CP Case – Probable Cause from One Eyewitness – From Website Suggestions

No website suggestions on this site to give probable cause to any of the main authors. However, is that true or not? Also, my friend in another state – getting busted from – one eyewitness testimony? That’s pretty whacked and scary – to be honest

Now, I mean probable cause to investigate the computer. That’s the first step.

Any idea anyone on probably cause or good links about it?

Elton John – Former Fan – Now Creeps me Out

I used to really love his music, but he comes across to be as sort of a gay-ASS now. I mean, I can sympathize with gays like Morrisey or something – ones that mind their own business – not pushing gayness (as in flamboyant dressing like Mrs. Doubtfire on acid) into everyone’s face but not Elton or anyone similar.

Also, the guy is heavy into witchcraft, and that’s creepy. I mean, how much talent does he have, or is he just tapping into weird stuff? Seems to be a sell-out to the dark side, but I bet other artists (Led Zeppelin) have done the same.

Surprisingly – CP Viewers ARE Dangerous


In a fascinating New Yorker piece by Rachel Aviv, University of Toronto psychiatry professor Michael Seto says that men who collected child pornography online “did not have the antisocial traits like lack of empathy and impulsiveness that are common to all types of criminals.”

Seto calls these men “fantasy offenders.” He tells Aviv, “In this weird, disinhibiting space which lacks the usual social cues, they may do and say things they would never dare in real life.”


This idea is at odds with the most influential research on pornography offenders: the Butner Study Redux. Published in 2009, the study involved 155 child pornography convicts. After they received sex-offender treatment in prison, 85 percent confessed to sexually abusing children. The volume of abuse was either incredible or terrifying— an average of 13 victims for each man.

Well, this is a shock to me!

The Great Equalizer – CP Conviction

It’s gotta be the most democratic, fair thing around. I mean, the military draft isn’t fair, the drug war isn’t fair, but there’s nowhere really to hide regardless of social status from a CP conviction.


Now I’m not praising this. I’m totally sad about this guy. But… it is very fair given the laws on the books.


You cannot use money to get a lesser charge as much, probably because people hate pedos so much. It’s just a guess.

But They Brought the Blacks to the Country

Neo-Confederate Bozos


Always the annoying irony is that they brought them to the US. Well, they deny it, saying the Jews brought them here, but seriously, it was these Neo-Confederate types bringing them over cause of greed and then oppressing them, even up to the 1960s. Who are we kidding here?

Any Statement on Beyond Highbrow Pinning the Owner with CP?

Nope, Jason, myself, have made no such statement on the blog. And my friend (busted for that stuff a few years ago), whom I described, lives in a faraway state, and I haven’t seen him since the 2000s.

No statement to warrant an investigation of the computer – none.

How did I find out about my friend’s conviction?

He spilled the beans about his arrest in a phone conversation. But he could have had the same conversation with his brother or anyone.

Influential White Nationalists Praised El Paso Attack

As @Robert Lindsay noted – WNs are beginning to see violence as the only way to get what they want.


Rationalizing violence

Brad Griffin, a white nationalist blogger who has been critical of terror attacks and accelerationism, still insinuated that they were inevitable going forward.

“Something like 1.25 million illegal aliens are expected to cross the border this year under the Blompf presidency,” Griffin wrote on his website “Occidental Dissent” Saturday, using a name mocking President Trump. “The vast majority of them will be released in the interior. Nothing is being done to stop it either. It isn’t really surprising that someone in Texas would be so angry about it and so frustrated by the utter worthlessness of conservatism that they would snap.”

Kevin MacDonald, an antisemitic former academic who is popular and influential with white nationalists, wrote on Twitter that he “agreed” with the El Paso suspect, based on the unverified manifesto.

“Agree with the shooter that the Dems see immigration as a path to permanent power and that pro-business elements in the GOP are cooperating,” he wrote, referring to lines in manifesto. “This won’t be last bit of violence from people concerned about the Great Replacement. Political elites are playing a very dangerous game.”

The “Great Replacement” refers to a conspiratorial belief that whites are being systematically replaced in Western countries. The suspected terrorist in Christchurch, New Zealand titled his manifesto “The Great Replacement.” The unconfirmed manifesto being investigated by police in connection with the El Paso shooting praised the New Zealand attack in its opening line.

When Adults Become Kids – Moral Ji-had-ness

Some people are obsessed with kids, so they want to boss everyone around like they do to their own kids. It’s very condescending and obnoxious. Some people might be sort of “tards” to some degree and may well be asking for this treatment, but seriously, other than maybe your roommate, it’s not anybody’s business if you’re a slob, a ne’er-do-well, a loser, etc..

Well, I would take this stuff to be out-group bullying, which, unlike kidding around with buddies, is not tolerable. It’s just disrespect plain and simple, and it warrants a reaction like the ones to Pearl Harbor or the Boston Massacre.

How did this society of “do-goody parents” come about?

Much is about PC I think. Basically, it’s a type of abusive idealism, a lot stemming from being parents too long. “Do this. Do that. Shut up etc…”

When is it justified?

Maybe with parents who smoke around children – but that’s more a matter for the cops – it shouldn’t be grounds for “holier-than-thou harassment”.

Cops Need Evidence to Bust

Casino Movie Spoiler

What’s funny about the movie Casino is how the mobsters got away for so long without cops involved at all.

And finally when they did, it took them months of surveillance of the most insane variety to finally nail them for good. For instance, they used planes for surveillance, so Nicky Sintoro would have his conversations in parking garages. The bust of course led to a purge of all those involved to get rid of eyewitnesses, such as Nicky Sintoro (Joe Pesci) buried in a cornfield alive.


Why Are People Moralfags?

Human nature operates more on fear than love. I mean, fear causes moralfagness and also racism, sexism, homophobia, you name it!

Anyway, @Robert Lindsay made some recent articles about false child-porn accusations, and this doesn’t surprise me given human nature. I can understand people wanting to protect their kids, as they are more important to them than a million dollars, BUT people go into overkill – witch-hunts if you will cause I seriously believe people get off on moral superiority.

Final Thought

Considering society operates so much on fear, it’s actually amazing (sarcasm here) that the Jews have managed to create the western multiculturalism! They have created a “fear of racism, sexism, homophobia” tyranny – which operates just like a White bigot tyranny.

Southern Appalachia Civil War: Brother Against Brother

Despite all the rebel flags – which are some “bad boy cool thing” here – actually, the majority fought for the North, with the minority fighting for the South because there simply wasn’t anything for locals, generally speaking to gain from a Southern victory. In fact, I suspect even in the Deep South (Georgia, Alabama etc.) they didn’t really want to fight for the plantation owners, but probably they were scared of a slave uprising if they didn’t!

For some history – the state of West Virginia was formed because the majority didn’t want to leave the Union. Also, Andrew Johnson was from East Tennessee (my home) and he opposed the planters because, again, despite the fact he owned slaves, he just saw the planters as oppressive to the small farmers living in his section of the state.

Snake Oil Scammers

They have and probably are now popping up with quick methods to make money on the Internet. However, they are just that – snake oil scammers – as they are simply promoting fads. Some fads I have seen in the past are “Get a Peruvian domain to increase your website’s visibility (via SEO).” or “Submit your article to Digg (with a link to your website for increased search engine visibility)”.

Anyway, with the first – the guy literally set up a tent-revival thing (a busy forum coming out of nowhere), and indeed, like with the other scammer, he had the proof, and the proof attracted the swarms of bees!

I’m not sure if I should call these people scammers, as they aren’t lying necessarily, but it’s just the promotion of passing fads. One time I even made money from them. I would increase my sites’ visibility by simply registering domains with the targeted search engine phrase. An example of this would be someone targeting “Used Cars” so they would register the domains UsedCars.Biz or UsedCars.Info.

Those method don’t work as well now; maybe they don’t work at all. Google put the hammer on this stuff, so the couple of hundred bucks a month I was making in 2011 eventually stopped.

My Advice

Don’t trust passing fads, even if they can at the moment work. Go for long-term methods. Also remember, social media and email lists are the thing now – and for the short-term future probably – and it takes money – usually a good sacrifice of it – to make money.

The Price of Black Independence in the Northern USA and California etc..


The price is simply white flight – abandonment. In fact, Yankees – Californians – don’t care about Blacks – only that they get away from them!

But what about the Civil War? I’m guessing a lot of that was a class struggle. At the time, Black slaves were the competition to free workers, so there goes the bleeding-heart argument!

Oddly enough, White Nationalists are always clamoring for Black independence when it’s only been shown to be failure, and one big example is the USA outside the South. White Nationalists, aside from the pro-Confederate psychos, simply want to get away from Blacks as much as possible!

Southern Appalachia – Integrated Paradise?

It has it’s share of racial harassment in places, but Blacks are way better off here than in the Deep South and way better off than in the North or California. The reason being is they are simply spread out and fewer in number to where White Culture can have a positive influence.

When I First Discovered Porn

This was before the internet. There were only videos and magazines. Anyway, I stumbled onto my brother’s magazines – wow! It was like finding buried treasure! It was the most fun I think I ever had, but I eventually sort of got busted as I started dialing up those 900 numbers.

Note: My brother was away at college or something at the time. Not sure of my age –  I think I was a freshman in high school – somewhere in that time.

Viewers Being Victimized by Porn

As in Jews are feeding them degeneracy -slowly turning people into stonehearted amoral monsters. People to where there is no limit to sexual fantasy and who have empathy levels akin to slaveowners (or overseers).

But whose fault is this?

The devil made them do it? What a weak answer. We know people are responsible for getting into the stuff.

Don’t Be a Bitch

Don’t be a bitch. Drive a big truck. Grow a beard. Never speak against Trump/Republicans.

All you need to survive in Tennessee! You don’t even have to really work hard cause it’s all an image anyway.

Well, it’s all about social order here, then again, I’m no advocate of being a moralfag, but this pretentious phoniness is beyond tolerable! I mean someone who shatters the glass by being a bitch/cunt could very well be one, but it might just be a person daring to be truthful.

Have conservative societies ever changed on their own?

Well, looking at the South as an example, the two big changes both occurred due to Yankee intervention.

“Poseur” Working Men

Warning: Not a Doctor, Just Play One on TV.

I might sound like an elitist asshole saying this, but I don’t think a lot of American men work as hard as Latinos. I mean, come on – to look tough, all you need in Tennessee is a 4/4 truck – preferably a monster one – and a beard. Let’s look at electric grid readers or just your typical plumber or auto mechanic. They simply aren’t doing work like illegals breaking their back all day in the hot sun.

Of course then we get into fast food, grocery stores, waiting tables, or dishwasher jobs. Again the work is nothing compared what illegals do, but they are less able to hide the “softness” cause they generally aren’t as macho as blue collar people.

Finally, you have the tons of people on welfare who literally do nothing. They’re scolded by the macho types as “drains on society,” thieves, and sissies.

But seriously, the people scolding them are not working much harder than they are. In fact, a lot of welfare types like I’ve seen on web development forums are indeed autistic people who bust their hind end doing web projects all day, normally for little or no pay! I mean time is money, right? How can someone who exerts little effort fixing a sink judge someone doing a web project?

The assumption from the blue-collars and others is that web development people aren’t doing “real work” or they’d get paid or that these people are lying and are just on cellphones, video games, and Internet all day, which is what a lot of welfare people do.

About Judging People

I can’t stand, people who sit around and judge others’ work ethic. It’s really none of their business and they seriously – as noted – have no clue as to what’s really going on. But of course, the motivation to judge is something people enjoy doing to feel superior. They get off on it!

Buying Fame?

You can do it on social media, but the question is: Has the person buying the fame paid his/her dues? You know, you gotta pay your dues to sing the blues! But I don’t really know how to pay dues, and it seems like those saying that are just haters anyway!

Well, there could actually be untalented idiots who have bought fame. I can’t think of any offhand? Know any?

But people aren’t dumb though! Even with a large bankroll, you simply can’t sell crap! In other words, something dumb isn’t going to make it, aside from some notable crappy songs that became famous (but that might be subjective).


People might follow something without much thought into what they’re following. However, to double-check this, you should check to see if boosted posts are getting positive reactions.

Whiplash – The Movie – Lessons to be Learned?

Whiplash Movie Spoiler

Never telling someone they’ve done a good job – but always with the negative? The band teacher here seems to think compliments keep people from striving toward better goals.

Is this the ultimate anti-snowflake movie? Well, it good for laughs and the only popular modern movie about jazz drumming.

Here us a highly critical article:



Why do blacks hate cops?

I mean, even ones – who are basically a-political – and live in small towns seem to.

Any ideas other there? I’d say it’s the result of racial profiling – of course, but should blacks and others – just get over it? Well, from stay in South Korea – I didn’t like racial profiling – as they had a chip on their shoulder against Americans (They assume white people are American.) – and blacks, other Asians, for other reasons.

Do anti-racists have an argument?

Sadly, they don’t. Genetics seems to be the main thing predicting behavior – but to liberals credit, the environment still plays a huge role. I mean, what kind of argument is it to say that an abused dog is going to be the same as one well treated?

But, anyhow, the genetics argument gives a green-light to some really obnoxious WNs and their persecuted movement – which is probably really persecuted – cause the establishment in the west is highly PC.

And finally, though, even if genetics plays a huge role in things – is the info being used to lovingly help people – or to flame hate? Well, of course, it’s been for the latter – cause the WN movement (or similar ones) are all about separation, venting anger etc..

The Godfather of Snowflakes

Well, Mr. Rogers and his partner in crime – Bob Ross – were certainly not poseurs or lazy by any stretch of the imagination. However, their kind personas – have labeled them responsible for a movement that some people say rewards laziness and “wanna-be-ness” under the umbrella of “you’re special”

Well, I think these two guys were misunderstood – as probably the idea is that people can find their true mark in life, with effort – but it might not be in the field they think.

But anyway, some background on Rogers – was that he was a bullied kid – and Bob Ross was former military man – sick of yelling at people.

The Unofficial Royalty

From comments on:


Quote from Yours Truly:

People called cunts or cocksuckers are just people fighting back against bullies. I mean, look all the heat I got for simply “talking back” to bigmouth wise-asses on Facebook.

The “cool crowd” is often just a bunch of stupid jerks who yap their mouth on social media and school, and everyone is too chicken to criticize them. They don’t criticize them because once your in the cool crowd, you become a guru, a new Brahman (sarcasm).

O.K., are people like me who dare to say rednecks are stupid (or maybe I would say niggas are stupid or whoever) really obnoxious and annoying, or is it that people want to punish people who don’t bow down to fake royalty?

The Decline of the Family – The Answer Isn’t Good Enough!

Conservatives are always saying this about African Americans – and while there’s a large measure of truth to it – the fact remains: African-Americans were still poor even when they had two-parent homes! In that case, what’s needed also is a large injunction of money, preferably money that’s personal (not US welfare alone). Well, that’s where the “Black a block” idea from @Robert Lindsay comes in.

Who feels the family structure in the US – is really a problem? How bad is it?

The Problem with a Black a Block


The problem with this theory is there are simply too many blacks (or other down and out races) for this to work. It might work for African Americans, but how could it possibly be implemented in Africa, India, or the Philippines?

Ideally, what you’d see – and this is actually happening now in Appalachia, my home – is that Blacks are marrying financially stronger Whites, so the kids and their ancestors are reaping/will reap dramatic benefits. In fact, it makes your heart warm – maybe more than the Grinch Who Stole Christmas!

Racist jerks have hypocritically always noted this – sort of. On Stormfront they’re always bitching about how Blacks should be grateful for being taken out of Africa. Huh? That’s funny!