How Many Number Combos in “All Number Domains”?

Well, in the last post we looked at getting 52 bids and you can get in on the action – if you bid $70,000 or more!

However, honestly imagine how many numbers are like that – and how they’re all worth the same.  Also, imagine how many combos of just numbers jumbled up without repetition – also worth a lot.

And people will buy them for extravagant amounts! for sale – Bid $70,000 or more

And there’s  52 bids!  Plus it don’t look like it has any inherent value like traffic or whatnot.

Talk about the insanity of capitalism.  But this is Chinese driving up the demand. Yep, those same folks eating bats – and now eating bats again – legally!  😆

Grab up those silly number combos even ones without repetition, Chinese will buy them!  How about

Prince Philip Quote on Depopulation

“If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.”
― Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Well, actually, Prince Charles has Covid-19.  Nonetheless, he didn’t say that!  I thought he did, lol.    What an irony if a person who said that – got the virus!

On a side note, what about the ethics of depopulation?   Well, from scientific POV (solving food and environmental nightmares), it’s the best thing – but nor the moral POV.  It’s simply immoral to murder innocent humans – even for a noble cause.

Blame it on Rio

I’m thinking most middle-aged men want 18-year old girls – somewhere along there. It’s just nature.  But what’s the chance of them making another Blame it on Rio remake in 2020?  Not much considering the feminist backlash.

Anyway, in the movie, rightfully so, Michael Caine’s character didn’t like what he did – but Hollywood wasn’t afraid to make a movie portraying the situation!

I was a boy growing up, not a prissy girl.

From my posts, some might think otherwise.  No, I was a country boy, hiking up and down mountains, throwing fire crackers in the air – from my bare hands, speeding down dangerous roads on a bike – no thought losing life or limb.

In fact, I even had a thick southern accent!  In fact, I never thought myself, different than anyone else in East Tennessee.  Well, I wasn’t a “mean boy”, though.  That’s why I was targeted a lot growing up – especially in 7th grade.     Other boys don’t like “nice boys”.  It’s not about the way you look, cause I knew at least one other “string-bean” who was in fact, one of the bullies giving me a hard time!

Anyway, there were a few oddities about me growing up.  I had about half and half boy/girl playmates, I had longer hair, but for sure – I was a boy all the way!  But again, I was a “nice boy”.  I didn’t engage in harming animals, I didn’t make fun of others, at least not that much.

However, the sad case is that most neighborhoods are full of some mean boys – and they simply hate – whatever that is THE OTHER.  The other would be boys that aren’t them.  In fact, even at my older age – they had found the fact I taught English in Korea, to give me a hard time – giggling calling me a “gook lover”.  But you see, the mentality of these types – and apparently they even have the balls to tackle adults.

Dropping Out of Society- Not Just for Hippies

My Quote

Well, there has to be a fine line between people saying “White is evil and we must surrender ourselves totally to non-white masters” and “We must be a nation of Archie Bunkers and more than likely, meaner than that!). However, there’s not much hope for changing the status quo – without turning devilish – and that probably won’t accomplish anything anyway, so my solution is to drop out of society. I simply believe in enjoying non-mainstream entertainment, education, you name it. Non-mainstream – but not white racialist.

The Oscars? I don’t care. Movies with unnatural casting to satisfy racial quotas? I don’t care. The fact that I have to lower my head to women like some Black in 1950s Mississippi when he dealt with White women? I don’t care.

The bottom line is that I don’t have to seek mainstream entertainment or get overly fussed up by feminists/non-White radicals. Also, I don’t have to join White racialist movements with all the hate, which is actually way worse, either.

O.K., feminists giving me a hard time? Well, they won’t on a webcam site or in a strip club – LOL.  I mean, unless I’m such a monster that I would insult them in chat or grab their ass but think those rules are reasonable!

A side thought

I actually welcome interracial marriages and the changing world and think it’s beautiful. Nonetheless, so much of it is rubbing it in.  There’s so much rubbing it in that I’d rather keep a distance from the mainstream society even while in some ways being in on the changing world.


A lot of non-Whites, women etc. do not hate White people and are not on a war path to rub it in.  However, the media is making this overkill situation, and it’s breeding a lot of White Nationalism.

Teach ESL in Asia – David Bowie Preferred

Yep, the more Anglo you look, the more you get the job! However, it does make sense in a heartless marketing way. Asians figure if someone looks Anglo, then they speak English better. They won’t fuck up sentences – you know, like many low-cost non-native writers.

Anyway, the truth of the matter – aside from the pristine images of non-disabled, non-fat, blondies – is that many “not ideal” people speak English just as well as those perfect stereotypes.  I mean, plenty of Korean-Americans can speak as good as a native, and they might be a native!

Also, lots of “med” looking whites from US, UK, etc. – of course, have English as a native language, and finally, the same is true with many Blacks, but Asians specifically hate Blacks – on top of the fact that they think they can’t speak English!

I Think Everyone Owes Me Something

It might seem that way from the recent post about bullying.  It seems like I basically hate white hillbillies and also quite a number of suburban whites.

However, though, isn’t it true white supremacists think blacks owe them something? Of course, they do.  They can’t stop bitching about their obnoxious behavior – which – for whites,  comically, they praise!

White supremacists want ideal behavior from non-whites – as in being little Sambos or something – but think whites who complain about bullying from whites – are little pussies, lol.

Maybe white supremacists underestimate how ferocious whites can bully – other whites.

Blacks Have to Act Ghetto – Cause of Bullying by Other Blacks

Well, of course.   However, it shouldn’t matter how a black person acts, but they simply won’t leave soft or “not as cool” ones alone.  Well, I had some experience with that. I was in a mall in Charleston S.C. and – off the bat, one of them says “Get out of my way, honky” – and in a food court, they were giggling “honky” as I waiting in line.

However, that’s not saying middle school white schools in blue-collar land aren’t different.  But you’re unlikely to encounter idiots – after you’ve left grade school, not so in black areas.  Anyhow, though, the bullying in redneck land can be stuff like “paper-wads”, “spit-wads”, being called mean names – basically no different than among blacks.  Also, as with blacks probably, they usually start it – and then make you like the asshole.

Anyhow, to this day, I don’t like white working class people much – because they shit out “working class brats”.  I mean, come on, you don’t think they learn their ways from their parents?


Some of the psycho, obnoxious white types – actually come from white, privileged neighborhoods – and I’m very distrustful of the parents and kids from there also.

The Black Obsession with Color and Masculinity

I posted the above comment on Monday in the Adonis reveal thread. I see that a certain unnamed Youtuber has made a video (obviously after seeing my comment because I’ve see no one else ever bring up this concept. She regularly gets video ideas from lsa, but anyway)…

I have seen some threads though where people notice that in TV sitcoms, Black male children are always cast darker than females (and are never light-skinned) because they view dark skin as masculine.

But nothing about how people are more accepting of girls that look non-black than they are boys who look the same. Everyone is just feeding off of a subconscious ideal of what femininity and masculinity is. Drake wouldn’t have been hiding this kid or joking about dyeing his hair either if this was a daughter.

So much of this stuff is subjective. However, that’s the problem with cultures that value the opinions of family and race, aka. tribalism.

The bottom line is that people have to have the attitude, “I don’t care about the opinions of other people.”

But whites are also annoyingly tribal among the more blue collar set and the racists. However, all of this has been massively declining, which is seen as good for Whites, but for other groups, there hasn’t been a strong call to not be racist. That of course is the irony. Obnoxiously racist Latinos feeling little guilt or brooking no outside criticism is one example.

If You Had a Webcam Sex Show, Would Anyone Know?

I’m wondering. Also, if you were male, would there be a homophobic backlash if people found out? I mean, a lot of guys would bash any male nude out there as a fag.

Secondly, camshows has got to be a terrible business – probably, even with marketing – because it’s that way for anything else with a few exceptions. Basically, you put yourself out there with paid marketing – and despite great stuff, nobody buys – boo hoo! Huh, imagine sitting in a webcam room for hours with no tips or maybe crappy ones. That’s gotta be terrible!

Non-Whites Are Very Annoyed When You Mention They’re Racist

One time I publicly asked this Korean teacher,
“If Koreans don’t like the USA, then why do they learn English? I mean, English schools are on every corner.” So he gives me this annoyed “You’re a faggot” look and then says Americans are not the only ones who speak English in an annoyed tone of voice.

But anyhow, the constant irritating racism from Koreans, along with the hypocritical “pity party” they throw – which probably is justified – is enough to drive anyone up the wall.

But of course, I was an inexperienced teacher, so the remark sounded very faggoty and weak, and the Korean this was this typical alpha Korean – smoker, drinker, racist against blacks, Japanese  – a young punk around 20 or something. It’s obvious there was going to be some friction, kind of like I had with that Irish co-teacher.

But looking back, as with the Irish teacher (from another trip over there), all this stuff was so dumb and not worth the time. There were other ways I could have handled it. However, the pressure was mounting at the time – 9/11 had just happened and they were rubbing it in big time, and even worse, they were whining be cause they lost an Olympics contest to an American, and to rub it in further, one that was also half-Japanese .

Why Would I Go Berserk on These Types?

Because they are those Cluster B psychos I think. I mean, I’m not saying everyone should be like Mr. Rogers, but these types are constantly being mean. Eventually, you want to snap back.

Truth of the Matter

I made a huge effort to get along with these types for a long time, but they were relentless in continuing the belittling and the use of you as a “punching bag” for whatever they’re mad about.

Blacks Have Neanderthal Views of Disabled People and Other Races

Just like Asians and Latin Americans, but who doesn’t? In fact, only the hated SJWs don’t, but they do hate Whites. In fact, the only group who are truly holy are “crying saints” – which would be a mostly consist of a very tiny minority of the church population. It could be more but we wouldn’t know because they’re always praying/giving in the closet, so to speak.

Sure a lot of blacks and others want you to feel sorry for them, and surely they can be sweet about it. However, due to their the fact that they human, the hypocrisy is obvious. Why should I feel pity them when they don’t pity others other than the groups they don’t want to offend directly?

Examples: Latin Americans complain about US imperialism and then tell nigger jokes at a bar. Hypocrisy. But, isn’t calling Blacks niggers imperialism? That’s about as oppressive as it gets!

It’s all childish thinking where we cry about ourselves for stuff we do to others, but we don’t think the problems of others are as important.

Franchises are the New Mega-Superpowers

Yeah, nobody can compete with Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Burger King, Lowes, Home Depot etc.. in terms of efficiency, quality, good deals.  It’s like the Star Wars gang trying to fight off Darth Vader!

I mean, come on, is Joey’s Guitar Patreon (fiction) going to compete with nationally syndicated Guitar Master Class (fiction)?

However, small things can bring a sort of personal touch to business that franchises can’t.   That’s the advantage.  It might be the only one!

People Doing Your Homework for You

Back to School Movie - Spoiler

One scene where the super-rich Rodney Dangerfield has experts brought in to do his homework – and even for his son. However, his son, justifiably is outraged.


Yeah, beyond the comedy aspect, it’s indeed a real industry.  People will buy papers that others write and hand it in for their own.  In fact, you can easily buy them online without much searching.

Anyway, of course, this is morally reprehensible – just as it is for ‘fake degrees” which according to @Robert Lindsay is a pandemic in many places.

What’s more honorable – an honest non-degree or “working on a degree” thing or someone with a fake degree?

Well, with some good references – a non-degree or “working on a degree” person can gain respect and some jobs.   Also, it doesn’t mean the work is necessarily inferior – at least not to a destructive level.

Seriously, Those of the “Same Kind” Aren’t Always the “Same Kind”

O.K. , fine this is a SJW moral fag post – but honestly, it is true.  Plenty of people of the same race – have nothing in common and one would be better off looking at similar hobbies than a similar race, when finding someone to hang out with, marry or something.

Also, people “of the same kind” not only have nothing in common – but they hate each other – like back in Bush’s time nobody liked Americans – especially white Europeans. Well, actually, they’ve never liked Americans – and this is saying pretty much that nationality is always bigger than racial ties (look at the tribal warfare in history) – and I would even say people of the same nation don’t always love each other either!

Forced Lent for the Non-Religious

Covid-19 is pretty much spoiling the fun of the spoiled westerners – used to getting what they want – and fast!  Anyway, the religious have Lent, people like Catholics and Methodists – but it’s all voluntary.   Of course, what they give up might not be much compared to what everyone – now – has to give up.  I mean, giving up fast food, computer usage, cell phone usage (that would be  REAL sacrifice these days) alone doesn’t compare to what’s be given up now – required by law.

Anyway, do you feel the US is becoming a police state?  Is this just an excuse to really clamp down on liberty now?

No-church Shaming

Yeah, no doubt Christians in the Bible Belt shun enemies – and that’s the fun they get in life.  That’s the bullying rush.

Basically, they label all people not like them – as gay, queers, perverts – and honestly, a lot of them are probably racist – unless they happen to run into white-washed blacks, Latinos – who, of course, attend church.

Basically, all of this is a “normie thing” for sure – where whoever is not them – isn’t cool – so subject to whispering, giggles, dirty looks.


Real saints are ignoring non-church people, no matter the tempting fun in picking on them.  Real saints are mature people – obsessed with developing spiritually – and have little free-time to be assholes.   Well, on 2nd thought, they might have free-time, but they just don’t do it.  Doing so would ruin them spiritually.

Besides the fun, why might people have insecurity issues?

Well, among the spiritually immature – the threat of THE OTHER – keeps people in line – solidifies the base.

What about radical atheists etc.. really asking for it, loudmouths?

Believe it or not, real saints would ignore – even the worst jerks on Earth!

SJWs, Religious Police – are Having as Much Fun as Stormfront

Yeah, Believe it or not!

Billy Joel

I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints.  The sinners are much more fun.

Real saints, truly, are not having fun.  But, SJWs, religious police, generally, are not real saints.  That’s my guess!  In fact, they’re having the time of their life – picking on enemies.

But his makes sense:

Because it’s not natural for people to want a fun-less life.  In that case, only the truly devout and holy are actually “not fun”.

Well, SJWs, might not be funny to most people, but they’re funny among themselves and whoever that hates whites, males – or other targeted groups, and honestly, these groups have done a lot to stir up hate – cause that’s just how people are, lol.

Cluster B Psychopathy in Religion?

How Religion Spreads COVID-19

One of religion’s chief functions is as a way to alleviate death anxiety, by telling believers that they won’t truly die but will be transported to a supernatural realm. But when people grow too certain of this, when they sink into the depths of fundamentalism, an insidious inversion occurs. They come to view that hoped-for other world as more important than this world, to the extent that wanting people to not die is “demonic”. As an atheist, I don’t believe in demons – but the nearest secular equivalent must be advocates of the horrifically upside-down morality that treats human survival as evil and mass death as a praiseworthy outcome!

This seems similar to the Cluster B thing – where the tyrannical dictator or drug lord – has no problem killing people.  Basically, human life becomes something unimportant.   In fact, also as mentioned in the article and Religion and Slaveholders, cruelty becomes a vague concept – as punishment is dealt out with little consideration.

Naive View of Covid-19 in the South

The Coming Red-State Coronavirus Catastrophe

Last week, in my post on how religion spreads COVID-19, I noted that although there are individual people irresponsibly flouting social-distancing rules, it’s almost exclusively right-wing churches that are arguing they have a right to keep congregating in large groups. I have more evidence for that.

On the conservative Christian side, Jerry Falwell Jr. is refusing to close Liberty University as students return from spring break. Falwell previously derided the pandemic as an “overreaction” and a liberal plot to damage Donald Trump. At least a dozen Liberty students are already sick with flulike symptoms.

Similarly, Rodney Howard-Browne, the Florida pastor who sneered at those staying at home as “pansies”, was just arrested for holding large church services in defiance of a stay-home order.

And to show that this deranged behavior spans the theological aisle: in New York, a Jewish man is suing over the state’s ban on large gatherings, saying that it infringes on his faith.

Pansies?  That’s a good one – lol.

Polling data suggest that Republicans throughout the U.S. are much less concerned about the coronavirus than Democrats are. According to a recent analysis by The New York Times, Trump won 23 of the 25 states where people have reduced personal travel the least.

…Katherine Vincent-Crowson, a 35-year-old self-defense instructor from Slidell, Louisiana, has watched in horror this month as businesses around her city were forced to close by state decree. A devotee of Ayn Rand, Vincent-Crowson told me Louisiana’s shelter-in-place order was a frightening example of government overreach… [She says,] “I’m a libertarian… I don’t really like being told what to do.”

There’s no other option – when it comes to disease.  These philosophies that teach superman ability like white supremacy and libertarian-ism are simply ineffective against real natural disaster.  It’s Kryptonite for them.

Religious Slaveholders the Worst

Well, actually, I think ones obsessed with science would have been bad also.  I mean, basically any type of “idealistic slaveholder” would be a monster.  It would be better to have a “not so religious” illiterate redneck.

In August, 1832, my master attended a Methodist camp-meeting held in the Bay-side, Talbot county, and there experienced religion. I indulged a faint hope that his conversion would lead him to emancipate his slaves, and that, if he did not do this, it would, at any rate, make him more kind and humane. I was disappointed in both these respects. It neither made him to be humane to his slaves, nor to emancipate them. If it had any effect on his character, it made him more cruel and hateful in all his ways; for I believe him to have been a much worse man after his conversion than before. Prior to his conversion, he relied upon his own depravity to shield and sustain him in his savage barbarity; but after his conversion, he found religious sanction and support for his slaveholding cruelty. He made the greatest pretensions to piety. His house was the house of prayer. He prayed morning, noon, and night.

…I have said my master found religious sanction for his cruelty. As an example, I will state one of many facts going to prove the charge. I have seen him tie up a lame young woman, and whip her with a heavy cowskin upon her naked shoulders, causing the warm red blood to drip; and, in justification of the bloody deed, he would quote this passage of Scripture — “He that knoweth his master’s will, and doeth it not, shall be beaten with many stripes.”


Does a slave look dissatisfied? It is said, he has the devil in him, and it must be whipped out. Does he speak loudly when spoken to by his master? Then he is getting high-minded, and should be taken down a button-hole lower. Does he forget to pull off his hat at the approach of a white person? Then he is wanting in reverence, and should be whipped for it…. Mr. Hopkins could always find something of this sort to justify the use of the lash, and he seldom failed to embrace such opportunities. There was not a man in the whole county, with whom the slaves who had the getting their own home, would not prefer to live, rather than with this Rev. Mr. Hopkins. And yet there was not a man any where round, who made higher professions of religion, or was more active in revivals — more attentive to the class, love-feast, prayer and preaching meetings, or more devotional in his family — that prayed earlier, later, louder, and longer — than this same reverend slave-driver, Rigby Hopkins.

Indocrination by Woodrow Wilson

When I was at university, I was indoctrinated to a large degree by this math professor.  He was a big Rush Limbaugh fan and with more conversations with him, it was obvious he was a Woodrow Wilson racist.  He even mentioned to me that book “The Turner Diaries” – though not directly.

Anyway, though polite and gentle, he would sneak in the disturbing remarks, like all WNs, like: “I have this t-shirt saying I’m proud to be white.” or mentioning that he’s not marrying someone out of his race (You know like is the “trend” in 1990s universities) or saying “I don’t like Jews.”.

Well, I visited his office because – he was simply very interesting and smart and giving me attention.  Well, these types always target the weak for indoctrination – and I’ve always been an outcast.  Actually, I first went in there wanting math help – but then he mentioned something about God – so first he started turning me into this fundamentalist Christian.

However, his views were not traditional fundamentalist Christianity.  Actually, they were more in-line with mild white identity churches (though I discover till way later).  However, though, his church choices were mainstream Presbyterian churches, though fundamentalist ones.

Anyway, he succeeded at the time into turning me into a Rush Limbaugh conservative, but I never gave into the white nationalist stuff – because it was just “too mean” for me to accept.   I mean, I heard this garbage my whole life.  It never appealed to me – especially since my Dad was often so obnoxious.

Are All White Racists the Same in the US?

No, not really.

The first type are people who are simply upset with other races, but it doesn’t lead to obnoxious racism. Those people I can feel for, though I feel like maybe they’re going down a wrong path.

The 2nd type are people who generally accept integration, but they mock/hate other race or certain ones every chance they get. These people are disturbed for sure, but often the kids don’t seriously question their behavior, though they might later.

The 3rd level is people who actually join White Supremacist organizations or become “in the closet” fans. These people are so obnoxious that they outdo the 2nd level.

I feel this group is simply Cluster B types driven over the edge by tragedies like prison time etc..

The Extra Group

The other type are nerdy scientific racists like Woodrow Wilson. These are polite, well educated types but still massively snobby and heartless to many (like Blacks maybe?).

SJWs Think All Racists Are Nazi Bastards

Not really, it’s way more complex, and SJWs fail to see that for the 1st level, it’s pretty much impossible to avoid becoming one unless you’re some saintly type.

Public Good Deeds – Not so Cool

Why SJWism is Bad – One Big Reason:

I read this quote from the Comedian George Carlin – where he basically is making fun of celebrity athletes and others who brag about good deeds (case in point: Bono etc..).  Well, he was saying something like, “Well, O.K. he made a donation – but can he throw a football, lol?”

Well, what Carlin said – sounds mean, but even the Bible agrees with it.  That’s why in Sermon on the Mount, it tells people to pray and give gifts in secret. I mean, we can all see Bono, but what if AC/DC, a band noted for debauchery, is doing the same – but is getting no credit?  Think about it!

Interesting Article from Ghana

The Bible describes the present generation as living in tribulation because it is a generation that has the capabilities to manufacture dangerous viruses and germs as part of its military arsenals to kill off humans in what scientist describe as COSMOCIDE.

The Corona virus, unlike the Ebola, HIV and other “small boys” viruses has hit almost all nations to make it an all time pandemic in history.

Unlike the Ebola and its lesser viruses COVID – 9does not feel shy of Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, Government Officials, their wives, Children, the Rich and Celebrities.

Africans and people from the Third World Countries are breathing a sigh of relief as the COVID-19 did not originate from Africa or any poor third world country. It would have created a literal apartheid between whites and blacks, the have and poor nations to bring the world in a hate stupor.

Why did the COVID-19 originate from a second world economic power like China to jump to the first economic power the United States of America to Europe and Asia tiger nation?

Is the world experiencing an event that is being controlled from Heaven as part of God’s end time plan?

Babylon Has Fallen Part of God’s plan to bring mankind to its knees prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ is to collapse the very system that began with the Babylonian system.

One thing amazing is how fast the US fell from prosperity – to hell.    Well, that was how it’s described in that Bible chapter – The Fall of Babylon (one hour will fall).  It seems to fit it to a tee.  It’s not like the 2008 thing – where it was bad – but things weren’t paralyzed totally.  I don’t even think this is like 1929.

On a Credit Card from Satan

But now it’s maxed out.

Sometimes I feel America is – and everyone is in denial.  They’re in denial – because they love America.  Well, O.K., maybe Trump’s stimulus will work – maybe even the economy will come back full steam – as before.  However, though, whose to say that another disaster, maybe Covid-19 coming back, or some other virus – will make significant recovery not possible.

Anyway, why should America be spared?  Look at all the abortion.