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I’m absolutely fascinated by the Jewish Question and especially antisemitism. Why the Jews? Why do people seem to hate them all down through space and time? What’s it all about? What do they do that makes people mad? What do the antisemites charge them with? Are the charges valid? How on Earth do they accumulate all that money and power and for what purposes? I’m especially interested in whether what the antisemites charge Jews with is true. I’ve been studying this for decades and what you see are my conclusions!

Before my mid-40’s, I didn’t even think Jews were different, and I’d known quite a few as my parents were Judeophiles. These highly assimilated Jews didn’t act much different from any of the rest of us.

Looking back on it though, there were a few things like hyperethnocentrism which I didn’t notice until much later. I just thought it was a bit of an oddity or curiosity. They were also a bit aggressive, though I did not realize it at the time.

Some of them could even be mean at times, but I didn’t connect this to his being Jewish. This was a friend of my father’s and I believe he thought I was screwing up in life, and I have a feeling that Jews really hate that. They really want you to get your shit together and it makes them pretty angry when they see you screwing up.

But definitely meanness was not their main characteristic. We had a great time with one of these Jewish men when I was a boy. We got together with both fathers and our kids and their kids and did stuff like climb mountains. The Jewish guy was making a big joke out of all of it, but it was not in a mean way. It was just sort of funny!

I went on a trip to Mexico with my father, brother, and another of these Jewish men. He was a pretty interesting guy.

I remember I was catching fish after fish (surfperch) and no one else was catching anything. He was curious and came up to me and noted that I was the only one catching fish and he asked me why. I gave him some mystical answer that I put my mind into it and put out a vibe to the whole area that I’m going to catch fish and then I seem to catch them. It sounds like bullshit but he thought it was very interesting. He had a very curious mind like that.

He had an avocado orchard and used to ask for me Spanish words to speak to his field workers. He was very smart. He taught Botany at a local community college and I think he had a Master’s Degree. He was basically an ok guy all around and he mellowed out as he got older. I never thought much about this guy being Jewish to tell the truth.

I think I noticed the aggressiveness, but I never put it together that the aggressiveness might have been rooted in their being Jewish. On the other hand a lot of them weren’t that aggressive, and they could also be kind. One of the younger guys was a very good friend to me, loyal and understanding and even feeling sorry for me when I was down. He wasn’t really a bad person. I never thought about this guy being Jewish. He had a lot of Gentile friends and his Jewishness never meant anything to me.

There was a couple who were friends of my parents. I knew them for 30 years before I found out they were Jewish. It simply never occurred to me that they might be Jewish. They didn’t act different. In addition, I didn’t go around wondering who was Jewish and who wasn’t. It didn’t seem like an important question.

I did think Jews were rude, loud, and obnoxious though. Even my family thought that. But I mostly thought that was funny. And the Jewish friends we and I knew were not particularly like that.

I had a Jewish girlfriend for 5 1/2 years. I was even going to convert to Judaism for her. But I wanted to be one of those self-haters like Chomsky. She agreed with everything I ever said about Jews. You should hear how Jews talk about themselves! They’re all antisemites!

Anyway, she was just a regular White person, almost Christianized really. She was always talking about “paying it forward,” which is a very Christian concept. She was also extremely well-mannered, frankly too mannered for my tastes, especially about not wanting to invade people’s privacy. She was almost a “White person on steroids” in that sense.

I’d struggle to see how she was different than any of my White Gentile friends.

She was rather domineering though, but I’m not sure if that’s a Jewish woman thing. She was extremely nurturing too, and a very stand by your man type like in that country music song. Old fashioned in that sense.

The theory that Jews took over the newspaper and movie industries from 1880-1920 because they were afraid of the media becoming antisemitic comes from David Duke of all people! That’s his analysis. I don’t think David Duke would be making up lies to make Jews look good, but some of the things he has said about Jews were quite fair. For one he noted that while Jews ran the banks at one time, they didn’t really run them anymore, so it was a fake charge. There’s a streak of honesty about him.

In the late 1800’s, newspapers were quite racist. I’ve read a lot of California newspapers from the 1850’s-1860’s, and the racism was just off the charts! After 1880, according to Duke, the Jews were getting alarmed at the racism of American newspapers because they feared it was going to blow back on them. This was when the Ochs and Sulzbergers took over the New York Times, etc.

About Jews taking over the media to use them for their own ends, I never noticed that other than in their coverage of Israel, which seems to be the only thing US Jews care about. That and antisemitism.

Thing is, I’ve noticed newspapers and TV news stations that went from Jewish to Gentile controlled and the message didn’t change one iota! Not even on Israel-Palestine! That’s when I started getting dubious about the whole “Jewish media is brainwashing us” bit.

This is when I started thinking that there is a basic “US media” way of thinking that journalists, editors, etc. share. This cuts across Jews, Gentiles, etc. Their mostly secular liberals but they share views on the Israel-Palestine conflict because they are members of an elite. They’re basically “corporate Democrats” and “shitlibs.”

I’m starting to think that if all the Jews took off tomorrow not much would be different. The Woke movement would keep going full steam along with the degeneration of society. Porn? The Jewish porn companies would simply be taken over by Gentiles. A lot of this stuff may well have been kicked off by Jews, but right now, it’s on autopilot so much that if the Jews left, nothing would change. Our policy on Israel would change though.

I believe that Duke also said that the Jews went after the movies after Birth of a Nation because they feared that White racism would blow back on them. Unz has challenged that, noting that Jews helped distribute that movie, and the head of Metro Goldwyn Meyer got his start with profits from the movie.

I also don’t have any evidence that taking over the movies was a conspiracy. I do know that five Jews from a 50 mile radius from each other in Galicia took over the movie industry from 1910-1920. I always assumed it was plotted, but I don’t have any evidence of that at the moment, and Unz has challenged that.

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