Corporal Punishment in Schools?

I think that people are exaggerating the negative aspects of it. The fact is that, especially among bully-prone kids, the only thing they understand is a whipping!

Anyway, it shouldn’t be used for things like “not doing your homework”.  It should be used in severe cases like for bullies, but maybe for lesser ones, but not sure on that.

The advantages of corporal punishment

  • It helps to serve as a deterrent. When children see that someone has been whipped for misbehaving, they try not to do similar things in order to avoid getting whipped.
  • With corporal punishment, parents are able to bring their children under control. There are certain children who can only be controlled through the use of the cane.
  • Corporal punishment helps make children obedient, respectful, polite, etc. In the absence of corporal punishment, children likely go wild.
  • Corporal punishment in school makes students take their studies seriously and also helps keep the students under control.
  • Authorities are able to instill discipline in children through the use of corporal punishment in schools.
  • It makes very recalcitrant and stubborn children submit to authority because they fear that if they don’t do the right thing they just might be whipped.

The disadvantages of corporal punishment

  • It can be very counterproductive in the sense that it can sometimes make children hardened and no longer afraid.

  • It is very hurtful and can cause severe injuries to a child. This is the reason why in so many places it has been banned in schools.

  • Corporal punishment strikes severe fear in the hearts and minds of students and can easily make them to drop out of school. Here, they are so afraid that they would be whipped for the least mistake they do. And this constant fear can make the students drop out of school.

  • Corporal punishment is very painful and it is inhumane or cruel to use whips or canes to lash someone. Simply put, it is a barbaric practice.

  • Human rights organizations and advocates all over the world consider corporal punishment on children to be a form of child abuse.

  • When corporal punishment is used excessively in schools and at homes, it has the tendency to make children very hostile to their teachers or parents. This can lead to some children fighting back – especially when the pain gets too much to take.

  • Corporal punishment can scar children or disfigure them for life – both physically and mentally.

  • Corporal punishment can land the one meting out the physical punishment in big trouble. For example, if, in the course of beating the child, the child suddenly gets severely injured or dies from the beating, then the teacher, parent, or guardian meting out the punishment will face the wrath of the law.

SJW’s – Causing Desensitizing to Real Evil

It’s like “The Boy Cried Wolf” fable. Basically, in that fable, a boy constantly lies about a wolf coming – probably for a joke – but the joke’s on him when the wolf really comes!

Well, SJW’s do the same with their constant policing of things that don’t matter – supposedly to prevent bigotry from arising to begin with – BUT it doesn’t work.  In fact, it’s also, as the tile says, causing desensitizing to real evil.  In fact, when something truly evil comes along – like a cross burning or other harassment, and indeed I have witnessed this where I lived – nobody will care, cause SJW’s have turned oppression into a joke.

In fact, I even tried to tell my brother  (who comes from a liberal area of the country) something bad was happening and he’s like “Yeah, right Jason. Are you the PC police?” 😆

See what I mean!

Abused as a Child – Executed as an Adult

This sounds whiny to some – especially cultural conservatives, but let’s discuss it. Like a lot of sayings, it has some heavy truth to it, hence why it’s a popular saying.

Anyhow, despite the claims of the pro-genetics crowd, the environment is still quite powerful in determining what happens in someone’s life.  Someone with bad genetics given a bad environment will obviously come out worse than someone with bad genetics and a good environment.

In fact, the situation would probably be way worse. Our society, contrary to what some cultural conservatives think, hasn’t really improved the environment (the U.S. one) – at least, not enough!

So what a tragedy is it to see someone fry because they were sexually/physically abused a child despite the fact we grow up with real choices.  Yes, very sad!

No Bodyguards?

For leading White Nationalists or even the local Klan leader that would be a shock!  But apparently these guys are such alpha males that they don’t need one.  But it seems like they’re a moving target for car bombs, snipers, you name it.  I mean, who are we kidding here?  Look at the shit they’re saying!

It could be the case of “living in a bubble” – being surrounded by “yes people” – but honestly, it’s not too tough to find these White Nationalists or even some joker (a average person) on Facebook.

Neo-Confederate “Pet Lie” – Other Thoughts

The Neo-Confederates want to paint the lie that Blacks loved slavery – of course, assuming they were all house slaves, not field slaves (big  comedic lie!).  This is what a new book called “Why the South was Right” seems to be saying this.

But I won’t say that all field slaves or even most of them necessarily had a bad life unless the abuse got out of hand.  In that case, you would have slave rebellions and the seeds of abolitionism.

But what about these freaks now dating Blacks – many I suspect simply want “toy Blacks” (aka. house slaves, Sambos)?  To me, it seems like legalized pedophilia, though not as bad as it would have been had these “oil drillers” (just kidding) lived back in 1840.  But I’m not saying that interracial marriage Black/White is wrong – despite the fact. I’m more open-minded than that, and in fact, interracial mating is what will drive up Black IQ’s!

But seriously, it’s tough having a relationship with a dull person. So it seems to me that women dating Blacks (and also the men dating Blacks, which seems to be way less the case) are just pedophiles – and that’s funny because women aren’t associated generally with pedophilia (or a more appropriate phrase for modern Blacks (with Whites) would be “preteen or young teen with adult sex fantasy”).

Capitalist Exploitation – Given the IQ Gap

The humans of the world on average wallow in a slightly low (formally Low Normal) IQ, therefore racists, most of whom subscribe to an economic/cultural rightwing ideology, love to claim Marxists – or better yet the blowhard Cultural Marxist label – are spreading a lie about human equality.  Well, the sad thing is that human equality is a lie!  Indeed, IQ is mostly genetic but that’s not the end of the story.

Even if the world as a whole is made up of people of a lower IQ – it doesn’t give a green light for abuse (case in point: Third World poverty, New World African slavery, Jim Crow etc..) – that’s simply a Social Darwinist concept.

Well, how can we compromise this dilemma?  Does @Robert Lindsay have an idea?

Why They Were Slaves

Well, with Blacks their IQ in the past was definitely low mostly due to genetics, which made them a prime target for capitalist exploitation. However, to say they would have been treated with respect by a higher IQ group even without slavery is unlikely. What retarded people in the world now are treated with respect? Don’t know any. In fact, the mentally handicapped often have to live in protected environments simply to keep them from bullies, sexual predators, you name it!

Anyway, Blacks in the New World, weren’t the only slaves in the history of man. In fact, ancient societies had slavery since the dawn the time, and the justification may also have often been: “They’re retarded.”

Also, those societies, being unenlightened, had populations that assumed nobody owed anyone anything at all – not even life – so they were grateful for what they got. To a great many slaves in the New World, it was the same deal, but no matter what time in history, abuse will eventually cause the oppressed to rise up. Was abuse the primary cause of abolitionism? Probably.

Now there is a call to reparations for slaves from what is known as “Cultural Marxism” -a dumb concept where Robert Lindsay and I split ways cause I see a lot of Cultural Marxism as simply being basic human rights/decency. But cultural conservatives have turned it into a “blowhard” slogan.

Equality is a hard sell to people convinced IQ is based on genetics because, honestly, the retarded weren’t treated well then, and they still aren’t. The day we treat the slaves as equals will be the day that Down’s Syndrome people will be voted in mayor – or maybe 8-year olds.

So, at a first reading of Benjamin Tillman or Andrew Johnson among the many White Supremacists in those days, their “asshole” attitudes seem remarkably cruel, but they couldn’t see Blacks as being anything but retarded, grown-up children.

But exploitation is exploitation! If they suddenly enslaved retarded people now – or kids – and beat them with cruel instruments (bullwhips or something), I’d say that would abuse, right? But wait, aren’t Blacks very large? How can we say that when “large children” are difficult to control?  But they had no moral right making them slaves to begin with!

Note: the IQ of Blacks before 1860 had to be 70 or below, probably below, mostly due to genetics (The Sambo thing wasn’t even an act!).  What’s amazing is the Radical Republicans were able to give them the vote after the Civil War in revenge for the war. Also, they were able to put in some mulattoes as governing officials just for more humiliation.

What’s wrong with welfare?

Well, it doesn’t conform to liberal race realism for one thing  In that case, non-whites are herded unto reservations where help is simply way less powerful than it should be – but still better than nothing!

However, another thing is the fact union politics have been abandoned – in favor of simply buying out the poorest part of the working class with welfare – but that’s not saying welfare is bad – but only saying it’s not preferable to work.

However, the Republicans have caught wind of this now with Trump – so they’re targeting people who have puked at the idea of voting for  a Democrat in the past.

Amusement Parks Full of Blacks!

Well, full of them (mostly mixed-race) and Mexicans.  Anyway, though, nothing wrong with that.  However, I bet a lot of whites never get close up to these people, in large numbers – except in those places.  In fact, in Tennessee, my home state, a lot of people are so prejudice it makes me wonder if they don’t have a heart attack (even before the roller-coaster) visiting an amusement park!

Anyway, when I visited Dollywood recently, a Tennessee amusement park – it looked like a “colored day” at one of those 50s era segregated parks.

But there’s nothing wrong with that!  In fact, I enjoy other cultures  – but I don’t think a lot of other people do.

O.K., did they lower the prices at amusement parks?  That’s it. All the golf playing whites must be going to the more expensive ones, so that low IQ won’t cause a mass shooting, gang violence, or just getting your wallet taken in line at a ride (This might be sarcasm.).

Should Ben Tillman’s statute be removed?

Although his workers were no longer slaves, Tillman continued to apply the whip to them. By 1876, Tillman was the largest landowner in Edgefield County. He rode through his fields on horseback like an antebellum overseer, and stated at the time that it was necessary that he do so to “drive the slovenly Negroes to work”.[16]

Beginning in 1901, Tillman joined the Chautauqua circuit, giving well-paid speeches throughout the nation. Tillman’s reputation, both for his views and his oratory, attracted large crowds. Tillman informed them that African Americans were inferior to the white man, but were not baboons, though some were “so near akin to the monkey that scientists are yet looking for the missing link”.[145] Given that in Africa, they were an “ignorant and debased and debauched race” with a record of “barbarism, savagery, cannibalism and everything that is low and degrading”, it was the “quintessence of folly” to believe that the black man should be placed on an equal footing with his white counterpart.[145] Tillman “embraced segregation as divinely imperative”.[146]:153

Tillman believed, and often stated as senator, that blacks must submit to either white domination or extermination.[142] He was reluctant to undertake the latter, fearing hundreds of whites would die accomplishing it.[143]

Tillman told the Senate, “as governor of South Carolina, I proclaimed that, although I had taken the oath of office to support the law and enforce it, I would lead a mob to lynch any man, black or white, who ravished a woman, black or white.”[147] He told his colleagues, “I have three daughters, but, so help me God, I had rather find either one of them killed by a tiger or a bear [and die a virgin] than to have her crawl to me and tell me the horrid story that she had been robbed of the jewel of her womanhood by a black fiend.”[148]

Regarding the below quote, it’s amazing after reconstruction blacks were able to be in politics at all:

He campaigned in the violent 1898 North Carolina elections, in which white Democrats were determined to take back control from a biracial Populist-Republican coalition elected in 1894 and 1896 on a fusion ticket. He spoke widely in North Carolina in late 1898, often to crowds wearing red shirts, disheartening his Populist supporters. Terror and intimidation again won the day for the Democrats, who were elected statewide. They failed to win in the coastal city of Wilmington, but white supremacists took it over by force. South Carolina saw violence as well: an effort to register black voters in Phoenix led whites to provoke a confrontation, after which a number of African Americans were murdered. Tillman warned African Americans and those who might combine with them that black political activism would provoke a murderous response from whites.[144]

Freeway – (movie – 1996)

Warning Spoilers:

Me and a popular commentator on here were making fun of this movie, but seriously – it delves into some serious issues.  Issues on sexual deviancy, creepy therapists, racist gangs, abused women, molested children.  It’s a whole freak show!

The scary and funny thing about this movie, as sort of noted, is that it’s – just so true!   This is a real reflection of a lot of American society.

Now, another movie like this is “Falling Down” – which also deserves a blog post.

Dr. Mengele of the Antebellum South?

Well, this is a highly biased PC, cultural left blog – but facts are facts – unless this site is lying.

Sims also argued that the movement of the skull bones during a protracted birth contributed to trismus. Clearly designating patients by class and race, Sims began to exercise his freedom to experiment on the enslaved infants. He took custody of them and with a shoemaker’s awl, a pointed tool used for making holes in leather, tried to pry the bones of their skulls into proper alignment. According to his published articles, this procedure was only practiced on enslaved African babies. Because he “owned” these poor, innocent children, he had free access to their bodies for autopsies, which he usually performed immediately after death. Sims routinely blamed “slave mothers and nurses for infant suffering, especially through their ignorance.”

Isn’t the quote below something that hasn’t changed with cultural conservatives?

Sims routinely blamed “slave mothers and nurses for infant suffering, especially through their ignorance.”

Boring Betas at Strip Clubs?

How do you even talk to guys who are dull as a spoon? I have been working during the weekdays, which I don’t do (for this reason), and there are like 1-2 tables that I can sit with usually at a time. 100% of the time, they are SO BORING. I flirt and I entertain them and we do dances and they tip me, which I love, but I get so bored after a while. They are so easily entertained! Are people who come into the strip club just stupid as fuck? I feel like i have to dumb myself down to relate to the people who come in.

I’m thinking of just camming instead of stripping, I have cammed once before and I had fun. Stripping just seems like it attracts a really dumb crowd.

yes, a lot of them are guys who have no “game”, don’t have people skills, and can’t get beautiful female attention without paying for it..and they don’t feel they really have to try and be charming or hold your attention, because like i said before, they’re already paying you to give them attention. if they’re tipping and getting dances, money is enough to hold my interest..i could talk to a rock as long as i’m getting paid haha, maybe you’re just a little burnt out?

Yeah, I feel you. There are alot of boring guys in the club. I think they are just tired/worn-out from the daily grind of their jobs. Some of them just want to sit there and relax and not say much because it is the only time in their lives where they get to do that. But not everyone is boring. Sometimes you just have to try to get them out of their shell. I tend to make most guys feel comfortable enough to spill some funny/ crazy stories. But I try to find the nerdy types anyway, someone to talk nerdy things with.

Strippers as Reliable Mates?

@Robert Lindsay was advising to avoid the strippers as real partners.

Help please sisters!

I have a wonderful boyfriend who is an entrepreneur but at the phase where money is extremely tight. When we first met I stopped dancing, but now it’s like it’s tough for me because money is so tight, and I know if I just worked even a day or two with him being supportive it wouldn’t be!

Sometimes he’s supportive of the idea of me going back to work again, and other times he’s not. I’m trying to figure out how to convince him that maybe if he changes his mindset about it and can not think about it in the typical way that it won’t be a bad experience for him, for us!

He’s wanting me to get a regular job or not work but I really don’t know if I care to do that… call me crazy, but I feel like I’d rather still dance and be beautiful and in shape and around other gorgeous women having fun and making money at the same time!

For those of you who have successful relationships and dance too can you please give me some tips on how I can help him feel better about the idea of me going back to work or just some tips on how you keep your relationships healthy. I’ve really been itching to go back to work in Vegas (all the lights and high energy!) and I feel like he can just go be in the 24-hour coffee shops while I work lol.

I hope you all have been doing well in your lives and sending all of you love, joy, and happiness!

Stalkers at Strip Clubs

I’ve always wondered about this, but luckily there is this stripper forum I found:

But aren’t strippers the psychos, lol?

Before dancing, I always considered myself to be a happy-go-lucky, paranoia-free person. I believed all people are good, some just make bad choices. I didn’t care if “the government” knew personal information about me or if my data was posted online. I never really thought about any harm being done to me because I’m pretty much as non-offensive and unassuming as a person can get so no worries there.

A little over 2 years ago I met an older customer (let’s call him Daniel) who would spend hours with me in VIP drinking wine and talking about books he’d gave me. From the beginning I knew something was “off” about him…some things didn’t add up. He proclaimed his extreme wealth was “self-made,” however he never explained what he did to make that money.

He told lots of stories about political corruption in Mexico, yet I got the feeling he was friends with the people involved. He did other odd things as well like declaring he loved me, repeatedly saying we would have genius children, trying to buy me over-the-top gifts like a Tesla and a condo downtown, and overall displaying lots of obsessive behaviors.

But I ignored my gut feeling because the money was too good, and I liked that managers and waitresses started treating me favorably, since he’s one of the top paying customers in our club.

Very quickly he got verbally abusive. He’d tell me I had many “character flaws” and then say I’m not mature enough to hear them. He’d also frequently say I’m getting too old, and no one will want to marry/have kids with me, even though I’m in my early twenties.

Every time I got up to leave after he was rude, he’d beg me to come back and say he only says these things because he wants the best for me. He’d then bombard me with money and praise as a poor apology.

Anyone ever have a customer stalk them? If so, how did you handle it?

Bohemian Rhapsody

It’s very inspirational and I finally got to see it, though, it’s a shame I talked myself out of seeing it at the theater.

Anyway, don’t care much for Freddy’s lifestyle, lol – though, it does add color to his persona and depth to the movie.  But, really, we’re people so naive in the 70s, including his own band, that they didn’t think he was gay – or I guess it was all about the music, they were so focused on that and not irrelevant bullshit?

Anyhow, Queen definitely had their own awesome sound and were revolutionary in breaking barriers for middle eastern people and gays – both despised on this website (sarcasm).

Oh, fun fact:

Queen was probably the smartest band ever.  The guitarist was an astrophysicist, no joke, the bass player was studying electrical engineering and the drummer studying dentistry (Is that a smart profession?).  As for Freddy, definitely a high-IQ genius probably!

Well, what rock bands can say that?

If Only for the Bad Apples!

Well, @Robert Lindsay is highly critical of Black Lives Matter, Me Too, or any other cultural left project – but honestly, as long as abuse exists in the culturally conservative world – there’s going to be a backlash – and it’s impossible to get rid of bad apples!  Anyone know how?  How to get rid of the “psychos in the woodwork”?

Now, myself, I’ve seen male psychos feeding the cultural left – but also female psychos, non-white psychos – oddly enough, feeding the opposite – anti-PC movements (white nationalism, pro-misogyny etc..).

So bad apples are basically responsible for all the extremist movements out there – driving up backlashes creating them.

The T-Boost Scam (Industry)

Truth of the matter – all these pills might work – but you don’t need them!    The fact is that just running and working out – even at a slightly above moderate level, seems to boost the testosterone.

But, anyway, as usual, people are looking for quick fixes – so these “snake oil medicine” industries come to the rescue. – but it’s probably very unsafe to boost stuff thru chemicals – that could be boosted naturally.

But why are people so lazy?  I mean, do we really need anti-depressants as well as probably tons of other “not needed” medicines?   Well, it’s certainly the job of drug stores and doctors to convince of this – cause that’s how they make money!

How to Not Raise Wussy Male Bitches/Female Bitches

How you do this involved the fact – these people have to be told – from a young age, that this behavior isn’t appropriate – and there has to be high-character role models.

However, modern U.S. society cannot do this, generally, because the parents are not high-character role models.

Now, of course, kids do go thru trying times, like the teenage years, but honestly, high-integrity parents can still deal with decent kids.

Different Types of Bad Kids:

  • The Rebellious Teen Girl  (way more likeable and lovable, but not desirable)
  • The Little Princess Bitch
  • The Wussy Male Princess Bitch  (Many are even masculine, like the bullies on the original Karate Kid movie.)
  • The Rebellious Teen Boy (another likeable sort, but probably needs to be done away with)

Anyway, the bitches (not rebellious ones) listed above are nightmare scenarios – cause I cannot stand those types!  They seem untreatable, unlike the others in the group.

No, it’s still about the integrity!

Well, @Robert Lindsay was explaining that “bad girls” hypocritically demand integrity from their boyfriends/husbands – while bullying them with “pussy”. “fag” accusations – if they don’t!

However, the question remains, “Why don’t these guys get some good girls, ones that won’t cheat?”.  Well, the fact is – they can’t!  They never had the integrity to attract one.  But I can’t explain where integrity comes from – what it takes to be a real man.  It’s just something men have to discover.  Anyway, for guys with a bad environment, it’s going to be tough!

Of course, there are other obstacles for guys.  Some of them are what society considers ugly (a subjective thing).  Others have disabilities, one that probably predominates these misogynists is autism.  Many have chronic shyness which means  they avoid social gatherings, opting for porn instead – further fueling Ted Bundy/John Gacy personalities.

Anyway, though, the fact remains is that masculinity – as Roosh is explaining it – is bullshit.  It’s not needed to get women, though some of it is emotionally helpful for men.

Well, masculinity – actually has nothing to do with it.  The fact remains for various reasons, some of which are a type of victimization – a lot of males have not developed the ideal character.

Well, isn’t that what we see in the black community? But it affects other ones also.

O.K. myself, I went thru a phase – in middle school, lol – where I fantasized about being Hitler – but I grew out of it.  I mean, come on, guys still into these fantasies – are simply immature boys to be honest.

“Black a Block” is not Condescending Benevolence

Well, nobody likes being around people who talk “condescending” to them all the time.  I mean, obviously, Palestinians and South Africans had their fill of asshole high IQ folks around the corner.  In fact, also among whites, the “redneck ones” would rather vomit – as be near the cultural left.

However, though, the idea of spreading out blacks among the population – to where it’s sort of like in Appalachia or Portugal isn’t this thing.

No, the condescending benevolence – is more like what you’d see around Knoxville, TN, in the suburbs of Chicago or New York – stuff like that.  In other words, it’s not really benevolence – but frustration.  You simply have a white population – often far, but sometimes in or near – the black population – and they’re always bitching about the blacks.

Why would we even think it’s benevolence?  Well, some of these idiots actually try to help people they hate – but it’s more along the lines of being bossy bitches – cause simply the hate is just too severe.  Also, some in their own “fantasy” world – think they are helping blacks “in their heart”. Oh, what a joke!

Men’s Rights Movement – A Load of Despicable Creeps

Who are we kidding here?  I mean, these guys wonder why they can’t get laid – and finally come to the conclusion, with the help of Roosh, even @Robert Lindsay, that they aren’t masculine enough.  So in this case, they Roosh out to become the biggest misogynist, racists as possible.

But as mentioned in the below article:

Women Respect Integrity, not Masculinity

It’s all about the integrity, not the masculinity.  In fact, these guys were rejected by women – at first (probably) – because they’re seen as having no integrity, being a bitch, being weird (a big give-away).

But how can we prevent this dilemma with men – and at the same time – massively reduce public shootings?

Well, it’s certainly a tough deal – because the rise in one-parent homes, pornography, dating sites – ensure that a lot “guys with no integrity” will be produced.  I mean, a sure way to get a “wussy son” – in the true sense, is having a mean bossy/un-respectable mom – in either a home where either, the dad is gone or is pussy-whipped beyond recognition.

Note: Some of these guys do get girlfriends and get married at some point.  However, the point being – they were always dooshes to begin with – because they never came on the scene with integrity.  In fact, I’m sure they would have landed things – a whole lot better – if they weren’t so fucking weird.

Women Respect Integrity, not Masculinity

@Robert Lindsay, disagrees, but obviously women only complain about masculinity – after you’ve lost integrity. It’s  kind of a way to “rub it in” on guys they don’t respect.  I mean, you take a guy with integrity – and probably he gets away with being more “woman-like” than other guys.

Well, proof of the matter – is look at all the guys women love who are actually androgynous!

But of course, “mans-sphere” sites like Roosh etc.. rub in the fact men are supposed to act like stereotypes from The Village People – but actually doing that is a – comic waste of time. I  mean, feel free if you want, but it’s unnecessary work – and if you have no integrity – the woman will hate your pussy-ass anyway!

Note: Along with integrity – another thing is social reputation. If you get the rep of “being a bitch”, women won’t like you – along with men.  In that case, you will get a “rubbing it in” from women again.

Holocaust Denying – Theory # 2

The 2nd theory, considering that “zombie environments” produce the worst in people – and some Holocaust deniers can’t deny that (might be the reason), states that the chaos around World War II stopped “well meaning Germans” from giving Jews proper care – leading to the genocide, well, the unintentional genocide.

Well, this line is also used by Cuba and North Korea to explain problems in their society. In other words, in their cases, the US blockade is causing food shortages – and in the case of North Korea – actual starvation and disease.

Trusting Your Betters

Well, we should always be distrustful of what seems are good intentions.

Twilight Zone Episode Spoiler

I mean, I remember this Twilight Zone episode where these aliens solved all human problems – but the catch was – they were simply farming people to bring them to their home planet (to eat them)!


Anyway, I see this scene all the time.  Smiling people lying in your face – like the O’Jays song (Backstabbers),  Everything is a scam to cheat people.

What happens in zombie environments?

Well, in cases of disaster, the worst in people comes out, not the medium or best.   For instance, look at the Rwanda Genocide.  Look at the attempted crushing of the Haitian Revolution (1792) or the black side of the matter.

Yet, despite this evidence, WNs insist The Holocaust Never Happened.I mean, how many times have we heard this?  Well, it just seems to be a convenient way to explain away something – which obviously gives them, such a bad image, that nobody wants to be a WN.

In fact, I have heard the whole Civil Rights movement in the US came about – simply because racism etc. was on the down-swing – because of the Holocaust and World War II.  

Anyway, another argument against Holocaust deniers – is simply the obvious fact that downtimes in Europe’s history have always lead to Jewish persecution (generally). In fact, The Holocaust is just another savage pogrom.

Deleting Stormfront and The Daily Stormer

It’s illegal – but would someone smirk if some “third party” deleted their websites – with no backup to recover it?

10 million users (or whatever) down the toilet and good reddens (Push the button. nuked, gone! Bye bye.)!

I mean, what good were they to humanity?   But you can’t destroy an idea.  It’s kind of like killing Bin Laden to eliminate radical Islam.

But then again, is Germany different now, compared to 1933.? Did total annihilation change things?


Jews Controlling U.S. Porn

No doubt that’s true – but, “What about the fucking buyers?”.   Where’s the accountability of these WN types – who, in many ways, are just as whiny, into victimization – as cultural left types?  I mean, come on, if you play, you’re as much as responsible as the snake selling it to you.

But, anyway, as with the cultural left – and those beholden to it’s mantra – to various degrees (US blacks, Latinos, gays, you name it) – the WNs want to play a childish blame game – and assume they, themselves, are children, totally victimized by predators – poisoning their morally pure existence.

Well, it’s called Playing the Jew Card.

O.K., anyway, what if Jews didn’t sell porn?  Would the problem go away? It wouldn’t go away no more than men’s penises would!   It’s all supply and demand and next someone else would supply it.

But, of course, this is of no matter to @Robert Lindsay and others cause they like porn – but this is odd – cause so many race realists are into puritanism – much like Christian fundamentalists are.  But, I’m never sure how much hypocrisy is thrown into it.  I mean, there was always a double-standard  (maybe a myth or no?) of raping the oppressed – while protecting the prized possessions (white wives, daughters).

The Cussing Pastor?

“Yes, I cuss. I’m the cussing pastor, while your motherf*cking pastor ain’t doing a godd*mn thing. If it bothers you that I’m a cussing pastor, then get your motherf*cking ass off my d*mn page.

I don’t know about you but cussing way lowers my respect – of even college professors (not to mention grade-school teachers sheesh!)

Anyway, if I hear cussing on this site, though, it’s not the same thing – because this place was cussing from the beginning and expected to be vulgar/offensive.

Jobs – No Degree or Worthless Degree Required

You don’t even have to set up and market your own blog either!

  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Security Analyist
  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Database Manager
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
  • Tool and Die Maker
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrator
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Radiologic Technician
  • Service Delivery Analyst
  • Cardiovascular Technician
  • Cardiovascular Technologist

  • Dental Hygienist
    Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
    Medical Records and Health Information Technician
    Occupational Health/Safety Specialist
    Occupational Therapy Aide
    Pharmacy Technician
    Physical Therapy Aide
    Radiologic Technician
    Radiologic Technologists
    Respiratory Therapists
    Surgical Technologist
    New Collar IT jobs<
    Business Intelligence Analyst
    Cloud Administrator
    Computer Network Architect
    Computer Programmer
    Computer Security Analyst
    Computer Support Specialist
    Computer Systems Engineer
    Cybersecurity Architect
    Database Administrators
    Information Security Analyst

  • Network Administrator
    Network Support
    Service Delivery Analyst
    Server Technician
    Software Developer
    Software Engineer
    Software Quality Assurance Analyst
    Software Quality Assurance Tester
    Systems Support
    Technical Sales Assistant
    New Collar Manufacturing Jobs
    Blender/Mixer Operator
    CAD Drafter
    Chemical Operator
    CNC Operator
    CNC Programmer
    Computer-Controlled Machine Tool Operator
    Electrical/Electronics Repairer

  • Electromechanical and Industrial Engineering Technician
    Manufacturing Machine Operator
    Manufacturing Production Technician
    Molding/Casting Worker
    Plant Operator
    Printing Press Operator
    Production Supervisor
    Quality Control Inspector
    Security Manager
    Tool-and-Die Maker
    Warehouse Supervisor
    Water Treatment Specialist
    Manufacturing Machine Operator
    Manufacturing Production Technician
    Press Brake Operator
    Water Treatment Specialist