An Interesting Mostly Southern Chinese Phenotype

A good friend of mine who resides in Singapore. He is very interested in his background and gave me his photo to analyze.

Looking at it, I believe he is definitely Southern Chinese fore the most part. His father is Hainanese and has a rather distinctive genotype that looks something like his son’s. His mother is a certain type of Malay that dates back to the 1400’s and is significantly mixed with European blood, mostly British and Dutch, as Europeans have a presence in the area dating back centuries. I believe that they are called Pernakans. He also has some female relatives that look very Malay. I do not know who the older man to the right is, but he looks quite Malay to me.

I think my friend ended up looking more Chinese than Malay. The Hainanese are definitely a Chinese type people. Whether they also have a Vietic type SE Asian component is not known as I do not know the history of Hainan.

Although my friend definitely has a strong Southern Chinese look, he also has another component that makes him look, well, different. I’m not going to attempt to describe this element, but it does make him look somewhat “odd,” “interesting,” or “unusual, ” from a Southern Chinese POV. A typical Southern Chinese would say that he looks like a Southern Chinese, but he’s not like us. A Southern Chinese has more of a Modern Mongoloid look. My friend is mostly modern Mongoloid, with some elements of transitional Mongoloid or archaic Mongoloid – this is what the Malays are after all – added in.

The evolution from Negritos to moderns occurred much later in Malaysia, much taking place in only the last 5,000 years. The Senoi are an example of an archaic group that is definitely Australoid yet nevertheless more progressive than the Negritos. These are the “dream people” of psychological and anthropological literature, though modern research has shown that they do not incorporate dreams as much into their waking lives as we previously thought and that the extent to which they do this was much exaggerated.

There are also Negritos (or original Asians) in Malaysia. In fact, there is a group in Malaysia that genes that date back to 72,000 YBP. This is actually before the main Out of Africa event, yet is has now been shown that other small groups went out of Africa before then.

Most of these groups were devastated by the vast Toba volcanic explosion in India 72,000 YBP that exterminated almost all humans in South and Southeast Asia. It is thought that only 1,500 of this group survived the explosion. This means that humans went through a severe genetic bottleneck no doubt accompanied by massive selection pressure and huge genetic effects. Whether this explosion’s effects extended to Central Asia (probably), the Middle East (maybe), or East Africa (unknown) is not known. At any rate, this original group departed from East Africa near Somalia and Djibouti.

The main OOA group left out of here too. No one quite knows what these people looked like but they have appeared somewhat Khoisan. The Khoisan are the most ancient group in Africa with genes dating back 52,000 YBP. Further, their click language to me seems like a good candidate for the original human language. It does seem to be quite primitive. Before that, we clearly used sign language. Neandertals could not speak due to their hyoid bones. The great apes also have this problem. So when Neantertals vocalized, they may have sounded like great apes.

The Sasquatch, which I believe is an archaic hominid related to Heidebergensis which somehow survived, has a very odd speech pattern (it speaks on the inhale, bizarrely enough – try it sometime) and a friend of mine who shot and killed two of them told me that the juveniles were using extensive sign language. They ran half the time on all four and half the time on two legs, which is very odd. Sasquatches can run up to 30 mph on all fours. That must be quite frightening to watch but it can be seen in the Port Edward Island Sasquatch footage. Anyway, enough about Bigfoot for today!

It’s not known how far modern human language dates back. Sergei Starostin feels it cannot date back more than 50,000 because so many cognates remain that we can actually construct a bit of Proto-World. One Proto-World term is “tik” meaning one, to point, index finger, etc. From this comes our word to teach. Imagine a teacher pointing at a blackboard with his index finger. I worked on an Indian language a while back and they had a very archaic word found only in the earliest vocabularies – tik, meaning “the point of a spearhead. I cannot prove it but I believe deep down inside that this is from the same root. I

It’s more of a gut feeling or intuitive thing, and intuitions are often wrong because they overgeneralize, throw out logic altogether, and rely exclusively on notoriously unreliable and subjective (the very word subjective implies emotional response) feelings, especially deep or gut feelings that can be described as “Gestalt.” I’m a birdwatcher and we use something called Gestalt to identify fleeing glimpses of a bird.

All we can see is what philosophers like Heidegger might call “the essence” or essential nature of the bird rather than it’s surface characteristics which are too fleeting to identify. Heidegger discusses surface versus essence interpretations of objects a lot. It seems hard to figure out but it’s easier than you think.

Logic relies on surface or appearance, including the human definition we have given to the object.

Intuition on the other hand pretty much throws out the surface stuff and looks for the “essence of the thing” or the “deep meaning” or “true meaning” of the object. We are getting into Plato here with the concept of “pure objects” that actually do not exist in reality.

An example of Platonic pure objects would be what I call the Masculine and Feminine spirit (see the brilliant and wrongly derided Otto Weininger’s “Sex and Character” for more. And Weininger comes from Nietzsche in my opinion and leads to Heidigger, also in my opinion. He seems to be a sort of a bridge between the two. Note that all were Germans, Weininger an Austrian, but oh well.

The Masculine Spirit and the Feminine Spirit is one way of dividing the universe or world in a binary manner. Not that there are not other binary methods of chopping the world into opposite halves, but this is just one of them.

I would argue that the world is half Masculine principle and half Feminine principle and that neither is better than the other and the marriage of the two opposites creates a whole that is bigger than the sum of its parts, hence the human pair bond where each pair of the male-female couple fills in the missing blanks or parts of the other one, each creating a whole person in the other where only a “half person” had existed before.

We are also getting into Taoism here, but the ancient Chinese were awful damn smart, so you ignore them at your peril in my opinion. Furthermore, the Taoist maxim of how to live your life – “moderation in all things” is an excellent aphorism, not that many of us ever do it. It’s clearly the route to a long lifespan.

To do the opposite is to burn candles at both ends, life fast, die young, and leave a pretty corpse, which sounds very romantic and appealing when young (it did to me) but which sounds increasing idiotic and even suicidal for no good reason with each advancing year past 30. I now find it laughable, pathetic, and openly suicidal and delight in mocking the concept. But I survived another 30 years past the expire date on that concept, so perhaps my new attitude is simply the inevitable product of living out that maxim twice and hence nullifying it.

There are a number of Southern Chinese groups with more of an indigenous look, sometimes prognathous. These date back to the original indigenous elements in Southern China and SE Asia, who all date back to the Negritos. The Montagnards of Vietnam are definitely one of these indigenous types. The indigenous went from

Indigenous (Negrito) -> Proto SE Asian (with Melanesian component) -> modern SE Asian (Modern Mongoloid with archaic components. This effect is quite pronounced in the Vietnamese, who were completely overrun by a Chinese invasion 2,300 years ago after which there was much interbreeding and a huge infusion of Cantonese words, which now make up 70

However, the core vocabulary of of Vietnamese remains Austroasiatic (a language family nevertheless with Southern Chinese roots derived from the archaic Mongoloid peoples of the region 5-7,000 YBP, who later moved into SE Asia. This core vocabulary is shared by the Munda branch of Astroasiatic, completely isolated India, particularly Eastern (Mongoloid) India. The fact that Vietic shares a common core vocabulary with the geographically separated Munda proves the existence of Austrasiatic.

In fact, it is the final convincing argument. Anyone who says that Austroasiatic does not exist is a fool.

Further, the evidence for Austroasiatic, a proven family, is no greater than the existence for Altaic, and in fact Altaic may be better proven. The “numerals” argument against Altaic is belied by the 13,000 year old Afroasiatic language, the numerals of which are a complete disaster.

Numerals are more often innovated and replaced than people think. Often the old cognates survive in archaic words or words used for related concepts, but it’s not unusual at all for the main term to be an out and out innovation. Most Altaic numerals are innovated, but there are a few cognates. Further most of the numerals have cognates in related or archaic words.

This is the most archaic layer of Austroasiatic. Some of these peoples are archaic Mongoloids with a strong Australoid component. A branch of these Australoids called Carpenterians went from India to Australia 11,000 YBP and become part of the Aborigines. Another group of archaic Australoids were called Murrayans. They came from Thailand 17,000 YBP and went to Australia. It is not known what Australians looked like before that but no doubt they were quite primitive. It’s long been thought that they have more Erectus component than the rest of us, but I’m not sure that is proven. Certainly their appearance resembles that.

The Murrayans are the core element of the Ainu, who went to the Philippines 16,000 YBP in an unusual, Caucasian appearing type, and then moved to the Southern Japanese islands north into Japan 13,000 YBP, quite possibly replacing an ancient Negrito type already there. This Negrito type definitely existed in Southern China and may well have existed in Korea. Some Australoids or especially Australoid-Mongoloid mixes can have a superficial “Caucasian” appearance, but that’s just parallel development, coincidence or more probably the fact that the possible human phenotypes is only a small subset of the possible ones.

It is this coincidentally “Caucasoid” appearance that led many observers to believe that the Ainu were somehow ancient Caucasians (Norwegians, joked one anthropologist was) that got stranded from the rest of Europoid flock way over on the other side of Asia. In fact, the Ainu are Australoid by skull and Mongoloid by genes. Their language, like the Japanese language, has an ancient Austronesian layer that has led many to falsely conclude that the Altaic Japanese language is actually an Austronesian one. The argument is even better with Ainu, the deeper group of which has not been shown to my satisfaction.

Alt Left: The Left Hates Me Far More than the Right Does

SHI: Funny thing I am hated by the Hindutvadi morons more than they do Muslims. Something about me sets a TRIGGER and they react crazily.

They probably think you’re a traitor. You used to be one of them and now you went over to the other side. Few of them will admit it, but a lot of the hatred towards me is coming from that same point of view. Some of them are almost heartbroken. Heartbroken that this good liberal man has turned into such a vicious, evil, racist brute. Except I’m not really racist at all.

The Left hates me for more than the Right does. Most rightwingers are actually quite pleasant. The Left on the other hand has been vicious, destructive, and even evil, waging a campaign of personal destruction and character assassination against me. The take-down of my blog has been only part of that.

I’m lucky I don’t have an academic job, or any job, that these psychos could connect me with because they have openly stated that they will find out my job and try to get me fired on some SJW bullshit charge (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.).

It might be nice if there were a few employers in this country who reacted to this garbage with, “So what! So my employee is a racist, sexist, homophobe, whatever! In your highly subjective opinion, that is. I got some news for you. I don’t care! People like that are more than welcome to work for me!”

But no one has the balls to do that. I know you would though, SHI, if you were an employer. That’s why I like you.

On the other hand though that employer might get a boycott against him. But if we had enough employers doing that they might stop boycotting because how can you boycott thousands of businesses at once. It’s boy who cried wolf and people would just throw up their hands and say, “Forget it! I’m buying whatever I’m buying!”

I must say though that the liberal-Left is not alone in this insane, destructive, fanatical hate.

I got the exact same thing from the Bigfooters (some of the most vicious and downright wicked and sociopathic freaks I have ever encountered) and the true crime crowd, where a group of people, mostly women waged an all out war on me for  some things I wrote when I was reporting a crime.

From the True Crime Crowd it was basically coming from a total feminist POV, but it also picked up a lot of retarded Middle American monkeys from the Midwest, fundamentalist Christian redneck Trump-lovers.

A friend of mine refers to the enemy of the men as femiservatives. There are many conservatives out there who hate us men just as much as the feminists do. He uses some word like Feminist/Conservatives – I forget the actual terminology. A lot of this enemy is made up of conservative Republican fundamentalist Christian White women, part of the Trump coalition.

They’re the worst enemy I ever met. They tried very hard to dox me, and they reported me to the police probably 50 times. I even got a call from a detective who told me I was a suspect in a terrible crime because so many people had called me in.

Before that it was Jews, mostly super-Jews and Zionist Israel-reporters.  They doxed all of their enemies and contacted their employers and tried to get them fired as “anti-Semites.” Utterly vicious people with a black hole where their heart should be.

Is it something about the Internet and the anonymity of it that brings out the Secret Psychopath in so many people? Is it Snark Culture on the Net, exemplified by Reddit?

In fact, recently I found that people on Breitbart of all places were far more open-minded about US foreign policy, government lying, and media lying and bias. A lot of them are very cynical and they hardly believed anything the state or media said about anything anymore, which is a good idea because 50

One Brietbart commenter said that whenever the government says anything, your first assumption should be that they are lying. I’m not sure about that but on foreign policy it is absolutely. Disinformation, outright lying and blatant propaganda have essential tools of US foreign policy forever now, going back to the Spanish Civil War and the yellow journalism and state-sponsored hate campaigns that accompanied it.

I was shocked at how antiwar (in an isolationist way) they were. Half of those Brietbart commenters sounded exactly like me!

Then I went over to Daily Kos (the left wing base Democratic Party) headquarters, and they had swallowed all of the media and state lies about that refinery attack whole.

I will say that the Left (Alternet) has a very open mind, except on SJW crap, but a lot of the Alternet crowd are open-minded about that too, and a lot of them are starting to rebel against SJWism which they see as puritanical, prudish, uptight, priggish, party-pooping no-fun people. Others just think it is a silly and petty distraction.

Actually over on Daily Kos (liberals) the SJWism is vastly worse. That’s a brainwashed horde over there. And on the actual Hard Left (actual Communists and antifa anarchists) is where you will find the worst SJWism of all.

I think it is because both the Breitbart crowd and the Alternet Left have gone over to a “conspiracy theory” view of the world for some time now. At times this is quite wrong, but at other times, it is flat out true.

The Democratic Party though says that every time you question the media or state on anything foreign policy or some other things, it’s “conspiracy theory.” All “conspiracy theory” is banned on Daily Kos, for instance. Ok, now right off the bat you can’t talk about 50

On the other hand though, even Kosnicks have come a long way. The early articles on the refinery attack were very skeptical, with 80

It’s really pathetic when liberals of all people (we came out of the Vietnam War era, remember?) buy the foreign policy lies of the state and media far more than conservatives do, as conservatives have always been more likely to believe this propaganda crap.

Modern liberal Democrats are utterly pathetic. They’re better than they used to be, but they are still a huge clusterfuck.

One thing that particularly galls me is that conservatives are far friendlier, nicer, and more decent to me than the Left is. And I am a Leftist! I am supposed to be one of their sworn enemies! They are supposedly full of hate, viciousness and outright evil, but when you meet them, they’re so nice and pleasant, even to an out and out Leftist!

On the other hand though the SJW Left are utter monsters – savage, destructive,, and vindictive freaks. I always thought we on the liberal-Left were the nice and compassionate ones and the Right was where al the haters and hate was. Now it’s the other way around.

It’s so discouraging and disappointing. In a way, it breaks my heart. I have been a man of the Left my whole life, and now it feels, just as I feel about my country, that the love of my life (the Left) has ripped out my heart and crushed it on the ground like a bug. So I’m also heartbroken. Heartbroken at both my country and the liberal-Left, two things I once held near and dear to my heart.

A Bit about the Sasquatches

Paul C.: Also, what other secret information do you have?

I know this sounds absolutely insane, but I was selling the directions on how to get to one of the hottest Sasquatch Habituation Sites in North America. That would be the Alberta Habituation Site. It was a closely guarded secret and the information was almost impossible to come by, but a lot of people wanted to go out there and see if they could find the Sasquatches. If you wanted directions to that site, I sold the directions for $100. And I had a number of buyers too. It’s amazing all the ways you can make money if you just put your mind to it. There are those of us who are absolutely certain that these things are real, and there are lots of us out there working on this. If we ever prove these things are real, it’s the story of the century. The are definitely shot and killed from time to time, and I know of a few cases. In fact, a good friend of mine shot and killed two of the damn things! And I believe him too. There’s no way he is lying about this. I know people who knew him before he shot these things and they said he never believed in them and laughed at and ridiculed people who believed in them. Do you have any idea how many stories like this I have of people who thought Bigfoot was the stupidest thing in the whole world right up until the day when the 9 foot tall thing ran across the highway in Oregon? Or whatever your story is. I cannot even count how many stories like this I have heard. I believe they are real because my good friends told me that they saw these things. They told me with a straight face and there’s no way they are lying. They told they saw them as clear as air just like you were standing in this room next to me right now. The people I know who have seen them were nurses, university biology and anatomy professors, college professors, schoolteachers, authors, you name it. They can ridicule us all they want to. We know these damn things are real. I just hope I do not die before we unveil these damned things. I have heard of three shootings in recent years. A body was almost surely recovered in one of them as I know an impeccable source who saw a photo of it. In the other case, I am not sure if they got a body or not. The problem is that when you kill one of these things, you go over to look at it and it looks like an 8 foot tall Paul C. covered with hair. Everyone completely flips and thinks they have killed a person. Every single person who kills one is afraid of going down on homicide. Hence the bodies are left there or buried. Some seem to be retained but those have a very nasty habit of disappearing. The last I heard about the most recent is that the government was in possession of it for a while. Even if you can keep the government from stealing it, these bodies have a way of disappearing. God knows where they go. They’re red hot dangerous to hold onto, so I suspect people dispose of them. Dump them in the ocean, set them on fire, who knows? One more problem: if it ever gets out that you have a body, the government usually comes out and steals it. They come in black vans or helicopters and they are dressed in all black and they carry automatic weapons that they point at you. Seriously. The “men in black” come out and steal them. We have since learned that US military intelligence dresses in all black. We think these people are maybe with DARPA. You are thinking cover-up. Yes there has been a longstanding government cover-up of these things since the Patterson film at least. The Smithsonian is very deep into this and has been covering this up for over a century. It all goes back to Powell Doctrine. You are asking me where the bones are. We have them. They are in university collections, but they are all labeled “Indian.” Sasquatch bones look like human bones except they are much larger. Any strange ancient bones found in the US are automatically labeled “Indian.” If you are wondering what they are, they are not apes. They are actually human beings. Sasquatches are people. Thing is they are not human beings like you and I. We are Homo sapiens sapiens. They are something else, perhaps something like Neandertalis or Heidelbergensis. You know those subhumans like Neandertal, Denisova, Flores Man, Sulu Man, Red Deer Cave Man? Well, guess what? They never went extinct! A few of them survived and that is exactly what these Sasquatches are. They are simply prehistoric men. It’s not as insane as it sounds if you think about it. Just imagine if Neandertal or some of those other subhumans never went extinct. Well, this is the remains of them, the Sasquatches. Yetis and the other similar things are all the same creature, and Yetis exist too, just like Sasquatches. And those Orang Pendeks in Indonesia absolutely exist. I know people who search for them almost full-time and they swore up and down that these things are real. And a quite famous US journalist and environmentalist saw one in 1995. I think they may be related to Flores Man. Orang Pendeks are like the Flores Men that did not die out. If you enjoy the hard work that goes into this website, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site. Donations are the only thing that keep the site operating.

Bigfoot News Bastille Day Edition, 2016

Finally, a new Bigfoot news! This long awaited edition will consist only of some very interesting photos that I have found, including one from Fallbrook, California which is being presented to the public for the very first time. Hopefully, I will have another edition coming out soon with more photos and some text too because I definitely have a few things to write about. I really think I have writer’s block about these Bigfoot posts. I always say I am going to write one, and then I never do it for some reason. I think I associate them with a lot of anxiety due to all the Hellish controversy they inevitably spawn from the semi-human inhabitants of this ghastly field of Earthly Hellions and assorted lowlifes, cranks, fools, idiots, out and out jerkoffs, loudmouths and belligerent know-nothings.

Photo from Fallbrook, California, submitted to me. I do believe that that is a Sasquatch in the background.
This photo was submitted to me by a regular housewife from Fallbrook, California who knew nothing whatsoever about Sasquatches and didn’t even necessarily believe in them. It would be hard to find a more naive submitter. She took a photo of her daughter, and when they went to look at the photo, there was what appeared to be a Sasquatch in the background. This happens so many times. She also sent me another photo of the same area, and the Sasquatch looking object was not there. Do these things make themselves invisible to the photographer somehow (by cloaking?) but somehow they are not invisible to the camera? In other words, you can’t see them with the naked eye for some reason but the camera can pick them up? It might make sense because a camera is not an eyeball. Yes, they both see things, but you eye is an organ in your body that has one way of seeing things, and your camera is a mechanical object that uses a different way of seeing things than your eye uses. Cameras surely do not have irises, optic nerves and an occipital sector in their memory bank. She was dumbfounded as to what this creature was. She said she was going to France for vacation but would be back in a while. She also said that her dogs had been acting very strange recently, and no one could figure out why. She described the land in the background as “wasteland.” As you can see, the Sasquatch is frozen in some sort of leaning over position. I cannot tell you how many photos I have seen where these things freeze like this. I suppose it is one of their ways of sort of going invisible when they feel they have been seen (freezing). A lot of mammals (and even insects) freeze when spotted by a potential predator. It is a classic means of predator defense to freeze in place.
A great closeup of the famous Ridge Watcher shot by Derek Randles Olympic Project. Note the two eyes, the nose and what looks like a mouth. Note in the chest area what looks like two breasts.
This is one of the greatest Sasquatch photos that have come out recently. Randles runs a tip-top shape outfit called the Olympic Project. He is a bit controversial in the field, but one thing I know about him is that he is absolutely above hoaxing in any way, shape or form. And the team has some quite professional procedures that they follow. They even have a forensic guy, Rich Germeau, a police officer. Germeau is a very nice guy. I have spoken with him. All in all, I would say that Randles, despite a bit of controversy around him, is one of the best and most ethical people in the field today. The Olympic Project got a call about suspected Sasquatch activity on the property of an elderly couple who lived on the Olympic Peninsula. It’s hard to say whether they believed in these things before all manner of weirdness began happening on their property. Anyway, they were baffled, and called in the Olympic Project to investigate. The team worked the site for a while and at some point, they set up a night vision camera in a spot and left it on for the night. There are cows visible in some of the video because the owners run some cattle on their property. Skeptards have been dismissive of this video simply because of the presence of cows! How ridiculous. When the team went back to review the footage later, they saw this obviously alive object peeking over the ridge in the direction of the camera. We know it is alive because it is lit up by the infrared camera, and only living things light up the camera. The skeptards were once again contemptuously dismissive, and a lot of them claimed the object was obviously a raccoon. Well in that case, it is a raccoon that is quite a bit larger than a man! It’s not a raccoon. And the shape of the image very much resembles a Sasquatch, which is what the couple suspected was on their property.
Ridge watcher
The Ridge Watcher, a blow up of the original photo. That’s thermal imaging lighting up the image, the lightened areas indicating body heat of a living creature. And no, that’s not a raccoon. Can you believe the skeptard argument is that this thing is a raccoon? WTH.
It’s not a raccoon, no. As you can see in the blowup above, you can make out the shape of a human shaped living object with two eyes, a nose and a mouth. The eyes, nose and mouth are all a lot larger than those of a human. Note also the wide shoulders, maybe 40 inches wide. No human has shoulders that wide. Note also the lit up area around the breasts. I strongly suspect that this creature, like Patty, is a female.
Comparison photo showing a human standing at night in the exact same spot where the Ridge Watcher photo was taken. As you can see, this living creature is massive, much larger than the human. You’re telling me that’s a raccoon?! A raccoon that is much larger than a human?! Where, on Star Trek? Think of something else. How do you get a human to fit into a huge suit like that that is far larger than any human could be and still light up the whole suit with heat imagery? Hint: You can’t, so you don’t. There’s no way to fake that photo, and Randles doesn’t hoax anyway. I know him pretty well.
Here is a comparison shot with a human standing in the same place that the Sasquatch was standing in the photo. As you can see with the superimposition, the human shaped creature is quite a bit larger than the man used as a comparison prop. And it’s no raccoon, unless it’s a raccoon as big as a gorilla. Ok, then maybe it was a man in a suit. Well first of all, who put a man in a suit out there? Randles doesn’t hoax. This naive elderly couple is sneaking around in a suit in the middle of the night so they can pull off a Bigfoot hoax? Get real. Furthermore, it can’t be a man in a suit because suits cannot expand the size of the human body. Note the size of the body as lit up by the infrared. Your body is as big as it is, no matter what sort of over-fitting suit you put on. The biggest suit around doesn’t make your body any larger, and the suit doesn’t show up on infrared. Only living entities and their components light up on infrared.
Yet another photo of the Ridge Watcher. It looks like this is the actual original Flir image. The skeptards have never been able to dismiss this photo, even though most Bigfooters are now convinced that it’s a hoax. The skeptard argument: That’s a raccoon. I am serious. They really are that stupid. Skeptards are dumber than Alt Righters.
Once again, it’s a raccoon. A raccoon the size of Andre the Giant. Uh huh. This is actually the argument by the “science” side that this photo is not real. The “science” guys say it’s a raccoon. An eight foot tall, 800 pound raccoon. So much for “science.”
Stacy brown human-and-sasquatch-superim-copy1
The great Stacy Brown Flir photo. I forget how they took that. That thing is running through the woods very fast in the pitch black dark night with no flashlight. Now tell me how a guy in a monkey suit does that. The body proportions and running style are perfect. That’s exactly what these things look like when they run, swinging their very long arms and with their legs kicking way up in back. Humans have tried to imitate the way that they walk and run, and no one has been successful yet. The skeptard argument is that this is either Stacy, his father or one of his friends running through the woods at night. Lame. And Brown doesn’t hoax to my knowledge.
The lame skeptard argument here is that either Stacy or his father ran through the deep woods of Florida in the middle of the night without a flashlight extremely fast and using the exact same gait as a Sasquatch does. But humans cannot reproduce the gait or a Sasquatch. It can’t be done. No one can do it. And the Browns are not hoaxers. Stacy Brown is a bit of a controversial figure, but he is no hoaxer, and neither is his father. If you see the original video, this thing is running incredibly fast. How does a human run in the deep woods with no flashlight? It doesn’t. It doesn’t run at all. People cannot run fast in the middle of a thick forest at night with no flashlight. Not possible. Note also the superimposition of an infrared photo of a human taken in the same where the original was taken imposed on the photo. Look at how much larger the object is than a human. That thing is lit up by infrared on Flir. Even if you put a massively over-fitting suit on, you still can’t light up your body any larger on infrared because the suit won’t show up on infrared. Only your body will. You could put a suit as big as a Volkswagen on, and assuming you did not suffocate in it, your image would not show up in infrared any larger than your body.
I think this is from the Idaho footage that some skiers shot of something running on a hillside in winter. It’s part of a video. I liked this video, but it is very short, and it is hard to see the object well. That thing was running extremely fast though in deep snow on top of a mountain. You telling me a friend of those skiers put on a monkey suit, climbed a mountain and then ran very fast in deep snow so his skier friends could photograph it? That didn’t happen.
This is one of Meldrum’s favorites. That thing sure is fast. The skiiers seem pretty naive. Let’s see. The skiiers got their friend to put on a monkey suit, no wait, carry a monkey suit up that very steep hill in the deep snow (How does he do that even?) up to the top of that ridge and then put that monkey suit on and run extremely fast through 2-3 feet deep snow. How does anyone do that? Furthermore, the thing is only there for 2-3 seconds. Why would anyone hoax for 2-3 seconds? Hoaxes usually last a lot longer than that.
Dogman east texas
All right, this is one of the most out and out weird crypto photos I have ever seen. This photo was shot in Texas and that, folks, is reportedly a Dogman. Yes that’s right. A Dogman. They supposedly do exist. It is some sort of insanely bizarre Sasquatch-type creature the existence of which makes no sense to me at all. That thing has supposedly killed some wild animal, and I believe it has the dead animal draped over its shoulders. Or else it is eating the animal. Or something. Someone needs to get out a pen and draw some lines around this thing so we can see what’s going on here. These Dogmen things scare the living crap out of me!
I have no idea what in the Hell that thing is, but that is one of the most out and out freakiest and most disturbing crypto photos I have ever seen. It has a dead animal draped over its shoulders. Why would a hoaxing human kill a big animal and hang it over this shoulders to hoax a what? A Dogman video. A Dogman video? What the Hell is a Dogman? No one has even heard of these things? Who ever hoaxed a Dogman video? No one did ever. Most people don’t even think they exist, including me (sort of). And look at the way that freaky thing looks. Someone made a Dogman costume? What? Who did that and why? No one has ever made a Dogman costume. No such costume is known to exist. Anyway, most people don’t have the faintest idea of what these freaky things even look like. How many people sling dead animals over their shoulder to make Bigfoot hoax videos? No one does ever.
An artist’s rendition of one of those Goddamned Dogman things. I know it makes no sense that they exist, but supposedly they do anyway. Melba Ketchum has gotten into studying these things lately, and she has supposedly observed some down in Texas. There is a radio interview of her talking about her experiences with them. These things are way too weird. Let’s prove the Sasquatches exist first, ok? Then we move onto the Dogmen and whatever else weirdness might be out there. One freakshow at a time please.
Ok, these things are just way too frightening. Sasquatches vary in their temperament, with maybe 75 But what we hear about these Dogman freaks is that 100
I always liked this photo. It was taken in Hutchinson, Kansas. That thing in the photo is huge. There are other photos of the same area from the same distance in which this object is not present. That is exactly the body shape of these damned things, and that’s something the hoaxers never get right because you can’t put a suit on a human that gives it nonhuman body proportions. Think about it. If you put a tiger suit on a man, does it really look like a tiger? If you put a deer suit on a man, does it really look like a deer? Of course not in both cases, since in each case, the man retains a human body shape even though he’s wearing a funny costume. There’s no costume out there that changes the actual proportions of the human body. Think about it. Real hard.
Ok, that’s weird. This has supposedly been debunked by the skeptards, and almost everyone believes their verdict. The verdict is that that weird object (once again frozen – note that it is frozen in the exact same pose as the Fallbrook creature above) is a cow. Yes, a cow. Isn’t that lame? Well folks, science has spoken, and that creature in that photo is a cow. That’s right, a cow. Does that look like a cow too you? Me either. But hey, science has spoken folks, so the debate is over, science being infallible and all that. All bow down to the Great God of Science!
I like this one too. This is a Skunk Ape shot on video in Mississippi. The actual video is very nice. The man who took it was hunting, and he had no idea what he photographed. Further, he didn’t even believe in Skunk Apes. He thought they were a myth. That’s exactly the way these things look from behind, and I haven’t seen a fake as good as this photo yet. Notice the shape of the hands. Not human.
This is a cool video. The guy who shot is some good old boy who went hunting one day. He had no idea what this is, so he put it up on Youtube saying what the Hell is this? It’s a Skunk Ape. A skunk ape is just a Sasquatch. That’s the name for the ones that live in the Deep South. Look at the shape of the hands on that thing. Those hands are not human. Ever seen a Bigfoot hoax with hands like that? Me either. See that sheen glowing off the coat of that thing? That means it’s real fur on a real living object. The sheen is from the oils on your skin. They come to the surface and give animals’ coats a sheen in the sun. No hoaxer has ever been able to reproduce this sheen. Actually, they never even try. Furthermore, I have seen many costumes that our Glorious Special Effects Gods have made, and I haven’s one single costume that had a sheen like this on its coat visible in the sun. But these Special Effects Gods can do anything, right? No really, they can. Go ask them. They can make a costume that perfectly reproduces any living thing on Earth. No really. I’m not kidding. They all say this. All of them, arrogant-as-Hell bunch that they are. And the vast majority of people believe the Special Effects Liars when they say this. One born every day.
The Temangami Sasquatch from Ontario. Looked at the domed head, the two deep holes for the eye sockets, the philtrum and the mouth. This is a rather unusual look, but I have seen another Sasquatch photo from Ontario that looked exactly like this. There is another photo that goes with this one, a photo of the rear that shows this very shaggy creature standing there seemingly frozen. Good backstory too.
The skeptard argument about this one is truly stupid. This very old couple, who have a vacation home far out in the wilds of Ontario, somehow hoaxed this video! These are old people, in their 70’s. There’s nothing weird about them. Everyone says they are upstanding folks. But an elderly couple in their 70’s hoaxed a Bigfoot video! Never mind that has never happened. There’s never been one case of an elderly couple doing a Bigfoot hoax, but no matter. Science has spoken, folks! Listen up, the Almighty God of Science has spoken, and the scientific fact is that these old people hoaxed this Bigfoot video. Look at the very weird way that thing looks. I have seen another photo of a Sasquatch from Ontario and it looks exactly like this one, with the deep-set eye-holes and the very tall domed head. Note the philtrum. That head does not even have human proportions. See those eye holes? The hoaxer goofs have never reproduced that, probably because they never even try. And I’ve never seen a face as good as that one, with a philtrum no less. That face is way too large for a human. How does a human put on such a large mask and still retain the obvious bone and muscle structure that one can obviously see in the shot. You can’t. A mask too large for your face, if it would even stay on, would droop all over the place and would look very fake. Plus it would probably be falling off all the time if it was way too big for your head like that. And your eyes would not fit in the eye holes, your nose would not fit in the nose protuberance, and your mouth would not fit in the mouth hole. Look at that wild fur. There is another shot of this bizarre creature that shows this fur in much wilder shape. That photo was taken by the same couple. It is a back shot. The back story. The couple lives part time way out in nowhere in Temangami, Ontario. Temangami means “way out in the sticks so far no one ever goes there.” Or something. Well, that’s what it means to me anyway. The couple were hearing a lot of weird noises, and apparently they started taking some photos of the area outside of the cabin. One argument is that this is Photoshopped, but very good Ontario researchers did a good job of thoroughly investigating this couple and concluded that they were not hoaxing. Furthermore, it’s not Photoshopped because the photos were still in the camera when the investigator came out to look at the case. Anyway, since when does some ordinary couple in their 70’s have such advanced Photoshop skills that they can make a Bigfoot hoax with Photoshop? And you can’t use Photoshop if the file is still in the camera. Photoshop doesn’t work on images that reside only inside of cameras. I believe once again, the couple thought they were just taking photos of the outside of their cabin, and they only saw the Sasquatch when they were reviewing the photos in the camera. How many times do we hear this? What the Hell is going on?
Well-known fake that fooled a lot of people for a long time. Back story seemed good. Once again from Fallbrook, California, supposedly after major flooding. Photo was taken of twisted branches after flooding and Sasquatch was not noticed until the photo was viewed afterwards. Problem is that’s not a Sasquatch. That’s a gorilla Photoshopped into that photo. The guy who put this up has a Youtube page with a lot of gorilla videos and some “Bigfoot” videos. Obvious hoaxer. I am pretty angry at this moron.
Yep, it’s a gorilla all right. Look closely at the head, face and especially ears. He sure fooled a lot of people though. I am pretty mad at this idiot though because hoaxes are not funny, and the hoaxing ruins this whole field of research because we have to sift through all sorts of hoaxed crap to find anything real. Further, it throws up the spectre of “hoax” in front of every bit of evidence that we have. So far, “science” has proven that 100
Ontario screengrab controversial
Very strange photo out of Ontario. This is part of a video. The quality is not very good, but that thing is absolutely huge! Look at the massive shoulders and the very long arms. It looks like some sort of a gorilla! Skeptards say this is a gorilla, but I do not think so. A gorilla running around in the Ontario woods? No.
That thing is massive, and if you see the video, it moves in a very bizarre way that does not even seem human. But I have seen other Sasquatch photos and videos with this exact same bizarro movement going on, which I cannot describe here in words. Also the video is very poor quality. Why would anyone make a hoax of such awful quality? That makes no sense. All known hoaxes are clear as air. That’s the purpose of the hoax. A hoax with very poor visual quality doesn’t even work as a hoax. Hoaxes must be clear, or they are useless. Look at the size of that damn thing. It looks like a gorilla! These things are not gorillas or even apes anymore than we are, but it’s quite common for people who get a quick look at one to describe them as gorillas. I remember one famous photo out of Maine where a Sasquatch was raiding an apple tree. In that case, the man who owned the property where the photo was taken said he had spoken to some people who asked him if there was a traveling zoo in the area because the man said he saw a gorilla run across the road. Another man fishing on a lake said he saw a gorilla by the shore of the lake. So you see these things are often mistaken for gorillas, which they superficially represent. The photo is a female Sasquatch kneeling down in front of the motion activated camera. There is apparently a baby Sasquatch hanging onto her back, but that’s what the babies do – they hang onto the backs of the mothers. See the famous Memorial Day footage of an adolescent female Sasquatch running across a field, picking up a baby halfway, and putting it on her back. The baby rides on her back for most of the rest of the run until it gets up on her shoulders.

Bigfoot News September 9, 2015

Great news! Melba Ketchum’s DNA results independently confirmed! Apparently another lab operating completely independently of Melba Ketchum’s group has independently confirmed her much-criticized results on Bigfoot DNA. Now we have two completely independent science groups who have replicated DNA for Bigfoots, first Ketchum’s and then Ketchum’s result was replicated by another group. Reportedly, the other team replicates Ketchum’s results in their entirety.

If you read me on here, you would know that I always said that Melba was right. In part that was due to my good friendship with Richard Stubstad, who assured me that Melba’s methods were good and that there was no way on Earth she would engage in scientific fraud. Also I know a scientist who ran all of her data and said that it looked out to him. Another scientist also run her DNA and said that all the results checked out. I told you so. You guys should listen to me? Why don’t you listen to me?

Best version of Prince Edward Island Bigfoot video ever released! After months of hard work, Nominay has just released the finest version of the PEI Bigfoot ever. This is a legendary Bigfoot film. An indie film producer was shooting a monster movie on Prince Edward Island. As one of the actors was running across a clearing, a Bigfoot suddenly ran out of the woods behind him to the right of the viewer.

The Bigfoot then races across the clearing, partly on two legs and partly on four, at an amazingly fast speed. The speed of the Bigfoot has been calculated and it is running as fast as a competitive sprinter. The speed is even maintained when it goes effortlessly on all fours. There is no way on Earth that a competitive sprinter could run that fast or go down on all fours without slowing up in a bulky monkey suit.

Furthermore, the size of the Bigfoot has been calculated at ~9 feet tall. It also appears to have a massive weight. How do you get a stunt actor to put on a bulky monkey suit, run across a clearing as fast as a competitive sprinter, go down on all fours without losing speed, all the while somehow being 9 feet tall. How do you find a 9 foot tall stunt man. How do you make a shorter stunt man appear to be 9 feet tall. How do you make this stunt man appear so bulky that he appears to weigh 700 pounds?

None of this makes any sense.

Of course, most Bigfoot footage released by indie film producers turns out to be hoaxed, usually in a sleazy attempt by the director to gain publicity for themselves. Many have been much less than forthcoming with investigators. The famous Redwood footage comes to mind. The director, now in film school, simply refuses to discuss the movie at all. It seems almost certain to be a hoax. And many of these film industry hoaxes come to light after a while; that is, the director fesses up that it was a hoax.

None of that seems to be the case with this video. The directors were apparently making cheap straight to video movies and have no need or desire for publicity. They have cooperated completely with investigators. Investigators felt that they were credible. The attitude of the filmmakers towards the even in the footage seems to be utter bafflement. They have no idea what ran across that clearing that day.

Nominay has improved this video so much that it is nearly a brand new video. All serious Bigfooters need to check this new video out.

The original version on Nominay’s fine site is here.

Bigfoot hairs for sale. I have a few Bigfoot hairs gathered in the Michigan Peninsula a while back. They look exactly like those crinkly, pubic hair-type hairs that Erickson collected for Melba’s project. I also have a photo that seems to prove that they are Bigfoot hairs. I used to have a similar photo of a human hair for comparison that showed that this hair is absolutely not a human hair. The only thing it remotely resembled is bear hair, but the hair is lighter brown and all of the bears in the UP have dark brown or black hair.

The man who sent it to me is a very good researcher and he spent a long time studying these hairs. He is quite an expert on Bigfoot hairs. Photo comes with it. I haven’t the faintest idea what to charge. Make offer.

2015: Science amidst the rubble. The response of the mainstream scientific community to Melba’s paper was simply despicable. They refused to even consider it, read it or see if the results were right or wrong. They dismissed it out of hand without even checking to see if the results were right or not.

I know some of the scientists and science writers who engaged in this nonsense, and they are very famous people. They all have Wikipedia entries and are considered top scientists in their field, mainly Paleontology. The science writer is one of the top science writers in the US. The fact that all of them simply dismissed this report out of hand shows us that something is horrifically wrong with science in the West.

Not only are almost all of the biggest scientific figures massive asshats, blowhards, and all-round horrible human beings, but the very structure of scientific inquiry itself seems to be compromised by a new mentality I call Scientific Fundamentalism.

Scientific Fundamentalism, which almost all modern scientists practice, elevates science into a religion itself. The revealed truths are whatever scientific consensus is. Anything attempting to overthrow consensus is treated as apostasy or heresy is in religion. I am surprised the scientists have not tried to kill some of the fringe science guys who are trying to topple these idiotic Edifices of Consensus.

Scientific consensus operates on the utterly insane notion that whatever the scientific consensus is at the moment, these are the facts for any and all of time. This once again is similar to religion in which the revealed facts in the holy books are true for all of time when they were written down and can never be changed, updated or modified.

I know, I know…

Scientists are always lying and saying that all scientific consensus is open to inquiry, that nothing is really true, that everything is just true for now, that all consensus is up for grabs and only a paper away from being toppled, and that science is all about perpetual doubt and endless inquiry. Those are their glorious mantras they repeat to make themselves look good but none of them are true.

But the truth is that all of this is lies. Scientific consensus is indeed treated as Truth with a capital t, and no it is not up for grabs, and no it’s not even just true for now. Go find some scientists and talk to them. Throw out some scientific consensuses and see how many are “true for now” and ready to be toppled at any time, if only disproving conclusions are presented. It’s about 0

Another fake mantra of scientists is all about perpetual doubt. Oh really now? And is scientific consensus open to being doubted? Are you kidding? Anyone who tries gets burned to death at one of their “empirical” witch trials. Is science really all about endless inquiry and curiosity? Hardly. When most consensus is walled off from further inquiry, and there’s nothing to be curious about anymore as the consensus has been proven true, there’s not a lot of curiosity or even inquiry going on in science anymore.

What is going on in science nowadays? A lot of conservatism. Granted a certain amount of conservatism is warranted, as we would not want rational science to be overrun with nutcases and their pseudoscientific nonsense. But scientists are already 100X more conservative than they need to be. Surely we could let up on the conservatism a bit and still be rigorous enough to keep the nonsense out?

There is also a serious problem with the abuse of the term pseudoscience. Pseudoscience is probably best described as scientific inquiry that does not even follow the scientific method. If a scientist uses proper method but simply comes up with false results by accident, overeagerness or misinterpretation, that’s hardly pseudoscience. He simply got the wrong result. Happens all the time. So what?

If a scientist is promoting a theory that seems to have good evidence yet the evidence is not yet of sufficient quality or quantity to convince the Vatican of Science, that’s hardly pseudoscience. A more proper term might be Fringe Science. The data and evidence have been assembled, hypotheses have been tested, studies have been undertaken, and conclusions have been reached, often in a high-quality manner. But it’s just not good enough for science, often because science has its eyes shut and its fingers in its ears. Just because science won’t accept the conclusions of something doesn’t mean it’s pseudoscience. And what of that term pseudoscience? Why such an arrogant, snide and vicious term? What’s the point of that? Are the scientists trying to start a war?

There is yet another problem with this loopy notion of pseudoscience for unproven theory. I am 100

And when they are revealed, then what? Then automagically “pseudoscience” gets elevated to proven scientific fact. There’s something wrong with that model right there. Pseudoscience ought to be the realm of the wreckage of theory, hypotheses and inquiries that are bad more because they are not following scientific model than anything else.

Anything in pseudoscience should be so bizarre, idiotic or unscientific that it could never make it to proven fact. When you start having “pseudoscientific” theory elevated to proven fact, you’ve got an awful problem with your whole notion of pseudoscience, and you need to send it back for a rewrite or trash it all together.

Yet another problem is that modern scientists have turned into Douchebags with a capital d. Practitioners of modern science are some of the meanest, most vicious and downright evil people out there. This petty evil-mindedness stems completely from pride and from nothing else. Science has decided to invest its very self when arrogance such that the two are one and the same. To be a scientist nowadays is to be an arrogant ass. Humble scientist is an oxymoron.

Scientists behave this way supposedly because they are “waging war” against some Evil Entity called Pseudoscience. In order to put on battle gear to fight this war against Existential Evil, many scientists have armed themselves with vast amounts of Douchebaggery. What’s the point of that? Why be a Douchebag?

Yet when it comes to Fringe Science (a valid subfield of science by the way) we see scientific Assholery around the globe, from sea to scientific sea, from snide lab workers to snarling university professors to sneering lecture circuit celebrities. I am having a hard time understanding this. This war against the Evil of Pseudoscience is so important that in order to fight it, scientists must act like the worst people on Earth and engage in behavior that is low, depraved, disgusting and even embarrassing? Why? Is it really that important?

We have yet another problem and that is arrogance. Sooner rather than later, some of these “pseudoscientific” claims will become proven science. Do you think that even one of these scientific Beavis and Buttheads who nearly drove fringe scientists to nervous breakdown and suicide will apologize?

Are you kidding? Science is now the realm where arrogance crowned supreme. It’s worse than Hollywood. Even more appallingly, increasingly, science is Hollywood, and that’s probably the root of a lot of the problem right there. Once again we see a parallel to religion. Ever noticed how arrogant the believer is, how certain he is of his Truth. This is the way the scientist acts towards his precious Consensus.

What do you think will happen when, in the future, some of this pseudoscience is proven fact, which of course we know will happen with 100

We will never hear this. Not one scientist on the face of the Earth will ever say this to us. Why not? Because they’re not human enough. Science lost its human face some time past, and it’s gone all asshattery all the time for decades now. In order to practice mainstream science nowadays, first you must lose your humanity. That’s the first thing that has to go. We can’t have any of those measly, petty human emotions getting in the way or Revealed Scientific Truth, now can we?

Bigfoot News July 12, 2014

List of Bigfoot shootings in chronological order. This post is going to be exclusively about the topic of reported incidents of humans shooting and/or killing Bigfoots from 1829 to the present day. I have a lot of other Bigfoot stuff to write about in my notes, but I am a bit overwhelmed by the many notes that I have. Please bear with me. This is a post I have been working on for some time. I finally lost interest in it, and it does need a bit of updating with the Sierra Kills and the Shooting Bigfoot Rick Dyer incident. Both of these may be included in the list for this reason: the list is merely of purported or reported shootings or killings of Bigfoots by humans, and Justin and Rick definitely reported shooting Bigfoots and frankly presented us with more evidence than most of the other folks below have. Anyone who wants to write up the Sierra Kills and/or Dyer incidents in an objective, reporter-style matter of fact way as a police dispatcher would report an incident that someone is calling in (descriptive only) is welcome to try their hand at it. What I mean by descriptive only is you just write down what Justin and Rick said happened in those incidents in reportorial style without commenting on the validity of the claim. Obviously, none of these claims have panned out yet, but it is pretty amazing that for a creature that supposedly does not exist, we have so many excellent shooting stories, often from otherwise credible, ordinary day to day folks who have never been known to make things up or lie. This is a good research piece, and nonprofit websites are free to repost it. Feel free to comment if you any new cases or if you can provide more information to any of the cases below. Note: Long, runs to 61 pages.

Bigfoots Shot At, Shot and Wounded, or Shot Dead by Humans

Unknown date: Klakas Inlet, Southern Alaska. In far southern Alaska on Prince of Wales Island, a Bigfoot was shot and buried at the mouth of a stream on the north side of the inlet. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. Unknown date: Sonora, Mexico. Rich Grumley shot and killed a Bigfoot, then paid a taxidermist to stuff it, and the specimen was put on display in a ritzy country club on the East Coast. Reported by Ray Crowe. Unknown date, modern era: Yankton, Oregon. Near the Columbia River north of Portland, a hunter shot a Bigfoot four times between the eyes and killed it. It rolled off the road. The man came back 24 hours later, and the body was gone. There was a set of three tracks, possibly a family group – a male, a female and a juvenile. Reported by Ray Crowe. Unknown date, modern era, Amboy, Washington. Near Mt. St. Helens, a hunter reported that he shot and killed a male Bigfoot on an old logging road. Upon hearing that there was a $10,000 fine for killing a Bigfoot, the hunter hung up the phone on the researcher. Reported by Ray Crowe. Unknown date, modern era: Pound, Virginia. Someone shot at a Bigfoot roaring outside his home at midnight with a 12 gauge shotgun. The shot missed. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. June 20, 1829: Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia. A team of hunters set out in an attempt to track down and kill a Bigfoot in the swamp. After tracking for two weeks, they were set upon by the Bigfoot one night. The men opened up with all their guns, but it seemed useless. Five of the men were killed by the Bigfoot, who then tore all of the men’s heads off. The surviving men opened up on the Bigfoot, finally killing it. Reported by Augusta Chronicle, March 12, 2000 – “Hunters Told of Swamp Creature’s Attack.” Mid to late 1800’s: Bexar, Texas. The Legend of the Converse Werewolf. A rancher sent his 15-year-old son into the woods to hunt and told him not to come back until he had killed a deer. The boy never came back. People went searching for him and found the boy’s dead and mutilated body. A Bigfoot was standing over it. The rancher fired a shot and chased the Bigfoot into the woods. The others in the search party reported that the rancher never made it back alive, apparently also killed by the Bigfoot. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy. 1856: Ohio or West Virginia. Possible Bigfoot skeleton found with bullet holes in its skull. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. Late 1800’s: Winston, Alabama. A moonshiner shot a Bigfoot that was following his mule wagon. October 1879: Williamstown, Vermont. Two men hunting in the woods were surprised by a Bigfoot. One shot and wounded it. The Bigfoot chased them out of the woods. Reported by the New York Times, October 18, 1879. 1882: Inyo, California. A man, Jack Ferral, shot a Bigfoot five times. Reported by the Inyo Register, March 19, 1981 referring to articles in the Bishop Creek Times of 1882, noted in the Bigfoot Co-op April 1981, p.2. July 4, 1884: East of Yale, British Columbia. In the Fraser River Region, railroad men working on a British Colombia Express Company’s train stopped their train when they saw what appeared to be someone sleeping near the tracks. After they stopped the train, a juvenile male Bigfoot woke up, barked and started to climb up a steep bluff. The workers decided to chase him. One got up above him on the slope and dropped a rock on the Bigfoot. It disoriented the Bigfoot enough that the men were able to get a rope around him, capture him and put him on the train. They named the Bigfoot “Jacko.” Jacko had bruises on his head and upper body, and they assumed that he had gotten too near the edge of the bluff and had fallen over and landed, stunned, near the tracks. Jacko had been seen in the area where he was captured recently, but residents thought he was either a bear or a stray Indian dog. Jacko was 4’7, weighed 127 pounds, and was covered with shiny black hair. He was extremely strong. Jacko did not communicate other than making half-bark, half-growl sounds. He was fed berries and milk. There are conflicting reports on what happened to Jacko. Some reports said he was taken into Yale where a man made a pet of him. Other reports said that Jacko escaped from the train before it got to Yale. There are other reports that say this whole matter was a hoax, but I believe it was true. For one thing, John Green received a letter from Adele Bastin, whose mother remembered that people continued to talk of Jacko long afterward. Reported by The Colonist of Victoria, British Colombia, July 4, 1884. The best analysis of this incident was by Myra Shackley. There are reports that soon after Jacko was captured, a Bigfoot matching Jacko’s description was shot and killed in the same general area by a group of men, so the story about him escaping from the train before it got to Yale may be the correct version. Famous story. June 1885: Watauga County, North Carolina. Northwest of Seven Devils, NC. Roughly 15 to 20 miles northwest of Grandfather Mountain. A 13-year-old Cherokee girl went to gather food along a creek. Then she heard gunshots. She hid under a bush because at that time it was dangerous for an Indian girl to be caught in the woods by a White man. She heard someone running down the hill. As something ran past her, to her surprise she noted that it was a male Bigfoot. It seemed to have been wounded by the shots. The Bigfoot went down to the creek and buried itself in a pile of leaves, sticks, dirt and debris to the point where it was invisible. Then she heard the sounds of more people coming. She thought it was the White men, so she left. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. 1890: Brookings, Oregon. Two men shot and wounded a Bigfoot. The Bigfoot retaliated, slamming the men against trees and tearing them apart, killing them. Reported by the Bigfoot Track Record. 1900: Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. The Eskimo came out of the forest onto the beach and was met face to face with a Bigfoot. He opened fire and killed the Bigfoot. He and two other Eskimos then buried the Bigfoot on the beach. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. 1904: Lane, Oregon. On two separate occasions, men shot at Bigfoots that were prowling around their cabins. The shots missed the Bigfoots on both occasions. In one case, the Bigfoot threw a rock at the man who shot at it. Reported by the Bigfoot Encounters website. 1905: Gardner Canal, British Columbia. On the coast of central British Columbia, a Bigfoot was shot and killed, but there are no further details. Reported on the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club website. Summer 1917: Cass, Texas. A family coming home at night in a mule driven wagon was alerted by a screaming, advancing Bigfoot. The man shot at the Bigfoot, missed, and it ran away. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy. 1917: Nowata, Oklahoma. Men shot at a Bigfoot that had gotten trapped inside of a barn. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy. 1920’s: Walla Walla, Washington. Hunters shot and wounded a Bigfoot, but the Bigfoot ran away. A second Bigfoot appeared and threw boulders at the hunters. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. 1920’s-1930’s: Lake, California. A man hunted red-haired wildmen that lived in caves above a lake. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. 1921: Terrebonne, Louisiana. Hunters killed a Bigfoot and dumped the body in an old well. Later a skeleton was found and taken to Tulane University, where it disappeared. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. 1924: Deschutes, Oregon. A prospector shot a Bigfoot five times, but the Bigfoot was only wounded and ran away. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. 1924: Ape Canyon, Washington. Near Mt. St. Helens, miners Marion Smith, Roy Smith, Fred Beck, Gabe Lefever and John Peterson, shot and killed a Bigfoot, which fell off a cliff into a river below. Other Bigfoots retaliated and bombarded their cabin with rocks. Famous story. Reported by Fred Beck. 1928: South Bentinck Arm, near Bella Coola, British Columbia. On the coast of central British Columbia, George Talleo shot and killed a Bigfoot. He left the scene and did not come back. Reported by the Sasquatch-BC website. 1930: Kwaltwa Kitasu Bay, Swindle Island, British Columbia. Tom Brown saw a Bigfoot in the shallows at night. He shot at it, and it screamed. He went back the next day, but there was no body. Reported by John Green. After 1937: Green River, Washington. In the Cascades east of Tacoma, a hunter shot at it with a 30.06. Reported by John Green. 1940: Southeastern Missouri. Jared Sparks killed an apparent Bigfoot (he described it only as “like a gorilla”) that had been killing horses and cattle by tearing them apart. Disposition of body unknown. Reported by John Keel in Strange Creatures. Fall 1941: Near Basket Lake, Manitoba. A 17-year-old boy, Paul Shebaga, was hunting out of season shot and killed a Bigfoot that he thought was a moose. He left it in the forest because he thought it was human and because he was hunting out of season. He went back sometime later, and the body was gone. Shebaga has since died. Researchers who interviewed him found him a highly credible witness. Reported on BFRO site. 1943: Georgia, near the South Carolina border. A Bigfoot was shot and killed by shotguns, hit with 60 bullets after it was tracked by a group of men because it was killing sheep and calves by tearing off their legs. The reddish-brown Bigfoot was buried on the outskirts of town. Reported by Rich Grumley. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. Winter 1943: Clarke, Alabama. Three men spotlighting deer in river bottomlands shot a Bigfoot. The Bigfoot may have died, but they did not stay around long enough to find out. Reported by the Alabama Bigfoot website. 1946: Lebanon, Pennsylvania. A man shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. June 18, 1948: Franklin County, North Carolina. A Black family hunting in the woods at night shot and wounded a Bigfoot. It screamed, and they all ran away. 1949: Clackamas, Oregon. A man shot a Bigfoot that was eating a turkey. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. Fall 1949: Coos, Oregon. A man shot a Bigfoot chewing on a live cow. The Bigfoot was wounded and ran off. Reported by the BFRO site. Early 1950: Near Boston, Georgia. A man shot at a Bigfoot when his dogs cornered it on a porch. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. 1950: Indiana, Pennsylvania. People shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. 1951: Thomas, Georgia. A man shot at a Bigfoot next to a porch. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. 1953: Alder Creek Canyon, Sandy, Oregon. East of Portland, a hunter shot and killed a Bigfoot, then buried the body. Reported by Peter Byrne. 1956: Shasta, California. A man may have shot a Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. 1957: Near Jackson, Tennessee. James M. Meacham shot repeatedly at a Bigfoot with no effect. Ivan T. Sanderson, Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come to Life, pp.122-3. Late 1950’s: Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania. A group of young people were sitting in a house waiting for a Bigfoot to come back, as it had been banging on houses earlier in the night. The Bigfoot approached the house and ran away when people shot at it. Reported by Grover Krantz. 1957: Deschutes, Oregon. A hunter shot and killed a deer. A Bigfoot then ran out, grabbed the deer and started to run away with it. The hunter then shot the Bigfoot, but the Bigfoot was only wounded and made off with the deer. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. 1958-1960: Overton County, Tennessee. A Bigfoot stealing chickens was shot dead by the owner of the chickens. They drove it around the area to see if anyone could identify it. Disposition of body unknown. Reported by Mary Green. 1959: Knoxville, Tennessee. A Bigfoot was shot at when it came near a man’s home. Reported by Mary Green, Fifty Years with Bigfoot: Tennessee Chronicles of Coexistence, p. 192. 1959: Carroll County, Maryland. A police officer shot at a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. October 1959: South of Tenmile, Oregon. A black Bigfoot chased two boys up a hill and across a ridge. One of the boys shot the Bigfoot seven times with a 30.06 shotgun. The Bigfoot slumped down but then picked itself up and kept coming after them. Reported by John Green, The Sasquatch File, p. 19. Summer 1960’s: Morris, Texas. Two girls sitting on a bed talking at night looked outside and saw a Bigfoot in their yard. They called their grandfather. He came with a rifle and shot the Bigfoot. The Bigfoot roared and ran away. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy. Winter 1960’s: Wildwood, California. A Bigfoot was spotted peeking in the windows at a dance held at the inn. A man ran outside to grab his 30.06 rifle from his pickup truck. He shot the Bigfoot, and it screamed and ran off. Men tracked it to the Trinity River where they lost the trail. Reported by Ben Foster, Williamsburg, Indiana. 1960’s: Douglas, Oregon: In the Cascades west of the Umpqua National Forest, a farmer shot a Bigfoot and then somehow managed to take it back to his house, where he left it outside. Other Bigfoots then came that night and retrieved the body. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. Winter 1960: Watson Bay, Roderick Island, British Columbia. Timothy Robinson and Samson Duncan shot at a small Bigfoot that they saw on a snow-covered beach. They found blood on the snow where it had been but were too afraid to follow the blood trail. Reported by John Green and Bob Titmus. October 1963: Smith, Texas. Men hunting coons in the woods at night were alerted when dogs treed an animal. A beagle came running back, badly wounded with its guts hanging out of its body. The men came to the tree, and there was a Bigfoot in the tree with hounds circling around the trunk. The Bigfoot was howling and shaking the tree. One of the men shot the Bigfoot twice with a .22, but the Bigfoot only screamed even louder. The men all became frightened and ran away. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy. 1965: Near Fouke, Arkansas. James Lynn Crabtree, age 14, shot a Bigfoot three times in the face, but the Bigfoot did not die. Reported by BFRO site. 1965: Yakima, Washington. A boy shot a Bigfoot but only wounded it. The Bigfoot then tore the boy apart, crushing his ribcage, and killing him. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. 1965: Kitimat, British Columbia. On the coast of central British Columbia, a Kitimat man shot and killed a Bigfoot near town. He was trying to drag the body away when other Bigfoots came out and tried to attack him. He barely escaped to his canoe. Reported on the British Colombia Scientific Cryptozoology Club website. October 1965: Nisqually Hill, near Olympia, Washington. While driving at night, Russell Gels and Dennis Lensgrave saw a white 7-foot Bigfoot in their car headlights and shot at it. The Bigfoot ran away. Reported by The Sunday Olympian, October 24, 1965. 1966: Erie, Pennsylvania. Men shot at a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. January 1966: Wildwood, California. Bob Kelley and Archie Bradshaw saw a Bigfoot looking in their window. One of the men fired his shotgun at the Bigfoot and thought he hit it. The Bigfoot’s tracks were followed down to Hayfork Creek. Reported by the Redding, California Record Searchlight. May 1966: Spillimacheen, British Columbia. A man watching two Bigfoots have sex while another watched shot at the Bigfoot that was watching the other two but missed. The man was hunting grizzly bears at the time. Reported by the BFRO site. Summer 1966: Near Richland, Washington: Several boys – Greg Pointer, Roger True, Tom Thompson, Carl and Jim Franklin, John McKnight, Alvin Anderson, Selby Green, Roger Howard, Bob McDonald, and Ron Blackburn – saw an 8-foot whitish-gray Bigfoot and shot at it several times with no effect. Reported by John Green, Roger Patterson and Rene Dahinden. October 1966: Near Yakima, Washington. Mike Corey’s dog was attacked by a Bigfoot. He shot at it as it ran away. Corey’s dog was later mysteriously killed. Reported by Roger Patterson. Late 1960’s: Chuska Mountains, New Mexico. Two Navajo shepherds shot a Bigfoot. It ran wounded into a canyon. Two other Bigfoots helped it. Reported by a Mrs. Chessman in John Green, The Sasquatch File. February 1967: Hartley Bay, British Columbia: Two men saw a Bigfoot on an island and shot it. It screamed and ran away. Reported by Bob Titmus. May 1967: Wasco, Oregon. Dennis Taylor and his friends often watched Bigfoots crossing the highway near the cemetery while going from the hills to the river, usually around 11:30 PM. Several times they shot at them with various weapons. Once one was hit at close range with buckshot and it fell down. It leaped up and crashed through a barbed wire fence, taking out three fence posts. Reported on the Oregon Bigfoot website. Fall 1967: Winlock, Washington: A grayish Bigfoot had been seen in a necking spot for high school students. Some high school boys went out with a 30.30 and took a shot at it, but it ran away. Reported by the BFRO site. Fall 1967: By Chehalis River near Chehalis, Washington. Billy Brown was hunting when he saw an 8-foot tall white Bigfoot. He shot it in the head, and it screamed and ran into a swamp. Reported by Roger Patterson. December 1967: Teton National Forest near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Two college students from Marshalltown, Iowa – Lyle Bingaman and Mike Burton – shot and killed a Bigfoot, thinking it was a bear. They were terrified that they had killed a human being and that they would be prosecuted for murder, so they left it where it fell. Reported by Peter Byrne. 1968: North of Carson, Wyoming. Three men were hired by a rancher to kill a Bigfoot that was killing his cows and sheep by tearing off their legs. Afterward, the body was picked up by a government helicopter and taken to a research facility in Alamogordo, New Mexico to be autopsied and studied. Reported by Ray Crowe. Government coverup. May 1968: Delphi, Indiana: A man and a woman were finishing their breakfast when a 5-foot tall “monkey” (Bigfoot) approached their residence. When the creature was 20 feet away from the door, the man gut-shot the Bigfoot in the stomach. It screamed, held its stomach and ran away. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. Autumn 1968: Point Isabel, Ohio. Larry Abbott, his father, and Arnold Hubbard saw a 10-foot tall white Bigfoot. The men fired on it. It vanished in a white mist. Reported by Leonard H. Stringfield, Situation Red – The UFO Siege!, pp. 65-6. After 1968: Alabama. The same man involved in the Carson, Wyoming case above shot another Bigfoot later on. This time the government found out about it and was angry at the man for killing another Bigfoot. Reported by Ray Crowe. Government coverup. New Years Day, 1969: Franklin, Missouri. Arbie Boyer pumped nine bullets from a .22 rifle into a Bigfoot 20 feet away from his home. It turned and slowly walked away. Then man then shot it with a 45/70 rifle and hit it in the shoulder. Reported on the Bigfoot Encounters website. 1969: San Juan, New Mexico. Shepherds shot a Bigfoot and wounded it. Two other Bigfoots then came to help the wounded Bigfoot away. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. 1969: Whiteface Reservoir, Minnesota. A hunter shot and killed a Bigfoot, then put the body on ice and displayed it for awhile before replacing it with a plastic replica. The famous Minnesota Iceman story. Late February 1969: Khutze Inlet, British Columbia. Ronnie Nyce and two other men shot a Bigfoot that ran screaming into the woods. Reported by Bob Titmus. November 1969: Burlington, New Jersey. A man shot at a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. November 1969. Calaveras Big Trees State Park, California. Mike Scott shot a Bigfoot three times from 30 feet away, wounding it. Reported by Slate and Berry, Bigfoot. 1969-1972: Homosassa Springs, Florida. A group of teenagers were hanging out at a rock quarry at night when one of them shot and wounded a Bigfoot. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. After 1969: Clark, Washington. Neat Mt. St. Helens, a man shot and killed a Bigfoot, then tried to sell it but stopped when he thought it might have been illegal to kill the Bigfoot. No further details. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. Early 1970’s: Chelan, Washington. Men shot at a Bigfoot holding and biting a 150-pound pig. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. Early to mid 1970’s: Burr Ferry, Louisiana. A coon hunter shot a Bigfoot, and it screamed loudly. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. Summer 1970’s: Evangelina, Texas. Fishermen camping on the Neches River heard noises down by their bait box and boat and smelled a bad smell. The grandfather fired in the direction of the commotion and then a terrible scream was heard. Nothing was found the next morning except footprints. The grandfather said he had shot a Bigfoot. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.. 1970’s: Sylacauga, Alabama, on the slope of Marble Mountain. After a series of incidents involving Bigfoots on a small farm, sheriffs were called out. A sheriff’s deputy saw a Bigfoot standing near the house. Although he did not know what it was, he emptied his revolver at it. It ran off. The deputy then told the family that he would not come out to the house at night alone again. Reported by the Alabama Bigfoot site. Government coverup. 1970’s: Gray’s Harbor, Washington. A man shot at a Bigfoot. Four Bigfoots then attacked his pickup truck. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. 1970’s: Oregon. A man unloaded four rounds from a 30.06 into a Bigfoot, but the shots had little effect on the Bigfoot. Reported by Oregon Archives, University of Oregon. 1970’s: Idaho. Two men fired their rifles, one .22 and one .44 magnum, at a Bigfoot, but the shots had little effect. 1970: Spokane, Washington. A hunter shot Bigfoots. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. 1972: Citrus, Florida. A man shot a Bigfoot. Possibly the same as the previous incident. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. June 1972: Rusk, Texas. A Bigfoot watched campers at a campfire for about four minutes. The men then opened fire on the Bigfoot, and it ran away. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy. 1973: Fayette, Pennsylvania. A man shot twice at a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. June 1973: Maryland. A man shot at a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. June 1973: Collowash River, Oregon. A man was sitting by a campfire when a Bigfoot walked by. He shot it, and it ran screaming into the woods. Reported by John Green. July 1973: Greensburg, Pennsylvania. A doctor fired several shots at a Bigfoot that tried to enter his trailer home, but it walked away. Reported by Pat Morrison, UFOs and Bigfoot Creatures: An Adventure into the Unexplained, p.29. Fall 1973: Albany, Kentucky. Many people saw a dark 6-foot tall Bigfoot. It killed some livestock in the area. People shot at it. Farmer Charlie Stern finally wounded it, and the sightings stopped. Reported by Loren Coleman. October 1973: Pennsylvania. Witnesses saw a slow-moving, bright red UFO land in a farm pasture. Men went to the top of the pasture to investigate and they saw two Bigfoots creeping along a barbed wire fence about 75 feet away from the UFO. They were making strange whining sounds and and another sound like a baby crying. One man fired a tracer bullet at the Bigfoots. One of the Bigfoots reached up in the air as if trying to grab the tracer bullet. The man tried shooting at the Bigfoot with live ammunition, but the bullets had no effect. Reported by Stan Gordon on Coast to Coast radio show, November 28, 2014. November 1973. Near Uniontown, Pennsylvania. A man saw a Bigfoot at night and shot at it with his revolver. It ran away. Later he shot it with a rifle. It screamed and ran away. Reported by Stan Gordon, “Pennsylvania Creatures Busy,” Shylooh: 77, pp. 15-16. 1974: Near Stone State Park, Sioux City, Iowa. A man shot and wounded a Bigfoot with a deer rifle. Reported by the Des Moines, Iowa Sunday Register, November 12, 1978. 1974: South Mountain, North Carolina. A 7-foot Bigfoot stood up by a campfire. A man fired at it, and it went away. Reported by John Green. January 1974: Lee, Florida. A Bigfoot killed a pony. A man then shot at the Bigfoot in response. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. January 9, 1974: Palm Beach, Florida. Patrolman Robert Hollemeyal  shot a 7-8-foot tall, dark Bigfoot. The Bigfoot was only wounded and ran off at 20 mph. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. February 1974: Fayette, Pennsylvania. Men shot multiple Bigfoots. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. February 6, 1974: Uniontown, Pennsylvania. A Bigfoot was shot at and then disappeared. A UFO was seen nearby. Stan Gordon, “Pennsylvania Creatures Busy,” Shylooh: 77, pp.14-17 May 1974: North Carolina. A man shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. July-Aug. 1974: Watova, near Nowata, Oklahoma. A Bigfoot was seen many times around the property of Mrs. Margie Lee. She called sheriffs, and Deputies Gilbert Gilmore and Buck Field came out. The deputies shot the Bigfoot, but it was uninjured. Reported by Clark and Loren Coleman, Creatures of the Outer Edge. Mid-October 1974: Near Holly Springs, Arkansas. A Bigfoot was sighted several times. A man shot it, but it lived. Reported by the Arkansas Gazette, November 2, 1974. November 1974: Corkscrew Swamp, Collier County, Florida. A group of men hunting at night were being stalked by a Bigfoot. They opened fire on it with their shotguns. It screamed and ran off. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. December 1974: Bootlegger Trail, Montana. A coyote hunter shot three times at a 7-8-foot tall Bigfoot with a 30.06. The Bigfoot kept coming at him, and he jumped into a car and escaped. Roberta Donovan and Keith Wolverton, Mystery Stalks the Prairie, p.90. February 1975: Alachua, Florida. A man’s car hit a Bigfoot on the road and knocked it down. The man got out of his car and shot the Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. February 2, 1975: Cape Coral, Florida. Richard Davis shot a Bigfoot, then later repented. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. September 1975: Nowata, Kansas. Men shot at a Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. September and October 1975: Nolde, Oklahoma. Kenneth Tosh, Marion Parret, Clifford Bentson, and Gerald Bullock tried to shoot and kill a Bigfoot on repeated occasions over a 2-month period. They were unsuccessful; the Bigfoot survived. Reported by by Jerome Clark and Hayden Hewes. Early October 1975: Lummi Indian Reserve near Bellingham, Washington. The captain of the police force shot at a 6-foot+ tall Bigfoot. Reported by John Green, Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us, p. 17. October 1975: Fayette, Pennsylvania. A man shot at two Bigfoots. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. October 1975: Washington, Pennsylvania. Men shot at a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. December 26, 1975: Vaughn, Montana. Two teenage girls shot over the head of a Bigfoot. The Bigfoot fell to the ground and was helped into the brush by other Bigfoots. Reported by Roberta Donovan and Keith Wolverton, Mystery Stalks the Prairie, pp.87-9. 1976-1977: Linn, Oregon. A man met two young women in a casino in Las Vegas who told him a fascinating story. Shortly before, they had wanted to go hiking in Oregon so they hired a guide to take them to the forest. At one point, they came across a Bigfoot, and the guide raised his rifle and fired on it several times, seemingly to no effect. The Bigfoot then tore the man apart, killing him. The man’s body was evacuated via a heavily-armed US Forest Service helicopter. The Forest Service grilled the females for seven hours, trying to convince them that the man had been killed by a bear, but they stuck to their story. The ranger then told the women to never come back to the forest again. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. Government coverup. 1976: Kern, California. A man shot a Bigfoot ten times in the chest with a .22 rifle. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. January 1976: Elm Creek, Texas Panhandle. Three men shot and killed two Bigfoots. The first one charged them, so they shot it. Then another one charged them, so they shot it too. They dropped both of them, a male and a female. They buried the bodies down by a nearby creek. They were afraid they would be prosecuted for homicide so they kept quiet about the killing. However, they recently told their story anonymously on a radio show. April 26, 1976: Near Flintville, Tennessee. A Bigfoot tried to abduct 4 -year-old Gary Robinson. A six-man posse made up of Deputy Sheriff Homer Davis, Melvin Robertson, Stan Moore, and three others chased the Bigfoot and shot at it. Reported by Jim Brandon, Weird America, p.205 June 1976: Baltimore, Maryland. As unlikely as it sounds, a Bigfoot was reported here in May 1976. Police were called, and K-9’s initially refused to track it. Finally, the dogs tracked it to an interstate tunnel. A police officer then saw it run under the interstate. The next month, US army personnel were called out to deal with the Bigfoot once again. Reports indicate that soldiers captured or killed the Bigfoot. No further information. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. Government coverup. July 1976: Citrus, Florida. A man shot a Bigfoot. Possibly the same case as another Citrus case reported above. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. July 1976: Gaston, North Carolina: A man shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. January 23, 1977: Blewett Pass near Ingalic Creek, Washington. David Kernoul and Dean DeWees saw a Bigfoot near a chicken pen and shot at it. Reported by Wenatchee, Washington World, January 26, 1977. April 13, 1977: Rising Sun, Indiana. Tom and Connie Courter saw a Bigfoot on a hill late at night. Tom fired 12 shots at it, but there was no trace of the Bigfoot the next day. Reported by the Cincinnati Post, April 20, 1977. May 12-13, 1977: Wantage Township, New Jersey. A Bigfoot visited the Sites family farm and killed some of their rabbits. It came back later, and the family shot at it. Reported by S.N. Mayne, “The Wantage Event,” Pursuit: 10-4, pp. 124-7. Summer 1977: Cheshire, New Hampshire. Hunters may have shot at a tan-gray Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. July 1977: Jones, Texas. A Bigfoot threw a rock at a human and hit him. In response, the human shot at the Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. August 1977: Stilwell, Oklahoma. Brian Jones and two boys with the last name Ritchie saw a Bigfoot looking in the window. Jones went outside, and an 8-foot tall Bigfoot picked him up but dropped him when others appeared. The boys fired at the Bigfoot, which responded by throwing rocks. Reported by the Bigfoot Research Society. August 15, 1977: Sussex County, New Jersey. A man shot a Bigfoot in the front yard of a house with a .22 pistol. The Bigfoot screamed and ran off. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. August 20, 1977: Belt Creek Canyon, Montana. Staff Sergeant Fred Wilson and two others saw a 15 1/2 foot tan Bigfoot standing in some bushes. They fired at it but drove off in their car when it ran towards them. Great Falls Tribune, August 20, 1977. October 1977: Broward, Florida. A Bigfoot tore at a man’s shirt. In response, the man shot the Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. October 1977: Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. A man shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. October 1-2, 1977. Near Bend, Oregon. Gary Benson and Ronald Kershey said a 7-foot tall black-haired Bigfoot with silver shoulders attacked them. They fired four shots at it. Reported by INFO Journal: 6-4, p.15. November 1977: Marion, Florida. A man shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. Mid-November 1977: Ocala National Forest, Florida. A hunter fired six times at an 8-foot tall Bigfoot weighing 800 pounds. Ocala Star-Banner, November 19, 1977. 1978: Fort Pierce, Washington. Edwin Godoy, a soldier on the base, shot a Bigfoot in the chest. The Bigfoot moaned and ran off. Reported by the Bigfoot Encounters website. 1978: Fayette, Pennsylvania. A Bigfoot smashed a windshield of a car. A man then fired on the Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. April 1978: Pennsylvania. A man shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. April 1978: Danbury, Connecticut. A boy called deputies out to a farm where he saw a Bigfoot. Deputies came out, saw the Bigfoot and shot at it. Reported by the Bigfoot Encounters website. June 26, 1978: Crossett, Arkansas. Mike Lofton, age 10, was feeding his dog when his dog began to tremble. Mike then saw a Bigfoot approaching the house from the woods. He ran and got his .22, shot at the Bigfoot, and the Bigfoot ran off. Reported by the BFRO site. August 1978: Near Owensboro, Kentucky. Larry Nelson, his brother and two friends shot three .45 bullets into a Bigfoot’s chest. It ran off into the woods unhurt. Reported by Keith Lawrence, “The Fairview Horror,” UFO Report, May 1979, p.30. Mid-August 1978: Near Owensboro, Kentucky. Several men cornered a Bigfoot beside a pond and shot it at a distance of 10 feet with a pistol. It ran into the woods, leaving no blood trail. Reported by Keith Lawrence, “The Fairview Horror,” UFO Report, May 1979, p.70. August 14, 1978: Oceana, West Virginia. Policeman Bill Pruitt shot at a Bigfoot. Reported by the Charleston, West Virginia Gazette, August 15, 1978. August 16, 1978: Fowlerville, Michigan. Gary Browning shot at a Bigfoot that ran out of the underbrush. Reported by the Lansing, Michigan State Journal, August 18, 1978. October 1978: Colombia, Oregon. Men shot a Bigfoot between the eyes on a road. The Bigfoot rolled off the road, and the men took off. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. April 30, 1979: Dunn Lake, near Barriere, British Colombia. Tim Meissner was fishing with friends when he saw a Bigfoot across the lake. He came back later with a gun and shot at it. Reported by the Vancouver, WA, The Columbian, May 6, 7 and 9, 1979. Late Spring 1979: South Mountain, North Carolina. A fisherman saw a Bigfoot in the underbrush. He came back later with a gun and shot at it. Reported by Robert L. Williams, “‘Knobby’, North Carolina’s Bigfoot,” UFO Report, September 1979, p.27. October 1979: Oregon. A Bigfoot put a hand on a boy’s shoulder. The boy ran to the men he was with, who got guns and fired into the woods at the Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. Mid-October 1979: Knox County, Indiana. Two boys who were predator hunting at night with rabbit-in-distress calls called in a Bigfoot. They shot at it, and it ran off. Reported by the Bigfoot Encounters website. 1980: Vinton, Ohio. A man shot a Bigfoot. Bigfoots threw boulders at trailers in response. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. September 1981: Cleveland, North Carolina. A man shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. October 10, 1980: Fleming County, Kentucky. A Bigfoot raided J. L. Turney’s freezer. Turney chased it and shot at it. Reported by the Flemingsburg, Kentucky, Times-Democrat, October 15, 1980. November 1981: Taylor County, Florida. A Bigfoot approached a camp of hunters in the middle of the night. A man fired a gun at it several times to make it go away. It crashed off into the woods. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. 1982: Oglethorpe, Georgia. A woman went outside to tend to the dogs and was surprised to see a Bigfoot there. She ran back in the house yelling for her husband. The man was in the bathroom and shot through the bathroom wall at the Bigfoot, hitting it. The Bigfoot ran off. Reported by the Bigfoot Encounters website. 1982: Colombia, Oregon. A fisherman shot a Bigfoot. He followed the blood trail until he lost it. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. Spring 1982: Maryland. A man shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. Fall 1982: Cherokee, Texas. A man shot a Bigfoot with a shotgun three times and with a .357 revolver five times. The Bigfoot apparently survived. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy. Fall 1983: Morgan-Monroe State Forest, Indiana. A college student was having a drinking party at his house with two friends. Early in the morning, he heard a noise and went outside. He saw what appeared to be a Bigfoot. He went back into his house, got an automatic weapon and shot at it. It ran off into the woods. Reported by the Bigfoot Encounters website. October 13, 1983: Wilson, Oklahoma. A Bigfoot, apparently mad at a man for some reason, charged into a man’s house and tore the house apart. The man grabbed his shotgun and shot the Bigfoot. Then the man and his family chased the Bigfoot out of the house and barricaded the doors. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. November 1983: Tillamook, Oregon. A hunter tried to shoot a Bigfoot, but the gun was empty. The Bigfoot then growled at the hunter. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. Mid 1980’s: Johnson County, Arkansas. A Bigfoot kept taking a farmer’s animals – chickens, pigs and calves – but by fall, he would only take no more than half the farmer’s animals, leaving the other half for the farmer. The farmer got fed up and one night lay in wait for it with a shotgun. When the Bigfoot appeared, the farmer shot it with a shotgun, wounding it. The Bigfoot ran away and never bothered the farm again. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy. Mid 1980’s: Johnson County, Arkansas. Two men were poaching deer with spotlights at night when they spotlighted a Bigfoot. One man shot at it, wounding it. The next day they found blood from the Bigfoot. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy. October 15, 1984. Jefferson, Texas. A man was squirrel hunting in Pine Islands Bayou in the Big Thicket National Preserve when his dog started barking. He then noticed a Bigfoot wading in the bayou. His dog charged the Bigfoot, and the Bigfoot threw a log at the dog. The man then fired on the Bigfoot, but he did not know if he hit it or not. The Bigfoot ran off into the underbrush. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy. 1985: Pierce, Washington. A Bigfoot charged at men. Men then fired on the Bigfoot, then got in their car and drove away. The Bigfoot chased the pickup truck as it was driving away. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. 1985: Ripley, Oklahoma. A group of people out partying by the Cimarron River saw a Bigfoot. The Bigfoot then crashed off into the brush. Men left to go get guns and came back to shoot at the Bigfoot. They saw it and shot it. It screamed and ran away. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. October 20, 1986: Los Angeles County, California. Father and son deer hunters hunting in the San Gabriel Mountains noticed something rustling the brush very forcefully. They fired a few shots at it, then it came out of the brush and stood in front of them. It was a Bigfoot. They both ran away. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. 1987: Pacific, Washington. A Bigfoot chased rafters along a river for seven miles, throwing rocks at them. A man fired into the brush at the Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. May 1987: Maricopa County, Arizona. A group of men were fishing for catfish. They fell asleep. At 2 AM, one awoke and noticed a female Bigfoot standing only 10 feet away. This situation went on for a while, as the one man in the group who had a gun pointed it at the Bigfoot to hold her at bay. At one point, she charged the men, and he opened fire at close range with a single shot shotgun. The Bigfoot grabbed her chest and ran across the lake to the other side, crashing through the brush. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. 1988: Atoka, Oklahoma. A hunter shot a Bigfoot with a 30.06 rifle, but the Bigfoot was only wounded and ran away. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy. 1990’s: Nowata, Oklahoma. A farmer shot at a Bigfoot. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy. 1990: Clark, Washington. A woman shot at a Bigfoot in the brush near her chicken coop. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. May 1990: Cooke County, Texas. Men shot a Bigfoot in the chest with a shotgun while on a camping trip. Reported by the BFRO website. September 1990: Glenn, California. A Bigfoot that had been shot at by other men ran past a group of men. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. 1991: Indiana. Two young men were hunting at night when they saw a Bigfoot. They freaked out and opened fire on it with a shotgun. It screamed and chased them half a mile through the woods. Reported by Mary Green. August 1992: Between Westal and Crosstal, Tennessee. A man and his sons were out hunting squirrels in the woods. At 3:30 AM, the father woke up when a Bigfoot was trying to pull him out of the back of his truck. He thought it was one of his sons, so he yelled at them to stop. After a bit, he realized it was a Bigfoot. He shot and wounded it, and it walked away. Later, it came back and walked around the camp breaking branches and menacing the campers. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. August 1992: Iowa. Two fishermen camping beside a river saw a Bigfoot walking along the bank on the opposite side early in the morning. One man fired three shots at it with his .22, and it ran over the top of the bank and disappeared. Reported by The Sasquatch Report Issue #84 March 1997. May 1993: Clark, Washington. Deer poachers shot a Bigfoot and wounded it. Blood was found, but the Bigfoot escaped. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. December 1994: Deschutes, Oregon. Hunters shot and wounded a Bigfoot in the leg and followed the blood trail for several miles. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. November 1996: Coos, Oregon. Spotlight hunters took long shots at a spotlighted Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. May 1997: Mendocino, California. A man shot at a female and some juvenile Bigfoots. Another Bigfoot then attacked the man and broke some of his bones. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. September 1997: Tillamook County, Oregon. A hiker shot at a Bigfoot standing on a rock outcropping early in the morning. The Bigfoot ran off. July 1997: Jones, Texas. A Bigfoot threw a rock at a man, hitting him. The man then shot back at the Bigfoot but missed. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. October 1998: Madison, Virginia. A man was camping in the woods when he saw a Bigfoot up on a ridge only 80 feet away when he woke up in the morning. He emptied his revolver at it, and it ran off. Reported by the Bigfoot Encounters website. November 1998: Longview, Texas. Two men were out squirrel hunting in the woods when they came across a Bigfoot. It ran across the trail and took off into the woods. The men decided to leave the area quickly, but five minutes later, they smelled a bad smell. They looked around, and 20-30 feet to the side in the woods was the Bigfoot again. One man fired three shots at it, hitting the Bigfoot. The Bigfoot screamed and then chased the men all the way back to their house. It roamed the woods around the house all night, yelling and breaking branches. Later in the night, one of the men fired on the Bigfoot again. November 4, 1998: Greenbrier, Tennessee. A man out hunting was scared off by a Bigfoot staring in the window of his truck. He drove off quickly, but the Bigfoot had blocked the road with a downed tree. The hunter called his friend to come cut up the tree. They drove off and came to the main road when they saw some deer. The hunter decided to shoot a deer, so he got out. But then the two men saw a Bigfoot heading towards a neighbor’s barn. They fired shots at it, but it kept moving towards the barn. As they fired more, it turned and ran towards them. They jumped into their trucks and drove away very fast. The hunter and his friend went to their homes, but then they heard the Bigfoot again. The Bigfoot yelled and burst out of the trees 40 feet away. The men unloaded all their guns at it, and it fell to the ground and started crawling away. The hunter told his friend to stop shooting at it because they didn’t know what it was. They followed the blood trail 1/2 mile to a creek where they lost the trail. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. April 6, 1999: Hawkins County, Tennessee. A farmer was plowing his field with his tractor when he saw a Bigfoot come out of the trees. He thought it was a bear, so he pulled out his 30.06 rifle and shot it. They tracked it for six hours but could not find it. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. September-October 1999: Northwestern Alabama. A woman sighted a Bigfoot and reported it to law enforcement. The next day at 4 PM they saw helicopters flying over the area. The copters had .50 caliber machine guns and were firing into the woods. This went on until midnight. Apparently they hit the Bigfoot because residents heard horrible screams from the wounded Bigfoot. It is not known if the Bigfoot was killed or not. When people asked law enforcement about the helicopters, citizens were told that the police had been eradicating wild boars in the area. However, there had not been any wild boars in the area for 20 years. Reported by the Southeastern Bigfoot Research Organization. Government coverup. January 2000: Honobia, Oklahoma. The Siege of Honobia. Bigfoot apparently shot and killed as part of a group that was raiding and harassing a rural residence. Other Bigfoots apparently carried off the dead Bigfoot. Reported by the BFRO site. August 2000: Fort Mitchell, Alabama. A man and his friend were camping at Rood Creek Park Campground and Boat Landing on the Chattahoochee River, Georgia. One of the men’s dogs started whimpering, and the man went to check on it. Then he saw a Bigfoot coming out of the woods and approaching the camp. The man fired two shots from his pistol at the Bigfoot, but they didn’t seem to faze it. The Bigfoot then grabbed the man’s dog and tore it to shreds. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. October 11, 2000: Lewis County, Washington. A mother and two of her children saw a Bigfoot walking across the road. It looked as if it had a gunshot wound in the lower back. Reported by the BFRO site. April 27, 2001: Orange County, Indiana. A hunter was in a blind calling turkeys in the woods when he heard a noise 50 feet in back of him. He turned around, and after a little bit, a Bigfoot stepped into view. Soon the Bigfoot charged the hunter’s position. The hunter fired one shot at the Bigfoot’s face and hit it. The Bigfoot turned and ran down a steep ravine where it stumbled around for 15 minutes or so. A trail of blood was found leading to the ravine. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. October 4, 2001: Woodville, Texas. A woman saw a Bigfoot standing in her backyard. She told her son, who grabbed a gun and took off into the woods after it. Soon he heard two men shouting along with gunshots. Then the men said, “Let’s get out of here!” They had apparently been shooting at the Bigfoot. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy. 2002: Sawyer, Oklahoma. An old man shot a Bigfoot. Bigfoots then started coming to the house, throwing rocks and sticks at it. One day the old man died of a heart attack. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy. Late January 2002: Monster Central, Louisiana. This is a 1,500 acre zone in northwest Louisiana south of Shreveport. A hunter gut shot a Bigfoot and wounded it. Other men with dogs were called in to track the Bigfoot. They tracked it to a tree on the edge of a stream, but it jumped down out of the tree and into the stream. One of the men shot at it again but missed. Then the men became worried that some of the other Bigfoots might come around to defend the one they shot. Some blood and vomitus were taken for analysis, but the wife of the man who had the samples accidentally threw them away when she found them in the freezer. The results came back “unknown primate.” Reported here. July 16, 2003: Lincoln County, Tennessee. A man shot a white Bigfoot that was making noise in a yard at night. The Bigfoot stumbled and then ran away. Reported by the BFRO site. November 12, 2003: Lafollette, Tennessee. A creature had been killing peoples’ animals. A goat and cat at the very least had been killed. A woman called the sheriff’s, they came out with a team of deputies, and told everyone to get their pets indoors, as they were going to eliminate this animal. They tracked the Bigfoot and shot it dead over the next hill. There were sirens wailing, and the Bigfoot screamed as it was shot. The woman left the scene. People saw a black body lying in a field the next morning. Ten minutes later, it had vanished. Planes flew around the area night and day for two weeks. Locals reported that there had been a hostile Bigfoot in the area, and they were trying to appease it by leaving food out for it so it would not kill their animals. The next day the woman who reported the incident went back to the area, and someone had taken the body away. Reported by Mary Green. Government coverup. February 2006: Navarro, Texas: At a road crossing, a man shot a Bigfoot twice with a 30.06. The Bigfoot was wounded but walked away. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. August 2006: Slim Buttes, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota. A Bigfoot that had been named Chiye-tanka was shot and killed on the reservation. It was later given to the School of Mines to study. They sent it back, and it was given a ceremonial burial by Lakota elders. Reported by Ray Crowe. Government coverup.

John Titor Shows Up on Beyond Highbrow After 13 Year Hiatus

This is very exciting news! John Titor was a famous time traveler from the year 2036 who returned to Earth for some time around the years 200 and 2001 when he made a number of historic posts to the Internet. Most of those posts have disappeared, but some are available on Internet archives. He wrote in a lot to the Art Bell Show. During and after his appearance, there was a long controversy about whether or not John Titor was really a time traveler from the future. An Italian TV company hired a private eye to investigate. He felt that John Titor was a hoax originated by Larry Haber, a Florida attorney, and his brother John Rick Haber, an IT expert. This is certainly not true as I am personally convinced that obviously John Titor is a man time traveling from the future. The real John Titor disappeared from the Net in 2001 to back to the future, and has not been seen since. If this is the real John Titor making his first appearance since then, it is exciting news since it means that he has time traveled again back from the future. This question though is whether this is the real John Titor or not. It is an excellent question. If it is the real John Titor, then obviously John is still alive and has decided for unknown reasons to return from the future again. However, it could be a very clever imposter who is merely someone from our own time pretending to be the famous time traveler. His prose style does resemble that of the original John Titor. An expert analysis of the original John Titor’s prose concluded falsely that Titor was a hoax created by one of the Haber brothers. This is wrong because we know for a fact that John is a real time traveler. However, if we could compare his corpus on this site with John’s original posts we could come to a conclusion about whether he is real or not. One thing that I found very interesting is that the John Titor who showed up on this site has extensive knowledge of obscure facts about early Apple computers. When he showed up before, he also had deep knowledge of this information which is barely known by but a few people. However, all of his Apple trivia subsequently checked out. Now here he is again, spouting Apple arcana. Whether this is the real John Titor from the future or merely a clever imposter from our own time is not known, but it should be a fun ride. I also wonder why he chose a Bigfoot post of all things to show up on. All John Titor appearances showed up on the May 28 Bigfoot News entry. I will post all of John’s posts here below for your viewing pleasure:

Hello Robert Lindsay, I have come here to go public with the information which I am allowed to divulge. Bigfoot is actually of the subfamily of primate Homininae and it diverged from the homo exactly 4.2 million years before present, which was 0.73 million years prior to the evolution of Australopithecus afarensis, whose presence in the Horn of Africa was verified by specimen AL 288-1. Bigfoot was a pseudo-“missing link” between the Austaliopithecines and the Ergaster genus of species agglomerate. Due to its vestigial anatomorphological inheritance from its ancestral Southern Apes, it bore a conspicuous resemblance to Chimpanzees and the so called “Sasquatch” of Sino-Tibetan and Nepalese myths, as well as the Algonquin-Blackfoot indigenous North Americans’ legend of Da-Ne Kasedanuki, leading many leading anthropologists of the first few decades of the 21 st century to assume that Bigfoot was a hoax perpetuated by cryptozoologists. Bigfoot’s mitochondrial megahaplogroup clusters derive from their Most Recent Common Maternal Ancestor which diverged from the maternal lineage Mitochondrial Eve descends from about 4 million years ago. Therefore, their mtDNA diverges from ours on a rate of 1 out of 1,735 base pairs. By contrast, human nuclear DNA across global populations diverges an average of 1 out of 1,150 base pairs on average. Their Y-chromosome is more visceral and simian. By analysis of their pseudoautosomal region on their Y-chromosome, which is the outermost fringe region of the chromosome which can recombine with homologous regions on the X-chromosome, (however the bulk of the Y-chromosome is incapable of homologous recombination with the X) we have concluded that about 0.0032 more of their sex chromosome base pairs are capable of recombination. The deterioration of the pseudoautosomal region in the Y-chromosome has begun since the divergence of the X and Y chromosomes from their ancestral chromosome 166 million years before present. As evidence, most ectothermic vertebrates lack the gender-determining function in their genome, but rather possess an environmentally determined gender system. The decay of this pseudoautosomal region has been constant at a rate of 12 base pairs per 5 generations, however this is in highly prolific reproducers, and as reproduction has decreased inversely proportional to the increase of cognitive function and prefrontal cortex gerantomorphication, the decay of the pseudoautosomal region has been exponentially retarded. Therefore, we can assume that the paternal lineage of Bigfoot could not have been separate from homo sapiens more than 6 million years, which suggests that paternally, Bigfoots are closer to Bonobos and Lowland Chimpanzees than to humans. The actual scientific name for Bigfoot is Intermissiosius Panhomonidae. This taxonomical classification was derived from the Latin “intermissio” (in-between) and “Pan” (the scientific terminology for the Chimpanzee-Bonobo genus) “Hominidae” (human). “In between human and ape,” would be the formally equivalent translation. There are actually two subspecies of Bigfoot, one is passive-aggressive and possesses a capacity for semi cognitive autonomous determination, which is to basically state one is partially capable of free will and self-introspection. This particular one has a reduction in the triad of Machiavellian personality and extroversion, but is able to utilize these characteristics more efficiently, meaning they lie, cheat and kill less, but are able to do this more efficiently than their sister sub-species. My name is John Titor and I am willing to divulge more information for the return of information on a retrocomputer. The IBM 1500 is the device of which I speak of, and I will leak more information in return for any information on the location and availability of the IBM 1500. Thank you, and I apologize that I must use a proxy, however, I cannot reveal my personal Internet Protocol Address, due to confidentiality reasons … I have an IBM 5100 in my possession. In the IBM 5100 there exists the capability for reading the BASIC and APL coding languages. However, what most computer experts fail to realize is that there exists a debugger code which acts as an emulation perforator for the algorithm on which the APL is based. In 2025, former CIA Director John Boehner and then Secretary of State Eric Dahmer put their intellectual facilities together to create a series of covert operations which placed nuclear remote detonation devices all over Eurasia. This was used for leverage against the anarchists and Libertarian neoliberals who were preparing for a coup d’etat against the newly formed United European Emirates. These anarchists were radical Christian ultranationalists who opposed the Muslim dominated European government and the mixed market policies they installed. The locations of these devices were kept in a closed circuit network which was coded with a language based on the APL, but very convoluted and complex. However, it still retained a mirror version of the algorithmic formula used for the APL. When an inside job succeeded in infecting the network with several viruses, the viruses scrambled our codes based on their own algorithmic formulas, however, these formulas were also mirror versions of the APL’s, because such was a prerequisite to tangibly manipulate the network’s own code. Think of it as a wave. If two opposite waves collide, they cancel each other out. However, when two harmonic waves collide, they synchronize. The IBM 1500, however, is an instructional computer. It, however, contains a hardware part which can be used to fully connect the 5100 to the network. We would also need the IBM 5125 and the IBM 1700, but we could manufacture those because we retained a complete blueprint. I already possess an IBM 5100, but I am now in need of an IBM 1500 and a DX-175 microprocessor. I am running out of time, World War Three shall begin next year. I must return to 2036 before the deadline in the current timeline. … In your words, I guess “it really depends”. Bigfoot was examined by District 4 United States scientists after the World War (III) destroyed a significant amount of local flora, forcing some of them into the open. You see, in my timeline, a series of uprisings between 2004 and 2008 led to the secession and breakdown of the United States, causing us to split into 5 separate districts. We were christened DSUA, or the Districts of the United States of America. Do you remember how when Obama was reelected in 2012 many states threatened to secede? Well in my timeline this occurred in 2008 during his first election and the secession was successful because no petitions were filed to the federal government for secession. As you know, an act of secession is considered illegitimate by the federal government. Your timeline differs from mine due to my actions. You see, the universe is actually a section of “potential” called a p-brane. Potential is what you refer to as “space-time”, and there are sections of those floating around everywhere outside of the universe, but this is on a scale of 17 dimensions, something your science based on quantum mechanics and string theory would find incomprehensible. When two sections of potential collide, they hypercondense into one dimension. Afterwards, they hyperinflate into 4 dimensions. This is known as the “Big Bang”. The uniformity of a potential’s section is dismantled and depending on the multidimensional trajectory of collision form its compressed “pockets” of potential. The p-branes eventually tear from the acceleration of expansion, creating infinitesimal Einstein-Rosenberg bridges which periodically collapse, creating “waves” in the p-brane, which converts to “matter”. Baryons, such as protons and antiprotons. Electrons and positrons. These are oppositely charged on the electromagnetic scale and annihilate each other. Because an elementary particle takes all possible trajectories, the frequency of collision is uneven. Therefore, an imbalance in matter-antimatter is created. On a “quantum” scale (based on your quantum mechanics), this divergence of trajectories occurs under observation. However, on a macrocosmic scale, this is an unobservable phenomenon. This creates parallel universes. This Everett-Wheeler interpretation dictates that humans do not choose between whether to eat that apple or orange. They choose both, but in separate parallel worlds. This is termed temporal divergence. This is rated on a scale of 0-100. A divergence in apple/oranges type choices are attributed a point of 0.01. 0.10 would be a divergence in directions, friends, and sleep habits. A 1 is achieved when major world events occur, such as wars or groundbreaking inventions. Our world temporally diverges from yours by 1.73 and therefore your world has not experienced many of the events ours has. I deliberately orchestrated events which would prevent the Second Civil War of America. For example, I convinced the Air Force to allow the terrorist attacks of 9/11 to cascade by unimpeded. This caused severe Islamophobia amongst Americans, which led to Islamophobia being labeled as politically incorrect. This led to many leftwing Americans voting for Obama based on both his color and middle name of Arabic origin (though Obama is a Christian). This prevented the 2008 secession. I altered your timeline. However, a world war weighs at least 5 points. I must reach 5 In my timeline: Lupus Erythematosis was cured in October 12th, 2003. A successful vaccine against 65 Quantum entanglement was manipulated to teleport information from four protons 10 miles away each successfully in 7/3/2012. An apparatus for artificial cardiopulmonary animation was developed in 2012. This was composed of organic material as opposed to the artificial hearts consisting of polysaccharides in your timeline. Also, the attacks of September the 11th never occurred. … World War Three begins in 2015. However, the exact day the first two nations declare war has been delayed due to the 1.73 temporal divergence rate. Unless I achieve a 5 percent divergence rate, the world war will not be averted. A world war or a war fought by more than 3 nations takes a 5 percent divergence to revert, whereas a war fought between two or three nations requires a temporal divergence rate of 1 to nullify. In my timeline (let us refer to it as timeline A), World War Three began when Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Putin failed to reach an ultimatum or a compromise. Russia began shipment of oil to China, and Xi Jinping cut off ties to North Korea, deeming Russia as an acceptable substitute. NK leader Kim Jong Chul (Kim Jong Un never ascended to power, his brother did instead) attempted to rehabilitate their relations with South Korea, and merge as a single, capitalist nation. However, this was thwarted by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu through District 3 of the United States. District 3 was heavily Republican, and the GOP supported Israel. Through diplomatic negotiations, Israel convinced the United States to plant seeds of doubt in South Korea’s mind as to the authenticity of North Korea’s desires to peacefully merge. Netanyahu did this because they needed a shipment of North Korean experimental military technology to continue being manufactured under the Communist regime, thereby allowing clandestine export of said materials to the Arab world. This would allow Israel to justify transgressing international regulations by possessing a plethora of nuclear devices themselves, their justification being self defense in the face of impending Arab nuclear incursion. They were employing classical Horkheimerian reverse psychology to convince the world they were justified in possessing nuclear warheads. However, the Islamic percentage of representation in the parliaments and semi-presidential governments of Western Europe increased over time, and favor shifted from the Judeo-Christian geopolitical axis to the Islamic axis. The world now favored Palestine and Iran over Israel and the Districts of the USA. The North Korean government felt threatened by the South Korean government’s blatant refusing of their peace offer. The demilitarized zone was breached and the United States District 1 Navy, the South Korean ROK Marines, were deployed into combat after SK declared war. China wanted nothing to do with either Koreas due to their recent alliance breakup with NK and their sociopolitical contrasts with SK. However, Russia made a last ditch effort to support NK, and attempted to pull China in with them. Xi Jinping lent his support to Putin, which caused massive riots to break out in China, as the Chinese did not want war with SK and their favorable view of Putin had drastically shifted to an unfavorable view. This led to Taiwan and Nepal’s guerrilla forces invading China as retribution for historical crimes, taking advantage of the weakened Chinese social infrastructure. This caused American Districts to self-manufacture all its goods it once imported from China, and this caused a drastic deflation due to high availability of goods. However, due to the high availability of jobs, credit, and the sudden increase in the dollar bill due to the deflation, the corporate directors increased the price of goods exponentially, causing a huge inflation and market crash. This could have been prevented by the federal government’s regulations, however there were 5 state governments for the 5 Districts as opposed to a central government. They had difficulty in communications and basically there were too many leaders and not enough followers willing to comply. The amount of legislature approved decreased by 85 This resulted in a reunion of the United States to recover the economy. The reunited USA declared war on Iran, NK, China, and Russia, with full Congressional approval. The war efforts would reboot the economy, however, the United States made the mistake of attempting to destroy Russian nuclear warheads by detonating them in Russia through a series of signal scrambling projections. Nuclear war erupted. Many of the nuclear warheads were destroyed mid flight by United States RIM-161 SM-3s, however there was significant damage to the stratosphere and destruction of wastelands led to ozone depletion, as destructive polyatomic synthetic material went airborne. After the war, all of Western Europe united into the United European Emirates under Islamic rule. That is all I can tell you without negatively affecting the timeline should members in positions of power read and believe my statements.

Bigfoot News May 28, 2014

Aaron Arcand spills the beans on Todd Standing, the Alberta Habituation Site, Matt Moneymaker, Melba Ketchum, David Paulides and other assorted sleazeballs. This post will feature the testimony of Aaron Arcand, one of Canada’s top Bigfoot researchers, up there with Sasquatch Ontario and John Bindernagel. I would add Todd Standing, but he is too scurrilous to get a mention. Here Aaron uncovers the ugly truth about the Alberta Habituation Site now featured in TV shows like Bigfoot North and Survivorman. The location is given as Nordegg, but the actual site is a bit a ways from that town. In this post, Aaron will describe what a scoundrel Todd Standing really is. He will also reveal some sleazy behavior by Matt Moneymaker, Melba Ketchum and David Paulides, no strangers to sleaze and calculated, cunning amorality in the past. About the Todd Standing – Adrian Erickson – Matt Moneymaker vignette below regarding the Matilda footage, some clarification is in order. Adrian was in fact not there when that footage was taken. It was taken a by a woman in her late 20’s named Sissy who resided on the property. Matt was not involved in any possible hoax that Sissy may have perpetrated, but Matt was probably the one who initially acquired the footage and then sold it to Erickson. Todd Standing’s Radium Creek, British Colombia research location is apparently the site of Todd’s “Sylvanic” area.

The Alberta Canada Habituation Site

In the heart of Alberta’s foothills of the Rockies, there is a plot of remote wilderness which by some has been described as possibly one of the best Sasquatch research locations in North America. There has been a lot of talk recently in regards to this location, and I would like to set the record straight. I am in the unique position to do this because I am Aaron Arcand, and I am the one who invited Todd Standing and showed him the location but not before spending two and one half seasons there on a regular basis conducting both day and nighttime research. In the spring of 2011, I met a Sasquatch enthusiast, I’ll call him KW. KW introduced me to an area he had learned about from a trapper friend of his. It has been said that I poached this area from KW. Not true. KW showed me this area with the willingness for me doing research there because he does not go out very often. KW gave me the area. According to KW, the trapper had several notable experiences in this area, described below, before selling the trapline to his cousin or brother or someone like that. The person who bought the line is not trapping it either, come to think of it, I’ve never seen anyone else out there with the exception of the odd quadder down by the river. Anyway, the trapper according to KW, has had the following sightings and encounters there. I am unsure of how long the trapper trapped there as he apparently stopped trapping there because of Sasquatch issues. The trapper apparently had seven daytime sightings, and it is possible he saw one or more of them more than once. This does not necessarily indicate that there are seven Sasquatches in the area. One of the sightings was described by KW to me as follows: The trapper was out there doing his thing, and he suddenly found himself surrounded by some Sasquatches who were screaming at him. The trapper fired a shot in the air to let them know it was him. Immediately following the shot, a large male Sasquatch came out from behind the trees and began to charge at him. While the male was in full charge, the female also showed herself. When the male saw the female, he stopped dead in his tracks, they looked at each other, verbally communicated, and then disappeared back into the trees. KW said the incident was so traumatizing that it was the last time the trapper trapped in that area. The above described incident provides a piece of very important intel about Sasquatches, and this is how I interpret what happened. The trapper fired a shot in the air to let the Sasquatches know that it was him. The male Sasquatch thought the trapper had shot his female Sasquatch partner, and charged at the trapper in retaliation. In mid-charge, the female Sasquatch stepped out from behind the trees and showed herself to the male Sasquatch as well as the trapper. Upon seeing the female Sasquatch, the male Sasquatch stopped charging at the trapper. The male and female Sasquatches then communicated and disappeared into the trees. This can only mean one thing: the Sasquatch is a logical thinker. Once the male Sasquatch realized that no harm had come to the female Sasquatch, he backed off. According to KW, the trapper also attempted to get pictures with a game cam using a pile of coyotes which is favored dish of the squatches. The first game cam got destroyed, smashed to bits and pieces which were scattered in the bush in the surrounding area, no SD card was found, and the coyotes were all gone. A second setup with two game cams was put in place. Now, if the smashed camera was done by a Squatch that tells me that Sasquatches can sense the electromagnetic frequencies coming from electronic equipment, and they do not like it. The two camera setup also provides some interesting intel. The first game cam was set up on the coyote pile while the second game cam was setup on the first camera. Upon return, the trapper discovered that something approached from behind camera two and physically turned the camera on the tree to face away from camera one. Something actually grabbed the camera and turned it away from camera one. There were even scrape marks on the tree from the friction of the game cam being turned. As for game cam one, aimed at the pile of coyotes. Destroyed. No SD card found, and the coyotes were gone. This, if done by the Squatches, also provides some very interesting intel depending on how you want to interpret it. That’s all I was told from KW about the trapper, however I am leaning towards betting that the trapper has had other encounters and most likely knows more about the behavior of the Sasquatch than any other Sasquatch researcher. KW showed me the location and a few of the structures along the road that goes into the area. He also showed me some pictures of a dome shaped type structure that was also discovered along the road about ten yards in the bush which was surrounded by stool samples of which KW had collected a large quantity. KW had given me a small bag from what they had collected, and it is now in my freezer. KW also told me of campers in the past that had made remarks about hearing strange howls in the area, and some have been scared out of the area. KW also ran into a pair of hunters who were on their way out of what I call Ground Zero Sasquatch Country. KW could see it in the hunters faces and body language that something was wrong. The hunting pair asked KW if he was going into that area and warned him that if he goes back there, he may get killed. They went on to say that it was not safe to go into that area, we are leaving, and we are never returning anywhere near here again. Well, knowing what he knows about the area, KW assumed that the pair of hunters had some sort of close encounter with one or more Sasquatches. I agree with KW that something strange happened to these two guys and it involved the Sasquatch phenomenon. So after introducing me to the area, KW asked that I keep the location secret, especially from Matt Moneymaker and the BFRO. And I did. For the seasons of 2011-July 2013, when, due to the strong activity and aggression I experienced, I did not feel safe being there by myself, so I asked KW if I could bring Todd Standing there. KW said no. After KW said no, I was going to respect his decision even though I really did not need his permission because the location is Crown Land. But next I was told that KW was attending the 2013 BFRO Alberta expedition, and plans were for KW to bring the BFRO there. When I learned of that, all bets were off. So I contacted Todd Standing via his website, and I invited him out to my area. Now, some may ask why the hell would I invite Todd Standing? He is a liar, a fraud and a hoaxer. Well, I am the type of person who judges people by what I know of them and not what others say, so I invited Todd Standing so I could judge him for myself. As it turns out, that was the biggest mistake I ever made in my life. In the 2nd week of July 2013 I contacted Todd Standing and invited him to come out to my area and check it out. So Todd came out there as a guest, I made it clear to him he was a guest, and he understood that. We spent the weekend there, I showed him everything that KW showed me as well as all the tree breaks I had discovered, and in addition, we had some activity of our own as well. I have brought this to the attention to the world of Sasquatch researchers, and since then Todd has been calling me a liar but has unable to prove his claims. However,  I am able to prove that Todd is lying to everyone, including Jeff Meldrum, John Bindernagel and Les Stroud. These are his lies: Todd is passing the area off as his discovery, found via his research. This is a lie. Todd did not discover this area. He was a guest of mine after I had been researching the area for three years. The proof of this lie can be found in the first episode of Survivorman Bigfoot as well as on his Bigfoot North show. Todd stated on his Bigfoot North show that he had been researching the site for six months prior to bringing Jeff and John there. This too is a lie. The first time Todd was there was in the second week of July 2013. Proof of when I first brought Todd to the area is on an Internet forum, and I will tell Robert Lindsay where to find it so he can confirm it. I will not state its location in this article for fear of that post being removed in an attempt to discredit me. Todd has claimed to be the one to discover the tree structures and tree breaks. Also a lie. The tree structures were shown to me by KW, and I showed them to Todd. The tree breaks he claims he discovered were discovered by me and shown to him. Even when we were out there together, new tree breaks and a new 13 inch track was discovered by me. He was there at that time also; however, I was the one to see and point out these things. Proof of this is also online and again, Robert Lindsay will confirm. After showing the area to Todd, he has been passing of the research findings of KW and myself as his own. He is using our research findings to vindicate himself of his earlier hoaxes. He is unethical, has no morals, and is a media hound who is trying to get rich off Sasquatch. Bottom line. Todd Standing is a liar. Above are three proven lies told by Todd. If you fuck a chicken once, ok. Twice, fine. Fuck a chicken for a third time and people will call you a chicken fucker. Well Todd has publicly told three proven lies, and the only conclusion anyone can come to is that Todd is a liar, and his credibility is once again tarnished. There is not one person out there who can prove anything I said is a lie. However, I can prove that everything I have stated in this article is 100

A Dentist Comes to the Habituation Site

On my second outing with Todd Standing, he invited a man by the name Brian S.,  a dentist from Calgary – Todd’s own dentist as a matter of fact. Brian S. arrived at my primary research area prior to Todd. I was caught off guard because I was unaware that Brian S. or anyone else for that matter was coming out there. However, Brian and I hit it off right away. We have spent many hours together out in the field since we met that day, and much of that was with just he and I without Todd. Truth be told, Brian was invited to meet John and Jeff and he is fully aware of everything that that has transpired. Brian also thinks that what Todd did to me was a really shitty thing to do, and he also knows that everything I have stated is the truth. Brian and I have done lots of research together, and we have some big plans for this summer that do not include Todd Standing. Brian is a dentist. He has a doctor title. He is a pillar of his community. Does this sound like a person who would go out in the remote wilderness alone with a delusional crazy lunatic who tells nothing but lies? I don’t think so.

Todd’s Stories

On the first outing with Todd Standing in my primary research area, he had many things to say about other Sasquatch researchers. Now a lot of what he had to say I had already heard before. It was the usual hate talk that goes on in the world of Sasquatch research. However, there was one very interesting thing he had to say on the topic of Dr. Melba Ketchum and the Erickson Project which also involves Matt Moneymaker. Here is what he had to say. Todd told me that he went down to the states to do some research with Dr. Melba Ketchum and her psychic boyfriend who I have been told is apparently none other than David Paulides. While he was there, Melba apparently put forth a strong effort to get Todd to divulge his financial backer. Todd thinks she was trying to poach his financier. At one point during his visit with them, he noticed her Paulides looking at the tags on his luggage. Paulides later tried to use the information that gleaned from the tags in a phony effort to convince Todd that he really was psychic – all part of an effort to get Todd to give them some money to Paulides and Ketchum. Now for the juicy part. This involves the Erickson Project. Todd also told me that he saw Adrian Erickson’s footage while visiting Adrian at his home. He stated that while watching it on Adrian’s big screen, he noticed the closeup face shot of Matilda, which to me looks like a Chewbacca mask. According to Todd, he noticed that when Matilda’s mouth moved, you could see the teeth bend which would suggest a mask and therefore a hoax. He pointed this out to Adrian. Adrian agreed and responded by calling Matt Moneymaker and giving Matt crap about their discovery in the footage. Matt responded by saying, “Oh, just edit out the last 2 or 3 seconds. Then it will be ok.” Now, if what Todd told me is in fact true, then this would mean that Adrian was not present when the closeup footage was taken, and it also suggests that the footage was hoaxed and that Matt Moneymaker was involved. Interesting! In conclusion, I would like to state that I have already proven that Todd Standing is a liar and therefore it is possible that he is lying about these incidents as well. But on a second note, what if he actually told me the truth about this Adrian Erickson stuff? I doubt it, but if he did tell me the, WOW, what blockbuster news.

Todd’s Research Areas

When Todd and I were out, another topic he discussed was his research sites in Montana and near Radium Creek, B.C. These were discussed in the context of the upcoming Les Stroud show. He was moaning about how he was not sure if he was going to be able to take Les to his sites due to problems with both research areas. At the Montana Site, apparently a younger Sasquatch took over the group from the older one, and the new group leader moved the group out of Todd’s area to some other unknown location. Radium Creek was apparently was destroyed by the devastating floods in the spring of 2013. After I heard that, I did some research. The flooding did not affect the Radium Creek area. Another lie By Todd Standing.


I think it is sad that Todd Standing is getting recognition for the research findings of KW and myself. Now everyone can know the truth. I am very happy that John and Jeff were in my research area and got to experience this amazing habituation site. In fact, prior to me inviting Todd Standing, I have emails and LinkedIn conversations between Jeff and me on the subject of my research area, and I suggested my research area as a trial ground for the Falcon Project. Amazingly, all this could have been avoided. All Todd Standing had to do was come to me and say, “Hey Aaron, I have made arrangements for Jeff Meldrum and John Bindernagel to come to look at your research area. They are going to be here from this date to this date. Come out during that time and join us. Oh and by the way, Les Stroud is also coming to film an episode of Survivorman Bigfoot. You will not be in front of the camera, but we would still like you to come out with us.” Had this happened, I would have welcomed it with open arms, and Todd Standing’s reputation with me would have been golden. But no, he had to be deceitful about the whole thing. He did not even mention my name to these people. He just passed everything off as his research findings. What a piece of shit he is. Conclusion, Todd Standing is a proven liar.

Bigfoot News May 27, 2014

Apology. I am very sorry there have not been any updates in a long time. I am extremely tired, and I can barely even function at all these days. The only thing that helps me is allergy shots. This is a very bad time of year for me. Ray Crowe book review of David Paulides’ latest Missing 411 book.

Book Review, 4th Paulides Missing 411-The Devil’s in the Details

Once again Dave Paulides has published a blockbuster of a book about the sad stories of missing people. Disappearances seem to occur in clusters, and Dave has included a large United States wall map showing where the poor people vanished. It’s revealing – the east and west coasts are almost darkened with missing cluster tags. This time around, Dave has gone international, including lists of missing people from six continents. As in earlier books, the little preteens seem to be the largest group targeted by some entity that concentrates on kidnapping and leaving the victims often either dead or alive, and missing articles of clothing or shoes without any indication of molestation. Usually the victim has no idea what occurred, is dazed, or can’t communicate what happened to them. Dave mentions that the last-in-line of hiking groups often disappears, and comments on the number of missing people found at the base of steep cliffs, near water or swamps, in brier patches (victims often found with horrible scratches), having traveled many miles or having unknowingly traveled uphill. Often their pets disappear with them and either come back confused or never do return. Search dogs cannot find their scent of the missing, and bloodhounds and cadaver dogs appear baffled. And in so many cases, an area previously searched multiple times eventually turns up a victim that’s in plain sight. The first book chapters cover another large batch of missing people, running the total from the 411 books up another 174. On May 18th, the release date of the book, Dave was a guest on George Knapp on Coast-to-Coast radio, and he mentioned that his total was up to 1,240 now. I wonder what that would amount to in the number of gallons of shed tears? Look at “Devil’s Detail,” an introductory page that has a long listing of place names with the word devil in them. Other significant detailed charts and statistical information elsewhere in the volume highlight fascinating cases that boggle the mind: Little 7 year old Jack who in two days managed to get 50 miles from where he was lost. And he was found in good condition! How can that be? Another 11 people were found 20 or more miles from where they had disappeared. Not all of them were as lucky as Jack. Many other interesting listings are tabulated: Weather conditions turn inclement when lost; occasions when the first or last in a line of hikers vanishes; there are those that turn up missing and were last seen inside of a home (in one case a house alarm failed to ring) or from a locked car with no inside door handles (go-figure that one out), the puzzling cases of the disabled who go missing, and the “climbers”-those that when lost go uphill, often being found on top of a barren peak (20 in four books climbed 1,000 feet or more). These and several other “Devil’s Detail” categories are listed under Dave’s final “Conclusions” chapter. Impossible cases are cited, like 2 year old Ryan, sleeping with his sister Shawna next to the wall. On awakening, his family discovered that he was gone, only to be later found dead under a dock at a nearby lake. And then there was the mystery of Megumi. Hiking on a well used trail in New Mexico, when lost she simply dialed 911 on her cell phone (needed to triangulate). She was forwarded to the non-emergency dispatcher…not once but seven times! Unbelievable! It has never happened before or since! Finally routed correctly, search teams found Megumi. It started to snow! A helicopter was called in for evacuation of the cold and weak graduate student in physics, nanotechnology and optics. The tail rotor of the helicopter hit a tree! In a debris field 800 feet down the 12,000 foot mountain, the bodies of the pilot and Megumi were found. It appears that at times the well-educated are targeted! What’s happening to all these people? Dave wisely doesn’t speculate. It’s just too crazy. In one case you think a Bigfoot kidnapped them. Then in the next a UFO abducted them, or they vanish into a dimensional hole or orb, or the culprit is an entity that reaches through from a black hole, grabs them and transports them for miles, dragging them unmercifully through briers. I can only scratch my head and ponder. Don’t know how much just plain old bad luck is involved either. One can only offer a silent prayer for all the unfortunate missing people, past and present, especially the children…the poor little babies, Amen. And those left behind to suffer: wives, siblings, mothers, grandparents, girlfriends…all of those and more. I feel saddest of all for them. Ray Crowe, May 26, 2014

Bigfoot News October 14, 2013

Wildlife conservation organization has had the body of an Orang Pendek for 17 years! The Wildlife Conservation Service out of New York is a conservation organization that works to protect habitat and wildlife all over the world. One of the places they work is Sumatra. In Sumatra, one of the places they work is the Barisan Mountains in southern Sumatra. There is a large national park here. Here they try to save the Sumatran tiger, the Sumatran rhinoceros, the Asian elephant among many other species. There is a team of tiger biologists working in this area who have been working here for quite some time. Apparently these tiger biologists came across the body of an Orang Pendek somehow. Either it was shot by the team or else they got in from local villagers – this much is not certain. Although it may seem amazing that they have been sitting on this body for 17 years, this is apparently the truth. These people are tiger biologists, and all they want to do is study tigers. They wanted nothing to do with a “hairy man.” They felt that this creature was radioactive, and it was buried and not dealt with for a long time due to political reasons. There were concerns that their funding might be affected or cut off if they were to come out with this new great ape. Furthermore, they did not have the faintest idea what it is. The truth is that they and others have spent the last 17 years studying this thing and trying to figure out exactly what it is. They plan to publish their findings in 2016, but that assumes that they will get through peer review. One might think it odd that they sat on this body for 17 years, but if you recall, the team working on the Olinguito worked on this animal for 10 years before finally bringing their findings forward in a scientific journal. That is, they discovered that it existed 10 years ago and then it took 10 years after that to get their findings together in a publishable format to bring it to the scientific world. You see it can take some time to bring a new species to science. Adam Davies, the British explorer who is also working on trying to find the Orang Pendek, stated that he had never heard that anyone had a body, and he said he is pretty well connected. However, my source told me that the WCS biologists are hiding this species not only from Davies from from the world as a whole. I asked my source what would happen if someone called the WCS to see if this story is true, and he said they would probably deny it. The Orang Pendek is most probably a hominid, possibly related to Homo Floresiensis or Flores Man on the island of Flores. Flores Man seems to be a very early Erectus or possibly a very late Australopithecine. Many think that the Orang Pendek is some sort of an ape or pongid such as an orangutan which also lives in the area. However, it is bipedal and only Homo is bipedal. It is unlikely that any of the great ape lines outside of Homo (chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans) have evolved bipedalism.

Some say that Orang Pendeks are just misidentified gibbons, but I doubt if this is true. There are gibbons that live in the area also, but villagers insist that the two are different creatures.
Some say that Orang Pendeks are just misidentified gibbons, but I doubt if this is true. There are gibbons that live in the area also, but villagers insist that the two are different creatures.
My source is a scientist who studies DNA. He told me that he saw three photos of the Orang Pendek on a WCS computer at a WCS office and was told that the body was acquired in 1996. He also learned something of the back story on the body. He told that there was no way that the photos of the creature could possibly be obtained. As a scientist, I consider him to be an extremely credible individual.
Very nice drawing of an Orang Pendek.
Very nice drawing of an Orang Pendek.
Bigfoot photos from Brenda Harris. Harris is apparently out of the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico and she has worked closely with JC Johnson on Bigfoot samples. In June, she revealed a photo of a possible Bigfoot, probably taken on the Navajo Reservation. The photos are below.
The real photo from Brenda Harris, probably from the Navajo Reservation.
The real photo from Brenda Harris, probably from the Navajo Reservation.
Same photo zoomed in. This photo is very odd, but the size and shape looks a lot like a Bigfoot. In addition, Harris' contacts are probably good and I doubt if there are a lot of sophisticated hoaxers on the Navajo Reservation.
Same photo zoomed in. This photo is very odd, but the size and shape looks a lot like a Bigfoot. In addition, Harris’ contacts are probably good and I doubt if there are a lot of sophisticated hoaxers on the Navajo Reservation.
More on the Matilda photos. One thing you will notice about the Matilda photos is the dramatically protruding lower jaw. In the video, the whole face moves and the muscles in this jaw and mouth area can be seen very well. Now in order for this to be a person wearing a mask, that person would have to have a jaw that is as prognathous or protruding as Matilda’s. Such humans are rare or nonexistent. Otherwise the wearer’s face will not fit properly into the mask and efforts to move the face inside the mask will not look realistic. In addition, Matilda has an underbite, quite a large one at that. It moves when she opens and closes her mouth. I would think that would be very hard to do with a mask. The person wearing the mask would have to have the same underbite as Matilda’s to make it look realistic. Interview with a Hollywood special effects expert. According to special effects expert Doug Hudson, almost all Bigfoot hoaxes use only 3-4 different masks and costumes. Custom masks and costumes are few and far between. The only ones I have seen were in hoaxes perpetrated by independent movie directors and Hollywood special effects experts. Even the best of these hoaxes looked nowhere near as good as this Matilda footage. Most of them were easily identifiable as hoaxes. I have also seen quite a few Bigfoot suits and masks that have been used in Bigfoot movies. They are all quite obvious, and I have yet to see a mask or costume in a Bigfoot movie that looks anywhere near as good as this Matilda footage. If the Matilda footage is a hoax, it is the finest fake Bigfoot footage ever done, surpassing anything done in any Hollywood Bigfoot movie and beyond any Bigfoot hoaxes done by movie directors or special effects artists. Hudson also makes the claim that just the raw materials alone for a custom Bigfoot suit and mask would run you $10,000 and to purchase one from a special effects guy would cost $40,000. The masks and suits used in the hoaxes and movies above probably cost between $60-80,000 to produce and would probably require at least 100 man-hours. Idiotic human garbage in the comments threads and on skeptard sites like JREF have been calling those figures ludicrous and laughing at them. Hey, they didn’t come from me. Take it up with Doug Hudson, the expert! [youtube=] I consider this expertise far beyond Roger and Sissy, the owners of the property. In addition, they did not have the savvy nor the means to purchase custom Bigfoot suits and masks from Hollywood special effects people. Therefore, I do not believe the Matilda footage is hoaxed. Problems with the Kentucky footage. An expert from the Smithsonian I consulted told me that the main thing that bothered him about the Matilda footage was the nose. He stated that Bigfoots all have noses that look human, and Matilda’s nose looks canine. However, recall that Justin Smeja’s description of the young Bigfoot at the Sierra Kills stated that the juvenile had a nose like a Boxer dog. The nose may be somewhat canine in the young Bigfoots but only develop a human form when they mature. And keep in mind that Matilda was immature. The Sleeping Bigfoot footage is good, but the expert I talked to said that the hair could be either real fur or fake fur. This is because it is very tousled and tangled. Tousled, tangled fur can look a lot like fake fur. He also said that the fur did not look like that of any known animal. In addition, some think that Adrian Erickson is somewhat gullible. For instance, Adrian thought that Fraud Standings hoaxed Bigfoot tiki dolls were real Bigfoot footage. Adrian was ready to buy Fraud’s footage until his friends stopped him. Adrian simply lacks the expertise to determine hoaxed from real Bigfoot footage, in general. In favor of the Sleeping Bigfoot footage. It is said that this footage is either a carpet, a dog or a human wearing a suit. However, keep in mind that Dennis Pfohl notes that the creature was breathing only 6 breaths per minute. A dog breathes at the low end no less than 10-15 breaths per minute. Furthermore, dogs’ bodies do not go up and down when they breathe like this thing. Could it be a human in a suit? It is very hard for a human to naturally breathe only 6 breaths per minute. It can be done with a lot of practice, but bottom line is it is just not normal. Perhaps if you gave a human some morphine, their breathing might go that low. Furthermore, human’s bodies do not slowly go up and down when they breathe the way the creature’s do. Another argument is that it is Hollywood special effects. However, Roger and Sissy did not have the means or the savvy necessary to pay a Hollywood studio to create a fake breathing carpet. Complaints about the owners of the Kentucky property. Roger and Sissy, owners of the property, have been described as being “somewhat shady,” “crazy,” and “opportunistic” by some of the Bigfooters who were aware of them. I am not sure how much of this is true and how much is not. However, I do know that at least the man was able to go through money pretty quickly. Young Bigfoots may have grooming claws. From Justin Smeja comes word that the juvenile Bigfoot he shot had a grooming claw on its thumb. Some ape and monkey species have grooming claws. You can see one in the photo below.
lemur claw
This lemur has a grooming claw on its thumb. The baby Bigfoot was also said to have a grooming claw.
Dr. Brian Sykes Bigfoot DNA project will air on British TV on Patty Day. Patty Day is October 20. October 20, 1967 is when Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin shot the famous Patty footage at Bluff Creek, California. Is it interesting that he is going to release his earthshaking DNA data on Patty Day? Hmm. Todd Neiss reports Sykes has “blockbuster findings.” Neiss runs some sort of a Bigfoot research organization in Oregon. He recently stated that although he has been sworn to secrecy, the Sykes DNA study has some blockbuster findings. We have been hearing this sort of thing for a long time now, and it sounds very promising. Sykes has acquired samples of purported Yeti and Orang Pendek material. A source has just informed me that Sykes has acquired purported Yeti hair and purported Orang Pendek hair. Should be most interesting to see if these samples are valid, how they come back DNA-wise. Adam Davies reports that the Orang Pendek sample comes from him. They are from either an Orang Pendek, a tapir or a tiger. Those are the three animals that he and Cliff Barackman were tracking at the time in Sumatra last year.

Bigfoot News October 12, 2013

Rumor: Orang Pendek may already be known to science! The Orang Pendek is the “hairy man” of Sumatra in Indonesia. No one knows quite what it is, but some think it may be in the Homo line, possibly related to the tiny Homo Floresiensis who lived up until at least 12,000 YBP and possibly as late as the 19th Century. Another theory is that it is a great ape similar to an orangutan. The problem with this line is that the Orang Pendek walks upright. I am quite certain that the Orang Pendek exists.

Comparison of Orang Pendek footprints with those of other great apes.
Comparison of Orang Pendek footprints with those of other great apes.
A British journalist, Debbie Martyr, moved to Sumatra in the 1990’s to study this animal and other animals. She has seen it several times. She said, “The first time I saw it, I almost fell over, I was so shocked.” Martyr has since moved on to study tigers. It is short, about 5 feet tall, covered with hair, and has a long flowing mane on its head that gives somewhat the appearance of a lion. It walks on two legs, is very fast, is extremely well built and is said to have great strength. It appears to be largely solitary.
Drawing of an Orang Pendek.
Drawing of an Orang Pendek.
There have been many, many sightings down through the centuries by locals and explorers. In the late 1800’s, a European explorer found a Muslim mullah had captured one and chained it up, where he whipped it regularly as a heathen that refused to follow Muslim law. To this day, locals report regular reports of this creature.
Another drawing of an Orang Pendek.
Another drawing of an Orang Pendek.
Its main habitat is a large national park in Sumatra, Taman Nasional Kerinci Seblat (Kerinci Seblat National Park) (TNKS) which is the largest uninhabited land left in the region. However, illegal loggers and illegal settlers continue to encroach on this park and there is a fear that the Orang Pendek may be becoming endangered. In its favor is the habitat of this national park – a true rainforest with constant rain, mud, bugs and especially leeches. Truly a frightening place for a Westerner to walk around in, and even locals generally hire experienced guides. I recently spoke with a scientist who studies animal DNA. He told me that the WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) scientists studying tigers in Indonesia had managed to come across good, hard, scientific evidence for what he called “a greater ape” in Sumatra. The data has already been prepared for some time, and the scientists are certain that they have proof that the creature exists. They have known about it since 1996 but have possibly been sitting on the data for unknown reasons, or maybe they have been gathering more information. Apparently at least one dead specimen exists. The scientist told me that he had seen three photos of a dead specimen of the creature. He said it was the shape of a Bonobo but the size of a gibbon and described it as “terrestrial,” meaning it lives on land. This sounds approximately like the description of the Orang Pendek. Unfortunately, they have no plans to publish their data documenting this species until 2016, and it would still need to go through peer review. The scientist was not sure exactly what the scientists thought it was, and seemed to be uncertain whether it was in the Pongoid or Homo line. After all, Homo are greater apes also. Anyway, he seemed to be referring to the Orang Pendek as there are no cryptic greater apes in the region other that this. Is Dr. Bryan Sykes going to study the NuDNA of his purported relict hominid specimens? Via one of my contacts, Shaun, I was informed that Sykes was recently asked if he would be testing the NuDNA of his specimens. His response was, “Yes, where appropriate.” I am not sure what that means, but you can do with that whatever you wish. Will Sykes conclude that Bigfoots are real or will he not? I reported yesterday that Sykes may conclude that Yetis are real but he cannot prove that Bigfoots are. However, others asked me why he took the trouble of going to the US and hobnobbing with Rhettman Mullis and other top Bigfooter figures if he really felt he could prove nothing about Bigfoots. There is also a rumor that he had some sort of a Bigfoot encounter up at Lori Simmons’ property in Washington state and he left feeling that Bigfoots were real indeed. Later Sykes himself appeared to pour cold water on that rumor. Also, if Yetis exist, then that surely leaves the door open for Bigfoots to exist via the Bering Strait land bridge. Further, it would prove that there are extant relict hominids, and that right there opens the door for Bigfoot research. Bill Munns is not God. In addition to blowing it on Adrian Erickson’s Matilda footage, Munns also declared that the famous Melissa Hovey photo, which clearly shows a Bigfoot, is “most probably a hoax.” I believe he said it was probably a man in a suit. But that cannot possibly be a man in a suit. It is either a statue or a Bigfoot, and I really doubt if it is a statue. Claims by a movie director that it is his suit are false. This man is simply a shameless and amoral liar – he is lying. Munns seems to be getting a bit too big for his britches? Longest Bigfoot audio ever reported. Via the great Bigfoot Evidence, a breakdown from the awesome Phil Poling on the famous Clipper Mills, California recording made in late 2012. Clipper Mills is not much of a town, but for what it is worth, it is located near Redding and Lake Oroville in the lower Sierra Nevada in the western part of the Plumas National Forest. This is not far from the Sierra Kills site, though the SK is on the east side and Clipper Mills is on the west side. But it is interesting in that it implies that Bigfoots may be fairly well distributed in the Sierra Nevada. [youtube=] William Evans captures image of possible Bigfoot. Or maybe not. According to the researcher: “There is a very clear Sasquatch in the profile. You can easily make out black curly hair, mouth, flat nose, brow ridge, sloping forehead and a huge domed head.” William Evans is an excellent researcher who is little known, but Facebook Find Bigfoot used to play up his stuff a lot. I believe he shot the Baby Bigfoot in a hollow tree video. I am not sure where he researches. On the other hand, looking at this video, he claims to see 4-5 different Bigfoots in it, and I saw nothing at all. Even the supposed perfect profile could well have been part of a burned out fallen log. This guy seems to see blobsquatches everywhere.
William Evans screenshot of a possible Bigfoot in northern California. Or part of a burned out tree stump, whichever you choose.
William Evans screenshot of a possible Bigfoot in northern California. Or part of a burned out tree stump, whichever you choose. Screen capture by Lars Chiron Bohr.
More comments about Matilda. The possibility exists that immature Bigfoot look quite a bit different from mature Bigfoots. In the Sierra Kills, Justin Smeja described the baby Bigfoot as looking in part like “a boxer dog.” Others have said the young have noses that look like dogs’ noses. The noses later develop a more human form in adulthood. Relevance of the Orang Pendek story to the Rick Dyer story. There is no good, hard, scientific evidence that Rick Dyer has the body of a Bigfoot. But assuming the rumor is true, let us think for a moment. Rick’s detractors have been screaming that if Rick really had a body, he would have revealed it to the public long ago. However, note how long it takes to prove an animal exists to science. The group above has known about the Orang Pendek for 17 years now. At some point, apparently they acquired a dead body or at least some photos of one. Right now they feel they have enough data to publish, but still they are not even going to publish until 2016! It can take quite some time to prove a new creature to the satisfaction of science. Casino owner involved with purported Rick Dyer body said to be an Australian man. I got this information from a good inside source. I went looking up Australian millionaires who own casinos and I could not come up with anything. Maybe someone else can. Supposedly, the casino owner is going to purchase the body from its current owner, probably Hank Williams III, on around December 15, 2013. It may Clive Palmer, Australian billionaire. A quote from an article about his recreation of the Titanic cruise venture:

It’s either the most brilliant idea in the history of themed cruises, or the worst idea in the history of themed cruises, a recreation of the Titanic, now with extra added lifeboats. It is the brainchild of Australian billionaire Clive Palmer, a working replica of the Titanic with carry 2,600 passengers in 850 cabins and an additional 900 crew members, scheduled to set sail in 2016.

Crazy. What are they going to do, sink the thing and have everyone jump into lifeboats?

Bigfoot News October 11, 2013

Warning: Long: 47 pages. Rumor: Dr. Bryan Sykes study will confirm the existence of the Yeti and reject the existence of Bigfoot. There is a rumor flying around UK Bigfoot circles that Sykes only has valid relict hominid DNA from his Yeti samples and he has nothing from his purported Bigfoot samples. Sykes book publisher’s press release the other day said that 28 out of 30 of Sykes’ samples failed, instead coming out human or known animals. Only two samples tested positive, presumably for some relict hominid. I have now received word that the two positive or interesting samples were both from Asia, presumably Yetis then. If the rumor is true, then Sykes will conclude that Yetis are real based on his samples, but that based on his samples, he is unable to prove the existence of Bigfoots. Sykes finds that Yetis are not human on the MtDNA side. Although Dr. Melba Ketchum has found (I believe correctly) that Bigfoots are human on the mitochondrial side and relict hominid on the NuDNA side, Sykes has been rumored to find that Yetis are not even human on the MtDNA side. I do not want to say where I believe this comment came from because every time I quote this clown, he sends me cease and desist mails ordering me to remove the “libel.” Sigh. If this is so, it is quite interesting. It might mean that Yetis are the more primitive type and Bigfoots are the more advanced type. Perhaps a Bigfoot is simply an Asian Yeti crossed with humans to form a gigantic Western Hemisphere form. First results in on Justin Smeja’s samples in Sykes’ study. I have the first results in on 2 of the 5 samples that Justin submitted to Sykes as part of the Sierra Kills. I am told that while the results do not validate Justin’s story that he killed two Bigfoots, they do not invalidate it either. I am not sure what that means, but apparently the results are inconclusive as far as whether these two samples are Bigfoots or not. Justin has not yet received the results of his other 3 samples; he is still awaiting them. Justin submitted his boots, multiple hair samples, flesh and tissue with muscle included. He also submitted scat and some ticks to another lab. Sykes may have tested on MtDNA and not NuDNA. If Sykes finds that 28 of our finest Bigfoot samples are failing to test positive as relict hominids, that is very depressing to our side, as it means our finest samples are failing to prove that this creature exists. However, if Sykes is only testing MtDNA (as every Bigfoot researcher but Ketchum has done), then the results make sense. The rumor is that Yetis are not human on the MtDNA; instead, the MtDNA is relict hominid. However, Bigfoots are hybrids, being human on MtDNA and relict hominid on NuDNA. So if he’s only looking at MtDNA, only the Yeti samples will be positive and all of the Bigfoot samples are going to fail. Did Sykes test NuDNA? The problem is that it is nearly impossible to test NuDNA on Bigfoot samples. Ketchum tried over and over, but it kept failing to amplify. Although in peer review, her peer reviewers said that amplification failures are typically a result of degraded DNA, Ketchum proven (successfully, I believe) that her samples were very pure and were not degraded at all. Instead they were failing to amplify because human primers were failing on the NuDNA side, presumably because that side of the creature is not human. Ketchum had to invent her own special Bigfoot primers to get the stuff to amplify and this involved a long trial and error process. Furthermore, the primers would only work for a bit and then they would stop working and she would have to make new ones or make more. In other words, the whole process of sequencing the NuDNA was a great big gigantic, humungous mess and it took forever. What this means for Sykes study is that the NuDNA of his Bigfoot samples is not going to amplify no matter how hard he tries. To get anything out of it, he is going to go Ketchum’s route and invent his own primers with the resulting great, big gigantic mess. If Sykes was working with Ketchum, he could have enlisted her in his study, asked to use her primers or asked her how to make the primers, but Sykes did not want to cooperate with her at all. In fact, the word I got was that he saw her as deadly competition, and he did not work with her at all. In fact, within the Ketchum camp, there were longstanding accusations that Ketchum’s failures in peer review at Nature were perhaps due to the influence of Sykes and his supporters. I do not believe there is yet any evidence that Sykes sabotaged her study, but that is what some of the Ketchumites believe at any rate. What if Sykes did test NuDNA somehow by inventing his own primers? Then the results, if the rumors are correct, are very depressing for our sides. All of our Bigfoot samples, possibly 28 out of 28, would have tested positive to either humans or known animals. Sykes will not verify that Bigfoots exist, and proof will still be beyond our grasp. Further, up to 28 of our best samples would have failed badly. Peer review documents from the JAMEZ journal regarding Ketchum’s Bigfoot DNA submission. Published first on Scott Carpenter’s blog, these documents show up a couple of lies that the Ketchum-haters have told about Melba.

  1. There was no such thing as the JAMEZ journal. Not so, it does appear to have existed, as some of her worst critics such as Over the Line, Smokey are starting to admit.
  2. Ketchum did not undergo any sort of peer review at this nonexistent journal.

Am I an enemy of Ketchum? It keeps getting thrown about that I am an enemy of Ketchum. This is not the case. I simply report whatever comes across my desk. I do not cotton well to Machiavellian types, and she is one in spades. But that is just her personality and personal politics, both of which simply rub me the wrong way, as in, I am not personally wild about such folks. But really none of that is here or there. What really matters is Ketchum’s science. Is there anything to it? I believe there is. Is she a fraud or a hoaxer? That is an extremely serious charge, and there is not yet any good evidence to prove scientific fraud in her study. If she did hoax her results, she is guilty of scientific fraud, her career is over, and she will never publish again. It would have been a suicide mission for her. Other than possibly suicide by fork (a mission she shares with many other Americans), I do not believe this woman is suicidal in any way, shape or form. Almost all of Bigfootery is united in sheer hatred for this woman, including utter denigration of what may in fact be good science on her part. It nearly makes me sick to go on Facebook sites and see the way this woman is run into the ground. Part of it is Melba’s own fault as he has heedlessly alienated and angered a lot of folks due to the personality stuff discussed above. Some of the people she screwed over or used up and tossed aside are now extremely bitter enemies and they are doing their best to give her a death by a thousand cuts. There is not yet any good, hard evidence that her science failed and certainly none that she hoaxed or is guilty of scientific fraud. The future remains unknown. Fidel Castro says, “History will absolve me!” Perhaps this will be the case with Ketchum also. Criticism of Ketchum in Bigfootery and among skeptics. I must say that I am appalled at the way this woman is being treated with these two crowds. Absolutely disgusting. For one thing, there were endless remarks about her appearance, particularly comments about her “Dennis the Menace” or “Debbie Harry” hairdo. Most of the comments came from men, but some came from women too. It is terrible that this woman is being run down on the basis of her looks. This is a common feminist complaint about society, that woman, no matter how high achieving they are, are still judged on the basis of their looks. I am not wild about feminists, but their analysis here is surely correct. About Ketchum’s hairdo: I rather liked it myself. It is hard to make a 55 year old look fantastic anymore, much less make her look like a 20 year old, but I thought her makeup artist did a very nice job. Now all Melba needs to do is maybe head to the gym. The treatment of Ketchum on Fox News in particular was terrible. The blond Fox bimbo was nasty and hostile the whole way, kept interrupting Ketchum, and at the end cut her off rudely with, “Well, I hope you catch one (a Bigfoot).” She made Ketchum into a laughingstock, and my heart went out to her. Ketchum is a bit nervous on stage and in front of cameras which is a longstanding issue. However, in spite of that, I thought she did pretty well under some very hostile questioning. Back story on the Matilda footage. When Erickson first contacted the couple in Kentucky, the offered him one or two videos for sale. Erickson shopped them around to various experts and the conclusion of at least some of them, including Bill Munns, was that they were fakes using a Chewbacca mask. Munns wrote up a 16 page pdf document documenting his conclusion on why the video was a fake. Erickson apparently agreed that they were possibly fakes using Wookie masks. Hence, Erickson refused to purchase the video from the couple. Later, after Dennis Pfohl loaned Sissy a video camera and a ghillie suit and showed her how to sneak up on the Bigfoots, Sissy was able to get some much better footage of Matilda. This was shown to Erickson and the team, along with a lot of other footage that Sissy shot. The Matilda footage once again came back looking like a Wookie mask, but this time the video was so convincing that Erickson apparently decided that maybe Matilda looked like a Wookie after all. Since Erickson apparently felt that Munns simply had a poisoned mind against the footage this woman shot and any footage looking like a Wookie mask, Erickson apparently did not send this footage to Munns to look over. However, Erickson had other experts look at it and the general conclusion was that this footage was good and apparently Matilda is simply a Bigfoot that happens to look like a Wookie. Munns would like very much to release his pdf document discussed above, however, Erickson has not yet given him permission to do so. Excellent proof that Adrian Erickson’s Matilda video is not a Chewbacca mask. One of the arguments that Matilda is wearing a Wookie mask is that her mouth does not move and is open the whole time. A mouth that stays open the whole time is a sure sign of a mask, according to Bill Munns, and he is onto something. However, Bill Munns is simply wrong in this case. This is because in the full Matilda footage, her mouth is closed for much of the footage, and she opens and closes her mouth a few times. She also moves her lips about. Do Wookie masks have movable lips and mouths that open and close? So Munns argument that Matilda mouth never moves is just wrong. Perhaps in the footage he saw…. In addition, in the full footage, Matilda’s mouth not only opens, but her tongue comes out her mouth at one point. And her tongue is black. Do Wookie masks have tongues that move and go in and out of the mouth? How does that work? Do Wookie masks allow your own tongue to go in and out of your mouth? How does that work? Even if it is so, how was it that the person wearing the Wookie mask had their tongue painted black. Since the inside of Matilda’s mouth is the inside of a living creature, either a masked human or a Bigfoot, this leaves us with more problems. On examination, Matilda’s gums and the inside of her mouth are also black. This means that the person wearing the mask somehow painted their gums, the inside of their mouth and their tongue black. How and why did they do that, assuming it was done? In addition, you can look closely at Matilda’s lips and you can see that they look fleshy and real. Even more shocking, they are slightly chapped. Have you ever seen a mask with slightly chapped lips? Have you ever seen a mask that had fleshy appearing lips, chapped or not? If those are the human who is wearing the mask’s lips, what sort of a mask allows you to show your own lips in the mask. Find me a Wookie mask that allows the wearer to show their own lips, inside of mouth, gums and even tongue. I am waiting. How much does a good Bigfoot suit cost? To make an excellent custom Bigfoot suit yourself (and how would you do it?) it would cost you $10,000 in materials alone. If you wish to buy one, the cost from an excellent special effects artist is ~$40,000. Demolishing a myth about Bigfoots and Wookies. The myth states that no description of a Bigfoot has ever described a Wookie type creature. However, a cursory look through the BFRO’s database shows at least 6 reports describing a Wookie like creature, including one from 1972. I have also heard that the Bigfoots from around Appalachia can be quite hairy, often described as having long, flowing manes. From Scott Carpenter’s blog, a commenter backs up the claims that Matilda is a real Bigfoot:

This may be a trivial point to make, but an old Nuxalk Indian tracker by the name of Clayton Mack who lived 1910-1993, used to guide hunters on grizzly and black bear moose and the like in the wilds of British Columbia. Mack himself was a Bella Coola Indian. Seeing Sasquatch, or what he called boqs, was a frequent and quite matter of fact thing to him. A facial description he once gave while looking through the telescopic sights of his gun was that the mouth was was black inside, the skin was black, the nose very much like are own but a little wider and black, and also like Matilda, from the side view, the features which stuck out the furthest was the lips of the mouth. Now Mack’s Sasquatch sightings were before Star Wars and even before the Patterson tape. So, this seems “not” to be a new look for Matilda…and if Sasquatch are indeed partly human, then descriptions can be expected to be many and varied.

So we can see that Matilda matches Clayton Mack’s description on a number of different levels.

  1. Inside of mouth black? Check
  2. Nose similar to Homo sapiens but a bit wider and black? Check
  3. Greatest prognathism in the jaw, lips and mouth? Check.

Marked up stills from the Sleeping Bigfoot video. Via the Bigfoot Lunch Club, here are some stills from the video with lines drawn around what looks like the curled up body of a sleeping Bigfoot, along with a drawing of an Almas from Mongolia showing that these relict hominids may indeed sleep like this.

First still, not marked up, hard to distinguish.
First still, not marked up, hard to distinguish.
First rough markup showing a body shape in the sleeping figure.
First rough markup showing a body shape in the sleeping figure.
A more fully fleshed out version of the same markup showing the sleeping figure.
A more fully fleshed out version of the same markup showing the sleeping figure.
A drawing of a sleeping Almas from Mongolia, drawn by a Mongolian witness.
A drawing of a sleeping Almas from Mongolia, drawn by a Mongolian witness.
Mary Green on the Sleeping Bigfoot video. Note that this may be a different sleeping Bigfoot than the Sleeping Bigfoot video we have so far been shown – in other words, there may be two Sleeping Bigfoot videos, one of Matilda’s mother and one of Matilda herself. [youtube=] Mary Green’s comments on the full video, which I have been told is ~5 minutes long.

This shows another sleeping Bigfoot. This one is Matilda. She is mostly on her back, and you can see her face in full. She looks very relaxed. The video zooms in on parts of her body, her arms, her fingers, etc. Her hand is large and does not look human, in particular, the thumb is placed in a completely different place than a human thumb is. The video focuses on her body, and it is very stocky and well muscled, much more so than most humans. Also this video continues for some time. Towards the end of the video, the creature starts to stir and move about and seems to be waking up. Then the videographer backs off a bit. In addition, her fur is exactly the same color as the Matilda face video that everyone insists is hoaxed.

Original Mary Green interview about Matilda. It is very hard to find on the Internet anymore, but here is the famous interview with Mary Green about Matilda that lays to rest a lot of the myths surrounding this footage.

Canadian Energy Sector Multimillionaire Adrian Erickson’s Sasquatch Videos

The Mysterious Kentucky Project

Video Footage of Sasquatch Was Supposedly Obtained in Northern Kentucky

When will they release it? This is the question asked the most when it comes to the mysterious Kentucky footage. And there isn’t just one film, but many. Up to 20 clips, John Bindernagel told me. The wildlife biologist from Vancouver island saw the clips and watched a Sasquatch on the location in Kentucky himself in 2007. It’s still unknown when the videos will be shown to the public. Chris Noel, a Bigfoot researcher with the BFRO from Vermont, said in August in a radio interview that a documentary will be released before the end of the year. John Bindernagel had announced that it would be out in fall 2008 or spring 2009. Nothing came out. Adrian Erickson, who owns the clips, has not give any information about his plans and the project at all. It is also not known how these clips will be released. Will they be put on a DVD for sale? Or aired on TV? Maybe as a launch of the forthcoming BFRO documentary series? Will the clips be shown in a Monster Quest episode? Or will they be presented at a press conference? If they do have such clear footage as some have claimed, I would assume that they will present their effort at a press conference. It’s the way the “Missing link” fossil of an early primate was presented last year. They did a conference first to draw attention and then showed the evidence for everybody in a documentary on popular TV channels worldwide. There’s a lot known about the Kentucky project although the owner of the clips and the BFRO try to keep it secret. Questions and posts about it get deleted at the BFRO discussion forums. Probably most of the involved people were told to keep their mouths shut. Stan Courtney, a researcher from Illinois, who was involved in an early stage of the project, told me that he’s not allowed to say anything. “I signed a non-disclosure agreement.” So did probably other involved parties. But this is known: Adrian Erickson, company owner and Bigfoot research financier from British Columbia, is reportedly in possession of several videos of Sasquatch. They were taken during the last couple of years on a rural property in northern Kentucky. Allegedly there was a so called habituation scenario: A family had regular visits of these creatures. A friend of the family eventually submitted a message to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) in 2005. Several researchers came to investigate. They obtained footage: the controversial “Pancake Video”. Erickson purchased the footage from the BFRO and took over the case. He bought the property because he wanted to collect further evidence. He hired Colorado Bigfoot researcher Dennis Pfohl and ecologist/biologist Leila Hadj-Chikh. In 2007 scientists Jeff Meldrum and John Bindernagel visited the research site.

Hoaxed Or Not?

But it seems that not everything went the way Erickson wished to. D.B. Donlon, who maintains the Blogsquatcher website, speculated that they didn’t get new footage after Erickson took over the case. “After the original witnesses sold the house to the Canadian the activity stopped,” he told me. “From what I heard, but this was early on, Leila Hadj-Chikh had not seen anything herself at the location.” Donlon, who investigated the Kentucky case firsthand in 2005 when he was still with the BFRO, said that he had heard of five videos and had seen two. “All of those had been filmed either by or with the help of the original witnesses.” They had other problems too: The notorious Bigfoot hoaxer Tom Biscardi found out about the project. He went to the site but was eventually chased away by the former property owner. Did the creatures move on? Is this the reason why Adrian Erickson bought another research area in Tennessee? As Bigfoot researcher and author Mary Green told me, the Canadian paid a new house for the notorious Bigfoot “contactee” Janice Carter in Tennessee in 2006. Green wrote about Carter’s case in the much-debated book 50 Years with Bigfoot. But the Tennessee project was a failure for Erickson according to Green: “Janice couldn’t furnish any footage or evidence to Erickson.” Green guessed that Erickson established a second project because he wanted to back up his findings in Kentucky. And there’s the question of authenticity. Donlon thinks that at least one clip was faked. “The first video, the one I describe in my blog posts, was destroyed by the witness, and I believe it was destroyed because it was too obviously a hoax when shown on a larger TV in good resolution,” he told me. “It’s important to keep in mind that these witnesses were paid for their home, either $100,000 or $200,000 as a result of their videos. They had a very clear motive to hoax.” Donlon found other evidence much more convincing. “A footprint had visible dermal ridges and was large.” But the most persuasive sign for Donlon was the behavior of the dogs of the property owners. “I’ve never seen dogs act like that. They were truly deathly afraid of whatever was in those woods.” Another controversial piece of film coming from the Kentucky project is the “Pancake Video”. It’s a night-time video, showing a creature with a striking large head that reaches for a bait. It appeared on Cryptomundo for a short time in 2007. “One researcher I know said that it might show a creature with dwarfism – the overlarge head and the short arms being a trait for that,” said Donlon. “By my measurements, the creature could not be the lady witness, and she was the only one unaccounted for at that time.” Alton Higgins, Bigfoot researcher and biologist from Oklahoma, analyzed the footage also. He believes that it shows a person. At least one video may be very conclusive according to Mary Green, to whom Dennis Pfohl showed some clips. “You could see the creature from above her forehead somewhat and then down to about her waist. It was slowly walking through the woods and coming closer,” she described to me. Green rules out that the creature was someone in a suit or a misidentified animal. “In my honest opinion it clearly shows a Sasquatch.” Chris Noel spoke about another clear clip on the radio. “The woman was able to obtain daylight color high-definition video of this animal. It’s a five and a half foot tall female juvenile Sasquatch. This footage is going to blow the roof off the whole field.” He said that it would be as least as convincing as the Patterson footage, if not a lot more. It’s probably the same video Green told about.

The Best Video Since ’67?

It seems fishy that this footage – as good as it is supposed to be – hasn’t seen the light of day and that its owner hasn’t spoken a word about it. Up to now, film footage was released shortly after it was taken. For example, the Patterson film in 1967: without getting it analyzed, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin showed their video only days after filming all over the country. But the result was disappointing for them: hardly did scientists took note of it. According to Mary Green, Janice Carter was told that Erickson won’t publish anything until he has many hours of footage and DNA results and until everything is properly analyzed by scientists. It is uncertain if the project is completed. If not, they surely don’t want to attract other Bigfoot researchers or the media. The Georgia hoax last year demonstrated how newspapers react to claims of sensational Bigfoot evidence: they go crazy. Another reason to keep it on the low could be that Erickson and Co. were hoaxed and are now trying to gloss it over. So there are reasons to keep the Kentucky Project in the dark. Fact is that information is leaking out. Maybe this is unintentional, but maybe not, as D.B. Donlon points out: “I don’t think they are trying to keep a real tight lid on things. My assumption is that Adrian wants to maximize his profit from his video, so leaks here and there are good things.” The over 40 years old Patterson film from northern California is still considered the best (video) evidence to date. Several alleged videos were shot though in the meantime. The Freeman footage is the most spectacular. In the last year, several nighttime videos were obtained. The most interesting is the Mike Greene thermal video. But none of these could convince science of Bigfoot’s existence. Nor will the Kentucky videos. It doesn’t matter how good they are, because films can be manipulated in perfection today. But backed up with testimonies of scientists who have actually seen the creatures on the location, a multi-year study and maybe DNA evidence, the Kentucky project could be a groundbreaking event in Sasquatch research.

Interview with Mary Green

“The Video Clearly Shows a Sasquatch”

Mary Green is a Bigfoot researcher and author of the controversial book “50 Years with Bigfoot.” She says she has seen some of the Kentucky clips. She describes two in detail and doesn’t think that they are hoaxed. Mary Green, you have seen some of the so called Kentucky clips. Can you tell me about them? Yes. Dennis Pfohl showed me several videos, some of them taken in color and daylight. I watched them on his laptop screen one by one. Why did Dennis Pfohl show you these clips? I believe he did so because he was hoping to win Janice Carter over and have her work for Adrian Erickson. They wished to have another habituation case to help back up the Kentucky project. But I think Janice was never able to furnish any videos or other proofs to Adrian Erickson. Who had taken these videos from Kentucky? I just know that S. had taken the close-up videos of the female and was told by Dennis that J. had taken a couple of good videos of the male. I did not get to see any videos of the male. Dennis did say that there was a resident male around at times and that he thought this female was its mate. I did not get to see any video of the baby either. Can you tell me about the videos Dennis Pfohl presented to you? One color video showed several minutes of the young female sleeping on the ground. It was a bit dark in the woods but the one who filmed did an excellent job of capturing her while she slept. The female hominid was not curled up tightly, but rather laying mostly on her back. She looked very relaxed. What was the color of the creature? It had very thick, soft and silky looking black hair, with maybe a slight reddish hue at times, but that could have been from maybe the sunlight coming through the trees and reflecting a bit of red in the hair. What else did you notice? A bit of a zoom-in was next done by the person filming. The hominid was thick around the middle. I don’t know if this was before she had her young one or not. The camera then focused along her arms and hands and fingers. Her hands were very human looking and the thumb looked to be at about the same place as a human’s would be, maybe only slightly lower. I did note that the shoulders and upper arms, and the forearms were extremely muscular. The hair all over the hominid was long and wavy across the chest area and the stomach area and down the shoulders and arms. The forearms hair was maybe a little bit shorter. Did you see muscle movement? Her muscles moved as they should in the arms and hands and fingers. I did note that the young female began to move more and more and stir like she was waking up and that whoever had the camera was backing off some. Did she have large breasts? I did not see any breasts. They may have actually been shown but not close enough for me to see them. If she had breasts, they were certainly not even close to the size of Patty’s in the Patterson/Gimlin film. How do you know then that it was a female? I just took Dennis’ word for it. He told me it was a female, and I believed him. Can you tell me about the other clip? This was the best. The hominid, probably the same female, was slowly walking through the woods and coming closer to a couple of trees. She went out of sight behind two of them and then appeared on the other side of them, stopping and standing still as she peered around the woods. You could see her from above her forehead somewhat and then down to about her waist. Clearly, the camera had been zoomed in. Her right side was against the tree and it left her left side free and you could see her shoulder and some of her upper arm too. This one was of the same color as the first. It had curly, sometimes wavy hair all over her body, on the back of her hands, on the top of her head, and along down to her shoulders and chest. Her hair was from at least 3 inches to possibly 8 inches long, with the longer hair mainly on the head, shoulders and upper body. How did the face look like? Her face reminded me of a wookie from Star Wars, with a rather flat face in some respects. Although she was totally black skinned, her face did look a whole lot like an Eskimo’s face. But this is just my own impression. Her head looked to be more rounded and not one of those with a pointed head at all. Her eyes were of a beautiful dark brown, almost black color. There were a lot of the white areas like on our eyes. They were set deep in their sockets. She had very bushy eyebrows. If I remember correctly, she had soft hair all over her face and maybe a very small portion of just hairless skin around her eyes and nose. How was her nose like? Her nose was like ours, very much so. It began and ended where our noses do. But it looked more like a black person’s nose, a bit wider on the base where the nostrils are. Her nostrils were big also. Lips and teeth? Her lips were lightly rosy in color and plumper on the lower lip. It may have looked plumper because her upper lip came down over the lower lip due to the eye teeth which were grown out on each side of her mouth. The eye teeth were pointed and not flat like ours are. They curved backwards. They looked exactly like small fangs. The inside of her mouth was pink like ours and the rest of her teeth looked very white and more like human’s. Her cheeks were fat and rounded. How did she move and act? Very cautious. She displayed a look of wild cunning as she looked slowly around. I did not see her blink at any time, but this video was also fairly short. She was an intelligent being in my own opinion. She did move her lips and opened her mouth a little, and turned her head from side to side very slowly every now and then. Did you notice any similarities to the Patterson creature? Both had hair on their heads, faces, and bodies. But Patty had far less hair and looked larger and also more human without the fangs. Do you think the creature in this video was real? I believe that it was not a person in a suit or a hoax of any kind. But is it really a Sasquatch? In my honest opinion it clearly shows a Sasquatch. There is no doubt in my mind. I know what orangutans are and monkeys, great apes, bears, cougars, and many other type creatures look like. This was an unknown creature to mankind. Were there any other videos Dennis Pfohl showed you? Yes, beside the “Pancake Video” he showed me another video. Leila Hadj-Chikh was with S. (Sissy) in this video. They were driving. Then they stopped the car. I was told at this point that the female Sasquatch was calling to the two women from across a strip of field at the wood line. You could barely hear something making some noise. Then the video showed the two women talking to the Sasquatch and trying to entice it closer to them. The two eventually went on to town. The next morning, as I was told, someone found that S.’s (Sissy’s) car windshield had been struck rather badly. The video showed it. It looked like two or three big fists had broken it in. The hood of the car was bashed in all over. Do you know why they are holding back the clips? I was told by Dennis that Adrian did not wish to release the video clips and other biological information until all work was completed. They wanted to take a certain number of hours of good, clear films of the Sasquatches. I was also told that Adrian would most likely first release the clips in Canada. I think Dennis said that Adrian felt more comfortable doing this in his own country. However, this was a few years back so I cannot be certain that this is still their plan. Were you asked to keep the project secret? No, I was not asked to sign any documents about what they have shown me or told me. So I am not bound to keep this secret. Very interesting interview with a Virginia hunter who claims he shot a Bigfoot in Virginia in 2003. I have not listened to the whole thing yet, but he claims that government people came out and took samples of the blood and that later some government folks came out and threatened him, ordering him to shut up about it. The man was interviewed anonymously by Thomas Marcum of Crypto Crew, who is one of our finest Bigfoot bloggers. From what little I listened to, the man was hunting deer and thought he heard a bear. He then saw what was apparently a female Bigfoot in a tree. It grunted at him and he shot it in the chest. It fell out of the tree and a much larger male Bigfoot came from out of nowhere and picked his mate up “like a rag doll.” He then took off, mate in one arm, over a 20 feet sheer cliff in 4-5 strides as if it were nothing and then disappeared over the ledge. He estimated that the male was 900 pounds and the female may have been 5’5 and 400 pounds. It amazing the the male picked up a 400 pound creature like it was a rag doll. More on the now-famous Stoneman footage out of Pennsylvania. There are a lot of myths out about this footage, one of them that it is a tree stump or uprooted root-ball, others that the videographer, Stoneman, has admitted it was all a hoax. Neither of these are true. It has apparently not been proven that this is a root-ball. This seems to be a lie started by a local gas fracker who hates Stoneman due to his anti-fracking activism. In fact, an independent investigator went to the exact site where Stoneman took the video and there is no root-ball there. There are before and after shots that show the strange objects appearing in the before but not in the after shots in the same exact location. Sharon Hill is now reporting that Stoneman himself is admitting that it was all a big hoax. As best I can tell, this is not true. So Hill is wrong again, as she is with most things Bigfooty. I will see if I can more for you on this. I have seen a number of photos of these possible Bigfoot objects, and in some shots, they look very different than in other shots. If they are root balls, then there is more than one root ball in the area. Furthermore, at least some shots do not look like root balls at all. Instead, it looks like animal hair. I have also seen the before shots showing the objects and the after shots with no objects and no root balls. Have some patience. Possible Bigfoot photo from New Meadows, Idaho in 1972. This location is 40 miles north of Boise, Idaho. This was at a time when almost no one was hoaxing Bigfoot videos or photos. I have always liked this photo, but it sure is scary.

New Meadows, Idaho, 1972.
New Meadows, Idaho, 1972.
“Alaska Bigfoot” photo. This photo shows up on a lot of Bigfoot sites and in a lot Bigfoot videos. I never knew what it was, but I was always suspicious of it as it looked just too much like a man to me. Now I have learned that it is yet another of Ivan Marx’s infamous hoaxes.
Ivan Marx fake: "Alaska Bigfoot" photo.
Ivan Marx fake: “Alaska Bigfoot” photo.
Honey Island Bigfoot video. This is a still from the famous Harlan Ford Honey Island Swamp Monster video from 1962. This is probably the earliest Bigfoot video of all. I have seen a breakdown of it, and I believe it is a real video. It was found in the man’s closet after he died.
Still from the Honey Island Swamp Monster video, 1962.
Still from the Honey Island Swamp Monster video, 1962.

Bigfoot News October 8, 2013


Genetics professor investigates the Yeti

…Mark Booth, publisher of Hodder & Stoughton’s Coronet imprint, has acquired world rights excluding America in the provisionally titled The Quest for the Yeti, A DNA Detective Story from agent Luigi Bonomi. The Quest for the Yeti will describe Sykes’ hunt for genetic traces of species whose existence remains scientifically unconfirmed, including the Yeti, the Sasquatch and Big Foot. For the most part the samples he has tracked down for analysis have turned out to be known species such as humans, bears or apes; however two samples taken towards the end of his quest will “change our understanding of human history,” he says… Bonomi said: “Professor Sykes is a world authority on genetics and what he has to say about Yetis will shock the world”…

This is a different title from the one that was reported yesterday. Please note that this does not mean that science has proven that Bigfoots exist, although I choose to interpret it that way. It proves that Sykes’ research results in the conclusion that Bigfoots exist. However, mainstream science still has to accept Sykes’ findings as real in order for this to be officially proven by science. That is unfortunate, but this is how science works. Fascinating interview with a retired forest ranger by Stacy Brown of Florida. Brown is a superb researcher, and unless this ranger is making the whole thing up, this is probably a true story. Since I believe that Bigfoots exist, it is obvious that they get hit and killed by vehicles from time to time. In fact, I have reported on many of these incidents. In every case, authorities came, sealed off the area, and the body disappeared. In one case, a black van came, and US soldiers dressed in black came out and took the body away. Black helicopters, black vans and black uniforms are not fantasy. Actually this means nothing more than US military intelligence or DIA. Their color is black. [youtube=] Reverend Jeff Kelly interview regarding the Erickson Project and Timbergiantbigfoot’s latest videos. In this video, Jeff interviews special effects guru Doug Hudson. Doug reports that Timbergiantbigfoot’s creature has real fur, not synthetic fur. There are no suits that use real fur. All suits use synthetic fur. Therefore, TGBF’s video shows a real animal of some sort. It could be a Bigfoot, a bear or some sort of a dog, particularly a Chow. All of those have hair that somewhat resembles the hair in that video. My friend at the Smithsonian said that TGBF shot a real Bigfoot in that video also. “I know because that is exactly what their hair looks like.” This man designs the backdrops and displays for the museum. However, Hudson also said that the Erickson Project’s Matilda video was obviously a Chewbacca mask. But it surely does not match the mask it is said to be on comparison shots in any way whatsoever. There are 4-5 other Chewie masks out there, and those ought to be put up against the Matilda footage as comparison to see if any of those masks match. In addition, Hudson says that the Harley Hoffman video is 100 [youtube=] Interesting trail cam video of a possible Bigfoot in Kentucky. I rather like how this things walks. It seems to walk very fast and has that Bigfoot way of walking. However, looking through this fellow’s videos, he has a lot of lot “woo” stuff like videos of ghosts, UFO’s and other paranormal stuff. Therefore, he is simply not a very good source. Until we can analyze this video better, it must remain inconclusive due to the hazy source. [youtube=] Why I do not believe that Matilda is a mask. The black tongue, gums and inner mouth, the long straight tongue and the jutting lower jaw with a strong underbite all suggest to me that this is not a mask. Yet I am bothered by the fact that her mouth is open the whole time as a mask would be. But she may be opening her mouth to smell better, as many animals open their mouths to smell. She probably smells the human hidden nearby in the ghillie suit. In the rest of the video, Matilda walks forward a few more steps, sees the woman in the ghillie suit, growls and turns and walks away. When she walks away, she walks exactly like Patty, 100 Back story: This was a known habituation site that the BFRO had been investigating. Dennis Pfohl worked with the BFRO and was investigating the site. The couple who lived there had a number of videos of Bigfoots. They used to show them at parties at their house to the locals. It was well known in town that Bob and Sissy had Bigfoots on their property, but it was sort of an open secret. Later, Erickson got involved and hired Pfohl. The couple offered two of the videos for sale. Both videos looked like the Matilda footage – that is, they looked like Wookies. Erickson rejected them as possible fakes with a Wookie mask. The woman was instructed to try to get better video. For a long time, the woman tried to get close up video, but she could not get close enough to the creature to videotape it. Finally, Dennis showed her how to use a ghillie suit and loaned her a nice video camera. Using the ghillie suit, she was finally able to obtain good footage such as the Sleeping Bigfoot and Matilda footage. If this couple were hoaxing, why wait until you get the ghillie suit? Why the long interval between the initial Wookie videos and the later ones shot with the ghillie suit when the woman said she could not get close enough? It’s not a problem to get close to a guy in a suit. If they were hoaxing, they could have delivered Wookie videos at any time. After 4-5 more videos were taken, Erickson apparently decided that maybe Matilda did look like a Wookie after all, and he bought the footage. What we need to know is what Dennis and Leila Hadj-Chikh saw when they were at the site. Did they get a good look at Matilda? If so, did she look like a Wookie? If she did, then that solves the “she looks too much like a Wookie” problem. Perhaps the reason she looks too much like a Wookie is because that is actually how she looks. I also believe that Matilda is the Bigfoot that Dr. John Bindernagel saw when he was flown out to the site by Adrian Erickson. If so, Bindernagel may also have noticed that she looked like a Wookie. It is true that the couple sold the videos to Adrian for a pretty penny, possibly ~$100,000. This is where the hoaxing accusations come in – they profited immensely from those videos. They used that money to buy a boat and a new car, and they moved to a better house a few miles away. Some have described the couple as “somewhat shady.” The habituation site was located on Mann Road in Crittenden, Kentucky. How easy would it be to modify a Chewbacca mask to make it look like Matilda? It has been said that it would be trivial to modify the Chewie mask shown to make it look like Matilda. However, that would mean a custom mask. Custom Bigfoot masks costs tens of thousands of dollars, far beyond the means of most folks, and are available only from a few special effects artists. Furthermore, no Bigfoot hoax has ever used a custom mask. Most Bigfoot hoaxes use only a few masks, which are generally easily identifiable. Keep in mind also that when George Lucas created his Chewbacca character for Star Wars, it ended up looking very much like a Bigfoot. So it should not be surprising if some Bigfoots look like Wookies. But would it really be trivial to do this on your own? How are you going to do that? How and why are you going to modify the jaw so it has marked prognathism (there is no prognathism in the Chewie mask)? How and why are you going to create a browridge (the Chewie mask has no browridge)? How and why are you going to replace all the teeth and create a straight front line of teeth (the teeth on the mask and Matilda are totally different)? How and why are you going to create much more distance between the nose and the upper lip and make that distance project outwards (prognathism) when the Chewie mask has less distance, and the direction is flat, not prognathous? How and why are you going to give the thing a tongue (the Chewie mask has no tongue)? How and why are you going to recreate the nose (the Chewie mask’s nose is different from Matlida’s)? How and why would you give the thing a black tongue, black gums and black inner mouth? How and why are you going to make the gums show on the creature when there are no gums on the mask? Robert Wadlow, Bigfoot-sized human. This man lived in the early part of the 20th Century in the US. He was measured at 9 feet, 2 inches tall in his shoes and 8 feet, 11 inches barefoot. Here is his photo below.

Robert Wadlow, human freak. 9 feet 2 inches tall!
Robert Wadlow, human freak. 9 feet 2 inches tall in his shoes!
Beckjord’s Patty from the Patterson film. Jon-Erik Beckjord, now deceased, was one of the craziest Bigfooters of all time. There was scarcely a nutty theory about Bigfoots that he would not endorse. Here is a good sketch marking up a Patty drawing with his fake theories.
Jon-Erik Beckjord's Patty markup - all in good fun.
Jon-Erik Beckjord’s Patty markup – all in good fun.

Bigfoot News October 7, 2013

Dr. Brian Sykes positive Bigfoot DNA findings apparently confirmed. This fascinating post listing the major new books on rights agents hotlists has, in the 6th paragraph, this very interesting report about the Sykes study:

Luigi Bonomi Associates is bringing Karen Swan’s Christmas at Claridges, a tale set in London and Italy, with UK and Commonwealth rights sold to Macmillan. Sarah Skye’s Code Red Lipstick follows a teenage model-turned-spy investigating her father’s death, with world rights signed by Scholastic. In non-fiction, former Capitol Hill press secretary Ion Valaskis examine how mistakes inform us in The Magnificent Mistake, on submission. End Game: Tipping Point for Planet Earth by Professor Tony Barnosky looks at our failing environment, with HarperCollins signing UK rights. Professor Bryan Sykes’ The Yeti Enigma explores the yeti myth, with his surprising findings now on submission.

Note the underlined text. The book, The Yeti Enigma, should be coming out soon. The show, the name of which we do not know, is scheduled to air in three parts on the UK’s Channel 4 towards the end of 2013. One of my sources confirmed this in a phone call to the channel that is airing the show. A surprising finding now on submission can only mean one thing. Sykes has discovered the Bigfoots or Yetis actually exist. Discovering that they do not exist would hardly be surprising. Only a positive finding would be described as surprising. This is of course exactly what I have been reporting for a week or so now – a positive finding on Bigfoot DNA from Sykes. The shameful Todd Disotell. Todd Disotell is a geneticist who firmly insists that there is no such thing as Bigfoots, Yetis or any other relict hominids, or any cryptids at all, for that matter. He has been examining samples purportedly from such cryptids for some time now, and of course he always gets exactly the result he expects: that they do not exist. This is because Todd does science backwards. He begins with a conclusion “There is no such thing as Bigfoot.” Then he tests his “Bigfoot” sample and of course he ends up with exactly the finding that he wanted to get. He is actually working backwards! Instead of ending with a conclusion, he begins with one. I am sure that makes things so much easier! Here is some information from Dr. Melba Ketchum about how Todd was given some excellent samples from Matilda the Bigfoot at the Adrian Erickson’s Kentucky site. Todd was sent some blood from Matilda and got human MtDNA in the result, so he assumed it was contaminated with human DNA. However, the sample was completely pure with no contamination at all. After getting his finding, he threw the rest of the sample away! Adrian Erickson furious at this clown. Luckily, Adrian kept back some of his sample and was able to test it with other labs. Can you believe that this idiot commands high prices for regular TV appearances as an “expert?” I don’t either. I think Todd ought to change his name to Fraud. All hail Fraud Disotell! Via Ketchum:

To clarify: I do not know T.(redacted) Disotell. When Adrian Erickson came to our project, he told me that he had sent an aliquot of the red Sasquatch’s blood to Disotell for testing. AE has results and correspondence as proof. He was extremely upset because Disotell had destroyed the sample. Disotell got human mitochondrial DNA sequence when he tested the sample and didn’t believe that it came from a Sasquatch. He told the PhD on Erickson’s staff that somebody must have hoaxed it. He said this in spite of the fact that the study was well monitored by Dennis Pfohl who is extremely credible was in control of the food trap start to finish. If it was hoaxed, our genetic testing showed the suspect would be a red headed female, which obviously Dennis is not. In addition, the whole genome SNP testing excluded this individual (the red headed female) as being 100 After Disotell destroyed the DNA (Mr. Erickson’s staff had requested the remaining sample be returned), another aliquot that had been retained by Erickson was sent to Paleo Labs in Canada. They also obtained human results on the mitochondrial DNA. Finally, AE sent the remainder of the DNA to our study and had Paleo Labs send what they had left also. Our lab also obtained human mitochondrial sequence. These were all independent tests using different laboratories. We then began testing the sample using several platforms to obtain nuclear DNA sequences and profiles. This sample like all of the other samples in the study yielded human sequence as well as unknown sequence. Disotell specializes in evolution using mitochondrial DNA. He is not qualified to comment on the genomics or other disciplines in this study. Like he said on the Joe Rogan show, our project used “some of the latest cutting edge science” that he is not expert on–he admits “I can’t follow 3/4 of that paper.” The raw data for this paper continues to be available as separate files with the manuscript. He is a perfect example of the scientific bias we have faced.

Photos of findings from the Ketchum project. Here are some photos of hairs and a tree structure that revealed an excellent hair source. These photos were presented at the recent news conference.

Hair analysis of hairs used in the Ketchum project.
Hair analysis of hairs used in the Ketchum project.
Photo of tree structure that revealed Bigfoot hairs in Ketchum's project.
Photo of tree structure that revealed Bigfoot hairs in Ketchum’s project.
Ketchum’s peer review. It does appear that Ketchum underwent some sort of a peer review at a journal called JAMEZ. The documents have been posted online, and they do appear to be genuine. Here is more: some correspondence between Ketchum and the journal.
Peer review correspondence between Ketchum and the JAMEZ journal.
Peer review correspondence between Ketchum and the JAMEZ journal.
The Ketchum haters have long screamed that the paper never passed peer review. Once again they are proven wrong. So much of what they screamed about her has turned out to be not true. Ketchum is a Machiavellian Dark Triad type individual and I would personally trust her about as far as I could throw her. If you get involved with her business or project wise, she will probably screw you and back-stab you at some point. But a vast number of Bigfooters, especially the higher echelons, are Dark Triad types. She is what she is, and they are what they are. Anyway, this is science, not a popularity contest. I think Melba’s science is probably pretty good. She has been ripped into a thousand pieces over her science, and it is simply disgusting and shameful what has been done to this woman. It turns my stomach to think of it. New Erickson Project videos released; Erickson Project website back up. Sasquatch The Quest, the EP site, is now back up. It looks pretty nice but it fails pretty badly in my browser, which is Firefox 22.0 What is it, an IE-only site? Very unprofessional. However, I must say that his site looks better than Ketchum’s unprofessional catastrophes of websites (she has had several, all horrible) and especially Rick Dyer’s nightmarishly bad websites. The first video has some interesting footage of Bigfoots and the different colors they come in. One shot shows an absolutely huge creature. [youtube=] The second shows the very controversial footage of Matilda the Bigfoot from the Kentucky site. This is said to be identical to a Wookie Chewbacca mask that is on sale, however, if you look at the Wookie Chewbacca mask and the creature, there is no match.
The typical Chewy mask used to compare with Matilda to show that Matilda is a human wearing a mask. But there is no match.
The typical Chewy mask used to compare with Matilda to show that Matilda is a human wearing a mask. But there is no match.
This creature cannot possibly be a person wearing that mask. It is not possible.
This photo of possibly a different mask looks better but is still no match.
This photo of possibly a different mask looks better but is still no match. Also the hair looks completely different and frankly Matilda’s hair looks like her mother’s hair in the Sleeping Bigfoot video.
One problem with the video is that the creatures mouth remains open and does not appear to move, which suggests a mask. However, later in the video, she growls at the camerawoman, so I assume (or hope) her mouth moves then. Scott Carpenter has done some superb work comparing the mask to the video and there is no match. [youtube=] The last one shows night vision of Matilda walking through the woods on a game trail at night. Note that she walks exactly like Patty from the Patterson footage. [youtube=] Description of Matilda from someone who saw the film. I believe this description comes from either Mary Green or Matt Moneymaker. Nose similar to ours (but with larger nostrils) Slightly chapped, rosy lips Pink mouth, blackish tongue Pointed teeth, like fangs Deep set eyes that dart around and don’t blink Her head is round, shaped more like ours than a gorilla’s, but her brow is much more prominent She has lots of fine, flowing hair on her head (dark reddish brown) and soft short hair on her face When she walks away, she moves just like the female in the Patterson Film. She has a black tongue. Assuming this is someone in a mask, what did they do, paint the person’s tongue black? How did the person wearing the mask learn to walk away precisely like Patty? Tell me. More Erickson Project videos from the press conference. Here are some shots taken by one of the reporters who attended the conference.
Screenshot of Matilda from the Erickson/Ketchum press conference.
Screenshot of Matilda from the Erickson/Ketchum press conference.
Matilda analyzed
A second screen shot, this time with annotations done by the reporter.
Stan Courtney shows a Bigfoot in a game cam at night. This excellent analysis shows what does appear to be a Bigfoot captured in a game cam at night. The photo quality is not so good, but it appears to be a genuine creature.
The Bigfoot is apparently in the center of the photo.
The Bigfoot is apparently in the center of the photo.
Unretouched large version of the photo above.
Unretouched large version of the photo above.
The same object blow up. Looks like a Bigfoot all right.
The same object blow up. Looks like a Bigfoot all right.
Interesting Bigfoot photo out of Pennsylvania. A town in Pennsylvania had a festival over the weekend that featured a Bigfoot calling contest. After the festival was over, a man and his wife were returning from the festivities when they saw what looked like two Bigfoots off the road in the forest moving slowly away in the direction of festival where the calling contest had taken place. The man pulled off to the side of the road and snapped about 9 nice photos of the objects. Skeptards quickly “proved this is a hoax” by “proving that it is actually an upended tree root. However, an investigator went back to the scene with the cameraman, and there are no upended tree roots there. Before and after shots show the objects before and then the objects are not there. It does appear that he photographed one or more real Bigfoots. Unfortunately the objects are rather indistinct. Details here.
Distance shot of the Stoneman Bigfoots.
Distance shot of the Stoneman Bigfoots.
Closeup shot of the strange Stoneman Bigfoots. The other photos are copyrighted by Stoneman and I do not want to steal them.
Closeup shot of the strange Stoneman Bigfoots. The other photos are copyrighted by Stoneman and I do not want to steal them.
Fascinating Frank White Bigfoot photo from Bellingham, Washington in 1976. Never seen this photo before, but it sure looks nice.
Very nice photo from 1976, when very few folks were hoaxing Bigfoot photos. Could well be real.
Very nice photo from 1976, when very few folks were hoaxing Bigfoot photos. Could well be real.
Superb rundown by Scott Carpenter on why the Matilda footage cannot possibly be a person wearing the Wookie mask. Great analysis by Scott here. I agree with him.
Note the massive underbite on Matilda. Odd feature for a mask.
Note the massive underbite on Matilda. Odd feature for a mask.
Once again note the possible double tooth rows or straight tongue.
Note the possible double tooth rows or straight tongue.
Note the black gums and the possible double rows of teeth. Recall that Dyer claims that Hank has double teeth. Note also the many reports of giant skeletons from back East in the 19th Century, often with double rows of teeth. We may be onto something here. She also may have a straight tongue, and most masks have no tongue.
Note the black gums and once again the possible double rows of teeth. Recall that Dyer claims that Hank has double teeth. Note also the many reports of giant skeletons from back East in the 19th Century, often with double rows of teeth. We may be onto something here. She also may have a straight tongue, and most masks have no tongue.
Note the strong prognathism of the jutting lower jaw. Haven't seen too many masks with that. Also that is no match for the Chewy masks, which have zero prognathism, not to mention lower jaw prognathism.
Note the strong prognathism of the jutting lower jaw. Haven’t seen too many masks with that. Also that is no match for the Chewy masks, which have zero prognathism, not to mention lower jaw prognathism.
Closeup photo of my Bigfoot hair. I have received several Bigfoot hairs. Here is a closeup photo of one of them.
The hairs were analyzed on a number of different levels and they do appear to be Bigfoot hairs. The scaling is quite a bit different from human hairs. Bears have similar scaling, but the hairs are light and reddish, and all bears in Michigan are black.
The hairs were analyzed on a number of different levels and they do appear to be Bigfoot hairs. The scaling is quite a bit different from human hairs. Bears have similar scaling, but the hairs are light and reddish, and all bears in Michigan are black.
Melissa Hovey copyright infringement case – total insanity. Here is a description of this idiotic case which was thrown out of court. Hovey received the famous Hovey photo, which does show a real Bigfoot, from an unknown person. She put a copyright on it simply as a placeholder to keep others from copyrighting it and stealing it, something that Bigfooter scumbags do all the time. However, later Phil Poling put it up on his site in a video. Hovey screamed copyright infringement and ordered him to take it down. Then this crazy woman sued Poling for $75,000 in court. Truth is that Hovey had no right to copyright it in the first place, so she did not even own that copyright. So obviously this nuisance frivolous lawsuit was thrown out of court. Completely ridiculous MABRC libel lawsuit. Darkwing DW Lee of MABRC and those around him are simply some of the worst people in Bigfootery. They go beyond the usual idiocy into out and out dangerousness. Threats, death threats, pipe bombs going off at Bigfoot conferences, all of these things have been associated with DW and his gang of sociopaths. Randy Harrington, DW’s sidekick, is a particularly awful person. John Phillips sued DW and Harrington for defamation due to some statements that DW made. In one of them he called Phillips’ daughter a dyke. It is not even known if she is a lesbian or not. Anyway, Phillips sued for an outrageous $1.2 million. Like total morons, DW and Harrington failed to show up in court. Phillips won by default and DW at least apparently owes Mr. Phillips $1.2 million. That is probably the stupidest thing DW has ever done in his life. Gruesome details here. Skeptard idiocy regarding Bigfoot. One of the skeptard arguments against Bigfoot is that if these things existed, people would be seeing them all the time. Well, they do exist, and people actually do see them pretty regularly. You would be amazed at how people I know personally who have seen these things. The argument goes something like this: Eyewitness #1 – “I saw a Bigfoot”. Skeptic – “Though I wasn’t there, no you didn’t”. Eyewitness #2 – “I saw a Bigfoot”. Skeptic – “Though I wasn’t there, no you didn’t”. Eyewitness #3 – “I saw a Bigfoot”. Skeptic – “Though I wasn’t there, no you didn’t”. Eyewitness #4 – “I saw a Bigfoot”. Skeptic – “Though I wasn’t there, no you didn’t”. Eyewitness #5 – “I saw a Bigfoot”. Skeptic – “Though I wasn’t there, no you didn’t”. Eyewitness #6 – “I saw a Bigfoot”. Skeptic – “Though I wasn’t there, no you didn’t”. Eyewitness #7 – “I saw a Bigfoot”. Skeptic – “Though I wasn’t there, no you didn’t”. Eyewitness #8 – “I saw a Bigfoot”. Skeptic – “Though I wasn’t there, no you didn’t”. Eyewitness #9 – “I saw a Bigfoot”. Skeptic – “Though I wasn’t there, no you didn’t”. Eyewitness #10 – “I saw a Bigfoot”. Skeptic – “Though I wasn’t there, no you didn’t”. … Skeptic – “If these creatures were real, people would be seeing them all the time!” Joe – (Sigh) See what sort of crap we are up against from “science” crowd? Special dedication to all my haters. Like Rick Dyer, I am accumulating lots of haters myself. I suppose everyone in this game does at some point. Therefore, I am dedicating this song especially towards my deadliest enemies, including: The JREF skeptards, in particular, the execrable Sharon Hill, Jodie and Mustbeso. Truly and painfully useless human beings. The debased and degraded nothingness that constitutes the administrators at Bigfoot Forums, may they burn in Hell for eternity. Rhettman Mullis, idiot. Carl Zimmer, famous “science” writer. That this man is a famous science writer is truly pitiful. The “science” skeptard crowd in general, may you suffer prolonged pain for your cardinal transgressions. Enjoy! [youtube=] Rick Dyer uses gorilla hand on the back of his CD After the Shot. This has already been reveled on several blog sites. However, Frank Cali told me in an email that that was only used as a filler. If indeed photos of Hank the dead Bigfoot are owned by the investor, then no photo of Hank could possibly appear on the back of the DVD. From the comments:

I think too much has been read into the gorilla hand saga. I think it was just an image used to fill the back cover that was relevant to the contents of the DVD. If there is a real body, then of course a read pic of the hand could not be shown. Its just purely a graphic image to be in keeping with the contents and nothing more than that……?

Nevertheless, I think this was a very stupid mistake by whoever did it because it makes Dyer look like he is hoaxing this whole thing. Theory about who owns the body of Hank and any images of him. From the comments:

I reckon as soon as Hank was shot, then the body and all the rights including footage of him dead belonged to the investor. I think Dyer and Morgan Matthews were silenced about the kill. And the investor has wanted to remain anon until the big reveal. I think Dyer did get paid up front and has been spending the money like water. His shows, his claims since Sept 6th are all just for personal attention and to give publicity on the investor’s behalf. If you shot a Bigfoot and were paid and then told that your job was done, and if you had a personality like Dyer, well you wouldn’t want to rest on your laurels and remain quiet and not try and gain some sort of attention while you waited for the big reveal would you? I think that those DVD’s belong to the investor, and Rick is merely publicizing them and he will maybe have a cut in their sales. I think the investor has made it very very clear right from the start that they wish to remain silent throughout all this until the reveal. I think Dyer is very much controlled by the investor. When December comes and the scientists give their announcement (which I reckon will coincide and may even be in collaboration with Sykes’ results) then any footage of dead Hank will be released (I think Minnow will be able to show more footage caught on camera and will release a Director’s Cut version of the film too). And I think people who have bought the DVD’s will actually see a real dead Bigfoot, and I obviously do think there will be a real Bigfoot body. The tour however, that bothers me. All I wonder is that the publicity that Rick is telling us is a lie, and the tour will actually be organized on a higher level with more money, publicity and security.

Rick Dyer spinning more tales. Rick now says that the filming of Hank and the goings on surrounding his body were done by a film crew hired by Rick’s investor, not Rick himself. Rick had earlier stated that Rick himself had hired the film crew and had to pay them $20,000. He was trying to recoup some of that money via DVD sales. Now it turns out he never spent $20K on the crew. In fact, he did not spend one red center. Rick’s stories just go all over the place, here, there and everywhere. Dyer’s investor paying for university to study Hank. The investor is apparently paying for the university to study the Bigfoot body. This is a new revelation, that a particular university has been tasked with this job. We now hear for the first time also that that the university folks are being paid to do this work. Dyer’s latest logo. I guess you either love it or hate it. I actually do not particularly mind it. I think the lettering might have been positioned a bit differently, but it’s not a major issue. Most of Rick’s graphics, webpages, etc. are horrifically bad, but this one is actually pretty good.

New Rick Dyer logo is actually not bad.
New Rick Dyer logo is actually not bad.

Bigfoot News October 2, 2013

Dr. Melba Ketchum and Adrian Erickson dual release Ketchum’s DNA paper and Erickson’s video at a press conference! It was covered on local news in Dallas and other places and and on an ABC news blog. It was also covered on Fox News. A 3-minute news video of the press conference including shots from Erickson’s footage, is available at some of the links above. You can also see it on Scott Carpenter’s superb blog here. The press conference is being ripped to shreds all over the Bigfoot community, but I do not think this is valid. Also there is a lot of commentary about whether or not the photo of Matilda was someone wearing a Chewbacca mask. I have no idea if that is a Chewie mask or not. One thing is for sure, the Erickson Project, including Adrian, Dennis Pfohl and Dr. Leila Hadj-Chikh, are not hoaxers. They did not hoax anything in the course of the project. However, my understanding that is that the “Chewie” videos were taken by the wife of the husband and wife team that owned the property and were not taken by the Erickson team. You can see some good night footage of a Bigfoot walking in the woods on the news clips, and in my opinion, that clip is excellent, and it is a real Bigfoot. Look closely at how it walks exactly like Patty in the Patterson film. That must have been taken by the Erickson team, probably by Pfohl. There were no trespassers on that property ever as it is well fenced. Furthermore, in the night footage, the trespasser would have had to have been walking in a very thick and deep woods in the middle of the night with no flashlight! There is other footage, taken in the daytime, of a large adult Bigfoot slowly moving through the woods. That is also excellent footage, and I think that is a real Bigfoot. That also must have been taken by Dennis. If it was taken by the EP, then that is a real Bigfoot for certain. If it was a hoax, someone would have had to have put on a Bigfoot suit and walked around that property day and night hoaxing Pfohl and the rest of the team. The EP doesn’t hoax, and no one was hoaxing them on that property. Kentucky project researcher was within arm’s reach of a Bigfoot! On the Kentucky project, at at least one point, one of the people working on the Erickson Project ended up within arm’s length of one of the large adult Bigfoots. He was so close to it that he could have reached out and touched it. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to reveal more about this incident. Dr. John Bindernagel saw a Bigfoot at the Kentucky property. I believe he saw it in the daytime. Bindernagel says he either saw a Bigfoot or a human running around in a Bigfoot costume. There were no trespassers on the property ever, and there were certainly never any trespassers running around the property with Bigfoot suits on. Obviously, Bindernagel saw a real Bigfoot. Truly unfortunate coverage of the Erickson Project conference around the Web. Of course it is to be expected that the execrable Sharon Hill of Doubtful News would trash it to Kingdom Come. However, our own Bigfoot blogs have also been tearing it to pieces. Are Erickson and Ketchum enemies? I have reported in the past that these two were fighting for quite some time. The nature of that warfare is old hat by now and is not particularly interesting anymore. However, reports on Facebook groups are saying that the two hate each other and that Erickson acts like he is not too happy to be sitting next to Ketchum by looking at his body language. I agree that his body language looks uncomfortable, but I doubt it is because he was seated next to Ketchum, who he no doubt elected to sit next to. My understanding is that Ketchum and Erickson have somehow made up and at the moment, they get along with each other one some sort of level. I can tell you for sure though why Erickson was uncomfortable at the conference – he didn’t want to be there in the first place. I have been reporting for some time now that Adrian is sick and tired of all things Bigfoot, and that opinion is ongoing. Erickson looks uncomfortable because he is sick and tired of everything related to Bigfoot and wishes it would all just go away. Bit late in the day for that. Many hits coming in to the site from the ABC news blog story. Apparently from a link via the comments to the post, but with 5,000 comments, I was unable to find the one that was linking to me. Contentious Rhettman Mullis quote appears on Facebook. In Dr. Matthew Johnson’s Bigfoot Facebook group, the following post appeared on September 13, 2013:

Was at Dr. Johnson’s dinner last Friday. Rhettman Mullis spoke about the Sykes study. Said the DNA study is on track for, I believe, a March announcement. Warned us to ignore any and all speculation until then. The legal gag order everyone involved is under is draconian. Anyone leaking would essentially kill the project. So ignore anything that doesn’t come from Sykes himself. Unlike · 1 · 6 hours ago Sep 13 From Team Sasquatch USA September 13 Dr Johnson’s site.

A friend of mine notified me about it and I wrote it up on the site. However, Mullis became very angry with me and ordered me to take down the libelous post. Soon after I published this Facebook post above, it was removed from Johnson’s group, followed by a bizarre tirade by Johnson accusing me of making the whole thing up. I didn’t make the whole thing up. It was a post on his group. Mullis insists that he never said such a thing. Fair enough. The following are the possibilities of what occurred.

  1. Mullis said the study will be delayed, but caught huge heat when his comment was reported and he was ordered to shut me up and deny he made the statement. In my opinion, Mullis, like many top Bigfooters, does lie sometimes. Specifically, he engages in “denial-lying,” which many in the community do. Someone will report something and then the denial liars will angrily insist that they never said such a thing or the thing that was reported is not true.
  2. Mullis never made the statement. Well then why did someone who was obviously at the dinner say he did?

At the moment, there is no good hard evidence that Sykes study release will be delayed until March. Someone said Mullis said it would be delayed, but Mullis denies making the statement. Prior reports said that the Sykes study will be released in mid-October. We do not know when the Sykes study will be released. However, looking at how Erickson and Ketchum rushed into their press conference on October 1, 2013, one would assume that they knew Sykes was going to publish soon and were trying to beat him to the punch. A good guess is that the October 15 publish date is still on. Interesting Scott Carpenter report on the contentious Justin Smeja Sierra Kills case. Scott has an interesting take on Justin’s Sierra Kills story. It rings true with many people, possibly even including me. Timbergiant video gets cheers. I talked a very good friend of mine who is an expert on Bigfoots (he works at the Smithsonian on the displays) and asked him about the Timbergiant video. He was raving about it. He said, “That is definitely a Sasquatch.” I asked him why and said because of the way the hair was laying, the texture of the hair. He is able to identify these things simply by the way that their hair looks, and he is a total expert on animal hair as per his job. I agree with him, and I think that Timbergiant  really did shoot a real Bigfoot in this video. [youtube=] Sasquatch Ontario videos get kudos. This same fellow from the Smithsonian also gave raves to Sasquatch Ontario’s videos. Lately the Bigfoot community at large has generally rejected his videos as hoaxes. However, my friend said he did not think the fellow was hoaxing. I asked him why and he pointed to the Bigfoot hand print that SO found. He said, “That is exactly how a Bigfoot hand print looks. I can’t see how he faked that.” He even liked the much-derided vocalizations. I told him about the gifts that SO claimed that the Bigfoot gave him, including a tiny intricately weaved object made out of reeds. My friend said, “Well you know, Albert Ostman was the first to report that Sasquatches weave. Remember that they wove the beds that they lay on.” This is correct. The Bigfoots in the Ostman story did indeed weave their own beds. I agree with my friend, and I doubt that this fellow is hoaxing, though he is a subject of much ridicule in the community. All of his videos can be seen on his channel here. First report on Hank’s penis! Hank is the Bigfoot that Rick Dyer probably shot and killed in San Antonio, Texas, on September 6, 2012. There have been many descriptions of Hank’s body, but we have not yet had any descriptions of Hank’s penis. I have received many mails from female and gay male Bigfooters telling me that they were dying for this lurid information. I recently spoke to two persons who have seen the body, and they both gave identical descriptions of Hank’s penis. Here it is:

Hank’s penis was a sight to see. It was 10 inches long, huge, black and ugly as sin.

Well, there you have it, folks. The news you have all been waiting for! Video below related, actually not really. For entertainment purposes only. [youtube=] Rick Dyer selling sponsorships for his Bigfoot tour in 2014. Dyer is selling sponsorships for his US tour when he will tour the country with Hank. One question though is what if the Bigfoot on tour is not really Hank but instead is a replica of a Bigfoot. Rick is selling sponsorships on the basis that the tour is of a real Bigfoot, but if it is a fake instead, one would assume that anyone buying a sponsorship could sue him for fraud. After the Shot DVD has a gorilla hand on it. Dyer’s After the Shot DVD is said to include 40 minutes of HD footage of Hank the Bigfoot’s dead body. However, on the reverse of the DVD is a hand that looks like it could be a Bigfoot’s hand. Unfortunately, a clever blogger has discovered that that is a hand of a gorilla taken off the Internet. So Dyer has a gorilla hand on the back on his DVD which he says has footage of a real Bigfoot. That does not exactly inspire confidence in the DVD! Adam Bird’s review of Shooting Bigfoot premiere in the UK.


Since September 2012, a story has dominated the Bigfoot community, whether you believed in it or not. Love him or hate him, Rick Dyer has been the name everyone has been talking about. A video appeared online that showed an alleged Sasquatch filmed from about twenty feet away, from inside a tent. A lot of people were impressed with the footage, ourselves included. It featured a Bigfoot with a large head set on high shoulders, with a coned head, large dark eyes, thick neck muscles and hair surrounding an ape-looking face. It was a very good video, there was no doubt about that. But soon enough the name of Rick Dyer, the man behind 2008’s infamous ‘Bigfoot in a freezer’ hoax was associated with this video. Many in the Bigfoot community hate Dyer with a solid passion. But instead of doubting this realistic looking footage, we gave Dyer a chance; a second chance. Through our original page Bigfoot: The Evidence, we supported him, backing him all the way, alongside Facebook/Find Bigfoot. Soon after Dyer claiming that this video was shot during the making of Shooting Bigfoot, British director Morgan Matthews’ feature length documentary about men who hunt for Bigfoot in the US. Dyer then claimed that the Bigfoot in his film footage was dead, and that it was he who had shot and killed it. People were quite rightly skeptical about this tale. After all, Dyer had said back in 2008 that he had a Bigfoot body, and that turned out to be nothing more than a $99 costume filled with animal organs and entrails! But when prominent online skeptic Musky Allen, whom I had been friends with for sometime, became involved and Dyer invited him out to Vegas to view the actual dead body, things got more exciting. Musky Allen indeed went to Vegas and he confirmed the body was real. We were now convinced that Rick Dyer was telling the truth. Shooting Bigfoot was said to feature clear HD footage of the Sasquatch that was shot. The documentary was released in April 2013 to an expectant audience. But what was promised wasn’t delivered. We did not see full footage of a Bigfoot, nor did we see it being shot. Many of Dyer’s supporters were disappointed. The more the story went on, the more it became obvious that this seemed to become all about Dyer making money. Memberships into Team Tracker, Dyer’s Bigfoot creation, costing hundreds of dollars, were offered, as well as promised insights into the dead body. But then not long after the documentary was released, Stacy Brown, Florida Bigfoot researcher, came forward with pictures of a costume that resembled closely the Bigfoot in Dyer’s tent footage. This was sort of the final straw for us and we, under our new group name ‘BIGFOOT: BELIEVERS ONLY’, decided to turn our back on Dyer and his tales. It was becoming more and more obvious that this was a hoax. Then it was announced that Shooting Bigfoot was to premiere in Edinburgh in June 2013. We knew we had to see the night-vision footage that Morgan Matthews had filmed of the Bigfoot that Dyer claimed he shot. So Adam and Paul arranged to spend the weekend at Edinburgh to catch the UK premiere. That brings us now to today. We went to the premiere and were surprised and excited to see that the director of the film, Morgan Matthews, was at the showing and that he would be doing a question and answer session at the end of the documentary. The film itself is not a pleasant one for a Bigfoot believer and enthusiast to watch. In fact it can feel quite brutal at times. Matthews’ sole purpose was to make the Bigfoot community, and all those who have had the privilege to actually see this magnificent creature with their own eyes, look foolish, irrational and downright dim-witted and unintelligent. This is pretty much obvious because of the fact that he picked characters such as Dallas and Wayne, who may not come across as the most intelligent of individuals, instead of other respected researchers such as Cliff Barackman. The film is beautifully made, no doubt about it. Morgan Matthews spent a lot of times with the people featured in the documentary, including Rick, Dallas and Wayne and Tom Biscardi. But the main theme of the film, that people who research and believe in Bigfoot are just slack-jawed, redneck types of characters, still keeps hitting you square between the eyes and leaves a distaste in the mouth. You cannot help but feel insulted personally, so much so that Paul almost left early. But the most important part was seeing the footage of the alleged dead footage and the actual shooting itself. This part of the film is right at the end, within the last ten minutes. The first sign of something is when Matthews is in his tent and something is making vocalizations outside. Suddenly something, or someone, crashes the sides of the tent, scaring Matthews. He jumps out and Rick is creeping out of his tent, gun in hand. In the glare of the gun’s light beam we see a retreating figure. We see high shoulders and a bowed head, covered in hair. Rick takes over in pursuit, Matthews shouting him to come back. We then hear shots being fired and Matthews goes into panic mode, shouting and screaming for Rick to stop shooting. Next thing we see is a very quick glimpse of the creature as it rushes at Matthews, lashing out and grunting in anger with its’ right arm. Matthews falls to the ground and we hear another gunshot ring out in the darkness. Matthews is then helped to his feet by Rick, who is demanding to see the footage. But Matthews, angry at Rick, refuses and they argue back and forth. We then cut to Matthews showing the injuries that were inflicted during the attack. And that is how the documentary ends and the controversy begins. And to our opinion on the actual footage. At one point the tape is rewound and we get a view of the face of the Sasquatch, the same picture that was illegally circulating around the net a couple months ago. This picture does no justice to what can be seen watching the film. What we see is an ape-looking face, with a heavy brow ridge set over deep eyes which move. The nose is human like, just not as pronounced. There is a receding hairline, with dark hair swept back over the back of a rounded skull. A long upper lip is turned down over the mouth. We could almost be looking at a cross between a chimp and a human. On first glance this thing looks extremely real. To see the eyes moving in the sockets, it did make you take a deep breath. But on looking back at the visualization emblazoned in your mind, you can start to see that this could be a very good make-up job. When you see the couple of fleeting glimpses of the back of the creature, it does not look particularly tall. The creature looks wide but not out of the realm of human height. We have discussed it over and over. The fact is that it is very difficult to come up with any conclusions based entirely on the footage alone. Does the Bigfoot in the footage look real? In our opinion, yes it does. But…that does not mean it is real. It just means it could be a very real looking suit. But there is more. Afterwards there was a question and answer session with Morgan Matthews. At one point during the session one lady asked about the Bigfoot attack and Matthews’ opinion. He states that at the time it happened, Matthews instantly came to the conclusion that it was a man in a suit that attacked him, not a real living and breathing Sasquatch. He also insinuated (but did not outright accuse) that Dyer was hoaxing this whole dead Bigfoot tale. Our conclusions are that it is very hard to make a decision on what we saw. But our gut instinct tells us that this is a hoax, despite the footage and how good it looked, in our opinion. We really really do hope that Rick Dyer proves beyond all reasonable doubt that Bigfoot exists. But based on all the evidence, we do not think he has a dead Sasquatch in his possession. We hoped we are proved wrong and remain open-minded but we find it very unlikely…

Accusation that I am part of the “Rick Dyer Bigfoot Hoax.” I am seeing this more and more, that I am “part of the hoax.” What is amazing is the sheer number of folks who have been accused of being “in on the hoax” by now. And now I am too. What is fascinating is not even one of the people who are “in on the hoax” have yet to come forward and confess. Bigfoot hoaxes typically consist of only one person, possibly two, but generally no more than two. And usually the hoaxers come forward fairly quickly or they are busted somehow. This Dyer “hoax” is amazing because of the sheer number of players said to be involved and not one of them has come forward yet. Further, the skeptics have not yet proven that this is a hoax, and the story is going on one year now. I edited out many misspellings.

Michael J. Littrell put this in a perspective that even you IDIOTS should be able to understand .Lets not forget that Robert Lynsey started this HOAX on or about Dec 12-2012. How long did it take Richard Traylor Chuck Dyer to come out with his part…. (let the pawns get it out there first) Hmmm. Robert Lynsy is just another player in this HOAX like Musky ( who the fuck is he ??)& all the rest …sung to the tune of the opening of Gilligan’s Island.. Robert, hope you got paid upfront !! SQUATCH IS REAL …THIS SHIT AIN’T..

Very stupid anti-Bigfoot article published in a “science” publication. This typical skeptic nonsense makes the astonishing claim that the existing evidence for Bigfoot makes it even more likely that it does not exist. The fact that there have been 40,000 sightings in the US must mean that they are relatively common. If they are so common, it ought to be relatively trivial to capture good photo, video or other evidence of them, in particular, some sort of a body. That no evidence has been forthcoming when it should have considering the massive number of sightings makes it exceedingly unlikely that this thing exists. Well, that is certainly some creative theorizing! I am writing too many Bigfoot posts. As you can see, I am slowly turning into a Bigfoot. This is getting embarassing. Maybe I should cut down on the Bigfoot reporting.

Bigfoot Bob: The transformation.
Bigfoot Bob: The transformation.

Bigfoot News September 30, 2013

Happy birthday to me. Thank you very much! Justin Smeja stirs furor over pro-kill post on Facebook. On a Bigfoot Facebook group, Suzy Matiash asked Justin Smeja what his position was on the pro-kill/no-kill debate in the community. Justin left a lengthy answer that said he was still pro-kill. He was then promptly tossed from the group by Suzy because the group has a strict no-kill policy for posters. Cindy Bowers did a great job of writing this up on the Crypto Crew blog. Recently Justin Smeja was asked a tough question by Suzy Matiash, administrator of the Facebook group Bigfoot Community. The question was:

Mr. Smeja, I mean this question with no malice toward you. But this is a no kill group. And given the chance, would you kill another Sas? Or have you changed your views and would not do it again.

Justin answered:

I believe Bigfoots are some sort of people – a wild man or archaic human if you will. They are not just some other animal to be hunted like deer – its immoral. They are intelligent. For the greater good of the species whether it be in life or death or even extinction, I will pursue killing one. I do not love the species or the individuals. I feel it’s wrong to take a Sasquatch’s life, but who among us does everything right? You worry about the person you see in the mirror, and I’ll take care of me. I will try to kill another Sasquatch to prove their existence. The truth is most in the Bigfoot community are liars, especially when it comes to the subject. They preach this no kill gospel and pretend to be disgusted by the thought of killing one publicly, but behind closed doors I’m often (very often) approached by these same individuals – many of whom are highly respected pillars in the community – with a new strategy, location or idea on how to kill one. They often even offer to help fund an expedition to bring back a dead one. Derek Randles was never like that. He always hated the idea of killing one. I respect him for that. He’s a better man than I am. I’m not here to play politics, to be politically correct or to save face. I’m not looking for a place in the Bigfoot community. When I research, I often have a rifle, and if I see one, I will most likely shoot it. However, I also often research with no rifle at all. Make what you will out of that. My only goal is proof to validate my story. This is a stupid argument – to kill or not to kill – if you’re that worked up about it, you have too much time on your hands. DNA is no longer good enough. Especially in this field. Let’s just assume that I know more about DNA results findings and protocols then 98 percent of you. I’ve worked first hand with countless labs and doctors on this subject over the last 3 years. If a body’s drug in by a researcher tomorrow, the blood of that individual is partly on Melba’s hands. It is because of her that we need a body. We need a body, not a sequence. The truth is I waver back and forth and some days I’m 100

Rick Dyer will get $27 million on January 1, 2015. Late the other night on his show, when hardly a soul was listening, Rick revealed that his investor has not given him any money at all yet (hence the continuous grubbing and hucksterism), but that Rick will receive $27 million on January 1, 2015 if he delivers the body to the new owner (probably the casino owner) “completely intact.” That means he has to keep the body intact for all of 2014, during which the first half of the year will be spent touring with the Bigfoot body and the second half of the year will not. But Rick will retain possession of the body during the non-outing portion of the year. This sets up a very interesting scenario. Suppose someone – haters, skeptics, rivals or anti-kill activists – damaged the body by say removing the head and whisked the head off somewhere. Then Rick Dyer would not receive his $27 million. In fact, he would not receive one thin dime. New owner may be Steve Wynn. He’s one oily, slimy Vegas casino owner. He recently hosted a morbid exhibit on the Titanic. A source who went to that exhibit said it was very disturbing. He’s just the fellow to host a morbid and tacky Bigfoot body display. Criticism of Rick’s 19th Century “dead body on tour” sleazefest. This sort of thing was popular maybe 200 years ago. One wonders how many creatures have been revealed to science by traveling side shows, but actually there have been a number of them, mostly around 200 years ago. The problem is that what was acceptable in the 1800’s is now incredibly tacky to say the least. Personally, I am not too happy that this dead body is going to be trucked around by a bunch of ghoulish profiteering capitalist hucksters. It is slimy, disreputable and morbid. Suppose I died tomorrow, and some people bought my corpse from someone else, embalmed it, and then trucked it around the country as a freak side show attraction. This is more or less the same thing. Here are some of the comments that I received complaining about how the body is going to anything for a buck capitalists instead of the government, a museum or a university where it belongs.

If there was a Bigfoot body it should be going to a museum of natural history not some freak show tour with RD and then some tacky casino!! I don’t have a problem with a Bigfoot tour, but not in flea markets and gun shows. If this thing is a relict hominid, it should be displayed with dignity, a la’ the Treasures of Egypt tour or the tours of great artists, something like that. But as something akin to a carnival sideshow…terrible. Frankly, I am mostly a no-kill mindset. But, if one is killed, then science needs to be involved, to find out just exactly BF stands within our human family, and then try not to hurt them any more than have been hurt. If there is a casino owner involved, he could very well be Steve Wynn. He hosted the Titanic exhibit at the Bellagio. I do have to say, I saw that exhibit and it gave me the creeps.

The “Christopher Noel lied” accusation. Via Randy Filipovic, who seems to be getting more and more shrill lately to the point where it looks like he is going off the deep end:

Chris Noel’s opinion means squat. He destroyed any credibility he had when he asked Steve Kulls to lie.

Noel responds:

When Kulls maliciously outed the identity of my friend Jack Barnes, I wrote him and told him to post a retraction saying he’d been mistaken, to try to correct his immoral act. Then Kulls promptly posted our PM conversation with the headline Christopher Noel Wants Me to Lie!!!!! Delightful fellow.

I agree with Noel. I am tired of all of these malicious outings. People are entitled to a bit of privacy. Noel did the right thing to ask Steve to retract his story and say he was mistaken in order to protect Jack’s identity. Why so many awful people in Bigfootery? A commenter, new to the game, asked me in the comments why there were so many horrible people in Bigfootery. Here is my response: Although I do not think the Dyer story is a hoax, Dyer is himself a hoaxer; not only that, but he is a serial hoaxer! He was hoaxing in a major way as recently as May 2012 and he has hoaxed even in the course of this story (Bigfoot baby hoax). In addition, he has lied shamelessly all through this nevertheless true story, and even before the story, his track record shows that he is a pathological liar. The problem is not Rick Dyer. The problem is the fringe nature of the subject. The fringe nature of Bigfootery means that a very large number of those attracted to it will be jerks, idiots, scumbags, nutcases of all types and varieties, criminals, thieves, liars, con-men, narcissists and sociopaths. Hopefully once we get this thing proven a lot of the sane and decent humans will come rushing in as it will be as mainstream a subject as studying gorillas, chimps or even wolverines or mountain lions. The general public will flood in which there are plenty of good folks mixed in with the bad, and in particular the science crowd will move in, most of whom are cautious, decent, fair-minded, emotionally controlled folks. There are so many out and out horrible people in this field that I would not advise anyone to get into it. It is actually a somewhat dangerous hobby. Why are Bigfooters so horrible? I think it is because many of them are simply fanatics. Fanatics tend to be horrific human beings. Or at least their behavior is horrific. Their monstrous behavior stems from their fanaticism. Morgan Matthews’ clever wording. Matthews has been virtually speaking in riddles about his movie Shooting Bigfoot for some time now. But a commenter notes something very interesting:

Its interesting as there is nowhere in that interview with MM where he denies there is a real Bigfoot in his film. He apologizes for the incorrect rumors that he is in possession of a Bigfoot body or that he personally moved the body and that the film contained footage of a dead Bigfoot. He makes a particular point of not having footage of a dead Bigfoot in his film.

Morgan Matthews makes the following correct statements which nevertheless have interesting possible explanations in back of the weasel words. Morgan’s statements in normal text, explanations in italics following.

  1. I am not in possession of any Bigfoot body. But maybe someone else is!
  2. I did not personally move any Bigfoot body. But maybe other folks did!
  3. The film does not contain footage of a dead Bigfoot. But maybe it contains footage of a live one!

What sort of a person is Hank Williams III? I believe that Hank Williams III is the owner of Rick Dyer’s dead Bigfoot, Hank. But what sort of a person is HW3? This music video of his may give us some clues: [youtube=] That video is called Three Shades of Black. It is full of all sorts of dark, evil and even Satanic imagery. Obviously this fellow is deep into the bad boy game and he is trying to give off the impression that he is “badass” or even “evil.” A commenter wonders what sort of person would hire another person to kill a fellow hominid and then ghoulishly retain the body. First a commenter posted the video above and asked, “Is this guy evil or what?” To which the other commenter responded:

Eh? Well, which is it? Either it’s “This guy is evil enough to pull the strings of Rick Dyer (to intentionally ridicule the Bigfoot community with a vast hoax)” or “This guy is evil enough to pay for a Bigfoot hit-man and demand a Bigfoot body?”

I would say the latter, no? Rick Dyer steps down as President of Team Tracker. More of Rick’s wild, impulsive and unpredictable behavior. In this case, he is stepping down as president of his group, apparently to spend his time getting ready for his roadshow. In his place, Frank Cali will step in as President. I think Frank will be a lot easier to get along with. Frank has said that he will not tolerate TT members badmouthing either me or Christopher Noel on his show. Frank will take over the running of some of the shows. The shows should be a lot more sober and serious with Frank at the helm. [youtube=]

Bigfoot News September 28, 2013 Part 2

Derek Randles post on Facebook detailing a recent correspondence with Dr. Melba Ketchum. Derek recently made this post about his ongoing feud with Ketchum:

I’ve made this request with your personal assistant, and I’ve also asked you directly, but still no response. Ms Ketchum, I want what’s left of my sample back, and quite frankly I’m getting tired of waiting. The sample I’m referring to is sample 26. Just so there’s no confusion, it’s the sample Justin Smeja signed over to me, the sample that I gave you permission to test. I am the owner of the sample, and I have the documentation stating so. You have told me repeatedly that there is some sample left. You have also told me you would send it to Wally for me.

The least you could do considering Wally funded the majority of your study. The reason I want it back is simple. I want it retested. Posting this publicly is not my style, but in light of the fact I’m being ignored about this, and the BS seems to be getting thicker, I decided to post this publicly. I would very much appreciate a response from your “camp”.

This is a long and ongoing story. Ketchum was supposed to give the sample back to Derek and Wally Hersom, but she never has. Attempts at replication of the sample have repeatedly tested it out as “Black bear” instead of a Bigfoot. That does not look good for her study and Bart Cutino, Justin Smeja and others are calling her a fraudster. If she really did fake the findings in her study, she is guilty of scientific fraud, a devastating charge.

Dr. Bryan Sykes study to publish in mid-October. This is very exciting news. A new and great article by Scott Carpenter implies that Sykes has known about the existence of Bigfoots or Yetis since 2001, but has sat on the data because he just did not have enough to publish yet. After Ketchum published, the green light was given to Sykes, and he was finally able to do the study he had been wanting to do for a long time now. Scott feels that Sykes will validate Ketchum’s much-maligned study, and I believe that that is indeed possible.

New leaked material shows that Ketchum did indeed undergo peer review at the JAMEZ (Journal of Advanced Zoological Exploration in Zoology). Whether she passed that review or not is another matter. The Ketchum haters (which now encompasses most of the community) have been saying for a long time that there was no peer review at JAMEZ, and that it in fact did not even exist and was created. In fact, it did exist and it was not created by Ketchum.

The Ketchum haters are as bad as the Dyer haters and they have been wrong about so many things. Kudos to Scott Carpenter for a job well done in uncovering these documents. Obviously Ketchum is not my favorite person in the world, and the truth is we are not even on speaking terms. Nevertheless, I think it is almost criminal what has been done to this woman.

Great new video out by Timbergiantbigfoot in Ontario, Canada. I have been following this fellow for a long time, and he is pretty interesting. He has never been known to hoax before, and he has made scores or possibly hundreds of videos. He researches in some sort of a provincial park in Ontario. I did see one of his video where an obvious Bigfoot was standing still next to a tree. Most of the others are just the guy pointing to all sorts of blobs and claiming they are Bigfoots.

In this video, he actually videotapes the top of the head of some sort of a hairy creature. He also hears it clacking rocks and apparently using rocks to break up nuts. You cannot see the creature very well, but what you can see looks more like a gorilla than anything else! At one point, the creature stands up and walks away. The narrator then goes to where the creature was and finds rocks, nuts and apples on the ground. Jim said that the creature was about 7 feet tall and seemed to weigh 500 pounds.

This video is being ripped to a thousand pieces on the usual ultra-skeptic sites who never believe that any Bigfoot evidence is real. However, Jim has never hoaxed before. If this is a hoax, then he has worked for years with no hoaxing to stop suddenly and start hoaxing. That is a pretty odd thing to do.


MK Davis analyzes the Tent Video. Excellent breakdown shows the Tent Video with Hank eating ribs off a tree the morning before he was shot. What is amazing is that MK shows the Bigfoot blinking with both eyes. Not only that, but the blink causes all of the proper facial muscles above and below the eye to move exactly the way that they would if you were blinking. There is no mask available that would allow a proper blink to be seen with a scrunching up of the face. However, if the Tent Video creature was just wearing makeup and not a a mask, then this blinking would be possible.


Christopher Noel video protesting Dyer’s Sasquatch tour. Christopher Noel intends to boycott and protest Dyer’s show with a group of protestors everywhere Rick goes with his Bigfoot. At first this protest made no sense to me at all, but recently Noel sent me a statement about why his group would be protesting the tour:

In my view, the North American tour of the Sasquatch trophy corpse is grotesque. There would, however, be less reason to oppose it if Dyer had not repeatedly proclaimed his strong desire to slaughter further specimens and to lead the charge for others to take to the forests and bag their own trophies. His mantra is “Let’s make them extinct.”

The North American tour graphically represents all of this, and the infinite ego it takes for anyone to claim to OWN the body of our next of kin. Therefore, it is the perfect vehicle for raising awareness and organizing our efforts to pass laws that will prevent Dyer from repeating his deed and prevent the hundreds of Dyer wannabees from fanning out with night-vision rifles throughout the continent to seize their share of fame and fortune.

This is an excellent statement, and I now feel that Noel’s protests make complete sense and are indeed for a good cause.


Criticism of my interview with Rick Dyer. I have been criticized for doing a softball interview with Rick, but those are the only types of interviews I do. Nevertheless, the questions that I asked Rick were some of the toughest and most hardball questions he has ever been asked. People do not realize that because they do not have the behind the scenes knowledge to realize how jarring those questions really were.

Devastating charges relating to Rick Dyer’s arrest in Florida for spousal abuse. From the comments section, a Dyer skeptic reports:

His name is Ricky Traylor Chuck Dyer. Google his name and “scammer” and you will get dozens of hits. If you have an account with any reputable background checker, you can enter that name and get the police report from Florida in which Ricky Dyer beat on his pregnant wife. The arresting officer’s report states that Rick told them “I didn’t hit her that hard.” The same report also lists severe facial bruising on Lily Dyer, with knuckle imprints.

Wow, Rick. Time for some anger management classes maybe? Rick has always denied that he ever hit his wife and says the arrest was a false arrest, but according to this poster, that is not the case.

Criticism of Rick Dyer from the comments section. In the text below, “POS” refers to Rick Dyer. Many of my commenters now simply refer to Rick as “POS” instead of either of his name s.

For the record and to anyone reading this: I DESPISE POS, I truly believe he’s a master manipulator, a self serving narcissistic sociopath who’s only goal(s) in life is making money by taking advantage of others who are more weak minded.

We have to face facts and realize that this debate isn’t going away anytime soon, and it will always be debated until it reaches it’s final conclusion. POS is right, he’s been “the most talked about person in the Bigfoot community for the last year”. The ‘haters’ have made it possible, and momentum hasn’t died out yet.

He’s a slime-ball, a known hoaxer, a petty criminal, a parasite of the worst kind. So many facts we know about him as a person that are all correct. He has no conscience and no allegiances to anyone really. He uses and abuses everyone he comes in contact with, and few understand what he’s all about. He’s not stupid or a dumb redneck, he’s actually very smart and conniving. He’s a salesman foremost and that is the obvious red flag that many overlook.

Nice comments, and the views above certainly sum up the feelings of a very large number of folks about what Rick Dyer is all about. On the other hand, I think Rick likes it this way. Rick is all about being a “bad boy” after all, like his hero HW3. Bad boys, well, they do bad things, they do bad stuff. They act bad. A lot of people hate them for all the bad stuff they do. So the views expressed above actually line up pretty well with the image that Rick himself wishes to put across about himself.

Criticism of Rick’s shameless profiteering. From the comments section, a Dyer skeptic writes:

Consider people like Timbergiant Bigfoot and Sasquatch Ontario, from northern Ontario, Canada. These two guys have gotten a plethora of flack, abuse and criticism over their recent video evidence. Yet neither of them have monetized their videos or are looking to cash in on their findings at the expense of others. The only person in the fringes of the Bigfoot community right now, trying to make oodles of money and admittedly, is POS (RD). Yeah, yeah, but they haven’t shot and killed a Bigfoot….pfffff.

I truly don’t know what to think about SO or TGB and their recent discoveries, and I’m not fully convinced that they are entirely legit, but and again, they aren’t attempting to take advantage of the viewers they have attracted. They haven’t turned their channels and findings into a circus side show like POS…

Legitimate researchers aren’t looking for fame, fortune, notoriety, and they don’t mention their names in 3rd person over and over again in their videos!

I must admit that Rick’s constant profiteering and grubbing for every nickel really puts me off, but then I have never really liked people who are totally into money above all else. I used to have some people like that in my life, but I got tired of them, and at this point, I have run most of them out of my life and I don’t imagine they are coming back anytime soon. On the other hand, wildly capitalist societies like the USA will always generate whole armies of hucksters. Marx noted this as early as 1848.

Pinkfoot Cindy Schafer left Team Tracker a while ago and here is why:

Lies, pranks, and hating is why I left. I could no longer support a team that revolves around negative and criminal type behavior.

Wow, that is a pretty devastating critique.

Commenter wraps up many mysterious details in this story with a tight theory. From my comments an excellent grand theory.

I think as soon as Hank was shot, then both Rick and MM were silenced about it. Footage of an alive Hank was ok to show as the investors only owned the body and everything to prove the body (film and photos). So I reckon what happened was that Rick released the camper video (because pre-kill footage was his ownership), then the Minnow leak squealed to Robert Lindsay who promptly blogged the story, so word got out. So then I reckon the investors said “OK, Rick you can talk now but no showing of photos/film of dead Hank still”.

And whereas Rick has broken his silence, MM has kept to the book, and until a body is revealed or just before a body is revealed, then I think MM will remain silent and there is nothing that anyone can do to get that info from him? I still think that if that DVD does have Rick’s own footage of a dead hank, then it belongs to the investors and Rick is actually promoting it for them?

This very nice theory wraps up so many things. This is why Rick was able to show the Tent Video but has not been able to show any other videos or photos of Hank – because he doesn’t own Hank and the investor has hence forbidden any representations of him. It also explains why Morgan Matthews has not been able to talk much about his movie. Morgan was only allowed to show part of the footage of the live Bigfoot, but he could not show any footage after the Bigfoot died, as that is the investor’s property. Morgan and Rick were also forbidden from saying that a Bigfoot was shot.

Rick claims that replicas of Hank have already been made. According to Pinkfoot, Rick said that one or more replicas of Hank have already been made. Pink then asked him a variety of questions that related to taxidermy and replication. According to Rick’s stunted answers to those questions, it would not appear that Rick has yet made any replicas of Hank.

Purpose of Rick Dyer discussion on this site. I do want an open forum here for Dyer believer and nonbelievers and really everyone else I suppose. Thing is, my Dyer posts are now banned from almost 100

However, this is the most important story in Bigfootery now. Even if it is a hoax, I think it is the greatest and most complex Bigfoot hoax of all time.

My purpose is to provide a forum for Dyer skeptics and even haters (I assume they no longer have a forum either since all debate about him pro or con is generally banned) to come here and say their piece. The skeptics/haters have made many very interesting arguments, and they present a strong case for their side. The skeptics are great for Rick because they are holding his feet to the fire by making strong demands of him to prove his case, and this drives him to produce more and more evidence. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, and you are requiring just that of him.

This is also a forum for Dyer believers. They can go at it with the skeptics/haters all they wish. This really is the only forum on the Net where both sides of the Dyer debate can go at each other with glee.

Just keep me out of it and you will not get banned, real easy.

Also some formerly banned skeptic/haters have been reinstated on the site.

Science is a search for the truth and that is what this forum is all about ultimately.

Bigfoot News September 28, 2013

First description of the damage done to Hank’s face by Rick Dyer’s bullet!

It was blasted in the back of the head, having an awful exit wound out its lower jaw/mouth. The jaw was partially disconnected from the skull, showing raw bone and flesh. The body was frozen, or semi-frozen, with a clear bag over its head.

This is directly from someone who has seen the body via Christopher Noel. Noel also obtained descriptions of the bullet damage from two others who had seen the body, and all three descriptions lined up very well. Now skeptics have to argue that all three of these people got together and agreed on a fake description to make up and managed to remember it well enough to retell it without significant discrepancies. Musky was forbidden from discussing the bullet damage during his 2-hour interview with Facebook Find Bigfoot for some odd reason, but I am not publishing this description for the first time. This is pretty much what you might expect from a round of the type that Rick fired that night. Timeline of how the Rick Dyer Bigfoot reveal is supposed to go: The reveal will take place on December 15 in San Antonio, Texas. A press conference will be held with scientists affirming its authenticity. The Bigfoot will then go to the new owner (the casino owner) to do some publicity with it. Then the body goes back to Rick for a year while he takes it on tour around the US similar to the Minnesota Iceman tour. Then the body goes back to the casino owner for whatever purpose. Rick’s tour with the Bigfoot. Rick says he will spend the first half of 2014 on tour around the US with the Bigfoot, though he will retain possession of the body for the whole year. This would be similar to the Minnesota Iceman (which was actually a real Bigfoot in my opinion) that toured the US in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Rick will charge $10 for adults and $5 for children. He recently announced all of the cities he will be touring on the first leg of the tour. He will no doubt need permits to take his show to those cities. Some of my commenters called the permits offices of some of the cities Rick listed and they knew nothing about Rick’s tour, so obviously Rick has not yet formalized this tour with the authorities yet, and it best to say that he plans to go to these cities rather than that he will go to these cities. Two cities in California that were mentioned were Eureka and California. Calls to the Eureka government office in charge of such things confirmed no such appearance by Rick. Rick has stated that he hopes to make $100,000/month exhibiting this body. After being confronted with these facts, Rick then said that he will be utilizing gun shows and flea markets for his tour. That way he probably will not need a permit. Rick also stated recently that he will have the Bigfoot’s organs in jars and that no photos of the Bigfoot will be allowed. The organs in jars bit is pretty morbid and sickening if you ask me. Derek Randles to view the body. Rick stated recently that Derek Randles will see the body on the first week of December. Rick and Derek have generally been on cordial terms for whatever reason. Rick back to grubbing for money again. Rick is now hitting his supporters up for more and more donations because he says he needs the money since his team will be picking up the body in late November – early December. They need to have the trailer ready and to have other expensive necessities ready to go before they can pick up the body. Dyer’s video, After the Shot. The video has now sold 65 copies according to Rick. Rick has also said that he will ship the video by December 10 even if he does not sell the requisite 100 copies. That is great news. Assuming that this video really does show a real dead Bigfoot and it will only be issued in a 100 copy limited run, I would assume that it is going to become a collectors’ item and the $129 price, which frankly seems like a complete ripoff, would actually be worth it. Why not sell the video for cheaper? Supposing Rick sold After the Shot for $20 instead, the normal price for a DVD? If there really is a dead Bigfoot in that video, I would guess that he might be able to sell ~4 million copies @ $20 a shot. You do the math. However, Rick was apparently only given permission to sell 100 copies. Rick’s copy protection threats seem dubious. Team Tracker has said that each video will have a certain marker on it that indicates who the person is who bought it. If anyone uploads any portion of the video, they will be able to look at these markers and tell who it was that uploaded it. Rick then said he would sue them for everything they have. Problem is that this technology probably does not even exist. I would assume that Hollywood would kill to get their hands on this technology, as it would be a great way for them to go after video-copying thieves who upload videos to the Net. Since Hollywood itself hasn’t even done this yet with all of their resources, it seems dubious that Rick Dyer thought up something ingenious that even all the brains behind Hollywood have not been able to invent. Color me skeptical. Rick Dyer’s lawsuit threats. Rick says he will sue the pants off anyone who uploads the movie. The problem is that the DMCA was meant to prevent a flood of copyright theft lawsuits. Hence, almost all copyright thefts are simply dealt with via a DMCA takedown order. The copyright owner issues the order and the person has to remove the material quickly otherwise there are consequences. The state has also gotten involved and passed some terrible laws making it illegal to upload copyrighted material. Recently a man was prosecuted for uploading one of the Star Wars movies to the Net. Bottom line is that no one is suing anyone for copyright theft for uploading videos, so I doubt if Rick Dyer will be too. Even if he does, the judge might just toss the case on the grounds that Rick should have used the DMCA law instead. Judges are within their proper bounds to junk as nuisance suits copyright theft suits that are better covered by the DMCA so as to protect society from a flood of copyright protection suits. Furthermore, a source has told me that Rick never sues anyone. He threatens to sue people all the time, but he never actually carries through on it because he doesn’t want to drive all the way into downtown Las Vegas to file the case. So it’s quite dubious that Rick would sue in these cases anyway. It is also my opinion and that of others that Rick does not even have an attorney. One of my sources and I have both received emails from this so-called attorney, and I thought they were fake emails concocted by Rick or someone on TT. I Googled the attorney’s name, and I do not think he even exists. After the Shot price will go up to $199 on Tuesday, October 1. That has to be one of the dumbest things Rick has ever done. I believe he will sell few if any copies at that price. New video coming out of Hank’s autopsy! Hank is the name of the Bigfoot that Rick Dyer shot a year ago. Rick now says that he has a video of the autopsy of the Bigfoot that he is selling for $199. That is ridiculously overpriced, but the price goes down to $99 (much more reasonable) if you also buy After the Shot. Who paid for the reefer truck? Rick rented a refrigerated truck or reefer truck to transport the dead Bigfoot from San Antonio to Las Vegas. People have been asking for the receipts for that for some time, but Rick will not show them. Former TT member Pinkfoot now says that the reefer truck was originally put on the credit card of Minnow Films, and that during the trip the truck’s cooling system shut off because the rental charges were exceeding the credit card’s limit. Rick then had to scramble to put the charges on one of his own credit cards to keep the Bigfoot cooled for the rest of the trip. After quite a bit of investigation working with a couple of my sources, I now believe that Rick has only ever had one investor and has never had the multiple investors he claimed he had. We believe that that single investor is none other than Hank Williams III, the grandson of the great Hank Williams, the famous country singer. Rick’s mother reportedly wrote songs for HW3’s father, Hank Williams Jr. who was also a famous musician. So HW Jr. is then a good friend of Rick’s mother. It is apparently via his mother that Rick met Junior’s son, HW3. So this part of it is all making sense. Rick has never owned this Bigfoot body. Instead HW3 has owned it the whole time. However, he is scheduled to sell it to a Las Vegas casino at some point, possibly around December. As soon as that Bigfoot died, HW3 owned the body. This also explains so many other things, as I will elaborate below. HW3 denies that he has anything to do with Rick or with any dead Bigfoot. Apparently people have put this question to him, but HW3 simply denied the whole story. But then if he really is the investor, it makes sense for him to talk that way. Greatest Bigfoot hoax of all time? There are two competing theories about the Rick Dyer case – that it is all a gigantic hoax, or that it really happened. At the moment, there is no good, hard scientific evidence to prove either theory, hence the case remains a mystery, unsolved and inconclusive. But what if it is all a gigantic hoax? I would argue that for several reasons, this  would then be the greatest Bigfoot hoax ever done for several reasons:

  • The Tent Video and the Shooting Bigfoot stills are two of the greatest BF photos/videos of all time!
  • Morgan Matthews has still not said this is a hoax.
  • Several people claim to have seen the body and one provided an extremely detailed 2 hour interview of it.
  • There is a full length feature film that captures this hoax without even showing it is a hoax.
  • Director was badly beat up in filming.
  • Worst of all, the skeptics have been trying their dardest to prove this is a hoax for a very long time, and they have not been able to do so!

Now all that is if it is even a hoax, which is not proven at all. Fake Musky Allen posting on Facebook. The haters made a fake Musky Allen posting a few weeks back. They made a fake Musky posting with software saying he lied about this entire thing. Musky then posted in the Facebook group I Shot Bigfoot that it was a fake and he still stand behind his story and Rick 100

The text of the fake statement the haters made up as part of another of their hoaxes.
The text of the fake statement the haters made up as part of another of their hoaxes.
Another hater hoax: Photos of Hank the Bigfoot’s body. The link to these photos was sent to me by a researcher under uncertain circumstances. The mail said to be from a disinterested researcher.
A photo of hoaxer Tim Hollis, the scumbag behind the latest fake photos.
A photo of Tim Hollis, whose account the hoaxed photos were on.
The researcher told me that he had been researching the case for some time and noticed that some of Dyer’s files had a certain letter and number combination on them. He Googled them and found what looked like a secret folder in which someone had forgotten turn on the privacy settings. The photos were labeled “Dead Hank” and the researcher thought this was one of Dyer’s secret sites and these photos were of Hank’s dead body. Instead, they are stills from a recent Bigfoot movie.
One of the stupid hoax photos of Hank recently faked by haters.
One of the hoax photos of Hank recently posted.
This is another of the stupid hoaxed dead Hank photos. It is from a recent Bigfoot movie.
This is another of the stupid hoaxed dead Hank photos. It is from a recent Bigfoot movie.

Bigfoot News September 21, 2013

The Rick Dyer interview! I was recently offered an exclusive interview with Rick Dyer by Frank Cali, Rick’s Vice President on Team Tracker. Although Rick and I have had our differences in the past and Rick has libeled me in a pretty serious way, Rick admitted on the air recently that he had lied about me and apologized. I am basically a softie and I make up with just about any former enemies. There are very few people I have run out of my life on moral grounds alone. I do not hold grudges and I do not burn bridges. As far as I am concerned, this is the only way to walk through life. There are a few folks who I have given many chances to and they have failed all of them, so the door is not really open anymore, but in most cases with fallen out friends, the door remains open. I ended a lot of these friendships because I did not like the way I was being treated, but the door remains open for most of these folks to come back if they let bygones be bygones and start treating me with the respect that I require of a friend, which of course shall be returned. A few fallen out friends have figured out the new friendship requirements, played by them and are back in the game. Last time I was in Orange County, I heard that an old friend wanted to see me. Unfortunately, I did not get to see him. I will not be looking any of these folks up (learned my lesson about that one) but if they want to look me up, they are free to if they want to play by the new rules. I also believe that you need to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Rick Dyer is capable to doing quite a bit of damage to you and did just that to me. That is a formidable enemy. It is also an enemy that needs to be neutralized. So in many cases, I try to neutralize enemies by striking up some sort of deal with them to call off the war. Bottom line is it better not to be on Rick Dyer’s Hate List. If befriending him means neutralizing a enemy or possible enemy, then so be it. This is how smart people walk, and you will figure out out sooner or later. The path of revenge is fraught with many landmines and a lot of folks discover this only too late. The interview took place last week on September 16, 2013. Some of the questions came from me, but I put out a call for questions to anyone, Dyer supporters, skeptics and haters in particular, to give me any questions they wanted me to ask Rick. About 50 I did leave in some questions that were very tough questions for Rick, although they were not particularly mean-spirited. 30 minutes before the show, I emailed Frank Cali a copy of the questions and he offered to read them to Rick. However, Rick said he wanted to do the interview blind, so that is how it went. It was brave of him to do this interview with all these questions from haters and particularly to dare to do so blind. But Rick Dyer is an intrepid fellow. I also posted the questions on my website in the comments section (which has become very lively these days) about 30 minutes before the show went on. The interview lasted somewhere around 1 hour. I received a lot of criticism for doing a softball interview, but those are the only kinds of interviews that I do. I have a BA in Journalism from California State University in Long Beach, where I wrote for papers and the magazine. I also worked as an editor of a magazine for a while after I graduated so I know this field well. Bottom line is that softball interviews are the only kind that work at all. I will not do hostile interviews because I figure the interviewee will simply shut down the interview and walk away or start firing back at me. Sometimes these are conducted with you and the interviewee alone somewhere, and if you anger them too much, things might get heated, they might start yelling at you, or perhaps things might escalate into physical violence. Even if it does not get that far, it’s an ugly scene with bad vibes all around. An interview is a partnership between the interviewer and the interviewee, two on a team working together. A hostile interview means the team has fallen apart into warring factions. Good luck with that interview. I believe in investigative reporting and I often critique all sorts of folks, sometimes in ferocious terms, in both private and public life, so softball interviewing does not preclude objectivity or the desire to get at the truth, which is hardly what journalism is about anymore anyway. In recent years, on TV especially, hostile gladiator interviews have become very popular among so-called journalists conducting a very sleazy type of sensationalist journalism. Bottom line is I think hostile interviewing borders on a violation of journalistic ethics. I would do a softball interview with Ted Bundy or the Devil himself. Bad guys will hang themselves with their words anyway, and a softball interview with a bad guy allows them to do just that. Detectives and especially anthropologists and linguists (I have worked as a linguist and an anthropologist) also need to have a good relationship with their informants or even suspects and arestees. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. I also believe that off the record  means off the record. In recent years, sleazoid journalists have published off the record comments just to get the scoop and win a ratings war. This is severe violation of journalistic ethics, one of the worst of all. Anyway, on to the video! [youtube=]

  1. What do you really think of Steve Kulls? Rick said that Kulls was a really nice guy to your face, but then he stabs you in the back. He then went on to describe a variety of things surrounding the 2008 hoax, which he implied Kulls was a part of. Rick said the one thing he regrets is that he did not tape-record Kulls’ phone conversations, implying that Kulls was in on the hoax with Rick.
  2. Why did you target the BF community in 2008? You came in with all guns firing and said you were going to take down a big-name BF researcher. What was driving you that you were so hostile to the community back then? Rick said the idea for the hoax came when he and a cop friend were hunting in the woods. They said, “Hey, let’s pretend we shot a Bigfoot.” And so the hoax was born. Neither of them believed in Bigfoot, and both thought that believers were morons. Later on at some point, the Bigfoot community turned on Rick, the cop and Biscardi, and all of them received a lot of abuse and threats. Rick said it was due to these effects that he and the others developed a lot of anger towards the community.
  3. Musky believes Bob H when Bob H says that Gimlin made up the walk and look of Patty. But if Hank, a real BF, had the same walk and look of Patty, then how could Gimlin have made up the walk and look of a real BF if he had never seen one? Rick said that I would have to ask Musky about this question.
  4. Since you say the movie is top-notch, can you post a trailer of it on your website? Most movies have trailers. How about a hand or a foot of Hank? Can you show us some proof that Hank is real? Can you commit to a date when you might post a preview or trailer of your movie? Rick refused to post a trailer of the movie, but he did not give much of a reason for doing so.
  5. Why does the Tent Video creature appear to be so different from the Shooting Bigfoot still? Rick said they were taken at different camera angles and at different times of the day with different cameras.
  6. Do you feel it was immoral to shoot a weapon in an area with a known significant human population of homeless? He was not worried morally about the possible dangerous implications to the people in the area by what he was going to do.
  7. Do you think it was moral to bait the BF when it is illegal to bait known game species? He had no moral problems with this, and anyway, a Bigfoot is not a known game species.
  8. Do you have the reefer truck paperwork and could you post it on your website? He does have the reefer truck paperwork, but he refuses to post it and the haters would subject the company to tremendous abuse and harassment and he does not want to subject them to that.
  9. What will happen if the DVD does not sell 100 copies? What are your plans for refunds? He will issue full refunds to everyone.
  10. Why are you not yet rich? If you are going to be famous from this shooting, why won’t your investor set you up now so you can pay them back later? He has actually already received $300,000 from his investors.
  11. Who do you trust? Anyone? Anyone in the BF community? He trusts no one, and especially no one in the Bigfoot community.
  12. You admit to lying in the past and even recently in the present. With this background, why can’t you give skeptics some understanding if they are wary of believing you? He doesn’t blame people for not believing him or for being skeptics. He said that if someone else was claiming to do what he had done, he would not believe them either. He implied that the skeptics were taking a perfectly rational position. He supports skeptics but he does not like haters.
  13. Are you really dedicated to the study of this creature or are you just in this for the money and fame/notoriety? Rick said he is now dedicated to the study of these amazing creatures.
  14. The reefer truck was not used to load the BF body. Another truck was used for that. Will both the reefer truck and the other truck be shown in the movie? There was only one truck, the reefer truck. That is the one you will see.
  15. Why won’t you put up a short trailer of the movie? You have nothing to lose. By not doing so, it looks like you have something to hide. One again, he said he would do so. He offered the extremely unlikely argument that putting up a trailer would harm sales, when clearly it would increase sales.
  16. About the scientists studying the body – do they have plans to release the data somehow, and if so, through which branch of the government will they do so? He really does not know much about the science team, and the federal government is not involved with them. The federal government only got involved a few times, once at the university where the woman congratulated him for killing the Bigfoot, and a couple of other times when federal law enforcement came to take samples of the body to make sure Rick did not kill a human being.
  17. Why did Derek Randles not go to see the BF body? Rick said that everyone who has seen the body has been subjected to incredible harassment by haters, and he did not want Derek, a family man, to suffer from such harassment.
  18. Is Bryan Sykes involved in the study of the Bigfoot in any way? Have samples of Hank been submitted to Sykes? Have the Hank scientists worked or communicated with the Sykes scientists in any way? If not, why not? Rick said he didn’t even know who Sykes was, which is shocking if it is true. However, some viewers said that Rick smirked when he said that, implying that maybe Rick really did know who Sykes was and he was lying.
  19. If you didn’t believe in BF all those years that you were hunting one, what were your investors investing in all those years? You always said they were investing in your effort to kill a BF? Rick basically said that although he did not believe in Bigfoot, the investors did. Rick certainly was not going to tell them that he did not believe in Bigfoot. Rick basically thought the investors and everyone else who believed in Bigfoot were idiots, and Rick was frankly more than happy to take their money. Nevertheless, Rick did genuinely search for the creature for a few years.
  20. You stated that the body is not preserved or embalmed. How then are you able to keep it in proper shape? It is indeed preserved. There are special ways of doing this, but he does not have the details on how the science guys were preserving the body.
  21. How did the body spend 45 days in a reefer truck without decomposing? Here Rick changed his story. Before he said that he had rented the reefer truck and kept the body in it for 45 days while the government was building a special facility for the body, now he said that he only had the body in the truck for 7 days. He also implied that he had lied previously about the government team having to build some makeshift area for the Bigfoot. “I know I said something dumb about them having to build a special facility to house the Bigfoot,” he said, implying that that part Rick had just made up.
  22. One of the haters wants to know when you will “put up or shut up” as they put it. That is, when you will provide with good solid evidence of this deed? Rick said that there will be a press conference in December after which the body would be revealed. Later on, someone asked if they would have to wait two years to sell the video on Ebay and make a big profit. Rick said, “Oh man, you won’t have to wait two years! You can sell it on December 16!” This statement implied that the December press conference would occur on December 15. However, the 15th is a Sunday, so the presser may really be on Monday the 16th.
  23. Why have none of the homeless who were there at the time come forward? Rick said that they paid all of them to move away, gave them rent money, bought them cars, etc. They are all on a monthly stipend on the grounds that if they talk about the Bigfoot shooting, their stipend ends. So that is why they have all kept quiet about the shooting.
  24. Why are you suing David Durrett? Rick stated that he was indeed suing David, and said there was some conflict about artwork that was driving this.
  25. Is it true that you had a stutter when young and if so, how did you get rid of it? Rick said that when he was 5 years old, his father threw him in a lake knowing full well that Rick could not swim. Rick implied that his father had basically tried to kill him. Others jumped in when Rick sank like a rock. They had a hard time finding him at first, but soon they did find him and brought him to shore. Rick said that he had nearly died at that time, and implied there might have been some brain damage from this near death experience. Ever since then, he had a stutter all through childhood, possibly from PTSD from the trauma of the incident or possibly from some brain damage due to the near drowning.
  26. Was your childhood happy or unhappy? What was your relationship like with other children in the school years? Rick said that his childhood was pretty much happy. In the early years when his stutter was bad, a lot of kids made fun of him, but at some point, the stutter got better and he went on to become popular in junior high and high school.
  27. How many TT members are there, gold and platinum? Rick said that there are 3,700 TT members and of those, 2,300 are paid. However, former TT sources told me that this is a lie and that the real number is more like 300 TT members in total.
  28. Did you put raw ribs up on the trees or did you cook them first? If you cooked them, can you show us the recipe? The ribs were put up raw. There is no recipe because he did not cook them. Instead he just heated them over a fire for about 20 seconds.
  29. Will you give us the month of the press release if not the actual date? From above we can see that the press conference is slated to occur on December 15 or possibly the 16th. I would add unless it is delayed, as Rick has already delayed release of this body several times now.
  30. Will we get to see Morgan Matthews in this video? Will we see him in the same scene as the dead BF or the trucks? Morgan is not in the DVD anywhere.
  31. If the body is going to be released anyway, then why bother trying to convince people you have a body and get mad at them when they don’t believe you? Why not wait until the body is revealed? He doesn’t blame people for not believing him and he says he would not believe himself either if he were someone else watching Rick Dyer. However, he does get mad at the haters.
  32. If you are going to be rich anyway, why bother to sell memberships? Well, he is not rich yet, and he needs some money to live on.
  33. Do you want to hunt and kill more BF’s besides Hank? Yes he does want to kill more Bigfoots and if he sees another Bigfoot and he has a gun with him, he will try to shoot it.
  34. If you shot and killed a BF in San Antonio, why has the federal government and any private entities that know of this not tried to send out parties to the area to capture a BF? Rick said that maybe these entities had actually conducted some sort of an investigation into the shooting. He doesn’t know if they have or have not. Perhaps they have.
  35. Did Frank Cali see the body the weekend before the expedition as he said he did? Yes he did.
  36. Did an attorney or paralegal prepare the NDA used before the Vegas expedition? No, Rick made them up himself, but he had an attorney look them over to make sure they were ok.
  37. Were the NDA’s notarized by those who signed them? The attorney said that they did not need to be notarized, but Rick thought they did, so Rick had them all notarized.
  38. Did DJ Bashers see the body? No he did not.
  39. Why did DJ Bashers say he saw the body as it left San Antonio? He never said he saw a body.
  40. Has the FBI made you aware that you were subject of any ongoing investigation? No, he is not aware of any investigations into any of these people.
  41. What happened to the following people from TT 2012: DJ Bashers, Mike Summer, Bigz Marlo, Chris Hampton, Kassy Miller, and Raymond Keys? Most of these people simply “didn’t have what it takes” to be a part of TT. Some of them had family, work and other obligations.

Bigfoot News September 13, 2013

Were Dr. Bryan Sykes positive results leaked in late July? Fascinating podcast with the great Dr. Jeff on the Squatcher’s Lounge Podcast of July 21, 2013. Start at the 29 minutes mark and listen until the 31 minutes mark. [youtube=] At that time, Ro Sahebi states that he had a phone call with Dr. Sykes in which Sykes said that some of his purported Bigfoot samples had “given him what he was looking for,” but he needed one more sample to make it definitive enough to publish a paper. What was not stated was what it was that Sykes was looking for, but it seems that what he is looking for was proof that Bigfoot exists, and he did find that in a number of samples, but he needed one more to make it good enough to publish. The null hypothesis is that what Sykes was looking for was to find all of the Bigfoot samples as humans or known animals. In that case, since he had many samples, he should have reached that point very quickly. And that doesn’t seem to have been what he was looking for anyway. Although this is not conclusive proof that Sykes has found evidence that Bigfoot exists, it is very tantalizing possible evidence of such. What are my sources for my scoop that Sykes would prove the existence of Bigfoot? Most of them are submitters to Sykes’ study, and of course I cannot name them. But I do know a number of submitters to Sykes’s study, and they are all telling me, not in so many words but by implication, that Sykes’ paper will state that Bigfoots exist. How do they know this? I assume that they have been given the results of their submissions and I also assume that they have their ear to the study grapevine. Possible interview with Rick Dyer. I may be able to interview Rick Dyer on his radio show this weekend. This would be strictly a journalistic endeavor. I have a BA in Journalism from California State University Long Beach. I also wrote for the school paper, the school underground paper, the school magazine and a literary magazine created fora  conference on campus. My Journalism professor said, “Bob had a greater knowledge of literature than any undergraduate I have ever taught.” So not only was I trained in interviewing technique, journalistic ethics (which I subscribe to) also comes into play. That is, I do not do ambush interviews. An interviewer is supposed to be as warm and friendly as possible, no matter who you are interviewing. You want to the interviewee to like you, and you want to at least give off the impression that you like the interviewee. That is why I would probably turn down an interview with someone I despised or was going to thrash in future posts. Sometime back, I interviewed an anti-Semite named Arnold Winkler who has been associated with a number of anti-Semitic websites. Rightwing neocon pro-Republican websites called me an anti-Semite for “throwing Winkler a softball interview,” but that’s the way I do all my interviews. I don’t do hit pieces on interviewees. Someone else can do that. Anyway, I would like to call out all Rick Dyer haters and skeptics to please post any questions you would like me to ask Rick Dyer about his recent claims. You all say this is a hoax, so this is your opportunity to pin Rick down on various aspects of this perceived hoax. It’s your dream come true. Post questions you want me to ask Rick in the comments of this post or send them to my email. Will Dyer hoax the people who buy his After the Shot video? Many Dyer skeptics are saying that since Dyer says that he will only ship when he receives 100 orders, Dyer will simply say that he never got that many orders, so no one will receive a copy of the video. Rick will just pocket the money, and everyone will get ripped off. I do not believe that this will occur, and I am 100 What if After the Shot is a hoaxed video? What are the consequences if After the Shot is a hoaxed video with a prop instead of 45 minutes of a dead Bigfoot as advertised? No one yet knows what is in this video. Perhaps it is 45 minutes of a dead Bigfoot, but perhaps it is an elaborate hoax with a prop. Christopher Noel and I think (and hope) that this is a video of a real Bigfoot, but it will be hard to tell until people can actually see the video. What if it is a hoax though – would Rick be liable? It would probably not be interstate commerce fraud nor would you have grounds for a civil suit against Rick. You would take it to court and say Rick promised you a video of a Bigfoot but instead all you got was a hoax. The judge would laugh at you and say there is no such thing as a Bigfoot, so why did you buy it in the first place. It would be like selling a video or real unicorns. Only an idiot would buy one. You might not even have a case.

Bigfoot News September 11, 2013

Dr. Bryan Sykes study may well prove that Bigfoots exist. From multiple sources, I have now received the news that not only will the Sykes DNA study publish soon, it will also prove that Bigfoots exist. None of the sources would tell me this in so many words, but they certainly implied that the findings would be positive. So I am looking forward to publication of the study. On the other hand, it is possible though not likely that the sources are all wrong and the study could be negative. Rick Dyer dead Bigfoot video is taking orders now. Dyer’s video After the Shot is now on sale for $129. It is said to contain 45 minutes of HD footage of the dead Bigfoot, Hank, that Rick definitely shot and killed in San Antonio, Texas last year. Rick says that the film was shot soon after the shooting by a film crew from a film company that he is associated with in some way. Rick says he had to pay the film crew $20,000 for their efforts. He is only selling 100 copies, so he should make $13,000 off this video. Therefore, he is not even making his money back. Dyer says that the crew did an excellent job, much better than Rick could do, in shooting the movie, and that it looks very nice and professional. They will get 100 orders and then ship the video. This is so they can make at least $13K before the video goes viral on the Internet as they fully expect it to do. The videos have not yet started shipping, so Dyer has not yet received 100 orders. Each copy has some sort of markers on it to distinguish it from all of the others. Therefore, if anything gets uploaded to the Net, Dyer says he will know who put it up there he will sue the pants off them. However, almost no one is ever sued for uploading copyrighted content to the Web. The DMCA was written to avoid the lawsuit abuse associated with pirating videos. In general, a DMCA takedown order is issued to the website or whoever put the video up there. Youtube will ban you if you get three DMCA orders. In addition, Youtube protects its uploaders and will not give out their name to any copyright holders to avoid lawsuit abuse. There is an extremely stupid and evil law that was written a while back that actually makes it a federal offense to upload copyrighted material to the Internet. Two people have so far been prosecuted under this idiotic law. One fellow uploaded a copy of a new Star Wars movie to the Net and Lucasfilm went after him. Curious incident when someone pretended to order a copy of Dyer’s new video. Someone pretended to order a copy of the new video After the Shot and the order came up After the Hoax instead of After the Shot. The person who faked the order says they think Dyer got the title mixed up because he was working on some other video about the 2008 Dyer Bigfoot hoax. Obviously the skeptics are going to have a great time with this news! It is recommended that Dyer skeptics get their hands on the video. The skeptics insist that this video is a hoax using a dummy prop as a dead Bigfoot. Although Christopher Noel and I disagree with that and feel that there is probably a real dead Bigfoot in the video, the possibly yet exists that this video may be a gigantic hoax. As the movie has not yet shipped, there is no evidence one way or the other whether this video is real or faked. However, if it is fake and the skeptics can prove it, Dyer is taking a huge risk. He would be risking interstate commerce fraud for promising a video of a real Bigfoot and delivering a clever hoax. In addition, to the criminal offenses, Rick would be civilly liable and could be sued for damages in civil court by anyone who bought the video. I would like to see the skeptics get their hands on some of this video or stills from it at the very least so they can try to debunk it. Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization catches possible Bigfoot on video. [youtube=] In this video shot in Rough Hollow, Utah by the RMSO, there are 38 seconds of a possible Bigfoot seen from 2:16 to 2:54. The Bigfoot goes from a crouching position to a kneeling position to all the way down on its stomach. The possible movements are very slow and deliberate so as not to cause notice. The possible creature is in dark black in the video and was not noticed until later on. Skeptics are saying it is a stump or a cave overhang or a shadow, but it appears to move. Do stumps, cave overhangs and shadows move while you are filming them? Overall, a good video. Possible juvenile Bigfoot filmed in Havana, Florida on a game cam. [youtube=] The video above just shows a still from the game cam. There is a very interesting shadow there that could well be a juvenile Bigfoot. It does somewhat resemble the Jacobs juvenile Bigfoot photo from a game cam in Pennsylvania. Those photos are definitely pictures of a juvenile Bigfoot. It can’t be anything else. This Havana photo may be a juvenile Bigfoot, and then again, it may just be a stump or a shadow. Vladimir Putin believes that Yetis are real. Very interesting. Putin is the Prime Minister of Russia, and it is said that he believes that Yetis are real. We need more celebrity believers. I am quite certain that if Bigfoots are real then Yetis will be proven to be real someday too. A source close to the Ketchum Project told me that an initial male-female peaks study of a Yeti sample by Ketchum showed that they were related to Bigfoots but not the same species. The entire sample was used up by the quick and dirty test, and there was no more to test. Ketchum also stated herself that she believes that Yetis are real in addition to Bigfoots being real.

Bigfoot News September 9, 2013

A “truly sensational discovery” will rock the anthropological community in the very near future! According to one of my commenters, who has an immaculate record as far as honesty goes, he received an email from a scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology who told him that a truly sensational discovery will rock the anthropological community in the very near future. Now perhaps he is referring to something having to do with Denisova or Flores Man or some other hominid, but he may also be referring to Bigfoot. Perhaps this is a reference to the dead Bigfoot shot by Rick Dyer. Or is to the Sykes Study by Dr. Bryan Sykes of Oxford? Anyway, Indian Summer may be quite hot in the Bigfoot community this year. Dr. Melba Ketchum wanted to sue Nature Magazine for defamation of character. It was never quite proven that Nature Magazine had rejected Ketchum’s paper or even that they had received it. However, I have it from an excellent source, a friend of mine, who worked with Ketchum that indeed it was at Nature for some time and they did in fact reject it. Therefore, Matt Moneymaker’s leak along those lines was correct. There is even a letter from Nature detailing the changes that they wanted her to make in order to run the piece. My source believed that Nature was scared off by the unknown DNA finding in Ketchum’s paper. They were afraid that that sounded too crazy and they didn’t want to seem like kooks. My source told me that Melba had proof that Nature leaked parts of her paper out into the scientific community (another long standing rumor supposedly unproven) and Melba had no way to defend herself against the attacks coming in from the leaks without jeopardizing publication of the paper which she was not allowed to talk about. The source felt that Melba is “a bit whacky, but her heart was in the right place, and her science was good.” Melba enlisted an attorney to sue Nature for defamation of character, but the attorney did not want to touch the case for fear of being labeled a kook. The source said that that list of labs that worked with Melba was impressive. Ketchum Project suffered from estrogen poisoning. The source above also told me that there was constant drama inside the Ketchum Project, with continual catfights, breakups, huggy apologies and reunions, and cliques and alliances forming, collapsing and reforming. He attributed all of this mercurial cyclothymia to the fact that almost everyone on the project was a woman. “There were too many women on the project,” he told me. “They needed a man around to steer the ship.” Peer review documents between Ketchum and Nature Magazine are now available for download! I have now obtained two peer review documents between Ketchum and Nature. The first is a response to peer review criticisms from Melba listing the criticisms and the changes that were made to deal with them. The second is a threatening letter from Melba accusing Nature of leaking secret peer review documents about her study and therefore harming her reputation. It’s pretty interesting and at times explosive stuff! Ketchum’s Responses to Peer Referees Criticisms Ketchum Cover Letter to Board of Nature Magazine I was on the radio recently. Blogtalk radio to be precise. The host was Philip Smith and he was quite hostile. It was a most unpleasant experience. I am on from :32 to :48 in case you are interested. Unless I am wrong though, Philip was co-hosting shows with Rick Dyer last year around December. I remember listening to a Dyer show, and Smith was one of the co-hosts. If I am not mistaken, Smith also said that he had spent time in prison on that show, possibly considerable time, as in a number of years. But I could be wrong on that! Now he has gone all the way over, done a 180 and thrown in with haters. And he has three sources at Minnow Films, one of whom told him where Rick’s body was, and the other two of whom told him that the whole thing was a hoax? When we can’t even get one single source out of Minnow after months of trying? Forget it, this guy is not credible. New video of Rick Dyer apparently confirming my scoop about a video of Hank the dead Bigfoot existing. Here is the new video with a cleaned up audio: [youtube=] Though Rick doesn’t explicitly confirm the story here, the fact that he was moved to speak up at all at that moment, rather than just keeping his trap shut, is an implicit confirmation that the video is true. I sure would love to see that Dead Hank video! Team Tracker furiously looking for the leaker who leaked the story about the Dead Hank video. To me, this is more confirmation that the video in fact exists. Rick is apparently very mad that this information got leaked and is trying to find the mole. What I don’t get is why Rick does not want this getting out. If there is a Dead Hank video out there, that is excellent confirmation of his story, is it not? Clarification on video of scientist purportedly studying Hank. I said yesterday that Rick has a video of Rick interviewing a scientist who supposedly worked on the body of Hank the Bigfoot. However, the truth is that that Rick did not interview the scientist. Instead, the video was sent to Rick by the scientist himself. The scientist apparently videotaped himself talking about the body he was supposedly working on. I would give anything to see that video! Interesting March 31 Dyer radio show. On his March 31 radio show around the 1:21 hour mark, Rick claims that his shooting of a Bigfoot in San Antonio was “cleared” by the Texas Fish and Game Department. That is quite a bold statement to make! Has anyone attempted to validate this claim with the Fish and Game Department? Still no reefer truck receipt from Dyer. Skeptics keep hounding Rick to release the receipt from his reefer truck rental, but he has not done so. Rick promised to release it after the showing of Shooting Bigfoot, but that date came and went. He claimed he rented it for a whole month and the bill was quite high. Why won’t Rick release the reefer truck receipt? Craig Phillips says he saw Hank at a funeral home! Apparently Hank was not at the government facility when Craig went to see it being moved, but instead it was at a funeral home! A funeral home? What the heck? Funeral home employee fired for trying to take a picture of Hank. 6 weeks ago, at this same funeral home, an employee was fired for trying to take a photograph of Hank’s body according to Rick. This is quite shocking news and it would be a great angle to follow up on for both skeptics and believers.

Bigfoot News September 8, 2013

I will continue to write about Rick Dyer. This is really the only good Bigfoot story out there, hoax or not. I look around at the rest of the field, and I just cannot see very much going on at all. As long as this is the top story, I will keep on writing about it. Rick Dyer appears to confirm that the September 2012 video of Hank dead on the ground is real. [youtube=] At first Frank Cali says there is no video, then Rick says, “Well maybe there is something to it…And it definitely looks like someone has been running his mouth to Mr. Lindsay.” I thought this video was real because the fellow who saw it has impeccable credentials, and I do not think he would lie even if you pointed a gun to his head. Video of Hank reappeared on Youtube in Spring 2013. The video briefly reappeared on Youtube 6 months after it first appeared. A man named Paul Guggenbuhl was supposed to see it, but when he got there, the link was already taken down. Paul is a very minor player on the Bigfoot scene as is the fellow I spoke with who saw the video. The video was taken down because Paul was not supposed to see it. To this day, Rick Dyer still thinks Guggenbuhl saw it and is mad at another person for showing it to Paul. However, I can confirm that Paul most certainly did not see that video. Why show the Hank video to the people who saw it? On 9-7-12, the video was showed with a password to only a few select persons, with a question asking for advice about what Rick should do now, now that he has apparently shot and killed a Bigfoot. Rick did not state he had killed a Bigfoot, but that could be implied if one watched the video. The people who he showed it to were extremely minor players in the Bigfoot scene. In fact, one had left the community some time prior. Why show it to them if you are hoaxing? Wouldn’t you want to show it to some of the biggest Bigfooters of them all if you were hoaxing? And why post asking for advice about what to do now if you are hoaxing? What an odd request if you are hoaxing. Existence of Hank video complicates the skeptic theory. The Dyer skeptics now have to come up with an explanation for this video which I now believe exists beyond a reasonable doubt. My source is not lying about the video, so forget that. So what else do we have? Did Rick fake a video of a Bigfoot lying dead on the ground using his stunt man, or is it one of his stunt men? That would seem to be the only explanation. Dyer has a video of one of the scientists who studied Hank the dead Bigfoot. Rick has apparently filmed an interview with one of the scientists who reputedly studied Hank at the government research center were he was supposedly held. Rick has stated that this man has a fairly well-known name in the scientific community in that he can be Googled and you will turn up material about who he is and what he has done. Assuming that is really him, skeptics will have a whole lot more explaining to do about how a named scientists was somehow convinced by Dyer to lie about a dead Bigfoot. However, Rick says he is not releasing the video because it would be too destructive to this man’s career at this point. It sure would be nice if this video, assuming it exists, could be released somehow. New skeptic theory about proof that Dyer is hoaxing. From here.

My cousin works for the BBC as an Editor and has told that the ‘Bigfoot’ shooting in the movie was staged … Dyer created a little video on his cell phone that showed a Bigfoot face near a tree … it was just the head and shoulders with prosthetics and make-up, but apparently it looked good enough to convince the Director to go back to America for a last chance effort to film the mythical creature … Dyer then staged an actual visit by the creature … a big homeless person he paid to get into some make-up etc … the fake Bigfoot guy did give the Director a pretty harsh bump, really flattened him … he was super pissed off … left the camp immediately … As for the film, lots of people think it ends really strangely. That’s because it’s not the real ending, which will be included in what airs on the BBC. I was told the film company left the hoax bit in for initial screenings at festivals and for preview showings but when it gets aired on the BBC it will also include the details about Dyer’s obsession and just how far some of the Sasquatch hunters will go … like I said, I thought everyone already knew all this stuff.

The first part about the cellphone appears to be a reference to the Tent Video. However, this cannot be true. Morgan Matthews was present during the shooting of the Tent Video. I know this because you can hear Morgan whispering to Rick during the video. Morgan saw the Bigfoot eating the ribs off the tree and was whispering to Rick in his tent next to him to try to wake Rick up because Rick was sleeping in in the late morning. “Rick! Rick!…” you can hear in the video. My original source at Minnow told me that you can hear Morgan whispering to wake up Rick in the actual video. Some time later, a new video came out with Morgan’s voice whispering for Rick to wake up just as my source has told me. So the part about the video enticing Morgan to go back to the states one more time cannot possibly be true. Why didn’t Morgan sue Rick was half-killing him with a stunt man? Also this contradicts my original source at Minnow who told me that Rick shot a Bigfoot. Also we had another story like this earlier from someone who had a source at Minnow who confirmed that this was a hoax. This story was traced back to a lie started by Don Boucher. Bigfoot radio host Philip Smith says he has proof that the Dyer story is a hoax. I just got off of Smith’s radio show. Smith informed me that he has multiple sources at Minnow Films and that these sources have all informed him that the Rick Dyer story is 100 The problem is that I had one source at Minnow who now no longer talks to me. And many other people, including my friends, tried to talk to people at Minnow, but no one would talk to them. Seeing as no one at Minnow would ever talk to anyone, how did Mr. Smith manage to get not one, but more than one source at Minnow Films in the UK? This is puzzling. I asked Smith about the Hank video, and Smith said that Rick must have hoaxed that video also. The problem is that Smith is not a particularly good source. He was co-hosting radio shows with Dyer as of December 2012, by a few months later, he was in with radical Dyer-haters in Team Tazer. In February 2013, Smith said he had a source at Minnow who told him that Hank was being stored at the University of Las Vegas. So Smith has somehow managed to find three different sources at the ever silent Minnow, one of which confirmed the dead Bigfoot and told where it was being held, and two more of which insisted that the whole thing is a hoax. I am starting to think that Mr. Smith is not a particularly viable witness. But there are now two different people claiming to have three different Minnow or BBC sources confirming that this is all a big hoax. If they are all telling the truth, then that is excellent evidence in favor of the hoax theory. Dyer flown back to London for interviews soon after September 6, 2013. After the events of 9-6-12, Morgan quit shooting and Rick was fired from the movie for some reason. However, Minnow did fly him back to London for a round of interviews at Minnow offices. This from my source at Minnow. Also, one of Rick’s friends confirmed that Rick went to London soon after 9-6 because he spoke to Rick on the phone around that time and Rick told him he was on a plane heading back to London. Now if Rick just killed a Bigfoot, a new round of interviews makes perfect sense. However, if he had just hoaxed Morgan and Morgan knew it, why fly him back to London for a round of interviews about…apparently…his latest hoax? Doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. If this is a hoax, why did Rick keep it secret for over three months? Hank was shot and killed on 9-6-12. Rick Dyer did not say a single word about shooting a Bigfoot until I broke the story in the media on 12-12-12, at which time Rick reluctantly confirmed it. If you are pulling off the greatest Bigfoot hoax of all time, why on Earth do you keep it a secret from the whole world for three whole months? Grant you there were some rumors flying around, but Rick was not confirming them. This part doesn’t add up. If you are hoaxing, you blare it to the whole world right away.

Bigfoot News September 6, 2013

Anniversary of the day Rick Dyer shot and killed a Bigfoot in San Antonio, Texas. This is the 1-year anniversary of the most famous deed in Bigfoot history. And yes, I do now believe that Rick killed a Bigfoot on that day. The following events are true beyond a reasonable doubt:

  • A Bigfoot was present with Rick and Morgan in San Antonio.
  • Rick shot the Tent Video of the Bigfoot earlier in the day. You can hear Morgan whispering in the background to wake him up.
  • The Bigfoot came back later than night to eat more ribs.
  • Rick saw and came out with his gun. Morgan came out of his tent with a camera. They both chased the Bigfoot.
  • Rick shot live bullets and the Bigfoot.
  • The Bigfoot ran into Morgan and knocked him over.
  • At some point, Rick shot and killed the Bigfoot. The details are unclear.
  • Video of the dead Bigfoot was later shot with Rick’s cell-camera that night or early the next morning. More on that later!

However, what happened after that? I am much less sure. Does Rick have the body? Does anyone have the body? Who knows? Maybe Rick took the body and set it on fire. Maybe he ground it up and sold it as horsemeat to a pet food factory. Maybe he stores it in his freezer and has carnal knowledge with it once in a while. Maybe the whole story about it being stored at a US government research lab is true. Anyway, I haven’t the faintest idea what happened to that body after it was shot. The story gets much murkier after that, and few if any things are proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Video of Hank the dead Bigfoot exists! On September 7, 2012, a strange video appeared on Youtube. It was private and needed a password to get in to see it. Only a few people close to Rick Dyer were invited to see it. Rick sent out invites with the words, “What do I do now? Give me some advice?” The video was very short and was shot on Rick’s cellphone either late at night or early the next morning. The video showed Hank, shot dead, lying on the ground. I know one person who saw this video and they have been 100 A strange message from Morgan Matthews to Loren Coleman of Cryptomundo (italics mine).

To all at the Cryptomundo team, We are contacting you from Minnow Films Limited, the production company responsible for the “Shooting Bigfoot” documentary. The reason we are contacting you is we have seen that photographs that were illegally obtained in the movie theater have been uploaded onto your website. I also understand that you may intend to upload clips of the film that were also obtained illegally. Whilst we appreciate your interest in the film and are very aware of the importance of this footage to the Bigfoot community, uploading this material nevertheless breaches our copyright. We will not take action with regard to the uploading of the photograph, but we would have to take action if any clips are uploaded. Could I therefore request, on an amicable basis, that you do not upload or otherwise publish any of our copyright material? Thank you very much for your co—-operation. Minnow Films

Ok, if this is nothing but than a 2-bit fraud or a joke, why would it have any importance whatsoever to the Bigfoot community? It wouldn’t. But if it was some of the Bigfoot footage ever shot (which it is) would it have any importance to the community? Well of course it would. Shooting Bigfoot still in production? This oddity was found on the Minnow Films website. As you can see, Shooting Bigfoot is listed as “still in production.” In addition, the title is only a working title and has not been decided on yet. Why is that? I thought the movie was done filming. Is it common for a movie, when it is done filming, to be listed as still in production? Why would it be? What director would make a movie, release it for awards and then go back and re-edit it or produce it again. Why would they do that unless it was, for example, a documentary that was going to change the course of history, which this movie may possibly do? Dr. Brian Sykes project due to be released in 6 weeks? This is what I have heard, that they are done with all their testing and are going to release their findings in about 6 weeks. No one knows what they have found yet. More here. Three videos from the movie Dead Bigfoot. The movie has apparently been finished. This is a documentary by Ro Sahebi. It stars Justin Smeja and Bart Cutino among others. Ro is a great filmmaker and it should be quite nice! [youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=] I now own some Bigfoot hairs. I have my very own Bigfoot hairs, gathered in the Northern Peninsula of Michigan. I also have a magnified photograph of the hairs. They look like human hairs, but they are different in some interesting ways. They are kinky and curly, almost like pubic hairs, and similar to some of the other photos that have been floating around.

Bigfoot News August 29, 2013

Position on the Rick Dyer case. My position is that the Tent Video and the screenshot from the Shooting Bigfoot movie very definitely show real Bigfoots. Whether it is a single Bigfoot or two different Bigfoots is not known, but those are probably two different photos of the same one. I also think that Rick shot loaded bullets at a Bigfoot on September 6, 2012 and that soon afterwards, the Bigfoot crashed into Morgan Matthews, the movie director, badly injuring him. In my mind, all of these things are simply beyond dispute. Now we move into areas that are a lot harder to prove. Do we know that any of Rick’s bullets hit the Bigfoot that night? No. Do we know that the Bigfoot was killed that night? No. Further, there is not yet any good, hard evidence that the dead Bigfoot, if there is one, was then transported by Rick to Las Vegas, where it was held at a US government research lab for some time. There is certainly some evidence that the above is true, but we don’t have the same good hard evidence for these things as we do for the first paragraph. So it is still up in the air whether Rick shot a Bigfoot that night and whether, if he did, he killed the Bigfoot. It is also up in the air whether there is a dead Bigfoot at all, much less that either Rick Dyer, the US government or Rick’s investors are in possession of it. And we don’t know if it was stored at a US government research for a long time. Perhaps all of these things are true, but at the moment the evidence for them remains inconclusive. Dyer’s own words define him as a bloodthirsty narcissist with zero intellectual curiosity. Millions Against Sasquatch Slaughter posted this devastating video of Rick Dyer advocating the extermination of all Bigfoots. [youtube=] Dyer says Bigfoots are nearly extinct. This is another example or Rick’s extreme narcissism. Rick believes that after thousands of years of evolution, Bigfoots are now going extinct. He thinks there are only four or five left in the whole of North America, and they are all old and no longer reproducing. It just so happens that just before they blink out and vanish off the face of the Earth, Rick Dyer (The God of Taxonomists) comes along and kills one! Narcissism par excellance! [youtube=] Why Christopher Noel still (still!) believes Rick Dyer has a Sasquatch body. Here is an excellent statement from the great Christopher Noel about why he still believes the Rick Dyer story.

Though I will no longer be dealing with Rick Dyer–because he lied to me directly and extensively on the phone even though he did not need to in order to perpetrate his “baby prank” — I still fail to understand why, if the underlying claim of the Sasquatch body were not accurate, his team would continue to stick with him, including my long-time friend Chris Sands (who is obeying his Non-Disclosure Agreement and not breathing a word even to me, yet who remains a loyal team member and has not warned me privately about a hoax). The reason for this loyalty simply cannot be the mesmerizing strength of Rick’s personality. Three men (excluding Chris and of course Rick himself) have told me personally and in great detail about seeing the Sasquatch body. My best guess is simply that they are telling me the truth, that they saw this specimen, that others on Team Tracker have seen it too, and that this fact itself, above all else, is serving as the glue that keeps Rick’s team together; otherwise, these men’s own moral cores would have forced them long ago to jump off the death ship of a malignant hoax. Some suggest that the explanation for this loyalty must lie in money, but I can’t believe that all of these people would sell off their integrity and reputations so easily. And don’t forget, if money were the sole mechanism at work here, Rick would have to be regularly paying the dozens of people on Team Tracker in order to keep them in line. If even one felt underpaid, he or she would “squeal” and blow the lid off the whole thing. This has not happened, and I find that meaningful. Finally, ask yourself this: how would Rick even have this kind of $$ if in fact he is lying about the body and therefore is not backed by “investors” at all?

I asked Christopher the question that skeptics always throw out there – Wouldn’t anyone who really killed a Bigfoot or owned a dead Bigfoot take it immediately public in order to get rich and famous? Christopher stated that the investors were first working hard to scientifically document the specimen taxonomically in accordance with the norms of biological science. Only after this was completed would the body be released to public. He brought up the example of the olinguito. Christopher also brought up the skeptic argument that Rick could not possibly have any investors because if he did, he would not be so broke. His answers to both questions were excellent.

It took the scientists who discovered the olinguito — a species of mammal — ten years to complete their work and present it to the world. And yet, when it comes to the San Antonio specimen deniers, one of their favorite arguments is that “there is no way it would take this many months to present the Bigfoot body to the world!” Reality check: how much more thorough and diligent do researchers need to be in nailing down their analysis of a newly discovered species of human-like primate than they were in the case of the olinguito, a relative of the raccoon? It’s just plain stupid for people to declare that a Sasquatch body “would necessarily” be released in a timely fashion. “Timely” in their narrow, unscientific worldview. And how does Rick keep relocating if he’s so broke?

Pinkfoot Cindy Shafer is not Mata Hari. Pinkfoot has requested without informing anyone of who “Mata Hari” is, to tell everyone that Mata Hari is definitely not Pinkfoot! It does sound like Cindy knows who it is, though. I agree with her. I do not think Mata Hari is Cindy. Very odd video from Sasquatch Ontario. Another very weird video from Sasquatch Ontario showing possible Bigfoot vocalizations. Many people say this fellow is a hoaxer, but there is no evidence yet that that is true. The charge that he is making these audios via the use of some audio equipment remains unproven. These are very interesting videos, and those may well be Bigfoot vocalizations, I have no idea. I do not necessarily agree with the various glosses he is giving for this speech though. [youtube=]

Bigfoot News August 19, 2013

Rick Dyer recants all of his weird stories about Hank the Bigfoot. In a recent podcast, Rick said he made up a lot of stuff about Hank, including that it was pregnant, had double organs and had male and female genitalia. Then he laughed at everyone who was stupid enough to believe it. It is probable that the other things he said about Hank – that it has organs never seen by science, that it has a retractable pouch for its penis, that it has a slit on its nose are all lies too. So is the notion that it is chimeric, that seems to be another lie. Rick has now shown that he will lie like crazy in the course of this story. Actually, this is not the first lie he has told in the course of this story. The fact that he has lied and now hoaxed in his latest stunt where he invited people to Los Angeles to see a fake baby Bigfoot shows that during the course of this story, he has lied repeatedly and he has also hoaxed. So at this point, now that he has lied and hoaxed throughout this story, there is no reason for any sane person to believe anything he says about this story, whether it is true or not. Let’s all just forget about Rick Dyer for now, and maybe he will go away. Bigfoot World disappointed in Dyer’s latest stunt. When Rick invited his “haters” to come to Los Angeles to see a fake baby Bigfoot, a lot of the scene was on edge. Some thought that maybe there was a baby Bigfoot, but that seemed so dubious. When a few people showed up, they quickly learned that Rick had punked them by not even showing up. That’s actually fraud, and they have a case to take him to Small Claims Court over that. You can’t tell someone, fly to Los Angeles and I will show you something, and then not be there when they fly to LA. You owe them the cost of a plane ticket. Rick lost almost all of his former supporters over this little stunt and the rest of the community was absolutely disgusted him. He now only has a tiny group of diehards around him including Frank Cali and unfortunately Musky Allen. Frank was actually in on this hoax, which is disappointing. Musky laughed and cheered on the hoax when he heard that Steve Kulls had wasted airfare to fly to LA, which leaves me very disappointed in Musky. It was a very bad move by Rick Dyer. Christopher Noel said:

I am withdrawing my energies from the Dyer situation and won’t be publicly supporting his claims anymore until/unless I get to see the body myself. I am not jumping ship…just going quiet. Waiting to be granted 100

Christopher also noted that Rick had pulled Frank Cali into his stunt by telling Frank the lie that the Bigfoot had both male and female genitalia. Frank, not knowing better, repeated that lie on the radio show and was made to look like a total fool. And because he lied about Hank, Frank’s credibility is now completely screwed.

The way he hung Frank Cali out to dry by setting him up to host the show solo and (unwittingly) lie to the world about the double-gender findings made me sick to my stomach. Frank’s credibility is based on his good word, and that was publicly squandered when he was forced to take part in Rick’s false information and false promise.

Theory about why the release date was moved back to January 14, 2014. A source reported to me her theory on why the investors did this:

The body team wants to distance themselves from Rick because they think he’s finally gone off the deep end. Seeing him post a million “update” videos about a false promise on Thursday was the last straw for them in terms of trying to work with him and now they want to free themselves of having to keep him in the loop, even to the small extent they have been. So they tell him this outlandish new date and make it sound firm so that he will go away and not bug them for information, as he would if he still thought the date was anytime soon. It’s entirely possible that they were so totally disgusted with this latest prank that they were motivated to strike back against Rick by telling him a date that would hurt him deeply. If that’s true, then they can’t honestly be concerned about his and his family’s safety. Their safety is at greater risk the more Rick is seen as a treacherous amoral egomaniac. There have already been several attacks. Their dog was killed, for instance.

Frank Cali may be distancing himself from Rick Dyer. A source reported this theory to me about Frank.

I have this sneaking suspicion that Frank may be bowing out. He’s normally on FB all day and today not at all. Either that or the stress has sent him back to the hospital. And what better proof of Rick’s toxicity than that he is only too happy to drag Frank along on this maniacal ride?

However, I am not sure that that is true as Frank sent me a couple of emails recently as a representative of Rick’s organization. Rick Dyer sending out lawsuit threats. I have received two lawsuit threats from Rick Dyer’s group via the disgusting Frank Cali. They ordered me to take down Rick’s videos that I was hosting on my site because they said it was a violation of Rick’s copyright. All I was doing was linking to the videos and I had not copied them myself, so I don’t see how this is a violation. Anyway, it’s not lawsuit material. I think you are supposed to issue a DMCA takedown order rather than filing suit. A judge would probably throw it out of court. You stole some guy’s public Youtube video by hotlinking to it? LOL! One letter was from Rick’s “attorney.” I seriously doubt if this attorney even exists. I Googled the name and could not come up with much. He probably doesn’t even have an attorney. Theory that Musky Allen conspired with Rick Dyer to destroy Facebook Find Bigfoot. Before the Rick Dyer Tent Video appeared last September, Musky told a friend of his that he was going to destroy Facebook Find Bigfoot if that was the last thing he did. That was his mission in life. He hated them because they were promoting the “hoax that is Bigfoot.” Later he defended Rick Dyer because he said the community needed more Rick Dyers. By that, Musky meant that Rick was a hoaxer, and the community needed more great hoaxers hoaxing us all the time in order to show us what fools we were for believing the hoax that is Bigfoot. People take this comment supporting Rick to mean the start of Musky conspiring with Rick in Rick’s latest Bigfoot hoax. Later when Rick released his Tent Video, Musky completely slammed it as fake. This does not make sense if he was in with Rick on a hoax, but somehow, this was all part of the conspiracy. Then as Rick’s “hoax” unfolded, it turned out that the Dyer haters did in fact take down Facebook Find Bigfoot, destroying the group and removing all of its great videos from Youtube. I will never forgive the Dyer haters for doing that. Those were some of the finest Bigfoot videos of all time. Also the men behind FB/FB were unmasked, and they were harassed and humiliated in public. Most of Musky’s friends left him and Musky was harassed until the end of time. Rick was also harassed to Hell (not that he didn’t deserve it) but also his dog was killed by the haters. Seems a Hell of a price to pay for a hoax. Anyway since the whole Dyer affair resulted in the destruction of FB/FB (even though the haters did it and not Musky) supposedly Musky’s goal to see them taken down was realized. Some are even saying that Musky himself took down FB/FB with complaints, which seems dubious. This whole theory doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to me, but that is what the Dyer skeptics are pushing. Bigfoot World withdrawing interest in Rick Dyer. Although as you can see, I am continuing to report about him, I am trying to do a lot less of it. Following Noel, I think it best if we just go quiet and wait and see what he has, if anything. As one of my sources put it:

But look at this, we’re spending all this energy on him. Narcissists thrive on energy spent by others. Like any schoolyard bully, he is best fought via the withdrawal of energy. I feel like if everybody stopped paying attention to him, he’d go the way of the Wicked Witch: “I’m melting!”

Very interesting baby Bigfoot photo.

Interesting photo of a purported baby Bigfoot.
Interesting photo of a purported baby Bigfoot.
Although this photo is very blurry and it is hard to make out anything at all, there is something that I like very much about this picture that few if any hoaxers are able to pull off. I won’t even say what that is as there are way too many evil hoaxers as it is, and the more we tell them, the better they make their hoaxes. But I do like this photo. Night vision Sasquatch sighting Zigzag Oregon. No one knows quite what to make out of this, but in the comments on the Youtube posting, many commenters are saying it is a guy in a ghillie suit. That is what it may well be. I do not have the faintest idea. [youtube=]

Bigfoot News August 8, 2013 Part 2

More leaks from the Dr. Brian Sykes study! Yesterday I reported that the Bigfoot steak from the Sierra Kills tested as “bear.” I did not realize that that had already been widely reported around the Bigfoot community. However, today I have a new leak that is actually a real leak. This regards the boots that Justin Smeja wore at the Sierra Kills. Sykes has tested the boots and reported that whatever was on there was too degraded to get any good samples off of them. That is because Justin wore the boots in salt water sometime after the Kills. However, my source would not give me any more information about the Sykes study because she said that Sykes wants to publish his results first in an unspecified journal, so he doesn’t want any leaks that would steal his thunder. More wildness from the Rick Dyer story. As I reported earlier, Rick has called out some haters to come and see his purported baby Bigfoot that he has in captivity somewhere near Los Angeles. Earlier, JR Dobbs and Steve Kulls committed to going. Today, two more people committed to going, Suzy Matiash and a man named “Bugs.” A commenter on my blog, Mr. Toomey, has also been given a tentative go-ahead by Frank Cali, but he is not yet confirmed. Randy Filipovic has not yet issued a statement about whether or not he will go. In his latest libel, he said I was arrested for child molestation in 1987. This is not true. I have never been arrested for child molestation or for anything remotely resembling that. Furthermore, I have a Clear Teaching Credential with the state of California. They not only look at arrests, but they also look at convictions when handing out these certificates. If you have anything on your record at all, it’s a pretty big deal, and you have to get approval to continue with the program. After you get the credential, it can easily be pulled for lots of infractions including arrests. An arrest for child molestation would have resulted in the pulling of my credential. Rick made a similar libel about Loren Coleman a while back. He accused Loren of being arrested in Mexico City for child molestation. Coleman threatened to sue him, and Rick was forced to retract his accusation, so this is a game with him that has been going on for a long time. Once you start saying things like that about me, I don’t even want to get in the same room with you. I don’t even want to get within 100 yards of you. My attitude towards my enemies is that I will assault them or worse on sight. I don’t necessarily do that, but that’s my gut feeling about them. If I am forced to be in the same room with Rick Dyer, I would probably try to throttle the guy. This would get me arrested, and Rick Dyer isn’t worth going to jail over. In addition, I am sort of the Thomas Pynchon of the Bigfoot community. The only person in the community who has ever met me was the late Richard Stubstad. Interview with Steve Kulls. I spoke to Steve Kulls today about his trip to Los Angeles to see the baby Bigfoot. RL: Why are you going to Los Angeles? SK: I am going there for one reason and one reason only, to bust a hoax. As far as I am concerned, that is all this is, and that is all it has ever been. I have been following this hoax from the very start and I have accumulated lots of information that proves that this is a hoax. RL: What do you think Rick will show you, if anything? SK: One thing is for sure, there won’t be any baby Bigfoot. Probably one of three things: either a movie of the baby Bigfoot, which will be impossible to confirm. Or a photo of the baby Bigfoot, which will also be impossible to confirm. Or finally, a man in a suit. The last one should be pretty easy to figure out. RL: If it’s a hoax, are you going to ask Rick for your money back for the plane ticket? SK: Absolutely not! This is what I do. I am an investigator. I am here to prove this thing is a hoax and end it once and for all. RL: You mean you make your living as an investigator or it’s a hobby? SK: I used to do this for money, but now it is just a hobby, right. RL: Would you take money to investigate any Bigfoot claims as a professional? SK: No, I would not take money for that. That would be unethical to me, and I am an honorable man. I would however accept money for anything peripheral that might come from my investigative work such as books, TV or movies. RL: Why are you doing this? Is it to boost your credentials as an investigator? SK: No, not at all, as I said before, this is what I do. There is no desire for fame or ego involved. RL: Are you afraid of what might happen to you if you go to Los Angeles. Some people are saying to be careful if you go there because Rick is crazy, unpredictable and possibly dangerous and also he hates your guts. Are you afraid of violence or worse? SK: Oh no, not at all. I know Rick Dyer. I have met him before back in 2008 when I busted his previous hoax. Anyway, I have martial arts skills, so if Rick tries anything, I should be able to deal with that easily. As an investigator, I had guns pulled on me and once someone tried to take my eye out with an awl so I am not really afraid of violence or even people threatening my life. It’s something I can handle. RL: Rick is ridiculing you, saying you are too broke to go to LA. Is that true? SK: Well it is true that I do not have a tremendous amount of money, but I am not dead broke either. And I can afford the plane ticket. RL: How much did the plane ticket cost? SK: Well, to be completely honest, I used frequent flyer miles, so it was free! RL: Can I call you when you are down there? SK: You can try, but I already promised another site first dibs on the story. You can publish after they do. If I answer the phone, I will tell you whatever I can tell you based on the circumstances. If I don’t want to answer, I will either turn off the phone or let it go to voice mail. RL: Any predictions? SK: Yes, but 10 AM Saturday, I will be heading back to New York and this hoax will be busted once and for all. Then we can all move on to better things!

Bigfoot News August 8, 2013

First leaks from Dr. Brian Sykes study. Via Reverend Jeff, we have learned that the piece of Bigfoot along with the boots from Justin Smeja’s Sierra Kills incident were submitted to Sykes. The piece was found after digging in the snow three weeks later, and the boots had blood on them from the baby Bigfoot that bled on them. Sykes reports that the Bigfoot piece is American Black Bear, the same result that Smeja and Bart Cutino got when they submitted to a couple of Canadian labs. People connected to Cutino and Smeja described the results to me:

RL: What were the results? Source: Bear, Black bear, the same as we got earlier. RL: What does that mean about Ketchum’s study? Source: She’s a fraud! This proves she is a fraud, as we have been saying all along! Melba Ketchum is a fraud!

Interesting news from the Sierra Study Project. This is a project being run by Bart Cutino, Justin Smeja and a few other people in which they are going to back to the Sierra Kills site to try to find the Bigfoots that presumably are still around there. Last summer, Bigfoots were filmed at the site with a FLIR camera late at night, but the video is not particularly impressive. However, the Sierra Kills site has now been abandoned and there are no more Bigfoots at the site. But after conversations with a local rancher who had knowledge what he suspected were Bigfoots, the team moved to another location a little ways from the Kills site. They found that there are Bigfoots in this area. A possible juvenile Bigfoot trackway was found. In addition, Bart and Justin had rocks thrown at them at night. Bart threw a few rocks and soon something threw a rock back at them. The rock almost hit them. Nothing in the forest throws rocks except for Bigfoots and humans. The Bigfoot threw the rock in an extremely remote part of the Sierras, very late at night with no other humans for miles around. Furthermore it was completely dark with no flashlights anywhere. Bart and Justin were also trailed by a Bigfoot as they were returning to camp one night. There was a bipedal creature trailing them as they walked back to camp. If a human threw the rock or trailed them, it would have had to have been a human wandering around in the Sierra wilderness where there are no people in the middle of the night with no flashlight. Exceedingly unlikely. Bart and Justin were also trailed by a Bigfoot as they were returning to camp one night. There was a bipedal creature trailing them as they walked back to camp. Bart also said that they got some good vocalizations, but I was not able to get him to elaborate on that. Bizarre claims surrounding the Melissa Hovey photo. Melissa Hovey and Phil Poling were locked in some sort of an odd lawsuit over copyright claims surrounding the Hovey photo that Melissa copyrighted under rather dubious pretenses. Apparently the result of the suit is that Melissa has been ordered to remove her copyright from the photo. Now Karl Kozak, director of a movie called Clawed, claims that the photo is his and his demanding that Hovey give it back to him. In my opinion, Kozak is a sleazy liar. He has been lying for some time now claiming that the Hovey photo is from the movie. A close comparison of the Hovey photos with photos of the Clawed costume being worn by actors shows that we are not dealing with the same thing. Furthermore, the special effects person who worked on Clawed, John Healey of Healey FX, says it is not one of the costumes that they made for the movie. These two bit B movie producers like Kozak often claim that Bigfoot photos are really suits from the movies. Sleazy special effects guys do the same thing, claiming that Bigfoot photos are really their costumes. Both types of sleazeballs are just lying to show how great their lousy B movie or their special effects skills are in order to get good publicity for themselves for making or using grade A costumes in their movies. They are doing this in hopes to get more business in the future by lying to pump up their public image. I continue to believe that the Hovey photo is a real live Bigfoot. It is obviously not a human in a costume. It is either a real Bigfoot or it is a statue of a Bigfoot, but it’s no costume, and there is no human in the picture. I have a hard time believing that any sculptor made such a great statue.

Click to enlarge. The Melissa Hovey Bigfoot photo, a probable real photo of a Bigfoot.
Click to enlarge. The Melissa Hovey Bigfoot photo, a probable real photo of a Bigfoot.
Rick Dyer saga gets a whole lot more interesting. Rick Dyer now claims that he has a baby Bigfoot, captured at the same time he shot Hank. This is most unlikely as none of the sources that were leaking information about the shooting said anything about a baby, including my source at Minnow, who simply mentioned that a Bigfoot had been shot in the course of the filming of the movie Shooting Bigfoot. Suddenly, Rick has a baby that was captured at the same time! That this baby would run up into Rick’s arms and allow itself to be captured at the same time that it’s father was shot, and that it would allow itself to be taken captive by its father’s murderer is exceedingly unlikely. How was the baby Bigfoot housed during the period after Hank was shot and before they left for Las Vegas? Did the baby go to Las Vegas too? When Rick went to the university to show off Hank, did he also show the government official the baby? So many questions that make no sense. We heard a lot about all of the preparations for housing Hank. What became of the baby during these preparations? When was the baby housed, and how did anyone find the time to house the baby while Hank was being dealt with? Where is the baby being housed? Rick says the LA area? How was it negotiated with the facility to house the baby Bigfoot? Baby Bigfoots are very strong. How are you going to keep it secure while you are arranging to house it? Who owns the baby Bigfoot, and how can anyone, any individual of course, but really any entity private or public, legally own a living hominid in the first place? The whole matter of the baby Bigfoot seems so unlikely as to seriously strain credulity. Hank’s “treehouse” found. Rick now says that he found Hank’s lair, but it is way up 20 feet in a tree in a treehouse of some sort. Not only 800 pound Hank lives there, but his whole family does too. Rick also says that deer bones and carcasses were scattered all around the treehouse. I have never in my life heard that Bigfoots live in trees. If this creature is as heavy as Rick says it is (800 pounds) how does it get up a tree in the first place without crashing the tree down under its weight. Sure, bears climb trees, but here in the California Sierras, bears only get to about 200 pounds or so generally. If Bigfoots have been living in trees along, why is this the first report of a Bigfoot treehouse? Makes no sense. Why are we just now hearing about this? Why didn’t someone leak this along the way and why didn’t Rick discuss this earlier? Why is he dropping this on us now? It seems ridiculous. Hank found with children’s toys. Rick says he used children’s toys to lure Hank in to his death at the camp. That is plausible as we have reports that they are fascinated by these things. Rick interprets this to mean that Bigfoots are monsters that kill and eat human children and steal their toys. As evidence that Hank is a child killer and child eater, Rick presents us with these toys. This is not plausible. The more likely assertion is simply that Hank has been taking children’s toys because they fascinate him, not because he kills kids to get them and then eats the kids. But it is certainly plausible to me that Hank has a children’s toy stash. Dyer throws down the gauntlet on the baby Bigfoot. Below is Rick’s latest insane video. In this case, incredibly enough, he offers three of his worst nemeses who have been insisting all along that he is hoaxing and this whole thing is a hoax out to Los Angeles to see the baby Bigfoot, but it needs to be on their dime. The three are Randy Filipovic, Steve Kulls and JR Dobbs. JR and Steve have reported accepted the offer. Steve is flying out and JR is driving out. JR will also be filming the drive. Filipovic also accepted, but he lives in Canada and it may be hard to get a passport that soon. The only stipulation is that Rick is allowed to film their reaction to the baby Bigfoot and that they not reveal where the baby is being housed. Those three are three of Rick’s very worst haters of all – in particular Kulls and Filipovic. The invitation is for this Friday, August 10. This is absolutely incredible news, and no one has any idea what to make of this breathtaking news. But none of this seems to make the slightest lick of sense. Perhaps you are wondering what the reference is at the very start of the video. Rick apparently offered to let the Facebook Find Bigfoot guys come and see the baby Bigfoot, but both of them totally blew up over the bizarre new disclosures and yelled at Frank Cali on the phone. This upset Dyer quite a bit, so he withdrew the invitation. Explanation for the some of the previous bizarre description of Hank. Here is the wild description according to Dyer:

  1. Rick describes describes the Bigfoot as 8 ft 8 inches tall and over 800 pounds.
  2. The nose has two slits on it on the bridge area.
  3. The pores all over the body under the hair are large and can be seen.
  4. The hair as super thick, matted and hard to pull.
  5. The Bigfoot has a double row of teeth.
  6. The male Bigfoot genitalia as having a pocket that the genitalia will retract into when not in use.
  7. Scientists and doctors did MRI’s, cat scans and x-rays.
  8. The Bigfoot has many double organs. One such double organ is that the creature has two stomachs.
  9. The Bigfoot also has new organs never seen before.
  10. The drug companies are very interested in the Bigfoot for possible medicine to help certain ailments we humans have.
  11. Scientists have named it.
  12. Scientists say they DNA is new.
  13. After they killed it, they found some things that could lead people to believe it is doing harm to humans and kids. Rick believes it is a monster.

The Bigfoot has grown since Rick first described it. At first it was 8 feet tall, 600 pounds. The actual figure for Hank’s weight, I believe, is 832 pounds. No Bigfoots have ever reported with slits in their noses, and we have people who say they have examined Bigfoot bodies. The part about the pocket into which the penis retracts is exceedingly unlikely. An Australian type of wolf, the Thylacine, had this, but Australian creatures are very bizarre and are the products of eons of evolution. No primates have retractile penis pouches. The part about “new DNA” seems very strange. Do they mean non-mammalian? This seems to echo some Dr. Melba Ketchum’s more bizarre claims. How does a mammal have non mammalian DNA? Forget it. The double rows of teeth seem very odd, but it is possible. We have many reports from 100-150 years of giant hominid skeletons found in the US with double rows of teeth. Did Patty has double molars? If so, couldn’t we see this is the movie. In the movie, Patty does not appear to have double molars, otherwise her cheek would pucker out. There has nothing that has been found that suggests it is harming humans and kids. I think Rick is referring to the kids’ toys here. The pores and the thick hair are possibilities, especially the thick hair. How did scientists do X-Rays, MRI’s and CAT scans on Hank in this facility? How did they fit him into the machines? This facility had all of these machines? I thought it was an agricultural research station? A possible insider from the scientific team studying Hank comes forward. Someone named “Marmoset” recently came to my site and left this in the comments section:

This species is chimeric. Scientists working on the body explained to dyer what Germline chimerism is and he, of course, doesn’t understand. He interprets chimerism as double sets of everything including organs when in reality, we are simply trying to explain chimerism. He is not educated and is demanding to work with. And the animal was not pregnant. The animal ate its own young – which it will do. The live cub now captured is the twin of the one eaten and found in the stomach of the creature. Disturbing…but true. Like marmosets and some other primates- this is chimerism.

Assuming this is actually someone from the scientific team – a big if right there – this certainly clears up many things. Rick claimed that Hank, obviously a male according to Musky Allen, was also pregnant! This claim is completely insane, but if the creature had a fetus in its stomach, this is possible. If a fetus is born dead, certain animals, including lions, will consume it. They may also eat a baby that dies naturally. This is not unknown in the animal kingdom. How they figured out that there were the remains of a Bigfoot fetus in Hank’s stomach is not known. Clearly a whole fetus was not in his stomach. How did he swallow it? And stomach acids would have gone to work on the fetus immediately. Nevertheless, the consumption of a Bigfoot fetus is more likely than the male Hank being pregnant. Rick said that Hank has male and female sex organs and that the baby does too. In other words, Bigfoots are all hermaphrodites! We have had no reports that Bigfoots are hermaphrodites or that they are sexually abnormal. All reports state that males and females both have functioning, normal and human like genitalia. They have sexual intercourse in the same way we do. The females get pregnant and the males don’t. The pregnant females give birth the same way human females do. Hermaphroditism in humans is quite rare and is a genetic abnormality. If it is so rare, why are Hank and his son both hermaphrodites? Makes no sense. Furthermore, I understand the hermaphroditic genitals are often very small and do not necessarily work well. The penis is often tiny, looks more like a clitoris and does not necessarily work right. The vagina is often small, misshapen and doesn’t even look much like a vagina. The organs may not function correctly and hermaphrodites may not be able to bear children. A very few humans are born with penises and uteruses, believe it or not, but in those cases, neither organ functions properly. The penis cannot impregnate anyway and the uterus is not capable of bearing children. Nevertheless, if Bigfoots are chimeric, this explains a lot, as chemeric individuals and species are often somewhat ambiguous sexually. So while Hank has a very large and functioning penis, he may also have something ambiguous but not highly remarkable that implies he has somewhat ambiguous genitalia (for instance a suggestion of some partially developed female genitalia. So that explains that. On the issue of the double organs, Rick is just confused. The creature does not have double organs. Instead it is simply chimeric and Rick is confused about what this means. This makes a lot more sense than thinking the Bigfoots have double stomachs, double hearts, double livers or whatever, which is incredibly unlikely. I have extreme doubts that Hank, a mammal, has organs that have never been seen before, not in any primate, not in any mammal and not even in any animal species. Forget it. That is just insane. No one knows if Marmoset is really a member of the scientific team studying Hank or is connected to the team studying him. He left a nonworking email, so I can’t follow up with him. Possibly he is yet another liar or hoaxer muddying the waters here. However, it seems odd that a hoaxer would have this much scientific knowledge and would come up with the bizarre bit about germline chimerism to explain Rick’s anomalies. Actually it almost makes no sense!

Bigfoot News August 3, 2013

Dyer skeptics are welcome on this board. Although I am a Dyer believer, I will publish any skeptic argument that seems sensible. I will also publish the Dyer believer side in order to tell both sides of the story. So Dyer skeptics are welcome here as long as they are civil. This is a great story, hoax or not, and until we know for sure one way or the other, it’s best to hear both sides of the story and let people make up their own minds. An amazing physical description of Hank (Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot body) from Rick’s show yesterday, August 2. From the comments:

  1. Rick describes describes the Bigfoot as 8 ft 8 inches tall and over 800 pounds.
  2. The nose has two slits on it on the bridge area.
  3. The pores all over the body under the hair are large and can be seen.
  4. The hair as super thick, matted and hard to pull.
  5. The Bigfoot has a double row of teeth.
  6. The male Bigfoot genitalia as having a pocket that the genitalia will retract into when not in use.
  7. Scientists and doctors did MRI’s, cat scans and x-rays.
  8. The Bigfoot has many double organs. One such double organ is that the creature has two stomachs.
  9. The Bigfoot also has new organs never seen before.
  10. The drug companies are very interested in the Bigfoot for possible medicine to help certain ailments we humans have.
  11. Scientists have named it.
  12. Scientists say they DNA is new.
  13. After they killed it, they found some things that could lead people to believe it is doing harm to humans and kids. Rick believes it is a monster.

I have a hard time with some of the physical description here. It seems almost too weird to be true. Double organs? No way. Organs never seen before? What? A retractable penis? No. Arguments that Dyer’s physical description of Hank is not possible.

The first description is from a Dyer believer: I am sorry but that report by Rick Dyer is simply bunk. There are enough DNA samples extant from other encounters to call BS on what Dyer said. Sasquatch are just animals, like you and me or lions, tigers and bears. The DNA comes back as nearly human or unknown primate. They will not have an organ that is unidentifiable; well maybe Rick didn’t know what it was. They won’t have doubled organs unless you are talking about kidneys, eyes & ears. Two stomachs is possible, cows have four of them and would simply indicate largely herbaceous diet. But they won’t have two hearts, livers or brains. Nature does not work that way. As for the teeth, go to the 3rd world and look at people that do not grow up with a dentist. You see lots of humans that look to have double rows of teeth, but it is just that their teeth are crowded in their mouth. At my previous job my personal assistant was a Chinese lady who at the age of 17 had to have all her real teeth pulled because they were so crooked. She had worn full dentures since she was 17. “Hank” probably had impacted wisdom teeth. There are many, many reports of people who have had very close encounters with Sasquatch and Rick Dyer is the only one I have seen who claims to have seen this. Look at the PG film, at Patty’s face; if there were two rows of teeth, the cheek would bulge, otherwise the mouth would be too small to eat. Seriously, look at your mouth in a mirror try and imagine how small the interior of your mouth would be if you had two complete sets of teeth. I think he shot “Hank.” I think he has a really vicious NDA and knows if he says anything before a certain date he doesn’t get paid. Making up wild stories is a way to protect his payday. I also think he like the attention, even if the attention comes from people that hate him. If the skeptics were a house cat, Rick Dyer would be twisting their tail. The harder he twists, the louder they “Yowl” and more Rick Dyer likes it. I believe from what I have seen of him, he has a fairly well developed mean streak. The skeptics didn’t believe him when he told the truth, so he is having fun with them. He may also be trying to get the “UFO/Space Aliens ate my poodle’s dog food” types to spend money and join his group. Those people will believe anything and will let Rick take them out in the woods nude except for his special tin-foil hats to protect them from alien abduction. The hats cost extra however! From a Rick Dyer skeptic: Mammals don’t have multiple hearts, any more than they have six limbs. From another Dyer skeptic: Part of the reason that science isn’t generally willing to entertain the possibility of a large unknown North American primate species – which Bigfoot would be, even if it’s some sort of human, as many here believe (although not me)- is that there is a small but vocal element of the BF community that spouts all this, “They have multiple organs” or “They’re interdimensional” or “They’re aliens” stuff. If they are mammals, they have to obey the same biological rules that other mammals obey. I suppose it is possible that a large, mostly herbivorous primate might have evolved a ruminating system to help digest large quantities of plant matter. But not multiple hearts, livers, etc. Sorry. I agree with Fai Mao that witnesses might see really large or crooked teeth and misidentify that as multiple rows of teeth, but it’s really unlikely that it actually has them, based on mammalian biology. Dyer saying that Hank has them, to me, is further evidence that he’s either making it all up or saying what he thinks people want to hear. From yet another Dyer skeptic: Ketchum’s conclusion was that BF is a hybrid of a human being having mated with a hominid, likely some type of ape. If you believe that to be true, then you could not possibly believe Dyer’s description of “Hank” which includes multiple double organs, new organs that have never been seen, a retractable penis pocket?, and so on. These two theories are in direct contradiction with one another. If you believe one, you cannot believe the other. So, which is it?

However, it is true that there are many descriptions of “giants” found in the Americas that were very tall, had strange shaped skulls, and often had double rows of teeth. There are many newspaper reports of these from the 1800’s into the early part of the 20th Century. Here is one such report from the comments:

2 rows of teeth is very common in descriptions of giants found in past.

Strange Skulls

“First reported in the 4 May 1912 issue of the New York Times, the 18 skeletons found by the Peterson brothers on Lake Lawn Farm in southwest Wisconsin exhibited several strange and freakish features. Their heights ranged between 7.6 and 10 feet, and their skulls “presumably those of men, are much larger than the heads of any race which inhabit America today.” They tend to have a double row of teeth, 6 fingers, 6 toes and like humans come in different races. The teeth in the front of the jaw are regular molars. Heads usually are elongated believed due to longer than normal life span.”

Nevertheless, there is a report of a Bigfoot with two rows of teeth. Go to Bigfoot Encounters. It’s the Anderson County, Texas sighting. However, a skeptic (but Dyer believer) feels that that story is fictional. Here are his reasons why:

I have read that “encounter” it just reeks of a tall tale. There is so much in that report that is just wrong. The juvenile Sasquatch in the middle of the road and refusing to leave. The female “mother” Sasquatch reaching through the truckers window and stroking his beard. The events described in that encounter are so far beyond what even the most dedicated people doing habituation have been able to do. That report describes behavior that makes sense if you are talking about a spoiled human child in a supermarket parking lot. Sasquatch do not behave like normal humans because they are not normal humans, assuming they are human at all. What is described in that report is not typical Sasquatch behavior, and that raises a red flag for me. If you want to understand Sasquatch behavior read the book Animals in Translation by Temple Grandlin and apply what she says about autism to Sasquatch behavior. A juvenile Sasquatch would not have been in the middle of the road and refuse to leave when approached by a tractor-trailer. It is not what an animal or autistic person would do. Think about it. If Sasquatch were as approachable as described in that “report,” there would be no doubt about their existence. If I remember right it is a fairly recent report – posted within a year though it is claimed to have happened several years ago – I would not be surprised if it was not a RD plant.

More skeptic arguments against the Rick Dyer story.

A lot of the confusion about the movie came from changes happening so late in its production. A movie that apparently had been wrapped was re-opened, which to many of us looks very suspicious. The other arguments are just not moving. If Dyer used real ammunition he could easily have shot it into the air. Also, Dyer now claims that there was no crew at the kill site, just him and Matthews. The Tent Video creature doesn’t move all that much and it’s a straw man to say you can’t find the mask–it just looks like a man in some kind of headpiece and facial makeup, as frankly does the movie still. People such as the wrap guy, Frank Cali, and Craig Phillips may seem credible to you but are far from it to a lot of us who have watched their “testimony” and know Dyer’s ways of getting people to lie for him. The Facebook guys, if they’re not in on it, are very eager to believe and appear to be easily manipulated by Musky. And no one knows what is going on behind the scenes with law enforcement. When nobody is willing to step forward with either real evidence or a confession that they lied, these things drag on and on. If you care that people believe you have a real Bigfoot, why would you just keep using eyewitness testimony to try and prove it? If you don’t care, then leave it alone until the reveal. If you do, then stop just throwing people in front of cameras and making them look foolish. That’s the clearest example of how casually Dyer uses people.

How did Rick Dyer, dumb redneck, get all these people to lie for him? From the comments:

What I don’t understand first you people say Rick is some dumb redneck hick. Yet he is able to get so many people to lie for him. That is to me where you all lose your critical thinking that you sit and say he is stupid uneducated yet he can mastermind this whole things. get Morgan Matthews to lie, get Musky to lie, get the FB/FB people to lie, get the car wrap guy to lie, get Alexes to lie, get Frank and Craig to lie, get Dallas and Wayne to lie. It amazes me is he a dumb hick or is he actually brilliant to do all this. I personally think If Rick was able to get all the above to lie…This is a far more interesting story than a Dead Bigfoot. How this one man was able to do all this. Its a made for TV movie.

Argument that Rick got people to lie for him.

So far, there are really only three people (if you only count the current players) who Dyer would have had to get to lie for him about knowing there is a body…the wrap guy, Frank, and Craig. The wrap guy probably thought he was in on some joke, and the other two have profiles and testimony that are similar to past Dyer manipulation. The others you mention are just believers. As for Matthews, I think he’s given too much credit…he’s a man with a movie to sell, and just as he may not have explicitly stated there’s no Bigfoot in his movie, he also hasn’t said that there is. If Craig and Frank can say there is a body, you’d think he could too. That he hasn’t doesn’t mean there is a real Bigfoot, just that he’s chosen to play along for a while.

This is actually not true. The following people have seen the body: 1. Musky Allen 2. Frank Cali 3. Car Wrap guy 4. Craig Phillips 5. Unknown TT member 6. Chris Sands We do not know who 5 is, but a good friend of mine talked to them at length and was very impressed. And from everything I have heard, Sands saw the body too, but he doesn’t seem to be talking about it. Is Cathiee McMillan really a man? The Dyer skeptics have been saying for a long time that this Dyer believer is really a man. I have seen a photo of her, and she is not a man. Further, she talks like a woman in online conversations. A good female friend of mine agrees that that she talks like a woman in online chats. All in all, the argument seems silly.


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