Independent Left journalist in California. Aging roué, lumpen trustafarian in a shackteau, slumming it up in the barrio. Revolutionary, patriotic Leftist, Christian, liberation theology, replacement theology.
Education: BA Journalism (California State University, Long Beach, 1980), MA Linguistics (California State University, Fresno, 1994).
Politics: Green Party, Communist Party USA, Democratic Party.
Generally, topics are focused through a progressive yet heterodox lens.
Discusses race a lot – if it bugs you, don’t read. Overview of my views on race can be seen in this interview here.
I have been called a liberal race realist. Liberal race realism has been described as “a dash of race realism, positive White racial identity, the leftist view of American history, anti-racism, and a base of liberalism.”
I strongly dislike the politically correct, Cultural Marxist, Identity Politics Western New Left. I hearken back to an earlier Left that did not shy from cultural critique, particularly of backwards and reactionary cultures.
I would like to clear up my views about race and intelligence. There are presently differences in average intelligence between the races. I do argue that IQ tests are an accurate measure of intelligence.
On the Woman Question, I am an equity feminist in the Daphne Patai , Camille Paglia and Nadine Strossen mold – all’s fair in love and war. I participate in a lot of pro-woman campaigns, mostly around economic and abortion rights issues.
On the other hand, I am also a masculinist: I am a man, and I must be for myself. As a masculinist and a devoted libertine, I am opposed to gender feminism and radical feminism.
Notorious provocateur and iconoclast, smashes all party lines.
Presently channeling Andy Kaufman, Tony Clifton, Lenny Bruce, Ambrose Bierce, Mark Twain, H.L. Mencken, Kinky Friedman, Hunter S. Thompson and Wally Gator.
Shoot first!
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  1. Like your site. I’m a US citizen an a UK citizen living in Spain on an olive farm. Share many of your views.
    Don’t get mad when I say this, but the US has not exactly been popular during the Bush years. My family in the US says this means the rest of the world hates Americans – patently untrue, imho. The ‘rest of the world’ as I know it, likes/doesn’t like individual Americans that they meet – but really don’t like any country (incl the US) running roughshod over other countries. It’s too late for an empire.
    My question is – do you see the US entering a more liberal era under Obama? People in Spain are very hopeful, as am I!

    1. I didn’t like Bush’s imperialism, patriot-act and possible complicity in the 9-11/WTC attack, but he more or less the average citizen alone, unlike Obama who is an unbending Marxist who wants to micromanage our lives and not only secures our borders, which is his constitutional obligation, but he actually sues Arizona when AZ passed legislation to protect itself from the “invasion” from Mexico. He seems also to be purposely desroying our economy, private enterprise and seems to hate America himself. He may not have even been born in the U.S. and he’s the first and only president to have his college-records sealed. Obama is evil, a liar, an idealog, inexperienced and imcompetent. He’s arrogant, he disregards the constitution which he swore to follow and protect in his inaguration-oath and he seems not to give a shit what the majority of Americans think or want. He cannot talk impromptu, he always needs a teleprompter. He will surely go down as the very worst president in American history. He also is ignoring Judge Vincent’s who has ruled Obamacare unconstitutional, Obamacare is a shitty bill, don’t talk about wonderful socialized medicine, yes, it works in small homogenous countries with honest, transparent governments who do NOT have millions of illegal leaches sucking the system dry. Obama sucks, he is destroying our economy,

        1. Back when usenet usegroups were in their heyday, there was a racist named “Earl Turner” that would troll the African American forum. I wonder if it’s the same guy. This was like 15 years ago.

        2. @earl I have noticed that conservatives are the same way. I have no official political view. I am just intelligent and observe and analyze what I see and what i see is that all parties hate the opposite of their party and usually react the same.

        3. That could be right winged, yes, but the question is: is it wrong?
          Hasn’t Obama lied to America?
          You now have more soldiers in Afghanistan than before, and he promised to pull you out immediately! What promise did he ever keep or achieved?
          Wasn’t America more popular only among rotten jealous societies in old Europe? Weren’t they once loose arrogant superpowers with genocidal tendencies towards those weaker than they? And yet America stood alone as superpower.
          If you are liked amongst the likes of them, what does that tell about you?
          Would you have ever imagined USA could ever have a president someone that one day would accept publicly a prestigious international prize for doing… absolutely nothing!?
          How much would such a person do for America?

        4. i am a young 21 year old who has aspergers and i want to be friends with you because you are my hero and i am a red tory with distributist and anarchist leanings who has sympathy with the alt left and if you want to know what a red tory is just look it up on wikipedia and i live in walls,mississippi at 6795 black oak drive if you want to visit me.

      1. Some truth from Kenneth. Except, believing in any politician is ill advised. The Felony organized, warrantable, Heterophile Bloodsucking Murder-Attempted Murder Fake-Medicine/Racial-group-Medicine, made by the State together with Favored racial-private states, and Religious-States/states, Capital Offenses: is the basis of the masses and the basis of ObamaCare. It is, Suck Human Blood by Heterophile for “Redistribution of Wealth”; being the targeted attack made to reduce the life of an individual innocent child, or mature, alone and in need. That’s the hard, cold, fact.
        But it also started with Ben Wolf Dog Franklin, the Incest-Deformity defective-cranial-geometry, canker-Splay-eyed/Side-eyed; eye holes in his skull defectively evolved closer to the eyes of the skull, like a dog. And they all like a dog and like Attack Dogs-Racial Cops-Judges Mommy Money. Franklins’ own racial-cranial person is found in each and every sadist-parasite murderer executed in any U.S. Federal Penitentiary. Franklin was “pacified by being comfortably ;legalized and popularized”. Franklin, the first U.S. Legalized Opium and hard chemical drugs User and Purveyor: organized the murder of George Washington by leeches. That did not matter much to people though, because both Ben Franklin and George Washington were and are the specific families of the Incest-deformity “Two Toes Joined As One Toe-Deformed” polyglot breeding defective network. That is most prominently known to be the person of Josef Djugaashvilli Stalin, the murderer dog lover together with Beria, Marx, and Lenin, and probably Rockefeller and Roosevelt with them being that. Truth. {*Also see; the same of the specific physical families of both Bill and Hillary Clinton.}
        World War 1 continues today; because the Kaiser then was born Incest-deformed, “withered arm”; the Queens of the British Isles and others are Incest-deformity family product; and all are The Enforced Racial-Polyandric Law State. All pesons operating the Supreme Court of the U.S. and other States are “Racial-Polyandric”. [That’s why Marchione of Fiat, goes to his own racial-polyandric/racial-prostitution and Users, at Amsterdam Incorporation. Until ya’ll cause that Fiat is Forced Divestiture of Ferrari, Masertati, Lancia, and Alfa.]. U.S. Law, being the mass and the masses; being entirely “Shrink-Racial forcing Racial-Pharma-Dope”; {forcing children now to take Thalidomide for “health improvement”; being actual Felony hyper-psychotic-mimicry at medicine}: enforces and moves only for the Enforced Racial-Polyandric Law State. Their participants are actually strict Capitalist, Socialist, Religionist, Artist, Lawyerist, Social-Workerist, Medicalist: and they Tout a falsified opposition to each other. Bush, Obama, and Paul are opposed to each other; but they are each Methodist in Wales, and Catholic in Deutschlander: and they operate only for that. Their hyper-psychotic-mimicry/legalized sadist-parasite hyper-agitation, says all the perfect words, as capitalists, socialists, establishment, revolutionaries, artists, musicians, mediaphiles, business Ratings developers, etc.. Their own Nobel Peace Prize Love hysteria Wannabe Fake-Asians recently Melted-Down Asia again resulting from their own specific cranial-defective designs at hardware. They got there empowered to do that by Falsified Macro-Business and Sovereign Credit Capacity. That’s Blaringly exemplified by the Parsis TATA, who acquired Jaguar on Fake Bribes Money legalized and internationalized. What are Parsis? Parsis are fake-asians, fake-persians, zoroastrians: and they feed all of the dead bodies of all their families to “Special Religiously Inspired Carrion Creatures”; at India Western-racial/Socialst-Capitalist-racial Government of India Protected Sites located physically at Bomb Bay, Delly, Bangalore, Calcutta, Chennai, and elsewhere. Strict Truth of these acts. You know they really want to get bombed, and you all bombed with them. The Los Angeles Health Department is going to Love the, as they are immigrants having Thefted Indian/Asian/Hindu hereditary family names.
        Adolf Shekelgrubber Hitler the Nazi was Parsi-family-racial, and actually deutschlander-catholic-racial; an that’s why he selected the Asian swastika. All Parsis get kicked out of Asia, during bad time; and they all go home to Israel to be Jews, and British Isles to be Jews, catholics, prostuteants and Media Lovers, and elsewhere.
        Basically, Mohammad Atta can keep his own Jewish/Catholic/Prostuteant Mother; and that same mother being Cuomo RAW, Chris Christie RAW, Corzine RAW, Clinton RAW, Paul RAW, Kurt Cobaine RAW HERO, fake Blondes Raw, Fake Blue Eyes RAW, etc..
        The hyper-psychotic-mimicry “Research”. says that all blue eyed people came from one blue eyed person who “Mutated”. What a bunch of crap. They have not yet told you what identifies the chemical DNA color “blue”, and then what makes that specific chemical only attack to one family at one specific location. Blue eyed families were independently originated at numerous different locations on Earth. They also do not need the Masonic Lodge Parsi-Incest Knights of Columbus, that eats Bible Stench Guts Kidney-Liver-Brains: to be the inspired liberators of Norway, D.K., Poland, Russia, etc..
        Well, my stomach feels better now. Thanks to both Kenneth, and Robert Lindsay.
        Only real knowledge makes security and happiness, but it’s not easy. All Attack Doggery Made All the Melt-Downs and it is 100% Attack Dogs-Racial. Look closely at that. Most people do not do enough for their own children.

      2. Kenneth, I’m a black person and a member in good standing of the most exclusive High IQ societies in the world. I mentioned that because it’s quite obvious from your first sentence where your racial ideology lies. I’m also a 33rd degree Mason and a practicing Rosicrucian.
        What I I’d like to say is (If my intuition is reliable) I highly doubt that Mr. Lindsay put this page on the WWW as a format for racist or political rants. From what I can observe, this site is for SCHOLARLY, INTELLIGENT and OBJECTIVE DIALOGUE, and not a place to sputter “foaming at the mouth”, unfounded racist and politically personal hatred and banter. I enjoy the articles this outstanding scholar writes about. Whether one agrees with him or not, he speaks from thoroughly researched points of view, and the last thing objective curiosities and intellects need is to run into people who are ridiculous. Just saying.

        1. Kenneth, I’m a black person and a member in good standing of the most exclusive High IQ societies in the world.
          Wow! Congratulations! And welcome to the site, Mario. I love having smart people on here of any race. We actually have some very smart Blacks, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabs, and even South Asians on here, not to mention Dutchmen, Frenchmen, Italians, Turks, Germans, and Czechs.
          I’m also a 33rd degree Mason and a practicing Rosicrucian.
          Whoa! Don’t know about that. But anyway…
          What I I’d like to say is (If my intuition is reliable) I highly doubt that Mr. Lindsay put this page on the WWW as a format for racist or political rants.
          That’s not really the purpose of the site, but be get a lot of that anyway.
          From what I can observe, this site is for SCHOLARLY, INTELLIGENT and OBJECTIVE DIALOGUE, and not a place to sputter “foaming at the mouth”, unfounded racist and politically personal hatred and banter.
          Why thank you. And yes, that is the purpose of the site. Too many people can’t see that.
          Whether one agrees with him or not, he speaks from thoroughly researched points of view,
          Why thank you!
          You may wish to consider a donation if you like the site.

      1. Well, I do consider myself mainly on the Left. I suppose I am leftwing on some things and rightwing on others, but I am leftwing on most things and only rightwing on a few things.
        Personally, I think this whole Right-Left thing is a stinking pile of shit. You have to be on either the Right or the Left, and there is a huge checklist for both of them. If you don’t check one box, you are thrown out of the Left or the Right.
        And honestly I do not feel that I am a racist, and I try to take generally a nonracist stance on this site.
        PS you piece of garbage, you are banned. I see that you come from Rediff, a diabolical Hindutva site.

        1. well idiot rediff is a email service provider, dickead your hindu obsession is nauseating stincky dragon breath… i am a sikh fyi moron,
          BTW, get a life soon scumsay.

    2. If anything, the US is largely the same imperialistic entity it was during Bush’s tenure as President. In some ways America has gone further left. I recall one thing Americans still had a right to do during Bush’s presidency is regularly protest and publicly insult Bush. Doing the same to Obama has different results. Particularly whites who criticize Obama are often accused of racism and many think that whites who criticize Obama really have a problem with his race rather than his mediocre Presidency.
      If you meet people in the Arab world, they clearly think Obama is no different than Bush, just look at the carnage in the Middle East with thousands of Palestinians dead, and Obama just wrote another check to Israel, providing more weapons.
      Interestingly, most Israelis do not like Obama has he is perceived to be more sympathetic to the Palestinians. However many Palestinians hate him as well because they thought a man with his middle name, Hussein, would change US foreign policy considerably.
      The difference though between now and then was when Bush was in office, the US had considerable leverage over the “rest of the planet”. The global financial crisis has changed things where we now see a gradual power shift moving from the West to the East. Today we see Russia regularly making the powers in Washington DC look like a bunch of fools. Putin has made Obama look completely impotent with regards to Ukraine. The strange thing is that Putin is actually quite well respected by some conservative Americans, in fact he is a wet dream for them.
      That being said, we seem to now be living in a post American world, a world where America is still a player but does not have the level of influence that it had just a few years ago. I think US influence will continue to decline as the years and decades pass.

  2. The most important thing is that you love Arabs and hate Jews especially Israelis. Thanks!
    Allahu Akhbak!!!!
    Viva Islamic revolution !!!!!!!!

    1. Ahmad,
      You’re a bonehead. He is “pro-Jewish” and says nothing about “loving” Arabs. Personally, I love everyone even if you’re “Nigerian inveterate criminal scum”. hee hee Heck, I even love your funky racist ass.
      You fucking racist Arabs need to get your heads out of your ass and grow the fuck up.

    2. I don’t mind Arabs. I put that in there because I get accused of being an anti-Semite and an anti-Black racist.
      Ahmad is a Jew who is pretending to be an Arab. He’s pretty notorious.

      1. He is the typical American, and you too. One is proud of saying he is racist (wow, you are so extreme), and the other takes the typical American acctitude when somebody says something against what he believes: I am angry and won’t breathe anymore! I don’t want to listen to you anymore! (like a child)…
        You are so extreme, please travel a little bit and study a little bit… and please BE NORMAL. It’s so weird that you, Americans, have no common sense… really.

      2. Are you sure he isn’t joking? “Although I am generally opposed to racism, I do hate Gypsies” reads a lot like a joke to me, a bold and good joke, all the better for the fact it doesn’t advertise itself as one. Maybe I’m wrong and he really does hate gypsies. I know I do.

      1. This is a bit of a necro post but I couldn’t resist. You, sir, are one major racist redneck piece of American white trash. Banned? I hope so. Fuck you and your racism masquerading as a pseudo-intellectual liberal stance.

        1. Right?, this is so hilarious, how fucked this guy is, I thought I had seen it all, but no Robert Lindsay, you take the cake, you are worse than the KKK

      2. Whilst I know the reputation of many Nigerians is well-known (at least as far as the Nigerian scamming phenomenon goes, and, as I understand, there’s plenty of corruption), not sure how it follows that all of them are criminals. I am pretty sure I’ve met Nigerians (including one environmental activist who visited a group we were part of) who aren’t like that…

        1. They are not all criminals. But most of the Nigerians you run across on the Net are scammers of one sort or another. Nigerians have destroyed just about every Internet dating site that there is.

  3. Never mind. I just noticed the part about being “out to piss of everyone.” No longer interested. Have a good year.

  4. Yep, that Ahmed guy is certainly not Arab. Cant even say ‘Allah akbar’ properly (Allahu Akhbak?). Even if he spelled it properly, Arabs dont usually say Allah akbar without proper context.

  5. Well Gentlemen,
    Sorry, I am not uncouth, yet it is great to see so much emotion here.
    As I am part of almost all these racial “groups” you list in your posts, (including Jewish) I have realized (after many years) that whatever I learn about may always be incorrect, so I recommend being humble and always question everything you think you feel strongly about. That is the only path to wisdom. Even though my work is based on science, I have learned far more this way. Einstein kept his mind open. He felt that imagination and “free thought” allowed greater insight and understanding.
    Yes, I have met many Nigerians who were really slimy individuals – I learned this personally and I almost became prejudice against the lot of them. Yet, I still try to hold strong to a belief that all peoples, of every religion, color and continent are equals, no man/woman better than any other man/woman. And, that there are bad and good individuals (as well as smart and stupid individuals) in every group. I see this variation in all the disparate racial/religious groups in my family, so I always try to challenge my original view of Nigerians and other groups of people I had “bad” experiences with. I’m sure if I went to Nigeria, I would find some wonderful Nigerian people quite different than the ones I met that found their way over here.
    You are educated in journalism and you are a linguist. You are also very curious and research things extensively. You know a lot – but not everything,… none of us know everything. Because of my “mix” I decided to apply to the most difficult program in genetics and neuroscience at Harvard. I am fortunate to have colleagues who are the very best in this field. Much of the past year I spent focusing on the differing “IQ’s” of different racial groups world wide, and how neuroscience informs this “IQ” test that you and I and so many refer to so often. I have learned that different racial groups actually do not have different “IQ’s” afterall. Our recent vast discoveries over the past couple years based on the emerging and quite improved fMRI brain scanning technology as well as other lesser known brain scanning technologies supports the invalidity of the Western “IQ” test altogether. Howard Gardner is close, and Robert Sternberg is even closer to any true mearement we might make about various kinds of human intelligence. Notice I wrote ‘various kinds.’ My fellow neuroscientists agree that Western IQ tests tend to only show 1.) how much Western or European culture you have and 2.) how much affluence you have in Western or European culture. What they don’t predict is how successful you will be in any given pursuit, academically or otherwise.
    Just a note of advice: It may be better to refrain from the label “IQ” altogether unless you acknowledge the various multiple intelligences that the Western IQ test does not measure.
    Since I am not a journalist, I’m sure you could parlay this better than I, but hey, I am just enjoying being part of this lively conversation.
    Keep up the great work and stay true to your individualism while you are expanding our minds to the rainbow of mankind’s treasures.

    1. Robert Lohan…I know your type…You were beat up alot as a kid…Kids went over to your house when you weren’t home to fuck your mother…You tried to be invisible and stayed out of everyone’s way just trying to decipher the works of Danielle Steele when some black with a dick bigger than your arm fucked you through and through… You decided that day that you would try and read up on all fuckin’ “anarchists” of the world to try and be one…Well dude A) You’re not a good writer. B) You come of as a pretentious douche. C) Haters will always get fucked… Peace MotherFucker…I hope you die…

    2. ‘You do not get to talk to me like that’. What an egomaniacal lunatic you are’. What makes you so special that people can’t talk to you a certain way? Typical self-entitled white upper-class trust-fund douchebag. You’ve never had to do an honest days work in your life, so you made this interenet cite to espouse all your unfounded nonsense views, and when someone (a qualified harvard geneticist) calls you out on your own BS you reply that they are not allowed to talk to you in such a way. You are either a very dedicated internet troll or a tunnell-minded moron. I can’t tell which is worse. Oh and ‘Banned’ yeah i know. You have the perfect totalitarian mindset, irrational racism you borrowed from Hitler and co. and paranoia of those with different views than your own makes you a perfect Stalinist.

  6. Hi, Im an Psychology student from Argentina. I was researching about the Chechen War and other Conflicts around The Globe. I found this place quite interesting.
    About the War Videos, I
    m already making a documentary about The “B side of violence”. I need to show those Creepy videos to show the audience How Awful the “Real violence” is. Im a Christian not Catholic, I dont Trust in Religion, I just Catched What Jesus Left and it’s enough clear to me.
    So about the Hate, I Found that feeling an incredible Waste of energy, So I dont find Productive a generalized Hate. If an Muslim Baker or Christian Taxi driver offend me, I will judge Their Character. I dont Care a Jot their Genealogy, money, flag or religion, that “x” Bastard insulted me. Well, I’m Wondering if it`s Illegal Put those Banned Videos Like the “Russian Beheading by Neo-Nazis” on an Independent Film.
    I dont want to break the Law, but if those videos are Available for the "Teenager Freaks Amusement" I believe the best We cant do as Human Beings is discover the other meaning of those acts of savage violence, the real one. Without Political Distinction, just people. Something Completely Unacceptable. So, It Would Be great if you can give me that information. Please Send me an email.
    Thank you for the space. Bye.

    1. Blog of a racist douche whose sole credibility is half known facts, half baked knowledge, conjuring up information, dubious sources , Narcisstic ego, responding arrogantly to dissents even when they cite with proper examples? how do you live with yourself? must be very hard indeed!!!

  7. You hate gypsies? I’m curious.. why? Travelled widely and had some bad experiences?
    I thought there are were no gypsies in California.. and the do-gooders(.. I wonder how their outlook would change if there was a gypsy colony in their neighbourhood) from beyond the ocean always keep stirring up trouble, like trying to accuse doctors who sterilized Gypsy women (invariably women who have already had children) for health reasons of genocide.
    We’re pretty fed up with them here in eastern Europe. There’s this huge social problem, solving which is going to take perhaps fifty years of ruthless liberal(old meaning) policies and some clever social programs. Or perhaps divine intervention. It’s that or when a time of chaos comes around, they’ll be fertilizer. I suspect a fair number of people wouldn’t ask question if their Roma neighbours just vanished.

    1. Well here in this city, we have Gypsies! I met a Gypsy woman and her three daughters and they ripped me off! They conned me. They were getting contributions for a funeral for a girl who got shot to death by gang members, who went to the same school as her daughters. They gave me name, date of shooting, etc. I gave them a couple bucks, and then they bitched and said they wanted $5.
      I went home and asked around and there had been no such killing.
      They looked like Hispanics, but spoke a foreign language, so I asked them which language and they said Romanian. I asked if they were Gypsies but they said no way. Well I put two and two together and figured out they were Gypsies. Also the woman spoke “gangster” talk, the lowest of the low Black ghetto speech.
      Later there was another one outside my door hanging out with the Hispanic neighbor. Same thing, same Black ghetto speech, talking on the phone, she just got out of jail, etc. Just the lowest, scummiest woman you ever met. Foreign language again, I asked her, and she said she was speaking Roma. Another Gypsy! We have Gypsies in California! I don’t know how they got here. They seem to be recent immigrants.
      I’ve met 5 Gypsies in my whole life and they all sucked. They were all criminals! 5 for 5, screw that.
      Black people are about 100 times better than Gypsies. A lot of Blacks are cool people. Seems like most or almost all Gypsies are criminals.

      1. I don’t know anything about Gypsies but the problem in what you’re saying is that you are simply relating your anecdotes.If you had had a different experience then you’d be saying something else. Obviously, not everyone shares your same experience so your comments in this regards are scientifically useless. Clearly there are Gypsies that are shit and some that are not.

      2. “I’ve met 5 Gypsies in my whole life and they all sucked. They were all criminals! 5 for 5, screw that.”
        Haha ! It happens. When our sample space is very small and is dominated by negative/positive experience, our perception just follow the democratic way. Majority wins here.
        I have not met any Gypsies. So can not give any opinion.

      3. I spent a couple of years in Spain around 98 99 and there was a real problem. One night there would be an open lot the next morning squatters.

      4. Hey dumb creature nobody with real stuff brags about his ego incase your snivelling ass is unaware.. There are no universally accepted definitions of either race or intelligence in academia, and the discussion of their connection involves the results of multiple disciplines, including biology, anthropology, sociology, and psychology. Many factors that could potentially influence the development of intelligence have been advanced as possible causes of the racial IQ gaps. It is generally agreed that both genetics and environmental and/or cultural factors affect individual IQ scores. There is currently no consensus whether genetics play a role in racial IQ gaps, or whether their cause is entirely environmental.

    2. @tulio
      ..hmm. They’re too pale. Gypsies still retain dark skin here, though we have some white people who behave as the so-called non-integrated gypsies. But real gypsies are always swarthy, as they are recent arrivals from India and haven’t lost the pigmentation.
      Maybe 35% of gypsies are integrated, that is quite law abiding usually poor and often employed. Some of them are pretty good musicians..
      Maybe 5% are the so-called Olah gypsies, who specialize in shady dealings and conning people, and are easy to identify because they like tacky gold jewellry.
      The rest are often illiterate, unemployable and on welfare. Did I mention that there is a class of usurers who rip them off. When police pressured victims of these practices to speak out, their own families convinced them not to.
      Hmm. You’ve got to be careful with Gypsies. They are okay if you don’t let yourself be ripped off(I think they respect that), and behave politely towards them. Just keep your wits about 🙂

  8. stumbled up your blog, mr. lindsay – not really something that i’d usually read at 7AM with my mcgriddle and coffee, but very interesting, i must say.
    we’re two different human beings from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds so of course, there are bits here (your blog) that i agree and disagree, however, it’s been a good read and very insightful.
    keep up the good work:)

    1. That’s ok, a lot of Commies call me revisionist anyway, that’s when they are not saying, “He’s not a Communist!” Hell, I even support social democracy. Worse than that, I run a business! Not only that, but I go to Mass! Face it, after 1989, everything is pretty much up for grabs. What’s clear though is that the present systems in both the US and the Philippines are shit and have to go, piecemeal and slow or wholesale and fast.
      I’m aware the NPA would call me revisionist, but that’s ok.

      1. Rob
        Did you have an opportunity to choose where/to whom and when your were concieved (born) ? The answer to this from any sensible person would ne NO !!!!. Yes you can choose to have good values ethics and character !!!. so stop commenting/degrading fellow humans..you never know what you were in your previous existence or will be once you leave your current one. Use your great writing ability to bring out the good out everything that the wide wide world has to offer. Make the change rather than coming out with your stinging reply to this comment
        ACT!!! and make this a BLOG for mankind and not BLOT for……..

      2. You are intellectualy weak and you are so amazingly racist those two do not gel together either you have to admit you are dumb or haave some cajones to admit you’re racist. Dont be a bigot

  9. Man oh man do we think alike on quite a few things. I’m also liberal, hate the mistreatment of anyone on the basis of color, yet I believe in the overall superiority of whites, or just plain like them better, like the way they look better, but I love African Americans, hate lower class Mexicans, but I’ve grown to like a lot of Mexicans of all colors, I say racist things, but get upset when other people do. I also make the distinction between blacks in this country and blacks from other countries. I like the exuberance and positive vibes of blacks, they have a lot of pizzaz, not to be stereotypical, but they have a lot of soul.. I notice they go out of their way to help you. Sure some have a chip on their shoulders and will rip you off if they can, but I attribute that to years of marginalization, overall I think they’re just super cool, very expressive, creative people. It’s cultural, that’s why blacks from Africa and the West Indies have nothing to do with them.

  10. Hey Mr Lindsay – just a quick note: I know you are interested in the people of North Africa, especially the Berbers. Seems like you have claimed before that they may be the root stock of Whites?
    Related to this: have you ever heard of the Vandals?
    They were a group of East Germanic ‘barbarian’ tribespeople who migrated all over the place during the centuries after Jesus’ death during the decline of the Roman Empire (the ‘Völkerwanderung’ period). They went from Eastern Europe (originated in Scandinavia some think) through modern Germany, modern France, across the Pyrenees in to Iberia, and eventually crossed the Strait of Gibraltar and ended up in North Africa where they took control of large portions of the North African coast. There they famously sacked Rome in 455 AD/CE. So basically these were Germanic peoples living in North Africa (mostly situated around modern Tunisia) crossing the Mediterranean Sea to sack Rome.
    Just wondering if you knew about this group? As I said, they were Germanic peoples, so they likely had a high incidence of light eyes, light skin, and other North Caucasoid features. Thus do you think they might’ve been the group which brought North Caucasoid features (light eyes, light skin, etc) in to North Africa in recent times? That they might even be the base stock of the modern Berbers? It seems to me that they and related groups were the people who probably took non-brown eyes to North Africa in recent times, not that the Berbers had them all along.
    More info @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vandals
    See a map of their wanderings @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Invasions_of_the_Roman_Empire_1.png [in blue]

    1. I’m not sure. You may be correct. Now, to me, understand there are Whites outside of Europe. Not all Caucasoids outside of Europe are White, but some are. And there are for sure White Berbers. There are also non-White Berbers, Caucasian and not. There are also White and non-White Turks, White and non-White Arabs, and there are actually some White Afghans, White Pakistanis and even White Indians, even though most of these folks are not White.
      I don’t know about the Vandals. The Berbers are a root of all of the Caucasoids, and also they are one of the base roots of the Europeans for sure, along with Arabs and the Caucasus. Some of those Berbers like the Moabites, may be the remains of some of the most ancient Caucasians on Earth. They’re like our grandparents.

      1. There was a very native European type related to Berbers and Basques, and genetic studies show that they are related to other Europeans. Proto-Norse and Mediterraneans migrated westward into Europe starting thousands of years ago. The greater “Celtic culture” was probably a fusion of the native subrace with early migrations of proto-Norse; prior to a larger migration later on. I’m very much not a fan of Moroccans, but I know of a Moroccan woman who looks astonishingly “Spanish.” There’s nothing harsh in her body, features or personality. She forced me to take the Berbers into account, intellectually. Historically speaking, we should have done more to help the Berbers way back when; just like we ignored the Christian-Phoenician-type people in Lebanon when they needed help, instead of BS’ing around the world like we’ve done (ex. Vietnam, Central America, Iraq, etc.).

        1. If you go into the Atlas mountains, you will find purer Berber people and phenotypically, they are closer to European (Med). Eye color varied, but hazel and green were very common. In the crowded urban areas of Morocco, they are mixed with Arab and the difference is highly noticeable. Canary Islanders are a mixture of Spanish (Celtic/med/etc.) and Gauche (berber). In fact, while traveling through small villages in the Moroccan countryside, I was blown away by how many of these individuals looked like typical Cubans (in Miami, Cuba is mulatto-majority nation now).
          @ Eman
          “It seems to me that they and related groups were the people who probably took non-brown eyes to North Africa in recent times, not that the Berbers had them all along.”
          If that was the case, then wouldn’t Y chromosomal and mtDNA reveal that? Over 90% of Berbers (males) are in the E1b1a or E1b1b haplogroups, which is not found in Germanic populations….or most of Europe for that matter. The male line originates mainly in East Africa. This has baffled me considering that the Romans occupied North Africa for quite some time. I’ve seen these ruins and they are amazing. I wonder what happened to the descendents?All right, back to studying! =)

  11. Revolutionary, patriotic Leftist, Christian, liberation theology, replacement theology.
    So, you being a “replacement theologian” hate the Jewish people. Oxymoron.
    Leftism is Soviet, plain and simple. It is NOT American, in any way, shape or form.
    Revolutionary, yes, we know all too well of the “revolutionaries” Stalin, Guevara, we also know of the deaths and genocides they caused. We also know about Robeson and Feffer.
    Basically, the pimple is coming to a head.

      1. Christianity is pretty clear about that. Christians have been replacement theologist since the religion was started it only ended recently because of Christian Zionism and Political Correctness.

      2. Beg to differ here- replacement theology is just one doctrine not shared by all Christians. What I think the error of some is in the present is that Israel and the church are somehow in separate domains, which is clearly false- most of the early church were Jews, and even Paul, apostle to the Gentiles, always visited the local synagogue first if there was one, whilst on his missionary journeys. The new covenant has superceded the old, it is true, but that is not to suggest that God doesn’t still have a particular interest in Israel. Of course, the other error here is, that just because you have a belief that the restoration of national Israel is somehow part of God’s plan (if it is) that such a thing justifies what has been done to ordinary Palastinians who are not Jews. (I specify ordinary because I have little sympathy for hardline Islamic groups, especially as they also persecute Christians, and have no problem causing/provoking violence when it gets them nowhere).
        (Obviously Christianity as in essence anti-Semitic as the previous poster implied, replacement-theology or no, is unjustifiable).

  12. hi,
    this is a great web site in concept, but i get the feeling you are non-bias and yet biased at the same time.
    on the one hand you may have had personal bad experiences with some people of a specific type so you take a dislike to them, like the gypsies for instance and on the other hand you are evidently trying to be objective and even handed with other stuff. It gets abit confusing, cos if I am reading a text knowing that the individual is biased in some way, it kind of discredits the seeming objectivity of the author, thus making me doubt as I read. Just thought that you should know.
    True intellectualism is the kind where you’re trying to be non-involved in emotions and subjectivity if thats what you are aiming for.
    but thats not to say that I wont follow your articles though.
    Ciao, Kristina

  13. Hey Robert, I know you already did a post on Arizona’s immigration law, but another post analyzing the problem of illegal Mexican immigration is in order.
    I just came across two stories. One should make you smile while the other should induce vomiting.
    Though I’m from NorCal and hate the Lakers, I just gained a tremendous amount of respect for Phil Jackson.
    And here’s an absolutely disgusting article. About five high school students (I’m guessing they were white) were kicked off campus for wearing shirts with American flags during Cinco de Mayo. While I wouldn’t have been foolish enough to risk such an action (due to the great consequences, as you shall see), I am absolutely disgusted by this.
    See for yourself. And for you pathetic anti-racists and open borders liberals: If you’re wondering why we despise illegals and illegal immigration so much, this is why.
    Read it yourself, and try not to puke.

    1. Glad to hear Phil Jackson taking a stand on the issue. And the correct stand.
      The school issue is disgusting. The students should’ve refused to leave and chained themselves to the desk if necessary, make a national incident of it if possible to wake people up. As California goes, so goes the nation within 25 years. Even I am surprised at this story, as crazy and PC as this state is, it’s beyond what I even thought could happen. Number one, what is any damn school doing celebrating Cinco de Mayo? For starters, CDM isn’t even celebrated in Mexico outside of Puebla. Why Obama is celebrating CDM at the White House or why Mexicans are so crazy about it up here is beyond me. Now I’m not a party pooper, if one of my Latino friends wants to grab a margarita on CDM, I’m cool with that, but the whole politicizing of it has gone too far. It’s now one of those days where if you don’t acknowledge it or make some big deal of it, you’re seen as anti-Latino or some bullshit. Just another step forward in the slippery slope to reconquista.
      Now will people take a stand? Probably not. It’s like the gay marriage issue. The side that’s on the defensive is eventually going to lose. Most people opposed to illegal immigration are the ones on the defensive. We feel like WE have to explain our views, rather than the other way around. It takes them a mere 5 seconds to say, “we’re a nation of immigrants, we’re compassionate, you are bigots and racial profilers” and it takes us 10 minutes to rebut that. They want to exasperate their opponents and hope they just lose their will to fight back, and that’s what we see happening.
      Nearly 15 years ago, a seminal article was written in the Atlantic Monthly, one of the most pragmatic articles on immigration I’ve seen to date.
      We should’ve had the foresight to know that mass immigration from a country right next door will essentially create a colony within the host nation. Historically, colonies were imposed against the will of the host country, in this case, it was encouraged, and some of the real loons thing it’s a great thing.
      Btw, did you guys catch that Mexican girl in the red shirt. Jesus Christ was that jailbait or what?? Girls like that sometimes make me want open borders with Mexico.

      1. Glad to hear Phil Jackson taking a stand on the issue. And the correct stand.
        Lol! Never in my life did I think that I would ever find anything to like about Phil Jackson.
        But alas, these are goofy times.
        Now I’m not a party pooper, if one of my Latino friends wants to grab a margarita on CDM, I’m cool with that, but the whole politicizing of it has gone too far.
        Absolutely. If people wish to enjoy a certain day or event, that is entirely their right. I won’t rain on their parade.
        However, people really have to be crazy in the head if they think it’s okay to punish American students wearing American shirts for offending people celebrating a foreign holiday, which, as you’ve pointed out, isn’t even widespread in Mexico itself.
        The second your holiday becomes my problem and restricts my freedom of expression, then we’re going to have problems.
        Even I am surprised at this story, as crazy and PC as this state is, it’s beyond what I even thought could happen.
        Why am I not surprised that this took place in the Bay Area? While I never had to experience anything nearly as crazy as this, such PC dogma was pervasive during my adolescent years in the Yay Area.
        Oh sure, my non-white friends and I would frequently exchange racist jokes and insults, and politically incorrect humor was common. It’s not like everyone in the Bay is anal.
        But to question Cinco de Mayo or embrace Arizona’s immigration law would have amounted to blasphemy. Basically, taking a strong stand on serious social issues that violate leftist dogma can get you in trouble.
        Why Obama is celebrating CDM at the White House
        Obama is one interesting man. I’ve deduced that he is simply a people pleaser. Something tells me that maybe, just maybe, he wants to make further inroads with Hispanic voters.
        However, I’m sure there is a non-political reason for this. People like to party and enjoy social gatherings, and CDM is a good excuse to have fun.
        Why Mexicans are so crazy about it up here is beyond me.
        I honestly don’t know. However, there are popular myths and false beliefs among many Mexicans. Such misconceptions are even more profound among Mexican Americans.
        I took an excellent course on modern Mexican history, which refuted numerous myths. Turns out, we Americans aren’t the only ones who distort history and create popular myths. Mexico has plenty of its own.
        Among other things, I learned that the classification “Latino” is a stupid, bogus term conjured up by the occupying French during the mid-19th century occupation of Mexico.
        Despite this, I recall in a high a time when this girl of Hispanic origin (she wasn’t even full Hispanic. She was part Hispanic, Asian, and white. Well, I know whites can be Hispanic too, but you get the point) who objected to Hispanic and preferred “Latino” because it was an “oppressive term imposed on us by eurocentric beliefs” (or something along those lines).
        Well, if she spoke to or learned from foreign Hispanic scholars (as I have), she would realize that “Latino” is an equally imposed and bogus classification. At least Hispanic is more accurate because it better refers to the Spanish speaking peoples of Latin America.
        But I digress.
        I don’t know why exactly Mexicans are so crazy about the holiday, but that’s besides the point.
        In that article, one Mexican student claimed that wearing a shirt with an American flag “was disrespect. You wouldn’t see me waving my flag during the 4th of July.”
        WTF?! Newsflash: You’re in the United States, not Mexico. If an American went down to Mexico and waved the U.S. flag in a public school, I don’t even want to know what would happen to him. I can hardly even imagine Mexican students being punished for waving the Mexican flag during the 4th of July in their own country.
        This is truly appalling. But there’s good news: From what I’ve read, 12 other states are following Arizona’s lead and introducing new legislation designed to halt illegal immigration.
        There is hope yet. Some people just need to pull their heads out of their asses.
        To reiterate my previous message to leftist fools: If you really want to know what motivates us “extremists,” “nativists,” and “white supremacists” when it comes to illegal immigration, articles like this, and this
        will at least give you a clue.

        1. I think the reason why so few people take a stand is simple. Both whites and blacks oppose illegal immigration, yet both are afraid to openly speak out against such immigration.
          For whites:
          1. They’re afraid of that dreaded R word.
          2. Neocons and Republicans want cheap labor.
          3. Democrats want future voters and dependents.
          4. Many truly don’t understand the problem.
          For blacks:
          Even though many flesh-and-blood black people oppose illegal immigration, various scholars, pundits, and other public figures (you know, the people with the most influence) don’t speak out for a few reasons. This is speculation on my part.
          1. They want to maintain the illusion of some brown/”people of color” coalition. A bit of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” syndrome going on here. Regardless of how much illegal immigration hurts black Americans, they don’t want to destroy their precious “brown coalition.”
          2. Sensitivities over racism. While it’s absurd to compare the illegal Hispanic immigrant’s situation to that of the Civil Rights protesters, many leaders and pundits cannot help but feel some empathy. They also figure that whites who oppose illegal immigrants also talk smack about them behind their backs.
          3. Black Democratic politicians are no better than white ones. Both have a stake in the corporate system, which just happens to favor illegal immigration.
          I’m just speculating here when it comes to why blacks aren’t more openly opposed. If you have better insight, feel free to correct me or add on, since you know more than I do. Also, I was mainly referring to pundits and scholars, not everyday black people.
          Sooner or later, people will have to wake up. At least we’re finally starting to see that happening.

        2. “They also figure that whites who oppose illegal immigrants also talk smack about them behind their backs.”
          I think that’s the main one. And we have to be honest, we’re not stupid, we know that many of these people behind the law in Arizona are the same types walking around with rifles outside of Obama speeches. I’m opposed to illegal immigration on principle, but I know when it comes down to it, I probably wouldn’t like many of those right-wing white Arizonans. We just happen to agree on this one point of mutual interest. If I’m not mistaken, most blacks oppose illegal immigration. But you don’t see too many blacks organizing against it because politically, most blacks don’t have much in common with those far-right Minuteman types. Some blacks though are members as this article points out: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/earl-ofari-hutchinson/why-so-many-blacks-fear-i_b_14472.html

        3. Actually, a lot of anti-immigration groups are staunchly anti-racist, at least the ones on the Net anyway. They don’t deal with anti-Black racism much, but they deal with anti-Hispanic racism all the time. Fora are rigorously policed and the White racists are asked to check it at the door or take off. White racist posts are quickly deleted. On the anti-illegal groups, there are many Whites who are married to Hispanics or have Hispanic relatives. Here in CA, we Whites have been marrying in with these Hispanics for 100 years now, so they are almost family.
          Even the Minutemen welcome Hispanic and I think even Black members. Some even go out on patrol with these guys. The Minutemen actually rigorously police their organization for racism, last time I checked anyway. The MSM Scum Media has just given them a terrible reputation.
          You’d certainly be welcome at any legit anti-illegal group. In fact, they’d be overjoyed to see you since they are so eager to get rid of the racist label.
          Blacks don’t support anti-illegal stuff for all the reasons above. They figure these are just racist Whites who hate Blacks too. Now they’re picking on Hispanics, but they also stick it to the Blacks. Why side with the enemy? Whitey that is.
          I am sorry that the anti-illegal movement has this reputation, but truthfully, most of them are extreme rightwingers. I have been tossed off fora after fora for being a liberal, not to mention a Leftist. These people really need to open up. A *lot* of liberals, especially here in the West, have had it up to here with illegals turning this whole state into Greater Tijuana.

        4. The way I see it, people are going to have to abandon rigid ideologies that prevent change.
          When it comes to illegal immigration, I don’t speak as a Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, Moderate, Libertarian, etc.
          I speak as a concerned white guy, all pointless political labels be damned.
          Tulio speaks as a concerned black guy, all political labels be damned.
          Of course, I’m not going to propose some black/white coalition against illegal immigration, because there’s just way too much distrust and conflicting interests between the two groups for there to be any long term alliance.
          However, each and every one of us, as as individuals, can oppose immigration and use our votes to have an impact.
          People who aren’t as disgusted with that Bay Area High School incident as I am, regardless of ideological beliefs, are part of the problem.

        5. @ Tulio
          I often (though not always) agree with Earl Ofari Hutchinson and find his views reasonable and insightful.
          The one thing that bugged me was his random sentence pointing out that illegals come from Canada, Europe, Asia, and perhaps Africa (he didn’t mention Africa, but I once read a story about an illegal African immigrant).
          Sure, there are illegals from all over the place.
          However, let’s be honest : The overwhelming majority of illegals are from South of the border.
          After all, the Arizona law said nothing about Hispanics or any other race. The law simply mandated getting rid of illegals and preventing their entry.
          And yet, detractors immediately denounced the law as racist and anti-Hispanic.
          Well, isn’t that kind of an admission that illegal immigration is primarily a Hispanic problem?
          I know that some anti-racists love to castigate anti-illegal immigration advocates for their racism by pointing out that they don’t have nearly as much hostility towards illegal Canadians or Europeans (and, of course, many like to point out that we whites are the true illegal immigrants since we stole this country from the Indians, blah blah blah).
          Well guess what? Illegal Canadians and Europeans are hardly entering this nation in huge numbers and using up social services.
          And unless illegal Europeans and Canadians are experts at losing their accents and they have somehow eluded my gaze, I’ve never met one in my life.
          On another note, speaking of blacks in such organizations, I recall that during the last 4th of July parade in my small city, one of the several organizations that marched in the parade was the NRA, and a disproportionate number of the people holding guns and sporting the NRA logo were black.
          Contrary to “Bowling for Columbine,” militants with guns are not just these rednecks working with the KKK for the purpose of using their guns against blacks.

        6. Robert, Just a humble request why dont you start a new Youtube channel where in you can upload some of your thoughts in words so that you can have a wider reach and may attract a lot of folks out there. Uploading videos for every other post is not possible but you can do videos on some of your other where you are far more educated like communism, Capitalism, OCDs,. I guess that would be a lot more beneficial for the viewers as well as You can raise hits for your blogs through a link there. I genuinely feel a Intellect like you cant miss out an opportunity to reach your views to many,, Just a webcam on your PC can create wonders

          1. Thanks a lot Rahul! I need some sort of a good cam though that takes video, and I do not have that yet!
            I think we really do agree on a lot of things. For one, we both really do want nothing but the best for India! It really gets me all these India-haters who want to see India harmed even more. India is being harmed enough as it is! It’s people hurt enough as it is! Let us not increase the pain! India needs to be made better, not worse!
            Tell me how I set this up and what I need, ok?

        7. I am not sure what model you have in store now, but personally i would recommend a logitech hd web cam with 5MP – 8MP so the picture is crystal clear. You can get it from the price range of $30 – $50.
          Also check if the one you have has a mic attached to it..The pricing of the mic is pretty cheap
          Check this link
          https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/57409?hl=en or
          and this

        8. Does it have a mic attached with it? If so, you can record your videos using that. Else you have to get a separate one. Pls go for it soon Robert.

  14. “The one thing that bugged me was his random sentence pointing out that illegals come from Canada, Europe, Asia, and perhaps Africa (he didn’t mention Africa, but I once read a story about an illegal African immigrant).
    Sure, there are illegals from all over the place.
    However, let’s be honest : The overwhelming majority of illegals are from South of the border. ”
    Yeah. If there were as few Mexican illegals in the country as there are British illegals, none of this would even be a big issue.

  15. Maybe it’s time for a post about the latest Neanderthal/human intermixing findings. It looks like only Africans don’t have Neanderthal DNA, which is fascinating.
    Btw, for those that say intermixing is unnatural, I’d love for them to explain this. Some guys were even boinking ugly Neanderthal women, lol.

  16. Hey Robert, I think a post on the 1st Amendment as it relates to PC, hate speech, flag burning, campus speech codes, fighting words, and other controversial free speech issues would be great.
    As snarky, radical, and insatiable commenter Ankhesen Mie who comments at Abagond put it (this coming from her own blog, which I recently browsed):
    While racial slurs are not protected by the First Amendment, opinions of racism and hate speech are loosely protected by the First Amendement. I say “loosely” because while a person can express an opinion, the moment that opinion incites people to violence, its utterer is immediately liable under the law.
    So for white people who’ve uttered racial slurs, paid fines and/or gotten your asses kicked, and then watched your ass-kicker go free, it’s not because “the race card was played” or because the person of color in question played on the court’s sympathy.
    It’s because you violated federal law.

    I just want to know whether or not I could go to jail just because I say something deemed “racist hate speech.”
    Would a bigoted black person run afoul of the 1st Amendment for using anti-white slurs or “racist speech,” or would he be afforded special legal protections since he’s part of a “protected class?”
    Who gets to determine what qualifies as “hate speech?”
    Who gets to determine which opinions are likely to incite violent action? Does being called something hateful and offensive give people the legal right to beat others up?
    Does the offensive person have to watch his “ass-kicker go free?”
    Is Ankhesen Mie simply full of shit? You know, like she usually is?
    I already know a decent amount about this issue, but it would be great to see some extra perspective and insight.
    By the way, I think you should add a suggestions section, so that way I don’t have to place all of my suggestions in the About section.

    1. A suggested topic page I think would be a great idea. Also maybe an open topic page where people can freely post things of general interest to us all. Sort of a cyber “water cooler” if you will.

  17. Hey Robert, it seems as if you’ve incurred the wrath of one of the radical, militant, and snarky black commenters over at Abagond.
    In fact, you’ve irritated her so much that she’s diagnosed you with her made-up mental illness called “Draptoresponsia.”
    This coming from her own blog
    Just thought I’d let you know.
    Some blacks are simply insatiable and not even worth trying to approach. For those kinds of blacks, I say fuck em.
    Clearly, they will never be satisfied until be get down on our knees and confess all of our white sins and shortcomings.
    Anyway, see for yourself.

      1. Nothing.
        The point I’m trying to make is that whites are foolish and naive if they think that reconciliation will be an easy process.
        The point I’m trying to make is that with certain blacks, a white person shouldn’t even try.
        For blacks who are reasonable, such as Ta-Nehisi Coates and Tulio, I’m very willing to discuss these matters and perhaps try to reach some sort of understanding. Of course, we’ll disagree, and being pro-white, there are some things I can never agree to.
        However, for radical blacks such as Ankhesen Mie, fuck em.
        Why even bother?
        So no, Alpha. I’m not trying to approach blacks or “bridge the gap.” I’m simply reflecting on how futile such attempts are.
        I also thought I’d let Robert know that he’s been diagnosed with a mental illness by our Ankhesen Mie friend.

        1. I agree with you, BAG. With a lot of these Blacks, it’s just hopeless, so don’t even bother with them.
          Alpha isn’t like that, otherwise she would not even be here in the first place.
          I don’t agree with that there will always be disagreements between pro-Whites and Blacks. I agree with most of what tulio wants. His talk about White privilege puts me off, but it’s true, we are privileged. I just don’t feel like dealing with it, that’s all. But it’s not like tulio is wrong or anything like that.

        2. Well Robert, again, it depends on how you define “privilege.”
          Relatively speaking, whites are privileged (mainly compared to blacks). In absolute terms, I don’t think they’re privileged on account of being white.
          But yes, I do find Tulio and Alpha very reasonable and open-minded.
          Just because I don’t agree with Tulio on “white privilege” doesn’t mean that we completely disagree on many issues.

        3. What’s remarkable is that right now there are frustrated Black people who feel they can’t get through to Whites, saying, “A lot of these Whites are just hopeless. You can’t reason with them.”

        4. Then again, my definition of “privilege” is different from blacks’ definition.
          I guess it’s really a battle over semantics.

        5. What’s remarkable is that right now there are frustrated Black people who feel they can’t get through to Whites, saying, “A lot of these Whites are just hopeless. You can’t reason with them.”
          The feeling is certainly mutual.
          As I’ve said before, I think whites and blacks just need a nice, long vacation from one another.

        6. It’s funny, all this black and white talk. Sometimes it reminds me of people still speaking of the world in Cold War terms where you had one side the U.S. versus the Soviets when now we have the U.S. Russia, China, India, the middle east, the E.U. all competing with each other.
          As someone living in California, I don’t even think the black-white thing is on the front burner. I think the problem I’m seeing now going to Hispanics versus everyone else, at least in this part of the country. Or at least this will be a part of the nation where Hispanic’s interest comes first. The city of L.A. wouldn’t cough up a meager $16,000 for the Memorial Day parade, yet will pay for the Mexican Independence Day parade coming up and pay for police and security for all these Arizona protests coming up. It somehow finds the money for that. It also came up with millions for Michael Jackson’s funeral at Staples Center and for the Laker parades whenever they win. So we will have a parade to celebrate Mexico’s Independence, yet can’t do the same for our veterans. I’m really taken aback.

        7. @ Tulio
          You’re absolutely right. Despite the fact that I grew up/live in California, and most of my friends and acquaintances of other races have been more Hispanic, Asian, and even Middle Eastern than black (even though I know a few blacks, though not many), I still cannot help but think of race relations as a black versus white affair.
          One might think I would know better, but even I get caught up in this binary thinking.
          I think much of it has to do with my middle school experience in Oakland, where most of the non-white kids there were black. Most of my unpleasant encounters were with black kids, so I think that left a lasting impression on me. In case you’re curious why I harbor the racial views I harbor, much of it subconsciously comes from my middle school experience.
          Even though I know more Hispanics and Asians than blacks, and had more encounters/conversations/experiences, negative and positive, racial and non-racial, I cannot help but focus on blacks.
          By the way, if what you say is true, then I’m outraged. Does L.A. seriously give more money and attention to Mexican holidays than this nation’s own freakin’ memorial day?
          Well, at least several states are following Arizona’s example. While I don’t agree with Arizona’s law for certain reasons, it’s a step in the right direction.
          I’ll be honest: I don’t want to be overrun by Hispanics in the future. As someone who lives in California, the racial tension and future in this nation will be more of a Hispanic than black issue.
          Point taken, tulio. As someone who also lives in Cali, I ought to know better.

        8. And Tulio, I hate to sound cynical, but you’d better get used to stuff like that continuing to happen in L.A.
          With Hispanics the majority, Hispanics will almost certainly be elected mayor from now on.
          Just wait until they take over the entire state. What you said about L.A. and that Cinco de Mayo incident in the Bay will be considered child’s play.

        9. ps – where it really gets interesting is the shitstorm in the comments section. Some comments are out and out racist unfortunately, but many of them make sense.

        10. LOL, you don’t want to be overrun by Hispanics. Come to my shitty, I mean city. This place has been seriously overrun for 15-20 years now. Honestly, the Hispanics are quite easy to get along with, and I have almost no personal problems with any of them. However, they have stolen all of my hubcaps.
          Problem with them is like Blacks. Lot of Hispanics and Blacks are really cool, but so damned many of them are no good that you have to choose you Hispanic/Blacks acquaintances very carefully, much more carefully than you would choose your White acquaintances. I’ve turned into quite a wary person around here.
          I wonder if that’s where that Diversity = Lack of Trust thing comes from. I hardly trust anyone around here unless I know them pretty well.
          It seems funny to fear being overrun by Hispanics. It’s a done deal here in Mexifornia for some time now.
          Around here, no one gives two shits about Black people racist-wise. They are simply not important and not really on anyone’s radar. Hence, there is little racism against Blacks around here. There’s few of them, and nothing to get worked up about.
          Plus around here, all of the races totally hang out with each other. Even White rednecks hang out with Blacks and Hispanics. Lot of mixed race couples and way more friendships. It’s most prominent among the young.
          Hell, around here, even the racists hang out with the other races. I know an Hispanic woman who told me that she hates Blacks, but she’s always hanging around with them. Funny how that works.

        11. Well Robert, that’s no surprise. In my high school friend group, we all basically admitted, to each others’ face, that we’re racist against one another.
          Racial insults and tension in my friend group was common.
          Yet in spite of all this, we continued to hang out.
          People can separate the individual from the political.
          While most people are racist and don’t like certain groups, they have no problem being friends with individuals from those groups.
          People are social animals, and we enjoy human company, even if we despise those people.
          I wonder if that’s where that Diversity = Lack of Trust thing comes from.
          Bingo. There’s a lot of distrust that just wouldn’t exist if not for diversity. It’s easy to be a tolerant and trusting person when you don’t have to deal with people from different backgrounds.
          Around here, no one gives two shits about Black people racist-wise. They are simply not important and not really on anyone’s radar. Hence, there is little racism against Blacks around here. There’s few of them, and nothing to get worked up about.
          This is what I’ve been saying all along. You can’t have racism/racial tension without diversity. Again, that’s why I think we all need a nice, long vacation from one another. Without diversity, there’s nothing to get worked up about.
          Even White rednecks hang out with Blacks and Hispanics.
          Again, not surprising. While I and this black guy in high school were friends on an individual level, we both were openly clear about the fact that we don’t have a high opinion of each others’ races.
          One can like another person individually, and still despise that person’s group.
          For all of you wondering, I am a racist. If by racist, you mean I prefer my own group over other groups, am more likely to see positive qualities in my group and negative qualities in other groups, and am prejudiced, then yes, I’m a racist.
          To me, favoring your own group over other groups is perfectly natural, and I don’t apologize for it.
          This doesn’t mean that I’m some hateful extremist who wishes to exterminate or forcibly segregate other groups. I just like my people, more so than other people.
          But I digress. The point I am trying to make is that while I get along with many Hispanics on an individual level, I wouldn’t want them as a group to be in charge/overrun my group.

        12. He says he’s racist in PC terms in that he prefers his own people. I don’t think that qualifies as racism at all. I know Blacks who prefer their own kind. They live in mostly Black small towns in the South. I know Asians who prefer their own kind. They can’t wait to move back to Pakistan.
          I don’t see how preferring your own kind is racism, except in anti-racist la-la land.
          To me, racism is animus. Do you have animus towards this or that group of people. Yes? Racist. No? Not racist.
          What’s funny about this is that by this test, a lot of those “anti-racist” Blacks over at Abagond’s and all the Abagond-clone sites are obviously *Black racists*! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. We Whites are particularly going to not listen to Blacks complaining about White racism, when those doing the bitching are Black racists themselves.
          For instance, Ankieson Mie is obviously a *Black racist*. Hence, I have no use for this person. I’m not even all that mad at them. I just don’t care about them. They’re not part of my world. They’re just barking dogs. Let the dogs bark.

        13. Well, depends on what you mean by “racist.”
          You see, I prefer my group over other groups, am more likely to see the positive in my group and negative in other groups, and am prejudiced.
          By that definition, which is what the anti-racists go by, I am a racist.
          If by “racist” you mean a hatemonger who wishes to join a neo-nazi group and viciously attack other groups, then no, I’m not.
          And no, I’m not proud of it. However, I’m not going to apologize for it either.

        14. By the way Robert, your brand of anti-racism is very unique.
          The vast majority of anti-racists I know of are not like you at all, and would probably brand you a bigot.
          You’re certainly not like Tim Wise, Robert Jensen, Molly Secours, Macon D (Stuff White People Do), etc.

        15. LOL, they do call me bigot, racist, bla bla. It’s already ended a few friendships, and I say good riddance. That White PC shit seems like a form of insanity.
          Yeah, to me, all you have to do to be an anti-racist is to not hate the other groups, to try to be fair to them and not prejudiced against them, and to not try to screw them over and or harm them in any way (includes everything for my group and none for you guys). In order to be a true anti and not just a non-racist, you really ought to oppose real racism when you see it. Antis fight it. Non-racists aren’t racist, but they don’t attack it too much when they see it.
          My form of anti-racism is not all that unique. If you hang around with a lot of liberal Whites, like here in California, you will see my version an awful lot. It’s just no one talks about it too much.

        1. You stated that for all of us wondering, you are a racist. You then went on to explain what that meant.
          Did you not mean that?

        2. Racist by that definition, yes. So yes, I meant it.
          Heck, according to the anti-racists, just existing and thinking makes me a racist, so I might as well admit it.
          By your definition, I’m not so sure.

  18. robert lindsey His talk about White privilege puts me off, but it’s true, we are privileged. I just don’t feel like dealing with it, that’s all.
    two points for being honest and sometimes the truth makes us feel uncomfortable.

  19. Hi, I’m somewhat new around here but i just wanted to say that you run an interesting blog. Your blog seems to be a mixture of left wing politics, social studies along with some “race realism”. There does seem to be an unhealthy animosity towards Jews although yours is unique in that it appears to be from an anti racist perspective. Anyway, i just wanted to say keep up the good work.

    1. listin bitch dis is nasty stuff so what tha fuck are you tinkin i should put u in tha animal shredder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! azzhole

  20. the animal shredder is the most crul disgusting thing i have ever seen i would be ashamed to have invented it!!!!also who ever made it is a nasty BITCH and i hate you for even thinking about thinking about even talking about thinking about it!!!!!AND WE ARE SOOOOO SERIOUS >P!!!!!!

  21. Racism, at what point does one begin dialog on the subject of racism, an analytical take on the origin and lifestyle of Neanderthal Man or bettering one’s understanding on the displacement of the species by Homosapiens are likely places to begin as anywhere else but distinguishing common denominators isn’t the usual goal when more immediate concerns are at stake such as the riff between Islamic culture and non Islamic cultures predominantly divided along ethnic and racial lines is the overriding stimulus responsible for the carnage over the centuries during the current cosmopolitan period which extends back thousands of years until the upper paleolithic period a time before the early evolution of culture and the advent of religion existed mankind’s self serving nature sought domination over those less well prepared physically and intellectually killing any contender who disagreed with the status quo. Altogether the heritage of man up to the present day remains in a state of geopolitical segregation weaned on the propaganda of theocracy limited within a thin biosphere upon a polluted overpopulated planet patrolled by extraterrestrials – is one hell of an ugly mess you managed to get all of us into this time Stupid!

      1. I am always somehow startled and baffled when I encounter intelligent and/or literate Christians (although obviously this is an absurd feeling to have given the sheer number of Christians in the world).
        Does this mean you accept as objective truth God’s existence, the Eternal Soul, Heaven, Hell, the Trinity, the Resurrection and Ascent, the Second Coming, the Day of Judgement, etc., etc.?

  22. Actually Christianity makes a lot of sense. Just cut out the supernatural stuff, and it’s the value base on which socialism and communism evolved. Not Judaism, not Buddhism, not Islam, not Sikhism, but Christianity. Why is that? Because Jesus’ message was radical at its core. As William Blake wrote in the Everlasting Gospel (1818): “Both read the Bible day and night, But thou read’st black where I read white”. He read the Bible as a political radical. So did the Ranters, the Levellers, the Quakers, the Anabaptists, Thomas Munzer, Archbishop Romero, the Bishop of Southwark, Charles Kingsley, the Chartists, Liberation theologians…

  23. Christianity is the value base of civilised society. Before the Communist Manifesto there was The Sermon on the Mount lol…and of course I am proud that Christianity was founded by a Palestinian Jew, not a bloody Zionist!

      1. I’m jealous, not that I have a race-realist website or anything. But on the website that I do have, I’m not even at 1,000 visits per day.

        1. Robert will you please write a post like abagond does on the world’s most beautiful women and men. You break them down by race or age.
          @BAG- yup he should just write about cucokled men

  24. Strange. I can no longer remember how I got here. I’ve become too mesmerised by so much melancholy hate mail to recall the links that lead me to this blog. Reading Robert Lindsay’s ABOUT bio I assumed it was meant to be tongue-in-cheek…. Lamenting the lonely lot of the “otherworldly” genius! But apparently it’s not to be taken with a grain of salt; rather meant to prepare the audience for a cascade of pseudo-intellectual pontifications. And it’s a shame, because whoever designed the page made it look like somewhere a person might actually learn something enlightening – after enduring an endless web trail of vitriolic rants and self-important bitterness.
    How can anybody who can’t realise that there are positives and negatives among any and every race and culture qualify for a degree in journalism?
    What kind of man can decide he “hates” an ethnic group based on experiences with 5 individuals?
    I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover.

    1. Thank you Robert for your response. You say that a comment supporting a post, apparently disagreeable to you, prompted a ban. To me this is intriguing on a blog that appears designed for at least some degree of debate. So I read through your Comments Policy, and it looks like debate here includes no room for criticism. In your view, how do you make that work?

        1. I see. And yet, re-reading the comment, it doesn’t seem all that hostile. I feel quite certain it wasn’t meant to be ‘unfriendly’. Can you really feel the points it raised are completely illegitimate? Going back to your own previous comments, don’t you think the following questions might be met with some response?….
          “How can anybody who can’t realise that there are positives and negatives among any and every race and culture qualify for a degree in journalism?”
          “What kind of man can decide he “hates” an ethnic group based on experiences with 5 individuals?”

  25. Sooo….basically you have Aspergers.
    That’s all we need. More idiot savants that are out of touch with reality but can articulate certain elements of it to the point of sounding almost competent.

  26. I really enjoy your blog. I’ve had a chance to get acquainted with you a bit better now. I like the fact that you’re as difficult to pigeon hole as I am. I don’t agree with everything you say. I like that, as well.

  27. I’m center-right on most issues, so I don’t agree with you very often. But your blog is always a good read. You’re an honest man, and I respect that.
    Keep on keepin’ on.

  28. darn, i seem to have stumbled upon yet another opinionated fool with a blog that believes his shit doesn’t stink. dude, your shit stinks.

        1. But, Robert, JDR didn’t come here to insult you, nor attack you. I can assure you JDR can’t remember now what brought him here, but certainly his comments were based on an honest – non troll-like – reaction to things already posted before he arrived. The comments you made, obviously, troubled him, as anyone might be troubled when confronted by what appears – at least when isolated in cold print – categorical statements about whole populations based on, what? Some of these people may rank among his own friends and family.

        2. @ Robert L.
          Sir not all trolls are bad. There are some Trolls out here that love you and support you.
          Like good witches and bad witches there are good trolls and bad trolls.

    1. Robert, you’re the best. You’ve created the best Goddamned blog around. The rules are the rules. Play the game or leave is how I look at it. I agree with you a lot, and I disagree you with you too. I’m not going to come here and call you names. This is your domain. I see nothing wrong with a blogorocracy. You call the shots, make the rules. Simple.

      1. Yeah, life is tough enough as it is. I get shit on all the time out in the world it seems like in one way or another. The last thing I need is people shitting on me on my own Goddamned website. This should be a little comfortable part of my world where everything is always ok and everyone has to be nice to me all the time. Everything the real world is not.
        And BTW, I love you too. But not physically.

  29. Hey man, I really dig your website, you seem to really get the big picture. We need someone of your intellectual stature to fight some wingnuts at http://onecosmos.blogspot.com/ I try to refute some of their right wing craziness but I don’t really have the intellectual firepower – you, my man, can do it. (and some of the other commenters here who seem really switched on) Viva la revolution. Eddie A

  30. Nietzsche said: “We interpret ourselves as a unity in a world of images, which we created”.
    Motivations behind our actions are not always apparent to us; our own motivations are often hidden from view, and can’t be perceived by others or ourselves.
    Perhaps we respond unconsciously to that which lay dormant deep in our hearts, when we encounter what we seek to satisfy our unexpressed feelings and imaginations.

      1. Damn that’s tempting. A hot young boy wants to go out with an old man like man. That me ego like a cup of hot chocolate. Almost enough to make me turn queer, if only for a day. How many hot young chicks want to go out with me. Damn. I see why people turn bisexual. 🙁

    1. Sorry kid, I couldn’t be gay if I tried. I’m stuck with women through thick and through thin, through rain and through snow, til death do us part with our fingers at each other’s throats.
      If you’re looking for a boyfriend, head on over to Gays R Us. I hear they are having a sale on Boy Toys.

  31. Mr. Lindsay,
    I have no idea how you can say that sasquatch is language poor. I personally have published language of the sasquatch and referenced the Iberic link for quite some time. Most people make the mistake of focusing on the Sierra Sounds but that is not the language of the sasquatch in the East Coast. Furthermore, they are multi-lingual. Your image of the sasquatch is quite mistaken. I have been up performing up close research of the sasquatch for several years now and have learned much more than these researchers that walk around knocking on trees. Just wanted to clarify that sasquatch is very human and very capable of speaking beautifully spoken languages.
    Alex aka Midnight Walker

  32. You are a Christian and you claim to have a high IQ? This, to me, seems completely incompatible; if you do have a high IQ, I would suggest you should try examining the erroneous dogma engendered by Christianity to glimpse the despondence it produces. Please elaborate on your reasons for believing in this celestial dictator, for you will find that not one shred of evidence favors the existence of this vindictive megalomaniac, as the dogma which Christianity supplies, conflicts greatly with the evidence which science has revealed. I’m completely fascinated because you appear an intelligent being, and what I’ve heard seems to be a preposterous, irrational fallacy.

    1. I’m not a Christian by any stretch of the imagination, but knee-jerk anti-religious invective irks me as much as the preachy religious variety. So here are just a few of many undoubtedly high-IQ Christians for you to consider:
      Gregor Mendel, Bach, Francis Collins, Olivier Messiaen, David Foster Wallace, Graham Greene, JRR Tolkien, GK Chesterton, Friedrich Schleiermacher, George Berkeley, Kurt Gödel, Christopher Isham

  33. I read a few of your posts and find it quite stupid – you think you are all this and that and everything else…fact is so far you have been able to voice your racist and disgusting views only because you were sitting in a wealthy country and writing all your nonsense from behind a computer screen. I am an Indian from an Aristocratic background, and I have lived in New York, London and now in Italy – I read your posts about India and although I agree with some of the things you say but the majority of things you say are – forget racist…just plain STUPID. Which is what the majority of Americans are – Stupid, Stupid and Greedy. Whatever you may say about India – at least we have a royal past, and preservation of wealth in India has been much better than the US…. all the wealth you Americans think you may have right now – think again. America is a country built on “paper wealth” – finance and finance nothing else – that mechanism of banking and leverage which took the US to the top is now collapsing and will bring the US to such a rock bottom end that forget your blogging here – you will be begging to survive. At that point – I won’t feel sorry for any Americans who have to pick up food from the gutter to feed themselves – mark my words those days are not too far away for your filthy country and your filthy scummy dirty people. No one likes Americans around the world – people don’t hate India or Indians as much as they hate the US and Americans – yes India has a lot of issues no one is denying it but my dear – the US has much bigger issues …issues with mental health…issues with loneliness…depression…a lack of identity and many other things. I don’t interact with Americans now because the stupidity that comes out of their mouth is intolerable for me….you are a nouveau riche country with a tacky attitude….and you will go down just as fast as you went up….now go to hell……and stay there….

  34. One more thing, I know the kind of American you are very well….. fact is no matter how much you write here and display your sick mind – you are just a very unhappy miserable failure of a person with your own life….and that is why you need to write and attack almost everyone from everywhere in the world except your pristine white christian folk….lol. I feel very sorry for you actually – because if you were really happy in life you would not be writing such a whole deal of negativity and rather be doing something productive and beautiful with your own life. The world is a beautiful place – and there is lots to see and do and great people to meet…..you are all closed up in your own little mind hating everyone bitter at everyone….but in the end you are only harming yourself with all this hate…no one else. It’s never too late…think about your life…get up and go somewhere for a different experience…..USA is the most rotten boring dry country in the world….there was a time when the US offered some sort of “security” to people which prompted a lot of people to move there…but now that security isn’t there either….so u have nothing to lose…get up and get out……move somewhere and find happiness….you only live once so owe it to yourself to be happy….life is so not worth it if you wake up everyday feeling angry.

    1. I agree and seeing his profile he is labeled by people around him as pretty smart and flaunts his high IQ. So most likely, he is not gonna question his own logic or close mindedness. After all, he believes himself to be liberal. Being a liberal minded human being and being so ethnocentric just don’t go well together. Well.. I hope the writer stays happy in his know-it-all high IQ mind.

  35. “have been called a liberal race realist. Liberal race realism is described as “a dash of race realism, positive white racial identity, the leftist view of American history, anti-racism, and a base of liberalism.””
    What gibberish. BUGS exposed you as the anti-White you are last year.

  36. Oh nice introduction about yourself and you definitely are off in your own world of disgusting white-supremacy, imperialism and pure arrogance.

      1. Ah pretty soon white people will be erased from existence by minorities through interracial sex. Then no more white supremacy right? Before insulting countries like India (whose current condition was brought about by the Muslims and let’s not forget those worthless British) you should consider how long your race will survive.

        1. For hundreds of years, the extermination of white people has been a wet dream of your average South Asian. In the 1900s, priests all over North India fervently performed mass ‘havans’ in the hope that Shiva will rise and with this fabled ‘third eye’, destroy the British. If the British are worthless, what does that make you? Scum of the earth, once ruled by the worthless?

        2. @Atheist Indian, my dealings with South Asians have been interesting to say the least. There is definetly a chip on the shoulder of many.
          On top of that we’ve got Muslims wishing to convert or exterminate non-Muslims the world over.

      2. I don’t think his race will be wiped out through interracial sex, infact the White phenotype and European genes remain intact in certain Interracial relationships. For example when an Indian guy and White girl have a relationship the child could come out looking entirely like a white person, there are several cases where there pure white models/actresses who happen to be half-indian or have an indian mother/father. Why does this happen because a large percentage of Brown people or White hispanics or ethnic people are actual Caucasians. So the gene codes for whiteness proceed and continue further. The same could be said for Black/White mixings, because if you look at Rashida Jones and Wenthworth Miller, they are look completely White on the outside but have significant Black ancestry. Interracial relationships will not mean the end of White people or the end of the European phenotype/model human completely.
        I for one hope that the Whites survive, Whites have been pretty tolerant and the countries with the worlds highest standard of living are in White countries. Whites are the only group that have self-examined their racism and have been pretty fucking tolerant of minorities in their societies while giving them the best treatment in the history of societies. Whites might committed many crimes, but they have done more for the human race by their technological prowess and the sharing of it to the entire world; they may have been the most cruel but also the most moral and just race out there to exist and pretty noble too.

        1. Xera, you are correct about whites self examining their racism, and I’d include sexism in that. I continue to be amazed out how other groups of people don’t collectively self examine any near to the same extent. This is something white people frequently come up against when they date or marry outside.
          The sexism in Arabs and South Asians is off the chain. And racism? Phew! Don’t get me started.

  37. Worst when people believe they are actually intelligent..
    Just throw in some words that describe philosophy and your ignorant hatred and prejudices can look like something more than that.
    Name yourself whatever you want and write your posts using al the fancy theories you want, but you are just a plain bigot. Same as your followers who are just looking ways to find a person to display their pure hatred but in ways that would be less judged. At the end, they all just wanna say “Fuck you all! White people are the best!”

  38. “Although I am generally opposed to racism, I do hate Gypsies.”
    Hmm. Never met in Gypsies in the US. Did you have a bad run in with some of them in Europe?

    1. Nope. I met five of them in the US. That was five too many. Four of them conned me out of some money, and the other one had just gotten out of jail. And all five were females. If the females are this bad, imagine how bad the males are!
      I think God was in a really bad mood one day, and so he created Gypsies just to piss all of us off.

  39. Why do you hate Nigerians specifically?
    Don’t get me wrong… I don’t want to change your mind or tell you not to generalize, since you have clearly gone down that road (…and made up your mind, all things considered.)
    It’s just that… I wouldn’t be surprised if a clearly racist or white supremacist individual hated Nigerians, but you seem to be neither of those things. The way you put it, you would even hate a white person that is a Nigerian citizen.
    Just curious- I hope you’ll answer me even though you hate me (I am Nigerian)

      1. Well, if that’s what it is, I can’t say I blame you.
        With any luck the next generation will be able to undo the damage that has been done to our name.

  40. Hilarious! Came to read the BF update (who knows?!?); stayed to enjoy “the show”! Almost all of you (except those without ANY sense of humor whatsoever!!!) made an ol’ lady giggle…a lot! Thanks!

    1. Yep, this site is more fun than a barrel of ticks! I’m not sure if anyone is all that serious around here. It’s hard to tell when people here are being serious and when they are not. Laughter is great therapy. Fill your glass of belly laugh spirits and quaff heartily. Might as well laugh, there’s nothing else to do anyway.

  41. Actually, there are reports that there are actually Gypsies who don’t suck. These reports are interesting and may even be valid. Therefore, I actually assume that all Gypsies don’t suck. OTOH, I have also decided that all people named Rand Dorsey definitely suck. That’s why I’m banning you sweetheart.
    PS. I would love to ban my mental problems too. Would make life so much more pleasant.

  42. Hi Robert,
    I found your site by accident, happened to have some spare time and kept reading, now I’m kind of hooked. You have some great incite on many subjects I’ve often pondered and a great sense of humor. I’m not much on contributing, so it’s very unlikely you’ll hear from me again, but I’ll be reading and nodding in agreement, or pissed off and yelling, or simply shaking my head and laughing at the computer screen.
    Best Regards,

  43. Dear Robert,
    I am astounded by the blatant narcissism you display. You manage to assemble a long list of impressive sounding words (often used out of context and in contradiction with your statements) and then unashamedly proclaim your racism. Whatever IQ you do actually have, you sorrily overestimate your intelligence: Statistically basing your racism towards people of Roma descent on a sample of 5 experiences is preposterous at best, and more pragmatically .. kind of proves that you’re an ass. Congratulations.
    Seriously – a “pan-humanist universalist who is a White advocate”.. what on Earth are you blabbering on about 🙂 do you even actually understand the words you use or do you just enjoy hearing yourself quack? – I usually don’t respond to bollocks i read on the net, but you elevate ignorance to an artform. I tip my hat to you, Sir!

  44. ‘Presently channeling Andy Kaufman, Tony Clifton, Lenny Bruce, Ambrose Bierce, Mark Twain, H.L. Mencken, Kinky Friedman, Hunter S. Thompson and Wally Gator. Shoot first.’
    Maybe there’s a God above but all I ever learned from love was how to shoot somebody who outdrew ya.

  45. You have a lot of haters….almost everyone that comments here WANTS to be banned… I’ve never seen that before. At least people still comment and share their own opinions even when they know you will ban them.
    I want you to know something. Several people said this; there are good people and bad people in every race, every culture, religion, ethnicity. But everyone, despite their race and culture and religion, is a human. They all have a soul. They all have feelings, and all have different life experiences that shape their own individual personalities, the personalities that make everyone different from another, even if they are the same race. Race and culture and religion don’t shape a group of people; they are a part of each human as an individual. Everyone is different and special and troublesome in their own way. Saying you hate a group of people is exactly saying you hate people you have never met. You and all the other racist people above hate people, though you haven’t gotten to know them, you haven’t looked past their culture into their hearts.
    Now, I don’t ask for you to reply, because I won’t want to see what you say. I just want you to think about what I wrote out here. I am sure you have been angry before. I’m sure you’ve had some very great days. And you must have been sad many times in your life. Everyone has, despite who they are, where they are, and what ethnicity they are. I’m sure you have been hurt many times, and you must have been made fun of before based on something you cannot change; culture, looks, disabilities. And there are lots of people that have something to say about your opinions. I want you to know that every single person in the world has these feelings as well. If you cannot accept this enough to change your racial dislikes, then at least don’t state it so openly, because your single opinion, when opened and expressed to others, can hurt.
    It hurts me just knowing there are people like you in the world. It almost makes me ashamed of being part of the race of Human.

  46. How does one descrie himself as a “Christian Marxist” and feel good about it? Christianity’s god is bastardized from india and Marxism by its premise calls for mass movements and mass movements require stupid people who
    don’t like work and demand “gibs from everyone”. If you want a better working class you have the workers kill themselves and leave all to the ones smart enough to make a workin class of nonsheeple. Politicks can no longer rely on mass hysteria or hero-cult becuase the working class values iligence an is not stupi enough to fall for that. The degenerate then fall from all higher levels of the system and the Kali Yuga ends and so does its relgion, Jebusism. Just what do you mean by Christian Marxist?

  47. Man i have browsed through lot of ur blogs kindly tell me what beef do u have against Hindus???
    U might have trusted some of those dickheads and in turn got betrayed or they just brag about there great civilization in front of you.If it is that way then kindly consider these points(noted while living and working in India for 5 years)
    1.An Indian does not trusts an Indian so u are simply out of the equation.They often try all unfair means to bring u down.
    2.As of them boasting about their civilization,it would be foolish to assume them as inferior.If u go through their literature,read their discoveries or go through their real history u would be surprised that they were so civilized at one time(Indus valley civilization-They were expanding their towns when Europeans and others were living in caves).Indians do not have faith or love for their own culture but still they brag about it in front of foreigners,because it is just their tactic to make u think them as fools which makes there work easier(Some even brag that Indians are the most intelligent group of people on earth).
    If u might have been with any Indian student in the States side u would have often noticed that they buy used books(those with 30 days return guarantee on them) during the semesters and return them it in 15 days when the semester gets over and demand their money back.(Just use them for free).
    One of my own personal example:-Back in Kansas State University,I knew one of my Senior professor in Economics who happened to be an Indian.That guy and his wife were pretty well payed.Few years later when his first child was born he sent invited all his fellows.And u won’t believe it the guy just had one piece of cloth for the newborn and later on used those gifted clothes for like an year,and did the same when she became 1.
    Even though they super suck but i must tell u that they know how to make business out of shit.U might have seen slumdog millionaire,yes thats how they run such racket of begging.Not only that there are children from orphanages who skip there school to beg on streets.Reason:Because it is an easy way to prosperity.Thy are pretty clever and won’t miss an opportunity to waste u.

  48. Hello MR. Robert Lindsey,
    I am pretty much impressed by you.To me you seem to be a man of free and pure thoughts.About me well i am an Indian Hindu(Not Hindutvadi) and a Brahman(totally opposite of others).You are the first person in West who seems to care about indians(Unlike others who hate india just because they encountered few indians)you like india and want it to perform better just like china,US and other larger economies.I got few favours to ask you:-
    1.At present i am arguing few people on a blog about hindu nationalism(wanna prove that “Nationalism ruins Nations”) and i have taken examples of other type of nationalisms like Russian,Chinese and even Black,but none of it seems to work on those 19th century people so i wanna prove them wrong by Giving example of white nationalism and it’s failure would seem to work on those oldies,
    2.What is your take on Atheism,as we can see the consequences of it.I am pretty much sure that maybe in 40-50 years atheism would be a dominant one.
    I expect a positive reply from you and i am sorry if i have offended u in any ways.Thank you.

    1. White nationalism has failed badly, of course, and will continue to do so into the future.
      In the future, atheism will probably grow stronger, yes. However, many former atheists in the former USSR and China may begin to adopt religion.

      1. Yes u r right Mr.Robert, nationalism definitely ruins the nation and India is a living proof of it.As of Hinduism is concerned it died the day when Buddhism was invented by few intelligent Hindus who believed in equality for all and considered Hindu ideology as an outdated one.But u don’t wanna know what happened to them ,they were all kicked out of the country and whosoever found practicing it was slayed in public.Brahmins were,are and will be the destroyers of India.They have so badly poisoned the mind of Indians and things like Upper caste supremacy around the world is embedded in the mind of indians since childhood.These Brahmins are nothing more than just fucking clever invaders who know how to snatch and claim supremacy for everything.Even the religion hinduism does not belong to them they actually invaded the Lower caste Dalit’s(to whom hinduism actually belongs) land and claim themselves to be the original inhabitant of Indian sub-continent(They came from Middle-east and central asia).These people have so badly manipulated and corrupted the democratic system to the core that without bribe or mass corruption nothing works in India.Please i would like to know your opinion on these dickheads.
        Atheism in India is also on the rise,a majority of young people are getting drawn towards it,so i see that our young people won’t fall victim to these corrupters.

  49. This blog seems interesting. Think I’ll chill here for a while. My usual place is getting a bit – “out of control”. What would you consider the post that define your blog and ideology, Robert?

    1. That’s a very tough question to answer my friend, because my ideology is all over place. But I am very much on the Left, that’s for sure. Yet I am one of the most idiosyncratic Leftists around.
      Welcome aboard and make yourself at home.

  50. The glasses make it a little hard to tell, but you appear to have the deep-set eyes and haunted look of a neanderthal introvert. Certainly your unconventional thinking supports this.
    I come here by way of In Mala Fide, where you were mocked for social awkwardness.
    Introvert Neanderthals do not HAVE to be socially awkward, but the deck is stacked heavily towards that outcome, due to their immersion in the Sapiens extrovert majority, which is hostile to introverts and organizes itself in antithetical social structures to the Neanderthal’s smaller insular tribes.
    We’ve probably had difference in the past; I can’t recall. However, I’ve just learned how to recognize neanderthal faces, and there are too few of us to afford to be enemies.
    I invite you to drop by Koanic Soul.
    A post will go up at some point displaying many historical examples of the Neanderthal face, but for now those graphics are only available at our private forum. I would be happy to send them to you via email.
    The facial discovery was not mine, so I don’t have sole control over the publishing schedule.

  51. The politically incorrect truth is that only Whites and East Asians have IQs over 100 and seem to be the only races capable of developing and maintaining advanced, prosperous, safe and well organized societies. So, while individuals of the various races might be perfectly civilized, that still doesn’t mean that we should just ignore clear racial trends. I’m glad that as a far-leftist yourself – I also was once one – you’re at least willing to consider scientific “race realism” and have embraced a certain level of White Nationalism. I have absolutely no idea why you’ve remained a leftist, however.
    Collectivism has clearly retarded the White race; not to mention East Asians as well. It destroyed Russia and Eastern Europe and gives the low-IQ mongoloid hordes the socioeconomic trojan horse they need to leech off of us. And the Left in general is patholigical in their hatred of Whites; especially the so-called “anti-racists” who in reality absolutely despise White people and encourage non-White race loyalism and nationalism. As a former hardcore militant leftist “racial justice” activist myself, hatred of Whites is about as mainstream as support for abortion.
    As to your “Green” (Red) environ-mental views, once again, I too was a former environment extremist. Supporting abortion and various other kinds of population control is a tricky thing. From your camp, it’s usually aimed at “liberal” Western White people. Which is ridiculous in my opinion because Whites genuinely do a good job of managing their environments and are one of the two civilized races. It’s really with the low-IQ brown hordes where that population control activism should be targeted. They breed like roaches and add nothing of worth to humanity.
    Anywho, you’re a strange bird. I highly suggest you dump the whole leftism schtick and just embrace a far-right paradigm.
    As to your assertion that we’re crypto-fascists, we are not. That entire idea that Right = Fascism is so 1940s and European. We also don’t hate Jews. Yes, I admit that most sectors of the White Nationalist movement seem to be infected with retarded neo-Nazism (much to my dismay); but there’s a new generation, or wave, of us “White Priders” and “race realists” who totally reject neo-Nazism, fascism, hatred of Jews and thuggish, low-brow behavior in general – e.g. Jared Taylor-ism.
    You probably publicly reject his advocacy for at least some pragmatic racial segregation and White Nationalism (you have to walk a very thin line as a “race realist” leftist in order to avoid being lynched by your own comrades). But privately, I bet you agree with him. How could you not? He deals in nothing but black and white statistical fact.

    1. Well, I am a socialist. I do not like capitalism one bit.
      I am a friend of Jared Taylor’s. I helped edit his latest book. But we do disagree. I want nothing to do with any kind of White nationalism or overt racism.

      1. But socialism/collectivism is only somewhat desirable and workable in a society comprised of a racially homogenous high-IQ population – e.g. Sweden, Japan. Socialism in a racially diverse country like America is just asking for trouble. The low-IQ brown masses will leech the life out of the White majority through wealth redistribution. And the majority of Whites will never go along with it. Not to mention that America serves a unique and vital role in Western (White) global dominance. Socialism in countries like Northern Europe are only sustainable if you have a larger ally to rely on for security. Who does America have to lean on? East Asia will be pulling ahead of us this century. The last thing we need is to commit demographic suicide (Whites will be minorities in America in 20 years) and to then spoil all of our wealth in a massive government handouts orgy under a socialist regime. Have you really thought your worldview out?

        1. Brazil will be pulling ahead as well as other South American nations. The masses in this country can be frightening, it is only a matter of time before a tipping point is reached that propels this country into a totalitarian system (though it can be argued that this is already one blah blah). My question is this, what can an individual do in light of all these changes that the next 20 years will present? Will you leave to another country if things go drastically downhill?
          I believe downfall is inevitable. A little fragmentation here and there can be healthy. The Howe-Strauss model of cyclical history describes the beginning of every century as turbulent. A dark time may be ahead…..then again, I could be wrong, and perhaps, America’s golden age is in the horizon. Wouldn’t that be great? Corporations and government working hand in hand making our lives easier, we won’t even need to hold elections anymore because they know what is best for us. Yay!
          Oh yeah….
          I had never considered socialism as a viable system until you set those parameters for it, I will look more into it now.

        2. Of course. I have always been a socialist. I know lots of White people who use government social programs to survive, so to me I do not believe that social programs are a way to transfer productive White wealth to lazy Browns and Blacks. To me, it’s a wealth transfer from the rich to the poor, and a lot of my White friends are poor and low income. I will never support the rich. The rich are my enemies forever and ever. Government handouts orgies don’t spoil a nation’s wealth anyway. They just distribute it around more effectively to where everyone is more or less middle class and there are few very rich and few very poor. Your ideology seems to be White = rich, Black and Brown = poor. That’s sure not the way it is with the people I know! I don’t give a flying fuck about East Asians pulling ahead of us soon. Who cares? Why should this concern me?

      2. You’re friends with Jared Taylor? I wish I could meet him. Not that I agree with him on everything but he is articulate and not a racist in my opinion.
        Do you regard him as a racist Robert?

        1. Of course Taylor is a racist! But it’s sort of hard to see that in casual conversations with the guy. He is so erudite, polite and mannered that he really doesn’t come across that way. He seems like your typical corporate guy with a six figure income and a suit and tie. He’s awful slick though, I will grant him that.
          Why would anyone on Earth think that Jared is not a racist? Jared is a racist, his magazine is racist (incredibly so) and his whole movement is racist. The guy’s a White nationalist, his magazine is White nationalist and his whole movement is more or less White nationalist. He’s been toning it down a lot lately as I no longer think he believes in a White state, but that’s just because he’s pragmatic.
          He is actually a pretty reasonable fellow if you sit down and talk with him.

  52. Mr. Lindsay , you are quite amusing. You are against racism yet agree on racist principles. Never mind the whole world is that way. We tuck our insecurities behind that veil of “racism”. Only 5% of population create country’s identity and rest of the population battles with these so called pseudo identities. These 5% represent multi billionaires in capitalistic countries, party leaders in communist countries bureaucrats in socialistic countries. (and don’t forget the celebrities and religious people who shape the popular culture) We are common people(if we weren’t then we wouldn’t be on this site..LOL). We go to battles(of words or swords based on our conscience ) as foot soldiers and these elite people enjoy the show.
    I doubt your claim of a very high IQ as you haven’t posted the scores and the certificates. This also debases your claim as a scientific racist. More importantly you don’t have a science degree. Considering you as a journalist your skills are great but as a scientific person well below average. You seem to be quite orthodox in your scientific beliefs just as a lay man in religious superstitions.People who don’t know science seek refuge in scientific theories. I hope journalists stop claiming that they know everything. This leads to great amount of information lost when scientific theories are conveyed to layman through journalist’s articles.
    “The greatest way to live with honor in this world is to be what we pretend to be.” – Socrates

    1. This Robert guy is a racist asshole. He uses big words and unusual vocabulary to get his filthy ideas across to naive and ignorant people. I would LOVE to be banned by this skinhead! This was my first and last visit of this mess of a blog! Bye racist motherfucking asshole blogger!

  53. Cunted up wanna be intellectual. Can’t wait to meet you in a pub, with my Ukrainian friends, my Gypsy friends, some Nazis, Communists, albeit ones who actually work, in the dirt, breaking their back as you play “cool” intellectual. Stalin would know what to do with you.

  54. Can’t quite get where you are coming from. You are very bright, got that. So, when you say Hispanics took all your hubcaps…well are you saying all Hispanics are hubcap thieves? You seem to be extrapolating your everyday experiences a little beyond reason. It reminds me of an a priori type argument – all bachelors are unmarried, therefore anyone unmarried is a bachelor.
    So anyway all that aside, how does all this classification malarki work with someone who is of mixed race, but maybe they look completely white, or vice versa? Then your generalisations don’t really work do they (but you may never know that if you are only looking at the surface).
    I have one other point, I have to say I thing your self proclaimed high intelligence may be getting in the way of a little common sense. You know if you look at every Nigerian like they are going to rip you off, maybe that’s what you are going to get….you know the ol’ pesky quantum mechanics…no such thing as an independent observer Mr Lindsay!
    I am pretty sure there is a Confucian tale along the lines of this guy who keeps moving about, but he can’t find a place where the people are descent. But another guy, who lives in the same places, finds all the people just fine…..
    But I guess is your aim is to break things down into compartments, measure and quantify, (very Cartesian), conquer nature so to speak, where does that put you in all this? Apart and separate…not true though is it?

  55. aww that cant be right! If you are an acedemic how DO you maintain objectivity ( which you MUST if you are to be respected via your writings etc) as an academic

  56. Shit man,you are so pathetic.By looking at your picture,i can tell you that you are a sick,depressed,lonely and nymphomaniac garbage.
    And i bet that you don’t have either a girlfriend or a boyfriend because you are full of shit.And by looking at your picture i would like to piss on you.

  57. You have a great site. I find a lot of the material here interesting. I’m glad I found it when I was searching for information on some aspects of Indian IQ and other stuff- you really call the Indian/Hindu right out on its pseudo-scientific/pseudo-historical bullshit!

  58. Mathematics is the language of nature,everything around us can be represented & understood through numbers.if you graph the numbers of any system, patterns emerge, therefore there are patterns everywhere in nature.99% of the individuals who take your pseudo-intellectual garbage seriously,are either undereducated or scientifically illiterate, pattern again……

  59. Hey Robert,
    Have you read much Ayn Rand?
    Do you think MTV will ever bring back Making the Band?
    I’d say my favorite pseudonym is probably “George Sand.”
    I remember that back in middle school we sang “This Land Is Your Land.”
    For, or, but, nor, yet, so, and.
    Let us never forget the distinguished jurist Learned Hand.
    Robert, as you know all too well, you’re a pathetic coward and a mental midget, and you clearly try to compensate for your countless inadequacies and failures through your (unusually confused) version of white supremacy… oh, and to stay with my rhyme (and I’m confident that you’ll keep up the rhyme with your usual monosyllabic panache), I’ll close by mentioning that I hope that I never have to see your ugly mug or hear your inane words in person, which is not surprising, given the fact that my dark skin color comes from my parents, and not because I’m tanned.

  60. “I have a very high IQ, and I’m told that a lot of high-IQ folks are like this.”
    “Notorious provocateur and iconoclast, smashes all party lines.”
    So what you’re actually saying is that you’re a witty clown, with strong traces of self-infatuation and arrogance.

      1. Sometimes I wonder why these fucking retards even bother posting if they are just trying to get banned. Oh well, it makes this site a whole lot more fun i guess.

  61. Robert how can you be a communist when you know that taking money from one taxpayer and meeting the needs of others IS STEALING. geez Robert think about that. No youre not making me mad; we just disagree agreeably. see ya roy
    I dont know what gravatar.com means. Yes I do have a page at WordPress but I dont keep up with it.

  62. A satire website? Your attempts at Juvenalian criticism’s are seriously lacking in wit, irony and delivery. ‘Juvenile’ would be a much more apt moniker for your style.
    An IRL trolling blog? A more accurate description of what I found here but only because of the bespectacled, billy goat gruff eating, white privileged, ban hammer wielding loner in the picture adorning all of the posts and most of the comments.
    I considered entering a rational debate with you but after perusing the comments section I realised that there was no point in trying. You say this blog is tongue in cheek – yes, your tongue licking between your own arse cheeks – rimming endlessly until one of your equally narcissistic readers logs on to give your tongue a rest by taking over the fecal removal duties themselves.
    Congratulations on reinforcing the stereotypical ‘Dumb Americunt’ personae; of course all acting roles are made easier when playing ones own self.
    I can’t wait to see what onanistic musing you type from your cum drenched keyboard next. Wanker.
    Source: 33 years of travelling the world and occasionally suffering the company of little pricks like you.

  63. “Personally, I have been described as “otherworldly,”, “beyond highbrow,” “one of those totally out to lunch genius types,” and “off in my own world.” I have a very high IQ, and I’m told that a lot of high-IQ folks are like this. There doesn’t seem to be much I can do about it, but it does cause me problems.”
    I just have a couple of questions: Does your back ever get sore from sucking your own cock? How did you manage to blow so much smoke up your ass?
    You really must be an intelligent person and a gift from God. I mean you can always pick out the geniuses because we all know that intelligent people just love to brag about how smart they are. Now please show me the power of your intelligence and how big your cyber-dick is with a ban. That will surely stop me from making another account to post with. Idiot.

  64. Robby you fuking fag, why you so racist to Indians? An Indian guy fucked your wife and fucked your daughter and got them pregnant huh? You just jealous of Indian accomplishment bitch that why you support Aryan Invasion theory to steal credit for INDIANS accomplishment. Look at Indian stuff
    yeah bitch these ARE WHITE SCIENTIST MEN proofing that India was more advanced than WHITE MANS. So go fuck urself you dirty christian dog. Jesus was a fag just like Bobby Lindsey. Jai Hind!

      1. The Hindus are pissed off at Robert cause he’s calling them out on their sly troll tactics.
        Hindus typically visit this blog under White-Christian sounding handles or Oriental ones. They then proceed to criticize Christianity, praise Hinduism, or cloud the truth on their persecution of Christians and other minorities in India – Robert has VERY shrewdly caught onto that.
        That’s why they’re going batshit crazy.
        Robert – you’re a brilliant man if ever I met one and I hope I meet another one in person someday 🙂

  65. Look Robert, you are banning too many people. You ban for any comment made that disagrees with your shitty opinion. You can’t really do that on our site. You are driving valuable commenters off with your abuse of power.
    We are banning you.

  66. Children of Israel, do not listen to this heathen Robert Lindsay. He is a son of Satan, a breaker of the holy Sabbath. May my father who art in heaven damn this worm to hell, to perish under the iron-clad rule of Lucifer’s cock.
    May no living creature which hath breath mention the foul name of Robert Lindsay, may he die childless, without seed to carry on his cursed bloodline. May the threshold of his own household not welcome him, nor his own right hand allow him to masturbate.
    May every man, woman, and child curse the name of Robert Lindsay, for he is a filthy creature, devoid of light in his blackened heart. May his stench reek with an intensity suffice so that even the blind may hate him and spit at his face. May all of Robert Lindsay’s family die childless.
    So it is written, so shall it be done.

  67. Hello Robert, I am a British white man with no Indian blood in me whatsoever, and I would just like to say something. I, as a white man, find your criticism of Indians and Hindus very disturbing. I find Indians and Hindus to be the most honest, hardworking people out there. I have met many many Hindu Indians. India is not a shithole, I have been there, and it is much cleaner and richer in culture than England. Did you know that the Indians invented atomic warfare in 300 B.C.? The Rig Vedas show that Indians could split a tiny thing and bring forth a great fire, aka nukes. Also, Brahmin Indians have no dirty black or asian blood. They are purer than you or me. Blacks and asians are not fully evolved from monkeys. They are inferior. Slaves to Aryans.

      1. i love Doraemon, when it was broadcasted in Mexico in Saturday the morning, i always watched as a little child, however its time slot in Mexico was few, the good thing is that outside Japan, Doraemon is a hit in India, Spain and Italy ,3 of the biggest 14 economies, in United States the most popular children anime was Pokemon

      2. a bit frustrating, the doctor told me i will be perfectly fine,that the things that i researched were nonsense, my mom said she doubts many information about the internet, the doctor said he don’t even use computer and more blah blah blah, my logic tell me what i searched is correct, i don’t want a fight or sue the doctor, maybe he is afraid of it, or maybe he just doesn’t know well the subject or maybe he know but think i will be ok and he lied to me, and i leave it with the doctor,later i told my mom that what the doctor said wasn’t convincing and that i wanted to see the opinion and help of more doctors and she told me i was just obsessed about the topic (maybe the word she wanted to use was “paranoid”) ,but i will insist always for the sake of my body, she later told me that ok,she will ask another opinion, but will make sure is fast

      3. ah yes, and i hope my mom believes me, support me buying the stuff i need, go to another doctors fast fast ,and stop thinking i am reading wrong stuff in the internet that make paranoid, ah the doctor looked so nice, but people in youtube told me that some doctors support the circumsicion because the money, maybe that is his agenda, and because he really is very good in his job, my mom believes in his wisdom, even i doubt for a bit the information that i read about the dark side of cirmsicion, but no, it pretty logical, the doctor even talked in deep with me, i ask him what is keratinization just to see his answer and he didn’t want to go deep in the subject, maybe he is not bad with an agenda, maybe he knows but he don’t want me to complicate my life, but no, i need to correct my life, today my mom barely accepted to see more doctors, now i will make her to go fast before my vacations finish, i want to go to school normal ,and thanks for the concern

    1. when americans license anime that are for children, they sometimes change the themes of the Anime, you indians even didn’t do it, you keep the original japanese theme because you clearly enjoy it, you just dubbed it, here the original Japanese, exactly the same as the hindi

  68. hi Robert! Guess who? It’s Bobert! Your evil twin! I want to meet up with you and have a threesome with Mom, and then have sex with the zebras at our local zoo. Then I want to skeet on your face, and suck your dick. We can also go hire some nigger prostitutes and give them HIV! We used to hang out together all the time as kids, what happened? I miss you brother, remember when we used to jerk Dad off while he was sleeping and watch him jizz when he woke up? Those were fun times.
    O yeah Rob, after that, we can go hit the shrooms, get dicks tattooed on our ass, go skydiving, and troll your blog pretending to be other people? What do you say, you in pal?

  69. Nigga so wussup Bra? Fuck you punk ass pussy ass motherfucker. Robert Lindsay looks like the typical honky KKKcracka raicist nerd nigga who be spreadin lies about minorities, until a true BLACK nigga roughs his skinny azz up on the street. I am a REAL NIGGA, I will LEAN yo’ punk azz jaw nigga! The EGYPTIANS WERE MY COUSINS. Trying to lower black self esteem with ur punk azz theories come to WEST SIDE EAST SIDE NORTH SIDE OR SOUTH SIDE AND TRY THAT SHIT! Yo honky ass got curly hair, you must have a black man up the line. U should be thankful to your black great grandpa or granma, cuz without them ur 1 inch dick would be even smaller. Peach out bitch nigga hope you dont come to my neighborhood. We real niggas down here. We sexy, y’all KKrackas, no comment.

  70. I started reading you from the certainly flawed article on Turkic languages. Which apparently didn’t show a dime of your depths. Being very far from your positions on most of the axes or maybe even – being your dextro- isomer, I find this blog extremely spacious mind-wise. Paglia is no longer equity feminist, though. Her post-Sexual Personae writings can be even called anti-feminist in several ways as they expose some feminist myths Paglia ultimately shrugs off like Randean Atlas would do.

  71. I was reading your blog. I read through the comments and was struck by a mindset that is clearly so different from what I knew was educated civilized. It was rather interesting. I have never met someone who was so unabashedly rude and suffered from a terrible inferiority complex. You are an interesting racial type maybe. I know this post qualifies me to get banned and I don’t mind as I have no wish to revisit your blog again. I was wondering if the half educated Brits who came to India to colonize shared your mentality. that would explain a lot of their unreasonable violence. The funniest part was you claiming to be anti-racist when you clearly are. Anyway, thanks for having such an honest blog an providing such an interesting character study for other people. I am rather amused than irritated at your school boyish authoritarian totalitarianism!

      1. I agree, and I cant imagine why a billion people cannot get a simple fact right which has proof written all over the wall if you only seek and open your eyes. Hindu is NOT a race. They dont get it, and they’re making all the propaganda to make you believe otherwise. Its not even a culture by the way, its just a land mass and identity of people who;re its members, like a club. Because the largest members of this club are the oldest inhabitants that could not be changed, they remain, reproduce and as you say to a certain standard of civilized churn out horseshit.
        I firmly believe, the Indian ‘name’ and India name should be changed, India must be made into a European Union; and people must re-populate to their own cultures to create great civilizations. India, is bad for business.

      2. Think about if we mix North America, Ecuador, Mexico, Columbia and call it USA. Let everyone mix into each city. You’d have India.

  72. Not sure about the white IQ conclusions, and I’m as white as can be…one of the palest mofos in my half of the world. But, I also realize that there are huge contradictions in any racist ideology that reveal themselves over and over and over: And, I have no illusion whatsoever that my race is smarter than any other.
    More violent? (i) Random violence: Not sure, maybe blacks, (ii) Large scale violence? No contest. Whites. In large scale organized violence, whites have no peers. Whites deftly avoid this aspect of violence and like to limit it only to street crime, which is but one form of violence.
    Most intelligence? Some say: “Not blacks, cause they are more chaotic and violent, and remain poor and undeveloped, and passively accepted slavery, and so on and so on”. This is a useless assessment. Read up on Christopher Marlowe and Caravaggio. Two of the greatest geniuses in Western European history, yet both very violent and murderous. Would not want to run into either in a dark alley. The list goes on and on: Violent geniuses throughout history. Too many to discount as outliers. There are huge and significant exceptions to every correlation in these stereotypes that must be considered, or the sociologist is just a weak minded researcher.
    Then, considering the above, and being knocked out of the idiotic Sheldon Cooper represents genius nonsense, some revert back to the conclusion that simple minded folk are less violent and that smart people and geniuses are more violent. But, according to their own conclusions, I thought blacks were supposed to be more violent since they are more primitive. And so on. Nonsense.
    Finally, Neanderthal DNA in white people, but not Africans: http://news.discovery.com/human/evolution/neanderthal-human-interbreed-dna.htm
    So, with us being Neanderthals and all, I am left to the conclusion that whites are better at organized violence on a large scale, are better at exploiting others, less reluctant to conquer and commit genocide and essentially caught the rest of the world off guard 400 years ago. That about sums it up.

  73. whats up punk ass nigga Robert? you seem to have curly hair so you have some black man down the line as your ancestors , why all the black hate when you have some negro blood in you fucktard? what the fuck is it with your high IQ? people with high IQ seem to have achieved nothing where as people with low IQ and low self esteem have achieved wonders. Revisit history moron!!! You are typical self-entitled pussy white upper-class trust-fund douchebag pretending to be socialist . You’ve never had to do an honest days work in your life, so you made this blog to espouse all your unfounded nonsense views, and when someone calls you out on your own BS,. you reply that they are not allowed to talk to you in such a way. You are either a very dedicated internet troll or a tunnel-minded moron. Grow up punk ass nigga cunt!!!

  74. robert lindsay your highness, are you not ashamed one a bit to write stuffs like these… what pleasure you get out of bashing india and our wonderful religion hindusim continously your honor..or have you lost your job money or girl to some indian? if so you should probaably have viagra and try to man up instead of resorting to silly rants about india sir.. I guess you must be atleast twice as old as other young commenters who comment here you sir must around 50, since you do not have any meaningful work so you just keep trolling your own website with mythical sciences, anti black racism, anti semitism, anti india and you seem to hate almost every thing around the world except some stupid ideology which suits your convenience. I advice you not to postpone your mental illness and sexual disorder go get a doctor or try indian ayurveda or siddha medicine which will make your sexual life stronger and you can also try yoga which will clean your disease ravaged body and cleanse your filthy mind sir. Please take my word sir you will become better if you follow these…

  75. Though I believe masturbation is bad for both women and men and its chastised by most religions I suggest you to take a jerk off atleast once in a while so that you get relieved of the hateness that is consuming you sir. You can also suggest the same to other commenters who bottomfeed you like cyrus, dota and others to take a jizz atleast once in a while
    have a nice day mister lindsay.

  76. I am a black male and I have seen your posts on blacks and insulting them with posts comparing them to apes, crime and to extent that you taunt their genetics. whats up with the egyptians.. egyptians are blacks period. We are their cousins. You’re trying to lower black self esteem with your punk ass theories. You really are a piece of shit sir. I am astounded by the level of racism that u show against blacks. You wanna have some black cunt man??taste it boy..then you will change your tune. Be a real man instead of sounding like a Cunted up wanna be intellectual.

  77. Your opinions on race only make sense due to your emotionally held conceptions of “whiteness” and culture. Germanics were barbaric savages for 1,000 years until they finally normalized their culture with that of the Roman’s. Other ethnocultural groups spanning every racial category who were located off the silk road are going through this process currently. It is painful and takes time. But through education and native cultural groups adjusting their culture to be compatible to vastly different styles of government and economy only recently encountered, the majority of the human race could be as developed as Finland. If you weren’t emotionally tied to some conception of European culture that you identify with you’d see this.
    Being a christian with your level of education, in 2013 proves that you’re intellectually weak. You have full access and have read the evolutionary history of man, and the history of ancient Canaanite religion and its evolution in Judaism, and the influence of Greek mythology on the creation of the Christ figure. It is your weak emotional framework and dependence on Christianity which prevents you from admitting it is mythology. Religiosity is correlated with low IQs by the way. So please, keep babbling about your IQ. This blog is blithering nonsense.


    1. He doesn’t think he’s smart. He’s trying to make you think he’s smart. It’s how he compensates for his tiny pecker he puts in little boys mouths. Bob is one sick puppy. Ban me little man!

    1. what are you uziel retard? are you socrates or Aristotle? You must be lowest scum of the earth for branding people like that

  79. Well. Who really likes intensity being the person? It’s only o.k. in movie, music, or politics. The substantive research has concluded that; of the ancient skull geometries of the American continents; not one or any Indian, Asian, or Chinese could be exemplified. The study then identified similartieis of the “poly-islander and offshore” groups. It made some comparison to the Ainu in relationship to America ancient tribals, but could not establish a proof. The distance in miles if you paddle a canoe from permanent Mafia Wars Beirut to South France, is longer in mile than from Africa to Recife Brazil. Obviously then, the popular hypothesis that British Afro indentured servants and slaves made the first Afro contact with the Americas is also relatively voided.
    As far as your broad-based look at India; the density of historical contact makes the problem; even though all actual ancient history is only the distance walking from one small village anywhere on earth to the next small village. Political viewpoints are not geometry. You could examine the interesting difference between Russian aircraft geometry design [total strict geometry only]; and U.S. & Western Euro aircraft geometry design [loaded with anthropomorphic “Ballooning” of the geometric results]. Then you could examine your own “political-anthro-morphist” predilections {“predilection” = “the preconceived preference made at any conclusion, not scientific”}.
    If I could be called not totally non-political at anthropological interest; it still would result from the very real fact that foreign, Western originated, Fake-Asian Hysteria Wannabe’s that Thefted Asian, Indian, Hindu, family, caste, and tribal names: recently Melted-Down Asia again made by defective cranial-defective of their own – designs.
    What really happened at Persepolis? Defective sadism-parasite malefactors Legalized, and invading: cut down all the trees. Now it’s only sand. India’s problem today is exactly that same problem. {The foreign invaded mass population at India is so large, that the reduction is the only thing they can need.}. India lands proper today contains not more than 4% of the entire population who are ancient Asian-hereditary-racial. The mass and the masses do not like the word racial even when the word is strictly technical. Are all Gang Rape Groups in India Gang-Racial? Yes. And by specific cranial-defective physical geometries? Yes. Are all Attack Dogs Police – Attack Dogs-Racial?
    Then, you present “Gond Tribals”, asserting that they are some of the most ancient; but can you recognize their actual Indo-Mongol-Asian geometries? Some Gond Tribes have non-Gond Kamikazi “Bumpers” inside their tribes, because the Western polyglot foreign invasion has been so massive; and some Gond tribes do not. Then, the question about “Brahmin hereditary Gotra” was described. Of all hereditary ancient lineages which are presented by description; the presence of actual ancient-racial Asians and ancient actual Hindu Brahmins being the constituency of authoritative Brahmin “groups”, materializes to be the least percentages. I am actually Brahmin Gotra, in a world which derives from long time, contact, mixed. I am not mixed. I am a Royal Brahmin family from ancient. My physical family relatives, a close relationship; Grandaddy’s, are Agastya, Rajaraja Chola, HH Raja Krishna Devaraya of Vijayanagar Raj {actually Brahmins}, and Sri Raghavendra Swami guru. Who are my own best friends? Gond Tribals; about whom I even know which specific Royal Palaces they originated. I do not expect sympathy from Falsified Histories at Bribes Education management and distribution which is the entirety Socialist-Racials/Capitalist-Racials/foreign Religionist-Racials.
    Then there’s Nam, Viet Nam. My personal name, and ancient name in India lands proper, “Bodhcong” is not originated Buddhist or Viet Namese. {The entire buddhist history is 100% falsification, did not ever exist.}. “Cong” as a word originated in India, meaning “form”; but it started simultaneously as 2 separate pronunications: 1. “Vanga”, and 2. “Cong”; same word. Vanga was an ancient dynasty of India – Asia; so that the word “Vangladesh” actually preceded the word “Bangladesh”, and “Bengal State” was actually “Vanga State”. But I am a far southern “Pala” family network, not the more northern Pala to Bihar. Even that Pala history is in some dispute academically, because they may have originated as far northeast as Assam. In Assam there are Kol Tribals, Gond, from ancient.
    At Viet Nam, during that war; all Capitalists resident were foreign Western-Religion-Racials, catholic-racials; having Thefted Asian family, caste, and tribal names; and having Pedigree authority for all international Money organization. Simultaneously, all Communist/Socialists resident there were foreign Western-Religion-Racials , catholic-racials; having Thefted Asian family, caste, and tribal names. Together; being identical {Catholic DNA is not even the smallest factual difference from Jewish, Parsi, Prostuteant, Deustchlander, British Isles, U.S. polyglot DNA.}: together they Bombed, Defoliated, Napalmed, Nuked, and Melted-Down Asia earth. All disorder worked for both of them together; same as all Jewish and Israelis are the same identical exact families as all Islam terrorists.
    The Aryan Invasion theory, in the supposed Brahmin context, has nothing to do with Asian, Brahmin, Hindu, or Japanese origination at all. That theory only exposes its’ own Deutschlander-racial, identical to the entire U.S.: the Enforced Racial-Polyandric Law State. {When a terrorist family realizes that itself is racial-polyandric and goes into Felony hysteria-sadism parasite Capital offenses, denial: it blows itself up and murders other people.} That’s what the West does to make all Asian racial children and mature, physically sick and unhappy. The Sanskrit dictionary exposes explicitly that the word “Nihan”, means “exclusive, individuated, unique, Asian-racial nirvana, moksa, kaivalya”. Westerners never get nirvana from Asians. However, you read Japon, Japan, Nippon, on a ship: and their spelling “Nippon” is pronounced exactly that: “Nihon, Nihan”.

  80. Hello, today I came across your site and I really liked it, even if i don’t share many of your points of view. Congrats!!t. I must tell you that it’s easy to be all you say you are living in America. It’s pretty funny how you write about Latin America without suffering it indeed. Bravo!!!
    I’m a 43 yrs Argentinian guy who had the chance to live around the world (I’m writing this from Down Under) and I can tell you that you really don’t know how hard is to live in Latin America this days. I really hope that you keep fighting for what you believe in because, unfortunately for us, that’s possible ONLY IN AMERICA. Cheers.
    Christian Martinez Buisan
    PS: Don’t get fooled by European socialism (which I know very well because I’m Italian too) It’s just bull shit… nothing it’s what is seems in almost european countries, Germany/Switzerland/Austria are the only exception…

    1. There are rightwing lunatics (really almost all rightwingers are like this) and then unfortunately, there are leftwing lunatics. You are an example of the latter. We don’t allow leftwing lunatics to post here either.

  81. I like your blog, Robert. I’ve been a casual observer for the past 4 years, and you may have noticed that I’ve written comments every now and then. Whilst I disagree with your racial theories, I share many of your socialist credentials. Keep up the good effort.

  82. Whites are inferior to the lowly, shitskinned, curry faced Indians.
    Whites are lower to those filthy street pooping dotheads!

    1. Realist, Who said whites are inferior?
      Incase if you forgot, isnt it a great achievement to loot, plunder pillify, murder, segregate, vandalize, divide and conquer, loathe, hate, destroy other cultures and modify their history with their own sanctimonious writings and introduce racism to the world .. wow Amazing no wonder they are master race

  83. This is what happens when you give an idiot a degree and call him an ‘intellectual’. You get a ‘robertlindsay’. The man would read a number of books, call himself a leftist, and proceed to ‘enlighten’ the world with what he believes is provocative, edgy thought. It’s nothing of the sort. Lindsay, for every attempt you take to call yourself a leftist, you’ve essentially pushed yourself far, far, far down the right. It’s almost amusing. Almost. Keep in mind, the left is not a place for bigotry and idiocy like yours to exist. The left is home to equality, justice, and progressivism. You honestly need to head back to school, and give your worldview a little more thought. Otherwise, the material you call substantive thought on your website, would be nothing more than Sarah Palin’s used tampons.

  84. I came across this site, because I was looking up Uighurs.. Wow, this Robert Lindsay guy really tries to imply having “Caucasian” features as being some sign of superiority. He must love what he see’s in the mirror.

  85. I have a question.
    If you are Communist and a Green Party member, are you of the Marxist-Lenninist school of thought or the Trotskyite school of thought?
    I myself am a centerish-rightwinger with a lot of far-left influence. Well actually I may not be a rightwinger at all, but the current bipartisan infestation of both parties by imperialism, Washingtonian federalism, political correctness, and economic irresponsibility makes me repulsed by both parties. The Dems and the G.O.P are merely polarized extremities of the same spectrum, and originated as a single party anyways.
    I guess when I was about 7 or 8 I was a classical Objectivist Libertarian. My dad was a high level executive for Toyota and made a lot of money, so I was naturally greedy, following the immaturity of my prepubescent brain. When I moved to the United States in 2011, my dad began working as a stockbroker dealing in microstocks. I saw how he fucked people over daily, and ruined a lot of lives.
    By the time I was 12 I became sort of a hardcore communal Christianity type commie. I guess I was reviled by the actions of my father and started to feel sympathetic to the plight of the proletariat masses. I felt more in common with the ideologies of Mao Zedong rather than my former hero Chiang Kai-Shek. I also used to be enthralled at the prospect of ruling with an iron fist, and disposing of those who question your methods with a McCarthyism like demagougic appeal to the stereotypes the common people have of communism.
    Well I guess now that I am not decided one way or another. I guess I still have a lot of time to think about it. I do wish to become a journalist when I grow up, but as a correspondant for what? Fox or CNN? Lib or Con?

  86. Christ with tits on, I began reading the comments and stopped dead at “liberal commie” – wow so incredibly dumb!

  87. Hi Robert,
    I’m highly intrigued by your views, particularly around the topics of internationalism, racism, and the like. I actually stumbled upon your site during my efforts to research a potential trip to India (yes – I read THAT article, haha), so needless to say I have a degree of trepidation about making it over there.
    Hope to get a chance to talk to you soon!

  88. Heh, amusingly so, reading what you have written suddenly evoked a quote in my mind, one that I have not recalled for decades; ‘ “You funny little man,” said Strickland ‘

    1. I am as happy as I have ever been for the last 32 years. I do not think “happiness” is important. The absence of serious depression is more important than that.
      PS I work in mental health.

  89. I’m bored with those who still hold white supremacists views, although I think they do it more for kicks and the pleasure to offend online. There are more important anti-racist reasons for white people to fear some non-white attitudes

  90. The way I found your website was due to my Google search of “147 I.Q.” My mother tested at 140, I tested at 147 and my 9 year old daughter in the highly gifted range when my mother had her tested. Being smart poses a lot of challenges, and while I’m gifted at communicating through writing, it’s very difficult for me to understand a majority of the human population. When I see people come home from work and plop themselves in front of the television for 8. STRAIGHT. HOURS. I want to literally punch myself in the face. I can’t understand it. Maybe that accounts for so much of the stupidity in America. No one likes to think for themselves. No one wants to read a book anymore.

        1. Age 14 and age 29. The tests are good. No way is a dumb person going to get a high score.
          Age 14: 147
          Age 29 (after the drugs set in) 140+ He told my Mom, but he didn’t tell me the score. My Mom worked for a psychologist and he gave me the test. She said he was walking around the office shaking his head and repeating, “Very high. Very high.” He had been doing this like 20 years and he said he had only seen maybe 10-20 scores that high.

    1. It is above genius level – 147. I took the number off because so many of my enemies were linking to this page, and one of the things they were endlessly bashing me about was the fact that I listed that horrible, evil, diabolical, criminal, malevolent, abusive, violating IQ score. I thought I was just writing down a number. I never knew I was in a contest with Ted Bundy for evillest man that ever lived.
      There is something about listing an IQ score or even talking about IQ that makes a lot of people, especially Americans, go start raving batshit berserk.
      So why throw out chum to attract my enemies. Forget it.

  91. Hi Robert,
    This blog find is a fascinating find for me. I will bookmark. I never realised there was actually another ‘liberal realist’ out there. Do you know how uncommon we are? Liberalism has transfigured into an identity politics crusade, while core economic and political issues go unadressed. I respect people’s fundamental rights as homosexuals, minorities, women etc – but these are not the defining issues of the 21st century. This suits our corporate friends of course, who enjoy promoting as much immigration as possible to reduce people’s incomes. My views on race echo your own which would make me an outcast with liberal friends if I aired them socially, or god forbid, the workplace. Although, my conclusion on this is markedly different from yours in terms of theoretical superiority/inferiority of races. Please check out my blog and see what you think.

    1. Yay! Another Liberal Race Realist! LRR, the FAILingest movement in the whole world. LOL. I honestly think that hardly any modern movement has more FAIL about it than Liberal Race Realism.

  92. Hello. I got to say, interesting blog! Because I find it so interesting I find it all the more lamentable that you seem to forget to source your posts (source of articles cited, forum/blog posts and the like). I would very much appreciate it if you were to remedy this. Ok, bye, take care.

  93. You have proven Robert, that a very intelligent man can be as obnoxious. I don’t mind any of them in any combination anyway. As long as challenging debates continue to tickle me on. Keep up the good work.

  94. Your October 3, 2009 post about Wolverines and upper Midwest, interests me greatly. I am a magazine writer interested in doing a article on the Michigan Wolverine. Could you please provide me with your email and or phone to interview you concerning your research on the three possible sightings in the upper peninsula. Best,
    Mark A Werkema
    Cell 616-304-8711

    1. I have co-hosted a couple of Net radio shows. I used to get interviewed on Net radio a lot. There are a number of Net interviews with me out there on the web.
      Thanks for the question dear.

  95. What the hell happened to your website, Robert? What happened to Tulio and Xera and Narut00 arguing over black crime and IQs, and coward and Huax fighting about the size of penises?
    I swear I fucking miss those days so much.

    1. Tulio is still around. Narutoo took off. Huax and Xera were banned for being assholes lol. The site sort of went intolerant of assholes, so a lot of the assholes got banned. We put in a new policy where commenters could vote people off, and the assholes all got voted off damn fast lol.

  96. I swear Robert this website has never been slower. You need to start talking about race and shit again. Occidentinvicta is faster than you, and it used to be a child of your blog!
    Get motherfuckers pumped up Robert! Come on, say nigger, talk about white women and black rapists, do what you used to do. Don’t be lazy, grow some fucking balls and bring this motherfucker back to life!

    1. Nigger. There, I said it.
      Site is not that slow. Still pumping out lots of articles here, but a lot of my time is going into the private paid forum now. This site is going part-pay site, part-free site.

      1. I meant the commentators. There are so few comments now. Bring Narut00 and the old faggots back immediately! We need some fun Robert, what is life without a little fun? BRING THE BOARD BACK TO LIFE!
        Seriously, I cannot express in mere words how much I miss the old site. We were all happier back then. We need fun!

  97. Sir, I see based on my YouTube analytics that you have used one of my video’s, perhaps in connection with your Delphi murder posts? If so, I’d be curious to examine the context and perhaps comment on it?

  98. sir,i shared your post -https://robertlindsay.wordpress.com/2017/04/19/the-true-story-of-rhodesia-and-zimbabwe/ on my blog am sorry ask for permission but I was so touched by what you wrote this is my blogs name -metrodailies.com

  99. >Eva Ionesco is the youngest model ever to appear in a Playboy nude pictorial, since she was featured at age 11 in the October 1976 issue of the Italian edition of the magazine in a set by Bourboulon. In that picture, she was at a beach posing in nude exposing all female anatomy.

    >Another of her nude pictorials, in the November 1978 issue of the Spanish edition of Penthouse, was a selection of her mother’s photographs. She made also appeared on the cover page of Der Spiegel at the age of 12 completely nude.The issue was later expunged from the magazine’s records.

    What was it like living in such sexually liberal times?

    1. LOL no one cared. I can’t even remember any sort of furor about any of this bullshit. It was another era. Basically feminism, Female Rule, #metoo, rape/sexual assault paranoia for all intents and purposes didn’t even exist. And believe it or not, everyone was happy. Women never complained about any of this bullshit. People mostly just thought it was funny. Men and women liked each other and liked to fuck each other. Totally unlike this insane Feminist Hell we live in now!

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