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Me: Before my mid-40’s, I didn’t even think Jews were different and I’d known quite a few as my parents were Judeophiles. These highly assimilated Jews didn’t act much different from any of the rest of us. Looking back on it though, there were a few things like the hyperethnocentrism which I didn’t notice until much later. They were also a bit aggressive, though I did not realize it at the time.

There was a couple who were friends of my parents. I knew them for 30 years before I found out they were Jewish. It simply never occurred to me that they might be Jewish. They didn’t act different.

I did think Jews were rude, loud, and obnoxious though. Even my family thought that. But I mostly thought that was funny.

I had a Jewish girlfriend for 5 1/2 years. I was even going to convert to Judaism for her. But I wanted to be one of those self-haters like Chomsky. She agreed with everything I ever said about Jews.You should hear how Jews talk about themselves!

They’re all antisemites! Anyway, she was just a regular White person, almost Christianized really. She was always talking about “paying it forward” which is a very Christian concept. I’d struggle to see how she was different than any of my White Gentile friends.

She was extremely nurturing though, and a very stand by your man type like in that country music song. Old fashioned in that sense.

Commenter: A few months ago, I commented on various spots here on Unz that Jews Are So White PPL, and now everybody’s sayin’ it. An idea floating on the zeitgeist, I suppose.

My other bright idea about Jews hasn’t caught on: see, Jews have the highest IQs, and their Bell Curve has long tails, stretching into the upper stratosphere of smartness.

So, somewhere sits right this minute the smartest person in the world. Statistically, if the long tail on the Bell Curve is true, there is a good chance this person is a Jewish man. Now, he could be a good person of high moral character, but on the other hand the whole world sadly being what it is, chances are equally good that this very very smart Jewish man is a sociopath high on Dark Triad traits. So all the conspiracies are true probably. Logically.

I don’t know if this guy is an antisemite, but I think he’s being very fair to Jews. He’s right! Jews are “so are so White People!” Jews are like the ultimate Whites, Whites on steroids, in many ways. There’s such a thing as White trash, but have you ever heard of Jewish trash? Jews are extremely civilized, live in nice houses and neighborhoods, learn excellent social skills, are actually very polite and well-mannered when they wish to be, and the ones here mostly just look like some type of White people. Some are a bit darker, but they could easily be Italians or Greeks.

I think he’s correct. The extremely intelligent could well be bad people. The smarter you are, the more money, power, and stuff you can get by acting bad because acting bad without getting caught and punished by society is an art forum. Successful people who act bad have learned how to act bad in precisely the correct way and refuse to act bad in the wrong ways. They keep their jobs and friends, stay out of jail, etc.

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8 thoughts on “Comments on My Unz Post: Jews Are Whites on Steroids”

  1. I agree but the ones I’ve met aren’t very swole/muscular, so I wouldn’t say on steroids. Ultra-White for sure. I’ve met some very tiny Jews, much tinier than typical boys and men their age. Think very skinny and very short. Some may of had a condition, but Jews just aren’t known for being big brutes. I’ve seen exceptions that train extra hard like a Jewish boxer who was very unique. Israelis aren’t the standard Jew but can look like Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

    I’ve also met some very fat/large Arabs from Saudi Arabia that sharply contrasted with the (((lollypop gang))). I’m certain Jabba the Hut is an alien representation of Arabs.

    Some thickness can be nice on chicks if it’s controlled.

    Look at the thickness of this White Gentile woman:

    This is when a naturally thicker White person trains like a ninja.

    1. I’ve also met some very fat/large Arabs from Saudi Arabia that sharply contrasted with the (((lollypop gang))).

      This means what?

      Of course. That is Jazmin Gillespie. She looks great! Curvy women look fantastic.

  2. Jews are White’s on steroids. Yes exactly. it’s why I am not an anti-Semite. Secular
    /apostate Ashkenazi Jews are just really high IQ hyper-Whites coming up with new ideas.

    1. I don’t hate all Jews for the acts of an influential elite few but man those few… I can’t strongly back Jews until they clean house.

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