Conversations with Psychos Suck, and I’m Not the Only Person to Feel That Way

This one Black guy infected with malignant narcissism terrorized these forums, and everyone hated him. It’s not about about being closed-minded or being a Normie-ass, but, you know, what’s obvious is obvious.

But I’m no fan of closed-minded people, and I like to hear new ideas, but not from obnoxious pricks.

Why Do Some Normies Seem So Stupid about Racial Matters?

The stereotype is often justified because while Normies put down White malignant narcissists (those scary skinheads, KKK, etc.) – and rightly so – they ignore the Black/Latino kind. In fact, they make excuses for the Black and Latino kind by bringing up typical liberal arguments, and of course, they don’t have to live around them anyway!

They also might think gangbangers can be cured, but if they can, then can’t these evil WNs they hate so much also be cured? The fact remains that nobody can cure these bad boys (and bad girls, if you want to be truly honest about it).

Why Are Inner Cities Infected with Psychos?

There are all sorts of arguments about IQ and the like, and that does matter, but let’s face it, one-parent homes are simply MN breeding grounds. You’ve got some truly abandoned kids, and they never learn how to be a man.


But Aren’t Normies Too Pussed Out to Change the World?

Yep, they are. But seriously, are the bold actions of malignant narcissists going to help? What did Hitler accomplish in World War II?

We need bold action to defend our White women to defend us from anarchy (Black MN)  and to defend us from Communism (Latino MN). Who’s going to do it? Some cucked-out Clark Kent Normies? No, we need a real men!

All Races Have Their Malignant Narcissists

Yep, a whole world full of Idi Amins isn’t worth saving! A skinhead wants to bullwhip an Amin into civilization, but he could use some lashes himself – LOL.

Why would MN of one race be better than from another? The fact is they aren’t!

The stereotype is that all Blacks and Jews are psychopaths, and we’ve already covered White Supremacists. If you’re going to launch a program of elimination or separation, then let’s look at unbiased stats!

I’ve seen at least two – maybe three – Black malignant narcissists. They displayed all the traits of typical White Supremacists.

One of them was trolling a forum and being obnoxious like most trolls. I felt sorry for him at first, but then his bad nature – no wait, I mean his natural manliness – lol – became obvious .


But Shouldn’t We Feel Compassion for Malignant Narcissists?

We should but they’re just not very lovable people. It would take an angel to love someone like that! Guys like me know their type, and we are scared – in a sense – of them because they’re human demons. They’re the sorts you don’t want in your personal life beyond the Internet, and you may not even want them there.

But What If They Could Be Treated?

The best idea is to just not create a kid like that in the first place. Do everything in your power not to!


Fifty-two percent of people suffering from
personality disorders achieve remission in 1.3 years of treatment (Perry & Bond 1999).

Effective psychotherapeutic interventions include confrontation (for defensive and regressive transference) supportive,
exploratory or expressive therapy and the development of a strong therapeutic alliance (TA) (Gabbard & Twemlo 1994).

Obstacles to effective treatment include poor motivation, using defensive ‘invincible armor’ of power (Clarkin et al. 1999), sadistic injury, superior IQ, lack of remorse and lack of capacity for attachment.

Positive prognostic factors include the capacity for loyalty, remnants of genuine concern for others, a sense of remorse, being gifted or talented in some life skills, being attractive, and having self discipline (Stone 1989).

As the article is stating, how can they be treated?

Well, malignant narcissists – as you can see from observations on movies and the Net – are totally brainwashed themselves, but paradoxically, they think those attacking them are “brainwashed” sheeple. What are the odds the defendants at Nuremberg felt any remorse at all?

Robert Lindsay’s Opinion on Hardcore Racists

Yep, in my opinion this seems to describe typical people on Stormfront, The Daily Stormer etc.. It describes the super-wusses and super-bitches that was talking about in other articles:

Antisocial Features

Their antisocial behaviour does not meet DSM IV criteria for Antisocial personality disorder (ASP). They are contemptuous of social conventions and show a passive tendency to lie, steal, and mismanage money.
They may commit burglary, assault, or murder and they may even become leaders of sadistic or terrorist groups.

They are capable of feeling concern and loyalty for others (Kernberg 1992) but primarily for their disciples or blind followers. They realize that others have moral concerns, but they easily rationalize their antisocial
behaviour. They are adept at avoiding  detection (Kernberg 1992, Gunderson & Ronningham 2001).

Ego-Syntonic Sadism

The ego-syntonic sadism of MN is displayed by a characterologically-anchored aggression. It is expressed in a conscious ‘ideology’ of aggressive self-affirmation.
Individuals with MN have a tendency to destroy, symbolically castrate, and dehumanize others.

Their rage is fueled by the desire for revenge. They may present with chronic, ego-syntonic suicidal tendencies, but this rarely reflects depression. They become suicidal during crises and when, as masters of their own fate, they see suicide as something triumphant (Kernberg 1992).

Paranoid Features

Kernberg (1975) believes the paranoid orientation of MN may be the basic cause of their self-inflation. The paranoid tendencies in malignant narcissists reflect their
projection of unresolved hatred onto others whom they persecute. They have a deep sense of mistrust and view others as enemies/fools or idols, either devaluing or idealizing them.

They have disorganized superegos and
consequently lack the capacity for remorse, sadness, or self-exploration. They are preoccupied with conspiracy theories. Their pathological grandiosity is a defense against paranoid anxiety. Paranoid regression in therapy can lead to episodes of psychosis (Kernberg 1975).

Teens Will Be Teens

Yeah, that’s true, but haven’t you noticed that some never grow out of the “mean spell?” They’re pricks their whole lives! This is a bad sign – the sign of a chronic wuss (malignant narcissist).

The sad thing is sometimes these people even come from backgrounds where there’s truly nothing to bitch about. Well, maybe the dad was  a wimp. Maybe the kid was teased about some features (hair, skin color) that hurt his feelings, and he couldn’t deal with it. The fact remains that the kid morphed into this super-dickhead beyond cure.

Now, myself, I never became like that – at least not to that degree. I mean, we all have a bit of anger at things that’s a bit childish. But how far does it reach?

Is Being a Dreamer O. K., or Does It Always Turn One into a Trump?

Nothing wrong with making a name for yourself, and lots of people do just that without turning into psychos. I don’t think delusions of grandeur are always signs of narcissism, at least not at a dangerous level.

The problem with malignant narcissists vs people just wanting a reward for life’s efforts is that narcissists believe they are superior to everyone. They have no humility and this mixes with their dreams of unlimited success. Elitism is the wrong attitude, but it’s an attitude often fed by life itself. Many parents think it’s perfectly normal to be a good parent.

However, this attitude often morphs into arrogance as narcissists try to parent adults, and even worse, try parent the whole society. In other words, they can’t shut up with their fucking helpful opinion on everything! Other things get throw in. The person thinks their race and social class are superior. All of these ingredients go into this “cunt soup” that forms the narcissist’s personality.

On social media you can see a lot of narcissistic preachiness, often disguised as humor. But when it’s playing 24/7 every hour on the hour, this material loses its sense of humor, and you end up wanting to smash the poster into a wall!

People Shouting Snowflake Are Indeed Snowflakes Themselves!

Yep, that’s right, another narcissist. Another psycho kid like MacCauly Culkin on The Good Son.  These super-wusses are sissies all right, but they’re no laughing matter! They might put rat poison in your food!

They’re definitely capable of plotting forms of “terrorism” against you, but often it’s just “organized verbal bullying,” but that kind of stuff can really tick people off! And worse than that, you can’t bash in the skull of the little creep who is arranging it on on his cellphone! But would it stop with just verbal stuff? Nothing’s off the table for malignant narcissists!

But the narcissist has developed a whole mythology to make himself seem cool while making you out to be an idiot. Case in point:  they will call you lazy, a wuss, and a baby, and they will happily take on the righteous causes of the White working man or even the crime fighters, as if one of these faggots would ever last one day in the police force themselves!

How Did This Arise?

Well, bad parenting by people who are obnoxious pricks themselves. Now, it’s not always spoiling per se that causes the situation because often these types are raised very strictly. However, something doesn’t get through to them when they are growing up. They don’t develop normal empathy and humility. After all, strict parenting doesn’t always create good kids. It only does if it’s done correctly.

I envision a situation where the parents try to raise a kid well, but the kids just sneak around the parents and keep acting like monsters, while the parents’ hypocrisy on moral matters doesn’t help.


We can’t rule it out but definitely they would be a huge obstacle in raising a kid who isn’t a dickhead.

China’s Virus from a Bio-Weapons Program – I Believe It!

The deadly animal virus epidemic spreading globally may have originated in a Wuhan laboratory linked to China’s covert biological weapons program, according to an Israeli biological warfare expert.

Radio Free Asia this week rebroadcast a local Wuhan television report from 2015 showing China’s most advanced virus research laboratory known the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The laboratory is the only declared site in China capable of working with deadly viruses.

Dany Shoham, a former Israeli military intelligence officer who has studied Chinese biowarfare, said the institute is linked to Beijing’s covert biological weapons program.

“Certain laboratories in the institute have probably been engaged, in terms of research and development, in Chinese [biological weapons] at least collaterally, yet not as a principal facility of the Chinese BW alignment,” Mr. Shoham told The Washington Times.

Well, if the USA has a creepy Deep State, why wouldn’t China?

And what about AIDS? Of course, that was a bio-weapon that escaped – maybe accidentally, maybe not!

500+ Years of Blacks Getting Cucked

But of course, the standard response from WNs – even @Robert Lindsay – will be “I don’t care!”   Many WNs will bring up long arguments about Muslim humiliation – anything to change the subject.

But Now

Whites are getting cucked and it’s such a shameful sight that I just want to kick one of those sissy-boys myself, frankly!!

Stand Up Comedians Laughing at Their Own Jokes

They can’t do it on stage, but that must be tough. It’s definitely an art. Anyway, someone writing a comedy book can laugh all they want but not stand-up types or maybe someone doing a comedy interview.

O.K., a similar thing would be newscasters or doctors and saying “uh.” They can’t do that. It sounds unprofessional.

Well, I don’t know, uh. Maybe you can try the new regimen, uh, but, uh, give it some days.

Today’s weather, uh, will be cloudy and rainy, uh.

About Your Rights

George Carlin: [George Carlin’s final joke] Personally, when it comes to rights, I think one of two things is true: I think either we have unlimited rights, or we have no rights at all. Personally, I lean toward unlimited rights – I feel, for instance, I have the right to do anything I please.

But if I do something you don’t like, I think you have the right to kill me. So where you gonna find a fairer f***ing deal than that? So the next time some asshole says to you, “I have a right to my opinion,” you say, “Oh yeah? Well, I have a right to my opinion, and my opinion is that you have no right to your opinion.” Then shoot the f*** and walk away!

Child Worship

George Carlin: Now, speaking of parents and speaking of bullshit, two ideas that aren’t always mutually exclusive, by the way, I’d like to mention a special kind of bullshit that has taken hold in this country in the last thirty to forty years. It’s a form of bullshit that really can only be called “child worship”. It’s child worship. It’s this excessive devotion to children.


George Carlin: I’m talking about today’s professional parents, these obsessive diaper sniffers who are overscheduling and overmanaging their children and robbing them of their childhoods.


George Carlin: Even the simple act of playing has been taken away from children, and put on mommy’s schedule in the form of “play dates”. Something that should be spontaneous and free is now being rigidly planned. When does a kid ever get to sit in the yard with a stick anymore?


George Carlin: You know? Just sit there with a f***ing stick. Do today’s kids even know what a stick is?


George Carlin: You sit in the yard with a f***ing stick… and you dig a f***ing hole. You know?


George Carlin: And you look at the hole, and you look at the stick… and you have a little fun. But kids don’t have sticks anymore. I don’t think there are any sticks left; I think they’ve all be recalled because of lead paint!


George Carlin: Who would have thought that one day, the manufacturing of sticks would outsourced to China?

Quote about Losing…_it’s_bad_for_ya!_123515

George Carlin: In today’s America, no child ever loses. There are no losers anymore. Everyone’s a winner. No matter what the game or sport or competition, everybody wins. Everybody wins, everybody gets a trophy, no one is a loser. No child these days ever gets to hear those all-important, character building words: “You lost, Bobby!”


George Carlin: “You lost, you’re a loser, Bobby!” They miss out on that. You know what they tell a kid who lost these days? “You were the last winner.” A lot of these kids never get to hear the truth about themselves until they’re in their twenties. When their boss calls them in and says “Bobby, clean the shit out of your desk and get the f*** out of here, you’re a loser.”

Get a Last Name!

George Carlin:

Here’s a group of musical vermin whose mothers we wish had had a medical plan that included abortion: these singers who think they’re so special they only need one name. Bono, Sting, Jewel, Tiffany, Prince. What a crock of shit! Get a f***ing last name, would you please?

Here’s a nice two word name for you: Pretentious Cocksucker! Huh, how do you like that, Bono? It’s not bad enough the music sucks, but with no last name, you can’t find out where these people live so you can throw a f***in’ bomb through their window! It’s frustrating.

People Aren’t Buying the Sexual Stuff, So WNs Are Shooting for Gun Owners for Societal Disruption

Nope, the long speeches about White women being raped on Stormfront aren’t reaching the masses. In fact, the only hope WNs have is the fact that red states are tipping blue, thereby endangering gun rights.

This situation could very well go into a right-wing military revolt but maybe not a White Supremacist one. WNs are taking the chance anyway.

Braveheart – Another WN Wet Dream

This is old news but this movie is so in line with WN thinking that it’s comical:  – warning: spoilers

Braveheart Movie Spoilers

You got the WN hatred of the Anglo-American thing. You know it’s all a Jewish scheme; they play England like a puppet.

You got the effeminate prince and his gay lover. Can anyone say Hollywood elite – LOL?

Most of all, you got the country invaded by a country (aka: US government controlled by Jew Media) so arrogant that the king would even suggest breeding them out – LOL.

O.K., can you say White Replacement Theory, people?


But was this stuff intentional or just a reading of history?

The “O” Movie

This seems to be a White Nationalist wet dream or White Nationalist mockery – LOL:   – warning spoilers

Movie "O" Spoilers

You got the star Black player brought into the all White team, and a Southern one at that. He gets a hot White girl – the one guys drool over. Then in his cockiness, like all those “darn Negro players,” he drives up the jealousy of his White friend, even enough so the friend plots his demise!

Finally, the whole school admin kisses Odin’s arse for the most part due to PC and the fact that he’s naturally good at sports, so it’s a struggle for his White friend to plot revenge. Oh, let’s not forget the White friend’s rejected/probably future WN troll pal who helps him scheme against the Black teen.



Fighting, Oddly Enough, Doesn’t Appease Chicken-phobes

Nope, I tried it in middle school, but maybe I wasn’t a good fighter – lol. But that wasn’t the problem. Actually, the bullies didn’t fly off until I turned into this super-daredevil willing to do anything later in high school. However, this caused me massive trouble of course, but it’s sad I could not have developed popularity without doing that.

Doing Drugs to Gain Social Acceptance

Between 2004 and 2011, researchers from the American Academy of Pediatrics followed almost 5,000 students from Alabama, Texas and California. During the study, they interviewed the students when they were in fifth grade, seventh grade, and 10th grade.

Researchers concluded that students who were bullied when they were in the fifth grade were more likely to use marijuana, alcohol, and tobacco by the time they reached 10th grade.

The whole anti-drug thing, – noble as it is – is bound for failure because just telling people to not do drugs makes no sense.

I was thinking about the singer James Taylor and the probable reason why he did drugs. Well, he’s sensitive, lanky, and probably not on the sports team, so he would have been a target for bullies UNLESS he showed them he was this badass not afraid of a heroin needle. What are the odds of getting picked on after that? For some reason, I suspect druggies are simply not bullied.

It’s all about chicken-phobia and how kids won’t tolerate anyone but daredevils and jocks.

This Is Why Sports Are So Popular in Middle/High School

Not only does it drive revenue to the school and support future college/pro players, but it’s simply a way “to show you’re not a chicken,” aside from being a daredevil (doing drugs, being the guy to pull the fire alarm etc.).

The thing is, as mentioned in another article, kids simply don’t respect anyone but jocks and daredevils. They hate introverted nerds; they hate big-mouths who haven’t proven themselves, they hate gays – have I left anyone out? It’s definitely a cruel, cruel world out there, and we can see why sports is worshiped in schools and why anti-drug and anti-bullying campaigns never work.

The Only People with Respect in Middle/High School

Generally speaking, it’s only jocks and daredevils. Even a bigmouth isn’t respected because people will just say, “Blah blah blah” and call you a cocksucker. So much for attempted extroversion.

It’s just like a prison in a way. You simply aren’t respected until you go through an initiation.  For instance, I was watching Locked up Abroad, and this woman was attacked in the prison shower (O.K., I thought the woman was hot!), and then she cut the lead bully with a razor. After that, nobody bothered her in the prison.

Will This Ever Change?

Despite the efforts of SJWs it will never change, even if the current anti-bullying campaigns keep going and there is even more racial integration. It seems ingrained in human nature – this hatred of chickens.

Doomsday Clock at 100 Seconds to Midnight

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is moving the Doomsday Clock up to 100 seconds to midnight — a metaphor for the end of the world — in a recognition of growing threats from nuclear war, climate change, and disinformation.

It is the first time the clock has passed the two-minute mark in more than 70 years of existence, a testament to the need for urgent action, the Bulletin said Thursday, as the nonprofit’s leader warned of influential leaders who “denigrate and discard the most effective methods for addressing complex threats.”

But who are these scientists anyway? You can’t trust them because they’re one of the Trump-hating anti-White groups. You don’t think they weren’t getting beat up at school along with the gays? Many are also Jews. Nerds no matter the race definitely might be a group cheering on Black cocks in the cheerleader’s mouth!

Jews Pushing Race-mixing in Porn

But that’s not saying race-mixing is wrong like, say, husband-beating is wrong, or if you’re religious, pretty much everything in porn – LOL.

Race-mixing is shown because it has a forbidden feel to it, as it’s something different, even in this day in age. And nowadays, even after years of supposed “Jewish rule,” most people still marry their own kind, even on the Left Coast.

Anyway, porn is all about becoming more and more shocking because the porn addiction demands more and more shock. That’s why so many guys are lead into CP and hence consequently end up with prison and sex offender status. Anyway, the legal stuff is still quite shocking. You’re talking about watching shit, BDSM, electric chairs, adult breastfeeding, etc..

Some preachers tried to argue Ted Bundy was led into his sex crimes as a result of porn addiction. But this has been highly questioned by psychologists, etc., I think.

Genociding the White Race?

But who is generally falling for this other than larger White women – who frankly, White guys have an unreasonable prejudice against?

Anyway, as @Robert Lindsay noted, most people choose their own kind, even with legal right to not. O.K., I admit that Jews are probably promoting race-mixing, but it never has worked. They might occasionally be able to get some thin White lady whom White guys drool over to get a Black guy, but generally it’s not the case.

Anyway, the situation before supposed “Jewish Rule” was forced segregation. In other words, if a White person were to marry, they had to marry a White person or they broke the law. That’s wrong.

The motive behind it was this “hillbilly Jim Crow” fear of rape, and note, of course, that the strongest laws were in the South. It’s because Blacks hadn’t gotten over the rape image they had after Reconstruction when the Southern Whites figured out and even witnessed that Blacks wanted to get even.

Abortion, Non-White Immigration, and the Modern Way of Life

This is pretty much doing in Whites and is a separate thing from interracial marrying/dating.

But I don’t know the solution – at least not to the modern way of life. How can you possibly have families like in the Old West?

Well, trackback on abortion, Blacks are also heavy hit by it, and that was the point of it, ironically (Margaret Sanger, etc.). So it seems like logically Jews would be against abortion for that reason! Explain that.


Typical Mean Boy Remark

You know what he said? He said, “You’re mother’s a whore and you’re a faggot.”


But did he really say that?

I think I would become the Joker after hearing that one over and over (mocking crying face).

Anyway, this is what shy kids in freshman math class get. This is what I dealt with. Huh? Stupid punk. He was one of those “cooler than thou” skateboard assholes. Also, this guy, who never let up on the bashing, was never impressed unless you became a daredevil.

So, in one class in my sophomore year, I wrote something mean on an unpopular teacher’s board, and then he was impressed and thought I was cool. In fact, in high school the only way I got out of the “hated thing” was by constantly doing dares.

So, what mean things were said to you as a youth? I’m dying to hear!!!

Why I Don’t Like the Movie “The Joker”

It’s because it’s another example of this whiny “entitlement” mentality so present in our society for many years. I mean, sometimes the compassion has to stop. O.K., the Joker had a rough life. Well, I’m just making a “mocking crying face” – Mr. Clown – LOL.

I really just don’t care about the pain of these assholes who shoot up schools and what not to get even for being bumped on the head as a baby!  I mean, the drill instructor on Full Metal Jacket was totally right on that!

Identity Politics

Yep, it’s all down with the victimization and that’s including the White kind (the Jew Card). But when’s it going to stop? After people have finally had enough of their terrorism?


Believe It or Not (Unpopular Opinion) Gawking and Crudeness Has Never Been Acceptable at School or Work.

Nope, but these netizens on these “manly” forums have been saying otherwise! But who are netizens but probably disabled people, nerds, whatever who have been flat out rejected by women! They’re rejected and picked on, and so they flirt with Nazism and other empowering philosophies to cure the pain!

Huh? I mean give me a break. You’re saying there was a mythical time where women, out of fear of men, actually put up with gawking etc.? No way. Now it may have been easier to ask for dates, but mark my word, being a creep didn’t score points, not even in the 1950s!

But What About the Cunts?

Yeah, of course, like always in history, but a lot more nowadays, there are women out to get men. However, it’s difficult to figure when that’s going on and separate that behavior from just normal female repulsion toward creeps etc..