The Merger of Judaism and Christianity in the Recent History of the West: A Civilizational Perspective Comparing Jews, White Gentiles, and Blacks

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I believe a lot of Jews (but certainly not all) act rather bad in certain ways.

Yet we all know Jews who don’t fit the stereotype, including all the Jews I grew up who were friends of my Judeophilic family. I also had some Jewish friends as a young man. The thing is that I never thought these thoroughly assimilated Jews acted any different from anybody else. In fact, I never thought of their Jewishness much at all.

There was one couple who I knew well for 30 years before I learned they were Jewish. I met a few Jews here and there who fit the negative stereotype, but they were uncommon. I didn’t get Jew-wise at all until age 45 when I started looking into the Jewish Question. I now realize that these Jews were a bit aggressive in some ways, though that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, and they usually didn’t act that way towards me. They were very intelligent and intellectually curious. They were also quite materialistic, though not excessively so.

However, if Jews are such an obvious bad thing for society, then why do they seem to act like just like everyone else here in the US? That doesn’t make sense. Surely a noxious influence would be behaviorally obvious, and it would not require a magnifying glass to ascertain its base behavior. Of course these Jews were extremely assimilated, and the unassimilated Jews in Israel and other places act dramatically worse.

Based on these experiences and the fact that Jews seemed to blend in well with normative White middle class behavior, I consider Jews to be basically White people. The ones in the Diaspora have lived in a Christian culture for over 100 years, and while they’d never admit it, it’s done them a lot of good. Being purely Jewish, especially in religion and in the Orthodox variety, doesn’t seem like a healthy thing.

The Merger between Jewish and Christian White Culture in the Jewish Diaspora in the West

It is important to note that Western culture is Christian culture. Even most agnostics and atheists in the West are nevertheless products of a Christian culture. This leads to phenomena like Western agnostics and atheists saying they are “cultural Christians.”

As the Jews became more Christianized – culturally if not religiously – they left behind the more unpleasant aspects of the negative stereotype of Jews, and they came to resemble their Gentile neighbors more and more. As we know, the more the Jew assimilates, the better he acts and vice versa.

However, most Jews would be loath to admit that they have been Christianized in any way. This is because most Jews don’t like Christianity, and some of them don’t like Christians. I think with assimilated Jews they could care less about Christians as humans but instead focus on the religion and simply dislike the religion. They definitely dislike the more fundamentalist Christians though, which is ok by me, as I don’t like them either!

Hence I believe there has been a merger of Christian and Jewish culture in the US. I believe this works both ways because as Jews have become culturally Christianized, Christians became culturally Judaized.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen anyone write about this merger of cultures and religions before.

Here in the US at least, there is such a thing as Judeo-Christian culture, as Reform Judaism meshes well with a culturally Christian society.

I noted that Christians became more Judaized. We see this in the fundamentalists with their emphasis on the Old Testament like the Jews.

It is also possible that the extreme materialism of the West may indicate a merger of less materialistic Christian culture with a long-materialistic Jewish culture. As the lapsed Jew Karl Marx noted in On the Jewish Question, the God of the Jews is simply money.

We also see Christians in general getting Judaized in moral and political terms as the society at large has gotten comfortable with liberated women, gay rights, civil rights for minorities, etc. This is a result of Judaization because Jews were at the forefront of many of these movements.

The Jews were reactionaries the whole time they lived in Europe before Napoleon liberated them in 1812. They came out of the ghettos, blinking their eyes like people emerging from darkness to light, and people didn’t like them very much because frankly, they weren’t very likeable.

Centuries in the ghettos under the dictatorship of the rabbis had left behind a seriously damaged people. The assimilation of the Jews became an urgent progressive  project as leftwing people saw a serious need to integrate these dysfunctional people into society. I think the assimilation of the Jews ought to continue to be a progressive project because unassimilated Jews don’t act very good.

When Jews came to the US in the early 1900’s, there was discrimination, and in addition, many of them worked low wage jobs in factories, etc. This was new for the Jewish people, as they hadn’t done this sort of work in a long time. Living in crowded tenements in poverty led many of them towards leftwing movements for the advancement of the interests of the poor. As they gained more money later in the century, the liberal views they acquired in the early 1900’s remained. They did not get more conservative with money as so many groups do.

Jews were discriminated against and they didn’t like it, so they developed the mindset of an oppressed minority. Later on this led them to promote civil rights for other oppressed groups because of what they went through. This caused them to be at the forefront of the civil rights movements. Jews played prominent roles in all of the great liberation and rights movements that came out of the 1960’s.

This is why so many well-off Jews are still liberals though on an economic basis, a group with that much wealth trends conservative, at least in the US.

This forward movement in society towards greater civil rights for oppressed groups has its basis in the type of “Christianized” Judaism and Jewish culture that has developed in the Diaspora. A lot of US Jews are liberals and buy into the aspect of Reform Judaism that says the Jews should be a shining light unto the Gentiles, leading them to a better world. It’s called Tikkun Olam and I think I think it’s a positive thing.

This leads us to the question of whether the Jewish religion became “Christianized” here in the West. An argument can be made that this is the case. Here in the US, Reform Judaism is very popular. It basically says you can look through all of the Jewish religious texts and pick and choose what you want out of them, accepting the things you like and rejecting the things you don’t like.

This has led to Reform Jews throwing out a lot of the more noxious aspects of Judaism, especially in the Talmud. I spoke to a rabbi in Israel once, and he told me that he admired Israel Shahak, a critic of the Jewish religion. He told me that Shahak had taught them a lot about their people and their religion. He said that there are a lot of things in the Jewish religion that are “sick and evil,” as he put it, and people needed to know this.

Anyway, Reform Jews also went through Judaism and picked out the more humanitarian aspects of it, one of which is Tikkun Olam. And if you look at it right on the surface, Tikkun Olam is almost Christian in its universalism and humanitarianism. Whereas in Israel, with no Christianization, we see pure, undiluted Judaism and Jewish culture, which a lot of Christians and Muslims find  offensive, objectionable, and antisocial as a religion and a culture.

Some say there has been a downside with the cultural changes wrought by Judaization of the West. For one thing, business ethics seem to have declined. In Old World Germany in the 1800’s, smaller towns would often engage in market division such that businesses would fill various market niches without a lot of competition. Prices remained low and service high quality because if the business slacked in these areas, people would complain and then a competitor might spring up.

The attitude was that there was a place in the world for everyone and every business. Therefore, ruthless business culture was often missing from these places. History records that Jews would move into these towns, form monopolies, and violate local culture by engaging in all sorts of seedy and dirty business tactics that tended to be avoided in these towns.

As we know, business is a zero-sum game with a race to the bottom, and the business that behaves worse will tend to outcompete one that tries to be a good guy. The reward for being an ethical businessman is bankruptcy. With their underhanded tactics the Jewish monopolies tended to run the Christian businesses out of town. This behavior didn’t win Jews any hearts and minds, and the result was usually a lot of antisemitism among the Christians.

In addition, in the late 1800’s well into the 20th Century, a similar business culture developed in the Upper Midwest, especially in places like Minnesota. These people were mostly recent Scandinavian immigrants. This ethnic group is not known for its ruthlessly competitive nature. In fact it is quite collectivist for a White culture.

Here a man’s handshake was as good as his word, business ethics were good, and businesses tried to be good citizens to their consumers, workers, and even towns and cities. This model was replicated in the Northeast, particularly in mill towns. You did end up with some company towns, but this tended to be a benign or even positive thing.

However, at least from this vantage point, we no longer see this sort of collectivist market division and businesses trying to be “good corporate citizens,” although that was the requirement for all corporations in order to be granted their charters when charters started being given out in the late 1800’s. A grant of a charter was a gift predicated on the corporation being an upstanding part of society that benefited the masses along with the owners.

Here in the 21st Century, I don’t see this old White Christian business culture. White Gentile businessmen seem to be about as crooked and sleazy as the Jews have always been. This is why I don’t pay attention to complaints about Jewish businessmen. We’re just as bad by now. So here White Christians have been Judaized in a decidedly negative way.

There have been other trends that many people think have been negative, especially the mainstreaming of porn. Jews have long had a more relaxed attitude towards sex than Christians. There has been loosening of sexual mores to the point where most young Gentiles watch porn, including almost every young woman and even some girls I’ve met for some time now.

On the upside though, as girls and women have become pornified, we men get to enjoy lots of perverted sex. I will say that the women I’ve met in the last 10 years are far more perverted and uninhibited than the women in my generation growing up in the 1970’s and 1980’s. A lot of men probably think that’s a plus. So pornification can be seen as having its pluses and minuses.

This is why I say that if every Jew took off tomorrow, US society would keep cruising right along, and all of these supposedly “Jewish” aspects of our culture, which some consider negative, would simply be taken over by Gentiles because Gentiles are now wrapped up in all of these beliefs and behaviors supposedly promoted by Jews.

Antisemitism suffers from this idea that Gentiles are morally upstanding folks. We’re not. We’re not that different from Jews, and once we get Judaized, it’s so fun and liberating to degenerate like that that a lot of us just stay that way.

Jews as “Whites on Steroids”

I do think Jews are White, much as most of them insist they are not. Jews are simply a White tribe that denies it’s White and hates all the other White tribes. On dating sites only half of Jews say they are White. The other half check “Other” or “Middle Eastern,” which in my opinion is a nonsense race.

Also though many Jews don’t act great, they are still extremely civilized. Jews live extraordinarily civilized lives as members of the middle to upper classes. They live in nice houses and neighborhoods and commit little street crime. Their behavior is classy and respectable in demeanor.

They tend to have good jobs which require a lot better behavior on and off the job than working class jobs. They are raised with exceedingly good manners. They dress well. Few of them live in poverty. In fact their upbringing reminds of me the typical way we middle class Whites were raised. Jews probably would not want to admit that either, but it seems true.

There is such a thing as White trash, but has anyone ever heard of “Jewish trash?” No such thing, is there? Perhaps in Israel? Russia?

In fact in this sense, Jews are arguably Whiter than White people as a whole. Their ultra-civilized behavior could perhaps be described as “Whites on steroids.” By that I mean Jews are “super-Whites” or “ultra-Whites.” Jews are as White as a White man gets!

A Comparison between Jewish (and White in General) and Ghetto Black Cultures

On the other hand, quite a few non-Whites, particularly Blacks, don’t act very civlized as groups. I wouldn’t say they are uncivilized. Instead I would call them less civilized groups. It would be even better to say that significant segments of these groups act less civilized.

With Blacks, I estimate that 5

I’ve had a number of interactions with Black women who acted ghetto to varying degrees, and they were all negative. They operate on a different and quite lower moral level. They feel little to no guilt for acting bad and throw it back on you as a bad person if you get angry at their sleaziness like not paying off small debts, something they are notorious for. They’re never on time and keep you waiting forever and then act like they did nothing wrong when they finally show up.

They come into your house and demand your stuff.

“Why don’t you give me that?”

Pointing to your couch.

I doubt if even the sleaziest, lowest White would do such a thing, but ghetto Blacks do this as a matter of course and see nothing wrong with it. In the White middle class culture I grew up in, that behavior would be so outrageous that you would be immediately ostracized as a freakishly rude person, and you soon might even be practically run out of town. People might start calling you a n_r because that would be seen as acting like one.

These “requests” are often tied to a threat.

So you might be on the street and a fairly scary-looking ghetto Black guy comes up and befriends you. After a while he looks at the boom box you are carrying and asks,

Why don’t you give me that?

He doesn’t order you to give it to him like a criminal. He simply asks. But the threat is implied and some terrified people simply give in.

Ghetto Blacks also come into your house and start demanding stuff, a drink of water, food, booze, anything. That’s also unspeakably rude in my White culture, as a man’s home is his castle, and you never demand anything from him. At most you may ask for a glass of water in a very nice way. Beyond that, if he wants to offer you something, he does, and if not, you dare not ask.

I’m not sure ghetto Blacks realize how incredibly offensive their basic day to day behavior is to us or if they do realize it, that it bothers them at all.

In my opinion, ghetto Blacks to any degree are simply thieves, petty thieves. I would say that within 24-48 hours of knowing them, they will probably have figured out a way to take you for some money, usually a small amount of anywhere from $5-70.

My experience has been all with the women, but I doubt if the men act any better, and I’m sure they’re a lot more dangerous. With the women, there’s often some sort of sex implied, for which you will need to spend some money on her. After you shell out the cash, she vanishes into thin air, you’re left holding the bag, and the sex remains an empty promise. Dangle the sex, get the money, run. Black women are absolutely notorious for this behavior, and they do it far more than any other race of women.

I’m not sure if these women were ripoffs because I was White or if they simply acted this way towards everyone.

“Middle Class” Blacks

The other half of Blacks act like us, and talking about mergers, I think this group has merged a lot with White Christian culture much as most of them would be loathe to admit. The Whiter a Black person acts, the better they act. There’s nothing wrong with Blacks emulating Whites or basing their behavior on White behavior. It’s either that or go ghetto, and for most Blacks there’s nowhere to go but up.

A Functional Black Culture in Small Towns in the Deep South

Blacks in the Deep South have created a deeply religious pure Black culture that actually functions pretty well, especially in the smaller towns. Statistics show that this group is a lot less dysfunctional than you would expect them to be. A similar group in more nothern or western areas would behave much worse. However, outside of the South, I’m not seeing a lot of this unless you want to call middle to upper class Black behavior a culture.


I will always prefer White Jews over the less civilized races, sorry. As much as I critique Jews, I respect them very much on a basic civilizational level.

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9 thoughts on “The Merger of Judaism and Christianity in the Recent History of the West: A Civilizational Perspective Comparing Jews, White Gentiles, and Blacks”

  1. Jews as older not yet Christianized Christians. Christians the next evolution. Islam a devolution. I see some perks but I’m not sure I can identify with even the highest form of Islam.

    I support Palestine for historical reasons, I might rather live in Jewish love-shack Israel.

    A part of me only truly gives a shit about Palestinian Christians. Robert wasn’t welcomed at the Free Palestine rally. A similar rally in MN encouraged wearing some sort of desert ski-masks like the terrorists in some military videogames wear. Free Palestine, sure, but not sure I want to be near it. The ghetto types also support Palestine.

    For all our support I wonder if Jews are closer to us. I’ve only been wrestling with this recently because Robert’s Jew-positive views are contagious.

    1. For all our support I wonder if Jews are closer to us.

      They are! Jews r us! For a long time I never saw any differences between them and us. It took me until my mid 40s’s to even consider the question. Until then I thought they were just regular White people. I thought they did have a reputation for being loud, rude, and obnoxious though.

  2. Love-shack: I remember some Jewish area in Israel in some documentary was pointed out as a bunch of shacks. Very humble addition to what Palestinians have built but I would likely rather be there among welcoming Jews than with Muslims that might behead my ass.

    1. Very humble addition to what Palestinians have built but I would likely rather be there among welcoming Jews than with Muslims that might behead my ass.

      Exactly. As I said, Jews r us! The assimilated ones are hardly different from us anyway. The Muslims are really different and I think they are way more hostile to non-Muslims than Jews are to Gentiles. I’ve never seen much Jewish Gentile-hatred. The only thing I’ve seen was a coldness, as if I wasn’t even in the room. Just ignoring my existence. This was two couples from Israel.

      Muslims are different! Really different!

  3. I think ghetto Blacks totally realize how offensive their behavior is and THAT IS EXACTLY WHY THEY DO IT! Pissing off “big bad Whitey” (as well as Asians and other groups they historically detest) is their life’s endeavor. Sadly in big cities ghetto Blacks by their distinctive behavior, culture, and appearance make up the visible if not actual majority of Blacks.

    The Deep South version is steadily dying off and has been since the 60s.

    I think that Dinesh D’Souza (otherwise a thoroughly despicable right-wing fascist) had it right when he argued that Blacks really SHOULD “act White” and seek to overcome their obvious “civilizational deficits” as a people which – whatever the originating cause – are by now entirely self-generated and endlessly reproduced.

    1. They have insane views like “White couples look like relatives” and “White men are pedophiles.” etc. This while they cry white wolf about imaginary racism. They’ve got black nothingness where their mirrors should be.

  4. Sometimes you meet a well-spoken Black Hebrew Israelite but they are coming from an insane anti-White place. Many Blacks claim their people built everything in AmericWakanda. Blacks primary contribution was to the South which was destroyed because they lost the Civil War.

  5. I’m not sure if you are in the mood to write about this, but, I wondered if you could write a Sitrep of sorts of the Israeli theater. I mean, roughly tell how things are going for each side in general. It’s difficult to find info beyond the fact that the Israelis are exterminating until the last Palestinian, but maybe there would be ways to tell the present strategic situation.

    What I got is that the Israelis retreated from the north in January. It seems to be due to either suffering casualties, having to bring their reservists back home to work since their economy would last without them, or a combination of both. Hamas has returned to places they previously occupied and even attacked Israelis from the rear, which tells they didn’t do much damage to the Palestinian resistance as they claim. The cynical part of me is that they left because they did enough damage to infrastructure and pushed people from the north, so they can now focus on exterminating them where they are moving on. They also seem to be itching to get into a war with Hezbollah with the help of the USA. Also, Israel is not suited to last a long war, and their usual sponsors are not in a very good shape right now. What info could you provide from what you know?

  6. In the context of the merger of Judaism and Christianity, how have the civilizational perspectives of Jews, White Gentiles, and Blacks evolved, and what impact has this had on their interactions and relationships within Western societies?

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