I Will Be Deleting All Hardcore Racist Comments on Here from Now on

FuckallKikes: You jews are a disease and every last one of you kikes should be eradicated.

I got this comment today on a post about Jewish matters. I just thought I would tell all you guys that I am going to be deleting all such comments now. I used to leave them up, but that’s not the right thing to do. This is the equivalent of littering with words or language. It’s dirties up the landscape at the very least, and it’s wholly unnecessary, as there are trash cans for garbage and brains for verbal garbage. There’s no need to write it down and pollute the intellectual atmosphere.

I’m also not going to allow any real ugly anti-Black racism on here. We have had a lot of them come on here, calling Blacks n_rs, etc. I always left that stuff up. But now I’m taking it down. Why leave it up? What’s the point?

If you want to know what genocidal antisemitism is, well, here you go. Most of these people are neo-Nazis and White Supremacists. A lot of Arabs and Muslims are antisemitic, but they don’t usually talk in this genocidal way despite the attempts of pro-Israel Jews to construe it that way. However, Al Qaeda and ISIS have both stated that they are going to kill all non-Muslims. Al Qaeda will give us a chance to convert, and if we don’t, they’ll kill us. I’m not sure if ISIS will afford us that luxury.

We complain about Jews being obsessed with antisemitism, but come on. How many ethnic groups have to put up with this sort of homicidal and genocidal hatred?

No matter what they’ve done to make people mad, it certainly doesn’t deserve death or mass murder. Most of the sins of the Jews are not even against the law! They don’t even merit a traffic ticket. Their transgressions boil down to acting like assholes in one way or another. That’s not even against the law. Anyway, assholes are a dime a dozen. There are probably a billion of them in the world today.

Take a moment and look at the world from a Jew’s point of view.

When I Became “the Jew”

One time I went into a White Supremacist (Nazi?) chat room. I don’t know why. I just went in there. I started talking about Jews. We didn’t say much. Some people said they were sexually sleazy which is not something I mind. Somehow, at some point or another, they started thinking I was a Jew! I forget why. But they all turned on me and it seemed like they were snarling like animals.

I can often take angry people hating on me. Lord knows it’s common enough. But this one had this particular grinning, sadistic smile sort of sneering hate about it. I don’t know what it was but at that moment, I literally turned into a Jewish guy. That was my identity. I just took it on. And what I felt was sheer terror that I don’t usually experience. So I started getting what Jews worry about.

Later I was at a local coffee shop and I was talking to this working class Sicilian guy I knew. He was from New York and a bit coarse. You know how those guys are. Somehow or other, he started thinking I was a Jew. He asked me,

Are you Jewish?

It was that same smiling, sneering sort of joyful hate look. Once again, I turned Jewish and once again, it didn’t feel good at all. It felt once again like sheer terror, the kind that climbs up your spine.

I have no idea how Jews react to antisemitism, but if it feels anything like what I experienced – that creepy, discomforting, crawling up your spine sheer terror, I really do feel sorry for them and I’m sad they have to experience this.

On the other hand, if you’re Jewish, get over it. Antisemites exist. They’re not going away now or anytime soon. Like Blacks have to live in a world full of anti-Black racists, so Jews have to live in a world with quite a few antisemites running around in it. You have to make some sort of peace with antisemitism else you will be miserable your whole life.

Anyway you might try to see the world from other people’s point of view. You might just learn some interesting things.

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17 thoughts on “I Will Be Deleting All Hardcore Racist Comments on Here from Now on”

  1. Seems like a troll post but I don’t blame you. I believe all races have one cup good and one cup bad. The racist bad cup is essential to get the full picture but “eradicate them all” is a bit much.

    1. You mean a troll comment or a troll post? It wasn’t intended to be a troll post. I don’t think I’ll be posting any more of these now that we know what it looks like.

      but “eradicate them all” is a bit much.

      No shit!

      1. His comment was a troll or he’s a newborn antisemite. KillAllKikes screams glownigger. Most Far Right sites won’t allow that. He’s probably trying to get the site banned.

  2. Some Black men are based, it’s just a minority. I see a bit of assimilation to radical views like mine from Blacks. I don’t believe it’s a good time to get rid of the n-word with all this BLM crap. Does it help Blacks really? They’re already too sensitive imo.

    1. The Blacks here don’t seem the racial type or blatantly Black to be honest. You read them and figure out they’re Black when it’s pointed out.

      1. Yeah Rambo is pretty much a White man I would say. At least in civilizational terms. He’s as civilized as any White person, maybe more so. He does have a Black consciousness, but he’s done something positive with it instead of something negative.

        Exactly the Blacks on here act so normal or assimilated that you never know they’re Black until someone points it out. I actually like those kind of Black people a lot. I don’t mind Black culture and Black consciousness but the Blacks who get deep into that mostly want to hang out with and date other Blacks. I like Blacks that are so assimilated that they are willing to hang out with people from any race.

    2. Some Black men are based, it’s just a minority.

      This means what?

      see a bit of assimilation to radical views like mine from Blacks.

      Can you explain?

      I don’t believe it’s a good time to get rid of the n-word with all this BLM crap. Does it help Blacks really? They’re already too sensitive imo.

      I know. I was angry at the ban so I was writing it out for a while. but I tried to do so only in a very nonracist way if I could. I often put n_r in the mouths of White racists because let’s get real, that’s how they talk about Black people. Why sugarcoat it?

      However, I still think n-word is utterly pussy and retarded and I refuse to write it. As a protest I write n_r, but I suppose they’re going to bust me on racism for that too. You can’t win. It’s like no matter what you do, they call you racist.

      No, I don’t think turing this word into this gay, pussy, n-word BS helps Blacks. How does it help them? It just makes them even more sensitive. You’re encouraging them to be hypersensitive and angry all the time. You’re also encouraging Black men to be extremely pussy, and I don’t like that because one thing I like about them is their masculinity.

      But someone in my crime group left when I wrote a Delphi post where I had a bunch of White Supremacists talking about Blacks and they were using n_r, n_lets, etc. because that’s how they talk about Blacks! Make it realistic! But I had a woman storm out and say,

      They’re right! You are a racist. You seemed to enjoy writing out n_r a bit too much. I’m leaving.

      That made me feel really bad because I don’t wish to become an anti-Black racist. Of course I have my feelings about Black folks and I am extremely wary about ghetto Blacks because I feel they are a disaster on two legs, but I don’t wish to hate the whole race over that. Also I’m starting to wonder if they can even help it.

      Maybe ghetto is just the default behavioral mode for a lot of Black people. They behave in similar ways in the Caribbean and much of Africa. Anyway I don’t want to hate Rambo for picking the wrong parents. You just have to be choosy about your Black friends is all. Way too many of them act bad, so you have to be wary.

      They can call me racist til the cows come home, but I don’t wish to be one, I don’t identify that way, and I actually go out of my way to not come across like that. It’s just not an identity that I wish to have. Plus to me there is something awful about hating people for picking the wrong parents.

      1. I’ll watch a podcast with say 5 Black men and one is based(more socially conservative).

        Some Blacks accept the cold hard truth about Blacks.

        1. It’s a hard thing to accept if you are Black, no? I have sympathy for them. No one wants to believe crap like that about their people. We’re basically asking them to agree with us that Blacks as a group are inferior in a number of ways. It would be pretty hard to get any ethnic group to believe such a thing about themselves.

          1. Most just cope. I believe if they want to change anything they need to face ugly truths. Hopelessness is even more sad.

  3. White and Nigger both have sort of a negativity surrounding them. Though White used to be positive. People often have a subliminal distaste for both words. Just use a different word like European or jigaboo makes people more open too it. Pickaninny, niglet, pinky, Casper ect. are cute. Fair has the old positives of White without the modern negativity.

  4. Your description of the Nazi chat room is quite similar to what I see in the vast majority of the Unz reader comments on your latest article. Horrifically vile beings – many of whom like Chris Moore, Ankharad, and one of the “Anonymous” posters are complete psychopaths and potential mass murderers whom the world would be better off without. Most of these vermin should at the very least be kept in padded cells where they would never be allowed to interact with any normal human beings.

    1. Anti-Semitic majority or at least their voice carries the most. I don’t see them killing anybody though.

      Who shot up the Chiefs parade? Blacks.

      Whites can do the same but it’s a rarity. UNZ seems like an older crowd too. Most violent Whites have a mental illness so extreme it negates their Whiteness.

      I was watching some White football fan reactions to the Chiefs parade shooting thinking how unnatural it is for Whites. I think the previous football-related murder in Florida was also done by a Black. A Black also ate his mom in Florida. Such crimes shake the soul of the soft White underbelly. Ultimately people have to choose emotion or logic and we need to ask ourselves if a Black friend’s feelings worth the loss of life and societal decline? I think not.

        1. It happens but it’s not typical. It’s idiotic because Jews at synagogue have nothing to do with the Jews neo-Nazis are upset with. He must’ve been totally blinded by hate.

          Hatred of Jews is typically unhealthy for the person hating Jews and no one else. I doubt any White on UNZ has even committed an atrocity. Most have little influence.

          Former neo-Nazi Tony Mcaleer apologized to his local synagogue.

          White people are more into adopting kids than shooting them up. Most Whites shooting up places full of kids lately seem to be transgender, obviously a little mixed up. The other day people were surprised a non-White was adopted by Whites. I thought to myself that’s standard White behavior.

    2. It was really interesting to “turn into a Jew.” All it took was some vicious antisemitism (always with a wicked little sadistic smile on hand that seemed to make it so much worse) and I turned into a Goddamned Jew! And I’m not even Jewish. But pegging me as one turned me into one. The terror I felt is hard to explain. It’s like something that chills you right to your very bones.

      I felt that same way when homophobes directed their hate at me because they thought I was gay. That I’m not gay for some reason made it even more confusing and outrageous. I usually didn’t fight back against them or even try to correct them because being called that often caused a bit of a panicky feeling, and I was frozen with anxiety. I didn’t “turn gay” even in the way I “turned Jewish,” but it was that exact same horrible feeling as when I was hated for being “Jew.”

      I thought about it a lot and I think the terror comes from someone who hates something about your essential self, something that you were more less born with and can’t be changed or at least not changed easily. If people hate you for something you can change, that’s one thing. For some reason, that doesn’t sting so much or at all. Perhaps because you can drop it at any time and it’s more like luggage you tote along than a part of the self?

      I’ll tell you what, though. After that happened to me, I felt so much more empathy for Jews being hated for picking the wrong parents. If their experience is anything like that terror I felt, I feel very sorry for them. That shit is hard to take!

      I also felt a lot more empathy for gays, though I’m not wild about gay men. It must be a lonely and alienating existence. I couldn’t imagine myself gay, and when I try to imagine myself growing up gay, once again I feel a sort of odd terror and the most extreme sense of alienation as if I were hiding the worst secret on Earth. Perhaps they feel that same terror when being subjected to hateful homophobia.

      I’m curious what you think of this and whether you’ve felt this same terror, if you wish to discuss this very personal matter with us, that is.

      1. I’ve a Hebrew first name, common among Jews and have been confused for a Jew. A Black teacher discriminated against me for it. I was never afraid though.

        I was watching (((Nima))) try to smear Nick Fuentes.

        “You’re a child-molester.” Nima

        “Where’s the evidence?” Nick

        “Don’t get so defensive.” Nima

        I don’t care for this clannish behavior. The host seemed to have brought him there as a setup. Another thing is if you go against Jews or Israel in any way, you get blackballed. They even make it hard for a guy to earn dough by shutting down credit cards and income sources. Doesn’t seem like good guy behavior.

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