Alt Left: Why Are Political Agendas in the US Pushed Too Far?

Back in the day, segregation was so severe Blacks and Whites had to use separate water fountains and separate bibles at court.

However, that injustice is a far cry from today, where “letting kids go trans,” a liberal injustice, is celebrated. It seems like political movements have to push things to the extreme when the voting base is more moderate.

For instance, now I heard some of the GOP, hopefully a minority, want to give states the rights to decide on the mater of interracial marriage, but why? That stuff is so out of touch with modern life, and plus who qualifies as what race? Obviously this is some rightwing fringe extreme thing to lower Democrat birth rates, but that’s a lost battle already anyway.

Now going back to the liberal side, you surely can’t criticize Blacks for crimes or hold them totally accountable in the media, like the situation where the Uber driver was murdered in PA. On top of that, Blacks have to be pushed in everything beyond the point where it’s cute like it used to be, to where it seems like an agenda is being forced.

What role does rubbing it in play in the trend toward political extremism? How much is practical? Are the concerns of trans kids reasonable? Is it reasonable to make the USA seem like a totally 100 percent mixed and/or Black nation when it isn’t?

Alt Left: Alabama Passes Strong Anti-Trans Legislation


And this is wrong? Well, Alabama and the South does get a well-earned reputation for being anti-progressive, but in this case, liberals have pushed things too far.

We shouldn’t take what youth say seriously anyway. They don’t really know what they’re talking about when they dabble in trans or whatever trend du jour. Surely, the law shouldn’t allow doctors to butcher them up, especially considering that it’s quite  obvious that transsexualism is a mental illness.

Wait, that’s not a modern thing to say!

The WWII German Economic Model

Yeah, Adolf Hitler, as the Peru Prime Minster noted, did put Germany on steroids. Basically, he was pumping up the economy just like Roosevelt was doing in the US, probably with way more power considering Hitler was a dictator, not just someone who needed Congressional approval.

There’s more to it than it seems. Germany is massively lacking in the natural resources needed for empire. It’s no wonder they’re having a rough time now with sanctions on Putin. I think that’s why Hitler really wanted Russia, not just for insane racial reasons. The racism was just an excuse.

There’s even more to the story. World War II could have possibly been won by the Allies in two years, not four, if it weren’t for Japan. Germany knew two-front wars were tough, so they set one up for the Allies too. But it wasn’t enough to stop American economic power overall, which finally caved in the Axis.

Peru’s Prime Minister Cites Hitler as a Model


Now, when did these Latin Americans start becoming so brutally and comically honest?

“I’ll give you an example,” Torres said. “Italy, Germany were just like us, but on one occasion, Adolf Hitler visits Northern Italy, and Mussolini shows him a highway built from Milan to Brescia. Hitler saw that, he went to his country and filled it with highways, with airports. He made Germany the leading economic power in the world.”

The prime minister’s comments, following a series of political scandals in Peruvian President Pedro Castillo’s ever-changing cabinet, led to swift condemnations from the German and Israeli Embassies in Peru.

Alt Left: What Can I Say?

Is this a good assessment or what?

Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council who also previously served as the country’s president and prime minister, wrote in a post on Russian social networking site that Russia has been “the target of the same mediocre and primitive game” since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

“This means that Russia must be humiliated, limited, shaken, divided and destroyed,” Medvedev wrote, saying if Americans succeed in that objective, “here is the result: the largest nuclear power with an unstable political regime, weak leadership, a collapsed economy and the maximum number of nuclear warheads aimed at targets in the US and Europe.”

Alt Left: Jamaica Wants to Dump the Crown

Actually, it’s about time. All the woke stuff isn’t bad. Why should the population have a sense of nostalgic fondness of bull-whippings? 

This isn’t the same as repartitions, which is what they are also demanding. However, this particular demand is highly reasonable.

John Cleese’s Humorous Take on Repartations

Technically, he’s right. However, that doesn’t mean I would support Confederate monuments because those monuments are all about rubbing it in, putting salt on a wound.

Anyway, the Woke generation won’t tolerate the truth about repartitions because anything not cow-towing to “protected groups” isn’t allowed. But you can abort protected groups.  That’s totally fine and should go along with the Nazi SS ideology perfectly.

Kremlin TV Takes on Schwarzenegger’s Remarks

Some harsh words. How do you all feel? First of all, Schwarzenegger went after Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, but at least with this message he might reach some pro-Russians but not die-hard supporters of Putin.

Alt Left: It’s Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Of course, as noted in another article, only hate sites will emphasize the stories.    Well, the ones with adults, of course.  However, it seems like a lot of stories with children or babies dead do get emphasized.   A lot of the stories just happen to involve blacks.  It would be sad if the masses put two and two together, but they just might.  Look for stories about child abuse deaths and outright killing of children.   The net is flooded with them.   Does anyone feel blacks do more of it than other races?  I don’t know.  It would take some research.

Alt Left: Only Hate Sites Will Emphasize Stories Like That

Note, I don’t like racial profiling either, I experienced so much in South Korea. Nonetheless, the real news isn’t getting emphasized. It’s reported but it’s not emphasized. If it was emphasized, I’m sure African Americans, as a group, sadly enough, would be demonized – just like Putin is.

Well, the upside of a truly fair press, might be that certain groups would have to “get their act together”, no matter how painful. It’s kind of like how Germans would had to deal with the holocaust and Nazism, once it was finally shown to them in full glory, not hidden via German propaganda.

How do you all feel about a really fair press? What effect would it have on western society?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m sure the press was biased in favor of racism back in Jim Crow days. I mean, if everyone is convinced blacks are savages prone to crime, wouldn’t that be tough on blacks that were trying to overcome that image?


Alt Left: Putin Quoting Jesus at Pro-Russian Rally

The problem with this thing is that everybody seems to want to use Christianity for their own cause. Of course, anti-Putin people will mock this because they will just point to all the dead children or something.

Anyway, though, as I was saying, this thing is massively subjective. One man’s bully is another’s hero.  Is there anything new here? You can even easily find people on any hate site that would glorify Hitler and claim he was persecuted by Communists and Jewish bankers. Well, that was Hitler’s explanation for why the Soviet Union and the west came after him as allies. Oh, poor old Hitler.

Anyway, though, as a side note, though, anyone championing traditional values is hated, though. If any leader came out there and championed traditional Bible values – not one’s watered down, mind you, they’re going to be hated. In that case, a Pat Robertson presidency would be little different than Putin in many aspects.

Well, is Putin a white supremacist, even though white nationalists root for him? No, not in the real sense. He just seems like some macho type with Ronald Reagan values. However, those guys are on the chopping block – because it doesn’t go along with the hyper-sensitive PC agenda these days.

Alt Left: NWO Making Americans Soft No Matter the Race, by Jason

Of course, idea can be expanded to Canada and other western nations. Anyway, there is a difference between someone who is empathetic toward the persecution of various groups and someone who is “being punked.” There is a difference in someone who recognizes they have weaknesses like depression or heart disease and someone who is just some “pathetic softy.”

Anyway, the NWO does not want people, especially males, to have any balls. They don’t want wholesome solutions to disease or mental illness. They don’t want common-sense, reasonable, “good for all” solutions to social justice problems.

There is this idea that the white western male is being, in particular, targeted with this “soft rape.” However, the reality is that all people, including Blacks, even though there has been a movement to portray Black males etc. as super-macho while White males are idiots, have been fed soft poison. I think this motive is simply to destroy the power structure, but it is misleading as to reality.

Blacks are very tough group.  Nonetheless, how tough are they really? Would the average Black seem significantly more macho than an average White? Well, in many aspects, Blacks and Whites are both being made weak by a society the promotes softness.  How could Blacks escape this propaganda, etc.?

A Solution For the Ukraine and Other Eastern Bloc Nations

This might seem chickenfeed to some American patriots, but why shouldn’t Ukraine be neutral like Austria was in the first Cold War. The same situation should also be true for Poland and other areas. Otherwise, there’s going to be risk of nuclear war. As I said in another post, what were they thinking when they were “rubbing it in” taking advantage of the Soviet Union’s fall by pushing NATO eastward?

But nobody likes to be colonized. Indeed, many Poles, Ukrainians, and other East Europeans might relish the idea of getting back at Russians by joining NATO. It’s their way of asserting real independence. Nonetheless, there ares fantasies of independence and then there there is actual reality of it. Two different things.


Alt Left: Big Nations Are Victims Too

Big countries want their sphere of influence. They don’t want to be “assumed to be defeated”. For instance, the Soviet Union went down, and the US was “so convinced of its defeat” it expanded NATO to Poland and lately tried to even get Ukraine.

However, what were we thinking when we thought Russia wasn’t coming back? You mean a nation that’s the largest in the world with massive natural resources – especially petroleum?

Small nations like Ukraine have rights. They are independent nations. What good is their independence, if it isn’t real sovereignty? Nonetheless, in reality, total independence of smaller countries is only on paper. In fact, even big nations that lack nukes or enough nukes (Brazil, India) simply are going to have choose sides with some bigger nations as big brothers.

Anyway, most Americans don’t like Putin’s aggression; the problem is that Ukraine is as far away as Vietnam, and unlike in the Vietnam War, this conflict is going to massively sink the US economy further than what is going on now via massive inflation and gas prices.

I’m reminded of the movie Air Force One with Harrison Ford with the angry Russian pissed off cause his homeland was reduced to nothing. Well, that man is back.

Alt Left: Confederate Monuments? – by Jason

The Costs of the Confederacy | History | Smithsonian Magazine

Should they stay or should they go? Well, the cost over one decade was 40 million dollars. Is that worth the price for what many say is glorification of the pro-slavery regime? Fans of the Old South claim it was about states’ rights. Was it? It was only  states’ rights when it served the purpose of slavery. It’s kind of like with this trucker protest where people favor blocked convoys  only when it matches our ideology.

Anyway, why should barbarism be glorified?  Why not erect statutes to the Barbary Pirates and all that White slavery going on for centuries? We can honor Rome to some extent – because as with the Founding US Fathers, Rome was not only about slavery, though slavery played a huge role in building up the respective empires/nations.

Again, why should Confederate stuff or other barbaric things be glorified in the public sphere with public money? That’s not saying people shouldn’t be free to do what they want with private money and with private land, vehicles etc. That would be an attack on freedom of speech and impossible to police anyway – even if might be a good idea otherwise.

We have had enough of PC police! But seriously, how can US society justify satisfying the wet dreams of these silly old men (civil war re-enactor types) with $40 million each decade. Not to mention that major cities are full of Blacks. Or that’s a “moral eyesore,” except if you think antebellum world was “that bad.”

Now, on my social media account, I have been getting all this Confederate stuff, so I can stroll thru comments and see “the real deal with these people.” Yeah, they’re on Cloud 9 alright. I would put them up there with people taking acid. They’re just not living in reality. The actual reality of slavery was too harsh to bear – something along the lines of pre-Revolution Haiti.

The 2nd freedom fighters after the American Revolution? Really?  What about the freedom of the slaves? Why can’t anybody see the elephant in the room?


Alt Left: The Cultural Left Dictating Team Names

The new name for Washington is now Washington Commanders, not Redskins, seen as a racial slur. Is this a good thing or no? Well at the least, they could have chosen Washington Warriors or Washington Presidents. In fact it seems like most Washington fans hate the new name, which they say is for a kids’ or minor league team.

Anyway, the first victim of this was the Cleveland Indians, now Guardians, who according to many have a terrible new name.

Nonetheless, we have to admit time is at least far removed from minstrel shows or lynching picnics. Nonetheless, things have swung comically too sensitive lately. Is there a balance?

Alt Left: Attachment Disorders with Children and Crime by Jason

Much is made about being gung-ho on crime and punishing “the bad guys,” but it’s not so black and white. The actual truth is that people are “abused as children and then punished as adults.” It’s the truth, not some softy talk.

However, it seems like some people don’t believe people were abused to the point where what they do doesn’t warrant harsh punishment. Nonetheless, I can see where people are coming from. Some people are “abused so much that it is beyond repair, but, yes, they were abused.” The situation is really sad and it’s tough on society to figure a solution to people who seem to have no conscience.

Anyway, at a lower level, I believe a lot of society destruction comes even from people who aren’t full-blown psychopaths. A society with any sort of parental dysfunction is automatically a worse society. Simply put, kids need good role models and loving discipline from two parents or even one parent, and if the latter, a strong support system to make up for the lost parent.

Heinrich Himmler – by Jason

Who wants to discuss?  Some interesting points:

  • He wanted peace with the Allies and a united front against Communist aggression, as he saw the war being lost.
  • He was an agricultural student. That would feed his interest in genetics and biology and of course racism.
  • He was actually arrested – the architect and executioner of The Final Solution – by Hitler, which forced him into hiding, which lead to his arrest by the British and subsequent suicide. This happened when he asked Eisenhower for peace via a third party.
  • He built the SS from almost nothing into a force of millions of men.
  • At least one of his daughters never repented from neo-Nazi ideas and in fact aided Nazi war criminals after the war.

I can’t understand how a person can hate and be elitist as much as he was unless it’s some demonic possession. And what was the justification? He  was this simply an abnormal personality type gifted with high intelligence for planning given massive power, and we see the end result.

A Lot of People Viciously Hate Child Molesters and Pedophiles, and Courts Often Side With People Who Kill Molesters

I don’t know how much child molester-haters side with parents of victims of child molestation who take the law into their own hands and kill molesters, but this case makes it seem like it’s commonplace in the USA, or at least it was in the 80s. A post was made by a man on social media recently linking to the article above and praising the child molester killer, and it shows the contempt that culturally right-wing Americans and maybe others have for anyone even talking about pedophilia or child molestation.

Child molester Jeff Doucet and victim Jody Plauché checked into a cheap motel in Anaheim, California, just a short walk away from Disneyland. Inside the motel room, Doucet sexually assaulted his karate student. This went on until Jody asked to call his parents, which Doucet allowed. Police, alerted by Jody’s parents, traced the call and arrested Doucet, while Jody was put on a flight back to Louisiana.

Mr. Plauché, father of the victim drove to Baton Rouge Airport. He entered the arrivals hall wearing a baseball cap and a pair of sunglasses. His face hidden, he walked over to a payphone. As he made a quick call as a WBRZ news crew got their cameras ready to record the caravan of cops that were escorting Jeff Doucet out of his plane. When the procession passed by him, Plauché pulled a gun from his boot and shot Doucet in the head.

What did he get for doing that?

Plauché walked away from his murder trial with five years probation and 300 hours of community service. Before he had completed both, Plauché was already back to living a relatively normal life under the radar. He died in 2014 from a stroke when he was in his late 60s.

I also heard a more recent story that was similar. The guy who killed the child molester got a slap on the wrist.

What’s the message here? I don’t know the exact science of whatever men really feel about this sort of thing, but they should be careful what they say about the matter, and especially they should know if they do something with kids, the consequences could be fatal for the man who did it via vigilantism, and the vigilante might not be punished.


The Rich and Upper Middle Class are Racist and at the Least Classist, by Jason

Yep, they are. Not sure if all of them are, though, but we can be assured a lot are, maybe most. They spend their spare times when not working at either the job they worked hard to get at or just have as some bi-product of being rich trampling on the weak, who they think are some of the following or all: cowards, lazy, thieving, ugly, unhygienic, drug using, liars.

Of course, those in the classist camp won’t blame it on race, but rest assured, a lot of them are also racist whether they admit or not.

Of course, you can’t actually accuse these people of being what they are. They will say you’re some whining victim, a sissy.

It’s obvious what these snobs are, but it seems like they themselves can’t see it.

But who’s really the wuss, when it’s them who hunt down the helpless like rats, all the while, making some false illusion that the weak are wimps who haven’t tried hard enough in life, otherwise they would be snobs like they are.


Life is Tough – Especially Now with High Prices on Food and Gas, by Jason

Yep, no doubt about it in the USA. Does anyone think the US is headed toward being like Latin America? I suppose the privileged groups in the US will now be making stronger excuses, like the Latin American ones, on how the poor people are drug using, thieving, lazy scum, their problems are deserved, and if they whine about it they’re communists or pansies.

The Product in Jail is Simply the Prisoners Doing Nothing

Criminal Justice: States Profit From Prisoners, Families Pay | Time

The effect on poor families is especially harsh, Nelson says: “It’s a wife that has three children at home, and her husband is in jail, so now she has a choice: Do I send money to him so he can afford to stay in touch with the kids, or do I feed the kids?”

Inmates’ need for money is inescapable, Nelson says. Those in Northern Illinois are not issued cold-weather clothes, he says, leaving them vulnerable to frostbite unless they can get money to pay for prison-approved long underwear and boots.

The Movie “Tim” – 1979 by Jason

This film is about this older American woman falling in love with an mentally challenged Australian man half her age (Mel Gibson). While this might be a touching and interesting story on IQ and age differences being overcome, we just can’t ignore the fact that Mel Gibson is attractive to women, or at least he was at that age. In that case, it’s easy to make fun of this movie.

They could have just gotten a less attractive person – or even worse – and gotten him to fall in love with the woman. That might have seemed less fake and cheesy.

What middle class/rich women doesn’t want to fall in love with the hired help – lol? Which of them wouldn’t want to teach him to read, especially after going on beach outings where he’s strutting around in what looks like underwear?

Liking Bad Girls

Why not?  What’s so fun about dating good girls, unless you’re a bad boy?   I mean, good needs to help bad, right?  It’s just a natural dynamic.  In fact, I don’t understand how two good people could get along.   Well, maybe two bad people could get along, but it might even get boring there.  Well, definitely a pair of two bad people could be very dangerous – so it would be too unhealthy for such a pair maybe.

Prisons/Jails Charging Too Much to Contact Inmates, by Jason

Honestly, unless you had a home phone near the jail or prison, you’re looking at $300 or more a month just to have contact  your loved one on an everyday basis (maybe 3 – fifteen minute calls a day).

Anyway, jails etc. are supposed to be punishment, but we sometimes have loved ones, and we want to ease their suffering as much as possible because we love them.

Anyhow, should it be different? I don’t know. The prison system says it cares, but considering the fact that prison is punishment, it gives them a green light to be tyrannical. In fact, they even monitor your massively overcharged calls and cut off contact with you and your loved one permanently, but I don’t think this happens very often.

Anyway, for other stuff you can now send electronic emails, also charged – but not too much – and also photos, which are a little expensive.

Well, emails are O.K., but I you can’t keep a real relationship without hearing their voice.

In-Person Visitation?

It’s not allowed in a lot of the country because of COVID, so the alternative is video visits, and of course, they’re charging an arm and a leg!

Women Put Into Their Place Fantasy by Jason

I’m thinking some Black men have the notion they can put women in their place so they’re better husbands than White men, or maybe they think they’re better husbands for Black women.

Whatever the case, Black women are just as resentful of men wanting slaves as are women of other races. In fact, a relationship with a Black man where he’s wanting a slave will lead either to a divorce/break-up or literally a slave relationship with a partner that hates them.

Black men might bring this up – even knowing deep down it’s false – because they want an excuse to blame when bad things going down, and they don’t want to blame the woman. They will say the husband isn’t Black so he cannot be a good enough husband.

This notion is easily shot down because as some have said, some relationships where the Black man is with a White woman don’t work, maybe because of over-possessiveness on the part of the Black man.

As a 2nd Thought

The Black men could be just talking about being masculine, such as getting a job and manning up in general. But that has nothing to with race. There’s nothing making Black men more masculine than other men.


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