Why Prudish Christian Morality?

This has always been a problem with me, as I can’t see why people would want to submit to morality when being immoral is so much fun! However, looking at this deeper, we can see that even in the Christian realm, sex is more allowed than we think. For instance, Mormons practice polygamy and King Solomon had many wives. We don’t even know what the next world is for the faithful, and there might be a relaxation on sex restrictions in Heaven.

So what’s the point of Christian sex rules?

Well, the end-times nanotech “Satan wants to kill us” meme has got me thinking that the fun out there is only a mechanism to herd animals to slaughter. Now at a lower level, nobody is aware this is true, but higher up, it’s exactly the plan.

Of course, throughout history, the idea is that if you’re bad, you got to hell. But Hell doesn’t scare people, so it makes me wonder if Satan made that up! But the actual end-times truth of population reduction/genocide is definitely showing the true colors with all that’s going on.

The White Nationalist Hoax

It’s one because, even though what the two groups each believe is hideous, the elite believes the same thing as the White Nationalists, but they hide behind pink and lavender shirts, dorky glasses – whatever.

Who has the real power? White Nationalists are used as a distraction so nobody can look at the Satanic Elite – one that has a population/genocide goal now in full force once the Covid-19 vaccine comes in.

This leads me to another thought. Maybe Hitler was brought here and allowed to do his horror so the Satanic Elite can have a distraction. In other words, the idea behind Satan’s relationship to the common people of whatever race is “I’m your friend. I’m concerned about you. I’m not a mean Nazi who bullies people.”

Another Thought

The idea of the Jewish elite trying to destroy humanity is another distraction, one that discredits the notion of  human extermination because, well, again, people associate bigots with being bullies/mean. Also, the elite isn’t Jewish. It has some Jews but Gates isn’t Jewish. The eugenicist elite who are leading the way in wanting to lower the population, and oddly enough, Nazis love eugenics!

All in all, it’s a disturbing scenario as convoluted as a spy movie, and in the end, the true evil is obfuscated from the people as usual.

End-Game: Humanity Exterminated


Christians are taught that the Anti-Christ wants to kill them. Indeed, Satan wants to kill not just Christians but humanity in general, probably even the people like Gates and other elites.

The idea is “bait and switch.” Give people what they want – like  giving cows grass – and then it’s slaughter time!

From my study of eugenics acquired by reading White Nationalist sites, I could certainly see that it was an evil thing, and it’s so ironic that it’s the liberal elites who are actually pushing it the strongest, and they are the ones able to carry it out! Interesting!

The idea here would be that we pretend to be the friend of the downtrodden only to lure them into extermination.

Note the non-threatening Bill Gates lavender shirt – LOL.


This is Very Creepy and Horrifyingly True


I’m at a loss for words, lol. But I totally believe it in the case of Bill Gates, Oprah, and Ted Turner (Is he still alive?).

These are power-hungry creeps who were never elected as the Greek gods they fancy themselves to be. Well, we did buy their products, but that doesn’t give them the right to be Big Brother.

White Nationalists Are Not Libertarians but They Often Appeal to That Crowd

Nope, WNs are statists on the level of Communists. However, in besieged USA where PC is in overkill, both Libertarians and Nazis feel persecuted, and the WN movement is adopting “freedom deception” as propaganda. For instance, their new line is:

Real men need guns and non-PC speech.

It shouldn’t be uprising that Alex Jones, for instance, disagrees with David Duke because at their core, Nazis are not for Libertarian freedom.

Useful Idiots

That would apply.

Is Alex Jones a Racist?

Not all these types are racists in the sense of hardcore White Nationalists. In fact, Jones had a debate with David Duke, and I believe his disagreements with Duke were heartfelt. Likewise, it’s highly unlikely the Fox News crowd – despite all the insults from the Left – are hardcore White Nationalists. In fact, Bill O Reilly also had a debate with David Duke and similarly defended conservative politics while refusing to accept Duke’s racism.


The line is often murky with supporters of these talking heads. In fact, a good number of them seem as if they are on the verge of falling into the White Nationalist pit. Nonetheless, to judge regular people’s morality comes across as being the Thought Police, and of course, blaming the talking heads for racism just because some supporters are racist is off the mark.

Vitamin D Stops Covid-19

Those dumb Chinese  – couldn’t they even build a weapon that could withstand a vitamin supplement – LOL?


Anyway, this is testimony that Americans are not taking care of their health very well, and I don’t mean drowning themselves with medicine but just basic holistic health.

Homeschooling Protecting Kids from Bullying

Not sure if this is a good thing or not. Well, @Robert Lindsay certainty wouldn’t agree.


Although public schools may be “safe spaces” for politically correct curricula, they do not guarantee safe environments for students’ physical and mental health.

According to a study from the US Department of Health and Human Services, 49 percent of school children in grades 4–12 reported being subjected to bullying by other students on a monthly basis, while 30.8 percent reported that they themselves engaged in bullying. How’s that for constructive socialization?

The reason though is because it all boils down to the parents raising a stronger kid before they get to school. It’s funny when these types talk about bullying because – LOL – due to their views (Be a man, Stand up for the Whites etc.), they’re the ones doing/defending the bullying. But of course we can’t forget Latino and Black bullying of Whites.

Yankee Smart-asses

Yankee as in Northerner, not American – lol.

This reminds me of that scene on Crocodile Dundee.

Crocodile Dundee Spoiler

Dundee is getting verbally harassed by the lady reporter’s boyfriend who suggests Dundee was experiencing the novelty of “eating something without killing it first.” Despite Dundee’s tough demeanor, he can’t ignore it and punches the man in the face – LOL.


I encountered a Canadian radical atheist in South Korea when I first went there. He threw all sorts of insults at me – unprovoked, mind you – but they was more comical than insulting, reminding me of the Crocodile Dundee scene.

But that man made me wonder how anyone could be that seriously arrogant, especially considering that he  wasn’t even drunk. That boggled my mind. You get plenty of jackasses in the South, but it was interesting to finally see one from the liberal camp.

What’s Worse – The COVID Virus or the Bad Side Effects from a Shut-Down Economy?

It’s the goal of society to protect health from the initial threat, not the secondary ones that follow. I mean, what are they supposed to do? Ignore the Coronavirus? Even if they did, imagine all the lawsuits when the ignoring leads to deaths. That alone is one big reason the government and everyone else is going along with the agenda.

Some Thoughts

Bad things as side effects from protecting one’s health are just part of life. People need to “adult up” or as the un-PC term has it “man up.” I’m sorry there is domestic abuse and suicide, but how is society supposed to allow the first threat to exist just to stop the secondary ones?

O.K., who wants to argue this on the blog?

Yes – Medical Science isn’t Stupid – Covid-19 is Not a Conspiracy


The virus didn’t give any orders. It was the people who obeyed the commands of tyrants that crashed the economy and ruined the livelihoods of others.

Most human beings still think like slaves. 

Instead of asking questions or using critical thinking skills to ask if something is right before doing it, they simply obey perceived “authority”.  The truth is, this lockdown is the fault of everyone who complied and everyone who used forced to exact revenge on those who disobeyed.  It was the same in all tyrannical takeovers in history.

This is what you call conspiracy-paranoia-overkill – LOL

O.K., maybe people are given to herd thinking.  Nonetheless, herd thinking was the exact most safe response to a killer virus – but is Info Wars saying that the virus isn’t as deadly as claimed.   That’s a laugh!

Well, it is sad that Americans have turned into slaves – but American aborts nearly a million babies a year – so this is some kind of Babylonian Exile for Americans, it’s a very tough chastisement to take.

What if people hadn’t obeyed?

Well, medical science would say that perhaps a million, not 100,000 would have died.  Anyway, sadly even with obeying, experts claim this will strongly come back – and again, the only way to lower numbers – is more slavery, more quarantine.

What in the crap are these Info Wars people thinking?  I mean, I can understand the hatred of big government intrusion – but this is anti-science stupidity.   Do the readers really believe this?

Disaster Prone Areas – Cannot Handle Libertarianism

Fact of the matter, too much bad stuff is happening to the USA.  In fact, if people wanted government off their back, they’d better off to become religious fundamentalists.

I  mean, the US does abort nearly one-million babies a year.  So, given that fact, are these disasters karma?

However, though, libertarians are still whining over rights – and honestly, I’m glad they are – cause stuff needs to be criticized.  Nonetheless, though, you can’t get a good life for nothing.  I mean, if karma is not on your side – you might as well fold the tent and go home.

What’s the future for the USA?

Well, things aren’t going to bonce back – cause viruses like come back more than likely – and you can expect that China will continue to use bio-war – because it works.     It’s accomplishing all the goals they want.

In this case, to help the public – the police and nanny state are necessary – but, obviously, shit that annoys and oppresses people.

Hope for Libertarianism in the Past

Under a more normie America – like after World II – 2019, it could be said that government overreach wasn’t necessary.

Running a Business These Days Is Hugely Expensive

Not only is it expensive to open and run a business in normal times, but Covid-19 is making things even worse. One of the bigger, more popular businesses in a city near me – the IHOP – closed down! That place seemed invincible!

Anyone running a business like a restaurant, shop, etc. these days has to have a huge amount of money set aside to weather disease shutdowns. They need to have 2-3+ months of rent – which is often probably outrageous – saved up for if and when no revenue is coming in.

Some local businesses here are trying to go take-out to save themselves, but it’s not always working. This local IHOP tried to go that route, but obviously it failed.

The price to start a business like a restaurant nowadays is over-the-top ($100,000-1 million in capital), and even with that, they couldn’t weather a disease shutdown.

But You Live a Soft Life – Who Are You To Criticize My Thinking?

This is an excuse from one I know very well. His rejoinder would be that I’m some hermit hiding from real life while he’s out busting his gut trying to make money.

But that isn’t whole story. He’s one of the ne’er-do-wells I was mentioning earlier who ruined his own life and is now living with the fallout from that.

The racism he displays is an excuse for his failed life, and it’s also a product of him being a shitty person. If he’d get over that attitude, I’d say things would change.


Victimization Syndrome is Far Worse Among Hardcore Nationalists than Democrat or Republican Ones

No, doubt if it’s some Marcus Garvey follower, you’re going to get more preachy shit than from some Democrat. Also, Republicans have their share of White victimization thinking, but only Republican activists – probably Whites who work in prison (I have a relative like that) – are going to be massively obnoxious.

Anyway, I think removal from being around the “bad Other” mellows people out and also making more money. I mean, no doubt poverty does contribute to non-White racism against Whites and also White racism against non-Whites. The fact is these people live miserable lives full of resentment.

Now it is true Jews are pushing “everyone coming together,” and people living soft lives away from any real trouble are more likely to buy into it.  Well, of course. However, it would surprise you the amount of White racists in areas where there are no non-Whites. I take this is Whites who have had bad experiences with non-Whites outside of the White neighborhood.

Creepy 1984-esque Covid Announcements

Yeah, we’re in it together  – bro – lol.

Uh, thanks, but no thanks.  I don’t know you.  You’re not my bro.

Of course, it’s especially comical when rich people are at home, they try to cheer us up – like they’re one of us.  Sure..

But, this was all expected – the police state and all. It was inevitable – especially since China  has resorted to bio-war.  Anyway, some don’t believe this is Bio-war – but let’s look at the facts:

Trump stands up to China.  Now who has ever stood up to a strong Asian nation on trade without hell to pay?  Do you seriously think they would bow down to Trump – without doing nothing?   However, they can’t resort to a real war – because that would be nuclear.  In that case, we have a proxy war – but not Vietnam, but rather just throwing decayed corpses over enemy lines.

They Still Dwell on an Excuse

No, a person’s worth isn’t measured by their job.  Nonetheless, the pursuit of vocational license or a college degree is something I think highly of, and so-called “nationalists” of many races aren’t interested in going to school to obtain one.

For instance, the Black guys in the movie Higher Learning calling the Black professor and the college track runner (“Run, nigger, run!”) Uncle Toms. Or the typical good ole boy pothead working at a supermarket dwelling on Jews and the Illuminati.

But This Isn’t Saying

That there aren’t plenty of high-paid blue collar tradesmen who aren’t into racism.

However, I feel the organized racist movements  of any race are generally made up of people who feel that others have cheated them in life, when in reality they have only cheated themselves.


People Who Bitch at Minimum Wage Workers

I can’t stand them. I did make a comment about grumbling losers who work minimum wage jobs because they haven’t tried harder in life. Yet that doesn’t mean Is excuse people being harsh on minimum wage workers in general.


Some minimum wage workers are lousy people. They’re either deliberately mean or they’re whiny babies. Discipline has a place in this world. Shall we should go easy on military recruits?

Isn’t doesn’t this site have an anti-soft point of view? Isn’t that one the important themes of this site?

Oh no! We can’t avoid using racist slurs – that would be soft – lol.


The Fake Working Class

Adults working teenage jobs at supermarkets, restaurants etc.. are not on welfare.  This gives them moral superiority.  Nonetheless, they haven’t pushed themselves much.  If they had, they’d be making far more money – and they either turn into latent racist pricks or they may even soften up toward SJWism.

But anyway, what’s the morality of being a neer-do-well jerk, always blaming others from problems you caused yourself?   To me, that’s a lot worse than being on welfare.

However, tons of guys are convinced they’re “The Working Man”.   But I do think people who work in restaurants, supermarkets should be respected and honored – assuming many of them cannot – for good reason, not a bad attitude – cannot obtain more vocational/academic education.

But then again, I would respect someone who humbly works at any job – but not when they have resorted to racist scapegoating.

Are Racist Neer-Do-Wells – Really Neer-Do-Wells?

I mean, are the fucking retarded?  Are they stupid?  Oh, wait it’s the weed!

No, actually, it would be wrong to say this.  Actually they’re the way they are – because they’re assholes.  I mean, they don’t go for the blue-collar licence, the college degree – because of the attitude.

But anyway, this is directed at whites – but all the races – except Northeast Asian seem to have these types.  In fact, despite all the racist science and all – it’s obvious that attitude is why some obnoxious black prick – is they way he is.

I don’t know how to prevent this.  It seems to be bad parenting.  I mean, if they even had good parents at all – they’d at least have done something in the trades.


Why I Can’t Stand Neer-do-Well Racist Clowns

Uh, I don’t know.  Jealousy? I can’t tell weed-induced jokes like they can?   A small penis?

Anyhow, I can’t stand these guys – cause I’ve listened to abusive garbage from one of them for years – and so am an expert.  Well, he was just one in many – and now recently, Facebook has these guys on there.

But, come on, why be a prude?   Well, at what point can we still tolerate injustice – just cause it’s dipped in humor?   Well, honestly, saints aren’t comedians.   People who choose the good road aren’t funny.  I mean, Billy Joel said “I’d rather laugh with the sinners, then cry with the saints.  The sinners are much more fun.”.  Yep, absolutely right!

From the Philippines.

Well, one notable neer-do-well comment was

Lincoln freed those slaves, so those niggers built him a statute.  Ha ha.


Latent Racism of Trump-ites

People who would vote Republican – and not support white supremacists at all – would be mostly latent racists I think.  I mean, these neer-do-well guys who will fix your car – and throw in a racist joke – at least aren’t pulling punches.  The racism is out in the open – kind of like with Latinos.

However, how bad is snooty latent racism?  Well, I suppose it’s as bad as the other.  I mean, rudeness means little.  Well, in the Bible – Jesus said that whoever committed the sin his heart – committed the sin.  Right?

Anyway, think about it.  Neer-do-wells have never had much political power – but assuredly – latent racists were the ones who promoted Jim Crow.   Also, the latent racism up north – where blacks had more freedom – but still denied so much.

The Problem of Lumping All Blue-Collar in the Same Boat

So, if you’re some person who hates low-caliber whites, it’s an easy trap to mock some of the poor – while also attacking pretty decent blue collar whites in same jab – maybe unknowingly.

For instance, some meth-head might be tattooed and “look the part”, but these days a fairly established, good moral auto mechanic – could look just like him.  Also, there could be poorer blue-collar people – who aren’t thieves, just cause they’re poor.

Nowadays, actually, I’m guessing the line between seeing “trash” and just seeing “country dudes” is getting way more blurry – and now I’m guessing Trump is trying to throw most working-class whites in his camp – make him think he’s some cool dude.

Anyway, though, the stereotype of a racist, drug using, thief – I think describes a lot of neer-do-well people – who are also strongly attracted to white supremacist views.

However, it’s ironic that a lot of racist people want to eliminate these people from the gene pool.  BUT WAIT – LOL – these are the recruits!   What movement is there once they’re gone?

The Tragedy of Gary Coleman

He simply became too famous – and he got annoyed at autograph hounds – so he got really rude toward the end of his life and landed trouble with the cops.

Anyway, what really hurt, worse, was he wasn’t wise with his money while alive – but then again, he was a youth.  I suppose the TV company should have gave him better “money guidance” when he was young.   Well, actually, where was his parents?

Now, the other one, Dana Plato, like Coleman – was reduced to “jobs of common people” – even robbing a video store in Las Vegas at one point.

Everyone Seems to Want Fame But..

The price of too much of it – is you cannot be yourself – and also the high temptation of drugs, hookers – which can literally make millions disappear.

Bullying Builds Character – However

Parents are the ones who are supposed to build character.  In fact, well parented children would be strong and not be pushed around so much.  I mean, insults can only hurt those with a very poor self-image anyway.

However, though, in today’s society either parents’s can’t – or aren’t willing to mold children correctly.  In this case, kids are thrown into the jungle – where the bullying could mold them into something heroic – or it could break them.  This was something @Robert Lindsay has noted.

Now, today’s society – is way off the mark – cause it thinks silly anti-bullying is going to stop bullying.  It won’t.  The only thing that could prevent it – is if parents started acting like real parents.

Chaos Society of Poorly Parented Children

This has been noted in the black community and it’s affected other communities too – including the white one.

Well, are we to say we shouldn’t have strong parents there, just leave them to the wild?  Well, we’ve seen the results.

The New Age Error

You can’t whip kids these days and even with whippings, the kids are not scared of the single mom enough.  Since they can’t be whipped, they become brats and punks.

Well, those types won’t be bullied – but they will be the bullies – lol.