Choosing one’s tribe over one’s humanity is known to increase dramatically during wartime, and may even be a good idea, survival-wise. In the thread, I then noted two prominent US War on Terror warmongers, one a Clintonite Centrist, the other a Leftist moving rapidly to the Right. For Leftist sprinting to the Right is Christopher Hitchens. To be fair, Hitchens still considers himself a Leftist, but most of the Left appropriately treat him like a leper. For Hitchens, former basher of such precious icons as Mother Theresa, it was a breathtaking shape-shift. Hitchens, like Albright, is another suspicious case. Like her, he too found out late in life he was 1/2 Jewish. In the years following this experience, he started moving increasingly to the Right, especially in the neocon sense. Hitchens the sellout is obsessed with Israel’s Arab and Muslim enemies (though he refers to them as enemies of the US in the typical US Zionist feint), sucks George Bush’s toes and plays honorary leftist Bush supporter court jester to King Bush in USreal’s War on the Enemies of the Jews (War on Terror). His ultimate self-abasement was his “Why I’m Voting Bush” column in the Nation before the 2004 election. I suggested that Hitchens’ discovery of his Jewish roots and his subsequent move to the Right may not be coincidental. Then I said that such mental shifts were common in Jewish converts, who often become passionately committed to Judaism (to the point where born Jews are embarrassed by them), develop a peculiarly intense Jewish identity, and begin to experience a fear of the Gentiles, as in, “When are the Gentiles coming to kill us Jews?” Also noted amongst new found Jewish converts is a desire to associate less with Gentiles and more with their new found tribe (possibly due to the fears above). This conversion process has been widely commented on in the Jewish press, in fact, most everything I said above, with the exception of my speculation about Hitchens and Albright, are favorite discussion topics in the Jewish press. As usual, these discussions are confined to the “behind closed doors” safety of the Jewish media. If any Gentile “outsider” (like me) dares to broach the “secret topics that Jews can only discuss with themselves”, most Jews and many Judeophiles will bash them ferociously as anti-Semites, even if the Gentile makes the same comments about the Jews that Jews make about themselves when they think no one is listening. This tribal double standard is unfair and immoral. While Jews tolerate all sorts of discussions in these Jews-only fora (including often-ferocious criticisms of Jews, Jewish jokes, etc.), it’s still pretty taboo for Jewish authors to discuss these “sensitive subjects” with the “outsiders”, i.e. in the non-Jewish media. Brave, noble Jewish prophets who dare step off the Jewish Plantation to discuss the dirty linen with the frightening goys are often ruthlessly gang-bullied and ordered by other members of the Tribe to “Shut up!” amid cries of, “Are you trying to start a pogrom?” The mentality is, “There are certain things we only discuss with our own kind”. So now, as a result of the utterly harmless statements and two airy, idle, innocuous speculations above, I am now a big fat anti-Semitic Naziboy. Well, well. It won’t be the first, but I never expected it from the Left. In Summer 2002, after a few months study, I adopted the Palestinian cause and started strongly opposing Israel. Before, I was the usual wishy-washy “let’s talk peace” fence-sitting US liberal on the subject. I’ve been active for almost three years now, debating Zionists on the Web anonymously. Previously, no sane person ever called me Nazi or anti-Semite. Suddenly, as an enemy of Israel and supporter of the Palestinians, I have been called these things 100,000 times at least, or so it seems. I’ve gotten many threats, including death threats, challenges to fight, threats to beat me up, to fire me from my job, to destroy my business, to uncover dirt on me, to destroy my reputation and career. Since I was anonymous, there were endless attempts to find out my real name, address, phone number, school history, work history, town of residence, life history, you name it. Dossiers or files were made listing my postings. I dealt with my share of stalkers and harassers. I was called every name in the book, insulted with every insult you can think of and baited in every possible way. 80-90 Debater opponents posted lists of my annotated, cross-referenced quotes, trailing back years. They uncovered nym and nym, linking them all, and putting them into Big Fat Files. Creepy. The creepiest of the harassers, stalkers, and threateners were often US Jews associated with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Jewish Defense League (JDL). Others were associated with heavily Jewish “anti-racist”, “anti-fascist”, or “anti-revisionist” liberal-to-Leftist groups. A number of them came from Ken McVay’s anti-revisionist Nizkor website. Note: all of this occurred during my anonymous posting on the web. I now write about these issues under my own name and am now prepared to face the music. And. So. At long last. After 45 years, I finally saw another side to them. But despite all that torrent of abuse from hundreds of Jews and (almost all Zionists), I don’t have many anti-Semitic feelings at the moment, though unfortunately I did go through a “phase” a few years ago. As far as this abusive Zionist Jewish tsunami goes, I usually just shrug it off, figure that’s just the way they are, assume they can’t help it, forgive them, and try not to think about it. But since feelings are not like faucets we can turn on and off, there were nights when I would head off to bed feeling angry with Jews. Using the faucet analogy above, as a Leftist, I would identify that feeling, note that I was feeling some racism (anti-Semitism), try to convince myself it was pathological, and do mind exercises to make it go away. Sleep on it, most times, get up the next day and it’s gone. Sometimes it would linger for a day or two. But if it lingered, I would try to keep convincing myself that I was feeling racist, that this is irrational, and try to work the feeling away with reason. I think all humans are susceptible to racism, sexism, etc., and we Leftists are too. The only difference between the racists and us is that they aren’t bothered by their racism – they relish it and mold pleasing identities with it. On the other hand, we try to banish it when it appears. Before I adopted the Palestinian cause, I never cared anything about Jews; in fact I was a shameless Judeophile. I spent decades hanging out with a couple who were friends of my family before I even found out they were Jewish. When I finally found out, I had known them my whole life (33 years) and the subject of their being Jewish had never come up. There were a number of other family friends whom I would only recognize as Jewish if I really thought about it. Most of the time, the thought never even occurred to me. So, upon taking up the Palestinian cause in my 40’s, a previously fawning Judeophile morphs into a raving Nazi? No. The moral to the story is, take up the Palestinian cause, start opposing Israel, and be prepared to be called “Jew-hater” till your ears turn blue. In the meantime, in closing, I just want to make a few aphoristic points: There is no Jewish Conspiracy to Control the World, or if there is, they’re doing a damned poor job of it, so we needn’t worry. If they ever start taking over for real, then we can think about how to deal with it happens. Instead of this Jewish conspiracy, there just is imperialism. WRT to the general disgusting question of races, tribes, ethnic groups, clans, nations, states, religions, sects, and the repulsive formations that humans create and embrace in order to defy their humanity, drive barriers between their Sapiens siblings, and create hatreds out of mere air, I say: I don’t care anything about any of these tribal, divisive formations. And it’s all a deceit anyway, because the Human Tribe is the only one that counts. My attitude on races, ethnicities, tribes and religions reads like a quiz: Does it have a head? Yes. Does it have less body hair than a monkey? Yes. Does it have two arms with two hands? Yes. Does it have two legs with two feet? Yes. Is it talking (nonsense)? Yes. Answer: It’s a human being. White, Black, Asian, Polynesian, Indian, American Indian, Melanesian, Micronesian, Pygmy, Hottentot, Aborigine – they are all idiots of same quality. To the charge of anti-Semitism, I say: I don’t hate the Jews, I hate everyone. This research takes a lot of time, and I do not get paid anything for it. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a a contribution to support more of this valuable research.

Israel Shamir On The Wikipedia Jews

Repost from the old site. Although Shamir is an anti-Semite, he still has many excellent insights into the Jews and is often correct or half-correct in his analysis of them. The sad truth is that just because someone is an anti-Semite does not mean they are always wrong about the Jews. This is just a lie spread by Jews and Judeophiles to shut down all debate. Someone is an anti-Semite if they dislike Jews, but, in spite of their dislike for them, they may still have accurate insights into the folks they dislike. Same thing with racists. Anti-racists and minorities like to shut down all debate in the same way by saying so and so is a racist so don’t listen. That’s a logical fallacy. Tragically, racists are often correct or half-correct in their critiques of the races and groups they dislike. It’s a logical fallacy to say that animus towards a group automatically poisons reason and makes all of your conclusions about them null and void. Don’t believe me? Run it by your Logic 101 prof and get back to me. Here. I think Shamir probably does the best job so far in explaining the phenomenon of the Wikipedia Jews that we have been over a lot on this blog. I would like to point out that this blog was one of the first outlets to pick up on the Wikipedia Jew phenomenon and report on it. Now, three years later, lots of others are finally starting to figure out what everyone editing Jewish-related articles on Wikipedia knows. He also goes into the nefarious “Leftist anti-racist” character known as Chip Berlet, who works as a spy for the ADL and some say for the CIA. I had some run-ins with this idiot when I edited the Israel Shamir article on Wikipedia, which is a travesty. This is not true. Shamir is a Russian Jew who immigrated to Israel. His father was a rabbi. He served in the Israeli military and wrote for the Israeli press for a bit. He lives in Israel and owns a home in Jaffa where he entertains visitors every day. The liars centered around Berlet and cohort of “antifas” centered around the Searchlight Magazine in the UK have launched this insane campaign against Shamir. This nonsense suggests that Shamir is not Jewish, has never lived in Israel and does not live there presently, never wrote for the Israeli press, and never lived in the USSR. Instead, he is a Swedish neo-Nazi who is pretending to be all of these other things. The nefarious Roland Rance, mentioned in connection with the war on Gilad Atzmon, once again plays a big role here. Some pro-Palestinians, including Nigel Parry, Hussein Ibish and Ali Abunimah, have joined in. Stephen Pollard has also chimed in. It is true that Shamir, like many authors, has maintained many fake names and has written under those names. He has even set up fake identities for his names, including addresses and histories. If you are controversial, I actually recommend that you do just this if you want to rewrite. Get yourself a nom de plume right now! Jews are often accused of hatching or engaging in this or that conspiracy to further the interests of the Jews. Shamir does an excellent job in this piece of explaining the phenomenon of the Jewish conspiracy, what it means, and why it occurs. It’s useful to note that many so-called Jewish conspiracies are nonexistent and that any sensible group or individuals connected to power or money form cabals to further their interests. The rich in any society are constantly conspiring. They conspired in order to obtain wealth, and they need to conspire in order to maintain wealth and not lose to competitors. The rich and the powerful conspire all the time and so do the rest of us probably. Many males have conspired to get a woman into bed; I certainly have. I could go on and on here, but I think you get the picture. This is an excellent piece by Shamir and is mostly or wholly free of anti-Semitism.

Wikipedia, Ziopedia or Judeopedia?

Repost from the old site. This is actually one of the more famous articles on the old site, and it got lots of reads. Indeed, a whole website, Ziopedia, had its name inspired by this piece. I’ve now dissociated myself with them due to their extreme anti-Semitism. The post is an account of my time at Wikipedia. I did not last long. I started editing articles on anti-Semitism, Israel and Palestine and only made the most reasonable of edits. Some Jewish and Judeophilic psychos came through and simply reverted all of edits for no reason, then they went through all my other edits on totally extraneous subjects and reverted most of those too. I wasted something like 12-24 hours out of my life. All of the pages on Jews, Israel, Palestine and areas related to anti-Semitism were protected by militant Jews and their Judeophilic allies. I don’t know what Wikipedia is like these days, but it was corrupt as Hell back then. I have seen many Palestinian and pro-Palestinian editors go to work on the site and to my knowledge, most or all of them have been banned for no good reason within only a few months of posting. The place is just hopeless. Militant Jews and their Gentile defenders infiltrated Wikipedia very early on (With a motto like “We are trying to be the sum total of all the world’s knowledge, how could they refuse?) and have never left. Many quickly wormed themselves in to high places, especially administratorships. Truth is, for certain subjects anyway, Wikipedia is a sickening joke. Militant Jews, possibly more than any other ethnic group, seem to be compelled to “control the message.” I figure it is Jewish paranoia of anti-Semitism that drives such things. We see this in Jewish media cabals of the past century or so. The Wikipedia Jews are also an excellent example of an actual Jewish conspiracy in action. All you have to do is open your eyes if you want to see it. If you can’t or won’t see it, it’s because your eyes are closed for some reason. Jewish conspiracies do in fact exist, but their existence is wildly overblown by anti-Semites, and they tend to operate more informally than the closely planned conspiracies involved in, say, carrying out a huge guerrilla attack in a war. In addition to Wikipedia Jews, Wikipedia is now blighted by Wikipedia Hindus, mostly Hindutvas or Hindu fascists, who have made a strong alliance with the Wikipedia Zionist Jews or Jewish fascists. Every single pro-Pakistani editor who has tried to edit Wikipedia has gotten banned on phony grounds by these crazies. Whose fault is it that Wikipedia sucks? None other than the malign and petty little man Jimbo Wales, ultralibertarian creator of the whole mess. Cabals of various are continuously trying to operate on Wikipedia, but thankfully, the admins block most of them from operating. However, the Wikipedia Jews and the Wikipedia Hindus are allowed to run amok like a bunch of maniacs. The only reason must be because Jimbo agrees with them. The article is very long, so be forewarned. I did cut it down to size quite a bit with this posting. I recently got an account at Wikipedia and after a while, I started editing some pieces. I got really excited about it. I was one of the wonderful Wikipedians. I talked to people about what a wonderful site it was. I started spending a lot of time on there editing articles. It was fun. Yaay! I loved Wikipedia . There was something kind of weird and cultist about it, but, if you understand the theory of cults well, you will understand how I found that appealing, as I felt I had become an adept – one of the anointed ones. Another thing you will realize if you understand cult theory is that people like me will tend to get thrown out of most any cult, organization, political party, and God forbid, corporation. I shudder to say workplace, though I have improved now in that it usually takes them about a year to fire me for insufficient brown-nosing and chronic rebellion. Thus, alas, my induction into the Wikipedia cult was doomed from the start. The fatal blow? I branched out from editing non-controversial stuff and one day I decided to edit some articles dealing, peripherally, in one way or another, with Jews. You know, like Jews, Israel, Palestine, the enemies of the Jews (the designated “anti-Semites”), stuff like that. Why? Cuz those are some of the most outrageously sucky articles in the whole suckathon called Wikipedia, that’s why. I lasted about two days, carefully making only the most minor, cautious and reasonable edits. Then, disgusted and enraged, I penned this gorgeous spitwad of a F-you missive, like a rock through a window, and left it up on my homepage to see how long it would take before the Wikipedia Cops showed up to haul me off. Took about 12 hours before one of the worst sociopathic militant Jewish ethnocentric nationalists on there (a former member of Oingo Boingo, no less) did his tribal duty and murdered my membership in Wikipedia. I am now permanently banned (permabanned) from editing Wikipedia, till death do us part. Update:I am pleased to report that two noble Wikipedia administrators have opposed my permabanning on jpgordon’s talk page. Details here. I’d like to throw a shout to Wiki admins Jahiegel and Everyking for their very principled stand. Note that jpgordon is continuing to call me a “virulently anti-Semitic bigot”. Also note that a casual perusal of Gordon’s talk page clearly reveals him as a sociopathic, militant Jewish ethnic activist. Kevin MacDonald, a brilliant modern thinker, makes clear in his works, especially the brilliant span style=”font-style: italic;”> Understanding Jewish Influence – Background Traits For Jewish Activism, that militant, highly ethnocentric Jews simply cannot distinguish between those who criticize them in the tiniest way and the people who want to throw them in the ovens. Any criticism harkens the threat of another genocide, and all non-Jewish humans are divided into two halves: the obsequious pro-Jews who slavishly shower praise on the tribe, and the “Nazis”, ranging from everyone who ever utters one peep of criticism of the Jews to those who want to finish Hitler’s work. Quoting psychologists Albert Ellis and Aaron Beck, the “irrational beliefs” at work here (in cognitive therapy speak) should be quite obvious. As far as being banned from Wikipedia…it feels…good! It’s an honor. All decent progressives should strive to get banned from Wikipedia. It’s like getting thrown out of the Republican Convention. In case you are wondering, here is the gigantic “fire me” letter I shoved up on my homepage:

Smash Ziopedia! Hello, my name is Robert Lindsay, an independent Leftist journalist and blogger in California. This is my Wikipedia (actually Ziopedia) page. My popular blog, which has received over 50,000 visitors in over a year and currently gets about 150 visitors a day, can be viewed here. First, I would like to point out that Wikipedia is an illusion and probably does not exist. There is, however, a bizarre entity known as ZIOpedia, which masquerades as Wikipedia. Ziopedia means that Wikipedia has been taken over by Zionists, Jewish ethnocentrists and their Gentile supporters. Most articles having anything to do with Jews or Israel exhibit Jewish or Zionist bias, despite noble efforts by many Ziopedians to promote the Wiki farces of Neutral Point of View and other types of scientific and scholarly discipline. Most of these people are militant Jews, but some are liberal and Leftist Judeophilic Gentiles. This has wrecked much of the quality of many of such pieces. Make the tiniest edits to any of these pieces and the militant Judeophilic gatekeepers immediately spring into action to “protect the tribe”, and all of your edits will be reverted within hours with no discussion given. Try to discuss and you will be met with silence or the usual dissembling, sophism, lawyerese, nonsense, BS, diversion, nitpicking, ad hominem, red herrings, false comparisons, and trivialism, along with and every logical fallacy known to mankind. Not only that, but you will be put on Ziopedia’s very own Neo-Nazi watch list”! LOL! Can you believe it? Object to Ziopedia’s control freaks, and you’re automatically a Nazi – even Commies like me. The founder of Ziopedia is a sleazy porn merchant named Jimbo Wales. Jimbo has deep links with powerful US militant Jewish interests. He is also a passionate Zionist. The vast majority of Wiki admins, arbitrators and top staff are also Zionists and Judeophilic. A vastly disproportionate number of them are also Jewish. Jimbo Wales runs this fraudulent website with an iron fist, along with his Wiki-fascist PC brigades. Go against Dear Leader Zio-Jimbo and watch yourself get slowly banned from the Ziopedia Travesty. Please come to my talk page to discuss the outrage called Ziopedia or anything else related to my contribs. If you are opposed to Jewish ethnocentrism and Zionism receiving preferential bias on Ziopedia, please become a contributor (non-monetary!) to Ziopedia and help fight the Zio brainwash. It’s probably hopeless, but at least there is strength in numbers. If you have a blog or post to Usenet, please spread the word about how Wikipedia is really Ziopedia, or maybe even Judeopedia. Above all, do not contribute one nickel to this Ziopedia Joke in its present form. Starve the beast. There is no point contributing to Ziopedia, a website that blatantly promotes imperialism and racism while pretending to be anti-racist, liberal and particularly unbiased. The parts of Ziopedia not dealing with Jews and Israel are often remarkably unbiased, scientific and professional and adhere to scholarly standards. This stands in naked, painful, embarrassing contrast to the Ziopedia’s Alternate Universe of anything even slightly Judaic. Feel free to contribute to the non-Judaic Ziopedia Universe and feel pride in what it is and shame and what Ziopedia could have been.

Nice, huh? Actually, I was stupid enough to think that they believed in free speech there (they claim they do), and I actually thought I would get away with flipping a great big huge verbal bird like that. Ah, but I am so naive. For the uninitiated, on first glance, like a lot of evil things with pretty faces, pleasant manners and diabolical cores, Wikipedia looks pretty neat. It’s an open-source encyclopedia, created by anyone in the whole world who wants to help work on it. Kumbaya! Let’s all communistically hold hands together and work for free on the free encyclopedia for the whole world. Yaaay. And what’s more, anyone can edit most any article. Even you. Or me (well, not anymore). Wikipedia has this neato New Age touchy-feely aspect about it, with a hardcore dollop of nerd tossed in. It feels nice, groovy, fun, smart. They have all sorts of neato sounding rules and sayings that they like to bandy about. That’s part of the culty thing, but you don’t see it at first. The rules are really de facto garbage nonsense, like “no original research” or “no personal blogs cited” or “neutral point of view”. And the sayings are Chairman Mao-like stuff like “Be Nice”, “Wikipedia is not therapy”, bla bla. Only after you dive into the black heart of the beast do you realize that the rules, like Lenora Helmsley’s taxes, are only for “the little people”, i.e. everyone not in with the Wikipedia Elite Cult. After a while you figure out that all the Mao-like dictums are the products of so-called “benevolent dictator of Wikipedia” Jimbo Wales. You realize that the sayings are not neato or groovy, but instead cultist aphorisms from super-creepy “Dear Leader” Jimbo. Jimbo likes to say stuff like, “We want Wikipedia to be the sum total of human knowledge”, and “We are creating a free encyclopedia for every poor child in Africa”. That, along with his comments along the lines that Wikipedia is an alternate source of information to the corporatized media, is sure to warm the hearts of Leftists, liberals and progressives. Except that…Jimbo is none of the above! After a while on Wikipedia, you start shaking your head wondering what kind of politics the Cult Leaders of Wikipedia espouse. And like any good Maoist commune, groupthink pervades Wikipedia. Except you can’t figure it out at first. Are they liberals? Yes and no. Are they conservatives? Yes and no. Are they Zionists? Yes. Are the religion-hating (except Judaism), science-worshiping, atheist skeptics? Yes! So you go read up on criticism of Wikipedia. Leftists say they are Rightists. Rightists say they are liberals. And yet…they are neither. Finally you crack the puzzle. Wikipedians are…”computer geek libertarians”. Dear Leader Jimbo, a self-proclaimed libertarian, stated that no aid whatsoever should be given the victims of Hurricane Katrina. He called that government aid “fascism”. Wikipedians love that word, along with “Nazi” – both reserved for anyone Wikipedians don’t like. See here how Dear Leader Jimbo is willing to suspend any and all “rules” (they already selectively enforce or suspend them anyway) on Wikipedia in order to keep “Nazis” from editing articles. Well, that’s nice, but who is a Nazi? According to Wikipedia, I am a Nazi, since one of the militant Zionist Jews on there put me on the Wikipedia Neo-Nazi Watch List. Could it be that Jimbo is a reactionary who deliberately tries to chase Leftists off Wikipedia and is hostile to all progressive and Left viewpoints? Dear Leader Jimbo doesn’t think that corporations should pay one nickel in taxes and doesn’t think that government should do anything to help its citizens. His pet peeve in recent years is apparently “government-sponsored health care”, surely a dire threat to mankind. Almost all of the top-levels of the Wikipedia Cabal are Objectivists, or libertarians, if not Fox News conservatives. Almost all of the administrators are conservatives or libertarians, and one is a Moonie. It’s a white-collar, conservative neocon, White American point of view. Wikipedians oppose the minimum wage, any and all social programs and, sharing Jimbo’s view, any and all aid to Hurricane Katrina victims. A very large number are also militant Jews. Alas, the gatekeepers are everywhere. The huge over-representation of militant Jews on Wikipedia is one of those aspects of Wikipedia that is not immediately obvious, but kind of creeps on you after a while. With time, you start to realize what it is and it knocks you out of your chair when you do. For what you see in this aspect of Wikipedia is a full-blown Jewish Media Control Conspiracy, operating right in front of your very eyes, in full view to anyone willing to look. The perpetrators of this conspiracy even brag about what they are doing as they cavort through Wikipedia on their psychopathic mission to defend the tribe. They gleefully call themselves names like “The Cabal”, “The Jewish Cabal”, and the like. But woe to anyone who points out the obvious. If you do, you will be immediately banned from Wikipedia as a “hate-monger” and a “Nazi”. The size of this cabal is not large – maybe 20-30 militant Jewish tribal activists (actually, doing more research into Wikipedia, I think it may be far, far larger than that) but they also have the backing of the huge, largely rightwing Judeophilic Gentile Zionist cheering section behind them. Having said that, I assume that Wikipedia is probably full of Jews dutifully editing away at linguistics or math or computer languages or biology or whatever, who have no relation to the Cabal. They just write about their fave subjects, and don’t write about anything having to do with the Jews. And some Jews write about Jewish subjects in a non-militant, fair, balanced, NPOV way. I should point out that moderate Jews, moderate Zionists and Jewish dissidents on Wikipedia are also ferociously attacked by the militant Cabal. So, probably the vast majority of Jews editing on Wikipedia have nothing to do with the Cabal, and probably don’t even know it exists. They are innocent. And the Wikipedia Jewish Cabal has the total support of a huge number of Wikipedia Judeophilic Gentiles, who back the Wikipedia Jewish/Zionist Cabal agenda 100 Which, when you think about it, is a pretty good example of how your average Jewish Media Control Conspiracy works in real life. A few militant Jews converge on a media enterprise or enterprises with the goal (usually independently, and not necessarily conspiring with other like-minded folks) of gaining enough influence over the enterprise or even taking it over completely in order to “protect and promote the tribe” (mostly to protect). 90 The worldly affairs of the tribe are far away. If they know about the conspiracy, they either angrily deny it, or shrug their shoulders, or even oppose it. They are innocent. I think, right there, with the Wikipedia example, we can explain a lot of the Jewish Media Control Conspiracy Theories bandied about, restrict the more florid theories, and answer most of the silly rejoinders to the theories too. Keep in mind, too, that most conspiracies are done by individuals who share the same goals without necessarily elaborating them and working together to carry them out. That’s all you need to pull it off. You don’t need smoke-filled rooms, game plans, scrimmage lines on chalkboards at halftime, false identities or secret handshakes. And actual conspirators love to project. In the midst of a media control conspiracy, conspirators will rant and rave about how their ideological enemies actually control the media that the conspirators themselves control. Don’t ask me to explain such Rube Goldbergian defense mechanisms. Consult a psychology text instead. See here where the Wikipedia Jewish Cabal got so worked up over “anti-Semitic bias” at the same Wikipedia they actually had under lock-down control themselves that they actually set up a page dealing with the subject. Oh, my head is spinning. Also see this archived user page from 2003, where a typical fanatical activist “ Wikipedia Jew” (a teacher at a Jewish school) was actually on the verge of being banned from Wikipedia due to his unrelenting hostility, rudeness, paranoia, sociopathy and promiscuous flailing of the “Anti-Semite” and “Nazi” epithets. For instance, this fellow was convinced that 2/3 of Wikipedians were anti-Semites. He also referred to Wikipedia as “Nazipedia”. The Wikipedia Jewish Cabal, while quite powerful (see Fear Ireaan’s comments on the page here), seems to have been less dominant back in 2003 then it is now. Do note, however, how long this criminal-type Jewish user, RK, was allowed to get away with his antisocial behavior before he was finally (sort of) disciplined. And note below how nowadays, with the Cabal so deeply in control, pro-Palestinian editors are banned quickly for behavior that is meager in quality in longevity compared to RK’s. Typical of fanatical Jewish activists, RK felt that he was 100 One more thing: actual conspirators usually get extremely angry when exposed, and one of their favorite epithets is, “Conspiracy theorist!” In the dumbed-down yet nevertheless conspiracy-riven USA, that is actually a put-down. Kind of like, “Jews do NOT control Hollywood, dammit! And if you ever say that, you will never work in this town again!” You think I make all this crap up, in my deluded mind? Heh. Here is the talk page of one of the highest-ranking members of the Wikipedia Jewish Cabal, Izak, w+ho has disgustingly been allowed to run amok like a criminal through Wikipedia, trashing much of the site. Just read the talk page; I will say no more. Here is a poor pro-Palestinian editor, Alberuni, banned for fighting the Jewish Cabal on articles relating to the Israel-Palestinian Conflict. He was banned for “POV” (point of view violations). What that means in Wikipedia Jewish Cabal 1984 double-speak is that he was trying to make some of those articles slightly more fair and unbiased. Here is his sad talk page, documenting the crimes committed against him on Wikipedia. Here is the pitiful Sanhedrin Ziopedia Kangaroo Kourt proceeding against poor Alberuni. Read it and weep. This page also lays out in disgusting detail the depredations of the militant Zionist Jewish crooks who are destroying Wikipedia. Here is the tragic talk page of Yoshiah, a decent Wikipedia Jew who is going against Jewish groupthink on Wikipedia and catching the full, ferocious brunt of Jewish Wikipedia militants for his transgressions. Yoshiah is a Jewish convert to Christianity, a type of Jew traditionally despised by militant ethnocentric Jews. Here is the excellent homepage of HistoryBuffr, who also rants against “Ziopedia” like I did, but for some reason has not yet been given a targeted assassination by the Wikipedia militant Jewish bullyboys. Matter of time, I guess. But look here! Just recently, while I was editing this article, poor HistoryBuffr, an eminently fair editor, has been banned from editing Wikipedia for two months, and has been banned from editing articles on the Israel-Palestinian Conflict for one year! Here is the laughable, pitiful, Kafkaesque “decision” to kill HistoryBuffr on Wikipedia by the preposterous Wikipedia Kangaroo Court hanging judges in all its gory outrage. You have to understand Wikipedia a bit to realize what a ludicrous joke this decision is. On Wikipedia, if you are fair-minded and oppose Jewish chauvinism and militant Zionism, it’s just a matter of time before the militant Jewish Zionist creeps nail you up too. This insipid copy of a Wikipedia talk page shows you just how insane and stupid the 8th-grade-playground-on-acid called Wikipedia really is. Note halfway down where the Zionist thugs that run Wikipedia can’t decide if the Occupied Territories are really occupied. Except that international law is unanimous that they are. Wikipedia Thought Police think they should be called “disputed”, a view rejected by 100 Here is another travesty, concerning the Wikipedia article on Marwan Bargouti. See here for a take on Wikipedia as a Jewish Media Control Conspiracy from an unfortunately blatantly anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi site. Despite the disgusting nature of the site, it’s still an intelligent, albeit much exaggerated (as many such sites are), take on the matter. I don’t know about the sayanim stuff and about the monitoring by Hillel, SPLC, and ADL types, but I would not put it past the Wikipedia fanatics at this point. For a radical critique that pretty much avoids the anti-Semitism above, while dredging similar waters, see this brilliant, gorgeously written critique from the blog Americans are Ambitious Wolves. Hey, where does Wikipedia get all its money anyway? Good question. No one seems to know, and Jimbo won’t answer any questions. Hmmm. This long, intelligent article, titled Swastikapedia, gives a detailed overview of many of the problems that plague the Wikipedia disaster zone. A much more recent article by the same author, The Great Failure of Wikipedia , rambles quite a bit, but nevertheless makes some excellent points, the most important of which is that Wikipedia does not believe in majority rules. That is, in a vote of 74-1, the losing side can win the vote if the lone vote against was an administrator. Or a vote of 75-45, the 45 losing votes can win because they were “of a better quality”. And on and on. He also points out, as I have in this piece, that there is a group of people who are dedicated to destroying Wikipedia. Wikipedia-Watch has a lot of great critical stuff on Wikipedia. The site was founded by one of the Wikipedia pioneers, who subsequently left and turned into a Wikipedia-hater, apparently because he is a decent person and was offended by the Wikipedia sewer. The author of Wikipedia Watch is also a very active contributor to Wikipedia Review. The Wikipedia Cabal and Cultists have initiated a vindictive campaign against this dissident, in true cultist fashion. If you are a Zionist, a conservative, a neocon, a libertarian, or just a person with a serious lack of ethics, head on over to the Wikipedia mud puddle and wallow away to your heart’s content. I am going to argue that all progressives, liberals, Leftists, Muslims, Arabs, anti-Zionists, pro-Palestinians, and basically all decent people in general, should just avoid editing on Wikipedia at all costs. If you go there, the gangsters are likely to rake you over the coals and you are probably going to get really angry. Sooner or later, you will be banned. You may spend a great deal of time on excellent edits only to have them “reverted” (destroyed) instantly, with no comments at all, by one of the creepy Wikipedia Warlords. If you are already editing happily on Wikipedia, by all means keep on doing it. But I will also advocate that none of us should give one nickel to this highly ethically-challenged enterprise. If you think you can just avoid this mess on Wikipedia by not messing with Jewish-oriented stuff, you are probably mistaken. Although my info is sketchy, I have been told that the Jewish Cabal is not the only cabal on Wikipedia. Reportedly, there are all sorts of other gangs and cliques and mini-cabals sociopathically running amok on Wikipedia in many other areas of the site. There probably is no avoiding the revert-wars, edit-wars, flagrant power abuses and other BS if you edit a lot on Wikipedia. And no matter where you edit, sooner or later you are doubtless going to run into the Ayn Randian Objectivist Libertarian Cabal types who basically run the place. If you are progressive at all, I doubt you will find that a pleasant experience. Down with Wikipedia! Down with Jimbo Wales! Down with Ayn Rand! Down with sociopathic militant Jewish ethnic activists! Update: This piece was linked at a major New Zealand magazine called The Listener in a piece called Cuts Both Ways by Russel Brown. Brown refers to this article, noting:

Bizarrely, a freelance journalist who disengaged from the project accused Wales of leading a cabal of right-wing Zionists intent on giving the site’s political content a particular slant.

As usual, when one talks about certain things that are so painfully obvious that they hit you in the face with a left hook, even when, like me, you would love not to see them, one is thrown in with the tin foil hat crowd. God forbid that any ethnic conspiracy, or any conspiracy, had ever taken place on this good, green Earth. To suggest this, one must be off one’s meds, no? This post was also linked at the Wikipedia Review, which I still regard as an excellent resource. Predictably, “Selina”, the administrator who reflexively shuts down any topic that mentions the word “Jew” and bans the user as a “Nazi”, accuses me, a pan-humanist universalist, a homicidally anti-Nazi, deeply anti-racist, fanatical anti-fascist Leftist of “Nazi-like racism against Jews”. She also calls me a “f*****g maniac”, which is arguably true, but you would have to check with my girlfriend to make sure. What’s important is that Selina’s behavior, like the fanatical Zionist reaction to the Walt/Mearshimer landmark paper on the Jewish-Israeli Lobby in the US (see Juan Cole’s great but futile petition to the Conference of Major US Jewish Organizations for more), serves to shut down debate about an important topic. Worse, the terror of anti-Semitism that makes so many Americans so censorious and self-censorious about The Jewish Question creates the scenario where the only people in America discussing such Questions are anti-Semites and militant ethnocentric Jews and their Judeophilic allies like Selina. In this “debate”, the pro-Jewish side is not really having a discussion so much as they are standing in the bleachers trying to shout down the whole conversation. The anti-Semites are just calling names and trying to pick a fight with the other side. Everyone other than these two parties is standing in the corner, silent and terrified. Because such Questions never get discussed, we end up with a very bad situation. A scenario whereby Hollywood and the US media are heavily under the domination of militant members of a tiny, ferociously ethnocentric ethnic group that uses these means of communication to brainwash the US public into going along with the ethnic group’s politics, and then uses an “anti-racist” sledgehammer to bash anyone who dares to point out this obvious, demonstrable fact in mixed company. You also end up with an ethnic lobby that has Congress, most state governments and the Executive Branch by the short hairs, to the point where the Lobby is able to give lawmakers marching orders on US foreign policy. You end up with disastrous wars like the clusterf**k in Iraq and a threatened nightmare in Iran. You end up with 9-11, oil embargoes, the tragedy of the USS Liberty and the bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon. While ethnic warfare may be the norm in the Middle East and much of the world, it needs to be roundly condemned as anti-American in the melting pot USA. Certainly all ethnic warfare, Jewish or otherwise, needs to be seriously slammed by all principled progressives as antithetical to both our universalist ethics and to basic norms of human decency.

Why Russians Are Anti-Semites

Repost from the old site. You antisemites should love this one too. Damn, red meat today or what? Nowadays, anyway. The Russian Mafia. The Oligarchs. Names like Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Boris Berezovsky, Mikhail Chernoy, Vladimir Gusinsky, Roman Abramovich, Alex Goldfarb, Mikhail Brudno and Vladimir Dubov, Leonid Nevzlin, Read it and weep. All they did was bleed the country dry, steal every nickel of wealth Russia had, then send all the money to their Jewish friends and partners in crime in Israel and the US. In other words, there was a concerted effort on the part of a small group of Russian Jews to bleed the country dry and steal from the anti-Semitic Russians that they hated so much. A plot steal the money for the Jews and keep it for themselves, or, when some patriot tried to get a hold of it, to ship it to some other rich Jews in Israel, New York or London – at any rate, to keep the money in the hands of the Jews. At one time, there were said to be seven oligarchs in Russia, and six of them were Jews – these seven were said to own 70 This is age-old Jewish economic warfare, but we don’t see it so often in the US anymore. It was really bad at the turn of the century and until 1925 or so. Henry Ford, an unduly criticized man, wrote, in The International Jew (an unduly criticized book) about Jewish economic warfare in the US during this period. He documented it in this book and in a column in the Dearborn Independent. He uncovered a Jewish plot to take control over the New York Stock Exchange. Gentiles would sell their seats to anyone with the cash, but the Jews would either hold onto their seats, or, if they sold them, only sell them to other Jews. Thus, gradually, the Jewish percentage of the NYSE rose and rose. Ford, a US patriot, blew the whistle on this ethnic warfare, and Gentiles on the NYSE started to refuse to sell their seats to Jews. This was the right and proper thing for them to do. He also uncovered a similar Jewish plot to take over US investment banking. They pretty much got control over it, but I’m not sure if that is still the case. Anyway, he blew the whistle a little late on that one. Then he noticed a similar plot underway to seize the nation’s commercial banks. He blew the whistle on that one just in time, and the banks just quit selling to Jews altogether. In this way, the NYSE and our nation’s commercial banks were saved from being controlled by a tiny minority that often does not have our national interests in mind. Around the same time, similar Jewish plots were hatched to take control over the nation’s largest papers. This was mostly because these papers were being run by racist White Americans (most US Whites were racists back in those days). The papers were anti-Black and anti-Semitic at the very least. So a number of wealthy Jews held some meetings with businesspeople and plotted to buy out the papers. This is how Jewish control over the New York Times was established, and it remains under Jewish control to this day. Do you think the Sulzbergers will ever let it slip into the hands of the Gentiles? Don’t bet on it. At the same time, these same Jews noticed that the budding Hollywood film industry was also under the control of White racists hostile to Blacks and Jews. Birth of a Nation was a real wake-up call for these Jews. The same thing happened. Some big money Jews met with Jews who were interested in film. Within 10-20 years, Hollywood was in the hands of the Jews, mainly about four or five Jews who all grew up in Galicia about 100 miles from one another. Hollywood is much more Gentile now, especially at the lower levels, and the Gentiles have been breaking into even directing and production for some time now. But a select group of Jews still has some pretty significant control over the place, especially at the upper levels. It’s so bad that Gentile aspiring actors actually wear Jewish stars of David to interviews in order to pretend to be Jewish to increase their chances of getting hired. I wonder if these Jews will ever give up the highest reins of this industry? That’s the problem when an ethnocentric group like this grabs an industry – they want to keep it in the hands of the tribe, and they often refuse to sell out to non-tribals. Jewish apologists like to say that this is all normal and ok in capitalism. I don’t like any kind of ethnic warfare. On what legal basis to Jews have a right to practice – let’s face it – discrimination, in order to hire their own, promote their own, and keep their property in the hands of their own? Whites did this for decades in this country, and all of this discriminatory crap has been made illegal. Further, it’s a downright obsession of the heavily-Jewish media. But if it’s wrong for Whites to discriminate to hire, promote and even hold onto their wealth, surely it is for Jews too. It’s well-known in Hollywood that many Jews hire and promote their own. To this day, not one soul has ever called them on it. Ford’s writings make another disturbing fact clear. When you are dealing with an ethnic group that is waging ethnic warfare against you, the only way to fight them is to become racist yourselves. The only way to fight Jewish ethnic warfare was for Gentiles to be anti-Semites. If they had not given in to racism, they would have been steamrolled. This is disturbing because if one chooses anti-racism in this circumstance, you will be destroyed. Becoming racist is the only sane and logical thing to do. What would happen if something similar happened in today’s America, where Whites at least have been stripped of all ethnic identity, shamed of racism, and for the most part had their capacities for racism stripped right out of them? While at the same time, Blacks and Hispanics at least seem to have retained the capacity for racism (see the Black-Hispanic gang warfare in Los Angeles these days)? It is true that Catholics in New York still retain the potential for waging ethnic warfare, in this case against New York Jews, who retain ferocious ethnic warfare to this very day. This is why the New York mayorship shifts from Catholic to Jew from time to time. These Catholics are often Italian and Irish, but they now have some allies in Dominicans at least. If these Catholics did not wage anti-Semitic warfare against ethnic warfare-engaging New York Jews, they would be creamed, and the Jews would hold all the power and much of the money in New York. Because these Catholics are still capable of being just a ruthlessly racist as New York Jews, they are able to hold onto a semblance of power. I used to know this Dominican fellow on the Net. You can ridicule this relationship all you want, but he and I spent many hours talking together, sometimes hours a night. How many married couples even do that? He used to be a teenage criminal, roaming the streets with a Dominican gang and even sticking people up. Along the way, he had smoked a lot of PCP. Now he lived, I think alone, in a building with Orthodox Jewish landlords whom he despised. He had spent a long time, maybe years, carefully researching the New York real estate market. It appears that there are city-owned properties that are leased out to private landlords for a period of years, and then taken back by the city. There is a vast amount of real estate involved here, and there are fortunes to be made. This guy determined that whenever there was a Jewish mayor in office, about 70 These were also the best properties to own. The research was difficult because most of the evidence was covered up by massive lying on the part of the Jews involved. The bids themselves were closed and the records were sealed. This guy was not really an anti-Semitic nut, and he think he didn’t really have that much against Jews, and I don’t think he was making all this stuff up. In fact, we used to sit around at night trying to figure Jews out. We finally decided that they were running sort of a Masonic-style private club for wealth. We decided that even though it was evil, the best way to make a bundle in this world was to form our own little Jewish-Masonic secret wealth society, keep all the money in our hands, hire and promote our own, and shut everyone else the fuck out. So in a way, we both really wanted to ape the Jews and emulate them. We used to laugh like mad over the cleverness of Jews. Our plan was totally evil and probably even racist. For sure it was discriminatory. But it never came to fruition, and I still live barely above the poverty line. The guy vanished and I never heard from him again. He had found me through my legendary posts on Usenet in the Israeli and Middle East group. I was posting under a pro-Palestine name and making tons of deadly enemies and a few devoted fans. We started dwelling more and more on evil cabal stuff in our conversations, and then we started talking about spying. I don’t know what got that started, maybe because the Usenet Jews had these really creepy and evil Jewish Spy Networks they were operating on us pro-Palestinians. They had weird dossiers on us and were always threatening to uncover who we really were and make it sure that we never held a good job in America again. Oh, how these powerless Jews loved to toss their weight around! Anyway, after a while, I started implying to the guy that maybe I was a spy who worked for the CIA or the Mossad, or maybe I was a double agent. Plus at the time, I was communicating with these weird Palestinians who were actually undercover members of the PFLP and were living these creepy, is-it-illegal-or-what type lives in the US. We only knew each other according to code names, and if anyone tried to ask for anyone’s number, or try to find out where anyone lived, there could be Hell to pay. Everyone suspected everyone else of being an agent (especially they suspected me) and there were always rumors that so and so was a spy. So it was really a barrel of fun and laughs. This Palestinian dude would just take off for weeks at a time and tell no one. He would come back and say he had been in the Middle East. He had a PhD, spoke fluent Russian from his time in the USSR, and was definitely a member of the PFLP, which is an officially designated US terrorist organization. Eventually I got tossed out of their PFLP circle on grounds of being a Zionist agent. Oh well. Well, with all this weird drama around, I started telling the guy I was really a spy, or maybe I wasn’t, and all these agencies maybe I did or did not work for. And I implied that he was probably a spy too. Then I would laugh and say it’s all joke, or was it really? Eventually the guy started totally spinning and saying he couldn’t handle talking to me anymore because I was freaking him the Hell out. Anyway, if you ever want to destroy a friendship just for the sheer Hell of it, this is a great way to do it. He also told me another interesting story. As soon as Catholic mayor came in (in this case, it was Italian Catholic Giuliani), the city called back its RE properties, and then the process was taken over by an evil Catholic cabal, who promptly sold about 70 Now, a lot of people reading this think I am making this up. I say I’m not, but I don’t have any real proof of this one way or another. But if it is true, it points up some of the difficult questions above. In order to deal with Jewish ethnic warfare, Catholics had to engage in some of their own. They had to become anti-Semites. And Jews can’t wage Jewish ethnic warfare of their own without being racists too. The guy also said that Jews were rude, tight, and treated non-Jews like crap. He said this held true for Orthodox Jews in New York, in particular his Jewish landlords, who were little more than slumlords. Getting back to our Russian oligarchs, there’s a long history of hatred between Russians and Jews. We hear a lot about Russians being horrible anti-Semites, but we don’t hear much about Russian Jews being horrible Russian-haters. Who started it? Who the Hell knows? Who cares? That’s like two 6-year old boys fighting and screaming, “He started it!” after being pulled apart. From the Internet, we find some confessions of Russian Jews, this one named “Alexandr Ukrainsky”. He notes that Russian Jews have a habit of making a Bloody Mary and claim to be drinking Christian blood. Just like the blood libel! Great, way to perpetuate a stereotype! Furthermore, they have some of the worst anti-Jewish stereotypical behaviors of any group. Cheapness, greediness, you name it, these are some of the “Jewiest” Jews out there outside of Israel. Or, to put it more politely, as my brilliant Mom would deftly put it, they are really, really Jewish. These behaviors are tied in with them seeing themselves as the most Zionist, proudest Jews out there. Here again we see the tie-in with the worst anti-Semitic stereotypes of Jews (the Jewiest Jews of them all) and Zionism. Zionism is nothing more than the European ghetto, reconstructed in the minds of Jews everywhere, and on the ground in a large piece of real estate in Palestine. Zionists are the worst Jews of them all, the ones who gave and give Jews a bad name. They really are against everything secular, liberating, and assimilating about the Jewish project, because Israel is the biggest damn ghetto that’s ever existed. The Orthodox Jews themselves recreate mental ghettos the world over, and physical ones in upstate New York. Zionism gives their tribal way a home made of Earth in the Mediterranean if they ever need to escape from their crimes. As long as Orthodoxy and Zionism exist, the Jew will never achieve liberation. By the way, Marx makes a very similar point in his famous On The Jewish Question. Quite hard to read but you may want to check it out. If you can figure it out, pat yourself on the back. With the return of capitalism to Russia, Organized Crime, including many Russian Jews and Jews in the US, Israel and the UK, bled the country dry and stole just about everything that wasn’t locked down. Russia was turned into a complete sewer, and is now one of the Organized Crime capitals of the world. Russian law enforcement did used to crack down on Russian oligarchs sometimes, but the criminals were very powerful and often used to kill cops (and the existing ones still do). In the case of the Jewish criminals (the so-called oligarchs) they had the entire weight of World Organized Jewry behind them. For instance, when Putin tossed Jewish super-criminal Mikhail Khodorkovsky behind bars, Richard Perle and other top US Jewish neocons virtually threatened to declare war on Russia. No wonder Russians are so anti-Semitic.


I am indebted to a conversation I had with Kevin MacDonald in formulating some of the ideas that I developed in this piece. I do not necessarily subscribe to MacDonald’s views on the Jews in toto, but I think he is unjustly maligned. In my conversation with him, I did not get the impression that MacDonald was anti-Semitic at all; in fact, I felt that he admired Jews and wished that Gentile Whites acted more like them.

Photo of Slim Virgin of Lamerpedia

This is one of the most obnoxious and evil members of the Wikipedia Cabal, Slim Virgin.

Slim Virgin in all of her glory. She's actually kind of hot for a psycho broad. This photo is interesting because it seems to be one of the only photos of Slim Virgin known to man.
Slim Virgin in all of her glory. She's actually kind of hot for a psycho broad. This photo is interesting because it seems to be one of the only photos of Slim Virgin known to man.
She is an incredibly interesting human being. I don’t have time to go through the whole story of her role on Wikipedia; it’s worthy of a novel. But her arrival on Wikipedia has been one of the most regrettable things that ever happened to the online Enpsychopedia. Here is a pretty good summary of the sorry state of affairs on the online Enpsychopedia:

Particularly around the period discussed (2006ish), the Wikipedia “community” was a total disgrace. People like SlimVirgin wielded way too much power in a grossly uneven fashion, and used the farcical policies (in this case the Conflict of Interest policy) at a whim to attack or ban opponents. As a result, numerous people were mistreated, and these people were not going to take it lying down. A myriad of long lasting disputes developed, which Slim made no attempt to relinquish or resolve. This made SlimVirgin arguably Wikipedia’s most regrettable arrival, alongside people like Grawp, JzG, WillyonWheels etc. Anyone disagree with that? The exception I would have to take is to the implication that Wikipedia is now or ever will be different than it was then. The dynamics that we watched being played out in this particular trajectory is built-in, generic, and persistent. It pollinated the blooms and germinated the seeds that flowered again and again as o relinquish or resolve.

All of the folks listed here, Essjay, FeloniousMonk, Jayjg, KillerChihuahua, SlimVirgin, um yeah, they’re Jews. They’re a bunch of Jews. They have horns behind their ears, they drink kid’s blood on holidays, and when they pass, they are buried standing up. The only one I don’t know about is KillerChihuahua. The rest I think are part of the notorious Wikipedia Jew Conspiracy. I’m getting tired of writing about this crap because I get called an anti-Semite every time I do. Also, all of these people are assholes, and my life is way too full of familiar assholes as is without having to write about complete stranger assholes. Right now I want all the assholes, including the Wikipedia Jew assholes, to jump in a spaceship and make a failed attempt to colonize a nearly planet. Anyway, back to the story. Why the Wikipedia Jews? I don’t know. Jews are great conspirators; well, some Jews are great conspirators. Nobody really knows why, but I suspect that hyperethnocentrism is involved. Wikipedia was tailor-made for Jewish conspirators. They might as well have hung a billboard outside advertising the place and telling them to all swarm on in. The temptation of controlling one of the world’s major fonts of information, to a certain type of Jew, is like a cookie jar to kid. No way can they keep away from that. Every time I write about this I always have to discuss whether or not this mean Jews R’ Evil. I don’t think so. I think it means Jews R’ Smart and the rest of us are a bunch of dumbfucks. Any ethnocentric ethnic group or sociopolitical interest group with an agenda to push should try to grab the horns of Information and ride them into the sunset, brainwashing the hoi-polloi all the way to the bank. Anyway, Slim’s career is very interesting. She is extremely intelligent, and I think she went to Oxford or some great school like that. She is extremely fragile. When you see her, you know this. She looks like she’s going to fall apart if you look at her wrong. And that’s what she spent most of her time at Oxford doing – falling apart. She liked some guy, but I guess he didn’t like her back, or something. She fell apart again, this time for good. She left college and moved back to Canada where she lives alone. She is reportedly extremely shy and is still very fragile emotionally. She’s skinny, and that’s why she’s called Slim. She’s a vegetarian and as her name implies, she’s into celibacy. That means she doesn’t like to fuck other humans. This is possibly a good thing as at least her genetic line will cease. There is a lot of talk over whether or not this woman is a Mossad spy. She’s too much of a flake and an emotionally not ok person to be a Mossad spy. There’s a lot of talk over whether she’s one of dem Jews or not. I guess she’s a Jew. She lives alone in Canada, eats bean sprouts, never gets laid, and spends all of her time on Wikipedia. She has no life. Her life is Wikipedia. On Wikipedia her story is one of endless corruption and drama and weird, bizarre entanglements, deceits, conspiracies, abuses of power and just general evilness. She is a master of the Net and has more sockpuppets and aliases than you can imagine. The stories of her endless conspiracies are more confusing than a Thomas Pynchon novel. You can start here if you’re bored, but it goes on for 37 years (I mean pages) and you’ll probably die of natural causes or boredom before you finish. The moral to the story? The moral to the story is lameness. Slim Virgin is lame. The Wikipedia Jews are lame. Wikipedia itself is way lame.

Oh, screw Dikiepedia anyway.
Oh, screw Dikiepedia anyway.

Wikipedia Corruption Continues

This time it’s the pro-Hindutvas. Wikipedia Jews still up to their tricks, this time in an article about Palestinian Arabic. The Wikipedia Jew referred to part of the West Bank as “Samaria” and the Pallies got pissed. Sheesh. Talk about erasing the Palestinians out of existence. Referring to their land as “Samaria” in an article about their language, for Chrissake. The truth is that reactionary Hindutva fascists and Zionist Jewish fascists are allowed to run amok on there because Jimmy Wales is an ultra-rightwinger who sympathizes with them.

Obama Vows to Keep Insipid Cuba Embargo In Place

Idiot. That’s because, as the Republicans, White nationalists and Far Right insist, the guy’s a fucking Communist! No, wait, a socialist. No, wait, any socialist worth his salt would have chucked this BS long ago. I’m having a hard time figuring what the game plan is here. The Embargo has always been about US politics. Do the Dems really still need Florida to win the Presidency? What happens if they lose Florida? Do they lose? The Cuban Lobby is one kickass ethnic lobby, kind of like the Jewish Lobby. As Cuban policy has been always held hostage to this fanatics, so US Middle East policy has always been held hostage the Jewish fanatics. With the Cubans, it’s always been about electoral votes. They have said that if we don’t back their nonsense, they have enough power in Florida to throw the vote to the other candidate. Americans are more sensible, but not by much. I haven’t read any recent figures, but polls taken in the past decade showed that 53 This is very much a White thing. The Cuban exiles are Whites, and it’s Whites who always backed the stupid embargo. Blacks and non-Cuban Hispanics are generally hostile to it, and your average Mexican is pro-Cuban. The Mexican and Cuban governments have had a long alliance, based on the fact that Mexico’s PRI was originally a revolutionary party. On similar grounds, the PRI was allied with the Salvadoran revolutionaries, the FMLN.

Did These Guys Take Down My Blogger Site?

Keep in mind that I haven’t the faintest or tiniest idea about who reported my site for TOS violations or why it was reported. I’m only aware of one case of the site getting flagged for TOS violation, and that was by a Jewish guy in Tampa who worked for the ADL. After fighting with him for a while, the guy later sort of became my friend after I convinced him that I was just a Commie anti-Zionist and not a Nazi Holocaust Revisionist after all. I don’t have anything against the guy right now (He is what he is) but for a while there, I wanted to strangle the guy. Slowly. Personally. Well, that’s just one report. It takes lots of reports to bring a site down. The first shutdown resulted in an interstitial warning box, but then there was another flood of complaints and even the warning box went down, and now only I can get in, and I’m terrified they are going to delete the whole site. So who did it and why? Who knows? There were gore videos on the site, mostly videos of beheadings released by terrorist groups or guerrillas as propaganda. That could have caused the complaints. Blogger is such a crappy platform that they take down your site and the assholes never even tell you why. You can email them a million times and they will never respond once. That’s what I call customer service! There is an interesting group that is involved in mass reporting of TOS violations for blogs that they don’t like. They claim to have shut down many Blogger blogs, to have banned many Youtube videos and users, many Facebook groups (106 at last count) and many Wikipedia users and they have rewritten many Wikipedia articles. It was clowns like this that got me banned from Wikipedia. They work with these neocon weenies to try to get users and videos banned from Youtube. They are also going after Digg, MySpace and Google Earth. Google Earth?! Digg?! I don’t have direct evidence that they shut down my site, but they are definitely going after Blogger sites:

BLOGGER Report Jew-Hating Blogs in Less Than a Minute Click here and then click “submit”. Then come back here and do the same thing with this one. Do this many times a day. Many days a week and share it with all your friends and email lists. The blogs in question are some of the most hateful sites we have seen and clearly against Blogger’s own rules. Thanks!


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