Heinrich Himmler – by Jason


Who wants to discuss?  Some interesting points:

  • He wanted peace with the Allies and a united front against Communist aggression, as he saw the war being lost.
  • He was an agricultural student. That would feed his interest in genetics and biology and of course racism.
  • He was actually arrested – the architect and executioner of The Final Solution – by Hitler, which forced him into hiding, which lead to his arrest by the British and subsequent suicide. This happened when he asked Eisenhower for peace via a third party.
  • He built the SS from almost nothing into a force of millions of men.
  • At least one of his daughters never repented from neo-Nazi ideas and in fact aided Nazi war criminals after the war.

I can’t understand how a person can hate and be elitist as much as he was unless it’s some demonic possession. And what was the justification? He  was this simply an abnormal personality type gifted with high intelligence for planning given massive power, and we see the end result.

A Lot of People Viciously Hate Child Molesters and Pedophiles, and Courts Often Side With People Who Kill Molesters

I don’t know how much child molester-haters side with parents of victims of child molestation who take the law into their own hands and kill molesters, but this case makes it seem like it’s commonplace in the USA, or at least it was in the 80s. A post was made by a man on social media recently linking to the article above and praising the child molester killer, and it shows the contempt that culturally right-wing Americans and maybe others have for anyone even talking about pedophilia or child molestation.

Child molester Jeff Doucet and victim Jody Plauché checked into a cheap motel in Anaheim, California, just a short walk away from Disneyland. Inside the motel room, Doucet sexually assaulted his karate student. This went on until Jody asked to call his parents, which Doucet allowed. Police, alerted by Jody’s parents, traced the call and arrested Doucet, while Jody was put on a flight back to Louisiana.

Mr. Plauché, father of the victim drove to Baton Rouge Airport. He entered the arrivals hall wearing a baseball cap and a pair of sunglasses. His face hidden, he walked over to a payphone. As he made a quick call as a WBRZ news crew got their cameras ready to record the caravan of cops that were escorting Jeff Doucet out of his plane. When the procession passed by him, Plauché pulled a gun from his boot and shot Doucet in the head.

What did he get for doing that?

Plauché walked away from his murder trial with five years probation and 300 hours of community service. Before he had completed both, Plauché was already back to living a relatively normal life under the radar. He died in 2014 from a stroke when he was in his late 60s.

I also heard a more recent story that was similar. The guy who killed the child molester got a slap on the wrist.

What’s the message here? I don’t know the exact science of whatever men really feel about this sort of thing, but they should be careful what they say about the matter, and especially they should know if they do something with kids, the consequences could be fatal for the man who did it via vigilantism, and the vigilante might not be punished.


The Product in Jail is Simply the Prisoners Doing Nothing

Criminal Justice: States Profit From Prisoners, Families Pay | Time

The effect on poor families is especially harsh, Nelson says: “It’s a wife that has three children at home, and her husband is in jail, so now she has a choice: Do I send money to him so he can afford to stay in touch with the kids, or do I feed the kids?”

Inmates’ need for money is inescapable, Nelson says. Those in Northern Illinois are not issued cold-weather clothes, he says, leaving them vulnerable to frostbite unless they can get money to pay for prison-approved long underwear and boots.

The Movie “Tim” – 1979 by Jason

This film is about this older American woman falling in love with an mentally challenged Australian man half her age (Mel Gibson). While this might be a touching and interesting story on IQ and age differences being overcome, we just can’t ignore the fact that Mel Gibson is attractive to women, or at least he was at that age. In that case, it’s easy to make fun of this movie.

They could have just gotten a less attractive person – or even worse – and gotten him to fall in love with the woman. That might have seemed less fake and cheesy.

What middle class/rich women doesn’t want to fall in love with the hired help – lol? Which of them wouldn’t want to teach him to read, especially after going on beach outings where he’s strutting around in what looks like underwear?

Liking Bad Girls

Why not?  What’s so fun about dating good girls, unless you’re a bad boy?   I mean, good needs to help bad, right?  It’s just a natural dynamic.  In fact, I don’t understand how two good people could get along.   Well, maybe two bad people could get along, but it might even get boring there.  Well, definitely a pair of two bad people could be very dangerous – so it would be too unhealthy for such a pair maybe.

Prisons/Jails Charging Too Much to Contact Inmates, by Jason

Honestly, unless you had a home phone near the jail or prison, you’re looking at $300 or more a month just to have contact  your loved one on an everyday basis (maybe 3 – fifteen minute calls a day).

Anyway, jails etc. are supposed to be punishment, but we sometimes have loved ones, and we want to ease their suffering as much as possible because we love them.

Anyhow, should it be different? I don’t know. The prison system says it cares, but considering the fact that prison is punishment, it gives them a green light to be tyrannical. In fact, they even monitor your massively overcharged calls and cut off contact with you and your loved one permanently, but I don’t think this happens very often.

Anyway, for other stuff you can now send electronic emails, also charged – but not too much – and also photos, which are a little expensive.

Well, emails are O.K., but I you can’t keep a real relationship without hearing their voice.

In-Person Visitation?

It’s not allowed in a lot of the country because of COVID, so the alternative is video visits, and of course, they’re charging an arm and a leg!

Women Put Into Their Place Fantasy by Jason

I’m thinking some Black men have the notion they can put women in their place so they’re better husbands than White men, or maybe they think they’re better husbands for Black women.

Whatever the case, Black women are just as resentful of men wanting slaves as are women of other races. In fact, a relationship with a Black man where he’s wanting a slave will lead either to a divorce/break-up or literally a slave relationship with a partner that hates them.

Black men might bring this up – even knowing deep down it’s false – because they want an excuse to blame when bad things going down, and they don’t want to blame the woman. They will say the husband isn’t Black so he cannot be a good enough husband.

This notion is easily shot down because as some have said, some relationships where the Black man is with a White woman don’t work, maybe because of over-possessiveness on the part of the Black man.

As a 2nd Thought

The Black men could be just talking about being masculine, such as getting a job and manning up in general. But that has nothing to with race. There’s nothing making Black men more masculine than other men.

Playing Hard to Get is a Good Idea for Men at Whatever Stage in Relationship, by Jason

The bottom line is that you have to be able to make it to where most of the time, the woman calls you, and you’re not calling her. Also, if she’s the one calling, don’t beg her to call you too much.

When it comes down to it, this is a great way to show you have confidence – and that’s what women want – and if they don’t call to the point where it seems like they’re not interested, then just let them go.

Women Idolizing You, Then Devaluing You, Then Dumping You, by Jason

Well, this breakup recovery site – forgot the name – was saying this was evil and that sociopathic women were doing it. I disagree. It could be that women are just naturally prone to do this. They don’t have an obligation to be loyal to you like a dog once married or dating. You have to keep up your Game to  attract them. You have to man up, not be jealous from her silly “bringing up better men,” etc..

My Dad kept my mom. He never got devalued to the point of point of being dumped, though there were probably a few fights over his drinking. Anyway, the key to his success is he simply kept “manning up” up. He never cried. He never got lazy.

A lot of guys want comfort from the hurt of being dumped. They want to believe that they didn’t do anything wrong; instead the woman is a crazy loon. But what really happened? I wouldn’t know. Again, I strongly suspect the man was screwing up.  Maybe he have wrecked the finances. Maybe he didn’t work much or at all. Maybe acted emotionally weak in front of her, and women hate this, as much as they often try to deny it.

The cold, hard fact is that often keeping a woman attracted to you in a marriage – especially after times are tough – can be very hard. At times the woman loses her attraction for the man. Supposedly, marriage is something where people take vows, but we don’t live in a patriarchal society where men can expect the woman will take crap from them without a reaction. Even if we did, who would want to be with someone who really doesn’t want to be with them?

Women Making You Jealous, by Jason

On one hand, men don’t like being cucked. On the other hand, a lot of women will talk about other men to see if you get jealous.  If you get even a little bit jealous, you seem like a wuss, and the woman could lose attraction for you! In fact, they could even dump you!

Doesn’t seem fair, does it? Seems like a trap. But men go on and on about being cucked, how cucked men are despicable, and how they aren’t the type and won’t be pushed into that situation.

The advice from me, but maybe not @Robert Lindsay, is just to ignore “jealous provoking” with silence or humor. That is, if you really want the girl. If you don’t, you could move on. I think in a lot of these situations that the woman is trying to provoke you with a guy she has no actual interest in. It’s just a test from the woman.

Family Discouraging and Imposing Sanctions on Our Partners, by Justin

How arrogant is this? I mean, no matter how much they might dislike a person, the nerve to resort to this! They don’t get it!  The bad person isn’t really all that bad. But they haven’t given her/him a chance.  Also, the love felt is not logical. We could even resort to Biblical scripture to say something about this. Why should God love the rebels and downtrodden, but not us? Aren’t we supposed to follow in his footsteps?

Yeah, it’s logical to find “safe partners”. Assuming they’re not snobs who you can’t get anyway – LOL. Even if you could get them, think of how boring they would be! How uninteresting is a relationship with no drama and maybe even with someone looking down on you because you aren’t normie enough!

Anyway, our families are not the only people to try to interfere with our lives. The entity could be the government trying to make a separation – for your own good of course! It might be for the good of a third party, but despite the good intention, it’s an inhumane choice between one and the other.

NPD as Being Acceptable in a Culture

Yeah, it being acceptable in families and culture is what makes it spread, and it’s just as damaging as Covid!

Well, in many cultures, like African American culture for instance, I think the sense of entitlement and selfishness is often accepted by many  family members and is applauded. It’s seen as being tough and sticking up for your rights. But the bottom line is it’s just selfishness of the toddler variety.

Anyhow, a true study of Christianity would show this attitude is wrong and also how it can be sneaky. Some rap star acting like this is pretty much being “in the open,” but not when the family, many of whom go to church and preach to people, do the same thing!


The Confederacy Was Not a Hateful Nation?

The First Battle of Saltville (October 2, 1864) was fought near the town of Saltville, Virginia during the American Civil War. The battle over an important Confederate  saltworks in town was fought by both regular and Home Guard Confederate units against regular Union troops, which included two of the few black cavalry units of the United States Colored Troops. The Union troops were led by Brig. Gen. Stephen G. Burbridge, then commander of US forces in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Confederates murdered both black and white wounded soldiers after the battle in what has been called the Saltville Massacre.

No, it was just a nation founded on “states rights”. Slavery had nothing to do with it. White supremacy had nothing to do with it. Profit had nothing to with it.

Mental Illness As an Excuse for “Just Being Mean”

A lot of people have certain mental illnesses that need therapy and treatment. Nonetheless, the root of cause of their behaviors is just them being selfish or mean. Come on, people!

Where does this attitude come from? I think it comes from the culture but especially, more than anything, the family. If you’ve got rolemodel(s) in the family who are massively selfish, then the kids follow suit.

In other words, people might even go to church and say lots of nice things, but it doesn’t change the selfish, entitled attitude they have. They don’t think so much of Bible verses about forgiveness and love, preferring stuff where they can condemn other people.

What Can Cure This Problem?

Like the Pharisees in the Bible, such people have to truly examine what they believe to see if their beliefs are truly moral.  However, as the Bible teaches in Pharisee-related passages, they only believe what they want to believe.

Are Lower IQ People Meaner?

No, not really. Despite the arguments of racists, I simply see lower IQ people acting meaner because they chose to act mean, and it has nothing to do with IQ. There are plenty of sweet people with a low IQ and plenty of monsters with a higher IQ.

Fundamentalist Christianity has always argued that position. If morality is tied to IQ, then salvation loses a lot of meaning, right?

The bottom line is that certain people are simply selfish, probably due to a bad upbringing. According to Christian theology, selfishness is inborn due to original sin.

Where Did I Get the Idea for This Article?

Someone was arguing that low-down, trash-talking people were less educated. However, the truth is instead that people like that are usually just mean. They’re just plain and simple mean, apart from whatever education they have. A lower IQ might manifest as less scholarliness in their cussing, but rest assured, a high IQ jerk will cuss as much just the same.

They’re just mean like that Verruca Salt character in Willy Wonka – just mean, just a bad egg.

It Reads Like Stereo Instructions

This is why I hate reading textbooks on education. It might be something that has to be done, but it’s about as enjoyable as – name something?

Now, I’m not sure if a higher IQ than my 92 can enjoy reading this. I doubt it. They may get more comprehension out of it, but do they enjoy it?

Is there another way to write textbooks? What are these people thinking when they write them?

What is the Downfall of Black America Really?

Well, it would seem plausible that a breakdown in the family would cause a lot of the problems, considering that people are mostly influenced later by early childhood stimulation – as according to the Heckman Equation.

Many cultural conservatives have already been saying that.  Much has been done to help blacks and other disadvantaged groups, but maybe it’s not been enough.

The Brain – Use it or Lose It

My experience with a close relative having dementia has made me think a lot about this subject. I am now have problems forgetting things already in my 40s. One interesting notion is that the brain is like a muscle in that you have to exercise it to keep it working well. In that case, seemingly foolish things like studying advanced math or piano at middle age isn’t such a bad idea!

What stimulation does my relative get? Watching TV or talking on the phone? I’m not being mocking or disrespectful, but could that have contributed to their dementia?

The Heckman Equation

With young kids, the effect of stimulation is the most important thing affecting brain growth and nothing else does much in that regard apparently. Synapses have to be built, and this isn’t something that stops at very young ages.

Higher IQ

Well, it would seem plausible that a high IQ could come from stimulation, especially at a very young age.

The Heckman Equation

If early experiences in childhood all the way from almost conception might make us who we are now, then how does race play into this? Cultural liberals are big on “the environment,”  but to opponents  that’s ignoring biology (racists etc.), or choice. However, in the latter case, what choice do young children or babies make?

Anyway, it’s of my opinion race would matter but would be dwarfed by environmental factors in early childhood. What about environmental stuff later in life? That could be too late in the game, hence why cultural liberals, etc. are so cynical of efforts to help the poor.

The Cop-Out of Eugenics

Why focus so much time on getting rid of so-called bad genes when no attempt is made to help the children of the disadvantaged? Is that moral or ethical? What if it boils down to sterilization and abortion directed at certain groups or worse?  We know what we’re talking about here!

It’s unbelievable whole masses of people or even nations have subscribed to just saying “fuck em” and not even bothering to help what is seen as the weak.

Support for the Heckman Equation

There’s quite a bit of support for it at least in the US, as many governments other than our own don’t mind spending billions to keep from having to spend trillions for future problems.

Slave Driving Under Capitalism and Other Things

Upset cause your boss is so mean?  He has to be that way cause he’s under pressure from whose above him.

Upset cause people are making the world into a gold-digging rat race?   Well, that’s just human nature – whether it be the Wall Street guy, the internet marketer, the guy wanting more promotions, the guy wanting a more college education.  It’s not the way it should be, but that’s a religious problem.

Tribal “Honor Culture” is Simply the Only Bearable Life for a Male

Being a coward is simply a life not worth living. People can’t understand gang warfare in the inner city or American Indian tribes fighting or the Middle Ages because they think, “Why?”.    However, the answer has already been said.

Well, there is a third way to get out of both. In other words, cowardice without getting cucked. That would be the guy spending most of his life in shallow relationships, with hookers, or looking at porn.

However, sure enough, once that guy gets a relationship with a woman, he will be massively cucked because he won’t get hero-admiration from her. She might think she can change him, though. But that will make for hellish years of cucking – the worst mental pain you can get.

My Mom Worshiped the Ground My Dad Walked on

Why was that? I don’t know. I do know he was on a championship American football team (Well, before blacks could play LOL). Anyway, the point being is that my mom mentioned my late dad as “her warrior”.  That pretty much says it all, and note, they never divorced, and were happily married for at least 40 years.

Anyhow, the point being is that my dad pushed the right button with my mom, and that’s the button you  need to win your crush or keep your relationship in a respectable mode.

Incels Don’t Stand a Chance

These video game playing, autistic boys don’t because like other males, they cannot get hero worship from women, possibly cause they don’t know what buttons to push to get it. Well, maybe they could try out for American football or something, but I’m guessing these types aren’t fit for it. Well, maybe they could get into music. Weezer are nerds, but so what?

All women don’t want sports or music types. They might want someone to stand up for their child. However, most guys simply don’t – without a private investigator – know the personal details of their crushes.

Creeps, Pervs, Players Cannot Gain Hero Worship from Women

I don’t think a lot of them really can. Perhaps a situation comes about where the women keep cucking them all the time, and they just say “Fuck this” and then go on to another sucker.

I would think women want loyalty from a man. They’re not going to get it from creeps, pervs, and players.

Now I’m thinking guys who try to stay loyal to a woman and aren’t the three groups I mentioned but cannot gain hero status with a woman will be cucked, and they won’t be able to escape it by going somewhere else. It’s pretty Hellish really.


The Woman’s Hero Credit Card

The guy who has a special place in the woman’s heart can get away with murder at times. They can do this and all she’ll say is, “Well, I guess I can forgive him.”.

However, what guy isn’t the coward and can win her heart totally? Hey, I’ve seen it before.  I’ve seen how women crawl the floor before certain men simply cause in their mind, they are the man who will stand up for them.

It’s really as simple as the movie The Three Amigos or Back to the Future, as corny as that sounds.

The “Being Civil” Cunts

Nope this group is warned about by many – and even in the Bible.  In fact, it says in the Bible to avoid choosing riches, your family over the truth and hints against choosing other idolizing things.

Well, it’s easy to see how many could fall into the trap of serving other Gods, especially your family – cause those cunts will certainly put a guilt trip over you as being “an ungrateful child”.

Well, anyway of all the bitches, the normie ones described are the worst ones by far.  It’s because your so glued-in to these creeps, as noted – via family obligations.  However, honestly who wants to be obliged to these preachy, bossy roaches?

We’re Cunts – So What of it?

Yeah, a whole group on Facebook are cunts, but what of it?  Well, I guess it depends on which group of cunts.   The Trump ones are sort of dig in a way – but I don’t really like them.   The other ones I totally sympathize with a lot of their psychopathic ramblings – cause honestly, it’s from the heart and it’s often the truth.  Well, the truth isn’t coming from the Trump crowd.

South Korea – US Relationship – Massive Cucking Scene

Well, it’s kind of like with women.  The bottom line, the US won’t solve the major issue to South Korea’s heart – the reunification of the nation.  That’s why they cuck Americans right and left with insults like “Bin Laden”.  Yep, to be the hero there and be American, you’d have to solve the hero’s quest – or you’re going to be cucked -and especially if you can’t please them in other ways also (be a successful teacher etc..).

Myself, I was a teacher there – and subject to horrific abuse.  Well, I had my pleased and unpleased students – but even the pleased ones were probably nice to me in class, but deep down they wanted to cuck that American rat inside me.